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Andrew’s Judgmental Album Reviews: Rolling Quartz – Fighting (2022)



Now YouTube done struck again! Here I am minding my own business and then it’s like HEY! Look at this new music video! And it was the music video for Delight only a couple of days old when YouTube told me about it. So I clicked, and I was pretty immediately impressed. I learned they had an EP that came out last month, and that sounded perfect for the article.

So backstory; Rolling Quartz is a mixture of musicians from the bands Rolling Girlz and Rose Quartz. An all-female Korean Rock group. They did a couple competitions, an in house streamed concert, and I believe one collab with AleXa (a great collab by the way). Rolling Quartz is: Arem on Bass, Hyun on guitar, IREE on guitar, Yeon on drums and Ja on lead vocals (yes I shortened some of their names purely for ease of Western consumption). Also in most of their recent videos they’ve actually taken to specific colors for their hair. So Arem is green, Hyun is blue, IREE is red, Yeon is purple/pink and Ja is yellow/blonde.

Don’t let the pretty faces fool you, they are all really damn good and I’m excited to see where the future leads with them!

  • Artist: Rolling Quartz
  • Album: Fighting
  • Label: Rolling Star Entertainment
  • Total Track Time: 20:56

Delight this immediately gives me J-Rock vibes from like Gackt or Hide. It’s a very clearly sung song with a great bassline throughout and just really solid Radio Rock grooves. It’s a combination of Korean and English, so if lyrical understanding is a hang up for you, this may not hit well. But the composition is simple, rocking and the backing vocals kick with a sultry echo effect. For a general lyrical understanding it seems to be a cool rocking song about not forgetting what you creating with someone and delighting in the time spent.  Holler comes off a little more pop oriented. The guitar tone is a little lighter, again general lyrical tone is about wanting to be with the person, pain and fear entices them, so they want them to holler. Lyrically seems to be a similar vein to Halestorm I Miss the Misery, but the song tone is much more radio friendly.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Paradise is straight forward as just a fun party song, but they have an interesting slow part that turns into a harmonic moment with the guitarists and bassist, before picking back up into “Party Time”. Not bad, gets the point across enough, but not quite as crazy as I’d like for a party song. Good Night now this is great, beautiful misleading open with a light classical sound before a drop out into the more up tempo song structure. Now this has a correct sexy tone mixed in with mystery since lyrics say something about “the devil comes out in the moonlight” so just a beautiful endless nightmare with the women. This is also probably the best little solo/breakdown moment so far. Simple runs and pinch harmonics, but they’re clean lifts and it fits the sexy and rough tone to the song. Easily the best song so far.

Azalea so this starts off with some of the heaviest distortion so far, and then turns into a beautiful spiteful breakup song similar to something from HIM. Equating herself to Azalea flowers during a breakup where even if the person steps on her and leaves, the wind will take the crumpled remains to circle them and make them sick of seeing her. The lead’s voice is also wonderful here, Ja hits the right tone of anger, pain and spite to make it a very powerful delivery. Higher sounds like the Dragonball Super opening theme at first. I was really marginally confused. But the high energy is great, the rhythm guitars, crashing cymbals, and rise in vocal delivery definitely work for the high energy, run towards the future concept of this song. Very fun, and again, Ja’s vocal tone is really a great focal point in this band. The stereotype of Asian women would of course be high voices, and many Japanese Rock and Pop groups don’t help the stereotype, but Ja is like a combination of Amy Lee and Lady Gaga when it comes to the tone of her voice.

For a debut EP, this is pretty solid. They show a little range in the musical composition, each member had moments to shine, and it’s definitely enough to sink your teeth into. Now my main critiques would be Holler needs to sound more like Queensryche. Add some darkness and grit to that song, while Rock’n’Roll Paradise needs a faster tempo. However the fact that 4 out 6 songs are pretty fantastic, and when I found the band I went down a rabbit hole to see some of their other stuff and they are really damn talented.

So part of this judgment is off of everything I’ve seen from them this week, but objectively, it’s a solid EP that should produce a great album eventually. Good Night is probably still my favorite song…followed by Azalea. Give the girls a listen, you won’t be disappointed.

Final Judgment: 8/10

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Mitchell’s Hyrule Puro-Resu News Report! (7/11/24)

Prepare to set sail!



We have to go back!

Once again, HPW will put all the gold on the line as we return to Eventide! But who will challenge for what on Treasure Island?

The Hero’s Shadow returns to the spotlight.

After defeating Ghirahim in seven minutes, Kage has earned the right to challenge Link for the Undisputed HPW Triforce World Championship. This will be their fourth 1v1 encounter, and Link leads the series 2-1. Will Kage tie things up and take back the title? Or will Link make this a definitive finale between them?


Arrow Club looks to shoot down TSDQ.

The Zora Rock ‘n’ Rolla lost to the Skyfall Stud in their special 1v1 showdown in Termina, and that grants TSDQ their HPW World Trios Championship match on Treasure Island. Fin Balure & The Young Ducks are of course defending the titles, but who from TSDQ are challenging for the belts? It would seem it’ll be the original trio of Groose, Tingle & Skull Kid reuniting! However, Ladrona isn’t going to be left out because…

The Thief Girl targets the crown!

While Cia failed to defeat Ruto for the HPW Goddess Championship, the scuffle at the end of Wrestling Is Life’s Steel Cage Match still sticks in the Zora Princess’s craw! Ruto wants to settle things with Ladrona herself, and so the championship will be on the line! Will Arrow Club stay golden through two big title matches? Or will everyone see that The Studly Don’t Quit?


Zelda stands on the mountaintop, but for how long?

The Hyrule Princess won against Thunderbird in May, but she knows it could’ve gone either way. She’s willing to give Thunderbird a rematch, and he gladly accepts! Will Zelda keep her gold? Or will the Rito Luchador fly away with the treasure?


The UnderWorld Order wants revenge!

Speaking of treasure, it has been one full year since the Million Rupee Championship was “found” on Eventide Island. However, it is Kevin Gibdo who holds the gold now! Hollywood ReDead wants his title back, but he won’t be the one going after Kevin for it. ReDead is still recovering from all the damage done to him in the Last Man Standing match, so it will be Death Sword that steps up to the challenge! Will this wrestling reaper show off that “Big Death Energy” and bring the title back to the uWo?


There’s no time to rest for the Termina Champion!

Ganon just won in HPW’s first Carnival of Time match, but he can’t party forever. But it seems he also doesn’t really care who he faces on Treasure Island, so he’ll let HPW decide. Will he regret leaving it up to chance? Or will no one trump the Gerudo Ace?


The Eventide Challenge returns once again!

The Treasure Island tradition is back again! And if you’re wondering where the qualifiers were, HPW took care of two birds with one stone. The Beat the Clock Challenge participants are automatically entered! Aveil, Taros Blanco, Yunobo, Iron Knuckle and Ghirahim are five, and HPW is working on finding the sixth. Who will be gifted a golden opportunity to take on the tropic trial? Find out on August 18th, only here on The Chairshot!

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Musical Chairs S4: E1- Suicidal Tendencies & The Beach Boys [070924]

Musical Chairs returns for Season 4. On the season premiere, the guys cover Suicidal Tendencies and The Beach Boys!



Chairshot Radio Large

Musical Chairs is back! On the season 4 premiere, the fellas get going with two rather different bands. What else is new, right? Here this week, Dave covers Suicidal Tendencies. Formed in Venice, California, Suicidal Tendencies was one of the first bands to merge punk and metal at a time when fans of punk and metal did not agree on much of anything. One of the grandfathers of thrash metal, Suicidal Tendencies left a lasting impression on the music industry that persists to this day.  Patrick, meanwhile, took a detailed look at one of his all-time favorite bands, and a band that is as much a staple of Americana as any of them…The Beach Boys. The magic of Brian Wilson has captivated fans for decades and the music of The Beach Boys is at the forefront of that. Patrick gives you a good rundown of The Beach Boys and their fascinating career here on the season premiere of Musical Chairs.   Tune in and learn a few things about two very different, but equally awesome musical acts!

Today’s hosts: Dave Ungar (@AttitudeAgg) and Patrick O’Dowd (@WrestlngRealist)

  • The Season 4 Premiere of Musical Chairs focuses in on Suicidal Tendencies & The Beach Boys

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