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Mitchell’s Hyrule Puro-Resu Results & Report! (3/19/22)

The Bracket Finals are here!



HPW T3 Finals

The Legend of Zelda: The Ring of Destiny, Chapter 27

History could be made here tonight as Hilda and Ravio each return to Triforce Tournament Bracket Finals! Will they both make it back to the HPW Triforce Championship contender’s match?


  • Trios Match: Arrow Club VS Ikana Royal Family; Arrow Club wins.
  • Triforce Tournament Bracket of Wisdom Finals: Hilda VS Volga; Hilda wins and advances to the HPW Triforce Championship #1 Contender’s match.
  • HPW Trios Championships: The Desert Flowers VS Ganondorf, Zant & Agahnim; Ganondorf, Zant & Agahnim win by disqualification, The Desert Flowers retain the titles.
  • Triforce Tournament Bracket of Courage Finals: Ravio VS Hollywood ReDead; Ravio wins and advances to the HPW Triforce Championship #1 Contender’s match.
  • Ghirahim VS Midna; Midna wins and gains one piece of Fused Shadow.
  • Triforce Tournament Bracket of Power Finals: Rosso VS Kage; Kage wins and advances to the HPW Triforce Championship #1 Contender’s match.


HPW and HXS TV set the scene!

The Third Triforce Tournament is one step closer to the end! And #T3 could look a lot like last year. Hilda and Ravio are each looking to be TWO-TIME Triforce Bracket winners, Hilda in Wisdom and Ravio in Courage. But HPW isn’t taking any chances, as they’re going to be watching them very, very closely. Will Her Grace and #Murusagi finally run out of tricks? Or do they still have ways of taking the tournament for their own? As for the Bracket of Power, Rosso certainly has the physical attributes fitting of that name, but Kage has shown his rage is quite powerful. Can the Hero’s Shadow outshine the Sage of Fire?

HPW T3 Brackets

But the tournament isn’t the only thing on the menu! Midna looks to settle the score with Ghirahim, the Trios Championships are on the line, and a new trio hits the scene! Fin Balure looks to lead Arrow Club to its first victory in HPW. Will they hit the bull’s eye? Or will the Ikana Royal Family make them #FalltoRuin? HPW Deplian Badlands starts now!


Trios Match: Arrow Club VS Ikana Royal Family!

A-A-Arrow Club. F-F-F-F-For life.” The HPW Termina Champion, Fin Balure, leads the way out as he and the Young Ducks, Mack & Rick Quackson, make their HPW in-ring debut as a trio! They want to take out everyone and become the top of HPW, but will Stal-Kid, Sir Hurr & Sir Durr shut them down day one? Or will the Ikana Royal Family be the first crossed off the list?

HyruleProWrestlingFaction ArrowClub

The trios sort out and Stal-Kid dares Fin to step up, but gets Rick Quackson instead. Fans here in Deplian Badlands seem to know all about Mack & Rick as they chant, “YOUNG DUCKS! *clap clap* YOUNG DUCKS! *clap clap*” Rick and Stal-Kid circle, tie up, Rick headlocks but Stal-Kid fights and powers out. Rick bumps shoulders but Stal-Kid bumps back. Rick runs and runs Stal-Kid over, but Stal-Kid kips up to dropkick Rick down! Stal-Kid runs now, but Rick boots back. Rick handsprings to the apron and back flips to avoid the Tiger Feint! Rick uses a normally offensive move as an evasion!

Stal-Kid slingshots out, only to land on his feet as Rick evades again. Rick knuckle locks and CHOPS Stal-Kid to then go up and around. Stal-Kid blocks the arm-drag to CHOP back and also try the apron. Rick denies Stal-Kid in return, both men duck roundhouse kicks, and the ring count climbs! They both go for the apron, Stal-Kid pushes Rick away but Rick pulls Stal-Kid back! Both get in at the same time, and double dropkicks cancel out! Fans are going insane for “H P DUB! H P DUB!” already as the two stand off! Rick and Stal-Kid circle and Stal-Kid dares Rick to do something. Rick CHOPS, so Stal-Kid CHOPS back. Rick CHOPS again then kicks and whips.

Stal-Kid handsprings to HEADBUTT! Things speed up, and Stal-Kid springboard headbutts! Stal-Kid CHOPS, then goes acrobatic to tornillo arm-drag! Fans are loving this as Rick bails out. Stal-Kid builds speed but Rick gets in and spinning roundhouses! Stal-Kid flops out now, Rick builds speed to triangle jump PLANCHA! But Stal-Kid gets out of the way, to somersault CUTTER! They hit the floor hard, and “This is Awesome!” already! The ref counts as both men stir, and the count already reaches 5 of 10. Rick and Stal-Kid stand and get in at 8, but Stal-Kid heads for the corner. Stal-Kid hops to the top and SWANTON BOMBS! Cover, TWO!

Stal-Kid grabs at Rick’s legs, but Rick kicks and boots Stal-Kid away. Rick tags Mack, and now fans rally as Mack circles with Stal-Kid. They tie up, Stal-Kid wrenches to an armlock then hammerlock, then traps Mack with one arm to throw body shots. Stal-Kid wrenches, Mack wrenches back, fans duel and Stal-Kid moves around. Stal-Kid drops, spins, wrenches and wristlocks to a hammerlock, but Mack reaches back to flying-mare! Mack chinlocks, wrenches, but Stal-Kid dropkicks Mack down! Fans cheer as the two reset. Stal-Kid and Mack knuckle lock but Mack kicks and CHOPS, then whips to hip toss, but Stal-Kid rebounds off ropes to handspring free!

Mack runs in but Stal-Kid knuckle locks and CHOPS! Stal-Kid goes up and up and around and arm-drags Mack out of the ring! Stal-Kid builds speed but stops as Mack gets away. Stal-Kid then steps out to the apron for a FLYING RANA! Fans fire up and chant for “I-KA-NA! I-KA-NA!” as Stal-Kid puts Mack in. Stal-Kid climbs up a corner but Fin distracts him, and Mack trips Stal-Kid up! Mack CHOPS Stal-Kid back and climbs up to join him. Hurr goes over to distract Mack but also the referee. The ref has Hurr goes back, Stal-Kid rakes Mack’s eyes! Mack staggers down, Stal-Kid adjusts up top, QUEBRADA! Direct hit on Mack!

Both men are down and fans rally up. Mack and Stal-Kid crawl, hot tags to Durr and Fin! Durr fires off haymakers on Fin, Fin hits back and fans fire up for the brawl! Fin gets the edge with forearms, then he CHOPS Durr. Fin whips, Durr reverses, Fin tries but Durr denies the slingblade for a shove to ropes and a hard forearm to the back! Durr adds on a NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Durr stomps Fin to ropes then chokes him against the ropes. The ref counts, Durr lets off at 4, and Durr argues with the ref to distract from Hurr getting a cheap shot in! Fans boo but Hurr gets away with it.

Durr sits Fin up for a chinlock and JAMS a knee into Fin’s back. Fin endures the chinlock, fans rally up, and Fin fights up. Fin throws body shots, but Durr knees low. Durr then claws Fin on the back! Durr makes tiger claws at the crowd and goes, “Rawr!” Fin ROCKS Durr with a forearm, wrenches an arm to a hammerlock, but Durr slips around, CLUBS Fin on the back, and then claws his back again! “Rawr!” Durr snapmares Fin down and clamps on a neck wrench. Fin endures and fans rally up again. Fin fights up, throws body shots, Durr CLUBS Fin again. Durr turns Fin around, but Fin PELES before the claws!

Both men are down and fans are dueling now, “Let’s Go, Balure!” “I-KA-NA!” Fin is up first, he drags Durr up in a dragon sleeper. Durr snapmares free, kicks Fin low, and tags Hurr. Fin forearms Durr and CHOPS Hurr! Durr CHOPS and eggs Fin on. Fin ROCKS Durr, throws more hands, but Durr CHOPS back! Hurr returns, he ROCKS Fin then snapmares Fin. Hurr reels Fin into a wheelbarrow, he and Durr hit Fin with an ASSISTED WHEELBARROW FACEBUSTER! Cover, but Mack and Rick break it! Hurr & Durr kick them out then go back to Fin. They double whip, Hurr KICKS! Durr ENZIGURIS, Hurr DISCUS LARIATS! Cover, TWO!!

Fans are going nuts while the Ikana Royal Family is arguing the count. The ref defends that was fair, but the Ducks get in to DOUBLE SUPERKICK Hurr & Durr down! The ref freaks out because of how close they came to hitting him, and he reprimands the Ducks. Stal-Kid goes up, the Ducks turn back around as he CROSSBODIES in! Direct hit on both Ducks! Stal-Kid helps Hurr get back to the corner and he tags in. Stal-Kid gets Fin up, whips, but Fin comes back with a SLINGBLADE! Fin fires up, aims at Stal-Kid and SHOTGUN DROPKICKS him into the corner! Stal-Kid bounces off buckles and is in the drop zone!

Fans fire up as Fin heads up top! Hurr and Durr both get back in, Fin leaps over them both! Fin goes to the other corner, Hurr runs in but is put on the apron. Durr runs in, DOUBLE GIRI! Fin staggers, Stal-Kid comes back to sunset flip Fin into buckles! Stal-Kid rolls Fin into a HALF CRAB! Hurr & Durr blast the Ducks off the apron, then go out after them! Fin endures and fans rally up. Hurr stomps away on Mack while Durr CLAWS Rick’s back! “Rawr!” Fin crawls, Stal-Kid drags him from ropes. Durr whips but Rick reverses and Durr crashes into railing! Rick gets in to SUPERKICK Stal-Kid down!

The ref reprimands Rick but Fin crawls to the corner. Hot tag to Mack and he fires off forearms on Stal-Kid. Mack whips, Stal-Kid reverses, but Mack ducks, dodges and SPEARS Stal-Kid down! Mack drags Stal-Kid over, tags Rick in, and puts Stal-Kid through the ropes. Rick springboards in, DRAPING 450 SPLASH! Cover, TWO!! Stal-Kid survives but Rick tags Mack back in. Fin gets in to run and FLY! He wipes out Hurr & Durr on the outside while the Ducks set up! Mack gut wrenches, Rick springboards in, DOUBLE TEAM TOMBSTONE!! Cover, Arrow Club wins!

Winners: Arrow Club, by pinfall

First match, first victory! Fin gets in to celebrate with his team, and they pose. The Ducks squat and flex as mirror images while Fin aims a pretend bow ‘n’ arrow. Fin then gets a mic to speak. “Now that was a bull’s eye right there, huh? And just the first of many. Whoever comes away with those trios titles tonight, you’re a target. Whoever wins the Triforce Tournament, you’re a target. Whoever holds the Triforce Championship, you’re a target!” But then Igos du Ikana is on the titantron! “Mr. Balure, I believe you’re getting ahead of yourself. You want what everyone else has, but you easily forget that you have something of mine.”

“Oh, you mean this?” Fin asks back as he holds up the Termina Championship. “Well, you lost this to someone else before I got it, you’re gonna have to take it up with him. But once you fellas figure something out, come find me. I’ll be the guy with two belts. Maybe even three! Because Arrow Club is coming for everything!” Fin drops the mic, Arrow Club poses again, but will they really be heaping on the gold?


Triforce Tournament Bracket of Wisdom Finals: Hilda VS Volga!

Her Grace returns to this point in the tournament after having outmaneuvered Nabooru and Garo Master. The Dragon Knight finally reaches this point after burning down Yuga and Midna. Will Hilda continue to repeat history and go to the Triforce Anniversary? Or will Volga show she’s nothing without her help?

The bell rings and the two circle. Fans rally up but they aren’t really cheering one or the other. The two tie up, Hilda wrenches an arm, shifts to a hammerlock, then a headlock, then hits a takeover. Volga rolls to make it a cover, ONE! Volga headscissors, Hilda kips free, but now Volga headlocks for a takeover. Hilda rolls to make it a cover, ONE! Hilda headscissors, but she holds tight as Volga tries to kip free! Volga keeps trying, Hilda keeps hold, so Volga hops around. Volga uses that to jackknife bridge, TWO! The two reset and fans cheer the technical exchange. Hilda huffs and puffs as she circles with Volga again.

They tie up, Hilda headlocks and she grinds him down. She laughs, but then Volga throws body shots. Volga powers out, Hilda ducks and dodges to then RANA, but Volga handsprings through! Fans cheer the athleticism but Hilda’s even more annoyed. They tie up again, Hilda wrenches to a wristlock, but Volga rolls, kips up, but she pulls on his mask to bring him down! The ref reprimands, but Volga kangaroo kicks Hilda away. Volga then runs in, springboards and RANAS Hilda! Fans cheer as Hilda bails out and throws a tantrum. But then Volga’s at the ropes, to PLANCHA! Direct hit and down goes Hilda as fans fire up!

The ring count starts, Volga gets Hilda up and into the ring at 4 of 10. Volga goes to a corner and climbs up, but Hilda crawls away to the far side. Volga hops down, storms up behind Hilda and drags her up. Hilda SLAPS Volga, then SLAPS, and fires SLAPPING palm strikes! Volga staggers, Hilda wrenches an arm and hammerlocks, then reels Volga in. Volga powers Hilda to ropes to deny the DDT! The ref counts the ropebreak, Hilda CLUBS away on Volga while he throws body shots. Volga gets free at 4, but Hilda kicks. He blocks it, but she ENZIGURIS! Volga staggers, Hilda hops on, but Volga grabs ropes to deny the Poison-Rana!

Hilda tumbles but staggers up, into Volga’s SLINGBLADE! Cover, TWO! Volga watches Hilda get up, runs in but she denies the Slingblade this time, and whips Volga away. Volga comes back and Hilda CALF KICKS him down! Cover, TWO! Hilda has a leg, but Volga resists being turned over. Volga turns things back and kicks Hilda away. Volga kips up, but Hilda blocks his superkick! Hilda hands the foot over to the ref, then KICKS the leg in the thigh! The ref reprimands while Volga hobbles, but Hilda hops up to POISON-RANA! Hilda uses the headscissors to turn Volga over and sit him up.

Hilda ties up Volga’s legs, traps his arms and has the stretch plum! HER ROYAL HIGHNESS’ MATCHED LUGGAGE! Volga endures, fans rally up, but Hilda cranks on the neck wrench more! Volga still endures, fights to get his legs free, but Hilda throws him down by his mask! Fans boo but Hilda soaks it up. Hilda kicks Volga to ropes, then chokes him on the ropes! The ref counts, Hilda lets off at 4, then runs and comes back to dropkick Volga against the ropes! Cover, TWO! Hilda drags Volga back up, and cravats him into the ropes for another choke! The ref reprimands and counts again, Hilda lets off at 4.

Hilda ENZIGURIS Volga against the ropes, then brings him back for a SIDE LEG SWEEP! Hilda sits Volga up again, but for a leg hook full nelson! RESTLESS CRICKET! Volga endures, fans rally, and Volga reaches out with his legs. Hilda pushes up for torque on the hold but Volga still endures. Volga kicks, flails, and gets a ROPEBREAK! Fans cheer, the ref counts, but Hilda claims she needs help undoing the hold. The ref helps her undo the leg hook, and she thanks the ref. Hilda then KICKS Volga in the back! Hilda drags Volga to center and covers, TWO! Hilda covers again, TWO! Another cover, TWO! Hilda argues the count but the ref says they’re all fair.

Hilda drags Volga up but Volga ROCKS Hilda with a right! Volga mule kicks, then SUPERKICKS! Volga runs, but Hilda avoids the curb stomp! Hilda waistlocks and shoves Volga to ropes to roll back, O’Conner Bridge! TWO!! Hilda is furiously arguing the count again, but Volga ROLLING ELBOWS! Volga then turns Hilda around, but not for a neckbreaker! BLINDSIDE ROLLING ELBOW! Volga rolls Hilda up, TWO! Volga hurries to a corner and climbs up top. Hilda sits up and shouts, “NOW, RAVIO!” Volga looks around, but there’s no Ravio to be seen, and nothing happens with lights or sounds.

Hilda GAMANGIRIS Volga! Volga wobbles up top, Hilda hammerlocks an arm and brings him out on the top rope! DRAPING HER CROWNING ACHIEVEMENT! Cover, Hilda wins!

Winner: Hilda, by pinfall (advances to the Triforce Anniversary)

Her Grace borrowed a move from way back in the Dark Forces playbook! Just teasing interference distracted Volga! King Nicolas Foolyere hands her the Triforce of Wisdom, and now Hilda is heading back to the Triforce Anniversary’s Triple Threat! But will Hilda still have a way to help Ravio out later on?


HPW Trios Championships: The Desert Flowers VS Ganondorf, Zant & Agahnim!

Riju, Aveil & Buliara made history at HyruleMania 2 by becoming the first female trios champions! Will they continue their historic reign by successfully defending these titles? Or will the Gerudo Ace continue to use his cronies to get ahead?

The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and we see if the Deplian Badlands will be in bloom!

The trios sort out and Buliara steps up to Ganondorf. Fans rally up as the two stare down. Buliara flexes, showing she’s got plenty of muscle to match. Ganondorf smirks and calls for a test of strength. They tie up with knuckle locks, and then go shoulder to shoulder. Ganondorf has leverage but Buliara powers back up. Buliara pushes Ganondorf back a step, but he shifts to bring her into a corner. Referee Maron Ronron counts, Ganondorf lets off slowly, but Buliara avoids his sucker punch. Buliara smirks back at Ganondorf and now Ganondorf frowns. Ganondorf and Buliara reset and fans rally back up.

Ganondorf and Buliara approach, tie up collar ‘n’ elbow, go around, and Buliara headlocks. Aveil tags in as Ganondorf powers out, Buliara ducks the clothesline and slides out as Aveil springboards in! Missile dropkick! Ganondorf tumbles but gets to the ropes. Ganondorf’s team wants him to tag but he tells them not yet. Ganondorf storms up on Aveil but she gets around to CLUB him on the back. Aveil bobs ‘n’ weaves as Ganondorf swings elbows and haymakers. Aveil KICKS Ganondorf in the leg, uppercuts and runs. Ganondorf boots but Aveil rolls under. Aveil comes back to SHOTGUN dropkick Ganondorf into ropes!

Ganondorf snarls as he steadies himself. Ganondorf storms up on Aveil, she gets around to waistlock, but Ganondorf elbows free. Ganondorf whips, but she handsprings back! Ganondorf gets clear, Aveil dodges his punch to run the ropes. Aveil jumps up but Ganondorf blocks the rana! Ganondorf swings Aveil up, but she throws down punches! Aveil headscissors Ganondorf onto ropes! Aveil runs, but Ganondorf catches the Tiger Feint! Ganondorf carries Aveil for a SIDEWALK SLAM! Cover, TWO! Ganondorf drags Aveil up and again his team wants in. Ganondorf waves them off, but then Aveil SCORPION KICKS!

Ganondorf staggers, Aveil SHOTGUNS him into the Desert Flower corner! Aveil handspring back elbows him, then tags in Riju. Riju whips Aveil so Aveil can whip Riju can BLAST Agahnim off the apron! Riju swipes at Zant but he scurries away. Riju then runs in to get a boost from Aveil for a BIG back body block! Riju then wheelbarrows Aveil and victory rolls with her for a boost into a CUTTER! Riju has to drag Ganondorf from the ropes before the cover, TWO! Riju stomps Ganondorf, then just jumps on his back since he’s so much bigger than her. Maron reprimands as she stands on him, but then he pushes up and she falls off!

Ganondorf gets Riju’s leg, drags her from the ropes, then SMASHES the knee on the mat! Fans boo and Riju clutches the leg, but Ganondorf gets the leg again. Ganondorf yanks Riju up but Riju gets on her one good leg! Riju rolls and throws Ganondorf to a neutral corner! Fans rally up as Riju hurries for her corner, but Agahnim and Zant trip Buliara and Aveil! They laugh at Riju as they get payback for earlier, and then Ganondorf runs in from the side to BOOTS WASH Riju! Ganondorf drags Riju out to a cover, TWO! Riju’s still in this, determined to hold onto these belts. Ganondorf drags Riju back up and puts her in his corner.

Ganondorf waves Zant over, and Zant hurries to the apron. Ganondorf tags Zant in, and the two mug Riju. Zant wrenches Riju, reels her in, but she fights out of the Mouse Trap to wrench and arm-drag Zant away! Riju hurries for her corner, hot tag to Aveil! Aveil springboards to missile dropkick Zant! Aveil kips up, DECKS Agahnim off the apron then CHOPS Ganondorf! Aveil goes back to fire off a strike fest on Zant, topping it off with an ENZIGURI! Cover, but Ganondorf gets in to break it! Buliara rushes in but Ganondorf throws her back out. Aveil WHEEL KICKS Ganondorf down, but Zant chicken wings her!

Aveil fights the lift, breaks free and drop toeholds to then float to a facelock. Aveil cranks on the hold, but Zant throws body shots. Zant shoves free, but Aveil catches his clothesline to spin him around for a NECKBREAKER, against her knee! That’s Nabooru’s Head Buster! Maybe they did some training with the Gerudo icon? Cover, TWO! Aveil keeps her cool and gets Zant’s arm. Aveil wrenches, but as she reaches for her corner, so does Zant. Aveil throws a back elbow, but then Zant reels her in for a sayanagi! Zant steps over the arm, but Aveil rolls to avoid the omoplata. Aveil LARIATS Zant from behind, and fans rally up while both are down!

Wait, what’re Forged By Violence doing storming down the ramp? Do they want payback on Ganondorf and his team? Ganondorf has his eyes on Iron Knuckle and tells him to back off. Iron Knuckle has his hands up and says, “Whoa, calm down.” FBV stays at the ramp while Aveil and Zant stir. Zant and Aveil crawl for their corners, hot tags to Buliara and Ganondorf! Ganondorf still keeps his eyes on FBV as he gets in, and Buliara ROCKS him with a flying forearm! Buliara fires off and fans fire up! Buliara whips, Ganondorf reverses, but Buliara hits a FLYING SHOULDER! Buliara keeps going, another FLYING SHOULDER!

Buliara waits for Ganondorf to stand, reels him in, but Ganondorf elbows here away. Ganondorf kicks Buliara low then whips her to ropes. Buliara ducks, comes back, leaps, but Ganondorf catches her for a SPINEBUSTER! Jackknife cover, TWO! Ganondorf drags Buliara up, underhooks the arms, but Knuckle gets on the apron! Maron reprimands but Ganondorf whips Buliara into him! Knuckle falls off the apron, Ganondorf brings Buliara back in and underhooks, but now Red Nut gets on the apron! Maron reprimands him now, and stops him as he gets in the rope. But this is so Blue Nut can get in from the side!

Blue Nut CLOBBERS Ganondorf! And then he DECKS Agahnim! Zant hurries back up but Blue Nut HOTSHOTS him back down! Blue Nut bails out and stomps Zant down. Ganondorf staggers up and goes out after Blue Nut to ROCK him with a forearm! Fans actually cheer as Ganondorf fires off on Blue Nut against barriers! Red Nut finally stops distracting Maron to go around the side. But Agahnim gets Red Nut with a SLINGBLADE! Maron tells Ganondorf to get back in the ring, Ganondorf whips Blue Nut into barriers! Ganondorf gets in the ropes, Buliara gets him for a DRAPING DDT! Cover, TWO!!

Buliara drags Ganondorf all the way to the Desert Flowers corner drop zone. Buliara tags Aveil before she stands on the bottom rope, for a SPLASH! Aveil goes to the second rope, for a SPLASH! Tag to Riju and she goes up top, FROG SPLASH! Riju covers, TWO!! Ganondorf survives and Riju hurries to tag Buliara back in. But Knuckle gets in and SPEARS Ganondorf!! Ganondorf’s team wins, by disqualification!

Winners: Ganondorf, Zant & Agahnim, by disqualification; The Desert Flowers retain the titles

Buliara literally asks, “Seriously!?” while Knuckle rains down fists on Ganondorf! Maron tries to make him stop, but then Zant and Agahnim get in, as do the Dark Nuts! They all brawl, Maron tries to make them all stop, but the Desert Flowers add on! Fans go nuts, but more refs and even security get to the ring! Fans want to “Let Them Fight! Let Them Fight!” This always seems to happen in the Trios Division… The trios are separated, just how will they all settle the score?


Triforce Tournament Bracket of Courage Finals: Ravio VS Hollywood ReDead!

#Murusagi is already making history as a back-to-back bracket finalist, but he of course wants more. However, as the last member of uWo in the tournament, Hollywood ReDead wants to make up for their failures. Will Ravio join Hilda at the Triforce Anniversary? Or will this be the beginning of a new empire?

Even though everyone else is banned from ringside, ReDead wants referee Tiger Sahasrahla to check the ring and check Ravio thoroughly. There’s nothing more than the usual chairs and tables under the ring, and Sahasrahla doesn’t find anything patting Ravio down. With that taken care of, the bell rings and fans rally up as the two circle. ReDead approaches but Ravio bails out of the ring. Ravio shouts “Thanks for letting me know what’s under here!” while pulling up the apron skirt. Ravio starts throwing chair after chair into the ring! Sahasrahla reprimands but ReDead goes out after Ravio!

ReDead chases Ravio around the way while Sahasrahla is busy getting the chairs out of the ring. Ravio jumps the steel steps then waits for ReDead to storm around them. LOW BLOW KICK! ReDead doubles over, and Ravio runs him right into railing! Front row fans go nuts while ReDead falls in a heap and Ravio gets back in the ring! Ravio shouts to Sahasrahla to start the ring count! Sahasrahla sees ReDead is down and the ring count starts. ReDead grits his teeth and seethes as he drags himself up. The count is 5 of 10, ReDead hobbles over to ringside at 7 and slowly rolls in at 8, to Ravio’s frustration.

Ravio stomps ReDead over and over, then looks around for what to do next. Ravio stomps ReDead again before going to the adjacent corner. Sahasrahla reprimands Ravio as he starts untying a buckle pad! Ravio stops and Sahasrahla works to retie the pad, and then Ravio drags ReDead back out of the ring. Ravio whips ReDead into the railing! Ravio then runs in, but ReDead catches his double knee attack! Ravio looks around in a panic, and ReDead pops him up for a POWERBOMB to the floor! ReDead roars while fans boo, and then ReDead drags Ravio up and into the ring. Cover, TWO!

ReDead is frustrated and argues the count. Sahasrahla defends it was fair, and ReDead stomps Ravio in return for all those stomps earlier. ReDead drags Ravio up, scoops him and SLAMS him! ReDead flexes and shouts, “IIIII’M THE MAAAAAN!” Fans boo even more but ReDead just soaks it up with more flexing. ReDead scoops Ravio again for another SLAM! Another flex and another round of boos, and ReDead drags Ravio up again. ReDead scoops again, and now he shows off, holding Ravio up with one arm! Ravio claws ReDead’s face! Ravio slips off while Sahasrahla reprimands, and Ravio hits a JUMPING NECKBREAKER!

Both men are down and fans rally up! Sahasrahla starts a standing count, Ravio and ReDead crawl to opposite ends of the ring. They drag themselves up the ropes and stand at 7 of 10! Fans fire up as the two head for each other, and ReDead AX HANDLES Ravio right down! ReDead then clutches his hand and shakes it. He hurt his hand hitting Ravio in the head? Is there something in Ravio’s mask? ReDead wants Sahasrahla to check but Ravio hurries away to a corner. Ravio holds onto his mask and claims there’s nothing fishy about it! ReDead is adamant Sahasrahla check that mask! Wait, who is that running down the ramp?

Wait, is that just Hilda wearing a Ravio rabbit mask? She gets up on the apron and waves to ReDead and Sahasrahla. ReDead and Sahasrahla look over and they both ask what she’s doing out here. No one is allowed ringside, especially not Hilda! But Hilda claims she’s Ravio! She’s obviously not. Actually, isn’t this just the flipside of the stunt Ravio’s pulled in the past? And while Sahasrahla’s distracted, Ravio sticks a hand up his mask and brings something out! Ravio tucks whatever it is in his waistband! Hilda huffs and puffs as she hops down off the apron and goes back up the stage, and Sahasrahla finally checks Ravio’s mask. All clear!

ReDead still doesn’t trust any of this and he rushes in at Ravio! Ravio slips out to the apron, GAMANGIRIS ReDead back, then springboards, but ReDead catches him into a trophy lift! ReDead carries Ravio out to center while Ravio freaks out, and ReDead brings him down into a POWERSLAM! ReDead then holds a hand to his chest. The thing tucked into Ravio’s waistband must’ve hurt ReDead’s chest! ReDead grabs Ravio by his mask’s rabbit ears and asks what the heck is going on! Sahasrahla reprimands ReDead for grabbing the mask, but then ReDead dribbles Ravio’s head off the mat! Sahasrahla now reprimands ReDead for that!

ReDead roars, “IIIIIII’M! THE MAAAAAN!” but fans boo as hard as they can. ReDead drags Ravio back up, whips him hard into a corner, and Ravio bounces off the buckles! ReDead storms over, whips him corner to corner hard, and Ravio again bounces off buckles. Ravio staggers up, into a BOOT! ReDead drags Ravio to center, then runs to the ropes! But Ravio spins around on the mat before DEAD LEG! ReDead’s leg hits Ravio in the waist! ReDead clutches his knee! ReDead almost gave himself a “dead leg” right there. Fans rally up as Ravio and ReDead each get up slowly. Ravio runs in from behind, RABBIT KNEES!! Cover, Ravio wins!

Winner: Ravio, by pinfall (advances to the Triforce Anniversary)

Two-thirds of last year’s Triforce Triple Threat is back again! Nicolas Foolyere presents Ravio with the Triforce Courage, and all is left is the Triforce of Power! Who will be facing the devious duo of Her Grace and her lackey?


Ghirahim VS Midna!

The Living Blade’s jealousy led him to go after the Twilight Princess and rob her of her power, the Fused Shadows! And it led him to screw Midna out of the tournament. Will Midna get her revenge and get back the Fused Shadows? Or will Ghirahim just rub it in that he’s doomed her to this miniscule fate?

Ghirahim makes his entrance, and Midna jumps on him from behind! Fans fire up as Midna uses her magical hair hand for a SLEEPER HOLD while she pulls on Ghirahim’s ears with her imp hands. The ref reprimands as Ghirahim staggers down to ringside. Midna lets go of the sleeper as he falls against the apron, and Midna gets to the apron to then PENALTY KICK Ghirahim down! Fans fire up more but the ref gets Midna to stay in the ring. Ghirahim flounders up into the ring and the ref checks with him. Ghirahim’s mad and he wants this match! The bell rings, Midna rushes in and BODY CHECKS him!

Fans are singing, “F him up, Midna, F him up!” *clap clap* as Midna gives Ghirahim imp sized ground ‘n’ pound! Ghirahim pushes her away and scrambles to ropes. Midna runs in to HIP ATTACK him against the ropes! Ghirahim ends up draping halfway out of the ring! Midna tries to drag him back in but that’s tricky given the size difference. So instead, she turns him sideways, runs and basement dropkicks him off the apron! Midna is all fired up and fans fire up with her while the ring count starts. Ghirahim sits up at 3 of 10, drags himself up with the apron skirt at 6, and Midna TORNILLO PLANCHAS! But Ghirahim catches her!

Ghirahim is furious as he carries Midna and POSTS her! Ghirahim still holds onto Midna to then FALL AWAY SLAM her over the railing and into the crowd! Midna bowls over fans and other fans lose their minds while Ghirahim laughs and goes back into the ring. The ring count starts again, and Midna gets up at 3 of 10. She drags herself up and over the railing to flop to the floor at 6 of 10. Fans are shouting and rallying as Midna drags herself back up and in at 8! Ghirahim is annoyed as he storms over and drags Midna up. Ghirahim puts Midna in a corner to then whip corner to corner hard!

Fans boo as Midna bounces off buckles and falls to the mat. Ghirahim swaggers his way over then drags Midna back up. Ghirahim whips her corner to corner again, and even harder! Midna bounces off buckles and falls back to the mat, and Ghirahim swaggers around again. Ghirahim goes over to Midna and facelocks for a deadlift suplex! Ghirahim keeps Midna up as he walks around, then he holds her up with one arm. He shouts, “I’m so strong!” It’d probably be more impressive if she wasn’t half his size. But then Midna throws knees and gets free! Midna dropkicks a leg out! Ghirahim drops to a knee, Midna ENZIGURIS! Cover, TWO!

Midna stomps and kicks Ghirahim around. Midna grabs an arm and pulls on it as hard as she can. Ghirahim endures, fights up, tries to high stack but Midna spins to wrench and drag Ghirahim back down. Midna wants the armbar but Ghirahim moves around, only to get caught into a TRIANGLE HOLD! Fans fire up while Ghirahim endures and Midna throws down elbows. Ghirahim gets mad and he powers up to deadlift Midna again, for a SIT-OUT POWERBOMB! Cover, TWO! Ghirahim is frustrated and kicks Midna around now. Fans boo but Ghirahim tells them to shut up while he drags Midna to the ropes.

Ghirahim chokes Midna on the bottom rope while standing on her! The ref counts, Ghirahim lets off at 4, then he runs in from the side to KICK Midna in the side! Fans boo more as Ghirahim kicks and scuffs Midna to a corner. Ghirahim stomps a mudhole into Midna, digs his boots in but lets off at 4, to then run side to side again to BOOT WASH Midna right outta the ring! Fans lose their minds seeing Midna tumble out, and Ghirahim laughs like a madman as he rests against the ropes with one leg sticking out. Ghirahim relaxes while the ring count starts. Fans rally as hard as they can but Midna doesn’t stir until 5 of 10!

Midna crawls towards the ring and Ghirahim shouts at her to stay down. She grabs at the apron skirt at 7, drags herself up at 8, and Ghirahim is shouting more and more! Midna gets up onto the apron and rolls into the ring at 9.9! Fans are thunderous but Ghirahim is shrieking like a banshee! Ghirahim rains down ax handles and hammering fists! Fans boo but Ghirahim lets off to flail and shout in anger. Ghirahim drags Midna up and shouts, “YOU’RE NOT BETTER THAN ME!” Ghirahim puts Midna in a corner and then onto the top rope. Ghirahim cravats Midna for a RUNNING CUTTER!! Fans lose their minds again, Ghirahim covers, TWO!??!

Fans go nuts again and Ghirahim sits there in frustration. Ghirahim drags Midna up by her hair. The ref reprimands, but Ghirahim throws Midna by her hair! Fans boo again as Ghirahim storms over. He steps on Midna, then hits a STANDING CORKSCREW MOONSAULT! But he’s not done, he somersaults right to the corner and goes up top! MOONSAULT FLOPS as Midna moves! Fans rally up as Midna drags herself up the ropes! Ghirahim sits up, Midna runs in to HIP ATTACK him right down! Midna then gets up and stalks behind Ghirahim as he sits up again. Midna runs in, TWILIGHT SLEEP!

But Midna’s not done there! She kicks him to the drop zone and steps on him to go to the corner. Midna goes up the ropes, TWISTED TWILIGHT!! Cover, Midna wins!

Winner: Midna, by pinfall

The Twilight Princess, tiny as she is, is victorious! Now Ghirahim has to turn the Fused Shadows over! Midna tells him to bring them out, and Ghirahim waves to the stage. An HPW staffer brings out a trunk from the back and brings it to Midna. She opens it up, and there’s only ONE piece of Fused Shadow in it! Ghirahim laughs as he gets away, and Midna throws the trunk out of the ring! She demands he turn over the others, but he wags his finger. “You’ll have to earn the other pieces, too!” Is Ghirahim playing a dangerous game with the angry little imp?


Triforce Tournament Bracket of Power Finals: Rosso VS Kage!

The Sage of Fire battled his way through Princess Ruto and the UnderWorld Order’s Death Sword, while the Hero’s Shadow defeated Dolph Zlither and the UnderWorld Order’s Gomess. Will Rosso win in a Landslide? Or will he be left in the dark as Kage moves on to the Triforce Anniversary?

The bell rings and the two circle. They approach, Kage gets around and headlocks, but Rosso just stands up to lift Kage. Kage grinds on the headlock, Rosso lifts him with one arm, but Kage grinds harder again. Fans rally, Rosso powers up to put Kage on a corner. Kage pushes off buckles to bring Rosso around. Rosso still powers up and pries the hold apart. Rosso wristlocks and knuckle locks to torture Kage with one hand. Kage gets to ropes and Rosso waits until 4 to YANK Kage back in! Rosso keeps on that wrist, then lifts Kage up over his head! To then drop him down and let him suffer more!

Kage endures as Rosso keeps cranking the wrist. Kage gets up, throws forearms to get free, then kicks and forearms more, but Rosso stays up. Rosso blocks the boot, then runs Kage over with a shoulder! Kage bails out, Rosso heads out to pursue. Rosso hypes the fans up, then runs at Kage. Kage dodges, sending Rosso BLASTING through the barriers! Fans lose their minds as Rosso’s down in the wreckage! Kage goes back to the ring, but just long enough to refresh the ring count. Kage fetches Rosso, as big as he is, and POSTS him! Kage hits Rosso with a MASTER SWORD, and that sends him back into the post!

Fans boo as Kage gets back in the ring while Rosso slumps down. Rosso staggers up, Kage goes back out and throws forearms on him. Kage goes to throw Rosso at steel steps but Rosso stops himself. Kage CLUBS Rosso, then throws more forearms. The count reaches 5 of 10, Kage refreshes the count again. Kage goes back for Rosso, Rosso powers Kage away to get in the ring. Kage follows, the fans rally, but Kage brings Rosso up for a NECKBREAKER! Kage rains down rights then lets off to roar. Fans boo but Rosso drags himself up the ropes. Kage ROCKS Rosso with a forearm, whips, but Rosso blocks by holding ropes.

Kage throws more forearms, whips, but Rosso reverses. Kage comes back with a FLYING FOREARM! Rosso staggers and rebounds, into a SUPERKICK! Rosso drops to a knee, Kage runs in, Rosso ducks the shining wizard but not the BOOMERANG! Cover, ONE?! Rosso shocks and angers Kage but the fans fire up! Kage waits for Rosso to sit up and he KICKS him in the chest. And KICKS! And KICKS! Rosso stays up, Kage runs, but Rosso gets up to CLOBBER Kage with a full body tackle! Rosso roars and fans fire up even more! Rosso waits on Kage to get up now, runs in, and POUNCES Kage into the ropes!

Kage tumbles out of the ring and Rosso goes out after him. Rosso stalks Kage around the way, and Kage leans against barriers. Rosso turns Kage around to face him, and DOUBLE CHOPS him down! Kage clutches the stinging spot on his chest, and Rosso stands him up to put him back in the ring. Rosso sits Kage up to CLUB him on the chest! And again, and again! Kage coughs and sputters, Rosso hauls him right up to a BIG back suplex! Cover, TWO! Kage sputters but the anger is clear on his face. Rosso clamps on with a facelock, and he deadlift suplexes! Kage throws knees, but Rosso holds on and keeps Kage up!

Rosso holds Kage up for a count of 10 before the SLAM! Cover, ONE!! Kage is seething as he sits up on his knees. Kage glares at Rosso as he stands back up, but Rosso DOUBLE CHOPS him again! Kage drops to a knee again, Rosso gets an arm and wrenches to whip him to ropes. Rosso scoops but Kage slips off! Kage ducks the clothesline, gets around to waistlock, but Rosso gets ropes and bucks the O’Conner Roll. Rosso storms up but into Kage’s MASTER SWORD! Kage tries to Electric Chair Lift, but Rosso’s just way too big! Kage CLUBS away on Rosso’s back, then reels Rosso in to underhook arms. But Rosso back drops free!

Kage staggers to a corner, Rosso runs in to SPLASH! Rosso keeps Kage from falling over, stands him back up in the corner, and pats him on the shoulder. Then Rosso TOSSES Kage across the ring! Kage crashes and tumbles to the other corner, Rosso runs corner to corner to SPLASH again! Rosso lets Kage fall over this time, then drops an elbow! Cover, TWO! Rosso is annoyed while Kage gets to ropes. Rosso stalks Kage to a corner, and DOUBLE CHOPS! Kage’s chest is turning red. Rosso scoops and SLAMS Kage into the drop zone, then goes to the corner. Rosso climbs up to the second rope, but Kage dropkicks the legs out!

Rosso is stuck in the ropes, Kage gets him for a DRAPING BACKSTABBER! Cover, TWO! Kage hurries to the corner, climbs up, but Rosso ROCKS him as he reaches the top! Rosso throws more forearms, then climbs up to join Kage. Kage fights back with body shots! Rosso ROCKS Kage and Kage wobbles! Fans fire up as Kage holds on, and Rosso sits him up for a HEADBUTT! Kage wobbles but he hops down to the apron. Rosso CLUBS Kage on the back, brings him back up, but Kage rakes Rosso’s eyes! The ref reprimands, fans boo, but Kage SMACKS Rosso’s head off the top of the post! Rosso wobbles now, but he holds onto the ropes!

Kage springboards up to SUPER SUNSET POWEBOMB!!! Fans lose their minds as Kage flounders to the cover, TWO!! Rosso still has power to send Kage flying from the kick-out! Rosso sits up in a daze, Kage BUZZSAWS him! Kage then drags Rosso up in a facelock, but Rosso’s too much to suplex! Kage throws elbows down into Rosso’s shoulder over and over, then pushes off to SUPERKICK! And SUPERKICK! And SUPERKICK! Kage tries to fireman’s carry but Rosso is still too big for that! Kage is frustrated, so he POSTS Rosso in the corner! And he SUPERICKS Rosso deeper in!

Rosso slumps to the apron while fans boo Kage. Kage wants after Rosso more but the ref has him back off. The ref checks on Rosso, and he’s somehow okay to continue. Rosso slowly drags himself up but Kage slides out of the ring. Kage CHOP BLOCKS Rosso on the apron! Kage then pulls Rosso back into a torture rack! The apron helps out with this, and Kage carries Rosso, SWINGING NECKBREAKER to the floor! Fans lose their minds all over again while both men are down! The ring count starts while fans rally up. Kage sits up at 3 of 10, catching his breath. Kage drags himself up with the apron skirt at 5, and gets in at 6.

Rosso finally sits up at 7 of 10, and fans are rallying as hard as ever. Rosso staggers up at 8, hobbles to the ring at 9, and is in at 9.99!! Fans are going nuts, Kage runs in to MASTER SWORD Rosso again! Rosso sputters now, and Kage gets the wrists! Wait, no way! Kage STEALS LIGHT ARROW!! Cover, Kage wins!

Winner: Kage, by pinfall (advances to the Triforce Anniversary)

Just as the Sage of Fire looked to have new life, the Hero’s Shadow snuffs it out! Kage is this year’s Triforce of Power winner, as is awarded to him by King Nicolas Foolyere, but will he soon be the #1 contender to the Triforce Championship? Or will going 2v1 against Hilda & Ravio doom him?

My Thoughts:

And we have our tournament finals! I almost had the match order with Ravio VS ReDead as the main event, but after putting Rosso VS Kage together, it felt more like main event material. And I also decided there should be more to Ghirahim VS Midna while putting it together, hence the swerve from Ghirahim that Midna only gets one of the three pieces. Obviously that’d constitute at least two more matches, but I’ll make that announcement official soon.

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Musical Chairs S4: E2- Randy Newman & The Doors [071624]

Musical Chairs returns for Episode 2 of Season 4. This week, the guys cover Randy Newman and The Doors!



Chairshot Radio Large

Musical Chairs returns for another excellent installment as we take a look at two more tremendous acts from the annals of music history. This week, Patrick chose Randy Newman. Equal parts songwriter and performer Randy Newman is one of the most celebrated songwriters of this, or any other, generation. In the later part of his career, he composed no less than nine Disney-Pixar films, and he has been nominated for 22 Academy Awards! Dave, meanwhile, chose one of the most iconic and controversial bands of all time…The Doors. Led by one of rock’s all-time great frontmen, Jim Morrison, The Doors redefined music in the late 60’s and early 70’s. Despite being under constant scrutiny…. including being banned in many parts of the nation… The Doors became legends and their music continues to be extremely popular even today.  Tune in this week and learn a few things about two hugely important fixtures of musical history!

Today’s hosts: Dave Ungar (@AttitudeAgg) and Patrick O’Dowd (@WrestlngRealist)

  • Episode 2 of Season 4 of Musical Chairs focuses on Randy Newman & The Doors

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Bandwagon Nerds

Bandwagon Nerds #244: Brave New Worlds

The guys review Episode 7 of The Boys, Sason 4, check out some massive trailers for the MCU, and take an early look at D23.



Bandwagon Nerds Mario

BWN returns this week to look at some world-changing things happening all across the Nerdosphere. This begins with Episode 7 of Season 4 of The Boys. The penultimate Episode for this season had a dizzying number of moving parts including a Supe virus gone wrong, a shocking death, more gruesome moments, and a cliffhanger involving one of our favorite characters. It all sets up for an unforgettable season finale and the guys break it all down for you. Speaking of favorite shows, the fellas take a look at the latest trailer for the final season of The Umbrella Academy. But the MCU kind of dominated the Trailer Park this week as we got our first look at Agatha All Along and Captain America: Brave New World. Dave’s somewhat tepid reaction to the latter trailer brought Rey out of his extended vacation and we have all the details for you here on this Episode. All that plus X-Men ’97 got a new writer, a surprising casting decision for Booster Gold, and the guys look at the schedule for D23 to let you know what they have their eyes on.

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About Bandwagon Nerds

Join Patrick O’Dowd, David Ungar, PC Tunney, Rey Cash, and DPP as they keep everyone up on all things nerd, and maybe add some new nerds along the way. It’s the Bandwagon Nerds Podcast!

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