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Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (9/14/22)

Lionheart VS American Dragon 2!



AEW Dynamite 2021

Who is heading for the Grand Slam?

The AEW Grand Slam Tournament of Champions enters the semifinals! Not only do we get Moxley VS Guevara, we get a rematch of Jericho VS Danielson from All Out! Will we see faction mates face each other in the finals?


  • AEW Grand Slam Tournament of Champions, Semifinals: Jon Moxley VS Sammy Guevara; Moxley wins and advances to the finals.
  • “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry VS Jay Lethal w/ Sonjay Dutt & Satnam Singh; Jungle Boy wins.
  • “Powerhouse” Will Hobbs VS Matt DiMartino; Hobbs wins.
  • AEW World Tag Team Championships: Swerve In Our Glory VS The Lucha Brothers; Swerve In Our Glory wins and retains the titles.
  • Toni Storm & Athena VS Serena Deeb & Britt Baker w/ Rebel; Deeb & Baker win.
  • AEW Grand Slam Tournament of Champions, Semifinals: Chris Jericho VS Bryan Danielson; Bryan wins and advances to the finals.


AEW Grand Slam Tournament of Champions, Semifinals: Jon Moxley VS Sammy Guevara!

The Maniac was impassioned about what the AEW World Championship means to him and what it means to the world of wrestling! Will that fire help him go to the finals and get another chance at the gold? Or will the Spanish God screw him over like he did Darby Allin?

The bell rings and the two circle as fans fire up. Moxley storms up on Sammy but Sammy bails out! Fans boo but Sammy just paces around the way. Moxley waits but fans taunt Sammy. Sammy gets in the ring, he ties up with Moxley, and Moxley headlocks for a takeover. Sammy rolls it to a cover, ONE and Moxley holds on tight. Sammy endures but Moxley shifts to get a knuckle lock cover, TWO! Moxley keeps the knuckle locks as Sammy fights up to his feet and they have a test of strength. Moxley backs Sammy down to a corner, then slowly lets off as the ref counts. Moxley swings, Sammy dodges and CHOPS, then fires off forearms!

Fans boo as Sammy stomps a mudhole into Mox then rains down fists. Sammy stomps Moxley more but the ref counts. Sammy lets off to soak up the heat, but Moxley gets up to CLOBBER Sammy! Fans fire up with Moxley and he drags Sammy up into underhooks! Sammy slips out of the Paradigm Shift and he CHOPS Moxley! Moxley eggs Sammy on so Sammy CHOPS again! Moxley CHOPS back, Sammy CHOPS, and Moxley CHOPS back! They CHOP and CHOP and CHOP, Moxley mocks Sammy’s lounging a second, then CHOPS again! Sammy throws forearms and CHOPS but Moxley fires forearms and uppercuts!

Moxley runs, Sammy puts him out and builds speed to DIVE! Direct hit at the ramp! Sammy gets going again and he FLIES this time! Fans boo but Sammy RAMS Moxley into steel steps! Sammy taunts Moxley, digs his head into the steps, then stomps another mudhole in! The ref counts, Sammy lets off and drags Moxley up with double wristlocks! Sammy CURB STOMPS Moxley into the steps! Fans are rallying for Moxley but Sammy stands over him as AEW goes picture in picture.

Sammy stands on the steel steps to soak up the heat, then he drags Moxley up to POST him! Sammy puts Moxley on the timekeeper’s table to rain down fists! Sammy even gets on the table to rain down more shots, and he CHOKES Moxley! But Moxley CHOKES Sammy back! And then TOSSES Sammy over the timekeeper’s table! Moxley drags Sammy up, brings him back around, and he CHOPS Sammy down! Moxley then drags Sammy up to snap suplex to the floor! Moxley refreshes the ring count, drags Sammy up, but Sammy blocks the whip! Sammy kicks low then POSTS Moxley again! Sammy CLOBBERS Moxley into the ring, then covers, TWO!

Sammy keeps on Moxley with a rain of fists! Sammy lets off to soak up the heat and stalk Moxley to ropes. Sammy throws forearms and Moxley staggers. But then Moxley gets around to get a SLEEPER! Sammy RAMS Moxley into a corner! Sammy is free, he CHOPS Moxley again, and Moxley staggers and flops. Moxley goes to the apron and Sammy follows him out there. Dynamite returns to single picture as Sammy drags Moxley up. Moxley fights Sammy’s Gotch lift so Sammy CLUBS him. Moxley HEADBUTTS back! And HEADLOCK DRIVERS on the apron! Fans fire up for that dirty deed, and Moxley gets back in the ring.

Fans count along with the ring count as Sammy flounders. We’re past 5 of 10, Sammy springs up and in at 7! Fans boo but Moxley is amused. Moxley fires up and fans rally behind him. Moxley runs in to clothesline hard! And again! And again! Moxley puts Sammy up top and CHOPS him! Moxley climbs up, CLAWS Sammy’s back, and even some more! The ref reprimands, so Moxley BITES Sammy’s forehead! Moxley then drags Sammy up, for a SUPER BUTTERFLY SUPLEX! Moxley crawls to the cover, TWO, but into the KIMURA! Sammy endures the double wristlock, moves around, but Moxley has a TRIANGLE HOLD!

Sammy stacks the hold to a cover, TWO! But into the BOSTON CRAB! But Moxley turns that over to kick Sammy away. Moxley runs into the corner, misses and Sammy RAMS into Moxley! Sammy goes out to ENZIGURI! Then Sammy springboards for the FLYING CUTTER! Cover, TWO!! Moxley is showing the toughness of a world champion and fans fire up! Sammy drags Moxley into the torture rack, but Moxley slips off into a throw and BULLY CHOKE!! Sammy endures, moves around, but Moxley traps him for HAMMER ‘N’ ANVIL ELBOWS!! Then Moxley drags Sammy up for the KING KONG- SPANISH FLY!! Cover, TWO!!

Sammy is beside himself but “This is Awesome!” as the standing count starts. Sammy of course stands first, and he drags Moxley into a drop zone. Sammy climbs up, fans boo, but Moxley springs up to CLUB Sammy on the back! Moxley climbs up behind Sammy, for a SUPER GERMAN SUPLEX! Both men are down again and another standing count begins! Wait, here comes Tay Melo AND Anna Jay “A S.” Anna throws her jacket in, the ref has to get that out of the ring, but that allows Tay to slip in and LOW BLOW Moxley!! Tay scurries away, Anna hops off the apron and Sammy cradles Moxley! TWO!!! Moxley survives the screw job!

Fans are thunderous while the JAS is furious! Sammy goes up top, aims at Moxley, SWANTON FLOPS as Moxley moves! Moxley hurries after Sammy for the ghost pin! TWO!! Sammy escapes and TayJay coaches him up. Moxley and Sammy are forehead to forehead, and Sammy fires off forearm after forearm after forearm after forearm! Moxley SLAPS Sammy, SLAPS, and KICKS and SLAPS and ROCKS him with forearms! Sammy JUMP KNEES! SUPERKICKS! And then torture racks, GO TO- NO! Moxley lands out to hit DEATH RIDER!! Cover, Moxley wins!!

Winner: Jon Moxley, by pinfall (advances to the finals)

The Jericho Appreciation Society tried another underhanded tactic, but it failed to stop the Blackpool Combat Club’s Blue Eyed Battler! But the question is now, will Moxley be facing the leader of the JAS? Or will he be facing his own teammate in Bryan Danielson?


AEW returns as MJF storms out to the ring!

Maxwell Jacob Friedman already wants his music to cut so he can talk. “Albany, if I wanted you to talk, you’d know! So keep your fat mouths shut!” Fans still cheer and jeer as MJF steps through the ropes to say, “Seven days, Jon Moxley. Seven long days, I haven’t slept a week since you and me came toe to toe last week. And do you know why? It’s cuz- SHUT YOUR DAMN MOUTHS! It’s because I saw the look in your eyes, man. You had the look of a man who had no fear, and you have no idea how much that pisses me off. See, you must have me confused with somebody else. You see a podium in this ring? You see an MJF 2020 sign? Nah, you don’t.

“Cuz I’m not the same kid I was the first time you and I crossed paths, Jon. Not by a long shot. Nah, nah, nah. Cuz I ain’t playing a character, Jon, you are. Walking around all tough, Big Bad Jon Moxley. You’re a joke! You’re about as much of a joke as these shmucks! But I read your book, Jon. It was a real good read. I especially love the part where you talked about your childhood. Cuz it turns out, you were raised much the same as all these people here in Albany, New York: UNEDUCATED, POOR, WHITE TRASH SCUMBAG FROM THE STICKS!” Fans cheer, they are apparently proud of that.

And Moxley got bullied, right? Cameraman, get in the corner! MJF says Moxley got beat down, got his bike stolen. “And when stuff like that happens, it forces men to put on a front. And it works, Jon, you built a great character. That’s why these morons chant your name every week!” They can chant all they want, they might buy it, but MJF doesn’t. MJF knows Moxley. Deep down, Moxley’s still that same scared boy from the slums of Cincinnati. The only difference is, now Moxley is old enough to drown that childhood drama in alcohol like a worthless drunk! But MJF gives Moxley credit: He beat the habit.

MJF shouts at a fan, “You shut your mouth, fat boy!!” MJF gives Moxley credit for getting sober. That takes a lot of guts, bravery, etc. Moxley slayed the demons and defeated the disease. But the problem is, MJF’s brain is far more dangerous than a disease! This is not just a message to Moxley, this is a message to Jericho and Bryan: “Bad things happen when people get in MJF’s way.” So Moxley should take that vacation he was planning on and skip Grand Slam. Because if MJF was Moxley, he wouldn’t want to win MJF’s AEW World Championship! “Make no mistake about it, Albany, it’s MY title!”

MJF says when Moxley came back, he told a story about a demon. That demon hung over Moxley like a black cloud. The demon told Moxley everything he earned since leaving the slums, he doesn’t deserve. The demon said he’d take everything away from Moxley: his family, his fame, his fortune. But know this, Moxley. If you do not tread lightly, he will find MJF is that demon!! And MJF is a demon you can’t slay! “Now, Albany, let’s get down to business. Not that that’s something you can understand since you’re all poor. A young group of gentlemen helped me procure my chip in the Casino Ladder Match. All these men all come from different walks of life, and yet they all share the same goals.

“Allow me to introduce to you the first-ever stable on retainer, led by a man who is my best friend, a man who I have known since I was 19 years old, and a man who’s got more talent in his little pinkie than any of you worthless pieces of s*it have. Stokely Hathaway, and The Firm!” Stokely Hathaway leads Ethan Page, Lee Moriarty, Austin & Colten Gunn, and W. Morrissey out to the ring, and MJF has their music cut. Fans taunt the “ASS BOYS!” but Stokely tells Albany that it may not be Sunday, but here’s some gospel. Some time ago, Stokely flew from Orlando, Florida to New York City to meet his best friend and #1 contender to the world title, Maxwell Jacob Friedman.

“This man was disenfranchised and wanted to quit AEW, until I told him, ‘If you quit, you’re gonna give everyone exactly what they want. And now it’s time for you to get what you want.'” So they sat down, prayed and prayed, and found a logical solution: putting everyone in this ring on retainer. They are MJF’s support system while gaining opportunities for themselves. And tonight is one of the rare times you will see them all together, because when MJF doesn’t need them, they go their separate ways. So Hathaway will admit this for the first time on live, national TV: “I’m not a publicist. I’m not a manager. And I damn sure ain’t no assistant.”

Who is he? A friend. A friend who has the network and connections to make anything happen, and some of you will wish they had a friend like him. Everything Hathaway has done since Double or Nothing has been a lie! A hustle! A con! All so Hathaway could “infiltrate” the system. And how did he do that? A little bit of this, a little bit of that. Like kicking it with Britt Baker & Jamie Hayter to watching reruns of Living Single with The House of Black. “There is not one rock that I haven’t unturned. And where I’m from, there’s a phrase, ‘The blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice.’ And on one hand, that means love and adoration for our beautiful Black queens. And on the other hand, that means the juicier the gossip, the more power you have.

“And there’s nothing like good old fashioned blackmail! And that’s what makes me wake up in the morning. That is what turns me on. So let’s talk about what everyone wants, and what they’re here for.” Hathaway goes to “Big Deal” Morrissey, and he already knows what he wants. Morrissey wants to do whatever he wants. And since no one here is gonna say it, Hathaway will. “We appreciate you, and I love you.” Hathaway hugs Morrissey! Hathaway moves on to Moriarty, “All praises due to Allah. I told you if you trusted him, he would provide.” Hathaway says it is time for #TYGASTYLE to become a star! And also, bring some honor back to the ROH Pure title!

The Gunns, Austin & Colten- “ASS~ BOYS!” NO! The GUNNS! They are NOT boys, they are men! And they no longer want to walk in the shadow of their broke ass daddy! They want to become AEW World Tag Team Champions, and you may not take them seriously, but you will! And of course, Ethan “All Ego” Page. Fans actually still like him. Hathaway has known Ethan for over ten years, they’ve been up and down the road together. Best friends, bitter enemies, and Hathaway knows Ethan wants to represent his country, his beautiful homeland of Canada, and do something he couldn’t before hanging around “knuckleheads.” Ethan wants the All-Atlantic Championship!

“So there you have it. Ladies and gentlemen, we are The Firm, and when we are around, you only have two options: Either run with us, or run from us.” The Firm has issued their business plan, will business be booming for each and every one of them?


Backstage interview with “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry.

JB admits, All Out did not go the way he expected. And before that, the last time he had a match was in June. There is a tall, tall task ahead of JB in confronting Luchasaurus, which is why tonight, he has signed an open contract for a match! It is time to get back into the swing of things!


Backstage interview with Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt & Satnam Singh.

They’re already mocking JB putting out the challenge. Sonjay says he’s going emphasize the “boy” in “Jungle Boy,” because this boy is throwing out an open challenge for Dynamite. To recap All Out, JB’s supposed best friend, Luchasaurus, choke slammed him to hell! JB needs to pick better friends! Sonjay’s friend, Jay Lethal, is going to accept that challenge, and JB is going down! Lethal says if JB thinks he’s going to get back into the swing of things, well, we will just see about that. Jungle Boy is a STUPID boy, and he’s taking on a man! But will things be different when JB is 100% and prepared?

“Jungle Boy” Jack Perry VS Jay Lethal w/ Sonjay Dutt & Satnam Singh!

The bell rings and fans rally up for JB as he stares Lethal down. Lethal and JB circle, Lethal asks about the back but JB says it’s fine. They tie up, JB powers Lethal to a corner but Lethal turns it around. The ref counts, Lethal lets off and pats JB on the head. JB pushes Lethal back, so Lethal pie faces JB. JB SLAPS Lethal! JB dodges Lethal to fire off forearms but Lethal fires them back! Fans fire up as the forearms go back and forth, faster and faster! Lethal kicks low, reels JB in, but JB wrenches out, knuckle locks and CHOPS! JB goes up but Lethal drags him down to whip him corner to corner! JB goes up and over, turns hip toss to arm hook, but Lethal spins out.

JB knuckle locks and CHOPS again, then goes up and up and FLYING ARM-DRAGS! Lethal gets up, into the DROPKICK! JB handsprings up and fans fire up! JB powers up and drags Lethal up. Lethal trips JB and has the leg! Lethal steps through but into a cradle, ONE! JB kicks but Lethal blocks! DRAGON SCREW, but JB steps through! JB sits on the cover, TWO! JB runs in but Lethal trips him again! Lethal steps through, JB boots him to the apron. JB DECKS Lethal, then builds speed! But Satnam stands in his way! JB stops to glare at Satnam, so he goes to a corner. Sonjay gets on the apron to distract and Lethal attacks!

Lethal climbs up to CLUB the bad back! JB throws body shots and haymakers in return, then gives headlock punches! But Lethal makes that a TOP ROPE BACKBREAKER!! JB flops to the floor where Sonjay can talk trash. The ref has Sonjay back off while AEW goes picture in picture.

Satnam still looms over JB while Lethal catches his breath. The ref goes out to back Satnam up and check on JB. JB is still in this somehow, and Lethal goes out to drag JB up. Lethal RAMS JB into the apron, and JB crawls away. Lethal drags JB back up, puts him in the ring, and stalks JB as he crawls more. Lethal soaks up the heat and he stomps JB on the back. JB crawls to a corner, Lethal drags him back up and shoves him to ropes. Lethal CLUBS JB in the back, then digs his knees in! The ref counts, Lethal lets off, and Lethal drags JB up. Lethal snap suplexes and JB clutches his back. Lethal KNEES him in the back, then rains down fists!

Lethal drags JB up again, puts JB in the corner, and he ROCKS JB with a right. Lethal CHOPS, JB dodges to CHOP back! Lethal puts JB back in the corner but JB dodges to CHOP and CHOP! Lethal kicks low, CLUBS JB on his back, then drags him up again. Lethal scoops and SLAMS JB, really going after that lumbar region. Sonjay applauds while Lethal KNEES away on the back! Lethal drags JB up, CLUBS him again, then CLUBS him more. Lethal keeps after JB but JB his back. Dynamite returns to single picture as Lethal CLUBS JB again. Lethal whips JB into a corner and JB falls from hitting the buckles!

Lethal drags JB up again to whip him back into the corner! JB falls again, but Lethal stands him back up. Lethal whips a third time, but JB comes back to LARIAT! Fans fire up and rally behind “JUNGLE BOY! JUNGLE BOY!” The standing count climbs, JB and Lethal sit up at 4 of 10. Lethal throws a forearm but JB throws one back. Lethal throws another, but JB throws a CHOP! Lethal CLUBS the back, JB CHOPS! Lethal forearms, JB forearms, they stand as the forearms keep flying! JB gets counter punches, he whips but Lethal reverses, only for JB to CLOBBER Lethal with elbows! And again! JB kicks but he can’t suplex with the bad back!

Letha stomps the lumbar, then calls his shot. Handspring and- JB follows to COMEBACKER LARIAT! Then power up for the BRAINBUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Lethal survives and Sonjay is stressed out! JB puts Lethal in a corner then hoists him up top. Lethal slips out to CLUB JB, then goes up for a SUPER RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP! Lethal crawls to the cover, TWO! JB survives and Lethal is surprised. Fans rally for JB but Lethal drags him back up. Lethal calls his shot again, runs and handsprings, but JB see sit coming! JB chicken wings the arms, turns Lethal, a message to Christian Cage! But Lethal powers out! COMEBACK- NO, LETHAL COMBINATION!

JB bails out so Lethal builds speed to DIVE! Direct hit at the ramp and Lethal puts JB back in! Lethal goes up top, HAIL TO THE KING!! Cover, TWO!! JB survives the Macho Elbow and Lethal is beside himself! Lethal runs in, but JB blocks the boot to get the takedown! Stepover, and crossface! SNARE TRAP!! Lethal endures, crawls, reaches out, but JB lets off to drag him back! Sonjay distracts so JB DECKS him! But O’Conner Roll, with tights! TWO!! JB gets the leg again, drags Lethal back, stepover but Lethal guards his head. JB CLUBS away on Lethal’s neck, and he gets the SNARE TRAP! LETHAL TAPS!! JB WINS!!

Winner: Jungle Boy, by submission

Jack Perry just got a win over a former ROH World and World Television Champion! JB hopes Captain Charisma saw that, because he promises to do the same thing to him one day! Will Christian Cage hope Luchasaurus can make JB extinct before that day comes?


AEW looks at the training session of Hook and Action Bronson.

The Cold-Hearted Handsome Devil is getting Bronson ready for their showdown with Matt Menard & Angelo Parker. Bronson says, “You’re looking at New York City right here. Born and raised. Next week, Grand Slam, New York City, Arthur Ashe, Daddy Magic, Angelo. We’re gonna whoop your ass. Straight like that. No more games.” Hook warns them to be ready. Will the JAS regret asking for them to #SendHookAndBronson?


Backstage interview with Luigi Primo.

Since New York is known for its pizza, Alex Marvez introduces the premier pizzamaker pro-wrestler! Luigi Primo is flipping that dough and ready to go! But then Ethan Page BOOTS Luigi down! Marvez asks, “What’re you doing?!” “What am I doing? What nobody does around here: take this job serious!” But Danhausen walks in! Is Ethan talking about seriousness? Danhausen just got a big win on AEW Dark last night. Ethan says good, congratulations. This is extremely fitting, by the way. Since Ethan Page’s big goal is to become the King of the Atlantic, he’ll start with the jester of AEW, this Friday on Rampage. Good luck, buddy. Make a joke.

Ethan leaves and Danhausen says they’ll get that jester! Oh wait, did he mean Danhausen? Will the very first stepping stone in All Ego’s rise be the Very Nice, Very Evil Overlord?


Darby Allin was at Nitro Circus last Friday.

The Relentless One was at their Coney Island show, and he decided to do a tricycle backflip! He spun out, hit the airbag wall, but he got back up to try again. And the second time was a success!

Matt Hardy speaks.

“Wow! Bravo, Darby! That was insane! Dude, when it comes to doing extreme things, you continue to raise the bar, up the ante, and I respect that. It kind of reminds me of that match you had with my brother some months back. You guys went to the extreme in that match. And y’know, I’ve dabbled into the extreme myself. I’m actually one of the OG members of Team Extreme. And I do respect you, Darby, I know you know that. You’re not only one of my greatest rivals, you’re also one of my greatest partners. But I have refocused here in AEW. And I will scratch and claw my way back to the top. And that’s why I’m challenging you, Darby Allin, to a match this Friday on Rampage.”

Is Hardy going to reboot and return to V1 in order to be number one again? Or will Darby show him that his extreme and Hardy’s extreme are on different levels?


“Powerhouse” Will Hobbs VS Matt DiMartino!

The breaker of backs and the Absolute conqueror is ready to prove that he is the unstoppable MonStar of AEW! Will Will Hobbs have no problems with Albany’s… Uh, is this really the best Albany had to offer?

The bell rings, they tie up and Hobbs puts DiMartino in the corner. Hobbs lets off but then point-blank SPLASHES DiMartino! Then he whips DiMartino for the SPINEBUSTER! Cover, Hobbs wins!

Winner: Will Hobbs, by pinfall

And Hobbs gets that money! Hobbs also gets the mic, but fans chant, “We Want Ricky!” Hobbs says, “At All Out, I defeated Ricky Starks. No, no, no, don’t get me wrong, don’t get me wrong. Ricky is tough. I spent 21 months in the trenches with Ricky, grinding. But at All Out, it only took four minutes and 35 seconds for me to beat him. But who’s counting?” Hobbs says now that the chapter is closed on Starks, it is time to open up a new chapter in the Book of Hobbs. And it starts tonight. Wait! RICKY STARKS is walking down the bleachers! Fans fire up as Starks head for ringside and gets past security! He fires off on Hobbs!

Fans fire up and Starks CLOBBERS Hobbs with the mic! Hobbs tumbles out of the ring but he leaves it at that. Starks glares at Hobbs, is he planning on keeping this chapter going?


Death Triangle speaks.

PAC starts with, “We are Death Triangle. And right now, there’s not a man who can deny our momentum.” And then Alex Abrahantes hurries in! It is official! Tonight, the AEW World Tag Team Championships, Swerve In Our Glory VS The Lucha Brothers! Penta and Fenix are fired up, and Pac says, “Gentlemen. The time is now.” Fenix says it IS now! Penta says they are The Lucha Brothers, THE BEST tag team. And together, they will ALL be double champions! ANIMO! CERO MIEDO! Will we see the Death Triangle become a golden triangle with six belts between them? Or can Keith Lee & Swerve Strickland make sure this stays their house?

AEW World Tag Team Championships: Swerve In Our Glory VS The Lucha Brothers!

The introductions are made, the tag titles are raised, and we see if we see just what level of history is made!

The teams sort out and Swerve starts against Penta. Fans rally for “CERO! MIEDO!” Penta stares Swerve down then says, “Listen! CERO! MIEDO!” But Swerve grabs that arm to WRING Penta out! Penta gets up to sweep the legs! Penta hooks an arm, omoplatas, DARK ARM- NO, Swerve arm-drags free! Swerve runs, things speed up. Swerve handstands but Penta PENALTY KICKS him down! Penta whips Swerve to the corner, GAMANGIRIS and tags Fenix. Fenix somersaults to DROPKICK! Then the brothers coordinate, wheelbarrow VICTORY SPLASH! Cover, ONE!! Fenix BUZZSAWS Swerve to a corner.

Swerve kicks back while fans sing for Keith Lee. Swerve knuckle locks and trips Fenix but Fenix blocks the cover with boots. Fenix springs up, brings Swerve up with him, but Swerve breaks free to SUPER STEINER Fenix! Tag to Keith and fans fire up even more! Keith brings Fenix up, knuckle locks him, but Fenix CHOPS! And CHOPS! Keith DECKS Fenix! Fenix gets up to CHOP, then bobs ‘n’ weaves to CHOP and CHOP! Keith GRIZZLY MAGNUMS Fenix down! Keith looms over Fenix while AEW goes picture in picture.

Keith drags Fenix up, scoops him, but Fenix throws elbows! Fenix gets free but the arm-drag is blocked! Fenix reaches out to tag Penta! Keith whips Fenix away but runs into Penta’s GAMANGIRI, while Fenix RANAS Swerve down! Fenix comes back to SOBAT Keith in the back! Penta gets in, the Lucha Brothers DOUBLE SUPERKICK Keith down! Fans fire up and Fenix gets the legs, for QUE PASO! The double stomp to the buttocks! Cover, TWO! Keith survives but even the Limitless One has a weak spot! Fenix goes after Swerve and ROCKS him with a forearm! Fans rally up as Penta watches Keith stand. Penta KICKS Keith in the leg! And again!

Penta follows Keith to a corner, “CERO! MIEDO!” and Penta rains down fists! The ref counts, Penta gets 10 in before 4, and again says, “CERO! MIEDO!” Penta GAMANGIRIS Keith, then brings him out to wrench the arm. Tag to Fenix, he KICKS the arm, then he CHOP BLOCKS a leg! And KICKS it! Fenix keeps Keith from Swerve and KICKS the leg again! Keith leans against ropes but Fenix cravats. Keith scoops Fenix and RAMS him into the corner! Tag to Swerve, and Swerve snapmares Fenix. Swerve goes up for the FALLING UPPERCUT! Swerve then taunts Penta by putting the Cero Miedo down his pants! Swerve covers Fenix, TWO!

Swerve keeps on Fenix by pulling his mask! The ref reprimands but Swerve chinlocks Fenix, then turns him around. Swerve gut wrenches Fenix into the Gory Especial! Swerve bends Fenix’s arms back and locks it in as Dynamite returns to single picture. Fenix endures, Penta coaches him, but Swerve keeps on the arms. Fenix powers up, fans rally behind him, and Fenix arm-drags free! But Swerve FLAPJACKS Fenix to keep him from Penta! Swerve whips but Fenix Tiger Feint Rewinds to HEEL KICK! Hot tag to Penta! Swerve staggers into Penta’s SLINGBLADE! And then a kick, whip, but Swerve reverses. Penta goes up and over, BACKSTABBER!

Keith runs in but into a SLINGBLADE! And a SUPERKICK! Fans fire up but Swerve springboards in, only for Penta to catch him! Penta pump handles, Fenix SUPERKICKS! Fenix then PLANCHAS, but Keith catches him! Penta hits MADE IN JAPAN, but Keith TOSSES Fenix in to break the cover! Fans fire up, “This is Awesome!” as Penta stands back up. Penta drags Swerve up, tucks him in, and wags his finger. “CERO! MIEDO!” But Swerve slips out of the package! Swerve ROCKS Penta to hot tag Keith! Keith runs Penta over, Fenix jumps in but is caught again! BACKBREAKER! Then a HEADBUTT for Penta!

Keith drags Fenix over and Swerve climbs up. Keith brings Fenix up and Swerve takes aim, but Penta KICKS Keith’s leg! Fenix gets to the corner to go after Swerve, Penta SUPERKICKS Keith! Swerve stands Swerve up for a SUPER SPANISH FLY!! Penta then hops off Fenix for a DESTROYER!!! Fans are thunderous as Penta covers Keith, TWO!! Keith survives and no one can believe it! Fenix hurries up top and Penta brings Keith up, but Swerve SHOVES Fenix down! Fenix crashes down, Keith hits BIG BANG CATASTROPHE! Cover, Keith & Swerve win!

Winners: Swerve In Our Glory, by pinfall (still AEW World Tag Team Champions)

The tag titles stay in the Limitless House! But wait! Here comes The Acclaimed! Max Caster has the music cut, though, which fans are disappointed in. But Caster still says, “Yo, listen! Swerve, if you ever interrupt my rap again, I’m a beat your ass! So keep doing what you do best, and that’s nut hugging every famous person you know. Get your boy, Keith Lee, roll his ass to New York City, so that next week at Grand Slam, your uncrowned champs, The Acclaimed, can become World Tag Team Champions!” Fans like the sound of that!

Anthony Bowens takes the mic to say, “New York City! Dynamite Grand Slam! The Acclaimed are gonna kick your Drake & Josh looking asses all over that city! Because EVERYONE loves the Acclaimed!! NOW SCISSOR ME, DADDY ASS!!” It will be an epic rematch from All Out, will The Acclaimed redeem themselves and take the gold? Or will they once again #SwerveInOurGlory?


Backstage interview with The Lucha Brothers.

Alex Marvez wants to hear from Fenix & Penta after that “bump in the road,” but Alex gets them to the locker room. Pac, however, hangs back to confront Marvez on how he phrased it. “Bump in the road?” If Marvez has already forgotten who Death Triangle are, allow him to remind you. “We are the AEW Trios Champions, and me? I’m the inaugural AEW All-Atlantic Champion! First-ever double champion! So put some respect on the name and mind your own business.” But then someone sucker punches Pac! It’s ORANGE CASSIDY! “Double Double Champion, huh? Not for long.” Will Cassidy become the Freshly Squeezed All-Atlantic Champion soon enough?


Toni Storm & Athena VS Serena Deeb & Britt Baker w/ Rebel!

The AEW Women’s World Championship is now on #ToniTime, and she’s ready for competition. Now, this was supposed to be Storm & Shida, but Britt Baker “shockingly” beat down Shida backstage before the show began. Storm said that’s fine, because she has another friend who is more than capable of stepping in. The Falling Goddess takes care of her teeth, she doesn’t need a Dentist! Will they expose how helpless Britt is without her Hayter? Or will the Wolf be a suitable substitute as Britt’s sidekick?

The teams sort out and Storm starts against Deeb. They circle, knuckle lock, and Deeb rolls to wrench and wrangle Storm down. Deeb hammerlocks but Storm slips around to hammerlock back. Deeb stands up, snapmares free and chinlocks, but Storm slips right out to wristlock then headlock for a takeover. Deeb headscissors but Storm kips free, so Deeb headlocks for a takeover back. Storm headscissors, Deeb kips free, and fans cheer the standoff. Deeb and Storm reset, tie up, and Deeb pushes Storm to a corner. The ref counts, Deeb lets off to CHOP! And CHOP! And CHOP! But Storm turns things around to CHOP away on Deeb!

The ref counts on Storm now but Storm lets off to stomp. Storm bumps Deeb off buckles, tags in Athena, and Storm scoop SLAMS Deeb, for Athena’s slingshot SPLASH! Cover, TWO! Deeb runs in but Athena dodges! Athena SHOTGUNS Deeb into a corner! Fans fire up, Athena handspring FOREARMS! Athena brings Deeb around, Canadian Racks and hits a CLIFFHANGER CODE BREAKER! Athena then hurries up top, but Britt distracts her. Athena swipes at Britt, so Deeb CHOP BLOCKS Athena! Fans boo but Deeb drags Athena to the apron to SLAM the leg on the edge! Deeb keeps after the leg as AEW goes picture in picture!

Deeb SLAMS Athena’s leg one more time then lets off. Deeb high fives with Rebel and then SLAPS the bad leg. Athena crawls but Deeb keeps her from Storm with an elbow drop to the leg! And another! Deeb GROUND DRAGON SCREWS the leg! Athena crawls to a corner but Deeb grins as she stalks her. Deeb stands Athena up to CHOP her! Deeb gets the bad leg to DRAGON SCREW again! Deeb soaks up the heat while Athena writhes. Tag to Britt and she taunts Storm while standing between her and Athena. Britt stands Athena up, ROCKS her with forearms, then whips her to ropes. But the leg gives out and Athena falls!

Britt laughs at Athena’s pain, kicks at her bad leg, then drags her up. Britt CHOKES Athena against ropes but lets off as the ref counts. Britt ROCKS Athena, whips her again, but again the leg gives out! Athena crawls but Britt keeps her from storm. Britt chinlocks to grind Athena down, then she stands Athena up to ROCK again! BUTTERFLY SUPLEX! Britt kicks at Athena then tags in Deeb. Deeb rushes in to CLUB away on Athena’s back. Athena throws forearms but Deeb DECKS her! Deeb steps through on the leg for an INDIAN DEATHLOCK! Athena endures and CHOPS at Deeb! And CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS!

Deeb lets Athena free of the hold and clutches her stinging chest. Deeb grabs the bad leg but Athena ENZIGURIS Deeb as Dynamite returns to single picture! Fans rally as both women crawl, hot tags to Britt and Storm! The Lightning rallies on Britt, BOOTS Deeb, but Britt kicks low! Britt whips but Storm SHOTGUNS! Britt goes to a corner, Storm UPPERCUTS and leg sweeps! Storm goes corner to corner, but Deeb gets Britt outta there! So Storm BOOTS Deeb and hits Britt with a TORNADO DDT to the floor! Fans fire up with Storm and Storm puts Britt back in. Storm drags Britt up, but no satellite as Britt powers out!

Britt runs, and SLINGBLADES Storm down! Britt hurries, but so does Storm, hot tags to Deed and Athena! Athena spins Deeb around to ROCK her! Deeb UPPERCUTS, Athena forearms! Deeb UPPERCUTS, Athena fires off forearm after forearm! Deeb wobbles, Athena runs, ducks ‘n’ dodges to springboard, into an ARMBAR!! Deeb has Athena caught but Athena clasps the hands! Deeb CLUBS the hands but Athena moves around to stack! TWO, and Deeb still has the arm! Athena tries again, TWO, and Athena deadlifts Deeb! But Deeb sunset flips! Athena slips through to POINT-BLANK METEORA! Hot tag back to Storm!

Storm goes up top and aims at Deeb, CROSSBODY! But Deeb rolls it through to a HALF CRAB! Storm endures, crawls, but Deeb drags her away! Deeb has the hold in deep, but Athena KICKS her! Deeb stays up and eggs Athena on! Athena fires off forearms on Deeb, but Britt SUPERKICKS Athena! And SUPERKICKS Storm! The ref reprimands but Deeb jackknife bridges! Athena breaks it with a SENTON! Britt didn’t even realize what happened but sees Athena. Britt throws Athena out then RAMS her into steel steps! Deeb and Storm slowly rise and fans rally up. Deeb drags Storm up, reels her in, tucks the arms, but Storm slips out!

Storm waistlocks but Deeb resists! Rebel distracts the ref and Britt gets a chair! Britt wedges the chair between the ropes, and Deeb switches with Storm to RAM her into the chair! Deeb rolls Storm up, Deeb & Britt win!

Winners: Serena Deeb & Britt Baker, by pinfall

But then Athena CLOBBERS them both! The Fallen Goddess fires off on Britt, fires off on Deeb, and she DECKS Deeb, only for Britt to SUPERKICK her down! Britt runs to CURB STOMP Athena! Britt gets the chair, but here comes JAMIE HAYTER! The Hayter stops Britt from finishing this by taking the chair! But then Hayter JAMS Storm with it! And SMACKS Storm, too! Hayter says she didn’t do that for Britt, she still doesn’t like Storm. But Hayter also warns Britt that her time is coming! Britt keeps trying to apologize, but is it too late for that? As for Deeb, she pinned the AEW World Champion. Is the Professor of Pro-Wrestling about to get her title shot?


Mark Sterling, Tony Nese & Josh Woods speak.

Smart Mark says, “First of all, we have a few things to say.” Tony Nese says last week on Dynamite, Wardlow used a “cheap shot” headbutt to gain an advantage over him. And then after the bell, Wardlow tried to powerbomb Nese, and even tried to “kill” Sterling! Thank goodness Josh Woods was there to save them both. That is why this Friday on Rampage, Woods has his ROH World TV Championship match against Samoa Joe. The National Champion, the former ROH Pure Champion, and finally, the future ROH TV Champion, giving AEW and ROH the television recognition they both desperately need. But will the Technical Beast be slain by the Samoan Submission Machine?


BREAKING NEWS for Grand Slam!

After the chaotic scene after the match, Toni Storm will defend her Interim AEW Women’s World Championship against Serena Deeb, but she will also defend it against Britt Baker and Athena! It will be another Fatal 4 Way for the interim title! Will this title still be on #ToniTime? Or will Lightning From Down Under fail to strike twice against the Wolf, the Dentist and the Goddess?

Plus, after that sucker Orange Punch, Orange Cassidy finally gets the title match he wants! Will Cassidy take away one of the Bastard’s belts? Or Pac make sure he turns Orange into pulp?


AEW Grand Slam Tournament of Champions, Semifinals: Chris Jericho VS Bryan Danielson!

We already know Moxley is waiting in the finals, but this main event is going to be All Out all over again! The Lionheart had to resort to cheap tricks to slay the American Dragon in Chicago, will he do it all over again in Albany? Or will Bryan avenge himself, only to head for a epic showdown with his BCC teammate?

The bell rings and the two stare down as fans fire up. Bryan and Jericho approach, Bryan dodges to CHOP and CHOP and CHOP! Bryan KICKS and CHOPS Jericho in the corner on repeat as fans chant “YES! WOO! YES!” Bryan keeps on the “YES! YES! YES!” KICKS as Jericho sits down! The ref counts, Bryan lets off to whip corner to corner. Bryan runs in to DROPKICK! Jericho flounders but Bryan is right on him to bump him off buckles. Bryan CHOPS again, but Jericho CHOPS back! Bryan CHOPS, Jericho CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS! But Bryan CHOPS and KICKS again! And again! And whips corner to corner again, to DROPKICK!

Jericho flounders against ropes again but Bryan brings him up. Bryan HEABUTTS but Jericho throws haymakers. Daniel Garcia is watching this as once again, his hero in Bryan and his mentor in Jericho fight it out. Jericho headlocks, Bryan powers up and out, but Jericho runs Bryan over. Things speed up, Bryan tosses Jericho out! Bryan builds speed and WRECKS Jericho with a dropkick! Fans fire up as Bryan aims from the apron, to FLYING KNEE Jericho down! Fans fire up and Bryan brings Jericho back up. Bryan wrenches the arm, hammerlocks it, and POSTS the shoulder! Jericho clutches the arm but Bryan wrenches it again.

Bryan hammerlocks the arm to POST it again! The ring count is climbing but Bryan puts Jericho in. Bryan climbs up, and MISSILE DROPKICKS! Jericho is down, Bryan goes back up! DIVING HEADBUTT to that bad arm! Cover, TWO!! Jericho survives but Bryan has the arm! Bryan hammerlocks it, drives his knee into it again and again, and fans duel, “Let’s Go, Bryan!” “Y2J!” Bryan double wristlocks the arm but Jericho endures, even as Bryan bends the fingers! Bryan isolates the arm but Jericho resists. Bryan PENALTY KICKS the arm! And then he KICKS Jericho in the chest! And again! And again! And again!

Fans chant “YES! YES! YES!” as the kicks fly in from all sides! But Jericho ducks the Buzzsaw to GERMAN SUPLEX! Bryan flounders to the apron but Jericho triangle jumps to DROPKICK Bryan down! Fans are torn between cheers and jeers as Jericho raises his hand. Bryan gets up, Jericho triangle jump PLANCHAS to take him down! Jericho rains down fists on Bryan then says he’s the best ever! Fans cheer and jeer again as Jericho drags Bryan up and into the ring. Jericho stalks Bryan along the ropes, SLAPS Bryan in the face, then looms over him. Jericho SLAPS Bryan again, and he eggs Bryan on. Bryan gets up and Jericho SLAPS him!

Bryan shakes his head and fans fire up! Jericho SLAPS Bryan more so Bryan SLAPS back! And CHOPS! Jericho CHPOS, Bryan CHOPS, repeat! The CHOPS go back and forth, sharper and sharper! Jericho roars and CHOPS again! Bryan shakes his head, and CHOPS back! Jericho roars and CHOPS! Bryan CHOPS! And CHOPS! And CHOPS! Bryan whips, Jericho reverses but Bryan goes up and over and keeps moving! Bryan ducks ‘n’ dodges but DOUBLE CROSSBODIES cancel out! Fans are thunderous while AEW goes picture in picture!

The ref checks both men but they’re both able to continue. Bryan and Jericho slowly rise and then head for each other. Jericho throws a haymaker, and another. Bryan shakes his head but Jericho keeps throwing hands! Jericho knocks Bryan down, then dribbles his head off the mat! The ref reprimands but Jericho lets off. Jericho flexes and fans are torn as he motions about the title belt. Jericho turns around to see Bryan doing push-ups! Bryan isn’t fazed by what Jericho’s done to him! Bryan then springs up to CHOP Jericho! Jericho CHOPS back! Bryan CHOPS, Jericho CHOPS, Bryan throws haymaker after haymaker!

Bryan whips, Jericho holds ropes and KICKS back! Bryan falls, Jericho springboards, LIONSAULT! Fans fire up for that as Jericho covers, TWO! Jericho is frustrated and he drags Bryan up. Jericho ROCKS Bryan with a forearm, has Bryan in a corner, and he ROCKS him again. Bryan goes to another corner, but Jericho CHOPS him! And CHOPS! Jericho whips corner to corner, runs in but Bryan dodges, and Jericho POSTS himself! Jericho flops to the apron, Bryan pushes him back in. Bryan goes up as Dynamite returns to single picture. Fans fire up again, but Jericho trips Bryan up! Jericho CHOPS Bryan, then climbs up to join him.

Jericho throws hands, climbs up more, then SUPER STEINERS! Fans fire up while Bryan flounders away! Jericho aims from the corner, prepares the elbow, but Bryan ducks the Judas Effect to GERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO! Jericho narrowly escapes but Bryan gets the arms! CATTLE MUTILATION! Jericho endures, fans fire up and Jericho turns over! Bryan turns that into HAMMER ‘N’ ANVIL ELBOWS!! Fans chant ‘YES! YES!” with every shot, but Jericho gets the arm! Jericho hits back, turns things around, and he wraps Bryan up for his own HAMMER ‘N’ ANVIL ELBOWS! Fans are torn, but Bryan is just taking the elbows!!

Bryan slowly rises as Jericho hammers away! Jericho looks to be almost pleading with Bryan now, but Bryan CHOPS him anyway! Jericho manages to CHOP back, but Bryan CHOPS again! Jericho CHOPS again, but Bryan CHOPS again! The CHOPS continue, Bryan gets the edge and he KICKS and KICKS and CHOPS! Jericho hits a CODE BREAKER, but Bryan BUSAIKU KNEES!! Both men are down and fans are thunderous! Fans hope they “FIGHT FOREVER!” but someone has to move on to Grand Slam! Jericho goes to the apron, slaps himself and stands back up. Bryan CHOPS him! Jericho stays up to CHOP again!

Bryan CHOPS, but Jericho CHOPS! Bryan CHOPS and CHOPS then suplexes Jericho, but Jericho fights it! Jericho suplexes Bryan up and out of the ring!! Bryan holds his ankle and the ref checks on him. Jericho rests in the ring while the medic checks on Bryan. Bryan doesn’t want this to end the match, but Jericho is now a shark with blood in the water! He YANKS at the bad leg, pulls away the kick pad, CLUBS the ankle, then stomps the leg. Jericho puts Bryan in the corner, drags him to the corner and SLAMS the bad leg against the post! And again! And then Jericho ties the legs up for a HANGING FIGURE FOUR!!

Bryan endures, the ref counts, and Jericho lets off at 4! Fans are wincing but Jericho smacks himself with Bryan’s kick pad. Jericho stalks Bryan in the ring, CHOP BLOCKS the leg, then drags Bryan up. Jericho has the leg for a SHIN BREAKER! Bryan falls over and Jericho soaks up the cheers and jeers. Jericho says he’s going to be champion, and he gets the leg again. SHIN- NO, Bryan CLUBS Jericho, throws more elbows, and he brings Jericho down! Bryan gets free and to a corner. Jericho runs in but into a BOOT! Bryan manages to hop, but Jericho catches the leg! Bryan resists but Jericho has the WALLS OF JERICHO!!

Bryan endures, but Jericho sits deep on his legs! Bryan grits his teeth, but Jericho shifts to a HALF CRAB to go after the bad leg! Fans rally and Bryan reaches out! Jericho keeps on that leg but Bryan claws his way over! Bryan reaches out, powers up, but Jericho drags him away! Jericho turns Bryan over, shifts the hold but Bryan resists! Jericho punches away, steps again, but Bryan kicks with the good leg. Jericho throws elbows, tries a third time, but Bryan boots him into buckles! Roll up, TWO!!! Jericho escapes, gets the leg, DRAGON SCREW! Jericho steps in again, and has the FIGURE FOUR!! Bryan endures all over again!

Fans rally as Bryan keeps his shoulders up. Bryan grabs at Jericho’s leg but Jericho puts more pressure on the hold! Bryan fights the leg again, throws hands, but Jericho hits back! Fans are thunderous as the fists fly! Bryan turns Jericho with his own leg! Jericho resists but Bryan fires off crossface forearms! LEBELL LOCK!! Jericho endures now, and Bryan fishhooks his nose! Bryan bends Jericho way back, and Jericho TAPS! BRYAN WINS!!

Winner: Bryan Danielson, by submission (advances to the finals)

The American Dragon slays the Lionheart! We’ve got BCC VS BCC in the finals for THE AEW World Championship! William Regal is proud of both men, but he knows next week will be “torturous” since it’ll be teammates facing each other. Speaking of, here comes Moxley! Bryan manages to stand and he walks up to Moxley. Fans are fired up to see this one, and the two shake hands. Will Moxley get his FOURTH AEW World Championship run? Or will Bryan finally return to the top of the mountain?

My Thoughts:

A great episode of Dynamite that also acts as a go-home to next week’s Grand Slam special. Great stuff out of the tournament of champions, with Moxley VS Guevara as an awesome opener and with Jericho VS Bryan as an awesome main event. I figured TayJay would try to help Sammy, and I’m glad they failed to win this for him. Now, the surprise was Jericho losing to Bryan, but at the same time, it had to happen because Jericho won at All Out. Moxley VS Bryan, BCC VS BCC for the title, that is going to be epic. Either way, the BCC will be on top of AEW, so this could go either way.

I like that Jungle Boy is willing to take on anyone while he’s waiting to face Luchasaurus and Christian Cage. JB VS Lethal was great stuff, and it was a great win for JB given Lethal’s resume. I’m sure if JB tries an open challenge again, Luchasaurus will sabotage it, or maybe even accept it. I would think JB wins against Luchasaurus and then we wait for Christian VS JB to finally settle this. Hobbs was of course winning his squash match tonight, but it was even more obvious after seeing his opponent. Starks showing up was great, too, and we’re clearly getting that rematch for Full Gear. I just wonder if Starks will really win that with how strong they can/should push Hobbs.

Being introduced to “The Firm” was a good segment. Hathaway is great on the mic, and I like that he revealed to us that he was indeed ditching The Baddies for his own interests. Ethan makes the first move from that group, ruining Luigi Primo’s AEW television debut, and setting up a match with Danhausen. I would think Ethan will win that to make his point about getting rid of “comedy” wrestlers in AEW. Cassidy getting serious and going after PAC was also a surprise. I wonder if Cassidy wins the All-Atlantic title to then defend it against Ethan. Likewise, I have a feeling that Gunn Club goes after whoever holds the tag titles after next week.

We got an awesome tag title match out of Keith & Swerve VS Lucha Bros, but of course Keith & Swerve retained. Acclaimed had a good promo to call them out, and that rematch from All Out is going to be amazing. Lucha Bros of course can focus on the Trios titles with Pac, regardless if Pac retains against Cassidy. Hangman and Dark Order can try again, Best Friends can try again, and maybe after the suspension from #BrawlOut is served, The Elite can try again. Not to mention any other trio from any other company, like Impact, AAA or NJPW. The possibilities are endless, and that makes for a lot of fun.

Good promos to set up other matches, such as Hardy calling out Darby and Sterling’s stable calling out Samoa Joe. Those matches will be great stuff, but I’m pretty sure Joe wins against Woods. Hardy VS Darby is an interesting move but perhaps this is the adjustment after Malakai Black leaving AEW. An interesting choice but not a bad one. Great stuff from MJF after Moxley’s win, and I’m thinking MJF being obsessed with Moxley means Moxley does win, but it’d be a shame if it were that obvious. Either way, we know MJF wants the title, so he’ll definitely target whoever wins next week.

And great stuff out of the women’s division. We may be only getting one segment a show, if even that, but at least tonight and next week, AEW is maximizing that opportunity. Great tag match, and great win for Deeb and Britt because of how they Heel’d it up. Hayter getting involved was a nice touch, as she maintains an almost Tweener thing now, beating down Storm for herself but putting Britt on notice. And next week, another Fatal 4 for the interim title, that is going to be awesome stuff. I would hope Toni retains, and maybe from there we get a 1v1 feud of Storm and Deeb while Hayter and Britt feud on the side.

My Score: 9/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (7/17/24)




AEW is going big for this milestone Dynamite!

Dynamite has reached its 250TH episode, and it opens with Will Ospreay VS MJF for the AEW International Championship!


  • AEW International Championship: Will Ospreay VS MJF; wins and
  • AEW TBS Championship: Mercedes Mone VS Nyla Rose; wins and
  • Swerve Strickland VS Kazuchika Okada; wins.


[Due to scheduling conflicts, coverage will be on delay]

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Collision Results & Report! (7/13/24)

Collision of Honor!



Who will head to Arlington, Texas?

Mark Briscoe will defend his ROH World Championship at Death Before Dishonor, but will it be Roderick Strong or Dalton Castle that gets their shot?


  • Konosuke Takeshita VS Tommy Billington; Takeshita wins.
  • Six Man Tag: The Bang Bang Gang VS London Lightning, Shawn Moore & Michael Allen Richard Clark; The Bang Bang Gang wins.
  • ROH World Championship #1 Contender’s Match: Roderick Strong VS Dalton Castle; Roddy wins and will challenge for the title at Death Before Dishonor.
  • Nyla Rose VS Ava Lawless; Nyla wins.
  • Top Flight VS Anthony Ogogo & Lee Moriarty; Top Flight wins.
  • Skye Blue VS Harley Cameron; Skye wins.
  • Orange Cassidy & Kyle O’Reilly VS The Kingdom; The Kingdom wins.


Konosuke Takeshita VS Tommy Billington!

The Alpha of the Don Callis Family is still hunting down championship opportunities, but titles are more elusive than you’d think. Will tonight be Takeshita’s night to earn a shot? Or will he underestimate the new Dynamite Kid?

The bell rings, the fans rally up, and the two circle. The two tie up, and Takeshita shoves Tommy away! Takeshita eggs Tommy on, they tie up again, and Tommy arm-drags Takeshita! The two circle again, Tommy headlocks, but Takeshita powers out. They RAM shoulders, RAM shoulders again, and again! Takeshita BOOTS Tommy, whips, but Tommy runs Takeshita over! The fans fire up while Takeshita bails out and dusts himself off. The fans rally, Tommy waits on Takeshita, and Takeshita goes back to the ring. Takeshita and Tommy circle again, tie up, and Takeshita puts Tommy in a corner. Tommy powers back, they go along the ropes and into another corner.

The ref counts, Takeshita pie faces Tommy, but Tommy SHOTGUSN him! Takeshita comes back, Tommy dodges to headlocks but Takeshita powers out. Tommy ducks ‘n’ dodges and runs Takeshita over! Tommy keeps going but Takeshita dodges the dropkick! Takeshita smirks and ROCKS Tommy with right hands. The ref reprimands but Takeshita stomps Tommy and CHOKES him on ropes. The ref counts, Takeshita lets off to whip, but Tommy reverses. Takeshita stops himself, but Tommy runs up to CROSSBODY! Both men fall out of the ring and the fans rally up. Tommy CLUBS Takeshita, then scoops to SLAM!

The fans rally and Tommy drags Takeshita back up. Tommy smacks Takeshita off the apron, SMACKS him off it again, and again! Tommy RAMS Takeshita into the railing, then sends him back into the ring. Tommy climbs a corner while Takeshita is down, but then Takeshita springs up! Takeshita trips Tommy up top and fires some elbows. Takeshita smirks, goes up and he fires shots., Tommy gives those back, and then Tommy HEADBUTTS! And HEADBUTTS! And HEADBUTTS! Takeshita roars, and then BITES Tommy on the head! Takeshita drags Tommy to the very top, SUPER DUPER PLEX! Cover, TWO!

The fans rally as Tommy stays in this. Takeshita clamps on a chinlock, Tommy endures, and fights up as the fans rally. Takeshita KNEES Tommy in the back, and KNEES him again! Takeshita has the motorcycle stretch but Tommy still endures. The fans rally up, Takeshita keeps the stretch on Tommy, but Tommy powers up! Tommy fights to turn this, but Takeshita turns things back onto Tommy. Tommy still endures, so Takeshita ROCKS him! Tommy ROCKS Takeshita! They go forearm to forearm and fans fire up. Takeshita ROCKS Tommy! Takeshita scoops, Tommy slips free, but Takeshita switches. They go around and around, Takeshita POSTS Tommy!

The fans boo but Takeshita soaks it all up. Tommy is writhing on the floor as Collision goes picture in picture.

Takeshita goes out to fetch Tommy, but he’s in no hurry. Takeshita whips Tommy hard into railing! Tommy falls in a heap but Takeshita storms up. Takeshita drags Tommy up and into the ring, then wrenches him for a whip. Tommy hits the buckles hard! Takeshita snarls as he storms up and stands Tommy up. Takeshita whips, Tommy KICKS! Takeshita ROLLING ELBOWS in return! Tommy falls but Takeshita sits him up into a chinlock. Takeshita grinds Tommy down, but Tommy pries at the grip! The fans rally, Tommy rises up, and Tommy fires body shots. Takeshita CLAWS Tommy’s eyes! The ref reprimands while Tommy staggers away.

Takeshita runs corner to corner but Tommy dodges! Takeshita goes up and out to the floor! The cameraman got out of the way this time, he learned from Mortis landing on him last week. Takeshita shakes out the bad leg, but Tommy goes to a corner. Tommy climbs up, takes aim, and Collision returns to single picture as he SUPER CROSSBODIES! Down goes Takeshita and the fans fire up! Tommy puts Takeshita in and goes up again. Calgary fires up as Tommy MISSILE DROPKICKS! Tommy kips up, the fans fire up, and he whips. Tommy LARIATS Takeshita and then snap suplexes! Even Callis admits Tommy is impressive!

Tommy climbs up a corner, but Takeshita rises to ROCK him again! Takeshita then ROCKET LAUNCHES Tommy! The fans boo but Takeshita lines up a shot. Tommy slowly rises, fans rally up, but Takeshita runs corner to corner, only for Tommy to dodge! Tommy runs, ducks ‘n’ dodges, then tilt-o-whirls! And he manages a gut wrench!? Takeshita flips that around on Tommy and tuck shim in! But Tommy kicks and flails, to gut wrench back! TOMBSTONE!! But Tommy can’t make the cover! The fans rally even harder as Tommy crawls to a corner. Tommy drags himself up to the top, and the fans fire up again!

Tommy aims to DYNAMITE DIVING HEADBUTT FLOP! Takeshita shakes his head and wags his finger, he wasn’t gonna get hit with that one. Takeshita snarls and watches Tommy go to the apron. Takeshita storms up, drags him up, suplexes, but Tommy slips free! The standing switch returns again and again, and Takeshita snatches Tommy into a BLUE THUNDER BOMB! Cover, TWO!! Tommy survives that whirlpool but Takeshita hauls him up! Takeshita vows to end this, but Tommy slips out of the bomb! Takeshita blocks the cradle to suplex! Tommy slips free again, O’Conner Roll! TWO!!

Takeshita is up, and he BOOTS Tommy! Tommy wobbles, but he ELBOWS back! Tommy whips, Takeshita breaks through the lariat, to LARIAT!! The fans boo but Takeshita takes aim again. Tommy sits up, into the POWER DRIVE KNEE!! Cover, Takeshita wins!

Winner: Konosuke Takeshita, by pinfall

Callis is calling it “The T Trigger,” as if to poke fun at Kenny Omega. But whatever the move’s name, it was a big win for Takeshita. Callis joins Takeshita in the ring to celebrate, but Callis also has a mic. “I have something important to say.” The fans boo even more now. Callis says “This young man right here, he wrestled the match of a lifetime against Takeshita. C’mon, kid.” Tommy sits up and Callis introduces himself. And he says that was a tremendous effort. When Callis looks at Tommy, just 23 years old, the blood of the original Dynamite Kid in his veins, Callis says Tommy has everything he is looking for.

In fact, Callis was thinking on this back. He remembered his mentor, Bad News Allen, was also a mentor to Dynamite Kid. Now, Callis can be Tommy’s mentor. The fans boo but Callis says Bad News and Dynamite Kid would want this! So let’s seal the deal with a handshake! Welcome to the Don Callis Family! The fans boo and say “NO! NO! NO!” Tommy is conflicted. But he takes the handshake?! Callis smiles and asks for an official answer. Tommy looks him in the eyes, and says, “Kiss my ass!” Callis is furious! He SLAPS Tommy! Takeshita says hold on, they can still make this work. But then Tommy grabs Callis!

Takeshita CLUBS Tommy down, stomps him, and even Callis gets his shots in. He calls for back-up, and here comes Kyle Fletcher! The Aussie Arrow steps in to get his shots in! They stand Tommy up so Callis can swing on Tommy! WAIT! FTR is here!? Calgary fires up as Cash & Dax storm out here! The Top Guys throw hands with Fletcher & Takeshita! The fans fire up for FTR as Dax CHOPS Takeshita down! Cash CLUBS away on Kyle, Kyle flops out of the ring, and Callis has his family regroup and retreat! Dax offers a hand, and Tommy takes it. The fans cheer as FTR and Tommy stand tall together. Will they make the Callis Family learn a thing about respect?


Six Man Tag: The Bang Bang Gang VS London Lightning, Shaun Moore & Michael Allen Richard Clark!

Juice Robinson & The Gunns are here, and these #CollisionCowboys are looking to keep up their momentum as AEW heads for Wembley. Will the Unified World Trios Champions be more than ready to go All In?

The trios sort out and the fans rally for “JUICE! JUICE! JUICE!” as he starts against Moore. Juice gives Moore a free shot, so Moore headlocks him. Juice powers up and out, tags Colten, and then Colten tags Austin. Bang Bang Gang hit a body shot, KNEE LIFT, and LARIAT! Juice adds a SENTON, then Colten SPINNING SPLASHES! Austin runs to “GUNS UP!” AX HANDLE! The ref reprimands, but Austin brings Moore around. Austin makes Moore do gun fingers, then he back suplexes. Moor lands out, hot tag to MARC! But Austin dodges, dodges, then trips MARC! Austin says bang bang, tag to Colten.

The Gunns get MARC up, and Colten DROPKICKS him down! Guns Up fist bump! London runs in but Juice JABS, JABS, and JABS! LEFT HAND O’ GOD! London falls out, Juice says beat MARC’s ass! Feed to the 3:10 TO YUMA! Cover, Bang Bang Gang wins!

Winners: The Bang Bang Gang, by pinfall

Bullet Club Gold made quick work of this match, and then Austin gets a mic. He hands that to Colten and Colten says, “Guns up for my Calgary Gold Members~! Alright, the good news is, you got to see the Bang Bang Gang, the best trios champions in the world! The bad news, last week, that turtleneck douchebag, Christian, hurt Jay White. But it’s okay, because as a quarter of the Trios Champions,” Juice can now officially BE a champion! Juice says well, he hates to say they were right but they were right. Tony Khan should’ve anointed Juice when he was told to. Now he has no choice! So with Jay White on the bench, you are lookin’ at THE A E W Unified Trios Champions!

But then someone says hold on, hold on. Christopher Daniels is here, and he doesn’t wanna make the bad news worse, but the thing is… When a team member gets hurt, they cannot allow a substitute. The fans are upset but Daniels says he must STRIP the Bang Bang Gang of those titles! Bullet Club Gold is mad, they thought Daniels was cool! But wait, here comes The Patriarchy… Christian Cage leads Mother Shayna, his “Prodigy Son” Nick Wayne, and Killswitch-Luchasaurus out. Christian tells Calgary to sit down and shut their mouths while he conducts business. Now, Daniels, that is the right call by stripping the Bang Bang Gang.

Now make another right call and anoint The Patriarchy the NEW champions right here and right now! The fans boo that even more! Daniels tells Christian to hold on. Tony Khan is not gonna like that idea any better. But here’s an idea Daniels has that TK is sure to love. Let’s have a Trios Championship match of The Bang Bang Gang VS The Patriarchy, the winners become THE Unified Trios Champions! Austin says let’s make it even easier! Let’s just do it here and now in Calgary! And if Christian ain’t down with that, they’ve got two words for him! GUNS UP!

Christian asks if Bang Bang Gang really wants to do this here and now. YES! Well, then that depends on if the fans want it. The fans cheer “YES! YES! YES!” Well of course they do, they are so desperate to see a championship since The Flames will never get one. That said, the Patriarchy ARE the next champions, BUT they aren’t tarnishing their victory by having it in Calgary. See you down the road, Bang Bang Gang. Captain Charisma is crafty, when and where will he and his “sons” step up to the challenge?


The House of Black speaks.

Malakai says, “Writing history is a delicate thing, Arlington, Texas. Because next week, you will be witness when The House of Black starts building what will be the foundation of Wembley.” Brody King barks, but what could they mean by that?


AEW shares Jeff Jarrett’s reunion with Martha & Oje Hart.

Never in Double J’s wildest dreams could he have imagined being in Calgary for his friend. After Wednesday Night Dynamite, the world now knows how special Owen Hart was as not just a wrestler but as a man. Martha is so happy that AEW has been able to honor Owen. Owen would be so happy to see this tribute. Oje says it was here in the Stampede Park that he and Jarrett met over 25 years ago. He’s never felt closer to his dad than doing these events.

Jarrett may not have won this year’s Owen Hart Cup, but can he make sure next year’s is even bigger and better?


ROH World Championship #1 Contender’s Match: Roderick Strong w/ The Kingdom VS Dalton Castle w/ The Outrunners!

Death Before Dishonor is less than two weeks away, and Mark Briscoe needs himself a challenger! Two former ROH World Champions, who are no strangers to each other, do battle once again to become such a challenger. Will it be the Savior of the Backbreaker or The Peacock that faces The Sussex County Chicken in Arlington?

The bell rings, the two circle, and The Kingdom is already barking at Truth Magnum & Turbo Floyd. Roddy and Castle tie up, Castle waistlocks but Roddy wrenches. Roddy slaps Castle around and taunts him. Castle rolls away to ropes and cools of. The fans rally up, the two circle again, and Castle picks a leg to trip Roddy and gator roll him. Castle waistlocks but Roddy goes under the ropes. The ref counts and Calgary is behind Castle as he lets Roddy go. Roddy bails out and regroups with The Kingdom. Taven blocks out the Castle chants, then Roddy rushes in. Castle gets around to waistlock and wrangle Roddy!

Roddy fights up, Castle shifts, but Roddy fights off the chinlock. Castle pushes him to a cover, ONE, but Castle holds onto a leg to keep Roddy down. Roddy BOOTS Castle with the other leg! Castle bails out and he regroups with his new boys, The Outrunners. They pump up for him, and the flexing inspires him! Castle feels that energy, he starts doing laps around the ring, though staying away from The Kingdom. Castle gets in to fire off forearms and CHOPS on Roddy! Castle lifts Roddy but Roddy scrambles onto the ropes. Roddy ROCKS Castle, bumps him off buckles again and again, then goes up the corner.

Castle trips Roddy up! Castle goes to the apron, runs in from the adjacent corner, and he KNEES Roddy to the floor! The fans fire up and Castle flexes! Roddy regroups with The Kingdom again but Castle storms his way over. The Kingdom stands in his way, and Roddy sucker punches Castle! Roddy pushes Castle to the ring but Castle tiger feint RANAS! The fans fire up and Castle puts Roddy in the ring. Castle argues with Taven, old rivalry there too. The Outrunners get in The Kingdom’s faces, and they flex on ’em! But then Roddy WRECKS Castle with a dropkick! Roddy hauls Castle up to BARRIER BACK SUPLEX!

The Kingdom gloats while the fans boo, and Roddy shouts “Who’s the man now?!” while Collision goes picture in picture.

Roddy SLAPS Castle with the foam guard, then puts him in the ring. The ref has The Kingdom and Outrunners stand down. Roddy stomps Castle, drags him up, and puts him in a corner. Roddy CHOPS Castle, CHOPS again, but Castle ROCKS Roddy with a forearm! Castle CHOPS, but Roddy kicks low and fires off hands! Roddy clamps onto Castle with a chinlock and grinds him down. Castle endures, fights up as the fans rally, and he fires body shots. Castle is free, but Roddy DROPKICKS him down! Cover, TWO! Roddy clamps onto Castle with another chinlock, but Castle endures. Roddy shifts it into a CAMEL CLUTCH!

Castle endures being bent back, pries at the grip, but then Roddy fishhooks his face! The ref reprimands, The Outrunners rally as hard as they can as Castle continues to fight, but Collision goes to break.

Collision returns and Roddy pushes Castle to a cover, TWO! Castle is still in this but Roddy tells him to stay down. Roddy tells fans to shut up, and he kicks Castle around. Castle goes to ropes, Roddy drags him up, and then CHOPS! Castle staggers, Roddy scuffs him, and then Roddy storms up. Castle blocks a kick to reel Roddy in for a BIG back suplex! The fans fire up as Castle roars! Castle rises, Roddy runs up, but Castle blocks a punch to DECK him! And DECK him again! And again! Roddy goes to a corner, Castle runs in to JUMP KNEE! And LARIAT! And JULIE NEWMAR BULLDOG! Cover, TWO!

Castle is annoyed but he CLUBS away on Roddy with elbows, then KNEES Roddy in the side. Castle waistlocks, but Roddy pries the hold open. Roddy ELBOWS Castle, swings, but into an EXPLODER SUPLEX! The fans fire up and Roddy rises. But Castle just hits him with another EXPLODER! And then Castle waistlocks, but Roddy grabs the corner! The ref counts, Castle lets go at 4, but then he JUMP KNEES again! The fans fire up and The Outrunners say one more! Castle goes corner to corner but Roddy dodges! Castle tumbles up and out and Taven talks trash on him. The ref tells Taven to back up.

The ring count starts, The Outrunners storm up on The Kingdom. Roddy goes to the apron to join Castle, and he waistlocks. Castle fires elbows but Roddy fires body shots. Castle clings to ropes but Roddy CLUBS him. Roddy hits an APRON BACK SUPLEX! Roddy shoves Castle in, covers, TWO! Castle shows that toughness that made him a champion, but Roddy is aiming for his head. Roddy runs up, Castle dodges, and Alabama Lift! BANGAAAA- NO, Roddy victory rolls! Castle sits on the cover, TWO!! Roddy escapes, stands up, and he runs in, but back into the Alabama Lift! BANGAAA- NO, Roddy slips free and STRONG KNEES! Cover, RODDY WINS!!

Winner: Roderick Strong, by pinfall (NEW #1 Contender tot he ROH World Championship)

That was almost a knockout victory there! That’s how strong Roddy is, but will he prove he’s the strongest when he takes on Mark Briscoe? Speaking of…

Mark Briscoe speaks.

“Now the fine gentlemen in the AEW front office blessed me with a week off. Thank you very much, folks. But ain’t no weeks off around here, baby! Ain’t no days off around here! This is Sandy Bah God Fork, Delaware. We dem boys, baby! Ain’t no days off! I’ve been in this ring for hours now, bustin’ my ass, gettin’ my lungs right. Cuz in just a matter of a couple weeks, I got Blood & Guts comin’ up, Team AEW VS The Elite. Blood & Guts! The Elite! I think y’all’re a little over dressed for Blood & Guts. You might get some blood or your guts on your suits. I’m a chicken farmer, baby! Blood & Guts is what I do! That’s my currency, baby! Blood, guts, ‘n’ chicken *hit!”

Mark says The Elite can’t get dirty, they can’t get down with him! And not only that, but just earlier on this very evening, he just found out, two nights later, after Nashville, Tennessee, Blood & Guts, it’ll be Mark Briscoe VS Roderick Strong in Dallas, Texas, for the ROH World title. Roddy, you a former world champion yourself, and they’ve done this dance many times. But hey, Mark is a bit wiser. He only had two kids back then. Look at the salt in his pepper. See that wisdom? But he also knows “OC,” Orange Cassidy, and Kyle O’Reilly are gonna do their thing taking out Bennett & Taven. “Roddy, in Texas, yo ass is MINE!”


Program loading.

“Holo.grm” is coming to AEW, but just who is he? We find out, next week!


Stokely Hathaway & Kris Statlander talk backstage.

Big Stoke appreciates what Stat did last Wednesday night. Kris says that was divine. Stoke played the gifs over and over again. Lexy Nair walks over to ask them about that moment they got involved with Willow Nightingale’s match. What were their intentions? Their intentions? C’mon, Lexy, you know Stokely’s a hater and Kris is petty, so there was no way they were gonna let Willow get away with what she did to them. Stokely tells Willow that he hoped Kris had knocked some sense into her, but it seems he’s talking to someone whose favorite color is the number three.

Stoke will out and say it! Willow is the biggest con artist in AEW history! Every week, Willow walks out here to preach positivity and that smiling will make everything work out. Well, Willow, how has everything worked out for you? Stoke doesn’t think it’s gone well at all. Truth be told, everything Willow has gotten this year has been because of Stoke & Kris. There is an old saying: “I’ve brought you into this world and I can take you out.” Kris says this will never end for Willow. Kris & Stoke storm off, but what more can they possibly do to the Babe with the Power now?


Nyla Rose VS Ava Lawless!

The Native Beast is back in AEW, looking to return to the top of the food chain. Will Ava just be an appetizer? Or will “The Hellion” make Nyla lose her appetite?

The bell rings and the fans rally for Ava. The two tie up, Nyla waistlocks but Ava fires elbows. Ava is free, she fires more shots, then winds up to ROCK Nyla! Ava runs, ducks Nyla’s lariat and wrenches, but Nyla stuffs the STO! Nyla choke grips and CHOKE SLAMS Ava! The fans fire up as Nyla storms around. Ava stands up, Nyla SPLASHES her in the corner! Then Nyla whips Ava back in, reels her in, and suplexes Ava high and hard! Nyla rolls through to deadlift and GOURD BUSTER! Ava sits up, into a SUPERKICK! Nyla fires up, reels Ava back in, for the BEAST BOMB! Cover, Nyla wins!

Winner: Nyla Rose, by pinfall

Ring rust is not a thing with Nyla Rose, and she barely broke a sweat here. Will The Native Beast make ever women’s champion in AEW and ROH her prey?


Top Flight w/ Action Andretti VS Anthony Ogogo & Lee Moriarty w/ Shane Taylor!

ROH just saw Darius & Dante Martin team up with Action Andretti to take on Shane Taylor Promotions in full, and that match was won by Shane Taylor Promotions. But now it will be 2v2, will it still be “Rumble, Bad Man, Rumble?” Or can Top Flight take flight to climb up the tag team rankings?

The teams sort out and Angel Dorado starts against #TAIGASTYLE. They circle, tie up, and Lee wrenches to a wristlock. Lee HEADBUTTS the hand, but Dante flips and wrenches back. Lee spins to then slip through and step over, to arm-drag! Dante shakes that off while Lee mockingly applauds. Lee poses, then he and Dante circle. They feel things out, knuckle lock, and then Dante wrenches to snapmare and step over to sunset flip, TWO! Dante ghost pins, TWO! Dante rolls Lee into another ghost pin, TWO! Lee is frustrated but Dante arm-drags him down for an armlock. Lee fights up and pulls hair!

The ref reprimands, Lee arm-drags but Dante holds on to arm-drag again! Lee fights up, Dante wrenches him to YANK the arm. Tag to Darius and they whip Lee to then DROPKICK him down! Cover, TWO! Darius KNEES Lee in the back, clamps on, but Lee RAMS him into the corner. Tag to Ogogo and he ROCKS Darius! Oogog snapmares Darius to run and UPPERCUT him down! Cover, TWO! Ogogo is annoyed but he drags Darius up. Ogogo kicks Darius to a corner, stomps him, then UPPERCUTS. Ogogo whips Darius back in, runs up, but Darius goes up and over! Ogogo blocks the arm-drag but Darius turns it to a backslide! TWO!

Ogogo BODY SHOTS Darius, fireman’s carries, but Darius slips free. Darius shoves Ogogo to the corner and RAMS! Tag to Dante, CHOP and LARIAT! Tag back to Darius and he goes to suplex, but Ogogo blocks! Dante saves Darius from Ogogo’s suplex, and Darius snap suplexes after all! Dante then SLINGSHOT SENTONS! Dante scuffs Ogogo, tags Darius, and Darius drops a leg. Cover, ONE! Darius keeps on Ogogo, bumps him off buckles, and the ref has Darius back up. Darius run sin but Ogogo puts him on the apron. Darius ROCKS Ogogo, fights off Lee, but Ogogo reels Darius in through the ropes!

The ref counts, Ogogo lets Darius go, and Lee KICKS Darius down! The fans boo but Ogogo drags Darius up. Ogogo wrenches, CLUBS Darius, and Shane likes what he sees as Ogogo wrenches again. Ogogo puts Darius in a corner while Collision goes picture in picture.

Ogogo HEADBUTTS Darius, HEADBUTTS again, then brings Darius out to scoop and SLAM! Cover, TWO! Ogogo is annoyed but he drags Darius up. Ogogo bumps him off buckles, tags in Lee, and now Lee fires hands on Darius. The ref counts, Lee stomps a mudhole, but he lets off at 4. Lee fires up, then stands Darius up to wrench. Lee snapmares Darius, traps the arm, and SNAP LOCKS it! Lee stands Darius up, bumps him off buckles, and tags Ogogo. STP mugs Darius, then Ogogo RAMS him. Ogogo runs side to side to BOOT Darius, then comes back to run him over! Cocky cover, TWO! Ogogo drags Darius up to whip him back to the corner.

Ogogo runs in but Darius BOOTS Ogogo! Darius DECKS Lee, runs up, but Ogogo catches him! Ogogo throws Darius back, Darius rebounds and slides under! Ogogo grabs a leg, but Darius hops up! Darius ENZIGIRI, but Ogogo ducks it! Ogogo drops an elbow, then bumps Darius off buckles. Tag to Lee and he hits a SNAP HALF HATCH! Cover, TWO! Lee stays on Darius with an armlock, and he bends the fingers! Darius endures while Collision goes to break.

Collision returns and Lee is still torturing Darius’ arm. Darius endures, the fans rally for Top Flight, and Darius fights up. But Lee pulls hair to wrangle Darius back down! The fans still rally, Darius still fights up, and Darius fires body shots! Lee wrenches but Darius fires hands! Lee wrenches again, but Darius fires more hands! Darius reaches for Dante but Lee WRINGS the arm out! Lee soaks up the heat, then lines up a shot. Lee runs in, into a SNAP GERMAN! Both men are down and the fans fire up! Lee and Darius crawl, hot tags to Ogogo and Dante! Dante fires off on Ogogo with forearm after forearm!

Lee gets back in but Dante JUMP KNEES him away! Dante lines up a shot, Ogogo ducks the Buzzsaw! Ogogo shoves Dante, runs in, but Dante avoids him int he corner! Dante goes up, around and GAMANGIRIS! Springboard CROSSBODY! Cover, TWO! Ogogo survives but Dante keeps his focus. The fans rally, Dante drags Ogogo up but Ogogo fireman’s carries! Dante slips free, shoves, but Ogogo blocks the sobat! So Dante rolls that to a cradle! TWO, and Dante JUMP KNEES Ogogo! Tag to Darius, Dante whips but Ogogo reverses. Darius helps Dante go up and over, but Ogogo RAMS Darius to the corner!

Dante runs in, Ogogo dodges to pop-up HAYMAKER! Dante falls out of the ring, Ogogo tags Lee. Darius ENZIGIRIS Ogogo down, but Lee spins Darius around! Darius fireman’s carries, Lee slips free. Lee waistlocks but Darius fights the O’Conner. So Lee pop-up LARIATS Darius down! Cover, TWO! Lee snarls, he ROCKS Darius with haymaker after haymaker! Darius body shots but Lee fires up! Lee fires more shots, but Darius fires in return! Darius ROCKS Lee, winds up, but Lee blocks a kick to ROCK Darius! Darius CHOPS, Lee BOOTS, and Lee half nelsons. Darius slips free, BULLDOG HOTSHOT and GAMANGIRI!

Darius fires up, steps in, but the ref is checking Lee. Lee sits up, Shane YANKS Darius down! Darius flounders, but Action goes up! SUPER CROSSBODY onto Big Bad Shaney T! Lee O’Conner Rolls Darius with bridge! TWO!! Lee fires up, Darius ducks the leg lariat! Fireman’s carry, F5 DDT!! Cover, TOP FLIGHT WINS!

Winners: Top Flight, by pinfall

STP won 3v3 but Top Flight won 2v2, only for Shane to CLOBBER Darius and Action! The fans boo as Shane Taylor Promotions are sore losers! Shane gets Dante as he gets in the ring! Shane has Ogogo stand Action up, and Shane DECKS Action with that killer right hand! Shane says this is what you get every single time! They are the baddest men you’ve ever seen! But will this dangerous trio soon become the baddest champions you’ve ever seen?


Backstage interview with Deonna Purrazzo.

Lexy Nair is with The Virtuosa and brings up her attack on Thunder Rosa and Rachael Ellering last night on Rampage. Deonna promised that wherever Rosa went, she would follow. Well, that’s not all that she promised. She also promised to burn AEW down to recreate it in her own image, and bring about The Age of The Virtuosa. If that means rearranging Rosa’s anatomy, that is par for the course. Speaking of, donde es La Mera Mera? Rosa steps right in! Rosa says she spoke to her therapist, because it has really bothered her. She is just sick and tired of all this! The running away, the hide ‘n’ seek, everything!

But the one thing that was clear to Rosa, is that she has to wait until the bell rings so that she can beat Deonna straight. Oh, is that what Rosa thinks will happen? She wants a bell to ring so Deonna can beat her in another  standard match? Or maybe in another No Disqualifications match? No, no, no. Why not just save us all the trouble and lie down for Deonna to pin you now. Rosa says Deonna is just so funny. But hey, it’s okay. Deonna has made a lot of enemies here, more than she can believe. Next week on Collision, in Rosa’s home state of Texas, Rosa’s new friends, and some of Deonna’s “acquaintances,” will all watch Rosa break Deonna’s face.

Because next week, it will be a LUMBERJACK MATCH! Deonna says all Rosa does is yap yap yap. Rosa tells Deonna off in Espanol, but will they both be speaking the universal language of an ass kicking next week in Texas?


Backstage interview with Nyla Rose.

The Native Beast is in a very good mood as she joins Lexy, and Lexy congratulates her on the win tonight. But Nyla has something to say so the floor is hers. Nyla wants to say she’s doing great! She goes to leave, but then steps back and and says there is one little thing more. You all like wrestling? Then let’s talk about it. A few days, Nyla noticed a little tweet on her Twitter feed, put out by The CEO. Nyla loves the dance, but hey, guess what? Mercedes Mone issued an Open Challenge for Dynamite 250! Little Rock, Arkansas, to anyone except Dr. Britt Baker, DMD. Well, last time Nyla checked, she ain’t a dentist, but she does knock teeth out.

Listen: Nyla has what it takes! She was on the first ever Dynamite, she is a former AEW Women’s World Champion,, she won the first ever Women’s Casino Battle Royal, and is the first woman on the AEW roster to make it to 100 wins total. So next week, Dynamite 250, Nyla may not have ever driven a Mercedes, but she’s damn sure gonna wreck one! SKRRRR~! The Native Beast wants to finally have some gold back around her waist, will she waste Mone to get it?


Skye Blue VS Harley Cameron w/ Saraya!

A new look for the Chicago Skye, but her attitude is just as bitter as ever. Meanwhile, The Outcasts’ Aussie of anarchy is as bonkers as ever! With all this talk of championships, who puts themselves in the conversation with a big win here in Calgary?

The bell rings and the two circle. They tie up, Harley and Skye both pull hair, and then they let off. They both dodge the other, Saraya distracts Skye, and Harley rolls Skye up! TWO, Skye kicks Harley low! Skye whips, Harley reverses then runs in to SPLASH! Harley digs her boot into Skye, shrieks as she does, but lets off as the ref counts. Skye snarls and she puts Harley in the corner to return the favor! The ref counts, Skye lets off at 4, then Skye whips corner to corner. Skye runs in, but Harley slips free! Harley ROUNDHOUSES Skye away, goes up and slingshots in to LARIAT! Harley then ELBOWS away on Skye!

Harley rallies the fans, and ELBOWS again! Naughty cover, TWO! Skey flounders but Harley stalks her. Harley pushes Skye, climbs up, and she rains down fists! But Skye slips free, tucks Harley in, and CHEEKY NANDOS! That had some sauce on it! Saraya says Harley is making a mess! Skye BOOTS Harley out of the ring! Saraya gets in Skye’s face again but Harley reels Skye in, RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP! Harley dribbles Skye off the floor, the ref reprimands, and Harley lets off. Harley steps away and Saraya talks trash while Collision goes picture in picture.

Saraya talks trash even though we can’t hear her. Harley CLUBS Skye, pushes her against the apron, and CHOPS! Skye sputters, but she SLAPS Harley back! Harley SMACKS Skye off the apron, pushes her into the ring, then storms in after her. Harley drags Skye up to whip and ELBOW her down! Cover, TWO! Harley stalks Skye to ropes to CHOKE her! The ref counts, Harley lets off, but Harley also argues with the ref so Saraya can fire off knees on Skye! Saraya gets away with all that, then Harley scuffs Skey. Harley stomps Skye, drags her up, but Skye fires body shots! Harley ROCKS Skye, ROCKS Her again, but Skye ROCKS her back!

Skye fires off shots, whips, but Harley reverses. Harley runs Skye over, covers, TWO! Saraya coaches Harley and she looms over Skye. Harley drags Skye up, but Skey fires more body shots. Skye ROCKS Harley again, but Harley ducks ‘n’ dodge! DOUBLE LARIATS take both ladies down, and Collision goes to break.

Collision returns and Skye runs in at the ropes to SHINING WIZARD! She snapmares Harley hard, then runs up. Skye blocks a kick, KNEES Harley, and hits a TWIST ‘N’ SHOUT! Cover, TWO! Saraya is relieved but Skye is frustrated as she stalks Harley. Skye fireman’s carries but Harley fights with elbows. Harley ROCKS Skye, whips her to a corner, but Skye reverses. Skye runs in, but Harley goes up and over to sunset flip! TWO!! Skye escapes, stands up, but Harley wrenches for some SOLE FOOD! Cover, TWO!! Skye survives and Harley is shocked! Saraya says she’s still proud of Harley, though.

Harley drags Skye up but Skye drags her into a cradle! TWO and Harley mule kicks. Harley runs to SHINING WIZARD! Cover, TWO!! Skye survives again and Harley is furious! Saraya asks how Aubrey is a ref when she can’t count right! Harley stalks Skye to ropes, brings her up to CLUB her, then BACK- NO! Skye holds ropes to stop the backstabber, and now jackknife bridge! TWO, and Harley spins Skye to ROCK her again! Skye SUPERKICKS back! Skye fireman’s carries for the T K O! Roll back, into a DRAGON SLEEPER HEAD ‘N’ ARM TRIANGLE! Harley TAPS, Skye wins!

Winner: Skye Blue, by submission

Saraya can’t believe what just happened! But Skye is rising, will she finally be golden for the Summer?


Skye Blue speaks.

“You see that? You see that? These b*tches need to start putting some respect on my name! Because I am one of the best here. So maybe just to get it through their heads, I have to beat one of the best on the entire roster. So… Hikaru Shida… the so-called Greatest AEW Women’s World Champ of all time… Next week, I want you one-on-one.” Skye calls out the Shining Samurai, will Shida make Skye put some respect on her name?


Orange Cassidy & Kyle O’Reilly VS The Kingdom!

The Conglomeration has been itching for a fight with Roderick Strong, Matt Taven & Mike Bennett, and we’ll be seeing part of that when Mark Briscoe takes on Roddy at Death Before Dishonor. The other two-thirds are in action now, will this be a Violently Squeezed victory for Cassidy & Kyle? Or will Taven & Bennett show us why they’re ROH World Tag Team Champions?

The teams sort out and Kyle starts against Taven. Taven tells Kyle that they’re still friends, he doesn’t wanna do this. Taven tags Bennett, and Bennett circles with Kyle. But then Bennett also gets second thoughts, and he bails out. The Kingdom doesn’t wanna fight their “friend” but the fans chant “WUSSIES! WUSSIES!” So Cassidy tags in to DIVE onto them both! The fans fire up and Cassidy puts Bennett in. Cassidy goes up top, Bennett gets under the jump. Bennett headlocks, Cassidy powers up and out, but Bennett runs him over. Cassidy UP KICKS, Bennett comes back to headlock. Cassidy powers out, ducks down then hurdles.

Cassidy arm-drags Bennett but Bennett arm-drags back! Cassidy arm-drags again, then avoids Bennett’s arm-drag! The fans cheer but Taven gets in. Taven waistlocks, Cassidy switches and shoves Taven into Bennett. Cassidy then back drops Taven, and has hands up! Bennett runs up but Cassidy blocks the kick. Cassidy spins Bennett, headlocks, but Bennett powers up and out. Cassidy tags Kyle, dodges Bennett, then puts hands in pockets before bailing. Bennett runs around and Kyle KICKS! And KICKS! And whips, to then kitchen sink knee! Bennett sputters, Taven runs in, but Kyle blocks the kick!

Taven apologizes and says he still doesn’t wanna fight. But then he pokes Kyle in the eyes! Taven says that is why he doesn’t wanna do this. But Cassidy runs in to tilt-o-whirl. Taven stops that, suplexes, but gets STUN DOG MILLIONAIRE! Cassidy holds Taven in place so Kyle can AX and SMASH! Bennett stands, blocks a kick, but Kyle rolls to pick the ANKLE LOCK! Bennett endures, reaches out, and he rolls! Taven GAMANGIRIS Kyle, but Cassidy DECKS Taven! Cassidy dodges Bennett, SHOVES him out, then Cassidy DIVES! Direct hit and Bennett hits railing! Cassidy sends Bennet to the apron but Bennett rebounds, BOSTON BAYONET!

Bennett talks smack on Cassidy, goes to the ring, but Kyle catches him for a SLEEPER! Bennett JAWBREAKERS free, then waistlocks. Kyle switches, hops on, SLEEPER BACKPACK! Bennett endures, calls Taven, and they PROTON PACK Kyle down! Cover, Cassidy breaks it! The fans cheer, Taven storms up, and Roddy cheers his team from commentary. Cassidy TOSSES Taven first, though! Then he dodges Bennett to SHOTGUN! But JUST THE TIP hits Cassidy! Kyle storms up, Taven ROCKS him! Taven again apologizes but what’s done is done. Taven runs, into a KNEE! Kyle snapmares Taven, Bennett ROCKS him!

Kyle yoyos in ropes to DOUBLE LARIAT The Kingdom! The fans fire up as all three men are down! Roddy is conflicted as Collision goes picture in picture.

Cassidy crawls on the outside, Taven bails out, leaving Kyle and Bennett in the ring. Kyle and Bennett crawl, hot tags to Taven and Cassidy! Cassidy and Taven fire off fast hands! Taven knees low, whips Cassidy, but Cassidy tumbles up and out to then bump Taven off buckles. Cassidy dribbles Taven off the buckles again and again, pauses, then again! Cassidy goes up the corner but Taven distracts the ref so that Bennett can trip Cassidy up! Roddy smiles as Cassidy falls to the mat. Bennett tag sin, he drags Cassidy up, and Bennett CHOPS! Cassidy sputters, Bennett ROCKS him! And CHOPS him! Cassidy falls, Bennett soaks up the heat.

Bennett stays between Cassidy and Kyle, mocks the hands in pockets, then stomps Cassidy. Roddy is having fun now as Bennett whips Cassidy to ropes. Bennett ELBOWS Cassidy down, covers, TWO! Bennett clamps on with a chinlock and he grinds Cassidy down. Cassidy fights up, pries at the hold, then fires body shots. Bennett ROCKS Cassidy, tags Taven, and The Kingdom mugs Cassidy as Collision returns to single picture. But then Cassidy starts fighting back! The fans fire up as but Taven knees low. The Kingdom mugs Cassidy more, then whips him to ropes. POP-UP BAYONET! Cover, TWO!!

The fans fire up but Taven drags Cassidy over. Tag to Bennett, they stomp Cassidy, then Bennett CHOPS Cassidy. Cover, TWO! Tag to Taven, The Kingdom mugs Cassidy more, then Taven bumps Cassidy off buckles. Taven digs his boot in, tags to Bennett, then he sends Taven in. Cassidy BOOTS Taven, hurdles over Bennett, but Taven throws Cassidy back. Casisdy dodges Taven’s splash, hurries over, but Bennett anchors a leg! Cassidy fights, BOOTS Bennett away, but now Taven anchors Cassidy! Cassidy BOOTS Taven now! Taven holds on! Cassidy fights up and up and reaches out, hot tag to Kyle!

The fans fire up as Taven has no choice but to face Kyle. Bennett storms in but Kyle DECKS him! BOOT for Taven! ROUNDHOUSE for Bennett! Kyle fires off a strike fest on Taven, then a LEG SWEEP! Kyle whips Bennett, Bennett reverses but Kyle goes up and over. Taven swings, misses, and The Kingdom almost run into each other! Kyle storms up, blocks Taven’s kick, and he hands it to Bennett. Kyle then gets a leg, to DRAGON SCREW CHAIN The Kingdom! The fans fire up with Kyle, and he runs in to SMASH Bennett! Kyle wrenches to an ELBOW BREAKER! Bennett ROCKS Kyle, reel shim in, but Kyle back drops and drops down, ARMBAR!

Bennett endures, Taven stomps, but Kyle grabs that leg! Grapevine and KNEEBAR!! Taven flails, Bennett stomps Kyle. Bennett drags Kyle up, reels him in, but Kyle slips free of the bomb to GUILLOTINE FACELOCK! Bennett endures, Taven hits the KICK OF THE KING! Roddy applauds, mockingly asks where Ishii is, and then The Kingdom hits the ROCKSTAR SUPERNOVA! Cover, but Cassidy breaks it! The #NeckCheck does not pass, so Taven TOSSES Cassidy! The Kingdom then goes back for Kyle. Bennett reels Kyle in while Taven goes up, but Kyle trips Bennett! Kyle CATAPULTS Bennett into Taven!

Kyle crawls, hot tag to Cassidy! Cassidy runs in to tilt-o-whirl DDT Bennett! Kip up and the fans fire up! Cassidy takes off the elbow pad, takes aim, and ORANGE- BAYONET from Bennett! But Cassidy fights the piledriver to Alabama Lift! Taven makes the save! Kyle BOOTS Taven! And he GUILLOTINE FACELOCKS Bennett! The ref counts, Kyle lets go, to then FLYING KNEE Taven! BEACH BREAK for Bennett! Cover, TWO!! Bennett survives and Roddy can’t take it! Roddy hurries to ringside but Cassidy tags Kyle. Cassidy and Kyle watch Bennett get up, but Roddy shouts at “KYYYLE~!”

Roddy tells Kyle he can’t do this to their friends! Kyle says Roddy needs to just back off. The ref tells Roddy to stop, but here’s Ishii!! Ishii YANKS Roddy down, he fires off hands! The fans fire up for the Stone Pitbull, but wait! TRENT BERETTA sneaks in from the crowd side! Trent YANKS Cassidy out, and THROWS him into railing! Trent still hates Cassidy that much! Bennett rolls Kyle up in all the chaos, TWO!! Kyle ROCKS Bennett, Bennett ROLLING ELBOWS back! Bennett reels Kyle in, but Kyle snap suplexes! ARMBAR!! Taven goes up top to FROG SPLASH Kyle! Taven goes back up, tags in, and Bennett has Kyle up! HAIL MARY PILEDRIVER!! Cover, The Kingdom wins!

Winners: The Kingdom, by pinfall

Trent shouts that HE was supposed to win, and he CHOKES Cassidy! Trent vows that they are far from over! As for The Kingdom, they still insist they are Kyle’s friends, despite what they just did to him. And Trent won’t let Cassidy have friends, he PUNTS Kyle in the side! The Kingdom shove Trent back, they apparently are still his friend. Cassidy gets up, and he has a wrench?!? Cassidy CLUBS Trent on the back!! The fans lose their minds over Cassidy showing his dark side! Kyle stops Cassidy from going after The Kingdom, as they’re apparently still his friends, too. Cassidy hears Kyle out, and he puts the wrench down.

But that’s okay, Ishii DOUBLE LARIATS The Kingdom! Ishii stands with his friend in Orange Cassidy, and the fans cheer as The Conglomeration still stands tall. But just how much deeper will the grudge between Cassidy and Trent go after this? Will they have to go All In to finally put it to a rest?

My Thoughts:

A very good episode of Collision, but you could tell this was prerecorded in Calgary, not live. But that’s fine, we got some good post show content from Dynamite here, such as Jarrett meeting with Martha & Oje, and some hype packages for the coming title matches, like Ospreay VS MJF and Swerve VS Danielson. We got a good promo from  Deonna and Rosa to add to what we got on Rampage, but I can’t be sure it was that crucial to have. They could’ve had this for Dynamite 250 to set up the Lumberjack match for Collision and it would’ve been the same. And we got more of “Holo.grm,” aka Hologram, but I cannot tell who this really is behind the mask.

The House of Black but they were still rather vague about what’s gonna happen next. Maybe they wait to see what happens with the Unified Trios Championships. Good squash win for Bang Bang Gang, and really good promo from them, The Fallen Angel and Christian Cage to set up a Trios Championship match. The semantics of it are silly, though. “No Freebird Rule here in AEW! The Bang Bang Gang is stripped! But they’re also right in the title match with The Patriarchy!” A = B = C, Juice IS a Trios Champion and he is helping defend the titles after all. But that said, maybe Patriarchy finds a way to win, House of Black surprisingly gets Buddy Matthews back in time, Patriarchy VS House of Black for the titles at All In.

Great opener from Takeshita VS Billington, and I do like Callis trying to recruit the new Dynamite Kid to his group. FTR coming to the rescue is great, I could see FTR & Billington VS Takeshita, Fletcher & Rush to be Rush’s first match as a member of the Don Callis Family. As such, it feels like Rush will pin Billington, and then maybe we get more FTR VS Don Callis Family feuding through the Summer. Stokely & Kris had a good promo to explain their actions, and we should definitely get an All In blowoff between Kris and Willow. And at the same time, Willow becoming CMLL Women’s World Champion totally refutes their statement that all she has was cuz of them, cuz now she did this on her own!

Nyla Rose of course won her match tonight, but very good promo for her to accept Mone’s Open Challenge. Now, pretty sure Mone finds a way to win, it’ll add to how she’s a tough champion and all. But also, Mone VS Britt will still happen at All In, even if Mone doesn’t want it. I feel like Britt needs to get back in the ring to “earn” the shot, though, because that’s how AEW is supposed to work. Very good tag match from Top Flight VS Ogogo & Moriarty, but it feels rather redundant after we just got Top Flight VS Shane Taylor Promotions just last night on ROH. Maybe we get Shane VS Action 1v1 to complete the set.

Good match from Skye VS Harley, and good win for Skye. Skye calling out Shida was a bold move, not sure if that backfires on her. And very good stuff in the story of The Conglomeration and The Undisputed Kingdom. Roddy VS Castle not being the main event surprised me, but I suppose Roddy was of course going to win. And Briscoe having a promo so at the ready was another indicator this was all prerecorded. Briscoe VS Roddy is going to be awesome stuff for Death Before Dishonor, though. Then Cassidy & Kyle VS Taven & Bennett in the main event was really good, and I was pleasantly surprised by the overbooking.

Roddy keeps talking trash on Ishii so of course Ishii showed up, but then Trent was the biggest surprise. Well, that and Cassidy cracking him with a wrench! I feel like they’re going to have a really hardcore blowoff match at some point, and that monkey wrench is gonna come into play for the finish.

My Score: 8.7/10

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