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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (2/21/23)

Will Bron break the Maharaja?



NXT White 'n' Gold Era

Will the burden of being champion break Bron?

The Modern Day Maharaja says Bron Breakker is going to crumble as NXT Champion, but will he be the one that breaks down before Roadblock?


  • Ilja Dragunov VS Trick Williams; Dragunov wins.
  • Chase U w/ Thea Hail VS The Dyad w/ The Schism; The Dyad wins.
  • Jacy Jayne VS Indi Hartwell; Jacy wins, by disqualification.
  • Gallus VS Malik Blade & Edris Enofe; Gallus wins.
  • Von Wagner w/ Robert Stone VS Tony D’Angelo w/ Channing Lorenzo; Tony wins.
  • Ivy Nile w/ Tatum Paxley VS Alba Fyre w/ Isla Dawn; Fyre wins.
  • NXT Championship: Bron Breakker VS Jinder Mahal w/ Indus Sher; Bron wins and retains the title.


Ilja Dragunov VS Trick Williams!

The Czar returned again to go after the Irish Ace, but Carmelo Hayes’ hype man was collateral damage. Trick hast he mic as he makes his entrance to say, “Reporting to you live, the best entertainer alive has finally arrived. And tonight I came out here to prove to you that I can do more than just talk.” Trick says he can back up everything he says! So Dragunov can come out here in his long robe, call himself the Mad Dragon, and orchestrate an imaginary band. But tonight, “that big headed bum” gets beat into oblivion! Trick tells Dragunov that it’s good pain makes him feel alive. Because tonight, Dragunov will be on cloud nine as Trick orchestrates an ass whooping!

But speak of the Czar and he appears! Trick has a lot to prove, but will he see why Dragunov is #UNBESIEGBAR?

But while Dragunov enters the ring, Trick sucker punches him! Fans chant, and even sing, “Whoop That Trick!” and the bell rings! Trick runs at Dragunov, into a clinch and SLAM! Dragunov headlocks, Trick rolls it to a cover, TWO! Dragunov still grinds Trick, they go to ropes, and the ref counts. Dragunov lets off to KICK Trick! Trick gets up and he RAMS Dragunov into a corner! Trick grinds his forearms in, but the ref counts. Trick lets off at 4, swings, but misses! Dragunov CHOPS, CHOPS again, then headlocks. Dragunov grinds Trick down, but Trick fights up. Fans rally, Trick lifts but Dragunov hits a flying takeover!

Trick fights up, powers Dragunov to ropes and powers out to headlock back. But Dragunov hits a takeover even then! Dragunov grinds Trick, but Trick fights up again. Trick throws body shots, powers out again, but Dragunov RAMS him! Trick comes back, Dragunov sidesteps and hits another BIG takeover! Trick rolls to a cover, TWO! Trick DECKS Dragunov with another sucker punch! Trick drags Dragunov up, scoops, SLAMS, then mocks the conducting. But Dragunov KANGAROO KICKS, then gets up to SPINNING CHOP! Fans fire up, Dragunov runs in at the corner, forearm smash! Snapmare, cover, TWO! PEANLTY KICK!

Trick stands but Dragunov CHOPS, and CHOPS! Dragunov shakes out his hand, then clinches Trick, Trick throws body shots, CLUBS Dragunov, but walks into another CHOP! Trick whips, Dragunov reverses and runs in to KNEE Trick! Snapmare puts Trick in the drop zone and Dragunov climbs, but Trick kicks the leg out! Dragunov still throws elbows and kicks. Dragunov CLUBS Trick on the back! Fans fire up, Dragunov brings Trick up, and CLUBS him again! Dragunov eggs Trick on, kicks him around, and CLUBS him again! Fans fire up with Dragunov, he clinches, whips, and clotheslines Trick in the corner!

Dragunov throws Trick down but Trick kicks him again! Trick ROCKS Dragunov, Dragunov throws hands again. But Trick SHOVES Dragunov down! Dragunov hits apron and then floor, but fans return to singing, “Whoop That Trick~!” But then JD McDonagh saunters out to ringside. Trick goes out after Dragunov, puts him in the ring and covers, TWO! JD lurks ringside while NXT goes picture in picture.

Trick drags Dragunov up, scoops him, but Dragunov slips off to shove and ENZIGURI! Trick staggers, Dragunov staggers, but Trick knocks Dragunov down! Trick stomps away, CHOKES Dragunov on ropes, then grabs legs for a CATAPULT GUILLOTINE! Dragunov sputters, the ref checks him, but Trick drags Dragunov up. Trick whips, Dragunov holds ropes, and he BOOTS back! Trick runs back in to ROCK Dragunov! And CHOP! Dragunov staggers to another side, but Trick bumps him off buckles. Trick stands Dragunov up to CHOP! Dragunov CHOPS back! Trick ROCKS Dragunov, stomps and fires off fast hands!

The ref counts, Trick lets off, and he drags Dragunov back up. Trick reels Dragunov in, but Dragunov blocks the lift! Trick wrenches and whips Dragunov hard into buckles! The ref again checks Dragunov but he’s still fighting back with kicks. Trick stomps Dragunov, drags him up again, and whips him hard into the other corner! Trick is certainly backing up his word right now as he stands over Dragunov. Trick stands Dragunov up, whips him again, but Dragunov stops himself! Dragunov ELBOWS back, CHOPS again, but Trick blocks the kick! Trick THROWS Dragunov into the ropes! The ref checks as Dragunov again clutches his neck.

Trick storms up on Dragunov, whips him to ropes, and POP-UP UPPERCUTS! Cover, TWO!! Dragunov is still in this and Trick grows frustrated. NXT returns to single picture as Trick clamps on a cravat neck wrench. Fans rally, Dragunov fights up, but Trick thrashes him around. JD is now on commentary and says his eye is almost 100%. Fans rally as Dragunov fights up against the cravat. Trick still thrashes Dragunov but Dragunov fights the hold! Dragunov breaks free, waistlocks, but Trick CLUBS him! Trick switches, but Dragunov throws elbows! Trick shoves Dragunov away, but Dragunov hits the CONSTANTINE SPECIAL!

Fans fire up while both men are down! Trick and Dragunov rise, and Dragunov CHOPS! And CHOPS! And CHOPS! Dragunov whips, Trick reverses, but Dragunov holds ropes again. Dragunov BOOTS Trick, fires off boxing elbows, and Trick falls! Trick kicks the leg out! Trick throws body shots, ROCKS Dragunov, but Dragunov PELES right back! Fans fire up again and Dragunov pushes himself up. “This is Awesome!” as JD says Trick better get moving. Dragunov runs in to KNEE Trick, snapmare, and go up! Third time’s the charm for the KING KONG KNEE DROP! Dragunov roars and fans fire up with him!

Dragunov stalks Trick, waistlocks, and lifts! Trick throws Dragunov away! Trick sweeps, Dragunov jumps over it, but Trick EDDY GORDO KICKS! Fans fire up again, Trick hits the SWINGING NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO!! Dragunov survives and Trick is beside himself! Fans hope they “Fight Forever!” but this has to end somehow! Trick runs in, ROLLING- NO, Dragunov blocks the kick and makes it a POWERBOMB! Cover, TWO, FALLING FOREARM!! Fans are thunderous as Dragunov powers up and he waistlocks. Trick still fights, pries the hold open, but Dragunov Gotch lifts! SINGLE LEG SUPLEX!!

Fans fire up again as Dragunov roars! Dragunov goes back to the corner, “UN! BE! SIEG! BAR!!” TORPEDO MOSCOW!! Cover, Dragunov wins!

Winner: Ilja Dragunov, by pinfall

JD is furious, but Trick could not beat down The Czar like he promised! Dragunov glares at the Irish Ace, will these two look to stand and deliver on another grudge match?


Jinder Mahal speaks.

“I could’ve confronted Bron Breakker on my first night back, just like everyone else does. But I waited. In this business, timing is everything. The NXT Championship on Bron’s shoulder is getting heavier. The boos from the crowd are getting louder. And that frenetic energy that Bron has is getting weaker. And he’s falling into the same trap as last year. Stand & Deliver was in the distance and look what happened. This year, I’m the one who messes up all the plans.

“Tonight, there’s gonna be a lot of shocked faces in the audience. Get ready to see the same reactions when I became United States Champion at WrestleMania 34. The same reactions when I defeated Randy Orton and became WWE Champion. I’ve made a career out of shocking victories. And tonight, get ready for the next one, as I become the NEW NXT Champion.” The Modern Day Maharaja has made his proclamation, but will he fail to follow through?


Fallon Henley is on the phone.

She’s leaving a voicemail for Brooks Jensen to apologize for last week and Valentine’s Day. She promises she was coming from a good place, so she hopes he’ll text or call back. Josh Briggs walks in and knows he’s not answering. He said Jensen needs time. Well, did he tell Jensen that she wants to talk? He knows by the ten texts and five messages she’s left. Fallon sighs but Briggs tells her to listen. The two of them are all he’s got and he’s not getting in the middle of it all. But Fallon doesn’t understand! If Zack was Kiana’s brother, why did she let it go on for so long? Briggs tells her to stop, and yes it’s weird, but Fallon, you were wrong! You ruined Jensen’s big night!

But he won’t answer the phone! And… It was her tag partner’s big night. Fallon sees that. She wants to apologize to Kiana, in person. Will the Cowgirl make things right in the stable?


Meiko Satomura is with some NXT prospects.

“Today, you will learn to train my way. Can you survive?” They say yes, so they get set to begin. Roxanne Perez hurries over and asks if she can join in. Meiko says yes. They all do sit-ups, then push-ups, well into the double-digits. They then do circle squats, and fireman’s carries. One after another, the trainees drop out, but Roxie sticks with it. Next is 1000 SQUATS! Roxie sticks with it into the 700s but she’s the last one! She and Meiko make it to 1000, and she’s still standing. Roxie thanks Meiko for the session, but Meiko reveals it’s not done. Now, the real training begins! Roxie is game, but will she survive against the Final Boss?


Tyler Bate is here!

The Big Strong Boi is coming off a big strong win off Grayson Waller, and he goes to the ring to get the mic. “Hello, big strong boys and girls.” Fans duel, “We Want Waller!” “No We Don’t!” Bate says that a man of many words he is not, but he couldn’t help but sense the good vibes. He wants to come out here and share some gratitude. In sojourning the Atlantic to be here full-time in the USA, Bate must say, the love he’s received from most of the fans has infused in him a passion unbeknownst to his former self. He thanks us for that “spiffing support.” Even if it’s against Grayson Waller, Axiom, or Bron Breakker at World’s Collide.

But some things are just meant to be, right? Bate believes in the natural unfolding of things and in timing. So then, NXT, Bate will say this. Together, we are about to embark on a mystical journey! But then here comes the Schism! Joe Gacy tells Tyler, “We were preparing for Rip & Jagger’s match, and we couldn’t help but hear what you are saying. And we believe in some ways, that you and I are kindred spirits. We are forward thinkers.” Bate thanks Gacy for that, but he’ll pass on drinking whatever Kool-Aid he’s given his friends. Ava Raine says that The Schism may be kindred spirits with him in some ways, but not in all ways.

Gacy says Bate is funny, and he’s right. “The journey a man takes does matter. You just have to be careful who you surround yourself with. These people, they won’t help you. The Schism is a true family! While you left yours all the way across the ocean, groups like Chase U preach togetherness in the face of division. We gave Thea just a glimpse of what life could be like with us. And maybe, you would like to feel the power of our division right now. Heed our message.” Bate is all alone and surrounded. He has no one, but The Schism are four roots, one tree! But wait! Here comes Chase U! They chase The Schism off the apron, and it’s go time, after the break!

Chase U w/ Thea Hail VS The Dyad w/ The Schism!

NXT returns and the match is already going, with fans fired up for Chase U! Chase stomps Rip Fowler, tags in Duke Hudson, and they double whip Rip to ropes. They double elbow Rip down, Duke covers, ONE! Duke wrenches Rip, RAMS shoulders, then wrenches and RAMS him again. Fans stay fired up as Duke RAMS Rip again. Tag to Chase, they whip, trip and elbow drop! Cover, ONE! Chase stays on Rip with a facelock but Rip powers him to the corner! Jagger Reed tags in, he holds Chase in and Rip clotheslines! Rip short arm LARIATS, then Jagger fires off hands! Jagger CHOKES Chase but the ref counts.

Jagger lets off, the fans boo, but Jagger snapmares Chase to then stomp him down! Jagger drags Chase up, short arm LARIATS, and covers, TWO! Jagger clamps onto Chase to cobra clutch. Chase endures, fans duel, “FOUR ROOTS!” “CHASE U!” with the majority on Chase U’s side. But Rip tags in, The Dyad ripcord FOREARMS Chase down! “You think you’re a leader?” Chase throws body shots but Rip stomps Chase down. Rip gut wrenches for a SHOULDER BREAKER! Cover, TWO! Rip clamps onto Chase and grinds forearms into his face. Fans rally, Chase fights up, and Chase reaches out, only for Rip to drag him away.

Jagger tags in, another ripcord FOREARM knocks Chase down! Cover, TWO! Jagger clamps onto Chase with another clutch and even JAMS his knee in! Chase endures, fans rally up again, and Chase fights up. Jagger ripcords, ROCKS Chase, and has the arm again. Chase throws hands in return! Chase reaches out but Jagger knees low! Jagger whips Chase away, Chase goes up and under and hot tags Duke! Duke rallies on The Dyad with big forearms! SIDEWALK SLAM for jagger! JAB, JAB, JAB for Rip! Flip, flop and “U!” ELBOW! SENTON! And then Duke RAMS Jagger into the corner again and again!

Duke TOSSES Jagger at Rip! Fans fire up and Duke drags Jagger up. Jagger JAWBREAKERS, but Chase tags in! Chase blocks Jagger’s kick, hands it off to duke, ENZIGURI and a whip, ELBOW and BOOT to a SUPERKICK! Cover, TWO!! Thea is a little panicked having Rip down on the floor outside by her, but Chase tags Duke back in. Duke turns Jagger, Chase runs, but Rip clotheslines him out! Duke CLOBBERS Rip! But Jagger rolls Duke! TWO!! Duke runs in but Jagger BOOTS! Rip tags in, Duke DECKS Jagger then DECKS Rip! But Rip drags Duke out of the ring! Duke DECKS him again! Only for Jagger to DIVE! Duke is sent into the desk, and NXT goes to break!

NXT returns again and Rip clinches Duke. Duke fights up but Rip brings him back down to chinlock. Duke fights up again and pries free to arm-drag! Rip turns around into a BIG back drop! Hot tags to Jagger and Chase! Chase rallies on The Dyad, CHOPS and ROCKS and atomic drops each of them! Chase tells Rip off but Jagger pulls hair! Chase ROCKS Jagger in return! Chase fires off haymakers in the corner, but Rip goes after him! Chase kicks low, brings Rip around, and even catches Jagger! COMPLETE SHOT DDT COMBO! Fans fire up, Chase whips Jagger but Jagger reverses. Chase BOOTS Rip, Jagger waistlocks but Chase switches.

Jagger elbows free but Chase dodges the punch to hit a NECKBREAKER! Chase goes up top, to SUPER MOONSAULT Rip! Chase goes back up and fans are thunderous! FLYING CROSSBODY! Cover, Rip breaks it! Fans are fired up for “NXT! NXT!” Chase crawls, Jagger brings him up and throws a haymaker. Chase throws it back, so Jagger throws another. Chase throws a haymaker, Jagger throws it back, repeat! They fight as they stand up, they go shot for shot and then Chase gets the edge! Chase even DECKS Rip for good measure! Jagger ROCKS Chase, but Chase is powering up!

Chase throws hands, Jagger whips but Chase turns it around to a RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP! Spell it out! C! H! A! S! E! U! What’s that spell? CHASE U!! But Ava creeps over to Thea. Chase tags Duke and shields Thea. Duke shoulders Jagger, then SLINGSHOT GERMAN SUPLEXES! But Rip sneaks a tag! Duke fireman’s carries Jagger, Rip throat chops Duke! Then DOUBLE CODE BREAKER!! Cover, The Dyad wins!!

Winners: The Dyad, by pinfall

The four roots used the numbers against Chase U’s “false family!” Duke gets mad and says Thea has to grow up and Chase has to let her grow up! “Is this a university or a charity?” Duke leaves in a huff while Thea hugs her cone. Thea blames herself but Chase tells her it’s not. Will Chase stop coddling Thea? Or is the trauma from The Schism too deep?


Robert Stone talks with Von Wagner.

Suit Man Stone asks Von if he’s made his decision yet. About what? Stone wants to know if Von is ready. Von asks what Stone expects from him. To share his deep, dark secrets? Von is here to kick ass and take names. Oh, good, real original, we’ve never heard that one before. But then Tony D’Angelo & Channing Lorenzo walks in. The Don asks if they’re interrupting. They are! Good, because they have a problem here. Last week, Von stole their North American title match from them! That doesn’t sit well with Tony or The Underboss. Von asks, “You talking to me?” Hah, clever. He should be a comedian.

But Stacks assures Von it won’t be funny when The Don throws a beat down on him! Oh, so they want a match? Now we’re talking. Stone wants Von to think. Don’t do this. Von agrees with Stone, and respectfully declines. Oh, respectfully? What? Stacks knew Stone was Von’s manager, but he didn’t know he was Von’s daddy, too. Stone has Von stand down but Tony tells Stacks that this is more like being a soccer mom. Stone’s probably got juice boxes and orange slices for Von and his imaginary friends. Stacks says instead of a contract, they should’ve brought a permission slip. Von gets mad now! They wanna fight? They’ve got one!

Tony says good, and he heads out with Stacks. Stone gets mad that Von just played into their hands! Von tells Stone to shut up, but will Stone be proven right? Or can Von still be a winner doing things his way?


Backstage interview with Charlie Dempsey & Drew Gulak.

McKenzie Mitchell is with these two gritty grapplers, and says everyone wants to know: Why did Gulak turn on his friend, Hank Walker, last week? Uh, friend? Are we reading the same dictionary here? Walker was not Gulak’s friend, he was some guy asking for help. Walker is the kind of guy who says he wants it, but that doesn’t mean he’ll get it. Gulak came to NXT not to hand out participation trophies, but to find the best of the best. And that is just not Hank Walker. That’s because Walker is a nice guy.

“To be successful here, you can’t be afraid to rip limbs from limbs. You can’t be afraid to step on people’s throats to get what you want, or tear their ligaments until you feel them snap. And that doesn’t describe Hank Walker. But do you know who that does describe? That’s Charlie Dempsey.” The two head out, will they tear limb from limb to become the best in NXT?


Sol Ruca speaks.

“What I love about the ocean is that no two waves are the same. They’re big, they’re small, they’re unpredictable. The NXT Women’s Division is the same. And that makes it quite challenging, but that’s what also makes it so fun. How boring would it be if everything was easy? Every day, I pick something. Something in the ring, some crazy gymnastics or skateboarding thing I see on TikTok, and I try it. And at first, I suck at it, and I feel like the biggest loser. But I keep at it and keep at it. I don’t care if it takes me three hours, and I eventually start to get it and I’m super pumped. When I finally hit something, it is the best feeling ever. I feel like I conquered the world.

“That’s the feeling I chase in the ring. And that’s the reason why I want another match with Zoey. Because eventually, I’ll nail that flip, land that trick, and there will even be a day that I beat Zoey Stark.” The Sol Surfer is in it to win it, but how long will it take?


Jacy Jayne VS Indi Hartwell!

The Toxic Traitor says SHE is the attraction now. But she has to prove she can stand on her own two feet first. Will she be more impressive than #IndiWrestling? Or will Indi show NXT is no longer toxic?

NXT returns and Indi makes her entrance. The bell rings and Jacy circles with Indi. They tie up, Indi wrenches and YANKS the arm. Indi wrenches again but Jacy knees low! Jacy CLUBS Indi, CHOPS her, then ROCKS her! Indi shoves Jacy back, ROCKS her, CHOPS her, but Jacy knees low again. Jacy whips but Indi reverses. Jacy bounces off buckles, Indi whips her into more buckles! Indi then short arm LARIATS! Fans fire up as Indi short arm LARIATS again! Jacy ducks the third to hit a NECKBREAKER! Jacy runs to add a SENTON, then she SENTONS again! Cover, TWO! Jacy is frustrated and shouts that it’s about HER!

Jacy stands Indi up but Indi throws body shots! Indi ROCKS Jacy, whips her out to the apron and then brings her in, only for Jacy to slip away! Jacy HOTSHOTS Indi down, then slides in to stand Indi up. Jacy whips, RAMS and clinches to throw knees. Jacy snapmares to PENALTY KICK then MULE KICK! Cover, TWO! Jacy is shrieking but she clamps on a chinbar half nelson. Fans rally for “INDI WRESTLING!” but Jacy tells them to shut up as she leans on the hold. Indi endures, fights up, but Jacy hops on! Indi stays up, but then drops to a knee! Indi sputters, Jacy says she sucks! Then she tells fans to shut up!

Indi gives a thumbs up as fans rally, and she stands up again. Only for Jacy to throw her down! Jacy says SHE is impressive, then thrashes Indi around. Indi still fights up, Jacy hops back on, but Indi RAMS her into buckles! And again! Indi THROWS Jacy off, Jacy staggers up and runs back in, but Indi ROCKS her! And again! Indi kicks, CLUBS and DECKS Jacy! Fans fire up as Indi hits a SPINEBUSTER! High stack, TWO! Jacy survives but Indi keeps on her. Indi stands Jacy up to CLUB her. Indi puts Jacy in the ropes, UPPERCUTS and BOOTS her down! Indi brings Jacy up to a fireman’s carry, but Jacy slips off! Jacy POSTS Indi!

Jacy then THROWS Indi into buckles! Jacy screams, runs and CANNONBALLS! Jacy has a wild grin and she drags Indi back up. Jacy stomps away on the corner, the ref reprimands but Jacy tells him to back off. Jacy stands Indi up, gives her a kiss on the cheek, for a BOOT WASH!! “IT’S ABOUT ME!!” Fans boo but Jacy isn’t done with Indi. “You’re just another number!” Jacy sets Indi up again, but GIGI DOLIN APPEARS! She TACKLES Jacy and fans are thunderous!

Winner: Jacy Jayne, by disqualification

Jacy gets the win but Gigi gets revenge as she RAMS her into barriers! And then MORE barriers! Gigi stomps but misses! But Gigi pursues Jacy to the back! Jacy might be facing some Toxic KARMA here! Will Gigi get even with Jacy as we’re on the Road to WrestleMania?


Roxanne’s training with Meiko Satomura continues.

They tie up in the ring, break, and Roxie again thanks Meiko for training with her. But they’re wrestling in two weeks, so why- Meiko stops Roxie there. No talk, only train. Okay. They tie up again and again. They practice kicks, in that Roxie has the kick pads and Meiko kicks at her. And then they spar with some mat wrestling. Roxie gets her turn to kick, grapple, and run the ropes. Meiko is like a statue as Roxie rams into her! That last one did it, though! Meiko says that is all for today, and Roxie thanks her again. Meiko says that to win, it comes from the heart, not the muscle. See you in two weeks. Roxie nods, and she knows what she’s up against now. Will the Prodigy be ready for the legend?


Backstage interview with Zoey Stark.

McKenzie asks The Hunter about the in-depth look at Sol Ruca, but Zoey stops her there. “I don’t give a damn what Sol Ruca wants. If she loves the ocean so much, she can go there, stay there, and never come back.” Zoey won, she is done with Sol. But here’s a question for McKenzie: Why does Meiko Satomura just automatically get a title match?! Uh, because- Zoey stops McKenzie again to add more questions. “Is it because Roxanne is such a little fangirl that she buys her a flight from Japan, and then just says, ‘Oh let’s go ahead and have a title match.'” McKenzie says it’s because Meiko is a living legend, and perhaps one of the most recognizable women’s wrestlers in history.

Zoey says that should be HER match! But then all the other women are kissing Meiko’s ass to earn Meiko’s respect! There is a reason that some of the best in the business respect what ZOEY does. But she’ll say this: If Meiko were to step into the ring with Zoey, Zoey will show us who the REAL Final Boss is! Zoey storms off, but is she getting in over her head?


Gallus VS Malik Blade & Edris Enofe!

Mark Coffey & Wolfgang agreed to give Pretty Deadly a tag title match, but as the theme song says, Malik & Edris are far from rookies. Will Malik & Edris earn their own tag title opportunity with a win over the champs? Or will we see Gallus Boys On Top even in non-title matches?

The teams sort out and Malik starts against Mark. They tie up, Mark puts Malik on ropes, the ref counts and Mark lets off. They tie up again, Malik puts Mark on ropes, and Malik lets off. Mark shoves hard, they tie up again and Malik headlocks. Mark powers out, Malik cartwheels around but Mark avoids the dropkick! Mark TOSSES Malik, then tags Wolfgang. Wolfgang EuroUppers Malik, CLUBS him, but Malik hits back. Wolfgang UPPERCUTS again, hooks the arms, but Malik fights. Malik flips up and over, but Wolfgang CLOBBERS him! Tag to Mark and Gallus mugs Malik. Mark UPPERCUTS Malik but Malik hits back!

Mark ROCKS Malik, brings him around, fires off more uppercuts, but fans rally for Malik. Malik throws hands, but Mark ducks to half nelson SLAM! “Gallus Boys on top!” Mark drags Malik up again, wrenches and RAMS Malik, but wait. Who are these two bringing out a cake? They’re dressed like Pretty Deadly but aren’t, but Mark hurries to stop Malik! Malik rolls, throws Mark into buckles, and then ducks the boot to hot tag Edris! Edris rallies on Mark, DROPKICKS Wolfgang, and then dodges Mark to yoyo and LARIAT! Edris goes up and up and SWANTONS onto Wolfgang! Fans fire up as Edris hurries up top again!

Edris aims at Mark, to MACHO ELBOW! Cover, TWO!! Pretty Doppelganger motion to the cake while Malik tags in. They suplex Mark, ENZIGURI BACKBREAKER! Cover, TWO!! Mark survives, Wolfgang TOSSES Edris! Edris gest up but Wolfgang CLOBBERS him! Malik throws Wolfgang out but Mark CLOBBERS Malik! Tag to Wolfgang, he drags Malik up! Gallus hit a FOREARM POWERSLAM COMBO! Cover, Gallus wins!

Winners: Gallus, by pinfall

#GBOT, but they are curious about the cake. “Happy Anniversary?” One of the messengers says, “On behalf of Pretty Deadly, we would like to congratulate you on your two-year anniversary of losing the NXT UK Tag Team Championships to Elton Prince & Kit Wilson.” Mark DUNKS the guy’s face into the cake! And Wolfgang BOOTS the other guy! Then they CLOBBER each of them and throw them both out HARD! But then the REAL Pretty Deadly attack from behind, with chairs! They focus on Mark, and they whip him into the steel steps! Wolfgang comes back but gets mugged, then sent into the steps!

Pretty Deadly whip Mark back in! Then they throw Wolfgang into Mark! They say they’re not about fun and games anymore, this is THEIR tag division! They get Wolfgang up, SPINEBUSTER on the steps!! Fans are torn as Pretty Deadly hold up the belts over Gallus. Elton & Kit are ready, but will they be able to take back the titles at Roadblock?


Dabba-Kato speaks.

“Apollo Crews. I can feel your anger. But that was me for over eight months! You were so busy looking into the future, you forgot about your own past. Let me remind you who helped you become the Intercontinental Champion at WrestleMania. For every big moment you ever had, I was there! You may have come back to NXT, but why? And where’s my call? Then on Vengeance Day, you thought like good old times, I came to help. I came to hurt. Apollo Crews can’t stand on his own. Without me, he has no future. APOLLO! Yeah, you might be the one who brought me into this world. But I will be the one who takes you out of it!”


Stevie Turner streams.

“Uh, hello, excuse me. Hi, guys! Stevie Turner here, and I am oh so excited for WrestleMania season. This week, I’ve been getting questions in on the NXT locker room, so I want to introduce my Stevie Randomizer! Oh, here we go. So who is it gonna land on? Lyra Valkyria! Get your questions in. Lyra is a woman of mystery, but she is no match for my fast fingers. Lyra follows the way of The Morrigan, a shapeshifting Irish deity associated with war. Sounds a bit freaky-deeky to me, but okay. Here’s a super chant from Charismatic Evan. ‘What’s with Lyra and her feathers?’

“It links back to the Morrigan. It takes the form of a raven in battle. Apparently, ever feather Lyra wears represents a battle she’s won. And here’s another super chat from Lil Clark. ‘How far do you see Lyra going?’ Well, Lyra is talented. But eventually, she will have to cross paths with me. And we know how that would go. She is no match for my forward thinking.” Vic Joseph wants to ask his own question, but Stevie apologizes, the stream is over. She signs off, but will all be answered when the Fourth Dimension collides with the supernatural?


Von Wagner w/ Robert Stone VS Tony D’Angelo w/ Channing Lorenzo!

Suit Man Stone wants Von to open up and be more than a meme, but will Von end up the butt of the joke once again? Or will Von prove he doesn’t need to change to do better?

NXT returns and makes his entrance. The bell rings, fans rally for Tony D as he and Von tie up. Von pushes The Don to a corner but Tony turns it around to then throw hands. Von shoves Tony, Tony whips and ELBOWS Von down! Tony brings Von up for body shots, but Von RAMS Tony into a corner! Von RAMS into Tony again and again, throws elbows, then brings Tony around for knees. Tony wrenches to ROCK Von! Von swings, misses, but he KNEES Tony down! Stacks coaches Tony but Von drags Tony up to whip him to a corner. Von then runs in to clothesline! Von smirks, whips Tony but Tony dodges to TACKLE Von!

Fans fire up, Tony fires hands on Von, but Von HEADBUTTS back! Von runs, BOOTS Tony down, and fans boo. Stone takes a seat and Von asks what he’s doing! Stone says he’s waiting on Von. Von is annoyed but he goes back to Tony. Tony ROCKS Von! Tony whips, Von KICKS him, and Von LARIATS! Von rains down fists on Tony, then drags Tony up to CLUB away on him! Von scoops Tony to SLAM him, and then drops a BIG elbow! Cover, TWO! Fans rally for Tony but Von stalks him to a corner. Von CLUBS Tony, then bumps Tony off buckles. Von knees Tony low, and again, then whips him corner to corner, for another clothesline!

Von whips Tony corner to corner again, hits another clothesline, and then eggs Tony on. Von taunts The Don, whips him again, but Tony dodges! Von hits buckles and falls! Stacks says that’s what he gets! Fans rally for Tony, he and Von both stand up slowly. Tony runs in to CLOBBER Von! And again! Tony clinches to BELLY2BELLY! Stone is disappointed as Tony ROCKS Von, whips him, and hits a SPINEBUSTER! Fans fire up and Tony waits on Von to stand. BADA BOOM! Cover, Tony wins!

Winner: Tony D’Angelo, by pinfall

Stacks celebrates with The Don and Stone asks Von why he even took this match. Kelly gets in the ring to interview Tony, asking about the continuing issues with Dijak. Tony says they could get into that, but Tony wants to talk about his guy’s loyalty. Stacks could’ve taken that Open Challenge with Wes Lee, or he could have Tony’s back. And Stacks chose to help Tony. Stacks says it’s family over everything. Tony appreciates that. Stacks gets it. But y’know who doesn’t? Mr. Street Justice Dijak! Tony tells Dijak that he’s been at this a couple of months, it is time to put this to an end. Kelly asks how Tony means that.

Funny she asks. He and Stacks have been going over some ideas, and Tony decided that he’ll handle it in the ring. “Dijak, listen. Me and you, one last time, NXT Roadblock, in a JAILHOUSE STREET FIGHT! Cuz listen, when it’s all said and done, I’m gonna be putting you in solitary confinement! You’ve got seven days to answer, don’t make me come find you.” The Don has thrown out the challenge, but will Dijak be more than happy to lock Tony up?


Backstage interview with Nikkita Lyons.

McKenzie says it is good to see her on the road to recovery, but also notes that no one has come forward as the attacker. Is there anything Lyons can tell us about that night? Lyons says her surgery was a success, that she’ll be out for 11 or 12 MONTHS, but her goal is to be back before a year is gone. She can’t tell us who it was, she was clipped from behind. One moment, she was walking outside, and the next, she was done. But in walks Tiffany Stratton. “Why is anybody still talking about you? All this is is a waste of TV time when it should be focused on The Center of the Universe.” Lyons says Tiffany sounds real sus.

Tiffany? Sus? Please! On the list of important things to do with her life, attacking Lyons in the parking lot is at the bottom of Tiffany’s list. Actually, even below the bottom. What’s below the bottom? Well, anyway, if it were Tiffany, Lyons wouldn’t be out a year. She’d be out PERMANENTLY! O M G, Tiffany Epiphany! What if Lyons vanishes from NXT for a full year? Ready, GO! Tootles. Tiffany leaves, Lyons is at a loss for words. Will Lyons make sure that no matter when she gets back, she starts her comeback with Tiffany?


Tatum Paxley is watching from the Diamond Dojo.

Ivy Nile walks in and asks about the Lyons situation. Still no idea who attacked her. We just know who didn’t. Is Ivy ready? Yep. Good luck out there. Wait, Tatum isn’t coming? No, she doesn’t wanna… Wait, is Isla getting to her? No, but- Tatum, c’mon, your Ivy’s partner. Isla is just doing this to get in their heads. Right, right. Ivy heads out, and Tatum looks to the Diamond Mine logo. Will Tatum crack under the pressure?


Carmelo Hayes checks on Trick Williams in medical.

He throws Trick a bottle of water and says he did the damn thing. But then smacks him a little too hard on the back. Melo is still proud of Trick. Trick says if they run it back, they know what time it is. Trick’s ready to get outta here and get some food, but Melo wants to watch the main event first, because he wants to see who comes out of it with the NXT Championship. Tyler Bate walks over to tell Trick that that was serious stuff in there against Dragunov. And dealing with a loss is always tough. But the journey has peaks and valleys. That said, good timber doesn’t grow with ease. The stronger the storm, the stronger the trees.

Trick likes that Dr. Seuss stuff! It’s like Bate is 25 and 75 at the same time. Thanks! Bate takes that as a compliment. Melo has a compliment here, and he doesn’t give those out that often. Bate is a strong minded dude, confident in who he is, but Melo knows who he is, because Melo is Him. Melo also points out to Bate that his journey has nothing to do with the NXT Championship. That’s all Melo. Trick Melo Gang head out, but will the Big Strong Boi show Melo the “natural flow” of things?


Ivy Nile w/ Tatum Paxley VS Alba Fyre w/ Isla Dawn!

The Diamond Mine has been under attack physically and always come out on top. But the sinister Scots have been getting at them mentally, and that might be a bit different. Will Fyre break the Diamond Pitbull? Or will the Diamond Pitbull put out the Fyre?

The bell rings and the two step up. They circle, tie up, and Fyre throws Ivy down! But Ivy fireman’s carries! Fyre fights free, shoves Ivy and SLAPS her! But Ivy just scowls, and TOSSES Fyre to a corner! Ivy fires off hands, Fyre pushes her back but Ivy ROCKS her! Cover, TWO! Fyre gets to ropes, Ivy whips but Fyre blocks. Fyre gets around, shoves Ivy into the ropes, and then stomps away! Ivy sputters, Fyre brings her up and suplexes to the GOURD BUSTER! Fans duel but Fyre PENALTY KICKS Ivy! Cover, TWO! Isla still smiles as Fyre clamps onto Ivy with a hammerlock. Fyre drags Ivy up and RAMS her into buckles!

Ivy staggers, into a LARIAT! Fyre snarls as she looms over Ivy. Fyre stands Ivy up, hammerlocks again, and she chinbars. Ivy pries that away but Fyre HEADBUTTS her! Fyre whips but Ivy reverses to send Fyre into buckles! Fyre staggers, swings, but Ivy counter punches! Ivy fires off hands, but Fyre knees low! Fyre whips, Ivy RANAS! Fyre ends up in a corner, fans fire up and Ivy runs in to CALF KICK! Ivy then scoops to carry Fyre, but Fyre slips free! Gory Especial, but Ivy sunset flips! TWO!! DIAMOND DRAGON!! But Isla distracts the ref! Tatum gets onto the apron to protest, but Fyre RAMS Ivy into Tatum!

Fyre snapmares Ivy away, SUPERKICKS, and then she drags Ivy back up! Gory Especial, GORY BOMB! Cover, Fyre wins!

Winner: Alba Fyre, by pinfall

Tatum supported Ivy and ended up costing her at the same time! Will Fyre & Isla soon take over the NXT Women’s Division as the devious duo they are?


Fallon meets Kiana in her office.

Giana sends Fallon in and Fallon sees it’s a new office. Kiana says that’s because business is great. Good to hear. But, she knows she ruined Valentine’s Day. She’s been thinking, and… Fallon admits she was wrong about Zack. Kiana surely had her reasons, but she also could’ve just said Zack was her brother. Kiana says she just wanted Fallon to trust her, but look how that turned out. Fallon apologizes again, and says she wants to get past this so they can defend their NXT Women’s Tag Team Championships. Will Kiana accept the apology? Kiana says they’re all human, so of course she accepts. Jealousy is a human emotion, after all.

Uh, Fallon’s not jealous. Fallon, it’s okay to admit it. Jensen and Kiana are spoken for and- And Fallon is happy for them. Well, okay, Kiana will believe Fallon is telling the truth, so long as Fallon believes Kiana. As in she has a brother, right? As in, believe Kiana has Jensen’s best interests at heart. Partners? Partners. They shake on it, but will this trust go all the way past Stand & Deliver?


Backstage interview with Wes Lee.

McKenzie is with the North American Champion and says it was a bit of a chaotic start to the Open Challenge last week. Wes agrees, but loved every minute of it! Wes does have a sore neck, though, and he gives Von his props. Von brought it. With Roadblock coming up and Stand & Deliver after that, what is next for the champ? Wes says this is why he loves her, she always has the hard hitting questions. He’d love to make it to LA as the NA Champ, but he can’t look too far ahead or he’ll forget what’s right in front of him. And Wes knows the fans love the open challenge as much as he does, and that there are plenty of cats who want their shot.

So next week, he’ll do it again! Wait, really? Yeah! Wes in the ring at 8 PM Eastern, seeing who is gonna step up, is just perfect. Okay, okay, but this puts him at a disadvantage. Why does he continue to do this? Wes says it’s just who he is. Then McKenzie loves that. They high five and Wes heads out, but who will snatch up the golden opportunity?


NXT Championship: Bron Breakker VS Jinder Mahal w/ Indus Sher!

There’s no denying that one year ago, the Big Booty Nephew got a big shock at the hands of the Show-Off. But he’s also grown and learned since then. Will he learn from his mistakes? Or will the Modern Day Maharaja make history repeat itself in more ways than one?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see if Bron hits a roadblock two weeks early!

The bell rings and fans sing “BRON BREAKKER SUCKS~!” a la the John Cena chants. Bron and Jinder tie up, Jinder waistlocks and SLAMS Bron! Then he runs to run Bron over! Fans rally behind Jinder as he talks trash on Bron. Jinder and Bron circle, tie up, and Jinder waistlocks again. Bron switches, Jinder elbows free and runs, to run Bron over again! Jinder says he’s a real champion! Bron gets up and Jinder backs off. But then Jinder fires off forearms, whips, but Bron hurdles the back drop to run Jinder over! Fans bark as Bron runs Jinder over again. Things speed up, Jinder leaps but into a SPINEBUSTER!

Bron clamps onto Jinder but Indus Sher gets Jinder out of the ring! Only for Bron to FLY and bowl them all over! Fans bark it up and Bron puts Jinder back in the ring. Jinder swings but Bron blocks to counter punch! And then HOTSHOT! Bron gets in, runs, ducks ‘n’ dodges, btu DOUBLE LARIATS take both men down! Indus Sher get on the apron, but THE CREEDS attack! Julius & Brutus go after Veer & Sanga, refs rush out, and the brawl is on as NXT goes picture in picture!

The brawling goes up the ramp, even as security and producers get involved. Jinder kicks Bron, CLUBS Bron, puts him in a corner, and whips corner to corner hard! Jinder runs in to RAM into Bron, and then he CHOKES Bron on the ropes. The ref counts, Jinder lets off, but then digs his knee in to dig Bron into the mat. The ref counts again, Jinder lets off to CHOP Bron. Bron CHOPS back! Bron ROCKS Jinder, wrenches his arm, and has a hammerlock. Bron RAMS Jinder into buckles, and stalks Jinder as he staggers away. Bron wraps the arm around ropes and pulls! The ref counts, Bron lets off, but he puts Jinder in another corner.

Bron RAMS into Jinder, and again, and again. Bron lets off as the ref counts, to then scoop and SLAM Jinder! Cover, TWO! Bron clamps onto Jinder’s arm and grinds the shoulder. Jinder fights up, Bron wrenches, but Jinder elbows him away. Jinder CLUBS Bron, whips him corner to corner, but Bron stops himself to go up and over! Bron then gets the arm, ARM CODE BREAKER! Bron facelocks, stands with Jinder, and wants the arm again. Jinder endures the armlock and NXT returns to single picture. Fans rally, Jinder stands, and he scoops, only for Bron to slip free. Bron picks Jinder up to TOSS him! Cover, TWO!

Bron clamps back onto the arm, but Jinder fights up to pull on Bron’s ears! Jinder puts Bron in the ropes, lets off, but then BOOTS Bron down! Bron falls to the floor, Jinder goes out and SMACKS him off the desk! And again! Jinder brings Bron around and RAMS him into steel steps! Fans fire up and duel while Jinder refreshes the ring count. Jinder RAMS Bron back into the steps! Jinder drags Bron up by his straps to put him in the ring, and then covers, TWO! Jinder rains down fists while digging his knee into ribs! Jinder lets off, fans are torn, but Jinder stands Bron up. Jinder reels Bron in, but Bron blocks the suplex!

Jinder throws body shots, CLUBS Bron again, then CLUBS him again and again! Fans duel, Jinder drags Bron back up and suplexes again. Bron blocks, to suplex Jinder high and hard! Fans fire up while both men are down, and the barking continues. Jinder stands, Bron throws hands but Jinder gives them back. Bron throws haymakers but Jinder throws body shots. Bron eggs Jinder on, and they go fast ‘n’ furious! Fans fire up, Bron gets around, GERMAN SUPLEX! And then another GERMAN SUPLEX! Bron then whips to SPINEBUSTER! Fans fire up again as the straps come down! Bron waits on Jinder to stand while he aims from the corner.

Jinder staggers, but he sees Bron gearing up so he bails out! Bron hurries out, he throws body shots on Jinder, and SMACKS him off the desk in return! Bron then brings Jinder around into the ring, but runs into Jinder’s JUMP KNEE! Jinder suplexes high and HARD! Cover, TWO! Bron is still in this, he isn’t still champion for no reason. Jinder fireman’s carries Bron, for the GUTBUSTER DROP! Cover, TWO! Bron continues to show his toughness but Jinder SLAPS him! Jinder stands Bron up, SLAPS him again, and then again! Bron RAMS Jinder into a corner! Bron throws shoudler after shoulder!

The ref counts, Bron lets off, but Jinder BOOTS him! Jinder goes up, but Bron is right up after him! SUPER STEINER! Bron then hurries to stand Jinder up, suplex, POWERSLAM! Cover, TWO!! Bron’s busting out some wild stuff but Jinder wasn’t a former champion for no reason, either! Bron goes back to the corner, he goes up top now, and leaps, but Jinder BOOTS him out of the air! Jinder calls for the end, he wraps Bron up, but Bron arm-drags free! SPEAR OUTTA NOWHERE! Cover, Bron wins!

Winner: Bron Breakker, by pinfall (still NXT Champion)

Jinder wanted to derail Bron’s Road to WrestleMania Weekend, but he was the one getting run over! But wait! Melo is in the perch! Bron looks up to see him, but wait, someone is taking over the controls? NXT Stand & Deliver is coming, yes, but- WAIT! WALLER?! Grayson Waller is hijacking the show! He tells HBK, “You won’t let me on the show tonight, huh? But that’s okay, I took a plan out of the old DX playbook, and I took over the production truck! Didn’t I, idiots? Do not press that button! Because I’m the main event. I’m the new Showstopper! You’re Mr. WrestleMania? Well I’m Mr. Stand & Deliver! And that’s gonna be my show.”

Waller won’t be held back, even though he knows they’re gonna try. So how about talking about it? Two weeks, at NXT Roadblock, a very special episode of The Grayson Waller Effect, with the special guest being SHAWN MICHAELS! Waller asks what HBK thinks about that? Waller pushes past the cameraman and says no one can stop him, HE runs this now! But will Waller regret riling up the living legend?

My Thoughts:

Really good NXT, but not much of a main event. And I don’t mean that because it was obvious Bron would win, but that they didn’t give it a lot of time. They shoved two promo segments in right before it, taking away from time that really should’ve gone to this match. Granted, Wes Lee is good on the mic and I do like that he wants another open challenge before Roadblock, and possibilities are endless right now. But at least in Bron VS Jinder, they had time for Indus Sher to get involved, only to brawl with The Creeds. And I also like Waller calling out HBK in this fashion, because as he said himself, it was very Degeneration X. I bet on next week’s talk show segment, HBK brings out his proxy for facing Waller at Roadblock.

The other promo shoved right in before the main event was also well-done. Fallon makes amends with Kiana, next week will surely set up a tag title match for Roadblock or even Stand & Deliver, and there are a lot of choices there, too. But I just feel like they could’ve waited to have that promo later. I guess we’re to believe that with Fallon having that promo with Briggs in the first hour, and then the promo with Kiana in the second hour, Kiana’s business is located just one hour away from the Performance Center. But what I also liked out of the promo is that Kiana said Fallon is jealous. She implied it more that Fallon is feeling lonely seeing Kiana and Jensen together, but how do we know it isn’t jealousy from seeing Kiana is the one with Jensen and not Fallon?

Great opening match from Dragunov VS Trick, probably the best match all night. Trick looked great even in losing, but of course JD McDonagh was ringside to keep his eyes on Dragunov. McDonagh VS Dragunov is of course going to happen, can’t wait to see that. Tyler Bate had a good promo but he was obviously just waiting at the end for The Schism’s music to hit. Good tease of Gacy VS Bate, but also great to have Chase U to back Bate up. That’d be a fun Mixed 8 Person Tag. We got a really good match from Chase U VS The Dyad, but of course Ava and Thea become a distraction. Dyad wins, Duke is upset with Chase again, this could put some real stress on the Mixed Six I thought they’d do.

Bate also had a good promo with Trick that then branched into setting up Bate VS Melo. Melo likely wins to give him momentum going into Stand & Deliver and the title match with Bron. Good match from Gallus VS Malik & Edris, but naturally Gallus wins. The Pretty Deadly delivery boys with the cake were a good fake-out for the real Pretty Deadly to attack from behind. I kinda hope that after using the chairs and steps, we get a No Disqualification type tag title match to up things from all the previous times we’ve seen these teams face each other. And good promo from Dabba-Kato to call out Apollo, I kinda want that to have a stipulation, too, since there’s so much animosity.

Really good stuff out of Von, Stone, Tony & Stacks. Von is basically one-dimensional on purpose because he doesn’t care to open up, though he oddly did show some character by using “You talking to me?” on Tony & Stacks. Von VS Tony was good stuff but of course Tony wins. Tony calling out Dijak for the Jailhouse Street Fight is cool, though that name doesn’t really work. How is it a street fight, aka a fight in the street, if it’s in a jailhouse? Just call it a Jailhouse Match. That match will be awesome no matter what, though, and could go either way. As for Von, still unsure where this is going but I’m sure they’ll make the ride worth it.

Good stuff from Jacy VS Indi but I did not think Gigi would show up tonight. And certainly not before Jacy’s match was over. But I guess Gigi and Jacy can have their grudge match for Roadblock, and then the winner moves on to something bigger at Stand & Deliver. Stevie Turner continues to deliver her livestreamer promos well, but I guess Cora is still out for undisclosed reasons. Maybe Lyra VS Stevie is interrupted by Cora and we get Lyra VS Cora for Roadblock or something. And good promo from Lyons to establish her recovery timeline, and fittingly mean response from Tiffany. Maybe the reveal of who attacked Lyons is part of Roadblock and it somehow makes a match between the culprit and one of Lyons’ only friends, like Indi or Lyra.

Sol Ruca had another good vignette, and Zoey Stark had a good response to it. Zoey calling out Meiko was rather surprising, and I’m pretty sure Meiko wins that match. Meiko and Roxanne had good stuff in the workout vignette. It established the difference in their power levels, making it clear Roxie is the underdog champion, but Roxie will definitely still retain the title. Again, doing such a big match for Roadblock is confusing, but again, we could get something that at least NXT sees as bigger for Stand & Deliver, like Roxie VS Cora or Roxie VS Jacy. If Roxie isn’t beating a legend at Stand & Deliver, Roxie needs to settle things with someone she has a personal grudge against.

My Score: 8.6/10

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Mitchell’s WWE Raw Results & Report! (7/22/24)

Scores will be settled!



Will this be the Final Chapter for Xavier Woods?

The Final Testament have tried to tear The New Day apart, but Xavier Woods is still standing. Otis & Akira Tozawa stand with him, but will they win?


  • WWE Intercontinental Championship #1 Contender’s Match: Ilja Dragunov VS Bron Breakker; Bron wins and will challenge Sami Zayn for the title.
  • Lyra Valkyria w/ Kayden Carter & Katana Chance VS Sonya Deville w/ Shayna Baszler & Zoey Stark; Sonya wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Xavier Woods, Akira Tozawa & Otis w/ Maxxine Dupri VS The Final Testament; The Final Testament wins.
  • Bronson Reed VS Pete Dunne; No Contest.
  • Zelina Vega VS Zoey Stark w/ Sonya Deville & Shayna Baszler; Zelina wins.
  • Sami Zayn & Jey Uso VS Finn Balor & JD McDonagh; Sami & Jey win.



Because of the 2024 Summer Olympics, Raw moves over to SyFy for the next TWO weeks! Check your cable guides and DVRs to make sure you don’t miss a thing!


GUNTHER is here!

Green Bay is torn as Der Ring General walks to the ring. Gunther gets the mic, and as the fans boo, he says, “I know, I know. I know.” The fans boo more, but Gunther still says, “Let me explain myself real quick. I took some time to reflect on the things I said to Damian Priest last week. And I agree.” The fans chant “YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK!” Gunther says we should just skip that. HE MEANT EVERY WORD HE SAID! Priest and everyone in this arena here are BUMS! Because what is at stake is what is nearest and dearest to Gunther, and that is the honor and prestige of this great sport, and the World Heavyweight Championship,

“Ask yourself why did they send me out here first and not Damian Priest? That is because everybody in this company, and every one of you know, he does not live up to it. And that cute little sob story about fighting from the streets and whatever, that does not cover up the fact that Damian Priest is a pretender and a wannabe.” There is a saying where Gunther comes from. He says it in German first, then says, “Show me your friends, and I show you who you are.” We know Priest’s friends, The Judgment Day. And today’s the day when The Judgment Day will be judged by Der Ring General. And he judges them all collectively as TRASH!

The fans boo more but Gunther tells Priest that we know he’s back there. So for the last time, here is a generous offer. Just come on out, lift that weight off his shoulders that he’s not up to carrying, and hand Gunther his championship. Come on, let’s get this over with so we can move past this. Priest can even go home to the trailer park. But here comes El Campeon, and he is storming to the ring! The fans fire up as The Punisher then DECKS Gunther! The fans fire up for the brawl, but then refs run in! Gunther BOOTS Priest but Priest fires back! The brawl continues, security runs out there, and Gunther kicks Priest again!

Producers get in this, too, and the two are separated. But the fans want to “LET THEM FIGHT! LET THEM FIGHT!” Priest gets loose enough to SUPERKICK Gunther down! Gunther falls out of the ring, pushes guards aside, but then Priest fires off on guards, too! And he TOSSES one out onto the rest! Security falls but Gunther gets away! So Priest LEAPS out onto him! The brawl continues at the ramp, but the producers do everything they can to stop this! Gunther retreats, but Priest pursues! Priest CLOBBERS Gunther and Raw goes to break! Will this chaos continue through the commercials?


Raw returns and…

Jackie Redmond reports in that she’s about to get word from Gunther, but then Priest runs up outta nowhere! Priest CLOBBERS Gunther again, and fires off more hands! Gunther CLAWS Priest’s eyes, shoves him back, and security has to rush back in! Producers get in there, too, and Adam Pearce shouts for this to stop! It spills out into the backlot, and Gunther is sent into a road case! Priest still wants after Gunther but Gunther gets away, will either man even make it to SummerSlam?


WWE Intercontinental Championship #1 Contender’s Match: Ilja Dragunov VS Bron Breakker!

From one championship battle to another, The Mad Dragon wants some payback on this rabid dog called Bron Breakker. Dragunov was battling his heart out against Sami Zayn but Bron had to go and ruin that. Will Dragunov kill two birds with one Torpedo Moscow? Or will the Big Bad Booty Nephew prove he’s #MeanerThanEvil?

The bell rings and the two rush in! Bron avoids a boot to waistlock but Ilja throws elbows. Ilja then CHOPS and fans “WOO~!” Ilja eggs Bron on but Bron runs up to TACKLE Ilja! Bron HAMMERS Ilja, Ilja bails out, but Bron goes out to rain down forearms! Bron asks, “Anyone else wanna try to slap the crap?!” Bron SMACKS Ilja off the apron, hears the ring count, and pushes Ilja in at 6 of 10. Bron then storms up but Ilja fires off forearms and boxing elbows! Ilja ROCKS Bron, runs up, and KNEES Bron down! Ilja fires up and Green Bay is with him, and he stalks Bron to a corner. Ilja CHOPS Bron, bumps him off buckles, then CHOPS again!

Ilja keeps Bron up but Bron fires forearms in return. Bron UPPERCUTS, Ilja rebounds to BOOT! Bron tumbles out to the apron and the fans fire up with Ilja again. Ilja goes out, CLUBS Bron, then CHOPS! Bron fires body shots and haymakers! Bron CLUBS Ilja, Ilja body shots back! Ilja fireman’s carries Bron, the fans fire up again, but Bron holds ropes! Ilja lets go to get around Bron, and CLUBS him in the back. Bron goes to the other side of the corner, Ilja stands him up, and Ilja fires forearms. Bron SMACKS Ilja off the buckle! The fans rally, Bron drags Ilja back up, and they go up the corner! The fans rally up and Ilja fights the suplex!

Ilja throws body shots, but now Bron fights the suplex! They go to the very top, and Bron GOURD BUSTERS Ilja on the post! Ilja falls to the floor, Bron laughs, and Raw goes to break.

Raw returns and Ilja endures a bearhug! Bron squeezes but the fans rally for Ilja. Ilja CLUBS Bron, is free, and he SLAPS Bron! And SLAPS! And SLAPS! Bron shakes his head, catches Ilja to a fireman’s carry, and a GUTBUSTER DROP! Cover, TWO! Ilja survives but Bron grins. Ilja shakes his head, Bron drags him up, and the fans rally as Bron reels Ilja in. Bron lifts Ilja but Ilja punches free of the bomb to DDT! Both men are down again and the fans continue to rally. Both men rise, and Ilja CHOPS! Bron ROCKS Ilja, Ilja fires back! They go back and forth, but then Ilja CHOPS! SPIN CHOP! CHOP to the leg! Another CHOP high!

Bron staggers, Ilja ENZIGIRIS! Bron stumbles, but he gets moving! Ilja BOOTS him first! Ilja then runs up, dodges Bron, CONSTANTINE SPECIAL! Green Bay is thunderous as both men rise, and Ilja CHOPS Bron in a corner. Ilja bumps Bron off buckles, CHOPS again, then goes corner to corner and back again, for a JUMP KNEE! Bron stumbles, Ilja keeps moving, BOOT WASH in the corner! The fans fire up and Ilja drags Bron back up. Ilja reels Bron in, but Bron fights the lift! Ilja’s back bothers him but he still tries. Bron gets free, but Ilja SLAPOs, SLAPS and DISCUS SLAPS! Then he lifts Bron for a POWERBOMB!! Cover, TWO!!

Bron survives and Ilja is beside himself! The fans fire up, “This is Awesome!” and Ilja drags himself to a corner. Ilja rises up the ropes, but Bron rises. Bron anchors Ilja, Ilja CLUBS away on him. Ilja SLAPS Bron away, but Bron comes back and springs right up! SUPER STEINER! Cover, TWO!! Ilja survives and Bron is stunned! Bron hurries up a corner and he takes aim. Ilja rises, and he ENZIGIRIS a leg out! Bron is stuck on his Steiner, and Ilja goes up after him! SUPER DUPER PLEX!! Ilja rises, to H-BOMB FOREARM!! But he can’t make the cover! Bron rolls away to the apron to save himself! Ilja crawls over and fans rally up.

Ilja snarls, drags Bron up to fireman’s carry, but Bron holds ropes! Ilja still hits an APRON DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! Bron flops to the floor and the fans are thunderous again! Ilja crawls along the apron, “This is Awesome!” as he takes aim. SUPER H- SPEAR!!! Ilja gets sandwiched between Bron and apron! Bron slides into the ring and waits. The ref checks Ilja, and then calls it!? Bron wins by default!

Winner: Bron Breakker, by referee stoppage (NEW #1 Contender to the Intercontinental Championship)

The fans boo but the ref calls for medical. The medics check Ilja, who still seems knocked for a loop. Bron gets his second shot at Sami Zayn, will he end up doing the exact same thing to the champ? Or will Sami be able to turn the tide just like he did at Money in the Bank?


Judgment Day hangs out in the clubhouse.

They’re still playing WWE 2K, but also arguing about some things. Rhea Ripley has them all snap out of it. They might’ve lost Priest for the night, since he’s focused on his world title. But they also have the World Tag Team Championships, and she is going to get back her Women’s World Championship. JD says not long now, and she says right. Not long now until The Judgment Day holds all the gold once again. Dominik says that’s great, but he wants to talk with her. She accepts and they step aside. Dom knows they had a good week reconnecting, but… Dom just worries about what he saw online with Jey Uso asking for her number and she said, “Yeet.”

Rhea tells Dom to calm down. She’s just messing around. Unlike what Dom was doing with Liv Morgan. Rhea was watching Dom’s socials, too, y’know. Finn Balor steps in. He thinks Dom needs to take care of Jey once and for all! The boys agree, but Rhea says no, Jey doesn’t matter at all. Oh, is Rhea defending Jey? No! She’s not defending anyone. But what’s the point of starting a war with Jey? Dom, use your brain. Carlito agrees, use your brain. JD asks whose side Carlito’s on, and Finn looks at Dom. “You know what you have to do.” Is peer pressure about to get in Dirty Dom’s head?


Adam Pearce talks backstage with Drew McIntyre.

It seems McIntyre finally does apologize to the refs, and he shakes hands with the Raw GM. McIntyre has been reinstated, but will he be able to keep his cool with CM Punk also in the building tonight?


Xavier Woods and the (former) Alpha Academy celebrate.

It’s Tozawa’s birthday, so he gets a cake! He blows out the candles, and the group digs in. Otis uses his bare hands and says “OH YEAH~!” Tozawa does his shuffle and Woods says that’s naaasty~! But will things get real nasty when they take on Karrion Kross & The Authors of Pain later tonight?


Lyra Valkyria w/ Kayden Carter & Katana Chance VS Sonya Deville w/ Shayna Baszler & Zoey Stark!

The Morrigan and her new pals in the party gals have been beefing with this new trio of hunters, and we saw KC Squared get cheated just last week. Will Lyra humble Sonya so soon after her return? Or will Sonya go 2-0 real quick with help from her new friends?

Raw returns and Sonya makes her entrance, Shayna & Zoey by her side. The bell rings, the fans rally and the two circle. They tie up, and Sonya powers Lyra back. Lyra turns things around, they end up on ropes, then a corner. The ref counts, Lyra and Sonya move from the corner, and Sonya fires knee after knee! Sonya throws Lyra down by her hair, then soaks up the heat. Sonya gets in Lyra’s face, but Lyra SLAPS her! Lyra RAMS Sonya into the corner, RAMS her again and again, then stomps a mudhole in! The ref counts, Lyra lets off, and she blocks a boot to ROCK Sonya! Lyra whips corner to corner but Sonya reverses.

Lyra goes up and over and handsprings, tot hen sweep the legs! Sonya flounders, into a SHOTGUN! Cover, ONE!! Sonya bails out to the apron then regroups with her team. Lyra rallies the fans and builds speed, but Shayna saves Sonya! Sonya then THROWS Lyra into barriers! The fans boo but Sonya soaks it up. Kayden & Katana check on Lyra while Raw goes to break.

Raw returns again and Lyra ROCKS Sonya up top! Lyra climbs but Sonya CLUBS her over and over! Lyra hops down but then hops back up to fire more forearms! Lyra HAMMERS Sonya, brings her up, and the fans rally up for the SUPERPLEX! Both women are down and writhing from that rough landing, but the fans rally back up. Lyra rises, Sonya sits up, and Lyra fires a forearm! And another! Sonya hits back, then SOBATS! Sonya KICKS Lyra, KICKS her down, and Lyra sits up. Lyra avoid the sliding knee to kip up and ENZIGIRI! Lyra hurries to reel Sonya in, but Sonya wrenches out! Lyra steps over to SOBAT!

Lyra KICKS, HEADBUTTS, KICKS and HEEL KICKS! Sonya falls, Lyra brings her back around. Scoop and NORTHERN LIGHTS! Bridging cover, TWO! Sonya escapes and the fans rally up. Shayna & Zoey are stressed for Sonya as Lyra brings her up. Lyra fireman’s carries, but Sonya slips free to dragon sleeper! But Lyra snapmares free! Sonya comes back, wants a leg, but Lyra steps over to gut wrench! Lyra holds Sonya upside-down, to then GUT WRENCH BOMB! Cover, TWO!! Sonya survives but Lyra is not stopping! Lyra goes up a corner, but Shayna gets on the apron! The ref stops her but misses Zoey SHOVE Lyra down!

The fans boo but then Kayden & Katana YANK Shayna down! They TOSS Shayna, then DECK Zoey! But Sonya SHOVES Katana! Zoey SUPERKICKS Kayden! Sonya runs up, Lyra dodges to WRECK Shayna with a dropkick! But Sonya drags Lyra in for DEVILLE’S ADVOCATE! Cover, Sonya wins!

Winner: Sonya Deville, by pinfall

As the theme song says, Sonya’s a beast and a menace, but she’s also the winner. Shayna & Zoey raise her hands in victory, will these three do what they want to who they want until they are in control of the Women’s Division?


The Wyatt Sick6 have another video.

“Look at yourself. Look at yourself. Look at yourself!” Sister Abigail smiles. “They lied to you. Ignored you. Watched you suffer in solitude. I have been the answer all along.” Sister Abigail goes from laughing to crying to shrieking. Is that Nikki Cross? What darkness has consumed her sanity to make her into… this?


CM Punk is here!

Green Bay fires up for the Best in the World as he makes his way out, and he high-fives the fans by the stage area on his way to the ramp. Then Punk makes sure we know, “It’s CLOBBERIN’ Time~!” Punk continues down to ringside, high-fives some more fans, and even Samantha Irving before he steps inside the ring. The fans chant for “C M PUNK! C M PUNK!” as he gets the mic. Punk says, “Is it great to be alive on a Monday night in Green Bay, Wisconsin or what?” The fans cheer that! Punk asks if Green Bay’s bay is really green. Maybe it is, and his shoes are pink, and it is time to stain them both with the blood of a Scottish Psychopath!

Because Punk saw his surgeon on Saturday night, and Punk is CLEARED! That means Punk will get his pound of flesh, so McIntyre, come get the beating you deserve! Punk wraps up his fists with tape, the fans fire up behind him, and here comes McIntyre! The Scottish Psychopath has a mic of his own as he glares at Punk from the stage. McIntyre can’t tell us how long he’s waited for this. With how Punk has screwed him over and over, there will be nothing to stop McIntyre from getting in that ring and tearing Punk apart! Except the fact he doesn’t want to. What? Well, Punk wants to! Punk goes out, but security and refs rush in!

The fans boo and McIntyre tells Punk to relax. Their match is too big for Green Bay. This is big money. Control your emotions, Punk. McIntyre is chill. When he’s emotional, he tends to turn to family. He shows off the bracelet! Punk is even angrier, but Adam Pearce tells McIntyre that this is enough. It’s been ten minutes, McIntyre can’t help himself. What McIntyre isn’t telling everyone is that there’s a reason they’re not fighting tonight. McIntyre is officially reinstated, Punk is officially medically cleared, so IT IS OFFICIAL: McIntyre VS Punk at SUMMERSLAM! The fans love that, but Punk still wants to fight now!

Pearce says another thing that’s not clear is that if either one lays a finger on the other, not only is the match off, the first person to swing gets suspended indefinitely! The chaos has to stop! Between these two, Gunther and Priest, Pearce has a big problem, but also a big referee problem. And here comes Seth Rollins!! The Visionary swaggers out in a frilly curtain of a coat, the fans sing along with “WHOA~ OH~ OHH~!” and Rollins laughs as he passes McIntyre. Rollins promises they’ll all love this one. Rollins and Pearce shake hands, and Rollins heads into the ring. Rollins gets himself a mic, and says, “Oh yeah< Green Bay, we had ourselves a problem, didn’t we?”

See, Drew hates Punk, Punk hates Drew, and both these morons, all the chaos they’ve caused the past year has scared away everybody from getting in between them. But Rollins isn’t a problem guy, Green Bay. No, no, no. Rollins is a solutions guy! And he thinks he has a solution. Rollins knows a guy who thrives on chaos, and who would love nothing more than to put these two in their places! He is a Visionary… He is a Revolutionary…! And at SummerSlam, he is your SPECIAL GUEST REFEREE! HE is Seth FREAKIN’ Rollins!! The fans are thunderous but both Punk and Drew step up to the apron. Rollins swaggers now, but will he have to lay down the law in The Land?


Judgment Day searches backsatge.

Are they trying to find Jey? Carlito says divide and conquer. JD will check catering. Carlito says catering sounds good. They go that way, and then Finn says he’ll go over this way while Dom goes the other way, and they’ll double back. Dom says okay, and heads out. Only for Liv to find him first! Dom says stop it, Liv, you can’t keep doing this. Liv says she just wants to check on him. Rhea’s going off the deep end, how is Dom doing? Dom asks what she’s even doing. Liv hushes him and says it is okay. She knows how Rhea makes Dom feel. Don’t worry about it, everything will be okay.

Dom says everything IS okay, now! Rhea and Dom are perfect actually. That’s the spirit. What? Finn returns and Liv says that’s her cue. Bye, Daddy Dom. Finn says he left Dom alone for ten seconds, what happened? Dom asks back if Finn saw Jey. Maybe he went this way, aka the way Liv went. Finn stops Dom before he gets started, and they go the other way. Finn sighs, will Dom ever get his head on straight?


Backstage interview with Sami Zayn.

Cathy Kelley is with the WWE Intercontinental Champion and asks him about Bron Breakker being his challenger. Is he concerned seeing what happened to Ilja tonight? “Concerned” may not be the word for it, but we all saw what Bron did to Ilja. They went to war, they wanted this title, and Bron did earn his shot. “Concern” isn’t the word, but Sami is taking Bron very seriously. Sami tells Bron that Bron should be careful not to make the same mistake he did at MITB by taking Sami very seriously. Sami will do what he does every single time this title is on the line, and that is bring 100%.

Cathy says we have yet to get an update on Ilja’s exact injury, but- Wait, what is that noise? They look down the hall, and we see Judgment Day beatin up on Jey! Sami hits back! Sami fires off on JD, Jey hits Carlito, and the brawl is on! Sami SMACKS JD off the road case, but Carlito says bail out! Carlito gets JD outta there, Sami helps Jey to his feet. Will Sami & Jey have to make sure something is done about Judgment Day?


Six Man Tag: Xavier Woods, Akira Tozawa & Otis w/ Maxxine Dupri VS The Final Testament!

They blew out the candles, had the cake, and now this match will be the special birthday gift for the Stamina Monster! Can Woods, Tozawa & Otis be a new super trio that takes down Karrion Kross & The Authors of Pain? Or will this already be their Final Chapter?

Raw returns and The Final Testament makes their entrance. The trios sort out and Woods starts against Kross. The fans rally as the two circle, and “NEW! DAY ROCKS!” But Kross tags out to Rezar. Woods figured as much, and he dodges the Albanian Psycho to mule kick! Woods fires hands, but Rezar RAMS Woods into a corner! Rezar CHOKES Woods, lets off as the ref counts, then runs in. Woods dodges to CHOP, CHOP and CHOP! Rezar just gets mad and TOSSES Woods to the Testament’s corner. Tag to Akam, and he stomps Woods down. Rezar CLUBS Woods, and Akam soaks up heat. The fans boo but Akam CLUBS Woods.

The “Punjabi Nightmare” whips Woods, but Woods ducks ‘n’ dodges to then FLYIGN FOREARM! The fans fire up and Woods ROCKS Akam again! Woods stomps Akam, CHOPS him, CHOPS him, and CHOPS him again! Woods wrenches, Tozawa tags in, and Tozawa climbs to AX HANDLE! Tozawa runs to ROCK Akam! Akam grabs Tozawa by the neck! Akam scoops, Tozawa slips free and he DUMPS Akam out! The fans fire up as Tozawa then WRECKS Akam with a dropkick! TOZAWA TOPE and down goes Akam! The fans fire up, and Tozawa rips his shirt! The Stamina Monster is runnin’ wild while Raw goes to break!

Raw returns again and Akam knocks Tozawa over. The fans boo but Akam drags Tozawa back up, only for Tozawa to throw hands! The fans fire up and Tozawa fires haymakers! Akam shoves Tozawa to ELBOW him down! Cover, TWO! Maxxine and the fans rally but Kross tags in. Kross stomps Tozawa, stalks him to a corner, then hauls him up. Kross whips corner to corner but Tozawa goes up to CROSSBODY! Kross catches him for a fireman’s carry! F5 THOUSAND! Kross roars but the fans boo. Kross stomps Tozawa, the fans chant “We Want Otis!” Kross smirks, then sucker punches Woods! Kross runs upb ut Tozawa BOOTS him!

Kross returns but Tozawa SUPERKICKS! Tozawa then dodges Kross, hto tag to Otis! Wisconsin’s own starts rallying on The Final Testament! LARIAT after LARIAT and Green Bay is thunderous! Otis even rolls and comes back to LARIAT! The fans are electric as Otis SPLASHES Akam in a corner! Akam falls, and Otis takes off the vest! Otis wiggles those hips and hits the CATERPILLAR~ ELBOW! Akam bails out and the fans go wild! But Kross ROCKS Otis with a forearm! Kross runs up, Otis ELBOWS him, and Woods tags in. Rezar drags Otis out, Woods goes up, and Woods MISSILE DROPKICKS Kross!

Tozawa goes up to SUPER CROSSBODY Rezar! The fans fire up and Woods kips up to fire fast hands on Kross! The ref gets in there, Woods says get outta here! Woods fires more hands, then SUPERKICKS Akam! But Kross scoops Woods for a FINAL PRAYER!! Cover, Final Testament wins!

Winner: The Final Testament, by pinfall

Woods on fire, but he could not stop the apocalypse. Kross mockingly applauds Woods, but will he ever break Woods’ spirit? Wait, here comes the new Alpha Academy, Chad Gable & The Creed Brothers. The fans chant “YOU SUCK!” but what does Gable have to say? We find out, after the break.

Raw returns and…

Gable & The Creeds are in the ring with Otis, Tozawa & Maxxine. The fans still chant “YOU SUCK!” but Gable ignores that. He says, “My old crew. Now, the reason I asked for you guys to stay out here tonight is because there is something in me that needs to just keep helping my former pupils, y’know? I can’t help myself. That’s just the type of guy I am, I guess.” Gable says Otis has assumed a leadership position in the group, that’s an interesting choice. But the first thing he does is team with Xavier Woods, and loses! Now, the coach in Gable would say Otis has to lead with his mind, but we all know using his brain isn’t Otis’ strong point.

The fans boo but Gable says using his brain IS his strong suit. That’s why he has Julius & Brutus Creed, a couple fine and professional freak athletes to stand by his side. And they’ll fill in where there were some weaknesses. But this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Otis, do the right thing and come back to your coach to rejoin the Academy. The fans boo and say “NO! NO! NO!” Gable says whoa, hey, a little incentive first. The Wyatt Sick6 is after everyone, including them, so they can get extra protection. Otis asks, “Protection? Are you sure, Chad Gable? Like you protected the Creed Brothers last week?”

Otis says oh yeah, when things get juicy, get dangerous, Gable flees the scene, leaving the other two for dead in the ring. Otis says that is the kind of man Gable is. As for Otis’ answer, it is still “No.” The fans cheer and Gable says he’s an idiot! Maxxine, Tozawa, you’re not letting this clown speak for you, are you? But they stay by Otis’ side! Green Bay cheers Otis, and Gable says well then, this is unfortunate. Boys! The Creeds CLOBBER Otis & Tozawa! Brutus TOSSES Tozawa, then the brothers mug Otis 2v1! The fans boo, Maxxine hurries to Tozawa’s side, and Otis blasts free! Otis DOUBLE LARIATS The Creeds!

Otis is face to face with Gable and Gable panics! Otis grabs Gable by the neck, pops him up, but The Creeds save Gable from a powerslam! The Creeds & Gable stomp away 3v1 now, and they sit Otis up. They POST Otis, and Otis tumbles out to the apron and then floor. The fans boo as they haul Otis up again, throw more hands, and then RAM him into the apron side! Gable brings his new boys chairs! But then the lights start turning off! Gable panics all over again as the fireflies come out! The fans tell Gable he done messed up now! The fog rolls in, the piano plays, but Julius & Brutus are ready to fight!

The eerie light shines from the stage, and out step Abigail, Huskus, Mercy & Ramblin’ Rabbit! But then wait, UNCLE HOWDY is behind Gable!! “There you are!” Gable turns around, into the SISTER ABIGAIL!! Howdy hits Gable with that wicked sidewinder! The Wyatts are here, will they make Gable learn the error of his ways?


Bronson Reed VS Pete Dunne!

The Colossal Aussie beat the Bruiserweight, lost to the Celtic Warrior, but he still got the better of them both in the end. Will he demolish Dunne all over again? Or will the former NXT UK Champion show us he can #StandTall all on his own?

But then Sheamus KNEES Dunne down!! Bronson says okay, let’s go! He and Sheamus fire off forearms and haymakers and the fans fire up! Bronson HEADBUTTS Sheamus, fireman’s carries, but Sheamus slips free to KNEE Bronson! Dunne is back up but Sheamus tosses him out! Sheamus has Dunne on the ropes, for BEATS OF THE BODRHAIN! The fans count all the way to TEN! Dunne flops back in, Sheamus throws his shirt for a free souvenir! Sheamus aims from a corner, and he- NO, Dunne bails out to avoid the Brogue! So Sheamus just changes targets, BROGUE for Bronson!

Bronson bails out and The Fella stands tall! Will the 15 YEAR WWE icon just have to fight everybody to remind everybody who the hell he is?


Judgment Day regroups backstage.

JD & Carlito are still sore and Rhea asks what the hell! They found Jey… Then Sami found them… It didn’t go well. JD says Carlito, c’mon, you don’t always have to tell the truth. Finn says he is tired of the disrespect! He talked with Pearce, so it is official! Finn & McDonagh will take down Jey & Sami! Then next week, if Gunther wants to call The Judgment Day a joke, then we’ll see who is laughing when he faces Finn 1v1! Rhea says okay, cool, but she told them not to mess with Jey! And now Sami is involved! Oh, and where were Dom & Finn when that scrap happened? Carlito chuckles and says ask Liv.

Rhea asks Dom what that means and Dom says he has no idea what was going on. Liv just- Rhea stops him there and says they’re going to the ring. The fans fire up as Rhea drags her Latino Heat out of the room. What is about to go down when Mami and Dommy go out there?


Backstage interview with Sheamus.

Jackie Redmond is with The Fella and brings up his attack on Bronson and former friend, Dunne. What exactly is going on here? Sheamus says he knows this business like the back of his hand. Bronson wanted to take Sheamus out of this business just so he could be the man that ended the Celtic Warrior. And as for his old brawling buddy, Pete, that’s still a head scratcher. Whatever issue Pete has with Sheamus, they can easily settle it. They can go to an ol’ Irish pub, have a pint, and settle this like proper fellas. Or they can take this to the ring and find out who the real bruiserweight is. Up for a banger? Sheamus heads out, what will be Dunne’s response?


Rhea & Dom go to the ring!

The fans cheer as Mami pushes Dirty Dom down the ramp and ushers him into the ring. Rhea then gets a mic to shout at Liv! If Liv wants him, then come get him! What?! Liv makes her entrance, but from the bleachers behind Rhea & Dom. Liv says hi, guys~! And Rhea, um, no, Liv’s not gonna be going to the ring, because unlike Rhea, Liv has some self control. Liv waited for Rhea all this time, she can wait until SummerSlam. And the reason Liv is here is obvious: It’s because she has feelings for Dom! Rhea glares at Dom but Liv says Dom surely has feelings for Liv, and no one can deny that.

But you know why that is? It’s because gorgeous men like Dom don’t go for girls that look like Rhea. No, gorgeous men like Dom go for girls that look like Liv. Liv shows off the shorts, and then Dom stops Rhea from storming out of the ring! Rhea pushes Dom, Dom grabs at Rhea, but Rhea glares at him! Rhea says let go, but Dom wants her to listen. What does Dom want?! Dom says he will take care of this. Liv says hold on, Green Bay, hold on, let Dom talk. The fans boo but Liv says please let Dom speak. Because she knows what he’s gonna say, and she feels the exact same way. So Dom, finally just say those three little words!

Dom asks Liv if she wants those three little words. Yes, please! Dom says “I HATE YOU!!” IS she stupid?! Deaf!? She has RUINED his life over and over again! Liv is about to cry as Dom insults her more! Dom cannot stand Liv, she’s ruined so much of his life! Liv backs away sobbing, and fans boo Dom more. Rhea smiles, proud of her Dommy. She whispers something to him and he smiles. Rhea then licks Dom on the cheek before kissing him on the cheek. How is it that Dom has these two fighting over him like he’s the championship? And speaking of the championship, will Liv’s broken heart cost her the title at SummerSlam?


On stage interview with Zelina Vega.

Cathy Kelley is there to ask Zelina about last week, the damaged suffered at the hands of Sonya Deville. Zelina’s arm is all wrapped up, so is she worried about having another match so soon? Zelina says she’s a Boricua, this is not going to stop her! She said it before and will say it again, no one can keep Zelina Vega down. She’s been underestimated her whole life, so it is time to prove people wrong and shutting people the hell up! Fans cheer that, and La Muneca continues to the ring. But will having a target on that arm only make it easy for The Hunter to hit the mark?

Zelina Vega VS Zoey Stark w/ Sonya Deville & Shayna Baszler!

Raw returns and Zoey makes her entrance, Sonya & Shayna by her side. The bell rings and the two circle. Zoey runs up, Zelina gets around and rolls her up, ONE! Zoey swings, Zelina ducks ‘n’ dodges to tilt-o-whirl, but Zoey powers Zelina around to head for a corner. Zelina slips free to send Zoey into buckles! Zelina kicks, kicks again, but Zoey blocks! Zoey grabs the bad arm, wrenches and WRINGS it! Zelina writhes but Zoey grabs the arm. Zoey stands on the arm, soaks up the heat, but Zelina avoids the knee drop! Zelina KICKS Zoey, runs, but is sent into ropes! Zelina sputters, and Zoey rains down fists!

The fans boo but Zoey paces around. Zoey drags Zelina up, but Zelina fires forearms. Zoey KNEES low, CLUBS her, then RAMS her into a corner. Zoey RAMS into Zelina again and again, then pulls on the bad arm! Zelina fires shots with her good arm, then BOOTS Zelina away! Zoey runs back in but is sent into buckles! Zelina runs in to METEORA! Zelina goes up and up, but Zoey CLUBS her! Zoey climbs up after Zelina, but Zelina elbows her away! Zelina goes to the very top, but Zoey is right up after her! Zoey grabs the bad arm, to HOTSHOT Zelina down! Zelina falls to the floor and Raw goes to break.

Raw returns again and Zoey suplexes Zelina, but Zelina cradle counters! TWO!! Zoey gets free, runs up, but into a BOOT! Zelina then sends Zeoy out, but Zoey springboards in to MISSILE DROPKICK! Cover, TWO! Zoey is frustrated but she clamps onto the bad arm for a top wristlock. Zelina endures, even as Zoey leans on the hold. The fans rally, Zelina fights up, and Zelina fires body shots. Zelina arm-drags free, then KICKS! KICKS! And KICKS! Zelina fires off shots, but Zoey blocks one, so Zelina ENZIGIRIS! The fans fire up more as Zelina runs, tilt-o-whirls, and DDTS! Zoey tumbles around and the fans fire up with Zelina!

Zelina goes to a corner, goes up and up, and MOONSAULTS! Cover, TWO! Zoey survives and Zelina is frustrated. Zelina watches Zoey rise, then hops on, but Zoey slips free. SUPERKICK! Cover, TWO! Zelina is tougher than that and Zoey is frustrated. Zoey storms up on Zelina, waistlocks, but Zelina victory rolls Zoey into ropes! The fans fire up but Sonya gets on the apron! The ref stops Sonya but Shayna trips Zelina! No 619 here and the fans boo. But the ref notices something has to be up. But then Lyra, Kayden & Katana run out here to CLOBBER Shayna & Sonya! Zoey sees that, still flits Zelina, but Zelina ROCKS Zoey!

Zelina realizes her arm brace packs a punch! So she ROCKS Zoey again! Then she hops on for CODE RED! Cover, Zelina wins!!

Winner: Zelina Vega, by pinfall

Lyra, Kayden & Katana celebrate with Zelina as she gets even with The Hunter! Will these four stand up against the new bullies on the block?


Woods finds Pearce backstage.

Woods knows the GM always has a lot on his plate, people complaining to him every single week, but Woods needs Kross 1v1. Pearce asks if he’s sure. Woods says yes, he can’t drag anyone else into this, he has to do this himself. Pearce says alright, consider it official. Woods thanks Pearce and heads out, but then in steps McIntyre. So Pearce didn’t think to mention Rollins as special guest referee was an important enough detail before McIntyre went out there? Hold on, McIntyre. If you have a problem with this, you shouldn’t have put hands on refs in the first place. But he wanted a match so here’s what Pearce has for him.

McIntyre points out this is Seth Rollins, though! He knows the history between them! And that Rollins and Punk are also “nasty” with each other just for stuff Punk said on the internet. But McIntyre took the world title from Rollins at WrestleMania, how is this fair? Oh, “fair?” Well, they’re all going to be in the ring together next week and we’ll see how fair Rollins is when he gives them his official referee instructions. Now if you’ll excuse Pearce, he needs a drink. Pearce leaves and McIntyre asks what he even means by that. Will The Architect’s plans for SummerSlam be fair to everyone involved? Or will he make some… special adjustments?


Backstage interview with Alba Fyre & Isla Dawn.

Jackie Redmond is with the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, and knows that later this week, they will appear on SmackDown to properly address the challenge thrown out by Bianca Belair & Jade Cargill. What can we expect this Friday? Oh, they’ll be there to meet the former champions, but they have everything right now. They run this division. Shayna asks if they’re serious right now. She, Sonya & Zoey walk in and say Alba & Isla have been visiting the other show so much that they’re not paying attention. Shayna, Sonya & Zoey have been running things week after week.

Oh, yeah? Even after Zelina just beat Zoey out there? Alba says everyone is running through these three right now. Sonya says Zelina made the biggest mistake of her career, and so did those other girls. Sonya’s trio will handle them later. But what Alba & Isla need to understand is that Bianca & Jade aren’t their biggest threat, Sonya’s trio is. And they’ll be the ones to take those titles off the champs. Isla says they’re more than welcome to try. Oh, they will. See you soon. Sonya leads her team away but the wicked witches don’t sweat them. Will Alba & Isla make all the other teams curse the day they came for the gold?


Gunther speaks.

“Respectable champions, impressive legacies, unmatched impact. All living out their dreams, but all weighed down by fragile egos. Fragile egos that have shattered the reputation of the World Heavyweight Championship. All simple men that will shrink in front of a titan. This is why WWE desperately needed me. And this is why the World Heavyweight Championship needs me: to create a new mountain top.” Gunther admits Rollins did a fantastic job elevating this title. But the burden of being the workhorse drove Rollins into the ground. Drew McIntyre was so concerned with an afterthought like CM Punk that he held onto the title for only five minutes!

And now, as Damian Priest honorably carries the weight on his shoulders, his foundation is starting to crack. All his work for this dream will slip away from him. It’s a shame. As Gunther looks around at the cast of challengers, it becomes truly… disgusting. He cannot respect entertainers more concerned with making the crowds sings, or hitting some clever line for the respect of the mindless. None of that means anything once you step into that sacred ring. Gunther is the only one who can redefine the prestige of the World Heavyweight Championship, and bring it to a level no title has seen before.

At SummerSlam, the future of this great sport is on the line. And just like everyone else that said they’d teach Gunther a lesson, Priest will fail. Gunther will showcase the power, dominance and prestige this sport still desperately needs! At SummerSlam, Der Ring General will become Der World Heavyweight Champion! Gunther makes that promise, but will he be able to keep it?


Sami Zayn & Jey Uso VS Finn Balor & JD McDonagh w/ Dominik Mysterio & Carlito!

Just as the WWE Intercontinental Champion was worrying about his plans, he came to the rescue of his friend, his “dawg,” Main Event Jey! And now they’re in the main event together, taking on the WWE World Tag Team Champions! Could we see Sami & Jey feeling ucey after tonight? Or will the Judgment Day prove they run Monday Night Raw?

Sami & Jey make their way through the crowded pavilion, and Jey says, “C’mon, Uce!” The fans ‘YEET! YEET! YEET!” as they follow this dynamic duo, and they even hand over some foam YEET hands! The secret handshake returns, and the fans cheer more! Jey says hit his music! “UUUSOOO~!” Jey & Sami then make their entrance down through the bleachers and fans bounce along with the song. Jey even high-fives Pat & Cole before getting in the ring. Will Jey & Sami YEET Judgment Day right outta the building? We’ll see, after the break.

Raw returns and The Judgment Day makes their entrance. The teams sort out and Finn starts against Jey. The fans “YEET!” already as Finn and Jey circle. They feel things out, tie up, and Finn headlocks. Jey endures the grind, powers up and out, but Finn runs him over! Cover, TWO! Finn ELBOWS Jey in the head, brings him around and bumps him off buckles. Finn fires body shots, RAMS into Jey, then tells the ref to back off. Finn whips JEy corner to corner, but Jey goes up and over! Jey UPERPCUTS Finn off his feet! Finn flounders to a corner, Jey says “YEET!” and runs up to ELBOW! And PELE! Finn falls, Jey covers, TWO!

Jey stays cool and he storms up on Finn. Jey brings Finn up, wrenches, and he tags Sami. The fans cheer as Sami goes up to AX HANDLE! Finn clutches his arm, but Sami brings him up and in. Finn RAMS Sami into the corner! Tag to JD and the tag champs mug Sami. The ref counts, the fans sing “OLE~! OLE OLE OLE~!” and JD lets off. JD CLUBS Sami, whips, but Sami goes up and over to LARIAT! The fans fire up, Sami drags JD up and bumps him off buckles. The ref has Sami back off, but then JD YANKS Sami into buckles! The ref reprimands but JD CLUBS Sami down. JD drags Sami up to snapmare and ELBOW him down.

JD soaks up the heat, runs and drops the leg, brother! Cover, ONE!! Sami is tougher than that, but JD sucker punches Jey! The fans boo, but Sami LARIATS JD up and out! Finn runs in but Sami TOSSES him! Sami then goes to the apron and mule kicks each of them, before the ARABIAN PRESS SAULT! Direct hit on Finn & JD and Green Bay fires up! Sami stands tall and storms back over. Dom storms up but Sami backs him off! The ref stops Sami, and he tells Dom to back off. But Carlito POSTS Sami behind the ref’s back! The fans boo but Caribbean Cool gets away with that, and Raw goes to break.

Raw returns again and Finn stomps a mudhole into Sami at the corner. The ref counts, Finn lets off, but JD digs his boot in now! The fans boo, Finn storms back up to jump stomp Sami down! Tag to JD, he drags Sami up but keeps him from Jey. JD reels Sami in for a BIG back suplex! Cover, TWO! The fans rally up for Sami as he reaches out for Jey. JD stomps Sami, stays between him and Jey, then facelocks. Fans “YEET! YEET! YEET!” and Sami fights up! Sami reaches out, Jey reaches out, and Sami back drops JD away! Finn hurries to tag in and CLOBBER Sami! Cover, TWO! Finn rains down fists on Sami while fans boo.

Finn stomps Sami, sits him up and ELBOWS him down! Cover, ONE!! Sami powers up but Finn RAMS him into the corner! Tag to JD and he CHOPS! And CHOPS! But Sami COHSP! And CHOPS! And CHOPS! Then he CHOPS Finn! JD ROCKS Sami, kicks and whips, but Sami KICKS JD! JD wobbles, swings, but into a BLUE THUNDER BOMB! Both men are down and the fans fire up! Sami and JD crawl, hot tags to Finn and Jey! The fans are thunderous as Jey fires haymakers on Finn! “YEET! YEET! YEET!” Jey pops, locks ‘n’ puts some stank on that YEET! Finn staggers, Jey whips, but Finn reverses. Jey dodges to mule kick!

Jey takes off the shirt, and he UPPERCUTS Finn! Finn blocks the kick but not the DRAGON WHIP! Finn goes to a corner, JD runs in! JD blocks a kick but takes a DRAGON WHIP, too! Jey sees Finn and JD in opposite corners, and the fans fire up with “UCE! SO!” HIP ATTACK for JD! HIP- NO, Finn TOSSES Jey out! But Jey GAMANGIRIS! Jey goes up and up and CROSSBODIES Finn! Cover, TWO! Finn is tougher than that but Jey stays cool. The fans rally up, Jey watches Finn flounder, and he runs in, into a KICK! But Jey stops the slingblade! Jey whips, fireman’s carries, but Finn CLAWS eyes to hit the SLINGBLADE! Cover, TWO!

Finn snarls and Dom coaches him. Finn calls to JD, then brings Jey up in the corner. JD stands up, Finn fires body shots then snapmares Jey. Tag to JD and he slingshots to ARABIAN PRESS! Cover, TWO! JD argues with the ref but the ref defends his count. JD stomps Jey’s fingers, then he tags back to Finn. JD throws down hands on Jey, then stands Jey up. Finn climbs, but Jey fights free! Finn leaps, into a SUPERKICK! The fans fire up while both men are down! Sami rises and the fans fire up more! Finn and Jey crawl, hot tags to JD and Sami! The Great Liberator catches the Irish Ace first, for a CORNER EXPLODER!

The fans fire up as Sami aims from across the way! But Carlito gets on the apron! And Dom anchors Sami! The fans boo, Sami gets loose, but JD runs up to hit a SPANISH FLY!! Cover, TWO!! Sami survives and Judgment Day can’t believe it! JD SLAPS Sami, fires more hands, then kicks low. “This is Awesome!” as JD brings Sami up. JD whips, Jey tags in! Sami BOOTS JD, Jey SUPERKICKS! JD sputters, Jey & Sami coordinate! Whip and ONE D!! The fans are thunderous, but Carlito throws Finn in to break the cover! Finn drags Sami up to TOSS him out, then drags JD over so he can tag in. Finn then storms up on Jey, but Jey UPPERCUTS!

Jey fires haymakers, “YEET! YEET! YEET!” JD is up but Jey UPPERCUTS! JD falls, SLINGBLADE from Finn! Finn fires up, aims at Jey from the corner, SHOT- SUPERKICK!! Carlito gets up, Jey DECKS him! Carlito’s apple spit goes flying! Jey DECKS Dom, then runs up on JD! JD HOTSHOTS Jey first! Jey sputters back to his feet, into a SHOTGUN from Finn! Tag to JD then Finn goes up! COUP DE GRACE, followed by a MOONSAULT! Cover, SAMI BREAKS IT!! The fans are thunderous, but Finn TOSSES Sami again! Finn & JD hurry to stand Jey up and put him up top! But Sami gets back in! He goes after Finn & JD!

Sami Electric Chair Lifts but Finn fights free! Finn whips, Sami reverses and TOSESS Finn out! Jey HEADBUTTS JD, Sami HELLVUA KICKS JD down!! Then he FLIJES out onto Finn, Carlito & Dom! Jey USO SPLASHES JD!! Cover, Sami & Jey win!!

Winners: Sami Zayn & Jey Uso, by pinfall

Green Bay celebrates the big win for the dawgs! WAIT! BRON BREAKKER SPEARS SAMI!! Bron runs away, having ruined all the fun! Bron grins, is he going to take the Intercontinental Championship away just as quickly? Or is he just adding fuel to the fire inside of Sami?

My Thoughts:

A great Raw here, but it kinda dragged in the middle. I appreciate them pushing the story of Sheamus, Bronson and Dunne forward, but the No Contest seemed like they were just filling time. That needs to become a Triple Threat already, maybe for the Raw After SummerSlam to help establish a new contender to the Intercontinental Championship. Bron VS Ilja was a great match, but I hope Ilja getting knocked for a loop was kayfabe so that Bron would seem even more dangerous. Of course, Bron added to that with how he had the final say at the end of tonight with that spear on Sami.

Sami and Jey teaming up tonight was a logical move after all they’d been through, and I like that Jey is the new point of dysfunction between the group. Great match in the main event, and great win for Jey & Sami over the tag champs. I feel like Sami is going to lose the Intercontinental Championship to Bron this time, and then maybe Sami & Jey can go after Judgment Day for the tag titles. And as such, Bron VS Sheamus could be the Intercontinental Championship story, though I feel like that keeps Sheamus from finally getting that title because Bron is just nuts and on a powerful push.

Back to Judgment Day, Priest and Gunther had a great promo segment because it almost immediately became an awesome brawling segment that even stretched to the other side of a commercial break. This with Gunther’s promo video later on, there’s some real heat going into that match, and their title match could probably go any which way. With how things are going with Rhea, Dom and Liv, we could also see that Judgment Day split happen at SummerSlam. Sure, Dom finally got the guts to tell Liv off, but that could’ve been because Rhea was right there and he had no choice. And even if Dom is loyal to Mami, JD & Finn could still defect and be on Liv’s side so that they all have belts together.

The Women’s Tag Division story tonight was alright. I figured Sonya was winning again, but I like that Lyra & KC Squared helped Zelina get one over on Zoey. We got a decent promo from Sonya’s group with Alba & Isla, a lot of nothing really when Alba & Isla really are more focused on Bianca & Jade right now. If Sonya’s group got a fourth member (Natalya is still signed, right?), I could see an 8 Woman Tag of Sonya’s team VS Zelina, Lyra, Kayden & Katana. And if they really drag this out, Sonya, Shayna, Zoey and any other two they want (Chelsea & Piper?) could take on five opponents for a Women’s WarGames, or even just a traditional Survivor Series 5v5.

Very good Six Man Tag but I figured The Final Testament would win. Woods VS Kross next week will be a solid 1v1, so long as they make it where it’s only those two out there. You just know Scarlett will help Kross cheat if she’s present, but it’d be more dramatic if it was just Woods and Kross with Kross constantly talking trash on Woods. Meanwhile, great interaction from Gable’s new Alpha Academy with the old one, and of course the Wyatt Sick6 showed up to stop Gable. Great Sister Abigail sidewinder from Bo, and c’mon, there has to be some kind of match for the Raw After SummerSlam or something with this.

And of course, great promo stuff from Punk, McIntyre and Rollins. Rollins being special guest ref instead of a third participant may seem disappointing, but it makes a lot of sense in story because of how McIntyre hates refs, and now he really does have a reason to hate this one because it is Rollins. Rollins might even go out to the ring in the wildest looking referee outfit ever and that alone is something fun to look forward to. With this match and the Intercontinental Championship being added to SummerSlam, that is seven matches, just as I was hoping. If nothing else, the “Big 4” of WWE’s calendar should be the literally bigger events. Give us the major stories, the top titles, and even go over three hours for these events, keep it trim for the others (like MITB or Bad Blood).

My Score: 8.7/10

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Mitchell’s NJPW G1 Climax 34 Results & Report! (7/21/24)

The hot opening weekend continues!



Who bounces back from opening night?

G1 Climax 34 had some shocking upsets, such as David Finlay losing to Yuya Uemura! Will The Rebel bounce back? Or will he get a Gene Blast from Yota Tsuji?


  • G1 Climax 34 A Block: Callum Newman VS SANADA; Sanada wins.
  • G1 Climax 34 B Block: Boltin Oleg VS HENARE; Henare wins.
  • G1 Climax 34 A Block: Great-O-Khan VS Gabe Kidd; Gabe wins.
  • G1 Climax 34 B Block: El Phantasmo VS Ren Narita; Ren wins.
  • G1 Climax 34 A Block: EVIL VS Jake Lee; Evil wins.
  • G1 Climax 34 B Block: Yuya Uemura VS Hirooki Goto; Yuya wins.
  • G1 Climax 34 A Block: Shota Umino VS Shingo Takagi; Shota wins.
  • G1 Climax 34 A Block: Tetsuya Naito VS Zack Sabre Jr; ZSJ wins.
  • G1 Climax 34 B Block: Yota Tsuji VS David Finlay; Yota wins.


Here are the current A Block standings!

Shingo Takagi: 1-0, 2 points
Zack Sabre Jr: 1-0, 2 points
Evil: 1-0, 2 points
Callum Newman: 1-0, 2 points
Jake Lee: 1-0, 2 points
Tetsuya Naito: 0-1, 0 points
Gabe Kidd: 0-1, 0 points
Great-O-Khan: 0-1, 0 points
Sanada: 0-1, 0 points
Shota Umino: 0-1, 0 points


Here are the current B Block standings!

Jeff Cobb: 1-0, 2 points
Yuya Uemura: 1-0, 2 points
Henare: 1-0, 2 points
Konosuke Takeshita: 1-0, 2 points
Boltin Oleg: 1-0, 2 points
David Finlay: 0-1, 0 points
Yota Tsuji: 0-1, 0 points
El Phantasmo: 0-1, 0 points
Hirooki Goto: 0-1, 0 points
Ren Narita: 0-1, 0 points



The round two match of Jeff Cobb VS Konosuke Takeshita will happen on July 23rd.


G1 Climax 34 A Block: Callum Newman VS SANADA!

The Prince of Pace came away with a shocker in the opening round, taking down The Roughneck, Shota Umino. However, the Cold Skull took a Face Break Shot from Jake Lee and is looking to redeem himself. Will it be a Skull End for Callum? Or will he keep on building momentum towards the Climax?

The bell rings and the fans rally. The two circle, tie up, and are in a deadlock. Callum uses his height but Sanada uses his bulk, and Sanada powers Callum to ropes. The ref calls the break, and Sanada lets off with pats on the shoulders. The fans cheer and the two reset. Callum and Sanada circle again, feel out a knuckle lock, and then Callum wrenches one to wrangle Sanada. Callum grinds that arm then stands Sanada up to wrench again. Sanada rolls, wrenches and wristlocks back. Callum spins, slips through, and waistlocks. Sanada headlocks, spins and hits the takeover. Callum headscissors, Sanada kips free, and Sanada blocks a kick!

Sanada trips Callum, goes after the other leg, but Callum kicks free. Callum ducks ‘n’ dodges and builds speed to BOOT Sanada down! The fans fire up while Sanada shakes out the stars. Sanada stands, Callum spins but Sanada dodges the kick. Sanada runs in, Callum sends him out, then DROPKICKS him off the apron! The fans fire up again and Callum goes to the corner. Callum goes up and ASAI MOONSAULTS, but Sanada moves! Callum is right up, he fireman’s carries Sanada, but Sanada slips free to hoist Callum up onto railing! MAGIC SCREW to the floor! The fans cheer while Callum curses in pain.

Sanada drags Callum up, fireman’s carries him, and he brings Callum around to SNAKE EYES off railing! Callum falls back and sputters while Sanada paces. The ring count starts, Sanada drags Callum up and around to put him into the ring. The fans cheer, Sanada stalks Callum, and Sanada CLUBS Callum on the neck. Callum staggers to ropes, Sanada follows him to CLUB him again. Sanada brings Callum up and into a clinch for the RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP! Callum writhes, Sanada covers, TWO! The fans applaud, but Sanada clamps on with a chinlock. Callum endures the squeeze, and Sanada leans on the hold.

Callum fights up as fans rally, and he throws body shots. Callum gets free but Sanada CLUBS him again! Sanada whips, Callum slides to trip and DOUBLE STOMP him! The fans cheer while both men are down. Callum rises while Sanada writhes. Sanada crawls to ropes, then to a corner. Callum runs in to UPPERCUT, then snapmare and PENALTY KICK! Cover, TWO! The fans cheer and Callum fires himself up. The fans clap along as he huffs ‘n’ puffs and brings Sanada up. Callum chicken wings but Sanada fights the lift! Callum CLUBS Sanada, tries again, but Sanad arm-drags free! Sanada blocks a kick, flips Callum, and hoists him up again! MAGIC SCREW!

Callum writhes and the fans rally up while both men are down. Sanada kips up and the fans fire up as he eggs Callum on. Callum sits up, into the SHINING WIZARD! Callum is in the drop zone and Sanada goes up, ROUNDING BODY- NO, Sanada has to land out as Callum moves! Callum runs up to BUSAIKU KNEE! The fans fire up and Callum goes back to the corner. Callum watches as Sanada slowly rises, and he runs in Around the World to DROPKICK! Sanada staggers, Callum goes up and up and- NO, Sanada avoids the stomps! But Callum avoids the Shining Wizard! Sanada avoids the screw kick to tilt-o-whirl and SKULL END!

But Callum spins through! Sanada suplexes him, but Callum STUN DOG MILLIONAIRES! OSC- NO, Sanada gets under! Callum dodges a lariat to DREAMCAST KICK! And OSCU- NO, Sanada catches Callum, spins him around, and DEADFALL!! Cover, Sanada wins!

Winner: Sanada, by pinfall (gains 2 points; Callum earns 0)

The Prince of Pace tried to speed past Sanada, but he was brought to a screeching halt! Will Callum just have to go even faster next round to make up for it? Will Sanada turn this first win into the first of many?


G1 Climax 34 B Block: Boltin Oleg VS HENARE!

The Kazakh Juggernaut also had a shocker in the opening round, bulldozing right through the Souled Out Ren Narita. But the Face of Fury is himself big, strong and undaunting. Will the NEVER Openweight Champion trump this NEVER Openweight Six Man Tag Champion? Or will Oleg continue to shock the world with upset victories?

The bell rings and the fans rally as the two stare down. Henare fires himself up and the two circle. They tie up, are in a deadlock, and then break. The fans applaud as the two reset and go again. They tie up, and Oleg brings Henare to a knee! Henare powers up, breaks the collar ‘n’ elbow, and then fires a forearm! Oleg fires back, and the fans rally as they go forearm for forearm. Henare fires off a flurry but Oleg answers in kind! Henare ROCKS Oleg, runs, and RAMS Oleg! Oleg stays up, they RAM shoulders again, and again, and again! They go forehead to forehead, then they both run ropes, and Oleg CLOBBERS Henare!

The fans fire up while Henare bails out! Henare fumes but Oleg waits on him. Henare storms back in, Oleg kicks and fires forearms. Oleg whips corner to corner, runs in and STINGER SPLASHES! Oleg keeps moving and he runs Henare over! Oleg runs to SPLASH down! Cover, TWO! The fans fire up and Oleg deadlift gut wrenches! Henare fights free, HEADBUTTS and ROCKS Oleg! Oleg kicks low and has Henare in the corner. Oleg goes corner to corner again but Henare dodges the splash! Henare KICKS Oleg’s leg, KICKS it again, and KICKS it again! Oleg knees, Henare runs to RUGBY KICK! The fans fire up while Oleg is down!

Henare snarls and he storms over to Oleg. Henare drags Oleg up, ROCKS him, then ROCKS him again. Henare fires forearms in the corner but Oleg comes back with forearms of his own! Henare eggs Oleg on, Oleg fires more shots, but then Henare fires off a strike fest! Henare HEADBUTTS Oleg, then snapmares him down. Henare KICKS Oleg in the back! The fans rally while Oleg grits his teeth, so Henare KICKS him again! Henare storms around while Oleg stays seated up. Henare KICKS Oleg down, then SENTONS! Cover, TWO! The fans fire up as Oleg toughs it out, but Henare stalks him to the ropes.

Henare CLUBS Oleg, whips him to the corner, then brings down the kneepad! Henare runs in, but Oleg catches him! RUNNING POWERSLAM! The fans fire up while both men are down, and Henare goes to a corner. Oleg throws off his elbow pads while the fans rally up. Oleg ROCKS Henare, stomps him in the corner, then scoops him to SLAM him into the drop zone. Oleg goes up and up and VADER BOMBS! Cover, TWO! Henare stays in this but he gasps for air. Oleg deadlifts him into the Shake, Rattle and THROW! Oleg kips up and the fans fire up! Oleg drags Henare up, fireman’s carries, but Henare fights free with elbows!

Oleg runs back in but Henare ELBOWS again! FLYING CHUCK! Both men are down and the fans fire up again! Henare grits his teeth while he watches Oleg crawl. Henare runs in at the corner, JUMP KNEE! Snapmare and Henare roars! Henare stomps the mat as Oleg rises. RAMP- SHOTGUN from Oleg!! The fans are thunderous as both men rise. RAMP- Fireman’s carry!! KAMIKAZE SENTON!! Cover, TWO!! Henare survives but Oleg roars! Oleg fireman’s carries again, but Henare fights free! Full nelson! Oleg fights off Ultima and the fans rally up! Henare HEADBUTTS Oleg in the back, and goes for the Ultima again!

Oleg powers up and out! He ROCKS Henare, ROCKS him again, but Henare roars! Oleg CHOPS, Henare HEEL KICKS! Henare runs in to JUMPING HEADBUTT!! The fans are thunderous as Henare suplexes Oleg into STREETS OF RAGE!! Cover, Henare wins!

Winner: Henare, by pinfall (gains 2 points; Oleg earns 0)

Definitely a fight worthy of the NEVER Division, but the Face of Fury proved why he’s THE NEVER Champion! The first man to 2-0, will nothing stop Henare from conquering the G1? Or can Oleg shrug off this defeat to heat back up before the Climax?


G1 Climax 34 A Block: Great-O-Khan VS Gabe Kidd!

The KOPW Champion and the NJPW Strong Openweight Champion both suffered defeats in the opening round, but only one of them got cheated. Will the Dominator show he can still unite “the fiefdoms” under the United Empire? Or will this #WarReady War Dog prove he’s still NJPW Strong?

The bell rings and the two feel things out. The fans rally and duel as the two circle around. Gabe smirks, taunts Khan with a relaxed pose, but then avoids Khan as he goes for legs. They keep going around, and then Gabe SLAPS, SLAPS and SLAPS! Khan just gets up and under Gabe to URENAGE! The fans fire up while Gabe flounders. Gabe and Khan clinch, fight for control, and Khan hits the BELLY2BELLY! The fans fire up again and Khan runs up to LARIAT Gabe up and out! Gabe flounders on the floor, the fans duel, and Khan goes out after Gabe. Khan whips Gabe hard into railing, then Khan opens the gate.

The fans cheer and Khan dares Gabe to come get him. Gabe frowns, runs up, and he RAMS Khan into railing! The Young Lions hurry over to clear out fans, and Khan laughs as he stands. Gabe and Khan fire forearms and move through the crowd. Khan drags Gabe up to fire more shots but Gabe gives those back! Gabe flounders over chairs, Khan CLUBS him, and the fight keeps moving through the crowd. Khan Mongolian Chops Gabe down! The fans cheer as Khan Mongolian Chops again! Khan AX HANDLES Gabe into moving along and Gabe calls for the ref. Khan stomps Gabe around, then drags him up. Gabe UPPERCUTS Khan!

Khan falls over, Gabe tells the ref to get in the ring to count. Gabe fires forearms, then he BITES Khan on the top of his head! Gabe then throws Khan down into the chairs while fans are torn. The ref finally starts the ring count and Gabe paces around. Gabe talks trash then goes back for Khan. Gabe drags Khan up by his ponytail as we pass 10 of 20. Gabe drags Khan along, then runs him up to POST him! Khan falls over, the count is 13, but Gabe puts Khan in at 15. The fans cheer and Gabe storms around. Gabe kicks railing just to get at Hiromu on commentary. Gabe even throws Hiromu’s bottle of water away!

Hiromu asks what the heck and Gabe says he doesn’t care if Hiromu’s a Junior Heavyweight, Gabe’s the NJPW Strong Openweight Champion, so come find him in the US. Gabe then leaves Hiromu behind to slide into the ring. Khan drags himself up with the ropes but Gabe is right on him with a CHOP! And CHOP! And CHOP! Then a LARIAT! Gabe runs and he runs Khan over! The fans are torn while Gabe dusts himself off. But Khan is up to lift and TOSS Gabe out of the ring! Gabe tumbles to the floor, Khan pounds the mat, and the fans rally up. Khan aims and PLANCHAS onto Gabe! The fans fire up while both men are down!

Khan rises, shakes the railing and he roars! The fans fire up and Khan looms over Gabe. Khan drags Gabe around, goes back out through the gate, and Young Lions hurry to get fans out of the way! Khan aims, and he BOWLS Gabe through railing and into the chairs! That’s a STRIKE to be sure! The fans fire up as Khan flexes, then Khan fetches Gabe. Khan laces Gabe’s arm through a chair and pulls! Gabe shouts and the ref reprimands, but then Khan sandwiches arm through chairs! Khan then traps the other arm in another pair of chairs! Gabe shouts for the ref but Khan steps up onto the chairs to pose for the peasants!

Gabe protests, so Khan hops down and BOOTS him! Khan drags Gabe up while the ring count starts. Khan brings Gabe back to ringside, wrenches his arm, and pushes Gabe into the ring. The fans cheer, Khan covers, TWO! Khan grabs Gabe’s leg for a HEEL HOOK! Gabe kicks with his free leg and Khan lets go. Khan eggs Gabe on, Gabe stands but Khan RAMS into him! Gabe fights off the takedown, CLUBS away on Khan, then suplexes him up and out of the ring! Gabe goes with Khan and the fans can’t believe it! The ref checks both men after that wild tumble. Khan clutches his back and Gabe’s in a daze but both men seem to be okay to continue.

The ring count returns, and Khan flounders for the railing. Gabe slowly sits up, but both men are still crawling as we reach 10 of 20. They go forehead to forehead, then stand to go forearm for forearm! Khan ROCKS Gabe, Gabe staggers towards the ramp, but Gabe ROCKS Khan back! The count is 15! The forearms keep going, the fans rally up, and we hit 17! 18! They hear 19 and sprint back to the ring! They both slide in safe at 19.9! Then Gabe takes a swing, into a GERMAN SUPLEX! Khan runs up, Gabe gets around to GERMAN SUPLEX! Both men rise, Gabe runs the ropes, COMEBACKER- FGO PLEX!! Cover, TWO!!

Gabe survives but Khan powers up! IRON CLAW, and then Khan drags Gabe up! ELIMI- NO, Gabe BITES those fingers! And LARIATS! Cover, ONE!?! Gabe is shocked, the fans fire up, and Gabe UPPERCUTS! Gabe reels Khan in, “I’m a Mad Man, y’know!” But Khan back drops free! The fans fire up while both men are down again! Khan stirs, Gabe sits up, and they both rise up. Gabe says stand up! Khan does stand, and Gabe CHOPS! And HEADBUTTS! Gabe says F U, Oka! Khan IRON RIGHTS! Both men wobble and stagger around, and Gabe leans on ropes. Gabe snarls, so does Khan. They run, they dodge, and the COMEBACKER hits!! Cover, GABE WINS!

Winner: Gabe Kidd, by pinfall (gains 2 points; Khan earns 0)

In a battle of wild men, The NJPW Strong Openweight Champion takes down The KOPW Champion! Will Gabe look to add even more gold now that he has this golden ticket? Is there still hope for Khan to make a comeback?


G1 Climax 34 B Block: El Phantasmo w/ Jado VS Ren Narita!

The Headbanga lost to Henare, and the Souled Out Son of Strong Style lost to Boltin Oleg, so at least now they’re picking on someone their own size. Will ELP tune up the band and get back on track? Or will Narita find a way to stack the deck?

The bell rings and Ren runs up to BOOT ELP in the corner! Ren CLUBS ELP, stomps him, and Jado coaches ELP up. Ren knees low, runs, but ELP hurdles, drops down then DROPKICKS! The fans fire up while Ren writhes. ELP stands Ren up to CHOP him, ROCK him, and CHOP him again. ELP puts Ren’s shirt up over his head, to then CHOP! Ren staggers, ELP knuckle locks and goes up, up and jumps around, to FLYING RANA! Ren tumbles away and ELP kips up. The fans fire up and ELP runs to LARIAT Ren up and out! Ren flounders and fans fire up more as ELP aims. PLANCHA! Down goes Ren and the fans cheer again!

ELP drags Ren up, puts him in the ring, then ELP climbs up a corner. But Ren rolls away, and fans boo as he bails out the other side. ELP hops down, to DIVE! Direct hit again and Ren is sent into railing! The fans fire up and ELP says one more thing! ELP CLUBS Ren, goes up the corner, and he ARIHARA MOONSAULTS but Ren moves! ELP tumbles, Ren drags him up to whip him hard into railing! The fans boo but Ren hooks ELP’s leg in railing and BOOTS it! The ref reprimands but Ren grins as he goes for his push-up bar! But Jado rushes up and snatches that away! The fans cheer but Ren is mad!

The ref wants Jado to let the push-up bar go, but he misses Ren grab a chair to SMASH ELP’s leg! The fans boo as Ren hides the evidence. Ren eggs ELP on, laughs at him, then grabs ELP’s leg to SMASH it on the floor! ELP writhes and clutches the knee, but Ren stalks him around the way. ELP hobbles, falls over, and Ren drags him back up. Ren pushes ELP into the ring, then stands on ELP for a cocky cover. ONE, and ELP grabs the ropes. Ren stomps away on ELP’s leg, lets off as the ref reprimands, but then Ren stands on the leg! The ref reprimands, Ren acts like he has no idea what’s going on, then “realizes” and steps away.

Ren looms over ELP, drags him up, and grabs the leg for a SHIN BREAKER! ELP falls and flounders away, but Ren is on him again. Ren puts the bad leg on the ropes, to HIP DROP onto it! The ref reprimands and ELP clutches the knee, but Ren drags ELP around again. Ren has a standing toehold but ELP kicks with his free leg. Ren lets go, the fans rally up, and ELP tries to storm up on Ren, but the leg gives out! ELP falls over and Ren slaps him around. Ren talks trash as ELP limps to a corner. Ren eggs ELP on, but ELP fires forearms! Ren CLAWS ELP’s eyes! The ref reprimands, Ren stops, and Jado coaches ELP.

Ren drags ELP up, reels him in, but ELP suplexes first! The fans fire up as ELP brings Ren down! Ren goes to ropes, and ELP kips up! Well, not the best with only the one leg, but ELP goes to a corner. Ren storms up but ELP ROCKS him first! ELP counter punches Ren again and again, fires more shots, then whips Ren to the corner. Ren reverses but ELP goes up and over, even with one leg! ELP rolls, eggs Ren on, then dodges him to springboard and CROSSBODY! Somersault, but the bad leg holds ELP back! ELP still LIONSAULTS, but he has to land out as Ren moves! Ren bails out, ELP somersaults back to ropes to then go to the apron!

ELP TORNADO DDTS Ren to the floor! The fans fire up while Ren writhes and kicks around in pain. The fans rally behind ELP as he drags himself up with railing. The ring count starts, ELP drags Ren up and into the ring. The fans applaud, and ELP climbs up the ropes! SPRINGBOARD SWANTON BOMB! And now the LIONSAULT! Cover, TWO! Ren survives but the fans fire up again! ELP goes back to a corner while Ren crawls to the other. ELP tunes up the band, even with the bad leg. Ren runs up and BOOTS ELP! Ren reels ELP in for a NORTHERN LIGHTS! Bridging cover, TWO! Ren hurries to step through, KNEEBAR!!

ELP endures as Ren pulls on that leg! ELP reaches out, fights forward, and has the ROPEBREAK, only for Ren to drag him back! Ren shifts around to a HALF CRAB! ELP endures, the fans rally for him, and ELP fights his way over! ELP reaches out, for the ROPEBREAK! Ren lets go this time while the fans applaud. Ren drags ELP up, but ELP CHOPS! Ren shrugs that off, but ELP stands. ELP fires a forearm, but Ren laughs that off! Ren eggs ELP on, but ELP stands to fire forearm after forearm! Ren gets mad and he kicks the bad leg out! ELP falls back, Ren talks trash, and then Ren looms over ELP.

ELP rises up to CHOP! Ren still laughs, and ELP hobbles up to his feet. ELP fires another forearm! Ren felt that one, so he kicks the bad leg again. Ren still toys with ELP, taunts him, daring him to high-five like he used to do with Hikuleo. ELP scowls, gets up and he RAMS Ren into a corner! ELP fires off furious fists and even stomps a mudhole in! The fans cheer but the ref reprimands! ELP grabs Ren’s push-up bar! Jado says no, ELP, don’t do it! But Ren dares ELP to do it! Give into your anger, ELP, and be like Ren! No, ELP gives the bar to Jado! So Ren shoves ELP into Jado! Backslide, TWO!

Ren knees low, reels ELP in, but ELP handstands out of the Double Crosser! And jackknife bridges! TWO!! Ren escapes, then he dodges ELP to KNEE STOMP! Cover, TWO!! ELP survives “Hell’s Guillotine,” and the fans fire up! Ren vows to end this, though, and he goes up the corner. But ELP trips Ren up! ELP CHOPS Ren, climbs up after him, and brings Ren to the top rope! ELP hits a SUPER DUPER STEINER!! Then he goes right up for THUNDERKISS 86!! Cover, TWO!!! Ren survives and the fans are thunderous! ELP is beside himself, but the fans are behind him! ELP feels that energy and he goes to the corner.

Ren is grabbing at the ref, though! The ref reprimands, ELP gives up on tuning up so he can separate Ren and ref. Ren CHOP BLOCKS ELP! And KNEES ELP, into the DOUBLE CROSSER!! Cover, Ren wins!

Winner: Ren Narita, by pinfall (gains 2 points; ELP earns 0)

The Souled Out Son of Strong Style can be a real SOB sometimes, and that includes this moment here! Ren grins as he snatches this win away, but will he do even worse on his way to the Climax? As for ELP, he continues to lose because he feels lost, what is he to do to find himself again?


G1 Climax 34 A Block: EVIL w/ Dick Togo VS Jake Lee!

The King of Darkness took down the Mad Man, but the Madness Dark Side outshined the Cold Skull. It is another battle of House of Torture and War Dogs, which side of Bullet Club proves to be the Strongest of the Summer?

Speaking of Bullet Club, Evil & Dick want to welcome Jake to the club with a Too Sweet. Jake steps forward, throws up the Too Sweet, but then he grabs Dick’s arm, anticipating the eye poke! Then he Too Sweet eye pokes Evil and Dick in return! The fans cheer, Jake TOSSES Evil, and he goes after Dick! Jake grins as he teases stomping Dick in his namesake, then he shoves Dick out of the ring. The fans cheer more but Evil is furious! Evil runs in, but Jake kicks him first! The bell rings and Jake CLUBS Evil. Jake whips and ELBOWS Evil down, then drags him up with a choke grip! Evil scrambles to the ROPEBREAK!

The ref counts, Jake lets go of Evil at 4, and Evil sputters as he bails out. Jake apologizes to the ref, and even bows, but they both miss Evil untying the blue buckle pad! Jake steps out to fetch Evil and CLUB him again. Dick creeps up  with a chair, but Jake glares at him. Dick backs up and drops the chair, but Evil CLUBS Jake in the back! Evil then whips Jake hard into railing! Jake falls and writhes, Evil talks trash and drags him up. Evil tells the ref to leave him alone, and then he whips Jake into more railing! Jake falls back, and Evil steals the mic from Abe-san! Evil uses the cord to CHOKE Jake, and he talks smack on Jake the whole time!

The ref reprimands, the fans boo, but Evil talks trash some more before he lets go. Jake sputters, Evil leaves him behind, and the ref gives Abe-san the mic back. Evil wants the count but Jake is already standing. Jake slides in at 4 of 20, and the ref spots Evil armed his House of Torture shirt. The ref confiscates the shirt, but surprise! Evil had a tag rope all along! Evil CHOKES Jake with that now! The fans boo but Evil throws the evidence away. The ref sees it, though! The ref reprimands as the damage is done, and Evil CLUBS Jake. Evil CLUBS Jake again, then covers, TWO! Jake is tougher than that and the fans applaud.

Evil kicks Jake around, CLUBS him down, but Jake snarls. Evil slaps Jake around, but Jake shoves him. Jake’s taller, and he fires forearms down on Evil! Jake runs, but Evil distracts the ref so Dick can trip Jake up! The fans boo but Dick blames a Young Lion! The Young Lion says he wasn’t even near the ring! Evil talks trash and stomps Jake around again. Evil mocks Jake’s gentlemanly bow, then he drags Jake up. Evil wrenches Jake’s arm, kicks his leg, and wrenches again. Evil kicks, wrenches, repeat, then he whips corner to corner! Evil runs up to LARIAT, then he FISHERMAN BUSTERS! Cover, TWO!

Evil is frustrated but he steps through Jake’s legs and turns him for a SHARPSHOOTER! The fans rally as Jake endures, but Evil sits deep on the hold! Jake fights up, pushes and hops his way over, and has the ROPEBREAK! The ref counts, Evil lets go at 4, and the fans continue to rally for Jake. Evil paces, talks trash on the fans, but the fans boo back. Evil gets on the corner to taunt them back, then stalks Jake. Evil fireman’s carries but Jake fights it! Jake CLUBS away on Evil’s back! Evil throws a body shot, runs, but Jake fakes him out! Evil still kicks low, but Jake whips Evil to KNEE low! Evil falls over and fans cheer.

Jake looms over Evil as Evil coughs and sputters. Jake drags Evil up, snapmares him then runs to fake the Penalty Kick, and clamp on a SLEEPER! Evil endures but Jake drags him up to his feet! Dick gets on the apron, so Jake lets Evil go to DECK Dick! Jake drags Evil around to turn him, but Evil resists! So Jake STOMPS Evil’s stomach! Then Jake turns Evil for the BOSTON CRAB! Jake stands tall with it, it’s almost a Walls of Jericho! Evil endures, the bell rings!? That was Dick’s doing! Jake thinks he won, though, and he lets Evil go! The ref explains, because it was Dick! Evil winds up to run in, but Jake dodges! Evil runs into the ref!

Evil now begs for mercy, but Dick gets in! Dick kicks Jake in the leg, then wraps on the SPOILER CHOKER! But Jake powers out! Jake dodges Evil, and uses the SPOILER CHOKER! The fans cheer as Evil tastes his own medicine! Then Jake lets Evil go, gives him the choker, and falls on the floor! Jake’s pulling an Eddie Guerrero and the fans cheer! The ref spots Evil with the weapon, and Evil defends his innocence! And for once, it’s true! Sorta. Jake plays like he’s hurt, then he reels Evil in! BIG back suplex! Cover, TWO!! Evil survives but Jake stays cool. Jake raises his hand and the fans rally. Evil rises, and Jake choke grips! Evil CLAWS Jake’s eyes!

The ref reprimands, Evil lets off and he reels Jake in, EVERY- NO, Jake slips free and KNEES Evil low! Choke grip, CHOKE SLAM! Cover, TWO!! Evil survives again and Jake’s eyes are still stinging. The fans rally up, Evil crawls away while the ref checks Jake’s face. Jake goes to the other corner, he staggers up, and he takes aim! Jake runs in, but Evil moves! The buckle pad goes with him, and Jake runs into the bare steel! Evil throws the pad to the ref, Dick throws POCKET SAND in Jake’s face!! Jake staggers away, EVERYTHING IS EVIL!! Cover, Evil wins!

Winner: Evil, by pinfall (gains 2 points; Jake earns 0)

Another match, another underhanded way of winning for The King of Darkness! Will nothing stop him until everything is truly Evil?


G1 Climax 34 B Block: Yuya Uemura VS Hirooki Goto!

The Heat Storm burned The Rebel while the Fierce Warrior took a Tour of the Islands, but this G1 has only just begun. Will Yuya add this highly decorated icon to the list? Or will Goto do as Yoshi-Hashi says and #TurnItAllAround?

The bell rings and the fans rally as the two stare down. Goto and Yuya slowly circle, feel things out, and knuckle lock. Yuya shoots for a leg but Goto slips around to waistlock. Yuya switches, Goto slips away and the fans cheer. The two reset, circle again, and tie up collar ‘n’ elbow. They’re in a deadlock, but Goto slips around to waistlock. Yuya pries the hold open and wrenches to a wristlock. Goto rolls, trips Yuya, and has the toehold. Yuya fights back with a chinlock but Goto pulls on the foot. Yuya uses his other leg to bring Goto into short arm scissors! Goto endures, even as Yuya pushes up, and Goto moves around.

Goto slips free, headlocks, but Yuya headscissors. Goto kips free, the two stand off and the fans cheer again. They reset, circle, and tie up again. Goto headlocks, grinds Yuya down, but Yuya fights up. Yuya pries at the headlock, but Goto powers it back on! The fans rally, Goto grinds, but Yuya powers up and out. Goto runs Yuya over! The fans cheer, Goto keeps moving, but Yuya drops down to DROPKICK! Yuya fires up and the fans are with him! Yuya paces around Goto, the fans rally up, and Yuya stands Goto up. Yuya CHOPS Goto to the corner! And CHOPS again! And CHOPS again! And CHOPS again!

Yuya fires CHOP after CHOP, but the ref has him back off! Goto eggs Yuya on so Yuya runs up to BOOT him! Yuya CHOPS, CHOPS and CHOPS! The fans fire up but the ref reprimands. Yuya clinches but Goto stops the hip toss to throw Yuya down by his hair! Goto KICKS Yuya, snapmares him, then KICKS him again! Goto stomps Yuya around, the fans rally, and Goto drags Yuya back up. Goto bumps Yuya off buckles, stomps a mudhole in, then KICKS Yuya down! The ref reprimands but Goto digs his boot in! The ref counts, Goto lets off at 4, and then he rains down forearms! The ref reprimands again but Goto throws more shots!

The ref has Goto stop with the forearms, but Goto digs his knee in. Yuya throws hands from below, but Goto stomps Yuya. Goto then drags Yuya out of the corner, whips him corner to corner, and runs in to MURAMASA! And then SAIDO! Cover, TWO! Yuya stays in this but Goto stays on him with a BOSTON CRAB! The fans rally while Yuya endures! Goto sits deep on the hold, almost making Yuya’s feet reach his head! Yuya still powers up and pushes his way forward! The fans rally harder, but Goto pulls on the legs harder! Yuya still endures, still pushes up, and still claws his way to the ROPEBREAK!

The fans cheer, the ref counts, and Goto lets go at 4. Goto stomps Yuya around, drags him up, and CLUBS him. Goto fireman’s carries, but Yuya fights free! Goto elbows Yuya, whips him to a corner, but Yuya goes up and over to arm-drag! Yuya then DROPKICKS! The fans fire up while both men are down. Yuya rises up first, storms over to Goto, and he CHOPS! And CHOPS! And CHOPS! Yuya whips corner to corner, runs in and CHOPS again! The fans fire up as Yuya then reels Goto in for a BIG back suplex! Cover, TWO! Goto stays in this but Yuya stays focused. The fans rally, and Yuya climbs, only for Goto to ROCK him first!

Goto climbs up after Yuya, CLUBS away on Yuya, and fires off forearms! Goto brings Yuya up but Yuya fires body shot after body shot! Yuya and Goto fire forearms back and forth, then Yuya HEADBUTTS! Goto falls back, Yuya adjusts, and Yuya leaps, but Goto gets under! Yuya comes back, kicks low, but runs into a fireman’s carry! USHIGOROSHI! But Goto can’t make the cover! The fans fire up while both men are down again! Goto grits his teeth as he rises up, and he brings Yuya around to fire a forearm! Yuya sits up, but Goto fires another forearm! Yuya fires a forearm in return! So Goto fires another!

The two stand, Yuya fires another forearm, so Goto CHOPS! Yuya CHOPS, Goto CHOPS, repeat! The fans rally as the CHOPS go back and forth, faster and faster! Yuya gets the edge as he CHOPS high, and CHOPS again! Goto sputters, Yuya DOUBLE CHOPS him! Goto drops to his knees at the 10 minute mark, but Yuya stands him up. DOUBLE CHOP, DOUBLE CHOP, and DOUBLE CHOP! Yuya runs, but into the clinch! URA G T R! Goto runs to LARIAT!! The fans are thunderous, and now Goto drags Yuya up! Fireman’s carry, G T W!! Cover, TWO! Yuya survives but Goto won’t let up! Goto drags Yuya up and KICKS him!

Yuya flops over, but Goto drags him up again. Goto KICKS and KICKS and KICKS! Yuya flops back down and the fans rally up harder! Goto drags Yuya up, fires forearms and then powers up, but Yuya BLOCKS the buzzsaw! Yuya rises, Goto fires palm strike after palm strike! Yuya HEADBUTTS Goto down!! The fans are thunderous, Yuya hauls Goto up and traps one arm. Yuya traps the other, but Goto HEADBUTTS! Yuya ENZIGIRIS, but Goto fireman’s carries! Goto throws Yuya into the dragon sleeper, for the G T- NO! Yuya blocks the arm and spins Goto around to a backslide! TWO!! Goto escapes, but Yuya has the arms! DEADBOLT!! Bridging cover, YUYA WINS!!

Winner: Yuya Uemura, by pinfall (gains 2 points; Goto earns 0)

Two rounds, two shockers for the Heat Storm! Is this a sign that Yuya could be the diamond in the rough for NJPW? As for Goto, he’s 0-2, will things be much more dire in the next round?


G1 Climax 34 A Block: Shota Umino VS Shingo Takagi!

The Roughneck seeks redemption after falling to Callum Newman, but the Rampaging Dragon wants to keep his roll going after defeating IWGP World Heavyweight Champion, Tetsuya Naito in last night’s main event. Will #SHOOTER fall again? Or will he keep Takagi from soaring higher than ever before?

The bell rings and Shota runs up to SHOTGUN Takagi! Shota fires forearms in the corner, the ref counts, but Shota just keeps firing shots! Takagi gets mad and turns things around on Shota! The fans fire up as Takagi HEADBUTTS Shota again and again and again! The ref wants Takagi to stop but Takagi shoves him aside to stomp Shota! Takagi knees Shota, whips him to ropes, and KNEES him again! Takagi keeps moving but Shota DROPKICKS him down! The fans fire up and Shota watches Takagi go to ropes. Shota slingshots but Takagi moves! Takagi HOTSHOTS Shota, ridge hand chops, then goes to the apron.

The fans fire up as Takagi CLUBS Shota on the back. Takagi reels Shota in but Shota grabs ropes to fight the lift! Shota then CLUBS Takagi! Takagi body shots Shota, kicks him and CLUBS him, then reels him back in. APRON BACK SUPLEX! Shota has a rough landing but Takagi shoves him off the apron. The fans fire up with Takagi but the ref checks Shota. Shota is somehow still in this so Takagi drags him up. Takagi whips Shota hard into railing! Shota hobbles away and Takagi goes into the ring. The ring count starts, the fans rally, and Shota grits his teeth. Shota rises up at 10 of 20 to roll in, but Takagi is right on him!

Takagi stands on Shota’s back at the ropes, but lets off as the ref counts. Takagi then stomps away, but the ref reprimands. Shota sits up, and Takagi clamps on a chinlock. Takagi then shifts to pull Shota’s arms into a motorcycle stretch. Shota still endures and the fans rally up. Shota reaches out and has the ROPEBREAK. Takagi KNEES Shota in the back as he lets off. A fan cheers Takagi and Takagi says, “Iine! <Nice!>” The fans applaud and Takagi stalks Shota to a corner. Takagi CHOPS, JABS, and repeat, then he brings Shota out to suplex high and hard! The fans cheer more and Takagi gives a thumbs up.

Takagi pushes Shota down to SENTON! Takagi talks a little smack, then has the fans rally up. Shota copies Takagi  by saying, “Mada mada! <I’m not done yet!>” Takagi clamps onto Shota with a chinlock and stretches him back. Takagi HIP DROPS, then talks some smack on Shota. Shota crawls, Takagi KNEES him. Shota eggs Takagi on but Takagi gives it back. Shota stands up and gives back that trash talk! Shota fires a forearm, but Takagi shakes his head. Shota fires another, but Takagi shakes his head again. Shota ROCKS Takagi, but Takagi blocks the scoop! Takagi CLUBS Shota, but Shota spins Takagi for a NECKBREAKER!

The fans rally as Shota sits up. Shota grits his teeth, storms over to Takagi, and UPPERCUTS! And UPPERCUTS! And UPPERCUTS again! Shota UPPERCUTS Takagi in the corner, whips him corner to corner, then runs in to UPPERCUT again! Then FISHERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO! Shota isn’t quite perfect but he isn’t deterred. The fans rally as Shota paces around. Shota brings Takagi up, but Takagi fights the clinch! Takagi throws elbows, but Shota swings, only for Takagi to get around! Atomic drop! Shota staggers, Takagi winds up, and Takagi runs in, only for Shota to drop toehold him onto ropes!

Shota then fires up and runs up to slingshot and APRON DDT! The fans fire up with Shota as he shouts! Takagi flops to the floor, the ring count starts, but Shota takes a moment to catch his breath. Shota stalks Takagi as we reach 7 of 20. Shota stands Takagi up at 10, puts him in at 11, and the fans cheer. Shota goes up a corner, and goes COAST2COAST! Then EXPLODER! Cover, TWO! Takagi is still in this and the fans rally up again. Shota goes to a corner and eggs Takagi on. Takagi rises, Shota runs in and dodges a lariat! Shota kicks low, TORNADO- NO, Takagi stops the DDT to suplex Shota into buckles!

The fans cheer while Shota is stuck upside-down in the corner. Takagi stands while Shota flops around. Takagi stomps Shota, drags him up, and then reels Shota in. Shota CLUBS away on Takagi, but Takagi ROCKS Shota in the back! Shota gets mad, but he runs into an ELBOW! JAB! YUKON feint and DDT! The fans fire up and Takagi signals  that he’s too smart for Shota. Takagi then tells Osaka, “TOKI GA KITA! <It’s time!>” The fans join in with “OI! OI! OI!” just like last night. Shota stands, Takagi runs up, but Shota boots! Takagi blocks and LARIATS through! The fans fire up with Takagi more as he reels Shota in.

But Shota fights the suplex to suplex Takagi! Shota puts Takagi up top, UPPERCUTS, and then climbs up after Takagi. Shota clinches, for a SUPER EXPLODER!! Takagi writhes and Shota fires back up! The fans rally and he aims, only for Takagi to CORNER LARIAT! Takagi evens things in an instant and the fans fire back up! Takagi points to the sky and he brings Shota to the top rope. Takagi then climbs right up after Shota, goes to the very top, and SUPER DUPER PLEXES!! Shota writhes now and the fans are thunderous! Takagi crawls his way over to Shota to sit him up. Takagi runs, SLIDING LARIAT! Cover, TWO! SENTON!

Takagi grins and flexes, reminding us that he’s the “liveliest old man” in NJPW today. Takagi wants the ref to call it as Shota writhes, but Shota refuses to let this end here. Shota grits his teeth, sits up, and seems to have a wry smile of his own! Takagi clamps onto Shota for HAMMER ‘N’ ANVIL ELBOWS! A shot at Shota’s mentor, Moxley, and then Takagi torture racks Shota! Takagi bends Shota and thrashes him, then flips him for a GUTBUSTER! Takagi whips, Shota reverses, and TORNADO DDTS! The fans fire up while both men are down! Shota fires up with “OI! OI! OI!” to copy Takagi, and fans still join in!

Shota drags Takagi up, dragon sleepers, and TRIDENT! Cover, TWO! Shota hurries to aim from a corner, and Takagi slowly rises. IGNITION! Shota fires up again and he brings Takagi in for- NO, Takagi RAMS Shota first! But Shota ENZIGIRIS back! Shota runs back up, into a PUMPING BOMBER! Takagi takes Shota down first, and the fans rally up even harder! Takagi feeds off the energy to rise again. Takagi drags Shota up, shouts for “JAPAN~!” but Shota fights the pump handle. Shota swings, into a Gory Especial, NOSHIGAMI! Takagi fires up, runs, and PUMPING BOMBERS!! The fans are thunderous and Takagi isn’t done!

Takagi hauls Shota up to pump handle, MADE IN JAPAN!! Cover, TWO?!? Shota survives and the fans are thunderous again! Takagi hears the 15 minute call and he rallies the fans. The fans get louder and louder as Takagi rises, and he kicks Shota. Takagi stands Shota up to pump handle, but Shota CLUBS Takagi first. Shota CLUBS Takagi more, so Takagi LARIATS! Shota roars and comes back into the ELBOW! JAB! YUKON LARIAT! And then pump handle, torture rack, but Shota slips free to backslide! Takagi rolls through but Shota ripcords and ELEVATED DEATH RIDER!! Both men are down and the fans rally hard as ever!

The ref checks both men, Takagi growls and pushes himself up. Shota also rises, and the two storm up to each other. Shota fires a forearm, but Takagi shakes his head. Shota fires another, Takagi wobbles, but Takagi still eggs Shota on. Shota fires another forearm, so Takagi fires boxing elbows! Takagi winds up but Shota ROCKS him first! Shota runs, but Takagi follows to LARIAT! Takagi runs, but into an EXPLODER! PUMPING BOMBER?! SNAP DRAGON!?! The fans are thunderous and Shota takes aim! Takagi rises, into the BLAZE BLADE!! Cover, TWO!! Takagi survives but Shota’s hitting another gear!

Shota drags Takagi up, underhooks, but Takagi fights the rider! Takagi wrenches, JABS, and HEADBUTTS! Shota ROCKS, ROLLING- NO, Takagi swats, CHOPS and HEADBUTTS! Both men wobble, but then Shota catches Takagi to spin and SNAP DEATH RIDER!! Cover, SHOTA WINS!!

Winner: Shota Umino, by pinfall (gains 2 points; Takagi earns 0)

The Roughneck slays the Rampaging Dragon! Is this proof that Shota is going to lead the Paradigm Shift that is the new generation taking over? As for Takagi, he breaks even at 1-1, but can he rise back up in the next round?


G1 Climax 34 A Block: Tetsuya Naito VS Zack Sabre Jr. w/ Kosei Fujita!

Speaking of the IWGP World Heavyweight Champion, he and the Submission Master have gone back and forth through the various tournaments of NJPW. Will Naito be able to keep the G1 tranquilo? Or will TMDK’s Front Man make him #JustTapOut?

As always, Naito takes time with his entrance attire. ZSJ is patient, he’s seen this all before. Naito finally puts the nice suit aside, the bell rings and the fans rally up. Naito and ZSJ both take their time while the fans cheer on “NA-I-TO!” ZSJ mirrors Naito’s slow pace as they circle, and then ZSJ raises the LIJ fist! Naito starts to raise his, but then SPITS at ZSJ! ZSJ kicks Naito, CLUBS him, whips him, but Naito reverses to TORNADO CRADLE! TWO!! ZSJ escapes, Naito runs but fakes ZSJ out to tranquilo! The fans cheer but ZSJ rushes in, only for Naito to catch him into a somersault clutch! TWO!!

ZSJ runs up again, but into an atomic drop! And then rolling jackknife! TWO! ZSJ has the sunset flip, TWO! Naito has a deep prawn hold, TWO!! ZSJ narrowly escapes again and the fans fire up! Naito kicks, but ZSJ fights the neckbreaker. Naito ELBOWS ZSJ down, then runs to basement dropkick! The fans fire up and Naito clamps onto ZSJ with a chinlock. ZSJ endures, even as Naito digs his knee in. ZSJ reaches out, hesitates, but then goes for the ROPEBREAK! Red Shoes counts, Naito lets off, but then ELBOWS ZSJ in the head! Naito brings ZSJ up, cravats, and then he grinds ZSJ down to the mat.

ZSJ endures, even as Naito keeps on the cravat. The fans rally, ZSJ headscissors, but Naito shrugs that off to keep the cravat. ZSJ fights around, stands back up, but Naito snapmares. ZSJ bridges up to snapmare and NECK TWIST! The fans cheer, and ZSJ stalks Naito to the apron. ZSJ goes out to NECK TWIST Naito again! Red Shoes reprimands but the fans rally up. ZSJ steps in, drags Naito back up, and UPPERCUTS! Naito falls back, ZSJ drags him up, and ZSJ UPPERCUTS again! ZSJ brings Naito around to UPPERCUT again, and Naito falls back down. The fans continue to rally, and ZSJ drags Naito up for knuckle locks.

ZSJ twists the wrists, wrenches and then wraps Naito up in a straitjacket stretch. ZSJ brings Naito to his knees, and brings him back into a STRAITJACKET SURFBOARD! Naito endures, kicks and flails, and manages to find the ROPEBREAK! The fans cheer and ZSJ lets off cleanly. ZSJ drags Naito up to cravat and return the neck wrench. Naito endures, even as ZSJ RAMS his shoulder in. ZSJ cranks the hold but Naito fires body shots. Naito is free but ZSJ UPPERCUTS him! ZSJ runs corner to corner but Naito dodges! Naito blocks boots, puts ZSJ in ropes, and hits a DRAPING NECKBREAKER! The fans rally while both men are down.

Naito shakes out the stars, ZSJ stands up, and Naito fires off forearms and kicks! Naito whips, arm-drags, and then arm-drags again! Naito runs to basement dropkick! The fans cheer, and Naito stands ZSJ up, takes his time, and then hits the NECKBREAKER! The fans cheer, Naito brings ZSJ around to cover, TWO! ZSJ bails out but Naito isn’t bothered. Naito storms over to the apron, drags ZSJ up, and turns him, only for ZSJ to throw elbows. Naito swings, but into ZSJ’s ROPE OCTOPUS! Red Shoes reprimands and counts, ZSJ lets go at 4, then ZSJ drags Naito out of the ring. ZSJ UPPERCUTS Naito, then UPPERCUTS again.

ZSJ taunts Naito, then whips him, only for Naito to reverse and send ZSJ hard into railing! ZSJ falls over, but Naito drags him right up to then put him on the apron. For a DRAPING NECKBREAKER to the floor! The fans fire up but Red Shoes and even Fujita check ZSJ. ZSJ is somehow still in this, so a ring count starts. Both men stir, and ZSJ slowly sits up. Naito has Fujita back up, the count passes 15 of 20, but Naito puts ZSJ in at 16. The fans cheer, and Naito rolls in. Naito drags ZSJ up to throw those heavy elbows! ZSJ falls over and Naito paces. Naito kicks ZSJ to a corner, goes up, and reels ZSJ in for ESPERANZA!

The fans cheer and Naito smiles while he goes back to the corner. ZSJ rises, Naito runs in, but ZSJ slips around to SLEEPER! And O’Conner into a SLEEPER with body scissors! Naito flails, but ZSJ even traps the arms before going to a DRAGON SLEEPER! Naito endures, kicks around, but ZSJ shifts into a TRIANGLE HOLD! ZSJ squeezes tight but Naito reaches out to a ROPEBREAK! ZSJ lets go and the fans applaud. ZSJ rises, Naito sits up, and ZSJ KICKS him! ZSJ grins as Naito sits up again, and he KICKS again! Naito manages to smile? ZSJ eggs Naito on, KICKS him, but Naito blocks! ZSJ UPPERCUTS back!

ZSJ whips, Naito reverses, but ZSJ denies the tornado DDT to PENALTY KICK! The fans fire up with ZSJ, and he scoops to ZACK- DESTINO!! It was outta nowhere, but also out of desperation! Both men are down and the fans fire up! The fans rally, Naito sits up first, and he brings ZSJ around. Naito wrenches, but ZSJ scoops! ZACK DRIVER!! But ZSJ can’t make the cover! The fans fire up as ZSJ and Naito are down again. ZSJ crawls over, brings Naito up, and he UPPERCUTS! Naito wobbles, ZSJ UPPERCUTS again! And UPPERCUTS again! Naito ROCKS ZSJ with a forearm! And again! ZSJ eggs Naito on!

Naito ROCKS ZSJ and ZSJ sits down! The fans rally, ZSJ stands and UPPERCUTS! And UPPERCUTS! And UPPERCUTS! Naito throws the heavy elbows! ZSJ roars but Naito ELBOWS him down! The fans fire up as we pass 15 minutes. Naito aims, runs in, CORRIENDO- NO, ZSJ scoops! But Naito somersaults! ZSJ rocks it back, EURO CLUTCH! TWO!!! Naito escapes by nanoseconds! ZSJ runs in but into an ELBOW! ZSJ BOOTS, Naito fires a forearm and SPITS! ZSJ swings, into a spin, but he ducks the enzigiri! Body scissors, JAPANESE LEG CLUTCH!! ZSJ WINS!!

Winner: Zack Sabre Jr, by pinfall (gains 2 points; Naito earns 0)

The IWGP World Heavyweight Champion loses again! And ZSJ snatches the belt, claiming it as his own! Will The Front Man finally have this title one way or another? Or will Naito stop owing golden tickets after tonight?


G1 Climax 34 B Block: Yota Tsuji VS David Finlay w/ Gedo!

How fitting that this is round two’s main event. While all the Reiwa Musketeers fell last round, it was the fact that Finlay was talking trash on him the whole time that really upset Yota. Will Yota get back at Finlay with a Gene Blaster? Or will this be a rebound round for the Rebel?

Finlay gets in Yota’s face but Yota just grins. The two then back off to put their duster jackets aside. The bell rings and the fans rally up. Finlay hears the fans cheering on “YOTA! YOTA!” and shrugs it off. The two circle, tie up, and they each pull hair! Red Shoes reprimands them both as they go around, and Finlay puts Yota on ropes. Red Shoes counts, Finlay pie faces Yota, then lets off. But Yota avoids the cheap shot to headlock. Finlay powers out but Yota comes back to RANA! Finlay bails out, fans fire up, and Yota DIVES! Direct hit and Finlay bounces off railing! The fans fire up and rally behind “YOTA! YOTA!” more.

Yota fetches Finlay, drags him up, and whips him hard into railing! Finlay staggers away, Gedo protests, but Yota pursues Finlay. Yota whips Finlay hard into more railing! Gedo is even more upset but there’s nothing Red Shoes can do about this. Yota tells Gedo to shut up, then he drags Finlay back into the ring. Yota steps in, runs, and runs Finlay over! High stack, TWO! Finlay grits his teeth, Yota stands him up, and Yota blocks a kick! Yota trips Finlay, has both legs, and turns Finlay over into a BOSTON CRAB! Finlay endures the hold, fights around, and reaches out to the ROPEBREAK! Yota lets off quickly and fans applaud.

Yota paces while Finlay sits up. Yota comes back but Finlay kicks from below. Yota stomps away on Finlay, CLUBS away on him, then eggs Finlay on. Finlay stands to fire a forearm, then an UPPERCUT! Finlay then stands Yota up and CHOPS! Yota CHOPS back! The fans rally, Yota stalks Finlay to a corner, but Finlay SPITS at him! The fans boo but Finlay grins. Yota also grins, and he runs up to STINGER SPLASH! Yota fires off hands but backs off as Red Shoes reprimands. Yota comes back but Finlay FLAPJACKS him off buckles! Finlay then rains down fists on Yota! Red Shoes reprimands about closed fists but Finlay doesn’t care.

Finlay paces around, drags Yota up, and scoops for a BACKBREAKER! Yota writhes, Finlay covers, TWO! The fans rally and Finlay mocks the “fighting spirit.” He claims he’s gonna beat the spirit outta Yota. Finlay whips Yota hard into buckles! Yota falls, Finlay taunts him, and pushes him around. Finlay SLAPS Yota, drags him up, and UPPERCUTS! Yota goes to a corner, and Finlay barks it up. Some fans bark for Finlay and he runs in to UPPERCUT! Then BROKEN ARROW! Finlay flexes and fans do cheer that feat of strength. Finlay kneels on Yota for a cocky cover, TWO! Finlay mockingly says, “Wow,” then he CHOKES Yota!

Finlay grinds his forearm in Yota’s face, Red Shoes reprimands, and Finlay lets off. Finlay drags Yota up, mocks the fans cheering Yota on, and then clinches. But Yota fights the lift with elbows! Finlay KNEES low, fires another knee, then whips. Yota reverses, scoops and BACKBREAKERS! Finlay flounders and Gedo is mad but the fans fire up! Yota sits up, Finlay goes to a corner, and the fans rally again. Yota runs up to ELBOW Finlay down! Yota then scoops to SLAM and SPLASH! Cover, TWO! Finlay stays in this but Yota stays on him with a GUTBUSTER! Finlay sputters and stumbles away to a corner and the fans fire up.

Yota grins but Gedo is stressing out. Yota storms over to Finlay, digs his knee in, and then KNEES Finlay again! And again! Gedo protests, Red Shoes reprimands, but Yota lets off. Yota then brings Finlay up to whip corner to corner. Finlay stops himself to ROCK Yota! Yota ROCKS Finlay in return! The forearms keep going back and forth, faster and faster! Finlay gets the edge, then catches Yota in to the clinch! IRISH- NO, Yota slips free and shoves Finlay to a corner. Yota runs in, Finlay dodges and comes back. Finlay blocks Yota’s boot, but Yota brings him in to DOUBLE STOMP! The fans fire up again while Finlay flounders.

Yota drags Finlay up, then goes up and up and MAROON- NO, Finlay pushes Yota down! Yota lands on the apron, they trade forearms again, but Finlay POSTS Yota! Finlay then runs to SHOTGUN Yota off the apron! Yota hits railing on the way down and Gedo fires up! Finlay grits his teeth as he goes out to fetch Yota. We reach 10 minutes and Finlay drags Yota up. Finlay whips Yota hard into railing! Yota slumps down, and Finlay storms back up. Finlay asks Gedo, “You wanna see a dead body?” Gedo says yeah, and Finlay fireman’s carries Yota. Finlay runs to LAWN DART Yota into a post! Gedo cheers but the fans boo.

Red Shoes checks Yota and he’s somehow still in this. Finlay mockingly offers Hiromu a Too Sweet, Hiromu says no thanks, so Finlay SPITS at him! Hiromu is annoyed, but Finlay flips Hiromu and Osaka off. Finlay then steps inside and the ring count starts. Yota is still down at 5 of 20, clutching his forehead. Yota grabs at railing, drags himself up at 10, and Finlay shows off by doing jumping jacks. Yota stands at 14 but hobbles around. Yota stumbles, falls over at 17, and drags himself back up! He slides in safe at 19, but Finlay’s on him! DOMINATOR! Cover, TWO!! Yota survives the “Canadian Hammer” but Finlay keeps cool.

Finlay says he’ll hit TEN powerbombs if he has to! Gedo says yeah, let’s do that! Finlay picks Yota up but he’s dead weight, so Finlay wants Red Shoes to call it. Red Shoes refuses, he checks with Yota first. Yota growls as he pushes up, so Finlay goes to suplex! Yota fights it, the fans rally up behind him, and Yota suplexes Finlay! Finlay fights that, suplexes Yota, but Yota turns it around into his own BIG suplex! The fans are thunderous while both men are down again! Osaka cheers on “YOTA! YOTA!” while Finlay flounders to ropes. Finlay is frustrated, but he and Yota both stand. Finlay swings, into the BACKBREAKER, FLATLINER and STOMP!

The fans cheer Yota’s triple combo, then he runs to CURB STOMP!! Cover, TWO!! Finlay survives and Gedo coaches him, but the fans still rally for Yota. Yota rises again, he drags Finlay up, and ROCKS him with a forearm! Finlay staggers away, Gedo panics, and Yota goes up, up and MAROON- NO, Finlay dodges! Finlay runs in, Yota KNEES the spear down! Then suplex, ORANGE CRUSH!! Cover, TWO!! Finlay survives and Gedo is relieved, but Yota roars! We hit 15 minutes, Gedo wants Finlay to get up already, but Yota aims from a corner! Finlay rises, Yota runs in, GENE- HEADLOCK TAKEOVER!

Finlay then drags Yota up, INTO OBLIVION!! Cover, TWO!! Yota survives and the fans are thunderous again! The fans cheer “YOTA! YOTA!” as hard as they can while he and Finlay are both down. Gedo coaches Finlay to get up and kill Yota, but Finlay has to drag himself over. Finlay grabs Yota by his hair, stands him up and reels him in, but Yota blocks the bomb! Finlay CLUBS away on Yota, hauls him up, but Yota fights free! Yota then spins Finlay, but Finlay powers out of the cravat! Yota rebounds, but Finlay rolls him for a POWERBOMB! That’s one, and Finlay hurries to haul Yota up again! BUCKLE BOMB!!

Finlay says that’s not enough, here’s the THIRD POWERBOMB!! Finlay falls over, he still has seven more if he wants to keep his promise! The fans rally for Yota but Finlay stands back up. Finlay slashes his throat, drags Yota back up, and suplexes, but Yota cradle counters! TWO!! Finlay escapes, and DISCUS LARIATS Yota down! Finlay drags Yota up again, reels him in and gives a Too Sweet, for the OVER- NO! Yota blocks the knee! Finlay CLUBS away but Yota still fireman’s carries! Finlay elbows free, ROLLING ELBOWS, and Yota staggers. Yota comes back, into another ROLLING ELBOW! Yota leans on ropes and Finlay eggs him on!

Yota stands, into a third ROLLING ELBOW! Yota falls but Finlay brings him right back up. ROLLING ELBOW! Yota drops to his knees, and Finlay looms over him. Finlay stands Yota up again, ROLLING- HEADBUTT!! Finlay rebounds, Yota dodges, GENE BLASTER!! But Yota can’t make the cover! Yota doesn’t worry about that, he hurries to the corner! The fans are thunderous as Yota goes up and up and MAROON CRUSH!! Cover, YOTA WINS!!

Winner: Yota Tsuji, by pinfall (gains 2 points; Finlay earns 0)

For the second night in a row, the G1’s main event is an epic, and an upset! Finlay has lost twice in a row, does NJPW not need The Rebel after all?

As for Yota, he gets the mic to tell Finlay, “Today was for just one of the three Marlowe Puddings you wasted at the press conference! So don’t forget, I still owe you two more.” The fans cheer that motivation. Yota then says “To the NJPW fans here in Osaka and all over the world, the hottest summer has just begun!” The fans cheer that, too. Yota says he is of course focused on total victory here, the first man to have won the Spring’s New Japan Cup AND the Summer’s G1 Climax in the same year! The fans like that idea.

“In this G1, everyone’s talking about the old and new guards, but I’m the one standing in the main event spot! This isn’t for Shingo Takagi nor Tetsuya Naito. It’s my time. Are you ready?! I’m taking this G1.” The fans cheer, and Yota drops the mic. The Gene Blast is confident no one else is reaching the Climax, but will he be ready for the long road ahead?


Here are the current A Block standings!

Zack Sabre Jr: 2-0, 4 points
Evil: 2-0, 4 points
Shingo Takagi: 1-1, 2 points
Jake Lee: 1-1, 2 points
Gabe Kidd: 1-1, 2 points
Sanada: 1-1, 2 points
Callum Newman: 1-1, 2 points
Shota Umino: 1-1, 2 points
Tetsuya Naito: 0-2, 0 points
Great-O-Khan: 0-2, 0 points


Here are the current B Block standings!

Yuya Uemura: 2-0, 4 points
Henare: 2-0, 4 points
Jeff Cobb: 1-0, 2 points
Konosuke Takeshita: 1-0, 2 points
Boltin Oleg: 1-1, 2 points
Yota Tsuji: 1-1, 2 points
Ren Narita: 1-1, 2 points
David Finlay: 0-2, 0 points
Hirooki Goto: 0-2, 0 points
El Phantasmo: 0-2, 0 points

My Thoughts:

Another awesome night for NJPW for a big G1 opening weekend. One less match, though, because for whatever reason, Konosuke Takeshita and Jeff Cobb weren’t booked for this. And less surprises because Oleg and Callum each took a loss here. Khan VS Gabe was great stuff, with another great win for Gabe. Gabe calling out Hiromu for a NJPW Strong Openweight Championship match was an interesting detail, too. And I should’ve figured Evil would win with more cheating. I really hope this leads to a proper Bullet Club Civil War angle, War Dogs VS House of Torture, but NOT in something where they tear up the ring and risk someone getting hurt.

Yuya gets another great win with that great match against Goto. Yuya could really come out of this G1 as a strong singles competitor, possibly taking that Global Championship from Finlay. But it would seem the Reiwa Musketeers are all making comebacks, too, as Narita cheats ELP, Shota takes down Takagi in a technically big upset of his own, and of course we got those big wins in the penultimate and main event matches. ZSJ has beaten Naito before, but tonight’s win was even bigger for how Naito is world champion. And Yota tops things off in an awesome match with Finlay, and a great win for Yota. A lot of golden tickets are being handed out, the NJPW Destruction tour could be really big this year.

My Score: 9/10

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