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Mitchell’s Hyrule Puro-Resu Results & Report! (4/1/23)

Happy Triforce Anniversary!



HPW Anniversary Show

The Legend of Zelda: The Ring of Destiny, Chapter 42

The fourth year of HPW reaches the Triforce Anniversary! Will Link once again win the Triforce Tournament’s Triple Threat Finals?


  • HPW Trios Championships: The Dames of the Dunes VS The UnderWorld Order; The uWo wins and become the new HPW Trios Champions.
  • HPW Goddess & Death Mountain Championships, Winner Takes All: Zelda VS Midna; Midna wins and becomes the dual HPW Goddess & Death Mountain Champion.
  • Triforce Tournament Triple Threat Finals: Skull Kid VS Igos du Ikana VS Link; Skull Kid wins and will challenge Kage for the HPW Triforce Championship.


HPW and HXS TV set the scene!

Another year of Hyrule Pro-Wrestling and the Triforce Tournament is almost complete! And the more things change, the more they stay the same! The Hero of Hyrule has returned to this same moment he was in three years ago when this all began. But while he’s not up against Ganondorf (or is it just Ganon now?) and Zelda, he is still facing off against two top tier talents. Igos du Ikana is an icon of Termina Championship Wrestling, and has even established himself here in HPW, having brought the Termina Championship to Hyrule. He even came close to being Triforce Champion just four months ago in the main event of HyruleMania.

However, Skull Kid is the wild card, the anomaly, and perhaps the most dangerous of the three. Ever since he found that strange heart shaped mask, Skull Kid has slowly transformed from a mischievous Studly Guy into an obnoxious, selfish monster. On top of that, he’s literally grown in size and musculature that helped him overcome Aveil, Groose and even Onox. Will nothing stop him from taking over all of HPW? Or will not even his newfound size and strength stop Link from repeating history while making history?

Meanwhile, history looks to be made one way or another as two princesses fight over both the HPW Goddess and HPW Death Mountain Championships! The Princess of Hyrule, Zelda, has reigned for 820 DAYS! The longest reign of any title anywhere in wrestling history! And what’s more, it all started when Zelda dethroned the Twilight Princess! Midna has had a roller coaster ride since that first HyruleMania, but she’s feeling stronger than ever. But can she avenge that loss from over two years ago? Or will Zelda’s reign only grow stronger?

But first, the Trios Champions are in action! The Dames of the Dunes, Tali, Buliara & Riju, are facing NOT Arrow Club, because Arrow Club lost the gauntlet match! Instead, the UnderWorld Order’s Death Sword, Gomess and the Gibdo reborn in fire, Scaldera! Will the uWo rise again? Or will they fail to build their new empire on a foundation of sand? The HPW Triforce Anniversary Show at Hyrule Castle starts now!


HPW Trios Championships: The Dames of the Dunes VS The UnderWorld Order!

After a long series of battles last year, Tali, Buliara & Riju came out on top as the champions at HyruleMania! But with Āléx reborn as Scaldera, the uWo has new life! Will they bring gold back to their empire? Or will there still be reign in the desert?

The uWo walk out in blacklight that makes things look like they’re glowing. Especially Scaldera, who practically glows on his own. Hollywood ReDead and Ted Beedle Ossi accompany them, but the ref warns them. ReDead and Beedle claim they’ll be on their best behavior. The Dames then make their entrances, in the same ceremonial garb they wore for HyruleMania. To even things out with the uWo, Aveil and Shabonne are with the Dames. The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and it’s a huge start to the Triforce Anniversary!

HyruleProWrestling TriosChampionships2 Dames by Cartridge88

The trios sort out and Buliara starts against Gomess. The fans rally up as the two circle. They tie up, Buliara powers Gomess to ropes, and the ref counts the break. Buliara and Gomess hand fight, the ref reprimands, and Buliara lets off. Fans applaud while Gomess resets with Buliara. They circle again, feel things out, and tie up again. They go around again, Buliara pushes Gomess back to ropes but Gomess turns it around. The ref counts again, Gomess lets off, and CHOPS! Fans boo but Buliara picks Gomess up! Buliara runs Gomess all the way into an open corner! Fans fire up as Buliara RAMS her shoulder into Gomess again and again!

The ref reprimands, counts, but Buliara lets off. Buliara drags Gomess up and over to tag in Tali. Buliara scoops and SLAMS Gomess, then Tali scoops Buliara to SLAM her onto Gomess! Tali covers, TWO! Tali clamps onto Gomess with a chinlock and fans rally up. Gomess endures, fights up, throws elbows, goes to run but Tali reels him back in. Gomess fights the back suplex with elbows! Gomess ROCKS Tali with a haymaker, whips Tali to ropes, but Tali runs Gomess over! Fans fire up, Tali runs, but Gomess drops down to then ELBOW Tali on the return! Gomess runs, only for Tali to run him over again!

Fans fire up but Gomess bails out in frustration. Tali flexes while Beedle calms Gomess down. The ref starts a ring count, Gomess takes his time pacing around, and he slides in at 5 of 10. Gomess and Tali stare down, then approach, but then Gomess backs off to tag Death Sword. Fans boo but Death Sword and Tali circle now. They feel things out to a knuckle lock, but Death Sword then ROCKS Tali with a forearm! Death Sword wrenches the knuckle lock, wrangles Tali down, isolates the arm in a top wristlock, but Tali hurries to roll back and whips Death Sword away! Death Sword blocks the hip toss, but then Tali blocks the hip toss right back!

Tali swings, but Death Sword ducks the haymaker to pick Tali up and SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Death Sword stomps Tali down, stomps her some more, then runs the ropes. Scaldera tags in and Death Sword drops the ELBOW! Tali flounders, staggers up, and Scaldera scoops her for a BACKBREAKER! Scaldera then keeps on Tali with a backbreaker rack across his knee! Fans rally as Tali endures, and she grabs at the hand Scaldera is pressing against her chin. Tali powers Scaldera’s hand away, and fans fire up as she bridges up to stand again! But Scaldera throws a body shot with his other hand!

Scaldera whips Tali to ropes, scoops her again, for a PENDULUM BACKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Scaldera drags Tali up, whips her to the uWo corner, then runs in to clothesline! Gomess tags in, he runs in to clothesline Tali, and then Death Sword runs in to clothesline! Tag back to Scaldera, and Death Sword holds Tali in place as Scaldera runs side to side, and then Scaldera ROCKS Tali with a forearm smash! Scaldera then hits a BIG back suplex! Cover, TWO! Fans rally up as Tali hangs tough. Scaldera looms over Tali while Shabonne coaches her up. Scaldera drags Tali into a CAMEL CLUTCH! Fans rally as Tali endures being bent back!

Scaldera stares down Buliara and Riju as Tali endures the hold. Scaldera bares his crazy shark teeth, and then BITES Tali on the head! The ref reprimands, the Gerudo Sisterhood and the fans protest, but Scaldera stops biting at 4. Tali powers up, gets her arms free and crawls forward, but Scaldera shifts to a waistlock to deadlift Tali! Fans and even Tali are surprised, as Scaldera hits a GERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO! Tali survives and Scaldera grows frustrated, but he drags Tali back to the uWo corner and tags in Gomess. Gomess drops a knee on Tali’s back, then puts on his own chinlock stretch.

Tali still endures and fans rally up again. Tali fights up and pries at the hold. Tali arm-drags Gomess away, Gomess comes back, but into a SPINEBUSTER! Both wrestlers are down and fans fire up! Tali and Gomess crawl, hot tags to Riju and Scaldera! Fans fire up as Riju springboards to CROSSBODY! But Scaldera rolls through! Fans boo, Scaldera pops Riju into a fireman’s carry, but Riju turns that into CRUCIFIX DRIVER! Cover, TWO!! Riju takes aim, runs in and SHINING WIZARDS! Cover, TWO! Scaldera survives but fans rally up for Riju. Riju goes to a corner and climbs up, but Beedle distracts! The ref reprimands, but Scaldera ROCKS Riju!

Scaldera climbs up after Riju, and he BITES her forehead! Fans boo and the ref reprimands more, but Riju powers Scaldera’s face away! Riju ROCKS Scaldera with forearm after forearm after forearm! Riju DECKS Scaldera off the ropes! Scaldera’s in the drop zone and fans fire up as Riju stands! But Beedle distracts! The ref argues with Beedle, but ReDead storms up from the other side! ReDead swings on Riju but Riju kicks him first! Buliara gets ReDead from behind, for an APRON BACK SUPLEX! Fans cheer, but then Scaldera springs up after Riju! SUPERPLEX!! Cover, Tali and Buliara both break it!

Fans fire up but Gomess and Death Sword go after Tali and Buliara! They brawl, Gomess & Death Sword get the edge, and they both whip Tali & Buliara to ropes. Buliara reverses, Death Sword and Tali both stop themselves at the ropes. They look at each other, as do Gomess and Buliara. Gomess ROCKS Buliara, Death Sword swings on Tali but Tali catches him for a COMPLETE SHOT! Gomess runs and DROPKICKS Tali! Tali and Death Sword flop out of the ring, Gomess turns around and Buliara POUNCES him into the ropes! But Scaldera hits a three point stance, and runs in to CLOBBER Buliara with a forearm!

Scaldera roars and fans boo, but Riju is up top another corner! Riju MISSILE DROPKICKS Scaldera down! Fans are thunderous as Scaldera is in the drop zone again! Riju hurries back up a corner, ULTIMATE ELBOW DROP!! Cover, Beedle puts Scaldera’s leg on the ropes for the ROPEBREAK!! Fans boo but Beedle cheers, only for Tali to pick Beedle up! Beedle screams like a small child as Tali SPINEBUSTERS him through the announce desk!! Fans lose their minds and Rusl loses his drink! But then Death Sword BOOTS Tali down! Buliara fires hands on Death Sword, but Gomess sneaks up to dragon sleeper! Death Sword gets the legs, DEATH KNELL to the floor!!

Aveil and Shabonne are furious but they can’t do anything as Scaldera and Riju rise up. ReDead shouts at Scaldera to “FINISH THIS!” Scaldera roars, he drags Riju up, and pump handles to scoop, BITTER END!! Cover, the UWO WINS!!

Winners: The UnderWorld Order, by pinfall (NEW HPW Trios Champions)

A fitting name, because that is a bitter end to a great reign! The Dames of the Dunes have lost just four months after winning these titles, how will they rebuild this time?

Beedle and ReDead celebrate with the uWo, since they did help them survive to win. Wait, the ARROW CLUB is here! Fans actually cheer as the Young Ducks and Bad Croc Scaly stand on stage. They applaud, but then have the mics to speak. Mack Quackson says, “Congratulations, Underwear Odor. You guys beat us in the gauntlet to have this title match, and now you’ve won the titles.” Rick says, “But enjoy the next month because that’s all you’re getting with the belts. Because we challenge you for the titles at ThunderStruck!” Fans cheer hearing that! The graphic makes it official for ThunderStruck 2 on May 5th!

But wait, now here comes General Manager Nicolas Foolyere! He has the mic and commends the Arrow Club for taking the initiative. But Foolyere has something to add to that. “Since the uWo didn’t play fair, the Dames of the Dunes were robbed of the titles they fought so hard to get back. And if we’re going to have a Trios Championship match at ThunderStruck, why not make it… BLOOD AND THUNDER!!” Fans go wild hearing that! The graphic transforms, and NOW it’s official! Blood & Thunder 2, uWo VS Arrow Club VS The Dames of the Dunes! Who survives the chaos inside the double cage?


HPW Goddess & Death Mountain Championships, Winner Takes All: Zelda VS Midna!

Time flies when you’re having fun. Or in the Princess of Hyrule’s case, when you’re dominating a division as champion. For over eight hundred days, Zelda’s reign has been unstoppable. Will she continue to 821 and beyond while making history as a dual champion? Or will it be a #TwoBeltTwilight on the Triforce Anniversary?

The introductions are made, both belts are raised, and only one princess can have them both!

HyruleProWrestling GoddessChampionship2 Zelda by Cartridge88

HyruleProWrestling DeathMountainTitleNew Midna by Cartridge88

The bell rings, the fans are already thunderous, and the two circle. They tie up, Zelda goes for the arm, but Midna reverses the hold. Zelda uses the ropes to flip through the reversal but Midna rolls to do the same, only for Zelda to kick out a leg. Midna gets up and cartwheels to break free and shove Zelda. Midna struts a bit, then they tie up again. Zelda KICKS a leg then puts Midna in a headlock. Midna powers out and things speed up, Midna trips Zelda and headlocks, but Zelda rolls her up, TWO! Zeldaa hits Midna with a sliding knee! Cover, TWO! Midna and Zelda back off but the fans applaud.

Zelda taunts Midna as she sits in the corner. Midna smirks, comes out, but Zelda gets her in a headlock takedown and double stomps! Zelda runs, but Midna scoops her, only for Zelda to victory roll! TWO, and Midna CHOPS! Midna CHOPS again, backs Zelda into a corner, then whips Zelda corner to corner. Zelda reverses, but Midna tumbles up and out to the apron. Zelda runs over, avoids the shoulder, and gives a KICK back! Midna is stuck in the ropes, Zelda runs again, and DROPKICKS Midna to the barriers! Referee Maron Ron Ron checks on Midna while Zelda struts in the ring.

Zelda asks what’s taking so long. Midna stands up and shakes out an arm. Zelda says she now has a target. Midna gets back into the ring, and Zelda is after that shoulder with KICKS! Midna tries to get space but Zelda grabs the arm and wrenches it, to then WRING it! Midna clutches her shoulder but Zelda keeps on it with an armlock. Zelda digs her forearm into the shoulder while fans rally and duel. “Let’s Go, Zelda!” “Zelda Sucks!” Zelda hears the latter part and shouts, “I don’t suck! I’m a champion!” Midna fights up, rolls and then ROCKS Zelda with a forearm! Zelda KICKS Midna in the arm again!

Zelda KICKS Midna in the leg again, Midna staggers into a corner, and Zelda runs in. Midna catches Zelda into a BACKBREAKER, and then a BUCKLE SHOT! Midna drags Zelda up but Zelda KICKS the leg and has Midna in the corner! Zelda CHOPS and then hoists Midna up, but Midna CLUBS her on the back. Midna turns things back around, stomps Zelda, then hoists her up top. Zelda block the chop! For a HANGING ARMBAR! Maron reprimands and counts, Zelda lets go at 4! Midna staggers away, but Zelda jumps on her back for a SLEEPER! Fans rally and Midna stays up, to BACKPACK STUNNER!

Midna coughs as she catches her breath, but Zelda sits up to grab Midna again! Zelda has the chicken wing but Midna fights off the crossface! Midna moves around, reaches out, Zelda clamps on the IMPA LOCK! But Midna gets the ROPEBREAK! Fans have both cheers and jeers as Zelda holds on until 4! Maron reprimands Zelda but Zelda doesn’t seem that bothered by it. Midna coughs more, stands up, and Zelda storms over, but into an ELBOW! Zelda staggers, comes back, but into a BOOT! Midna scowls while checking her neck and shaking out the bad arm, and fans continue to duel, “Let’s Go, Zelda!” “Zelda Sucks!”

Zelda sits up and she smirks. She eggs Midna on, so Midna stomps her down. And stomps her again! And stomps her again! Midna stomps again but Zelda catches it! Zelda rolls back to drag Midna down into a HALF CRAB! Midna endures and fans rally while Zelda sits deep! Midna fights, crawls, reaches out, but Zelda drags her from the ropes! Zelda pulls even harder on the leg but Midna still endures. Midna powers up! She tucks and rolls to bring Zelda  down! Midna stands up to then drop KNEES on Zelda! Cover, TWO! Zelda sputters and coughs as she scrambles to a corner, and fans rally even harder.

Midna storms over to Zelda, grabs at her, but Zelda holds onto the rope. Maron has Midna back off, Zelda gets up, and fans duel again, “Let’s Go, Zelda!” “Zelda Sucks!” Zelda and Midna reset, circle and approach. Zelda shoots around Midna to CHOP BLOCK a leg! Fans are torn while Midna clutches her knee. Zelda then KICKS Midna in the back! Midna grits her teeth and glares at Zelda but Zelda BUZZSAWS her down! Cover, TWO! Zelda gets the bad arm for an ARMBAR!! Fans fire up as Midna hurries to clasp hands! Midna moves around, Zelda punches at the grip, pries at the fingers, and unlocks them to ARMBAR!!

Midna kicks and scrambles around! Fans rally and duel, Midna fights around, and she stacks Zelda! TWO, and Zelda holds onto the arm! Zelda shifts to an omoplata, and she grabs at Midna’s face! She wants a modified crossface but Midna fights that off. Midna crawls, reaches out, stretches a long leg, and gets the ROPEBREAK! Fans are thunderous while Zelda holds on! Maron counts, and Zelda lets go at 4. Midna sits up at the ropes, for Zelda to KICK her into them! Fans boo and Maron reprimands but Zelda backs off. Midna and Zelda glare at each other as fans rally back up. Midna stands up and rushes Zelda, only for Zelda to dump her out!

Zelda goes out to the apron while Midna staggers up. Midna turns around into a PENALTY KICK from the apron! Midna staggers around more, Zelda goes up the corner! Fans fire up already as Zelda aims, for a SUPER CROSSBODY! Direct hit and down goes Midna! Zelda is all fired up, and her fans are with her, but the Anti-Zelda fans boo even harder. Zelda drags Midna up and puts her in the ring, but then drags her around to have the bad leg on the apron. Zelda SLAMS the leg on to apron edge! Midna grits her teeth in pain, Maron reprimands, and fans are torn again, but Zelda just grabs the bad leg, for a DRAPING DRAGON SCREW!

Maron reprimands Zelda more and tells her to get in the ring. Zelda slides in while Midna writhes and crawls away. Zelda stalks Midna, waits for her to sit up, and wraps her up in a SLEEPER! Midna flails, claws at the hold, and fights up, but that bad leg holds her back! Zelda drags Midna down and wraps on body scissors! Fans duel furiously as Zelda squeezes Midna tight! Midna flails, moves around with her good leg and reaches out with both hands, but she’s fading! Maron checks on Midna, raises the hand, and Midna revives! Fans are thunderous as Midna fights back up! Midna sits up and Zelda is shocked!

Midna fights up to her feet, and even with the bad leg, she carries Zelda around! But Zelda lets go before the stunner, and she hops up, POISON-RANA!! Zelda fires up, fans fire up, and Midna stands up!? Zelda turns around into a CHOP! Midna then whips Zelda to ropes, CHOPS her again, then whips her again! Zelda ducks the chop, gets around, gets the chicken wing, but Midna blocks the crossface! Midna arm-drags Zelda away, feints the chop, and gets Zelda for a DDT! Fans fire up while Midna hobbles and aims from the corner. Midna shouts for Zelda to get up, and Zelda rises. Midna runs in, TWILIGHT-

NO! Zelda ducks the Twilight Sleep! And she jumps onto Midna, IMPA LOCK!!! Midna scrambles, rolls, they end up in the ropes and Maron shouts for the break but they tumble out of the ring! Zelda still has the chicken wing, but Midna BACKPACK SENTONS on the floor! Both women are down and fans are thunderous again! Maron checks them both, and they’re both okay to continue. Maron goes back into the ring and starts a ring count. Midna sits up at 2 of 10 and drags herself up with the apron skirt at 4. Zelda crawls away to the barriers, and drags herself up at 6. Midna slides in the ring at 7, but slides out to restart the count!

Maron tells Midna to get in the ring, but she aims at Zelda instead! Midna runs in, and SPEARS Zelda through the barriers!! Fans are losing their minds, and Midna roars as she stands back up! Finally, there are clear chants of “MIDNA! MIDNA!” as she drags Zelda up from the wreckage. Midna hauls Zelda back into to the ring, drags her into a drop zone, and then climbs up the corner. The bad leg slows her down, but she still reaches the top, for the TWISTED TWILIGHT!! But Midna clutches her bad leg! The knee must’ve hit hard on the landing! Midna still covers, TWO!?! Fans can’t believe it but those delays must’ve saved Zelda!

Midna grows frustrated and she pounds the mat. Fans hope these two “FIGHT FOREVER!” but this has to end somehow! Midna grabs at Zelda, but Zelda drags her into a TRIANGLE HOLD!! Fans freak out again as Midna flails and moves around! Zelda squeezes tight, but Midna powers up! Midna deadlifts Zelda for a POWERBOMB!! Fans fire up again as Midna is free! Zelda turns over, sits up slowly, into TWILIGHT SLEEP!!! Fans are going nuts as Midna uses her head to shovel Zelda back over and cover, MIDNA WINS!!!

Winner: Midna, by pinfall (DUAL HPW Goddess & Death Mountain Champion)

Fans are electric, and even Midna is surprised! Maron brings both belts over and it isn’t a dream! It’s a dream come true! Midna is a TWO-TIME Goddess Champion, and a TWO BELT CHAMPION! Midna raises both belts high overhead, will the twilight be eternal in HPW?

As for Zelda, she is still dazed. She sees Midna with both belts and realizes what happened. Zelda starts to tear up, but she fights them back as she stands. Zelda and Midna look at each other, and Midna puts both belts on one shoulder. Midna and Zelda hug it out! Fans cheer the sportsmanship as Zelda raises Midna’s hand in victory. But while Midna now has two belts, what is next for Zelda now that she has none?


Triforce Tournament Triple Threat Finals: Skull Kid VS Igos du Ikana VS Link!

“The more things change, the more they stay the same.” Those words opened the night, and they apply to each part of this match. Skull Kid has changed himself inside and out, all in the pursuit of being the best in HPW. The Ruler of Ruin has rebuilt himself here in HPW, and has already come close to taking the top title. And the Hero of Hyrule has been in this position before, won it all and lost it all, but has not given up yet. This could be the biggest battle in each man’s careers, who wins and who survives?

The introductions are made, the trophy is raised, and we see who celebrates the Triforce Anniversary!


The bell rings and fans rally up for “LINK! LINK! LINK! LINK!” as he stares down with Igos and Skull Kid. The three of them approach the center, still wary of each other. Skull Kid then CHOPS Link and ROCKS Igos! Skull Kid fires off on Igos with forearms, Link storms up but into an ELBOW! Igos BOOTS Skull Kid, Skull Kid rebounds off ropes but Igos dodges his clothesline, only for Link to throw him up and out to the apron. Igos shoulders into Link, but Skull Kid rushes in to SUNSET FLIP! Igos holds onto ropes to prevent the bomb! Skull Kid avoids the stomp then YANKS Igos down! Igos smacks off the apron, and Link DIVES onto Skull Kid!

Fans fire up but Link keeps moving! He gets back in the ring, builds speed, and he DIVES onto Igos now! Fans fire up more but Link slides back in again. Link builds speed and he DIVES onto both Igos and Skull Kid! Link roars and the fans are thunderous! Link puts Igos back in the ring, hurries to bring him up, and suplexes, but Igos knees free. Igos fires off strikes, but Link avoids the knee thrust! Igos deflects the superkick and waistlocks, but Link fights the lift. Link standing switches, but now Igos fights the lift. Igos runs to ropes and hotshots Link but Skull Kid GAMANGIRIS Igos! Skull Kid storms in and CLOBBERS Link!

Fans boo but Skull Kid flips them all off, as has been his thing. Skull Kid drags Igos up, whips him to ropes, but follows to KNEE Igos at the ropes. Skull Kid whips Igos the other way to KNEE him against ropes again. Skull Kid then brings Igos around to POST him! Skull Kid then storms up on Link, stomps him into a corner, then digs his boots in. Skull Kid taunts referee Tiger Sahasrahla about counting, because he can’t, this is No Disqualifications. Skull Kid then scrapes his boot off Link’s face, then runs side to side. Skull Kid BOOT WASHES Link, and fans boo as Link drapes out of the ring!

Skull Kid drags Link in from the ropes, wheelbarrows and GERMAN SUPLEXES! Link flounders, fans boo, but Skull Kid goes over to Igos in the other corner. Skull Kid stomps a mudhole into Igos, then runs side to side again, but Igos BOOTS him first! Fans fire up as Igos fires off hands on Skull Kid into the adjacent corner! Igos CLUBS Skull Kid down, then stomps him in return! Igos kicks Skull Kid out of the ring, goes out after him, and fires off more KICKS and haymakers! Fans fire up as Igos BOOTS Skull Kid into the barriers! Igos then KICKS Skull Kid against the barriers! Igos then whips, but Skull Kid reverses, and Igos is sent into more barriers!

Skull Kid storms up to Igos, drags him up and puts him in the ring, but Link DIVES in again! Only to be caught!! Skull Kid pops Link up against the ropes to then DECK him on the rebound! Fans boo but Skull Kid just storms into the ring and stalks behind Igos. Skull Kid stomps Igos, then chicken wings to deadlift Igos! Skull Kid holds Igos up, before the TIGER SUPLEX! Bridging cover, but Link SPRINGBOARD SPLASHES right onto Skull Kid!! Fans lose their minds while both Link and Skull Kid writhe from the impact! “This is Awesome!” while all three men are down! Igos crawls to a corner, Link crawls to the opposite, and Skull Kid stays in the center.

Igos checks his neck and shakes out an arm. Igos storms up to Skull Kid, but Link runs in and uses Skull Kid as a step! BLOCKBUSTER for Igos! Link then goes up the corner as Skull Kid stands, and he CROSSBODIES! Fans fire up with Link, and he takes aim as Skull Kid gets back up. SUPERKICK! Skull Kid rebounds off ropes, Link wrenches him for the HOOK SHOT! Link then reels Skull Kid in for a SAIDO! But Skull Kid stands right up! Skull Kid runs in, Link goes Matrix to dodge, then kips back up, but Igos JUMP KNEES Link back down! Skull Kid runs in at Igos but Igos shoots in and around to dragon sleeper!

Fans fire up while Skull Kid resists the Gravestone hold! Link runs in but Igos kicks him low! Igos reels Link in, URENAGE onto Skull Kid! Igos pushes Link aside to cover Skull Kid, TWO! Fans fire up, Link sits up, Igos KICKS him in the chest! Skull Kid sits up, into a KICK from Igos! Igos KICKS Link, he KICKS Skull Kid, and repeat! Fans fire up and duel, “YES!” “NO!” as Igos KICKS again and again. Igos then aims at Link, but Link ducks the Buzzsaw! Link MASTER SWORDS Skull Kid! Link CHOPS Igos! Igos fires off strikes on Link, but Link fires a flurry of palm strikes! Both men LARIAT, both men fall, but then both men kip up!

Fans are thunderous but then Skull Kid runs in, he gets a SUPERKICK BOOT COMBO! Fans fire up again as Skull Kid wobbles. Link SHOTGUNS Skull Kid at the ropes, Skull Kid rebounds into a SAYANAGI from Igos! Skull Kid staggers up, Link MASTER SWORDS, right into an ELEGY OF EMPTINESS!! Fans are thunderous while Link and Igos stare down at each other so neither can make the cover. Skull Kid flops out of the ring while Igos and Link circle and fans rally back up. Igos KICKS Link in the leg but Link throws a left-right combo! Link pushes the offense with haymakers but Igos turns things around to put Link on ropes and KICK!

Link sputters, Igos stands him up and KICKS him in the chest again! Link stumbles to a corner, Igos follows him and fires off hands, then more kicks! Igos whips corner to corner, but Link goes up and over and sunset slips! Igos rolls through to BUZZSAW! Igos then drags Link up into the dragon sleeper, and then drops back for the GRAVE- NO, Link rolls back to make it a cover! TWO!! Igos lets go just in time, he and Link hurry to their feet, DOUBLE ROUNDHOUSES take them both down! Fans are thunderous again, “This is Awesome!” But wait, Skull Kid stands back up! Or… Is that still Skull Kid?

Skull Kid steps into the ring, but he seems to be in a trance. This is like the early days of Skull Kid finding that mask. Wait, what’s going on? Skull Kid is floating?! He’s levitating!? He’s in the air?!? And with a rather cartoonish sound, the mask peels itself away from Skull Kid’s face! Skull Kid falls to the mat but the mask stays up in the air! And then it sprouts its own arms and legs, and even a rather goofy looking head of one big eye with two cone shaped horns! Fans have no idea what to make of it, nor does commentary! Link and Igos sit up and see this weird looking monstrosity standing there, and then it starts dancing!?

The one-eyed monster goes from poppin’ ‘n’ lockin’ to the robot to some pirouette spinning. Then it does the Kozachok kicking dance! Then it does a Vaudeville style Running Man, then it drops to it’s knees for jazz hands! Again, no one has any idea what to do. But Igos and Link SUPERKICK BOOT COMBO it! The monster’s eyeball-head wobbles like a bobblehead while it staggers back against ropes, and he comes back to DOUBLE LARIAT Link and Igos! Fans boo while the monster does jumping jacks. The monster then goes outside the ring and starts looking underneath. He brings out a TABLE!

Fans are torn as the monster sets the table up at ringside. But then Link WRECKS the monster with a dropkick! The monster stumbles into the announce desk and Rusl secures his drink this time. Link goes out and mule kicks the monster’s leg out to bring him down to his knees! Then Link SUPERKICKS the monster in the eyeball face! The monster leans against the announce desk and Link pushes him onto it! Link throws down fists then he goes to the ring. Link goes to a corner, climbs up top, and fans are already going nuts as he aims for the monster! Rusl, Shad & Telma all get clear before the SUPER FROG SPLASH THROUGH THE DESK!!

Fans lose their minds and even Igos looks shocked! Link and the monster are down in the wreckage, and Tiger Sahasrahla checks Link. Link is somehow okay to continue, so Igos rushes out to fetch him into the ring! Fans are going nuts as Igos stalks Link. Igos lifts Link with his foot, but Link pushes that foot away to then SLAP Igos with a palm strike! Fans are thunderous, but Igos SLAPS back! Link SLAPS, Igos SLAPS, then Igos CROSS COUNTERS! Igos fires off strike after strike after strike! Igos roars and reels back, but Link MASTER SWORDS! Igos falls into a drop zone, and Link hurries to a corner!

Fans fire up as Link climbs, but the monster is back!! And he looks less goofy, as his limbs have become less lanky and more muscular, and his eyeball head is now a full-fledged head, with two eyes and a mouth. The monster drags Link off the corner! The monster choke grips, and he CHOKE SLAMS Link through the table!!! The monster gets back in the ring, drags and suplexes Igos up, for a BRAINBUSTER to his knee!!! Fans boo as the monster drags the unconscious Skull Kid onto the cover! Sahasrahla isn’t sure what to do, but then the monster yells at him, “COUNT!!” Sahasrahla counts the pin, and Skull Kid wins?!?

Winner: Skull Kid, by pinfall (NEW #1 contender to the HPW Triforce Championship)

Fans can’t believe it! Skull Kid’s mask came to life and helped him steal this victory! And now, the monster returns to being the mask! It reattaches itself to Skull Kid, and he seems to regain consciousness. Skull Kid looks around, and he sees Igos is down and Sahasrahla presenting the trophy. Skull Kid takes hold of the trophy and lifts it victoriously! Fans boo but Skull Kid is still the winner, will all of this happen to Kage in the title match?

My Thoughts:

A wild ride, this one. But as a big event for HPW overlaps with a big weekend in real-life pro-wrestling, I did my best to go big. The status quo was completely undone here with new champions in the uWo, with Midna being the first dual champion, not Zelda, and with Link not winning the tournament. The uWo winning with shenanigans was of course to bring about Blood & Thunder 2 at ThunderStruck 2, and with it still being a Triple Threat Trios match. Riju and Buliara are gonna be the veterans in that match, it’s gonna be good stuff.

Midna VS Zelda was the match I had the hardest time deciding on where to take it. Just as Zelda could be open to a new field of competition with the Death Mountain title, her continuing to 850+ days as Goddess Champion after having cleared out the Women’s Division just didn’t seem fair. And even in losing, Zelda can still enter the Open/Co-Ed Division. And in the Triple Threat, Skull Kid and this Majora’s Mask story arc has been building, this felt like the right time to step it up to the level where we got Majora’s Incarnation/Majora’s Wrath in very much the way Majora’s Mask the game did it. And now we’ve got some controversy and intrigue rather than a Link VS Kage rematch.

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Musical Chairs S4: E2- Randy Newman & The Doors [071624]

Musical Chairs returns for Episode 2 of Season 4. This week, the guys cover Randy Newman and The Doors!



Chairshot Radio Large

Musical Chairs returns for another excellent installment as we take a look at two more tremendous acts from the annals of music history. This week, Patrick chose Randy Newman. Equal parts songwriter and performer Randy Newman is one of the most celebrated songwriters of this, or any other, generation. In the later part of his career, he composed no less than nine Disney-Pixar films, and he has been nominated for 22 Academy Awards! Dave, meanwhile, chose one of the most iconic and controversial bands of all time…The Doors. Led by one of rock’s all-time great frontmen, Jim Morrison, The Doors redefined music in the late 60’s and early 70’s. Despite being under constant scrutiny…. including being banned in many parts of the nation… The Doors became legends and their music continues to be extremely popular even today.  Tune in this week and learn a few things about two hugely important fixtures of musical history!

Today’s hosts: Dave Ungar (@AttitudeAgg) and Patrick O’Dowd (@WrestlngRealist)

  • Episode 2 of Season 4 of Musical Chairs focuses on Randy Newman & The Doors

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Bandwagon Nerds

Bandwagon Nerds #244: Brave New Worlds

The guys review Episode 7 of The Boys, Sason 4, check out some massive trailers for the MCU, and take an early look at D23.



Bandwagon Nerds Mario

BWN returns this week to look at some world-changing things happening all across the Nerdosphere. This begins with Episode 7 of Season 4 of The Boys. The penultimate Episode for this season had a dizzying number of moving parts including a Supe virus gone wrong, a shocking death, more gruesome moments, and a cliffhanger involving one of our favorite characters. It all sets up for an unforgettable season finale and the guys break it all down for you. Speaking of favorite shows, the fellas take a look at the latest trailer for the final season of The Umbrella Academy. But the MCU kind of dominated the Trailer Park this week as we got our first look at Agatha All Along and Captain America: Brave New World. Dave’s somewhat tepid reaction to the latter trailer brought Rey out of his extended vacation and we have all the details for you here on this Episode. All that plus X-Men ’97 got a new writer, a surprising casting decision for Booster Gold, and the guys look at the schedule for D23 to let you know what they have their eyes on.

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About Bandwagon Nerds

Join Patrick O’Dowd, David Ungar, PC Tunney, Rey Cash, and DPP as they keep everyone up on all things nerd, and maybe add some new nerds along the way. It’s the Bandwagon Nerds Podcast!

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