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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (2/6/24)

Why, Melo, Why?!



NXT White 'n' Gold Era

It was HIM, Trick! It was HIM all along!

After losing the Dusty Cup finals, Carmelo Hayes showed his true colors on NXT Vengeance Day by attacking Trick Williams! Tonight, he explains himself!


  • Malik Blade & Edris Enofe VS Nathan Frazer & Axiom; Frazer & Axiom win.
  • Lexis King VS Riley Osborne w/ Chase U; King wins.
  • Roxanne Perez VS Lola Vice; Roxie wins.
  • Fallon Henley & Wren Sinclair VS Lash Legend & Jakara Jackson w/ The Meta Four; Lash & Jakara win.
  • Ilja Dragunov VS DIJAK; Dragunov wins.


Carmelo Hayes is here!

The fans boo HIM as he makes his way out to the ring, holding on to the chair he used to beat Trick Williams down. Melo puts the chair in the ring before he steps in, soaking up all the heat from the fans. Melo gets a mic, takes a seat, and the fans change it to “F YOU MELO!” Melo takes a moment for that to settle down before he stands back up. But then the booing is so much he doesn’t feel like talking yet. Melo folds his chair up and says, “Not yet. Not yet.” Melo goes to leave and the fans boo more! It seems Melo is gonna keep us in the dark, but will Trick choose not to wait?


Bron Breakker & Baron Corbin speak.

Corbin says seeing as how there is some spare time now, they wanted to come out here and start the celebration! So ladies and gentlemen…” Bron stops Corbin there, he’s not doing that. Alicia Taylor will do this, because she’s the greatest voice in NXT! Alicia officially introduces the winners of the 2024 Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, Bron Breakker & Baron Corbin, the WOLF DOGS! Corbin is furious but the fans bark it up. How much did Bron pay Alicia to say that? But whatever, Sunday was off the charts! They won the cup, and they’ve got their names on here forever! And Corbin gets top billing!

But in all seriousness, they absolutely dominated! There is no one that can stop them! Maybe that top rope. How is Bron’s face? He’s got a bit of a mark there. He is good, right? Fans chant “He’s Still Handsome!” Bron smiles and nods, and says hey, when you run 23 miles per hour, stuff’s gonna go wrong sometimes. Corbin’s never gotten that fast. But let’s congratulate Bron’s tag partner on his first dive ever! Because Corbin wouldn’t have made it without Bron giving his big ass a boost. Okay, see, that’s why they’re a team. But back on track, they won the cup, so that means they get a shot at Tag Team Championships!

The fans cheer that! Corbin tells Tony & Stacks, and then Bron adds on, “The Wolf Dogs are on the hunt!” But wait! Instead, it’s Nathan Frazer & Axiom! They make their entrance to compete tonight against a team they didn’t meet in the tournament. Will the Jersey Island Rocket & Undeniable Truth show they #NeverSlowDown? Or will Malik & Edris prove they’re still in the tag title chase?

Malik Blade & Edris Enofe VS Nathan Frazer & Axiom!

Bron & Corbin join commentary, disagreeing over if “Wolf Dogs” is really the team name, and the teams in the ring sort out. Axiom starts against Edris and then offers a handshake. Edris says nope and he slaps the hand away. They tie up, Axiom waistlocks but Edris wrenches fere. Axiom rolls and rolls and gets free, then resets with Edris. They knuckle lock, Edris waistlocks but Axiom fights the lift with elbows. Axiom runs, Edris hurdles, drops and DROPKICKS! The fans cheer, Edris taunts Frazer, then stalks Axiom. Axiom blocks a kick, waistlocks, but Edris elbows free! But Axiom elbows back!

Axiom goes up top, leaps for a FLYING ARM-DRAG, then DROPKICKS Edris! Fans cheer, Axiom brings Edris down to a cover, TWO! Edris sits up but Axiom chinlocks. Axiom grinds Edris, Edris fights up, but Frazer tags in. Edris still sends Axiom out and tags Malik. Malik SUPERKICKS Axiom down! Frazer SUPERKICKS Edris down! Frazer dodges Malik, Malik dodges Frazer, and double forearms rock them both! Frazer BLASTS Edris off the apron but Malik does the same to Axiom! Then they DOUBLE LARIAT! Both men wobble, DOUBLE LARIAT again, then they both dodge to DIVE onto the others!!

The fans are thunderous as Malik and Frazer talk trash. Bron likes the fire and intensity as Malik slides in. Frazer springboards but Malik gets under to then go up. Malik springboards to FLYING LARIAT! Fans fire up for “MALIK! DA FREAK!” Malik is all fired up as NXT goes to break.

NXT returns and Frazer DROPKICKS Edris! Edris wobbles, Frazer hot tags Axiom! Axiom and Frazer rally on Edris with lariat after lariat then a DDT! Cover, TWO! Edris survives the speed blitz but Axiom KICKS him! Edris scowls but Axiom scuffs him. Axiom whips Edris, RAMS into him, then brings him around. Axiom whips, Edris sunset flips but Axiom rolls through to roll Edris and CLOBBER him! Cover, TWO! Axiom clamps on with a chinlock, Edris endures and the fans rally up. Edris fights up, pries the hold open and runs, but Axiom LARIATS against ropes! Axiom tags Frazer and whips Edris.

Frazer GAMANGIRIS and Axiom GERMAN SUPLEXES! Then Frazer hits ANARCHY! Cover, TWO!! Edris survives and Frazer grows a little annoyed. Frazer clamps on a chinlock and he grinds Edris down. The fans rally up again and Edris fights back up. Edris powers up to lift Frazer, but Frazer CLUBS away! Frazer then ELBOWS Edris down! Cover, TWO! Frazer clamps onto Edris again but Edris fights up again. The fans rally as Edris throws body shots. Edris fires forearms, but Frazer keeps him from Malik! Frazer whips, trips and then goes up to springboard, AX HANDLE! Frazer BLASTS Malik for good measure before the STANDING SHOOTING STAR! Cover, TWO!!

Edris survives, Corbin says being as athletic as Frazer is great, but it doesn’t match physicality. Frazer CLUBS Edris, tags Axiom, and Axiom clamps on with a waistlock. Frazer goes up but Edris runs to ropes! He trips Frazer up and bucks Axiom away at the same time! Edris then KNEES Axiom down, hurries over, hot tag to Malik! The fans fire up as Malik Da Freak LARIATS Axiom then DROPKICKS Frazer! Malik rallies, Axiom whips but Malik CLOBBERS him! Frazer leaps, but Malik rolls through the crossbody! Malik picks Frazer up to FALL AWAY SLAM! The fans fire up as Malik ROCKS Axiom then LARIATS!

“MALIK! DA FREAK!” hauls Axiom up, to POWERBOMB! High stack, TWO!! Malik tries again, SITOUT BOMB!! Cover, TWO?!? Axiom survives and shocks Malik! The fans fire up as Malik tags Edris. Edris goes up for the MACHO ELBOW! Cover, FRAZER BREAKS IT! Malik is furious and he whips Frazer. Frazer gest Malik for a BUCKLE SHOT! Edris DOUBLE KNEES Frazer, then hurries back up top! But Axiom gets up to GAMANGIRI! Tag to Frazer, Axiom goes up, and Axiom hits the SUPER SPANISH FLY!! Frazer is up top now, for the PHOENIX SPLASH!! Cover, MALIK BARRELS IN TO BREAK IT!! The fans are thunderous as NXT goes picture in picture!

Frazer can’t believe what just happened, but this match is still going! Malik helps Edris up while Axiom and Frazer regroup. Malik and Edris throw hands, but then Axiom and Frazer hit back! They go forearm for forearm, CHOP for CHOP! The fans rally, Axiom KICKS and Frazer forearms! Edris and Malik hit back, all four men stand, the shots are going back and forth, faster and faster! Axiom & Frazer get the edge, then both run, to ROCK both Malik & Edris! But Malik & Edris rebound to ROCK Axiom & Frazer! Axiom & Frazer rebound, but into DOUBLE BOOTS! Then Malik & Edris run, into DOUBLE SUPERKICKS!

Axiom & Frazer coordinate, they run, but so do Malik & Edris! QUADRUPLE LARIATS!! All four men are down again and the fans are loving it! Malik goes to a corner, Axiom goes after him. Frazer has Edris in the opposite end, and the fists rain down! Axiom and Frazer get all the way to eight before Malik & Edris carry them out! But Frazer & Axiom both counter that to GUILLOTINE FACELOCKS! Malik & Edris endure, power their way through, DOUBLE SUPLEXES! All four men are down again and the fans are still loving it! The teams regroup, rise up, and Frazer SUPERKICKS Malik! Edris blocks Axiom’s superkick to send it into Frazer!

Malik ROCKS Axiom, and Edris hits a SPINEBUSTER! Malik & Edris go after Frazer, fireman’s carry for the ROLLING NECKBREAKER SAMOAN DROP COMBO! Cover, TWO!! Frazer survives and NXT returns to single picture as the fans rally up. Tag to Malik and he goes up a corner. Edris fireman’s carries Frazer but he slips free! Axiom SUPERKICKS Edris and Frazer SUPERPLEXES Malik! Roll through, SUPERKICK BRAINBUSTER COMBO!! Cover, TWO?!?!? Malik survives and shocks everyone, even the Wolf Dogs! Malik is dazed but his fighting spirit is alive and well! The fans are thunderous for “NXT! NXT!” as Frazer tags Axiom.

Fans hope these teams “FIGHT FOREVER!” but this is just the opening match! Frazer goes up to FROG SPLASH onto knees! Axiom leaps in, into BOOTS! Malik hurries to ENZIGIRI! Axiom wobbles, hot tag to Edris! Malik gets Axiom up, he and Edris double pump handle for the DOUBLE TWISTER! Cover, FRAZER LEAPS IN!! Malik can’t believe it, and he hurries to TOSS Frazer out! Edris & Malik go up adjacent corners, but Frazer SHOVES Malik down! Malik clutches a leg! MACHO ELBOW FLOPS as Axiom moves! Tag to Frazer, then tag back to Axiom before PHOENIX SPLASH! Then GOLDEN RATIO!! Cover, Frazer & Axiom win!!

Winners: Nathan Frazer & Axiom, by pinfall

Bron sarcastically applauds, but this was an instant classic! In the end, Frazer & Axiom back up their talk with actions, only for the Wolf Dogs to attack! Fans are torn as the teams brawl! Corbin TOSSES Frazer, Bron TOSSES Axiom, proving they’re the alphas of the NXT Tag Division. But wait, here come the champions of the NXT Tag Division! The Don, Stacks & Adriana Rizzo are here to stare the Wolf Dogs down. Corbin says they should do this next week, titles on the line! Stacks says okay, Wolf Dogs, you got it! The match is happening, who survives Valentine’s Day to head on to Roadblock and beyond?


Ilja Dragunov arrives backstage.

Kelly Kincaid is there to ask him about Vengeance Day. Respectfully, Kelly, now is not the time for such a conversation. Dragunov is here to speak to Melo and to get some answers. See you inside. The Mad Dragon is looking for HIM, will he get to the bottom of this?


Ilja Dragunov heads to the ring!

Just as he said a moment ago, the NXT Champion is looking for answers, as are we all! He grabs a mic to say, “Trick Williams! On Sunday night, WE WENT TO WAR!” The fans cheer that, and Dragunov says he doesn’t just respect Trick, he likes Trick. But it doesn’t matter how much he respects or likes someone, he could not allow Trick to slay the Mad Dragon. Fans respect that, and Dragunov says at Vengeance Day, Trick gave Dragunov everything he had. If there is one man to beat him, Trick would be a worthy champion.

But now, as the NXT Champion, it is Dragunov’s duty to call out… one man. CARMELO HAYES!! Fans boo but Dragunov says Melo has been throwing false accusations these past couple months. There were never any mental manipulations between Dragunov and Trick! But now, we can all see Melo’s true colors. Melo, that snake, could not stand seeing Trick reaching new heights in NXT. Melo better come out right now! The fans gave it to Melo verbally, but Dragunov will go beyond breaking him, “You traitorous SON OF A B*TCH!” The fans fire up for that!

Dragunov paces but asks what’s wrong, Melo? Can’t even look Dragunov in the eyes because his only advantage is to jump someone from behind?! Melo, come out right now, or else Dragunov will find you himself. Wait, here comes Dijak instead! And he says no no no, Dragunov, stay right there. Why is Dragunov so obsessed with Trick Melo Gang? And then he tells the fans to shut up while he’s talking. Fans chant “YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK!” Oh, does he?! “YES! YES!” Dijak says Dragunov is obsessed, but he is still NXT Champion. We saw what happened at Vengeance Day. And Dijak is sure they saw what he did to Joe Gacy that night, too.

Look at them! A couple of winners. Dragunov says this is not the time nor the place, and he is not the man Dijak should be looking out for. Fans chant, “Melo~ Won’t Talk!” Dijak again tells them to shut up! Fans boo but Dijak grins. Dijak tells Dragunov that he likes to say he’s #UNBESIEGBAR, but standing there with a broken nose, he probably feels a little regular, right? Dijak says there is nothing Dragunov can do. Dijak learned what it takes to beat Gacy, and what it takes to break a man who thinks he is unbreakable. The fans taunt Dijak with, “Shut Up, T-Bar!” but Dragunov says, “I advise you to step out of my way. Get it?”

Wait, is Gacy’s spooky mask up in the NXT logo? But that aside, Dragunov says his business is with Melo. But trust Dragunov, on the day when their paths cross again, Dijak will suffer like he’s never suffered before. And Dijak will realize why Dragunov IS #UNBESIEGBAR! Dijak SLAPS Dragunov down! How’s the nose!? Dragunov TACKLES Dijak! They fire off hands, security rushes in, but fans want to “Let Them Fight!” Dijak sucker punches Dragunov again! Dragunov is just angrier now! Refs rush in to stop this from getting worse, but will Dijak bust his way into the title scene?


Jacy Jayne and Thea Hail talk backstage.

The Ladies of Chase U calendar sold out last night, and then sold out on WWE Shop in under 30 minutes! Not too shabby. Thea has to give it to Jacy, she is a woman with a plan, she saved Chase U! Jacy pats herself on the back. Thea says Riley was there, she was so nervous. Oh wait, his match is next. She should go watch. Yeah, about that… Jacy has been thinking about this situation, and Riley is already Thea’s Valentine. She shouldn’t come off too desperate. Thea should know, the thrill is in the chase. And Jacy knows a thing or two about playing hard to get. Really? Because Thea really likes Riley and doesn’t wanna…

When has Jacy ever been wrong? Literally never, so okay, good idea. Play hard to get. Got it. But will this really work out fine for Thea and her Valentine?


Robert Stone sits and talks with Von Wagner.

Stone wants Von to get it out. Get it out of his head, out of his system. Von says this sucks. All that training for nothing. Yeah, but think about it: Noam Dar’s been in hundreds of Heritage Cup matches, that was Von’s first. They’ll get him back. Stone is more pissed off about how The Meta Four talked to his sons. Von says he snapped seeing that. But to be honest, Cash ‘n’ Carter are the best. Yeah, what is it Von’s always calling them? Huh? Stone doesn’t know? The Bash Brothers! And here they are! “SNEAK ATTACK!” They rumble and tumble, and Stone says it’s not really a sneak attack if you shout it.

But hey, were they listening in? Maybe… But they know dad loves ’em. He’s the best. Von says yeah, that’s why Oro’s ass- GASP! Er, sorry, butt got tabled. But they’re not done. Yeah, what’s Stone gonna do about this? Stone should fight Dar! YEAH! What? No, he’s not a competitor, only Von. Then what about a tag team? Tag team! Tag team! Ok ok ok! One time only. WOO! Remember: sneak attack. Will the Robert Stone Brand ride again and earn Von a rematch for the cup?


Lexis King VS Riley Osborne w/ Chase U!

The Drama King thinks he’s God’s gift to everyone, but Chase U’s newest recruit stepped up to be Thea’s knight in shining armor. Will Riley knock King off his high horse and ride off into the sunset with Lady Thea? Or will King be more like a dictator?

NXT returns and Riley makes his entrance, Duke Hudson & Andre Chase with him. Duke’s flipping through his copy of the calendar, just how saucy is it? Riley does wonder where Thea is, though. Anyway, the bell rings and the two rush in. They tie up, go around, end up on ropes, and Lexis HEADBUTTS! Riley ROCKS him back! Riley TACKLES King, rains down fists, then gets up, only for King to knee low. King headlocks, punches, and stalks Riley to a corner. King CHOPS, then whips, but Riley goes up and over! Riley then back drops King, and CHOPS! King wobbles, Riley CHOPS again, then CHOPS King down! The fans love that one!

King gets up, Riley DROPKICKS him out! Riley builds speed and FOSBURY FLOPS! The fans fire up and Riley nods. Riley hurries to get King up and into the ring, but King bails out the far side. Chase says just keep going, so Riley runs in. King moves, Riley tumbles up and over to the apron, and he blocks King’s boot! Riley ROUNDHOUSES King, King wobbles, and Riley pries at his grip on the ropes. King fights back, and TOSSES Riley onto the desk! The fans boo but King looms over Riley. King drags Riley up to RAM him into the apron! King puts Riley in, then slingshots for the STOMPS!

Riley sputters, King grins and runs up, BLINDSIDER! Cover, ONE!! Riley is showing grit and King is furious! King clamps on to HAMMER ‘N’ ANVIL ELBOW! The fans rally for Riley but King throws crossface forearms. King then clamps onto an arm to make this a seated cobra twist. Riley endures, pries the hold open, but King CLUBS him in the ribs! Riley still fights up, King throws more shots, but Riley hits back! Riley hooks King up but King powers out of the Famouser! Riley ducks the lariat and runs, to LARIAT King! And UPPERCUT! And then whips King, but King reverses. King kitchen sink knees but Riley rolls that up, TWO!

King gets up, Riley scoops and SLAMS! Fans fire up and Riley aims from a corner. “U~!” CALF KICK! Cover, TWO!! King survives but Chase coaches Riley up. Riley goes to a corner and climbs, but he’s still bothered by Thea not being present. Chase says focus, so Riley stands up. King SUPERKICKS the legs out! King then drags Riley out, DRAPING CORONATION!! Cover, King wins!

Winner: Lexis King, by pinfall

Seems Jacy’s idea of playing hard to get just blew up in her face. Or did it…? Riley is feeling down, will Thea be around to cheer him up?


Kelani Jordan speaks.

“I’ve learned this game isn’t fair, so I’m not just standing on business, I’m stomping on it!” The Gym Princess says she has faced adversity, gained confidence, and figured out her “why.” This is the best women’s division but she isn’t afraid of competition, “because fear has never crowned a champion.” Kelani refuses to settle for anything less, because what is meant for her will be hers.

The other women watch the video.

They all admire Kelani’s athletic ability, but Izzi Dame & Kelani Jordan walk in. Izzi says they’re all a bunch of future nobodies admiring a current nobody. Izzi & Kiana sit down, it’s another day and same old story. There are so many just happy to be here. Too bad that doesn’t cut it. It’s about who you surround yourself with. And honestly, this entire locker room- Brinley Reece walks in and says OMG, just look at Kelani! She is so cute and Brin is buzzing. If you ever need energy, have a sip of this drink here. Izzi says Kiana could use a drink. Yes, Kiana is a little parched. Hey, Brin, can they have your drink?

Oh, uh, no, this is Brin’s. But she’ll go get them some. Izzi makes Brin sit and says she wasn’t asking. Kiana takes the drink, and says oh, it totally slipped her mind! She doesn’t even like coffee! Oh, wow, that’s right. Kiana just pours the drink out into the trash. It Iz what it Iz. Brin is stunned, but will Kelani show these bullies what bullies get?


Melo is back in the ring.

And this time, he has a spotlight on him! Fans boo like before, but Melo takes the sunglasses off. Melo has the mic again, but the boos keep going. The fans chant, “You’re Not Him!” Melo says, “The villain is always the villain when the hero is telling the story. But why is it nobody wants to hear my side? Trick, I’m not jealous of your success. I allowed you to succeed. I wanted you to achieve the highest of highs in this business. I wanted you to make your parents proud. And just when you got close enough, I had to be the one to take it away from you, just to remind you of your place. Just to remind you what happens when you cross me. When you bite the hand that feeds you.

“Because the truth of the matter is, Trick, you crossed me first. We had an agreement. You were gonna go after the North American Championship, and I was gonna go for the NXT Championship. But you, you let all these people get in your head, and you started to believe your own hype. You believed that you and me were on the same level.” Melo shakes his head and says, “No way.” Trick went behind Melo’s back and went after what belonged to Melo. And in that very moment, Melo knew he had to do what he had to do. “So the million dollar question that everybody wants to know: Did I attack Trick Williams?”

Melo look around at the booing fans, and he says, “You’re damn right I did! And I’d do it again if he-” TRICK IS HERE?! The fans are thunderous with “WHOOP DAT TRICK!” while Melo looks like he’s seen a ghost! But then Melo laughs because he just tricked us! Can’t get nothing past the fans, huh? But Trick ain’t coming back, he’s in a hospital bed next to Booker T, singing that stupid song. And Melo doesn’t know why everyone’s acting like this. He’s always been this way! He’s the coldest! A TWO-TIME North American Champion while Trick is a TWO-DAYS North American Champion! They are not the same!

Trick got so caught up in the headlines that he pushed his boy to the sideline. But everyone needs to know that nothing on this brand gets past without being ran through Melo. “So Trick… You wanted to be like Melo so bad, you started wearing your glasses like Melo, sliding on the apron like Melo, wearing the same gear as Melo. But at the end of the day, you’re just a trick.” Fans chant “SCREW YOU, MELO, SCREW YOU!” Melo says this was never a collaboration. Trick was always Melo’s hype man. “That’s all it is, and that is all you’ll ever be.” Melo sets down the mic and puts the shades back on, but will Trick make Melo regret all the shade he’s thrown?


The cryptic message plays again.



Riley Osborne grumbles backstage.

He can’t believe he lost to that idiot, Lexis King. Thea & Jacy find him and ask how it went. Not very well. He lost. And he was looking in the crowd, where was Thea? Oh, uh, yeah, she had some things to do, business to handle, grown-ass-woman stuff. Riley wouldn’t understand. Oh, okay. But hey, they’re still on for Valentine’s Day, right? Yes! YES YES YES! Sweet! Er, uh, great. He’ll text her. Yeah, cool. Riley heads out and Thea is all fired up! Did Jacy see that? Thea played hard to get! Hardest to get! She’s so ready! Jacy has her calm down. This needs to stop. Take a deep breath, relax, and don’t worry! Jacy will give Thea all the advice she needs for her date.

Thea says okay, okay, good. Jacy says there is a right way to do this, and if anyone knows it, it’s Jacy. Yes it is! Okay, bestie, tell her everything! Will Thea really be okay listening to Jacy on this one?


Roxanne Perez VS Lola Vice!

Just as The Prodigy was close to winning back the title, the Mayor of Vice City just had to breakout and cash-in. Neither won that match, and are now looking to settle things in this one! Will Roxie fight her way back to the title scene? Or will Lola say Buenas Noches to Roxie and say hola to her own second chance?

NXT returns and Lola makes her entrance, Roxie glaring at her the entire time. The bell rings, the two step up and Roxie ducks the heel kick! THESZ PRESS! Roxie rains down fast hands but Lola shoves her away. Lola bails out, but Roxie builds speed to DIVE! Direct hit at the ramp! Roxie drags Lola up, but Lola whips her. Roxie stops from hitting steps to SMACK Lola off the apron! Roxie puts Lola in, goes up a corner, and then CROSSBODIES! Cover, TWO! Roxie rains down fists on Lola, but Lola pushes her away again. Roxie wrenches, clamps on, but Lola knees free! Lola fires the LIGHTNING KICKS!

Roxie ends up in a corner, Lola swaggers and says she’s a Latina~! HIP ATTACK! Lola rubs it in, then drags Roxie to a cover, TWO! Lola is annoyed as she stalks Roxie, then AX KICKS her down! Roxie goes to ropes, Lola digs her boots in, but the ref counts. Lola lets off at 4, argues with the ref, then stalks Roxie. Roxie ELBOWS Lola, then ROCKS her! Then KNEES her low! Roxie runs, to UPPERCUT Lola down! Fans fire up as Roxie rallies with shoulder tackles! Roxie runs up to UPPERCUT in a corner! Roxie climbs up and she rains down fists! Lola stops Roxie at seven, but Roxie sunset flips through, TWO!

Lola stands to KICK Roxie back to the corner. Roxie BOOTS in return! Roxie goes up, but Lola GAMANGIRIS Roxie to the floor! Lola talks trash but fans boo, and NXT goes to break.

NXT returns again and Lola has a chinlock on. Roxie endures while the fans duel, and Roxie fights up. Roxie throws body shots, but Lola thrashes the hold. Roxie fires more shots but Lola ROCKS her back. Lola storms up, whips Roxie to ropes and KNEES her low! Lola whips the other way to KNEE again! Fans duel, Lola whips again but Roxie rolls her up! TWO! Roxie ROCKS Lola, then ROCKS her again! And again! And again! Roxie fires off furious fists form all sides and the fans fire up! Roxie whips, Lola reverses but Roxie CLOBBERS her! Roxie rallies, ROCKS Lola again, then SHOTGUNS her down!

Fans fire up with Roxie and she goes corner to corner to UPPERCUT! ROLLING ELBOW! Roxie then hooks Lola up, RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP! Roxie goes up and up to LIONSAULT! Cover, TWO! Roxie stays on Lola with a CROSSFACE! Lola rolls it to a cover, TWO! Roxie runs up, wheelbarrows, and VICTORY FACEBUSTERS! Cover, TWO! Lola goes to a corner, Roxie runs up, UPPERCUT! Roxie rolls and returns, but Lola catches her to a SLEEPER!! Roxie flails, kicks off ropes but she ends up in body scissors! Fans duel as Roxie flails! Roxie rocks and rolls her way back to her feet, and RAMS her into buckles!

Lola lets Roxie go, but she stalks after her. Roxie catches Lola for a cradle! TWO, and Roxie SOBATS! Roxie hops on but Lola pops free! URAKEN!! Cover, TWO!! Roxie stays in this and Lola seethes. Wait, Tatum Paxley is here?! And she drags a ref along while holding a contract folder? Tatum is MOCKING Lola’s cash-in! There’s nothing to cash-in on, though! Lola HEEL KICKS Tatum down! Roxie SOBATS Lola! POP ROX!! Cover, Roxie wins!

Winner: Roxanne Perez, by pinfall

Tatum helps Roxie win just 48 hours after she helped Roxie lose? What is going on inside that twisted mind? Is Lola gonna owe Tatum double for Vengeance Day?


Backstage interview with The Meta Four.

Kelly Kincaid is with Noam Dar, Oro Mensah, Lash Legend & Jakara Jackson, and asks the ladies about their match against Fallon Henley & Wren Sinclair. What are they- Lash says no no, ain’t nobody worried about that wide-eyed rookie. Even Wren knew she got lucky eliminating Lash in the battle royal. Jakara agrees, and now they end Wren’s WWE career before it begins. And as for Fallon, she should know better. Meta Four remains above it all. Let ’em know, champion. Dar says YEP! Well, Kelly does want to ask Dar something. Oh, really? Yes, what are his thoughts on the tag match challenge issued by Von & Stone?

Dar & Oro laugh. Challenge? That’s funny. The #Flintstones, Rob & Von, are a dream team now? No, Dar & Oro are the dream team! Next week, they’ll put this to an end. Thank you, buh-bye. But then The No Quarter Catch Crew walks in? And Gulak says he told ’em. Told what, Gully? Speak up. Gulak knew Dar would accept Von’s challenge. And what’s their issue? Damon Kemp says it’s that the guy representing the heritage of pro-wrestling should do just that, rather than take on a guy he’s beat before. And what do any of them know about this? Lash says SKEEEERT~! Time to go. Meta Four leaves, but will Supernova 11 have to worry about No Quarter soon enough?

Fallon Henley & Wren Sinclair VS Lash Legend & Jakara Jackson w/ The Meta Four!

The Cowgirl and the new girl are sticking together against the gatekeeping girl bosses to show they both belong. Will it be #YEEHAWBETCH on the Road to WrestleMania? Or will Lash & Miss Jackson embody Roadblock right here and now?

NXT returns as The Meta Four makes their entrance. The teams sort out and Lash starts against Fallon. They circle, talk some trash, and Lash shoves Fallon! Fallon shoves Lash, so Lash ROCKS Fallon! Lash rushes at Wren but she avoids the attack, and Fallon jumps on for a SLEEPER! Lash moves around, Wren tags in as Lash bumps Fallon off buckles. Lash throws Fallon away but Wren goes up! Fallon ROCKS Lash, Wren CROSSBODIES, but Lash catches her! So Fallon SHOTGUNS that over, Wren covers, TWO! Wren facelocks but Lash fights up. Lash has a BEARHUG! Lash thrashes Wren, RAMS her into the corner, and tags Jakara.

Lash traps Wren for Jakara to run up and ELBOW! Jakara fires body shots, and puts some stank on the CHOP! Jakara pushes Wren, keeps her from Fallon, then DECKS Fallon! But Wren rolls her up! TWO, and Wren headlocks. Jakara powers out, Lash tags in, but Wren BOOTS Jakara! Lash blocks a boot to ROCK Ren! Lash holds Wren out, Jakara LEAPFROG ATTACKS! The fans fire up while Lash looms over Wren. Lash slaps Wren around, smacks her off the mat, then drags her up. Lash throws Wren by her hair, then SPLASHES down! Cover, TWO! Wren stays in this but Lash pushes her around.

Lash tags Jakara, puts Wren in the ropes, and CLUBS away! The ref counts, Lash lets off and Jakara BOOTS Wren down. Cover, TWO! Jakara drags Wren up, puts her in the corner, then stomps a mudhole. Tag to Lash, she keeps Wren in the corner to stomp her own mudhole! The ref counts, Lash tags Jakara and she adds more stomps. Jakara drags Wren to a cover, TWO! Jakara drags Wren around, clamps on and has a motorcycle stretch. The fans rally as Wren endures, and Wren fights her way up. Wren throws elbows but Jakara KNEES low! Cover, TWO! Jakara keeps Wren from Fallon, scoops, but Wren slips free to roll Jakara up! TWO, and Wren hurries for her corner!

Jakara keeps Wren back, Wren boots her away! Hot tag to Fallon! The fans fire up as Fallon rallies with uppercuts! Then a CHOP! And a HAYMAKER! Lash runs up, Fallon dodges to springboard, wheelbarrow, and then BULLDOG SHOTGUN COMBO! Fans fire up while Lash bails out, and Fallon ELBOWS Jakara in the corner! Fallon keeps going, RUNNING FACEBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Jakara stays in this but Fallon keeps her from ropes. Lash reaches out, the ref reprimands but Lash and Fallon tug o’ war with Jakara! Lash PULLS and Fallon hits the ropes! Fans boo as Jakara hurries back in to SHOTGUN!

Wren hurries up to tag in! Jakara tags Lash, both run in, Wren gets around to tilt-o-whirl, but Lash throws her away! Choke grip, SLAM DUNK BOMB! Cover, Meta Four wins!

Winners: Lash Legend & Jakara Jackson, by pinfall

Fallon frowns, but Lash has two pinfalls on Wren. Will this finally satisfy her ego so that the Meta Four can move on?


Josh Briggs and others are watching backstage.

Briggs says everyone wants to talk Melo, but he’d rather talk Dragon Lee. Jensen walks in and says hey. Good to see you! How’s Jensen doing? Pfft, never better. Did you see Fallon’s match? Yeah, tough loss. But hey, she’s doing her thing, and that’s great. Yeah, yeah, sure is. Just like Briggs! Uh, yeah. Okay, man, see you around. Briggs turns to leave, and Jensen blurts out, “I’m lost without y’all!” What? Well, it hasn’t been the same! Briggs moved on, Fallon moved on, but Jensen doesn’t know how to! He’s struggling, okay? He needs them! Briggs says hey, does he really think being sad is gonna help him? Jensen’s not a kid anymore. The world doesn’t revolve around you!

And then Briggs shoves Jensen! Briggs tells Jensen to learn from them! Stop living in the past and stand on your own two feet! There is an entire Performance Center full of athletes waiting to take his spot, so Jensen can do one of two things: Sit and cry like he is right now; or he can grow some damn balls and wake up!! Briggs shoves Jensen again then storms off. Will that tough love be what slaps Jensen back into a championship mindset?


Ava Raine meets with Jaida Parker.

The NXT General Manager says she hears what Jaida is saying, but Jaida says how Vengeance Day went down is not how this is gonna end. OTM don’t stand on that and neither does she. So what is Jaida getting at? Jaida says that she wants Rizzo 1v1. Ava doesn’t mind that. BUT her boys in OTM can’t be ringside. Tony & Stacks have a tag title match that night, too, so they won’t be ringside either. Jaida says fine, and say less. But also, she appreciates it. Jaida heads out and in walks Ridge Holland. He knows they’ve been through this before, but she obviously saw what Gallus did last week, right? They tried to break Ridge’s leg!

Yes, she hears him- Then give him Gallus. First off, don’t interrupt. Secondly, she is not giving him Gallus 3v1! That’s not fair to Ridge! So instead, she has an idea. She can give Gallus one-by-one, in a Gauntlet match. But if he loses at any time, this is the end. So then it’s all on him? He can deal with that. Ridge heads out, will he show his full Northern Grit and take down each member of Gallus? Or will it just take one to keep the Gallus Boys On Top?


Ilja Dragunov VS DIJAK!

The verbal confrontation that turned physical has reignited this rivalry, and it might be even more violent than it was the first time around! Will the Mad Dragon finally do away with #HardJustice? Or will Dijak use this sequel to earn a title shot?

NXT returns as Dijak makes his entrance. The bell rings and the two rush in! Draguonv fires off forearms but Dijak gives those back! Dijak fires off in a corner, throws some elbows, but Dragunov gets away. Dijak storms up but into a kick! Dragunov CHOPS! And CHOPS! Dijak CHOPS and Dragunov falls! Dijak hauls Dragunov up but Dragunov gets around to GERMAN SUPLEX! Dragunov holds on and says Dijak wanted this, so this is what he gets! ANOTHER GERMAN SUPLEX! Dragunov drags Dijak up, but Dijak fights with elbows! Dijak reaches back to headlock and punch! Dragunov falls, clutching his nose.

Dragunov is furious but Dijak stomps him around. Dijak fires off in a corner, CLUBS Dragunov down, then stalks him to another corner. Dijak CHOPS, then brings Dragunov around. Dijak bumps Dragunov off buckles, wanting to break the nose again! Dijak digs Dragunov in, taunts him, but the ref counts. Dijak lets off at 4, then brings Dragunov up. Dragunov blocks the buckle bump, glares at Dijak, and elbows him away! Dragunov CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS! Dijak is in the corner, Dragunov CHOPS again! Fans fire up as Dragunov runs in, to KNEE Dijak and snapmare him down! The fans fire up for Dragunov as he goes up, KING KONG KNEE DROP!

Fans fire up while Dragunov again checks his nose. No blood yet, so Dragunov goes up top. But Dijak runs in! Dragunov leaps over, rolls and returns to BOOT Dijak! Dragunov pushes Dijak down, fires up and the fans are with him! Dragunov climbs the corner, but Dijak trips him up! Dijak SUPERKICKS and Dragunov tumbles down to the apron then the floor! Dijak goes out after Dragunov, drags him up, and he CLUBS Dragunov on the back. But wait, is something alive under the ring? That distraction allows Dragunov to RAM Dijak into the apron! Dijak KNEES Dragunov, puts him in, and then he looks under the ring.

There’s nothing there, so Dijak hurries back into the ring. Dijak is still unsure if he’s seeing things, and Dragunov SLAPS him! Dijak DECKS Dragunov! Dragunov clutches his nose, Dijak got him right between the eyes! The fans boo Dijak while NXT goes picture in picture.

Dijak storms around, and drags Dragunov into place for an ELBOW DROP! Cover, TWO! Dragunov goes to ropes, and eggs Dijak on! Dijak stands Dragunov up to ROCK him with a forearm. Dragunov goes to ropes but Dijak digs his boot in. The ref counts, Dijak lets off, and Dragunov goes to the corner. Dijak stomps Dragunov, stomps him more and more, but lets off as the ref counts. Dragunov sputters, Dijak grins, and Dijak storms back up. Dijak ELBOWS Dragunov, ELBOWS him again, then CLUBS him! Dijak facelocks to then suplex, TIME TO FLY! Dragunov crashes, flounders, but Dijak keeps him in the ring.

Dijak drags Dragunov to a cover, TWO! Dragunov sputters but he is still in this. Dragunov crawls to ropes, Dijak storms up, and Dragunov CHOPS! And CHOPS! But the nose still bothers him! Dijak CLUBS Dragunov down, then drags him around by the legs. Dijak stomps Dragunov right in the stomach! Dragunov sputters, Dijak sits him up and clamps on a chinlock. Dragunov endures, even with Dijak’s fists right in his face. NXT returns to single picture as the fans rally up. Dragunov fights up, pries the hold open, then BACK HEADBUTTS! Dragunov fires boxing elbows but Dijak ROCKS him! Dragunov rebounds but Dijak avoids the enzigiri!

Dijak SLAMS Dragunov on the mat, then torture racks! FEAST YOUR- NO, Dragunov blocks the knee to CHOP! Dijak CHOPS! Dragunov BOOTS! Dijak SUPERKICKS! Dragunov JUMP KICKS! Dijak CYCLONE BOOTS!! Dragunov falls and the fans fire up for “NXT! NXT!” Dragunov goes to a corner, Dijak runs up, into the ENZIGIRI! Dragunov stands up again, fireman’s carries, but Dijak CLAWS the nose! Dragunov still CORNER DEATH VALLEY DRIVERS!! The fans lose their minds, and Dragunov drags himself to the top rope! The fans fire up, Dragunov aims, and he SUPER SENTONS!! Cover, TWO!!

Dijak survives and Dragunov is shocked! Dragunov rises up as the fans rally, and he KICKS Dijak in the side. Dijak goes to a corner, Dragunov scrapes his sole off Dijak’s face, then runs side to side, BOOT WASH! Dragunov grits his teeth as his nose is still paining him. The fans rally with “WHOOP DAT TRICK!” and Dragunov nods. He puts some stank on the CHOPS! CHOP! MACHINE GUN CHOPS!! Dijak choke grips but Dragunov SLAPS and SLAPS! Dijak hits Dragunov’s face off ropes then KNEES him! And then choke grips, HIGH JUSTICE!!! Cover, TWO?!?! Dragunov survives and the fans are thunderous!

The fans chant “This is Awesome!” “Thank You, Ava!” as we’re getting this instant classic. Dijak taunts Dragunov about his nose, smothers him, then CHOPS away on him! Dragunov grabs Dijak by the neck! Dijak returns the favor! Dijak drags Dragunov up, but Dragunov HEADBUTTS again and again! And then wrench, SPINNING CHOP, and a CHOP to a knee! CHOP to the neck! Dijak sputters, Dragunov runs, CONSTANTINE- LARIAT from Dijak!! Dijak goes out to the apron and the fans fire up for “NXT! NXT!” Dijak springboards, to MACHO ELBOW!! But That was double-edged after what Gacy did to that arm on Sunday!

Dijak shakes out the bad arm, but Dragunov KNEES him down! The fans rally up while both men are down, and then both men flounder to opposite ends. Wait, GACY CRAWLS OUT FROM UNDER THE RING! Is that a boxing glove on a stick?! Gacy BOPS Dijak in the face with it!! Gacy laughs and crawls back into the shadows! Dragunov powers up, for the H-BOMB FOREARM!! Cover, Dragunov wins!!

Winner: Ilja Dragunov, by pinfall

It seems Gacy has the last laugh! He made sure Dijak’s momentum was stopped, and Dragunov stands tall with the title in his hands. Is Gacy going to make sure he and Dijak run it back? WAIT, MELO CHOP BLOCKS DRAGUNOV!! Fans boo as Melo rains down fists on Dragunov! Melo even has the audacity to have a “Trickin’ Ain’t Easy” shirt in his pocket. Melo grabs the NXT Championship, and he CLOBBERS Dragunov with it! Fans sing, “Melo~, Trick Comin’ For You!” That may be true, but will nothing, can nothing, stop HIM now?

My Thoughts:

An awesome NXT, especially to follow up Vengeance Day. A lot of Melo doing stuff, but for good reason. I did like that his opening segment ended up just being him stringing the fans along to get that heat, but I almost feel he really should’ve waited to give his explanation next week. He still gave a great promo confessing to attacking Trick, and for a reason that does make sense for Heel Melo. He was fine with going for a Two Man Power Trip, but only if he was the top title guy. Dragunov calling him out but getting Dijak was a good segment, too, and gave us tonight’s amazing main event. Great win for Dragunov, as well as great bit from Gacy.

Melo attacking Dragunov was good for heat, and I think is the start to setting up Melo VS Trick at Roadblock, winner faces Dragunov at Stand & Deliver. Hell, maybe they’ll go for a Triple Threat scenario to make this the biggest Stand & Deliver ever to fit how WrestleMania 40 is meant to be the biggest Mania ever. Makes me wonder what the plan is for the Women’s Championship, with no appearance from Lyra but a great match out of Roxie VS Lola. Tatum showing up to parody the cash-in was a weird move, but maybe we see a Triple Threat #1 contender’s match at Roadblock, Roxie VS Lola VS Tatum.

Really good story builds in the promos tonight. Good promo from Kelani, then good response promo from Izzi & Kiana where they also bully Brin. Brin & Kelani VS Izzi & Kiana is definitely a tag feud right there. Von & Stone get their tag match with Dar & Oro, but No Quarter is coming for the cup. I am really gonna love seeing Dar VS Dempsey, with equal number of cornermen so that Dar will actually have to beat Dempsey himself. I still want to see Von KO Dar in an early round to win the cup, though. Really good tag match from Lash & Jakara VS Fallon & Wren, but I suppose Lash & Jakara winning makes sense. Meanwhile, Briggs’ “tough love” on Jensen might make Jensen his first feud, which makes sense as that is the tradition of a team breaking up.

I like Ridge getting a Gallus gauntlet, that’ll be good stuff. I could see him beating Wolfgang and Mark Coffey in the first two and then losing to Joe Coffey in the third, and maybe a tag team helps Ridge out? It should be Hank ‘n’ Tank since they’ve had beef with Gallus before. Jaida VS Rizzo will also be really good as Rizzo’s first 1v1 match, but I feel like Jaida is gonna win it. And then awesome stuff in the Men’s Tag Division tonight. Good promo from Wolf Dogs, AWESOME match from Frazer & Axiom VS Malik & Edris. I feel a little bad that Malik & Edris lost again, but it also fits their story, which could be leading to their own break-up.

And I’m surprised we’re getting Wolf Dogs VS Tony & Stacks so soon, I thought they were gonna build this towards Roadblock. Maybe they want Roadblock to be for determining new contenders. Just as Bron’s character is torn between the three brands, I’m torn on whether Wolf Dogs should win. Bron’s never had tag titles, but neither has Corbin, they could have a lot of fun being champs. And honestly, they are a great duo, even I’m having fun watching those two interact, I can’t wait to see where this goes.

My Score: 9/10

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Mitchell’s NJPW New Beginning Sapporo Results & Report! (2/24/24)

Night two!



The New Beginning comes to an end!

It’s a WrestleKingdom rematch here in Sapporo as Tetsuya Naito gives Sanada a shot at the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship! Will NJPW still be tranquilo? Or will the Cold Skull once again be the Gold Skull?


  • Frontier Zone: Toru Yano & Tomoya VS Tomoaki Honma & Katsuya Murashima; Yano & Tomoya win.
  • 10 Man Tag: The House of Torture VS Shota Umino, El Desperado, YOH, Togi Makabe & Boltin Oleg; Shota, Desperado, Yoh, Makabe & Oleg win.
  • 10 Man Tag: Chaos VS Matt Riddle & The United Empire; Chaos wins.
  • Tama Tonga & Tanga Loa VS El Phantasmo & Hikuleo; ELP & Leo win.
  • Nic Nemeth & Ryusuke Taguchi VS David Finlay & Gedo; Nemeth & Taguchi win.
  • BUSHI VS Taka Michinoku; Bushi wins.
  • Hiromu Takahashi VS DOUKI; Douki wins.
  • Shingo Takagi VS Taichi; Taichi wins.
  • Hair VS Hair Match: Yota Tsuji VS Yuya Uemura; Yota wins and Yuya must cut their hair.
  • IWGP World Heavyweight Championship: Tetsuya Naito VS SANADA; Naito wins and retains the title.


Tama Tonga & Tanga Loa VS El Phantasmo & Hikuleo!

It’s Guerrillas of Destiny VS Guerrillas of Destiny in the Good Bad Guy’s farewell to NJPW! Will Tama and the Silverback “big brother” The Headbanga and Young Guerilla on the way out? Or will ELP & Leo prove their title belts aren’t just for show?

For those wondering which corner Jado would, he chose neither, as he is now the special guest referee! You can bet The Master Heater will keep this one fair and square. And in a great throwback, Tama comes out in his ghost face killer paint! Meanwhile, Loa has the Mr. Terrific T paint. The four fist bump to show respect, and ELP gets the fans rallying for Tama. The teams sort out and Leo starts against Tama. The fans rally for “G O D! G O D!” as the brothers double fist bump. They circle, tie up, and Leo shoves Tama away. Tama comes back, gets around, headlocks, but Leo endures the grind. Leo powers up to lift Tama, but Tama thrashes the hold.

Leo powers up and out, but Tama slides under the boot! The fans cheer as the stand off. They reset, speed up, and Tama dodges to DROPKICK! Leo stays up and he runs Tama over! Leo runs but Tama avoids the elbow drop! The fans cheer as the two stand off again. Leo and Tama then back off, tag to ELP and Loa. The fans rally as these two circle now. ELP and Loa feel things out, tie up, and they go around. ELP headlocks, Loa powers up and out, and they RAM shoulders! Neither falls but Loa applauds ELP. ELP dares Loa to go then, so Loa runs. They RAM shoulders and ELP falls! Loa fires up and the fans cheer.

Loa flexes, runs, but ELP drops. Loa sunset flips, ELP sits on it, TWO! Loa has it, TWO! ELP has it, TWO! Wait, aren’t those counts kinda fast? ELP and Loa rock back and forth and Jado can’t even keep up! ELP and Loa let off and ask what’s going on. Jado gives them shoves, telling them to respect his authority. ELP and Loa shove back, but Tama and Leo get in! Tama tells ELP not to shove Jado, but Leo tells Loa the same, and now they’re all shoving each other! Jado tells them all to stop it, this is a clean fight! The fans cheer and GOD all agrees. So they start throwing forearms! Nothing wrong with a brawl!

Tama gets the edge on ELP and Loa gets the edge on Leo. Tama & Loa whip, but ELP & Leo dosido! Tama & Loa dodge, but then so do ELP & Leo! They each SPLASH, then ELP feeds Tama to Leo’s SIDEWALK SLAM! ELP hits the FALLING AX HANDLE! But Loa throws hands on them both! The fans fire up, Loa runs, but ELP hurdles and Leo DDTs Loa down! The fans fire up again as ELP winds up and high-fives Leo! ELP then ROCKS Loa with a forearm, and Loa ends up on ropes. ELP fires more forearms, puts him in a corner and throws body shots. Loa shoves ELP away so ELP BOOTS him!

Tag to Leo and ELP CHOPS Loa. Leo stands Loa up to CHOP! Leo grits his teeth but Leo brings up the vest is too much padding for Loa. Jado says there’s nothing he can do about that, so Leo bumps Loa off buckles. Leo stomps Loa, then CHOPS again! Leo then scoops Loa, ELP tags in, and Leo POWERSLAMS! ELP then springboard SWANTON BOMBS, then LIONSAULTS! Cover, ONE!! ELP argues the count but Jado says he’s being fair. ELP clamps on a chinlock and grinds Loa down. Loa endures, the fans rally up, but ELP smothers Loa. Jado reprimands, ELP lets off with an ELBOW to Loa’s head!

ELP brings Loa up and around, whips but Loa blocks! ELP pushes Loa, whips, but Loa reverses! Loa runs in to A-LIST LARIAT! Loa then goes up and MISSILE DROPKICKS ELP across the ring! The fans fire up while both men are down! ELP and Loa both crawl, hot tag to Tama! Tama rallies on ELP with body shots and uppercuts! Tama fires off in a corner, then whips corner to corner. ELP reverses, runs up but Tama CLOBBERS him first! The fans fire up as the vest comes off! Tama claps and the fans clap along. ELP goes to a corner, Tama runs in, STINGER SPLASH! Then EXPLODER! ELP flounders but Tama goes over to cover, TWO!

ELP is still in this, but Tama keeps his cool. Tama CLUBS ELP, throws down hands, then brings him up. Tama dragon sleepers but ELP snapmares free! ELP dodges the superman punch to straitjacket and torture rack! Tag to Leo, Leo runs, BOOT and BRAIN SALAD! Cover, Loa breaks it! Loa kicks ELP, scoops him, but ELP slips free, feed to Leo’s UPPERCUT! Loa roars, but gets a BOOT ENZIGIRI COMBO! Tama runs up but Leo stops Gun Stun! Feed to SUDDEN DEATH! Tama is down, Leo & ELP reload to aim at Loa! SUDDEN DEATH and GODSEND!! Then Loa is in the drop zone as ELP goes up!

ELP climbs onto Leo’s shoulders, for the SUPER- GUN STUN!! Tama intercepts Thunderkiss, but then Loa grabs Tama! GOD- SPEAR from Loa!! All four men are down and the fans fire up! Jado checks them all, they all stir, and the OG GOD rise up first. They stand Leo up, bring him around and pick him up, MAGIC KILLER!! But they’re not done there, they each take a corner! Loa DIVING HEADBUTTS, Tama SUPREME FLOWS! Cover, TWO!! Leo survives the onslaught from his own brothers and the fans fire up! Tama & Loa are frustrated but they reset and call their shot again! Even Jado’s surprised they want to go this far!

Tama & Loa double whip Leo to a corner, and Loa runs in to clothesline! Tama hits the STINGER SPLASH, and then Loa goes up. The fans rally both ways as Tama tries to suplex Leo, but he’s so big! Leo suplexes Tama instead! Leo stands, Loa leaps, AX HANDLE! Leo drops to a knee, Loa fires up and kicks low. Loa scoops, but Leo slips free! Leo kicks but Loa blocks! Loa dodges the lariat, runs, but into the SNAP POWERSLAM! The fans fire up for Leo as he aims at Tama! Choke grip, but Tama breaks free to ROCK Leo! Leo choke grips again! But Tama breaks free again, so Leo UPPERCUTS! Choke grip again, for GOD-

NO, Tama slips free, shoves, runs, GUN- NO! Leo stops that and choke grips through! GOD- GUN- NO!! Leo counters the counter, then scoops, for a POP-UP CUTTER!! ELP fires up with Leo, and Leo LARIATS Tama inside-out! Cover, ONE?!!? And that’s with Jado’s faster than normal count! Tama fires up, Leo fires up, and Leo hauls Tama up and POWER- NO, Tama fights it! Leo stops the counter, though, to POWERBOMB after all!! Cover, TWO?!?! Tama survives again and everyone is shocked! The fans are thunderous as Leo drags Tama back up with the choke grip. Leo hesitates, but he still hits GODSEND!!! Cover, ELP & Leo win!

Winners: El Phantasmo & Hikuleo, by pinfall

The younger GOD duo defeats the older, and now the torch has been passed. Tama’s farewell to NJPW will be bittersweet, but he will leave knowing he gave it his all, and he has all of our love and respect. Tama stands with his brothers, with Jado and with ELP, and they group hug over the lion logo. Ain’t nobody realer than Guerilla, is the future in good hands with ELP & Leo?


Hair VS Hair Match: Yota Tsuji VS Yuya Uemura!

The Gene Blast and The Heat Storm both want to be THE face of NJPW’s future. They’re both so determined to rise up and leave behind their Young Lion days, they’re willing to put their glorious manes! Who wins and moves forward while the other must relive their past?

The bell rings and the fans rally up as the two stare down. They circle, feel things out, but Yota avoids Yuya’s lunge in for a leg. They knuckle lock, Yuya gets around to waistlock, but Yota wrenches and switches. Yuya wrenches out to hammerlock, but Yota elbows then switches. Yota has a nelson, then he spins Yuya to a cravat. Yuya endures the neck wrench, swings an arm to bring Yota down, then rolls to wrangle Yota with a top wristlock. Yota keeps his shoulders up, moves around, and he trips Yuya. Yota gets past the leg guard to cover, ONE, but Yota holds off Yuya’s attempt at a lateral press.

Yuya lets off slowly, Yota gets up, and the fans cheer this exchange. The two reset and circle again, feel things out, and knuckle lock again. They go shoulder to shoulder in a Test of Strength and the fans rally up. Yota’s height gives him leverage, and he powers Yuya to ropes. The ref calls the break, Yuya turns things around, but Yuya still lets off. Yuya then CHOPS and whips! Yota rolls Yuya up, TWO! Yuya cradles, ONE!! Yuya tries to roll up now, TWO! Yota bails out and fans cheer. Yuya storms right up to ropes but Yota backs away. Yota paces around the outside so Yuya rests on a corner, willing to wait.

Yota walks around as the ring count climbs, and he steps back in at 5 of 20. Yuya hops down and he resets with Yota. They stare down, Yota just smiling. They go forehead to forehead, then Yota kicks low! Yota headlocks, Yuya powers out then goes the other way! They run the ropes crisscross, then Yuya drops, hurdles and HIP TOSSES Yota down! The fans fire up and Yuya covers, TWO! Yuya keeps cool, and he brings Yota up. Yuya wrenches to wrangle Yota with another top wristlock, then he drops an elbow on the elbow! And then another elbow drop! And another elbow drop! Yuya goes for another wristlock but Yota gets the ROPEBREAK!

Yuya lets go quickly and he waits on Yota. Yota stands and Yuya whips him to a corner. Yuya runs in but Yota BOOTS him! Yuya staggers back, runs in again, but Yota dodges! SPLASH! Yota keeps moving to run Yuya right over! And then he runs to SOMERSAULT SENTON! Yota just keeps moving for a SPLASH! Cover, TWO! The fans rally up as Yuya stays in this. Yota keeps cool, though, and he storms up on Yuya. Yota reels Yuya in but Yuya fights the suplex. Yuya shoves free but Yota BODY BLOWS! Yuya falls in a heap and the ref checks him. Yota drags Yuya up, bumps him off buckles, and RAMS him again and again!

Yota snapmares Yuya to KICK him in the back. Yota kneels for the cover, TWO! A bit cocky from Yota but he grins as he looms over Yuya. Yuya sits up, Yota stands him up, and Yota winds up to ROCK Yuya in the back! Yuya staggers to ropes but Yota storms up. Yuya CHOPS Yota, but Yota fires forearm after forearm. Yota snapmares and KICKS Yuya in the back again! The fans rally as Yuya writhes and Yota paces. Yota grabs the legs, but Yuya scrambles and reaches out, ROPEBREAK! Yota doesn’t let go so Yuya kicks him away. Yuya runs, but into a scoop! BACKBREAKER! Yota gets the legs again, and he turns Yuya over for the BOSTON CRAB!

Yuya endures as Yota sits deep and the fans rally up! Yuya powers up, reaches out, ROPEBREAK! Yota lets go while the fans applaud. Yota says okay, and then he runs to baseball slide dropkick Yuya out! Yuya even tumbles to the railing! Fans rally up again as Yota grins and builds speed, but Yuya drops down! The damage to Yuya’s back keeps him from standing and taking a tope. Yota eggs Yuya on, the ring count starts, and Yuya drags himself up at 3 of 20. Yota drags Yuya to the apron and stops the count. Yota suplexes but Yuya slips free! Waistlock, but Yota bucks the O’Conner! Yota runs up, but into an arm-drag!

Yota swings, Yuya ducks, and Yuya hits another arm-drag! Then a DROPKICK! The fans fire up while both men are down! Yuya grits his teeth and clutches his back while Yota stirs and checks his chin. Yota rolls to a corner but Yuya kips up! The fans fire up and Yuya runs corner to corner, to CHOP! Yuya whips corner to corner but just reels Yota in, for a BIG back suplex! Float-over to the cover, TWO! Yota toughs it out but Yuya keeps his cool. Yuya brings Yota up, but Yota fires forearms and a knee! Yota whips, Yuya reverses to SAYANAGI! GROUND ARM SCREW! And then basement dropkick to the arm! Yota writhes, Yuya hurries to cover, TWO!

But Yuya has the top wristlock! Yota reaches out but Yuya drags him away for the DOUBLE WRISTLOCK! Yota flails, reaches out, blocks the twist on the arm, but Yuya pulls harder with his top mount! Yuya breaks the grip for the DOUBLE WRISTLOCK! Yota still reaches out for ropes but Yuya drags him right to center! Yuya keeps on the double wristlock but Yota kicks around. Yuya shifts into an ARMBAR, but Yota has the ROPEBREAK! The fans cheer and Yuya lets go. Yuya is frustrated but he stands back up and brings Yota around. Yuya wrenches, cording holds, and then goes for the other arm. Yota throws Yuya down and rolls back, into the BOSTON CRAB!!

Yuya endures as Yota sits deep on the hold! Yuya powers up but Yota drags him away! Yota’s bad arm forces him to change to a HALF CRAB! Yota still sits deep and Yuya has to bite his thumb to ignore the pain! Yuya fights forward, but Yota drags him away! Yota manages to get both legs on one side, LOBSTER CRAB! Yuya endures as Yota pulls! Yuya tries to fight, but Yota then digs a knee in! LION TAMER!! Yuya bites all his fingers just to keep from giving up! Yota lets go in frustration as his arms can’t hold on any longer! Yota grabs at both legs this time, and he SWINGS Yuya around! He only gets five rotations but he fires back up!

Yota tries for the legs again but Yuya traps the bad arm, to SNAP it! Yota staggers, Yuya swings but Yota catches him! BACKBREAKER, but Yuya swings out of the clinch to full nelson! Then he spins Yota to DIVORCE COURT DDT! Yota clutches the arm while both men are down! Yuya rolls to ropes while Yota writhes at center. Yuya goes back to Yota and they both stand. Yuya throws a haymaker, then another! Yota backs up to a corner, Yuya CHOPS him! Yuya CHOPS again, then fires haymakers! Yuya CHOPS then runs Yota corner to corner to bump off buckles! Yuya throws hands, runs Yota to the other corner and again bumps him off buckles!

Yuya CHOPS Yota, climbs up, and he rains down fists! The fans fire up and count along, Yuya goes all the way to TEN! Yuya pulls at Yota’s hair but Yota grins. Yuya drags Yota out by his legs, stomps him and covers, TWO! Yota rises up but Yuya fires up. Yuya runs up but Yota gets around, goes up and over to sunset flip, TWO! Yuya stands, swings, but into a wrench and wrangle, lateral press! TWO, and Yota arm-drags! Float over, headscissor cradle, TWO!! Yuya escapes, Yota runs up, but Yota blocks the arm-drag! Only for Yuya to swing around and arm-drag after all! Yota gets up, swings, but into a spin and backslide! TWO!

Yuya holds onto the arms, rolls into another backslide, TWO! The two men fight for control, stand back up, and Yuya spins Yota around for underhooks! Yota fights that to back drop but Yuya sunset flips it! TWO and Yota BOOTS Yuya down! The fans fire up while Yota catches his breath. Yota finally goes for the cover, but Yuya drags him into a ghost pin, TWO!! Yuya shifts around, sunset flip! TWO and it’s back to the ghost pin! TWO!! Yota escapes but Yuya UPPERCUTS! Yuya runs, but into a scoop and BACKBREAKER! The fans fire up, Yota runs, but Yuya gets around the lariat! Yuya underhooks for the BUTTERFLY SLAM! Cover, TWO!

The fans rally up again and Yuya grows frustrated. Yuya goes to a corner, then climbs up! Yota rises, then runs up to GAMANGIRI! The fans fire up with Yota as he climbs up! Yota fires hands, then goes to the very top! Yota brings Yuya up to join him, for a SUPER SPANISH FLY! Cover, TWO!! Yuya survives but Yota roars! Yota drags Yuya up and suplexes, but Yuya knees free! Double cording holds, DEADBOLT PLEX! But both men are down! The fans fire up as they stir, and Yuya goes to a corner. Yota eggs Yuya on, Yuya runs up, and DOUBLE FOREARMS DECK both men! The fans fire up again while the ref checks them!

Yota and Yuya stir, and Yota blinks through the daze. Yota stands up, but then falls right over! Yuya is also still down so the ref says it’ll be a standing count! The fans rally up for both guys, and they’re both down at 5 of 10! And then 7! And 8! Both men rise at 9 and the fans fire up again! We hit 25 minutes, leaving five left! Both men rise up, stare down, and they rush right in! Yuya headlocks, Yota powers out but Yuya runs him over! Cover, ONE!! The fans rally again as Yuya stands, but Yota runs him over! Cover, ONE!! Yuya storms up but Yota blocks the scoop with a facelock! Yota scoops Yuya to SLAM him!

Yuya rises and runs up, but into another scoop and SLAM! The fans fire up and Yota grins as he drags Yuya back up. Yota runs, but Yuya back drops him away! Yuya roars and the fans fire up again as he goes up the corner! Yuya aims as Yota rises, CROSSBODY FLOPS! CURB STOMP!! Yota then hauls Yuya up to suplex and FALCON BOMB! Cover, TWO!! Yuya survives and the fans fire up as Yota roars again! Yota powers up his arm, we hit the three minute warning, and Yota aims from a corner. GENE- RANA!! Then ARMBAR!! But Yota stacks him, TWO! Yota is free and KNEES Yuya! And SUPERKICKS! And GENE- ARM-DRAG, Ghost pin! TWO!!

Yuya ENZIGIRIS but Yota stays up! GENE- CUTTER!! Yuya has had an answer for every spear attempt, and now he drags Yota back up! Yuya cording holds, swings for the other arm, and roars to DEAD- NO, Yota HEADBUTTS! But Yuya HEADBUTTS! Two minute warning and a GERMAN SUPLEX! Both men rise, GENE BLAST!!! Cover, YOTA WINS!

Winner: Yota Tsuji, by pinfall (Yuya must cut his hair)

Yuya let Yota have too much space and he got blasted! Yota has the epic tiebreaker, will he make his way towards championship opportunities now? And Yota stands Yuya up by pulling his hair, as if adding insult to injury. Yuya says fine, just get it over with. The ring staff set out a white tarp and bring in a chair. Yuya reluctantly sits in the chair, and Yota has the scissors and clippers. Yota gathers up the hair in a ponytail, and Yuya grits his teeth as all of that is cut away. Then Yota just goes right down the middle with the clippers! Yuya says stop, and he does the rest himself! Yuya won’t let Yota have the satisfaction of humiliating him.

Yuya leaves to finish that haircut in the back. Will the Heat Storm find a way to shine while looking like a Young Boy?


IWGP World Heavyweight Championship: Tetsuya Naito VS SANADA!

WrestleKingdom 18 was only 50 days ago but it feels like only yesterday that NJPW had the largest LIJ roll call in history! The Uncontrollable Charisma finally had his moment, but will the Cold Skull take it back? Or will even Sapporo be tranquilo?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see who closes out this New Beginning!

As usual, Naito takes his time with his elaborate entrance attire, but again Sanada is patient because he knows all about this. Naito finishes with the pants and the bell rings. The fans rally up as the two stare down. Red Shoes assesses the cheering and feels it favors Naito. Sanada doesn’t seem bothered by that, but Naito doesn’t seem fired up by it, either. The two circle, approach, but back away. Sanada knows this trick by Naito, too, and doesn’t let it get to him. They tie up now, Naito powers Sanada back to ropes then headlocks. Red Shoes calls the break, Sanada turns things around on Naito, but Naito doesn’t let go.

Red Shoes counts, Naito slowly lets go and Sanada pats Naito on the shoulders. The fans cheer as the two reset. They circle, feel things out, and Sanada gets a leg. Sanada moves to waistlock but Naito wrenches out. Naito hammerlocks then full nelsons, but Sanada fights the hold. Sanada breaks free, hammerlocks then headlocks, and he grinds Naito down. Naito powers up and out but Sanada runs him over! The fans rally up as things speed up, and Naito arm-drags only for Sanada to counter that! Sanada then trips Naito, has the legs and he ties Naito up into Paradise! The fans cheer as Sanada has Naito caught!

Sanada pulls on the legs to put some pressure on, then he DROPKICKS Naito out of Paradise! Naito bails out but Sanada waits on him. Sanada then builds speed, but he tumbles up and out as Naito moves! Naito sweeps the legs, then dropkicks Sanada down! Naito builds speed, but he rolls and tranquilos! Sanada still fell for that old trick! Sanada cools off as he paces around, though, and takes his time returning. Naito stays back, Sanada slides in, but then Naito bails out! The fans cheer but Sanada goes out to CLUB Naito! Sanada isn’t in the mood for games and he whips, but Naito reverses to CLAW Sanada’s eyes!

Naito whips Sanada, but Sanada reverses! Naito is sent into railing after all! Sanada brings Naito around, hangs him off the apron, but Naito kicks free of that to turn things around! DRAPING DDT to the floor!! Sanada writhes while Naito strikes like a Viper! The fans rally up while Naito leaves Sanada behind. The ring count starts while Sanada clutches his head and neck. Sanada is still down at 5 of 20, and then 10! Sanada sits up at 12, pushes himself up and stands at 15. Sanada shakes out the arm and slides in at 18, and fans cheer. Naito brings Sanada up to CLUB away on the neck, though, then he whips.

Naito arm-drags Sanada, ELBOWS him down and basement dropkicks! Naito floats to a cravat and he cranks on the neck! Sanada endures and kicks around. Naito leans his weight but Sanada fights up. Naito CLUBS Sanada again, and again! Sanada goes to ropes, but Naito whips him. Naito hip toss NECKBREAKERS! Sanada writhes again, rolls to the apron and flops to the floor, but Naito pursues. Naito sits Sanada up to SAMBO LEG NELSON! No ropebreaks on the outside, is Naito going to grind Sanada down for a count out? The count does start again, and Sanada can only kick around as Naito puts on the pressure.

Naito stops at 10 of 20, then slides into the ring at 14. Sanada is down at 15, rises as the fans rally, and slides in at 18! Fans cheer but Naito is right on Sanada to CLUB away on the neck! Naito whips, Sanada holds ropes to avoid the arm-drag, and he dropkicks a leg! Naito hobbles but Sanada runs up. Naito kicks low then whips Sanada to a corner. Naito runs in but Sanada BOOTS him! Sanada goes up and QUEBRADA, but Naito gets under! Only for Sanada to dropkick the legs out! Both men are down as Naito clutches his knee and Sanada shakes out his arm. Sanada stalks Naito, brings him up and has the leg, but Naito CLAWS the eyes!

Red Shoes reprimands but Naito SPITS at Sanada. Naito whips but Sanada reverses to hurdle, hurdle and DROPKICK! Sanada’s legs work just fine, and he watches Naito bail out again. The fans rally and duel, Sanada PLANCHAS! Down goes Naito and the fans fire up! Sanada encourages them to get louder so they oblige. Sanada goes back to Naito, still loving the adulation, and he brings Naito back up. Sanada puts Naito in, fireman’s carries, but Naito fights free. Naito shoves Sanada to a corner, runs up, and he blocks boots! Naito puts Sanada in the ropes for a DRAPING BACKBREAKER!

Naito drags Sanada up, whips, and HIP TOSS NECKBREAKERS again! Sanada writhes and Naito shakes out his leg. Naito drags Sanada up again, puts him up top, and then climbs up after him. But Sanada slips out to DROPKICK Naito down onto the post! That post might’ve saved Naito from a worse fall, but certainly not from a softer one! Sanada climbs up behind Naito now, brings him around, and hits a SUPER FALLING BACKBREAKER!! Then a suplex for the MAGIC SCREW! Cover, TWO!! Naito survives and Sanada seethes but the fans fire up! Sanada hauls Naito up to the SKULL END! But Naito arm-drags free!

Naito runs up, Sanada sidesteps and O’Conner Roll, into SKULL END! The body scissors are in and Naito is caught! The fans fire up and duel as Naito endures! Naito kicks around, reaches out, but Sanada squeezes tight! Naito kicks and kicks and fights to gain ground but Sanada’s body scissors keep him stuck at center! The fans rally as hard as they can for Naito but he’s fading! Sanada follows his formula by letting go to go up top! ROUNDING BODY PRESS onto knees!! Naito saves himself but in double-edged fashion! Both men are down and the fans rally up again! Naito rises first and hobbles over to Sanada.

Naito drags Sanada up to kick and ELBOW! And kick, and ELBOW! Naito fires off more elbows, and Sanada staggers away to the corner! The fans rally up again, but Naito drags Sanada up to kick and ELBOW! And kick, and ELBOW! And ELBOW, ELBOW, ELBOW! Sanada falls again and this is all going to Naito’s formula! Naito drags Sanada up, puts him up top, and climbs up again. Naito CLUBS Sanada again and again to make sure he stays put this time. SUPER STEINER!! The fans fire up as both men are down! Naito then aims from the corner as Sanada rises, and the fans rally behind him.

Sanada stands, Naito runs up, into a DROPKICK! Naito stays up so Sanada whips. Naito reveres but Sanada denies the DDT to fireman’s carry! TK- DESTINO!! Naito hits it outta nowhere but he won’t leave it at that! Naito drags Sanada up, SPITS at him, then throws those ELBOWS! Sanada drops to his knees but Naito drags him up again. ELBOW! ELBOW! ELBOW! But Sanada roars! Sanada runs, but into a SPINEBUSTER! Naito stands Sanada up, wrenches, but Sanada denies the tilt-o-whirl! Naito and Sanada fight for control, and Naito CLUBS away! Tilt-o-whirl, DESTI- NO! Sanada fights that to the clinch!

But Naito fights from below! Sanada wrenches Naito, but Naito dragon sleepers! Is Naito trying to steal Skull End?! Sanada snapmares free before Naito truly can, and Sanada SHINING- NO, Naito ducks it! Naito UPPERCUTS, ENZIGIRIS, and then wrenches! Tilt-o-whirl, but Sanada slips free! Clinch and DEAD- NO, Naito gets around to waistlock! Sanada powers out to fire forearm after forearm! ROLLING ELBOW! Naito leans on ropes and the fans fire up! Naito CLUBS Sanada again and again, then ROCKS him! Sanada fireman’s carries! TKO! Both men are down again and the fans fire back up!

Sanada and Naito stir as the fans rally and duel. The “NA-I-TO!” is still stronger than the “SA-NA-DA!” but Sanada stands up first. Sanada scoops and BACKBREAKERS Naito into position! Sanada goes up again, ROUNDING BODY PRESS!! Cover, TWO!! Naito survives and the fans are thunderous! Sanada snarls, goes back up, ROUNDING BODY PRESS!! But Sanada won’t stop there, he clinches and DEAD- NO, Naito slips free! Tilt-o-whirl, DESTINO!!! And then another wrench, another tilt-o-whirl, DESTINO~!!! But that’s still not enough!? Naito scoops Sanada, but Sanada fights it! The fans duel as the two fight for control!

Sanada powers his way out of the grip and ENZIGIRIS! Naito roars?! But he turns around into a SHINING WIZARD!! Clinch and DEAD- NO, Naito slips free again! TORNADO- NO, Sanada stuffs it, so Naito just holds onto the facelock! Naito has the squeeze on Sanada now, but Sanada moves around. Sanada reaches out but Naito has body scissors to keep him down! The fans rally, Sanada fights up, so Naito clinches, to steal DEADFALL! Sanada rolls through!? BLINDSIDE SHINING WIZARD!! The fans are thunderous again as both men are down! Sanada kips up!! The fans fire up as Sanada runs up, SHINING WIZARD!!!

Sanada isn’t done there, he drags Naito back up! Clinch and DEAD- NO, Naito just fights free again! TORNADO CRADLE! NAITO WINS!!

Winner: Tetsuya Naito, by pinfall (still IWGP World Heavyweight Champion)

Sanada is furious that he got caught! Sanada stubbornly tried for his new ace card and that was perhaps his downfall. Will he have no choice but to go to the back of the line when it comes to this title?

As for Naito, he gets some water, and then takes the belt from Red Shoes. Naito drops it in a corner for a moment so he can get his baseball cap. Naito then gets the mic so he can say, “Buenas tardes, Sapporo~!” The fans cheer, and Naito thanks everyone for being here at NJPW: The New Beginning in Sapporo, “Gracias, amigos.” And tonight, here in Sapporo, there is someone who won’t be in the ring anymore. It was August, 2007, the first person that man wrestled in NJPW was Naito himself. And so Naito feels it wouldn’t be right if he didn’t address that man. The fans know he means “O-KA-DA!” who was on commentary for this match.

Naito says that all that said, this was a main event title match, and Naito won. So we have to end this the only way it can! It has been a minute since we heard this, so are you ready? The New Beginning in Sapporo must of course end with… “Bushi! Hiromu! Takagi! Titan! Yota! Y Naito! Nosotros…! LOS! INGOBERRRRRNABLEEEES~! DE! JA! PON!!” The confetti flies and the fans cheer as the tranquilo era continues! But then Naito invites The Rainmaker into the ring! Okada obliges by stepping off commentary and stepping through the gate. Okada steps inside and he stands with Naito right at the center of the ring.

Naito offers the LIJ fist bump, which fans cheer. Okada sighs and figures this is the last time he’ll even get the chance, so he reaches up. But then Naito SPITS in Okada’s eye and CLUBS away on Okada! Fans are torn as Naito whips, but Okada reverses! Naito avoids the dropkick, Okada avoids the lariat, and then ripcords! But Naito ducks the Rainmaker to tranquilo! The fans cheer and even Okada has to smile. Naito stands back up and says Okada can go now. Okada says fine and he exits. The fans cheer as The Rainmaker takes his leave, and the Uncontrollable Charisma waves goodbye. But will Naito prove he’s the true face of NJPW now that we’ve made it through the New Beginning?

My Thoughts:

A great finale to the New Beginning series here, though it’s a shame Tanahashi is hurt and could not take Nemeth up on his invitation to have a tag match, nor could he be part of the 10 Man Tag with Okada and Chaos. It’s an ankle injury, hopefully he’ll be alright. But at the same time, he doesn’t really have to wrestle, he’s President of NJPW now and should be taking it easy. Anyhow, great tag match from the Guerillas of Destiny to be Tama’s sendoff. As such, Leo & ELP naturally won, and they take the banner up for GOD, certainly as a tag team. I don’t think Loa’s leaving NJPW, so maybe Loa becomes a singles guy within the faction?

Bushi beating Taka, Douki beating Hiromu, Taichi beating Takagi, Just5Guys win that best of three, but LIJ wins out the night because both Yota and Naito win the last two matches. A really good, really cerebral match from Yota and Yuya, the storytelling of wanting to win with Young Lion moves continues between them, and I really liked how many times Yuya countered the Gene Blast, only for one to still hit. The New Japan Cup is up next, I’m sure Yota is going to have a strong showing as he tries for the world title.

Naito VS Sanada was really good, though I’m not sure it was quite like their WrestleKingdom match. But I suppose part of that was that of course Naito won. I appreciated the parallel to Yota VS Yuya with Sanada failing to hit Deadfall again and again. Naito then snatches the win with a cradle, not a finisher, technically keeping Sanada strong. I’m just not sure how Sanada does in the New Japan Cup. English commentary was pointing out getting Naito VS Sanada Part 3 through the New Japan Cup would be too much.

Sanada could obviously go for a different title in the meantime, though I have no idea what one. Just5Guys already feuded with House of Torture, they can’t default to that and the NEVER Openweight title. Nemeth just got the Global title and Riddle just got the NJPW World TV title, so I don’t think they’d lose to Sanada, but those would make for some interesting feuds. And I don’t even think Sanada would care about the KOPW Championship, though it would  be interesting to see what matches he’d come up with.

My Score: 8.8/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Collision Results & Report! (2/24/24)

The Collision Cowboys ride again!



Can Papa Gunn breathe with the Switchblade?

The Bang Bang Scissor Gang wants to run AEW, but they need to prove they can work together, no matter what! Will Jay White, Colten & Billy make a winning combination?


  • No Disqualifications: Sammy Guevara VS “Powerhouse” Will Hobbs; Hobbs wins.
  • FTR VS Shane Taylor Promotions; FTR wins.
  • Thunder Rosa VS Ladybird Monroe; Rosa wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Jay White, Colten Gunn & Billy Gunn VS The Iron Savages & Jacked Jameson; White, Colten & Billy win.
  • Bryan Keith VS Malakai Black; Malakai wins.
  • Serena Deeb VS Lady Frost; Deeb wins.
  • Bryan Danielson VS Jun Akiyama; Bryan wins.


No Disqualifications: Sammy Guevara VS “Powerhouse” Will Hobbs!

Just last night on Rampage, The Spanish God called out the Don Callis Family, and then got jumped by the Don Callis Family! Callis and the rest of the family has been banned from ringside, as has Chris Jericho, this must be settled between Sammy and Hobbs! Will there be anything left of Sammy to return home to his wife and daughter? Or will The Book of Hobbs call for no mercy and no remains?

The moment Hobbs hops off the corner, Sammy JUMP KNEES! The bell rings, Sammy runs up to JUMP KNEE again! Hobbs staggers around, but he catches Sammy to TOSS him to a corner! Hobbs runs in, Sammy dodges and RAMS in! Sammy ENZIGIRS, Hobbs staggers, and Sammy springboards, FLYING CUTTER! The fans fire up as Hobbs staggers back to his feet. Sammy runs up to clothesline Hobbs and himself out of the ring! Sammy shouts, “I’m a freakin’ Collider now!” Sammy gets the steel steps in place and the fans fire up. Sammy comes back to whip Hobbs but Hobbs reverses! Sammy leaps the steps!

Hobbs runs up, but Sammy sends him into railing! Sammy repositions the steps, gets space and runs in, to use the steps to LEAP! But Hobbs catches Sammy, and WORLD’S STRONGEST SLAM on the steps!! Sammy writhes and flounders away but Hobbs tells the ref to get outta the way. The fans boo, Hobbs soaks it up, and Hobbs drags Sammy up. Hobbs says Sammy wanted this, and he brings Sammy around to DECK him with a haymaker! The fans duel, Hobbs scoops Sammy, APRON POWERSLAM! And again! And again! Hobbs then SLINGS Sammy into railing! The fans fire up as Hobbs says one more time!

Hobbs hauls Sammy back up, for a fake out. Hobbs doesn’t do what the fans want him to do, he does what he wants. Hobbs moves the other set of steps around, brings Sammy back up, and Hobbs whips Sammy hard into railing! Hobbs asks Kevin Kelley what he’s going on about but Kevin isn’t sure Hobbs means. Hobbs tells Kevin to stand up so Kevin does, and then Hobbs demands Kevin hand over his belt. His belt? Hobbs tells him again, give over the belt. Kevin gives in and hands said belt over. Hobbs then takes the belt and uses it to LASH Sammy on the back! Fans are torn but Hobbs LASHES Sammy again!

Sammy writhes, Nigel tells Kevin this is his fault. Hobbs winds up, Sammy dodges the belt to SUPERKICK! And SUPERKICK again! Sammy grabs a chair, and he SMACKS Hobbs with it! And then HEADSHOT! Hobbs flounders against railing but the fans fire up as Sammy stalks him. Sammy tosses Hobbs the chair to KICK it into him! Then Sammy cravats, uses the steps, but Hobbs turns the cutter into a TOSS over the railing! Sammy’s leg clips the top, but Hobbs hauls him back up and over! But Sammy slips free, and CUTTERS to the steps!! Sammy gets the belt now and he LASHES Hobbs in return!

Sammy then goes looking under the ring, and he brings out a table! The fans fire up as Sammy sets the table up nearby. Sammy has security move aside, so he can slide that chair off the table and into Hobbs! Sammy then adds another table! If one is good, more must be better! The fans fire up with Sammy as he has those side by side. Hobbs goes to the apron but Sammy climbs up. Sammy aims and leaps, but Hobbs catches him again!! And he SPINEBUSTERS Sammy through the tables!!! All of Springfield, Missouri lose their minds while the ref checks on both men, and Collision goes picture in picture!

Hobbs snarls as he slowly rises up out of the wreckage. Sammy stirs but Hobbs clears out the debris to bring him up. Hobbs HEADBUTTS Sammy and Sammy staggers away. Sammy gets in the ring but Hobbs pursues. Hobbs climbs the corner?! Hobbs then FLYING LARIATS! The Powerhouse proves he can fly, then he covers, TWO!! Sammy survives but Hobbs grinds him into the mat! Hobbs talks trash on Sammy while he fishhooks the nose and pulls on the ear! Hobbs then drags Sammy up, whips him to a corner hard, and Sammy drops to his knees. Hobbs looms over Sammy, eggs him on, and the fans rally up.

Hobbs talks more trash, stands Sammy back up, and Hobbs whips Sammy hard into another corner! Collision returns to single picture as Sammy crawls around. Hobbs looms over Sammy again, slaps him around, and then whips him into another corner! Hobbs runs up, Sammy dodges and Hobbs hits buckles! Sammy uses the corner to help in the torture rack! Fans fire up as Sammy carries Hobbs, and GO TO HOSPITAL!! Cover, TWO?!? Hobbs survives and Sammy is shocked! The fans rally as Sammy hurries to find himself something more. Sammy takes a monitor from the timekeeper!

Sammy brings the equipment into the ring, MONITOR SHOT!! But that’s not enough so Sammy looks around outside. He finds another table! The fans are thunderous as table number three is put in the ring. Sammy hurries after Hobbs but Hobbs LARIATS Sammy inside-out! Hobbs storms around, grabs the table for his own and sets that up near a corner. Hobbs goes back for Sammy as the fans rally up, and Hobbs hauls Sammy up. Sammy JAWBREAKERS back! Hobbs wobbles, but Sammy SUPERKICKS! Hobbs still wobbles, so Sammy springboards and FLYING- NO, Hobbs catches him again! WORLD’S STRONGEST SLAM!! Cover, TWO!!!

Sammy survives and now Hobbs is furious! Hobbs runs to BOOT Sammy down! Hobbs goes out while Sammy flops off the apron. Hobbs looks around under the ring, and he brings out a fourth table! The fans fire up as Hobbs brings this one to the ramp side. Hobbs sets that up, stomps Sammy to keep him down, then he goes to fetch a fifth table! The fans are thunderous, this might be the most tables in a non-table match! Hobbs hauls Sammy up, scoops him, and aims, but Sammy slips free to POST Hobbs first! Sammy fires up again while Hobbs staggers around. Sammy chugs a fan’s beer, then SMASHES Hobbs with the bottle!

The fans fire up as Hobbs ends up on the tables! The fans give Sammy another beer, to SMASH it on Hobbs again! Sammy then goes looking under the ring, and he brings out a LADDER! The fans are loving it, because now we’ve entered TLC territory! Sammy gets that ladder in the ring while the fans lose their minds! Sammy moves table number three outta the way so he can stand his ladder up. And it’s a big ladder! Fans chant “Please Don’t Die!” because this is extra crazy even for Sammy! Sammy climbs to the second highest rung, takes aim, and shoutout to Jeff Hardy! SUPER SWANTON BOMB through the tables!!!

The fans lose their minds all over again as the ref checks Sammy. Sammy gets Hobbs up and into the ring and the fans fire up again. “This is Awesome!” as Sammy takes table number three and sets it back up! Hobbs flounders, Sammy pushes him onto that table and punches him down. Sammy then goes to the corner, which is comparatively short, but Hobbs shoves the ref into Sammy!! Sammy is stuck on the top rope and Hobbs snarls as he storms up after him! Hobbs brings Sammy up for the scoop! WORLD’S STRONGEST SLAM THROUGH THE TABLE!! Cover, Hobbs wins!!

Winner: “Powerhouse” Will Hobbs, by pinfall

All that damage done to Hobbs and he still took the win! Is there no stopping the Don Callis Family with the Powerhouse behind it?


The Blackpool Combat Club speaks.

Jon Moxley is with Claudio Castagnoli as he shares a story. “When Claudio first comes to America, he shows up at the gym to train with William Regal and Dave Taylor. When Dave pulls up, Claudio’s sitting on the front step, there’s no cars around. Dave says, ‘How’d you get here?’ Claudio says, ‘I walked.’ Dave says, ‘From the airport? 20+ miles?’ Claudio says, ‘Yeah.'” That was day one. You think 20 minutes is a lot to Claudio? It’s nothing, he’s a freak. Moxley is a freak in a different way, needing to get hit in the face a couple times just to wake up. And while Moxley’s not a sprinter, he can run all day and all night.

You will never win a war of attrition with the BCC. When it’s a game of who can endure, you have no chance. But the BCC don’t get paid by the hour and they don’t wanna wrestle like they do. So time limit draws for them are unsatisfactory. So congrats, FTR, you pissed them off! Good job. But if you wanna challenge them for Revolution, you wanna pay homage to tag team wrestling in one of the wrestling Meccas, Greensboro, North Carolina, they accept. The four of them will show the world that all that history is just that. This is 2024, this is AEW, the BCC are the elite of the elite, and this sport evolves.

Claudio, what’s Moxley thinking of right now? Well, tag team wrestling, Midnight Express, Rock ‘n’ Roll Express, Arn ‘n’ Tully, Crockett Promotions, its entire history. And about FTR, how they look to the past, how they wanna bring back the past. The BCC looks to the future. The BCC creates the style and the wrestling that they wanna see today. So FTR, if you wanna live in the past, fine. But if you wanna step into the future, that path is through them! And all you have to do is just be better than Moxley & Claudio.

Moxley also keeps thinking, that can’t be all that FTR had. Because it feels like they unloaded all their heavy artillery, every magazine, while the BCC barely pulled the trigger. If FTR want to be big names in Greensboro, then they’ll have to swim in deep, deep waters. Claudio tells FTR to bring the whole bag of tricks, because they’ll need it. The match is set, but just how far will both teams go to settle the score?


FTR VS Shane Taylor Promotions!

Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler are ready for another fight with the BCC, but for right now, they’ve got the STP! Will the #TopGuys still be FTR? Or will Lee Moriarty & Shane Taylor himself prove they’re in that conversation now?

The teams sort out and Dax starts against #TAIGASTYLE. Lee and Dax tie up, Lee waistlocks and headlocks, then wrenches to hammerlock. Lee shoves Dax then claps at him, but Dax keeps it cool. Dax tags Cash, Cash runs up but Lee avoids him. The two feel things out, tie up and go around, then break the deadlock. They reset, tie up again, and Lee wrenches to spin Cash and wrangle him. Lee steps over, has La Magistrol, TWO! Lee pushes Cash around and then dances at him. Cash storms up but Lee backs off. Lee smirks at Cash then resets with him. They tie up, Lee headlocks, but Cash powers out.

Cash drops, drops, and hurdles to then ELBOW Lee down! Then arm-drag! Cash has the armlock and he slaps Lee around. Cash tags Dax, whips Lee, drop toehold and elbow drop! Fans rally up and Dax brings Lee up. Dax wrenches but Lee powers him to the corner! Tag to Shane but Dax gets away. Shane and Dax circle, talk some trash, and tie up. Dax headlocks, Shane powers up and out, but Dax RAMS him! Shane says not today! Dax runs again, RAMS again, but Shane stays up. Dax RAMS Shane again, and again, but Shane scoops! Dax slips free, waistlocks, but Shane bucks the O’Conner. Dax ducks ‘n’ dodges, but stays back to avoid hands.

The fans fire up as Dax and Shane reset, tie up, and Dax headlocks. Shane powers up and out, Dax SHOTGUNS him! Shane comes back but Dax avoids the senton! Dax wrenches, but Shane LARIATS! Shane drags Dax up, tags Lee, and STP mugs Dax. Lee throws knees, snapmares Dax and basement dropkicks! Lee drags Dax up, ROCKS hi, but Dax puts him in a corner to CHOP! And CHOP! Dax brings Lee around, wrenches, but Lee ROCKS Dax! And CHOPS him! Dax CHOPS again! And again! Lee swings, Dax ducks and picks Lee up, but Shane tags in before the atomic drop! Lee hobbles away, Dax ROCKS Shane!

Dax runs up to whip Lee but Lee reverses. Dax rebounds off buckles to CLOBBER Lee, but Shane CLOBBERS Dax! Cover, TWO! Dax survives, Shane talks trash on Cash, and Collision goes picture in picture.

Shane drags Dax up, puts him in a corner, then winds up to CHOP! Dax sputters and Shane talks more trash. Shane stands Dax up, winds up, and CHOPS again! Shane keeps Dax in the corner, whips him corner to corner hard, and Dax falls back! Shane talks more trash to Cash but the ref keeps Cash back. Shane tags Lee, STP mugs Dax and Lee puts Dax in a corner. Lee fires forearms, then climbs up to rain down fists! Lee gloats but Dax CHOPS from below! Lee stomps but Dax CHOPS! They clinch, go around, and end up on ropes. Shane tags in, he throws hands on Dax! Shane scoops and SLAMS Dax, then stares Cash down while Collision goes to break.

Collision returns and Shane has Dax in a bearhug! Dax endures the squeeze but the fans rally up. The ref checks Dax, the hand drops once. The hand drops twice! But then Dax comes back to life! And he BITES Shane’s forehead! The ref reprimands but Shane lets Dax go. Dax back suplexes, but falls over under Shane! Shane covers, TWO! Tag to Lee, and STP gets Dax up. Lee whips Dax but Dax turns the back drop into a cradle! TWO, and Dax CHOPS! Dax puts on a SLEEPER, but Lee RAMS him iont a corner! Tag to Shane, Dax fires hands on STP! Dax swings, Lee gets around to IRON OCTOPUS!

Shane runs up to KNEE Dax! Dax staggers to a corner, Shane clotheslines, then URENAGES! Shane goes up the corner, Cash shouts to Dax, but Shane leaps! Shane FLOPS as Dax moves! Dax and Shane crawl, hot tag to Lee! Lee drags Dax back but Dax hops up and up and hot tags Cash! Cash rallies on Lee, JAB, JAB and HAYMAKER! HAYMAKER for Shane! CHOP for Lee! Cash UPPERCUTS Lee, CHOPS him, then brings Lee out to LARIAT! Shane storms up but Cash spins him and UPPERCUTS! Cash runs, ducks ‘n’ dodges and LARIATS Shane down! Fans fire up but Lee is back! Cash gets around, SLEEPER, into UPPERCUT!

Lee rebounds, into a NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO!! Lee survives and bails out while the fans fire up. Cash drags Lee up from the apron, suplexes, but Shane trips Cash! Lee lands on Cash, TWO! Lee waistlocks, Cash switches, but Lee switches! Cash bucks the O’Conner but Lee distracts the ref so Shane can DECK Cash! Lee rolls Cash up, TWO!!! Cash survives but Lee brings him up. Lee whips Cash at the corner but Cash BLASTS Shane! Cash goes up and over Lee, then does it again! Tag to Dax, sunset flip leads to the pop-up, BULLDOG BOMB! Cover, FTR wins!

Winners: FTR, by pinfall

BCC said FTR live in the past, but they used an old school finisher to win! Cash gets the mic now as the fans chant for FTR, and Cash says, “So a few weeks ago, Jon Moxley said, ‘Step up, and get stepped on.'” The fans boo that, but Cash tells Moxley, FTR is like a couple roaches. It’ll take much more than getting stepped to kill them! The fans cheer that! So that said, if BCC has anything more to say, they know where FTR’s gonna be. Dax tells Moxley & Claudio that he heard everything they had to say. They talked about differing styles and different eras, how FTR are throwbacks and the past is what they care about.

“That’s not what this is about. Moxley, you’ve been here since almost the beginning. For almost five years, you’ve been the king of AEW. This is your castle! This is your house, Mox! And I see you, Mox. And I see Claudio, and I see Bryan. I see you walk around the back, and people cower and they fear and they drop their eyes because they’re afraid of you. I think the reason you’re pissed off is you found a couple guys who ain’t scared of you.” The fans cheer that, too! FTR ain’t scared. But if Moxley is the king and this is his castle, it’s been said that to be a king, you gotta kill a king. So Revolution, FTR comes for the king’s head. #TopGuysOut!

The fans fire up as Dax & Cash are ready to be more elite than the elite of the elite! Will either team be left standing after the Revolution?


Thunder Rosa VS Ladybird Monroe!

La Mera Mera is ranked #2 in the Women’s Division, and we know the AEW Women’s World Championship is spoken for in terms of a challenger. Will Rosa then look to solidify her spot in the TBS Championship chase?

The bell rings and Rosa circles with Monroe. They tie up, go around, and Rosa waistlocks to SLAM Monroe down. Rosa then facelocks, waistlocks, but Monroe switches. Rosa pries the hold to switch, hammerlock, and then chicken wing! Rosa wants the crossface, too, but Monroe wrenches out to hammerlock back. Monroe pulls hair, talks trash and CLUBS Rosa. Rosa gets mad now. Monroe whips, Rosa reverses and CHOPS! Monroe goes to a corner, and Rosa CHOPS her again! Rosa fires off forearms then bumps Monroe off buckles! Rosa says this is how you climb the ladder! Rosa CHOPS Monroe again!

Rosa winds up but Monroe ducks this chop to stomp Rosa in return. Monroe pie faces and CHOPS Rosa, then CHOPS! Monroe winds up, UPPERCUTS, then snapmares! Monroe cartwheels but Rosa avoids the boot! Rosa rolls Monroe then basement KNEES Monroe down! The fans fire up and Rosa runs side to side, DROPKICK against ropes! Monroe sputters but Rosa drags her up. Fireman’s carry and DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! Rosa roars, wants Monroe back up, and Monroe slowly rises. The fans rally as Rosa reels her in. Rosa puts on out, package and TIJUANA BOMB! Cover, Rosa wins!

Winner: Thunder Rosa, by pinfall

“You see this? I’m climbing the ladder, because as we know, Thunder Rosa knows how to work hard.” Rosa vows this is her time, will her comeback be unstoppable?


Backstage interview with Kris Statlander, Willow Nightingale & Stokely Hathaway.

Renee Paquette is with The Galaxy’s Greatest, The Babe with the Power and #BigStoke, bringing up the “choice words” from Skye Blue & Julia Hart last night on Rampage. What is their reaction? Stokely wants to start by saying he doesn’t appreciate that hostility. What happened last week, he apologized for. Did he put it on social media at like 3AM and then delete it five minutes later? Absolutely! But the past is the past. Stat said it best, they worry about the future, and that includes those two- Willow says think before you speak, Stokely. “Ho…ly cow, you got something to say.”

And Kris points out Skye is always looking for a fight, so maybe, since they’re 1-1, they go 1v1 next week and Kris beats dat ass. This eclectic trio is ready to fight it out, but will they be able to tear down The House of Black?


Six Man Tag: Jay White, Colten Gunn & Billy Gunn VS The Iron Savages & Jacked Jameson!

As the Bang Bang Scissor Gang looks to dominate all of AEW & ROH, they are trying a team remix! Max Caster has a rap for the occasion! “Acclaimed & The Bang Bang, we the real savages. ‘Bout to bring the fight like me against management! These guys’re so mad, they prolly see red!” Oh no, Caster loses the flow! This is a travesty! Bowens takes over to say, “SPRIIINGFIELD, MIZZOU-REEE~! The Bang Bang Scissor Gang has arrived! Scissor Me, Daddy Ass!” And he does~! Will Billy, his son Colten, and the Switchblade make a killer trio? Or will they all end up sipping the Savage Sauce?

The trios sort out and White wants to start, but so does Billy. The fans sing “OH~ Scissor Me, Daddy~!” so White says okay, Billy can start. Billy stares down Beefcake Boulder and the two circle. They tie up, Billy headlocks but Boulder powers up and out! Billy RAMS Boulder, neither falls, and Boulder shows off #TiddyCity! Billy says okay, “SUCK IT!” and eye poke! Billy then runs Boulder over! The fans fire up, Billy runs and drops an elbow, but Boulder moves! Boulder then runs Billy over! Boulder swivels hips, tags Bulk Bronson, and they get Billy up. It’s time to visit the city! But Billy turns it around and shoves Bronson into Boulder!

Billy brings Bronson over, tags Colten, and they whip, body shot, BOOT and DROPKICK! The father-son combo has the fans fired up, and Colten brings Bronson up. Colten whips Bronson to a corner as White argues with Jacked Jameson. Colten goes to a corner, finger guns with his dad, but Jameson now argues with Billy. The ref is busy breaking those two up as Colten runs in, Boulder pulls Bronson to safety! Colten tumbles up and out and to the floor! Austin and Bowens check on Colten but Bronson SMACKS Colten off the apron! Bronson puts Colten in, covers, ONE!! Bronson drags Colten up and FLAPJACKS him off buckles!

Bronson goes up the ropes to HIP DROP Colten! Tag to Jameson, he HIP DROPS Colten! Boulder tags in, he stomps around and the fans fire up. Boulder brings Colten up, to suplex high and hard! Boulder then says bang bang to mock BBSG. Boulder shakes those hips, tags Jameson, and they double whip Colten, only for Colten to BLAST Bronson! Colten DUMPS Boulder, ELBOWS Jameson, hot tag to White! White may have sniped that one, but he CHOPS Jameson down! And he gets Bronson by his hair, and CHOPS! White CHOPS Jameson, fires off JABS then CHOPS! JAB, CHOP, repeat! CHOP, CHOP, and CHOP!

Bronson runs in but White sends him into Jameson! White then CHOPS Bronson! White whips Bronson but Bronson reverses. Bronson runs up but White dumps him out hard! Jameson runs up but into an URENAGE Cover, Boulder runs in, but White moves! The SPLASH hits Jameson! Boulder freaks out, and White kicks low! Billy gets in, FAMOUSER! The fans fire up as that sends Boulder tumbling! White CHOPS Bronson, Colten CLOBBERS him out of the ring! White shrugs and gets Jameson for the BLADERUNNER!! Cover, BBSG wins!

Winners: Jay White, Colten Gunn & Billy Gunn, by pinfall

It was a rocky start but a smooth finish as the hybrid trio works out! Will this super group be untouchable all the way to the top of the mountain?


Backstage interview with Bryan Danielson.

Lexi Nair is with the American Dragon ahead of his main event match tonight against Jun Akiyama. Some consider this a dream match. Bryan says yes, but what Lexi didn’t say and should’ve said is that this the legendary Jun Akiyama. This is a man Bryan respects as one of the greatest wrestlers in history! Someone who is Eddie Kingston’s hero! And Eddie will be on commentary tonight, watching Bryan wrestle one of the greatest wrestlers, and beat him. Bryan vows to defeat the man that is Eddie’s hero. Bryan wants to make it clear, he respects Jun Akiyama and every single thing he has done. But do you know who Bryan does NOT respect? Eddie Kingston.

Bryan says Eddie just made this thing, that their match at Revolution is about a handshake. That if Eddie wins, Bryan has to shake Eddie’s hand and show him respect, and he thinks that’ll kill Bryan inside. And maybe it will. Because Bryan does NOT respect Eddie, and do you know why? Because if Eddie was asked to do a promo, do you know how he’d do it? Lexi’s interviewed him, right? And what would he say? “Oh, the boom! Oh the lights! Oh, you’ve got shoes on! Oh!” Then he’d say this, that and whatever, storm off and that’s it. He is NOT a professional, has NEVER been a professional!

Bryan has known Eddie for 20 YEARS, and Eddie is someone who had more potential than anybody Bryan has ever met, and he WASTED it! WASTED it until just this last year! But not only does Bryan not respect Eddie, Eddie’s waste of potential just pisses Bryan off. That is why Bryan will win against Eddie at Revolution for the Continental Triple Crown. The American Dragon wants to destroy the Mad King, but will he start with the Japanese legend?


Bryan Keith VS Malakai Black!

The Bounty Hunter wants gold, but he’ll have to step into the shadows first. The House of Black has been nothing but brutal and sadistic, will Malakai add Keith to the body count?

The bell rings and the fans rally up. Keith stares Malakai down, and both men hear the fans cheering. Malakai and Keith circle, tie up, and Keith wrenches and wristlocks. Malakai moves around, spins through and wrenches to snapmare. Malakai headlocks but Keith slips out to wrench and wristlock again. Malakai snapmares and chinlocks but Keith wrenches out again. Malakai breaks free, tripos Keith but Keith kicks him away. Malakai storms back up but Keith trips him to cover, ONE! The two stand off and the fans rally up. Malakai and Keith reset and circle again. They tie up, Malakai ROCKS Keith, then ROCKS him again!

Malakai whips, Keith reverses but things speed up. Keith BOOTS Malakai down! Fans fire up with Keith and he storms up on Malakai. Keith ROCKS and CHOPS on repeat! Malakai KNEES Keith away, but Keith KICKS in return! And KICKS! Malakai KICKS back! Keith steps over, snap suplexes, and he then drops a knee! Cover, TWO! Malakai snarls but the fans rally with Keith. Keith brings Malakai around, reels him in, underhooks, but Malakai slips free of the lift! Keith fireman’s carries but Malakai slips free to KICK! Malakai blocks a kick to ELBOW Keith down! Keith goes to the apron and Malakai drags him up.

Keith GAMANGIRIS back, but Malakai BOOTS Keith down! Keith hits railing on the way down and Malakai snarls as Collision goes picture in picture.

Keith sits up, clutches the back of his head, and Malakai goes out after him. Malakai drags Keith up, KICKS him against railing, then BOOTS him! Keith staggers away, Malakai runs up and BOOTS him again! Malakai has Keith against railing, KICKS him again, and Keith drops to his knees. Malakai stands Keith up to put him in the ring. Malakai runs up but Keith KICKS and KICKS and KICKS! Malakai is in a corner but Keith whips him corner to corner. Keith runs up, blocks a boot, but Malakai KNEES him down! Cover, TWO! Malakai keeps his eyes on Keith, then pushes him down for a knee drop!

Malakai paces while Keith checks his face. Malakai drags Keith up, but Keith CHOPS! Malakai ROUNDHOUSES Keith down! Cover, TWO! Keith stays in this but Malakai stays on him with a scoop and SLAM! Malakai drops another knee, then covers, TWO! Malakai keeps cool and he clamps onto Keith with a chinlock. Keith sputters as he endures, and he fights up to his feet. Keith throws body shots, then knees, but Malakai knees in return! And UPPERCUTS! Keith ROCKS Malakai with a forearm but Malakai gives it back! They go shot for shot, Collision returns to single picture, and Malakai snapmares to KICK Keith!

Malakai stands Keith back up but Keith drags him into a cradle, TWO! Keith ROCKS Malakai, Malakai hits back, then Malakai blocks a boot. Keith dodges, Malakai dodges, but Keith DECKS Malakai! And LARIATS! The fans rally as Keith LARIATS again! Keith scoops for the EXPLODER! Malakai slowly rises and the fans fire up! Keith fireman’s carries, USHIGOROSHI! Cover, TWO! The fans fire up for Keith as he aims at Malakai. Keith drags Malakai up, underhooks, but Malakai fights and the leg gives up! Malakai shoves Keith to a corner, but Keith pops Malakai up. The knee still holds Keith back so Malakai CLUBS Keith on the back.

Malakai waistlocks but Keith elbows free, and uses ropes for the TORNADO DDT! Both men are down and the fans fire up! A standing count starts but the fans rally up. Both men are down at 5 of 10, but they stir at 6. Keith and Malakai both sit up like a Deadman! Then they stand and fire forearms again! Keith KICKS, Malakai forearms, they fire more shots, then Malakai KICKS! Keith ROCKS Malakai, but Malakai trips Keith! Keith blocks the knee to fire boxing elbows! ROLLING- NO, Malakai knees low and sweeps the legs! Malakai runs up to BOOT Keith to a corner! Malakai runs in, is put on the apron, but he ROCKS Keith first!

Malakai goes up, but Keith RISING HEADBUTTS! Malakai wobbles up top and fans fire up! Keith climbs, brings Malakai into a clinch, but Malakai throws down elbows! Malakai HEADBUTTS Keith down, adjusts, and DIVING DOUBLE STOMPS!! Keith sputters, Malakai BOOTS and JUMP KNEES! Then GERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO!! Keith escapes and Malakai is stunned! The fans fire up but Malakai brings Keith up. The fans rally, Malakai takes aim, BLACK- NO, Keith ducks! KNEE! And then underhooks! TIGER DRIVER!! Cover, TWO!! Malakai survives and the fans are thunderous!

Keith goes to a corner, gets his bad leg moving, and he aims at Malakai. “This is Awesome!” as Kevin runs into THE END!! Cover, Malakai wins!

Winner: Malakai Black, by pinfall

The Dark Father returned to singles action, and he was victorious! But then the lights go out? Why? Malakai’s already here! But then the lights come on and Mark Briscoe is here with a kendo stick! Malakai wants Mark to show mercy, but here come Buddy & Brody! Mark dodges Buddy to SMACK Brody! And then a SMACK for Buddy! Mark ducks the heel kick to UPPERCUT! Mark gets the kendo stick back, takes aim again, but then thinks of something else. He has a STEEL SPIKE! The same kind Julia Hart stabbed Mark with just a couple weeks ago! Mark aims at Malakai, but Malakai dodges! The spike stabs the buckle pad!

BLACK MASS, and then DANTE’S INFERNO!! The House of Black took Mark’s revenge and turned it around on him. Will Mark learn that no matter what, The House Always Wins?


Serena Deeb VS Lady Frost!

The Professor of Professional Wrestling is looking for her path to a championship, and you do that by winning. Deeb had studied up for Kiera Hogan, but cards are subject to change. Will Deeb still pass the pop quiz? Or will she be iced out of the title chase already?

The bell rings and the two circle. Deeb and Frost tie up, and Deeb wrenches to a wristlock. Frost trips Deeb, knuckle lock covers, ONE as Deeb gets a shoulder up. Frost pushes the arm down, ONE as Deeb gets the other arm up. Frost tries again, ONE as Deeb bridges! They stand, go around, and Deeb straitjackets Frost. Frost powers out to straitjacket Deeb in return. Deeb wriggles and wiggles through the straitjacket to put it back on Frost. Deeb brings Frost to her knees, then digs her knees into Frost! Frost endures as she’s bent back, so Deeb tosses her away! The fans cheer and Deeb flexes.

Deeb and Frost tie up, Frost headlocks, but Deeb wrenches out to arm-drag Frost away. Frost goes to a corner, Deeb runs up but Frost BOOTS her! Frost cartwheels over then basement dropkicks Deeb down! Frost whips, Deeb reverses but Frost goes up and over and handsprings away! Fans fire up but Deeb runs Frost over! Deeb says this is HER ring. Things speed up, Deeb ducks ‘n’ dodges and arm-drags into a takedown, spinning toehold into a TRAILER HITCH! Frost endures, Deeb pulls on the foot, but Frost has the ROPEBREAK! Deeb lets go quick and fans cheer her own as Collision goes picture in picture.

Deeb waits on Frost while she’s on the apron. Frost shakes out the legs, steps back in, and then Deeb runs up! Frost puts Deeb in a corner, CHOPS her, but Deeb CHOPS back! Deeb CHOPS but Frost pushes Frost to CHOP again! Frost stomps a mudhole into Deeb, then brings her around for a FISHERMAN SUPLEX! Deeb flounders to ropes but Frost hobbles over. Deeb kicks low, UPPERCUTS and Frost staggers back. Deeb UPPERCUTS again, swings but Frost dodges the chop to stomp and UPPERCUT! Frost snapmares Deeb and clamps on a headlock. Deeb endures and fights around. Frost facelocks, Deeb still fights up, but Frost throws Deeb down! Cover, TWO!

Deeb goes to ropes but Frost storms over. Frost bumps Deeb off buckles, goes corner to corner and RAMS into Deeb! Then she handsprings and RAMS in again! Frost lets off to then bring Deeb up and CHOP! Deeb sputters while Collision goes to break.

Collision returns and Frost has Deeb in another clinch. Deeb powers up and out, drops down then blocks a kick to DRAGON SCREW! Frost writhes and Deeb pounds the mat. The fans rally, Deeb winds up and CLOBBERS Frost! And CLOBBERS her! Deeb JABS, JABS and JABS! Deeb winds up, the fans fire up, but Frost kicks low! Frost whips Deeb, Deeb ducks ‘n’ dodges and dodges again, to LARIAT! The fans fire up with Deeb and she shakes the ropes! Deeb drags Frost up, whips her to a corner but Frost reverses. Frost runs up, blocks a boot, but Deeb brings her in to KICK! Deeb then goes out, catches Frost in the ropes, and HOTSHOT NECKBREAKERS!

Deeb stalks Frost as she staggers away, and then reels her in, TWIST ‘N’ SHOUT! Cover, TWO! Frost survives but Deeb looms over her. Deeb drags Frost up, reels her in, and tucks the arms, DEEB- NO, Frost fights off the Deebtox and back drops free! Deeb goes to a corner, Frost runs up to GAMANGIRI! Deeb staggers, Frost runs up, cartwheel and spin, CHILLA DRILLA! Cover, TWO!! Deeb survives and Frost is furious! Frost aims, spins, but Deeb ducks the roundhouse to ripcord and ELBOW! Then wrench, hammerlock, and PEPSI TWIST! The fans fire up and Deeb gets the leg! HALF CRAB! Frost endures, but taps! Deeb wins!

Winner: Serena Deeb, by submission

The Professor didn’t even need the full Serenity Lock, she’s just that good. Deeb gets the mic and says, “The Women’s Division in AEW is heating up, baby!” Fans cheer that! “Now, I put the locker room on notice when I came back, but I’ll remind you again. Any woman that wants to step up in this ring, any woman that wants to join this Women’s Division, the Professor will be here waiting in Deeb’s Dojo, waiting for the best, because I’m here to elevate this Women’s Division!” The fans cheer that, too! Deeb says, “When The Professor wrestles, the lights don’t turn out. When The Professor wrestles, the picture doesn’t go black ‘n’ white.

“But when The Professor is in the ring, I wrestle! And Serena Deeb is back to claim the division, and I’m here to put the wrestling back in All Elite Wrestling!” The fans fire up for that one! Deeb has called out the champions, will she get to take a title away from one of those champions?


Eddie Kingston makes his way to the ring!

Springfield cheers on The Mad King as he joins commentary, just as Bryan said he would. But he isn’t putting on the headset just yet, he must want to wait on the legend. Will Eddie’s hero slay the American Dragon? Or will Bryan beat Blue Thunder like he did Blue Justice?

Bryan Danielson VS Jun Akiyama!

The bell rings and Bryan stares Jun down as the fans rally up. They both hear the fans mixing “YES! YES! YES!” and “HAI! HAI! HAI!” The two circle, feel things out, and Jun backs Bryan down. Bryan gets around, they still look for control, and then knuckle lock. They keep going around, then clinch, then Bryan waistlocks. Jun wrenches but Bryan grabs a leg. Bryan waistlocks, the fans duel, and Jun spins to get the arm. Bryan puts Jun on ropes, the ref counts, and Bryan lets off slowly. Bryan pats Jun on the shoulders then backs away. Jun nods and resets with Bryan. They tie up, Jun headlocks, and he grinds the hold.

Bryan powers up and out but Jun runs him over! Things keep going, Jun runs Bryan over! Bryan trips Jun, turns him over, and hooks up the legs. The fans rally as Bryan grabs at the arms. Jun resists but Bryan pulls the arms back. Jun fights that off, so Bryan STOMPS the knees! Bryan drags Jun, GROUND DRAGON SCREW! Bryan drops a knee on the knee and he pulls on the leg! Jun endures, keeps his shoulders up, and the fans rally up. Bryan pulls the leg, Jun reaches out, but Bryan drags him from ropes. Bryan drops an elbow on the knee but Jun catches him for a chinlock! Bryan fights that off but ends up in an ARMBAR!

Bryan rolls, slips out the back and ties up the legs. The fans rally, Bryan has the deathlock and he SNAPS it! Jun endures, Bryan stands up to SNAP it again! Bryan then stands up again, bridges back, MUTA LOCK! Jun endures, claws at Bryan’s face, and the ref reprimands! Jun lets go but Bryan lets the leglock go. Jun hobbles over, stomps Bryan down, then throws hands. Bryan stands but Jun wrenches the arm. Jun twists the wrist and bends the fingers! Then ELBOW BREAKER! Bryan drops to his knees and the fans fire up! Jun stalks Bryan, pushes him and KNEES the arm again and again!

Jun hammerlocks the arm but Bryan fights up. They go around and around and Bryan SLINGS Jun to the floor! Jun stands, but Bryan DIVES into a forearm! Jun evens things up and goes to the apron as Collision goes picture in picture.

Jun stands Bryan up, to APRON EXPLODER! Both men tumble to the floor but Jun stands up first. Bryan sits up and Jun hears the ring count. Jun drags Bryan up, RAMS him into steel steps, then pushes him into the ring. Jun stalks Bryan to a corner, sits him up, and then runs corner to corner for a KNEE! Jun snapmares to a cover, TWO! Bryan is hanging in there but Jun clamps on with a chinlock. Bryan endures as Jun digs his knee into Bryan’s back. Bryan fights up, powers Jun to a corner, and the ref moves aside. Bryan is free, and he KCISK! And KICKS! And KICKS! Jun eggs Bryan on!

Bryan KICKS Jun again and again but Jun just takes it! Jun ROCKS Bryan, snapmares, and runs to SLIDING KNEE! Cover, TWO! Bryan is still in this but Jun drags him out to the apron! Jun then stomps away on Bryan, but lets off as the ref counts. Jun stomps Bryan again, then shrugs as the ref reprimands. Jun stomps Bryan again and Collision returns to single picture. Jun lines up a shot, and the fans fire up as Jun APRON KNEE DROPS! Bryan flops to the floor and the fans fire up again! The ref checks Bryan, he’s somehow okay to continue, so Jun drags him up. Jun brings Bryan in for a suplex but Bryan fights it! Bryan suplexes Jun to the floor!

Bryan refreshes the ring count, then aims from the apron, FLYING KNEE! Down goes Jun and fans fire up! Bryan drags Bryan up and puts him in. Bryan climbs, the fans chant “YES! YES! YES!” Jun stands and Bryan MISSILE DROPKICKS! Jun ends up in a corner, Bryan fires up again and the fans are with him. Bryan runs in to DROPKICK! Bryan keeps moving, and he DROPKICKS again! Bryan keeps going, but Jun LARIATS! The fans fire up, “This is Awesome!” as Jun storms back up to Bryan. Jun drags Bryan up but Bryan wrangles him down! LEBELL LOCK!! Jun endures, reaches out, and has the ROPEBREAK!

The ref counts, Bryan lets go fast but in frustration. Bryan drags Jun around, and he goes to a corner! Bryan climbs up, but Jun stands! Jun storms up to ROCK Bryan! Jun fires more hands, climbs up, and fans fire up with Jun! But Bryan throws body shots! And a HEADBUTT! Jun hops back, Bryan goes up, MISSILE- KNEE!! Jun counters and then reels Bryan in, PILEDRIVER!! Cover, TWO!! Bryan survives but Jun keeps his cool. Jun sits Bryan up for knee after knee, then runs, into a takedown! HALF CRAB! Jun endures but Bryan shifts his grip for an ANKLE LOCK! Jun endures again, reaches out, but Bryan reels him in! GERMAN SUPLEX!

Bryan huffs and puffs while the fans fire up! Jun sits up slowly and Bryan KICKS! And KICKS! And KICKS! The fans chant but Jun blocks! Jun CLUBS the leg, then EXPLODERS! The OG Exploder hits and Jun covers, TWO! GUILLOTINE CHOKE! Bryan is stuck in body scissors, too! Bryan fights, pushes, tries to stack but Jun keeps his own shoulders up! The fans rally and Bryan throws body shots! Bryan shifts and reaches out, ROPEBREAK! Jun lets go, and then runs up to KNEE Bryan! Bryan ROUNDHOUSES back! And then GERMAN SUPLEX! Jun is right back up! EXPLODER! SLIDING KNEE!!

Both men are down and the fans are thunderous! The fans count along with the standing count, and both men are down at 5 of 10. Bryan and Jun go to corners, the fans hope they “FIGHT FOREVER!” Bryan and Jun stand at 8, and they run in, DOUBLE BUSAIKU KNEES!! Both men are down and the fans fire up again! Jun and Bryan rise, and Jun storms up to ROCK Bryan with a forearm! Bryan shakes his head, and he ROCKS Jun in return! Jun ROCKS Bryan again, so Bryan ROCKS Jun again! The fans rally as the forearms keep going back and forth! They go faster and faster, and June DECKS Bryan!

The fans fire up again as Jun waits on Bryan. Bryan sit sup, Jun brings him in, fisherman and- NO, Bryan fights and arm-drags free! Jun runs up but into a KNEE from Bryan! Jun falls over but Bryan shakes his head. Bryan goes to the corner, aims, “YES! YES! YES!” Jun rises up, Bryan runs in, BUSAIKU KNEE!! Cover, Bryan wins!

Winner: Bryan Danielson, by pinfall

The American Dragon survives the Japanese legend, and Eddie says he gives Bryan his due. Eddie’s problem with Bryan was never about his talent, the problem is Bryan’s problem with Eddie. Bryan gives Jun his due by shaking his hand. But then Bryan flips Eddie off! So Jun SLAPS Bryan! Jun doesn’t like the disrespect shown and Bryan apologizes. Bryan offers another handshake, Jun takes it, but Bryan LOW BLOWS Jun! Eddie runs up to TACKLE Bryan! The fans fire up as Eddie punches away on Bryan! The ref reprimands but Eddie doesn’t care, he just keeps hitting Bryan! But then Claudio runs up to tackle Eddie!

The BCC beats Eddie down, but then here comes FTR! Cash & Dax brawl with Claudio & Bryan! The fans fire up as FTR runs the BCC off! BREAKING NEWS via Tony Schiavone! Wednesday Night Dynamite, Six Man Tag: FTR & Eddie VS Bryan, Claudio & Moxley! Will the Top Guys and Mad King finally beat some respect into the BCC?

My Thoughts:

A really good Collision here, lots of good story build for both Revolution and just in general. Great opening match with the No Disqualification match, but I’m surprised Hobbs won after all the stuff Sammy was doing. I mean, that’s good for Hobbs, he really should be winning things. Maybe it’s also to build Hobbs up so that when the Don Callis Family ends up fighting Ospreay & Fletcher, Ospreay & Fletcher are made even bigger deals when they beat Hobbs & Takeshita. Good win for Rosa and really good win for Deeb, both are going strong at perhaps just the right time. Deeb also had a really good promo, both should definitely be challenging for titles after Revolution going towards Double or Nothing.

Great trios match for Bang Bang Scissor Gang, and of course there was a moment of dysfunction where White gets the tag and not Billy. BBSG still wins, but I’m more surprised by Caster losing the flow on his rap. If that was legit, I feel bad for him, but maybe he wrote himself into a corner with “red” and the rhymes being bad (something something head, something something dead). I mean, he did just say he and management argue, maybe he held himself back because he didn’t want Tony Khan upset over blatantly naughty rhymes. And also, despite me wanting them to actually go for more gold, it feels like we’re just a moment away from BBSG breaking up and fighting for all the trios titles.

Great match from Bryan Keith and Malakai Black for the hell of it, and it gives Malakai a solid singles win. When Malakai hasn’t had one of those in awhile, that’s only because he hasn’t had a singles match in a long time. A little surprising Mark Briscoe didn’t get away with his ambush. He could’ve just bailed out when Buddy & Brody showed up but I guess that wouldn’t be in-character for Mark. Maybe Keith will be an ally for Mark against The House of Black since FTR is a bit busy right now. Speaking of which, great tag match of FTR VS STP and of course FTR wins. Good promo from BCC to set up the rematch at Revolution, I feel like they should make a point that the time limit isn’t 20 minutes but I can’t even remember if PPVs have time limits on matches.

And great tie-in of BCC with the main event tonight. Bryan VS Jun was a great match, Eddie was great on commentary because he knew Jun’s moveset and style so he was saying what was coming. Bryan won, of course, adding another Triple Crown Champion to the list since he’s coming after Eddie’s Triple Crown. I had a feeling Bryan was going to disrespect Jun, but it was only because Jun told him to respect Eddie. Great brawl to set up Eddie & FTR VS BCC for Dynamite, that’ll make for a strong go-home going towards Revolution.

My Score: 8.7/10

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