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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (2/6/24)

Why, Melo, Why?!



NXT White 'n' Gold Era

It was HIM, Trick! It was HIM all along!

After losing the Dusty Cup finals, Carmelo Hayes showed his true colors on NXT Vengeance Day by attacking Trick Williams! Tonight, he explains himself!


  • Malik Blade & Edris Enofe VS Nathan Frazer & Axiom; Frazer & Axiom win.
  • Lexis King VS Riley Osborne w/ Chase U; King wins.
  • Roxanne Perez VS Lola Vice; Roxie wins.
  • Fallon Henley & Wren Sinclair VS Lash Legend & Jakara Jackson w/ The Meta Four; Lash & Jakara win.
  • Ilja Dragunov VS DIJAK; Dragunov wins.


Carmelo Hayes is here!

The fans boo HIM as he makes his way out to the ring, holding on to the chair he used to beat Trick Williams down. Melo puts the chair in the ring before he steps in, soaking up all the heat from the fans. Melo gets a mic, takes a seat, and the fans change it to “F YOU MELO!” Melo takes a moment for that to settle down before he stands back up. But then the booing is so much he doesn’t feel like talking yet. Melo folds his chair up and says, “Not yet. Not yet.” Melo goes to leave and the fans boo more! It seems Melo is gonna keep us in the dark, but will Trick choose not to wait?


Bron Breakker & Baron Corbin speak.

Corbin says seeing as how there is some spare time now, they wanted to come out here and start the celebration! So ladies and gentlemen…” Bron stops Corbin there, he’s not doing that. Alicia Taylor will do this, because she’s the greatest voice in NXT! Alicia officially introduces the winners of the 2024 Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, Bron Breakker & Baron Corbin, the WOLF DOGS! Corbin is furious but the fans bark it up. How much did Bron pay Alicia to say that? But whatever, Sunday was off the charts! They won the cup, and they’ve got their names on here forever! And Corbin gets top billing!

But in all seriousness, they absolutely dominated! There is no one that can stop them! Maybe that top rope. How is Bron’s face? He’s got a bit of a mark there. He is good, right? Fans chant “He’s Still Handsome!” Bron smiles and nods, and says hey, when you run 23 miles per hour, stuff’s gonna go wrong sometimes. Corbin’s never gotten that fast. But let’s congratulate Bron’s tag partner on his first dive ever! Because Corbin wouldn’t have made it without Bron giving his big ass a boost. Okay, see, that’s why they’re a team. But back on track, they won the cup, so that means they get a shot at Tag Team Championships!

The fans cheer that! Corbin tells Tony & Stacks, and then Bron adds on, “The Wolf Dogs are on the hunt!” But wait! Instead, it’s Nathan Frazer & Axiom! They make their entrance to compete tonight against a team they didn’t meet in the tournament. Will the Jersey Island Rocket & Undeniable Truth show they #NeverSlowDown? Or will Malik & Edris prove they’re still in the tag title chase?

Malik Blade & Edris Enofe VS Nathan Frazer & Axiom!

Bron & Corbin join commentary, disagreeing over if “Wolf Dogs” is really the team name, and the teams in the ring sort out. Axiom starts against Edris and then offers a handshake. Edris says nope and he slaps the hand away. They tie up, Axiom waistlocks but Edris wrenches fere. Axiom rolls and rolls and gets free, then resets with Edris. They knuckle lock, Edris waistlocks but Axiom fights the lift with elbows. Axiom runs, Edris hurdles, drops and DROPKICKS! The fans cheer, Edris taunts Frazer, then stalks Axiom. Axiom blocks a kick, waistlocks, but Edris elbows free! But Axiom elbows back!

Axiom goes up top, leaps for a FLYING ARM-DRAG, then DROPKICKS Edris! Fans cheer, Axiom brings Edris down to a cover, TWO! Edris sits up but Axiom chinlocks. Axiom grinds Edris, Edris fights up, but Frazer tags in. Edris still sends Axiom out and tags Malik. Malik SUPERKICKS Axiom down! Frazer SUPERKICKS Edris down! Frazer dodges Malik, Malik dodges Frazer, and double forearms rock them both! Frazer BLASTS Edris off the apron but Malik does the same to Axiom! Then they DOUBLE LARIAT! Both men wobble, DOUBLE LARIAT again, then they both dodge to DIVE onto the others!!

The fans are thunderous as Malik and Frazer talk trash. Bron likes the fire and intensity as Malik slides in. Frazer springboards but Malik gets under to then go up. Malik springboards to FLYING LARIAT! Fans fire up for “MALIK! DA FREAK!” Malik is all fired up as NXT goes to break.

NXT returns and Frazer DROPKICKS Edris! Edris wobbles, Frazer hot tags Axiom! Axiom and Frazer rally on Edris with lariat after lariat then a DDT! Cover, TWO! Edris survives the speed blitz but Axiom KICKS him! Edris scowls but Axiom scuffs him. Axiom whips Edris, RAMS into him, then brings him around. Axiom whips, Edris sunset flips but Axiom rolls through to roll Edris and CLOBBER him! Cover, TWO! Axiom clamps on with a chinlock, Edris endures and the fans rally up. Edris fights up, pries the hold open and runs, but Axiom LARIATS against ropes! Axiom tags Frazer and whips Edris.

Frazer GAMANGIRIS and Axiom GERMAN SUPLEXES! Then Frazer hits ANARCHY! Cover, TWO!! Edris survives and Frazer grows a little annoyed. Frazer clamps on a chinlock and he grinds Edris down. The fans rally up again and Edris fights back up. Edris powers up to lift Frazer, but Frazer CLUBS away! Frazer then ELBOWS Edris down! Cover, TWO! Frazer clamps onto Edris again but Edris fights up again. The fans rally as Edris throws body shots. Edris fires forearms, but Frazer keeps him from Malik! Frazer whips, trips and then goes up to springboard, AX HANDLE! Frazer BLASTS Malik for good measure before the STANDING SHOOTING STAR! Cover, TWO!!

Edris survives, Corbin says being as athletic as Frazer is great, but it doesn’t match physicality. Frazer CLUBS Edris, tags Axiom, and Axiom clamps on with a waistlock. Frazer goes up but Edris runs to ropes! He trips Frazer up and bucks Axiom away at the same time! Edris then KNEES Axiom down, hurries over, hot tag to Malik! The fans fire up as Malik Da Freak LARIATS Axiom then DROPKICKS Frazer! Malik rallies, Axiom whips but Malik CLOBBERS him! Frazer leaps, but Malik rolls through the crossbody! Malik picks Frazer up to FALL AWAY SLAM! The fans fire up as Malik ROCKS Axiom then LARIATS!

“MALIK! DA FREAK!” hauls Axiom up, to POWERBOMB! High stack, TWO!! Malik tries again, SITOUT BOMB!! Cover, TWO?!? Axiom survives and shocks Malik! The fans fire up as Malik tags Edris. Edris goes up for the MACHO ELBOW! Cover, FRAZER BREAKS IT! Malik is furious and he whips Frazer. Frazer gest Malik for a BUCKLE SHOT! Edris DOUBLE KNEES Frazer, then hurries back up top! But Axiom gets up to GAMANGIRI! Tag to Frazer, Axiom goes up, and Axiom hits the SUPER SPANISH FLY!! Frazer is up top now, for the PHOENIX SPLASH!! Cover, MALIK BARRELS IN TO BREAK IT!! The fans are thunderous as NXT goes picture in picture!

Frazer can’t believe what just happened, but this match is still going! Malik helps Edris up while Axiom and Frazer regroup. Malik and Edris throw hands, but then Axiom and Frazer hit back! They go forearm for forearm, CHOP for CHOP! The fans rally, Axiom KICKS and Frazer forearms! Edris and Malik hit back, all four men stand, the shots are going back and forth, faster and faster! Axiom & Frazer get the edge, then both run, to ROCK both Malik & Edris! But Malik & Edris rebound to ROCK Axiom & Frazer! Axiom & Frazer rebound, but into DOUBLE BOOTS! Then Malik & Edris run, into DOUBLE SUPERKICKS!

Axiom & Frazer coordinate, they run, but so do Malik & Edris! QUADRUPLE LARIATS!! All four men are down again and the fans are loving it! Malik goes to a corner, Axiom goes after him. Frazer has Edris in the opposite end, and the fists rain down! Axiom and Frazer get all the way to eight before Malik & Edris carry them out! But Frazer & Axiom both counter that to GUILLOTINE FACELOCKS! Malik & Edris endure, power their way through, DOUBLE SUPLEXES! All four men are down again and the fans are still loving it! The teams regroup, rise up, and Frazer SUPERKICKS Malik! Edris blocks Axiom’s superkick to send it into Frazer!

Malik ROCKS Axiom, and Edris hits a SPINEBUSTER! Malik & Edris go after Frazer, fireman’s carry for the ROLLING NECKBREAKER SAMOAN DROP COMBO! Cover, TWO!! Frazer survives and NXT returns to single picture as the fans rally up. Tag to Malik and he goes up a corner. Edris fireman’s carries Frazer but he slips free! Axiom SUPERKICKS Edris and Frazer SUPERPLEXES Malik! Roll through, SUPERKICK BRAINBUSTER COMBO!! Cover, TWO?!?!? Malik survives and shocks everyone, even the Wolf Dogs! Malik is dazed but his fighting spirit is alive and well! The fans are thunderous for “NXT! NXT!” as Frazer tags Axiom.

Fans hope these teams “FIGHT FOREVER!” but this is just the opening match! Frazer goes up to FROG SPLASH onto knees! Axiom leaps in, into BOOTS! Malik hurries to ENZIGIRI! Axiom wobbles, hot tag to Edris! Malik gets Axiom up, he and Edris double pump handle for the DOUBLE TWISTER! Cover, FRAZER LEAPS IN!! Malik can’t believe it, and he hurries to TOSS Frazer out! Edris & Malik go up adjacent corners, but Frazer SHOVES Malik down! Malik clutches a leg! MACHO ELBOW FLOPS as Axiom moves! Tag to Frazer, then tag back to Axiom before PHOENIX SPLASH! Then GOLDEN RATIO!! Cover, Frazer & Axiom win!!

Winners: Nathan Frazer & Axiom, by pinfall

Bron sarcastically applauds, but this was an instant classic! In the end, Frazer & Axiom back up their talk with actions, only for the Wolf Dogs to attack! Fans are torn as the teams brawl! Corbin TOSSES Frazer, Bron TOSSES Axiom, proving they’re the alphas of the NXT Tag Division. But wait, here come the champions of the NXT Tag Division! The Don, Stacks & Adriana Rizzo are here to stare the Wolf Dogs down. Corbin says they should do this next week, titles on the line! Stacks says okay, Wolf Dogs, you got it! The match is happening, who survives Valentine’s Day to head on to Roadblock and beyond?


Ilja Dragunov arrives backstage.

Kelly Kincaid is there to ask him about Vengeance Day. Respectfully, Kelly, now is not the time for such a conversation. Dragunov is here to speak to Melo and to get some answers. See you inside. The Mad Dragon is looking for HIM, will he get to the bottom of this?


Ilja Dragunov heads to the ring!

Just as he said a moment ago, the NXT Champion is looking for answers, as are we all! He grabs a mic to say, “Trick Williams! On Sunday night, WE WENT TO WAR!” The fans cheer that, and Dragunov says he doesn’t just respect Trick, he likes Trick. But it doesn’t matter how much he respects or likes someone, he could not allow Trick to slay the Mad Dragon. Fans respect that, and Dragunov says at Vengeance Day, Trick gave Dragunov everything he had. If there is one man to beat him, Trick would be a worthy champion.

But now, as the NXT Champion, it is Dragunov’s duty to call out… one man. CARMELO HAYES!! Fans boo but Dragunov says Melo has been throwing false accusations these past couple months. There were never any mental manipulations between Dragunov and Trick! But now, we can all see Melo’s true colors. Melo, that snake, could not stand seeing Trick reaching new heights in NXT. Melo better come out right now! The fans gave it to Melo verbally, but Dragunov will go beyond breaking him, “You traitorous SON OF A B*TCH!” The fans fire up for that!

Dragunov paces but asks what’s wrong, Melo? Can’t even look Dragunov in the eyes because his only advantage is to jump someone from behind?! Melo, come out right now, or else Dragunov will find you himself. Wait, here comes Dijak instead! And he says no no no, Dragunov, stay right there. Why is Dragunov so obsessed with Trick Melo Gang? And then he tells the fans to shut up while he’s talking. Fans chant “YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK!” Oh, does he?! “YES! YES!” Dijak says Dragunov is obsessed, but he is still NXT Champion. We saw what happened at Vengeance Day. And Dijak is sure they saw what he did to Joe Gacy that night, too.

Look at them! A couple of winners. Dragunov says this is not the time nor the place, and he is not the man Dijak should be looking out for. Fans chant, “Melo~ Won’t Talk!” Dijak again tells them to shut up! Fans boo but Dijak grins. Dijak tells Dragunov that he likes to say he’s #UNBESIEGBAR, but standing there with a broken nose, he probably feels a little regular, right? Dijak says there is nothing Dragunov can do. Dijak learned what it takes to beat Gacy, and what it takes to break a man who thinks he is unbreakable. The fans taunt Dijak with, “Shut Up, T-Bar!” but Dragunov says, “I advise you to step out of my way. Get it?”

Wait, is Gacy’s spooky mask up in the NXT logo? But that aside, Dragunov says his business is with Melo. But trust Dragunov, on the day when their paths cross again, Dijak will suffer like he’s never suffered before. And Dijak will realize why Dragunov IS #UNBESIEGBAR! Dijak SLAPS Dragunov down! How’s the nose!? Dragunov TACKLES Dijak! They fire off hands, security rushes in, but fans want to “Let Them Fight!” Dijak sucker punches Dragunov again! Dragunov is just angrier now! Refs rush in to stop this from getting worse, but will Dijak bust his way into the title scene?


Jacy Jayne and Thea Hail talk backstage.

The Ladies of Chase U calendar sold out last night, and then sold out on WWE Shop in under 30 minutes! Not too shabby. Thea has to give it to Jacy, she is a woman with a plan, she saved Chase U! Jacy pats herself on the back. Thea says Riley was there, she was so nervous. Oh wait, his match is next. She should go watch. Yeah, about that… Jacy has been thinking about this situation, and Riley is already Thea’s Valentine. She shouldn’t come off too desperate. Thea should know, the thrill is in the chase. And Jacy knows a thing or two about playing hard to get. Really? Because Thea really likes Riley and doesn’t wanna…

When has Jacy ever been wrong? Literally never, so okay, good idea. Play hard to get. Got it. But will this really work out fine for Thea and her Valentine?


Robert Stone sits and talks with Von Wagner.

Stone wants Von to get it out. Get it out of his head, out of his system. Von says this sucks. All that training for nothing. Yeah, but think about it: Noam Dar’s been in hundreds of Heritage Cup matches, that was Von’s first. They’ll get him back. Stone is more pissed off about how The Meta Four talked to his sons. Von says he snapped seeing that. But to be honest, Cash ‘n’ Carter are the best. Yeah, what is it Von’s always calling them? Huh? Stone doesn’t know? The Bash Brothers! And here they are! “SNEAK ATTACK!” They rumble and tumble, and Stone says it’s not really a sneak attack if you shout it.

But hey, were they listening in? Maybe… But they know dad loves ’em. He’s the best. Von says yeah, that’s why Oro’s ass- GASP! Er, sorry, butt got tabled. But they’re not done. Yeah, what’s Stone gonna do about this? Stone should fight Dar! YEAH! What? No, he’s not a competitor, only Von. Then what about a tag team? Tag team! Tag team! Ok ok ok! One time only. WOO! Remember: sneak attack. Will the Robert Stone Brand ride again and earn Von a rematch for the cup?


Lexis King VS Riley Osborne w/ Chase U!

The Drama King thinks he’s God’s gift to everyone, but Chase U’s newest recruit stepped up to be Thea’s knight in shining armor. Will Riley knock King off his high horse and ride off into the sunset with Lady Thea? Or will King be more like a dictator?

NXT returns and Riley makes his entrance, Duke Hudson & Andre Chase with him. Duke’s flipping through his copy of the calendar, just how saucy is it? Riley does wonder where Thea is, though. Anyway, the bell rings and the two rush in. They tie up, go around, end up on ropes, and Lexis HEADBUTTS! Riley ROCKS him back! Riley TACKLES King, rains down fists, then gets up, only for King to knee low. King headlocks, punches, and stalks Riley to a corner. King CHOPS, then whips, but Riley goes up and over! Riley then back drops King, and CHOPS! King wobbles, Riley CHOPS again, then CHOPS King down! The fans love that one!

King gets up, Riley DROPKICKS him out! Riley builds speed and FOSBURY FLOPS! The fans fire up and Riley nods. Riley hurries to get King up and into the ring, but King bails out the far side. Chase says just keep going, so Riley runs in. King moves, Riley tumbles up and over to the apron, and he blocks King’s boot! Riley ROUNDHOUSES King, King wobbles, and Riley pries at his grip on the ropes. King fights back, and TOSSES Riley onto the desk! The fans boo but King looms over Riley. King drags Riley up to RAM him into the apron! King puts Riley in, then slingshots for the STOMPS!

Riley sputters, King grins and runs up, BLINDSIDER! Cover, ONE!! Riley is showing grit and King is furious! King clamps on to HAMMER ‘N’ ANVIL ELBOW! The fans rally for Riley but King throws crossface forearms. King then clamps onto an arm to make this a seated cobra twist. Riley endures, pries the hold open, but King CLUBS him in the ribs! Riley still fights up, King throws more shots, but Riley hits back! Riley hooks King up but King powers out of the Famouser! Riley ducks the lariat and runs, to LARIAT King! And UPPERCUT! And then whips King, but King reverses. King kitchen sink knees but Riley rolls that up, TWO!

King gets up, Riley scoops and SLAMS! Fans fire up and Riley aims from a corner. “U~!” CALF KICK! Cover, TWO!! King survives but Chase coaches Riley up. Riley goes to a corner and climbs, but he’s still bothered by Thea not being present. Chase says focus, so Riley stands up. King SUPERKICKS the legs out! King then drags Riley out, DRAPING CORONATION!! Cover, King wins!

Winner: Lexis King, by pinfall

Seems Jacy’s idea of playing hard to get just blew up in her face. Or did it…? Riley is feeling down, will Thea be around to cheer him up?


Kelani Jordan speaks.

“I’ve learned this game isn’t fair, so I’m not just standing on business, I’m stomping on it!” The Gym Princess says she has faced adversity, gained confidence, and figured out her “why.” This is the best women’s division but she isn’t afraid of competition, “because fear has never crowned a champion.” Kelani refuses to settle for anything less, because what is meant for her will be hers.

The other women watch the video.

They all admire Kelani’s athletic ability, but Izzi Dame & Kelani Jordan walk in. Izzi says they’re all a bunch of future nobodies admiring a current nobody. Izzi & Kiana sit down, it’s another day and same old story. There are so many just happy to be here. Too bad that doesn’t cut it. It’s about who you surround yourself with. And honestly, this entire locker room- Brinley Reece walks in and says OMG, just look at Kelani! She is so cute and Brin is buzzing. If you ever need energy, have a sip of this drink here. Izzi says Kiana could use a drink. Yes, Kiana is a little parched. Hey, Brin, can they have your drink?

Oh, uh, no, this is Brin’s. But she’ll go get them some. Izzi makes Brin sit and says she wasn’t asking. Kiana takes the drink, and says oh, it totally slipped her mind! She doesn’t even like coffee! Oh, wow, that’s right. Kiana just pours the drink out into the trash. It Iz what it Iz. Brin is stunned, but will Kelani show these bullies what bullies get?


Melo is back in the ring.

And this time, he has a spotlight on him! Fans boo like before, but Melo takes the sunglasses off. Melo has the mic again, but the boos keep going. The fans chant, “You’re Not Him!” Melo says, “The villain is always the villain when the hero is telling the story. But why is it nobody wants to hear my side? Trick, I’m not jealous of your success. I allowed you to succeed. I wanted you to achieve the highest of highs in this business. I wanted you to make your parents proud. And just when you got close enough, I had to be the one to take it away from you, just to remind you of your place. Just to remind you what happens when you cross me. When you bite the hand that feeds you.

“Because the truth of the matter is, Trick, you crossed me first. We had an agreement. You were gonna go after the North American Championship, and I was gonna go for the NXT Championship. But you, you let all these people get in your head, and you started to believe your own hype. You believed that you and me were on the same level.” Melo shakes his head and says, “No way.” Trick went behind Melo’s back and went after what belonged to Melo. And in that very moment, Melo knew he had to do what he had to do. “So the million dollar question that everybody wants to know: Did I attack Trick Williams?”

Melo look around at the booing fans, and he says, “You’re damn right I did! And I’d do it again if he-” TRICK IS HERE?! The fans are thunderous with “WHOOP DAT TRICK!” while Melo looks like he’s seen a ghost! But then Melo laughs because he just tricked us! Can’t get nothing past the fans, huh? But Trick ain’t coming back, he’s in a hospital bed next to Booker T, singing that stupid song. And Melo doesn’t know why everyone’s acting like this. He’s always been this way! He’s the coldest! A TWO-TIME North American Champion while Trick is a TWO-DAYS North American Champion! They are not the same!

Trick got so caught up in the headlines that he pushed his boy to the sideline. But everyone needs to know that nothing on this brand gets past without being ran through Melo. “So Trick… You wanted to be like Melo so bad, you started wearing your glasses like Melo, sliding on the apron like Melo, wearing the same gear as Melo. But at the end of the day, you’re just a trick.” Fans chant “SCREW YOU, MELO, SCREW YOU!” Melo says this was never a collaboration. Trick was always Melo’s hype man. “That’s all it is, and that is all you’ll ever be.” Melo sets down the mic and puts the shades back on, but will Trick make Melo regret all the shade he’s thrown?


The cryptic message plays again.



Riley Osborne grumbles backstage.

He can’t believe he lost to that idiot, Lexis King. Thea & Jacy find him and ask how it went. Not very well. He lost. And he was looking in the crowd, where was Thea? Oh, uh, yeah, she had some things to do, business to handle, grown-ass-woman stuff. Riley wouldn’t understand. Oh, okay. But hey, they’re still on for Valentine’s Day, right? Yes! YES YES YES! Sweet! Er, uh, great. He’ll text her. Yeah, cool. Riley heads out and Thea is all fired up! Did Jacy see that? Thea played hard to get! Hardest to get! She’s so ready! Jacy has her calm down. This needs to stop. Take a deep breath, relax, and don’t worry! Jacy will give Thea all the advice she needs for her date.

Thea says okay, okay, good. Jacy says there is a right way to do this, and if anyone knows it, it’s Jacy. Yes it is! Okay, bestie, tell her everything! Will Thea really be okay listening to Jacy on this one?


Roxanne Perez VS Lola Vice!

Just as The Prodigy was close to winning back the title, the Mayor of Vice City just had to breakout and cash-in. Neither won that match, and are now looking to settle things in this one! Will Roxie fight her way back to the title scene? Or will Lola say Buenas Noches to Roxie and say hola to her own second chance?

NXT returns and Lola makes her entrance, Roxie glaring at her the entire time. The bell rings, the two step up and Roxie ducks the heel kick! THESZ PRESS! Roxie rains down fast hands but Lola shoves her away. Lola bails out, but Roxie builds speed to DIVE! Direct hit at the ramp! Roxie drags Lola up, but Lola whips her. Roxie stops from hitting steps to SMACK Lola off the apron! Roxie puts Lola in, goes up a corner, and then CROSSBODIES! Cover, TWO! Roxie rains down fists on Lola, but Lola pushes her away again. Roxie wrenches, clamps on, but Lola knees free! Lola fires the LIGHTNING KICKS!

Roxie ends up in a corner, Lola swaggers and says she’s a Latina~! HIP ATTACK! Lola rubs it in, then drags Roxie to a cover, TWO! Lola is annoyed as she stalks Roxie, then AX KICKS her down! Roxie goes to ropes, Lola digs her boots in, but the ref counts. Lola lets off at 4, argues with the ref, then stalks Roxie. Roxie ELBOWS Lola, then ROCKS her! Then KNEES her low! Roxie runs, to UPPERCUT Lola down! Fans fire up as Roxie rallies with shoulder tackles! Roxie runs up to UPPERCUT in a corner! Roxie climbs up and she rains down fists! Lola stops Roxie at seven, but Roxie sunset flips through, TWO!

Lola stands to KICK Roxie back to the corner. Roxie BOOTS in return! Roxie goes up, but Lola GAMANGIRIS Roxie to the floor! Lola talks trash but fans boo, and NXT goes to break.

NXT returns again and Lola has a chinlock on. Roxie endures while the fans duel, and Roxie fights up. Roxie throws body shots, but Lola thrashes the hold. Roxie fires more shots but Lola ROCKS her back. Lola storms up, whips Roxie to ropes and KNEES her low! Lola whips the other way to KNEE again! Fans duel, Lola whips again but Roxie rolls her up! TWO! Roxie ROCKS Lola, then ROCKS her again! And again! And again! Roxie fires off furious fists form all sides and the fans fire up! Roxie whips, Lola reverses but Roxie CLOBBERS her! Roxie rallies, ROCKS Lola again, then SHOTGUNS her down!

Fans fire up with Roxie and she goes corner to corner to UPPERCUT! ROLLING ELBOW! Roxie then hooks Lola up, RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP! Roxie goes up and up to LIONSAULT! Cover, TWO! Roxie stays on Lola with a CROSSFACE! Lola rolls it to a cover, TWO! Roxie runs up, wheelbarrows, and VICTORY FACEBUSTERS! Cover, TWO! Lola goes to a corner, Roxie runs up, UPPERCUT! Roxie rolls and returns, but Lola catches her to a SLEEPER!! Roxie flails, kicks off ropes but she ends up in body scissors! Fans duel as Roxie flails! Roxie rocks and rolls her way back to her feet, and RAMS her into buckles!

Lola lets Roxie go, but she stalks after her. Roxie catches Lola for a cradle! TWO, and Roxie SOBATS! Roxie hops on but Lola pops free! URAKEN!! Cover, TWO!! Roxie stays in this and Lola seethes. Wait, Tatum Paxley is here?! And she drags a ref along while holding a contract folder? Tatum is MOCKING Lola’s cash-in! There’s nothing to cash-in on, though! Lola HEEL KICKS Tatum down! Roxie SOBATS Lola! POP ROX!! Cover, Roxie wins!

Winner: Roxanne Perez, by pinfall

Tatum helps Roxie win just 48 hours after she helped Roxie lose? What is going on inside that twisted mind? Is Lola gonna owe Tatum double for Vengeance Day?


Backstage interview with The Meta Four.

Kelly Kincaid is with Noam Dar, Oro Mensah, Lash Legend & Jakara Jackson, and asks the ladies about their match against Fallon Henley & Wren Sinclair. What are they- Lash says no no, ain’t nobody worried about that wide-eyed rookie. Even Wren knew she got lucky eliminating Lash in the battle royal. Jakara agrees, and now they end Wren’s WWE career before it begins. And as for Fallon, she should know better. Meta Four remains above it all. Let ’em know, champion. Dar says YEP! Well, Kelly does want to ask Dar something. Oh, really? Yes, what are his thoughts on the tag match challenge issued by Von & Stone?

Dar & Oro laugh. Challenge? That’s funny. The #Flintstones, Rob & Von, are a dream team now? No, Dar & Oro are the dream team! Next week, they’ll put this to an end. Thank you, buh-bye. But then The No Quarter Catch Crew walks in? And Gulak says he told ’em. Told what, Gully? Speak up. Gulak knew Dar would accept Von’s challenge. And what’s their issue? Damon Kemp says it’s that the guy representing the heritage of pro-wrestling should do just that, rather than take on a guy he’s beat before. And what do any of them know about this? Lash says SKEEEERT~! Time to go. Meta Four leaves, but will Supernova 11 have to worry about No Quarter soon enough?

Fallon Henley & Wren Sinclair VS Lash Legend & Jakara Jackson w/ The Meta Four!

The Cowgirl and the new girl are sticking together against the gatekeeping girl bosses to show they both belong. Will it be #YEEHAWBETCH on the Road to WrestleMania? Or will Lash & Miss Jackson embody Roadblock right here and now?

NXT returns as The Meta Four makes their entrance. The teams sort out and Lash starts against Fallon. They circle, talk some trash, and Lash shoves Fallon! Fallon shoves Lash, so Lash ROCKS Fallon! Lash rushes at Wren but she avoids the attack, and Fallon jumps on for a SLEEPER! Lash moves around, Wren tags in as Lash bumps Fallon off buckles. Lash throws Fallon away but Wren goes up! Fallon ROCKS Lash, Wren CROSSBODIES, but Lash catches her! So Fallon SHOTGUNS that over, Wren covers, TWO! Wren facelocks but Lash fights up. Lash has a BEARHUG! Lash thrashes Wren, RAMS her into the corner, and tags Jakara.

Lash traps Wren for Jakara to run up and ELBOW! Jakara fires body shots, and puts some stank on the CHOP! Jakara pushes Wren, keeps her from Fallon, then DECKS Fallon! But Wren rolls her up! TWO, and Wren headlocks. Jakara powers out, Lash tags in, but Wren BOOTS Jakara! Lash blocks a boot to ROCK Ren! Lash holds Wren out, Jakara LEAPFROG ATTACKS! The fans fire up while Lash looms over Wren. Lash slaps Wren around, smacks her off the mat, then drags her up. Lash throws Wren by her hair, then SPLASHES down! Cover, TWO! Wren stays in this but Lash pushes her around.

Lash tags Jakara, puts Wren in the ropes, and CLUBS away! The ref counts, Lash lets off and Jakara BOOTS Wren down. Cover, TWO! Jakara drags Wren up, puts her in the corner, then stomps a mudhole. Tag to Lash, she keeps Wren in the corner to stomp her own mudhole! The ref counts, Lash tags Jakara and she adds more stomps. Jakara drags Wren to a cover, TWO! Jakara drags Wren around, clamps on and has a motorcycle stretch. The fans rally as Wren endures, and Wren fights her way up. Wren throws elbows but Jakara KNEES low! Cover, TWO! Jakara keeps Wren from Fallon, scoops, but Wren slips free to roll Jakara up! TWO, and Wren hurries for her corner!

Jakara keeps Wren back, Wren boots her away! Hot tag to Fallon! The fans fire up as Fallon rallies with uppercuts! Then a CHOP! And a HAYMAKER! Lash runs up, Fallon dodges to springboard, wheelbarrow, and then BULLDOG SHOTGUN COMBO! Fans fire up while Lash bails out, and Fallon ELBOWS Jakara in the corner! Fallon keeps going, RUNNING FACEBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Jakara stays in this but Fallon keeps her from ropes. Lash reaches out, the ref reprimands but Lash and Fallon tug o’ war with Jakara! Lash PULLS and Fallon hits the ropes! Fans boo as Jakara hurries back in to SHOTGUN!

Wren hurries up to tag in! Jakara tags Lash, both run in, Wren gets around to tilt-o-whirl, but Lash throws her away! Choke grip, SLAM DUNK BOMB! Cover, Meta Four wins!

Winners: Lash Legend & Jakara Jackson, by pinfall

Fallon frowns, but Lash has two pinfalls on Wren. Will this finally satisfy her ego so that the Meta Four can move on?


Josh Briggs and others are watching backstage.

Briggs says everyone wants to talk Melo, but he’d rather talk Dragon Lee. Jensen walks in and says hey. Good to see you! How’s Jensen doing? Pfft, never better. Did you see Fallon’s match? Yeah, tough loss. But hey, she’s doing her thing, and that’s great. Yeah, yeah, sure is. Just like Briggs! Uh, yeah. Okay, man, see you around. Briggs turns to leave, and Jensen blurts out, “I’m lost without y’all!” What? Well, it hasn’t been the same! Briggs moved on, Fallon moved on, but Jensen doesn’t know how to! He’s struggling, okay? He needs them! Briggs says hey, does he really think being sad is gonna help him? Jensen’s not a kid anymore. The world doesn’t revolve around you!

And then Briggs shoves Jensen! Briggs tells Jensen to learn from them! Stop living in the past and stand on your own two feet! There is an entire Performance Center full of athletes waiting to take his spot, so Jensen can do one of two things: Sit and cry like he is right now; or he can grow some damn balls and wake up!! Briggs shoves Jensen again then storms off. Will that tough love be what slaps Jensen back into a championship mindset?


Ava Raine meets with Jaida Parker.

The NXT General Manager says she hears what Jaida is saying, but Jaida says how Vengeance Day went down is not how this is gonna end. OTM don’t stand on that and neither does she. So what is Jaida getting at? Jaida says that she wants Rizzo 1v1. Ava doesn’t mind that. BUT her boys in OTM can’t be ringside. Tony & Stacks have a tag title match that night, too, so they won’t be ringside either. Jaida says fine, and say less. But also, she appreciates it. Jaida heads out and in walks Ridge Holland. He knows they’ve been through this before, but she obviously saw what Gallus did last week, right? They tried to break Ridge’s leg!

Yes, she hears him- Then give him Gallus. First off, don’t interrupt. Secondly, she is not giving him Gallus 3v1! That’s not fair to Ridge! So instead, she has an idea. She can give Gallus one-by-one, in a Gauntlet match. But if he loses at any time, this is the end. So then it’s all on him? He can deal with that. Ridge heads out, will he show his full Northern Grit and take down each member of Gallus? Or will it just take one to keep the Gallus Boys On Top?


Ilja Dragunov VS DIJAK!

The verbal confrontation that turned physical has reignited this rivalry, and it might be even more violent than it was the first time around! Will the Mad Dragon finally do away with #HardJustice? Or will Dijak use this sequel to earn a title shot?

NXT returns as Dijak makes his entrance. The bell rings and the two rush in! Draguonv fires off forearms but Dijak gives those back! Dijak fires off in a corner, throws some elbows, but Dragunov gets away. Dijak storms up but into a kick! Dragunov CHOPS! And CHOPS! Dijak CHOPS and Dragunov falls! Dijak hauls Dragunov up but Dragunov gets around to GERMAN SUPLEX! Dragunov holds on and says Dijak wanted this, so this is what he gets! ANOTHER GERMAN SUPLEX! Dragunov drags Dijak up, but Dijak fights with elbows! Dijak reaches back to headlock and punch! Dragunov falls, clutching his nose.

Dragunov is furious but Dijak stomps him around. Dijak fires off in a corner, CLUBS Dragunov down, then stalks him to another corner. Dijak CHOPS, then brings Dragunov around. Dijak bumps Dragunov off buckles, wanting to break the nose again! Dijak digs Dragunov in, taunts him, but the ref counts. Dijak lets off at 4, then brings Dragunov up. Dragunov blocks the buckle bump, glares at Dijak, and elbows him away! Dragunov CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS! Dijak is in the corner, Dragunov CHOPS again! Fans fire up as Dragunov runs in, to KNEE Dijak and snapmare him down! The fans fire up for Dragunov as he goes up, KING KONG KNEE DROP!

Fans fire up while Dragunov again checks his nose. No blood yet, so Dragunov goes up top. But Dijak runs in! Dragunov leaps over, rolls and returns to BOOT Dijak! Dragunov pushes Dijak down, fires up and the fans are with him! Dragunov climbs the corner, but Dijak trips him up! Dijak SUPERKICKS and Dragunov tumbles down to the apron then the floor! Dijak goes out after Dragunov, drags him up, and he CLUBS Dragunov on the back. But wait, is something alive under the ring? That distraction allows Dragunov to RAM Dijak into the apron! Dijak KNEES Dragunov, puts him in, and then he looks under the ring.

There’s nothing there, so Dijak hurries back into the ring. Dijak is still unsure if he’s seeing things, and Dragunov SLAPS him! Dijak DECKS Dragunov! Dragunov clutches his nose, Dijak got him right between the eyes! The fans boo Dijak while NXT goes picture in picture.

Dijak storms around, and drags Dragunov into place for an ELBOW DROP! Cover, TWO! Dragunov goes to ropes, and eggs Dijak on! Dijak stands Dragunov up to ROCK him with a forearm. Dragunov goes to ropes but Dijak digs his boot in. The ref counts, Dijak lets off, and Dragunov goes to the corner. Dijak stomps Dragunov, stomps him more and more, but lets off as the ref counts. Dragunov sputters, Dijak grins, and Dijak storms back up. Dijak ELBOWS Dragunov, ELBOWS him again, then CLUBS him! Dijak facelocks to then suplex, TIME TO FLY! Dragunov crashes, flounders, but Dijak keeps him in the ring.

Dijak drags Dragunov to a cover, TWO! Dragunov sputters but he is still in this. Dragunov crawls to ropes, Dijak storms up, and Dragunov CHOPS! And CHOPS! But the nose still bothers him! Dijak CLUBS Dragunov down, then drags him around by the legs. Dijak stomps Dragunov right in the stomach! Dragunov sputters, Dijak sits him up and clamps on a chinlock. Dragunov endures, even with Dijak’s fists right in his face. NXT returns to single picture as the fans rally up. Dragunov fights up, pries the hold open, then BACK HEADBUTTS! Dragunov fires boxing elbows but Dijak ROCKS him! Dragunov rebounds but Dijak avoids the enzigiri!

Dijak SLAMS Dragunov on the mat, then torture racks! FEAST YOUR- NO, Dragunov blocks the knee to CHOP! Dijak CHOPS! Dragunov BOOTS! Dijak SUPERKICKS! Dragunov JUMP KICKS! Dijak CYCLONE BOOTS!! Dragunov falls and the fans fire up for “NXT! NXT!” Dragunov goes to a corner, Dijak runs up, into the ENZIGIRI! Dragunov stands up again, fireman’s carries, but Dijak CLAWS the nose! Dragunov still CORNER DEATH VALLEY DRIVERS!! The fans lose their minds, and Dragunov drags himself to the top rope! The fans fire up, Dragunov aims, and he SUPER SENTONS!! Cover, TWO!!

Dijak survives and Dragunov is shocked! Dragunov rises up as the fans rally, and he KICKS Dijak in the side. Dijak goes to a corner, Dragunov scrapes his sole off Dijak’s face, then runs side to side, BOOT WASH! Dragunov grits his teeth as his nose is still paining him. The fans rally with “WHOOP DAT TRICK!” and Dragunov nods. He puts some stank on the CHOPS! CHOP! MACHINE GUN CHOPS!! Dijak choke grips but Dragunov SLAPS and SLAPS! Dijak hits Dragunov’s face off ropes then KNEES him! And then choke grips, HIGH JUSTICE!!! Cover, TWO?!?! Dragunov survives and the fans are thunderous!

The fans chant “This is Awesome!” “Thank You, Ava!” as we’re getting this instant classic. Dijak taunts Dragunov about his nose, smothers him, then CHOPS away on him! Dragunov grabs Dijak by the neck! Dijak returns the favor! Dijak drags Dragunov up, but Dragunov HEADBUTTS again and again! And then wrench, SPINNING CHOP, and a CHOP to a knee! CHOP to the neck! Dijak sputters, Dragunov runs, CONSTANTINE- LARIAT from Dijak!! Dijak goes out to the apron and the fans fire up for “NXT! NXT!” Dijak springboards, to MACHO ELBOW!! But That was double-edged after what Gacy did to that arm on Sunday!

Dijak shakes out the bad arm, but Dragunov KNEES him down! The fans rally up while both men are down, and then both men flounder to opposite ends. Wait, GACY CRAWLS OUT FROM UNDER THE RING! Is that a boxing glove on a stick?! Gacy BOPS Dijak in the face with it!! Gacy laughs and crawls back into the shadows! Dragunov powers up, for the H-BOMB FOREARM!! Cover, Dragunov wins!!

Winner: Ilja Dragunov, by pinfall

It seems Gacy has the last laugh! He made sure Dijak’s momentum was stopped, and Dragunov stands tall with the title in his hands. Is Gacy going to make sure he and Dijak run it back? WAIT, MELO CHOP BLOCKS DRAGUNOV!! Fans boo as Melo rains down fists on Dragunov! Melo even has the audacity to have a “Trickin’ Ain’t Easy” shirt in his pocket. Melo grabs the NXT Championship, and he CLOBBERS Dragunov with it! Fans sing, “Melo~, Trick Comin’ For You!” That may be true, but will nothing, can nothing, stop HIM now?

My Thoughts:

An awesome NXT, especially to follow up Vengeance Day. A lot of Melo doing stuff, but for good reason. I did like that his opening segment ended up just being him stringing the fans along to get that heat, but I almost feel he really should’ve waited to give his explanation next week. He still gave a great promo confessing to attacking Trick, and for a reason that does make sense for Heel Melo. He was fine with going for a Two Man Power Trip, but only if he was the top title guy. Dragunov calling him out but getting Dijak was a good segment, too, and gave us tonight’s amazing main event. Great win for Dragunov, as well as great bit from Gacy.

Melo attacking Dragunov was good for heat, and I think is the start to setting up Melo VS Trick at Roadblock, winner faces Dragunov at Stand & Deliver. Hell, maybe they’ll go for a Triple Threat scenario to make this the biggest Stand & Deliver ever to fit how WrestleMania 40 is meant to be the biggest Mania ever. Makes me wonder what the plan is for the Women’s Championship, with no appearance from Lyra but a great match out of Roxie VS Lola. Tatum showing up to parody the cash-in was a weird move, but maybe we see a Triple Threat #1 contender’s match at Roadblock, Roxie VS Lola VS Tatum.

Really good story builds in the promos tonight. Good promo from Kelani, then good response promo from Izzi & Kiana where they also bully Brin. Brin & Kelani VS Izzi & Kiana is definitely a tag feud right there. Von & Stone get their tag match with Dar & Oro, but No Quarter is coming for the cup. I am really gonna love seeing Dar VS Dempsey, with equal number of cornermen so that Dar will actually have to beat Dempsey himself. I still want to see Von KO Dar in an early round to win the cup, though. Really good tag match from Lash & Jakara VS Fallon & Wren, but I suppose Lash & Jakara winning makes sense. Meanwhile, Briggs’ “tough love” on Jensen might make Jensen his first feud, which makes sense as that is the tradition of a team breaking up.

I like Ridge getting a Gallus gauntlet, that’ll be good stuff. I could see him beating Wolfgang and Mark Coffey in the first two and then losing to Joe Coffey in the third, and maybe a tag team helps Ridge out? It should be Hank ‘n’ Tank since they’ve had beef with Gallus before. Jaida VS Rizzo will also be really good as Rizzo’s first 1v1 match, but I feel like Jaida is gonna win it. And then awesome stuff in the Men’s Tag Division tonight. Good promo from Wolf Dogs, AWESOME match from Frazer & Axiom VS Malik & Edris. I feel a little bad that Malik & Edris lost again, but it also fits their story, which could be leading to their own break-up.

And I’m surprised we’re getting Wolf Dogs VS Tony & Stacks so soon, I thought they were gonna build this towards Roadblock. Maybe they want Roadblock to be for determining new contenders. Just as Bron’s character is torn between the three brands, I’m torn on whether Wolf Dogs should win. Bron’s never had tag titles, but neither has Corbin, they could have a lot of fun being champs. And honestly, they are a great duo, even I’m having fun watching those two interact, I can’t wait to see where this goes.

My Score: 9/10

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Mitchell’s ROH Results & Report! (7/18/24)




Now this is a LEGIT grudge match!

While ROH prepares for Death Before Dishonor, Leyla Hirsch and Diamante throw the rules out the window in a LIGHTS OUT match!


  • Six Man Tag: Dalton Castle & The Outrunners VS Lance Archer & The Righteous; Archer & The Righteous win.
  • Red Velvet VS Maya World; Velvet wins.
  • Evil Uno VS Katsuyori Shibata; Shibata wins.
  • Six Man Tag: The Cage of Agony VS Austin Mulitalo, Carson Hutcheson & Cappuccino Jones; The Cage of Agony wins.
  • Queen Aminata VS Mackenzie Morgan; Aminata wins.
  • Lights Out: Leyla Hirsch VS Diamante; Diamante wins.


Athena is here!

The Fallen Goddess makes her way out on crutches, Billie Starkz and the MIT Security in tow. Billie has the mic while the fans cheer Athena on. Billie holds the mic up for Athena so she can say, “Hello, Minions.” The fans cheer, but not good enough. Billie shouts, “She said, ‘HELLO, MINIONS!'” The fans cheer louder and that’s better. Athena says she knows what they’re all thinking. Why are they in this cesspool of a town? The fans boo but Athena says they all live here, they know how bad Little Rock is. But MIT is here for some uninterrupted talk time.

Athena knows what everyone is thinking: Death Before Dishonor is right around the corner, and they saw she walked without her crutches so she must be 100%. That’s not true, though! She was simply happy that Minion 400,237 & three-quarters, Billie Starkz, won her match and beat a porcelain hussy into the ground. Athena chalks that all up to adrenaline. Billie says yeah, it was just an adrenaline rush. Meanwhile, these bullies, these LIARS, Red Velvet & Queen Aminata, keep spreading rumors that Athena’s faking. Can’t you see this woman? She is NOT 100%! The fans boo, not quite buying the act.

Billie then tells Velvet that she’s been on Billie’s mind a lot lately. And Billie knows they have their match at DBD. Let’s just say Velvet’s made Billie see red the past couple weeks. Velvet has proven herself time and time again, and has the numbers game. But guess what? Billie won the ROH Women’s World Television Tournament, and that means she outsmarted Velvet and all the others to become “your first and last ROH Women’s World TV Champion.” The fans boo again but Athena tells Aminata that she may think she has Athena backed into a corner because she’s not 100%.

And Athena doesn’t care if Tony Khan and the Board of Directors force her to do this match and defend her title at DBD, she is still better than Aminata and every hussy in the back on one foot! Remember, friends, this is HER show. And she wants everyone to enjoy tonight. Athena & Billie will not touch Aminata & Velvet, they will not bother them. They are just going to kick their feet up and watch the night. Billie says Athena needs this rest time. Athena says next week, they’ll have Lexy Nair ask the hard questions as Aminata & Velvet have their five minutes of talk time. Athena hopes they’re not at a loss for words.

The champions head out, their security following. But between the “broken leg” and that cryptic warning, is the Fallen Goddess planning on something truly wicked before Death Before Dishonor?


Backstage interview with Dalton Castle.

Lexy Nair is with The Peacock and brings up that he is scheduled for a match against Lance Archer & The Righteous, but has no partners of his own to speak of. Has he had any luck finding some? Castle shrugs, flabbergasted, and says, “No, I haven’t!” Castle has looked all over, but why would he be put in such a situation anyway? This wasn’t his idea! They keep throwing obstacles in his path! Is this what the people wanna see? But then in step The Outrunners! Truth & Turbo ask “Mr. Castle” for a moment. They have formal introductions, though they have met before. When? Last week, they were his Boys.

Castle hushes Turbo and asks Truth what’s wrong with him. Truth says Turbo gets nervous. Castle can’t see Turbo’s eyes, he doesn’t trust that. Turbo takes his sunglasses off and puts them away. What do they want? The Outrunners were just wondering, if they could… Well, they’d love to be his tag partners! Castle looks them over, and asks what they’ve got. The Outrunners flex! Castle sees the biceps and the vascularity. He’ll see ’em out there. Truth & Turbo are super excited now, will they go from boys to men alongside The Peacock? Or will Vincent & Dutch help The Murderhawk Monster remind us all that #EverybodyDies?

Six Man Tag: Dalton Castle & The Outrunners VS Lance Archer & The Righteous!

The trios sort out and the fans chant “Everybody Dies!” for Archer. But we get Vinnie against Castle and the bell rings. The fans rally as the two circle, no Code of Honor and the two knuckle lock. Castle goes for a leg but Vinnie stays back. Castle headlocks, Vinnie powers up and out and Castle takes a tumble! But Castle fires right up! The fans fire up with him as he goes around the ring for a full lap! Castle keeps going, he makes a second lap, then slides in! Castle and Vinnie tie up, Castle puts Vinnie in a corner, but the ref counts. Castle lets off, Vinnie slips away, and the two reset. Castle stays fired up and the fans rally behind him.

Castle and Vinnie tie up, Castle waistlocks, but Vinnie hits an arm-drag. Vinnie has the armlock but Castle slips around to have the waistlock again. Vinnie fights up, throws an elbow, and Castle goes to a corner. Vinnie backs off and Castle gets annoyed. Vinnie smiles as he reaches out, and ol’ Dutch tags in. Dutch grins but Turbo starts to rev up! The fans rally as Dutch steps in, and Turbo says he wants it! Castle thinks about it, but he tags Turbo in! The fans cheer as Turbo flexes. Turbo spins, but Dutch kicks low! Castle says that is not okay! But then Turbo kicks low! Turbo headlocks, Dutch powers  up and out.

Turbo RAMS Dutch but Dutch does not budge! Turbo runs again, ducks ‘n’ dodges, then he baits Dutch into a BOOT! Tag to Truth, Turbo wrenches and Truth goes up. Truth flexes before the AX HANDLE! Dutch wobbles, so Truth tags Turbo. Truth gives Turbo the boost so he can run Dutch over! The fans cheer again, the Outrunners shake hands, and they DOUBLE ELBOW DROP! It even shocks Castle! The fans cheer but Archer gets in to CLOBBER Turbo and DECK Truth! Archer says this is HIS ring! Dutch stomps Turbo, punches him, then CHOKES Turbo on ropes. The ref counts, Dutch flicks that tongue, and Dutch lets off at 4.

Dutch stands Turbo up to scoop him, but Turbo slips free! Turbo dodges but Dutch grabs the leg. Turbo BOOTS Dutch away, hot tag to Truth! Truth runs, dodges Dutch but misses Vinnie. Dutch BODY CHECKS Truth! Truth sputters, Dutch hauls him up, and Dutch short arm LARIATS! Dutch drags Truth up to short arm LARIAT again! Castle coaches Truth but there’s little that can be done as Dutch clutches for an EXPLODER! Truth flounders to ropes, the fans rally up, but Dutch drags Truth up. Dutch HEADBUTTS Truth, tags Vinnie, and The Righteous THROW Truth into the corner! And then they do it again!

Vinnie hauls Truth up, SIDE EFFECT! Dutch drops the leg, brother! Cover, TWO! Truth survives but Vinnie tags in Archer. The fans fire up as Archer bumps Truth off buckles! Archer stands Truth up to CHOP him! Archer goes corner to corner and ELBOWS Truth down! Tag to Vinnie, he snaps his fingers and walks around. Vinnie drags Truth up, but Truth CHOPS! Castle fires up, the fans rally, but Vinnie kicks Truth’s leg out! Then he runs for a SLIDING BOOT, then a SLIDING FLATLINER! Vinnie clamps on a chinlock and he grinds Truth down. Truth endures, the fans rally, and Truth fights up to his feet.

The fans fire up as Truth throws body shots! Truth RAMS Vinnie into a corner, then powers up to a BIG back suplex! Both men are down, the fans rally up again, and Truth crawls for the corner. Vinnie drags Truth back, DECKS Turbo, but then Truth dodges Vinnie! Hot tag to Castle! The fans fire up as The Peacock rallies on Vinnie with CHOPS and forearms! Castle then DECKS Dutch, swings on Archer, but Archer blocks the shot. Vinnie runs up, Castle blocks a shot to ELBOW him, then he BOOTS Archer! Castle runs, Vinnie dodges, but then Castle dodges! Vinnie ELBOWS Castle, goes up and up, and leaps, but into a waistlock!

Vinnie flails but Castle holds him up, for a HIGH ANGLE GERMAN! Castle rolls to a cover, TWO! Vinnie stays in this but Castle shouts, “Caaaa’mon~! I dropped him on his head!” Vinnie gets up, swings, but into the Alabama Lift! BANGA- NO, Archer tags in first! Archer choke grips, but Castle breaks free. Castle dodges, hot tag to Truth! Archer runs up, Castle dodges so Archer BLASTS Truth! Castle waistlocks Archer, but Archer elbows free. Archer ELBOWS Castle in a corner, then hoists him up! Archer inverted crucifix lifts, but the ref signals Castle isn’t the legal man! Archer doesn’t care, but then Turbo saves Castle!

Archer gets mad and he runs up, but Turbo takes the BOOT! Archer glares as Castle is on the outside, but then Vinnie RAMS Castle into steel steps! Vinnie then waves Archer on, and Archer choke grips Turbo. CHOKE- NO, Turbo CLUBS free! Truth holds Turbo in the corner, The Outrunners mug the monster! The fans fire up, Turbo runs, but into a BOSS MAN SLAM from Dutch! Archer RAMS Truth into buckles, runs, but into a BOOT! Truth goes up but Archer UPPERCUTS! Archer lifts Truth, for the BLACKOUT BOMB! Cover, Archer & The Righteous win!

Winners: Lance Archer & The Righteous, by pinfall

The Outrunners tried to make Castle proud, but not even they could stay alive long. Vinnie says that he and Dutch are coming for those ROH World Tag Team Championships, just like they did in the past. They’ve had dirt kicked in their faces, they taste it in their teeth, but soon everything will change. Will Vincent & Dutch tear down The Kingdom to reestablish their legacy?


MXM Collection speaks.

Mason Madden says, “Charisma. Uniqueness. Nerve. Talent. These were the ingredients needed to create these perfect little boys.” Mansoor says, “We here at the MXM Collection represent what we like to call, The Three F’s. Fashion, fitness, filanthropy.” Because they believe it is as important to be beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside. So ROH, let them inside you. Welcome to the MXM Collection. When and where will these models of the mat maximize the ROH Tag Division with their debut?


Red Velvet VS Maya World!

Billie Starkz called out The Chef, so now it’s time to cook! Will Velvet #StirItUp and serve a fresh L? Or will the It Girl prove this is Maya’s world?

The Code of Honor is upheld, the bell rings, and the two circle. Velvet and Maya tie up, Velvet arm-drags and wags her finger. The fans chant “Stir It Up!” and the two reset. Velvet gets around Maya, waistlocks then cravats, then she snapmares Maya to a cover. ONE, but Velvet headlocks. Maya endures the grind, wrenches out and top wristlocks. Maya then hammerlocks, headlocks, and grinds the hold. Velvet powers up and out but Maya runs her over! Maya flexes but Velvet kips up! The fans cheer, Velvet eggs Maya on. Maya runs, Velvet drops down then DROPKICKS! The fans cheer and Velvet takes a taste.

Maya goes to the corner, Velvet storms up but Maya turns things aroudn! Maya fires body shots and CHOPS, then she ROCKS Velvet! Velvet turns things around to fire body shots back! Velvet stomps a mudhole, then shouts at the ref to shut up! The fans fire up with Velvet, but then Maya CLAWS Velvet’s eyes! Maya runs, but into a JAPANESE ARM_DRAG! Velvet has Maya on ropes and runs to DOUBLE KNEE! Velvet YANKS Maya back, STANDING MOONSAULTS, cover, ONE! Velvet stays focused and she brings Maya up. Velvet scoops, Maya slips fere to shove, but Velvet KICKS Maya! Maya runs in, but into a FLAPJACK!

Velvet kips up, not quite as smooth, but she dusts herself off. Velvet stalks behind Maya, drags her up, and dragon sleepers, for the ROLLING SLICE! Cover, Velvet wins!

Winner: Red Velvet, by pinfall

Velvet makes quick work of Athena’s former student and is just heating up. Will Velvet take down Athena’s Minion when it comes time for their ROH Women’s World Television Championship match?


Evil Uno is here!

The Dark Order’s front man makes his way to the ring, dressed in a nice tie and business casual, and grabs himself a mic. “Would you allow me a couple minutes of your time, Little Rock? You see, Evil Uno has been doing this for 20 YEARS. He’s worked hard! But the work does not end here. I’ve done it all! From Gatineau to Oberhausen! From Philadelphia to right here in Arkansas! And the easiest way to be considered one of the greats is to battle some of the greatest wrestlers in the world! So I have a little challenge. Be it ROH, AEW, CMLL, NJPW, hell, if you’re from Stardom and you’ve got the guts, Evil Uno wants to fight!

“Bring on your baddest! Bring on your biggest!” Uno is going to wait, willing fight in this suit it seems. Wait, is that… SHIBATA!? Katsuyori Shibata is back from the damage to his arm done by Chris Jericho, and he’s also back in ROH! The Wrestler is going to give Evil Uno that fight, but will it be game over for Player One?

Evil Uno VS Katsuyori Shibata!

The Code of Honor is upheld, the bell rings, and the fans fire up as the two circle. The fans rally for Shibata as he and Uno tie up. They go around in a deadlock, Shibata powers Uno to a corner, but he lets off with pats on the shoulder. Shibata takes Uno’s tie, and tightens it too tight! The ref reprimands, Shibata throws Uno down, but Uno gets the ROPEBREAK! Shibata lets go, Uno bails out and he unties his tie so he can breathe. The fans rally, Uno storms in, and he rolls up his sleeves. The two circle, knuckle lock, and then Shibata slips around to spin, snapmare and chinlock! Uno flails, even as Shibata shifts grip.

Uno fights up, has the ROPEBREAK, but Shibata tries a German Suplex! Uno elbows free, whips Shibata out of the ring, then goes out after him. Uno whips Shibata hard into barriers and Shibata falls in a heap! Uno soaks up cheers and jeers while pacing around. Uno gets Shibata and whips him hard into more barriers! Uno refreshes the ring count, storms over to Shibata and drags him up. Uno puts Shibata in the ring, drags him back up, and CHOPS him! The fans “WOO~!” while Shibata staggers. Shibata stays up so Uno CHOPS again! Shibata just looks annoyed now. Uno CHOPS, Shibata dusts himself off.

Uno winds up to CHOP, CHOP and CHOP! Shibata eggs him on more, so Uno CHOPS! Shibata ROCKS Uno with a forearm! Shibata CLUBS Uno, runs, but Uno CHOPS again! Shibata just goes through it! Uno ROCKS Shibata back! Uno CHOPS, runs, but Shibata dodges the boot to come back and BOOT! Uno turns himself around, the fans fire up and Uno shoves Shibata. Uno runs but Shibata BOOTS him down! Shibata drags Uno up, and runs him to a corner to BOOT him! Shibata fires forearms to sit Uno down, then he runs corner to corner. HYDRAULIC DROPKICK! The fans fire up as Shibata hauls Uno up, for a HALF HATCH! Cover, TWO!

Shibata grabs Uno’s arm for an ARMBAR! Uno endures, reaches out, and he kicks his way over. The fans rally, Uno reaches out, and Uno has the ROPEBREAK! The ref counts, Shibata lets off, and he waits on Uno. The fans rally and duel, but the ref has Doc Sampson check Uno. Doc says no and the ref calls it, Shibata wins!

Winner: Katsuyori Shibata, by referee stoppage

Uno wanted a fight but he got much more than he bargained for. Will Uno’s arm be alright so he can still hang out with Chugs on Twitch? As for Shibata, he has his return victory, will he use this to start his journey back to the ROH Pure Championship?


Shane Taylor speaks.

“Just a few days ago, Hurricane Beryl came rumbling through Houston. And as I sat in my home with no power with my wife and two daughters, it occurred to me, as I held my youngest, as she cried, ‘Daddy, I’m afraid of the dark,’ I didn’t get one phone call from AEW or even ROH to even call to see if we were alive. Hmm. But if that was Mark Briscoe’s family, I bet you would’ve called ’em. If that was Wheeler Yuta’s family, I bet you would’ve called ’em. If that was Kyle O’Reilly or Orange Cassidy’s family, I bet you would’ve called ’em! My family’s not valuable, right? Shane Taylor’s not valuable, right? Okay.

“That’s all the motivation that I need. You don’t care. You don’t value my family or what I love. Then I’m gonna take what you value from the people that you love. I don’t care when, I don’t care where. Mark Briscoe, I’m talking to you. At some point, you will stop ducking me, and it will be you versus Shane Taylor for the ROH World Championship. And dawg, you don’t have to worry about finding me to give me an answer, because I’m gonna be looking for you. Rumble, bad man, rumble.”


Queen Aminata VS Mackenzie Morgan!

Just as Billie called out Velvet, Athena called out the One and Only African Queen in ROH ahead of their showdown. Will Aminata’s response be loud and physical tonight? Or will she be taken by The Element of Surprise?

The Code of Honor is upheld, the bell rings, and the fans rally up as the two circle. Aminata and Morgan tie up, Aminata gets around to waistlock and GERMAN SUPLEX! Morgan staggers up, Aminata reels her back in, but Morgan flails. Aminata still hits a GERMAN SUPLEX! Aminata dusts her hands off, then gets Morgan in another waistlock. Morgan fires elbows to get free, then she fires more forearms! Aminata wobbles, Morgan runs, ducks ‘n’ dodges, then tilt-o-whirls, but Aminata turns that into a third GERMAN SUPLEX! Aminata smiles as she’s having fun and the fans say “This is Awesome!”

Aminata shakes and shimmies, then asks the fans to please calm down. She runs in side to side to BOOT WASH Morgan at the corner! Aminata almost sends herself out of the ring, she hit that hard! The fans fire up as Aminata then hauls Morgan up, Alabama Lifts, and runs for the AIR RAID CRASH!! Cover, Aminata wins!

Winner: Queen Aminata, by pinfall

Aminata put some extra sauce on that one! She vows to be the NEW ROH Women’s World Champion, will she make it happen in Arlington?


Lights Out: Leyla Hirsch VS Diamante!

The LEGIT One and the Cuban Diamond have gone back and forth in the ring and on the mic, and things have escalated to this match with no rules other than “Just win!” They sacrifice this counting towards their records and rankings all for the sake of putting this to rest, but who walks away having turned the other’s lights out?

The bell rings and Diamante already has a kendo stick! Leyla dodges the swing, waistlocks and SLAMS Diamante, then eggs her on. Leyla fires forearms, but Diamante shoves and headlocks. Leyla powers up to SAIDO! Diamante tumbles out of the ring, grabs at a trash can, but Leyla lines up a shot. Leyla DIVES but Diamante uses the can! Diamante says this is her expertise, and she SMACKS Leyla off barriers! Leyla sputters, Diamante grabs the trash can again, and she puts it around Leyla. Diamante grabs the lid, and she SMACKS the side of the can! And again! And again! Leyla staggers around as Diamante keeps hitting her! Diamante then runs to SHOTGUN Leyla down!

The fans fire up while Leyla gets free of the can. Diamante says she ain’t playing, and she drags Leyla up. Diamante CLUBS Leyla while fans rally and duel. Diamante whips Leyla hard into barriers! Diamante then runs in, but Leyla TOSSES her over! Diamante staggers up, and Leyla DECKS her! Leyla grabs a chair, sits it right up against the barriers, and then she gets space. Leyla runs up and uses the chair to go up and up and LEAP onto Diamante! The fans fire up as Leyla stands tall! Leyla then TOSSES Diamante back over the barriers. Leyla pursues but Diamante has the chair for her own! Diamante JAMS Leyla low!

Diamante JAMS Leyla again, then SMACKS her on the back! The fans want that “ONE MORE TIME!” and Diamante grins. Diamante nods, to SMACK Leyla again! Diamante then drags Leyla up and RAMS her into the apron. Leyla staggers, so Diamante whips her hard into barriers. Diamante brings the chair, pushes it up against Leyla to sandwich her, then Diamante runs again, to HYDRAULIC DROPKICK! Leyla writhes from chair hitting her in the face, but Diamante drags her up and into the ring. Cover, TWO! Leyla is tough but Diamante says okay. Diamante goes out to search under the ring.

Fans want tables, but Diamante finds a plunger! Fans chant for “Plunger! Plunger!” as Diamante brings it over. Diamante says time to embarrass Leyla! Diamante aims, but Leyla blocks the plunger attack! The fans fire up, Leyla spins and she kicks away at Diamante! Then Leyla wrenches to short arm LARIAT! Leyla sees the plunger, and she thinks why not! The fans cheer as she stands over Diamante, stomps her, then sits on her! Diamante flails but she can’t stop Leyla! Leyla PLUNGERS Diamante’s potty mouth! The fans lose their minds, Leyla lets off and grabs a chair. Diamante coughs and sputters, but then Leyla JAMS her up!

Diamante sits down, Leyla pushes the chair in her face now. Leyla gets the other chair, lines up a shot, and she SKATEBOARD DROPKICKS chair into chair to sandwich Diamante! Cover, TWO! Diamante survives and Leyla is surprised. The fans rally up and Leyla hurries to grab the chairs again. Leyla shoves that chair in and it hits Diamante. Leyla goes looking, and she finds a mysterious black bag! You never know what’s gonna be in that bag, and she pours out… THUMBTACKS! The tried and true item, and Leyla runs up. Diamante drop toeholds Leyla into a chair! Leyla staggers, Diamante reels her in! GERMAN SUPLEX onto thumbtacks! Bridging cover, TWO!!

Leyla escapes, but she just ends up getting more thumbtacks in her body! Diamante stalks Leyla and pushes her to the apron. Diamante sees there’s a table already waiting for them! Diamante reels Leyla in, Leyla fights the lift, so Diamante CLUBS away! But Leyla grabs the kendo stick! Leyla SMACKS Diamante again and again and again! Diamante falls, and Leyla SMACKS her one more time! Leyla drags Diamante onto the table and the fans fire up! Leyla goes up to the corner, lines up a shot, and decides to go even higher! This is rare for her, and she SUPER MOONSAULTS down through the table!!

The fans lose their minds while both women flounder in the wreckage! The ref checks both women, Leyla’s mad but she’s back on her feet! “This is Awesome!” as Leyla leaves Diamante behind. Leyla says if one is good, then more must be better, and she finds another table! The fans are thunderous as Leyla pushes that table into the ring. Diamante sputters, has a bloody ear and spits out her gum. Diamante crawls though she’s in agony, and Leyla finishes setting up her table. The fans cheer but we see Diamante grab the kendo stick. Leyla goes back for Diamante, but Diamante SMACKS her down!

Leyla flounders away, Diamante pursues and SMACKS her again! And again! And again! Leyla goes to the table, Diamante CHOKES her with the kendo stick! Diamante puts Leyla in the corner, stomps a mudhole, then hoists her up top. Diamante CHOPS Leyla, ROCKS her, then climbs up after her. Diamante brings Leyla up and the fans are thunderous! Leyla fights the suplex, throws body shots and she CLUBS Diamante! Leyla SMACKS Diamante off the buckle again and again, then rises up! The fans fire up again as Leyla leaps over to SUPER GERM- NO! Diamante clings to the ropes for dear life!

The fans fire up as Leyla CLUBS Diamante, brings the table just a little bit closer, then ROCKS Diamante. Leyla makes sure the table is just right, then goes up to fire forearms. Leyla brings Diamante up, fans fire up, but now Diamante fights the suplex! Diamante fires body shots, and she dribbles Leyla off buckles! Diamante goes up and hooks Leyla, for a SUPER CODE RED through the table!!! Cover, DIAMANTE WINS!

Winner: Diamante, by pinfall

Leyla may have won the last four, but Diamante has the biggest win in this 1v1 series! This match may not go on their official records, but did Diamante just prove she’s the legit contender ROH is looking for?

My Thoughts:

A really good episode of ROH for being 66 minutes, but it feels like ROH has gone into go-home mode already with Death Before Dishonor next Friday. For one, while we get a good promo from Athena & Billie, Aminata & Velvet of course win really easy matches. The more intriguing segment will be next week when Lexy is obviously going to set Aminata & Velvet up for a sneak attack by a totally not hurt Athena. And if Athena & Billie are standing tall after that, that indicates Aminata & Velvet could be dethroning them. I feel like this has to be the time Athena loses, Aminata has been built up to be the best possible challenger, they have no one else as a Face.

Meanwhile, Diamante could be seen as an ROH Women’s World Television Championship contender. She and Leyla had a great Lights Out match, and kudos to Leyla for embracing some hardcore spots. I was really worried about that moonsault of the top but you could tell, so was she. Though, I don’t know why this wasn’t a Fight Without Honor. “Lights Out” means this doesn’t count towards the win-loss record but an FWH still would. Was it just so they could keep Diamante from moving up the ranks towards the world championship, even though that’s all kayfabe as it is? I still feel like Tony Khan needs to iron out such wrinkles.

Castle & The Outrunners had a good promo but they kinda shoehorned it in right before their Trios match. Honestly, why have it at all? I totally accepted that after The Outrunners were his substitute boys then his tag partners in another Trios match before tonight, he knew who they were and would be willing to team with them again. But in the end, they were of course losing to Archer & The Righteous. I do like Vinnie giving that quick promo to establish their goal for the tag titles. If The Kingdom doesn’t lose the titles to The Conglomeration, aka Kyle O’Reilly & Orange Cassidy, then The Righteous should be the ones to revisit past feuds of Vinnie and Taven.

The Cage of Agony of course won their match, this is just them kinda spinning their wheels while the Trios Championship story is involving The Patriarchy and Bang Bang Gang. Very entertaining promo from MXM Collection, with a very clever code snuck right in there. Very strong promo from Shane Taylor to work Hurricane Beryl and the power outage crisis into the story. Now obviously AEW & ROH actually do care about Shane because he’s still getting screentime. But Shane continues great continuity to the days of ROH before AEW showed up where he was the one who wanted to put ROH on his back and carry it but was underappreciated. Shane is himself assuming Mark Briscoe wins at Death Before Dishonor, but Mark VS Shane would be some great stuff.

And what was meant to be great stuff has an unfortunate finish. Uno was all fired up, Shibata was making his return, but there was nothing that could be done about a dislocated elbow. Shibata was winning either way but no one wants it like this. Wheeler Yuta and the Pure Championship are still not booked for DBD, but with only one week, even with Rampage, Collision and Dynamite, I doubt they jump right into a Pure Championship match between Yuta and Shibata. But hey, this does hint at Shibata, Hook and/or Samoa Joe going after Jericho this Wednesday after the FTW Championship match.

My Score: 8.6/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (7/17/24)




AEW is going big for this milestone Dynamite!

Dynamite has reached its 250TH episode, and it opens with Will Ospreay VS MJF for the AEW International Championship!


  • AEW International Championship: Will Ospreay VS MJF; MJF wins and becomes the new AEW International Champion.
  • AEW TBS Championship: Mercedes Mone VS Nyla Rose; Mone wins and retains the title.
  • Swerve Strickland w/ Prince Nana VS Kazuchika Okada; Swerve wins, by disqualification.


AEW International Championship: Will Ospreay VS MJF!

Like many of us, The Aerial Assassin despise the Wolf of Wrestling for how he disrespected and used Daniel Garcia just to send a message. But also like many, Ospreay at least acknowledges and respects that this form of Maxwell Jacob Friedman is his most dangerous. Will Ospreay be able to put down AEW’s Ultimate Scumbag? Or will even the #BillyGOAT not be on the level of the devil?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see who ignites episode 250!

The bell rings and the fans cheer while the two stare down. Ospreay gets the fans even more fired up, and then MJF bails out. The fans boo but MJF just hops the railing. MJF splashes fans with their own water! MJF then lounges on the barriers, offers a fist bump, but the fans just flip him off. So MJF rips a fan’s sign up and throws it back! MJF goes back to the ring, tells fans to shut up, and he approaches Ospreay. Only to dodge and strut, then swivel the hips. The fans boo but Ospreay smirks, this is the MJF he knew he was getting. They tie up, MJF wrenches to hammerlock, but Ospreay headlocks.

MJF powers up to wrench and WRING Ospreay, but Ospreay handsprings through, and copies the strut! Ospreay shows he can swivel hips, too! The fans cheer but MJF sarcastically says Ospreay’s clever. The two tie up, MJF headlocks, but the fans sing, “OSPRAEY~ OSPREAY OSPREAY OSPREAY~!” MJF is annoyed, Ospreay powers up and out, then things speed up. Ospreay hurdles then drops down to trip MJF up! MJF ducks the Hidden Blade to hit a headlock takeover! Ospreay headscissors, MJF kips free, and roles reverse as Ospreay headlocks for the takeover. MJF headscissors but Ospreay kips free.

MJF ducks the Penalty Kick, avoids the standing moonsault, then bobs ‘n’ weaves to avoid Ospreay’s punches and kicks. MJF shoves Ospreay, Ospreay springboards but MJF avoids that, too! MJF runs in, Ospreay dodges to handspring, but MJF gets under! Ospreay superhero lands, and the fans are thunderous while MJF is stunned! The fans cheer “A E DUB! A E DUB!” for making this the opener! MJF is annoyed, but he and Ospreay tie up. MJF says Ospreay pulled hair! The fans boo because of course MJF is lying. MJF and Ospreay reset, tie up, and again MJF claims hair pulling. But then MJF pulls hair!

MJF puts Ospreay on the ropes, the ref counts, and MJF lets off, to take a swing! Ospreay dodges and then LARIATS MJF up and out! The fans fire up and Ospreay builds speed, only for MJF to get away. MJF says not today, but then Ospreay just changes course and he FLIES out onto MJF! The fans fire up and high-five Ospreay before he puts MJF in. Ospreay HOTSHOTS MJF, runs and BOOTS, then he hits as BIG back suplex! Cover, TWO! Ospreay prepares the elbow and the fans fire up. Ospreay aims but MJF scrambles to the apron. The fans boo, Ospreay storms over, but MJF YANKS Ospreay into buckles!

MJF stomps a mudhole in, drags Ospreay up to whip and WRING him into the corner! Ospreay flounders and MJF soaks up the heat. Then he blows snot at the fans and mocks them! MJF goes back to Ospreay, clamps onto an arm, and the fans rally and duel as Ospreay endures. Ospreay fights up, throws body shots, then forearms. MJF throws Ospreay down by his hair! The fans boo but MJF just soaks it up. MJF says he didn’t do anything. Then he clamps on with a chinlock and grinds Ospreay down. Ospreay fights up to JAWBREAKER free! Ospreay runs but MJF kitchen sink knees! MJF hauls Ospreay up to back suplex, but Ospreay lands out!

Ospreay reels MJF in to back suplex, but MJF lands out! MJF back suplexes, Ospreay lands out, into a STUNNER! Cover, TWO! MJF’s annoyed his Osaka Street Cutter, or perhaps Long Island Street Cutter, didn’t end this, but he storms after Ospreay. Ospreay is on the apron, MJF reels him in, HEAT- NO! Ospreay shoves MJF away, but MJF slingshots Ospreay into another STUNNER! Cover, TWO!! Ospreay survives and MJF is frustrated. The fans rally for Ospreay as he goes to the apron, but MJF storms over. MJF drags Ospreay in again, tries but Ospreay again denies him the Heatseeker! So MJF tries the slingshot, but Ospreay stops that!

Ospreay GAMANGIRIS MJF away, goes up a corner, and PIP PIP CHEERIO! Both men are down and the fans fire up! Ospreay rises but so does MJF. Ospreay fires haymakers on MJF first, then whips. MJF reverses but Ospreay CLOBBERS him! MJF bails out but Ospreay builds speed! Ospreay handsprings to SASUKE SPECIAL! The fans are thunderous but Ospreay takes a moment to check his ribs and catch his breath. Ospreay storms up on MJF, puts him in the ring, then goes up a corner. The fans fire up for the MOONSAULT, but MJF moves! Ospreay lands out, MOONSAULTS again, but MJF dodges again!

But the STANDING SHOOTING STAR hits! Cover, TWO! So Ospreay goes up and up to SKY TWISTER! Cover, TWO!! MJF survives the onslaught but Ospreay loads up that elbow! “This is Awesome!” as Ospreay aims again. MJF slowly rises, Ospreay runs up, but MJF bails out again! The fans continue to boo but Ospreay PLANCHAS! Down goes MJF and Ospreay high-fives more fans. And then Ospreay confiscates the timekeeper’s table! The fans are thunderous as Ospreay brings the furniture over to ringside. MJF hurries away into the ring now! Ospreay pursues as we see the fear on MJF’s face.

Ospreay CHOPS MJF in the corner! Ospreay stands MJF up to CHOP him again! The fans “WOO~” and Ospreay runs, but MJF pops him up to SUPERKICK him! MJF goes up, but Ospreay avoids the Panama City/Long Island Sunrise, but then MJF knees low! MJF reels Ospreay in but Ospreay powers out. Ospreay whips MJF to the corner, MJF goes up and over, but then MJF’s knee jams! Ospreay grabs that leg but it was a trap! MJF steps over and hits as STUFF PILEDRIVER!! Cover, TWO!! Ospreay survives and both men are down again. The fans rally up while both men stir, and MJF rises first.

MJF shows off that the leg is just fine, then does the Daniel Garcia dance just to mock him. MJF then drops an elbow on Ospreay’s leg. Ospreay CLUBS at MJF but MJF keeps the toehold. Ospreay fishhooks MJF and MJF lets go. Ospreay CHOPS, and CHOPS, then runs, but into a back drop! MJF leans on the ropes while he catches his breath, and the fans rally again. MJF storms back over, KNEES the leg, then smirks. MJF steps through, ties the legs up, and has the FIGURE FOUR! The fans “WOO~,” even as MJF SLAPS Ospreay! And SLAPS him! MJF thrashes the hold, but Ospreay endures. Ospreay’s shoulders are down, TWO as he sits back up!

Ospreay pries at the leglock, and the fans rally up as he works to turn things over. MJF fights that back, thrashes some more, but Ospreay grits his teeth. The fans rally harder and harder as Ospreay fights his way over, and he turns the hold onto MJF! MJF endures now, reaches out while shouting in pain, and he flails in order to turn things back onto Ospreay! The fans boo but Ospreay endures again. Ospreay drags MJF along, reaches out, and has the ROPEBREAK! The ref counts but MJF lets go at 4. MJF is frustrated but then he drags Ospreay up and to a corner. MJF CHOPS, takes a moment, then CHOPS again!

MJF wrenches, whips, but Ospreay can’t even make it all the way! MJF smirks while the ref checks Ospreay. Ospreay shakes out the leg, refusing to admit defeat. MJF storms over, stands Ospreay up, and CHOPS! Ospreay hobbles, so MJF CLAWS Ospreay’s back! MJF whips, Ospreay barely makes it to ropes! MJF wants after Ospreay like a shark with blood in the water, but Ospreay sits on the apron. MJF tells off the fans cheering Ospreay, but Ospreay is somehow still in this. So MJF CLAWS Ospreay’s face! The fans boo but MJF soaks it up. Ospreay throws body shots and haymakers! Ospreay CHOPS and MJF wobbles!

Ospreay CHOPS again, MJF flails more. Ospreay snarls, runs, but MJF CHOP BLOCKS the legs! MJF covers, TWO! MJF frowns but he stomps Ospreay’s leg. MJF then stands Ospreay up to CLUB him on the neck! Ospreay hobbles, so MJF CLAWS his back! Ospreay fires big forearms! Then he fires Kawada Kicks! MJF wobbles, into a CHOP! MJF goes to ropes, Ospreay scoops him, but MJF CLAWS the eyes again! The ref reprimands and counts, MJF stops at 4. The fans boo but MJF whips. Ospreay ducks ‘n’ dodges, and DOUBLE LARIATS take both men down! The fans fire up again while Ospreay again clutches the leg.

Ospreay rises, but MJF KNEES the knee! Then MJF calls his shot! MJF suplexes, but STUN DOG MILLIONAIRE hits first! MJF wobbles around, Ospreay calls his shot now! Springboard, OSCUTTER!! But MJF flops all the way to ropes! Ospreay has to crawl his way over, and MJF flops to the floor! MJF’s ring awareness is strong but Ospreay pursues. Ospreay drags MJF up to put him in the ring, and then onto the apron. Ospreay uses a corner to go up and APRON OSCUTTER FLOP as MJF steps back! Ospreay writhes, signaling to his arm, and the ref hurries to check. MJF may have gotten lucky here, as Dynamite goes picture in picture.

The ref has Ospreay go around the way but MJF is in pursuit! MJF shows no mercy as he grabs that bad arm, and RAMS Ospreay into steel steps! MJF stands on the steps to soak up all the heat, as well as talk some trash on Ospreay. It’s certainly in the vain of MJF is who AEW needs, not Ospreay. MJF drags Ospreay up and into the ring, then takes his time to taunt fans over the table. He flips the fans off, he isn’t gonna do what they want. MJF then goes back to Ospreay, grabs the bad arm, and he stands on it, to then STOMP it! MJF soaks up more heat as he paces around Ospreay, then clamps onto the arm again.

Ospreay endures the mounted armlock, and he fights to his feet. Now Ospreay pulls hair, but MJF throws Ospreay down by the arm. MJF grinds that shoulder but Ospreay still endures. The fans rally as Ospreay fights, stands up, and throws body shots. Dynamite returns to single picture as Ospreay ROCKS MJF with forearms. Ospreay whips, MJF reverses but Ospreay handsprings, only for MJF to KICK the bad arm! Ospreay clutches the elbow, but MJF hauls him up! Double underhooks, for a SHOULDER BUSTER! And then it’s back to the armlock! Ospreay rolls through, but MJF ducks the roundhouse to pump handle!

MJF adds a half nelson, MADE IN JAPAN! Or perhaps, Made in Long Island? Cover, TWO!! Ospreay knows that move from his rivalry with Shingo Takagi. The fans rally while both men are down again, “This is Awesome!” Ospreay and MJF slowly rise, MJF storms over, and he whips. Ospreay holds ropes to stop that, so MJF CLUBS the arm! MJF makes the pecs dance, whips again, but Ospreay reverses. Ospreay then dodges MJF to handspring and NEURALIZER KICK! Both men are down again and the fans stay fired up! Ospreay sits up first, then both men stand. Ospreay BOOTS MJF’s haymaker to then ENZIGIRI!

MJF wobbles, Ospreay wrenches an arm, and Ospreay CHOPS MJF off his feet! Ospreay drags MJF up to wrench and CHOP him down again! Ospreay stands MJF one more time, to CHOP, CHOP, and- NO, MJF blocks the chop! MJF WRINGS the arm, Ospreay cartwheels through! ENZIGIRI! Torture rack, TOWER HACKER BOMB! Cover, TWO!! MJF survives and the fans can’t believe it! The fans hope they “FIGHT FOREVER!” but there’s still more show that has to happen! MJF crawls to the apron, Ospreay stalks him. MJF flops to the floor, but he’s near that table… Ospreay goes to the floor and brings MJF up.

MJF throat chops Ospreay! MJF runs away into the crowd, but Ospreay pursues! Ospreay fires hands on MJF even as MJF goes up the bleachers. Ospreay grabs MJF, bends him against railing, and offers free shots. A little girl starts punching MJF in the ribs! MJF flips her family off but Ospreay CLUBS away on MJF! Ospreay fist bumps the girl and drags MJF back up. Ospreay ROCKS MJF with a right and follows him down the stairs. Ospreay CHOPS MJF to keep him moving, but MJF takes a detour into the seats. So Ospreay makes MJF take a seat and punches down hands! The fans count along, Ospreay winds up, and hits TEN!

MJF flounders around, Ospreay shows that there’s one guy still wearing an MJF Kangaroo Kick shirt, and then pursues MJF. MJF pokes Ospreay right in the eyes! MJF CLUBS Ospreay, but Ospreay kicks MJF! Ospreay SMACKS MJF off the trash can! The fans fire up and Ospreay DUMPS MJF into the trash can! MJF kicks and flails but Ospreay BOOTS the can! MJF falls out, stumbles away, and Ospreay pursues. They finally return to ringside, and Ospreay refreshes the count that was never happening anyway. Ospreay then drags MJF over to the table, punches him onto it, then goes up the steel steps.

Ospreay then goes up the corner and fans are thunderous already! Ospreay aims, but MJF hurries off the table. The fans boo and Ospreay sighs, but Ospreay hops down to go after MJF. But MJF gut wrenches! Ospreay victory rolls, TWO! MJF has the victory roll, TWO! Ospreay has it, TWO! MJF is up, Ospreay gets around and hops on, POISON-RANA! MJF flounders to a corner, Ospreay runs up, but MJF pops him up! Another SUPERKICK as Ospreay is upside-down! MJF goes up, LONG ISLAND SUNRISE!! Cover, TWO!?! The fans are electric as Ospreay survives another hard shot! Ospreay then goes to the apron and then the floor.

MJF pursues, and we return to the table. MJF puts Ospreay on the table and then goes up the apron. The fans rally as MJF actually climbs the corner. MJF reaches the top, but then Ospreay slips off the table! The fans still boo, they want that table to see some action. MJF hops down, talks smack on Ospreay, then CHOPS him. MJF BITES Ospreay’s arm! The fans boo and tell MJF he’s sick! The ref counts, MJF lets off, but he then ROCKS Ospreay with a haymaker. MJF again mocks Daniel Garcia, even asking if Garcia has feeling in his arms again. MJF then whips Ospreay hard into railing! Ospreay almost ends up in the front row!

MJF makes Ospreay take a seat, and he CLAWS at Ospreay’s face! MJF refreshes the ring count, then runs in at Ospreay, to BOOT Ospreay against railing! MJF hops up to soak up more heat, then he refreshes with some water. That he then splashes at fans. MJF stalks Ospreay back to the table, refreshes the count, and then asks, “Ospreay who?” MJF stands Ospreay up to whip, but Ospreay goes up onto the railing, to OSCUTTER to the floor! The fans fire up again while both men are down! Ospreay clutches the bad leg and the bad arm, but he manages to rise up and put MJF in. Ospreay then swings, but into MJF’s dragon sleeper!

But Ospreay flips things around! The fans cheer, as Ospreay hits CROSS RHODES!! Cover, TWO!!! MJF survives, but Ospreay storms after him in a corner. MJF uses the ref as a shield, then he pokes Ospreay in the eyes! MJF goes up to DOUBLE STOMP the bad arm! MJF reels Ospreay in, hammerlock and lift, DDT!! Cover, TWO!!! Ospreay survives and the fans continue to rally behind him. MJF is frustrated but he pursues Ospreay to the apron. MJF drags Ospreay through ropes, and HEAT- NO! Ospreay throws MJF away, MJF’s leg “jams,” and Ospreay takes aim. Ospreay springboards but MJF hits ropes to trip him up!

Ospreay gets stuck up there, MJF goes up to LEAPING LARIAT!! Cover, TWO?!? MJF is beside himself as Ospreay survives again! MJF stalks Ospreay to the apron, drags him up, and gut wrenches! The fans freak out but Ospreay flails and kicks! Ospreay turns things around onto MJF, but MJF KICKS Ospreay! MJF then suplexes, but Ospreay slips free! Ospreay waistlocks but the arm won’t let him lift! So Ospreay SUPERKICKS MJF instead! MJF wobbles, Ospreay reels him in, and tucks him for an APRON STYLES CLASH!!! Both men fall to the floor and Little Rock is losing its collective mind right now!

Ospreay drags MJF up and into the ring, covers, TWO!!!! MJF survives but Ospreay is too tired to be upset. Ospreay just rises up, brings MJF to his feet, and reels him in. Even with one arm, Ospreay hits a LAST RIDE!! Cover, TWO!! MJF reminds us why he was once the longest reigning AEW World Champion while Dynamite goes back to picture in picture.

Ospreay shakes out the arms, but Doc Sampson is called over to check. Doc checks that arm, from lifting to turning. Then Doc checks with Ospreay if he wants to do “that,” and Ospreay says go for it. Doc YANKS Ospreay’s arm to pop it back in place! Ospreay clutches the arm again but it seems that did the trick. Ospreay has the fans fired up again, and he drags MJF up for Kawada Kicks! Ospreay stands over MJF while Dynamite goes to break.

Dynamite 250 returns and Ospreay calls his shot. MJF rises, and he spins Ospreay around to BITE Ospreay’s face! The fans boo, MJF runs, but Ospreay HIDDEN BLADES!! Cover, TWO!!! MJF survives a shot to the face but Ospreay roars! The fans are thunderous as MJF sits up, into a BUZZSAW! MULE KICK! OSC- NO, MJF stops the cutter to gut wrench, and TOMBSTONE!! Cover, TWO?!?! Ospreay survives again and the fans again cheer “A E DUB! A E DUB!” for giving us this instant classic. MJF snarls, and he uses wrist tape to CHOKE Ospreay! The ref reprimands, MJF lets off, and MJF goes to the corner with Ospreay.

MJF wrenches the bad arm, whips him hard into the corner, and Ospreay falls. The fans boo but MJF grins as he rises up. MJF storms over to Ospreay, stands him up and wrenches to an ELBOW BREAKER! MJF whips again, and harder! Ospreay falls back, MJF flexes, but the fans boo. MJF mocks the United Empire crown then says shove it. MJF drags Ospreay up, whips him corner to corner again, but Ospreay reveres! MJF tumbles up, comes back, and Ospreay CHOPS! And CHOPS! But MJF blocks one again to WRING the arm again! Ospreay writhes, MJF leans on ropes, and then MJF runs in. Ospreay DUMPS MJF out hard!

The fans fire up and Ospreay goes to the apron, only for MJF to YANK him down! MJF puts Ospreay in the ring and says that’s why he’s the smartest wrestler in AEW. But not the wisest as Ospreay DIVING HIDDEN BLADES MJF!! Both men fall to the floor and the fans are thunderous again! Ospreay rises, a ring count starts, and fans count along. We hit 5 of 10, Ospreay puts MJF in at 6. Ospreay goes up the corner, and he BLINDSIDE CHEERIOS! Cover, TWO!! MJF survives again but Ospreay doesn’t get frustrated. Ospreay goes to the apron and climbs up the corner, but MJF again hits ropes! Ospreay lands bad on the corner this time!

MJF climbs up, throws hands, then goes to the very top. SUPER- NO! Ospreay stops the Steiner with one good arm! The fans fire up as he tucks MJF in, for a SUPER STYLES CLASH!! But Ospreay struggles to turn MJF over for the cover! ROPEBREAK!! Ospreay is frustrated now but there’s nothing he can do about that. Ospreay drags MJF up but MJF HOTSHOTS the arm! MJF reels Ospreay in, for an APRON HEATSEEKER!! Ospreay flops to the floor, and MJF looks at the table…! MJF puts Ospreay on the table, hurries back to the corner, and MJF climbs! The fans are going nuts already as MJF SUPER MACHO ELBOWS THROUGH THE TABLE!!!

The fans lose their minds all over again as MJF goes for broke! The ref checks both men, and they’re somehow okay to continue! “This is Awesome!” as we once again go picture in picture.

MJF flounders his way back to ringside and drags himself in. But Champion’s Advantage won’t let him win the title like this! Ospreay is still on the outside as we pass 5 of 10, and he starts to stir around 7. MJF then springs out after Ospreay to get him back in! Seems MJF was just resting, and he shouts about something, probably about how he’s better. MJF stands, paces around, then stomps Ospreay’s legs, then Dynamite goes to break.

Dynamite 250 returns again, and MJF has Ospreay in a Cobra Twist. MJF sneakily grabs the ropes to add on leverage! The ref looks but MJF lets go in time. Ospreay still endures, and MJF digs a knuckle into the ribs. MJF then again sneaks a grab at the ropes! The ref gets closer to catching him but the fans tell on MJF! MJF tells them all to shut up! MJF still grabs for ropes, but the ref sees it this time! MJF says he’s not doing nothing! The ref KICKS that arm! Ospreay then hip tosses free! Both men are down and the fans fire up again! MJF gets up, Ospreay reels him into a package, TWO! Schoolboy, TWO!

Ospreay stands, slips around to backslide, TWO!! MJF escapes again, to headlock takeover and cover, TWO as Ospreay headscissors! MJF moves around, bridges to a cover, TWO as Ospreay bridges out! A spin and backslide, TWO!! MJF whips, Ospreay swings but MJF gets under! Ospreay leaps, into the POWER BACKBREAKER! Cover, TWO!!! The fans are electric again as both men are down! The fans sing for Ospreay as he crawls to a corner. MJF sits up then rises up to soak up heat. MJF hits the kangaroo stance?! The fans are torn, surely he isn’t serious. But then MJF runs up, KANGAROO- NO! Ospreay catches MJF!

Ospreay CATAPULTS MJF, but MJF lands safe on the corner! Only for Ospreay to tuck him in and CHEEKY NANDOS! MJF is still stuck so Ospreay goes up after him, for a SUPER POISON RANA! MJF lands out?! MJF shows he can do what Ospreay does and the fans lose their minds! LARIAT in the corner, then MJF hoists Ospreay up top. MJF goes up and up and smirks, gives some thrusts, then SUPER STEINERS! Ospreay lands out!! Ospreay shows MJF how it’s really done and MJF is in disbelief! Both men turn around, MJF swings but Ospreay goes Matrix! MJF returns the favor to dodge Ospreay!

Ospreay blocks a kick but MJF pokes him in the eyes! MJF flips everyone off, but Ospreay HOOK KICKS him! MJF rebounds to ROCK Ospreay! Ospreay rebounds to BOOT MJF! MJF rebounds to ROLLING ELBOW! Ospreay rebounds, MJF SWATS the lariat, gets Ospreay up but Ospreay slips outta the bomb! MJF blocks the kick again, KNEES Ospreay and runs, but into the TIGER WALL KICK! ENZIGIRI! MJF rebounds, Ospreay slips through the lariat! Ospreay lifts MJF but MJF back drops free! Ospreay sunset flips it, TWO!! MJF sits on the cover, TWO! Ospreay has it, TWO! MJF has it, TWO! ONE! ONE! ONE! ONE!

Ospreay keeps MJF down, TWO!! MJF swings, Ospreay dodges, OSC- SUPERKICK!! MJF drags Ospreay up, suplex, STUN DOG MILLIONAIRE returns! Then PISONI-RANA returns!! Ospreay underhooks to STORM- NO, MJF slips free to DREAM SMASHER! MJF runs, into a SPANISH FLY!! Cover, TWO?!?!? Even after all that, there’s still something in the gas tanks on both men! Little Rock gives a standing ovation for this AEW Match of the Year contender! MJF crawls to a corner, Ospreay pursues. Ospreay puts MJF up top, ROCKS him, but has to slap some fire into himself. Ospreay goes up top, but MJF fires body shots!

MJF gut wrenches Ospreay, but Ospreay kicks free! Ospreay then slingshots back up, to SUPER OSCUTTER!! And HIDDEN BLADE!!! Cover, TWO?!?!? Ospreay can’t believe it and now he’s mad! Ospreay throws off the elbow pad as Little Rock is erupting! MJF sits up, but DUCKS the Hidden Blade! Ospreay tumbles but MJF is also down, too tired to sit back up. Ospreay crawls his way back over, sits MJF up, but MJF SPITS at him!! Ospreay gets REALLY mad now! MJF panics, Ospreay HEADBUTTS him! Ospreay reels MJF in, the fans say do it, and Ospreay says yes! Underhooks, one minute warning, but Ospreay isn’t sure which Storm Attack to use!

Ospreay hauls MJF up, to STORM…! NO, Ospreay stops short of the driver! They fans boo, they want him to end MJF but Ospreay says he’s not like that anymore. Ospreay drags MJF up , MJF SHOVES Ospreay into the ref!! The ref goes down, we’re under 20 seconds! Ospreay hurries over to MJF, DYNAMITE DIAMOND RING PUNCH!!! Cover, MJF WINS!!!!

Winner: MJF, by pinfall (NEW AEW International Champion)

There was literally two seconds left, but MJF pulls it off!! The Wolf of Wrestling proves he’s still just a lowdown dirty snake, but he’s the snake that stole the gold from the #BillyGOAT. Medics help both guys get icepacks, water and oxygen, and MJF rises like a zombie to celebrate himself. The Scumbag may have survived The Aerial Assassin, but will he be ready to go All In against The Bastard?


Backstage interview Mark Briscoe & The Acclaimed.

Arkady Aura is with the Sussex County Chicken, as well as Max Caster & Anthony Bowens, and says they asked for this time to talk with each other. Caster says that’s right, because they know Mr. Briscoe is on Team AEW for Blood & Guts. They also know that Team AEW needs a couple more partners, and the only way Mark gets “The Best Wrestler Alive” on his side is when Caster & Bowens join the team together. Plus, The Acclaimed just beat The Bucks a couple weeks ago, they have their number, this is a no brainer! Bowens says that’s right! And they’re also this close to becoming AEW World Tag Team Champions once again, they want a piece of The Bucks’ asses!

Plus, when you think AEW, you think The Acclaimed, because EVERYONE loves The Acclaimed! So they want in! Mark says that’s right! They had his back a couple weeks ago, so as far as he’s concerned, The Acclaimed is in, baby! But Mark’s not the only man calling the shots on this, if you understand what he’s saying. In steps AEW World Champion, Swerve Strickland. Swerve says listen! They’ve been through their fair share of squabbles, so he knows what Acclaimed is all about. Swerve’s also been in battles with The Briscoes, so he knows Dem Boys are real tough people. There is nobody better to go to war with than those you’ve battled against.

Therefore, “y’all ready to get violent?” The Acclaimed say hell yeah! Hands in, and Mark warns The Elite that Team AEW is coming for them! LET’S GO, BABY!! Bowens & Caster follow Briscoe out, Swerve nods, will this team be ready to rip apart The Elite? Will Swerve be ready for The Rainmaker later on tonight in the main event? Or will Kazuchika Okada rain on Swerve’s House and wash it away?


“Big Bill” Morrissey is in the ring.

The Redwood introduces to the “seeds, saplings, roots and most importantly, branches,” the Learning Tree, Chris Jericho! The “For The World” Champion is accompanied by “Bad Apple” Bryan Keith as he makes his way out here, waving to Little Rock. The fans boo but Jericho still smiles. “Hi, guys~! Y’know, Little Rock, you need to take a few lessons from The Learning Tree. This city is such a high-crime, violent city, 1,533 crimes for ever 100,000 people, you can do better than that! But let’s talk about Dynamite 250 for AEW, I was on the very first Dynamite, and I’ve been on almost every single one since.

“And the ones that I missed, the Branches were so angry, cards and letters filed in, so I made a promise, I’m never gonna miss another Dynamite again.” The fans boo but Jericho says he’ll be on every one, even until episode 500! It’s like he’s said: When you listen to The Learning Tree, good things happen. And when you don’t, people get hurt, dammit! This isn’t right! Jericho is begging us all to listen to him! Look to those who haven’t. Shibata’s arm, Hook getting that fireball to his face, that’s horrible. And then Samoa Joe is literally driven through a wall because he wasn’t listening to The Learning Tree!

Jericho is begging us, this has to stop! People are getting hurt! At this point, everyone should realize they need to listen to Jericho. Surely everyone knows the teachings of Jericho are so important. Who would be crazy enough not to listen? Who would be psychotic enough not to use the teachings of Jericho? Who would be maniacal enough to- IS THAT MINORU SUZUKI!? Jericho is very worried seeing the Meanest Man in the World returning here to AEW! Suzuki has a paper in his hands, but what could it be? Suzuki goes to the ring and fans get fired up. Suzuki waits, and he steps in at “KAZE NI NARE~!”

Suzuki stares Jericho down while the fans cheer him on. Suzuki looks at the FTW Championship, then he snatches Jericho’s mic. “Next week…” Suzuki holds up the paper, Keith snatches it, and Keith reads it for Jericho. This is an official order from AEW management. The Redwood AND Bad Apple are banned from ringside for Jericho VS Suzuki, an FTW Championship match! Suzuki then HEADBUTTS Jericho down! Bill goes to help Jericho and Keith backs up. Suzuki grins and waves, “Bye, guys~!” Jericho looks to be fearing for his life now that he knows there is someone crazy enough to ignore his teachings. Will the King of Pancrase cut down The Learning Tree?


The Elite speak.

Nicholas asks Matthew and Okada if they heard all that. The Elite heard what The Acclaimed, Mark Briscoe and Swerve Strickland had to say, and it is ridiculous! What pisses them off even more is that The Acclaimed think they’re just gonna become two-time AEW Tag Team Champions. Not on their watch! Matt says what those guys need is a reminder about just who the hecc they are! This is THE Elite, the greatest team in AEW. And after next week, they’ll have all the gold and all the power! Nick points out it won’t be all the gold. Swerve is still AEW World Champion. Well, Matt says after what they do to Swerve, that title might just end up vacated.

Because see, they’re dealing with the most dangerous people in the business. They’re going up against The Young Bucks, the greatest tag team ever. They’re dealing with the Continental Champion, The Rainmaker, Kazuchika Okada. They’re dealing with the unpredictable Scapegoat, the TNT Champion, Jack Perry. And Matt’s favorite part: making his return to The Elite, Hangman Adam Page! And oh, in steps the TBS Champion, Mercedes Mone! The CEO says hi to the EVPs, and she thanks them for banning Britt Baker from even being backstage tonight so that she can’t ruin Dynamite 250 for them.

Matt says let’s just say there’s no drama coming from The DMD to the CEO, via the EVPs. Okada whispers something to Matt and Matt asks if Mone will do the dance for them. Oh, her CEO shuffle? Of course! C E O! C E O! Ok, got to go~! Mone heads out, Okada wipes himself down. He claims it’s just really hot back here. Matt & Nick say okay, sure. But will The CEO still be golden like The Elite? Or will she end up the Native Beast’s next meal?


AEW TBS Championship: Mercedes Mone VS Nyla Rose!

Well, as we just heard, there will be no Britt Baker anywhere tonight because that is how bad she got under The CEO’s skin. Mone even made sure this Open Challenge would not allow Britt to answer it, so in steps a different former AEW Women’s World Champion. Will Mone find there are threats all over the AEW roster? Or will she still be making that double champion type bank?

The introductions are made, the teal title is raised, and we see who is truly the Face of TBS!

The bell rings and the two circle. The fans rally and duel, the two tie up, and Mone tries but she can’t push Nyla back at all! Nyla puts Mone in a corner, Mone goes up the ropes, but the ref counts. Nyla lets off but Mone scuffs her. Nyla is annoyed, but she mocks Mone’s dance. Nyla runs up, Mone leaps over, but then Nyla runs up again. Mone gets around, waistlocks, but Nyla THROWS her away! The fans rally, Nyla storms up but Mone drop toeholds her onto ropes! Mone CLUBS and stomps away on Nyla. Mone drags Nyla up to stomp into a corner, but the ref counts. Mone digs her boots in, but lets off at 4.

Mone backs off to then storm back up and drag Nyla up. Mone talks trash, but Nyla reels her in! Nyla suplexes, and she holds Mone up, does a squat or two, but Mone slips free! Mone CLUBS Nyla, runs, but Nyla scoops her! Nyla stops the tilt-o-whirl, and shouts, “Have you lost your mind?!” Nyla suplexes to hang Mone out to dry! Nyla KNEES Mone, goes to the corner and climbs, and the fans fire up for the GUILLOTINE KNEE DROP! Nyla drags Money to the cover, TWO!! Mone survives and Nyla is frustrated, but Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Nyla drags Mone up, ELBOWS her down, then she drags Mone into a backbreaker rack across her knee! Mone endures, even as Nyla pushes her down! Mone fights free with kicks, then fires forearms. Nyla ROCKS Mone right back! Nyla then torture racks Mone to thrash her around! Mone endures, slips down, but Nyla blocks the arm-drag! Nyla whips Mone into the corner, then runs in, only for Mone to move! Nyla POSTS herself, then Mone goes to the apron. Mone BOOTS Nyla into the post! Nyla falls back, Mone soaks up the cheers and jeers, then she sits Nyla down. METEORA! Mone drags Nyla to a cover, TWO!

Mone is upset so she rains down fists! The ref reprimands, Mone lets off to swagger around. Mone stalks Nyla, stomps her around, then bumps her off buckles. Mone stands Nyla up for forearm after forearm, then she climbs up to rain down fists! Mone goes to nine, soaks up the cheers and jeers, but Nyla brings Mone off the corner! Mone RANAS Nyla away, hurries to run, and she METEORAS again! Cover, TWO! Mone is frustrated but Nyla’s a former champion for a reason. Mone drags Nyla up, and clamps on with a COBRA TWIST! Nyla endures, even as Mone puts on the pressure. Mone ELBOWS Nyla in the ribs, but Nyla powers out with a hip toss!

Mone stands, blocks a boot and KNEES Nyla back. Mone runs, slips around, and has a SLEEPER! Dynamite 250 returns to single picture while Nyla starts to fade! The fans rally, Nyla fights up, and she swings Mone around into a facelock! Nyla snap suplexes Money away! The fans fire up while Mone flounders to a corner. Nyla snarls, rises up, and runs in to back body block! And then LARIAT! Mone staggers back up, Nyla runs in at the corner and SPLASHES! Mone sits down, Nyla fires up and Little Rock is with her! CANNONBALL! Nyla drags Mone to a cover, TWO!! Mone survives, showing why she’s been champion all over the world.

Nyla snarls, and she goes up the corner. Mone stands to kick the leg! Nyla falls, Mone goes up and up to VADER BOMB! Nyla sputters, Mone gets moving, BOOT WASH! Mone pushes Nyla, goes up the corner, and she METEORAS again! Cover, TWO!! Nyla survives and Mone can’t believe it! Mone drags Nyla up, turns her, but Nyla’s too big to Gory Especial! Nyla RAMS Mone into the corner, the fans duel, but Nyla puts Mone up top. Nyla then climbs up to have Mone’s arm. But Mone fires elbows on Nyla! Mone adjusts position, and SUPER BULLDOGS! Mone then brings out a glove, all to mock Britt!

Mone puts on her glove, spells out “C! E! O!” RINGS OF SATURN, and then the LOCKJAW!! Nyla BITES Mone’s fingers!! That’s what Mone gets! But then DRIBBLES Nyla’s face off the mat, and puts on the STATEMENT MAKER! Nyla taps, Mone wins!

Winner: Mercedes Mone, by submission (still AEW TBS Champion)

Mone may not be able to do it like The DMD, but she still wins out and holds up both belts. Mone then spots a fan with a sign, “DMD > CEO,” and she snatches that sign! Mone RIPS the sign up, and the fan wearing the Sting mask is upset. That fan pie faces Mone!? Because surprise! It’s BRITT BAKER!! The DMD suck into the show and The CEO is running for her life!! Security surrounds Mone to shield her from Britt! The guards then swarm Britt, and Mone is safe, for now. Will Britt have her Wembley Stadium moment with Mone whether Mone likes it or not?


Jack Perry speaks.

The Scapegoat flips a coin, then tells Darby Allin, “You wanted to get my attention? Well, you’ve got it now. All you had to do was ask. Did you really have to go and hurt Brandon Cutler? Maybe what I mean to say is, do you think I give a s*it about Brandon Cutler?” He is standing OVER Brandon! And then THROWS him through a door! Jack SMACKS Brandon off a boiler, then tells Darby to come find Jack tonight. Then Jack will show Darby what real sacrifice looks like. Will The Relentless One get that fight with the TNT Champion after all?


Toni Storm is here!

The Leading Lady is back so soon after how brutally Mariah May betrayed her? Wait, no… That’s Mariah May taking her cosplay to a new level. The understudy is now portraying the part of AEW Women’s World Champion as she menacingly makes her way down to the ring. The fans boo the protege for how she did Toni Storm dirty, but Mariah grabs a mic for herself. The fans chant for Toni but Mariah sighs. “Let’s be honest. You all saw it coming. Everybody saw it coming, except Toni Storm.” The fans boo but Mariah says that woman is so desperate for the spotlight, she didn’t realize she was giving it all away.

“The question shouldn’t be ‘why,’ the question should be, ‘Mariah, what took you so long?’ Honestly, I didn’t think it would last this long either. But it was so… easy! And I was having so much fun stringing her along, I just wanted to see how far it would go. But then, I saw Wembley. And I thought, ‘Why take the old horse out back when I can kill it in front of as many people as possible?” The fans boo more but Mariah says she’s been Toni Storm, and now she can be so much more! Fans chant “We Want Toni!” and Mariah smirks. Mariah tells Toni not to worry, she still loves her. In fact, she’s never loved her more than when Toni was on her knees, screaming and crying Mariah’s name. “That was your greatest performance.”

As for Mariah’s greatest performance, that will be at All In! The fans boo more but Mariah says now, AEW is All About Mariah! Mariah then lies back on the mat to revel in it just like Toni would. But will Toni make sure Mariah suffers far worse than what she gave Toni?


AEW shares post show footage from Collision.

The Bang Bang Gang returned backstage but they’re asked about being stripped of the Unified World Trios Championships. Juice said hold on, they ain’t been stripped of nothing. Whoever wants these belts will have to pry them out of their cold, dead hands! But then Christopher Daniels and a couple refs appear backstage, and the Fallen Angel knows it isn’t the most popular decision, nor is it fair to the champs, but that’s the rules of AEW. Austin says he isn’t taking these belts! Daniels says it’s either that or they’re suspended and they don’t get a chance to fight for them against The Patriarchy.

Colten says fine, take ’em. Take all nine belts! Daniels gathers them up and Austin tells Christian Cage that they are not scared of a guy with a daddy fetish, some TikTok kid, a stepmom straight outta Brazzers, and a giant lizard! Juice says what will happen is The Collision Cowboys come home, and they come home with their little hardware homies! And if you’re not down with that, they’ve got two words for ya: GUNS UP! Will Rock Hard Robinson, Fully Cocked Colten, and… Austin make sure Captain Charisma and his “sons” never touch the gold? Or can no one stop The Patriarchy from taking over AEW?


Swerve Strickland w/ Prince Nana VS Kazuchika Okada!

It is a Champion VS Champion showdown to close this milestone episode, but no titles are on the line. However, Blood & Guts is just next week, and each side is looking for momentum. Will Little Rock belong to Swerve’s House? Or will The Rainmaker prove he’s the top champion in AEW?

The bell rings and the two circle. The fans rally for “Whose House?” “SWERVE’S HOUSE!” The two tie up, Okada headlocks for the takeover but Swerve headscissors. Okada kips free, roles reverse, but then Okada headscissors. Swerve kips free, blocks the takeover this time, and he brings Okada up to power out. Okada avoids the hurdle, BOOTS back, then runs. Swerve rolls to trip Okada, then runs. Okada avoids the House Call, waistlocks then ripcords, but Swerve ducks the lariat! Swerve half nelsons but Okada fights out! Swerve arm-drags, Okada headscissors, Swerve kips up, and fans fire up for the stare down!

Swerve grins but Okada brushes things off. The two reset, knuckle lock, and Okada kicks low! Okada CLUBS Swerve, ROCKS him with a forearm, then scoops. Swerve slips free, Okada runs up, but Swerve goes up and over to roll Okada up. Okada rolls through but Swerve EDDY GORDO RANAS! The fans fire up, Swerve runs to UPPERCUT Okada! Swerve snapmares Okada, goes up and FALLING UPPERCUTS! Swerve hits the Griddy and fans cheer! Swerve even mocks the Rainmaker pose! Okada sits up and glares at Swerve. Swerve eggs Okada on, so Okada ROCKS him! Swerve ROCKS Okada back!

The forearms go back and forth, then they pick up speed! Okada dares Swerve to hit him, so Swerve kicks low! Swerve whips, Okada reverses to then FLAPJACK! Swerve tumbles out of the ring but Okada pursues. Okada runs up to kick and DDT to the floor! Swerve writhes and Okada just watches him while Dynamite goes picture in picture.

The ring count climbs, but Okada drags Swerve up. Okada brings Swerve over, SMACKS him off steps, and he stalks Swerve around the way. Okada SMACKS Swerve off the steps again! Okada refreshes the count, then pursues Swerve. Swerve rolls into the ring but Okada drags him out. Okada RAMS Swerve into the barriers! The fans are torn but Okada just goes back into the ring. Swerve rolls in, Okada drags him up, but Swerve fires body shots! Swerve shoves Okada, fireman’s carries, but Okada fights free to go for an arm! Then he hits a NECKBREAKER! Okada watches Swerve flounder away, then storms up on him.

Okada brings Swerve up but Swerve pushes him into a corner. Okada CLUBS Swerve down, whips corner to corner hard, and Swerve falls to his knees. Okada runs in to ELBOW Swerve, and Swerve falls again. Okada rests against ropes, taking Swerve a little lightly here, but he goes back over. Okada brings Swerve up to ROCK him, then UPPERCUT him! Swerve goes to a corner, but he fires forearms in return! Okada eggs Swerve on, so Swerve fires more shots! Okada UPPERCUTS Swerve again! Swerve drops to his knees, and Okada kicks him. Okada eggs Swerve on, the fans rally up, and Okada scuffs Swerve.

Swerve SLAPS Okada! Swerve fires forearms but Okada doesn’t budge! Okada eggs Swerve on, Dynamite 250 returns to single picture, and Swerve throws more forearms! Okada roars, runs up, but Swerve ducks to then RISING HEADBUTT! Both men wobble, Swerve shakes that off to storm back up on Okada. Swerve whips, Okada reverses, but Swerve BOOTS Okada! Swerve goes up but Okada DROPKICKS him down! Swerve ends up on the apron, Nana coaches him up and the fans rally. Swerve rises, drags himself up, but Okada storms out after him. Okada scoops Swerve but Swerve holds ropes to stop the driver!

Swerve CLUBS Okada, is free, and he fireman’s carries! Okada flails free, swings, but Swerve HOTSHOTS Okada away! Swerve then slingshots in, somersaults and COMPLETE SHOTS! Gator roll to the deadlift and BRAINBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Okada survives that and Swerve grows frustrated. Swerve shakes out his arms, then goes to a corner. Okada sits up in a daze but Swerve goes up. Okada hurries to anchor Swerve! Okada brings Swerve down to CLAW his face! The ref reprimands, Okada lets off, but then Okada brings Swerve out in the Alabama Lift! REVERSE NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO!

Okada pretends to be upset but then he’s stone faced as he drags Swerve up. Okada scoops and SLAMS Swerve, then he climbs the corner. Nana warns Swerve, but the MACHO ELBOW still hits! Okada rises, the fans boo, and Okada Rainmaker MIDDLE FINGERS! But Swerve victory rolls him! TWO!! Okada runs up and stops the discus, to DISCUS miss as Swerve goes Matrix! Swerve kips up to mule kick, CLUB, BOOT, and- DROPKICK from Okada! The fans fire up while both men are down! The ref starts a standing count and the fans rally up. Both men sit up at 5 of 10, and Okada flounders to a corner.

Swerve runs up, blocks a boot and CLUBS the leg! Okada tries again but Swerve slips around to scoop and BACKBREAKER! Then right into a powerbomb to POWERSLAM! Swerve hurries up the corner, takes aim, KILL- NO, Okada dodges! Okada scoops and TOMBSTONE!! Okada roars because he’s not done! He drags Swerve up, ripcords, RAIN- JUMPING STOMPS!! The fans are thunderous and Swerve aims from a corner! “Whose House?” THE BUCKS ATTACK SWERVE!

Winner: Swerve Strickland, by disqualification

The fans boo but The Elite doesn’t care about the win anymore, because they’re looking to hurt Swerve! But wait, here comes The Acclaimed! they brawl with The Bucks! But then Jack Perry shows up to CLOBBER Caster! But then here comes Mark Briscoe! Chicken DECKS Matt, DECKS Jack, and DECKS Nick! Team AEW stands tall together, but Jack comes back for more! Jack whips Briscoe, but he dodges Jack to DIVE onto the Bucks! The fans fire up as Mark goes back for Jack, only to end up in the DRAPING DDT! The Scapegoat fancies himself a Viper, does he? But then HOUSE CALL for Jack Perry!

The AEW World Champion stands tall and Little Rock is thunderous! But then, here comes The Black Hat. Swerve turns around to glare at Hangman as he storms down, glaring at Swerve! The fans are thunderous again, but then Okada trips Swerve up! Okada drags Swerve out, but then Bowens does the same to Hangman! The brawl is going all over the ringside area but it is still 5v4 in favor of The Elite! Security rushes out here to stop this, and The Elite uses the security as their shields! BUT WAIT! Darby Allin is here!! Jack did call him out, so here he comes! Jack looks around, where could he be?

Wait! LOOK UP! Darby drops in from the rafters just like The Icon, Sting! And so now we have 5v5!! The brawl is on again and Little Rock is losing their minds! Security and refs hurry in to stop this, but the security gets thrown aside! Jack is after Darby, Mark helps Darby against him, but then Mark has to fight off Nick! Darby dribbles Jack off the floor! Jack RAMS Darby into railing, Mark returns to help Darby! Security finally separates the factions, which is just fine by The Bucks! But will nothing stop Team AEW from destroying this corrupt Elite once and for all?

My Thoughts:

Now this was an awesome episode of Dynamite. They only advertised three matches, and it turns out that’s all we needed. Ospreay VS MJF was made the opener so they could just go off and give us almost an hour of their best stuff. It kinda makes some PPV matches feel lesser now, but hey, a match of the year candidate is still a match of the year candidate, no matter if it’s TV or PPV. MJF winning out surprised me, but he did cheat so that protects Ospreay. I was hoping for Ospreay VS Pac at All In, but I suppose “The Scumbag VS The Bastard” makes for some fun build. And with how much MJF was taunting Garcia, this has to mean Garcia shows up at All In to go after MJF.

TV Time with Jericho was properly short because we can’t actually drag the show to a screeching halt after how awesome Ospreay VS MJF was. As Jericho started listing qualities like “crazy” and “maniacal,” I just felt Suzuki showing up. Suzuki getting his FTW Championship match with Jericho next week is great, but I’m still thinking Jericho retains. Now, while Keith & Bill are banned from ringside, nothing is stopping Hook from showing up. Hook could go after Jericho after he retains, and that sets up Jericho VS Hook for All In. Which would be interesting because that makes it back to back All In shows for Hook and this FTW Championship.

Good promo from The Bang Bang Gang with Daniels, but like, so filler. Who needed to see them hand over the belts? Or rather, why couldn’t they have figured out to do that during Collision? Very good promo from Mariah May where she completes her transformation into Toni Storm’s replacement. She even phrased it “All About Mariah” to nod how this has been All About Eve the movie, in wrestling form. The fans kept going “What?” just cuz she was taking things slowly, which is rude, but I do feel she could’ve been faster about it. She was definitely going for something with her pacing, but maybe she was also just filling for a little more time. Toni will surely have a response next week or something, though.

Very good promo from Acclaimed with Mark Briscoe and Swerve to establish the Acclaimed joining Team AEW, and very good response promo from The Elite to call them out on it. Though, what a weird detail for Okada to be a Mone simp. He’s married for crying out loud! But that aside, Mone is still tangentially a part of The Elite, and she had a very good match with Nyla tonight. Mone of course found the way to win, but I do appreciate Britt gives us a Sting shoutout by wearing the Sting mask before revealing she was here. Mone running scared was pretty funny, and yeah duh, this match is happening at All In.

In relation, very good promo from Jack Perry, even if poor Brandon had to get beat up again. Jack calling Darby out was good foreshadowing for Darby’s own Sting tribute, and I figured last week that Darby Allin was going to be Team AEW for Blood & Guts. Great main event from Swerve VS Okada that The Bucks of course had to “ruin” to save Okada from a legit loss. At the same time, this keeps either champion from owing the other a title match so close to All In. Great brawl to give us the full 5v5, Blood & Guts is going to be some wild stuff, and it can definitely go either with so many champions involved this time. However, as Mark Briscoe is the only one whose rivalry is NOT in Blood & Guts, he probably takes the loss for Team AEW.

My Score: 9.1/10

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