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Adam’s Carnyland Combination 5.23.20

Since we are all still stuck within our houses, NWA has bestowed to us, the lovely viewers, a neat little concept called Carnyland.



NWA Carnyland

Since we are all still stuck within our houses, NWA has bestowed to us, the lovely viewers, a neat little concept called Carnyland.

Basically, they are letting the wrestlers that are in NWA, entertain and just be themselves. So for the two shows they did to give us a little taste of what this place is all about, we have the men that resurrected the NWA in William Corgan and David Lagana and peeling the curtain back, giving opinions and thoughts on what they have for NWA. Then the second show, the joker, the black sheep of all of this, The Eli Drake show where Eli speaks his mind and doesn’t give a damn of the repercussions. Without further ado, let’s take a trip to Carnyland!

Inside the NWA

The show stars the two men response able for NWA’s revival, William Patrick Corgan and David Lagana and pulling back the curtain with what they think about storylines and different people who have came into the NWA in the revival of it, such as Scott Steiner showing up to help Strictly Business and facing Aron Rex for the National Championship. Ken Anderson’s impact into the company, what happened to him and his story with him and Colt Cabana and even talks about the recent free agents from the WWE firings. A name that Corgan spoke highly of is Ethan Carter the Third possibly joining the NWA and making more headlines as we are in quarantine.

Joe Galli also asks if we are to see possibly a no crowd or limited crowd dynamic in company’s shows and, as Corgan says, “No disrespect to the possible 50 or 60 people that would show up, it wouldn’t feel like the NWA without the Studio full, shoulder to shoulder like we have seen in every Powerrr episode.” They go on about the positives over what they see within the other companies such as AEW by showing the personalities of their wrestlers like the Bubbly Bunch segments and how they have handled and also shown they can put on a show with the wrestlers as the crowd, showing different people and giving a true dynamic. This ultimately lead to the creation of Carnyland where, people can give opinions, be themselves with what they think and say and have fun with what they are doing. The final subject they talk about is any possible future projects since we had Ten Pounds of Gold, Circle Squared to show off the names people might not know and now Carnyland to let talent have fun and entertain the folks that will listen.

The Eli Drake Show

Before the intro of the show happens, Eli has a small remembrance of Shad Gaspard and how kind Shad treated Eli backstage, letting him be in the main roster locker room to make Eli feel like one of the boys and how he will never forget Shad’s kindness that he had for him in Eli’s early career and others too, both inside and out of the business.

Eli lets people know him a little more at the start of the show in case you didn’t know who he is and goes on to say that he can talk about anything or say anything until it goes down (hopefully not, this man deserves a microphone everywhere), getting possible guests on the show and much more. The topic next is Eli’s first time, in a bathrobe and slides in then gets tossed…… what? He’s his first match! It’s a Battle Royal, you sick twisted in-the-gutter freak! He then puts his mind on the whole, if you don’t show up to the empty arena shows there won’t be heat which he claim is… a hot pile of crap. He talks about his time at the PC (and I don’t mean Tunney) and that if you choose to do something “optional” and it’s not the answer they want, you are in the doghouse. The next topic is his experience to second hand, high school heat, where it’s all high school drama, he said, she said stuff going on and how the last company he was in (yes, Impact) had that which made him want out from all of that. After all the seriousness, we have a little light fun with Eli and his puppy, just so it’s not all negativity cause we have enough of this already, transitions to his thoughts about about The Last Dance documentary and how Jordan is the best then cuts to his Qs and As as the last segment.

Final Thoughts

Both shows are very well done and completely polar opposites of each other. I know for my take, I’m a giant fan of Eli Drake so I’m going to say that’s the better show because he’s been everywhere, he has experience in different places so he knows the inner workings and how his opinions on the matter. If you want to know more of the company, the workings and the though process, Inside The NWA is a great listen when it comes to Corgan’s thoughts on not just NWA but the other promotions in the country too, thoughts on past and present talent and maybe a little bit of who he wants to go for in free agency. Both shows are a good listen if you are bored– or well, since you are bored with the pandemic– and I think NWA did a good first week showing of Carnyland.

Seeing how a certain voice hasn’t told me that’s got some Bad News, I think we did pretty well this week…

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AJ’s NWA 73rd Anniversary Results & Review

The second half of the NWA is the 73rd Anniversary of it’s origination! Can Aldis continue his never ending title reign? Does a weakened Kamille lose the Women’s title? AJ let’s us know!



The second half of the NWA is the 73rd Anniversary of it’s origination! Can Aldis continue his never ending title reign? Does a weakened Kamille lose the Women’s title? AJ let’s us know!

AJ is back on the NWA train for the 73rd Anniversary show! After Andrew did an amazing job with Empowerrr, I thought we might as well go back to where my article prowess started with tonight’s show. Kamille has her next opponent in the hot mess Chelsea Green, the Tag Titles also on the line, Mickie James will face off against Kylie Rae, James Storm goes to face for the National Championship and Trevor Murdoch will put his career on the line to see if he can beat the 1000 plus day reign of the “National Treasure” Nick Aldis’ second world title run.


  • Tim Storm vs Crimson vs Thom Latimer – Tim Storm wins via Perfect Storm – ** ¾
  • Mickie James vs Kylie Rae – Mickie James wins via Leaping DDT – ** ½
  • Tyrus, Jordan Clearwater & Sion vs The Pope & The End – Sion wins via pinfall – **
  • James Storm vs Chris Adonis (c) for the National Championship – Chris Adonis wins via pinfall – ***TITLE DEFENSE!!
  • 12 Man Battle Royale – Judias wins last eliminating JTG – ***
  • Chelsea Green vs Kamille (c) for the NWA Women’s Championship – Kamille wins via Key Lock Armbreaker – *** ½ TITLE DEFENSE!!
  • La Rebellion vs Aron Stevens and Kratos (c) for the NWA Tag Team Championships – La Rebellion wins via Mark of the Beast – * ½ – TITLE CHANGE!!!
  • Title vs Career: Trevor Murdoch vs Nick Aldis (c) for the NWA World Championship – Trevor Murdoch wins via Diving Bulldog – ****TITLE CHANGE!!!!!


Tim Storm vs Crimson vs Thom Latimer

Before the bell rings and Crimson being the last man to be introduced to the ring, Jax Dane comes in and attacks Crimson, breaking up the War Kings and delivering a Death Valley Driver on a proped ladderand bashes him with it before leaving.

Thom Latimer has a chair and bashes Storm in the head as he tries to get the quick victory but Storm kicks out and takes it to Latimer now, launching a trash can into Thom’s head after powdering out. The action continues but Storm has the full advantage in and outside of the ring, even pulling a new ladder and propping it up in the entrance way for a future spot. Tim Storm after cutting Thom off, climbs the ladder for some reason and gets the momentum shift in his favor. Thom Latimer gets an extra piece of the railing and props it next to the set ladder as Latimer goes up the ladder and lands a Senton from the ladder to the railing with Storm on.

Crimson comes back to the ring and talks to Storm to check on him and gets to the ring, like a house of fire and takes it to Thom Latimer to take him off his feet and hitting a dropkick with a chair to Thom’s face. Crimson sets up the chairs to hit a Death Valley Driver on them but Tim Storm pulls the ref’s leg to stop the count and now Storm comes in and Thom rolls out as the faces fight it out. After an even trade between the two, get their belts off… well Tim gets the ref’s belt and whips each other until Latimer comes back and double teams him.

Storm comes up behind Crimson and sneak attacks him but Crimson tries to lift him up to use a slam but his ribs are in too much pain and drops Storm instead, getting hit with the Perfect Storm and Tim wins the opening match.

Kylie Rae vs Mickie James

The two go into a Collar and Elbow tie up and go into multiple variants of tests of strength until Mickie uses her veteran tactics to get the advantage. Kylie being her usual naïve self and gets taken for a loop as Mickie keeps up the vet tactics before Kylie gets a little more ruthless and gets a submission off after a roll up back and forth. Mickie breaks out of it and really taking Kylie to school here but Kylie catches Mickie on the top rope.

Each time Kylie looks she can do something, Mickie gets the advantage and experience in before getting a quick burst of offense and landing her Superkick and does three different pin attempts but Mickie kicks out of each and Kylie is getting her anger going. That gets the better of her though as she gets Mickie in the corner and goes to land a Cannonball but hits the corner instead and Mickie hits a Leaping DDT to show that experience is better than youth.
(Aftermath: A masked woman rushes in and beats down Mickie James until she takes the mask off and it’s the IMPACT Women’s Champion, Deonna Purrazzo and hits a Package Piledriver to put Mickie James down as Kylie chase Deonna off.)

Tyrus, Jordan Clearwater & Sion vs The Pope & The End

Tyrus and Parrow start the match up but Tyrus comes in and tags Clearwater in but Parrow just takes it to the little guy and getting demolished, getting the tag to Odinson and The End are looking great, tagging Pope in and getting the fight going on Jordan, beating him down with strikes as the Masked Sion runs in to break it up as Tyrus distracts the ref but Pope goes wild and takes it to the two guys. As The End try to come in, Tyrus comes in and takes it to the Pope and tags Clearwater back in after so Tyrus doesn’t use too much energy. As Clearwater gets cocky and takes Pope into the heel corner, they cheap shot Pope with the ref’s back turned and Sion comes in and they take it to the former TV Champion.

Pope gets some separation and Odinson gets the tag and takes it to Sion in the corner but after the third corner attack was going to be made, Clearwater pulls Sion out of the way and tags Tyrus to take it to Odinson as we get the cheap tags made with the ref trying to calm and control Parrow. The crowd trying to get Pope and The End to get a comeback started and the other’s get frequent tags in but Tyrus is always stops that momentum in some way with his size. Tyrus is going to the top but misses Odinson and Odinson tags in Parrow and hell breaks loose and The End try to end it but the last member of Austin Idol’s group pushes Odinson off the ropes and takes out Pope as Tyrus Heart Punches Odinson in the chaos and Sion tags himself in and pins Odinson instead.

James Storm vs Chris Adonis-

They try to do a collar and elbow but Chris obviously out powers James and gets the early advantage, showing off his strength as James Storm gets sick of it and goes into some holds to stun Chris Adonis but Adonis gets annoyed himself and clocks Storm to break the wrist lock. Storm doesn’t give up though and takes it to the Masterpiece, always one step ahead of what Adonis does and shows the fight he still has in him. Storm looks to have the advantage all the way until the Masterpiece shoves the Cowboy in the post and swings the momentum in his favor. Adonis takes it back to the ring, showboating a bit and lands an axehandle and Russian Legsweep to take the Cowboy down for a nearfall.

The fight continues though as Adonis starts to manhandle the Cowboy, even the trash talking isn’t slowing Chris down as he takes it to Storm in the corner and Storm is Hulking Up… Boozing Up? The bashes in the corners aren’t working anymore as Storm gets fired up and Adonis gets rocked for a quick comeback, the Masterpiece is able to cut it off but goes back to the middle rope Axehandle only to get stopped by the Cowboy and hits a Frankensteiner and An Eye of the Storm only for a nearfall. The Cowboy hits the codebreaker and readies the Last Call Superkick but Adonis catches him and hits a Spinebuster.

After another nearfall, Chris Adonis gets it on the Masterlock on but James Storm rushes to the corner to break it but Adonis catches Storm again into a Master… Slam. I’m calling it a Master Slam even though it’s a Full Nelson Slam but doesn’t get the pin again. Adonis starts yelling at the ref and uses James’ beer to taunt him but James Storm hits the Last Call and would have won if Chris’ foot wasn’t on the rope at the right time. As Storm gets frustrated with the ref, Adonis comes in to steal a win from the Cowboy.

Ric Flair is introduced to the ring next, thanks the crowd and gives a little fun history of his partying and experience, telling everyone that the NWA is alive and won’t let anyone forget the National Wrestling Alliance. He thanks Triple H, Shawn, Vince, and all the NWA Wrestlers he faced over the years and all the fun and experience even more as to what the World Champion was all about. He kind of rambles, kind of repeats himself but who cares? It’s Ric “God Damn” Flair. He thanks everyone for his life and his wrestling career, even taking the coat off and bouncing off the ropes as his final thank you goes to the fans, WWE and especially his home in the NWA.

12 Man Battle Royale

A good amount of talent within the NWA comes in for this match but the notable names being Slice Boogy, Sal Rinauro, Luke Hawx and JTG. Before it starts, we get a 13th Entrant as James Mitchell comes out with Judais (I… I think that it’s Murphy. Not Buddy Murphy… Murphy, the tag team partner of Gunner now Jaxon Ryker from TNA.)

Chaos gets going but Judais is wreaking shop in the ring as more and more chaos ensues. Rush Freeman is the first eliminated as the fighting continues. The Heartthrob goes right after and Sal Rinauro is fighting off elimation as we start thinning the herd here slowly as Sal keeps nearly eliminated along with Captain Uma and they go to fight until Uma gets punched by Plunket and eliminated as we get a super Suplex spot as Rudo, Slice Boogie and Marsche gets hit with the suplex. After some more fighting, Marshe Rocket, Plunket and Sal Rinaruo all get eliminated as the bodies are falling from the match as more and more fighting continue, JTG and Mims tries to Suplex El Rudo and Judias goes for the Tower of Doom Spot as Luke Hawx gets hit by the bodies crashing as we get more and more eliminated with El Rudo getting knocked down and down to five. Hawx, Judias, Slice Boogie, Mims and JTG as Slice gets some offense on everyone until Slice gets eliminated by Hawx.

Now that there are four, Mims and JTG fight each other as Hawx and Judias gets some fun started until Judias catches Mims and eliminates him as JTG and Luke Hawx start to talk and plan to take Judias out. He goes to the top and axehandles Hawx so hard he goes out of the ring and now it’s JTG and Judias.
JTG has a good amount of offense going and dodging a big boot attempt and JTG tries to eliminate him but gets caught with another chokeslam. JTG now on the verge of getting eliminated but Judias’ strength is keeping him winded and with a good amount of hits going on to get the win but one last hit from the top, eliminates JTG.

Chelsea Green vs Kamille-

The bell rings and Kamille goes for the power but Chelsea answers back with a takedown of her own but it’s never enough as every new move Chelsea Green does, Kamille locks in a Full Nelson multiple times until landing a Bubba Bomb into a Lotus Lock. Green rolls and stacks up Kamille as they break it and go for multiple variantions of roll ups, Jacknife, Backslide, La Magistal to try to get a quick victory until we go into more fighting and Kamille gets the advantage with her power and keeps the offense going, Gutwrench Suplex, Samoan Drop, then going to club her with punches and blows but not stopping the Hot Mess. No matter what happens, Kamille is continuing her assault, attacking the arm and wrist of Chelsea Green, slamming and stomping it in the mat as Chelsea is… well disarmed with no pun intended. Chelsea though, ever resilient and breaks out of a Tourture Rack attempt and breaks things even with a cutter.

The two women go back to fighting where Chelsea is getting a head of steam now, taking Kamille off her feet and goes to the top and gets a nearfall on the champion, needing to go for more but Kamille stops the momentum and goes for… a leaping leg lariat (wonder if that was for a Broski) but now readying the spear attempt after, missing and getting caught with a German Suplex. As soon as Kamille pops up out of it, she lands the Spear on Chelsea but with the pin, Green gets the foot on the ropes. Green goes for the Unprettier, gets caught and Kamille grabs the arm in a Key Lock and goes for the submission victory on the Hot Mess.

La Rebellion vs Aron Stevens and Kratos-

Instead of the normal La Rebellion theme, we hear some gunshots and the LAX Theme as Konnan accompanies them to the ring to be a possible game changer.

Bestia and Stevens start it off and Stevens gets the first offense started and hits the Elbow on Bestia and Mecha Wolf gets taken down too as Kratos goes to roll them back in before Konnan can talk to them and gets a tag in as Kratos goes in to take it to Bestia who hasn’t gotten a break at all or separation until Stevens is in and gets a poke in the eye. As everything breaks down in the corner, a three on one against Stevens at this point as Konnan takes cheap shots too on Stevens as the champions are on the losing end on this one it seems as Stevens gets beaten down. The ref keeps getting distracted and Stevens gets cheap shotted left and right no matter what.

Stevens still getting worked in the ring, not able to get a tag at all as the challengers get frequent tags and beaten down, triple teamed more and more as Kratos keeps getting taunted to distract the ref but when Stevens finally gets a separation from everyone, Mecha Wolf comes in and pulls Kratos down as they keep Stevens down, not able to get the muscle in but Stevens gets one more chance to get Kratos in and does as he comes in like a house of fire, manhandling both men and taking it to them. Kratos lands a Samoan Drop as Mecha Wolf breaks it up and takes out Stevens one more time as Kratos looks like he is going to destroy as he catches Bestia with an Enziguri on the top and hits the Falcon Arrow to another break. Stevens returns to the ring and they go for a Doomsday Device but more interference happens and the champions are looking in bad shape as La Rebellion finishes it with the Mark Of The Beast.

Trevor Murdoch vs Nick Aldis-

Trevor Murdoch comes out with a Harley Race style jacket as he walk around to high five and gets the fans behind him for possibly the last time.

Murdoch goes to give the jacket to his family but Aldis takes chase and attacks Trevor until Trevor fights back and they go into the audience with the bell not ringing yet as they take it to the people. Trevor bashes Nick Aldis to the wall and back to the barricade, draggin Aldis’ head into the metal before Aldis comes in and pokes Trevor in the eyes to give him a payback, fishhooking Trevor’s eyes as they slug it out all the way up into the stage ramp. Aldis tries to do a DDT to the hard wood stage but officials come out to stop them as they continue. Aldis slams Trevor down as now Billy Corrigan comes out and tells Aldis to get in the ring or lose his championship as Aldis dares him to try it before slamming Murdoch one more time and going back to the ring, keeping the attack going until both men gets in the ring.

Aldis demands the bell to be rung and it does but Trevor Murdoch gets some of a breather going and takes it to the champ until Aldis takes Murdoch off his feet with an Angle Slam (I think he did the Main Event Mafia taunt too) before doing a Lou Thez Press to get a pin and a nearfall on Murdoch as the fight continues and Murdoch makes a comeback by launching Aldis off the top and goes to do the Diving Bulldog but gets caught. Nick Aldis catches it to attempt a Figure Four but Trevor rolls Aldis in a pin and does a Figure Four himself before the champ can get out of it with a rope break. Murdoch tries to get more done with the offense but Aldis side steps and dodges a spear attempt as Aldis comes back after and puts an Abdominal Stretch on, pull on Trevor’s beard and holding the top rope as the ref doesn’t see it, after the third attempt, the ref kicks Aldis’ hand off the rope and Murdoch takes down Aldis.

As Aldis gets up, he argues with the ref about the Stretch hold and they get into a shoving contest until Murdoch gets up and tries to clothesline Aldis but Nick dodges again and we get a ref bump and Aldis takes it to Trevor Murdoch in front of his family outside before Aldis pulls the table cover outside and sets it up near the ramp, putting Trevor Murdoch on top of it as Aldis slowly goes to the top rope to land an Elbow Drop to the outside and drives his arm through Murdoch and the table. Aldis rolls Murodch back in and a new referee comes in and counts a pin as Murdoch kicks out again. As Aldis looks in confusion, he gets a kick to the stomach and Trevor Murdoch lands a CODE RED TO THE CHAMPION. He doesn’t go for a pin, trying to get his breath from the damage as the corwd rallies behind him and Aldis cuts Murdoch off as he gets to the top.

Aldis carries Murdoch after the stop on the top and lands a Tombstone Piledriver to Trevor and goes to the other side for another Elbow Drop and gets another nearfall. Aldis goes back to the top but Murdoch catches him and lands the Superplex as he tries to pin him and gets a nearfall of his own. He’s now has to get the Bulldog off now as Aldis moves out of the way and as Trevor falls, he applies the King’s Lin Cloverleaf for a godo amount of time until Murdoch grabs the bottom rope to break it and we go back to the slugfest as neither men gets an advantage until Nick Aldis gets hit with the Piledriver for Harley and the Bulldog to end the One Thousand plus Day Reign of the National Treasure!
(Aftermath: Ric Flair walks down to congratulate Murdoch along with Trevor’s family comes in to celebrate with him with the World Championship Victory. Flair comes in and says, “Trevor is a Champion. The World Champion and Harley would have been proud.” Trevor then takes to the mic and says thank you to everyone that supported him and he will represent the Championship with the best of his ability.)

Final Thoughts:

The NWA Man is back and had some ups and downs to it so let’s start with the bads in my opinion. I was always told if the Television Champion is on the card, they have to defend it. I know NWA isn’t on Television at the moment but still… We do things out of tradition in the NWA. That’s more of a gripe in my book but the other thing that was bad to me was if you have Americans fighting with Triple A wrestlers, it’s not going to be a fun match. It was a damn near eye sore to me but, it was a given when the LAX music hit and Konnan came out that they would win whether the match was good or not.

Onto the two goods now. First, that women’s match. Kamille has shown that she has learned and done a lot of training because she has looked a lot better since the last time I covered NWA programming. She saw the damaged arm of Chelsea Green and targeted it heavily, even winning with a Key Lock to make Chelsea Green tapped. The other thing was how that NWA Championship match went. It looked like the old NWA where the heel will cheap shot the face and go all over the arena before the bell, going into the crowd and doing every old school cheap trick you can find to win from Aldis but the teachings of Harley Race kept Trevor going, the good ol’ boy getting the win the clean and fair way. I can’t say more other than that was truly an NWA way to end the night.

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Andrew’s NWA Empowerrr Results & Match Ratings: 8.28.2021

Mickie James put this all into motion, and NWA made it happen! But, how was the execution? 3 title matches should make for a hell of a show!



So with a spoonful of gimmick and a spoonful of spite, Mickie James spear headed this idea for an all women’s pay-per-view. The NWA decided to back it in a package with NWA 73, and now let’s see what we got.

We’ve got some inter-promotional stuff with AEW, AAA and Impact represented. Melina’s trying to prove herself against IMPACT’s Virtuosa, Layla Hirsch fights the uphill battle against the Brickhouse Kamille and the NWA Women’s Tag Tournament finals are all tonight!

Three big title matches, a number one contender’s battle royal and who knows what else is in store. Did Mickie call in any favors from friends? Who might show up?

Let’s check it out!


  • Kylie Rae vs Chik Tormenta vs Diamante: Diamante wins via Code Red – * ¾
  • Semi-Finals for NWA Women’s Tag Titles: Hell on Heels (Renee Michelle & Sahara 7) vs The Hex (Allysin Kay & Marti Belle): Hex wins via HEXecution – ** ¾
  • Semi-Finals for NWA Women’s Tag Titles: The Freebabes vs Red Velvet & Kilynn King: Kilynn King wins via Kingdom Falls – *** ¼
  • Impact Knockouts Championship: Deonna Purrazzo (c) vs Melina: Deonna retains via Orienteering with Napalm Death – *** ¾  
  • Finals for NWA Women’s Tag Team Championship: Red Velvet & Kilynn King vs The Hex (Allysin Kay & Marti Belle): The Hex win via AK-47/Running Boot Tandem – *** ¼TITLE CHANGE!!!
  • NWA World Women’s Championship: Kamille (c) vs Legit Layla Hirsch: Kamille retains via Spear – ****
  • 10 Woman Women’s Invitational: Chelsea Green wins via Unprettier – ***



To kick off the Mickie James comes out with what sounded like a bullet pointed sales pitch, but she got taken by the moment and when the crowd fed into the appreciation, it was nice to see Mickie pivot and just be very honest. Velvet Sky on commentary was choked up for a while afterward. It’s kinda nice to hear the real emotions.

Kylie Rae vs Chik Tormenta vs Diamante

NWA versus Triple A vs AEW is how the show kicks off the wrestling tonight! After a triple Grecco Roman Knucklelock, we see a slightly delayed Double Superkick to send Tormenta to the outside, and then we see some Arm Drags of different flavors, but the timing seems suspect. This opening volley is really staggered and not fluid at all. Diamante can’t even pull off a Sattelite Russian Leg Sweep on Tormenta without a small hiccup.

Things finally seem to smooth out when Kylie grabs Diamante into a Samoan Drop, but Tormenta German Suplexes Kylie. Then we also get a Tower of Doom spot, where Tormenta holds on and goes for the pinfall on Diamante. This match started to pick up rhythm a little, but Kylie was late to a backslide attempt spot on Tormenta so that looked a little awkward.

Kylie hits the Kylie Special on Diamante, causing Diamante to powder, Tormenta is perched on the top rope, takes entirely too long, Kylie dodges. Kylie transitions a Crucifix into Smile to the Finish; but Diamante throws a weapon into the ring to distract the referee, takes out Kylie and then Code Red on Tormenta, and AEW wins.

Hell on Heels (Renee Michelle & Sahara 7) vs The Hex (Allysin Kay & Marti Belle)

The early on Hockey Fight goes the ways of Hell on Heels, until Allysin comes back in and evens things out. When people get back to corners, Marti and Allysin use frequent tags just to continuously stomp on Renee. Sahara 7 finally breaks things up and Renee pops out angry.

After the Heels get the tag, a nice tandem Rocket Launcher style move into Renee Superkicking Marti’s teeth through her head. Either the Heels are always scrappy or the palpable anger leads to thinking there might be a small level of stiff strikes.

Jesus, this definitely felt like more of a fight than choreographed wrestling we’ve become accustomed to lately. Even if some moves weren’t hit clean, the tension was there and the blind side aspect of some of the strikes helped to keep this match flowing. Yes it wasn’t really pretty, even though all the competitors are, it was heavily effective.

The Freebabes vs Red Velvet & Kilynn King

So the Freebabes are Jazzy Yang (Jimmy Wang Yang’s daughter), Miranda Gordy (Terry Gordy’s daughter) and Hollyhood Haley J (daughter of Amazing Maria). Kinda interesting to see a whole unit of second generation women’s wrestlers.

Red Velvet starts things off with some quick attacks and her “stirring it up” taunt. King comes in and the more exciting action is the Hoss battle. Cause much like her father, Miranda is a thick enforcer, so King’s height is neutralized a little bit. King does pop me when she hits the Pump handle Power Slam (The Meltdown from Wrath in WCW). It was a good show of power from King since she did it to Gordy, but Miranda kicked out of the tandem attack afterward and asserted her power.

Hollyhood distracted from the outside and did a great job as the annoying little cute manager style of heel. But this was a really solid match. Great tandem moves, easy logic and tag team psychology of trying to keep Red Velvet isolated. Velvet managed to roll toward King, she got grabbed, spin kick to free herself from Gordy and then we get King back in. Yang takes Velvet out of the ring, runs back to the corner to try and take advantage of the numbers advantage; but King counters, then hits Kingdom Falls on Yang for the win.

Gail Kim comes out and immediately hits the self-deprecating angle to the promo saying “talking wasn’t always my thing”, which yeah…Gail is a great wrestler but her promos were always kinda sus. Taryn Terrell and some back up comes down to basically tell Gail she can leave since NWA is Taryn’s place. Taryn and her little crew are about to beat down Gail, but Awesome Kong hits the ring! Her and Gail stare each other down, but then Kong backs up Gail and kills Taryn’s crew.

Gail runs off Taryn, Kong stalks Gail behind her and tells Gail to get back in and grabs the microphone from her. She pokes fun with the “I’m not much for words”, and then shows more of the personality we all know from shoot interviews. They have a really sweet moment, Kong says something like if she’d get off the couch for anyone, and it’s Gail. She does say she’s done, but I think she meant with what she had to say not retiring. Gail and Kong active together would be awesome though.

Impact Knockouts Championship: Deonna Purrazzo (c) vs Melina

Melina comes out in a golden outfit and veil, they even have some paparazzi come out for the lower budget MnM entrance. Deonna comes out and she’s in black and leopard print. It’s a little funny that I’ve seen some people make jokes about both being able to the tell the two apart, and they wear very similar outfits.

The early scrap is very even. Melina hits a quick Thesz Press, focuses mostly on strikes and bounces Deonna’s head off the turnbuckles. It isn’t really until Melina goes to the top rope and jumps, where Deonna catches her and hits a nice Jacknife Powerbomb counter. Deonna sets the pace and starts torquing the arms of Melina and focusing body parts. Melina tries to kick back while in the corner, but Deonna catches the foot and gives her an icy glare and drops the ankle over her shoulder. Deonna hits the “WOO” and goes for a Figure Four, but Melina gets to the ropes. Spinning Toe Hold from Deonna keeps the focus and the old school references going, but Melina manages to roll her up to force Deonna to break the submission.

After posting herself, Melina fires up, Deonna finds her way back in, but Melina is incensed. Double Knees across the middle ropes in the corner from Melina, matchbook cover, and nearly a 3, but only nearly. Melina goes for the Irish Whip, Deonna stops it, Russian Leg Sweep, roll through and then Deonna’s sadistic side is there. No Fujiwara…Tequila Sunrise!

Melina hits a Roundhouse Kick, Deonna Pumpkick, but Melina can’t pull of the Last Call. Then her knee gives out on her as she tries to run the ropes and Deonna attacks the injury. The referee stays on Melina trying to see if she’ll quit or have to be saved from herself, but Melina won’t let the referee call for the bell. Melina fights through, it gets a little rough at times while she sells and tries to fight. Almost catches Deonna after Moonlight Drive but she can’t cover immediately so only a near fall.

Primal Scream attempt, Deonna counters, Fujiwara, then Melina fights to the ropes, Venus de Milo…and Melina keeps fighting so Deonna grabs the bad leg, pulls back on the while keeping the arm barred, and Melina is forced to submit.

MadUSA comes out for commentary during the Finals of the NWA Women’s Tag tournament.

Red Velvet & Kilynn King vs The Hex (Allysin Kay & Marti Belle)

King and Kay have their power battle very similarly to how King and Gordy did. Kay lost the power fight pretty quickly and then she was beat on for most of the match. King showed off her power and Velvet showed off great agility and athleticism. Kay almost pulls back a comeback, but Red Velvet counters the Piledriver attempt with a Bell Clap…but with her thighs, transitioned into a Stunner, but then she hits the ropes and gets caught by Allysin in a Spinebuster.

After Marti gets tagged in, she brings amps up the pace on King, but King tries to lay out Marti. Tags in Velvet, Velvet misses the Frog Splash. Allysin comes back in, attempts HEXecution, but King stops it. Allysin goes for AK-47, King tries to get involved, but Allysin uses Velvet as a weapon. Marti is back in, tandem Running Boot/AK-47, and the NWA team is the victorious!

MadUSA hits the ring to present the belts, and honestly MadUSA was a nice addition to commentary. Helped fill out legitimate color instead of whatever Velvet Skye is supposed to be doing.

NWA World Women’s Championship: Kamille (c) vs Legit Layla Hirsch

This match hit the gas at the right time. Kamille dominated so much of this match. Layla had small flurries where she’d have to throw her entire body at Kamille or catch her, but Kamille never really took too many steps back. Layla hits a Corkscrew Avalanche German Suplex from the corner and that’s when we start to see Layla make some believers. Layla worked over Kamille’s arm for the Cross Arm Breaker, Leap Frogged the first Spear attempt and rattled the champion with V Triggers. Big haymakers, hunting for the arm and even kicking out of the Torture Rack Bomb kept Layla going strong.

Kamille gets dropped to a knee, Layla rushes for a Shotgun Dropkick, but Kamille catches her like a baby and literally just chucks her. Layla lands a little funny, but when she gets up, she gets flattened with a Spear and Kamille retains. Very impressive match and Kamille looked exhausted after the match.

10 Woman Women’s Invitational

Should be noted the only way to eliminate people is Pinfall or Submission.

Chelsea Green and Kiera Hogan start off the Battle Royale style match for number 1 contender for the Kamille’s title. First 30 seconds or so is just both women locked in a collar & elbow tie up, even dropping down with the gator roll as they stay connected. Bianca Carelli is the third entrant, which yes, is Santino Marella’s daughter.

After Carelli hit with a few okay Judo/power moves, we get one of the worst roll up situations I’ve ever seen. Like it was just messy, awful, and lost. Thunder Kitty is next, whose gimmick is apparently that she’s a 100 year old wrestler. Jennacide is next, with Taryn escorting her down. Bianca is the first eliminated by Jennacide, and that’s probably for the best. Bianca is attractive, but she’s greener than goose shit. Lady Frost is sixth. Jennacide eliminates the century old wrestler. Frost decides to not go into the ring, and the camera work decides to shit the bed. There is too much time focused on Frost and not the ring action. Whoever is in control of which camera to go to, sucks. Kiera and Chelsea smartly start to team up on Jennacide. Debbie Malenko is…wait…fu-what? Debbie Malenko?! Jamie Senegal is next up!

The good thing Malenko brought, beyond legitimacy and experience…she got Lady Frost in the ring! Frost hits a beautiful Yang Time, and then Debbie Malenko locks in the STF to get Frost to tap. Malenko puts Chelsea in the Surfboard, but Kiera Hogan pins Debbie while she’s in mid move to eliminate Malenko. Masha Slamovich is next to last. Slamovich hits the Spinning Heel Kick, Chelsea hits a Curb Stomp and Jamie Senegal with a Back Handspring Shining Wizard takes out Jennacide.

Tootie Lynn is the last entry. Masha eliminates Jamie. Another Tower of Doom, which has Slamovich float through on Kiera and eliminates Kiera ( Boo, Boo Wendy, Boo Wendy Testaburger). Tootie counters Masha’s Powerbomb with a Hurricanrana and Slamovich is eliminated! Home town hero versus one of the favorites. Chelsea wins after an Unprettier!


Overall Score: 7.75/10

Chelsea Green has a good chance at taking advantage of the weakened Kamille, so that makes the NWA 73 card a little more interesting. As for the show, aside from the God awful mess that was the first match, the rest of the show was a really good night of wrestling. Different styles of matches, a lot of classic wrestling, fun moments with women that wrestling fans know and it wasn’t over burdened with outside talent going over.

Marti Belle got to fulfill her promo dream of being the first OFFICIALLY recognized Dominican champion, Melina put on a hell of a match against one of the best wrestlers out there today and Kamille showed vulnerability in a David and Goliath style match that went from paint by numbers to really awesome at just the right point. Also being the long time TNArmy member that I am, Taryn with her new makeshift Dollhouse against Gail was nice, and then Awesome Kong showing up made it better. Hopefully Kong still has a little left in the gas tank, because she got one of the biggest pops all night.

The only real awful parts were the first match and the first like…60% of the Invitational, but the last bit definitely over performed. I went in with tempered expectations and I came out thoroughly entertained. Damn good job Mickie James, Jazz, MadUSA and Gail Kim.

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