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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (6/17/20)

It’s all about tag teams tonight!



AEW Dynamite Coverage

AEW’s Tag Division is Dynamite!

Hangman Page and Kenny Omega defend their tag titles at the same time as Best Friends put their shot on the line! How will Fyter Fest be affected?


  • AEW World Tag Team Championships: Kenny Omega & Hangman Page VS The Natural Nightmares; Omega & Page win and retain the AEW World Tag Team Championships.
  • Anna Jay VS Abadon; Abadon wins.
  • MJF w/ Wardlow VS Billy Gunn w/ Austin Gunn; MJF wins.
  • AEW TNT Championship Open Challenge: Cody Rhodes VS ???; Cody wins and retains the AEW TNT Championship.
  • The Young Bucks VS The Superbad Squad; The Young Bucks win.
  • AEW World Tag Team Championships #1 Contenders Match: Best Friends VS Le Sex Gods; Best Friends wins and will challenge for the titles at Fyter Fest.


AEW World Tag Team Championships: Kenny Omega & Hangman Page VS The Natural Nightmares!

The Cleaner and the Cowboy are finally on the same page, and are hoping to head for Fyter Fest. But Dustin Rhodes and QT Marshall might change that if they can pull of a stunning upset! The introductions are given, the belts are raised, and a battle of dynamic duos opens Dynamite!

Teams sort out and we start with Dustin and Omega. They circle and shake hands to show there is respect. It’s of note that Allie is NOT ringside right now, per a request by Brandi no doubt. Dustin and Omega tie up, Dustin headlocks but Omega powers out. Things speed up, Omega jumps but Dustin fakes him out. Dustin runs, Omega waistlocks but Dustin bucks Omega off, only for Omega to flip back up to his feet! Omega CHOPS Dustin, then Electric Chair lifts! Dustin escapes and waistlocks, Omega standing switches, but Dustin elbows free. Dustin runs into a boot, then Omega goes up and over. Omega gets Dustin with a huricanrana! Dustin kicks back then hops up to hit a flying huricanrana of his own!

Omega comes back, avoids the powerbomb lift, and the crowd rallies up. Dustin shakes out the cobwebs from that corner bump a moment ago but he shakes hands with Omega again. The two tag out to give us Hangman and QT. QT circles with Hangman, they tie up, Hangman waistlocks and trips QT to float over to a headlock. QT gets up, powers out and kicks. Hangman blocks, spins QT but QT dodges to uppercut! Hangman comes back to CHOP! And CHOP! And CHOP! Hangman fakes QT out on the next one to SLAP him on the back! But QT dropkicks Hangman in return! QT runs, Hangman ducks and handsprings to BOOT QT down! Hangman brings QT back up, tags Omega in, and the champs combine for a springboard double ax handle.

Omega brings QT up to CHOP! He clubs QT on the back then CHOPS again. He whips QT to ropes but QT avoids the back drop to scoop Omega for a suplex! QT is still stinging from the chops but he tags Dustin in so Dustin can kick and uppercut. Dustin whips Omega corner to corner hard, then brings him back up for a back suplex! Dustin drops elbows then more elbows, then covers. TWO, but Dustin tags QT. QT and Dustin bring Omega up to double wrench, body shot and Russian Leg Sweep! Cover, TWO! Britt Baker is apparently passing notes up to commentary while she “isolates” herself from the other wrestlers in the audience. She strings up another one while QT scoops Omega for a backbreaker! Cover, TWO!

The crowd rallies and duels while QT clamps onto Omega with a chinlock. QT dogs a forearm in Omega’s face and even pulls hair to add what he can. He drives in elbows but Omega gets to ropes. Dustin tags in and CLAWS Omega’s back! Dustin snapmares Omega down to a chinlock and leans on him. The crowd rallies, Omega fights his way up and throws body shots. Omega backs Dustin down, throws haymakers then whips. Dustin reverses, back drops and Omega hits hard! Dustin runs to the corner but gets an uppercut! Omega runs, KOTARO KRUSHER! Both men are down but the crowd rallies up. Both men crawl, hot tags to Hangman and QT! Hangman rallies with big haymakers and a whip. QT reverses but Hangman comes back to LARIAT! Hangman hits Dustin for good measure then BOOTS QT!

Hangman keeps moving, triangle clothesline takes Dustin down! QT runs into the FALL AWAY SLAM! Hangman kips up to PESCADO Dustin! Hangman returns to basement LARIAT QT! Cover, TWO!! QT survives and Hangman nods respect. Omega tags in and he brings QT around to a fireman’s carry. “YOU! CAN’T! ESCAPE!” Rolling senton to springboard moonsault! Cover, TWO!! QT didn’t escape but he did survive, so Omega puts him in the corner. Tag to Hangman and he CHOPS QT. Omega gives QT a pie face while Hangman BOOTS Dustin just because. QT uppercuts Hangman, and again! Hangman BOOTS again, then brings QT up, only for QT to follow, NEURALIZER! The crowd rallies again as both men stir. Hot tags to Dustin and Omega!

Omega swings Polish hammers but it’s Dustin who rallies with clotheslines! Dustin whips, Omega revers, “Not today!” Rhodes Uppercut! Dustin decks Hangman then atomic drops Omega! Dustin runs to bulldog Omega down! The crowd fires up as Dustin whips Omega corner to corner, and hits the spinning powerslam! Hangman runs in to get a powerslam, too! Dustin goes up top and PHOENIX CANNONBALLS the champions! Dustin dumps Omega out then throws Hangman out to follow. Tag to QT, Dustin CANNONBALLS both champions, and QT FOSBURY FLOPS Omega! QT puts Omega back in, heads up top, and leaps for a FLYING UPPERCUT! QT fires up even more, calls for the DDP, but Hangman runs in. QT throws him out, Omega avoids the bang, to SNAP DRAGON SUPELX!

Dustin returns, to give Omega a DESTROYER!! Hangman LARIATS Dustin! QT staggers into a scoop, but turns it around into a DIAMOND CUTTER! All four men are down but here comes Allie! She cheers on her cutey QT, but at least it means she and Brandi are on the same page. QT climbs up, motivated by his girl. MOONSAULT FLOPS! Tag to Hangman, he whips Omega for Omega to whip him to clothesline QT! Omega adds the back elbow! Omega feeds QT to Hangman’s rolling elbow! Then the pop-up GERMAN SUPLEX! Jackknife cover, but Dustin breaks it in time! Omega throws Dustin out and coordinates with Hangman. Hangman tags Omega in and they bring QT up. POWERBOMB! V-TRIGGER!! Hangman PESCADOS Dustin while Omega covers QT, TWO!!

Allie, Brandi and the crowd are rallying behind QT and his superhuman heart. But Omega and Hangman line it up, THE LAST CALL!! Cover, Omega and Page win!

Winners: Kenny Omega & Hangman Page, by pinfall (still AEW World Tag Team Champions)

Omega and Hangman take care of business and are headed for Fyter Fest! But there is still respect between them and the Natural Nightmares. Will there be a rematch waiting for Dustin and QT on the other side of the Summer?


AEW takes a closer look at Anna Jay.

“I was probably in middle school when I started watching wrestling. I fell in love with it, I knew I wanted to learn more, to do more, to train more. Any opportunity you have is an opportunity to showcase your talents.” So as soon as she got signed to AEW, she knew she had to work 10 times harder. The biggest thing for her is putting on a show for people to talk about later. She is the Star of the Show for that reason. But will she become THE star of the AEW Women’s Division? We find out next!

Anna Jay VS Abadon!

Anna Jay may want to be a star, but she just stumbled upon a freak show! Does she stand any chance of surviving this horror movie personified?

The bell rings and Anna is definitely wary of Abadon. They rush each other and Abadon tackles Anna! Abadon rains down wild hands, the ref counts at her but Abadon scares him off! Anna gets far away from Abadon, too, then baits her into the corner. Anna fires off forearms but Abadon isn’t bothered at all! Abadon knees low, whips Anna to ropes and clotheslines her down. Abadon crawls as she stalks Anna to the ropes, then chokes her on those ropes! The ref counts, Abadon lets up at 4, then yanks Anna off the ropes. Abadon runs to SPIKE-RANA Anna down! Cover, Abadon wins!!

Winner: Abadon, by pinfall

The living nightmare gets her first win, and it was a big win at that! Will Abadon only grow more horrifying as she climbs the rankings? Will Anna be able to recover from that scare to become a star?

Wait! The Dark Order is here! Colt Cabana is ringside, and Mr. Brodie Lee leads his minions out. Evil Uno has an envelope in hand while the Beaver Boys walk over to Anna Jay. Uno hands the envelope to Cabana, does this have to do with Cabana visiting their private locker room last week? Cabana opens the envelope and reads what’s inside. Mr. Brodie nods as Cabana keeps reading what looks to be… a contract. As for Anna, the minions help her up and out, and Brodie takes her hand to lead her backstage. Will Anna be the first woman to #JoinDarkOrder?


MJF w/ Wardlow VS Billy Gunn w/ The Gunn Club!

The undefeated Maxwell Jacob Friedman feels unappreciated and under-valued. The Gunn Club just thinks he’s unbelievably obnoxious. Austin and Colten are here to cheer their dad on, will they all have two words for MJF after this?

The bell rings and the crowd is on Billy’s side. MJF bails out to check his knee pads but everyone on that side taunts him. MJF gets back in the ring and circles with Billy, they tie up, and MJF tries a wristlock. Billy doesn’t budge, so MJF shakes his hand as a sign of good sportsmanship. MJF goes to step back but Billy keeps hold of his hand. Billy hip tosses MJF high and hard! MJF gets up and headlocks to punch Billy! The ref warns MJF but he knees Billy low. MJF wrenches, whips but Billy reverses. MJF ducks, dodges and rolls under the boot to front waistlock and push Billy to ropes. Billy easily pushes MJF off to BOOT him down! Cover, TWO! Billy brings MJF up and headlocks to give that punch back.

MJF gets out of the ring and goes to the stage, saying he’s done with this. Billy pursues MJF down the tunnel, and then brings him back out on his shoulders! Billy puts MJF in but MJF hotshots him! MJF struts but he doesn’t realize Billy is still standing. Billy walks right up behind MJF and MJF backs up into him. MJF turns around to get kicked low! Billy runs, MJF dodges the Famouser and chop blocks the leg! MJF runs and chop blocks from the front! MJF kicks and drops knees on the leg over and over! The crowd boos but MJF soaks up the heat. He stands on the foot then stomps it as AEW goes picture in picture.

MJF swaggers about as he stalks Billy. He taunts MJF before he stomps the bad leg again. MJF talks trash to the crowd before he grabs the foot, but Billy kicks back with the good foot. But MJF holds on to DDT the bad one! MJF drags Billy by his legs to the corner, but he’s too busy talking smack to the Sons of Gunn. Billy yanks MJF into the post! The ref checks on MJF, and Wardlow gets away with a cheap shot on Billy! Billy drags himself into the ring while Austin protests but the ref tells him to stay back. This allows Wardlow to SLAM Billy’s leg into the post over, and over, over, and over! Billy flops out of the ring and only now does the ref notice. Billy is now at the mercy of the ring count but he gets up and in. MJF is after the leg and drops an elbow on it!

MJF cranks on the leg in a toehold, and even digs knuckles in. Billy forearms MJF back, and punches him off the hold! MJF staggers to his feet but goes to drop toehold Billy. Billy stays up, until MJF chop blocks him again! MJF hooks up the legs for a “SUCK IT!” SNAP DEATHLOCK! Cover, ONE!! MJF is annoyed with Billy but the crowd is rallying as AEW returns to single picture. MJF drags Billy to the ropes and drops down on the bad leg! MJF talks trash to Jungle Boy in the crowd as he drops down again. The ref reprimands MJF but MJF goes for a third, only for Billy to move! MJF lands on his tailbone and hobbles to Billy. MJF gets the bad leg, hooks it up but Billy powers out! MJF hits buckles face first and the crowd rallies for Billy!

Billy rises, and ROCKS MJF with big right hands! Billy tilt-o-whirl SLAMS MJF down and the crowd fires up! Billy kicks low, runs, but MJF gets out of the way again. MJF is in the corner, Billy runs in, but his knee hits buckles! MJF grabs the leg, hooks it up, and puts on a Trailer Hitch! MJF uses ropes for leverage! The ref sees that and kicks MJF’s arms off the ropes! MJF lets Billy free to argue with the ref, but Billy choke grips him! MJF kicks the bad leg, runs, and tries to steal Famouser! But Billy stands right up to flip MJF around! And kicks low, to give him the FAMOUSER! Both men are down but Wardlow gets on the apron to distract the ref. Billy gets up and DECKS Wardlow, not noticing the Dynamite Diamond Ring was quickly tossed in first!

MJF puts the ring on while Austin Gunn gets in Wardlow’s face. Wardlow CLOBBERS Austin, but now Billy hurries out to RAM Wardlow into railing! Billy hobbles back into the ring where MJF plays possum. Billy brings MJF up, MJF diamond DECKS Billy! Cover, MJF wins!

Winner: MJF, by pinfall

Still undefeated, still obnoxious. But Jungle Boy confronts MJF over seeing the diamond ring used. Marko Stunt and Luchasaurus are in Wardlow’s face, and talking trash turns into a brawl! JB goes after MJF while Stunt and Lchasaurus go after Wardlow! The other wrestlers in the crowd hurry to break this up, but others want to “Let Them Fight!” Wardlow and Luchasaurus are the literally biggest problem so referees hurry out to help. MJF finally backs off, will he and Wardlow ever get what’s coming to them?


Backstage interview with Le Sex Gods.

Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara prepare to take the #1 contender’s spot from Best Friends, but they’re asked about last week’s vicious beating The Inner Circle gave Orange Cassidy. The question is simple: Why? Jericho says the answer is simple: “You’ve got a fat head, Marvez!” But the real reason why they “juiced” Orange is because everyone loves him. He’s so cool and has a laid back attitude. But he had the audacity to interrupt the Inner Circle’s business twice. Orange Cassidy wants to be funny, but what the Inner Circle did to him, “ain’t nothing funny about that.”

Sammy says they beat the pulp out of Orange! Or to a pulp. They’ll do that to Best Friends tonight to move on to the AEW World Tag Team Championships. And then they’ll get those titles because they’re better than best friends. They’re brothers! Blood brothers like the blood from the head of Orange Cassidy. Blood is thicker than water, or in this case, thicker than orange juice.


Ringside interview with Britt Baker.

Tony Schiavone of course talks to the Role Model, and he “thanks” her for the little notes she sends up. Schiavone has an announcement concerning Fyter Fest. The AEW Women’s World Championship has a challenger! Hikaru Shida will take on Penelope Ford, who has been on a hot streak of her own as of late. Ford pinned Shida so that is why she leap frogs over many others in the Women’s Division. Which upsets Britt. Is this all Schiavone “waddled” over to say? The fact that Britt’s leg is “broken” (it’s just some damaged tendons) and she is a victim of a conspiracy, that means Schiavone is in deep sh*t! TNT is going to be furious because he just lost an interview with the “face of the Women’s Division.” And their friendship is on a timeout so she can’t help him.

Britt tells Reba (whose real name is Rebel) to get her out of here. But the one driving the Role’s Royce is BIG SWOLE! “Where to, Doctor?” Britt realizes who is behind the wheel, and Swole takes off! Beep beep, time to put Britt where she belongs! And just where is that?!


AEW TNT Championship Open Challenge: Cody Rhodes VS ???

The American Nightmare wants to work a true workhorse schedule while he is holding this title, and he has already given two young stars big opportunities the first two weeks of his reign. Jake Hager waits to put the big hurt on Cody at Fyter Fest, but Cody has to make it there as champion first! For this third week, Cody is thinking outside the box by looking outside of AEW for a challenger! Cody has handpicked his opponent tonight, but who is it? We find out after the break!

AEW returns and Cody has a mic. “It’s time for the Open Challenge! But I can’t help but notice the air is getting a bit thin. It’s a bit lonely at the moment.” After being on the receiving end of a beating courtesy of Hager, Cody thought to himself, “No Dustin? No Matt? No Nick? No Kenny? No Hangman?” Is he even in The Elite anymore? He sure hopes so. But is the Nightmare Family still a family? It makes you wonder, right? But he doesn’t want to talk about that, he’ll hand this off to the coach, Double A, Arn Anderson! Arn takes the mic to say that here’s the thing. With age comes maturity, and with maturity comes wisdom. Sometimes you need to listen to that voice of reason in your head. Arn knows Cody believes he can beat Hager, and Arn knows Cody can beat Hager.

But in this business, timing is everything, and it’s just not right. Hager himself is watching backstage, eager to see what happens. Arn says they need to move on for right now to focus on tonight. Tonight’s opponent is more than qualified and very talented. Arn has checked this guy out, and it is someone Cody can use to hone his skills. That man is… “Absolute,” Ricky Starks! He is a former NWA World Television Champion and the hottest free agent on the market. And hearing the Open Challenge had also become open to those outside of AEW, Starks felt that was the perfect chance to not only get his foot in the door, but prove to himself that he can hang with anyone!

Starks has been broke with only $3 to his name, he’s slept in his car, on floors and on couches, all so that he could be sitting here right now. And when he had nothing else, he had two things: work ethic and grit, the same two things Cody talks about. So Cody says he can outwork anyone you put him up against? “Well guess what, baby boy?” Starks has his shoes on tight and is ready to go the distance. Is Cody? Starks makes his entrance, the introductions are made, the belt is raised and this absolute test for both men begins!

The two circle fast and approach. They feel it out, tie up, but then back off. They come back, Cody waistlocks to a hammerlock but Starks switches with him. Cody swings an elbow but Starks stays low to push and whip Cody to ropes. Cody comes back to run Starks over but Starks kips right up! Cody applauds that but kicks low to Rhodes Uppercut! Starks SLAPS Cody! Starks says he’s on Cody’s level, but Cody puts him in a corner. Cody swings but misses, and Starks SLAPS him again! Starks clubs Cody but Cody throws haymakers back. Starks hits back and runs, but into Cody’s dropkick! The crowd cheers as Cody stalks Starks to ropes. Cody brings Starks up for the not low blow kick! Starks bails out and Cody builds speed to DIVE! Direct hit sends Starks into barriers! Hager watches with ice cold focus as Cody puts Starks back in.

Cody stalks Starks again, brings him around but Starks clubs him. Cody wrenches and whips but Starks reverses. Cody kicks back, runs, but Starks sends Cody hard into ropes! Arn even winces as Starks drags Cody out to the apron for haymakers! Starks spins Cody around to get on the apron and drop a leg! A bit double edged but Starks figures it’s worth it. Cover, ONE, and Cody gets back to ropes. Starks chokes Cody on the ropes and Arn protests. The ref counts and Starks lets up at 4, to then run. Arn saves Cody from the straddle attack but Starks warns the coach not to get involved. Arn doesn’t sweat the young gun, and Cody kicks low. Cody throws hands but Starks gives them back. Starks headlocks for a TORNADO DDT! Cover, TWO! Cody crawls but Starks stalks him now.

Starks talks trash to Cody, elbows Cody to ropes, then throws haymakers. Cody hits back but Starks CHOPS. Cody CHOPS, Starks kicks low and hard. Starks wraps Cody up with a chinlock and even traps an arm. Cody pries at the hold as the crowd rallies up, but Starks elbows Cody in the head! Starks stomps Cody around then brings him up for a whip. Cody stops himself but the two collide head to head in the corner! Starks and Cody stagger, Starks wrenches and reels COdy in, but Cody denies the second tornado. Cody BOOTS, then dodges Starks to hit the spinning powerslam! Cover, TWO! Starks is toughing it out but Cody takes off his weight belt. Free souvenir for a fellow wrestler. Cody dragon sleepers but Starks knees out and shoves free.

Starks rams low but Cody tanks it for a suplex! Cody holds Stars up for a few seconds before hitting a gourd buster! Cover, TWO! Cody grows frustrated but Hager is… Well, Hager is stoic as usual. Cody positions Starks in a drop zone, goes up top, but Starks anchors his foot. Cody kicks Starks away but Starks comes back to throw hands. Starks climbs up to join Cody, on the very top, SUPERPLEX!! Both men are down but the crowd is loving this! They rally up as both men slowly rise. The standing count hits 5 but Cody and Starks are up. Starks runs at Cody and crossbodies them both out of the ring! Hager might actually be cracking a smile now. Cody sits up as the ring count climbs. Starks goes around the way to get up and in, but Cody is in at 6.

Cody wants Starks to stand, and they start throwing hands! They brawl fast and furious, then Cody knees low. Cody runs, springboards, but Starks ducks the kick to SPEAR!! Cover, TWO!! Cody lives and Starks can’t believe it! Starks drags Cody up, clubs him on the back, and underhooks. Cody blocks, trips, jackknife bridge, TWO! STarks has a sunset flip, TWO! Cody high stacks, TWO, and Starks tries. Cody jackknifes again, TWO! Starks gets up, swings but into a CROSS RHODES!! Cover, Cody wins!!

Winner: Cody Rhodes, by pinfall (still AEW TNT Champion)

The coach is relieved but maybe so is Hager. The Big Hurt is coming for the American Nightmare, will Fyter Fest be the end of Cody’s workhorse run? As for Starks, Cody shakes his hand to show there is respect between them. Will Starks be back in AEW again one day?


The Young Bucks VS The Superbad Squad!

Matt & Nick Jackson were involved in a tag team brawl with FTR, The Butcher & The Blade, but also Kip Sabian and Jimmy Havoc. Both teams want to fight their way to a shot at the AEW World Tag Team Championships, and that brings them to fight each other! Who takes the other team out to take that next step forward?

The teams sort out and Havoc waits for Matt to high five Nick before clobbering him from behind! Havoc throws Matt down and stomps the bad back. Havoc shoves Matt to ropes and clobber shim again! Havoc bumps Matt off buckles and throws body shots to keep on the bad torso. He brings Matt to the other corner to dig his nails in! Havoc whips Matt to ropes, but Nick tags in and Matt slides under. Matt whips Havoc, Kip tags in, Matt drop toeholds Havoc for Nick’s slingshot leg drop! Matt sees Kip coming and kicks low. The Bucks double wrench, CHOP and whip for double elbows! Fist drop and splash combo! Double dropkicks sends Havoc out and the Superbad Squad regroups. But they get DOUBLE PESCADOS!

But ringside, Butcher and Blade talk trash to The Bucks, getting their attention. The Bucks dare them to step over the railing, but nothing happens there. Kip and Havoc recover and Nick offers them entry. Kip slides in and the teams regroup at their corners. Both teams huddle up, but Kip rushes the Bucks, only to get a double JAB! Kip flounders away and tags Havoc. Havoc dares Nick to punch him around, to Nick kicks low. Nick whips Havoc to the corner but catches the boots to turn Havoc sideways. Tag to Matt, draping neckbreaker to slingshot senton! Matt scares Kip off the corner, to then WRECK him with a dropkick! Nick gutbusters Havoc while Matt skins the cat, and the Bucks combine for the flipping neckbreaker backbreaker combo! The crowd cheers the Bucks as they dare Butcher & Blade to do something.

Now Blade hops the railing to get at Nick. Butcher follows but Matt backs Nick up. The ref tries to keep peace while Matt calls for the Superkick Party~! Butcher and Blade get right on the apron, and someone has given Havoc a wet floor sign!? The ref is busy with Nick so Havoc SMACKS Matt with the sign! Nick protests, Havoc covers, TWO! Havoc digs his knee into Matt’s back as the rib tape comes loose. Havoc mugs Matt in the corner and tags Kip. The Superbad Squad stomps away as AEW goes picture in picture.

Kip stomps a mudhole but lets up to mock the Bucks’ flexing pose. This allows Havoc to choke Matt behind the ref’s back! Kip mocks giving a superkick to then bring Matt up and tag Havoc. The squad mugs Matt more then double whips him to ropes. Matt hops over Havoc but right into Kip’s atomic drop! Havoc comes around, BOOTS Matt down, then covers, TWO! Havoc uses the rib tape to choke Matt! The ref counts, Havoc lets up at 4, then gets in Nicks’ face as he throws up deuces. Havoc bumps Matt off buckles in the corner and double punches Matt in his bad ribs. Tag to Kip and he headbutts Matt low. Kip rams his shoulder into Matt over and over and over, then backs off to taunt Nick. Havoc again reels Matt in for cheap shots! Kip goes back to Matt, covers, TWO!

The Superbad Squad grows annoyed but Kip clamps onto Matt with a chinbar and armlock. Matt endures, fights his way up, and throws body shots. Kip throws Matt by his hair, but the ref is reprimanding him harshly. But this all allows Havoc to give Matt a paper cut between fingers! Kip covers, but the ref is busy with Nick protesting. The ref finally counts, TWO! Kip brings Matt up, tags in Havoc, and the squad mugs Matt some more. Havoc snapmares Matt to uppercut low to the back! Havoc tortures the bad fingers while AEW Returns to single picture. The crowd rallies as havoc brings Matt up and puts him in the corner. Tag to Kip and Kip stomps another mudhole. Tag back to Havoc, and Havoc cravats Matt to throw him out. Havoc keeps the ref’s attention again and Kip has the mercenaries help him out.

But wait, FTR appears?! Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood have had their issues with Butcher and Blade, and they’re keeping those two from doing anything more. Havoc drops knees on Matt then brings him up to tag in Kip. The squad mugs Matt in the corner then Kip snapmares Matt to kick him in the back. Havoc stomps Matt down and sets him up for Kip’s PENALTY KICK! The kick is still no good? Kip is annoyed but he bumps Matt off buckles. Tag to Havoc and Havoc whips Kip in, for Matt to put on the apron! Havoc uppercuts, Kip enziguris, and then tags in to dropkick! Havoc adds a dropkick of his own, then Kip tags Havoc back in. The squad taunt Nick more but the ref is busy with Nick while Kip catapults Matt into Havoc’s eye poke! Cradle, TWO!!

Havoc chokes Matt with his own long hair, then bumps him off buckles. The crowd rallies and Matt boots Havoc away! Matt hits Kip, then catches the Shoryuken to a hanging sleeper hold! Kip hits Matt then springboards to Steiner, only for Matt to block and make it a SUPER SIT OUT BOMB! Matt crawls towards his corner, hot tag to Nick! Nick rallies on Kip and Havoc with his quick kick combo! Corner shining wizard, clothesline bulldog combo! The crowd fires up as Nick shoulders Havoc and slingshot FACEBUSTERS him on the ramp! Nick back elbows Kip to then escalara crossbody Havoc back down! Nick slingshots to sunset flip Kip, for a SHARPSHOOTER! Kip endures, crawls for ropes, but Matt drops the elbow! Nick sits deep, Kip holds on, but Havoc has a mallet! Ford uses the floor sign to SMACK Nick!!

Kip tags Havoc, Havoc goes right after Nick, fisherman lift, SING THE SORROW!! Cover, but Matt breaks it!! Havoc kicks Matt out of the ring and tags in Kip. The squad coordinates, wheelbarrow springboard DDT! Cover, TWO!?! Kip can’t believe it, but he heads up top. Kip is bleeding but he leaps, the stomps miss and Nick SUPERKICKS him down! Hot tags to Matt and Havoc! Matt gets Havoc for the Northern Light! Float over, and the Polar Express gets moving! Matt catapults Havoc into Nick’s enziguri! Tag, springboard stomps across the knees! Nick Penalty Kicks Kip down! Then the Bucks coordinate, RISKY BUSINESS! Cover, TWO!! Tag back to Matt, he drags Havoc up, and the Bucks look to end this. FTR keeps Butcher & Blade back, but Havoc shoves Matt into Nick! Roll up with tights, TWO!!

Havoc underhooks for a butterfly suplex! Tag to Kip, he climbs again, DOUBLE STOMPS!! Cover, Nick breaks it outta nowhere! Havoc throws Nick back out then drags Matt up. Havoc scoops but Matt shoves Havoc into Kip now. Matt gets the squad for a DOUBLE NORTHERN LIGHTS! Matt hurries and tags in Nick, and we get DOUBLE SUPERKICKS! They use Kip to hold Havoc in the gut wrench, then they double mule kick his legs out! Kip gives Havoc a Tombstone piledriver! Then the Bucks drag Kip up for a modified DOUBLE KAMI-GOYE! The Golden Lovers would be proud! Cover, the Bucks win!

Winners: The Young Bucks, by pinfall

But then the brawl starts again! Butcher and Blade go after the Bucks but FTR goes after them! FTR even hits Havoc, but then they focus on big Andy Williams! They double whip Butcher, and the Bucks DOUBLE SUPERKICK him! But FTR still gives him GOODNIGHT EXPRESS! But they’re not done, as the Bucks grab Blade and FTR has Havoc. Simultaneous INDIETAKER AND MIND BREAKER!! They’re basically the same but each team puts their own twist to it. The crowd is loving the AEW Tag Division, but when and where will we see The Bucks and FTR finally face off?


AEW hears from Taz and Brian Cage.

Taz wants to bring us all “behind the scenes” for just a moment. Last week, Taz and Cage were hanging out in their luxury trailer, watching Dynamite, drinking protein drinks because that’s what they do. But then Taz hears this racket, goes out and sees the “crazy ass banshee” that is the AEW World Champion, Jon Moxley. Mox was claiming he was going to pop Cage’s head like a pimple and shut Taz up for good. “Are you kidding me, Mox? You rotten son of a bitch.” Moxley is miserable? That gimmick was taken decades ago by Taz!

But Cage speaks up and says he understands Taz’s frustrations, but he’s taking the high road too much. Mox wants to disrespect them on the mic, in the ring, dropping the mic and leaving them standing there. Mox brought this on himself! As a matter of fact, Cage wants Fyter Fest to be tonight! Taz loves it! It’d be Drill Claw City! Cage isn’t sure what he wants more: to rip Mox’s head off, drop him on his head, or take that title. He isn’t sure. Well what’s better? Actually, who better? The answer: nobody. Will Moxley fall when he crosses the Path of Cage?


Jon Moxley responds.

“Who can stop the Path of Cage?” Cage climbed up a ladder, pulled down “some gimmick,” and now thinks it’s a good idea to step into the ring with the world champion? Aka “The judge, jury and executioner of AEW, the man who makes heads roll!” Moxley is in this business because he has demons. Bad ones. “The only thing that keeps them at bay is hurting people in the ring.” And now Cage’s path has crossed Moxley’s. Moxley turns Taz’s words around on them, “Beat me if you can! Survive, if you are the kind of miserable son of a bitch that can survive in the deep water that I’m gonna drag you into.” The Maniac wants to destroy the Machine, can he do it?


AEW loads up another big episode!

After all the talk and the fighting alongside allies, Sammy Guevara will confront Matt Hardy 1v1! Will the Spanish God be ready for all the forms of Hardy? And after being given his Dark Order contract, BOOM BOOM Colt Cabana teams with Brodie Lee! They take on New Jersey’s Finest, Joey Janela and Sonny Kiss! And in AEW’s first ever Lumberjack Match, MJF’s muscle, Wardlow, takes on Luchasaurus! And though the Natural Nightmares fell short of the titles tonight, their path to redemption begins! But will it only be shattered by FTR? And to keep sharp before Fyter Fest, Jon Moxley will return to action, with Taz watching live on commentary. What will Taz say and do to the AEW World Champion so close to the big event?

Speaking of the big event, Cody VS Hager is official now that Cody has gotten through the night. Will Hager get to end the American Nightmare’s dream with his own hands?


AEW tracks down Britt Baker and the “Role’s Royce”!

Rebel has the GPS on her phone, they find Britt in a dumpster! Britt is furious but also very disgusted. Britt’s been stuck in this trash for five hours! Well, no, it’s only been one hour. Britt does not want them to question her! She FIRES Rebel. Rebel is free? Rebel goes to leave, but Britt says Rebel isn’t fired. But where was she? In the bathroom. Why?! This is a full time job, 24/7!! She doesn’t go anywhere that Britt isn’t, and she sure doesn’t go to the bathroom without her! And where the hell is Tony?! You said he was in timeout… Oh, right. But no, that doesn’t matter! Friends don’t take timeouts so he should be here! Get Tony and- Why is there a camera crew?! They were here to see Britt being rescued. Oh is Rebel some kinda hero now? No, it’s just- GET TONY!! Okay, okay!

But since cameras are here, Britt warns Swole that she will pay for this. Literally. Britt will sue Swole, make her pay fines, and make Swole never EVER forget the day she did this to Dr. Britt Baker. Britt will get Swole if it’s the last thing she does. “Reba, get me outta here.” NOW!! Rebel panics as Britt nags her. Will Swole really face the consequences? Or is The Dentist all bark and no bite?


Matt Hardy joins commentary!

For right now, this looks like normal Hardy joining Excalibur, Tony Schiavone and good ol’ Jim Ross. He is excited to watch the main event, just as we are.


AEW World Tag Team Championships #1 Contenders Match: Best Friends VS Le Sex Gods!

Trent and Chuck Taylor want to avenge Freshly Squeezed, but the only way they could get Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara to agree is to put up their shot at Hangman Page and Kenny Omega! Are they risking too much for the honor of Orange Cassidy? Or will the Fyter Fest card change at the last minute?

AEW returns as Best Friends make their entrance, and push Sammy’s scooter out of their way. The teams sort out and the Kentucky Gentleman starts with the Spanish God. But then both Best Friends ambush Le Sex Gods! Trent is after Sammy while Chuckie chases Jericho! Jericho hits Chuck back but Chuck hits him. Trent drags Sammy out of the ring to club away with forearms. Chuckie chokes Jericho with his shirt, but Sammy clubs Trent on the back. Sammy shoves Trent at the post but Trent stops himself to elbow Sammy away! Chuckie throws hands on Jericho then bumps him off the timekeeper’s desk! Trent stomps Sammy at railings on the other side, then Chuckie headlocks to dig a water bottle into Jericho’s face!

Sammy bumps Trent off the apron while the ref reprimands both teams. Sammy whips Trent at railing but Trent comes back with a SPEAR! Trent puts Sammy in the ring for Chuckie, and he hits a standing Sliced Bread! Cover, TWO!! Sammy survives but Chuckie drags Sammy up. Sammy rakes Chuckie’s eyes and tags Jericho. Jericho walks into kicks and punches from Chuckie! Chuckie sweeps the legs and stomps away on Jericho until the ref counts. Chuckie fires up and whips Jericho corner to corner. Chuckie runs in but into an elbow! Jericho hops up to missile dropkick! Cover, TWO! Chuckie gets to ropes but Jericho chokes him! The ref counts. Jericho lets up, but Sammy chokes Chuckie in the corner!

Jericho tags Sammy and Le Sex Gods stomp away. Sammy brings Chuckie up to whip him to ropes. Sammy hurdles over, flips, and dropkicks Chuckie down! Sammy kips up and shows off, to then do the cocky Jericho pin. ONE, and Sammy drops on Chuckie with a chinlock. Chuckie endures and the crowd rallies up. Jericho tags in and Le Sex Gods mug Chuckie. Jericho snap suplexes Chuck down then runs to drop a knee. Sammy applauds while the crowd boos. Chuckie gets up and throws hands on Jericho, then runs but into Jericho’s dropkick! Cover, TWO! Jericho taunts Chuckie to go tag Trent, but then he clubs him down. Jericho brings Chuckie up but Chuckie throws forearms. Chuckie runs, but into Jericho’s elbow!

Jericho springboards, LIONSAULT! It flops as Chuckie moves! Both men crawl to their corners, hot tags to Sammy and Trent! Trent dodges Sammy to CHOP him down! Trent CHOPS Sammy again, then CHOPS him at the ropes! And again! Trent whips and CLOBBERS Sammy with an elbow! Trent hits Jericho for good measure before stalking Sammy. Sammy runs in, Trent dodges and Sammy hits buckles! Trent CHOPS Sammy again, then runs, only for Sammy to BOOT him back! Sammy runs but Trent reels him in, SNAP SAIDO! Trent sees Jericho pick up Floyd the baseball bat, so he wrecks Jericho with a baseball slide! Trent slingshots, but his Pescado gets a base hit! Trent goes down in a heap while AEW goes picture in picture.

Jericho drags Trent up and whips him into railing! Trent winces but Jericho drags him back up. Sammy clobbers Chuckie T for good measure while Jericho POSTS Trent! The ref reprimands Jericho but Jericho puts Trent in for Sammy to cover. TWO, but Sammy keeps his cool. Sammy drags Trent up to put him against ropes. Sammy CHOPS and CHOPS Trent in return, then fireman’s carries to show off the squats. Then Sammy hits the Samoan Drop! Cover, but Trent makes it a ghost pin! TWO, and Sammy CLOBBERS Trent! Tag to Jericho and he looms over Trent. Jericho drags Trent up and back suplexes high and hard! Trent flounders to a corner while Jericho soaks up heat. Jericho brings Trent up again to CHOP!

Jericho CHOPS again but Trent gets him back with haymakers and CHOPS! Trent whips corner to corner but Jericho reverses, sending Trent tumbling up the buckles! Trent comes back down to get a LARIAT! Jericho covers, TWO! Jericho is still very cocky as he soaks up more heat. Jericho brings Trent up and knees low. Jericho suplexes to hang Trent out to dry and let him hit the mat! Cover, TWO! Jericho brings Trent up and tags in Sammy. Le Sex Gods double whip and double shoulder Trent down! Sammy does his spinny move, and the two pose together. Sammy swaggers over to Trent and kicks him in the corner. Sammy goes corner to corner, but Trent STOMPS him down! Both men are down and a standing count begins. The crowd rallies up, hot tag to Chuckie T!

The Kentucky Gentleman rallies on Le Sex Gods! He goes up and over to spin Sammy for a FALCON ARROW! Cover, TWO!! Chuck keeps his cool, drags Sammy to a corner, and goes up top. Chuckie MOONSAULTS, but lands on his feet when Sammy moves. POP-UP BOMB! Cover but Jericho breaks it! Chuckie throws Jericho out and stalks Sammy. Sammy stirs but Chuckie brings him up, only to get a jawbreaker! Sammy runs but into a boot! Trent tags in, he and Chuckie give Sammy SOLE FOOD HALF ‘N’ HALF! And the Best Friends go to hug, only for Jericho to ruin it! Chuckie whips Jericho, Jericho reveres, but Jericho walks into the Sexy Chuckie Knee! And turns around into the PSYCHO KNEE!

Trent kicks and tornadoes, but Jericho stops the DDT to get the legs! Jericho works to turn Trent and Sammy FLIES out onto Chuckie! WALLS OF JERICHO! Trent endures as Jericho sits deep! Trent crawls and gets the ropebreak! Jericho thinks he’s won but the ref points out it was a ropebreak. Jericho argues with the ref, but Trent LARIATS Jericho down! Both men are down, Sammy tags in, and Sammy SUPERKICKS Trent down! Sammy goes to a corner, climbs up top, but Trent trips him up! Trent climbs up to join Sammy, but Sammy fights back. Sammy headbutts Trent, but Chuckie returns to help Trent up. Electric Chair SUPERPLEX!! Trent LARIATS Sammy inside out! Cover, but Jericho breaks it in time!

Chuckie throws Jericho out but the ref shouts at Chuckie to go to the corner. Chuckie obeys, but Sammy feeds Trent to Jericho’s eye rakes! Roll up with tights, TWO!! The screwjob didn’t work, and Chuckie goes after Jericho again! He bumps Jericho off the apron then rams him into railing! And then more railing! Chuckie grabs a chair, but the ref tells him no! That’s a disqualification if he does it. But then Jericho hits Chuckie low and throws him out into the crowd! Chuckie bowls over Suge D and almost takes out Hikaru Shida! In the ring, Sammy has Floyd and base hits Trent! Sammy goes up top, for the SHOOTING STAR!! Cover, TWO!?! Trent will not be taken out and Sammy is freaking out! Sammy brings Trent up, torture racks, but Trent slips out to shove. A camera man swipes at Sammy?! Trent hits STRONG ZERO!! Cover, Best Friends win!!

Winners: Best Friends, by pinfall (still #1 Contenders to the AEW World Tag Team Championships)

Le Sex Gods tried to cheat Trent and Chuckie out of their title shot, but they just got cheated back. Because that mystery camera man is none other than… ORANGE CASSIDY!! The Sloth shows the scars of that assault, but now he gets in Jericho’s face! Jericho warns Cassidy, but Cassidy goes after him with fury! Cassidy is trying! In fact, he is serious as he SUPERMAN PUNCHES Jericho out of the ring!! Fyter Fest is set in stone as Best Friends will take on Omega and Page, but it gets even better! To settle the score, we will get Chris Jericho VS Orange Cassidy!! Cassidy gives a thumbs up as he and Best Friends hug it out! Will they be hugging with title belts soon enough?

My Thoughts:

Another great episode, with a lot of great action and some intriguing developments towards Fyter Fest. AEW did a great job sandwiching the episode with the AEW World Tag Team Championship story. Omega & Hangman VS Natural Nightmares was great, though I expected this to be the night Allie shows her true colors. Apparently not the case, as QT and Dustin lose clean. Maybe that moment is being left for All Out, or whenever normal fans can finally return. Best Friends and Le Sex Gods had a great main event, and it was pretty great for Orange Cassidy to get a semblance of payback tonight. We get the tag team title match we figured on with Omega & Hangman VS Best Friends, but now we get Jericho VS Cassidy and that is going to be a show stealer.

Just as I was wondering if The Dark Order was ever going to recruit a female wrestler, we get our answer! Anna Jay gets a vignette like she’s about to be pushed with a win, only to job to the truly horrifying Abadon. Dark Order recruits Anna, she’ll likely be one of the missing numbers soon enough, but then Cabana is given that contract and is announced for a match alongside Brodie Lee next week. Pretty sure that means Brodie and Cabana win at the expense of Janela and Kiss, but it still adds intrigue to the Dark Order’s story. MJF VS Billy Gunn was pretty good, especially with Wardlow and Austin Gunn getting involved. The brawl with Jurassic Express was great, and that Lumberjack Match next week might actually be really good, as AEW does great putting new twists on traditional/cliche matches.

I feel like I need to say again that Cody’s personal story in AEW simply has a pacing problem. Him reaching outside of the company seems several months too soon, but maybe this was the only time Ricky Starks could show up for AEW. The match itself was great, but of course Cody wins to solidify his match with Hager at Fyter Fest. I also do appreciate Cody’s promo, feeling hung out to dry by both The Elite and the Nightmare Family. I feel like Cody should at some point actually join up with Dustin, Brandi and QT to truly make the Nightmare Family a team and not just a name. Next week is the go home to Fyter Fest, so I expect a contract signing for something, most likely the TNT Championship. Moxley, Taz and Cage had good promos tonight and I wonder how Moxley’s go-home match goes if Taz will be on commentary running him down.

Penelope Ford being named Shida’s challenger for Fyter Fest makes a lot of sense, she did pin Shida and has been doing great both in her own matches and alongside the Superbad Squad. Britt’s attitude tonight and Swole taking out the trash was great build for their story, and I can’t wait to see how things escalate towards All Out. We got an awesome match out of The Young Bucks and the Superbad Squad, even with Butcher & Blade and FTR showing up ringside. Fyter Fest might have a massive 4v4 or even a Fatal 4 Way Tag to give all these teams a way to fight it out at once. It could easily be called a #1 contenders match to the tag titles, and then it is won by a team that isn’t The Bucks or FTR. That leaves Bucks and FTR open to feud with each other for All Out. FTR claims to not care about the dream match, but that match has to happen for both teams to get past it.

My Score: 9.3/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Rampage Results & Report! (7/12/24)

Top Flight is on a Rampage!



Time to rumble, bad man, rumble.

After weeks of back and forth, Top Flight finally has it out with Shane Taylor Promotions in a Six Man Tag match! Who proves to be the baddest trio in AEW?


  • Malakai Black & Brody King VS The Premier Athletes w/ Mark Sterling; Malakai & Brody win.
  • Roderick Strong w/ The Kingdom VS Ben Bishop; Roddy wins.
  • Fatal 4 Way: Rey Fenix VS Komander VS Angelico VS AR Fox; Fenix wins.
  • Thunder Rosa VS Rachael Ellering; Rosa wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Top Flight & Action Andretti VS Shane Taylor Promotions; STP wins.


Malakai Black & Brody King VS The Premier Athletes w/ Mark Sterling & Josh Woods!

The Kings of the Black Throne claim they’re not enraged over Buddy Matthews being attacked, and yet they’re on a Rampage! Well, bad puns aside, will they unstoppable from now until they have avenged their Aussie Juggernaut? Or will Tony Nese & Ariya Daivari make everyone take them serious from now on?

The teams sort out and the fans hoot and bark. Malakai starts against Daivari and the two circle. The fans rally up, the two feel things out, then tie up. Malakai headlocks, grinds, but Daivari powers up and out. Daivari drops, hurdles, but Malakai waits. Daivari ducks ‘n’ dodges, but Malakai blocks the kick. Daivari narrowly avoids the roundhouse! Daivari backs up while Malakai sits down cross-legged. The fans fire up but Daivari tags Nese. Nese runs up, but Malakai ducks under the kick! Malakai kips up so Nese ROCKS him with a forearm! Malakai shoves Nese to ELBOW him down!

Malakai drags Nese over, tags Brody and the fans fire up. Nese scrambles away as the fans bark and hoot. Nese flexes, he isn’t intimidate. Nese CHOPS, but Brody doesn’t flinch! Nese grabs the beard and says Brody is his b*tch now! Brody CHOPS Nese off his feet! Brody barks, the fans join in, and then Brody CHOPS Nese! The fans “WOO~!” and Brody CHOPS Nese again! Brody fires forearms and CHOPS, then whips corner to corner. Nese rebounds, into a BIG back drop! Nese staggers up, into a scoop and SLAM! Brody runs to SENTON! Cover, TWO! Nese survives, so Brody drags him right up and tags in Malakai.

The House mugs Nese, double whips him corner to corner, then Brody sends Malakai in. Nese dodges to then ROCK Malakai! Nese BOOTS Brody, whips Malakai at him, but Malakai rolls off Brody’s back. Nese dodges Brody’s lariat but Malakai BOOTS him into the LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Malakai drags Nese up, drags him back over, and tags Brody. They mug Nese some more, and the fans fire up as Brody pumps up that rm. Brody runs, but Woods DUMPS Brody out! Nese distracted the ref and Malakai protests, but the fans boo. Daivari hurries after Brody but Brody grabs Daivari by the neck! Nese FOSBURY FLOPS Brody down!

The fans boo as The Premier Athletes now mugs Brody! Malakai protests but the ref keeps him back, and Rampage goes picture in picture.

The Premier Athletes let off to high-five with Woods & Sterling, then the ref starts a ring count. Nese catches his breath before he drags big Brody up. Nese puts Brody in the ring, tags Daivari, and they mug Brody more, They both run, to DOUBLE SHOULDER Brody down! Cover, TWO! Daivari hurries to bring Brody around in a facelock, and turns him for a NECKBREAKER! Daivari CHOKES Brody on ropes, the ref counts, and Daivari lets off. Daivari argues with the ref, so that Sterling can CHOKE Brody! Sterling scurries away like the weasel he is, and then Daivari stands on Brody in the corner!

The ref counts, Daivari lets off and he drags Brody over. Tag to Nese, and Nese stomps Brody while Daivari anchors the legs. Rampage returns to single picture as Nese and Daivari let off. Nese soaks up heat, stalks Brody to the corner, and he grins as he says “All day, baby.” Nese CHOPS but Brody gets mad! Brody fires forearms and elbows, DECKS Nese, then storms up. Nese throat chops! Then Nese runs, but into an URENAGE! Both men are down and the fans fire up! Brody crawls, reaches out, hot tags to Malakai and Daivari! Malakai rallies on Daivari with big elbows and then a strike fest! LEG SWEEP!

Nese gets in but Malakai ELBOWS him down! Daivari kicks and whips but Malakai RANAS! Nese is up but the JUMP KNEE knocks him down! Daivari stands and Malakai QUEBRADAS him down! Cover, TWO! Daivari survives but the fans rally behind Malakai. Malakai storms around, stands Daivari up and suplexes. Daivari slips free, but Malakai fires a strike fest! Daivari SUPERKICKS first! Tag to Nese but then Malakai DECKS Daivari! Nese leaps in but Malakai dodges! ROUNDHOUSE! Nese falls, Woods gets up! Woods ducks a shot, but then Brody SWEEPS the legs! Woods crashes off the apron and fans fire up!

Wait, Daivari sneaks in, armed with Sterling’s clipboard! Malakai turns around, CLIPBOARD SMASH!! The plastic explodes off of Malakai’s head!! Daivari gets outta there, the ref wonders what happened, and then Daivari BOOTS Brody! PLANCHA and down goes Brody! Nese hits a 450 SPLASH! A rough landing but Nese makes the cover, TWO?!? Malakai survives and Sterling is freaking out! Daivari reaches out, Nese crawls over, but Brody YANKS Daivari down! Brody RAMS Daivari into barriers! Brody makes Daivari take a seat so he can forearm and CHOP! Brody barks, Sterling panics, and Brody runs back in, but Sterling gets in the way!

Brody snarls, but then he just SPLASHES Sterling and Daivari! Nese is shocked by what he just saw! Malakai runs up, Nese bucks the O’Conner Roll! Nese runs up, into a KNEE! And then a suplex, for a BRAINBUSTER! Malakai hurries up top, but Nese SHORYUKENS! And GAMANGIRIS! Nese drags Malakai down then climbs up. 450 SPLASH onto knees! That’s an even rougher landing than before! Daivari hurries back up but Brody catches him for a SLEEPER! And now, Malakai lifts Nese up, for THE END! Cover, The House of Black wins!

Winners: Malakai Black & Brody King, by pinfall

Brody DROPS Daivari when the bell rings, The House having completely demolished The Premier Athletes. Will they not be stopped until they have what they want?


Roderick Strong w/ The Kingdom VS Ben Bishop!

The Savior of the Backbreaker is set for an ROH World Championship #1 contender’s match tomorrow night on Collision against Dalton Castle. But in an occasion of turnabout is fair play, The Conglomeration is watching him from commentary! Will the presence of Kyle O’Reilly, Orange Cassidy & Mark Briscoe make Roddy better or worse than usual?

The bell rings and Kyle says that while he loves and appreciates Roddy, Taven & Bennett, they’re being more like the Undisputed Cling-dom! Meanwhile, big Ben Bishop stalks some smack on Roddy, and then pretends he can’t see him. Roddy says okay, be that way. They tie up, Cassidy points out just how tall Ben is, and big Ben shoves Roddy down! The fans fire up, Roddy comes right back, but Ben TOSSES him away! Roddy bails out, the fans fire up for Ben, and The Kingdom coaches Roddy up. Roddy runs in, dodges Ben, and kicks at the legs! Ben drops to size so Roddy and CHOP! CHOP! And CHOP!

Roddy kicks the legs, fires boxing elbows, then ELBOWS Ben before he runs and SICK KICKS! Then he hits an OLYMPIC SLAM! The fans fire up with Roddy and the Kingdom, then the STRONG KNEE knocks Ben down! Cover, Roddy wins!

Winner: Roderick Strong, by pinfall

The Conglomeration is in agreement, that was impressive work by Roddy, because Roddy is indeed that good. But Cassidy says it is time to go stare down with them. The Conglomeration stand on stage to stare down The Kingdom, but Roddy needs to focus on tomorrow night. Will Roddy punch his golden ticket to an ROH World Championship match? Or will it be The Peacock that means the Sussex County Chicken in Arlington, Texas?


Deonna Purrazzo speaks.

The Virtuosa is served a glass of wine, and says we’ve never been formally introduced. We’ve all seen what she can do in the ring, but does anyone know what it means to be THE Virtuosa. “Wrestling isn’t just a sport or an art form, it’s both. And more set to a quickening pace than a staccato beat of bodies slamming, bones cracking, tendons tearing! All building towards a beautiful and violent crescendo.” Deonna likes what AEW has forced her to become. “Because here, actions have consequences.” And Deonna vows to burn the empire to the ground, to remake it in her own image. This is the Age of the Virtuosa.


BREAKING NEWS for Dynamite 250!

On top of the opening match being Ospreay VS MJF for the International Championship, as well as Swerve VS Okada in a Champion VS Champion showdown, Mercedes Mone has issued an Open Challenge to the TBS Championship! Well, mostly open, as she is EXCLUDING Britt Baker! The DMD won’t be happy about this, but who will step up to The CEO?


Fatal 4 Way: Rey Fenix VS Komander VS Angelico VS AR Fox!

This is going to be a fast ‘n’ furious match starring men capable of fantastic feats both in the air and on the mat! And with there still being time before All In, who uses this night as a launching pad towards a title opportunity?

The bell rings and the fans rally up. The four circle, and then Fenix and Komander stare down. They nod and shake hands, and they go after Fox and Angelico! Fox blocks a kick, Angelico wrenches an arm, and then Fox wrenches Fenix to a cording hold. Komander uses Fenix to wall run and flip out of the armlock! Fenix and Komander each reverse the wrenches, then kick and body shot. Fenix uses Angelico to flip up and over and wrench again, but Angelico headlocks. Komander sends Angelico into Fox, Fenix rolls Angelico up, but Komander rolls Fenix! Fox rolls Komander, TWO! Angelico sweeps Fox to cover, ONE!

All four men stand off and the fans fire up. Angelico does the Bernie Lean! But then he gets TRIPLE BOOTS for it! Fox runs up, Komander & Fenix kick and CHOP him. The luchadores double whip Fox but he reverses to TOSS Fenix out! Komander runs in but Fox mule kicks his leg out! Komander ends up on ropes, Fox runs in to STRADDLE ATTACK DROPKICK COMBO, sending Fenix into railing! Fox gest back up to trip Komander and he goes up the corner, to QUEBRADA Fenix! Fox somersaults in to then deadlift ANARCHY SUPLEX on Komander! Cover, Angelico breaks it! Angelico JABS Fox, JABS, then brings him around.

Angelico whips, Fox reverses but Angelico rolls off Fox’s back. Fox jumps the sweep but the EDDY GORDO KICK hits! Fox falls back, Angelico coves, but Fenix slingshots in to SUPERKICK it apart! The fans rally as Fenix kicks Fox out of the ring. Angelico bails out, and now Fenix is alone with Komander. The amigos nod while the fans fire up, and the forearms start flying! Fenix CHOPS, then runs up, but into a BOOT! Fenix staggers back, Komander runs up and FLIPPING RANAS! The fans fire up, Komander runs in at the corner, but Fenix puts him on the apron. Fenix ROCKS Komander, whips him into the POST!

Fenix goes up and tightrope walk PENALTY KICKS! The fans fire up with Fenix while Komander falls. Fenix goes out, and he CHOPS Fox, while Rampage goes picture in picture.

Fenix KICKS Angelico, then runs around the way and goes up the railing to KICK Komander back down! The front row fires up with Fenix and he goes back to Fox. Fenix CHOPS Fox, whips him, but Fox reverses to POST Fenix! Fox high-fives fans, but Komander runs up to FLYING CHUCK! Angelico stomps Fenix, then he stomps Komander. Angelico even stomps Fox down! Angelico JABS Komander, ROCKS him, and Komander staggers away. Fox kicks Komander, then kicks Angelico. Fox CLUBS Angelico, then RAMS him into railing! But then Fenix BOOTS Fox down! Fenix puts Angelico in and puts him in a corner.

Fenix CHOPS, and Angelico sputters as he staggers away. Angelico goes to the apron, Fenix goes out to bring Komander around to CLUB him. Fox storms up but Fenix CHOPS! Fenix CHOPS Komander, kicks at Fox but Fox blocks. Fox spins Fenix around to CHOP! And then APRON BACK SUPLEX! Fenix ends up folded up and he flops to the floor. Komander KICKS Fox in the leg, puts him in, and kicks him more. Komander puts Fox in a corner to CHOP, and Rampage goes to break!

Rampage returns and while Fox brings Angelico up, Fenix kips up to SUPERKICK Fox! Those three men are down and the fans rally up. Komander is somewhere on the outside, but Fenix brings Angelico up. Fenix KICKS Angelico, then shouts “ANIMO!” Somersault, into a takedown! Short arm scissor and a spin, HALF CRAB ARMLOCK FUSION! But Fox stomps Angelico! Angelico trips Fox, ties the legs up, NAVARRO DEATH ROLL! Angelico has the TRAILER HITCH, but Komander is back! CIELITO LINDO onto Angelico!! Cover, TWO!! Angelico survives but Komander SOBATS Fox! And then TORNADO DDT!

The fans fire up as Komander crawls to the cover, but Fenix springboards in to DOUBLE STOMP it! Memphis is thunderous and Fenix wrenches Komander. Fenix reels Komander in, fireman’s carries, but Komander pops it into a CRUCIFIX DRIVER!! Cover, TWO!!! Fenix survives and the fans fire up again! Komander waits on Fenix, Fenix SOBATS first! And KICKS again! Fenix pushes Komander to a corner, to then JUMP SOBAT! Fenix fires up, the fans are with him, and Fenix puts Komander up top. Fenix CHOPS, climbs, and brings Komander around. Komander fires body shots! Fox is back, and he joins in!

Fox CHOPS and CLUBS the luchadores, then climbs up. Fenix CLUBS Fox for it, and the luchadores work together again to SHOVE Fox down! Fox ends up folded, then Komander and Fenix brawl again. Angelico CLUBS Komander right as he CHOPS Fenix! Angelico takes aim, and he waistlocks Komander! Komander clings to ropes for dear life! Fenix BOOTS Angelico down, then he and Komander brawl some more! Komander stands, Fenix SHOVES him, and Komander MOONSAULTS right onto Angelico! Fenix then FROG SPLASHES onto Fox! Cover, TWO?!? Fox survives, so Fenix drags him into a CRUCIFIX COBRA CLUTCH!! Fenix TAPS, Fenix wins!

Winner: Rey Fenix, by submission

The Immortal Firebird brings out something new in his arsenal and takes the win! But will Fenix be flying towards golden opportunities as AEW prepares for All In?


AEW shares footage from after Dynamite.

Renee Paquette caught up with Chris Jericho, “Big Bill” Morrissey & Bryan Keith, and asks what the hell. Yes, she’s seen The Learning Tree do “a ton of horrible other things” throughout his career, but tonight with Samoa Joe crossed a line. What was he thinking? Jericho smiles, the leather belt gifted to him by Martha Hart still wrapped around his hand. He waves to the camera and says, “Hi, guys. And Renee, I don’t know why you’re so surprised. This is exactly what I’ve been saying for a long, long time. If you’ve listen to The Learning Tree, good things happen. Look at The Redwood and Bad Apple.

“But if you don’t listen to The Learning Tree, bad things happen. Shibata had a chance, now his arm is hurt. Hook had a chance, we had to burn his face off with a fireball. And Samoa Joke, for years, I’ve been telling you to listen to The Learning Tree, you didn’t, we ran you through a wall, and now you’re in the hospital.” Bill is stifling a laugh this entire time. Jericho says if Joe needs something to help with his inflamed muscles he might have, try ginger and black pepper. It’s really good for you. See, Renee? Lots of lessons to be learned. And even more will be learned on Dynamite 250, with a special edition of TV Time with Chris Jericho. Thanks, guys~…!

Jericho leaves, and Bill says one of the biggest lessons that Jericho has taught them is that the more TV Time, the better. And they want as much TV Time as possible! Because The Learning Tree, The Bad Apple and The Redwood are always maximizing their minutes. She should try it some time. Keith says if you don’t respect Chris Jericho, they will MAKE you respect Chris Jericho. Will everyone in AEW learn the hard way that Jericho isn’t kidding around?


Thunder Rosa VS Rachael Ellering!

We heard the Virtuosa speak her mind, but La Mera Mera looks to show, not tell. Will Rosa be more than ready to go another round with Deonna? Or will the Queen of Strong Smile make some bold moves of her own?

The bell rings and the two circle. They tie up, Rachael shoves Rosa away, and the two reset. They tie up, Rosa headlocks, but Rachael lifts her! Rachael throws Rosa away but Rosa comes back to DROPKICK! Rachael goes to a corner, Rosa runs in to LARIAT! The fans fire up and Rosa goes corner to corner to ELBOW! Rachael staggers, Rosa KICKS a leg out! Rosa then runs to LARIAT Rachael down! Cover, TWO! Rosa clamps on with a chinlock, then shifts up to an armlock. Rosa CHOPS Rachael, ELBOWS her, then throws down HAMMER ‘N’ ANVIL elbows! Cover, TWO! Rachael goes to a corner, but Rosa CHOPS her again!

Rachael staggers away but Rosa puts Rachael in another corner, and CHOPS again! Rosa whips, Rachael reverses and Rosa ends up in a corner. Rachael runs in to LARIAT! Rachael keeps moving, and she UPPERCUTS Rosa down! The fans fire up and Rachael says “SWISH!” SENTON! Cover, TWO! The fans rally up but Rachael keeps on Rosa. Rachael CHOPS Rosa, storms up and CHOPS again. Rachael whips corner to corner hard, then runs in to LARIAT again! Rachael whips Rosa back in, runs in, but Rosa dodges! The fans rally up for Rosa as she LOCO LARIATS! Then she sits Rachael down to SWINGING METEORA!

The fans fire up and Rosa aims as Rachael goes to ropes. BANG and Rosa runs in to DROPKICK! Rachael sputters, Rosa reels her in, but Rachael bucks the driver! High stack, TWO! Rachael hurries to whip Rosa, but Rosa holds ropes. Rosa BOOTS back, runs up, and wheelbarrows, victory roll into a STOMP 182! Rosa then clamps on and has the COBRA CAMEL CLUTCH! Rachael taps, Rosa wins!

Winner: Thunder Rosa, by submission

La Mera Mera shows respect to Rachael by helping her up and hugging it out. But then DEONNA runs out there! And she SHOVES Rachael into Rosa! Then she DECKS Rachael for the hell of it before going after Rosa! Rachael drags Deonna off of Rosa, so Deonna BOOTS her down! The fans boo but Deonna BOOTS Rosa down! The Virtuosa shows her violent side, but will Rosa make her regret it?


BREAKING NEWS for Collision!

On top of Strong VS Castle in an ROH World Championship #1 contender’s match, and on top of Konosuke Takeshita VS Tommy Billington, The Bang Bang Gang is back in action. Will Juice Robinson & The Gunns keep the momentum going? Plus, Nyla Rose is back, we see Skye Blue VS Harley Cameron 1v1, and in the main event, it will be Kyle O’Reilly & Orange Cassidy representing The Conglomeration against THE Kingdom, Matt Taven & Mike Bennett. Could we see some Freshly Squeezed #1 contenders to the ROH World Tag Team Championships, too? Or will Taven & Bennett secure that night off they’ve been wanting?


BREAKING NEWS elsewhere!

Willow Nightingale is going to be part of the big NJPW-CMLL crossover tradition, Fantastica Mania! She, Viva Van and Lluvia will compete for the now vacated CMLL Women’s World Championship! The Babe with the Power may not have gone back-to-back in the Owen Hart Cup, but will she return to AEW as a world champion all the same?


Six Man Tag: Top Flight & Action Andretti VS Shane Taylor Promotions!

There have been more words flying back and forth between these trios than anything, but now it is time to put up or shut up! Will The Martin Brothers & The Sight to See show everyone why they’re the Coldest Trio in the Game? Or will Lee Moriarty, Anthony Ogogo & the man himself, Big Bad Shaney T swat them all out of the sky?

The trios sort out and Darius starts against #TAIGASTYLE. Shane talks trash to the fans talking trash while Darius and Lee tie up. Lee waistlocks, full nelsons, but Darius uses his leg for leverage. Darius breaks free, standing switches, then half nelsons to slip around and headlock. Lee powers up and out, but Darius runs him over! Things keep moving, Lee hurdles and runs to then roll over the dropdown. Lee swaggers, kicks Darius, then whips him to a corner. Darius goes up and over Lee, runs back in, but Lee goes up and under! Lee runs in and blocks an elbow to then backslide Darius! ONE, and Lee goes for a leg!

Darius smothers the takedown, rolls Lee to a lateral press, TWO! Darius arm-drags, then DROPKICKS! The fans fire up and Darius dusts himself off. Lee gets away to tag Ogogo, so Darius tags Dante. Angel Dorado talks smack on the Olympic bronze medalist boxer. They tie up, Ogogo pushes Dante away and says that was easy. Easy! Dante says okay, and they tie up again. Ogogo powers Dante to a corner, but Dante pushes him back. They go again, Dante gets around to then headlock. Ogogo back suplexes, Dante lands out and rolls Ogogo up! TWO, Ogogo swings but Dante dodges! Ogogo blocks a kick but Dante victory rolls, TWO!

Ogogo feints high to kick low, but Dante bobs ‘n’ weaves to JUMP KNEE! Dante wrenches and YANKS the arm, then tags Action. Action climbs, Dante sets up, Ogogo gets a TABLE TOP BLOCKBUSTER! Cover, TWO! The fans fire up and Action drags Ogogo up. But Ogogo powers him into the STP corner! Tag to Shane and he talks smack on Action. Action dodges the haymaker to fire body shots! Shane takes those shots, KNEES low, then whips Action. Action ducks ‘n’ dodges, and PELES! Shane staggers, Action gets moving, and Action rolls to RANA Shane up and out! Action then slingshots back in, but Lee steps in!

Action builds speed, the ref stops Lee, but the ref doesn’t see Ogogo CLOBBER Action! The fans boo and then the ref notices Ogogo, but Ogogo steps away. Shane storms into the ring to drag Action up and Rampage goes picture in picture.

Shane drags Action over to the STP corner, and he CHOPS Action! Lee exaggerates his shock, and then Shane DECKS Action. Shane drags Action up, tags Lee, and they mug Action. Lee stomps Action, drags him up, bumps him off buckles, and Lee fires forearms and CHOPS on repeat! The ref counts, Lee stomps a mudhole, but the ref gets in there to stop him. Lee and the ref argue, but STP just applauds. Shane tags in, Action fires hands! Action backs Shane down, but Shane ROCKS Action in return! Action wobbles, drops to his knees, and Shane HEADBUTTS him down. Shane looms over Action, then drags him back up.

Shane back suplexes, Action lands out to tag Dante! Dante fires forearms over and over and over! Dante puts some stank on it, but Shane dodges! So Dante DECKS Lee! Dante kicks but Shane blocks, to KNEE back! Shane then uses both hands to SKY HIGH! Cover, TWO!! Dante survives, Shane gets mad and Shane brings him around to the corner. Tag to Ogogo and they mug Dante. Ogogo brings Dante out to scoop and SLAM! Ogogo runs to drop a leg, brother! Cover, TWO! Ogogo argues with the ref, then he drags Action up. Ogogo RAMS Dante, then BOOTS him down! Ogogo scuffs Dante while staying between him and Top Flight.

Dante fires body shots in return, but Ogogo kicks low! Oogo snap suplexes, covers, TWO as Dante bridges! Lee runs in to BLAST Top Flight, then Ogogo drags Dante up. Ogogo whips Dante hard into the corner, then tags Shane. Rampage returns to single picture as Shane talks smack on Dante. Shane has Lee & Ogogo hold Dante up, but Dante BOOTS back! Dante fights free of the others, BOOTS again, and then goes up and up to FLYING BULLDOG! The fans fire up as Dante crawls for his corner! Hot tag to Darius! Air Wolf rallies on STP with big forearms! UPPERCUT after UPPERCUT on Lee, then Darius whips.

Lee reverses the whip but Darius catches him to an atomic drop! Darius keeps moving, HOTSHOT BULLDOG! GAMANGIRI! Darius fires up, steps in, COMPLETE SHOT! Cover, TWO!! Lee survives the onslaught but the fans rally up. Darius drags Lee up and fireman’s carries, but Lee fights with elbows! Lee shoves Darius, Action tags in. Lee dodges Darius but Action BOOTS! Then SHOTGUN SNAP GERMAN COMBO! The fans fire up as Darius deadlifts for the BRAINBUSTER! Then Action STANDING SHOOTING STARS! Cover, Ogogo breaks it! Darius runs up but Ogogo kicks him. Ogogo scoops Darius, Darius slips free!

Darius & Action kick Ogogo then double clinch. Ogogo powers out, fires HEABUTTS and elbows! Fireman’s carry for Action, F5 AND A HALF! Action flounders, but Darius BOOTS Ogogo! Darius WALL RUN PELES! Ogogo falls, Shane storms in! Darius dodges, but the SOUTHPAW hits! Shane talks smack, but Dante JUMP KNEES him! Dante runs in to GAMANGIRI in the corner! Lee runs up, Dante BOOTS him! Dante runs but into a FLAPJACK! Lee then hurries to spin Dante around to THE FANG! But Dante flounders out of the ring! All six men are down around ringside and the fans fire up! Lee crawls, hot tag to Shane!

Shane spots Action rising, he and Lee go after Action. They double whip, Action handsprings, but they catch him! DOUBLE BACK SUPLEX, but Dante lands out! Action fires off forearms and elbows, and even CHOPS! Action kicks, Lee blocks, but then Lee ducks so the ENZIGIRI hits Shane! Lee CLUBS Action, Ogogo sends Darius into railing! Lee whips Action, Action ducks ‘n’ dodges to DIVE onto Ogogo! Action hurries back up, ROCKS Lee, and he springboards to FLYING LARIAT! Action kips up, the fans fire up, but Shane waistlocks. Action fires elbows until he’s free, then tries to fireman’s carry!? Shane is too big and bad!

Shane ELBOWS away on Action, gut wrenches, but Action slips free again! SUPERKICK! And another fireman’s carry!? But the back won’t hold the weight! Shane slips down to HEADBUTT! And then URENAGE! Shane flips Action back up to KNEE him in the face! Ogogo and Lee get in for defense, Shane DECKS Action!! Cover, STP wins!

Winners: Shane Taylor Promotions, by pinfall

That could’ve been a win by knockout with that killer haymaker! But will Shane Taylor Promotions continue to rampage until they prove they prove they’re the elite of All Elite Wrestling?

My Thoughts:

A really good Rampage, and while they shoved five matches onto this card again, they at least did their best to put story behind most of these. Roderick Strong was of course beating Ben Bishop, but they gave us a storyline plug by having The Conglomeration on commentary. And while Thunder Rosa was of course beating Rachael Ellering, they gave us story build with Deonna attacking them both. I feel like this will give us Deonna VS Ellering next, to stretch things out so that the true blowoff of Deonna VS Rosa isn’t until All In, probably in the All In Zero Hour. For that matter, that’s probably where Conglomeration VS Undisputed Kingdom 3v3 happens, too.

Great opening tag from House of Black VS Premier Athletes with Sterling & Woods of course getting involved, but great win for Malakai & Brody in that 4v2 situation. Still banking on them screwing over The Patriarchy during a Unified World Trios Championship match. The Six Man Tag was really good but not sure it was main event material compared to the Fatal 4 Way. Good stuff for the Six Man Tag, everyone got their shine, but that Fatal 4 Way was just incredible. Great win for Fenix to stay hot while all the titles have stories going into All In, but he could get a shot at like, Okada’s Continental Championship to give us a dream match moment before the PPV.

My Score: 8.8/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (7/10/24)

Who survives the Calgary Stampede?



Who will go All In against the champions?

The Men’s and Women’s Owen Hart Foundation Tournaments reach the finals! Willow or Mariah, Danielson or Hangman, who heads to Wembley Stadium?


  • 2024 Men’s Owen Hart Cup Finals: Bryan Danielson VS Hangman Page; Bryan wins and advances to All In: Wembley.
  • Stampede Street Fight: Samoa Joe VS Chris Jericho; Jericho wins.
  • Global Glory Fatal 4 Way: Claudio Castagnoli VS Kyle Fletcher VS PAC VS Tomohiro Ishii; Pac wins and earns an opportunity for the AEW International Championship.
  • 2024 Women’s Owen Hart Cup Finals: Willow Nightingale VS Mariah May; Mariah wins and advances to All In: Wembley.


Will Ospreay is here!

Calgary fires up for the Aerial Assassin as he makes his way out, International Championship in hand. Ospreay high-fives some fans before he goes into the ring and gets a mic. Ospreay then sits on a corner while the fans cheer him on. “Thank you kindly. So last week, at the end of Dynamite, I’ll be honest with you guys, I was appalled, I was disgusted, but I’ll be honest, I wasn’t surprised. I had heard rumors about MJF.” The fans boo that name, and Ospreay says he’d heard that MJF is one of the most insecure men in pro-wrestling. And he showed it! Cuz a guy like Daniel Garcia earns every opportunity he gets.

And the moment Garcia starts creeping up on MJF’s spot, MJF does whatever it takes to stop it. MJF stand son this second rope, just like Ospreay now, and hits a Tombstone Piledriver. Garcia is still at home with no feeling in his arms and no idea when he’s coming back, if he ever does. And MJF wants to blame the fans? The fans boo that, too. Ospreay says MJF wants to blame the fans for when he opened up to them, spoke about his ADHD. Bruv, Ospreay’s got that, too, but it doesn’t give him an excuse to be a little prick! Listen, alright? Ospreay has only had a few interactions with MJF, and Ospreay already knows MJF doesn’t like him.

Here’s the reasons why. Reason 1: That bidding war of 2024 didn’t go MJF’s way, because Tony Khan would rather spend his money on guys that will elevate AEW rather than bury it! Reason 2: Apparently, Ospreay is a “talentless hack?” Alright, MJF is welcomed to his opinion. But we’re in Canada right now, right? And they are a very well-educated, smart pro-wrestling fans, and Ospreay is pretty sure they can agree that Ospreay has more talent in his left NUT than MJF has in his entire body! The fans cheer that! Some even chant “LEFT NUT! LEFT NUT!” and Ospreay grins.

Ospreay says the main reason MJF doesn’t like him is because Ospreay reminds people what the identity of AEW is meant to be. Ospreay represents the foundation of this place! MJF came swanning back after injury, and he had a tattoo on his calf with “AEW: Bet On Yourself.” But if he was honest, MJF would’ve made that tattoo say, “AEW: All About Myself,” because he is a selfish little prick! If MJF was gonna be honest, he would’ve just said he only cares about himself. And Ospreay has to be honest, he feels like the moment he stepped foot in AEW, he has been cleaning up someone else’s mess, and now he’s found the guy!

But Ospreay respects this. The whole act is MJF is a scumbag. Some cheer it because he’s “their scumbag.” And Ospreay welcomes it! Because that right there is the best version of MJF. It’s been the same crap for about five years, but that’s still the best version of MJF. Ospreay welcomes it, because he wants to show MJF that “the level of the devil” is just the ground floor for Ospreay and he’s on the top floor of a skyscraper, bruv! The fans cheer again, and Ospreay says this time, Ospreay won’t be in England grieving over his nana. He’s here in Calgary, looking for a fight! So if MJF is back there, get on out here so they can handle this!

The fans cheer, and MJF’s music hits! Ospreay is ready, looking up at the ramp. But MJF isn’t coming out? The fans boo but then wait, there’s a tapping on glass. MJF is here via the tron, sipping wine. Not bad. But oh, Ospreay thought MJF was coming out there? No, the people no longer deserve the privilege of being so close to MJF’s greatness. Nor does MJF want to inhale their stench, he deserves better than that. MJF tells “William” that MJF has faced all the favorites the fans thought were top guys, and guess what? They fell beneath his feet. Does Ospreay think he’s different? What Ospreay is, is a joke.

Ospreay is a flavor of the month, MJF is a flavor of the Millennium. And MJF hasn’t had to practically kill himself to get them interested. MJF just had to speak. Ospreay wrestles not for himself but for the fans, he is their little toy monkey. Eventually, they’ll wind Ospreay up, watch him crash the cymbals, and then they’ll realize they’ve seen it all before, and they’ll grow tired of it. And then, they’ll throw him out in the trash, just like they tried to do to MJF. Difference is, MJF is irreplaceable. Ospreay on the other hand… They’ll move on, and call the next flippy guy “The best in the world.”

MJF has only been in this sport for ten years, and he’s seen ten of Ospreay’s type come and go. Great wrestlers are a dime a dozen. Here today, gone tomorrow. MJF is a generational talent. And if Ospreay gets in the ring with MJF, Ospreay will be exposed. So Ospreay wants a match? Ospreay wants MJF tonight? Nope. MJF is not like Ospreay. He doesn’t wrestle for fun or amusement, but for the betterment of AEW. SO here’s a little proposition for Ospreay: Next week, MJF VS Ospreay for the International Championship. That way, for the first time in Ospreay’s career, he won’t be wrestling for stars. MJF will be punching Ospreay until he sees stars.

MJF finishes his wine, having thrown down the gauntlet, but Ospreay smiles. “Adorable. Max, I’ll see you next week, ya little b*tch!” And so the match is made! Will the #BillyGOAT stomp out the Wolf of Wrestling?


2024 Men’s Owen Hart Cup Finals: Bryan Danielson VS Hangman Page!

The American Dragon has acknowledged that his final year of full-time wrestling has not been his best, but he vows to finish strong and go out on top. However, The Black Hat has returned with a mean streak deeper and darker than it’s ever been before! Who not only wins this tournament, but wins their golden ticket to the top of the mountain?

Given the animosity Hangman has shown since his return, Tony Khan has called upon Jeff Jarrett to be tonight’s special guest enforcer! Will the Last Outlaw be able to lay down the law if Hangman crosses the line?

The bell rings and the two circle. They tie up, Hangman shoves Bryan down, but Bryan gets right up. They feel things out, tie up, and Hangman throws Bryan down by his hair. The ref reprimands but Hangman doesn’t care. Hangman and Bryan tie up again, and Hangman powers Bryan to the corner. Bryan turns things around, lets off slowly, and then tries a kick! Hangman avoids it, to then DECK Bryan! Hangman rains down fists, the ref reprimands but Hangman lets off to KICK Bryan in the back! Bryan writhes, the fans are torn, but Hangman drags Bryan up. Hangman CHOPS and Bryan goes to a corner.

Hangman CHOPS again, and Bryan staggers to another corner. Hangman CLUBS Bryan, then whips corner to corner. Bryan goes up and over, then rolls Hangman into a HALF CRAB! The fans fire up but Hangman scrambles to the ROPEBREAK! The ref counts, Bryan lets go at 4, and reminds the ref he has ’til 5. Bryan stands Hangman up to CHOP, whip, but Hangman KICKS back! Hangman runs in but Bryan DUMPS him out! Bryan gets moving and he DIVES! Direct hit but both men hit railing! The ref hurries out to check and Bryan is alright. Bryan puts Hangman in, goes up a corner, and MISSILE DROPKICKS!

The fans fire up as Hangman tumbles to a corner! Bryan manages to kip up and the fans fire up! Bryan snarls, runs corner to corner, but into a BOOT! Hangman TOSSES Bryan out, but Bryan stays on the apron. So Hangman triangle jumps, but Bryan gets under the lariat! Hangman BLINDSIDES Bryan, then he POSTS Bryan! Bryan falls to the floor, the ref reprimands, and Hangman has a wild look in his eyes as Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Hangman drags himself up with the ropes, goes out after Bryan, and throws hands. Bryan is already busted open from the post, so Hangman is opening that wound more! Hangman drags Bryan up to RAM him into steel steps! Hangman refreshes the ring count, storms over to Bryan. Hangman DRIBBLES Bryan against the side of the steps! Hangman SMACKS Bryan off the steps again and again, then lets off as the ref counts. Hangman soaks up the heat while Bryan sputters. The ref counts, but Hangman drags Bryan up and into the ring. Hangman drags Bryan up just to DECK him with a right!

Bryan flounders, the ref checks on him, but Bryan won’t give up. So Hangman DECKS him again! Bryan goes to ropes again, but Hangman is right on him. Hangman ROCKS Bryan and Bryan goes to a corner. Hangman climbs up the corner to rain down fists! The ref counts, but so do the fans, and Hangman goes all the way to nine, before he flips everyone off! The ref checks on Bryan while Dynamite returns to single picture. Bryan still wants to fight so Hangman BOOTS him! Hangman DIGS his fingers at the bloody forehead but the ref tells him to let off. Hangman steps away, Jarrett is watching closely.

Hangman stands Bryan up to ROCK him! Bryan KICKS back! Hangman ROCKS Bryan, but Bryan KICKS again! The fans fire up but Hangman ROCKS Bryan again! Bryan KICKS, and KICKS, and- NO, Hangman blocks that one to SLEEPER SWING! Then a SLAM, and Hangman stomps a mudhole into Bryan! The fans boo but Hangman lets off. Bryan’s crimson mask grows on that right side of his face, but Hangman looms over him. Bryan crawls to a corner, Hangman stands him up, and Hangman CHOPS! And CHOPS! And CHOPS! The CHOPS keep going, and then Bryan kneels, so Hangman ROCKS Bryan again!

Bryan sputters, rises up, but Hangman stands him up in the corner. Hangman CHOPS again and again and again! Hangman ROCKS Bryan again, but Bryan huffs ‘n’ puffs. Bryan CHOPS, and CHOPS, and CHOPS! Then he UPPERCUTS! And UPPERCUTS! And UPPERCUTS into a backslide! Bryan rolls through to get the ARMBAR! The fans fire up as Hangman flails and reaches out! Bryan shifts around, omoplata! LEBELL LOCK!! Hangman endures, reaches out and has the ROPEBREAK with a leg! Bryan lets go fast, and Jarrett coaches him. Bryan rises and aims to KICK! And KICK! And KICK! But Hangman blocks one!

Hangman fireman’s carries but Bryan fights it with HAMMER ‘N’ ANVIL ELBOWS! Hangman powers through to pop Bryan into a SAIDO! Bryan is folded up and clutches his neck again. The ref checks but Bryan says to not call this. The fans rally up for Bryan but Hangman snarls. Hangman climbs the corner, but Bryan trips him up! Hangman lands on his six shooter and Bryan goes up after him! Bryan waistlocks, to SPIDER GERMAN SUPLEX! Hangman has a rough landing, but fans roar as Bryan sits back up! Bryan huffs ‘n’ puffs as he powers back up! Bryan stands on the corner, to then DIVING HEADBUTT FLOP!!

Hangman hurries to CROSSFACE!! Bryan endures, flails, but Hangman pulls on that back neck! Bryan still has the ROPEBREAK! The ref counts, Hangman lets go at 4, and Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Bryan clutches his neck, but Hangman looms over him. Hangman stomps Bryan, waits on Bryan, but Bryan doesn’t sit up. Hangman drags Bryan up, and slashes his throat while staring Jarrett down. Hangman Alabama Lifts, but Bryan sunset flips it! TWO!!Hangman has the sunset, TWO!! Both men narrowly escape, then Bryan dodges! Bryan comes back, Hangman pops him up but Bryan RANAS first! Hangman gets up to BOOT! Bryan ROUNDHOUSES! Hangman and Bryan both spin, DOUBLE ROLLING ELBOWS take them down!! The ref checks, both men are conscious, so now a standing count begins.

Bryan and Hangman stir at 4 of 10, and then roll to opposite corners. They both stand, stare down, and Hangman looks busted open now, too! They storm up to each other, and Hangman CHOPS! Bryan CHOPS back! Hangman CHOPS again, so Bryan CHOPS again! Hangman CHOPS, Bryan puts Hangman in a corner to CHOP and KICK on repeat! Bryan then hoists Hangman up top, climbs up behind him, and he throws down HAMMER ‘N’ ANVIL ELBOWS! Dynamite returns to single picture as the fans chant “YES! YES! YES!” with every shot! Bryan stops at ten to then drag Hangman up. But Hangman throws elbows of his own!

Hangman brings Bryan down, rips the padding off the crossbar, and SMACKS Bryan off the steel!! Bryan falls back and fans boo! Hangman has a sinister grin on his face as he adjusts, to QUEBRADA and INVERTED SUPLEX, into a TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER!! Cover, TWO?!?! No one can believe it and Hangman is furious! Hangman kicks Bryan out of the ring and the fans boo. Hangman goes out to the corner, goes up and up, but Bryan hurries to SHOVE him down!! Hangman hits apron on the way down! Bryan steps back inside, and he takes aim to SPRINGBOARD SWANTON!! Direct hit and down goes Hangman!

The fans lose their minds seeing the American Dragon fly like he’s a young man again! Bryan huffs ‘n’ puffs and rises up. The ref checks but Bryan says leave him alone! Bryan KICKS Hangman, and KICKS, and KICKS! The fans fire up, “YES! YES! YES!” But even Bryan is getting wobbly as he KICKS! Bryan winds up, BUZZ- NO, Hangman ducks and reels Bryan in! PILEDRIVER to the floor!! Doc Sampson wants to check now, this is getting risky! Jarrett also sticks close so Hangman won’t get at Bryan. Bryan’s even bloodier than before, but Hangman says time to finish him! Jarrett stands in Hangman’s way!

Hangman pie faces Jarrett! The fans boo, and even tell Jarrett to go do something. Jarrett says no, he has to keep his cool. The ring count starts while Hangman sits in the ring. Bryan staggers but falls over again, and we’re past 5 of 10. Jarrett and Sampson try to reason with Bryan as he crawls back towards the ring. We’re already at 8 of 10, and Bryan says he HAS to do this! Bryan manages to slide in at 9.5!! Hangman HAMMERS away on Bryan for it! The ref reprimands but Hangman’s rage is boiling up. Hangman drags Bryan up, and he peels away the KT tape! The fans boo but Hangman is showing no mercy now!

Hangman drags Bryan up to ROCK him with a forearm! And ROCK him again! Bryan flounders, the fans rally harder and harder, but Hangman drags him up again. Hangman ROLLING- NO, Bryan dodges! BUSAIKU KNEE!! But both men are down, Bryan can’t make the cover! The fans rally rally as hard as they can and Bryan rises up! That crimson mask has a fresh coat of blood, and he headbutts Hangman. Hangman HEADBUTTS back! Bryan shakes his head, to HEADBUTT! Hangman HEADBUTTS, but then Bryan HEADBUTTS and HEADBUTTS and HEADBUTTS again! Then he ROUNDHOUSES Hangman, waistlocks, and GERMAN SUPLEXES!

But Hangman lands on his feet! And he dodges to GERMAN SUPLEXES! Bryan lands on his feet?! Bryan dodges again, but then Hangman dodges, BUSAIKU KNEE hits ref!! This is just like Collision! And Hangman knows it! DISCUS LARIAT!! And off comes the belt! The fans boo but Hangman LASHES Bryan! And LASHES him again! And then he CHOKES Bryan! Jarrett has had it, he storms in! Hangman stares Jarrett down, they argue, and then Hangman SHOVES Jarrett down! The fans boo but Jarrett gets right back up. Jarrett reveals he has a ref’s shirt! And then Bryan rolls Hangman up! Jarrett counts, TWO!!

Hangman gets up but Bryan wrangles him back down! LEBELL LOCK!! Hangman pries the grip open, jackknife bridges, but then rolls to Alabama Lift, DEADEYE!!! Cover, TWO!!! Hangman accuses Jarrett of a bad count but Jarrett says he was being fair! Hangman goes to the apron, slingshot, BLINDSIDE BUCKSHOT!! Hangman reloads on the other side! BUCK- NO, Bryan ducks to “O’Conner Roll! Bridge, Jarrett counts, TWO!!! Hangman escapes, and has the CROSSFACE!! Jarrett asks Bryan, Hangman CLAWS at Bryan, but Bryan fights around! Fans hope these two “FIGHT FOREVER!” but someone has to be the King of Harts!

Jarrett realizes the belt is still there and so he does his best to free Bryan. But then Hangman rolls Bryan from ropes! Bryan is fading, Jarrett checks him! Jarrett doesn’t want Hangman to win but he’s worried about Bryan! Arm lift, and Bryan revives!! The fans fire up as Bryan fights his way around! But Hangman rolls him back again! So Bryan rolls to a cradle! BRYAN WINS!!!

Winner: Bryan Danielson, by pinfall (2024 King of Harts)

Hangman is furious with Jarrett but he still got caught by that deep hook! Hangman storms off, what is he to do to satisfy his rage now? As for Bryan, he is going All In! Martha Hart walks out to not only hug Jarrett, but to help him bring the Owen Hart Foundation Championship belt and trophy to the ring. Martha has the mic to say hello to Calgary. It is great to be back in the Saddledome for Stampede Week! And in Owen Hart’s hometown, it is with great pleasure that she awards the Owen Cup to Bryan Danielson. Jarrett brings trophy and belt over, and Bryan holds them up proudly.

Bryan shakes Martha’s hand, and Martha says see you in Wembley Stadium for his AEW World Championship match! The tron graphic makes it official, and then “Whose House?” “SWERVE’S HOUSE!” The Realest is here to look his next challenger in the eyes! Will Swerve slay the American Dragon in London? Or will Bryan keep his promise to himself to go out on top?


BREAKING NEWS for next week!

For the milestone 250TH EPISODE of Dynamite, Ospreay and MJF will have their match! The International Championship will be on the line, all to kick off the show in Little Rock, Arkansas! Who will lead AEW by example when they stand tall as champion?


AEW returns and…

Swerve & Nana have the ring to themselves now, and Swerve has a mic. The fans chant, “Whose House?” “SWERVE’S HOUSE!” Swerve says he stood on that stage not more than a week ago, staring down Will Ospreay, looking at that man eye to eye, and you know what Ospreay said? Ospreay said that the best in the world is the one who holds the world championship. And there was a lot of doubt being thrown around, so Swerve had to silence that. Now that Swerve has beat Ospreay, you’re looking at the Best int he World, THE AEW World Champion!

And by the way, congratulations to Bryan Danielson for winning the Men’s Owen Cup. The fans cheer, and Swerve says it will be a true honor and privilege facing Bryan in the main event of All In next month. But… Swerve isn’t over the fact Bryan has that one win over him. And Swerve is someone who holds onto grudges. They are at two different points in their careers now. Bryan’s on the downslide, while Swerve… Well, you could say you’re looking at the most dangerous man in AEW.

“Speaking of which, it wasn’t more than a couple weeks ago that The EVPs, The Elite, had walked down to this ring. (Nana) You were there when that happened, right?” Nana confirms it. The Elite came out here, tried to bribe Swerve with some “Miniature” Reebok pumps, and offered Swerve a spot on their Blood & Guts team. Well, Swerve is here to officially announce that he will be in Blood & Guts. On Team AEW. The fans cheer that! Swerve says he said before, you do not make a Team AEW and do not offer the AEW World Champion a spot. Swerve is gonna lead the team, and not just do one but two things Bryan Danielson could not.

Swerve already beat Will Ospreay, and now he will lead Team AEW in victory against The Elite. And speaking of The Elite, we are now in this Dynasty Era. There were three men appointed the lead of The Dynasty. First, yours truly, Swerve Strickland. Second, the International Champion, Will Ospreay. And third, the Continental Champion, Kazuchika Okada. So then how about we do this? Swerve puts out a challenge to Okada, so that the world champion can show him how to really make it rain. “B*tch.”

So in closing, Swerve will see everyone at All In. And Bryan, this Swerve firmly promises you: “This will be your final countdown.” WHOSE HOUSE!? “SWERVE’S HOUSE!” The Mogul is making big moves, but will he have enough ammo in the arsenal to take down all his targets?


The Acclaimed present: Two Times!

That’s right, a brand new music video from Max Caster, Anthony Bowens & Daddy Ass! Platinum says, “I’mma beat the Young Bucks two times~. Tag champs going on two times~. Young Bucks just a couple two times~. I’mma push them back like their hairline~. (Oh snap!) I’mma turn them into a headline, I’mma turn a couple fake boys into a True Crime! Splatter on the mat, hang ’em up in the Guggenheim. I’m so artsy, they can’t even draw a dime. Hit ’em with a Mic drop, Brown boys, white hot. Black eyes all up on your face, that’s a bright spot.

“You some little guys, I’mma hit you with the kibosh. Crime scene, looking photogenic like you Chris Bosh. Can’t even walk a mile in my path, you in sneakers. Read the news in the dirt sheet, who the leakers? Young Bucks talk a big game, can’t answer a question. Matthew & Nicholas, the cancer o’ wrestlin’. Knocking on my office door, you can get to yappin’. History repeats itself and we can see what happens. I’ll wipe your nose, someone get me a napkin. We beat ’em last month, now we need a reenactment.

“I’mma beat the Young Bucks two times~. Tag champs going on two times~. Young Bucks just a couple two times~. I’mma push them back like their hairline~. (Oh snap!) What’s the point of time? All of us are unsigned. Strugglin’ to make it, put it all on the line. Y’all had a chance to improve on the game, had to go away when you found you couldn’t hang. When it first started, it was all great. Now you went and turned into the things that you hate. Wearing cheap suits, wanna flash it, control. You ain’t for the boys, you ain’t passin’ the code. Rainmaker only came here for the money. Bring in Jack Perry, are you tryin’ to be funny?

“And you got a job for your family and boys, but what about your friends that are still unemployed? You don’t really talk about them, but we does. Hung Bucks, your kids walk back to Reseda. Y’all had a chance to improve on the sport. Fast-forward five years, now Acclaimed got the torch.” And with that torch, Platinum has just roasted Matthew & Nicholas! Will Caster & Bowens be looking to go All In with The Elite?


Stampede Street Fight: Samoa Joe VS Chris Jericho!

The Samoan Submission Specialist asked The Learning Tree if he still had faith in humanity. Joe wants to know if Jericho thinks anything of his fellow man with how he throws around his condescending advice. And Joe really wants to know if Jericho actually thinks anyone will come to his rescue when Joe is tearing the Learning Tree apart, limb by limb! It is time to conduct such an experiment under extreme conditions, will Jericho even survive the Stampede?

The Bad Apple, Bryan Keith, is by Jericho’s side. Jericho waves to the fans but Joe doesn’t look away from The “For the World” Champion. The bell rings, the fans rally for Joe, and the two stare down. Jericho talks a little trash, but then Joe snatches the cowboy hat away. Jericho says don’t do anything to that hat, that’s his hat. Joe says okay, okay. Joe PUNCHES Jericho through the hat! Joe then JABS away on Jericho in the corner! Then he RIDGE HANDS Jericho down! Jericho sputters up to his feet but Joe HEADBUTTS! And HEADBUTTS! Joe whips corner to corner, then runs in to BACK ELBOW, and PELE!

Jericho drops to his knees, but Joe stands him up to ROCK him and JAB him and HEADBUTT him! Jericho CLAWS the eyes! The Bad Apple applauds but the fans boo. Jericho ROCKS Joe, CHOPS him, then CHOPS again. Jericho CHOPS then whips, but Joe ducks ‘n’ dodges to DIVE onto Keith! Joe is not taking any chances, he TOSSES Keith into the crowd! The fans fire up as Joe goes back to the ring. Jericho hits Joe with a dropkick, CLUBS him, then drags him up to whip him hard into railing! Jericho JAMS Joe up with a chair, then shows it off. The fans are torn, and Jericho SMACKS Joe on the back!

Jericho drags Joe up, puts him in the ring, and then hurries to bring stuff out from under the ring. Jericho has found a black bag! Jericho BOOTS Joe, then holds up the bag. Jericho pours out HORSESHOES! The fans fire up seeing those, and Jericho reels Joe in. But Joe is too bulky to back suplex! Joe CLUBS Jericho, fires off KNEE after KNEE, then he runs, only for Jericho to kick low! Jericho runs, but into a scoop! Joe POWERBOMBS Jericho onto the horseshoes! Jericho writhes, Joe runs to SENTON! The fans lose their minds, Joe covers, TWO!! Jericho survives, Joe drags Jericho up and KICKS him around!

Joe KICKS and KICKS, but Jericho blocks to LOW BLOW! Because No Disqualifications means who cares about respect, right? Jericho then gets the legs, and he turns Joe over for the WALLS OF JERICHO! Joe endures, the fans rally up, and Dynamite goes picture in picture!

Joe reaches out, but Jericho sits deep on the hold. Joe still fights around, reaches out, and has the ROPEBREAK! But again, a Street Fight means No Disqualifications, so Jericho doesn’t have to let go! Jericho drags Joe back from ropes and he sits deep again! Joe still endures, still claws around, but Jericho still keeps him down. Joe grits his teeth, the fans rally, and Joe pushes up! Dynamite returns to single picture as Joe powers his way to turn over, and he CLOCKS Jericho with a horseshoe! Jericho falls back, Joe is free, and both men slowly rise. Jericho snarls and tells Joe to get up. Joe does, and he JABS! JABS! JABS! And then ROLLING ELBOW!

Joe puts Jericho up top, tucks him in, but Jericho fights free! Jericho leaps to MISSILE DROPKICK! Jericho waves to the fans but they boo. Joe goes to the outside, Jericho goes to the apron, and Jericho LEAPS, but Joe just walks away! Jericho SMACKS off the steel steps! The fans fire up as Joe drags Jericho up to TOSS over railing! The fans fire up more as now they’re fighting in the crowd! Joe drags Jericho up the bleachers, HAMMERS away on him, and then Joe brings Jericho back around to SMACK him off the barriers! Those are hockey boards! Joe fires hands, then a fan lends him some popcorn! Joe SMASHES Jericho with the popcorn!

This fight now goes backstage and Joe keeps Jericho moving with fast hands! Joe pulls Jericho along by his hair, sends him into spare railing, then CHOPS him! And ROCKS him! We’re by catering and Joe ROCKS Jericho! Jericho SPLASHES Joe with coffee! And it was piping hot! JUDAS- NO, Joe catches Jericho to a COQUINA CLUTCH! Joe brings Jericho to his knees, but NOW Big Bill appears! And The Redwood SMACKS Joe with a chair! Joe lets Jericho go and Bill SMACKS Joe off the back of a forklift! Then Keith returns and the Branches beat down on Joe! Jericho says stand Joe up! They do as told, and Jericho takes off his own belt.

Jericho wraps his fist in the leather, has the buckle prepared, and he thanks Martha Hart for giving him the belt! BELT BUCKLE KNUCKLE DUSTER!! Joe gets hit right in the head, and then Bill CHOKE SLAMS Joe onto the pallet! Bill HAMMERS away on Joe, then Jericho gets in the seat of the forklift! Staff tells Jericho no but Keith THROWS them aside! Jericho powers up the forklift, and he is bringing Joe around. Jericho says, “Hi, guys~!” Jericho RUNS JOE THROUGH A WALL!!! Bill is laughing while staff, refs, Doc Sampson and even Colt Cabana run over! Cabana asks what the hell Jericho is doing! Doc Sampson calls it! Joe is OUT, Jericho wins!

Winner: Chris Jericho, by stoppage

The Learning Tree grins, and asks how “Samoa Joke” feels now. If this is what Jericho is willing to do to spread his “teachings” to AEW, what won’t he do #ForTheWorld?


AEW returns and…

The medical team has Samoa Joe on a stretcher and is now getting him inside an ambulance. Sampson tells Joe that they’ve got him. Joe is conscious, but what is his condition after Jericho- Wait, what are Jericho and his sidekicks even doing here? Jericho smiles and waves, “Bye, Joe. Bye bye. Thanks.” Has the Learning Tree finally snapped?


Global Glory Fatal 4 Way: Claudio Castagnoli VS Kyle Fletcher VS PAC VS Tomohiro Ishii!

The Swiss Superman, The Aussie Arrow, The British Bastard and the Japanese Stone Pitbull have all held championship gold from around the world, but that was in the past. They all want gold in the near future, so Tony Khan has assembled this star-studded match! Who wins that “Global Glory,” and awaits the winner of Ospreay VS MJF for the International Championship?

The bell rings and Claudio is already in Pac’s face. Pac tries to get in Claudio’s face but he’s just not tall enough. So Kyle CLOBBERS them both! Ishii storms up and Kyle fires forearms, but Ishii doesn’t budge! The fans rally, Ishii ROCKS Fletcher! Ishii runs, Kyle BOOTS him! Kyle runs, Ishii CLOBBERS him! Claudio UPPERCUTS Pac in a corner, Ishii fires forearms on Claudio! Claudio eggs Ishii on, Ishii fires more forearms, but Claudio ROCKS him in return! Claudio fires up and runs to RAM shoulders! But Ishii roars! Ishii fires a forearm, runs, and RAMS Claudio! Claudio roars, so Kyle CLOBBERS them both!

Kyle runs, but both Claudio & Ishii run him over! They work together to DOUBLE LARIAT Kyle up and out! The fans fire up and then the forearms fly again! Ishii and Claudio go back and forth, Claudio UPPERCUTS, but then Ishii ducks ‘n’ runs to run Claudio over! Pac is up top, though, and he MISSILE DROPKICKS Ishii! Pac builds speed but Kyle trips him up! Kyle gets in to soak up the heat, then he builds speed. Pac drops, hurdles, runs, and RANAS! Kyle flounders out of the ring and the fans cheer Pac. But Claudio’s back and he trips Pac! Kyle SUPERKICKS Claudio first! Ishii gets in, blocks a superkick and SAIDOS!

Pac swings, into a SAIDO! Claudio is back but he runs into- NO, Claudio fights that lift! Claudio gut wrenches Ishii, to SUPLEX Ishii! Ishii goes out and he ends up by Pac and Kyle. Claudio FLIES out to take them all down! The fans fire up with Claudio as Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Claudio watches Kyle stand up, so he runs in to UPPERCUT Kyle into the crowd! Claudio brings Kyle back to ringside, then runs in to UPPERCUT Pac! Pac flounders against barriers and Claudio high-fives the fans. Ishii is up but Claudio ROCKS him with forearm after forearm! Then Claudio whips Ishii hard into barrier! Ishii almost ends up in the laps of the fans! Pac is up and he SOBATS Claudio! And SMACKS him off the apron! Claudio staggers away, Pac storms after him to headlock. Pac punches Claudio, then whips him, only for Claudio to stop from hitting railing! Claudio body shots Pac to send him into railing!

Kyle whips Ishii but Ishii reverses, and Kyle crashes into railing! Claudio has Pac against railing to rain down fists! Claudio stops at ten, but Ishii runs up to ROCK Claudio! Claudio comes back to CHOP Ishii! Claudio fires up, and he CHOPS Ishii again! And ROCKS him! The ref insists someone get in the ring, so Claudio puts Ishii in. Claudio storms up the steps, then climbs the corner. Kyle drags Pac up, Ishii stands and he ROCKS Claudio on the top rope! Kyle climbs up another corner, but Pac ROCKS him first! Ishii climbs up after Claudio, Pac climbs up after Kyle. Claudio fires forearms on Ishii, then a HEADBUTT! That didn’t work…

Claudio fires more forearms and Ishii wobbles. Claudio fires even more forearms, but Ishii ROCKS him right back! Claudio wobbles up top, steadies himself, and meanwhile, Pac SUPERPLEXES Kyle! Claudio stands, but Ishii gets him first! SUPER DUPER PLEX!! All four men are down as Dynamite returns to single picture and the fans are all fired up! The four men sit up, and Ishii ROCKS Claudio! And ROCKS Pac! Kyle ROCKS Ishii, Ishii ROCKS him back! Claudio and Pac hit Ishii, then Kyle! Ishii pinballs between all the forearms, but he just fires up! Ishii fires forearm after forearm in return and the fans are thunderous!

Pac ROCKS Ishii, Ishii HEADBUTTS Pac! Kyle aims, Ishii ducks, SUPERKICK hits Claudio! Ishii HEADBUTTS Kyle down! Ishii runs at Pac to LARIAT in the corner! Claudio UPPERCUTS Ishii! Kyle GAMANGIRIS Claudio! Kyle reels Claudio in but Pac brings Kyle back, POISON-RANA! The fans are thunderous, Pac roars, and Pac runs, into a POPUP UPPERCUT!! Ishii LARIATS Claudio!! Kyle runs up, Ishii fire boxing elbows on him! Ishii runs, into a scoop! SPINNING TOMBSTONE!! Cover, TWO!?!? Ishii survives and Kyle cannot believe it! Kyle throws off his elbow pads, and the fans rally up again.

Kyle drags Ishii up to the top rope, “This is Awesome!” as he climbs up to get him. Ishii fires body shots, fires forearms, but Kyle fights back! Ishii HEADBUTTS and Kyle falls back! Claudio UPPERCUTS Ishii! Ishii falls to the apron, and Claudio trips Kyle! The fans fire up for the GIANT SWING!! Kyle goes around and around and around, and the fans count all the way to TEN! Claudio steps through, and has the SHARPSHOOTER!! Calgary is thunderous for the Hart family favorite! But Pac climbs up again, so that he can go MACHO ELBOW onto Kyle!! And then BRUTALIZER!! Kyle is in DOUBLE SUBMISSIONS!!

Kyle endures, but Ishii returns! Ishii fires forearms on Claudio again and again! Claudio gets mad and lets Kyle go to grab Ishii! Ishii HEADBUTTS Claudio, and hits a BRAINBUSTER!! Ishii then hurries to run and SLIDING D Pac!! Kyle is free, but now Ishii aims at him! LARIAT!!! Cover, TWO?!?!? Kyle survives and Calgary can’t believe it! Ishii roars, he hauls Kyle back up, but Claudio makes the save! UPPERCUT and Ishii goes flying! Claudio hits a NEUTRALIZER on Kyler! Cover, but Pac YANKS Claudio away! Pac covers Kyle, but Claudio YANKS Pac back! The two rivals stare down and the fans fire up again!

Claudio shoves Pac, then he blocks Pac’s kick! Claudio UPPERCUYTS, reels Pac in, but Ishii CLUBS Claudio, into a GERMAN SUPLEX! Ishii runs up, Pac dodges to SNAP SUPLEX! Claudio runs in, into a SNAP GERMAN! The fans are thunderous, but Kyle catches Pac to a cradle! TWO!!! Pac escapes, BOOTS back, and Kyle is down! Pac drags him into the drop zone and goes up top! BLACK ARROW!! Into BRUTALIZER!!! KYLE TAPS, PAC WINS!!

Winner: Pac, by submission (NEW #1 Contender to the AEW International Champion)

The Bastard breaks The Protostar and he has all the Global Glory! Pac gets the mic, and he says, “Safe to say, things have not been going well for me recently. Since returning to AEW in March, I have made many bold promises. And I have suffered many humiliating failures. Now I don’t know what I’m gonna do next, ya see. But what i do know is this: It’s All In Season! And The Bastard will not be denied my Wembley moment! I can promise you that. So let tonight’s victory stand as a line in the sand…! The Bastard will be back.” Pac has put Ospreay and MJF on notice, will it be The Aerial Assassin or The Wolf of Wrestling that faces him next?


AEW goes backstage with Renee Paquette.

She is on her way to interview Bryan Danielson, who has won the Men’s Owen Hart Tournament to move on to Wembley. But then Hangman Page pushes past her and she tries to get his attention. She has to shout at him, and asks if she could get just a little bit of respect around here, it’d be appreciated. Hangman knocks on a door without a word to Renee. Renee leaves, and the person that opens the door is Okada. Okada asks if he can help Hangman. Hangman wants to go inside, but Okada stops him, and asks again, “Can I help you?” The Bucks then walk up and say it is all okay. But fancy seeing Hangman here. Anything they can do for him?

Hangman says he’ll do it. Hangman then leaves, and Okada asks if The Bucks are okay. Now they are! They just got their fifth man! Will The Black Hat help The Elite win Blood & Guts against Team AEW?


Mercedes Mone is here!

Calgary is torn about The CEO walking out here, wearing the TBS Championship but holding the NJPW Strong Women’s Championship on her shoulder. She celebrated her Forbidden Door victory last week, but it seems the Two Belt Boss needs double the fun. She struts her way to the ring, security ready at all corners, and there’s already a table and a bottle waiting for her. Mone puts her NJPW Strong belt on the stand, then picks up the mic. “Calgaryyyy~! Please say hello to your C E O!”T he fans are still torn but Mone is so honored to be here to celebrate her historic double championship victory.

And huge shoutout to her boys, The EVPs, Matthew & Nicholas Jackson, for the extra security. Because if there’s one thing for sure, Mone will NOT be interrupted. Before we start, Mone wants to set the record straight about the past, present and future. Because these two titles and everyone here knows, she is the past, present AND future! Mone is the best their was, the best there is, and the best there ever will be! The fans boo her stealing the Hitman’s line. Then Mone says as far as Britt Baker goes, she better wake up from her little fantasy about facing Mone at All In. That is NOT going to happen.

Because if Britt did face Mone in the ring, Mone would leave her with way more than a couple herniated disks. She would leave Britt for dead! So everyone, it is time to grab your glasses, pour a little whiskey, and raise a toast to the Greatest of All Time, the History Maker, the Star Marker, the- D M D! The fans fire up but Mone is pissed that Britt is daring to interrupt after all! Mone tells security to get her, but Britt DECKS the first guy! And SUPERKICKS the second! Mone panics as Britt just pushes past the rest! Mone grabs her belts and runs as best she can in heels! Mone says this was HER moment, but now she knows how it feels!

Britt smiles but Mone says there will be a price to pay. Will nothing stop the DMD from going after the CEO over both the TBS and NJPW Strong titles?


Brandon Cutler’s been attacked backstage!

And his face has been painted with a very familiar half-skull! That’s because it’s DARBY ALLIN who got him! Cutler begs for mercy but Darby just rains down more fists! Darby then gets in the camera to ask Jack Perry, “What’s that ish you say? We all have to make sacrifices, huh? Brandon just made his. Elite, you really thought this was over? Dynamite 250, we’re just getting started.” The Relentless One leaves, but will he get his payback from Double Or Nothing?


BREAKING NEWS for Collision!

While the Don Callis Family has been floundering, The Alpha looks to take charge! Konosuke Takeshita faces “Dynamite Kid” Tommy Billington, but will he make Callis proud?


BREAKING NEWS for Dynamite 250!

The Rainmaker heard The Realest call him out, and now it is official! Champion VS Champion, Okada VS Swerve! Will Okada do what Ospreay could not and take down the AEW World Champion?


2024 Women’s Owen Hart Cup Finals: Willow Nightingale VS Mariah May w/ Toni Storm & Luther!

History is within reach right here in Calgary! The Babe with the Power wants to become the first-ever TWO-TIME, BACK-TO-BACK Queen of Harts, but “The Chick with The Champ” wants to face said champ for an All In homecoming. Only one woman can “costar” with The Leading Lady, Toni Storm. Who wins the trophy to go after the world championship?

The bell rings and the fans rally as the two circle. They tie up, Willow wrenches and wristlocks, but Mariah wrenches back. Willow slips around to waistlock but Mariah fights the slam. Mariah switches, Willow pries the hold open, and she drop toeholds. Willow floats to a facelock but Mariah fights up. Mariah wrenches to a wristlock, then hammerlocks. Willow slips around to full nelson, but Mariah fights it! Mariah reaches out but Willow spins her around to gut wrench! Mariah grabs ropes to stop the bomb, and Willow lets off. Mariah breathes easy as she and Willow reset. The fans rally again as the two tie up.

Willow and Mariah go around, Willow puts Mariah in a corner. Willow CHOPS and the fans fire up! Willow runs in, but Mariah goes up and over! Mariah keeps moving but Willow runs her over! The fans fire up and Willow flexes. Willow runs, Mariah follows then trips Willow! Mariah runs to SHOTGUN Willow down! Mariah grins, storms up on Willow, and CHOPS her against ropes! The fans “WOO~!”and Mariah whips. Willow reverses, Mariah ducks ‘n’ dodges to tilt-o-whirl, and she RAANS Willow onto ropes! Mariah stands Willow up for forearm sot the back! Mariah runs to SHOTGUN Willow in the back! Willow falls, Mariah covers, ONE!!

Storm has her shoes at the ready as Mariah brings Willow up. Mariah tries to scoop but Willow fights her off. Mariah CHOPS, CHOPS, and CHOPS! Mariah puts some stank on the CHOP, then runs, but Willow scoops her with ease! And copies the SPIN OUT SIDEWALK SLAM! Cover, TWO! Willow shrugs that off to get moving, and she SPLASHES down! Cover, TWO! Mariah is still in this but Willow drags her up. Willow scoops, Mariah slips free, and Mariah ROCKS Willow! Willow goes to a corner, Mariah goes corner to corner, but Willow puts her on the apron! Mariah kicks but Willow blocks to DECK her!

The fans fire up as Willow goes to the apron, and she CANNONBALLS! Down goes Mariah and Calgary fires up as Dynamite goes picture in picture!

Storm is very worried for her protege and Luther fans her off. Willow puts Mariah in the ring, covers, TWO! Mariah survives again but Willow keeps cool. Willow drags Mariah up, scoops her, and SLAMS her! Then SENTONS! Cover, TWO! Willow smiles that off and stalks Mariah to ropes. Willow stands Mariah up but Mariah fires a forearm! And another! Willow DECKS Mariah right back! Then Willow hauls Mariah up to suplex! Cover, TWO! Willow is getting annoyed but she reels Mariah in. Mariah spins that around to jump on and GUILLOTINE! Willow stays up, and she RAMS Mariah into a corner! And then she CLUBS Mariah down!

Willow stomps Mariah, drags her back up, and then RUSSIAN LEG SWEEPS, into a KOJI KLUTCH! Mariah endures being twisted around, even as Willow kicks at her! Mariah fights around with her one free leg, and has the ROPEBREAK! The ref counts, Willow lets go, and then she drags Mariah up. Willow puts Mariah on the top rope, climbs up after her, and Dynamite returns to single picture. The fans fire up as Mariah fights back! Mariah ROCKS Willow and she falls back. Mariah adjusts, and MISSILE DROPKICKS! Willow tumbles away to the opposite corner, so Mariah says kiss this! SWEET HIP MUSIC!

Mariah stands Willow up, to DDT! Cover, TWO!! Willow survives and Storm says this is what Mariah trained for! Mariah tries to fireman’s carry but Willow fights her off. Willow BOOTS Mariah to a corner, then runs in to BACK BODY BLOCK! And LARIAT! And whip to SPINEBUSTER! High stack, TWO!! Mariah survives but Willow gets the legs! Willow is wearing the Owen Hart tribute gear, so now she steps through to pay tribute in deed! But Mariah kicks and flails and grabs an arm! Mariah kicks away on Willow’s leg! Willow hobbles away, but she storms right back up! Willow waistlocks, Mariah switches, and Mariah GERMAN SUPLEXES!!

The fans fire up while both women are down! Willow goes to a corner, Mariah to the other. Mariah runs in to UPPERCUT! Mariah whips but Willow blocks! Willow shakes her head and she whips Mariah to the corner. Willow runs in, Mariah dodges to UPPERCUT! Mariah fires off forearm after forearm, then she goes corner to corner again. Willow BOOTS Mariah, goes up, but Mariah DOUBLE CHOPS! Mariah runs up into the STRATUSPHERE! Cover, TWO!! Willow survives and Mariah is seeing why Willow won last year. But she also aims as Willow rises, and Mariah runs in, only for Willow to dodge the knee!

Willow rolls Mariah, Mariah rolls through, but Willow hits a FISHERMAN BUSTER!! Cover, TWO!! Mariah survives but Willow fireman’s carries. Mariah slips free, takes a swing, but Willow ducks and shoves her away. Willow goes the other way, but Mariah HEADBUTTS the Pounce apart!! Both women are down and the fans are thunderous! Wait, who is this in the hoody!? Willow stops them from getting in the ring, and Storm gets on the apron! The ref stops Storm, but then KRIS STATLANDER BOOTS WILLOW! Because surprise, that was Stokely Hathaway in the hoody! Willow falls, Mariah rises, and Storm says end it!

Mariah runs up to KNEE Willow down!! Cover, TWO?!?! Willow still lives and no one can believe it! Mariah drags Willow back up, fireman’s carries, but Willow fights free! So Mariah rolls to LEG TRAP JACKKNIFE! TWO!!! Willow escapes the trap that caught Hikaru Shida, and Storm is in disbelief! Storm coaches Mariah, the fans love “A E DUB! A E DUB!” for making this the main event! Mariah reels Willow in, but Willow wrenches out to LARIAT!! Cover, TWO!!! Mariah survives and Storm rallies the fans! Willow huffs ‘n’ puffs and brings the straps down! Mariah is in a corner, reaching out for her mentor.

Willow roars, runs, and CANNONBALLS! Then she drags Mariah right up, fireman’s carries, and- Mariah pops through! Victory roll, MARIAH WINS!!!

Winner: Mariah May, by pinfall (2024 Queen of Harts)

Storm is ecstatic and Mariah is emotional! Willow can’t believe it, but she still shows respect to Mariah. Mariah and Storm now celebrate, because now they’re both going All In! Mariah and Storm frolic together up the ramp, and Mariah grabs the Owen Hart Foundation Championship belt. TO CLOBBER TONI WITH IT?!?! Calgary cannot believe their eyes!! But then Mariah LASHES Toni with it! And LASHES! And LASHES! Luther runs up to stop her but Mariah CLOBBERS him, too!! What has gotten into Mariah!? She LASHES Luther over and over! Storm sits up, busted open, and she asks why! But Mariah just KICKS her in the side!!

Mariah LOW BLOWS Luther!! And then CLOBBERS him off the stag and down through tables!!! Storm is in tears as her apparent protege was a wolf in sheep’s clothing! And talk about watch for the shoe, Mariah grabs one and CLUBS Storm in the head with it!! And again! And again! And again! And again!! Storm’s crimson mask grows, and Mariah DIGS the heel into the wound!! Refs run out here, and Mariah DECKS Aubrey Edwards!! Mariah’s true colors show as she kisses the bloody face of Toni Storm. The fans are losing their minds as Mariah has gone full Psycho! Will Mariah turn All In into her own slasher film?

My Thoughts:

Now this was an awesome episode of Dynamite. Only four matches because these were the only four we needed, as well as great promos, all with story build. Opening with Ospreay and MJF having their promos was the smart move, and it sets up a great title match for next week. I did not realize we’d already gotten to 250 but I suppose after five years, we were gonna get there. And Ospreay VS MJF is going to be great stuff, and I can’t really be sure who wins. The Global Glory Fatal 4 was awesome stuff, and naturally the winner is now a contender to the International Championship. Pac winning out is great, and I’d love if it was Pac VS Ospreay. Two British wrestlers fighting it out, the crowd would eat that up.

That Street Fight was great stuff. I appreciate Jericho bringing out location appropriate weapons in the black bag. And given this is Calgary Stampede, aka a rodeo, horseshoes was perfect. But of course Morrissey & Keith got involved, especially once things went backstage. No Hook, apparently Shibata wasn’t able/allowed to be there, and same for Taz I think, so Joe was all alone. I NEVER would’ve imagined Jericho driving a forklift through a wall to win a match, but here we are. I feel like this just helps Joe and Hook pull off that “miraculous return” in time to give us a huge Six Man Tag for All In.

Very good promo stuff from Mercedes Mone and Britt Baker, mostly because they had Britt run out there to run Mone off. Mone continues to embrace being a Heel that is tangentially connected to The Elite. And while Mone keeps saying no, Britt is going to keep going after her, and I think Tony Khan or Kenny Omega is gonna use their authority to make it official. It probably will be for both belts, and I’m pretty sure Mone retains. She can cheat to do it so that builds Heel heat while not really hurting Britt Baker’s return. Britt can even demand and get a rematch at All Out, which isn’t even two weeks after All In.

Another great music video from Acclaimed but I feel like they need to start putting subtitles, I could not be sure what Caster was saying at some points because he’s just that clever. But obviously, this is all building to A) tag title match at All In and B) Acclaimed wanting to be in on Blood & Guts. For that matter, Darby Allin returning and calling Jack Perry out, that itself is a two-for-one build. Perry VS Allin for the TNT Championship can be a match for All In, and Allin can be the fifth man for Team AEW. Swerve of course wanted to be the team leader for Team AEW, that’s good continuity from before. And then with Hangman losing out on the Owen Hart Cup, and hearing Swerve is part of Blood & Guts, great move for that to convince him to side with The Elite.

Speaking of which, what an awesome Men’s Owen Hart Cup match. With how Swerve is champ, it was really surprising that Hangman lost, but they did such a good job pulling it off. Bryan got bloodied, his neck was bothering him since minute one, and yet he pulls out the win with some help from Jeff Jarrett. Swerve VS Bryan is going to be awesome stuff, and Bryan has been saying he wants to retire world champion, so this could be a make or break moment for that. Then the Women’s Owen Hart Cup was equally amazing. The ring gear being tributes to both Bret & Owen was good stuff, and then to protect Willow’s loss, Stoke & Kris got involved to perhaps set up that final grudge match.

And that ending moment… Way back when she first buddied up to Toni, I sensed Mariah was going to pull something like this. It felt like she was being disingenuous on some level, and I thought it was going to be sooner, because AEW doesn’t always handle pacing in stories well, especially in women’s division story. But just as I thought they weren’t going to do it after Mariah, Mina & Storm all celebrated at Forbidden Door, they have Mariah just absolutely shock everyone. Especially with how bloody she made Storm. This immediately cranks the heat up all the way to the max, and even as soon as Collision on Saturday, we could get the “Why Mariah Why” promo for the explanation.

My Score: 9/10

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