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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (6/17/20)

It’s all about tag teams tonight!



AEW Dynamite Coverage

AEW’s Tag Division is Dynamite!

Hangman Page and Kenny Omega defend their tag titles at the same time as Best Friends put their shot on the line! How will Fyter Fest be affected?


  • AEW World Tag Team Championships: Kenny Omega & Hangman Page VS The Natural Nightmares; Omega & Page win and retain the AEW World Tag Team Championships.
  • Anna Jay VS Abadon; Abadon wins.
  • MJF w/ Wardlow VS Billy Gunn w/ Austin Gunn; MJF wins.
  • AEW TNT Championship Open Challenge: Cody Rhodes VS ???; Cody wins and retains the AEW TNT Championship.
  • The Young Bucks VS The Superbad Squad; The Young Bucks win.
  • AEW World Tag Team Championships #1 Contenders Match: Best Friends VS Le Sex Gods; Best Friends wins and will challenge for the titles at Fyter Fest.


AEW World Tag Team Championships: Kenny Omega & Hangman Page VS The Natural Nightmares!

The Cleaner and the Cowboy are finally on the same page, and are hoping to head for Fyter Fest. But Dustin Rhodes and QT Marshall might change that if they can pull of a stunning upset! The introductions are given, the belts are raised, and a battle of dynamic duos opens Dynamite!

Teams sort out and we start with Dustin and Omega. They circle and shake hands to show there is respect. It’s of note that Allie is NOT ringside right now, per a request by Brandi no doubt. Dustin and Omega tie up, Dustin headlocks but Omega powers out. Things speed up, Omega jumps but Dustin fakes him out. Dustin runs, Omega waistlocks but Dustin bucks Omega off, only for Omega to flip back up to his feet! Omega CHOPS Dustin, then Electric Chair lifts! Dustin escapes and waistlocks, Omega standing switches, but Dustin elbows free. Dustin runs into a boot, then Omega goes up and over. Omega gets Dustin with a huricanrana! Dustin kicks back then hops up to hit a flying huricanrana of his own!

Omega comes back, avoids the powerbomb lift, and the crowd rallies up. Dustin shakes out the cobwebs from that corner bump a moment ago but he shakes hands with Omega again. The two tag out to give us Hangman and QT. QT circles with Hangman, they tie up, Hangman waistlocks and trips QT to float over to a headlock. QT gets up, powers out and kicks. Hangman blocks, spins QT but QT dodges to uppercut! Hangman comes back to CHOP! And CHOP! And CHOP! Hangman fakes QT out on the next one to SLAP him on the back! But QT dropkicks Hangman in return! QT runs, Hangman ducks and handsprings to BOOT QT down! Hangman brings QT back up, tags Omega in, and the champs combine for a springboard double ax handle.

Omega brings QT up to CHOP! He clubs QT on the back then CHOPS again. He whips QT to ropes but QT avoids the back drop to scoop Omega for a suplex! QT is still stinging from the chops but he tags Dustin in so Dustin can kick and uppercut. Dustin whips Omega corner to corner hard, then brings him back up for a back suplex! Dustin drops elbows then more elbows, then covers. TWO, but Dustin tags QT. QT and Dustin bring Omega up to double wrench, body shot and Russian Leg Sweep! Cover, TWO! Britt Baker is apparently passing notes up to commentary while she “isolates” herself from the other wrestlers in the audience. She strings up another one while QT scoops Omega for a backbreaker! Cover, TWO!

The crowd rallies and duels while QT clamps onto Omega with a chinlock. QT dogs a forearm in Omega’s face and even pulls hair to add what he can. He drives in elbows but Omega gets to ropes. Dustin tags in and CLAWS Omega’s back! Dustin snapmares Omega down to a chinlock and leans on him. The crowd rallies, Omega fights his way up and throws body shots. Omega backs Dustin down, throws haymakers then whips. Dustin reverses, back drops and Omega hits hard! Dustin runs to the corner but gets an uppercut! Omega runs, KOTARO KRUSHER! Both men are down but the crowd rallies up. Both men crawl, hot tags to Hangman and QT! Hangman rallies with big haymakers and a whip. QT reverses but Hangman comes back to LARIAT! Hangman hits Dustin for good measure then BOOTS QT!

Hangman keeps moving, triangle clothesline takes Dustin down! QT runs into the FALL AWAY SLAM! Hangman kips up to PESCADO Dustin! Hangman returns to basement LARIAT QT! Cover, TWO!! QT survives and Hangman nods respect. Omega tags in and he brings QT around to a fireman’s carry. “YOU! CAN’T! ESCAPE!” Rolling senton to springboard moonsault! Cover, TWO!! QT didn’t escape but he did survive, so Omega puts him in the corner. Tag to Hangman and he CHOPS QT. Omega gives QT a pie face while Hangman BOOTS Dustin just because. QT uppercuts Hangman, and again! Hangman BOOTS again, then brings QT up, only for QT to follow, NEURALIZER! The crowd rallies again as both men stir. Hot tags to Dustin and Omega!

Omega swings Polish hammers but it’s Dustin who rallies with clotheslines! Dustin whips, Omega revers, “Not today!” Rhodes Uppercut! Dustin decks Hangman then atomic drops Omega! Dustin runs to bulldog Omega down! The crowd fires up as Dustin whips Omega corner to corner, and hits the spinning powerslam! Hangman runs in to get a powerslam, too! Dustin goes up top and PHOENIX CANNONBALLS the champions! Dustin dumps Omega out then throws Hangman out to follow. Tag to QT, Dustin CANNONBALLS both champions, and QT FOSBURY FLOPS Omega! QT puts Omega back in, heads up top, and leaps for a FLYING UPPERCUT! QT fires up even more, calls for the DDP, but Hangman runs in. QT throws him out, Omega avoids the bang, to SNAP DRAGON SUPELX!

Dustin returns, to give Omega a DESTROYER!! Hangman LARIATS Dustin! QT staggers into a scoop, but turns it around into a DIAMOND CUTTER! All four men are down but here comes Allie! She cheers on her cutey QT, but at least it means she and Brandi are on the same page. QT climbs up, motivated by his girl. MOONSAULT FLOPS! Tag to Hangman, he whips Omega for Omega to whip him to clothesline QT! Omega adds the back elbow! Omega feeds QT to Hangman’s rolling elbow! Then the pop-up GERMAN SUPLEX! Jackknife cover, but Dustin breaks it in time! Omega throws Dustin out and coordinates with Hangman. Hangman tags Omega in and they bring QT up. POWERBOMB! V-TRIGGER!! Hangman PESCADOS Dustin while Omega covers QT, TWO!!

Allie, Brandi and the crowd are rallying behind QT and his superhuman heart. But Omega and Hangman line it up, THE LAST CALL!! Cover, Omega and Page win!

Winners: Kenny Omega & Hangman Page, by pinfall (still AEW World Tag Team Champions)

Omega and Hangman take care of business and are headed for Fyter Fest! But there is still respect between them and the Natural Nightmares. Will there be a rematch waiting for Dustin and QT on the other side of the Summer?


AEW takes a closer look at Anna Jay.

“I was probably in middle school when I started watching wrestling. I fell in love with it, I knew I wanted to learn more, to do more, to train more. Any opportunity you have is an opportunity to showcase your talents.” So as soon as she got signed to AEW, she knew she had to work 10 times harder. The biggest thing for her is putting on a show for people to talk about later. She is the Star of the Show for that reason. But will she become THE star of the AEW Women’s Division? We find out next!

Anna Jay VS Abadon!

Anna Jay may want to be a star, but she just stumbled upon a freak show! Does she stand any chance of surviving this horror movie personified?

The bell rings and Anna is definitely wary of Abadon. They rush each other and Abadon tackles Anna! Abadon rains down wild hands, the ref counts at her but Abadon scares him off! Anna gets far away from Abadon, too, then baits her into the corner. Anna fires off forearms but Abadon isn’t bothered at all! Abadon knees low, whips Anna to ropes and clotheslines her down. Abadon crawls as she stalks Anna to the ropes, then chokes her on those ropes! The ref counts, Abadon lets up at 4, then yanks Anna off the ropes. Abadon runs to SPIKE-RANA Anna down! Cover, Abadon wins!!

Winner: Abadon, by pinfall

The living nightmare gets her first win, and it was a big win at that! Will Abadon only grow more horrifying as she climbs the rankings? Will Anna be able to recover from that scare to become a star?

Wait! The Dark Order is here! Colt Cabana is ringside, and Mr. Brodie Lee leads his minions out. Evil Uno has an envelope in hand while the Beaver Boys walk over to Anna Jay. Uno hands the envelope to Cabana, does this have to do with Cabana visiting their private locker room last week? Cabana opens the envelope and reads what’s inside. Mr. Brodie nods as Cabana keeps reading what looks to be… a contract. As for Anna, the minions help her up and out, and Brodie takes her hand to lead her backstage. Will Anna be the first woman to #JoinDarkOrder?


MJF w/ Wardlow VS Billy Gunn w/ The Gunn Club!

The undefeated Maxwell Jacob Friedman feels unappreciated and under-valued. The Gunn Club just thinks he’s unbelievably obnoxious. Austin and Colten are here to cheer their dad on, will they all have two words for MJF after this?

The bell rings and the crowd is on Billy’s side. MJF bails out to check his knee pads but everyone on that side taunts him. MJF gets back in the ring and circles with Billy, they tie up, and MJF tries a wristlock. Billy doesn’t budge, so MJF shakes his hand as a sign of good sportsmanship. MJF goes to step back but Billy keeps hold of his hand. Billy hip tosses MJF high and hard! MJF gets up and headlocks to punch Billy! The ref warns MJF but he knees Billy low. MJF wrenches, whips but Billy reverses. MJF ducks, dodges and rolls under the boot to front waistlock and push Billy to ropes. Billy easily pushes MJF off to BOOT him down! Cover, TWO! Billy brings MJF up and headlocks to give that punch back.

MJF gets out of the ring and goes to the stage, saying he’s done with this. Billy pursues MJF down the tunnel, and then brings him back out on his shoulders! Billy puts MJF in but MJF hotshots him! MJF struts but he doesn’t realize Billy is still standing. Billy walks right up behind MJF and MJF backs up into him. MJF turns around to get kicked low! Billy runs, MJF dodges the Famouser and chop blocks the leg! MJF runs and chop blocks from the front! MJF kicks and drops knees on the leg over and over! The crowd boos but MJF soaks up the heat. He stands on the foot then stomps it as AEW goes picture in picture.

MJF swaggers about as he stalks Billy. He taunts MJF before he stomps the bad leg again. MJF talks trash to the crowd before he grabs the foot, but Billy kicks back with the good foot. But MJF holds on to DDT the bad one! MJF drags Billy by his legs to the corner, but he’s too busy talking smack to the Sons of Gunn. Billy yanks MJF into the post! The ref checks on MJF, and Wardlow gets away with a cheap shot on Billy! Billy drags himself into the ring while Austin protests but the ref tells him to stay back. This allows Wardlow to SLAM Billy’s leg into the post over, and over, over, and over! Billy flops out of the ring and only now does the ref notice. Billy is now at the mercy of the ring count but he gets up and in. MJF is after the leg and drops an elbow on it!

MJF cranks on the leg in a toehold, and even digs knuckles in. Billy forearms MJF back, and punches him off the hold! MJF staggers to his feet but goes to drop toehold Billy. Billy stays up, until MJF chop blocks him again! MJF hooks up the legs for a “SUCK IT!” SNAP DEATHLOCK! Cover, ONE!! MJF is annoyed with Billy but the crowd is rallying as AEW returns to single picture. MJF drags Billy to the ropes and drops down on the bad leg! MJF talks trash to Jungle Boy in the crowd as he drops down again. The ref reprimands MJF but MJF goes for a third, only for Billy to move! MJF lands on his tailbone and hobbles to Billy. MJF gets the bad leg, hooks it up but Billy powers out! MJF hits buckles face first and the crowd rallies for Billy!

Billy rises, and ROCKS MJF with big right hands! Billy tilt-o-whirl SLAMS MJF down and the crowd fires up! Billy kicks low, runs, but MJF gets out of the way again. MJF is in the corner, Billy runs in, but his knee hits buckles! MJF grabs the leg, hooks it up, and puts on a Trailer Hitch! MJF uses ropes for leverage! The ref sees that and kicks MJF’s arms off the ropes! MJF lets Billy free to argue with the ref, but Billy choke grips him! MJF kicks the bad leg, runs, and tries to steal Famouser! But Billy stands right up to flip MJF around! And kicks low, to give him the FAMOUSER! Both men are down but Wardlow gets on the apron to distract the ref. Billy gets up and DECKS Wardlow, not noticing the Dynamite Diamond Ring was quickly tossed in first!

MJF puts the ring on while Austin Gunn gets in Wardlow’s face. Wardlow CLOBBERS Austin, but now Billy hurries out to RAM Wardlow into railing! Billy hobbles back into the ring where MJF plays possum. Billy brings MJF up, MJF diamond DECKS Billy! Cover, MJF wins!

Winner: MJF, by pinfall

Still undefeated, still obnoxious. But Jungle Boy confronts MJF over seeing the diamond ring used. Marko Stunt and Luchasaurus are in Wardlow’s face, and talking trash turns into a brawl! JB goes after MJF while Stunt and Lchasaurus go after Wardlow! The other wrestlers in the crowd hurry to break this up, but others want to “Let Them Fight!” Wardlow and Luchasaurus are the literally biggest problem so referees hurry out to help. MJF finally backs off, will he and Wardlow ever get what’s coming to them?


Backstage interview with Le Sex Gods.

Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara prepare to take the #1 contender’s spot from Best Friends, but they’re asked about last week’s vicious beating The Inner Circle gave Orange Cassidy. The question is simple: Why? Jericho says the answer is simple: “You’ve got a fat head, Marvez!” But the real reason why they “juiced” Orange is because everyone loves him. He’s so cool and has a laid back attitude. But he had the audacity to interrupt the Inner Circle’s business twice. Orange Cassidy wants to be funny, but what the Inner Circle did to him, “ain’t nothing funny about that.”

Sammy says they beat the pulp out of Orange! Or to a pulp. They’ll do that to Best Friends tonight to move on to the AEW World Tag Team Championships. And then they’ll get those titles because they’re better than best friends. They’re brothers! Blood brothers like the blood from the head of Orange Cassidy. Blood is thicker than water, or in this case, thicker than orange juice.


Ringside interview with Britt Baker.

Tony Schiavone of course talks to the Role Model, and he “thanks” her for the little notes she sends up. Schiavone has an announcement concerning Fyter Fest. The AEW Women’s World Championship has a challenger! Hikaru Shida will take on Penelope Ford, who has been on a hot streak of her own as of late. Ford pinned Shida so that is why she leap frogs over many others in the Women’s Division. Which upsets Britt. Is this all Schiavone “waddled” over to say? The fact that Britt’s leg is “broken” (it’s just some damaged tendons) and she is a victim of a conspiracy, that means Schiavone is in deep sh*t! TNT is going to be furious because he just lost an interview with the “face of the Women’s Division.” And their friendship is on a timeout so she can’t help him.

Britt tells Reba (whose real name is Rebel) to get her out of here. But the one driving the Role’s Royce is BIG SWOLE! “Where to, Doctor?” Britt realizes who is behind the wheel, and Swole takes off! Beep beep, time to put Britt where she belongs! And just where is that?!


AEW TNT Championship Open Challenge: Cody Rhodes VS ???

The American Nightmare wants to work a true workhorse schedule while he is holding this title, and he has already given two young stars big opportunities the first two weeks of his reign. Jake Hager waits to put the big hurt on Cody at Fyter Fest, but Cody has to make it there as champion first! For this third week, Cody is thinking outside the box by looking outside of AEW for a challenger! Cody has handpicked his opponent tonight, but who is it? We find out after the break!

AEW returns and Cody has a mic. “It’s time for the Open Challenge! But I can’t help but notice the air is getting a bit thin. It’s a bit lonely at the moment.” After being on the receiving end of a beating courtesy of Hager, Cody thought to himself, “No Dustin? No Matt? No Nick? No Kenny? No Hangman?” Is he even in The Elite anymore? He sure hopes so. But is the Nightmare Family still a family? It makes you wonder, right? But he doesn’t want to talk about that, he’ll hand this off to the coach, Double A, Arn Anderson! Arn takes the mic to say that here’s the thing. With age comes maturity, and with maturity comes wisdom. Sometimes you need to listen to that voice of reason in your head. Arn knows Cody believes he can beat Hager, and Arn knows Cody can beat Hager.

But in this business, timing is everything, and it’s just not right. Hager himself is watching backstage, eager to see what happens. Arn says they need to move on for right now to focus on tonight. Tonight’s opponent is more than qualified and very talented. Arn has checked this guy out, and it is someone Cody can use to hone his skills. That man is… “Absolute,” Ricky Starks! He is a former NWA World Television Champion and the hottest free agent on the market. And hearing the Open Challenge had also become open to those outside of AEW, Starks felt that was the perfect chance to not only get his foot in the door, but prove to himself that he can hang with anyone!

Starks has been broke with only $3 to his name, he’s slept in his car, on floors and on couches, all so that he could be sitting here right now. And when he had nothing else, he had two things: work ethic and grit, the same two things Cody talks about. So Cody says he can outwork anyone you put him up against? “Well guess what, baby boy?” Starks has his shoes on tight and is ready to go the distance. Is Cody? Starks makes his entrance, the introductions are made, the belt is raised and this absolute test for both men begins!

The two circle fast and approach. They feel it out, tie up, but then back off. They come back, Cody waistlocks to a hammerlock but Starks switches with him. Cody swings an elbow but Starks stays low to push and whip Cody to ropes. Cody comes back to run Starks over but Starks kips right up! Cody applauds that but kicks low to Rhodes Uppercut! Starks SLAPS Cody! Starks says he’s on Cody’s level, but Cody puts him in a corner. Cody swings but misses, and Starks SLAPS him again! Starks clubs Cody but Cody throws haymakers back. Starks hits back and runs, but into Cody’s dropkick! The crowd cheers as Cody stalks Starks to ropes. Cody brings Starks up for the not low blow kick! Starks bails out and Cody builds speed to DIVE! Direct hit sends Starks into barriers! Hager watches with ice cold focus as Cody puts Starks back in.

Cody stalks Starks again, brings him around but Starks clubs him. Cody wrenches and whips but Starks reverses. Cody kicks back, runs, but Starks sends Cody hard into ropes! Arn even winces as Starks drags Cody out to the apron for haymakers! Starks spins Cody around to get on the apron and drop a leg! A bit double edged but Starks figures it’s worth it. Cover, ONE, and Cody gets back to ropes. Starks chokes Cody on the ropes and Arn protests. The ref counts and Starks lets up at 4, to then run. Arn saves Cody from the straddle attack but Starks warns the coach not to get involved. Arn doesn’t sweat the young gun, and Cody kicks low. Cody throws hands but Starks gives them back. Starks headlocks for a TORNADO DDT! Cover, TWO! Cody crawls but Starks stalks him now.

Starks talks trash to Cody, elbows Cody to ropes, then throws haymakers. Cody hits back but Starks CHOPS. Cody CHOPS, Starks kicks low and hard. Starks wraps Cody up with a chinlock and even traps an arm. Cody pries at the hold as the crowd rallies up, but Starks elbows Cody in the head! Starks stomps Cody around then brings him up for a whip. Cody stops himself but the two collide head to head in the corner! Starks and Cody stagger, Starks wrenches and reels COdy in, but Cody denies the second tornado. Cody BOOTS, then dodges Starks to hit the spinning powerslam! Cover, TWO! Starks is toughing it out but Cody takes off his weight belt. Free souvenir for a fellow wrestler. Cody dragon sleepers but Starks knees out and shoves free.

Starks rams low but Cody tanks it for a suplex! Cody holds Stars up for a few seconds before hitting a gourd buster! Cover, TWO! Cody grows frustrated but Hager is… Well, Hager is stoic as usual. Cody positions Starks in a drop zone, goes up top, but Starks anchors his foot. Cody kicks Starks away but Starks comes back to throw hands. Starks climbs up to join Cody, on the very top, SUPERPLEX!! Both men are down but the crowd is loving this! They rally up as both men slowly rise. The standing count hits 5 but Cody and Starks are up. Starks runs at Cody and crossbodies them both out of the ring! Hager might actually be cracking a smile now. Cody sits up as the ring count climbs. Starks goes around the way to get up and in, but Cody is in at 6.

Cody wants Starks to stand, and they start throwing hands! They brawl fast and furious, then Cody knees low. Cody runs, springboards, but Starks ducks the kick to SPEAR!! Cover, TWO!! Cody lives and Starks can’t believe it! Starks drags Cody up, clubs him on the back, and underhooks. Cody blocks, trips, jackknife bridge, TWO! STarks has a sunset flip, TWO! Cody high stacks, TWO, and Starks tries. Cody jackknifes again, TWO! Starks gets up, swings but into a CROSS RHODES!! Cover, Cody wins!!

Winner: Cody Rhodes, by pinfall (still AEW TNT Champion)

The coach is relieved but maybe so is Hager. The Big Hurt is coming for the American Nightmare, will Fyter Fest be the end of Cody’s workhorse run? As for Starks, Cody shakes his hand to show there is respect between them. Will Starks be back in AEW again one day?


The Young Bucks VS The Superbad Squad!

Matt & Nick Jackson were involved in a tag team brawl with FTR, The Butcher & The Blade, but also Kip Sabian and Jimmy Havoc. Both teams want to fight their way to a shot at the AEW World Tag Team Championships, and that brings them to fight each other! Who takes the other team out to take that next step forward?

The teams sort out and Havoc waits for Matt to high five Nick before clobbering him from behind! Havoc throws Matt down and stomps the bad back. Havoc shoves Matt to ropes and clobber shim again! Havoc bumps Matt off buckles and throws body shots to keep on the bad torso. He brings Matt to the other corner to dig his nails in! Havoc whips Matt to ropes, but Nick tags in and Matt slides under. Matt whips Havoc, Kip tags in, Matt drop toeholds Havoc for Nick’s slingshot leg drop! Matt sees Kip coming and kicks low. The Bucks double wrench, CHOP and whip for double elbows! Fist drop and splash combo! Double dropkicks sends Havoc out and the Superbad Squad regroups. But they get DOUBLE PESCADOS!

But ringside, Butcher and Blade talk trash to The Bucks, getting their attention. The Bucks dare them to step over the railing, but nothing happens there. Kip and Havoc recover and Nick offers them entry. Kip slides in and the teams regroup at their corners. Both teams huddle up, but Kip rushes the Bucks, only to get a double JAB! Kip flounders away and tags Havoc. Havoc dares Nick to punch him around, to Nick kicks low. Nick whips Havoc to the corner but catches the boots to turn Havoc sideways. Tag to Matt, draping neckbreaker to slingshot senton! Matt scares Kip off the corner, to then WRECK him with a dropkick! Nick gutbusters Havoc while Matt skins the cat, and the Bucks combine for the flipping neckbreaker backbreaker combo! The crowd cheers the Bucks as they dare Butcher & Blade to do something.

Now Blade hops the railing to get at Nick. Butcher follows but Matt backs Nick up. The ref tries to keep peace while Matt calls for the Superkick Party~! Butcher and Blade get right on the apron, and someone has given Havoc a wet floor sign!? The ref is busy with Nick so Havoc SMACKS Matt with the sign! Nick protests, Havoc covers, TWO! Havoc digs his knee into Matt’s back as the rib tape comes loose. Havoc mugs Matt in the corner and tags Kip. The Superbad Squad stomps away as AEW goes picture in picture.

Kip stomps a mudhole but lets up to mock the Bucks’ flexing pose. This allows Havoc to choke Matt behind the ref’s back! Kip mocks giving a superkick to then bring Matt up and tag Havoc. The squad mugs Matt more then double whips him to ropes. Matt hops over Havoc but right into Kip’s atomic drop! Havoc comes around, BOOTS Matt down, then covers, TWO! Havoc uses the rib tape to choke Matt! The ref counts, Havoc lets up at 4, then gets in Nicks’ face as he throws up deuces. Havoc bumps Matt off buckles in the corner and double punches Matt in his bad ribs. Tag to Kip and he headbutts Matt low. Kip rams his shoulder into Matt over and over and over, then backs off to taunt Nick. Havoc again reels Matt in for cheap shots! Kip goes back to Matt, covers, TWO!

The Superbad Squad grows annoyed but Kip clamps onto Matt with a chinbar and armlock. Matt endures, fights his way up, and throws body shots. Kip throws Matt by his hair, but the ref is reprimanding him harshly. But this all allows Havoc to give Matt a paper cut between fingers! Kip covers, but the ref is busy with Nick protesting. The ref finally counts, TWO! Kip brings Matt up, tags in Havoc, and the squad mugs Matt some more. Havoc snapmares Matt to uppercut low to the back! Havoc tortures the bad fingers while AEW Returns to single picture. The crowd rallies as havoc brings Matt up and puts him in the corner. Tag to Kip and Kip stomps another mudhole. Tag back to Havoc, and Havoc cravats Matt to throw him out. Havoc keeps the ref’s attention again and Kip has the mercenaries help him out.

But wait, FTR appears?! Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood have had their issues with Butcher and Blade, and they’re keeping those two from doing anything more. Havoc drops knees on Matt then brings him up to tag in Kip. The squad mugs Matt in the corner then Kip snapmares Matt to kick him in the back. Havoc stomps Matt down and sets him up for Kip’s PENALTY KICK! The kick is still no good? Kip is annoyed but he bumps Matt off buckles. Tag to Havoc and Havoc whips Kip in, for Matt to put on the apron! Havoc uppercuts, Kip enziguris, and then tags in to dropkick! Havoc adds a dropkick of his own, then Kip tags Havoc back in. The squad taunt Nick more but the ref is busy with Nick while Kip catapults Matt into Havoc’s eye poke! Cradle, TWO!!

Havoc chokes Matt with his own long hair, then bumps him off buckles. The crowd rallies and Matt boots Havoc away! Matt hits Kip, then catches the Shoryuken to a hanging sleeper hold! Kip hits Matt then springboards to Steiner, only for Matt to block and make it a SUPER SIT OUT BOMB! Matt crawls towards his corner, hot tag to Nick! Nick rallies on Kip and Havoc with his quick kick combo! Corner shining wizard, clothesline bulldog combo! The crowd fires up as Nick shoulders Havoc and slingshot FACEBUSTERS him on the ramp! Nick back elbows Kip to then escalara crossbody Havoc back down! Nick slingshots to sunset flip Kip, for a SHARPSHOOTER! Kip endures, crawls for ropes, but Matt drops the elbow! Nick sits deep, Kip holds on, but Havoc has a mallet! Ford uses the floor sign to SMACK Nick!!

Kip tags Havoc, Havoc goes right after Nick, fisherman lift, SING THE SORROW!! Cover, but Matt breaks it!! Havoc kicks Matt out of the ring and tags in Kip. The squad coordinates, wheelbarrow springboard DDT! Cover, TWO!?! Kip can’t believe it, but he heads up top. Kip is bleeding but he leaps, the stomps miss and Nick SUPERKICKS him down! Hot tags to Matt and Havoc! Matt gets Havoc for the Northern Light! Float over, and the Polar Express gets moving! Matt catapults Havoc into Nick’s enziguri! Tag, springboard stomps across the knees! Nick Penalty Kicks Kip down! Then the Bucks coordinate, RISKY BUSINESS! Cover, TWO!! Tag back to Matt, he drags Havoc up, and the Bucks look to end this. FTR keeps Butcher & Blade back, but Havoc shoves Matt into Nick! Roll up with tights, TWO!!

Havoc underhooks for a butterfly suplex! Tag to Kip, he climbs again, DOUBLE STOMPS!! Cover, Nick breaks it outta nowhere! Havoc throws Nick back out then drags Matt up. Havoc scoops but Matt shoves Havoc into Kip now. Matt gets the squad for a DOUBLE NORTHERN LIGHTS! Matt hurries and tags in Nick, and we get DOUBLE SUPERKICKS! They use Kip to hold Havoc in the gut wrench, then they double mule kick his legs out! Kip gives Havoc a Tombstone piledriver! Then the Bucks drag Kip up for a modified DOUBLE KAMI-GOYE! The Golden Lovers would be proud! Cover, the Bucks win!

Winners: The Young Bucks, by pinfall

But then the brawl starts again! Butcher and Blade go after the Bucks but FTR goes after them! FTR even hits Havoc, but then they focus on big Andy Williams! They double whip Butcher, and the Bucks DOUBLE SUPERKICK him! But FTR still gives him GOODNIGHT EXPRESS! But they’re not done, as the Bucks grab Blade and FTR has Havoc. Simultaneous INDIETAKER AND MIND BREAKER!! They’re basically the same but each team puts their own twist to it. The crowd is loving the AEW Tag Division, but when and where will we see The Bucks and FTR finally face off?


AEW hears from Taz and Brian Cage.

Taz wants to bring us all “behind the scenes” for just a moment. Last week, Taz and Cage were hanging out in their luxury trailer, watching Dynamite, drinking protein drinks because that’s what they do. But then Taz hears this racket, goes out and sees the “crazy ass banshee” that is the AEW World Champion, Jon Moxley. Mox was claiming he was going to pop Cage’s head like a pimple and shut Taz up for good. “Are you kidding me, Mox? You rotten son of a bitch.” Moxley is miserable? That gimmick was taken decades ago by Taz!

But Cage speaks up and says he understands Taz’s frustrations, but he’s taking the high road too much. Mox wants to disrespect them on the mic, in the ring, dropping the mic and leaving them standing there. Mox brought this on himself! As a matter of fact, Cage wants Fyter Fest to be tonight! Taz loves it! It’d be Drill Claw City! Cage isn’t sure what he wants more: to rip Mox’s head off, drop him on his head, or take that title. He isn’t sure. Well what’s better? Actually, who better? The answer: nobody. Will Moxley fall when he crosses the Path of Cage?


Jon Moxley responds.

“Who can stop the Path of Cage?” Cage climbed up a ladder, pulled down “some gimmick,” and now thinks it’s a good idea to step into the ring with the world champion? Aka “The judge, jury and executioner of AEW, the man who makes heads roll!” Moxley is in this business because he has demons. Bad ones. “The only thing that keeps them at bay is hurting people in the ring.” And now Cage’s path has crossed Moxley’s. Moxley turns Taz’s words around on them, “Beat me if you can! Survive, if you are the kind of miserable son of a bitch that can survive in the deep water that I’m gonna drag you into.” The Maniac wants to destroy the Machine, can he do it?


AEW loads up another big episode!

After all the talk and the fighting alongside allies, Sammy Guevara will confront Matt Hardy 1v1! Will the Spanish God be ready for all the forms of Hardy? And after being given his Dark Order contract, BOOM BOOM Colt Cabana teams with Brodie Lee! They take on New Jersey’s Finest, Joey Janela and Sonny Kiss! And in AEW’s first ever Lumberjack Match, MJF’s muscle, Wardlow, takes on Luchasaurus! And though the Natural Nightmares fell short of the titles tonight, their path to redemption begins! But will it only be shattered by FTR? And to keep sharp before Fyter Fest, Jon Moxley will return to action, with Taz watching live on commentary. What will Taz say and do to the AEW World Champion so close to the big event?

Speaking of the big event, Cody VS Hager is official now that Cody has gotten through the night. Will Hager get to end the American Nightmare’s dream with his own hands?


AEW tracks down Britt Baker and the “Role’s Royce”!

Rebel has the GPS on her phone, they find Britt in a dumpster! Britt is furious but also very disgusted. Britt’s been stuck in this trash for five hours! Well, no, it’s only been one hour. Britt does not want them to question her! She FIRES Rebel. Rebel is free? Rebel goes to leave, but Britt says Rebel isn’t fired. But where was she? In the bathroom. Why?! This is a full time job, 24/7!! She doesn’t go anywhere that Britt isn’t, and she sure doesn’t go to the bathroom without her! And where the hell is Tony?! You said he was in timeout… Oh, right. But no, that doesn’t matter! Friends don’t take timeouts so he should be here! Get Tony and- Why is there a camera crew?! They were here to see Britt being rescued. Oh is Rebel some kinda hero now? No, it’s just- GET TONY!! Okay, okay!

But since cameras are here, Britt warns Swole that she will pay for this. Literally. Britt will sue Swole, make her pay fines, and make Swole never EVER forget the day she did this to Dr. Britt Baker. Britt will get Swole if it’s the last thing she does. “Reba, get me outta here.” NOW!! Rebel panics as Britt nags her. Will Swole really face the consequences? Or is The Dentist all bark and no bite?


Matt Hardy joins commentary!

For right now, this looks like normal Hardy joining Excalibur, Tony Schiavone and good ol’ Jim Ross. He is excited to watch the main event, just as we are.


AEW World Tag Team Championships #1 Contenders Match: Best Friends VS Le Sex Gods!

Trent and Chuck Taylor want to avenge Freshly Squeezed, but the only way they could get Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara to agree is to put up their shot at Hangman Page and Kenny Omega! Are they risking too much for the honor of Orange Cassidy? Or will the Fyter Fest card change at the last minute?

AEW returns as Best Friends make their entrance, and push Sammy’s scooter out of their way. The teams sort out and the Kentucky Gentleman starts with the Spanish God. But then both Best Friends ambush Le Sex Gods! Trent is after Sammy while Chuckie chases Jericho! Jericho hits Chuck back but Chuck hits him. Trent drags Sammy out of the ring to club away with forearms. Chuckie chokes Jericho with his shirt, but Sammy clubs Trent on the back. Sammy shoves Trent at the post but Trent stops himself to elbow Sammy away! Chuckie throws hands on Jericho then bumps him off the timekeeper’s desk! Trent stomps Sammy at railings on the other side, then Chuckie headlocks to dig a water bottle into Jericho’s face!

Sammy bumps Trent off the apron while the ref reprimands both teams. Sammy whips Trent at railing but Trent comes back with a SPEAR! Trent puts Sammy in the ring for Chuckie, and he hits a standing Sliced Bread! Cover, TWO!! Sammy survives but Chuckie drags Sammy up. Sammy rakes Chuckie’s eyes and tags Jericho. Jericho walks into kicks and punches from Chuckie! Chuckie sweeps the legs and stomps away on Jericho until the ref counts. Chuckie fires up and whips Jericho corner to corner. Chuckie runs in but into an elbow! Jericho hops up to missile dropkick! Cover, TWO! Chuckie gets to ropes but Jericho chokes him! The ref counts. Jericho lets up, but Sammy chokes Chuckie in the corner!

Jericho tags Sammy and Le Sex Gods stomp away. Sammy brings Chuckie up to whip him to ropes. Sammy hurdles over, flips, and dropkicks Chuckie down! Sammy kips up and shows off, to then do the cocky Jericho pin. ONE, and Sammy drops on Chuckie with a chinlock. Chuckie endures and the crowd rallies up. Jericho tags in and Le Sex Gods mug Chuckie. Jericho snap suplexes Chuck down then runs to drop a knee. Sammy applauds while the crowd boos. Chuckie gets up and throws hands on Jericho, then runs but into Jericho’s dropkick! Cover, TWO! Jericho taunts Chuckie to go tag Trent, but then he clubs him down. Jericho brings Chuckie up but Chuckie throws forearms. Chuckie runs, but into Jericho’s elbow!

Jericho springboards, LIONSAULT! It flops as Chuckie moves! Both men crawl to their corners, hot tags to Sammy and Trent! Trent dodges Sammy to CHOP him down! Trent CHOPS Sammy again, then CHOPS him at the ropes! And again! Trent whips and CLOBBERS Sammy with an elbow! Trent hits Jericho for good measure before stalking Sammy. Sammy runs in, Trent dodges and Sammy hits buckles! Trent CHOPS Sammy again, then runs, only for Sammy to BOOT him back! Sammy runs but Trent reels him in, SNAP SAIDO! Trent sees Jericho pick up Floyd the baseball bat, so he wrecks Jericho with a baseball slide! Trent slingshots, but his Pescado gets a base hit! Trent goes down in a heap while AEW goes picture in picture.

Jericho drags Trent up and whips him into railing! Trent winces but Jericho drags him back up. Sammy clobbers Chuckie T for good measure while Jericho POSTS Trent! The ref reprimands Jericho but Jericho puts Trent in for Sammy to cover. TWO, but Sammy keeps his cool. Sammy drags Trent up to put him against ropes. Sammy CHOPS and CHOPS Trent in return, then fireman’s carries to show off the squats. Then Sammy hits the Samoan Drop! Cover, but Trent makes it a ghost pin! TWO, and Sammy CLOBBERS Trent! Tag to Jericho and he looms over Trent. Jericho drags Trent up and back suplexes high and hard! Trent flounders to a corner while Jericho soaks up heat. Jericho brings Trent up again to CHOP!

Jericho CHOPS again but Trent gets him back with haymakers and CHOPS! Trent whips corner to corner but Jericho reverses, sending Trent tumbling up the buckles! Trent comes back down to get a LARIAT! Jericho covers, TWO! Jericho is still very cocky as he soaks up more heat. Jericho brings Trent up and knees low. Jericho suplexes to hang Trent out to dry and let him hit the mat! Cover, TWO! Jericho brings Trent up and tags in Sammy. Le Sex Gods double whip and double shoulder Trent down! Sammy does his spinny move, and the two pose together. Sammy swaggers over to Trent and kicks him in the corner. Sammy goes corner to corner, but Trent STOMPS him down! Both men are down and a standing count begins. The crowd rallies up, hot tag to Chuckie T!

The Kentucky Gentleman rallies on Le Sex Gods! He goes up and over to spin Sammy for a FALCON ARROW! Cover, TWO!! Chuck keeps his cool, drags Sammy to a corner, and goes up top. Chuckie MOONSAULTS, but lands on his feet when Sammy moves. POP-UP BOMB! Cover but Jericho breaks it! Chuckie throws Jericho out and stalks Sammy. Sammy stirs but Chuckie brings him up, only to get a jawbreaker! Sammy runs but into a boot! Trent tags in, he and Chuckie give Sammy SOLE FOOD HALF ‘N’ HALF! And the Best Friends go to hug, only for Jericho to ruin it! Chuckie whips Jericho, Jericho reveres, but Jericho walks into the Sexy Chuckie Knee! And turns around into the PSYCHO KNEE!

Trent kicks and tornadoes, but Jericho stops the DDT to get the legs! Jericho works to turn Trent and Sammy FLIES out onto Chuckie! WALLS OF JERICHO! Trent endures as Jericho sits deep! Trent crawls and gets the ropebreak! Jericho thinks he’s won but the ref points out it was a ropebreak. Jericho argues with the ref, but Trent LARIATS Jericho down! Both men are down, Sammy tags in, and Sammy SUPERKICKS Trent down! Sammy goes to a corner, climbs up top, but Trent trips him up! Trent climbs up to join Sammy, but Sammy fights back. Sammy headbutts Trent, but Chuckie returns to help Trent up. Electric Chair SUPERPLEX!! Trent LARIATS Sammy inside out! Cover, but Jericho breaks it in time!

Chuckie throws Jericho out but the ref shouts at Chuckie to go to the corner. Chuckie obeys, but Sammy feeds Trent to Jericho’s eye rakes! Roll up with tights, TWO!! The screwjob didn’t work, and Chuckie goes after Jericho again! He bumps Jericho off the apron then rams him into railing! And then more railing! Chuckie grabs a chair, but the ref tells him no! That’s a disqualification if he does it. But then Jericho hits Chuckie low and throws him out into the crowd! Chuckie bowls over Suge D and almost takes out Hikaru Shida! In the ring, Sammy has Floyd and base hits Trent! Sammy goes up top, for the SHOOTING STAR!! Cover, TWO!?! Trent will not be taken out and Sammy is freaking out! Sammy brings Trent up, torture racks, but Trent slips out to shove. A camera man swipes at Sammy?! Trent hits STRONG ZERO!! Cover, Best Friends win!!

Winners: Best Friends, by pinfall (still #1 Contenders to the AEW World Tag Team Championships)

Le Sex Gods tried to cheat Trent and Chuckie out of their title shot, but they just got cheated back. Because that mystery camera man is none other than… ORANGE CASSIDY!! The Sloth shows the scars of that assault, but now he gets in Jericho’s face! Jericho warns Cassidy, but Cassidy goes after him with fury! Cassidy is trying! In fact, he is serious as he SUPERMAN PUNCHES Jericho out of the ring!! Fyter Fest is set in stone as Best Friends will take on Omega and Page, but it gets even better! To settle the score, we will get Chris Jericho VS Orange Cassidy!! Cassidy gives a thumbs up as he and Best Friends hug it out! Will they be hugging with title belts soon enough?

My Thoughts:

Another great episode, with a lot of great action and some intriguing developments towards Fyter Fest. AEW did a great job sandwiching the episode with the AEW World Tag Team Championship story. Omega & Hangman VS Natural Nightmares was great, though I expected this to be the night Allie shows her true colors. Apparently not the case, as QT and Dustin lose clean. Maybe that moment is being left for All Out, or whenever normal fans can finally return. Best Friends and Le Sex Gods had a great main event, and it was pretty great for Orange Cassidy to get a semblance of payback tonight. We get the tag team title match we figured on with Omega & Hangman VS Best Friends, but now we get Jericho VS Cassidy and that is going to be a show stealer.

Just as I was wondering if The Dark Order was ever going to recruit a female wrestler, we get our answer! Anna Jay gets a vignette like she’s about to be pushed with a win, only to job to the truly horrifying Abadon. Dark Order recruits Anna, she’ll likely be one of the missing numbers soon enough, but then Cabana is given that contract and is announced for a match alongside Brodie Lee next week. Pretty sure that means Brodie and Cabana win at the expense of Janela and Kiss, but it still adds intrigue to the Dark Order’s story. MJF VS Billy Gunn was pretty good, especially with Wardlow and Austin Gunn getting involved. The brawl with Jurassic Express was great, and that Lumberjack Match next week might actually be really good, as AEW does great putting new twists on traditional/cliche matches.

I feel like I need to say again that Cody’s personal story in AEW simply has a pacing problem. Him reaching outside of the company seems several months too soon, but maybe this was the only time Ricky Starks could show up for AEW. The match itself was great, but of course Cody wins to solidify his match with Hager at Fyter Fest. I also do appreciate Cody’s promo, feeling hung out to dry by both The Elite and the Nightmare Family. I feel like Cody should at some point actually join up with Dustin, Brandi and QT to truly make the Nightmare Family a team and not just a name. Next week is the go home to Fyter Fest, so I expect a contract signing for something, most likely the TNT Championship. Moxley, Taz and Cage had good promos tonight and I wonder how Moxley’s go-home match goes if Taz will be on commentary running him down.

Penelope Ford being named Shida’s challenger for Fyter Fest makes a lot of sense, she did pin Shida and has been doing great both in her own matches and alongside the Superbad Squad. Britt’s attitude tonight and Swole taking out the trash was great build for their story, and I can’t wait to see how things escalate towards All Out. We got an awesome match out of The Young Bucks and the Superbad Squad, even with Butcher & Blade and FTR showing up ringside. Fyter Fest might have a massive 4v4 or even a Fatal 4 Way Tag to give all these teams a way to fight it out at once. It could easily be called a #1 contenders match to the tag titles, and then it is won by a team that isn’t The Bucks or FTR. That leaves Bucks and FTR open to feud with each other for All Out. FTR claims to not care about the dream match, but that match has to happen for both teams to get past it.

My Score: 9.3/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Collision Results & Report! (2/24/24)

The Collision Cowboys ride again!



Can Papa Gunn breathe with the Switchblade?

The Bang Bang Scissor Gang wants to run AEW, but they need to prove they can work together, no matter what! Will Jay White, Colten & Billy make a winning combination?


  • No Disqualifications: Sammy Guevara VS “Powerhouse” Will Hobbs; Hobbs wins.
  • FTR VS Shane Taylor Promotions; FTR wins.
  • Thunder Rosa VS Ladybird Monroe; Rosa wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Jay White, Colten Gunn & Billy Gunn VS The Iron Savages & Jacked Jameson; White, Colten & Billy win.
  • Bryan Keith VS Malakai Black; Malakai wins.
  • Serena Deeb VS Lady Frost; Deeb wins.
  • Bryan Danielson VS Jun Akiyama; Bryan wins.


No Disqualifications: Sammy Guevara VS “Powerhouse” Will Hobbs!

Just last night on Rampage, The Spanish God called out the Don Callis Family, and then got jumped by the Don Callis Family! Callis and the rest of the family has been banned from ringside, as has Chris Jericho, this must be settled between Sammy and Hobbs! Will there be anything left of Sammy to return home to his wife and daughter? Or will The Book of Hobbs call for no mercy and no remains?

The moment Hobbs hops off the corner, Sammy JUMP KNEES! The bell rings, Sammy runs up to JUMP KNEE again! Hobbs staggers around, but he catches Sammy to TOSS him to a corner! Hobbs runs in, Sammy dodges and RAMS in! Sammy ENZIGIRS, Hobbs staggers, and Sammy springboards, FLYING CUTTER! The fans fire up as Hobbs staggers back to his feet. Sammy runs up to clothesline Hobbs and himself out of the ring! Sammy shouts, “I’m a freakin’ Collider now!” Sammy gets the steel steps in place and the fans fire up. Sammy comes back to whip Hobbs but Hobbs reverses! Sammy leaps the steps!

Hobbs runs up, but Sammy sends him into railing! Sammy repositions the steps, gets space and runs in, to use the steps to LEAP! But Hobbs catches Sammy, and WORLD’S STRONGEST SLAM on the steps!! Sammy writhes and flounders away but Hobbs tells the ref to get outta the way. The fans boo, Hobbs soaks it up, and Hobbs drags Sammy up. Hobbs says Sammy wanted this, and he brings Sammy around to DECK him with a haymaker! The fans duel, Hobbs scoops Sammy, APRON POWERSLAM! And again! And again! Hobbs then SLINGS Sammy into railing! The fans fire up as Hobbs says one more time!

Hobbs hauls Sammy back up, for a fake out. Hobbs doesn’t do what the fans want him to do, he does what he wants. Hobbs moves the other set of steps around, brings Sammy back up, and Hobbs whips Sammy hard into railing! Hobbs asks Kevin Kelley what he’s going on about but Kevin isn’t sure Hobbs means. Hobbs tells Kevin to stand up so Kevin does, and then Hobbs demands Kevin hand over his belt. His belt? Hobbs tells him again, give over the belt. Kevin gives in and hands said belt over. Hobbs then takes the belt and uses it to LASH Sammy on the back! Fans are torn but Hobbs LASHES Sammy again!

Sammy writhes, Nigel tells Kevin this is his fault. Hobbs winds up, Sammy dodges the belt to SUPERKICK! And SUPERKICK again! Sammy grabs a chair, and he SMACKS Hobbs with it! And then HEADSHOT! Hobbs flounders against railing but the fans fire up as Sammy stalks him. Sammy tosses Hobbs the chair to KICK it into him! Then Sammy cravats, uses the steps, but Hobbs turns the cutter into a TOSS over the railing! Sammy’s leg clips the top, but Hobbs hauls him back up and over! But Sammy slips free, and CUTTERS to the steps!! Sammy gets the belt now and he LASHES Hobbs in return!

Sammy then goes looking under the ring, and he brings out a table! The fans fire up as Sammy sets the table up nearby. Sammy has security move aside, so he can slide that chair off the table and into Hobbs! Sammy then adds another table! If one is good, more must be better! The fans fire up with Sammy as he has those side by side. Hobbs goes to the apron but Sammy climbs up. Sammy aims and leaps, but Hobbs catches him again!! And he SPINEBUSTERS Sammy through the tables!!! All of Springfield, Missouri lose their minds while the ref checks on both men, and Collision goes picture in picture!

Hobbs snarls as he slowly rises up out of the wreckage. Sammy stirs but Hobbs clears out the debris to bring him up. Hobbs HEADBUTTS Sammy and Sammy staggers away. Sammy gets in the ring but Hobbs pursues. Hobbs climbs the corner?! Hobbs then FLYING LARIATS! The Powerhouse proves he can fly, then he covers, TWO!! Sammy survives but Hobbs grinds him into the mat! Hobbs talks trash on Sammy while he fishhooks the nose and pulls on the ear! Hobbs then drags Sammy up, whips him to a corner hard, and Sammy drops to his knees. Hobbs looms over Sammy, eggs him on, and the fans rally up.

Hobbs talks more trash, stands Sammy back up, and Hobbs whips Sammy hard into another corner! Collision returns to single picture as Sammy crawls around. Hobbs looms over Sammy again, slaps him around, and then whips him into another corner! Hobbs runs up, Sammy dodges and Hobbs hits buckles! Sammy uses the corner to help in the torture rack! Fans fire up as Sammy carries Hobbs, and GO TO HOSPITAL!! Cover, TWO?!? Hobbs survives and Sammy is shocked! The fans rally as Sammy hurries to find himself something more. Sammy takes a monitor from the timekeeper!

Sammy brings the equipment into the ring, MONITOR SHOT!! But that’s not enough so Sammy looks around outside. He finds another table! The fans are thunderous as table number three is put in the ring. Sammy hurries after Hobbs but Hobbs LARIATS Sammy inside-out! Hobbs storms around, grabs the table for his own and sets that up near a corner. Hobbs goes back for Sammy as the fans rally up, and Hobbs hauls Sammy up. Sammy JAWBREAKERS back! Hobbs wobbles, but Sammy SUPERKICKS! Hobbs still wobbles, so Sammy springboards and FLYING- NO, Hobbs catches him again! WORLD’S STRONGEST SLAM!! Cover, TWO!!!

Sammy survives and now Hobbs is furious! Hobbs runs to BOOT Sammy down! Hobbs goes out while Sammy flops off the apron. Hobbs looks around under the ring, and he brings out a fourth table! The fans fire up as Hobbs brings this one to the ramp side. Hobbs sets that up, stomps Sammy to keep him down, then he goes to fetch a fifth table! The fans are thunderous, this might be the most tables in a non-table match! Hobbs hauls Sammy up, scoops him, and aims, but Sammy slips free to POST Hobbs first! Sammy fires up again while Hobbs staggers around. Sammy chugs a fan’s beer, then SMASHES Hobbs with the bottle!

The fans fire up as Hobbs ends up on the tables! The fans give Sammy another beer, to SMASH it on Hobbs again! Sammy then goes looking under the ring, and he brings out a LADDER! The fans are loving it, because now we’ve entered TLC territory! Sammy gets that ladder in the ring while the fans lose their minds! Sammy moves table number three outta the way so he can stand his ladder up. And it’s a big ladder! Fans chant “Please Don’t Die!” because this is extra crazy even for Sammy! Sammy climbs to the second highest rung, takes aim, and shoutout to Jeff Hardy! SUPER SWANTON BOMB through the tables!!!

The fans lose their minds all over again as the ref checks Sammy. Sammy gets Hobbs up and into the ring and the fans fire up again. “This is Awesome!” as Sammy takes table number three and sets it back up! Hobbs flounders, Sammy pushes him onto that table and punches him down. Sammy then goes to the corner, which is comparatively short, but Hobbs shoves the ref into Sammy!! Sammy is stuck on the top rope and Hobbs snarls as he storms up after him! Hobbs brings Sammy up for the scoop! WORLD’S STRONGEST SLAM THROUGH THE TABLE!! Cover, Hobbs wins!!

Winner: “Powerhouse” Will Hobbs, by pinfall

All that damage done to Hobbs and he still took the win! Is there no stopping the Don Callis Family with the Powerhouse behind it?


The Blackpool Combat Club speaks.

Jon Moxley is with Claudio Castagnoli as he shares a story. “When Claudio first comes to America, he shows up at the gym to train with William Regal and Dave Taylor. When Dave pulls up, Claudio’s sitting on the front step, there’s no cars around. Dave says, ‘How’d you get here?’ Claudio says, ‘I walked.’ Dave says, ‘From the airport? 20+ miles?’ Claudio says, ‘Yeah.'” That was day one. You think 20 minutes is a lot to Claudio? It’s nothing, he’s a freak. Moxley is a freak in a different way, needing to get hit in the face a couple times just to wake up. And while Moxley’s not a sprinter, he can run all day and all night.

You will never win a war of attrition with the BCC. When it’s a game of who can endure, you have no chance. But the BCC don’t get paid by the hour and they don’t wanna wrestle like they do. So time limit draws for them are unsatisfactory. So congrats, FTR, you pissed them off! Good job. But if you wanna challenge them for Revolution, you wanna pay homage to tag team wrestling in one of the wrestling Meccas, Greensboro, North Carolina, they accept. The four of them will show the world that all that history is just that. This is 2024, this is AEW, the BCC are the elite of the elite, and this sport evolves.

Claudio, what’s Moxley thinking of right now? Well, tag team wrestling, Midnight Express, Rock ‘n’ Roll Express, Arn ‘n’ Tully, Crockett Promotions, its entire history. And about FTR, how they look to the past, how they wanna bring back the past. The BCC looks to the future. The BCC creates the style and the wrestling that they wanna see today. So FTR, if you wanna live in the past, fine. But if you wanna step into the future, that path is through them! And all you have to do is just be better than Moxley & Claudio.

Moxley also keeps thinking, that can’t be all that FTR had. Because it feels like they unloaded all their heavy artillery, every magazine, while the BCC barely pulled the trigger. If FTR want to be big names in Greensboro, then they’ll have to swim in deep, deep waters. Claudio tells FTR to bring the whole bag of tricks, because they’ll need it. The match is set, but just how far will both teams go to settle the score?


FTR VS Shane Taylor Promotions!

Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler are ready for another fight with the BCC, but for right now, they’ve got the STP! Will the #TopGuys still be FTR? Or will Lee Moriarty & Shane Taylor himself prove they’re in that conversation now?

The teams sort out and Dax starts against #TAIGASTYLE. Lee and Dax tie up, Lee waistlocks and headlocks, then wrenches to hammerlock. Lee shoves Dax then claps at him, but Dax keeps it cool. Dax tags Cash, Cash runs up but Lee avoids him. The two feel things out, tie up and go around, then break the deadlock. They reset, tie up again, and Lee wrenches to spin Cash and wrangle him. Lee steps over, has La Magistrol, TWO! Lee pushes Cash around and then dances at him. Cash storms up but Lee backs off. Lee smirks at Cash then resets with him. They tie up, Lee headlocks, but Cash powers out.

Cash drops, drops, and hurdles to then ELBOW Lee down! Then arm-drag! Cash has the armlock and he slaps Lee around. Cash tags Dax, whips Lee, drop toehold and elbow drop! Fans rally up and Dax brings Lee up. Dax wrenches but Lee powers him to the corner! Tag to Shane but Dax gets away. Shane and Dax circle, talk some trash, and tie up. Dax headlocks, Shane powers up and out, but Dax RAMS him! Shane says not today! Dax runs again, RAMS again, but Shane stays up. Dax RAMS Shane again, and again, but Shane scoops! Dax slips free, waistlocks, but Shane bucks the O’Conner. Dax ducks ‘n’ dodges, but stays back to avoid hands.

The fans fire up as Dax and Shane reset, tie up, and Dax headlocks. Shane powers up and out, Dax SHOTGUNS him! Shane comes back but Dax avoids the senton! Dax wrenches, but Shane LARIATS! Shane drags Dax up, tags Lee, and STP mugs Dax. Lee throws knees, snapmares Dax and basement dropkicks! Lee drags Dax up, ROCKS hi, but Dax puts him in a corner to CHOP! And CHOP! Dax brings Lee around, wrenches, but Lee ROCKS Dax! And CHOPS him! Dax CHOPS again! And again! Lee swings, Dax ducks and picks Lee up, but Shane tags in before the atomic drop! Lee hobbles away, Dax ROCKS Shane!

Dax runs up to whip Lee but Lee reverses. Dax rebounds off buckles to CLOBBER Lee, but Shane CLOBBERS Dax! Cover, TWO! Dax survives, Shane talks trash on Cash, and Collision goes picture in picture.

Shane drags Dax up, puts him in a corner, then winds up to CHOP! Dax sputters and Shane talks more trash. Shane stands Dax up, winds up, and CHOPS again! Shane keeps Dax in the corner, whips him corner to corner hard, and Dax falls back! Shane talks more trash to Cash but the ref keeps Cash back. Shane tags Lee, STP mugs Dax and Lee puts Dax in a corner. Lee fires forearms, then climbs up to rain down fists! Lee gloats but Dax CHOPS from below! Lee stomps but Dax CHOPS! They clinch, go around, and end up on ropes. Shane tags in, he throws hands on Dax! Shane scoops and SLAMS Dax, then stares Cash down while Collision goes to break.

Collision returns and Shane has Dax in a bearhug! Dax endures the squeeze but the fans rally up. The ref checks Dax, the hand drops once. The hand drops twice! But then Dax comes back to life! And he BITES Shane’s forehead! The ref reprimands but Shane lets Dax go. Dax back suplexes, but falls over under Shane! Shane covers, TWO! Tag to Lee, and STP gets Dax up. Lee whips Dax but Dax turns the back drop into a cradle! TWO, and Dax CHOPS! Dax puts on a SLEEPER, but Lee RAMS him iont a corner! Tag to Shane, Dax fires hands on STP! Dax swings, Lee gets around to IRON OCTOPUS!

Shane runs up to KNEE Dax! Dax staggers to a corner, Shane clotheslines, then URENAGES! Shane goes up the corner, Cash shouts to Dax, but Shane leaps! Shane FLOPS as Dax moves! Dax and Shane crawl, hot tag to Lee! Lee drags Dax back but Dax hops up and up and hot tags Cash! Cash rallies on Lee, JAB, JAB and HAYMAKER! HAYMAKER for Shane! CHOP for Lee! Cash UPPERCUTS Lee, CHOPS him, then brings Lee out to LARIAT! Shane storms up but Cash spins him and UPPERCUTS! Cash runs, ducks ‘n’ dodges and LARIATS Shane down! Fans fire up but Lee is back! Cash gets around, SLEEPER, into UPPERCUT!

Lee rebounds, into a NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO!! Lee survives and bails out while the fans fire up. Cash drags Lee up from the apron, suplexes, but Shane trips Cash! Lee lands on Cash, TWO! Lee waistlocks, Cash switches, but Lee switches! Cash bucks the O’Conner but Lee distracts the ref so Shane can DECK Cash! Lee rolls Cash up, TWO!!! Cash survives but Lee brings him up. Lee whips Cash at the corner but Cash BLASTS Shane! Cash goes up and over Lee, then does it again! Tag to Dax, sunset flip leads to the pop-up, BULLDOG BOMB! Cover, FTR wins!

Winners: FTR, by pinfall

BCC said FTR live in the past, but they used an old school finisher to win! Cash gets the mic now as the fans chant for FTR, and Cash says, “So a few weeks ago, Jon Moxley said, ‘Step up, and get stepped on.'” The fans boo that, but Cash tells Moxley, FTR is like a couple roaches. It’ll take much more than getting stepped to kill them! The fans cheer that! So that said, if BCC has anything more to say, they know where FTR’s gonna be. Dax tells Moxley & Claudio that he heard everything they had to say. They talked about differing styles and different eras, how FTR are throwbacks and the past is what they care about.

“That’s not what this is about. Moxley, you’ve been here since almost the beginning. For almost five years, you’ve been the king of AEW. This is your castle! This is your house, Mox! And I see you, Mox. And I see Claudio, and I see Bryan. I see you walk around the back, and people cower and they fear and they drop their eyes because they’re afraid of you. I think the reason you’re pissed off is you found a couple guys who ain’t scared of you.” The fans cheer that, too! FTR ain’t scared. But if Moxley is the king and this is his castle, it’s been said that to be a king, you gotta kill a king. So Revolution, FTR comes for the king’s head. #TopGuysOut!

The fans fire up as Dax & Cash are ready to be more elite than the elite of the elite! Will either team be left standing after the Revolution?


Thunder Rosa VS Ladybird Monroe!

La Mera Mera is ranked #2 in the Women’s Division, and we know the AEW Women’s World Championship is spoken for in terms of a challenger. Will Rosa then look to solidify her spot in the TBS Championship chase?

The bell rings and Rosa circles with Monroe. They tie up, go around, and Rosa waistlocks to SLAM Monroe down. Rosa then facelocks, waistlocks, but Monroe switches. Rosa pries the hold to switch, hammerlock, and then chicken wing! Rosa wants the crossface, too, but Monroe wrenches out to hammerlock back. Monroe pulls hair, talks trash and CLUBS Rosa. Rosa gets mad now. Monroe whips, Rosa reverses and CHOPS! Monroe goes to a corner, and Rosa CHOPS her again! Rosa fires off forearms then bumps Monroe off buckles! Rosa says this is how you climb the ladder! Rosa CHOPS Monroe again!

Rosa winds up but Monroe ducks this chop to stomp Rosa in return. Monroe pie faces and CHOPS Rosa, then CHOPS! Monroe winds up, UPPERCUTS, then snapmares! Monroe cartwheels but Rosa avoids the boot! Rosa rolls Monroe then basement KNEES Monroe down! The fans fire up and Rosa runs side to side, DROPKICK against ropes! Monroe sputters but Rosa drags her up. Fireman’s carry and DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! Rosa roars, wants Monroe back up, and Monroe slowly rises. The fans rally as Rosa reels her in. Rosa puts on out, package and TIJUANA BOMB! Cover, Rosa wins!

Winner: Thunder Rosa, by pinfall

“You see this? I’m climbing the ladder, because as we know, Thunder Rosa knows how to work hard.” Rosa vows this is her time, will her comeback be unstoppable?


Backstage interview with Kris Statlander, Willow Nightingale & Stokely Hathaway.

Renee Paquette is with The Galaxy’s Greatest, The Babe with the Power and #BigStoke, bringing up the “choice words” from Skye Blue & Julia Hart last night on Rampage. What is their reaction? Stokely wants to start by saying he doesn’t appreciate that hostility. What happened last week, he apologized for. Did he put it on social media at like 3AM and then delete it five minutes later? Absolutely! But the past is the past. Stat said it best, they worry about the future, and that includes those two- Willow says think before you speak, Stokely. “Ho…ly cow, you got something to say.”

And Kris points out Skye is always looking for a fight, so maybe, since they’re 1-1, they go 1v1 next week and Kris beats dat ass. This eclectic trio is ready to fight it out, but will they be able to tear down The House of Black?


Six Man Tag: Jay White, Colten Gunn & Billy Gunn VS The Iron Savages & Jacked Jameson!

As the Bang Bang Scissor Gang looks to dominate all of AEW & ROH, they are trying a team remix! Max Caster has a rap for the occasion! “Acclaimed & The Bang Bang, we the real savages. ‘Bout to bring the fight like me against management! These guys’re so mad, they prolly see red!” Oh no, Caster loses the flow! This is a travesty! Bowens takes over to say, “SPRIIINGFIELD, MIZZOU-REEE~! The Bang Bang Scissor Gang has arrived! Scissor Me, Daddy Ass!” And he does~! Will Billy, his son Colten, and the Switchblade make a killer trio? Or will they all end up sipping the Savage Sauce?

The trios sort out and White wants to start, but so does Billy. The fans sing “OH~ Scissor Me, Daddy~!” so White says okay, Billy can start. Billy stares down Beefcake Boulder and the two circle. They tie up, Billy headlocks but Boulder powers up and out! Billy RAMS Boulder, neither falls, and Boulder shows off #TiddyCity! Billy says okay, “SUCK IT!” and eye poke! Billy then runs Boulder over! The fans fire up, Billy runs and drops an elbow, but Boulder moves! Boulder then runs Billy over! Boulder swivels hips, tags Bulk Bronson, and they get Billy up. It’s time to visit the city! But Billy turns it around and shoves Bronson into Boulder!

Billy brings Bronson over, tags Colten, and they whip, body shot, BOOT and DROPKICK! The father-son combo has the fans fired up, and Colten brings Bronson up. Colten whips Bronson to a corner as White argues with Jacked Jameson. Colten goes to a corner, finger guns with his dad, but Jameson now argues with Billy. The ref is busy breaking those two up as Colten runs in, Boulder pulls Bronson to safety! Colten tumbles up and out and to the floor! Austin and Bowens check on Colten but Bronson SMACKS Colten off the apron! Bronson puts Colten in, covers, ONE!! Bronson drags Colten up and FLAPJACKS him off buckles!

Bronson goes up the ropes to HIP DROP Colten! Tag to Jameson, he HIP DROPS Colten! Boulder tags in, he stomps around and the fans fire up. Boulder brings Colten up, to suplex high and hard! Boulder then says bang bang to mock BBSG. Boulder shakes those hips, tags Jameson, and they double whip Colten, only for Colten to BLAST Bronson! Colten DUMPS Boulder, ELBOWS Jameson, hot tag to White! White may have sniped that one, but he CHOPS Jameson down! And he gets Bronson by his hair, and CHOPS! White CHOPS Jameson, fires off JABS then CHOPS! JAB, CHOP, repeat! CHOP, CHOP, and CHOP!

Bronson runs in but White sends him into Jameson! White then CHOPS Bronson! White whips Bronson but Bronson reverses. Bronson runs up but White dumps him out hard! Jameson runs up but into an URENAGE Cover, Boulder runs in, but White moves! The SPLASH hits Jameson! Boulder freaks out, and White kicks low! Billy gets in, FAMOUSER! The fans fire up as that sends Boulder tumbling! White CHOPS Bronson, Colten CLOBBERS him out of the ring! White shrugs and gets Jameson for the BLADERUNNER!! Cover, BBSG wins!

Winners: Jay White, Colten Gunn & Billy Gunn, by pinfall

It was a rocky start but a smooth finish as the hybrid trio works out! Will this super group be untouchable all the way to the top of the mountain?


Backstage interview with Bryan Danielson.

Lexi Nair is with the American Dragon ahead of his main event match tonight against Jun Akiyama. Some consider this a dream match. Bryan says yes, but what Lexi didn’t say and should’ve said is that this the legendary Jun Akiyama. This is a man Bryan respects as one of the greatest wrestlers in history! Someone who is Eddie Kingston’s hero! And Eddie will be on commentary tonight, watching Bryan wrestle one of the greatest wrestlers, and beat him. Bryan vows to defeat the man that is Eddie’s hero. Bryan wants to make it clear, he respects Jun Akiyama and every single thing he has done. But do you know who Bryan does NOT respect? Eddie Kingston.

Bryan says Eddie just made this thing, that their match at Revolution is about a handshake. That if Eddie wins, Bryan has to shake Eddie’s hand and show him respect, and he thinks that’ll kill Bryan inside. And maybe it will. Because Bryan does NOT respect Eddie, and do you know why? Because if Eddie was asked to do a promo, do you know how he’d do it? Lexi’s interviewed him, right? And what would he say? “Oh, the boom! Oh the lights! Oh, you’ve got shoes on! Oh!” Then he’d say this, that and whatever, storm off and that’s it. He is NOT a professional, has NEVER been a professional!

Bryan has known Eddie for 20 YEARS, and Eddie is someone who had more potential than anybody Bryan has ever met, and he WASTED it! WASTED it until just this last year! But not only does Bryan not respect Eddie, Eddie’s waste of potential just pisses Bryan off. That is why Bryan will win against Eddie at Revolution for the Continental Triple Crown. The American Dragon wants to destroy the Mad King, but will he start with the Japanese legend?


Bryan Keith VS Malakai Black!

The Bounty Hunter wants gold, but he’ll have to step into the shadows first. The House of Black has been nothing but brutal and sadistic, will Malakai add Keith to the body count?

The bell rings and the fans rally up. Keith stares Malakai down, and both men hear the fans cheering. Malakai and Keith circle, tie up, and Keith wrenches and wristlocks. Malakai moves around, spins through and wrenches to snapmare. Malakai headlocks but Keith slips out to wrench and wristlock again. Malakai snapmares and chinlocks but Keith wrenches out again. Malakai breaks free, tripos Keith but Keith kicks him away. Malakai storms back up but Keith trips him to cover, ONE! The two stand off and the fans rally up. Malakai and Keith reset and circle again. They tie up, Malakai ROCKS Keith, then ROCKS him again!

Malakai whips, Keith reverses but things speed up. Keith BOOTS Malakai down! Fans fire up with Keith and he storms up on Malakai. Keith ROCKS and CHOPS on repeat! Malakai KNEES Keith away, but Keith KICKS in return! And KICKS! Malakai KICKS back! Keith steps over, snap suplexes, and he then drops a knee! Cover, TWO! Malakai snarls but the fans rally with Keith. Keith brings Malakai around, reels him in, underhooks, but Malakai slips free of the lift! Keith fireman’s carries but Malakai slips free to KICK! Malakai blocks a kick to ELBOW Keith down! Keith goes to the apron and Malakai drags him up.

Keith GAMANGIRIS back, but Malakai BOOTS Keith down! Keith hits railing on the way down and Malakai snarls as Collision goes picture in picture.

Keith sits up, clutches the back of his head, and Malakai goes out after him. Malakai drags Keith up, KICKS him against railing, then BOOTS him! Keith staggers away, Malakai runs up and BOOTS him again! Malakai has Keith against railing, KICKS him again, and Keith drops to his knees. Malakai stands Keith up to put him in the ring. Malakai runs up but Keith KICKS and KICKS and KICKS! Malakai is in a corner but Keith whips him corner to corner. Keith runs up, blocks a boot, but Malakai KNEES him down! Cover, TWO! Malakai keeps his eyes on Keith, then pushes him down for a knee drop!

Malakai paces while Keith checks his face. Malakai drags Keith up, but Keith CHOPS! Malakai ROUNDHOUSES Keith down! Cover, TWO! Keith stays in this but Malakai stays on him with a scoop and SLAM! Malakai drops another knee, then covers, TWO! Malakai keeps cool and he clamps onto Keith with a chinlock. Keith sputters as he endures, and he fights up to his feet. Keith throws body shots, then knees, but Malakai knees in return! And UPPERCUTS! Keith ROCKS Malakai with a forearm but Malakai gives it back! They go shot for shot, Collision returns to single picture, and Malakai snapmares to KICK Keith!

Malakai stands Keith back up but Keith drags him into a cradle, TWO! Keith ROCKS Malakai, Malakai hits back, then Malakai blocks a boot. Keith dodges, Malakai dodges, but Keith DECKS Malakai! And LARIATS! The fans rally as Keith LARIATS again! Keith scoops for the EXPLODER! Malakai slowly rises and the fans fire up! Keith fireman’s carries, USHIGOROSHI! Cover, TWO! The fans fire up for Keith as he aims at Malakai. Keith drags Malakai up, underhooks, but Malakai fights and the leg gives up! Malakai shoves Keith to a corner, but Keith pops Malakai up. The knee still holds Keith back so Malakai CLUBS Keith on the back.

Malakai waistlocks but Keith elbows free, and uses ropes for the TORNADO DDT! Both men are down and the fans fire up! A standing count starts but the fans rally up. Both men are down at 5 of 10, but they stir at 6. Keith and Malakai both sit up like a Deadman! Then they stand and fire forearms again! Keith KICKS, Malakai forearms, they fire more shots, then Malakai KICKS! Keith ROCKS Malakai, but Malakai trips Keith! Keith blocks the knee to fire boxing elbows! ROLLING- NO, Malakai knees low and sweeps the legs! Malakai runs up to BOOT Keith to a corner! Malakai runs in, is put on the apron, but he ROCKS Keith first!

Malakai goes up, but Keith RISING HEADBUTTS! Malakai wobbles up top and fans fire up! Keith climbs, brings Malakai into a clinch, but Malakai throws down elbows! Malakai HEADBUTTS Keith down, adjusts, and DIVING DOUBLE STOMPS!! Keith sputters, Malakai BOOTS and JUMP KNEES! Then GERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO!! Keith escapes and Malakai is stunned! The fans fire up but Malakai brings Keith up. The fans rally, Malakai takes aim, BLACK- NO, Keith ducks! KNEE! And then underhooks! TIGER DRIVER!! Cover, TWO!! Malakai survives and the fans are thunderous!

Keith goes to a corner, gets his bad leg moving, and he aims at Malakai. “This is Awesome!” as Kevin runs into THE END!! Cover, Malakai wins!

Winner: Malakai Black, by pinfall

The Dark Father returned to singles action, and he was victorious! But then the lights go out? Why? Malakai’s already here! But then the lights come on and Mark Briscoe is here with a kendo stick! Malakai wants Mark to show mercy, but here come Buddy & Brody! Mark dodges Buddy to SMACK Brody! And then a SMACK for Buddy! Mark ducks the heel kick to UPPERCUT! Mark gets the kendo stick back, takes aim again, but then thinks of something else. He has a STEEL SPIKE! The same kind Julia Hart stabbed Mark with just a couple weeks ago! Mark aims at Malakai, but Malakai dodges! The spike stabs the buckle pad!

BLACK MASS, and then DANTE’S INFERNO!! The House of Black took Mark’s revenge and turned it around on him. Will Mark learn that no matter what, The House Always Wins?


Serena Deeb VS Lady Frost!

The Professor of Professional Wrestling is looking for her path to a championship, and you do that by winning. Deeb had studied up for Kiera Hogan, but cards are subject to change. Will Deeb still pass the pop quiz? Or will she be iced out of the title chase already?

The bell rings and the two circle. Deeb and Frost tie up, and Deeb wrenches to a wristlock. Frost trips Deeb, knuckle lock covers, ONE as Deeb gets a shoulder up. Frost pushes the arm down, ONE as Deeb gets the other arm up. Frost tries again, ONE as Deeb bridges! They stand, go around, and Deeb straitjackets Frost. Frost powers out to straitjacket Deeb in return. Deeb wriggles and wiggles through the straitjacket to put it back on Frost. Deeb brings Frost to her knees, then digs her knees into Frost! Frost endures as she’s bent back, so Deeb tosses her away! The fans cheer and Deeb flexes.

Deeb and Frost tie up, Frost headlocks, but Deeb wrenches out to arm-drag Frost away. Frost goes to a corner, Deeb runs up but Frost BOOTS her! Frost cartwheels over then basement dropkicks Deeb down! Frost whips, Deeb reverses but Frost goes up and over and handsprings away! Fans fire up but Deeb runs Frost over! Deeb says this is HER ring. Things speed up, Deeb ducks ‘n’ dodges and arm-drags into a takedown, spinning toehold into a TRAILER HITCH! Frost endures, Deeb pulls on the foot, but Frost has the ROPEBREAK! Deeb lets go quick and fans cheer her own as Collision goes picture in picture.

Deeb waits on Frost while she’s on the apron. Frost shakes out the legs, steps back in, and then Deeb runs up! Frost puts Deeb in a corner, CHOPS her, but Deeb CHOPS back! Deeb CHOPS but Frost pushes Frost to CHOP again! Frost stomps a mudhole into Deeb, then brings her around for a FISHERMAN SUPLEX! Deeb flounders to ropes but Frost hobbles over. Deeb kicks low, UPPERCUTS and Frost staggers back. Deeb UPPERCUTS again, swings but Frost dodges the chop to stomp and UPPERCUT! Frost snapmares Deeb and clamps on a headlock. Deeb endures and fights around. Frost facelocks, Deeb still fights up, but Frost throws Deeb down! Cover, TWO!

Deeb goes to ropes but Frost storms over. Frost bumps Deeb off buckles, goes corner to corner and RAMS into Deeb! Then she handsprings and RAMS in again! Frost lets off to then bring Deeb up and CHOP! Deeb sputters while Collision goes to break.

Collision returns and Frost has Deeb in another clinch. Deeb powers up and out, drops down then blocks a kick to DRAGON SCREW! Frost writhes and Deeb pounds the mat. The fans rally, Deeb winds up and CLOBBERS Frost! And CLOBBERS her! Deeb JABS, JABS and JABS! Deeb winds up, the fans fire up, but Frost kicks low! Frost whips Deeb, Deeb ducks ‘n’ dodges and dodges again, to LARIAT! The fans fire up with Deeb and she shakes the ropes! Deeb drags Frost up, whips her to a corner but Frost reverses. Frost runs up, blocks a boot, but Deeb brings her in to KICK! Deeb then goes out, catches Frost in the ropes, and HOTSHOT NECKBREAKERS!

Deeb stalks Frost as she staggers away, and then reels her in, TWIST ‘N’ SHOUT! Cover, TWO! Frost survives but Deeb looms over her. Deeb drags Frost up, reels her in, and tucks the arms, DEEB- NO, Frost fights off the Deebtox and back drops free! Deeb goes to a corner, Frost runs up to GAMANGIRI! Deeb staggers, Frost runs up, cartwheel and spin, CHILLA DRILLA! Cover, TWO!! Deeb survives and Frost is furious! Frost aims, spins, but Deeb ducks the roundhouse to ripcord and ELBOW! Then wrench, hammerlock, and PEPSI TWIST! The fans fire up and Deeb gets the leg! HALF CRAB! Frost endures, but taps! Deeb wins!

Winner: Serena Deeb, by submission

The Professor didn’t even need the full Serenity Lock, she’s just that good. Deeb gets the mic and says, “The Women’s Division in AEW is heating up, baby!” Fans cheer that! “Now, I put the locker room on notice when I came back, but I’ll remind you again. Any woman that wants to step up in this ring, any woman that wants to join this Women’s Division, the Professor will be here waiting in Deeb’s Dojo, waiting for the best, because I’m here to elevate this Women’s Division!” The fans cheer that, too! Deeb says, “When The Professor wrestles, the lights don’t turn out. When The Professor wrestles, the picture doesn’t go black ‘n’ white.

“But when The Professor is in the ring, I wrestle! And Serena Deeb is back to claim the division, and I’m here to put the wrestling back in All Elite Wrestling!” The fans fire up for that one! Deeb has called out the champions, will she get to take a title away from one of those champions?


Eddie Kingston makes his way to the ring!

Springfield cheers on The Mad King as he joins commentary, just as Bryan said he would. But he isn’t putting on the headset just yet, he must want to wait on the legend. Will Eddie’s hero slay the American Dragon? Or will Bryan beat Blue Thunder like he did Blue Justice?

Bryan Danielson VS Jun Akiyama!

The bell rings and Bryan stares Jun down as the fans rally up. They both hear the fans mixing “YES! YES! YES!” and “HAI! HAI! HAI!” The two circle, feel things out, and Jun backs Bryan down. Bryan gets around, they still look for control, and then knuckle lock. They keep going around, then clinch, then Bryan waistlocks. Jun wrenches but Bryan grabs a leg. Bryan waistlocks, the fans duel, and Jun spins to get the arm. Bryan puts Jun on ropes, the ref counts, and Bryan lets off slowly. Bryan pats Jun on the shoulders then backs away. Jun nods and resets with Bryan. They tie up, Jun headlocks, and he grinds the hold.

Bryan powers up and out but Jun runs him over! Things keep going, Jun runs Bryan over! Bryan trips Jun, turns him over, and hooks up the legs. The fans rally as Bryan grabs at the arms. Jun resists but Bryan pulls the arms back. Jun fights that off, so Bryan STOMPS the knees! Bryan drags Jun, GROUND DRAGON SCREW! Bryan drops a knee on the knee and he pulls on the leg! Jun endures, keeps his shoulders up, and the fans rally up. Bryan pulls the leg, Jun reaches out, but Bryan drags him from ropes. Bryan drops an elbow on the knee but Jun catches him for a chinlock! Bryan fights that off but ends up in an ARMBAR!

Bryan rolls, slips out the back and ties up the legs. The fans rally, Bryan has the deathlock and he SNAPS it! Jun endures, Bryan stands up to SNAP it again! Bryan then stands up again, bridges back, MUTA LOCK! Jun endures, claws at Bryan’s face, and the ref reprimands! Jun lets go but Bryan lets the leglock go. Jun hobbles over, stomps Bryan down, then throws hands. Bryan stands but Jun wrenches the arm. Jun twists the wrist and bends the fingers! Then ELBOW BREAKER! Bryan drops to his knees and the fans fire up! Jun stalks Bryan, pushes him and KNEES the arm again and again!

Jun hammerlocks the arm but Bryan fights up. They go around and around and Bryan SLINGS Jun to the floor! Jun stands, but Bryan DIVES into a forearm! Jun evens things up and goes to the apron as Collision goes picture in picture.

Jun stands Bryan up, to APRON EXPLODER! Both men tumble to the floor but Jun stands up first. Bryan sits up and Jun hears the ring count. Jun drags Bryan up, RAMS him into steel steps, then pushes him into the ring. Jun stalks Bryan to a corner, sits him up, and then runs corner to corner for a KNEE! Jun snapmares to a cover, TWO! Bryan is hanging in there but Jun clamps on with a chinlock. Bryan endures as Jun digs his knee into Bryan’s back. Bryan fights up, powers Jun to a corner, and the ref moves aside. Bryan is free, and he KCISK! And KICKS! And KICKS! Jun eggs Bryan on!

Bryan KICKS Jun again and again but Jun just takes it! Jun ROCKS Bryan, snapmares, and runs to SLIDING KNEE! Cover, TWO! Bryan is still in this but Jun drags him out to the apron! Jun then stomps away on Bryan, but lets off as the ref counts. Jun stomps Bryan again, then shrugs as the ref reprimands. Jun stomps Bryan again and Collision returns to single picture. Jun lines up a shot, and the fans fire up as Jun APRON KNEE DROPS! Bryan flops to the floor and the fans fire up again! The ref checks Bryan, he’s somehow okay to continue, so Jun drags him up. Jun brings Bryan in for a suplex but Bryan fights it! Bryan suplexes Jun to the floor!

Bryan refreshes the ring count, then aims from the apron, FLYING KNEE! Down goes Jun and fans fire up! Bryan drags Bryan up and puts him in. Bryan climbs, the fans chant “YES! YES! YES!” Jun stands and Bryan MISSILE DROPKICKS! Jun ends up in a corner, Bryan fires up again and the fans are with him. Bryan runs in to DROPKICK! Bryan keeps moving, and he DROPKICKS again! Bryan keeps going, but Jun LARIATS! The fans fire up, “This is Awesome!” as Jun storms back up to Bryan. Jun drags Bryan up but Bryan wrangles him down! LEBELL LOCK!! Jun endures, reaches out, and has the ROPEBREAK!

The ref counts, Bryan lets go fast but in frustration. Bryan drags Jun around, and he goes to a corner! Bryan climbs up, but Jun stands! Jun storms up to ROCK Bryan! Jun fires more hands, climbs up, and fans fire up with Jun! But Bryan throws body shots! And a HEADBUTT! Jun hops back, Bryan goes up, MISSILE- KNEE!! Jun counters and then reels Bryan in, PILEDRIVER!! Cover, TWO!! Bryan survives but Jun keeps his cool. Jun sits Bryan up for knee after knee, then runs, into a takedown! HALF CRAB! Jun endures but Bryan shifts his grip for an ANKLE LOCK! Jun endures again, reaches out, but Bryan reels him in! GERMAN SUPLEX!

Bryan huffs and puffs while the fans fire up! Jun sits up slowly and Bryan KICKS! And KICKS! And KICKS! The fans chant but Jun blocks! Jun CLUBS the leg, then EXPLODERS! The OG Exploder hits and Jun covers, TWO! GUILLOTINE CHOKE! Bryan is stuck in body scissors, too! Bryan fights, pushes, tries to stack but Jun keeps his own shoulders up! The fans rally and Bryan throws body shots! Bryan shifts and reaches out, ROPEBREAK! Jun lets go, and then runs up to KNEE Bryan! Bryan ROUNDHOUSES back! And then GERMAN SUPLEX! Jun is right back up! EXPLODER! SLIDING KNEE!!

Both men are down and the fans are thunderous! The fans count along with the standing count, and both men are down at 5 of 10. Bryan and Jun go to corners, the fans hope they “FIGHT FOREVER!” Bryan and Jun stand at 8, and they run in, DOUBLE BUSAIKU KNEES!! Both men are down and the fans fire up again! Jun and Bryan rise, and Jun storms up to ROCK Bryan with a forearm! Bryan shakes his head, and he ROCKS Jun in return! Jun ROCKS Bryan again, so Bryan ROCKS Jun again! The fans rally as the forearms keep going back and forth! They go faster and faster, and June DECKS Bryan!

The fans fire up again as Jun waits on Bryan. Bryan sit sup, Jun brings him in, fisherman and- NO, Bryan fights and arm-drags free! Jun runs up but into a KNEE from Bryan! Jun falls over but Bryan shakes his head. Bryan goes to the corner, aims, “YES! YES! YES!” Jun rises up, Bryan runs in, BUSAIKU KNEE!! Cover, Bryan wins!

Winner: Bryan Danielson, by pinfall

The American Dragon survives the Japanese legend, and Eddie says he gives Bryan his due. Eddie’s problem with Bryan was never about his talent, the problem is Bryan’s problem with Eddie. Bryan gives Jun his due by shaking his hand. But then Bryan flips Eddie off! So Jun SLAPS Bryan! Jun doesn’t like the disrespect shown and Bryan apologizes. Bryan offers another handshake, Jun takes it, but Bryan LOW BLOWS Jun! Eddie runs up to TACKLE Bryan! The fans fire up as Eddie punches away on Bryan! The ref reprimands but Eddie doesn’t care, he just keeps hitting Bryan! But then Claudio runs up to tackle Eddie!

The BCC beats Eddie down, but then here comes FTR! Cash & Dax brawl with Claudio & Bryan! The fans fire up as FTR runs the BCC off! BREAKING NEWS via Tony Schiavone! Wednesday Night Dynamite, Six Man Tag: FTR & Eddie VS Bryan, Claudio & Moxley! Will the Top Guys and Mad King finally beat some respect into the BCC?

My Thoughts:

A really good Collision here, lots of good story build for both Revolution and just in general. Great opening match with the No Disqualification match, but I’m surprised Hobbs won after all the stuff Sammy was doing. I mean, that’s good for Hobbs, he really should be winning things. Maybe it’s also to build Hobbs up so that when the Don Callis Family ends up fighting Ospreay & Fletcher, Ospreay & Fletcher are made even bigger deals when they beat Hobbs & Takeshita. Good win for Rosa and really good win for Deeb, both are going strong at perhaps just the right time. Deeb also had a really good promo, both should definitely be challenging for titles after Revolution going towards Double or Nothing.

Great trios match for Bang Bang Scissor Gang, and of course there was a moment of dysfunction where White gets the tag and not Billy. BBSG still wins, but I’m more surprised by Caster losing the flow on his rap. If that was legit, I feel bad for him, but maybe he wrote himself into a corner with “red” and the rhymes being bad (something something head, something something dead). I mean, he did just say he and management argue, maybe he held himself back because he didn’t want Tony Khan upset over blatantly naughty rhymes. And also, despite me wanting them to actually go for more gold, it feels like we’re just a moment away from BBSG breaking up and fighting for all the trios titles.

Great match from Bryan Keith and Malakai Black for the hell of it, and it gives Malakai a solid singles win. When Malakai hasn’t had one of those in awhile, that’s only because he hasn’t had a singles match in a long time. A little surprising Mark Briscoe didn’t get away with his ambush. He could’ve just bailed out when Buddy & Brody showed up but I guess that wouldn’t be in-character for Mark. Maybe Keith will be an ally for Mark against The House of Black since FTR is a bit busy right now. Speaking of which, great tag match of FTR VS STP and of course FTR wins. Good promo from BCC to set up the rematch at Revolution, I feel like they should make a point that the time limit isn’t 20 minutes but I can’t even remember if PPVs have time limits on matches.

And great tie-in of BCC with the main event tonight. Bryan VS Jun was a great match, Eddie was great on commentary because he knew Jun’s moveset and style so he was saying what was coming. Bryan won, of course, adding another Triple Crown Champion to the list since he’s coming after Eddie’s Triple Crown. I had a feeling Bryan was going to disrespect Jun, but it was only because Jun told him to respect Eddie. Great brawl to set up Eddie & FTR VS BCC for Dynamite, that’ll make for a strong go-home going towards Revolution.

My Score: 8.7/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Rampage Results & Report! (2/23/24)

The Young Bucks are on a Rampage!



The EVPs demand your respect!

As Revolution approaches and the AEW World Tag Team Championship match looms, Matthew & Nicholas Jackson look to stay sharp in the ring! Who will feel their wrath as proxies to Darby Allin & Sting?


  • Trios Triple Threat: Private Party & Matt Sydal VS Top Flight & Action Andretti VS Bryan Keith, Komander & Penta El Zero Miedo; Keith, Komander & Penta win.
  • The Young Bucks VS Jonny Lyons & Cappuccino Jones; The Bucks win.
  • Mariah May VS Anna Jay; Mariah wins.
  • Roderick Strong w/ The Undisputed Kingdom VS Jake Hager; Roddy wins.


Trios Triple Threat: Private Party & Matt Sydal VS Top Flight & Action Andretti VS Bryan Keith, Komander & Penta El Zero Miedo!

With all the trios titles belonging to the Bang Bang Scissor Gang, many others are trying their hands at the trios game. Will Isiah Kassidy, Marq Quen and the Zen Assassin open their third eyes? Will Dante, Darius & The Sight to See be flying high? Or will the Bounty Hunter, the AAA Cruiserweight Champion and The Man with No Fear steal the spotlight from them all?

In this form of Triple Threat, only two trios are legal at one time, so Action steps up to stare down Sydal. The fans rally up as the two talk some smack, and they circle. They tie up, go around, and Sydal headlocks for a takeover. Action stands up but Sydal hits another takeover. Sydal then snapmares but Action handsprings through! Fans cheer and the two go again. Sydal tilt-o-whirls to RANA, but Action handsprings through again! Action dusts himself off, but Sydal runs up. Action wrenches, CHOPS, and then knuckle locks to go up and up and FLYING ARM-DRAG! Fans fire up as Action DROPKICKS Sydal down!

Action kips up and smiles while Top Flight talks some smack to Private Party. Action then runs and IMPLODER TORNILLOS onto Sydal! Cover, ONE, but Action tags Darius. They double whip Sydal, but Sydal KICKS and KICKS and SOBATS! Fans fire up with Sydal and he gets a “SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS!” chant going. Sydal KICKS Darius’ leg over an dover, but Darius catches him to a pump-handle GUTBUSTER! Then GAMANGIRI! Sydal flounders away, Bryan Keith tags in! Keith runs up but Darius headlocks. Keith powers up and out, Darius RAMS him, but Keith rebounds to BOOT! Darius falls, Kassidy tags in!

The fans rally as Zay dodges Keith, fires “SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS!” and then ROCKS Keith. Zay whips, Keith reverses, but Zay goes up and Quen tags in. Zay RANAS Keith into Quen’s GAMANGIRI! Then Quen springboards to SPLASH Keith! Cover, TWO! Keith is still in this and he tags out to Penta! The fans fire up as Penta somersaults in, but Quen shows he can somersault, too. The fans rally for “CERO! MIEDO!” Penta tells Quen to listen, CERO! MIEDO! Queen says okay, but “What do we want? SHOTS!” Quen shoves Penta, so Penta takes off the glove. The fans fire up, and Penta makes the pass to Alex Abrahantes!

Penta says again, CERO! MIEDO! Another pie face, but Dante tags in off Quen. Dante shoves Penta but then Komander tags in. Quen jumps on Dante, he and Penta mug him, and then everyone else rushes in! It’s a nine man melee and the ref reprimands them all! Things spill out, Dante and Komander stay in. Dante breaks free to JUMP KNEE, then runs, but Komander dodges! Dante mule kicks, whips, but Komander reverses to hook Dante up, COBRA TWIST, into a tilt-o-whirl RANA! Fans fire up as Dante flounders to a corner. Komander runs corner to corner but Dante dodges! Komander elbows back, then SUPERKICKS!

Dante flounders away, Komander jumps up top, and Komander tightrope walks to ARABIAN PRESS ARM-DRAG! Then a DROPKICK! The fans fire up as Komander covers, TWO! Komander tags Penta before he runs in, but Dante jumps up and over! Penta runs in to SLINGBLADE! And then SLINGBLADE again! Dante staggers up, into a SUPERKICK! Action tags in to springboard, into a SUPERKICK! Private Party sends Darius into barriers! Penta tags Keith, puts Action in a corner, and GAMANGIRIS! Komander runs in, Penta is the step stool for Komander to FLYING FOREARM!

Komander feeds Dante to Keith’s fireman’s carry, USHIGOROSHI! Cover, Zay breaks it! The fans rally, Quen tags in off Keith, and Quen stomps away on Action as Rampage goes picture in picture!

Quen stomps and stomps but the ref counts. Quen lets off to drag Action up and bump him off buckles. Quen runs up to RAM Action, then tags in Zay. Private Party keeps Action trapped, Zay ENZIGIRIS Action down! Zay stomps now, “SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS!” Zay lets off to kick-step, then he tags Sydal. They stomp Action, “SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS!” Sydal lets off to rally the fans, then he drags Action up. Action throws body shots but Sydal CLUBS him down. Sydal stands Action up again to back suplex, but Action lands out, only for Sydal to HEEL KICK! Tag to Quen and Quen slingshot SENTONS!

Rampage returns to single picture as Quen stomps Action back to the corner. Tag to Zay, Quen snap suplexes Action down for Zay to slingshot SENTON! Zay smirks and then drags Action up. Zay puts Action in the corner, CHOPS, then tags Quen. Private Party double whip Action to ropes, but Action ducks ‘n’ handsprings to DOUBLE BACK ELBOW! The fans fire up as Action and Private Party are all down. Action crawls, Quen grabs at a foot but hot tag to Dante! Dante rallies on Quen, whips, but Quen reveres. Quen runs in at the corner, Dante slips out to the apron and Quen hits buckles. Dante then goes up and around to GAMANGIRI!

Dante springboards to CROSSBODY! Cover, Keith breaks it! Darius runs up to CHOP Keith, but Keith ROCKS Darius! Keith runs, but Darius follows to HOTSHOT BULLDOG! And then GAMANGIRI! Darius steps in, but into a KNEE! Keith runs up to SHOTGUN Darius out of the ring! Keith pursues, but Action is there to go after Keith. Action fires forearms, Dante turns around to see Zay. Zay dodges Dante to then FLY out onto Keith, Darius & Action! Dante whips Sydal up and out but Komander tags in. Komander BOOTS Sydal, Dante BLASTS Penta, and Komander gets Sydal in an APRON ROMERO SPECIAL!

Dante builds speed and he FLIES over those two to wipe out Keith and his own teammates! Komander lets Sydal go, Sydal mule kicks Komander down! Sydal goes up the corner, to APRON METEORA! But Penta’s right there! APRON FEAR FACTOR!! Penta rises but Zay springboards, triangle jump STUNNER! Quen gets in, Zay gives him the boost to go up and up and SUPER SWANTON onto everyone else!! The fans are thunderous and Zay takes a bow. Zay then waits as Quen puts Penta in. Zay puts Penta up top, GAMANGIRIS, and then GIN ‘N’ JUICE DESTROYER!! Penta turned things right around on Private Party!

Keith runs in, Quen BOOTS him first, but Keith roars! Keith RISING HEADBUTTS to send Quen down! Penta sets up as Komander builds speed, BOOSTED TORNILLO onto the cluster outside!! The fans are thunderous again but Sydal rushes Penta! Penta sidesteps, Sydal springboards, but into a SUPERKICK! And then Penta tucks him back in, FEAR FACTOR!! Cover, Penta’s team wins!

Winners: Penta El Zero Miedo, Komander & Bryan Keith, by pinfall

A huge win for this eccentric trio, will they be hunting down The Acclaimed & Daddy Ass? Or will they try for the Bullet Club Gold’s gold instead?


BREAKING NEWS for Collision!

After taking a week off for the NBA All-Star Game, Saturday nights are once again good for a fight. Thunder Rosa and Serena Deeb each return to in-ring action, will these two rivals keep pace in the chase for gold? And we just saw Bryan Keith win big in the trios match, but he’ll jump right back into singles action against Malakai Black! Will the Bounty Hunter get another big win in his hunt for opportunity? Or will the Dark Father prove the House Always Wins?


Backstage interview with The Outcasts.

Renee Paquette is with Saraya and Harley and isn’t sure how much they’ve been watching Ruby Soho & Angelo Parker, but those two are off on their path of romance. Saraya DGAF about Soho x Parker!! She has things going on, too! That traitor isn’t getting under her skin even a little bit! Harley calms Saraya down, and they do breathing exercises. Why’s Harley flicking her tongue when she does that…? But Saraya wants to talk business. Y’know how her family is big famous wrestling royalty in the UK? Well, see, she has a special announcement. Her brother, “Zodiac” Zak Knight, has just become All Elite!!

Saraya has her brother walk into frame, and yeah, he’s scary, right? Zak could’ve been yours, Ruby! Saraya was gonna set Ruby up with him, “the most eligible bachelor in the Norwich area!” And Ruby messed that up just to be with that greasy, slimy, whatever Parker is! Harley says yeah! Just look at Zak! Isn’t he hot? He’s so hot! The whole Knight family is hot! Saraya is a bit taken aback by that, and she sprays water at Harley. Harley just embraces it so that doesn’t make for a good deterrent anymore… Saraya says it’s okay, Harley’s about to be fixed. But Saraya also promises, “Things are about to get really spicy around here.”

The Outcasts head out, and Zak’s scowl scares Renee a bit. Will Ruby & Parker regret making their romance public?


The Young Bucks VS Jonny Lyons & Cappuccino Jones!

Matthew & Nicholas Jackson used, or rather abused, their power as Executive Vice Presidents of AEW to have an AEW World Tag Team Championship match at Revolution. However, they are also very upset at the continued disrespect. Will that really stop after they take their frustrations out on these young indie guys?

The teams sort out and Nick starts against Lyons. Nick doesn’t even bother taking off his trilby (or is it a fedora?) as he circles with Lyons. Nick calls for a knuckle lock but then kicks low and CLUBS away! The fans boo but Nick soaks it up. Nick whips Lyons, Lyons reverses but Matt tags in. Nick hurdles then whips Lyons, Lyons ducks Nick but Matt CLOBBERS him! Matt takes off his suit jacket to then drags Lyons up. Matt TOSSES Lyons to the corner, Lyons tags in Cappuccino! The fans fire up for Cappuccino as he circles with Matt. Matt mockingly applauds, also calls for a knuckle lock, but also kicks low!

Matt CLUBS away on Cappuccino, just like Nick, but then Matt cools off. Matt brings Cappuccino up to throw hands, whips him to ropes, but fakes the superkick to DDT instead! Fans boo but Matt drags Cappuccino up. Matt whips Cappuccino to the corner, he and Nick coordinate to LARIAT GAMANGIRI COMBO! Tag to Nick, he BLASTS Lyons, and then Matt whips Nick in so he can go up and over and PENALTY KICK Lyons! Matt stomps Cappuccino, stands him up, then HOTSHOTS him into Nick’s DISCUS LARIAT! Tag back to Matt and he drags Cappuccino up. The fans rally as hard as they can, but Cappuccino gets the MELTZER DRIVER!! Cover, The Bucks win!

Winners: The Young Bucks, by pinfall

Well, turns out they call that the “Tony Khan Driver” now, seems they don’t care to be associated with the Wrestling Observer anymore. But then they feel disrespected when the ref hesitates to raise their hands? Nick gets the mic to tell Paul Turner that when he raises their hand, what name did he use? Did he really just call him “Nick?” That is disrespectful! Next time, it’s a fine! And Schiavone, please, join them in the ring. Fans boo and Schiavone isn’t sure what to do. But they are EVPs, he doesn’t really have a choice… Schiavone joins the Bucks, and Nick promises they won’t harm him.

Last week, Schiavone was in the ring with them and Nick swears, he tripped on his own shoe, knocked into Schiavone and that is why Schiavone fell over. Nick wants to make it clear, and he apologizes for that. Matt says to show how sorry they are, and how much they love him, they got him a $25 Amazon gift card. They are sorry, Schiavone, but that isn’t the only thing they’re sorry about. See, they’re also sorry that, uh… they can’t get the bloodstains left by Darby Allin & Sting out of their $5,000 suits. Schiavone says yes, that is a problem… Will they rescind the $1,000 fine on them by any chance?

Sorry, no, they can’t do that. But there are a couple things that they won’t be sorry about. The first thing is beating the hell out of Darby for all the trash he talked about them publicly. The second thing, and this is one Schiavone will really like, is them taking Sting and pinning him to the mat, saying goodbye to one of the most legendary careers in all of pro-wrestling! Fans boo but Matt continues to tell “Stinger,” call them Father Time. Because just like time, the Bucks are undefeated. And just like time, the Bucks are coming for Sting! “Now everybody, let’s have a great show! There’s a great line-up on the way!

“Tony’s over there at the desk, he’s one of the best play by play guys in the business! C’mon, everybody! AEW chant on three? One, two, three! A E DUB! A E DUB! Alright, let’s go~!” Matt fist bumps Schiavone, then leaves with Nick. The farce continues, but will there be nothing even Darby & Sting can do about it? Or will the Icon still find a way to retire on top?


Tony Schiavone is back in the ring.

Rampage returns and he welcomes a young man who has had a busy year. He’s a brand new father but fighting the Don Callis Family, it’s Sammy Guevara! Tulsa cheers as The Spanish God heads to the ring, back on his feet after the ambush by Will Hobbs. Schiavone shakes hands with Sammy, and Schiavone congratulates Sammy on last week’s win against Jeff Hardy. But now, to the comments Callis had for Sammy just last Wednesday Night Dynamite. The insults he hurled at Sammy, Callis clearly has it out for him.

Sammy says it is a mix of emotions. Last week, he got in the ring with a childhood hero in Jeff Hardy. But on the other hand, he’s pissed off because Hobbs put him through a table! Sammy tells Hobbs that Sammy always knew Hobbs had endless potential, and superstardom written all over him. But he can do that all on his own! Hobbs doesn’t need Callis sucking the life out of Hobbs’ career! Hobbs is a star all on his own, but it’s too late now for him to figure that out because he’s pissed Sammy off. So enough talk! Get your ass out here so they can fight! The Don Callis Family music plays, but it’s only Callis walking out here.

Callis has a mic to taunt Sammy, “Look, everybody! It’s Mr. Mom! You’re back at work after nursing the child. I mean, the only thing you’ve done of any note in the last six months is reproduce, and you shouldn’t be proud of that. Dogs do it. Even these people can do it!” Fans boo but Callis says Sammy used to be a great athlete. He used to be a guy Callis wanted in the Family. But now, Sammy has become like so many others: a weak, pathetic little cuck! Sammy doesn’t get what Callis is doing repeating himself, but then HOBBS gets in from the crowd side! Sammy dodges, SUPERKICKS, and Hobbs bails out!

Sammy eggs Hobbs on, then builds speed, to FLY! Direct hit and down goes Hobbs! Sammy says bang bang, and he gets a chair! Sammy winds up to SMACK Hobbs on the back! Hobbs hobbles but gets in the ring. Sammy pursues, aims again, and he JAMS Hobbs low! Then SMACKS him on the back! Sammy throws off the jacket, waits on Hobbs to turn around, but Hobbs fights off the torture rack to LARIAT Sammy inside out!! Callis smiles as he tells Hobbs to end this! SPINEBUSTER! And then another SPINEBUSTER! Hobbs is gonna do Sammy like he did Jericho! Hobbs hauls Sammy up, scoops and WORLD’S STRONGEST SLAM!!

Hobbs stands over Sammy and Callis applauds. The Powerhouse has all but pulverized Sammy, and Callis even gets his shots in! Will the Don Callis Family make sure there’s nothing left of Sammy to go home to his wife and daughter by the end of this?


Skye Blue speaks.

“I had that match. I had it won, if it wasn’t for that bald headed, sad, poor excuse of a man, I would’ve had it and I deserved it. I had that win and I deserved it, on my own.” Julia Hart calms her down and says it’s okay. They will have their comeuppance. And while seeking their revenge, they will dig three graves: one for Willow, for Kris, and for Stokely. But who does Skye want first? Whoever will step up. Whoever has the balls enough to step up and fight her! Will the Chicago Skye continue to darken until she blots out the light?


Mariah May VS Anna Jay!

Toni Storm’s superfan still wants to prove herself to her hero, but that really depends on if Storm is even watching this. Will Mariah finally have Storm’s approval? Or will the Queenslayer still be the Star of the Show?

The bell rings and the two circle. The fans rally, the two tie up, and they go along the ropes. They end up in a corner, get out of a corner, and Mariah pulls hair. The ref counts, Mariah lets off and shoves Anna, but Anna doesn’t budge! Anna smirks as she and Mariah rest and tie up. Anna waistlocks, shoves, but Mariah slides to sweep the legs! Mariah runs but Anna dodges the dropkick! Anna runs to BLOCKBUSTER! Anna then ROCKS Mariah, whips her, but Mariah reverses to ROCK Anna! Mariah bumps Anna off buckles, then puts some stank on the DOUBLE CHOP! Mariah brings Anna around to bump off buckles, and CHOP again!

Mariah eggs Anna on so Anna CHOPS! Mariah CHOPS! Mariah bumps Anna off buckles, then digs her boot in as Rampage goes picture in picture!

The ref counts, Mariah lets off at 4, and she brings Anna into ropes to hook her up. The ref counts as Mariah chinlocks Anna against ropes, but she lets off at 4. Mariah kisses Anna on the cheek, then runs to DROPKICK Anna in the back! Anna falls out of the ropes and Mariah soaks up the heat. Mariah stands Anna up, runs, and SHOTGUNS her down! Anna flounders out of the ring and Mariah takes a bow. Mariah then goes out to stalk Anna, and she brings Anna around the way. Mariah puts Anna against barriers to CHOP her! And SPANK her! Mariah laughs while Anna hobbles away. Mariah pursues to then CHOP again!

Anna is stinging while Mariah dusts herself off. Mariah hears the count but she whips Anna into the barriers first! Mariah then leaves Anna behind and “apologizes” to the ref. Mariah goes back out after Anna, soaks up the heat, and vogues for the camera. But Anna throws body shots and CHOPS! And CHOPS! Mariah CHOPS back! Mariah pushes Anna into the ring, takes her time posing before going back in, and Rampage goes to break.

Rampage returns as Anna whips Mariah to a corner. Mariah slips out to the apron, avoids Anna’s haymaker, and ROUNDHOUSES in return! Anna staggers, Mariah shouts and climbs up, but Anna ROCKS her! Anna then gets space, runs up, and HEEL KICKS! Anna then wrenches the arms, ICONOCLASM! Cover, TWO! Anna grows frustrated but she drags Mariah up and hooks the arms. Mariah blocks the Gory Especial to backslide hard, TWO! Anna sits up, into a KNEE THRUST! Mariah says it’s time to end this, and she hauls Anna back up. Fireman’s carry, but Anna slips free! QUEENSLAYER!!

Anna hops on as a backpack, but Mariah RAMS her into buckles! Mariah is free, and she puts Anna up top. Mariah DOUBLE CHOPS, then gets some space. Mariah runs up to STRATUSPHERE! Anna flounders away and Mariah shouts out Storm! Mariah runs up, but the hip attack misses! Anna runs up to kick, dragon sleeper, and BACKSTABBER! Cover, TWO?!? Mariah survives and Anna grows frustrated! The fans rally as Anna sits Mariah up, into the QUEEN- NO, Mariah blocks the sleeper! Anna fights through to have the QUEENSLAYER! Mariah flails, reaches out, but she BITES Anna’s arm!!

The ref reprimands but Mariah is free all the same! Fireman’s carry, MAYDAY DRIVER!! Cover, Mariah wins!

Winner: Mariah May, by pinfall

One thing is for sure, Mariah is just as looney as her role model! Will she follow in Storm’s footsteps to become a champion in AEW?


Backstage interview with Ruby Soho & Angelo Parker.

Renee is with the lovey-dovey couple, how’d the date go? Ruby says she felt it went really well. Parker is relieved, he didn’t wanna say it first and be wrong. It was incredible, everything he hoped it’d be, he had a great time. Renee points out that in the opposite direction, Saraya is becoming unraveled. If they didn’t hear her comments earlier, she had some rather choice words. And apparently, she was going to hook Ruby up with her brother? Ruby says that’s weird and Renee agrees. Plus, Zak is more like a poor man’s Tom Hardy, big pass. Parker isn’t sure being Norwich’s Most Eligible Bachelor is a bad of honor, either. And honestly, “wrestling royalty?” That’s a stretch.

Ruby tells Saraya that she said she doesn’t care, that Ruby doesn’t get under her skin, but here’s the reality: for the last year, Saraya told Ruby that Ruby needed Saraya, when it was really the other way around. Saraya is sad and unhappy without Ruby. And say all you want about Ruby, but talk bad on Parker and that’s when they have problems. Ruby said she needed space, and in that space, she found something real. And Saraya may be sick of hearing it, of seeing it, but hey, why not invite everyone along? Bring the cameras, bring the crew, and they’ll shove this right down Saraya’s throat!

Parker’s pretty fired up. He says Ruby’s hot when she’s mad. Ruby thanks him for the compliment, and the two head out to get some drinks. Will they make Saraya so sick of love she’ll never dare speak their names again?


Roderick Strong w/ The Undisputed Kingdom VS Jake Hager w/ Hornsby!

The Undisputed Kingdom were bullying Orange Cassidy, and apparently the Big Hurt didn’t like seeing that. Will Oklahoma’s own break the Savior of the Backbreaker? Or will Roddy be too strong even for the All-American Sooner?

The bell rings and the fans rally for Hager and Hornsby. Roddy and Hager circle, tie up, and Hager powers Roddy to a corner. Roddy slips free, shoves Hager, and fans boo. The two reset, they circle again, and Roddy gets around to waistlock. Roddy then turns Hager around to CHOP, but Hager doesn’t budge! Fans fire up and Roddy is a bit scared, so Roddy bails out. The Kingdom pep talk Roddy while the ring count climbs. Roddy hurries in, dodges Hager, then things speed up. Roddy leaps but Hager catches him! Hager puts Roddy in a corner, runs up but into a BOOT! Roddy CHOPS, but Hager catches it?!

Fans fire up as Hager TOSSES Roddy, then CHOPS him! And CHOPS him again! Hager whips corner to corner hard, runs up, but Rodd bails out again! Hager snarls, goes out after Roddy, and stalks him around the way. Matt Menard’s on commentary, he says watch out for “these bozos,” Taven & Bennett. Hager stares them down as he walks past, then fires off on Roddy! Roddy tumbles, Hager puts him in the ring, but Roddy KICKS Hager in the ropes! Roddy CLUBS away on Hager, then tells Tulsa to shut up! Roddy runs, but into a BOOT! Hager storms up, puts Roddy in a corner, and then TOSSES him across the ring!

The fans fire up as Hager LARIATS Roddy down! Cover, TWO! Roddy stays in this but Hager digs his knees into Roddy! Roddy flails and reaches out but Hager traps the arms. The ref counts as that knee gets a bit high on the chest and into the neck area. Hager lets off, but he puts Roddy in a corner to fire off body shots! Roddy staggers away as Rampage goes picture in picture.

Hornsby cheers Hager on as he clotheslines Roddy in the corner! Hager ROCKS Roddy while talking trash to The Kingdom, then he hauls Roddy up top. Hager climbs, brings Roddy up, but Roddy clubs at Hager’s leg. Roddy throws body shots, slips underneath, and then kicks the legs out! Hager ends up stuck in the ropes, and Roddy runs to STRONG KNEE him in the back! Hager falls and Roddy stomps a mudhole in! The ref counts, Roddy lets off to flex, but only The Kingdom cheers him on. Roddy stands on Hager in the corner, lets off as the ref counts, but then he springboard stomps Hager down!

Roddy gets the legs and has Hager in ropes, for the ROPE GUILLOTINE! Hager sputters, Roddy covers, TWO! Roddy keeps Hager down by dropping knees, then he digs a knee into Hager’s back. Roddy has the chinlock but Hager endures and fights up. The fans rally, Hager throws body shots, and then Hager runs, but into a DROPKICK! Roddy hurries to cover, TWO! Roddy drags Hager from ropes, stomps him, then paces around while The Kingdom talks trash on Hager. Roddy glares at Hornsby but Hornsby dares him to do something! Roddy goes back to Hager to rain down fists! Roddy then lets off to put Hager in a corner.

Taven seems to be talking trash on Hornsby, probably calling him a Melvin like does everyone. Roddy stands Hager up to CHOP! And CHOP! And then he scoops to BACKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Roddy keeps Hager down with another chinlock, again digging in a knee. Hager endures, fights up, and Rampage returns to single picture. Hager throws body shots and is free, but Roddy CLUBS, KNEES and runs, but into a lift! Roddy sunset flips, Hager stays up and he drags Roddy up to TOSS to a corner! Roddy BOOTS, ENZIGIRIS and then OLYMPIC SLAMS! Cover, TWO! Roddy grows frustrated as Hager stays in this.

Hornsby smacks the steel steps to rally the fans, and now Bennett glares at him. And then Taven comes in from the other side, Hornsby realizes he’s in a 2v1 situation here. Hornsby wants them to calm down, but then he pulls out a SUPER CONFETTI POPPER! It goes off and Hornsby says take that! The Kingdom still storms up on him, but here comes Orange Cassidy! The AEW International Champion is returning the favor to Hager by helping out his buddy. The Kingdom says fine, bring it then! Cassidy says hold on, he has THE HAT! He throws the purple bucket hat into Hager, and Hager loves that hat!

Cassidy then dodges Taven, shoves him into Bennett, and down they go! Cassidy rains down fists, and Hager powers up with the hat!! Roddy runs up but Hager LARIATS! And LARIATS! And OVERHEAD BELLY2BELLY SUPLEXES! The fans are thunderous as Hager says, “I like this hat!!” Then Hager runs corner to corner, goes up and up, and hits the HAGER BOMB! Cover, TWO!! Roddy survives but Hager snarls! But Taven sends Cassidy into railing! The 2v1 has gotten the better of Cassidy, and Roddy JAWBREAKERS Hager! Hager staggers, Roddy storms up, OLYMP- NO, Hager slips free to GUT RWENCH BOMB!! Cover, TWO!!

Roddy survives, but Hager has the ANKLE LOCK!! Roddy flails, rolls over, and he kicks from below! Hager still holds on, ANKLE LOCK! Roddy flails, reaches out, but Taven throws Cassidy into the ring! The ref is distracted by that, Taven & Bennett get on the apron but Hager CLOBBERS them both! Roddy STRONG KNEES!! Hager falls, Roddy covers, Roddy wins!

Winner: Roderick Strong, by pinfall

Despite having back-up and the power-up, Hager still couldn’t beat the numbers game! Roddy is rolling towards Revolution, will he be taking the International title away from Cassidy?

My Thoughts:

A very good Rampage that was again booked to have story. The Bucks of course won their match, but they did what I was hoping they’d do in changing up their style. They purposefully didn’t use superkicks, and then they are apparently changing up the names of their finishers as if to say Heel Bucks don’t care about their YouTube show or Dave Meltzer. Their post match promo was good, too, but it didn’t really add too much more to the heat they’ve already got. And pretty good promos out of this Ruby VS Saraya story. I thought Ruby VS Saraya was just going to be the thing, but now it feels like they might give us a Mixed Tag of Ruby & Parker VS Saraya & Zak.

Really good Trios Triple Threat to open, and I love that it was Keith, Komander & Penta winning rather than taking a loss to the established-ish trios. The feud of Private Party and Top Flight really needs to be settled by just those teams anyway. Pretty good promo from Sammy Guevara to call out the Don Callis Family, but of course it turned into Hobbs beating Sammy up. Good promo from Skye and Julia, I really thought AEW would’ve figured out a contender to the TBS Championship by now, but maybe that’ll happen very quickly in the next week. Really good match from Mariah May and Anna Jay, and a really good win for Mariah. But you can bet Storm didn’t pay attention to this at all, just like the other times.

And very good main event from Hager VS Roddy, with The Kingdom of course overbooking this. The bit with Hornsby was fun, and Cassidy showing up was also a logical move. I like that Hager’s hat is now the same as Cassidy putting hands in his pockets, but of course Hager lost out. Roddy needs momentum going into the title match so he had to win this one, and he probably just waits it out while Cassidy gets worn down. But at this point, it’ll probably still take a lot of cheating for Roddy to win the International title and bring it into The Undisputed Kingdom.

My Score: 8.7/10

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