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Mitchell’s NJPW Summer Struggle Osaka Report! (7/22/21)

LIJ VS Tekkers, round one!



NJPW Summer Struggle Osaka

Osaka heats up, but will it Tranquilo?

NJPW returns to Osaka, and Los Ingobernables de Japon is all over it! Will Bushi, Takagi, Sanada y Naito ALL be victorious?

NOTE: NJPW no longer wants to feed AXS TV now that it is with Anthem and Impact Wrestling. But never fear, I will cover NJPW in the spirit of AXS in providing the most important matches of the show.


  • Shingo Takagi & BUSHI VS Kota Ibushi Tomoaki Honma & Master Wato; Takagi & Bushi win.
  • SANADA VS Zack Sabre Jr; double pinfall draw.
  • Tetsuya Naito VS Taichi; Taichi wins.


Awful news for NJPW!

It’s another awful development for the Golden Star as he has been diagnosed with aspiration pneumonia! On behalf of everyone here at the Chairshot, I hope Kota Ibushi a strong, speedy recovery. Unfortunately, if he must miss Wrestle Grand Slam Tokyo for the sake of his health, then it is best he not push himself. But card subject to change, the show must go on!


Shingo Takagi & BUSHI VS Tomoaki Honma & Master Wato!

With the big title match in question, the Dragon will still prepare as if he were to face Kota Ibushi in Tokyo. Will he and Black Mask take down the substituting Kokeshi and the Way of the Grandmaster?

The teams sort out, Wato steps up and so does Bushi. Fans cheer and rally up as the two circle. They tie up, Wato trips Bushi then runs. Bushi drops, hurdles, Wato leaps, but Wato also ducks and dodges to RANA Bushi down! Wato swings on Takagi but Takagi doesn’t even budge! Wato hits Takagi again, still nothing, and Takagi ROCKS Wato. Wato dropkicks Takagi down! Bushi kicks Wato, things speed up again, Wato back elbows, back hands and sobats! Wato drags Bushi up, drags him over but Bushi gets away before Honma tags in. Honma wants Takagi! Bushi obliges and Takagi tags in! Fans cheer as the Dragon gets in and circles with Honma.

Takagi and Honma tie up, are in a deadlock, but Takagi uses leverage to get Honma on ropes. The ref calls for the ropebreak and Takagi lets off, but Honma blocks the cheap chop! Honma fires off forearms, clamps on a headlock, and holds on as Takagi tries to power out. Honma grinds the hold, Takagi fights with body shots and gets free. Honma bumps Takagi but Takagi rebounds to run Honma over! Takagi steps on Honma, flexes, then drops an elbow! And another! Then drops a back senton but FLOPS as Honma moves! Honma CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS Takagi to a corner. Honma whips corner to corner, runs in and back elbows, to then BULLDOG!

Fans fire up as Honma runs, but Takagi avoids the falling headbutt! Bushi runs in to DECK Wato and then goes out after him. Takagi throws elbows into Honma’s shoulders while Bushi whips Wato hard into railing. BACK SENTON! Takagi hits his target this time, and then he brings Honma up. Takagi bumps Honma off buckles, RAMS his shoulder into Honma again and again, then lets off. Honma kicks back, kicks again, but Takagi stays up. Honma BOOTS Takagi but Takagi double CHOPS! Takagi reels Honma in to suplex high and hard! Fans cheer as Takagi covers, TWO! Honma stays in this but Takagi tags in Bushi.

Bushi stomps Honma, kicks him, but Honma eggs him on. Bushi bumps Honma off buckles, brings him around and CHOPS! Honma growls so Bushi CHOPS more and more! Bushi brings Honma back around to knee low, then he goes up and leaps to missile dropkick! Bushirooni! Takagi gets in to BLAST Wato off the apron, then LIJ gets Honma up. Bushi puts Honma in a corner, he and Takagi double whip corner to corner, then Takagi runs in. Honma dodges, Bushi kicks him and holds him, but Honma boots Takagi! Honma spins around to reel Bushi in, Takagi runs in but Honma catches him, too! DDT COMPLETE SHOT COMBO! Fans rally up as all three men are down!

Honma crawls, Wato is back, hot tag to Wato! Wato aims, springboards in, FLYING UPPERCUT to Bushi! Takagi knees low, runs, but into a calf kick from Wato! Takagi bails out, Wato builds speed, TORNILLO onto Bushi! Wato gets Bushi up and in, fans rally up and Wato stands Bushi up for a strike fest. Wato KICKS Bushi down, drags him back up and whips him to ropes. Tilt-o-whirl BACKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Wato keeps his cool as Bushi survives, and Wato drags Bushi up. Wato wrenches, reels Bushi in, but no Mouse Trap! Bushi ducks a roundhouse, Wato blocks one kick and ducks the enziguri, but the heel kick connects!

Wato comes back but swings into a spin, and Bushi gets the FISHERMAN SCREW! Both men are down and fans fire up again. Wato and Bushi crawl, Bushi tags to Takagi. Takagi runs at Wato in the corner to clothesline! Feed to Bushi’s ENZIGURI! Takagi gets Wato up, Bushi runs in, SPINEBUSTER BACKSTABBER COMBO! Takagi sits Wato up to run, SLIDING LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Wato survives but Takagi drags Wato up, Honma sends Bushi into railing, Takagi hits a BIG back suplex! Cover, Honma breaks it just in time! Honma gets Takagi up and the two stare down. Honma throws forearms but Takagi eggs him on.

Fans rally as Honma throws more forearms, Takagi grits his teeth and fires boxing elbows back! Takagi whips Honma and KNEES him at the ropes. Takagi runs, into a FLYING HEADBUTT! Honma knocks Bushi off the apron then gets Wato up. They coordinate on Takagi, double whip but Takagi holds ropes to DOUBLE PUMPING BOMBER! Takagi gets Wato up, NOSHIGAMI! Cover, TWO! Wato survives but Takagi says he’s not done, either! “OI! OI! OI!” Fans rally with Takagi as he runs at the corner, corner clothesline! Takagi keeps moving, Wato dodges, pop-up to RANA! Cover, TWO! Takagi escapes, Wato rolls him, again, TWO!! Wato hurries to BUZZSAW Takagi down!

Fans fire up as Wato fires off more kicks. Takagi JABS, Wato BACK HANDS! Wato runs but Takagi follows to clothesline him at ropes! Takagi runs, Wato follows and dodges, but Takagi hits PUMPING BOMBER!! Cover, Takagi & Bushi win!

Winners: Shingo Takagi & Bushi, by pinfall

Wato couldn’t withstand that full speed Pumping Bomber and the Dragon is red hot! But with Kota Ibushi’s health a concern, will we have to wait a little longer for them to slug it out?


SANADA VS Zack Sabre Jr!

The Cold Skull and Uncontrollable Charisma are the NEW IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champions, but it seems the former champions aren’t going away just yet. Takagi & Bushi just won, can Sanada keep this LIJ rally going?

The bell rings and fans rally as ZSJ oddly offers a handshake. Sanada is wary, but fans clap that he should accept. Sanada accepts, and surprisingly, it is a clean handshake. The two circle, feel things out, tie up, and ZSJ headlocks. Sanada puts ZSJ on ropes, Red Shoes calls for the ropebreak, and Sanada lets off clean. They go again, feeling out the grapple. ZSJ waistlocks, puts Sanada on ropes, but lets off even before Red Shoes brings up the ropebreak. ZSJ and Sanada go again, ZSJ gets around to a full nelson but Sanada spins through, only for ZSJ to snapmare. ZSJ runs but Sanada table tops him to go after a leg. ZSJ rolls, gets up, and cravats.

Sanada breaks free, ZSJ gets the cravat again, but Sanada arm-drags free. ZSJ gets up and evades the arm-drag! Fans cheer as ZSJ grins and Sanada gets back up. They reset, circle again, feel things out, and knuckle lock. ZSJ wrenches, steps over to trap the arm, and then cravats. ZSJ snapmares, wraps on a straitjacket, and this has become a signature exchange of the two as Sanada gets up. Sanada tries to get out but ZSJ changes it up, he ripcords and whips Sanada, only for Sanada to reverse the whip. ZSJ goes up but Sanada snapmares him. Sanada runs into a headlock, powers out but ZSJ catches him for a cobra twist! Fans cheer, but Sanada hip tosses free!

Sanada reaches down, ZSJ bridges up to cravat and snapmare! Sanada handsprings through, but ZSJ fakes him out to go for a schoolboy. Sanada sits on the roll-up, but ZSJ sunset flips! Sanada rolls through to high stack but ZSJ headscissors that to a cover. Sanada keeps rolling to sunset ZSJ but ZSJ rolls through to jackknife! Sanada rolls through to go for the legs, but ZSJ avoids Paradise by popping Sanada into a sunset! Sanada kicks ZSJ down, this is a double cover! ONE as both men get a shoulder up! The shoulders come down again, so it’s a double cover again! ONE as the other shoulders come up! Back to a double cover, TWO as both men get both arms up!

Fans cheer the impressive core strength and both men scramble away. ZSJ and Sanada think the other was closer to losing that one but fans rally up, “SA-NA-DA!” “Z S J!” Sanada and ZSJ reset, feel things out again, and knuckle lock. ZSJ rolls to wrench and wristlock and he wrangles Sanada down. ZSJ bends fingers while digging a knee into Sanada’s head. ZSJ uses his head to get leverage but Sanada gets up. ZSJ wrenches the wrist more, but Sanada stays on his feet. Sanada rolls, handsprings, cartwheels and handsprings to WRING ZSJ! ZSJ reaches up to headscissor and drag Sanada down, but Sanada kips free to arm-drag ZSJ!

ZSJ headscissors again and holds tighter! Sanada has to kip a couple more times to get free, he arm-drags ZSJ again, but again ZSJ headscissors Sanada down! Sanada is caught again and fans cheer this new exchange. ZSJ squeezes tight, Sanada fights up and around but ZSJ pushes up for leverage. ZSJ digs elbows into Sanada’s back, but Sanada hops and hops and handsprings free! Fans cheer and ZSJ keeps cool as he and Sanada reset again. ZSJ and Sanada circle, feel this out again, and double knuckle lock. ZSJ rolls, gets a foot and trips Sanada up to a toehold. Sanada endures, ZSJ traps the leg but Sanada gets a body scissors.

ZSJ endures a squeeze now but he pushes back to a deep cover, ONE as Sanada pushes ZSJ back. ZSJ pries at the feet but Sanada makes it a body scissor clutch, ONE! ZSJ pushes back again, TWO! Sanada shakes his head, saying that won’t work. ZSJ uses his own leg to pry the hold but Sanada rolls over to a clutch again, ONE! ZSJ still works on the legs, pushes back yet again, TWO! ZSJ is free and has a toehold, Sanada turns over but ZSJ blocks his escape and ties up the legs! ZSJ Bow ‘n’ Arrows but Sanada pops free to cover! TWO!! ZSJ gets up but Sanada blocks the boot. ZSJ EuroUppers and runs but Sanada dropkicks ZSJ’s legs out!

Fans fire up as ZSJ bails out and Sanada catches his breath. Sanada goes out to fetch ZSJ, gets the leg and wraps it around railing! ZSJ fights back with fish hooks but Sanada shrugs him off. Sanada lets go of the leg to BOOT the railing into it! ZSJ falls over and Sanada paces. Red Shoes checks on ZSJ but he’s okay to continue so Sanada brings him back up. Sanada puts ZSJ in the ring, fans cheer, but ZSJ hurries to ropes for safety. Sanada gets ZSJ up, gets the leg, and hits a SHINBREAKER! ZSJ writhes and rolls to ropes on the far side, but Sanada drags ZSJ back. Sanada rolls to tweak the legs, does it again, then ties the legs up in a figure four knot.

ZSJ endures as Sanada pulls on figure four. ZSJ turns over but Sanada stomps the leg, then SMASHES the knee into the mat! Sanada watches as ZSJ clutches his leg. Sanada gets the leg again but ZSJ stands up out of the smash! ZSJ gets an arm to WRING Sanada into the mat! Fans cheer while ZSJ catches his breath. Sanada writhes and rolls to the apron and out of the ring. ZSJ pursues, gets Sanada up and wraps the bad arm around railing! ZSJ BOOTS the railing like Sanada did! Then he hammerlocks and STOMPS the arm into the floor! Red Shoes has ZSJ back off to check on Sanada. ZSJ gets in the ring to rest while Sanada clutches his arm.

A ring count starts as fans rally “SA-NA-DA! SA-NA-DA!” The count reaches 7 of 20 before Sanada sits up, and 10 before he stands. Sanada gets up at 15 of 20, grits his teeth and hurries in at 18! But ZSJ is right after him and the bad arm! ZSJ isolates and STOMPS the arm again! Sanada writhes and rolls but ZSJ gets a knuckle lock. ZSJ steps over the arm for a Disarmer, pulls back and twists the wrist! He bends the fingers, tweaks the wrist, hammerlocks with his legs, and then gets the other arm to pull it way back! Sanada manages a ropebreak with his legs! ZSJ lets go clean, drags Sanada up, but Sanada rolls to trip ZSJ to a toehold.

ZSJ fights back with fish hooks but Sanada shrugs that off. ZSJ slips out of the toehold to get the bad arm. Sanada clasps hands but ZSJ pries the fingers apart. ZSJ pulls the arm, Sanada endures and fights up to his feet. Sanada reaches for ropes but ZSJ wrangles him back down! Sanada keeps moving around as fans rally back up. Sanada rolls, floats, but ZSJ avoids the facelock to hammerlock the arm! ZSJ clamps down on the shoulder, Sanada endures and fights back up, and Sanada slips around, but ZSJ slips back to keep the hammerlock. ZSJ chinbars, drags Sanada down with the hammerlock, and grinds the shoulder more.

Sanada fights back up again, reaches for ropes as he runs around, but uses that momentum to throw ZSJ out of the ring! Fans cheer while ZSJ sits up. Sanada shakes out the bad arm, aims, and PLANCHAS! Direct hit and Sanada gets the fans cheering louder! And louder! Sanada is satisfied with that and gets ZSJ back up into the ring. Cover, TWO! Sanada gets ZSJ up, fireman’s carries, but ZSJ fights to wrench, but Sanada avoids the Pele to STANDING MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO! Sanada is annoyed but the fans rally up again. ZSJ and Sanada go to opposite corners, Sanada runs in corner to corner but ZSJ boots him!

ZSJ runs to sunset flip, Sanada rolls through, and he has the legs! ZSJ fights Paradise off to omoplata ARM TWIST! Sanada is down, clutching the shoulder. Fans rally up again as ZSJ sits up. ZSJ kicks at Sanada, pushing him towards ropes. Sanada gets to a corner, ZSJ kicks the bad arm. Sanada dropkicks the bad leg out! Both men are down and fans cheer. ZSJ sits up to give kicks, but Sanada basement dropkicks ZSJ back down! ZSJ gets to ropes, Sanada slowly rises, and fans rally again. ZSJ pushes up, even with the bad leg. He gets Sanada’s bad arm, wrenches, wristlocks, double wristlocks, then just wrenches the arm again. ZSJ tortures Sanad’s arm from fingers to shoulder!

Sanada stays standing, but ZSJ wrenches, wrangles, and isolates the arm! Sanada avoids the stomp, gets the bad leg, and DRAGON SCREWS ZSJ down! Both men are down now as each clutches their bad limb. Sanada gets up, drags ZSJ to a drop zone and then climbs a corner, ROUNDING BODY KNEES! ZSJ saves himself, omoplatas the bad arm, and gets the far arm! Not quite Far Away From Home as Sanada scrambles for ropes! Sanada reaches out to get a ropebreak with a foot! ZSJ lets go fast but is frustrated that Sanada survives. Fans rally up again as Sanada gets to the apron. ZSJ pursues, gets Sanada up and wrenches the arm, but Sanada throws forearms! ZSJ PELES the arm!

Sanada gets the leg through ropes! DRAGON SCREW! Sanada gets back in, gets the leg and FIGURE FOURS! ZSJ scrambles and gets the ropebreak! Sanada holds on but Red Shoes undoes the hold. Fans still rally as ZSJ and Sanada are down, resting their bad limbs. ZSJ sits up, scoots after Sanada and Sanada gets him up. Sanada EuroUppers, ZSJ EuroUppers back! Fans cheer as Sanada catches his breath. Sanada comes back with another EuroUpper, but so does ZSJ! Sanada EuroUppers, ZSJ EuroUppers, and we have a EuroUpper brawl! Sanada ROCKS ZSJ with a EuorUpper, ZSJ ROCKS Sanada right back!

Sanada EuroUppers again, but so does ZSJ. They go again and Sanada knocks ZSJ down with one! ZSJ gets up but Sanada gives him more EuroUppers! ZSJ catches one to backslide, but then spins to a scoop! Sanada slips out to dragon sleeper, but ZSJ breaks free! Sanada waistlocks, they go to ropes, Sanada rolls ZSJ back to an O’Conner Roll! But ZSJ rolls through to O’Conner! TWO!! Fans fire up as Sanada fireman’s carries, throws ZSJ into a dragon sleeper, but ZSJ rolls through to EuroClutch! But Sanada slips out to the O’Conner Roll with bridge! TWO!! ZSJ narrowly escapes but Sanada trips, steps through, but ZSJ small packages, TWO!!

Fans fire up more as Sanada and ZSJ go again. ZSJ dodges the dropkick, Sanada blocks the Penalty Kick! Sanada gets up, and DRAGON SCREWS! Fans fire up again as Sanada goes to the corner and up top! ROUNDING BODY PRESS to ZSJ’s legs! Sanada steps through, ZSJ pops him down to a Euro-NO! Sanada chicken wings the arms for a Tiger Plex Bridge! But ZSJ pushes Sanada down with his feet, it’s a DOUBLE COVER, DOUBLE THREE COUNT!!?

Double Pinfall Draw

Red Shoes explains it, as ZSJ thought he got a shoulder up while pushing Sanada down! Sanada argues that ZSJ was still down! ZSJ says “USO! (LIES!)” ZSJ says he won! Well, Red Shoes’ word is final, this was a draw! The fans cheer, they never expected that! But the arguing continues, each man saying the other lost. But then they shove each other, and Sanada drags ZSJ down to a cradle! ZSJ rocks it back, it’s like the match is still going! Red Shoes tells them to stop, none of this matters! The Young Lions get them to separate! ZSJ demands they use replay, Sanada says ZSJ should just accept it. But then ZSJ rushes Sanada, and they go back and forth with sunset flips/prawn holds!

Again the Young Lions back these two off, and both men are adamant about who won and who lost. The two finally leave ringside, also arguing who gets to go up the ramp as the winner. If this is how close it was 1v1, just how much closer will it be when they’re 2v2?


Tetsuya Naito VS Taichi!

Well, it’s hard to say what the batting average for LIJ is tonight, but in the end, their charismatic leader steps up to the plate! Will he hit it out of the park like Takagi & Bushi? Will he end up in a draw like Sanada? Or will he completely strike out against the Sliest Wrestler in the World?

Both men take their time with their elaborate entrance attire, and Taichi shows off the dancing pecs. Taichi also mocks how Naito holds the title belt with how he holds his towel. Naito finally finishes with putting his things away, the fans cheer, and the bell rings. Naito mocks Taichi fishing his hair as the fans rally up, “NA-I-TO! NA-I-TO!” Taichi and Naito circle, but both men wait on the other to make a move. Neither does, so they circle again. They still wait on the other, back off again, and circle. Finally the two tie up and Naito puts Taichi on ropes. Red Shoes calls for the break, Naito lets off cleanly and the fans cheer.

Taichi and Naito reset again, tie up again, and again Naito puts Taichi on ropes. Taichi is taking it easy, Naito lets off, and Taichi applauds with the fans. Naito and Taichi circle more, tie up a third time, and Naito pulls Taichi along so that it looks like Taichi’s putting Naito on the ropes! Taichi is confused, but he lets off with a shoulder pat. Then he kicks low, clubs away on Naito’s back, and whips. Naito holds ropes, boots Taichi then runs to RANA Taichi down! Fans cheer as Taichi bails out and Naito builds speed. Naito fakes Taichi out, but then even fakes Tranquilo to WRECK Taichi with a dropkick! Taichi crashes into railing at commentary! Naito Tranquilos on the apron!

Naito then goes out and stomps Taichi down! Naito drags Taichi up, whips him hard into railing, and Taichi flounders to the floor. Naito heads over, drags Taichi back up, and he RAMS Taichi into the railing in front of commentary! Naito grinds Taichi into the railing with a cravat, right in front of Milano Collection! Taichi flails, reaches out, but there’s nothing to stop this! The ring count begins, Naito CLUBS Taichi down at 7 of 20 then goes back in at 11. Taichi sputters and we reach 15! Taichi gets up at 16, in at 18! Naito is after Taichi at the ropes, and chokes him on the bottom one! Red Shoes counts, Naito lets off and paces.

Naito drags Taichi up, snapmares Taichi and then holds onto the cravat to wrench the neck. Taichi endures, pulls Naito’s hair, but Naito cranks on the cravat. Taichi scoots around, Naito floats to a cover, TWO! Naito keeps Taichi down with a chinlock but Taichi throws hands from below. Taichi reaches out and get a ropebreak with a leg. Naito lets off only to bring Taichi up and CLUB away on his back! Naito gets the cravat again, puts Taichi in a corner, but Taichi throws body shots. Naito whips corner to corner then runs in, but Taichi avoids the rocket kick to GAMANGIRI! Fans cheer as both men are down.

Naito checks his face while going to the apron. Fans rally up again, “NA-I-TO!” “TA-I-CHI!” Taichi and Naito both bail out of the ring and Taichi goes around the way to fetch Naito. Taichi whips Naito hard into railing! Taichi drags Naito up, and whips him hard into more railing! Naito gets stuck on the railing, Taichi brings him back down and uses camera cables to choke him! Red Shoes reprimands, Taichi acts like nothing’s wrong, so Red Shoes counts. Taichi lets go with one hand, but chokes with the other. Red Shoes counts again, Taichi lets go of Naito but stomps him down. The ring count begins, Taichi brings Naito up at 7 of 20, and puts him in at 10 of 20.

Fans cheer as this continues in the ring, and Taichi CHOKES Naito inside of the chinlock! Red Shoes can tell, so Taichi lets off. Taichi drags Naito up, and chokes him inside the headlock! Taichi STO’s Naito down, and still chokes him! Red Shoes reprimands but Taichi insists it’s a type of pin! Red Shoes doesn’t fall for that at all and counts, but Taichi lets off. Taichi says if Red Shoes wants a choke, here’s a choke! With both hands! Red Shoes counts, Taichi lets off, and fans cheer the general moxie of Taichi. Taichi snapmares and KICKS Naito in the back! Naito just sits there so Taichi gives him toying kicks, then a real KICK! And another KICK!

Fans rally, “NA-I-TO!” as Taichi kicks more. Naito gets up and fires off forearms! Naito runs, but into a choke grip! Naito blocks the slam so Taichi shoves him away. Naito comes back to atomic drop and NECKBREAKER! Both men are down as fans rally up again. Naito gets up first, brings Taichi up, and throws forearms and kicks. Naito whips, elbows Taichi down then runs to basement dropkick! Taichi gets up and Naito whips him to a corner, for the rocket kick! Sweep and COMBINACION CABRON! Fans fire up as Naito strikes his pose. Naito gets Taichi up, dragon sleepers and NECKBREAKERS! Then the leg hold full nelson! Taichi endures but Naito slaps him around.

Taichi eggs Naito on so Naito puts more pressure on the hold. Taichi tries to choke Naito even from here! Red Shoes reprimands, Naito puts more pressure, but Taichi moves around. Fans rally, Naito claps along, but Taichi reaches out with a leg. Naito thrashes the hold, Taichi keeps reaching, and Taichi gets the ropebreak! Red Shoes counts and Naito lets Taichi go. Naito gets Taichi up to hammerlock and lift but Taichi fights back. Naito clubs, whips but Taichi reverses to HOOK KICK! Both men are down again as fans cheer. Fans rally again as Naito and Taichi slowly rise. Taichi stands first, Naito sits up, Taichi KICKS him in the chest! Naito eggs Taichi on, so Taichi KICKS him again.

Taichi KICKS Naito down then stands on his head. Taichi kicks at Naito toyingly as fans rally up. Naito gets up and throws more forearms. Taichi eggs him on, Naito keeps going, then Taichi KICKS a leg. Naito forearms, Taichi kicks, repeat! Fans rally up as they go faster, Taichi gets the edge and KICKS Naito off his feet! Taichi dares Naito to get back up, and Naito slowly sits up. Naito blocks the Buzzsaw, shoves Taichi, then blocks the boot to fire back elbows in the corner! Taichi slumps down, Naito brings him up and throws more elbows. Taichi flops over and Naito wants Red Shoes to check him. Taichi is okay to continue so Naito stands him up and puts him up top.

Naito climbs up, Taichi slips out and brings Naito off the corner, but Naito RANAS! Both men get up, Taichi BOOTS then GAMANGIRIS! Both men are down again and fans fire back up for “NA-I-TO!” “TA-I-CHI!” Taichi gets up first and powers up. Naito rises, Taichi runs, but Naito blocks the Ax Bomber! Taichi mule kicks, Naito dodges but runs into the AX BOMBER after all! Cover, TWO!! Naito survives but Taichi keeps on him with Seiteijyujiryou! Naito endures being twisted, stretched and bent! Fans rally up as Taichi cranks the hold harder! Red Shoes checks on Naito, Naito grabs at Red Shoes but Taichi cranks Seiteijyujiryou even harder!

Naito starts to fade, but he kicks and flails as best he can! Taichi lets go to cover, TWO!!! Naito survives and Taichi is annoyed. Fans keep rallying as Taichi slowly gets up. Taichi gets Naito up, reels him in, but Naito blocks the bomb lift. Taichi tries again but still Naito resists, so Taichi gives him Kowata Kicks! Now Taichi gets Naito up but Naito fights free! Taichi boots, whips, Naito reverses to TORNADO DDT! Both men are down again and fans fire up! Naito crawls after Taichi as Taichi goes to a corner, and Naito brings Taichi up. Naito hoists Taichi up top, climbs up and fires off forearms. Naito goes to the very top, throws down more hands, then SUPER STEINERS!

Fans fire up as Naito aims from the corner. Taichi slowly rises, Naito runs in, but into an Alabama lift! Naito fights but Taichi hits an ALABAMA SLAM! Taichi staggers back into a corner while Naito is dazed on the mat! Fans rally up harder and Taichi fires himself up. OFF COME THE PANTS! Taichi focuses, powers up, but Naito SHOTUGN BOOTS! Taichi is back up, Naito dodges the superkick to tilt-o-whirl, CORRIENDOSHIKI! Cover, TWO!! Taichi survives but Naito says he’ll end this now! Naito gets Taichi back up, wrenches to tilt-o-whirl, DESTI- NO! Taichi slips out, but Naito ENZIGURIS! Taichi ends up in a corner, Naito has the wild grin as he heads over.

Fans are thunderous as Naito goes up the corner and brings Taichi up. Naito reels Taichi in, but Taichi fights to GAMANGIRI! Naito is stuck up top! Taichi drags Naito into position for the Alabama, but Naito grabs ropes! Taichi tries to get Naito to let go, but Naito uses that momentum to spin and DDT! Cover, TWO!! Taichi survives again but Naito keeps focus as fans fire back up. Naito stands Taichi up, reels him in and scoops, VALENTIA! But he’s not done there, Naito gets Taichi up to wrench, tilt-o-whirls, DESTI- BLACK MEPHISTO!! Cover, TWO!?!? Naito survives, that was 2.9! But Taichi is too tired to be frustrated. The fans, however, are thunderous again!

Naito and Taichi slowly rise, and they go to opposite corners. Taichi fires up and demands Naito stand! Naito rises, they head for each other, Taichi BOOTS, but Naito stays up. Naito fires up, but he feints the run, only for Taichi to BOOT him again! Naito runs for real, but Taichi gets around, DANG- No! Naito holds off the saido to throw back elbows! Taichi ROCKS Naito with a forearm! Naito SLAPS Taichi! Taichi wobbles on his feet, stays up, and hits a three point stance?! Taichi DECKS Naito with a sumo forearm! Naito staggers up but Taichi reels him into a DANGEROUS SAIDO!! Cover, TWO!?!? Naito survives again and fans are thunderous again!

Taichi gets back up as fans rally hard as ever. Again, Naito and Taichi are in opposite corners. Naito gets up, TENSHO JUJIHO SUPERKICK!! But Taichi isn’t done there, Alabama to the BLACK MEPHISTO!!! Cover, Taichi wins!!!

Winner: Taichi, by pinfall

What was the pitch count on that one!? It was a battle until the very end, and in the end, Naito strikes out!! Taichi didn’t need any tricks, just his grit and determination! ZSJ joins Taichi in celebrating, but Sanada returns to make sure it stays at this. But this isn’t over here, as tomorrow will call for the trading of dance partners! Taichi is already telling Sanada that he’ll get the same, and ZSJ says he’ll see Naito tomorrow. Sanada helps Naito up and Taichi looks Naito in the eye to rub in this defeat. But even then, Naito manages to grin back at him. Will Naito be able to shrug this loss off and turn things around next round?

But as LIJ leaves, ZSJ gets the mic. “Oi, Naito. Job well done.” ZSJ even said that in Japanese! And ZSJ says he’s looking forward to tomorrow. And then back in English, he makes sure Sanada knows they’re not done yet. And more importantly, “Taichi, kyo sugoi yo! (You were amazing today!)” But soon, the Dangerous Tekkers will get those tag titles back. Tomorrow is a bit of fun, though, right? Hasta manana~! Oh, do the fans understand Spanish here? Nice. “Mina jozu. (Everyone’s so smart.)” ZSJ now lets Taichi have his turn on the mic.

“BUENOS NOCHES, OSAKAAA~!” Taichi’s mocking Naito’s introduction! And he likes how it feels. He wants Naito to know, it really does feel good to say it like that. But Naito didn’t get to say it tonight, and he won’t get to say it tomorrow, either. Taichi promises that Naito’s gonna lose two in a row! “And Sana-yan, you’re next!” LIJ has no chance against the Tekkers. Taichi’s looking forward to beating him, so Sana-yan better be ready. Taichi vows to win again tomorrow, then Sunday in the Tokyo Dome, they win the titles back. “It’s all decided. We are the toughest team, the Dangerous Tekkers.” The Sliest Wrestler is also very confident, but will it all be for naught this weekend?

My Thoughts:

A very good event to open things in Osaka! I skipped the opening Six Man, it was just the flipside to Eagles & RPG3K VS Suzuki-Gun, keeping the math even with Desperado getting the win there. Then Hiroshi Tanahashi pinned Yujiro Takahashi in another Six Man, keeping Bullet Club on their heels as they try to go after Chaos’ Six Man titles. The United Empire wins against Okada and Goto, specifically Cobb pinning Goto so that Cobb and Okada will stay even going into their special attraction singles match this Sunday. I’m sure a lot of this is to make up for Ospreay not being here to face Okada, but Cobb is going to look awesome against Okada, even if he loses.

Awful news for Ibushi that he has a form of pneumonia, and my statement at the start of the article is genuine. If Ibushi needs to miss Wrestle Grand Slam Tokyo, that’s just how it is. The match we got out of Takagi & Bushi VS Honma & Wato was still really good, but naturally Takagi & Bushi win this one. If by a minor miracle Ibushi is 100% by Sunday, Takagi will be going in with a lot of momentum. I wasn’t really seeing Ibushi winning this because Takagi seems to really have a lot going for him, from the fans liking him to obviously management seeing him as a star to get behind, but if Ibushi can be in any shape to wrestle, he’ll give Takagi one hell of a match.

Sanada VS ZSJ was awesome stuff, and they perfectly played off how familiar these two are with each other. The double pinfall draw was so masterfully built to, it was such a great surprise ending to this match. Then we got an even greater match out of Naito VS Taichi, again playing off some familiarity between both men. I didn’t see Taichi winning here for some reason, but it was a great move since tomorrow will see LIJ and Tekkers go again. I’m not sure how to factor the draw into the go-home math on this, though. Will there be another draw? I feel like not, because it might be too obvious after tonight. Maybe Taichi does come through on his 2-0 so that the math favors LIJ winning in the Tokyo Dome?

My Score: 8.9/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (7/17/24)




AEW is going big for this milestone Dynamite!

Dynamite has reached its 250TH episode, and it opens with Will Ospreay VS MJF for the AEW International Championship!


  • AEW International Championship: Will Ospreay VS MJF; wins and
  • AEW TBS Championship: Mercedes Mone VS Nyla Rose; wins and
  • Swerve Strickland VS Kazuchika Okada; wins.


[Due to scheduling conflicts, coverage will be on delay]

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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (7/16/24)

Who’s the real MVP?



Time to make an impact on NXT!

The Rascalz make their NXT in-ring debut while Duke Hudson challenges Oba Femi one on one for the North American Championship!


  • Six Man Tag: The Rascalz VS Gallus; The Rascalz win.
  • Je’Von Evans VS Brooks Jensen w/ Josh Briggs; Je’Von wins.
  • NXT Championship: Ethan Page VS Dante Chen; Ethan wins and retains the title.
  • Izzi Dame VS Tatum Paxley; Tatum wins.
  • Lola Vice VS Jacy Jayne w/ Jazmyn Nyx; Lola wins.
  • Mixed Six Tag: The OC VS OTM; The OC wins.
  • NXT North American Championship: Oba Femi VS Duke Hudson w/ Chase U; Oba wins and retains the title.


The Rascalz walk ‘n’ talk.

Wes Lee says you are not imagining things. This is happening right now. Trey Miguel says the gang is back together, time to blow everyone’s minds! Zachary Wentz says let’s get it!

Gallus also walks ‘n’ talks.

Markus says The Rascalz are gonna have the shortest reunion ever! Wolfgang says he hates everyone in TNA, especially these three. Joe says yes, them and that walking meme. “Oh, they broke the internet!” Well Gallus is about to break The Rascalz! The battlelines have been drawn, which trio stands tall when it is all said and done?

Six Man Tag: The Rascalz VS Gallus!

The trios sort out and Trey starts against Mark Coffey. The bell rings, the fans rally up, and the two tie up. Mark powers Trey back, throws him away, then smirks. Trey gets up, dodges Mark, then slips through ropes to RAM into Mark and HOTSHOT the arm! Trey rolls into KICK the arm, wrench it, and then TWEAK it! Trey then reaches up to RANA! The fans fire up and Trey tags Wentz. They double whip, atomic drop and dropkick the leg! Then chancery DROPKICK! Cover, ONE!! Wentz stays on Mark, but Mark fights up to ROCK Wentz! Tag to Wolfgang and he UPPERCUTS Wentz down!

The fans boo but Wolfgang stomps away on Wentz. Wolfgang then hauls Wentz up to snap suplex! Cover, ONE!! Wolfgang drags Wentz over, tags Joe and they mug Wentz. The fans rally for the Rascalz as Joe whips Wentz. Wentz BOOTS back, goes up, and FLYING RANAS! Wenz then KNEES Joe, tags Wes, and MSK snapmare to KNEE-BOARD SENTON! The fans fire up and Wes headlocks. Joe powers up and out, Wes sunset flips over, then rolls back to SWINGING RANA! The fans fire up again while Joe staggers around, into another RANA! Cover, TWO! Joe escapes but Wes stays cool. Wes headlocks but Joe fights up.

Joe back suplexes, Wes lands out to headlock again. Joe powers up but Wes holds tight. Wolfgang tags in as Joe gets free, and Wolfgang CLOBBERS Wes! Wolfgang UPPERCUTS Wes, scoops and SLAMS him, then covers, TWO! Wes toughs it out but Wolfgang drags Wes up. Wes grabs ropes so Wolfgang HOTSHOTS him instead! Wes sputters, Wolfgang drags him up, but Wes fires body shots. Wolfgang knees low, facelocks, and Mark tags in. Gallus mugs Wes, then Joe tags in. The Coffey Brothers double wrench to DOUBLE CHOP! Tag to Wolfgang, the mugging continues, and Wolfgang warns the rest of the Rascalz.

Tag to Mark, the mugging continues but Wes ENZIGIRIS back! Wolfgang UPPERCUTS! Trey gets in, Wolfgang CHOPS him down! Trey kips up to ENZIGIRI Wolfgang! Joe runs in to CLOBBER Trey! Wentz runs in, dodges, handsprings, and JUMP KNEES! Mark POLISH HAMMERS Wentz! Wes DOUBLE KNEES Mark! The fans fire up as all six men are down! And then as Vic Joseph mentions him, HERE COMES JOE HENDRY! The fans are thunderous as you know who makes his way down to the ring. Gallus’ worst nightmare is coming true while NXT goes picture in picture.

Hendry waves to the fans while they sing his song, and he joins commentary! Mark and Wes are in the ring, and Wes fires off hands! Wes bobs ‘n’ weaves, headlocks, but Mark powers up and out. Wolfgang tags in, and he FLAPJACKS Wes! Wolfgang kicks Wes to the apron then the floor, right at Hendry’s feet! Joe runs up to stomp Wes right in front of Hendry! Hendry wants no beef with Coffey, so Coffey puts Wes in the ring. Wes fires body shots and haymakers but Joe knees low. Joe whips Wes to a corner, whips him in again, then scoops for a BACKBREAKER! Joe then goes up and up to VADER ELBOW DROP! Cover, TWO!

Joe is frustrated with Wes but drags him back over. Tag to Wolfgang, he fires hands on Wes, then wrenches an arm. Mark tags in. Wolfgang CHOPS Wes, then Mark FLYING SHOULDER TACKLES! Cover, TWO! Wes stays tough but Mark stomps him down! Mark drags Wes up, but Wes fires body shots and forearms! Mark ROCKS Wes, whips him to the Gallus corner, then tags in Joe. The Coffey Brothers mug Wes, then Joe taunts the Rascalz. Joe runs in but Wes BOOTS him! Wes fires hands on Wolfgang and Mark, then fires hands on Joe! Joe shoves Wes back, Wes runs back up, but Joe catches him to TOSS him down!

Joe tags Wolfgang, the mugging continues, and then Gallus drops a knee on Wes’s head! Cover, TWO! Wolfgang drags Wes right over to tag Joe back in. The mugging still continues, and then Joe clamps on a REAR BEARHUG! Wes endures, fights around, and NXT returns to single picture. The fans rally for Wes, even as Joe leans on the hold. Wes fights up, throws some elbows, but Joe CLUBS him! Tag to Mark, Mark reels Wes in to whip him back to the corner. Wolfgang steps in, Mark runs in but Wes DUMPS him! Wes dodges Wolfgang, dodges Joe and UP KICKS him! Then hot tag to Wentz!

The fans fire up as Wentz dodges Joe, SUPERKICKS Wolfgang, then runs in at the corner. Joe puts Wentz on the corner, but Wentz GAMANGIRIS! Wentz goes up to DOUBLE MISSILE DROPKICK! The fans are thunderous as Wentz CHOPS joe then whips. Joe reverses but Wentz YANKS him outta the air! SNAP GERMAN, but Mark tags in! Wentz dodges to UPPERCUT! Trey tags in and he gest moving to UPPERCUT Joe! He gives Wentz the boost, RAILGUN DROPKICK for Joe! RAILGUN DROPKICK for Mark! Clinch, SCORPION KICK then LIGHTNING SPIRAL! Cover, Wolfgang breaks it!

The fans boo but Wolfgang hauls Trey up. Trey DROPKICKS Wolfgang away then tags Wes. Wes tags Wentz, and MSK give Trey a boost, for the TRIPLE DROPKICK!! The fans fire up as Gallus regroups outside! They run back in, Wes & Wentz ROCK Wolfgang & Joe while Trey DIVES onto Mark for a TORNADO DDT TO THE FLOOR! Then MSK fires off on Wolfgang and Joe! DOUBLE STOMP on Joe, DOUBLE STOMP on Wolfgang! Gallus regroups outside again, and Wentz PENALTY KICKS Mark! The fans are thunderous as Wes helps Wentz with the LATERAL MOONSAULT! The fans fire up again as Wes now takes aim!

Wes builds speed and he FLIES onto all of Gallus! The fans are thunderous, Hendry applauds and even Booker T is being won over. The Rascalz get Mark in, hoist him up and tuck him in, DOUBLE CHEEKY NANDOS! Tag to Wes, and now it’s a double torture rack! DOUBLE STOMP BURNING HAMMER!! Cover, The Rascalz win!

Winners: The Rascalz, by pinfall

The fans are thunderous as this #NXTNA crossover takes the win! But will NXT & TNA soon belong to The RSCL?


Backstage interview with Chase U.

Kelly Kincaid is with Andre Chase, Riley Osborn, Thea Hail & Ridge Holland, but she also brings up that Roxanne Perez will be speaking later tonight. Thea asks if Kelly really just mentioned Roxie. She did. Thea has to go! Whoa, wait, what? Thea takes off, Ridge hurries after and Chase says it’ll be up to Ridge to keep an eye on her. But that means Chase & Riley take the interview. Kelly says this is a big night for Chase U as Duke Hudson will challenge Oba Femi for the North American Championship. Chase says when Duke is on his A Game, very few superstars in the WWE can stop him. And Duke understands opportunities don’t always come around, so he has to cash in tonight.

Chase says tonight, the MVP of Chase U shows up, shows out, and becomes the NEW NXT North American Champion. Riley says he was worried before, but he knows Duke’s been proving the haters wrong. Duke is going to beta the unbeatable, do the unthinkable, and bring home that title to Chase U! Kelly thanks them for their time, and says Oba VS Duke is our massive main event tonight. Will Duke put it all on the line to take home the gold? Or will no one ever dethrone The Ruler?


Ethan Page talks with Ava Raine in her office.

All Ego says he sure did enjoy last week, because now we are officially one week into the Era of Ego. And he has some very valid complaints! Their champion feels this is an unsafe work environment, and wants to know what Ava is doing- OH NO here comes Oro Mensah! Ava keeps Oro from getting his hands on Ethan, and she tells him to stop! They are not doing this in her office. This is what Ethan is talking about! How is he to defend the championship with dignity and honor when he has to deal with this!? Oro tells Ethan to shut his mouth and defend it against Oro tonight! Oh, yes, let’s reward terrible behavior!

Ethan tells Oro’s little fantasy of getting a shot at this title will NEVER happen. And Oro has no chance in Hell of EVER pinning Ethan 1-2-3! Ava tells them both to stop. Oro is not in the title picture now because he just keeps attacking Ethan. Oro says fine, fine. The longer Ethan runs away, the worse it will get for him. Ava says okay, hold on. If Ethan wants to defend his title so bad, then he’ll defend it tonight. O-Okay. Great idea! And it’ll be against someone with honor and dignity, aka NOT ORO. It’ll be… Uh… DANTE CHEN! Ava likes that idea. Oro says he hopes Dante kicks Ethan’s ass then.

Ava has Oro move on, but perhaps Ethan just stepped in it. Is he taking the Singapore Warrior too lightly? Or can All Ego put his money where his mouth is instead of his foot?


The Great American Bash returns!

Not only that, but it will be a TWO WEEK SPECIAL EVENT, on the SyFy Network! Tuesday, July 30th and Tuesday, August 6th, tune in for NXT’s biggest Summer tradition.


Roxanne Perez is here!

The fans are torn as The Prodigy struts her way out, NXT Women’s Championship on her shoulder. She steps into the ring, grabs a mic, and asks, “So what’s it gonna take for everyone to start treating me like the champion I am? Last Sunday, I defeated the biggest badass NXT has, retained my title, added another name to the resume, and you’d think that because of that, I’d be receiving my flowers. I mean, the WWE Universe is literally witnessing greatness before their eyes, and what do they do? They give Lola Vice, the LOSER of the match, a standing ovation. Hello? It should’ve been me!

“You guys don’t deserve to watch a once in a lifetime performer like me. You really don’t. At 22 years old, I am just so damn good. And I haven’t even hit my prime yet. How untouchable am I gonna be in five years? Because I’m not competing against anyone inside that locker room, I’m competing with the history books. And uh, speaking of history, because I sure know mine… 13 years ago tomorrow, charlotte Flair had her very first NXT TV match. And 13 years later, she’s a 14-TIME World Champion, The Queen, a future Hall of Famer. But guess what? I’m on pace to shatter all of her records!

“Bayley’s, Asuka’s, Rhea’s… But uh, y’know what really, really pisses me off? It’s the fact that all the talk online is, ‘When Giulia comes to NXT, Roxanne is in trouble~! When Stephanie Vaquer comes, she’s gonna run through the NXT Women’s Division! Well y’know what? Why don’t you go ahead and roll out the red carpet for them. Matter of fact, roll out the red carpet for any talent around the world, because when they step inside the ring with me, no one compares to The Prodigy. Which is why I find it quite laughable that Thea Hail is my next opponent. I mean, c’mon, she has a good of a chance at beating me as Duke Hudson has of beating Oba Femi.”

But here comes Thea! Thea tells Roxie that seriously, no no no. Roxie’s problem is that she comes here, acts like people owe her respect, but in reality, nobody owes her anything. And honestly, Roxie barely escaped Heatwave with that title. And while their paths have never really crossed, Thea honestly used to look up to Roxie. She and Roxie seemed so alike. The fact that Roxie even comes out here and says it is laughable, Roxie should know what it is to be underestimated, to have people doubt you! So go ahead, Roxie. Doubt Thea. Thea has broken doubters’ noses! She has fractured doubters’ arms! She has defeated the doubters that she was never supposed to beat.

So at Great American Bash, let’s open that history book Roxie wants to rewrite, and then hand Thea the pen so that Thea can write, “Thea Hail: One of the Youngest NXT Women’s Champions!” The fans fire up but Roxie is amused. Aw, Thea, how brave coming out here without the chaperones. But Roxie isn’t underestimating Thea. She just knows that as long as Roxie has the title, it won’t be Thea’s time, or anyone else’s time. So here is some free advice: Thea is not ready. Coming from someone that knows, Roxie knows what it is to lose out on this title. How it can make you spiral, lose control. Let’s not forget when Mr. Chase threw in the towel…

Thea is getting worked up as Roxie says the title is for “big girls,” not children. Thea can say she’s “a grown ass woman,” but she’s really just a little girl. That sets Thea off, but Roxie is ready! Roxie kicks low, fires off hands, but so does Thea! Roxie wrangles Thea into a CROSSFACE! Thea rolls through to get the KIMURA! The fans fire up as Roxie pops free to crossface, but Thea rolls to KIMURA!! Roxie flails, but Ridge gets in to stop Thea. Roxie runs away, title in hand. The fans fire up for Thea, will she prove The Prodigy isn’t a prodigy anymore?


Backstage interview with Kelani Jordan.

Kelly Kincaid says the inaugural North American Women’s Champion is still North American Women’s Champion after an incredible match with Sol Ruca at Heatwave. Kelani says Sol is amazing, she had to pull out some crazy moves to win. But when one challenge ends, another begins. Kelani did just hear names like Giulia and Stephanie Vaquer, so this women’s division is only getting stronger. And as a champion, Kelani will keep upping her game. Wait, what’s Kelly looking at? Kelani turns around and there’s Wendy! And she’s holding onto the beheaded Barbie doll Tatum Paxley left behind last week…

Wendy eyes the title, then moves on. That was weird… But it was a clear message, too. Will Wendy put Kelani’s reign to bed and start a reign of terror?


Backstage interview with Lola Vice.

Kelly now talks with the Mayor of Vice City on how she fell short of the NXT Women’s Championship. But she also proved that she belongs in the title scene. Lola says she left it all in the ring. She fought through the pain, nearly broke her hand, and still Roxie could not tap her out. She took FIVE Pop Rox, but next time, it won’t be enough. Fallon Henley walks in with Jacy Jayne & Jazmyn Nyx and says this is exactly what they’ve been talking about! New girl had her title shot, and lost. Jacy has an idea: Lola should just go back to MMA, since she made a bigger name while being here.

Jacy says American Top Team would probably welcome her back with open arms! And NXT will sure miss her~. Because clearly, rookie- Oh, keep saying that, but what about Jazmyn? Lola ain’t going anywhere. Jacy says Jazmyn’s different. She is with them. The exception to the rule and all. But hey, if Lola’s a fighter, then she should go and fight. Lola says yeah, that’s true. She is a fighter, and she’s looking at her next opponent. Jacy gets a little worried, but will the Latina Heat burn down all of this toxic element?


Je’Von Evans VS Brooks Jensen w/ Josh Briggs!

The Young OG was supposed to be in last week’s main event match alongside Trick Williams, but the rather unstable and unpredictable second generation superstar “made an impact” but taking him out! Will Je’Von return the favor by bouncing Brooks right out of NXT? Or will Jensen just finish the job he started?

NXT returns and Jensen makes his entrance. Jensen tells Briggs he doesn’t need Briggs out here. Briggs counters by bringing up how he stuck his neck out for Jensen, he is responsible for him now. Jensen goes to the ring, and Je’Von wants to get right in his face. The ref keeps them back, the bell rings, and Je’Von runs in! Jensen picks him up to RAM him into the corner! Jensen RAMS into Je’Von, whips corner to corner, but Je’Von goes up and over. Je’Von fires haymakers, runs, ducks ‘n’ dodges then RANAS Jensen into ropes !Jensen rebounds into a DROPKICK! Jensen bails out, Je’Von storms over, but Jensen trips him up.

Jensen drags Je’Von out but Je’Von ROCKS him first! And again! And again! The fans fire up, Jensen shoves Je’Von back. Je’Von runs back in, but Jensen pops him up to FLAPJACK him on barriers! Those bad ribs bother Je’Von, but he still ELBOWS Jensen away. And SUPERKICKS him down! The fans fire up and Je’Von snarls. Je’Von then goes up and up to QUEBRADA! Down goes Jensen and the fans fire up! Je’Von puts Jensen in, runs to rebound and SPIN KICK! Cover, TWO!! Jensen survives but Je’Von keeps cool. Je’Von goes corner to corner, but Jensen dodges the splash! those ribs suffer more damage, but Je’Von still CHOPS!

Jensen LARIATS Je’Von down! Jensen rains down fists, drags Je’Von out, and GOURD BUSTER on the desk! Je’Von sputters, Jensen mockingly says this boy is bouncy. Then Jensen goes to the apron, to FLYING LEG DROP to the desk!! Jensen mocks Je’Von while Je’Von struggles to breathe, and NXT goes to break.

NXT returns and the two are throwing hands against ropes. Je’Von whips, Jensen reverses and kitchen sink KNEES! Je’Von sputters but Jensen shakes off those shots. Jensen then digs a knee into Je’Von’s back and pulls him with a chinlock. Je’Von endures, the fans rally up, and Je’Von fights up! Je’Von throws body shots, but Jensen gut wrenches to THROW Je’Von! Je’Von flounders to a corner, Jensen runs in, but Je’Von dodges now! Jensen ELBOWS Je’Von, goes up, but Je’Von goes up to get him! SUPER STEINER! The fans fire up as Je’Von huffs ‘n’ puffs and rises up. Jensen runs back in, Je’Von dodges and LEAPING LARIATS!

Je’Von rallies with elbows, then whips, but Jensen reverses. Jensen runs in, blocks a boot, but Je’Von traps Jensen’s foot! Je’Von ROCKS, CHOPS, and then SMACKS Jensen off buckles. SPIN KICK, and then Je’Von goes to the apron. Springboard and CROSSBODY! Cover, TWO! Jensen is showing toughness but Je’Von stays focused. Je’Von springboards, but into a Gory Especial! Je’Von flips up and over but into a GOTCH NEUTRALIZER! Cover, TWO!! And now Shawn Spears makes his way out here? We know he doesn’t like Je’Von much but why is he out here? Briggs steps in Spears’ way, but Jensen hurries out to tell Briggs not to waste his time on Spears.

Briggs stands down, but Je’Von FLIES onto Jensen! The fans fire up again and Je’Von puts Jensen in. Je’Von goes up and up and SUPER O G CUTTER~! Cover, Je’Von wins!

Winner: Je’Von Evans, by pinfall

And that is payback served! The Young OG shows he can grit it out and come away with the win, but will- OH NO, Jensen attacks Je’Von! Jensen’s a sore loser! Briggs runs in there to stop Jensen and asks what the hell! Jensen continues to cross the line, is his second chance about to be his last chance?


The D’Angelo Family is playing cards backstage.

Then someone says, “Psst!” We look over to see it’s Charlie Dempsey. The Family is confused, but Tony tells Stacks not to look at his cards. Stacks asks who Tony thinks he is, but Rizzo does keep an eye on Stacks. Tony walks over to Dempsey and asks what this is about. You don’t “Psst” at The Don. Dempsey says forget about that. But the uh, you know what, right? Oh yeah, the D’Angelo Trunk Tactic, yeah. Myles was telling him. Myles did what? Oh yeah, he won’t shut up about it. Joking! Tony’s just busting Dempsey’s balls. The Don knows everything that goes on around here. But hey, to be honest, Tony didn’t think Dempsey had it in him, so he’s impressed.

Dempsey won’t be sweet talked, he’s still coming for the Heritage Cup. Does the sun rise in the morning? Of course Dempsey is, Tony knows. But what’s this breaking news Dempsey has? Well, Dempsey found himself in a bit of a situation and needs some advice. What kind of situation? Hypothetically speaking, let’s say a witness saw him. Then take him “for a swim.” Hypothetically, let’s say it wasn’t a him but a her. Oh… Well, Dempsey is going to take care of this on his own. But doesn’t Tony take care of things? Not this one. Dempsey’s still stuck, what is he to do about Wren Sinclair?


Backstage interview with Dante Chen.

Sarah Schreiber asks the Singapore Warrior about his NXT Championship opportunity. Dante is extremely surprised. But this is exactly why he gets up early in the morning to train like an animal, why he goes for runs during the day when it’s 100+ degrees, and why he studies film every night. And he’s no fool, Ethan Page thinks Dante is an easy first defense. Dante has learned that when you get your moment, you gotta make the most of it. Dante heads out, will he be able to take advantage of All Ego’s arrogance?


Trick Williams vents backstage.

He worked so damn hard for the NXT Championship, and while a title doesn’t define a man, looking at himself without it, he doesn’t recognize himself. He has to get back to being himself and doing his own thing. On the phone is Ilja Dragunov! And the Mad Dragon tells Trick this is simply a journey of redemption. When Ilja lost that title, is world changed. He got drafted, so his new goals became based on his new surroundings. He seeks to conquer new worlds, but the question for Trick is… What does Trick want? He wants that title back! But Ethan won’t just give him a rematch.

Ilja wishes he could help Trick more, but these are two very different situations. Just hang in there, Trick. Trick ends the call, and he spots Pete Dunne watching him. Trick asks Dunne from some advice, but Dunne just tells him, “Figure it out.” The Bruiserweight leaves Trick confused, but will Trick figure out how to earn his shot at the top title?


NXT Championship: Ethan Page VS Dante Chen!

Speaking of the top title, the threat of Oro coming for him rattled All Ego into just spitting out a name. Now the Singapore Warrior has his own shot at this championship, and his whole world could change, too! Will Dante make this a one and done to reach the top? Or will Ethan be able to back up all the talk and hold onto the gold?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see who is really ready for this moment!

The bell rings and the two circle. The fans rally hard for Dante but Ethan headlocks. Dante powers up and out but Ethan runs him over! Ethan taunts Dante, saying this is his chance. Dante stands up, they tie up, and Ethan powers Dante to a corner. The ref counts, Ethan lets off with a pat on the head, but that just upsets Dante. Ethan grins at the cameras, but Dante rolls him up! TWO!! Ethan is mad now, but Dante dodges him to ROCK and CHOP and repeat! Dante whips but Ethan blocks. Ethan ROCKS Dante, headlocks, but Dante powers up and out. Dante hurdles, drops, and ELBOWS Ethan, to then UPPERCUT and CHOP!

Dante sits Ethan up to SUPERKICK him down! Cover, TWO! Ethan survives but Dante stays cool. Dante gets moving, but Ethan TOSSES him up and out! Dante staggers up but Ethan FLYING SHOULDER TACKLES! Down goes Dante but Ethan puts him in fast. Ethan rains down fists while the fans boo. Ethan lets off, storms around, then stands Dante up. Ethan whips Dante, ELBOWS him down, then scoops him to POWERSLAM him! Cover, TWO! Dante stays in this but Ethan wants a better count. Ethan scuffs Dante, talks trash on him, then pie faces him! Dante fires body shots and jabs in return!

Dante CHOPS, ROCKS, and repeat! Ethan knees low, scoops, but Dante slips free! Dante ENZIGIRIS Ethan and the fans fire up! Dante runs in, Ethan puts him on the apron, but Dante RAMS in! Slingshot sunset flip! TWO! Ethan escapes, swings, but Dante counter punches! Dante fires CHOPS and palm strikes! Dante UPPERCUTS, whips, and LARIATS! Dante rallies with more shots, then an atomic drop! Dante runs but Ethan dodges the boot! Ethan kicks low, reels Dante in, but Dante cradle counters! TWO!! Ethan escapes again, but Dante gets around to backslide! TWO! Ethan staggers up into a BOOT!

The fans fire up as Ethan falls! Dante grits his teeth, vows to end this, and he takes aim. Dante DOUBLE CHOPS Ethan down! Cover, TWO!! Dante grows frustrated but he hurries to a corner. Dante goes out to the apron, springboards back in, but Ethan dodges! Dante staggers up, and Ethan BOOTS him down! Ethan is mad, and he drags Dante up. Canadian Rack, for the EGO’S EDGE! Cover, Ethan wins!

Winner: Ethan Page, by pinfall (still NXT Champion)

All Ego sarcastically shakes Dante’s hand, but then ORO RUNS IN! The fans fire up as Main Man Mensah gets shots in, but then Ethan kicks low and DDTS! Ethan taunts Oro with the title. “Not on your best day, Oro!” The fans boo but Ethan just grins and leaves Oro behind. Only for Oro to pursue! The brawl goes up the ramp, then back to ringside! Oro puts Ethan in and LARIATS him down! And again! Then he SUPERMAN PUNCHES! Ethan blocks a kick, but not the ROLLING KICK! The fans are thunderous as Oro MURAMASAS Ethan in a corner! Oro covers, and he counts it! That’s three right there! Did Oro just prove he is worthy of the gold?


Duke Hudson speaks.

“What started as a gambler… grew into the MVP. Tonight, I become the NXT North American Champion.” Duke promises the biggest Andre Chase University style ass whooping, but will he be able to dethrone the Ruler? Or will he go broke trying?


NXT has BIG events coming!

Sunday, September 1st, the Ball Arena in Denver, Colorado will host No Mercy 2024! And then on Sunday, October 27th, Hershey, Pennsylvania’s Giant Center hosts Halloween Havoc 2024! Get your tickets starting July 24th, and be ready for big nights in NXT history!


Gallus regroups backstage.

Mark says any other night, they would’ve battered those three. Wolfgang says yeah, the “shiny new toys” had their 15 minutes of fame, so now they can go back to TNA. And Joe asks the boys if they saw “that clown” looking at him? If Joe hears the name “Joe Hendry” one more time- Wait. The music plays, and clap clap, Hendry steps in! Don’t be mad at him, Coffey just said his name. Wolfgang doesn’t care, just go back to Scotland. Hendry says he understands, he’d be just as mad, too. They’ve been working for years, and then someone just strolled in to become the most talked about star in all of NXT. But the reality is, Hendry’s sticking around, he likes it here.

Coffey says the thing is, Joe Hendry, no one here actually likes him! Oh, really? Yeah! Cuz when they think of Scotland, they think of Gallus. They think of Drew McIntyre! They do NOT think of some flash in the pan. Well maybe they’d feel just a little bit better if they believed in The Answer to All Life’s Problems, Joe Hendry. Hendry leaves, and Joe Coffey swears, if he sees that guy one more time…! But will Gallus ever learn to accept Joe Hendry?


Izzi Dame VS Tatum Paxley!

The “It Girl,” the volleyball ace, has gotten the attention of a rather twisted individual. But will Izzi show Tatum that obsession is bad for your health? Or will Tatum break the mean girl mentally and physically?

Speaking of, Tatum creeps Izzi out by crawling right under her! Izzi asks what the hecc! Izzi stomps, Tatum dodges, the bell rings and Tatm RAN- NO! Izzi stops the rana to go for ropes. But Tatum uses that to HANGING HEADSCISSOR! Tatum then BOPS Izzi, Izzi staggers away, and Tatum goes up to springboard MISSILE DROPKICK! The fans fire up as Tatum watches Izzi flounder around. Tatum then runs in to BODY CHECK from behind! Then Tatum schoolgirl KICKS Izzi down! Cover, TWO! Izzi staggers up, Tatum runs in and leaps, but into Izzi’s arms! Izzi runs to BACKBREAKER!

Izzi hauls Tatum back up to SLAM her down! Tatum flounders now, and Izzi storms up to stomp away! The ref counts as Tatum is on the ropes. Izzi lets off to drag Tatum back and drop an elbow! Cover, TWO! Izzi smirks and she pushes Tatum around. Izzi says Tatum wanted this fight, so she’s got it. But then Tatum fires body shots! Izzi scoops again, but Tatum slips free! Tatum whips, Izzi blocks! Tatum’s back bothers her but Izzi whips her to a corner. Then Izzi whips corner to corner! Izzi runs, slides, and trips Tatum! Izzi pulls Tatum back against the post! Tatum endures being bent, the ref counts, and Izzi lets off.

The fans boo but Izzi storms back in. Izzi scoops Tatum for another BACKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Izzi is frustrated but she reels Tatum in. Canadian Rack, and a backbreaker torture rack! Tatum endures, but Wendy is waling out here? Tatum flails, kicks off ropes, and flips free! Izzi runs up but Tatum dodges to then block a kick! Tatum grins, then DRAGON SCREWS! And CHOP BLOCKS! Tatum BOOTS Izzi, ENZIGIRIS her, then KNEE SMASHES! ELBOW DROP! Cover, TWO! Izzi survives but Tatum hauls her up. Tatum pump handles, Izzi fights free and HOOK KICKS! Cover, TWO! The fans rally, and Wendy is watching like a hawk.

Izzi drags Tatum up, Canadian Racks again, but Tatum slips free. Tatum hobbles to a corner, Izzi runs in, but Tatum dodges! Izzi POSTS herself, then Tatum hooks her up! PSYCHO TRAP! Cover, Tatum wins!

Winner: Tatum Paxley, by pinfall

As Izzi says, it is what it is, and Tatum twists her around for her own victory! Tatum then spots Wendy. Tatum has the doll’s head, Wendy has the body, will these two unite as one to take over NXT?


Thea and Ridge regroup backstage.

Thea asks why Ridge stopped her! She was gonna rip Roxie’s arm off! Ridge says then that means there’s no title shot. Oh, smart! The rest of Chase U walks over and Duke asks what’s up with them. It’s only the biggest night of Duke’s career is all, and they’re going on about nonsense. Kidding! Hah. But yeah, he is being serious. They all say he’s got this, and Duke thanks Ridge for this match. Ridge says it’s all good, just bring the belt back to Chase U. Duke says Oba is incredible, but he is still a man. And a man can be beaten. Chase says F yeah he can! Hands in! On three! One, two, three, Chase U~!!


Cedric Alexander and Ashante THEE Adonis walk ‘n’ talk backstage.

PRIMED Alexander says the talent pool here in NXT is loaded with opportunities! But Ashante seems to see something else with potential. Cedric tells Ashante to focus. They can finally show the world what they’re all about. But then Lash Legend & Jakara Jackson walk by, and Ashante’s gone. He says, “Excuse me.” Lash says no thanks, bye. Ashante says pause, rewinds, this ain’t Chase U. This is “Chase Him.” Plus, he was here to talk with Jakara anyway. Oh, okay~! But then Oro Mensah walks in and asks what this is about. Oro will not let this happen like Lash and Trick. Ashante can just moonwalk on out of here.

Ashante tells Oro that take it down a notch. And secondly, he is sure Miss Jackson doesn’t mind getting to know THEE Hottest New Attraction. Ashante offers a hand, Jakara reaches out, but Oro says no touchy touchy. Cedric has everyone calm down, and Lash says they don’t need this. Meta Four moves on and Cedric says Ashante’s gonna get himself in trouble again. Yeah but Cedrick knows Ashante loves trouble. Is a new summer romance about to start up in NXT?


Lola Vice VS Jacy Jayne w/ Jazmyn Nyx!

The Mayor of Miami Vice put the Toxic Phantom of the Opera on notice, and now she looks to put more body parts in braces! Will Lola take out her anger on the arrogant “veteran” superstar? Or will things only get worse for her after being burned at Heatwave?

NXT returns as Jacy makes her entrance, “The Exception” by her side. The bell rings and the two circle. They tie up, Jacy waistlocks but Lola headlocks. Jacy wrenches to headlock, Lola powers up and out but Jacy runs her over. Jacy mocks Lola’s Latina Heat then says shove it. Lola blocks a kick, gets around, and SLAMS Jacy down. Lola says this is how you do it! The fans fire up for that, but Jacy runs up. Lola body shots, kicks, and SPIN KICKS! Jacy ducks a roundhouse, rolls Lola and SUPERKICKS! Lola flounders, Jacy grabs the bad hand and STOMPS it! The fans rally up but Jacy KICKS the bad arm.

Jacy wrenches that arm, WRINGS it out, then drags Lola around again. Jacy SLAMS the bad hand on the mat, then clamps on again. Jacy SLAMS the hand, grabs at it again, then steps over for a DISARM-HER! Jacy bends the fingers, but Lola endures and fights up. Jacy wristlocks and swings, but Lola dodges to KICK! And KICK! And KICK! Then she fires LIGHTNING KICKS! The fans fire up with Lola and she AX KICKS Jacy! Jacy crawls to a corner, Lola says “I’m a Latina~!” And then HIP ATTACK! Cover, TWO! Jacy survives but Lola facelocks. Jacy fights up, JAWBREAKERS, and then BOOTS Lola down!

Jacy runs, but Lola dodges the discus to URAKEN!! Cover, Lola wins!

Winner: Lola Vice, by pinfall

That was a knockout to be sure, but then Fallon Henley CLOBBERS Lola from behind! The Toxic Cowgirl has Jazmyn get in and they mug Lola. But Lola fights back! BODY SHOT for Fallon, but Jacy DECKS Lola! But here come Karmen Petrovic and Sol Ruca! Sol DOUBLE LARIATS Fallon & Jazmyn! Sol then dodges Jacy for Karmen to ROUNDHOUSE! Lola SUPERKICKS Fallon, Karmen LARIATS Jazmyn! Then SUPERKICKS send them all tumbling! Jacy returns, but gets DOUBLE SUPERKICKS and a ROUNDHOUSE! The toxic trio just found these “rookies” aren’t pushovers. Will Fallon, Jacy & Jazmyn soon be humbled by this new wave of talent?


Tatum plays around backstage.

Kelani says hi, and that it looks like she found the rest of Wendy’s doll. Wendy was looking for the rest of it earlier so good for Tatum. Tatum says it was her doll. Does Kelani wanna play? Aw, that’s sweet. But aren’t they a little old to be playing with dolls? Kelani leaves, and Tatum brings out a Barbie that looks a bit like Kelani… Has Paxley found a new, unwitting “playmate?”


NXT Media catches up with Ethan Page.

The reporter asks if he is upset with how tonight played out. First off, that is “Your NXT Champion,” Ethan Page. And upset? About what? He defended his title tonight, but then “Maniac Mensah” tried to ruin it, much like NXT Media just did so thank you for that. Ethan wants to leave but the reporter asks about Oro’s “pin” on him. STOP. Oro did not pin Ethan, that does not count. Ethan is still NXT Champion, and for the record… None of this bothers him. It wasn’t a pin! While Ethan’s ego grows, his temper seems to be getting shorter. Will he have no choice but to give Oro the shot he wants?


Mixed Six Tag: The OC VS OTM!

These trios have gone back and forth, but nothing has been settled! Will Michin & The Good Brothers prove that they are Just Too Sweet? Or will Bronco Nima, Lucien Price & Jaida Parker prove they’re the ones who run these streets?

NXT returns and The OC make their entrance. The trios start talking trash and pushing each other, and then the brawl is on! The fans fire up, the ref wants order, but while Nima and Price DECK Gallows & Anderson, Mia fires off on Miss Parker! And then the Good Brothers drag Nima & Price out! The bell rings, Mia CHOPS and ROCKS and RAMS into Jaida again and again! Mia whips corner to corner, runs corner to corner, but Jaida dodges the boot! Mia stomps her, puts her back in the corner, and she goes again. Jaida dodges again and Mia POSTS herself! Jaida puts Mia in the ropes, then CHOPS her!

Jaida gets space, runs up, and DROPS IT LIKE IT’S HOT! The fans are torn but Jaida talks trash on Gallows & Anderson. Jaida runs, but Mia avoids the leg drop! Mia taunts Nima & Prince, but Jaida picks her up! SPINEBUSTER, and then high stack, TWO! Mia is still in this but Jaida is still talking smack. But then Mia GERMAN SUPLEXES Jaida! And SHOTGUNS her down! Jaida hurries to tag Price, so in steps Big LG! Gallows kicks Price, fires hands, then UPPERCUTS! Gallows runs to BOOT! Price wobbles, Gallows runs, but into an URENAGE! Price roars, but Anderson runs in!

Price BOOTS Anderson, runs up, and he LARIATS Anderson right up and out! Mia checks on Machine Gun but Price runs in to LARIAT Gallows! Price brings Gallows over, tags in Nima, and Nima fires hands on Gallows. Gallows kicks back, UPPERCUTS, but Nima body shots. Nima HEADBUTTS Gallows, CHOKES him on ropes, but the ref counts. Nima lets off to run and STRADDLE ATTACK! Nima talks smack, throws down forearms, then tags Price. Price & Nima mug Gallows, then Price has Gallows in a corner. Gallows kicks again, and throws hands, only for Price to RAM him into the corner! Price RAMS in again and again, then TOSSES Gallows!

The fans rally as Nima tags in. OTM mugs Gallows, and Nima CLUBS Gallows down. Cover, TWO! Nima clamps on with a neck wrench and he grinds Gallows down. The fans rally, Gallows fights up, and Gallows throws body shots. Nima CLUBS Gallows again! Then Nima ELBOWS Anderson down! But Gallows fireman’s carries! FLAPJACK! Both men are down, hot tag to Mia! Jaida runs in but Mia rallies on her! YAKUZA KICK, then DROPKCIK! Clinch and EXPLODER! Jaida flounders up, Mia fires palm strikes and kicks! SOBAT and PELE! Jaida falls, Mia covers, TWO! Mia grows frustrated, but Jaida GERMAN SUPLEXES her!

The fans fire up while both ladies are down. Jaida crawls, hot tag to Nima! Anderson jumps in and he dodges Nima to CHOP! And CHOP! And then dodges again, to mule kick! UPPERCUT! Nima goes to a corner, Anderson runs up, but Nima catches him first! Nima TOSSES Anderson to the corner, but Anderson BOOTS back! Anderson goes up, FLYING NECKBREAKER! Tag to Gallows and the Good Brothers get Nima up! BACK SUPLEX NECKBREAKER COMBO! Cover, Price breaks it! Anderson gives Price a SPINEBUSTER for it! But the TEARDROP HIP ATTACK takes Anderson out! Michin TOSSES Jaida!

Mia then gets Nima and wrenches him, EAT DA FEET! Then Mia DIVES onto Jaida! Gallows and Nima rise up, BUZZSAW for Nima! Tag back to Anderson, and the Good Brothers hit the MAGIC KILLER!! Cover, The OC wins!

Winners: The OC, by pinfall

OTM put up quite the fight, but they couldn’t stop the OC once they got rolling! Will Mia, Gallows & Anderson all head for some big opportunities in the near future?


Charlie Dempsey regroups with the No Quarter Catch Crew.

Tavion Heights asks if Charlie is okay. With everything going on, is he able to- Wren walks in! It spooks them and she says yeah, about “that.” She wants in on the crew. What? No no no, that’s not happening. Oh, well, okay then. She’ll just go tell everyone what she saw. Oh like they’re gonna believe her. Maybe, but what would Charlie’s dad say if she told him. Charlie says it doesn’t matter, she isn’t joining the NQCC. Oh c’mon, she isn’t the only one who saw. Wait, really? Who else did? They all lean in, and she says she was just kidding. Not funny! And then Wren starts trying to grapple with Myles?

Dempsey says this isn’t funny. He CHOPS Myles and Myles says she started it. Wren says one way or another, she’ll wrestle her way into that cold little heart of Dempsey’s, and get in the group. Wren leaves, leaving NQCC rather perplexed. Should they just take Wren up on her offer and squash the whole beef? Or will Dempsey find a way around this bit o’ blackmail?


Eddy Thorpe holds another concert.

The music is pumping, the people are jumping, but Lexis King has to ruin the fun! They get to fighting, security rushes in, and the Drama King warns The Alpha Wolf he’s going to pay! But will Lexis really rock Eddy’s world? Or will Eddy drop Lexis like he drops the beat?


NXT North American Championship: Oba Femi VS Duke Hudson w/ Chase U!

The Ruler has dominated ever since coming to NXT, and even the Chase U MVP admitted he’s incredibly powerful. But Duke also said that Oba is only a man, and any man can be beat. Then will Duke be the man to beat that man? Or will no man end Oba’s reign?

NXT returns and Oba makes his entrance. The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and in a battle of big meaty men, we will see who is the biggest and the baddest!

The bell rings and the two circle. The fans rally and duel as the two tie up, and they go around in a deadlock. Oba pushes Duke to a corner but Duke gets away. They tie up again, go around, and Duke headlocks. Oba powers up and out, and they RAM shoulders! The fans fire up as Oba eggs Duke on. Duke runs to RAM Oba, and then runs again. Oba ELBOWS Duke first! Oba headlocks, Duke pries at the hold, and Duke wrenches out to headlock back! Oba powers up and throws body shots! Oba then UPPERCUTS Duke, whips him, and he runs Duke over! The fans fire up while Chase U coaches their MVP.

Duke stands in a corner while Oba grins. The fans duel, Duke takes the headband and shirt off so he can really let loose! Oba runs in, Duke dodges and then RANAS! Duke ducks ‘n’ dodges to CLOBBER Oba! The fans fire up with Duke as he kicks and DDTS! Oba stagger sup, Duke runs in to LARIAT Oba up and out! The fans fire up, as does Thea, and Duke stands tall while NXT goes picture in picture.

Oba snarls but he’s also a bit amused. Oba gets up on the apron and steps back inside. The two circle, feel out a knuckle lock, and go shoulder to shoulder in a Test of Strength. Both men stand their ground, but Oba powers Duke to his knees! Duke fights up, and he powers Oba back! But Oba knees low! Oba then CHOKES Duke on ropes! The ref counts, Oba lets off at 4, and Chase U coaches Duke. Oba RAMS Duke into the corner! And again! And again! The ref counts, Oba lets off to bring Duke around, and he goes to suplex. Duke blocks that, being as equally big. Duke RAMS Oba into the corner now!

Duke RAMS Oba more, lets off as the ref counts, and then he ROCKS Oba with a right! Duke whips, Oba reverses and Duke hits buckles chest first and hard! Duke falls back, the ref checks him, and Duke is okay to continue. Oba throws down hands, but Duke reaches up. Oba knocks him back down, KICKS him in the side, then has him in a corner. Oba drags Duke to center for a BIG elbow drop! Oba then clamps on a chinlock and grinds Duke down. The fans rally with Chase U as NXT returns to single picture. Oba leans on the hold but Duke fights up again! Duke pries the hold open as he rises to his feet, but Oba CLUBS him on the back!

Oba KICKS Duke in the side, CLUBS him more, then fires more knees. Oba CLUBS away in the corner, lets off as the ref counts, and then whips Duke right back in. Duke drops to his knees, and Oba stomps away! Oba whips Duke into the corner, scoops, and SIDEWALK SLAMS! Cover, TWO! Chase U rallies as hard as they can but Oba clamps on with another chinlock. Duke fights to his feet again, throws some body shots, then JAWBREAKERS free! Oba staggers, Duke whips him, but Oba reverse and clinches, URENAGE BACKBREAKER! Oba snarls, drags Duke up and BACKBREAKERS again! Cover, TWO!!

Duke shows that MVP toughness but Oba stays on him. Duke rises, Oba scoops, and Oba hits SNAKE EYES off the corner! Oba then reels Duke in, BACK- CROSBODY! Cover, TWO!! Oba escapes, runs up and UPPERCUTS! Oba goes corner to corner to UPPERCUT again! Oba keeps moving, but Duke BOOTS him down! The fans are thunderous while both men are down! They both rise, and Duke fires body shots! Duke fires fast hands and an UPPERCUT! Duke whips and LARIATS! Duke then JABS! JABS! JABS! Flip, flop and “U~!” BIONIC ELBOW! The fans fire up, Duke sees Oba bail out, and so he PLANCHAS!!

The fans are thunderous as Duke actually hits that! Duke puts Oba in, RAMS into him, and SLINGSHOT GERMAN SUPLEXES! Cover, TWO!! Oba survives but Duke has the hot hand. Duke puts Oba in a corner, hauls him up top, then goes up after him! The fans fire up, but Oba fires body shots. Oba HEADBUTTS Duke and Duke stumbles back. But then Duke runs and rolls, STRATUSFACTION! The fans are thunderous as Duke storms up on Oba. Duke reels Oba in, but Oba back drops! Duke sunset flips, but Oba clamps onto Duke’s neck! Oba drags Duke up to a fireman’s carry, but Duke shifts for a crucifix takedown! Cover, TWO!!

Duke and Oba rise, and Oba grabs Duke! CHOKE SLAM! Cover, TWO!! Duke survives and even Thea can’t believe it! Oba huffs ‘n’ puffs and puts Duke up top now! Oba climbs, the fans are thunderous, “This is Awesome!” Duke fights back, and he tucks Oba in! SUPER SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMB!! Cover, TWO?!?! No one can believe it, and Oba bails out! Duke pursues, and he headlocks, only for Oba to SHOTPUT Duke onto the desk!! Duke bounces off, Oba drags him back over! Oba puts Duke in, lines up his shot, and Duke staggers into the POP-UP BOMB!! Cover, Oba wins!!

Winner: Oba Femi, by pinfall (still NXT North American Champion)

Chase U is devastated by Duke’s #FallFromGrace, but he pushed Oba as close to defeat as we’ve seen him yet! The Ruler still sits on the throne, but will he ever be defeated?


Jensen storms out of the building, Briggs following.

We see a lot of other superstars hanging out in the parking lot, too, like The Rascalz talking with Axiom & Nathan Frazer. Briggs again asks Jensen what in the hell was he doing with Je’Von. Jensen says who cares? Briggs is why Jensen lost! Oh, Jensen is definitely lost, and it’s not even funny. Jensen says it’s not like he hasn’t heard that before. Jensen then dares Briggs to take him on 1v1. Jensen is just proving Briggs’ point for him. The last time they went a round, Briggs beat Jensen pretty good. Briggs won’t put Jensen through that again. Then make it No Disqualifications. Then Jensen leaves in a car someone else is driving.

Who is it that’s on Jensen’s side other than Briggs? Is this person the bad influence that’s causing Jensen to go down this dark path?

My Thoughts:

This was a great episode for NXT, though once again rather stuffed full. Great walk ‘n’ talk promos to open while leading into the opening match, which was some awesome stuff. They also did a perfect job cueing up Joe Hendry’s entrance right as Vic Joseph mentioned him. Great win for Rascalz, and great promo of Gallus with Hendry after. If nothing else, this has to be leading to Joe Hendry VS Joe Coffey for Great American Bash in a couple weeks. And Great American Bash 2024 being two weeks this year is pretty cool, they’ll definitely make the most of those nights for being A) on Syfy and B) competing with the Olympics because that’s the whole reason they’re on SyFy.

Very good promo from Ethan Page with Oro Mensah that then gave us the NXT Championship match. Dante Chen gave a great performance tonight but naturally, Ethan won. Oro is definitely getting a shot at Great American Bash, though, as he continues to get on Ethan’s nerves. Oro also stopping Ashante THEE Adonis from talking up Jakara is definitely getting a match between the two. That promo segment was good, but I was a little disappointed that they didn’t reference how Cedric and Ashante had their “Callbacks” to NXT separately yet coincidentally at the same time. But oh well, I’m sure we’ll see them both get into the tag division soon enough.

Very good promo from Kelani with Wendy, then with Tatum after Tatum gets a good win off Izzi. Wendy and Tatum may or may not be a tag team soon, but Kelani is definitely facing Tatum for that title up next. Maybe Tatum wins with Wendy’s help? Or what if Great American Bash being two weeks, Kelani has back to back defenses, Tatum first and then Wendy after. Lola Vice had a good promo with the new toxic trio, and Lola got a great win off Jacy to rebound from Heatwave. But of course Fallon attacked and the trio tried to beat Lola down. Sol and Karmen coming to the rescue was a bit of a surprise, but Sol, Karmen and Lola is a great trio in itself.

Very good promo from Trick with Dragunov and Dunne, and I appreciate there’s some of that saltiness of Bruiserweight Dunne carrying over from Raw. I think Trick was spotted at the end of the show talking with Cedric, too, but I couldn’t be sure. Trick’s story definitely should be about him racking up wins against guys like Pete Dunne, Cedric Alexander, etc. to earn his rematch in time for No Mercy in September. Jensen VS Je’Von was a great match, though I feel like Je’Von got too many moves in given he’s got kayfabe bad ribs. But Spears and Briggs being why Jensen lost to Je’Von was a good detail, and Biggs VS Jensen in No Disqualifications, that is just screaming “Spears interferes” and we see Spears is Jensen’s new mentor, aka the guy Jensen just left the parking lot with.

And speaking of the NXT parking lot, I liked seeing Axiom & Frazer talking with The Rascalz. Axiom & Frazer VS MSK for the tag titles would be awesome just on the “too fast for the naked eye” nature of all their moves. And also in relation to the NXT parking lot, I liked Dempsey turning to Tony for advice on how to handle doing the mafia stuff, but I’m conflicted on Wren wanting to join NQCC. Shouldn’t Dempsey be blackmailing her into joining instead? He could threaten getting rid of her as a bluff, but instead she apparently wants to be NQCC because I guess even in this situation, male superstars can’t hurt female superstars.

Speaking of, we got a great Mixed Six with Jaida getting to hit Anderson and Mia getting to hit Nima before The OC won out. The OC was a bit surprising, though, I thought this was going to be OTM finishing off the feud and heading for title opportunities of their own. Then just a random and quick confrontation of Lexis and Eddy at Eddy’s “concert,” that was only okay. I would’ve rather we got a full talking moment where Lexis confronts Eddy for DJ’ing the Heritage Cup match, and then we still get them pushing, shoving and brawling.

And Chase U made for a great throughline tonight, akin to Bloodline on SmackDown or Judgment Day on Raw. Great promo from Thea and Roxie to set up a title match there, and I really liked Roxie namedropping Giulia and Stephanie Vaquer, hinting at those two spending a moment in NXT, if only just to get used to how WWE films things since we know they’re both top tier talent. Roxie surely retains against Thea, but who knows how it goes with Stephanie and Giulia. Duke VS Oba was an awesome match, one of Duke’s better singles matches, but I figured Oba would retain. No hints at Ridge doing this just to hurt Chase U, so who knows what the endgame for this story is, but hey, maybe Ridge tries to use this as reason to make him the top title guy, not Duke or Chase.

My Score: 8.8/10

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