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Mitchell’s NJPW Wrestling Dontaku Results & Report! (5/3/23)

Who is truly the top of NJPW?



This event’s 30th anniversary is golden!

Wrestling Dontaku has been a NJPW tradition since 1993, but this could be the biggest one yet! Will Hiromu Takahashi become THE top champion?


  • Kickoff Match – Young Lion Challenge: Ryohei Oiwa VS Oskar Leube, Boltin Oleg & Yuto Nakashima; Leube wins, Oiwa gets nothing.
  • 8 Man Tag: Chaos VS The House of Torture; Chaos wins.
  • Six Man Tag: TMDK VS The United Empire; The United Empire wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Shota Umino & The Intergalactic Jet Setters VS The United Empire; Shota & The Jet Setters win.
  • Six Man Tag: Los Ingobernables de Japon VS Taichi, Yoshinobu Kanemaru & DOUKI; Taichi, Kanemaru & Douki win.
  • NJPW Strong Openweight Championship: KENTA VS Hikuleo; Hikuleo wins and becomes the new NJPW Strong Openweight Champion.
  • NJPW World Television Championship: Zack Sabre Jr. VS Jeff Cobb; Time Limit Draw, ZSJ is still the NJPW World Television Champion.
  • NEVER Openweight Six Man Tag Team Championships: Team Strong Style VS Kazuchika Okada, Tomohiro Ishii & Hiroshi Tanahashi; Okada, Ishii & Tanahashi win and become the new NEVER Openweight Six Man Tag Team Champions.
  • NEVER Openweight Championship: Tama Tonga VS David Finlay; Finlay wins and becomes the new NEVER Openweight Champion.
  • IWGP World Heavyweight Championship: SANADA VS Hiromu Takahashi; Sanada wins and retains the title.


NJPW Strong Openweight Championship: KENTA VS Hikuleo w/ Jado!

Fang Revived has certainly been a strong champion, but he’s up against a big challenge! Will Kenta keep this gold in Bullet Club? Or will the Young Gun make Kenta go to sleep?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see who is truly NJPW Strong!

Kenta rushes in before the bell! But Hiku BOOTS him right down! Hiku grabs at Kenta but the ref wants him to stop! Kenta may’ve been knocked the heck out! But Hiku doesn’t care, he’s still after Kenta! The ref has Hiku back off for real now, and he checks Kenta. Kenta is definitely dazed but is he okay to continue? Seems he is, so Hiku wants the match to start already. The ref obliges and the bell rings, but Kenta lures Hiku into a cradle! TWO!! Kenta almost got Hiku with that act! Kenta tries another cradle, but Hiku blocks! Hiku powers Kenta up to a suplex! Kenta slips free, runs, but into a CHOP!

Hiku runs in but Kenta blocks the boot to a KNEE JAMMER! And then he CHOP BLOCKS the leg! Fans rally up as Hiku crawls. Kenta stomps the leg, KICKS it, and has Hiku on the apron. Kenta brings the big leg in to stomp it some more. The ref reprimands as Kenta puts the leg on the ropes, and Kenta HIP DROPS it! Hiku writhes but Kenta stalks him. The fans duel as Kenta stomps Hiku. Hiku sits up to CHOP! Kenta grits his teeth to stomp Hiku more! Kenta drags Hiku from the ropes for a HEEL HOOK! Kenta even grapevines the leg! Hiku CHOPS Kenta, but Kenta pulls on the leg! Hiku reaches out to the ROPEBREAK!

Fans cheer and Kenta lets off, but then he stomps the leg again! Hiku sits up, into a KICK! Kenta keeps stomping the bad leg, then even stomps the other leg. Kenta drops an elbow on the knee, then a knee on the knee! Kenta pulls on the toehold, then drops more knees! Fans rally up for Hiku while Kenta toys with him. Hiku gets mad now, but Kenta keeps kicking his leg out. Hiku shoves Kenta away to a corner, then runs in, but into a BOOT! Kenta goes up, leaps, but into Hiku’s arms! Hiku throws Kenta to the corner, but Kenta dodges the splash! Kenta tries to roll Hiku up, but even on one leg, he’s too big and sturdy!

Hiku SLAPS Kenta, and clamps on a choke grip! Hiku drags Kenta right up, has both hands, and he picks Kenta up for a BEARHUG! But Kenta BELL CLAPS free! Kenta runs, into another BOOT! Fans fire up and Hiku storms around. Hiku waits on Kenta to rise, then scoops for a SNAKE EYES! Hiku runs to LARIAT Kenta down! Fans fire up again as Hiku drags Kenta back up. STALLING SUPLEX! Cover, TWO! Fans rally up behind Hiku and Jado tells him to keep going. Hiku drags Kenta up, reels him in, but Kenta CLUBS the bad leg! Then he rakes Hiku’s eyes! Hiku staggers but comes back, Kenta makes the ref take the BOOT!!

Everyone is stunned as the ref goes down! Hiku hurries to get after Kenta, but Kenta LOW BLOWS! Fans boo but Kenta just goes out to look under the ring. Kenta brings out a kendo stick! Kenta slides in as fans boo, and he SMACKS Hiku! Kenta pretends he can’t hear the fans, and then he SMACKS away on Hiku! Jado gets on the apron, Kenta SMACKS him, too! And then Kenta SMACKS Hiku again! And again! Hiku shakes his head, Kenta SMACKS him right in the gut! Kenta mocks the fans, but they rally up for Hiku. Hiku blocks the kendo stick, and it shatters! Hiku breaks what’s left!

Hiku throws the stick away, almost hitting the Young Lions. Kenta tries another low blow but Hiku blocks that! Hiku spins Kenta around, for the T-BOMB! But the ref is still down!! Hiku realizes that, goes to the ref, and he is out COLD! Is there another ref that can take his place? Marty Asami hurries out! Hiku takes aim at Kenta, choke grip, and CHOKE- ARMBAR!! TRIANGLE HOLD!! Kenta turns things around on Hiku! Hiku scrambles, reaches out, but Kenta shifts into GAME OVER!! Hiku still reaches out, and fans rally as hard as they can as Hiku crawls over! But Kenta pulls way back on the hold! Hiku fights and fights, to the ROPEBREAK!

Fans cheer as Kenta lets Hiku go in frustration. Kenta goes side to side, to KNEE Hiku in the back! And then again! Kenta then aims from the corner as Hiku slowly sits up. Kenta runs in, into the choke grip! But Kenta shoves Marty aside to LOW BLOW!! Fans boo but Kenta hits the BUSAIKU KNEE!! Cover, TWO!?! Kenta can’t believe Hiku survives! Fans fire up, Kenta sits Hiku up and brings the kneepads down! Kenta runs, but Hiku dodges and scoops, POWERSLAM!! And then choke grip! For the CHOKE SLAM!!! Cover, Hiku wins!!

Winner: Hikuleo, by pinfall (NEW NJPW Strong Openweight Champion)

The Young Gun did it! He avenges the Guerrillas of Destiny while also claiming his first title ever! You never forget your first, so will Hikuleo make this one to remember?


NJPW World Television Championship: Zack Sabre Jr. w/ TMDK VS Jeff Cobb w/ The United Empire!

The Front Man of TMDK continues to be the star of this title’s first season, but the Imperial Unit is coming to flip the script. Will ZSJ take a Tour of the Island? Or will Cobb’s 15 minutes of fame be used up already?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see who is truly mighty!

The United Empire throw up the crowns, and TMDK does some kind of thing with their fingers…? The bell rings and we’re on the clock. Fans rally up as ZSJ talks some trash. Cobb and ZSJ circle, feel things out, and Cobb dares ZSJ to go for a leg. ZSJ returns the favor, but neither goes for a leg. They feel out a grapple, Cobb gets a leg but ZSJ hops around to the ropes. The ref counts the break and Cobb lets off. Fans applaud this opening exchange and the two feel out another grapple. ZSJ shoots in but Cobb blocks then floats around. ZSJ slips away and fans cheer again. Cobb and ZSJ reset, feel things out, and end up in a corner.

Cobb reels ZSJ into a lift! But ZSJ uses it to get an INVERTED OCTOPUS! But Cobb powers free, so ZSJ slips away again. Fans cheer again as the two reset. ZSJ says Cobb’s a heccin big gaijin. They feel things out again, knuckle lock, and go shoulder to shoulder. Cobb doesn’t budge, and then he pushes ZSJ down to a cover! ONE as ZSJ bridges up! Cobb sweeps the legs, ONE as ZSJ bridges back up! Cobb hops onto ZSJ to flatten him! TWO as ZSJ bridges up again!! Even Cobb is surprised! Cobb lets off, ZSJ kips up and rolls through to reverse the knuckle lock pressure! But Cobb turns ZSJ around to throw him over!

ZSJ reels Cobb in but Cobb’s too big for a Northern Lights! Cobb flips things around to back drop ZSJ! Fans applaud as ZSJ backs away to a corner. ZSJ hobbles up, Cobb shakes out his hands, and the two go again. ZSJ shoots in, gets the leg, waistlocks and lifts him up! But Cobb throws ZSJ away! Fans applaud again while ZSJ catches his breath. Cobb eggs ZSJ on and ZSJ comes back. Fans rally as the two go again. ZSJ headbutts low then headlocks! Cobb powers out, they RAM shoulders, and ZSJ staggers away! They RAM again and again but again ZSJ wobbles! Cobb runs, but ZSJ drop- NO, Cobb is too sturdy for the toehold!

Cobb picks ZSJ right up, but ZSJ body scissors, only for Cobb to still stay up! Cobb throws ZSJ off and ZSJ runs the ropes, but Cobb runs him right over! Fans fire up while Cobb looms over ZSJ. Cobb drags ZSJ up, RAMS him into a corner, and then RAMS into him again! Cobb whips corner to corner hard and ZSJ bounces off the buckles! Cobb taunts ZSJ and he drags him up again. Cobb HEADBUTTS ZSJ right down! The Empire cheers while TMDK coaches ZSJ up. Cobb stands ZSJ up to RAM him back into the corner! The ref counts as Cobb digs his shoulder in, and Cobb lets off as we reach the five minute mark.

Cobb whips ZSJ the other way, ZSJ goes up and around and jumps on for body scissors and armlock! But Cobb scoop SLAMS ZSJ down! Cobb sets up, but ZSJ trips him up and into the REAR NAKED CHOKE! Cobb is caught in the sleeper and body scissors! Cobb moves around, slips free, and he waistlocks to deadlift ZSJ! ZSJ shifts to drop toehold! HEEL HOOK! ROPEBREAK! Fans applaud the exchange as ZSJ lets go. ZSJ gets Cobb’s leg to KICK it! ZSJ taunts “big boy” Cobb, gets the leg and KICKS it again. ZSJ echoes a fan’s shout and the fans all cheer! ZSJ gets the leg again and he twists the ankle!

Cobb endures the standing toehold, then powers right out! Cobb hobbles, but ZSJ gets the body scissor takedown, into the KNEEBAR! ZSJ even grapevines Cobb’s body! Cobb endures, reaches out, and gets the ROPEBREAK! Fans cheer as ZSJ lets off again. The fans rally and duel while ZSJ eggs Cobb on. Cobb stands into ZSJ’s KICK! And KICK! Cobb eggs ZSJ on so ZSJ KICKS, then runs, into a CROSSBODY!? Cover, TWO!! ZSJ survives and fans fire up again. Cobb shakes out the bad leg and the fans rally up. Cobb stands, he hobbles over to ZSJ and drags him up. Cobb ROCKS ZSJ with a forearm!

ZSJ sits down, but he eggs Cobb on. Cobb brings ZSJ up again, to ROCK him with another forearm! ZSJ sits back down, checks his jaw, and stands up. ZSJ UPPERCUTS, but there wasn’t much behind it. ZSJ keeps throwing uppercuts but Cobb just eggs him on. ZSJ fires UPPERCUT after UPPERCUT, but Cobb just DROPKICKS him right down! Fans fire up as ZSJ flounders away! Cobb storms up on ZSJ, puts him in the corner and then hoists him up top. Cobb climbs up to join ZSJ and fans rally. Cobb suplexes but ZSJ flails! ZSJ shifts around, TOP ROPE OCTOPUS!! The ref reprimands, this has the ropebreak!

ZSJ lets go at 4, shouts “OI!!” and then shifts around again. ZSJ throws forearms on Cobb, but Cobb body shots hard! Cobb then brings ZSJ up for a SUPER GUT WRENCH SUPLEX!! Fans are thunderous and we’re at the TEN minute mark! Cobb covers, TWO!! ZSJ is still in this and time is on his side, but Cobb hasn’t given up yet. Fans rally and Cobb drags ZSJ up. Cobb suplexes but ZSJ fights it, to wrench and PELE the arm! Cobb comes back, ZSJ KICKS the other arm! ZSJ ROLLING ELBOWS, then waistlocks! Cobb fights the lift, ZSJ UPPERCUTS! Cobb HEADBUTTS right through ZSJ!! Fans fire up as both men are down!

The ref checks both men and they’re okay to continue. Fans rally back up as Cobb and ZSJ stir. Cobb drags ZSJ up in a facelock but ZSJ resists. Cobb ROCKS ZSJ with a right hand! ZSJ goes to ropes, stands up, and he throws a forearm! And another! And another! Cobb eggs him on, ZSJ throws another, so Cobb DECKS ZSJ! Cobb looms over ZSJ as we hit the three minute warning. Cobb whips ZSJ to a corner, ZSJ goes up and comes back, but into the ATHLETIC- SLEEPER! ZSJ is now a backpack! But Cobb powers up and heads for ropes! ZSJ hooks Cobb’s arms! But Cobb powers ZSJ to an Electric Chair!

Cobb then puts ZSJ into a wheelbarrow, for a WHEELBARROW GERMAN SUPLEX!! Fans are thunderous as Cobb drags ZSJ back up! Whip and scoop, TOUR OF THE- GUILLOTINE! ROLL-UP! TWO!!! Cobb escapes, we’re at the two minute warning! Cobb runs in, into a BOOT! Cobb comes back, into another BOOT! ZSJ runs, avoids the dropkick, and body scissors into the EURO CLUTCH! ONE!?!? Cobb is out fast but ZSJ PENALTY KICKS!! Cover, TWO!!! And with some force! But again, time is on ZSJ’s side as he gets back up! ZSJ throws forearm after forearm, Cobb eggs him on, so ZSJ SLAPS! AND SLAPS! AND SLAPS!

ZSJ fires off slaps from all sides as we hit the final 60 seconds! ZSJ UPPERCUTS, runs, but Cobb scoops him! ATHLETIC PLEX!! But ZSJ flops outta the ring!! Cobb has no time to waste, he hurries out to fetch ZSJ back into the ring! The Empire rallies, Cobb covers, TWO!! GACHIMUCHI MOONSAULT!! Cover, TWO!!! ZSJ survives and we’re at THIRTY seconds! Cobb hauls ZSJ up, ZSJ gets the ARMBAR! But Cobb stays up, he DEADLIFT POWERBOMBS! FALLING AX HANDLE into a TRIANGLE HOLD!! FIFTEEN SECONDS LEFT!! Cobb deadlifts again!! And powers ZSJ to a SUPLEX! Both men flounder!

Cobb hobbles over, he hauls ZSJ up, but TIME IS UP!!! ZSJ survives!!

Time Limit Draw; ZSJ retains the NJPW World Television Championship

Cobb was so close and yet so far away from the gold! But that was also the closest ZSJ was to losing his title! What will it take for someone to finally end season one of the NJPW World TV Championship?


NEVER Openweight Six Man Tag Team Championships: Team Strong Style VS Kazuchika Okada, Tomohiro Ishii & Hiroshi Tanahashi!

Minoru Suzuki, El Desperado & Ren Narita have become a powerful team, defeating the House of Torture twice to capture and then defend these titles. But the Rainmaker has added to his dream team by making a dream trio! Will the Stone Pitbull and The Ace of the Universe help Okada capture gold he’s never held before? Or will Team Strong Style never give up?

The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and we see a battle of multiple generations unfold!

The trios sort out, and after Tanahashi shows off the abs, we start with Tanahashi and Suzuki. Fans rally as this great rivalry kicks us off. They circle and fans duel as the two feel things out. They knuckle lock, Suzuki wrenches but Tanahashi wrenches back. Tanahashi hammerlocks but Suzuki switches that onto Tanahashi, to then headlock for the takeover. Tanahashi headscissors and Suzuki kips free, and fans cheer as the two stand off. They go again, feel things out, and knuckle lock. Suzuki breaks one, wrenches the other, then tags Desperado. Desperado takes the handoff, then Suzuki BOOTS the arm!

Desperado wrenches and CLUBS the arm, then CLUBS it again. Desperado YANKS the arm, wrenches again, and tags Narita. Narita takes the handoff and now Desperado BOOTS the arm! Narita BLASTS Okada and Ishii off the apron! Narita stomps Tanahashi to a corner, then whips corner to corner. Narita runs in, but Tanahashi dropkicks the legs out! Tag to Okada! Okada brings Narita up to TOSS him out! Okada then goes out to whip Narita hard into railing! Narita stumbles and Okada brings him up to scoop and SLAM on the floor! Narita writhes but Okada is stone cold as he looms over him.

Okada drags Narita up and puts him in the ring. Fans applaud and Okada gives Narita toying kicks. Narita grits his teeth and swings, but into the MONEY CLIP! Narita flails and reaches out, but Okada keeps him from ropes. Okada sits Narita down, but Desperado and Suzuki get in to CLOBBER Okada! Narita is free, Suzuki DECKS Tanahashi and Desperado hits Ishii! Ishii stays up and storms in! Fans fire up as Desperado panics! Ishii ROCKS Desperado, ROCKS Suzuki, but they both kick him. Suzuki keeps after Ishii while Desperado kicks and CLUBS Okada before throwing Okada out.

Suzuki and Desperado mug Ishii, wraps his arms around the ropes, and then CHOP! And CHOP! Desperado runs to ROCK Ishii! Suzuki SLAPS Ishii, runs, but Tanahashi runs in! Suzuki BOOTS Tanahashi, but Ishii runs Desperado and Suzuki over! Ishii BOOTS Narita to a corner, and Okada returns. Ishii stomps Suzuki down on the outside, then just keeps moving to whip Desperado. Desperado reverses to send Ishii into railing! Okada wrenches whips Narita corner to corner, then runs in to back elbow! Okada then kicks low and DDTs! Cover, TWO! Narita makes it through Okada’s standard formula, but Okada tags in Tanahashi.

Fans rally up and Tanahashi stands Narita up. Narita CHOPS! And CHOPS! And CHOPS! Tanahashi fires off his strike fest! Tanahashi whips Narita to ropes, but Narita hits the SLAM DUNK! Fans rally up while both men are down, and Narita crawls to tag in Suzuki! Suzuki fires forearms on Tanahashi, has him in the corner, and then just fires off more forearms! The ref reprimands, Suzuki lets off, and he stands Tanahashi up. For more forearms! Tanahashi fires up and turns things around. Tanahashi throws a forearm, Suzuki turns things around to throw even more forearms! Okada storms in, but Suzuki ROCKS him!

Tanahashi stands, Suzuki runs in and BOOTS! Suzuki whips corner to corner, to BOOT again! Suzuki snapmares, runs, PENALTY- NO! Tanahashi blocks the kick, CLUBS the leg, fires forearms and whips, but Suzuki reverses. But Tanahashi hits a FLYING FOREARM! Fans fire up with The Ace and he stands Suzuki up. Tanahashi scoops and SLAMS Suzuki to the drop zone! Tanahashi goes up but Suzuki scrambles away. Suzuki stands and fans cheer as he eggs Tanahashi on. Tanahashi hops down and he fires a forearm! Suzuki laughs and forearms back! The forearms keep going and fans rally up!

Suzuki ROCKS Tanahashi, Tanahashi throws another forearm, but Suzuki ROCKS him again! Tanahashi wobbles but stays up, and fans fire up as he comes back for more! The forearms keep going, Tanahashi gets the edge! Suzuki winds up, but it’s a feint for the BODY SHOT! Tanahashi drops to his knees! Suzuki stands him up, for another BODY SHOT! Desperado runs in to BLAST Ishii and Okada! Narita joins in stomping them on the outside! Suzuki stands Tanahashi up, brings him around, and he wraps Tanahashi into an IRON OCTOPUS! Tanahashi endures, but he drops to a knee!

Suzuki stands Tanahashi back up, and he puts the IRON OCTOPUS back on! Ishii sends Desperado into railing and storms in to CLUB Suzuki! Ishii stomps Suzuki and Tanahashi is free. Ishii shouts at Tanahashi to fight, but Suzuki DECKS Ishii! Suzuki drags Tanahashi by his arm but Tanahashi breaks free. Tanahashi clutches that arm but Suzuki goes right for it! Fans rally for Tanahashi but the ref checks him. Suzuki tags Desperado, and Desperado storms over, but the ref still checks Tanahashi. Desperado stomps Tanahashi’s bad arm! Tanahashi writhes, Desperado brings him up, but Tanahashi gets a leg for a DRAGON SCREW!

Suzuki rushes back in, but Tanahashi blocks the kick for a DRAGON SCREW! Ishii is on the corner and he reaches out! Tanahashi crawls over, hot tag to Ishii! Desperado ROCKS him with a forearm, but Ishii roars! Desperado throws more forearms, but Ishii just ROCKS Desperado right back! Ishii whips, Desperado reverses, but Ishii reverses back for a BIG back suplex! Ishii drags Desperado up, eggs him on and whips, but Desperado reverses. Ishii comes back, into a mule kick! Ishii still swings, but Desperado dodges to reel Ishii in. Ishii fights the lift, but Desperado reels him back in, for a BIG back suplex!

Desperado slaps himself, then slaps feeling into his leg. Desperado storms up on Ishii and kicks him around. Fans rally, Desperado eggs Ishii on, and then Desperado SLAPS Ishii! Ishii stands right up! Ishii swings, but Desperado UPPERCUTS! Desperado reels Ishii in, but Ishii suplexes! Desperado fights that to then suplex Ishii up and over! Fans fire up with Desperado and he drags Ishii up to reel him in, but Okada BOOTS Desperado! Narita kicks and whips but Okada reverses, only for Narita to avoid the dropkick! Narita runs, but into a FLAPJACK! Suzuki runs in, dodges Okada to fire off fast hands!

Suzuki DECKS Okada, then catches Ishii! Ishii slips out to back suplex, but Suzuki fights that off to GUILLOTINE! But Ishii uses that to suplex Suzuki! Desperado runs in, Ishii blocks the Spear! But Desperado wrenches out to a SPINEBUSTER! Fans fire up with Desperado again and he drags Ishii back up. GUITARRA DEL- NO, Ishii slips out to waistlock! Tanahashi runs in, but Desperado switches and Tanahashi SHOTEIS Ishii!! Desperado shoves Ishii into Tanahashi! And then rolls Ishii up! TWO!!! Ishii escapes but Desperado runs in, Ishii gets around to GERMAN SUPLEX! Both men are down but Ishii roars as he rises!

Suzuki has Tanahashi down on the outside but Ishii aims at Desperado. Ishii runs, but Desperado dodges to SPEAR! And then GUITARRA DEL ANGEL!! Cover, Okada breaks it! Narita throws Okada back out! Desperado fires up again and fans are thunderous! Desperado underhooks and lifts, but Ishii fights free! Ishii swings, into a spin! Ishii spins, Desperado still underhooks! But Ishii back drops free! Desperado rolls and stacks Ishii! TWO!! Desperado ROCKS Ishii! Ishii ROCKS Desperado! LOCO MONO!!! Ishii falls and fans are thunderous again! Desperado brings Ishii up, but Ishii HEADBUTTS!!

Both men fall and fans are electric! Fans rally as Ishii and Desperado crawl. Hot tags to Okada and Narita! Narita BOOTS Okada! Narita fires off forearms, he puts Okada in a corner for more, then he shoves the ref away. Okada bails out but Narita pursues! Narita whips, Okada reverses and Narita hits railing again! But Narita returns to BOOT Okada! Narita whips Okada hard into railing in return! Narita puts Okada in the ring, fires up, and he puts Okada in the GUILLOTINE! But Okada powers out with a back drop! Narita staggers up but he ducks the lariat to fire off a strike fest! HALF HATCH and BRIDGE! TWO!!!

SLEEPER! Narita has Okada now and fans rally up! Okada endures but he’s pretty red already. Okada fights up, pries at the hold, but Narita shifts right into a COBRA TWIST! Okada powers up and hip tosses free! Okada UPPERCUTS, runs, but into a WHEEL KICK! Fans fire up while Suzuki storms in. Desperado CLUBS Tanahashi down then joins in. Suzuki & Narita double whip Okada to a corner, Narita runs in to elbow! Suzuki runs in to BOOT! Then they feed Okada to Desperado’s SPINEBUSTER! Desperado sits Okada up for Suzuki’s PENALTY KICK, and then they feed Okada to Narita’s EXPLODER! With bridge! TWO!!

Okada survives and Narita is frustrated, but Suzuki and Desperado keep Tanahashi and Ishii out. Fans rally, Narita stands Okada up to reel him in, DOUBLE WRISTLOCK ARMSAULT! Bridging cover, TWO! Narita keeps the wrists and uses them to reel Okada into the COBRA TWIST! Okada endures, Ishii sends Desperado into railing again and he CLOBBERS Narita! Narita throws Ishii out and fires back up! Narita brings Okada up, whips, but Okada holds ropes. Okada BOOTS Narita, spins him for the ROLLING- BELLY2BELLY outta nowhere!! Narita roars, he hauls Okada back up, and reels him in.

Okada fights the lift so Narita knees low. Narita runs, but Tanahashi intercepts with a SLINGBLADE! Ishii BLASTS Suzuki! Okada DECKS Desperado! The Dream Trio roars! Narita rises up, into a BOOT! LARIAT! TWIST ‘N’ SHOUT! SLIDING LARIAT! Jackknife roll into the Alabama Lift, REVERSE NECKBREAKER! Cover, Suzuki breaks it in time! Fans are thunderous as the others brawl to the outside, but Okada keeps Narita in. Okada whips, and DROPKICKS! Okada then brings Narita up and scoops to the- NO, Narita slips free, into the COBRA TWIST! But Okada switches it, scoops, LANDSLIDE!

Okada hauls Narita up, ripcords, RAINMAKER!!! Cover, THE DREAM TRIO WINS!!

Winners: Kazuchika Okada, Tomohiro Ishii & Hiroshi Tanahashi, by pinfall (NEW NEVER Openweight Six Man Tag Team Champions)

Never say never! The Son of Strong Style fought so hard but could not withstand the onslaught forever! And now, the Rainmaker, Stone Pitbull and Once in a Century Talent hold the trios titles together! Team Strong Style isn’t happy about it, will they come back for more soon enough?

But wait! Shota Umino makes his way out here? What business does the Roughneck have with Okada, Ishii and Tanahashi? Shota gets the mic and says he still wants to create a Paradigm Shift, and if he’s going to create a new era in NJPW, he has to take Okada down. For that, Shota is bringing a partner back to Japan! A video plays, and it’s JON MOXLEY! Moxley tells NJPW that he wants to make it his business. “A storm is coming to Japan, and the Death Rider…” He’s got his Young Boy’s back at DOMINION! “The Bogeyman of NJPW returns.” A massive return is in the works! Shota continues by telling Okada, “Thank you for your hard work.”

#SHOOTER heads out, the challenge issued, but Okada gets the mic to tell Shota that he’s talking big for someone calling on his babysitter. But he will say this to the Young Buck, F YOU! Okada even flips Shota off! The Rainmaker is ready for whatever and whoever is coming for these titles! Tanahashi and Ishii even shake hands! Will the Dream Trio stay golden for the Summer?


NEVER Openweight Championship: Tama Tonga w/ Jado VS David Finlay w/ Gedo!

The Good Bad Guy’s war with Bullet Club, the club he helped found, all started because of Jay White kicking him out. But now he faces the man who kicked Jay White out to take over the club! Hikuleo took one openweight title, will Tama hold onto the other? Or will the Rebel get what he wants?

The introductions are made, but Finlay goes after Tama while he’s standing on a corner! But Tama throws hands first! Tama fires up and DECKS Finlay! Fans fire up as Tama rallies on Finlay and Red Shoes rings the bell. Finlay rushes in but Tama dodges to back drop! Fans fire up and Finlay stands, and Tama clotheslines him out of the ring! Tama hands Red Shoes the belt then pursues Finlay. Tama SMACKS Finlay off the apron, then brings him around to SMACK him off more apron! Tama ROCKS Finlay, POSTS him, then brings him around. Finlay knees low, whips Tama but Tama stops from hitting railing.

But Finlay fireman’s carries to SNAKE EYES Tama off railing! And then RAMS him through the gate into No Man’s Land! Gedo is all fired up while Tama writhes on the floor. Finlay stomps Tama against the railing, ROCKS him, and they go deeper into the crowd. Red Shoes reprimands and the two brawl! Tama ROCKS Finlay, Finlay ROCKS Tama, but Tama SUPER FOREARMS Finlay! Tama CLUBS Finlay and keeps him moving along. Finlay kicks low, HEADBUTTS again and again, and then RAMS Tama into some empty seats! Young Lions help to make sure the fans aren’t in the way as Finlay rains down fists!

Red Shoes reprimands Finlay, tells Gedo to stop encouraging this, and then Finlay drags Tama up. Finlay UPPERCUTS Tama and stalks him through the crowd. Finlay rains down fists, then brings Tama back up. Red shoes starts the ring count and Finlay powers Tama along the way. Finlay CLUBS and kicks Tama along, we’re at 8 of 20 and Finlay CLUBS Tama down. Finlay leaves Tama behind and slides in at 14. Tama staggers up at 15, hurries, and he pushes railing over as he returns to ringside at 16. Tama slides in, but Finlay stomps away! Finlay paces around Tama, rains down fists, then CHOKES Tama!

Red Shoes reprimands, Finlay lets go, and he brings Tama up. Snap suplex! Cover, TWO! Fans rally up for Tama but Finlay BITES Tama’s ear! Red Shoes reprimands, counts, and Finlay lets off at 4. Finlay spits the taste out of his mouth, then goes back to Tama. Finlay claws and fishhooks Tama’s face, but stops as Red Shoes counts. Finlay dares Red Shoes to do something and Red Shoes warns him. The fans rally, Finlay brings Tama up but Tama throws body shots. Finlay CLUBS Tama, whips him hard into the corner, and Gedo laughs as Tama bounces off buckles. Finlay taunts Tama but fans rally up.

Finlay drags Tama up and whips him back the other way hard! Tama again bounces off buckles, Finlay pushes him to a cover, but Red Shoes says they’re in the ropes. Finlay is annoyed but the fans rally up. Finlay kicks Tama around, taunting him, then he throws a forearm. Tama pounds the mat and stands up, but FInlay throws another forearm. Tama growls, Finlay throws more shots, but Tama is just powering up! Tama eggs Finlay on, Finlay kicks low and whips again. Tama comes back, but Finlay ROCKS him! Finlay ROLLING ELBOWS! Tama stays up! Finlay swings, but into the EXPLODER!

Fans fire up while Finlay flops to the corner. Finlay drags himself up with the ropes, Tama runs in, and Tama clotheslines Finlay and himself out of the ring! Tama roars as he rises up and fans cheer again. Tama whips Finlay hard into railing! And then storms up to whip him the other way, even harder! Finlay crawls along the way and Tama whips him even harder! And then again for all four corners! Fans fire up and Tama looms over Finlay. Finlay wants mercy but Tama whips him into railing again! And again! And again! And again! Four times in one corner! Fans fire up as Tama lets off.

The ring count starts again and Tama brings Finlay back up. Tama puts Finlay in and fans cheer. Finlay again wants mercy as he crawls away. Tama says no, and he storms up again. Tama throws haymaker after haymaker! Fans rally, Tama whips, but Finlay reverses. Tama comes back to CLOBBER Finlay! And OFF COMES THE VEST! Tama roars, the fans fire up and Tama runs corner to corner, STINGER SPLASH! And then fireman’s carry, S R C! Tama hurries up top and fans fire up again! SUPREME FLOW onto knees!! Double-edged for Finlay but it was his only way! Fans rally up again while both men are down.

Finlay rises but Tama heads for him. They go forehead to forehead, then Finlay throws a forearm. Tama throws one back! Finlay wobbles, but he throws another forearm. Tama throws it back! Finlay throws another, Tama returns it, repeat! They stand as they throw forearms and the fans fire up! Tama gets the edge, but Finlay catches him for an IRISH CURSE BACKBREAKER! Tama writhes but Finlay drags him up for another IRISH CURSE BACKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Gedo protests the count but fans cheer. Finlay says Tama’s dead, and he drags Tama up for a crossface forearm! And another! And then another!

Finlay throws crossface forearm after crossface forearm! Fans rally for Tama but Finlay throws up the Too Sweet. Finlay drags Tama up again, runs, BLINDSIDER LARIAT! “Just that easy!” Finlay talks trash to Jado but the fans rally up. Finlay drags Tama back up, reels him in, gut wrench to Canadian Rack, but Tama slips out! TONGAN TWIST! Fans rally up, Tama drag Finlay up but Finlay fights the suplex! Finlay RAMS Tama into a corner! And RAMS him again! And again! And again! Red Shoes counts as Finlay digs his shoulder in, but Tama powers him back! And then he lets Finlay go right into the buckles!

Finlay flounders, Tama brings him up, BLOODY SUNDAY! Cover, TWO!! Finlay survives but Tama keeps his focus. Tama pounds the mat and fans clap along. Gedo doesn’t like where this is going, but Finlay staggers up. Tama runs in, GUN- BACKSLIDE! Roll through, suplex, TRASH- NO! Tama blocks and underhooks, but Finlay slips free! Finlay waistlocks, Tama bucks, GUN- NO!! Finlay stands Tama up for a ROLLING ELBOW and TRASH- NO, Tama slips free and rolls Finlay, and he crosses the legs! Finlay fights the turnover, so Tama stomps away on his face! Tama finishes the turn, into the SHARPSHOOTER!!

Fans fire up as Finlay endures and Tama sits deep! Finlay powers up, only for Tama to sit back down! Finlay pushes up again, reaches out, claws his way forward, but Tama drags him away! Tama sits even deeper! Finlay flails, yells, crawls, reaches out, ROPEBREAK!! Tama lets go and also catches his breath. Fans cheer as Tama says he’s going up. Tama puts Finlay in a drop zone, but Finlay anchors his foot. Tama throws down hands and Finlay lets him go. Tama stomps Finlay, then goes up the corner. Fans rally, but Finlay anchors Tama on the corner! Finlay climbs up to throw shoulders into Tama!

Tama ROCKS Finlay with haymakers! Finlay wobbles, so Tama HEADBUTTS him down! But Finlay hurries up to SHOVE Tama off! Tama hits railing on the way down! Red Shoes goes out to check Tama, but somehow he’s okay to continue. Finlay drags Tama up, reels him in, and APRON POWERBOMBS! Tama flops back down while Finlay slides back in. Fans rally up but the ring count starts. Tama is still down at 10 of 20, but stirring. Finlay goes out to fetch Tama, and fireman’s carries, to POST Tama!! Tama falls again and Finlay talks trash. Finlay slides into the ring, and the count starts again.

Tama is still down at 10 of 20, but he stirs again. Jado coaches Tama up but he’s still down at 15! Tama pushes himself up at 17, and springs in at 19.5! Finlay is right on him, gut wrench and Canadian Rack, DOMINATOR! Cover, TWO!! Tama survives and Finlay is furious! Finlay pulls down the kneepad, X marks the spot! Finlay slashes his throat, he vows to end this! Finlay drags Tama up but Tama is deadweight! Red Shoes checks Tama, but Tama is somehow still in this. Finlay drags him up, Tama shoves him away! GUN- NO, Finlay slams him down! And then hauls him up, to POWERBOMB!

Finlay drags Tama up again, for another POWERBOMB! Cover, TWO!!! Tama survives again and fans fire back up! Fans rally, Finlay talks a lot of trash on Tama, and Finlay even slaps Tama around. Finlay wants Tama to beg him for mercy, but Tama SLAPS him instead! So Finlay rains down fists and even HEADBUTTS! Red Shoes reprimands but Finlay shoves him away! Finlay fires off more fists, and then mocks Tama’s never give up attitude. Red Shoes reprimands Finlay but Finlay tells Tama to give up. Fans rally and Jado coaches Tama as Finlay drags Tama up. FOR A THIRD POWERBOMB!

Finlay paces around Tama, but Tama refuses to quit. Fans rally but Finlay tells Jado he should throw in the towel. Finlay drags Tama up for a FOURTH POWERBOMB! Jado has the towel, he thinks about it, but says no, he has faith Tama can win this. Finlay suplexes, for TRASH PANDA!! Or as he calls it now, Into Oblivion! Cover, but Finlay lets off at two?! Finlay says he told Tama to give up, and so he suplexes, INTO OBLIVION again!! Cover, but AGAIN Finlay lets off! Fans boo but Gedo likes Finlay toying with Tama. Finlay says he told us all he was a cold-blooded killer, and now he’ll prove it! INTO OBLIVION again!!! Cover, Finlay wins!!

Winner: David Finlay, by pinfall (NEW NEVER Openweight Champion)

Wrestling bloodlines clashed, and the Rebel comes out on top! With Finlay at the helm, will it only be a matter of time before Bullet Club takes over all of NJPW? Gedo makes the official announcement of Finlay’s victory, but then someone in a hoodie and medical mask walks out. They creep up on them, and he TOSSES Gedo out! SURPRISE! It’s EL PHANTASMO! He SUPERKICKS Finlay down! Fans fire up as ELP then drags Finlay up, tucks him in, but Finlay fights free of CR2! Finlay runs away and ELP throws his hoodie at him! Fans rally for ELP and he SWANTONS to the outside! Direct hit on Finlay AND Gedo!

ELP rains down fists on Finlay! Young Lions pull him back but ELP DECKS one, then goes after Finlay again! More Young Lions pull ELP back and Finlay scurries away! Finlay got out of the frying pan and into the fire, will the Headbanga make him pay for kicking him out of the Club? Or will Finlay just do the same thing to ELP he just did to Tama?


IWGP World Heavyweight Championship: SANADA w/ Just5Guys VS Hiromu Takahashi w/ Los Ingobernables de Japon!

The Cold Skull left Los Ingobernables de Japon and became world champion. The Ticking Timebomb is still in LIJ, and he is still a champion. There was no animosity in Sanada leaving, but will there be animosity in what could be a defining moment in NJPW history?

The introductions are made, the world title is raised, and we see who is truly the top champion in all of NJPW!

LIJ fist bump, J5G thumbs up, and the bell rings. Fans rally and duel already, “HI-RO-MU!” outdoing the “SA-NA-DA!” Sanada shrugs that off and the two circle. They approach, tie up, and are in a deadlock. Sanada uses his height for leverage to push Hiromu to ropes, but Hiromu turns it around. Red Shoes calls the break and Hiromu lets off. But Sanada avoids his chop! Fans applaud and the two reset. They circle, the “HI-RO-MU!” continuing to drown out the “SA-NA-DA!” The two feel things out, each trying to find an opening. Hiromu gets around to a waistlock but Sanada switches. Hiromu wrenches out to a wristlock.

Sanada rolls, wrenches back, then drop toeholds to get a headlock. Hiromu rolls Sanada to a cover, ONE! Sanada holds onto the headlock, and Hiromu pushes Sanada into the headscissor. Hiromu squeezes tight as he pushes up but Sanada endures. Sanada kicks around, Hiromu keeps on the pressure, but Sanada scoots over to the ROPEBREAK! Hiromu lets go and the two reset again. Sanada and Hiromu circle, tie up, and Sanada headlocks. Hiromu pries at the hold, but Sanada clamps it right back down. Hiromu throws body shots, powers out, but Sanada runs him over!

Things speed up, Hiromu hurdles and runs, but into a fireman’s carry! Hiromu fights free and waistlocks but Sanada elbows free. Sanada runs but Hiromu ELBOWS him at the ropes! Hiromu runs, but Sanada follows, only for Hiromu to dump him out! Hiromu keeps moving to SHOTGUN Sanada down! Sanada hits railing and fans fire up! Hiromu watches from the corner as fans rally up, then he goes to the apron. Hiromu runs to FLYING SHOTGUN! Sanada hits railing and then tumbles up and over! Sanada is in No Man’s Land, but Hiromu wants everyone to get back. Hiromu goes to the far side, runs in, and FLYING SHOTGUNS into No Man’s Land!!

Fans fire up while Hiromu crawls away from that hard landing! Sanada is down against the second railing and Hiromu fires up! Fans fire up with Hiromu while J5G check Sanada. Hiromu fetches Sanada into the ring, suplexes, but Sanada blocks! Hiromu keeps trying but Sanada fights to lift Hiromu onto the ropes, MAGIC SCREW! Fans rally while Hiromu flops out of the ring. LIJ is there to check on him, and Sanada goes out to fetch Hiromu. Sanada puts Hiromu in the ring, then drags him to the apron! MAGIC SCREW to the floor! Hiromu writhes while fans fire up again. Red Shoes goes out to check Hiromu while Sanada slides into the ring.

Fans rally up for Hiromu and the ring count starts. Hiromu clutches his neck but he sits up at 8 of 20. Hiromu shakes out the cobwebs, hobbles over at 15 and slides in at 16. Fans cheer but Sanada covers, ONE! Sanada drags Hiromu up to CLUB him on the neck! Sanada drags Hiromu up, and CLUBS him down! Sanada cravats Hiromu for a neck wrench, but Hiromu endures. Hiromu backs up into the ropes and Red Shoes counts the break. Sanada lets go at 4, comes back, but Hiromu CHOPS! Fans rally up as Hiromu CHOPS again, but Sanada knees low. Sanada then reels Hiromu in for a BIG back suplex! Cover, TWO!

Sanada keeps on Hiromu with a chinlock. Fans rally as Hiromu endures, and Sanada leans on the hold. Hiromu kicks and flails but Sanada grinds him down. Hiromu kicks his way forward, reaches out with his foot, and gets the ROPEBREAK! Sanada lets go quickly, and the fans rally up for Hiromu. Sanada stands Hiromu up but Hiromu fires off forearms! Sanada CHOPS him back! Hiromu fires up to fire off more forearms! Sanada CHOPS him again! Hiromu sputters, but he stands up and CHOPS, CHOPS, and CHOPS! Sanada CHOPS again! And then a back suplex! Hiromu lands on his feet!

Sanada elbows, runs, but Hiromu follows to RANA! Fans rally even harder for Hiromu while he and Sanada are both down. Hiromu hurries over to Sanada, whips him to ROCK with a forearm, then puts him on ropes to kick the rope! Sanada staggers, Hiromu runs but Sanada dodges! Hiromu ELBOWS, runs, and SHOTGUNS from the corner! Hiromu runs in to clothesline, snapmare and basement dropkick! Cover, TWO! Hiromu grows frustrated but the fans continue to rally up. Hiromu drags Sanada up, reels him in, but Sanada suplexes! Hiromu lands on his feet, spins Sanada around, and FALCON ARROWS! Cover, TWO!

Both men are down as the fans rally up again. Hiromu fires himself up, and he brings Sanada up to fireman’s carry. Sanada fights free to shove Hiromu to a corner. But Hiromu BOOTS back! Hiromu runs, but Sanada hurdles, hurdles and DROPKICKS! Fans fire up while Hiromu bails out. Sanada PLANCHAS to take Hiromu down! Fans fire up and Sanada encourages them to get louder. The fans oblige and Sanada encourages them more. The fans get loud enough and Sanada goes back to Hiromu. Sanada brings Hiromu up and into the ring, then covers, TWO! Sanada keeps cool and he looms over Hiromu.

Hiromu sits up, grits his teeth, but Sanada brings him up. Sanada fireman’s carries but Hiromu fights it! Hiromu CLUBS Sanada’s back, but Sanada still lifts Hiromu! But Hiromu fights to a dragon sleeper! But Sanada spins that around onto Hiromu! But Hiromu pops free to arm-drag! Only to run into the fireman’s carry! Sanada throws Hiromu into the dragon sleeper, but Hiromu cradle counters! TWO!! Hiromu leaps for the wheelbarrow, and DDTS Sanada down! Fans fire up while both men are down again. LIJ and J5G coach them up, and Hiromu is first to rise. Sanada stirs, and Hiromu storms over.

Hiromu drags Sanada up, fireman’s carries, and CORNER DEATH VALLEY DRIVERS! Fans fire up with Hiromu as he drags Sanada back up! Fireman’s carry and- NO, Sanada slips free! Sanada ROCKS Hiromu, spins, but gets caught into TRIANGLE D!! Hiromu squeezes tight but Sanada endures! Sanada fights up again, but Hiromu lets him go to then reel him in! But Sanada wrenches out, fireman’s carries, only for Hiromu to slip free. Hiromu dodges the punch to run, into the fireman’s carry! TKO!! Cover, TWO!! Hiromu just gets that shoulder up! Fans fire up as Sanada says it’s time to end this!

Sanada drags Hiromu back up, into the dragon sleeper! SKULL END!! Hiromu is caught in the body scissors and he endures the squeeze on his head! Fans rally up, Hiromu reaches out, but he’s fading! Hiromu claws at the hold, pops free, but Sanada keeps one of his arms! Sanada drags Hiromu up into the dragon sleeper, for the SKULL SWING!! Sanada then drops Hiromu! Sanada goes up the corner, ROUNDING BODY PRESS onto Hiromu’s back! But he’s not done there! Sanada goes up again, ROUNDING BODY PRESS onto knees!! Fireman’s carry roll, and Hiromu lifts Sanada for the TIMEBOMB!!! Cover, TWO!!!

Sanada survives and fans are thunderous! Both men are down, but the fans are chanting for “HI-RO-MU!” Hiromu rises up, and he shouts that he’s not done yet! Hiromu drags Sanada up, runs, but Sanada ROCKS him first! ROLLING ELBOW! Sanada roars, runs, but into a SUPERKICK! ROLLING ELBOW! HIROMU- NO, Sanada dodges the bomber to run! But he runs into the HIROMU-CHAN BOMBER!! Fans are thunderous, Hiromu drags Sanada back up, and he dragon sleepers for the inverted suplex. But Sanada snapmares free to SHINING WIZARD!! Fans fire up again as Sanada says he’ll finish this!

Sanada drags Hiromu up, clinches, but Hiromu slips around to GERMAN SUPLEX! Fans rally as hard as they can and Hiromu rises again! Hiromu roars and he watches Sanada rise. Hiromu runs, HIROMU-CHAN BOMBER!! But Sanada stays up!?! Sanada shakes his head, then he SWATS the lariat! And UPPERCUTS! Hiromu staggers but he stays up. Sanada UPPERCUTS him again! Hiromu wobbles but shakes his head. So Sanada UPPERCUTS again! Sanada dares Hiromu to come back, so Hiromu comes back, into another UPPERCUT! Hiromu swings but Sanada blocks, to UPPERCUT!

Sanada shakes his head now, and Hiromu swings on him. The forearm is feeble and Hiromu leans on Sanada. Sanada stands him up to UPPERCUT! Hiromu staggers about, swings another weak forearm, so Sanada UPPERCUTS him right down! Hiromu shakes his head as he grits his teeth and sits back up. Fans rally as hard as they can for “HI-RO-MU!” but Sanada looms over him. Hiromu stands up, stares him down, and Sanada UPPERCUTS again! Hiromu staggers to a corner, roars, comes back, but into a pop-up! HIROMU-CHAN CUTTER!! And then fireman’s carry, TIMEBOMB 1.5!!! Cover, TWO!?!?

Sanada survives Hiromu’s modified Death Valley Driver, but Hiromu powers up! HIROMU-CHAN BOMBER!!! Dragon sleeper! Inverted suplex! TIMEBOMB 2!!!! Cover, TWO!?!?!? Sanada survives multiple Timebombs and no one can believe it! Fans rally up as hard as they can, this is truly a battle worthy of the world title! Hiromu stands, he brings Sanada back up and wraps him up! Straitjacket and dragon sleeper, but Sanada fights with knees! Hiromu keeps trying to lift but Sanada KNEES right out! And then SAIDOS! And then SHINING- NO, Hiromu blocks the wizard!! Fans fire up as Hiromu powers up again!

Hiromu runs, but Sanada dodges! O’Conner Roll, dragon sleeper! SKULL END!!!! Hiromu is caught in the body scissors, and Sanada squeezes tight!! Hiromu reaches out, fans rally even harder, and he grabs at Red Shoes desperately! LIJ coach Hiromu on but he’s so red right now! He’s fading! Red Shoes checks, but Hiromu still fights! But then he fades again! Sanada lets Hiromu go, to then go back up the corner! ROUNDING BODY PRESS!!! Cover, TWO!?!??! HOW?!?! Even Sanada doesn’t believe it! Sanada snarls, he drags Hiromu back up and gives the thumbs up, because he’s gonna end this!

Sanada clinches, but Hiromu slips out and HIROMU-CHAN ROLL!!! TWO!!!! Sanada escapes, and SHINING WIZARDS!! Hiromu sits up in a daze, Sanada gives him DEAD FALL!!!! Cover, Sanada wins!!!

Winner: Sanada, by pinfall (still IWGP World Heavyweight Champion)

A historic moment becomes an instant classic! But in the end, the Cold Skull retains the title he fought so hard to get in the first place! Hiromu gave so much in this match but still suffered defeat, will he be able to recover in the Best of the Super Juniors?

As for Sanada, he has the belt put around his waist, and he catches his breath before getting the mic. “Everyone, it was 11 years ago that I first wrestled Hiromu in a singles match. And now, in NJPW, in the main event, for the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship, I was able to do it again. And that makes me happy. So, Hiromu, I’m sure you and I will have more growth ahead of us, and we can do this again. But one more thing, and it is something I want from everyone here, if you’d please. I’d love for some ‘Sanayan’ chants.” Fans oblige with “SA-NA-YAN!” AKA a sort of “Sana-bro” or “Sana-dude” nickname.

Sanada likes that, thanks the fans, and asks if they’re ready for his “gift.” The lights turn down low and the fans get their phones out for the “stars” to come out. Sanada says that the next time Just5Guys are in Fukuoka, they’ll be even better. Sanada takes a moment to catch his breath, and he says, “Let’s say one more thing. Out of everywhere in Japan, I love Fukuoka the most.” He even said it in the local dialect! “OI, FUKUOKA! See you next time!” Japan’s Golden Week has the Gold Skull stand tall as the streamers fly, will there be no stopping J5G now?

Wait! The lights go down? And a video plays. The same video that’s been playing for weeks on NJPW social media and Road to Dontaku events. War and destruction, “Coming Soon,” is NOW! And emerging from the smoke and darkness, it’s none other than YOTA TSUJI!! He’s back from excursion! The fans are going nuts and Sanada is just stunned! Tsuji steps into the ring, takes off the jacket, and he BOOTS Sanada! And SUPERKICKS Taichi! And DECKS Taka! And DOUBLE LARIATS Douki & Kanemaru! One man takes out all five guys! But he isn’t done there, as he raises his arm and aims at Sanada!

Sanada rises, and Yota runs in to SPEAR! Hell, that was a Gore a la Rhyno!! Yota picks up the world title, and holds it over Sanada! What a bold first move for the returning graduate! And wait, that fist raise. Is Yota in LIJ!? Will Sanada’s reign run into its extinction already?!

My Thoughts:

An awesome event for NJPW, but that is fitting because this was a big moment because of the 30th Wrestling Dontaku anniversary. A bit of a shame that the kickoff match had such a big stipulation, where the more wins Ryohei got, the more prizes he won, and yet he gets squashed by Oskar. Was it all just one big punchline NJPW was setting up? Anyway, all five title matches tonight were awesome. I almost thought they were going to give Hikuleo a win by knockout right from the start, but that was a clever way for Kenta to play possum. Hiku still wins in the end and that is great for him, NJPW Strong is definitely a great starting point for his title collection.

On the flipside, I was rather shocked Finlay won in the way he won. He brutalized Tama, didn’t let it stop until he was satisfied, and it just kinda crushed the fans in that moment. But then great return from ELP to go after Finlay, but it isn’t clear if he’s solo or joining Tama and Hikuleo as an extension of Guerrillas of Destiny. For that matter, why is Jay White insisting he is Bullet Club Gold when he was kicked out by Finlay? Either way, ELP VS Finlay for the NEVER Openweight title on top of their grudge is great stuff, can’t wait to see it, probably at Dominion.

The time limit draw wasn’t a shame in ZSJ VS Cobb, ZSJ VS Cobb was amazing because of the time limit draw! That was the first one for this title, and it was a great detail that ZSJ was upset it came to the time limit. ZSJ doesn’t wanna retain by default, he wants to prove he’s the better wrestler. I hope this means we get a rematch between ZSJ and Cobb that gives us a definitive winner.

An awesome NEVER Openweight Six Man Tag title match, which I oddly did NOT see the Dream Trio winning. I thought Ishii or Tanahashi was taking the loss and the two would get at each other for their own feud. Instead, Okada finally adds gold that isn’t the top title, and now we’re getting a huge return in Moxley! And honestly, I would love if Bryan Danielson was the third man. Imagine Bryan taking on Okada, Ishii & Tanahashi throughout that match.

And of course, just awesome stuff in Sanada VS Hiromu. I figured Hiromu wasn’t winning, even though he is certainly the best Junior Heavyweight in NJPW today. Instead, Sanada retains, only for Tsuji to make an insanely powerful return. He is going right for the top, and it would seem backstage video confirms Tsuji is LIJ. LIJ is back up to six, but Titan is away a lot since he’s also in CMLL, so now LIJ will have five wrestlers always in Japan for stuff. I don’t see Tsuji winning the world title, even if his shot is at Dominion, but he is gonna look incredible in that match.

My Score: 9/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Rampage Results & Report! (12/1/23)

Best Friends are on a Rampage!



Will tonight be Very Nice, Very Evil or whatever?

Greetings humans! Danhausen is back in AEW, and to celebrate, he teams with Orange Cassidy, Trent Beretta & Hook in a Very Nice, Very BIG 8 Man Tag!


  • Six Man Tag: Penta El Zero Miedo, El Hijo Del Vikingo & Komander w/ Alex Abrahantes VS Brian Cage & The Workhorsemen; win.
  • The Don Callis Family VS ???
  • Six Woman Tag: Anna Jay & The Outcasts VS Hikaru Shida, Skye Blue & Kris Statlander; win.
  • 8 Man Tag: Orange Cassidy, Hook, Danhausen & Trent Beretta VS Matthew Menard, Angelo Parker & The Dark Order; win.


[Due to scheduling conflicts, coverage of AEW Rampage will begin later tonight]

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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Results & Report! (12/1/23)

SmackDown hears voices!



The Viper is here for The Bloodline!

He returned at WarGames, he returned to Monday Night Raw, and now, The Apex Predator, Randy Orton, returns to Friday Night SmackDown! Will he be able to strike at The Bloodline tonight?


  • Pete Dunne VS Bobby Lashley w/ The Street Profits; Lashley wins.
  • Santos Escobar VS Joaquin Wilde; Santos wins.
  • Kevin Owens VS Grayson Waller w/ Austin Theory; wins.
  • Bianca Belair w/ Charlotte Flair & Shotzi VS Kairi Sane w/ DMG CTRL; wins.


Bianca Belair is here!

Brooklyn cheers The EST as she skips to the ring, her team victorious against Damage Control in WarGames! After a recap package, fans chant for Bianca and she gets the mic to say, “Man, it is so cool to be in one of the best boroughs in one of the greatEST cities in the world, Brooklyn!” The fans cheer that! Bianca says DMG CTRL really tried to take them out, but her team did what needed to be done. So shout out to Becky Lynch for coming through, showing up and showing out. Shout out to Shotzi for her guts and passion. And shoutout to Charlotte Flair for being a bigger person and making that call to Becky.

“Now while it feels great to be standing in this ring and celebrating that W from WarGames, my war with DMG CTRL, it ain’t over~! Cuz Iyo Sky, I’m still coming for you, cuz I want my title back!” Fans also cheer that. But speaking of Iyo, here she comes! The Evil Genius leads DMG CTRL out, though where’s Bayley? That aside, Dakota Kai is the one to tell Bianca, “It’s really great how uh, you can get all of these people to cheer for you.” The fans boo her but Dakota tells them to shut up! Dakota says just earlier, Iyo was saying how gross it is here in Brooklyn! It smells! Who would want to live here?!

DMG CTRL slide into the ring, and Dakota says Iyo was also saying that Bianca is in way over her head, dude. Iyo already beat Bianca twice. So… if Bianca wants to get yet another shot, she’ll have to go through all of DMG CTRL. Well that ain’t nothing new. So who wants it first, huh? But wait! Here come Charlotte & Shotzi to back Bianca up! Fans cheer as Charlotte says “Ladies~…! Bianca isn’t the only one coming for you. And I’d love to go through all of DMG CTRL.” Shotzi says it seems to her that there’s enough DMG CTRL to go around. They rush in, and the brawl is on! Fans fire up but Iyo TOSSES Bianca and helps Asuka against Charlotte!

Shotzi and Kairi brawl in a corner, Bianca returns, Charlotte BOOTS Asuka way while Bianca RAMS Iyo into a corner! Bianca stomps Iyo down, Charlotte helps Shotzi with Kairi, and Charlotte sets Kairi up for Shotzi’s BOOT! Iyo ends up isolated, and Bianca hits a SPINEBUSTER! Iyo scrambles out, DMG CTRL regroups, are their days on top numbered?


DMG CTRL regroups backstage.

And Bayley is confused as to what’s going on. Iyo angrily asks where Bayley was but Bayley says no one told her they were going out there! Maybe if she knew, things would’ve been different! The joshi talk in Japanese, Dakota cools it off. What matters is that Kairi is facing Bianca tonight. No one knows Bianca better than Bayley so Kairi would appreciate the help. Kairi says yes, they’re “tomodachi <friends>,” that’d be appreciated. Bayley says okay, but are they really Bayley’s friends?


Pete Dunne VS Bobby Lashley w/ The Street Profits!

With Sheamus recovering from injury and Ridge Holland just ditching him last week, The Bruiserweight is all alone against The All Mighty! Will Dunne stand a chance against the overwhelming strength of Bobby Lashley?

SmackDown returns and Lashley makes his entrance, Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins by his side. But before the bell, Lashley gets a mic to say “Hey, listen, kid. When I told you to make a name for yourself…” The fans chant “BOBBY! BOBBY!” and Lashley says that’s a name. Does Dunne know what Lashley can do to him? Lashley will break Dunne into pieces! Is Dunne ready for that? Dunne SLAPS Lashley! Fans fire up, Lashley grins, and the bell rings. Dunne then BOOTS Lashley! And BOOTS! And fires off furious fists! Lashley carries Dunne to then TOSS him! Dunne flounders but also snarls. Dunne swipes at the Profits, but Lashley run sin to CLOBBER him!

Lashley whips Dunne hard into buckles, then storms around. The Profits high-five Lashley and Brooklyn is behind him as he stands Dunne up for haymakers! Lashley smothers Dunne in the corner, lets off to whip corner to corner, then storms up on Dunne. Lashley digs hands into Dunne’s face, the ref counts and Lashley lets off. Lashley runs in but Dunne BOOTS again! Dunne runs up to DROPKICK Lashley out of the ring! Fans are torn as Dunne goes out to FLYING KNEE! Lashley staggers back, Dunne sets up to MOONSAULT! Down goes Lashley and Dunne hurries back up! Dunne ARIHARA MOONSAULTS! Down goes Lashley and fans fire up as SmackDown goes to break!

SmackDown returns and Lashley clotheslines Dunne in a corner! Lashley then brings Dunne around to snap suplex! Dunne writhes, Lashley paces around him and the fans cheer. Lashley drags Dunne up, suplexes again, and this time he holds Dunne up! Dunne throws knees, gets free, and he runs, ducks ‘n’ dodges, but Lashley hits a MILE HIGH SPINEBUSTER! Fans fire up again and Lashley drags Dunne up. Lashley TOSSES Dunne out, storms out after him, and then drags Dunne up again. Fans cheer as Lashley fireman’s carries Dunne, to then POST Dunne! The Profits say this is an extended Black Friday!

Lashley puts Dunne in, Dunne crawls away but Lashley aims. Lashley runs in, but Dunne sends the Spear into the POST! Lashley staggers back, the Profits coach him up, but Dunne GAMANGIRIS! Dunne runs up to ENZIGURI! Lashley ends up in a corner, Dunne GAMANGIRIS again! And again! Dunne KICKS and KICKS and KICKS, then pushes Lashley out so he can go up. Dunne DOUBLE STOMPS an arm! Dunne bends the fingers, isolates the arm, and STOMPS the arm! Lashley grits his teeth but Dunne reels him in. ASAI DDT! Cover, TWO! Lashley is tougher than that but Dunne keep son him with HAMMER ‘N’ ANVIL ELBOWS!

But Lashley fights up! Fireman’s carry, then an adjustment, for the OKLAHOMA STAMPEDE! Cover, TWO!! Dunne survives and Lashley is annoyed. Ford says yeah, Dunne’s got heart, but that’s about it. Lashley hauls Dunne up but Dunne SLAPS him! Lashley LARIATS Dunne inside out! Lashley then drags Dunne up, MILE HIGH- ENZIGURI! Dunne gets up, Lashley SPEARS him back down!! Cover, Lashley wins!

Winner: Bobby Lashley, by pinfall

The Bruiserweight put up a fight, but Lashley is still Lashley. Will The All Mighty soon head for a title as we head for the New Year?


Paul Heyman walks into Nick Aldis’ office.

The Wise Man seems rather indignant looking at the SmackDown General Manager. Heyman then dusts off the New York Jets NFL Legacy belt before speaking. “Did you invite Randy Orton to SmackDown tonight?” Aldis says yes, he did. And Aldis intends to sign Randy to a SmackDown exclusive superstar contract tonight. Heyman looks around and asks if the Tribal Chief knows about this. Aldis says Heyman has forgotten that there are countless memos: All communication to Roman Reigns must go through Paul Heyman. So consider this a communication to Roman: Aldis WILL sign Randy to SmackDown.

And if Aldis has to offer up the entire Bloodline as leverage, so be it. So the question to Heyman is… “What’re you gonna do about it?” Heyman says, “Anything it takes.” Heyman gets on his phone to call Roman Reigns. But is there nothing that can stop The Viper from finally being within striking distance of The Tribal Chief?


Backstage interview with Pete Dunne.

Kayla Braxton says he lost to Lashley, but she wants to talk about last week. Why did Ridge walk out on him? Dunne says he doesn’t know. And he doesn’t care. Because right now isn’t about the Brutes, it’s about Dunne! He is going to focus on himself. He is here to fight, and he will fight anyone! But in walk Pretty Deadly. They say this is so tough. But don’t be sad, use this as a learning opportunity. Sometimes, being abandoned can help you find your own path. Even if that path, like Dunne’s career, hits a dead end. Dunne HITS them! Dunne fires off but that’s 2v1 and Pretty Deadly turns it around! They TOSS Dunne into a road case!

How’s that, Butch?! HUH!? You’re alone! ALONE! And always will be! Elton Prince & Kit Wilson have numbers on their side, but will Dunne still get revenge?


Backstage interview with Santos Escobar.

Cathy Kelley says given his recent history with the LWO, what can we expect in his match with Joaquin Wilde here? Santos says he’s only trying to finish what Rey started. Rey turned his back on the LWO when he chose Carlito over Santos. And now Santos’ own brothers in arms are blinded by their hero, not seeing that Rey will do the same to them. Cruz is still recovering from the last time he tried standing up to Santos. And if Wilde can’t see the truth, Santos will put him on the shelf, too. The Emperor of Lucha is becoming a tyrant, but will he be unstoppable in destroying what he helped create?

Santos Escobar VS Joaquin Wilde!

SmackDown returns and Wilde makes his entrance. The bell rings and Wilde DROPKICKS Santos! And DROPKICKS again! Then kips up and ROCKS Santos with haymakers! Fans fire up, Wilde whips and ELBOWS Santos down! Then drops an elbow! Santos bails out but Wilde PLANCHAS out onto him! Fans fire up again and Wilde CLUBS Santos. Wilde puts Santos in the ring, then aims again, but Santos bails out! Fans boo but Wilde just goes to the corner! Springboard CANNONBALL! Direct hit and the fans fire up all over again! Wilde snarls and he puts Santos back in. Cover, TWO! Wilde keeps on Santos with a shove.

Wilde then goes up a corner, but Santos sweeps the legs! Wilde tumbles down, Santos stomps away and RAMS Wilde into a corner. Santos puts Wilde in the Tree of Woe, goes to the far side and runs in, DROPKICK! Wilde falls out of the Tree, Santos snapmares to cover, TWO! Santos is annoyed but he CLUBS away on Wilde’s chest! Santos rips up the LWO shirt! Fans boo but Santos throws the shirt away. Santos drags Wilde up, CLUBS him, then clamps onto an arm with a cording hold. Wilde endures, Santos talks trash that HE is the LWO, but the fans rally up. Wilde fights up to his feet, throws knees, but Santos whips Wilde away.

Santos storms up, Wilde ELBOWS him, then bumps Santos off buckles. Wilde fires haymakers again, then whips. Santos reverses but Wilde ducks ‘n ‘dodges to dropkick a leg out! Fans rally up behind Wilde and he runs up to KNEE Santos down! Wilde roars and fans are with him! Wilde runs back in, SOMERSAULT SATELLITE DDT!! Cover, TWO!! Santos survives and Wilde grows frustrated. Wilde hurries back to a corner to aim again. Wilde runs in, into a SUPERKICK! Santos says this is what happens when you cross him! Fireman’s carry, and “This is for YOU, Rey!” PHANTOM DRIVER!! Cover, Santos wins!

Winner: Santos Escobar, by pinfall

But Santos isn’t done sending his message! He beats down Wilde with fists, the ref tells him to stop, but Santos refuses! So here comes Dragon Lee! The Boy Wonder may have lost at Survivor Series but he won’t let Santos just do what he wants! Santos bails out, he did what he wanted. Wait, he slithers back in! But Dragon is ready and fires haymakers on him! Dragon whips, Santos reverses but Dragon RANAS! Santos ends up in a corner, Dragon JUMP KICKS, leg sweeps, and SWINGING DROPKICK! Combinacion Dragon hits, and fans fire up! Dragon aims again, BULL’S HORNS!! Santos flounders away, is his fight with Dragon far from over?


Nick Aldis greets Logan Paul backstage.

The Maverick is her with his United States Championship, ready to make his first appearance on SmackDown. What will the ImPAULsive Influencer have to say about being United States Champion? We find out, after the break.


Adam Pearce visits Nick Aldis in his office.

And the Raw GM asks the SmackDown GM to tell him the rumor isn’t true. Is Aldis trying to get a Raw Legend out from under Pearce’s nose? Aldis tells Pearce that Randy is a free agent now. But yes, Aldis does intend to sign Orton right here tonight in that ring. Is that so? Yeah, Pearce had his chance on Monday. Don’t worry about what happened on Monday. If Aldis is going to the ring with a contract, Pearce will join him. Pearce also has a contract folder! Nice office, by the way. Pearce heads out, who wins the signature of the Legend Killer?


Logan Paul heads to the ring!

Brooklyn is a little torn on seeing the Maverick in person, though probably because he needed brass knuckles to load his already titanium reinforced hand to beat Rey Mysterio. But Logan gets the mic to say, “To every friend who stabbed me in the back, to every hater who preyed on my downfall, I’ve got a question: WHERE ARE YOU NOW?!” He doesn’t understand. Don’t they get it by n ow? The more they hope he fails, the harder he works. And the harder he works, the more he wins. And the more he wins, the more he gets to stand up here and bark back!

And to all the jealous superstars backstage mad at him because they’ve been doing this their whole life while he’s the fastest rising superstar in history, you want the US Championship? Of course you do! It has been on his junk, just like y’all have since he got here! But a champ is only as good as his challengers, and since Rey is hurt, Logan can’t give him the rematch he was so excited for. So good news! Logan spoke with Aldis, and they have created a tournament to determine his next challenger. It starts next week, featuring eight superstars!

Santos Escobar, Dragon Lee, Karrion Kross, an NXT superstar to still be determined, Bobby Lashley, Grayson Waller, Austin Theory, and of course Kevin Owens. And Logan guarantees whoever wins this will have a nightmare trying to take this title from him. But wait, speaking of! Here comes Kevin Owens! Brooklyn fires up for The Prizefighter as he heads right for the ring. Kevin gets himself a mic and he says if Logan wants to talk about a nightmare, this, Logan Paul in the ring, is a nightmare. The first time Kevin ever saw Logan was 10 years ago on that app, Vine. And back then, it only took Kevin those six seconds to realize Logan is an unbearable jackass.

Fans cheer in agreement, and Kevin says if we’re talking about “junk,” the only junk is that crap drink Logan peddles. And now, guess what? Kevin is here to tell us that if he’s in the tournament, the nightmare will end. Logan’s days as champion will be numbered. That’s funny. Kevin calls himself a prizefighter, but Logan’s been in the ring with the greatest boxers in the world. If these two were to fight, six seconds is five more than Logan needs to KO KO. Kevin will never take this away from Logan: he’s very clever. But the thing is, that’s another world. This ring, the WWE Universe, it’s Kevin’s world, understand?

Logan says we’ll see about that. But then here comes Grayson Waller & Austin Theory! Logan smiles because it’s like looking in a mirror as these two walk down here. And Waller tells Logan he is better than this. He doesn’t need to talk with Kevin, Kevin is a troll looking for attention. He isn’t a forward thinking disruptor like the three of them. They have a lot in common, really. A-Town Down Under get in the ring, and Kevin says he loves punching people in the face. Look who he is in the ring with: Logan Paul is a man who knocks people out. So after Logan is done knocking Kevin out, maybe Kevin’s days of punching people- KEVIN DECKS THEORY!

Fans fire up as Theory tumbles out, and Waller goes to check on his buddy. Logan and Kevin drop their mics, stare down, and fans fire up as Kevin dares Logan to make the first move. Logan says worry about Waller first. Will Kevin give us a preview of the US Championship Contender’s Tournament? We find out after the break!



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