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Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (7/26/23)

Albany is Dynamite, BAYBAY!



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Will Dynamite explode before the Collision?

Tonight, we hear from MJF & Adam Cole BAYBAY ahead of their AEW World Tag Team Championship match with FTR this Saturday!


  • AEW International Championship: Orange Cassidy VS AR Fox; Cassidy wins and retains the title.
  • PAC VS Gravity; PAC wins.
  • Darby Allin w/ Nick Wayne VS Swerve Strickland w/ Prince Nana; Swerve wins.
  • Britt Baker VS Taya Valkyrie; Britt wins.
  • Triple Threat Tag: Jon Moxley & Claudio Castagnoli w/ Wheeler Yuta VS The Lucha Brothers w/ Alex Abrahantes VS Best Friends; Lucha Brothers win.


Darby Allin speaks.

“I left Seattle in 2017, because I knew if I wanted to get any better, I had to go. And everybody told me there was a guy named AR Fox in Atlanta. I packed up everything I had in Seattle, and I started sleeping in my car in Atlanta. It was the first day in the wrestling school, I went up to Fox and I said, ‘Yo, how often do you train like this?’ He said, ‘Every single day.’ That’s the thing about Fox, I never met anyone as driven or passionate as him. He’s the type of guy that will shop up at 10 in the morning and not leave until 11 at night. And I knew I had to surround myself with a guy like that if I wanted to get any better in wrestling.”

Fox then came up to Darby a few months later and asked where Darby was staying. And Darby said it was in the parking garage. Fox asked, “What’re you doing?” And Darby could only say he had no idea, he was just winging it. Fox had Darby move in with him, for free. Never charged Darby a damn thing cuz he knew Darby didn’t have the money. But it was crazy, because everything started clicking. If someone deserves a short, it is Fox. That’s crazy to say, but without Fox, there might not be a Darby Allin.


AEW International Championship: Orange Cassidy VS AR Fox!

The Freshly Squeezed fighting champion is doing a favor for Darby Allin by giving a great guy a golden opportunity. But will Fox make the most of it by becoming the NEW International Champion? Or will Cassidy continue his impressive streak?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see if this is the moment AR takes over the Whole Fox’n Show!

The bell rings and fans rally up and duel, “FRESHLY SQUEEZED!” “A R FOX!” Fox offers a handshake, and Cassidy accepts, though rather lazily. They tie up, Fox puts Cassidy on ropes but the ref calls the break. Fox lets off, the two go again, and Fox puts Cassidy on ropes, only for Cassidy to turn it around. Cassidy lets off, and goes to put his hands in his pocket! Fox stops that, waistlocks, but Cassidy reaches back to hook a leg. Fox wrenches Cassidy around the other way, keeps Cassidy from ropes, so Cassidy rolls, lies there, attempts a kip up but it doesn’t really work out. So Fox yanks Cassidy up but Cassidy uses that to headlock!

Fox wrenches out, Cassidy wrenches back, and Cassidy keeps on the wristlock. Fox rolls, kips and cartwheels to then wrench and hammerlock and snapmare. Fox body scissors and he puts on the squeeze! Fans rally as Cassidy endures and reaches out. Fox keeps him from the ropes, Cassidy moves around inside the scissors and reaches up, to then put his hands in his pockets! And then Cassidy wriggles free and kips up! Fans fire up but Fox trips Cassidy! Fox runs, Cassidy ducks the leap, then keeps moving, NO-HANDS ARM-DRAG, but Fox handsprings through! Fox hurdles, Cassidy leaps over, but Fox blocks shotgun into jackknife bridge, TWO!

ORANGE- NO, Fox ducks the punch to handspring and PELE! Cassidy staggers and goes to a corner, Fox runs in and back elbows! Fans fire up as Fox snapmares and rolls, but Cassidy avoids the cutter! Cassidy bails out and fans rally behind Fox as the ring count climbs. Fox rallies the fans more, but Cassidy stays out of Fox’s sights. Cassidy eggs Fox on, Fox builds speed, but again Cassidy moves out of the way. Cassidy continues to taunt Fox, Fox builds speed again, and this time Fox tumbles up and out to go up the corner! MOONSAULT! Direct hit and fans fire up again! Cassidy flounders but Fox brings him up and into the ring.

Fox aims from the corner, climbs up, and he leaps, but Cassidy gets under! Fox rolls through, slips to the apron and trips Cassidy to then slingshot and roll through to a facelock! Fox deadlift suplexes, but Cassidy STUN-DOG MILLIONAIRES! Cassidy then runs, tilt-o-whirls, but Fox denies the DDT! Fox runs in at the corner, Cassidy goes to pop him up but Fox fights it with knees! Fox then goes up to headscissor, but Cassidy pops him up, so Fox mule kicks and FLYING STUNNERS! Fox facelocks again, Cassidy wrenches out, ducks ‘n’ dodges, tilt-o-whirls again, but Fox again blocks! Fox suplexes to an ANARCHY BRAINBUSTER! Cover, TWO!

Cassidy survives and fans declare “This is Awesome!” Fox wants after Cassidy but the ref has him stay back, and Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Cassidy clutches his neck as he crawls, but Fox goes out the side. Fox BOOTS Cassidy down, stalks him around the way, and BOOTS him again! Cassidy hobbles along, Fox refreshes the ring count, and then boots, but Cassidy blocks it! Cassidy throws the foot into railing! And then does it again! Cassidy rolls into the ring to get away from Fox but Fox hobbles in after him. Cassidy runs in, but into a CUTTER!! Cover, TWO!! Cassidy is still in this but Fox keeps his cool. Fox stalks Cassidy, drags him up, and puts him on ropes. Fox CHOKES Cassidy, the ref counts, but Fox lets off. Fox then runs side to side, SLIDE ATTACK! Fox hurries back in to cover, TWO!

Fox keeps his cool as he JAMS Cassidy in the shoulder! Cassidy crawls, fans rally up, and Fox drags Cassidy up to whip him to the corner. Fox runs in, A-LIST LARIAT! Cassidy sits down, Fox slips out and skins the cat to SWINGING DROPKICK! Cover, ONE!! Cassidy is hanging tough, as he has his whole reign, but Fox drags him back up. Fox turns Cassidy for a NECKBREAKER! Fox holds on to drag Cassidy back up, and turns him for another NECKBREAKER! Fox still holds on, and Dynamite returns to single picture as Fox turns Cassidy again! But Cassidy hooks the arms!

Fox fights the backslide while fans duel! Cassidy fights the counter backslide, spins Fox around, and dropkicks Fox’s legs out! Fox BOOTS Cassidy in return! Cassidy BOOTS Fox right back! Fox BOOTS Cassidy again! Cassidy BOOTS Fox again! Fox BOOTS, Cassidy shakes his head as he staggers around. Fans fire up and Cassidy yells, DOUBLE BOOTS hit! Cassidy runs in, Fox dodges, but Cassidy denies the stunner! But then Fox denies a stunner! DOUBLE NECKBREAKER!? Fans fire up as both men are down! Cassidy clutches his neck and rolls away to a corner. Fans rally up and Fox watches Cassidy.

Fox runs in but Cassidy ELBOWS him! Cassidy boots but Fox blocks to kick and ROCK and whip! Cassidy tumbles up and out, stops Fox and bumps him off buckles! And then side to side for another! And back the other way! Fox stops it there, but Cassidy blocks the counter bump to bump Fox again! Cassidy slingshots in but Fox slingshots out! Then Fox slingshots right back in to SENTON! Cassidy bails out but Fox keeps moving, and Fox FLIES! Direct hit on Cassidy! Fox hurries up top, to SWANTON BOMB! Cover, TWO!! Cassidy survives and no one can believe it! Cassidy flounders to a corner but Fox is after him!

Fox puts Cassidy up top, runs in and leaps up, but Cassidy blocks the “Lo Mein Pain” press, and shoves Fox to the floor! Cassidy then builds speed to DIVE! Direct hit and Fox hits railing! Cassidy puts Fox in, tilt-o-whirls, DDT!! Fox gets stuck and Cassidy kips up! Alabama Lift, BEACH BREAK!! Cover, TWO!?! Fox survives and no one can believe it! Fans are thunderous and Cassidy throws off his elbow pad! Cassidy runs in, but Fox puts him back up top! Fox ROCKS Cassidy, climbs up after him, brings him to the very top but Cassidy throws body shots! Fox hops down, hobbles, but comes back LO MEIN PAIN!! Cover, TWO!!!

Fans are thunderous again as Cassidy survives! Fox goes back up top, but Cassidy rolls to the far side. Fox hops down, goes to the adjacent corner, and ROLLING THUNDER on the apron! Cassidy flounders, Fox has him in ropes, DRAPING DDT!! Cover, TWO!!! Cassidy survives but Fox is right back up top! 450 but Fox has to roll through! Cassidy sneaks up to ghost pin! TWO!!! Fox gets free, but Cassidy feints Orange Punch to make Fox go Matrix prematurely! And then Cassidy gets Fox’s leg, standing toehold and then a roll through, to a wrench and hook, MOUSE TRAP! CASSIDY WINS!

Winner: Orange Cassidy, by pinfall (still AEW International Champion)

An outside-the-box way of taking that win, this is how Cassidy has kept his reign going through a historic 27 defenses! But Cassidy shows Fox respect in the end, as Cassidy gives Fox the sunglasses! But then Fox BREAKS the sunglasses?! And he DECKS Cassidy!! Fans are stunned! Even Fox seems in shock over his own actions! Fox gets outta there, but Darby Allin shows up! Darby shoves Fox and asks what the hell! Darby put his name on Fox, asked for this request as a friend, and THIS is what Fox does?! Fox apologizes to Darby, but Darby says that is embarrassing! He should’ve just taken the loss!

Fox says he knows all that, but he can’t explain it himself. Darby tells Fox to get to the back and cool off, but what happens between these old friends next? As for Cassidy, he gathers himself, only for JON MOXLEY to attack!! The Maniac is pissed at Cassidy for what happened at Death Before Dishonor between Cassidy & Best Friends and Moxley’s friends in the Blackpool Combat Club! And for that, Moxley hits Cassidy with DEATH RIDER!! Moxley storms off to the back to prepare for tonight’s Triple Threat Tag main event, will he and Claudio Castagnoli do even more damage to Best Friends?


Next week is DYNAMITE 200!

A massive milestone that marks the almost four year history of AEW! More of what is planned will be announced this week, who will join in on the celebration of this wrestling revolution?


Backstage interview with Chris Jericho & Don Callis.

Renee Paquette is with The Ocho and the zero, and notes that things are going in the right direction for Jericho to join the Don Callis Family. Don requested this time, what does he have to say? “The outpouring of interesting from fans, from media, about just the potential of The Greatest Of All Time, Chris Jericho, joining the Don Callis Family, has led me to believe that Chris, we gotta give the people a little something. No pressure. But I have taken the liberty of arranging a situation where you can be in a tag team match with your partner, Takeshita, the guy that you’ve said is the future of professional wrestling.”

Imagine that dream team! Jericho & Takeshita, The Family, in a match together! “Doesn’t that get the creative juices going?” Jericho says Takeshita is amazing, so yeah, he’ll give that a try. And Callis says the best part is, their opponents will be Daniel Garcia & Sammy Guevara! Wait, Danny & Sammy? Well, Callis knows Jericho wants those two to spread their wings and try to fly on their own. So this is perfect, really! Jericho is hesitant, but Callis insists it’ll be great. Done deal? Jericho will do it. Fantastic! To commemorate this next step, Callis also took the liberty of commissioning some artwork to immortalize their 1995 promo with Bad News Allen.

Callis shows it off, “a couple of gods at play, just like we were in the 90s.” Bad News Allen is faintly in the background, watching from Heaven as it were, while Jericho and Callis flex in leather pants atop a mountain. Jericho says it is amazing, but kinda big, it’s not like Jericho can just carry that around with him all day. Callis will have it taken care of, he knows the perfect place to hang it. Just do your thing, Jericho. Callis heads out, but is Jericho starting to regret reuniting with his old friend?


Hook has a message.

Hook has the FTW Championship belt as he sits on a subway bench. A train passes by, and the belt is gone. Then another train passes by, and Hook is gone. Is Hook saying he’s nothing without the title? Or is he saying he’s coming back for it?


Blackpool Combat Club speaks.

Claudio says this is a “Public Service Announcement for all you kids at home: Do not play with fire. Here’s a Public Service Announcement for around here: Don’t mess with the Blackpool Combat Club! Pac, Bastard, if you think that what you pulled at Blood & Guts, the beating that you got at Death Before Dishonor at my hands was anything but the beginning, you are sorely mistaken! You couldn’t even take that like a man. So…” Moxley steps in to say “That right there is what happens when you try to flex on my friends when I’m not even in the building! Come down like Clint Eastwood with your denim wearing ass.

“If there’s anybody else out there that thinks they’re just the coolest~ cat in the room, here’s a warning: stay in your lane. Lucha Brothers, Best Friends, stop playing with explosives. You’re gonna pay for Pac’s mistake and you’re gonna get hurt.” The BCC heads out, will they tear up two teams in one match tonight?


Tony Schiavone is in the ring.

He welcomes the NEW FTW Champion… Jack Perry. Fans boo as Beethoven’s Fifth heralds the entrance of “Hollywood” Jack Perry, and he walks in mocking Hook’s look! He even has a new shirt that says “I Beat Hook.” Jack blows a kiss to Taz on commentary as he drags the FTW Championship along the ground. Jack steps into the ring and Schiavone notes how Jack promised to refocus and bring home a world title. He did that, he is the FTW Champion, but he can hear what the fans all thing of it. The fans boo and Jack acts confused. Schiavone says the fans don’t accept Jack beat hook, but Schiavone says he did beat Hook.

Jack says, “You’re damn right I beat Hook! And after one loss, this guy realized he can’t hang with the big boys. And he went home, and he got himself on a train to nowhere.” Fans boo harder but Jack says “When I said I was gonna win myself a championship… I sure as hell wasn’t talking about this one.” The fans keep booing but Jack ignores them to say, “This championship was created in a second-class company, full of scumbags like all of you!” Fans boo more, they won’t let ECW be insulted! Jack says this title has never been recognized, but as soon as he put his hands on it, it became the real deal! Because JACK is real, and he is that damn good!

Jack says he is the greatest wrestler to be within 100 feet of this belt! And as a matter of fact, Jack tells Taz he’d run circles around Taz and all his “dirtbag friends” from back in the day! Taz laughs that off, but someone else walks out. Jerry Lynn tells “Jungle” that that’s enough. Jack says Jerry needs to check that pager. “Jungle Boy” ain’t here anymore. This is Jack Perry! Fans cheer Jerry as he says it doesn’t matter what Jack calls himself. Jerry will remind Jack of one thing: In ECW, they paved the way for this generation! Fans cheer that! Jerry says without ECW, there is no Jungle Boy! So go ahead, keep running that mouth, and you’ll get your ass kicked!

Jack is confused again. His ass kicked? Is that so? He’d like to see who’d do that. Jerry drops the mic to throw down the gauntlet! Jack says okay, okay, hold on. He isn’t dressed for a match right now, relax. They do this on Jack’s time. But if Jerry’s feeling so ballsy, how about next week, Jerry can get in Jack’s ring, and we see who gets their ass kicked. Jack wants to do this big on the 200th episode of Dynamite, but will that only make his comeuppance even more humbling?


Backstage interview with Britt Baker.

Renee is with the former AEW Women’s World Champion, and says she is in action tonight against Taya Valkyrie, who called The Doctor out on Collision. Taya had some choice words for Britt, so what is her reaction? Britt first thanks Renee for reminding the that she IS a former AEW Women’s World Champion, the Face of the Women’s Division. And also, Baddest Bitch on the Block, but it’s okay if you forgot. Britt wants Taya to know that she’d be lying if she said she wasn’t a little surprised that Taya called her out. But thanks! Because now Britt is excited for a first-time-ever match against someone she truly does respect and admire.

But Taya, if you wanna swim with the sharks, Britt’s gonna drag you to the deep end. And who better to beat than Taya to remind everyone that TBS is #TheBrittShow? Renee wishes Britt luck tonight, but will the DMD once again be the Face of AEW?


PAC VS Gravity!

The Bastard used to be the Man Gravity Forgot, but Gravity is here to show no one forgets him! Will Pac defy Gravity to send a message to everyone wanting to mess with Death Triangle? Or will this be where he comes crashing down to Earth?

The bell rings and Pac tries to “remind” Gravity who he is! But Gravity says he forgot. Pac smooths his hair back, shows off his physique, and Gravity is still unsure. Fans chant “HE FORGOT YOU!” Pac gets “offended” that Gravity can’t remember him, and swings! Gravity dodges to DROPKICK! Fans fire up, Gravity runs in to go up and Arabian Press off the ropes, to then DROPKICK Pac again! Fans fire up with Gravity while Pac shakes out the stars. Gravity runs in but Pac puts him up and out! Pac swings but Gravity shoulders in! Gravity slingshots to Arabian Press, then he spins Pac around to ROCK him, and DROPKICK him again!

Fans fire up as Pac bails out! Pac is seething, the ring count starts, and Gravity eggs Pac on. Pac slides in but Gravity slides out! Gravity now dares Pac to come outside. Pac slides out, Gravity slides back in! They keep moving in this cat ‘n’ mouse game, but Pac WRECKS Gravity with a dropkick in the ropes! Fans fire up as Pac goes out to drag Gravity up. Pac brings Gravity around, and whips, but Gravity reverses to send Pac into railing! Pac storms up on Gravity, but into a POWERSLAM to the floor! Gravity fires up, and handstands on the apron, for the IMPLODER PLANKING SPLASH! Fans fire up as Gravity gets in the ring.

Gravity slow-motion space walks, the ring count climbs, and fans fire up as Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Pac drags himself up, slides in, but then slides out, refreshing the count. Pac goes around the way, Gravity waits on him, and Pac hurries back into the ring. The two tie up, Pac kicks low and bumps Gravity off buckles! Gravity falls back, and Pac stands on Gravity’s head! The ref counts, Pac steps off and soaks up the heat. Pac goes back to Gravity, drags him up, and bumps him off buckles! Pac digs his boots in, the ref counts, but Pac lets off at 4 to soak up more heat. Pac pretends he can’t hear the fans, then he whips Gravity corner to corner hard! Pac then runs in to BOOT Gravity down! Pac soaks up more heat while Gravity stirs.

Pac steps on Gravity’s head, the ref counts, and Pac steps off at 4. Gravity goes back to the corner, Pac stomps him, then drags him up. Pac mocks the fans again, and he headlocks to grind Gravity down. Pac won’t let Albany have any lucha libre. Gravity endures, pushes his forearm into Pac’s face, but Pac shakes his head and squeezes tighter. Gravity fights up as Dynamite returns to single picture, but Pac DECKS him! Pac stalks Gravity to a corner, the BCC is watching backstage, and Pac stands Gravity up. Pac talks trash on Gravity, “Forget me not!” And he pie faces Gravity! And then again!

Pac runs corner to corner, but Gravity BOOTS him! Gravity BOOTS again, Pac staggers, and then Gravity BOOTS P ac down! Gravity handsprings over, goes up the other corner, and CROSSBODIES! Cover, TWO!! Pac escapes, dodges the lariat and SOBATS! And front kicks! And SOBATS again! Pac runs to SHOTGUN BOOT! Fans fire up as Gravity flounders to a corner. Pac stomps up to stomp Gravity again and again, then digs his boots in! The ref counts, Pac stands Gravity up and puts him on the top rope. Pac climbs up to stand Gravity up, for a SUPER BRAINBUSTER!! Fans are thunderous while both men are down!

Pac crawls to Gravity, and pushes him over! BRUTALIZER! Gravity TAPS, Pac wins!!

Winner: PAC, by submission

The Bastard holds on to make Gravity suffer! The ref reprimands, Pac lets go, and he tells Gravity to never forget him! The BCC is brutal, but will Pac show them he can be even worse?


Backstage interview with MJF & Adam Cole.

It was after their win last week that Renee was with the NEW #1 contenders to the AEW World Tag Team Champions, and she congratulated them on winning the Blind Eliminator Tag Team Tournament. They will face FTR on Saturday, July 29th, on Collision! How are they feeling? Cole starts but MJF interrupts to tell FTR that he liked them better when they were his lackeys. To be honest, that was the pinnacle of their career. Cash, rocking a mullet in 2023? Very brave. Business up front, party in the back. But every time Cash makes eye contact with a woman, all they wanna do is yack!

Dax… MJF is so sick of your Mr. Clean meets Yosemite Sam lookin’ ass, standing in front of this camera, talking into this microphone, saying the same stuff over and over and over again. “Ah love mah wife, ah love mah baby daughter, ah love this biz-ness! No flips, just fists!” Yeah? Well here’s what’s gonna happen. MJF is gonna take his fist on July 29th, Collision in Hartford, CT, and MJF is gonna punch Dax so hard in the mouth he will have no choice but to spit out CM Punk’s jockstrap!! Because MJF & Cole are winning those tag titles! There are only three initials in this sport that matter! It ain’t F T R, it is M J F! Because we’re better than you, BAYBAY!

And Cole would like to add, truth be told, something to MJF. When this tournament started, it was about winning gold and become champions. But if he’s to be completely honest, it has become about friendship. Never in a million years did Cole think he would be friends with MJF. That he’d enjoy this so much. But he has. So to make it very clear because otherwise, Cole won’t sleep well tonight. MJF has nothing to worry about when it comes to the AEW World Championship, Cole was just handing it back to him. But MJF has given Cole his friendship and that means the world to him. MJF isn’t just a friend to Cole, or even a close friend. MJF is becoming a best friend, and Cole means that.

MJF says he has been thinking about this. Win, lose or draw, after July 29th, MJF wants Cole to know he is giving him a rematch for this title, because he knows how much that means to Cole. Whoa, is MJF serious? He means that? But Roderick Strong rushes in! Roddy says he sees the look in MJF’s eyes when he says that! Roddy shoves MJF, Cole tells Roddy to stop, but Roddy says MJF is just waiting to turn on Cole! Cole asks MJF to give him and Roddy a second alone. MJF heads out and says Roddy’s lucky he’s Cole’s friend. Roddy says “You gotta be kidding me,” but Cole tells Roddy he’s gotta be kidding.

Cole tells Roddy he loves him like a brother, he’d do anything for Roddy, but Roddy is acting insane! Roddy’s being crazy and possessive! He’s pushing Cole away. Cole has other friends, Roddy. And Roddy needs to trust Cole if he still wants to be a friend. Cole’s gonna go talk with Max. Roddy pulls on Cole’s arm but Cole tells him “Hey! Boundaries!” Cole heads out, but Roddy is still convinced that MJF is the snake waiting to strike. Will Roddy be proven right this Saturday? Or will he be as shocked as anyone when MJF & Cole become tag team champions?


Backstage interview with FTR.

Also after last week’s Dynamite, Renee interviewed Cash & Dax to say they are facing the team of MJF & Adam Cole on Collision for the tag titles. How do they feel knowing that this is the team they’re facing? Cash says he’ll be honest, he’s excited. But part of him feels bad because Cole is getting dragged into this. Cash wants Cole to know, should he watch this, that Cash does like Cole, does respect Cole, and even thinks Cole is one of the best today. But know that Cash hates Maxwell Jacob Friedman because he knows Maxwell Jacob Friedman, who is a terrible human being. MJF calls himself a generational talent, but he is a generational ass kisser.

Cash says he and Dax are generational ass kickers. They’ve been with MJF through The Pinnacle, they saw how he is backstage, and anyone that has ever been with MJF, including his former fiancée, when she got to know the real MJF, she left. So what does that say about MJF? Cole, sorry, but Hartford, July 29th, FTR has to make sure MJF & Cole learn, and that MJF knows, you never mess with FTR. Dax says he also kinda likes Cole, he’s an okay guy. But Cole has a win over Dax and that don’t sit right with Dax. Dax ain’t gonna let it be 2-0 for Cole. And Dax could yell and scream all day about MJF but he won’t. He won’t get “gimmicked up” like MJF does, this is real-life.

Dax is sure MJF made fun of his accent, that must be funny to a guy like MJF. But Dax watched that match, he saw the little dance. That was “funny,” in that it is hilarious how MJF is mocking tag team wrestling and out of the AEW World Tag Team Championships. Hartford, Collision, nuh-uh. No dance routines, no fun and games, no mocking pro-wrestling. This is gonna be a fight. If Dax tells MJF right now, sorry to Cole because yeah, he’s getting dragged into this. But if Dax said he is gonna beat MJF’s ass, that’s an understatement. Dax is gonna beat the SH*T outta MJF! Dax apologizes, shouldn’t say that with his daughter watching, but he dares MJF…

Dax anticipates MJF saying something about his wife and daughter. If MJF did that, Dax is gonna rip MJF’s eyes out. This is for the tag titles, but this is how Dax feeds his family, and yes he loves this business. And if he’s gotta beat MJF on July 29th, if FTR has to beat MJF on July 29th, then that’s what they’ll do. Sorry, Adam. #TopGuysOut.


Darby Allin w/ Nick Wayne VS Swerve Strickland w/ Prince Nana!

Mr. Red beat Mr. Blue in the Royal Rampage, and that doesn’t sit well with Mr. Blue! Will Swerve make sure Darby doesn’t even get to go All Out and challenge for the TNT Championship? Or will this be Darby’s payback for Swerve screwing him out of the tag title match and then some?

The bell rings and the two circle. The fans rally behind Darby and he ties up with Swerve. They’re in a deadlock and they go around. Swerve puts Darby on the ropes, Darby clinches an arm to wrench, then he headlocks. Swerve endures, powers up but can’t power out as Darby holds tight. Swerve lifts but Darby hits a flying-mare out of it! Fans cheer as Darby grinds Swerve into the mat. Darby pushes the shoulders for a cover, TWO! Swerve stands, throws body shots, and he lifts Darby up and over the ropes. The ref counts as Darby holds on, but Darby lets go at 4. And then slingshots in for a FLYING TAKEOVER!

Swerve fights around, stands up, and Swerve powers Darby to the ropes. Nana says that’s how you do it, but the ref counts. Swerve lets off, but sucker punches low! Swerve snapmares but Darby whips! Swerve flips up and around, whips, but Darby springboards to FLYING ARM-DRAG! Fans fire up, Darby runs in but is put on the apron! Swerve RAMS low, runs and returns, but Darby drops back, only for Swerve to handspring up and out! But Darby is ready and he fires fast hands, HEADBUTTS low, then hops on for a CODE RED to the floor! Fans fire up and Darby hurries to put Swerve in the ring! Cover, TWO!

Fans rally behind Darby while Swerve bails out again. Darby goes out the other side, and he RAMS Swerve into railing, to then CHOP! Darby whips Swerve into the steel steps! Fans fire up while Swerve writhes! The ring count climbs past 5 of 10, but Darby positions the steel steps around. Nana protests, Darby refreshes the count, and Darby runs up to COFFIN SPLASH Swerve against railing! Darby whips, Swerve reverses but Darby leaps over the steps! Swerve uses the steps to get up, FLYING HOUSE CALL!! Fans fire up and Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Nana cheers Swerve on, Nick coaches Darby, but Swerve stands first. Swerve drags Darby up and RAMS him into the steps! Darby writhes, but then Swerve stands on Darby and bends him against the steps! The ref reprimands, Swerve steps off and back into the ring, and he soaks up the heat. Darby slides in but Swerve drops knees in the corner! Swerve then drags Darby up and around, wrenches the arm and bends the fingers. Swerve taunts Nick, whose arm is also hurting from Swerve going after him last week. Swerve SPLASHES the arm, jamming up the fingers! Darby writhes to a corner but Swerve soaks up more heat.

Swerve does his dance and Nana joins in, then Swerve goes after Darby to DECK him! Swerve stands on Darby’s face, the ref counts, but Swerve steps off. Swerve sits Darby up, goes up the corner, and FALLING UPPERCUTS! Cover, TWO! Nana argues the count but the count was fair. Swerve stalks Darby back to a corner, toys with him a bit, but Darby throws body shots! So Swerve DECKS him again! Dynamite returns to single picture and fans boo as Swerve flexes. Swerve grins, goes back to Darby, but Darby BOOTS him! Darby jumps over, Swerve rolls with him, JUMPING COMPLETE SHOT!

Swerve then deadlift suplexes Darby high and hard! Cover, TWO! Darby is still in this and fans rally up. Swerve traps one arm, and he bends the other back, but Darby kicks free! Darby whips, Swerve reverses but Darby rolls under the hurdle to sunset flip! TWO, Swerve sits on it, TWO! Darby gets the sunset flip again, TWO! Swerve sits on it, TWO! Darby sunset flips again and adds a jackknife! TWO! Swerve sunset flips but Darby has the legs! LAST SUPPER!! TWO!?!? Swerve powers out and Darby is shocked! Nana assures Swerve he did it in time, but Darby runs in to DIVE! He spears Swerve off the apron, just like how the Royal Rampage ended!

Fans go nuts and the ref checks both men. Darby is somehow okay after that rough landing, and both men rise. “This is Awesome!” as Darby drags Swerve up and into the ring. Darby then crawls after him but Swerve rolls out of the ring! Nana distracts the ref, but Nick drags him down! Darby builds speed and DIVES into a JUMP KNEE!! Swerve takes Darby outta the air and fans lose their minds again! Swerve puts Darby in, climbs up top, KILL STOMPS!! Cover, TWO!??! Darby shocks everyone!! Nana is furious as Darby drags himself to a corner and then the apron. Swerve storms over that way, but Darby shoulders in!

Darby climbs, but Swerve CHOPS him first! Swerve goes up after Darby now, throws some elbows, then drags Darby onto his shoulders! But Darby fights with elbows, to SUPER THROWBACK!! Both men are down and Swerve dangles off the apron! Nana shouts for Swerve to move as Darby climbs up! Fans are thunderous, but Swerve trips Darby up! Darby is stuck up top, Swerve goes to the other side and climbs back up! Swerve fireman’s carries Darby now, SUPER APRON DEATH VALLEY DRIVER!!!! Fans lose their minds and Nana isn’t sure if he should be worried or excited. But Swerve gets himself up and in as the count climbs!

Nick shouts at Darby to get up, we’re at 7 of 10! And then 9! But Nana distracts the ref as someone drags Darby outta the ring and POSTS him!! He was wearing a blue hoodie, but by the look of those camo pants…! Swerve drags Darby in, Nick and Nana fight on the other side, but Swerve half nelsons! J M L DRIVER!! Cover, Swerve wins!!

Winner: Swerve Strickland, by pinfall

And then the mystery man returns, it IS AR Fox! Fox stomps away on his former friend, but Nick runs in to knock Fox down! Nick then RAMS into Swerve and fires off! Fans fire up, but Fox has Darby’s skateboard to SMACK Nick on the back! And then JAM him in the face!! Fox betrays his friend and Nana brings out a Mogul Embassy shirt! Fox is now with his old rival as part of the team! Will Swerve and Fox take over AEW together?


Backstage interview with The Jericho Appreciation Society.

Renee is with Matthew Menard, Angelo Parker, Anna Jay and mother-to-be Tay Melo and says this is a rather “disgruntled” JAS. Jericho walks up as Renee reminds us of Jericho teaming with Takeshita under the Callis Family banner against Sammy & Danny next week for Dynamite 200. Jericho asks what’s going on, and everyone says they want to talk. Sure, sure, come on in. They all go into the JAS locker room, cameras follow, and oh look, the painting is there. How nice. Yeah, it’s a gift from Don. But who cares about this painting? How is everything with them? How’s the baby?

Melo says the baby is doing great, but the real question is, what’s going on with Jericho!? Parker brings out his novelty switchblade comb. Jericho gave him that. He holds it out to Jericho, but then draws it back, because he’s not returning it. Yet. This comb means the world to Parker. This crew, this family means the world to all of them! And Parker thinks it means the same to Jericho. But he’s not entirely sure anymore. Anna says if no one else is gonna say it, she will. Jericho is being selfish! Oh, he’s being selfish? Yes! They spent all this time appreciating Jericho, but he has never appreciated them!

So until he does, like Jake Hager said, they can’t give Jericho their all. Anna leads the way out as she, Parker and Tay leave. Menard hangs back, and Jericho asks him if they think this is easy for him. Menard says yeah, looks like it’s pretty easy. So figure it out, and fast. Daddy Magic leaves Jericho alone with the painting, which family is Jericho going to choose?


Britt Baker VS Taya Valkyrie!

The Doctor heard La Wera Loca insulting the quality of her win last week, and has accepted the challenge for a “real” match! Will Britt show Taya that she is still the Face of the AEW Women’s Division?

The bell rings and the two circle. Fans rally up for “D M D! D M D!” and the two tie up. Taya THROWS Britt right down, and then grins as Britt gets up. They go again, Taya waistlocks and SLAMS Britt down to then facelock. Britt wrenches out, headlocks, but Taya picks her up. Britt kicks and flails to get back down, but then Taya powers up to push her away. Britt comes back, dodges a haymaker and headlocks. Taya blocks the takedown, they go to a corner and Britt uses the ropes for a flying takeover! Taya fights back up and lifts, to hit a BIG back suplex! But Britt holds onto the headlock!

Taya fights up again, powers out, and she runs Britt over! Fans boo but Taya just soaks it up. Taya smiles, showing she doesn’t need a dentist. Britt goes to a corner, Taya mocks the “D! M! D!” and runs in to DOUBLE KNEE! Taya stomps Britt, lets off as the ref counts, and Taya drags Britt to a cover. TWO, but Taya drags Britt up. Taya CHOPS Britt, then eggs the fans on. Taya CHOPS again, and then short arm LARIATS! Cover, TWO! Britt stays in this but Taya keeps on Britt. Taya ROCKS Britt, ROCKS her again, then pushes her. Taya runs, but Britt kicks a leg out! Britt runs, but Taya avoids the stomp!

Britt avoids a boot, gets around again and keeps going, to wheelbarrow, but Taya holds her up! Taya WHEELBARROW FACEBUSTERS Britt! Then she rains down fists! Fans boo as Taya throws elbows down, and the ref reprimands over pulling hair! Taya keeps raining shots, until Dynamite goes picture in picture!

Taya grins as she looms over Britt, and she soaks up more heat. Britt crawls to a corner, Taya KNEES her down! Taya grabs a leg to KICK it! Then she brings Britt around and bumps her off buckles. Taya stands Britt up again, to CHOP! Taya teases the fans, takes a bow, then goes back to Britt to CHOKE her on the ropes! The ref counts, Taya lets off, and Taya grins as she’s having fun. Britt stands, Taya KICKS her in the leg! Then bumps her off buckles! Taya runs back in but Britt shoots around to roll her up! TWO, and Britt CLOBBERS Taya! Britt keeps moving, SLINGBLADE! Britt still keeps moving, but she runs into a BLUE THUNDER BOMB! Cover, TWO!!

Britt survives and Taya still smiles, but Taya might be a little annoyed with Britt now. Taya grabs the legs, ties them up in an inverted deathlock, and then pulls Britt’s hair to get her in the crossface! Britt endures this modified STF, claws her way forward, but Taya SLAMS her face off the mat! Taya drags Britt up, bumps her off buckles, and elbows her! And clotheslines! The ref reprimands, but Taya sits Britt down and swaggers corner to corner. Dynamite returns to single picture as Taya runs back in, but Britt dodges the double knees! Fans fire up as Britt dodges Taya again, and again, to cravat! Britt throws in knees!

Fans fire up, Britt bumps Taya off buckles, and then Britt storms up to bump her off more buckles! Britt waistlocks, ripcords, and ROLLING ELBOWS! Cover, ONE?!?! Taya is tough and that shocks Britt! Taya pie faces Britt so Britt fires forearms! Taya gives them back, the fans rally as the shots go back and forth! Taya is having fun now, and she throws more shots! Britt gives them back, they just keep going! Taya gets the edge, runs, but Britt follows to ROLLING- NO, Taya dodges to ROUNDHOUSE! Britt stays up to SUPERKICK! Taya wobbles, but blocks the second superkick to KNEE and LARIAT! Cover, TWO!!

Britt is proving tougher than Taya expected, and Britt goes to a corner. Taya storms up but into a BOOT! Britt goes up, shout out to Cole, but Taya turns Panama Sunrise into NORTHERN LIGHTS! Bridging cover, TWO!! Britt survives the counter but Taya wants those legs again! Britt kicks Taya away, and SUPERKICKS! Taya wobbles, Britt goes back up! PANAMA SUNRISE!! Cover, TWO!?!? Britt can’t believe Taya survives, but now it’s time for the glove! Fans fire up as Britt puts that glove on, and she spells it out, “D! M! D!” FISHERMAN- NO, Taya slips out to ROCK, mule kick and KNEE Britt! Taya runs, and SPEARS!!

But Taya isn’t done here, she drags Britt up to chicken wing! But Britt fights it, so Taya half nelson! But Britt fights that suplex to drag Taya down! RINGS OF SATURN!! And then LOCKJAW!!! Taya taps, Britt wins!!

Winner: Britt Baker, by submission

The Doctor just proved why she is STILL a force to be reckoned with in AEW! Will nothing stop Britt from climbing back up to the top?


AEW hears from Nyla Rose and Hikaru Shida.

The Native Beast says, “Choto matte, Shida! Or, hang on a tick. Get it? Cuz we’re going to Wembley? Listen, I dunno why you think you get a shot at Toni Storm, but if you want it, you gotta go through me! I guess you could say we’re destined to Fight Forever.” But the Shining Samurai says this is HER time! “I beat up Toni Storm with my kendo stick, and I am ready to rip the AEW Women’s title off of her. Get outta my way, Nyla Rose. Our history is too long now, and it’s time to finish it.” Nyla VS Shida, one more time, is this Friday on Rampage!


AEW hears from various tag teams.

Jay Lethal says, “Listen up boys, and Ethan Page. The future of the AEW Tag Team Championships is this…” But then Satnam Singh interrupts to say that the titles are theirs! And Sonjay Dutt says, “You know why we’re gonna become AEW Tag Team Champions? Because you got a one-in-a-billion shot of throwing this man over the top rope!” Sonjay laughs it up, but then Prince Nana stands beside Brian Cage & “Big Bill” Morrissey as he says, “Whoever it is, we’re taking the titles, my friends.” But then Brother Zay moans in to say finally, the #MoanEvent is here! You like that? Yeah, Ethan gets it.

But now they get their chance to get their hands on Jay Lethal and “that big doofus, Satnam Singh. And on top of that, we get a chance to become #1 contenders to those tag team championships!” But wait, Matt & Jeff Hardy chime in. Who does Jeff wanna face? FTR? Or Adam Cole & MJF? Jeff says it doesn’t matter! He’s back from the healing process, and the Hardy Boyz are back to win gold! These teams and many more will be battling in an eight team, 16 man battle royal this Friday on Rampage, so who will walk away with the golden tickets?


BREAKING NEWS for Rampage!

On top of that tag team battle royal and the Shida VS Nyla grudge match, Scorpio Sky continues his return against Superbad Kip Sabian! And The Kingdom hop over from ROH to have their Rampage debut! Will Mike Bennett & Matt Taven make their own case for a tag title match in the future?


AEW hears from Buddy Matthews.

The Aussie Juggernaut tells Andrade that he fails to see “the big picture.” But if Andrade wants his mask back that badly, then he will have to scale a ladder “out of Hell” to retrieve it. But should Andrade fail, he will be forced to watch Buddy burn it to ash in front of him. Then his legacy, his heritage, and everything Andrade stands for will go down in flames. Will the House of Black break Andrade’s spirit when they destroy his mask?


Triple Threat Tag: Jon Moxley & Claudio Castagnoli w/ Wheeler Yuta VS The Lucha Brothers w/ Alex Abrahantes VS Best Friends!

The BCC didn’t like that Pac ditched them in Blood & Guts but Penta y Fenix didn’t like that the BCC screwed Pac over at Death Before Dishonor. Meanwhile, Trent & Chuck didn’t like that the Lucha Brothers tried to bust them open during the Fatal 4 Way tag title match, also at Death Before Dishonor! And then Best Friends and the BCC just don’t like each other period! With all this animosity, who comes out of this having brought down all their enemies in one match?

Dynamite returns as the Lucha Brothers make their entrance. They already want after Best Friends and the feeling is mutual, but then Moxley & Claudio make their entrance. But the teams in the ring don’t wait, they start brawling! The ref has no choice but to ring the bell now and get this on record! The Lucha Bros have the edge, shout “CERO! MIEDO!” and run, but into DOUBLE BOOTS! The BCC finally get ringside, and Claudio UPPERCUTS Penta! Moxley fires off on Fenix! Trent DIVES onto Claudio! Moxley goes after Trent, Chuck goes after Moxley! Chuck RAMS Moxley into steel steps, and then follows Moxley to the ramp.

Moxley gets his BCC shirt off, and uses it to CHOKE Chuck! Fans rally up as Moxley drags Chuck up the ramp! Then he ROCKS Chuck with a right! They continue up to the stage, Trent and Claudio follow, but then so do the Lucha Brothers! Chuck turns things around on Moxley to TOSS him down! Claudio brawls with Trent and Penta as Chuck gets space. The Kentucky Gentleman FLIES and takes out everyone! Fans fire up as Chuck flexes. Best Friends drag the BCC up and bring them back down the ramp, but Claudio fights back against Chuck. Chuck ROCKS Claudio back, but Claudio JABS and UPPERCUTS!

Chuck body shots, Trent ROCKS Moxley, Moxley ROCKS Trent! Claudio sends Chuck into steel steps! Moxley keeps on Trent, but then Fenix steps to Claudio in the ring! Fans remember that ROH Double Jeopardy match they had and they want to see more! Fenix CHOPS, Claudio eggs him on, so Fenix CHOPS again! Claudio ROCKS Fenix, Fenix CHOPS, repeat! Claudio gets the edge, kicks low and fires up! Claudio whips corner to corner hard, then runs in, but into a ROUNDHOUSE! But he comes back, so Fenix sends him into buckles! Fenix goes up and up and FLYING ARM-DRAGS! And then DROPKCIKS!

Trent returns to BUSAIKU KNEE! Moxley runs in, CUTTER! Chuck SUPERKICKS Mox! Penta SUPERKICKS Chuck! Claudio UPPERCUTS Penta! Fenix runs in, dodges Claudio and Tiger Feint Rewinds, but Claudio ducks it and blocks the superkick! But Fenix returns, into the POP-UP UPPERCUT!! Cover, TWO!! Fenix survives and Moxley goes to the corner to actually tag in. The BCC mugs Fenix, fans rally behind Moxley as he CHOKES Fenix on rope! The ref counts, Moxley brings Fenix around and puts him in the corner, to clothesline! Tag to Claudio, and Moxley snap suplexes! Claudio runs to drop a leg, brother! Cover, TWO!

Claudio drags Fenix up but they trade shots again! Fenix CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS, and CHOPS, and CHOPS! But Claudio blocks one to CLOBBER Fenix! Claudio stands Fenix up, suplexes, but Fenix slips out and SUPERKICKS! Trent tags in off Fenix and he DECKS Claudio! And TACKLES Fenix! Trent rains down fists on Fenix but Claudio drags Trent off. Trent fires forearms on Claudio now! Trent kicks Fenix to TORNADO DDT Claudio! Cover, TWO! Fans rally and Trent paces. Trent aims from a corner, runs back in, but Claudio blocks the knee! Trent fights the bomb, ducks a lariat, and SAIDOS!

Fans fire up as Claudio bails out and Trent builds speed! Trent DIVES into an UPPERCUT! Claudio slides in, tags Moxley, and Moxley runs to KING KONG LARIAT Trent! Cover, TWO!! Trent survives but Moxley drags him around to the BCC corner. Fans rally, Moxley goes up, KING KONG STOMP as Dynamite goes picture in picture!

Moxley paces, Trent goes to the apron, and Moxley drags Trent up. Trent ROCKS and CHOPS but Moxley BLASTS him off the apron! Trent hits railing and Yuta mocks him. Moxley goes out after Trent, drags him up, and brings him around the way to crotch him on the railing! Moxley CHOPS Trent, and CHOPS him again! And again! Trent flops off the railing, Moxley drags him up, and Moxley puts Trent in the ring. Tag to Claudio, and Moxley anchors Trent so Claudio can get a leg. They split the wishbone! Claudio then clamps onto Trent with a chinlock and he grinds Trent down. Fans rally as Trent endures.

Trent fights up, throws body shots, and gets free, only to run into a LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Claudio is annoyed, and the Lucha Brothers finally get to their corner. Tag to Moxley and he goes up, to AX HANDLE Trent down! Moxley sits Trent up to KICK! KICK! And KICK! Trent falls over, Moxley covers, ROPEBREAK! Moxley tries again, TWO! Moxley drags Trent up, tags in Moxley, and they ASSISTED PILEDRIVER Trent down!! Cover, Chuck breaks it! Claudio is mad at Chuck but that’s within the rules. Claudio drags Trent up, puts him in the one open corner and puts him up top as Dynamite returns to single picture.

Fans rally as Claudio climbs up after Trent. Trent throws body shots, then crotches Claudio! Claudio hobbles away, Trent MISSILE DROPKICKS him down! They’re both down and all three teams reach out! Fans rally, hot tags to Moxley and Chuck! Chuck dodges to CHOP and CHOP and CHOP! Chuck ROCKS Mox, whips, but Moxley reverses. Chuck wrenches to give Moxley SOLE FOOD! Chuck runs to ROCK Moxley again! But Moxley turns it around to fire off fast hands! Moxley runs, into the SEXY CHUCKIE KNEE! But then Moxley shoots around to a SLEEPER! But Chuck GERMAN SUPLEXES Moxley away!

Moxley staggers up, Penta tags in! And Penta dodges Chuck to then SLINGBLADE! And then SLINGBLADE again! Penta brings Chuck around but Chuck whips Penta away, only for Penta to go up and over and BACKSTABBER! Chuck writhes, Penta covers, but Trent breaks it! BCC returns to mug Trent! They double whip Trent, the ref reprimands, but Claudio trophy lifts Trent! PRESS SLAM CUTTER COMBO!! The BCC then mug Penta, but Fenix DOUBLE CROSSBODIES! The Lucha Brothers DOUBLE SUPERKICK BCC, but the BCC DOUBLE LARIAT in return! Chuck returns while everyone else is down!

Chuck covers Penta, TWO!! Fans rally up as everyone is down, and Chuck crawls to ropes. Chuck tags Trent, and Best Friends focus on BCC. But Moxley ROCKS Trent! Trent hits back while Chuck keeps on Claudio, but then the Lucha Brothers join in. Penta CHOPS Trent and CHOPS Moxley, but Chuck ROCKS Fenix! Claudio ROCKS Chuck, and Fenix adds a CHOP! We have two different three-way brawls going on! Fans rally as they all go around, forearms and elbows and CHOPS and then Best Friends HUG! You GOT to give the people what they want! But Penta and Claudio try to ruin it! Trent sends Penta at Moxley and Chuck sends Claudio at Fenix!

Fenix dumps Claudio out while Penta DECKS Moxley! Trent then kicks Penta, brings him around, and Chuck has Fenix! DOUBLE PILEDRIVERS!! Cover, TWO!!! Penta survives but Trent slaps sense into himself. Fans are thunderous as Best Friends bring Lucha Brothers up. Trent keeps on Penta, Chuck is after Fenix. They both whip, but Fenix hurdles over Penta! Penta KICKS Chuck, Fenix ROCKS Trent! Then they dosido to double wheelbarrow into double takedowns! Fenix has Chuck’s leg in a KNEEBAR CALF KILLER, and Penta hammerlocks an arm! Penta grabs the other, for the DARK SACRIFICE!!

Penta then half nelsons for the MADE IN MEXICO!! Cover, the BCC breaks it!! Then the BCC mugs Fenix and Chuck! DEATH RIDER for Fenix! HAMMER ‘N’ ANVIL ELBOWS on Chuck! The ref reprimands, but Moxley gives Trent DRAGON STOMPS! RICOLA BOMB for Chuck!! The BCC then drags Trent up, who is even legal? Claudio says this is because of Cassidy! RICOLA- NO, Orange Cassidy is here!! Fans fire up as Freshly Squeezed storms in, ORANGE PUNCH for Yuta! Moxley storms out after Cassidy and they brawl! Moxley knees low, ROCKS Cassidy, and Claudio tries again, but Trent powers out of Ricola to hit a CRUNCHY!! Cover, but Claudio is NOT legal!

Fans are going nuts as Penta returns, but into an Alabama Lift! But Fenix SUPERKICKS Trent and Penta turns things into FEAR FACTOR!!! Cover, LUCHA BROTHERS WIN!!

Winners: The Lucha Brothers, by pinfall

They may no longer be ROH World Tag Team Champions, but they just scored a massive win in this main event! But with Best Friends taking the loss, is this only the beginning of the war between Death Triangle and BCC? But speaking of, Cassidy goes after Moxley! Yuta DECKS Chuck, then he DECKS Trent! The BCC beat down on Best Friends but Lucha Brothers go after BCC! Only for Best Friends to go after them, too! Fenix DECKS Yuta, Penta POSTS Chuck! Claudio brings Cassidy up to suplex, but he gets STUN-DOG MILLIONAIRE instead!! Penta PUNTS Trent! Fenix ROCKS Chuck and Chuck hits back! ORANGE PUNCH for Claudio!!

But BREAKING NEWS from Tony Khan via commentary! Dynamite 200, an ANYTHING GOES TRIPLE THREAT! Moxley VS Trent VS Penta! The brawl is continuing, will these teams even make it to next week!?

My Thoughts:

This was a wild Dynamite, but once they pointed out next week was episode 200, something about this episode turned into Go-Home Syndrome. So much talking to hype upcoming stuff. Buddy had a good promo but I feel like this should’ve been the first we heard of him and Andrade fighting over the mask in a Ladder match, instead of hearing about it last week and then getting this. And while the MJF, Cole and Roddy stuff was good original material, making FTR do a post show promo to be shown here tonight, ON TOP of them venting on Collision, is redundant. And Dax tried to hide the fact he knew everything MJF said in his, but c’mon, he was basically responding to MJF when these are supposed to be separate moments “after Dynamite.”

Now, I really liked what we got out of the Jericho story. Good promo with Callis, and of course Callis got another strange oil painting. Also, something about that “art” looks like it was AI generated. Though I suppose that’s just how putting the faces of Callis and Jericho on bodies that were several times more ripped than either man have ever been would have that uncanny valley feeling. And good promo from the group still known as The JAS (for now). Anna was definitely in the right calling Jericho out. And that tag match of Jericho & Takeshita VS Guevara & Garcia is going to be the make-or-break moment.

The Don Callis Family does need to grow, but it’d be great if Jericho turned on Takeshita and Callis, only for someone within the JAS to turn on him. And at this point, it feels like Garcia could be the one, so he could shine within the DCF doing his dance and being his own brand of sports… enner-tay-ner. Really good promo from Nyla and Shida to set up what is basically a #1 contender’s match to face Toni Storm at All In at Wembley. Either choice is a good choice to face Toni, but Shida does have that story beat where she chose NOT to be an Outcast when Toni & Saraya started that faction, so it’d make sense Shida gets her shot.

Good promos from various tag teams, and oh look, another battle royal. AEW no longer cares about their rankings, they’re just like every other company now. Which in some ways is fine, no one was asking a wrestling company to treat this like real sports. Just about anyone can win the battle royal, and I am glad to see we’ll get a little more Triple J VS Hardy Party interaction than we did in the Royal Rampage, but that means those teams are all out of the running. At this point, give me more Brian Cage & Big Bill, they could have a great rematch with MJF & Cole, or a fresh match-up with FTR.

Great video from Hook, even if it was short. And really good promo from Jack Perry to add Heel Heat over insulting Hook and ECW. Jerry Lynn stepping to Jack was an interesting move, and I’m sure Jack will sucker punch and beat down Jerry next week to prompt Hook to return. That’s a rematch that will definitely be at All Out, but who knows who wins. Good promo from Britt before a really good match with Taya, and I figured Britt would win. I’m a little disappointed there wasn’t more to that, like The Outcasts reaching out to Taya. At the same time, where’s Britt going next? She did say TBS = The Britt Show, a play off Jade’s That B*tch Show, is Jade gonna return to feud with Britt? Is Britt going to feud with Kris Statlander over the TBS title? Both?

As for everything else, AEW does once again shine in their intertwining of stories. Cassidy VS Fox opens the show with an awesome title match. Cassidy wins, that turns Fox Heel, and then Fox also turns on Darby to join up with Swerve in a reunion from their shared past. That is going to be great, I would love for those two to be a Two Man Power Trip here in AEW while Brian Cage, Bishop Kaun & Toa Liona continue to dominate ROH, maybe even with Big Bill as a new member in that regard. And then Cassidy joins Best Friends in this building feud between them, Death Triangle and Blackpool Combat Club. That Triple Threat Tag was also awesome, a brawl to close the show is good stuff, and that Triple Threat Anything Goes for next week is big, too. I suppose a trio comes out of this ready for The House of Black and the Trios Championships, can’t wait to see it.

My Score: 8.8/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Collision Results & Report! (7/20/24)

Can the Collision Cowboys keep the gold?



The World Trios Championships are up for grabs!

Jay White’s hurt, the Bang Bang Gang was stripped, but Juice Robinson & The Gunns will fight to regain the Unified AEW & ROH World Trios Championships! But can they stop The Patriarchy from taking over?


  • Darby Allin VS The Beast Mortos; Darby wins.
  • Skye Blue VS Hikaru Shida; Shida wins, by stoppage.
  • Rey Fenix w/ Alex Abrahantes VS Tony Nese w/ The Premier Athletes; Fenix wins.
  • Roderick Strong VS Tomohiro Ishii; Roddy wins.
  • Holo.grm VS Gringo Loco; Holo.grm wins.
  • Lumberjack match: Thunder Rosa VS Deonna Purrazzo; Deonna wins.
  • Vacated Unified AEW & ROH World Trios Championships: The Bang Bang Gang VS The Patriarchy; The Patriarchy wins and are the new Unified World Trios Champions.


Darby Allin VS The Beast Mortos!

The ESports Stadium in Texas fires up as The Relentless One is back in action! He’s getting ready for Blood & Guts this Wednesday, but will he be red hot going into Dynamite? Or will he not get past the beast standing in his way?

The bell rings and the fans rally up. Darby circles with Mortos, they tie up, and Mortos powers Darby to a corner. The ref counts, Mortos lets off and the two reset. They circle, tie up, and Darby slips around to waistlock. Mortos just throws Darby right off! The fans are torn, but Darby keeps his focus on Mortos. They feel things out, tie up, and Mortos headlocks. The fans rally for Darby but Mortos SWINGS him into the takeover! Darby keeps his shoulders up, moves around and stands up, to then power up and out. But Mortos runs him over! Mortos soaks up the heat, things speed up, and Darby hurdles.

Darby then ducks ‘n’ dodges to SHOTGUN! Mortos bails out, Darby DIVES and direct hit at the ramp! The fans fire up and Darby hobbles up. Darby drags Mortos up and gets some space, to COFFIN SPLASH him against railing! The fans fire up with Darby, he refreshes the ring count, then brings Mortos around to SMACK him off the apron. Darby goes up the apron, runs and leaps, but Mortos catches him! Mortos SWINGS Darby into steel steps! The fans boo but Mortos eggs Darby on. Mortos drags Darby up, puts him in the ring, and he tells the fans to hush. The fans boo instead, but Mortos stands on Darby’s legs!

Mortos pulls Darby’s arms and pulls him back into the ROMERO SPECIAL, to then FLING him into buckles! The fans boo more but Mortos paces. Mortos drags Darby up, and he CLAWS Darby’s face! The ref counts, Darby fires body shots! Darby fires forearms, then runs, but into a SUPER DUPER POP-UP SAMOAN DROP! Cover, TWO!! Darby survives and the fans rally behind him. Mortos is frustrated by that, and he stand Darby up. Mortos gorilla presses but Darby slips free! Darby O’Conner Rolls, TWO! Springboard and SPLASH! Cover, TWO! Mortos is still in this and he goes to ropes.

Darby storms up and fires forearms and CHOPS! Darby whips, Mortos reverses, and Mortos catches Darby’s Coffin Drop! Darby fires elbows, shoves him away, but Mortos comes back! Sunset flip, but Darby sits on it! Mortos pushes up but Darby rolls him to a cover, TWO! Darby clamps on with a SLEEPER! The fans rally, Mortos fights up, and Mortos runs to BACKPACK CANNONBALL! Both men are down, but Mortos huffs ‘n’ puffs as he rises up. The fans rally for Darby as Darby flounders in the corner. Mortos brings his kneepads down, runs in, but Darby dodges! Mortos tumbles up and out, no cameramen harmed in the fall!

Darby goes up to SUPER COFFIN DROP! Down goes Mortos again and the fans lose their minds! Darby drags Mortos back up, puts him in the ring, and then climbs up. But Mortos HEADBUTTS Darby down! Mortos builds speed to TORNILLO TOPE!! Direct hit and the fans are thunderous again! They cheer on “A E DUB! A E DUB!” for giving them this opener. The ring count starts, Mortos drags Darby up and puts him in the ring. Mortos storms in, runs up, and he SPEARS Darby inside-out! Cover, TWO!! Darby survives and the fans fire up! Darby crawls, Mortos hushes fans again, but they just boo.

Mortos drags Darby up but Darby CHOPS! Mortos UPPERCUTS Darby right down! The fans boo as Mortos flexes, and he eggs Darby on. Darby slowly rises, Mortos kicks him, so Darby CHOPS again! Mortos DECKS Darby again! Mortos soaks up the heat, blows snot at Darby, then eggs Darby on. Darby slowly rises up, and he fires fast hands! Darby hops on, CODE RED! Cover, TWO!! Mortos survives but the fans rally up. Darby crawls away to a corner, rises up, and the fans rally behind him. But Mortos runs up to UPPERCUT first! Darby wobbles up top but Mortos goes up after him! Mortos brings Darby to the very top, but Darby fights back!

But then Mortos lifts Darby and SUPER GORILLA PRESS SLAMS him!! The fans lose their minds again, Mortos drags Darby to a cover, TWO!! Darby survives again and the fans rally hard as ever. Mortos drags Darby up to suplex him up top! Mortos ROCKS Darby, then climbs up to join him. Fireman’s carry, but Darby fires elbows! Darby turns things into a SUPER CRUCIFIX DRIVER!! Darby goes up while Mortos flounders, COFFIN DROP!! Cover, Darby wins!

Winner: Darby Allin, by pinfall

Both men were relentless tonight, but it’s Darby who survives their Collision! Will Darby be even more dangerous when he steps inside the double ring, double cage that is Blood & Guts?

Darby gets a mic to have his music cut. He says people tell him to slow down, or else he won’t be able to walk when he’s 30. Well, he is 30 now, and he feels wonderful! The only thing is, Darby doesn’t take the night off. Darby doesn’t forget being a dishwasher. He’d rather get kicked in the face any night of the week than go back to that. And we’re getting ready for Blood & Guts, and it’s very fitting that Darby’s finally in one. If anyone saw Sting’s final match, they saw Darby’s guts hanging out! He has a scar on his side that looks like Harry Potter’s forehead, and it stings every day. The fans cheer that!

Darby wants to talk the EVPs for a second, The Young Bucks. What sucks about them is that they never come to Collision, they never advertise the shows on the news or radio. It is Darby! AEW is Darby’s baby now! And he will stop at nothing to make sure everyone knows! Darby wouldn’t be here if not for The Bucks, that’s no secret, but man, they suck so bad now. And Jack Perry… Oh, Jack Perry. TNT Champion? No, that title means everything to Darby, and he will stop at nothing until the belt is around his waist again. So All In is around the corner… If Jack has the balls, let’s play! Darby is ready for Blood & Guts, see you Wednesday!


The Acclaimed speak.

Max Caster says, “Yo! Listen! The Elite, Blood & Guts next week, Team AEW is about to stomp on those tiny little nuts.” Billy Gunn tells Caster to just stop right there. That is not what the match is about. It is not about Bowens being The Scissor King, or about Caster being a rapper. It is about being the best wrestlers alive, and about being a badass! They need to bring this fight to The Elite! Time to nut up or shut up! Daddy Ass is fired up for his boys, and that fires them up! Bowens & Caster are ready to get serious, will they make The Young Bucks pay for playing games with them?


Skye Blue VS Hikaru Shida!

To be the best, you gotta beat one of the best, and that is why Chicago Skye called out the former THREE-TIME AEW Women’s World Champion! Will Skye use this Collision to build momentum? Or is she just going to give Shida her own rebound victory towards a title?

The bell rings and Skye BOOTS Shida down! Skye bumps Shida off buckles, stomps a mudhole in, then lets off. Skye brings Shida around to bump off buckles again, then stomps her more. Shida hits back, but Skye ROCKS her for it. Skye brings Shida around again, but Shida breaks free to ROCK Skye! Skye fires another forearm, but so does Shida! They go back and forth, faster and faster, then Shida fires off a flurry! Shida ROCKS Skye, fires up, then catches Skye to spin her. Skye ELBOWS Shida first, then runs, but into a KNEE! Shida runs but Skye SHINING WIZARDS at the ropes! Skye snapmares and runs up, but Shida blocks!

Shida spins Skye, ducks the spin kick and rolls Skye up! Skye rolls through but Shida DROPKICKS her out of the ring! The fans fire up and Shida watches Skye go around the way. Shida goes up and CROSSBODIES! Down goes Skye and the ref has Doc Sampson check. Shida gets herself a chair while she waits, and the fans fire up while Collision goes picture in picture.

Shida paces while Skye is checked out. That fall really rocked her, maybe even beat up a leg. Shida paces, then goes back into the ring to wait. Shida keeps the fans fired up, but it doesn’t look good for Skye. Shida checks with the ref, and it seems the match has been called! Shida wins by default!

Winner: Hikaru Shida, by medical stoppage

A real shame for Skye, as she was the one who wanted this fight. But Shida is still moving on, will she be waiting on the champions after All In?


Lancer Archer is going nuts backstage!

He is beating up and throwing around prospects left and right! One guy walks in, sees what’s going on, and turns right around, only for Archer to grab him and CHUCK him into the garage door! “It seems everyone has forgotten who the Murderhark Monster is! Everyone’s forgotten just what I can do. And it’s time to remind you all!” Archer CHUCKS a trash can into another guy, #EverybodyDies! Who else will be unfortunate enough to face Archer’s wrath?


Chris Jericho speaks.

“Hi, guys~! And hello, Minoru Suzuki. We’ve been waiting a long time for this match, haven’t we? For four years, I’ve been thinking of Suzuki VS Jericho. For four years, I’ve been wanting this match in the Tokyo Dome, or on Dynamite. And now, this Wednesday, the match comes true. It’s a dream match for sure. First time ever! But for you, Minoru, it’s gonna be a nightmare. Get ready for some night sweats and night terrors just thinking what I’m gonna do to you, and even worse after the match. They talk about Blood & Guts this Wednesday. This match is gonna be far more violent than that.

“They call you The Murder Grampa, one of the most violent men who ever came outta Japan. Well, Suzuki, if there’s anybody that can match you blow for blow, experience for experience, match for match, it’s me. So Suzuki, I can’t wait to teach you a few very valuable lessons. And one of them is gonna be you should’ve never turned down The Learning Tree when I asked you to be my partner, and you never should’ve come to the ring during TV Time last week on Dynamite. Suzuki, this is it, one for the ages. Like I said, first time ever, Jericho, Suzuki, Learning Tree VS the most violent man in Japanese history, I can’t wait.

“We’ll see you on, Wednesday, Suzuki, you’re not gonna like it. Thanks, guys!” The Learning Tree has been rather delusional these days, but has he reached a new level with this? Or does he have something up his sleeve to help him survive Suzuki?


Rey Fenix w/ Alex Abrahantes VS Tony Nese w/ The Premier Athletes!

The Immortal Firebird just won big last night on Rampage alongside Penta El Zero Miedo, but there’s no slowing down with him! However, “Smart Mark” Sterling has everyone stop so his client can say something very important. Nese takes the mic, even as fans boo, and Nese says “When they said everything is bigger in Texas, I’m gonna be honest. I thought they were talking about the cars, the houses. But the reason why they say that, now i can see, is because all of you are terribly, terribly FAT!” The fans boo but Nese says yes, it upsets him, too. But it isn’t entirely their fault. It is not. It’s because they haven’t had real athletes to look up!

Who’re they looking up to? The under-500 Texas Rangers? So, Nese’s lawyer, THE GREATEST lawyer in pro-wrestling, Sterling has made a contract to give a lucky individual an opportunity. But more importantly, it gives every single piece of trash here tonight to see what a real athlete looks like! But here comes Fenix! Will he make Nese regret flexing on Texas?

The bell rings and the fans rally for “LUCHA! LUCHA!” Fenix and Nese circle, feel things out, and they tie up. Nese wrenches, wristlocks, and grinds the arm. Fenix moves around, uses ropes to flip through, and then he wrenches to wristlock back. The fans rally as Fenix twists the wrist, but Nese fights up. Fenix HEADBUTTS the arm, but Nese fights up again. Fenix wrenches, Nese rolls, and then Nese throat chops! The fans boo and the ref reprimands, but Nese SOBATS Fenix to run and BOOT! And WHEEL KICK! Cover, TWO! Fenix is still in this, but Nese soaks up the heat. Nese stalks Fenix but the fans chant “You Still Suck!”

Nese CLUBS Fenix with crossface forearms, taunts the fans, then he drags Fenix up. Fenix knees free, ducks ‘n’ dodges, then springboards, but the ropes give out! Cover, TWO! Nese drags Fenix by his leg, stomps away, and Fenix crawls away. Nese stalks Fenix, stomps the leg more, then brings him up. Nese CHOPS, Fenix CHOPS, repeat! The fans “WOO~!” as the CHOPS keep going! Fenix fires up and he CHOPS! Nese falls back against ropes while Fenix eggs him on! Nese kicks low, whips, but Fenix reverses and DROPKICKS! Nese bails out, Fenix gets the bad leg moving, and he builds speed, only for Sterling to save Nese!

Fenix slides out, glares at Sterling, then ROCKS Nese! Daivari steps up but that’s a distraction. Same for Josh Woods! The ref reprimands, Nese blocks the superkick to then SUPERKICK back! Fenix falls, Nese slides into the ring, and that lets the Premier Athletes mug Fenix! The fans boo but the ref misses it all as Collision goes picture in picture.

Fenix clutches his leg, drags himself up, and Daivari talks trash on the fans. Nese AX HANDLES Fenix, but then Fenix shoves Nese. Nese ROCKS Fenix, CHOPS him again, but Fenix just CHOPS back! Nese kicks the bad leg, then whips Fenix hard into railing! Fenix falls over, Nese flexes while soaking up heat, and he goes back for Fenix. Nese puts Fenix in the ring, stomps him, then paces around. Nese drags Fenix up, TOSSES him up, and the Premier Athletes mug Fenix again! Fenix tumbles away to the ramp while Abrahantes protests, but that just lets even Sterling get his shots in! Fenix storms up on Sterling and he runs away as Collision goes to break.

Collision returns and Nese covers, TWO! Fenix is still in this, but Nese pushes him around. Fenix CHOPS back! Fenix eggs Nese on, Nese SLAPS, so Fenix CHOPS! Nese fires a haymaker, talks trash, but Fenix fires body shots. Nese stands Fenix up to CHOP him back down! Nese drags Fenix to a cover, ONE! Nese is annoyed but he drags Fenix up. Fenix CHOPS, and CHOPS, and CHOPS, CHOPS, CHOPS! Nese throat chops! The ref reprimands, but Nese HOTSHOT BULLDOGS! Then he slingshots to roll Fenix up, TWO! Nese deadlifts to a POWERBOMB! Cover, TWO!! Fenix survives and the fans fire up!

Nese and the Premier Athletes are frustrated but the fans rally behind Fenix. Nese drags Fenix up, pushes him to a corner and he fires haymakers! The fans boo but Nese sits Fenix down. The ref counts, Nese lets off, and Nese brings down the kneepads. Nese goes side to side, but Fenix somersaults to SPIKE-RANA! Cover, TWO!! Nese survives, but Fenix BOOTS him! Fenix runs in to JUMP SOBAT! Nese wobbles, Fenix brings him around to wrench, but Daivari gets on the apron! Fenix runs Daivari off, but Nese runs in! Fenix DUMPS Nese out onto Daivari! The fans fire up and Fenix builds speed to FLY! Down go ALL the Premier Athletes!

The fans are thunderous for “A E DUB! A E DUB!” while Sterling panics. Fenix rises, and he puts Nese in. The fans rally behind Fenix as he climbs. Fenix reaches the top rope, but Sterling gets on the apron! So Fenix tightrope walk PENALTY KICKS him down! But Nese rolls Fenix! SOBAT HEEL KICK! Nese goes up and up and PREMIER 450! Cover, TWO!! Nese is furious that Fenix survives but the fans are thunderous! Nese drags himself over and brings Fenix up. Nese pump handles, lifts, but Fenix slips free and SUPERKICKS! Nese leans against ropes, Fenix goes up, tightrope PENALTY KICK! Fenix goes up to FROG SPLASH! Cover, Fenix wins!

Winner: Rey Fenix, by pinfall

It was practically 4v1 but Fenix still wins out! Will this momentum help Fenix head after whatever championship he wants after All In?


Tony Schiavone is in the ring.

He welcomes us back to the ESports Stadium, and welcomes in two men AEW loves, it’s FTR! The fans fire up as Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood make their way out, having made their return just last week to help Tommy Billington against The Don Callis Family. FTR joins Schiavone in the ring and he brings up that big return to stand up to the Don Callis Family. Thankfully they did, so he asks their thoughts. Cash says if you ask him, Dynamite Kid Tommy Billington has one of the brightest futures in wrestling today, and they weren’t gonna let the Don Callis Family walk all over him.

But Cash also wants to talk FTR. It is no secret that the past two years has been the greatest run in their careers. The fans cheer that! Schiavone says the fans agree with Cash, and Cash says he thinks so, too. But while this was something Cash didn’t wanna talk about, when FTR was told they had time to talk tonight, he figured he should get it off his chest. It is no secret that Cash has been going through personal stuff that has dragged his name through the mud, is a cloud over his head, and he has had more stress than he could ever tell us all. Every single night, when he came out here, that was his escape.

This is where Cash could forget all that other crap, even when it wasn’t true. Every week, night after night, the fans helped Cash get through that. All that out there didn’t matter to him! It only mattered that he wrestled every match like it was his last, because he didn’t know if it was gonna be his last. So it isn’t a secret that Cash is a hot head, but it won’t happen outside this ring. Now the only people FTR has their eyes set on are The Young Bucks! So maybe, just maybe, time to go Buck Hunting!

Dax tells Schiavone that 2022 and 2023 were good times for FTR fans. FOUR world tag titles, THREE incredible matches with The Briscoes, and 58 MINUTES with Bullet Club Gold in Calgary. And the cherry on top: Beating the Bucks in front of 80 THOUSAND people in Wembley Stadium. But now, this is the present, and their win-loss record isn’t so great. Back in April, Dax had a serious back injury that he thought he wasn’t gonna come back from. But what really bothered him was The Bucks leap-frogging FTR as the best tag team in the world, and that didn’t sit well with him. The fans boo, they don’t like it either.

Dax says six weeks ago, he was sent home to rehab. He watched Collision, Dynamite and Rampage, all in hopes that “our EVPs, our fearless leaders,” would take this tag division back to the top and take it to the Promised Land. Dax was so let down. In six weeks, we haven’t seen The Bucks defend their titles. The fans boo that, too. Dax says maybe, just maybe, this is a big mistake. But starting next week, here in Arlington, Texas, FTR’s road to the AEW World Tag Team Championships begins. FTR starts their road back, and it ends at Wembley Stadium at All In!

And Dax knows sometimes he is rough to deal with, a little abrasive. But if you’ll give him a little grace, a little love, he promises FTR will give you all every bit of passion, love, tears, sweat and whatever else, so that they will become the THREE-TIME AEW World Tag Team Champions! The fans chant for “F T R! F T R!” and Dax tells The Bucks, “This whole thing’s for you. Top Guys, Out!” Just as AEW starts on the homestretch to All In 2024, FTR want to hit it out of the park! Will they get their shot at Matthew & Nicholas? Or are they overlooking The Acclaimed and their own shot at the gold?


Backstage interview with Hikaru Shida.

Lexy Nair is with the Shining Samurai and brings up the match tonight. Shida says stop, stop, stop. She came here for a fight, is still looking for a fight, and she wants to fight! Shida wants a fight… with DOCTOR BRITT BAKER!! Welcome back, by the way. And now Britt just wants to be TBS Champion? Get in line! Or does Britt not remember that Shida made her bleed once before? Shida will do it again this Wednesday on Dynamite: Blood & Guts! There could be a lot more blood than TBS bargained for, but will Shida make sure All In’s card is subject to change?


Roderick Strong VS Tomohiro Ishii!

The Savior of the Backbreaker will challenge Mark Briscoe for the ROH World Championship next Friday at Death Before Dishonor, right in this same building! However, he’s up against #BigTime Ishii, someone he’s also been itching to fight. Will Roddy be more than ready for the Sussex County Chicken? Or will the Stone Pitbull take a big bite out of him first?

The bell rings and the fans rally for “I-SHI-I! I-SHI-I!” as he circles with Roddy. They tie up, go around, and Ishii puts Roddy on ropes. The ref counts, Ishii lets off slowly, but Roddy CHOPS! Ishii doesn’t even flinch! Ishii eggs Roddy on, so Roddy CHOPS! Ishii CHOPS, Roddy CHOPS, repeat! The CHOPS keep going, a lot like they did just last night on Rampage. Ishii CHOPS, eggs Roddy on, so Roddy CHOPS again! The CHOPS just speed up now! The fans fire up as they go CHOP for CHOP again and again! Roddy then KNEES low, runs, and RAMS Ishii! Ishii stays put to CHOP again!

Ishii runs, Roddy CHOPS but Ishii just keeps moving, to run Roddy over! The fans fire up as Roddy flounders to a corner! Ishii eggs Roddy on, storms up, but Roddy BOOTS him! Roddy fires forearms but Ishii leans into them! Ishii corners Roddy like that! Roddy fires more and more and more forearms, but Ishii doesn’t budge! Roddy sees he’s stuck, the fans tell him he messed up, so Roddy uses ropes as defense. Ishii doesn’t go anywhere, so Roddy tries more forearms! Ishii DECKS Roddy! Roddy staggers back up but into Ishii’s facelock. Ishii suplexes high and hard! Cover, TWO! Roddy bails out to the apron but Ishii storms over.

Ishii TOSSES Roddy into the ring, Roddy staggers back up. Roddy waistlocks, Ishii throws him off! Ishii dodges the Strong Knee, but Roddy fires more forearms! Roddy runs, RAMS Ishii, but Ishii ROCKS him again! And CHOPS him! Roddy dodges but Ishii CLOBBERS him again! The fans fire up while Roddy bails out. Roddy hobbles, Ishii watches, and Roddy rolls in. Roddy bails out, but Ishii pursues! Roddy kicks low, bumps Ishii off the apron, but Ishii returns the favor! Ishii pushes Roddy in, but Roddy comes back to WRECK Ishii with a dropkick! Ishii hits railing, Roddy brings him around for an APRON BACKBREAKER!

The fans are torn while Ishii flops to the floor, and Collision goes picture in picture.

Roddy pursues Ishii, drags him up, and pushes him into the ring. Roddy stomps Ishii around, scuffs him and digs his heels in. The ref counts, Roddy lets off, and Roddy drags Ishii up. Roddy reels Ishii in to BACKBREAKER! Ishii writhes, Roddy huffs ‘n’ puffs, and Roddy sits Ishii up. Roddy CLAWS Ishii’s face, then CLUBS him down. Roddy stomps Ishii, covers, TWO! Roddy keeps Ishii down with a double wristlock, but Ishii endures. Ishii fights up, fireman’s carries, but Roddy slips free. Roddy kicks Ishii low, stomps him to a corner, then digs his boots in. Roddy lets off to soak up heat, then he storms back up to CHOP!

Roddy ROCKS and CHOPS Ishii, then fires more hands. Roddy brings Ishii in for a suplex high and hard! Cover, TWO! Ishii stays in this, but Roddy stays on him with a chinlock stretch! Ishii endures, fights up, and he carries Roddy as a backpack! Roddy CLAWS Ishii’s face, and has a SLEEPER! Roddy brings Ishii back down into body scissors! Ishii endures as Collision returns to single picture, and the fans rally up. Ishii stands, throws elbows but Roddy knees low. Roddy ROCKS Ishii, CHOPS him, then runs. Ishii scoops to SNAP POWERSLAM! Both men are down and the fans fire up!

Roddy flounders away to ropes, drags himself up, and he goes back to Ishii. Roddy fires a forearm but Ishii fires back! Roddy gets the edge but Ishii just glares at him! Roddy fires more shots but Ishii leans into them again! Ishii corners Roddy all over again! Ishii then CHOPS, CHOPS, and ROCKS! Ishii CHOPS and ROCKS Roddy over and over, but gets in the ref’s face as he counts. Ishii whips, Roddy reverses and ROCKS Ishii back! Roddy fireman’s carries, Ishii slips free, GERMAN SUPLEX! Roddy tumbles to a corner and Ishii growls as he rises. The fans fire up and Ishii runs in to LARIAT!

Ishii brings Roddy around, puts him up top, and then climbs up. Ishii brings Roddy up to stalling SUPERPLEX! The fans are thunderous while Ishii crawls to the cover, TWO!! Roddy survives and the fans fire up! Ishii rises, he brings Roddy up and in, but Roddy fights the lift! Roddy back drops Ishii away! Ishii rises, runs in, but Roddy BOOTS him! ENZIGIRIS! And then fireman’s carry, for the GUTBUSTER- NO, Ishii blocks that! Ishii runs, Roddy avoids the sliding lariat! Ishii swats a lariat, Roddy ducks the headbutt, but Ishii comes back to HEADBUTT after all! The fans fire up again as Ishii storms around.

Ishii runs, Roddy gets around to OLYMPIC SLAM! And roll through to fireman’s carry! GUTBUSTER DROP! Cover, TWO!! Ishii survives, the fans fire up, but Roddy drags Ishii up again. Roddy suplexes, but Ishii fights it! Ishii wrenches, LARIATS, then runs. Roddy dodges to fire boxing elbows! And a BOOT! Ishii swings, Roddy dodges and CHOPS! And CHOPS! And STRONG- NO, Ishii stops the knee to ENZIGIRI! Roddy wobbles, Ishii runs, into the STRONG KNEE! Ishii SOUTHPAW LARAITS! Ishii runs again, to LARIAT Roddy inside-out! Cover, TWO!! Roddy survives but Ishii roars!

Wait, here comes The Kingdom! The fans boo, the ref tells them to stay back, but then Roddy LOW BLOWS Ishii, and STRONG KNEES!! Cover, Roddy wins!

Winner: Roderick Strong, by pinfall

Matt Taven & Mike Bennett help Roddy avenge their loss last night on Rampage, but they also haul Ishii up. Roddy slaps Ishii around, talks smack, but here comes Mark Briscoe & Kyle O’Reilly! The Conglomeration runs The Kingdom off, but this fight only has six more days to wait! Will Roddy be ready to #ReachForTheSky? Or will Blood & Guts make things a lot easier for him this Wednesday?


Holo.grm VS Gringo Loco!

After weeks of mystery, it is time to see this newest star in action! His name may be Hologram, but he is no illusion! Will he show just how real he is now that he’s All Elite?

The bell rings and the fans rally up. Hologram runs in, Loco leaps up and over. Loco runs in, Hologram dodges, then jumps up to stand on Loco! Hologram backflips, runs, then titl-o-whurl RANAS! Hologram kips up, then knuckle locks to CHOP! Hologram goes up and up and jumps onto Loco, but Loco swpins him! So Hologram just uses that to tilt-o-whirl RANA again! The fans fire up and Loco bails out. Hologram runs to fake Loco out, then WRECK him with a dropkick! Hologram skins the cat, builds speed and FLIES! Direct hit and down goes Loco! The fans fire up and Hologram gets Loco up and into the ring.

Hologram goes up, dodges Loco and GAMANGIRIS! Hologram slingshots and pops up, to RANA again! Loco ends up in a corner and he’s getting frustrated. Hologram runs in but Loco sends him hard into buckles! Loco storms up to stomp Hologram, then brings him around to CHOP! The fans “WOO~!” and Loco whips. Hologram KICKS, runs, but Loco gorilla presses! Loco DROPS Hologram, STANDING MOONSAULTS, covers, TWO! Loco is annoyed but he drags Hologram to a drop zone. Loco goes up and up and SKY TWISTER FLOPS! Hologram adjusts his kneepads, dodges Loco, but Loco corners him again!

Hologram jumps over the kick, dodges the lariat, and is on the apron to slip through the ropes! Hologram slingshots up and over, strikes a pose, and now Loco is really frustrated. Loco runs up, but Hologram BOOTS hm! Hologram goes up and up, and QUEBRADA SNAP SUPLEXES! Loco bails out, Hologram goes up and up to SUPER FLYING RANA!! The fans are thunderous for Hologram and his “LUCHA! LUCHA!” Hologram puts Loco in the ring, stalks him, and then spins to HEEL KICK! Then a torture rack, for an AIRPLANE SPIN BLUE THUNDER!! Cover, Hologram wins!

Winner: Holo.grm, by pinfall

A powerful debut for Holo.grm and his #PortalBomb! Will this transformation from musketeer to futuristic warrior be just what he needs to become the best in the world?


BREAKING NEWS for next week!

Battle of the Belts returns for the 11th edition, following live after Collision! What championships will be on the line as AEW continues towards All In?


Dustin Rhodes & The Von Erichs speak.

Kevin Von Erich says it is so great to be here in Texas with his sons and his friend. This is a great night. Kevin remembers working with Dusty, and he learned so much from him. There will never be another like him. Wrestling is changing, there are a lot of differences. Dustin knows, he’s been here a long time, so he can be a real benefit to Marshall & Ross. Dustin thanks Kevin, and says he watched Kevin for years, learned so much from his own father, and he is sure the storm has arrived. One of the greatest wrestling legacies right here in Texas! The Von Erichs, the Rhodes, together for the first time since 1978!

Dustin looks forward to this, and promises that if they listen and watch, they’ll head down a path that is already great. They’ve seen this trio in action before, so believe him when he says, Dustin’s got your back. Will Dustin & The Von Erichs make a natural fit here in AEW?


Mark Briscoe speaks.

“Now here we are in the Dog Days of Summer 2024, it’s hot as balls outside, and lemme tell you what else is heating up, the schedule for the ROH World Champion. Got a busy week next week. Next Friday, right here in Arlington, Texas, it’s ROH Death Before Dishonor, Mark Briscoe, Roderick Strong, for the ROH World title!” Mark tells Roddy that they’ve known each other a good long time now, came up in the game together. But Mark warns Roddy, Mark’s gotten wiser since last time. He’s gotten tougher since the last time! So Roddy better be ready! That’s Friday!

But after Friday, one thing’s for certain is that two days ago it was Wednesday! And let’s talk about Wednesday! Blood & Guts! Nashville, Tennessee! Team AEW VS The Elite. Let’s explain something to The Elite: pro-wrestling runs parallel to society in so many ways. And The Elite is the perfect example of what is wrong in the world today. They’re powerful, privileged, and they think they can step on the little man, step on the grind. But Team AEW represents the grind worldwide! Bring yo’ ass, because Mark will be disappointed if they don’t bring the fight! Let’s get violent, baby! RARARARA!


Lumberjack match: Thunder Rosa VS Deonna Purrazzo!

La Mera Mera has been daring The Virtuosa to just bring the fight so they can settle this, and she finally got Deonna to accept this fight! With the AEW Women’s Division surrounding the ring, will there be no running and hiding for Deonna now? Or will she still find a way to snatch away this win right out from under Rosa’s nose?

The bell rings, the two run up and start throwing hands! The fans fire up while the lumberjacks egg them on. Rosa puts Deonna on ropes, wrenches an arm, then whips. Deonna holds ropes to stop, and she bails out, but nope, Trish Adora and a few others are right there. However, Marina Shafir and Diamante are also there, they have the others stay back so Deonna can get herself in the ring. Deonna runs up on Rosa, Rosa dodges to mule kick. Rosa runs, DROPKICKS Deonna, and the fans fire up. Rosa stomps Deonna, runs and SENTONS! Cover, TWO! Deonna bails out, but is surrounded by Abadon, Leyla Hirsch, Rachael Ellering and more!

Deonna runs back into the ring, Rosa stomps her again. Rosa CHOPS Deonna to a corner, CHOPS her in the corner, and then whips corner to corner. Deonna reverses, runs up but Rosa mule kicks! Rosa goes up and up to CROSSBODY! Cover, TWO! Rosa is annoyed but she drags Deonna up. Deonna fires body shots, whips Rosa OUT, but Ellering and friends are there to help Rosa up. But Deonna gets Rosa in the ropes for a DRAPING DDT! Deonna soaks up the heat but she doesn’t have that many fans at ringside. Deonna stomps Rosa out, Ellering and friends are there to help Rosa, but Deonna stomps her again.

The fans rally for Rosa but Deonna runs in, Rosa dodges, and Deonna finds herself surrounded again! Ellering CLOBBERS Deonna and the fans fire up! Taya gets upset, but Ellering does her job of putting Deonna in. However, Taya crosses the line by grabbing Rosa’s feet on the apron! Rosa kicks her away while the other lumberjacks are arguing! Rosa goes up, but Deonna SLAPS her first! Deonna climbs up after Rosa, and she aims for the lumberjacks! SUPERPLEX onto the lumberjacks! The fans fire up as all 20 some odd ladies are down, and Collision goes picture in picture!

Taya and Diamante check on each other, being sometimes teammates and friends. They find Deonna and Rosa in the pile, get them in the ring, and Deonna stalks Rosa. Rosa fires body shots but Deonna fires a forearm! The forearms go back and forth, harder and harder, then Deonna KNEES low! Deonna throws Rosa by her hair, then soaks up the heat. Deonna taunts Rosa, drags her up, and wrenches an arm to YANK it! Deonna wrenches and YANKS the arm again, and then WRINGS it out! Rosa writhes, Deonna covers, TWO! Rosa snarls but Deonna stays on her and that arm. Deonna top wristlocks and wrangles Rosa down.

Rosa endures, even as Deonna endures. The lumberjacks rally the fans, and Rosa fights up to arm-drag free! Rosa runs up to wheelbarrow, victory roll and STOMP 182! Cover, TWO! Deonna toughs it out, Rosa drags her up, and Rosa fireman’s carries. Deonna fights with elbows, then shoves Rosa away to BOOT her down! Deonna storms around, drags Rosa up, and Collision goes to break.

Collision returns, Rosa fights the straitjacket but Deonna puts it back on her, for a BACKSTABBER! Cover, TWO! Rosa survives, Deonna TOSSES her out! And Taya is right there to slap her around! Diamante joins in, but Adora and the others stop the lumberjacks. Rosa DECKS Camron Bra’Nae (formerly NXT’s Amari Miller)! Diamante runs up, brawls with Rosa, but Rosa ROCKS her! Rosa HOTSHOTS Deonna, fires forearm son her, and the fans fire up! Rosa has Deonna on ropes, the ref counts, but Rosa lets off to run and DROPKICK! Deonna sputters and the fans fire up! Rosa drags Deonna up, fireman’s carries, and spins into the DEATH VALLEY! Cover, TWO!

Deonna survives and shocks Rosa! The lumberjacks rally, the fans fire up, and Rosa vows to end this. Rosa scoops Deonna but Deonna somersault clutches, into an ARMBAR!! Rosa fights, stacks Deonna, TWO! Deonna BOOTS Rosa! But Rosa ROUNDHOUSES! Deonna returns, catches the lariat, for an EXPLODER! Cover, TWO! The fans rally up again as Deonna and Rosa rise. Deonna reels Rosa in, Gotch Holds, but Rosa slips free to tuck Deonna! Deonna fights the lift, wrenches out, and she wrangles Rosa into the FUJIWARA ARMBAR! Rosa fights around, rolls through, but Deonna keeps the arm!

Rosa has the ROPEBREAK and the ref counts. Deonna lets off, drags Rosa up but Rosa TOSSES her out! Deonna and Rosa brawl at the ropes, the lumberjacks watching closely. Rosa fires a flurry, but Deonna HOTSHOTS the arm! Taya high-fives Deonna, but Ellering gets in Taya’s face. Rosa runs to SPEAR Deonna onto the lumberjacks! Another wild wipeout and the fans are thunderous! Rosa drags Deonna up to RAM her into steel steps! Rosa then stalks Deonna, but Diamante & Taya CLOBBER Ellering! The fans boo but Rosa drags Deonna up and into the ring. Rosa sees Diamante but Diamante fires hands first!

The fans boo but Leyla goes after Diamante, payback for ROH’s Lights Out match! Deonna is in the ring, the count is climbing, and it is getting chaotic on the outside! Red Velvet is after Billie Starkz, a preview of their ROH Women’s World TV Championship match, and then Taya sneaks Deonna a spare turnbuckle bar! Deonna CLOBBERS Rosa!! The ref misses all of this as Deonna covers, Deonna wins!!

Winner: Deonna Purrazzo, by pinfall

Well, call this one a team effort as Taya even raises Deonna’s hand in victory! Deonna hurries away before Rosa knows what hit her, but will Rosa ever get her revenge?


The Patriarchy heads for gorilla position.

Christian Cage is ready to lead his family to victory, but watching in the background is Kip Sabian. Will Mr. Superbad have something to say about AEW’s “Father of the Year” becoming a champion?


BREAKING NEWS for Collision!

Be ready on August 1st as we’ll have a special Thursday Night Collision! Still at regular time of 8 PM Eastern on TNT, tickets on sale now!


Vacated Unified AEW & ROH World Trios Championships: The Bang Bang Gang VS The Patriarchy!

Juice Robinson & The Gunns didn’t like that AEW management stripped them of these titles just because Jay White got hurt, but they were at least given this title opportunity to win the titles back. Will Rock Hard Robinson, Fully Cocked Colten, and… Austin make The Switchblade proud? Or will Christian Cage and his “sons,” Nick Wayne & Killswitch/Luchasaurus triumph together?

The introductions are made, the belts are displayed, and only one trio can leave with them after tonight!

Fans chant for “JUICE! JUICE! JUICE!” and they cheer as he rips off the shirt! The trios sort out and we start with Austin and Nick. Austin fires up, the fans are with him, and the two tie up. They go around, Austin digs in his heels to then wrench, wristlock, and headlock. Nick pries free to headlock back, but Austin powers out. Nick pulls hair, mocks the finger guns, then reels Austin back in for a takeover. Austin headscissors, Nick kips free but roles reverses as Austin hits a takeover but Nick headscissors. Austin kips free, blocks the arm-drag and he whips Nick for a hip toss. Nick flips through, Austin shoves him away then dodges to hip toss and QUICK DRAW!

The fans fire up while Nick scrambles away! Austin stares the Patriarchy down, so Christian tags in! The fans boo but then Austin points to Juice. The fans chant for “JUICE! JUICE! JUICE!” again so Austin tags him in! The fans fire up as Juice and Christian stare down. They circle, but then Christian tags out to Killswitchasaurus. The fans boo but now the dinosaur steps into the ring. The two tie up, Juice puts Luchasaurus in a corner and CHOPS! And CHOPS! Luchasaurus just steps up to Juice. Juice CHOPS again, and again! Luchasaurus swings, Juice dodges to kick, but Luchasaurus blocks to CHOP Juice down!

The fans boo but Luchasaurus stands Juice up. Juice BITES Luchasaurus’ hand! Juice stomps a foot, CLUBS away on Luchasaurus, then runs. Christian gets a cheap shot in! And a HOTSHOT! HEADBUTT from Luchasaurus! The fans boo more but The Patriarchy soaks it up as Collision goes picture in picture.

Luchasaurus drags Juice up to fire off hands in the corner! The ref counts, Luchasaurus tags Christian and Christian fires hands. Christian talks trash right in Juice’s face, but he lets off to talk smack on the Gunns. Nick CHOKES Juice in the distraction! Christian storms up, Juice fires body shots in return! Christian CLUBS Juice for it! Christian stomps away on Juice, rains down fists, but The Gunns coach Juice up. Christian drags Juice up, tags Nick, and they mug Juice. Nick whips Juice to ropes, then UPPERCUTS him down! Nick pushes Juice to a cover, ONE!! Juice is tougher than that but Nick drags him up.

Nick bumps Juice off buckles, tags in Luchasaurus, and they mug Juice. Luchasaurus puts Juice on ropes to CHOP him down! Luchasaurus CHOKES Juice on ropes, lets off as the ref counts, and Luchasaurus stalks Juice to a corner. Luchasaurus whips corner to corner, runs up and YAKUZA BOOTS! Cover, TWO! Luchasaurus drags Juice up, bumps him off buckles, then tags Nick. Nick drags Juice out to snapmare, then he scrapes his soles on JIuice’s face! Nick runs to KICK Juice in the back! Nick sucker punches Austin, then scurries away. Collision returns to single picture as Juice THROWS Nick away!

The fans fire up while Nick and Juice crawl, hot tag to Colten! Colten rallies on Nick, then dodges Luchasaurus to DROPKICK him! Colten swings on Christian but Christian gets away. Colten runs to STINGER SPLASH Nick! Colten keeps moving, and he hits the crossover NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Colten drags Nick over, tags in Austin, and Austin bumps Nick off buckles. Austin fires hands, ROCKS Nick, then runs corner to corner and back again, only for Nick to dodge! Austin’s splash sends him tumbling up and out to the floor! Colten checks on his brother but Nick smirks. Nick goes out to fetch Austin and puts him in the ring.

Austin flounders, Nick stomps him around, then covers, TWO! Nick drags Austin over, tags Christian, and they CLAW Austin’s back! The ref reprimands but Christian CHOKES Austin on ropes! The ref counts, Christian lets off, and Christian taunts Colten. Christian drags Austin up to snapmare, then he ELBOWS Austin in the head. Christian CLAWS Austin’s face, tags Luchasaurus, and they mug Austin. Luchasaurus CHOPS Austin in the corner, brings him around, and wrenches for a BIG back suplex! Cover, TWO! Austin is still in this but Luchasaurus drags him back up. Luchasaurus puts him in the corner but Austin BOOTS!

Austin ELBOWS Nick, glares at Christian, but then goes up and over! Hot tag to Juice! Juice CLOBBERS Nick, scares Christiani off, but Nick kicks. Nick goes up and up, but Juice avoids the cutter! JAB! JAB! JAB! “JUICE! JUICE! JUICE!” LEFT HAND O’ GOD! And a SENTON! Cover, TWO! Nick survives but Juice drags Nick up. Juice whips, Christian gets Nick out of th ering to safety. But Juice PLANCHAS them both down! The father and son take a fall, Juice puts Nick in. But Luchasaurus grabs Juice! Colten & Austin CLOBBER Luchasaurus first! They then whip Luchasaurus hard into railing! Luchasaurus tumbles up and over!

Nick is in the ring, Juice LARIATS him in the corner! The fans fire up as Juice goes corner to corner for a CANNONBALL! Juice drags Nick up, reels him in, suplex and JACKHAMMER! Cover, Christian breaks it! But Austin is there! And Colten, too! Christian is surrounded! Christian tries to run for it but he gets reeled into a BIG atomic drop! Austin ROCKS Christian! Colten ROCKS Christian! Juice DECKS Christian! The fans fire up as The Guns DOUBLE LARIAT Christian and themselves out of the ring! Nick sneaks up on Juice, but Juice blocks the low blow! Nick’s being a bad boy, Juice reels him in!

Juice FALLING POWERBOMBS Nick! High stack, TWO!! Nick survives and Juice is beside himself! Juice drags Nick to a drop zone, goes up the corner, but Nick anchors him! Luchasaurus returns to grab Juice, for a SUPER CHOKE SLAM!! Nick goes up and up and tags Christian, so he can ARIHARA MOONSAULT the Gunns! Christian is up, to FROG SPLASH Juice! Cover, TWO?!? Juice survives and Christian is furious! The fans are thunderous but Christian hauls Juice up. Nick runs in, but Juice DUMPS Nick out hard! Christian CLUBS Juice for that, brings him to Luchasaurus, but then Juice ducks! The HEADBUTTS his Christian!

Christian staggers, Juice reels him in, JUICE IS LOOSE!! Cover, NICK BREAKS IT!! And with just nanoseconds to spare! Austin drags Nick out, they brawl! Colten intercepts Luchasaurus, but Christian pokes Juice in the eyes! Christian chicken wings Juice for the KILL- NO, Juice spins that around on him! But then Christian grabs the ref! Mother Shayna MACES Juice!! Christian turns Juice around, KILLSWITCH!! Cover, Patriarchy wins!

Winners: The Patriarchy, by pinfall (NEW Unified World Trios Champions)

Christian promised his family they’d have championships together, and it would seem his promise came true! The lights flicker, but they stay up. Was that just a glitch? Or is there something Christian is overlooking?

My Thoughts:

A great Collision here to start the “Road to Wembley” series in the ESports Stadium. The stage and ramp look great, but this new theme song they’re using instead of Elton John is not a good song. It has like marching band drums but still tries to be rock ‘n’ roll, they need to scrap it and try again. That aside, Darby VS Mortos was a great opener, and Darby of course won to bring momentum into Blood & Guts. Good promo from Darby to officially challenge Jack Perry for the TNT Championship, you can bet that’s happening. A shame for Skye Blue getting hurt tonight, but taking a crossbody from that high up is hard to judge. Hopefully the injury isn’t too severe. But good promo from Shida after to call out Britt, that’ll be a great match for Dynamite.

Great match from Fenix and Nese, and great win for Fenix, even if that was the extent of things. Great debut for Hologram/Holo.grm, formerly Aramis in AAA. He got to show a lot of what he can do, and even then I think there’s even more in his arsenal he held back. Great match from Roddy VS Ishii but I should’ve figured Taven & Bennett would show up to help Roddy win. Mark and Kyle running out there was logical, and no Cassidy was curious. It subtly builds that new moodiness to Cassidy, given he was in his more negative, dark denim and Pixies song mood on Dynamite. But great promo from Mark to hype up Blood & Guts as well as Death Before Dishonor.

Likewise, great promo from The Acclaimed with Billy making them get serious. Angry Acclaimed could make for some interesting stuff, especially if they kept it up towards their title match. Speaking of, FTR had a great promo but them setting a goal for another match with The Bucks at All In, I guess I was right to think that was the plan all along. Battle of the Belts 11 is coming so maybe that’s where we get Bucks VS Acclaimed? If that’s the case, then it feels like a given that Bucks win to go on to All In, which is a shame for The Acclaimed. Very good promo from Jericho to call out Suzuki, though I don’t think it added anything. They’re maybe leaning a little too hard into Jericho always needing TV time no matter the show, but whatever.

Good promo from Dusty & The Von Erichs, but did they really need to wait until AEW was back in Texas to get that trio going again? Well, given who the new trios champs are, I wouldn’t mind seeing Dusty & The Von Erichs going after The Patriarchy, especially with the obvious “Christian can bring up Dusty” promo waiting to be used. The trios championship match was great stuff, and they did a really good job making us think Bang Bang Gang was gonna win. But being Heels, Christian & The Patriarchy of course won via cheating. The flickering lights were a very subtle nod to The House of Black, but I would’ve preferred just a full tease, maybe just The House applauding from the tron and saying they’ll see Christian soon. And with Kip Sabian watching backstage, I feel like maybe Kip is the third man while Buddy Murphy is away.

My Score: 8.8/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Rampage Results & Report! (7/19/24)

The Conglomeration is on a Rampage!



The word of the day is “Rampage!”

Tomohiro Ishii joins The Conglomeration to take on The Undisputed Kingdom! Will this Freshly Squeezed formation tear down Strong, Taven & Bennett?


  • Six Man Tag: The Conglomeration VS The Undisputed Kingdom; The Conglomeration wins.
  • Chris Jericho & “Big Bill” Morrissey w/ Bryan Keith VS The Outrunners; Jericho & Bill win.
  • Minoru Suzuki VS The Butcher; Suzuki wins.
  • Kris Statlander w/ Stokely Hathaway VS Sydni Winnell; Kris wins.
  • The Lucha Brothers w/ Alex Abrahantes VS Private Party; The Lucha Brothers win.


Six Man Tag: The Conglomeration VS The Undisputed Kingdom!

While Mark Briscoe will be facing Roderick Strong next Friday for the ROH World Championship, his friends of Orange Cassidy, Kyle O’Reilly & Tomohiro Ishii will be taking on Roddy, Matt Taven & Mike Bennett right here tonight! Will Freshly Squeezed, The Violent Artist & the Stone Pitbull tear The Kingdom down? Or will Rampage in Little Rock be Undisputed?

The trios sort out, Roddy starts against Kyle, and the two circle. They feel things out, tie up, and go around. They fight for control in the clinch, end up on ropes, but then move around again. Roddy wrenches an arm, wristlocks, but Kyle spins and drop toeholds. Kyle floats to a waistlock but Roddy fights up. Roddy wrenches out, headlocks for the takeover, but Kyle rolls to a cover! ONE, but Roddy does not let go of the headlock. Roddy shifts to a clinch, but Kyle trips him up and floats for a leg. Roddy kicks at Kyle but Kyle stays close. Roddy wants a leg but Kyle kneels on Roddy to block. They knuckle lock, and Roddy fights up.

Roddy waistlocks, Kyle arm-drags to throw Roddy down, but Roddy trips Kyle. Kyle uses his leg guard but Roddy cartwheels away, and the fans cheer the stand off! The two reset, but then Cassidy tags in. Taven also tags in, and Cassidy runs up to get around. Cassidy headlocks, Taven powers up and out, then drops down to hurdle over. Cassidy blocks hip toss to hip toss back! Cassidy arm-drags, then he fakes Taven out! Taven is mad but Cassidy DROPKICKS him! Cassidy kips up, is a little wobbly for it, but the fans cheer. Ishii grabs Taven’s hair to keep him cornered while Cassidy storms over.

Cassidy tags Ishii, they double whip and then Ishii runs Taven over! Taven scrambles away, tags Bennett, but Ishii just runs Bennett over! And runs him over again! Taven comes back but gets run over! Roddy runs in and RAMS Ishii, but Ishii rebounds to run Roddy over! The fans fire up but The Kingdom mugs Ishii! The fans boo while The Kingdom reels Ishii in. Ishii fights the double suplex! Ishii tries to double suplex The Kingdom! The Kingdom CLUBS away on Ishii, but Cassidy steps in, as does Kyle! They help Ishii DOUBLE SUPLEX The Kingdom! The fans fire up and Cassidy flexes while he and Kyle stand down.

Ishii dares Roddy to get in, then he goes to Bennett. Ishii bumps Bennett off buckles, tags Kyle, and Kyle tags Cassidy. The Conglomeration has Bennett against ropes so that Kyle can KICK, Ishii can CHOP, and Cassidy can “chop.” KICK! CHOP! Chop. KICK! CHOP! Chop. KICK! CHOP! CHOP! Now Cassidy’s getting into it! KICK, CHOP, CHOP! Bennett sputters, Kyle & Ishii feed him to Cassidy’s SHOTGUN! Ishii covers, TWO! Bennett flounders around but Ishii stomps him, and Rampage goes picture in picture.

Roddy shouts at Ishii but Ishii drags Bennett up and over to bump off buckles. Tag to Cassidy and he brings Bennett up to snapmare. Cassidy “runs” to LAZY ELBOW DROP! Cover, TWO! Cassidy keeps Bennett from The Kingdom and tags in Kyle. They mug Bennett, then Kyle wrenches Bennett to an ELBOW BREAKER! Kyle hammerlocks, spins Bennett and snapmares him into a seated COBRA TWIST! Bennett endures, Cassidy gets in the shot so he can thumbs up, and then Kyle rolls Bennett into a cobra cradle! But Taven & Roddy distract the ref! Kyle lets Bennett go, and he stomps Bennett at the ropes.

Kyle bumps Bennett off Cassidy’s foot, then tags in Ishii. Ishii stalks Bennett, CHOPS him, but Bennett CHOPS back! Ishii doesn’t even flinch! Bennett CHOPS again, and that hurts his hand more than it does Ishii’s chest! Bennett CHOPS again, but Ishii CHOPS Bennett down! Rampage returns to single picture as Bennett sputters. Ishii CHOPS him again, and again, and again! Taven runs in, Ishii kicks him low, and fires a CHOP! Ishii CHOPS Taven, CHOPS Bennett, repeat! The CHOPS keep going, fans “WOO~!” and then Ishii runs. But Roddy trips Ishii up! The ref reprimands, Ishii BOOTS Roddy, and then Ishii breaks The Kingdom’s double clothesline!

Ishii comes back, he DOUBLE LARIATS The Kingdom, but Roddy DROPKICKS Ishii right after! The fans rally while Ishii and Bennett crawl again. Bennett hot tags Roddy and Roddy scoops Ishii for a BACKBREAKER! Roddy drags Ishii up to push him into the corner. Roddy CHOPS and Ishii sure felt that one! Roddy CHOPS again, then brings him around. Roddy fires forearms and haymakers, but the fans rally for “I-SHI-I!” Tag to Taven, he fires hands on Ishii. Taven snapmares Ishii to then CHOP him! Taven talks smack, then he sucker punches Cassidy! Taven tries to convince Kyle he’s on the wrong side, but Ishii GERMAN SUPLEXES Taven!

Taven flounders, the fans rally up, hot tag to Kyle! Bennett jumps in but gets a kitchen sink knee for it! Kyle BOOTS Taven, KICKS Bennett, then he KICKS Taven! Roddy steps in, but then steps out when Kyle spots him. So Cassidy DIVES onto Roddy! Kyle fires off strikes on Taven, but Taven avoids the leg sweep! Taven CLAWS Kyle’s eyes, says he doesn’t wanna do this, but then Ishii ROCKS Taven! Kyle reels Taven into a GUILLOTINE FACELOCK! Bennett hurries in but Cassidy CROSSBODIES Bennett down! Taven powers up but Cassidy DIVES onto Roddy again! Taven fights but Ishii tags in.

Ishii takes Taven and suplexes while Kyle aims, CHASING THE DRAGON!! Ishii covers, Bennett breaks it! Bennett ROCKS Kyle, Cassidy ducks ‘n’ dodges to tilt-o-whirl, but Bennett stops the DDT! Bennett suplexes, into STUN DOG MILLIONAIRE! And then AX & SMASH from Kyle! Ishii LARIATS Bennett inside-out! The Conglomeration regroups while the fans fire up! Kyle runs to forearm SMASH Taven in the corner! Cassidy SMASHES, too! Then Ishii corner LARIATS! They hoist Taven up, Ishii climbs, but Roddy & Bennett wipe out Kyle & Cassidy! Roddy goes after Ishii, helps Bennett pick Ishii up as a backpack, and Taven adjusts up top.

The fans boo but Roddy helps Bennett hit the PROTON PACK! And Taven adds the FROG SPLASH! Cover, TWO?!? Ishii survives that onslaught and shocks The Kingdom! The fans fire up while Taven tags Ishii. Roddy drags Ishii up, knees him and CLUBS him, then ROCKS him! Roddy fires more shots but Ishii fires boxing elbows in return! Roddy spins but Ishii SWATS the Strong Knee! But then Roddy KNEES Ishii’s lariat! Roddy fires elbows of his own, but Ishii HEADBUTTS! Cassidy tags in and goes up! The Kingdom runs in but Cassidy leaps over them both! Cassidy then baits The Kingdom in and DUMPS The Kingdom out!

Cassidy builds speed to DIVE, but The Kingdom catch him! They RAM him into apron, RAM him into railing, then set him up for Roddy to WRECK him with a dropkick! The Kingdom soaks up the heat while Rampage goes picture in picture again.

Roddy hauls Cassidy up to RAILING BACKBREAKER! Cassidy staggers, Taven ROCKS him, and Roddy puts Cassidy in the ring. Roddy tags Taven in, they stomp Cassidy, and Taven drags Cassidy up. Taven puts Cassidy in the corner but Cassidy fights back with forearms and elbows for everyone! Cassidy slides under Taven, but Taven anchors his legs! Cassidy kicks Taven away, Bennett runs in and he drags Cassidy back. Cassidy BOOTS Bennett away so Roddy anchors him now! Cassidy reaches out, but Roddy drags him back and deadlifts him for a BACKBREAKER! Roddy digs a knee in, pulls Cassidy back with a chinlock, but Cassidy endures.

Roddy grabs an arm, he drags Cassidy back, and he hits a BACKSTABBER! Tag to Bennett and he covers, TWO! Bennett drags Cassidy up to CHOP him back down! Bennett drags Cassidy up again to snap suplex! Cover, TWO! Bennett keeps on Cassidy with a facelock, tags Taven in, and The Kingdom mugs Cassidy. Taven scoops Cassidy to BACKBREAKER, and Rampage goes to break.

Rampage returns and Taven stomps a mudhole into Cassidy. Tag to Bennett but Roddy also steps in. Bennett drags Cassidy up, bumps him off buckles, then tags Taven back in. The Kingdom set Cassidy up and run in! Bennett forearm SMASHES, but then Cassidy TOSSES Taven! Roddy runs up to KNEE Cassidy, Taven BOOTS Kyle! Roddy puts Cassidy up, and they try this again! PROTON- NO, Cassidy slips free to shove Bennett into Taven! Taven gets stuck up top, and Cassidy dodges Roddy! Hot tag to Ishii! Roddy kicks Ishii, but Ishii suplexes to BRAINBUSTER Roddy! Ishii catches Bennett, to BRAINBUSTER!

Taven finally sits up but Ishii is after him first! The fans fire up as Ishii gives Taven a SUPERPLEX! Cover, Roddy breaks it! Kyle steps in and he brawls with Roddy! The fans fire up as forearm after forearm fly back and forth! Roddy ROCKS Kyle, Kyle KNEES Roddy! Roddy avoids the ax kick to fire elbow after elbow! Only to run into a KNEE! Snapmare and Ishii SLIDING LARIATS! Taven SUPERKICKS Ishii, Bennett fireman’s carries Kyle! DEATH VALLEY DRIVER and JUST THE TIP of the knee! Ishii ENZIGIRIS Bennett! Cassidy rises, Ishii gives him the tag! Cassidy goes up to leap and sunset flip Taven! Bennett breaks it!

Bennett whips, Cassidy ducks ‘n’ dodges to tilt-o-whirl DDT! Cassidy fires up and the fans are with him! Kyle joins in, they stand Bennett up! FRESHLY SQUEEZED ANNIHILATION! Roddy runs up to BOOT Cassidy! Kyle turns Roddy around but gets a STRONG KNEE for it! Ishii spins Roddy around, Roddy dodges and returns, DOUBLE LARIATS take both men down! Cassidy returns to ORANGE- NO, Taven dodges! But then Cassidy ducks the leg lariat to ORANGE PUNCH!! Cover, The Conglomeration wins!

Winners: The Conglomeration, by pinfall

A powerful trios match opens Rampage, but wait, here comes Don Callis. Why’s this creep here? The fans boo him, but Callis smiles. Cassidy sees Callis and winds up the hand! But Kyle Fletcher attacks from behind! The Aussie Arrow stomps away on Cassidy at the ropes, then rains down fists! The fans boo but wait! Here comes Mark Briscoe! The Sussex County Chicken won’t let The Protostar get away with this! He ROCKS and UPPERCUTS Kyle, then LARIATS Kyle up and out! Only for a STRONG KNEE to take Mark down! Roddy stomps Cassidy, then stomps Mark! Roddy holds up the belt and shouts, “This is mine!”

The fans boo but The Undisputed Kingdom stand tall, holding up all three belts. Will nothing stop them from conquering ROH at Death Before Dishonor?


Backstage interview with The Outcasts.

Arkady Aura is with Saraya & Harley Cameron, and says we haven’t seen Saraya wrestle since her first round loss in the Women’s Owen Hart Cup. Harley speaks up and asks how that’s supposed to be Saraya’s fault. Why point the finger of blame at her? Maybe it is this company’s fault! Because Saraya has been spending this whole time training, getting “Wembley Ready,” and being an unproblematic icon! Saraya says Harley is right, and do you know why? Because AEW is scared of Saraya. The AEW Women’s Division is scared of her! Because she is the living legend, she understands.

Last year at All In, Saraya had the world at her feet! Now, they’re just keeping her off the show. Harley says doing All In Wembley without Saraya is like doing Beverly Hills Cop without Eddie Murphy! Saraya says yeah, that’s why they’re keeping her away. But they can’t do the show without her because she IS the show. All roads lead to Wembley, baby, and it doesn’t matter who she has to step on to get there. Then just who will The Outcasts take out in order to have their moment?


Chris Jericho & “Big Bill” Morrissey w/ Bryan Keith VS The Outrunners!

While The Learning Tree has to defend that “For The World” Championship this Wednesday on Dynamite, he and The Redwood are not shying away from competition. Will Jericho & Bill show the world they’re not afraid of big bad Minoru Suzuki? Or will Turbo Floyd & Truth Magnum be the ones to teach The Learning Tree a thing or two?

The teams sort out and Bill starts against Truth. The fans rally, Truth gets around to headlock, but Bill powers up to TOSS Truth away! Truth flounders to his corner, Turbo tags in, and Turbo steps up to Bill. Jericho isn’t even taking this match seriously, he’s checking his phone! Bill knees Turbo low, CLUBS him down, but Truth tags back in. Truth runs and leaps, but Bill catches him! Bill grins, gives a thumbs up, then SLAMS Truth down! Bill says the fans know what’s up. But then Turbo tags in and The Outrunners DOUBLE CLUB Bill! Bill just frowns…! Bill turns around, he runs up, but The Outrunners dodge to DOUBLE DROPKICK!

Bill stays up but The Outrunners fire up. They spin and handshake, while flexing! Bill frowns, Truth sees and warns Turbo. Turbo looks and Bill DECKS him! Bill DECKS Truth, too! Bill then runs to BOOT Truth out of the ring! Turbo staggers up, Jericho keeps checking his phone, but Turbo CHOPS! Bill sighs and Turbo begs for mercy. Bill puts Turbo in a corner, CHOPS him, then CHOPS again! And he fires off haymaker after haymaker! Bill laughs as he stomps a mudhole into Turbo! The ref counts but Bill keeps going! Bill lets off, laughs some more, and Jericho says look out. Truth CHOPS Bill, but then he begs for forgiveness.

Bill powers Truth to a corner with one hand! Then he runs to SPLASH Turbo! SPLASH for Truth, SPLASH for Turbo! BOOT for Truth, and then Bill choke grips Turbo. SKYSCRAPER CHOKE SLAM!! And then he tags Jericho! Jericho smirks and waves to the fans. “Hi, guys~!” Cover, Jericho & Bill win!

Winners: Chris Jericho & “Big Bill” Morrissey, by pinfall

Bad Apple Keith kicks Truth out of the ring, then he stands tall with his guys. Keith tells the Outrunners to respect Chris Jericho, but he and Bill won’t be around to help Jericho on Wednesday. Will Jericho be able to survive Minoru Suzuki in the shadow of Blood & Guts? Or will Suzuki tear down The Learning Tree #ForTheWorld?

Wait, speaking of Suzuki, here he comes! He has his own match tonight, but he wants to look Jericho in the eye one more time before Dynamite. Will the Meanest Man in the World make an example out of The Butcher?

Minoru Suzuki VS The Butcher!

Rampage returns and The Butcher is already in the ring. The bell rings and Butcher talks some smack on Suzuki. Butcher then fires a forearm, but Suzuki comes back with a forearm of his own. Butcher RAMS Suzuki into a corner, the ref counts, but Butcher lets off at 4. Suzuki eggs Butcher on but Butcher pie faces Suzuki. Butcher dares Suzuki to bring it, so Suzuki fires off fast hands and forearms! Suzuki ROCKS Butcher in the corner, then goes corner to corner, so he can BOOT! Butcher staggers, Suzuki snapmares him, then runs to PENALTY- NO! Butcher blocks the kick! Butcher CLUBS the leg, then trips Suzuki.

Butcher has a standing toehold as he traps one of Suzuki’s legs. Suzuki just eggs Butcher on! Butcher stomps the leg, drops an elbow on it, then he drags Suzuki up. Butcher CLUBS Suzuki, but Suzuki just snarls. Butcher CHOPS, but Suzuki isn’t impressed. Butcher CHOPS again, Suzuki eggs him on, so Butcher fires more CHOPS! Suzuki just laughs! Butcher ROCKS Suzuki, kicks low, then kicks again. Butcher reels Suzuki in to suplex high and hard! Cover, TWO! The fans rally for Suzuki and he fires body shots on Butcher. Suzuki ROCKS Butcher, but Butcher HEADBUTTS! Butcher vows to break Suzuki’s back!

Butcher half nelsons, but Suzuki slips around to waistlock. Butcher elbows free, runs, but Suzuki follows, drop steps to get around, and has the SLEEPER! Suzuki wrangles Butcher, squeezes tight, but Butcher endures. Suzuki spins Butcher around and reels him in, and the fans fire up for the Gotch Lift! Butcher’s big, but Suzuki still lifts him, holds him up, and then PILEDRIVERS!! Cover, Suzuki wins!

Winner: Minoru Suzuki, by pinfall

A gritty fight for Suzuki and Butcher, and this was in a normal match! What won’t Suzuki do to Jericho when it is FTW Rules?


The Conglomeration speaks.

Mark Briscoe says, “For those of you who may or may not have been living under a rock for the past couple months, you are looking at the group that has come to be known as The Conglomeration. You know about my main man with the game plan, OC, and Kyle O’Reilly. Let me introduce to you Tomohiro Ishii, henceforth to be known as Big Time! That’s right! Here in The Conglomeration, there is only two rules. First and foremost, you gotta be down to conglomerate. And secondly, you cannot in any way, shape or form, be a s*it head!” Kyle shrugs and nods, because it’s true.

Mark then says that brings us to the word of the day! The word of the day is… Discombobulation! Kyle asks the country of origin. American! Can he use it in a sentence? In the midst of Mark’s discombobulation, Roderick Strong cracked him in the jaw with a knee, and stood over him, holding up Mark’s ROH World Championship high in the air! Now that done pissed Mark off, Roddy! He’s known Roddy a long time, and Roddy knows better than that! So next week, Death Before Dishonor, Mark has something for Roddy!

But before that, tomorrow night’s Collision, #BigTime Ishii is going to take Roddy on 1v1! No Kingdom, no Conglomeration, and damn sure no Don Callis Family at ringside! Roddy VS Ishii, and we’ll show y’all how we do in The Conglomeration! Because they’re ’bout to RARARARARA!! The Chicken is all fired up, but will the Stone Pitbull be able to take a big bite out of the Savior of the Backbreaker?


Kris Statlander w/ Stokely Hathaway VS Sydni Winnell!

The Galaxy’s Greatest Traitor knows The Babe with the Power wants payback on her just as badly as she wants to run Willow’s life. But while Willow went and won the CMLL Women’s World Championship, Kris has just been grumbling and plotting with Big Stoke. Will Kris make an example out of Sydni tonight? Or will the Heart of Hutchinson, Kansas be unbreakable?

The bell rings and Kris DISCUS LARIATS right away! Stoke fires up but the fans are torn as Kris hauls Sydni back up. Kris ROCKS Sydni, CHOPS her, then fires off haymakers in the corner! The ref counts, Kris stomps a mudhole in, then she digs her boots in. The ref counts, Kris gets in his face about it, then goes back to Sydni. Kris drags Sydni up to snap suplex! Sydni flounders but Stokely smiles. Kris runs corner to corner, UPPERCUTS, then goes side to side, but Sydni ELBOWS her! Sydni fires forearm snow and has Kris in a corner! The fans fire up, Sydni fires up, and she whips. Kris reverses to then scoop and pop Sydni around!

Kris tucks Sydni in for STATURDAY NIGHT FEVER!! Cover, Kris wins!

Winner: Kris Statlander, by pinfall

As Stokely says, every night is #StaturdayNight, especially when Kris wins like that. She has Stoke stand on her while she does push-ups just to show off, but will Kris be ready when Willow returns with a vengeance?


Holo.grm loads up.

Whoever this mysterious masked man is, he is ready, and he promises that tomorrow night on Collision, we will see him debut! Will Holo.grm prove to be more than meets the eye?


BREAKING NEWS for Collision!

Collision is already stacked with Strong VS Ishii, Holo.grm’s debut, and the Unified World Trios Championship match, The Patriarchy VS The Bang Bang Gang, but Skye Blue’s challenge to Hikaru Shida has been answered! Will the Shining Samurai cut through the Chicago Skye to find her way back to the top of the ranks? We’ll also see Darby Allin return to action against The Beast Mortis! Will The Relentless One sharpen his edge for Blood & Guts? Plus, the Lumberjack match has been made official! Thunder Rosa VS Deonna Purrazzo, with other AEW stars all around ringside, will this be where La Mera Mera and The Virtuosa finally settle the score?


The Lucha Brothers w/ Alex Abrahantes VS Private Party!

Penta El Zero Miedo & Rey Fenix are looking to get in on the tag title chase, but so are Marq Quen & Isiah Kassidy. While The Acclaimed still have to shoot their shot at The Young Bucks, which team will be waiting for them on the other side?

The teams sort out and Fenix starts against Brother Zay. The fans rally, Zay offers a handshake, and Fenix takes it. But then Fenix ROCKS Zay! Zay ROCKS Fenix back, they fire forearms, and Zay fires forearms again and again. Zay whips, Fenix springboards to CROSSBODY! Fenix kicks, SOBATS, KICKS a leg, then kicks again, but Zay blocks! Zay steps over, GAMANGIRI! Zay runs, but Fenix pops him up, only for Zay to RANA! Zay whips, Fenix reverses but Zay reverses back. Fenix goes up and out to the apron, Zay runs in, Fenix dodges the triangle jump, and then Fenix slingshot SENTONS! Fenix stands Zay up, but Zay fights the underhooks!

Zay RAMS Fenix into the corner, tags Quen, and Quen rolls Fenix up, TWO! Fenix comes back, but gets a pop-up DROPKICK for it! Penta tags in and the fans fire up! Penta blocks, Quen blocks then Quen ROCKS Penta! Quen goes up, brings Penta to the top with him, but Penta CLUBS Quen! Penta SUPERKICKS Quen, then slingshots up to SUPER RANA Quen away! The fans fire up, Quen returns but Penta BOOTS him! Quen tries again, Penta pops him up and SUPERKICKS him while upside-down! Quen flops to the apron then the floor and the fans fire up. Penta builds speed, but Zay CROSSBODIES him!

Fenix MISSILE DROPKICKS Zay! Quen returns to PELE Fenix! Penta SUPERKICKS Quen! All four men are down and the fans fire up! Zay and Fenix bail out, Penta and Quen slowly stand up. Penta eggs Quen on, and Rampage goes picture in picture.

Quen steps up to Penta, and Penta says uno momento. Penta dramatically takes off his glove, but Quen says no, let him. “SHOTS! SHOTS!” Penta says okay, listen! “CERO! MIEDO!” Penta pie faces Quen, so Quen comes back to say “SHOTS!” “CERO! MIEDO!” “SHOTS!” They go back and forth, taunt for taunt, then Penta CHOPS! Quen is stinging but he composes himself. Quen comes back, CHOPS, but that hurts his hand more than it does Penta’s body! Penta says okay, and he unbuttons Quen’s shirt, to CHOP him down! The fans fire up with Penta as he does a “SHOTS! SHOTS!” dance! So Quen returns to fire forearms!

Quen ROCKS Penta, runs, but Penta SUPERKICKS! “CERO! MIEDO!” Penta runs but Quen BOOTS him down! Quen nods, runs up, but DOUBLE LARIATS collide! Both men stay up, Penta blocks a kick to HEEL KICK, only for Quen to ROUNDHOUSE back! Both men wobble, then they DOUBLE ROUNDHOUSE! Both men fall and the fans fire back up! Quen and Penta crawl, hot tags to Zay and Fenix! Fenix ROCKS Zay, Zay ROCKS Fenix, and Fenix fires off a strike fest! Fenix reels Zay in, “ANIMO!” But Zay wrenches out to facelock back! But Fenix fights the suplex, wrenches out, and KICKS Zay!

Fenix reels Zay in, but then Zay wrenches out. Zay reels Fenix back in, but Fenix wrenches out to mule kick. Fenix reels Zay in, “ANIMO!” but Zay wrenches out to ROCK Fenix! Zay eggs Fenix on, pie faces, and he fires a forearm! Fenix fires back, they go back and forth, and the fans rally up. Fenix and Zay huff ‘n’ puff, and they keep throwing shots! Zay gets the edge, but Fenix returns in kind! Rampage returns to single picture as they both throw forearms at the same time, again and again! It is fast and furious and the fans love it! Penta runs in just to BLAST Quen! The Lucha Bros mug Zay, double whip, but Quen is there for some SILLY STRONG!

Penta flounders out, Quen HOTSHOTS Fenix! Zay brings Fenix around, Quen goes up, AFTER PARTY STOMPS! Quen goes up and up to ESCALARA SENTON onto Penta! Zay SWANTON BOMBS Fenix! Cover, TWO!! Fenix survives and shocks Zay! The fans rally up and Zay brings Fenix up. Tag to Quen, and Private Party puts Fenix up top. Quen runs up, GIN- NO, Fenix holds onto the corner and Quen tumbles! Penta also waistlocks Zay but Zay fights free with elbows. Penta shoves Zay so that Fenix can tightrope walk PENALTY KICK! Then Penta SLINGBLADES Zay down! Quen gets in, he gets a SLINGBLADE, too!

The fans fire up for “CERO! MIEDO!” Penta brings Quen in but Quen slips free and shoves Penta into Fenix! Fenix lands on his firebird and Quen helps Zay up. GIN & JUICE!! Cover, but Penta returns to break it and hit a DESTROYER on Zay!! Quen is shocked while Little Rock is thunderous! “This is Awesome!” as “A E DUB!” gives us this main event. Quen drags Fenix up but Fenix CHOPS! Fenix eggs Quen on so Quen stomps away on him! Quen drags Fenix up, reels him in, but Fenix wrenches out to underhook and BUTTERFLY ANARCHY! Cover, TWO!! Fenix tags Penta and they aim at Zay. DOUBLE SUPERKICKS!

Quen is alone, “UNO! DOS! TRES!” DOUBLE SUPERKICKS for him, too! Then Penta drags Quen up and Fenix goes up! Tuck and “CERO! MIEDO!” LB PILEDRIVER!! Then Fenix DIVES onto Zay for good measure! Penta covers, Lucha Brothers win!

Winners: The Lucha Brothers, by pinfall

Private Party put up a fight to be sure, but Penta y Fenix just wanted it that much more! Will the Lucha Brothers be watching Blood & Guts very, very closely?

My Thoughts:

A great episode of Rampage here, and even the squash matches served some purpose. Kris crushing Sydni was mostly for momentum, but it felt like that was the first real showing of Kris’ Heel attitude with her trash talking the whole time. Jericho letting Bill do all the work against The Outrunners was naturally how that match was going, but it works perfectly in character and story for them. And Jericho crossing paths with Suzuki before Suzuki puts Butcher away rather quickly was good, too. The go home math is therefore even ahead of their FTW Championship match, but I wonder if Jericho was texting someone who could interfere for him since Keith & Bill can’t. But it can’t be Jeff Cobb, though, he’s locked in for NJPW’s G1 Climax.

Very good promo from The Outcasts, and while Toni Storm VS Mariah May is one title match and Mercedes Mone VS Britt Baker is another, Saraya could end up putting out an open challenge and it is answered by someone big from Stardom or CMLL for a first-time-ever kind of match to make All In even more historic. Great tag team main event from Lucha Brothers VS Private Party, with it mostly being for momentum. Private Party has finally been back on track now that both guys are healthy, but Lucha Bros winning out made sense. Penta & Fenix have been great as a team and as individuals, they’re both primed to take on just about any team or even singles champs if needed.

And great opener from The Conglomeration and The Undisputed Kingdom, even though I’m surprised they did such a Six Man Tag already. The Conglomeration winning could still feed into my idea that Cassidy & Kyle get an ROH Tag Team Championship match at Death Before Dishonor, but it also gives us a reason for Ishii VS Roddy tomorrow night. Great promo from Mark Briscoe in that, too, he continues to be one of the best underappreciated promo guys in all of wrestling today. I feel like Mark is going to retain the title against Roddy given how Shane Taylor is gunning for Mark, but that really depends on if Tony Khan is even paying attention to his own shows.

My Score: 8.7/10

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