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Mitchell’s NJPW New Japan Road Results & Report! (11/17/23)

On the road again!



Talk about the odds stacked against someone!

We’re on New Japan Road again, and Taichi wants his KOPW Championship back! But can he get it back when Yoshinobu Kanemaru is the guest referee?


  • Six Man Tag: Togi Makabe, Satoshi Kojima & Hiroyoshi Tenzan VS Boltin Oleg, Oskar Leube & Yuto Nakashima; Makabe, Kojima & Tenzan win.
  • Master Wato & Toru Yano VS Taiji Ishimori & Gedo; Wato & Yano win.
  • Six Man Tag: Chaos VS The United Empire; Chaos wins.
  • 8 Man Tag: Los Ingobernables de Japon VS Tiger Mask, Shota Umino, Minoru Suzuki & Yuji Nagata; Tiger Mask, Shota, Suzuki & Nagata win.
  • 8 Man Tag: Just5Guys VS The House of Torture; The House of Torture wins.
  • NEVER Openweight Six Man Tag Team Championships: Kazuchika Okada, Hiroshi Tanahashi & Tomohiro Ishii VS Tomoaki Honma, Ryusuke Taguchi & Ren Narita; Okada, Tanahashi & Ishii win and retain the titles.
  • KOPW Championship, Special Guest Referee Yoshinobu Kanemaru: SHO VS Taichi; Taichi wins and becomes the new KOPW Champion.


NEVER Openweight Six Man Tag Team Championships: Kazuchika Okada, Hiroshi Tanahashi & Tomohiro Ishii VS Tomoaki Honma, Ryusuke Taguchi & Ren Narita!

The Rainmaker, The Ace of the Universe and The Stone Pitbull may be the Dream Trio, but Yamagata is the home of Everyone’s Kokeshi! Will #Honmamania run wild alongside The Funky Weapon & Son of Strong Style? Or will they fail to take down the champs?

The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and we see how happy this homecoming can get!

The trios sort out and Okada starts against Honma. The fans rally up for the hometown hero as he circles with Okada. They stare down, approach, then tie up. Okada powers Honma to ropes, Red Shoes counts the break, and Okada lets off to then fire forearms! Fans boo as Okada TOSSES Honma out, but Honma is back in fast! Okada eggs him on, Honma RAMS shoulders! Okada stays up so Honma RAMS him again! Still Okada doesn’t budge, and he eggs Honma on again. Honma fires forearms, but Okada UPPERCUTS! Okada kicks low, CLUBS Honma then ROCKS him! Fans rally for Honma but Okada CLUBS him again.

Okada storms around, Honma CHOPS! And CHOP! And CHOPS! Okada ROCKS Honma back! Okada whips Honma to ropes but Honma holds on! Okada bails out of the dropkick but Honma runs him over! Okada bails out in frustration and walks it off. Honma waits for Okada to return, and the two reset. They feel things out, knuckle lock, and then go shoulder to shoulder in a test of strength! The fans cheer, the teammates coach, and the two are in a deadlock. Honma powers up but Okada kicks low! Okada wrenches to CLUB the arm, then he tags to Tanahashi. Honma backs away to tag in Narita.

Fans rally as the generational clash circles. They tie up, Narita wrenches an arm to a wristlock but Tanahashi wrenches again. Narita rolls, wrenches, hammerlocks then headlocks. Tanahashi pries at the hold but Narita holds tight. Tanahashi fights up to try again, and he wrenches out to a top wristlock! And then powers his way to a headlock! Narita puts Tanahashi on ropes, Red Shoes calls the break, but Tanahashi turns things around. Red Shoes reprimands and counts, and Tanahashi lets off, to throw a body shot! Fans boo as the champs are playing a little dirty, but Tanahashi whips. Narita NECKBREAKER DROPS!

Narita brings Tanahashi up, and intercepts the shotei with a low knee! Narita then whips Tanahashi to the corner, but Tanahashi BLASTS Honma & Taguchi! Narita runs in, but Tanahashi elbows him away! Tanahashi then goes up to CROSSBODY Narita down! Fans fire up and Tanahashi tags Ishii. Ishii and Tanahashi double whip Narita to ropes to then run him over with double shoulders! Fans rally as Ishii kicks Narita around. Narita rises up, Ishii throws forearms, but Narita grits his teeth. Narita throws forearms but Ishii leans into them! Ishii then DECKS Narita into the champs’ corner! Tag to Okada while fans rally up again.

Okada drags Narita up, scoops and SLAMS him, then goes to the apron to slingshot SENTON! Fans applaud while Okada paces. Okada pushes Narita to a cover, TWO! Okada taunts Honma while staying between him and Narita. Red Shoes has Honma and Taguchi stay put, but then he has to keep Ishii back. Honma storms in but Okada kicks low and throws him out! Okada then goes back to Narita to drag him up and bring him over. Tag to Tanahashi and they mug Narita. Tanahashi whips Narita to elbow him down! Then ELBOW DROP! Cover, Taguchi breaks it with a hip attack! Fans cheer while Tanahashi tags Ishii.

Ishii drags Narita up to SAIDO! Okada runs in to BLAST Taguchi and block Honma! Ishii covers, TWO! Fans fire up while Ishii eggs Narita on. Ishii kicks Narita around but the fans rally behind the Son of Strong Style. Ishii CHOPS Narita to a corner, CHOPS him again, and CHOPS him again! Narita eggs Ishii on so Ishii CHOPS again! Ishii whips corner to corner, runs in but Narita BOOTS back! Narita runs, into a forearm! Ishii whips, Narita reverses but Ishii comes back, into a WHEEL KICK! Fans rally up while both men are down! Hot tag to Taguchi! HIP ATTACK for Ishii! HIP ATTACK for Tanahashi! Okada runs in but Taguchi dodges!

Taguchi rebounds but Okada dodges the hip attack! Only for the HIP ATTACK to hit on the return! Fans fire up and Taguchi aims from a corner. Ishii stands, Taguchi runs in, HIP ATTACK! Taguchi keeps moving but Ishii follows to clothesline in the corner! Ishii keeps moving, btu Taguchi follows, HIP ATTACK! Taguchi keeps moving, but Ishii dodges. But then Taguchi dodges! HIP ATTACK! Fans fire up and so does Taguchi! Taguchi drags Ishii up, fans rally behind him, and Taguchi snap suplexes! Uno Amigo! And then another snap suplex, Dos Amigos! And then Ishii suplexes! Taguchi slips out but Ishii throws an elbow!

Ishii reels Taguchi in, but Taguchi hits THREE AMIGOS! Fans fire up, Taguchi covers, TWO! Ishii is still in this but Taguchi calls upon the powers of Strong Style! “ORYA~!” Taguchi takes aim, but then Tanahashi dropkicks the butt! Okada BLASTS Honma, too! Okada drags Taguchi up, and feeds him to Tanahashi’s dropkick to the leg! Ishii adds a dropkick of his own, then Okada BOOTS Taguchi down! Ishii waits on Taguchi to stand back up, then he runs, into a HIP- NO, Ishii catches him in a waistlock! But Taguchi victory rolls free! OH MY GAH ANKLE!! Honma SMACKS Okada off the apron while Ishii endures!

Fans fire up and Honma keeps Okada from getting in! Narita has Tanahashi, but Ishii crawls to ropes! Taguchi drags him back, so Ishii rolls! To steal OH MY GAH ANKLE! But Taguchi rolls to get it back!! Ishii flails, Narita and Honma keep Okada and Tanahashi out, but Ishii fights up. Taguchi chicken wings! Ishii fights the lift, standing switches, but Taguchi wrenches out, only for Ishii to ROCK him with a forearm! And HIP ATTACK! Ishii rebounds to run Taguchi over! Fans fire up again with both men down! Taguchi and Ishii stir, crawl for their corners, hot tag to Okada and he intercepts Taguchi!

Tanahashi joins in, Okada DECKS Honma for good measure, then RAMS him into railing! Okada scoop SLAMS Honma, then talks trash. Fans boo but Okada rejoins Tanahashi. They double whip Taguchi, then Okada runs in to ELBOW! Tanahashi runs in to forearm! Feed to the FLAPJACK! Cover, TWO! Taguchi survives and fans fire up. Okada eggs the fans on, he wants the heat! Okada drags Taguchi up, scoops and SLAMS him, then goes to the corner. Taguchi is up, Okada leaps over him! Taguchi runs in, but Okada catches the hip attack to a waistlock! But Taguchi fights the suplex! Okada UPPERCUTS, runs, but into the SOMERSAULT HIP ATTACK!

Fans fire up while both men are down! Taguchi crawls for his corner but so does Okada. Hot tag to Honma! Honma rallies on Okada, Okada fights the scoop to whip, but Honma reverses. Honma dodges the back elbow to scoop and SLAM! Fans fire up as Honma brings Okada up again, to CHOP! And CHOP! And CHOP again! Honma whips corner to corner, runs in and ELBOWS! Then he BULLDOGS Okada down! Fans fire up as Honma grins. Honma fires up and runs, but Okada BOOTS him down! Narita runs in, Okada blocks the boot to give to Tanahashi! DRAGON SCREW! Taguchi runs in, Okada feeds him to Tanahashi’s body shot!

Ishii gets in, GERMAN SUPLEX for Taguchi! The Dream Trio fires up now and Honma is all alone! Honma rises, Okada BOOTS! Tanahashi SHOTEIS! Ishii LARIATS! Then they get Honma up, TRIO DDT!! Cover, TWO?!? Honma survives and the fans fire up! Okada is annoyed but he drags Honma up. Ishii keeps Narita out, Tanahashi has Taguchi, and Okada gut wrenches. Honma fights free and he waistlocks. Okada throws elbows but Honma throws forearms! Fans rally, Okada UPPERCUTS and whips. Honma avoids the dropkick and Okada crashes down! SLIDING KOKESHI!! Fans are thunderous for that big hit!

Honma rises, Taguchi gets back in, as does Narita. Now Taguchi ENZIGURIS, Narita BOOTS, and Honma runs! FALLING KOKESHI!! Cover, TWO?!?! Okada survives but Honma fires up! Ishii and Narita brawl outside, Honma hauls Okada up. Okada fights the scoop, CLUBS free, then catches Honma to the MONEY CLIP!! Honma RAMS Okada into buckles! Honma runs back in, but into a BOOT! Okada runs, but into a LARIAT! Honma fires up again and he goes up top! Fans are thunderous but Okada’s up first! Okada ROCKS Honma, to then ROCKET LAUNCH him off the top! But Honma rises! And he fires forearms on Okada!

Honma runs, but into that DROPKICK! Okada hauls Honma up, ripcords, RAIN- KOKESHI!! Both men are down again and the fans are thunderous! Honma and Okada stir, their teammates coach them up, and the two crawl. Hot tags to Tanahashi and Narita! Narita BOOTS Tanahashi down! Then Narita whips Tanahashi to a corner, to BACK ELBOW! And HALF HATCH BRIDGE! Cover, TWO!! Tanahashi escapes, but Narita DECKS Ishii for good measure! Narita stands Tanahashi up, but Tanahashi fights the clinch. Narita trips Tanahashi, has the legs, then rolls Tanahashi into the TEXAS CLOVERHOLD!!

Fans fire up as Narita uses one of Tanahashi’s favorites against him! Tanahashi fights up, moves around, reaches out, ROPEBREAK! Narita lets off, drags Tanahashi up again, and he wraps Tanahashi in a COBRA TWIST! But Tanahashi fights free, they dosido and Tanahashi trips Narita, GROUND DRAGON SCREW! Fans fire up as Tanahashi brings Narita up for fast hands! UPPERCUT, then a scoop and SLAM! Narita’s in the drop zone and Tanahashi goes up, SUNSET SENTON! Cover, TWO! Narita is still in this but Tanahashi fires back up. Tanahashi runs, SLING- NO, Narita slips around to COBRA TWIST!

Fans fire up again as Tanahashi is caught! Tanahashi endures the stretch, fights his way over, and Taguchi has Ishii in OH MY GAH ANKLE! Narita shifts to a SLEEPER! Then back to COBRA TWIST! Tanahashi still fights his way around, but Narita thrashes him around! Tanahashi reaches out, but Narita shifts to a GERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO!!! But Narita keeps on Tanahashi with the SLEEPER! Tanahashi fights up, but ends up in the COBRA TWIST again!! Someone is sent into railing! Okada gets in to CLUB Narita down! Narita gets up but Okada UPPERCUTS! Okada scoops, Narita slips out but Ishii has him!

Narita elbows free of the waistlock but Ishii ROCKS Narita into Okada’s scoop, LANDSLIDE! SLIDING LARIAT from Ishii! Tanahashi roars and rises up! Fans fire up as Narita slowly rises. Tanahashi runs, to SLINGBLADE! Cover, Taguchi breaks it! Fans fire up again, Ishii CLUBS Taguchi to TOSS him out! Tanahashi brings Narita up to full nelson but Narita fights that! So Tanahashi STRAITJACKET GERMANS! Bridging cover, TWO!! Narita escapes but Tanahashi fires back up! Tanahashi climbs a corner, to HIGH FLY FLOP!!! SLIDING HIP ATTACK!! Ishii runs in, Taguchi LARIATS him down!!

Okada runs in, Taguchi sends him into the KOKESHI!! The fans are thunderous for Taguchi and Honma, and they shout to Narita. Tanahashi SHOTEIS Taguchi, SHOTEIS Honma, but Narita BOOTS him! Tanahashi SHOTEIS in return! Narita ENZIGURIS in return! Taguchi HIP ATTACKS! Tanahashi is down, Honma hurries to the top rope!! Taguchi & Narita hold Tanahashi down for the DIVING KOKESHI!!! Narita hauls Tanahashi up to NORTHERN LIGHTS! Bridging cover, TWO?!?!? Tanahashi escapes and Narita is furious! Narita roars, the fans are with him, and he drags Tanahashi back up to try again! DOUBLE WRIST ARM-SAULT!

But that’s not all! Narita reels Tanahashi in, but Tanahashi CRADLE COUNTERS!! Cover, THE DREAM TRIO WINS!!

Winners: Kazuchika Okada, Hiroshi Tanahashi & Tomohiro Ishii, by pinfall (still NEVER Openweight Six Man Tag Team Champions)

Narita can’t believe he got caught like that! He argues with Red Shoes but Red Shoes says that count was fair. The homecoming doesn’t have a happy ending, but will Honma, Taguchi & Narita consider trying again some day? And as close as this one came, will Okada, Tanahashi & Ishii have to be more careful not to take their opponents easy?


KOPW Championship, Special Guest Referee Yoshinobu Kanemaru: SHO VS Taichi w/ Just5Guys!

The House of Torture stole this title from the Holy Emperor, and somehow rigged the fan poll to get their way in this match! But even with the Heel Master as the referee, will Taichi serve up justice? Or will the Murder Machine win with another stacked deck?

Referee Kanemaru makes his way out first, and the “special” stipulations are then listed. Firstly, no one can use signature moves, meaning for Taichi can’t use the Black Mephisto, Tensho Jujiho, Dangerous Backdrop saido, or anything sumo related, while Sho can’t use the Shooting Star Press, the Phoenix Splash, the Double Moonsault Press, or anything Russian Sambo related, though no one remembers when he used those. Secondly, the loser can NEVER wrestler in Yamagata again! And in the end, if Sho still loses with all this in his favor, the fans must still show him praise for even being here! Will Sho even be able to stand up with that massive ego of his weighing him down?

Sho gets the mic to talk a lot of trash on Yamagata, and to remind them that one way or another, they will thank him for being their champ, and that they should say goodbye to Taichi in his last Yamagata match ever. Kanemaru does his checks, barely trying with Sho but being extra suspicious of Taichi and J5G. The farce aside, the introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see if the Murder Machine plays fair!

The bell rings and fans rally up for Taichi. Taichi and Sho circle, Sho egging Taichi on. Taichi and Sho circle some more, Taichi rightfully wary of the House of Torture. The two tie up, they go to ropes and Kanemaru quickly calls for the break. The count is fast, too! Taichi lets off in time, Kanemaru tells J5G to back down but they’re not doing anything, and this lets Sho have Taichi on the ropes for far too long! Taichi turns things around and now Kanemaru sees! Kanemaru counts, pulls Taichi away by his hair, and Taichi gets mad! Taichi glares at his former friend, and Sho CHOKES Taichi to the ropes! Kanemaru is more concerned with Taka!

Sho TOSSES Taichi out, the House stomps away, but of course Kanemaru doesn’t care. Sho goes out to whip Taichi into railing, then he slides inside. Kanemaru starts a fast ring count! Fans boo and J5G complain, because we’re already at 10 of 20 at about double time! Taichi gets in at what Kanemaru calls 15, Sho covers, and yes this count is fast! TWO!! Taichi barely makes it and fans boo again. Kanemaru argues with J5G like there’s nothing wrong, and Sho CHOKES Taichi! Sho drags Taichi up, CLUBS Taichi, and has him on ropes again. Sho whips, Taichi reverses to wrench and HOOK KICK! Cover, but Kanemaru takes his time checking!

Kanemaru finally counts, but that’s slow! “TWO,” and Sho is out! Fans boo but what did anyone expect with this? Taichi is annoyed, but he snapmares Sho to KICK him in the back! Taichi stands Sho up, TOSSES him out, then goes out after Sho. Taichi kicks Sho, whips him, and Sho hits railing hard! Fans cheer while Taichi drags Sho up to whip him hard into more railing! Sho falls in a heap then writhes, and then Sho crawls away into the crowd! Taichi waits as Kanemaru brings the ring count back, but it’s so slow! “Two” could’ve been more like five! Taichi is furious but Sho is taking his sweet time walking off the pain.

Kanemaru finally gets to 5 of 20 as Sho makes his way back around to the stage. Taichi gets frustrated so he storms out after Sho! Taichi kicks and CLUBS Sho, KICKS him, but Kanemaru is forced to keep the same pace so as not to cost Sho. Taichi brings Sho back at “ten” and puts him in. Fans cheer and Taichi covers, but yeah, the count’s slow! Taichi just gives up at “one” and he stalks Sho to a corner. Taichi stomps away on Sho, kicks him around, then stands him up. Sho claws the eyes! Kanemaru stays quiet, and then moves as Sho whips Taichi to a corner! Surprise, the buckle pad goes with Kanemaru so Taichi hits bare steel!

Fans boo while Sho stomps Taichi and kicks him out. And that means the House attacks! Dick stomps, and Evil has a leather strap to LASH Taichi! Oh, right, Evil wanted this to be a leather strap lumberjack match. Evil LASHES Taichi more, then Sho goes out to fetch Taichi. Sho brings Taichi into the crowd and all the way to the back rows, to BOWL him into chairs! The slow ring count returns as Sho CHOKES Taichi with a chair! Sho lets off, leaves Taichi behind, and guess what? The count speeds up! Taichi hurries up at “ten” and runs his way back to ringside! The gates get in the way, but he still gets in at “17!”

Fans cheer and Kanemaru is confused how that didn’t work! Sho stomps Taichi, drags him up, and the fans rally. Taichi is dead weight so Sho drops him. Sho tries again, cravats, and snapmares to then say he’s gonna go up top! He’s calling for his Phoenix Splash? Kanemaru reminds him he “banned” that move. Oh, right, so instead, Sho twists the wrist and whips Taichi into the bare buckles! Taichi writhes, Sho clamps on a chinlock and he digs the knee in. Taichi endures, Kanemaru keeps asking him if he’s quitting but Taichi says no! ROPEBREAK, but Kanemaru kicks his foot away!? J5G protests but Kanemaru says he’s the ref, he says what’s what!

Taichi gets a ROPEBREAK with both feet this time, and Kanemaru again slow counts for Sho. Sho “panics” and lets off at 4.5. Taichi sputters but Sho gives him toying kicks. Fans boo but Sho taunts Taichi. Taichi gets mad as Sho gives him more mocking kicks. Taichi CHOPS! Fans fire up for that one! Sho eggs Taichi on, so Taichi CHOPS him again! Sho comes back for more, so Taichi CHOPS! Sho claws Taichi’s eyes! Taichi CHOKES Sho! Kanemaru counts fast, and Sho kicks low! Sho whips Taichi to a padded corner, runs in but gets the GAMANGIRI! Fans fire up as both men fall! Kanemaru checks Sho while J5G coaches Taichi.

Taichi rises first, then he gives Sho some Kawada Kicks! Sho goes to a corner, Taichi runs in to BOOT! Fans cheer and Taichi brings Sho around to AX- NO, Sho gets around to waistlock! Taichi fights the German Suplex to PELE! Fans fire up and Taichi drags Sho up. Taichi reels Sho in, but Sho fights the lift! Sho bends fingers, Kanemaru ignores that, but Taichi kicks low! And SOBATS! And BUZZSAWS! Fans fire up as the PANTS COME OFF! Taichi aims from the corner, but Kanemaru tells him to stop! Tensho is on the banned list! But then Sho SPEARS Taichi down! Cover, TWO!!! Taichi survives the fast count more than the tackle!

Sho stands back up, he drags Taichi around with a knuckle lock then he wrenches. Sho brings Taichi down to kick, KIJCK and SUPER- NO, Taichi blocks that! But then Sho claws Taichi’s face! Sho runs, LARIATS, but Taichi stays up! Fans fire up while Sho panics. Sho runs again, to LARIAT! Taichi GAMANGIRIS again! Fans fire up as Taichi rises and he reels Sho in! SEITEI JUJIHO! Kanemaru panics, and tries to get Sho out of the hold! Taichi holds on, Sho taps, but Kanemaru ignores it!! Sho isn’t losing the title but he is still suffering! This is kinda double-edged here! J5G protests, and Taichi throws Sho down since it’s no use!

Taichi argues with Kanemaru, grabs him by the collar, but has to let go. Kanemaru is still the ref, after all. But then Kanemaru waves the House in and they CLOBBER Taichi and J5G! Fans boo but there’s nothing they can do! The House whips Taichi into the corner, then Dick runs in to ELBOW! Yujiro BOOTS! Evil clotheslines! Snapmare and then the House sets Taichi up! DICK CHOP! Fans rally for Taichi while Sho grins and looms over him. Sho aims his bow, drags Taichi up, and reels him in! Sho tucks the arms, this move wasn’t banned! But Taichi fights Shock Arrow to Alabama Lift! But Kanemaru stops Black Mephisto, that was banned!

Sho has the arms again, but Taichi fights free with a back drop! Fans fire up and Taichi goes to a corner. Sho goes to a corner, runs in, but Taichi sends him into bare buckles! GEDO CLUTCH! Kanemaru stops himself after two!! Fans boo, this is one trick too far! Taichi is furious, but Kanemaru dares him to throw a punch! Sho has the Murder Tool! Sho runs in, but Taichi dodges! DANGER- NO, Taichi stops himself because the saido was banned! Sho throws a body shot, then stand Taichi up. Dick aims, POCKET SAND HITS SHO as Taichi ducks!! Taichi BOOTS Dick, so Kanemaru kicks Taichi! Kanemaru sets Taichi up, but Taichi turns it around, Sho hits Kanemaru!!

Sho celebrates but he’s so blinded by the powder, he doesn’t realize what happened! When he does, he panics! And he turns around into AX BOMBER! But then the House attacks again! They CLOBBER Taichi, knock J5G down, and then hurry to get their goodies! Yujiro has his cane! Fans boo as Evil stands Taichi up, PIMP CANE SHOT!! Evil grins as he and Dick coordinate now, and they haul Taichi up for MAGIC KILLER!! Fans boo as Dick helps Sho cover Taichi, and Evil is the ref!? TWO!!! Taichi still survives and that shocks the House! Evil gets Taichi up, but Sanada DROPKICKS Evil down! Yuya DROPKICKS Dick down!

Douki gets in, he builds speed to DIVE! Direct hit on Dick and Evil! Fans fire up and Taka runs in. Yujiro CLOBBERS Taka, but Taichi hits TENSHO JUJIHO!! The ref is down, so the ban list is ineffective! The fans fire up for Taichi as he eggs Sho on. Sho panics as he has no back-up and no Murder Tool! So he goes for Kanemaru’s whiskey bottle! Taichi drags him back, but Sho claws the eyes! Sho runs, but into a BOOT! Sho tries again, Taichi ROCKS him, and BLINDSIDE AX BOMBERS, into the GAMANGIRI! Fans are thunderous and Taichi roars! RED SHOES is here! Taichi gets Sho up, for the LAST RIDE!! Cover, TAICHI WINS!!

Winner: Taichi, by pinfall (NEW KOPW Champion)

The House’s rules weren’t enough to screw over the Holy Emperor, he is once again holder of that sky blue belt! Will the House have to accept cheaters never truly prosper?

As for Taichi, fans cheer him on as he gets the mic. After catching his breath, Taichi says that no matter how you look at it, there wasn’t much of a chance for him to win today with such unfair rules. But still, it was on Sho for making those rules, and he still lost! The fans cheer that! Taichi apologizes if he worried anyone, but thanks to the people’s support, he has the KOPW Championship back! The fans also cheer that! Taichi thanks his team, and says that while he has this title know, he isn’t sure of his chances ending the year with it. There’s still time left, and so… Taichi calls out Kanemaru! They’re going to settle this between them! Fans like that, too!

Taichi says whatever the rules end up being, he’s going to give Kanemaru a proper beating before the year is over. Taichi then brings up that rule about the loser having to bow his head and see the fans out properly. Sho ran away, of course, so there goes that. The House can’t even fulfill their own promises. But Taichi says that what the House refused to do, J5G will do! They’ll even go to people’s houses to deliver things! One by one, they’ll take care of their fans. And as for Taichi, he’ll let “Sanayan” and Taka wrap this up. Sanada says he has an “important announcement” for Yamagata. Please welcome their new member, Yuya Uemura.

The fans cheer the Heat Storm and Sanada says that is all. He then hands the mic to Taka to properly close this. Taka says that the KOPW Championship is back where it should be, and from now on, and even next year, too, the ones who run NJPW, the ones who will change the landscape of pro-wrestling, will be them! JUST! FIVE! GUYS! Yamagata cheers as all is right with the world, but will the Holy Emperor still be the King of Pro-Wrestling for the rest of 2023? Or will leaving the door open to the Heel Master come back to haunt him?

My Thoughts:

Good stuff for New Japan Road, though I did skip most of this. LIJ losing was a bit of a surprise, but maybe they’re setting up something between Shota Umino and Yota Tsuji as two of the Reiwa Three Musketeers. The NEVER Openweight Six Man title match was awesome stuff, probably the best showing from the challengers to this point. A little surprised Okada is still holding onto these titles, and he’s not going to be defending them at WrestleKingdom with his match against Bryan Danielson. Maybe they’ll come up with a team that can take these titles off the Dream Trio in the New Year.

And great KOPW Championship match and it was hilarious how biased things were from Kanemaru. I was pleasantly surprised that Taichi won, but it was clever to have it happen because Kanemaru went down and a fair ref replaced him. Taichi VS Kanemaru for something in December is going to be great stuff, who knows how that goes, but then the title is reset for 2024 so it’d be a shame if Taichi doesn’t get to finish the year out with his name as “the official” 2023 KOPW Champion.

My Score: 8.7/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Rampage Results & Report! (7/19/24)

The Conglomeration is on a Rampage!



The word of the day is “Rampage!”

Tomohiro Ishii joins The Conglomeration to take on The Undisputed Kingdom! Will this Freshly Squeezed formation tear down Strong, Taven & Bennett?


  • Six Man Tag: The Conglomeration VS The Undisputed Kingdom; The Conglomeration wins.
  • Chris Jericho & “Big Bill” Morrissey w/ Bryan Keith VS The Outrunners; Jericho & Bill win.
  • Minoru Suzuki VS The Butcher; Suzuki wins.
  • Kris Statlander w/ Stokely Hathaway VS Sydni Winnell; Kris wins.
  • The Lucha Brothers w/ Alex Abrahantes VS Private Party; The Lucha Brothers win.


Six Man Tag: The Conglomeration VS The Undisputed Kingdom!

While Mark Briscoe will be facing Roderick Strong next Friday for the ROH World Championship, his friends of Orange Cassidy, Kyle O’Reilly & Tomohiro Ishii will be taking on Roddy, Matt Taven & Mike Bennett right here tonight! Will Freshly Squeezed, The Violent Artist & the Stone Pitbull tear The Kingdom down? Or will Rampage in Little Rock be Undisputed?

The trios sort out, Roddy starts against Kyle, and the two circle. They feel things out, tie up, and go around. They fight for control in the clinch, end up on ropes, but then move around again. Roddy wrenches an arm, wristlocks, but Kyle spins and drop toeholds. Kyle floats to a waistlock but Roddy fights up. Roddy wrenches out, headlocks for the takeover, but Kyle rolls to a cover! ONE, but Roddy does not let go of the headlock. Roddy shifts to a clinch, but Kyle trips him up and floats for a leg. Roddy kicks at Kyle but Kyle stays close. Roddy wants a leg but Kyle kneels on Roddy to block. They knuckle lock, and Roddy fights up.

Roddy waistlocks, Kyle arm-drags to throw Roddy down, but Roddy trips Kyle. Kyle uses his leg guard but Roddy cartwheels away, and the fans cheer the stand off! The two reset, but then Cassidy tags in. Taven also tags in, and Cassidy runs up to get around. Cassidy headlocks, Taven powers up and out, then drops down to hurdle over. Cassidy blocks hip toss to hip toss back! Cassidy arm-drags, then he fakes Taven out! Taven is mad but Cassidy DROPKICKS him! Cassidy kips up, is a little wobbly for it, but the fans cheer. Ishii grabs Taven’s hair to keep him cornered while Cassidy storms over.

Cassidy tags Ishii, they double whip and then Ishii runs Taven over! Taven scrambles away, tags Bennett, but Ishii just runs Bennett over! And runs him over again! Taven comes back but gets run over! Roddy runs in and RAMS Ishii, but Ishii rebounds to run Roddy over! The fans fire up but The Kingdom mugs Ishii! The fans boo while The Kingdom reels Ishii in. Ishii fights the double suplex! Ishii tries to double suplex The Kingdom! The Kingdom CLUBS away on Ishii, but Cassidy steps in, as does Kyle! They help Ishii DOUBLE SUPLEX The Kingdom! The fans fire up and Cassidy flexes while he and Kyle stand down.

Ishii dares Roddy to get in, then he goes to Bennett. Ishii bumps Bennett off buckles, tags Kyle, and Kyle tags Cassidy. The Conglomeration has Bennett against ropes so that Kyle can KICK, Ishii can CHOP, and Cassidy can “chop.” KICK! CHOP! Chop. KICK! CHOP! Chop. KICK! CHOP! CHOP! Now Cassidy’s getting into it! KICK, CHOP, CHOP! Bennett sputters, Kyle & Ishii feed him to Cassidy’s SHOTGUN! Ishii covers, TWO! Bennett flounders around but Ishii stomps him, and Rampage goes picture in picture.

Roddy shouts at Ishii but Ishii drags Bennett up and over to bump off buckles. Tag to Cassidy and he brings Bennett up to snapmare. Cassidy “runs” to LAZY ELBOW DROP! Cover, TWO! Cassidy keeps Bennett from The Kingdom and tags in Kyle. They mug Bennett, then Kyle wrenches Bennett to an ELBOW BREAKER! Kyle hammerlocks, spins Bennett and snapmares him into a seated COBRA TWIST! Bennett endures, Cassidy gets in the shot so he can thumbs up, and then Kyle rolls Bennett into a cobra cradle! But Taven & Roddy distract the ref! Kyle lets Bennett go, and he stomps Bennett at the ropes.

Kyle bumps Bennett off Cassidy’s foot, then tags in Ishii. Ishii stalks Bennett, CHOPS him, but Bennett CHOPS back! Ishii doesn’t even flinch! Bennett CHOPS again, and that hurts his hand more than it does Ishii’s chest! Bennett CHOPS again, but Ishii CHOPS Bennett down! Rampage returns to single picture as Bennett sputters. Ishii CHOPS him again, and again, and again! Taven runs in, Ishii kicks him low, and fires a CHOP! Ishii CHOPS Taven, CHOPS Bennett, repeat! The CHOPS keep going, fans “WOO~!” and then Ishii runs. But Roddy trips Ishii up! The ref reprimands, Ishii BOOTS Roddy, and then Ishii breaks The Kingdom’s double clothesline!

Ishii comes back, he DOUBLE LARIATS The Kingdom, but Roddy DROPKICKS Ishii right after! The fans rally while Ishii and Bennett crawl again. Bennett hot tags Roddy and Roddy scoops Ishii for a BACKBREAKER! Roddy drags Ishii up to push him into the corner. Roddy CHOPS and Ishii sure felt that one! Roddy CHOPS again, then brings him around. Roddy fires forearms and haymakers, but the fans rally for “I-SHI-I!” Tag to Taven, he fires hands on Ishii. Taven snapmares Ishii to then CHOP him! Taven talks smack, then he sucker punches Cassidy! Taven tries to convince Kyle he’s on the wrong side, but Ishii GERMAN SUPLEXES Taven!

Taven flounders, the fans rally up, hot tag to Kyle! Bennett jumps in but gets a kitchen sink knee for it! Kyle BOOTS Taven, KICKS Bennett, then he KICKS Taven! Roddy steps in, but then steps out when Kyle spots him. So Cassidy DIVES onto Roddy! Kyle fires off strikes on Taven, but Taven avoids the leg sweep! Taven CLAWS Kyle’s eyes, says he doesn’t wanna do this, but then Ishii ROCKS Taven! Kyle reels Taven into a GUILLOTINE FACELOCK! Bennett hurries in but Cassidy CROSSBODIES Bennett down! Taven powers up but Cassidy DIVES onto Roddy again! Taven fights but Ishii tags in.

Ishii takes Taven and suplexes while Kyle aims, CHASING THE DRAGON!! Ishii covers, Bennett breaks it! Bennett ROCKS Kyle, Cassidy ducks ‘n’ dodges to tilt-o-whirl, but Bennett stops the DDT! Bennett suplexes, into STUN DOG MILLIONAIRE! And then AX & SMASH from Kyle! Ishii LARIATS Bennett inside-out! The Conglomeration regroups while the fans fire up! Kyle runs to forearm SMASH Taven in the corner! Cassidy SMASHES, too! Then Ishii corner LARIATS! They hoist Taven up, Ishii climbs, but Roddy & Bennett wipe out Kyle & Cassidy! Roddy goes after Ishii, helps Bennett pick Ishii up as a backpack, and Taven adjusts up top.

The fans boo but Roddy helps Bennett hit the PROTON PACK! And Taven adds the FROG SPLASH! Cover, TWO?!? Ishii survives that onslaught and shocks The Kingdom! The fans fire up while Taven tags Ishii. Roddy drags Ishii up, knees him and CLUBS him, then ROCKS him! Roddy fires more shots but Ishii fires boxing elbows in return! Roddy spins but Ishii SWATS the Strong Knee! But then Roddy KNEES Ishii’s lariat! Roddy fires elbows of his own, but Ishii HEADBUTTS! Cassidy tags in and goes up! The Kingdom runs in but Cassidy leaps over them both! Cassidy then baits The Kingdom in and DUMPS The Kingdom out!

Cassidy builds speed to DIVE, but The Kingdom catch him! They RAM him into apron, RAM him into railing, then set him up for Roddy to WRECK him with a dropkick! The Kingdom soaks up the heat while Rampage goes picture in picture again.

Roddy hauls Cassidy up to RAILING BACKBREAKER! Cassidy staggers, Taven ROCKS him, and Roddy puts Cassidy in the ring. Roddy tags Taven in, they stomp Cassidy, and Taven drags Cassidy up. Taven puts Cassidy in the corner but Cassidy fights back with forearms and elbows for everyone! Cassidy slides under Taven, but Taven anchors his legs! Cassidy kicks Taven away, Bennett runs in and he drags Cassidy back. Cassidy BOOTS Bennett away so Roddy anchors him now! Cassidy reaches out, but Roddy drags him back and deadlifts him for a BACKBREAKER! Roddy digs a knee in, pulls Cassidy back with a chinlock, but Cassidy endures.

Roddy grabs an arm, he drags Cassidy back, and he hits a BACKSTABBER! Tag to Bennett and he covers, TWO! Bennett drags Cassidy up to CHOP him back down! Bennett drags Cassidy up again to snap suplex! Cover, TWO! Bennett keeps on Cassidy with a facelock, tags Taven in, and The Kingdom mugs Cassidy. Taven scoops Cassidy to BACKBREAKER, and Rampage goes to break.

Rampage returns and Taven stomps a mudhole into Cassidy. Tag to Bennett but Roddy also steps in. Bennett drags Cassidy up, bumps him off buckles, then tags Taven back in. The Kingdom set Cassidy up and run in! Bennett forearm SMASHES, but then Cassidy TOSSES Taven! Roddy runs up to KNEE Cassidy, Taven BOOTS Kyle! Roddy puts Cassidy up, and they try this again! PROTON- NO, Cassidy slips free to shove Bennett into Taven! Taven gets stuck up top, and Cassidy dodges Roddy! Hot tag to Ishii! Roddy kicks Ishii, but Ishii suplexes to BRAINBUSTER Roddy! Ishii catches Bennett, to BRAINBUSTER!

Taven finally sits up but Ishii is after him first! The fans fire up as Ishii gives Taven a SUPERPLEX! Cover, Roddy breaks it! Kyle steps in and he brawls with Roddy! The fans fire up as forearm after forearm fly back and forth! Roddy ROCKS Kyle, Kyle KNEES Roddy! Roddy avoids the ax kick to fire elbow after elbow! Only to run into a KNEE! Snapmare and Ishii SLIDING LARIATS! Taven SUPERKICKS Ishii, Bennett fireman’s carries Kyle! DEATH VALLEY DRIVER and JUST THE TIP of the knee! Ishii ENZIGIRIS Bennett! Cassidy rises, Ishii gives him the tag! Cassidy goes up to leap and sunset flip Taven! Bennett breaks it!

Bennett whips, Cassidy ducks ‘n’ dodges to tilt-o-whirl DDT! Cassidy fires up and the fans are with him! Kyle joins in, they stand Bennett up! FRESHLY SQUEEZED ANNIHILATION! Roddy runs up to BOOT Cassidy! Kyle turns Roddy around but gets a STRONG KNEE for it! Ishii spins Roddy around, Roddy dodges and returns, DOUBLE LARIATS take both men down! Cassidy returns to ORANGE- NO, Taven dodges! But then Cassidy ducks the leg lariat to ORANGE PUNCH!! Cover, The Conglomeration wins!

Winners: The Conglomeration, by pinfall

A powerful trios match opens Rampage, but wait, here comes Don Callis. Why’s this creep here? The fans boo him, but Callis smiles. Cassidy sees Callis and winds up the hand! But Kyle Fletcher attacks from behind! The Aussie Arrow stomps away on Cassidy at the ropes, then rains down fists! The fans boo but wait! Here comes Mark Briscoe! The Sussex County Chicken won’t let The Protostar get away with this! He ROCKS and UPPERCUTS Kyle, then LARIATS Kyle up and out! Only for a STRONG KNEE to take Mark down! Roddy stomps Cassidy, then stomps Mark! Roddy holds up the belt and shouts, “This is mine!”

The fans boo but The Undisputed Kingdom stand tall, holding up all three belts. Will nothing stop them from conquering ROH at Death Before Dishonor?


Backstage interview with The Outcasts.

Arkady Aura is with Saraya & Harley Cameron, and says we haven’t seen Saraya wrestle since her first round loss in the Women’s Owen Hart Cup. Harley speaks up and asks how that’s supposed to be Saraya’s fault. Why point the finger of blame at her? Maybe it is this company’s fault! Because Saraya has been spending this whole time training, getting “Wembley Ready,” and being an unproblematic icon! Saraya says Harley is right, and do you know why? Because AEW is scared of Saraya. The AEW Women’s Division is scared of her! Because she is the living legend, she understands.

Last year at All In, Saraya had the world at her feet! Now, they’re just keeping her off the show. Harley says doing All In Wembley without Saraya is like doing Beverly Hills Cop without Eddie Murphy! Saraya says yeah, that’s why they’re keeping her away. But they can’t do the show without her because she IS the show. All roads lead to Wembley, baby, and it doesn’t matter who she has to step on to get there. Then just who will The Outcasts take out in order to have their moment?


Chris Jericho & “Big Bill” Morrissey w/ Bryan Keith VS The Outrunners!

While The Learning Tree has to defend that “For The World” Championship this Wednesday on Dynamite, he and The Redwood are not shying away from competition. Will Jericho & Bill show the world they’re not afraid of big bad Minoru Suzuki? Or will Turbo Floyd & Truth Magnum be the ones to teach The Learning Tree a thing or two?

The teams sort out and Bill starts against Truth. The fans rally, Truth gets around to headlock, but Bill powers up to TOSS Truth away! Truth flounders to his corner, Turbo tags in, and Turbo steps up to Bill. Jericho isn’t even taking this match seriously, he’s checking his phone! Bill knees Turbo low, CLUBS him down, but Truth tags back in. Truth runs and leaps, but Bill catches him! Bill grins, gives a thumbs up, then SLAMS Truth down! Bill says the fans know what’s up. But then Turbo tags in and The Outrunners DOUBLE CLUB Bill! Bill just frowns…! Bill turns around, he runs up, but The Outrunners dodge to DOUBLE DROPKICK!

Bill stays up but The Outrunners fire up. They spin and handshake, while flexing! Bill frowns, Truth sees and warns Turbo. Turbo looks and Bill DECKS him! Bill DECKS Truth, too! Bill then runs to BOOT Truth out of the ring! Turbo staggers up, Jericho keeps checking his phone, but Turbo CHOPS! Bill sighs and Turbo begs for mercy. Bill puts Turbo in a corner, CHOPS him, then CHOPS again! And he fires off haymaker after haymaker! Bill laughs as he stomps a mudhole into Turbo! The ref counts but Bill keeps going! Bill lets off, laughs some more, and Jericho says look out. Truth CHOPS Bill, but then he begs for forgiveness.

Bill powers Truth to a corner with one hand! Then he runs to SPLASH Turbo! SPLASH for Truth, SPLASH for Turbo! BOOT for Truth, and then Bill choke grips Turbo. SKYSCRAPER CHOKE SLAM!! And then he tags Jericho! Jericho smirks and waves to the fans. “Hi, guys~!” Cover, Jericho & Bill win!

Winners: Chris Jericho & “Big Bill” Morrissey, by pinfall

Bad Apple Keith kicks Truth out of the ring, then he stands tall with his guys. Keith tells the Outrunners to respect Chris Jericho, but he and Bill won’t be around to help Jericho on Wednesday. Will Jericho be able to survive Minoru Suzuki in the shadow of Blood & Guts? Or will Suzuki tear down The Learning Tree #ForTheWorld?

Wait, speaking of Suzuki, here he comes! He has his own match tonight, but he wants to look Jericho in the eye one more time before Dynamite. Will the Meanest Man in the World make an example out of The Butcher?

Minoru Suzuki VS The Butcher!

Rampage returns and The Butcher is already in the ring. The bell rings and Butcher talks some smack on Suzuki. Butcher then fires a forearm, but Suzuki comes back with a forearm of his own. Butcher RAMS Suzuki into a corner, the ref counts, but Butcher lets off at 4. Suzuki eggs Butcher on but Butcher pie faces Suzuki. Butcher dares Suzuki to bring it, so Suzuki fires off fast hands and forearms! Suzuki ROCKS Butcher in the corner, then goes corner to corner, so he can BOOT! Butcher staggers, Suzuki snapmares him, then runs to PENALTY- NO! Butcher blocks the kick! Butcher CLUBS the leg, then trips Suzuki.

Butcher has a standing toehold as he traps one of Suzuki’s legs. Suzuki just eggs Butcher on! Butcher stomps the leg, drops an elbow on it, then he drags Suzuki up. Butcher CLUBS Suzuki, but Suzuki just snarls. Butcher CHOPS, but Suzuki isn’t impressed. Butcher CHOPS again, Suzuki eggs him on, so Butcher fires more CHOPS! Suzuki just laughs! Butcher ROCKS Suzuki, kicks low, then kicks again. Butcher reels Suzuki in to suplex high and hard! Cover, TWO! The fans rally for Suzuki and he fires body shots on Butcher. Suzuki ROCKS Butcher, but Butcher HEADBUTTS! Butcher vows to break Suzuki’s back!

Butcher half nelsons, but Suzuki slips around to waistlock. Butcher elbows free, runs, but Suzuki follows, drop steps to get around, and has the SLEEPER! Suzuki wrangles Butcher, squeezes tight, but Butcher endures. Suzuki spins Butcher around and reels him in, and the fans fire up for the Gotch Lift! Butcher’s big, but Suzuki still lifts him, holds him up, and then PILEDRIVERS!! Cover, Suzuki wins!

Winner: Minoru Suzuki, by pinfall

A gritty fight for Suzuki and Butcher, and this was in a normal match! What won’t Suzuki do to Jericho when it is FTW Rules?


The Conglomeration speaks.

Mark Briscoe says, “For those of you who may or may not have been living under a rock for the past couple months, you are looking at the group that has come to be known as The Conglomeration. You know about my main man with the game plan, OC, and Kyle O’Reilly. Let me introduce to you Tomohiro Ishii, henceforth to be known as Big Time! That’s right! Here in The Conglomeration, there is only two rules. First and foremost, you gotta be down to conglomerate. And secondly, you cannot in any way, shape or form, be a s*it head!” Kyle shrugs and nods, because it’s true.

Mark then says that brings us to the word of the day! The word of the day is… Discombobulation! Kyle asks the country of origin. American! Can he use it in a sentence? In the midst of Mark’s discombobulation, Roderick Strong cracked him in the jaw with a knee, and stood over him, holding up Mark’s ROH World Championship high in the air! Now that done pissed Mark off, Roddy! He’s known Roddy a long time, and Roddy knows better than that! So next week, Death Before Dishonor, Mark has something for Roddy!

But before that, tomorrow night’s Collision, #BigTime Ishii is going to take Roddy on 1v1! No Kingdom, no Conglomeration, and damn sure no Don Callis Family at ringside! Roddy VS Ishii, and we’ll show y’all how we do in The Conglomeration! Because they’re ’bout to RARARARARA!! The Chicken is all fired up, but will the Stone Pitbull be able to take a big bite out of the Savior of the Backbreaker?


Kris Statlander w/ Stokely Hathaway VS Sydni Winnell!

The Galaxy’s Greatest Traitor knows The Babe with the Power wants payback on her just as badly as she wants to run Willow’s life. But while Willow went and won the CMLL Women’s World Championship, Kris has just been grumbling and plotting with Big Stoke. Will Kris make an example out of Sydni tonight? Or will the Heart of Hutchinson, Kansas be unbreakable?

The bell rings and Kris DISCUS LARIATS right away! Stoke fires up but the fans are torn as Kris hauls Sydni back up. Kris ROCKS Sydni, CHOPS her, then fires off haymakers in the corner! The ref counts, Kris stomps a mudhole in, then she digs her boots in. The ref counts, Kris gets in his face about it, then goes back to Sydni. Kris drags Sydni up to snap suplex! Sydni flounders but Stokely smiles. Kris runs corner to corner, UPPERCUTS, then goes side to side, but Sydni ELBOWS her! Sydni fires forearm snow and has Kris in a corner! The fans fire up, Sydni fires up, and she whips. Kris reverses to then scoop and pop Sydni around!

Kris tucks Sydni in for STATURDAY NIGHT FEVER!! Cover, Kris wins!

Winner: Kris Statlander, by pinfall

As Stokely says, every night is #StaturdayNight, especially when Kris wins like that. She has Stoke stand on her while she does push-ups just to show off, but will Kris be ready when Willow returns with a vengeance?


Holo.grm loads up.

Whoever this mysterious masked man is, he is ready, and he promises that tomorrow night on Collision, we will see him debut! Will Holo.grm prove to be more than meets the eye?


BREAKING NEWS for Collision!

Collision is already stacked with Strong VS Ishii, Holo.grm’s debut, and the Unified World Trios Championship match, The Patriarchy VS The Bang Bang Gang, but Skye Blue’s challenge to Hikaru Shida has been answered! Will the Shining Samurai cut through the Chicago Skye to find her way back to the top of the ranks? We’ll also see Darby Allin return to action against The Beast Mortis! Will The Relentless One sharpen his edge for Blood & Guts? Plus, the Lumberjack match has been made official! Thunder Rosa VS Deonna Purrazzo, with other AEW stars all around ringside, will this be where La Mera Mera and The Virtuosa finally settle the score?


The Lucha Brothers w/ Alex Abrahantes VS Private Party!

Penta El Zero Miedo & Rey Fenix are looking to get in on the tag title chase, but so are Marq Quen & Isiah Kassidy. While The Acclaimed still have to shoot their shot at The Young Bucks, which team will be waiting for them on the other side?

The teams sort out and Fenix starts against Brother Zay. The fans rally, Zay offers a handshake, and Fenix takes it. But then Fenix ROCKS Zay! Zay ROCKS Fenix back, they fire forearms, and Zay fires forearms again and again. Zay whips, Fenix springboards to CROSSBODY! Fenix kicks, SOBATS, KICKS a leg, then kicks again, but Zay blocks! Zay steps over, GAMANGIRI! Zay runs, but Fenix pops him up, only for Zay to RANA! Zay whips, Fenix reverses but Zay reverses back. Fenix goes up and out to the apron, Zay runs in, Fenix dodges the triangle jump, and then Fenix slingshot SENTONS! Fenix stands Zay up, but Zay fights the underhooks!

Zay RAMS Fenix into the corner, tags Quen, and Quen rolls Fenix up, TWO! Fenix comes back, but gets a pop-up DROPKICK for it! Penta tags in and the fans fire up! Penta blocks, Quen blocks then Quen ROCKS Penta! Quen goes up, brings Penta to the top with him, but Penta CLUBS Quen! Penta SUPERKICKS Quen, then slingshots up to SUPER RANA Quen away! The fans fire up, Quen returns but Penta BOOTS him! Quen tries again, Penta pops him up and SUPERKICKS him while upside-down! Quen flops to the apron then the floor and the fans fire up. Penta builds speed, but Zay CROSSBODIES him!

Fenix MISSILE DROPKICKS Zay! Quen returns to PELE Fenix! Penta SUPERKICKS Quen! All four men are down and the fans fire up! Zay and Fenix bail out, Penta and Quen slowly stand up. Penta eggs Quen on, and Rampage goes picture in picture.

Quen steps up to Penta, and Penta says uno momento. Penta dramatically takes off his glove, but Quen says no, let him. “SHOTS! SHOTS!” Penta says okay, listen! “CERO! MIEDO!” Penta pie faces Quen, so Quen comes back to say “SHOTS!” “CERO! MIEDO!” “SHOTS!” They go back and forth, taunt for taunt, then Penta CHOPS! Quen is stinging but he composes himself. Quen comes back, CHOPS, but that hurts his hand more than it does Penta’s body! Penta says okay, and he unbuttons Quen’s shirt, to CHOP him down! The fans fire up with Penta as he does a “SHOTS! SHOTS!” dance! So Quen returns to fire forearms!

Quen ROCKS Penta, runs, but Penta SUPERKICKS! “CERO! MIEDO!” Penta runs but Quen BOOTS him down! Quen nods, runs up, but DOUBLE LARIATS collide! Both men stay up, Penta blocks a kick to HEEL KICK, only for Quen to ROUNDHOUSE back! Both men wobble, then they DOUBLE ROUNDHOUSE! Both men fall and the fans fire back up! Quen and Penta crawl, hot tags to Zay and Fenix! Fenix ROCKS Zay, Zay ROCKS Fenix, and Fenix fires off a strike fest! Fenix reels Zay in, “ANIMO!” But Zay wrenches out to facelock back! But Fenix fights the suplex, wrenches out, and KICKS Zay!

Fenix reels Zay in, but then Zay wrenches out. Zay reels Fenix back in, but Fenix wrenches out to mule kick. Fenix reels Zay in, “ANIMO!” but Zay wrenches out to ROCK Fenix! Zay eggs Fenix on, pie faces, and he fires a forearm! Fenix fires back, they go back and forth, and the fans rally up. Fenix and Zay huff ‘n’ puff, and they keep throwing shots! Zay gets the edge, but Fenix returns in kind! Rampage returns to single picture as they both throw forearms at the same time, again and again! It is fast and furious and the fans love it! Penta runs in just to BLAST Quen! The Lucha Bros mug Zay, double whip, but Quen is there for some SILLY STRONG!

Penta flounders out, Quen HOTSHOTS Fenix! Zay brings Fenix around, Quen goes up, AFTER PARTY STOMPS! Quen goes up and up to ESCALARA SENTON onto Penta! Zay SWANTON BOMBS Fenix! Cover, TWO!! Fenix survives and shocks Zay! The fans rally up and Zay brings Fenix up. Tag to Quen, and Private Party puts Fenix up top. Quen runs up, GIN- NO, Fenix holds onto the corner and Quen tumbles! Penta also waistlocks Zay but Zay fights free with elbows. Penta shoves Zay so that Fenix can tightrope walk PENALTY KICK! Then Penta SLINGBLADES Zay down! Quen gets in, he gets a SLINGBLADE, too!

The fans fire up for “CERO! MIEDO!” Penta brings Quen in but Quen slips free and shoves Penta into Fenix! Fenix lands on his firebird and Quen helps Zay up. GIN & JUICE!! Cover, but Penta returns to break it and hit a DESTROYER on Zay!! Quen is shocked while Little Rock is thunderous! “This is Awesome!” as “A E DUB!” gives us this main event. Quen drags Fenix up but Fenix CHOPS! Fenix eggs Quen on so Quen stomps away on him! Quen drags Fenix up, reels him in, but Fenix wrenches out to underhook and BUTTERFLY ANARCHY! Cover, TWO!! Fenix tags Penta and they aim at Zay. DOUBLE SUPERKICKS!

Quen is alone, “UNO! DOS! TRES!” DOUBLE SUPERKICKS for him, too! Then Penta drags Quen up and Fenix goes up! Tuck and “CERO! MIEDO!” LB PILEDRIVER!! Then Fenix DIVES onto Zay for good measure! Penta covers, Lucha Brothers win!

Winners: The Lucha Brothers, by pinfall

Private Party put up a fight to be sure, but Penta y Fenix just wanted it that much more! Will the Lucha Brothers be watching Blood & Guts very, very closely?

My Thoughts:

A great episode of Rampage here, and even the squash matches served some purpose. Kris crushing Sydni was mostly for momentum, but it felt like that was the first real showing of Kris’ Heel attitude with her trash talking the whole time. Jericho letting Bill do all the work against The Outrunners was naturally how that match was going, but it works perfectly in character and story for them. And Jericho crossing paths with Suzuki before Suzuki puts Butcher away rather quickly was good, too. The go home math is therefore even ahead of their FTW Championship match, but I wonder if Jericho was texting someone who could interfere for him since Keith & Bill can’t. But it can’t be Jeff Cobb, though, he’s locked in for NJPW’s G1 Climax.

Very good promo from The Outcasts, and while Toni Storm VS Mariah May is one title match and Mercedes Mone VS Britt Baker is another, Saraya could end up putting out an open challenge and it is answered by someone big from Stardom or CMLL for a first-time-ever kind of match to make All In even more historic. Great tag team main event from Lucha Brothers VS Private Party, with it mostly being for momentum. Private Party has finally been back on track now that both guys are healthy, but Lucha Bros winning out made sense. Penta & Fenix have been great as a team and as individuals, they’re both primed to take on just about any team or even singles champs if needed.

And great opener from The Conglomeration and The Undisputed Kingdom, even though I’m surprised they did such a Six Man Tag already. The Conglomeration winning could still feed into my idea that Cassidy & Kyle get an ROH Tag Team Championship match at Death Before Dishonor, but it also gives us a reason for Ishii VS Roddy tomorrow night. Great promo from Mark Briscoe in that, too, he continues to be one of the best underappreciated promo guys in all of wrestling today. I feel like Mark is going to retain the title against Roddy given how Shane Taylor is gunning for Mark, but that really depends on if Tony Khan is even paying attention to his own shows.

My Score: 8.7/10

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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Results & Report! (7/19/24)

Cody Rhodes won’t back down!



The American Nightmare is seeing red!

After last week’s brutal attack by The Bloodline, Cody Rhodes will open tonight’s SmackDown to show he is not intimidated by their actions!


  • Andrade VS Carmelo Hayes; Andrade wins.
  • Bianca Belair w/ Jade Cargill VS Chelsea Green w/ Piper Niven; Bianca wins.
  • Mia Yim VS Tiffany Stratton w/ Nia Jax; Mia wins.
  • Cody Rhodes & Kevin Owens VS A-Town Down Under; Cody & Kevin win.


Cody Rhodes is here!

Omaha, Nebraska fires up as The American Nightmare makes his way out. The fans sing along with the song, “WHOA~ OH~!” The pyro goes off, Cody high-fives fans and even gives some autographs as he continues down the ramp. Cody fist-bumps Omaha’s own Terence Crawford, who is preparing for his own boxing championship defense, and then Cody steps into the ring. The fans chant Cody’s name while he grabs a mic. “So, Omaha! What do we wanna talk about? Let’s talk about Randy Orton.” Cody has the distinction and honor of calling Randy Orton a friend. Before that, Randy was a mentor.

Randy chose Cody when he didn’t have to, when he was told to discard Cody. Cody would not be here as Undisputed WWE Champion without Randy Orton. The fans cheer that, and even chant for “Randy! Randy!” Cody says, “So imagine the guilt when a man who has a lovely wife, a beautiful family, five children, a man who came back from what could’ve been a career ending injury and had spinal fusion surgery, imagine my guilt watching this Bloodline put Randy Orton through a table.” The fans boo, and Cody says family is not always blood. How’s the song go? Wrestling has more than one royal family. Randy is Cody’s family. Randy is Cody’s brother!

And if Randy were here, he wouldn’t want Cody to wax poetic or talk about guilt and shame. The difference between the two is the difference of being bad and doing something bad. Cody will instead look directly into the camera, and he will talk right to the man responsible: Solo Sikoa. The fans boo that name. Cody looked Solo in the eyes before WrestleMania 39 even, and told him, “You are not ready.” Then Solo paid Cody back in kind by costing him the title he has now, the title they will fight for in the main event of SummerSlam.

“Solo, with everything you have done trying to erase your time as The Enforcer–that’s a cute nickname, by the way–and instead become the Tribal Chief, how does it feel knowing that I am still standing here in this ring, still champion, and that you are still not-” A-Town Down Under interrupts? The fans boo as Austin Theory & Grayson Waller strut out here, and Theory starts by saying, “Cody, Cody Rhodes. Cody, you’re spending a lot of time talking about The Bloodline, but because of you, Jacob Fatu from The Bloodline attacked me last week.” Look at his face! It’s swollen! Cody thought that was from his own partner hitting him in the face.

Waller says nice try, Cody, trying to deflect from how Cody can’t take responsibility for his own actions. Theory got attacked last week was because of Cody. And the reason Cody’s mentor, hero and friend, Randy Orton, the reason Cody won the title, the reason Randy got hurt is because of Cody. The fans boo but ATDU step into the ring. But Cody fires off on tehm first! The fans fire up but he still gets mugged 2v1! The fans boo again as Theory & Waller stomp Cody down. Waller TOSSES Cody out, but Terence says here, have his chair! Cody uses that chair to JAM Waller and SMACK him down!

Then Cody tosses the chair to Theory so he can DISASTER KICK it into Theory’s face! ATDU bails out and the fans fire up! Cody has chair and championship, will he need both of those to thwart The Bloodline?


Carmelo Hayes gets a quick trim.

He has his guy tidy up the edges, and then says there won’t be chants or gimmick BS. He tells Andrade that it’ll be them, “two hoopers,” one on one, going hard in the paint, and the world will be waiting to see who misses first. And it won’t be H1M. Melo heads out, but will he dunk on Andrade? Or will El Idolo show this isn’t Melo’s game, it’s his?


Cody finds Nick Aldis backstage.

Cody says it is a 100% freebie, he wants a match with A-Town Down Under. Aldis says he can do that, but he’ll need a tag team partner. Cody says no, he needs to send a message to The Bloodline. Aldis gets that, but hey, if he sends the WWE Champion out into a Handicap Match, Aldis will have to answer to the Board of Directors. So respectfully, Cody has until the end of tonight to find a partner. The American Nightmare has his mission, will he find someone who wants to take the fight to the former tag team champions?


Andrade VS Carmelo Hayes!

El Idolo has been NXT Champion, just like H1M, but he’s also been WWE United States Champion and is currently WWE Speed Champion. Will Andrade make Melo respect him? Or will no one humble Melo when he hits Nothing But Net?

The bell rings and the two circle. The fans rally, the two tie up, and Andrade headlocks. Melo powers up and out but Andrade runs him over. Things keep moving, Melo hurdles then Andrade leaps over. Melo rolls off Andrade’s back, comes back, and tilt-o-whirl RANAS, only for Andrade to handspring through! Melo runs up again, sunset flips, ONE!! Melo grabs at legs but Andrade boots him away. Andrade then trips Melo, steps through, but Melo kicks him away. The fans cheer the standoff while Melo frowns. Andrade runs but he turns Melo’s dropdown into a rolling sunset, TWO! Melo jackknife bridges, TWO!

Both men stand, both men ROCK each other with forearms, then the forearms start flying! Andrade runs but Melo ROCKS him! Melo runs but Andrade BOOTS him! Andrade steadies himself before he runs, but then Melo DROPKICKS him! Melo runs, but Andrade follows! Andrade jumps up onto the ropes with Melo! Melo slips away to trip Andrade up! Andrade is stuck in ropes, Melo still hits a FADE AWAY JUMPER! The fans fire up for that leg drop, and SmackDown goes to break.

SmackDown returns and Andrade endures an armlock. The fans rally, Andrade fights up, and he throws body shots. Melo holds onto the armlock, but Andrade fires more shots! Then he JAWBREAKERS free! Melo knees, whips, but Andrade reverses. Andrade then follows, but Melo dodges, only for the SOUTHPAW LARIAT to hit! The fans fire up while both men are down! Melo and Andrade slowly sit up, and fans rally. Melo throws a haymaker, but Andrade eggs him on! Melo fires another, but Andrade SLAPS and SLAPS with palm strikes! Andrade blocks a kick to DRAGON SCREW! Then another DRAGON SCREW!

Melo hobbles up, swings, but misses! Andrade FLYING FOREARMS and both men are down again! The fans rally, Andrade kips up! The fans cheer as Andrade snarls. Andrade calls his shot, the fans rally behind him with “SI! SI! SI!” Andrade gets moving, CIEN SHADOWS! Cover, TWO!! Melo survives, showing why he was NXT and NXT North American Champion in his career. Andrade brings Melo up, reels him in, but Melo slips free of the suplex! Melo rebounds to LA MYSTICA! Cover, TWO! Andrade stays in this and Melo grows frustrated. Melo drags Andrade up, “This is Awesome!” as Melo puts Andrade in a corner.

Melo hoists Andrade up to the top rope backwards. Melo then climbs up behind Andrade, brings Andrade up, but Andrade fires elbows! Melo falls back and the fans fire up! Andrade adjusts, and he MOONSAULTS! Melo moves but Andrade MOONSAULTS again! Cover, TWO!! Melo survives and shocks Andrade! Andrade huffs ‘n’ puffs and brings Melo up. Andrade reels Melo in, back suplexes, but Melo lands out! Melo dodges again, kicks a leg out, then runs up, into a CHOP! Melo returns to KNEE anyway! Melo keeps moving, boot feint and ELBOW! Cover, TWO!! Melo survives again but Andrade puts him in the drop zone.

Andrade goes to a corner and climbs up. The fans cheer as he reaches the top. Andrade aims, leaps, but into the FIRST 48! Cover, TWO!! Andrade survives that half court shot but Melo hurries back to the corner! Melo climbs, aims, and NOTHING BUT- NO! Airball, and Andrade scoops! Melo slips free, only to end up in underhooks! THE MESSAGE!! Cover, Andrade wins!

Winner: Andrade, by pinfall

El Idolo called his shot last week, and he hits the mark! But now that Andrade is through with H1M, will he be moving on to bigger and better?


Bayley and Nia Jax sit down for video chat interviews.

The Role Model WWE Women’s Champion and the Irresistible Queen of the Ring are in separate locations as Corey Graves interviews them. He wants to ask Nia about Cleveland but she says just stop. Look at her, and look at Bayley. Start feeling sorry for Bayley right now, because at SummerSlam, Nia beats Bayley, takes her title, and puts her down like an old, sick dog. Nia will put Bayley out of Nia’s misery. Bayley says wow, Nia hasn’t changed in the ten years they’ve known each other. Nia says oh no, she has changed. And before going on too long, Nia is Queen of the Ring, so address her as “Queen Nia.”

Bayley says she’ll address Nia how she wants. And Nia should know what Bayley meant by that. Nia is the same heartless woman she was since day one here. The same big mouth, and the attitude like she owns this place. The same Nia that in 2017, took Bayley out of her SummerSlam match. Oh, we’re going there now? Yes, they are, and let Bayley finish talking. Nia took Bayley out, that changed the trajectory of Bayley’s whole career. But Nia didn’t hurt Bayley because she’s so much bigger and stronger than Bayley or that she’s so vicious. Nia did it because she’s big, clumsy, and reckless. Nia gets pissed now!

Nia says honestly, Bayley, she is pretty content being Queen of the Ring, the Queen of WWE! Nia is on top! She’s coming for that title just because she can take it from Bayley! Well, then, bad news there. Don’t listen to what the fans are saying that Nia is bigger or that she’ll mop the floor with Bayley. No, Bayley wants Nia to look at her now, and if she’s changed so much since 2017, then so has Bayley. Bayley walks into SummerSlam with the championship, and she walks out with the championship! And there is nothing Nia can do to stop her. Bayley smiles but Nia asks if they’re done. Nia throws off her mic and storms off. Who will prove they’re THE top of the division when WWE arrives in The Land?


Bianca Belair & Jade Cargill head for Aldis’ office.

But before they can reach the door, Piper Niven & Chelsea Green stand in their way. Sorry, are they lost? They’re here to talk to Mr. Aldis. Uh, girl, nuh-uh. Not before Bianca & Jade do. They need to get that tag title rematch. Aw, they’re gonna complain about losing because they’re big complaining losers? Uh, isn’t that what Chelsea’s about to do? Piper says you don’t talk about Chelsea like that. Yeah, that’s how they’re talking about Bianca & Jade. So scoot on over, because Piper & Chelsea are talking to Aldis first! Jade steps to the door but Bianca says no no, it’s fine. They can talk with Aldis later, because these two are on Bianca’s nerves.

If they can’t decide on who talks with Aldis first, they can decide this in the ring. Jade likes that idea, too. Piper also likes that idea, but Chelsea doesn’t. Bianca & Jade say bye~ and head for gorilla position. Will The EST give Chelsea something to complain to Aldis about? Or can the Hot Mess prove she can back up all that talk?

Bianca Belair w/ Jade Cargill VS Chelsea Green w/ Piper Niven!

SmackDown returns as Chelsea makes her entrance, accompanied by “Lil’ Miss P.” The bell rings and Chelsea talks trash on Bianca. Then she SLAPS her! So Bianca SLAPS back! Bianca storms up, Chelsea dodges and Bianca runs into buckles! Chelsea then ENZIGIRIS Bianca, reels her in for chicken wings, but Bianca powers out. Bianca runs, gets around, waistlocks and GERMAN SUPLEXES! The fans fire up while Chelsea flounders. Bianca handsprings but Chelsea avoids the moonsault! Chelsea runs up but Bianca gets under the boot! Torture rack, but Chelsea flails free! O’Conner Roll, with tights! TWO!! Bianca has Chelsea’s legs, BIANCA WINS!

Winner: Bianca Belair, by pinfall

Chelsea is already complaining and protesting to the ref! But then Jade and Piper step in, only for Chelsea to say time to go. The StrongEST Duo stands tall, but then someone is laughing. Alba Fyre & Isla Dawn are on the tron! And Isla says they’ve heard Bianca & Jade are looking for them. And they just love how the two have been so passionate about their titles. Alba says they get it, when you’re champions, you’ve got all the power! And right now, the power belongs to Alba & Isla. But lucky for Bianca & Jade, they’ll get a tiny glimpse at these belts next week. But when it comes to a rematch…? Well, we’ll see.

Alba & Isla laugh into the night, but will even the wicked witches fall victim to the forces of nature coming for them?


Nick Aldis is in the ring.

The SmackDown General Manager says as we all know, SummerSlam is right around the corner. And as GM, it is his responsibility to deliver the biggest and best matches he possibly can. With that in mind, he holds a contract signed by himself and by LA Knight. This match is for the United States Championship, so all that is left is the signature of THE United states Champion. Without further ado, please welcome first, the challenger, LA Knight! Omaha fires up for The Mega Star makes his way to the ring. Knight joins Aldis in the ring, and Aldis says now welcome the champion, Logan Paul!

Many fans boo as The Maverick makes his way out, but there are still some fans who want fist bumps. Logan tells the fans to get louder one way or another as he steps into the ring. Logan is given the mic while fans continue to boo, and others chant for “L A KNIGHT! L A KNIGHT!” Aldis shows Logan the contract, Logan asks Omaha a question. Why would he give “Hillbilly Aladdin,” this Sons of Anarchy extra, this Larry the Lobster guy a shot at the United States Championship? Knight tells the “edge lord” to look at him. Logan talks about no reason for facing Knight, and y’know, maybe he’s right. Maybe Logan can just take a walk and we’ll think about this later.

But the one thing Knight thinks about is, he just thinks the one reason Logan should reconsider is that every time they have been face to face, Knight has owned and cooked Logan. The fans cheer that! So let’s go back just a year ago. Knight walks down that aisle, “YEAH!” He gave Logan a map, “YEAH!” And he said that map gave exact directions. “YEAH!” Those directions were for where Logan could shove each and every bottle of Prime! “YEAH!” That was last year. But since then, Logan became US Champ, congrats to you. Logan thanks Knight for that. Knight admits, if Logan’s holding a title, that makes him the man around here.

But Knight figured to himself, maybe time for Knight’s shot. Knight asks, Logan says no. Knight shows up at Logan’s house, his idiot friends let Knight in and he hops into the pool to make it his toilet. And what does that do? Just got Knight an MITB qualifier, and a pin on Logan right here on this mat! Now that felt damn good, and Knight wants to do it again. But Logan isn’t giving Knight what he wants, and what he wants is a shot at the US title. Knight chases Logan all over the world just to get him to show up! Logan says just listen to yourself, “John,” you sound pathetic! You’re a grown man but look at yourself!

The fact is, Knight needs this match with Logan. Logan doesn’t! The fans boo and Logan says they are not the same. The difference here is Knight’s entire existence is defined by what he does in this ring. Not Logan. Logan can leave this ring to interview former presidents, building multi-billion dollar business, starting a family, and changing the landscape of sports media with his brother! The last name “Paul” echoes through the entire zeitgeist of culture! And that’s not to say that what Knight does isn’t important. It is important. Knight is very good. In fact, Logan likes the catchphrase bodybuilder shtick he’s got.

But the real problem is, Knight wants Logan’s accolades but is not Logan. Knight doesn’t think like him, doesn’t move like him. Knight wants to be champion but is not “him.” And for someone whose entire existence is defined by what they do in this ring, Knight has not had a single defining moment the past 20 years. Knight is a gym bro with a spray tan and catchphrase, pretending to be The Rock! Knight says oh~, cut him, he bleeds! Never heard that before. Leave it to Logan to recycle old material. Low rent, lowbrow, Low T! Low T Logan P! But talk about the US Championship, about frauds, let’s talk about that.

Here is a man parading around as a champion! Here’s a man playing fraud on this entire company, pretending to be US Champion! And meanwhile, Logan won’t sign a contract? Good thing Logan brought up his brother, because the brother is willing to jump into the ring with Mike Tyson. But Logan doesn’t seem to have balls just to step into the ring with Knight! Guess balls don’t run in the family. Logan says if Knight wants the match, fine! He’ll sign, and he’ll give Knight a shot at the title! And after he beats Knight, Knight will have nothing. Logan could say he’d take everything from Knight, but Knight has nothing of value to give!

In fact, how about this? Logan can give Knight something already. On the back of this contract, Logan’s gonna give Knight directions for where he can still his dreams of becoming a champion! YEAH~! The fans boo but then Logan shoves the contract at Knight. Aldis keeps these two from throwing down already, even though the fans want to “LET THEM FIGHT!” Logan stands down, the fans boo, but Knight still has the match he wants. But then Logan slides back in to attack! Logan RAMS Knight into a corner, but Knight turns things around to fire off haymakers! Logan knees low, fires body shots, then winds up, but Knight blocks!

Knight cravats but Logan slips away again! Both men say that’s how close the other came! But again, Knight has the shot he wanted, will he use it to shut Logan up once and for all?


LA Knight returns backstage.

And he’s confronted by Santos Escobar & Elektra Lopez, who say, “L! A! KNIGHT!” “EW!” Santos says congrats on finally getting that US Championship match. Must be a great feeling, right? Knight pinned Logan Paul in Madison Square Garden. That must feel like sitting on top of the world. What’s with the questions, where’s this going? Santos says relax. Just a friendly reminder that Santos was in the Triple Threat and didn’t get pinned. He knows, Knight knows, Lopez knows, everybody knows~, that if it was 1v1, it would’ve been a different story. Knight says Santos clearly isn’t a student of history, because Knight’s been part of that story and he knows how that went.

But hey, SummerSlam’s still a few weeks away, so Knight has some free time. If Santos wants to get in touch with Knight, his mom has Knight’s number. Santos says Knight sure feels untouchable, huh? Facing Santos so close to that title shot is not the brightest idea. Wouldn’t want him getting hurt. But if Knight wants to squander his opportunity, why stop him? Santos & Lopez head out, but will Knight humble him before going after Logan?


Mia Yim VS Tiffany Stratton w/ Nia Jax!

As if dealing with The Queen of the Ring wasn’t hard enough, Michin has the Princess all up in her business! Will Mia remind us why she’s The Head Baddie in Charge? Or will no one put an end to #TiffyTime?

SmackDown returns and Mia makes her entrance. The bell rings and the two circle. They tie up, and Tiff throws Mia down by her hair! The fans cheer but then Mia catches Tiff for a cradle, TWO! Mia SHOTGUNS Tiff to a corner, runs up to forearm SMASH, then she sits Tiff down. Mia mocks Tiff to then CANNONBALL! High stack cover, ONE!! Tiff toughs it out but Mia KICKS her! Tiff avoids a roundhouse and wants a Tiffy Timeout! Mia chases Tiff but Tiff hides behind Nia. Mia says Nia shouldn’t even be here, but Tiff sucker punches Mia! Then cartwheel and Alabama Lift, for an ALABAMA SLAM to the floor!

Nia pats Tiff on the shoulder and Tiff asks what time it is, but SmackDown goes to break.

SmackDown returns again and Tiff has a headlock. Fans rally as Mia fights out. Mia runs but Tiff knees her low! Tiff throws Mia down, then goes to the apron, SLINGSHOT SENTON! Cover, TWO! Mia stays in this but Nia coaches Tiff. Mia goes to a corner, Tiff runs and handsprings in to back elbow! Tiff then reels Mia in, SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Tiff grows frustrated but Nia says she’s got this. Tiff waits on Mia to get up, then she runs to cartwheel and Alabama Lift again! But Mia fights to sunset flip it, TWO! Mia stands up, slips under Tiff’s lariat and backslides, TWO! Tiff stands up, but Mia ELBOWS her!

Mia runs up to LARIAT! And then YAKUZA KICK! And then DROPKICK! Tiff flounders back up, into a NECKBREAKER! Tiff staggers to a corner, Mia runs up to CHOP! Mia reels Tiff in, TORNADO DDT! Cover, TWO! Tiff toughs it out and Mia grows frustrated. Mia drags Tiff up to wrench and EAT DA- NO, Tiff ROCKS Mia first! Mia ROCKS Tiff back! Mia runs up but Tiff YANKS her to ropes! Tiff runs to HIP ATTACK! Tiff keeps moving, TIFFY STOMPS! Cover, TWO! Mia survives and now Tiff is growing frustrated! Tiff drags Mia up, brings her over to a corner, and hauls her up top.

Tiff climbs but Mia fires hands! Tiff staggers back, Mia adjusts and MISSILE DROPKICKS! Tiff tumbles out of teh ring while fans fire up! Mia fires herself up and builds speed, but Nia trips her up! The fans boo while the ref misses that! Mia kicks at Nia, goes back for Tiff, but Tiff ROCKS her first! Tiff then reels Mia in for a ROLLING SENTON! Then PRETTIEST MOONSAULT- WAIT! Bayley is here!? Bayley distracts Tiff and pisses off Nia! Nia runs in but Bayley TOSSES her over barriers! Tiff freaks out as Bayley has the briefcase! She SMASHES Nia with it! Bayley then smacks the case against the desk!

The fans fire up as Bayley hits the case off steel steps! She opens it up, dumps the contract out, and STMOPS the briefcase into pieces!! Mia rolls Tiff, MIA WINS!!

Winner: Mia Yim, by pinfall

The Role Model helps the HBIC get some payback on Nia and Miss MITB! Then Bayley mockingly says, “Oops.” Bayley puts the contract in what’s left of the case and slide it to Tiff. Will Tiff have to give that briefcase a makeover before she can properly cash it in?


The Bloodline speaks.

Solo Sikoa says, “Life is so good when you’re The Tribal Chief on the Island of Relevancy. So good. And it’s also busy. I never have a moment to myself. But when I do, you know what I love the most? A good mystery. Yeah. I’m not talking about a mystery of who’s gonna be Cody Rhodes’ tag team partner. No, I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about a mystery of who’s gonna step up and disrespect The Tribal Chief by teaming up with Cody Rhodes tonight. That’s who I’m talking about. Have you seen what we done to Randy Orton last week? Have you? So if you’re on Cody’s side, that means you’re against me.

“If you’re against my family, you’re against my Bloodline, and you’re against The Tribal Chief. So tonight, tonight… tonight better be a Handicap match, or someone will pay the price. Because I am The Tribal Chief, and you will… acknowledge me!” Jacob Fatu adorns Solo with the ula fala, and they raise up the ones. Will anyone be brave enough to defy The Bloodline to help The American Nightmare?


BREAKING NEWS for next week’s SmackDown!

With #DIY still WWE Tag Team Champions after last week, it is time to find NEW #1 Contenders! It will be a Tag Team Gauntlet match, with The Street Profits, Legado Del Fantasma, Pretty Deadly, The Good Brothers, the new duo of Apollo Crews & Baron Corbin, and even The Bloodline’s Tama Tonga & Tonga Loa, all fighting for that shot! Who wins out to then head for Tommaso Ciampa & Johnny Gargano?


Cody Rhodes & ??? VS A-Town Down Under!

The American Nightmare wanted a response from The Bloodline but got a response from the former WWE Tag Team Champions. They admittedly were collateral damage last week, but this is mostly them taking out their frustrations over losing twice in as many weeks. Will Austin Theory & Grayson Waller tear down the Undisputed WWE Champion? Or will he have back-up after all?

Cody heads to gorilla, and Kevin Owens is there! The Prizefighter says see you out there. Seems Solo forgot there is still someone crazy enough to defy him, because KO’s been doing it all along! Will Kevin #JustKeepFighting until he can’t fight no more?

SmackDown returns and ATDU makes their entrance. The teams sort out and Cody starts against Theory. The fans rally for Cody as the two circle. They tie up, and Theory headlocks. Cody powers up and out, drops down then kitchen sink knees Theory down! Cody drags Theory up, wrenches an arm and tags Kevin. They double wrench to double body shot, then Cody clinches Theory and Kevin runs, they send Theory to BOOT CAMP! Theory sputters, Kevin covers, ONE!! Kevin keeps on Theory with a whip. Kevin ELBOWS Theory down but Theory bails out. Kevin goes out after him to shove him into the Prime bottles!

Kevin CHOPS Theory, SLAPS the big Prime bottle, then pushes Theory into the ring. Waller fixes the display for his bro, Logan, but Kevin RAMS Theory into the corner. Tag to Cody, he reels Theory in but Waller distracts. Cody DECKS Waller, Theory throat chops Cody! Theory LARIATS Cody against ropes, tags Waller, and Waller holds Cody’s arms in the ropes! The fans boo and the ref reprimands as Theory fires haymakers on Cody. Waller lets off at 4 to slide in and CLOBBER Cody! Waller taunts Kevin, KNEES Cody down, then drags Cody up for more knees. The fans chant “WALLER SUCKS!” but Waller knocks Cody down.

Waller brings Cody up to back suplex, but Cody lands out of it! Cody dodges Waller and Waller hits buckles! The fans fire up, Cody hurries, hot tag to Kevin! Kevin dodges Waller, DECKS Theory, then fires off hands on Waller! The fans fire up more as Kevin stomps Waller against ropes! The ref counts, Kevin lets off and Waller bails out. Kevin roars, goes out the side, and he runs to LARIAT Waller! Then Kevin LARIATS Theory! Omaha is thunderous as Kevin gets back in the ring. Waller runs up but into an atomic drop! ENZIGIRI! Theory gets up but Kevin DECKS him! Waller is in the corner, Kevin says ‘SUCK IT!” and CANNONBALLS!

Kevin goes up while Waller is down, but Theory anchors him! Kevin HEADBUTTS Theory then aims at Waller. SWANTON BOMB onto knees! Both men are down, Theory tags in to slingshot and SHOTGUN Kevin back down! Theory sucker punches Cody, too! Tag to Waller, Theory brings Kevin up, BACKBREAKER to BALLER ELBOW! Waller sucker punches Cody now! Cover, TWO! Waller taunts Cody while SmackDown goes to break.

SmackDown returns again, Theory looms over Kevin and soaks up the heat. Tag to Waller, and Theory holds Kevin down so Waller can drop an elbow! Cover, ONE! Waller drops another elbow! Cover, ONE!! Waller clamps on with a cravat and he grinds Kevin down. The fans rally as Kevin endures and fights his way up. Kevin reaches out, but Waller keeps him from Cody. Kevin fires body shots, so Waller fires knee after knee! Kevin staggers to an open corner, Waller stomps him and digs his knee in. The ref counts, Waller lets off and Kevin sputters. Waller brings Kevin around on the apron to CLUB him.

Waller goes out after Kevin but Kevin kicks him! And SMACKS him off steel steps! And pushes the Prime bottle! Kevin hurries back into the ring but Waller trips him up! BIG elbow drop! Waller grinds his forearm in Kevin’s face, then pushes him to a corner. “WALLER SUCKS!” but he throws body shots on Kevin. Waller puts Kevin up top, fires hands, then climbs up. Waller brings Kevin up, but Kevin fires body shots! Kevin ROCKS Waller and Waller falls back, only to come back up! Waller fires forearms, tries again, and goes to the very top! But Kevin throws body shots in return! Kevin and Waller brawl up top!

The fans fire up as Kevin gets the advantage! Kevin HEADBUTTS Waller, Waller holds onto ropes, so Kevin HEADBUTTS again! Waller still holds on so Kevin ELBOWS him down! And then SWANTON BOMB! It hits this time and both men are down! The fans are thunderous as Kevin and Waller crawl! Hot tags to Theory and Cody! The fans fire up as Cody fires off hands on Theory! Cody whips, Theory reverses but Cody CLOBBERS Theory! Cody then goes up and over and hits the SNAP POWERSELAM! Theory stands, but Cody kicks and RHODES UPPERCUTS! Cody JABS, JABS, JABS, flip, flop and fly! BIONIC ELBOW!

The fans are thunderous again as Cody brings Theory around. Cody scoops but Waller makes the save! Tag to Waller, Cody dodges Theory to BLAST Waller! Cody blocks a kick to give a kick and DDT for Theory! Cody stalks Theory but Waller somersaults in to COMPLETE SHOT! Cover, TWO! Waller BOOTS Kevin, then he goes back for Cody. Tag to Theory and they call their shot. Theory fireman’s carries, but Cody slips free! Cody shoves Theory at Waller, but Theory stops short. Cody gets around to waistlock Theory, but Theory elbows free! Waller runs up but Cody moves, and Theory blocks the knee! Cody springboards to CODY CUTTER Theory!!

Waller got free cuz he used Theory again, and now he swings on Cody! Cody dodges, Kevin is there to kick and STUNNER! Waller flops out, Cody reels Theory in! CROSS RHODES!! Cover, Cody & Kevin win!

Winners: Cody Rhodes & Kevin Theory, by pinfall

A-Town Down Under failed to take out their frustrations, but Cody & Kevin sure got theirs out. But here comes The Bloodline! Solo Sikoa leads Tama Tonga & Tonga Loa, but where’s Jacob Fatu…? Cody keeps looking around, but then he DIVES onto Solo & Tama first! Loa gets in to throw hands with Kevin! Loa fireman’s carries, but Kevin CLAWS Loa’s face! Kevin tries to rip Loa’s eyes out! Cody has Solo and SMACKS him off the desk! Kevin helps clear the desk while Cody sends Solo into steel steps! The fans are all fired up as Cody and Kevin look to get payback! But THERE is Fatu! He CLOBBERS Cody, SUPERKICKS Kevin, and then RAMS Cody into steel steps!

Kevin comes back to throw hands, but Fatu shoves him back to SUPERKICK! Kevin flops into the ring but the Samoan Werewolf stomps him into a corner. Fatu rains down headbutts, then he goes corner to corner! HIP ATTACK! Fatu shouts at Kevin, “You wanna disrespect my Tribal Chief!? The man that does everything for the family!!” Solo sits Cody up so he can watch as Fatu goes corner to corner again, for another HIP ATTACK! Fatu keeps moving, and he HIP ATTACKS again!! Fatu just keeps moving and he hits a FOURTH!! The fans boo but then Solo HEADBUTTS Cody down!

Fatu drags Kevin to the drop zone, then goes up a corner! Cody is helpless as Fatu hits a DIVING HEADBUTT right on Kevin! Fatu then storms out to join the rest of the Bloodline. They haul Cody up and over to the desk! TRIPLE POWERBOMB through the desk!! The fans boo, but Kevin is still moving?! Solo looms over Kevin, and Tama grabs a chair! Tama puts the chair around Kevin’s head, and says this is what he gets! Tama POSTS Kevin head first!! Fatu presents the ula fala, and The Bloodline gathers around their Tribal Chief. Fatu adorns Solo with the ula fala, and the Bloodline raises their ones to the sky.

Cody sputters but he can’t sit up. Can Cody recover and be ready for SummerSlam? Or is Solo just two weeks away from taking over the WWE?

My Thoughts:

A great SmackDown here to not just build SummerSlam but to follow up last week. Great opening promo from Cody to call out The Bloodline, and I suppose A-Town Down Under calling him out in return was a logical move. Good promo from Solo, and it did foreshadow who would be Cody’s partner in a way. Kevin was of course coming back not just to help Cody but to avenge Randy, and we got a great tag main event for it. Great win for Cody & Kevin, but of course we got another brutal beating from The Bloodline. They’re doing their best to take away all of Cody’s allies, but I have a feeling this only motivates Kevin & Randy being there at SummerSlam to help. And they can even have a moment where, when it seems Cody is about to lose, Heyman returns with Roman to scare Solo.

Melo had a good promo tonight, and he had a great match with Andrade, but I figured Melo was losing. I don’t know how WWE Speed has been going but I don’t think Melo is going to be facing Andrade for the Speed title. I’m still wondering if Andrade circles back to Legado Del Fantasma. That tag team gauntlet is going to be a lot of fun but I would think Tama & Loa win so that The Bloodline gets back in that title story. Speaking of, we naturally got more interaction of Bianca & Jade with Chelsea & Piper. Bianca beating Chelsea so quickly practically makes a case for a Women’s Speed Championship. But at the same time, good promo from Alba & Isla to set up the continued story with Bianca & Jade, even while Raw is heating up with a lot of top level teams.

Very good promo segment from Bayley and Nia, though I did not think Bayley would work-shoot Nia’s early days of being green and “unsafe.” Each of them getting involved in Mia VS Tiff was good stuff, too, as was the destruction of Tiff’s briefcase. That’s also a very clever way to give Tiff a reason to customize the case into something that fits her vibe, aka it’ll be pink and sparkly cuz she’s the Wrestling Barbie. And while Naomi is busy with Blair Davenport in a feud on the side, Mia makes for a good teammate for Bayley to stand up to Nia & Tiff.

And we got a very good, non-traditional contract signing segment. Logan again played his part perfectly, being so arrogant that A) nothing, not even Knight pinning him, earns Knight a title shot and B) rubbing in that he doesn’t even need pro-wrestling, he just does this to show off. Knight took the long way to tell Logan that he should take the match to prove he’s not a coward, which is the same reason I was thinking the whole time. And like any quality arrogant Heel, Logan gets goaded into the match. Knight will definitely make an example of Santos next week, but I feel like the title match itself could go either way. If it were me, I’d have Knight win because he really has been waiting a long time for something, and this feels like the right time.

My Score: 8.8/10

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