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2MB Sports and Fantasy Podcast: Christmas Edition



2MB Sports and Fantasy Podcast Christmas Eve Edition. NFL Week 16 in Review plus some Fantasy Football talk. Family Members decide to invade while recording!

About the show:
Rick’s Brand presents the 2MB Sports and Fantasy Podcast. Here will will cover all the breaking news and address all rumors regarding sports. UFC, NFL, NBA, MLB, AND NHL….and of course FANTASY FOOTBALL! All you need to know to win a Fantasy Football Championship!

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Bandwagon Nerds

Bandwagon Nerds #236: Superhero Madness- Endgame

Superhero Madness reaches its awesome conclusion, plus trailers for Season 2 of The Rings of Power, and more streaming services decide to band together.



Bandwagon Nerds Mario

Superhero Madness reaches its endgame this week with the Final Four and the Final battle to determine the greatest superhero of them all. Scarlet Witch, Iron Man, Doctor Strange, and Superman walked into the Final Four, but only one left being able to lay claim as the GOAT of superheroes. Who came away with the ultimate prize? An extended trip to the Trailer Park looked at the latest offerings from Season 2 of The Rings of Power, a prequel to Dune, a movie from Francis Ford Coppola decades in the making, and a new take on the Wizard of Oz prequel story, Wicked. In News Around the Nerdosphere, Patrick debunks a rumor about one of Disney’s most beloved characters, more streaming services decide to combine forces, still more Fantastic Four casting news, and a Spider-Man Noir series is coming soon….and you’ll never guess who will be playing the titular role.

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About Bandwagon Nerds

Join Patrick O’Dowd, David Ungar, PC Tunney, Rey Cash, and DPP as they keep everyone up on all things nerd, and maybe add some new nerds along the way. It’s the Bandwagon Nerds Podcast!

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Mitchell’s Hyrule Puro-Resu News Report! (5/16/24)

Fallout from ThunderStruck!



As Spring gives way to Summer…

The storm has passed, see who still reigns in HPW! We hear from the winners and losers of ThunderStruck 3, and of Blood & Thunder!


After the Death Mountain Championship.

Torbevito returns backstage.

Arrow Club is there, and Mack Quackson asks, “Torbs, what the heck? Where’s the title?” Torbevito asks back, weren’t they watching? He lost. He lost!? Yeah, he lost! The Arrow Club sighs, and Fin Balure pats Torbevito on the shoulder, saying it’s fine. They’ll circle back to the Death Mountain title another time. Bad Croc Scaly’s about to go out there with Ruto, they’ll handle Cia & Ganon. The Club cheers the Swamp Boss and Zora Princess as they head to gorilla position.


After the Mixed Tag Match.

Ruto & Scaly return backstage.

Rick Quackson asks, “What in the name of the Golden Goddesses is going on out there?! You lost, too?” Scaly frowns as he puts an icepack on his face, right where the Kick of Calamity got him. Rick apologizes for pointing out the obvious, but this is still really upsetting. Mack says Ganon is one thing, he’s the one and only HPW Triple Crown Champion, from Triforce to Trios to Termina titles. But Ruto’s gonna have Cia handled, right? Ruto says of course she will! Don’t even think that Cia was anywhere close to beating Ruto out there. Cia may’ve been champion before, but she’ll never be a Goddess again.

The Arrow Club clap, nod, and give a “Yeah!” in agreement. But for now, they get to sit back, relax, and watch the rest of the card go down. Will the Zora Princess make sure the Dark Sorceress stays on the outside looking in?


After the World Triforce Championship match.

Link returns backstage.

Zelda is here, the first time we’ve seen her since HyruleMania, and she asks what happened out there. Why did Kage show up and do that? Link shakes his head and shrugs. Zelda wonders if Kage was being genuine. Link looks at her with confusion but she says Link has to remember, Kage was taken from his family and raised by an awful, horrible man. Kage doesn’t know how to help others outside of violence. Link frowns at her, and Zelda says she understands, Link didn’t need the help, so Kage was still in the wrong. But the point is that he meant well. Link sighs and shakes his head, not buying that at all.

Link gets himself an icepack as he starts to leave but Zelda brings up if Link’s talked about Kage with his sister, Aryll. Link stops, looks back at her, but says nothing. Zelda suggests that he should, Kage’s her brother, too. Zelda then walks past Link to leave, and Link sighs. Will the broken home start to heal? Or are the wounds too deep?

Yunobo returns backstage.

He’s of course upset over Kage’s interference with the match, but then he sees Arrow Club is waiting for him. Naturally, he asks what they’re doing here. Fin says they saw what happened out there. “A real shame, isn’t it? The ‘Hero’ of Hyrule resorting to such tricks.” The Ducks agree, they thought Link was better than that. Yunobo says Link said it was all Kage’s idea. Well of course he did! That’s what brothers do! You wouldn’t believe how many times Mack & Rick tried to pin the blame on the other. Like that time when Mack broke their mom’s favorite clay pot. Yeah, or when Rick broke dad’s favorite long bow.

Rick says hold on, that was also Mack. That big gust of wind blew it right out of his grip. What? That’s not when it happened. It was when Rick pulled really hard on the string and- Fin stops the bickering and says they made their point. For all anyone really knows, Link and Kage worked out their issues, then conspired to screw over his opponent tonight. It was just unfortunate that it was Yunobo. Y’know, all right place, wrong time. But hey, Nicholas Foolyere is a pretty fair guy, he might give Yunobo another chance. The Ducks agree again, Yunobo should go talk to Fooly. Yunobo is a little conflicted, but that much is true. He’ll go find Fooly.

Yunobo heads out, Arrow Club wishes Yunobo luck. Fin says to The Ducks, “Y’know, fellas, we may have these shiny new belts, and the rest of the team may be struggling a bit, but that right there… That was a good deed for the day, huh?” The Ducks agree yet again. Mack says Yunobo’s a good egg. Rick says, “He is, isn’t he?” Fin & The Ducks all smile, but what’s really behind them trying to help Yunobo out?

My Thoughts:

I know, that was a lot of Arrow Club for one article, but they were also pretty prevalent on the ThudnerStruck card so it makes sense. And there’s something to the idea that Arrow Club would want to recruit more members and they see an opening with how things went with Yunobo, Kage and Link. Yunobo’s in the top title scene right now, Arrow Club can get the top title if he wins it for them.

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