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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Report! (12/26/17)



All images courtesy of the WWE Network streaming service



  • Hideo Itami VS Jack Gallagher; Itami wins.
  • Tony Nese VS Akira Tozawa; Nese wins.
  • The ‘Zo Train VS Cedric Alexander & Mustafa Ali; Alexander & Ali win.


The Cruiserweight Champion is a Certified Tyrant.

Last week, Enzo Amore “taught Tony Nese a lesson” when he had everyone else in the ‘Zo Train beat him down in the middle of the ring. But before Enzo could elaborate more on the Premier Athlete’s position in the stable, the #1 contender to the Cruiserweight Championship reminded Enzo that their match was on the horizon. Enzo decided not to listen to Cedric Alexander until he was “a real one” like Enzo. Alexander laughed that off, Enzo can’t be “a real one” if he needs The ‘Zo Train to get things done. In fact, Alexander thwarted the ‘Zo Train by defeating Drew Gulak again and then getting to Ariya Daivari before Daivari got to him. Alexander vowed to shatter Enzo’s false reality and show the Bonafide Stud who is truly S A W F T. Will the New Year bring a New Cruiserweight Champion?


Drew Gulak encounters Cedric Alexander backstage.

The #1 contender wonders if Gulak is waiting for an important call from “the boss.” Why would Sasha Banks call him? And Cedric may have things against Gulak’s “best friend”, but Enzo won’t even be here tonight, hence waiting for the phone call. The same “best friend” who called Gulak a “sugarplum fairy”? Enzo doesn’t seem that concerned about Gulak. Well, Alexander shouldn’t worry so much about Gulak’s friendship with Enzo, and more worried about surviving tonight’s match so he can make it to New Year’s Raw. Wait, do you here that? It’s peace and quiet. Alexander is reminded of the Christmas classic, “It’s a Wonderful Life”. Imagine it, Drew: a world where Enzo isn’t Cruiserweight Champion. And having Alexander would be better? To Gulak, Enzo is George Bailey, for he has shown Gulak this IS a wonderful life. Alexander paints the picture for Gulak: no more talking down to Gulak; no more mocking the PowerPoint presentations; and no more making Gulak dress up as his elf. Enzo Amore losing means a #Better205Live, for everyone, but especially Drew. Is Alexander getting Gulak to reconsider his allegiances?


Hideo Itami VS Jack Gallagher!

The newest addition to the Cruiserweight Division gave The Man with a Plan a GTS and a fractured orbital bone for Christmas, sidelining THE Brian Kendrick for some time. Can the Ungentle Gentleman get payback in return or will he also be made to respect Itami?

Actually, Gallagher comes to the ring with a microphone to speak his mind. “Mr. Itami, last night I learned that you are no stranger to a little bit of cruelty.” Itami drove that knee into Kendrick’s head, and Gallagher heard his nose break and orbital bone shatter. Gallagher promises to teach Itami and “these ignorant Chicago pillocks” a lesson: “cruelty knows no bounds.”

The bell rings, Gallagher and Itami circle. They tie up, Gallagher pushes Itami to ropes, then slaps Itami out of the break. Itami slaps Gallagher back then gives him knee strikes before whipping him to ropes, kitchen sink knee and a stiff kick to the back! Itami gives Gallagher another kick and then demands Gallagher “respect me!” The referee has Itami hold back in the corner, but Itami still drives in knees. He snapmares Gallagher down, drops knees on Gallagher’s head, and pulls the knee pad down for the jumping foot scrape.  Itami mocks Gallagher’s mustache tweaze before demanding that everyone show him respect.

The knee pad comes back up, Gallagher trips Itami up but Itami kicks Gallagher all the way out to the apron. Gallagher throws in a shoulder but misses, Itami kicks at him again and again. Itami then hops up to the second rope, takes aim and hits a flying guillotine leg drop!

Itami continues to demand respect, Chicago shows him some with their cheers. Gallagher tries to escape but Itami is right on him. Itami drags Gallagher back into the ring but that pulls the ring skirt up. Itami tells Gallagher again, “Respect me!”, but Gallagher ducks the Penalty Kick and gets out of the ring. When Itami walks over to the ropes, Gallagher uses that upended skirt to trip him up! Gallagher then drags Itami and tucks him under the skirt before stomping away on Itami’s head. The referee counts and Gallagher stops stomping at 4, then climbs up to embrace the heat while Itami gets free. Gallagher climbs down and stalks Itami, sitting him up to drive knees into his spine. Now Gallagher applies a chinbar and neck wrench. Fans rally for Itami, Itami endures the hold and feeds off the energy to get to his feet. Itami elbows Gallagher but Gallagher puts him in a corner for European Uppercuts and a knee grinding right into Itami’s chin. Gallagher backs off, mocks the fans booing and jeering, then stomps Itami again. The referee reprimands Gallagher, Gallagher brings Itami out for the cravat hold. Snapmare to face scrape, Gallagher trolls Chicago more. Cover, TWO, back to a chinlock. Fans rally again, Itami gets to his feet, Gallagher yanks him down by his hair. Gallagher goes for a neckbreaker, backslide counter, TWO! Gallagher goes to boot, Itami blocks and counters with a dragon screw. Itami and Gallagher are both slow to standing up, but it is Itami who rallies on Gallagher. He kicks, snap fisherman suplexes, then fires up. Gallagher elbows Itami away, then goes corner to corner into a boot. Itami hits a tornado hotshot, then a flying clothesline!

Cover, TWO! Itami keeps focus, he brings Gallagher up for a strike fest, which staggers Gallagher into a corner. Itami again demands respect before running corner to corner, but Gallagher avoids the dropkick. Gallagher hotshots Itami, runs in, takedown into the Captain’s Hook!

Gallagher honors his comrade by using his submission hold. Itami endures, reaches, crawls, and gets the ropebreak. Gallagher lets go, then brings Itaim up. Gallagher has the double underhook but Itami shovels Gallagher up and over. Itami gives more strikes to rock Gallagher, then finally hits the “Respect Me!” dropkick. He fires up, stands Gallagher up, but instead of a fireman’s carry, Itami drags Gallagher down into a modified Rings of Saturn.

Gallagher taps, Itami wins! He may not have made Gallagher #GoToSleep, but did he earn Gallagher’s respect?


Backstage interview with Tony Nese.

The Premier Athlete was beat down by The ‘Zo Train in order to “teach a lesson”. Is Tony even still part of The ‘Zo Train? “The next time I see Enzo, Daivari or Drew Gulak, part of me wants to just lay them out right where they stand.” At the same time, part of Tony understands Enzo is a “global superstar”. Like him or not, you can’t deny that “the money, the fame” helped Tony go up. That said, what will Tony do next? That’s the real question. And that’s when Akira Tozawa walks over.

“Hey, Tony, are you on the train or off the train?” Tony decks Tozawa! That isn’t much of an answer, perhaps their match will tell more of where The Premier Athlete stands.


Tony Nese VS Akira Tozawa!

The Stamina Monster is still sore physically and mentally after that sucker punch from The Premier Athlete. Will Tony regret his actions when he doesn’t have “friends” backing him up?

The bell rings, and Tozawa goes right at Nese with a boot and hammering hands. The ref backs Tozawa off while fans chant “AH! AH!” Nese takes advantage by running Tozawa off with a back elbow. He stomps away on Tozawa, then gives clubbing crossface punches. Tozawa chops back, and so does Nese. It becomes a chop fight, Tozawa fakes one to jab and rock Nese. The fans continue the “AH! AH!” battle cry as Tozawa whips Nese. Nese sunset flips but Tozawa rolls through to then give Nese a Penalty Kick and a screaming back senton!

Tozawa fires up with more “AH! AH!” and the fans join in while Nese gets out of the ring. Tozawa builds speed and launches the Tozawa Torpedo, which Nese intercepts with a kick!

Nese drags Tozawa to the floor and stomps away out of anger. He even mocks the “AH! AH!” before flexing. Nese puts Tozawa in the corner, covers, TWO, so Nese gives leg drop after leg drop. Another cover, another TWO, so Nese wrenches Tozawa’s head. Tozawa reaches for ropes, gets the break, Nese lets go before stomping Tozawa again. Nese brings Tozawa up but Tozawa fights back. Nese slows Tozawa with knees, then whips him corner to corner hard. Cover, TWO, Nese puts Tozawa in the bodyscissors and chinlock. Nese puts the squeeze on Tozawa as fans rally, but Nese keeps Tozawa grounded with crossface punches. Tozawa manages to break free of the bodyscissors but that chinlock is on tight. Fans rally again, Tozawa feeds off it, “AH! AH!” starts up again but Nese clubs Tozawa down. Nese mocks “AH! AH!” again but takes too long setting up his suplex, Tozawa suplexes Nese instead! Both men are down, Nese rolls to ropes and the apron. Tozawa fires up, forearms Nese down, “AH! AH!” and now he hits the Tozawa Torpedo!

Tozawa gets Nese in the ring, covers, TWO! He brings Nese up but Nese resists the back suplex with back elbows. Nese blocks a kick, pumphandle into Michinoku Driver, TWO! Both men are showing signs of exhaustion, but Nese is up first. He brings Tozawa up, Tozawa gives body shots and chops. Nese shoves Tozawa then hits a stiff forearm, but Tozawa responds with a boot. Nese ducks Tozawa’s punch to give a mule kick to knee lift to roundhouse. Tozawa jumps the sweep, Nese slips out of the back suplex and folds Tozawa in a pin, TWO! Tozawa rocks Nese with the spinning roundhouse! Nese goes down, Tozawa climbs up. The fans chant “AH! AH!” while Tozawa takes aim, Nese springs up with the Southpaw Shoryuken!

Nese dumps Tozawa down, brings down the knee pad, and hits the Premier Kneese!

Nese wins! ‘Zo Train or no train, will the Premier Athlete find himself climbing the mountain to the championship?


Is the Cruiserweight Champion smitten with a certain Brutal Beauty?

It seems that way given the Christmas Raw mistletoe kiss that almost was. Enzo Amore and Nia Jax were moments away from locking lips when Nia’s friend, Alexa Bliss, interrupted the moment itself. If Enzo is lucky, can he be there to kiss Nia into the New Year?


The ‘Zo Train VS Cedric Alexander & Mustafa Ali!

From losing members to losing matches, Enzo Amore’s Certified Stable is losing steam in the Cruiserweight Division. Can “Gabba Gulak” and “Daivari Dinero” get things back on track before the New Year arrives?

The Cruiserweight Crusader wishes to speak first. “How are you doing?” He and Daivari are representing the ‘Zo Train without Enzo tonight. Another year is coming to a close, so Gulak feels it is time to reflect. Not just on the bad, but the good, and the best way to do that is with a “Best of” list! The fans chant for “PowerPoint”, and that’s fine, because Gulak is going to present the best of his presentations with a new edition of hiiiiiiiiiiiiis… POWERPOINT! PRESENTATION!!

So please turn your attention– to Cedric Alexander’s and Mustafa Ali’s entrance.

Alexander and Ali have their own microphones and wish to speak their piece. “Drew, I’m sorry to interrupt. But Mustafa, aren’t we in your hometown of Chicago?” Gulak did have a large presentation to give, but Ali has some valid points of his own. Chicago cheers for Ali, Gulak shouts down their chanting. Ali goes over his points. First: nobody believes Daivari & Gulak would be friends without the ‘Zo Train. Alexander agrees. Daivari looks down on “blue collar scrappers” like Gulak. It’s why Daivari threw Gulak under the bus with Enzo. Ali defends Daivari, because Gulak is always stealing the spotlight with those PowerPoint presentations~! Thumbs up!

“Don’t you dare mock my PowerPoint presentations!” Gulak shouts back. Daivari, admit it. You were Enzo’s right hand man until “Captain Underpants” join. Gulak doesn’t want Daivari to listen to this. But in the end, these two were being played all along. First by each other, now by Enzo. So, if Enzo had to choose the ‘Zo Train and Nia Jax, who do you think he’d prefer? Just saying.

The match finally begins, with hometown hero Ali and Privileged Persian Daivari. The two circle, Ali gets the waistlock but Daivari backs him down. The ref calls for a break, Daivari dirties it up with a mule kick. He keeps on Ali with haymakers, then says “Chicago sucks!” before giving even more. Daivari whips Ali corner to corner but Ali goes up and over, handspring to arm-drag, Ali puts Daivari in an armlock. Daivari endures the hold, gets to his feet and pulls Ali’s hair. He brings Ali into the ‘Zo Train corner, Gulak tags in. Ali fights back, Gulak knees low, then gives a running knee strike to Ali’s head. Gulak whips but Ali reverses and throws Gulak with a body drop. Tag to Alexander, double whip to double hip toss. Cover, ONE, Alexander wrenches Gulak’s arm. Gulak gets up, reverses the wrench onto Alexander, but Alexander reverses it back. Alexander whips Gulak, then sends him flying with another body drop. Cover, ONE, so Alexander tags Ali back in. Ali climbs up while Alexander wrenches the arm, double stomps to that arm. Ali chops Gulak to a corner, fans cheering him on. He whips Gulak, Gulak reverses but Ali kicks Gulak away. Ali runs but Daivari blocks his path, allowing Gulak to clobber Ali from behind and snapping him off the ropes. Gulak drags Ali over, tags Daivari, Daivari stomps a mudhole into the hometown hero. Daivari gives Ali a neckbreaker and covers, TWO. Daivari wrenches Ali’s neck, fans chant “Ali! *clap clap*” which upsets Gulak. Ali feeds off the fans’ energy and fights back against Daivari. He goes for a tag but is blocked and hit with a spinebuster!

Cover, TWO! Daivari drags Ali up while Alexander gets the fans rallying again. Tag to Gulak, The ‘Zo Train brings Ali out and up, but Ali slips out of the double back suplex. Alexander tags in, and hits a 2-for-1 springboard missile dropkick!

Alexander kip-ups and fires up with the fans. He rallies on Gulak, blocks the kick to hit the back elbow. Alexander runs, handspring but Daivari trips him up and Gulak boots him down. Gulak boots Alexander all the way out of the ring, then tags Daivari. Daivari fetches Alexander and bounces him off the announce desk. The referee counts, Daivari puts Alexander in the ring. Cover, TWO, so Daivari drags Alexander back to ‘Zo Train territory. Tag back to Gulak, Gulak hits a running stomp. Cover, TWO, Gulak gets frustrated. He drags Alexander back again and stands him up for a chop. Alexander resists but Gulak still throws him out. He keeps the referee distracted a moment, but Daivari still gets caught creeping over to Alexander. The referee orders Daivari to stay by the corner, Alexander meanwhile climbs up and in. Gulak is upon him, Alexander shoulders him away to then hit the step-in springboard complete shot!

Alexander and Gulak are both down, fans rally as they crawl for their corners. Hot tags to Daivari and Ali! Ali rallies on Daivari with the crowd behind him. Daivari reverses the whip but Ali turns that into a flapjack dropkick! Ali fires up, builds speed and FLIES!

Down goes Daivari from that corkscrew plancha! Ali puts Daivari in the ring, rolls and hits the facebuster! Gulak barrels in and breaks the pin, then he takes out Alexander on the apron. The referee gets Gulak to go back to his corner while Daivari goes after Ali. Daivari puts Ali on the top rope, Gulak disapproves given his rules. Daivari still climbs up, but Gulak protests. Gulak and Daivari argue, Alexander slips into the ring and gives Gulak a Lumbar Check!

Ali dumps Daivari down, and hits the 0-5-4!

Ali and Alexander win! Chicago cheers on their hometown hero and the #1 Contender. With momentum on his side, can the Carolina Kid become the new Cruiserweight Champion in the New Year?

As for The ‘Zo Train, they’re still arguing on the outside over whose fault it is that they lost. Is The ‘Zo Train headed for a complete train wreck this close to the close of 2017?


My Thoughts:

205 Live’s not-quite Christmas edition was pretty solid. I didn’t know THE Brian Kendrick was legitimately injured on Christmas until tonight, and I feel that is part of why Itami won without the GTS. Until WWE can be sure Itami can safely use the move he invented, he won’t be using it at all. Though, that seems fine by Itami, he already added a submission finisher to his moves. Itami’s time in the Cruiserweight Division will unfortunately be spent spinning his wheels while he waits for the title scene to open up.

The rest of the night was spent developing the expanding ‘Zo Train saga, as now Tony Nese must decide whose side he is on and what he’ll do once he’s made that decision. He and Tozawa put on a great match, as well, so I’m hoping they take some time with this while he has matches with other Cruiserweights. In fact, why not have Nese go up against Itami to intertwine their stories as well as just give us an incredibly stiff and competitive match? Then everything with Alexander and Gulak was great tonight, both Alexander (and by extension, Ali) making some valid points about how awful and unappreciative Enzo is to Gulak, and then the main event tag team match. Great to see the usual hometown curse was undone for this occasion, but it was mostly because story dictates Alexander needs one more win to stay strong before facing Enzo for the Cruiserweight Championship on Raw. I still expect Gulak to be pivotal to the ending of the match, and hopefully it results in Gulak’s Face turn.

My Score: 8/10

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Andrew’s TNA iMPACT! Results & Match Ratings: 2.29.2024

Not a lot of lead time til Sacrifice, so let’s find out if there’s just obvious rematches or any wrinkles to flesh out the PPV card!



Coming out of No Surrender we get two tapings before Sacrifice! Curious how many rematches and build offs we’ll see since 2 weeks isn’t exactly a lot of time to propagate a fresh feud. The System is in the main event again, Mustafa Ali has his inauguration event, AJ Francis makes his in-ring debut and there’s some Hammerstone buzz that might pay off tonight.

So as I’ve already said once, we don’t have a ton of time til Sacrifice, so let’s get to it!


  • Steve Maclin w/The Rascalz vs Speedball Mike Bailey w/Trent Seven: Maclin wins via KIA – ***
  • Laredo Kid vs Jake Something: Jake wins via Into the Void – **
  • AJ Francis & Deaner vs Joe Hendry & Rich Swann: Hendry wins via Standing Ovation – ** 3/4
  • Tasha Steelz vs Xia Brookside: DOUBLE COUNT OUT – **
  • The System (Eddie Edwards, Moose & Brian Myers) w/Alisha Edwards vs ABC (Ace Austin & Chris Bey) & Eric Young: System with a Trios Tandem Backpack Stunner, Yakuza Kick + Machoman Elbow – ***



Steve Maclin w/The Rascalz vs Speedball Mike Bailey w/Trent Seven

Bailey comes down favoring the leg that Maclin clipped at No Surrender, so Bailey will most likely eat another loss here with injury excuse.

Maclin shoots for the injured leg but Bailey defends back into the corner and manages to hit his Kick Flurry before the leg flares up. Maclin then powders, Bailey follows and its just a Fighting Spirit spot on the outside that resolves in classic NJPW way where both hear the officials count at the same time, stare at each other and slide in simultaneously. Maclin Lariats Bailey back out after the count is broken, Maclin distracts the ref and The Rascalz go after Bailey and the bad leg.

Bailey is now getting dissected, there’s a small comedy spot where Bailey lifts his Left Leg to dodge the offense and adopts the Karate Kid Crane Kick pose, but Maclin front kicks the plant leg out to cause Speedball to land in a split, then Maclin keeps up offense. Tree of Woe, Caught in the Crosshair, but Bailey sits up! Maclin posts himself, eats some offense, powders out and Bailey with a gorgeous Corkscrew Moonsault. Bailey brings Maclin to the apron to try and bring him back, but they start fighting on the apron, Bailey kicks with the bad leg and sells for a second while Maclin Lariats him back into the ring. Speedball with a Sweep, tries the Backflip Knees but misses and crashes on the apron. Maclin hits his SCUD missile Dive, then throws Bailey back in, Jarhead Butt attempt missed, Mayhem for All gets hit by Maclin but only for 2.

Trent causes a small distraction so Bailey manages a Crane Kick, Superkick combo, aims for the Tornado Kick but gets intercepted. Buckle Bomb connects, Powerbomb two is countered by a Poison Rana, Bailey heads to the top for Ultima Weapon and misses hard. KIA ends the match in a win for Steve.

If the name sticks, I do like Maclin and the Rascalz being known as the HIGHerarchy. 

Laredo Kid vs Jake Something

Laredo tries a dumb tie up and gets chucked backwards. Then he tries for a few Low Kicks to compromise Jake’s base, but it takes a Headscissor to cause Jake to roll to the outside. Laredo goes for a Plancha into a Rana, but Jake rolls through it and into a Powerbomb on the outside. Both head back in, early pinfall attempt only gets two, but Laredo is reeling after the Powerbomb.

Vader Hammer style strike into an Into the Void attempt but Laredo counters and then starts a little ducking and weaving. Jake goes for a charge and eats turnbuckle as Laredo is floating between ropes, Jake tries to fire but eats a Code Red DDT for a near fall. BME from Laredo Kid for another near fall. Satellite Takedown into a Cradle for another close call for Laredo…but as he goes for his next move attempt Jake just catches him with Into the Void and wins!

Thanks I hate it.

AJ Francis & Deaner vs Joe Hendry & Rich Swann

Do we get a heel turn from Swann, does he go 0-5 in the new TNA rebrand or does he finally end up on the winning end? Yeah, the first two are the most likely.

AJ Francis points at Hendry, says he wants Hendry but Rich doesn’t oblige for AJ takes a cheap shot at Joe and then tags Deaner in so Swann and Deaner can finally start the match. Swann rolls early, knocks Deaner to the outside, goes for a Dive but AJ gets in the way to tell Swann he should be with him and not against him. This gives Deaner and opening, he sends Rich reeling, then when he goes for the rope run Joe is there to cut him off. Deaner mouths off to Joe, Joe pulls the Bugs Bunny and points behind Deaner, and Swann is just biding his time with a little dancey dance into a Superkick.

Joe comes in, throws Deaner around a little and then tags back out to Rich, and Rich loses the advantage. Stiff Strike from Deaner into a the hard Irish Whip to the corner, Deaner goes for a second but Swann pulls the Uno Reverse and connects with the Crossbody into some quick offense and then tags out to Hendry. Hendry then initiates the We Believe Chest Chops into a Stalling Vertical Suplex. Hendry hits the kip up and plays to the crowd before hitting his own cheap shot on AJ. Receipts are fun, but that costs Joe the advantage.

AJ tags in and starts manhandling Hendry. Hits his Tennessee Whiskey Knee Strike as Deaner hits the blind tag and Hendry is stuck in the opponents corner. Quick tags between Deaner and AJ keeps Hendry isolated and getting throttled. Francis goes for a Leg Lariat while Hendry is draped on the middle rope, Hendry dodges, AJ crotches himself and Hendry tries some offense. A Dropkick careens AJ back to Joe, Joe goes for the Trust Fall but AJ is too big. AJ goes for a Chokeslam, but Joe counters it into a DDT. Simultaneous tags, Deaner gets lit up, Rolling Thunder for 2. Francis gets in the ring, tries to send a message to Swann but Swann just smacks him. AJ charges, low bridge into Swann hitting a Senton off the apron to wipe out AJ. Lethal Injection from Swann, tags in Hendry, Standing Ovation for the win!

-Wait- Swann finally won a match in new TNA? Color me surprised. After the match, Hendry hogs the limelight a little in the victory and Swann’s face looks like he’s buying AJ’s pitch a bit more. The heel turn seems very much in the works, now just a matter of time.

DDIWAPSEA will be fire. I look forward to the DDIWAPSEA Heavyweight Title.

We get Ali’s inauguration speech next, and its what you would expect. The Good Hands act like typical mooks, Ali’s bland presence is the right level of cringe lameness for a political gimmick and it gets cut off by Chris Sabin of course.  Fight breaks out of course, Intergalatic Pizza Cats or whatever the bad name is make the save and Ali makes a very calm exit flanked by his security (this part is actually great). 

After the inaugural melee, ASH by Elegance cuts off everything before the Xia and Tasha match. The “major announcement” is just that she’s going to have a match next week, but she comes out like a super model and not in an evening gown…so I actually really liked her look tonight. Plus her and Iceman are so delusional and hilarious I can’t help but love this gimmick. 

Tasha Steelz vs Xia Brookside

The rubber match no one wanted gets a stipulation of “winner gets a Knockouts title shot at Sacrifice”. This promises to be miserable and make the Sacrifice card kinda trash. 

Lame strikes, Xia screams like 10 seconds into the match to “fire up” for no reason, completely whiffs a Dropkick so Tasha slams Xia into the corner and brings her out by hitting a Jackhammer for 2. Bad Headscissors into a weak looking Dropkick from Xia and a Running Crossbody for 2. Xia tries to lift Tasha, Tasha goes to the eyes and then a few strikes into a bottom turnbuckle foot choke cause their both like 4 foot 10 instead of 7 feet like Kevin Nash.

Xia tries to fight out of the corner but Tasha stays on top of her with clubbing Axehandles into a kneeling Sleeper. Xia Snapmare to break the Sleeper, Flying Lariat, another Flying Headscissors, too much Screaming out of nowhere, Broken Wings to the corner, Cutter attempt is countered, Brooksie Bomb is countered by Tasha. Gamengiri from Xia knocks Tasha to the ground, Xia with a Baseball Slide into Tasha and then a Running Neckbreaker on the outside.

Both cut the other one off trying to get back into the ring, and the count continues, 10 count happens and Double Count Out is declared. Jordynne will probably just accept both of them as opponents.

Look Jordynne comes out and does what was obvious. The concerning part here is that one on one neither could believably beat Jordynne…but as a Three Way Dance, shenanigans are nearly guaranteed.

The System (Eddie Edwards, Moose & Brian Myers) w/Alisha Edwards vs ABC (Ace Austin & Chris Bey) & Eric Young

As we’ve established, TNA 6 mans are very Japanese, so the opening salvos are kinda inconsequential. A few mind games, but everyone gets a chance to shine and hit low to mid tier moves to keep things moving. The System side keeps up with quick tags, Back Rakes, Arm Wringers, Headbutts and just general strategy to keep Bey eating offense. Bey flips out of the move from Myers, tags in Ace and sends Myers reeling. Myers powders, Alisha is trying to fan him down, but Ace comes around the corner. Nice little wrinkle for when Ace was the XXX Division Champion and was trying to bang Eddie’s wife, but Eddie is the heel now. Those interactions are always a bit fun.

Lish does a good job at distracting the referee though and allowing System to eventually stop Ace’s momentum and take back over. Lish gets involved a bit by choking Ace on the bottom rope while the ref is distracted and Ace has had no offense in a few minutes. Myers works him over, tags in Moose and Moose is dissecting him with Garvin Style Stomps. EY and Bey are getting frustrated, but Ace is paying the price and getting manipulated. Quick tags keep Ace rocked, but finally a foot up stops Moose, he fights out of the corner, connects on a Roundhouse Kick and uses the momentum of his jump to tilt Moose backwards to tag in Bey…but the referee didn’t see it!

A few moves delayed, but EY takes the hot tag and starts finding offense, there’s a tornado moment that gets sloppy and looks a bit bad after Moose crotches himself on the top rope. 1-2-SWEET landed on Moose, but Eddie breaks up the pin.


Overall Score: 7/10

Since we’ve got Sacrifice on March 8th, the logic for stories had to be very quick and dirty. The System potentially in line to get a tag title match after the 6 Man makes sense, Knockouts World title picture is messy but could lend to a weird way in getting the belt off Jordynne, Dango being relevant to the show but not really in any major angle keeps him on people’s radar, Kaz’s threat to Santino can lead to things and Maclin versus Nemeth is happening much earlier than I expected.

Honestly, the only match that is bound to be disappointing is the Knockouts Three Way Dance unless Jordynne really kicks it into overdrive to cover both her opponents weaknesses. Oh yeah, and Alexander Hammerstone officially getting signed it the best news to come out of tonight. So now Hammerman just needs to win at Sacrifice and we’ll start some nice momentum to potentially get him a title shot by Slammiversary or Bound For Glory. Hell if Hammerstone takes the belt off Moose at some point and then Nemeth challenges Hammerstone at something like Bound For Glory; that’s pretty box office when all things are said and done.


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Mitchell’s ROH Results & Report! (2/29/24)

Is The Peacock TV Ready?



Dalton Castle will do it for The Boys!

After weeks of obsessing, and after being faced with a tough decision. Dalton Castle gets his match with Johnny TV, with The Boys on the line! Will Castle SMASH Johnny’s face in once and for all?


  • ROH Women’s World Television Championship Tournament, Quarterfinal: Taya Valkyrie w/ Johnny TV VS Queen Aminata; Aminata wins and advances.
  • Lee Johnson VS Mike Sydal; Johnson wins.
  • Komander w/ Alex Abrahantes VS Blake Christian; Komander wins.
  • Taiji Ishimori VS Jacoby Watts; Taiji wins.
  • Custody of The Boys: Dalton Castle VS Johnny TV w/ Taya Valkyrie; Johnny wins and takes custody of The Boys.


ROH Women’s World Television Championship Tournament, Quarterfinal: Taya Valkyrie w/ Johnny TV VS Queen Aminata!

La Wera Loca says this tournament and that title belong to her, but she’s up against the Queen of Guinea! Will the One and Only African Woman Wrestler in ROH & AEW take one step closer to history? Or will nothing stop Mrs. TV from being TV Champion?

The Code of Honor is upheld, the bell rings, and the fans rally up. Taya taunts Aminata as they get face to face, but then Aminata stands tall to be head, shoulders and chest above! The fans fire up, Aminata reels Taya into a headlock, then hits a takeover. Taya moves around, fights up to her feet, and slips out to hammerlock then headlock and takeover. Aminata headscissors, Taya moves around, and Taya pops free to then get a headlock back. Aminata fights up, powers out the back and steps over to twerk attack! Aminata then wrenches, headlocks and grinds. Taya puts Aminata in a corner, the ref counts, and Taya lets off.

Taya swings but Aminata ducks! Aminata then ROCKS Taya in the corner! And CHOPS! And ROCKS her again! And CHOPS her again! Aminata ROCKS Taya one more time, but Taya avoids the double chop to CHOP! Taya eggs Aminata on but Aminata dodges, fakes the chop and body shots! Aminata whips corner to corner, runs up and hip attacks! Taya sits down, the fans fire up and Aminata twerks into the HIP- NO, Taya dodges and says hecc no! Johnny says Taya’s too smart for that. Aminata storms out after Taya, Taya slides in and Johnny distracts Aminata. Taya DECKS Aminata and Johnny catches her!

Taya is confused, and then both Johnny and Aminata freak out. They tell the other not to touch them, but Taya WRECKS Aminata with a dropkick! Aminata falls, Taya stomps away and says do not touch her man! Taya and Johnny then kiss, and Taya drags Aminata up. Taya brings Aminata around to whip her into railing hard! Aminata sits down and Johnny starts a “Taya! Taya!” chant. Taya slides into the ring but slides out to refresh the count. Taya runs in, but Aminata dodges to send Taya into railing! Aminata storms back up but Taya kicks low. Taya snap suplexes Aminata to the floor!

Aminata writhes while Taya mockingly chants for her. Taya then brings Aminata up and brings her around, to CHOP her against the apron! Taya pushes Aminata in the ring, stomps her, then pushes her around to grab the legs. Taya ties up the legs, pulls hair, but then shifts to the QUEEN ANGELITO! The fans rally for Aminata as she endures and reaches out. Aminata claws her way forward to the ROPEBREAK! The ref counts, Taya lets go, and Aminata grits her teeth as she rises up. Taya runs up but into an elbow! Taya tries again but Aminata ELBOWS again! Taya tries a third time, Aminata goes up and over to sunset flip! TWO!

Taya stands and SPEARS Aminata down! Cover, TWO!! Aminata survives and the fans fire up! Taya has a wild grin but she’s frustrated. “This is your queen?” The fans cheer but Taya mocks them. Taya SPANKS Aminata, drags her up, and the fans chant “She’s Our Queen!” Taya CLUBS Aminata, reels her in, but Aminata fights around to waistlock and GERMAN SUPLEX! The fans fire up while both women are down! Johnny coaches Taya as a standing count starts. Both women rise, stand at 5 of 10, and Taya throws a forearm! Aminata hits back! Taya throws another, so Aminata ROCKS her right back!

Taya fires a flurry of forearms, then winds up, but Aminata wrenches and snap suplexes! Then LARIATS! Then clinches, spins, snapmares and runs, PENALTY KICK! The fans fire up with Aminata while Taya flounders to a corner. Aminata runs side to side to BOOT WASH! Aminata goes corner to corner now, for the HIP ATTACK! The fans fire up again, Aminata covers, TWO!! Taya survives and Aminata grows frustrated. Johnny coaches Taya but the fans rally for Aminata. Aminata drags Taya up, fisherman, but Taya slips free to kick, KICK and LARIAT! Taya roars and Aminata rises. Aminata swings, Taya gets under, BLUE THUNDER BOMB! Cover, TWO!!

Aminata is still in this but Taya still has that wild look in her eyes. Taya gets the legs but Aminata kicks her away! Aminata runs up but Taya BOOTS her! Taya reels Aminata in to underhook, lift and BUTTERFLY BUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Taya is shocked that Aminata survives but the fans are thunderous! Aminata goes to ropes, Taya runs in, but into a BOOT! Aminata ROCKS Taya with a forearm, rolls her up, TWO! Aminata hurries to HEADBUTT!! Cover, AMINATA WINS!!

Winner: Queen Aminata, by pinfall (advances to the semifinals)

Aminata just brought down a former champion and is in the Final Four! Will Aminata continue to knock people out of this tournament to finally have her crowning moment?


Lexi Nair is on stage.

She says, “Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention please. Your ROH Women’s World Champion, Athena, and Billie Starkz have called an emergency MEM (Minion Empowerment Meeting).” And now, Athena & Billie walk out on stage. The fans cheer and Athena smiles as she still has the title around her waist. Athena says, “Hello, Minions.” “Hi~, Athena.” “I said HELLO~ Minions~!” The fans cheer, and Athena says it is very important we start off with this bit of information. She’s read the comments online, everything they had to say about MIT, the Athena family, and how they are falling apart.

Athena thinks it is finally time to address the problem. Lexi Nair! Huh!? Athena says if Lexi doesn’t stop chasing Dalton Castle and every hack around the back, she will take her fist and… Y’know what? Lexi’s place is next to Billie, next to Athena, does she understand? Y-Yes! Athena then smiles and says to business. Last week, Athena was in a historic Best 2 Outta 3 Falls Tables match for her ROH Women’s World Championship. And to be honest, Nyla Rose took Athena to the limit, she presented challenges that Athena didn’t know she’d have to deal with. Nyla was the embodiment of chaos, and showed us why she is a former AEW Women’s World Champion.

The fans do applaud but Athena says also last week, Athena YEETED that hussy right through a table! Didn’t she? The fans applaud and Billie adds, “But what about me last week? I won my first round match last week against Robyn.” The fans do cheer and Athena says yeah, but Robyn Renegade isn’t what Athena would really call… competition. Y-Yeah, but Billie also gets Diamante in the second round. Right… And Billie thinks she can beat “Diabla” without Athena motivating her? Yeah, Billie’s gonna win by herself! The fans cheer and Athena asks Lexi if she thinks Billie can do this.

Lexi nervously says yeah, duh! Athena asks the “Minion Mafia,” do they think Billie can win it all? “YES!” Well then, Billie. You better win the ROH Women’s World TV Championship, or else. Because this is THEIR year, this is the Year of MIT, of Minion Bestie, of Minion 400,237 and three-quarters! And most of all, this is the Year of the Fallen Goddess, the ROH Gatekeeper, the Minion Overlord, the American Joshi, and most of all the inspiration for every woman’s division! This right here is HER show! With HER rules! And if you don’t like that, you can step up, or step out. Mic drop moment and the family heads out. Will Billie bring home the gold to stand beside Athena?


Taiji Ishimori VS Jacoby Watts!

It’s a great surprise return to ROH for the Bone Soldier Reborn! Will Taiji prove that Bullet Club is still Too Sweet even as ROH is reborn?

The Code of Honor is skipped as Taiji kicks Jacoby’s hand away. Jacoby takes a swing, Taiji dodges and claws the eyes! The ref reprimands, Taiji whips but Jacoby reverses! Taiji goes out, slides under, slips around and RAMS into Jacoby. Taiji then springboards to SEATED SENTON! The fans fire up with Taiji as he looms over Jacoby. Taiji fist drops Jacoby, then NECK TWISTS him! Jacoby writhes, the fans rally behind “Bone Soldier! Bone Soldier!” Taiji drags Jacoby up for a NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Jacoby stays in this but Taiji keeps cool. The fans cheer as Taiji paces around. Taiji goes to a corner then climbs up.

Jacoby stands, Taiji leaps at him, CROSSBODY but Jacoby catches him! Swing and END OF DAYS! Taiji flounders to a corner, Jacoby runs up to fire off haymakers! The ref counts, Jacoby lets off, and then Jacoby whips corner to corner. Jacoby winds up and runs in place, then runs in to clothesline! Jacoby keeps moving and LARIATS Taiji down! Cover, TWO! Taiji survives and the fans rally up. Jacoby stomps Taiji, drags him up, but Taiji kicks low. Taiji claws eyes, whips, but Jacoby reverses. Taiji handsprings to NEURALIZER! Both men are down and the fans rally up again. Taiji goes to ropes and he takes aim, BANG!

Taiji reels Jacoby in but Jacoby fights out of the half hatch. Taiji UPPERCUTS, runs, but Jacoby scoops! Taiji claws eyes and slips free to then wrench, tilt-o-whirl and LA MYSTICA, into BONE LOCK!! Jacoby taps, Taiji wins!

Winner: Taiji Ishimori, by submission

The Bone Soldier brings down Jacoby and has his first win back in ROH. Will he stick around to see if it turns into a title opportunity?


Queen Aminata speaks.

“Listen, guys. I told you The Queen would beat Taya, and I actually beat Taya. Y’know, I have to say, that wasn’t easy. My neck is sore, my back feels like crap right now, I don’t feel very juicy. But at the end of the day, this tournament started with 16 women, and I know it will end with only one woman. And that one woman will be the one and only Queen Aminata.” The Queen is ready to win it all now that she got past Mrs. TV, will Aminata soon be the Queen of TV?


Custody of The Boys: Dalton Castle VS Johnny TV w/ Taya Valkyrie!

The Peacock has been so obsessed with revenge on the Guru of Greatness for ruining his shot at the ROH World Television Championship, he was ready to do anything to get this chance. Sadly, Johnny used that, and now he wants to take away the two things that mean more to Castle than anything in the world! Will Brandon & Brent have no choice but to leave their Castle? Or will Castle prove once and for all he is more than TV Ready?

Wait, The Iron Savages are here? And Jacked Jameson says they’ve got a little something to help. It’s the Savage Sauce! We all saw how that stuff pepped The Peacock up a month or so ago, and he can definitely use the pick-up! Castle chugs the sauce and he is ALL fired up! “Let’s go break some hearts!” Castle has wanted nothing more in his entire life to SMASH Johnny TV! He gives the Boys a sample of the sauce, and now Castle is feeling the magma flowing through his veins! Castle is back to his old self for the time being, but will he be able to hold onto his Boys?

The introductions are made, the Boys’ hands are raised, and we see who brings ’em home!

The Code of Honor is skipped and the bell rings. Castle and Johnny circle, Johnny ends up in a corner but he dodges Castle’s lunge. Johnny rolls, resets and circles with Castle again. Castle corners Johnny this time, but then Johnny escapes. Johnny lounges on the corner, Castle runs in but Johnny gets away again. Johnny says he can do this all day. But then Castle gets a leg and trips him! Johnny scrambles to the ROPEBREAK! The ref counts but Castle waistlocks Johnny to a corner. The ref pries Castle away and Johnny bails out. Taya protests, that sauce should count as an illegal performance enhancer!

Taya whispers something to Johnny before he slides back in. Johnny and Castle circle, Johnny kicks but Castle blocks, so Johnny pokes him in the eye! Johnny then shoots around to CLUB Castle on the back! Castle bails out, The Boys fans him off, and Taya taunts them all. Castle scowls at Taya but storms back up the steps. Taya tells him, “Get in the ring, loser!” But Castle hops down and he gets the fans fired up! Castle then gets back in, he blocks a punch to CHOP and CHOP and CHOP! Castle whips corner to corner, Johnny reverses and runs in, but Castle pops him up! Johnny holds ropes to stop the Bangarang!

Castle lets Johnny go but then Johnny DUMPS him out! The Boys fan Castle but Johnny goes out to SHINING WIZARD! Johnny hopes they caught that on camera. Then he tells The Boys to come this way. Johnny forces the Boys to back up, and Taya takes a new family selfie! The ref reprimands, this is not the time! The ref takes Taya’s phone away and says they’re not a real family so stop it. But then Johnny sends The Boys at Castle! The Boys stop from colliding with Castle, and Castle gets in. Johnny runs in, handsprings, but into an EXPLODER! The fans fire up as Castle KNEES Johnny down!

Johnny staggers up, Castle bumps him off buckles! And then off more buckles! Castle reels Johnny in for a DDT! The fans fire up with Castle as he rises up. Castle drags Johnny up, reels him in, but Johnny shoves him away. Castle runs back up but Johnny ducks the lariat, only for Castle to LARIAT on return! The fans chant “For The Boys!” while Johnny bails out. Castle pursues but Taya blocks the way! And then Johnny RAMS Castle into railing! The fans rally for Castle while Johnny mockingly pats him on the head. Castle ROCKS Johnny! Taya again stands in the way and says kiss this! Johnny then uses that to POMMEL HORSE KICK Castle!

Taya laughs at Castle while fans boo, but Johnny grins as he tells the Boys, go ahead, fan Castle while they can. Then Johnny whips Castle into steel steps! Taya mockingly asks Castle what’s wrong while Johnny refreshes the count. Johnny KICKS Castle low! And FLAPJACKS Castle off barriers! The fans boo while Johnny shoves Castle in. Johnny brings Castle up, turns him, NECKBREAKER! Johnny grins, strikes a pose, but the fans still rally behind Castle. Johnny cravats for a neck wrench and The Boys keep the fans going. Castle endures, fights up, and he throws body shots! Johnny CLUBS Castle down!

Johnny winds up, aims, but Castle blocks the haymaker to BACK ELBOW! And LARIAT! The fans fire up again and Castle shoots in to clinch and EXPLODER! Johnny staggers back up, into another EXPLODER! Castle has Johnny again, EXPLODER! The hattrick is complete, and the fans rally as Castle clinches for a fourth! The Suplex Peacock is unleashed, and he watches Johnny flounder around. Castle BOOTS Johnny, then GERMAN SUPLEXES! High stack cover, TWO! Johnny survives being thrown around and the fans rally up again. Castle gets around Johnny and hooks an arm so he can throw ELBOWS into the ribs!

Johnny sputters, Castle drags him up, and says time to smash his face! Castle fireman’s carries but Johnny slips free! MOONLIGHT DRIVE! Cover, TWO!! Castle survives and the fans fire up! Johnny is frustrated, Taya coaches him up, and he drags Castle up with a waistlock. Castle slips out the back, waistlocks, but Johnny RAMS him into the corner! Johnny ELBOWS Castle, but Castle BOOTS him back! Castle back suplexes Johnny onto the ropes! Johnny lands on his Mr. Belvedere! The fans chant “No More Babies!” and Castle SAIDOS Johnny off the ropes! Cover, TWO!! Johnny survives and Castle cannot believe it!

Castle drags Johnny up but Johnny ROCKS him with a forearm! Johnny crawls away but Castle grabs a leg! Johnny throws an elbow to get free, but Castle keeps pursuing. Johnny kicks Castle away, drags himself up the ropes, but Castle runs in. Johnny BOOTS him, goes up the corner, and he brings Castle in, but Castle UPPERCUTS him! Castle has Johnny in the crucifix, for a BLACKOUT DRIVER?!? Taya freaks out and throws a Boy into the ring! The ref is busy with, uh, Brent perhaps, while Castle covers! Castle would’ve won by now!! The fans boo and the ref sees it now! Cover, TWO!! Johnny survives because of the delay!

Taya shouts for Johnny to get up, and he flounders up on the apron. Castle storms up but Johnny kicks him low! Johnny laughs, climbs, but Castle kicks out his legs! Castle goes to the adjacent corner and the apron. Castle runs in, but Johnny avoid the boot! Johnny swings, Castle counter punches! But Taya anchors Castle while Johnny distracts the ref ! “This is Awesome!” even as Johnny grabs at Castle over the corner! Johnny drags Castle up using a chinlock, and they go to the top rope. But Castle DECKS Johnny onto the Boys! The ref is again distracted and Taya SHOVES Castle down!! Castle flounders up, into a GAMANGIRI!

Johnny goes to the corner, for the STARSHIP PAIN!! Cover, Johnny wins!!

Winner: Johnny TV, by pinfall (acquires custody of The Boys)

The decision should really say Johnny AND Taya won, because they worked together to screw Castle over! For the second time in his life, Castle must give up The Boys to another! The Last Real Man used The Boys against Castle, will Mr. & Mrs. TV do the same in the 2024 remake no one wanted?

My Thoughts:

A great episode of ROH here, mostly because it was only a little over an hour. I probably could’ve done all the matches because of that, but oh well. Still good to see Mike Sydal back in action, though good win for Lee Johnson off him. And Komander VS Blake turned out to be some great stuff, too. But I got the important tournament match, and how great for Aminata to win, she’s definitely going to be a finalist. And after the really good promo from Athena, Billie & Lexi, Billie is of course going to be the other. Athena adding that “or else” was a nice touch, and oddly makes me think Billie loses so that we get Athena VS Billie 2 down the line, and that is where Billie wins the world title so Athena can move up/over to AEW.

Great to see Taiji in ROH, though of course he was gonna squash Jacoby. Not sure what more this is about other than maybe just a stop over while Taiji also (probably?) visits NJPW Strong. And great main event out of Castle VS Johnny. I had a feeling Johnny was going to win because that would be the more intriguing story. Johnny & Taya are going to force The Boys to adopt a more “TV Ready” style, like sunglasses and fur coats. I expect Castle to be even more distraught and out of it than he was the whole time during this story build, and maybe there’s a rematch to get The Boys back for Supercard of Honor in April. That would be a big moment for ROH’s answer to WrestleMania Weekend.

My Score: 8.7/10

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