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Chairshot Classics: WWF SummerSlam ’89



It’s the 2nd annual summer spectacular, SummerSlam! With this year’s Summer spectacular just a few months away now, The Chairshot will be bringing you back to look at the history of the event as I team up with a new member to the crew (He’ll be jumping in a few weeks from now). Since we posted the first SummerSlam last week, this time around we bring you the second installment!

For the 1989 event, the WWF looked to capitalize off the movie ‘No Holds Barred’, bringing in the character that played opposite Hulk Hogan in the movie as ‘Rip’. In the film, ‘Rip’ was victorious over Zeus, WWF blending this into their programming as Zeus (‘Tiny’ Lister) came in looking for revenge on Hulk in “real-life”. Zeus would debut in May, attacking the Hulkster before a title defense against Big Boss Man. He would align himself with Hulk’s WrestleMania V opponent in Randy Savage, Hogan forming a tandem with his friend Brutus ‘The Barber’ Beefcake as The Mega Maniacs. Ultimate Warrior also looks to regain the Intercontinental Championship from Rick Rude and Dusty Rhodes makes his WWF debut from East Rutherford, New Jersey!

Open: A video package highlighting the participants in tonight’s event is couple with clips of summer activities.

Match #1: The Hart Foundation (Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart & Jim ‘The Anvil’ Neidhart) vs. WWF Tag Team Champions The Brain Busters (Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard) w/Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan
Hitman & Tully will start things off, they lock-up, Tully with a side headlock, gets pushed into the ropes and Bret scores with multiple arm drags. He grabs Blanchard in an armbar, driving the elbow to the shoulder joint, Tully is able to back his way to the corner and tag out. Double A runs in, gets caught in a side headlock, he pushes Hitman off and gets a drop toe hold, grabs a side headlock and Bret counters into a hammerlock. Hitman works over Anderson’s arm now, hooking the arm and slamming Arn before tagging Neidhart.

The Anvil continues punishing the arm with an arm wringer, Arn breaks it with a knee to the midsection, reaches for a tag and Neidhart powers him to the mat, bringing Bret back in. Hitman drops a leg on the arm, wraps it in the ropes and pummels away. The Anvil in, maintaining a wristlock, Arn is able to finally fall back to a tag, but the ref doesn’t allow it. Neidhart forces Anderson back into his corner, Hitman with an arm drag off the tag, Anderson with a headscissors and he finally makes a tag to Blanchard. Tully tries a cheap kick, Hitman catches the foot, tag to The Anvil and he kicks the leg, going back to a wristlock.

Blanchard grabs the beard, sending Neidhart in the ropes for a hiptoss and The Anvil flattens him with a clothesline before going back to the wrist. Hitman tags, The Hart Foundation really doing a number on the shoulder joint, Arn attempts to hit the ring, allowing The Hart Foundation to switch behind the ref’s back. Tully finally gets to his feet, shots to The Anvil that have zero affect and Neidhart drives Blanchard into the corner with a forearm.

He whips Tully sternum-first into the turnbuckle, Bret re-enters and drops an elbow before going to a hammerlock. Blanchard gets to a vertical base, switching out into a top wristlock, taking Hitman to the canvas. Bret bridges to his feet, Anderson comes in for a double team, Hitman flips out of it and sends both of them out to the floor. They take a quick walk, Tully slides back inside and shoves Hart, Hitman unleashing right hands. Blanchard drops to the outside, Hitman gives chase around ringside and back in, Anderson making a blind tag and then blindsiding Bret. He slams Hitman, comes off the 2nd rope for a splash and Bret gets the knees up.

Tully hits the ring, but meets The Anvil and now all 4 men are brawling, The Hart Foundation clearing the ring. The Brain Busters regroup with Heenan on the floor, Tully gets dragged to the apron and brought in the hard way with a forearm. Blanchard reverses a whip into the ropes, Hitman picks the legs and drops a boot to the midsection. Neidhart off the tag, sends Tully into the corner, Blanchard hops to the 2nd rope and gets caught, then driven into the corner. The Anvil unloads with the heavy artillery, Anderson with a shot to the back from behind and Hitman makes him pay.

Neidhart gets sent into the corner by his partner for a splash, Arn pulls Blanchard out of the way and then tags in. Double A stomps away at The Anvil, Tully to the top off a tag, dropping an elbow to the back and grabbing a camel clutch. Neidhart powers up with Tully on his back, Anderson tags in and prevents The Anvil from tagging out. Left hands from Double A, shoots Neidhart in and lands a shot to the midsection for a count of 2. Blanchard back in, lefts and rights in the corner, then a quick tag back out. The Anvil battles out of the corner, gets sent into the ropes and they collide, both men down.

Arn goes to the eyes, stopping Neidhart from tagging, The Anvil reverses a whip, ducks down and Bret with a knee to Anderson’s back from the apron. Tags on both ends, Hitman firing away at Tully in the corner, sends him across and lands a back elbow. He slams Blanchard & Arn, then clotheslines both of them and hits Arn with a dropkick. He slams Blanchard again, comes off the 2nd rope with an elbow drop and follows with a vertical suplex. Anderson is still in the ring, Hitman leaves the cover and all 4 guys are in, paired off in opposite corners.

The Hart Foundation attempt to shoot The Brain Busters into each other, Anderson reverses and Hitman levels Blanchard with a clothesline. The Anvil disposes of Anderson and they exchange on the outside. Back in the ring, Bret with an inverted atomic drop as Neidhart sends Double A into the ring post on the floor, then climbs to the apron. Bret sends Tully into the ropes, then slingshots Neidhart in with a shoulder tackle. Neidhart slams Blanchard, then powerslams his partner into a splash on Tully and covers, but Heenan is on the apron with the ref’s attention. Neidhart goes after The Brain as Anderson drops a double axe handle to Hitman, covers and the referee turns around to make the 3 count.
Winners: The Brain Busters (Anderson/Partner Switch)

  • EA’s Take: Pretty good opening contest for this red hot crowd, The Hart Foundation really dominating the majority of the match. The Brain Busters were not the champions when this match was made, thus being the ‘reason’ for it not being a title match. Like it would have mattered with them picking up the victory anyways. This would be the final PPV appearance for The Brain Busters, as Tully Blanchard would fail a drug test on the night of Survivor Series ’89. Blanchard was let go and Arn would follow almost immediately after, heading back to the NWA. Tully’s career would essentially end as a results of the failed drug test. The Hart Foundation would briefly split in late 1989, but then reunite again in early 1990.

Backstage: Joining ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund is Dusty Rhodes, who will meet The Honky Tonk Man. Dusty is excited for the night, calling himself the proprietor of the Heartbreak Hotel and the man in the blue suede shoes. Tonight, Honky will get his booty kicked.

Match #2: The Honky Tonk Man w/’Colonel’ Jimmy Hart vs. ‘The American Dream’ Dusty Rhodes
Honky Tonk Man & Dusty exchange dance moves, collar & elbow tie-up and Rhodes backs Honky into the corner, breaking clean and dancing some more. HTM rushes out into a back body drop, ducking out of the ring to avoid The Dream’s elbow. Back inside, Rhodes grabs a wristlock, feigns dropping the elbow on the shoulder joint and instead messes up Honky’s hair.

HTM misses with a right hand, Dusty with an atomic drop and then finally hits an elbow. He mounts the 2nd rope, reigning down fists in the corner and drops Honky Tonk to the mat. The Dream grabs a heel hold, applying pressure to the foot and knee joint, HTM using the other foot to break it. He scores with right hands to Dusty, Rhodes blocks one and fires back with shots of his own. The Dream with a side headlock, Honky pushes him off into the ropes and Jimmy Hart grabs Dusty’s leg. Rhodes chases Jimmy around ringside then into the ring, HTM grabs the megaphone and goes to the midsection behind the ref’s back, covering for a count of 2.

Honky Tonk keeps on the midsection with boots, distracts the referee which allows Jimmy to get in a choke on the apron. He grabs Dusty in a rear chinlock, Rhodes battles to his feet, breaks the hold and hits the ropes, but takes a knee to the midsection. HTM goes back to the hold after a couple of double axe handle shots, taking The Dream down to the canvas. The referee checks the arm, Dusty holding it up on the 3rd try, breaking the hold once more and slamming Honky Tonk. He tries to drop the elbow, HTM rolls out of the way and then gets the rear chinlock again. Rhodes is able to get to his feet and back Honky into the corner, driving the shoulder to the midsection and Honky Tonk goes to the eyes.

He hammers The Dream with right hands that have little affect, Dusty combatting it with lefts and rights, dropping HTM with a final blow. The Dream sends Honky Tonk into the corner and follows him in, Honky side-steps it, then sends Rhodes into the referee, knocking him down. HTM with boots to the head, he directs Jimmy to grab the guitar and he does so, hopping to up to the apron. Honky Tonk holds Dusty, The Dream moves out of the way and Jimmy lays HTM out with a guitar shot. Rhodes drops the big elbow, the ref comes to and that’s it.
Winner: ‘The American Dream’ Dusty Rhodes (Bionic Elbow)

  • EA’s Take: Dusty was super over with the people upon his arrival to the WWF in the summer of 1989, even if he was wearing yellow polka-dots (which was always thought to be a rib on Rhodes for all his years competing against his new employer). Rhodes had been fired from the NWA/WCW following Starrcade ’88 for a segment he was a part and the perpetrator of. Turner Broadcasting didn’t want blood on their television station, so Rhodes ran an angle out of anger that saw The Road Warriors go after his eye with a spike from their shoulder pads, blood everywhere. According to Dusty, Vince was able to sign Rhodes on the premise of having no office responsibilities and just “having fun”.

Backstage: Joining ‘Mean’ Gene is Demolition ‘King’ Hacksaw Jim Duggan. Ax states that they’re going back to basics against The Twin Towers & Andre The Giant tonight, going back into the dungeon for their gameplan. Smash claims they’ve been lifting cars in the parking lot in preparation for their meeting with the three giants. Duggan calls all three of them kings, saying Demolition has taught him how to destroy and that’s what they’ll do tonight.

Match #3: Mr. Perfect vs. The Red Rooster
Perfect sticks his finger right in Rooster’s face, there’s pushing and shoving, Perfect grabs a side headlock and backs The Rooster into the corner, slapping him in the face. The Perfect One with an arm drag off the lock-up, another tie-up and Perfect with a hiptoss. He mocks Rooster’s strut, takes him down with a fireman’s carry and does it some more, The Rooster delivering a slap to the face.

Perfect with a side headlock again, pushed into the ropes, back and forth they go, Perfect with a slam attempt and Rooster slides out for one of his own and Perfect falls on top into a cover for 2. The Perfect One with a knife-edge chop, boots to the face and a standing dropkick that sends The Rooster to the outside. He rolls back in the ring, Perfect with clubbing shots to the back, Rooster fights back and goes to the eyes. He throws Perfect outside and goes after him, The Perfect One unloading with right hands before heading back in the ring. Perfect has had enough, connects with the PerfectPlex and gets the 1-2-3.
Winner: Mr. Perfect (PerfectPlex)

  • EA’s Take: The ‘Perfect’ record rolls on and the days as an enhancement talent continue for Terry Taylor, AKA The Red Rooster. Not a whole heck of a lot else to not here.

Backstage: With Gene Okerlund this time around is ‘Ravishing’ Rick Rude & Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan. Rude talks about Warrior’s promise to win back the IC Title tonight, stating that they’re made to be broken along with arms, legs and necks. He will prove tonight that Warrior is “the ultimate liar” and he’s “the ultimate champion”. Heenan says the other thing meant to be broken are rules and they’ll do what they need to do to retain the title.

Match #4: The Rockers (Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty) & Tito Santana vs. The Fabulous Rougeau Brothers (Jacques & Raymond) & Rick Martel w/Slick & Jimmy Hart
Santana & Jacques will get us started, Jacques tries to shake hands, but Tito doesn’t buy it. Collar & elbow tie-up, Jacques backs Santana into the ropes, no clean break, Tito reverses a whip into the ropes, The Rockers enter and hit a double hip toss followed by a double elbow drop. Raymond & Martel hit the ring, Rockers send Tito into them with a crossbody and clear the squared circle with dropkicks for everyone. Order is restored, Jannetty & Jacques are legal now, Jacques scores with boots and clubbing blows.

Marty reverses a whip into the corner, Jacques hops to the 2nd rope and fakes-out Jannetty, then jumps off and meets a left hand to the midsection. Raymond comes in from behind for a distraction, allowing Jacques to attack Marty and take control. Raymond off the tag with a savat kick to the midsection before tagging Martel, Martel unloading with right hands in his corner and The Rougeaus with a double team behind the ref’s back. Martel drives Jannetty head-first into the turnbuckle, Marty reverses a whip across, Martel hopping over and he dhoes some showboating.

Jannetty makes him pay with a dropkick, tag to Tito and Martel quickly tags Raymond to avoid facing his former partner. Santana grabs a side headlock, Raymond pushes him off into the ropes, misses a clothesline and Tito scores with one of his own for a count of 2. He goes back to the side headlock, pushed into the ropes again and Jacques grabs the leg, allowing his brother to hit Tito with a knee to the back for a quick 1 count. Jacques re-enters the match, The Rougeaus with a double knife-edge chop, Martel back in and they drop Santana throat-first across the top rope.

Martel pummels his former partner with stomps near the ropes, Jacques off the tag with a beautiful dropkick. Tito fires back to the midsection, makes a push towards his corner, but Jacques stops him, backing him into the wrong part of town. Here’s Martel again with big right hands, Tito comes back with some of his own, but Jacques gets involved from the apron to thwart the comeback. Martel sends Santana into the corner, driving the shoulder into the midsection, charges in and Tito hops up into a sunset flip for a 2 count. Martel goes into a choke on the mat, splits Santana with a backbreaker and brings in Raymond for a Boston crab.

The Rockers try to get in the ring, distracting the ref and allowing Jacques to come in and drop a knee on Tito. Raymond covers for another 2, tag to Jacques and he locks Santana in an abdominal stretch, using Martel for leverage on the apron. Tito breaks the hold with a hiptoss, but Martel had made a blind tag and he comes in to drop an elbow on Santana. Tito fires shots to the midsection, but can’t get to his corner as Martel goes to the throat. Into the ropes they go, Tito hangs onto the ropes, Martel rolls through it, but here’s Santana with right hands.

Raymond grabs Tito’s hair from the apron, again thwarting the comeback attempt and Jacques comes back into the match. He sends Santana into the ropes, Tito ducking a back elbow and landing a crossbody for a count of 2. Jacques stomps a hole in Tito, coaxes The Rockers to come back into the ring, tag to Raymond and Jacques whips Santana into Raymond’s double boots for a near fall. Raymond whips Tito into the ropes, ducks down and Santana with a sunset flip for 2, again being stomped on to keep him from tagging. Raymond utilizes a rear chinlock to wear Santana down some more, Jacques makes the tag and scores with a flying back elbow for another near fall.

Raymond back in, holding Tito up for Jacques who misses with a knee, hitting his own brother instead. Both men crawl to tags, Martel and Michaels hit the ring, Shawn unleashing a fury of right hands and elevating Martel with a back body drop. Michaels hits a dropkick, Martel reversing a whip into the ropes, ducks the head down and Shawn has it scouted, turning it into a vertical suplex. Michaels heads to the top, drops the fist and tags Marty in, pressing Jannetty over his head into a splash on Martel.

Jacques comes in to break the count at 2 with an elbow, Jannetty sees it and rolls out of the way, Jacques hitting his partner Martel instead. All 6 men are in the ring now, The Rockers whipping The Rougeaus together and sandwiching Martel in the center of the ring. Tito drills Martel with his flying forearm, spilling him out to the floor. Marty gets his hands on Jimmy Hart, dragging him to the apron, but taking a Jacques dropkick from behind. Marty counters a roll-up from Jacques, Martel hits the ring and levels Jannetty with a clothesline, makes the cover and gets the pinfall for his team.
Winners: The Fabulous Rougeau Brothers & Rick Martel (Martel/Clothesline)

  • EA’s Take: Rick Martel’s solo heel run is just getting underway and his partnership with manager Slick would be short-lived. Soon he would drop The Slickster and find his own footing, using his good looks and introducing his own ‘arrogant’ fragrance that would help him win matches. As The Rockers’ run in the WWF was just seemingly beginning, The Rougeaus’ clock is ticking and wouldn’t last much longer as the chronic back pain Raymond was in would end his career in a few short months.

Video: The heated rivalry between ‘Ravishing’ Rick Rude and The Ultimate Warrior began back at the Royal Rumble, when Rude viciously attacked Warrior from behind with his workout bar during their posedown. Bobby Heenan helped his man Rude effectively ‘steal’ the Intercontinental Title from Warrior at WrestleMania V, involving other members of his Heenan Family including Andre The Giant to try and dispose of The Warrior.

Backstage: The Ultimate Warrior is standing by with ‘Mean’ Gene, talking about his collision with Rude tonight. Warrior claims Rude will surrender to the Gods above and he will get the win…1-2-3.

Match #5 for the WWF Intercontinental Championship: WWF Intercontinental Champion ‘Ravishing’ Rick Rude w/Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan vs. The Ultimate Warrior
Warrior stalks Rude, The Ravishing One trying to stay away, plants a kick to the midsection that doesn’t phase the challenger. Rude lands rights and lefts that have no affect, Warrior reverses a whip into the ropes, ducks a clothesline and sends the champion to the apron with one of his own. The Ravishing One drives a shoulder to the midsection, hops back in with a sunset flip and Warrior holds his ground before dropping down on Rude.

He presses the champion over his head, dropping him all the way out to the floor, following outside to drive Rude’s head into the apron. Warrior drags The Ravishing One around ringside, sending the champion into the barricade and then drives the IC Title down into the back, but no disqualification is called for. Warrior suplexes Rude on the floor, rolls him back in the ring, then tosses him back out and gives chase. He slams Rude on the floor, back inside again and Warrior heads to the top rope, scoring with a double axe handle for a near fall.

Warrior whips the champion hard into the corner multiple times, slams The Ravishing One and covers for another count of 2. The challenger plants Rude with a vertical suplex, the champion kicks out at 2 again, then hits an inverted atomic drop and mocks The Ravishing One. Warrior elevates Rude and drops him on his backside, climbs the corner again and The Ravishing One sees it, crotching the challenger on the top turnbuckle. Rude finally gets to go on offense, driving the forearm into the lower back, connects with a snap suplex and gets a 2 count.

The Ravishing One continues to work the back, pulling up on the Warrior’s head with a camel clutch. Warrior attempts to power up, but the champion drops himself onto the lower back, drops a forearm and covers for another 2. He drags the challenger to his feet, looks to finish with the Rude Awakening and Warrior powers out, tries a clothesline, Rude ducks it and jumps on the back with a sleeper hold. Warrior breaks the hold with a jawbreaker, grabs a side headlock, Rude pushes him into the ropes, back and forth they go, colliding heads and taking out the referee in the process.

The Brain tries to revive The Ravishing One, the champion gets his bearings back and Warrior slowly comes to. Rude with heavy shots that have no affect, Warrior firing back, then sending the champion into the ropes for a back body drop. He unloads with clotheslines, sends Rude to the ropes again and plants him with a powerslam, covers and the ref is still down. The challenger revives the ref, spikes The Ravishing One with a piledriver, the ref crawls to make a count and Rude gets his foot on the rope after 2. Warrior drives Rude into the mat with a running powerslam, tries to follow with a splash and the champion gets the knees up.

The Ravishing One sets up for and spikes the Warrior with a modified piledriver for a near fall, Rude scales the corner and connects with a fist for another 2 count. ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper makes his way to ringside, in the ring Rude scores with another piledriver that only gets 2, The Ravishing One sees Piper at ringside and exchanges words with Hot Rod. Roddy moons the champion, Rude berating him from the 2nd rope, Warrior comes from behind and delivers a german suplex. He hits the ropes, lands a shoulder tackle, presses The Ravishing One over his head, dropping him and following with a splash for the victory.
Winner and NEW WWF Intercontinental Champion: The Ultimate Warrior (Combination Military Press-Splash)

  • EA’s Take: The rise of the Warrior marches on, as he showed that with the right partner he could put on a watchable match. The fans came completely unglued for the title win, giving the WWF all the ammo they needed to strap the jetpacks on The Ultimate One. His rivalry against Rude and The Heenan Family would continue, mainly focusing on Andre The Giant for the time being and cementing Warrior as a bonafide main eventer.

Backstage: Mr. Perfect has joined Gene Okerlund to talk about his win tonight. Perfect calls The Red Rooster a perfect example of how he sees everyone in the WWF, merely a stepping stone. He did exactly what he said he was going to do and that’s win. Everybody needs to remember, nobody beats Mr. Perfect…nobody. Perfect leaves and Gene brings in ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper, speaking about how he can get ‘Rude’ with the best of them. Hot Rod warns Heenan & Rude that everybody’s got to pay the Piper. Roddy says of course it’s his fault that Rude lost the IC Championship, taking all the blame. Next in is ‘Rugged’ Ronnie Garvin wearing a tuxedo. He says tonight he has a special job, but won’t give Okerlund any details. Bobby ‘The Brain Heenan storms in, irate that Roddy Piper was allowed to be at ringside. ‘Ravishing’ Rick Rude claims he had Ultimate Warrior beat until Piper showed up at ringside. Rude vows to get his title back, no matter who has to go through. Heenan wants the match to be restarted right now, absolutely beside himself still.

Video: On the set of ‘No Holds Barred’, the animosity built between Hulk Hogan & Zeus. The big Zeus would make his presence felt on Saturday Night’s Main Event, attacking the WWF Champion prior to a cage match against Big Boss Man. Randy Savage would officially introduce Zeus with ‘Sensational’ Sherri on The Brother Love Show. They’d lay the challenge down to Hogan & Brutus ‘The Barber’ Beefcake, Hulk & Brutus quickly accepting it.

Match #6: The Twin Towers (Akeem & Big Boss Man) & Andre The Giant w/Slick & Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan vs. Demolition (Ax & Smash) & King Duggan
Hacksaw & The African Dream kick the action off, some jawing back and forth to start, Duggan blocks a right and unloads with lefts. He sends Akeem into the corner, catches him with a big right off the rebound, then grabs a wristlock and tags Ax in. Ax pummels The African Dream, brings in Smash and they both pound him into the canvas. Smash with a tag back to Hacksaw, working over the shoulder and driving it into the top turnbuckle. Ax back in, Akeem goes to the eyes, whips him into the corner and follows in, running into a back elbow.

Ax delivers more shots to the shoulder, Akeem goes to the throat and tags Boss Man. He walks into a right hand to the midsection, Ax with more clubbing shots before tagging Smash for a flurry of right hands. Smash gets a wristlock, Boss Man backs him into the corner, doesn’t break clean and fires away with rights of his own. Smash fights his way out of the corner, Boss Man goes to the eyes, Smash returns the favor and tags The King. Duggan keeps a wristlock, pounds on the shoulder, Ax back in and he hooks a front facelock.

Boss Man punches out of it, Andre with a cheap shot from the apron before getting the tag. The Giant utilizes his body weight to squash Ax, grabs a nerve hold and then chokes him with the bottom rope. Andre pushes Ax out to the floor, drags him back inside and Boss Man tags in for a headbutt. He rams Ax’s head into Akeem’s boot, The African Dream gets the tag, sends Ax into the corner and misses a splash. Smash off the tag with heavy rights, Boss Man hits the ring and eats some too, Smash whipping them into one another and then slamming them both.

The Giant hits the ring now and drops Smash with one shot, Boss Man dropping an elbow and covering before all hell breaks loose. Ax & Boss Man battle on the outside, Akeem slams Smash while the ref deals with Andre, The African Dream with a 2nd rope splash and Duggan hammers him with the 2×4. Smash rolls over and drapes the arm to get the 1-2-3.
Winners: Demolition & King Duggan: (Smash/Foreign Object)

  • EA’s Take: The addition of King Duggan wearing facepaint that looked like an American flag was probably the best part of the whole match. Demolition would finish off their feud with the aid of ‘Hacksaw’ here, in a match full of punches. Andre’s health is pretty rough at this point and he can only be showcased in tag team matches (for the most part), which certainly doesn’t help the quality of the contest.

Backstage: Standing by is ‘Mean Gene’ with ‘The Million Dollar Man’ Ted DiBiase & Virgil. The MDM laughs about his competition tonight, Jimmy ‘Superfly’ Snuka. Tonight he will prove that he’s not only the wealthiest, classiest man, but Snuka is merely a primitive native. He’ll end up just like Jake Roberts, another sorry statistic and victim.

Match #7 – Special Ring Announcer ‘Rugged’ Ronnie Garvin: Hercules vs. Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine w/’Mouth Of The South’ Jimmy Hart
Garvin really cuts up Valentine during his introductions, the bell rings and The Hammer is giving it right back, Garvin hops back in the ring and feigns a punch, but Hercules ambushes Valentine instead. He drops clubbing blows to the back, lefts and rights, then sends The Hammer into the ropes for a back elbow and a count of 2. He whips Valentine back in for a slam and another 2, The Hammer slides to the outside to take a breather. He slides back in and has his attention on Garvin, Herc with a schoolboy for a near fall before Valentine rolls back outside, getting in Garvin’s face.

Hercules drops an elbow to the back from the apron, tosses The Hammer back inside and gets caught with a knee coming back in. Valentine drops elbows, looks for the Figure Four and Herc kicks him off. Snapmare to Hercules, Valentine climbs up top and takes a right hand to the midsection on the way down. The Mighty One with lefts and rights, irish whip and he ducks down, Valentine sees it and clubs the back. He attempts a suplex, Hercules counters into one of his own and The Hammer tries to beg Herc off. Valentine with a double leg takedown in the corner, props his legs on the ropes for leverage and covers for a 3 count.
Winner: Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine (Double Leg Takedown)

  • After The Bell: Garvin announces Hercules as the winner in his mind, the referee directs him to announce The Hammer as the winner and he announces Herc as the winner by DQ. Valentine clobbers Garvin, then exchanges shots with Herc in the ring. Garvin comes back in and levels Valentine with a right hand, Jimmy Hart grabs his guy and heads for the exit.
  • EA’s Take: After defeating ‘Rugged’ Ronnie in a retirement match, this was another way to get Garvin involved and keep the rivalry going with The Hammer. Garvin would continue to needle Valentine until he and Jimmy Hart demanded that Garvin be re-instated, continuing their feud in the ring through the fall and winter of 1989.

Backstage: ‘Mean’ Gene joins ‘Sensational’ Sherri, ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage and his partner for tonight, Zeus.They’re gathered around a cauldron, Sherri calling it the ‘Cauldron of Madness’. When she looks in it she sees Hogan & Beefcake lying flat on their backs. She wonders where Miss Elizabeth is, Savage agrees with Sherri’s visions, but he sees Hogan & Beefcake in pieces. Macho warned Hulk that this was the end of the road, with Zeus who’s impervious to pain in his corner, the possibilities are endless.

Match #9: Million Dollar Champion ‘The Million Dollar Man’ Ted DiBiase w/Virgil vs. ‘Superfly’ Jimmy Snuka
DiBiase tries to attack Superfly before the bell, Snuka sees it coming and makes him pay with right hands and a headbutt, sending DiBiase out to the floor. Virgil gets on the apron to cause a distraction, Snuka gets ahold of him, MDM charges and Superfly side-steps it, dropping Virgil to the floor. More hard shots from Snuka, he ducks a clothesline and hits an atomic drop that again sends DiBiase to the outside. MDM heads back in, collar & elbow and DiBiase gains a side headlock. Snuka pushes him into the ropes, leapfrogs and they botch it, Superfly driving DiBiase head-first into the top turnbuckle.

MDM comes back with a boot to the midsection, delivering clubbing shots to the back of the head and right hands in the corner. Superfly reverses a whip across, back body drop to DiBiase and MDM tries to beg Snuka off. Jimmy with a side headlock, gets shoved into the ropes and scores with a shoulder knockdown, back into it and DiBiase drops him throat-first across the top rope. MDM punishes Superfly with rights to the midsection in the corner, plants him with a vertical suplex and gets a 2 count. DiBiase drives the knee into the spine, splits Snuka with a backbreaker and again only gets a count of 2. He slams Superfly, goes to the 2nd rope and misses a falling back elbow.

Snuka fires away with chops and a headbutt, DiBiase tries to beg off once again and Superfly slams him, then comes off the 2nd rope with a flying headbutt. He heads to the top for the Superfly Splash, Virgil gets to the apron again and Snuka drops down, chasing him around ringside. He grabs Virgil and fires away with right hands, MDM recovers and drills Superfly with a double axe handle off the apron. He drives Snuka into the ring post, rolls in the ring and the ref’s count reaches 10.
Winner: ‘The Million Dollar Man’ Ted DiBiase (Count-Out)

  • After The Bell: Snuka climbs to the apron and connects to DiBiase & Virgil with a springboard clothesline. He sends MDM to the outside, whips Virgil into the ropes and flattens him with a double chop, then splits him with a backbreaker. He heads to the top once again, connecting with the Superfly Splash.
  • EA’s Take: After returning from 4 years away, Superfly never really regained his spot he had once enjoyed. At this time in his career, Snuka was primarily used to put over younger, up and coming talents following this count-out loss to DiBiase.

Backstage: Standing by with Gene Okerlund is Brutus ‘The Barber’ Beefcake & WWF Champion Hulk Hogan. The champion talks about riding Harleys with Beefcake and their being a traffic jam on their way to the arena, claiming they parted the river like Moses. Brutus talks about the titanium steel blades on his clippers, warning Savage that he will make them apart of him. Hogan implies that he has a secret weapon for tonight, describing a woman.

In The Ring: It’s poem time, so here’s The Genius. He recites a poem describing tonight’s main event, clearly favoring Randy Savage & Zeus.

Match #10: ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage & Zeus w/’Sensational’ Sherri vs. Brutus ‘The Barber’ Beefcake & WWF Champion Hulk Hogan
Hogan whispers something to our ring announcer Howard Finkel and he introduces Miss Elizabeth. The bell rings, Zeus & Savage charge at Hogan & Beefcake, Brutus tosses Macho to the outside, Hulk’s punches having no affect on Zeus at all. Hogan rakes the eyes, goes for a slam and Zeus clubs him in the back, then chokes him on the apron. The Barber comes into the ring, comes off the 2nd rope for a double axe and Zeus catches him in the air with a bearhug. The Hulkster with a shot to the back that merely gets Zeus’ attention, Hulk hitting the ropes for a shoulder and running into a wall.

Zeus locks him in a bearhug, Macho comes off the top with a double axe to the back and they drive the champion back into the corner. Savage takes the ring, slams Hulk and goes up top for another double axe handle. He delivers a knee to the back, sending Hogan into the corner, then flattens him with a clothesline off the rebound for a count of 2. Macho grabs a rear chinlock, Hulkster fades to the canvas, then fires back up to his feet. He breaks the hold with elbows, hits the ropes and knocks Macho down with multiple shoulders.

Hogan into the ropes again, Zeus with a knee from the apron, allowing Savage to send Hulk into the corner with a hard irish whip. Zeus tags in, sends Hogan across and puts him in the bearhug again off the rebound. The champion fades, Zeus taking him to the canvas, Hulkster battles back to a vertical base and Zeus rams him into the corner. Savage off the tag, hanging Hogan throat-first across the top rope and planting the champion with a back suplex for a near fall. Macho tries a seated senton to Hogan on the 2nd rope, misses and Hulk avoids elbow drops to finally get the tag to The Barber.

Beefcake with a clothesline for Macho, following with a high knee and gaining a count of 2. He whips Savage in, Macho ducks a right hand and gets caught coming on the other side with a Sleeper Hold. Macho charges at the corner, driving Brutus into the turnbuckle to break the hold and bring Zeus back in. Beefcake rakes the eyes, jumps on the back and gets Zeus in the Sleeper Hold. Savage draws Hogan into the ring, the ref prevents Hulk from coming in and it allows Macho to nail Beefcake with Sherri’s purse, breaking the hold. Savage tags in and covers, but Hulk breaks it up at 2.

He enters the ring and chases Savage around ringside, Macho grabbing Elizabeth and Hogan prevents anything from happening. Macho hops back in the ring for another 2 count, Zeus re-enters the match and chokes The Barber on the top rope, then again on the mat. Zeus lifts The Barber to his feet, holds him the air with a choke, then chokes him some more in the corner. He taunts Hogan, drops Beefcake throat-first on the top rope and Savage tags in. Brutus reverses a whip into the ropes, Savage ducks a shot and they both hit clotheslines, doubling down.

Beefcake crawls toward his corner, kicks Macho off with both feet and makes the tag to the champion. Hogan unloads with right hands, whips Macho into the corner and follows him in with a back elbow before giving Zeus a right hand on the apron. He sends Savage into the ropes, connects with the big boot and Macho spills to the outside. Hulk drags him to the apron by the hair, suplexes Macho back in, Sherri tripping the champion and allowing Savage to fall on top for a 2 count.

Macho levels Hulk with a clothesline, makes a tag, then scales the corner and lands the elbow drop, Hulk immediately getting right to his feet. He hits Macho with an atomic drop that sends him to the floor, Zeus comes in and they circle each other. Hogan with right hands that stagger the big man, he hits the ropes, ducks a clothesline and lands on of his own, dropping Zeus to a knee. More heavy shots from the Hulkster, Sherri is on the apron screaming and bouncing on the ropes, Elizabeth tripping her up and Sherri falls in the ring. Savage grabs the purse, looks to come off the 2nd rope with it and Beefcake is there to thwart his efforts. Hogan gets the purse behind the ref’s back, drilling Zeus with it and slamming him to the mat. The champion follows with the leg drop and covers for the win.
Winners: Brutus ‘The Barber’ Beefcake & Hulk Hogan (Hogan/Leg Drop)

  • After The Bell: Sherri comes into the ring too late to break up the 3 count, Hulk feigns a right hand and instead hits her with an atomic drop. Elizabth follows with a purse shot, Hulkster grabs Beefcake’s clippers and they cut chunks of Sherri’s hair out before celebrating.
  • EA’s Take: Zeus is absolutely brutal in the ring and never really had much business even being in there. As expected Macho had to do all the heavy lifting and could be seen instructing Zeus on what to do numerous times. Zeus would go on to form an alliance with Ted DiBiase to continue his rivalry with Hogan heading into the fall. Macho Man would continue to meet Hogan going into the winter, remaining opposite of his former manager Miss Elizabeth.

EA’s Finisher: This was all about the undercard to me, as the main event was about as good as you could hope for when one of the main players is greener than goose crap. The tag contests early on really delivered and were the best matches of the night, while other younger up and comers would continue to emerge as stars (Ultimate Warrior, Mr. Perfect). I’m sure there was some satisfaction for Dusty Rhodes, performing for the “big boys” and getting to stick it to his former employers in any fashion he could. We are transitioning into the 1990’s and along with the decade change would come changing opinions on what the fans would begin to clamor for, but not just yet.

Top Three To Watch
1 – The Brain Busters vs. The Hart Foundation
2 – Rick Rude vs. Ultimate Warrior
3 – The Rockers & Tito Santana vs. The Rougeaus & Rick Martel

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Classic WWE

Attitude Of Aggression #292- The Big Five Project: King of the Ring ’93

The Big Four Project becomes the Big Five Project as the guys cover King of the Ring ’93 and Bret Hart’s fantastic run to the crown!



Attitude of Aggression

The Big Four Project officially becomes the Big Five Project here on Episode 292. It’s the Attitude Of Aggression and it is time to return for another installment in the chronological analysis, review, and discussion about WWE’s now Big Five PPVs/ Premium Live Events. On this Episode, the guys cover King of the Ring ’93. In the wake of the disaster that was WrestleMania IX, WWE rebounded in a huge way with the first ever PPV version of the King of the Ring Tournament. After being screwed out of his title in Las Vegas, Bret “Hitman” Hart would complete a legendary hat-trick en route to becoming the first, and only, back-to-back KOTR winner. The guys cover all that, including a watch along of the epic Semi-Final match between Bret Hart and Mr. Perfect. KOTR ’93 was also significant as it marked the official end of Hulkamania as Yokozuna emphatically reclaimed the WWF Championship from Hulk Hogan. All that plus Shawn Michaels retaining the IC title against Crush. King of the Ring ’93 was clearly the best PPV of 1993 for WWE (by a wide margin) and the guys have all the details for you here on another epic edition of the Big Five Project!

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Attitude Of Aggression #291- The Big Four Project: WrestleMania IX

The guys review quite possibly the worst WrestleMania of all-time, as Yokozuna wins, and then loses, the WWF Championship all in the span of 5 minutes!



Attitude of Aggression

The Attitude Of Aggression returns for another installment of The Big Four Project, a chronological analysis, review, and discussion about WWE’s Big Four PPVs/ Premium Live Events. On this Episode, the guys face their ultimate challenge…. making WrestleMania IX interesting. Regarded by many as the worst WrestleMania of all-time, the guys do their utmost best to break the event down and to try and make sense as to how and why it was booked as badly as it was. WWE got the location right for WrestleMania IX, but everything else was very wrong. Filled with frustrating non-finishes, matches being made up on the fly, double Doinks, chloroform filled rags, and a bizarre finish done for the sole purpose of getting Hulk Hogan (of all people) over, WrestleMania IX was very bad indeed. The guys do find a few gems here and there though. Is it enough to salvage this event from the lowest level of WrestleMania hell? Join us here for to find out plus much more on another epic installment of The Big Four Project!

About the Chairshot Radio Network

Created in 2017, the Chairshot Radio Network presents you with the best in wrestling and wrestling crossover podcasts, including POD is WAR, Women’s Wrestling Talk, Chairshot Radio daily editions, The #Miranda Show, Badlands’ Wrestling Mount Rushmores, The Outsider’s Edge, DWI Podcast, Bandwagon Nerds, the Greg DeMarco Show, 3 Man Weave, Five Rounds, Turnbuckle Talk, The Reaction and more! You can find these great shows each week at and through our distribution partners, including podcasting’s most popular platforms.

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