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Mitchell’s WWE Royal Rumble Results & Report! (1/27/19)



WWE Royal Rumble 2019 Coverage

WWE once again pits 30 men and 30 women in THE Royal Rumble match! Who will come out at what number? And who will win a title shot at Wrestlemania?



  • Kickoff Show – Bobby Roode & Chad Gable VS Rezar & Scott Dawson; Roode & Gable win.
  • Kickoff Show – WWE United States Championship: Rusev w/ Lana VS Shinsuke Nakamura; Nakamura wins and becomes the new WWE United States Champion.
  • Kickoff Show – WWE Cruiserweight Championship Fatal 4 Way: Buddy Murphy VS Kalisto VS Akira Tozawa VS Hideo Itami; Murphy wins and retains the WWE Cruiserweight Championship.
  • SmackDown Women’s Championship: Asuka VS Becky Lynch; Asuka wins and retains the SmackDown Women’s Championship.
  • SmackDown Tag Team Championships: The Bar VS The Miz & Shane McMahon; The Miz & Shane win and become the new SmackDown Tag Team Champions.
  • Raw Women’s Championship: Ronda Rousey VS Sasha Banks; Rousey wins and retains the Raw Women’s Championship.
  • Women’s Royal Rumble: Becky Lynch wins and will challenge for a women’s championship at Wrestlemania 35.
  • WWE Championship: Daniel Bryan VS AJ Styles; Bryan wins and retains the WWE Championship.
  • WWE Universal Championship: Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman VS Finn Balor; Lesnar wins and retains the WWE Universal Championship.
  • Men’s Royal Rumble: Seth Rollins wins and will challenge for a world title at Wrestlemania 35.


It’s the WWE Royal Rumble Kickoff Show!

The star studded panel of Jonathan Coachman, Beth Phoenix, Booker T and Jerry “The King” Lawler help us start the coverage of today’s massive Pay-Per-View event!

JBL and Charly Caruso are also on hand to talk the matches, such as Ronda Rousey VS Sasha Banks! John Bradshaw Layfield looks forward to seeing the intensity in this match between the Baddest Woman and the Legit Boss later tonight.


Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville speak.

Obviously anyone would want to be with her over her great hair, lovely face and hot body, but she only went after Jimmy Uso to get on Naomi’s nerves. The Royal Rumble isn’t about last names, it’s about making a name for yourself. Mandy and Sonya have each other’s back, until they don’t. Tension mounts already, but will either of them make it to the final two of the Women’s Rumble?


Backstage interview with Drake Maverick.

The 205 Live GM just talked with Mr. Vince McMahon. Maverick loves tonight’s Cruiserweight Championship match that’s coming, but there are a lot of stirring going on in the Raw Tag Team Division. Akam is hurt but Rezar is okay. The Revival want a title match just as bad as Rezar, so Scott Dawson will team with Rezar to have a match with the champions. It isn’t for the titles, but it is a rather unorthodox contender’s match in Maverick’s mind. Will this hybrid of Revival and Authors of Pain work against the GLORIOUS Duo?


The FABULOUS Truth joins the panel!

Fans chant “What’s Up? What’s Up?” for Truth as he has breaking news! Truth is proud to announce that he and Carmella are the 30th entrants for their respective Elimination Chamber matches! No, Truth, wrong PPV and match. But if they happen to win their Rumble matches tonight, Wrestlemania Dance Break is on the way! Booker definitely wants in on that. Now, to business. Do these two have advantages as #30? Well everyone wants to bet on Charlotte Flair or Nia Jax, but #MellaIsMoney. Amen to that! Carmella and Truth will be the last ones out to take advantage of whoever is left.

King won’t rain on parades, #30 is the best possible advantage, but the stats show that only 3 out of 31 previous years have won from there. Will they really win and go to Wrestlemania? “Yes, we do!” Where else would you want to be but 30th? Fans want that dance break, so the Fabulous Truth gives it to them! Hit that Fabulous Flossing! Phoenix is fired up, but will there be a dance break headlining Wrestlemania 35?


Alexa Bliss speaks.

She is very excited to be back in the ring, and especially in the Women’s Royal Rumble. The Goddess couldn’t be part of the Rumble being a champion, #humblebrag, but now she’s getting a great shot back at the title. Alexa wants a title, but will she make it to the end?


Samoa Joe speaks.

“Mustafa Ali was right when eh said that my eyes do not lie.” Joe’s eyes tell a true story. A story fueled by anger and rage but not held back by morality. A story of a merciless combination of strength and speed to destroy a Viper who foolishly thought to bite him. This story’s next chapter is the Royal Rumble match, but will it have a happy ending for the Destroyer?


Daniel Bryan was in Chase Field hours ago.

He knows that thousands of tons of humanity will be “herded” into the arena to cheer for AJ Styles. Yet this place will be empty. The WWE Universe lives empty lives that they fill with cheap consumer goods and social media affirmation. They never get enough, so that’s what leads to the “Royal Rumble Burger”.

Does anyone how many animals have suffered to be made into this?! SHAME! Yet hundreds and thousands of people will clog their arteries with empty calories! But then, they’ll live vicariously through a hero like AJ Styles. Daniel Bryan might be the Planet’s Champion but Styles is the People’s Champion. And when Styles wins, maybe there’s still some good left in the world! But Bryan looks at the Rumble Burger, and knows all hope is lost. He steps on the bun, bacon and beef patty just as he steps on all our dreams, but will Styles fight back against Bryan’s rhetoric?


Kickoff Show – Bobby Roode & Chad Gable VS Rezar & Scott Dawson!

A truly unconventional situation starts the action off for tonight as the GLORIOUS Raw Tag Team Champions will face a makeshift duo. One half of the Authors of Pain joins one half of the Revival, but can these mismatched halves work better than Roode & Gable?

Teams sort out and Dawson starts against Roode. They tie up and Dawson gets a headlock. Roode powers out but Dawson runs him over. Things speed up and Dawson slides under, but Gable tags in. Roode whips Dawson and Gable whips Roode, poetry in motion monkey flip! Cover, TWO! Gable keeps on Dawson with an arm wrench. Dawson pulls hair to whip Gable but Gable goes up and over for a sunset flip. ONE and Dawson covers, ONE! Gable jackknife but Dawson bridges out to a backslide. Gable flips through and springboards for a crossbody! TWO, and things speed up again. Gable arm-drags then headscissors Dawson. Dawson swings on Roode but Gable whips him. Dawson holds ropes, then tags in Rezar! They work together for a catapult to the choke slam!

Rezar then runs Roode over while Maverick fires up at ringside. Rezar puts Gable on the ropes for crossface forearms, but the ref keeps Dawson away. Dawson tags in as Maverick insists they work together. Dawson dropkicks Gable then wrenches the arm. Northern Lights to a bridge, TWO! Dawson drags Gable up and drives elbows into the forehead. He keeps on Gable with a chinlock but fans rally up. Gable feeds off the energy with body shots and forearms, then he runs and leaps for a sunset flip! Rezar tags in and stomps Gable down! Rezar rains down fists and covers, TWO! Maverick wants Rezar to work with Dawson but Rezar rips at Gable’s face.

Rezar whips Gable hard into buckles, and Dawson does like that. Rezar drags Gable up and tags Dawson. Gable gets thrown into boots, then Dawson snap suplexes. Float to a cover, TWO! Dawson keeps on Gable with kicks but Gable hits back. They brawl with forearms and CHOPS, but Gable gets the edge. Dawson whips him but they collide heads! Both men go down but fans rally up. Tag to Rezar, and he intercepts Gable. Rezar choke lifts Gable, but Gable makes it a hanging armbar! Gable lets up at 4, but Dawson tags in to deny Gable his tag to Roode. Gable rolls to break free, tag to Roode! Roode rallies on Rezar and Dawson! He whips and back drops Dawson! He hits Rezar for good measure before hitting Dawson with a spinebuster!

Fans fire up with Roode as he rams a shoulder into Dawson. Roode hops up but Rezar gets the Blockbuster instead. Dawson rolls Roode with tights, TWO! Dawson knees low, Rezar is right on Roode! They work together but Roode gets free. Dawson dropkicks Rezar, then the champs shoulder Rezar out! Dawson hits Gable, Roode rolls but Dawson sits on it! TWO, and Gable tags in! Roode grabs Dawson, Gable climbs, GLORIOUS COmbinatoin! Cover, Roode & Gable win!

Winners: Bobby Roode & Chad Gable, Gable pinning

No makeshift duo can win against a GLORIOUS team like Roode & Gable! Will another team have better luck down the line?


Lio Rush & Bobby Lashley find JBL and Charly.

Does anyone know what it means to be Almighty? No. Does anyone know what it means to be a champion? JBL does, he lost his United States Championship to Lashley back in the day. Lashley is champion, is here to dominate and to eliminate in the Royal Rumble match! Lio leaves it at that, but will the Rocky Mountain Machine make light of 29 other superstars tonight?


The Kickoff Show’s second hour tags in David Otunga and Shawn Michaels!

Phoenix loves the two-time Royal Rumble winner, the Heartbreak Kid! HBK knows there are a lot of great matches tonight, but as a winner of the Rumble match, what advice does he have for the 60 total superstars competing tonight? He doesn’t know anymore. There could be any number of surprises tonight, from returns to debuts. Prepare as best you can, but also adjust on the fly. Will trusting skill, luck and instinct be enough for the superstars to make it to the end of their respective Rumbles?


Kickoff Show – WWE United States Championship: Rusev w/ Lana VS Shinsuke Nakamura!

The Bulgarian Brute won the title from the King of Strong Style on a very merry Happy Birthday Rusev Day Christmas! But that only made Nakamura into a Grinch, who threw nothing but Kinshasa knees into Rusev’s face. Things escalated when the Ravishing Russian, Lana, was collateral damage, and now things will be settled in Phoenix! Will this be a Royal Rusev Rumble Day with a win? Or will another #Knee2Face mean the United States of Nakamerica rises from the ashes?

Introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we begin! Nakamura goes right at Rusev but Rusev powers him to a corner! Rusev rams shoulder after shoulder in, then roundhouses Nakamura down! Cover, ONE! Fans cheer for “Rusev Day!” as Rusev drops elbows on Nakamura. Cover, ONE, but Rusev keeps his cool. Rusev drags Nakamura up for a big suplex, then glares as he looms over him. He suplexes Nakamura again, and then Rusev clotheslines Nakamura out. Fans cheer as Rusev goes out to fetch Nakamura. Rusev whips but Nakamura goes over the steps to come back with a dynamic dropkick! Nakamura whips Rusev into barriers then into the ring. He has Rusev on the apron to refresh the count, and gives him a top shelf knee! Nakamura puts Rusev in to cover, but Rusev gets a ropebreak.

Nakamura toys with Rusev before puts him in corner. He gives Rusev Bad Vibrations, then hauls him onto the top rope. Nakamura backs up for another Top Shelf Knee! Cover, TWO! Nakamura keeps his cool as he stomps and knees Rusev down. He puts on a facelock to grind Rusev down. Fans rally up and Rusev powers out! Rusev dropkicks Nakamura down! Lana likes what she sees as Rusev and Nakamura slowly stand. Nakamura swings but Rusev counter punches! Rusev throws haymakers then scoops Nakamura for a Fall Away Slam! Rusev runs corner to corner for a big back elbow, then keeps moving for the spinning heel kick! Cover, TWO! Rusev grits his teeth as he fires himself up. Fans cheer “Rusev Day! Rusev Day!” as Rusev stomps the mat.

Nakamura gets to the apron but Rusev rocks him off it with a right. Rusev builds speed, but runs into a kick! Nakamura kicks but Rusev ducks and shoves to roundhouse back! Cover, TWO!! Rusev grows frustrated but he fires himself back up. “Rusev, CRUSH!” But Nakamura escapes the Accolade to heel kick then ax kick! Then sliding knee! Cover, TWO! Rusev lives and Nakamura grows frustrated. Nakamura aims from a corner and fans know what’s coming. Lana warns Rusev as he staggers to his feet. Nakamura runs but dodges the Machka Kick, only to get double ax handles! MACHKA Kick hits! Rusev scoops, swings and slams Nakamura down, but Nakamura makes it an armbar! Nakamura has Rusev down but Rusev gets a grip. They roll to a triangle hold, but Rusev fights it.

Rusev feeds off the fan rally to deadlift. Nakamura pulls Rusev back down, but Rusev gets a second wind! But Nakamura slips down to a guillotine! Rusev fades but he gets a third wind for a HUGE suplex! Cover, TWO!! Lana is beside herself as Nakamura survives! The referee checks on both men as the fans fire up. Rusev gets going first and puts Nakamura on the top rope. Rusev throws hands then climbs up. He wants a superplex but Nakamura slips under to trip him up! Nakamura fireman’s carry to Landslide Driver! Cover, TWO!! Now Nakamura is furious as Rusev survives! Nakamura undoes a buckle pad but Lana gets on the apron to point it out. The referee tells Lana to stop that and Nakamura trash talks in Japanese. Rusev runs in but Nakamura moves, Lana gets blasted off the apron! KINSHASA!! Cover, Nakamura wins!!

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura, by pinfall; NEW WWE United States Champion

The King of Strong Style takes advantage of Lana’s presence, and now he has the title back! With no rematch clauses now, will Rusev ever get back to the title? Will Lana be okay to still compete in the Women’s Rumble?


Nikki Cross is ready to play.

“Let Nikki Play! Let Nikki Play!” The Loony Lass is ready to take on 29 other women as they’re all trapped in that ring. Those others will fly, my pretties, fly~! No one knows what’s happening but Nikki knows. And tonight, Nikki knows that she’s gonna win that Rumble, “because chaos always wins!” Will Nikki have the last laugh in Phoenix?


Kickoff Show – Cruiserweight Championship Fatal 4 Way: Buddy Murphy VS Kalisto VS Akira Tozawa VS Hideo Itami!

The Juggernaut wants to show he is not just the best Cruiserweight today, but the best Cruiserweight of all time! As such, he asked for a challenge like this, and Drake Maverick obliged. Can Murphy still be unstoppable against the Lucha Dragon, the Stamina Monster and the Lethal Legend? Or will one of them take the title from him and prove they’re better than the best?

Introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we begin! The four men approach carefully, but Itami bails out. Murphy most of all wants Itami to get in this fight, but Tozawa rolls him up! Kalisto rolls TOzawa, but Murphy rolls Kalisto. Tozawa rolls Murphy again, ONE! Murphy pushes Tozawa to a corner, then back drops Kalisto. Kalisto sunset flips but Murphy breaks free to put him i a corner. Tozawa tilt-o-whirls to an Octpus Stretch! But Murphy powers out to a backbreaker! Kalisto CHOPS Murphy, then acrobatically springboards but his headscissor is blocked! Murphy goes to bomb but Kalisto slips out to headscissor Murphy this time! Kalisto runs into Tozawa’s kick, then Tozawa runs to step stool off Kalisto to dropkick Murphy. Tozawa fetches Murphy but Murphy sends him into barriers! Murphy catches Kalisto’s leap into a suplex!

Itami slithers into the ring to stand alone, and he soaks up the heat from the Phoenix fans. Murphy sees Itami and finally these two meet 1v1. Itami forearms fast then snapmares and kicks. But Murphy stands to snapmare and kick Itami back. Itami snapmares and kicks then SLAPS Murphy. Now it’s a slap fight! Itami lights Murphy up into a corner then stomps a mudhole into him. Itami wants everyone to respect him, but fans boo instead. Tozawa returns but gets a boot. Kalisto returns but gets a kick. Itami goes to suplex Kalisto but Kalisto resists. Itami climbs up to get leverage but Murhpy takes Kalisto away with a bomb lift. Tozawa rusn in a DIVES to blast Murphy and Kalisto into barriers!

Itami again stands alone, so he has his pick of them all. He stomps Kalisto and puts him in, then puts Tozawa in. Itami stomps both then covers Kalisto, TWO! He goes to Tozawa for a cover, TWO! Itami keeps on Tozawa with haymakers and more stomps. He also stomps Kalisto but Murphy returns to go after Itami. Murphy whips but Itaim reverses and sends Murphy out. Kalisto kicks Itami back, but then monkey flips Tozawa onto Murphy! Kalisto kicks Itami away, then springboards to seated senton! He keeps moving, Mexico City Twister! Kalisto rams a shoulder in, rolling Death Valley! Cover, TWO! This match has been so fast but Kalisto slows down long enough to rally the fans. Fans echo “Lucha! Lucha!” but Murphy grabs Kalisto. Kalisto fights back with forearms, Salida del Sol turns into a long dart!

Tozawa leaps at Murphy with a shouting missile dropkick! Tozawa kicks, swings, slides under and saido suplexes! Shining wizard! Cover, TWO! Tozawa keeps his cool as he drags Murphy to a drop zone. Fans echo “AH! AH!” as Tozawa climbs. But Itami intercepts with a fireman’s carry! Itami pops Tozawa up but Tozawa makes it a huricanrana. Tozawa builds speed and DIVES! The Tozawa Torpedo hits Itami! Kalisto runs at Murphy but is TOSSED onto Itami and Tozawa! Murphy sees his challengers all lined up, and so he FLIES onto them all! Strike from the Juggernaut! Phoenix loves this as Murphy puts Kalisto in the ring. Murphy catches his breath while he returns, but he gets a SPIKE-RANA in the ropes! Kalisto covers, TWO!! Murphy lives and Kalisto can’t believe it!

Kalisto sees he’s the only one up and decides to climb. Fans fire up with him, but Tozawa grabs Kalisto’s leg. Kalisto elbows Tozawa away but Itami gets Kalisto. Kalisto elbows him away but MUrphy tucks him in for a cheeky SUPERKICK! Murphy hits a sit-out bomb on Kalisto! But Tozawa breaks the cover! Tozawa grits his teeth as he drags Murphy up for CHOPS! Murphy pushes Tozawa away but walks into a boot. Tozawa climbs and leaps, crossbody but Murphy rolls through! Murphy pops Tozawa up, but gets a REVERSE-RANA! Cover but Itami shoves Tozawa. Cover but Kalisto rolls Itami, TWO! SALIDA DEL SOL!! Cover, TWO!! All four men are down but fans are firing up for this kickoff show closer!

The fans rally up as the four men stand. they start brawling, Murphy and Tozawa hitting while Itami has Kalisto. Itami and Murphy stay standing and go after each other! Itami hits a strike fest but misses the back hand to get a knee. Kalisto enziguris at Murphy but it hits Itami! Murphy boots at Tozawa but Tozawa sends it into Itami! DOUBLE SUPERKICK on Murphy! Tozawa has Kalisto but standing switch to Liost Kick! Kalisto runs, but misses, rolling roundhouse from Tozawa! Murphy strike fest lights up Tozawa but Tozawa fakes the chop to get the jab! Tozawa runs into the knee trigger! Kalisto springboards INTO a knee trigger! But both Tozawa and Kalisto roll away. Itami dodges to fireman’s carry, but Murphy denies Itami, only to get a back hand! Murphy denies Sakura Knee to knee trigger, then point blank knee trigger! Pumphandle, Murphy’s Law!! Cover, Murphy wins!!

Winner: Buddy Murphy, by pinfall; still WWE Cruiserweight Champion

Unstoppable is truly unstoppable! Murphy overcomes the odds to retain his title! Will anyone ever slow the Juggernaut down?


Drew McIntyre speaks.

“Plenty of men tell you they will do whatever it takes to succeed.” They could convince you that they’re willing to endure anything for a chance at forever. But they’re lying. McIntyre has faced extreme pains from physical to mental, and he hurts people back. He has hurt many to make it to the top. He has a question: Where is Dolph Ziggler? Where is Kurt Angle? The Shield? John Cena? You really can’t see him, huh? McIntyre isn’t just living destiny, he’s living certainty. He is going to win tonight, and at Wrestlemania, because McIntyre is the King of the Jungle.


Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!

30 men or 30 women, only one will be left standing each time. And only one will be headed to the grandest stage of them all! There will be chaos. There will be change. And there will be challenges and opportunities. The Road to Wrestlemania starts here!


SmackDown Women’s Championship: Asuka VS Becky Lynch!

Phoenix gets #StraightFire to open the night! The Man wants her title back because The Empress didn’t beat her to get it. Will the Lass Kicker kick enough lass to take the title from Asuka? Or is she still not ready?

Introductions are made, the belt is raised, and fans are thunderous as we begin! Becky and Asuka stare down before circling. They tie up and go around the rings. Asuka shoves Becky away and the two go again. Fans duel as Becky gets a headlock. Asuka fights out but Becky bumps shoulders. Auska comes back with a dropkick and Becky’s reeling! Becky steadies herself as Asuka talks trash in Japanese. Becky shoves Asuka but dodges a back hand! She rocks Asuka with a right then trash talks in English. Becky runs but Asuka follows. Asuka’s dropkick misses but Becky knocks her down. Becky dares Asuka to fight her! Asuka swings but Becky gets the arm. Asuka rolls and Becky throws European Uppercuts. Becky tries again but Asuka blocks and counters with kicks. Asuka trips Becky to kick her down. Cover, TWO!

Asuka toys with Becky but both women grin. Even as Asuka kicks Becky in the mouth! Becky gets mad now, and grabs that leg to throw forearms! Becky mule kicks then runs, but Asuka follows. They speed up and Becky hits Asuka down with forearms! Fans fire up while Asuka bails out of the ring. Becky dares her to return, but Asuka takes her time. Becky decides to slide out but Asuka slides in. Asuka hip attacks Becky down! Becky rolls around the corner but Asuka goes to the apron. Asuka kicks but Becky dodges. Becky’s up and boots Asuka off the apron! Becky fetches Asuka up and into the apron, and bumps her off. The ref counts but Becky refreshes at 5. Asuka drags Becky back out to throw forearms of her own! Asuka bumps Becky off the apron, then kicks her around.

The ref counts again but Asuka throws Becky into the LED apron board! Asuka refreshes the count at 6, but it’s Becky who throws her with a becksploder! Both women are down and the count rises again. Becky drags up and in at 7, covers, TWO! Becky keeps her cool while fans continue to duel. She drags Asuka up and into a corner to stomp a mudhole! Fans like the fire even as Becky backs off at 4. Becky drags Asuka up to club her down. She bumps Asuka in a corner then snap suplexes her out. Cover, TWO! Becky keeps on Asuka with an armbar, but Asuka endures. Fans rally up as Becky wrenches back hard. Asuka stands but Becky wrangles her back down. Becky wants her signature but Asuka slips out. Asuka fights Becky off with fast feet, then blocks a kick to give a kick!

Asuka runs but Becky dodges the hip attack! Becky fires off EuroUppers against the ropes! The ref backs Becky off, but Asuka comes back with an ASUKA LOCK in the ropes!! Asuka lets go at 4 but fans are dueling again. Asuka runs in at Becky, but hits the post! Becky hops up to get around, for a DISARM-HER in the ropes! Becky lets go at 4 but the damage is done. Asuka is down, Becky takes aim, leaping ax handle into Asuka’s knee strike! Both women are down but stirring. Fans cheer as the two start brawling. Becky hits but Asuka fires up. Becky whips but Asuka goes up and hits back with a dropkick! Asuka runs in at Becky for a BIG hip attack! Asuka wants a German but Becky elbows. But Asuka hits a back hand, and the German Suplex! Asuka runs, another hip attack! Cover, TWO!!

Asuka keeps her focus while fans rally up. Becky stands while Asuka climbs. Asuka aims and leaps, but Becky dodges the dropkick! Becky pumphandles for a body slam! Cover, TWO!! Asuka escapes and Becky is shocked! Becky goes after Asuka but gets caught to an armbar! She makes it a cover, TWO and ASUKA LOCK returns! Asuka and Becky roll, ropebreak! Becky and Asuka end up on the apron, and Asuka headbutts. Becky forearms and now they brawl again! Asuka blocks a kick to fire off on Becky’s back! Asuka wants a German but Becky holds on for deal life! Becky elbows free of Asuka, and wants another Becksploder! Now Asuka holds on for dear life, and turns things into a Fisherman Neckbreaker to the floor! Both women crash and burn but are somehow okay to continue.

Asuka returns at the count of 7, but Becky’s in at 9! Only for Asuka to hit the sliding kick! Cover, TWO!? Becky survives and Asuka can’t believe it. Asuka grits her teeth as she and Becky go back to each other. Fans duel as the two start brawling again. Becky and Asuka throw big palm strikes, and start hitting harder as they stand. Asuka hits from both sides! Becky blocks the backhand and wants the arm! Asuka whips but Becky reverses, only for Asuka to come back with a heel kick! Cover, TWO! Both women go back to each other, but Asuka gets the facelock. Becky slips out and gets to a corner. Becky dodges Asuka to then jump kick her! She throws forearms and climbs up to join Asuka, but Asuka hits back.

Asuka adjusts but Becky comes back for more. Becky grabs Asuka, SUPER BECKSPLODER! Cover, TWO!! Asuka lives and Becky is again in shock. Becky drags Asuka to a drop zone as fans declare “This is Awesome!” Becky climbs up but Asuka dodges the leg drop! ASUKA LOCK AGAIN!! Becky flails and reaches but Asuka STEALS the Disarm-her! Becky rolls and STEALS the Asuka Lock! Asuka endures her own hold and rolls around, to make it a cover! TWO, roundhouse! Asuka drags Becky up but Becky drags Asuka down! She gets the DISARM-HER!! Asuka crawls, claws, but Becky drags her away. Asuka rolls to a cover, TWO! Becky rolls Asuka, TWO! Takedown into the Asuka Lock! Becky resists but Asuka has her! They roll but Asuka makes it Cattle Mutilation! Becky taps, Asuka wins!!

Winner: Asuka, by submission; still SmackDown Women’s Champion

By the skin of her teeth, the Empress of Tomorrow retains! The Man couldn’t get it done, where will she find her next opportunity? Will Asuka have her title come Wrestlemania when the Rumble winner comes knocking?


SmackDown Tag Team Championships: The Bar VS The Miz & Shane McMahon!

Cesaro & Sheamus may claim to be the best tag team in the world, but the Hollywood A-Lister & Shane O’Mac… Well they also claim that, but they did participate and win the Best in the World tournament, aka WWE World Cup. Now Miz and Shane look to be THE #BestTagTeamintheWorld, but can they become tag team champions first?

The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and the teams sort out. We begin with the Celtic Gladiator going against Shane with the bell. Shane SPEARS Sheamus! He throws hands but Cesaro bails Sheamus out. Shemaus is fired up but fans fire up behind Shane. The Bar returns and Cesaro tags in. Miz tags in, and he rolls up The Swiss Cyborg! TWO, so he tries again, TWO! Cesaro throws Miz to the apron but Miz comes back with a sunset flip. TWO, but Cesaro swings into a full nelson! Cesaro gets out with an arm-drag but Miz grins because he knows how close he was.

Miz and Cesaro go again, and Cesaro kicks low. Cesaro throws haymakers then scoops Miz, but Miz slips out to a sunset flip. Miz changes to a leg, but Cesaro denies the figure four. Sheamus swings on Miz but Miz rallies on the Bar. Sheamus holds Miz’s shirt and Cesaro hits a EuroUpper! The Bar stomp a mudhole in but Shane comes to the rescue! Shane throws Cesaro out but Sheamus keeps on Miz. Sheamus whips but Miz holds ropes. Miz runs but Sheamus hits Shane! Miz throws hands on Sheamus and corners him with It Kicks! Sheamus powers Miz back to the other corner, and Cesaro hotshots Miz! Sheamus kicks Miz out of the ring then pursues. The Bar clears an announce desk, but Shane saves Miz again! They throw Sheamus into a post then Shane puts Cesaro on that desk. Shane climbs high and Miz keeps Cesaro down.

Fans fire up but Sheamus throws Miz down! Sheamus puts Miz in the ring but Shane LEAPS onto him! But Cesaro blasts Shane with a EuroUpper! Cesaro helps Sheamus up and in, then puts Shane into the barriers! Shane is dazed while Cesaro tags in. The Bar goes after Miz with the double urenage! Cover, TWO! Cesaro keeps his cool as he looms over Miz. Tag to Sheamus and Sheamus climbs up. Sheamus drops a flying knee, covers, TWO! Sheamus keeps on Miz with a seated keylock, and rams his knee in over and over. Miz endures while fans rally up. Miz stands and throws body shots, then goes to suplex. Sheamus denies and hangs Miz out to dry. Sheamus turns Miz around and tears off the jersey to give him Beats of the Bodhrain! He goes way past 10, then tags in Cesaro.

The Bar double suplex Miz up and in, then cover, TWO! Miz lives but Cesaro keeps his cool. Cesaro stomps Miz then wraps on a chinlock. Miz endures while fans rally. Miz reaches for Shane at the corner but has to fight out of Cesaro’s hold. Cesaro wrangles Miz down, tag to Sheamus. Sheamus stomps Miz out then soaks up the heat. Miz rolls Sheamus up, TWO! Sheamus clubs Miz back down then throws heavy hands and kicks at the ropes. Tag to Cesaro and Cesaro hops up. Sheamus holds Miz for Cesaro to hit ax handles. Cover, TWO! Cesaro tags Sheamus and they mug Miz more. The Bar repeat their catchphrase, but fans boo. Sheamus kicks Miz around then drags him up by his hair. Miz throws hands back then jawbreakers free!

Sheamus tags Cesaro, but Shane avoids the cheap shot. Miz back drops Cesaro! Miz and Cesaro crawl for their corners, hot tags to Sheamus and Shane! Shane avoids a Brogue to throw fast hands! Shane whips and elbows Sheamus down! He rope-a-dopes around Sheamus, does his shuffle, then throws a big right! Shane hits Cesaro away, then spins around for a DDT on Sheamus! Cover, TWO! Shane keeps going as he positions Sheamus in a corner. He stomps a mudhole in, then lines it up from the other side. But Cesaro tags in, only to run into Shane’s furious strikes! Cesaro falls onto Sheamus, and Shane aims at both members of The Bar! Two-for-one Coast2Coast DENIED! The Swiss Swing begins!

Shane goes around about 20 times before Cesaro stops. Cesaro wants a sharpshooter but Shane drags him into a triangle! Cesaro endures, deadlifts, but Shane anchors a foot! Shane brings Cesaro down and Cesaro starts to fade, but Sheamus drops a top rope knee! Sheamus stomps Shane out but Miz returns to boot him down! Miz runs but misses the dropkick, Sheamus clobbers him down! Cesaro tags Sheamus and they coordinate from the corner. A-Swiss-Ted White Noise! Cover, TWO!? Shane lives and The Bar can’t believe it! Sheamus tags Cesaro and they stand Shane up. Sheamus runs but Miz saves Shane by feeding Cesaro to the Brogue! Skull Crushing Finale on Shemaus! Shane climbs and aims at Cesaro, says his prayers, SHOOTING STAR!! Cover, Co-Besties win!!

Winners: The Miz & Shane McMahon, Shane pinning; NEW SmackDown Tag Team Champions

The impossible has been made possible! The Best Tag Team in the World are the champions! Miz has made his father proud, and perhaps Shane has made his dad proud, too. But can Miz and Shane maintain this level of excellence all the way to Wrestlemania?


Backstage interview with Sasha Banks.

People are talking and feel Sasha’s destined to fail because she can’t keep her emotions in check. Is this going to be a weakness against Ronda? No, Sasha has passion for this business. She was never handed a thing in this business. Ronda may be a UFC Hall of Famer, but she’s never faced Sasha. Sasha will make Ronda tap out, because their match is next!

Raw Women’s Championship: Ronda Rousey VS Sasha Banks!

The Rowdy One was allowed to name her challenger for the Royal Rumble PPV, and she chose The Legit Boss out of respect and admiration. But Sasha made sure she earned her shot by shutting down Nia Jax in a 1v1 match. Then things got chippy and personal as words were said but misinterpreted. Ronda wanted to show respect but respect might be out the window. Who will simply win this match to continue down the Road to Wrestlemania?

Introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we begin! Sasha and Ronda talk and Sasha goes to slap, but Ronda throws her! Sasha counters with an arm-drag, then taunts Ronda. Ronda comes back but Sasha gets a waistlock. Sasha swings Ronda out and goes acrobatic, but Ronda keeps grip to monkey flip! Ronda mocks Sasha’s boss pose but Sasha shrugs it off. Sasha swings but Ronda throws big knees in. Ronda whips but Sasha reverses. Ronda goes up and over and grabs Sasha with a facelock. “I can’t wrestle? I’ll show you guys I can’t wrestle.” Ronda snap suplexes Sasha, then rolls through to start Three Amigas! But Sasha stops Ronda at two for a back stabber! But Ronda rolls through to the armbar!

Sasha rolls and gets the ropes, and Ronda lets go. Ronda wants a leg now but Sasha kicks her away. Sasha SLAPS Ronda, but Ronda boots Sasha out! Ronda keeps on Sasha by bumping her off the apron, then punching her against the post. Sasha ducks and Ronda hits only post! Ronda clutches that arm but Sasha builds speed to DIVE! Direct hit, and Sasha even kicks Ronda into steel steps. Sasha puts Ronda in the ring and covers, TWO! Sasha keeps her cool while fans duel. She grabs Ronda’s bad arm for a hammerlock, and even adds a dragon sleeper to it. Ronda slips out of the sleeper but Sasha drives a knee in. Sasha gets a straitjacket stretch but Ronda endures. They stand up and Ronda backs Sasha into buckles. Ronda breaks free but Sasha throws her to buckles.

Sasha hits double knees, then again! She drags Ronda to a cover, TWO! Fans continue to duel as Sasha stays on Ronda. Sasha gets the straitjacket again, but Ronda powers her way up. Ronda elbows free and throws Sasha, but runs into a boot! Sasha hops up and leaps, but Ronda gets under. Ronda runs and hits a big forearm! Cover, TWO! Ronda drags Sasha up but Sasha hits back on that bad arm. Sasha goes acrobatic again, but instead of an arm-drag it’s an arm-breaker! Shining Wizard! Cover, TWO! Sasha keeps her cool while Ronda writhes and clutches her arm. Fans duel more as Sasha drags Ronda up. Sasha bumps Ronda off buckles, then wraps that bad arm in the ropes. She lets up at 4, but comes back only to miss.

Ronda rolls through to the fireman’s carry, but Sasha rolls through to a modified Fujiwara armbar! Sasha pulls on the fingers, then stomps the bad shoulder! Ronda endures, crawls, claw, but Sasha makes it part Rings of Saturn! Sasha even bites the thumb! But Ronda manages to slip around, and make it a cover. ONE, into the Bank Statement! Ronda reaches for the ropes but Sasha kicks them away! Ronda slips out and gets Sasha, Piper’s Pit! But Ronda can’t cover because of the pain in her arm! Sasha gets up but Ronda runs in, hanging armbar! Ronda lets go at 4, and now Sasha clutches her arm. Ronda climbs while fans duel. Sasha stops Ronda with a forearm! Sasha climbs but the two fight. Ronda pries Sasha off but Sasha comes back with a knee! Sasha climbs and sits Ronda up, SUPERPLEX! Cover, TWO! Sasha gets the double wristlock!

Ronda endures as Sasha pulls on the arm. Ronda manages to stand up and spin Sasha to a judo throw! Cover, TWO! Sasha survives but Ronda fires up. Ronda drags Sasha up for another throw, and another throw, and another throw! She drags Sasha around, but Sasha rolls her into the ropes and out of the ring! The ref checks on Ronda but she’s okay to continue. Ronda gets up but Sasha builds speed again, to DIVE! Ronda catches her, into the armbar on the outside! Sasha taps but this doesn’t matter! Ronda puts Sasha in the ring again, and both women are clutching their bad arms. Ronda fires up and fires off, but so does Sasha! They throw hands but Ronda gets the edge. Ronda throws Sasha again, but Sasha blocks the kick to give a kick. Only for Ronda to come back with a leaping knee! Cover, TWO!

Both women are down with a bad arm each, but fans cheer them on. Ronda stands while Sasha gets to a corner. Ronda wants to gut wrench but the bad arm holds her back. Sasha throws Ronda into buckles! Stock Drop knees on the bad arm! Sasha stalks Ronda and goes for another backstabber, but Ronda throws her off! Ronda has the arm, but Sasha slips out. Sasha runs into Piper’s Pit, but makes it a crossbody!! Cover, TWO, into BANK STATEMENT!! Ronda reaches, but Sasha uses her own strap to hold her in! The ref reprimands Sasha so she switches back to her arms. Sasha uses her legs to keep Ronda down but Ronda keeps moving. Ronda gets fingers on the ropes but Sasha rolls her to a cover! TWO, into a Fujiwara!!

Ronda endures as Sasha pulls back as hard as she can! Sasha even pulls fingers! But Ronda rolls, gut wrenches, and bombs Sasha! Roll through, fireman’s carry, Piper’s Pit!! Cover, Ronda wins!!

Winner: Ronda Rousey, by pinfall; still Raw Women’s Champion

The Baddest Woman on the Planet just survived her toughest challenger yet! Ronda is still the champion, but Sasha  won back Ronda’s respect. Will Sasha find her way back to the title on the Road to Wrestlemania? Will Ronda continue this stellar reign to Wrestlemania herself?


The 2019 Women’s Royal Rumble!

This is only the second-ever time that 30 women in the WWE will compete in this legendary over-the-top battle royal! The Empress of Tomorrow won last year, and now she’s on the other side awaiting a winner. Meanwhile, superstars like Charlotte Flair and Alexa Bliss are entering their first Rumble in hopes of getting back to the titles they lost. Will it be skill or luck that wins a shot at one of the Women’s Championships at Wrestlemania?

First out is the Model Soldier, Lacey Evans! And as the first out, she picks up a mic. “Tonight, y’all will witness history.” Lacey introduces herself properly as the “one and only true lady of WWE.” She is here to “clean up this entire Women’s Division.” Second out is the Queen of Harts, Natalya! Will either of these women be the Iron Woman and make it all the way to the end?

The bell rings and this match truly begins. Natty and Lacey tie up and go around. natty gets a headlock but Lacye powers out. Things speed up and Natty blocks a hip toss. Lacey blocks back then flips back, and the two stand off. They both dropkick but handspring up. Fans applaud that, but Natty’s grin annoys Lacey. Lacey swings but Natty whips. Natty clotheslines Lacey over but Lacey comes back with a slingshot. Lacey throws Natty down by her hair then bumps her off buckles. Lacey tries to hoist Natty out but Natty holds onto the top rope. Natty hits Lacey back, and headscissors, but Lacey shows her strength! Natty still huricanranas and discus clotheslines!

Third out is Mandy Rose! The Golden Goddess struts her way to the ring while Natty and Lacey get up. Mandy runs at Natty and runs her over with a lariat! Mandy throws hands and shoves, to hit a big knee! She scoops Natty and goes to dump her out, but Natty grabs ropes. Natty slips out and hits Mandy with a discus. Lacey kicks but Natty blocks. Natty throws Lacey down and then runs to walk all over Lacey. Mandy gets in her way but gets dropped onto Lacey, Natty dropkicks them both! Natty then grabs Mandy and Lacey, for a DOUBLE Sharpshooter! They’re both tapping but it doesn’t matter in a Rumble match.

Fourth out is the Riott Squad’s Liv Morgan. Mandy and Lacey kick Natty away while the Juvenile Delinquent skips her way to the ring. Liv has her pick and goes after Natty. But Natty tosses Liv out and ELIMINATES her! Liv might’ve just set a record for fastest elimination in a Women’s Rumble! Lacey and Mandy go after Natty at the ropes, then work together to whip. They double hip toss Natty, but fans rally up. Lacey and Mandy whip Natty again into a corner. Mandy runs but Lacey pulls her down by her hair! Lacey throws Mandy into Natty, then takes out her tissues to dab herself off. Lacey gives both “nasties” the bronco buster!

Fifth out now is Mickie James! The six-time women’s champion makes her way down while Mandy boots Lacey away. Mickie rushes the ring and goes after everyone with elbows and lariats. Mickie drags Lacey up to throw forearms. Lacey shoves her away but walks into Mickie’s neckbreaker. Natty gets Mickie with a waistlock but Mickie elbows out. Mickie dodges the discus to hit the Mick Kick! Mandy rocks Mickie with a right and whips her into buckles. Mickie elbows Mandy away then goes up for the Mickanrana! She can’t bring Mandy out with her so she has to slide back in. Mickie shoves Mandy but Mandy stays on the ropes. Mickie rocks Mandy with elbows but Lacey throws Mickie down. Now Mickie goes after Lacey, and the countdown returns.

Sixth out is Ember Moon! The Prophecy of Flame makes her way out while Natty and Mickie brawl. Ember springboards to crossbody them down! Then Ember kicks away on Mandy, and brings Lacey around for a gordbuster! Fans fire up with Ember as she sweeps Mickie’s legs and elbows Mandy in a corner. Ember throws Mandy over but Mandy holds ropes. Mickie goes after Ember to throw her over, but Ember holds on. Mandy goes after Lacey on the other corner with Natty’s help. Lacey fights them off and gets back in. Mandy goes after Natty now while Ember keeps after Mickie.

Seventh out is the IIconic Billie Kay! The Femme Fatale jogs down while Mickie goes after Mandy with Ember’s help. Natty almost has Lacey out but Billie wants to wait until Peyton Royce? Billie insists she either competes with Peyton by her side or not at all. This might be an excuse but also a smart strategy. Natty fights Lacey off while Mandy scoops Ember. Ember holds onto the ropes but Mickie goes after her and Mickie! Natty comes over, too, so Ember rocks Lacey. Eighth out is Nikki Cross! Phoenix loves the frantic fury of the Loony Lass as she rushes right in! And she hits Billie on the way over! The others in the ring are gathered, Nikki crossbodies onto them all! Nikki rallies on everyone with forearms, then throws Lacey over! Lacey holds on and gets back in while Nikki hits Ember with a neckbreaker.

Nikki runs to splash and bulldog Mickie. Mandy grabs Nikki by her hair but Nikki pries herself free. Nikki growls and then reels Mandy into an inverted DDT! Mickie grinds ember in a corner while Nikki goes wild all over again. Billie finally gets in but Nikki tackles her down! Nikki thrashes Billie about while the others pair off. Ninth out is the other IIconic, Peyton Royce! Billie finally has her BFF by her side as they go after Nikki Cross. Death Valley Driver takes Nikki out, and the IIconics drag Nikki up. Backbreaker to back kick! But Ember blasts the IIconics with kicks of her own! Ember goes to dump Peyton out but Billie saves her. Mandy scoops Nikki up but Nikki grabs ropes. The IIconics stomp Ember out while Mickie fights off Lacey. Ember narrowly avoids elimination as she fights off the IIconics.

Tenth out is Tamina! The Daughter of Superfly storms her way out to a rather full ring, and doles out headbutts and Samoan Drops! Billie gets mad that Tamina hit Peyton, but her punch is blocked into a Samoan Drop! Nikki and Tamina meet, and fans like the look of this fight. Nikki throws forearms and dropkicks Tamina into ropes. Tamina stays up but Nikki pushes her out. Tamina went through the bottom rope so she’s still in. She returns to SUPERKICK Nikki! Tamina runs at Mickie but Mickie dumps her out. Tamina fights her way back in against Mickie and Lacey, then climbs up top. She aims at the downed Nikki, for some SUPERFLY! Tamina squashes Nikki but that won’t eliminate her.

Mickie and Tamina fight, Mickie leaps for a seated senton! Tamina gets up and puts Mickie on the apron, she ELIMINATES Mickie with a SUPERKICK!  Eleventh out is Xia Li! The spicy Mae Young Classic competitor makes her Rumble debut and stares down Tamina. Tamina swings but Xia fires off with kicks! Xia throws those spicy kung-fu strikes and rocks Tamina with a back heel kick. Mandy runs into Xia’s boot, as does Natty. Xia hits everyone with kicks, heel kick for Lacey! Fans fire up for the spicy Xia but Tamina clubs her down. Tamina whips but Xia goes up and over and rolls. Xia kicks, Tamina blocks, but Xia flips through the throw! Spinning roundhouse rocks Tamina! Fans fire up again with Xia as she stands tall.

Twelfth out is the Riott Squad’s Sarah Logan! The Kentucky Viking storms her way down while the IIconics stomp Xia and Nikki. Sarah shotgun knees Natty, then does the same to the IIconics. Ember kicks but Sarah dodges for a big flapjack! Sarah throws Ember over but Ember hands on, only to get a shotgun knee! Ember holds on using her toes! Ember sits back up and in and fans love the innovation. The IIconics go after Nikki again and ELIMINATE her! Fans don’t like that but the IIconics’ moment is ruined by Lacey.

Thirteenth out is Charlotte Flair! The Queen may be the superstitiously unlucky #13, but luck has nothing to do with her career. Charlotte rushes the ring but everyone is right on her! She fights them off with Flair chops! Charlotte grabs Lacey and throws her with an exploder. Ember gets a back suplex! The IIconics end up on the outside, so Lacey ELIMINATES them both with her bronco buster! Xia steps to Charlotte with kicks, and has her in a corner. She runs in but misses, only to hop up and leap. Charlotte dodges to boot her down! Charlotte throws Xia but Xia holds on. Xia fights her way back in, but Charlotte boots her down and ELIMINATES her! Charlotte and Tamina square off as second-generation superstars. Tamina swings but Charlotte gives her chop after chop! Charlotte whips but Tamina reverses to SUPERKICK!

Fourteenth out is Kairi Sane! The Pirate Princess sets sail at high speeds! Charlotte clotheslines and ELMINATES Tamina! Kairi climbs up high, Flying Kabuki elbow on Sarah Logan! The Princess CHOPS the Queen, but the Queen eggs her on! Kairi chops and chops and chops! Charlotte doesn’t back down, and gives back those chops! Kairi eggs Chalrotte on until she’s chopped off her feet! Lacey clubs Charlotte down while Natty German Suplexes Sarah. Kairi goes back up top while Sarah is down, and it’s anchors aweigh with the InSane Elbow! Mandy and Charlotte go after Ember but Ember fights them off. Kairi and Natty work together on Sarah and ELIMINATE her! But then Natty turns on Kairi!

Fifteenth out marks the halfway point, and it’s Maria Kanellis! The First Lady of Wrestling blows a kiss while Lacey and Charlotte stare down. Maria wants in the middle of this, she’s the new face in the match. So she gets their kicks! Charlotte rams her shoulder in, but Lacey pulls Charlotte away so they can stare down again. Maria gets them both with bulldogs! Mandy gets Maria but gets a stunner for it. Maria boots Ember and hits a facebuster! Maria says it’s time to giddy-up, but she gets a SPEAR! Charlotte drags Maria up but Lacey goes after Charlotte again. Lacey bumps Charlotte off buckles while Ember goes after Maria.

Sixteenth out is Naomi! Time to #FeelTheGlow! Naomi shoulders Ember out of the way to jaw-break Mandy! But Mandy puts her on the apron! Naomi grabs Mandy for a suplex, but Mandy holds the ropes! They both end up on the apron, but Naomi roundhouses and ELIMINATES Mandy! Only for Ember to mule kick her. Mandy grabs Naomi and wants to bomb her, but Naomi slips through, puts her feet on the barriers, and kicks Mandy away! Naomi then wiggles back and gets on the barriers, just like last year. She walks the tight rope but it’s a bit scary. Naomi makes it around to the corner, and takes aim at the steel steps. She makes it! But then Mandy goes after her and pulls her down, Mandy ELIMINATES Naomi! And she acts like she won the whole thing.

Mandy adds insult to injury as she stomps and punches Naomi! Lacey goes to bronco bust Charlotte but Charlotte boots and ELIMINATES Lacey! Seventeenth out is Mrs. Wrestling, Candice LeRae! Fans are happy to see Candice run to the ring and climb up high. She missile dropkicks Ember then goes after Kairi in a corner. Ember comes back after Candice to throw her over but Candice holds on. Candice slingshots and steps back in for a jawbreaker. Natty clotheslines Charlotte while Candice tilt-o-whirls onto Ember with an Octopus. Ember slips out but the two brawl. Candice whips but Ember stops herself to scoop Candice, for a BIG gutbuster drop! Charlotte and Natty brawl while Kairi and Maria do the same. Natty powerbombs Charlotte down!

Eighteenth out is Alicia Fox! The Captain of Crazy takes her time while the others brawl. Alicia gets in and dropkicks everyone around! Maria asks for teamwork, and Alicia actually agrees. They go after Kairi with a double whip to dropkick, then Maria adds a DDT. They do a dance and Maria gives Alicia her hat. Alicia puts it on Maria, but then Maria stomps it?! Alicia is angry, and throws a tantrum. Maria runs but Alicia gets her and throws her into buckles. Maria goes up but Alicia kicks her down. She manages to stay on the apron, but celebrates too long, and Alicia ELIMINATES her with a dropkick!

Nineteenth out is Kacy Catanzaro! The American Ninja Warrior heads to the ring while Candice stomps Natty. KC and Ember show off agility, KC headscissors Ember down! Natty kicks KC but KC manages to headscissor her. KC kicks Natty away and headscissors her down! Alicia boots KC, but KC slips out to then shoulder and slingshot in. KC uses her gymnastics to hang Alicia up on the ropes! Alicia hangs on, but KC kicks. Alicia shoves her away, then throws hands. She gives KC a backbreaker through the ropes then stomps her down. 20th out is Zelina Vega, who embodies Street Fighter’s Vega as she rushes the ring!

Zelina goes at Kairi with forearms, then stares down Candice. These two have history dating back to last year and Gargano VS Almas. They get in each other’s face, then throw hands! Fans fire up as Candice backslides Vega to a dropkick! Candice fires off more forearms and body shots in a corner. Charlotte and Alicia fight in a corner while Vega knees Candice down. Vega borrows from Almas with the Cien Knees! Ember crossbodies Natty but Vega goes after her, too. 21st out is Ruby Riott, but with her Squad! They don’t care about rules, they want revenge! Charlotte sees them coming and is ready. The Squad drag her out from the bottom rope and stomp away! Sarah hits the shotgun knee, but Ruby walks into Vega’s Spike-Rana! Sarah drags Vega out but Vega fights her off.

Alicia and Ruby brawl, so Liv trips and drags Alicia out. Vega hides under the ring, but there haven’t been eliminations yet. Liv and Sarah beat Alicia up and feed her to Ruby, who throws Alicia out to ELIMINATE her! Ruby goes after Candice but Candice goes through the middle rope. That makes her a target for the Squad, double barrier bomb!! They feed Candice to Ruby and Ruby ELIMINATES Candice with a rough throw. Vega stays under the ring where it’s safe. 22nd is Dana Brooke! She rushes the ring and goes right at Ruby! Dana puts KC in the corner and rams her shoulder in. But KC headscissors back, only to get a sit-out bomb!

Dana slams Ruby, so the Squad go after her. Liv and Sarah drag Dana out for stomps. Kairi whips Ruby but Ruby reverses. Kairi goes up but Ruby throws her out and ELIMINATES her! Vega grins as she’s still safe and sound under the ring. Ember fights off Charlotte and Natty while the Squad pick on Kairi even after getting rid of her. 23rd out is Io Shirai, Kairi’s BFF! And the Genius of the Sky won’t stand for bullies! Shirai goes right at the Squad and wrecks Liv and Sarah with a dropkick!

Shirai throws hands on Ruby, then hits a Tiger Feint! She climbs up high, SUPER ASAI! The Squad is down, but Shirai puts Ruby in the ring. Shirai throws Ruby but Ruby comes back with an elbow. Ruby pops up but Shirai goes to bomb her out! Ruby drags Shirai out with her, and the two brawl on the apron. Ember bumps Natty on buckles then scoops KC for a backbreaker.

24th out is Rhea Ripley! The former NXT UK Women’s Champion is also the Mosh Pit Kid, and the Rumble is a perfect mosh pit for her! Rhea rushes the ring and runs Ember and Ruby over! Then she flapjacks Io! Ember runs, wheelbarrow facebuster! But Dana clobbers Ember down. Dana throws KC out, sweeps the leg and dropkicks her down! But wait, KC isn’t out, her feet are in the air! Natty hits Charlotte with an Electric Chair drop while KC works on a way back into the ring.

KC rolls and handstand walks to the ring! She’s like a spider as she sits up to climb the post! KC climbs up high and aims at Rhea for a crossbody! But Rhea catches her easily, to shove and tilt-o-whirl, but KC makes it a facelock! Rhea powers through to toss and ELIMINATE KC! Rhea mockingly waves bye but Ember dropkicks her down!

25th out is Sonya Deville! The Gladiator Gal has her hair up, time to square up! She goes right at Rhea with strikes! Then she runs at Ember to SPEAR her! Ruby kicks Sonya and whips but Sonya reverses to a takedown. She dodges Dana to hit a sliding knee on Ruby! Dana keeps on Sonya but Sonya hits her back with knees. Charlotte fights off Shirai while Sonya runs. Dana follows, runs Sonya over and hits a handspring splash. Rhea goes after Dana but Dana jawbreakers back. They brawl, Dana enziguris Rhea down. Dana runs, handsprings and back elbows in the corner. She whips but Rhea reverses to pumphandle into a toss. Dana saves herself and punches Rhea away, but Rhea dropkicks and ELIMINATES her!

Vega laughs at Dana, but wait! Is that HORNSWOGGLE!? When did he get here? And he chases Vega all over the announce desks and into the ring! Horny shocks a lot of the other women, but Rhea ignores him to toss and ELIMINATE Vega! Horny keeps chasing Vega all the way to the back! No one knows what to make of that, but the Rumble continues! 26th out is Alexa Bliss! The Goddess officially returns to the ring! Alexa throws Ember down, then hits Insult2Injury! Charlotte scoops Alexa but she slips through to a facelock. Charlotte knees low and goes to powerbomb, but Alexa fights back with furious hands. Alexa makes it a sunset flip powerbomb! Sonya clubs Alexa and throws heavy hands in a corner. Sonya swings again but Alexa dodges to hit back.

Rhea fights off Ember and Natty while Alexa blocks a kick. Alexa puts Sonya on the apron but Sonya goes to drag Alexa out. Alexa pries at Sonya’s hands, but just uses that wicked right to ELIMINATE her! 27th out is Bayley! The Huggable One doesn’t wait to get in the ring, and she goes right at Alexa with a saido suplex! Bayley kicks everyone else, even Charlotte. Fans fire up for Bayley but Bayley runs into Deadly Nightshade! Wait, Bayley powers through and tosses Ruby onto the top rope. She knees Ruby down, then clotheslines her out to ELIMINATE her! Then Bayley baits Rhea in for a back drop to ELIMINATE her, too! Fans fire up for Bayley while she goes after Natty. Ember and Shirai fight while Charlotte puts Alexa up top.

28th out is Lana! The Ravishing Russian hurt her ankle at the start of the night because of what happened in the United States Championship match, but she’s going to tough it out. Charlotte fights off Natty and Alexa while Ember rocks Shirai. Lana limps but this match might be over before she arrives. Charlotte CHOPS Natty while Ember hauls Shirai. Referees check on Lana while Natty chops Charlotte back. Alexa goes after Bayley while Shirai holds on as Ember scrapes at her. Shirai manages to get a foot up and kick Ember away. Lana still hasn’t entered the ring and now 29th is on their way out. It’s Nia Jax! The Irresistible Force also has a lot of luck on her side as she’s second-to-last. And she kicks Lana just for good measure! Nia stomps the bad leg then gives her a shin breaker!

Nia leaves Lana behind to go after the women in the ring. Bayley bumps Charlotte on buckles again and again while Ember and Alexa fight in another corner. Nia kicks Natty then Shirai then clobbers Charlotte and headbutts Ember. Bayley hops on but is thrown out. Alexa runs but into a big clothesline! Shirai climbs up and moonsaults, but is caught and tossed! Nia ELIMINATES Shirai! Fans boo but Nia just soaks it up. Natty throws hands on Nia but Nia throws Natty to a corner. Nia runs but misses in the corner, and somehow Natty gets her up! But Nia slips out to throw Natty out and ELIMINATE her! Bayley tries again but it’s just her alone, Nia knocks her away.

And finally, Carmella appears as Ms. 30! The FABULOUS Princess makes her way out while Nia and Ember fight. Carmella runs, dodges and manages to headscissor Nia! She kicks Nia again, but Ember whips. Carmella dropkicks Ember but gets run over by Nia! Nia has her pick and goes after Alexa. But wait, since Lana never got to be Ms. 28, Becky Lynch comes out! Becky wants a spot, but Fit Finlay says she can’t. Becky says this was a 30 Woman Rumble, right? So she’ll be the new 28th! Finlay allows it, here comes The Man!! Nia can’t believe it, but the fans are loving this! Becky stares down the #Facebreaker and starts throwing hands!

Charlotte goes after Becky and throws her, but Becky stays in. Becky hits Charlotte away and now they brawl! Nia throws Becky but Becky survives again. Charlotte grabs Nia but gets elbowed away. Nia runs into Becky’s kick, then Becky climbs up. Nia hits Charlotte with a Samoan Drop but Becky hits Nia with a missile dropkick! Alexa rocks Ember with the right, but Ember hits her back with a strike fest! Alexa kicks then runs but into a flapjack! Ember drags Alexa up and throws her over. Alexa holds on and drags Ember over with her hair! Carmella goes after Charlotte while the goddesses brawl.

Alexa has a guillotine on Ember but Ember holds on for dear life. Ember and Alexa brawl more, Ember hits Alexa with a right. Alexa hits back, choke grip and a boot, but Ember still holds on. Becky and Bayley brawl in the background as Alexa STO’s and ELIMINATES Ember! Alexa mocks Ember before going after Carmella. Carmella feeds Alexa a boot then a fabulous mudhole. Carmella moonwalks to bronco buster! She drags Alexa up but Alexa gets her with the choke grip! Carmella SLAPS Alexa, then ducks. They each dodge a hit, but the FABULOUS Kick rocks Alexa. Bayley lifts Alexa, buckle bomb! Bayley has history with Alexa to settle and she scoops. Carmella helps Bayley to ELIMINATE Alexa! But then Nia runs them both over!

Becky goes after Nia again, but Nia wants to use that Face Breaker. But Charlotte boots Nia! Carmella adds a FABULOUS Kick, and then Bayley climbs for a Macho Elbow! Carmella gives Becky a complete shot while Charlotte throws Nia with an exploder. Charlotte scoops Carmella but Carmella slips out to throw her down by her hair. Carmella climbs up top and leaps onto Charlotte! But Charlotte rolls through for a backbreaker! Charlotte climbs up now, but Carmella goes after her. Charlotte kicks her away but Carmella comes back with a right hand. Carmella handsprings, but Charlotte blocks the steiner! Charlotte drags Carmella up and tosses her over, but Carmella kicks Charlotte back.

Carmella is safe as she mocks the “WOO~”, but Charlotte still throws her over. Nia is out there so Carmella FABULOUS kicks her. Charlotte boots and ELIMINATES Carmella! But Bayley goes after Charlotte! Charlotte shoulders back, slingshot roll up, but Bayley rolls through to knee Charlotte! Bayley throws forearms and whips Charlotte, but Charlotte reverses, Bayuley uses that to dropkick Nia! Bayley gives Charlotte a neckbreaker! Nia scoops Bayley but Bayley fights back. Charlotte boots Nia but ELIMINATES Bayley! The final three are Charlotte, Becky and Nia! Fans give a standing ovation but are strongly behind Becky. The three circle, but Charlotte goes after Becky! Nia gets them both with a corner splash!

Nia focuses on Charlotte but Charlotte tells her to stay out of her fight. Charlotte boots but Nia headbutts. Nia scoops Charlotte but Charlotte holds ropes. Charlotte fights back and boots Nia again. Nia staggers but Charlotte boots her more. Charlotte tries to fireman carry Nia, but can’t keep her as she has to dump Nia down. Both Charlotte and Nia slowly stir while Becky is safe on the floor. Charlotte tries again and gets Nia up. She puts Nia on the apron but Nia headbutts Charlotte. Becky yanks Nia off to ELIMINATE her! The final two are the Queen and the Man! Charlotte allows Becky to return, but then Nia blasts Becky down! Becky’s still in the match but she clutches her leg now. Charlotte grins, because this makes it that much easier for her.

Becky forces herself to stand and fans cheer her on. Charlotte almost laughs, because this match might as well be hers. Phoenix still rallies for Becky as she hobbles and rushes in. Becky doesn’t care about the bad leg, she insists she can go. She dares Charlotte to bring the fight, and Charlotte grimaces. Charlotte goes right at the leg! She drives knees into Becky’s knees over and over! And then twists it with a toehold! Becky fights with her other leg but Charlotte kicks the bad one and sends Becky rolling. Charlotte scoops Becky into a Tree of Woe to kick the knee more. Becky hobbles up but Charlotte goes to throw her out. The two fight, Becky enziguris! Charlotte wobbles, Becky throws her! Charlotte stays on the apron but Becky throws hands!

Becky almost has Charlotte but Charlotte kicks out the bad leg! Charlotte throws Becky with an exploder! Becky manages to stand but Charlotte runs in, only for Becky to dump her back out! Clothesline ELIMINATES Charlotte!! Becky wins!!

Winner: Becky Lynch, as #28

The Lass Kicker survives on one leg to win it all! Phoenix loves The Man, and The Man is going to Wrestlemania! But the question is now, which title will she want? She lost out on the SmackDown Women’s Championship, but the Rumble can grant her a Raw Women’s Championship match. Which path will she choose on her Road to Wrestlemania 35?


WWE Championship: Daniel Bryan VS AJ Styles!

The New Daniel Bryan vows he is creating a new and better world. But with Vince McMahon egging him on, The Phenomenal One shows his real aggression! Which crusade wins and becomes THE world champion?

Introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we begin! Bryan and Styles circle then tie up. Styles puts Bryan in a corner but Bryan turns it around. Styles turns it back around and the two start throwing hands! The ref backs Styles off but Bryan takes his time returning. Fans duel as Bryan and Styles circle again. They tie up and Bryan reels Styles in for a wristlock. Bryan arm-drags Styles to the mat and then grinds his foot in as he goes after the arm. Styles gets up and reverses to a headlock. Bryan powers out and things speed up, Styles runs Bryan over! Styles gets the headlock takeover and has Bryan on the mat. Bryan makes it a cover, ONE and Styles holds on. They stand and Bryan spins to reverse to his own headlock.

Styles powers out and things speed up again, but this time Styles arm-drags Bryan. Bryan bails out but Styles waits for him to return. Bryan slowly returns and circles with Styles again. They tie up and Styles puts Bryan in the corner. Bryan turns it around and he throws in a knee. Bryan chops Styles but Styles chops back! Styles chops more so Bryan jabs away. Bryan has Styles in a corner as he throws m ore hands and chops. Styles punches back and chops Bryan on the ropes. Styles whips and back drops Bryan, then snapmares him for a kick. He wraps a chinlock on Bryan, but Bryan endures. Bryan stands and fights his way out, then rocks Styles with EuroUppers. Styles kicks back and throws hands, but Bryan throat chops.

Bryan runs but misses Styles. Styles runs back in but is thrown at the post! Bryan dumps Styles out of the ring and smirks while the referee checks on Styles. Styles has a bloody nose and a bad arm, so Bryan’s right on him as he throws Styles into another post! Bryan puts Styles in and kicks the bad arm. He goes after the arm with a shoulder breaker, then more kicks. Bryan bends the arm back for a hammerlock stomp! Cover, TWO, but Bryan stays on the bad arm with a grounded hammerlock. Fans rally up and Styles gets a ropebreak. Bryan lets Styles go, only to come back after that bad arm. Styles throws forearms then runs to sunset flip. TWO, and Bryan turns Styles around for a butterfly suplex into the armbar!

Styles clasps hands but Bryan stomps away on Styles’ face. Bryan makes it a short-arm scissors but Styles rolls to a ropebreak. Bryan lets go at 4, because he likes bending the rules. Styles flounders to a corner while Bryan taunts him. Bryan kicks Styles, then rakes the eyes! Bryan drags Styles up for more fingers to the face, then grinds his knuckles into Styles’ bloody nose. He rains down hands while fans boo and jeer. Styles hits back with elbows and chops but Bryan rocks him with haymakers. They brawl in a corner, and Styles manages to push Bryan back. Bryan ducks the backhand to uppercut. Bryan runs but into a dropkick! Styles runs in for a corner clothesline, then pumphandles to give Bryan a backbreaker. He keeps going, suplex to neckbreaker! Cover, TWO!

Styles grows frustrated but he keeps focus while checking his nose. Styles rains down rights on Bryan, then wants the Clash! Bryan slips out and trips to a high stack, TWO! Styles covers, TWO! Bryan covers, TWO! Styles covers, TWO! Bryan kicks but Styles blocks into a dragon screw! Styles goes after the leg again with another dragon screw! Styles runs corner to corner but Bryan drop toeholds him into buckles! Bryan grimaces as he sits Styles up for No Kicks! Bryan runs corner to corner for the dropkick! He runs again, but Styles scoops him! Bryan slips out, goes for a full nelson, Dragon Suplex! Cover, TWO! Styles survives and Bryan can’t believe it. Bryan keeps on Styles with buckle bumps and haymakers.

Bryan hoists Styles up top and climbs all the way up, but Styles blocks the steiner! Styles hooks the arms, but Bryan fights out with a leg! Bryan falls onto the mat but Styles falls to the floor! Styles drags himself up and in at 5 but Bryan runs in. Styles dodges and Bryan tumbles out. Bryan stands to get hit by Styles’ sliding knee! Styles whips but Bryan reverses. Styles stops himself but moonsault DDT’s off the barrier! Both men are down but fans fire up. Styles stands to put Bryan in at 6, then springboards, 450 splash onto knees!! Bryan drags Styles into the Labell Lock, but Styles resists. Bryan clubs away and hooks Styles’ face, and gets the lock! Styles endures as Bryan pulls back! Styles powers his way through to a cover, TWO, into a Calf Crusher!

Bryan endures Styles’ hold now, and reaches for ropes. Bryan endures but Styles yanks more, ropebreak! Styles lets go but both men are exhausted. They slowly stand up and Styles gets the leg again. Bryan enziguris and both men fall again! Fans duel as Bryan grits his teeth. Bryan gives Styles more No Kicks to the bad arm! He kicks and kicks and kicks, but Styles ducks the buzzsaw, only to get one from the other side! Styles rolls to a corner while Bryan grins. Bryan goes to Styles but gets caught in the Calf Crusher, only to buzzsaw Styles again! Cover, TWO! Bryan grows frustrated but he keeps on Styles with a wristlock. He gives Styles vicious stomps until that bad leg gives out. Bryan climbs up but Styles punches him down!

Styles climbs up while brawling with Bryan. He throws headbutt after headbutt after headbutt, but he’s not done there. Styles sits Bryan up but Bryan slips out to shove him into the post! Bryan climbs up behind Styles now, hooks the face, and then stands Styles up for a SUPER BACK SUPLEX! But Styles rolls through! Styles runs back, gets the leg, and dumps Bryan into a cover! TWO, into the Calf Crusher!! Bryan flails and reaches while Styles pulls back hard! Styles rolls Bryan to a cover, TWO! Bryan is free of the hold but Styles gets up again. Styles hauls Bryan up but Bryan wants to backslide. They fight for control, and throw elbows into each other’s head. Styles flips Bryan over, snap suplex to brain buster! Cover, TWO!! Bryan survives but Styles is too exhausted to be frustrated.

Both men roll to opposite ends as fans rally up. Styles runs in but Bryan puts him on the apron. Styles slingshots but Bryan roundhouses him down! Bryan walks over but into a hotshot! Styles tries again but his bad arm isn’t helping. So he uses the ropes to help get up, but Bryan roundhouses! Bryan drags Styles up but gets a PELE! Both men are down again but fans continue to rally. Wait, is that Erick Rowan? Big Red hasn’t been around for some time after his injury, but why is he here now? Rowan simply watches from ringside as Styles and Bryan slowly stand again.

Styles punches Bryan but Bryan throws them back. Styles kicks the bad leg, then kicks it again. He kicks until Bryan falls, then he stands Bryan up. Bryan enziguris, but Styles ducks and it hits the referee! Styles hits the Styles Clash! But the referee is down! Rowan grabs and CHOKE SLAMS Styles!! Rowan gets away with it, and Bryan crawls to cover Styles! The referee revives, counts, Bryan wins!

Winner: Daniel Bryan, by pinfall; still WWE Champion

The New Daniel Bryan is still champion, but does he also have a new ally in his crusade? But Bryan isn’t done with Styles, he has Rowan stand Styles up! Bryan hits Styles with the Knee Plus! With Big Red on his side, will anyone ever stop Bryan to become the new WWE Champion?


WWE Universal Championship: Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman VS Finn Balor!

The Beast has dominated and conquered opponent after opponent, and of course that led him back to being the reigning, defending, undisputed Universal Heavyweight Champion of the world. However, the inaugural Universal Champion is also the Extraordinary Man! Can Finn the Man survive Suplex City to finally become champion again?

Introductions are made, Heyman obviously doing one for Lesnar, then the belt is raised and we begin! Finn gets Lesnar with a dropkick! Finn fires off and fans fire up with him as he rains down hands. Lesnar pushes Finn off but Finn kicks him back! And again! Finn slingshots to stomp! Finn runs to forearm but Lesnar stays up. So Finn hits a shotgun dropkick! Finn wants a slingblade, but gets a belly2belly! Suplex City is here as Finn rolls all the way out of the ring. Lesnar fetches Finn on the outside and throws him into the apron! And then the barriers! Lesnar throws Finn with another belly2belly! Finn is down and Lesnar refreshes the count.

Lesnar clears off an announce desk before dragging Finn over. But Finn slips out to throw Lesnar into the corner of the table! And again! Finn bounces Lesnar’s head off the desk but Lesnar knees back. Both men gasp as the ring count climbs. Lesnar drags Finn up and in at 6 but has to take an extra moment for himself. Finn gets Lesnar with kicks and body shots on the return! Finn knees, but gets thrown into buckles! Lesnar grits his teeth as he rams shoulders into Finn. Lesnar backs off because of his gut but he comes back to throw Finn again! That third belly2belly is almost double-edged given the attack to Lesnar’s stomach.

Finn crawls and Lesnar stalks him. Lesnar puts Finn in the corner for more shoulders, and then another belly2belly! Four suplexes and counting, but Lesnar winces again. Lesnar stalks Finn but runs into a knee. Finn runs, slingblade drops Lesnar! Lesnar gets up quick, though, and clobbers Finn with a clothesline! Lesnar catches his breath while Finn crawls to another corner. Fans rally as Lesnar goes to deadlift. But his gut hurts and he hobbles back. Lesnar tries again but he can’t manage the lift! Lesnar brings Finn up in the fireman’s carry but Finn turns the F5 into a DDT!! Cover, TWO!! But Finn doesn’t let up, he stomps that bad stomach! Double stomps on top! Lesnar rolls away and fans fire up behind Finn.

Finn wrecks Lesnar with a dropkick, then builds speed to FLY! Direct hit but Finn doesn’t stop! Finn FLIES again! Another direct hit! Finn has Lesnar reeling but Phoenix is thunderous for another. So Finn FLIES again! That’s the hat trick! Finn gets back in and Lesnar staggers back. Finn gives him a hesitation dropkick! Lesnar is in the drop zone, Finn hurries up top! Heyman panics as Finn aims, COUP DE GRACE!! Cover, TWO!? KIMURA!! Finn is in the arm-killing submission and flails! Finn reaches, drags himself over, but taps!! Lesnar wins!!

Winner: Brock Lesnar, by submission; still WWE Universal Champion

The Beast wins after weathering Finn’s fury! Finn forgot about Lesnar’s submissions for all the suplexes, but will he ever get another shot like this? As for Lesnar, will he be the champion all the way to WrestleMania?

Lesnar shows no respect or mercy as he throws Finn around with German Suplexes! Winning wasn’t enough to satisfy Lesnar’s frustration. He throws Finn with another German, then holds his belt up in victory. And then the F5 because he can! Will the Men’s Rumble winner even want to go after Lesnar after seeing this?


The 2019 Men’s Royal Rumble!

The classic 30 Man Battle Royal closes the event! We know R-Truth waits to be 30th, but what will be the order of the other 29? And who will win to have their choice of Daniel Bryan and Brock Lesnar?

Ladies and gentlemen: the first superstar is Elias! The deck is stacked against the Drifter, but in the Valley of the Sun, he vows to eliminate all 29 others so prove that WWE truly means “Walk With Elias!” But fans sing for Elias first! Elias takes credit for the 48193 people in attendance. The Diamondbacks should learn a thing or two from him. This is a testament to Elias’ greatness, but his more impressive performance will be starting and winning the Rumble. For that purpose, he has a song to sing. Please silence phones and hold applause until after.

But wait, is that Jeff Jarrett!? Double J is the second entrant and he makes his way to the ring! And he asks Elias to move aside so he can strut! Jarrett says “Howdy!” The World’s Greatest Singer, Entertainer and Wrestler, “Ain’t I great?” Elias gets interrupted almost all the time, for whatever reason, but he is finally honored to be interrupted. He knows who Double J is, so as future Hall of Famer to current Hall of Famer, they should duet! Phoenix likes the sound of that! So then, a special one-time-only of Elias and Jarrett! Spell your name again? J E Double F, J A Double R, E- Elias runs Jarrett over! And the bell finally rings!

Elias stomps and punches Jarrett down, then vents how the comparisons have been getting on his nerves forever. He throws Jarrett but Jarrett fights back. Jarrett counter punches Elias again and again, and then picks up speed! He whips but Elias reverses to run Jarrett over! “Who Wants to Walk with Elias?!” Phoenix cheers and Elias gets his guitar. Fans know what this means, and Elias SMACKS Jarrett with a guitar! Then throws him out and ELIMINATES Jarrett! Elias now waits for #3, and it is Shinsuke Nakamura! The King of Strong Style won last year’s Rumble, and won back the United States Championship back earlier tonight, so it’s been a long night for him already.

Elias goes right at Nakamura and whips, but Nakamura dodges to dropkick back! Nakamura says “C’MON!” He knees Elias, swings and gets Elias with the heel kick. Nakamura gives Elias Bad Vibrations, then goes corner to corner, only to run into an elbow! Elias wrenches Nakamura’s arm and then climbs up high. He goes Old School corner to corner, and drops Nakamura with an arm-drag! Elias goes to clothesline Nakamura out, but Nakamura stays on the apron. Nakamura hits back and #4 comes out. It’s KURT ANGLE! Phoenix fires up as the Olympic Gold Medalist runs into the ring and gives Elias a German Suplex! Angle suplexes Nakamura! Then he whips Elias, but runs into Elias’s boot. But Elias runs into the belly2belly! Angle suplexes Nakamura again, then throws hands on Elias.

Angle stomps a mudhole into Elias then throws him out. Elias keeps hold but Angle kicks at him. Angle leaves Elias alone to clobber Nakamura. Elias comes back to forearm Angle to a corner and CHOP him. #5 comes out, and awwww~ Phoenix~! Don’t you dare be sour, clap for the New Day’s Big E, and feel~ the power~! Big E shares pancakes from his singlet, then runs right at Nakamura! He throws Nakamura with belly2belly suplexes of his own! Big E swivels the hips, builds speed, and hits the Big Splash! Fans clap along as Big E waits for Nakamura to stand. Big E scoops Nakamura but Nakamura avoids elimination. Angle stalks Big E, Angle Slam! But then Nakamura sends Angle into a post! Nakamura then puts Angle up top, for the Top Shelf Knee! Angle holds on, but Nakamura runs back to Kinshasa and ELIMINATE Angle!

Elias clobbers Nakamura from behind, but now on to #6. It’s Johnny Gargano! The NXT North American Champion is here just like Mrs. Wrestling was, will he fare better? Gargano slingshots and kicks Elias, then huricanranas! Big E scoops but Gargano slips out to a tornado DDT! Elias clobbers Gargano and throws him, but Gargano holds on. Elias throws forearms but Gargano still holds on, to slingshot spear! Gargano goes after Elias while Big E has Nakamura. Fans chant “NXT!” for Gargano but Elias brings Gargano back down. #7 comes out, and it’s Jinder Mahal! The Modern Day Maharaja heads in and goes right at Gargano with a scoop slam! He knees Big E and boots Elias, and is fired up while the Singh Brothers try to do what they can.

Mahal scoops Gargano but Gargano dumps Mahal out. Gargano kicks and ELIMINATES Mahal already! The Singhs hang around, but not for long as Elias atomic drops Sunil out, and Big E force feeds Samir pancakes before giving him a Big Ending! The four are in a stand-off while #8 heads out. Nakamura ends up 3v1 but Samoa Joe is here! The Destroyer’s Rumble debut has Phoenix chanting his name as he goes right at Big E and Elias! Joe hits Gargano and STO’s Nakamura, too. Joe back elbows and Peles Elias, but Gargano starts a brawl. Gargano whips but Joe reverses. Gargano boots Joe, but Joe just moves out of the way as Gargano leaps. Big E goes after Joe but Joe throws and ELIMINATES Big E quick! Nakamura and Joe brawl but #9 arrives. It’s Curt Hawkins!

Mr. 256 Losing Streak might change things in the Rumble. But he also just stays out of the way of the four men fighting in the ring. Hawkins comes back when Joe is distracted and clubs him in the back. Joe turns around but Hawkins slides out of the ring. Hawkins goes back in to go after Gargano and Nakamuar, but Joe gets him with the Coquina Clutch! Joe makes Hawkins fade out but Elias clubs him from behind. Hawkins falls out from under the rope, so he goes under the ring. Maybe he’ll find Hornswoggle back under there. #10 arrives, and it’s Seth Rollins! Phoenix is ready to #BurnItDown as the Architect heads to the ring! Rollins springboards and clotheslines Elias, then he Peles Nakamura.

Rollins fires off on Gargano, Falcon Arrow! SUPERKICK for Nakamura, but Elias kicks Rollins. Elias whips but Rollins reverses. Elias goes up and over but Rollins puts him outside. Rollins bumps Elias off the post, but Elias grabs the post to stay on! Rollins slaps Elias’ hands and ELIMINATES him! Joe stomps Nakamura while Rollins goes after Gargano. #11 arrives and it’s Titus O’Neil! Titus Worldwide~ had an infamous slide at the Greatest Royal Rumble, but he’s much more careful here. Hawkins peeks out from under the apron, and convinces Titus to join him. Titus does, and the chase is on. They end up in the ring, and Hawkins ELIMINATES Titus!! But then Joe ELIMINATES Hakwins!

Rollins throws Joe but Joe holds on. Gargano goes after Joe, too, but Nakamura goes after all of them. #12 arrives and it’s the New Day’s Kofi Kingston! Kofi has been a master of miraculous survivals, but what’s he got planned this year? He springboards to ax handle Nakamura, then he blasts Joe and Rollins! Joe chops Kofi but Kofi kicks back. Phoenix cheers Kofi on even as Joe elbows him down. Rollins elbows Nakamura while Joe throws Kofi. Kofi holds on but Joe keeps pushing. Kofi slips away and gets to a corner. Joe pursues and rams his knees in. Rollins fights with Nakamura as #13 arrives. It’s Mustafa Ali! The Beacon of Light makes his own Rumble debut, and he has his eyes locked on Samoa Joe! Ali shoulders and slingshots in to facebuster! Ali rains down rights on Joe, but Nakamura drags Ali up for knees.

Nakamura gives a strike fest and scoops but Ali slips out. Ali copies “C’MON!” and then goes up and over. He comes back but into a roundhouse. Nakamura goes up but Ali dropkicks and ELIMINATES Nakamura! Gargano rolls Ali but Ali ducks the kick to give a SUPERKICK! Ali goes up to tornado DDT! Joe suplexes Ali into buckles! #14 arrives and it’s Dean Ambrose! The Lunatic Fringe turned Moral Compass storms his way down. Rollins sees Ambrose and Ambrose goes right at him for a furious brawl! Ambrose throws Rollins into buckles and stomps a mudhole in. Ambrose grabs Kofi to throw him but Kofi stays in! Kofi tries bringing himself in but Ambrose kicks him!

But somehow Kofi keeps his feet up! Kofi’s feet walk the apron while he rolls on the mat! He makes it to the steps then leaps in to DDT Ambrose! Gargano runs at Ambrose but Ambrose dumps him out. Gargano holds on, slingshots, but into a DDT! Ambrose throws and ELIMINATES Gargano! But Kofi hits Trouble in Paradise! #15 arrives and it’s No Way Jose! The Fighting Fiesta and his conga line are the halfway mark to this Rumble while Kofi and Rollins work together on Ambrose. Jose runs in but Joe clotheslines and ELIMINATES him! Is that a record for the Men’s Rumble!? Well, the party continues either way. Jose and friends leave while Rollins and Ambrose still brawl. #16 arrives and it’s Drew McIntyre! The Scottish Terminator encounters Jose, and gives him a Glasgow Kiss! And then he wrecks his way through the conga line!

McIntyre hits the ring, and gives Rollins a Claymore! Claymore for Ambrose! McIntyre and Joe meet and start throwing hands! Joe gets the edge and runs, but into a Claymore! McIntyre stands tall and goes after Ali with a CHOP! Ambrose goes after Kofi while McIntyre is after Rollins. #17 is the New Day’s Xavier Woods! Woods saves Kofi with the help of a sunset flip! And then an upside-down piggyback! Woods walks them back to the ring and fans clap along. Kofi’s safe on the steps and both New Day members slingshot in. McIntyre clotheslines and ELIMINATES them both! Well, maybe next year, Kofi… McIntyre goes after Ali and Rollins fights Ambrose more. #18 is the Bruiserweight, Pete Dunne!

The WWE United Kingdom Champion of 617 days makes a trip to the states for a chance at even bigger. Dunne German suplexes and stomps Ali’s hands! Joe suplexes Dunne but he slips out to kick Joe! Dunne gets McIntyre’s arm for a hammerlock stomp! Dunne uses an X-Plex to throw Ali onto McIntyre! Fans fire up for Dunne as he drags Ali up and throws him out. Ali hangs on but Dunne gets the fingers. Ambrose goes after Dunne but Dunne gets his fingers now! #19 arrives, it’s Andrade Almas! El Idolo takes his time while McIntyre goes after Rollins and Ambrose endures Dunne’s grip. Almas goes right at Dunne for a CHOP, but Dunne boots him back. Almas boots then elbows, then scoops. Dunne slips out and tucks Almas in, Bitter End becomes a DDT!

Almas goes after Ambrose with forearms and stomps. Ambrose hits back while Rollins and McIntyre trade chops. Ali still goes after Joe, leaving Dunne to rest in a corner. McIntyre pushes Rollins but Rollins holds on. #20 arrives and it’s Apollo Crews! The rising star has a great chance being this late in the game. Apollo dropkicks Ali and clotheslines Ambrose. He enziguris Joe and catches Dunne for a Samoan Drop! Ambrose and Apollo brawl, Almas tries to throw Ali out. McIntyre stays on Rollins and Dunne goes after Joe. McIntyre holds on but Rollins goes after him! #21 arrives, it’s Aleister Black! The Embodiment of the End missed out on being NXT Champion once again, but he’s here for redemption.

Aleister rallies on Dunne, and slips out of the Bitter End to sweep the legs. He hits Dunne and Rollins with the quebrada! McIntyre dodges the Black Mass, but not the boot! Ali mule kicks and whips but Aleister reverses. Aleister runs into an elbow, Ali leaps but into the knee! Ambrose kicks and throws Aleister down and then rains down rights. McIntyre and Almas want after Aleister, too, but Aleister gives Ambrose BLACK MASS and ELIMINATES him! Joe goes after Aleister but gets a stunner! Aleister runs into the powerslam! #22 is Shelton Benjamin! The Gold Standard looks to make a huge impact tonight, and he brawls with Apollo right away. Apollo dodges and mule kicks, but Shelton gets him with the Dragon Whip.

Dunne kicks and throws Shelton but Shelton skins the cat. And hits Pay Dirt! Joe wants the Coquina but Ali goes after him. Only for Ali to get caught in the clutch! Shelton uses Ali as a step stool to knee Joe! Ali dumps and ELIMINATES Joe!! Joe glares at Ali but Shelton goes after Ali himself. #23 is Baron Corbin! Fans boo the Lone Wolf as he makes his way out. Corbin goes after Rollins, slides out then in to clobber him! Corbin throws Apollo but Apollo stays in. Ali boots Corbin then goes up and over, only to get Deep Six! Corbin drags Ali up and throws him out, but Ali holds on. Apollo comes back, but gets a right hand! Corbin ELIMINATES Apollo! Corbin grins as he goes after Rollins.

McIntyre and Aleister brawl as #24 arrives. It’s Jeff Hardy! The Charismatic Enigma makes a return to action and fans chant “DELETE! DELETE!” Hardy rallies in the ring, giving Aleister the leg splitting leg drop. Ali walks into a jawbreaker. Shelton gets a Twist of Fate! Corbin denies the Twist, but gets Whisper in the Wind instead! Hardy even gets Ali and Shelton on that one! Dunne hits Rollins and Aleister boots Hardy. Dunne gets Aleister’s fingers to SNAP them! But ALeister kicks, only for Dunne to enziguri! But Aleister spins to knee Dunne down! Aleister resets the fingers, but Corbin throws and ELIMINATES Aleister! Fans have another reason to boo Corbin. Corbin tries to do it to Dunne, but Dunne gets the fingers only for McIntyre to CLAYMORE! McIntyre throws Dunne and ELIMINATES him!

#25 arrives and it’s Rey Mysterio! The King of Lucha Libre won back in 2006, can he get another one here? Corbin goes at Mysterio but gets a kick. Mysterio springboards but is caught into a choke slam backbreaker! Shelton tries to drag Ali out with him while Almas stomps Mysterio out. Almas drags Mysterio up for a powerbomb, Mysterio fights back, but Almas still bombs him! Hardy kicks McIntyre away while COrbin is after Rollins. #26 arrives and it’s Bobby Lashley! The Almighty WWE Intercontinental Champion has his Hype Man of the Hour, Lio Rush, with him, but everyone keeps their eyes on him. Could Lashley be the first IC Champ to win a Rumble? Lashley throws Rollins around, but then Rollins baits him in and dumps him out!! Rollins ELIMINATES Lashley so quickly!

But Lashley won’t leave without doing damage, as he drags Rollins out and throws him around! Lio meanwhile clears off the announce desk, and Lashley drags Rollins over. Lashley bounces Rollins off one desk and then picks him up, to SPINEBUSTER him through the other desk! Rollins is down but not out of the Rumble while #27 arrives. It’s BRAUN!! The Monster Among Men got his spot because John Cena could not compete. Will Strowman make the most of this opportunity? Corbin prepares to go after Strowman, but he gets grabbed around the throat. Corbin fights his way out but Strowman clotheslines and ELIMINATES Corbin! Strowman makes sure Corbin knows they’er not done, but he goes after Shelton next. Strowman throws and ELIMINATES Shelton!

Hardy gets up but gets a headbutt. Almas gets body shots and Strowman knees Hardy. Ali and MCintyre brawl while Strowman keeps on Hardy. Mysterio goes after Almas more, slingshot headscisosrs to pull him out! Almas holds on, and #28 arrives. It’s Dolph Ziggler! Strowman and Hardy tumble out, Hardy is ELIMINATED! McIntyre wants after Ziggler but Strowman grabs him. McIntyre headbutts free but Ziggler SUPERKICKS McIntyre! And then ELIMINATES him! Ziggler has his revenge on McIntyre, but then Ali SUPERKICKS Ziggler! Ali climbs up but Almas trips him up. Mysterio wheelbarrows but Almas drops him. Strowman drops Almas with a lariat! Fans rally up behind Strowman as #29 arrives. It’s Randy Orton!

The Viper made a huge impact when he returned with an RKO, but will he be able to do the same thing here? Strowman waits for the Apex Predator, it’s time to prove who’s really at the top of the food chain! Orton ducks Strowman but Strowman denies an RKO to hit a Monster Slam! Almas and Ali fight on the top rope, but Strowman joins in to elevate it. Mysterio, too, for a crossbody SUPERPLEX Electric Chair!! Ziggler goes after Mysterio, Strowman runs at Orton! Orton dodges and Strowman hits the post, but he is not eliminated for falling out. And finally, #30 is R-Truth! Phoenix, What’s Up!? But wait, that’s Nia Jax?! She’s attacking R-Truth!? Nia throws Truth all around and into LED walls! But why!? Because she wants in the MEN’s RUMBLE!

Nia squashes Ziggler and runs over Almas! She boots Mysterio, then drops the elbow! Ali staggers up and sees Nia. He’s caught off guard, but Nia headbutts and Samoan Drops him! Nia ELIMINATES Ali!! But Orton is lurking, but she turns around in time to see him. Fans wonder if he will, but Orton stands tall with Nia. Orton looks to reconsider, but he tries to RKO! Nia denies him, shoulders him to the ropes, then lets Rey Mysterio dial it up! Only to scoop Mysterio! But wait, Ziggler SUPERKICKS Nia! Mysterio dropkicks her to the ropes, and dials it up for a 619 on Nia! Nia staggers more, and NOW RKO!! But Nia’s getting up! Fans cheer “This is Awesome!” but Orton and Mysterio both dump Nia out! But Nia holds on! Mysterio dropkicks and ELIMINATES Nia! Nia had a great showing for a surprise entrant like that.

Orton RKO’s Mysterio and throws him out to ELIMINATE him! But then Almas ELIMINATES Orton! Almas and Ziggler are the only two in the ring, but we know Strowman is somewhere still legal in the match. For now, Almas and Ziggler stare down and start brawling! Ziggler kicks a leg out, but Almas blocks the kick. Almas boots but Ziggler suplexes. Almas slips out to kick, but Ziggler slips out to headbutt! Both men stagger, but Almas chops. Ziggler headbutts again but Almas keeps hitting back. They brawl more, Strowman returns to barrel them both over! Strowman aims at Almas and revs up. He runs corner to corner to squash Almas! Then he does the same to Ziggler!

Strowman remembers Rollins is the other man still legal, so he goes out to run Rollins over! He puts Rollins back in the ring, and now we have our final four: Almas, Ziggler, Rollins and Strowman. Strowman hauls Rollins up, but Rollins slips out. Ziggler SUPERKICKS Strowman! Almas hits CIEN KNEES! Ziggler hits a ZigZag! Rollins climbs up, for a big Frog Splash! Strowman is down but that doesn’t get rid of him. The three others work together to haul him up, but Strowman explodes out, and ELIMINATES Almas! Ziggler and Rollins go after Strowman, but Strowman dumps them out! Rollins and Ziggler hold on, so Strowman builds speed. Strowman hits Ziggler and ELIMINATES him! Rollins dumps Strowman but Strowman holds on. SUPERKICK!

Strowman holds on, Rollins runs, but into a choke slam! Strowman returns and fans are divided. Fans duel “Burn It Down!” and “Get These Hands!” as Strowman scoops Rollins. Strowman goes to throw Rollins but Rollins gets a facelock! Rollins drags Strowman out but they’re still on the apron. Strowman powers Rollins up but Rollins slips out and shoves him into a post. Mule kick and CURB STOMP! Rollins ELIMINATES Strowman, and wins!!

Winner: Seth Rollins, at number 10

The Architect survives and succeeds! Rollins returns to Wrestlemania, but will it be to go after The Beast or the Planet’s Champion?



My Thoughts:

A pretty wild Royal Rumble event from beginning to end, including the Kickoff show matches. The makeshift team against Roode & Gable was odd, but perhaps it’s all to appease The Revival while WWE creative tries to figure out what to do. The Revival have made it clear it’s not a title thing so much as booking of the tag division in general, but I’m not sure this match was going to help anything other than get these guys paid.

The United States Championship and Cruiserweight Champions matches were incredible, and it’s a shame they didn’t get to be main card matches, but there just isn’t time even on such a long event as Royal Rumble. Nakamura wins and that’s great, but I’m not sure who will challenge him now. Buddy Murphy wins which surprised me, I really thought someone else was going to get it. But maybe a coming Cruiserweight will be the one to finally stop him. Of them, I would feel like giving Kushida the title in his first try is best for everyone. Kushida looks amazing stopping the unstoppable, and at least Murphy loses to someone strongly established in the world of Cruiserweight/Junior Heavyweight wrestling.

Becky was truly The Man tonight, from her match with Asuka to her semi-shocking appearance in the Royal Rumble. They did great to plant the seeds of it with Lana getting hurt in connection to Rusev’s loss. Becky VS Asuka in itself was incredible, and it’s great that Asuka won for her own sake. The Women’s Rumble was pretty fun, and I was happy to see some NXT/NXT UK appearances such as Rhea Ripley and both Stardom alumni. Rhea was surely just to fill numbers and give a good powerhouse to be part of the action, but I wonder if Shirai and Kairi appearing means they’ll be called up in time for the Elimination Chamber Women’s Tag Title match. Becky winning is great, and I wonder if that rumored Triple Threat now comes from her wanting a shot at BOTH champions.

The SmackDown Tag Team Championship match was so great. Miz has been doing rather well as a Face, and I like that per their story of finding matching gear, Miz compromised and went with a baseball jersey like Shane wears. I’m happy to see Shane and Miz are the champs, so that at the very least we know this story has more to it before someone turns on someone else. Though I am still wondering if they can’t just let Shane and Miz stay together to then have a Wrestlemania tag team moment. Sasha VS Rousey was also great, it really showed that Sasha was Ronda’s trickiest opponent. But of course, Ronda finds a way to win and we are one step closer to that Triple Threat with Becky and Charlotte. I assume Charlotte will get the title at Chamber of Fastlane.

I don’t know what it was, but for as great as the build was to Bryan VS Styles, something seemed off about the title match. Was everyone, including myself, tired from the great Women’s Rumble moment? Or was the match really not what it should’ve been? There didn’t seem the intensity they meant to bring to the match, and also, what is Rowan doing with Bryan? Bryan must be making the shift from solo Heel to mastermind Heel, which is new for him. But after all, he’s the NEW Daniel Bryan, so maybe he’s trying something.

Then for whatever reason, I got swept up in the excitement of Lesnar VS Finn. That was a great showing for Finn, and Lesnar really was great in selling his bad stomach. But even I knew that when Finn didn’t come out as Demon, he wasn’t going to win, yet I couldn’t help but hope he would. Lesnar wins and of course won’t defend again until Wrestlemania, and it’ll be against Rollins. Rollins has a great time in the Rumble, but the Men’s Rumble got really surreal. Jarrett still dressing like he’s back in his prime, just so Elias can guitar smash him. Filler entrants like Titus, Jose and Hawkins where they got thrown out so ridiculously easy (though it was all by Samoa Joe so that’s okay). The crossovers were great, but I’m thinking this is a sign of Aleister’s call-up more than Gargano’s or Dunne’s.

The biggest surprise wasn’t that Truth got attacked, but that Nia Jax did it! I thought someone else, like Lars Sullivan finally over his condition, would’ve done that. But it was both odd and good that it was Nia. Nia follows in the footsteps of Chyna and Beth Phoenix to be a woman in a men’s match, and she even gets to eliminate someone. Of course, the most interesting part is that she took finishers like the Superkick, 619 and RKO. This is NOT a sign of things to come, because the Rumble is a space for crazy stuff like this, but maybe Nia can use this in story. Again, Rollins wins in a great moment where it almost looked like Strowman would win. We’re not getting the inaugural Universal Championship rematch, but we’re getting a great Wrestlemania match where hopefully, mercifully, Rollins slays The Beast.

My Score: 9/10

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Mitchell’s WWE Raw Results & Report! (6/17/24)

Turn the corner towards Toronto!



Got my mind on my money and my money on my mind!

WWE made it through Clash at the Castle, and now prepares for Money in the Bank! Who will qualify for the Men’s & Women’s ladder matches tonight?


  • Men’s Money in the Bank Qualifier: ???
  • Women’s Money in the Bank Qualifier: ???


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Mitchell’s NJPW New Japan Soul Results & Report! (6/16/24)

Sapporo’s covered in gold!



Will the Rogue Luchador have his revenge on the Murder Machine?

After winning Best of the Super Juniors, El Desperado got Sho to accept an IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship STEEL CAGE MATCH, so will Sho have no choice but to do this without the House of Torture?


  • Kickoff – Masatora Yasuda VS Daiki Nagai; Time Limit Draw.
  • 10 Man Tag: Tomoaki Honma, Tomohiro Ishii, Satoshi Kojima, Katsuya Murashima & Shoma Kato VS The United Empire; The United Empire wins.
  • DOUKI & Taichi VS Ren Narita & Yoshinobu Kanemaru; Douki & Taichi win.
  • Bishamon VS EVIL & Dick Togo; Bishamon wins.
  • Tetsuya Naito & Titan VS Taka Michinoku & Yuya Uemura; Naito & Titan win.
  • NEVER Openweight Six Man Tag Team Championships: Los Ingobernables de Japon VS Hiroshi Tanahashi, Toru Yano & Boltin Oleg; Tanahashi, Yano & Oleg win and become the new NEVER Openweight Six Man Tag Team Champions.
  • IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championships: Clark Connors & “Drilla” Dan Moloney VS Robbie Eagles & Kosei Fujita; Connors & Drilla win and retain the titles.
  • NEVER Openweight Championship: Shingo Takagi VS HENARE; Henare wins and becomes the new NEVER Openweight Champion.
  • IWGP Global Heavyweight Championship: David Finlay VS SANADA; Finlay wins and retains the title.
  • IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship Steel Cage Match: SHO VS El Desperado; Desperado wins and becomes the new IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion.


NEVER Openweight Six Man Tag Team Championships: Los Ingobernables de Japon VS Hiroshi Tanahashi, Toru Yano & Boltin Oleg!

It’s a Dominion rematch as Yota Tsuji, Bushi & Hiromu Takahashi once again face The Ace, The Joker & The Rook! It was already rather incredible that LIJ won in the first place, will they prove it wasn’t just luck at Osaka-Jo Hall? Or will Tanahashi, Yano & Oleg prove you can’t keep bad boys down?

The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and let’s see who really runs the schoolyard!

The teams sort out and while Yota and Oleg stare down, Yano insists he start. Hiromu obliges, and they both squat at the middle of the ring. They talk some smack, then the bell rings. And Hiromu copies Yano by going right to a corner to untie a buckle pad! Yano SMACKS Hiromu on the back of the head, then finishes the job himself! Hiromu SMACKS Yano on the head! Hiromu whips, Yano reveres, but Hiromu holds the ropes and copies Yano’s taunt! Yano runs up but Hiromu drop toeholds him onto ropes! Then he KICKS the rope, runs, but into an atomic drop! Yano tags Oleg and Tanahashi jump in, too.

Oleg & Tanahashi double whip to DOUBLE SHOULDER TACKLE Hiromu! Oleg then scoops Hiromu to SLAM him! Tanahashi drops an elbow, Oleg SPLASHES down! Cover, TWO! The fans rally and Yano tags back in. Yano whips but Hiromu reverses, only for Yano to avoid the bare buckles. Hiromu runs in, but only gets bare buckles! Yano runs, but into a kick! Bushi gets in to dropkick legs out, then Yota runs in to basement dropkick! Bushi & Yota then knock Tanahashi & Oleg off the apron! Bushi & Yota then go out after them, stomp them down, and Hiromu stomps Yano. Hiromu drags Yano up, bumps him off the red corner, and tags Bushi in.

Bushi stomps Yano, digs his knee in, and the ref counts. Bushi lets go of the ropes, but that’s not the problem! The ref reprimands and Bushi steps away. Bushi drags Yano up, wrenches and wristlocks to then YANK the arm and CLUB it. Tag to Yota, he BOOTS the arm! Yano clutches the elbow, but Yota wrenches the arm to YANK it. Tag to Hiromu and he climbs up, and the fans rally for the AX HANDLE! Yota drops to his knees and Hiromu mocks his pain while bringing him back up. Hiromu whips Yano tot he corner, clotheslines, snapmares and runs to basement dropkick! Hiromu calls to Yota, and he has Yota scoop him, for the assisted SPLASH! Cover, TWO!

Hiromu has the ref watch Tanahashi & Oleg, then calls Bushi in! LIJ double whip Yano but Yano holds ropes! Yano sends Hiromu into Bushi, then throws them both down by their heads! The fans fire up, Yano and Hiromu crawl, and hot tag to Tanahashi! Yota tags in but Tanahashi dropkicks the legs out! Tanahashi fires hands, whips, but Yota reverses, only for Tanahashi to FLYING FOREARM! The fans fire up as Tanahashi fires fast hands, then Tanahashi scoops to SLAM Yota into the drop zone! Tanahashi goes up, SUNSET SENTON! Cover, TWO! Tanahashi stays cool and the fans rally up. Yota rises, Tanahashi runs, but Yota TOSSES Tanahashi out!

The fans fire up as Tanahashi skins the cat! But then Yota ROCKS him with a right! Tanahashi falls back into a corner, Yota runs in, and he STINGER SPLASHES! Yota keeps going, he runs Tanahashi over, then SPLASHES down! Cover, TWO! The fans rally up and Yota drags Tanahashi up. Yota reels Tanahashi in, suplexes, but Tanahashi fights it, to TWIST ‘N’ SHOUT The fans rally up while both men are down. Tanahashi and Yota crawl, hot tag to Oleg! Oleg runs Yota over, gets him back up and fires forearms and CHOPS on repeat! Oleg whips, but Yota RAN- NO! Oleg stops the rana to get Yota up, for Shake, Rattle and THROW!

Oleg even kips up! The fans fire up, Oleg BLASTS Bushi & Hiromu off the corner, then he stalks Yota. Oleg waistlocks to deadlift Yota, for a GERMAN- NO, Yota fights free! Yota clinches, BACKBREAKER to FLATLINER to DOUBLE STOMP! Both men are down and the fans rally back up. Yota crawls over, hot tag to Bushi! Bushi goes up the corner, Oleg rises, and Bushi MISSILE DROPKICKS! And Bushirooni! Bushi runs corner to corner to ELBOW Oleg, then he brings Oleg in to FISHERMAN SCREW! Hiromu BLASTS Tanahashi & Yano! LIJ gets Oleg up, whips him to the corner, then Hiromu runs in to clothesline!

Bushi adds a back elbow, feeds to the SUPERKICK, then BACKSTABBERS! Cover, Tanahashi breaks it! Hiromu tosses Tanahashi out, Bushi and Oleg rise. Bushi runs up, CODE- NO, Oleg tosses Bushi away! Yano throws Bushi down! Hiromu SUPERKICKS Yano! Tanahashi blocks a superkick, but Yota gets in! Tanahashi blocks that superkick, too!? Tanahashi DOUBLE DRAGON SCREWS! The fans fire up but Bushi kicks low. Bushi runs, but into a SLINGBLADE! The fans fire up and Tanahashi drags Bushi up. Feed to Oleg for the KAMIKA- NO, Bushi slips free, and ENZIGIRIS! Oleg wobbles, Bushi goes to the corner!

Bushi runs up again, CODE- NO!! Oleg still blocks, and he fireman’s carries! Oleg coordinates with Tanahashi as he climbs, but Yota gets in Tanahashi’s way! Bushi rolls Oleg up! Tanahashi shoves Yota down onto the cover!! Tanahashi then aims to TRIPLE HIGH FLY ATTACK LIJ!! The fans are all fired up and Oleg drags Bushi back up! Fireman’s carry, and KAMIKAZE!! Cover, Oleg and team win!!

Winners: Hiroshi Tanahashi, Toru Yano & Boltin Oleg, by pinfall

The Rook comes through for the team, and they get the belts back! Has Oleg proved he’s far from just a Young Lion now? Or will we need quite the tiebreaker between these trios to put this to rest?


IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championships: Clark Connors & “Drilla” Dan Moloney VS Robbie Eagles & Kosei Fujita w/ Zack Sabre Jr!

The Bullet Club War Dogs claimed their losses to the TMDK Junior Heavyweights were flukes, but they still have to put up the gold. Will 100 Proof & 44 Caliber shoot down the Sniper of the Sky & Ichiban Young Punk? Or will we see that The Mighty Don’t Kneel?

The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and we see who’s really number one with a bullet!

The teams sort out and Fujita starts against Connors. The bell rings, the two stare down and the fans rally up. The two circle, feel things out, then Connors swings on Eagles! Eagles ROCKS Connors first! Fujita ROCKS Connors, then he DECKS Drilla! Eagles jumps in, TMDK double whip to hip toss, then PENALTY KICK! Drilla storms in but into DOUBLE BLOWS! Then TMDK rolls Drilla back to DOUBLE KNEE SMASH! Eagles rallies the fans, Fujita builds speed, but Connors gets in, JEEP FLIPPER! Drilla drags Eagles out, too, and sends him into railing! Connors stomps Fujita while Drilla tosses Eagles over railing!

Drilla steps over and has fans move aside. Connors keeps on Fujita on the other end of the arena while Drilla BOWLS Eagles into chairs! STRIKE! Connors fires hands on Fujita, and he tells a segment of fans to move! Then he BOWLS Fujita into the chairs! Another STRIKE! The fans cheer while Connors throws up the Too Sweet. Drilla drags Eagles around, scoops him, and then SLAMS him onto some seats! The ring count starts, but Connors is bringing Fujita back. Connors POSTS Fujita at 5 of 20, then takes his time to scuff Fujita before he steps in at 12. Connors taunts ZSJ at ringside, but Fujita rolls in at 17! The fans cheer but Connors mockingly applauds.

Connors kneels on Fujita’s neck, the ref reprimands and counts, and Connors steps away. Connors drags Fujita up, Drilla dusts off his boot, and Connors bumps Fujita off the boot! Tag to Drilla, and he CHOPS! And then he digs his boots in! The ref counts, Drilla steps off at 4. Connors CHOKES Fujita against ropes while the ref is busy with Drilla. The fans boo but Connors lets off before the ref catches him. Drilla looms over Fujita as he sputters, and the fans rally up. Fujita rises to throw body shots and forearms! Drilla CHOPS Fujita down! Drilla drags Fujita around, steps through, and ties up the legs into a DEATHLOCK!

Drilla tags Connors in, and Connors stomps away on Fujita! Then he JUMP ELBOW DROPS! Drilla lets Fujita go so Connors can cover, TWO! Connors smirks as he grabs the leg, and he mockingly calls “ROBBIE ROBBIE ROBBIE!” Drilla bark, bark, barks! Connors steps through to steal the RON MILLER SPECIAL! Eagles storms in but Drilla intercepts to TOSS him back out! Connors thrashes Fujita around but Fujita endures! Fujita crawls forward, reaches out, and has the ROPEBREAK! The fans cheer and the ref reprimands. Connors lets off with a smug grin, then drags Fujita up. But Fujita fires a forearm, and a CHOP!

Connors eggs Fujita on so Fujita CHOPS! Connors UPPERCUTS! Connors whips, but Fujita GAMANGIRIS! Both men are down and the fans fire up! Connors crawls and tags in Drilla. Drilla grabs Fujita’s leg but Fujita BOOTS him away! Fujita scrambles, hot tag to Eagles! Eagles goes up and over Drilla, BOOTS Connors, then RANAS Drilla! The fans fire up with Eagles and he KICKS Drilla! And KICKS! And KICKS! Eagles runs, Connors sneaks in to CLOBBER him! Connors & Drilla double whip, Eagles reverses to send Connors away! Then he sends Drilla into Connors! Eagles kicks a leg out, then runs to BLINDSIDE LARIAT BASEMENT DROPKICK COMBO!

The fans fire up with Eagles and he goes corner to corner at Drilla! DOUBLE KNEES! Drilla sits down, Eagles runs in to METEORA! Eagles drags Drilla to a cover, TWO! Eagles keeps cool and goes to the apron. Eaglee climbs, the fans rally up, and Eagles 450- NO, Drilla moves! Eagles rolls through, btu Drilla blocks his kick! Drilla pops Eagles up into the Canadian Rack! But Eagles sunset flips through! ONE, but Eagles has the RON MILLER SPECIAL!! Drilla flails, Fujita keeps Connors out! Connors powers out, gets in, and he CLUBS Eagles! Eagles holds on, but Connors stomps away until he lets Drilla go!

The ref reprimands but Connors shoves him away! Connors stomps Eagles, and Drilla hobbles up. Connors stands Eagles up, but Eagles fires CHOPS and ELBOWS! SOBAT for Drilla, then a cravat! Eagles uses Connors to kick off, but Drilla denies him Sliced Bread! Drilla ELBOWS Eagles away, but Fujita tags in! Fujita slingshots but Connors catches him! Connors hands Fujita off to Drilla! But Fujita flails to go to the apron and HOTSHOT! Fujita and Eagles both springboard, DOUBLE MISSILE DROPKICKS! The War Dogs are down and they bail out while the fans fire up! Fujita aims to springboard, DOUBLE CANNONBALL!

Direct hit and the Dogs go down! The fans fire up, Fujita puts Drilla in, and Eagles stands Drilla up. TMDK double wrench the arms, for MAXXY BOMB!! High stack, TWO!! Drilla survives but the fans fire up with TMDK! Fujita hoists Drilla up, Eagles ROUNDHOUSES and Fujita GERMAN SUPLEXES! Then SUPERKICK PENALTY KICK COMBO!! Cover, Connors breaks it! The fans rally, Eagles whips but Connors reverses to TOSS Eagles out! Connors runs at Fujita but Fujita TOSSES him out! Fujita goes after Drilla with a CHOP! But Drilla wrenches to ripcord, but Fujita dodges! Sunset flip, but Drilla DOUBLE STOMPS and SENTONS!

The fans rally up and both men crawl. Drilla reaches out, hot tag to Connors! Connors takes aim, runs in, but Fujtia pops him up! Connors fights the German Suplex but Fujita holds the waistlock! Connors throws elbow after elbow but Fujita’s grip is tight! Connors throws even more elbows, and Fujita finally lets go. Fujita runs up, but into a SNAP POWERSLAM! Drilla roars as he storms in, and the Dogs take aim from the corners! But Eagles anchors Drilla! Fujita O’Conner Rolls Connors, then trips him into the QUEEN ANGELITO STRETCH! Drilla gets loose but Eagles MISSILE DROPKICKS him down! And puts him in the RON MILLER SPECIAL!!

Fujita sees Eagles has Drilla, and Fujita pulls Connors into the NELL VOSS SPECIAL!! Connors endures, flails, and Drilla reaches out, but Eagles drags him away! Connors grabs at the ref, Drilla grabs at Fujita! Drilla CLAWS Fujita’s face, and he lets Connors go! Eagles lets Drilla go, and the four are all down. The fans rally as Eagles regroups with Fujita. The Dogs regroup on the outside, and Eagles DIVES onto them! But is caught! DRILLA KILLA to the floor!! Drilla & Connors are laughing that they just shot down the Sniper! Connors & Drilla then slide into the ring, flanking Fujita. They bring Fujita up, but he still fires forearms and elbows!

The fans rally as Fujita fights and fights, switches with Drilla, but Drilla elbows free! Connors runs in, Drilla hurdles, SPEAR! Fujita staggers back up, into the SPEAR GORE COMBO!! Cover, TWO?!? Fujita survives and shocks The Dogs! The fans fire up as Connors goes up a corner and Drilla drags Fujita up. Drilla suplexes, but Fujita slips free! GERMAN SUPLEX! Connors still leaps but Fujita gets under! Fujita O’Conner Rolls, but Connors fights Chaos Theory! Fujita HEEL KICKS! Fujita whips Connors, pops Connors up, and GERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO!! Connors survives, but Fujita still holds on!

Fujita drags Connors up and the fans are thunderous! Fujita suplexes, ABANDON- SUPERKICK from Drilla! Connors suplexes Fujita into the DRILLA KILLA!!! Drilla then feeds Fujita to the NO CHASER!! But they’re still not done!?! Connors climbs, Drilla suplexes, FULL CLIP!!! Cover, War Dogs win!

Winners: Clark Connors & “Drilla” Moloney, by pinfall (still IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champions)

The Mighty Don’t Kneel, but they can’t withstand artillery of this magnitude! Bullet Club keeps these titles right where they are, and Connors himself asks, “Who’s next?”


NJPW announces the G1 Climax 34 Block line-ups!

In A Block, it will be: Tetsuya Naito; Shota Umino; Shingo Takagi; SANADA; Great-O-Khan; Zack Sabre Jr; Gabe Kidd; EVIL; and Pro-Wrestling Noah’s Jake Lee!
In B Block, it will be: Hirooki Goto; El Phantasmo; Yota Tsuji; Jeff Cobb; HENARE; David Finlay; Ren Narita; Yuya Uemura; and AEW & DDT Pro’s Konosuke Takeshita!

And this year, there will be a special G1 Climax preliminary round! 12 men, six for each block, must battle to earn the coveted tenth seed spots! In A Block’s prelim: Tomohiro Ishii; Yoshi-Hashi; Callum Newman; KENTA; Chase Owens; and Yujiro Takahashi! In B Block’s prelim: Hiroshi Tanahashi; Toru Yano; Boltin Oleg; Satoshi Kojima; Taichi; and TJP! Whoever comes out of those matches will join this already star-studded field! Who will help burn up this already red hot summer?


NEVER Openweight Championship: Shingo Takagi VS HENARE!

It’s another Dominion rematch, as we ended up with a Double TKO Draw in Osaka-Jo Hall! Will Takagi stay standing this time? Or will the Face of Fury finally slay The Rampaging Dragon?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see who pushes past their limits to be victorious!

The two are forehead to forehead, then they go forearm for forearm! The bell rings, and Takagi ROCKS Henare! Henare fires back, but Takagi shoves him. They both run, they RAM shoulders, then Henare kicks to snapmare. Henare KICKS Takagi in the back, but Takagi gets up to DOUBLE CHOP! Takagi eggs Henare on, so Henare HEADBUTTS! Henare eggs Takagi on so Takagi HEADBUTTS! Henare nods, and HEADBUTTS again! Takagi staggers, but he comes back to HEADBUTT! Henare HEADBUTTS, Takagi HEADBUTTS, they HEADBUTT again and again and again! Henare gets the edge, then JUMP HEADBUTTS!

Henare runs, RAMS Takagi but Takagi comes back to RAM Henare! ELBOW! JAB! But Henare KICKS! Takagi runs Henare over! Then Takagi KICKS Henare in the back! Henare goes to a corner, the fans rally for Takagi, and he runs up, and blocks a boot! Takagi clotheslines through, then fires the fans up more. Takagi JABS and CHOPS on repeat! Then he JABS, JABS, JABS, but Henare leans into the punches! Takagi fires more shots, then ROCKS Henare! Takagi whips corner to corner, runs up and clotheslines! Then SAIDOS! Henare flounders and the fans rally up. Takagi stands Henare up to suplex high and hard! Cover, TWO!

Henare bails out but Takagi keeps cool. Takagi goes out after Henare, brings him around, and whips him hard into railing! Henare staggers away, Takagi follows, and he JABS Henare again. Takagi brings Henare up to SMACK him off the apron, but that just angers Henare! Henare SMACKS Takagi off the apron! Takagi RIDGE HAND CHOPS, then fireman’s carries! SNAKE EYES off the apron! Henare falls back and the ref wants this back in the ring. Takagi takes a moment to shake out his hand, then he walks over to Henare. Takagi drops a knee right on Henare’s face! Takagi then puts Henare in the ring, and the fans cheer.

Takagi kicks Henare around, taunts him, scuffs him, and Henare snarls. Henare fires body shots and a forearm! Takagi ELBOWS! And YUKON LARIATS! The fans cheer and Takagi says he’s still gonna be champ. Takagi brings Henare up, puts him on ropes, and then KNEES him low! And KNEES him again! And again! The ref reprimands, Takagi lets off, and he whips Henare to ropes. Takagi KNEES low, runs, but into a POP-UP SAMOAN DROP! Both men are down and the fans fire up! Takagi goes to a corner, Henare runs in to clothesline! Takagi shouts at Henare, so Henare shouts back! Henare fires off fast hands from all sides!

The ref reprimands, Henare HEADBUTTS Takagi before he fireman’s carries. WASTELAND SLAM, then a SENTON! The fans rally up as Takagi sputters and goes back to the corner. Henare storms over, stomps Takagi, then HEADBUTTS him! Henare whips but Takagi blocks by holding ropes! The ref calls the ropebreak as Henare still tries to whip. Takagi still holds on, so Henare ELBOWS him in the head! The ref reprimands, but Henare whips corner to corner. Takagi reverses, runs up, but into an ELBOW! Henare goes up, FLYING CHUCK! But Takagi just runs! Into a BERSERKER BOMB! Cover, TWO!! Takagi survives and Henare fires back up!

The fans rally, Henare stands and he aims from a corner. Takagi rises as Henare stomps the mat. Henare runs in, RAMP- NO! Takagi stuffs the spear to fire off knees! Henare shoves back but Takagi ELBOWS! JABS! And YUKON feints to DDT! Both men are down and the fans fire up again! Henare flounders to a corner and the fans rally up. Takagi runs, but into a RAMP- DDT!! Takagi turns things around again and Henare is in a daze! Takagi kicks Henare, drags him up, and puts him on the top rope! The fans rally as Takagi climbs up, and he fires RIDGE HAND CHOPS! Takagi then goes to the very top, brings Henare up with him, SUPER DUPER PLEX!!

The fans are thunderous while Henare writhes from that hard landing! Takagi sits up and shouts, “OI! OI! OI!” The fans join in and Takagi nods. Takagi stands, the fans fire up more, and Takagi says “My time is coming! TOKI GA KITA!” The fans fire up, Takagi runs, PUMPING BOMBER! But Henare withstands the impact and stays standing! Takagi runs again, PUMPING BOMBER! Henare drops to his knees! Takagi gives scuffing kicks, slaps Henare around, then fires a few forearms. Henare growls, headbutts the mat, but Takagi ROCKS him! Takagi fires forearm after forearm, but Henare eggs him on!

Takagi fires more forearms, but Henare leans into those shots! Henare swings, Takagi bobs ‘n’ weaves and UPPERCUTS! Takagi runs, but into a RAMPAGE!! Both men are down again and the fans rally up! Henare slowly rises, sits Takagi up, and PENALTY KICKS! But Takagi’s right up to RUN Henare over! The fans rally while both men are down, and Takagi sits up first. Takagi crawls over to Henare and they give each other junkyard dog headbutts. They start throwing palm strikes, then forearms! Takagi CHOPS and Henare staggers! Henare snarls, comes back, and KICKS! Takagi staggers, Henare eggs him on, and the fans rally up!

Takagi winds up to CHOP! Henare drops to a knee and Takagi shakes out his hand. Henare rises, and Takagi braces for the KICK! Takagi CHOPS! Henare KICKS! CHOP! KICK! Repeat! The fans fire up and so does Henare! Henare KICKS, and KICKS, and ROLLING KICKS! Takagi wobbles, Henare runs, but Takagi blocks the kick! Henare fires off strikes, but Takagi still pump handles! MADE IN JAPAN!! But Takagi can’t make the cover! The ref checks both men, this could end up like Dominion! Takagi slowly rises, the fans rally up again, and Takagi sits Henare up. Takagi clamps on to rain down HAMMER ‘N’ ANVIL ELBOWS!

Takagi runs to SLIDING LARIAT! Henare rolls through to SLIDING KNEE!! Both men are down again and the fans fire up! Henare sits up first, and he snarls as he slashes his throat. Henare vows to end this but he’s a bit wobbly as he walks over. Henare drags Takagi up but Takagi HEADBUTTS! Henare HEADBUTTS! They DOUBLE HEADBUTT! And DOUBLE HEADBUTT! Both men wobble, but Takagi JABS! Henare HEADBUTTS! Takagi PUMPING BOMBERS! Henare JUMP HEADBUTTS! Takagi SLIDING FOREARMS!! Both men are down again and the fans are all fired up!

The ref checks, and both men are somehow still in this, but the standing count is here! Takagi hears it and he stirs. Takagi goes to ropes, and he drags himself up at 5 of 10! Takagi is up but what of Henare? He’s still down at 8, pushes up at 9, and stands at 9.9!! The fans fire up and Takagi runs in! DOUBLE LARIATS collide! Both men lean on the other, and Takagi fires boxing elbows! Takagi throws in about nine, but then Henare bobs ‘n’ weaves the tenth to BODY BLOW! And HEEL KICK! PUMPING BOMBER!! Cover, ONE?!?! The fans are thunderous as Henare snarls, but Takagi gets moving! PUMPING BOMBER!!! Cover, TWO!!!

The fans are thunderous again as Henare survives being flipped upside-down! Takagi roars, he drags Henare up, and he pump handles to the torture rack! Henare slips out, spins Takagi around, STREETS OF RAGE!! But he has to crawl to the cover! TWO!!! Takagi survives and Henare is stunned! Henare growls, fires himself up, and he drags Takagi back up. But Takagi fights the cross-arm hold! Takagi HEADBUTTS, HEADBUTTS, and HEADBUTTS! Henare HEADBUTTS!! Cover, ONE!?!?! But Henare runs to RUGBY KICK!! Cover, TWO!!!! Takagi still survives but Henare is furious! Henare reels Takagi in for STREETS OF- NO, Takagi fights the lift!

Takagi and Henare fight for suplex control! Takagi throws body shots, avoids the headbutt and UPPERCUTS! Then HEADBUTTS back! Then YUKON- NO, Henare blocks that, then blocks the other lariat! KAMI-HEADBUTT!!! Cover, HENARE WINS!!!

Winner: Henare, by pinfall (NEW NEVER Openweight Champion)

Henare unleashes the headbutt to surpass God, and he slays the Rampaging Dragon! Finally, the Face of Fury wears gold in NJPW! Will this be a sign of even bigger things to come? Or will Takagi have his revenge in the G1 Climax?


IWGP Global Heavyweight Championship: David Finlay w/ Gedo VS SANADA w/ Just5Guys!

When The Rebel heard the Cold Skull was back on the mend, he demanded this be the return match. Finlay still owes Sanada payback for the 2023 New Japan Cup finals loss, and that moment has finally come. Will Finlay ruin Sanada’s return right from the start? Or will he regret it when Sanada takes this title from him?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see if the War Dogs stay golden!

The bell rings and the fans rally behind “SA-NA-DA! SA-NA-DA!” Finlay gets on the corner to shout “WAR~ DOGS~!” and some fans do cheer, but the fans are still more on Sanada’s side. The two circle, feel things out, and tie up. They’re in a deadlock, but Finlay pulls hair to put Sanada on ropes. Red Shoes calls the break, Finlay pie faces Sanada as he lets off, then SPITS on Sanada! Sanada just brushes that off and the two reset. They tie up, are in another deadlock, but Sanada uses height for leverage. Sanada puts Finlay on the ropes, Red Shoes calls the break, and Sanada lets off with pats on the shoulder.

The fans applaud but Finlay is annoyed. Finlay runs up, Sanada kicks low then headlocks. Finlay powers up and out but Sanada runs him over. Things speed up, Finlay hurdles but then Sanada hurdles, hurdles and DROPKICKS! The fans fire up but Gedo is upset as Finlay bails out. Sanada aims, PLANCHA, but he lands on the apron as Finlay slides in. Finlay DECKS Sanada off the apron, goes out to CLUB Sanada, then SMACKS him off the apron! Finlay rains down fists, soaks up the heat, and says it’s too easy. Finlay fist bumps with Gedo then goes back to stand on Sanada’s face. Red Shoes reprimands but Finlay drags Sanada up and into the ring.

Finlay slides in to cover but Red Shoes says no, because of the shenanigans on the outside. Finlay is upset with Red Shoes, but then he drags Sanada up. Finlay hammerlocks an arm and leans on the hold. Sanada endures, even as Finlay grabs the other arm in a cording hold. Finlay digs knuckles into Sanada’s ribs, then a forearm in Sanada’s face! Red Shoes counts, Finlay lets off and gets mad at Red Shoes, but rules are rules. Finlay drags Sanada up, snap suplexes, then covers, TWO! The fans applaud but Finlay argues with Red Shoes more. Finlay drags Sanada up, but Sanada throws body shots! Finlay sputters, but then Sanada ROCKS him with a forearm!

Finlay knees low, whips, but Sanada reverses to ELBOW Finlay down! STANDING MOONSAULT FLOPS as Finlay moves! Finlay covers, TWO! Finlay keeps cool as he drags Sanada up. Finlay whips corner to corner hard and Sanada falls! Sanada writhes but Finlay barks it up. Finlay aims from a corner, runs in, and UPPERCUTS! Then he suplexes for a TOSS! Cover, TWO! Sanada is still in this and Gedo protests while Finlay argues the count. Sanada goes to the apron, Finlay storms over and drags him up. Finlay brings Sanada through the ropes to UPPERCUT! And UPPERCUT again! And UPPERCUT again!

Finlay UPPERCUTS and UPPERCUTS and UPPERCUTS, then UPPERCUTS some more! Finlay dares the fans to cheer Sanada now. The fans do cheer, and Sanada back drops Finlay outta the ring! Sanada catches his breath while Finlay is on the floor. Finlay drags himself up with the apron skirt, but Sanada PLANCHAS him right back down! The fans cheer and Sanada rises. Sanada stalks Finlay, brings him around, and puts him in the ring. The fans applaud, but then Finlay bails out the side. Sanada just PLANCHAS again! Down goes Finlay and the fans fire up! Sanada then brings Finlay up, ROCKS him, then slides into the ring.

Sanada builds speed and he fakes Finlay out! Sanada flips back in, then PLANCHAS again! A hattrick for Sanada and the fans fire up! Sanada encourages them to get louder, then he goes back for Finlay. Sanada puts Finlay in the ring, stalks him, then brings him up to RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP! Cover, TWO! The fans rally while Sanada brings Finlay back up. Sanada fireman’s carries, Finlay slips free to waistlock, but Sanada switches. Finlay denies the O’Conner to roll Sanada up, TWO! Sanada runs in, but into a SPIN-OUT BOMB! Finlay grins as he leans against ropes, then he watches Sanada rise. Finlay runs in, and he clotheslines Sanada up and out!

Finlay goes out after Sanada, talks some trash, “This your boy?” Finlay flexes, drags Sanada up, and RAMS him into the railing! And RAMS him in again! Finlay’s trying to squish English commentary as he RAMS Sanada in again! Finlay lets Sanada falls over, then asks Gedo, “You wanna see a dead body?” Finlay fireman’s carries Sanada, to run up, but Sanada slips free! Finlay kicks low, reels Sanada in, but Sanada fights the piledriver! Sanada back drops Finlay onto the floor! The fans cheer while Sanada hobbles away. But then Finlay runs up! Sanada moves and Finlay crashes into railing! Sanada then brings Finlay out through the gate!

The Young Lions hurry to brace railing, but Sanada reels Finlay in for a PILEDRIVER on the floor!! And there’s far less padding out by the crowd then by ringside! Red Shoes wants this back in the ring, but Sanada has to catch his breath first. Sanada drags Finlay up, cravats for a neck wrench, and he brings Finlay back to ringside like that. Sanada puts Finlay in the ring and the fans applaud. Sanada then stalks Finlay, stands him up, and CLUBS him on the neck! Finlay staggers up, and he fires a forearm back! Sanada eggs Finlay on, so Finlay fires another forearm! And then SPITS at Sanada! And flips him off!

Sanada fires off furious fists on Finlay! The fans fire up but they’re on the ropes now! Red Shoes reprimands, but Sanada shoves him down! Sanada’s losing his cool, and Finlay YANKS Sanada into ropes! Both men are down and the fans rally up for Sanada. Finlay drags Sanada up, reels him in, Canadian Rack, but Sanada slips free, to get the dragon sleeper! Finlay arm-drags free, runs up, but into a BOOT! Sanada goes up to QUEBRADA, and he has the dragon sleeper! Sanada drops back but Finlay rolls through to inverted suplex! And LAWN DART off the corner! Then a Canadian Rack, DOMINATOR! Cover, TWO!

The fans fire up as Sanada survives! Gedo is upset and we pass 15 minutes. The fans rally for “SA-NA-DA!” as he and Finlay slowly rise. Finlay uses ropes to help stretch out one of his arms, then he goes back for Sanada. Finlay clamps on to sit Sanada up, for a crossface forearm! And then another! And another! Finlay drags Sanada up again, runs, and BLINDSIDE LARIATS! Cover, TWO! Sanada is still in this and Finlay is frustrated. The fans rally up for Sanada again, but Finlay drags Sanada up and reels him in. Sanada is dead weight so Finlay has Red Shoes check. Sanada refuses to give in and the fans rally up more.

Finlay talks more trash on the fans, then drags Sanada back up and in. POWER- RANA! Cover, TWO!! Finlay escapes, runs up, but Sanada spins him around, MAGIC- NO, Finlay slips free to suplex! But Sanada slips free to O’Conner Roll, but Finlay turns that around! O’Conner- NO, Sanada keeps Finlay up, then brings him into SKULL END!! Finlay flails and endures but he’s stuck in the body scissors! Sanada puts on the squeeze and Finlay is starting to fade! Red Shoes checks, Finlay flips everyone off! But he’s fading all the same! Sanada almost loses grip, and Finlay grabs at Red Shoes! Finlay endures as Sanada thrashes him around!

Red Shoes checks again, but Sanada lets Finlay go to go up top! ROUNDING BODY PRESS onto knees! Finlay saves himself at the last moment and both men are down! The fans rally for Sanada as he and Finlay stir. We hit 20 minutes and Sanada grabs at Finlay. They both rise up and Finlay fires a haymaker. Sanada fires it back! Finlay fires another haymaker, so Sanada gives it back! Red Shoes reprimands about closed fists, so Finlay fires a forearm! Sanada fires one right back! Finlay staggers away to ropes, but then Sanada eggs him on. Finlay fires a flurry, but Sanada UPPERCUTS! Finlay wobbles, staggers, but comes back.

Finlay UPPERCUTS, but Sanada shakes his head. The fans rally up as Sanada goes back to UPPERCUT Finlay! Finlay wobbles, Sanada eggs him on, and Finlay UPPERCUTS! Sanada grits his teeth, Finlay eggs him on, and Sanada UPPERCUTS! Finlay leans on Sanada, but he still fires a flurry of forearms, then an UPPERCUT! Finlay runs, but Sanada dodges! Sanada tilt-o-whirls, and has the dragon sleeper! But Finlay slips through to suplex! But Sanada turns that around, MAGIC SCREW! Both men are down and the fans fire up! Sanada hurries up a corner, to ROUNDING BODY PRESS! Direct hit and Sanada covers, TWO!!

The fans fire up more as Sanada drags Finlay back up. Sanada clinches, but Gedo storms up to the apron! Sanada drops Finlay so he can KICK the ropes! The fans cheer as Gedo gets jammed up down low! But then Finlay cradles Sanada! TWO!! Sanada escapes, runs up, BLINDSIDE WIZARD! Both men are down again and the fans fire back up! Sanada kips up and the fans cheer! Sanada shouts at Finlay to get up, then runs in, but Finlay ducks the Shining Wizard! Finlay wrenches, suplexes, INTO OBLIVION!! Cover, TWO!! Finlay almost had this one but he won’t stop there! Finlay suplexes again, OVER- BLOCKED!!

Sanada waistlocks, O’Conner Rolls and BRIDGES! TWO!!! Finlay escapes, but SHINING WIZARD hits!! The fans are thunderous and Sanada drags Finlay back up! Clinch and- NO, Finlay slips out to bring Sanada up! But Sanada slips free to ENZIGIRI! The fans fire up as we hit 25 minutes! Time is running out, but Sanada aims from the corner! SHINING- NO, Finlay smothers the wizard to high stack and deadlift into a POWERBOMB! Then the flip over and suplex! OVERKILL!!! Cover, Finlay wins!

Winner: David Finlay, by pinfall (still IWGP Global Heavyweight Champion)

The Cold Skull got hot, but maybe too little too late. Finlay holds onto the belt he created, for now. Will he prove that NJPW and the world needs The Rebel?


IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship Steel Cage Match: SHO VS El Desperado!

The Murder Machine missed out on the Best of the Super Juniors finals, and it was the Rogue Luchador who finally added that trophy to his list of accomplishments. And as Sho tried to rain on the parade, Desperado goaded Sho into not just putting up the title, but putting up the steel fence around the ring! Truly a historic first for this title, will Desperado continue to make history by winning again? Or will Sho somehow, someway win without The House of Torture’s help?

But of course, the NJPW ref corps knows Sho has tricks of his own, so they make sure to pat him down before he enters the cage. AHA! Scissors! Sho says those aren’t his! But the check continues, and wait! Evil is storming his way onto commentary! The King of Darkness is going to find a way to be here for Sho one way or another. But wait, the search finds handcuffs, as well as a metal plate in the kick pad! Sho is upset that all his tricks have been found out, but Desperado’s having a great time watching his humiliation. Sho is already trying to find things under the ring but the refs were thorough even before the cage was set up.

Sho, Desperado and Red Shoes are locked inside, and all of Sho’s things have been secured, because a Young Lion is taking them to the back! It’s sinking in for Sho that there’s nothing he can do to cheat this one. Sho finally steps into the ring, the introductions are made and the belt is raised. And now, with the odds finally even, we see who is truly the Best of the Super Juniors!

The bell rings and the fans rally for “DE-SU-PE! DE-SU-PE!” The two feel things out, clinch, go around, and Sho waistlocks. Despe spins through to facelock, but Sho wrenches out. Despe rolls, wrenches back, and wristlocks. Sho pushes Despe to then wrench, wrench and wristlock. Despe drop toeholds, floats to a facelock, then he ties up the legs. Despe pulls Sho with a chinbar, but then shifts to have a cording hold. Sho endures, reaches out to the ropes, and Despe lets go. The fans cheer, and Despe talks some smack as Sho goes to a corner. The two reset, feel things out, knuckle lock, and Despe rolls to top wristlock.

Despe shifts to a cording hold, but Sho rolls back to stand up. Despe wrenches to wristlock, then he arm-drags Sho down into the cording hold. Sho endures, even as Despe adds a chinbar. Sho fights up, Despe hammerlocks the arm and goes for the crossface. Sho fights that, so Despe headlocks. Despe hits the takeover, Sho headscissors and squeezes tight. Despe bridges back, headstands, then pushes down on Sho’s legs. Despe floats onto the headlock but Sho slips out the back. Sho has the arm, and he drags Despe in, SNAKEBITE! Despe fights up to get the KNEEBAR! Sho flails, reaches out, ROPEBREAK! The fans applaud as Despe lets off.

Sho crawls to the corner and Despe waits on him. The fans rally, the two circle, and they feel things out again. Sho bends Despe’s fingers, then hammerlocks. Despe elbows Sho, switches the hammerlock onto him then spins him around to whip. Despe arm-drags Sho then runs him over! The fans fire up but Sho bails out of the ring. But he can’t go far with the cage all around! Despe storms up but Sho kicks him! Sho whips Despe into the cage! Despe staggers, Sho grins and whips the other way, only for Despe to reverse! Sho hits cage, staggers forward, and Despe back drops him on the floor! Sho writhes and the fans cheer!

Despe stalks Sho as he scurries, but then Sho slips around. Sho reaches out and Evil slips him the “Torture Tool” wrench through the bars! But Red Shoes is right on Sho to take that away! Despe whips Sho at the cage! Sho stops himself, then HIP TOSSES Despe into steel! Evil acts like he did nothing wrong but Yano is also on commentary and telling him off. Sho drags Despe up to whip him into the cage! Despe slumps down, but Sho stands him up, to whip him in again! Despe staggers and falls, and part of the cage swings open! Seems there was a second door! Sho keeps Despe from getting out, and sends him back into steel!

Sho grins as he stalks Despe, and he RIPS at Despe’s mask! Red Shoes reprimands, Sho lets off and stalks Despe around the way. Sho drags Despe up to GRIND his face against the cage! Evil applauds as Sho goes along the whole side! Sho throws Despe down, and a good part of Despe’s mask has been ripped away! Sho talks trash on Despe, then brings him up to ROCK him with a right! Sho DIGS Despe’s face into the cage again, then SCRAPES him along! Evil applauds but he’s the only one. Sho makes Despe suffer, then shoves him back down. Sho soaks up the heat before bringing Despe back into the ring.

Sho CHOKES Despe against ropes! Red Shoes reprimands, then counts, but Sho steps away at 4. Sho drags Despe back up, CLAWS at Despe’s exposed face, then lets off as Red Shoes counts. Sho not so subtly unties the blue buckle pad, and uses the strap to CHOKE Despe! Red Shoes counts, Sho lets go, and Evil says that’s genius! The fans rally for “DE-SU-PE!” but Sho talks more trash. Despe sits up, and Sho scuffs him. Sho taunts Despe, scuffs him again, but Despe grabs Sho’s foot. Despe CHOPS, and CHOPS, but Sho DECKS him with a right hand! Sho storms up to digs his boot into Despe’s face! Red Shoes reprimands and Sho steps off.

Sho eggs Despe on, so Despe stands to CHOP and CHOP! Sho fires another haymaker, but Despe HEADBUTTS! Despe runs, but into a kitchen sink knee! Despe falls, but Sho brings him up to whip to ropes, for another kitchen sink knee! Cover, TWO! Despe stays in this, and goes to a corner, but Sho runs in to RAM him! Sho then hoists Despe up to stick him across the top rope. Sho runs in, TOP SHELF KNEE! Cover, TWO! Sho pulls on an arm and a leg! Despe endures, the fans rally, but Sho pulls harder! Despe still reaches out with his free arm, fights over with his free leg, and has the ROPEBREAK! The fans cheer but Sho holds until Red Shoes counts 4.

Despe crawls to the apron but Sho grins as he runs up, to LARIAT Despe down! Despe falls on the apron then flops down to the floor. Sho wants a ring count, but this is a cage match, there’s no such thing. Sho says fine, and he goes out to fetch Despe. Sho whips Despe into the cage! Despe leans against the steel, and Sho grins as he brings Despe around to throw into more cage! Sho then SMACKS Despe off the steel, and runs him along the way, only for Despe to turn it around and send Sho into steel! The fans fire up and Despe RAMS Sho into steel! Then Despe throws Sho into the cage wall! Despe goes into the ring, builds speed, and DIVES! Both men hit the steel!!

The fans are thunderous and Despe roars as he rises up! Sho sputters while he’s slumped against the cage, but Despe drags him up. Despe whips Sho into the cage again! Sho falls, clutching an arm, but Despe gets him up and runs him hard into more steel! The fans fire up as Despe snarls and drags Sho up again. Despe still throws Sho into the cage! Despe then puts Sho in the ring, drags him up, and hits a BIG back suplex! Despe drags Sho right back up, for a BIG regular suplex! Despe then climbs up the corner, for a FROG SPLASH! But Despe’s own ribs make it hard to keep the cover. Despe drags Sho up, reels him in, GUITARRA DEL ANGEL! Cover, TWO!

Sho survives but Despe just shakes his head. Despe staggers around, he drags Sho up, and he reels Sho in to tuck the arms. But Sho wrenches out to KNEE low and throw Despe down by his hair! Sho sputters, he goes back to the blue corner, and he finishes untying the pad. The Bullet Club Special is still possible in this cage, and as Despe runs in, TADA! Bare buckles! Sho whips Despe back into those bare buckles! Sho runs to SPEAR!! Cover, TWO!! Despe survives and Sho is stunned! The fans rally for Despe but Sho calls his shot. Sho drags Despe up, but Despe fights the gut wrench! Despe CLUBS Sho’s legs, but Sho still tries to lift!

Sho KNEES Despe low, then whips him back to the bare buckles! Sho grins, but Despe comes back! Despe swings, but Sho gets around to POP UP and ARMBAR! Despe fights around, but ends up in SNAKEBITE!! Despe flails, reaches out, but he’s fading! Sho pulls harder on the hold, and Despe falls over! But then Despe gets a second wind! The fans rally as hard as they can, and Despe drags Sho over, but Sho just pulls harder on the hold! Despe tips over, but into the ROPEBREAK! Red Shoes tells Sho to let go but he refuses! So Red Shoes pulls Sho’s hair to make him stop! Respect his authority, Sho!

Sho lets go and Red Shoes checks on Despe. Red Shoes keeps Sho back, and Despe raises a hand. Despe wags a finger, he isn’t done yet. Sho kicks Despe mockingly, toying with him. Sho stands on Despe’s head, then gives him another mocking kick. Despe slowly sits up and the fans rally up again. Despe looks up at Sho defiantly, and Sho gives him a kick. Despe stays up so Sho fires a forearm! Despe snarls as he stands, so Sho fires another forearm! Despe forearms back but Sho LARIATS! Sho is mad now! Sho gets Despe up to gut wrench, Canadian Rack, FACEBUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Despe survives and the fans fire up!

Sho is freaking out, slapping himself around. Sho pulls at his own hair in frustration, but he drags Despe back up. Sho reels Despe in, tucks the arms, but Despe slips out to wrench and OLYMPIC SLAM! The fans fire up while both men are down! Despe and Sho stir, and Sho crawls his way to ropes. Despe snarls as he rises at center, but Sho storms back over. Despe fires body shots, then a forearm! Sho fires off boxing elbows fast and furious! Sho ROCKS Despe, runs, but Despe DECKS him! Despe roars and the fans fire up with him! Despe underhooks, FACEBUSTER! And then the roll through, for PINCHE- NO, Sho fights it!

Sho shoves Despe into Red Shoes! Sho runs up, to SHOTGUN Red Shoes into the bare buckles! Despe slumps out of the ring, Sho storms over and “accidentally” drops an elbow on Red Shoes! Evil claims Sho is innocent, but here comes The House of Torture! The fans boo, so much for Sho doing this on his own! Sho drags Despe up as the fans tell all the others to go home, or at least go away. But Sho puts Despe against the cage, and Narita SMACKS Despe with a chair! But here comes Oleg! But Kanemaru CLOBBERS Oleg! Evil even hits Yano on commentary! Tanahashi and even Satoshi Kojima run out here, but The House goes after them, too!

The fans boo but The House starts throwing chairs into the ring for Sho to use! Evil pretends he sees nothing wrong with this. Sho grins stands Despe back up, talks trash on everyone, then brings Despe into the ring. Sho soaks up the heat, then talks more trash. But Despe has a chair! Despe HEADSHOTS Sho!! Sho flops into the ring and the fans are thunderous! Despe turns things around on The House as he puts Sho’s head on one chair, and grabs another! Evil can only freak out as Despe hits a HOMERUN!! Evil tries to climb into the cage?! Despe CHUCKS a chair at him and he falls right off! The others try, but Despe chucks more chairs!

The fans fire up as now Yano, Oleg and Tanahashi fight back, too! They all stomp the House, Kojima CLUBS Kanemaru, and Despe CHUCKS chairs as Narita tries to climb! Despe goes back to Sho while Tanahashi and team drag The House outta here! The fans cheer as justice is again served! Despe calls to Red Shoes and he slowly returns. Despe gets Sho up but Sho LOW BLOWS! The ref missed that by sheer luck! Sho pretends he got hit, too, and so now everyone’s down again! Sho can’t help but laugh, though, and he tells Red shoes to get up. Sho hobbles over to Despe, drags him up, and reels him in to pump handle!

But Despe Alabama Lifts! And then he tucks Sho in, BASTARD DRIVER!! The fans are thunderous as Despe gets Sho up, underhooks, and JAY DRILLER!! And then the PINCHE LOCO!! Cover, DESPE WINS!!

Winner: El Desperado, by pinfall (NEW IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion)

The Murder Machine couldn’t win it on his own, and that is why he lost it all tonight! Will it ever sink in that crime doesn’t pay?

As for Desperado, he now has trophy and championship belt to hold! Despe makes sure “the trash” is taken out of the ring first, then he gets the mic. The fans cheer “DESPE! DESPE!” as he gets the spotlight on him. Despe takes a moment, and then says, “Ah… that hurt. Thank you.” The fans cheer, and Despe continues by saying that there are all different types of wrestlers, and that’s what makes pro-wrestling so interesting. But even knowing that, it’s exhausting having to go this far. Why the heck are they opening the cage up? It took a lot to put it together in the first place, not that Despe really knows about that.

Despe won’t say this was fun, it’s not really his style, and his whole body hurts. He probably won’t do this kinda thing ever again. But he does want to get to his next challenger. The fans are shocked he’s doing this so soon! And then Despe calls out DOUKI! Despe tells Douki to come on out here, they don’t need to make a mess with the cage coming down just yet. The fans cheer for “DOUKI! DOUKI!” Despe waits, but he starts to wonder if Douki left already. Despe figured he’d give the guy he fought in the BOSJ semifinals, a guy who’s like a brother to him, a shot. But then, while he was home, he was kind alike, “Nah, maybe I’ll go with another guy.”

But wait! Here comes Douki! The fans cheer as Japones Del Mal heads into the ring. And Despe already knows what Douki must be thinking. Why’s he giving the shot to a guy he already beat? Is it because it’ll be an easy defense? Despe says the BOSJ was the BOSJ, and this cage match was this cage match. Whether the energy is flowing or not, a true IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship match is different. Despe is sure Douki has what it takes. Despe knows Douki got cheated by Sho, so this will be different, too. So what does Douki say? Is he up for the challenge? The fans like the sound of that!

Despe keeps explaining that people might be thinking this is because of their past friendship, and maybe it is. After all, even though Despe is older, Douki helped him out a lot while they were in Mexico. This is Despe returning the favor. A chance like this doesn’t come along all the time, but don’t think of this as a handout. Despe just wants Douki to see for himself that he can do this. But if he doesn’t think he can, then Douki can walk away. The fans tell Douki to go for it! Douki steps inside! The fans fire up as Douki is face to face with Despe! Despe says he doesn’t know when or where this’ll happen, but when it does, it’ll be Despe VS Douki.

The fans cheer, Douki nods, and the fans even cheer Douki on. Despe lets Douki have the mic, and he says there was no way he was saying no with Despe asking him like that! Douki then says Despe better do everything he can to keep that belt. Despe tells Douki not to be so cocky. The Rogue Luchador grins as his old amigo heads back out. And then he grumbles that Douki shouldn’t have given him the mic back, now he has to wrap this up! And then he says, “That’s just how it is!” Despe drops the mic and the streamers fly! We have our next title match on the books, when and where will these former Suzuki-Gun soldiers do battle as rivals?

My Thoughts:

A great New Japan Soul, full of so much meaningful stuff for being the start to a short tour. A little surprised Tanahashi, Yano & Oleg won the NEVER titles back already, but I do appreciate NJPW isn’t afraid to hot potato their titles around. And I really do think there should be a tiebreaker coming, maybe with a heightened stipulation like Elimination or Best 2 Outta 3 Falls. Great Junior Heavyweight Tag title match, and TMDK came so close, but I should’ve figured The War Dogs would win out. And very good field for the G1 this year. I’m a little surprised so many people are in the qualifiers, but that should make it really wild stuff. I’d love if TJP got in for B Block.

Takagi VS Henare was an awesome rematch, and Henare winning was quite the surprise. Takagi’s not just in the G1, but he’s gonna be in AEW’s Owen Hart Cup, so I thought he’d bring that along. But maybe since Takagi isn’t likely to win the Owen Hart Cup, NJPW doesn’t want anyone getting a win over one of their midcard champions. Great return match for Sanada, but I suppose Finlay was going to retain either way. Finlay already felt the shame of losing this title once this year, he wasn’t gonna do it again.

And great stuff in the main event. I just knew The House of Torture would show up despite the cage, but then great of Tanahashi and friends to stop them. Desperado winning was the right choice and certainly great for him. Desperado naming Douki as his next challenger is really cool stuff, and Douki is definitely going to have a great showing. I still think Despe retains, but Douki is slowly rising up the ranks. If all things go well, Douki can definitely find himself as champion within the next year.

My Score: 9/10

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