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Impact Coverage

Andrew’s Impact Wrestling Ratings & Analysis (5/31/2019)

Glenn has to pay against Tessa tonight! Impact also brings more ECW memories from the 2300 Arena! 



Glenn has to pay against Tessa tonight! Impact also brings more ECW memories from the 2300 Arena!

Impact has had a string of really good main events and solid shows. Filling the stories for the injured Brian Cage has actually been really easy.

Elgin debuting at Rebellion and this extended time before his title shot, gives us all a good opportunity to see what he’s about before the big match.

Let’s see what kind of message oVe has this week, and jump into the show!


  • Moose & The North vs RVD, Sabu & Tommy Dreamer: RVD wins via 5 Star Frog Splash – ***
  • Glenn Gilbertti vs Tessa Blanchard: Tessa wins via Forearm Knockout – N/A
  • Desi Hit Squad vs The Deaners: Cody wins via School Boy – ** 1/4
  • Street Fight: Killer Kross vs Eddie Edwards: Eddie wins via Boston Knee Party – *** 1/4
  • Johnny Impact & Michael Elgin vs Rich Swann & Willie Mack: Swann wins via 450 Splash – *** 3/4



Well Kid Ref allowed this match to be held under ECW rules. Moose played into the RVD story by using his catch phrases, failing at a Rolling Thunder, and just generally doing what RVD said this generation of wrestler does. As for the match, it was good nostalgia and even Super Genie got involved a bit. Spicolli Driver, Arabian Facebuster, Van Daminators and Frog Splashes. This was all good fun nostalgia and a decent match. Hard to be mad given the participants.

So Glenn cuts a bit of a promo before the match, talks about the Women’s Revolution being a car crash waiting to happen. He has a line about if she has daddy issues, he can be her daddy. That incites her, a bunch of stiff shots to the head, one good forearm catches his jaw, and Disco goes to sleep. A chant of “She’s your daddy” breaks out as Tessa walks off victorious. A good segment, but not much of a match.

Two well matched tag teams with their own gimmicks. Deaners are fun loving red necks, Desi Hit Squad is classic foreign heel team. This is a solid match, and the fact Cody is seen as the weaker link, and he figured out a way to win, is a neat piece to the puzzle. Deaners are a fun team that are easy to get behind.

So Kross came out looking like he was ready for war and damn he nearly murdered Eddie. Great, physical contest between these two. Kross pulled out some lead knuckled gloves to try and finish Eddie, but SANDMAN showed up with his kendo stick, beat down Kross and Eddie finished him off. After the match, Sandman presents Eddie with a new Kenny! Also as a Twitch exclusive, Eddie and Sandman had a beer bash in the crowd while Enter Sandman played! So that’s why they’re just showing it on Twitch, I don’t wanna pay Metallica royalties either.


Impact Plus Flashback Moment: Raven vs Rhino Raven’s Rules NWA World’s Championship, TNA Unbreakable, September 11,2005

Not a bad tag team main event at all! Constant action, great big moves from everyone…and then we see the heels do heel stuff. A few miscommunications annoyed Elgin to the point of just walking away from the match. Swann takes advantage of the fissure, hits a Lethal Injection, into a 450 for a win to keep his momentum.


Overall Score: 7.5/10

We got a lot of ECW nostalgia being in the 2300 Arena, stories got moved along nicely and the show flowed very nicely. It was a very easy 2 hours, Sandman’s appearance was fun and Tessa knocking out Disco was awesome as well. Hard to be upset with the show. Nothing was insanely blow away or high stakes, but everything was good.

Twitch Views:

  • 5/3/2019 – LOW: 4,000/HIGH 6,550
  • 5/10/2019 – LOW: 3,800/HIGH: 7,130
  • 5/17/2019 – LOW: 6,900/HIGH: 12,220
  • 5/24/2019 – LOW: 5,200/HIGH: 10,070
  • 5/31/2019 – LOW: 4,550/HIGH: 8,075

Well okay, we don’t get 3 weeks straight of 10k viewers, but on average this was solid. The show never really dropped below 7,000 once the stragglers remembered the show was on. No monumental shifts in average or highs, just slight increases. But any kind of forward movement is a good sign.


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Andrew’s Impact Wrestling Results & Match Ratings: 11.16.2023

IMPACT is back with more Will Ospreay! He takes on Josh Alexander on TV! Are they giving away a PPV quality match or will there be some shenanigans?



On a day when most of social media is abuzz because Zack and Cody finally get to at Chef Gigi’s restaurant in Rome; the few of us who still love TNA/IMPACT know it’s the day when the Billy Goat comes to play with the Walking Weapon!

Sure there’s other things going on, but as Chris Platt loving reminded everyone nearly every episode of POD is War…we shouldn’t bury the lead. If you’re here, you want to know if Josh Alexander and Will Ospreay lived up to the hype, if there was some shenanigans or if somehow it was lackluster. So…scroll down already, I get it, no hard feelings.

Still have to cover the whole show though!


  • Impact Tag Team Championship: The ABC (Ace Austin & Chris Bey) (c) vs Sheldon Jean & Kenny King: ABC wins via 1-2-SWEET – ** 3/4
  • Moose w/Brian Myers vs Heath: Moose wins via Lights Out – ** 3/4
  • Lucha Rules Match: The Rascalz (Myron Reed, Trey Miguel & Zachary Wentz) vs Juventud Guerrera, Black Taurus & Laredo Kid: Taurus wins via Destination Hellhole – *** 1/2
  • Steve Maclin & KiLynn King vs Bully Ray & Jordynne Grace: Jordynne  wins via Juggernaut Driver – ** 1/2
  • Sonny Kiss vs Trinity: Trinity wins via Booty Cradle – **
  • Will Ospreay vs Josh Alexander: Ospreay wins via Storm Breaker – *****


Impact Tag Team Championship: The ABC (Ace Austin & Chris Bey) (c) vs Sheldon Jean & Kenny King

Ace and Kenny start off and it’s a typical tie up/stalemate style of start. No one it getting a ton of advantage, Kenny does some Leap Frogs and up and overs; but still, nothing high enough impact for notation. ABC turn around some nefarious heel tandem attempts and isolate Kenny a bit in their corner until Sheldon picks Bey’s ankle and changes the momentum. Sheldon wracks Bey against the post and Kenny keeps control while legally tagging in Sheldon to keep the onslaught up.

Bey fights out of a legal double team, steps off of Kenny to fly into the tag for Ace, and Ace takes the hot tag and starts taking out both opponents. Flying Knees, his hide in the turnbuckles spot, comes out with the Triangle Kick, and we see the educated feet of Ace get ABC a two count. Ace tags in Bey, they look for the 1-2-Sweet but Sheldon pulls out Ace, Kenny hits a Tiger Driver out of nowhere, Eddy Gordo kick, Block Buster into Twisting Brain Buster from Sheldon for only 2. Tornillo miss from Kenny, Ace kicks Sheldon’s face off, 1-2-SWEET!! The ABC retain.

Short, a little sporadic on the action, but no offensive…just not impressive. 

Moose w/Brian Myers vs Heath

Moose pie faces Heath a few times, and then the energy picks up because Heath gets annoyed, Moose tries to get cocky but simple Arm Drags give Heath all the early mojo. Moose powders, Myers distracts Heath for a second so Heath eats a Pump Kick but then throws Moose into the post, they go back in, a few corner Splashes, Heath is feeling froggy, tries to keep things going when Moose walks along the ropes and then Moose dumps him out. Moose distracts the ref and Myers lays the boots in a little.

Go back in the ring, Moose keeps up the pressure, Myers keeps finding cheap shots, Heath tries to counter the Uranage but eats a Boot, then Heath counters the Jacknife and finally strings a few moves together. Big Jumping Knee from Heath, into the Leg Lariat, then a Scoop Power Slam for 2! Myers hops on the apron to distract Heath, Moose finally lands the Uranage, Myers slides in the briefcase to distract the ref so he can hold onto Moose to block the Wake Up Call, then Moose lands Lights Out for the win!

Rhino runs in for the save after Moose and Myers do the heel thing of post match beatdown. Moose bails and Myers eats a Gore. So even though they just worked well together, we saw Moose hang Myers out to dry to a degree. 

Lucha Rules Match: The Rascalz (Myron Reed, Trey Miguel & Zachary Wentz) vs Juventud Guerrera, Black Taurus & Laredo Kid

Konnan joins on commentary, so that’s just nice to hear him back in TNA/Impact. 

Trey and Laredo start off, but Lucha rules is basically a no tag match. As soon as someone eats a Tilt-a-Whirl or Frankensteiner and powders the other member can legally pop in. Early on the Rascalz have control after Trey hits the one-legged Frankensteiner flip to the outside. Laredo gets isolated, Wentz and Trey with some tandem offense but Laredo kicks out without a real threat. But the Rascalz take a few shortcuts with rope chokes and abusing the general chaos with 6 men and lucha rules.

Trey mocks Eddie Guerrero’s shimmy, and pulls off the 3 Amigos, and Juvy seems pissed off. Trey finally misses in the corner, Laredo rocks him, Juvy comes in and the luchadors get some combo offense. Juvy had his mask on for a good portion of the match until this tandem attack when he takes off the mask for the Assisted Missile Dropkick. Laredo looks to return the 3 Amigos, but only gets to 2 before Trey blocks and tags out for a very fun series of Stun Guns, Assisted Bombs and a Running Shooting Star for 2. The Luchadors haven’t really had any real offense, but it has been constant action. Laredo counters Trey on the top turnbuckle with a good ole Viva La Raza Sunset Bomb counter. Juvy is tagged in, big Crossbody eats 2 Rascalz and The Juice keeps it rolling on everyone. Code Red from Laredo, Pop Up Samoan Drop from Taurus, Juvy hits the top but the Rascalz cut off the Luchas and push Juvy onto the floor into Taurus.

Slingshot Superkick into a Double Stomp Triple Team. They follow it up with a Backflip Triple Dropkick on Laredo for 2 as the other Luchadors just fly in to barely break it up. Mexican Destroyer from Laredo, Myron hits Flame On on Taurus, UFO Cutter from Wentz, Gory Special DDT from Juvy, Myron outside in Rebound Codebreaker. Matrix Cutter from Myron, but Taurus Spears Myron out of the sky, Destination Hellhole from Taurus for the win!

All gas, no brakes. Very fun match.

Steve Maclin & KiLynn King vs Bully Ray & Jordynne Grace

I’m really curious if all of this angle of calling Bully “soft” is a set up for Nzo to debut with some kind of SAWFT reference. 

Honestly, smart booking putting a slower mix tag after the lucha match. Gives space for the big main event that most people are here for while not really hurting this match since its more of a story than a barn burner. Maclin hits a Flying Shoulder tackle, then tags in KiLynn and she lays in a few forearms and Bully is selling her strikes decently well. Bully is playing to the crowd to get them to chant for Jordynne and tags in Jordynne playing real big babyface. Hell he even Irish Whips her into KiLynn. Jordynne seems to be on guard, but Bully is playing well with her so far.

King with a Savat Kick, Double Choke into the corner and then a few Running Back Elbows puts Jordynne on the back foot. Jordynne slips the Powerbomb but KiLynn doesn’t fall so Jordynne kicks her in the ass to tag out to Bully, Bully drops KiLynn, Bully goes to the top, Maclin cuts him off and then KiLynn throws Bully off the top turnbuckle for a 1 count. Maclin gets the legal tag and now he’s working Bully over in their corner. Football Tackle from Bully stops Maclin’s offense, simultaneous tags to the Knockouts. Haymakers into a Spinning Backfist, KiLynn retreats to the corner, Sliding Hip Attack, Vader Bomb, but Maclin breaks it up. KiLynn accidentally Pump Kicks Maclin when he tries to subdue Jordynne, Bully dumps Maclin out, Juggernaut Driver from Jordynne and she wins!

Weird stare down between Jordynne and Bully after he tells her to rip the trophy from him if she really wants it. They then shake hands and Bully puts her over. This is either a long con from Bully or he finally has respect for Jordynne after all these years. 

Sonny Kiss vs Trinity

For anyone wondering, Sonny identifies as Genderfluid but uses She/Her pronouns. So even though she wrestled in the Men’s Division during her AEW stint, people change and evolve just like society and the business. So this makes sense.

A sloppy Frankensteiner/Stereo Dropkick moment, and then they do a twerking stare down…check off another thing I never thought I’d write. Sonny does her corner Booty Clap, pushes off, Slides on the knees and blows Trinity a kiss. So they’re just teasing each other and playing “Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better”. Trinity Dropkick, but Sonny turns it into an Inverted Big Swing and plants her with a face buster of sorts into a Snap Suplex and Standing Moonsault for 2. Sonny puts Trinity in the Tree of Woe, Back Hand Spring Floor Routine Back Elbow from corner to corner. Sonny was looking for an Implant Buster, but Trinity counters and lands a desperation Rope Assist Bulldog.

Lariat into Back Elbow and Disaster Kick from Trin. Split Cover for only 2. Trinity just slaps Sonny, Bulldog into the Middle Buckle, Split Legged Moonsault for 2. Sonny counters Trininty and lays her inbetween the middle buckle, Cartwheel Axe Kick from Sonny for 2. Headscissor Head Spike, Bubba Bomb into the Roll over Booty Cradle for the win.

Will Ospreay vs Josh Alexander

Early Shoulder Tackle stalemate before Ospreay uses his speed to duck and weave and send Josh to the outside with a Frankensteiner. Plancha from Ospreay and then we get a commercial that comes back with Will going around the world with head rams and chops. Josh finally pops him back and Josh jaws as Will smiles. So we get a forearm exchange, Ospreay is stung, Tiger Wall Kick, Enzuigiri gets caught into an Ankle Lock! Ospreay rolls to his back but Josh transitions to a Sharpshooter as Ospreay has to find the ropes to break the hold. Chops and Uppercuts keep Ospreay reeling but he finally counters with the Pop Up Throat over the Ropes into a Back Breaker for 2. Kawada Kicks from Ospreay, Josh Overhand Chops to get back up and stop the kicks. Ospreay kicks him down and then shin across the throat for a point. Oscutter gets blocked, German Suplex gets blocked as Ospreay runs into the corner, ducks to ram Josh into the top buckle, Running Shooting Star for 2.

Ospreay fires Josh into the ropes, Josh slides between the legs and looks for the triplicate Germans. Lands two, Will flips out of 3, Enzuigiri, rope run for a Frankensteiner but Josh says nope and Powerbreaker for 2! Will tries to fight from the apron after a powder, Josh rocks him so Will is seated and Josh goes for the low sliding Crossbody to the outside of his. Knee to the spine of Ospreay, and Ospreay is trying to shake feeling back into his hands. Desperation strike exchange, but Josh cuts off the attack with a Shoulder Drive and Northern Lights Suplex Hold for 2. Sternum first Irish Whip into the corner from Josh, and now Josh is getting a little arrogant and goading the Billy Goat right before another Irish Whip to the corner, but this one spine first. Josh is relentless and not giving Ospreay a ton of space in the corner even when the referee tries to admonish him. Will bites the hand to break the headlock grip and retreats to the corner as Josh just lights up his chest with chops.

Josh is feeling it as he calls for the crowd to get into it as he throws Will but a few counters into a Lethal Injection from Ospreay finally gives the Total Nonstop Assassin an opening. Phenomenal Forearm from Ospreay for 2. Strike Exchange again, but now Will is getting the best of things but Josh puts his arms behind him and asks for more. Ospreay even kicks up his leg for momentum into the Chop but Josh fires, Will tries an Oscutter but Josh catches him, gets him stable and then Blue Thunder Bomb for 2. Josh takes Ospreay to the Top, Avalanche Rolling Senton for 2, Josh tries to hit the ropes for a Lariat, but Will flips through it for the fluid Tiger Driver he’s well known for. Will fires up, Yakuza Kick into Cheeky Nandos and Josh’s mouthpiece falls out. Ospreay goes to the top, but Josh cuts him off. Avalanche German potentially, but Ospreay back headbutt stops Josh, Spiral Tap and Josh moves, Will lands on his feet weird so Josh dives on the Ankle for the Ankle Lock. Separation, Superkick, Oscutter but a stall causes trouble and Josh catches the leg for the Ankle Lock. Ospreay rolls through, tries a Superkick again but Josh catches it into another Ankle Lock…but bottom rope is in reach!

Will holds on for dear life as Josh tries the Ankle Lock but Will turns it into a Small Package, Josh breaks, lifts him for a Fire/Thunder Driver but countered into a Stundog Millionaire. Ospreay uses the corner for a desperation Oscutter but only 2! Both guys are reeling, Ospreay is selling the leg hard, they crawl and headbutt each other, nasty strike exchange again, spin around Forearm to the back of the head from Ospreay, CHAOS THEROY GERMAN SUPLEX HOLD from Alexander! But only a 2 count. Josh stomps the leg and goes for another Ankle Lock. Ospreay fights back with Upkicks, Standing Spanish Fly out of nowhere, for another near fall!

Greatest Oscutter Ever into Strombreak-NO-Spinning Tombstone from Alexander Okada style but Billy Goat kicks out! C4 Sp-Nope, Hidden Blade for 2, Storm Driver/Ganso Bomb kick out! No Pad Hidden Blade, into Storm Breaker for the win!

Overall Score: 9/10

GODT DAMN! Nothing was really bad, somethings were average, but between the Luca Trios match and the main event…damn damn damn. This is such great shit pal!

A few story beats got pushed forward all while focusing pretty heavily on the wrestling this episode. We got a pretty cool vignette from Mk Ultra to remind us who the Knockouts Tag Champs are since that title has been fairly irrelevant since the IIconics left. Moose and Myers are keeping busy before Hard to Kill, and Juvy doing his cornball The Juice stuff one more time is the right level of cringe and nostalgia to still feel tolerable.

If you like wrestling heavy episodes, this one is for you. Plus that main event was easily PPV quality.

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Andrew’s IMPACT Wrestling Turning Point Results & Match Ratings: 11.3.2023

With a show in Newcastle, the Billy GOAT takes on the gaijin pride of Pro Wrestling NOAH! Deonna also gets a third and final chance at trying to take the title off of Trinity! Turning Point is tonight!



While the card has a few solid matches without needing the Top 2 belts to be on the line. Will Ospreay and Eddie Edwards could be a sneaky Match of the Year candidate, Trinity vs Deonna 3 with Gail Kim as special guest ref could be solid and nothing really looks bad.

I guess we should just sit back and take in the show. I’m a little curious if Simon Miller is a decent wrestler at all since I haven’t followed his career since WhatCulture stopped being relevant like what…5 years ago?


  • Eric Young & Josh Alexander vs SUBCulture: Josh wins via C4 Spike – *** 1/4
  • Gisele Shaw vs Alex Windsor: Gisele wins via Denouement – ** 3/4
  • Rich Swann vs Trey Miguel: Swann wins via 450 Splash – * 1/2
  • Dani Luna vs Jordynne Grace: Jordynne wins via Juggernaut Driver – *** 1/4
  • Simon Miller vs Joe Hendry: Hendry wins via Standing Ovation – ** 1/2
  • Most Professional Wrestling Gods (Moose & Brian Myers) vs The Futures (Frankie Kazarian & Chris Sabin): Moose wins via Lights Out – *** 1/2
  • Special Guest Referee Gail Kim: Knockouts World Championship: Trinity (c) vs Deonna Purrazzo: Trinity retains via Starstruck – *** 1/4
  • Will Ospreay vs Eddie Edwards: Ospreay wins via Stormbreaker – *****



Eric Young & Josh Alexander vs SUBCulture

After a little slow start, SUBCulture starts to work over Josh’s legs early, which is smart. Takes out his power base for the C4 Spike and any submission attempts. EY tags in, keeps up the pressure but once he gets Webster into the corner, Webster starts fighting out with some quick little flippy moves. This gives Mandrews the chance to tag in, start working the speed kills mentality, but after a short burst we get to Alexander looking for the Kurt Angle German Suplexes. Mandrews blocks the third, a few quick fun moves, Spinebuster from Josh, EY with a Macho Man Elbow and then goes after Webster. Near fall from Josh, then we get Tornado rules for a little bit, all four guys are fighting, and stereo Sharpshooters happen!

The smaller guys break the submissions and back to back Stun Dog Millionaires from Mandrews gives the opening, Shadows over Malice for a 2. Headbutts and Josh throws out Mandrews, EY with the Piledriver, but Mandrews is back in for the save. Doomsday set up attempt, but EY gets sent into the perched Alexander, and a Frankensteiner gives the opening. SUBCulture is rocking and rolling until they misfire Blitz Knee Bop, Power Breaker from Josh into a C4 Spike out of the chaos and Canada wins!

Gisele Shaw vs Alex Windsor

An even start that goes into the dumb simultaneous Dropkick spot and a stare down. Early start was to try and continue to push their history for when Gisele was in RevPro and Progress. Windsor eventually lands the first few shots and then Gisele just dumps her out and starts taking over. Some corner to corner work, grabbing Windsor’s attempted counter by hanging her into the ropes, Enzuigiri into a Draping DDT for a 2 count. Windsor dodges the Denouement, and starts with some intense Lariats to work back into the match.

Windsor goes to the top, Gisele sees it, slides back into the ring after the powder and takes a weird Missile Dropkick spot. Windsor tries a few more haymakers, tosses her into the ropes and Gisele turns it into an Oscutter for 2! Kawada Kicks from Shaw as she tries another Oscutter, but Windsor catches her and turns it into a Blue Thunder Bomb.

Spinning backfist from Gisele, Denouement 2 misses again but she turns it into a step up Rising Knee and then third try is the charm for the Denouement! Gisele gets her first win in what feels like months.

Rich Swann vs Trey Miguel

Trey just lost to goofy ass Grado last night. So if he beats Rich, Rich better be leaving the company because that’s embarrassing.

Very typical counters and staring with chirping Cruiserweight boring open.  Rich finally lands a quick flip kick, but then Trey powders and turns things around when Rich does the dumb babyface thing and follows. Trey jumps on Rich when he tries to beat the 10 count and then throws him back out. This is…lame, even if its decent heel work now, it didn’t start that way. Bad psychology to try and match flippy high risk stuff and then slow it down and be “cheap”.

Rich flips onto the stage when Trey gets a little frustrated, but as soon as Rich flies, a Superkick knocks him out of the air. Trey charges again a few times but Rich catches Trey with a few kicks and that over the shoulder Back Kick for a near fall. Rich pulls Trey over, takes 9 years before his 450 so it was obvious it was going to be countered. Combo Rush from Trey that flourishes with a Double Stomp, but only for 2. Trey goads Rich, tells him to stop being a bitch instead of actually doing something and now we get a lame chop spot.

So stupid chops and slaps leads into a bad rope run leap frog Poison Rana/Superkick, everyone takes a small nap spot. I am so god damn bored with this match. It’s literally just color by numbers lame 205 Live. Lightning Spiral kick out, before of course, now Trey over reacts like a 4 year old who just tasted peas for the first time. Superkick into a 450 Splash for Swann’s win. Lame match with a “controversial” finish since Trey got his shoulder up but the ref didn’t see it. Which means there’s more of this to come…great.

Dani Luna vs Jordynne Grace

Fairly even until Grace up and overs two charges from Dani and Jordynne wins the Shoulder Tackle battle. Dani counters a Powerbomb attempt, hits the ropes quick and as Jordynne sits up, Dani levels her with the Sliding Lariat. Dueling attempts at the Vertical Suplex, Jordynne turns it into a Small Package, but Dani gets up and finally grabs Jordynne and pulls off the Suplex for a near fall. A literally meeting in the middle where they both conk heads and fall back for a little.

They stumble up and strike exchange begins. But this has more fire and intensity than the lame X Division mess we just saw. I thought Dani was gonna go full Shinsuke Nakamura and German Suplex Grace from the Apron over, but when Grace fights back, Dani just grabs her and pulls her between the ropes for the German Suplex. Luna Landing attempt is counter, Grace hops over Dani with a clever way to get into a Kudome Valentine for 2! Grace with a wild swing, Dani back elbow says no, Luna Landing attempt but rapid fire elbows stuns Dani, Jordynne hits her own Backfist and the Juggernaut Driver (formerly Grace Driver) wins the match!

Simon Miller vs Joe Hendry

Hendry starts off with a great mock song of Simon Miller, and the Nickleback Punchline is beautiful. Miller attacks Hendry right as his music goes out, before the bell and before Hendry can talk. Miller starts talking again about doing the first ever live Ups and Downs, but Hendry is already back up and knocks Miller down. Joe kicks at him to stand up and the bell still hasn’t rung. Miller tries to run Hendry around, feint at the slide in to bait out Simon’s elbow drop on nothing and now Hendry is toying with this big idiot.

Hendry hits the chops along with the crowd clapping for him and then a Stalling Suplex that lasts a solid 40 seconds, just to make a point is fantastic. Only a near fall as now Ryback’s bastard British son gets a quick Scoop Slam, spends too much time setting up his next move and Hendry dodges. Miller cheap eye poke, two corner splashes into a Sidewalk Slam for a near fall. Hendry tries to get some space with a flurry of Uppercuts, but Simon cuts him off with a Diving Lariat.

Miller then tries to lock in a Sleeper Hold, but Hendry rises up, spins him around and muscles him over for the Vertical Suplex. Hendry with consecutive Lariats, Sack of Shit from Hendry into a Kip Up. Hendry tries to hype the crowd, Miller powdered to the apron a little and a Jawbreaker/Top Rope Stun Gun opens up Hendry for a Spear. Miller takes too much time, another Spear turned into a Cutter, and now Hendry hits the Miz Kicks for emphasis. Back to Back Flying Shoulder Tackles from Miller, into a Back Body Drop. Miller postures that the match is over but Hendry pops up and Standing Ovation lays out Miller. A little fun, but it was never really close.

Most Professional Wrestling Gods (Moose & Brian Myers) vs The Futures (Frankie Kazarian & Chris Sabin)

Admittedly I got up to go get a drink during intros and it doesn’t look like I missed anything with Kaz and Myers starting. A few basic moves, early tag with Sabin and Kaz for a basic tandem move…but nothing crazy. Myers gets away from Sabin, chastises him and Sabin allows the heel to talk and then tag in Moose. Moose tries to pick at the size difference, but Sabin uses his speed and a quick flying Arm Drag to just get Moose to rethink his attack for a second. Sabin now goes for the Shoulder Tackles for a goofy spot as Moose dusts his shoulders off. Sabin tries to go low and be quick, but when he goes back to the ropes he eats Moose’s Okada Dropkick. Kaz and Sabin double team Moose while Myers is being held off by the ref, double Guillotine Leg Drops for like…a half of one. Myers gets tagged back in after a Manhattan Drop, but Myers gets stuck in the Tree of Woe, and Moose comes in and makes it a Tree of No, but Moose just leaves Myers there as the ref goes to Sabin. Kaz takes Moose off his feet, Sabin shows up Split Leg into the Tree of Woe, then Myers falls off and there’s a 69 in the corner. Hannifan with the comment of the night when he says “Well Moose’s number was…ya know…when he played in the NFL” – Rehwoldt had difficulty staying heel on the commentary with that comment.

After the slightly embarrassing spot, the heels start to take control using their size and a few cheap shots to their advantage. Sabin tries to counter Moose’s Jacknife Powerbomb, but Myers picks the ankle of Kaz and pulls him off the apron right before Sabin can try for the tag. Sabin remains isolated, but a Tornado DDT out of the corner gives Sabin another chance to tag Kaz. Ricky to Robert for the faces, but Myers also gets the tag, but Kaz is rolling, Springboard Leg Drop that Myers dodges but Kaz manages to land on his feet and Slingshot in Myers for the Cutter. Moose tries to get involved, Guillotine for Moose, Myers tries something but Kaz has a DDT for him. Running Elbows from both faces, Russian Leg Sweep into a Flying Kick from Sabin for a 2 until Moose breaks it up. Moose gets the tag in, quick Cross Body on Sabin nearly squashes the man, Kip Up, looking for Lights Out but Cradle attempt no, School Boy second attempt, no, Sabin hits the Code Red and Myers breaks up the pinfall now. Kaz knocks out Myers, Moose counters Kaz’s Chicken Wing attempt, goes for the Cross Body and Kaz catches him with the Cutter for the everybody moment.

Kaz hits a Backstabber on Myers, Slingshot Frankensteiner on the outside for Moose, but Moose blocks and Bombs Kaz into the post. Sabin Punts Moose, Myers takes out Sabin, Roster Cut gets countered but Myers counts the Chicken Wing by going through the ropes bouncing Kaz off and into Lights Out! Moose wins!

Special Guest Referee Gail Kim: Knockouts World Championship: Trinity (c) vs Deonna Purrazzo

Slow chain wrestling start, which makes sense with Deonna, trying to get Trinity on the ground work towards grabbing a limb but Trinity is fighting it off well. Trinity Matrix slide dodge looked good, but the arm drags into the simultaneous stupid Dropkick thing was a little poorly timed as a sequence. So this match isn’t really doing anything early, but it makes sense it will start a little slow since Deonna is a technical wrestler.

More slower work, but Trinity grabs Deonna with her legs in the corner into the Booty Bop Phantom, or whatever she calls that little move. Trinity continues to stay a half step ahead until she slides under the ropes, tries to get back in and eats a Dropkick spilling to the outside. Deonna now starts stomping on Trinity’s left arm, ties it in the ropes, kicks at the rope, Arm Wringer drives into the mat, Key Lock on the left arm. Transitioning from the Key lock to just driving her knees into the extended arm. Trinity uses the corner to pull out a desperation Stunner while favoring her left arm as Deonna cuts her off when she tries to build some steam. Back to a Top Wristlock on the left arm from Deonna, just really good and simple technical heel work.

A few dirty elbows and strikes while Trin is grounded and then a grounding Wristlock gives Trinity a chance to rally back with the crowd support. She gets some space, Deonna charges her but ole happens and Deonna goes flying into the post. Trinity tries to grab Deonna, Stun Gun levels the playing field from Deonna. Deonna crawls back in but Trinity finds her second wind. Rope Assisted Bulldog, a few quick strikes and Rear View for 2! Trinity tries to keep her foot on the gas, Deonna ducks and lands the Pump Kick for 2. Trinity pushes off Purrazzo from continuing the offense and catches her in a Samoan Drop for 2. Side Russian Leg Sweep into Fujiwara from Deonna, but Trin claws for the ropes and gets there. Queen’s Gambit call, Trinity blocks it, Fighting Spirit spot yet again. Trin hits a Scorpion Deathdrop for 2 after getting the best of the strike exchange.

Trin with the Triangle headlock, Queen’s Gambit…but a kick out! Deonna gets in Gail’s face and this is the first real moment we’ve seen involving Gail even a little. Satellite Face Driver from Trinity, Starstruck, but Deonna finds a counter, Trinity hits the Bubba Bomb into another Starstruck and Deonna taps again.

Deonna can no longer challenge for the title if Trinity is champ, Deonna attacks Trinity and then starts pushing around Gail. EAT DA FEET from Gail! I wonder if we’re gonna see a return from Gail. 

Will Ospreay vs Eddie Edwards

The first foreigners to hold the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship and GHC Heavyweight Championship respectively. I better see an Emerald Flowsion from one of these guys.

Eddie pushes Ospreay into the ropes, fakes the Chop, but gives the clean break. Ospreay goads at the attempted mind games, and now its Ospreay’s turn to push into the ropes. Eddie gets annoyed at Ospreay’s feint, a few Chops into Ospreay’s lightning quick rope runs, Frankensteiner take down and now Eddie is getting worked over a bit. Ospreay plays with the crowd chants and then eats a chop from Eddie but asks for more as he returns the chops with one kick that shakes Eddie.

Manhattan Drop from Eddie, shove into the ropes, Release Overhead Belly to Belly and now we’re seeing some control from Eddie. Big corner chop from Eddie, then he mocks Will with a Cartwheel, proving he’s athletic as well, but keeps Ospreay grounded. Continuous cover attempts from Eddie trying to wear down Ospreay. Ospreay tries to fight out, but a Headbutt says no, but they both cut each other off a few times, and Ospreay hits the Back Handspring Twisting Kick to regain control. Phenomenal Forearm from the top rope by Eddie, tries a Tiger Driver, countered, throats Eddie, then a Big Boot, now a simple Plancha from Ospreay. Thank Christ, Ospreay 5 years ago would’ve forced a Space Flying Tiger Drop, but I appreciate the Marufuji Style Plancha.

Back in the ring, quick strike and then hints for the Hidden Blade, but Eddie powders. Drives Ospreay’s back into the apron, frying pan Chop, rolls Ospreay back in and yells at the crowd. Eddie is getting far to distracted by the crowd, Ospreay tries to counter, but an Enzuigiri into the Backpack Stunner gives him a two count. This crowd is wonderfully getting on Eddie and it seems to be bugging him in the ring. Ospreay rises up to his knees and asks for some Chops. Eddie’s Chops are no joke, only Go Shiozaki has harder chops than Eddie. Ospreay blocks, looks for an Oscutter, but gets Chopped in the back and then pulls off a Stundog Millionaire so smoothly it’s scary.

Billy Goat fires himself up, Yakuza Kick, Cheeky Nandos and Eddie is reeling. Top rope for Ospreay, but Eddie cuts him off, looks for an Avalanche Reverse Powerslam, but Will fights it off, Spiral Tap misses but he lands on his feet and turns it into a Running Spanish Fly, kick combination, Oscutter with some great height and only a 2 count. Stormbreaker counter, Suplex Counter, Hook Kick ala Marufuji from Ospreay, Blue Thunder Bomb from Eddie, rolls through, Boston Knee Party miss, Hidden Blade hits and then Eddie hits the desperation Knee Party for them to both lay out for a while.

Crawling Headbutts initiate the next exchange, both dudes look wrecked but no one is giving just yet. Eddie peppers a Chop in, Ospreay returns Kawada Kicks, Kobashi vs Kawada right now, Stormbreaker gets countered and now we see the Misawa homage with Eddie hitting the Tiger Driver for a 2. Eddie exposes his knee for a final Boston Knee Party, but first he’s just driving some short knees into Ospreay’s chest. Set up for the Knee Party, but a Flying Hidden Blade says no. Eddie gets back up, Ospreay flies through the Lariat, Styles Clash! Legit Hidden Blade from Ospreay, Stormbreaker for the win!

Little mad no one pulled off a Flowsion, but it was damn good. 

Overall Score: 7.5/10

Ospreay trolls beautifully in his post match promo, but after the troll he makes a rather eloquent point. There’s probably a greater than Zero percent chance TNA lands Will Ospreay, but with the way he’s gone hellbent for election with his body through his career; and he would rather burn out than fade away – I still think he’s a better fit for WWE’s safer style. Don’t really want to see him go the way of Dynamite Kid.

But aside from that, with the exception of Swann and Trey, which looked half speed, uninspired and just like generic garbage; the show was pretty damn good. The last few matches delivered, Simon and Hendry was fun, the tag matches were good and of course the Billy Goat proving he’s untouchable right now. Pretty fantastic with the little homages and wrinkles in the main event match, Ospreay was technically the home grown talent and the biggest name on the card…so it makes sense why he went over. Really good stuff, now can they just spin this into decent hype for Final Resolution and then the swan song the Impact Wrestling – because TNA is only about 2 months away from returning!

Really good show!

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