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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Live Results & Report! (7/9/19)

The Prizefighter and the Show-Off do battle!



SmackDown cover image

SmackDown prepares for the Extreme!

Extreme Rules is around the corner, so SmackDown is rising to the occasion! Before they battle for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships, The New Day, Heavy Machinery and the Planet’s Tag Team Champions meet for a SmackDown Summit! Will there be peace this close to the Triple Threat tag war?



  • Finn Balor VS Shinsuke Nakamura; Nakamura wins.
  • Nikki Cross VS Carmella; Cross wins.
  • Triple Threat: Otis Dozovic w/ Tucker Knight VS Xavier Woods w/ Big E VS Daniel Bryan w/ Rowan; Dozovic wins.
  • Roman Reigns VS Dolph Ziggler w/ Shane McMahon, Elias & Drew McIntyre; Reigns wins.


Footage from earlier, as Dolph Ziggler arrives at SmackDown.

Kayla Braxton asks Ziggler about the implosion between him and his tag partner, Kevin Owens. Partner? That “worthless tub of excuses” Kevin Owens? Ziggler carried Kevin like he has the entire WWE for a decade. But Kevin pulls up behind Ziggler and honks his horn. Kevin then parks and Ziggler complains about the interview. Oh what? Was Ziggler going to say it should’ve been him again? Or maybe that he steals the show? Only because Ziggler does! A brawl breaks out and other superstars hurries to pull them apart! Kevin shoves the Singh Brothers off him to keep brawling with Ziggler! The B-Team hold Kevin back and then Shane rushes out.

Shane tells Ziggler to go inside, and then tells Kevin to leave the parking lot. Kevin, bloody lip and all, is told to take the night off. Kevin doesn’t want to cool off, but he has no choice. Will he get back at Ziggler before Extreme Rules on Sunday?


Cut to Shane McMahon backstage.

His response to that brawl was to cancel the scheduled main event. It is his job to keep superstars from fighting outside the ring. Kevin is sent home and Ziggler stays, but what is the new main event? He has some ideas and will circle back to an interview when he has made a decision. What will replace the grudge match now that we DON’T get Prizefighter VS Show-Off?


Kevin Owens invades SmackDown!

The Prizefighter doesn’t care about the ban! He spoke the truth about Ziggler, and now he’ll speak the truth about Shane! Kevin’s tried to be a good company guy, but he’s done! Kevin saw the McMahon Family say “from now on, we’re going to listen to the fans,” but the only thing we’ve gotten is SHANE becoming an abuser of power and hogger of spotlight! Now we sit back and watch Shane claim he’s the Best in the World. It makes Kevin want to smash his head on the announce desk! Speaking of, Kevin gets on the desk! Shane comes out and cuts Kevin’s mic. But Kevin just grabs another mic! “Hey guess what, idiot? There’s more than one microphone!”

And as he was saying, Shane hogging the spotlight is an insult to wrestlers who work so hard to be part of the WWE! And when Shane calls himself the Best in the World, everyone wants to tell Shane, “Kiss my ass!” Another mick goes off, so he takes Byron Saxton’s headset! Security is told to take Kevin out as Kevin rants about all the superstars who are left off the show because of Shane. Kevin gets away from security and Shane is satisfied, but the fans are cheering for Kevin. Is this the last Shane has heard from an irate Prizefighter?


Finn Balor VS Shinsuke Nakamura!

The Extraordinary Man is still the WWE Intercontinental Champion, but the King of Strong Style might look to change that. Can Nakamura prove himself against Finn tonight to cut the line to a title match?

SmackDown returns as Nakamura makes his entrance. Finn follows with his entrance, and throws up some Too Sweets. The bell rings and we begin!

Nakamura and Finn circle and tie up. Fans duel as Nakamura waistlocks. Finn standing switches but Nakamura elbows out hard! Nakamura rains down those elbows, then whips Finn to ropes. Finn reverses but Nakamura sunset flips, only for Finn to roll through and dropkick him down! Finn drags Nakamura up but Nakamura powers him to a corner. Nakamura rams his shoulder in over and over, but backs off at the ref’s count. He comes back to stomp Finn as SmackDown goes picture in picture. Nakamura backs off again and Finn catches his breath. Nakamura chokes Finn on the ropes but lets up at the count. He drags Finn around in a facelock to grind him down. Finn endures and fights his way up, only for Nakakura to snapmare and drop a knee! Cover, TWO!

Nakamura keeps his cool as he kicks away on Finn. Nakamura drags Finn up for knees. Finn blocks a kick! But Nakaura comes from the other side! Cover, TWO! Nakamura keeps on Finn with another chinlock. Finn fights his way up and fights out of the hold. He runs but into Nakamura’s knee! Nakamura covers, TWO! Nakamura stomps Finn more then drags him back into the facelock. He stands Finn up and suplexes for a gourd buster! ANd he rams in his knees! Cover, ONE! Nakamura grows annoyed but he keeps on Finn by pulling him into a chinlock. Nakamura stretches Finn back but Finn fights his way up, only to be wrangled back down. The chinlock returns and Finn endures again.

Nakamura suddenly lets Finn go to stomp him more. Nakamura toys with Finn as he puts the chinlock back on. SmackDown returns to single picture as Finn fights up out of the cobra clutch. Finn gets free but Nakamura knees low. Nakamura whips corner to corner but Finn boots him back. Finn runs and rallies with forearms! Finn whips but Nakamura reverses, only to get forearms! And the takedown to double stomps! Finn fires up with the fans as Nakamura gets to a corner. Finn runs in to CHOP and whip! Nakamura reverses but misses a kick, to get the elbow drop DDT! Cover, TWO!

Finn keeps his cool as he aims from a corner. Nakamura stops the Slingblade and shoves Finn, to block the boots and KICK Finn in the back. Sliding German Suplex! Nakamura takes aim from a corner now, but Finn Slingblades back! Finn hurries up top as Nakamura is down! But Nakamura is up fast to trip Finn up! Top Shelf Knee! Finn tumbles to the apron but Nakamura follows. Nakamura aims from the second rope, FLYING KNEE! Finn falls to the floor but Nakamura pursues. Nakamura drags Finn up and brings him around to throw right into the post! Then the barriers! Then as the count reaches 6, back into the post! Nakamura gets in at 9, but Finn is in at 9.5! Nakamura throws Finn back out and follows again. Finn stands, KINSHASA!

Nakamura returns into the ring and lets the count climb. Finn stirs at 8, and is back in at 9.5 again! But another knee from Nakamura sends him back out! Nakamura shows no mercy as he whips Finn into barriers, then into steel steps! He knees Finn into the steps, then waits until 8 to reenter the ring. Finn’s in at 9.5 again?! KINSHASA! Cover, Nakamura wins!

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura, by pinfall

It took a third time, but the King of Strong Style puts Finn down for the count! Will Nakamura turn up the intensity even more when it’s for the title?


Shane talks with Elias and Drew McIntyre.

They had Roman Reigns where they wanted, but then Cedric Alexander ruined things. Shane and McIntyre still won even though Roman and Cedric tried to cheat, so now the Best in the World has the physical and mental advantage. Elias has the perfect funeral song for Undertaker, too. It’s very spooky. But Ziggler comes by to complain about not getting to end “that mouth breather” Kevin Owens. Shane knows that he was going to do that in the parking lot, but he couldn’t allow that. Kevin is gone, but since Ziggler still wants to be in the main event, he will be. Ziggler can help Shane out against Roman Reigns. Ziggler’s in for that, especially with Shane and crew ringside for him. Will this main event conspiracy go Shane’s way?


Samoa Joe speaks.

“You can deny the truth all you want, but that does not change the facts.” Joe offered Kofi Kingston mercy and safety, but he knew Kofi wouldn’t accept it. Kofi is everything Joe says he is. Kofi is a hustler, and at Extreme Rules, Joe will tear away that lie and beat him down to the bear essence of his true self. And when that’s done, Joe puts Kofi to sleep. “For all those who you call brother, for all those you have called family,” that he stood on and walked over, Joe will take all of that back. But most of all, Joe will take the WWE World Championship. Will Joe’s twisted truth become reality?


Kayla Braxton presides over the SmackDown Women’s Championship contract signing.

First out, representing herself and Alexa Bliss, it’s Nikki Cross! The Loony Lass won a Beat the Clock Challenge on last night’s Raw to make sure The Goddess got the stipulation she wanted. And what better stipulation for the miniature manipulator than to make it a Handicap Match? Therefore, Nikki is here to sign for both herself and Alexa. Bayley makes her entrance next and takes her seat across from Nikki. We all know the stipulation has been set to put pressure on Bayley. Is that why she attacked after talking? Bayley says she’s not here to fight, she just wants to talk. She’s not surprised Alexa didn’t show up, and is glad Nikki did. Bayley and Nikki are actually a lot alike. Bayley was starstruck, naive, and then grew up enough to see her “friend” only used her. That’s when Bayley became a champion on her own.

Oh so the one that dropped an elbow on Nikki is the “real” Bayley? Good to know Alexa was right! No, are you not seeing what Alexa is doing to you? She’s in Nikki’s head, controlling her! Nikki is doing Alexa’s dirty work! Because Alexa knows Nikki can handle herself! Bayley wants Nikki to ask herself something: “Are you really okay with helping someone else win a championship?” Nikki gets upset again, so Bayley says it’s fine. Bayley knows she’s in awful odds. Nikki is formidable, she doesn’t need Alexa. But Byaley will bring everything she has and will do anything to win. So what happens when they still lose, and Alexa blames Nikki?

Bayley signs her part, and Nikki says she’s doing this to help her friend. Not that Bayley would know what that’s like. All Bayley’s friends abandoned her! So don’t try to drive a wedge between her and Alexa! Alexa isn’t using Nikki! Alexa promised that when they win, she’ll share the title as the first-ever SmackDown Women’s co-champions! And with that, the contract is signed! Nikki tells Bayley to stick around for Nikki’s match with Carmella. Then Bayley will see that when it’s time to play, Nikki has all the fun. Carmella makes her entrance, because that match is next!


Nikki Cross VS Carmella!

SmackDown returns with the bell, and Nikki crossbodies immediately! Nikki rains down furious fists, then powers Carmella into a corner. She rams her shoulder in over and over then stomps a mudhole into Carmella! The ref backs Nikki off but Nikki snapmares Carmella for a dropkick! Cover, ONE! Nikki grins then glares at Bayley as she bounces Carmella’s face off the mat. Nikki thrashes Carmella and bounces her head off the mat again. Carmella gets to a corner and Bayley cheers her own but Nikki clubs Carmella down. Nikki snapmares Carmella and covers, TWO! Nikki keeps on Carmella with a modified Rings of Saturn, but fans rally up. Carmella endures and pops to a cover, TWO!

Nikki is on Carmella again with a half nelson and chinbar. Carmella fights her way up and fights out! Carmella rains down rights but Nikki shoves her away to clothesline her down! Nikki makes sure Bayley watches as she says, “This is on you!” But Carmella SLAPS Nikki! Nikki fires off and whips, but Carmella reverses to duck the crossbody! Both women are down but Carmella gets up. She rallies with clotheslines on Nikki, then gives her an atomic drop! Carmella bumps Nikki off her boot, to moonwalk and come back with the FABULOUS Bronco Buster! Nikki staggers up but blocks the Fabulous Kick. Nikki fishermans, but Carmella cradle counters! TWO, but Carmella mule kicks. Nikki blocks the kick again, PURGE! Cover, Nikki wins!

Winner: Nikki Cross, by pinfall

The Twisted Sister grins at Bayley, and Bayley nods. Bayley respects Nikki, but she’ll have to worry about both her and Alexa. Will Bayley be able to overcome two opponents at once to stay THE SmackDown Women’s Champion?


SmackDown shares footage from WWE Tokyo!

The live event in Japan a couple of weeks ago pit the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, the IIconics, against Kairi Sane and Asuka, aka the Kabuki Warriors! Japan was excited to have the Pirate Princess and Empress of Tomorrow back for the night as the home team! And that home team defeated Peyton Royce and Billie Kay with an InSane Elbow! Now the Kabuki Warriors are lined up for a title shot!


The IIconics encounter the Kabuki Warriors and Paige backstage!

So remember the bet they made? They need to schedule a match for the titles. How about tonight? Sorry, can’t! Billie’s feeling ill. What does she have? Mad Cow Bird Flu… Stop stalling! This is so annoying! Ever since they won the titles, they just run and make excuses! All they ever do is run their mouths. They’re just “overrated, underwhelming, shrill, cowardly clowns!” And before Billie can retort, Paige SLAPS her! But they can’t fight back, right? They’re “sick”. But this match is coming. Will the Kabuki Warriors take those titles as easily as they took that win in Japan?


Backstage interview with Roman Reigns!

The Big Dog returns to SmackDown to speak on the new main event with Dolph Ziggler. But the deck is stacked again. Will Roman make it to Extreme Rules? Roman loves being against the odds! Roman is ready but Ziggler ain’t. And then Roman and the Deadman will be ready at Extreme Rules. Shane and his boys will #RestInPeace!


It’s time for the SmackDown Tag Team Summit!

Awwww~ Manchester~! Before their Triple Threat Tag match for the titles, the three teams are going to meet in the ring for a peaceful talk. Out first is the New Day’s Big E and Xavier Woods, but surprisingly no pancakes. Xavier speaks first that tonight he will be in a triple threat match with Daniel Bryan and Otis Dozovic. This will help ya bois get ready for THE triple threat tag match. Unfortunately, Big E was hoping for some other kind of three way. But hey, that means the New Day can touch championships! The New Day will be six~ time- Dang it, the Planet’s Tag Team Championships have to interrupt here?

Daniel Bryan clears his throat as he can’t believe the fans boo him. The fans should boo the New Day. Despite Bryan pinning Big E last week and Rowan slamming Xavier through a table, the New Day continues to make lewd jokes. And people wonder why they’re not taking this match seriously. That’s because when the New Day wins tag titles, no one else takes them seriously. Xavier says Bryan talks too much without actually saying things. And second, what does Big Red Rowan have to say? Strong silent type confuses Xavier. First Rowan takes orders from Bray, then Harper, and now Bryan? Who is Rowan’s daddy? Rowan is furious but Bryan keeps him back. Fans taunt with “Who’s Your Daddy?!”

Ignorant people follow ignorant leaders. The New Day deflect criticism with humor. But the New Day are among the best tag teams in the WWE! They’ve had some of the best tag matches in WWE history! Yet they’re somehow never out of the midcard, and are nothing more than a comedy act. They are the worst thing for the WWE tag team division. No, actually, Heavy Machinery would be worse. Those two follow in the New Day’s example, making jokes and walking like hot garbage- Speaking of, Heavy Machinery arrives! Tucker Knight and Otis Dozovic have mics, too. Tucker gets it, the champs are so great. But at Stomping Grounds, in their first attempt at those titles, Tucker and Otis took them to their limits.

Heavy Machinery proved who they were about. They lost but they didn’t feel sorry. They got back to work in the gym. Heavy Machinery earned their place in this Triple Threat! “Because Tucky, we’re Blue Collar Solid~!” That means overcoming any obstacle, even if it’s the longest-reigning champions, The New Day. Five times is great and all, but that sixth will have to wait. Heavy Machinery wants to be the NEW, W, W, E, Smack, Down, Tag, Team, CHAMPIONS~! Feels good. And when Heavy Machinery will show you there’s no party like a Blue Collar Party~! But that’s Sunday. Tonight, Dozer wants Woods and Bryan to know… “I’m COMIIIIN’~!” Dozer heads for the ring because that match is after the break!


Triple Threat: Otis Dozovic w/ Tucker Knight VS Xavier Woods w/ Big E VS Daniel Bryan w/ Rowan!

SmackDown returns as the three men are in the ring and the bell sounds. The three circle but Bryan bails out. Fans boo but he just soaks it up. Woods and Dozer circle and Woods waistlocks to headlock. Dozer powers up but Woods holds on. Fans say “Bryan Sucks!” while Dozer powers out of the headlock. Woods dodges Dozer and slides under but still gets run over !Bryan runs in now to hop onto Dozer with a sleeper! Dozer powers Bryan to a corner and breaks free, tot hen toss Bryan across the way! Woods kicks Dozer then facelocks, but Dozer is too big to suplex. Bryan returns to actually help Woods, but that’s still not enough! Dozer double suplexes them straight up! Then slams them down! Manchester, NH loves this as Dozer covers Bryan, TWO!

Dozer gets up and whips Woods to a corner. Woods bounces off to another whip, then another! Then yet another whip, and another whip! Dozer sees Bryan come in and pops him up for a flapjack! Dozer runs at Woods but gets a boot! Rowan clobbers Woods and Dozer, no disqualifications in a Triple Threat! He even takes out Big E and Tucky! But then they power him right over the announce desk! Big E and Tucker start shoving but the referee keeps the peace. The ref says they and Rowan are EJECTED! Fans boo but that’s the only way this triple threat can continue fairly. Who recovers first as SmackDown goes picture in picture?

Bryan, Woods and Dozer are each in a corner. Bryan slips out to the apron whiel Dozer staggers up. Dozer goes after Woods but Bryan trips him up! Bryan throws Woods out of the ring to then throw him into barriers! And rain down right hands! Bryan soaks up the heat again as he returns to the ring. He stalks Dozer at the ropes to throw forearms and kicks. Bryan whips but Dozer reverses hard! Bryan hits buckles and falls, and Woods returns to dropkick Dozer! Dozer stays up so Woods hits a roaring elbow and another dropkick! Dozer tumbles out and Woods takes aim. Woods slingshots but into Dozer’s arms! Woods slips out to shove Dozer into the apron, then dropkick him into it!

Bryan returns and hits a flying knee from apron to Dozer! Dozer’s down and SmackDown returns to single picture as Woods clobbers Bryan! Woods throws Bryan into barriers hard! Then Woods throws hands and puts Bryan back in the ring. Woods climbs up fast, then leaps at Bryan for a missile dropkick! Cover, TWO! Woods keeps on Bryan with a fireman’s carry, but Bryan fights out. Bryan puts Woods in a corner then runs in, but gets an elbow. Woods rolls, but into a takedown! Bryan has the arm for the Lebelle Lock! It’s on deep, but here comes Dozer! Dozer breaks it up and Woods gets to safety. Bryan glares at Dozer and starts throwing Yes Kicks!

Fans rally behind Dozer as he takes kick after kick! Bryan aims but the buzzsaw is blocked to a scoop! And a spinning slam! Woods returns to kick Dozer, then steps in for the tornado, but Dozer blocks and throws Woods! Dozer hits a corner splash on Woods, then one on Bryan! Bryan falls like a tree while Woods is on the apron. Fans fire up as Dozer pumps it up! Dozer hits the Caterpillar Elbow! Bryan crawls away to the apron, and hotshots Dozer away! SUPERKICK from Woods to Dozer! Bryan runs but Woods shows his own strength! Trophy lift to gut buster drop! Bryan bails out again, Woods SUPERKICKS Dozer again! But Woods runs into a pop-up powerslam!! Cover, Dozer wins!!

Winner: Otis Dozovic, by pinfall

Heavy Machinery’s human wrecking ball wins one for the team! Can he and Tucker do it together when it’s all six men at once?


SmackDown takes a look at catering.

WWE 24/7 Champion Drake Maverick hides under the buffet table, but the focus is on Ember Moon. She grabs herself some things, but then Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville cut in line. Ember speaks up, but they’re the ones accusing her of skipping the line. This isn’t Twitter where you can troll and get away with it. This is real life. Yeah, and Ember was justified in what she said. And big talk from Mandy when Ember beat her. Pff, they are over with that. That actually brought these two closer together. But why doesn’t Ember go find herself a tag partner to have a match next week? If Ember can find herself a partner. Challenge accepted. And Ember will fight, even if it’s alone. Who will join the War Goddess in her fight with Fire & Desire?


SmackDown hears from Mustafa Ali.

“When you see evil, you’re supposed to run. Not me.” Ali runs towards evil. It’s not because he has no fear, no. He has fear. It’s that evil only wins when the good do nothing. So it doesn’t matter if it’s a monster, a giant or a devil, Ali has seen them all and fought them all. He saw them as a police officer and among the people he swore to protect and serve, and even those who swore to be the ones to protect and serve! There is no evil Ali will not battle. If Ali comes across the devil, he’ll square up and dance. And for those out there facing their own evil, remember that evil only wins when you don’t fight. When and where will we see the Beacon of Light fight the evil?


Aleister Black talks via titantron.

The Embodiment of the End has wanted to know who knocked on his door, but the other chair is empty. His opponent is choosing to stay anonymous until Extreme Rules itself. Aleister laughs and actually likes that. Because he sees what his opponent is doing. It is something Aleister would do, so he applauds this man for doing it. This is smart, it really is. But at this point, Aleister doesn’t even care anymore. Aleister doesn’t care who it is, he will fight whoever this is- But wait. Someone paces around the empty chair. They sit down, and it’s CESARO! Well here we go. Cesaro tells Aleister, “I’m the one who knocked at your door, because I’m here to pick. A fight. With you.” “Oh so very good, Mr. Cesaro.” Because Sunday, Aleister is ready to fight!


Shelton Benjamin thinks on Roman Reigns VS Dolph Ziggler.

And he thinks. And thinks. Then thinks some more. He smirks again, then leaves. Just what is Benjamin thinking these days?


SmackDown returns with a backstage interview of Kofi Kingston!

Paul Heyman walks by before the WWE Champion speaks on the “controversial” response to Joe’s handshake. Does Kofi worry what Joe will do to him at Extreme Rules? No, not at all! Kofi knows exactly who Joe is and what Joe does. That includes Joe getting inside his opponent’s minds. But what happened? Controversy~! Kofi got in Joe’s head and then gave him Trouble in Paradise right upside the dome! Joe is going to be Kofi’s most dangerous opponent, but by beating such opponents, that will be how Kofi becomes one of the greatest W, W, E, World, Heavy, Weight, Champion~! … BABYYYYYYYY!


Roman Reigns VS Dolph Ziggler w/ Shane McMahon, Elias & Drew McIntyre!

The Big Dog is backed against the wall again, but he doesn’t sweat it. Will he be able to keep his focus on the Show-Off while the Drifter, the Scottish Terminator and the “BEST in the WOOOOOOOOORLD” lurk nearby?

SmackDown returns once more, and the bell rings. Roman and Ziggler circle and approach. Ziggler gets a leg but gets away before Roman has him. Shane joins commentary but lets Elias and McIntyre go where they want around the ring. Ziggler ties up with Roman and pulls hair but Roman puts Ziggler in a corner. Roman lets up but Ziggler shoves. Roman shoves back and Ziggler falls down! Ziggler gets up to punch Roman then throw hands in the corner. Roman blocks to headbutt Ziggler down! Roman bumps Ziggler off buckles then again. He whips Ziggler and runs him over! Fans cheer as Roman fireman’s carries Ziggler. Ziggler slips out and kicks the leg, to then dropkick Roman down!

Ziggler drops elbows then covers, TWO! Shane isn’t worried as Ziggler bumps Roman off buckles and throws hands. Ziggler walks away to run back in for a big splash! And then another, but gets an uppercut! Ziggler bails out but Roman follows. Roman tells Elias to back off, then goes at Ziggler to hit the Drive-By Dropkick! McIntyre also lurks and Roman sees he’s surrounded. He puts Ziggler in the ring, but the ref warns McIntyre and Elias to stay back. Ziggler grabs Roman but Roman uppercuts him away! The ref checks on Ziggler while Elias distracts Roman. McIntyre shoves Roman into a post! Shane plays dumb as Ziggler fetches Roman to whip him into barriers! Ziggler puts Roman in to cover, TWO!

Ziggler grows frustrated and drops elbows to cover, TWO! Shane isn’t worried as Ziggler puts Roman in a crossface. Fans rally up for Roman as he endures the hold. Roman fights his way up and Ziggler keeps a sleeper hold to then throw Roman down. Ziggler drags Roman up for a neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Shane is actually excited while Ziggler grows frustrated. Ziggler keeps on Roman with a chinlock but fans rally up again. Roman feeds off the energy and fights his way back up. Ziggler kicks low then turns Roman but Roman shoves him away, and gets him with a Samoan Drop! But Shane is still not worried.

The ref starts a standing count as both Roman and Ziggler are down. Ziggler gets up first and to the ropes. Roman follows at 5, but Ziggler runs in, only for his DDT to be denied! Roman rallies with clotheslines, then whips, but Ziggler reverses. Roman hits the leaping lariat! The Big Dog gives Ziggler point-blank clotheslines in the corner! Roman gets all 10 then BOOTS Ziggler down! Fans fire up as Roman locks ‘n’ loads! Now Shane is worried. Roman hits Elias with the SUPERMAN PUNCH! But Ziggler ZIGZAGS! Cover, TWO!! Shane is relieved that Roman is down, but Ziggler grows further frustrated. Ziggler stomps a la HBK as he waits for Roman to stand. Roman does stand, to SUPERMAN PUNCH! Cover, TWO!!

Ziggler survives but Roman isn’t done here. Fans fire up with Roman again, but McIntyre saves Ziggler. So Roman builds speed to FLY! Roman takes out Elias and McIntyre but Ziggler is safe. Shane gets in the ring to distract Roman, Ziggler SUPERKICKS Roman down! But wait, is that Kevin Owens!? STUNNER!! Shane is down but Roman and Ziggler get back in the ring! Roman denies the ZigZag to SPEAR!! Cover, Roman wins!!

Winner: Roman Reigns, by pinfall

The Big Dog overcomes the odds again! Will he and the Undertaker put the Best in the World down in the ground? Or will No Holds Barred only help Shane screw them over that much harder?



My Thoughts:

For a go-home episode, this SmackDown was much better than usual. This was certainly better than Raw just on the flow, but I don’t like that we needed a lot of recaps. We got people giving promos to help recap, and videos just take up minutes that could be used for matches and promos. But that aside, Samoa Joe and Kofi Kingston did give us good promos to keep the hype going. Rumors are that Kofi isn’t 100%, and may not be cleared for his match. Hopefully that isn’t the case, or else I fear we’ll get a quick squash like Joe VS Mysterio at Crown Jewel when Mysterio was hurt. And if that is the case, it’s now okay that this match isn’t getting a stipulation, since it’d just be a waste.

The developments with Kevin Owens were a great part of the night. His brawl with Ziggler in the parking lot and now what is basically a full Stone Cold style Face turn is going to be great for him and for SmackDown as we get deeper into the Summer. His promo on Shane was great, and his part in the main event getting at Shane was the icing on the cake. Roman VS Ziggler was a good match, even with the ringside help of McIntyre and Elias, and the Shane and Kevin stuff only added to it. Again, pretty sure Roman and Taker win despite what the math says about standing tall and all that. Taker VS McIntyre is likely at Summerslam, and now McIntyre can feud with Kevin on Shane’s behalf as the build.

In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if this builds to Survivor Series somehow. There are enough superstars on each side for the traditional 5v5, where you don’t even need Shane or Taker in the match. Team Shane can be McIntyre, Elias, Ziggler and The Revival against Team WWE or whatever name, with Roman, the Usos, Miz and Kevin. But that’s looking a little too far ahead, even with Bischoff set to have influence starting next week. Though, one thing I’d like to see at Summerslam is the Finn VS Nakamura title match. They had a great non-title match here tonight, and if Bischoff were to help with the build, I bet they can have an even better match in Toronto. That match could go either way, which is honestly the best thing.

I was a little disappointed hearing they wanted to reveal Aleister Black’s opponent for Extreme Rules, because it takes away some of the drama. I do like that they chose Cesaro, and the way he revealed himself was well-done, but it would’ve been so much better as a surprise on Sunday. Aleister VS Cesaro is going to be an amazing match, and Aleister obviously wins for a strong singles re-debut. Ali had a solid promo, but who knows where he’s going while titles are spoken for. For that matter, what is up with Shelton Benjamin doing the “trying to solve math” meme face? Hopefully Bischoff comes up with ideas to follow Vince’s random thoughts. Maybe the Intercontinental Championship gets more active when SmackDown moves to Fox, with Benjamin and Ali included in the picture.

The tag titles, SmackDown Women’s title and Women’s Tag Titles all got some good play tonight, too. The SmackDown Tag Team Summit was great, with all the promos flying back and forth. That Triple Threat singles match we got was great, and it was big for Dozer to win, but this only reinforces that someone else wins the tag match. It would be amazing if The New Day all had titles, but that level of amazing is why it isn’t happening just yet. Probably Summerslam if we’re lucky. The Women’s Tag promos were good, especially Paige’s SLAP to Billie Kay. Kabuki Warriors might have to wait for Summerslam, too, which works since we need more matches for Asuka and Kairi.

Bayley and Nikki had good promos and Nikki VS Carmella was solid, but there’s no way we get co-champions. I still expect Alexa to blame Nikki if they lose, bringing their story about. Though, that really removes contenders for Becky on Raw. This is the one time uncertainty might not be good. We need to know there will be strong contenders on both shows so that the Wild Card Rule doesn’t actually have to be used that match. Alexa and Nikki could still feud while also getting Becky involved, I’m just not sure how that works at this point, with Vince clearly still influencing Raw. Bayley is probably fine on SmackDown, with Charlotte open to come back around, Carmella still being a good choice, and even Ember, Mandy and Sonya.

My Score: 8.1/10

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Will the Babe with the Power pass the test?

In pursuit of going back to back in the Women’s Owen Hart Cup, Willow Nightingale goes on a Rampage against The Professor of Pro-Wrestling, Serena Deeb!


  • Private Party VS Komander & Metalik w/ Alex Abrahantes; Private Party wins.
  • Rey Fenix w/ Alex Abrahantes VS Turbo Floyd; Fenix wins.
  • AEW TNT Championship Ladder Match Qualifier: Lio Rush VS Action Andretti; Lio wins and advances to Forbidden Door.
  • Shingo Takagi VS AR Fox; Takagi wins.
  • 2024 Women’s Owen Hart Cup Quarterfinal: Willow Nightingale VS Serena Deeb; Willow wins and advances.


Private Party VS Komander & Metalik w/ Alex Abrahantes!

Marq Quen & Isiah Kassidy know The Learning Tree, Chris Jericho, will be watching this match, given what’s already on tap for Collision tomorrow night. But will Quen & Zay be more than ready to enter the “Jericho Vortex?” Or will the Commander of the Skies and the King of the Ropes make the fiesta take a siesta?

The teams sort out, Brother Zay starts against the AAA World Cruiserweight Champion, and Fairfax is all fired up for Private Party. Komander and Kassidy circle, tie up, and Kassidy headlocks. The fans rally, Komander powers up and out, drops down, then hurdles. Zay leaps over, comes back, but Komander sidesteps. Zay turns hip toss into arm-drag and the fans fire up! Zay runs up, but Komander BOOTS him! Komander goes up and leaps to RANA! Zay stagger sup, Komander runs and tilt-o-whirl arm-drags! Then DROPKICKS! The fans fire up with Komander and he drags Zay over. Tag to Metalik and they double whip.

Metalik & Komander double HIP TOSS, then they double BASEMENT DROPKICK! Cover, TWO! Metalik clamps onto Zay but Zay fights up. Zay throws body shots, powers out and headlocks in return. Metalik throws body shots, powers up and out, but Quen tags in as Zay goes up and over! Zay runs up, Metalik throws him up and out but Quen is there for some SILLY STRING! The fans fire up, Quen hurries to cover, TWO! Metalik toughs it out but Quen stomps him around. Quen drags Metalik up to whip him to ropes, then he DROPKICKS Metalik down! The fans fire up, Quen drags Metalik up, and he scoops to SLAM!

Quen does a cocky cover a la Jericho, TWO! Quen says that’s for The Learning Tree. Quen drags Metalik up, fires forearms, then tags Zay. The fans rally, Private Party double whips but Metalik handsprings to DOUBLE BACK ELBOW! All three men are down and the fans rally again. Metalik crawls, hot tag to Komander! Komander springboards in to DOUBLE CROSSBODY! The fans fire up as Komander knuckle locks Zay, kicks Quen, then knuckle locks Quen, too. Komander goes to the ropes, goes up and up and ARABIAN PRESS DOUBLE ARM-DRAGS! The fans fire up as Private Party staggers up!

Komander runs up, tilt-o-whirls on Zay so he can RANA Quen! Zay hurries up, Komander blocks a shot to give knees. Komander CHOPS, runs, tiger feints and somersaults, to then swing and RANA Zay! The fans fire up and Komander goes to the apron. Metalik runs up, Komander holds the ropes down so Metalik can FLY! Direct hit on Private Party but now Komander loads up! A salute and a TOP ROPE SKY TWISTER!! Direct hit and everyone is down! The fans fire up again and Komander realizes he took out Metalik, too. Komander high-fives with the fans, then he gets Zay up and in. Komander hurries in to cover, TWO!

The fans rally up for both sides and Komander watches Zay stir, but Rampage goes picture in picture.

Komander CLUBS Zay, then brings him up to whip to a corner. Komander runs in to UPPERCUT and Zay falls over. Zay crawls but Komander CLUBS him down. Komander gator rolls Zay from his corner to tag in Metalik. Metalik CLUBS Zay, CHOPS him, but Zay CHOPS back! Metalik CHOPS Zay down, then stomps away! The ref counts, Metalik lets off, and then he digs his boots in on Zay’s neck. The ref reprimands and counts, Metalik lets off again, only to stomp Zay some more. Metalik drags Zay up, wrenches an arm and wristlocks, then tags Komander. Komander springboards to AX HANDLE the arm!

Rampage returns to single picture as the fans rally for Private Party. The luchadores keep Zay isolated, then Metalik whips him to his corner! Zay stops to go after Metalik!? And he TOSSES Metalik out! Komander tags in, but Zay hits a SPINEBUSTER! Zay and Komander are down and now Zay has to crawl to his corner! The fans rally, but Metalik gets in to get Zay’s legs. Zay rolls to throw Metalik away, then he dodges to hot tag! Quen rallies on Metalik with forearms and elbows, then ducks to PELE! Koander returns but gets a BOOT! Quen puts Metalik up top, ROCKS him with haymakers, but Komander runs up.

Quen ELBOWS Komander, goes up and QUEBRADAS! Then Quen goes back up after Metalik, to SUPERPLEX! Quen shakes it off and goes up the corner. 450 SPLASH!! Cover, Komander breaks it! Komander whips but Quen reverses and TOSSES Komander out hard! But Metalik SUPERKICKS! And SLING-DOGS! Then Metalik goes up and around the ropes to MISSILE DROPKICK! Cover, Zay breaks it! Zay helps Quen to their corner and tags in. The fans rally up as Zay gets Metalik up. Metalik fires forearms but Zay fires back! The fans rally, Zay gets the edge and just hammers away! Metalik drops to his knees but Zay CLUBS away!

Zay runs, but Metalik ducks ‘n’ dodges, DOUBLE LARIATS take both men down! The fans fire up as both men crawl for their corners. Wait, Komander and Quen each climb up! They both SHOOTING STAR, but Metalik and Zay both move! Komander and Quen manage to land out, then Komander takes a swing! Quen ducks, and he shoves Komander into Zay’s BOOT! Quen hops up to POISON-RANA! Komander staggers out of the ring, Zay runs corner to corner at Metalik! Metalik BOOTS Zay, but Quen lets Zay roll off his back! Metalik goes up, Quen jumps up to get him! GIN & JUICE!! Cover, Private Party wins!!

Winners: Private Party, by pinfall

Fairfax cheers as Quen & Zay now have the momentum! But wait, here comes The Learning Tree to steal the spotlight. Jericho waves to the crowd while Big Bill applauds. But wait! Zay & Quen run up to fight! But that’s 3v2 because Bryan Keith is also there! Quen gets beat down but Zay holds his own, and then security runs out here! Somehow, the two sides are pulled apart, but they’re headed for a Collision! Will Private Party teach The Learning Tree not to look down on them?


AEW takes a closer look at Ultimo Guerrero.

Excalibur narrates that as “one of the fiercest luchadores Mexico’s ever produced, Ultimo Guerrero is among the most highly decorated athletes to compete in CMLL’s 90 year history.” A SIX-TIME CMLL World Tag Team Champion, a FIVE-TIME CMLL World Trios Champion, and a TWO-TIME CMLL World Heavyweight Champion, Ultimo Guerrero now has his eyes set on Kazuchika Okada and the AEW Continental Championship. Ultimo was Okada’s mentor while on excursion in Mexico, and has watched The Rainmaker’s rise ever since. Will Okada withstand the challenge of his former mentor? Or will Ultimo have a golden ticket in time for the Forbidden Door?


Rey Fenix w/ Alex Abrahantes VS Turbo Floyd w/ Truth Magnum!

The Immortal Firebird will be in the Men’s Owen Hart Tournament this year, preparing to battle The Switchblade, Jay White next Wednesday. However, he does need to stay hot, so will he be all warmed up after tonight? Or will this Outrunner look to be more than just a tune-up?

The bell rings and the fans rally up behind Fenix. Fenix and Turbo circle, tie up, and then Turbo shoves Fenix. Fenix runs up, they RAM shoulders, but Turbo flexes as he stays standing. So Fenix CHOPS! And CHOPS! And CHOPS again! Fenix BODY BLOWS, fires up, then runs, only for Turbo to run him over! Turbo runs to drop the BIG elbow! Cover, ONE!! Fenix is tougher than that but Turbo keeps cool. Turbo ROCKS Fenix, runs up, but into a BOOT! Fenix then dodges Turbo, brings him around and goes up, up and CROSSBODIES! Fairfax fires up with Fenix and he goes back up, to tightrope PENALTY KICK! Fenix goes to the corner, FROG SPLASH! Cover, Fenix wins!

Winner: Rey Fenix, by pinfall

Well, that was certainly fast! Maybe Fenix should be called “Turbo.” Penta & Abrahantes celebrate with Fenix, will there be #CeroMiedo in the Owen Hart Cup? Or will Jay White force even Fenix to Breathe With The Switchblade?


AEW TNT Championship Ladder Match Qualifier: Lio Rush VS Action Andretti!

Turns out that The Bad Child and the Sight to See have known each other a long time, but friendship only goes so far when there’s gold on the line. Will Lio make sure he’s the Man of the Hour tonight? Or will Andretti get in on the action in Long Island?

The bell rings and the fans rally up as the two circle. The fans are on Lio’s side but Action doesn’t sweat it. They shake hands to show there is sportsmanship, then things speed up! Action drops down but Lio gator rolls that, only for Action to slip around to a waistlock. Lio slips under to waistlock then spin, but Action reverses the whip. Lio reverses, Action reverses, repeat, but Lio springboards to RANA, only for Action to handspring through! The fans fire up for this exchange, and Lio says alright. They talk a little smack, then things speed up again. Action follows Lio, even as he turns the corner on a dime!

Lio ducks the lariat, baits Action in then throws him out! Lio builds speed but Action moves aside. Lio stops himself, bails  out, but Action sees him, too! They meet at the steps, backflip away, and then both slide in! The fans cheer again, and the two reset. They go again, hook arms, use that to redirect, then they redirect again, to DOUBLE CROSSBODY! Both men are down and the fans fire up! Lio and Action are definitely likeminded as they go to ropes, and Rampage goes picture in picture.

Action and Lio rise up, storm over, and Action facelocks to suplex. Lio slips out to shove, then he ELBOWS Action down! Lio hurries to cover, ONE!! Lio keeps Action down with a chinlock but Action endures the grind. Action fights up, but Lio shifts around to become a backpack! Action still stands up, but Lio sends him into a corner! Lio clotheslines, then short arm LARIATS! The fans rally while Action checks his jaw. Lio gets him right up to snap suplex! Cover, TWO! Action pushes Lio away, so Lio KICKS him down! Lio eggs Action on, gets him up, and shoves him to a corner to stomp low. Lio fires hands, then lets off as the ref counts.

Lio brings Action up, whips him corner to corner, then runs in, but into a BOOT! Action runs up, Lio slips around then snapmares to UPPERCUT! Cover, TWO! Action is still in this but Lio stays on him with another chinlock. Lio body scissors Action to keep him down, but Action endures as Rampage goes to break.

Rampage returns and Lio brings Action up. Action fires body shots, then forearms. Action whips, Lio reverses then runs up, but into a BOOT! Lio comes back, Action dodges him, then DECKS him! Action DECKS Lio again, wrenches and ROCKS him! Action fireman’s carries, but Lio grabs the ropes! Action puts Lio on the apron but Lio ROCKS Action back! Action BOOTS Lio to the floor! Lio stands up, Action slingshots to ARABIAN PRESS! Down goes Lio again and Action hurries to put him in the ring! Action springboards to 450 but he has to roll through as Lio moves! Lio kicks the legs out, Action ducks the heel kick to return the favor!

Action CHOPS, BUZZSAWS, then deadlifts Lio into a FALCON ARROW! Cover, TWO! Lio survives and Action grows frustrated. Action stalks Lio but the fans rally up behind the Bad Child. Action torture racks Lio, pops him up, but Lio arm-drags free! Lio then bobs ‘n’ weaves, fires off fast hands and ROCKS Action! Lio runs, but Action is up, SPANISH FLY! Cover, TWO!! Lio survives and Action grows frustrated again. The fans rally, Action considers his options. Action puts Lio in the drop zone, goes up and up and SPLIT- NO, Lio dodges the moonsault, roll up and SPIN KICK! The fans fire up and Lio says it’s time!

Lio runs to springboard, RUSH HOUR! Action falls back, Lio hurries up top! FINAL HOUR!! Cover, Lio wins!

Winner: Lio Rush, by pinfall (advances to Forbidden Door)

And with that, Lio is headed for Long Island! Will Lio make sure it’s his time in that TNT Championship Ladder Match? Top Flight heads out here to check on Action, but then they stonewall Lio. Lio pushes past them to help his old pal to his feet. The fans cheer the sportsmanship, and Lio offers a handshake. Action looks to his teammates, but he still shakes Lio’s hand. Lio offers, he gets more a low-five out of Darius, but a full handshake from Dante. Dante and Lio will both be in that ladder match, will friendship again be out the window when only one man can be the Face of TNT?


Shingo Takagi VS AR Fox!

Speaking of the Forbidden Door, NJPW’s Rampaging Dragon is going to show up in Long Island for a fight with the American Dragon, Bryan Danielson! Not only that, but that match will be part of the Men’s Owen Hart Cup tournament! Will Takagi prove it’s his time, no matter where he wrestles? Or will he have a hard time with the Whole Fox’n Show?

Wait! Fox attacks before the bell! He won’t be a “tune-up” like Turbo was with Fenix! Fox CLUBS away but Takagi KNEES, HEADBUTTS and CHOPS! Takagi runs, but into a CALF KICK! The fans fire up with Fox as Takagi bails out, but then Takagi steps back. Fox stops his plancha to land on the apron, but Takagi goes for a leg. Fox mule kicks free, then uses the corner to QUEBRADA! Direct hit and the fans fire up with Fox! Fox drags Takagi up, puts him in, and then climbs up a corner, to SWANTON BOMB! And long range at that! Cover, TWO! Takagi is tougher than that but Fox has the fans rallying up.

Fox brings Takagi up, CLUBS him, then kicks him. Takagi eggs Fox on so Fox runs, into the ELBOW! JAB! YUKON LARIAT! The fans fire up for that display of power! Takagi drags Fox up, reels him in, but Fox fights the suplex, so Takagi hits a TWIST ‘N’ SHOUT! The fans duel, but Takagi sits Fox up for some HAMMER ‘N’ ANVIL ELBOWS! Takagi runs to SLIDING- NO, Fox dodges the lariat to kip up, SUPERKICK, and BUZZSAW! But Takagi ducks the second superkick, only to get a BASEMENT CUTTER! Fox hurries up and up and 450 SPLASHES! Cover, TWO!! Takagi survives the speed blitz and that shocks Fox!

The fans rally up but Fox brings Takagi up. Fox fires forearms, hoists Takagi up top, then gest space. Fox runs back in, goes up, but Takagi holds onto the top ropes to stifle the Arabian Press Fly! Fox flounders back up, the fans fire up, and Takagi pumps up! PUMPING BOMBER! Takagi drags Fox back up, pump handles and torture racks, but Fox sunset flips it! TWO!! Takagi escapes, Fox goes Matrix to avoid the Pumping Bomber, but Takagi ducks the Pele! Takagi shoves, to POP-UP DEATH VALLEY! The fans fire up as Takagi gets moving, PUMPING BOMBER!! Takagi shouts “OI! OI! OI!” and Fairfax joins in!

Takagi drags Fox up, pump handles, torture racks, and LAST OF THE DRAGONS!! Cover, Takagi wins!

Winner: Shingo Takagi, by pinfall

Fox put up a fight but Takagi is a former IWGP World Heavyweight Champion for a reason. But wait, here comes Bryan Danielson! Fairfax chants “YES! YES! YES!” as Bryan applauds for Takagi. Dragon meets dragon, and we only have 9 days until these two have it out. Bryan offers a handshake, the fans chant “YES! YES! YES!” so Takagi nods and SLAPS the hand away. The fans boo but Takagi pushes past Bryan to take his leave. Takagi says it’s still his time, but will he have to prove it in Long Island? Or will Bryan kick Takagi right back out the Forbidden Door as he moves forward in the Owen Hart Cup?


2024 Women’s Owen Hart Cup Quarterfinal: Willow Nightingale VS Serena Deeb!

The Babe with the Power won the entire tournament last year, and even won titles between then and now, but she’s also lost between then and now. However, there’s motivation beyond repeating as the Queen of Harts here, because former friend Kris Statlander is waiting in the semifinals for the winner of this match. Will Willow pass the Professor of Pro-Wrestling’s test to take on The Galaxy’s Greatest Traitor? Or will there be no mercy in Deeb’s Dojo?

The bell rings, Willow offers a handshake, and Deeb accepts. The fans cheer the sportsmanship, then they rally up for “DEEB! DEEB! DEEB!” as the hometown hero. Deeb nods, but Willow brushes that off. The two tie up, Willow wrenches an arm, then wristlocks. Deeb rolls forward, rolls back, reaches over and wrenches to wristlock Willow. The fans duel now as the Willow fans fire up. Willow feels her way through the wristlock to then get around and waistlock. Willow SLAMS Deeb down, holds on, but Deeb moves around. Deeb pops the hold open to hammerlock then headlock, then spin and hammerlock again.

Deeb hits another headlock, another spin, and another headlock. Deeb keeps the pattern going to disorient Willow, but Willow powers out. They RAM shoulders, and Willow says, “Ooh~, okay.” Deeb runs, RAMS Willow, but Willow still doesn’t budge. Deeb runs again but Willow follows to then run Deeb over! The fans are torn but Willow scoops and SLAMS! Willow runs then SPLASHES! Cover, TWO! Willow keeps cool and she brings Deeb up to suplex. Willow holds Deeb up, then SLAMS her down! The fans fire up more and Willow goes up a corner. Deeb stands, but she avoids the missile dropkick!

Deeb grabs a leg, turns Willow over, HALF CRAB! But Willow gets the ROPEBREAK! The ref counts, Deeb lets go, and Willow goes to the apron. Deeb storms up but Willow ROCKS her first! Willow steps in but Deeb gets the leg! DRAPING DRAGON SCREW! Deeb runs to BLAST Willow down! Deeb then hurries out to get Willow up, TWIST ‘N’ SHOUT to the floor! The fans fire up for Deeb while Rampage goes picture in picture.

Deeb drags Willow up, puts her in the ring, then drags Willow up for another TWIST ‘N’ SHOUT! Cover, TWO! Willow stays in this but Deeb drags her back up. Deeb ripcords to ELBOW, then wrenches the arm to wrap Willow up in the IRON OCTOPUS! Willow endures, marches her way forward, but Deeb bends the fingers! Willow still endures, still fights her way over, and her free arm gets the ROPEBREAK! Deeb lets go, Willow goes to a corner, and Deeb storms over. Deeb wrenches and whips, but Willow reverses! Willow runs up, blocks a boot, but Deeb reels her in to KICK! Deeb goes to the apron, brings Willow into the ropes, and HOTSHOT NECKBREAKERS!

Deeb hears the fans, then she storms in after Willow. Deeb sits Willow up but Willow throws body shots in return! Willow stands to CHOP, then CHOP again! Deeb staggers, Willow ROCKS her with a forearm! Willow CLUBS away in the corner, then stomps a mudhole in. Deeb turns things around then CHOPS Willow in the corner! Willow staggers away but Deeb puts her in another corner, for another CHOP! Deeb UPPERCUTS Willow, reels her in, but Willow fights the lift to back drop free! Deeb writhes, Willow hobbles to a corner, but Deeb hurries up. Deeb whips, but Willow cartwheels and ENZIGIRIS!

Both women are down, but Deeb shakes out her arms. Willow crawls her way to ropes, Deeb stands, and Rampage returns to single picture. Willow runs Deeb over, then runs her over again! And again! Willow is fired up and the fans are with her now as she runs to back body block in a corner! Willow clotheslines, snapmares, BOOTS, and then fires up! The fans cheer as Willow whips and SPINEBUSTERS! High stack, TWO! Deeb survives and Willow is frustrated, but Willow gets Deeb up. Willow whips, Deeb KICKS back! Deeb wrenches, hooks Willow up again, IRON OCTOPUS! But Willow powers out, right into an AIR RAID CRASH!

The fans fire up, Willow gets Deeb up and gut wrenches, but Deeb grabs a leg! Deeb CLUBS that leg, trips Willow, and turns her into the HALF CRAB! Willow endures, even as Deeb sits deep! The fans duel, Willow crawls, then runs over. Willow kicks and kicks and kicks free, then brings Deeb around! Fireman’s carry, but Deeb fights free! Deeb wants the full nelson but Willow elbows free! Deeb shoves Willow to SNAP GERMAN! Willow staggers up, Deeb hammerlocks and PEPSI TWISTS! Cover, TWO! Willow survives and the fans fire up! Deeb is frustrated, but she refocuses and goes to a corner. The fans are torn as Deeb climbs up top.

“This is Awesome!” as Willow ROCKS Deeb first! Willow climbs, CLUBS Deeb, then brings her to the very top! SUPERPLEX! And a stiff one! Both women are down but the fans are all fired up! A standing count starts as both women stir. Willow rises at 5 of 10, and she finds Deeb. Willow stands Deeb up to ROCK her! Deeb UPPERCUTS back! Willow CHOPS, Deeb CHOPS, repeat! Deeb UPPERCUTS, Willow huffs ‘n’ puffs and ROCKS Deeb! Deeb rebounds to LARIAT, but Willow rebounds to LARIAT!! Deeb is down and Willow hurries to cover, TWO!! Deeb survives but Willow just powers up!

Deeb is in a corner, Willow goes corner to corner, CANNONBALL only gets buckles! Deeb hurries to reel Willow in and tuck the arms! DEEB-TOX!! Cover, TWO?!? Willow survives but Deeb doesn’t hesitate! Deeb SMASHES the knee into the mat again and again! Deeb then steps over, but Willow kicks her away! Willow fireman’s carries, but the leg buckles! Deeb slips down, UPPERCUTS, and then UPPERCUTS again! Deeb runs, but Willow goes the other way! POOOUNCE~!! PERIOD! The fans are thunderous as Willow gut wrenches, BABE WITH THE POWER BOMB!! Cover, Willow wins!

Winner: Willow Nightingale, by pinfall (advances to the next round)

Willow passes the Professor’s test, and now she’s not only one step closer to repeat Owen Hart Cup finals, she’s going to get her grudge match with Kris Statlander! Will Willow also get her revenge? Or will Kris add to the list of things she’s done to ruin Willow’s life?

My Thoughts:

A very good Rampage, and they’re really stuffing these episodes lately. For one, two good tune-up matches. Fenix of course beats Turbo Floyd easy, and we get a great match out of Takagi VS Fox. But again, of course Takagi won so he has momentum, and I figured Bryan would show up. Bryan will surely have his own great tune-up match as part of a Forbidden Door go-home episode, and then we’ll get an awesome match out of Bryan VS Takagi in the Owen Hart Cup. Great opening tag match from Private Party with Metalik & Komander, and while Metalik & Komander are great, Private Party gets the momentum going into their match tomorrow night on Collision.

As such, of course Jericho and team show up, but the brawl was a bit of a surprise. Chances are that means Jericho & Bill win with help from “Bad Apple” Bryan Keith. Great TNT Championship qualifier from Lio and Action, and I like this tension they’ve kept between Lio and Top Flight. Given how AEW handles contracts and departures, there really never was closure behind Lio leaving AEW for NJPW, and then that means there was no explanation why Lio left Dante high and dry and that has to be the kayfabe by default, but at least they’re making up for it now. Lio and Dante interacting will be a great part of the ladder match in itself, but I’m still leaning towards Jack Perry winning the title.

And great main event from Willow and Deeb. Deeb is great, she deserves something, but sadly there are a lot of other great wrestlers in the AEW Women’s Division. And with story taking precedence, of course Willow won here. Willow VS Kris will be great, and could go either way. However, also because of story, Mariah May is surely going to win this tournament so she can take on Toni Storm for the Women’s World Championship. Plus, Kris and Willow can feud through the summer, escalating things to something really wild to then give the winner of that momentum going towards the world title, perhaps in time for All Out.

My Score: 8.8/10

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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Results & Report! (6/21/24)




CM Punk returns home!

SmackDown is in Chicago, and no way was CM Punk going to miss this! It’s a special homecoming, but will someone try and ruin the fun?


  • Women’s Money in the Bank Qualifier Triple Threat: Bianca Belair VS Chelsea Green VS Mia Yim; Chelsea wins and advances to MITB Toronto.
  • Men’s Money in the Bank Qualifier Triple Threat: Randy Orton VS Tama Tonga VS Carmelo Hayes; Melo wins and advances to MITB Toronto.
  • Men’s Money in the Bank Qualifier Triple Threat: Kevin Owens VS Andrade VS Grayson Waller; Andrade wins and advances to MITB Toronto.
  • Cody Rhodes VS Solo Sikoa w/ Paul Heyman; Cody wins, by disqualification.


CM Punk is here!

SmackDown is in Chicago, so where else would he be? The fans fire up as they get to high-five their Second City Saint, and even join in on “IT’S CLOBBERING TIME!” Punk even waves a fan’s Chicago flag before going to the ring. Punk jumps in, but then sits down cross-legged in the middle of the ring as he revels in the chants and cheering. Punk says, “Live television on Fox, I gotta start off by saying, is it great to be alive in Chicago on a Friday night or what?” The fans fire up and Punk says live TV is pressure. Every time he comes out, and he is grateful to be graced by these fans, is pressure.

Speaking in front of his home town is pressure. Promising to do his best and walk away a champion in front of his people is pressure! And y’all might think he’s a little bit crazy, but even to this day, right before hearing the static and hearing Living Color, he wonders… Can he handle the pressure? Here’s a date, you let him know if you were there. July 17, 2011! Punk promised himself and he promised everyone in Chicago that he’d walk out of here THE WWE Champion. That was pressure! He could’ve slipped on a banana peel, fell on his face, and made an embarrassment of himself and the city of Chicago. Did he? “No!” Did he? “NO!”

One more time, did he embarrass Chicago? “NO!!” Then you see where this is going, right? Punk was told he was gonna get jumped in Glasgow. That they needed to hire extra security, because if Punk showed up, messed with the title match, they’d have his head on a pike. Did he ruin everyone’s day? Not for Chicago. And Punk says he’d hate to kick a man while he’s down but this is a bit of revenge. For weeks and months, Drew McIntyre kicked Punk while he was down. And Punk keeps the promises he makes, because McIntyre wasn’t just kicking Punk, he was kicking Chicago.

You can do three things in that situation: You can stay down, but that’s not an option; you can get back up and turn the other cheek, but for Chicago, that’s not an option; Punk did things the Chicago way, if they send him to the hospital, he sends them to the morgue! Punk wasn’t gonna kill a man, but he was gonna kill a career. Punk planned on burying McIntyre’s career six feet under! He just didn’t think it’d be this easy. Because if you haven’t seen it by now, McIntyre has quit! McIntyre couldn’t take the pressure! McIntyre “prayed” for bad things to happen to Punk, so Punk preyed on him to make things happen.

Punk looked forward to making more things happen, but McIntyre has taken his ball and gone home. “Ladies and gentlemen…” The fans are torn seeing The Wise Man make his way out here! Heyman continues his introduction, and he is NOT out here in disrespect to Punk. Of all people, Heyman would never do that. Heyman just got here, is running late, and if you can’t tell, it is hot as balls outside! And when CM Punk opens a show, it gets hot as balls in the Allstate Arena, too. That man right there sat next to Heyman’s children when he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, despite being the Wise Man for The Tribal Chief, Roman… Reigns.

Heyman told the world that Punk is his best friend. Heyman meant it then, means it now, and has come in an urgent situation. Heyman asks for permission to step into the ring, but Chicago chants, “We Want Roman!” Punk says there’s one person in this world that can hijack Punk and get the fans to cheer for Roman, and it’s Heyman. Is he okay? He doesn’t look too good. The fans chant for Punk, and Heyman brings Punk in for a hug! The fans cheer, and Heyman seems rather emotional but also a bit relieved. Heyman apologizes, he just needed that.

Heyman is here because driving in on the radio, they were listening to the radio, and it said that Chicago is CM Punk’s town. The fans cheer, but Heyman says that pissed off Solo Sikoa. The fans boo that, but Heyman says Solo, now that he’s The Head of the Table, wants every town to be HIS town. And well… Heyman is doing Punk a favor while asking for a favor in return. Heyman’s favor is that any day now, Punk will get medically cleared. Anyone that steps in the ring with Punk will learn they step to the Best in the World. And if Punk doesn’t get outta here right now, The Bloodline’s coming for him.

That won’t do any good, because you can see the extra security here, and there’s already some in the back. That’s for the Wyatts given what we saw on Raw, but not for a bunch of rogue Polynesians who are taking this way outta proportion. So Heyman’s favor is to say with love and respect, against Punk’s own instincts, he has to please just get outta here. The fans boo, then they chant for Punk. Punk asks if Heyman is serious. Punk is to leave because Solo and his Tongans are gonna try and jump him in Chicago? The fans get really rowdy now, but then here comes The Bloodline! Solo, Tama Tonga & Tonga Loa stand on stage, and Solo has a mic.

The fans boo as Solo calls out Punk. If Punk wants to be on SmackDown, Solo’s show, then he’s got two options. One: Pay your respect to The Bloodline. Two: The Bloodline makes sure Punk never, ever gets cleared to wrestle again. The fans boo but Solo asks which one Punk wants. Chicago’s got Punk’s back but Heyman is worried. Punk tells Heyman, “What’s the favor you wanted to ask of me if I do you this favor?” Heyman hesitantly says for Punk to take him with Punk. Fans chant “YES! YES! YES”! but Punk wants everyone to hold on. Punk tells Solo, “I acknowledge… the fact that I don’t see the Bloodline standing in front of me. I see a bunch of fake ass Usos!”

The fans go nuts and Punk says Solo is a phony cosplaying Tribal Chief! Solo, Tama & Loa storm up to the ring but Punk stands his ground. The Bloodline steps in, but here’s Cody Rhodes! And he has baseball bats!! The fans fire up as The American Nightmare lets Punk have one, and the two get The Bloodline to back down! The fans go nuts for Cody, and Cody tells Solo, “You fashion yourself the Head of the Table, right? I’ve already beaten one Head of the Table. So why don’t you leave your family backstage, Kevin and Randy won’t accompany me, and we settle this here, we settle this TONIGHT!” The fans love it!

Solo says challenge accepted! Solo will go solo against the WWE Champion, but will he have a Samoan Spike with Cody’s name on it?


Bianca Belair is at gorilla position.

The EST is getting ready, and Jade Cargill walks over. Jade knows tonight is about qualifying for Money in the Bank, and she won’t be a distraction, but after, she’s gonna go talk with Nick Aldis about a rematch for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships. Bianca hears that, but she will focus on her match, same as Jade will on hers. A rematch is a good idea since they weren’t even pinned. But they gotta handle business, go qualify for MITB, and then they get the tag titles. Jade loves it. Bianca heads out, but will the StrongEST, the FastEST, the RoughEST, the ToughEST lose another Triple Threat?


Randy Orton & Kevin Owens find Cody Rhodes backstage.

The Viper & Prizefighter check in on Cody. With everything going on, does Cody really wanna face Solo alone tonight? Cody says it is something he has to do. Randy and Kevin have qualifiers, Solo isn’t ready, Cody’s got this. He asks they trust him, and Randy fist bumps. Kevin says he still doesn’t like this. He gets wanting to do it on their own, but The Bloodline always has a plan. Cody knows, Kevin is probably right about this, but Cody’s got a plan of his own. Cody wishes Kevin luck then heads out, but will Cody be the one not ready for this fight?


Women’s Money in the Bank Qualifier Triple Threat: Bianca Belair VS Chelsea Green VS Mia Yim!

SmackDown returns and everyone is in the ring. The bell rings, The Hot Mess ROCKS Bianca, but Michin rolls her up! TWO, an Chelsea ROCKS Mia! Bianca spins Chelsea around to ROCK her, Mia add son, and Chelsea is a pinball! The fans fire up as Chelsea falls over! Mia and Bianca then circle, tie up, and Bayley is watching backstage. Mia headlocks, Bianca powers up and out, then runs Mia over! The fans cheer as Bianca flexes, and Bianca runs, only for Mia to drop down. Chelsea is back to ROCK Bianca! Mia POUNCES Chelsea! Bianca rolls Mia up! TWO, then Mia gets around and redirects. Bianca avoids the dropkick and wags her finger.

Bianca handsprings but Chelsea trips her up! Chelsea TOSSES Bianca, avoids Mia’s dropkick, then ROCKS Mia! Chelsea brings Bianca up, but she ducks the forearm and Bianca DECKS Mia! Bianca still ROCKS Chelsea, but then Mia ROCKS Bianca! The forearms fly, but Chelsea DIVES! Direct hit and down go both Bianca and Mia! The fans fire up as Chelsea laughs at her opponents, and SmackDown goes to break!

SmackDown returns again and Chelsea goes up. Bianca CLUBS her, Mia slides back in, and while Bianca climbs up behind Chelsea, Mia climbs up behind Bianca! DOUBLE SUPER BACK SUPLEX!! The fans are thunderous as all three women are down! Bayley is still watching closely as the three stir. Mia and Bianca brawl with foraerms, theN Mia CHOPS! Bianca fires a forearm, Mia fires a flurry! Bianca shove sMia, ducks a roundhouse then rolls Mia up, TWO! Mia runs up, ducks ‘n’ dodges then RAN- NO, Bianca stops that to get Mia up! Mia fights with fists, sunset flips, TWO! Bianca swings, but into a wrench and SOLE FOOD!

Bianca falls out of the ring, Chelsea rolls Mia up! TWO!! Mia escapes, wrenches, and- NO, Chelsea won’t Eat Da Feet! Chelsea hooks arms, Mia powers out, but Chelsea SLAPS! Mia HEADBUTTS! Mia reels Chelsea in, hoists her up, and hits a STYLES CLASH! Cover, BIANCA BREAKS IT! The fans are fired up again as this phenomenal match continues! Mia drags Bianca up, SOBATS, then waistlocks. Bianca pries free to switch and GERMAN SUPLEX! Mia flounders around, Bianca torture racks! KISS OF DEATH!! Cover, but Chelsea TOSSES Bianca out! Chelsea snipes the cover, and WINS!!

Winner: Chelsea Green, by pinfall (advances to Money in the Bank)

Chicago is all fired up while Bianca is stunned! The Hot Mess is going to Toronto, but will she bring down that briefcase to become Ms. Money in the Bank?

Bayley can’t help but laugh. Of course it ends up like that. But Blair Davenport walks in because she wants Bayley to tell Naomi that Blair is so looking forward to beating her in their qualifier next week. And when Blair becomes Ms. MITB, she is really looking forward to cashing in on Bayley. Blair heads out, but will Bayley beware?


The Bloodline returns to their suite.

Solo glares at Heyman, and asks if Heyman wants to leave. Heyman says no. Well, before he leaves with CM Punk, Heyman needs to tell the Tongans that they need to make sure Randy and Kevin don’t make it outta here. Solo wants Heyman to tell them? Solo says when he tells Heyman to do something, Heyman better go do it. Heyman says he’ll go take care of it, but Solo adds that when Heyman comes back, the two of them… are gonna have a talk. Solo pats Heyman on the chest, and Heyman heads out. Tama’s up first, will Heyman make sure the orders are issued?


Backstage interview with Grayson Waller.

Kayla Braxton is with one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions, and she imagines Waller is having a hard time focusing since Austin Theory is at home recovering. Waller says yeah, shoutout to his boy, he is thinking of Theory tonight. That’s why Waller is gonna win his qualifier tonight, go on to MITB and win the briefcase, all for Austin! But then DIY walks over, and Johnny Gargano says Waller doesn’t actually care for Austin. He only cares about himself! Tommaso Ciampa thinks Ciampa sacrificed his “best friend” Theory last week, all so- WHOA, okay, who or what is banging on the garage door?

Waller backs up, blaming DIY for Theory being stuck at home, and then the garage door lifts to reveal… CM PUNK IS DOWN! DREW MCINTYRE IS STANDING OVER HIM!! The Scottish Terminator quit the WWE but he did not give up his grudge! He hauls Punk up, fireman’s carries him, and with bloody hands, he brings Punk through the halls for the entire roster to see! McIntyre is heading for gorilla even! The fans can be heard booing as McIntyre storms right through the curtain and on stage to show Punk’s people their fallen hero. And then he just DUMPS Punk onto the floor! Punk’s forehead and mouth are bloodied, and McIntyre kneels down.

McIntyre mocks Punk by touching the ground, checking Punk’s own watch, then stealing it! “Clobbering time” doesn’t even cover this! Aldis storms out here, he shoves McIntyre but McIntyre shoves Aldis! Producers hurry to not only keep these two from fighting but to check on Punk. Medics hurry out already, with a stretcher, and the fans boo as McIntyre slowly steps away, keeping his eyes on Punk. Did McIntyre just make sure Punk never gets medically cleared again?


SmackDown returns and…

Punk is loaded into the ambulance. Aldis has security make sure McIntyre is nowhere in the building, but will there be no reason for McIntyre to come back after what he’s just done?


Men’s Money in the Bank Qualifier Triple Threat: Randy Orton VS Tama Tonga VS Carmelo Hayes!

The Viper is on the Bloodline’s hitlist, and you can bet “The Right Hand Man” is going to do everything he can to take him out. Will Orton or Tama be the one shot down #outtanowhere? Or are they both overlooking H1M?

SmackDown returns, Melo is already in the ring and Tama makes his entrance. Orton makes his entrance, and the fans fire up for the Viper! The bell rings and Orton glares at Tama and Tama glares at Orton. Chicago is on Orton’s side, but then Tama and Melo work together to mug him! The fans boo but they both beat Orton down int he ring. Tama shoves Melo and stomps away on Orton, so Melo rolls Tama up! TWO, and now Tama and Melo start shoving. Orton gets up to UPPERCUT Melo, kick Tama, and he TOSSES Tama out! The fans fire up as Orton goes out, throws hands on Tama, then SMACKS him off the desk!

Orton gets Tama up but Melo CLUBS Orton! The fans boo but then Orton kicks Melo! Orton brings Melo around but Tama CLUBS Orton! Orton gets mugged again, and against the mask! Melo and Tama learn to take turns, but then Orton fires hands on them both! The fans fire up, and Orton gives Tama the DESK BACK SUPLEX! then a DESK BACK SUPLEX for Melo! The fans are thunderous as Orton stands tall, and SmackDown goes to break.

SmackDown returns again and Melo whips Tama, but Tama reverses to then UPPERCUT Melo! Tama drags Melo up, drags him in to CLUB away on his chest, then runs to SLIDING LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Tama is annoyed but he drags Melo up. Tama HEADBUTTS Melo then clamps on a chinlock. Melo endures, the fans rally for Orton, but Orton is down on the outside somewhere. Melo fights up, Tama CLUBS him, but Melo BOOTS back! Then SUPERKICKS! Tama roars, blocks a kick, and he shoves Melo. Melo runs back in, LA MYSTICA! Cover, TWO! Tama stays in this and Melo grows frustrated.

Melo facelocks Tama, brings him up, and glances to the briefcase. Melo suplexes, but Tama blocks! Melo shifts to a cradle, TWO! Tama swings, Melo dodges and ELBOWS! Melo springboards, into a clinch! URENAGE BACKBREAKER! Cover, Orton breaks it! The fans fire up and Tama is furious! Orton ROCKS Tama first, then ROCKS him again! Melo gets up but Orton kicks him! Orton UPPERCUTS Melo down, LARIATS Tama, and then LARIATS again! Orton dodges Tama to SNAP POWERSLAM! The fans fire up but Melo is up top! Orton ROCKS Melo then throws more hands. Orton glances at Tama, then goes up after Melo.

The fans fire up as Orton brings Melo to the top, for a SUPERPLEX! Orton crawls to the cover, but Tama breaks it! Tama then clamps on a SLEEPER! Orton is already turning red, but he THROWS Tama off! Tama comes back to fire off fast hands from all sides! Orton pokes Tama in the eyes! Melo hits the FIRST 48! Tama hits the COMPLETE SHOT! Cover, but Melo drags Tama off! Cover on Orton, Tama drags Melo off! Melo fires on Tama, Tama fires back! They brawl, Tama gets around to back suplex, but Melo lands out! Orton TOSSES Tama, then he puts Melo in the ropes! Tama hurries up, Orton kicks him low!

The fans are thunderous as Orton reels Tama in, too! DOUBLE DRAPING DDTS! Orton grins as he now has double the targets. Chicago is cheering Orton but he hears the voices in his head! But here comes Tonga Loa! Orton DECKS the Silverback, and Kevin appears! Kevin fires off on Loa, but Orton turns around into Tama! Orton TOSSES Tama first! But Melo rolls Orton up! MELO WINS!!

Winner: Carmelo Hayes, by pinfall (advances to Money in the Bank)

And indeed, they were all overlooking H1M! Melo finds his opening, takes his shot, and Melo Don’t Miss! But will he turn things into #MeloInTheBank?


LA Knight is here!

Chicago cheers as The Mega Star goes right to the ring! Knight then gets a mic and says, “LEMME TALK TO YA!” And not to waste any time, Knight tells Logan Paul to bring his goofy keister out here, and to bring that US Championship with him! The fans boo as we wait and Knight asks if they’re really doing this again. MAH GAWD, you gotta be kidding him! Knight looked down the barrel and said he wants that US title. That liver tailed goof said no. So Knight did him one better. He showed up at Logan’s house, pressed the issue, but then Knight got a phone call saying Logan would be right in this ring. That’s the way to do it!

And yet what does Logan do? He no shows Chicago! The fans boo, but Knight says time is running out. Next week, Madison Square Garden, Triple Threat Qualifier of Knight VS Logan VS Santos Escobar. It’s not the match Knight wants because he wants it 1v1 for the US title. Instead they got a qualifier for MITB, and that got Knight thinking. Knight started thinking that he beats Logan next week, moves on to MITB, snatches the briefcase, and just comes looking for Logan. Double the pleasure, double the fun! YEAH! But wait, here comes Santos! Santos starts ranting in Spanish but Knight says cut the music and cut the crap, he didn’t ask for Santos.

Santos goes to the ring and he tells Knight to callete, aka shut up. Santos doesn’t need an invitation, he shows up and he tells the truth. And the truth is, Knight must be delusional! Knight is here, running his mouth, chasing Logan Paul like a desperate Chicago fanboy. It is embarrassing! But let’s wise Knight up. Next week, Knight isn’t just dealing with his icon, his idol, his guru, Logan Paul. He’s dealing with Santos Escobar! So Knight would be wise to remember that. Knight says Santos is clearly a “fan favorite,” they all love to boo him. But Knight’s beaten Santos before, so he isn’t looking at Santos, he’s looking past Santos!

The guy Knight is looking at- OH, Santos kicks Knight low! Santos then fireman’s carries, but Knight pops free! B F T!! The fans fire up as Santos flops out of the ring! Knight says he told Santos already, and he told Logan that- LOGAN ATTACKS FROM BEHIND! Then he POSTS Knight, loads up, and demands Knight get back up! ONE LUCKY PUNCH!! The Maverick is a POS but he’s a smart POS! But will Logan make sure both Knight and Santos miss out on their shot at the briefcase so that he can become The Maverick in the Bank?


Men’s Money in the Bank Qualifier Triple Threat: Kevin Owens VS Andrade VS Grayson Waller!

From one qualifier to another, The Prizefighter may have to watch his back. Not only is The Bloodline out to screw over their enemies, but El Idolo and the Aussie Icon are no joke. Will Kevin #JustKeepFighting until he comes out on top? Or will the chaos benefit the most opportunistic of them all?

Well speaking of, Tama & Loa just attack Kevin right as he makes his entrance! The fans boo but the Tongans won’t even let Kevin have a chance! But Orton has a chair! Orton runs in to run Tama & Loa off! Kevin hobbles up, Orton asks if he’s okay, and Kevin says just make sure the Tongans don’t come back. Kevin storms into the ring, says just ring the bell, and so the bell rings! Waller runs up but Kevin fires back! Waller stomps Kevin down, but then turns around to see Andrade run up. Boot feint to BACK ELBOW! Cover, TWO!! Waller survives, but Andrade grins. Andrade PLANCHAS to take Waller down!

Andrade brings Waller up but Waller SHOVES Andrade into the apron! Waller then slides in, builds speed, and slides out to LARIAT! Down goes Andrade, but Kevin LARIATS Waller! The fans fire up as Kevin SENTONS onto Waller! Kevin even slaps Andrade’s mask aside before he puts Waller back in. Kevin climbs, but Andrade anchors him! Kevin hops down, Andrade fires hands but Kevin gives those back. Waller joins in, it is a brawl on the apron, and Andrade CHOPS Waller right down! Waller gets up to BOOT Andrade, then Kevin ROCKS Andrade with a forearm. Andrade BOOTS Waller, but Kevin ROCKS him again!

Waller JUMP KNEES Andrade, Kevin LARIATS Andrade into the ring! Waller then kicks Kevin’s bad leg! Kevin blocks the suplex and throws body shots. Kevin reels Waller in, but Waller fights the lift to back drop Kevin onto the apron! But Andrade LEAPS to SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMB to the floor!! All three men writhe on the outside and fans fire up while SmackDown goes to break.

SmackDown returns and all three men are now down in the ring. The fans rally up, Kevin and Andrade fire forearms, but then Waller joins in. Kevin hits Waller, Andrade hits Kevin, but then Kevin HEADBUTTS Andrade! Kevin CHOPS Andrade, ROCKS Waller, and repeat! Kevin fires off, but Andrade then returns the favor! Forearms for Kevin, CHOPS for Waller! Waller backs off, Kevin CHOPS Andrade! And ROCKS him! Kevin wobbles a moment but Andrade fires more forearms! Andrade CHOPS, but then Waller turns Andrade around. Andrade swings, Waller dodges, then Waller ROCKS Andrade!

Waller JUMP KNEES Kevin, runs at Andrade, but Andrade drop toeholds him into buckles! The fans rally up, Andrade sees his targets! “SI! SI! SI!” echoes in the building, CIEN SHADOWS for Waller! CIEN SHADOWES for Kevin! Andrade pushes Kevin to a cover, TWO!! Kevin survives but Andrade just smiles. Kevin goes to ropes, the fans rally up, and Andrade storms up. Kevin CHOPS, and ROCKS, then CLUBS Andrade! Andrade hits back with forearms and CHPOS, then the two fire off haymakers like a Blackhawks hockey game! Kevin kicks low, but Waller somersaults to DOUBLE COMPLETE SHOT! Cover on Andrade, TWO! Cover on Kevin, TWO!

Waller is furious but he says A-Town Down! Waller did dedicate this to Theory, and he gets Kevin up in a fireman’s carry. But Kevin slips free to STUN- NO! Waller powers out, then KICKS out the leg! Kevin falls hard, but Andrade SPLASHES Waller in a corner! Andrade whips, Waller dodges, but then Andrade puts Waller on the apron. Waller ROCKS Andrade, goes up, but Andrade CHOPS! Waller wobbles up top, but Andrade climbs up after him. Andrade fires a forearm, then another, then he stands Waller up. Waller resists the lift, fires body shots, and Kevin joins in! TOWER OF DOOM!! Waller flounders away, Kevin climbs up!

With one good leg, Kevin hits a SWANTON BOMB on Andrade! But the bad leg bothers him! Cover, TWO!! Andrade survives, perhaps thanks to the delay. The ref checks with Kevin and Kevin says he’s fine. Kevin stands, the fans fire up again, and Kevin goes back for Andrade. Kevin whips, pop-up, but the leg gives up! Andrade hurries to underhook but Kevin wrenches out! Kick and STUNNER!! Andrade flops over, Kevin covers, WALLER DRAGS KEVIN OUT! Waller SLAMS the leg on the apron, then DDT to the floor! Waller gets space, runs and somersaults, INTO THE MESSAGE!!! Cover, Andrade wins!!

Winner: Andrade, by pinfall (advances to Money in the Bank)

El Idolo succeeds in punching his ticket to Toronto! He joins Melo and Jey Uso, but will Andrade be the next Senor Money in the Bank?


Mia Yim recovers backstage.

But then Tiffany Stratton has to walk over and mock her. “Aw~, looks like someone can’t handle the pressure.” Tiff says that unlike Michin, Tiff actually has what it takes to win her qualifying match next week, and then go to MITB. At least Mia doesn’t crawl to Nia Jax for protection. Tiff goes to slap but Mia blocks it, and PUNCHES back! Only for Nia to CLOBBER Mia! Nia and Tiff nod to each other, and Tiff tells Mia tootles. Will the Queen and Princess of the Ring soon be running SmackDown with iron fists? Or will Tiff be humbled given her match has Jade Cargill in it?


SmackDown goes to Kayla Braxton backstage.

Kayla reminds us that earlier tonight, CM Punk was brutally attacked by Drew McIntyre. McIntyre simply told Kayla, “See you on Monday.” Kayla isn’t sure how badly Punk’s recovery is affected by this attack, but he will be staying overnight at a Chicago hospital for further evaluation. Not to bury the lead, but does that mean McIntyre has not terminated his contract with the WWE? What will he have to say for himself when we return to Monday Night Raw?


Cody Rhodes VS Solo Sikoa w/ Paul Heyman!

The American Nightmare said he’d walk out here alone, but then The Bloodline made sure he’d be alone by attacking Orton and Kevin earlier tonight. Will Solo still honor the agreement by doing this on his own? Or will he do things exactly like the previous Head of the Table?

The fans fire up for Cody’s entrance and they of course sing his song, “WHOA~ OH~!” The Undisputed WWE Champion is ready for this fight, but is that all he’ll be getting? We find out, after the break.

SmackDown returns and Heyman is with Solo at gorilla. Heyman says he told the Tongans, and they did Solo’s bidding. But Heyman says Solo is “breaking commandments.” After WrestleMania, there were several things Roman Reigns said to Heyman. And one was that CM Punk was off limits. Punk is very personal to Heyman, and Cody Rhodes is not something that Solo is supposed to handle. Solo is just to have Cody in check so that when THE Tribal Chief returns- Solo stops Heyman there. Solo hates to be the one to tell Heyman this, because he “loves” Heyman, but… Roman is NOT coming back.

The music hits while Heyman is in shock. Solo pats Heyman on the shoulder then makes his entrance. Is Solo telling the truth that Roman Reigns is NOT making a return to the WWE? Is there no stopping the new Head of the Table because of that? Solo goes to the ring, Heyman following behind in a stupor, and the bell rings. Cody and Solo stare down while Heyman rests against steel steps. Solo and Cody circle, then Solo runs up. Cody dodges, kicks low and hits the RHODES UPPERCUGT! Solo UPPERCUTS, then runs up. Cody TOSSES Solo out, and he almost hits Heyman! Cody runs to DIVE! Solo hits barriers and almost tips them over!

The fans fire up as Cody fires hands, but Solo UPPERCUTS! Solo storms up on Cody, whips him, but Cody reverses! Solo hits steel steps and breaks them apart! The fans fire up and Cody pushes the top half over! Cody whips Solo into the other steel steps, throws the top half away over there, too, then he puts Solo in the ring. Cody storms up behind Solo, dragon sleepers, but Tama & Loa attack after all!!

Winner: Cody Rhodes, by disqualification

The fans boo as The Bloodline honors no such agreement! They beat Cody down, then Solo has his men hold Cody up. But here comes Orton! And Kevin, even on one good leg! Orton and Kevin brawl with Tama and Loa, then Cody goes after Solo! The Bloodline has control, but Kevin kicks low to STUNNER! Loa falls, then Orton gets loose to RKO! Tama is down, Kevin helps Cody stand! Cody high-fives with his guys, and Solo sees he’s the one outnumbered! Solo panics, asks for mercy, but then he smiles…? Solo shouts to his trump card! SUPERKICK for Orton! SUPERKICK for Cody! Kevin SUPERKICKS this guy, but he just fires up and LARIATS Kevin!!

Fans are going nuts because this is the missing Uso, JACOB FATU!! Jacob goes out to bring those steel steps around, and then he brings Kevin over! The fans are losing their minds as we get a SAMOAN DROP on the steps!! Jacob has a wild look in his eyes, then runs around the way to SPEAR ORTON THROUGH BARRIERS!! The Viper’s already got a bad back, did Jacob just send him back to the sidelines? And that’s not the end! Jacob storms in, but Cody fires hands on him! Cody clotheslines Jacob up and out! But Jacob drag shim out, to APRON URENAGE! Solo applauds as Jacob HEADBUTTS Cody and clears the desk!

Jacob brings Cody up, HEADBUTTS him onto the desk, then goes to a corner. Jacob climbs and the fans are freaking out! SUPER SAMOAN SPLASH through the desk!!! The fans lose their minds all over again as Jacob stands up from the wreckage over Cody’s wrecked body! Jacob then joins his cousin in the ring and they hug it out. The Samoan Werewolf raises his ones to the sky, and this already dangerous new Bloodline has only gotten more dangerous! Will there be nothing to stop Solo from taking over now?

My Thoughts:

An awesome episode of SmackDown here! It was such a great blend of following up Clash at the Castle, setting up for MITB, and also adding on from a great Raw. Punk had a great opening promo where he of course called out McIntyre, and of course McIntyre’s response was a violent ambush. For a second, I thought the banging on the garage door was the Wyatt 6 but no, they’re definitely Raw exclusive despite being super scary and therefore unruly. But clearly, this is building to the big McIntyre VS Punk match at SummerSlam that honestly should just outright be a No Disqualification type match so they can just do whatever they want.

They also did great with continuity of when Punk was a Paul Heyman Guy, as The Bloodline confronted Punk, only to set up the throughline story of the night with Cody, Kevin and Orton, but also have Solo drop the bomb on Heyman about Roman supposedly never coming back. Pretty sure that is full on psychological manipulation by Solo, which really does follow Roman’s example during his reign as Tribal Chief. Great stuff from all the qualifiers tonight, and it made for good reason as to why Orton and Kevin weren’t advancing. Though there was a rather subtle copypasta: Melo and Andrade each entered while SmackDown was on commercial, and they end up winning. But in the end, it was also because duh, everyone else has story to deal with.

Likewise, really good promo turned fight from Knight, Santos and Logan Paul. Logan stands tall tonight but duh, he and Knight are gonna have a US Championship match so Santos surely finds a way to win out of that. Very good Triple Threat for the women, as well, but for similar reasons, the superstar that has no other story wins out. Bianca and Jade have the tag titles, Michin has Tiffany & Nia and is still in need of a teammate, so Chelsea gets in. Chelsea is a great character and got to show quite a bit more in the ring than usual, but I still don’t see her winning. Blair Davenport may qualify, she may not, but she’ll have a great showing in next week’s Triple Threat.

And of course, great finish to the show. Cody was dominating, Solo gets saved, and then we get another surprise in this story as Jacob Fatu joins Solo’s side to make this form of the Bloodline four people strong. And we all know in pro-wrestling, four is practically the perfect number. Solo can go after Cody for THE WWE Championship, Tama & Loa stick together as a tag team, and now Jacob can be the midcard title guy. Now there can be an 8 Man Tag if Cody, Kevin & Orton are able to add a fourth, and we’re that much closer to a WarGames match for Survivor Series in November.

My Score: 8.9/10

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