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ROH Glory By Honor Review: 10/12/19

Matt Davis presents your look at Saturday’s ROH Glory By Honor event, featuring Marty Scurll, PCO, World Champion RUSH and more!



ROH Glory By Honor

Matt Davis presents your look at Saturday’s ROH Glory By Honor event, featuring Marty Scurll, PCO, World Champion RUSH and more!

Ian Riccaboni welcomes us to Glory by Honor as we start off with a battle royal and the winner will face Rush later tonight, Colt Cabana and Caprice Coleman also doing commentary for this show.

1) 15 Man Battle Royal
Winner Receives ROH World Championship match later tonight

As the bell sounds everyone brawls, and Kenny King slips under the bottom rope and rolls under the ring. We are told he did the same thing at the Honor Rumble in Madison Square Garden which he won. About 10 seconds in, Matt Lancey goes over the top rope, followed by Chase Valor. Quickly, Booku is tossed and the crowd boos. After about a minute, Beer City Bruiser yells “I can’t bite, I aint got no teeth”. Everyone brawling, as Brian Johnson tries for his third elimination but Joe Hendry tosses him as the crowd cheers. Josh Wood airplane spins Cheeseburger over the top rope, and Woods and Young bump into each other and they knock Cheeseburger out. Announcers keep putting over Big Daddy Yum Yum as a bonafied main eventer in CMLL and mentioned he wrestled in New Japan as well. Rhett Titus skins the cat ad comes back in, and gets caught in a belly to belly by Josh Woods. Silas Young tosses Rhett Titus! Silas tells his protege the point is to throw them out!

Rhett Titus paces around the ring after he was thrown out and grabs Kenny King from under the ring. The former All Night Express partners argue, as Joe Hendry buckets Kenny King from behind and tosses the former ROH TV Champion to the floor! Silas Young tucks Joe Hendry as he hits the floor. We are told that Silas Young and Josh Woods are the first announced competitors in the first ever Tag Team Survival of the Fittest in Texas in November. Coast 2 Coast eliminates Beer City Bruiser with a double dropkick. They’re splashing Brian Milonas in the corner, and Milonas eliminates both men at the same time as he drives them over the top rope. Yum Yum and Milonas goes face to face and they begin to brawl. Nigel Lariat from Yum Yum staggers the big Milonas. Yum YUm tries a springboard crossbody and gets caught, Milonas tosses the CMLL main eveters as we are down to three men. Silas Young, Josh Woods, and Brian Milonas. Milonas crushes Josh Woods with a crossbody off the ropes! Silas saves his studet as they double team Brian Milonas and Silas Young tosses the giant man. Silas Young asks for a hug from his partner,and he suckers in the oblivious Josh Woods and chucks him for the win in about 8 minutes.

Winner: Silas Young
Grade: *
Thoughts: Too short, not enough star power to interest me in the least bit. The fact they made a announcement that Young and Woods were the first team announced for the first ever Tag Team SOTF made me realize they were reaching the finals. Young with good heel tactics tossing his student for the win made sense as he tries to make Josh Woods more of a man. I have to say, Young “teaching him the ropes” has provided some excellent inadvertent comedy between the two.

2) PCO vs Dalton Castle
Second Round – “#1 Contender At Final Battle Tournament”

The Peacock, the former ROH World Champion Dalton Castle, makes his entrance first. One third of the ROH Six Man Tag Team Championships, and a former ROH Tag Team Champion has made a huge impact since debuting in ROH under a year ago. Jim Johnston produced his entrance theme music tonight, the first time the famous composer did a theme song for a wrestler outside WWE in three decades. Dalton Castle seems terrified outside the ring as the smoke and fog clears. Castle says “If I shake your hand you aren’t going to eat it will you?” Castle quickly shakes.

Castle cirles around as PCO stalks the former champion. The fans are split cheering and chanting for both men. They’re feeling each other out early on. Castle tries to cheap shot PCO, and PCO openly invites Castle to hit him. Castle tries, it doesn’t phase him. PCO yells ” HIT ME”, Castle jumps on him and drops him with a german suplex. PCO is stunned for just a second but gets to his feet and plants the Peacock with a hard clothesliene! Hard spiking DDT by the 52 year old redemption project, followed by a dropkick to the spine! PCO in control as the fans love it.
Castle with a fast back elbow. Castle sprints to the apron, and PCO levels Castle with a hard clothesline dropping Castle back first on the apron and to the outside. They exchange hard chops and chest slaps outside as PCO bludgeons his opponent. Castle reverses and posts him! PCO is down. PCO suckers him in and chokeslams Castle spine first onto the ring apron! PCO pulls the padding up exposing the concrete. Caprice Coleman says “We often wonder what PCO thinks, but we’ve realized he doesn’t, he just does.” They’re brawling on the top rope above the exposed concrete.. Fans chanting “Please dont die”. PCO starts grabbing his face as he tweaks and stumbles. PCO falls to the floor and Castle with a running knee and he rolls inside to regroup. Castle dropkicks PCO through the ropes. Castle with a belly to belly on the outside, keeping PCO down. Referee begins to count, as PCO rolls in at 10, being reminded ROH uses a 20 count.

Back in the ring, Castle tries to win it with a quick DDT but PCO kicks out at one. Knee to the side of the head! Castle with a quick t-bone pop suplex head over heels! PCO struggles to his feet, PCO misses a swing, and another inside out suplex by Castle dropping the bigger man. Castle dumps PCO to the outside to the exposed concrete. Colt Cabana remarks if this was a battle royal, we’d have a winner, but it is not. Snark! Referee begins to count again, PCO up at 12, looking around and rolls inside at 14. Castle on the attack right away. Hiptoss by Castle who remains in control. Running Knee by Castle against the barricade. Fans chant “One more time” and Castle gets a chair and sits it open arguing with the referee. PCO tries to attack but Castle CRUSHES PCO THROUGH THE CHAIR WITH A SPINEBUSTER! Referee counting PCO down again, referee reaches 17 as PCO up and stumbling and rolls in at 19. Double DDTs by Dalton Castle, a third one, off the ropes, running knee, and hooks the leg and PCO kicks out! PCO Up, grabs the throat and Castle blocks the chokeslam. Big Boot to Castle and both men spill outside. PCO rolls inside as the fans cheer the oncoming assault. Diving headbutt through the ropes! He’s insane! 52 year old diving headbutt through the ropes. Chokeslam inside the ring, and PCO climbs to the top rope. PCO gets the PCO-Sault and wins at 12:30!

Winner: PCO
Grade: **1/2
Thoughts: PCO is one away from main eventing Final Battle after pinning former ROH TV and Tag Champion Kenny King in the first round, and former ROH World Champion here and now. This match was a great highlight for both men. That spinebuster into the chair looked great. PCO doing what he does at 52, flips, dives, brawling, incredible.

3) Jay Lethal vs Marty Scurll
Second Round – “#1 Contender at Final Battle Tournament”

We are told these two have only met one one other time, at Final Battle 2017. Jay Lethal has held the ROH World Championship and ROH TV Championships longer than any one else in company history, labeling him the Franchise of ROH! He’s out first to a great reaction. Colt Cabana compares Jay Lethal to Bruno Sammartino as The Villain makes his entrance next. Hoot hoot’s by the crowd, Colt Cabana tells us he’s ever wrestled anyone like Scurll, having bested Colt in the first round. Also one third of the ROH World Six Man Tag Team Championships, he comes in here looking for one more opportunity at the ROH World Championship which he has had at Supercard of Honor in 2017 and the G1 Supercard in 2018, losing both matches. If he wins here, he will be one win away from another opportunity.

Marty Scurll adheres to the code of honor as the bell sounds and Lethal with a boot to the face! Lethal charges and dives outside, not once but twice! He rolls Scurll inside, Scurll fast, misses the superkick, dropkick knocks Scurll to the floor, third time is the charm for Lethal as he dives to the outside and connects again! Scurll blocks Hail to the King, booting Lethal to the apron, Lethal sweeps Scurll and climbs to the top again. Hail to the King reversed into a crucifix pin roll-up…two! Caprice Coleman with the best line I’ve heard in quite some time, Corey Graves needs to step his game up. After Lethal missed, CC says “That was more like Hell to the Nah”. Memes for the win! Big boot by Lethal, and calls for the Injection countered into the Chickenwing, reversed into a cutter! Cabana tells us the difference between a cutter and the Injection is the momentum. Lethal with a stalling vertical suplex, crashing Scurll to the mat, press pin and gets two! Lethal tries a figure four but Scurll scrambles to the ropes. They exchange blocks, Scurll tosses Lethal outside, and superkicks him from the apron! Boom! Hoot hoot!

Knife edge chop ad a punch to the throat from The Villain! Throat first across the apron as Scurll tries a pin and gets two. Scurll targeting the neck with chops. They have a chop fest as the crowd woos! Backbreaker across the knee, pin and Lethal kicks out at one. Scurll works over Lethal, kicking the elbow with the fingers pinned backwards. Scurll now with his ow vertical suplex, sending the former champion crashing to the mat. Pin and Lethal kicks out. Chops from both men in the corner, Lethal sent back first into the opposite corner and he collapses. Scurll sends him into the corner two more times buit Lethal with a desperation clothesline. Lethal misses the missile dropkick, Lethal ducks a clothesline into the buzzsaw powerslam! Hail to the King connects flush! He can’t get all the leverage on the pin due to landing awkward on his elbow and Scurll kicks out. Bicycle boot by Lethal drops Scurll. Scurll fakes the superkick, and kicks out the knee. He calls for the CHICKEN WING as the crowd is on their feet. Lethal reverses the chicken wing into a sweep into a fast Figure four in the middle of the ring! Awesome transition! Riccaboni questions if you can tip your hand as the fans chant what’s going to happen against such an experienced veteran like Lethal. Scurll trying to reverse the figure four but can’t get the leverage to turn it. He tries the other way and flips it! Lethal shouts in pain and releases the hold. Both men limping around, striking on dead legs in the middle of the ring.
Spinning forearm by Scrull, half dragon suplex, into a LARIAT OFF THE ROPES WHICH SPINS LETHAL UPSIDE DOWN! Is that enough? Lethal kicks out at two and a half! Lethal reverses the Chickenwing into a victory roll and gets two. Lethal blocks Black Plague, Scurll into the British bridge pin and gets two! Transitions into the chickenwing, no Lethal blocks with a pin and gets two! Scurll tries another Chickenwing, trying to reach for the ropes, but Scurll finally breaks the Franchise as Lethal’s body gives out and Scurll drops the hooks in as The Villain moves on to the finals in 13 minutes.

Winner: Marty Scurll
Grade: ***1/2
Thoughts: Excellent match, but as an undercard semi-final match, it certainly didn’t go as long as it should, but it was a fast paced match with everything in it, great counters, technical wrestling, multiple finishing sequences. Scurll felt like someone who arguably could be the next ROH World Champion if he could have a match like this against Rush at Final Battle, but his faction partner stands in between that later on tonight. I liked the story being told now after both of these matches, with the top finalists defeating two former ROH World Champions to reach the finals. That is an old school ROH approach, and I like to see that type of storytelling.

4) ROH TV Champion Shane Taylor vs (???)
Open Challenge

Shane Taylor beign escorted by Shane Taylor Productions, we are told Shane Taylor does not have a contract with ROH, only agreeing to show up because the price was right. That is an awful thing for your company to be endorsing. Before the match, some fans chant “You’re trash” and Taylor grabs a microphone and goes Ric Flair-esque calling out the fan and saying “we aren’t talking about your mother!”. What a heel! Shane Taylor cuts a promo about how he started to wrestle 12 years ago and he decided he didn’t want to be the regular cookie cutter hugging good guy. We are told J. Spade who is from New Orleans is the challenger for this Open Challenge tonight. Shane Taylor asks Spade if he’s ready to get knocked out.

Spade starts quick and early with a dropkick sending the champion to the corner. Taylor blocks a toss, but Spade with a superkick. Running uppercut knocking Taylor to the outside. We are told Spade and Taylor go way back, having a rivalry on the independants before Taylor came to Ring of Honor. Diving splash drops the champion as Spade celebrates with the hometown crowd. Back in, Spade tries a springboard splash, but Taylor counters into a sitout bomb! Huge hard open palm strike from the champion echoes across the arena. Taylor with hard right jabs, dropping Spade flat in the corner. Taylor tells the referee to count him down, referee gets to 6, and Taylor crushes Spade with a huge hiptoss, and a hard lariat. Gets two!

Caprice Coleman says Shane Taylor compares to Larry Holmes and Muhammad Ali because both men talked a lot of trash to his opponents but earned their names and the respect as great champions because they backed it up as fighting champions. Spade with some running strikes, spinning kick, springboard crossbody gets two by Spade! Taylor grounds the challenge with a headlock, Spade reverses a lariat into a Blue Thunder Bomb for two and a half!! Almost a new champion there! Taylor catches a boot, and drops Spade with a uranagi and running splash off the ropes. Spade kicks out! Spade tries a powerslam, Spade out with a forearm, but Taylor gives him the Greeting from the 216 piledriver out of no where to retain in about 6 minutes.

Grade: *1/2
Thoughts: Hard to grade this. Spade looks good in the limited time we got to see him here. They made a big deal about these two rivalry outside of the company, but the crowd didn’t seem to care even though he was a hometown talent. Taylor had everything going for him in what was basically an athletic squash. The comparisons between Taylor and Holmes and Ali was great to build Taylor’s character.

5) Kelly Klein (w/ ???) vs ROH Women of Honor Champion Angelina Love (w/ Mandy Leon)

This match is a rematch from Death Before Dishonor when Angelina Love took the championship from Kelly Klein. She comes out and is introduced as the only two time Women of Honor Champion. We are told Klein has won it at Final Battle and at G1 Supercard in Madison Square Garden. We are told she has a mystery friend here tonight to help protect from interference from The Allure. Angelina Love makes her entrance next, being escorted by Mandy Leon.

Bell rings and Klein spears Love! We are told Love has pinned Klein twice, Klein with a clothesline in the corner and charges in the opposite corner. We are told Kelly Klein went undefeated i ROH for over two years. Belly to belly bridge gets two from the challenger. Klein gets distracted by Mandy Leon and Love dropkicks Klein to the floor. Diving Thesz Press from the apron from Love, pummeling Klein on the ground. Love in control, throwing Klein face first into everything around the ring. They’re questioning who Kelly Klein’s enforcer is, as she hasn’t showed up yet. Love stomps a mudhole in Klein in the corner before standing on her chest, pin, and two! Off the middle rope, clothesline by the champion and gets a two count. Klein blocks a suplex and turns it inside cradle for two. Roll up for two! Love with a flatliner into the Koji clutch! Klein slaps the mat, commentators question if she just submitted, Klein has no where to go, Love has it in deep in the middle of the ring. Klein tries to escape, but Love locks it in deeper. Klein leverages up and flips her leg across the bottom rope but the damage has been done.

Kelly Klein blocks the Botox Injection and counters into a sitout DDT as both women are down! They’re exchanging blows in the middle of the ring now. Champion and challenger face to face, flying forearms send the champion to the mat. Klein with a fallaway slam, and follows up with a second one! Saito suplex by the challenger has her in full control! K-Power connects, hooks the leg with high leverage and Love kicks out at two! Botox Injection connects and Klein kicks out! Klein uses her experience and rolls outside. Love climbs to the top turnbuckle, diving crossbody to the outside crushing Kelly Klein! Love rolls in the ring and referee begins to count Kelly Klein down. Klein rolls in at 18, and Angelina Love is waiting, Botox Injection blocked, Klein with another K-Power but Love knocked out the referee during the move with her feet. Mandy Rose in with a chair and smacks Klein. Lights are out……

Standing in the ring is The Maneater Maria Manic (I had to look that up), Manic takes out Mandy Rose with a Torture Rack Burning Hammer, Klein hits Angelina Love with a third K-Power and gets the pin and win in 12 minutes.

Grade: *
Thoughts: I had to look up who that was, at first I thought it was ODB, which utterly disappointed me (after Love and ODB had a feud in TNA a long time ago), but once I looked it up and did some research I’m excited about this. But was peculiar, based on my research she actually debuted in June at Best in the World, also involving Love and Klein in a tag match, which makes me question why this was such a reveal with the lights going out. Did they really surprise debut her twice in the same year? Match itself was poor. Love is beyond her prime at this point, and it just didn’t click at all. Kelly Klein is now a three time Women of Honor Champion, as she’s won the championship from everyone else who has held it. Maybe she’ll come to WWE and run her championship total up like someone else….

6) Luke Hawx & Perry Hawx vs ROH World Tag Team Champions The Briscoe Brothers

We are told that Luke Hawx has been around a long time in wrestling, and also has made his name known in Hollywood movies, including Fast and the Furious and Logan. He is partnering tonight with his son, Perry Hawx as they challenge the 11 time ROH Tag Team Champions tonight. #DemBoys ready for a fight.

Mark Briscoe and Perry Hawx start us off. We are reminded that Mark was once this young, even younger, at the first ROH show and he wasn’t legally able to compete in the first show. Mark Briscoe grappling with Perry, and Perry shoots the half into a inside cradle for two! Another roll up for two! Briscoe with a knee to the gut. Mark tagged Jay who went like a house of fire on the young boy, before Perry ducked a corner charge and tagged in his dad.
Luke Hawx in the former two time World Champion, and Jay pummels him! Crowd really into this match, making noise, and Luke Hawx powerslams Jay Briscoe hard! Perry tags ad tries a double leg takedown but Jay tags his brother Mark and the Briscoes stop the younger Hawx cold in his tracks, sending him to the outside, Jay with the attack on the outside. Mark Briscoe breaks down Luke Hawx who tried to save his son. Double boot by the Briscoes on Perry Hawx! Jay throws a chair in the ring. Mark uses the chair to step up somersault splash the Hawx’s! Mark Briscoe with a brainbuster to Perry, tags in Jay with the double stomp. Briscoes tag in and out abusing Perry Hawx, double shoulder tackle and the Briscoes taunt the crowd, Luke Hawx, and Perry. Jay Briscoe with a double underhook butterfly clutch draws Luke into the ring to stop the torture and breaks it. Mark in, hard chinlock trying to drain the life from the younger Hawx. Perry Hawx out of desperation with a spinning suplex! Hot tags to Luke Hawx and Jay Briscoe! Trading blows!

Luke Hawx with a spinning heel kick! Hawx with a double team backbreaker and Mark Briscoe saves the match and the titles. Perry Hawx sends Mark into the barricade, Luke grabs Jay off the top and Stun Gun’s him across the top rope. Perry Hawx with a diving splash onto the Briscoes as the fans are making noise with the Hawx in control! Innovated ASAI MOONSAULT from the outside from Luke, gets two on Jay Briscoe! Hard clothesline by Jay Briscoe is enough for a tag, and the Briscoes knock Perry down, double team, superplex into the Froggy Bow.. and Perry Hawx makes the save! Jay on top of the kid with closed fists! Briscoes set the Doomsday Device, Perry trips Mark Briscoe off the top, Jay fights back against both Briscoes, the Hawx with a Double Pop Up Powerslam! Luke hooks the legs….we have new champions…MARK BRISCOE MAKES THE SAVE! Mark with a uranagi to Luke Hawx! Perry face to face with Mark Briscoe who challenges Perry to hit him. Briscoe absorbs it and Mark rips his chest apart with karate chops! Perry with a high angle suplex out of no where! Mark with a hard lariat! Redneck Boogey connects! JAY DRILLER! Jay hooks the leg and Perry Hawx is done after 16 minutes.

Winners AND STILL ROH TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: The Briscoe Brothers
Grade: ***1/2
Thoughts: Wow, I really loved that match. I thought it was some gimmick attraction having a guy team with his son, but they looked like a well oiled machine up against the greatest team of all time in ROH history. The Briscoes tried to break Perry Hawx several different times and he kicked out. They almost won the championships on three different occasions but by the skin of their teeth, the Briscoes used their experience and did enough to win the match. I am firmly impressed with Perry Hawx, and I hope he goes through training some more, I’d love to see more. The comparisons between him and The Briscoes in 2002 is a great correlation. Perry Hawx actually looks alot like Jay Briscoe did in 2002. I think this could potentially be the Match of the Night.

7) Jonathan Gresham vs Alex Shelley

Two former tag team partners clash here as Gresham tries to prove he belongs in Ring of Honor. We are told that this match came about after the Dearborn event when Alex Shelley lost the World Championship match. Gresham out first, and we are reminded that Gresham defeated Jay Lethal at Death Before Dishonor. Shelley out next, and we are told that Shelley took both Jay White and Jonathan Gresham under his belt, and it paid dividends for both guys in their careers.

Amateur takedown by Gresham, and a counter takedown trip. They grapple back and forth with some great technical exchanges. They square away to cheers and Gresham tries a half nelson into a hammerlock as Shelley yells. Shelley reverses and gets Gresham in an abdonimable stretch into a hammerlock stretch. Gresham tries to escape but Shelley with a cravate. Gresham spins out as the fans cheer. Gresham with a hammerlock, Shelley with some aggressive manuevers in the corner and drives Gresham shoulder first into the buckle hard. Swing and misses from both, Gresham fakes a leapfrog, and kicks Shelley’s leg and dropkicks his face to cheers. Shelley with a knee to the gut and a hard kick to the spine. Snap suplex, jumping knee and a cover and Gresham kicks out.

Shelley with a spinebuster into the Billy Goats Curse and turned into the reverse wheelbarrow stretch, Shelley flash pins Gresham with a crucifix and gets two! Cabana says all the boys in the back are watching this match, and that they call it a locker room sell out. You gotta get sell outs where you can right? Gresham ducks the boot, springboard moonsault connects! Gresham targets the shoulder and twists and turns it into a stepover grounder hammerlock into a wristlock and tries to hyperextend Shelley’s shoulder. Gresham drops the knee trying to pop the joint and ties up Shelley into a half crab pin and gets two. Shelley scampers away. Gresham with a boot to the sternum and traps the arm. Pin gets two. Gresham bends Shelleys fingers and wrist back. Gresham with a crucifix now, into a snap armdrag and holds onto arm control. Shelley tries to whip Gresham but Gresham inverts and tries to rip Shelley’s arm out of its socket. Uppercut into the bicep/shoulder of Alex Shelley. Gresham tries another arm bar but Shelley bites Gresham’s ear out of desperation. Gresham back to the arm but Shelley with a headscissor, Gresham tries a dragonscrew, Shelley with an enzuguiri, and dropkicks the knee!

Shelley on the apron, enzuguri to the back of the head, diving crossbody gets turns inside out and both men roll around in pins, Gresham gets a small package and gets two! Gresham pops the elbow out, step around go behind, stomps on the arm, and gets a la magistral cradle for two and a half! A hold like that hurts the shoulder and potentially gets a pin. Shelley can’t get the whip due to pain. Gresham reverses an electric chair into an arm drag, Shelley tries a lateral press but Gresham escapes, Shelley escapes another la magistral, and Gresham with a bridge pin! Two count again! Gresham dropkicks the arm as Shelley was in the corner. Gresham grabs the wrist and tries to submit Shelley, Shelley with a Super inverted atomic drop to escape! Shelley tries Sliced Bread but Gresham with a backslide, two and a half! Shelley with a spinning fishermans buster! SUPERKICK! Gresham blocks a reverse DDT, Shelley blocks the Octopus Stretch, Shelley flips Gresham inside out with a crucifix and gets three at 15 minutes!

Winner: Alex Shelley
Grade: ***1/2
Thoughts: Just as I was thinking I was going to give this match four stars when it hit the next level, it gave a shock flash pin ending and sucked the momentum the match had established. That being said, I loved this match. It was an old school style ROH match with two great technicians. With Gresham targeting the arm in the second half, Gresham has established himself as one of the best technical wrestlers in the world, he really reminded me of Bryan Danielson circa 2005 here. Found a body part, worked it, targeted it, tried to get unique submissions, roll ups/bridge pins, etc. That really hearkened back for me and gave me an old classic feel. Wish it got five more minutes.

After the match, Gresham gets a chair and gets in the ring but Jay Lethal runs from the back and talks down Gresham. Lethal tells him to relax and calm down. Lethal tells Gresham he just wrestled one of the best matches he’s ever seen. Gresham gives Shelley a handshake as Lethal defuses the situation. Are we building to a Jonathan Gresham heel turn? Interesting little story being told there.

8) Mark Haskins & Tracy Williams vs Flip Gordon & Brody King

Well known feud here in ROH as Lifeblood tangles with Villain Enterprises. We are reminded that Tracy Williams and Mark Haskins are the origial Lifeblood tag team, and almost won Tag Wars earlier in the year. Tracy Williams beat Flip Gordon in a No DQ match at Death Before Dishonor after a piledriver through a table.

Flip Gordon starts off against Mark Haskins, bell sounds. Haskins with a back tie up into a slam, amateur takedow, Gordon with a roll up gets one. They roll around on the mat trying to get any advantage, break and square away even. Haskins tags in Tracy Williams, and Gordon immediately tags in Brody King! Collar and elbow against the ropes. Williams with a back tie up, King reverses and tosses Gordon across the ring like a rag doll.

They begin to exchange strikes and brawl back and forth. Brody King slaps Tracy silly with a hard open hand slap to the chest, dropping Hotsauce into the corner. King tries a running boot and Williams reverses into a leglock grapevine in the corner. Williams tries a springboard but Brody King with a Black Hole Slam for two! KIng tags in Gordon. Hard chop by Gordon and drives his rival into the corner. Roundhouse kick to the back of the ear, pins and Williams gets out. Coming up at ROH The Experience, fans get to pick the stipulation between these two! Gordon tags in Brody King and he drives a boot into Tracy in the corner, followed by a hard chop and slam. Standing Frog Splash gets two and a half as Tracy flips out of a pin. Gordon tags back in as VE double team Hotsauce. Grounded headlock as Williams fights back. VE tries a double team whip, but Williams fights back after Gordon misses. Tracy Williams exhausted couldnt make the tag, and Flip Gordon trips him up to stop him reaching for Haskins. Williams flips inside out and jumps for the tag! Mark Haskins in

Haskins disposes of Gordon, and a fast strike arsenal against King. King tries a chokeslam but Haskins escapes, dumping King to the outside, followed by running kick to the face on the apron! Haskins wants to fly, Gordon stops the dive into a pin, Tracy blocks Gordon, and throws him full speed off the apron with a powerbomb to the barricade from inside the ring! Double Lifeblood criss cross suicide dives onto VE! Double whip splashes by Lifeblood on Gordon. Atomic drop by Haskins, Spicolli Driver by Tracy Williams, a sitout powerbomb for pin and KIng breaks it up. Brody King destroys both members of Lifeblood now. King tries a Gonzo Bomb on Tracy Williams, but Haskins dropkicks the knee, Tracy drops into Flip Gordon ito a triangle choke! Haskins with an armbar on Brody King! Double submissions! Gordon powerbombs Williams onto Haskins to break both holds! All four men down.
King charges and crushes both of his opponents with double clotheslines. KIng throws Gordon into both men, and cannonballs both members of Lifeblood in the corner! Flip Gordon goes under the ring and grabs a kendo stick as Brody King sets Tracy Williams, Gordon swings and Tracy ducks and King gets a face full of cane! Haskins with a suicide dive onto King! Williams with a crushing lariat! Piledriver from Williams gets the three count on Gordon in 12 minutes.

Winners: Tracy Williams and Mark Haskins
Grade: **1/2
Thoughts: Tracy Williams is one of my favorite wrestlers, and I wish he had signed with NXT not ROH. I’m sure he wishes the same thing now in retrospect. Hotsauce is just extremely talented and is able to play this role so well, while bringing years of experience after learning from great technicians like Drew Gulak, Tony Nese, and Timothy Thatcher after his time in Evolve. This match was mostly control over Williams as Villain Enterprises dominated, but it was a miscue that led to the teams loss. Flip Gordon’s man bun makes him look like Marty Scurll if you didn’t know the difference. Mark Haskins also really looks like CM Punk with his long blonde hair. Tell me I’m wrong. From where these two factions began almost a year ago (much maligned with many questions), they have found themselves in great positions within the company. For what it was, it was fine.

After the match Bully Ray jumps both members of Lifeblood, and tosses Williams outside. Ray crushes Haskins with a tossing powerbomb. Flip Gordon in the ring with a cane, and drops Bully Ray back, no love loss between these two! He hands the cane to Bully Ray …who almost breaks it in half over Haskins’s back! Ray shouts “Do you know who I am?” as he stands on the apron looking at his destruction.

9) Silas Youg vs ROH World Champion Rush

“The Last Real Man In Wrestling” Silas Young makes his way out first, challenging for the championship here after winning the battle royal earlier in the night. The undefeated reigning ROH World Champion”El Toro Blanco” Rush makes his way out second. With Lanny Poffo on guest commentary, and Ian Riccaboni compares Rush to Poffo’s late brother, Randy Savage. Poffo says Rush is as unpredictable and savage as his brother. Riccaboni calls Rush a future Hall of Famer.

They reverse about five collar and elbow tie ups, Young tries a suplex but Rush jumps over him. Rush sweeps the leg in the corner, jumps on Young’s face, and Riccaboni tells us this is the set up for The Bulls Horn. Silas Young has it scouted as Young spears the champion! Poffo says for every move there is a counter. Young with a reverse suplex for a one count. Young trash talks Rush and throws him to the floor. Young with a diving double axe handle to the ribs and Silas Young tells Rush to get up and be a man. Silas Young sends Rush head first into the post! Young rolls the champion in the ring, and Young crushes Rush’s midsection with a twisting springboard double stomp! Young with a front face lock DDT! Rush kicks out at one.

Rush blocks a suplex and Young drives Rush hard into the corner and gets the snap suplex, pins and gets one. Silas Young grounds the champion with a chinlock, trying to cut the air flow out. Young drags Rush down by his hair driving his head into the mat hard. Young trash talking the fans. Rush spits at the challenger and Rush with a snap german suplex followed by a dropkick to the face! Rush now in control on the outside, driving the Real Last Man into a chair and then the apron. Rush continues the assault. Rush rolls Silas Young into the ring and tells the referee he understands the count but to tranquilo! Rush sets up for the Bulls Horns. Rush fakes Young out, flips backwards, and TRANQUILOOOO! Fireman carry slam and stomps Young’s ribs now. Misses the senton splash from the middle rope. Silas Young with the rolling slam into the headstand backflip plancha! Silas Young pins and gets two! Rush blocks a fireman carry, Anarchists suplex by Silas Young! Hooks the leg two and a half! Youg with a full nelson, knee to the face! Young charges and Rush flips him inside out into the turnbuckles! Running forearm knocks Young down, Bulls Horns! Rush gets the pin and win in 10 minutes

Grade: **
Thoughts: The ROH World Championship match on Glory By Honor should go longer than the main event match of your weekly television match the same weekend. But this did not. I didn’t need or want to see a squash match. The championship means more than that. How do you not give Taven a rematch or something? This is one of the biggest shows historically. I just didn’t like how this match came about, or how it was laid out or how it ended.

Before the main event begins, Matt Taven comes down to the ring with Vinny Marseglia, and challenges whoever has been following them around and attacking them from behind. A video package airs on the screen showing someone tape The Kingdom from behind all day. Taven exists the ring and heads backstage. What the hell was that?

10) PCO vs Marty Scurll
Final Round – “#1 Contender at Final Battle Tournament”
#1 contender ROH World Championship

Ian Riccaboni tells us that PCO has been wrestling as long as he’s been alive, and is called the Canadian Frankenstein, having wrestled in the main event of Madison Square Garden, and also wrestled in front of ten people in his small hometown. The former Pierre Carl Oulette gets in the ring to a good reaction, as The Villain Enterprises leader makes his entrance secod. Both of these men wearing two of the ROH World Six Man Tag Team Championships. Streamers fly over Marty Scurll as the crowd sings along with his entrance.

Before the match, Marty Scurll says this match was inevitable, an all Villain final. He says he doesn’t want this opportunity to come between them, so he wants to keep it clean, and may the best man win. Both men shake hands and Scurll cracks the umbrella across PCO’s face!

Quick pin and PCO kicks out! Scurll with three superkicks and all it does is power up PCO! Scurll charges into PCO and runs into a human wall. PCO smirks as the fans chant his name! On the top rope, PCO fends off Scurll, Scurll then with an enzuguiri into a double wristlock bomb from the top, formerly Oulette’s old finisher, getting a two count! Scurll throws the monster to the outside and drops him with a knee to the head. Scurll sends PCO back first ito the barricade! Back in the ring, Scurll in control, boot to the face! Scurll bends the fingers and stomps on the arm. Commentary question how much damage he wants to do to his own championship winning tag partner. They both exchange slaps and chops. Scurll gets caught in a pop up powerbomb followed by a shoulderblock by PCO! Dropkick sends Scurll into the corner, chokeslam! PCO climbs to the top rope to cheers, CANNONBALL! PCO hooks and gets two.

PCO tries a chokeslam, Scurll block and breaks two fingers on the hand! BIG BOOT by PCO sends Scurll to the outside! PCO grabs a table at ringside, drives a knee into Scurll and lays Scurll onto the table. PCO mumbles to himself and says “ON HIS BACK”. Scurll gets off the table and tosses PCO off the top rope through the table to the floor! Fans on their feet chanting “holy shit!” PCO stands though! Scurll rolls him inside and gets a two count! Fans behind PCO now, as Scurll sets for the chickenwing but PCO escapes but runs Scurll into the referee. French Canadian Slam, there’s no referee! Fans count to five! Brody King in the ring, Pump Kick! Black Hole Slam! King throws Scurll on top of PCO. PCO tosses Scurll in the air for two! King holds PCO on the apron, Scurll off the ropes, PCO ducks and Scurll crashes into Brody King! Man, King needs some stick’em, that’s the second time someone has slipped from his grip tonight! Sidewalk slam by PCO! Scurll is out. PCO climbs the top rope. Scurll from behind, tripping him up. PCO with back elbows, and Scrull falls into the referee again! PCO climbs to the top rope again, Flip Gordon with a jumping kick to the face, knocking PCOZ off the top, Scurll with the Six Man title belt to the face! Pin, and Scurll gets the shoulder up at two and three fourths!! PCO ducks a clothesline, dives through the ropes with a hilo into Gordon and King at ringside! Chokebomb to Scurll! PCO climbs up top again, PCO SAULT! Scurll kicks out at two! All the fans on their feet!! It is gut check time for both of them. Fans chanting “Lets Go Marty- PCO!” PCO sets Marty for a cannonball across the apron, but Scurll moves out of the way the Canadian Frankenstein crashes across the apron. Scurll rolls him inside, LARIAT!!!!! Scurll hooks the leg and gets a two count! PCO with his own lariat! PCO climbs to the top one more time. PCO SAULT! PCO gets the win! He’s going to Final Battle! I don’t think the fans thought it would happen, as they were silent during the pinfall.

Winner: PCO
Grade: ***1/2
Thoughts: An entertaining main event here between two veterans giving it their all. Intriguing story as Villain Enterprises had to fight among themselves, with Gordon and King siding with Scurll. It was a fun match, with a table spot, some top rope splashes, and a lot of good near falls. PCO is headed to Final Battle against Rush!

After the match, all four men square away, with King and Gordon flanking their leader. Scurll says in three long years, he’s never been ROH Champion. He says this tournament was his opportunity to finally do that, and PCO took that chance away from him. He says, “congratulations” as the fans stand and cheer for that. He says “Let’s be honest, I’m 31, in the prime of my career, you’re at the end of your career and you just beat The Villain!” Fans chanting and cheering for PCO. Scurll says “Like me, you’ve also never been world champion, but this is your last opportunity, and no one deserves the championship more than you!” All four members of Villain Enterprises stand united in the ring as we head for Final Battle!

Overall Show Grade: 7/10
There was some definite cause for concern with this show. There was poor build after Death Before Dishonor in their weekly programming, with several matches announced in the couple days before the event. The use of local talent kind of disappointed me, as no one is buying the show or buying tickets to see champions face local talent in one of the biggest shows of the year. In fact, none of the men’s championships were defended in a pre-announced match or consisted of any rivalry at all. The only thing built before this show was the Tournament. To that, this show delivered, with three great tournament matches. The match with Gresham and Shelley was fantastic and was my Match of the Night!

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Mitchell’s ROH Results & Report! (6/20/24)




It takes two to make a thing go right!

While The Kingdom defends their ROH World Tag Team Championships against Daddy Magic & Cool Hand Ange, Kyle Fletcher and Lee Johnson go 2 OUTTA 3 FALLS for the ROH World TV title!


  • Titan VS Aaron Solo; Titan wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Anthony Henry, Cole Karter & Griff Garrison w/ Maria Kanellis VS Serpentico & The Infantry w/ Trish Adora; Henry, Karter & Garrison win.
  • Jacoby Watts w/ Nick Comoroto VS Brandon Cutler; Watts wins.
  • Marina Shafir VS Maggie Minerva; Marina wins.
  • Six Man Tag: The Iron Savages VS Isaiah Harris, Jay Marston & Eric Eznite; The Iron Savages win.
  • Lance Archer VS Deonn Rusman; Archer wins.
  • Diamante VS Leyla Hirsch; Leyla wins.
  • ROH World Tag Team Championships: The Kingdom VS Matthew Menard & Angelo Parker; The Kingdom wins and retains the titles.
  • ROH World Television Championship Best 2 Out of 3 Falls: Kyle Fletcher VS Lee Johnson; Kyle wins and retains the title.


Titan VS Aaron Solo!

El Inmortal is stepping through the Forbidden Door a bit early, and he is looking to make quite the impact on ROH! But will everything be tranquilo tonight? Or will Solo get that definitive W to prove he’s worthy of more?

Titan says a quick prayer, then he hears the fans cheering him on. The Code of Honor is honored, the bell rings, and Solo grins sarcastically, before Titan DROPKICKS him! Solo bails out and Titan builds speed, but Solo slides in as Titan slides out! Solo then PLANCHAS and down goes Titan! Solo gets Titan up and in, drags Titan up to fire haymakers, and Titan goes to ropes. Solo bumps Titan off buckles, KNEES him in the back, then soaks up the heat. The fans tell Solo off but Solo tells them to shut up. Solo ROCKS Titan, whips him corner to corner, then runs in, but blocks a boot. Solo CHOPS and talks trash.

Solo runs but Titan follows, LOCO LARIAT! Titan goes up the corner, CROSSBODY! The fans fire up as Titan DROPKICKS Solo again! Solo bails out and Titan builds speed to DIVE! Direct hit and down goes Solo! The fans fire up with Titan and he stomps Solo. Titan puts Solo in, covers, TWO! Solo stays in this and now he wants a timeout. Titan storms up but Solo YANKS him into buckles! Solo CLUBS Titan, stomps him, then drags Solo up to stomp him in the corner. Solo CHOPS, then reels Titan in to snap suplex! Cover, TWO! Titan stays in this but Solo clamps on with a chinlock. Solo grinds Titan down but the fans rally up.

Titan kicks and reaches out, ROPEBREAK! Solo lets off but he stomps Titan down. The fans say Solo sucks but Solo says he’s beating Titan down. Solo runs to drop a knee! “How’s that for sucking, ya moron?” Cover, TWO! Titan stays in this but Solo stays on him. Solo reels Titan in, but Titan CHOPS! Solo fires a forearm, Titan CHOPS again! The fans rally as the two go back and forth, forearms and CHOPS again and again! Solo gets the edge, but Titan ducks to fire a strike fest! Titan runs, but Solo LARIATS! But Titan kips up to PELE! Both men are down and the fans fire up! Titan goes to the apron, the fans rally up and he hurries to a corner.

Titan climbs, aims, DIVING- NO, Solo dodges the stomps to DREAMCAST KICK! Then the FISHERMAN EXPLODER! Cover, TWO! Solo rolls right to a corner, goes up and up, then DIVING DOUBLE STOMPS! Cover, TWO!! Titan survives, he knows about diving stomps! Solo is shocked, but he hurries to figure out his next move. The fans fire up behind Titan but Solo drags Titan up. Solo fires forearms, the fans chant “SOLO SUCKS! SOLO SUCKS!” Solo is angered, but he whips Titan to ropes. Titan holds ropes, Solo ROCKS him and whips again. Titan reverses but then goes Matrix to dodge, and CALF KICK!

The fans fire up and Titan pounds the mat. Off come the elbow pads as fans chant “SI! SI! SI!” Titan gets a leg, but Solo gets a cradle! TWO, and Solo SUPERKICKS! Titan staggers, Solo runs in at the corner, but into a BOOT, SOBAT, KICK and fast hands! WHEEL KICK and down goes Solo! Titan skins the cat to the top rope! LA LANZA!! Cover, Titan wins!

Winner: Titan, by pinfall

Titan’s double stomps prove to be the stronger, and that makes him the victor! But will this momentum lead El Inmortal to great golden opportunities in CMLL, NJPW and ROH all at once?


Six Man Tag: Anthony Henry, Cole Karter & Griff Garrison w/ Maria Kanellis VS Serpentico & The Infantry w/ Trish Adora!

We are getting some unique trios to help settle scores here. The Saint of Augusta is joining up with the Diamond in the Rough and the Ivy League MVP all to take down SNAKEMAN, Captain Shawn Dean & “Bad News and Tattoos,” Carlie Bravo. But will Maria be proud of Henry and her boys? Or will The Infantry help Serpentico finally take that mask back?

The trios sort out, Serpentico starts against Henry. They keep the Code of Honor, but then Henry kicks low! The bell rings, Henry headlocks but Serpentico powers out, only for Henry to run him over! The fans are torn but things speed up. Henry hurdles, Serpentico gets going, he ducks ‘n’ dodges to RANA! Henry tumbles, Serpentico kips up and Serpentico wrenches. Tag to Dean and he climbs to AX HANDLE! Dean wrenches, tags Bravo, and he sends Henry into the ENZIGIRI! Dean scoops for a BACKBREAKER, then Bravo goes up, “OORAH!” KNEE DROP! Karter storms in but into a DUOBLE HIP TOSS!

The Infantry DOUBLE FIST DROP! Griff runs in, he gets a DOUBLE ATOMIC DROP! Bravo throws Griff out to the apron, Serpentico runs up to BOOT him down! The fans fire up but Henry sneaks up on Bravo. Henry SOBATS, whips, but Dean sneaks a tag. Bravo body shots, Dean BOOTS, and Bravo DDTS! Tag to Serpentico, he climbs, but Griff & Karter YANK The Infantry down! Henry avoids Serpentico’s stomps to then SHOTGUN him down! Serpentico goes to the apron, Maria applauds her boys, and Henry drags Serpentico over. Tag to Karter, he stomps Serpentico, then he snap suplexes. Cover, ONE!!

Maria is upset, so Karter rains down fists on Serpentico. The fans rally but Karter drags Serpentico up. Serpentico throws body shots, but Karter scoops. Serpentico slips free, rolls Karter up, TWO! Karter runs up to LARIAT! Karter seethes but Maria is pleased. Karter gets Serpentico up to tag Griff, and they mug Serpentico. Griff runs to drop a knee! Cover, TWO! Griff stays on Serpentico but the fans rally. Griff brings Serpentico over, tags Henry, and they mug Serpentico. Henry CHOPS Serpentico down, then wrenches him into a straitjacket stretch. Serpentico endures, the fans rally, and Serpentico fights up.

Serpentico fires body shots, but Henry throws him down! NECK TWIST! Henry holds onto it and flexes, then soaks up the heat. Henry steps over Serpentico’s arm, mocks The Infantry, but Serpentico roll shim up! TWO, and Henry CHOPS! Serpentico falls, Henry drags him over, and tag to Griff. Griff stomps Serpentico, rains down forearms, then has a tiny pocket of fans cheering him on. Griff paces around Serpentico, hauls him up, but Serpentico drags Griff to a cradle! TWO! Griff LARIATS Serpentico down! Cover, TWO! Griff drags Serpentico up, the fans boo, but Henry tags in. Henry and Griff mug Serpentico, then Henry snap suplexes. Cover, TWO!

Henry pump handles Serpentico to lift and GUTBUSTER! Henry then clamps on a chinlock but the fans rally up. Serpentico endures, fights up, and JAWBREAKERS free! Henry runs up but into a BOOT! Serpentico then goes up to FLYING RANA! And FLATLINER! The fans fire up as both men are down! Serpentico and Henry crawl, but Henry drags Serpentico back. Serpentico BOOTS free, hot tags to Bravo and Griff! Griff & Karter both jump in but Bravo rallies on them with big forearms! Bravo dodges Griff to JUMP KNEE! Bravo blocks Karter’s kick to slip around and NECKBREAKER! The fans fire up with Bravo and he brings Griff up.

Bravo whips, Griff reverses, but Bravo jukes him! The fans fire up and Bravo kicks the legs out! Tag to Dean, STEP IN KNEE! The fans fire up with The Infantry, and they get Griff up, MEGA URENAGE! Cover, TWO!! Griff survives, Karter runs in, but Bravo TACKLES him out! Dean underhooks Griff but Griff wrenches out, BIG elbow! Tag to Henry, he runs up to atomic drop! But Serpentico sneaks a tag! Henry TORNADO DDTS Dean, but Serpentico CROSSBODIES! Henry bails out, Bravo backs Serpentico up. SUERPKICK for Karter! Karter tumbles out, Serpentico builds speed to DIVE! Direct hit and down goes Karter!

The fans fire up, but Griff BOOTS Bravo! Dean returns, he BULLDOGS Griff! Henry returns to wrench and BRAINBUSTER Dean!! But Serpentico goes up, SWANTON BOMB!! Cover, GRIFF & KARTER BREAK IT! The fans fire up as The Infantry toss out Maria’s boys. Serpentico and Henry stir as the brawling goes on outside. But Karter sends Bravo into railing! Griff sends Dean into steel steps! The fans boo, henry and Serpentico brawl, and Serpentico gets the edge. But Maria trips him up! The ref reprimands, but the mask is also a distraction! Henry waistlocks, Serpentico switches, Henry switches, repeat!

They go around and around, then to ropes! O’Conner Roll, TWO! Serpentico glares at Maria, but he still ELBOWS Henry away! Henry says his nose might be busted! But this is a distraction so Griff can SMACK Serpentico with a chair! Henry scoops to MICHINOKU DRIVER! Cover, Henry and Maria’s boys win!

Winners: Anthony Henry, Cole Karter & Griff Garrison, by pinfall

The fans boo but Maria’s boys are crafty. They and Henry win here tonight, will they all reach the top of ROH by any means necessary?


Lexy Nair is on stage.

“Ladies and gentlemen, Athena has requested an Emergency MEM, a Minion Empowerment Meeting. So without further ado, I introduce your ROH Women’s Television Champion, Billie Starkz, and your ROH Women’s World Champion, Athena!” The Fallen Goddess and her sidekick make their way out, but the world champion is on crutches! Both are a bit emotional right now but the fans cheer them on. Athena starts by saying sorry, this is really difficult. She’s been thinking the past couple weeks of how to address this situation. If you’re online and following the “dirt sheets,” you may have heard she took a bad spill and uh, yeah, it’s not great.

Athena holds back her emotions and says she wanted the fans to hear this from her. She could spit out all the medical mumbo jumbo, but what we all want to know is how long she’ll be out. She ended up tearing a couple of ankle ligaments, and right now, it is looking between four to six MONTHS. That brings her to her division, her show, her championship. The fans cheer her for encouragement, and she sniffles back as she says she has singlehandedly carried this division. She knows it means the world to every woman in the back to come out here and perform for the fans. And she also has been thinking, “Man, this is not how I thought my championship reign would end.”

The fans chant “KEEP IT! KEEP IT!” but Athena says it is best for the division and for ROH, and even for MIT, her sisters here on stage, if she… KEEPS this title around her waist! The fans cheer that and Athena says this is NOT how her story ends, how her reign ends, because she will be OUR ROH Women’s World Champion FOREVER! But wait! Queen Aminata storms out here! And she’s not alone as she has Red Velvet and a ref. Aminata says this is “Ashy & Trashy” right here. By the way, Athena, your head and your ego are way too big for that boot on her foot. Is this real? Is she really hurt? Because if she’s not, then Aminata will hurt her for real.

Velvet wants us all to think and be real. Athena’s crew has been dodging Aminata & Velvet for weeks! And they’re scared! So they all know Athena is faking an injury, the same way someone else faked an injury to win her title. Billie gets pissed, she SLAPS Velvet, so Aminata SHOVES Billie into Athena!! Athena falls over, clutches her leg, and Billie freaks out. The ref tells Aminata & Velvet to leave, so they leave, but they aren’t buying this. Billie wants after them, but the ref keeps her back now! Is Athena finally being honest about something? Is her leg going to keep her out of action for the summer? Or will she be forced to face Death Before Dishonor?


Jacoby Watts w/ Nick Comoroto VS Brandon Cutler!

Well, after weeks and weeks of letting down his teammate and follower in tag matches, HE will get in that ring and fight for himself! But will HE make this the Jacoby Watts Power Hour? Or will the lackey- er, assistant to The Young Bucks win won for The Elite?

Before the match, Watts gets a mic to say, “Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Jacoby Watts, and tonight, I am joined by the faithful Nick Comoroto. Now there are forces in this world that don’t want you to know how special you are. But Jacoby Watts, I believe in you. I’m the answer to your questions, the solution to your worries, and the light that will guide you through the darkness. Praise be to HE, and HE, is ME.” But Cutler walks out and says we’ve heard enough of Watt’s gospel gobbledygook. And does Watts even think the people here in Omaha, Nebraska are educated enough to understand it?

Oh wait, is that not where they are? Then where are they? Cutler holds out the mic to a fan, but then says, “Denied~!” Cutler also sees Watts brought his “useless, limp noodle” here. Comoroto could use something to do, so he should be a good boy and put this mic away for him. Comprehend? The fans boo but Watts says go ahead. Comoroto HEADBUTTS Cutler down! Comoroto wants to do more but Watts has him stand down. Cutler meanwhile scurries up and CHOP BLOCKS Watts! The bell rings, Cutler laughs at Watts, but Watts hobbles up. Watts ROCKS Cutler again and again, then whips, to back drop!

The fans cheer as Cutler goes flying, and then Watts storms up to fire hands in the corner! The ref counts, Watts still wants after Cutler but Cutler pokes Watts in the eyes! Cutler fires off shots but Watts ROCKS Cutler again and again! Cutler ROCKS Watts, Watts ROCKS Cutler, and they go back and forth. Watts runs, but Cutler CLOBBERS him! Cutler runs but Watts CLOBBERS him! Watts runs, Cutler follows then dodges, CUTLER CUTTER! Cutler takes off his tiger stripe jacket to show off he’s shredded! Cutler hauls Watts up, suplexes, but Watts blocks! Watts suplexes up and over! The fans fire up and Watts fires hands on Cutler!

Cutler staggers around, but he dodges a lariat to ROCK Watts! Cutler ROLLING- Watts ROCKS him first! Watts kicks, Cutler blocks, then DISCUS LARIATS! DAB ON ‘EM ELBOW DROP! Cover, TWO! Cutler is annoyed but the fans rally up. Cutler runs, springboards, but Watts catches him! Swing and FLATLINER! Cutlers taggers up, into a STUNNER! Cover, Watts wins!

Winner: Jacoby Watts, by pinfall

Even HE seems surprised by his own victory! Comoroto picks him up to celebrate but Watts tells him to put him down. Comoroto and Watts have their hands raised, and Watts wants more praise. Will HE have to keep winning to make that happen?


The Kingdom speaks.

Mike Bennett says, “Since 2014, Taven.” Matt Taven says, “Phew, a long time.” They have been doing this since 2014. A decade! They’ve held these ROH World Tag Team Championships many times. They’ve held gold in other companies many times. “But for some reason, when they talk about the greatest tag teams in the world, The Kingdom is never on the list. When they put it on social media, when they write it down on paper, they never fail to miss our names!” The Kingdom is not put with The Bucks, FTR, The Briscoes, The Motor City Machine Guns, or ANYBODY! That’s what pisses Bennett off!

And then, stupid teams like 2Point0 just walk up and go, “Mr. Tony Khan, booker man, we want a match against The Kingdom!” And that’s fine. But they don’t have any idea what they’re getting themselves into! Taven says, “Talk about the last ten years and all we’ve done. And I wanna ask you this, 2Point0. I wanna ask you one question: What have you done? What have you done since you got here? Absolutely nothing! Have you been ROH Tag Team Champions? I don’t think so. We’ve been FIVE-TIME World Champions, and now we’re here, cementing our legacy in ROH and we have Melvins like 2Point0 telling us that they want a shot at us?

“What happened to 1Point0? How many times you gonna keep trying this?” Taven just needs us all the realize one thing: The Kingdom’s success is a trend that doesn’t stop today or tomorrow. It is going to last forever! “For he is I, and I am him, and I’m Matt Taven! But more importantly, we are The Kingdom. The Undisputed Kingdom.” Then will Taven & Bennett be unstoppable as they look to humble Menard & Parker? Or will that be the other way around?


Atlantis Jr. speaks.

“Hello, guys, I’m Atlantis Jr, a wrestler of CMLL, and I have a special message. I want to challenge the winner of Lee Johnson VS Kyle Fletcher for the ROH TV title. But, I want to face the winner in my house, Arena Mexico. I want to show the world that the best wrestlers are from Mexico City and CMLL. See you soon.” That certainly is quite the challenge! There’s more stakes than just the title on the main event now! Who looks to book a trip down to Arena Mexico to take on this rising star of lucha libre?


Diamante VS Leyla Hirsch!

The Cuban Diamond has beaten the LEGIT One before, but that was always in tag team or trios matches. Will Diamante finally get a win 1v1? Or will Leyla get some LEGIT payback?

Leyla offers but Diamante passes on the Code of Honor. The bell rings, the two tie up and Leyla headlocks. Diamante powers up and out, but Leyla runs her over! Diamante scrambles to a corner and Leyla waits on her. Diamante says okay, let’s go again. They circle, tie up, and Diamante kicks low. Diamante headlocks, Leyla powers out the back and then headlocks back. Diamante powers up and out, drops down, but Leyla runs her over again! Diamante is frustrated but the fans cheer as Leyla flexes. Leyla and Diamante reset and say one more time. They feel things out, but Leyla blocks a kick to throw Diamante down!

Leyla waistlocks and gator rolls, then she lifts, but Diamante arm-drags free. Leyla comes back, slips around, and hits a BIG back suplex! Leyla keeps moving, basement DROPKICK! Cover, TWO! Diamante is still in this but Leyla stays on her with a headlock. Leyla grinds Diamante, but Diamante fights up. Diamante pulls hair to put Leyla in a corner. The fans rally, Leyla avoids a forearm to fire off forearms! The fans cheer but the ref counts. Leyla lets off, to YANK Diamante’s legs out! Leyla comes back, PENDULUM- BOOT! Diamante disrupts the dropkick, then runs up to KNEE Leyla down! Diamante stomps Leyla around and talks some smack.

Diamante stomps Leyla more, digs her heel in, but steps off to bring Leyla up. Leyla ROCKS Diamante with forearms! Diamante knees low! Diamante reels Leyla in, and hits a GUTBUSTER! Diamante flexes, the fans are torn, but Diamante covers, TWO! Leyla stays in this but Diamante stays on her with a whip to ropes. Leyla reverses, but Diamante blocks hip toss into a COBRA TWIST! Diamante flexes, then digs her elbow into the ribs! Leyla endures, throws an elbow into Diamante’s thigh, so Diamante digs knuckles into ribs! The fans rally, Leyla pries free and blocks the body shot, SAYANAGI!

The fans fire up as Diamante flounders to ropes. Leyla storms up, reels her in but Diamante knees low. Diamante suplexes Leyla up onto the ropes! Leyla flops back down, Diamante covers, TWO! Diamante wraps onto Leyla with a REAR BEARHUG! Leyla endures the squeeze and the fans rally up. Leyla powers up to her feet, RAMS Diamante into buckles and is free. But Diamante runs up to clamp on again! Leyla pries at the hold, RAMS Diamante into buckles again, and is again free. But Diamante runs up to CLUB Leyla down! Diamante brings Leyla around to whip, but again Leyla reverses, for a kitchen sink knee!

The fans fire up, Leyla waistlocks and GERMAN SUPLEXES! Diamante flounders, but Leyla waistlocks again, GERMAN SUPELX! Diamante flounders to a corner, Leyla runs up, PENDULUM DROPKICK! Direct hit and the fans fire up with Leyla! Leyla drags Diamante right up for a- NO, the bad ribs stop the saido! Diamante aims, runs up, and SPEARS! Cover, TWO!! Leyla survives and shocks Diamante! The fans fire up but Diamante brings Leyla around. Dragon sleeper, but Leyla slips through to cradle! LEYLA WINS!

Winner: Leyla Hirsch, by pinfall

Diamante is LEGIT shocked that she got caught! Leyla fought through the pain, but Diamante BOOTS her down! Diamante is a sore loser, and she gets Leyla up for the CUBAN TWIST! Diamante leaves, the fans boo, but is this far from over between her and Leyla?


ROH World Tag Team Championships: The Kingdom VS Matthew Menard & Angelo Parker!

We heard from Mike Bennett & Matt Taven, and they clearly don’t respect Daddy Magic & Cool Hand Ange. But respect doesn’t matter, these teams are finally having it out with gold on the line! Will Menard & Parker ever rise to the occasion? Or will The Kingdom keep these titles undisputed?

The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and we see who wears the crowns around here!

The Code of Honor is upheld, mostly, and the fans cheer for Menard & Parker. The teams sort out, Parker starts against Bennett. They circle, tie up, and Bennett wrenches to a wristlock. Bennett hits the headlock takeover but Parker fights up. Parker powers up and out but Bennett runs him over! Bennett eggs Parker on but the fans boo. Parker stands, shakes it off, and he tags in Menard. The fans cheer on Menard as Taven tags in. The Matts circle, tie up, and are in a deadlock. Taven headlocks, Menard wrenches and has the headlock back. The fans cheer, but Taven powers up and out. They RAM shoulders, and Taven talks trash.

Menard grabs an arm to wrench to a wristlock! The fans cheer as Menard wrenches again, then YANKS the arm! Menard YANKS again, and Parker wants in. Menard tags Parker, and he takes the handoff. “You wanna taste?” The fans cheer! Parker YANKS the arm, tags Menard, and Menard takes the handoff. 2Point0 double whips, body shots, and Parker runs but Bennett gets a cheap shot! Menard goes after Bennett but Taven CLUBS Menard down! Taven stomps away, digs his boot in, but the ref counts. Taven lets off to argue with the ref, then he tags Bennett. Bennett drags Menard up and CHOPS!

Menard goes to a corner, Bennett ROCKS him and CHOPS him! Bennett brings Menard around but Menard fires hands! Menard CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS! Bennett kicks low, brings Menard around and ROCKS him! Menard wobbles, Bennett whips, but Menard reverses. Taven sneaks a tag, Bennett shoves Menard into the GAMANGIRI! Bennett dropkicks legs out, Taven drops an AX HANDLE! Cover, TWO! Menard stays in this but Taven pushes him around. Taven talks trash, but Menard dodges, runs, and sends Tavne into Parker’s knee! Tag to Parker, Parker whips so Menard can whip, and Parker SMASHES in the corner!

Parker sends Taven to Menard for the drop toehold! Menard is the step so Taven can go up and BOOYAH ELBOW DROP! Cover, TWO! Taven survives but Parker stays on him. Parker CLUBS Taven, wrenches the arm, but Taven wrenches back for a BIG back suplex! Both men are down, the fans rally, but Taven drags Parker up. Parker stops Taven from reaching Bennett, then SHOVES him into Bennett! Parker ROCKS Taven, DECKS Bennett, but Taven SHOVES Parker outta the ring! Bennett stalks Parker but Menard runs up! Menard fires off on Bennett, SMACKS him off steel steps, but Taven runs up! 2Point0 blocks his dropkick!

The fans fire up and Taven panics as 2Point0 DOUBLE SLAM the legs on the apron! The fans fire up again as 2Point0 slides in, but Bennett YANKS Parker back out! Bennett rebounds off ropes, BOSTON BAYONET! Menard sees that, but Taven LEG LARIATS Menard down! Bennett feeds Parker to Taven for the suplex and BRAINBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Tag to Bennett, he drags Parker up. Bennett puts Parker in a corner to CHOP, and ROCK, and CHOP again! And ROCK again! Bennett snapmares, runs and basement dropkicks! Cover, TWO! Parker is still in this so Bennett tags Taven in.

Taven whips Parker into the BOSTON BAYONET, then hits a PURPLE THUNDER BOMB! Cover, TWO! Taven is frustrated but the fans rally up. Taven drags Parker back, tags in Bennett, and they double whip Parker to a corner. Taven sends Bennett in, FOREARM SMASH! Taven hits a SPLASH! DEATH VALLEY DRIVER, Parker ducks Just the Tip once, but not the SECOND TIP! Cover, TWO!! Parker survives and the fans fire up! Bennett talks trash on Parker, brings him up to slap him around, but Parker fires off fast hands! Bennett ROCKS Parker, runs, but into a DROPKICK! Both men are down and Parker heads for his corner!

Bennett hurries to get Parker’s legs, but Parker boots Bennett away! Taven tags in, and he BLASTS Menard! And then ROLLING NECKBREAKER! Tag back to Bennett, he gets Parker up! Taven climbs, but Parker SHOVES Bennett to ropes, and that trips Taven up! The fans fire up but Menard is still down! Bennett goes for legs, Parker BOOTS him away! And BOOTS him again! Menard rises, tag to Daddy Magic! BODY SHOT for Taven! LARIAT for Bennett! Another LARIAT for Bennett! Menard sends Bennett to a corner, then rains down fists! The fans count all the way to TEN, then Menard whips corner to corner.

Menard runs up but into a BOOT! Bennett goes up, MISSILE- NO! Menard blocks that and he turns Bennett over! BOSTON CRAB on the Bostonian!! But Taven ROCKS Menard! Menard still holds on!! Menard eggs Taven on, Taven runs, but Parker LARIATS Taven! They both tumble out, but Bennett fights his way to the ROPEBREAK! Menard lets go in frustration, but he stalks Bennett to a corner. Menard CHOPS, then whips. Bennett goes up and over, but Parker’s back! Bennett turns around into the DOUBLE FLAPJACK! And then A SWEET TASTE!! Cover, TWO!!! Bennett survives the Double DDT and 2Point0 is frustrated.

Wait, Taven slides a belt into the ring? Menard goes for that but Taven drags Parker out! But Parker sends Taven into barriers! And then more barriers! The ref tries to take the belt from Menard, Bennett rolls him up!! The Kingdom wins!!

Winners: The Kingdom, by pinfall (still ROH World Tag Team Champions)

Bennett takes back the belt, and Parker is shocked! But it seems one way or another, The Kingdom finds a way to survive! Will 2Point0 have to swallow this bitter defeat? Will The Kingdom force their way into the conversation of best tag team in the world?


ROH World Television Championship Best 2 Out of 3 Falls: Kyle Fletcher VS Lee Johnson!

From one title match right into another, it is finally time for The Aussie Arrow and Big Shotty to put this to rest! This is Lee’s last chance, will he be able to beat Kyle twice in one night? Or will Kyle prove that he is The Protostar for a reason?

But as soon as Kyle’s in range, Lee FLIES out and takes him down! The fans fire up as Lee hurries to get Kyle in the ring! the bell rings, Kyle swings but into a BLUE THUNDER BOMB! Cover, TWO!! Kyle survives that early ambush but Lee hurries up top! Kyle scrambles out of the ring, but Lee just changes flight plans! SUPER CROSSBODY! Down goes Kyle again and the fans fire back up! Lee then whips Kyle hard into railing! The ring count starts but Lee sends Kyle into more railing! And more railing! Lee roars and Kyle slumps down! Lee high-fives fans, but he hears the ring count. Lee gets Kyle up and in at 7 and fans cheer.

Lee stalks Kyle, drags Kyle up, and Lee bumps Kyle off buckles. Kyle falls back but Lee doesn’t let up. Lee fires hands, whips, but Kyle holds ropes to stop himself. Lee runs up but Kyle puts him on the apron and HOTSHOTS! Kyle builds speed as Lee wobbles, and Kyle CALF KICKS Lee down! The fans fire up again as Lee hits the floor. Kyle snarls, goes out after Lee, and says nice try, Lee. Kyle whips Lee hard into railing! Kyle drags Lee up, whips him hard into more railing, and Lee sputters as he falls over. Kyle soaks up cheers and jeers before he drags Lee back up. The ring count climbs, but Kyle gives Lee an APRON BACK SUPLEX!

Kyle shoves Lee down and gets an “AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE!” “OI OI OI!” going. Lee slowly rises, but Kyle PENALTY KICKS him back down! Kyle flexes and the fans cheer. Kyle then drags Lee back up, puts him in the ring at 12 of 20, and then gives a mocking thumbs up. Kyle stands Lee up, puts him against ropes, and asks if fans want him to chop the hell out of Lee. Kyle CHOPS Lee, and says the fans sure liked that, right? Kyle drags Lee up and around, puts him on the other side of the ring, and he hushes the fans. Snapmare! Kyle says gottee, and then he KICKS Lee in the back. Kyle flexes more and soaks up the heat.

Kyle goes back to Lee, drags him up, but Lee throws body shots. Kyle eggs Lee on, Lee CHOPS, and CHOPS! Kyle KICKS Lee down, then hauls him up. Lee blocks the suplex but Kyle powers up! Lee still fights so Kyle CLUBS him down. The fans rally and Kyle drags Lee up again. Kyle suplexes, Lee slips free, then ducks ‘n’ dodges to DROPKICK! The fans fire up and Lee is feeling it! Lee and Kyle are both down, though, so a standing count starts. The fans rally and Kyle uses ropes to stand. Lee rises, he ROCKS Kyle with a right hand! And another! And another! Kyle shoves, but Lee ENZIGIRIS! The fans fire up with Lee as he runs up, to CHOP!

Lee whips corner to corner, Kyle reverses but Lee slides to a stop. Lee ducks the lariat to NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Lee stays focused and he rises up again. Kyle sits up, Lee brings him around and dragon sleepers! Kyle snapmares free, but Lee blocks a superkick! Lee waistlocks, Kyle switches but Lee elbows free. Lee goes to run but Kyle reels him in, SNAP HALF ‘N’ HALF! Lee flounders, the fans rally, and Kyle grits his teeth. Kyle goes corner to corner, GAMANGIRI! Then a suplex, but Lee turns it to a cradle! TWO, but Lee SUPERKICKS! And SUPERKICKS! Kyle rebounds, into a ROLLING DEATH VALLEY!

Lee adds a PENALTY KICK! And STANDING MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO! Kyle survives and Lee is stunned! The fans rally up for Lee as he stands back up. Lee goes to a corner, climbs, but Kyle stands! Kyle anchors Lee but Lee rains down fists. Kyle staggers, but he gets under Lee’s leap! MICHINOKU DRIVER! Cover, TWO!! Lee survives and Kyle grows frustrated. And this is just the first fall! Kyle smirks at Lee, Lee jabs from below, but Kyle SLAPS him! Lee goes to ropes, Kyle aims and runs, but into a ROLLING ELBOW! Kyle ROLLING ELBOWS back! Lee goes to ropes, Kyle clotheslines Lee and himself up and out!

The fans rally and duel, Kyle drags Lee up and around. Kyle reels Lee in, says thumbs down, but Lee grabs ropes! Lee punches Kyle, mule kicks him, then ASAI MOONSAULTS! Lee brings Kyle down to the ground and the fans fire back up! Lee drags Kyle up and puts him in. Kyle clings to the ropes but Lee drags him up. Kyle shoves Lee away, so Lee goes out to the apron. Kyle SUPERKICKS! It was a trap! Kyle suplexes for an APRON BRAINBUSTER!! Kyle then gets Lee in, brings him up, LAST RIDE!! Cover, TWO?!? Lee survives and shocks everyone! This is how much this all means to Lee, and “This is Awesome!”

Kyle seethes as he watches Lee rise. Kyle reloads, runs up, and CALF KICKS! Then SNAP- NO, Lee jackknife bridges! TWO!! Lee tilt-o-whirls, but Kyle blocks it! Lee still fights through, but Kyle spins things around! Inverted suplex, then a LAWN DART!! Lee is dazed as he rises up, into Kyle’s GAMANGIRI!! Then BRAINBUSTER!! Cover, TWO!?!? Kyle gets Lee up, SPIKE PILEDRIVER!!! Cover, Kyle finally scores!

Kyle: 1; Lee: 0

All that for just the first fall, and it was clearly a crucial one. Kyle has the advantage, and the ref checks if Lee can even continue. The fans rally, Kyle says he has Lee’s number, but Lee is someone still in this fight. Kyle walks up, Lee sits up, and Kyle KICKS! Lee falls back over and sputters, but Kyle eggs him on. Lee shakes his head, rises up again, and punches himself to fire back up. Kyle mocks that, then KICKS Lee again! Lee just gets mad! The fans fire up as Lee rises again! Kyle says okay, and SUPERKICKS! Lee is down, the ref checks, and Kyle waits. Lee is dazed but not down, so Kyle says please, take your time.

Lee rises but the ref wants Doc Sampson to check. Lee is saying no, he’s good, but he’s still struggling to even sit up off the mat. Kyle waits for the greenlight, then he gets Lee up. Kyle puts Lee right on the top rope, climbs up, and suplexes! But Lee shifts and gets around! He YANKS Kyle down! Lee gets moving, and he LARIATS! Kyle stays up but Lee runs again, to LARIAT! Lee keeps moving, but Kyle LARIATS Lee inside out!! Kyle hauls Lee up, scoops, LAWN- NO, Lee slips free and Kyle POSTS himself! Lee O’Conner Rolls, and deep! LEE SCORES!

Kyle: 1; Lee: 1

And now we’re all tied up! Kyle is in disbelief, but “This is Awesome!” as Lee has life! Both men slowly rise, and Kyle says “No! No…! NO!” Lee says bring it! These two storm up and fire off forearms back and forth! The fans rally as the shots go faster and faster, and Lee gets the edge! Kyle ROLLING ELBOWS! Then he reels Lee in, lifts, but Lee SUNSET BOMBS!! Cover, TWO!!! Lee almost had Kyle so he hurries to get back up! Lee climbs a corner while Kyle is down! Kyle rises, and he GAMANGIRIS! Kyle climbs to join Lee up top again, but Lee throws hands! Lee SHOVES Kyle down! Then Lee SUPER SUNSET BOMBS!!

But Kyle flounders all the way out of the ring! Lee says fine, and he builds speed to FLY!! FLYING SUNSET BOMB?!?! The fans lose their minds as Lee rises up! Lee tries to drag Kyle up but he’s dead weight! Lee gets in the ring as we’re at 8 of 20, then 10! Lee is waiting on the count but he has to remember Champion’s Advantage is a thing! We’re at 15 of 20 and Kyle hasn’t even moved! We’re at 17, only now does Kyle stir! 19!! Kyle SPRINGS in at 19.5, and Lee SUPERKICKS him! And SUPERKICKS again! Lee rises, leaps, CROSSBODY! But that’s not enough! Lee goes back up, reloads, and FROG SPLASHES!!

Lee still won’t stop, he wants another! Lee climbs again, for a FROG SPLASH!!! Cover, TWO?!?! Kyle survives the hattrick and Lee is stunned! The ref checks both men while the fans are thunderous for “R O H! R O H!” Kyle seems out of it, but Lee just roars back to his feet! The ref has Lee back off but Lee argues with him! Kyle SHOVES Lee into the ref, then LOW BLOWS!! Kyle smirks as he gets away with it! The fans try to tell the ref what happened, but Kyle puts Lee up top fast! Kyle suplexes for the TOP ROPE BRAINBUSTER!!! Cover, Kyle wins!!

Winner: Kyle Fletcher, by pinfall (still ROH World Television Champion)

Just as it looked like this title was slipping through Kyle’s fingers, he stooped to some callous lows to hold onto it! Lee was so close, and now he must wait until another holds this title. With how The Protostar has been going, will there ever be another ROH World Television Champion?

My Thoughts:

A very good episode of ROH, though very long at an hour and 50 minutes. Though, they at least made sure there were more matches that meant something and weren’t just squashes. By the way, I appreciate that they put the squash matches all in the middle of the episode. Anyway, Titan showing up in ROH was a nice surprise, and of course he got a good win here. Good Six Man Tag, but I should’ve figured the Heels would win. When is this story ever gonna end so that Serpentico can have that stolen mask back? Or are we supposed to wait until Griff & Karter are contenders to the tag titles? I imagine Maria will give up the mask that she treats like a trophy when her boys are on to something better.

And I like that while Watts was working on this “You need me, Comoroto! You’re nothing without me!” thing, he is suddenly Face by default because Cutler has been building this Heel persona where he is the henchmen for The Young Bucks. And we all love seeing the smug friend of the mean bosses get comeuppance, so this worked out for Watts. But chances are, we’re right back to “You’re nothing without me!” next week. Really good match from Diamante and Leyla, and good win for Leyla. Diamante laying her out after was also good Heel heat, they’ll surely keep feuding to build up towards title matches.

Speaking of, very good promo segment from the champions and their challengers. Ironically, I hadn’t been paying attention to “dirt sheets” so I don’t know how legit Athena’s ankle injury is, but certainly it’s not as bad as they were playing it up tonight if she can take a bump. But is this some out of the box way to double turn… Actually, I guess this is some kind of quadruple turn if both Aminata & Velvet are going Heel and Athena & Billie are going Face. But really, one way or another, I feel like this has to lead to Athena finally, finally losing the world title for someone else to carry ROH and for her to maybe move on to AEW and those title scenes. Maybe.

And great title matches to close out the night. Good promo from Bennett & Taven, and I suppose there is something to their longevity and dedication that should make The Kingdom seen as a top team. There does seem to be some mysterious reason why they aren’t, and it’s not because they’ve only ever been in ROH, NJPW and TNA before this point. Young Bucks themselves are an example of a team that became great because they were in all those companies, and yet they’re the ones running things. But hey, great match with Menard & Parker tonight, and I figured with this being on regular ROH weekly TV, The Kingdom was going to retain.

Similarly, we got an awesome Best 2 Out of 3 match for the ROH World TV Championship, and Lee starting off hot and enduring so much in just the first fall was great stuff. While I did hope Lee was going to win, this was just ROH weekly TV, Kyle of course retained. Now, Kyle VS Atlantis Jr. down in Mexico, that is gonna be a lot of fun, but I would think Kyle retains down there, too. Kinda hoping ROH gets permission to at least show that match because I have no idea where I can watch CMLL stuff as an American.

My Score: 8.7/10

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Mitchell’s ROH Results & Report! (6/13/24)

Go big or go home!



Four Corner Survival gets SUPER SIZED!

The Bang Bang Gang may have the unified AEW & ROH World Trios Championships, but FOUR trios fight to take one step closer to taking their own shot! Who rises up out of this dirty dozen to be the ones?


  • ROH Women’s World Television Championship Proving Grounds: Billie Starkz VS Sandra Moone; Billie wins and denies Moone a title match.
  • Shane Taylor & Lee Moriarty VS Nick Comoroto & Jacoby Watts; Shane & Lee win.
  • Red Velvet VS Viva Van; Velvet wins.
  • Trios Four Corner Survival: Lance Archer & The Righteous VS Action Andretti & Top Flight VS The Dark Order VS Dalton Castle & The Infantry; Action & Top Flight win.
  • Six Woman Tag: Marina Shafir, Alex Windsor & Diamante VS Abadon, Lady Frost & Leyla Hirsch; Shafir, Windsor & Diamante win.
  • Trish Adora VS Harley Cameron; Harley wins.
  • ROH World Tag Team Championships Proving Grounds: The Kingdom VS Bad Dude Tito & Che Cabrera; The Kingdom wins and denies Tito & Che a title match.


ROH Women’s World Television Championship Proving Grounds: Billie Starkz VS Sandra Moone!

Athena’s Minion is still stacking up wins while stacking up bodies, but now she runs into the Subspace Sweetheart, who was also part of that Women’s World TV title tournament. Will Moone find a way to eclipse the Star(kz)? Or will Billie make her Overlord proud by going 11-0?

The Code of Honor is upheld, the bell rings, and the fans rally. The two approach, Billie dodges the haymaker to BOOT Moone! Billie grins, whips Moone to a corner, then runs in. Moone dodges, says eat her space dust, and she CROSSBODIES in the corner! Moone goes to the apron, runs Billie side to side to bum her off buckles, then hurries back in. Moone winds up, but Billie gets under the lariat. Billie waistlocks, Moone pries the hold, but Billie pulls hair! The ref reprimands, but Billie cravats to KNEE SMASH! Moone falls over, the fans cheer, and Billie reels Moone in. Billie snap suplexes Moone, covers, TWO!

Billie watches Moone go to a corner, then fires off forearm after forearm! The ref counts, Billie snapmares Moone, then KICKS her in the back! Moone writhes, the fans fire up, and Billie says the kick was good. Billie stalks Moone, kicks her around, taunts her, and brings her up. Moone ROCKS Billie, Billie DECKS Moone! Billie puts Moone in a corner, whips corner to corner, and Moone hits buckles hard! Billie stomps away on Moone, then gets in the ref’s face as he counts at her. Billie storms back after Moone, whips corner to corner, but Moone stops herself! Moone ELBOWS Billie down, then hurries up on her.

Billie trips Moone, rains down furious forearms, but the ref reprimands Billie on how she’s holding Moone down by her neck! Billie tells the ref not to tell her what to do! The fans fire up and Billie snarls as she goes back to Moone. Billie clamps onto Moone for the motorcycle stretch! Moone endures, fights up, arm-drags free, and then blocks a lariat to ELBOW! And ROLLING ELBOW! Moone wrenches, CLUBS away on Billie, and then steps over. Moone says finger licking good, and she MULE KICKS Billie right down! Billie bails out, fans fire up as Moone builds speed, and she DIVES! Not the cleanest but Billie still falls!

Moone puts Billie in, covers, TWO! Moone grows frustrated and pounds the mat. The fans rally behind her, Moone runs corner to corner at Billie, but Billie puts up her boots. Moone blocks, but gets the REBOUND ENZIGIRI! Moone is down, Billie goes up, but Moone rises! SHORYUKEN! Moone climbs up, brings Billie up, but Billie fights with body shots! Billie then SMACKS Moone off the top buckle, reels her in, and gives her a SUPER GOURD BUSTER! Moone is down, Billie grins and adjusts. But then she hops down just to deny the fans their fun! The fans boo but Billie clamps onto Moone with the HALF NELSON CHINBAR! Moone taps, Billie wins!

Winner: Billie Starkz, by submission (denies Sandra Moone a title opportunity)

Moone put up a fight but Starkz still shines as she checks another one off the list. But will Billie be in for a fight when ROH goes to Arlington, Texas for Death Before Dishonor?


Shane Taylor & Lee Moriarty VS Nick Comoroto & Jacoby Watts!

Shane Taylor Promotions plans to tear through anyone and everyone in their way to the top of both ROH and AEW. Will they do just that here tonight? Or will HE, Jacoby, finally lead the Wrecking Ball to a victory?

Comoroto starts for his team, as he has before, and offers a handshake for the Code of Honor. Lee Moriarty starts and just gets in Comoroto’s face. Comoroto does his best to smile and shrug that off, and the two circle. They feel things out, but Lee KICKS a leg. Comoroto shrugs that off, too, and the two circle more. Fans chant “S, T, P! S, T, P!” Lee KICKS, applauds, and dares Comoroto to take a swing. Comoroto does, Lee avoids it, but then Comoroto blocks a kick! So Lee KNEES free! Lee fires up, runs, and forearms Comoroto, but Comoroto HEADBUTTS Lee down! Comoroto applauds and the fans join in.

Comoroto trophy lifts Lee, does some quick pumps, then SLAMS Lee down! Tag to Jacoby and this is the first time we’ve seen him do anything in weeks! Jacoby FLAPJACKS Lee off the apron, but then asks for a microphone? Jacoby says, “My friends, my followers, my faithful flock right here in Las Vegas, Nevada, praise be to HE! And HE is ME.” The fans boo instead. Jacoby goes back to Lee, puts him in, and tags Comoroto. Wow, that was all? Comoroto wrenches Lee, Lee kicks free, and he tags in Shane! The fans fire up for Big Bad Shaney T. Boy, and he steps to Comoroto. Shane SLAPS Comoroto!

Fans chant “MEAT! MEAT! MEAT!” as Shane eggs Comoroto on. Comoroto shoves Shane, Shane shoves back, and they RAM shoulders! Shane nods, runs, and RAMS Comoroto! “MEAT!” Comoroto RAMS back! “MEAT!” Shane JABS, eggs Comoroto on, so Comoroto runs in! Shane throws Comoroto out! Jacoby encourages Comoroto, and the fans fire up, too! Comoroto skins the cat! But then Shane is there, to bob ‘n’ weave and HEADBUTT! And URENAGE! And SPLASH! Cover, TWO! Comoroto is still in this but Shane tags Lee. Lee runs to BOOT Jacoby, but that upsets Comrooto! Comoroto CLOBBERS Lee, BLASTS Shane, then scoops Lee!

Comoroto spins and SLAMS Lee, runs up and JUMP ELBOW DROPS! The fans fire up with Comoroto, and he says “Save us, Jacoby~!” Comoroto runs in at the corner to SPLASH, then Jacoby tags in! POWERSLAM, Jacoby takes the pin, TWO!! Lee survives because Jacoby took too long, and now Jacoby tags Comoroto back in. Lee runs up to SHOTGUN Jacoby! Comoroto is mad again, and he scoops Lee. Lee slips free, tags Shane, and then baits Comoroto in! BUCKLE SHOT! Shane waits on Comoroto to get up, and then KNOCKOUT PUNCH! Cover, STP wins!

Winners: Shane Taylor Promotions, by pinfall

Lee takes Jacoby’s cowboy hat to do a dance, then throws it away. Will ROH soon belong to STP from top to bottom?


Johnny TV & Taya Valkyrie speak.

La Wera Loca says over the course of the last year and a half, yes, she has had wins and losses, faced some of the best women in the world, and has nothing but respect for each and every one. But one is just… getting under her skin! Queen Aminata~! Queen? So she gave herself a crown? You can’t do that! Aminata’s not a real queen! Taya earned the iconic title of Reina De Reinas (Queen of Queens), earned the nickname “Ratings Queen,” and earned the nickname, “The Main Character.” Aminata is a fraud! And quite annoying. So it doesn’t matter that Aminata beat Taya in the tournament, this is a warning.

Taya will wipe that smug smile off Aminata’s face, and kick that ass off her throne! Watch your back. Johnny says nice one. Mr. & Mrs. TV are ready, but will Aminata just have to beat Taya again?


Trios Four Corner Survival: Lance Archer & The Righteous VS Action Andretti & Top Flight VS The Dark Order VS Dalton Castle & The Infantry!

Well, they’re in Las Vegas, so ROH sees last week’s Trios Triple Threat and raises it another trio! It’s a Dirty Dozen in Sin City, but who will hit the jackpot on these 25% odds?

The Peacock argues with the Murderhawk Monster, but then steps down as the teams sort out. In this kind of Fatal 4, only two teams are legal at one time, and it is The Sight to See that starts against Alex Reynolds. The Code of Honor is upheld, but then Alex trips Action at the bell! Things speed up, Action hurdles but Alex leaps over! Things keep moving, Action bypasses, and he handsprings through Alex’s hip toss! Action snapmares Alex, then slides, but Alex ducks the Penalty Kick to roll Action up! ONE, and Action arm-drags Alex! Then JAPANESE ARM-DRAGS, then DROPKICKS! The fans cheer, and Action wrenches Alex’s arm.

Action brings Alex over, tags in Darius, and Darius takes the handoff to wrench. Darius whips, Alex reverses, but Darius turns arm-drag into backslide, ONE! Alex runs up, into the arm-drag! Darius has the armlock, then he wrenches. Tag to Dante, he CLUBS an arm and snapmares Alex down, for Darius to basement dropkick the arm! The fans cheer, Dante covers, ONE! Dante keeps on the arm, tags Action, and Action takes the handoff to snapmare, then ghost pin! TWO, but Action whips. Alex reverses, Action ducks ‘n’ dodges, but Alex ELBOWS Action down! The fans cheer, and Alex bumps Action off buckles to tag Silver.

Silver tags Uno, the fans cheer and Dark Order whips Uno in to SPLASH Action! Uno then feeds Action to a double hip toss, cradle and DOUBLE FACEBUSTER! Alex & Uno get Action up, then Silver hops on! The Dark Order flexes while holding Action down, and then Silver & Reynolds step away for Uno to RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP! Cover, TWO! Uno keeps on Action, ROCKS him with a right, then whips him to ropes. Action rolls off Uno’s back but Carlie Bravo tags in off him! Action bails out, Bravo runs in, then dodges Uno to JAB! JAB! JAB! Uno shoves, Bravo ducks and gets around, to JAB, JAB, JAB!

Uno shoves again, Bravo gets around again, full nelson and spin, but Uno shouts “STOP~!” Then he ROCKS Bravo with a right! The fans fire up, Uno whips, but Bravo jukes and dodges, mule kick to the leg! Tag to Captain Shawn Dean and he STEP-IN KNEE STRIKES Uno down! Reynolds runs up, The Infantry dodges and Castle is in, to get around and SLAM him! The fans fire up as The Infantry and Castle pose together. But then Archer & The Righteous attack! The ref reprimands but they knock down The Infantry as well as Castle, and even the rest of The Dark Order! Vincent feeds Uno to Dutch for the SCRAPBUSTER!

Top Flight storms in but Archer BOOTS Darius, SLAMS Dante, then sends Darius to the SCRAPBUSTER! Action runs up but into a SIDEWALK SLAM! Archer hauls Bravo up into a dragon sleeper but Dean CLUBS him! Archer just frowns, and then he grabs Dean by the neck! CHOKE SLAM DDT COMBO! The fans fire up, and Vinnie snaps his fingers. SLIDING FLATLINER on Uno! Vinnie tags himself in off Uno, then runs up on Dean. Dean fires body shots and forearms, then whips. Vinnie reverses, both men run, and Vinnie CLOBBERS Dean! Vinnie drags Dean up and over, bumps him off buckles and fires body shots!

Tag to Dutch and Dutch UPPERCUTS Dean! Castle protests but Archer smothers Dean! Dutch smiles and snaps his suspenders, before running in, into a BOOT! Dean ELBOWS Vinnie, ELBOWS Archer, dodges Dutch, hot tag to Castle! The fans fire up for The Peacock as he blocks a shot and BACK ELBOWS Dutch! Castle catches Alex to EXPLODER! Castle BLASTS Archer off the apron, catches Dante, and hits an EXPLODER! Darius runs up, into an EXPLODER! Silver runs up, into an EXPLODER! Action runs in, EXPLODER! Vegas is fired up for Castle, Dutch runs up, but into a waistlock. Dutch elbows free, Castle falls back to the corner.

Dutch runs in, Castle dodges, and The Infantry DOUBLE GAMANGIRI! Dutch staggers, Castle BODY SHOTS! Bravo runs up to SCISSOR KICK! Dean is up top, DIVING SPLASH! Castle runs up, builds up power, and then SPLASHES down! Triple cover, but Dante and Alex break it! Dante hurries to his corner, tags in off Dutch, but Alex does the same with Castle. Alex and Dante shove each other, then throw forearms! Darius and Uno get in but they each get a forearm! Then Dante and Alex throw hands again! Silver and Action try, but Dante and Alex DECK them! The brawl is back on, Archer and Dutch get in!

Alex and Dante each hit Archer and Dutch, but they’re much bigger than the others! Archer choke grips Alex, Dutch choke grips Dante! But Uno & Action DOUBLE SUPERKICK Dutch! They DUMP Archer out, but Archer grabs Uno! Action SUPERKICKS Archer down! The Righteous regroups outside, some of the others head that way, and Alex swings on Action. Action dodges, SOBATS, then reels Alex in. Action suplexes, Alex slips free, and Alex waistlocks. Action drops down, slips under, mule kicks then front kicks! Alex ducks the roundhouse but not the ENZIGIRI! But then Silver SUPERKICKS Action!

Silver torture racks and spins, TOWER HACKER BOMB! Dean gets Silver for a full nelson, then ROLLING ELBOW! Darius runs up, blocks a kick and hits a FISHERMAN BUSTER! Castle returns to short arm LARIAT, KNEE and DDT! Darius bails out, Vinnie gets in, SIDE EFFECT! Bravo gets Vinnie in a wrench and clinch, SIDEWINDER! Uno runs up, blocks a boot, and he hands that to the ref so he can NECKBREAKER! The fans are thunderous, Dante gets in, and he hurdles Uno! Uno ends up outside, The Righteous mugs him! Dante WRECKS them all with a dropkick! Dante keeps moving, but Reynolds sends him to a corner!

Silver & Reynolds coordinate, they’re starting up that WOMBO COMBO!! Bridging cover, but Darius COMPLETE SHOTS Alex! Action breaks the pin, then he and Darius get Alex up! DOUBLE URENAGE! Darius covers, TOP FLIGHT WINS!

Winners: Action Andretti & Top Flight, by pinfall

It was fast ‘n’ furious between all four teams, and the fastest team won out! Will Action, Darius & Dante make good on some golden tickets to Arlington?


Six Woman Tag: Marina Shafir, Alex Windsor & Diamante VS Abadon, Lady Frost & Leyla Hirsch!

The Problem is already hard to solve, and now she’s got British Titanium and the Cuban Diamond by her side! Will this trio be unbreakable? Or will they have some trouble with the LEGIT trio standing against them?

The Code of Honor is upheld, though barely, and the trios sort out. Leyla starts against Marina and the fans rally up. The two circle, tie up, and Leyla waistlocks to drag Marina down. Marina fights up, Leyla has a leg, but Marina’s sturdy, so Leyla lets off. They reset, knuckle lock, and Marina slips around to trip Leyla. Marina ties the legs up, floats to a headlock, but Leyla slips out the back to a waistlock. They go around, Leyla is a backpack as Marina stands up. Marina leans forward to dump Leyla off, but Leyla holds on to drag Marina down into body scissors! Marina fights free and the fans cheer the technical exchange.

The two reset and go again. Marina trips Leyla to a cover, ONE! Leyla goes to sweep but Marina jumps over! Marina pats little Leyla on the head, but that pisses Leyla off! Leyla trips Marina, rains down forearms, then she gets around to facelock. Leyla brings Marina over, Abadon tags in, and the fans fire up as the two double whip. Drop toehold then SENTON! Abadon hurries to cover, TWO! Abadon keeps Marina from her team and rains down fists! Marina gets free, goes for a leg but Abadon slips away. Abadon goes for an arm, wrenches and wristlocks, but Marina rolls. Abadon wrangles her, Marina fights up and rolls to her feet.

Abadon wrangles Marina again, using power to get the better of the technician. And then Abadon BITES Marina’s arm! The ref reprimands and Marina breaks free! Thankfully Marina’s gear has sleeves. Abadon backs off and Frost tags in. Marina tags Diamante, and these two run up. Frost wheelbarrows to arm-drag, then dodges Diamante to handspring and RANA! Diamante ends up in the corner,. Frost tags Abadon then CHOPS Diamante. Abadon throws hands, brings Diamante around, and ROCKS her with forearm after forearm! Diamante kicks low but Abadon HELL STABS! Abadon whips, Diamante reverses, and Marina gets a cheap shot in!

Abadon shrieks at Marina, but Diamante CLUBS Abadon down! Diamante stomps a mudhole into Abadon, lets off as the ref counts, and then tags Windsor. Windsor fires off hands on Abadon, then brings her around to bump Abadon off buckles. Windsor whips corner to corner, runs up, but into a BOOT! Windsor just huffs ‘n’ puffs and comes back! Windsor blocks boots, puts Abadon in ropes, and DRAPING NECKBREAKERS! Cover, TWO! Windsor CLUBS Abadon again and again, then drags her up. Tag to Marina, then snapmare for Abadon. Marina uses Windsor as a weapon, scoop SLAM on the legs!

Abadon writhes, Windsor throws down hands and Marina sucker punches Leyla! The ref keeps Leyla back, letting Windsor and Diamante stomp Abadon! Then Windsor uses Diamante as a weapon, HIP TOSS SENTON! Diamante hurries away before the ref sees, and Windsor tags Marina. Marina tags Diamante, they drag Abadon, and then Marina uses Diamante as a weapon, scoop SLAM on Abadon’s chest! Diamante eggs Leyla & Frost on, but Abadon sits up like a certain Deadman! Abadon checks her neck, dodges Diamante, then tags Frost! Frost fires up as she rallies on Daimante! ELBOW, then a tilt-o-whirl into the sunset flip! ONE, but Frost BUZZSAWS!

The fans fire up with Frost and she runs to the corner. GAMANGIRI! Diamante sits down, Frost goes corner to corner, handspring CANNONBALL! The fans fire up again and Frost covers, TWO! Diamante stays in this but Frost stays on her with a wrench. Tag to Leyla and Frost snapmares Diamante. Diamante ducks the buzzsaw, but not the HEEL KICK! Leyla then waistlocks to GERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, Windsor & Marina break it! Frost ROUNDHOUSES Marina! Frost goes out but Marina SWEEPS the legs! Windsor tags in, Leyla DECKS Marina, but then sees Windsor waiting! Leyla takes a swing, but into the RIGHT ANGLE SLAM!

Windsor hurries to cover, but Abadon breaks it! Diamante SPEARS Abadon! Windsor hauls Leyla up, but Leyla wrenches to SAIDO! Leyla puts Windsor in the drop zone, then goes up, but Diamante distracts the ref so Marina can YANK Leyla down! SHINING WINDSOR! And then the fisherman and a twist, LIBERTINE DRIVER! Cover, Windsor’s team wins!

Winners: Marina Shafir, Alex Windsor & Diamante, by pinfall

Powerful teamwork from this trio, and we know Windsor gets a big match tomorrow night on AEW Rampage against Toni Storm. Will Iron Will Windsor steal the spotlight from the Leading Lady this close to Forbidden Door? Will all three of these women be primed for title opportunities as we head for Death Before Dishonor and beyond?


ROH World Tag Team Championships Proving Grounds: The Kingdom VS Bad Dude Tito & Che Cabrera!

Matt Taven & Mike Bennett are the only ones in the Undisputed Kingdom still holding gold, and they’ve gotta put in the work to prove they’re still worthy. Will they make sure ROH stays their kingdom? Or will the #WolfZaddies be howling to the moon as they take a bite out of the champs?

The teams sort out, Mike starts against Tito and the Code of Honor is kept. The bell rings, we’re on the clock, and Tito is all fired up. They tie up, Mike headlocks, but Tito squeezes tight before he powers out. Mike RAMS Tito, Tito asks if that’s all he’s got. Mike ROCKS Tito and headlocks him! Tito powers up to lift Mike, then powers out of the headlock. They RAM shoulders again, and Mike says okay. Try this! CHOP! Tito CHOPS back! They CHOP and CHOP and CHOP, and the fans “WOO~!” with each one! Tito CHOPS, CHOPS and CHOPS, then he CHOPS Mike down! The fans fire up, Tito runs, but Mike dropkicks the leg out!

Tag to Taven, he runs to CLOBBER Tito! Taven tells Vegas to shut up, then he CHOPS Tito to a corner. Taven whips, Tito reverses, and he catches Taven as he goes up! Taven fights free, but Tito dodges to CHOP! Tag to Che, and the Zaddies double whip to DOUBLE FLAPJACK! That had some sauce on it! Che covers, TWO! Che keeps cool, brings Taven up, but Taven puts Che in the corner. Taven CHOPS, but Che doesn’t flinch. Taven apologizes, but he kicks low. Taven whips, Che goes up and over, and he keeps moving to then FLYING SHOULDER TACKLE! Cover, TWO! Taven crawls to ropes, Che storms up, and Che brings Taven up.

Che whips, Taven holds ropes to stop himself, but Che runs in. Mike tags in before Taven DUMPS Che out, then Mike swings on Che! Che gets under, Mike comes back, but into a FLAPJACK to the floor! But Taven WRECKS Che with a dropkick! The fans cheer and Taven helps Mike into the ring. Taven tags back in, and he puts Che in the ring. Che goes to the corner, Taven runs in, but Che dodges the splash! Che grabs at Taven, Taven holds ropes, and the ref counts. Che lets off but Taven sucker punches him! Tag to Bennett, the Kingdom double whips Che to ropes. Taven hurdles, Mike ROCKS Che, then Taven hits the KICK OF THE KING! Mike covers, TWO!

The fans fire up while Mike grows frustrated. Mike drags Che up, puts him in a corner, then CHOPS! And ROCKS! And CHOPS! Repeat! Mike then mule kicks Che, snapmares, and basement dropkicks! Cover, TWO! Che stays in this but Mike drags him back up. Tag to Taven, The Kingdom double whips to a corner. Che bounces off buckles, Taven whips again but Che reverses hard! Taven hits buckles and falls, and the fans rally up! Che and Taven crawl, but Mike tags in first! Mike gets Che up, Che hops and LARIATS Mike down! Che crawls, the fans fire up, hot tag to Tito! The Bad Dude dodges Mike to UPPERCUT Taven in the corner!

Tito fires off forearms and CHOPS on Taven, but Mike runs up! Tito ROCKS Mike! Taven swings, Tito wrenches to a SPINEBUSTER! Mike swings, but into a BLUE THUNDER onto Taven! Tito covers Mike, TWO!! Mike survives but Tito hauls him back up. Fireman’s carry, but Mike fires elbows! Tito ELBOWS Mike back, then wrenches to a SKY HIGH! Cover, Taven breaks it! Che gets in and he TOSSES Taven out! Tito brings the straps down, Che goes up! Electric Chair Lift, but Taven SHOVES Che to the apron!! Mike slips free, fireman’s carries, DEATH VALLEY DRIVER, and JUST THE TIP of the knee!

Taven goes up, Mike reels Tito in, HAIL MARY PILEDRIVER!! Cover, The Kingdom wins!

Winners: The Kingdom, by pinfall (denies the Wolf Zaddies a title opportunity)

Taven says this belt is his girl, he makes love to it every night! No one takes Taven’s girl from him! Mike says it doesn’t matter who you put against them, The Kingdom IS the best tag team in the world! But will there come a time when a tag team does come along and takes these titles away from them? Or will these titles always be undisputed?

My Thoughts:

A very good ROH here with it clocking in at an hour and 11 minutes. Surprisingly little on the promo side, with just Taya calling out Aminata for a match. Taya will definitely lose to build Aminata up towards her title match with Athena, which probably happens at Death Before Dishonor. Billie and Velvet each have momentum going into their inevitable TV title match, and it was great to see Moone back after her tournament appearance. And good Six Woman Tag, real good teamwork from the Heels in getting the win. Also, didn’t realize until double checking on Windsor’s finisher name, she is Will Ospreay’s wife, the “missus” he refers to so often.

Good tag match from Shane Taylor Promotions VS Comoroto & Watts, and of course STP won out. The whole story of Comoroto & Watts is their dysfunction because Watts puts himself above everything. But I do like that Watts is getting more and more involved as the weeks go by, so maybe at some point, Watts actually does do something meaningful in a match. Maybe. I’m a bit surprised Adora lost to Harley but I suppose Harley’s been losing plenty on AEW, she has to get something at some point.

Great stuff in the Trios Fatal 4. Castle joining up with The Infantry was certainly fun, but I was a little surprised Action & Top Flight won. This does help them keep pace with Shane Taylor Promotions as that rivalry gets going via AEW, but I thought Dark Order was gonna be the ones to get going again. Well, there’s still time before Death Before Dishonor, so they can hold many other matches to determine #1 contenders. And while The Wolf Zaddies got a good showing against The Kingdom, of course The Kingdom won the Proving Grounds match. The story, slow moving as it is, will of course be Menard & Parker getting their shot, probably at Death Before Dishonor, and there’s still a good chance The Kingdom retains. Depends on if TK cares about The Undisputed Kingdom’s story where Adam Cole wants Wardlow to protect all their titles. Feels like that moment passed, to be honest.

My Score: 8.6/10

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