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Mitchell’s NXT TakeOver: Portland Results & Report! (2/16/20)

There’s gold in Stumptown!



NXT TakeOver Portland

Portland is draped in NXT gold!

NXT takes over Portland and yells, “TIMBER!” But who will be cut down and who will raise up the brand’s banner in Stumptown?



  • NXT North American Championship: Keith Lee VS Dominik Dijakovic; Lee wins and retains the NXT North American Championship.
  • Street Fight: Dakota Kai VS Tegan Nox; Kai wins.
  • Finn Balor VS Johnny Gargano; Balor wins.
  • NXT Women’s Championships: Rhea Ripley VS Bianca Belair; Ripley wins and retains the NXT Women’s Championship.
  • NXT Tag Team Championships: The Undisputed Era VS The Broserweights; The Broserweights win and become the NXT Tag Team Champions.
  • NXT Championship: Adam Cole VS Tommaso Ciampa; Cole wins and retains the NXT Championship.


It’s the NXT TakeOver Kickoff Show!

Join Charly Caruso, Sam Roberts and NXT’s Mansoor as they discuss and predict all the action on tonight’s card! Portland loves Mansoor way more than Roberts, it seems.


The Broserweights arrive in Portland, bro!

Pete Dunne, Matt Riddle and the Dusty Cup still need to get to the arena, though. And somehow, the Broserweight Mobile is here?! How!? Creative liberty. What? Time to win those NXT Tag Team Championships! Will Riddle & Dunne ride off into the sunset with those titles?


NXT gives formal introductions to Nigel McGuinness, Beth Phoenix and Mauro Ranallo!

The trio that has become the staple of NXT commentary are here in Portland and the fans are fired up! Get ready for all the “MAMMA MIA” and pop culture references!


NXT presents:

“It is not the critic who counts.” Not the one who points out how the strong stumbles or how the doer of deeds could’ve done them better. The credit goes to those in the arena. “Whose face is marred by dust, and sweat and blood.” The one who comes up short again and again, who at the end, either knows high achievement, or having failed, dared fail greatly. The timid souls who neither know victory or defeat do not matter here. For this is N! X! T!!


Poppy performs for the NXT Universe!

It is a special medley of Fill the Crown to Anything Like Me.


NXT North American Championship: Keith Lee VS Dominik Dijakovic!

It is a colossally limitless title match to open the night! This is just the newest chapter in a storied feud that is larger than life! Calling this anything less than “epic” is a disservice, but who will be the one writing their own heroic happy ending tonight?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised and this newest rematch begins!

Fans sing “Oh~ Bask In His Glory~!” as Lee and Dijakovic circle. The two titans stare down as fans fire up. Fans change to chants as the two men tie up. Lee wristlocks but Dijakovic chinbars to a headlock. Dijakovic grinds on the hold but Lee powers out. Lee follows then rolls to step and go perpendicular. Dijakovic avoids a Pounce but Lee deflects the discus boot. Lee sends Dijakovic to a corner but Dijakovic goes up and over, only to get caught! Lee carries Dijakovic but Dijakovic slips out and shoves. Dijakovic clotheslines but Lee runs through it! Lee comes back to go UP and HURICANRANA! Fans are fired up from Lee defying physics and physical attributes!

Dijakovic shakes his head then swings, but Lee blocks. Lee tries Grizzly Magnum but Dijakovic dodges. Dijakovic ducks Lee’s leaping heel kick and runs, but the two collide. Neither budges so Dijakovic tries again. Still nothing, so they both go! They both ram shoulders but neither behemoth falls! Portland is fired up as the two stare down. Dijakovic swings a chop but Lee blocks the hand. Dijakovic tries from the other side but Lee blocks that, too. Lee wristlocks and then lifts Dijakovic with one arm! The Straight Arm Lever was never so massive! Lee lets Dijakovic down but Dijakovic CHOPS! It doesn’t bug Lee! Lee wrenches and whips to leap over Dijakovic! Dijakovic comes back with the Cyclone Kick!

Lee bails out, Dijakovic builds speed, COLOSSAL FOSBURY, GETS CAUGHT!? Lee drags Dijakovic up for, but Dijakovic slips out of the bomb! Dijakovic clubs Lee then whips, but Lee keeps from hitting the post. Lee swings on Dijakovic but Dijakovic wrenches and kicks back. The ring count climbs as Dijakovic kicks and elbows! “TIME TO FLY!”Dijakovic throws Lee at the APRON! Lee crashes ‘n’ burns and Portland is stunned! Dijakovic drags Lee up and into the ring as fans rally and duel. Dijakovic stomps Lee to a corner. He clubs and elbows Lee down, but Lee gets up. Dijakovic says the title’s coming home with him, and he throws more clubbing forearms.

Fans rally up as Lee keeps off the mat, even as Dijakovic clubs and stomps him more. Dijakovic ROCKS Lee with a right, then drags him up. Dijakovic CLUBS Lee against the ropes, then reels him in. But Lee won’t let Dijakovic throw him again! Lee powers up to turn things around on Dijakovic! Lee throws big clubbing lefts and Dijakovic wobbles. Dijakovic swings but Lee ROCKS him! And again! Lee runs, stops a clothesline to give body shots and elbows, then a backbreaker to GERMAN SUPLEX! Cover, TWO! Lee keeps his cool as the Colossus lives. Lee brings Dijakovic up and fans rally as he fireman’s carries. Dijakovic fights out and gets to a corner.

Dijakovic BOOTS Lee but Lee corner splashes back! Lee wrenches and whips Dijakovic corner to corner. Dijakovic CYCLONE KICKS again! Dijakovic steps on Lee to get to the corner. He climbs up top, to CORKSCREW MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO!! An incredible feat of athleticism but it still wasn’t enough! Fans are fired up for “NXT! NXT!” as Dijakovic drags Lee back up. Dijakovic wants to fireman’s carry but Lee fights out. Lee elbows Dijakovic back then throws big hands. Dijakovic blocks with a boot to ELBOW! Lee ELBOWS back! Lee and Dijakovic club each other with clotheslines. Dijakovic throws elbows, knees, and discus! Lee stays up, and even powers up!

Lee clubs Dijakovic, both men fire up, and double clotheslines collide! What a solid impact! Both men fall to their knees, and lean on each other as they stand back up. Dijakovic throws an elbow but Lee blocks it! Lee throws the Magnum but Dijakovic blocks! Dijakovic knees low, knee smashes, then LARIATS Lee down!! Lee ends up under the bottom rope, but Dijakovic hurries over. Dijakovic drags Lee up and goes to bump him on buckles, but Lee blocks. Lee bumps Dijakovic back, then climbs up top. Dijakovic throws body shots and bumps Lee off the buckle over and over and over! Dijakovic climbs up and brings Lee up with a fireman’s carry. Portland is on its feet as Dijakovic hits a SUPER DEATH VALLEY DRIVER!! Cover, TWO!?! Lee lives and Portland is thunderous for “NXT! NXT!”

“This is Awesome!” and far from over as Dijakovic and Lee stand again. Dijakovic throws elbows from all sides, then big clubbing forearms in the corner. Dijakovic runs corner to corner, but Lee POUNCES back!! Lee sends Dijakovic hard into buckles and Portland loses their mind! Dijakovic flops out of the ring and Lee pursues. Lee staggers over as Dijakovic reaches the announce desks. The ring count climbs as Lee brings Dijakovic up to ROCK him with that left! Dijakovic falls against railings as Lee clears out space. Lee brings Dijakovic up to Grizzly Magnum CHOP! Fans want “One More Time!” as Lee stalks after Dijakovic. Lee sits Dijakovic in the arm chair to CHOP again!

Dijakovic hobbles back to the ring but Lee drags him out. Dijakovic throws big forearms and he sits Lee down in that same arm chair. But Lee CHOPS him back! Dijakovic SUPERKICKS Lee! Dijakovic gets in the ring, to SPRINGBOARD SWANTON ONTO THE CHAIR!! Lee and Dijakovic wipe out and Portland loses its mind all over again! Dijakovic drags himself from the wreckage as fans take care of shouting “MAMMA MIA!” for Mauro. Things end up back in the ring but Dijakovic wants to end this with one more move. Lee slowly rises, Dijakovic reaches, but ends up in a fireman’s carry! Dijakovic fights with elbows, but Lee holds on! BIG BANG- NO! SUPERKICK!

Choke grip, but Lee denies the bomb! Lee powers Dijakovic off to grab him for a CHOKE- No, Dijakovic slips out! CHOKE BO- Lee flips and lands on his feet!? Lee pops Dijakovic up, SPIRIT BOMB!! But Dijakovick pops up to his feet?!? Even Lee can’t believe it! Lee ducks the knee to roll Diajkovic up, TWO! Dead lift, SPIRIT BOMB!!! Cover, TWO!?!? The Limitless One cannot believe this, and neither can the NXT Universe! Both men are down as Portland reaches a fever pitch! Lee rises up as fans hope he and Dijakovic “Fight Forever!” Lee drags Dijakovic to a corner and to his feet. This continues going up as Lee sits on the top rope. Dijakovic dumps Lee out!

Lee manages to sit up as the ring count begins. Lee climbs back up, and Dijakovic meets him at the corner. Dijakovic grabs Lee but Lee hits first. Lee climbs again but Dijakovic anchors his feet. Lee clubs Dijakovic but Dijakovic BOOTS Lee! Dijakovic climbs up again and brings Lee up. SUPER SPANISH FLY!! Cover, TWO!!! Dijakovic won’t let up, he drags Lee up and manages a torture rack! But not for long, so Dijakovic has to try again. Dijakovic’s back gives out, but Lee fireman’s carries for BIG BANG CATASTROPHE! Cover, Lee wins!!

Winner: Keith Lee, by pinfall (still NXT North American Champion)

“Epic” truly DOESN’T cover what we just saw! This match was truly worthy of this rivalry and of this championship! Will Lee only rise to new heights as he continues his limitless reign?

But what makes this match even greater is that there is still respect between “Both These Guys!” Lee helps Dijakovic up to his feet, and the two hug! Will there be yet another chapter written in the epic epic that is Lee VS Dijakovic?


Street Fight: Dakota Kai VS Tegan Nox!

A friendship that survived both women going through knee surgeries and rehab was ended by a WarGames betrayal. That betrayal turned friends into enemies, and now that grudge could end tonight! Who wins the Team Kick Civil War when the rule book is kicked out the window?

But before the match even begins, Dakota attacks Tegan at the ramp! Dakota clubs Tegan then brings her to railing. Tegan blocks the railing bump to give it to Dakota! Tegan moves railing aside and stalks Dakota up the aisel, clubbing her as they go. Dakota tries to get back to ringside, but Tegan SPEARS her through! Tegan fireman’s carries but Dakota spins around to DDT Tegan on the railing! Dakota puts Tegan in the ring and this match finally begins! Cover, TWO!! Dakota keeps her focus as she searches under the ring. Fans fire up as Dakota brings out trash can lids and chairs! And don’t forget the trash cans themselves.

Dakota drags Tegan out to throw into steel steps first! And then sets her on them to BOOT! Dakota traps Tegan’s leg between steps and ring post, and then searches under the ring again. And she brings out… a cricket bat?! Dakota swings, Tegan ducks, the wood paddle-bat smashes post and BREAKS! The recoil hurts Dakota’s hands, and Tegan frees herself to CROSSBODY! Both women crash down but Tegan gets up first. Tegan stomps Dakota against the steel steps and then fetches one of the trash cans. Tegan brings the can over to put on top of Dakota! And then CANNONBALLS into it! A double-edged senton for Tegan but she still gets up to drag Dakota into the ring. Tegan covers, TWO!

Tegan hurries to fetch something else from under the ring, and brings out a TABLE! Portland loves those! Tegan sets the table up on the outside and then goes after Dakota. She drags Dakota up and wants to suplex her out! But Dakota holds on and fights back, and hotshots Tegan down. Dakota fetches a trash can lid but Tegan runs over. Dakota dodges to pop Tegan up and SMACK her with the lid! Tegan slumps over on the apron and Dakota pushes her in. Dakota stomps Tegan and even stands on her chest! Fans boo but Tegan pushes the foot away from her throat. Dakota puts Tegan between ropes and throws big forearms. Tegan teeters, Dakota goes Around the World, but Tegan dodges the boot! Dakota gets hung up and Tegan SUPERKICKS! And SUPERKICKS! And SUPERKICKS!

Dakota flounders away but Tegan pursues with another trash can. Tegan smacks and SMASHES the can off Dakota, then brings Dakota over. German Suplex ON the trash can!! Cover, TWO!! Dakota lives and Tegan can’t believe it! Tegan gets herself to a corner to runs out, but her Shiniest Wizard misses! Dakota hops on for the KAI-ROPRACTOR! Cover, TWO!! Tegan survives and Dakota is furious. Tegan crawls to an apron but Dakota climbs up top. Dakota leaps but into Tegan’s grip! Dakota breaks free to Scorpion Kick! She boots Tegan and then runs, but the Penalty Kick is blocked! Tegan sweeps the legs and Dakota crashes on the apron! Tegan climbs back up and fans rally.

Dakota BOOTS Tegan on the top rope! Dakota climbs up to join Tegan but Tegan resists the superplex. So Dakota clubs away viciously from all sides! Tegan choke grips again! For a SUPER CHOKE SLAM! Dakota flounders back up, Tegan hits a MOLLY-GO-ROUND! Cover, TWO!! Not even a double shout out to WWE’s superheroes could end this! Fans rally and duel as Tegan grabs a chair and sits it up. Dakota slowly sits up and Tegan remembers the days when they were friends. And then she puts Dakota through the chair, to kick! But Dakota gets clear, and then SUPERKICKS back!

Dakota grabs the chair, tosses it to Tegan, to BOOT it into Tegan’s face! Tegan flounders about and bails out of the ring, but Dakota shows no mercy. Dakota checks under the ring before throwing Tegan into a post. Dakota brings out duct tape and uses it to strap Tegan to the bottom buckle’s crossbar! Tegan works on the tape but Dakota BOOTS her first! Tegan stays up because of her trapped arm, so Dakota BOOTS her again! The tape rips! Dakota drags Tegan back up and shouts, “You asked for this, Tegan!” Dakota grabs the timekeeper’s laptop, because apparently he has one, and aims at Tegan! Tegan kicks Dakota first! Tegan grabs the laptop to SMACK the braced knee!!

Dakota writhes in pain but Tegan drags out CHAINS! Tegan brings the chains in to LASH the bad leg! Tegan fashions a brass knuckles with the chain to punch away at the knee! Fans are shocked as Tegan claws at Dakota’s heavy knee brace! Dakota kicks Tegan away but Tegan grabs a chair. Tegan puts the chair around the leg and STOMPS! SHINIEST WIZARD!! Dakota is out and Tegan realizes just what she did. “I’m not done yet! I’m ending you!” Tegan goes back out to grab the table! Tegan brings the table into the ring and sets it back up. She stomps Dakota over and over before putting her on the table.

Tegan grabs a chair and puts it around Dakota’s HEAD?! Fans are really worried now as Tegan climbs up. But who is that attacking Tegan!? Is that Raquel Gonzales?! Gonzales shoves Dakota off the table to then climb up after Tegan. The Daughter of the Desperado SUPER CHOKE SLAMS Tegan through the table!! The table doesn’t even break, it’s legs just give out! Dakota covers, Dakota wins!

Winner: Dakota Kai, by pinfall

Captain Kick has no idea what this was about, but Gonzales is glaring at Tegan. Gonzales offers Dakota a hand, and Dakota accepts it. Is Gonzales the new teammate of #CapKota?


NXT has big news for NXT UK!

For the first time ever, there will be NXT UK TakeOver: DUBLIN! Sunday, April 26th, 2020, the NXT family makes history again!


Finn Balor VS Johnny Gargano!

It was less than two weeks ago that Johnny Wrestling told the Prince that he’d take the NXT banner and stab it through his heart. The Prince’s response: he has no heart. But in a battle of Rebel Heart and heartless Rock ‘n’ Rolla, who wins the soul of this brand?

The bell rings and fans are excited to see “Both These Guys!” Gargano and Balor stare down as fans start dueling. Balor and Gargano circle and approach. They tie up, Balor waistlocks and throws Gargano down. Gargano gets up with a grin and the two circle again. They tie up again, Balor wristlocks but Gargano blocks with a chinbar. Balor powers through to wrench and armlock but Gargano rolls him, ONE. Fans cheer the technical exchange as the two men circle again. Gargano and Balor feel out the double knuckle locks, and Gargano wrenches one to a keylock. Gargano gets Balor on the mat but Balor headscissors back.

Fans cheer as Gargano works on an escape, using legs to pick the hold and get a headlock back. Balor powers up but Gargano headlock takeovers. Balor headscissors and holds tight this time. Gargano works to get his own headscissor counter but Balor cranks up for leverage. Balor even does push-ups just to show off! Fans cheer as Balor cranks harder. Gargano works on the hold again, kips out and then dropkicks Balor down! Gargano headlocks to a takeover again. Balor pushes at Gargano’s face, works his way around to roll Gargano, ONE. The two stand as fans rally again. Balor throws hands, powers out but Gargano goes up and over and arm-drags back!

Gargano dropkicks Balor again, and has him on the ropes. Gargano whips, Balor reverses but Gargano sunset flips. Balor rolls through but Gargano is ready and he kangaroo kicks Balor! Gargano school boy KICKS Balor down! Fans cheer as Gargano looms over Balor. Gargano drags Balor up to wrench and roll him, then splash down on the arm. Fans duel again as Gargano wrenches Balor. Balor knees and clubs Gargano then whips, to elbow Gargano down! Cover, ONE, but Balor keeps his focus. Gargano gets to a corner but Balor throws body shots. Gargano pie faces Balor so Balor CHOPS him back! Balor stalks Gargano to another corner and rams his shoulder in.

Balor CHOPS Gargano again and follows him to a third corner. Fans want “One More Time!” but Balor throws those forearms first. Balor whips Gargano corner to corner for a running CHOP! And then back the other way for a CHOP! Balor whips a third time but Gargano boots back! Gargano CHOPS back, too! Gargano fires off more CHOPS and stalks Balor to a corner. Now Gargano throws haymakers and stomps! The ref backs Gargano off and Balor gets to his feet. Gargano runs in but Balor hops out. Gargano ducks the retaliation, then joins Balor on the apron to SPEAR him down! Fans are fired up as both men hit the floor!

Gargano is up first and he drags Balor up. Gargano throws Balor hard into railing, and then CHOPS him in front of the fans! The count reaches 6 but Gargano puts Balor in. Balor bails out so Gargano pursues around the corner. Gargano runs in, but into a SLINGBLADE! Balor won’t let Gargano copy his John Woo shotgun dropkick. Balor KNEES Gargano down then puts him in the ring. He drives elbows into Gargano’s shoulder over and over, then locks him into a grounded cobra twist. Balor grinds his forearm on Gargano’s face like a saw, but lets go at the ref’s reprimand. Balor runs to basement dropkick Gargano in the back! Cover, TWO!

Balor snapmares Gargano then rams in the elbow again. Balor has Gargano with a modified cobra clutch but fans rally up. Gargano fights up and works on the hold but Balor wrangles Gargano down. Fans continue to rally as Gargano works on the hold. The dueling returns as Gargano fights his way up and elbows free. Gargano hits an arm-breaker DDT! Gargano keeps on that arm with a wrench and shoulder breaker! Balor clutches his arm but Gargano is after it with a chicken wing. Gargano grabs the other arm, modified backslide, TWO! Balor scrambles to a corner but Gargano is on him again. Gargano yanks the arm against the ropes, then runs in. Balor puts Gargano on the apron, blocks the enziguri, and hits a draping dragon screw!

Gargano flops into the ring, clutching the leg, but Balor SWEEPS the leg! Fans rally up as Balor drags Gargano around to clamp on with a toehold. Gargano resists, grabbing at Balor wherever he can. Balor cranks harder but Gargano kicks and hooks Balor to an armbar! Balor resists, rolls up, TWO! Gargano crawls but Balor STOMPS him down! Balor drags Gargano up to bounce off buckles and wrap the bad leg on the ropes. Fans rally again as Balor takes aim. Balor double guns but Gargano throws forearms! Balor drapes the leg to STOMP the knee! “You know who you’re in here with?” Balor stomps the leg more, then presses it on the ropes.

The ref reprimands but Balor keeps on the bad foot, using a springboard sit-down to go after the ankle. Balor does it again, but then Gargano pushes him up over the top! Balor gets back in, Gargano small packages, TWO! Gargano school boys but the kick is blocked! Balor stomps the knee, laces the legs and has a Deathlock! Balor even adds a monkey grip to pull on the bad knee! Gargano falls to his shoulders, that’s a cover, ONE! And again, ONE! Gargano stays off the mat but Balor wrenches the hold. Gargano CHOPS Balor over and over as the fans rally and duel. Balor lets go of the hold and Gargano crawls to a corner. Balor has the leg again but Gargano enziguris!

Gargano counters a punch to spin Balor around, backbreaker and gourd buster! BUZZSAW and LARIAT! Gargano hobbles up as Balor bails out. Gargano builds speed to DIVE! But into Balor’s arms! Balor lifts but no 1916 as Gargano RAMS him into steel steps! Gargano gets back on the apron, gets his leg moving again, and takes aim. Gargano CANNONBALLS! The senton is double-edged with that hard landing! Balor is up first but Gargano follows. Gargano stalks Balor and puts him in the ring. Gargano slingshots and SPEARS Balor down! Cover, TWO!! Gargano keeps his cool as he stalks Balor to a corner. Gargano stomps a mudhole into Balor but the ref pulls him back.

Fans are divided as Gargano stands Balor up. Gargano CHOPS Balor then sets him up top. Gargano brings Balor onto his shoulder, but no Long Dart! Balor has the dragon sleeper but Gargano escapes to run. Gargano tilt-o-whirls but Balor blocks the takedown to dragon sleeper, elbow drop DDT! Cover, TWO! Balor grits his teeth and clutches his arm as he gets to his feet. Gargano rolls to ropes as fans rally and duel again. Balor stomps Gargano at the ropes, then uses springboard stomps over and over! The ref pulls Balor off as Gargano flops out of the ring. Balor runs but his wercking ball dropkick misses! Gargano SUPERKICKS Balor back!

Gargano puts Balor in, takes aim from the ropes, and slingshots, but Balor blocks the DDT! Balor shifts, but Gargano scoops! LONG DART! Balor staggers up to BOOT, Gargano ENZIGURIS, Balor PELES! But Gargano falls on Balor for the cover! TWO!! Portland is fired up for “NXT! NXT!” as both men are down. Gargano stirs first and flounders to ropes. Gargano is on the apron as Balor rises. Fans still duel as Balor heads over, but Gargano counter punches! The two brawl with the ropes between them! They BOTH enziguri! Gargano wobbles but slingshots, into Balor’s grip! Balor knees and kicks Gargano, then goes up top! But Gargano dodges the stomps to slingshot DDT!! Cover, TWO!! “This is Awesome!” and far from over!

Gargano and Balor both get up on opposite ends. Fans fire up again as the two stare down. Balor and Gargano fire up and rush at each other! Gargano dodges, Balor dodges, and then Gargano clips Balor to throw forearms and a DISCUS! Gargano gets to a corner and fans fire up with him. DIY powers activate, but Balor SLINGBLADES! Balor aims now, double gun and SUPERKICK from Gargano! Gargano tries again, but gets another SLINGBLADE! JOHN WOO SHOTGUN!! Balor heads up top and leaps, but no Coup de Grace! Gargano comes back around, GargaNO ESCAPE!!

Balor endures and he drags himself around, but Gargano rolls him away!! Balor tires again, and gets free to DOUBLE STOMP! He drags Gargano up, but still no 1916 as Gargano gets the GargaNo Escape back! Balor is fading but he finds a second wind to get the ROPEBREAK! Gargano lets go and Balor gets out of the ring. Fans hope these two “Fight Forever!” just like Lee and Dijakovic. But just as that match came to an end, so must this one. Balor staggers and sputters, but Gargano uses the double guns. Gargano runs in, JOHN WOO DROPKICK! Balor gets blasted into barriers now!

Fans are divided as Gargano drags Balor up. Gargano sees the announce table, and pushes Balor aside to clear it off! But Balor uses a gourd buster to SLAM Gargano on it first! Balor watches Gargano writhe, and he goes to the other announce desk. Balor climbs up and Gargano stands, for Balor to SUPER JOHN WOO!! Gargano hits barriers and Portland is thunderous for “NXT! NXT!” Balor drags Gargano back into the ring and heads up top, for the COUP DE GRACE!!! But Balor isn’t done there! Balor double guns before he drags Gargano up. 1 9 1 6!! Cover, Balor wins!!

Winner: Finn Balor, by pinfall

Johnny Wrestling came at the Prince, and though he didn’t miss, he didn’t take Balor down, either. Balor grabs Gargano by the jaw to make sure he understands that the banner of NXT still belongs to the Prince! Will everything else in NXT soon belong to Balor, too?


Cathy Kelley interviews the Undisputed Era.

Tonight is a huge night for the faction, but Roderick Strong prepares for a rematch with Velveteen Dream this Wednesday. Strong says Dream is going to be “a dead man” on NXT TV, but that is not tonight. Tonight, “the baddest team on God’s green shows the Loserweights why they are who they are!” And then Adam Cole finally finishes delusional Ciampa and proves why he is the greatest of all time! Cole says now Cathy can go. Cathy leaves, but will the Undisputed Era leave with the gold they came in with?


NXT Women’s Championships: Rhea Ripley VS Bianca Belair!

The Mosh Pit Kid became the inaugural NXT UK Women’s Champion, and then she became an Aussie Nightmare for every woman on NXT Prime. Rhea is the first-ever woman to have held both titles in a career, but will The EST make sure this stops right here? Or will Rhea rip her way all the way down the Road to WrestleMania?

Rhea and Bianca circle and tie up. The two are in a deadlock on power, so the two break. Bianca and Rhea circle again and give it another go. Rhea wrenches to a wristlock but Bianca pie faces. Rhea yanks on the arm and drags Bianca down. “You wanna wash my face, huh?!” Bianca pulls Rhea’s hair and stomps her foot to reverse the wrench. Rhea shoulders out! Bianca waistlocks and slams Rhea down! Bianca holds on but Rhea powers her to a corner. The ref calls for the break but Rhea tries an elbow. Bianca dodges that to pie face Rhea more. The ref backs Bianca off, Bianca whips Rhea but Rhea reverses. Bianca goes up and over and handsprings, only to run into boots!

Rhea ducks Bianca’s return to LARIAT Bianca down! And again! Rhea spins, shoves and dropkicks Bianca into a corner! Rhea stomps Bianca in the corner then CHOPS! Bianca is stinging as she goes to another corner. Rhea is on her again with another CHOP! Bianca flounders away to a third corner, but Rhea is on her again. Rhea swings, Bianca ducks, but Rhea CHOPS on the other side! Rhea grabs at Bianca but Bianca shoves her away. Bianca dodges and catches Rhea’s boots to SLAM Rhea down! Fans rally and duel as Bianca stomps Rhea over and over. Cover, ONE, but Bianca drags Rhea up by her hair. Bianca cravats to neck wrench and thrash Rhea about.

Rhea endures, fights her way back up, and throws body shots. Bianca throws Rhea down then moonsaults! Cover, TWO! Bianca grows frustrated but keeps her focus. Bianca throws Rhea into buckles then suplexes her. Rhea slips out and the two fight for control. Bianca suplexes again and slams Rhea down! Cover, TWO! Bianca jams Rhea down then puts on a full nelson for a modified camel clutch. Fans rally and duel as Rhea claws at the grip. Rhea slips her legs around to get back to a vertical base. Rhea rams Bianca into buckles again and again until she’s free. But Bianca clamps on, so Rhea elbows her away. Bianca grabs her again but Rhea mule kicks free! Then back drops Bianca down! Bianca staggers up, Rhea runs and rallies with clotheslines!

Rhea catches Bianca’s clothesline into a cravat for knee after knee! Rhea snapmares and basement dropkicks Bianca HARD! Bianca gets up but Rhea shovels her into an Electric Chair, FACEBUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Bianca survives but Rhea is on her legs with the Inverted Cloverleaf! Bianca flails and reaches but Rhea even slaps and spanks her for added humiliation! But Bianca rolls and kicks away on Rhea! Bianca boots Rhea into a post! Bianca rolls Rhea up, TWO! Rhea gets to her feet but runs into a SPINE BUSTER! High stack cover, TWO! Bianca tries a lateral press, TWO! Bianca calms down and brings Rhea back up. She rams Rhea into a corner and throws in shoulders.

Bianca puts Rhea on the top rope and pie faces her more. Rhea SLAPS Bianca back! Bianca SLAPS Rhea! Rhea SLAPS Bianca again! Bianca SLAPS Rhea again. it is a SLAP fight! Fans fire up as Rhea rocks Bianca, but Bianca hair WHIPS Rhea! The killer braid strikes again, and Bianca drags Rhea up for a military press SLAM! Fans are fired up for the EST as she handsprings and MOONSAULTS, on knees! Rhea pump handles, lifts, but Bianca avoids Riptide to torture rack! Rhea fights out, Bianca side steps and hurdles, but then leaps into a BOOT! Bianca is up to SPEAR Rhea down!! Fans are fired up as both women are down on the mat! Bianca grabs Rhea first and throws forearms, but Rhea gives them back.

Fans are loving this form of “Women’s Wrestling!” as Bianca clubs away from all sides. Bianca whips Rhea, Rhea reverses and swings a kick. Bianca ducks the heel kick but not the ROUNDHOUSE! Rhea runs but into a BIG forearm! Bianca brings Rhea around, chicken wings, but Rhea breaks free. Rhea avoids the hair to roundhouse again! Rhea runs but Bianca THROWS her out! Somehow Rhea lands safely, but Bianca builds speed to FLY! The EST Conjilo wipes both women out!! The referee checks on both women as fans chant “MAMMA MIA!” for Mauro. Somehow they’re both okay so a ring count begins.

Bianca is up first and she throws Rhea at the apron. Rhea stops herself, body shots back, then atomic SLAMS Bianca into steel steps! Rhea drags Bianca up and in, then grits her teeth as she stalks Bianca to ropes. Bianca kicks Rhea away, then dumps her out! Rhea is on her feet and gets back up to counter punch. Rhea bumps Bianca on buckles then heads up top! She drags Bianca up to join her, but Bianca fights back! Bianca clubs Rhea down and has Rhea, but Rhea resists the superplex. Rhea headbutts Bianca back! Then adjusts, to SUPER- No! Bianca holds on to deny the bomb! Bianca hammers Rhea but Rhea bumps her off buckles! Rhea has the pump handle, RIPTIDE!! Cover, Rhea wins!!

Winner: Rhea Ripley, by pinfall (still NXT Women’s Champion)

That was certainly the -EST match either woman has had in their careers! But if Bianca is the strongest and the toughest, then what does that make Rhea?

Wait! Charlotte Flair is here, and she attacks Rhea from behind! The Queen stands tall over the Nightmare and then grabs herself a mic. “So, I thought about it. And I’ll see you at WrestleMania.” Charlotte tosses the mic, and confirms this challenge with a NATURAL SELECTION! We finally know this will really happen, but will Charlotte’s comeback for the NXT Women’s Championship going to be a nightmare?

And just to add insult to injury, Charlotte throws Bianca into steel steps! The Queen makes sure the EST gets payback for that team-up, but is she only setting herself up for the fiercest clap back?


NXT Tag Team Championships: The Undisputed Era VS The Broserweights!

By their powers combined, Matt Riddle & Pete Dunne won the 2020 Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic and earned this opportunity! Will the duo known as reDRagon go up in smoke? Or will these titles stay Undisputed?

Before the match, Riddle has a mic in the BroserMobile. “Bro…” Portland is fired up for the question Riddle has for them: “How much fish could Bobby Fish fry if Bobby Fish could fry fish?” Everyone joins in with what becomes a Bro tongue twister sing-along! And there’s even a gif of Fish as Big Mouth Billy Bass! But the Undisputed Era have already had it with the Bro’s sense of humor, and a brawl breaks out on the ramp! Dunne DECKS Kyle while Riddle throws his hat and flip-flops off.

Things move towards ringside and Fish mule kicks Riddle before bumping him off the apron. Riddle forearms and CHOPS Fish but Kyle KICKS Riddle’s leg out! Dunne CHOPS Fish but Kyle BOOTS Dunne down! The ref tries to restore order and reDRagon puts the Broserweights in the ring. Kyle starts with Riddle and the bell rings, this match is finally underway!

Riddle blocks Kyle’s takedown to elbow and knee back while Fish still clobbers Dunne on the outside. The ref reprimands Fish while Riddle waistlocks. Kyle gets up but Riddle slams him down. Riddle gives Kyle Bro Kicks over and over, but Kyle catches one to kick the leg out again. Tag to Fish but Fish runs into a forearm. Riddle fires palm strikes but Fish forearms and body shots back. Fish knees away on Riddle, but Riddle gut wrench suplexes! Riddle drags Fish up to gut wrench around, and tags in Dunne. Riddle suplexes Fish and then Dunne gives him a boost for the corkscrew senton! Dunne adds a basement dropkick!

Fans fire up as Dunne drags Fish up and tortures an arm. Fish knees low then sucker punches Riddle. Fish headlocks, Dunne powers out, things speed up, and Dunne CLOBBERS Fish! Kyle runs in but Dunne gets his arm! Dunne wrenches to a hammerlock and he STOMPS it down! Kyle bails out but Dunne follows after. Dunne has Fish for an apron X-PLEX! Kyle runs in, Dunne dodges and uses the steps to go up! Kyle gets under the moonsault but gets a roundhouse! Dunne X-Plexes Kyle onto Fish! Fans are fired up as Dunne goes back to Fish in the corner.

Dunne wrenches Fish to a hammerlock and drags him down. Dunne gets the other arm and bends the fingers! Fish endures the torture as Dunne STOMPS! Dunne drags Fish up and whips him to a corner. Fish reverses but Dunne goes up, only for Fish to sweep the legs! Fish drags Dunne over to the Undisputed corner and tags in Kyle. Dunne throws chops but Kyle fires off a strike fest! Kyle sweeps the legs and fans cheer that amazing sequence! Kyle stomps Dunne now then tags Fish. Fish drags Dunne up to throw body shots, then rams knees. Fish whips Dunne but Dunne hits Kyle! Dunne hits Fish but Fish spins around to hit a Samoan Drop!

Tag back to Kyle and Kyle rams his knees into Dunne! Kyle uses palm strikes and fists to keep Dunne down. Dunne grabs a foot for an Ankle Lock! Fish tags in to slingshot atomico! Cover, TWO as Dunne bridges. Fish puts Dunne in the corner to throw body shots and kicks. The ref counts, Kyle tags back in, and Kyle drags Dunne up for big forearms and kicks of his own. Tag back to Fish but Dunne throws hands back! Fish drags Dunne out, but Dunne CHOPS him away! Dunne is up and enziguris Kyle back! Kyle grabs a leg to dragon screw through the ropes! Fish sweeps the legs! Dunne crashes ‘n’ burns to the floor, Fish puts Dunne in. Cover, TWO! Dunne is one fish that Fish hasn’t fired just yet.

Fish tweaks Dunne’s leg but fans are rallying for the Broserweights. Dunne kicks Fish, Fish stomps Dunne to a corner. Fish brings Dunne up to throw forearms, then tags to Kyle. Kyle whips Fish in but Dunne puts him on the apron. Dunne boots Kyle but Fish keeps Dunne in the corner. Kyle runs in, but Dunne gets away and Kyle’s BOOT hits Fish! Dunne hurries, but Kyle anchors his feet. Kyle drags Dunne away but Dunne enziguris! Kyle ducks and Fish gets hit! Hot tag to Riddle! Riddle rallies on Kyle with kicks, and even has kicks for Fish! PELE for Fish! Riddle handsprings and forearms and BROSPLODERS Kyle! Then the same for Fish! BROTON for reDRagon! Penalty Kick for Kyle, and a Fisherman Buster for Fish!

Riddle fireman’s carries, BRO TO SLEEP, GERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO!! Kyle survives the bro-ssault but Riddle takes aim. Dunne tags in and Kyle knees Riddle. Kyle guillotines but Riddle powers out. Riddle wristlocks and ripcords, Dunne and Riddle combine for a FINAL FLASH FOREARM SANDWICH! Dunne lifts Kyle, FINAL FLASH POWERBOMB! Cover, TWO!! Kyle survives, proving why he’s the only three-time tag team champion in NXT. Riddle tags in but both Broserweights climb up. Dunne MOONSAULTS onto Fish, while the Floating Bro GETS KNEES! Kyle saves himself but Fish is wiped out! Riddle flounders to the Undisputed corner while Dunne gets to his feet. Dunne aims at Fish, to STOMP the hands! But Fish ducks and the BUZZSAW gets POST!

Kyle runs and forearms Riddle in a corner! He runs again but Riddle dodges to wristlock. No Final Flash, Kyle German Suplexes, but Riddle is up again! Riddle kicks but into another German Suplex! But Riddle is up again!! KNEE TRIGGER! GERMAN SUPLEX! Kyle flounders up to SMASH, but Riddle KNEE TRIGGERS again! Portland is fired up as all four men are down in and out of the ring! Fish drags himself back towards his corner while Riddle gets up. Kyle kicks Riddle away then throws him out. Fish tags in, but Riddle SPEARS! Riddle gets in, and SPEARS Kyle!

Fans fire up as Riddle drags Kyle up, but Fish is the legal one. Fish chop blocks Riddle, Kyle underhooks and Fish lifts the legs. Draping butterfly DDT into a boosted Wheelbarrow German! Cover, TWO!! Riddle survives but reDRagon regroups. Fish tags Kyle and brings Riddle up. But no annihilation as Riddle gets around to waistlock Fish. Kyle saves Fish from Final Flash, so Riddle DOUBLE KNEE TRIGGERS reDRagon! Hot tag to Dunne!! Dunne grabs Kyle in the HOVERBOARD! Kyle fights out and has Dunne in an arm clutch! Dunne fades, Kyle Ax, but Dunne SMASH! Kyle yo-yos, into an enziguri! So he basement yo-yos, into an ARMBAR! Kyle moves around and gets the ANKLE LOCK!

Dunne rolls, to get the ankle lock for himself! Riddle intercepts Fish for a takedown, into an ANKLE LOCK! Double Ankle Locks and Dunne even grapevines! Fish kicks Riddle away, Kyle reverses into a Sharpshooter! Fish gets Riddle with a guillotine, but Riddle powers out to a suplex, only for Fish to get a sleeper hold with body scissors! FINAL FLASH and BROTON, Riddle saves his team!! Portland is thunderous all over again as all four men are back down. The teams regroup as fans rally up. Fish tags in, but Dunne ducks a kick to shove Fish to ropes, rebound German! Dunne stomps the hands, and hits the BUZZSAW!

Tag to Riddle and Riddle goes up top. Dunne Electric Chair lifts Fish, but Fish escapes Doomsday to shove Dunne into Riddle! Tag to Kyle and Kyle flying KNEES Dunne! Fish gets Riddle for a SUPERPLEX! Kyle is up top, for SUPER KNEE DROP to the knee! KNEEBAR!! Riddle endures as Kyle heel hooks on top of it! Fish intercepts Dunne and puts him up top, but Dunne bends the fingers! Dunne SNAPS Fish’s fingers, to leap and STOMP Kyle’s hand! Portland returns to a fever pitch as Dunne goes to the corner. Riddle crawls over, hot tag to Dunne! “This is Awesome!” as Dunne and Kyle start trading forearms and kicks! Dunne CHOPS CHOPS CHOPS CHOPS, but Kyle shoves him into Riddle! Kyle mule kicks Dunne low, but Dunne grabs Kyle’s fingers! Fish reaches for Kyle but Dunne BITES!

Kyle clubs Dunne, but Dunne SNAPS the fingers! Dunne brings Kyle in, pump handle, but no Bitter End. Kyle waistlocks, Dunne standing switches, Riddle runs in, but Kyle sends the SPEAR into DUNNE! Kyle throws Riddle out then tags in Fish! They bring Dunne up, CHASING THE DRAGON!! Cover, TWO!?!? No one can believe that one, let alone reDRagon! Fish and Kyle try again, but still no Annihilation as Dunne throws elbows. Kyle waistlocks and German Suplexes, but Dunne lands on his feet! Riddle tags in, Dunne gets double pop-up knees! Riddle KNEE TRIGGERS Fish! Dunne X-Plexes Kyle into Riddle’s POWERBOMB! Riddle flips Kyle over, FINAL FLASH BUZZSAW! Fish runs into a fireman’s carry, and gets a BROSERWEIGHT TO SLEEP!! Cover, Broserweights win!!!

Winners: The Broserweights, by pinfall (NEW NXT Tag Team Champions)

The Prophecy is falling apart as a team of individuals becomes a true team of champions! Riddle has his first title in NXT, Dunne makes history by having both this title and the United Kingdom Championship on his resume, and this might just be the beginning! Will the Broserweights soon take over the world… bro?


NXT Championship: Adam Cole VS Tommaso Ciampa!

And then there was one. The Undisputed Era’s charismatic leader is the only one left holding onto a title, but can he keep hold of it now that Daddy’s Home? Or will the Blackheart take back his life when he takes back “Goldie,” the title he never truly lost?

The introductions are made, the title is raised, and the match to prove who is truly the greatest begins!

Cole and Ciampa stare down as fans cheer and duel. Ciampa and Cole circle as they hear the chanting back and forth. Cole says that doesn’t matter, the title is going to stay his. They tie up, go around, and Ciampa puts Cole on the ropes. The ref calls for the break and Ciampa gives Cole pats on the shoulder before mocking the BAYBAY. Cole keeps his cool as he gets a waistlock. Ciampa pries free to a headlock then a wristlock then back to a headlock. Ciampa grinds Cole and holds on tight as Cole tries to power out. Cole brings Ciampa to a knee and slips out to a hammerlock. Ciampa gets up and reaches back but Cole keeps control.

Ciampa slips around the back to hammerlock then headlock again. Cole powers out this time, but Ciampa runs him over with a shoulder. Things speed up but Ciampa runs Cole over again! Ciampa throws Cole out but Cole gets back up fast. Ciampa grabs him through the ropes! Cole gets away before Willow’s Bell drops! Ciampa gives Cole space to return safely as the ring count begins. When Cole stays out, Ciampa chases after! Cole goes around the corner and gets in, but Ciampa avoids the elbow drop. Ciampa headlocks to a takeover! Cole fights against it but Ciampa traps an arm. Fans rally and duel again as Cole works Ciampa over to the headscissors. Ciampa works his way up and around to get out and SLAP Cole!

Ciampa gets the headlock back and grinds Cole down. Cole works his way up, fish hooks the mouth and gets the headlock. Ciampa powers out but Cole runs him over this time. Cole sees the back drop coming to whip Ciampa, but Ciampa also sees the back drop coming. Ciampa underhooks, Cole slips out, but Ciampa blocks the superkick to spin Cole for another headlock takeover! Fans cheer this technical back and forth while Cole works on antoher escape. Ciampa makes the takeover a cover, ONE and Cole works to get Ciampa to the headscissor again. Ciampa just grabs that leg to add to the hold! Cole pops his legs free to get up, and pulls on Ciampa’s ear. They end up in a corner, the ref reprimands but Ciampa grinds Cole more.

Ciampa lets up as the ref starts to count, and he counters Cole’s sucker punch to a punch of his own! Ciampa drags Cole up and CHOPS him against ropes! Cole ends up in a corner, Ciampa wrenches and whips but Cole reverses. Ciampa goes to boot but Cole spins him around onto the ropes. Cole leaps but the backstabber is denied as Ciampa holds on! Ciampa drags Cole out and knees low. Ciampa whips, Cole reverses, but Ciampa stops himself from hitting post. Cole runs into Ciampa’s elbow, but then Ciampa walks into Cole’s BOOT! Cole takes a moment to catch his breath before he mocks Ciampa’s pat on the back!

Ciampa yanks Cole off the apron to ROCK with a right! And boot! And throw into the steel steps! Ciampa throws Cole into the post! Then over the announce desk! Ciampa is furious as he sits Cole down and KNEES him into railing! Ciampa shows Cole how to pat yourself on the back! Cole is out in the chair while Ciampa refreshes the count. Fans rally and duel as Psycho Killer Ciampa puts Cole in. Cole rolls all the way out on the far end and fans boo. Ciampa keeps his cool as Cole asks for a time-out. Ciampa goes out, but he sees the Pele coming! And he wrecks Cole with a dropkick! Ciampa puts Cole on the apron to KNEE again! Fans fire up as Ciampa mocks the time-out.

Cole rolls out of the ring again and Ciampa grows frustrated. Ciampa goes out to fetch Cole and drapes him on the railing. Ciampa clubs Cole, then gets space to line up a shot. He runs in to KNEE Cole down again! Portland fires up as Ciampa says the kick is good. Ciampa refreshes the count again and brings Cole back up. Ciampa sits Cole in another chair to CHOP and haymaker and CHOP! And CHOP! And CHOP! Fans rally with Ciampa as he gets space again. Ciampa runs back in, to KNEE Cole off the chair!! A fan wants a high-five, but Ciampa gives his fellow bald man a kiss on the forehead instead! Ciampa has Portland all fired up as he says hi to Goldie.

Ciampa drags Cole up and over to ringside, only to eye the announce desk. He lifts Cole but Cole slips out. Cole avoids the enziguri, and wheelbarrow German Suplexes Ciampa INTO the announce desk!! The surgically repaired neck!! The referee chcks on Ciampa as Portland loses its mind! Cole wants after Ciampa but the ref keeps him back. Cole puts Ciampa in, covers, TWO!! Ciampa survives but commentary is worried he’s going to only get hurt again. Cole drags Ciampa up, for a neckbreaker! Cole rams his knees into Ciampa’s spine over and over, then wraps on a headscissor hold. Fans say “This is Awesome!” as Ciampa endures. Cole squeezes tighter but Ciampa works against the hold. Ciampa bridges back to a cover, TWO!

Cole BOOTS Ciampa back down! Cole dusts off his hands before going to the corner. He climbs up top and Ciampa goes after him. Ciampa anchors a foot but Cole clubs his neck. Cole drags Ciampa up to club him more but Ciampa throws body shots back. The two brawl as Ciampa works to climb up. Ciampa fireman’s carries Cole but Cole slips out to sunset flip. Ciampa punches but Cole dodges to SUPERKICK the legs out! Cole hits a DRAPING BACKSTABBER!! Just more neck damage! Cover, TWO!! Ciampa refuses to give in but Cole is on him with a chinlock. Cole grinds Ciampa down but fans rally up. Ciampa endures and fights his way up.

Cole knees low then turns Ciampa again, but no neckbreaker this time as Ciampa backslides! TWO, Ciampa kicks low and throws Cole to the apron. Ciampa has Cole in the ropes, but Cole slips out. Cole suplexes but Ciampa slips out to waistlock. Cole breaks free to PELE! Ciampa is down and Cole climbs up again. Cole leaps, but into a dropkick! Both men are down and Portland fires up again! Cole rises but Ciampa follows. Ciampa counter punches Ciampa over and over, then whips corner to corner. Cole reverses but Ciampa cuomes back with clotheslines! Ciampa whips, Cole reverses again but Ciampa kicks him away! Ciampa rallies with more clotheslines! Endless clotheslines! And a GERMAN SUPLEX! Fans fire up and Ciampa runs in to KNEE Cole!

Ciampa drags Cole up, torture rack for the TOWER HACKER BOMB! Cover, TWO!! Cole survives, showing Ciampa why he’s still NXT Champion. Ciampa gets up first and drags Cole up for underhooks. Cole resists the lift, slips out and fireman’s carries. Ciampa reverses to a crucifix takedown, shifts to the bridging Fujiwara armbar, but Cole slips through to ghost pin! TWO and Cole fakes Ciampa out to mule kick the legs out. Cole runs, but into an uppercut! Ciampa runs but into a SHINING WIZARD! Cole fireman’s carries, USHIGOROSHI! Cover, TWO!! Ciampa somehow survives, but his neck must be screaming at him. Fans rally up as Cole gets to his feet first.

Cole drags Ciampa into a corner and up onto the ropes. Cole clubs Ciampa’s back then goes to the outside. He climbs up the corner again, brings Ciampa up, but Ciampa resists! Ciampa throws body shots and haymakers and CHOPS! Cole hits back, bumps Ciampa off the buckle again and again, then hops up. Cole wants to sunset, but Ciampa blocks! Ciampa shifts position, SUPER AIR RAID CRASH!! WarGames revisited! Cover, TWO!?! Cole survives again and Ciampa can’t believe it! But fans love “NXT! NXT!” for this one. Cole is on the apron, Ciampa is after him, but Cole drags Ciampa out. Ciampa kicks Cole away, but Cole SUPERKICKS back! Cole brings Ciampa over, powerbomb lift, but Ciampa slips out to lift Cole! ANNOUNCE DESK POWERBOMB!

Cole is wrecked off the Spanish announce team’s table but is able to crawl out from behind it. Ciampa clears the desk off now and brings Cole back up. Ciampa hears the fans chanting “One More Time!” and lifts again. ANOTHER ANNOUNCE DESK POWERBOMB! The desk is destroyed and Ciampa puts Cole in, PSYCHO KNEE! Ciampa mocks Cole’s finger guns and runs, into a SUPERKICK! Cole runs but Ciampa LARIATS! Ciampa drags Cole up, lifts, PROJECT CIAMPA!! Cover, TWO!?!? Cole survives again?! Portland is thunderous for this incredible main event! Ciampa sits up first and drags Cole up. Fans hope they “Fight Forever!” but again, this must end. Ciampa throws hands but Cole gives them back. The two brawl back and forth, Ciampa kicks low but Cole keeps punching.

Ciampa gets the edge, spins, but Cole boots! Ciampa rebounds into another BOOT, and then Ciampa falls out of the ring! Cole builds speed to DIVE into a KNEE!! Both men are down as the ring count starts, and Portland is thunderous again! Ciampa sits up at 5 and gets in at 7. But he goes back out to fetch Cole, putting him back in. Ciampa gets caught between the ropes, for the jumping PILEDRIVER! Cole drags Ciampa up, suplexes, LAST SHOT 1.0!! Cover, TWO!!! Ciampa’s spirit keeps him going, despite what his neck might be feeling! Fans are dueling hard as ever, but Cole tells Ciampa that he isn’t going to get it done. Ciampa SLAPS Cole, so Cole throws hands.

Ciampa SLAPS, SLAPS and SLAPS, so Cole SUPERKICKS! And SUPERKICKS Ciampa in the back! And then knee pad down, LAST SHOT 2.0!! But Ciampa is still moving?! Ciampa gets to the safety of the bottom rope! Cole is shocked, but he refocuses as Ciampa is on the apron. Cole goes out to the apron, and climbs the ropes…!? Fans anticipate what Cole’s up to, and Cole leaps, for Ciampa to catch him! APRON AIR RAID!! Both men are down on the outside and fans again lose their minds! Ciampa drags himself to Cole, refreshes the count, and underhooks Cole. But no Fairy Tale Ending as Cole back drops out! Cole hops up on the last announce desk standing, to leap for the PANAMA SUNRISE TO THE FLOOR!!!

Cole drags Ciampa up and into the ring. The ring count is at 4, Ciampa springs to life to hit WILLOW’S BELL!?! Underhooks, FAIRY TALE ENDING!!! Ciampa is practically in tears as he covers, TWO!?!? How can Cole still do this?!? Is Ciampa thinking the same things when Johnny Gargano faced Adam Cole for this title? Fans still feel “This is Awesome!” as they have all night. Ciampa brings his knee pads down but Cole anchors his feet. Cole drags Ciampa down, into a CROSSFACE! Cole wants to cripple Ciampa as he cranks back so far! Ciampa endures, reaches, turns purple, but Cole drags him away! Cole wants it again, but Ciampa slips around to get Cole down! Ciampa’s left arm went numb, so he has to use his right arm to bring it over, for the CROSSFACE! Now Cole endures the crank!

Cole claws and crawls but Ciampa gets leverage! Cole still gets the ROPEBREAK! Ciampa lets up reluctantly and Cole slumps to the floor. And here comes Roderick Strong! Strong distracts the ref while Ciampa gets Cole in. Because here comes reDRagon! Kyle & Fish hit TOTAL ANNIHILATION!! The referee completely misses this as reDRagon puts Ciampa in the ring. Cole covers, TWO!?!? Just as Gargano survived an Undisputed Screw Job, so has Ciampa!! Cole gets flashbacks but he takes aim. Cole runs, Ciampa ducks the Last Shot to then send Cole out onto reDRagon! Strong gets WILLOW’S BELL! Ciampa runs and PESCADOS! Ciampa wipes out the Undisputed Era and puts Cole in.

Cole SUPERKICKS and SUPERKICKS and SUPERKICKS Ciampa down! LAST SHOT 2.0!!! Cover, TWO!?!?!? I’ve never used that much punctuation before! But Kyle slips Cole his title belt and distracts the ref. But Ciampa BOOTS Cole first! Ciampa underhooks, but Cole slips out to shove Ciampa into the ref! The ref goes down, Cole walks into an elbow. Ciampa boots Kyle but Cole LOW BLOWS! Cole goes to the corner, climbs up top, but Ciampa LOW BLOWS back!! Underhooks, FAIRY TALE ENDING!!! Cover but where’s a ref?! Ciampa would’ve won twice over by now! Three times over, even! Count to 50, Portland, because the ref isn’t here to make it count.

But Ciampa’s friend, Johnny Gargano, is here! But to take the title belt away!? Gargano is also a man who wants the NXT Championship, and he uses it to SMASH Ciampa?!? Why would Gargano betray Ciampa now?!? Cole covers and the ref is back to count, Cole wins!!!

Winner: Adam Cole, by pinfall (still NXT Champion)

The Undisputed Era has one title left! The Rebel Heart stabbed the Blackheart in the back! What does all of this mean for NXT as we continue down the Road to WrestleMania?



My Thoughts:

What a night! Going in, this looked like the best TakeOver card. In action, it was even better than that! The kickoff show was fun because Portland just loved Mansoor and just rained boos on Sam Roberts. I was fine with Poppy getting to perform her songs that also acted as the theme songs for TakeOver, but it seems a bit unnecessary if she wasn’t going to sing the songs all the way through. Opening with the NXT North American Championship, they really set the bar high on themselves for this event. That was the best match in Lee VS Dijakovic, for good reason, and it works that Lee retains. He deserves to have a long reign with that title for all the time he had to wait. And Dijakovic still looks amazing even in losing.

Kai VS Nox in the Street Fight was great, and I’m certainly surprised that Raquel Gonzales returned to screw Tegan over, I just wasn’t as into it. I suppose this is one way of keeping the feud going, and Dakota has muscle to start a faction now, but I’m not really sure if that’s the right direction for Dakota. I can already predict Candice LeRae helping Tegan fight them, because Candice just can’t seem to get a story of her own in NXT. The NXT Women’s Championship story is locked in with at least Rhea VS Charlotte, but Charlotte hitting Bianca on the way out makes me think this could still circle back. After all, TakeOver: Tampa is still one more stop before WrestleMania, maybe we get something for Charlotte VS Bianca before the title match?

I am happily surprised that the Broserweights are now the tag team champions! Dunne and Riddle are great in the ring, are great as their characters, great together, I’m going to love the Reign of the Broserweights. Balor VS Gargano went as expected with the story telling centered around the John Woo Dropkick, and with Balor winning. The Prince still has a lot of possibilities for TakeOver: Tampa, but there’s also UK TakeOver: Dublin next, so maybe he hops over there for a minute? And it seems losing to The Prince, like losing to The Fiend, turns you Heel. After all the craziness (in a good way) of Cole VS Ciampa, Gargano betraying Ciampa was still a welcomed surprise. Cole retains and assuming Dream beats Strong, maybe Cole VS Dream is Tampa’s match, as is Ciampa VS Gargano #OneLastTime. Can you imagine TakeOver: Tampa somehow outdoing this one?!

My Score: 9.6/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Collision Results & Report! (9/30/23)

It’s WrestleDream Eve!



There’s a Collision in Seattle!

Before AEW starts a “new chapter” with WrestleDream, it is an All-Star Collision 8 Man Tag! Will FTR and BCC work together to take down their enemies?


  • Andrade El Idolo VS Juice Robinson; wins.
  • Julia Hart w/ Brody King VS ???
  • Chris Jericho & Kenny Omega VS The Gates of Agony w/ Prince Nana; win.
  • The Kingdom VS Best Friends; win(s).
  • WrestleDream All-Star 8 Man Tag: Bryan Danielson, Wheeler Yuta & FTR VS Ricky Starks, “Big Bill” Morrissey & Aussie Open; win.


[Due to scheduling conflicts, coverage of AEW Collision will begin later tonight]

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Mitchell’s NXT No Mercy Results & Report! (9/30/23)

There’s No Mercy in Bakersfield!



Will the Mad Dragon slay… HIM?

In a rematch from The Great American Bash, Carmelo Hayes and Ilja Dragunov once again battle over the NXT Championship! But will history repeat itself? Or will history be made?


  • Kickoff Show – Blair Davenport VS Kelani Jordan; Blair wins.
  • Bron Breakker VS Baron Corbin; Corbin wins.
  • NXT North American Championship, Special Guest Referee Dragon Lee: Dominik Mysterio VS Trick Williams; Trick wins and becomes the new NXT North American Champion.
  • NXT Tag Team Championships Fatal 4 Way Tag: Tony D’Angelo & Channing Lorenzo VS The Creed Brothers VS Angel Garza & Humberto Carrillo VS #OutTheMud w/ SCRYPTS; Tony & Stacks win and retain the titles.
  • NXT Heritage Cup Championship: Noam Dar w/ The Meta Four VS Pete Dunne w/ Tyler Bate; Dar wins and retains the cup.
  • NXT Championship: Carmelo Hayes VS Ilja Dragunov; Dragunov wins and becomes the new NXT Champion.
  • NXT Women’s Championship Extreme Rules Match: Becky Lynch VS Tiffany Stratton; Becky wins and retains the title.


It’s the No Mercy Kickoff Show!

Join Megan Morant, Matt Camp & Sam Roberts in discussing, analyzing and predicting all the action about to go down in Bakersfield!


Kickoff Show – Blair Davenport VS Kelani Jordan!

The Ichiban Gaijin made sure Gigi Dolin had no chance against her on Tuesday by attacking her long before their match! Will she add another name to the list of victims? Or will Kelani show what she can do all on her own?

The bell rings and fans rally up as these two stare down. They tie up, Blair throws Kelani down then she headlocks. Kelani endures, fights up, and powers out, only for Blair to run her over. Fans rally as things speed up, Kelani splits, hurdles then slingshot arm0-drags! Then springboards to RANA, and then DROPKICK! Fans fire up with Kelani as she shows off her #FlexAppeal! Handspring back elbow, then the- NO, Blair blocks the flip to put Kelani up top and SWAT her down! Kelani tumbles to the floor, Blair goes out and RAMS her into the apron! Blair talks trash and fans are torn as she storms around.

Blair drags Kelani up and into the ring, then storms up on her. Blair whips Kelani to a corner, hits a hip toss, then brings Kelani up to scoop and SLAM! Cover, TWO! Blair keeps on Kelani with a chinlock stretch! Kelani endures, fans rally up, and Kelani fights up. Kelani elbows free, then DROP- NO, Blair blocks the kick to have the legs! BOSTON CRAB! Kelani endures, reaches out, crawls forward, but Blair drags her away! Blair sits deep on the hold, but Kelani continues to fight forward! Kelani rolls and sends Blair into buckles! Fans fire up, Kelani ROCKS Blair, CHOPS Blair, then ROCKS her again!

Kelani swings again but Blair gets under. Waistlock, but Kelani victory rolls! TWO, and Blair swings, but Kelani counter punches! Blair ROCKS Kelani, Kelani snarls and ROCKS her back! Blair snarls and she ROCKS Kelani! Kelani ROCKS Blair! Blair hits back, Kelani hits again, and fans rally up behind Kelani, only for Blair to DECK her! Blair BOOTS Kelani, talks trash, calls her a child, and says she’s nothing! Kelani gets mad and blocks a kick! Kelani shakes her head, throws the foot away and ROCKS Blair again! Then slingshot CUTTER! Fans fire up while both women are down!

Kelani and Blair stir, the fans rally up, and Blair goes to ropes. Blair and Kelani stand, and Kelani rallies on Blair with big forearms and elbows! Fans fire up with Kelani, she handsprings into the BACK ELBOW! Kelani kips up and the fans are with her! Kelani shouts at Blair to get up, then kicks her low! OVERDRIVE! Cover, TWO! Blair survives and Kelani is fuming, but the fans still rally! Kelani gets Blair up but Blair wrenches and WRINGS the arm! Then DOUBLE STOMPS Kelani’s back! Blair drags Kelani up, suplexes, but Kelani slips free to hop on! SLEEPER!! Kelani has the body scissors, too!

Blair endures, RAMS Kelani back into buckles and is free. But Kelani goes up to AX KICK! And then up and up and SPLIT LEG MOONSAULT onto knees! Blair goes up and up and FLYING DOUBLE STOMPS! Fans fire up again and Blair drags Kelani up. Blair reels Kelani in, suplexes, FALCON DRIVER! Cover, Blair wins!

Winner: Blair Davenport, by pinfall

Enemies of the heir beware! But wait, GIGI DOLIN IS HERE! And she CLOBBERS Blair, gives her Kawada Kicks, then rains down furious fists! Refs rush out to stop this but Blair gets up and scraps with Gigi! Fans want to “LET THEM FIGHT!” but when and where will these two settle the score?


Time to play the game.

Plug in the cartridge and load up the brand new NXT edition of No Mercy! Press start and make the match! Will there be no asterisk next to tonight’s NXT Championship match? Will the Bruiserweight snap Noam Dar’s reign? Or just his fingers? Who will truly be #MeanerThanEvil? Is karma going to bite Dirty Dom right on the ass? Or will he still #WhoopDatTrick? And in the biggest and most violent match of her career, will Tiffany Stratton take back the title? Or will the Big Time still be too much for Wrestling Barbie?


Bron Breakker VS Baron Corbin!

What a way to open No Mercy! These two definitely show no mercy to their opponents, or even their surroundings, having smashed their way all around NXT Arena in Orlando, and even into HBK’s office! Will things somehow get even more destructive than that here in Bakersfield? Who wins, let alone survives, this match?

While Bron has a new dog headdress, Corbin pulls up on his Harley Davidson. Corbin talks trash, and Bron FLIES out onto him! Fans bark for Bron as he throws hands on Corbin! Bron tells security to back off, then he throws more hands! Corbin tries to get away into the crowd but Bron follows! Fans fire up as they get an even closer experience! But Corbin sends Bron into trash cans! Corbin throws hands and he follows Bron along the barriers to throw even more hands! Fans fire up as Bron hits the Lone Wolf back! Bron ROCKS Corbin with haymakers and sends him back to ringside, to then knee low and TOSS over barriers!

Fans fire up and Bron stares security down. Bron DECKS the security! But then Corbin CLOBBERS Bron back into the front row! Corbin grins and fans are all fired up! Corbin drags Bron up and over the barriers, puts him against the desk, and he ROCKS Bron with hands! Corbin pushes Bron onto the desk, goes up the steel steps, and SENTONS onto the desk! But Bron got outta the way, Corbin crashes ‘n’ burns all on his own! Fans are thunderous for “NXT! NXT!” as Bron puts Corbin in the ring. Bron tells the ref to do his job, so the bell rings! Bron RAMS into Corbin in the corner, whips him corner to corner, then clinches for a back drop!

Fans bark as Bron storms around, and he drags Corbin up to fire hands. Bron RAMS into Corbin again and again as fans duel. Bron whips corner to corner, but Corbin BOOTS back, goes up, and FLYING LARIATS! Cover, TWO! Corbin throws off his shirt, CLUBS Bron to a corner, then throws body shots! Fans duel, the ref counts, and Corbin tells the ref to back off. Corbin bumps Bron off buckles, whips him corner to corner, then suplexes high and hard! Cover, TWO! Bron is tougher than that, and is on his feet! Fans bark, but Corbin DECKS Bron! Corbin rains down forearms, then some elbows!

Corbin lets off to soak up the cheers and jeers from Bakersfield. And yes, there are cheers! Corbin fireman’s carries but Bron slips off to fireman’s carry and GUT BUSTER DROP! Corbin sputters, Bron pushes him down and rains down forearms of his own! Fans fire up as Bron looms over Corbin. Corbin goes to a corner, Bron grinds his knees into him, but lets off as the ref counts. Fans rally, Bron runs side to side and KNEE WASHES Corbin! Corbin is dazed and the fans fire up and duel again. Bron paces, drags Corbin up, and puts him on the top rope. Bron climbs up after Corbin, throws more hands, but Corbin hits back!

Corbin shoves Bron down, adjusts, but Bron is right back, to SUPER STEINER! Not the smoothest but Bron is still fired up! Trophy lift, BREAKKER SLAM!! Cover, TWO?!? Corbin survives and Bron is furious! Corbin flounders to a corner, and he eggs Bron on! Bron runs up to fire haymakers! The ref counts, Bron lets off at 4, and Corbin still eggs Bron on?! Bron runs in to BOOT Corbin! Bron drags Corbin up, but Corbin wrenches and ROCKS Bron! And ROCKS him again! And again! Corbin fireman’s carries to DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! Cover, TWO! Corbin fumes, drags Bron up, and half nelsons, for the- NO, Bron slips free and trips Corbin!

STEINER RECLINER! Corbin scrambles to the ROPEBREAK! Bron lets go, to stomp away on Corbin! Bron throws hands, runs, then dodges, but runs into a DEEP SIX! Maybe even a deep twelve! Cover, TWO!! Bron survives and Corbin goes to ropes. Bron goes to the opposite side as fans fire up more. Corbin and Bron rise, storm up, and they throw hands! Fans rally and duel, the shots keep going but Bron gets the edge! Corbin ROCKS Bron, then kicks the bad leg! But Bron kicks back! Bron runs in to RAM Corbin int he corner! Bron keeps moving, but runs into a KNEE! Corbin reels Bron in but Bron slips free!

Corbin picks Bron up, but Bron rolls to drag Corbin down, cradle! TWO!! Corbin survives a cradle for once! But Bron CLOBBERS him! Bron stands, fans bark and boo but Bron feeds off it all. Bron CLOBBERS Corbin, clotheslines him up and out of the ring, and he shakes the ropes! Bron then goes out after Corbin, runs in, but Corbin SPINEBUSTERS Bron through the desk!! Fans lose their minds and cheer “NXT! NXT!” for giving us this as the opener! But then Bron just sits up like the Deadman!! Bron rises up, runs in, and he SPEARS Corbin down!! Bron hauls Corbin up and into the ring, and he says “IT’S OVER!”

The straps come down, fans are thunderous as Bron says he’s gonna break- WAIT! Robert Stone!? Stone leaps in, but Bron catches him! And TOSSES him out onto security! But then Corbin hits END OF DAYS!! Cover, Corbin wins!!

Winner: Baron Corbin, by pinfall

Suit Man Stone may not have gotten revenge himself, but he made sure Bron still lost! Corbin survives being broken by Breakker, will he continue to #BurnTheShips and move towards former glory?


NXT North American Championship, Special Guest Referee Dragon Lee: Dominik Mysterio VS Trick Williams!

Dirty Dom has piled up the enemies and now it might be coming back to bite him! Will the Prodigal Son be able to survive all the payback coming for him? Or will the Boy Wonder help Williams #WhoopDatTrick?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see if the Trick Melo Gang Power Trip begins in Bakersfield!

The bell rings and Dom DROPKICKS Trick right away! Cover, TWO! Dom argues with Dragon but Dragon says he is the ref. Trick rolls Dom up, TWO! Dom is now upset that the count was fast. Dragon says he is the ref, Dom has to accept whatever the count is! Trick fires off hands, whips but Dom reverses. Trick whips Dom again, then follows to CLOBBER Dom! And DROPKICKS him! Fans fire up as Trick scoops but Dom slips free. Dom bails out and fans boo but Dom says he doesn’t care. Dom is gonna take his belt and leave, using Champion’s Advantage! But Trick goes out to CLOBBER Dom again!

Fans fire up as Trick puts Dom in. Trick runs up, blocks a kick, and spins Dom to scoop and SLAM! Fans chant “WE WANT MAMI!” but Trick UPPERCUTS Dom, then runs to LARIAT! Dom flounders out of the ring and fans boo more. Dom wants a timeout but Trick runs out to ROCK Dom and put him back in the ring. Trick fires up and the fans fire up with him! Trick steps in but Dom kicks the ropes to jam him up! Dom DROPKICKS Trick out of the ring, and soaks up the heat. Dom goes to the apron, gives us some Latino Heat, then he brings Trick up to SMACK off the desk! Dom then CHOPS Trick against barriers!

Trick staggers, Dom puts him in the ring, and then Dom swaggers. Fans boo but Dom looms over Trick. Dom drags Trick up, ROCKS him, then stands him up again. Dom ROCKS Trick again, whips him to ropes, then JUMP KNEES! Cover, TWO! Dom clamps onto Trick with a chinlock and he grinds Trick down. Trick endures, reaches out, and fans rally up. Trick fights up, pries the hold open, and Trick throws elbows! Dom CLUBS Trick and says HE is the champion! Fans boo but Dom drags Trick up to whip him to a corner. Trick reverses, runs in but Dom dodges! Trick hits buckles and Dom HOTSHOTS him down!

Dom goes up the steps, gives some more Latino Heat, then slingshots to SENTON! Cover, TWO! Dom is annoyed and argues with Dragon but Dragon says it’s all fair. So Dom flicks sweat at Dragon! Dom DECKS Trick, taunts him, then drags him around. Dom throws down fists, lets off to drop an elbow, but he misses as Trick moves! Trick goes to a corner, BOOTS Dom, then ROCKS him! And ROCKS him again! Dom swings, misses, and Trick fires fast hands! Trick whips and LEG LARIATS! Dom staggers up into a DROPKICK! Trick covers, TWO! Trick roars and whips but Dom turns pop-up into backslide! TWO!

Trick swings, Dom dodges, and DOUBLE LARIATS take both men down! Fans fire up and Dragon checks both men. They’re okay to continue so Dragon waits on them. Dom and Trick go to opposite ends, Dom runs in and 619s Trick in the back! Trick flounders, Dom stalks him, and Dom runs in, but Trick dodge! The SUPERKICK takes out Dragon!! Dom can’t believe it, now there’s NO ref to call this! Dom fires hands on Trick, whips him to a corner, and runs in, but only gets buckles! NECKBREAKER for Trick! Cover, but there’s no ref! A back-up ref appears, but ONE!! Trick covers again, TWO! Trick is furious while he storms up on Dom.

Trick CHOPS again and again and again in the corner! Then he whips Dom to ropes, to FLAPJACK! Trick kips up and fans fire up again! Dom staggers up, Trick spins, ROLLING BOOT! Cover, TWO!! Trick is frustrated but he drags Dom up. Trick whips Dom to a corner, Dom stops himself but heads collide! Both men are down, the ref checks Trick first. Trick rises, as does Dom. The ref says both men are okay, and Dom stands. Dom runs, but into the ref!? What happened there? Dom is upset, he runs in, and CROSSBODIES Trick and himself out of the ring! Dom hurries to get Trick up, and DECKS him! And then throws Trick into the ring!

Dom goes up the corner, fans boo as hard as they can, but Dom FROG SPLASH FLOPS!! Cover, but there’s no ref again! Trick is furious! Where is a ref!? Any ref! Trick goes out and gets Dragon up so he can finish his guest role. But Dom has the belt! Trick dodges the belt shot to BOOT the belt into Dom!! Cover, Dragon’s there, TRICK WINS!!

Winner: Trick Williams, by pinfall (NEW NXT North American Champion)

He whooped Dom just like he said he would, and now Trick Willy is a champion! But for Trick Melo Gang to be dripping in gold, Carmelo Hayes has to slay the Mad Dragon! Will Melo not miss? Or will Ilja Dragunov prove he can defeat… HIM?


NXT shares footage from after last Tuesday’s episode.

After his quick defeat at the hands of Trick Williams, Joe Gacy was walking around backstage. Everything he’s worked for, it’s all gone. Ava Raine caught up to him as he felt hope was lost. Maybe his teachings were wrong. That’s not true, she’s still here and still believes in her. No one said it would be easy. NO! All hope is gone! The Schism is dead! So go! Ava leaves, and Gacy says he has to find his new purpose. Just what happens as Gacy works to rise from the ashes of his learning tree?


NXT Tag Team Championships Fatal 4 Way Tag: Tony D’Angelo & Channing Lorenzo VS The Creed Brothers w/ Ivy Nile VS Angel Garza & Humberto Carrillo VS #OutTheMud w/ SCRYPTS!

Unlike Gacy’s “family,” The D’Angelo Family is still standing! At least, for now. Will The Don & Underboss hold onto the gold they worked so hard to win? Will Julius & Brutus once again stand atop the Tag Division? Will the former Lotharios use their new attitudes to become new champions? Or are Lucien Price & Bronco Nima getting #OutTheMud with this one?

The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and we see who really runs this!

In this type of Fatal 4 Way, only two teams can be legal at any time. Things sort out, and Julius starts against Garza. They tie up, go around, and Garza whips. Julius ducks ‘n’ dodges and RAMS Garza, but neither falls. Garza CHOPS and Julius plays like it stings. Julius just tags Brutus and then TACKLES Garza! Humberto runs in, brawls with Brutus, and these four start shoving. The champs and OTM storm in, start talking trash, and then the brawl is on! Fans fire up as all eight men throw hands! The Creeds get tossed out, as do the D’Angelos. Then OTM lift Julius! Julius slips free, dodges and FLIES out onto Garza & Carrillo!

Fans fire up but Brutus gets mugged by OTM. OTM double whip, double ELBOW, then DOUBLE STOMP! They mug Brutus, Price wrenches to HOOK KICK, then he tags Nima. They whip Brutus to KNEE low and JUMP STOMP! Fans rally as Nima talks trash and looms over Brutus. Nima talks trash to Carrillo but Carrillo tags in off him! Nima got played, but then Brutus tags Stacks. Carrillo KNEES Stacks, whips Stacks, but Stacks arm-drags and trips Carrillo! Carrillo kicks back, dodges and springboards to CROSSBODY! Carrillo headlocks, Stacks powers out and then follows, to atomic drop! And trip to stomps in the gut!

Stacks stomps Carrillo, tags Tony D, and the fans fire up as the D’Angelos whip, body shot and KNEE Carrillo down! Tony drags Carrillo up, Stacks intercepts Garza, and they fire off some hockey scrum fists! HALF HATCH for Carrillo, whip and UPPERCUT for Garza! Then Stacks CANNONBALLS Carrillo and CANNONBALLS Garza! Fans fire up as Tony storms up, but Carrillo sends him into buckles! Tag to Garza, the cousins bring Tony up but Tony picks them up! But Tony’s leg gives up! The ref checks The Don, and he calls in medical! Tony was out of action with a bad knee, is he gonna be out of action again?

Garza tags Carrillo but then Julius storms up on them. He won’t let them pick the bones, and neither will Brutus. Stacks storms up on Carrillo, throws hands and headlocks, but Carrillo powers out. Stacks KICKS Carrillo away, then UPPERCUTS! Stacks checks The Don but Garza sneaks a tag. Stacks runs in, into a KNEE! Carrillo & Garza hoist Stacks up to rock-a-bye TORTURE RACK- NO, Stacks slips free, but the cousins CLOBBER him! Tony is taken to the back, Stacks is all alone in this title defense now. Garza CHOPS Stacks against ropes, but Stacks fires off hands! Garza blocks a kick and spins to a GORY ESPECIAL!

Tag to Carrillo, GORY BOMB CUTTER, to a BASEMENT DROPKICK! Cover, TWO!! Stacks survives and Nima tags in off Carrillo! Nima brings Stacks up but Stacks fires off hands! Nima shoves Stacks to a corner then SPLASHES, tag to Price! Price hits a HOTSHOT, then Nima STRADDLE ATTACKS! They bounce on Stacks, then Price gets a cheap shot! Price slithers around, runs in and CLOBBERS Stacks! Price says he could do this all day! Price clamps on a chinlock, grinds Stacks down, but fans rally behind The Underboss. Stacks fights up, reaches out for anyone, but has to throw body shots first. Price holds Stacks back!

Price DECKS Stacks, Scrypts trips up Julius! Nima tags in, but Ivy WRECKS Scrypts! OTM is stunned! They TOSS Stacks, storm up to the ropes, but Brutus tags in! DOUBLE AX HANDLES! Brutus SMASH Nima, POUNCE Price, POUNCE Garza and POUNCE Carrillo! FLAPJACK for Garza! The straps come down and fans fire up with Big Brute! ANKLE LOCK on Garza!! Carrillo runs in to SUPERKICK! Julius returns to OVERHEAD SUPLEX! Price runs up, OVERHEAD SUPLEX for him! Nima runs up, OVERHEAD SUPLEX for him! OVERHEAD SUPLEX for Carrillo! DOUBLE OVERHEAD SUPLEX for OTM!!

Brutus STILL has the ankle lock on Garza!! Bakersfield is going wild as Garza endures, but Carrillo CLOBBERS Brutus! Nima & Price mug Julius, Carrillo stomps Brutus, but Stacks is back! Stacks gets mugged, but he fights back! Carrillo SUPERKICKS Stacks, and tells him he’s alone! But wait! TON D wants back in!! One leg or not, The Don ain’t going out like this! He DECKS Oney Lorcan!! Tony storms his way up, Carrillo runs out after him but Tony DECKS him, too! Tag in off Garza and Tony just fires off on OTM! He hops around, but he sends Nima into Price hard! Carrillo runs in, springboards, but into a SPINEBUSTER!!

The fans are thunderous for Tony as he and the Creeds work together on OTM and the cousins! They all pair off and all get a corner, and they all go up! Fans are thunderous as we get QUADRUPLE SUPERPLEXES!! All eight men are down and “This is Awesome!” “NXT! NXT!” The Creeds clear the ring, and they stand alone with Stacks & Tony. There’s respect here, so the four of them throw hands! Brutus CLOBBERS Stacks, Julius LARIATS Tony! Carrillo & Garza DROPKICK The Creeds! But then OTM BOOT Carrillo & Garza! OTM regroup, tag in off Brutus and they whip Tony. POP-UP POWERSLAM! Cover, TWO!!

Fans fire up as The Don proves his toughness! Julius KNEES Price, ROCKS Nima, and then Electric Chair Lifts! Brutus climbs, but Garza HEADBUTTS him first! Carrillo is up to MISSILE DROPKICK DOOMSDAY with Julius! Then Carrillo gives Garza a boost to DROPKICK Julius! Brutus is up, he CLOTHESLINES them both out! Fans fire up again as Brutus aims, slingshots, and SPRINGBOARD BRUTUS BALLS!! Fans lose their minds again as everyone is down on the outside! Stacks gets in the ring to BOOT Price! Stacks & Tony hit BADA BOOM! Cover, TONY & STACKS WIN!!

Winners: Tony D’Angelo & Channing Lorenzo, by pinfall (still NXT Tag Team Champions)

It was chaotic in the end, but The D’Angelos take advantage of the chaos! If they can survive something like this, will there be no stopping The Don & Underboss?


NXT Heritage Cup Championship: Noam Dar w/ The Meta Four VS Pete Dunne w/ Tyler Bate!

The Scottish Supernova and British Bruiserweight made their names in the UK, including NXT UK, but where one has needed sidekicks to stay on top, the other has friends who keep him ready for FIGHT NIGHT! Will having The Big Strong Boi in his corner help Butch break Dar? Or will British Strong Style’s one night only reunion not be enough to take the cup?

The introductions are made, the cup is raised, and we see who wins with these four-to-two odds!

The first round begins, Dar and Dunne circle, and fans rally up. The two tie up, are in a deadlock, and Dunne chinbars to wrangle Dar! Dunne then wrenches, wristlocks, but Dar rolls and waistlocks to drag Dunne down. Dar facelocks but Dunne wrenches out to clamp onto the arm. Dunne bends the elbow, Dar fights to his feet, and Dar pulls hair. The ref reprimands but Dar lets off. Dunne ducks the cheap shot to facelock back! Dar wrenches out but Dunne facelocks again! Dar wrenches, Dunne facelocks. Dar wrenches, Dunne avoids the sweep! Dunne fights the waistlock and Dar avoids getting his fingers stomped!

Fans fire up while Dar is frustrated. The two reset, tie up, and Dar headlocks. Dunne powers out, Dar RAMS him but neither falls. Dunne CHOPS! Dar KICKS! And ROUNDHOUSES! Dunne is down and Dar swaggers around while fans boo. Dar drags Dunne up, headlocks, but Dunne powers up and out. Dunne drops down, hurdles over, then drops again to BLAST Dar! Fans fire up as we reach the last minute of this round, and Dunne just shrugs. Dunne drags Dar around, has his arm, and stands on Dar’s head! Dunne pulls on Dar’s arm and bends the fingers! The Meta Four freaks out while Dar shouts in pain, and Dunne STOMPS that arm!

We’re at 30 seconds and Dunne stands Dar up. Dunne tortures Dar’s arm, bends the fingers more, and then SLAPS the hand! We’re under 10 seconds, Dar just endures the rest of the way, and the round is over! But then Dar ELBOWS Dunne!!

Dar: 0; Dunne: 0

Fans boo Dar’s cheap shot and Bate helps Dunne to his corner for the rest period. Meta Four fans Dar off and refreshes him while Dunne shakes out the stars. The second round begins, Dar runs in to CLOBBER Dunne! And EXPLODER! Dar aims, runs in, and SLIDING LARIATS! Cover, TWO! Dunne hangs tough but Dar stalks him to the apron. Dar drags Dunne up, fans boo, but Dar pulls Dunne through ropes. Dar drops Dunne to KCIK him in the face! Cover, TWO! Dar tells Bate to watch his boy get beat, and then he has Dunne in a corner. Dar goes up, brings Dunne in and throws down elbows!

The ref counts, Dar throws another shot but Dunne grabs thar arm! Dunne hits an ELBOW BREAKER! Dar KICKS, but Dunne comes back to DECK Dar! Dar flounders, Dunne runs in to GAMANGIRI! And GAMANGIRI! And GAMANGIRI! Dunne snapmares and runs to drop a knee on the arm! Dar writhes and fans rally up as Dunne SHINING WIZARDS! Dar bails out, Bate stays back, and Dunne drags Dar up. Shoutout to The Fella with BEATS OF THE BODHRAIN! Fans count all the way to TEN, then past it as Dunne goes to like TWENTY! We’re under a minute, Jakara & Lash distract!

Bate hurries over to stop them, but Oro GAMANGIRIS Dunne! Another cheap shot and Dar runs in, NOVA ROLLA!! Cover, Dar scores!

Dar: 1; Dunne: 0

The Meta Four pays off already, and they help Dar refresh. Will Dunne be able to recover? Or will it be a sweep at this rate?

Round three begins and Dar rushes in, but Dunne dodges! Dunne comes back to JUMP KNEE! But Dar BOOTS in return! Dunne swings, Dar blocks to knee and shove, but Dunne dodges! Both men run, DOUBLE FOREARMS take both men down! The fans fire up and the clock is ticking. Dar drags Dunne up, waistlocks, and GERMAN SUPLEXES, but Dunne lands on his feet! BUZZSAW! Dunne aims from a corner, but Dar bails out. So Dunne goes up and up, to MOONSAULT Dar down! Meta Four can only watch as Dunne puts Dar in. But then they crowd Dunne and Bate backs him up.

Dunne gets in, drags Dar up but Dar drops to victory roll! TWO, and Dunne SUPERKICKS! Dar wobbles, Dunne goes up, and QUEBRADAS into a KICK! Dar takes Dunne outta the air! Dar gloats, aims, NOVA- FOREARM! Dunne hauls Dar into the pump handle, BITTER END! Cover, Dunne scores!!

Dar: 1; Dunne: 1

And we’re all tied up going into the fourth! Meta Four drags Dar back so he can regain some consciousness while Bate gives Dunne some props. Dunne is ready and he rushes in to CLOBBER Dar to start the new round! Dunne rains down forearms and Meta Four is worried. Dunne might be going for a knockout here! Dar can barely get a guard up, what’s the ref’s decision? Dunne just won’t stop hitting Dar! But then he does at two and a half minutes left. Dar reaches up for the kneebar! But Dunne blocks with an ANKLE LOCK! Dar endures, rolls, trips Dunne into the SLEEPER! Dar also has the body scissors!

But Dunne pries the hold open, and he has the fingers! But Dar lets go to pop Dunne up, into an ARMBAR! Dunne moves around at the two minute spot, to get an ARMBAR! Dar endures, even as Dunne bends fingers! Dar rolls back, mounts, and shifts to a TRIANGLE HOLD! Dunne stays on his feet, stacks Dar, TWO! Dar holds onto the hold, but Dunne STOMPS a hand! Dar lets go, Dunne hauls him up! X PLEX! Cover, TWO! Dar survives and Dunne grows frustrated but Bate coaches him up. We’re at one minute in this round as Dunne drags Dar up. Dunne CHOPS, then CHOPS again! And whips, but Dar reverses.

Dunne goes up but Dar KICKS the legs out! Dunne lands hard, Dar hauls him up, FISHERMAN BUSTER! Cover, TWO!! We’re at 30 seconds and Dar is freaking out. Dar drags Dunne to ropes, taunts Bate, and then he goes up the corner. But Dunne catches Dar’s leap into a TRIANGLE HOLD of his own!! We’re under 15, then the ten second warning! Dar endures, even as Dunne pulls on his arm! Dar is out, but the bell rings first!!

Dar: 1; Dunne: 1

Lash has to drag Dar’s ragdoll body to the corner, he was truly saved by the bell! But that means we’re in the fifth, there’s still time to fight! Dar is dazed as he sits up, but he shakes his head. Dunne storms up to CHOP! Dar staggers, but he ROCKS Dunne! Dunne CHOPS Dar! Dar KICKS! Dunne CHOPS! Dar JABS! Dunne CHOPS! Dar KICKS, KICKS and wobbles, but Dunne CHOPS him again! And again! And again! MACHINE GUN CHOPS!! The fans are thunderous, Meta Four is furious, but Dunne lets off. Dunne hauls Dar up to reel him in, pump handle and- KNEE from Dar! And another knee! And another!

Dunne falls at the two minute mark but he rises again. Dar blocks a kick to BACK ELBOW! Cover, TWO!! Dunne is still in this and Dar is speechless! That’s a first. Dar talks it out with Meta Four, there’s 90 seconds left. Dar goes to a corner, he mocks the fans who rally for Dunne, and Dar goes up a corner. But Dunne GAMANGIRIS first! Dunne then climbs up after Dar, for a SUPER BUTTERFLY SUPLEX!! Cover, TWO!! We’re under a minute as Dar holds on! Meta Four calms down as Dar crawls to the apron. Fans rally for the Bruiserweight as he goes out after Dar. Dunne runs up to boot, but Dar blocks to QUESTION MARK KICK!

Dar reels Dunne in, APRON BRAINBUSTER!! Lash helps Dar back into the ring to cover, TWO!!! Dunne is still in this and we’re at the ten second warning! Dunne gets Dar’s fingers!! The clock hits zero first, but Dunne STOMPS Dar’s hand!! That’s karma for Dar! We got into the sixth round, will this end in regulation? Or will we need overtime?

Dar: 1; Dunne: 1

Lash bandages Dar’s fingers, those might be broken after what Dunne did to them. No pinkies out after this, though. The round starts, Dunne gets that arm but Dar fires shots! He and Dunne go forearm for forearm and the fans are thunderous! Dunne fires off fast hands from all sides! But Dar guards to BACK ELBOW! And BACKHAND! And- NO, Dunne dodges to SNAP GERMAN! And STOMP the hands! And BUZZSAW! Fans fire up but Dar distracts the ref and Oro CHEAP SHOT ENZIGURIS Dunne!! How’d the ref miss that?! Dar runs up to take the mouthpiece away! Dar runs, to NOVA ROLLA!!! Cover, TWO?!?!

Fans are thunderous and even Bate is surprised that Dunne survives! Bate CLOBBERS Oro!! Bate fires off on Main Man Mensah, Dunne puts Bop up to BANG! TYELR DRIVER!!! Cover, TWO!?!? Dar survives but Dunne won’t stop! BITTER- NO, Dar shifts to takedown into CHAMPAGNE SUPER KNEEBAR IN THE SKY! But Dunne slips out, to have the arm! And fingers! SNAP!!! Then BITTER END!!! Cover, TWO!??!? HOW?! But then ARMBAR!!! We hit the one minute mark! Dar has to endure, but wait! GALLUS JUMPS BATE!! They hate Bate and Dunne for making it here over Joe Coffey!

But then Dunne PLANCHAS to take out Gallus!! Fans are thunderous as Dunne hurries in! Dar runs up but into a BOOT! Jakara & Lash distract! ALL THE BEST FOR THE BELLS!! The Iron King screws the man who beat him, and Dar covers! Dar wins!!

Winner: Noam Dar, by pinfall (still NXT Heritage Cup Champion)

With 30 seconds in regulation, Dar wins, but not even because of Meta Four! It was the Gallus Boys who helped Dar stay on top! That’s a 7v2 fight, who COULD win that? Will there be justice for the Bruiserweight? Or is the Scottish Supernova moving on to screw over someone else?


NXT brings back some holiday specials!

Firstly, Halloween Havoc will be a TWO WEEK SPECIAL! Tuesday, October 24th, and of course Tuesday, October 31st, will be spooky scary sports entertainment! Then NXT Deadline returns December 9th to be the final Premium Live Event of WWE’s 2023! Will you be ready for the holiday season?


NXT Championship: Carmelo Hayes VS Ilja Dragunov!

Whether or not there was controversy at The Great American Bash is really a matter of opinion. If you ask HIM, there is none, but he’s willing to take on the Mad Dragon again to clear the air. Will Melo still not miss? Or will the NXT Champion finally be UNBESIEGBAR?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and tonight, we witness the truth!

The bell rings and fans rally for “MEL~O! MEL~O!” The two rush in and Dragunov BOOTS Melo down! Dragunov stand Melo up to put him in a corner and CHOP! Fans fire up, Dragunov BOOTS Melo again! Melo fires a forearm but Dragunov KNEES low and CLUBS him down! And then KNEES him down! Fans fire up as Dragunov eggs Melo on. Dragunov stomps away at the ropes, then drags Melo up to CHOP down! Dragunov grins as he shakes out his hand. Melo sputters and sits up but Dragunov brings him up. Dragunov CHOPS Melo to a corner, stomps him and CLUBS him, and CHOPS him again!

Fans fire up as Dragunov brings Melo around and waistlocks. Melo fights the lift, throws elbows, but Dragunov CLUBS him again! Dragunov TOSSES Melo to the apron, then runs in to BOOT him down! Fans fire up with Dragunov while Melo checks his chin. Melo rises up, slides in, and he TACKLES Dragunov! Fans fire up as Melo rains down fists! Melo lets off to KICK Dragunov, CLUB him and CHOP him! Melo has Dragunov in a corner to CHOP! Melo brings Dragunov around, CLUBS him again, then storms up in another corner. Melo RAMS into Dragunov and fires off shots!

The ref counts, Melo lets off, but he brings Dragunov up to whip corner to corner. Melo runs in to forearm smash, then he runs, but Dragunov avoids the Fade Away to CONSTANTINE SPECIAL! Fans fire up with Dragunov, he covers, TWO! Melo hangs tough but Dragunov SENTONS! Dragunov puts Melo in a corner, and MACHINE GUN CHOPS! Fans fire up and Melo sits down, but Dragunov won’t let off! Dragunov runs side to side to BLINDSIDE BOOT WASH! Melo flops down and Dragunov covers, TWO! Dragunov drags Melo up, facelocks, and he grinds Melo down. Fans rally but Dragunov KNEES Melo!

Dragunov looms over Melo while fans fire up. Dragunov kicks Melo, almost taunting him. Dragunov stands Melo up to CLUB him, then CHOPS him down! Then BOOTS him against ropes! Dragunov says Melo needs to bring more to this fight. Dragunov CLUBS Melo again and again, then CHOPS! Fans rally and Melo fires back on Dragunov! But Dragunov BACKHANDS Melo down! Melo is dazed and Dragunov shakes his head. Dragunov stands, paces around, and then drops a knee on Melo’s head! Melo sits up, and Dragunov SLAPS him! And CHOPS him! And SLAPS him again! Melo leans against ropes as Dragunov eggs him on.

Dragunov CLUBS Melo against the ropes! Dragunov puts some stank on the CHOP to the back! Melo writhes but Dragunov storms around him. Fans fire up, Dragunov stands Melo up in a corner, and Dragunov MACHINE GUN CHOPS again! Melo sits down but Dragunov stands him up, to MACHINE GUN CHOP again! The ref counts but Dragunov spins, but Melo blocks the backhand! Melo glares at Dragunov and fans fire up! Melo CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS! Melo backs Dragunov down and gives him even more CHOPS! Melo lets off, then SLAPS Dragunov! Melo brings Dragunov up but Dragunov ROCKS Melo!

Dragunov fires boxing elbows, then a SLAP! Melo wobbles, rebounds, and SLAPS Dragunov! Both men are down and fans are thunderous! Fans love “NXT! NXT!” for this one! Dragunov and Melo rise, and Melo kicks Dragunov! And kicks him again! Dragunov kicks back, they kick each other, and the fans are dueling! Dragunov shakes his head as he rises up, and he CLUBS Melo down! And again! Melo hits back! They’re just throwing wild shots! Dragunov CHOPS, Melo forearms, they just keep going! UPPERCUT! ROUNDHOUSE! CHOP! Melo fires forearm after forearm but Dragunov JUMP KICKS!

But Melo tilt-o-whirls! Dragunov slips free but Melo ENZIGURIS! Melo runs, springboards, FADE AWAY DDT!! Cover, TWO!! Dragunov is still in this but Melo still has shots to give. Melo watches Dragunov rise, “This is Awesome!” as Melo lines up another shot. Melo runs in but Dragunov denies the tilt-o-whirl! DEADLIFT GERMAN SUPLEX! And Dragunov holds on! ANOTHER GERMAN SUPLEX! Dragunov still holds on! Fans are thunderous as Dragunov drags Melo up, but Melo pries at the waistlock! Melo breaks the grip, switches, but Dragunov shifts around to throw down elbows! Dragunov runs, but Melo dodges the Constantine to LA MYSTICA! Cover, TWO!!

Dragunov survives and Melo is beside himself! Fans are losing their minds over how close that was, and Melo pounds the mat. Fans rally, Dragunov stirs and reaches out at Melo. Melo CLUBS Dragunov, drags him by an arm, and stomps away on Dragunov’s face! Fans fire up as Melo shows that intensity! Melo goes to a corner, aims as Dragunov rises, and runs in, but Dragunov blocks the boot! Melo SLAPS Dragunov but Dragunov KNEES low, KNEES him again, and then backs up. Dragunov runs in to KNEE Melo down! Then he hauls Melo up, reels him in, and hits a POWERBOMB! Fans fire up while both men are down!

Melo and Dragunov end up in opposite corners, and fans again chant for “NXT! NXT!” Dragunov drags himself up, but on the outside of the corner. Dragunov goes up, blows a kiss to Melo, and goes COAST- NO, First 48! But wait, Dragunov blocks that to haul Melo up! Fireman’s carry and CORNER DEATH VALLEY!! The ref checks Melo while fans lose their minds all over again! Dragunov resets, goes up again, and goes COAST2COAST!! Direct hit this time! Cover, TWO?!? Melo survives and Dragunov is shocked! “This is Awesome!” as both men slowly rise up. Dragunov drags Melo up, puts him in a corner, and then hauls him to the top rope.

Melo throws a forearm! And a HEADBUTT! And another HEADBUTT! Dragunov falls down, and Melo shakes out the stars. Melo adjusts, but Dragunov stands to SLAP him down! Melo is on the apron now, and Dragunov drags him back up. Dragunov climbs the corner, brings Melo up, and he deadlift SUPERPLEXES!! And a roll through!? To go to the corner and take aim again! But the FIRST 48 get him! BUT FALLING FOREARM ON THE RETURN!! Cover, TWO!! Melo survives the hammering but Dragunov drags him to a drop zone. The fans are dueling as hard as they can as Dragunov goes up the corner!

Dragunov powers up, for the SUPER FALLING FOREARM!!! Cover, TWO?!?!? Melo survives and no one can believe it!! Dragunov is pulling at his hair, the fans are losing their minds, how is Melo doing this? Dragunov shakes his head, goes back to the corner, and fans hope they “FIGHT FOREVER!” but this has to end. “UN! BE! SIEG! BAR!” SUPERKICK!! Cover, TWO!!! Dragunov survives the counter and now Melo can’t believe it! But the fans are loving “NXT! NXT!” Dragunov goes to ropes, Melo flounders after him. Melo follows Dragunov to the apron, and Dragunov kicks him for it! So Melo kicks back!

Fans rally as both men sit up on the edge, and Dragunov SLAPS! And SLAPS! Melo forearms, Dragunov forearms, they brawl on the edge! Melo hammers away, then he facelocks! Melo drags Dragunov up, to SUPLEX CUTTER to the floor!! The ref checks both men as they writhe at the ramp! “This is Awesome!” as both men are able to continue. The ring count begins as Melo drags Dragunov up, and Melo puts Dragunov in at 4 of 10. Melo drags himself in at 7 and then goes up the corner. Melo aims, NOTHING BUT- LARIAT!!! Dragunov may’ve hurt his own arm swatting that three pointer, but he goes to the corner anyway!

Fans rally up as Dragunov climbs. SUPER FALLING FOREARM!!! Cover, DRAGUNOV WINS!!!

Winner: Ilja Dragunov, by pinfall (NEW NXT Champion)

Melo didn’t miss, he just got blocked, countered, and dunked on! Even Dragunov needs the ref to tell him it’s real! The Mad Dragon is finally the Czar of NXT!! Will this truly be the Era of UNBESIEGBAR? But he does show respect to Melo by helping him stand up. They shake hands and even hug! But now that he has lost the title, what is next for HIM?


The 2023 NXT Women’s Breakout Tournament is set!

Jakara Jackson, Karmen Petrovic, Lola Vice, Jaida Parker, Izzi Dame, Dani Palmer, Kelani Jordan and Arianna Grace are ready for a fight, but who will break out and break through to a title opportunity? The tournament starts this Tuesday! Speaking of Tuesday…


Gigi Dolin and Blair Davenport WILL have their grudge match! Will the Toxic Avenger bring down the Ichiban Gaijin? And after Gallus screwed Dunne over, we get even more British Strong Style back together as Dunne & Bate take on Wolfgang & Mark Coffey!


NXT Women’s Championship Extreme Rules Match: Becky Lynch VS Tiffany Stratton!

The Man only came back to NXT because a certain someone couldn’t help but put her foot in her mouth. Big Time Becks took Tiffany to task and took this title, and now she’s the Grand Slam Man! However, Tiffy says her time isn’t up, and she demanded this rematch. Will Tiffany use anything and everything to become a two-time champion? Or will she regret picking this fight even more than she did the first time?

Becky sees Tiffany has brass knuckles on her fist (incorrectly, by the way), so she says hold on, she’s got something. Becky goes and gets a shopping cart full of hardcore goodies! Tiffy runs up, Becky SMACKS her with a kendo stick, and the match is on! Becky uses a trash can lid to JAM Tiff, SMACK Tiff, then she gets a chair to do the same! JAM! SMACK! Tiff writhes and fans fire up as Becky gets… a hardhat? HARDHAT HEADBUTT! And another! Fans cheer as Becky gets the kendo stick again to SMACK Tiff on the hips! And SMACK again and again and again! Tiff hops the barriers but Becky chases her down!

Becky goes after Tiff up the bleachers, and fans fire up even more! Becky SMACKS Tiff off the handrail! They keep going higher and higher, Tiff hits more railing, and Becky even high-fives fans along the way. Becky pulls Tiff’s arm through railing, but Tiff ROCKS Becky with the other! Tiff pulls Becky through railing, but a fan lets Becky borrow his chain necklace to SMACK Tiff with! Becky SPANKS Tiff with it, too! Becky CLUBS Tiff, they go to the very top, and Becky hits a GOLD CHAIN FIST DROP! Tiff staggers her way back down the steps and Becky SMACKS her around with the chain some more!

Tiff hits back with forearms, busted open on an eyebrow. Becky SMACKS Tiff again, fans behind her the whole way! Becky CLUBS Tiff back to ground level, keeps her moving, and SMACKS her off more railing! Becky then SMACKS Tiff off barriers, DUMPS her over, and fans fire up as Becky goes up. AX- NO, Tiffy strikes back with a kendo stick! Tiff RAMS Becky into steel steps! Tiff pulls the steps apart, to RAM Becky down! Becky leans against barriers, Tiffy wipes the blood from her forehead, and then she snap suplexes Becky to the floor! Tiffy dusts herself off but fans rally for Becky. Tiff drags Becky into the ring and stalks her to ropes.

Tiff runs in to HIP ATTACK! Fans chant “WE WANT TABLES!” but Tiff DOUBLE STOMPS! Cover, TWO! Tiff says if the fans want tables, then okay. Tiff goes out, looks under the ring, and she brings out a table! Just to put it back in! Fans boo but Tiff stomps Becky. Tiff CHOKES Becky on the ropes, then YANKS the ropes to jam her up! Tiff goes out, looks under the ring, and she brings out a toolbox! Tiff JAMS Becky with the box! And then she opens the box to bring out a WRENCH! Tiff JAMS Becky again!! Then Tiff gets a crowbar, to CLUB Becky with it! Tiff keeps going, and now she has a steel chain of her own!

Tiff wraps her fist up to STEEL CHAIN PUNCH Becky down! Becky sputters, Tiffy gets a hammer! But Becky dodges, kicks low, and she has the hammer! Tiff dodges, kicks low and then whips. Tiff scoops but Becky slips through, only for Tiff to SIDEWALK SLAM! Cover, TWO! Tiff snarls and she dumps the toolbox out. Tiff isn’t interested in what is left, nor in tables like the fans want. Tiff gets a chair instead, storms in the ring, and she SMACKS Becky! Tiff wedges the chair into the corner, gives it a kiss for luck, but Becky ROCKS her! And ROCKS her again! And then whips, but Tiff reverses! Becky stops herself to ELBOW Tiff!

Becky goes up and up and CROSSBODIES, but Tiff rolls through! Tiff picks Becky up to pop her up, but Becky slips free! Becky RAMS Tiff into the chair! Then hits a BECKSPLODER! Becky runs in at the corner, Tiffy puts her on the apron but Becky ROCKS Tiff first! Becky climbs to MISSILE DROPKICK! Tiff flounders out of the ring so Becky WRECKS her with a dropkick! Becky goes out, aims from the apron, and AX HANDLES Tiff down! Becky goes back to her shopping cart, to RAM Tiff with the shopping cart! Then Becky pushes Tiff into the cart to take her for a ride! They RAM right into the steel steps!

Becky dumps Tiff out of the cart, puts her in the ring, and she fetches that little black bag she left behind. Fans fire up, having an idea what’s in that! Becky dumps the bag out to reveal… BARBIE DOLLS!? Well, not what anyone expected but this is Becky sending a message to Tiff. MAN- NO, Tiff slips free, shoves and scoops, but Becky slips out! REVERSE DDT onto the dolls! Cover, TWO! Becky CLUBS away on Tiff, SMACKS her with dolls, then pushes her out of the ring. Tiff hurries away but Becky throws doll parts at her! Tiff uses the trash can lid as a shield! Becky keeps throwing heat, though!

Tiff says what the hecc! She then SMACKS Becky with the lid! Tiff hurries to look under the ring, and she brings out the trash can itself! Tiff CHUCKS that, Becky dodges, and then ROCKS Tiff! Becky fires off on Tiff in the ropes, then gets the can to put it around Tiff! Fans fire up as Becky goes up a corner, to GUILLOTINE LEG DROP on the can! Becky then goes up top, to- NO, Becky dodges the leg drop! Tiff JAMS Becky, JAMS her again, then SPIENBUSTERS on the trash can! Cover, TWO!! Becky is still in this and fans rally up. Becky clutches her arm while Tiff bails out. Tiff looks under the ring, and she brings out another chair!

Tiff keeps looking, she brings out more chairs! Fans boo as Tiff has about half a dozen chairs now, all in a pile. Tiff drags Becky up and over, but Becky fights the bomb! Becky slips free to BUTTERFLY PLEX onto the chairs! And then an ARMBAR!! Tiff endures, flails, kicks around, rolls under the ropes and to the floor, to then drag Becky out! POWERBOMB on the steel steps!! Becky writhes but Tiff hauls her up. Tiff puts Becky in, covers, TWO!! Becky is still in this and Tiffy grows frustrated. Tiff gets that chair she wedged in the corner, sets it aside, and then goes up, but Becky follows! They brawl up top!

Tiff SMACKS Becky off buckles, DECKS her to the floor, then goes out after her. Tiff storms up to swing, but into a BECKSPLODER into barriers! Fans fire up as Becky snarls and storms around. Becky looks under the ring, and she brings out a TABLE! Fans are loving this now! The Man sets the table, but Tiff SMACKS her with a kendo stick! And sends her into barriers! Tiffy takes the table for her own, but not for the fans but for herself. Tiff then looks for Becky, but where’d Becky go? Becky has a fire extinguisher! And she BLASTS Tiff with it!! And then she has a barbed wire bat!! That’s a different kind of Barbie!

Becky SMACKS Tiff with the bat! Tiff dodges and the bat hits post! Tiff kicks Becks, then ROLLING SENTONS! Tiff goes up the apron, to PRETTIEST- NO, Becky catches Tiff, but Tiff RANAS! And DISCUS LARIATS! Tiff snarls, handsprings, and ELBOWS Becky through barriers! Fans lose their minds as these two crash into the timekeeper’s area! Tiff drags Becky up, but Becky POSTS her! And then TOSSES her onto the desk! Fans fire up as Becky makes sure Tiff is in the right place, and she even joins Tiff! Becky hauls Tiff up, but Tiff fights the slam! Tiff HEADBUTTS Becky into sitting in an armchair! Tiff CANNONBALLS and bowls Becky over through more barriers!

Tiff hauls Becky up, brings her to the table and puts her on the wood! Fans are torn as Tiff goes up the corner! Tiff aims, for a SUPER TIFFY SWANTON!!! The table barely breaks, but fans lose their minds all the same! Tiff puts Becky in the ring, goes to another corner, and she TIFFY SWANTONS again!! Cover, TWO?!?! Becky survives and Tiffy can’t believe it! “This is Awesome!” as both women are down! Becky crawls around the way, Tiff pursues, and then goes up the corner again!? ARIHARA MOONSAULT!! But Becky dodges! MANHANDLE SLAM to the floor!! Becky pushes Tiff back in, covers, TWO?!?!?

Fans are thunderous and Becky is shocked, but Tiff is showing that toughness! Becky says okay, DISARM-HER!! Tiff fights around, rolls Becky up, TWO!! Tiff fireman’s carries, FULL METAL ROLLING SENTON!! PRETTIEST MOONSAULT FLOPS!!! Becky hauls Tiff in, FULL METAL MANHANDLE SLAM!!! Cover, Becky wins!!!

Winner: Becky Lynch, by pinfall (still NXT Women’s Champion)

That Extreme Rules match was one for the ages! But in the end, this is still N-BEX-T!! Tiffy still needs time to get ready for The Big Time, but Becky’s got little time to rest! Tegan Nox gets her shot this Monday Night Raw, will The Man be ready for the Girl with the Shiniest Wizard?


Trick Melo Gang regroups backstage.

Melo apologizes, he really thought he had Dragunov. Trick says it’s nothing to apologize for. Melo fought his heart out, that was incredible! It doesn’t matter what anyone says, Melo is still HIM. They hug it out, and Melo thanks Trick for the support. But now with Trick as a champion and Melo out in the cold, will that affect their friendship dynamic? Or will Trick Melo Gang always be here?

My Thoughts:

What an amazing night for NXT! A little upset they threw a kickoff match in outta nowhere, but of course Blair won. And of course Gigi rushed out to go after Blair as payback for Tuesday, but it didn’t really add much to their build as far as I’m concerned. But I suppose it is still good of them to give Blair and Kelani this match so they can get that PLE money. Great reference to WWF No Mercy for the N64 in the cold open video, and then great opener from Bron VS Corbin. Von didn’t make a triumphant return but Robert Stone getting involved was a great move. This surely shifts things back to Bron VS Von going towards Halloween Havoc now.

Dom VS Trick with Dragon Lee was really good stuff, and I didn’t think they’d do two ref bumps in one match. Still a shame Ali didn’t get to be in this match as intended, but I feel like this ended up an easy plug ‘n’ play where Trick was in the same position. So on one hand, Ali would’ve gotten his first title in WWE but WWE/TKO didn’t give a crap and cut him. But on the other, this is going to be great for Trick’s story with Melo. And something tells me Gacy will want after Trick now that Trick is champion since Trick’s win got him to this position. Gacy disbanding The Schism once and for all was quite a surprise, guess they don’t wanna bring in new members to replace The Dyad.

Awesome Fatal 4 Way Tag, it really brought things back to the Black ‘n’ Gold Era of NXT. Gotta love Ivy Nile clobbering Reggie and that quadruple superplex. Pleasantly surprised Tony & Stacks retained, but I would think we see plenty of feuding between the other teams to determine contenders for Halloween Havoc and beyond. Speaking of which, a two week special of Halloween Havoc is awesome, can’t wait to see how they raise the bar on that. Tyler Bate backing Dunne up against Dar was great, mostly because it was what I wanted to see. Too bad Trent Seven isn’t with WWE because they could’ve used him out there. And also could use him against Gallus, but oh well. Dar retains because more Heels help him, maybe he’s destined to face Nathan Frazer one last time to settle things.

Melo VS Dragunov was a great revisit from Great American Bash, but what a great move for Dragunov to win out. Personally, Dragunov should’ve been NXT Champion as early as Worlds Collide when the NXT brands and titles unified. But now he is champion, he is going to have an awesome reign, and we can see how Trick Melo Gang reacts to Trick being the champion when Melo isn’t. And then that NXT Women’s Championship Extreme Rules match proved itself worthy of being the main event. Becky had a great career retrospective entrance, referenced a lot of that on her shirt, even sneaking “Bray” on the side as tribute to Windham Rotunda, and then brought out a barbed wire bat to shout out Mick Foley.

And then, with all that given to Becky, I’m a little surprised she still won! But now Becky VS Tegan is set for Monday to help elevate Tegan and the NXT Women’s title. Feels like possibilities are still pretty open for Becky, and who knows what comes out of this year’s Women’s Breakout Tournament. There’s some intrigue back in NXT, hopefully it gets eyes on the product like was going on before that NXT 2.0 as written by Vince debacle.

My Score: 9.2/10

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