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Weekly Blitz: Chicken Salad Out Of Chicken $#IT

Weekly Blitz is BACK and talking some NHL and NBA Post Covid playoff format. We also get into some Marvel and DC talk.



Weekly Blitz is BACK and NOT so better than ever…Thanks to Big Dave from the Attitude of Aggression Podcast for coming on and talking some NHL and NBA Post Covid playoff format. We also get into some Marvel and DC talk…Which is expected anytime Big Dave is around. Big Rick drops a BOLD PREDICTION for this years upcoming NFL Season and Rick and Brad talk some Fantasy Football! Follow the show on twitter @TheBigRick62

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Mitchell’s Hyrule Puro-Resu News Report! (5/27/24)

The new June PPV is…!



Year five has brought so many changes, but there are more to come!

The Spectacular Spectacle was special, but HPW is moving on to something new. And as June brings the heat, so does this upcoming PPV! But what is it exactly?


Wrestling means so much to Hyrule.

That’s obvious by now, isn’t it? But in Hyrule, it isn’t just a job. In Hyrule, it isn’t just a sport. In Hyrule, it isn’t just entertainment. In Hyrule…


That’s right, June 16th! Just under three weeks away, HPW visits Salari Plain for this exciting new event!


Time to cash some golden tickets!

Kevin Gibdo & The Dark Forces won big in Blood & Thunder, and now they all get title opportunities! Kevin immediately called out Hollywood ReDead for a rematch over the Million Rupee Championship, but he’s raising the stakes! The match they have will be determined by the WRESTLING ROULETTE! What wild stipulation will be added to this grudge match after a spin of the wheel?

As for Volga, Wizzro & Zant, they naturally want to take those new HPW World Trios Championships right off Arrow Club! Will they keep up the great teamwork from ThunderStruck? Or will Fin Balure & The Young Ducks hold on tight to the newly redesigned titles?


Princess, Sorceress, or Goddess?

After losing the Mixed Tag Match to Cia & Ganon, Ruto puts the HPW Goddess Championship on the line! Arrow Club has a lot of gold as it is, will the Zora Princess be immune to the Dark Sorceress’ spells? Or could The Dark Forces drastically change the landscape in one night?


It’s another Death Mountain Open Challenge!

Come fly with me, let’s fly, let’s fly away

Thunderbird took on Torbevito and came out the victor, but he’s going to be a fighting champion now. He again puts the title up to anyone who will go where Ritos dare, where the air is rarified. Will Thunderbird glide across the Salari Plain? Or will he be brought down to earth?


“Undisputed” is suddenly up for dispute!

That’s life (that’s life)That’s what all the people say
Yunobo was riding high in April,
Got shot down in May!

The controversy of Kage interfering in the Undisputed HPW Triforce World Championship has truly cast a shadow on things. Link defends his innocence, Kage insists he’s changed, and the third-generation Goron star got stuck in the middle of their family drama. But after talking it over with King Nicholas Foolyere, it’s time to change that tune to get things right in June. Nick Fooly is allowing a rematch of Link VS Yunobo for the title, but with special conditions: To keep Kage, or anyone else really, from interfering again, the rematch will now be inside a STEEL CAGE! Will Link and Yunobo be able to prove who’s truly championship material?


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Bandwagon Nerds

Bandwagon Nerds #237: Remember It

The Nerds review Episodes 1-5 of X-Men ’97, check out trailers for Beverly Hils Cop 4, Beetlejuice 2, Brats, plus much more



Bandwagon Nerds Mario

The Bandwagon returns to a familiar format as the Nerds found a show to review…..but not just any show. On this Episode, the guys cover Episodes 1-5 of X-Men ’97. To say the phenomenal series is an emotional roller-coaster is a huge understatement and after the soul-crushing conclusion of Episode 5, the Nerds found themselves wondering just how much more can our heroes endure in the back half of the season? A visit to the Trailer Park looks at a couple of very anticipated sequels in the form of Beverly Hils Cop: Axel F and Beetlejuice 2. News Around the Nerdosphere looks at the release date for James Gunn’s upcoming Supergirl movie, a huge lawsuit being brought against TicketMaster, and sweeping layoffs taking place at Pixar.

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