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Chairshot Classics: WWE Extreme Rules 2015 – Orton vs. Rollins

Eric’s look back at WWE Extreme Rules in 2015, featuring Seth Rollins vs. Randy Orton in a steel cage!



WWE Extreme Rules 2017 Chairshot Edit

Eric’s look back at WWE Extreme Rules in 2015, featuring Seth Rollins vs. Randy Orton in a steel cage!

WWE Extreme Rules from 2015 took place on April 26 at the All State Arena in Chicago! This was the follow-up to WrestleMania 31, the event where Seth Rollins cashed in Money In The Bank to become WWE World Heavyweight Champion for the first time. Extreme Rules features multiple gimmick matches, and this year’s included a Steel Cage Match, Last Man Standing Match, Russian Chain Match, and… a Kiss My Arse Match.

Kickoff Match: Bad News Barrett vs. ‘The Man That Gravity Forgot’ Neville

Barrett’s got a mic and talks about how excited everyone probably was to see him Bullhammer Daniel Bryan tonight, but Bryan’s not medically cleared. BNB takes credit for Bryan not being here, saying he’s scared of losing the Intercontinental Championship to him. Barrett calls himself the UK’s ‘Michael Jordan’ and says Neville will take the Bullhammer that was destined for Bryan. Big ‘NXT’ chants when Neville makes his entrance. They start off going into the ropes, Bad News with a shoulder knockdown and a taunt for Neville. They tie-up again, this time Neville getting the better of it with a pinning combination for a 2 count. Barrett gets Neville in the corner and works him over with big shots.

Neville whipped into the other corner, avoiding Barrett with somersaults and then a 2nd rope springboard crossbody. Neville scores a hurricanrana that sends Barrett to the outside, attempts a slingshot crossbody, but Bad News catches him and smashes him on the apron. Barrett with a hard irish whip of Neville into the barricade and we go to a break….Barrett has Neville grounded with a rear chinlock when we come back. Neville tries getting to his feet, but gets caught with a big kick in the corner, giving Barrett a near fall. Bad News planks Neville in the corner across the top, burying a big knee to the gut and then going back to the rear chinlock. Neville again gets to his feet and is able to go into the ropes, but runs into a huge boot by Barrett for a 2 count, then follows with a slingshot backbreaker for another.

The rear chinlock is again the weapon of choice for Barrett, but Neville creates seperation when he gets to his feet this time. Neville picks up the pace with a series of kicks and dropkicks to the legs. Bad News rolls to the outside for a breather and pays for it, as Neville connects this time with a moonsault plancha out to the floor. Back inside, Neville with a delayed bridging german suplex for a count of 2, then he heads to the apron, possibly for the Red Arrow. Barrett’s up, Neville hops back in over him and runs into Winds of Change, gaining another 2 count for Barrett. BNB goes for Wasteland, Neville avoids it and makes his way to the apron, attempting a springboard maneuver and getting caught by Barrett for Wasteland anyways.

Barrett gains another near fall, then sets for the Bullhammer. Neville avoids it and hits an enzuigiri, then climbs to the top for the Red Arrow. Barrett to his feet and he crotches Neville, but misses another Bullhammer attempt. Neville lays Bad News out with a big kick, then climbs back up and hits the Red Arrow for the victory.

Winner: Neville (Red Arrow)

  • EA’s TakeAs I had predicted, Neville does indeed become the opponent for Barrett tonight over the injured Daniel Bryan. Huge win for Neville here, I thought they may let Barrett get the duke after Neville pinned him in the tag match on Smackdown. If you’ve never watched a PPV from Chicago before, fully expect the crowd to be just as loud all night as they were for this match.

Open: A video package about rules and their place in society. Hype for the US Title Russian Chain Match and the WWE World Heavyweight Title contest, that will be contested tonight in a steel cage.

Match #1 Chicago Street Fight: Dean Ambrose vs. Luke Harper

Ambrose isn’t wasting any time and he meets Harper in the aisle. Fisticuffs are flying and they get inside, the bell rings. Harper goes right back outside and Ambrose hits a suicide dive, then tosses Harper into the steel steps. Dean’s getting grimey already, pulling out a couple chairs from under the ring, following Harper back in with a kendo stick. Batter up! Ambrose assaults Luke with the kendo stick, laying him out. He sets up a chair and sits down, staring crazily at Harper. Dean attempts a suplex on the chair, but Luke reverses and Ambrose’s body buckles the chair and Harper gets 2. Harper’s swinging for the fences now, unloading on Ambrose with the kendo stick, then propping a chair between the ropes in the corner.

Ambrose goes for a tornado DDT, but Harper counters and then lawn-darts Ambrose face-first into the chair in the corner, gaining another near fall. Luke goes back to the kendo stick, then slams Dean and lays a chair on the mat. Ambrose with a counter and a body slam to Harper, flat on the chair. Ambrose with a boot on a rushing Harper in the corner, then hits the tornado DDT he tried earlier. Dean with a succession of punches and chops, followed by a running dropkick and then a diving top rope elbow drop that gets a count of 2.

Dean tries the pendulum clothesline, Harper with a knee and a failed powerbomb attempt that leads to Ambrose scoring with a clothesline on the outside. Dean chases Luke to the backstage area with a kendo stick, driving him into production boxes along the way. They make their way through the interview area, Harper getting clocked in the head with a pipe. Harper finds a vehicle and hops in the driver seat, taking off as Ambrose jumps in the window.

  • EA’s TakeAlright, this is interesting. Kind of like the infamous Hollywood Backlot Brawl Match between Goldust & Roddy Piper at WrestleMania 12. This match will likely continue throughout the evening between segments, then they’ll make their way back to the ring later on and we’ll get our finish.

Backstage: Triple H calls Kane into his office and tells him to track down Harper & Ambrose. Seth Rollins shows up and HHH tells him that he and Kane need to get on the same page. The Authority can’t afford for anything to go wrong tonight and they need to be professional. Rollins says if they’re supposed to be on the same team, then why did Kane throw him right into a Spear on Smackdown? Kane says he was protecting him, but Seth wants Kane to take some responsibility. Kane calls Rollins an ungrateful punk, but HHH intervenes and says that Seth has a small point. Triple H tells Kane he just wants to make sure nothing goes wrong tonight. Kane says he appreciates it and he won’t let either of them down.

Match #2 ‘Kiss Me Arse’ Match: Dolph Ziggler vs. ‘The Celtic Warrior’ Sheamus

Sheamus pie-faces Dolph which angers him, driving Sheamus into the corner with rights and a headbutt. Sheamus brawls back, but Ziggler hits a dropkick and then a clothesline, both men spilling outsice. Dolph meets the steel steps, Sheamus tries to send him into them again, but Ziggler counters and hits a tornado DDT on the floor. Both men slowly make their way back in, Sheamus catching Dolph with a vicious knee to the head. Sheamus starts to dominate with heavy shots out on the apron and a very aggressive rear chinlock back in the ring. Dolph battles up, tries the Fameasser, but Sheamus counters into a sit-out powerbomb to stop Dolph in his tracks. Sheamus is feeling confident, leveling Ziggler with clotheslines and berating him, saying “Little fella’s don’t belong, in MY ring!”.

Sheamus wears Dolph out again with a tight rear chinlock, but Ziggler gets some space with rights and a headbutt. Dolph’s showing some life, hitting the Celtic Warrior with stiff forearms and a splash in the corner. Dolph goes for a neckbreaker, but Sheamus clobbers him, eventually getting Ziggler in the Cloverleaf. Dolph with an innovative counter into a roll-up for a near fall. They both quickly get up and Dolph strikes with a Superkick for another count of 2. Dolph wants the Fameasser again, but Sheamus avoids it and slingshots Ziggler on the tope rope, following with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Sheamus nails a release suplex, then goes for the Brogue Kick. Dolph avoids it and rolls Sheamus up for another 2 count. Sheamus goes for another suplex, Dolph with another roll-up and he gets a 3 count!
Winner: Dolph Ziggler (Roll-Up)

  • After The Bell: Sheamus can’t believe he lost and goes to the timekeeper’s area to argue about the 3 count. The ref stops Sheamus he lost and stops him from trying to leave through the crowd. He reluctantly gets in the ring and the crowd chants “Pucker Up”. Dolph tells Sheamus it was his idea, but Sheamus can’t bring himself to do it. Sheamus is really having a conflict of interest, but drops to his knees and then low blow’s Ziggler. Sheamus picks him up and knocks him out with a Brogue Kick. Sheamus gets a mic and asks if Dolph really thought he’s ‘kiss his arse’? He says he promised to make Ziggler kiss his and he forces Dolph’s unconscious face into his backside.
  • EA’s TakeDid you really expect Sheamus to kiss Dolph’s ass? I was surprised that Dolph picked up the win, but it was the perfect way for Sheamus to get the last laugh and for both men to look good. That is if you can ‘look good’ after getting your face rubbed in someone’s ass.

Match #3 for the WWE Tag Team Championships: The New Day (Kofi Kingston & Big E) w/Xavier Woods vs. WWE Tag Team Champions Tyson Kidd & Cesaro w/Natalya

Kofi kicks things off with Kidd, a very quick exchange that Kofi ends with a splash and we get a stalemate. They tie-up again, Kingston with an armbar and Kidd uses the rope to counter. Tyson scores a backslide for 2 and Kofi makes the tag to Big E. Tyson tags the Swiss Superman, but Big E gets the first knockdown. Into the ropes the go and Cesaro catches Big E in mid-air for a slam, following with a double stomp for a 2 count. Kidd tags in and gets overpowered and pushed into New Day’s corner. Kingston’s in and he tosses Tyson out to the feet of Woods outside.

New Day tries a double team move, but Kidd stops it and hits Kofi with a somersault plancha through the 2nd rope. Kidd turns around into a massive clothesline from Big E, then head back in the ring. Kingston comes in and Big E whips him into a low dropkick on Kidd in the corner for a 2 count. Tyson fights out of a top wristlock, but Kingston hits a picture perfect dropkick for another near fall. Big E’s in now, trying a big splash on Kidd, but Kidd rolls out of the way out to the apron. Big E charges Tyson, but Kidd pulls the ropes and Big E’s flies to the outside. Kidd crawls to his corner and tags are made by both teams now. Cesaro catches Kofi with a series of uppercuts and a clothesline for a count of 2. Cesaro catapults Kofi into the ropes, but he lands on his feet and goes for a crossbody, Cesaro with the catch into a backbreaker for 2.

Kingston goes to the top turnbuckle, but gets caught with another uppercut and Kidd tags. Cesaro hits Kofi with the Swiss Suplex, Kidd following with a springboard elbow drop that only gets a near fall. Tyson looks for the Sharpshooter, Kingston kicks out, getting Kidd onto the apron while Big E makes a blind tag. Big E is a freight train, spearing Tyson through the 2nd rope onto the floor. Cesaro tries to help Kidd, but Big E back body drops him on the floor. Big E gets Kidd back in the ring, Kofi tags and they hit the Big Ending/DDT combo. Kingston covers, but Cesaro saves the match with a headbutt. Big E comes in with a clothesline for Cesaro and they both are dumped to the outside. Kingston wants Trouble In Paradise, but Tyson catches the leg and locks on the Sharpshooter.

Big E breaks it with an overhead belly to belly for Kidd, but Kingston can’t capitalize. Cesaro tags and they hit the Cesaro Swing/dropkick combo for the cover, but Xavier Woods is on the apron for the distraction. Chaos ensues with Natalya getting involved, Kidd gets caught up in the side action, Kofi with a roll-up from behind and New Day steals the titles.
Winners and NEW WWE Tag Team Champions: The New Day (Kingston/Roll-Up)

  • EA’s TakeWow, another bit of a surprise here. I imagine this means Kidd & Cesaro are going full-fledged babyface. New Day does seem to be getting some heel momentum, but I’m not sure if the heat they are getting is the right kind of heat. They say any reaction is better than none however and it’s quite obvious that WWE feels the “New…Day Sucks” chants are loud enough to warrant a title run. This all only makes sense if Kidd & Cesaro are faces though.

Backstage: Renee Young is with The New Day. Renee wonders if their positivity has gotten them to this point. Woods says today is the dawn of the New Day. Kofi tries to start a chant, but Dean Ambrose & Luke Harper come driving back into the arena.

Ambrose vs. Harper continues….

Ambrose dives off the roof of the SUV onto Harper and The New Day. Harper tries to escape out back into the arena, but Ambrose comes from out of nowhere. They make their way back into the ring, but not for long as they spill outside on opposite sides. They both start tossing a pile of chairs into the ring, then enter and Ambrose wins the chair duel. Dean tries Dirty Deeds, but Harper counters into a sit-out powerbomb onto a chair for a near fall. Harper stacks a bunch of chairs onto a prone Ambrose, then climbs the top rope. Ambrose springs to his feet, then slams Harper onto the chair pile. Ambrose follows with Dirty Deeds and covers, getting the 3 count.
Winner: Dean Ambrose (Dirty Deeds)

  • EA’s TakeThis was a pretty disappointing finish to what was an exciting match to open the night. There wasn’t really any big spot to finish the bout like you would have expected.

Match #4 Russian Chain Match for the WWE United States Championship: Rusev w/Lana vs. WWE United States Champion John Cena

Both men are locked in at the wrist and the tug of war begins. Rusev gives it up and instead opts for a splash to Cena in the corner. Rusev goes to the corner early, but Cena stops it and goes for them himself. Rusev drops Cena, then tosses him outside over the top. Rusev uses the chain the string Cena up, going to work with sambo strikes and headbutts. Rusev drags Cena to the apron and suplexes him back in, only getting 2 corners before taking a chain shot from Cena to the gut. Cena attempts an AA early, but Rusev isn’t nearly worn down enough. They go to the outside again, this time Cena uses the chain to his advantage, yanking Rusev into the ring post.

Cena gets to 2 corners, but Rusev prevents it and then lays Cena out with a spinning heel kick. The big Russian Hero wraps the chain around his hand, driving it into Cena’s stomach, then whipping him with it. Rusev is able to gain 3 corners, but Cena rolls to the outside, stopping the momentum and waving the lights off. Rusev is still completely dominating, using the chain at his disposal. Rusev uncharacteristically goes to the top, Cena pulls him down to the canvas, then flatlines him with a clothesline. Cena slowly gets 2 corners, Rusev is up and catches Cena with a fallaway slam. The crowd chants “We Want Lana” and Lana jumps up on the apron to acknowledge the crowd. Rusev gets angry and sends her to the back to a loud chorus of “boo’s”.

The Champ takes advantage of the distraction with a slam and a 5 Knuckle Shuffle using the chain. Cena tries the AA again, but Rusev counters and connects with an Alabama Slam. It’s time for The Accolade, but Cena counters into the STF. Rusev gets the ropes, but it doesn’t matter. Cena breaks the hold and gets 3 corners, Rusev taking a page out of Cena’s playbook, rolling to the outside to stop Cena’s momentum. Cena gets Rusev back in for the AA and again Rusev gets out and hits a big superkick. The Accolade is locked in this time, but Cena gets to his feet, carrying Rusev on his back and slamming him into 2 corners to break it.

Rusev realizes he’s got 2 lights and gets a 3rd, but Cena pulls Rusev into the Attitude Adjustment and both men are down. They both get up and touch 1 corner each on opposite sides. They both get 3 and it’s a race to the 4th and final corner. Rusev goes for it and gets yanked into another AA, Cena touches the final corner to retain.
Winner and STILL WWE United States Champion: John Cena

  • After The Bell: Cena raises the title in the ring and the American flag drops down.
  • EA’s TakeThis has to be the end of Rusev/Cena, so I’m more interested in where all the parties go from here. I found the match to be decent at-best and overall I found this feud to be a little underwhelming. The cracks between Lana & Rusev are growing wider and wider, this is sure to be a great story moving forward as it’s been reported that Lana will be receiving a big push. Who’s the next challenger to Cena’s US title? There’s many paths that could be explored with him, but it’s hard to see which road has the smoothest ride.

Backstage: Renee Young welcomes Roman Reigns, asking what his strategy for tonight is against Big Show. Reigns talks about how people have tried to keep him down, especially Big Show when he Chokeslammed him on the roof of a taxi. Roman says tonight he’ll get back up and be the last man standing.

Match #5 for the WWE Divas Championship: WWE Divas Champion Nikki Bella w/Bri Bella vs. Naomi

Naomi is debuting some new entrance music. Funk is no longer on a roll. Naomi backs Nikki into the ropes and pushes her, but then falls victim to a cross armbreaker. Naomi crawls out to the apron, hangs Nikki across the top rope and hits a suplex for a count of 2. Nikki fights up from a side headlock, but hits the ropes and runs into a jumping back elbow. Naomi with a slam and an elbow for another 2, then goes into a front facelock. Nikki gains a vertical base and a roll-up for a 2 count, but Naomi stops that flurry fast, ramming Nikki head-first into the top turnbuckle for 2.

Naomi goes to finish it with the Rear View, Nikki avoids it, but runs into a kick in the corner for yet another near fall. Stiff forearms by Naomi, Nikki rolls outside and Brie tries to check on her. Naomi kicks Brie down, then sends Nikki back inside. Nikki gets some offense rolling, then plants Naomi with an Alabama Slam for 2. Naomi comes back with a falling reverse DDT for a count of 2, tries to follow with a split-legged moonsault, but Nikki moves. Nikki with a facebuster for 2, then attempts the Rack Attack. Naomi counters with a sit-out atomic drop, but still can’t get a 3 count . The Divas Champ springs off the 2nd rope with a kick, for a near fall and this match continues.

Naomi gets the ropes, but Nikki won’t back down and the ref has to step in between them. Brie lays a shot in behind the ref’s back, Nikki follows with the Rack Attack and keeps her title.
Winner and STILL WWE Divas Champion: Nikki Bella (Rack Attack)

  • EA’s TakeNaomi’s shoes were very distracting, changing color every so often throughout the match. Plus, I don’t think this match was as good as it could have been for these 2. I really don’t know where this division is going right now. The retirement of AJ and now Paige doing a movie really has put the Divas division on the road to Screwytown. The best thing they can do right now is try to bring in another talent or two from NXT. Charlotte is certainly ready, but it’s really up to WWE to pull the trigger already. She could be the shot in the arm the entire division needs right now.

Backstage: Rusev is taking Lana to task for jumping on the apron during his match. He’s speaking in Russian and he sends her off. She knocks on a door and we see that it’s the door of The Authority.

Match #6 Last Man Standing Match: Big Show vs. Roman Reigns

Big Show starts out fast with a flurry, Reigns tries to box back, but runs into a big shoulder off the ropes. Reigns staggers Show with rights, but runs into another giant shoulder. “You Sold Out” chants momentarily distract Show, Roman with a clothesline sending the big man outside. Reigns pulls a table out from under the ring, but eats a boot for his troubles. Big Show grabs the table and puts it back under the ring, as if to show that he doesn’t need it. Show goes to ram Roman into the ring post, but Reigns ends up shoving the giant into the post instead. Roman’s determined to use the table and sets it up, Show back to his feet drives the Samoan into the barricade, then breaks the table in half with his bare-hands.

Reigns sneaks out a kendo stick, striking Show to the body, but getting slung into the ring post in the process. They go back inside and Big Show breaks the kendo stick over his knee. Reigns scores a boot in the corner, a couple clotheslines and comes off the 2nd rope right into a big right from Big Show. Reigns rolls out of the ring, hanging Show over the top when he tries to bring Roman back in. Reigns grabs a chair and gets back inside, wearing out the big man down to the canvas and hitting a DDT onto the chair. The count gets to 7 when Show reaches his feet, Roman hops out and procures not one, but two tables. Reigns gets back in and walks right into a WMD. Reigns doesn’t start moving until a 5 count, hardly making it to his feet at 8.

Big Show sets up a table and calls for the Chokeslam. Roman counters and slams Show face-first on the table, then hits a Samoan Drop through the lumber. The count gets to 8, but Big Show rolls outside to his feet at a count of 8. Reigns props a table up in the corner, Show tries to attack from behind and scores a Spear on Reigns. Roman makes it up at 8, getting immediately dropped again with a headbutt. Show to the 2nd rope and he hits a Vader Bomb, squashing his opponent. Reigns struggles, making it up at 8 and Big Show climbs to the top. Roman catches him and crotches Show on the top turnbuckle. Reigns sets 2 tables up, side by side on the floor and climbs to the top to meet Show.

Reigns is pushed off and Show climbs to the top, only to be slammed down to the mat. Both men get up at 8 and Reigns lands 2 Superman Punches. He attempts a 3rd and gets caught by the neck. Big Show lifts Roman up and Chokeslam’s him over the top and outside through the two tables. Roman uses the ring for help, barely making it to his feet at a count of 9. Show can’t believe it and he jumps out to set the steel steps up next to the announce table. Reigns crawls back in the ring next to the table in the corner. Big Show spots him and goes to Spear Roman again, but misses and drives himself through the table. The ref counts 8, both men are up and Roman with a Spear to Show. Another count of 8, Show rolling outside to get to his feet again.

Roman rolls out and builds a head of steam, Spearing Big Show through the barricade into the timekeeper’s area. Show crawls out of the rubble at 9, and grabs Roman for a Chokeslam off the announce table. Reigns gets out of it, runs up the steel steps and Spears Big Show through the Spanish announce table. Big Show beats the count at 9 and Reigns lifts the other announce table and pushes it onto Big Show. Reigns climbs on top of the pile and the ref counts to 10.
Winner: Roman Reigns

  • EA’s TakeNow THIS is the kind of action I expected to see tonight. Two of the so-called ‘bruisers’ just stole the show and Reigns even got cheered for his efforts by the end of it, in the midst of a crowd that gave him a mixed reaction earlier. These are the kind of matches that we expect from Extreme Rules and it’s unfortunate it took until this far into the night to get it.

Backstage: Kane is walking through the hallway and is approached by Randy Orton. Orton talks about Kane’s legacy as a monster in the WWE, but says he traded it in for a suit. Orton knows how it is with The Authority, telling Kane he’ll get thrown out like garbage when they’re finished with him. Randy says he knows who Kane is, even if Kane forgot.

In The Arena: Making his way to the ring is Bo Dallas. Bo talks about coming to Chicago, calling them #1…in not showering. He tells them they should be concerned with treating each other better, all they have to do is Bo-Lieve. Ryback interrupts and it looks like it’s feeding time. Bo immediately attacks Ryback, Dallas tries to finish what he was saying, but Ryback hits him with a spinebuster and then the Meat Hook. Dallas falls victim to Shell Shocked and Ryback says “Feed Me More!”.

  • EA’s TakeI thought for sure Bray Wyatt was going to come out and go after Ryback there. Would have been a cool moment, especially since Bo Dallas is Bray’s real-life brother.

Backstage: Byron Saxton brings in Rusev, who says John Cena has never beaten him. Lana comes in and says “It is done”, announcing that the final chapter of Rusev/Cena will be in 3 weeks at Payback in an ‘I Quit’ Match. Rusev thinks it’s appropriate because America is a country full of quitters.

  • EA’s TakePlease…no…no more.

Match #7 RKO Is Banned/Steel Cage Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Randy Orton vs. WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins w/J&J Security

Your special ‘gatekeeper’ Kane makes his way out first, opening the cage for the combatants to enter. Rollins looks to make a quick exit, but Orton stops it. Rollins with boots, sends Orton into the corner, but Randy explodes out with a clothesline. Seth again tries for a quick exit, but gets pulled off onto the canvas. Orton with a hard whip into the corner that turns Rollins upside down. Randy catapults Rollins into the corner, but Seth hangs on and starts to climb out. He doesn’t get far as Orton is right there, climbing to the 2nd rope to rain some rights down. Seth grabs Orton and hits the Turnbuckle Powerbomb, getting a count of 2 and then calling for the door.

Seth heads for it, Orton gets to him and Rollins sends him head-first into the cage and covers for 2. JBL notes that Rollins was suffering from severe leg cramps throughout the day and it moving slower than usual. Seth continues to punish Orton, driving him into the cage and hammering away on The Viper. Rollins scales the cage, Orton meeting him with a headbutt and getting caught with a spinning clothesling for another near fall for Rollins. Rollins connects with a big forearm shot in the corner and then taunts Orton. Seth has some words for Kane too, charges at Orton who side-steps, sending Seth into the cage. Orton & Rollins slug it out with Randy getting the better of it, sending Rollins into the cage again. Seth manages to scale the cage once more and again, Orton meets him.

Seth is able to shove Randy off this time, then comes off with a knee to Orton’s head for a 2 count. Rollins climbs up and makes it to the top of the cage, Orton’s in hot pursuit and they trade punches, sitting on top of the cage. They make their way back down to the ring, Rollins comes off the top and is caught into a powerslam that gets 2 for the challenger. Rollins gets a quick roll-up counter for 2, then follows with a sidekick for another count of 2. Seth tries to make his exit and makes it up and over the top of the cage this time. Orton makes it up in time and grabs Rollins by the hair, pulling him back into a superplex off the top of the cage. Orton rolls into the cover, but Rollins kicks at 2. Outside the ring, J&J Security try to get Kane to let them into the cage, but he runs them off. Noble & Mercury climb opposite sides of the cage, but Orton throws Rollins into both of them, knocking them to the floor.

Randy with a nice overhead suplex, goes for the IEDDT and Seth counters. Rollins climbs, Orton crotches him on the top rope. Randy looks to Kane at the door, deciding against it and then connecting with the IEDDT. Orton feigns going for an RKO, but instead nails Rollins with a Pedigree and Rollins is out after 2 again. Orton again looks to Kane, but instead backs up and goes for the Punt Kick. Rollins avoids it and hits Orton with an enzuigiri, then calls for Kane to open the door. Seth crawls towards it and gets close, but Orton is to his feet and hits his patented backbreaker. Randy goes for the open door and Kane closes it on him. Seth tries to hit Orton from behind, but misses and knocks Kane down instead. Both men are fighting halfway out the door, Kane is up and slams the door on both men’s heads.

Kane loses the sportcoat and gets in the ring, J&J Security try to stop him and take a double chokeslam for it. Kane goes for Rollins, but changes his mind and Chokeslam’s Randy Orton instead. Seth goes to crawl out the door, but Kane gets him too and delivers another Chokeslam. He goes to leave, but before he does he rolls Seth on top of Orton. The ref counts and Randy kicks out at 2. Kane turns around and goes to Tombstone Orton, Randy slips out and hits the RKO on Kane. Orton turns around and Rollins hits him with an RKO, then crawls out of the ring to the floor.
Winner and STILL WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Seth Rollins

  • EA’s TakeThey’ll definitely use Orton RKOing Kane as an excuse for why Rollins was able to use the move, but this leads me to believe there will be a rematch at Payback. Rollins did appear to be moving a little gingerly, so perhaps what JBL said about the severe leg cramps was not kayfabe. You’d think that there would have been a high-risk, athletic spot from Seth in this match, but not if he was having physical issues. Personally, I’d like to see what’s next for Kane/Rollins as opposed to Orton/Rollins.

EA’s FinisherExtreme Rules is generally one of my favorite PPVs of the year, but I don’t feel this one lived up to the name. Reigns/Big Show easily outshined everyone else on the card, mostly because they had the best high spots of the night. There was no real groundbreaking or high-risk action, other than that match, which is what you come to expect from Extreme Rules. Driving away in the SUV actually hurt the Ambrose/Harper match, losing the momentum they had built when they tried to come back for the finish an hour later. The biggest surprise of the night easily belongs to The New Day, as it appears that Kidd & Cesaro could indeed be turning babyface fully.

Top Three To Watch
1 – Big Show vs. Roman Reigns
2 – Seth Rollins vs. Randy Orton
3 – The New Day vs. Kidd & Cesaro

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The Attitude Of Aggression returns for another installment of The Big Four Project, a chronological analysis, review, and discussion about WWE’s Big Four PPVs/ Premium Live Events. On this Episode, the calendar turns to 1993, a year of massive change in the WWE. We begin with Royal Rumble ’93. It is an event where the undercard outshone the actual Rumble match as we got two massive title matches with Shawn Michaels defending the Intercontinental Championship against his former tag partner, Marty Jannety, and Bret “Hitman” Hart defending the WWE Championship against The Bad Guy, Razor Ramon. The Rumble match itself is notable as this was the event that started the tradition of the Rumble winner challenging for the championship at WrestleMania. While there was no way the 1993 installment could hope to match the 1992 edition, Royal Rumble ’93 certainly announced to the world that Yokozuna had arrived….and was going to be a huge problem for the entire roster. All that plus behind-the-scenes stories and lesser-known factoids the Big Four Project famously delivers time and time again. Join us here for all that and much more on another epic installment of The Big Four Project!

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Classic Survivor Series

Attitude Of Aggression #289- The Big Four Project: Survivor Series ’92

The guys review Survivor Series ’92 including a watch-along of an instant classic: Bret “Hitman” Hart v. Shawn Michaels for the WWF Championship!



Attitude of Aggression

The Attitude Of Aggression returns for another installment of The Big Four Project, a chronological analysis, review, and discussion about WWE’s Big Four PPVs/ Premium Live Events. On this Episode, the guys cover Survivor Series ’92, an event that saw a radical departure from Survivor Series events of the past. With many top stars having departed the WWE in the Fall of 1992 (or having been fired), the 1992 edition of Survivor Series saw only one traditional Survivor Series match. But it did feature some firsts, such as the first ever televised Coffin Match in PPV history, the first time Mr. Perfect would wrestle a match since Summer Slam ’91, the PPV debuts of Razor Ramon and Yokozuna, and the first of three truly notable battles between Bret “Hitman” Hart and Shawn Michaels. Their match at Survivor Series ’92 was an instant classic and it was so good, that the guys decided to do a watch along here on this Episode! All that plus behind-the-scenes stories and lesser-known factoids the Big Four Project famously delivers time and time again. Join us here for all that and much more on another epic installment of The Big Four Project!

About the Chairshot Radio Network

Created in 2017, the Chairshot Radio Network presents you with the best in wrestling and wrestling crossover podcasts, including POD is WAR, Women’s Wrestling Talk, Chairshot Radio daily editions, The #Miranda Show, Badlands’ Wrestling Mount Rushmores, The Outsider’s Edge, DWI Podcast, Bandwagon Nerds, the Greg DeMarco Show, 3 Man Weave, Five Rounds, Turnbuckle Talk, The Reaction and more! You can find these great shows each week at and through our distribution partners, including podcasting’s most popular platforms.

The Chairshot Radio Network
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