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NOAH just had an Abema special program! Hisame gives us the run down of the match significance and the success of the event!



NOAH just had an Abema special program! Hisame gives us the run down of the match significance and the success of the event!


Go Shiozaki & Akitoshi Saito lay the past to rest

In an emotional match on the 14th June, Go Shiozaki defended the GHC Heavyweight against Akitoshi Saito. As Shiozaki said afterwards, this was not just a title match, as the story behind the match harks back to a shared history and a shared trauma. When Mitsuharu Misawa died at the Hiroshima Green Arena on June 13th 2009, Akitoshi Saito had been his final opponent and Go Shiozaki his final partner. They are now the only two left from that day, as Bison Smith passed away in November 2011. Go Shiozaki won the GHC Heavyweight on the 14th June as it had been vacated by Jun Akiyama due to injury, and what should have been a happy occasion was a clouded one, as Shiozaki’s reign was inaugurated by tears. Takashi Sugiura had cautioned him not to cry in the ring, and understandably Shiozaki was in floods of tears at the post match interview afterwards. Akitoshi Saito was given a title shot in September.

The following eleven years were difficult for both of them and they both left NOAH at one point, Shiozaki to All Japan when he walked out with Kenta Kobashi (something that he never really felt good about as he always wondered what Misawa would have thought of it), and Saito who left wrestling briefly to concentrate on restaurant management. Saito would return to NOAH, as would Shiozaki and with other twists and turns of the story, following a challenge by Saito, they had their long awaited and much needed match to finally put the past to rest.

Due to the current Coronavirus situation, the match was held empty arena, but in a way this suited it and the story behind it, as it was like they were in a kind of enclosed sanctuary. As Kenta Kobashi (who was on commentary) emotionally looked on, Shiozaki won the match with the Gowan lariat, but also in the match he had bought out Misawa’s “Rolling Elbow” and “The Emerald Flowsion”.

After the match, Saito emotionally thanked Shiozaki and they embraced. Saito later saying that he could now move on with his life, and Shiozaki agreeing that with this match they had both laid their shared trauma to rest, and he in particular wanted to show Misawa that he had gotten over it.


After achieving his first GHC National Championship defense against Masao Inoue (who he won after choking him out, after a semi typical “Masao World” match, which a giggling Kenta Kobashi on commentary said about Inoue, “Well…he has a solid base”), Katsuhiko Nakajima announced that he wanted to hold a tournament to chose the next belt challenger and it would be open to anyone junior or heavyweight, veteran or rookie; career and weight class did not matter.

NOAH have announced that the event will take place over two days with the preliminaries being on the 19th, the second and final round on the 20th, and the championship match on the 21st. The participants are

  1. Shuhei Taniguchi
  2. Seiya Morohashi
  3. Seiki Yoshioka
  4. Hao
  5. Hajime Ohara
  6. Masa Kitamiya
  7. Atsushi Kotoge
  8. Yoshiki Inamura
  9. Manabu Soya
  10. Kinya Okada
  11. Mohammed Yone
  12. Rocky Kawamura
  13. Rene Dupree
  14. Nio

The three events will be broadcast, please see the section “BROADCASTS” below for further details.

Kendo Kashin & Kaz Hayashi come to NOAH

In a not so secret secret, NOSAWA bought Kendo Kashin and Kaz Hayashi into NOAH on 10th June 2020 as members of “The Sugiura Army” (although Kashin says he doesn’t much care for dogs, and will be fighting for LIDET who the three are executives of).

Kaz Hayashi has struck up a rivalry with Seiki Yoshioka, who he managed to defeat twice, once in a tag and another in a singles match. However, Yoshioka is not Hayashi’s focus (although he described him as “rude”), as he challenged Kotaro Suzuki for the GHC Junior Championship after Kotaro had defeated Atsushi Kotoge to retain. For Hayashi the GHC Junior Championship is his pass into NOAH. Kotaro told him that he will never ever give him that pass. The match has been set for 21st June.

Kendo Kashin is not known as the “Devil Mask” for nothing, and he immediately started causing trouble from the moment he stepped foot in the ring such as knocking the trainee off the apron, pulling the ref out of the ring, tagging out and then tagging back in, and other heelish antics. NOSAWA realised that there was a reason why Takashi Sugiura did not want Kashin bought in as he is uncontrollable and went cap in hand to him, where he made it sound as if Sugiura had told him to bring Kashin in, and then wisely he ran off. Sugiura delegated Sakuraba to take care of the problem.

As far as Kendo Kashin is concerned, there is one man in NOAH who he is interested in; Yoshinari Ogawa, and a match between the two will be interesting, given that Ogawa is so devious that you find out you are doing what he wants without realising it, and that Kashin is almost like the more blatant version of him. NOSAWA pointed out to Kashin when he said that he was interested in his belt that it wasn’t a single one, but Kashin didn’t seem to mind. At the time of writing, there are no challengers for the GHC Junior Heavyweight tag. But before all of that, it seems that the current feud for Kashin will be with Kenoh, who not only called him something like “another strange thing” that NOSAWA had bought in to NOAH, hated him on sight, but did some cheating of his own.

Daisuke Harada & HAYATA

The first match between STINGER & HAYATA’S former friends (Daisuke Harada, YO-HEY & Tadasuke) ended when HAYATA kicked Tadasuke in the groin, and pinned him for the win. By the second night things had escalated, and the match between the two teams erupted into brawls. Kaito Kiyomiya and Kinya Okada, who found themselves in the match, also found themselves ignored. Kiyomiya took a lot away from it however, saying that there was much to be learned in a match in which he faced Ogawa and Kotaro, which could only be learned there.

After the defeat on the second night (Kiyomiya made Okada tap), Harada told HAYATA that he wanted to face him in a singles match, which was then set for the final night on 12th June. The match, however, ended in HAYATA being disqualified, when STINGER stormed the ring and beat down Harada who was attempting a pin via the Katayama German suplex. After the melee battle (in which Atsushi Kotoge came to the rescue, but not out of any concern for Daisuke Harada, but because he was challenging Kotaro for the belt and Kotaro had said no to his repeated pestering that evening until Kotoge gave him the Killswitch), Harada spoke on the microphone and said that it wasn’t just him who wanted a singles match with HAYATA, but Tadasuke and YO-HEY too. Backstage he vowed to follow him to the ends of the earth if needs be to destroy him.

Speaking of YO-HEY, an interesting development arose, which shows that Ogawa in a way fears him. During the match, YO-HEY (out of habit) came over looking concerned when Harada and HAYATA had crashed into the iron barrier, following a dive by Harada. Ogawa then appeared on the scene, and barked at YO-HEY for being there, as Harada looked on from the floor and YO-HEY looked on, Ogawa made a huge show of clapping HAYATA on. Fact is this, YO-HEY is the one person out of the former RATELS with the most influence over him.

Kaito Kiyomiya vs Keiji Mutoh

Kaito Kiyomiya didn’t quite get his singles match against Keiji Mutoh, but maybe that was for the best, as Keiji Mutoh bought a style of wrestling that Kiyomiya’s seniors had grown up with, but he himself had never experienced, when the former member New Japan’s Three Musketeers, bought Kiyomiya the closest he would ever get to The Four Pillars, and destroyed him with it at “NOAH Go Forward” on the 14th June. Kiyomiya has vowed he will get another singles match at some point.

Toshiaki Kawada had also commented on the match beforehand, saying that Kiyomiya needed to stop acting “the honor student” and do something to stand out, such as acting as if he wanted to destroy Mutoh. Kawada also pointed out that Mutoh was the bigger and more established character, and Kiyomiya faced a choice, he could either fight against it, or be swallowed by it.

Pro Wrestling NOAH return to live shows

Pro Wrestling NOAH have announced that they will be returning to live shows in mid July, but so far only in Tokyo. The events outside for now have been cancelled.

Audience capacity will be limited, and to safeguard themselves and their fans, NOAH have implemented measures which include no loud cheering due to waterborne droplets, the use of disinfectant, social distancing in seating, no banners, no tape throwing and no gift giving. Additionally, fans will also have their temperature taken upon entry and be asked to fill in an electronic health questionnaire.

New chankonabe recipe added 

Footage was found of Akira Taue preparing a chankonabe recipe which he used to make for Mitsuharu Misawa, the recipe (in English) can be found here.

Other Chanko Recipes

Chanko from the NOAH dojo 

Chicken salt chankonabe 

Masa Kitamiya’s curry chankonabe 


Event recap: “NOAH In The Spotlight” 10th June 2020, Day 1

Post match promos (night 1)

Event recap: “NOAH In The Spotlight” 11th June 2020, Day 2

Post match promos (night 2)

Event recap: “NOAH In The Spotlight” 12th June 2020, Day 3

Post match promos (night 3)

Event recap: “NOAH Go Forward” 14th June 2020, Day 1

Post match promos


Naomichi Marufuji and HARASHIMA have not given up on a match against CIMA & Takao Soma

~ Tadasuke has named his lariat the “Land Dump” (it doesn’t translate well from the Japanese, but it basically means to stamp your feet)

~ Kaito Kiyomiya shed feathers everywhere from his coat, so much so the ref had to remove one from his hair.

~ Black Spider -VII & Sushi have come to NOAH as freelancers, they made their first appearance on the 11th June.

~ Kotaro Suzuki likened The Sugiura Army to a “Pyramid Scheme”.

~ Atsushi Kotoge & Seiki Yoshioka are squabbling over who is the leader of “FULL THROTTLE”, fortunately, Hajime Ohara, the most responsible person in the unit, took charge of the situation and told them to concentrate on their upcoming matches.

~ Naomichi Marufuji, Keiji Mutoh and Masaaki Mochizuki have formed a unit called The “M Alliance” which will recruit wrestlers (and those outside of wrestling) whose first or surname begins with “M” (or if it doesn’t, you can always change your name apparently). The first mystery M will debut on 21st June in an eight man tag. Interestingly, NOAH’s CEO, Narihiro Takeda, said that the match with Mutoh, Marufuji (and probably Sugiura), had a lot of famous theme music in it…

TeensHeaven will be appearing in NOAH at Club Citta on the 30th July.





16th June: NOAH celebrates 20 years in business

18th June: Kotaro Suzuki (42)

18th June: Mitsuharu Misawa would have been 58 years old

18th June: FULL THROTTLE Internet signing 

19th June: “ALL FOUR SIDES” Night 1

20th June: “ALL FOUR SIDES” Night 2

21st June:  “NOAH Go Forward”


Night 1 of “ALL FOUR SIDES” will be broadcast at 19.00 JST on WRESTLE UNIVERSE, with night 2 being broadcast on the same service at 15:00 JST. The event will also be shown on Samurai TV.

Please consider subscribing to WRESTLE UNIVERSE (there is far more on offer there than just NOAH & DDT and there is more to come), it is 900 yen per month and as an added bonus, the first month is free.

“NOAH Go Forward” will be an ABEMA broadcast at 19.00 JST. I am afraid that I don’t know at the time of writing whether this will be a free stream or not, although I think it is likely that it will be.


“The fight of my life. I want you to see how I live”, Akitoshi Saito’s determination and resolution towards the GHC title challenge

Why NOAH is fighting now

“I want to reach people who used to watch NOAH”, Go Shiozaki’s sense of mission; Akitoshi Saito & fate of the GHC Battle

GHC Heavyweight champion, Go Shiozaki: the life of NOAH’s Ace, and a history of change

GHC National Champion, Katsuhiko Nakajima and the history of transformation

Anti Wrestlers League, Akitoshi Saito & Masao Inoue, immutable existence & charm

Go Shiozaki defeats Akitoshi Saito the day after the anniversary of Mitsuharu Misawa’s death, to achieve his second defense


Gif credit: ABEMA TV, Samurai TV

Picture credit:


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Andrew’s TNA iMPACT! Results & Match Ratings: 4.18.2024

Motor City Machine Guns either go out on their backs, or head to Rebellion as champs! Lets see how they finish their current run in TNA!



No burying the lead here! The Main Event is The System versus Motor City Machine Guns, and it’s the Go Home episode before Rebellion! So we’re guaranteed a damn good tag match, and we should get either new wrinkles, or ways to keep the storylines cooking going into the Pay-per-View.

With all the rumors and innuendo about the Guns being on their way out, I think we all assume that MCMG is losing, but my inner fanboy is still excited.


  • Little Guido w/New FBI vs Hammerstone: Hammerstone wins via Torture Rack – SQUASH
  • LSG vs Joe Hendry: Hendry wins via Standing Ovation – SQUASH
  • Mustafa Ali & GYV vs Cody Deaner, Jake Something & Rhyno: Ali wins via 450 Splash – ** 3/4
  • Rosemary w/Havok vs Jody Threat w/Dani Luna: Rosemary wins via Spear – ***
  • Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley) vs The System (Eddie Edwards & Brian Myers) w/Alisha Edwards: System wins via Roster Cut + Knee Party – *** 1/4



So we kick off the match with Josh coming out to commentary again to watch Hammerstone’s match. They really need a new way to try and keep heat without reusing the same tired gimmick of “ring side seat” to a Squash match.

Little Guido w/New FBI vs Hammerstone

Guido tries to shoot the half, but Hammerstone shrugs him off, lifts him like a child and runs him into a corner, few short shots and then just tosses him across the ring. Hammer gets a little distracted talking smack to Josh and eats a foot, but then tosses Guido with the ole Sack of Shit move and keeps working over Guido.

Hammer shoves Clayton, and provokes him to push him back right in front of the referee. She ejects them, Guido tries to take advantage but when he goes for the pinfall Hammer kicks out immediately and presses Guido out of thing through the ropes. Continues to dog walk Guido, puts the head gear on the ECW Original and then Torture Racks him while staring directly at Josh, and of course picks up the submission victory.

LSG vs Joe Hendry

Hendry cuts a little promo, mentioning the Fat Uncle Phil joke…something about shopping at the TOP Dollar Store. Solid mic work.

LSG is a damn good local talent, he’s been seen in ROH and AEW in the past (perhaps others, but that’s what comes to mind immediately for me), but we all know this is an enhancement match. A few nice chain wrestling spots early, but Hendry uses his power to stop the smaller wrestler, Sack of Shit into Standing Ovation and the match is over quickly.

Mustafa Ali & GYV vs Cody Deaner, Jake Something & Rhyno

Well okay, having Deaner ask the crowd if they wanted a 3v2 or their third member…RHYNO…is pretty much a no brainer in Philly. But at least the gimmick isn’t quite as cringe as I expected.

Jake starts with Zack Gibson and throws him around. Jake goes for the tag and Deaner asks the crowd who Jake should tag, and the crowd picks Rhyno. Rhyno Whips Gibson into a corner, Drake actually softens the impact, allowing Gibson to fire back, tag out, but Rhyno levels both GYV members and then even knocks Ali off the apron. Rhyno tries to call to the crowd to tag in Deaner and that goes over like a fart in church. He tags him in anyway, and the crowd is kinda dead and doing whatever it wants after the obvious ECW chants when Rhyno tagged in.

GYV take a couple lumps but they of course start to work over Deaner and capture some momentum. Solid tandem work from GYV, they cut off Deaner from making a tag and goad Jake a little to cause the ref to block off the babyfaces so the heels can take a few shortcuts. Cody eventually makes the tag to Rhyno, hot tag, he tries to set up the Gore but the GYV manage to stop him in his tracks and hit an Enzuigiri to daze the Man Beast, he falls to his corner and Jake tags himself in. Jake literally runs them all over, tags in Cody and Launches him from the Top Rope into Zack Gibson. Ali makes the save and Jake tries to get his hands on Ali, but the GYV keep throwing themselves at him, literally. The triple team finally gets the best of Jake, they hit 3 Dives and then post Jake, so they gather around Cody like hyenas.

They forgot about Rhyno, he’s set up for a Gore, he Gores Drake, Gibson and Ali take out Rhyno, but then Cody starts to fight back. Ali stops Deaner’s offense with an Avalanche Sunset Bomb, then hits his 450 Splash. Jake barely misses being able to break up the pin.

Rosemary w/Havok vs Jody Threat w/Dani Luna

Jody tries to start quickly with Shoulder Tackles, Lariats and Scoop Slams, and it does seem somewhat effective. Rosemary is having trouble finding offense against the intensity, but she keeps kicking out. Shotgun Dropkick finally gives Rosemary an opening, she goes into full mount and rains down strikes. Rosemary shoves Jody into a corner and Bites her in the corner. Jody tries to fight out, they go across and Rosemary catches her with the legs and puts her in the Upside Down. Splash in the corner from Rosemary, Exploder Suplex and Jody is eating a lot of offense.

Rosemary looks like she’s caught after she gets tripped up into the ropes and Jody goes for her Rope Knee into the German, but Rosemary dodges. Rosemary hits her own suplex and pulls out a beautiful Last Chancery! I haven’t seen her do that in a long time. Jody manages to fight to the ropes, Rosemary is a little slow to capitalize and eats a Pump Kick. Rosemary goes flying into the ropes, Jody hits the Double Knees into the German this time for 2, and they trade a few haymakers after that. Jody folds Rosemary with a low Lariat, Zombie rise spot a few times, Jody goes for a pinfall and Rosemary kicks out.

Havok jumps up on the apron, Dani meets her and they decide to step down, but the distraction was enough. Jody turns around and eats a Spear. Rosemary wins!

Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley) vs The System (Eddie Edwards & Brian Myers) w/Alisha Edwards

Eddie and Shelley start off, and its a very simple slow start. Mostly an early stalemate, the typical Japanese style the TNA seem to love to employ. Starters tag out, but then Shelley with the blind tag, Sabin Baseball Slides out, picks Eddie’s ankle and sends his face bouncing off the apron, while Shelley sneaks up being Myers and they hit a tandem move before we cut to commercial. Off of the commercial it looks like Eddie and Myers regained control. But a nice Jawbreaker from Shelley sends Eddie falling back into the MCMG corner. Dragon Screws to both legs from Sabin and Shelley, and we get the Dragon Screw dissection spot for the Guns.

Myers gets sick of things, tries to get involved, but Simultaneous Figure Fours from the MCMG makes The System look silly. Alisha does the classic “push the rope forward” gimmick to assist Eddie in breaking the hold. She keeps chirping at Shelley until she finally grabs his foot. Shelley doesn’t take kindly, tries to grab her by the hair but she gets away, Shelley eats a strike and falls back to the ropes so Lish can just throttle him with the rope, Sabin walks over and acts like he’s going to PK her and the look of disgust on her face is hilarious, like “how dare he threaten to kick her”. Would I be mad is Masha decides to team with Lish and they win the Knockouts Tag titles? No, because the Knockouts Tags are trash. But I still prefer Lish as valet/manager.

Shelley starts fighting back after another commercial break, Eddie tries to cut him off, but Sabin clocks Eddie and Shelley manages to make the tag and Sabin comes in. Lights up both System members, Kick off Tornado DDT, into a Running Gamengiri. Eddie tries to counter but Shelley assists, tandem strikes, Double Baseball Slide into the classic MCMG spot 5 Hole Dive! Keeping up with the classics Shelley stacks the System members on each other and hit the Missile Dropkick/Flatliner spot. As the Guns are rolling, Sabin accidentally catches Sabin with his foot and The System take control! They hit their pieces of the System Overload spot, but Sabin kicks out. Roster Cut attempt from Myers, but Shelley is back. High Speed Dirt, Machine Gun Sandwich, but Lish grabs Shelley’s foot when they’re setting up Skull and Bones. Shelley gets dropped on the turnbuckle and thrown out, Sabin eats the Roster Cut followed up with Boston Knee Party and System retains!

Its a little weird to have had the two commercial cuts and the fact there’s still Nic Nemeth to follow. So it feels a little flat, I hope this wasn’t their swan song match, because it was nice to see some classic spots, but it was entirely too abbreviated. 

Nemeth comes out, goes into the crowd and finds a kid with a kendo stick and borrows a beer from someone, so he does a bit of a Sandman tribute. Moose cuts off his promo basically immediately. He throws out the “can’t beat the system” line again, and Nic rolls with the punches well. Moose uses a few cute analogies about Nic having a failure laden past, but Nemeth bites back and its really damn good. He says he can see it in Moose’s eyes that he thinks he’s getting in the ring with Dolph Ziggler, but no, there is no more old Dolph Ziggler, just the new Nic Nemeth. And Moose’s cool seems to be slightly shaken after those words. Good promo.

Overall Score: 6.5/10

So this was okay, if it didn’t end as strongly as it did, I would’ve rated this much lower. Two squash matches in the beginning, reusing the Josh comes out to the announce table to watch trope is boring, hell even Clayton’s shove to Hammerstone was super lame looking. The Deaner match was luke warm at best, but things picked up around the Rosemary match.

Lets also not overlook the segments with ASH & Xia, Jonathan Gresham’s whole deal and EY having to return to the violence/sickness/world class maniac, whatever you want to call it, were all great building blocks. This definitely wasn’t what I would call a strong Go Home, but it didn’t hurt things for Rebellion. The whole injury of Cardona was addressed, which honestly sounded weird since Jordynne basically said she was expecting them to have a backup plan so she has a backup plan. I don’t really like how that video package came across.

But who knows, all I know is, this wasn’t an awful episode, it just wasn’t really strong either.  Here’s to hoping Rebellion Saturday is still strong.

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Mitchell’s ROH Results & Report! (4/18/24)

Time to Man Up!



Will the Ivy League MVP earn a title shot?

The NEW ROH World Champion, Mark Briscoe, is here to step onto the Proving Ground with one of Maria Kanellis’ baby boys, Griff Garrison! Will Griff make Maria proud? Or will he reach for the sky?


  • Bryan Keith VS Aaron Solo; Keith wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Lance Archer & The Righteous VS Jon Cruz, Savion Truitt & Damian Chambers; Archer & The Righteous win.
  • Lee Johnson VS JD Drake; wins.
  • The Infantry VS The Iron Savages w/Jacked Jameson; win(s).
  • The Dark Order VS ???
  • Six Woman Tag: Diamante, Leila Grey & Taya Valkyrie VS Kiera Hogan, Leyla Hirsch & Trish Adora; win.
  • Lady Frost VS Marti Belle; wins.
  • Beast Mortos VS Nick Comoroto; wins.
  • Abadon VS Allysin Kay; wins.
  • ROH World Championship Proving Ground Match: Mark Briscoe VS Griff Garrison w/ Cole Karter & Maria Kanellis; wins and


Mark Briscoe speaks.

“Now House of Black, I’ve been doing this dance with y’all a little while now, and I’m starting to understand how y’all operate. Starting to understand y’all’s M-O. You try to intimidate me. You try to strike fear into the hearts of men. Well I done told you, I fear no man, I fear no evil. And ancient wisdom says the violent take it by force. Now lemme tell you, Eddie Kingston, Adam Copeland, and Mark Briscoe, we some violent men! And at Dynasty, we bringing the violence, babeh! So heed my advice, House of Black! Be afraid, be very afraid!” The Sussex County Chicken is ready for a fight, will he, the Rated R Superstar and Mad King tear down The House of Black once and for all?


Bryan Keith VS Aaron Solo!

The Bounty Hunter is still looking for a prize, but he’ll gladly fight to earn his shot. Will Keith be heading for a golden opportunity on the other side of Dynasty? Or will Solo shoot first?

The Code of Honor is upheld with sarcastic enthusiasm by Solo, and Keith shoves him away. The bell rings and Solo SLAPS Keith! Keith TACKLES Solo and rains down fists! The fans  fire up, Solo gets away then knees Keith low. Solo ROCKS Keith, whips him to a corner, but Keith comes back to run Solo over! Keith scoops to SLAM Solo, then stands on Solo’s face! The fans fire up for the KNEE DROP! Keith then SLAPS Solo! The fans rally for “BK! BK!” Solo storms up but Keith kicks low. Keith reels Solo in, suplexes, and he holds Solo up! Keith marches around, then SLAMS Solo down! Solo bails out and the fans fire up as Keith aims.

Keith builds speed, slides, but Solo ducks! Solo sends Keith into steel steps! The fans boo as Solo leaves Keith behind. The ring count starts, fans chant “SOLO SUCKS! SOLO SUCKS!” Solo counts along but wants it to go faster. Keith stands at 8 of 20, slides in, but Solo stomps and HAMMERS away! The fans boo more, but Solo stands Keith up to bump him off buckles. Keith CHOPS in return! Then CHOPS again! The fans “WOO~,” then Keith ROCKS Solo with a forearm. Keith CHOPS in the corner, but then Solo dodges. Solo tries but Keith dodges the chop to CHOP Solo down! The fans fire up while Solo is stinging.

Keith whips Solo, Solo reverses and CLOBBERS Keith! Cover, TWO! Keith grits his teeth but Solo knees him in the back! And again! The fans rally, Solo taunts them, and then ELBOWS Keith in the head. Solo stalks Keith to a corner, digs his boots in, but again the fans chant “SOLO SUCKS!” Solo stomps away on Keith, digs his boots in again, but Keith fights up! The fans fire up as Keith fires forearms! Keith fires forearms again and again and again, winds up, but Solo dodges! Solo comes back, but Keith ROCKS him after all! The fans fire up as Keith runs in to BOOT! Solo sputters, Keith runs, but then Solo SUPERKICKS! Keith just roars!

Solo swings, but into a T-BONE SUPLEX! Cover, TWO! The fans rally as Keith keeps calm. Keith waits on Solo as fans rally behind him. Solo staggers into a fireman’s carry, but he fights free! Solo shoves, goes to a corner, but then Keith comes back. Solo ELBOWS Keith, whips, but Keith reverses! Solo goes up but gets caught, for an USHIGOROSHI! Cover, TWO! The fans rally up again as Keith slashes his throat and aims his finger gun! Keith underhooks, but Solo fights the lift! Solo back drops, Keith sunset flips but Solo stays up to DOUBLE STOMP! Solo then runs up, catches Keith and hits a T-BONE! Cover, TWO!

The fans fire up but Solo hurries to a corner. Solo climbs fast, and DIVING DOUBLE STOMPS! Cover, TWO!! Keith survives that coup de grace and Solo isn’t sure what to do. Solo kicks Keith around, drags him up and reels him in to underhook. Keith fight that lift, Solo CLUBS away on him, but Keith Alabama Lifts! Solo grabs ropes so Keith lets him down, and ENZIGIRIS! But Solo SCREW HIGH KICKS! Solo goes up top, but Keith RISING HEADBUTTS! The fans fire up with Keith and he climbs! Keith reels Solo in, for DIAMOND DUST!! Cover, Keith wins!

Winner: Bryan Keith, by pinfall

A big win for BK! And he gives back that sarcastic handshake. Will the Bounty Hunter be hot on the trail of a championship after AEW & ROH pass through the Gateway City?


Mark Sterling speaks.

“If you ask AI to create the perfect professional wrestler, it wouldn’t even come close to you. If wrestling is a body business, then you’re a multinational corporation. Biology defying symmetry, no fat, all muscle, no waste. As functional as you are aesthetic. High-flying? You got it. Ground ‘n’ pound? You got that, too. Striking, brawling, submission, technical, there is not a single style you have not perfected. For the last 20 years, you’ve been one of the most consistent and proficient wrestling specimens for any company that’s been willing to throw money at you and begged you to stay. And now, it’s time for them to beg for mercy.

“You are Tony Nese, and you are a Premier Athlete.”

Now Mark Sterling & The Premier Athletes are here in person.

They stand backstage, Sterling’s guys in matching tracksuits, and he says the last time he looked into the camera, he told everyone he had a plan. The very next day, they enacted that plan. Sterling took them off the road, they entered a professional fight camp. They got the best coaches, best trainers, best doctors, and these three started to do what they do best: go to work. Supercard of Honor, against two former ROH TV Champions, PA got an impressive victory. Fruits of their labor. Ariya Daivari is back better than ever. Josh Woods is bigger and better than he was when he won the National Championship. And Tony Nese is in the best shape of his life, which is saying something.

In fact, what’re we even talking about? These three are the most underappreciated athletes in the company. They walk like stars, they move like stars, they present themselves like stars, and by the end of this year, they will be champions. Supercard was just phase one of this plan. Phase two… starts tonight. Then just what happens when the Premier Athletes start making moves?


Lee Johnson VS JD Drake!

Even though he lost at Supercard, Big Shotty stays positive! He got close to the ROH World Television Championship, will he get back there for another shot? Or will Scrap Metal be another speedbump in Lee’s momentum?


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