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Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (9/9/20)

The All Out Fallout!



AEW Dynamite Coverage

And STILL AEW World Champion…!

Jon Moxley is still atop AEW after beating MJF to the cheat! But what will happen when he and new #1 contender, Lance Archer, are both in the building?


  • The Lucha Brothers w/ Eddie Kingston VS Jurassic Express; Jurassic Express wins.
  • Orange Cassidy VS Angelico w/ Jack Evans; Cassidy wins.
  • No Holds Barred Tag: Joey Janela & Sonny Kiss VS Chris Jericho & Jake Hager; Jericho & Hager win.
  • Nyla Rose w/ Vickie Guerrero VS Taynara Conti; Rose wins.
  • AEW TNT Championship: Brodie Lee w/ The Dark Order VS Dustin Rhodes; Brodie wins and retains the AEW TNT Championship.


Tony Schiavone welcomes the arriving MJF and Chris Jericho.

He wants to talk to them about the one match everyone is talking about from All Out. They both thank him for the compliment. But Jericho says MJF had a great match. He meant to say it before: MJF got robbed by Jon Moxley, who cheated behind the back of that stupid ref! But it’s okay, because Jericho guarantees MJF will be champion very soon. MJF says that Jericho saying that means the world to him. MJF knows it’s genuine and will give it back. The fact he had to touch that “soulless ginger prick” who puts his hands in his pockets and then lost not once but twice, it’s criminal. But MJF promises Jericho will one day regain HIS AEW World Championship, and that is a guarantee. Much respect between the two. Have a great show. You have a great show! But as both leave, they each say, “What a loser.”


The Lucha Brothers w/ Eddie Kingston VS Jurassic Express!

Pentagon and Rey Fenix didn’t win the Casino Battle Royal, but Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus didn’t win against the Young Bucks. But both teams are still hoping to get after the AEW World Tag Team Champions, FTR! Who makes big progress towards that goal here tonight?

The teams sort and JB starts against Fenix. They tie up, Fenix puts JB in the corner but lets off fast. They tie up again, Fenix wrenches to a wristlock but JB wrenches back to a hammerlock then a headlock. Fenix powers out and sends JB to the corner but JB boots him back. JB rolls, hops up to Electric Chair and wheelbarrow to arm-drag Fenix to a corner! JB goes up, springboards and arm-drags Fenix again! JB kicks, Fenix blocks and stomps his foot to ROCK him with an uppercut. Fenix wrenches, CHOPS, and then goes up the corner to tightrope walk, springboard and arm-drag JB! JB dodges the dropkick, Fenix dodges JB’s, cover, ONE! The two stand off and the fans are fired up!

Kingston tells Fenix to keep on JB, Fenix body shots and tags Pentagon. They whip JB, speed things up, and dropkick JB to then sucker punch Luchasaurus! Pentagon runs, Fenix wheelbarrows him for the victory roll SPLASH! Pentagon drags JB up, fans rally and Pentagon says hush. He CHOPS JB and then clubs JB down. Fenix goes up, Pentagon packages JB but JB gets out to tag Luchasaurus! Pentagon is fed to the HEADBUTT! Luchasaurus wheelbarrows JB for the flying COMPLETE SHOT! Cover, but Fenix breaks it! The fans rally, JB uses Luchasaurus to leap and hit Fenix! Pentagon bails out to regroup with Fenix, Kingston and even Butcher and Blade.

Luchasaurus dares Pentagon to bring it, Pentagon gets back in and he has Fenix settle down. Pentagon has Luchasaurus wait for him to take off the glove. Pentagon throws it at Luchasaurus, but Luchasaurus interrupts the catchphrase! Pentagon CHOPS, Luchasaush CHOPS and Penta falls! Penta KICKS back, finishes CERO MIEDO, then runs, to springboard crossbody! Luchasaurus gets past to tag JB for the FLYING RANA! Fenix tags in, he springboard but JB gets under. Penta and Fenix both get thrown by JB’s huricanrana! JB DIVES to hit Fenix, then baits Pentagon in to a shoulder. JB goes up but gets shoved off into a SUPERKICK! Kingston shouts as Pentagon covers JB, TWO!

Pentagon keeps his cool but the fans fire up even harder. Pentagon drags JB up to choke him on the ropes, but lets up at the ref’s count. He drags JB up to KICK the leg! Pentagon swaggers, “CERO! MIEDO!” Pentagon aims again and KICKS JB so hard he goes upside-down! Pentagon drags JB up, snapmares and digs his shoulder in to pull the arms back. JB endures, reaches, and the fans rally up. Pentagon pulls hair and rakes eyes, then tags in Fenix. The Lucha Brothers mug JB, then they double back suplex. JB lands on his feet, ducks Fenix and goes up and over Pentagon to tag in Luchasaurus!

Luchasaurus rallies with lariats, CHOPS and BOOTS! Luchasaurus whips Fenix, pops him up to a fireman’s carry, WIDOWMAKER! Fans fire up with Luchasaurus as he stalks Fenix. Luchasaurus drags Fenix up, scoops him but Pentagon saves Fenix. They shove Luchasaurus to a corner but Luchasaurus KNEES Pentagon and puts Fenix on the apron. Fenix enziguris, but jumps into a choke grip and JURASSIC CHOKE SLAM!! Standing moonsault! Cover, but Penta KICKS it apart! Pentagon gets in Luchasaurus’ face, “This is Awesome!” CERO! MIE- TAIL WHIP!! Luchasaurus tags in JB, Jurassic Express whip Fenix but he springboards for a FLYING HEADBUTT!

Fenix rams into JB, Gory Especials, and then GORY BOMB LEG DROP COMBO! Fenix crawls to his corner, hot tag to Pentagon! Pentagon SLING BLADE Luchasaurus, but JB slips out of his. Penta goes up and over to BACKSTABBER JB! The fans fire up, Pentagon brings JB up and Fenix climbs. LB DRIVER!! Fenix FLIES onto Luchasaurus!! Cover, TWO!?! JB survives?!? Pentagon is in shock and Kingston is furious! Fenix tags in and Pentagon goes up. But JB sends Fenix into the DESTROYER! He rolls Fenix up, Jurassic Express wins!!

Winners: Jurassic Express, by pinfall

Unbelievable! Jungle Boy Jack Perry pulls a victory from the jaws of defeat! As for the Lucha Brothers, they start arguing and shoving. Kingston, Butcher and Blade hurry to stop the fighting, and Kingston asks, “Are we done?” He tells them to stop it! What is going on?! Fenix, stop, or Kingston is gonna…! They’re here for them, not PAC! For that matter, where is Blade’s bunny? What happened in the battle royal? There were FIVE of them! And Fenix hits Blade in the face! Accident?! Kingston’s ass! Where was Pentagon when the others showed up? They should be running AEW! Now shake hands! He demands the brothers make up, but Pentagon just shoves Fenix!

Kingston wants them to listen to him. They’re his best friends, and these two are brothers! Shake hands! Fenix reluctantly offers again, and Pentagon… Accepts. They hug it out, and one more thing! Don’t think Kingston forgot! He was never truly eliminated! Look up the rules! Wait, was he or wasn’t he? AEW officials may need to take a closer look at the footage. Will Lance Archer also have something to say about Kingston’s claim?


AEW hears from Jake the Snake and Lance Archer.

“Never a doubt in my mind. Never a thought in his mind other than walking out as the winner. Why? Because that is what we came for!” Jon Moxley can play here and there as a good guy, but that’s not these two. They don’t buy cars, they trash cars and people. It’s what they do. It’s what they like. Moxley will get wet when he pisses himself when Archer gets at him! Archer says Moxley has had nothing but time to prepare for the others, but he has nothing but despair for Archer! Moxley has been champion too long and the Murderhawk Monster will end it! There’s not a damn thing anyone can do about it! #EverbodyDies, but will Archer kill the reign of the Death Rider?


AEW returns as Matt Hardy heads to the ring!

Somehow, the unkillable did not die at All Out and is back on Dynamite. He thanks the fans for being here as they chant his name. Hardy says it’s great to be in an arena with live, real people and revel in that emotion! The fans are part of the magic, thank you! And to the people watching at home, thank you, too. Saturday at All Out, Hardy suffered a very, very scary fall, and it scared a lot of people. The last couple of days, the outpouring of love has been overwhelming, mind-blowing, and again he thanks us all for that. Hardy is very happy to stand here before us and say that after a myriad of tests, he is expected to make a 100% recovery!

But he won’t lie, with his shirt saying “I Don’t Die,” and he will admit he is a lucky man. He has a lovely family, as Ms. Reby and the newborn Barney are here live, as well as Maxwell and Wolfgang at home. HE apologizes for putting them through that on Saturday. He apologizes to fans for putting them through that. But they all showed everyone else how much they care about the wrestlers putting their bodies on the line, so thank you. The last thing he apologizes for is that Broken Rules didn’t end up the way he wanted. But maybe it’s a good thing if the vendetta ends here, because someone really could end up hurt very, very badly.

Now Hardy will get back to getting healthy. And when he’s cleared, he’ll get back in the ring, winning matches, getting in the top five, and getting after the AEW World Championship. Good plan? Private Party sure loves that plan! Most importantly, pro-wrestling is his passion, and Hardy’s journey is not over! A big part of that is because of all the fans. Without the fans, there would be no Hardy! Pro-wrestling fans are the best! The fans give Hardy a standing ovation but he applauds them back. When and where will Hardy return to head for the gold?


Orange Cassidy VS Angelico w/ Jack Evans!

Freshly Squeezed is coming fresh off winning the first-ever Mimosa Mayhem match, and now he’s got the juice as a main event draw! But will he keep rolling and get past the savvy South African half of the Hybrid2?

The bell rings and the fans are fired up for Cassidy. Evans tells them to shut up and take Angelico seriously. Cassidy is distracted and Angelico sucker punches him! Angelico wrenches to a top keylock, then crisscrosses the arms for a modified straitjacket. Angelico then spins through, but Cassidy spins through. They spin and spin and spin but Cassidy breaks free. Cassidy brings his hands up but Angelico intercepts with knuckle locks! Angelico pushes Cassidy down, Cassidy keeps him off, goes way up, but Angelico gets a Navarro Doce, the modified Gory Especial. Angelico has both arms and a leg, but Cassidy pops free only for Angelico to knee low.

Angelico wrenches, arm-drags but Cassidy comes back and tilt-ow-whirls, only for Angelico to push him off to a drop toehold! Navarro 2000! But Cassidy gets the ropes for the ropebreak and is free of the modified STF. Angelico whips Cassidy to a corner, runs in but Cassidy  ducks down! Angelico tumbles up and out and Evans checks on him. Angelico gets his legs moving but Cassidy builds speed to DIVE! Direct hit into the rails, then Cassidy puts Angelico in to go up top. FLYING CROSSBODY! Cassidy runs, tilt-o whirls and gets the DDT! Fans are fired up as Cassidy kips up! The armband comes off and Cassidy is serious! Angelico staggers up, Cassidy give shim the ORANGE PUNCH! Cover, Cassidy wins!

Winner: Orange Cassidy, by pinfall

The King of Sloth Style no longer has just one speed, but he still puts his hands in his pockets. Only for Proud ‘n’ Powerful, Santana and Ortiz, to attack him! They use their baton, the mad ball, and their fists to beat him down! But here come Best Friends, Chuck Taylor and Trent! Best Friends run PNP off and get a mic. Chuckie T tells PNP, “Hey, hey, you ding dongs want to attack us from behind, hit us with whatever this is, destroy my best friend’s mom’s van! This has got to end!” Santana, Ortiz, if you want to fight in the parking lot, how about meeting them there next time?

Trent says the apology they want, take it and shove it up each other’s asses! Ortiz talks smack about Mama Sue! Trent says there’s no more hugs, no more fun, this is about hurting Santana and Ortiz to make mama proud! Who survives a vicious parking lot brawl?


AEW returns as Alex Marvez is at the Young Bucks room.

He knocks on the door but no response. He tries again, and still nothing. But then the Bucks open the door to SUPERKICK him!! Guess that’s a way of saying, “No comment.” How deep do the cracks go in the foundation of The Elite?


The Superbad Couple heads to the ring!

Schiavone is there waiting as the engaged Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford are here for the big announcement they hyped up at All Out. Schiavone congratulates them on behalf of everyone. Kip asks what he’s doing here. He was here to help with the announcement. No, if he was going to ask for commentary to join them, he’d ask JR because at least JR knows how to have a good time. Now go on and get out of the ring, “Timmy.” Kip mocks the booing fans and says he’s been “inundated” with questions about who gets to be The Best Man. Well he won’t take too long with that, here he is! It’s…

Wait, no, who? Puff, bro, what’re you doing here? Didn’t Kip tell him last night he’s The Best Man? No, Puff, no. Kip appreciated he subscribed to Kip’s Twitch, but he said he’s “the best.” Not the Best Man. Go! Go take up space, you’re so good at it! And make sure to resub each month. Okay, back on track here. THE Best Man is loyal, handsome and shares the passions Kip does. Here we go again. The REAL Best Man…! Brian Pillman Jr! He gets in the ring and Kip tells him to stop. What’s he doing here? He’s thanking Kip about that text how he’s The Best Man.

Whoa, Pillman, no. Kip wished him a happy birthday but he’s a little too hyped right now. It wasn’t “You’re the best man.” It’s “You’re the best, man.” Note the commas! It’s like BPJ was stalking Kip! They’re not even friends, bro! GET OUT, JUNIOR! Okay, third time’s the charm. It is Kip’s honor and privilege to introduce THE BEST MAN!! IT’S MIRO!! The Bulgarian Beast is Kip’s Best Man! The Twitch connection is live on television and the fans are loving it! Miro is handed the mic and fans chant, “Miro Day!” What? “Miro Day! Miro Day!” That has a good ring to it, huh? But okay. Ten years in the same house, under the same glass ceiling, with the same imaginary brass ring. Take that brass ring and shove it!!

Miro is here, and elite recognizes elite! The elite is the best! And of course Miro is going to be Kip’s best man. Not because he is a best man, but THE Best Man! The best gamer on Twitch, the best wrestler in the ring, beating up everyone and anyone whenever you tune in! “My name is Miro, and I am All Elite.” A statement made inside the major announcement! What does The Best joining AEW mean for the rest of the roster?


Schiavone has a sit-down interview with Hangman Page.

Hangman sets his drink down but asks if Schiavone wants one. No, Schiavone has work still to do. Right, yeah, okay. Schiavone brings up All Out and the loss to FTR. How does he feel? Alright, actually. Ribs are bruised, can’t really feel 100% in the humidity, but good otherwise. Schiavone doesn’t want the “athlete wrestler stock answer” here. What’s he really feeling? Well, All Out had fans. Not close, either, but you could see the looks on their faces and hear their voices. But Hangman couldn’t. For 30 minutes, no one made a sound. It seemed like they knew it was inevitable that Hangman and Kenny Omega would fall apart and lose.

But it wasn’t inevitable. FTR shouldn’t have been #1 contenders and that’s on Hangman. So he’s blaming himself? Well, Omega was right. Matt and Nick Jackson are the best, they should’ve won the gauntlet. Hangman lost two of his best friends, and was stupid enough to think that FTR walking like him, talking like him meant they were like him. He was stupid enough to think all that. Hangman knows he’s full of blood and bones like everyone else, but head to toe, he feels full of poison.

So after the match, Hangman surely saw the replay. Omega looked like he was going to hit Hangman, didn’t, and then stormed past even the Bucks. Where do they all go from here? Hangman and Omega have had problems, but also victories. And despite it all, they were the best tag team. But now it’s about climbing back up and reclaiming them. This will be their toughest test, but they will get through it, too. Is that really possible after Omega driving off Saturday? Or does time heal all wounds, even for The Elite?


No Holds Barred Tag: Joey Janela & Sonny Kiss VS Chris Jericho & Jake Hager!

The Bad Boy was used as a pawn in Le Champion’s game with Orange Cassidy. But the Concrete Rose got one over on Rock Hard Hager in the Casino Battle Royal! Now Jersey’s Finest combine their powers to see if they can take the fight to the Inner Circle in a match with no rules but to win!

The teams sort out and Janela starts against Jericho in a furious fist flying restart from last week! Jericho gets Janela in the corner, hammers and CHOPS him, then whips him corner to corner. Janela comes back to LARIAT and then hammer away on Jericho! Janela fires up, the fans fire up with him, but Jericho knees low and decks Janela. Jericho throws more hands, whips Janela, but Janela ducks and dodges to flying forearm! Tag to Kiss and the Jersey boys double whip to double flapjack hotshot! Jericho staggers, Janela and Kiss double bulldog! And double basement dropkick!

Fans fire up as Kiss sucker punches Hager off the apron! Kiss goes back to Jericho, drags him up but Jericho rakes Kiss’ eyes! Jericho talks smack to fans before throwing hands on Kiss. Jericho drags Kiss up to choke him on the ropes! The fans rally as Kiss endures since there’s no disqualifications here. Jericho whips Kiss, Kiss rolls off his back to heel kick him down! Tag to Janela, they each take a corner, but Hager gets in. Double missile dropkicks take the both out! Kiss and Janela pose, then clothesline Hager out! Kiss and Janela pose again, then Kiss goes out to Penalty Kick Hager! Janela DIVES to hit Jericho into railing! Fans fire up more as Janela starts looking for stuff.

Janela puts Jericho in before bringing out a chair! Fans like that as Janela brings the chair in and JAMS Jericho in the ribs. Janela SMACKS Jericho on the back! Jericho gets to a corner, Janela sits the chair up and goes corner to corner, for a step stool! Bad BOy in Motion gets a BACK SUPLEX on the chair! Jericho throws the chair down on Janela and soaks up the heat as we go picture in picture, #InnerCirclevsJanelaKiss.

Jericho paces about while Janela slow gets up. Jericho knees hard and Janela falls over. Jericho has the chair and JAMS it into Janela! Janela ends up in the ropes, tumbles down, and Jericho wedges the chair in a corner. Jericho drags Janela up, whips him in bug t Janela reverses and redirects, only to run into boots! Jericho tags Hager, they mug Janela on the ropes, then Hager DECKS Janela! Hager drags Janela up, ROCKS him with more rights, then brings him around to throw out of the ring HARD! Janela hits the floor, then Hager hits Kiss! Jericho goes after Kiss to whip him into railing just as hard! Hager gets a TABLE!

The Inner Circle set the table up, placing it by the stage and ramp. They go after Janela and Hager lifts, but Janela resists and gets free! Janela RAMS Hager into a post! Janela crawls away, Hager pursues and they’re in the ring as AEW returns to single picture. Hager drags Janela over, tags in Jericho, and Jericho runs corner to corner to BOOT Janela down! Hager talks trash to Janela and pushes him over. Jericho taunts the fans but the fans rally up for Janela. Jericho throws haymakers, Janela throws them back! Jericho knees low, but Janela sends him into the corner chair! Both men are down, the fans rally up, hot tags to Hager and Kiss! Kiss dodges Hager, dropkick flips and enziguris!

Kiss comes back to whip but Hager reverses to run. Kiss boots him, but Kiss goes up for Hager to drag him down! Kiss does the splits, rolls Hager up, TWO! Kiss SUPERKICKS Hager down! Cover, Jericho breaks it fast! Jericho has a trash can but Kiss kicks low! Kiss throws Jericho to the ramp, Hager CLOBBERS Kiss from behind! Hager uses the trash can and sets it on Kiss. Hager goes to the corner for the HAGER BOMB, but Kiss throws the can into him! Janela clotheslines Hager and himself out to the ramp! Janela goes after Jericho with fast hands! Jericho hits low, and whips Janela into the lights!

Jericho drags Janela up, catapults him to Hager for a SPINE BUSTER through the table!! Janela is down in wooden wreckage as the INner Circle fires up! But Kiss LEAPS to crossbody them both on the ramp! Hager staggers up, Kiss clotheslines him and himself into the ring! Kiss drags Jericho in and wedges him in the corner! Kiss handspring back kicks Hager, then handsprings to AXES AND OHS on Jericho! ROLLING ELBOW on Hager!! The fans are fired up with Kiss as he pushes the chair aside! Kiss goes up top, aims at Hager, but Jericho uses the fire extinguisher! Hager URENAGES! Arm and Head Triangle smothers Kiss into a cover, The Inner Circle wins!

Winners: Jake Hager & Chris Jericho, by pinfall

Jericho saved Hager so he could put the #BigHurt on Kiss. Jericho gets a mic and is angry that it didn’t come online fast enough. But then he wants the fans to “give us some love, baby!” The Inner Circle had a terrible night at All Out! Hager, Santana and Ortiz lost the Casino Battle Royal, Sammy Guevara is at home all hurt, and Jericho’s boots still squish from the mimosa! But that’s the past, this is the future. A new page, a new chapter. Jake and Jericho will build up wins in the tag division to impress the suits and get a shot at the AEW World Tag Team Championships! Le Champion and the “human brick wall” will make us all bow down! Does FTR have yet another team to worry about in an already powerful tag division?


AEW hears from MJF in his campaign room.

“I should have a belt around my waist right now. And I’m not talking Ferragamo. But Dictator Jon decided that he needed to cheat and use an illegal maneuver, like a coward.” But of course he cheated! You can’t blame a scorpion for stinging you, because it is in their nature. But MJF has found who he can blame. “This campaign!” The campaign was to create change, give hope to the hopeless, and make him champion! But they all BLEW IT! They’re all FIRED! GET OUT! Johnson leaves, and NOW Nina smiles. Well guess what? He’s sick of her crooked teeth and stupid face! GET OUT! Nina cries as she runs away. Gum guy gives him the gum one last time and leaves.

Wardlow speaks up, “But, sir-” OH NOW MJF is “Sir.” Where was that when Wardlow blew it for MJF!? Was MJF “Sir” when he lost the title and Wardlow threw the Dynamite Diamond Ring about as well as he can read?! Wardlow gets mad and MJF laughs as he asks, “Do we have a problem?” The last time they checked, Tony Khan doesn’t sign his checks. MJF does. Anyone else would’ve fired Wardlow, but not MJF. MJF is the only one on this planet that sees his potential that cares about him, and is his “friend.” So get it together, or he and his family are out on the street. So, is there a problem? No…

Good! Because for a second, it seemed like they did. Now, there’s no time for aggression and anger. This is the time to plan how to get on top, where they belong. Will Wardlow stay loyal to the real dictator around here?


AEW returns to hear from Jon Moxley.

“As if I didn’t have enough on my plate on Saturday already, I see out of the corner of my eye on a backstage monitor that Lance Archer was the last man standing. Wins the battle royal and earns himself a title shot.” So Moxley says to himself, “SON OF A B*TCH!” Things aren’t getting any easier, but they’re not supposed to. Nothing worth it is easy, and that includes the world title. You can’t talk your way into it, you can’t campaign for it, and you can’t litigate your way into it. The only way you become AEW World Champion is to crawl through a mile of crap and climb a mountain on the other side. That is why Moxley is THE number one in this sport!

Now, you look at Archer, you can see it all on paper. Moxley might as well go into a wood chipper, right? But what you can see is not enough. It’s what Moxley feels in his heart, in his soul, deep down in his guts! Moxley feels and knows he is unstoppable. You may look at Archer and see a monster, but Moxley sees a man that. But when the time comes and their paths cross with the title on the line, the only question you need to ask is, “Do you really wanna bet against me?” Moxley has beaten big, bad men before, but is he ready for the biggest and the baddest yet?


FTR and Tully Blanchard are in the ring!

The AEW Tag Team Champions and their legendary manager have the rest of the AEW Tag Division around the ring to “celebrate” their win at All Out. Beers are handed out, there are balloons and a cake, and Tully speaks. “Ladies and gentlemen, you have heard a lot of things from a lot of people.” You heard from Moxley, the greatest world champion. If he’s the greatest singles champion, then FTR are the greatest tag team champions in the world! #FearTheRevelation! That is what happened on 9/5/2020! The degree was 117 in the ring, and these two men battled for 30 minutes in it! Hangman Page and Kenny Omega fought hard to try and keep the titles, but at the end, that 31st minute, it was Cash and Dax, and they became THE BEST TAG TEAM IN THE WORLD!

It’s true! AEW has the deepest tag division in the world, and the best! Just look at everyone around the ring! There is talent from top to bottom! No slouches in this division! FTR may be undefeated, but they had to fight for every single one of those wins. Facing SCU’s Frankie Kazarian & Christopher Daniels was a dream match! They grew up watching those two! Imagine if they were in their primes! If this was 20 years ago, who knows who would’ve won that! And then Private Party! What can they say? Not much, actually. But hey! FTR represents THE deepest, most talented tag division in the world. That means FTR are the locker room leaders! They are the #TopGuys in AEW!

And speaking of top guys, Billy Gunn is a tag legend! But don’t think because you are in some random hall of fame that he and his son can hop the line or something. Ain’t gonna happen! Then next week, Jurassic Express get their “once in a lifetime opportunity” in facing the absolute best, you’re welcome. But NOT for the belts! Maybe if they win, maybe they get that chance. But don’t think FTR will ever let “some comedy gimmick, a cosplay Tarzan and a dumbass dinosaur” ever run this division! Ain’t gonna happen! Earn your title shots! The teams they’re insulting are getting up on the apron and in the ring! FTR says this is no time for a fight, this is a celebration!

FTR proposes a toast to themselves, and “the dumbass dinosaur!” Cash throws a bunch of napkins in Luchasaurus’ face!? But they don’t see Jungle Boy on the other corner! JB LEAPS in, but they get clear! Luchasaurus double choke grips, but FTR breaks free and runs for it! Tully regroups with them, but Marko Stunt has the cooler! He and the others dump the ice on the champs! The tag division laugh at their champs and have their cake, but will FTR make them #FeelTheRepercussions?


AEW returns with Taz on commentary.

Taz is here to inform us that Darby Allin is back! Oh wait, it’s Ricky Starks pretending to be him again. “Guys, guys… It finally happened. I got injured! I dislocated my pinkie and I got thumbtacks in my food and now I can’t skateboard with my friends!” Starks says Darby rights it on his jacket, his board and everywhere else, “Darby Allin is Relentless!” Or is he just reckless? There’s a reason why no one wants to tag with Darby to take on Team Taz and why he just sits all alone backstage! There is a reason Darby is sitting at home now, hurt and alone: he’s reckless. Darby doesn’t know what relentless is, but Starks does. Starks is Absolute! And next time Darby shows up, Starks will absolutely and relentlessly beat Darby’s ass!


Nyla Rose w/ Vickie Guerrero VS Taynara Conti!

The Vicious Vixen is slowly preparing the Native Beast for her return to the AEW Women’s World Championship scene. But the Brazilian Blackbelt is hungry now that she’s officially signed with AEW! Will Tay find a way to win against Nyla 1v1? Or will the patient #1 contender take her time tearing Tay to pieces?

The bell rings, Tay and Nyla rush each other and Tay fires off fast hands! Nyla hits low then powers Tay to a corner! Nyla rams her shoulder in over and over, then TOSSES Tay across the way! Nyla storms over but Tay Eddie Gordo kicks then Question Mark kicks in return! Nyal stays up. Tay gets around and shoves her into buckles, then clubs her on the back! Roll up, TWO! Tay keeps her cool and blocks the kick to drag Nyla down to a kneebar and heel hook! Nyla powers up as Vickie shouts and coaches her. Nyla rakes at Tay’s eyes then stomps her down! Tay staggers up, Nyla runs in and corner splashes! Nyla shoves Tay out of the ring, then Vickie gets a cheap shot!

Nyla goes out to fetch Tay while fans boo. Vickie mocks them that she can’t hear them as Nyla RAMS Tay into railing! AEW goes picture in picture, #CONTIvsROSE.

Nyla drags Tay up and scoops her to her shoulder, but Tay slips out to shove Nyla into railing! Tay then POSTS Nyla and KNEES her into the apron! Tay keeps going, putting Nyla in the ring and hurrying up top. Tay leaps and crossbodies! Cover, TWO! Nyla still has a lot left and Tay grows frustrated. Tay back kicks then BOOTS Nyla down, then stomps away at the ropes! Cover, ROPEBREAK! Tay is further frustrated, but the crowd rallies behind her as she judo throws Nyla down. Tay sits Nyla up, Nyla ducks one kick but not the heel kick! Nyla gets mad as Tay kicks more, but Nyla blocks a kick to reel Tay in for a LARIAT!

Nyla stomps Tay, drags her around and clamps onto the arm. Tay endures as Nyla pulls on the fingers and even BITES them! The ref sees that and reprimands, Nyla stops but Vickie cheers. Nyla drags Tay up to elbow her in the head! Nyla drags Tay up, scoops her and slams her! Then drops the leg! Nyla covers, TWO! Now Nyla grows frustrated as AEW returns to single picture. Vickie cheers Nyla on but the crowd rallies for Tay. Nyla whips Tay to the corner, Tay goes up and boots Nyla back! Tay adjusts, has the wristlcok and springboards to a sunset flip! Nyla stays up, drags Tay back up, for a two hand SLAM!

Fans boo but Nyal choke grips Tay. Tay grabs the arm and tries an armbar takedown but Nyla stays up. Tay has the modified arm triangle, but Vickie shouts at Nyla. Nyla powers around, dead lifts Tay for the BEAST BOMB!! Cover, Nyla wins!

Winner: Nyla Rose, by pinfall

Vickie gets in to celebrate with her client, shrieking, “EXCUSE MEEE!!” The Vicious Vixens are making a statement! They are not going anywhere! Nyla drags Tay back up but here comes Hikaru Shida! The AEW Women’s World Champion has her kendo stick and holds Vickie and Nyla at bay. Vickie tells Nyla they can wait. Will this rematch happen when Vickie says Nyla is good and ready?


AEW has updates on The Elite.

The Bucks have each been fined $5000 for a total of 10 grand for the superkicks on Alex Marvez. And there is a medical update on Cody Rhodes, to be given as soon as the main event is over, provided there is time remaining.


Jim Ross had a sit down interview with Kenny Omega.

An interesting week for Omega, to say the least. How has he processed everything that happened at All Out? Omega was a champion, now he’s not. What do they expect of him? To crawl into a corner and cry himself to sleep? These things happen. When you’re a professional who’s done this for years at the highest level, you win some, you lose some. Just part of the game. But it seemed like, at parts of the journey to All Out, that Omega and Hangman weren’t united. Then the bell rings, and they’re like a rocket. That’s just it. They had a chemistry. There was something there that held them together, there was a magic. It’s why Omega couldn’t say no. It felt like this is what Omega was meant to do in AEW.

Omega had expectations of being the singles star put upon him. Of being a top champion, the ace of AEW. But he didn’t have a direction until he and Hangman gave it a try. Maybe Omega could be more than just a singles wrestler. He has fans worldwide and earned all his accolades and adulation, and the most important thing, respect. So then, JR respectfully asks, what is next? Do he and Hangman try again? Is that not even on the table anymore? Is Omega going to try for the singles titles? Omega says there is such a deep tag team division, perhaps one of the best in all of wrestling. For Omega and Hangman to get to where they were, it took a lot of self-discovery and digging deep.

The part Omega learned about Hangman is not something he liked. Omega is proud of what they accomplished, proud of their run, but if Hangman wants to try a rematch or even reconcile with the Bucks, he better make other plans. There are things Omega wants to do, is destined to do. He gave time to the team, but now he’s returning to singles action to give fans what they were hoping to see. How will Hangman respond to this decision? Can Omega climb up the ranks this late in the game?


AEW announces huge matches!

On Wednesday, October 14th, AEW celebrates Dynamite turning one year old with a world title match! Jon Moxley defends his title against Lance Archer!

AEW also announces matches for next week! The Parking Lot Brawl Tag is happening between Proud ‘n’ Powerful and Best Friends! FTR will still go through with the non-title tag match against Jurassic Express, and Thunder Rosa returns to AEW to defend her NWA Women’s World Championship against Ivelisse! Will La Sicaria add a belt to her Women’s Tag Cup gold medal? And to continue Jericho’s vow that he and Jake Hager will take over the tag division, they go up against Private Party! And after losing at All Out and patching up that head wound, MJF gets back in the ring! Will he climb back up to be #1 contender with his blood, sweat and tears?

Plus, with Omega apparently not giving Hangman a choice, the Cowboy gets back into singles competition against an old rival. Hangman and Frankie Kazarian finally bring their heated rivalry from ROH into AEW! All this and more, as AEW Dynamite may or may not be on Thursday, 9/17/20. Pay attention very closely to all AEW social media and your cable DVR for details!


AEW TNT Championship: Brodie Lee w/ The Dark Order VS Dustin Rhodes!

All Out saw The Exalted One and the Natural lead their teams in an 8 Man Tag war, and it would be Dustin’s team winning one for his brother, Cody! Will Dustin continue to avenge his brother by taking back the title Brodie took from them? Or will Mr. Brodie instead demolish the elder Rhodes brother to add to the Nightmare Family’s woes?

AEW returns as the champion makes his entrance. John Silver is there to applaud Mr. Brodie and be ringside for him. The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and Dustin clobbers Brodie from behind before the bell! Dustin goes after Brodie on the outside with uppercuts and CHOPS! Brodie rams Dustin into barriers and Dustin tumbles into the crowd. Brodie hurries after him with more uppercuts, but Dustin back drops him onto a spare table! Brodie staggers but Dustin rocks him with another uppercut! Dustin bounces Brodie hard off steel steps then claws his back! Brodie uppercuts, Dustin uppercuts and they go around the way. Silver is used as a decoy but Dustin BOOTS him right down!

Dustin pursues Brodie, throws him in the ring and the bell finally sounds! Dustin CHOPS and ROCKS Brodie over and over! Brodie pokes Dustin in the eye then rocks him with uppercuts back. Dustin uppercuts back and Brodie bails out. Dustin hurries out, Brodie throws the timekeeper’s table at him but Dustin deflects that mess. They go after each other, Brodie ROCKS Dustin with another uppercut. Brodie throws Dustin in, drags Dustin up and has him in the corner for a CHOP! Brodie pie faces and CHOPS Dustin again, but Dustin turns it around to CHOP and CHOP and CHOP! Dustin throws haymakers, climbs up top and rains down rights. Dustin gets all ten, then goes past that to 20!

Dustin lets off to CHOP Brodie again! Brodie goes to another corner, Dustin ROCKS him with an uppercut! Brodie swats him in the face then bumps him off buckles! The ref reprimands but Brodie CHOPS and ROCKS Dustin again. Brodie brings Dustin around, Dustin throws body shots then runs, but Brodie splashes him at the ropes! Brodie has the legs, for a ROPE GUILLOTINE! Dustin flops out of the ring and Brodie smiles as AEW goes picture in picture, #DOvsNF.

Brodie tidies up his hair and goes out to throws forearms and uppercuts. Brodie CHOPS Dustin, Dustin staggers around the way but falls over railings! Brodie slams the railings down on Dustin! Brodie goes back to the ring to hold up the TNT Championship like he’s already won. Dustin manages to get up and stagger back into the ring, so Brodie goes after him with a chinlock. Brodie grinds Dustin down, Dustin endures and powers up as the fans continue to rally. Dustin fights up, fights back, and is free! Dustin runs, but into a back elbow! Brodie double guns and Silver applauds, then grinds his boot into Dustin’s head. The ref counts, Brodie stops and drags Dustin up.

Brodie puts Dustin back in a corner for more CHOPS! Dustin staggers to another corner, Brodie is on him to CHOP again! Dustin goes to ropes but Brodie whips as AEW returns to single picture. Dustin dodges, ducks and leaping lariats! Dustin rallies with more, then whips Brodie. Brodie reverses, but Dustin says, “Not today!” Rhodes Uppercut! Dustin runs, to BULLDOG Brodie! Brodie staggers to a corner, Dustin hurries after and whips him corner to corner. Brodie reverses, Dustin gets him for a SPINNING POWERSLAM! The fans fire up with Dustin as he drags Brodie back up. Dustin reels Brodie in but Brodie back drops him away!

Dustin gets to a corner, Brodie runs in, but Dustin boots! Dustin hops up, leaps and HURICANRANAS! Dustin keeps moving but gets thrown into buckles! Dustin kicks back to hit the DESTROYER!! Cover, TWO!! Brodie survives but “This is Awesome!” as Dustin has him down! Dustin and Brodie catch their breath as the standing count climbs. Dustin stands first, brings Brodie up but Brodie ROCKS him with an uppercut. Brodie lifts, Dustin slips off the bomb to dragon sleeper! CROSS RHODES!! Cover, TWO!! Brodie survives Dustin’s take on Cody’s finisher! Dustin keeps his focus, gets back up and has Brodie in a corner. Dustin puts Brodie’s leg on the ropes, but Brodie shoves him away and SUPERKICKS him back!

Brodie drags Dustin in, lifts, and BOMBS! Cover, TWO!! Dustin still lives and Brodie is frustrated. Dustin sits up while Brodie thinks what he has to do to stop him. Dustin gets to a corner, Brodie runs in corner to corner, but Dustin dodges the boot! Brodie tumbles out and to the floor, Dustin aims at him from the apron. Dustin runs to CANNONBALL! Direct hit and Dustin is fired up with the thunderous crowd! Dustin puts Brodie in, has him in a corner and sets up the legs. Silver gets up on the apron, the ref is distracted and that allows Dustin to hit the UNNATURAL KICK! Brodie just got hit in his Exalted One! Silver leaps at Dustin but into an atomic drop!

Dustin shoves and POWERSLAMS Silver! Brodie spins but Dustin kicks him first! Dustin tries to lift Brodie, gets him again, PILEDRIVER!! Cover, ROPEBREAK!! Brodie saves himself and Dustin can’t believe it! Both men are down, the standing count begins and both men slowly rise. The fans rally up, Brodie and Dustin go forehead to forehead. They stand, Dustin throws hands but Brodie gives them back. Dustin hits back, Brodie CHOPS, Dustin CHOPS! Brodie uppercuts, Dustin BOOTS! Brodie rebounds to BOOT, Dustin spins to LARIAT!! Cover, TWO!! Dustin isn’t sure what he has to do, but the fans are still with him!

Dustin drags Brodie up, throws haymakers, but runs into a scoop! Dustin slips out of it, boots back, but Brodie rebounds to SUPERKICK! Dustin rebounds into another SUPERKICK! And then into the DISCUS LARIAT!! Cover, Brodie wins!!

Winner: Brodie Lee, by pinfall (still AEW TNT Champion)

With four minutes to spare! The Dark Order comes out to celebrate, and have QT Marshall, too! They slam QT in, and Colt Cabana goes over to congratulate Brodie. But Brodie is furious and he shoves Cabana. Brodie is still that upset with Cabana over the All Out loss? Evil Uno tries to get Cabana not to take it personally, and the rest of the Dark Order celebrates with Mr. Brodie. They drag Dustin up for Brodie, and he LOW BLOWS Dustin! The Dark Order applaud but the fans boo. Brodie mockingly tells Cody to “come home.” Will the American Nightmare


AEW has that BREAKING NEWS report!

Cody Rhodes wants to say “go big or go home.” But he is injured, so he should go home, right? Or maybe not? Maybe we just do something bigger. That is what they’re about to do. They’re about to do something never seen before on television. They’ve created their own quarantine bubble in Georgia to shoot “the most extreme, most fearless, one of a kind talent show ever. And it all happens here.” Cody introduces the world to The Go Big Show, and it’s host, Bert Kreischer!

Burt thanks Cody and explains that The Go Big Show is a competition series like no other! There is no singing or dancing, “just action packed, death defying feats of strength and talent.” And this crowd of tailgaters is more than ready to see it all! Every week, real Americans compete to blow your mind with over-the-top acts. They take big risks but get big rewards, because the winner will earn $100,000!! The judges are Rosario Dawson, Jennifer Nettles, Snoop Dogg, and Cody himself! The only rule: go big, or go home. Coming soon to TBS!

My Thoughts:

Well, weird announcement at the very end aside, this was a great episode! I liked the opening segment where MJF and Jericho arrive, both think their match was the buzz of the wrestling fandom, and thought the other was the bigger jerk. I am glad MJF did as I expected, completely scrapping his campaign team and adding to the tension between him and Wardlow. There has to be a point where Wardlow clobbers MJF and goes on his own. Archer and Moxley had good promos to hype up their coming title match, and I like that they’re putting this for the Anniversary Show in October. The Anniversary Show needs to be big, is going to be big, and that is a big start to the card.

AEW definitely does have the deepest 2v2 tag division of wrestling in the world, so it isn’t really boasting for that from the FTR celebration segment. Kingston keeping the Lucha Brothers together is great character work, and I like that he just throws out there that he didn’t actually get eliminated. I did not notice if he came out through a bottom or middle rope, but who knows, it could come up on the road to the Anniversary Show. Jurassic Express and Lucha Brothers have an incredible opener, and I am really surprised to see Jurassic Express wins. They are definitely fan favorites so it’s great to see them getting a match with FTR next week. I feel like FTR might end up having to win with dirty tactics like Tully or even Shawn Spears helping out to further establish this stable Tully has created.

But on the note of the very competitive tag division, do we really need another team? Jericho and Hager had a really good No Holds Barred Tag with Kiss and Janela, but shouldn’t Santana and Ortiz be the Inner Circle’s main tag team? I get PNP VS Best Friends is the story, and that their Parking Lot Brawl Tag is going to be great stuff, but then shouldn’t that mean the winners of that move up? Omega and Hangman are officially broken up and going back to singles wrestling, which could and should totally lead to them eventually facing each other for a shot at a title, but we don’t need to throw in a new team of singles guys to make up for that. I’ve always liked Jericho, but I feel like part of MJF saying Jericho will one day get the world title back should’ve meant Jericho stays in the singles division.

The Bucks kicking Marvez was actually a great segment to me. Their edge is only getting meaner, and I’m pretty sure the fines will only make things worse. Kip Sabian’s Best Man segment was hilarious, but I feel like they used the same pun twice. “You’re the best!” and “You’re the best, man!” were basically the same joke so just doing it once with Pillman would’ve been fine. But holy machka, Batman, MIRO is in AEW! Shots were fired on WWE, but in Miro’s case, he has every right to be upset with WWE and Vince. Miro and Kip are going to be great as buddies, who knows how that wedding segment goes now. Maybe it’ll be part of the Anniversary Show to make it feel bigger.

Starks had another hilarious Darby parody, and I like that he made a point of Darby not having friends to tag with (outside of Moxley that one time). I wonder if someone new or yet to be utilized actually does join Darby against Team Taz, that’d be cool. Matt Sydal was at All Out, and if his recovery from that botched Shooting Star is any indication, maybe he’s willing to be reckless and relentless with Darby. Matt Hardy had a great promo to let us know he is totally okay now, and I hope he gets to come back in time for that Anniversary Show. Cassidy VS Angelico was a good match but clearly more a set-up for the announcement of the Parking Lot Brawl. If Hager and Jericho are going to be a new team, guess Blood & Guts blow-off is off the table for right now, which is a shame but plans change all the time.

I like the big stuff for next week’s Thursday-for-now Dynamite, with the NWA-AEW crossover continuing as Thunder Rosa defends her title. Rosa VS Ivelisse is going to be a great match, but much like Shida defending her title at All Out, Rosa surely retains her title so she rebounds. Nyla VS Conti was a great showing for Conti, but of course Vickie gets involved at some point, and naturally Nyla wins in the end. Shida making the save is great and teases that their rematch could be coming for the Anniversary Show. I feel like Tay should also bring this up to Anna Jay. They were tag partners, Jay handed Tay the Dark Order folder, so Tay should be upset Jay didn’t do something to help her.

Then the main event, Dustin and Brodie had a really good match, very gritty with them slugging it out and showing their big man speed. I was a bit confused as to why it was only Silver out there with Brodie, but with Silver nearly costing Brodie and then the rest of the Dark Order hurrying out after, I got it. Brodie is upset with Cabana still in his continuing Vince parody, holding a grudge against someone who doesn’t do what he says and all that. I’m again curious as to Uno being there for Cabana when no one else is, but Brodie retains so that Cody, when he’s back from filming The Go-Big Show, will want his own payback, probably for the Anniversary Show or even Full Gear.

My Score: 9.2/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Rampage Results & Report! (2/23/24)

The Young Bucks are on a Rampage!



The EVPs demand your respect!

As Revolution approaches and the AEW World Tag Team Championship match looms, Matthew & Nicholas Jackson look to stay sharp in the ring! Who will feel their wrath as proxies to Darby Allin & Sting?


  • Trios Triple Threat: Private Party & Matt Sydal VS Top Flight & Action Andretti VS Bryan Keith, Komander & Penta El Zero Miedo; Keith, Komander & Penta win.
  • The Young Bucks VS Jonny Lyons & Cappuccino Jones; The Bucks win.
  • Mariah May VS Anna Jay; Mariah wins.
  • Roderick Strong w/ The Undisputed Kingdom VS Jake Hager; Roddy wins.


Trios Triple Threat: Private Party & Matt Sydal VS Top Flight & Action Andretti VS Bryan Keith, Komander & Penta El Zero Miedo!

With all the trios titles belonging to the Bang Bang Scissor Gang, many others are trying their hands at the trios game. Will Isiah Kassidy, Marq Quen and the Zen Assassin open their third eyes? Will Dante, Darius & The Sight to See be flying high? Or will the Bounty Hunter, the AAA Cruiserweight Champion and The Man with No Fear steal the spotlight from them all?

In this form of Triple Threat, only two trios are legal at one time, so Action steps up to stare down Sydal. The fans rally up as the two talk some smack, and they circle. They tie up, go around, and Sydal headlocks for a takeover. Action stands up but Sydal hits another takeover. Sydal then snapmares but Action handsprings through! Fans cheer and the two go again. Sydal tilt-o-whirls to RANA, but Action handsprings through again! Action dusts himself off, but Sydal runs up. Action wrenches, CHOPS, and then knuckle locks to go up and up and FLYING ARM-DRAG! Fans fire up as Action DROPKICKS Sydal down!

Action kips up and smiles while Top Flight talks some smack to Private Party. Action then runs and IMPLODER TORNILLOS onto Sydal! Cover, ONE, but Action tags Darius. They double whip Sydal, but Sydal KICKS and KICKS and SOBATS! Fans fire up with Sydal and he gets a “SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS!” chant going. Sydal KICKS Darius’ leg over an dover, but Darius catches him to a pump-handle GUTBUSTER! Then GAMANGIRI! Sydal flounders away, Bryan Keith tags in! Keith runs up but Darius headlocks. Keith powers up and out, Darius RAMS him, but Keith rebounds to BOOT! Darius falls, Kassidy tags in!

The fans rally as Zay dodges Keith, fires “SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS!” and then ROCKS Keith. Zay whips, Keith reverses, but Zay goes up and Quen tags in. Zay RANAS Keith into Quen’s GAMANGIRI! Then Quen springboards to SPLASH Keith! Cover, TWO! Keith is still in this and he tags out to Penta! The fans fire up as Penta somersaults in, but Quen shows he can somersault, too. The fans rally for “CERO! MIEDO!” Penta tells Quen to listen, CERO! MIEDO! Queen says okay, but “What do we want? SHOTS!” Quen shoves Penta, so Penta takes off the glove. The fans fire up, and Penta makes the pass to Alex Abrahantes!

Penta says again, CERO! MIEDO! Another pie face, but Dante tags in off Quen. Dante shoves Penta but then Komander tags in. Quen jumps on Dante, he and Penta mug him, and then everyone else rushes in! It’s a nine man melee and the ref reprimands them all! Things spill out, Dante and Komander stay in. Dante breaks free to JUMP KNEE, then runs, but Komander dodges! Dante mule kicks, whips, but Komander reverses to hook Dante up, COBRA TWIST, into a tilt-o-whirl RANA! Fans fire up as Dante flounders to a corner. Komander runs corner to corner but Dante dodges! Komander elbows back, then SUPERKICKS!

Dante flounders away, Komander jumps up top, and Komander tightrope walks to ARABIAN PRESS ARM-DRAG! Then a DROPKICK! The fans fire up as Komander covers, TWO! Komander tags Penta before he runs in, but Dante jumps up and over! Penta runs in to SLINGBLADE! And then SLINGBLADE again! Dante staggers up, into a SUPERKICK! Action tags in to springboard, into a SUPERKICK! Private Party sends Darius into barriers! Penta tags Keith, puts Action in a corner, and GAMANGIRIS! Komander runs in, Penta is the step stool for Komander to FLYING FOREARM!

Komander feeds Dante to Keith’s fireman’s carry, USHIGOROSHI! Cover, Zay breaks it! The fans rally, Quen tags in off Keith, and Quen stomps away on Action as Rampage goes picture in picture!

Quen stomps and stomps but the ref counts. Quen lets off to drag Action up and bump him off buckles. Quen runs up to RAM Action, then tags in Zay. Private Party keeps Action trapped, Zay ENZIGIRIS Action down! Zay stomps now, “SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS!” Zay lets off to kick-step, then he tags Sydal. They stomp Action, “SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS!” Sydal lets off to rally the fans, then he drags Action up. Action throws body shots but Sydal CLUBS him down. Sydal stands Action up again to back suplex, but Action lands out, only for Sydal to HEEL KICK! Tag to Quen and Quen slingshot SENTONS!

Rampage returns to single picture as Quen stomps Action back to the corner. Tag to Zay, Quen snap suplexes Action down for Zay to slingshot SENTON! Zay smirks and then drags Action up. Zay puts Action in the corner, CHOPS, then tags Quen. Private Party double whip Action to ropes, but Action ducks ‘n’ handsprings to DOUBLE BACK ELBOW! The fans fire up as Action and Private Party are all down. Action crawls, Quen grabs at a foot but hot tag to Dante! Dante rallies on Quen, whips, but Quen reveres. Quen runs in at the corner, Dante slips out to the apron and Quen hits buckles. Dante then goes up and around to GAMANGIRI!

Dante springboards to CROSSBODY! Cover, Keith breaks it! Darius runs up to CHOP Keith, but Keith ROCKS Darius! Keith runs, but Darius follows to HOTSHOT BULLDOG! And then GAMANGIRI! Darius steps in, but into a KNEE! Keith runs up to SHOTGUN Darius out of the ring! Keith pursues, but Action is there to go after Keith. Action fires forearms, Dante turns around to see Zay. Zay dodges Dante to then FLY out onto Keith, Darius & Action! Dante whips Sydal up and out but Komander tags in. Komander BOOTS Sydal, Dante BLASTS Penta, and Komander gets Sydal in an APRON ROMERO SPECIAL!

Dante builds speed and he FLIES over those two to wipe out Keith and his own teammates! Komander lets Sydal go, Sydal mule kicks Komander down! Sydal goes up the corner, to APRON METEORA! But Penta’s right there! APRON FEAR FACTOR!! Penta rises but Zay springboards, triangle jump STUNNER! Quen gets in, Zay gives him the boost to go up and up and SUPER SWANTON onto everyone else!! The fans are thunderous and Zay takes a bow. Zay then waits as Quen puts Penta in. Zay puts Penta up top, GAMANGIRIS, and then GIN ‘N’ JUICE DESTROYER!! Penta turned things right around on Private Party!

Keith runs in, Quen BOOTS him first, but Keith roars! Keith RISING HEADBUTTS to send Quen down! Penta sets up as Komander builds speed, BOOSTED TORNILLO onto the cluster outside!! The fans are thunderous again but Sydal rushes Penta! Penta sidesteps, Sydal springboards, but into a SUPERKICK! And then Penta tucks him back in, FEAR FACTOR!! Cover, Penta’s team wins!

Winners: Penta El Zero Miedo, Komander & Bryan Keith, by pinfall

A huge win for this eccentric trio, will they be hunting down The Acclaimed & Daddy Ass? Or will they try for the Bullet Club Gold’s gold instead?


BREAKING NEWS for Collision!

After taking a week off for the NBA All-Star Game, Saturday nights are once again good for a fight. Thunder Rosa and Serena Deeb each return to in-ring action, will these two rivals keep pace in the chase for gold? And we just saw Bryan Keith win big in the trios match, but he’ll jump right back into singles action against Malakai Black! Will the Bounty Hunter get another big win in his hunt for opportunity? Or will the Dark Father prove the House Always Wins?


Backstage interview with The Outcasts.

Renee Paquette is with Saraya and Harley and isn’t sure how much they’ve been watching Ruby Soho & Angelo Parker, but those two are off on their path of romance. Saraya DGAF about Soho x Parker!! She has things going on, too! That traitor isn’t getting under her skin even a little bit! Harley calms Saraya down, and they do breathing exercises. Why’s Harley flicking her tongue when she does that…? But Saraya wants to talk business. Y’know how her family is big famous wrestling royalty in the UK? Well, see, she has a special announcement. Her brother, “Zodiac” Zak Knight, has just become All Elite!!

Saraya has her brother walk into frame, and yeah, he’s scary, right? Zak could’ve been yours, Ruby! Saraya was gonna set Ruby up with him, “the most eligible bachelor in the Norwich area!” And Ruby messed that up just to be with that greasy, slimy, whatever Parker is! Harley says yeah! Just look at Zak! Isn’t he hot? He’s so hot! The whole Knight family is hot! Saraya is a bit taken aback by that, and she sprays water at Harley. Harley just embraces it so that doesn’t make for a good deterrent anymore… Saraya says it’s okay, Harley’s about to be fixed. But Saraya also promises, “Things are about to get really spicy around here.”

The Outcasts head out, and Zak’s scowl scares Renee a bit. Will Ruby & Parker regret making their romance public?


The Young Bucks VS Jonny Lyons & Cappuccino Jones!

Matthew & Nicholas Jackson used, or rather abused, their power as Executive Vice Presidents of AEW to have an AEW World Tag Team Championship match at Revolution. However, they are also very upset at the continued disrespect. Will that really stop after they take their frustrations out on these young indie guys?

The teams sort out and Nick starts against Lyons. Nick doesn’t even bother taking off his trilby (or is it a fedora?) as he circles with Lyons. Nick calls for a knuckle lock but then kicks low and CLUBS away! The fans boo but Nick soaks it up. Nick whips Lyons, Lyons reverses but Matt tags in. Nick hurdles then whips Lyons, Lyons ducks Nick but Matt CLOBBERS him! Matt takes off his suit jacket to then drags Lyons up. Matt TOSSES Lyons to the corner, Lyons tags in Cappuccino! The fans fire up for Cappuccino as he circles with Matt. Matt mockingly applauds, also calls for a knuckle lock, but also kicks low!

Matt CLUBS away on Cappuccino, just like Nick, but then Matt cools off. Matt brings Cappuccino up to throw hands, whips him to ropes, but fakes the superkick to DDT instead! Fans boo but Matt drags Cappuccino up. Matt whips Cappuccino to the corner, he and Nick coordinate to LARIAT GAMANGIRI COMBO! Tag to Nick, he BLASTS Lyons, and then Matt whips Nick in so he can go up and over and PENALTY KICK Lyons! Matt stomps Cappuccino, stands him up, then HOTSHOTS him into Nick’s DISCUS LARIAT! Tag back to Matt and he drags Cappuccino up. The fans rally as hard as they can, but Cappuccino gets the MELTZER DRIVER!! Cover, The Bucks win!

Winners: The Young Bucks, by pinfall

Well, turns out they call that the “Tony Khan Driver” now, seems they don’t care to be associated with the Wrestling Observer anymore. But then they feel disrespected when the ref hesitates to raise their hands? Nick gets the mic to tell Paul Turner that when he raises their hand, what name did he use? Did he really just call him “Nick?” That is disrespectful! Next time, it’s a fine! And Schiavone, please, join them in the ring. Fans boo and Schiavone isn’t sure what to do. But they are EVPs, he doesn’t really have a choice… Schiavone joins the Bucks, and Nick promises they won’t harm him.

Last week, Schiavone was in the ring with them and Nick swears, he tripped on his own shoe, knocked into Schiavone and that is why Schiavone fell over. Nick wants to make it clear, and he apologizes for that. Matt says to show how sorry they are, and how much they love him, they got him a $25 Amazon gift card. They are sorry, Schiavone, but that isn’t the only thing they’re sorry about. See, they’re also sorry that, uh… they can’t get the bloodstains left by Darby Allin & Sting out of their $5,000 suits. Schiavone says yes, that is a problem… Will they rescind the $1,000 fine on them by any chance?

Sorry, no, they can’t do that. But there are a couple things that they won’t be sorry about. The first thing is beating the hell out of Darby for all the trash he talked about them publicly. The second thing, and this is one Schiavone will really like, is them taking Sting and pinning him to the mat, saying goodbye to one of the most legendary careers in all of pro-wrestling! Fans boo but Matt continues to tell “Stinger,” call them Father Time. Because just like time, the Bucks are undefeated. And just like time, the Bucks are coming for Sting! “Now everybody, let’s have a great show! There’s a great line-up on the way!

“Tony’s over there at the desk, he’s one of the best play by play guys in the business! C’mon, everybody! AEW chant on three? One, two, three! A E DUB! A E DUB! Alright, let’s go~!” Matt fist bumps Schiavone, then leaves with Nick. The farce continues, but will there be nothing even Darby & Sting can do about it? Or will the Icon still find a way to retire on top?


Tony Schiavone is back in the ring.

Rampage returns and he welcomes a young man who has had a busy year. He’s a brand new father but fighting the Don Callis Family, it’s Sammy Guevara! Tulsa cheers as The Spanish God heads to the ring, back on his feet after the ambush by Will Hobbs. Schiavone shakes hands with Sammy, and Schiavone congratulates Sammy on last week’s win against Jeff Hardy. But now, to the comments Callis had for Sammy just last Wednesday Night Dynamite. The insults he hurled at Sammy, Callis clearly has it out for him.

Sammy says it is a mix of emotions. Last week, he got in the ring with a childhood hero in Jeff Hardy. But on the other hand, he’s pissed off because Hobbs put him through a table! Sammy tells Hobbs that Sammy always knew Hobbs had endless potential, and superstardom written all over him. But he can do that all on his own! Hobbs doesn’t need Callis sucking the life out of Hobbs’ career! Hobbs is a star all on his own, but it’s too late now for him to figure that out because he’s pissed Sammy off. So enough talk! Get your ass out here so they can fight! The Don Callis Family music plays, but it’s only Callis walking out here.

Callis has a mic to taunt Sammy, “Look, everybody! It’s Mr. Mom! You’re back at work after nursing the child. I mean, the only thing you’ve done of any note in the last six months is reproduce, and you shouldn’t be proud of that. Dogs do it. Even these people can do it!” Fans boo but Callis says Sammy used to be a great athlete. He used to be a guy Callis wanted in the Family. But now, Sammy has become like so many others: a weak, pathetic little cuck! Sammy doesn’t get what Callis is doing repeating himself, but then HOBBS gets in from the crowd side! Sammy dodges, SUPERKICKS, and Hobbs bails out!

Sammy eggs Hobbs on, then builds speed, to FLY! Direct hit and down goes Hobbs! Sammy says bang bang, and he gets a chair! Sammy winds up to SMACK Hobbs on the back! Hobbs hobbles but gets in the ring. Sammy pursues, aims again, and he JAMS Hobbs low! Then SMACKS him on the back! Sammy throws off the jacket, waits on Hobbs to turn around, but Hobbs fights off the torture rack to LARIAT Sammy inside out!! Callis smiles as he tells Hobbs to end this! SPINEBUSTER! And then another SPINEBUSTER! Hobbs is gonna do Sammy like he did Jericho! Hobbs hauls Sammy up, scoops and WORLD’S STRONGEST SLAM!!

Hobbs stands over Sammy and Callis applauds. The Powerhouse has all but pulverized Sammy, and Callis even gets his shots in! Will the Don Callis Family make sure there’s nothing left of Sammy to go home to his wife and daughter by the end of this?


Skye Blue speaks.

“I had that match. I had it won, if it wasn’t for that bald headed, sad, poor excuse of a man, I would’ve had it and I deserved it. I had that win and I deserved it, on my own.” Julia Hart calms her down and says it’s okay. They will have their comeuppance. And while seeking their revenge, they will dig three graves: one for Willow, for Kris, and for Stokely. But who does Skye want first? Whoever will step up. Whoever has the balls enough to step up and fight her! Will the Chicago Skye continue to darken until she blots out the light?


Mariah May VS Anna Jay!

Toni Storm’s superfan still wants to prove herself to her hero, but that really depends on if Storm is even watching this. Will Mariah finally have Storm’s approval? Or will the Queenslayer still be the Star of the Show?

The bell rings and the two circle. The fans rally, the two tie up, and they go along the ropes. They end up in a corner, get out of a corner, and Mariah pulls hair. The ref counts, Mariah lets off and shoves Anna, but Anna doesn’t budge! Anna smirks as she and Mariah rest and tie up. Anna waistlocks, shoves, but Mariah slides to sweep the legs! Mariah runs but Anna dodges the dropkick! Anna runs to BLOCKBUSTER! Anna then ROCKS Mariah, whips her, but Mariah reverses to ROCK Anna! Mariah bumps Anna off buckles, then puts some stank on the DOUBLE CHOP! Mariah brings Anna around to bump off buckles, and CHOP again!

Mariah eggs Anna on so Anna CHOPS! Mariah CHOPS! Mariah bumps Anna off buckles, then digs her boot in as Rampage goes picture in picture!

The ref counts, Mariah lets off at 4, and she brings Anna into ropes to hook her up. The ref counts as Mariah chinlocks Anna against ropes, but she lets off at 4. Mariah kisses Anna on the cheek, then runs to DROPKICK Anna in the back! Anna falls out of the ropes and Mariah soaks up the heat. Mariah stands Anna up, runs, and SHOTGUNS her down! Anna flounders out of the ring and Mariah takes a bow. Mariah then goes out to stalk Anna, and she brings Anna around the way. Mariah puts Anna against barriers to CHOP her! And SPANK her! Mariah laughs while Anna hobbles away. Mariah pursues to then CHOP again!

Anna is stinging while Mariah dusts herself off. Mariah hears the count but she whips Anna into the barriers first! Mariah then leaves Anna behind and “apologizes” to the ref. Mariah goes back out after Anna, soaks up the heat, and vogues for the camera. But Anna throws body shots and CHOPS! And CHOPS! Mariah CHOPS back! Mariah pushes Anna into the ring, takes her time posing before going back in, and Rampage goes to break.

Rampage returns as Anna whips Mariah to a corner. Mariah slips out to the apron, avoids Anna’s haymaker, and ROUNDHOUSES in return! Anna staggers, Mariah shouts and climbs up, but Anna ROCKS her! Anna then gets space, runs up, and HEEL KICKS! Anna then wrenches the arms, ICONOCLASM! Cover, TWO! Anna grows frustrated but she drags Mariah up and hooks the arms. Mariah blocks the Gory Especial to backslide hard, TWO! Anna sits up, into a KNEE THRUST! Mariah says it’s time to end this, and she hauls Anna back up. Fireman’s carry, but Anna slips free! QUEENSLAYER!!

Anna hops on as a backpack, but Mariah RAMS her into buckles! Mariah is free, and she puts Anna up top. Mariah DOUBLE CHOPS, then gets some space. Mariah runs up to STRATUSPHERE! Anna flounders away and Mariah shouts out Storm! Mariah runs up, but the hip attack misses! Anna runs up to kick, dragon sleeper, and BACKSTABBER! Cover, TWO?!? Mariah survives and Anna grows frustrated! The fans rally as Anna sits Mariah up, into the QUEEN- NO, Mariah blocks the sleeper! Anna fights through to have the QUEENSLAYER! Mariah flails, reaches out, but she BITES Anna’s arm!!

The ref reprimands but Mariah is free all the same! Fireman’s carry, MAYDAY DRIVER!! Cover, Mariah wins!

Winner: Mariah May, by pinfall

One thing is for sure, Mariah is just as looney as her role model! Will she follow in Storm’s footsteps to become a champion in AEW?


Backstage interview with Ruby Soho & Angelo Parker.

Renee is with the lovey-dovey couple, how’d the date go? Ruby says she felt it went really well. Parker is relieved, he didn’t wanna say it first and be wrong. It was incredible, everything he hoped it’d be, he had a great time. Renee points out that in the opposite direction, Saraya is becoming unraveled. If they didn’t hear her comments earlier, she had some rather choice words. And apparently, she was going to hook Ruby up with her brother? Ruby says that’s weird and Renee agrees. Plus, Zak is more like a poor man’s Tom Hardy, big pass. Parker isn’t sure being Norwich’s Most Eligible Bachelor is a bad of honor, either. And honestly, “wrestling royalty?” That’s a stretch.

Ruby tells Saraya that she said she doesn’t care, that Ruby doesn’t get under her skin, but here’s the reality: for the last year, Saraya told Ruby that Ruby needed Saraya, when it was really the other way around. Saraya is sad and unhappy without Ruby. And say all you want about Ruby, but talk bad on Parker and that’s when they have problems. Ruby said she needed space, and in that space, she found something real. And Saraya may be sick of hearing it, of seeing it, but hey, why not invite everyone along? Bring the cameras, bring the crew, and they’ll shove this right down Saraya’s throat!

Parker’s pretty fired up. He says Ruby’s hot when she’s mad. Ruby thanks him for the compliment, and the two head out to get some drinks. Will they make Saraya so sick of love she’ll never dare speak their names again?


Roderick Strong w/ The Undisputed Kingdom VS Jake Hager w/ Hornsby!

The Undisputed Kingdom were bullying Orange Cassidy, and apparently the Big Hurt didn’t like seeing that. Will Oklahoma’s own break the Savior of the Backbreaker? Or will Roddy be too strong even for the All-American Sooner?

The bell rings and the fans rally for Hager and Hornsby. Roddy and Hager circle, tie up, and Hager powers Roddy to a corner. Roddy slips free, shoves Hager, and fans boo. The two reset, they circle again, and Roddy gets around to waistlock. Roddy then turns Hager around to CHOP, but Hager doesn’t budge! Fans fire up and Roddy is a bit scared, so Roddy bails out. The Kingdom pep talk Roddy while the ring count climbs. Roddy hurries in, dodges Hager, then things speed up. Roddy leaps but Hager catches him! Hager puts Roddy in a corner, runs up but into a BOOT! Roddy CHOPS, but Hager catches it?!

Fans fire up as Hager TOSSES Roddy, then CHOPS him! And CHOPS him again! Hager whips corner to corner hard, runs up, but Rodd bails out again! Hager snarls, goes out after Roddy, and stalks him around the way. Matt Menard’s on commentary, he says watch out for “these bozos,” Taven & Bennett. Hager stares them down as he walks past, then fires off on Roddy! Roddy tumbles, Hager puts him in the ring, but Roddy KICKS Hager in the ropes! Roddy CLUBS away on Hager, then tells Tulsa to shut up! Roddy runs, but into a BOOT! Hager storms up, puts Roddy in a corner, and then TOSSES him across the ring!

The fans fire up as Hager LARIATS Roddy down! Cover, TWO! Roddy stays in this but Hager digs his knees into Roddy! Roddy flails and reaches out but Hager traps the arms. The ref counts as that knee gets a bit high on the chest and into the neck area. Hager lets off, but he puts Roddy in a corner to fire off body shots! Roddy staggers away as Rampage goes picture in picture.

Hornsby cheers Hager on as he clotheslines Roddy in the corner! Hager ROCKS Roddy while talking trash to The Kingdom, then he hauls Roddy up top. Hager climbs, brings Roddy up, but Roddy clubs at Hager’s leg. Roddy throws body shots, slips underneath, and then kicks the legs out! Hager ends up stuck in the ropes, and Roddy runs to STRONG KNEE him in the back! Hager falls and Roddy stomps a mudhole in! The ref counts, Roddy lets off to flex, but only The Kingdom cheers him on. Roddy stands on Hager in the corner, lets off as the ref counts, but then he springboard stomps Hager down!

Roddy gets the legs and has Hager in ropes, for the ROPE GUILLOTINE! Hager sputters, Roddy covers, TWO! Roddy keeps Hager down by dropping knees, then he digs a knee into Hager’s back. Roddy has the chinlock but Hager endures and fights up. The fans rally, Hager throws body shots, and then Hager runs, but into a DROPKICK! Roddy hurries to cover, TWO! Roddy drags Hager from ropes, stomps him, then paces around while The Kingdom talks trash on Hager. Roddy glares at Hornsby but Hornsby dares him to do something! Roddy goes back to Hager to rain down fists! Roddy then lets off to put Hager in a corner.

Taven seems to be talking trash on Hornsby, probably calling him a Melvin like does everyone. Roddy stands Hager up to CHOP! And CHOP! And then he scoops to BACKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Roddy keeps Hager down with another chinlock, again digging in a knee. Hager endures, fights up, and Rampage returns to single picture. Hager throws body shots and is free, but Roddy CLUBS, KNEES and runs, but into a lift! Roddy sunset flips, Hager stays up and he drags Roddy up to TOSS to a corner! Roddy BOOTS, ENZIGIRIS and then OLYMPIC SLAMS! Cover, TWO! Roddy grows frustrated as Hager stays in this.

Hornsby smacks the steel steps to rally the fans, and now Bennett glares at him. And then Taven comes in from the other side, Hornsby realizes he’s in a 2v1 situation here. Hornsby wants them to calm down, but then he pulls out a SUPER CONFETTI POPPER! It goes off and Hornsby says take that! The Kingdom still storms up on him, but here comes Orange Cassidy! The AEW International Champion is returning the favor to Hager by helping out his buddy. The Kingdom says fine, bring it then! Cassidy says hold on, he has THE HAT! He throws the purple bucket hat into Hager, and Hager loves that hat!

Cassidy then dodges Taven, shoves him into Bennett, and down they go! Cassidy rains down fists, and Hager powers up with the hat!! Roddy runs up but Hager LARIATS! And LARIATS! And OVERHEAD BELLY2BELLY SUPLEXES! The fans are thunderous as Hager says, “I like this hat!!” Then Hager runs corner to corner, goes up and up, and hits the HAGER BOMB! Cover, TWO!! Roddy survives but Hager snarls! But Taven sends Cassidy into railing! The 2v1 has gotten the better of Cassidy, and Roddy JAWBREAKERS Hager! Hager staggers, Roddy storms up, OLYMP- NO, Hager slips free to GUT RWENCH BOMB!! Cover, TWO!!

Roddy survives, but Hager has the ANKLE LOCK!! Roddy flails, rolls over, and he kicks from below! Hager still holds on, ANKLE LOCK! Roddy flails, reaches out, but Taven throws Cassidy into the ring! The ref is distracted by that, Taven & Bennett get on the apron but Hager CLOBBERS them both! Roddy STRONG KNEES!! Hager falls, Roddy covers, Roddy wins!

Winner: Roderick Strong, by pinfall

Despite having back-up and the power-up, Hager still couldn’t beat the numbers game! Roddy is rolling towards Revolution, will he be taking the International title away from Cassidy?

My Thoughts:

A very good Rampage that was again booked to have story. The Bucks of course won their match, but they did what I was hoping they’d do in changing up their style. They purposefully didn’t use superkicks, and then they are apparently changing up the names of their finishers as if to say Heel Bucks don’t care about their YouTube show or Dave Meltzer. Their post match promo was good, too, but it didn’t really add too much more to the heat they’ve already got. And pretty good promos out of this Ruby VS Saraya story. I thought Ruby VS Saraya was just going to be the thing, but now it feels like they might give us a Mixed Tag of Ruby & Parker VS Saraya & Zak.

Really good Trios Triple Threat to open, and I love that it was Keith, Komander & Penta winning rather than taking a loss to the established-ish trios. The feud of Private Party and Top Flight really needs to be settled by just those teams anyway. Pretty good promo from Sammy Guevara to call out the Don Callis Family, but of course it turned into Hobbs beating Sammy up. Good promo from Skye and Julia, I really thought AEW would’ve figured out a contender to the TBS Championship by now, but maybe that’ll happen very quickly in the next week. Really good match from Mariah May and Anna Jay, and a really good win for Mariah. But you can bet Storm didn’t pay attention to this at all, just like the other times.

And very good main event from Hager VS Roddy, with The Kingdom of course overbooking this. The bit with Hornsby was fun, and Cassidy showing up was also a logical move. I like that Hager’s hat is now the same as Cassidy putting hands in his pockets, but of course Hager lost out. Roddy needs momentum going into the title match so he had to win this one, and he probably just waits it out while Cassidy gets worn down. But at this point, it’ll probably still take a lot of cheating for Roddy to win the International title and bring it into The Undisputed Kingdom.

My Score: 8.7/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (2/21/24)

Unlikely allies do battle!



AEW Coverage Lasers

Will Samoa Joe be welcome in whose house? SWERVE’S HOUSE!

Before fighting over the AEW World Championship, Samoa Joe teams with Swerve Strickland & Brian Cage against Hangman Page, Hook & Rob! Van! Dam!


  • Jon Moxley & Claudio Castagnoli VS FTR; Time Limit Draw.
  • Orange Cassidy VS Mike Bennett w/ Matt Taven; Cassidy wins.
  • “Timeless” Toni Storm w/ Luther & Mariah May VS Sydni Winnell; Storm wins.
  • Deonna Purrazzo VS Madison Rayne; Deonna wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Samoa Joe, Swerve Strickland & Brian Cage w/ Prince Nana VS Hangman Page, Hook & Rob Van Dam; Joe, Swerve & Cage win.


Jon Moxley & Claudio Castagnoli VS FTR!

The Blackpool Combat Club continue to claim they’re the Top Guys around here, and the Maniac certainly proved he can beat Dax Harwood 1v1. But the extracurriculars after that match spurred on this tag match, where FTR still excels! Will Dax & Cash prove who’s really elite in All Elite? Or will it be more of the same from last Wednesday?

The teams sort out and Moxley starts against Cash. They circle, feel things out, then Cash shoots in to get a leg. Cash trips Moxley, turns him over, then shoves him away. Moxley storms back up to clinch and throw knees! Moxley ROCKS Cash, tags Claudio and the BCC mugs Cash. Claudio UPPERCUTS, Cash CHOPS! cash UPPERCUTS, Claudio UPPERCUTS, repeat! Claudio fires UPPERCUT after UPPERCUT, but Cash fires forearm after forearm in return! Cash headlocks, Claudio powers out, and they RAM shoulders! Neither man falls but the fans fire up. Claudio and Cash speed things up, then Cash dropkicks a leg!

Cash trips Claudio, tags Dax, and they hand off Claudio so Dax can CHOP! Dax bumps Claudio off buckles, CHOPS again, then stalks him. Claudio eggs Cash on, so Dax winds up, only for Claudio to kick low! Claudio scoops and SLAMS Dax, dusts himself off and tags in Moxley. Moxley gets the legs to stomp Dax in the gut! Moxley drops an elbow, covers, ONE! Moxley clamps onto Dax, they go to a corner, and Moxley CHOPS, and then CHOPS again! Moxley keeps Dax in the corner to CHOP again! Moxley whisp corner to corner, Dax reverses and Moxley bounces off buckles, into a BIG back drop!

The fans fire up as Dax CHOPS Moxley, bumps him off buckles, and CHOPS again! Dax reels Moxley in for a snap suplex! Then Dax drops a leg! Cover, TWO! Dax tags Cash, FTR whips Moxley to ropes, for the body shot, knee lift, and then Cash suplexes! Moxley slips free, gets around, SLEEPER! Cash scrambles around, throws Moxley out, and waits on BCC as they regroup and talk. Moxley slides in, eggs Cash on, so Cash gets in his face! Cash gives short headbutts again and again! Moxley ROCKS Cash, Cash ROCKS Moxley! They go forearm to forearm, and fans fire up! Moxley ROCKS Cash again, but Cash ROCKS Moxley back!

Moxley kicks low, whips to ropes, then ELBOWS Cash down! Cash goes to the apron so Moxley drags Dax in! Claudio jumps in, the BCC mug Dax and whip him to a corner. Claudio sends Moxley in but Dax dodges! Dax ducks under Claudio, Cash FLYING DOUBLE LARIATS the BCC! Then DOUBLE DROPKICKS send BCC out of the ring! Tulsa fires up for FTR as Cash watches Moxley. Dax goes out to ROCK and CHOP Moxley then even adds a headbutt! Claudio storms up to UPPERCUT Dax! Moxley puts Dax in the corner to fire hands, but Cash drags Moxley down to CHOP! Cash puts Moxley in, only for Moxley to BLAST Cash away!

Moxley runs, DIVES, but only gets Dax! Cash RAMS Moxley into steel steps! The ref stops Claudio from getting involved again, this has to be a match, not a brawl. Cash puts Moxley in the ring, puts him in the corner, and tags Dax. FTR mugs Moxley and the fans fire up while the ref counts. Dax steps in and drags Moxley back up. Dax whips Moxley to then catch him for a COBRA TWIST! Moxley endures, FTR gets a bit sneaky as they link up! The ref stops that, then Claudio BOOTS Dax for good measure! Dax stands back up, he tags Cash and bumps Moxley off Cash’s knees! Cash CHOPS Moxley against ropes and the fans fire up!

Cash stays between Moxley and Claudio to then DROPKICK Moxley down! Cash mocks Claudio’s cannon arms, then he drags Moxley to the ropes. Cash stands on Moxley, the ref counts, and Cash lets off to tag Dax. FTR get the legs to ROPE GUILLOTINE Moxley! Moxley sputters, Dax kicks him down! Dax bumps Moxley off buckles, but Moxley counter punches! And again! And again! Dax kicks low, whips corner to corner, then runs in, but Moxley LARIATS back! Both men are down, the fans fire up again, and Claudio reaches out. Mox gets that arm working, reaches out in return, hot tag to Claudio!

The fans rally as the Swiss Superman rallies on Dax! Whip and UPPERCUT! Then UPPERCUT after UPPERCUT from all sides! The fans fire up, the ref counts, and Claudio lets off. Then jukes the ref, to UPPERCUT again! Claudio says it’s time and the fans fire up! Claudio trips Dax, but Cash runs up! Claudio fireman’s carries, Cash slips free, and now Dax kicks low! Dax reels Claudio in but Claudio Alabama Lifts! Cash saves Dax now, they work together to DOUBLE SUPLEX, but Claudio lands out of it! Claudio DOUBLE BACK SUPLEXES!! The fans are thunderous as Claudio stands back up.

Claudio runs the ropes to LARIAT Dax down! Cover, TWO!! Dax survives but Claudio drags Dax up. Claudio reels Dax in, but Dax back drops free! Claudio bails out but Dax pursues. Dax dodges Claudio’s lariat, only to run into a kick from Moxley! Moxley reels Dax in, Claudio goes up the apron, they steal the MIND BREAKER to the floor! The fans go nuts and Moxley talks trash as Dynamite goes picture in picture.

The BCC regroups in the ring, then Moxley goes out to the apron to soak up cheers and jeers. The ring count starts, The BCC lets it climb, but Cash rallies Tulsa for Dax. Dax flounders in at 7 but Claudio is right on him! Claudio chinbars and chicken wings Dax to keep him from Cash, then tags in Moxley. Moxley runs to BLAST Cash, then clothesline Dax! The ref keeps Cash from getting after Moxley, and Moxley whips Dax corner to corner hard! Dax falls, but Moxley ties up the legs. Moxley crossfaces Dax into the Queen Angelito! Dax endures, Moxley shifts to a facelock and puts Dax in the corner.

Moxley CHOPS, Dax CHOPS, repeat! They brawl, Claudio joins in and the BCC mugs Dax! The ref reprimands but Moxley whips Dax corner to corner hard again! Dax falls back, Moxley covers, TWO! Moxley drags Dax over, traps an arm and tags in Claudio. Claudio gets a leg to SMASH the knee! Dax writhes but Claudio clamps on a chinlock. Claudio grinds Dax into the mat but Dax endures. Dax fights up, pries at the hold, throws body shots, but Claudio UPPERCUTS! Dax storms up, but into a SLEEPER! Dax turns that into a BIG back suplex! Both men are down and Dynamite returns to single picture!

The fans rally, Dax crawls but Claudio clamps back on with another chinlock. Dax endures, reaches out, but he’s still so far away from both his corner and the ropes. The ref checks, the arm drops once. The arm drops twice! Dax revives and the fans fire up! Dax stands, reaches back, JAWBREAKER! Dax is free and he goes to a corner. Claudio runs in but into a BOOT! Claudio tries again, he blocks the boot, but Dax ROCKS him with a right, then POSTS him! Claudio flops to the apron, Dax crawls away, but Claudio hurries back in. Claudio grabs a foot, drags Dax back while reaching out, but Dax gets away. Hot tags to Moxley and Cash!

The fans fire up as Cash JABS, JABS and ROCKS Mox! Claudio returns but gets a DROPKICK for it! Cash UPPERCUTS Moxley! Cash ducks ‘n’ dodges Claudio to LEAPING LARIAT! Cash then runs up to CHOP Mox in the corner! CHOP and UPPERCUT on repeat, then Cash whips corner to corner. Moxley reverses but Cash goes up and over to sunset flip! TWO!! Moxley escapes, shoots around to full nelson, but Cash slips free! Moxley wants underhooks now but Cash wrenches out to suplex, BRAINBUSTER! Cover, TWO!! The five minute warning hits, tag to Cash. The fans rally for FTR as they get Moxley up.

FTR double whips, but Claudio runs in to shove Cash into Dax! No Shatter Machine, and BCC gets Cash up. They double suplex but Dax TACKLES Claudio! Cash cradles Moxley, TWO!! Moxley escapes, gets around Cash, but Dax tags in before the atomic drop! Cash hobbles, Moxley ELBOWS Dax and fires off on both men! Moxley kicks Cash, fires more shots, then BOOTS him! Moxley runs, but into a pop-up! Dax is up top, FTR hits a BULLDOG BOMB!! Cover, TWO!!! Moxley survives and shocks everyone! The three minute warning hits, the fans are thunderous, and Dax puts Moxley up top.

Dax CHOPS Moxley, climbs up after him, and Cash knows to go to the adjacent corner. But Claudio sees that and UPPERCUTS Cash right down! Claudio CLUBS Dax, Electric Chair Lifts him, and Moxley adjusts up top! Dax slips fere, though, and POSTS Claudio! Then Dax is right up after Moxley again! Cash is back up on a corner, the fans fire up for SUPERPLEX, and SPLASH, onto knees! They hit Power but no Glory, and Claudio gets Dax FOR THE SWING! The fans fire up as Moxley watches Dax go around and around and around, to then DROPKICK him out of the swing! Cover, TWO!!

Moxley seethes as he sits Dax up, and he rains down HAMMER ‘N’ ANVIL ELBOWS! Moxley then puts on a SLEEPER! Dax fights up, scrambles around, but ends up brought down into the BULLY CHOKE! Moxley rolls that into the REAR NAKED CHOKE! But Cash hurries over, only for Claudio to catch him! REAR NAKED CHOKE! The fans fire up as we hit the two minute warning. Cash fights up, has Claudio as a backpack, and he drops right onto Moxley! The fans fire up again as all four men are down! “This is Awesome!” as Claudio and Cash bail out. Moxley and Dax stand up and they start throwing forearms!

Dax trips Moxley, steps through, SHARPSHOOTER! Cash intercepts Claudio this time, but Claudio still kicks at Dax! Dax holds on, Cash GERMAN SUPLEXES Claudio away! Moxley still endures as we hit ONE MINUTE LEFT! Cash and Claudio fight, Claudio gets Cash in a SHARPSHOOTER!! Cash can endure all he wants, this is about Moxley’s stamina! Claudio turns things around to stare Dax down, and they start a SLAP FIGHT! The fans are thunderous, these two let off the holds to just fire off! Claudio UPPERCUTS again and again, but gets caught to a backslide, roll-through and PILEDRIVER!! But Moxley rolls Dax up!! TWO?!?!?

Dax escapes by nanoseconds but Moxley has the BULLY CHOKE!! Dax is already so red, but Cash crawls. Dax stands up, Moxley ROCKS him and flips him off! Moxley runs, into SHATTER MACHINE at the bell!!!

Time Limit Draw

No one can believe it, let alone FTR! They has Moxley, they had BCC, yet they don’t get to finish this! Fans call BS, they want “FIVE MORE MINUTES!” Claudio helps Moxley stand, and the teams figure screw it, let’s keep going! The ref calls for reinforcements as the brawl is on! Claudio tackles Dax, Moxley has Cash, but referees, security and other wrestlers rush out here to stop this! The fans boo, this isn’t what Tulsa wants! “Let Them Fight! Let Them Fight!” Claudio finds Dax and puts on a SLEEPER!! The fans fire up but now everyone else pries these two apart! But then Cash finds Moxley and things reignite!

The fans are going nuts, the four men are separated again, but it is very clear things between the BCC and FTR are far from over! What will it take to put this to rest?


Backstage interview with Orange Cassidy.

Renee Paquette is with Freshly Squeezed, and Doc Sampson, too, actually. She says Orange has been through a lot lately, to say the least. In chronological order: the Six Man Tag after Chuck Taylor gets taken out; Rocky Romero gets taken out after the Six Man Tag; Cassidy takes on Tomohiro Ishii 1v1; The Kingdom hits Cassidy with a Spike Piledriver; Cassidy has a Texas Deathmatch with Matt Taven; Trent Beretta gets beat down, isn’t medically cleared and isn’t present tonight; Cassidy goes to England to visit Wembley Stadium; Cassidy defends his International Championship under Rev-Pro; and there’s still Revolution.

How is Cassidy feeling here and now? Is he even medically cleared to compete? Well, uh, that’s why Doc is here. Doc says fortunately–or is it unfortunately?–Cassidy just needs to make the bare minimum, and he does, so that means he’s cleared for tonight. And if he is cleared, then he’s gonna wrestle. Cassidy is taking Trent’s place in facing Mike Bennett, will the Best Friends be avenged?


Backstage interview with FTR.

Alex Marvez is with Cash & Dax and notes that they were maybe 10 seconds away from winning tonight. Cash says it could’ve just been five, and Dax says the thing is, he came to kick BCC’s ass and they did that. BCC thinks they run AEW, but FTR bows down to nobody. What he suggests is: Revolution is coming up; FTR doesn’t have a match; BCC doesn’t have a match. therefore, FTR VS BCC again. But speaking of, BCC is storming their way up! Security and refs stand between these four to keep this from getting physical, but it should be obvious when and where we’re going to see this happen again. Will it be a barn burner in Greensboro?


Orange Cassidy VS Mike Bennett w/ Matt Taven!

As we heard from Renee, Freshly Squeezed has been through the wringer but isn’t even slowing down. Is he going to get revenge for Chuck, Rocky and Trent here tonight? Or is he playing right into the Undisputed Kingdom’s hands?

As The Kingdom make their entrance, Cassidy doesn’t even wait for the bell, he rushes up the ramp! Cassidy dodges Bennett to ORANGE PUNCH Taven down! The fans fire up as Cassidy fires off on Mike and sends him down the ramp! Mike flounders to ringside, Cassidy goes after him and puts him in the ring. The fans are fired up and the bell sounds. Cassidy storms up on Mike in a corner to “viciously” stomp. Then Cassidy actually stomps away on Mike! The ref counts, Cassidy lets off, and Mike gets up to SUCKER PUNCH! The fans boo but Mike bumps Cassidy off buckles. Mike CHOPS, then stalks Cassidy to a corner.

Mike CHOPS Cassidy again, brings him around, and whips corner to corner hard! Cassidy bounces off buckles, the fans boo but Mike soaks it up. Mike drags Cassidy up, suplexes high and hard, then covers, ONE! Mike is frustrated already but he stomps Cassidy. Mike mocks the chants then bumps Cassidy off buckles. Mike digs his boots in, lets off to blow kisses to the fans, then he suplexes high and hard again. Cover, TWO! Mike is even more frustrated, and he drags Cassidy up to DECK him! Mike then drags Cassidy back up, suplexes, but gets STUN DOG MILLIONAIRE! Cassidy runs, ducks ‘n’ dodges, then tilt-o-whirl DDTS!

The fans fire up as Cassidy kips up! Cassidy powers up the arm but Roderick Strong runs out here! The ref stops Roddy from getting at Cassidy, and Cassidy puts his hands in his pockets! More refs get out here to usher Roddy away, but Mike LOW BLOWS Cassidy! A punch right to the plums brings Orange down, and Mike grins. Mike gets Cassidy up, PILEDRIVER! Cover, TWO!! Cassidy survives and shocks Mike! Cassidy tumbles out of the ring while Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Cassidy hobbles, Mike pursues, and Mike THROWS Cassidy into railing! Mike soaks up the heat from Tulsa, then mocks the putting hands into pockets, by flipping everyone off! Mike then THROWS Cassidy into more railing! Cassidy writhes, Mike laughs, and Mike taunts fans while standing on Cassidy’s head! The ref counts, Mike lets off to refresh the ring count, and then he RAMS Cassidy into steel steps! Mike DECKS Cassidy, then shoves him into the ring. Cover, TWO! Cassidy shakes his head, showing that toughness, but Mike kicks him around. Mike stands Cassidy up to hit an EXPLODER! Cover, TWO!

Mike is frustrated again while Cassidy bails back out. Mike paces, pursues, and he whips Cassidy, only for Cassidy to reverse! Mike hits steel steps! Cassidy hobbles over but Mike SUPERKICKS him! Cassidy staggers his way into the ring, Mike follows, and Mike drops a leg! Cover, TWO! Cassidy survives but Mike KNEES him in the back! Mike whips Cassidy to a corner hard and Cassidy falls in a heap. Mike storms up, drags Cassidy up, and CHOPS him in the corner. Cassidy sputters, Mike CHOPS him again, and then Mike brings Cassidy around to bump off buckles. Mike keeps after Cassidy with uppercuts while Dynamite returns to single picture.

The fans rally, Mike whips corner to corner, Cassidy tumbles up and out and to the floor! Cassidy writhes, Mike soaks up more heat, and he drags Cassidy up to DECK him again! Mike drags Cassidy into the ring, talks trash on commentary, and says he does this job better than Schiavone and Excalibur. The problem with AEW is guys like Orange Cassidy. Roddy is taking that title! You hear him!? Y-Yes, they hear him. But then Cassidy DIVES onto Mike and wipes him out! The fans fire up again and Cassidy puts Mike back in. Mike bails out the other side, but Cassidy builds speed to DIVE again!

Fans fire up as Mike hits railing, and Cassidy gets him back in the ring. Mike comes back, and he gives Cassidy an APRON SPINEBUSTER! Then a fireman’s carry, DEATH VALLEY DRIVER to the floor! Cassidy writhes, Mike grins and puts Cassidy back in. Mike runs up, into an ORANGE PUNCH!!! The fans are thunderous as Cassidy shakes the ropes! Cassidy goes to another corner, he watches Mike rise, and he runs in to Alabama Lift! But Mike fights that to lift! Cassidy fights that, the two fight for control! Cassidy gets Mike up but Mike fights that back down! Mike gets Cassidy up but Cassidy fights that!

Mike still powers Cassidy up, for a GOTCH PILEDRIVER!! Mike crawls to the cover, TWO!!! Cassidy is almost superhuman at this point, and Mike seethes. Mike waits on Cassidy to stand, then runs, but Cassidy dodges! SUPERKICK! Mike ROLLING ELBOWS! Cassidy stays on his feet, a second ROLLING ELBOW knocks him down! The fans boo but Mike hauls Cassidy up. But Cassidy lifts for BEACH BREAK!! Cover, Cassidy wins!!!

Winner: Orange Cassidy, by pinfall

But then Taven returns to attack! The fans boo as Taven beats Cassidy down, and then Roddy returns to add on! The fans boo harder as Taven sets Cassidy up, but wait! JAKE HAGER!? Oklahoma’s own gets in, runs off Roddy and SPINEBUSTERS Taven! Then he CLOBBERS Mike! The Kingdom retreats, and BREAKING NEWS for Rampage! Hager will take on Roddy Strong! Is Roddy strong enough to bring down the Big Hurt?


Backstage interview with Angelo Parker.

Renee says tonight is the night. Cool Hand Ange gets his date with Ruby Soho, how is he feeling? It’s wild. Renee knows better than anyone that this has been a wild process, so he’s excited, nervous and- Ruby is here, in a dress! Renee will let them take it from here, see you later. Ruby promises to tell Renee all about it later, Renee says, “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do,” and Ruby says, “No promises.” Parker offers his arm, Ruby takes it, and the two spot a car pulling up. Is this them? No, Parker got a Lyft. Is that okay? Ruby’s fine with that.

The lovebirds head out, but who steps out of the SUV? It’s RIC FLAIR! The Nature Boy is back, will he have something to say on the road to Revolution?


Backstage interview with Ric Flair.

Dynamite returns, and Renee says it’s great to see the Nature Boy. But with Revolution, March 3rd, just around the corner, Sting’s final match, can we get some thoughts on what this means to Ric? He says that he and Sting have known each other a long time, he doesn’t care if anyone dislikes what he’s about to say, but Ric is disappointed. When he signed up for this retirement tour, he hoped he’d be part of the picture more, if that makes sense. But Sting the person, Sting the Icon, Ric just wished Sting would involve him more. Ric’s also a little disappointed in himself that he hasn’t been in the middle of all of this.

So Ric’s gonna “explore some options.” Just telling the truth. Renee appreciates the time, and Ric continues on to the office of… Matthew & Nicholas Jackson!? The Bucks grumble that Ric’s here, but he says he wants a word. Do they have the time? Sure, let’s talk. The EVPs welcome Ric into their office, what is The Nature Boy gonna wheel ‘n’ deal this time?


Tony Schiavone is in the ring.

He welcomes to one of the great young stars of AEW, it’s Daniel Garcia! The fans cheer as The Dragonslayer makes his way down to the ring, and does his dance! Garcia joins Schiavone and Schiavone brings up the match last week, Garcia VS Adam “Edge” Copeland, hoping to name a contender to the TNT Championship. Unfortunately, we saw what happened, The Patriarchy attacked and now The Rated R Superstar is unable to compete, he’s on the shelf. Fans boo that, but Schiavone says here’s a big announcement: Revolution will see Daniel Garcia challenge Christian Cage for the TNT title!

Schiavone hands Garcia the mic to speak, and fans chant “You Deserve It!” Garcia has them calm down, and says a lot of the time, he feels like he doesn’t, so thanks for saying that. From the bottom of his heart, thank you. He always felt like in this business, he was destined for great things. That is what people told him, that he’d be great. But a couple months ago, when he was at his lowest, it was one of the lowest moments in his career, in his life, he lost confidence. He started to lose that feeling, he really did. But Garcia knew going through all that, three seconds is all he needs. And at the end of the Continental Classic, he got those three seconds!

Garcia took full advantage of three seconds, and those three seconds changed his life! The fans cheer that, and Garcia says every single time he got down, y’all picked him back up! Every time he danced, y’all danced with him! And he can’t thank them enough for helping him restore that feeling! The fans cheer Garcia on, and Garcia then tells Adam Copeland through the camera, no one knows how their match would’ve ended. But Garcia is confident that if it went on any longer, Garcia would’ve tapped Edge out. Fans are mixed there, but Garcia says it isn’t done between them. He will see Edge again. Just know that when that day comes, Garcia will be holding the TNT Championship!

Garcia says that brings us to Revolution! Garcia has a message for Christian! When Christian steps into the ring with Garcia, Garcia will take him down to- Oh, of course, here comes Captain Charisma, as well as his Patriarchy, from Nick and “Mother” Shayna to Killswitch/Luchasaurus. Christian has a mic to say, “Adam Copeland will not have another chance at my TNT Championship ever, do you understand me?” Fans boo but Christian says Tulsa needs to sit down and shut their mouths while he conducts his business. Fans still boo, but Christian tells Daniel that what happened last week was just a byproduct of being in the ring with Edge.

But it worked out pretty well, right? Because now Garcia stands as #1 contender to the TNT Championship for Revolution. Christian adds that Garcia’s been on a hell of a run lately, getting wins left and right. But Christian must say, as much as he’d love to go 1v1 with Garcia for the title, he doesn’t think it should happen at Revolution. Fans boo that and Garcia says okay, then where? Christian says it’s not that Garcia isn’t worthy, it’s that Christian doesn’t think he’s ready. Because he doesn’t need to tell Garcia that Garcia is easily distracted. Don’t get Christian wrong, he likes the signature dance as much as the next guy.

But the thing is, that is a distraction. Garcia just wants to make people, to entertain them, to send them home saying, “Daniel Garcia was great, wasn’t he?” Christian wants to send them home knowing he is the most dominant TNT Champion of all time! The fans boo again but Christian tells them to pipe down. Christian says they both know why Garcia is the way he is, don’t they? Christian knows something the fans don’t. The fans chant “You Suck! You Suck!” but Christian says Garcia had a pretty dark childhood, didn’t he? That he didn’t have so many happy memories. So here’s a question: Does Garcia know a Jackie Garcia in Buffalo Court?

Can Garcia confirm that Jackie was married to one David Garcia? And that David is Daniel’s father, and that David… IS DEAD! Fans boo, we all knew where he was gong with this! Now wouldn’t it be a sweet fairytale ending for Garcia to walk into Revolution, win the TNT title, raise it up and dedicate it to his late great father? Well let’s be honest, Garcia knows as well as Christian does that David wasn’t so great. David was a PIECE OF CRAP LOSER ALCOHOLIC that lost his life to the bottle!! And unlike him, Christian doesn’t wanna hurt Garcia. Unlike David, Christian wants Daniel to fulfill his potential.

Unlike David, Christian doesn’t want to be Daniel’s opponent, he wants to be Daniel’s father. Fans boo even harder and Garcia seethes. Garcia tells Christian that if he ever talks about Garcia’s beautiful mother again, he’s a dead man! But since we’re talking about dead relatives, and about Garcia’s dead dad, how about Christian get in the ring so Garcia can put him in the ground right next to him!? The fans fire up and Garcia throws his jacket off. Christian sends Nick instead, so Garcia dodges Nick, trips him, and puts on the DRAGON TAMER!! Christian sends Killswitchasaurus, but Garcia lets Nick go to be ready.

And then Matt Menard SMACKS Luchasaurus with a chair! And again! Daddy Magic dares Christian to do something as he stands tall with Garcia! The fans fire up, and despite what Christian wants, the match his still on! Will Red Death end Christian’s reign of terror?


Backstage interview with Hangman Page, Hook & Rob Van Dam.

Renee says tonight’s main event is these three against Samoa Joe, Swerve Strickland & Brian Cage. The Cowboy is also days away from the AEW World Championship Triple Threat, how is he feeling ahead of tonight? Hangman says tonight is all about opportunity, and opportunity for all three of his team. Hook wants to avenge his loss to Samoa Joe, RVD wants to redeem himself against Swerve for that loss under hardcore rules. And honestly, if RVD had beat Swerve that night, we wouldn’t be here in the first place, but that’s not the point. RVD says hey, he’s not happy about that either. Was Nana even there? Or was he getting into something else RVD would be interested in?

Hangman has RVD focus: this is a chance tonight before Revolution to hurt Swerve Strickland, and that is what they’re gonna do! That’s the plan, stick to it, they both owe him! RVD is fired up, and wonders if Nana will be here tonight. This one of a kind trio is ready, but will they take over whose house?


“Timeless” Toni Storm w/ Luther & Mariah May VS Sydni Winnell!

The AEW Women’s World Champion continues her string of “public workouts” on her way to Revolution, looking to stay sharp ahead of facing Deonna Purrazzo. Will the leading lady make this look easy? Or will she be caught off guard by Tulsa’s hometown girl?

The bell rings and Storm fires off on Sydni! Storm stomps Sydni in the corner, lets off as the ref counts, and Storm storms back up. Storm brings Sydni up but Sydni throws forearms! The fans rally as Sydni whips, but Storm reverses. Sydni ducks ‘n’ dodges but Storm hits a THESZ PRESS! Storm rains down fists, lets off, and the fans cheer, as does Mariah. Storm whips Sydni to a corner, runs in, and SPLASHES! Storm then headlocks for a BULLDOG! Storm smiles as she gets her filter, and she goes back to Sydni. Sydni JAWBREAKERS, then runs up, but Storm trips her! Storm runs to SWEET HIP MUSIC!

Storm brings Sydni up, STORM ZERO! But Storm isn’t done here, she gets a leg for the ANKLE LOCK! Sydni endures but then Storm lets go. She says that’s too easy! FUJIWARA ARMBAR, and then VENUS DE MILO!! Sydni verbally quits, Storm wins!

Winner: Toni Storm, by submission

The AEW Women’s World Champion just sent a message to her challenger that anything Deonna can do, Storm can do better. Will nothing stop Storm- Wait! Speak of the Virtuosa and here she comes! She wants her match now, will she upstage the leading lady?

Deonna Purrazzo VS Madison Rayne!

The bell rings and the two shake hands. They circle, tie up, and Rayne waistlocks. Deonna switches and SLAMS Rayne down, then facelocks. Rayne fights up, wrenches to a wristlock but Deonna headlocks for a takeover. The fans rally, Rayne headscissors, but Deonna kips free. Rayne sweeps to cover, ONE! Deonna goes to sweep, Rayne avoids it, so Deonna body shots and snapmares. Deonna chinlocks but Rayne fights up. The fans rally, Deonna shifts to a headlock and she grinds Rayne again. Rayne pops out the back, headlocks in return, but Deonna powers up and out. They RAM shoulders and neither falls.

The fans rally, Rayne trips Deonna then things speed up. Rayne stops to stomp the dropdown, then she CLUBS away on Deonna! Rayne drags Deonna up, bumps her off buckles, and then digs her boots in. The ref counts, Rayne lets off at 4, and she whips Deonna corner to corner. Deonna stops herself, goes under and keeps moving, to then BOOT Rayne down! The fans fire up with Deonna while Rayne goes to the apron. Deonna waits, then rallies the fans as she builds speed, and she WRECKS Rayne with a dropkick! The Virtuosa lounges on the apron while Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Deonna fetches Rayne, reels her in, but Rayne fights the suplex! Rayne throws body shots, then RAMS Deonna into the apron! Rayne SMACKS Deonna off the apron now, then brings her around to SMACK her off the steps! Deonna falls over, Rayne refreshes the ring count, and soaks up the cheers and jeers. Deonna flounders into the ring but Rayne stomps her to the corner. Rayne digs her knee in and smiles, then lets off as she blows kisses. Deonna goes to a corner but Rayne brings her out. Deonna fights the suplex now, so Rayne throws knees! Rayne cranks on the facelock to hit a INVERTED DDT!

Rayne keeps the facelock on so she can grind Deonna down. Deonna endures, fights back up, but Rayne throws her by her hair! The ref reprimands but Rayne shrugs. Rayne drags Deonna up, facelocks again, and puts on the squeeze. Deonna endures, stands back up, and wrenches out to fire forearms! Deonna backs Rayne down, whips her to ropes, but Rayne slips around! Deonna fights off the nelson to whip, but Rayne tilt-o-whirls into an OCTOPUS! Deonna stays up while she endures, and Dynamite returns to single picture. The fans rally, Deonna drops and Rayne sunset flips it, TWO! ENZIGIRI!

Rayne hurries to ripcord Deonna, but Deonna denies her the cutter! DOUBLE LARIATS collide and both women are down! The fans rally back up and a standing count begins. Rayne and Deonna rise at about 6 of 10, then stand at 7. Deonna BOOTS the lariat away, then LARIATS in return! Deonna rallies, the fans fire up, and she kicks low to run and KNEE LIFT! Rayne wobbles into the RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP! Then Deonna rolls but Rayne rolls through! Deonna stands Rayne up but Rayne breaks free of the wristlock! Rayne ROCKS Deonna, but Deonna ROCKS her back! Rayne ROCKS Deonna again, but Deonna ROCKS Rayne again!

Deonna then blocks a forearm to fire a flurry! She ROCKS Rayne, reels her in, but Rayne throws elbows free and rolls Deonna up! ONE!! Rayne stands, wrenches, hooks Deonna up, but Deonna wrenches free to FLATLINER!! The ref checks Rayne, that was a hard landing! Rayne is somehow okay, so Deonna looks to end this fast! She sends a message back to Toni Storm, she steals the “Break a Leg” ANKLE LOCK!! Rayne taps, Deonna wins!

Winner: Deonna Purrazzo, by submission

Tonight, the student surpasses the mentor, and she is primed for facing her former friend! Wait! Storm rushes back out here, armed with a shoe! Deonna dodges then BOOTS Storm down! Then she swings on Mariah! Mariah gets away, Storm catches Deonna into BREAK A LEG!! And with a grapevine!! Deonna endures, reaches around, the ref reprimanding Storm the whole time! Storm doesn’t let go, so the ref tells Luther to do something! He’s the butler, after all! Luther says fine, and he storms in to tell Lady Storm that this is enough. Storm lets Deonna go, then applies her lipstick like the madwoman she is!

Will Deonna learn she’s not ready to take the spotlight, nor the title, away from “Timeless” Toni Storm?


BREAKING NEWS for Rampage!

On top of Hager VS Roddy, and on top of Mariah May VS Anna Jay, we’ll hear from The EVPs, Matthew & Nicholas Jackson. Will they give us some insight as to what Ric Flair wanted to talk with them about? Plus, we’ll hear from Sammy Guevara, what are his thoughts after being blindsided by Powerhouse Hobbs? And then, there will be a massive Trios Triple Threat! Matt Sydal & Private Party VS Bryan Keith, Komander & Penta VS Top Flight & Action Andretti! Who will take a huge step towards challenging for the AEW World Trios Championships?


Darby Allin & Sting speak.

The Relentless One starts by saying, “When you’re close to the end, you look back at life, it really puts everything into perspective. The fame, the spotlight, the material objects that we chase that we think define us but in reality don’t mean a single thing. We’ve been looking at some old photos today. Sting, is it cool if I show the Young Bucks some of these photos?” The Icon is off camera but he says yeah, it’s cool. Darby says he’s got something to show us. Darby brings the pictures over and holds up one. This is a photo of Sting and his sons, Garrett & Steven, in matching face paint. The Bucks remember those two, right? Of course they do.

When this photo was taken, Garrett & Steven were about the same age as The Bucks’ kids are right now. This is Sting’s flesh and blood. “This is the only thing that matters in life in the end. It’s family.” Sting takes the photo to look at it. And Darby’s right, family is the only thing that really matters. Sting admits this strikes a nerve right now, too, because in all the years he’s been a pro-wrestler, nobody’s ever messed with his flesh ‘n’ blood. “Until you, Bucks. A lot’s going on in my own personal life the last couple of weeks. This, the Bucks, and only seven days ago or so, another family member of mine, my father, passed away.

“He was like a hero to me. He taught me right. Makes me think a lot about my own mortality. I used to think I was so invincible, y’know? Sometimes, I do feel that way still. But time catches up. Catches up with everyone, and it caught me for sure. I know that truly I am not invincible. But one thing that I do know: Everything that I have left in me… I’m bringing to Revolution. And it’s going to meet you face to face, Bucks. You have a fight on your hands. The fight of your life.” The Tornado Tag Match for the AEW World Tag Team Championships may be Sting’s last match, but will it be The Bucks’ last match, too?


Tony Schiavone is in the ring, again.

And this time, he welcomes The Undisputed Kingdom’s Wardlow! The fans boo as the War Dog storms his way down to the ring, sitting pretty on a nine match win streak. But then he grabs the mic away and tells Schiavone to get out of the ring before knocking him on his old ass again. Fans boo more but Wardlow says yeah, yeah, he’s pissed. He’s been pissed off for a long time. Two years ago, Wardlow had THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of people chanting his name, city after city, in a manor that hasn’t been heard or seen in decades! Wardlow as the Next Big Thing!

“But apparently the rocket strapped to his back was put on upside-down, because ever since, he has been driven into the ground and screwed over and over and over again! “You would think the one true, homegrown, day one AEW original mega star would’ve been the champion a long time ago. But somehow, I’ve never even received an opportunity for the heavyweight title, and people back there need to be fired and thrown in jail for that fact! But let’s look at some of the people who have held it, because there’s been a lot of men running around here claiming to be the best.” Kings, gods, so what does that make Wardlow?

Because the Best in the World, the “real” heavyweight champion, Wardlow beat his ass like nobody has in his entire career! His body’s still falling apart from Wardlow! Which brings Wardlow to our former champ, the guy who is better than all of us and we know it. Yeah, your favorite! Guess what? Wardlow squashed him like an insect like nobody ever has in that guy’s career! Which brings him to the most dangerous man in the room, the current champ, Samoa Joe. Fans chant for Joe but Wardlow wants a reminder from when they were in the ring together. Oh right! Wardlow choked Joe’s ass out and beat him, too!

And by the way, big shiny belts and custom suits even better on Wardlow. So again he asks, “What does that make me? Because it sounds like I’M the Best in the World. It sounds like I’M better than you, and you know it. It sounds like I’M the most dangerous man in the room! I AM THE UNCROWNED KING OF AEW, and it is time I start eating like one, because I have been starving. And I am done being fed scraps. Look at me! LOOK AT ME! I am everything a world champion is supposed to be!! I’m the baddest SOB to ever lace up a pair of boots, and there is no one back there bigger, stronger or faster than me. There is no one that can stop me!

“And if anybody wants to get in my way, just know this is no longer wrestling. This is WAR!” Wardlow throws down the mic after having thrown down the challenge, will anyone dare step in the way of his warpath to the top?


AEW shares footage from after last Friday’s Rampage.

The Bang Bang Scissor Gang was successful in their first outing as a six pack, and they regrouped backstage. Jay White and the boys were all fired up, and Billy apologizes for knocking into White. Then what about Billy & Austin doing the 3:10 to Yuma when that’s kinda what the Gunn Brothers do? Uh, sorry, no apologies, Billy is their dad, he could easily be a Collision Cowboy. Maybe they get together and do like they did in the old days? Austin likes that idea. White double checks: the good ol’ days like when they won Six Man titles with their dad? Or did that not happen until Switchblade stepped on the scene?

But White tells “Mr. Gunn,” “Papa Gunn,” that he likes the idea. The next Collision, we get Billy, Colten and White teaming up to represent BBSG. Well, Austin was hoping to get in on that, but Caster & Bowens don’t mind. This is cohesion, because no matter the combo, The Bang Bang Scissor Gang rules the world. BECAUSE EVERYONE…! LOVES! THE ACCLAIMED! Bang Bang!! Will Daddy Ass, one of his sons and #KingSwitch make for a winning combination this Saturday on Collision?


BREAKING NEWS for Wardlow!

Tony Khan says if Wardlow wants to prove he’s the biggest and the baddest and the most deserving of the next world title shot, then he’ll get his chance inside what’s being called “Meat Madness!” More details to come on whatever that is, but will we get plenty of big meaty men slapping meat in the near future?


BREAKING NEWS for Dynamite!

Will Ospreay is going to make his return to AEW when Dynamite rolls into Huntsville, Alabama! Surely the Aerial Assassin has a lot to say about being full-time All Elite, but what will he have to say about facing fellow Don Callis Family member, Konosuke Takeshita, at Revolution? Speaking of…

Backstage interview with The Don Callis Family!

Renee is with “Powerhouse” Will Hobbs, “The Alpha” Konosuke Takeshita, and of course, creepy Callis himself. She brings up last week, Callis making the match for Revolution. Has he put any more thought into how that match is going to help the family? Yes, a lot of thought. This will help them big time because no matter what, two of the best in-ring competitors in the world, Ospreay and Konosuke, will still be part of the Don Callis Family. We just saw Ospreay have a great farewell to UK wrestling, even Tony Khan was there to cheer him on. Everyone thought Ospreay was going to get on the same flight with TK back to the US, but no.

And why was that? Because Callis is on his way with the DCF jet to pick Ospreay up and personally bring him stateside for Revolution! Callis is so excited about that, he’s even got the “meat madness!” He slaps Hobbs’ big chest, and that hurts Callis’ hand more than anything. Hobbs is the biggest, the strongest and most violent man in this company, and he is gonna put the hurt on a lot of people in the Meat Madness Match! But there’s a fly in the ointment and that’s Sammy Guevara. Callis hasn’t forgotten about that little cuck. We know Sammy’s gonna be in Tulsa for Rampage, so he and the Family will settle scores soon enough.


BREAKING NEWS for Collision!

No other sports are in the way, AEW’s back on Saturday, and Bryan Danielson gets another Strong Style dream match as he takes on Jun Akiyama! Will the American Dragon defeat Blue Thunder like he did Blue Justice? Or will he be slain by The Sternness?


Six Man Tag: Samoa Joe, Swerve Strickland & Brian Cage w/ Prince Nana VS Hangman Page, Hook & Rob Van Dam!

A lot has been said about the coming AEW World Championship Triple Threat, but the One True King of Wrestling Television is no stranger to those odds. But will his odds improve when he, The Realest & The Machine get through with this match? Or will the Cowboy, the Cold Hearted Handsome Devil and the One of a Kind legend execute the game plan and cut the title match down to a 1v1?

The teams sort out and Joe starts against Hook in a slight rematch of their world title showdown. They tie up, Joe shoves Hook away but Hook gets up. Joe chuckles, circles with Hook and they tie up again. Joe SLAMS Hook down but Hook gets up in a huff. Joe chuckles more but Hook keeps cool. They reset, tie up, and Joe powers Hook towards a corner. Hook uses that to send Joe in and fires off hands! Joe shoves Hook away but Hook comes back to ROCK Joe! Hook ducks ‘n’ dodges to LARIAT Joe down! Hook runs up to fire off in a corner! Joe turns that around to fire body shots and JABS in return!

Joe fires fast hands, the ref counts, but Joe RIDGE HAND CHOPS Hook down! Joe snarls, drags Hook up, and he puts Hook in the corner. Tag to Cage and he RAMS Hook. And RAMS him again! Then CHOPS! Cage clotheslines point blank again and again, then reels Hook in. Hook gets around to waistlock but Cage elbows free. Hook elbows in return, then hurries for his corner, tag to RVD! The fans fire up as RVD dodges, fires off hands on Cage, but Cage shoves back. RVD blocks a kick, spins Cage around and leg scissor rolls him! TWO, but RVD jumps up! Cage stops the monkey flip to RAM RVD into the corner!

Tag to Swerve, and the Embassy mugs RVD. Swerve whips RVD into Cage’s scoop, BACKBREAKER to SLIDING LARIAT COMBO! The fans fire up, Swerve covers, TWO! RVD goes to a corner but Swerve storms up on him. Swerve whips RVD corner to corner, RVD reverses and runs in, to MURAMASA! RVD then whips Swerve corner to corner, runs in again, MONKEY FLIP! Swerve flounders and the fans fire up! RVD gets the fans to join in with the “Rob! Van! Dam!” and waistlocks. Swerve switches, RVD goes to ropes, Hangman tags in before the O’Conner! RVD rolls free but Swerve somersaults, but RVD dodges the flatliner!

Hangman gets right in Swerve’s face and the fans fire up! Hangman TACKLES Swerve, the two scrap, Cage gets in and so does Hook. They separate the two, the fans want more “COWBOY SHID!” but Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Swerve talks trash, tags out, and Cage meets Page once again. Hangman kicks and CHOPS and CHOPS, then bumps Cage off buckles. Hangman tells Hook to handle this and tags him in. It’s a preview of the FTW Championship match as Hook fires knees into Cage’s abs. Hook throws body shots and forearms, the ref counts and Hook lets off to bring Cage out. Hook whips, then LARIATS! Cage wobbles but stays up, so Hook runs up to whip again. Cage reverses and CLOBBERS Hook! Cage drags Hook up, but Hook throws body shots! Hook fires forearms and haymakers, then whips again. Cage reverses again and Swerve gets a cheap shot in!

The ref reprimands but Cage CLOBBERS Hook all the same. Nana cheers the Embassy on and Cage drags Hook up, Cage bump Hook off buckles, tags in Swerve, and Swerve brings Hook around. Swerve hits a NECKBREAKER, then kneels for the cover, TWO! The cocky cover wasn’t gonna cut it but Swerve digs his boot into Hook’s neck! Swerve bumps Hook off buckles, tags Joe, and Joe takes his time to step in. Joe JABS, JABS and JABS, then snapmares to CHOP Hook’s back! Then he PENALTY KICKS Hook down, for the FLASH ELBOW DROP! Joe stalks Hook to ropes, drags him up, and puts him in the corner.

Joe tags Swerve, they mug Hook, then Swerve grinds Hook into the ropes. The ref counts, Swerve ROCKS Hook as he lets off, and Dynamite returns to single picture. Tag back to Joe, the mugging continues, and Joe throws body shots. Joe throws knees into Hook, but lets off as Hook sits down. Joe taunts Hangman, but the fans rally up as Joe tags Cage. Cage drags Hook up, suplexes, and he holds Hook up! With one arm! Then the SLAM! Cover, TWO! Hook is still in this but Cage talks some smack on him. Cage drags Hook up, fireman’s carries, and smiles as he F- DDT!! Hook turns things around and hurries for his corner!

The fans fire up as the hot tag goes to RVD! Hangman is confused but RVD WHEEL KICKS Cage! And JUMP KICKS Swerve! And JUMP KICKS Joe! RVD blocks a kick from Swerve to SPIN HEEL KICK him down! RVD then slingshots to GUILLOTINE LEG DROP on the apron!! Swerve sputters, RVD goes up and CROSSBODIES Cage! RVD runs to SHOTGUN Joe down! RVD hurries to ROLLING THUNDER onto Swerve! The fans fire up but Cage kicks. RVD blocks to step over WHEEL KICK! The fans fire up as RVD just keeps moving! RVD goes right up the corner, takes aim, FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH!! Cover, but Joe breaks it!

Joe stomps away on RVD, Hangman protests, but then Swerve sneaks in to BOOT Hangman! Swerve stomps away on RVD, the ref reprimands because Cage is still legal. Swerve drags RVD over, Cage hauls him up. Cage whips RVD into the corner, tags Swerve, and the Embassy work together. Cage sends Swerve in to UPPERCUT! Swerve tags to Joe before Cage clotheslines RVD! Joe runs in to back elbow, and PELE! RVD flops down, Joe pushes him to a cover, TWO!! RVD survives and Joe is frustrated, but Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Joe huffs and puffs and drags RVD back up. Joe snapmares RVD to then clamp on a shoulder claw! RVD endures, the fans rally, and RVD fights up. RVD throws body shots and runs, but Joe throws him down by his hair! The ref reprimands again, but Joe tags to Swerve. Swerve stalks RVD to a corner, drags him up, and fires body shots and forearms! Swerve snapmares RVD, goes up and FALLING UPPERCUTS! Then he hits the Griddy! Swerve drags RVD around into a HALF CRAB! RVD endures being bent and Hangman coaches him. RVD reaches out, but Swerve kicks him down. RVD still fights up to ENZIGIRI!

Swerve tags Cage, Cage hauls RVD up and whips him to a corner. Cage UPPERCUTS, GAMANGIRIS, then GERMAN SUPLEXES! Cover, TWO! RVD is still in this but Cage tags Joe. Joe storms up on RVD, keeps between RVD and his team, then stomps him to a corner. Joe stands RVD up, Dynamite returns to single picture again, and Joe CHOPS! Joe JABS, JABS, and JABS, high then low then again and again! RVD sits down, Joe digs his boot in! The ref counts, Joe lets off, and Joe argues with Swerve a bit about how they’re handling this. Joe storms back over to RVD, HEADBUTTS, then brings him corner to corner.

RVD blocks the bump to ROUNDHOUSE, then springboard JUMP KICK! RVD and Joe fall and the fans fire back up! A standing count begins as both men stir. RVD reaches out, crawls his way over, but so does Joe. Hot tags to Cage and Hangman! Hangman dodges Cage to BLAST Swerve, then he BOOTS Cage! Triangle jump LARIAT for Swerve! ELBOW for Cage, then a whip, but Cage reverses! POP-UP- RANA from Hangman! Hangman handsprings to his feet and the fans are thunderous! Hangman PLANCHAS but Swerve dodges! Somersault- BOOT stops Swerve! Hangman goes up top to CROSSBODY at Cage!

But Cage catches Hangman! Cage does bicep curls to show off, but then Hangman slips free of the scoop! ROLLING ELBOW! Cage wobbles, into another ROLLING ELBOW! Fireman’s carry, and Hangman hits a DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! Cover, TWO! Joe storms in as Hangman fires up, and Joe BOOTS Hangman down! Hook runs in to LARIAT Joe down! Swerve gets in, dodges Hook, throws him down to gator roll and deadlift BRAINBUSTER! RVD goes up to FLYING JUMP KICK! Cage kicks and whips but RVD reverses! Cage ducks the roundhouse to pump handle and POWERBOMB!

Cage sees Hangman, dodges, but then Hangman runs back in. Cage puts Hangman on the apron but Hangman BOOTS back! Hangman sees his targets, but who does he want? Hangman goes up to aim at Swerve but Cage ROCKS Hangman first! Cage climbs up but then Hook joins in! Hook has Cage in a waistlock, GERMAN SUPERPLEX COMBO!! All those three are down, and Hook rises up! “This is Awesome!” as Hook storms around. Hook waits on Cage, reels him in, REDRUM!! With body scissors, too! But Cage manages to tag Joe in! Swerve then gets Hook off Cage, to suplexes and- NO, Hook slips around into REDRUM!!

Swerve flails, throws Hook away, Cage POP-UP POWERBOMBS Hook! Then flips him into the HOUSE CALL!! But Hangman slingshots in, Swerve dodges, BUCKSHOT hits Cage!! Fans fire up again as Hangman and Swerve stare down. But Joe steps in, and this is the world title match right here! Hangman fights 2v1! He dodges Joe to ROCK him, then fires off on Swerve again! Swerve blocks a boot, slips around, LEG TRAP BACKBREAKER! Then a feed to Joe’s BOOT! Swerve tells Joe to finish this, and Joe DIVES! Hangman is sent right into the desk! Then Swerve aims from the apron, but Hangman ducks and the BOOT hits Joe!

Hangman then gets Swerve, POWERBOMB through the desk!!! The fans lose their minds as Hangman tells Swerve to stay down! Hangman then goes back to put Joe in the ring. Hangman reloads, slingshots, but Joe ducks the lariat to SNAP POWERSLAM! Cover, TWO!! Hangman survives, Cage and RVD get in. Cage runs up but RVD TOSSES him! PLANCHA takes Cage out at the ramp! Joe puts Hangman up top, tucks him in, and lifts him! MUSCLE- NO, Hangman slips free! RVD sneaks the tag but Joe fires off on him! So Hook gets in to clinch! EL CAMINO!! The fans are thunderous as RVD goes up top!

But Cage SHOVES RVD to hotshot him off ropes! And DISCUS LARIAT takes down Hook! Joe gets up, he gets RVD, COQUINA CLUTCH!!! RVD is caught, RVD fades out! Joe’s team wins!

Winners: Samoa Joe, Swerve Strickland & Brian Cage, by submission

The AEW World Champion lets go of RVD to hold up the belt. Swerve glares as he sputters against the apron, and Hangman says it’ll be different at Revolution. Will the numbers still spell disaster for Samoa Joe in the title match? Or will he use his enemies against each other like he did here tonight?

My Thoughts:

A great Dynamite here, even with it feeling a bit talky. But again, there was no Collision on Saturday, so promos they probably would’ve played that night had to play out here. For instance, Bang Bang Scissor Gang working out a mish-mash trio for this week’s Collision. As much as I want BBSG to go for more belts, clearly that’s not the case as there is a bit of tension growing within the group. It mostly just seems to be on White’s part after that miscommunication bump with Billy, makes me think the rest of the group will have to choose between the two at some point. And that trios match announced for Rampage sounds fun, any team could win it and get a match with the BBSG for titles.

Really good promo from Don Callis Family with Callis still thinking all will be good after Takeshita VS Ospreay happens, which keeps me thinking all will NOT be good, and we see Ospreay & Fletcher split off from Don Callis Family to get the United Empire going in AEW. And Callis calling out Sammy, that’s of course to keep in mind Hobbs VS Sammy in a big grudge match to wrap up that story, too. An equally good promo from Wardlow, and while he’s a Heel, he’s making good points. He really should’ve had a world title match sooner, other people’s issues got in the way, but I’m really curious as to why Wardlow didn’t just say “CM Punk” and “MJF” when we knew they were the people he meant.

This “Meat Madness” match is very intriguing, too. I kinda hope it isn’t just Wardlow and Hobbs, we need to see Lance Archer, The Butcher, maybe one or both of the Iron Savages, and they should make it an elimination/gauntlet match. But in the end, it’ll come down to Hobbs and Wardlow anyway, and I would think Wardlow wins to do just as he said, and just as Adam Cole wants, and that is become #1 contender to world title. Wardlow will make a great opponent for whoever comes out of Revolution as champion, and by extension, it’d be a great feud with The Undisputed Kingdom going into the Spring.

Speaking of the Kingdom, great match from Cassidy VS Bennett, and of course Taven & Roddy try to interfere. But great win for Cassidy, and what a surprise that Hager makes the save. Hager VS Roddy will be really good, but it makes me wonder what Hager’s role is gonna be while Cassidy’s friends are hurt (kayfabe and legit) and while Danhausen has been relegated to this week’s ROH episode. Hager’s had beef with Best Friends before, maybe he’s coming around to being a friend himself? Also nice little moment of seeing Parker and Ruby off on their date, seems the X-JAS are all going their separate ways.

Well, Menard seems to be sticking by Garcia, which is good because Garcia is gonna need back-up against The Patriarchy. Great promo from Garcia, and of course another “your dad is dead and was not as good as me!” promo from Christian. Typical heat grab from Christian but it always works, and just as I knew, we’re going to get a great TNT Championship match from Christian and Garcia. Meanwhile, Ric Flair showing up during the Parker-Ruby segment was as good a segue as any into Flair talking with The Bucks. Powerful promo from Sting and Darby to follow all that up, but I have a bad feeling Ric is going to betray Sting and side with The Bucks at Revolution to help The Bucks win those belts. All the heat on Bucks and Flair, Darby will seek revenge for the Spring.

Great opening tag match from FTR VS BCC, and this is setting up what will be an awesome tag match for Revolution that essentially names the next challengers to the tag titles. Feels a bit obvious if they’re gonna use this to get back to FTR VS Bucks in time for like Double or Nothing, but that feud is inevitable anyway. Great stuff from Storm and Deonna, even with both their matches being pretty obvious. I’ll refrain from criticizing Rayne as I have before, though she really drove her own head into that mat just for Deonna’s flatliner. She was apparently okay to do that last spot, and then great little brawl of Storm and Deonna.

And great stuff in the world title scene. Great promo from Hangman with his team, awesome Six Man Tag main event of course, great interaction of all the stories, especially of Joe, Hangman and Swerve near the end there. But I even said it last week that RVD was taking the loss. Joe stands tall, Hangman and Swerve are frustrated, Joe could easily use them against each other in the Triple Threat to retain and face Wardlow after being called out.

My Score: 8.9/10

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