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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (10/21/20)

Countdown to Halloween Havoc!



NEW NXT Coverage

NXT is stocking up on tag team action tonight!

Tonight, Breezango defend their NXT Tag Team Championships against Roderick Strong and Bobby Fish! Will it be the Second Coming of the Golden Prophecy?


  • KUSHIDA VS The Velveteen Dream VS Tommaso Ciampa; Kushida wins.
  • Ember Moon VS Jessi Kamea; Moon wins.
  • Austin Theory VS Bronson Reed; Reed wins.
  • Austin Theory VS Bronson Reed again; Reed wins, again.
  • Six Man Tag: El Legado del Fantasma VS Isaiah “Swerve” Scott, Ashante “Thee” Adonis & Jake Atlas; El Legado wins.
  • Killian Dain & Drake Maverick VS Ever-Rise; Ever-Rise wins, by disqualification.
  • Xia Li VS Kacy Catanzaro w/ Kayden Carter; Catanzaro wins.
  • Timothy Thatcher VS Anthony Greene; Thatcher wins.
  • NXT Tag Team Championships: Breezango VS The Undisputed Era Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch; Lorcan & Burch win and become the new NXT Tag Team Champions.


KUSHIDA VS The Velveteen Dream!

The Time Splitter doesn’t want to wait, he wants his TakeOver rematch with the Experience NOW! Kushida won then, will he win again? Or has Dream learned to be more serious with the Super Junior that broke his arm?

Wait a minute! The Psycho Killer attacks Dream as he makes his entrance! Dream made the mistake of interfering with Kushida VS Ciampa and now he’s paying for it! Ciampa punches Dream down the ramp then throws him into the Plexiglas! Dream flounders but Ciampa throws him into more boards! And then into the ring! Kushida DECKS Dream, and turns out this is a TRIPLE THREAT!

KUSHIDA VS The Velveteen Dream VS Tommaso Ciampa!

Well, Dream is paying double for what he’s done! Will it be Kushida or Ciampa that gets their revenge first?

Ciampa and Kushida take turns punching Dream around the ring, then they throw Dream out hard! Kushida and Ciampa settle things with each other as they trade hands, but Ciampa kicks and punches back. Ciampa whips, Kushida ducks and dodges to handspring Dream back down! Ciampa goes out after Dream by ramming him into more Plexiglas! Kushida goes out to go after Ciampa, but Ciampa whips him into Plexiglas, too! “This is MY home!” The fans here at the Capitol Wrestling Center are thunderous as they agree! Ciampa kicks Dream, and SLAMS the bad hand off the announce desk! Ciampa throws Dream into more Plexiglas, then runs to PSYCHO KNEE Kushida! He comes back to KNEE Dream! Ciampa is fired up and the fans fire up with him!

Ciampa finally throws off the shirt, drags Dream up and puts him in the ring. Dream runs, Ciampa ducks so Dream hurdles him and then ducks Kushida’s clothesline. Dream comes back, Kushida hip tosses Dream! Ciampa hip tosses Kushida but Kushida handsprings through only for Ciampa to DECK him! Ciampa stomps Dream and stands on the bad hand! Ciampa STOMPS the cast! Dream backs off, Kushida runs in but is sent into Dream but Kushida forearms Dream first. Also, apparently Dream’s shirt has anime girl eyes on it? Ciampa runs but into Kushida’s COMPLETE SHOT into Dream’s Experience! Kushida rolls Ciampa up, TWO! Kushida stays on Ciampa with a wrench and elbows. Kushida whips, Ciampa grabs him for a facelock but Kushida fights through to get the arm!

Ciampa knees low and hard, then drags Kushida up. Dream reaches for Kushida through ropes, Ciampa drags Kushida until Dream is the one draped on the ropes! CHAIN WILLOW’S BELL! Ciampa covers Dream, TWO! He covers Kushida, TWO! Fans rally up behind Ciampa as he stomps Kushida to a corner. Ciampa stomps a mudhole into Kushida, then goes to Dream. Ciampa wrenches the bad arm and gives it a YANK! And then he CLUBS the elbow! Ciampa stands on the bad arm and drops knees on it! Dream writhes but Ciampa goes after Kushida. Ciampa CHOPS Kushida in the corner, whips him corner to corner but Kushida reverses and throws a big back elbow! Kushida drags Ciampa up, wrenches, but Ciampa hooks the ropes! Kushida keeps pulling but Ciampa rakes Kushida’s eyes!

The ref reprimands but Dream covers Kushida! ONE, Ciampa DECKS Dream! Ciampa drags Dream around, Kushida gets up, snap suplex for Dream! Ciampa drags Kushida up, wrenches and grinds the shoulder then chinbars. Kushida endures, fans rally up and Ciampa cranks on the hold. Kushida fights up, fights out and throws haymakers! Kushida whips, Ciampa reverses but Kushida sunset flips! Cover, TWO! Ciampa gets to a corner, Kushida is after him but Dream adds on. Dream CLUBS Kushida and ROCKS Ciampa! Dream stomps Kushida down, shows off the cast that’s falling apart and fans jeer with, “Dream Sucks!” Dream whips Kushida into Ciampa then poses before running into a BIG forearm from Ciampa! Ciampa CHOPS Dream, ROCKS Kushida, then puts them in the same corner.

Ciampa CHOPS Kushida but Dream feels the impact, too! Then Ciampa CHOPS Dream directly! Ciampa CHOPS Kushida again, CHOPS Dream again, repeat! Dream hits back but Ciampa CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS! Dream tries to guard but Ciampa just CHOPS away on his arms! Fans fire up with Ciampa as he drags Kushida back up. Kushida blocks the chop, spins Ciampa and CHOPS away! And KICKS! Kushida whips, Ciampa reverses, Kushida handsprings but Dream helps Ciampa catch Kushida for a double back suplex! Kushida lands on his feet to FAST BALL Ciampa! Dream BOOTS Kushida then tries again but Kushida blocks! Kushida spins Dream, Dream fireman’s carries, DREAM VALLEY! Ciampa KNEES Dream out of the ring! All three men are down and the fans are thunderous as NXT goes to break!

NXT returns and Kushida fights out of a headlock with elbows, only for Ciampa to throat chop him! The fans are loving “NXT! NXT!” as Ciampa shoves and ROCKS Kushida at the ropes. Kushida boots back and ends up on the apron! He enziguris Ciampa away then jumps Dream’s sweep! SEATED SENTON! Kushida rains down rights and gets an ARMBAR! Dream taps but it doesn’t matter on the outside! Ciampa stomps away on both Dream and Kushida! Fans are thunderous again as Ciampa drags Kushida up. Kushida turns things around and throws Ciampa at boards, but Ciampa stops himself! Ciampa swings into the Fujiwara BULLDOG! Ciampa clutches the arm, Kushida puts him in the ring and PENALTY KICKS the arm! Then whips Ciampa for a hip toss INTO ARMBAR!!

Ciampa endures, clasps hands, Dream  PURPLE RAIN MAKERS!! All three men are down again but Dream flounders to a cover, Ciampa breaks it!! Dream tried dropping in but it didn’t work out! Kushida flounders away so Ciampa ROCKS Dream! Dream rebounds off ropes to hit back, but Ciampa wobbles and comes back to hit again. Dream gets up, Ciampa kicks low and reel shim in to underhooks. Dream slips out, the ref almost ends up a casualty and Ciampa rolls Dream up! WITH TIGHTS! TWO!! Ciampa argues but Dream SUPERKICKS! fireman’s carry, DREAM VALLEY! It took a lot out of Dream to do that but he covers, Kushida breaks it! Fans are loving this as all three men reset!

Dream soaks up the heat as he swivels his hips. Dream tells Ciampa and Kushida that “The future is not yours! The future belongs to The Dream.” Dream swivels his hips more, but Ciampa CHOPS him! Kushida KICKS the bad arm! CHOP! KICK! Ciampa forearms Kushida, Kushida FAST BALLS! Kushida KICKS Dream, dodges Ciampa and Ciampa BOOTS Dream! Kushida throw’s Ciampa out hard, then FLIES out onto Dream! Kushida gets back in and FLIES out onto Ciampa! Kushida is back in and fans are thunderous again as Kushida again FLIES onto Dream! Ciampa gets in, gets Kushida, WILLOW’S BELL!! Ciampa keeps going, drags Kushida up, underhooks, but Dream SUPERKICKS! Dream fireman’s carries, Kushida crucifix takedown, TWO!! Kushida BOOTS Dream out, Ciampa CLOBBERS Kushida!

Ciampa drags Kushida up once again but has to get Dream first! Dream escapes the DDT so Ciampa kicks away. Kushida runs in, Ciampa switches on the O’Conner roll, TWO and into Dream’s CAST PUNCH! Kushida drags Ciampa up, DEAD LIFT GERMAN! Bridging cover, KUSHIDA WINS!

Winner: KUSHIDA, by pinfall

An incredible match that was fast, furious and everything in between! Is this going to be the beginning to the Time Splitter’s time?


The Undisputed Era speaks.

Adam Cole is via Zoom as he says, “Boys and girls, the past couple of weeks, the Undisputed Era, we’ve hit some roadblocks.” But tonight, that will change. As we all know, Cole is still out but is getting better every single day. That is bad news for anyone not in the Undisputed Era. As for tonight, Roderick Strong and Bobby Fish will succeed in bringing back the NXT Tag Team Champions. That’s right! Kyle O’Reilly says that when they first talked about the Golden Prophecy, “believe it or not, there were doubters. But look at us now. We’ve accomplished all that and more.” Fish says of course! And speaking of tonight, Breezango is one heck of a team, but c’mon. Do they stand a chance against Roddy and him? Strong says absolutely not! Tonight, the NXT Tag Team titles come back to where they belong, courtesy of the Rod ‘n’ Bob Express. Choo choo! And THAT is Undisputed.


NXT has some Halloween Havoc news!

On top of #SpintheWheelMakeaDeal determining what stipulations BOTH the NXT North American and NXT Women’s Championships will be fought under, and on top of Rhea Ripley VS Raquel Gonzalez in a battle of alpha females, there will be Cameron Grimes VS Dexter Lumis in a HAUNTED HOUSE OF TERROR match! Just what spooky scary stipulations will this match have in store for the Technical Savage and the Tortured Artist?


NXT profiles The Aussie Nightmare, Rhea Ripley!

The only woman to have been NXT and NXT UK Women’s Champion in her career, Rhea is “sick and tired of all these daydreamers. This is my division now, and the Nightmare is just beginning.” She has dominated on both sides of the Atlantic, and took down all the women in NXT who thought they could take her out. “And I have brutalized every single one of them.” But that level of attitude and aggression invites even more challengers, and the Daughter of the Desperado is taking her shot. Raquel says SHE is the biggest and the baddest woman in the business today. They wanted to throw down in the Performance Center, but they’re going to have this out in the ring! Rhea isn’t afraid of a fight. Halloween Havoc will make a nightmare into reality, but for who?


Ember Moon VS Jessi Kamea!

The Shenom is back and is more than happy to start from scratch in the rankings. It’s a long road to the NXT Women’s Championship, will Ember’s Law be upheld tonight?

The bell rings and Ember circles with Jessi. They tie up, are in a deadlock, so Ember arm-drags Jessi down and gets in her face. Jessi sits up, Ember eggs her on, then Ember sweeps the legs! Ember pats Jessi on the head but Jessi gets up to hip toss her down! Ember gets up, Jessi dodges and does the splits to duck! Jessi runs to EuroUpper Ember down! Cover, ONE! Jessi cravats Ember, cranks on the neck, but Ember handsprings through the snapmare! Fans cheer the exchange and Ember gets attitude. Ember dodges and shotgun dropkicks Jessi! Then mule kick to front KICK! Jessi is down, Ember runs to STOMP her down! Ember walks all over Jessi before hitting a standing moonsault! Cover, TWO!

Ember keeps on Jessi with a crossface! Jessi reaches, drags herself forward but Ember taunts her. Ember cranks back, pulls Jessi from ropes, but Jessi rolls to a cover, TWO! Ember stomps Jessi down again but Jessi uses her long legs to kick back. Ember kicks and kicks, then gets those legs. Jessi keeps kicking but Ember wrenches to an ANKLE LOCK, with a deep lean like a Half Crab! Jessi endures this scorpion style hold and she drags herself towards ropes. Jessi rolls and sends Ember into buckles! Ember comes back but the back senton flops as Jessi evades! Jessi dodges again, runs back in for a LEAPING forearm smash! Jessi brings Ember out as she runs, SPINNING HEEL KICK! Ember is down, Jessi springboards to elbow drop! Cover, TWO!! Ember survives and Jessi can’t believe it! She almost beat a former NXT Women’s Champion!

Ember rises as the fans rally. Jessi whips but Ember blocks! Jessi tries again and sends Ember to a corner but Ember goes up and flies back for a CODE BREAKER! Ember has the legs, ties them up and turns Jessi over, Queen Angelito with some hair pulling into a chinlock! Jessi taps, Ember wins!

Winner: Ember Moon, by submission

That’s the first time the Prophecy of Flame won with a submission, and it definitely impressed! Whatever Ember calls that, will she be telling us all she was right to come back? But wait, someone trips Ember up and drags her out! It’s Dakota Kai, coming back for revenge! Dakota BOOTS Ember on the apron! Dakota was Eclipsed in that tag match last week, and she is pissed! “If you think you can just use me to get yourself back in the spotlight, think again!” Dakota counters Ember’s Law with an ultimatum! Will #CobraKai strike down Ember Moon before she has a chance to shine?


Something’s happened backstage!

Roderick Strong and NXT officials have found Bobby Fish down in a hallway! Fish insists he’s fine but he can barely stand! Kyle helps Strong get Fish up. Fish says someone blindsided him and went after his leg. And this, on the night of their NXT Tag Team Championship match! Could this be related to Ridge Holland’s attack on Adam Cole? Who is trying to eliminate the Undisputed Era?


Austin Theory VS Bronson Reed!

“The Real Superstar” says he can go #AllDay, but all he’s been doing lately is losing. Will that change or remain the same against the COLOSSAL One?

The bell rings and and Theory gets around Reed to shove him. Reed storms up on Theory and he goes to a corner, but the ref counts. Reed drags Theory out of the corner but Theory gets around to headlock. NXT patches in Mackenzie Mitchell with a quick update on Bobby Fish. Fish is on his way to a local hospital for an MRI on his knee. Therefore, Breezango won’t be facing Roderick Strong and Bobby Fish, but Roderick Strong and Kyle O’Reilly, who was confirmed medically cleared this morning. Will the combination of O’Reilly and Strong once again hold gold together?

As for the match, Reed powers out of Theory’s headlock, Theory leaps but BOUNCES OFF Reed’s shoulder! Reed watches Theory flounder and whips him corner to corner. Reed runs in to corner splash! Theory flounders around again, Reed brings him back up and throws haymakers! Theory flounders even more, Reed has him in another corner and CHOPS him down! Reed brings Theory up to whip corner to corner, Theory goes up and over and rolls back to dropkick! Reed wobbles but Theory stays on him with forearms and stomps. Theory has Reed in a corner, the ref counts but Theory lets off to bump Reed off buckles. Reed CHPOS Theory and sends him rolling! Reed drags Theory up, scoops, but Theory slips out to chop block! Theory clubs Reed then clamps on a chinlock!

Reed endures, fans rally and Theory talks trash. Reed fights up, pries free but Theory kicks the leg! Theory puts the chinlock back on, but Reed endures again. Fans rally, Reed powers up and throws big body shots! Theory knees low, whips but Reed reverses to POWERSLAM! And COLOSSAL SENTON! Theory is down, Reed goes up top, but Theory fires off forearms! Theory CHOPS, climbs up to join Reed, and tries to bring him up. Reed resists, CLUBS Theory and then shoves him down! Theory is back up but sent back down with that forearm! Reed adjusts, TSUNAMI SPLASH!! Cover, Reed wins!!

Winner: Bronson Reed, by pinfall

The losing streak for Theory continues, and Reed is back on track! Will Reed continue back up towards titles? Theory gets a mic as he gasps and sputters, and says, “Stop right there!” Theory is the FUTURE of the WWE! He’s 23 and done more in the business than Reed’s done in his entire “stupid 15 year career!” So get back in the ring because Theory isn’t going to stop until he wins. Reed does get in, and this rematch is happening!

Austin Theory VS Bronson Reed again!

Theory clubs away on Reed and stomps and forearms! Theory runs but into a POP-UP SAMOAN DROP!! That had some air! Cover, Reed wins AGAIN!

Winner: Bronson Reed, by pinfall again

Theory really didn’t think that through! Now he’s 2-0 in the same night! Will Theory every figure out what he’s missing to get out of this slump?


Backstage interview with Xia Li and Kacy Catanzaro.

Last week, Xia asked William Regal to give her a match, and when Kacy volunteered, this is the match-up he created. Xia wants everyone to understand how important having this match is, and she thanks Kacy for accepting the challenge. Kacy says that they’ve had their differences recently, but Xia has been a friend in the past, and Kacy is always up for a challenge. So the pressure is on Xia for some reason, what has changed? It’s just very important to Xia. She has to win, she needs this match. Kacy gets it. May the best woman win. Xia says this is going to be the biggest match of her career. She HAS to win. But why is she so desperate for a victory?


NXT Media finds Austin Theory as he leaves.

Any comments on losing to Bronson Reed twice in one night? “That’s it. I’m done.” Done? Theory puts his things in his car, and says he QUITS NXT?! Is he serious? Or is he just saying that out of frustration? Will Mr. Regal call Theory to see if he’ll reconsider?


Six Man Tag: El Legado del Fantasma VS Isaiah “Swerve” Scott, Ashante “Thee” Adonis & Jake Atlas!

Just as the saga of Santos Escobar and Isaiah “Swerve” Scott looks to be over, something keeps it going! Escobar, Raul Mendoza and Joaquin Wilde wanted after the man formerly known as Tehuti Miles in return for him screwing up their screw job, but they didn’t expect Atlas to help him out! And now, Swerve, Adonis and Atlas form a new alliance to take on the would-be conquerors of the Cruiserweight Division! Will Swerve’s House stand tall once again against El Legado?

The tension builds as all six men are in the ring. The bell rings, Legado bails out and Escobar says he’s too smart for that. They taunt Swerve’s team, then flank the ring! Swerve, Adonis and Atlas are ready, and then Swerve rushes forward to handspring out of the ring and get in Escobar’s face! Wilde and Mendoza rush in but Adonis and Atlas are ready! Those four brawl while Escobar smirks at Swerve’s trash talk! Escobar swings on Swerve but Swerve counter punches him! Swerve fires off on Escobar and throws him into barriers! Adonis throws Mendoza out while Swerve throws Escobar into steps! Atlas is on Wilde and fans are thunderous as Atlas CHOPS Wilde! Atlas drags Wilde up to throw hands then snapmares him to KICK him in the back! Atlas keeps on Wilde with a rain of furious right fists!

Atlas lets off to drag Wilde up and tags in Adonis. They double whip, Wilde runs into a FLAPJACK! Cover, TWO! Adonis clubs Wilde, drags him into a chinlock and then throws forearms on the back. Adonis puts Wilde on ropes and chokes him, then lets off to bump him off buckles. Tag to Atlas, they mug Wilde in the corner, and Atlas CLUBS Wilde in the chest. Atlas snap suplexes Wilde, uno amigo! And then dos amigo! Fans fire up for “Eddie! Eddie!” as Atlas hits the three amigos! Cover, TWO! Atlas keeps focused as he stomps Wilde down. Atlas talks smack and slaps Wilde around. Atlas also clubs Wilde, then clubs him again! Atlas drags Wilde up, throws him to a corner, and Wilde ends up rolling, posting groin first! Atlas mocks Wilde’s pain before he ROCKS him with a right!

Atlas knuckle locks, runs up a corner, but has to jump over Escobar! Atlas mule kicks Escobar from the top rope, sees Mendoza running in and leaps to get him, too! Headscissor arm-drag combo! Tag to Adonis and Atlas eggs Escobar on. Escobar runs in, Atlas dodges and Adonis sends him out! El Legado regroup but Adonis fakes them out! “Got ‘im!” Atlas helps Swerve go up top and FLY onto them all! Direct hit takes out Escobar and his cohorts and fans are fired up as “NXT! NXT!” goes picture in picture!

Swerve drags Wilde up and into the ring for Adonis and Adonis covers, TWO! Mendoza gets in but Adonis sees him coming so Mendoza bails back out. But Wilde blindside knees Adonis down! Adonis tumbles out, Mendoza tags in and he drags Adonis up to throw into steel steps! Mendoza goes in to coordinate with Wilde and they BLAST Atlas and Swerve off the apron! Swerve comes back but he gets mugged 2v1! El Legado clears off the announce desk! They mug Swerve more, and then bring him up to the apron. Swerve fights off their triple powerbomb but Escobar sweeps the legs! Swerve hits the apron on the way down and then Escobar backs off to his corner. Swerve slowly stands up and goes back to his corner while Mendoza covers Adonis, TWO!

Mendoza stomps Adonis down, steps over him then brings him up for a snap suplex! Tag to Wilde, Wilde drags Adonis up and CLUBS him down! Wilde pushes Adonis then taunts Swerve and Atlas. The ref keeps them out and Wilde stomps away on Adonis. Wilde drags Adonis up, Adonis fights back but Wilde rams him into the Legado corner. Wilde CHOPS Adonis, tags Mendoza and Mendoza CHOPS Adonis! Tag to Escobar, Legado mugs Adonis then Escobar pushes Adonis into the corner to CHOP him again! Adonis fights back but gets mugged more as Wilde tags in. Wilde snapmares Adonis and drives in a knee for a chinlock. NXT returns to single picture as fans rally for Adonis. Adonis fights up, fights out, but Wilde clubs away!

Wilde bumps Adonis off buckles, tags to Escobar, and Escobar stomps. Tag to Mendoza, double whip and double elbows! Wilde runs, Mendoza and Escobar are there, rebound hip toss splash! Mendoza LIONSAULTS! Cover, Swerve breaks it with a scuff of his boot. The ref gets Swerve to stand down, but Mendoza stomps Adonis down. Mendoza grins as he drags Adonis up to wrench and whip into the corner hard! Mendoza stomps a mudhole and digs in a knee, tag to Wilde. Wilde drags Adonis up and whips him to elbow him down hard! Wilde taunts Swerve and Atlas but again the ref keeps them in. Wilde stands on Adonis’ arm but Adonis fights up. Wilde knees low and hard then brings him to the corner. Tag to Escobar, they CHOP and CHOP away.

Escobar puts Adonis in a corner, rolls back to run in, DOUBLE KNEES to the chest! Escobar pushes Adonis down to stand on him, and not even as a cover, he’s just taunting his opponents. Tag to Mendoza, they mug Adonis more and Mendoza keeps Adonis from his corner. Mendoza has the arm for a mounted armlock, grinning at Swerve and Atlas. Fans rally up as Adonis endures. Mendoza jams the arm, pulls back harder, but Adonis powers up! Adonis fights up, Mendoza knees low and bumps him off buckles! Tag to Wilde, Wilde snapmares Adonis down to drive his knee in again! Wilde drags Adonis up, Adonis dropkicks him down! Fans fire up as both men are down, crawling for their corners! Hot tags to Escobar and Atlas!

Atlas springboards in to crossbody! Wilde returns but Atlas DECKS him! Atlas DECKS Mendoza, hits everyone and then uppercuts Escobar into a GERMAN SUPLEX! And he DECKS Escobar, too! Tag to Swerve, Escobar CALF KICKS Atlas! Swerve ROCKS Escobar with fast hands and has him in a corner! Swerve shoves, ROLLING THUNDER COMPLETE SHOTS! Cover, TWO! Escobar survives but Swerve whips him to ropes. Mendoza tags in, Escobar dodges the kick but Mendoza runs into the back drop! Swerve decks Wilde and then goes out to BOOT Escobar! Mendoza ENZIGURIS Atlas but Swerve comes around! Swerve is up top, Mendoza hits him first. Mendoza goes to the apron, drags Swerve to a fireman’s carry but Swerve slips out. They brawl on the edge, Swerve BOOTS Mendoza down! Mendoza YANKS Swerve down!

The ref wants this inside the ring but Wilde runs and leaps, but Atlas intercepts in midair! SPANISH FLY onto everyone! Well, not everyone as Escobar was nowhere near! But everyone is down and the fans are thunderous! Swerve rises and puts Mendoza in! Swerve half nelsons, lifts, but Mendoza manages to arm-drag out! Mendoza fires up and runs at Swerve, Swerve dodges and Mendoza goes up, but Swerve catches him for the CONFIDENCE BOOST! Cover, but Wilde breaks it up! Swerve throws Wilde out, tags Adonis, and they go after Mendoza. Swerve helps get Adonis up in bomb position, Swerve runs but Mendoza huricanranas Adonis into Swerve! Swerve staggers, Mendoza throws him out! Escobar returns, builds speed and DIVES! The ARROW FROM HELL sends Swerve over the desk! But Atlas is there, CARTWHEEL DDT off the desk!! Atlas is fired up after taking down the champion!

Meanwhile, Mendoza waistlocks Adonis, and Wilde tags in before Adonis bucks Mendoza away! Hotshot, then the ENZIGURI LEG SWEEP!! Cover, El Legado wins!!

Winners: El Legado del Fantasma, by pinfall

The Leader of Leaders was wiped out but his cohorts took care of this for him! Escobar has the Cruiserweight Championship for now, but will Atlas rise up to take that all away?


The Garganos are upset.

“Why are we doing this?” Candice LeRae knows how Johnny feels about chance wheels. Yes, but- Everybody knows Johnny Gargano hates wheels! Yet here we are. Yes, but this is to prepare themselves for the worst. They are going to spin the wheel, but they can’t leave it all to chance. So Candice has created a tiny version of the Halloween Havoc wheel of stipulations to practice with. It’s literally a training wheel. Fine! What’s the worst that can happen? Johnny gives the wheel a spin, and he lands on… Buried Alive. THAT is the worst that can happen. He’ll be buried alive, with a bunch of dirt on him! What’re the odds of that, though? One in a million? Technically one in 12… Just take your turn, Candice.

Candice spins and lands on… Trick or Street Fight! That’s great! Candice can totally beat Io Shirai in one of those! Great, for her! Candice will be champion, Johnny will be six feet under! He goes again. And lands on… Casket Match! Almost as bad as Buried Alive. “Why does this wheel want me dead?!” This is why he hates them! They’re unpredictable! He can’t control them! Candice knows how he does things! He needs to be in control! “I hate you, wheel! I hate you!” Johnny storms off to go to bed, and tells Candice to get rid of the wheel. Will Johnny have better luck with the real wheel next week?


Killian Dain & Drake Maverick VS Ever-Rise!

While the Belfast Beast and Rockstar Spud don’t have a team name yet like Chase Parker and Matt Marthel have, Big Damo isn’t going to let anyone bully Drake, because that’s Dain’s thing! Will they at least stay on the same page here tonight?

The teams sort out, Maverick starts with Parker and they tie up. They go around, Parker pulls hair and puts Maverick in the corner. Tag to Marthel and Ever-Rise mugs Maverick. Marthel scoops, Parker runs, backbreaker and KNEE! Marthel taunts Maverick, wrenches and yanks the arm, tags to Parker, and the mugging continues. Parker stomps a mudhole into Maverick then throws haymakers. Parker drags Maverick up to shove him to ropes, and CLUB him on the rebound! Tag to Marthel and they mug Maverick more. Marthel bumps Maverick off buckle then whips him corner to corner. Tag to Parker, Parker whips Marthel for Marthel to whip Parker in for a big forearm smash! Parker feeds Maverick to Marthel’s drop toehold, then hits the BOOYAH elbow drop!

Parker taunts Dain, “This is your partner?!” but Maverick hits back Maverick swings into a back suplex but manages to tag Dain! Parker throws Maverick out but turns around into Dain’s clothesline! Dain hip tosses Marthel in, runs Parker over, and then he bumps Marthel off buckles to CLOBBER him! Dain whips Parker, and hits the DIVIDE! Marthel staggers up into the fireman’s carry but Parker chop blocks the legs! Marthel staggers away, but Dain gets up! Dain choke grips Parker but Marthel chop blocks again! Parker has the leg, turns Dain over for a HALF CRAB! Marthel makes Maverick watch “the loser” and says that’s Maverick’s only friend! Maverick gets mad and ROCKS Marthel! And then whips him into boards!

Marthel catches up to Maverick to keep him from Dain! Marthel shoves Maverick into the timekeeper’s area, so Maverick grabs a chair! Maverick JAMS Marthel without the ref seeing! Maverick gets in with the chair, the ref tells him no, but Maverick SMACKS Parker on the back!!

Winners: Ever-Rise, by disqualification

The rage of Rockstar Spud has been unleashed! He SMACKS Marthel! Ever-Rise retreats and Maverick shouts, “WHO WANTS SOME?!” Fans are thunderous and Dain is shocked! The team lost, and Maverick realizes what he did. Dain is upset, Maverick apologizes but understands if he wants to him him. Dain slaps him on the chest and says, “THAT WAS AWESOME!” Maverick actually kicked some ass! Dain wonders where THAT Maverick has been! Well, the music doesn’t help, but Dain has started to respect Maverick. A little. Will that little respect grow as the two stick together?


There’s been another backstage incident?!

And this time, it’s Roderick Strong! He is down in a doorway and Kyle shows up. Medics check on Strong but he looks in worse shape than Fish! Who is doing this to the Undisputed Era?! Will they even be able to compete for the titles tonight?


NXT returns with Regal, Breezango and others on the scene.

Regal asks “How the bloody hell did nobody see who did it?!” Danny Burch says he and Oney Lorcan at least heard something happening. Regal tells Kyle that he knows this is a rough position, but NXT promised a tag title match tonight. Kyle knows, he isn’t competing tonight. And at this point, maybe they should just give the match to the runner-ups, Lorcan and Burch. Burch says he and Oney don’t want it this way. The UE won fair and square. Maybe just have one of them substitute in. Kyle isn’t so sure about that. Kyle leaves, and Regal asks if Breezango has any objections to the change. They don’t. Then that’s that. Breezango will now defend against Oney and Burch, “best of luck to the four of you.” They shake hands, but with the way things are going, will they all make it to the main event?


Xia Li VS Kacy Catanzaro w/ Kayden Carter!

The Spicy is growing a bit desperate, but with no real explanation why. Will it matter if she can get a win over the American Ninja Warrior?

The bell rings and KC circles with Xia. They tie up, go around, Xia headlocks but KC powers out only to be run over. Xia talks trash then runs, but sees KC drop down so she counters with a body scissors and clutch! ONE, KC wobbles up but into a whip. KC goes up and over, O’Conner rolls but Xia slips out, only for KC to basement dropkick! Twisting splash and a cover, TWO! KC is after an arm but Xia chinbars, and then ties KC’s hair around a rope! Xia hits the rope to pull the hair and tweak KC’s neck! Xia whips, hip tosses and CHOPS KC down! KC gets to ropes as Xia fires herself up. Xia drags KC up for knees from all sides then a hard back kick! Cover, TWO! Another try, TWO! Xia is furious as she tries again, TWO!

Xia argues the count but two is two. Xia drags KC back up, scoops her, but KC slips out and shoves! KC dodges and comes back with body shots! KC rocks Xia and keeps on her! KC stomps a mudhole in a corner but Xia pushes her away. KC fires up and comes back with an A-List Lariat! KC throws Xia out, HANDSPRING AX KICK! KC wheelbarrows, victory rolls, KC wins!

Winner: Kacy Catanzaro, by pinfall

Xia can’t believe she lost! She CLOBBERS KC! Kayden gets in but Xia BOOTS her down! Xia fires off on KC and bumps her off buckles! She stomps a mudhole into KC, losing her cool! But Raquel gets in to CLOBBER Xia! And then she lifts KC to throw her at Kayden! And then she drags Kayden up, fisherman POWERBOMB! Whatever problems Xia is dealing with, Raquel doesn’t care! “Rhea Ripley! THIS is what awaits you! I’m bigger! I’m badder! And next week at Halloween Havoc, I’m going to be La Diabla of your nightmare!” Big Mama Cruel wants to take over and be THE woman to fear in NXT! Will she be just that after taking on the Mosh Pit Kid?


Backstage interview with Cameron Grimes.

Next week, he’s 1v1 with Dexter Lumis, just as he figured it’d happen after he stomped Dexter here, there and everywhere. But what are his thoughts on it being next week- Right, Halloween Havoc! Lumis VS Grimes! Got it, Mackenzie, thanks. But it’s a Haunted House of Terror match. Wait, a what? Haunted House of Terror. The heck is that? Who said it was that? Mr. Regal confirmed it. AND LUMIS IS STARING AT GRIMES THROUGH A WINDOW! Grimes is in disbelief about the stipulation. Regal’s accent is a bit thick, maybe he said something and it just sounded like that. Is Grimes afraid? G-Grimes ain’t afraid! W-Why would he be afraid? He’s b-beaten L-Lumis loads of times, and after this H-Haunted House thing… Grimes g-g-going to the moon… Will Grimes be up all night worrying about this haunting news?


Io Shirai studies up on Halloween Havoc.

Spin the Wheel, Make a Deal. The Evil Genius does her research on each stipulation, and the likely outcome. Biker Chain Match, a la Brock Lesnar VS The Undertaker, “I beat Candice.” Blindfold match, another classic, “I beat Candice.” Casket Match, also a la Taker, “I beat Candice.” Trick or Street Fight, “I beat Candice.” Weapons Wild Match, a la a certain Lunatic Fringe asylum, “I beat Candice.” At Halloween Havoc, no matter what, Shirai beats Candice. Will the odds always be in the NXT Women’s Champion’s favor?


Thatch As Thatch Can is in the ring!

Timothy Thatcher welcomes us to a special live session of his teachings. Tonight’s lesson: success. “Now, to understand your craft and be a confident technical wrestler does not lead to success. You need to have aggression and you need to be able to show no mercy.” Tonight, Thatcher and… What’s your name again? Anthony Greene. Thatcher and Andrew here will demonstrate how to apply simple techniques in a way that causes extreme pain. So Alex, go for his leg. Greene does, and Thatcher quickly sprawls to push Greene down. So now, Thatcher easily has Greene’s head. As he tries to work his way back up, you can hook it, stop the shoulder, bar the face, use his chest to block the rise.

Now, as Thatcher went over before, cutting bone digs underneath as he lifts up. Greene taps to the modified facelock and Thatcher releases. The fans applaud as Thatcher explains it damages the neck and turns the head in an awkward angle. Alright Matt, let’s go again, and this time be aggressive. Green goes in faster, Thatcher flips him over this time and has the double wristlock. This time, Thatcher used his opponent’s own momentum against him. Thatcher grabbed the arm Greene left exposed, pulled him right over. Notice the angle here. Greene taps to the wristlock, but there’s still so much more space to take it! Thatcher pushes with his legs as he works to bring the arm even further behind Greene! Greene keeps tapping and shouts for Thatcher to left off. Thatcher says it’s no work for him, all pain for Greene.

Thatcher finally lets go and explains that the double wristlock is effective because no matter how big someone is, the arm can’t push out. Greene is upset but Thatcher pats him on the shoulder. It’s how you learn! So obviously, Greene can’t take the leg, so Thatcher offers up an arm. But Greene DOES get the leg and he trips Thatcher up! Thatcher comes back, and Greene uses what he was just taught to get Thatcher in a facelock! They end up on ropes, fans cheer as the student is punking out the professor! Thatcher pries free and Greene backs off. Thatcher is upset, but he does have to admit that was good. Greene wants to be a tough guy, huh? Well let’s move on from a demonstration to an exhibition. The referee gets in, and Thatcher DECKS Green! Ring the bell!

Timothy Thatcher VS Anthony Greene!

Thatcher throws off the shirt and RAMS a knee into Greene’s side! And again! Thatcher stomps Green, fans rally for “Andrew!” but Thatcher drags him up into a corner. Thatcher throws forearms over and over, the ref backs him up. Thatcher drags Greene up in the facelock, and ROCKS him with the EuroUpper! Thatcher has a standing heel hook, he kicks away on Greene’s back then steps over for a HALF CRAB! Greene taps, Thatcher wins!

Winner: Timothy Thatcher, by submission

But Thatcher tortures Greene’s leg with a deeper pull! Fans boo as Thatcher holds on longer. Thatcher kicks Greene out of his ring, literally, and then says, “Class dismissed.” Thatch As Thatch Can is far more than a school of hard knocks, it’s a university of vicious locks! Will Thatcher school even more of NXT’s prospects?


Damian Priest speaks.

While getting his tattoos touched up, the Archer of Infamy says, “Johnny, before TakeOver: 31, I understood why you came at me the way you did. I’ve been there, you know I’ve done that.” But the difference between them is that win or lose, once Priest’s handled business, he moves on. Gargano can’t do that, can he? He can’t let go because he’s still wondering, “What happened to the great Johnny Wrestling? What’s changed?” Priest will tell him: not a damn thing. Gargano is still great as he ever was. What changed was Priest showed up. Halloween Havoc’s wheel will decide the stipulation, and it could be very dangerous. Priest can take the pain. Can Gargano?


NXT Tag Team Championships: Breezango VS Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch!

What was meant to be a match with The Undisputed Era’s “Rod ‘n’ Bob Express” turned into Strong & O’Reilly, and now not the Undisputed Era at all! Will the One Two make good on this newest second chance? Or will Prince Pretty and the Lord of the Dance keep those golden accessories around their wrists?

NXT returns as the introductions are made. The belts are raised, the teams sort out, and it’s Fandango and Oney to start off this surprise turn of (main) events!

Fandango and Oney circle as fans rally up. They tie up, Oney arm-drags Fandango then the two stand off. Fandango and Oney circle again, tie up again, and are in a deadlock. Fans rally as Fandango gets a headlock. Oney powers up but can’t power out as Fandango holds tight. Oney tries again and gets free this time, to then arm-drag Fandango, only for Fandango to get the headlock back! Fandango grinds Oney down, Oney fights up and powers out again. Fandango runs Oney over, swivels the hips then speeds things up. Oney jumps but into a CHOP! Fandango CHOPS more, then whips Oney corner to corner. Oney reverses, Fandango goes up and sunset flips but Oney slips out to get a leg! Oney wants the Crab but Fandango flails. Oney still gets the HALF CRAB! Ropebreak! Oney lets go fast and the two reset.

Fandango and Oney tie up, Oney throws EuroUppers but Fandango EuroUppers back! Oney kicks and CHOPS, wrenches, tags Burch in. The One Two double wrench and double chop Fandango, then Burch EuroUppers Fandango down! Burch drags Fandango up, wrenches to an elbow breaker, then throws another EuroUpper, but into a backslide! TWO, Fandango EuroUppers Burch! Tag to Breeze, Breezango mug Burch in their corner then Breeze snap suplexes! Cover, ONE, but Breeze keeps close. Burch moves around, fights up, but Breeze clubs him down. Breeze puts Burch in the corner but Burch fights back with haymakers! Breeze powers Burch back in and rams his shoulder in! The ref counts, Breeze lets off and stomps a mudhole! Breeze digs his heels in, the ref counts, Breeze lets off.

Burch gets out, Breeze pursues but Burch headbutts low! Burch throws a EuroUpper then throws Breeze into barriers! Fans fire up as Burch brings Breeze up. Breeze pushes him away, the ring count climbs, but Burch gets in and grabs at Breeze from the apron. Burch gets Breeze in at 7 but Breeze goes out and trips Burch. Breeze SLAMS Burch’s leg into the post! Burch writhes and winces as NXT goes picture in picture.

Breeze gets back after Burch’s leg to POST it again! Burch writhes more, Breeze gets in and drags Burch up. Burch DECKS Breeze! Burch hobbles, tags in Oney, and Oney runs into an enziguri! The BritAm Brawlers are down, Breeze tags in Fandango! Fandango drops a knee on Oney’s leg then throws haymakers. Fandango CHOPS Oney in the corner, whips him corner to corner HARD, and watches Oney hit the mat. Cover, TWO! Fandango drags Oney up, swivels the hips as he facelocks and suplexes, to hang Oney out to dry! Tag to Breeze, Breezango BOOT SANDWICH! Cover, TWO! Breeze keeps on Oney, drags him over and tags Fandango in. They mug Oney, Fandango drags Oney up to throw hands but Oney hits back!

Oney CHOPS Fandango, tags Burch, and the One Two work together, atomic drop to HEADBUTT! Cover, TWO! Burch dares Fandango to get up, then drags him away to tag in Oney. NXT returns to single picture as Oney EuroUppers Fandango down! Cover, ONE! Oney tags Burch, they coordinate on Fandango again, but Fandango slips out to kick Burch’s bad leg! Oney is on Fandango, he ducks the back elbow but not Fandango’s LARIAT! Fandango LARIATS Burch, too! The One Two go out, Fandango follows and throws hands! Fandango CHOPS Burch, Breeze joins in to brawl with Oney! The ref has a ring count, Oney EuroUppers Breeze and Burch CHOPS Fandango! Oney gets in the ring, Burch DECKS Fandango, and Oney DIVES, into a BEAUTY SHOT! Burch throws Burch over the barriers!

The ring count starts again, Burch leaves Breeze behind but Fandango gets him for a kick and FALCON ARROW! Fandango hurries up top, leaps, LAST DANCE LEG DROP! Cover, TWO!?! Burch survives but Fandango is too tired to be shocked. Breeze flounders his way back to his corner and fans are rallying hard as ever. Fandango drags Burch up and over to the corner, tags Breeze in, and the champs coordinate. But Oney get sin to throw Fandango out! Oney ducks the enziguri to get the leg! HALF CRAB! Burch adds on the CROSSFACE! The ref counts, Oney holds on but Fandango throws him out! Fandango stomps Burch then bails out! Breeze and Burch are down but so are their partners! Fandango returns to his corner first and fans rally as Burch and Breeze rise.

Burch hobbles to Breeze, Breeze trips him by the bad leg and drops elbow after elbow on the knee! Burch writhes but Breeze slowly makes his way to an open corner. Breeze climbs up, Burch trips him up! Burch drags Breeze out, LONDON TOWER! Cover, Oney tries to intercept Fandango but Fandango just barrels through to break up the pin! All four men are down and the fans are loving this! The ref tells the illegal partners to leave as the teams regroup. Burch grits his teeth, Oney snarls, Breezango DOUBLE SUPERKICK Burch down! Oney runs, misses, DOUBLE SUPERKICKS for him, too! Fandango hurries up to the top rope, but a masked man shoves him down!? Who is that in that shiny mask?! He goes under the ring before the ref can see him! The ref is distracted checking on Fandango, Burch LOW BLOWS Breeze?! What is this!?

Burch and Oney get Breeze up, ASSISTED DRAPING DDT!! Cover, Burch and Lorcan win!?!

Winners: Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch, by pinfall (NEW NXT Tag Team Champions)

For the first time ever in the WWE, these two are champions! But needless to say, there was a lot of controversy! Wait, the masked man returns and celebrates with these two? Who is this?! The mask comes off, and it’s… PAT MCAFEE!! “You’re NEW NXT Tag Team Champions~! Danny Burch! Oney Lorcan! And that, my friends, is Undisputed!” McAfee orchestrated the most elaborate screw job ever! “You’re welcome!”

My Thoughts:

This was a pretty great episode, with lots of twists and turns. The opening Triple Threat was incredible and a bit of a surprise. I thought we would’ve gotten Ciampa VS Dream that Kushida interferes with and then Halloween Havoc would add a Triple Threat with a Halloween theme. But either way, it’s big for Kushida to win. Maybe he is in line for the North American Championship after next week’s match. We got great promos from the Garganos, Priest and Shirai, too. Johnny is hilarious with his dislike of roulette wheels. I really thought he was going to trash the one Candice made out of anger. And also, I hope NXT didn’t show their hand by Candice landing on Trick or Street Fight. That’s a good match and all, but we need to go fairly big for the first ever NXT Halloween Havoc. If the “Weapons Wild” is implied to be the rehashed Ambrose Asylum, go with that.

I like that Grimes VS Lumis was given a stipulation to fit Halloween, and Grimes was hilarious in his promo going 180 from confident to very afraid. I don’t know what the Haunted House of Terror match is going to look like, but these two are going to make it a lot of fun. Xia’s story is intriguing, I just kinda wished Raquel let her off the hook so we could understand why Xia is desperate. But Raquel sends a message to Rhea, so she’s totally losing right? A bit of a shame in some respects. Dakota going after Ember was a good touch, though. Ember gets a win off Jessi Kamea in a really good match, but could have an extended feud with Dakota. Dain and Maverick VS Ever-Rise was good, but Maverick snapping was definitely the best. Especially with Dain actually starting to accept Maverick. Maybe they do change the theme to something they can both agree on, and that helps them really get going as a team.

I really thought Theory’s story was going to take him into The Johnny Gargano Way, but after losing a pretty good match to Reed, then demanding another only to get crushed, I suppose him “quitting” is also an interesting direction. I wonder if this still leads him towards #TJGW as Johnny reaches out to him. We also need developments with Indi Hartwell, so maybe she shows up during whatever kind of match the NXT Women’s Championship is under. Which actually might dictate that it is something more like Trick of Street Fight, or just something not in a cage environment. Thatch As Thatch Can was a pretty good segment, but I almost expected someone to go out and save Anthony/Andrew/Alex Greene. Maybe that’ll be the next time class is live in the ring.

The Cruiserweight Six Man Tag was a lot of fun, maybe just a little hairy here or there, but definitely something. And though it wasn’t obvious at first, the ending sequence definitely made it seem that Atlas was moving up. Atlas got the drop on Escobar, he is Latino and gave the smack talk in Spanish as good as the Heels, and shows a lot of promise overall with his combination of athletics and charisma. It’s a shame Swerve never got the belt off Escobar once, a bit like Austin Aries in his rivalry with Adrian Neville a couple years ago, but maybe Swerve and Adonis can be the tag team I was picturing them to be. And maybe, with everyone having seen Escobar’s tricks, Swerve and Adonis to counter Mendoza and Wilde, and Atlas’ newfound aggression, he’s the first man to dethrone Escobar.

Now obviously story of the night was the Undisputed Era being picked apart. This was actually a great way to pivot from the Ridge Holland injury. Or it could have even been the plan all along, but the injury was just an unfortunate detail that happened. Either way, PAT MCAFEE being the mastermind behind this conspiracy is incredible! He has the money from his multi-million dollar endeavors, so of course he could pay Holland enough to buy that fancy car. He lost to Adam Cole, so he wants revenge, and he got some of that by keeping the UE out of the title match. Then he screws over Breezango to help Burch and Lorcan, who could easily have been on this the entire time! Oney and Lorcan sidelining Holland could’ve been them “tying up loose ends,” or however they might say it in a crime drama series. This has to lead to McAfee recruiting a fourth, his team VS UE, at the very least in an 4v4 elimination tag.

My Score: 9/10

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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (6/18/24)

It’s an all-star battle royal!



It’s a special night for NXT in more ways than one!

Trick Williams’ next challenger will be decided in a 25 Man Battle Royal, with stars from not just NXT, but perhaps from outside the WWE altogether! Who will be heading for the Heatwave with the champ?


  • NXT Championship #1 Contender’s 25 Man Battle Royal: Je’Von wins and will challenge Trick Williams for the title.
  • Triple Threat Tag: Roxanne Perez & Lola Vice VS Jacy Jayne & Jazmyn Nyx VS Lash Legend & Jakara Jackson; Roxie & Lola win.
  • NXT Women’s North American Championship: Kelani Jordan VS Mia Yim; Kelani wins and retains the title.
  • Fallon Henley VS Carlee Bright; Fallon wins.
  • Andre Chase & Duke Hudson w/ Chase U VS The Good Brothers; Chase & Duke win.
  • Je’von Evans VS Ethan Page; Ethan wins.


NXT Championship #1 Contender’s 25 Man Battle Royal!

A match this stacked was not going to wait very long! Je’Von Evans, Apollo Crews, Tyler Bate, Pete Dunne, Dragon Lee, Legado Del Fantasma’s Angel & Humberto, and pretty much all the stars of NXT are all in this ring, but they’re not the only ones. Say his name and he appears, it’s TNA’S JOE HENDRY!! Hendry has a mic to say “Say his name and he appears, Joe Hendry is here, in NXT!” The fans are going nuts, and Hendry says Cody Rhodes said this was a 25 man match. But let’s be honest, this is 24 men and one sensation! Hendry is gonna walk down to the ring, eliminate every single one of ’em, and go on to become NXT Champion and bring that title to TNA!

And when the title changes hands, the entire WWE Universe will be chanting, “WE BELIEVE!” And what they believe in is 250 pounds of pure motivation, the answer to all of life’s problems, they believe in JOE HENDRY! But wait, he isn’t the last one in this, as here comes All Ego, Ethan Page! Ethan and Hendry get face to face, as there was a time when All Ego was making an impact in TNA. The bell rings, and Oro Mensah jumps in to go after Ethan! They tumble out of the ring but under the bottom rope, so technically Ethan is still in this match! Except the brawl takes this to the back! And then Hendry finds himself going 23v1!

Wait, is that Frankie Kazarian, also of TNA, in there going after Hendry? Well alright. The fans freak out as Kaz DUMPS and ELIMINATES Hendry!! Kaz will probably have to deal with the consequences this week on TNA’s show. Tony D’Angelo goes after ol’ rival, Joe Coffey, Dempsey brawls with Tyler Bate, but then Lexis King CHOPS Tony! The Don turns around and thinks it was Edris! Edris defends his innocence but Tony TOSSES and ELIMINATES Edris! The brawling continues, Lexis finds Kaz and CLUBS him. Tavion Heights works well with the NO Quarter Catch Crew, and Legado goes after The Done.

Dragon goes after Myles Borne, Kaz DECKS Luca Crusifino then CHOPS Garza. Luca & Tony mug Humberto, Shawn Spears and Eddy Thorpe brawl. Eddy runs up, but the boot misses! Spears DUMPS and ELIMINATES Eddy! Coffey CHOPS Bate, but Ridge CLUBS Joe! Ridge still owes the Iron King so he hits a GERMAN SUPLEX! Malik Blade goes after Tony for him throwing out Edris! Joe tries to dump Lexis, but Lexis kicks back. The fans rally for Dante Chen as he’s in the mix, and then Dempsey puts Malik on the apron! Malik ROCKS Dempsey, slingshots and RANAS, but Dempsey uses ropes to stop that!

Dempsey kicks at Malik, Kemp WRECKS Malik, but Dempsey ends up falling with Malik! DOUBLE ELIMINATION! Kemp apologizes, but then Kaz DUMPS and ELIMINATES Kemp and Myles! The fans fire up for the Heavy Metal Rebel, all is forgiven from earlier. Crews and Bate go after Humberto, and Crews puts Humberto on the apron. Humberto drags Crews out to join him and they brawl! The fans rally, Humberto kicks the legs out, and Garza KNEES Crews down to ELIMINATE him! Legado gets another one on Crews, and NXT goes picture in picture.

Legado high-five, then Garza goes after Spears while Humberto is after Luca. Bate and Coffey brawl some more, Spears dumps Garza out but Garza lands safe on the apron! Spears works to scrape him off but Garza hooks the ropes with his legs! Lexis goes after Tank Ledger, Spears and Kaz brawl, and Tavion is after The Don! Guess he’s gonna earn his NQCC stripes already. Lexis AX HANDLES Luca, Je’Von and Dante fight it out in a corner, and Dante ends up on the apron! Dante RAMS into Je’Von’s bad ribs then gets back inside. Ridge and Tavion fight, Dante throws hands down on Spears, and Lexis CHOPS Tank.

Dragon boots but Coffey blocks to HEADBUTT! Coffey runs up but Dragon TOSSES and ELIMINATES him! The Iron King is irate but there’s nothing he can do now. Luca stomps Bate, Spears CHOPS Tony, Humberto fights off Ridge, Spears CHOPS Tony again! Spears gets space, runs up, but Luca takes the LARIAT! Luca goes up and out, Spears ELIMINATES him! Tony DECKS Spears, Bate RAMS into Tony! Tank fights back against Lexis and then goes after Dante. Tavion CLUBS Tank, Bate fires hands on Tony, Humberto fights off Kaz. Dante turns things around on Tavion to ROCK and ELBOW him!

Tony puts Bate up top, Ridge fires off on Tank, Spears finds Je’Von, and NXT returns to single picture. Garza goes after Kaz with body shots, Tavion clinches Dante to OVERHEAD SUPLEX! Dante hangs onto the ropes! Dante RAMS into Tavion, DUMPS him out, but Tavion is on the apron! They brawl on the edge, so Ridge runs up to BLAST and ELIMINATE them both!! The fans boo but Yorkshire Grit wants that title shot! Lexis CLUBS Ridge, Legado regroups, and Je’Von fights off Frazer. Spears TOSSES Dragon but Dragon holds on and gets back in! Kaz stomps Je’Von in those bad ribs, Spears stomps Dragon.

Bate fights off Tony’s suplex, CLUBS him, and Ridge UPPERCUTS away on Ridge. Legado bullies Tank, double trophy lifts him, but Tank fights free! Tank CLOBBERS Legado against ropes! Tank tries to get them both, but Lexis CLOBBERS Tank! Lexis is helping Legado? But then he backstabs Humberto and TOSSES him! Lexis ELIMNATES Humberto, and laughs at him! Garza is upset, though, and Lexis says hey, c’mon, battle royals, right? Garza says yeah, and he DECKS Lexis! Garza TOSSES and ELIMINATES Lexis! But then Tank TOSSES and ELIMINATES Garza! The fans fire up for Tank, but Bate gets him in the AIRPLANE SPIN!!

The fans fire up as Bate and Tank go around and around and around, way past TEN, then the SLAM! The fans rally for the Big Strong Boi as he DUMPS and ELIMINATES Tank! Kaz is sure shocked seeing all that! But then Tony DECKS Bate, hits a BELLY2BELLY on Kaz, then a SPINEBUSTER on Spears! the fans fire up with The Don, Frazer leaps but into a BODY SHOT! Tony TOSSES Frazer but he holds onto ropes! GAMANGIRI, then springboard, but into Tony’s arms! Frazer slips free, dumps Tony out, but Tony holds on! Tony shoves Frazer away but he’s right back with a SHOTGUN! Frazer ELIMINATES Tony!!

But then Dragon dumps Frazer out! Frazer skins the cat to RANA Dragon, but he holds on, too! They both stand, fire off BOOT after BOOT, then Frazer SUPERKICKS! Frazer runs up, into a V-TRIGGER!! Frazer falls, Dragon ELIMINATES him! But here comes Ridge! Dragon fires hands on Ridge, but Ridge shoves him. Dragon SUPERKICKS, ripcords, but Ridge LARIATS first! The fans boo as Ridge hoists Dragon up! Bate says Bop up, BANG! Ridge wobbles, Dragon shoves him! Bate DUMPS Ridge up, DOUBLE BANG and down goes Ridge! Bate & Dragon ELIMINATE Ridge, and then BANG for Dragon!

Spears TOSSES Bate, but Bate rebounds, LARIAT takes down Spears! We have our final five of Bate, Spears, Dragon, Kaz and Je’Von! Bate is all fired up, he runs in but Spears BOOTS him! Spears runs up but into a boot, and a KNEE! “This is Awesome! as Bate goes up, but Spears SHOVES him down, and ELIMINATES him! Now we’re at four! Dragon fires up, he and Spears brawl while Je’Von fires hands with Kaz! Kaz BODY SHOTS Je’Von, then helps Spears mug Dragon. Then Spears TOSSES Kaz! Kaz holds on, ducks a shot, but so does Spears! Spears rams in but into a GUILLOTINE LEG DROP!

Dragon SUPERKICKS Spears, Je’Von throws hands on Kaz. Kaz CHOPS Kaz, whips, but Je’Von reverses hard! Kaz goes up and out and to the floor! Je’Von ELIMINATES Kaz!! The Young OG is among the finalists! Je’Von fires hands with Dragon, Dragon BOOTS Je’Von! Je’Von runs, into a HEEL KICK! Je’Von runs up, but into a SNAP GERMAN! But Je’Von is right up!? And he SNAP GERMANS Dragon!! Dragon is up! He slips through a lariat, gets Je’Von up, SITOUT BOMB!! The fans are thunderous for “NXT! NXT!” as Dragon roars! Je’Von flounders about, Dragon runs up and JUMP KICKS! Leg sweep! But Spears SHOVES him down to ELIMINATE him!!

Spears grins as he sneaks that one, and now he has Je’von all to himself. Spears gets Je’Von up but Je’Von JAWBREAKERS! Springboard, but Spears DUMPS him out! Je’Von keeps his feet off the floor! Je’Von KICKS Spears, slingshots, but into a fireman’s carry! Je’Von slips free, Spears dodges a lariat, but then Je’Von dodges a lariat! Je’Von LARIATS Spears up and out, but Spears has fingers on ropes! Je’Von CLUBS away but Spears ROCKS Je’Von! Spears springboards, but into a SUPERKICK! Rebound and GAMANGIRI! Je’Von TOSSES Spears!! Je’Von wins!!!

Winner: Je’Von Evans (NEW #1 Contender to the NXT Championship)

Even in this stacked field of veteran stars, it was the youngest of them all that bounces them all out! And now he’ll be facing his role model, Trick Williams! Is this match-up going to burn down the house in Toronto?


The Women’s Division talks backstage.

Kelani Jordan is an inspiration to them, Carlee Bright hopes she wins tonight. And then challenging her for the Women’s North American Championship would be a dream come true! Fallon Henley walks in and hopes Carlee isn’t serious. She’s had literally one match here. If anyone deserves a shot, it’s Fallon. But didn’t she have her part in the ladder match? Because Fallon didn’t come first there. Wren Sinclair points out that’s true. Fallon tells Wren to sit down. Anyway, she is the only one in this locker room that deserves a shot. Oh, really? Brinley Reece is doing pretty well, and Karmen Petrovic got a pin on Shayna Baszler, so…

Fallon is sick and tired of all the new girls thinking they deserve stuff! Sol Ruca avoids the drama by getting out of there. But clearly things are heating up, who will rise above to be next in line to the newest title in NXT?


Lola Vice warms up.

She kicks and punches away on a dummy, and Roxanne Perez storms in. Does Lola think she’s stupid or something? We all saw how Lola eyed the Women’s Championship. So if Lola thinks she’s gonna get her title- Okay, hold on. Yes, Lola was eyeing the title. But she’s not gonna fake being friends just to get close to the title. Lola will even tell Roxie’s plan: she will knockout every woman that gets in her way, including the four women in the Triple Threat tonight. She won’t go after Roxie, yet. So is Roxie ready to do this? Roxie says that Lola may not get it, but as THE NXT Women’s Champion, she doesn’t trust Lola or anyone else. But let’s handle business.

Roxie heads out, Lola takes off the gloves. That Triple Threat is up next, will The Prodigy and Miami Vice be able to hold it together against two teams that are united?


Ridge Holland regroups with Chase U.

Andre Chase & Thea Hail are certainly proud of him for being out there with so many opponents. He may not have won, but he fought hard and represented Chase U well. Duke Hudson gets off his phone to say yes, indeed. Very impressive. But hey look, a message from Riley Osborne. It says, “What about our mate, Ridge?” See? Even Riley’s coming around. Speaking of, where is Riley? Oh, back home in the UK. But when he comes back, this will be the best version of Chase U the world has ever seen! Well said, Thea! Ridge tries on his new Chase U shirt, and it fits like a glove. But then The Good Brothers walk over and sarcastically clap.

Luke Gallows says, “Would ya look at that? They’ve finally accept him.” Karl Anderson says, “From a brute, to a nerd!” How touching. He might cry. Ridge says ignore the haters. Duke says nah, they’ve got this. Chase says yeah, if the Good Brothers have a problem with Ridge, then they’ve got a problem with Chase U. Thea says yeah! Oh, so they’ll fight his battles for him? Duke says if it’s Ridge’s battle, it’s their battle, too. Gallows says, “You don’t want none of this, kid!” THEA goes off, but Duke holds her back. The Good Brothers leave, but Chase says they’ll handle this. When and where will the bullies get what’s coming to them?


Triple Threat Tag: Roxanne Perez & Lola Vice VS Jacy Jayne & Jazmyn Nyx VS Lash Legend & Jakara Jackson!

We just heard from champion and one potential challenger, but with The Toxic Traitor’s face on the mend and Meta Four wanting more, the walls might be closing in on The Prodigy. Will this tag team Triple Threat help clear some space? Or will someone score themselves a golden ticket to Toronto?

In this form of Triple Threat, each team has one woman legal, so Roxie steps up against Jakara and Jacy. Roxie kicks Jacy low, fires hands on Jakara, but Jakara ROCKS her then headlocks. Roxie powers out to send Jakara into Jacy, then she rolls Jakara up. Jacy sunset flips Roxie, TWO! Jakara ghost pins Jacy, TWO! Roxie ghost pins Jakara, TWO! Jacy grabs Roxie but she hits a JAWBREAKER! Jakara waistlocks Roxie but Roxie switches to O’Conner Roll! TWO and Roxie is sent into a LARIAT by Jacy! Jacy turns around, Jakara hits a SLINGBLADE! Jakara talks smack then tags Lash! Lash gets Jacy up, and brings Roxie over, but they both stomp Lash’s feet!

Roxie & Jacy mug Lash, but she shoves Jacy away and DECKS Roxie! Jacy gets around to crucifix but Lash stays up! Roxie runs up and leaps, but into Lash’s arms! Lash says nope! She dribbles them both in the ropes! The fans cheer as Lash then SWINGS Jacy into Roxie, but Jacy swings free to arm-drag! Jacy ducks ‘n ‘dodges, Jazmyn tags in, RANA and PENALTY KICK! Cover, Jakara breaks it! Jakara whips but Jazmyn TOSSES Jakara! Roxie TOSSES Jazmyn! Roxie CLUBS away on Lash, jumps on for a GUILLOTINE FACELOCK, but Lash reaches out! Lash lifts Roxie, Loa tags in! Lash TOSSES Roxie, but Lola fires off kicks on Lash!

Lash blocks a kick, scoops Lola and SLAMS her down! Lash then drags Roxie up, reels her in, but Roxie fights out of the powerbomb! Roxie kicks low, Lola kicks low, then they DOUBLE LAREIAT Lash down! They kick Lash out, Jazmyn LEAPS at Lash! Lash catches Jazmyn, so Jacy CANNONBALLS! Down goes Lash, but then Jakara RAMS Jacy into steel steps! The fans fire up, but Loa SOBATS Jakara, and Roxie DIVES! Down goes Miss Jackson, and the fans fire up as Roxie and Lola actually high-five! For not being friends, they’re making it work as a team, and NXT goes to break.

NXT returns and Jakara has Lola’s legs while Jazmyn has Lola in a headscissor squeeze! Jakara turns Lola over into a BOSTON CRAB! Lola endures double submissions, who wins if she taps out!? But Roxie CLAWS at Jazmyn, she lets go, but theN Jacy goes after Roxie! Roxie TOSSES Jacy off the apron! Jakara stomps Lola, but Lola BOOTS her away! Loal then BODY SHOTS Jazmyn! Tag to Roxie and she fires off on Jakara! Then on Jazmyn! UPPERCUT for Jakara, UPPERCUT for Jazmyn, repeat! Roxie wrenches Jakara, kicks Jazmyn< RUSSIAN LEG SWEE DDT COMBO! Cover on Jazmyn, TWO! Cover on Jakara, TWO!

Roxie shrieks in anger but she drags Jakara up by her hair. Tag to Lola and they mug Jakara. Jakara hits back but Lola fires those fast kicks! Jazmyn runs up, but Lola ROCKS her, then fires off more kicks! Jazmyn sits in a corner, Jakara is in the other. The afns fire up because Lola’s a Latina~! HIP ATTACK on Jazmyn! HIP ATTACK on Jakara! Lola keeps going, but Jacy CLOBBERS Lola! Cover, Jakara breaks it! Jakara hurries to tag Lash, and she runs up. Jacy dodges, BOOTS Lash, but Lash DECKS Jacy! Then she BOOTS Lola! And she DECKS Roxie! Lash hauls Jacy up, gets Lola added to it, DOUBLE SUPLEX! And a kip up!

Tag to Jakara and Meta Four gets Jacy up. Wheelbarrow and CUTTER! Cover, Jazmyn breaks it in time! But Lash THRASHES Jazmyn! Jazmyn PELES Lash! Jakara runs up on Jazmyn, EDGE-O-MATIC! But Lola URAKENS!! Roxie tags in, which upsets Lola, but Roxie hops on to POP ROX!! Cover, Roxie & Lola win!

Winners: Roxanne Perez & Lola Vice, by pinfall

It was already buenas noches when Lola hit Jakara, but The Prodigy always needs the spotlight. Roxie holds onto the title, even as Lola raises her hand in victory. But then Roxie URAKENS Lola!! Roxie strikes first, but will Lola have the last laugh?


Je’Von Evans meets with Ava Raine.

The NXT GM congratulates the new #1 contender, that is a big deal. He appreciates even being put in there. Nah, that was definitely all him. But then Ethan Page storms in and demands that Ava should do something! Do something about Oro “The Menace” Mensah, who has attacked Ethan like five different times! Ava says she did, she kicked Oro out of the building. OH~, thank you so much~! How about she kick him out of NXT entirely instead?! If not for Ethan, he’d still be in the battle royal! Actually, no, he IS still in, he never got thrown out, the match should still be going! And what is Je’Von laughing at?!

Those results should be null and void, and Ethan should be the one in this room talking Heatwave with Ava! Not some punk ass kid! Oh, he’s a punk ass kid? Well oddly enough, this punk kid’s got another match in him. Does Ethan? Or has Oro been beating his ass that badly? Ethan says he’s got another match in him! Let’s go! Ava asks if Je’Von is sure about this. Je’Von says yeah, let’s have it out in the main event! Ava says that settles it. Ethan says Je’Von may have all the heart in the world, but he has nothing between those ears. Ava tells Ethan and Je’Von to save it for the main event. But will All Ego look to change the plans for Heatwave with his own two hands?


Kelani Jordan heads to gorilla position.

The Stand Out sees both allies and enemies watching her as she goes. But it’s Sol Ruca who tells her that she’s got this. Kelani thanks Sol and high-fives her. The gold is on the line for the first time, will we see no one does it like Lani? Or will Michin make this first reign a short one?

NXT Women’s North American Championship: Kelani Jordan VS Mia Yim!

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see who is truly championship material!

The bell rings and Mia offers a handshake. Kelani takes it, and the two circle. The fans rally and duel, the two tie up, and Mia headlocks. Kelani powers up and out, but Mia runs her over. Mia shrugs, runs, but then rolls over the dropdown. Kelani runs, tilt-o-whirls and RANAS, but Mia handsprings through! Kelani kips up, but wait, The Good Brothers saunter out here. Kelani says okay, she gets it. They still shake hands, but then Mia uses that to get a backslide! TWO, Kelani rolls Mia, TWO! Kelani arm-drags, Mia arm-drags, and then Mia avoids an arm-drag to Oklahoma Roll! ONE!! Mia hurries to get another headlock.

Kelani powers up and out, then drops down to handspring, but Mia watches out! Kelani slingshots but Mia blocks the arm-drag! Mia arm-drags, runs up, but Kelani dodges. Mia goes Spider-Woman, but Kelani runs up! Mia drops and Kelani tumbles up and out! The Good Brothers are there but the ref warns then, Mia DIVES, but Kelani moves! Gallows helps Mia land on her feet, but then Kelani PLANCHAS down onto Mia! The fans fire up for Kelani as NXT goes to break.

NXT returns again and Mia waistlocks. Kelani elbows free and runs, but Mia goes the other way to POUNCE! The fans fire up, Mia hurries to cover, TWO! Mia drags Kelani up, and reels her into a BEARHUG! Kelani endures Mia’s limitless arsenal, and the fans duel again. Kelani throws elbows, fights free, and then fires forearms! Mia BOOTS Kelani, and Kelani goes to ropes. Mia runs up, Kelani dodges, then DOUBLE CROSSBODIES collide! Both women are down and the fans rally up again. Kelani stirs, crawls, but Mia sits up. Kelani fires a forearm, but Mia CHOPS! Kelani ROCKS Mia, but Mia CHOPS!

Both women rise, Kelani fires off forearm after forearm, then whips to CLOBBER Mia! And CLOBBER her again! Kelani cartwheels to BACK ELBOW! Kelani kips up and the fans fire up! Kelani runs at the corner to SPLASH, then she wrenches and reels Mia in! IMPALER DDT! Cover, TWO! Mia survives and Kelani grows frustrated. Kelani thinks of her options, handsprings, but Mia gest around! Mia GERMAN SUPLEXES! Bridging cover, TWO! Kelani escapes and Mia is surprised. Mia drags Kelani up as the fans duel more. Mia wrenches, for EAT- NO, Kelani steps over to WHEEL KICK! Mia flounders and Kelani rises!

Kelani goes up a corner, but Mia SHORYUKENS! Mia then brings Kelani out with an Electric Chair Lift, but Kelani fights the driver! POISON-RANA!! Cover, TWO!! Mia survives and shocks Kelani! The fans fire up and Kelani drags Mia to a drop zone. Kelani goes back up, for the SPLIT LEG- FLOP!! Mia avoids that one of a kid moonsault, to then hammerlock, clinch, and SITOUT! Cover, TWO!! Kelani survives and Mia can’t believe it! And wait, here comes OTM’s Nima & Price! They’re still hot over last week with Jaida and Mia! The refs hurry out here, but Miss Parker herself SHOVES Mia off the top!!

Jaida slips away, Mia flounders, and Kelani goes up and up to SPLIT-LEG MOONSAULT! Cover, Kelani wins!!

Winner: Kelani Jordan, by pinfall (still NXT Women’s North American Champion)

Jaida gets back at Michin, and Kelani is still the first Women’s North American Champion! But will things only get harder for The Stand Out from here on out?


Backstage interview with Ethan Page.

Kelly Kincaid is with All Ego, and says it has been a wild night for him already. He was only in the battle royal for a few seconds- Uh, wrong, Kelly. Ethan is still in that match because he was never eliminated! And you know what else? Trick Williams did not beat Ethan Page at Ethan’s best! Because at Battleground in Las Vegas, Ethan was attacked by Oro Mensah in the parking lot! Ethan let his emotions get the better of him, but now he is back on track. Ethan has business to handle, and the first order of business is Je’Von Evans. Then Ethan IS coming after Trick, he will take that title from him, but ORO!

Ethan warns Oro that the next time they cross paths, Ethan will make sure to deal with him. Will Oro regret getting in All Ego’s way?


Izzi Dame speaks.

“Being great was never a choice. It was my way of life. On the volleyball court, I was that girl. A Division I athlete with All American honors.” She loved smashing faces, zinging the ball 60+ miles per hour at the opponents. She set records for kills and velocity, then went pro. It’s no wonder WWE wanted her to be that girl in NXT. She is picking up this new game real quick, and will soon dominate in the ring like she did on the court. These “Non-Athletic Regular People,” AKA NARPs, won’t stand a chance. It Iz what it Iz.


Axiom and Nathan Frazer talk backstage.

Axiom wants to know what Frazer was doing out there. Oh, well, hola to you to, amigo. Axiom wants to know why Frazer didn’t tell him he’d be in the battle royal. Uh, shouldn’t the real question be why Axiom wasn’t in there? Who is gonna pass up a shot at the NXT Championships, mate? But they’re the NXT Tag Team Champions, mate! Yeah, he knows. And then last week, Frazer was looking at the Heritage Cup- Yeah, and then he eliminated Tony D tonight! So maybe- Maybe, maybe, maybe! Is being a tag champ not good enough for Frazer? That’s not what Frazer’s trying to say. Well there’s a Tag Team Turmoil next week, with the winners-

But then Luca Crusifino walks in. The Legal Eagle isn’t trying to interrupt or anything, but he is here on business. After what happened in that battle royal, The Don had him draft up a contract for an NXT Heritage Cup match. It is already signed off and approved by Tony D and Ava. Frazer snatches it up and signs on the dotted line! Luca verifies, and says that’s not a bad signature. Luca heads out and Axiom says this is unbelievable. Frazer asks what he means by that, and Axiom just leaves. Frazer says they’re quite literally off next week, no worries! But will there be reason to worry should Frazer actually win the Heritage Cup back?


Tatum Paxley paid a visit to TNA!

It was TNA: Against All Odds, where the twisted, title obsessed Tatum showed up to challenge Jordynne Grace for the Knockouts Championship. In the end, The Juggernaut made Tatum pay for that stunt at Battleground and she retained the title. Will Tatum return to NXT tail between her legs as she must settle for opportunities over here?


Oba Femi is here!

The fans cheer as The Ruler heads to the ring, bringing his Men’s North American Championship with him. Oba gets a mic to then say, “This feels all too familiar, doesn’t it? Once again, Oba, still the North American Champion! Still the Ruler of NXT. And I did tell everybody who would listen to me, I told them that no matter how many men would step up to me at Battleground, the results remain the same.” The fans cheer, and Oba smiles. Oba says he flew to Vegas, did what he did best and dominated two men in Joe Coffey and Wes Lee. Two of the greatest that NXT has to offer! But they are nothing like Oba. There is NO ONE like Oba!

“So look in my eyes, and riddle me this. Who can ever take this title from me?” Wes Lee makes his way out! The Cardiac Kid says to answer the question, it’d be Wes. See, Oba knows, Wes knows, and everyone that watched Battleground knows, Oba sure didn’t pin Wes. Oh, this again, Wes? Wes’s obsession with what was once his is begin to irritate Oba. Oh, is it? Well, Wes doesn’t care! But wait, what’s going on in the crowd? Is that Brooks Jensen? Security hurries to stop that, and Wes tells Oba that he was in Vegas for one thing: Oba! And Oba knows how badly Wes wanted to test himself against Oba 1v1.

Hell, Wes even had the chance to be in the battle royal, and he respectfully declined! Why? Because all of Wes’s energy, every ounce of him, is focused on HIS North American Championship and getting it back. Oba says he’s realized Wes is going in circles, and he is just tired of it. he is done. Oba goes to leave, but Wes shouts at him! “Don’t turn your back on me!” Oba smirks but Wes says Oba has everything going for him. Oba is making headlines every week. Oba has guys like Big E saying Oba is their favorite superstar. And NXT is treating Oba like the greatest North American Champion ever. But even Oba knows what Wes is to that title, unless Oba does something about it.

And Wes is giving Oba that opportunity. But just know, that Oba will be facing a different kind of kid when it’s Wes 1v1. And Wes will show Oba exactly what it is Wes’s name in those record books. Oba tells Wes that it seems he has a lot of faith in himself, as do the fans. They really believe Wes can win this belt back. But that is neither here nor there. What really concerns Oba is changing those record books. So Wes, Oba will give Wes his 1v1 match. However…! This will be the first and FINAL time Wes gets at this title so long as Oba is champion. What’s it going to be, Wes? Do they have an accord?

Wes says Oba’s got it. The deal has been struck, but will Wes’s one and final shot be the only shot he needs to take it all back? Or will Oba force him to finally move on from the past?


Hank ‘n’ Tank regroup backstage.

Hank tries to encourage Tank but Tank feels he blew it. Hank says hey, 25 Man Battle Royals are tricky, but he’s got good news. This is a 10 outta 10 on the Hank ‘n’ Tank good news scale. Moments ago, Hank was cleared from his shoulder injury, he is ready to get back in that ring! Hank ‘n’ Tank high-five, and that means if they’re back in action, they gotta get back in action! You see Tyler Bate tonight? Hank couldn’t miss him! He was spinning Tank like pizza dough. Tank dry heaves and says he knows. But that is how Hank ‘n’ Tank get back on track. Tyler Bate & Pete Dunne, two absolute technicians, take on Hank ‘n’ Tank!

The beefy boys shake hands and fire up, but will they be able to tackle the top tekkers of the New Catch Republic?


No Quarter Catch Crew regroups backstage.

Charlie Dempsey asks Tavion Heights if he has any idea why he’s here. Tavion says no. No? Well, Myles was supposed to give him a hint. Myles, why didn’t you tell Tavion why he’s here? Kemp signals to Myles but Myles doesn’t know what about. Dempsey gets mad and shouts at Myles. How come Myles didn’t tell Tavion why he’s here? Sorry, he didn’t hear anything. Dempsey says Tavion is impressive. Former Olympian, former PanAm Champion, multiple Greco-Roman championships under his belt. Kemp shrugs in confusion, he has those things, too. But Dempsey says Tavion has everything the Crew needs.

That is why Dempsey invited Tavion here. He wants Tavion to be NQCC. Well, alright. Oh, playing hardball, huh? N-No…? Dempsey will do Tavion one better. Next week, it will be Tavion VS Kemp. Wait, what? Yeah, man! After what Kemp did to Dempsey in the battle royal, he deserves this. So if Tavion wins, he’s in. Even better! Dempsey says Tavion drives a hard bargain, and he likes that. They shake on it, but seriously, what is going on in Dempsey’s head?


NXT Anonymous is watching Gallus.

Joe is furious, and asks who the hell Wes Lee think he is!? Wes gets another title shot when Gallus beat him in that ring last week! Who should be getting another match? It’s Joe! Wolfgang & Mark agree, but then Tyriek & Tyson attack! Gallus has to fight off the #Tygers, but then refs rush in! Seems Gallus will have to pay for doing whatever they want to whoever they want, will this be just the thing Igwe & Dupont need to get themselves in tag title contention?


Fallon Henley VS Carlee Bright w/ Kendal Grey!

The Cowgirl is not having it with these new girls trying to jump the line. If Fallon Comes First, will she be unstoppable on the way to the top? Or will Carlee be! Aggressive! B E aggressive?

NXT returns and Carlee makes her entrance. The bell rings and the two tie up. They go around, Fallon waistlocks then trips Carlee to headlock. Carlee endures the grind, fights up, and she throws Fallon off. Carlee wrenches to a wristlock but Fallon powers her way to a headlock and takeover. Carlee fights around, pushes Fallon toa headscissors, and she squeezes tight! Fallon slips free, but Carlee avoid the splash! Carlee wrenches to wristlock, but Fallon throws knees! Fallon whips, Carlee ducks ‘n’ dodges to tilt-o-whirl and RAAN! Then CROSSBODY! Cover, TWO! Carlee keeps on Fallon with a wrench and wristlock, but Fallon breaks free.

Fallon CHOPS Carlee, then RAMS her to a corner! Fallon digs her shoulder in, lets off, but Carlee BOOTS her away! Fallon runs up, but Carlee puts her on the apron! Carlee ROCKS Fallon, but Fallon avoids the shoulder to BOOT Carlee down! Fallon talks smack on Kendal, then she goes back into the ring. Fallon TOSSES Carlee to a corner, stomps a mudhole in then digs her boot in! The ref counts, Fallon lets off and Carlee sputters. Fallon snapmares Carlee down, then clamps on for a chinlock and armlock. The fans rally, Carlee fights up, and Fallon pries free, only for Fallon to kick low! Fallon whips, Carlee sunset flips! TWO!

Carlee stands up but into a BOOT! Fallon snarls, she drags Carlee up and back suplexes, but Carlee lands out to jump on! SLEEPER! Fallon reaches out as Carlee thrashes around! Fallon RAMS Carlee into buckles! Carlee lets go, and WENDY CHOO Is behind Kendal! Carlee cravats Fallon, Kendal turns around, and then Fallon and Carlee fall out of the ring! Kendal is worried for Carlee, but Wendy clamps on the COBRA CLUTCH! Kendal goes night night, and then Wendy glares at Carlee. Carlee puts Fallon in but realizes what happened to Kendal! Carlee still ROCKS Fallon, ROCKS her again, then dodges the lariat to DROPKICK!

Carlee hurries  up to whip Fallon, but Fallon reverses. Fallon runs up but into an elbow! Carlee goes up, up and CROSSBODY FLOPS as Fallon moves! Fallon then gets Carlee up, Fisherman CUTTER! Carlee sits up, into the SHINING WIZARD! Cover, Fallon wins!

Winner: Fallon Henley, by pinfall

New attitudes seem to be the theme for NXT lately, as Fallon’s edge cuts down Carlee, and Wendy going all weird put Kendal to bed! Will Fallon stampede her way up towards that Women’s North American Championship?


NXT Media catches up with Eddy Thorpe.

They know The Alpha Wolf didn’t win in the battle royal, but he seems to have that fire in his eyes. Yeah, they all saw him out there. He had an injury that put him out of action for awhile, but he got a great return win and a strong showing tonight. He wants to pick up momentum so that once he gets going, he’ll be the one challenging Trick, Oba, or even Tony D. Sorry if he seems a little all over the place, but NXT is getting hot and he wants to be in the middle of it. Eddy heads out for the night, but will he soon be at the precipice of a great opportunity?


Je’Von Evans gets checked by medical.

The doc wants him to be careful with those ribs, but Je’Von says hey, he’s headed to Heatwave. Trick walks in to say hey and congrats on the battle royal. But two matches in one night? Let’s talk about it! Je’von says you know he’s gotta do what he’s gotta do. Ya boi gotta keep pushing. But is he good? Yeah, yeah. Appreciate you, Doc. Trick just wants Je’Von to understand, Ethan Page is a bad man. He stepped into NXT, hustled his way to a title match, and now he’s trying to do it all again. Je’Von has to put an end to this. Je’Von says Ethan’s goofy, this ain’t nothing. Then that’s why Je’Von has to handle Ethan for real this time.

Je’Von says thanks, but Ethan thinks this is just a game. Trick says Ethan doesn’t belong in NXT. Doesn’t matter how much time is on his contract, if it were Trick, Ethan will always be an outsider. Je’Von says real talk, he’ll get that W, then it’ll be the two of them for this title. They shake on it, but will the Young OG be able to make it through another hard fought match here tonight? Or is Trick right about Ethan being a snake?


Andre Chase & Duke Hudson w/ Chase U VS The Good Brothers w/ Mia Yim!

Professor Chase & The Chase U MVP stood up on behalf of Ridge Holland, and now they’ll be fighting on behalf of him, too! Will they show that The OC isn’t the only club that sticks together? Or will things be Just Too Sweet?

NXT returns and The Good Brothers make their entrance, Michin by their side. The teams sort out and Chase starts against The Machine Gun. Karl kicks low, bumps Chase off buckles then fires hands. Karl headlocks, Chase opwers up and out, but Karl runs him over! Things keep moving, Karl hurdles bu tChase hip tosses! Chase brings Karl around to headlock takeover, and he grind sKarl down. Karl fights up, powers up and out, but Chase runs him over! Chase runs, but Karl drops. Chase hurdles, turns hip toss into hip toss, and the fans fire up! Chase bumsp Karl off buckles, tags Duke, and Chase U whips Karl back into the corner!

Chase U double body shot then high-ten to DOUBLE CLUB! Cover, TWO! Duke wrenches Karl, RAMS his shoulder, then wrenches and runs Karl over! Cover, TWO! Duke facelocks Karl, tags Chase, and then whips. Chase drip toeholds for Duke to drop an elbow! Chase covers, TWO! The fans rally as Chase facelocks, but Karl RAMS him into the OC corner! Tag to Gallows but Chase fires hands first! Chase ELBOWS Karl, but Gallows UPPERCUTS! And hits a BIG back suplex! Gallows runs to BOOT Chase down! And then he drops a BIG elbow! And another BIG elbow! And then a third BIG elbow! Cover, TWO!

Gallows is annoyed but he drags Chase up to bump him off buckles. Gallows ROCKS Chase, brings him around, and scoops to a SLAM! Gallows throws up the Too Sweet, then brings Chase up to scoop and SLAM again! Gallows tags Karl, and Karl drags Chase up to whip. Karl ELBOWS Chase down, covers, TWO! Karl stays on Chase and tags Gallows in. The Good Brothers mug Mr. Chase, then Gallows snapmares Chase into a chinlock. The fans rally, Chase fights up, and Chase fires body shots! Chase JAWBREAKERS free, but Karl tags in! Karl keeps Chase from Duke and whips him to an open corner. But Chase BOOTS back!

Chase ducks Gallows’ cheap shot, dodges Karl, hot tag to Duke! Duke rallies with forearms, then he even DECKS Gallows! Duke whips, Karl reverses but Duke breaks the lariat to CLOBBER him! Gallows gets in but gets JAB after JAB after JAB! Flip, flop, fly and U~! BIONIC ELBOW! Karl BOOTS Duke, goes up a corner, but Duke handsprings to SUPER STEINER?! The fans fire up and Duke covers, Gallows breaks it! Chase gets in to fire hands, he and Duke CLOBBER Gallows out of the ring! Chase goes to the apron to SUPERKICK! And then CANNONBALL! Direct hit and down goes Gallows! Mia and Thea check their guys while Duke has Karl.

Duke suplexes. Karl slips free and shoves! Duke reverses that to roll Karl up, and is Ridge helping?! CHASE U WINS!

Winners: Andre Chase & Duke Hudson, by pinfall

Duke seems rather surprised! The cameras weren’t in position, did Yorkshire Grit sneak a little assist? Will it matter once Chase U is back in contention for the tag titles?


Ava Raine meets with Kelani Jordan.

Robert Stone & Stevie Turner are there as the GM congratulates Kelani on her first title defense. But Ava also has to say, there was a long, long line of women in front of her door wanting their shot at Kelani. Kelani knows, but as one challenge ends, another begins. And she knows who it should be. Someone who is deserving, who never complains or feels like they’re owed anything. But in steps Arianna Grace. Doesn’t Kelani know it’s not polite to talk about someone behind their backs? But in this case, she’ll allow it!

Arianna moves Stevie aside to say Kelani is such a sweetheart to be thinking about her. Especially when Arianna wasn’t even in the combine to qualify for a chance. So she just wants to tell Kelani thanks, and she accepts. Uh, sorry, Arianna, this is kinda awkward, but Kelani didn’t mean Arianna just now. She was talking about someone who never asks for anything, never complains, stuff like that. And who is that? Sol Ruca. Ohhh… Yes… Well, Sol is nice, but she doesn’t carry herself like a champion! Or a pageant queen. Sol surfs! The only thing that suits her is the ocean. And Arianna is so much better that it’s funny!

Stone says if that’s the case, Arianna should prove it. Ava agrees! Sol VS Arianna next week, winner gets the shot. Arianna has no choice but to accept, will she back up her words and win her way to the title match? Or will she just get her Soul Snatched?


Chase U regroups backstage.

Thea is all fired up! They just beat THE OC! Do you see what happens when Chase U is on the same page? Congrats on the win! Andre Chase thanks Thea, but just wishes Riley was here to be part of it. When does he get back? Soon, hopefully. And what were the Good Brothers complaining about after? No idea. Duke looks at Ridge and Chase jokingly asks if Duke was up to no good. Duke says why him? But uh, no, he didn’t do nothing, didn’t see nothing. Well, Ridge, did you see something? No, just Duke rolling ’em up clean as a whistle. Well, alright! Time to celebrate! Chase and Thea head out, Ridge and Duke give each other a look. Was there something fishy about that win?


Fallon Henley throws a fit backstage!

Even though she won, The Cowgirl is still upset! Everyone just skips over her like she’s nothing! Jacy & Jazmyn walk in and say she is pretty pissed. Uh yeah she is! Wanna know why? Cuz Kelani doesn’t even deserve to have that title in the first place, and this is a damn joke! Join the club. At least Fallon’s nose isn’t broken. And she also won her match! Jacy & Jazmyn weren’t even pinned! Well then it is either Sol Ruca or Arianna Grace! So much for seniority, or even respect. Is that too much to ask for? No, it is not. In fact, Jacy is sick of the way things are done around here. So is Fallon. Are these former enemies bonding over… toxicity?


Trick Williams heads to ringside!

The fans cheer as THE NXT Champion is going to join commentary for this main event! Will he see the Young OG handle business? Or is All Ego about to take away Je’Von’s ticket to Toronto by force?

Je’von Evans VS Ethan Page!

NXT returns and The Young OG is already in the ring, pointing to his guy, Trick. Ethan makes his entrance, the fans boo, but the bell rings. Ethan runs up, Je’Von dodges and fires off hands! Ethan fires back and hits Je’Von in the ribs! Ethan reels Je’Von in but Je’Von slips under to CHOP! CHOP! And CHOP! The fans fire up but Ethan kicks the legs out! Ethan KICKS Je’Von in the side! The fans boo but Ethan RAMS into Je’Von! And RAMS him again! And again! The ref counts, Ethan lets off to argue with the ref, then Ethan fires body shots! Ethan clamps on with the cobra clutch and cradle, for the SIDE SLAM! Cover, TWO!

Ethan is frustrated already but he stalks Je’Von and talks trash. Ethan KNEES Je’von in the side, but Je’Von CHOPS! Ethan stomps Je’Von around, drags him up by the rib tape, and puts Je’Von in a corner. Ethan KNEES low, whips corner to corner hard, and Je’Von falls to the mat! The fans boo but Ethan soaks it all up. Cover, TWO! Ethan covers again, TWO! Ethan drags Je’Von up by the tape again, brings him around, and scoops to SLAM! Ethan KNEES Je”von in the side, and KNEES him again! And again! The fans boo as Ethan stomps away. The ref counts, Ethan lets off, but then he drags Je’Von up.

Je’Von fires body shots, then CHOPS! Je’Von runs up, but Ethan FLAPJACKS him on the ropes! Je’Von falls back, Ethan hauls him up, and Canadian Racks for the EGO’S- RANA! Je’Von throws Ethan, then runs up to trip him! DUOBLE STOMPS! Ethan sputters and cries in pain, but Je’Von SUPERKICKS Ethan out of the ring! Je’Von tells Ethan to get back up and in, but NXT goes picture in picture.

Ethan leans against the desk, but Je’Von goes out to stalk him. Ethan kicks but Je’Von dodges to CHOP! Je’Von brings Ethan around but Ethan RAMS him into the apron! Ethan drags Je’von up to APRON BACK SUPLEX! Je’Von flounders, Ethan storms in and covers, TWO! Je’Von is still in this but those ribs are in rough shape. Ethan stalks Je’Von to ropes, drags him up, and shoves him into ropes to CLUB him on the rebound! Je’Von falls over, Ethan drags him back up. Ethan shoves and CLUBS Je’Von again! Ethan paces around, drags Je’Von up again, and scoops for a BACKBREAKER! Cover, TWO!

Je’Von grits his teeth as he stays in this match, but Ethan stalks him to ropes. Ethan drags Je’Von up, reels him in, and puts him on the ropes! DRAPING BACKBREAKER! Je’Von writhes but Ethan tells the ref to check. Je’Von refuses to give in so Ethan drag shim up. Je’Von fires body shots, then CHOPS! And CHOPS! And CHOPS! Je’Von whips, Ethan reverses, and a kitchen sink knee hits Je’Von low! NXT returns to single picture and Ethan clamps onto an arm for a low abdominal stretch! The fans rally, Je’Von fights up and he fires body shots. Ethan CLOBBERS Je’Von! The fans boo but Ethan says kiss his ass!

Ethan stalks Je’Von, drags him up, and suplexes to hang Je’Von out to dry! Je’Von bounces off the ropes, into a deadlift POWERSLAM!! Cover, TWO!! Je’Von survives and Ethan grows frustrated. The fans rally but Ethan stalks Je’Von. Ethan gets the legs, and he forces Je’Von over into the LION TAMER! Je’Von endures as Ethan uses another famous Canadian’s hold, but Je’Von claws his way to the ROPEBREAK! The ref counts, Ethan lets go, and Je’von sputters as he grabs at ropes. Ethan drags Je’Von up, reels him in, and suplexes. Je’Von slips free, blocks a shot, then body shots! Je’Von fires off hands and the fans fire up!

Ethan swings, Je’Von dodges to fire off more hands! Je’Von DECKS Ethan! Je’Von runs to LRAIAT! And ELBOW! Je’Von has Ethan in a corner, whips him, but Ethan reverses. Je’Von slides to a stop, dodges Ethan and rebounds to NEURALIZER! The fans fire up and Je’Von hurries to the apron! Je’Von springboards to FLYING LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Ethan stays in this and even Trick is a little surprised. Je’Von springboards, but Ethan dodges the OG Cutter! Ethan then goes to a corner, runs up, but Je’Von BOOTS, HEEL KICKS, and BLUE THUNDER BOMBS! High stack, TWO! Ethan escapes but Je’Von runs! But into a LARIAT!

Ethan deadlifts again, but Je’Von uses that to DDT!! Cover, TWO!! Ethan survives but Trick cheers the Young OG on. Je’Von climbs a corner, but Ethan shoves him down! The ribs hit top rope, and Ethan has the Canadian Rack! EGO’S EDGE!! Cover, Ethan wins!

Winner: Ethan Page, by pinfall

Trick frowns as All Ego takes advantage of Je’Von and gets a win he perhaps shouldn’t have. But then Ethan storms out to get in Trick’s face! Ethan beat the #1 contender, so shouldn’t he be #1 contender now? Trick says that’s not how it works, but wait! Shawn Spears goes after Je’Von! The fans boo but Trick goes after Spears! But then Ethan goes after Trick! The Canadians mug Trick while fans boo! Ethan and Spears stomp away in the corner, then they bring Trick back up. But Je’Von springboards, DOUBLE OG CUTTER!! The fans fire up as all four men are down, the title down between them all! Everyone grabs for the gold, are things only going to heat up towards Heatwave?

My Thoughts:

A great NXT, but a very talkative one. I get it, promos help to move stories along but did we need this many promos to do it? I did appreciate there was story integration at least. Kelani VS Mia was really good, but Jaida screws Mia over because of their ongoing feud. We’ll definitely be getting a Mixed Six of OTM VS The OC now, but we might even throw Chase U into that as Ridge surely did help Duke cheat that pin to beat The Good Brothers. And a Mixed Six Triple Threat would be kinda fun, maybe a little chaotic. But clearly it’s also helping build a sort of Chase U Civil War as Duke & Riley try to show everyone they were right about Ridge all along.

The tag division in NXT is really heating up, too. Great NXT Anonymous video of Ty & Ty going after Gallus, I hope they’ll be part of Tag Team Turmoil next week. Same goes for Hank ‘n’ Tank and New Catch Republic. And I do appreciate the tension being created between Axiom and Frazer. Honestly, Frazer should be trying to convince Axiom they can be a Two Man Power Trip but Axiom seems about singular focus so they don’t lose what they’ve got. Tony VS Frazer is going to be a great Heritage Cup match, but I feel like Axiom’s lack of support is going to be why Frazer loses out in the end.

Related to the Heritage Cup, No Quarter Catch Crew feels like it’s falling apart. Dempsey is starting to be delusional, off in his own little world, but Tavion VS Damon is going to be really good. Also, it’s still very clever how they subtly poke fun at Myles Borne being partially deaf. I still feel like Tavion and Damon should end up a team of great shoot wrestlers and they can go after the tag titles. I’m just not sure the endgame for NQCC with Dempsey driving himself crazy trying to be more like The D’Angelo Family.

Fallon’s story also grows stronger with how she’s bitter over this Women’s North American Championship stuff. Good match from her and Carlee, but what a surprise that Wendy showed up just to choke out Kendal. And good bit with Arianna Grace where she of course thinks she’s more important than she is. Sol will definitely beat Arianna in the #1 contender’s match, but Fallon joining forces with Jacy & Jazmyn is an interesting trio. Great Triple Threat tag with Roxie & Lola winning. Roxie VS Lola is clearly the next Women’s Championship match, that’ll be good stuff.

Good promo for Izzi Dame to help us learn some of her sports origin story. A little surprised we didn’t get this sooner, because it would’ve helped her be more than just Kiana James’ sidekick. And I’m both okay and disappointed that Tatum going after Jordynne Grace was done so quickly with it being an Against All Odds open challenge type move. I’m okay because it’s done, I don’t have to worry about missing out on anything on TNA’s weekly programming. But I’m disappointed that they didn’t try a little harder on returning the favor of NXT visiting TNA. At least, at this point. We surely will get more crossover, I just hope they make it feel equal.

Speaking of which, kinda didn’t feel that way in the battle royal tonight. Yes, it was awesome that THE Joe Hendry made his NXT debut, but why was he the first person eliminated? Why wasn’t he in the spot Kaz filled in this match? I suppose it’d make more sense if I knew how the feud of Hendry and Kaz was going on TNA, but then why not kill two birds with one stone? Hendry eliminates Kaz for the TNA story, but then all of us get what we want with having more Joe Hendry on NXT. In the end, it was still an NXT guy winning, so what harm would it do to make Hendry one of the finalists?

Likewise, very clever of them to have Ethan eliminated without being eliminated while adding heat to Ethan’s story with Oro. And then we got a great main event out of Ethan VS Je’Von. Ethan of course wins after all the damage Je’Von’s ribs have taken, but I also like that we’re getting more Spears VS Je’Von going on. And that closing image tonight definitely teases a Fatal 4 Way for the title. It’s obvious, right? They’re gonna be in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and we’ve got two Canadians in Spears and Ethan. They’ll get the hometown crowd into it, and with a Fatal 4, whether Trick wins or loses, it helps protect everybody with how they can make things chaotic and opportunistic.

My Score: 8.8/10

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Mitchell’s WWE Raw Results & Report! (6/17/24)

Turn the corner towards Toronto!



Got my mind on my money and my money on my mind!

WWE made it through Clash at the Castle, and now prepares for Money in the Bank! Who will qualify for the Men’s & Women’s ladder matches tonight?


  • Chad Gable w/ The Alpha Academy VS Braun Strowman; Braun wins.
  • Women’s Money in the Bank Qualifier Triple Threat: Zelina Vega VS Iyo Sky VS Kiana James; Iyo wins and advances to MITB Toronto.
  • Dragon Lee w/ The LWO VS Carlito w/ JD McDonagh & Dominik Mysterio; Carlito wins.
  • Damage CTRL VS Katana Chance & Kayden Carter; Chance & Carter win.
  • WWE Intercontinental Championship #1 Contender’s Match: Bron Breakker VS Sheamus; Sheamus wins, by disqualification, no word on #1 contender.
  • Men’s Money in the Bank Qualifier Triple Threat: Jey Uso VS Rey Mysterio VS Finn Balor; Jey wins and advances to MITB Toronto.


Seth Rollins is here!

Corpus Christi, Texas fires up as The Architect makes his return! He’s been away since his epic battle against Drew McIntyre at WrestleMania 40, and he’s dressed as dapper as ever as he makes his way into the ring. Rollins revels in the fans singing “WHOA~ OH~ OHH~!” for him after two-and-a-half months away, and takes a bow. Then the fans chant “Welcome Back! Welcome Back!” Rollins then tells Corpus Christi, “Let me welcome you back to Monday Night Rollins~!” The fans fire up more and Rollins says that in case you’d forgot, let him introduce your host for this evening. He is a Visionary, he is a Revolutionary, he is… SETH! FREAKIN’! ROLLINS!

The fans cheer more and Rollins soaks it in. The fans sing again, and Rollins says he missed the fans, too. Now, he will cut to the chase, because he figures the fans will sing all night anyway. He is back for one reason. He’s seen ’em all, faced ’em all, beat ’em all, and done it all. He did not get into this business to be one of the best, but to be THE VERY BEST OF ALL TIME! And he cannot do that without getting back the championship that he made! THE WWE World Heavyweight Championship! Then Rollins looks up at the briefcases hanging overhead. MITB is only a few short weeks away… Rollins knows how to climb a ladder pretty well.

And Rollins is quite familiar with the MITB contract. So he figures, that is the fastest way for him to get back in the mix for- Well, speak of the champion, Damian Priest is here! El Campeon walks his way out to the ring, and he gets himself a mic as he stands face to face with Rollins. The fans boo but Priest tells Rollins that he isn’t being sarcastic, he really did want to come out here to be the first to welcome Rollins back. Rollins looks great, looks healthy, it is good to have him back. And real talk, Priest has been wanting some face to face time with Rollins to tell him straight up, that he was hoping to cash-in on Rollins at Mania. Out of respect, of course.

That didn’t happen, but Priest feels he’s doing okay. Hate to tell Rollins, through, this isn’t Monday Night Rollins. It is now where they #AllRise for El Campeon. Rollins laughs and says hey, let’s cut Priest some slack, he had a rough weekend. He almost lost a leg in Scotland! And Rollins likes where Priest is coming from, respects it, and priest may not know this but they’re a lot alike. Think about it: they both made their names in groups, Judgment Day and The Shield; they both won MITB contracts, had to wait a long time to cash in, but when they did, they left a mark on the Grandest Stage of Them All, and that is how they both won their first world titles.

So very similar they are, but there is one thing that separates Rollins from Priest. At some point, Rollins grew a set. Now, Rollins was talking about legacy. He wants to be the greatest of all time, and to have that legacy for himself, he had to stand on his own two feet. So let’s ask Priest a question, the question we’ve all been wondering since Mania: What kind of Champion does Priest want to be? What does he want this legacy to be? One of the greats? Or just a footnote in the history of The Judgment Day? Priest says that’s a fair question. But Priest will remind Rollins of something. When Rollins had the title, Priest was his first challenger.

And back then, Rollins won, because he was better. He was. But times have changed. Saturday, Priest almost lost a leg, so people thought he was gonna have to give up the title. The only thing he’s giving up is the fact Rollins is still better than him. The type of legacy Priest wants to leave? Don’t worry about ladders or briefcases. MITB in Toronto can just be Priest VS Rollins for the World Championship! Really? Is this a trap? Are the boys gonna jump Rollins? No, the boys don’t even know Priest is out here! This is them, man to man! Does Rollins want a shot at Priest’s world title or not!? The fans say “YES! YES! YES!”

Rollins says if it’s that simple, then challenge accepted! The fans fire up and Rollins tells Priest to remember this: As long as Rollins is here, this show will always and forever be Monday Night Rollins! The fans are all fired up, and we already have the headliner to MITB 2024! Will Rollins #BurnItDown in Toronto? Or will he fall as we #AllRise for El Campeon?


Adam Pearce is on the phone.

He discusses the qualifiers, but then there’s a knock on his door. In walks The Alpha Academy. Chad Gable says he’d been looking for the Raw GM. As a man like him, an intellectual, someone who understands common sense, surely Pearce understands Chad Gable’s frustrations with his number one disappointment, Lil’ Bo Peep Maxxine Dupri, and “Every Other Day Off” Akira Tozawa missing the trip. Gable would be champion now if not for that. So please, give him what he deserves, and make another rematch with Sami Zayn. Pearce says he understands Gable’s frustrations, and how much that title means to him.

But you know what else he gets? That Gable should win his way to another title match, just like everyone else. Gable gets in Tozawa’s face as he asks if they heard that. Back of the line!? Like everyone else?! Gable isn’t like everyone else, he’s a leader! Gable then says he’ll keep a cool head in this game. Find him someone to face, then. Someone worthy of his skills. After all, he’s an Olympian, he can take it. So anyone at all? Then Pearce has the perfect opponent. Okay, make it official. Official it is! Gable tells The Academy not to screw this one up! The Academy heads out, but just who is Pearce going to give Gable? We find out, after the break.

Chad Gable w/ The Alpha Academy VS ???

Raw returns and Gable glares right at the stage. Who is his opponent? BRAAAUN~! The fans fire up as The Monster of All Monsters, a former Intercontinental Champion in his own right, is set up as quite the roadblock on Gable’s path back to Sami Zayn. Will Gable be able to climb that mountain? Or will he have no choice but to accept he’s at the back of the line?

The bell rings and the fans rally for “ONE! BIG! S O B!” Braun flexes, Gable circles with him, and Gable goes around to waistlock. Braun elbows free, then CLUBS him in a corner! Braun whips, Gable holds ropes then BOOTS back! Gable runs but into a scoop! Gable fights free, waistlocks, and uses ropes but Braun still bucks the O’Conner to BOOT Gable down! The fans cheer and Braun says Gable is a bully. They don’t have to put up with his crap! Braun HEADBUTTS Gable, puts him in a corner, and CHOPS! Gable sputters, Braun whips him corner to corner hard, and Gable falls back! Gable flounders and the fans cheer.

Braun puts Gable up top, tells him he hates bullies, but Gable gets a HANGING ARMBAR! The ref counts, Gable says, “That’s how it’s done, you morons!” Gable sits up, but Braun CHOPS him to the floor! The fans cheer while the Academy is beside themselves, and Raw goes to break.

Raw returns again and Braun runs up to run Gable over! And run him over again! Braun whips Gable to a corner hard, and Gable falls back again! Braun stands Gable up to then TOSS him across the way! Gable tumbles out of the ring, Braun rips his shirt off and the fans fire up! The ring count starts, but Braun goes out! The Strowman Express builds speed, but Gable uses Tozawa as a shield! Braun THROWS Tozawa at Gable! Gable flounders, gets in the ring, and Braun pursues. Gable KICKS away on Braun’s leg, then runs, into a scoop! MONSTER SLAM!! Cover, Braun wins!

Winner: Braun Strowman, by pinfall

Gable tried but no, he could not topple the towering Monster of All Monsters. And yet who is he blaming? He glares at Maxxine, Tozawa and Otis, and tells them all to get in the ring! The fans chant “YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK!” but Gable demands Tozawa step forward. Tozawa reluctantly does step forward, and Gable shoves him around! And pulls on his ear! Maxxine hobbles forward on her bad foot to stand up to Gable! Gable says she’s gonna get all tough now, huh? He takes her crutch! And he throws it away! The fans boo as Gable tells her to leave, even though she’s on one good foot! Otis goes to help, as does Tozawa, but Gable says he’s not done with Tozawa.

Gable SLAPS Tozawa down! Otis hears that and turns around! The fans fire up as Otis sees what Gable’s done, and then Otis looks at Gable. And he SHOVES Gable! And rips off the shirt! Gable panics, begs for mercy from Otis, but Otis’ rage is boiling up! But Otis being the better man, he spares Gable and helps Tozawa out of the ring. Otis helps both Tozawa and Maxxine to the back, and the fans tell Gable, “YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK!” Gable says they’re supposed to be a family, but clearly he’s the only one who doesn’t understand. Is Gable truly all alone now?


Pat McAfee uses the telestrator to explain the mystery of Liv Morgan’s keycard.

Everyone was wondering how that keycard disappeared last week, Pat points out that with a sleight of hand during the fist bump, it was Finn Balor who took Liv’s keycard! Did he perchance try and use it last week, too?


Judgment Day regroups in the clubhouse.

JD McDonagh and Carlito talk darts, but Finn says this Braun Strowman stuff is turning into a runaway train. JD says they’ve tried dealing wit him, but he’s massive! Priest walks in, says sup, and Finn congratulates him on the big win at Clash at the Castle. And it goes without saying, any issue with Rollins, Finn has Priest’s back. Priest says he appreciates it, but will table it for later. Because he needs to say it’s not cool that Finn took the keycard, and did it in a really sketchy way. Finn says that sounds like an accusation. But just so Priest knows, Finn took it to protect Dom. The keycard is gone, in the trash, good riddance. Is that okay with El Campeon?

Priest says relax, he didn’t mean it like that. He’s just saying, Finn’s been acting odd lately. But hey, Finn has the MITB qualifier, and Priest has no doubt Finn is the next Mr. MITB. But as such, Priest wants to know where Finn’s head is at. Finn says he’ll be straight with Priest. When Finn wins the briefcase, he will cash in to become champion. By going after Cody. Heh, got ya. But really, do any of them really want Rey Mysterio or Jey Uso becoming Mr. MITB? No, you can trust Finn. Right, fair enough. Just making sure they’re on the same page. Hey, Dom, what’s going on? Did you lose something?

Dom says yeah, he can’t find his purple cowboy vest. Oh, maybe he left it in Liv’s hotel room, you dog! Carlito, that’s not helping anybody. Priest asks why Carlito is here when he has a match to get ready for. Right, gotta go. JD says Carlito’s getting to comfy in here. Dom & JD head out with Carlito, and Priest asks if Finn’s talked with Dom lately. Nope. And he’s staying far away from that issue anyway. Is the answer to the missing vest and the sneaky keycard the one in the same in lil’ Miss Morgan playing games?


Women’s Money in the Bank Qualifier Triple Threat: Zelina Vega VS Iyo Sky VS Kiana James!

The first qualifier sees La Muneca, the Evil Genius and The One Percent battle with very little holding them back. Who will grab that first golden ticket to Toronto here tonight?

Raw returns and Kiana makes her entrance, followed by Zelina’s. The bell rings and Iyo ROCKS Zelina, throws her down, then CLUBS away! Kiana goes after Iyo, ROCKS her, but Iyo just frowns. Iyo CLAWS at Kiana, Zelina throws Iyo down! Iyo fires back but Zelina blocks, kicks and KNEES her down! Cover, but Kiana breaks it right up! Kiana then rolls Zelina up, TWO! Kiana kicks Zelina low, bumps her off buckles, then stomps away in the corner. The fans boo but Kiana runs up, into a RANA! The fans fire up, but then Iyo DROPKICKS Zelina down! Iyo fires up, the fans are torn, but Iyo ducks Kiana’s haymaker to HOTSHOT!

Iyo says IKU ZO, and she ASAI MOONSAULTS Kiana down! Iyo fires up again, but Zelina METEORAS to the floor! The fans fire up with Zelina, she points to the briefcases, and Raw goes to break.

Raw returns, all three woemn are on the corner, DOUBLE SUPERPLEX! Zelina & Iyo take Kiana down but they both cover, the ref waves it off! Can’t have a tie in a match like this, y’know. Zelina and Iyo glare at each other, then go forehead to forehead. They fire forearm for forearm! The fans fire up, Zelina fires off, but Iyo SHOTEIS! Iyo reels Zelina in but Zelina wrenches out, kicks low, and hops on. Iyo pops out, gets around, underhooks, and TIGER BACKBREAKER! Iyo is all fired up and the fans are with her! Iyo runs corner to corner, but Kiana RAMS her into the corner! Kiana RAMS Zelina, too!

Kiana reels Zelina in, gut wrenches, and POWERBOMBS! Cover, Iyo rolls Kiana up! TWO! Kiana kicks Iyo, drags Zelina back up, but Zelina arm-drags free! Zelina blocks Iyo’s kick, ELBOWS her down, “This is Awesome!” as Kina scoops but Zelina slips free. Zelina schoolgirls to KICK Kiana down! Zelina lifts Iyo up with a foot, then BOOTS her down! Kiana gets Zelina, throws her at Iyo and Zelina RANAS Iyo away! Kiana runs up, into a wheelbarrow and somersault into buckles! But Iyo MISSILE DROPKICKS Zelina! The fans fire up as Iyo stomps Kiana, goes up and up the corner, but Zelina runs to 619 the legs out!

The fans fire up as Zelina runs at Iyo, hops on, CODE RED! Cover, KIANA BREAKS IT! The fans fire up as all three women are down again! Kiana gets Zelina up but Zelina JAWBREAKERS back! Zelina runs, goes to the apron, but ducks a backhand! Zelina BOOTS Kiana, but look! Liv Morgan is here! She’s wearing Dom’s vest! Zelina tells Liv to go away, but Kiana gets her with a CODE BREAKER! Iyo METEORAS! Then she goes up and up and OVER THE MOONSAULT! Cover, Iyo wins!

Winner: Iyo Sky, by pinfall (advances to MITB)

Liv applauds as she costs Zelina and helps Iyo. Is this Liv’s way of winning Dom over? By sticking it to the LWO? As for Iyo, will she become a back-to-back Miss MITB?


Sami Zayn is here!

Corpus Christi cheers as the WWE Intercontinental Champion makes his way to the ring. He’s made it through a trilogy with Chad Gable, but what will be next for him? We find out, after the break.

Raw returns and fans cheer on Sami as he gets a mic. Sami says, “Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to walk into Corpus Christi tonight STILL your Intercontinental Champion!” The fans cheer that! Sami continues by saying he won’t lie, Saturday, Clash at the Castle, Gable did not make it easy. You can boo him, Sami doesn’t like Gable either. But it is never easy in the ring with him. And to think, all this personal stuff, it all started just because Sami beat Gable in a wrestling match. And now, after months and months, after the ups and downs, the highs and lows, the personal and ambush attacks, it is over because Sami beat him in a wrestling match!

Sami says as far as he’s concerned, he is moving on from Gable. But he’d be lying if he said it’d be easy to move on from The Alpha Academy. Sami feels for them, he was just like them. But his time in The Bloodline proved that everyone has to do things on their own time. Sami didn’t leave until he was ready, Jey Uso didn’t leave until he was ready. The fans say “YEET!” for Jey and Sami is convinced, especially after tonight, that The Academy, when they are ready, they will leave Gable. So now, Sami looks forward to do his job, which is defending this title against anyone and everyone! But wait, here comes Bron Breakker!

The Big Bad Booty Nephew makes his way out, coming off of beating Ilja Dragunov and all but destroying Ricochet last week. Bron goes right to the ring, gets himself a mic, and he stares Sami down. The fans bark it up, others boo, but Sami asks if Bron really interrupted just so he could stand here, or does he have something to say? Bron says he doesn’t have much to say. Sami knows what he’s here for and what he’s capable of doing in this ring. Bron’s left a long list of bodies laying, and Sami is just next on that list. Because Bron is taking that Intercontinental Championship! The fans boo but Sami holds his ground.

Sami holds the belt up, the fans cheer him on, and Bron smirks. Sami says if this is what Bron wants, then- SHEAMUS walks out here? The fans fire up for The Celtic Warrior and he has a mic to say, “Corpus Christi, what’s the crack?” Now, cut the brakes, Sami. His fellow Ginger Ninja! As everyone knows, Sheamus has been chasing that Intercontinental title for a very long five years. He has put on banger after banger after banger, so if anyone’s getting a shot, maybe Sami should consider him? Sheamus wants Sami to know, though, he respects him a lot.

If and when this opportunity does arrive, and nothing personal, but Sheamus wuold do anything to get his hands on that title. Whether it’s from Sami’s cold dead hands or not, Sheamus is coming for it. Bron barks at Sheamus, and says he can’t act like Bron’s not even here! Bron says no one cares about the sob story of Sheamus. We all know what happens when someone gets in Bron’s way. And right now, Sheamus is in Bron’s way! Bron will kick Sheamus’ ass, too! The fans are torn but Sheamus says Bron’s gonna kick his ass? What? Put him on some list? Sheamus will explain this. Bron is on the run of a lifetime as the new hot thing in WWE.

But as far as the IC title goes, Bron has no skin in this game. And Bron IS the new kid on the block. Bron smirks again, but Sheamus tells him to get to the back of the line, before Sheamus makes him! These two stare down, Sami steps forward to say, “Well, it seems like you guys really need to sort this out.” This is what Sami will do. He will talk to Pearce, and Sami is pretty sure Corpus Christi doesn’t wanna see these two talk it out! They wanna sese these two fight it out, right here, later tonight! The fans cheer that, and both big men grin. The Fella and the Brutal Badass are surely going to


Dragon Lee speaks.

“Carlito cost me the chance to tag with the legend, Rey Mysterio, at WrestleMania XL.” It was a betrayal and a blindside attack, like a coward! But finally, Dragon will get his revenge. “Carlito, you will learn when you mess with a dragon, you will get burned.” The Boy Wonder takes on Caribbean Cool, and it’s next!


Backstage interview with Alba Fyre & Isla Dawn.

Jackie Redmond is with the NEW WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, and congratulates them on their win from Saturday. What a night at Clash at the Castle! Have they come down from the high? No, they have not. That was a dream come true to win these titles in front of friends, family and all of Scotland, and then celebrate with them. But the celebration is over, the hard work starts now. Because it doesn’t matter where in the world they are, they will take on anyone who tries to take their titles? But then Shayna Baszler & Zoey Stark walk in. Their titles? Reminder: Shayna & Zoey beat them pretty handedly last week on Raw.

And also, if you missed it, Shayna is pretty sure that she made Jade tap at some point. And the way these two see it, Alba & Isla are just keeping the titles warm for them. Shayna & Zoey are aimed at MITB, but they will come for the belts that are rightfully theirs. Alba says any time, any place. Shayna says be careful what you wish for. The Submission Magician & Hunter head out, but when and where will they get their shot at the wicked witches?


Dragon Lee w/ The LWO VS Carlito w/ JD McDonagh & Dominik Mysterio!

Raw returns and Carlito makes his entrance, The Irish Ace & Dirty Dom with him. The bell rings and Dragon runs up to CLOBBER Carlito! The fans fire up as Dragon fires off, but Carlito whips him away. Carlito runs up, but into a BOOT! Dragon runs in, tilt-o-whirls and RANAS! Carlito stands, into a DROPKICK! Cover, TWO! Carlito hangs in there but Dragon ENZIGIRIS! Carlito bails out, the fans fire up, and Dragon slingshots to PLANCHA, but Carlito catches him! Carlito THROWS Dragon into barriers! JD & Dom applaud, Carlito refreshes the count, and Carlito glares at Rey. Carlito drags Dragon up, then RAMS him into the barriers.

The fans boo Carlito but he puts Dragon in the ring. Carlito dares The LWO to go after him, but they can’t because they’re scared. But then Dragon FLYING RANAS to throw Carlito back down! The fans fire up as Dragon gets Carlito back up, and Raw goes to break.

Raw returns again and Dragon is up top. Dragon leaps to DIVING SPLASH! Cover, TWO! Carlito survives but Judgment Day is a bit worried. The fans rally as Dragon aims, runs up, tilt-o-whirl, but Carlito says no to the DDT! Dragon JUMP KNEES, runs, but Carlito ELBOWS him! Carlito runs up, but Dragon sidesteps to SNAP GERMAN! The fans fire up as Dragon runs, but Carlito fireman’s carries for a TKO! Both men are down and the fans rally. Carlito crawls to a cover, TWO! Dragon survives and the fans rally up. Carlito waits on Dragon to rise, and Dragon is in the corner. Carlito runs in to RAM into Dragon!

Carlito hoists Dragon up top, climbs up to join him, then goes to the very top. But Dragon trips Carlito into the Tree of Woe! Dragon stands to drop the WOE STOMPS! The fans fire up and Dragon reels Carlito in. Carlito back drops free of the bomb! Carlito kicks low, runs, then KNEE LIFTS! Carlito keeps going, but Dragon slips through the lariat! Dragon reels Carlito back in, gets him up, SITOUT BOMB! Cover, TWO!! Carlito survives and LWO can’t believe it! JD & Dom can breathe easy now, but wait! Here comes Liv~! She shows off how she looks in Dom’s vest, and Dom asks for it back! When did she even take it?

But wait, here comes Zelina! She CLOBBERS Liv for earlier, but then Rey & Wilde hurry over! Dom DECKS his dad, then tosses Wilde into steps! Rey fires off hands on his son, but in the chaos, JD YANKS Dragon off the corner! Carlito hits a DRAPING BACKSTABBER!! Cover, Carlito wins!

Winner: Carlito, by pinfall

The Judgment Day uses the distractions to their advantage, but what else is new? Will Dragon never have his revenge on Carlito? Will Liv ever have Dom all to herself?


Raw shares the exclusive backstage footage from Clash at the Castle.

Punk saw the ref went down during Priest VS McIntyre, and he hurried to ask for a spare ref shirt. He was given one, and as we know, he’d put it on and run out to the ring, just to screw McIntyre.

Speaking of, McIntyre is on his way to gorilla. There’s a lot of QR Code weirdness, too, but what will The Scottish Terminator have to say about the #GlasgowScrewjob? We’ll see, after the break.


The Alpha Academy regroups backstage.

Otis helps the others pack up, but Gable storms in! Gable demands to know what Otis is doing putting his hands on Gable! And Gable’s sick of all this crap! Maxxine being the drama queen! Wait, what are they doing? They’re packing, because they’re leaving. What? Leaving to where? Aren’t they a family? Otis tells Gable that they’re done. The Academy walks out on Gable! Gable says no, they don’t say when they’re done, HE says when they’re done! And they ARE done! They’re EXPELLED! They’ll be nothing without him! Just tiny little nobodies! He’s gonna be huge! Massive! And he’ll win MITB, and do something that failure Otis never could. He’s gonna cash in and become world champion!


Drew McIntyre makes his way to the ring!

Corpus Christi fires up as The Scottish Terminator makes his way out here, in a bad mood after being screwed over in yet another Clash at the Castle main event. Social media had his outburst after the show went off the air, and he has been fined for his actions towards a referee, as well as commentator Corey Graves. The fans chant “CM PUNK! CM PUNK!” and that doesn’t help the mood. McIntyre has the mic, but he’s having a hard time finding the words. McIntyre says, “CM Punk…” The fans continue to chant and McIntyre shakes his head. “CM Punk. I can’t do this anymore. Screw this company. I quit.”

WHAT?! McIntyre storms out of the ring and Pearce hurries out here. Pearce tries to get McIntyre to reconsider but McIntyre won’t listen to him. Was what happened on Saturday the straw that broke the camel’s back?


Raw returns and…

We see what was going on during commercial. HHH talked with McIntyre at gorilla but McIntyre blames Punk all on HHH. McIntyre storms off, Pearce hurries after, and Pearce wants him to reconsider. Is this really the end of McIntyre in WWE?


Damage CTRL VS Katana Chance & Kayden Carter!

Iyo Sky won earlier tonight, and now Dakota Kai & Kairi Sane will look to do the same. Will DMG CTRL finally start to take control of Raw like they once did SmackDown? Or will KC Squared stand in their way like they did last week?

The teams sort out, and DMG CTRL just attacks! They CLOBBER Kayden, drag Katana to center to mug her, then drag her up. Dakota reels Katana in to scoop but Katana slips free! Katana dodges Dakota, BLASTS Kairi then BULLDOGS Dakota! Katana keeps moving and she SHOTGUNS Dakota down! Tag to Kayden, then Katana runs to trip Dakota up! Katana puts Dakota on the apron, Kayden runs to SPLASH her to the floor! Kayden puts Dakota in, covers, but Kairi drags Kayden off! The fans rally, Dakota ROCKS Kayden, and then Dakota puts Kayden in ropes, fora GUILLOTINE STOMP!

Tag to Kairi, Dakota sets Kayden up for the In-SANE ELBOW! Cover, Katana breaks it! Dakota runs up to BOOT Katana down! Kairi CLUBS away on Kayden, Dakota adds some stomps, and they coordinate. Lyra Valkyria is here to check on Katana, but DMG CTRL mugs Kayden more. They reel Kayden in, but they see Lyra cheering Kayden on. That distracts Dakota, but Kayden wrenches out to DDT Kairi! Dakota turns around, runs up, but Kayden gets around to waistlock! Dakota switches, Kayden bucks the O’Conner and SUPERKICKS! Tag to Katana and she goes up! The fans fire up for the AFTER PARTY! Cover, KC Squared wins!

Winners: Katana Chance & Kayden Carter, by pinfall

Lyra gets payback on DMG CTRL by costing them like they cost her! Will The Morrigan and the party girls make sure no one takes control of the Raw Women’s Division?


DMG CTRL regroups backstage.

Dakota doesn’t get it. What beef does Lyra have with them? Why’d she do that? Iyo says enough! DMG CTRL has to change. Or else, she changes things herself! Another ultimatum from The Evil Genius, what change does she have planned for the faction’s future?


WWE Intercontinental Championship #1 Contender’s Match: Bron Breakker VS Sheamus!

These two men both want after Sami Zayn and the title he holds, and just as Sami said, he got this match made for them and for Corpus Christi. As such, Sami is out here to watch this in person, who will he have to face in what will surely be a banger?

The bell rings and the two stare down as fans bark it up. The two tie up, go around, and the fans duel. The two break, go again, and Sheamus puts Bron on ropes. Bron turns things around to put Sheamus in a corner, but he lets off as the ref counts. Sheamus headlocks and hits a takeover! Bron headscissors, Sheamus kips free, and the two reset. They feel things out, tie up, and Sheamus wrenches to a top wristlock. Bron endures but Sheamus brings him to a knee. Bron has the ropes so the ref counts the break. Sheamus lets off, the two reset, and they tie up again. They end up in ropes, then they fall out to the floor!

Bron ROCKS Sheamus first, then throws body shots! Bron follows Sheamus around the way but Sheamus throws a body shot! And an UPPERCUT! Sheamus puts Bron in, storms in, then scoops! Bron fights free, spins Sheamus around to then run, run, and CLOBBER Sheamus! The fans bark it up for Bron, and Bron RAMS Sheamus in a corner. Bron RAMS in again and again, then ROCKS Sheamus with a right. Bron gets moving again, but runs into an IRISH CURSE BACKBREAKER! The fans fire up as Bron goes to a corner and Sheamus storms up. Sheamus fireman’s carries, and he ROLLING SENTONS!

Sheamus clamps onto Bron with fishhooks in the mouth, for that Dublin Grin! The fans rally, Bron fights up and he throws some elbows. Bron gets free to then clinch and EXPLODER! Sami is a bit stoic as Sheamus goes to a corner. Bron runs in, but only gets POST as Sheamus moves! Sheamus then runs to clothesline Bron up and out! The fans fire up as Sheamus storms out after Bron, and he leaps from the apron, FLYING LARIAT! Down goes Bron and the fans fire up with with The Fella! Sheamus drags Bron up and puts him in, then goes up to the apron. Bron HOTSHOTS Sheamus, runs, and KNEES Sheamus down!

Sheamus flounders, Bron goes to the apron, and Bron FLYING LARIATS onto the desk!! Both men go up and over commentary and Corpus Christi loses its mind as Raw goes to break!

Raw returns and Bron has Sheamus in the ring with a chinlock. But Sheamus fights up and fights free with big hands! Bron still fireman’s carries, and he GUTBUSTER DROPS! Cover, TWO! Sheamus survives and Sami is a bit anxious watching this. Bron pie faces Sheamus, taunts him, then pie faces more. Sheamus just gets mad, shoves Bron, and eggs him on! Bron fires up, fires hands, but Sheamus fires back! They go back and forth, then Sheamus has the edge! Sheamus whips, Bron reverses but Sheamus CLOBBERS him! And CLOBBERS him again! Bron goes to a corner, Sheamus clotheslines!

Sheamus reels Bron in for a scoop, then swings him for a SIDE SLAM! Cover, TWO! Bron is still in this and Sami is starting to enjoy this. Sheamus considers his options, and he brings Bron to a corner. Sheamus fireman’s carries, goes up the corner, but Bron slips free! Bron then CLUBS Sheamus on the back, but Sheamus hits back! Bron and Sheamus throw hands, Sheamus again gets the edge, then kicks Bron away. But Bron runs up, goes right to the top, has a bit of a tumble, but he manages the STEINER! But then Sheamus gets up to fireman’s carry! WHITE NOISE! Cover, TWO!! Bron survives and Sheamus is beside himself.

Sami thought that was it, but Bron goes to a corner. Sheamus whips Bron corner to corner, but Bron comes back to LARIAT! Bron fires up, aims from the corner, and runs in, into a KNEE! Cover, TWO!! Bron survives again and both Sami and Sheamus are surprised. Corpus Christi fires up as Bron goes to the apron, and Sheamus storms up behind him! Sheamus gives Bron BEATS OF THE BODHRAIN! The fans count all the way to TEN and Sheamus lets Bron flop down! The fans are thunderous as Sheamus aims from a corner. Sheamus beats his chest, aims, but LUDWIG KAISER is here! Kaiser trips Sheamus, and SLAMS the bad leg against the post!

Winner: Sheamus, by disqualification

Kaiser beats up on Sheamus more, but Sheamus fires off in return! Sheamus POSTS Kaiser, SMACKS him off the desk, then TOSSES him over barriers! But Bron SPEARS Sheamus!! The ref reprimands, producers hurry out here, and Bron glares at Sami as he passes by. Kaiser’s interference ruined everything for both men, but he’s mostly happy he got one over on Sheamus. Speaking of, Kaiser just goes after Sheamus some more! And he grabs the bad leg! Kaiser brings the kneepad away, then he gets room to run! But Brno is running, too?! Bron SPEARS Kaiser!! The fans bark it up as Bron keeps Kaiser from picking the bones of his kill!

The fans are losing their minds again over that impact, but refs and producers tell Bron he has to go. Sami says if Bron wants it, fine! Any time, any place! Bron SHOVES Sami!! The fans fire up as Sami wants after Bron now! Sami tosses the hydration station at Bron! But for now, this battle will have to wait. Will Bron get his shot at the title by default?


Dominik is searching backstage for his vest.

No one’s seen the vest, but Liv is calling from down the hall. Duh, she still has the vest. Dom walks over and sighs. Please give him the vest back. She likes it when he’s bossy. Does he want it back? Yes! Okay. But he has to take it off of her himself. Is he nervous~? She can help him get started. She unzips the zipper just a little bit, and Dom starts zipping it the rest of the way. And then Priest turns the corner and sees this! DOM!? The heck!? No, he was getting it back! Dom, just grab your stuff and go to the clubhouse. Liv lets Dom take the vest and Dom takes his leave. Priest asks Liv to leave Dom alone. Dom wants nothing to do with her.

Liv thinks Dom wants everything to do with her. Liv laughs and leaves, and Priest says she’s loca. Will nothing stop Liv until she has everything she wants?


The Final Testament speaks.

Karrion Kross tells Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods, “Two weeks ago, Authors of Pain beat the living hell out of the both of ya, and pinned you 1-2-3 live on TV. And then last week, you cost AOP their shot at becoming the World Tag Team Champions. And not only that, you gave me the taste of my own medicine, the numbers game. That’s real cute. You beat me up two on one. Now on the way here, I was thinking of doing something really outta control tonight. But then Scarlett had this great idea that involves me not going to jail. We’re both wondering what that fight would’ve looked like if it was one on one.

“So I’m issuing a challenge to either one of you, whoever wants to take it. Next week, meet me one on one in the ring. One of you stays in the back, the other comes out to fight, and I’ll leave my guys in the back. It’s real simple. And quite honestly, I’m hoping it’s you, Kofi. Because we all know you’d rather have Woods in the back anyways, right? Tick tock.” Mr. Apocalypse has issued his challenge, what will The New Day have to say? Well…

The New Day respond.

Woods tells Kross that Final Testament come over to Raw, and the first thing they set their sights on was the history makers, the record breakers, The New Day. Now, Kross, they know you’ve been around the world, beating people down and breaking bones. But since Kross has been here, he hasn’t done anything at all! He has ONE accolade, as NXT Champion. What has he done since then? This is the greatest tag team of all time! Who is Kross to give any kind of advance? And he wants to talk next week? Leaving partners in the back to go 1v1? Fine! And since Kross wants to call Kofi out, Kofi accepts the challenge! See you next week, Kross. Tick tock!

Woods and Kofi shake on it, but it seemed like Woods was hoping to take the challenge instead. But will Kofi win for the both of them when he finally humbles Kross once and for all?


Jey Uso speaks.

He’s backstage by the pavilion among the fans to say Main Event Jey Uso is now in your city! MITB qualifier! He needs the W, Uce! He has to do it for him, for his fans, the Day Ones that’ve been YEETIN’ with him since the start. He’ll snatch that briefcase, or rather, that YEETCASE, then cash in and become the NEW World Heavyweight Champion! If y’all down with that, let ’em hear ya say “YEET!” “YEET!” Then hit his music! Jey makes his entrance from the crowd and the fans fire up! Will Jey make his way to Toronto? Will the King of Lucha become Mr. MITB? Or will The Prince do as he promised and protect The Judgment Day’s interests? We find out, after the break!

Men’s Money in the Bank Qualifier Triple Threat: Jey Uso VS Rey Mysterio VS Finn Balor!

Raw returns and Finn makes his entrance first, followed by Rey’s. The bell rings, the three circle, but then Finn bails out. The fans boo but Finn just watches as Rey and Jey shake hands to show sportsmanship. They tie up, Jey headlocks, but Rey powers up and powers out. Jey runs Rey over, then keeps moving. Rey gets up, tilt-o-whirls and RANAS! Finn runs in now but Rey arm-drags him back out! The fans cheer while Finn is flustered, but Jey runs up to knee Rey. Jey whips Rey, Rey ducks ‘n’ dodges to WRECK Finn with a dropkick! Jey runs up but Rey puts him on the apron! Finn grabs at Jey, Jey KICKS him away.

Jey throws in a shoulder but Rey sidesteps to KICK Jey, then slingshots to SUNSET FLIP! Jey holds on, Finn body shots Rey! Finn YANKS Jey down, throws Rey into the ring, then he SMACKS Jey off the apron again and again and again! Rey PLANCHAS to take Finn down! The fans fire up as Rey catches his breath, and Raw goes to break.

Raw returns again and Finn throws Rey into Jey and they both fall down! Finn stomps Jey at the ropes, then drags him up. The fans boo but Finn CLUBS Jey, clamps on a chinlock and he grinds Jey down. Jey endures, the fans rally up, and Jey fights up. Jey throws body shots, but Finn knees low! Finn throws Jey, Rey avoids the collision and he RAMS into Finn! Rey slingshot sunset flips but Finn rolls through to basement dropkick! Cover, TWO! Finn is annoyed but he stalks Rey to a corner. Finn kicks Rey to a corner, then stomps away! Finn digs his boot in, stomps more, but Jey storms up. Finn knees Jey low, then CLUBS him down!

The fans boo as Finn paces around Jey. Finn stands Jey up but Jey counter punches! “YEET! YEET! YEET!” Jey pops ‘n’ locks and puts some stank on the HAYMAKER! Finn ins down, staggers back up, into a mule kick! And UPPERCUT! Jey fireman’s carries but Finn CLAWS Jey’s face! Finn knocks Jey down but Rey springboards to SEATED SENTON! Rey keeps moving and he springboards to CROSSBODY! Cover, TWO! Finn stays in this but Jey runs up! Rey gets around, crucifix takedown, TWO! Rey baits Jey and then DUMPS him out! But Finn rolls Rey up! TWO! Rey ELBOWS Finn away, goes up a corner, but Finn CLUBS him!

Finn CLUBS away at Rey’s legs, then Electric Chair Lifts! But Rey pops free to wheelbarrow and victory roll Finn onto ropes! The fans fire up as Rey dials it up, but into a SLINGBLADE! Jey returns, Finn blocks the kick, but not the DRAGON WHIP! Jey fires up, but Finn PELES back! All three men are down and the fans fire up as Raw goes back to break!

Raw returns yet again and Finn knocks Jey off the corner! Finn rises up but Rey trips him up! Jey stands, he storms up but Rey GAMANGIRIS! Jey tumbles away, Rey goes up after Finn! SUPER STEINER! The fans fire up, Jey is back, and he SPEARS Rey! Cover, TWO!! Rey survives and Jey is surprised! The fans rally up and “YEET! YEET! YEET!” as Jey goes to a corner. Jey climbs, but Finn BLASTS him down! But then REy 619s Finn in the abs! Rey builds speed to SLIDING SPLASH onto Finn! Rey puts Finn in, runs, ducks ‘n’ dodges and RANAS Finn onto ropes! Rey redials as the fans fire up, for the 619!!

Jey returns but Rey slingshots to RANA Jey onto ropes! Rey redials again, for a619!! Jey staggers into Finn, Rey goes up! Finn waistlocks Jey but Rey leaps to DOUBLE RANA! Both Finn and Jey are on the ropes, so Rey dials it up one more time! DOUBLE 619!! The fans fire up as Rey goes to a corner and climbs! But here comes DOM! Dom goes after his dad but Rey DECKS him first! Then SEATED SENTONS to the floor! The fans boo but here come JD & Carlito! The Judgment Day mugs Rey, then RAM him into steel steps! But here comes BRAUN!! The fans fire up as the Monster is back, and he chases Judgment Day off!

But the thing is, Finn and Jey are still in the ring! Finn hurries to roll Jey up! Jey rolls through to SUPERKICK! Cover, TWO! Finn stays in this but Jey stays focused! Jey aims from a corner, and he runs, into a BOOT! Finn then runs to SLINGBLADE! Rey is back up and RAMS into Finn! Rey slingshots, Finn catches him and SMACKS him into Jey! Then CORNER DEATH VALLEY, to a WASTELAND SLAM! Finn hurries up top, COUP DE GRACE!!! Cover, but Jey USO SPLASHES!!! Cover on Finn, JEY WINS!

Winner: Jey Uso, by pinfall (advances to MITB)

Despite Judgment Day’s best efforts, they could NOT keep Main Event Jey from winning the main event! Jey is heading to Toronto, will he also head up that ladder to bring down the briefcase? Who else will join him as WWE builds these six packs for Money in the Bank?

Wait, the lights are turning off? And in an eerily familiar way…! The fireflies are already out for Jey, but the music that starts playing…! There’s light coming from behind a mysterious door. That door opens and the fans all cheer, and then the light goes out. And then, crawling from out of the mist, over to a lantern…  Just who could this be? They stand up, and they point back to the doorway. The cameras walk through that doorway, through the hall, and is that Rambling Rabbit? A hammer that says “HELP” on one side and “HURT” on the other. Gorilla position has been decimated and the lights are flickering! Is that Mercy the Buzzard?

We continue on to find Huskis the Pig Boy, a battered Chad Gable, and… UNCLE HOWDY!?! The fans are losing their minds as Howdy walks through the hall, gathering the “family” as he goes. They all walk out on stage and the fans are going nuts! Then does that make the one by the lantern Sister Abigail? Howdy picks up the lantern and says, “We’re here!” and he blows the lantern out! What does this gathering of dark forces mean for the future of the WWE?

My Thoughts:

A great Raw here to not just follow up Clash at the Castle but to also get going on MITB. For one, Drew McIntyre just up and rage quitting WWE? That was shocking, but it is certainly kayfabe to add to his story. I almost want him to surprise everyone on SmackDown in Chicago to ruin Punk’s homecoming but either way, this was quite the twist. We also got a good promo from Alba & Isla with Shayna & Zoey to keep that feud in mind, even with MITB qualifiers going on. Great story integration as Liv Morgan screws over Zelina Vega while teasing Dom by taking his vest. Iyo winning her way in is good stuff, I don’t think we’ve had back-to-back MITB winners since Carmella.

And clearly we’re getting more Judgment Day VS LWO given Liv got involved during Carlito VS Dragon Lee. Liv continuing to tease Dom and everyone else in Judgment Day doing their best to stop that is good stuff. Pat showing the world that Finn snuck the card was great stuff, as was Finn teasing that he’d cash in on Priest. Priest and Rollins had a great opening promo, especially as Rollins was a surprise return. Priest VS Rollins for the title at MITB is going to be awesome stuff, can’t wait to see how that goes.

Meanwhile, DMG CTRL continues to go 50-50 as Lyra helps Kayden & Katana win against Dakota & Kairi. Asuka just had surgery on that bad leg, she’s gonna be gone for a long time. Maybe with Iyo’s trip to Japan for Marigold Summer Destiny for a joshi dream match could lead to something, but there’s also the possibility of Giulia, free agent signing out of Stardom, to debut right to main roster. And at this point, I feel like if Iyo’s kicking out anyone, it’s Dakota. She took the pin tonight, hasn’t quite been the strongest booked anyway, so Giulia could replace Dakota, and when Asuka makes her return, she makes DMG CTRL four joshi strong.

Great stuff with the Alpha Academy as not only does Gable step in it and get destroyed by Braun, but it was finally the last straw for Otis and the others. Gable is left alone, but determined to show everyone he can still win the big one, but it sounds like he’s going to be in a colossal Triple Threat qualifier. Sami meanwhile moves on to Bron Breakker, as I expected. Bron VS Sheamus was great stuff, even with Kaiser interfering, and though there was no official decision announced, it feels like it’ll still be Bron VS Sami at MITB for the title while Sheamus settles things with Kaiser, perhaps in a No Disqualification style match.

Commentary was also clever about addressing what happened to Ricochet, where they were giving us a possibility of him coming back. Everyone has opinions of him going to AEW, or going back to NJPW so that he can still work with AEW, or to TNA so that he’ll end up working with WWE through this new crossover in the works. Honestly, I would hope he can come right back to WWE with a new edge as he goes after Bron for revenge. WWE is still the top company, he’d be seen by the most people, and I don’t think it’s hopeless for him to reach the world title scene. Plus, MITB is a great opportunity in itself, but I suppose that depends on who’s winning the briefcase.

Very good promos from Kross and New Day. I had a feeling it’d set up Kofi VS Kross, with Woods feeling slighted by Kofi just out and accepting the challenge. And thinking about it, while Kross VS Kofi can go either way, I feel like AOP is going to attack Woods backstage. It’d be a bit copy-paste from something Final Testament did to Bobby Lashley & The Street Profits but it might all be to further turn Woods against Kofi. And then awesome Triple Threat main event, even with Judgment Day going after Rey and Braun going after them. Jey winning is great, certainly throws a wrench in Judgment Day’s plans. Of course, there could always be a “Last Chance” match that Finn wins to get in anyway.

And of course, the night closed with the moment fans had been waiting for since the start of the newest QR Code campaign. The Wyatt 6, while just five members revealed tonight, are here and are definitely as spooky scary edgy as everyone was hoping for. At the same time, I’m sure it was planned with Bray Wyatt himself in the group, but sadly, it was not meant to be. Perhaps Braun will join them in a big plot twist. Also, nice detail of Gable getting bloodied, that could also be a sign that Braun is in the group given their match earlier tonight. Either way, things are probably gonna get wild from here, can’t wait to see where this goes.

My Score: 8.9/10

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