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Mitchell’s NJPW WTL x BOSJ Results & Report! (11/22/20)

World Tag League is now in round 4!




Will the fourth round be bad luck for someone in World Tag League?

NJPW has World Tag League back on the card, and the teams must deal with the hands they were dealt! Will HenarACE finally get on the board?

NOTE: NJPW no longer wants to feed AXS TV now that it is with Anthem and Impact Wrestling. But never fear, I will cover NJPW in the spirit of AXS in providing the most important matches of the show.


  • World Tag League 2020: SANADA & Shingo Takagi VS Bad Luck Fale & Chase Owens; LIJ wins.
  • World Tag League 2020: HenarACE VS Hirooki Goto & YOSHI-HASHI; Goto & Hashi win.
  • World Tag League 2020: Toru Yano & Tomohiro Ishii VS EVIL & Yujiro Takahashi; Evil & Yujiro win.
  • World Tag League 2020: FinJuice VS The Empire; The Empire wins.
  • World Tag League 2020: The Dangerous Tekkers VS The Guerrillas of Destiny; The Guerrillas of Destiny win.


Here are the current World Tag League standings!

SANADA & Shingo Takagi: 2-1
Guerrillas of Destiny: 2-1
Toru Yano & Tomohiro Ishii: 2-1
The Empire: 2-1
FinJuice: 2-1
The Dangerous Tekkers: 2-1
EVIL & Yujiro Takahashi: 2-1
YOSHI-HASHI & Hirooki Goto: 1-2
Bad Luck Fale & Chase Owens: 0-3
HenarACE: 0-3


SANADA & Shingo Takagi VS Bad Luck Fale & Chase Owens!

The Cold Skull and Dragon won last round’s main event and vowed to take the whole league. Meanwhile, Bullet Club’s Rogue General and Crown Jewel are feeling like “bad luck” isn’t just a nickname. Will fortunes change for Fale and Owens? Or will Sanada and #TKG be the first to break away from the pack?

The teams sort out and after a Low Sweet, the Bullet Club strikes! Owens bumps Sanada off buckles while Fale has Takagi outside. The bell rings and fans cheer as Owens digs his knee in. Takagi throws Fale away, Owens whips Sanada but Sanada dodges to dropkick the legs out! Tag to Takagi and LIJ double whip Owens to knee, roll and basement dropkick! Takagi drops an elbow, another, and then a back senton! Cover, ONE! Takagi drags Owens into body scissors and squeezes tight! Owens endures, Takagi pulls hair then shifts to a body scissor cover, TWO! Owens gets up, Takagi facelocks and wrenches and tags in Sanada. Sanada goes up to top drop ax handles!

Fans cheer as Sanada wrenches and whips Owens corner to corner. Sanada runs in, blocks Owens’ boot and trips him up! Sanada puts Owens in Paradise! Fans cheer and Sanada encourages them to get louder. Fale frees Owens to corner splash Sanada! And DECK Takagi! Fale goes after Takagi, and whips him into railing! Takagi stays up but Owens stomps Sanada on the outside, too. Fale bumps Takagi off railing, Owens puts Sanada back in. Fans cheer as Owens covers, TWO! Tag to Fale and Bullet Club mug Sanada. Sanada doubles over, Fale kicks him around, but fans rally up with “L I J!” claps. Fale tells them to shut up as he stomps Sanada. Fale stands on Sanada’s chest! The ref counts, Fale stops at 3.

Fale tags Owens, drags Sanada up, and Bullet Club mugs Sanada more. The ref keeps Takagi back and Owens tops things off with a haymaker. Owens knees on Sanada’s head but the ref reprimands. Owens lets off, drags Sanada back up and rams him into the corner! Fale chokes Sanada while Owens taunts Takagi! The ref has to keep Takagi back, and Fale tags in to throw heavy body shots! The ref didn’t see the tag so he argues with Fale, and Owens chokes Sanada now! Fale tells the ref to back off, Owens has an idea and he tags in. Owens trips Sanada, and goes to STEAL Paradise! But he doesn’t know how it works! Owens asks how to do it and Milano does his best to explain, but Sanada crawls away!

Owens stomps Sanada and suplexes. Sanada slips out, waistlocks but Owens elbows. Sanada jumps up to huricanrana! Fale tags in to clobber Sanada! Sanada dropkicks back! Hot tag to Takagi! Fans fire up as Takagi puts Fale’s leg on a rope and kicks away! Owens clubs Takagi but Takagi whips him away to corner clothesline! Clothesline for Fale, BIG shoulder for Owens! Fale runs in, Takagi dodges and tries to fireman’s carry! Fale is big, he slips off fast and whips. Takagi holds ropes, boots back and then powers up! PUMPING BOMBER, but Fale stays up! Takagi keeps trying but Fale still stays up! Fale swings, Takagi dodges, PUMPING BOMBER!! Cover, Owens breaks it!

Owens clubs away on Takagi then gets away to his corner. Fale crawls, tags Owens in and Owens looms over Takagi. Owens gives toying kicks and slaps as he eggs Takagi on. Takagi forearms back so Owens gives a forearm. Takagi forearms again, Owens returns it. Fans rally up as the two pick up speed! Back and forth but then Takagi fires off from all sides! Takagi runs, into a boot! Owens runs, into a clothesline !Takagi runs, Owens fires off a strike fest but Takagi ROCKS him! Elbow, but JEWLE TRIGGER! Owens steadies himself, JEWEL- NO! Takagi JABS, feints, and DDT’s! Tag to Sanada!

Sanada whips Owens as fans rally, but Owens reverses. Owens runs in but Sanada elbows to Quebrada. Owens dodges, to corner Complete Shot! Fale gets in to stomp Sanada and club him. Bullet Club double whip, knee, and LARIAT! Cover, but Takagi breaks it! Fale shoves Takagi out and Owens aims, SLIDING WIZARD! Cover, TWO!! Sanada survives and fans fire up! Owens argues the count but he goes back to Sanada. Owens drags Sanada up, JEWEL TRIGGER! Owens tucks Sanada in, but Sanada fights off the driver to fireman’s carry! Fale body shots Sanada and saves Owens! Bullet Club double whip, but Sanada kicks back! And sends Owens into Fale, to then dragon sleeper. Owens spins around and has Sanada, Fale runs in, but Sanada gets a way! Fale CLOBBERS Owens!

Takagi returns to clothesline Fale out of the ring! Fans fire up with LIJ as they focus on Owens. Sanada dragon sleepers but Owens cradle counters! TWO!! Sanada swings, into a school boy! WITH TIGHTS! TWO!! Owens knees but misses, Sanada O’Conner to BRIDGE! LIJ wins!

Winners: Sanada & Shingo Takagi, by pinfall; now 3-1, Fale & Owens are now 0-4

LIJ gets that fast and furious victory, proving that this unique combination of calm and fury, ice and fire, could very well be what wins it all! Will WTL belong to LIJ?


HenarACE VS Hirooki Goto & YOSHI-HASHI!

Hiroshi Tanahashi and Toa Henare are at the bottom, but the Fierce Warrior and Head Hunter are on the edge! Will HenarACE bring Chaos down before they can #GetBackUp?

The teams sort out and after Tanahashi and Henare show off the muscles, Hashi starts against the Ace. Fans cheer as the two bow with the bell. Then the fans rally and the two tie up. Hashi waistlocks, Tana switches, Hashi wrenches free and cranks on the wristlock. Tana drop toeholds, floats to tie up the legs in a figure four, then shifts to a headlock. Hashi slips out to headlock back, and the two stand up. Hashi hits the takeover but Tana throws him off, and fans cheer as the two stand off. Tana strums the air guitar then “tosses” it to Henare. Tana and Hashi circle again, tie up, and Tana headlocks. Hashi tries to power out but Tana holds tight. Hashi tries again but still Tana holds tight. Hashi puts Tana in a corner, the ref calls for a break, and Hashi lets off cleanly. But then Hashi kicks low!

Hashi whips corner to corner, runs in but Tana elbows back. Tana goes up to crossbody! Fans cheer as Tana arm-drags Hashi down to an armlock. Hashi endures, fights his way up, but Tana wrenches to tag in Henare. HenarACE double whip, double shoulder, and then Henare clobbers Goto. Tomahawk elbow drop combo! HenarACE then drag Hashi around for the Double Half Crab! The ref counts and HenarACE lets Hashi go. Fans cheer as Tana returns to the corner. Henare stomps Hashi, drags him up and clubs him, then knees low and CHOPS! Hashi stays up but Henare runs. Hashi slides to trip Henare, and Goto attacks Tana!

Goto and Hashi drag HenarACE out, Goto POSTS Tana! Hashi stalks Henare, regroups with Goto at the corner and they stomp Henare down! The ref reprimands and Goto goes back to the corner. Hashi drags Henare up and puts him in. Hashi stomps Henare, tags Goto, and together, Chaos double whips Henare for double shoulders! Hashi runs, hip toss senton! Goto covers, TWO! Goto keeps on Henare with stomps. Goto drags Henare up to snapmare him into a chinlock. Henare endures, Goto drives an elbow into his head! Tag to Hashi and Hashi elbows Henare, too. Hashi hangs Henare out to dry and Goto keeps him there, Hashi runs to dropkick Henare down! Cover, TWO!

Tag to Goto and Goto stomps Henare. Fans rally up, Henare CHOPS Goto back! And CHOPS again! Goto eggs Henare on so Henare CHOPS, but Goto knees low. Goto clubs and whips henare to a corner, then runs in to clothesline! Henare blocks the bulldog to throw Goto into buckles! Henare runs but Goto spins him around to suplex, but Henare fights it off! Henare and Goto fight for suplex control and fans rally up. Henare gets Goto up and over! Both men are down and fans fire up! Henare and Goto crawl, hot tag to Tanahashi! Tana fires up, runs at Goto, and forearms him down! Hashi runs in but Tana hip tosses him! Tana runs in but blocks Goto’s boot, to a DRAGON SCREW! Hashi runs back in, but he gets a DRAGON SCREW, too!

Fans fire up with Tana as he brings Goto up. Tana scoop slams Goto to a drop zone then hops up, second rope somersault senton! Cover, TWO! Fans rally as Tanahashi waits for Goto to stand. Tanahashi runs, but Goto follows, and follows, and LARIATS! Both men are down as fans cheer and rally up. Tag to Hashi and he runs at Tana to CHOP him in the corner! Hashi whips to reel him in, for a CHOP! Hashi runs in again but Tana boots him away! Tana goes up and leaps to missile dropkick Hashi down! Fans fire up and rally as Tana crawls, hot tag to Henare! The Hammerhead rallies on Hashi with forearms and CHOPS! Henare whips, Hashi reverses but Henare runs him over with a shoulder tackle!

Henare runs in to corner clothesline, then fireman’s for the RUNNING SAMOAN DROP! Cover, TWO! Hashi survives but Henare fires himself up. Henare aims from a corner, runs at Hashi, but into a boot! Henare catches Hashi’s arm and throws Tomahawk elbows! Henare runs but Hashi ducks and spinning mule kicks! Goto returns, fireman’s carries Henare, SUPERKICK USHIGOROSHI! BASEMENT KNEES! Cover, Tanahashi breaks it! Goto clubs Tana and regroups with Hashi. They double whip Tana but he kicks back! And throws palm strikes! Tana spins Hashi for TWIST ‘N’ SHOUT! HenarACE regroups and focuses on Hashi. Tana runs, SLING SWEEP! Henare covers, but Goto breaks it!

Tana throws Goto out, goes out after him and throws body shots. Henare roars and runs, RAMPAGE SPEAR! Cover, TWO!! Hashi survives but Henare grits his teeth. Goto POSTS Tana while Henare fires up! Henare drags Hashi back up, but Hashi escapes the urenage! Henare forearms Goto and elbows Hashi! But Goto dragon sleepers, only for Henare to spin through! They both fight for suplex control again, Goto slips out and dodges Henare, Hashi SUPERKICKS! Hashi SUPERKICKS Tana, he and Goto combine, dragon sleeper and DRAGON SCREW! Tana bails out, Goto fireman’s carries Henare! SUPERKICK to G Y W!! Cover, Hashi and Goto win!!

Winners: Hirooki Goto & Yoshi-Hashi, by pinfall; now 2-2, HenarACE now 0-4

An incredible match up, and Chaos survives! Is there still time for Goto and Hashi to #TurnItAllAround in the tournament? Are the odds just against Tanahashi and Henare?


Toru Yano & Tomohiro Ishii VS EVIL & Yujiro Takahashi w/ Dick Togo!

The Producer and Pitbull are 2-1, just like the King of Darkness and Tokyo Pimp. But where Yano and Ishii are on the up, Evil and Yujiro are on the downswing! Will Bullet Club send Chaos down into the darkness?

Ishii glares at Dick and Yano says having him around isn’t fair. The ref keeps Ishii back, and after Bullet Club Low Sweets, we start with Evil and Ishii. The bell rings, but then Evil tags out to Yujiro. Yujiro and Ishii circle, Ishii rushes Evil but Evil gets away. Yujiro clubs Ishii, runs, bumps Ishii but Ishii shoulder bumps back. Yujiro bumps Ishii again, Evil trips Ishii up! Yujiro runs and basement boots! Yujiro whips Ishii to a corner but Ishii comes back to run him over! Ishii glares at Evil but he drags Yujiro up to throw forearms. Tag to Yano and fans cheer as Yano fires up. Yujiro throws a forearm but Yano just goes to his favorite corner! Yujiro stops him, whips him to the other corner but Yano reverses, and unties the buckle pad!

Yano tosses the pad to Yujiro and then complains to the ref. The ref is busy arguing with Yujiro and Yano unties the other neutral corner’s pad! The ref takes the one pad from Yujiro, but Yano SMACKS Yujiro with the other! Fans cheer as Yano aims for a corner. Yano whips, Yujiro reverses and Yano hits bare buckles! It has backfired! Yujiro whips Yano the other way and Yano hits more buckles! Yujiro whips Yano at the blue corner, and Evil moves the pad! Yano hits more bare buckles! Three corners are exposed! Evil drags Yano out while Yujiro goes after Ishii! Evil RAMS Yano into railing! The ref reprimands but the damage is done, and Evil adds on! Evil rakes Yano’s eyes and Yujiro goes after Ishii more!

The ref counts, Evil stops, but Yujiro whips Ishii into railing! And now Dick stomps Yano! Evil makes the ref get in the ring as Dick puts Yano in for Yujiro. Cover, TWO! Yujiro is annoyed but he stomps Yano down. Tag to Evil, he drags Yano back up and throws him out. Evil distracts the ref and Dick attacks again! Dick DECKS Yano then grinds his boot into Yano’s neck! Ishii is furious but the ref keeps him back. Evil covers Yano, TWO! Evil argues the count but fans cheer. Evil stomps Yano, tags Yujiro and Yujiro stomps Yano, too. Yujiro sits Yano up and runs to basement boot! Cover, TWO! Bullet Club is getting upset with the ref but Yujiro stomps Yano down.

Yano hits back with forearms, but Yujiro blocks the kick to trip Yano up, and add the basement boot! Yujiro drags Yano back up, whips him to a corner, and Yano hits bare buckles again! Yujiro kicks but Yano pulls hair! Yujiro whips him away but Yano reverses to throw Yujiro down by his hair! Fans cheer as Yano crawls, hot tag to Ishii! Ishii runs but Yujiro dodges to rake eyes! Yujiro throws forearms but Ishii just gets mad. Ishii forearms and whips, Yujiro reverses and Evil gets a cheap shot in! Evil holds Ishii and Yujiro runs in, but Ishii gets away! Yujiro stops from hitting Evil swings on Ishii but misses and Ishii hits Evil! Ishii blocks the boot, forearms Yujiro back, then throws more forearms to put him in a corner.

Evil runs in and attacks, but Ishii whips him into bare buckles! Ishii whips Yujiro into Evil then runs in. Yujiro dodges so only Evil takes the corner clothesline! Ishii dodges Yujiro and Evil takes another clothesline! And another as Yujiro dodges Ishii! Yujiro runs but Ishii runs him over! Evil runs in but Ishii gets around to back suplex! Fans fire up for Ishii as he glares at Yujiro. Ishii brings Yujiro in, Yujiro bites the hand! The ref counts, Yujiro stops and fisherman’s but Ishii slips out. Yujiro forearms Ishii first then runs, to BOOT! Ishii roars and forearms, to run, into a dragon sleeper! Ishii slips through but Yujiro escapes the suplex to reverse DDT!

Tag to Evil and Evil runs at Ishii in the corner, but blocks boots first. Evil clubs Ishii, turns him sideways in the ropes, and STOMPS him down! Fans rally for Ishii but Evil drags him up to a fireman’s carry. Ishii slips off and ducks an elbow to give an elbow. Ishii whips, Evil reverses and then distracts the ref. Dick swipes at Ishii, dodges Ishii’s swipe and then forearms Ishii away! Evil runs in but Ishii dodges to send him into Dick! Dick goes flying and Ishii GERMAN SUPLEXES Evil! Both men are down but fans fire up! Ishii crawls, hot tag to Yano! Yano fires up and whips Evil, only for Evil to reverse. Yano stops himself from hitting buckles, dodges to send Evil into buckles, and rolls Evil up! TWO and Yano argues the count.

Evil blocks a kick, gives it to the ref and mule kicks Yano down! Yujiro returns and Bullet Club double whips Yano into a corner! Yujiro runs in but Yano dodges to send him into buckles! Yano spins Evil for a backslide but Evil resists. Yujiro runs in, Yano grabs the ref but Yujiro rakes Yano’s eyes! Evil and Yujiro stomp Yano down but Ishii returns to fire off forearms and CHOPS! Ishii runs but gets run over! Yujiro drops a leg, Evil drops a senton! Fans clap because that was a good combo. Evil brings Yano up, runs, but Yano atomic drops and trips, to the CATAPULT! Evil hits buckles, but he blocks the low blow!

Yujiro distracts the ref with his pimp cane, and Dick gets in with the CHOKER! Yano LOW BLOWS Dick! Evil kicks Yano and Yujiro gets in without the cane. Bullet Club whips, Yano gets around them to shove Evil into Yujiro! Ishii returns to CLUB Evil and Yano rolls him up! Cover as Ishii blocks Yujiro, TWO!! Evil escapes but Chaos double whip. Evil holds ropes and double clotheslines but no one falls! Yano waistlocks but Evil boots Ishii! Evil switches to shove Yano into Ishii, Yujiro and Evil DOUBLE LOW BLOW!! EVERYTHING IS EVIL!! Bullet Club wins!!

Winners: Evil & Yujiro Takahashi, by pinfall; now 3-1, Yano & Ishii are now 2-2

The King of Darkness just pinned the Clown Prince of NJPW! Will Yano’s provisional reign be in danger come WrestleKingdom? Will Bullet Club take over World Tag League one way or another?


FinJuice VS The Empire!

The World Tag League 2019 winners aren’t spotless but they won their way up to 2-1! Great-O-Khan and Jeff Cobb rebounded against Fale and Owens, but they’re not going to stop until they take over NJPW’s Heavyweight Tag Division! Will the Dominator and the Hulk crush the Flamboyant friends?

The teams sort out and Juice starts against Cobb. Fans rally as Juice and Cobb approach. Juice waistlocks, Cobb pries the hold off and throws him to his corner. Juice and Finlay talk it over, Juice comes back and ties up with Cobb. Juice wrenches but Cobb blocks the whip. Cobb whips Jucie awya but Juice avoids Khan. Fans cheer as Cobb and Juice reset, tie up, and Jucie gets around. Juice headlocks, Cobb powers out and the two collide. Cobb rebounds to run Juice over! Cobb runs, Juice stays low then hurdles over. Juice arm-drags Cobb to an armlock! Cobb endures and Juice brings him up to wrench again.

Tag to Finlay and he goes up top to drop ax handles. Finlay hits an elbow breaker, tags Juice and Juice hits his own double ax handle. Juice wrenches, Cobb whips him away but Juice goes up and over in the corner. Cobb turns around into Juice’s arm-drag! Fans cheer and Juice flexes while holding Cobb down. Cobb moves around, gets up, but Juice wrenches and tags Finlay back in. Finlay goes up to drop another ax handle. FinJuice double whip Cobb to kick and double BULLDOG! Cover, TWO! Finlay keeps on Cobb’s arm, Cobb gets up and scoops, tag to Khan! Cobb slams Finlay down, Khan stomps Finlay then brings him up. Khan CLUBS Finlay’s ear!

Khan digs his boots into Finlay at the ropes but stops as Red Shoes counts. Khan stomps Finlay in the corner and digs his boots in again. Red Shoes counts, Khan lets off, and Khan comes back to bring Finlay up. Tag to Cobb and the Empire mugs Finlay in the corner. Cobb scoops Finlay to hit a backbreaker, then another! Cobb tosses Finlay aside then glares at Juice. Tag to Khan, fans rally but the Empire mugs Finlay more. Khan puts Finlay on ropes to CLUB him, then paces. Finlay hits back with body shots but Khan uses a Mongolian Chop to knock him down! Tag to Cobb, fans rally and Finlay hits back! Cobb headbutts Finlay then scoops him, but Finlay slips out! Finlay dodges Cobb and hot tags Juice!

Juice JABS and JABS, then CHOPS! Fans fire up with Juice as he whips Cobb, but Cobb reverses, only for Juice to hit a flying clothesline! Khan runs in but Juice hits an atomic drop and LEG LARIAT! Fans fire up with Juice, he climbs up top, and leaps at Cobb for the crossbody! Cover, TWO! Juice argues the count but then he PLANCHAS, only for Khan to move! Khan BOOTS Juice down! Khan drags Juice up, puts him in, and Cobb tags Khan in. Khan stomps Juice, swipes at Finlay, but Finlay gets away. Khan goes back to Juice and drags him up to throw forearms. Fans rally as Juice staggers around but Khan forearms him again.

Khan facelocks and drags Juice over to tag in Cobb. Cobb headbutts Juice’s ribs then throws haymakers and more headbutts. Juice flops back, Cobb stands on him for a cocky cover, ONE! Cobb bumps Juice off buckles as fans rally up, and he stomps a mudhole in. Cobb glares at Finlay and Khan gets cheap shots in. Khan tags in, stays between Juice and Finlay and grinds Juice down with a facelock. Fans rally up, Juice powers up, and Juice reaches for Finlay. Cobb gets in and Red Shoes is busy with him, he misses the tag! Red Shoes keeps Finlay back and The Empire mugs Juice! Khan Mongolian Chops Juice down! Khan taunts Finlay but the fans rally up.

Juice rises, Khan puts him on the top rope backwards, then Mongolian CHOPS him on the back! Juice is in the Tree of Woe and Khan taunts him before digging his boot in. Red Shoes counts, Khan goes corner to corner, but Juice sits up to avoid the sliding boot! Juice frees himself of the Tree, hot tag to Finlay! Finlay fires off forearms on Khan, whips but Khan reverses, only for Finlay to hit a flying uppercut! Cobb is in but he gets a dropkick! Finlay PLANCHAS Khan down! Fans rally as Finlay puts Khan back in. Finlay fires up and climbs to the top, to drop ax handles on Khan. Cobb waistlocks and back suplexes but Finlay lands on his feet, to back suplex Cobb! Fans rally up, Finlay uppercuts Cobb in one corner and uppercuts Khan in the other!

Finlay shoves Khan and aims, flying uppercut! Cover, TWO! Fans rally while Khan sputters. Finlay drags Khan up but Khan fights off the suplex. Khan elbows Finlay but Finlay knees back. Finlay swings into a judo throw! Khan tags Cobb, they drag Finlay up and bump him off buckles. They double whip Finlay to a corner, then Cobb whips Khan in for a clothesline! Khan gut wrench suplexes Finlay, then Cobb gut wrenches Finlay the other way! Cover, TWO! Fans cheer as Finlay survives but the Empire is frustrated. The Empire drags Finlay up, double whip him again but Finlay dodges to tag Juice! Finlay sends Khan out, Cobb ROCKS Juice!

Cobb slingshots Juice into the Canadian rack, but Finlay saves him! SHOTGUN LEG SWEEP! Cover, but Khan breaks it! Finlay goes after Khan but gets another Mongolian Chop! And another! Khan fires up, runs, but into a DOUBLE FLAPJACK! FinJuice watch Khan get up, and they double clothesline him out! Tag to Finlay but Cobb rocks Juice! Finlay whips Cobb but Cobb whips Finlay. Cobb misses the corner elbow, Juice clotheslines, Finlay uppercuts, Juice CANNONBALLS! FinJuice fires up and the fans rally for them! Juice goes to one corner, Finlay puts Cobb up top, but Khan grabs Juice! ELIMINATOR CHOKE SLAM!

Finlay runs into Khan’s CLAW SLEEPER! And then ELIMINATOR CHOKE- STUNNER! Finlay counters Khan, but Cobb blocks Finlay’s cutter! Finlay rebounds into a TOUR OF- NO! FInlay slips out ot SATELLITE DDT! Finlay slashes the throat, brings Cobb up, SLICED- TOUR OF THE ISLANDS!! Cover, The Empire wins!!

Winner: The Empire, by pinfall; now 3-1, FinJuice is now 2-2

Khan and Cobb just crushed the 2019 WTL winners! They’re nearing the top of the block, will The Empire rule over the Heavyweight Tag Division? Is there still time for FinJuice to make a comeback and go back-to-back?


The Dangerous Tekkers VS The Guerrillas of Destiny!

This main event is already worthy of a title match! Taichi and Zack Sabre Jr. want to rebound from losing to LIJ, but will they end up owing Tama Tonga and Tonga Loa a title match, too?

Taichi enters the ring, and GOD jumps him! They stomp away and ZSJ hurries down the ramp! ZSJ gets in and things are even but GOD still has the advantage! The bell rings and Tama chases ZSJ out of the ring while Loa clubs Taichi. Loa rains down fists on Taichi but ZSJ hits back. ZSJ pulls on Tama’s ears and nose but Tama elbows him down. Taichi got his cloak off but Loa RAMS him into the apron! Taichi staggers to the timekeeper’s area and the ramp but Loa stmops him down. ZSJ whips Tama into railing! ZSJ cranks Tama’s neck and follows after Taichi and Loa as they go further up the ramp. Taichi bumps Loa off the stage side, ZSJ bumps Tama off railing.

Taichi drags Loa up the stairs to the stage and then over to a space. Loa hits back with body shots and clubbing forearms. ZSJ wrenches Tama’s arm and drags him up onto stage. Taichi brings Loa around but Loa blocks the suplex! Tama hits ZSJ down, Loa clubs Taichi, but Taichi and ZSJ hit back! Red Shoes tells the teams to get back to the ring but Taichi clamps onto Loa’s nose to rake eyes! ZSJ pulls Tama’s ears, and with ZSJ, they go to double suplex! Tama fights that off and then Loa saves him! The GOD stomp the Tekkers down then finally head back towards the ring. Loa headlocks and punches ZSJ while Tama pushes Taichi along. Loa scoops ZSJ but Taichi hits Tama back. Either way, everyone ends up back in the ring and fans cheer.

Loa looms over ZSJ but ZSJ EuroUppers back! And again! Taichi stomps Tama to a corner while ZSJ has Loa in another. Taichi throws Tama out and things are finally 1v1 as ZSJ has Loa. Taichi chokes Tama with camera cable! ZSJ throws Loa out, whips but Loa reverses to send ZSJ into railing! So much for being back in the ring. Loa whips ZSJ but ZSJ tumbles before hitting more railing. Taichi brings Tama back to the ram for elbows. ZSJ and Loa end up along that side as ZSJ wrenches the arm and tortures the fingers! Everyone is going back up the ramp! Fans rally as ZSJ wrenches and wrenches and brings Loa to the stage. Taichi drags Tama up to the stage the hard way, and we go back to the edge!

Tama holds off the Dangerous Saido and Loa rakes ZSJ’s eyes! Tama clubs Taichi in the chest over and over and over, Loa has ZSJ and brings him up! ZSJ fights out of the bomb for the Guillotine! Taichi gets Tama in a Cobra Twist! Red Shoes starts a ring count as the dual submissions continue! The count is at 10 of 20 when the Tekkers let go and run for it! The Tekkers hurry to the ring, get in at 15, the GOD hurry! They’re in the ring at 19!! Taichi and ZSJ stomp them down! Taichi throws Tama out so that he and ZSJ can focus on Loa. Taichi digs his boot in, ZSJ adds on, and Red Shoes counts. The Tekkers put their hands up but again that’s not the problem.

Red Shoes counts again, they still put their hands up. Red Shoes counts again, the Tekkers finally let off the boot choke. Taichi toys with Loa and ZSJ drags Loa up. ZSJ throws a EuroUpper, then another, and another! Loa gets mad and grits his teeth to kick low. Loa scoops, flips off Taichi, but ZSJ slips back to be a sleeper backpack! ZSJ squeezes tight but Loa stays on his feet. Loa’s eyes bug out but he grabs at Red Shoes. Jado kendo stick SMACKS ZSJ off Loa’s back! Loa drags ZSJ away, tags in Tama, and GOD drags ZSJ up to double whip. GOD body shots, uppercuts and leaping neckbreakers! Cover, TWO! Fans cheer but Tama keeps ZSJ away from Taichi.

Tama clubs away on ZSJ’s chest, drags him back up and clubs his arm. Tama wrenches, ZSJ rolls and handsprings and wrenches to whip. Tama reverses and arm-drags ZSJ down! Cover, TWO! Tama drags ZSJ up, snapmares him into a chinlock and grinds him down. ZSJ endures, Loa gets in Taichi’s face but Taichi rakes Loa’s eyes! Taichi kicks Loa then clubs Tama. Loa throws hands and headbutts on Taichi then goes out after him. Tama drags ZJS up to club him on the back then CLAWS ZSJ’s back! Tama digs a knee into ZSJ in the corner but Red Shoes counts. Tama stops, tags Loa and Loa digs his boots into ZSJ. Red Shoes counts, Loa stops, and Loa taunts ZSJ. Loa scoops ZSJ, brings him around, and POWERSLAMS him! Cover, TWO!

Loa grins as he keeps on ZSJ. Fans rally as Loa chinlocks and grinds ZSJ down. ZSJ fights up, spins through and wrenches to a wristlock! Loa headbutts, powers ZSJ into an open corner, then backs off to run in. ZSJ boots Loa, climbs up top and leaps for a flying EuroUpper! Fans rally while both men are down. ZSJ rolls to tag in Taichi! Taichi chokes Loa! Tama goes after Taichi but Taichi chokes him! Loa clubs Taichi, so Taichi chokes him again! Taichi sees Jado get on the apron so he chokes Jado! Fans definitely like that. GOD goes after Taichi so Taichi tries to choke them both! GOD choke grip him back to a corner but Red Shoes counts. GOD lets off at 3, then double whip Taichi corner to corner. Loa runs in but Taichi dodges to kick him down! Taichi dodges Tama to AX BOMBER!

All three men are down and fans rally up. Taichi rises first, off come the pants! Taichi aims from a corner as Loa rises, but Loa deflects the kick to GERMAN! But Taichi is right up! Loa boots, Taichi ROUNDHOUSES, Loa LARIATS! Fans rally while both men are down! Taichi and roll to their ocrnesr, hot tags to ZSJ and Tama! ZSJ dodges Tam ato fire off EuroUppers! Tama shove shim awya, things speed up and Tama dropkicks ZSJ down! Tama drags ZSJ up, fireman’s carries but ZSJ pops off to Pele th earm! ZSJ kicks, Tama ducks but the sweep hits! Fan sfire up with ZSJ and he aims at Tama, PENALTY- No, Tama ducks the kick but ZSJ comes back to boot! ZSJ runs, Tama follows but ZSJ spins him to an IRON OCTOPUS!

Tama powers out, fireman’s carry to FLAPJACK! Both men are down as fans rally up! ZSJ gets to a corner, Tama runs in but misses the splash! Taichi corner clotheslines, ZSJ corner uppercuts, Taichi mule kicks, ZSJ PENALTY KICKS! Cover, TWO! The Tekkers stay focused as ZSJ drags Tama back up. Taichi aims but Loa clobbers him first! Tama slips out of the scoop to dragon sleeper, Loa helps out, TONGAN TWIST!! Cover, TWO!! ZSJ survives so Jado suggests the classic! Loa gives ZSJ to Tama, they bring ZSJ up but ZSJ boots out of Magic Killer to cradle Tama! TWO, ZSJ backslides Tama but Tama slips off to GUN- NO! ARMBAR!!

Taichi whips Loa into railing while ZSJ and Tama fight for control. Tama gets free to get the SHARPSHOOTER! ZSJ endures, Jado taunts, but ZSJ heads that way. Tama drags ZSJ away but ZSJ spins to HEEL HOOK! ZSJ has the leg caught, Tama endures, but Jado distracts! Tama is tapping but Red Shoes doesn’t see it! ZSJ is furious, he tells Jado to cut it out, but Loa shoves ZSJ into Red Shoes! EXPLODER! Tama chokes Loa with the mic stand! Jado chokes Taichi with the kendo stick! Taichi fades out, Jado eggs him on, and Taichi BLOCKS the kendo stick with the mic stand! LOW BLOW to Jado and then he’s tossed!

Loa has Taichi’s mic stand and CLOBBERS him! ZSJ has the kendo stick and fires off on Loa!! Tama CLOBBERS ZSJ with Taichi’s IRON FINGERS!! Tama hurries to revive Red Shoes, then he covers, GOD WINS!!

Winners: Guerrillas of Destiny, by pinfall; now 3-1, Dangerous Tekkers now 2-2

The IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champions have lost again! Taichi pushes the Young Lion aside to try and get an explanation for this, but ZSJ is in no shape to talk. Tama has Jado’s kendo stick as he stares Taichi down. Taichi’s glare as he and ZSJ exit is enough to say they won’t forget nor forgive this. Jado gets the mic to say, “Tama Tonga! Tonga Loa! GOD with Master Heater! Bullet Club, FORRRR… LIFE!!” A Low Sweet and that’s all the former tag champions need to say! GOD are near the top of the block, but have they just found their shortcut to the titles?


Here are the NEW World Tag League standings!

SANADA & Shingo Takagi: 3-1
Guerrillas of Destiny: 3-1
The Empire: 3-1
EVIL & Yujiro Takahashi: 3-1
Toru Yano & Tomohiro Ishii: 2-2
FinJuice: 2-2
The Dangerous Tekkers: 2-2
YOSHI-HASHI & Hirooki Goto: 1-3
Bad Luck Fale & Chase Owens: 0-4
HenarACE: 0-4

My Thoughts:

Wow, what a great round for WTL! While Owens and Fale are not all that surprisingly winless, I am very surprised HenarACE lost to Goto and Hashi. I cannot be sure who HenarACE gets a win off now, because I can’t see the top teams losing past the 1’s in their records. LIJ, the Empire and the Bullet Club’s better teams are going strong, but I think it was very surprising for GOD to beat the tag champions. Tekkers lost to LIJ, now they’ve lost to GOD, so will they end up with three contenders when a WTL winner is decided? Will LIJ or GOD be the WTL winner to save us the trouble of figuring that out?

I’ve already said for BOSJ that LIJ is doing a lot of parallels here. The IWGP Double Championships are doing double duty, and Naito could end up sweeping the weekend. The IWGP Junior Heavyweight title might be in store for the same thing since Hiromu beat Taiji Ishimori, and the tournament still needs to be decided. We could end up the same here with the tag titles as Tekkers will have to face LIJ/GOD for the loss from the tournament, and then the other because of the WTL reward. And again I say doing all of that for WK15 would be perfect, because we need something big to start the new year to shake off how rough this year has been.

My Score: 9.1/10

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Andrew’s TNA iMPACT! Results & Match Ratings: 4.18.2024

Motor City Machine Guns either go out on their backs, or head to Rebellion as champs! Lets see how they finish their current run in TNA!



No burying the lead here! The Main Event is The System versus Motor City Machine Guns, and it’s the Go Home episode before Rebellion! So we’re guaranteed a damn good tag match, and we should get either new wrinkles, or ways to keep the storylines cooking going into the Pay-per-View.

With all the rumors and innuendo about the Guns being on their way out, I think we all assume that MCMG is losing, but my inner fanboy is still excited.


  • Little Guido w/New FBI vs Hammerstone: Hammerstone wins via Torture Rack – SQUASH
  • LSG vs Joe Hendry: Hendry wins via Standing Ovation – SQUASH
  • Mustafa Ali & GYV vs Cody Deaner, Jake Something & Rhyno: Ali wins via 450 Splash – ** 3/4
  • Rosemary w/Havok vs Jody Threat w/Dani Luna: Rosemary wins via Spear – ***
  • Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley) vs The System (Eddie Edwards & Brian Myers) w/Alisha Edwards: System wins via Roster Cut + Knee Party – *** 1/4



So we kick off the match with Josh coming out to commentary again to watch Hammerstone’s match. They really need a new way to try and keep heat without reusing the same tired gimmick of “ring side seat” to a Squash match.

Little Guido w/New FBI vs Hammerstone

Guido tries to shoot the half, but Hammerstone shrugs him off, lifts him like a child and runs him into a corner, few short shots and then just tosses him across the ring. Hammer gets a little distracted talking smack to Josh and eats a foot, but then tosses Guido with the ole Sack of Shit move and keeps working over Guido.

Hammer shoves Clayton, and provokes him to push him back right in front of the referee. She ejects them, Guido tries to take advantage but when he goes for the pinfall Hammer kicks out immediately and presses Guido out of thing through the ropes. Continues to dog walk Guido, puts the head gear on the ECW Original and then Torture Racks him while staring directly at Josh, and of course picks up the submission victory.

LSG vs Joe Hendry

Hendry cuts a little promo, mentioning the Fat Uncle Phil joke…something about shopping at the TOP Dollar Store. Solid mic work.

LSG is a damn good local talent, he’s been seen in ROH and AEW in the past (perhaps others, but that’s what comes to mind immediately for me), but we all know this is an enhancement match. A few nice chain wrestling spots early, but Hendry uses his power to stop the smaller wrestler, Sack of Shit into Standing Ovation and the match is over quickly.

Mustafa Ali & GYV vs Cody Deaner, Jake Something & Rhyno

Well okay, having Deaner ask the crowd if they wanted a 3v2 or their third member…RHYNO…is pretty much a no brainer in Philly. But at least the gimmick isn’t quite as cringe as I expected.

Jake starts with Zack Gibson and throws him around. Jake goes for the tag and Deaner asks the crowd who Jake should tag, and the crowd picks Rhyno. Rhyno Whips Gibson into a corner, Drake actually softens the impact, allowing Gibson to fire back, tag out, but Rhyno levels both GYV members and then even knocks Ali off the apron. Rhyno tries to call to the crowd to tag in Deaner and that goes over like a fart in church. He tags him in anyway, and the crowd is kinda dead and doing whatever it wants after the obvious ECW chants when Rhyno tagged in.

GYV take a couple lumps but they of course start to work over Deaner and capture some momentum. Solid tandem work from GYV, they cut off Deaner from making a tag and goad Jake a little to cause the ref to block off the babyfaces so the heels can take a few shortcuts. Cody eventually makes the tag to Rhyno, hot tag, he tries to set up the Gore but the GYV manage to stop him in his tracks and hit an Enzuigiri to daze the Man Beast, he falls to his corner and Jake tags himself in. Jake literally runs them all over, tags in Cody and Launches him from the Top Rope into Zack Gibson. Ali makes the save and Jake tries to get his hands on Ali, but the GYV keep throwing themselves at him, literally. The triple team finally gets the best of Jake, they hit 3 Dives and then post Jake, so they gather around Cody like hyenas.

They forgot about Rhyno, he’s set up for a Gore, he Gores Drake, Gibson and Ali take out Rhyno, but then Cody starts to fight back. Ali stops Deaner’s offense with an Avalanche Sunset Bomb, then hits his 450 Splash. Jake barely misses being able to break up the pin.

Rosemary w/Havok vs Jody Threat w/Dani Luna

Jody tries to start quickly with Shoulder Tackles, Lariats and Scoop Slams, and it does seem somewhat effective. Rosemary is having trouble finding offense against the intensity, but she keeps kicking out. Shotgun Dropkick finally gives Rosemary an opening, she goes into full mount and rains down strikes. Rosemary shoves Jody into a corner and Bites her in the corner. Jody tries to fight out, they go across and Rosemary catches her with the legs and puts her in the Upside Down. Splash in the corner from Rosemary, Exploder Suplex and Jody is eating a lot of offense.

Rosemary looks like she’s caught after she gets tripped up into the ropes and Jody goes for her Rope Knee into the German, but Rosemary dodges. Rosemary hits her own suplex and pulls out a beautiful Last Chancery! I haven’t seen her do that in a long time. Jody manages to fight to the ropes, Rosemary is a little slow to capitalize and eats a Pump Kick. Rosemary goes flying into the ropes, Jody hits the Double Knees into the German this time for 2, and they trade a few haymakers after that. Jody folds Rosemary with a low Lariat, Zombie rise spot a few times, Jody goes for a pinfall and Rosemary kicks out.

Havok jumps up on the apron, Dani meets her and they decide to step down, but the distraction was enough. Jody turns around and eats a Spear. Rosemary wins!

Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley) vs The System (Eddie Edwards & Brian Myers) w/Alisha Edwards

Eddie and Shelley start off, and its a very simple slow start. Mostly an early stalemate, the typical Japanese style the TNA seem to love to employ. Starters tag out, but then Shelley with the blind tag, Sabin Baseball Slides out, picks Eddie’s ankle and sends his face bouncing off the apron, while Shelley sneaks up being Myers and they hit a tandem move before we cut to commercial. Off of the commercial it looks like Eddie and Myers regained control. But a nice Jawbreaker from Shelley sends Eddie falling back into the MCMG corner. Dragon Screws to both legs from Sabin and Shelley, and we get the Dragon Screw dissection spot for the Guns.

Myers gets sick of things, tries to get involved, but Simultaneous Figure Fours from the MCMG makes The System look silly. Alisha does the classic “push the rope forward” gimmick to assist Eddie in breaking the hold. She keeps chirping at Shelley until she finally grabs his foot. Shelley doesn’t take kindly, tries to grab her by the hair but she gets away, Shelley eats a strike and falls back to the ropes so Lish can just throttle him with the rope, Sabin walks over and acts like he’s going to PK her and the look of disgust on her face is hilarious, like “how dare he threaten to kick her”. Would I be mad is Masha decides to team with Lish and they win the Knockouts Tag titles? No, because the Knockouts Tags are trash. But I still prefer Lish as valet/manager.

Shelley starts fighting back after another commercial break, Eddie tries to cut him off, but Sabin clocks Eddie and Shelley manages to make the tag and Sabin comes in. Lights up both System members, Kick off Tornado DDT, into a Running Gamengiri. Eddie tries to counter but Shelley assists, tandem strikes, Double Baseball Slide into the classic MCMG spot 5 Hole Dive! Keeping up with the classics Shelley stacks the System members on each other and hit the Missile Dropkick/Flatliner spot. As the Guns are rolling, Sabin accidentally catches Sabin with his foot and The System take control! They hit their pieces of the System Overload spot, but Sabin kicks out. Roster Cut attempt from Myers, but Shelley is back. High Speed Dirt, Machine Gun Sandwich, but Lish grabs Shelley’s foot when they’re setting up Skull and Bones. Shelley gets dropped on the turnbuckle and thrown out, Sabin eats the Roster Cut followed up with Boston Knee Party and System retains!

Its a little weird to have had the two commercial cuts and the fact there’s still Nic Nemeth to follow. So it feels a little flat, I hope this wasn’t their swan song match, because it was nice to see some classic spots, but it was entirely too abbreviated. 

Nemeth comes out, goes into the crowd and finds a kid with a kendo stick and borrows a beer from someone, so he does a bit of a Sandman tribute. Moose cuts off his promo basically immediately. He throws out the “can’t beat the system” line again, and Nic rolls with the punches well. Moose uses a few cute analogies about Nic having a failure laden past, but Nemeth bites back and its really damn good. He says he can see it in Moose’s eyes that he thinks he’s getting in the ring with Dolph Ziggler, but no, there is no more old Dolph Ziggler, just the new Nic Nemeth. And Moose’s cool seems to be slightly shaken after those words. Good promo.

Overall Score: 6.5/10

So this was okay, if it didn’t end as strongly as it did, I would’ve rated this much lower. Two squash matches in the beginning, reusing the Josh comes out to the announce table to watch trope is boring, hell even Clayton’s shove to Hammerstone was super lame looking. The Deaner match was luke warm at best, but things picked up around the Rosemary match.

Lets also not overlook the segments with ASH & Xia, Jonathan Gresham’s whole deal and EY having to return to the violence/sickness/world class maniac, whatever you want to call it, were all great building blocks. This definitely wasn’t what I would call a strong Go Home, but it didn’t hurt things for Rebellion. The whole injury of Cardona was addressed, which honestly sounded weird since Jordynne basically said she was expecting them to have a backup plan so she has a backup plan. I don’t really like how that video package came across.

But who knows, all I know is, this wasn’t an awful episode, it just wasn’t really strong either.  Here’s to hoping Rebellion Saturday is still strong.

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Mitchell’s ROH Results & Report! (4/18/24)

Time to Man Up!



Will the Ivy League MVP earn a title shot?

The NEW ROH World Champion, Mark Briscoe, is here to step onto the Proving Ground with one of Maria Kanellis’ baby boys, Griff Garrison! Will Griff make Maria proud? Or will he reach for the sky?


  • Bryan Keith VS Aaron Solo; wins.
  • The Infantry VS The Iron Savages w/Jacked Jameson; win(s).
  • The Dark Order VS ???
  • Six Woman Tag: Diamante, Leila Grey & Taya Valkyrie VS Kiera Hogan, Leyla Hirsch & Trish Adora; win.
  • Lady Frost VS Marti Belle; wins.
  • Beast Mortos VS Nick Comoroto; wins.
  • Abadon VS Allysin Kay; wins.
  • ROH World Championship Proving Ground Match: Mark Briscoe VS Griff Garrison w/ Cole Karter & Maria Kanellis; wins and
  • Lee Johnson VS JD Drake; wins.


Mark Briscoe speaks.

“Now House of Black, I’ve been doing this dance with y’all a little while now, and I’m starting to understand how y’all operate. Starting to understand y’all’s M-O. You try to intimidate me. You try to strike fear into the hearts of men. Well I done told you, I fear no man, I fear no evil. And ancient wisdom says the violent take it by force. Now lemme tell you, Eddie Kingston, Adam Copeland, and Mark Briscoe, we some violent men! And at Dynasty, we bringing the violence, babeh! So heed my advice, House of Black! Be afraid, be very afraid!” The Sussex County Chicken is ready for a fight, will he, the Rated R Superstar and Mad King tear down The House of Black once and for all?


Bryan Keith VS Aaron Solo!

The Bounty Hunter is still looking for a prize, but he’ll gladly fight to earn his shot. Will Keith be heading for a golden opportunity on the other side of Dynasty? Or will Solo shoot first?


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