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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Results & Report! (2/12/21)

The Savior of SmackDown returns!



Coverage SmackDown 2021

SmackDown’s Road to WrestleMania has a huge return!

After some time away, the Architect and Savior of SmackDown returns to Friday nights! What will Seth Rollins have planned for “the greater good” going forward?


  • Elimination Chamber Qualifier Tag: Rey & Dominik Mysterio VS Sami Zayn & King Corbin; Zayn & Corbin win and qualify for the WWE Universal Championship Elimination Chamber match.
  • WWE Intercontinental Championship: Big E VS Shinsuke Nakamura; Big E wins by disqualification and retains the title.
  • Bayley VS Liv Morgan w/ Ruby Riott; Bayley wins.
  • The Street Profits VS Chad Gable & Otis; The Street Profits win.
  • Elimination Chamber Qualifier Tag: Cesaro & Daniel Bryan VS Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler; Cesaro & Bryan win and qualify for the WWE Universal Championship Elimination Chamber match.


Roman Reigns heads to the ring!

The Head of the Table leads the way as he, his Special Counsel and his cousin walk down the ramp. Roman, just like everyone, is waiting on the Rated R Superstar’s decision for a WrestleMania main event challenge. But waiting in the ring is Adam Pearce, with a very formal looking folder. Roman now leads the way up the steel steps and into the ring. Pearce has a mic, and while fans boo and give thumbs down on their ThunderDome screens, Heyman fetches a mic for Roman. Roman speaks first, “What you standing back there for? Don’t be scared. Hurry up! I don’t wait on you, you wait on me.” Get this through your head, Pearce: You don’t do anything around here. You don’t call the shots. Pearce is here to wait on Roman, the sun of the WWE Universe. Pearce is here because of Roman. Roman doesn’t wait on Pearce or on Edge.

And speaking of Edge, Roman saw him last week, in this ring. “He don’t want it. He got nervous.” Edge is scared. And why? Because Edge knows what Roman will do to him. Roman will beat Edge so bad, he’ll be on a legends contract. Edge will just be an ambassador for the WWE! Roman says Edge waiting on Elimination Chamber is just a play, a game plan so that someone will take the title off Roman. That ain’t happening. Roman isn’t dropping the title until he wants to, he will have the title as long as he wants it.

Now to why Pearce is here. Pearce is here to talk Elimination Chamber. Pearce says Heyman wanted him to come up with something and insisted on doing it this way. The contract says Roman will defend his title inside the Elimination Chamber, just like Drew McIntyre will defend his. Roman grins and lets Heyman handle this one. Heyman tells “Mr. Pearce” that as Special Counsel to the Reigns-ing, Defending, Undisputed and Uncontroverted Universal Champion, he and Pearce have an agreement to look the contract in regards to the Elimination Chamber PPV and the Chamber match for the title.

Heyman explains Roman’s overall agreement with the WWE stipulates that he will appear on “certain mega events, including the Elimination Chamber,” and of course that means it is built around the Universal Championship. But that doesn’t mean it has to see Roman defend the title inside the Chamber, just that he has to defend the title at Elimination Chamber. Put whoever you want in the match, live out some fantasies, and whomever is the last person left after the brutality, that man will get the opportunity of a lifetime, because the winner will receive a Universal Championship opportunity on the spot against Roman.

Heyman can tell Pearce isn’t happy with Heyman’s alternative, but here’s the thing. “The hell you gonna do about it?” Is Pearce going to fire Roman before WrestleMania? How did Mania do last year without him? It was the lowest attended WrestleMania EVER! Well, there are circumstances Heyman is ignoring but… Heyman asks Pearce if they’re going to do the same dance as last year. Pearce’s opinion isn’t relevant, only Roman’s is! So just look to the cameras and tell the fans that Elimination Chamber will have a Chamber match full of amazing SmackDown superstars, and they will immediately face Roman! “You’re welcome, kid.”

Pearce says he has some work to do. There will be qualifying matches tonight, but while we’re all here, Pearce already has two names worthy of that opportunity without qualifying. Heyman asks if he means Bianca Belair. Pearce asks if Heyman ever shuts up. But Roman knows these two men. One took Roman to the limit in the past, and that is JEY USO. And after what happened at the Royal Rumble, the other man who doesn’t need to qualify is… KEVIN OWENS! Roman is not happy and he storms up to Pearce. “You don’t understand, do you?” Roman doesn’t care about Jey or KO, he cares about Pearce right now. Roman gets right up in Pearce’s face and has him cornered.

Heyman has Roman calm down, they still have things on their terms. Heyman says Roman calls the shots, but they can’t tip their hand. Roman spares Pearce for now, but will Pearce have to tread lightly with the other four choices for the Chamber?


Sonya Deville finds Adam Pearce backstage.

That was incredible how he stood up to Roman! Pearce has dealt with consequences before but they only have tonight to figure out participants. Sonya is already on it. This might be outside the box, but while the Chamber is every man for themselves, what about a tag team match to determine things? Sami Zayn & Baron Corbin VS Rey & Dominik Mysterio, both men on winning team is in. Pearce likes that idea, and Sonya says it’s already in motion. Thank goodness for that! And that very match, is NEXT!

Elimination Chamber Qualifier Tag: Rey & Dominik Mysterio VS Sami Zayn & King Corbin!

Father and son take on a common enemy, and also the obnoxious “Great Liberator,” all for a chance at gold! Will the King and Prince of Lucha Libre enter a very dangerous situation after getting through this one? Or will Sami finally stop shouting conspiracy with help from the Wolf King?

“It wouldn’t be Friday Night if WWE wasn’t trying to stick it to Sami Zayn somehow!” Sami says WWE is still helping Big E steal the Intercontinental Championship, and now he must earn his way into the Chamber! Against Rey and Dom, and with someone he usually doesn’t team with. But Sami and Corbin are united in their goal of wanting the Universal Championship. But luckily Sami has his film crew watching the ref like a hawk so no one “accidentally” hands the Mysterios this win. They’re the poster boys for the Latin American market! The WWE may want that but they aren’t getting it! Sami and Corbin are going to the PPV! But then Dom DECKS Sami and Rey fires off on Corbin!

The bell rings, Rey rams into Corbin but Corbin knees back. Corbin scoops but Rey slips out to dropkick Corbin to ropes! Rey dials it up, but Sami trips him up! Sami talks trash, Dom DIVES on Sami but also wrecks into the table! Corbin drags Rey up, but Rey fights the bomb to RANA Corbin out of the ring! The Mysterios regroup in the ring and SmackDown goes to break!

SmackDown returns and Corbin bends Rey back against a knee while also grinding him down in a chinbar half nelson. Rey endures, fights up and fights free, but Corbin knees low and hard! Corbin choke grips, but Rey uses the lift to RANA Corbin into the buckles! Sami tags in and he goes after Rey, but Rey tags Dom! Dom ROCKS Sami, somersaults and CLOBBERS him! Dom whips, Sami reverses but Dom ducks and wheelbarrows to throw Sami! Dom runs corner to corner to elbow him in the corner! Dom whips, Sami reverses but Dom boots back from a corner. Dom goes up, walks the ropes and hits a TORNADO DDT! Cover, TWO!!

Sami goes to a corner, Dom is after him with shoulders, then stands up top. Dom rains down rights, Sami puts Dom on the apron but Dom shoulders into Sami. Dom bumps Sami off buckles, slingshots and sentons! Dom sees Corbin and DECKS him! Dom gives Corbin a slingshot senton, too! Rey coaches Dom but Sami rolls Dom up, TWO! BLUE THUNDER BOMB! Cover, TWO!! Dom survives and Sami is furious! Rey coaches Dom more and he rises, but Sami is on him first. Sami whips, Dom reverses and reels Sami in, for a straitjacket swinging neckbreaker! Cover, Corbin breaks it! Corbin DECKS Rey, too, then drags Dom up. Corbin reels Dom in but no End of Days! Rey SEATED SENTONS!

Rey puts Corbin on ropes, Rey and Dom dial it up for DOUBLE 619!! Sami is in a corner, Dom runs in but gets an EXPLODER into buckles! Sami runs corner to corner, to hit a HELLUVA KICK! Cover, Sami and Corbin win!

Winners: Sami Zayn & King Corbin, by pinfall (advance to the Elimination Chamber match)

It wasn’t a conspiracy, it was a victory for “The Champion of the People” and the King of the Ring! Will one of these two men make it an even bigger win at the PPV?


Sonya and Pearce like what they see.

That first match was a good one, but now the SmackDown Tag Team Champions come in. Obviously Pearce and Sonya are both very busy with the Elimination Chamber match, but… What’s their third wish? Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode want the officials to imagine the overwhelming global response to the tag team champions being in that match! Two true pro Dirty Dawgs! There would be parades in their honor from Tampa to Thunder Bay! Sonya says they want to be in that match together? Two in one pod? No, no, no. Two Dirty Dawgs, two champions, two pods! Oh okay.

Well, Sonya and Pearce were thinking of something like this. They can earn spots in the Chamber match, but against… Cesaro and Daniel Bryan. Whoa, seriously? Well, pfft, the Dirty Dawgs are tag champs, they’re going to win this. Are they? Or will these Glorious Show-Offs be shown up by the Swiss Cyborg and the GOAT?


Reginald the sommelier has a drink.

He finds Sasha Banks talking with Kalisto, and interrupts. Sasha doesn’t want to hear it. Whatever Carmella lets him do is her problem. Sasha is The Boss, so he will show her some respect. She’s right, and Reggie is very sorry for what he did. He was out of line. But he will not do it again. So he meant what he said when he said she could beat Bianca? Of course! Well, just send Mella her regards. Reggie still serves her the drink and takes his leave. Is Reggie looking for a change of employer?


Big E VS ???

The WWE Intercontinental Champion has said he wants to be a fighting champion, emphasis on fighting! Who will the Powerhouse of Positivity be taking on? We’ll see after the break!

SmackDown returns and Big E has a mic to say, “Last week, I defended my Intercontinental Championship, and the odds were against me as I stood in the ring with Sami Zayn and Apollo Crews.” But much like Tom Brady on a celebratory float, Big E is still standing! When Big E won this title, he made a vow to be a fighting champion! A vow much like the bond between hair and Gorilla Glue, it is STRONG! And as Big E puts Sami and Apollo behind him- Apollo heads out! It seems there is no getting past this. Apollo says he can read Big E. Big E is going to issue an open challenge for the title, and as Apollo took Big E to the limit time and time again, who better to accept?

Big E says Apollo was close. Big E was going to offer an open challenge, but to anyone on SmackDown or even in Tropicana Field from Michael Cole to the cameraman, just not Apollo or Sami. Apollo says Big E is a locker room leader, a man everyone looks up to. Be a fighting champion! Big E says Apollo has had his chances, and now he’s whining to get another chance? Go back to catering, take the paycheck- Apollo and Big E argue about the hard work that went into this, and Apollo says Big E would do the same if the tables were turned. Big E says they’re done, go to the back. Bring out a new challenger!

And that new challenger is… SHINSUKE NAKAMURA! Will the King of Strong Style take that title back from a distracted Big E?

WWE Intercontinental Championship: Big E VS Shinsuke Nakamura!

SmackDown returns and the match is already going! Nakamura KICKS Big E, then hits a running KICK! Cover, ONE!! Apollo is still ringside to either cheer Nakamura on or get in Big E’s head. Nakamura has Big E in the corner, stomps away, then gives him Bad Vibrations! Nakamura lets off as the ref counts, goes corner to corner and runs back in, but Big E CLOBBERS Nakamura with an elbow! Big E puts Nakamura on the apron, clubs away on his chest, then goes back up to aim. Big E hits an APRON SPLASH! Big E puts Nakamura in and covers, TWO!

Apollo is on the apron, Big E tells him to go away, and the ref reprimands Apollo. Apollo hops down, Big E turns around and blocks Nakamura’s kick, but gets the enziguri! Nakamura drags Big E up but Big E is too much for an exploder! Big E elbows Nakamura away but Nakamura knees low! Nakamura puts Big E on the top rope, for the TOP SHELF KNEE! Nakamura pushes Big E down and takes aim as he goes up top. Big E stands, Nakamura leaps for a FLYING KNEE! Cover, TWO! Big E lives and Nakamura is furious! Nakamura rams knees into Big E from both sides, then powers up again! “YAO~!” But Big E scoops! Nakamura slips out, Big E ducks one kick but not the other!

Nakamura aims again, Big E stands, and catches Nakamura for the Urenag-E! Cover, TWO!! Big E claps it up, Nakamura slowly rises, and Big E scoops, but Apollo dropkicks in!!

Winner: Big E, by disqualification (still WWE Intercontinental Champion)

Apollo grins as he gets the better of the champion, but not the title match like he wanted. Will Apollo keep getting in Big E’s business until he gets what he wants?


The SmackDown roster heads to the ring.

It seems for the return of the Savior of SmackDown, every single superstar is supposed to be in attendance. Will they have something to say about Seth Rollins’ major return after the break?


WWE celebrates Black History Month.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.” – Martin Luther King Jr. Be the light and the love, and keep the dream alive.


Seth Rollins returns!

And surprisingly, he’s back to #BurnItDown! At least, as far as his theme song goes. But if you look at the titantron, he wants SmackDown to #EmbraceTheVision. Rollins goes to the ring in his leather suit jacket, leather pants, leather shirt and leather tie…? And he gets a mic. “Man, it feels good to be back!” Back in the ThunderDome, back in the ring, and just right to be where he belongs! “Now, a lot has changed since I sacrificed myself at Survivor Series. I knew it would. But in my absence, the thing that has changed the most has actually been a surprise.” That one thing has been himself.

As pretty much everyone knows, he is a parent for the very first time. Yes, he is the proud father of “a beautiful, perfect baby girl,” and she has changed Rollins in ways he never could have dreamed. That change has given Rollins a new perception, and that perception gave him a new vision. Looking around the ring, he sees some of the most talented performers in the history of the industry! Rollins sees SmackDown and how amazing it is and wonders, “Where do I fit in?” After self-reflection, the answer is very clear: “I am the great leader that SmackDown needs to push it into the future and make it greater than it already is!”

Success and leadership are not about what they can do for him, but what he can do for them! And the roster is fading away already. Rollins wants to be their leader, their teacher, their father figure and mentor! All they have to do for that better tomorrow, that better SmackDown, is #EmbraceTheVision. But then Rollins sees that no one is around. Cesaro stayed but maybe more out of pity than respect. Rollins says that is his guy! He knew Cesaro would get it! Of all the people! Cesaro sighs and shakes his head. Cesaro finally leaves, and now Rollins is truly alone. So he goes after Cesaro! CHOP BLOCK to the leg! And then hammering fists at the ramp!!

Rollins shouts at Cesaro that he will NEVER live up to his potential without Rollins! Referees rush over to stop Rollins and he backs off, only to jump on Cesaro again! Daniel Bryan hits Rollins and sends him scrambling away! Bryan and Cesaro are supposed to team up against the Dirty Dawgs for the last two spots in the Chamber! But will Rollins’ attack change that? Is Rollins’ return already impacting SmackDown for the worst, not the better?


Bayley VS Liv Morgan w/ Ruby Riott!

“DING DONG, HELLO~! SmackDown is MY show!” At least, that’s what the Role Model says. Will she prove it when she gets a sweep on the Squad?

SmackDown returns as the Squad makes their entrance. The bell rings and Liv shotgun dropkicks Bayley right down! Liv fires off but Bayley puts her in a corner for stomps and haymakers! Bayley whips Liv out then in, but Liv goes up and over. Bayley elbows Liv away but Liv goes Matrix to dodge! Liv drop toeholds Bayley into buckles, then hits a shotgun dropkick into her back! Liv hops up, leaps and missile dropkicks Bayley down! Cover, TWO! Liv chases Bayley but she gets out of the ring. Bayley sneers and paces around while Natalya and Tamina watch backstage. Bayley goes up onto the apron but Liv knocks her back down!

Liv goes out, and LEAPS, but into barriers as Bayley moves! Bayley laughs at Liv and then taunts Ruby. Bayley drags Liv up, puts her in the ring, covers, TWO! Bayley stomps Liv in frustration, drags her onto ropes and wraps the arm! The ref counts, Bayley lets off, and Liv hits Bayley with the good arm! Bayley CLUBS Liv down, Liv keeps hitting back from below. Liv goes to a corner, Bayley runs in but misses! LIv runs up to springboard FACEBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Bayley is still in this but Liv shakes out the bad arm. Liv drags Bayley up, whips her to a corner but Bayley reverses. Liv goes up but Bayley knocks her down!

Bayley drags Liv up to a dragon sleeper, BACKBREAKER, but focused on the arm! Cover, TWO!! Liv still lives but she’s writhing in pain. Bayley taunts Ruby, whips but Liv blocks and enziguris back! Bayley staggers, Liv gets up, LIV BREAKER! Cover, TWO!?! Bayley survives and Ruby is shocked! Billie shows up and wants to apologize to Ruby but Ruby says she doesn’t have time for this. Billie says she has presents, but Ruby throws those away. The ref has to clean up after them, Liv turns around into Bayley’s eye rake! Bayley hits a ROSE PLANT!! Cover, Bayley wins!!

Winner: Bayley, by pinfall

Billie screws the Squad up again! Ruby checks on Liv, and Bayley taunts Billie with, “I don’t think they like you very much.” Bayley is laughing now, but will the Squad find a way to have the last laugh?


Backstage interview with Cesaro and Daniel Bryan.

We all saw the attack from Rollins, is Cesaro going to be able to compete tonight? Yes, he is. After Rollins wasted all of our time about his non-existent change, Cesaro and Bryan are going to make the best of their time and qualify. Bryan has Cesaro’s back, and says Cesaro is super tough. Will they prove they’re tougher than the Dirty Dawgs and take those final two spots in the Elimination Chamber match?


SmackDown shares The Street Profits’ visit to Daytona Speedway!

Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford were excited to be on Team Napa, and to give a special WWE Championship belt to “the man that rocks number 9,” Chase Elliot! One of the fastest up-and-coming racers of all time! A number 9 side plate, and Chase gives them gifts back! Steel Solo cups and some racer helmets! The Profits are all revved up and ready to go!

The Street Profits VS Chad Gable & Otis!

The cups are raining down, Ford & Dawkins are up, and #WeWantTheSmoke! They’re ready~, ready~, but while they can’t expect an immediate chance at those SmackDown Tag Team Championships, can they prove they’re always entertaining?

SmackDown returns and the Alpha Academy makes their entrance. The teams sort out and Dawkins starts with Gable. They circle, Gable gets around but Dawkins switches. Gable rolls to drop toehold and then waistlocks again. Dawkins switches, Gable switches back, but Dawkins does it again. Gable gets free but Dawkins CLOBBERS him right down to a cover! TWO, and Gable has the waistlock then facelock. Gable holds tight as Dawkins rolls, and they stand up. Gable gets a waistlock, he rolls Dawkins but Dawkins gets up to run the ropes. Dawkins hurdles, but he runs into an arm-drag! He gives one back but so does Gable! Dawkins arm-drags again and the two stand off!

Dawkins and Gable circle, Ford and Otis are fired up, and Dawkins tags Ford in. Ford shows off by slingshot’ing in, and then he circles with Gable. Ford wrenches an arm, Gable wrenches back and drags Ford down. Gable whips, Ford goes up and over and handsprings around to show off again. “I’m back~!” Things speed up, Ford hurdles and hurdles, but into a throw! Gable body scissors to clutch, TWO! Gable arm-drags Ford down to an armlock! Gable grinds Ford down but Ford endures. Gable steps over to wrench the arm into another armlock! Fans clap on the ThunderDome screens and Ford fights up to arm-drag, but Gable arm-drags back!

Ford gets up, tags Dawkins, powers out and Dawkins runs Gable over! Profits combine for the back suplex splash! Cover, TWO! Otis tells Gable to dig deep, Gable fights up and he arm-drags free! Gable manages to belly2belly Dawkins away, then tags in Otis! Otis rolls and then runs Dawkins over! Otis is rallying and Ford runs in, into a FLAPJACK! Otis whips Ford way out, then sees Dawkins coming! EXPLODER! Dawkins goes to a corner, Otis runs in to splash! Dawkins is down, Otis fires up and Caterpillars over for the “SHAKA LOO!” Elbow! Gable tags in, they’re going to use the new move they’ve practiced!

Otis runs, Gable waistlocks, but Ford dumps Otis out! Dawkins gets free, runs to sunset flip but Gable sits on it! TWO, and Dawkins gets up, but misses the cyclone! Ford tags in and Dawkins fights off Chaos Theory, THE ANOINTMENT! Ford FROM THE HEAVENS!! Cover, the Profits win!

Winners: The Street Profits, by pinfall

That was entertaining and impressive! The Profits are back up, but will they be back after those tag titles?

As the Profits take their leave, Sasha Banks makes her entrance! The Profits are feeling the beat and cheer The Boss on, but will she be calling out the EST? We find out after the break!


SmackDown returns with Sasha Banks in the ring.

The pyro goes off for the SmackDown Women’s Champion and she has a big smile on her face. “Everybody is talking about Bianca Belair and her decision, because we are on the Road to WrestleMania!” Now, Bianca, Sasha likes you. Bianca is like a big strong little sister. Bianca knows there is only choice for The EST to make here! And that is M E, Sasha! But wait, here she comes! The Women’s Royal Rumble winner struts her stuff and has her own mic as she joins Sasha. “Sasha, gurl, I see you.” The title and all her accomplishments, of course Bianca sees her. And Bianca is hearing what Sasha is saying, and she likes Sasha, too.

But girl, uh-uh. Sasha ain’t the Boss of Bianca. This is Bianca’s time and she’s enjoying ever second! And everyone IS thinking about Bianca’s decision. Wait, why are the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler, here? Yes, the tag titles allow them to go to any part of the WWE, but why now? Nia says these two are insufferable. How do they fit in that ring with both their egos? And why is everyone talking about who Bianca is going to choose? Who cares? They don’t!

Shayna says on the same night that Bianca won the Rumble, Nia and Shayna beat Charlotte Flair and Asuka to become two-time tag team champions! Why is that being ignored? They’re the most dominant force in the Women’s Division! They are on a roll! Sasha says is that what that is? There were rumors these two would show so Sasha came prepared. Footage plays of Monday, where Shayna was after Naomi but then went after Lana! Shayna did take Lana down but Naomi got her in return and won the match! Wait, that wasn’t even what Sasha wanted to share! NO! Don’t even! Oh yes, even!

It was the match before, where Nia and Lana were in a Tables Match! Lana was on the apron, Nia went to drop a leg, but Lana moved! Nia hurt herself so bad she shouted, “MY HOLE!” and then got shoved into a table!! Nia gets mad and hits Bianca! Shayna goes after Sasha but Sasha KNEES her first! Bianca dumps Nia out and then Sasha trips Nia up! Oh no, not her hole! Nia contains her pain, but Bianca gets Shayna in chicken wings! Sasha helps out, GlamEST knee! The Boss and the EST just turned things around on the bullies, but what about Bianca’s title decision?


Elimination Chamber Qualifier Tag: Cesaro & Daniel Bryan VS Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler!

The Swiss Cyborg may be sore from what Seth Rollins did to him, but he isn’t going to use that as an excuse! Will he and Bryan say “YES! YES! YES!” to getting in on the Universal Championship Chamber match? Or will the Dirty Dawgs do them both dirty and take that opportunity for themselves?

SmackDown returns as Cesaro makes his entrance, followed by Daniel Bryan’s. The teams sort out, Bryan and Ziggler start and tie right up. Ziggler headlocks, grinds him down, but Bryan powers out. Ziggler runs Bryan over, covers, ONE! Ziggler is back to the headlock, but Bryan powers out again. Things speed up as Bryan drops then hurdles, and KICKS Ziggler down! Bryan drags Ziggler over, tags in Cesaro, and they work together to double scoop slam! Cover, TWO! Cesaro stays on Ziggler but he kicks the bad leg and dropkicks Cesaro down! Cover, ONE! Ziggler keeps on Cesaro with a headlock then tags Roode.

The Dirty Dawgs mug Cesaro, Roode whips but Cesaro EuroUppers! Tag to Bryan, Bryan KICKS Roode down, then kicks him from all sides! Bryan aims, Roode ducks the buzzsaw, Roode rolls Bryan up! ONE, and Bryan has the omoplata! Bryan wants the rest but Roode gets the ropebreak before the Yes Lock locks on. Bryan lets go, Roode knees Bryan then DECKS Cesaro! Roode throws hands on Bryan, whips him, but Bryan holds ropes. Bryan dumps Roode out, Bryan builds speed, but Roode dodges and Bryan DIVES into Cesaro! Roode RAMS Bryan into steps, Ziggler RAMS Cesaro into the other steps! The Dirty Dawgs have the advantage, and Sami and Corbin start walking to ringside as SmackDown goes to break!

SmackDown returns again and Ziggler is a sleeper hold backpack on Bryan! Bryan reaches but he fades, but then gets a second wind! Bryan heads over, Roode distracts the ref and Cesaro, and Ziggler gets Bryan away to the Dirty Dawg corner! Roode tags in, he stomps away on Bryan, but lets off as the ref counts 4. Ziggler gets a cheap shot in! Corbin and Sami applaud that as Roode drags Bryan up for a suplex high and hard! Cover, TWO! Roman is also watching from his VIP room as Roode slams Bryan and tags in Ziggler. Ziggler drops an elbow, covers, TWO! Ziggler keeps his focus and he drags Bryan back up.

Ziggler puts Bryan in a corner, throws forearms, then hoists Bryan up top. Ziggler climbs up, brings Bryan up, but Bryan throws body shots! Bryan headbutts Ziggler off the top, then adjusts. Ziggler stands, Bryan hits a missile dropkick! Both men are down, Roode and Cesaro fire up! Ziggler and Bryan crawl as fans give Yes Fingers on the ThunderDome screens. Hot tag to Roode and he DECKS Cesaro! But Bryan rolls Roode up! TWO, and Bryan throws EuroUppers! Bryan runs but into the GLORIOUS SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Roode scowls but tags in Ziggler. They want to finish this, and they double whip Bryan to double hip toss, for the NECKBREAKER BOMB COMBO! Cover, TWO!!

Ziggler is furious as Bryan survives, and Bryan gets away to a corner. Bryan stands up, dodges Ziggler’s A-List Lariat and Ziggler hits only buckles! Hot tag to Cesaro! Cesaro rallies, clobbers Ziggler with EuroUppers and fires off in the corner! Cesaro whips Ziggler corner to corner to run and hit him again! Whip and EuroUpper, repeat! Roode is up, Cesaro DECKS him! Ziggler runs, into a POP-UP UPPER! Cover, TWO! Ziggler survives, Sami and Corbin are impressed, but Cesaro gets the legs! Roode gets in and CHOP BLOCKS the leg! The same leg Rollins hit! Bryan hits Roode with the KNEE PLUS! Ziggler hits Cesaro with a FAMOUSER! Cover, TWO!!

Ziggler and Cesaro are down, but they rise. Cesaro blocks the superkick to torture rack, and BACKBREAKER DROP! Then the SWISS SWING! Ziggler goes around 10 times, Cesaro steps through to the SHARPSHOOTER! Ziggler endures but taps, Cesaro and Bryan win!!

Winners: Cesaro & Daniel Bryan, by submission (advance to the Elimination Chamber match)

But just as Cesaro and Bryan start to celebrate, JEY USO CHAIR SHOTS Cesaro from behind! Sami and Corbin mug Bryan! Corbin rams Bryan into the LED apron, Sami goes after Jey! After all, he’s an enemy in the Chamber match, too! But then Sami POSTS Corbin! Bryan gives Sami a KNEE PLUS! Corbin LARIATS Bryan while Cesaro EuroUppers Jey! And here comes Kevin Owens!! The Prizefighter is back, he dodges Corbin to give him a STUNNER! STUNNER for Bryan! STUNNER for Cesaro! Jey kicks, misses, Kevin hits a STUNNER!!

Kevin stares the camera down and Roman is seething. Kevin takes a seat and hopes Roman is watching, because Kevin is still coming for him! “We’re not done! I’m not going away!” But getting after Roman means surviving the Elimination Chamber and then facing him immediately! Can anyone withstand such a stacked deck?

My Thoughts:

A very good SmackDown to establish more of the Elimination Chamber card. It was good story to “intend” to parallel Raw and the WWE World Championship here, and for Roman to not want that at all. It is actually some evil genius for them to make a double header of sorts, where the Chamber winner will then have to face Roman Reigns that same night, not wait for SmackDown or Fastlane. Jey Uso and Kevin Owens being automatically nominated was a great move for Pearce to stick it to Roman. At this point, Jey will try to be a gatekeeper, going after the others to ensure that at the very least, they are in no condition to take on Roman. Kevin being in and standing tall at the end of tonight could foreshadow that he again gets very close, only to fall short.

I like that for the sake of saving time in story, we got tag team qualifiers. Though, to be fair, that made some results rather obvious. Rey and Dominik were not winning, the Chamber match is a bit much for Dom to take on this soon. I do think they need to start being considered for a tag team championship story, though. If we’re not getting a resolution on the story with Corbin that involves referencing Eddie Guerrero, then at least Dom can lean on his dad as they take on the Dirty Dawgs. Speaking of, Dirty Dawgs VS Cesaro & Bryan was a lot of fun, too, and Cesaro continues to build up.

I like that Cesaro and Bryan are in, it helps to have a balance of Faces and Heels in the Chamber match, and it could work to muddy up certain possibilities, such as Kevin getting to the end. It’d be quite the welcomed twist if Cesaro was given the nod, so that he can get his title shot at Roman. If it’s meant to be an automatic win for Roman, at least Cesaro can look strong by making it through a Chamber match and then still giving Roman a fight. Then, it’s also very clear that Cesaro VS Rollins is the first thing for Rollins now that he’s back. Rollins’ speech faking us out on his Face turn was a bit obvious, but he and Cesaro are going to put on a killer match or two.

Profits VS Otis & Gable was good, and obviously it is to help build the Profits back up, but also perhaps put a little bit back into the dysfunction of the Alpha Academy. Sasha and Bianca being interrupted by the tag champs is more than foreshadowing that they’ll have a tag title shot against Nia and Shayna at, say, Fastlane, it almost gives it away. Though I did laugh at them bringing up “MY HOLE!!” from Raw, but let’s not make this Nia’s thing for the rest of the year. It’s funny now because it’s new, maybe joke about it again on next Monday, and then let that be the last of it. And as for Reggie flirting with Sasha, I’m thinking this is a way into her head ahead of yet another rematch with Carmella, or at least a Mixed Tag since Kalisto seems to be hanging around Sasha, too. Like I said, one way or another, Reggie should be considered for 205 Live because he has some great acrobatic skill.

Of course Billie got involved with Bayley VS Liv this week, this is how the story is going to go. Maybe Billie gets a partner, maybe she has to do a series, who knows, but this is definitely turning into a rematch of months ago. It could even be written as an elaborate plan Billie had to get back at the Squad, though that might be too much for the Billie character to pull of. Big E, Apollo and Nakamura had a good segment tonight, but of course Apollo screws over Nakamura by going after Big E. We might get another Triple Threat, and that is how Apollo wins. Just as Apollo dealt with Sami only for Big E to capitalize, Apollo could do the same to Big E once he’s handled Nakamura or whoever else will be in the match.

My Score: 8.5/10

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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (2/20/24)

NXT Takes Care o’ Business!



NXT White 'n' Gold Era

Who reigns on the Road to WrestleMania?

Both the NXT Women’s and North American Championships are on the line tonight! It’s Lyra Valkyrie VS Shotzi and Oba Femi VS Lexis King!


  • NXT North American Championship: Oba Femi VS Lexis King; Oba wins and retains the title.
  • Roxanne Perez VS Wren Sinclair; Roxie wins.
  • Josh Briggs VS Brooks Jensen; wins.
  • Kelani Jordan VS Lash Legend w/ Jakara Jackson; wins.
  • NXT Women’s Championship: Lyra Valkyria VS Shotzi Blackheart; wins and


NXT North American Championship: Oba Femi VS Lexis King!

The Ruler dominated the Breakout Tournament, cashed in on Dragon Lee, then retained against Dragon Lee at Vengeance Day. And The Drama King wants all the credit since he “softened up” the Boy Wonder first. Will Oba “thank” Lexis by making this quick and painless? Or will the King truly have his Coronation?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see who truly reigns over NXT!

The bell rings and King dodges Oba to fire kicks! Oba blocks one, then SHOVES King to a corner! King dodges Oba, runs in to clothesline and CHOP! And SLAP! And CHOP! King whips but Oba blocks and reverses! King goes up, leaps, but bounces right off Oba! Oba whips King to ropes, then back drops him high and hard! The fans fire up as Oba hauls King up for body shots. Oba UPPERCUTS, then whips again, but King sunset flips! Oba spins out, but King avoids the elbow drop! King KICKS, and KICKS, then talks some trash. King BOOTS Oba, runs, but Oba grabs King to SHOVE him up and out!

The fans fire up again and Oba storms out after King. Oba hauls King into the ring, but King DROPKICKS Oba down! King huffs and puffs out after Oba, but Oba shoves him! Oba swings but only gets post! King SLAMS Oba’s arm into the post! Oba ROCKS King with the good hand! Oba brings King up, puts him in again, but King stomps Oba as he slides in! King CLUBS the bad arm, then clamps on with a top wristlock. Oba endures, fights up, but King grinds that shoulder. Von Wagner & Robert Stone watch this, and Stone says he’ll be right back. Where’s he going? Out there. Stone heads to gorilla but Von says it’s still not worth going after King!

As for in the ring, Oba fights up but King CLUBS the arm! King grinds the shoulder, but Oba whips him away! Then Oba scoops, but King slips free! King RAMS Oba into buckles, runs up again, but Oba puts him on the apron. King ROCKS Oba, goes up, but fans chant for “O~BA!” Stone is on the ramp as King DOUBLE STOMPS Oba’s bad arm! King runs, ducks ‘n’ dodges, then slides out to shove Stone down! Fans boo as King talks trash, then gets back in. Oba grabs King, but King breaks fere! King fires forearms and CHOPS, then more forearms! King runs, but Oba LARIATS! King flounders up, Oba has him for the FLAPJACK!

Oba storms up on King, scoop shim, and gives him SNAKE EYES! Oba then hauls King up, SHOT-PUT! Oba fires up, the fans rally behind him, and King stands into the POP-UP POWERBOMB!! Cover, Oba wins!

Winner: Oba Femi, by pinfall (still NXT North American Champion)

The Ruler keeps the King from taking the crown, and Stone gets some sense of payback. Will nothing stop Oba’s reign that is backed by destiny?


Thea Hail, Jacy Jayne and Jasmine talk backstage.

Thea sighs, and they ask if she’s okay. Riley Osborne hasn’t answered her all week. Then please tell them she didn’t desperately text him. No, she did what Jacy said and played hard to get on the date. Yeah, Jacy knows that part. Just tell us what happened on the date. And we see Arianna Grace eavesdropping… Thea says he opened the door for her, she said not to do that cuz she’s a grown ass woman who can do it herself. Oh, okay… So, what next? They went to dinner, he asked what it was like first starting at Chase University, and she was on her phone most of the time so she wouldn’t be “too available.”

Jasmine, Jacy and even Ariana see how the advice was backfiring, and Jacy says that’s not what she meant about any of that. Uh oh… And then Arianna walks over, pretending like she couldn’t help but overhear. But Thea, a true lady is never afraid to come off as daring. She for one has been on many, many dates, and it just sounds like she scared Riley away. What!? Jacy calms Thea down, and Arianna continues. “When a man opens the door for you, you welcome it. When he shows interest in the little things you do, you engage and reciprocate.” It isn’t too late. Just go talk to Riley. And then what? Come off desperate?

Jacy agrees with Jasmine, but Arianna says respectfully, how would Thea look desperate? Thea looks to Jacy but Jacy says no, don’t look at her. Jacy didn’t mean it the way Thea executed it. Jacy can’t do everything! Right, sorry. Arianna says, “And she’s your best friend?” Jacy tells Ariana to stop filling Thea’s head up with stuff, and stay out of their business. Or else she’ll make an example out of you. Jacy has the group leave, and Arianna scoffs. Which side is the right side of this? Is there still hope for this Chase U romance?


Lyra Valkyria checks in on Tatum Paxley.

The Morrigan looks her superfan over, she took a pretty serious blow. Is she good? Well, yeah, everything hurts, and Tatum’s only been able to have soup the past week, but she’s just happy Lyra came to her rescue! That wasn’t what that was, but someone had to tell Tatum to just tap out. She shouldn’t try to be a hero. Well, Lyra is Tatum’s hero~! Well, Lyra does feel bad about last week, but if Tatum can do something for her tonight, Lyra promises to make it up to her. Anything! Attack Shotzi with a baseball bat? Hit her with green mist so she’ll match her green hair? No, none of that! But she does need Tatum to just stay away from ringside.

But! No buts! Keep your butt back here! That’s her one request. If Tatum can do that, then Lyra has a very special surprise for her. A surprise? Really? Yes, really. Okay, Tatum will stay right here. Great! Tatum sits down and says this will be the hardest thing she’s ever done. But can Tatum be patient and let Lyra handle things on her own?


Bron Breakker & Baron Corbin head to the ring!

The fans fire up as the Wolf Dogs, the NEW NXT Tag Team Champions, are here. And this is even after the Big Bad Booty Nephew signed with Friday Night SmackDown! They step into the ring, belts on and trophy waiting for them, and the fans chant, “You Deserve It!” Bron says wow, who would’ve thought way back in September, when these two were beating the hell outta each other at No Mercy, that they’d be here today in alligator skin boots and NEW NXT Tag Team Champions! Corbin says yes, yes, yes, yes! He remembers No Mercy like it was yesterday, cuz didn’t Corbin win? Uh… Not funny. It’s a little funny.

Well alright, but then Corbin wouldn’t be here if not for Bron carrying the team. Corbin says if he remembers right, he did set Bron up pretty nicely. Boom, End of Days! Fans chant “Spear of Days!” and Bron says yeah, EOD was the set-up, he hit his Spear, and so just like the fans are saying, Spear of Days. The fans cheer that Spear of Days is a thing now. Corbin does love it. A couple A-Holes standing here with brand new hardware, and they are good with being the NEW NXT Tag Team Champions! But wait, here comes Chase U! Andre Chase & Duke Hudson ask for everyone to hold on just a second.

Now, the Wolf Dogs might not care about who’ll be their next challengers, but Chase U certainly does. Should they spell it out for ya? Duke has to hand it to the Wolf Dogs. Beating seven other teams to win the Dusty Cup, then winning the titles, that’s not easy. But Chase U is back at 100%, and it is Chase U’s time to shine! Bron says take the school spirit and their calendars, and shove ’em! Easy now, easy now. What we have right here… IS A TEACHABLE MOMENT! Chase says the former champs promised a shot at those titles, and Chase U ain’t taking no for an answer! So, Wolf Dogs… Chase U will get their match, and will give them an Andre Chase U sized ass whooping!

But wait! Nathan Frazer & Axiom are here! And they say no no no! That’s not how this works! Hate to break it to ya, Mr. Chase, but that agreement with the former champions is therefore null and void. “And that, my friends, is a Hart-Hitting Home Truth.” Axiom adds that in case no one remembers, these two were the closest to beating the Wolf Dogs. So therefore, if there’s anyone that deserves this shot, it’s them! Frazer & Axiom storm up to the ring and add that Wolf Dogs went and jumped them from behind, so they’re gonna pay for that, “You pieces of sh-” Whoa! Hey! Axiom calms Frazer down and they get in the ring.

Duke mocks Frazer’s accent as he says, “I don’t know who invited you two to the party,” but seriously, good to see you. But grab a ticket, get to the back of the line, because the future TWO-TIME NXT Tag Team Champions are about to plant the Chase U flag firmly where it belongs. Corbin says hold on, listen. This sounds like a you guys problem, and the tag champs have stuff to do and places to be. They can take these problems and tell someone who cares. Ava Raine walks out and tells Baron & Bron that yeah, they’re right. It isn’t up to the Wolf Dogs about who their challengers. That’s up to her!

But it is so easy when she sees two very deserving teams right in front of her. So she feels it’ll be Frazer & Axiom VS Chase & Duke to decide the NEW #1 Contenders. The fans like the sound of that, and Ava says it will also happen tonight. The fans really like that, and now tonight is even bigger than before! #ThankYouAva, but who will rise above to then step to the Wolf Dogs?


Backstage interview with Roxanne Perez.

Kelly Kincaid says we are moments away from Roxie’s match with Wren Sinclair after their… heated altercation. Roxie says Wren shows a lot of promise, and reminds her a bit of herself. Y’know, all happy to be here. But once Wren’s been here awhile, just being “happy to be here” won’t cut it anymore. We’ll see others getting chances she deserves, the spotlight that was once on her being ripped away by every single girl in the locker room, and then as she tries to make sense of it all, it just won’t! Chances you work for an entire year, even your entire LIFE for, will be handed to main roster stars.

After awhile, she’ll build up a callous towards other people’s feelings, and realize that the only person she can make happy around here is herself. Roxie tells Shotzi and Lyra to watch her tonight. Because she’ll be doing the same for them. Is The Prodigy going to use her edge to cut down the future so she can once again be the present?


Another mysterious message plays.

“Men deny their truth. I will be a mirror to it.” And then someone smashes glass! Just what is making its way to NXT?


Roxanne Perez VS Wren Sinclair!

NXT returns and Wren makes her entrance, still remembering that sucker punch to her left cheek. The bell rings and the two tie up. They go around, Wren powers Roxie to ropes but Roxie turns it around and digs into Wren. The ref counts, Roxie lets off and then shoves Wren. Wren shoves Roxie, then trips her to rain down shots! Roxie turns that around and gives those shots back! The fans fire up as the two scrap, roll, then tumble out of the ring! Roxie fires off on Wren, lets off as the ref counts, and then Roxie pushes Wren in. Roxie storms up but Wren turns her for a backslide! TWO, and Wren rolls Roxie up, TWO!

Roxie is up, and she ROCKS Wren with that same haymaker! Roxie talks trash on Wren, whips her but Wren reverses to ROCK Roxie! And then wrench, scoop and BIG back suplex! Cover, TWO! Wren clamps on a facelock and grinds Roxie. Roxie endures, fights up, and WRINGS Wren’s arm out! Wren bails out, Roxie pursues, and Roxie wrenches again. Wren ROCKS Roxie again, but Roxie just gets mad! Roxie WRINGS Wren’s arm into the floor! Roxie SLAMS the bad arm, drags Wren up and SLAMS the arm on the apron! Then she SMACKS Wren off the apron, shoves her in, and covers, TWO!

Roxie is seething, but she stands Wren up to wrench and YANK! Roxie wrenches, then chinbars Wren. Wren endures and fights up, but Roxie wrenches and hits an STO! Then she drops a knee on the arm! Wren clutches the elbow, Roxie covers, TWO! Wren is showing toughness but Roxie pulls hair to sit Wren up. Roxie wrap son a cobra clutch and thrashes Wren about. The fans rally, Wren fights up, and Wren pries at the hold, but Roxie hits another STO! Roxie has a top wristlock, leans on Wren, but Wren fights up. Wren throws body shots, the fans rally, but Roxie cranks the arm. Wren arm-drags free!

Wren goes to a corner, Roxie runs in, but Wren ELBOWS her away! Roxie runs up again but Wren BOOTS her! Wren LARIATS, then LARIATS again! The fans fire up as Wren DROPKICKS! Roxie goes to a corner, Wren runs up, but Roxie boots! Wren blocks it and SLINGS Roxie down! Wren then suplexes, but Roxie fights free! The bad arm bothers Wren, Roxie WRINGS it out again! Then SOBAT! Roxie hops on, POP ROX! And then lets off!? She puts Wren in a CROSSFACE! Wren taps, Roxie wins!

Winner: Roxanne Perez, by submission

Roxie showed us some thing new: sadism! Will Roxie tear into whoever is champion after tonight so she can Stand & Deliver?


The Meta Four meets backstage.

Noam Dar says tonight, Lash Legend takes care of Kelani Jordan. But he and Oro Mensah need to figure out how to handle No Quarter Catch Crew. They want the Cup because of the sport and tradition, when both of those belong to Dar! Oro says to relax. They’re champions! Oh, wait, here comes NQCC! Not during the secret handshake, man! But Drew Gulak says hello to Miss Jackson and Miss Legend. Charlie Dempsey reminds Dar that the cup represents over 100 YEARS of British Wrestling. Yeah, shut up, Charlie, you’re boring. Dar’s from the UK and even he doesn’t to listen to a history lesson.

So less talky-talky, more walky-walky. This is two weeks in a row they’ve stunk up Dar’s lounge! Damon Kemp says once one of them wins the Cup, they won’t need to come back. Okay then, who IS Dar facing? Yeah, wouldn’t he like to know. Uh, duh, that’s why he asked! Kemp says Catch Clause means you find out once they’re all in the ring. So see you next week, bud. Catch Clause? What? Dar is confused. He has to prepare for ALL FOUR of them just because of this clause? How is that fair? NQCC might’ve just found a way to counter Meta Four’s numbers game. Will the Cup soon belong to someone who respects its Heritage?


Josh Briggs VS Brooks Jensen!

Country Strong went their separate ways in a mutual break-up, but not everyone in the trio was able to stand strong alone. Briggs told Jensen to grow up and toughen up, so here’s Jensen’s response! Will “little brother” Brooks show everyone that he’s a grown man? Or will he still just be Briggs’ sidekick?


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Andrew’s TNA Xplosion Results & Match Ratings: 2.16.2024

Rich Swann…how dumb are you going to be? Do we see 0-4 in this current TNA incarnation?



So let’s see if this will give us anything to talk about. Trent Seven will make his TNA ring debut technically, and Rich Swann is going to continue this reign of stupidity where he gets distracted from help. I can’t tolerate the level of babyface stupid Swann has looked during this. Who does this help? It ain’t Francis and it ain’t Rich. If we get an evil Rich payoff who just becomes a mega heel…maybe. But it’s painful.


  • Trent Seven vs Shera: Trent wins via BirmingHammer – ** 1/2
  • Rich Swann vs John Skyler w/Jason Hotch –



Trent Seven vs Shera

So, Shera gonna be the jobbing gatekeeper of getting momentum for bigger matches. Either that, or Maclin interferes to give Shera a dirty win, but Shera eating the pin seems more likely to me.

Simple tie up that turns into Shera laying in the Shoulder Tackle, trying to bully Trent, but he slips a Slam attempt, lights up Shera with a few chops and then a Snap DDT. Shera powders after the DDT, makes space, slides in, Trent follows, and Shera runs the ropes, ducks the Lariat and a Big Boot sends Trent’s tooth flying and drops him. Shera starts manhandling Trent, running him from corner to corner, Stalling Suplex after the corner attack and Trent has had no offense. Shera goes for a goozle, Trent tries to fight back with some punches, bounces off the ropes and eats a Spinebuster.

Shera then goes to the top turnbuckle, looking for something big and unusual from him. So of course Trent cuts him off with Chops, Headbutts and a big Superplex finally gives Trent and opening. Overhand chop from Trent, tries another Suplex, but Shera blocks and rains down some clubbing forearms. Trent tries to fire, Pop & Bang, some apron battling but Shera gets the best of things, Chokeslam on the apron, rolls Trent back in and Trent kicks out.

Going for the frustration chokes, Shera is trying anything but Trent chops a few times, Backfist, Lariat, for…a near fall. Trent keeps slapping the back of Shera, BirmingHammer for the win!

Don West, You’ve Got to be Kidding Me! Trending Topics of the week:

5. MK Ultra getting their rematch

4. Trinity’s final TNA match

3. Moose & Alex Shelley’s stupid stipulation match

2. Simon Gotch’s revenge

1. Rebellion declaration for April 20th

“Around the Ring” with Gia Miller and her guest Xia Brookside. Apparently they bonded over accents and horses. So it seems like Xia just has an affinity for cowboys and stuff, so Gia was totally up her alley. They make a little country posse, its cute, but cringey…but cute. 

TNA+ Flashback Moment: Sting vs Mr Anderson vs Kurt Angle – No Surrender 2011

Always nice to see the classic stuff from the pinnacle of TNA. 


Rich Swann vs John Skyler w/Jason Hotch

If Rich goes 0-4…I will be, AJ Francis shows up for commentary. Christ…Rich is gonna lose to the other Good Hand ain’t he?

Rich Swann and Skyler go back and forth but you’re always just waiting for the shoe to drop. Rich has the advantage, goes to the top for the Phoenix Splash, Hotch gets up on the apron and AJ Francis leave commentary and takes out Hotch. But for some stupid reason Swann is distracted by the assistance, then Skyler hits an Avalanche Forward Rolling Senton for the win.

I can’t even understand the level of moronic babyface Rich Swann is for this angle.


Overall Score: 4.5/10

This was…the definition of useless. Trent’s match was okay, but obvious because Shera is a gatekeeper to looking decent before a major match. Rich, as I’ve said many times, just looks unabashedly stupid. I’m over this, Rich needs to turn heel at No Surrender or within a week or so. All of this was cringey, stupid and a waste of time, especially Xia and Gia.


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