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Mitchell’s NJPW Summer Struggle Sapporo Report! (7/10/21)

The Summer Struggle returns!



NJPW Summer Struggle Sapporo

The Summer Struggle begins again in the north of Japan!

NJPW brings back the Summer Struggle, and Sapporo, Hokkaido is where it begins! Will El Desperado shoot down the Bone Soldier and retain his title?

NOTE: NJPW no longer wants to feed AXS TV now that it is with Anthem and Impact Wrestling. But never fear, I will cover NJPW in the spirit of AXS in providing the most important matches of the show.


  • 8 Man Tag: Los Ingobernables de Japon VS Suzuki-Gun; LIJ wins.
  • IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship: El Desperado VS Taiji Ishimori; Desperado wins and retains the title.


8 Man Tag: Los Ingobernables de Japon VS Suzuki-Gun!

Tomorrow is the big day, where Tetsuya Naito and Sanada will finally challenge the Dangerous Tekkers for the IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championships! But that means today is the last chance for momentum, but also a moment where both teams are vulnerable. Will having Bushi and THE IWGP World Heavyweight Champion, Shingo Takagi, help Naito & Sanada stay strong?

After an LIJ fist bump, as well as Suzuki-Gun plugging the Dangerous Tekkers’ towel, Taichi calls out Naito but Naito calls out ZSJ. ZSJ refuses and Taichi steps up. LIJ attacks! The bell rings, LIJ kicks Suzuki-Gun out of the ring and the brawl is on! Naito is after Taichi, Sanada is after ZSJ, Takagi has Yoshinobu Kanemaru and Bushi goes after Douki. Naito wrenches Taichi’s arm, YANKS it, then wraps it around railing! Sanada has ZSJ down and has a standing toehold to twist the ankle. Red Shoes reprimands as Sanada twists then stomps ZSJ’s leg. Naito wrenches Taichi’s arm again, puts him in the ring, and Sanada joins him as they get him up.

Naito and Sanada double whip, double back elbow, then sit Taichi up for a basement dropkick! Fans cheer as Naito has Taichi for a double wristlock. Taichi endures, Naito drags him up and wrenches again, then tags Bushi. Bushi CLUBS Taichi’s arm, wrenches it and elbows the shoulder. Takagi tags in, climbs up and fans fire up as Takagi drops ax handles! Takagi YANKS Taichi’s arm, and again, then wrenches through. Takagi hammerlocks Taichi’s arm, Sanada tags in, but Taichi grabs at Sanada’s hair. Red Shoes reprimands, Takagi CLUBS Taichi, and Sanada takes the hammerlock. Naito gets a shot in, and then Sanada drags Taichi around for more wrenching.

Sanada puts Taichi in a corner, whips him corner to corner then runs in, but he blocks Taichi’s boot! Sanada trips Taichi and fans cheer as Sanada goes for Paradise! ZSJ gets in to fish hook Sanada, wrench his arm over an dover, then PELE the arm! Taichi wrenches and HOOK KICKS Sanada down while ZSJ BLASTS LIJ off the apron! Suzuki-Gun goes after LIJ, Kanemaru whips Takagi into railing! Taichi chokes Sanada but also covers, TWO! Taichi drags Sanada up, chokes him into the Suzuki-Gun corner, then tags in kanemaru. Douki digs his boots in, Kanemaru stomps, and Kanemaru wrenches to YANK Sanada’s arm!

Kanemaru wrenches and hammerlocks the arm, then scoop SLAMS Sanada down! Tag to Douki, he stomps Sanada, then drags him up to snapmare him into a grounded cobra twist. Sanada endures, scoots over, but Douki makes it a cradle! TWO, tag to ZSJ, and ZSJ smirks as he stands on Sanada’s arm. ZSJ digs his heels in, twists the wrist around and bends the fingers way back! Fans rally up as Sanada fights to his feet, but ZSJ whips and WRINGS Sanada out! ZSJ pulls on the bad arm, Sanada fights up to his feet, but ZSJ wrangles him back down! ZSJ continues to pull the arm but Sanada endures. Fans continue to rally, but Taichi stomps Sanada!

Red Shoes reprimands Taichi but ZSJ keeps on Sanada. Sanada manages to roll and float to a headlock but ZSJ wrenches free! ZSJ has the wristlock, Sanada rolls and handsprings and cartwheels and wrenches! ZSJ wrenches and WRINGS Sanada out again! Tag to Kanemaru and he stomps Sanada’s bad arm. Kanemaru wrenches, Douki goes up top and drops ax handles! Kanemuar and Douki stomp Sanada to a corner, whip him corner to corner, then Douki runs in but misses! Sanada dropkicks Kanemaru’s legs out then RANAS Douki down! Fans fire up as Sanada crawls, hot tag to Naito! Naito rallies on Kanemaru, then on Taichi!

Naito whips Kanemaru to elbow him and basement dropkick! Taichi returns but into a NECKBREAKER! Naito runs ZSJ off, then stomps Kanemaru in a corner. Naito whips corner to corner, but Kanemaru dodges the rocket kick. Kanemaru runs into a back elbow but reverses the whip. Naito holds ropes, boots back, and tags Bushi! Kick, sunset flip and swing back into basement dropkick! Fans fire up and Bushi bumps Kanemaru off buckles. Bushi whips corner to corner, runs in but misses. Kanemaru comes back but into a swing kick! Bushi goes up and hits a missile dropkick! Fans fire up seeing the Bushirooni!

Bushi stomps Kanemaru, gets him up, but no Magic Screw! Bushi kicks Kanemaru low, runs, but into Kanemaru’s dropkick! Both men are down, fans rally up, and Kanemaru rolls to tag in Douki. Douki runs at Bushi to clothesline! Douki scoops, SLAMS, runs and runs to DOUBLE STOMP! Cover, TWO! Bushi stays in this but Suzuki-Gun knocks LIJ off the apron again! Douki whips Bushi to a corner, runs in and back elbows! ZSJ adds a EuroUpper, Taichi adds a clothesline! Douki is up top and hits a FLYING SHOULDER! Cover, TWO! Bushi survives, but Douki drags him into ITALIAN STRETCH 32! Bushi endures, falls but gets the ropebreak!

Red Shoes counts, Douki lets go at 4, but Douki also fires up and vows to finish this! Wheelbarrow, full nelson, but Bushi fights free! Douki rakes Bushi’s eyes but runs into Bushi’s dropkick! Both men are down and fans fire back up. Bushi crawls over, hot tag to Takagi! The Dragon drags Douki up, Douki CHOPS him, but Takagi CHOPS back! Takagi whips corner to corner, blocks the boot and clotheslines Douki! Takagi runs into a waistlock but switches. Douki fights the lift, breaks free and ENZIGURIS! Douki fires up and runs, but into a pop-up DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! Cover, TWO!? Douki survives but Takagi fires up with, “OI! OI! OI!”

Fans clap and Takagi powers up. Takagi gets Douki up, pump handle and torture rack but Douki fights free. Takagi elbows him away, runs, but Taichi gets in! Pumping Bomber and Ax Bomber collide, but neither man falls! Taichi tries again but Sanada gets in to dropkick Taichi out! ZSJ gets Sanada with a snapmare to headscissor squeeze! Naito basement dropkicks, but into an ANKLE LOCK! ZSJ has two LIJ for the price of one! But Takagi scoops Kanemaru to SLAM him onto ZSJ! Fans fire up as Takagi clears the ring, but Douki knees low! Douki runs, but Takagi clotheslines him at the ropes! Takagi runs, but into a wheelbarrow victory roll! TWO, and Douki UPPERCUTS Takagi!

Douki reloads, ROCKS Takagi again, then runs. But into an elbow, JAB, and YUKON LARIAT! Takagi has the fans fire up as he builds speed, PUMPING BOMBER!! Cover, LIJ wins!

Winners: Los Ingobernables de Japon, by pinfall

And the world champion’s might finishes it off! Is The Dragon going to be unstoppable when it’s finally time to face Kota Ibushi? As for Naito & Sanada, are they still in good shape for their own heavyweight title match? Or will the Tekkers merely regroup make them #JustTapOut?


IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship: El Desperado VS Taiji Ishimori!

The Rogue Luchador could not stay a double champion, but he won’t let the Bone Soldier Reborn be the next Mr. Junior Heavyweight Division at his expense! Will Sapporo heat up as gold is on the line in the Summer Struggle?

The introductions are made, the singles title is raised, and we see if #ItsReborn!

The two circle and fans rally up. The two tie up, Desperado pushes Taiji to ropes, but Red Shoes counts the ropebreak. Desperado lets off with aggressively mocking shoulder pats, but Taiji lets those slide. They circle again, tie up with knuckle locks, and Taiji gets around to a waistlock. Desperado spins through the hold to get a facelock, but Taiji wrenches out to a wristlock. Desperado rolls, slips through, wrenches and wristlocks back, but Taiji rolls and gets the wrench back to hammerlock. Desperado gets to ropes and steps through to the apron to then step back in! Taiji’s arm is caught, Desperado goes to a headlock and grinds him down. Taiji pops out the back to headlock back!

Desperado powers up to pry the hold apart, but Taiji drags him back down with a takeover! Desperado headscissors, Taiji kips free, and the two stand off. Fans cheer as Desperado cools off and circles with Taiji again. They knuckle lock, Taiji wrenches to wrangle Desperado to a top wristlock. Desperado fights up to his feet, Taiji wrenches through to YANK the arm, and YANK, and CLUB the shoulder! Desperado goes to a corner, Taiji throws in elbows, then whips Desperado corner to corner. Desperado reverses, Taiji slips through the ropes, slides under Desperado and back out the other side, to shoulder in and springboard!

Desperado gets under, things speed up, Red Shoes is used as a shield! Taiji gets past Red Shoes, avoids the basement dropkick, then gets the arm for an omoplata! Desperado rolls and slips away, out of the ring! Fans cheer and Taiji grins but Desperado just laughs it off. Taiji gives Desperado space to return and fans rally up. Desperado gets in, circles with Taiji, and pokes him in the eye! Red Shoes reprimands but Desperado CLUBS Taiji, then whips him to ropes. Taiji reverses, arm-drags and WRINGS the arm out on the mat! Desperado bails out again but Taiji pursues. Taiji wraps the arm around railing and pulls! Red Shoes reprimands but Taiji BOOTS the railing to jam the arm!

Taiji drags Desperado up, whips him hard into railing, and Desperado falls in a heap as Taiji stalks over. Taiji drags Desperado up, hammerlocks and POSTS him! Taiji pushes Desperado in the ring, then SLAMS the bad arm into the apron! Red Shoes reprimands again but Taiji gets a chair from the timekeeper’s area! Red Shoes won’t let him bring it over, but Taiji gets chairs from under the ring! Taiji SMACKS Desperado’s arm! Desperado flops out of the ring, Red Shoes checks on him, and Taiji undoes a corner pad! Fans rally up while Red Shoes reprimands Taiji. A ring count begins and Desperado stirs as we reach 5 of 20.

Desperado stands at 10 of 20, staggers, gets in the ring at 11, and fans cheer as the match continues. Taiji SLAMS the bad arm against the mat, then paces while Desperado writhes. Taiji looms over Desperado, drags him up and uses a cravat to wrench the neck. Taiji throws in shoulders, snapmares and NECK TWISTS! Desperado writhes, Taiji covers, TWO! Taiji grows annoyed but Desperado hits back from below. Taiji drops an elbow and then paces around. Taiji hammerlocks the bad arm, and RAMS Desperado into the bare buckles! Desperado shouts and writhes in pain but fans rally up. Taiji looms over Desperado again and stands on the bad arm before he stomps it!

Desperado sits up to chop Taiji but Taiji elbows him back down! And adds more stomps! Taiji hooks the arm with legs, then pulls on the far arm! Taiji wrenches it around and around before he SNAPS it back! Desperado shouts more but Taiji grins as fans rally up. Taiji gets Desperado up to POST him, then hammerlocks and scoops for a SHOULDER BREAKER! Cover, TWO!! Desperado survives and Taiji argues with Red Shoes, but fans cheer as this continues. Desperado throws body shots with the good arm but it isn’t enough. Taiji stomps away on Desperado, eggs him on, then dodges the clothesline. Desperado dodges, Taiji dodges and kicks low.

Taiji whips, Desperado reverses, Taiji handsprings but into Desperado’s arms. Taiji fights but can’t get away, Desperado gets his leg for a SHIN BREAKER! And then a GROUND DRAGON SCREW! Taiji writhes in pain, things now a bit more even between them! Taiji flops out of the ring, fans rally up and Desperado catches his breath. Desperado goes out to fetch Taiji, and whips him hard into railing! That’s the receipt for earlier! Desperado adds on by putting Taiji in the corner, and he SLAMS the bad leg into the apron! Another receipt! Taiji flops back to the floor and Desperado casually steps on the bad leg!

Desperado gets the chair from earlier but Red Shoes stops him there. Desperado says this is the last receipt, but Red Shoes grabs the chair. Desperado shoves Red Shoes down, then SMACKS the leg with the chair! Things are paid back in full now, and Desperado stomps the leg. Desperado puts Taiji in and fans cheer as this continues in the ring. Desperado stands on Taiji’s bad leg then SPLASHES down on it! Taiji grabs ropes but Desperado drags him away to drop knees on the leg. Desperado steps through, drops down on the knee, and ties Taiji’s legs up in a Butterfly Stretch! Taiji sits up, CHOPS, but the irony is that Desperado starts falling back, putting more pressure on the legs!

Taiji helps Desperado stay up, but Desperado uses that to still put more pressure on the legs. Taiji keeps his shoulders up so it isn’t a cover, and Desperado eggs him on. Taiji crawls, reaches, but Desperado leans back to put on the pressure! Taiji makes Desperado sit up again, and then uses that to make one last gasp for the ropes! ROPEBREAK, and Desperado lets Taiji free, but with “OOPS!” a knee drop on the knee. Desperado makes sure his arms are still good, and he stands on Taiji’s bad leg again. Taiji hits Desperado but Desperado gets him up for a SHIN- SUNSET FLIP! The bad leg can’t hold it, TWO!

Desperado taunts Taiji, whips, but Taiji handsprings to NEURALIZER! Double-edged given the bad leg and both men are down. Taiji gets his bad leg working, fans rally up, and Desperado gets to a corner. Taiji runs in, blocks boots, puts Desperado in the ropes and runs side to side, SLIDING GERMAN! Fans cheer while Taiji catches his breath. Taiji drags Desperado out, half hatch and SLAMS Desperado onto the railing! Desperado falls over and sputters, Red Shoes goes out to check on him, but somehow he’s okay to continue. Desperado clutches his ribs while Taiji catches his breath in the ring. The ring count starts, and fans rally as Desperado sits up.

The ring count is already 10 of 20 as Desperado drags himself over. Desperado hobbles up, gets around the railing and back to the ring at 15. He stumbles but drags himself in at 17, only for Taiji to 450 SPLASH him on the back!! Then roll to the omoplata and the YES LOCK!! Desperado is caught, but he drags himself over, only for Taiji to get the other arm! Taiji tries to stop Desperado but Desperado refuses to stop, he gets the ROPEBREAK! Fans cheer and Taiji lets go, both men are down and catching their breath again. Taiji gets up, drags Desperado back up, wrenches the bad arm and ELBOW BREAKERS! And again! Desperado tries to block the third but he hits another elbow breaker!

Taiji stomps Desperado, drags him up, whips him but Desperado holds the ropes! But that only hurts the arm! Taiji seems to laugh at Desperado then stomps him down. Desperado gets up and weakly chops, but Taiji CLUBS the arm! Taiji gets Desperado up to whip, Desperado manages to reverse, for a wrench and OLYMPIC SLAM! Desperado fights up, gets Taiji up and around to GUITARRA- No, no guitar as Taiji shoves Desperado into Red Shoes! Taiji gets Desperado’s arms but Desperado blocks the backslide, so Taiji MULE KICK LOW BLOWS! Desperado falls in a heap, Taiji grins, but fans rally as Taiji gets Desperado back up. Desperado LOW BLOWS Taiji back!

Fans fire up while both men and Red Shoes are down. All three start to stir, Desperado gets to ropes and grits his teeth as he gets up. Taiji sits up, Desperado crawls over to him and throws a forearm! Taiji throws it back, so Desperado hits him again! Taiji hits back, they start standing up, and Desperado throws another forearm. The forearms keep flying, faster and faster, and fans rally up! Desperado staggers, but he ROCKS Taiji back. Taiji comes back to ROCK Desperado, but Desperado ROCKS Taiji again! Desperado taunts Taiji but Taiji fires off furious fists! Taiji runs, Desperado elbows him, but he runs into a BOOT! Taiji runs, but into a SPINEBUSTER! High stack, TWO!!

Desperado gets a STRETCH MUFFLER!! Taiji reaches around but Desperado drags him away! Taiji makes it a cradle, TWO!! Desperado swings, Taiji dodges to tilt-o-whirl, but Desperado resists the takedown! GUITARA DEL MUERTE! Cover, TWO!?! Desperado is furious but the fans fire back up! Desperado vows to end this and he gets Taiji back up. Underhooks, but no Pinche as Taiji RAMS Desperado into bare buckles!! Both men are down and fans fire up again! Taiji runs in, tilt-o-whirl takedown, to YES LOCK!! Desperado is caught again, but he drags himself and Taiji over! Taiji rolls him away! But Desperado makes it the STRETCH MUFFLER!!

Desperado thrashes the leg as hard as he can, and he gets Taiji’s arm! NUMERO DOS!! Taiji rolls but Desperado rolls it back to keep it! Desperado pulls Taiji’s arms back as far as he can, but someone pulls Red Shoes out!? It’s EL PHANTASMO!! ELP saves his tag partner in a way, and Desperado lets Taiji go. ELP fakes Desperado out to mule kick hard! But here comes KANEMARU! He won’t let ELP screw his tag partner over! Kanemaru dodges the superkick to dropkick ELP’s legs out! ELP even gets spiked on his head as he falls! ELP bails out and Kanemaru stomps him down! They brawl on the ring and Red Shoes gets back in the ring.

Desperado and Taiji are in opposite corners as fans rally up. Desperado runs corner to corner but Taiji BOOTS him! Taiji runs but into a back suplex! Desperado fires up and so does Sapporo! Desperado gets Taiji up, underhooks, PINCHE- RANA! Taiji has the cover, TWO!! Desperado waistlocks, Taiji slips under, pump handles and flips Desperado, but Desperado fights it! Taiji gets him up, CYPHER UTAKI!! But that’s double-edged to Taiji’s bad leg! Taiji crawls over, covers, TWO!! Desperado survives because of those few seconds! Fans are thunderous as Taiji gets up, takes aim, and BANG!

Taiji gets Desperado back up, reels him in, but Desperado fights free to EL ES CULERA! Cover, TWO!! Desperado KICKS the and leg out! Fans fire up with Desperado, underhooks, and PINCHE- WHAT?! Taiji spins in the arm to drag Desperado down! BONE LOCK!!! Desperado is caught for a third time, but he’s dragging himself over again! Taiji rolls him away and cranks back harder! Fans rally hard as ever, Desperado claws the mat and crawls his way back over! Only for Taiji to roll him away, BLOODY- No, Desperado lands on his feet! But Taiji JUMP KNEES! Taiji gets Desperado up, whips but Desperado reverses, and Taiji hits bare buckles! LOCO MONO!!

Desperado fires up and the fans are thunderous as he underhooks! PINCHE LOCO!!! Wait, he holds on to get Taiji back up?! ANOTHER PINCHE LOCO!! Cover, Desperado wins!!

Winner: El Desperado, by pinfall (still IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion)

The Rogue Luchador roars victoriously as he breaks the Bone Soldier! Red Shoes brings the belt to him and sets it on his shoulder. Desperado raises it up over his head as Taiji makes his exit. Desperado gets the mic, but before he can speak, someone speaks on the titantron? Is that Robbie Eagles?! “G’day, champion. It seems like the Junior Division has been more like a committee of vultures, jumping over one another to be the next challenger for the title.” Maybe he needs to push his way to the front of the line before anyone else can. So Eagles vows to be the next challenger to the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship! With no more vultures, Desperado has a bird of prey to face. And Eagles vows Desperado will surrender to the Sniper of the Skies!

Desperado now responds to the video as fans rally up. “What a cute foreigner boy he is.” Desperado says when you wrestle a guy like Taiji, win or lose, there isn’t much left in you to talk, let alone cut a promo. But Desperado thanks Taiji for that great match. And he sees Hiromu on commentary. Stop talking and get back in the ring ASAP. But that aside, Desperado admits he has little left, but he just won so he’ll puff out his chest as THE IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion. No real acknowledgement of the sniper putting the target on his back, but will Desperado have to be ready for Eagles swooping in after his gold?

My Thoughts:

A very good start to the somewhat surprising return of the Summer Struggle series of events for NJPW. The 8 Man Tag being decided with Takagi pinning Douki makes sense, mostly because it keeps things even between the Tekkers and their challengers. That match is going to be really good but I don’t see the Tekkers losing. At least, not on a Summer Struggle show. What is it keeping Sanada from breaking through to the singles title scene? Or is it just the ill-timing of NJPW having plans for other things? Them uniting Intercontinental and Heavyweight titles into a world title, that did take away an option for Sanada to go for.

The Junior Heavyweight title match was great stuff, from the in-ring story of each man working on a limb for their submission strategy to the overbooking of ELP coming out and Kanemaru countering him. Desperado winning makes sense, both on Taiji not being quite on a double championship level and on a lot of guys in the Junior Heavyweight Division wanting their shot. Robbie Eagles making a return via titantron promo is great, but boy someone needs to learn how to get good audio quality out of these. Pretty sure he was greenscreening while being in like, his garage? The sound just seemed to echo and I’m not even sure I got his promo 100% right.

Desperado shrugging it off was a great detail, too. He doesn’t take the gaijin seriously, and would much rather Hiromu heal up and return so they can settle things. But Desperado VS Eagles, whenever and wherever that happens, will be a good match to further Desperado’s reign.

My Score: 8.4/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Rampage Results & Report! (4/20/24)

Kyle O’Reilly is on a Rampage!



Friendships continue to sour in AEW!

Roderick Strong turned on Kyle O’Reilly, so now Kyle’s going on a Rampage to get even! Will the Undisputed Kingdom make it to Dynasty?


  • High Flying Fatal 4 Way Elimination Match: Rob Van Dam VS Lee Johnson VS Isiah Kassidy VS Komander; wins.
  • Yuka Sakazaki VS Emi Sakura; wins.
  • Six Man Tag: The Undisputed Kingdom VS Kyle O’Reilly, Rocky Romero & Matthew Menard; win(s).


Jon Moxley speaks.

“Well, things just got more interesting next week. The IWGP Championship will be on the line for the first time ever on Dynamite. That is one hell of a powerful cellphone you have there, Mr. Callis. Hey, I wasn’t planning on losing anyway, and I like playing this game better when the stakes are high, while the clock is clicking down to zero, when there’s no room for error, when it is truly do or die. My hand only gets steadier. I was born for these moments. But hey, let’s say next week in Jacksonville, I get struck by lightning. Will Hobbs shocks the world. From Oakland to Tokyo, new IWGP Champion, what a story that would be. If you like fairytales.

“And Don Callis would sit right next to you on the plane on the way to Japan, he’ll sit right next to you in the press conference. But has he truly been where you’ve been? Does he truly know you? Who you are and where you come from? I do. And I will be in the ring with you next week, not Don Callis. I’ve always known you’ve had something in here, Hobbs. I’ve always known. Next week, if you haven’t found that thing inside you that I talked about… It’s not about championships and contracts and fancy cars, that comes later. If you haven’t found it in the week I have given you, I will find it for you.

“Next week on Dynamite, what I’m gonna give you is a gift. I’m gonna show you who you really are. But that gift is going to be a bitter pill to swallow. Hey, this is pro-wrestling, anything can happen. So take this advance: don’t hesitate for one second, cuz I won’t.” The Maniac has issued his final warning, but will the Powerhouse write history with his own two hands?


High Flying Fatal 4 Way Elimination Match: Rob Van Dam VS Lee Johnson VS Isiah Kassidy VS Komander!

Today is 4/20 and you know what that means! RVD is ready to fly! But so are Big Shotty, Brother Zay and the AAA Cruiserweight Champion! It all comes down to who lasts longest, so who will have the last laugh on Rampage?


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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Collision Results & Report! (4/20/24)

A high risk Collision!



Will the American Dragon make it to Dynasty?

Before his dream match at AEW Dynasty against Will Ospreay, Bryan Danielson & Claudio Castagnoli take on the Don Callis Family, in a BUNKHOUSE BRAWL!


  • Six Man Tag: Adam “Edge” Copeland, Mark Briscoe & Eddie Kingston VS Top Flight; Edge, Mark & Eddie win.
  • “Powerhouse” Will Hobbs w/ Don Callis VS CJ Esparza; Hobbs wins.
  • The Acclaimed w/ Billy Gunn VS The Gunns w/ Jay White; The Gunns win.
  • Bunkhouse Brawl: Bryan Danielson & Claudio Castagnoli VS Kyle Fletcher & Konosuke Takeshita; Bryan & Claudio win.
  • Skye Blue VS Leyla Hirsch; Skye wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Kazuchika Okada & The Young Bucks VS PAC & FTR; Pac & FTR win.


Six Man Tag: Adam “Edge” Copeland, Mark Briscoe & Eddie Kingston VS Top Flight!

The Rated R Chickenhawks or whatever you want to call them are getting ready for their battle with The House of Black at Dynasty! But will they be able to bring some momentum into St. Louis? Or will Action Andretti and the Martin brothers be too fast for them to keep up with?

The trios sort out and Action starts against Mark. Action does a crane stance to mock redneck kung-fu, but Mark strikes his stance. Action kicks, Mark blocks then flips Action to arm-drag him down! Mark has the cording hold to grind Action down, but action fights up. Mark wrenches the wristlock, but Action spins, bridges, and handsprings through and wrenches back. Action headlocks, Mark powers up and out, but Action sunset flips! Mark rolls through to headlock back. The fans rally as Action fights up, powers up and power out, then hurdles. Action runs, handsprings through the hip toss, then whips. Mark reverses but Action goes up and over.

Action keeps moving, ducks ‘n’ dodges to tilt-o-whirl and RANA! Then DROPKICK! The fans fire up while Action watches Mark. Action runs to IMPLODER TORNILLO! Cover, TWO! Mark goes to the corner, Action storms up to whip corner to corner, but Mark goes up to FLYING FOREARM! The fans fire up with Mark and he drags Action up. Mark CHOPS Action to the corner, then ROCKS him again. Tag to Edge and the fans fire up! They double whip Action to then DOUBLE SHOULDER TACKLE! The fans fire up and Edge brings Action around. Edge reels Action in to suplex, but Action slips free to KICK a leg!

Action runs up to body shot, KICK, and CHOP! Action whips, Edge reverses but Action handsprings to back elbow! Both men are down, the fans rally up, and Action tags Darius. Darius wrenches to CLUB away on Edge’s arm, then he cording holds. Edge ROCKS Darius, whips, but Darius catches him to a backslide! TWO, but Darius hooks Edge up again for a high stack, TWO! Edge rises, but into a DROPKICK! Darius tags Dante and they double whip Edge to a corner. Dante sends Darius in but Edge puts Darius on the apron. Darius CHOPS Edge, Dante A-LIST LARIATS! Then Darius snap suplexes, Dante slingshot SENTONS!

The fans are torn as Dante stays between Edge and Eddie. Dante is a little surprised, but he ROCKS Edge to a corner. Dante runs in, but Edge dodges the elbow! Edge runs in, Dante dodges to then go up and around, only to get caught! POWERSLAM! Edge brings Dante over, tag to Eddie, and the fans fire up as Eddie HEADBUTTS away on Dante! Eddie CHOPS Dante in a corner and Dante sputters as he falls! Eddie taunts Darius and Action, then he whips Dante. Dante goes up and out to ROCK Eddie from the apron. Dante springboards to CANNONBALL! The fans fire up as both men stand, and Eddie knees low!

Eddie CLUBS Dante in the chest! The fans fire up behind Eddie as he stalks Dante, and he ROCKS Dante while Collision goes picture in picture.

Eddie drags Dante back up, puts him in the corner, and smothers him while he tags Mark. Mark then CHOPS Dante, brings him around, and suplexes high and hard! Cover, TWO! Dante stays in this but Mark stays on him with a back suplex! Tag to Edge, they mug Dante, then Edge brings Dante around to whip at the corner hard! Edge runs up to clothesline, then he fires point-blank clotheslines again and again! The ref counts, Edge still goes all the way to TEN, then he BOOTS Dante down! Edge stalks Dante, drags him up, and tags Eddie. They mug Dante, and Eddie suplexes Dante to hold him up! Dante endures but Eddie SLAMS him down!

Eddie fishhooks Dante to bring him around, then drops an elbow! Cover, TWO! Eddie rains fists down on Dante, but Dante pushes him back. Dante fires body shots, Eddie eggs him on, then Eddie CHOPS Dante to a corner. Eddie gets in Dante’s faceot CHOP again! Collision returns as Eddie CHOPS Dante, sits him down, then taunts Darius and Action before the BOOT WASH! The fans rally behind Eddie as he waits on Dante. Dante stands, but he ducks the backhand to then jump and RANA! Eddie stagger sup, into a JUMP KNEE! Both men are down and the fans fire up! Hot tags to Darius and Mark!

The fans rally but Darius is the one that rallies on Mark and Edge! ENZIGIRI for Mark, but Edge dodges the splash! Darius BOOTS Edge, reels him in, and TORNADO DOUBLE DDTS! Cover, TWO! Darius keeps his focus, Action goes up to ARABIAN PRESS SAULT Edge! Dante DIVES onto Eddie! Darius tags Action, they whip Mark, but Mark catches Darius, ELBOWS Action, EXPLODER for Darius! EXPLODER for Action! Mark tags Eddie, then runs at Darius. Darius puts Mark on the apron, but Mark ROCKS Darius! Dante gets in, dodges Eddie, then uses Darius as a step, POETRY IN MOTION onto Mark!

Darius swings on Eddie, he dodges to CHOP! Eddie CHOPS Dante, swings again, but Dante dodges! Darius gives Dante the boost to go up and over, then they TORNADO DDT Eddie! Action adds a STANDING SHOOTING STAR! Cover, Edge breaks it! The fans fire up as the trios regroup. “This is Awesome!” as all six men run in, SEXTUPLE LARIATS!! The fans are thunderous, all six men slowly sit up, and Action fires hands on Eddie! Eddie eggs Action on so Action throws more body shots! Eddie CHOPS back! And CHOPS! And CHOPS! Action blocks, Eddie ducks the kick, but not the ENZIGIRI! Action runs, into a LARIAT!

Dante SUPERKICKS Eddie! Dante goes up, flips up and over Edge but his leg jams, so Edge gives him an IMPALER! Darius mule kicks Edge but Mark ROCKS Darius and wrenches, to the JAY DRILLER! Action runs up, into an URAKEN and SPEAR!! Then Mark goes up, FROGGY-BOW!! Cover, Rated R Chickenhawks win!

Winners: Adam Copeland, Mark Briscoe & Eddie Kingston, by pinfall

This trio is ready! They also show respect to Top Flight, but wait! The lights go down! And we all know that means House of Black! Buddy Matthews sarcastically claps from the tron as he says that was impressive. But take a moment to look each other in the eyes, so they can thank each other. Because in 24 hours, the House of Black eradicates all their dreams at Dynasty. Malakai Black steps forward to say they will dig deep. So deep that they reach their deepest, darkest fears. So deep, that Edge will wonder if he’s close to Hell. It will oddly feel familiar. Because let’s face it, for people like Malakai and Edge, Hell is where the heart is.

The lights come back up, but neither edge, Eddie or Mark sweat that warning. Will the AEW TNT Champion, the ROH World Champion and the NJPW Strong Openweight Champion be too good of a hand for the full House to stop?


“Powerhouse” Will Hobbs w/ Don Callis VS CJ Esparza!

The Don Callis Family is all in action tonight, and it starts with Hobbs warming up for his showdown on Dynamite. The NEW IWGP World Heavyweight Champion, Jon Moxley, called Hobbs out, will Hobbs send him a message back through the #FlippinSweet Mr. CJE?

The bell rings, Hobbs almost laughs at CJE for being less than half his size. CJE fires hands, but Hobbs shoves and CLOBBERS CJE right down! Hobbs drags CJE up, and whips him right out of the ring! Hobbs goes out after CJE, Callis is on commentary to tell us that Hobbs has done things we can’t even talk about on TV. And that’s about to happen to CJE! POWERSLAM on the apron, another POWERSLAM, and then another POWERSLAM! Hobbs puts CJE in, for the TORTURE RACK!! CJE taps, Hobbs wins!

Winner: Will Hobbs, by submission

Callis joins his Powerhouse in the ring, with a mic, to say he has something important to say. The fans boo as Callis says the Don Callis Family is the talk of the pro-wrestling world! They have the Bunkhouse Brawl tonight, so out of concern for his own personal safety, Callis will NOT be at ringside. But everyone is talking about Hobbs VS Moxley for Dynamite. That is what you know, but he’ll tell us what we don’t know. Everyone knows that Callis was directly responsible in 2017 for Kenny Omega to win the then IWGP Heavyweight Championship. Everyone knows the biggest match in the history of Japanese wrestling was Omega VS Jericho in the Tokyo Dome in 2018!

Omega VS Jericho was signed, sealed and delivered by “Don BAH GAWD Callis,” and it was a match that set NJPW on a new course of success that they enjoy to this day. And they thank him for the favor, or “onkei,” he promised he’d come back to ask for that favor. And in Japanese culture, everyone honors those commitments. Callis waited six years to cash in that chip, and he’s been burning up the phonelines to cash in ALL his chips. So he is happy to announce here tonight, that Moxley VS Hobbs on Dynamite is now for the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship!! Once again, that IWGP world title will come home to the Don Callis Family!

The fans boo at Callis pulling strings, but now Hobbs has the biggest match of his career! Will the Powerhouse add some gold to the Book of Hobbs’ next chapter?


Chris Jericho speaks.

“Hey, everybody. Um, first of all, I just want to apologize to Hook, to Taz, and to all of you watching for my conduct this past Wednesday night. I lost my temper and I pushed Taz to the mat, which made Hook lose his cool, and he came at me. Listen, I don’t blame Hook for that at all. I mean, if somebody put their hands on a person that means as much to me as Taz does to Hook, I would’ve done the exact same thing. And when you had me in the corner, Hook, you said to me, ‘I’m gonna show you just how good I am, any place, anywhere.’ And unfortunately, I’m gonna take you up on that.”

Jericho reveals he went to Tony Khan and asked for an FTW Championship match, and that request was granted. The real unfortunate part is this: The Learning Tree is gonna teach Hook one of the hardest lessons he’s ever gonna learn, and it’s a lesson in humility. A lesson about how hard it is to lose something that means so much to him. But the Learning Tree will make sure Hook is learning not just in-ring lessons but life lessons, as well. Jericho wants to make Hook a better wrestler and a better person. So keep this in mind: Jericho will beat Hook for the FTW Championship, but it will hurt Jericho a lot more than it will Hook.

The Ocho is looking to humble the Cold-Hearted Handsome Devil, but will he be the one that gets humbled instead?


BREAKING NEWS for Dynamite!

In the homecoming of AEW, the post-Dynasty Dynamite will be live coast-to-coast! No delays for the West Coast, watch it at 5 PM Pacific while East watches it at 8 so we can all celebrate AEW together!


The Acclaimed w/ Billy Gunn VS The Gunns w/ Jay White!

Ahead of putting all the trios gold on the line, we get a remix of the… “classic” feud between these teams! Max Caster & Anthony Bowens want to humble Austin & Colten like they did over a year ago, but will this be where the Ass Boys graduate to being men? Caster has a track on deck! “It’s 420, Bowens is all about that incense. They legalized weed, but y’all legalized incest. Damn, guys, y’all progressive with the foreplay, but I’m a kill y’all like that cancer killed OJ. Damn, think you hotter than the North Face? I’m a put you to sleep like Trump at his court date! Back tot he trash, boys. We do it big, y’all’re just the little ass boys!”

The fans fire up as Bowens says, “PEEEOREAAA~! The Acclaimed have arrived! Scissor me, Daddy Ass~!” And he does! But before things get going, Tony Schiavone gets on a mic to make an announcement. Gunns, get in the ring. If you walk out on this match- White wants Schiavone to shut up but Schiavone says no, Tony Khan is putting this out. If the Gunns run away from this match, they don’t get their match at Dynasty! Austin says they can just leave now then. Schiavone asks if he even heard a word that was said. But then Bowens TOSSES Colten & Austin in, the bell rings, and it’s on! The Acclaimed fire off hands and stomps!

The fans fire up as Caster & Bowens whip the Gunns into each other! Caster TOSSES Colten, Bowens DECKS Austin, and they get Austin set up for SCISSOR ME TIMBERS! Austin flounders away, but Colten runs in! Caster dodges to send Colten into buckles! Bowens and Austin brawl while Caster rains down fists on Colten! The fans count along, but Austin trips Caster up! Colten flapjacks Caster off buckles, then Austin TOSSES Bowens over barriers! Billie is furious but Colten stomps a mudhole into Caster while Collision goes picture in picture.

Colten snap suplexes, covers, TWO! Austin frowns as the fans taunt him, but Colten tags him in. Austin stomps away on Caster, soaks up the heat, and Colten CHOKES Caster behind the ref’s back! Caster flails, White dares Billy to do something, while holding the golden bat. Austin TOSSES Caster out, Billy watches White closely, but Colten CLUBS Caster. Austin drags Caster up and in, bumps him off buckles, then taunts Billy & Bowens. Colten joins in on that, and Austin ROCKS Caster! And ROCKS him again! Tag to Colten, he stomps a mudhole into Caster then drags him up. But Caster throws body shots!

Caster backs Colten down, but Colten knees low as Collision goes to break.

Collision returns and Colten has Caster down in a HALF CRAB! Tag to Austin, and he gets the other leg, DOUBLE HALF CRAB! The ref counts, Colten lets go at 4, but Austin still has his half crab. Caster endures, Colten tags in and he gets the half crab back! The fans rally, Caster crawls, and now Colten is out of reach! Colten turns Caster over but Caster BOOTS him away! Austin tags in, grabs lets, but Caster kicks him away! And kicks him again! Austin still tries but Caster BOOTS him! Tag back to Colten, he stays between Acclaimed, only for Caster to send Colten into Austin! Hot tag to Bowens and he rallies on the Gunns!

The fans fire up as the Five Tool Player ROLLING ELBOWS Colten, then ROCKS Austin! “EVERYONE! LOVES THE ACCLAIMED!” Colten runs up, into the kick, mule kick and FAMOUSER! Cover, TWO! Colten survives but Bowens pounds the mat. The fans rally, Colten rises, and Bowens runs up to fireman’s carry! Colten flails, grabs ropes, and Austin holds Colten, too! Bowens breaks that, DECKS Austin then gets around Colten. Colten switches, Bowens switches, but Colten again grabs ropes. Austin again holds Colten, but Caster runs up to DECK Austin! Bowens rolls Colten up, TWO and Bowens is sent into Caster!

Colten rolls Caster, feet on ropes, but the ref sees! The fans cheer as the Gunns get caught! White is furious, but then Bowens fireman’s carries Colten! USHIGOROSHI! And a SHINING WIZARD! Cover, but Austin breaks it! The fans boo but neither man has someone to tag, so they rally up behind Bowens. Bowens runs up but Colten puts him on the apron. Bowens ROCKS Colten, Colten gets in the ref’s face, and Austin anchors Bowens! Bowens kicks Austin away, but Colten runs up to FAMOUSER! Cover, TWO!! Bowens survives and White protests the count! Colten is frustrated, but he tags in Austin and the Gunns bring Bowens up.

The Gunns double whip, then run to BULLDOG! Bowens staggers up, into a NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO!! Bowens survives again and Billy laughs at White. Austin calls the shot and tags Colten in. But Bowens BOOTS Colten! Then BOOT to Austin! Caster sneaks a tag, Bowens baits Austin in and Austin clotheslines him up and out! Caster leaps in, Colten gets under, only to run into a fireman’s carry! Colten CLAWS Caster’s eyes then DECKS him! White says finish it, and Colten loads up. Colten underhooks but Caster wrenches out to then BACKHAND! Fireman’s carry, DEATH VALLEY BOMB! The fans fire up with Caster and he goes to the corner!

But Austin runs up to trip Caster up! The fans boo, but Bowens CLOBBERS Austin into the ring! Bowens fires off Rock Paper Scissors SUPERKICK on Colten! SUPERKICK for Austin! Bowens roars, the fans fire up again, and he runs in at Austin! Austin goes up and over, Colten gets in place, 3:10 TO YUMA!! But MIC DROP on Austin!! Colten rolls Caster up, TWO!! Caster escapes, runs back in, but is put on the apron. Caster RAMS into Colten, slingshot sunset flips, but Colten sits on it! White reaches out the bat for Colten to hold onto!! THE GUNNS WIN!!

Winners: The Gunns, by pinfall

The Bang Bang Gang didn’t run away from this fight, but they did steal the victory! Will the Bullet Club pull off an even biggest heist tomorrow night in Dynasty’s Zero Hour?


Backstage interview with Bryan Danielson.

Lexi Nair is with the American Dragon and notes that the Don Callis Family has been relentless. Last time we saw Bryan, he was laid out by a brainbuster to the ramp. Tonight, it is a Bunkhouse Brawl against Takeshita & Fletcher, right before Dynasty’s match with Will Ospreay. How is Bryan feeling? Bryan says it sounds like a lot on his plate. Yet here he is! He feels alive! And it does seem like the DCF is up to something. What could that be? Does Don Callis not have the faith in Ospreay he says he does? Another reason Bryan feels alive is because Takeshita dropped him on his head, on the ramp, and yet Bryan gets his revenge tonight!

Then tomorrow, Bryan will test himself against Will Ospreay, a man many people call the best in the world today, and Bryan will test that for himself. But then in walks Ospreay, wanting to apologize. He had nothing to do with what went down on Dynamite or Collision this past week, so he just wants there to be no excuses on either side. He has nothing to do with this stuff. Bryan says sure he doesn’t. Bryan leaves, Ospreay wants to defend his innocence, but will it matter when it’s all said and done?


Toni Storm speaks.

It was after the incident with Thunder Rosa on Dynamite that the AEW Women’s World Champion returned backstage. She said to keep this in full color, so that we could see what Rosa did to her. And she also wants to make what she says clear. Rosa wants to be a hero? A martyr? To rally the troops? There is nothing more disgusting than a wrestler that says they’re not selfish. This is a business, not a charity. If Rosa wants to uplift other women, she should’ve stayed a social worker. Rosa may be a fighter, but Storm is a star. Rosa doesn’t want this belt back because she once held it, but because of everything Storm has made it that Rosa never could.

This title shines in Storm’s reflection. This leather smells nice when Storm sniffs it. And Rosa just basks in the sunshine that glows right out of Storm’s arse! Rosa wants to take Storm to Hell? Better check the address. Hell is in Storm’s bedroom and Storm makes love to her demons every bloody night. So don’t worry, at Dynasty, Rosa can just watch. The leading lady is ready for the dramatic climax of this title picture, but will she be the one on top when it’s all over?


Bunkhouse Brawl: Bryan Danielson & Claudio Castagnoli VS Kyle Fletcher & Konosuke Takeshita!

The Blackpool Combat Club has been throwing hands with the Don Callis Family but it’s time to throw rules out the window. Will the American Dragon & Swiss Superman make it through? Or will the Aussie Arrow & Alpha make sure Bryan doesn’t establish his Dynasty?

Oh no! The DCF attack during the BCC’s entrance! The bell rings as Takeshita is after Claudio just off the stage, and Kyle tells everyone to “SUCK IT!” Kyle drags Bryan up, Takeshita kicks and kicks and kicks at Claudio. Bryan hits Kyle back, they’re actually ringside. Kyle still whips Bryan into railing! Claudio BOOTS Takeshita in return, they brawl behind the stands! Bryan TOSSES Kyle into the front row! Takeshita HEADBUTTS Claudio, Bryan FLYING KNEES Kyle down! Bryan then helps Claudio mug Takeshita! Bryan sets Takeshita up for Claudio to come running down the bleachers to CLOBBER him!

The brawling goes back to the front row, Bryan rains down fists on Kyle, and KICKS him in a chair! The fans fire up as they’re right in the action, and then Bryan brings Claudio around. Bryan SMACKS Kyle off railing, KICKS him, and Claudio fires forearms on Takeshita! Kyle looks for anything to use as a weapon but only finds foam scissor fingers. Takeshita CHOKES Claudio, Kyle SMACKS Bryan off railing! Takeshita runs up but Claudio sends him into barriers! Kyle CHOKES Bryan in front a child! Kyle SMACKS Bryan off the barriers, taunts the kid, then brings Bryan around. Claudio RAMS Takeshita with a trash can!

Kyle dumps Bryan over railing and to ringside. Claudio helps keep things clean, literally, and the fans cheer. Kyle brings Bryan around, whips, but Bryan reverses to send Kyle into barriers! Bryan SMACKS Kyle off the desk! Meanwhile, Takeshita DUMPS Claudio over barriers, then whips, only for Claudio to POST him! Claudio stalks Takeshita, but Takeshita ROCKS Claudio! Takeshita has the bell hammer, and he CLUBS Claudio on the back! And CRACKS him in the ribs! Takeshita grins, takes a swing, but Claudio ducks, hammer hits post! Bryan CHOKES Kyle using camera cables! Claudio runs up on Takeshita to fire forearms!

Bryan DRAGS Kyle around, Takeshita ROCKS Claudio and puts him in the ring. Bryan sits Kyle up to KNEE him in the back! Claudio and Takeshita trade forearms and the fans rally up! Claudio UPPERCUTS, Takeshita forearms, then boxing elbows! Bryan sends Kyle into barriers! Takeshita ROCKS Claudio, eggs him on, then stands him up. Claudio roars and fires UPPERCUTS! Takeshita CLAWS Claudio’s eyes, then BITES his forehead! Takeshita runs but into a SPINEBUSTER! And from there, the shirt comes off so Claudio can SWING Takeshita around! Bryan joins in, and at the count of TEN, Bryan DROPKICKS Takeshita!

The fans are thunderous for the BCC, because then Claudio steps through for the SHARPSHOOTER! Bryan DIVES into a chair!! Kyle takes Bryan outta the air, then gets in the ring to POCKET SAND!! Claudio lets go of Takeshita, Kyle SUPERKICKS him, then hits the LAST RIDE!! Cover, TWO!! Claudio survives all that for the BCC, but Bryan is busted open! The fans are thunderous for “A E DUB!” while Collision goes picture in picture.

Takeshita stands, and he uses Claudio’s shirt to CHOKE him! Claudio can only endure as Takeshita pulls back! Takeshita lets go so he and Kyle can drag Claudio up. They line up and POST Claudio! Claudio flops out of the ring, the DCF soaks up the heat, but Bryan drags himself up the apron. Takeshita has Bryan and puts him on ropes! Kyle BOOTS Claudio back down! Takeshita CHOKES Bryan, and also CLAWS as the bloody wound! Kyle has Claudio along railing so he can CLUB and CLUB and CLUB away! Then he DUMPS Claudio down, and he helps Takeshita CHOKE Bryan against the ropes!

Claudio BOOTS Kyle, but Takeshita WRECKS Claudio! Bryan flounders away, Kyle CLOBBERS Claudio with a chair! Takeshita CLUBS Bryan, Claudio ROCKS Kyle! The brawling continues, Bryan huffs and puffs and powers up to fire forearms back and forth with Takeshita! Kyle TOSSES Claudio over railing! Takeshita DECKS Bryan right out of the ring! Takeshita then stalks Bryan to the ramp, where this ended last week. Takeshita stands Bryan up as Collision returns to single picture, “This is Awesome!” as Takeshita suplexes! Bryan slips free, kicks low and DDTS to the ramp! The fans are thunderous, but then Kyle CLOBBERS Bryan!

Kyle throws hands, but here comes Claudio! LARIAT!! Claudio HAMMERS Kyle with the bell hammer, then whips Kyle hard into barriers! Bryan sits up with a crimson mask, but Claudio moves the steel steps around. Claudio DRIBBLES Kyle off the steel! The fans count all the way to TEN! Now Kyle is busted open! ELEVEN! Bryan fires hands down on Takeshita, then Claudio joins in. They get Takeshita in the ring, fans want tables, but for now the BCC coordinate. Claudio hangs Takeshita out to dry, and Bryan GUILLOTINE KNEE DROPS! The fans fire up with Bryan as he storms around, and he takes aim to KICK! And KICK! And KICK!

Claudio sends Kyle into barriers, then runs up, but is TOSSED into the crowd! Bryan KICKS again and again, “YES! YES! YES!” BUZZSAW! The fans fire up with Bryan and the “YES! YES! YES!” But Kyle is there to anchor Bryan’s feet! Takeshita HELLUVA KICKS! Takeshita soaks up the heat as he storms around, but Claudio’s back! Only for Takeshita to GERMAN SUPLEX! Kyle gives Claudio a GAMANGIRI! Then the DCF each suplex, DOUBLE BRAINBUSTERS!! Cover, TWO!!! BCC survives, Kyle snarls through the blood from his own forehead, but Takeshita is ice cold. Kyle goes out to then look under the ring.

Fans want tables but Kyle chooses the CHAIN! Kyle swings that around, then sends that in to Takeshita. Takeshita wraps his arm up with the chain, Kyle stands Bryan up, ROLLING- NO, Bryan boots Takeshita away! Claudio gets a SLEEPER! Bryan has a SLEEPER on Kyle! Kyle and Takeshita both sit down, so they get HAMMER ‘N’ ANVIL ELBOWS! The fans count along, and we go to TEN! Then CROSSFACE for Takeshita, LEBELL LOCK for Kyle!! But here comes Hobbs!! He CLOBBERS Claudio and SPINEBUSTERS Bryan! Then SPINEBUSTER for Claudio! But here comes MOXLEY! Hobbs snarls, looking around, and here comes the Maniac from the crowd side!

The fans fire up as IWGP World Heavyweight Champion brawls with his new challenger! Moxley ROCKS Hobbs again and again, then DUMPS him out of the ring! Might as well make this a Six Man Bunkhouse Brawl now! Moxley DUMPS Hobbs out, Hobbs drags Moxley over with him, they brawl into crowd! But Takeshita SMACKS away on Claudio with a chair! Kyle HAMMERS Bryan with a mic! Takeshita sits the chair up, Kyle huffs and puffs, and they get Bryan up. They bring Bryan over, Kyle suplexes Bryan up to Takeshita for a SUPER- STEINER onto the chair!! Claudio CLOBBERS Kyle! He has the chain around his arm!!

IRON UPPERCUT for Takeshita! IRON LARIAT for Kyle! The fans are thunderous as Claudio then CANNONBALLS Takeshita! Bryan aims as the fans chant “YES! YES! YES!” BUSAIKU KNEE for Kyle!! And then LEBELL LOCK with the chain!!! Kyle TAPS, BCC wins!!

Winners: Bryan Danielson & Claudio Castagnoli, by submission

This Bunkhouse Brawl was brutal, but it goes the Blackpool Combat Club’s way! Bryan has the music stop so he can get on the mic. He had a lot of people asking, “What the hell are you doing having a Bunkhouse match the night before you wrestle Ospreay? It’s because of this. Some people, when they think of Heaven, they think of streets of gold, they think of 40 virgins, but that’s not me! My spirit is a part of this! When I die, my heaven will be standing in this ring, bleeding in front of all you people right here in Peoria, Illinois!” The fans cheer that!

Bryan continues to say that having a whole crew of people trying to break him before he faces one of the best in the world, having everyone tell him he can’t do it… Tomorrow, at Dynasty, Bryan beats Ospreay’s ass! The fans really fire up for that one! The American Dragon may not be 100%, but will he be giving 1000% when that bell rings in St. Louis?


Kris Statlander, Willow Nightingale & Stokely Hathaway speak.

The Galaxy’s Greatest asks, “Do you wanna know what we are? We are fired up!” The Babe with the Power says yep! And you wanna know what “fired up” is long for? F U! Because what that is short for is FIRED UP! Stokely stops them from burning out, because where he’s from, F U means something different. So therefore, F U Brody King! F U to the soon to be former TBS Champion, Julia Hart! Willow asks if a confident champion takes a chain and sucker punches their challenger days before the match. Don’t think so! Willow has Julia’s number this time, so Willow’s gonna do something she’s never done before.

Willow is gonna pick Julia up, hoist her high, and BOMB her through that mat, to send her back to the shadow realm she came from. Tomorrow at Dynasty, Willow walks out the NEW TBS Champion, b*tch!! WORLDSTAR!! OH~! Willow is ready, but will she go from Babe with the Power to the Babe with the Title?


Skye Blue VS Leyla Hirsch!

The Chicago Skye is getting darker and darker, but she still chases the bright shine of championship gold. Will she be primed for something after Dynasty? Or will there be a LEGIT contender stepping up instead?

The bell rings and Skye BOOTS Leyla right down! Skye CLUBS Leyla, fires forearms, then lets off to argue with the ref. Leyla trips Skye to rain down fists! Skye gets away, but Leyla whips. Skye reverses to kick low, then runs and runs and hops on, but Leyla blocks the Code Blue to SLAM Skye down, and KNEE her in the face! Skye scrambles out of the ring and fans boo. Leyla is annoyed, but she watches Skye go around the way. Leyla then builds speed to DIVE into a forearm! Skye may’ve baited Leyla in there, but now she drags her out onto the apron, DRAPING TWIST ‘N’ SHOUT! Skye drags Leyla up and into the ring, then takes her time storming in.

The fans rally, Skye stomps Leyla, then stomps her more. Skye drags Leyla up, reels her in, and snap suplexes! Cover, TWO! Leyla hangs tough but Skye drags her up to CHOKE her on ropes! The ref counts, Skye lets off at 4, then she storms up on Leyla again. Leyla ROCKS Skye! And ROCKS her again, and again! Skye DECKS Leyla for it! Skye then drags Leyla back up, whips her into a corner hard, then goes to the opposite end. The fans fire up as Skye runs, handsprings and FOREARMS! Skye grins, whips corner to corner, but Leyla reverses to SAIDO! Leyla storms up, wheelbarrow and GERMAN SUPLEX!

Leyla has the fans rallying up as she takes aim. Skye stirs, Leyla puts her in a drop zone, then goes up. But Skye CLUBS Leyla! Skye then tucks Leyla in for CHEEKY NANDOS! Leyla wobbles on the ropes, Skye turns her around and climbs up after her. Skye fires forearms, brings Leyla up, but Leyla fights the lift! Leyla CLUBS Skye, CLUBS her again and again, then adjusts to SUPER SUNSET FLIP GERMAN SUPLEX!! Cover, TWO!! Skye survives and Leyla is shocked! Leyla won’t stop, though, she puts Skye in a drop zone again and goes back up. But Skye hits ropes to trip Leyla up! SUPERKICK! Skye roars, and she brings Leyla up for a fireman’s carry! T K O!!

Roll back, DRAGON SLEEPER!! Leyla TAPS, Skye wins!

Winner: Skye Blue, by submission

Skye has a smug smile as she comes out on top. But who will she be aiming for after AEW passes through the Gateway City?


Six Man Tag: Kazuchika Okada & The Young Bucks VS PAC & FTR!

Collision’s main event is like an extra large Dynasty appetizer! The Rainmaker and the Bastard will battle for the AEW Continental Championship while Matthew & Nicholas will battle Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood for the AEW World Tag Team Championships! Who will have satisfaction just 24 hours ahead of the main course?

The trios sort out and Pac starts against Okada in a sampler of their match, but this is also how things went on Wednesday. Pac and Okada circle as the fans rally and duel. The two approach, but then The Bucks sneak up! Pac DECKS Nick and ROCKS Matt first, and then he SOBATS Okada! Pac bumps Okada off buckles, whips corner to corner to bump him off more buckles, then he stomps the legs! Pac BOOTS Okada, brings him around and ROCKS him. Pac knees low, brings Okada around and bumps off buckles. Tag to Cash, he adds stomps, then UPPERCUTS! Tag back to Pac, and they whip Okada to ropes.

The Bucks save Okada and get him out! The fans boo but then Dax joins in, and the #TopBastards TRIPLE BASEBALL SLIDE! They send Bucks and Okada into barriers, fire off hands, and Pac SMACKS Okada off the desk! Cash UPPERCUTS Matt, Pac brings Okada around and puts him in the ring. Tag to Dax, he and Pac stomp Okada then bump him off buckles. Dax CHOPS, the fans “WOO~” and Dax CHOPS again. Okada gets in Dax’s face, then ROCKS him! Dax CHPOS, Okada fires a forearm, repeat! Okada DECKS Dax, tags Matt, and Matt runs up, but into a HIP TOSS! Dax bumps Matt off buckles to tag Cash.

FTR DOUBLE HEADBUTT Matt down! Cash UPPERCUTS, CHOPS and then tags Pac. Pac brings Matt up but Matt CLAWS Pac’s face! Tag to Okada, he CLUBS Pac, but Pac CLUBS back! Pac bumps Okada off buckles, tags Dax, and Dax CHOPS! Dax wrenches, tags Pac back, and Pac goes up to DOUBLE STOMP the arm! Pac slithers around, clamps onto Okada, but the Bucks run in! FTR trips the Bucks but no Sharpshooters here! The Bucks mug Pac to stop the Brutalizer! The ref reprimands but the Bucks TOSS Pac. Okada tags Nick, and then the Elite run, only for Pac & FTR to dodge the triple baseball slides!

Pac & FTR mug the Bucks & Okada, SMACK them off steps, and Pac brings Okada around to SMACK off the apron! It’s chaos around ringside while Collision goes picture in picture!

Dax TOSSES Nick into the crowd, Pac stands on Okada’s neck, but Matt sends Cash into steel steps now! Dax TOSSES Nick back to ringside, Cash RAMS Matt into apron, into barrier, then puts him in the ring. Pac stomps Okada around while Dax ROCKS Matt! Dax SMACKS Matt off steps, Pac leaves Okada behind, and he tags Cash. Cash storms up on Nick to fire off haymakers! Cash CHOPS, CHOPS and CHPOS again! Cash climbs up the corner to rain down fists! Matt storms over, Cash DECKS him, then Okada tries. Cash DECKS Okada, but Nick brings Cash down! Nick runs up, but into BOOTS!

Okada & Matt trip Cash to YANK him backwards into the post! Nick sucker punches Pac, too! Dax is furious but the ref keeps him back, allowing Okada to drag Cash out and RAM him into barriers! Matt steps on Cash’s head, Okada steps on Cash’s back. Okada puts Cash in, Nick stomps Cash around, then Nick CHOKES Cash with his suit vest! The ref reprimands, Nick lets off, and Collision goes to break.

Collision returns again and Okada tags Matt. Matt brings Cash around to ROCK him, ROCK him again, and again! Matt stomps a mudhole, the ref has to keep Pac and Dax back, an the Bucks soak up the heat. Matt stands Cash up to DECK him, but fans chant “CM PUNK! CM PUNK!” Some fans boo those fans, but Matt snapmares Chas to chinlock. Matt grinds Cash down, Cash endures and kicks around, but Matt has Cash on the mat. Dax coaches Cash, the fans rally up, and Cash fights back up. Cash get a BIG back suplex! Hot tag to Nick, and he CLOBBERS Cash! Nick whips Cash hard into buckles, then storms up on him.

Nick snapmares Cash, tags Okada, and Okada slingshot SENTONS! Okada taunts Pac, stomps Cash, and tags Matt. Matt taunts Dax, but Cash JABS! JABS! JABS! Matt CLAWS the eyes! The ref reprimands, but Matt runs, only for Cash to duck the crossbody! The fans fire up as Cash hot tags Pac! Matt tags Nick but Pac rallies all the same! Pac whips, Nick reverses but Pac CLOBBERS him again! Pac SOBATS, KICKS, SOBATS and runs, to SHOTGUN BOOT! The fans fire up with Pac and he reels Nick in to snap BRAINBUSTER! Cover, Matt breaks it! Matt DECKS Dax, Nick tags Okada. The ref reprimands but The Elite gets Pac up.

Okada whips Pac to a corner, sends Matt in, but Pac TOSSES him out! Nick runs in, but Pac TOSSES him, too! Okada runs up, Pac dodges to SNAP GERMAN! The fans fire up again as Pac then builds speed to FOSBURY FLOP onto The Bucks! Pac goes up but Okada ROCKS him! Dax ROCKS Okada! Dax reels Okada in, Pac goes up, MINDBREAKER!! Cover, TWO!! Okada survives the piledriver but Pac hurries up top again! But Matt PENALTY KICKS Dax! Pac KICKS Matt, ELBOWS him, then BOOTS Nick! But Okada BOOTS Pac! Cash runs up but Okada DECKS him! Okada distracts the ref so Nick can set Pac up and RAM him into steel steps!

The fans boo as The Buck smug Pac with WOOOOO energy drink cans! The Bucks put Pac in, the ref is suspicious but Okada whips Pac to ropes. FLAPJACK! The fans rally as Collision goes picture in picture once again.

Okada tags Nick, he stays between Pac and FTR, then he stomps Pac around. Nick covers, but he also CHOKES Pac! The ref reprimands, Cash almost gets in but the ref keeps him back. Nick has Pac, Matt tags in, and the Bucks double whip to DOUBLE ELBOW! Matt mocks FTR, the ref reprimands but Matt covers, TWO! Matt drags Pac up, eggs him on, but Pac fires forearms! Matt scoops Pac and hits a BACKBREAKER! Tag to Nick, SLINGSHOT LEG DROP! Cover, TWO! FTR was ready but the ref has them stand down. Nick facelocks Pac to grind him down, and even headstands to put more weight on the hold.

Nick headstands, drops down, then squeezes tight. The fans rally as Pac fights back up, throws body shots, and ROCKS Nick! Pac runs, into a WHEEL KICK! Tag to Matt, he stays between Pac and FTR, and Collision returns to single picture. Matt brings Pac up, reels him in, and goes for the corner, but Pac RANAS Matt into Nick’s GAMANGIRI! Nick tags in, runs up on Pac, but gets a tilt-o-whirl BACKBREAKER for it! The fans fire up and FTR coach Pac to get going! Pac and Nick crawl, hot tag to Dax! Dax JABS, JABS, JABS and DECKS Nick! DECKS Matt! DECKS Nick! Dax whips, Nick reveres but Dax reverses back to short arm LARIAT!

Dax CHOPS and ROCKS Nick over and over in the corner! Okada runs up to CLUB Dax! Okada whips, Dax reverses, short arm, but Okada dodges! But then Dax switches, suplexes, BRAINBUSTER! Dax runs up but Nick ELBOWS him! Nick goes up, but Dax trips him! Matt runs up, Dax DECKS him! Nick is in the Tree of Woe, Pac and Cash YANK Matt into the Tree! Both Bucks get a face full, and then Cash tags in! SLINGSHOT POWER GERMAN, then Cash adds the jackknife bridge! TWO!!! Nick survives but Dax tags in! FTR gets Nick up, BOOSTED- NO, ick slips free! Matt DECKS Cash, Okada tags in, Nick ELBOWS Dax!

Matt runs up on Dax, Dax ducks and the SUPERKICK hits Nick! Dax fakes Matt out to DDT! But Okada kicks low to DDT back! The fans fire up and Okada snarls as he looms over Dax. Okada kicks Dax around, eggs him on, and Dax stands. Dax fires forearms but Okada just eggs him on more! Dax CHOPS, ROCKS and repeat! The fans fire up, Dax runs, but into the DROPKICK! Okada roars, ripcords, RAIN- NO, Dax ducks that to ripcord and TRIP Okada! Step through and SHARPSHOOTER! Cash and Pac keep the Bucks out!! Okada endures but the Bucks get in to DOUBLE SUPERKICK!! Okada is free but the ref reprimands.

Matt and Nick coordinate with Okada, they meet at the corner to ELBOW DOUBLE GIRI COMBO!! Okada hits the REVERSE NECKBREAKER! Nick hits a SHINING WIZARD! Matt goes up to MACHO ELBOW!! Cover, but Pac & Cash break it!! The Elite CLOBBER FTR & Pac, then get a man each. “This is Awesome!” as Nick runs up at Cash, but Cash TOSSES him! Dax puts Matt up top, Pac TOSSES Okada! They all go up top, Pac tags in off Dax! SUPERPLEX for the Power, DIVING SPLASH for the Glory, and then the 450 SPLASH for the hell of it! Cover, Okada & Nick barrel in to break it! All six men are down and the fans are thunderous!

The fans rally as the trios regroup and stand across from each other. Fans hope they “FIGHT FOREVER!” but there’s still Rampage to do after this! The trios brawl, forearms for forearms! FTR get the edge on the Bucks, Okada gets the edge on Pac. FTR runs, but into DOUBLE SUPERKICKS! Okada runs, but into a SUPERKICK! But then DOUBLE SUPERKICKS for Pac, into the stolen SHATTER MACHINE!! Cover, TWO!!! Pac survives and the fans fire up! But then The Bucks get Pac up, for the E V P TRIGGER!!! Cover, Cash breaks it!!! Nick whips, Cash TOSSES Nick! Matt kicks, Cash blocks and Dax whips! THE REAL SHATTER MACHINE!!!

But Okada runs up, so Dax DUMPS him out! But Okada and Nick drag Dax out! SUPERKICK and DDT to the floor! Cash DIVES onto Nick and Okada!! Pac goes up, to BLACK ARROW!! Cover, Pac & FTR win!!

Winners: Pac & FTR, by pinfall

The Elite is pissed and they attack Pac! The fans boo as they beat down Pac and CHOKE Cash! But here comes Daniel Garcia! The Dragonslayer is still a friend to FTR and he swings wild on The Elite! But that’s still 3v1 and it catches up to him! Cash and Pac get back up, as does Dax, and the brawl turns tides again! They have Okada alone, and they pinball him with forearms and haymakers! Pac hops on for a FLOATING BRUTALIZER!! Okada endures, drops this knees, and The Bucks drag him out of the ring! The fans boo as The Elite is in retreat! But will there be no running from what The Bastard does to The Rainmaker at Dynasty?

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