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Mitchell’s WWE Raw Results & Report! (8/2/21)




Coverage Raw 2021

GOLD~ BERG~ is back again, and he wants answers!

But will MVP and Bobby Lashley give him the answers he wants to hear? Or will they continue to ice him out of the WWE World Championship scene?


  • 2v1 Handicap: Veer & Shanky w/ Jinder Mahal VS Drew McIntyre; McIntyre wins, by disqualification.
  • Rhea Ripley VS Nia Jax w/ Shayna Baszler; Ripley wins.
  • Mustafa Ali & Mansoor VS Mace & T-Bar; Mace & T-Bar win.
  • “Doudrop” Piper Niven w/ Eva Marie VS Tamina; Tamina wins.
  • Damian Priest VS John Morrison w/ The Miz; Priest wins.
  • Damian Priest & Ricochet VS Sheamus & John Morrison w/ The Miz; Priest & Ricochet win.
  • Matt Riddle VS Omos; Omos wins.
  • Karrion Kross VS Keith Lee; Lee wins.
  • WWE 24/7 Championship: Reggie VS ???; Reggie wins and retains the title.
  • No Holds Barred: Nikki A.S.H. VS Charlotte Flair; Nikki wins.


Bobby Lashley is here!

Though of course the All Mighty WWE World Champion would be here to open the night! He and MVP are dressed sharply as usual, too, and Chicago gives them a mixed reaction. MVP gets a mic to say, “CHI Town! Welcome back to Monday Night Raw! Where y’all been?” Now everyone is excited to see GOLD~ BERG~, but before he shows up, Lashley has asked MVP to address some things. Goldberg showed up uninvited to challenge Lashley for HIS WWE Championship. Lashley has not dignified that challenge with a response, so let’s address a few things. “Without question, Goldberg is an icon, a GOAT, a WWE Hall of Famer, still capable of annihilating any man on any given night. But you see, there in lies the problem. He didn’t challenge any man, he challenged THE ALL MIGHTY!”

Goldberg is a gladiator and he’s used to stepping into the coliseum and crushing any gladiator that stands before him. But Lashley isn’t a gladiator, he’s a KAIJU! An unstoppable monster! So MVP is here to try and stop a tragedy from unfolding. Fans chant for “GOLD~BERG~!” but MVP wants them all to listen, including Goldberg himself. If Lashley accepts this challenge, it won’t end well for Goldberg! It could be Goldberg’s final match! So Mr. Goldberg, Bill if he may, MVP asks if Goldberg wants to be remembered as a champion, or as a casualty? He asks the fans this, but Goldberg makes his entrance!

Lashley watches closely as said icon makes his way out on stage and fires himself up in the pyro! Goldberg gives his son, Gage, a quick side hug in the front row before heading into the ring. Lashley is stoic as Goldberg has a mic to call him out. “Let’s get something straight. If anybody should be worried about losing something, it’s you losing the WWE Championship.” After listening to MVP’s intro, Goldberg’s sure MVP’s nothing but scared! And the same goes for Lashley! Now, Goldberg knows what Bobby’s thinking. Bobby’s a high level athlete, a gladiator. But, high level athletes still question themselves. The gladiator still shows weakness.

So then, does Lashley think he’s up for the challenge? Because the first time he saw Goldberg walk up, he thought Goldberg was his victim. Lashley thought Goldberg was the next gladiator stepping into his coliseum. But guess what, Lashley? This ain’t YOUR coliseum! This is CHICAGO. And the fans can smell fear a mile away! Lashley either crapped his pants or he’s scared out of his mind! It doesn’t matter if Goldberg’s 35, 45 or 105, Goldberg will always be Goldberg! Goldberg lives by the Spear, and Lashley will die by the Spear! That’s why Goldberg is Goldberg. And because he’s Goldberg, at SummerSlam, Lashley’s next!

Mic drop from the icon, but what will Lashley’s response be? MVP points out Gage, Lashley walks right up to him, and tells him he’s gonna break his dad. MVP tells Gage that Lashley will end Goldberg’s career, and Gage will be crying at home. It’ll be over! Done! The career is done! But Goldberg comes back to SPEAR MVP! Goldberg and Gage leave as Lashley scrapes MVP off the ground, father warning Lashley not to mess with his son. Will much worse happen should these two clash at SummerSlam?


Drew McIntyre is on standby backstage.

He, his claymore, and Sarah wait for their cute, and the sword is almost as tall as she is! We’ll see the Scottish Warrior go into a 2v1 Handicap against Mahal’s minions, after the break.


2v1 Handicap: Veer & Shanky w/ Jinder Mahal VS Drew McIntyre!

The Modern Day Maharaja stands with his men in the ring as Raw returns, and here comes McIntyre! And he keeps his claymore, now named Angela in honor of his late mother, right with him as he storms the ring! Mahal and friends bail out, then have a quick huddle up to figure out how to handle this. Shanky’s still not 100% from how his arm is wrapped but perhaps Veer makes up for that. They go to the ring, take their time getting in, and the bell rings. McIntyre smirks as he and Veer circle, they tie up and Veer hits low. McIntyre fires off hands in the corner, CHOPS Veer then COHPS him again. McIntyre fires off haymakers, stomps but the ref reprimands. Veer throat chops!

The ref reprimands Veer now but Veer throws clubbing shots. Tag to Shanky, they both bring McIntyre across the way to POST him! Mahal applauds but fans boo as Shanky gets McIntyre up for back elbows. Shanky punches, McIntyre CHOPS! McIntyre runs but Shanky clotheslines him down! Cover, ONE! Shanky gets McIntyre up to tag in Veer. Veer runs to SPLASH, then keeps moving to BODY PRESS! Cover, TWO! Veer growls, runs, but McIntyre avoids the leaping elbow drop! McIntyre starts to seethe and fans fire up as he rallies on Veer with clotheslines! McIntyre whips and CLOBBERS Veer, then gets him up for an OVERHEAD Belly2Belly!

Veer staggers back up, swings on McIntyre but ends up in a NECKBREAKER! McIntyre kips up, taunts Shanky, then sucker punches him! Veer gets up, into a SPINEBUSTER! McIntyre wants the countdown, but Shanky anchors McIntyre’s foot! Mahal gets in with a chair to JAM and SMACK McIntyre!

Winner: Drew McIntyre, by disqualification

Mahal SMACKS McIntyre again, then Shanky gets himself a chair! They want to get the revenge for all those chair shots! McIntyre sees he’s in a bad way against three angry men with chairs, but again, he has his SWORD! And he SMACKS Mahal’s chair right out of his hands! Veer tries, but gets a GLASGOW KISS! Shanky doesn’t want anything worse than what he got, so he pleads with McIntyre to just let him leave. Shanky drops the chair as McIntyre points his sword, and then McIntyre reels back! Shanky runs away, but it was just a fake out. Team Mahal hurries backstage and Kevin Patrick asks what happened. Mahal says McIntyre is insane! He threatened their lives with that sword! But karma will come around for McIntyre, just you wait and see!


Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler speak.

The Irresistible Force says, “If you’re shocked by what you just saw, just wait until you see what I do to Rhea Ripley.” Will the Nightmare be able to survive Nia’s brutality to stay on track for SummerSlam’s Raw Women’s Championship Triple Threat?


Backstage interview with McIntyre.

Kevin Patrick asks about Mahal, Veer & Shanky being quite alarmed over McIntyre having his sword ringside. Does he care to comment? Well to be fair, he didn’t finish the job. Chicago is bloodthirsty, though, they wanted him to finish the job. And McIntyre might just do that. It’s good that Mahal gets away because then he has to think about McIntyre. Mahal has to spend the next several nights with nightmares about McIntyre. Mahal knows what’s coming and McIntyre loves it. Mahal can choose the hospital (McIntyre’s left hand), the graveyard (his right hand), or Angela. Mahal knows McIntyre enough to know that that wasn’t a threat, it was a promise! Will McIntyre get to keep that promise on the way to SummerSlam?


Rhea Ripley VS Nia Jax w/ Shayna Baszler!

The Irresistible Force is already in the ring as Rhea makes her entrance, now with sound effects. The bell rings, the two circle and they tie up. Nia shoves Rhea away and tells the fans to calm down a bit. Rhea comes back, ties up with Nia again, but Nia puts her in a corner. The ref counts, Nia lets off, and Shayna taunts Rhea. Rhea BOOTS Nia, then HEADBUTTS! But Nia stays up! She HEADBUTTS Rhea down! Nia gets Rhea up to POST her with one arm! Then she goes out to the apron to run in and HIP ATTACK Rhea into the post! Nia goes back in the ring as Rhea flop over, but Rhea kicks from below! Nia staggers but shoves Rhea away, but Rhea ducks and dodges to KICK Nia in the back!

Rhea pump handles but Nia elbows out hard, and POSTS Rhea again! Nia goes back outside, grins, runs in, but Rhea moves this time! Nia hip attacks the post! Nia tumbles down to the floor, Shayna checks on her, and Rhea goes out to aim and CANNONBALL! Nia moves, Shayna takes the shot! Nia fireman’s carries to SAMOAN DROP into the barrier! Fans boo Nia and Rhea writhes while Raw goes to break.

Raw returns and Nia has Rhea in a torture rack! Rhea endures as fans rally up, but Nia grins as she bends Rhea back. Rhea elbows free, ROCKS Nia with forearms, then gets around to LARIAT! Nia stays up so Rhea keeps throwing clotheslines! Nia swings back, Rhea gets around and CLUBS her! Then she springboard RANAS!! Rhea goes out of her usual playbook and sends Nia to a corner! Rhea runs in, is put on the apron, but she ROUNDHOUSES Nia away! Rhea climbs, aims, leaps, and missile dropkicks Nia down! Cover, TWO! The ref checks on Nia, she’s bleeding from somewhere on her face.

Rhea gets up, gets Nia up but Nia throws body shots and clubbing elbows. Nia reels Rhea in, smiles through the blood, and gets Rhea up, but Rhea fights the bomb to a sunset flip! Nia stays up, sits down, but Rhea moves! Nia lands on her butt, but she gets up to CLOBBER Rhea! And then runs to drop the leg, brother! Cover, TWO!! Rhea survives and Nia’s shock shows through that crimson mask! Nia gets Rhea up, fireman’s carries, but Rhea slips off to CLUB her! Pump handle, but Shayna distracts! Rhea gets in Shayna’s face, but senses Nia coming! Rhea dodges and rolls Nia up, and WINS!

Winner: Rhea Ripley, by pinfall

Shayna is seething and biting her thumb as Rhea snatches that one away! Nia isn’t any happier, and she argues with Shayna. Shayna gets heated and takes off her jacket! Fans fire up as the arguing gets even more heated, but then Nia laughs it off and Shayna storms up the ramp. Is that tag team finally breaking apart? But then Rhea ROUNDHOUSES Nia and gets her RIPTIDE!! The Nightmare shows no mercy, and that is a message to both Charlotte Flair and Nikki A.S.H! Will nothing stop Rhea from getting the Raw Women’s title back?


Mustafa Ali & Mansoor VS Mace & T-Bar!

The tag team debut of The Beacon & the Star of Saudi Arabia was shockingly successful, especially if you asked Ali himself. Will it be no less shocking the second time? Or will the walking, talking extinction level events get revenge?

Raw returns as Mansoor makes his entrance, followed by Ali’s. Mansoor’s still pumped, Ali still wants him to be serious, but Chicago is fired up for their hometown hero! The bell rings, Mansoor and Mace start, but T-Bar swipes at Mansoor. Mansoor is distracted, and Mace CLOBBERS ALI! Mansoor realizes he’s alone but he fires off on Mace! Mace knees and whips Mansoor to the corner but Mansoor fights back! Only to get a LEG LARIAT! Tag to T-Bar, he goes out to CLOBBER Ali and turn him inside out! Mace scoops and SLAMS Mansoor, T-Bar springboards in for an ELBOW DROP! Cover, TWO!! Mansoor survives but T-Bar gets him back up.

T-Bar drags Mansoor into position and gets him up, but Mansoor slips out of the bomb to ENZIGURI! Ali drags himself up the corner, fans fire up for him and Mansoor crawls, hot tag to Ali! Chicago’s own fires off a dropkick on Mace, a BOOT to T-Bar, but T-Bar roars! T-Bar runs in but Ali slips out to ROUNDHOUSE! And somersault NECKBREAKER! Fans fire up as T-Bar bails out. Ali builds speed, as does Mansoor, DOUBLE DIVES! Ali takes out T-Bar at the ramp while Mace is sent onto the announce table! And Ali only notices just now! And he starts to like the cohesion! But then T-Bar shoves Ali into the apron then into the ring!

Mansoor hurries around the way but T-Bar BOOTS him! Ali gets T-Bar in the ropes with a TILT-O-WHIRL DRAPING DDT!! Ali wants Mansoor to get in, the tag is made, Mansoor gets T-Bar into the drop zone, only for T-Bar to boot him! Mansoor hits ropes and trips Ali up! Ali crashes down and Mansoor panics. Mansoor hurries up top, but Mace returns to distract! T-Bar YANKS Mansoor down then KNEES Him! CYCLONE KICK!! Cover, T-Bar & Mace win!!

Winners: Mace & T-Bar, by pinfall

Ali gets back up and starts berating Mansoor, but T-Bar & Mace slither back into the ring! They stalk up behind Ali, and he sighs. He shoves Mansoor out of the ring to save him?! Ali alone takes HIGH JUSTICE!! Mansoor crawls back in to check on his teammate. They didn’t win, but given what Ali just did there, is there a friendship starting to grow?


Charlotte Flair heads to the ring!

Before having it out with Nikki A.S.H. in No Holds Barred, the Queen is here to speak her mind. “A few days ago, I woke up to a headline that read, ‘Simone Biles withdraws from the Olympics.’ And I couldn’t help but take a second to think to myself, ‘Why would the greatest gymnast of all time not want to go for the gold anymore?’ And later I discovered it was for mental health concerns.” The more Charlotte learned, the more she couldn’t help but empathize. Now, Charlotte is going somewhere with this so hang on. Two weeks ago, at Money in the Bank, Charlotte defeated Rhea Ripley. Also Becky’s not here, CHARLOTTE sold out the arena. Yes, it’s true.

As she was saying, two weeks ago at MITB, she beat Rhea. Then the next night, Nikki cashes in the MITB contract and illegitimately won- No, STOLE Charlotte’s title! Now Charlotte has been in this business a long time, and when she woke up the next morning, she couldn’t help but think, “What the hell is going on?! I am near a breaking point! I am going to have my own nervous breakdown!” Because Charlotte is the ELEVEN TIME (13 if you count NXT) Women’s Champion!! Do you want to know what that makes her? The most decorated woman in the HISTORY of this business!

Charlotte starts going outside the ring as she says she believes, as she believes the fans believe, that cashing in the MITB contract “is the most cowardly way to win a title in this business!” It is not competition, it is THEFT! Charlotte takes a moment to look under the ring. She brings out a kendo stick and says, “Oh yes, I’m gonna beat Nikki Cross with this.” And then a broom?! And ever since the inception of the Women’s MITB Contract, Charlotte’s been cashed-in on not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES! Charlotte caps this off by adding a chair to her collection. It seems like cashing in on Charlotte is the only way women make a name for themselves anymore!

Charlotte goes back into the ring and recounts how she wanted a 1v1 match to show her superiority to the aspiring, wannabe almost superheroes. And when Charlotte won, Nikki had the audacity to say she could still beat Charlotte?! So that’s why she shook Nikki’s hand to then sucker punch her down! The champion is gullible, but the only thing people love more than a champion is a martyr! And Nikki A.S.H. Cross is going to be both! She will be sacrificed in their NHB match! No disqualifications, no count-outs, no hiding from Charlotte. “Anything goes tonight.”

But wait, Nikki is here and she SMACKS Charlotte with the very chair Charlotte brought out!! The Almost a Super Hero gets the drop on the Queen, but will she drop the Queen and prove her point? Can Nikki finally beat Charlotte Flair in a full-on battle?!


Backstage interview with Eva Marie and “Doudrop” Piper Niven at gorilla position.

Kevin Patrick wants to ask something before they have their match. Natalya sustained an injury in the tag match last week, have they heard any updates? Eva cuts off Piper to say, “Who cares about Natalya’s injury? What we should be concerned about is that disgusting smear campaign by Alexa Bliss and that ugly little doll.” How dare Alexa disparage the #EvaLution has accomplished? Take Doudrop, for instance. Before Eva came along, Doudrop was probably some scared, lonely girl living on a farm. Wait, where is she from again? Scot- Actually, it doesn’t matter. The point is, look at her now! And honestly, Kirk, what the hell is the “Lillylution” supposed to be, other than gross?

Last week, Natalya paid the price for getting in the way. Now, so will Tamina. The music hits and the EvaLution heads out. Will Tamina make Eva eat those words while Piper pays the price?

“Doudrop” Piper Niven w/ Eva Marie VS Tamina!

Raw returns as Tamina makes her entrance. The bell rings, Eva gives Piper a high-ten for luck, and then Piper ties up with Tamina. They’re in a deadlock so they break and circle. They tie up again, Piper headlocks, but Tamina powers out. Piper rams Tamina, Tamina comes back and runs Piper over! Tamina fires up and dares Piper to get up. Piper does, and Tamina CLOHTESLINES her in the corner! Tamina runs in to HIP ATTACK! Tamina drags Piper to a drop zone and she climbs up! Eva gets on the apron to distract but Tamina steps and scares Eva! Eva says she was just kidding! But then Piper POSTS Tamina!

Piper gets Tamina in the ropes to CLUB her down! Eva applauds Piper as Piper uses the ropes to springboard ELBOW DROP! Cover, TWO! Piper keeps her focus as she keeps on Tamina with a chinlock. Tamina endures, fights up and throws elbows. Piper throws Tamina by her hair! Piper stomps Tamina, runs, and BACK SENTONS! Cover, TWO! Piper and Eva are both frustrated but Piper gets Tamina back up for a seated cobra clutch! Tamina endures, fights up again, and throws body shots, but Piper whips her to a corner. Piper runs in but into a BOOT! Both women are down and Eva panics!

Tamina and Piper slowly get up and Piper throws a haymaker. Tamina hits back, they brawl, Piper shoves Tamina away but Tamina comes back to CLOBBER Piper! Piper staggers to a corner, Tamina runs in to uppercut! Tamina aims but Piper blocks the superkick to kick Tamina’s legs out! Eva then distracts Piper by telling her to go for the crossbody. Piper runs and does go for the crossbody, but Tamina moves! Piper FLOPS, and Tamina gets her up for a SAMOAN DROP! Cover, Tamina wins!

Winner: Tamina, by pinfall

Eva is furious that “Doudrop” lost, but it was her fault for thinking she had to tell Piper what to do! Eva scolds Piper for not listening to her, and then Alexa Bliss laughs from the titantron. “And the loser of this match is EVA~ MARIIIIIIE~!” Alexa mocks Eva again and Eva is even more upset now! Will Eva throw a fit if things keep going wrong for the EvaLution?


Matt Riddle scoots up to Damian Priest backstage.

Sup, padre! New scooter! Omos broke the original, but this stallion was still in the stable. It’s kinda like when Riddle had goldfish and take them to the beach, but then he’d lose them. But then, when he got home, Swim Shady would still be in the tank. Know what he’s saying? Yeah… But is Riddle not worried Omos won’t just broke this one, too? If he was alone, sure. But Riddle has “the power of Randy Orton” coursing through his veins! He has so many voices in his head, he can’t even keep track. Priest believes that. So Riddle’s ready, but also congrats on Priest’s win over Sheamus.

Though, wait, shouldn’t he be out partying, though? Like in the hot tub, with champagne and ladies, instead of going on MizTV? Yeah, usually, but to be honest, Priest got his partying in at Lollapalooza. As for MizTV tonight, Priest’s handled those clowns before, we all remember. But if there are any shenanigans with that whatever stick, Priest will make sure Morrison gets a wheelchair just like The Miz’s. Aw yeah! Good luck out there, bro! Riddle scoots away, will Priest be able to handle whatever Miz ‘n’ Morrison have planned? Speaking of which…

The Miz & John Morrison head to the ring!

The Hollywood A-Lister and Johnny Drip Drip have those very Drip Sticks to SQUIRT SQUIRT and make it rain! Byron Saxton is already on guard as Raw goes to break!

Raw returns and Miz welcomes us to the Most Must-See WWE Talk Show, MizTV, and notes the long history with their guest tonight. Bygones can’t be bygones so easily as Miz welcomes Damian Priest! The Archer of Infamy makes his entrance, goes to the ring, and Morrison wants the “dry amigo” to know this is a #SplashHoleFreeZone. Keep your mouth shut or Morrison will moisten you up! Miz asks John, “Who is the man responsible for putting me in a chair?” Priest. Correct! Who is the man taking advantage of the injured as of late? Priest. Cooorrect! And who is the cheater who ripped Sheamus’ mask off to win last week? PRIEST! COOOOOOOOORRECT!!

Priest asks if these guys are out of their minds. Listen, Sheamus was medically cleared to wrestle. He wore a mask, did what he was supposed to do. And to his credit, Sheamus fought with that injury. That’s badass in Priest’s book, unlike these two. Speaking of which, what is actually wrong with Miz’s knee? Miz is offended but Priest cuts him off by asking, “Are you ever gonna wrestle again?” No, wait, is it to the legs, or maybe more between them? Miz is stunned as he says, “How. Dare. You!” Miz has been in this business for 16 YEARS, and never been injured! One match with Priest, and this happens! Miz can’t even stand! If Miz wasn’t in this chair, he’d smack the taste out Priest’s mouth!

Then do it! Yeah, just like Priest thought. Priest’s dealt with so many people like Miz. When Priest worked at the nightclubs, so many guys would walk in, run their mouths, act like bullies, and then Priest put them in their place. And now that he’s in the WWE, Priest gets to do that in front of every single fan. What was that, ese? Morrison aims the Drip Stick but Miz has him stand down. Morrison says Priest is disrespecting two legends right now! The Drip Stick and Miz’s wheelchair will be in the Museum of Modern Moistness, because kids all around the world dream of growing up to be as half as cool as them! The fans immediately refute that.

Priest is flabbergasted! Estas loco?! There’s not one kid that wants to be second-fiddle. Right, Johnny Sidekick? And while we’re at it, there ain’t a kid who wants to be a loud mouth jackass who uses anyone to get ahead, including his best friend. Watch what you say, Priest, or else! Or else what? “The wet don’t forget, bro.” Morrison will make Priest regret ever saying anything bad about them! What is wrong with these two?! Priest was going to call out Sheamus but he’s pissed off. He’ll fight Morrison here and now in Chi Town! Oh well you’re about to find out that the wet guy’s the best guy! Cuz Morrison ‘n’ Miz are gonna have the last splash! Miz aims the Drip Stick, but Priest plugs it up!!

Priest tosses the Drip Stick but Morrison gets a cheap shot in! Morrison swings on Priest again, but gets a BELL CLAP for it! Priest throws Morrison out, and Miz panics as he’s all alone! Miz can’t get his chair moving fast enough, and Priest gets the Drip Stick! Miz gets stuck in a corner, and gets SQUIRT SQUIRT! Miz finally gets his Drip Stick out but Priest snatches it to SQUIRT SQUIRT Miz again! And again! And then he dumps the bucket on him!! Chicago fires up as Miz’s rose pink suit is soaked! Will Priest make Johnny Drip Drip dry up after the break?


Damian Priest VS John Morrison w/ The Miz!

Raw returns and it’s happening! The bell rings and Miz is furiously ranting to commentary while Morrison circles with Priest. Morrison shoots in, gets Priest’s leg, and avoids the long arms to kick said leg. Priest ends up in a corner, Morrison SLAPS him, so Priest reels back to BOOT him down! Priest runs corner to corner to back elbow! And then suplex, but Morrison slips out to shove Priest at a corner., Priest goes up and out to GAMANGIRI! Priest climbs the ropes to leap and LEG DROP! Cover, TWO! Miz barks at Priest but Priest just smirks as he ROCKS Morrison! Priest whips Morrison, Morrison cartwheels over Priest’s back!

Morrison fakes Priest out with one kick to hit another! And get Priest with a KNEE on the way down! And then a mule kick! Cover, TWO! Morrison keeps on Priest with a ground ‘n’ pound  but Priest shoves him away. Morrison comes back to facelock and grind Priest down. Morrison then hooks Priest’s arm with legs, turns him sideways and has a unique submission hold. Morrison poses while grinding the shoulder, but Priest fights with knees! Priest is free, Miz is upset, and Morrison slowly gets up. Priest is in a corner, he back elbows Morrison away! Morrison comes back but Priest clubs his forearm shot down!

Priest KICKS and KICKS and ROLLING ELBOWS Morrison, then CLOBBERS him on the rebound! Fans fire up with Priest as he goes to the corner. Priest climbs, Miz has a Drip Stick and SQUIRT SQUIRT!! Morrison ROCKS Priest off the top with a forearm! Morrison gets Priest on the apron but Priest fights back. Morrison kicks low, fireman’s carries, but Priest resists by holding ropes. So Morrison uses that for a TUMBLING SAMOAN DROP?! Priest ends up in the drop zone, Morrison goes to the corner, STARSHIP- No! Priest yanks him down and choke grips! SOUTH OF- NO! Morrison wheelbarrows to a victory roll, TWO!!

Morrison keeps going, SHINING WIZARD! STANDING SHOOTING STAR! Cover again, TWO!! Priest is still in this and Morrison is furious. Morrison gets Priest up, but Priest ROCKS him with a right! Morrison rebounds to BOOT, then keeps going, only for Priest to bock Flying Chuck! Canadian rack, CLIFFHANGER DDT!! Priest isn’t done there, choke grip to SOUTH OF HEAVEN CHOKE SLAM!!! Cover, Priest wins!

Winner: Damian Priest, by pinfall

Miz is speechless! A rare sight, all thanks to the Archer of Infamy! But then SHEAMUS attacks! The Fella is furious from last week, he and Priest brawl it out! Sheamus knees, clubs, Morrison anchors Priest, but here comes RICOCHET! The King of Flight still wants to get even and he springboards to missile dropkick Sheamus down! Morrison gets a FLAPJACK from Priest! Morrison and Sheamus bail out, Priest and Ricochet fist bump. Will things escalate between the Celtic Warrior and his many enemies?


Damian Priest & Ricochet VS Sheamus & John Morrison w/ The Miz!

Holla holla holla! It seems Sonya Deville called upon the powers of Teddy Long for this one, and now the Archer of Infamy continues to fight! He and Sheamus brawl as this match is already underway! Priest ROCKS Sheamus, whips, but Sheamus reverses! Priest holds ropes, boots Sheamus away, and Ricochet tags in to springboard CROSSBODY! Ricochet fires off hands, Sheamus knees low and whips Ricochet, but Ricochet ducks to springboard CROSSBODY again! Ricochet keep smoving to PENALTY KICK Sheamus, then springboard TRIANGLE DROPKICK to Morrison! Ricochet fakes Miz out to LIONSAULT onto Sheamus! Cover, TWO!!

Ricochet keeps cool even after all that, and he runs at Sheamus in a corner. Ricochet RAMS into Sheamus and slips out to the apron. Morrison rushes him but Ricochet DECKS him! Miz is worried for Morrison, Sheamus BOOTS Ricochet! And then Miz suddenly starts making Drip Stick oil slicks? Morrison tags in, fetches Ricochet, and Miz moves aside so Morrison can SLIP ‘N’ SLIDE Ricochet into steps! Morrison puts Ricochet in the ring, covers, TWO! Morrison wraps Ricochet up in a chinlock, tags Sheamus back in, and they mug Ricochet with heavy hands. But Ricochet still fights with forearms! Sheamus knees low then hits an IRISH CURSE BACKBREAKER!

Sheamus sits Ricochet up to fire off clubbing forearms! Sheamus drags Ricochet up to CLUB him hard in the back. Ricochet throws back elbows over and over and fans fire up! Elbow after elbow, it never seems to end! Ricochet stops and fires up, but Sheamus CLUBS Ricochet again! Ricochet still ROCKS and ENZIGURIS Sheamus back! Morrison tags in, rushes Ricochet, but Ricochet switches super fast to GERMAN SUPLEX! Both men are down and fans rally up! Hot tag to Priest! Priest rallies on Morrison and Sheamus with big shots! BOOT for Morrison but Morrison mule kicks back. MOON- NO! Priest turns that into an Alabama lift, swinging BACKBREAKER!!

Priest gets Morrison up, ANOTHER SOUTH OF HEAVEN CHOKE SLAM!! Cover, Sheamus breaks it! Sheamus gets Priest up, but Priest ducks the clothesline to HEEL KICK Sheamus! Sheamus teeters on the ropes, Priest CLOBBERS him out of the ring! Ricochet adds on with the ARIHARA MOONSAULT! Fans are thunderous but Morrison catches Priest to a cradle! TWO, and Priest punches Morrison’s roundhouse away! Dragon sleeper, to THE RECKONING!! Cover, Priest & Ricochet win!

Winners: Damian Priest & Ricochet, by pinfall

Miz is about to explode over this! But Priest #HitTheLights on Johnny Drip Drip, and now heads straight for Sheamus and the US Championship. Will the Celtic Warrior need more than his face mask to protect his title reign now?


Lashley is pacing backstage.

Obviously, he is still fuming over what happened to MVP earlier tonight, and MVP is still clutching his gut from where Goldberg got him. But after the break, we finally get Lashley’s true response to Goldberg’s challenge!

Raw returns and Sarah interviews Lashley backstage. MVP tries to cut her off but his gut holds him back. Sarah continues to ask how Lashley is going to respond to Goldberg. Lashley says Goldberg brought his son to watch tonight, so Lashley hopes Goldberg brings his son to Las Vegas so he can watch Lashley ANNIHILATE Goldberg! Then that’s a yes?! We are getting Lashley VS Goldberg for the WWE World Championship?! We are!! Will this battle of gladiator and All Mighty be more like Godzilla VS King Kong?!


Matt Riddle VS Omos!

Bro… Riddle is ready to avenge his baby blue stallion, as well as the phenomenal beatdown the Raw Tag Team Champions gave him right after. Kevin Patrick interviews Omos at gorilla about said destruction of property, what can we expect in the ring? “Riddle’s scooter came first. Riddle’s spine comes next.” Menacing words from the mountain of a man, and he makes his entrance with his own theme song! Will Omos commemorate this special occasion by crushing Riddle’s body and spirit?

But Riddle doesn’t wait for a bell, he jumps on Omos’ back! Riddle wants a sleeper but Omos claws at him, and THRWOS him down! Then palms Riddle’s face and SHOVES him to a corner! The ref has Omos back off and Omos grins as he watches Riddle get up. Fans rally for “RID~DLE!” as the Original Bro gets back up. The bell rings, Omos rushes in but Riddle dodges! Riddle comes right back to forearm smash! Riddle keeps going, another forearm smash! And then another! Riddle keeps going, but Omos choke grips and SHOVES Riddle out of the ring! Omos goes out after him as a ring count begins, and Omos TOSSES Riddle into the timekeeper’s area!

Fans boo, Omos leaves Riddle for dead, and the count continues to 5 of 10! Riddle drags himself up at 7, flounders over at 8, and gets in at 9.9!! Only for Omos to get him up and HEADBUTT him! Riddle flops to the apron, Omos runs and BLASTS Riddle off it! Riddle hits the floor and is almost back at the timekeeper’s area! Omos glares at the ref, and the ref starts the ring count. Riddle drags himself back but we’re at 5 of 10 again. Riddle uses the announce desk to prop himself up at 7, staggers over at 8, drags himself up at 9 and Omos grabs him! Riddle shoulders in, slingshots up and over, and runs to FINAL FLASH! And again! But OMs is still up!

Riddle dodges Omos to FLYING FINAL FLASH! But Omos comes back to CLOBBER Riddle!! Fans boo as Omos looms over Riddle and talks trash. Omos dead lifts Riddle with one arm, then gets both hands on Riddle for the TWO HAND SLAM!! Cover, Omos wins!

Winner: Omos, by pinfall

Never before has such a valiant effort felt like such futility! The scooter is left alone, but will Riddle be able to even walk out of Chicago?


Alexa Bliss and Lilly are on the Playground.

Hello, friends, and welcome back! Did you know that Lilly has been thrilled over how the #LillyLution’s been going? But y’know, Lilly’s actually been influencing people for a long time. There was Jack the Ripper, Zodiac, and- Piper Niven attacks from behind!!? Eva smugly chuckles as she saunters into view. She picks Lilly up and says, “You are so much yuckier and uglier and gross in person.” Eva says this is EvaLution. She and Piper leave, but then Lilly stands up on her own?!


Karrion Kross VS Keith Lee!

The NXT Champion and the Limitless One battled it out last week, but this is far from done! Will Keith #FallAndPray all over again? Or will he finally cancel the apocalypse?

Raw returns and Keith makes his entrance. The bell rings and the two tie right up! They go around, end up on ropes, in a corner, and then more ropes. Fans chant for “NXT!” because Chicago remembers this feud. They finally stop in a corner, the ref counts, and Keith lets off slowly but cleanly. To then fire off body shots and forearms! Keith lets off to put Kross’ arms in the ropes, and GRIZ- NO! Kross remembers, too, and he blocks the double chop! Kross turns things around to stomp away! The ref counts, Kross stops at 4, but Keith clinches! Kross fights free with elbows but Keith gets him again. Kross keeps fighting, gets free again, and whips, only for Keith to reverse and run Kross over!

Keith runs Kross over again, then runs in at the corner. Kross dumps Keith out!? But Keith stays on the apron by holding the ropes! Kross runs in but Keith bumps him off buckles! Then Keith SLINGSHOT CROSSBODIES! Fans fire up while Kross sputters and gasps! Keith smirks as he watches Kross get up in the corner. Keith heads over but Kross BOOTS him! Kross fires off haymakers but Keith stays up. Kros reels Keith in for an EXPLODER into the corner! Kross scowls and goes outside, and he drags Keith out to join him. Kross brings Keith around to EXPLODER into the steel steps!! Fans go nuts and the ring count climbs as Raw goes to break!

Raw returns as Keith throws body shots. Kross knees low, Keith staggers to a corner, and Kross runs in to clothesline, back elbow, and DISCUS! Keith staggers and shoves Kross away, but Kross grins. Kross reels Keith in but Keith wrenches. Kross dodges the clothesline and runs to CLOBBER Keith! Cover, TWO! Kross grows frustrated but the fans continue to rally behind Keith. Keith crawls to a corner, Kross runs in, but Keith elbows him away! Kross grins again and runs back in, but into a boot! Kross staggers and scowls now, he runs in again but Keith sends him into buckles! Keith throws counter punches, big haymakers and back elbows, then a HEADBUTT! And a SPLASH!

Keith keeps Kross cornered to then GRIZZLY MAGNUM! Kross winces as he can’t breathe! Keith powers up and Chicago fires up with him, Keith runs to POUNCE Kross down! Fans are thunderous as Keith powers up more, and they lend him their energy! Keith gets Kross up but Kross spins out to reel Keith in. Keith blocks the suplex, even as Kross keeps trying, and Keith CLUBS him with an elbow! But Kross hammerlocks that arm to then ROCK Keith with a forearm to the back of his head! Kross says that’s it, and he puts on the KROSSJACKET!! Keith endures and has a hand in the gap! Keith is prying the hold apart and fans are thunderous!

Kross tries to tighten his grip but Keith blocks the other arm! Keith powers up to throw Kross off!! And then pop him up, for a SPIRIT BOMB!!! Cover, Keith wins!!

Winner: Keith Lee, by pinfall

Finally and emphatically, the Limitless One gets his win back from the apocalypse! Chicago is exhilarated to #BaskInHisGlory, is this a new beginning for Keith Lee?


Backstage interview with Rhea Ripley.

Kevin Patrick congratulates Rhea on her win over Nia, and asks if she’ll be watching tonight’s main event given it has her SummerSlam opponents. Rhea knows her match was brutal, but also knows it was nowhere near as brutal as a No Holds Barred match. Anything goes, from weapons to fighting dirty. So yeah, she will be watching. And again, she hopes Nikki beats Charlotte. But nothing changes the fact that at SummerSlam, in that Triple Threat, Rhea walks out champion. Just how badly will Nikki and Charlotte beat each other up in the main event?


WWE 24/7 Championship: Reggie VS ???

No longer “Reginald” and apparently no longer French (or rather, he never was French?), Reggie is ready to again defend this title in the most unusual place: the ring! Will Reggie keep hold of this title, even though he doesn’t know who’s challenging him?

Raw returns and now we learn his challenger is Akira Tozawa! The Stamina Monster was the one Reggie took the WWE 24/7 Championship from, will he be able to take it back? The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and Reggie shows off his moves. But then Tozawa shows off his moves? Is this becoming a dance-off? No, they tie up and Tozawa waistlocks. Reggie switches, Tozawa switches back but Reggie slips under and through the legs! Reggie ducks a kick, then goes Matrix! Reggie fakes Tozawa out into going Matrix, and when Tozawa stands back up, BOP! Tozawa ends up at the ropes, Reggie runs in but is dumped out, only to land on the apron!

Tozawa swings on Reggie but Reggie flips away! Fans marvel at Reggie’s agility! Reggie goes to the barrier and taunts Tozawa, but Tozawa runs out after him! Only to get barriers! Reggie plays cat ‘n’ mouse, and Tozawa clips rope with his face! Reggie goes back to the ring and makes sure Tozawa is okay. Tozawa throws a body shot! Tozawa whips but Reggie CORKSCREWS up and over him! Reggie shows punch and Tozawa shouts “STOP~!” Tozawa wants a breather, and then uses his NINJA POWER~! But it whiffs as Reggie back flips over him! And then handsprings to a back elbow! Direct hit and Reggie rolls right to his feet, to hit the 450 SEATED SENTON! Cover, Reggie wins!

Winner: Reggie, by pinfall (still WWE 24/7 Champion)

Cirque du Soleil has nothing on Reggie! He wins, keeps the belt, and rolls on! Will anyone ever capture this charismatic chameleon?


Backstage interview with Nikki A.S.H!

Kevin Patrick asks Nikki if it was wise to challenge Charlotte to a No Holds Barred match? Has she ever been in such a potentially dangerous match? Nope, not really. And while Nikki isn’t sure what to expect, Charlotte didn’t expect Nikki to do what she did earlier tonight. That’s part of being almost a superhero. You don’t know what to expect, but you just have to give it your absolute best. Charlotte beat Nikki, and Nikki asked for the rematch, because she has the confidence she can win! If she does, she’ll finally prove to the entire world that if you believe in yourself, you can be Almost a Super Hero!

The Raw Women’s Champion hears her music and heads out! Nikki may want the power of flight, but will she find she has the power of invulnerability?

No Holds Barred: Nikki A.S.H. VS Charlotte Flair!

Raw returns as The Queen makes her entrance. For some reason the belt is being raised? The bell rings and Charlotte tells Nikki she’s in over her head. The fans duel between “WOO~” and “Let’s Go Nikki!” as Nikki shakes her head. Charlotte rushes in, Nikki dodges, Nikki comes back to CROSSBODY and fast hands! Charlotte shoves her away but Nikki dodges again, only to run into a kitchen sink KNEE! Charlotte bounces Nikki off buckles, runs in but Nikki dodges! Nikki runs back in, into a backbreaker and BUCKLE SHOT! “THIS is your superhero?!” Charlotte is still upset over that as she throws Nikki out of the ring.

“You think you can just cash in on me?! No more cashing in on me!!” Charlotte tears the announce desk apart and commentary gives her space. Charlotte throws a monitor! It misses, but she grabs another one! Charlotte throws it down in a huff, and Nikki fires off forearms! Charlotte DECKS Nikki then hammers away on her! Fans want tables, so Charlotte brings one out! And she stands it up against the apron, BOOTS Nikki down, then gets Nikki up for a scoop. Nikki slips off and POSTS Charlotte first! Nikki hurries after Charlotte to fire off forearms but Charlotte DECKS her again! Charlotte CLUBS and pushes Nikki around, then gets her up just to slap her down!

Rhea is watching, just as she said she’d be, as Charlotte talks more trash to Nikki. “You think you’re a champion, dressed like that?!” Charlotte stomps Nikki, kicks her around, then CHOPS Nikki. Nikki KICKS back, Charlotte CHOPS, repeat, but then Charlotte BOOTS Nikki down! Charlotte gets Nikki back up to EXPLODER! Nikki ends up all the way back at the other corner! Charlotte glares, aims, and runs at Nikki, and SPEARS her through the timekeeper’s barriers!! Charlotte is rabid and so are the fans as Raw goes to break!

Raw returns once more and Charlotte RAMS Nikki into a corner! And then RAMS her shoulder in, then CHOPS Nikki down! The table has moved into the ring, too. Charlotte puts Nikki up top on the corner, she climbs up and fires off forearms, but Nikki hits back! They brawl, Nikki sends Charlotte down, and then leaps! But the crossbody FLOPS! Charlotte runs to BOOT Nikki down! And then covers, but lets up!? Charlotte wants to make Nikki suffer, even more than she already has! Charlotte gets Nikki up, shoves her and BOOTS her down again! Cover, but again Charlotte lets Nikki off! The Queen has reached a new level of sadism!

Charlotte goes outside the ring, looks underneath, and brings out chairs! Charlotte has one as she gets on the apron, but Nikki WRECKS her with a dropkick into the chair! Nikki fires up as Charlotte staggers up, and Nikki reels her in for a TORNADO DDT to the floor! Rhea likes that, and likes it as Nikki CLUBS away on Charlotte’s back! But Charlotte CHOPS back, and CHOPS again! And CHOPS! Nikki KICKS, Charlotte forearms, repeat, Charlotte tosses Nikki over the barriers, into the front row of fans! Charlotte soaks up all the heat as she continues to say no one will ever cash in on her again.

But Nikki’s on the barrier! Nikki LEAPS, but Charlotte catches her! And POEWRBOMBS her through the announce desk! Chicago goes nuts as they finally get a table spot! The ref checks on Nikki and has Charlotte stay back. Charlotte keeps muttering to herself that she’s the champion and no one will ever cash-in on her again. Charlotte gets Nikki up and says, “There are no easy ways in this business!” Nikki is here because of Charlotte! Charlotte drags Nikki’s limp body back to the ring, hauls her up and in, then takes her time going up the steps. Charlotte takes her time dragging Nikki to center, and stands on her for a cocky cover. TWO?!?!

Charlotte is stunned! How is Nikki still in this?! Charlotte is enraged and she KICKS Nikki in the side! Nikki is on the brink of tears, but she also grits her teeth and pushes herself up off the mat. Charlotte aims, vows this will end it, and runs in, but Nikki moves! Charlotte Spears herself THROUGH THE TABLE!! Nikki crawls, covers, TWO!?!? Now Charlotte stuns Nikki! But fans know “This is Awesome!” as Nikki still has a chance! Nikki scowls at Charlotte, gets her up through the ropes, and hits a DRAPING SWINGING NECKBREAKER!!! Cover, Nikki wins!!

Winner: Nikki A.S.H, by pinfall

The return of Nikki Cross’ Anarchy is what helped this Almost Super Hero finally take down The Queen! Chicago celebrates with the champion, and it is rightfully deserved! But after such an epic battle, is it even possible to repeat this at SummerSlam?!

My Thoughts:

This episode was truly an emotional roller coaster. Chicago is always a rowdy crowd, but this was without a doubt the rowdiest they’ve been in a looong time. A bit fickle in a way, too. They’d “CM Punk!” segments that were honestly really good, and then snap back to actually caring when and only when things crossed into awesome. But the crowd is the crowd, not the show. In the show, there was a hilarious technical glitch where the opening B-roll didn’t have visuals, and then we got a clunky second part to Goldberg challenging Lashley.

Well, no, MVP and Lashley were smooth, Goldberg was clunky. I think he lost his train of thought and just copied a lot of what MVP said about gladiators and coliseums and all that. Also, no one is who they used to be at 105! What a dumb line… I have said I’m not behind Lashley VS Goldberg happening, and this made me less so. Goldberg stumbles in his promo, then Lashley & MVP honestly do pull a punk move trying to get in the face of Gage, Son of Goldberg. If you’re not afraid of the old part-timer, why resort to the lowest level of bullying? This is all just the worst way to do this kind of story, regardless of when and where in the world it happened.

I don’t want to mix messages, but there’s a lot to unpack with McIntyre’s segment. On one hand, much love to McIntyre for immortalizing the memory of his mom through the sword. They’ve been saying it’s a family heirloom, and now it is, in a way. But to that other hand, Mahal should’ve just attacked at the bell so that they don’t even bother with the Handicap Match and try to have their 3v1 beatdown right away. McIntyre still fights them off with the sword and scares them out of town, what even changes in terms of the story?

In hindsight, there’s morbid irony in Nia saying we’d see something more shocking than someone using a sword. Nia VS Rhea was a really good match, but whoa at the blood that we unintentionally got. Nia kept going so I suppose that means it wasn’t serious. Hard to say if the roll-up was a plan B finish or the actual plan, since Shayna and Nia had their argument and apparent break-up and Rhea still got her Riptide in, but it all worked out in its own way. The Shay-Nia break-up was coming, Rhea needed to get back to that brutality as she had in NXT, all good stuff. Well, maybe not Rhea’s interview promo afterward. It was recycled material, again, as almost all of Rhea’s Raw promos have been.

We got a really good match and really good story progress in the rematch of Mansoor & Ali VS Mace & T-Bar with that masterfully subtle moment where Ali gets Mansoor away before taking the double choke slam. But… it also exposes that the tag division is scarce right now. I would’ve liked this week to be where Mansoor & Ali face some other team, Ali gets the pin, but only after using a Heelish tactic. Mansoor could realize what happened, be upset, there’s an argument promo, tension, and then they come into the match we got tonight on edge. I think that pacing would’ve given Ali’s sacrifice move more stain power.

I know, I know, I’m starting to sound redundant, but I did start by saying it was a roller coaster of a night. But you have to agree we got sent through a loop with the EvaLution story. First it’s like, “Oooh, Piper’s getting mad! Eva disrespected her, disrespected Natalya, and then disrespected Piper again after losing to Tamina when it was Eva’s fault!” But then, we’re supposed to accept that Piper sides with Eva again just because Alexa was mocking Eva? No! Piper should agree with Alexa, and ditch Eva for all the constant disrespect! I know I would. Vince and his guys just don’t know how to write humans anymore, I swear…

But then, the saving grace of tonight, or maybe graces. Firstly, everything with Priest, Morrison, Miz, and eventually Ricochet and Sheamus, was awesome! Well, okay, MizTV was just “really good” because promos fighting with “CM PUNK!” chants is just… Anyway, Priest VS Morrison 1v1 was badass and Priest & Ricochet VS Sheamus & Morrison was super badass, and I loved that they brought out some never-before-seen moves! Priest is rolling into his US Championship match, I hope this means Ricochet and Morrison have some kind of 1v1 on the side, every single one of these guys are incredible.

Reggie VS Tozawa was great, too! Despite the promo where Reggie explains he was never really French being here and not on SmackDown (more of a communication issue within WWE itself), it doesn’t change that he can still move like he’s almost a superhero. I could not keep up in way where I could describe the moves properly, Reggie is making the WWE 24/7 Championship must-see on his abilities alone. Kinda makes me feel bad that I expect Otis to get this belt on SmackDown.

And of course, everything with Charlotte and Nikki! Charlotte’s promo was good, and yes it droned on, but that’s because she was buying time for Nikki to get to a spot where she could make that ambush possible. And there was confusion caused between a graphic again saying “Championship Contender’s Match” for no reason when Charlotte has a spot in the Triple Threat, and then the ref raises the belt like this was a championship match, all signs that Vince’s newest obsession is poisoning his booking.

But the match itself could not have been any better! There were some obvious things like Charlotte sending herself through the table, but Nikki looked so tough and so aggressive that of course the fans got behind her. And best of all, a clean, definitive win for Nikki with the return of her actual finisher, that’s how you top it off. I would really hope that this all means Nikki retains in the Triple Threat and gets to do as she promised last week in transforming and leading the Raw Women’s Division into the future.

My Score: 8.3/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Collision Results & Report! (4/20/24)

A high risk Collision!



Will the American Dragon make it to Dynasty?

Before his dream match at AEW Dynasty against Will Ospreay, Bryan Danielson & Claudio Castagnoli take on the Don Callis Family, in a BUNKHOUSE BRAWL!


  • Six Man Tag: Adam “Edge” Copeland, Mark Briscoe & Eddie Kingston VS Top Flight; Edge, Mark & Eddie win.
  • “Powerhouse” Will Hobbs w/ Don Callis VS CJ Esparza; Hobbs wins.
  • The Acclaimed w/ Billy Gunn VS The Gunns w/ Jay White; The Gunns win.
  • Bunkhouse Brawl: Bryan Danielson & Claudio Castagnoli VS Kyle Fletcher & Konosuke Takeshita; win.
  • Skye Blue VS Leyla Hirsch; wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Kazuchika Okada & The Young Bucks VS PAC & FTR; win.


Six Man Tag: Adam “Edge” Copeland, Mark Briscoe & Eddie Kingston VS Top Flight!

The Rated R Chickenhawks or whatever you want to call them are getting ready for their battle with The House of Black at Dynasty! But will they be able to bring some momentum into St. Louis? Or will Action Andretti and the Martin brothers be too fast for them to keep up with?

The trios sort out and Action starts against Mark. Action does a crane stance to mock redneck kung-fu, but Mark strikes his stance. Action kicks, Mark blocks then flips Action to arm-drag him down! Mark has the cording hold to grind Action down, but action fights up. Mark wrenches the wristlock, but Action spins, bridges, and handsprings through and wrenches back. Action headlocks, Mark powers up and out, but Action sunset flips! Mark rolls through to headlock back. The fans rally as Action fights up, powers up and power out, then hurdles. Action runs, handsprings through the hip toss, then whips. Mark reverses but Action goes up and over.

Action keeps moving, ducks ‘n’ dodges to tilt-o-whirl and RANA! Then DROPKICK! The fans fire up while Action watches Mark. Action runs to IMPLODER TORNILLO! Cover, TWO! Mark goes to the corner, Action storms up to whip corner to corner, but Mark goes up to FLYING FOREARM! The fans fire up with Mark and he drags Action up. Mark CHOPS Action to the corner, then ROCKS him again. Tag to Edge and the fans fire up! They double whip Action to then DOUBLE SHOULDER TACKLE! The fans fire up and Edge brings Action around. Edge reels Action in to suplex, but Action slips free to KICK a leg!

Action runs up to body shot, KICK, and CHOP! Action whips, Edge reverses but Action handsprings to back elbow! Both men are down, the fans rally up, and Action tags Darius. Darius wrenches to CLUB away on Edge’s arm, then he cording holds. Edge ROCKS Darius, whips, but Darius catches him to a backslide! TWO, but Darius hooks Edge up again for a high stack, TWO! Edge rises, but into a DROPKICK! Darius tags Dante and they double whip Edge to a corner. Dante sends Darius in but Edge puts Darius on the apron. Darius CHOPS Edge, Dante A-LIST LARIATS! Then Darius snap suplexes, Dante slingshot SENTONS!

The fans are torn as Dante stays between Edge and Eddie. Dante is a little surprised, but he ROCKS Edge to a corner. Dante runs in, but Edge dodges the elbow! Edge runs in, Dante dodges to then go up and around, only to get caught! POWERSLAM! Edge brings Dante over, tag to Eddie, and the fans fire up as Eddie HEADBUTTS away on Dante! Eddie CHOPS Dante in a corner and Dante sputters as he falls! Eddie taunts Darius and Action, then he whips Dante. Dante goes up and out to ROCK Eddie from the apron. Dante springboards to CANNONBALL! The fans fire up as both men stand, and Eddie knees low!

Eddie CLUBS Dante in the chest! The fans fire up behind Eddie as he stalks Dante, and he ROCKS Dante while Collision goes picture in picture.

Eddie drags Dante back up, puts him in the corner, and smothers him while he tags Mark. Mark then CHOPS Dante, brings him around, and suplexes high and hard! Cover, TWO! Dante stays in this but Mark stays on him with a back suplex! Tag to Edge, they mug Dante, then Edge brings Dante around to whip at the corner hard! Edge runs up to clothesline, then he fires point-blank clotheslines again and again! The ref counts, Edge still goes all the way to TEN, then he BOOTS Dante down! Edge stalks Dante, drags him up, and tags Eddie. They mug Dante, and Eddie suplexes Dante to hold him up! Dante endures but Eddie SLAMS him down!

Eddie fishhooks Dante to bring him around, then drops an elbow! Cover, TWO! Eddie rains fists down on Dante, but Dante pushes him back. Dante fires body shots, Eddie eggs him on, then Eddie CHOPS Dante to a corner. Eddie gets in Dante’s faceot CHOP again! Collision returns as Eddie CHOPS Dante, sits him down, then taunts Darius and Action before the BOOT WASH! The fans rally behind Eddie as he waits on Dante. Dante stands, but he ducks the backhand to then jump and RANA! Eddie stagger sup, into a JUMP KNEE! Both men are down and the fans fire up! Hot tags to Darius and Mark!

The fans rally but Darius is the one that rallies on Mark and Edge! ENZIGIRI for Mark, but Edge dodges the splash! Darius BOOTS Edge, reels him in, and TORNADO DOUBLE DDTS! Cover, TWO! Darius keeps his focus, Action goes up to ARABIAN PRESS SAULT Edge! Dante DIVES onto Eddie! Darius tags Action, they whip Mark, but Mark catches Darius, ELBOWS Action, EXPLODER for Darius! EXPLODER for Action! Mark tags Eddie, then runs at Darius. Darius puts Mark on the apron, but Mark ROCKS Darius! Dante gets in, dodges Eddie, then uses Darius as a step, POETRY IN MOTION onto Mark!

Darius swings on Eddie, he dodges to CHOP! Eddie CHOPS Dante, swings again, but Dante dodges! Darius gives Dante the boost to go up and over, then they TORNADO DDT Eddie! Action adds a STANDING SHOOTING STAR! Cover, Edge breaks it! The fans fire up as the trios regroup. “This is Awesome!” as all six men run in, SEXTUPLE LARIATS!! The fans are thunderous, all six men slowly sit up, and Action fires hands on Eddie! Eddie eggs Action on so Action throws more body shots! Eddie CHOPS back! And CHOPS! And CHOPS! Action blocks, Eddie ducks the kick, but not the ENZIGIRI! Action runs, into a LARIAT!

Dante SUPERKICKS Eddie! Dante goes up, flips up and over Edge but his leg jams, so Edge gives him an IMPALER! Darius mule kicks Edge but Mark ROCKS Darius and wrenches, to the JAY DRILLER! Action runs up, into an URAKEN and SPEAR!! Then Mark goes up, FROGGY-BOW!! Cover, Rated R Chickenhawks win!

Winners: Adam Copeland, Mark Briscoe & Eddie Kingston, by pinfall

This trio is ready! They also show respect to Top Flight, but wait! The lights go down! And we all know that means House of Black! Buddy Matthews sarcastically claps from the tron as he says that was impressive. But take a moment to look each other in the eyes, so they can thank each other. Because in 24 hours, the House of Black eradicates all their dreams at Dynasty. Malakai Black steps forward to say they will dig deep. So deep that they reach their deepest, darkest fears. So deep, that Edge will wonder if he’s close to Hell. It will oddly feel familiar. Because let’s face it, for people like Malakai and Edge, Hell is where the heart is.

The lights come back up, but neither edge, Eddie or Mark sweat that warning. Will the AEW TNT Champion, the ROH World Champion and the NJPW Strong Openweight Champion be too good of a hand for the full House to stop?


“Powerhouse” Will Hobbs w/ Don Callis VS CJ Esparza!

The Don Callis Family is all in action tonight, and it starts with Hobbs warming up for his showdown on Dynamite. The NEW IWGP World Heavyweight Champion, Jon Moxley, called Hobbs out, will Hobbs send him a message back through the #FlippinSweet Mr. CJE?

The bell rings, Hobbs almost laughs at CJE for being less than half his size. CJE fires hands, but Hobbs shoves and CLOBBERS CJE right down! Hobbs drags CJE up, and whips him right out of the ring! Hobbs goes out after CJE, Callis is on commentary to tell us that Hobbs has done things we can’t even talk about on TV. And that’s about to happen to CJE! POWERSLAM on the apron, another POWERSLAM, and then another POWERSLAM! Hobbs puts CJE in, for the TORTURE RACK!! CJE taps, Hobbs wins!

Winner: Will Hobbs, by submission

Callis joins his Powerhouse in the ring, with a mic, to say he has something important to say. The fans boo as Callis says the Don Callis Family is the talk of the pro-wrestling world! They have the Bunkhouse Brawl tonight, so out of concern for his own personal safety, Callis will NOT be at ringside. But everyone is talking about Hobbs VS Moxley for Dynamite. That is what you know, but he’ll tell us what we don’t know. Everyone knows that Callis was directly responsible in 2017 for Kenny Omega to win the then IWGP Heavyweight Championship. Everyone knows the biggest match in the history of Japanese wrestling was Omega VS Jericho in the Tokyo Dome in 2018!

Omega VS Jericho was signed, sealed and delivered by “Don BAH GAWD Callis,” and it was a match that set NJPW on a new course of success that they enjoy to this day. And they thank him for the favor, or “onkei,” he promised he’d come back to ask for that favor. And in Japanese culture, everyone honors those commitments. Callis waited six years to cash in that chip, and he’s been burning up the phonelines to cash in ALL his chips. So he is happy to announce here tonight, that Moxley VS Hobbs on Dynamite is now for the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship!! Once again, that IWGP world title will come home to the Don Callis Family!

The fans boo at Callis pulling strings, but now Hobbs has the biggest match of his career! Will the Powerhouse add some gold to the Book of Hobbs’ next chapter?


Chris Jericho speaks.

“Hey, everybody. Um, first of all, I just want to apologize to Hook, to Taz, and to all of you watching for my conduct this past Wednesday night. I lost my temper and I pushed Taz to the mat, which made Hook lose his cool, and he came at me. Listen, I don’t blame Hook for that at all. I mean, if somebody put their hands on a person that means as much to me as Taz does to Hook, I would’ve done the exact same thing. And when you had me in the corner, Hook, you said to me, ‘I’m gonna show you just how good I am, any place, anywhere.’ And unfortunately, I’m gonna take you up on that.”

Jericho reveals he went to Tony Khan and asked for an FTW Championship match, and that request was granted. The real unfortunate part is this: The Learning Tree is gonna teach Hook one of the hardest lessons he’s ever gonna learn, and it’s a lesson in humility. A lesson about how hard it is to lose something that means so much to him. But the Learning Tree will make sure Hook is learning not just in-ring lessons but life lessons, as well. Jericho wants to make Hook a better wrestler and a better person. So keep this in mind: Jericho will beat Hook for the FTW Championship, but it will hurt Jericho a lot more than it will Hook.

The Ocho is looking to humble the Cold-Hearted Handsome Devil, but will he be the one that gets humbled instead?


BREAKING NEWS for Dynamite!

In the homecoming of AEW, the post-Dynasty Dynamite will be live coast-to-coast! No delays for the West Coast, watch it at 5 PM Pacific while East watches it at 8 so we can all celebrate AEW together!


The Acclaimed w/ Billy Gunn VS The Gunns w/ Jay White!

Ahead of putting all the trios gold on the line, we get a remix of the… “classic” feud between these teams! Max Caster & Anthony Bowens want to humble Austin & Colten like they did over a year ago, but will this be where the Ass Boys graduate to being men? Caster has a track on deck! “It’s 420, Bowens is all about that incense. They legalized weed, but y’all legalized incest. Damn, guys, y’all progressive with the foreplay, but I’m a kill y’all like that cancer killed OJ. Damn, think you hotter than the North Face? I’m a put you to sleep like Trump at his court date! Back tot he trash, boys. We do it big, y’all’re just the little ass boys!”

The fans fire up as Bowens says, “PEEEOREAAA~! The Acclaimed have arrived! Scissor me, Daddy Ass~!” And he does! But before things get going, Tony Schiavone gets on a mic to make an announcement. Gunns, get in the ring. If you walk out on this match- White wants Schiavone to shut up but Schiavone says no, Tony Khan is putting this out. If the Gunns run away from this match, they don’t get their match at Dynasty! Austin says they can just leave now then. Schiavone asks if he even heard a word that was said. But then Bowens TOSSES Colten & Austin in, the bell rings, and it’s on! The Acclaimed fire off hands and stomps!

The fans fire up as Caster & Bowens whip the Gunns into each other! Caster TOSSES Colten, Bowens DECKS Austin, and they get Austin set up for SCISSOR ME TIMBERS! Austin flounders away, but Colten runs in! Caster dodges to send Colten into buckles! Bowens and Austin brawl while Caster rains down fists on Colten! The fans count along, but Austin trips Caster up! Colten flapjacks Caster off buckles, then Austin TOSSES Bowens over barriers! Billie is furious but Colten stomps a mudhole into Caster while Collision goes picture in picture.

Colten snap suplexes, covers, TWO! Austin frowns as the fans taunt him, but Colten tags him in. Austin stomps away on Caster, soaks up the heat, and Colten CHOKES Caster behind the ref’s back! Caster flails, White dares Billy to do something, while holding the golden bat. Austin TOSSES Caster out, Billy watches White closely, but Colten CLUBS Caster. Austin drags Caster up and in, bumps him off buckles, then taunts Billy & Bowens. Colten joins in on that, and Austin ROCKS Caster! And ROCKS him again! Tag to Colten, he stomps a mudhole into Caster then drags him up. But Caster throws body shots!

Caster backs Colten down, but Colten knees low as Collision goes to break.

Collision returns and Colten has Caster down in a HALF CRAB! Tag to Austin, and he gets the other leg, DOUBLE HALF CRAB! The ref counts, Colten lets go at 4, but Austin still has his half crab. Caster endures, Colten tags in and he gets the half crab back! The fans rally, Caster crawls, and now Colten is out of reach! Colten turns Caster over but Caster BOOTS him away! Austin tags in, grabs lets, but Caster kicks him away! And kicks him again! Austin still tries but Caster BOOTS him! Tag back to Colten, he stays between Acclaimed, only for Caster to send Colten into Austin! Hot tag to Bowens and he rallies on the Gunns!

The fans fire up as the Five Tool Player ROLLING ELBOWS Colten, then ROCKS Austin! “EVERYONE! LOVES THE ACCLAIMED!” Colten runs up, into the kick, mule kick and FAMOUSER! Cover, TWO! Colten survives but Bowens pounds the mat. The fans rally, Colten rises, and Bowens runs up to fireman’s carry! Colten flails, grabs ropes, and Austin holds Colten, too! Bowens breaks that, DECKS Austin then gets around Colten. Colten switches, Bowens switches, but Colten again grabs ropes. Austin again holds Colten, but Caster runs up to DECK Austin! Bowens rolls Colten up, TWO and Bowens is sent into Caster!

Colten rolls Caster, feet on ropes, but the ref sees! The fans cheer as the Gunns get caught! White is furious, but then Bowens fireman’s carries Colten! USHIGOROSHI! And a SHINING WIZARD! Cover, but Austin breaks it! The fans boo but neither man has someone to tag, so they rally up behind Bowens. Bowens runs up but Colten puts him on the apron. Bowens ROCKS Colten, Colten gets in the ref’s face, and Austin anchors Bowens! Bowens kicks Austin away, but Colten runs up to FAMOUSER! Cover, TWO!! Bowens survives and White protests the count! Colten is frustrated, but he tags in Austin and the Gunns bring Bowens up.

The Gunns double whip, then run to BULLDOG! Bowens staggers up, into a NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO!! Bowens survives again and Billy laughs at White. Austin calls the shot and tags Colten in. But Bowens BOOTS Colten! Then BOOT to Austin! Caster sneaks a tag, Bowens baits Austin in and Austin clotheslines him up and out! Caster leaps in, Colten gets under, only to run into a fireman’s carry! Colten CLAWS Caster’s eyes then DECKS him! White says finish it, and Colten loads up. Colten underhooks but Caster wrenches out to then BACKHAND! Fireman’s carry, DEATH VALLEY BOMB! The fans fire up with Caster and he goes to the corner!

But Austin runs up to trip Caster up! The fans boo, but Bowens CLOBBERS Austin into the ring! Bowens fires off Rock Paper Scissors SUPERKICK on Colten! SUPERKICK for Austin! Bowens roars, the fans fire up again, and he runs in at Austin! Austin goes up and over, Colten gets in place, 3:10 TO YUMA!! But MIC DROP on Austin!! Colten rolls Caster up, TWO!! Caster escapes, runs back in, but is put on the apron. Caster RAMS into Colten, slingshot sunset flips, but Colten sits on it! White reaches out the bat for Colten to hold onto!! THE GUNNS WIN!!

Winners: The Gunns, by pinfall

The Bang Bang Gang didn’t run away from this fight, but they did steal the victory! Will the Bullet Club pull off an even biggest heist tomorrow night in Dynasty’s Zero Hour?


Backstage interview with Bryan Danielson.

Lexi Nair is with the American Dragon and notes that the Don Callis Family has been relentless. Last time we saw Bryan, he was laid out by a brainbuster to the ramp. Tonight, it is a Bunkhouse Brawl against Takeshita & Fletcher, right before Dynasty’s match with Will Ospreay. How is Bryan feeling? Bryan says it sounds like a lot on his plate. Yet here he is! He feels alive! And it does seem like the DCF is up to something. What could that be? Does Don Callis not have the faith in Ospreay he says he does? Another reason Bryan feels alive is because Takeshita dropped him on his head, on the ramp, and yet Bryan gets his revenge tonight!

Then tomorrow, Bryan will test himself against Will Ospreay, a man many people call the best in the world today, and Bryan will test that for himself. But then in walks Ospreay, wanting to apologize. He had nothing to do with what went down on Dynamite or Collision this past week, so he just wants there to be no excuses on either side. He has nothing to do with this stuff. Bryan says sure he doesn’t. Bryan leaves, Ospreay wants to defend his innocence, but will it matter when it’s all said and done?



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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Results & Report! (4/19/24)

Prepare for Backlash!



Did you know that challenger in French is still “challenger?”

In a WrestleMania rematch, AJ Styles takes on LA Knight in a #1 contender’s match, to challenge WWE Champion Cody Rhodes at Backlash in France!


  • Undisputed WWE Championship #1 Contender’s match: AJ Styles VS LA Knight; Styles wins and will challenge Cody Rhodes for the title at Backlash.
  • SmackDown/WWE Tag Team Championships #1 Contenders Fatal 4 Way: The Street Profits VS New Catch Republic VS The Authors of Pain VS Legado Del Fantasma; The Profits win and will challenge A-Town Down Under for the titles.
  • Carlito w/ Zelina Vega VS Santos Escobar w/ Elektra Lopez; Santos wins.
  • WWE Women’s Championship: Bayley VS Naomi; Bayley wins, by disqualification, and retains the title.


Undisputed WWE Championship #1 Contender’s match: AJ Styles VS LA Knight!

After fighting their way through Triple Threats, the Phenomenal One and the Mega Star meet again, YEAH! It’s a WrestleMania Rematch, the winner moving on to Backlash, YEAH! Will AJ Styles avenge his loss at the biggest WrestleMania ever? Or will everyone from here to France know whose game it is?

The bell rings and the two step to each other. The fans in Pittsburgh “YEAH! YEAH! YEAH!” and Knight lets Styles know it. Styles snarls, they tie up, and they go around. Knight puts Styles in a corner, the ref counts, but Knight lets off slowly. Styles kicks low! The fans boo but Styles headlocks. Knight pulls hair, throws body shots, then headlocks in return. Styles pushes Knight to ropes, powers up and out, then hurdles, drops and DROP- NO, Knight avoids the dropkick to BOOT, and LARIAT! Knight then TOSSES Styles out of the ring, storms out after him, and brings him to commentary. Knight SMACKS Styles off the desk! And again! And again!

The fans chant “YEAH! YEAH! YEAH!” with every SMACK, then Knight tops it off with one last SMACK! Knight drags Styles up and into the ring, storms in, but Styles KICKS Knight in the ropes! Styles reels Knight in, but Knight back drops Styles up and out! Styles flounders on the floor, Knight runs to WRECK him with a dropkick! Styles hits desk again and Steel City is loving “L! A! KNIGHT, YEAH!” as SmackDown goes to break.

SmackDown returns and Styles soaks up the heat as he taunts Knight. Styles brings Knight up, but Knight fires haymakers! “YEAH! YEAH! YEAH!” Knight backs Styles down, whips, but Styles ducks ‘n dodges! Knight ducks ‘n’ dodges, then DOUBLE CROSSBODIES collide! Both men are down and the fans fire up. Both men slowly sit up, crawl around, and then stand. Styles fires a shot, but Knight gives it back! The haymakers go back and forth, “YEAH! BOO! YEAH!” Styles staggers but he still ROCKS Knight! Knight ROCKS Styles again and again, but Styles throat chops! Styles fires off the Phenomenal Blitz, but Knight ducks the lariat!

Knight JABS, JABS, JABS, and DECKS Styles! Knight stomps a mudhole in at the corner, “YEAH!” Knight then runs corner to corner to KNEE Styles down! The fans fire up, Knight puts Styles up, and Knight ROCKS Styles. Knight climbs, but Styles ROCKS him back! Knight staggers away, but returns to spring right up! SUPER DUPER PLEX! Cover, TWO!! Styles survives that crash but both men are down again. The fans rally as Knight rises, and he brings Styles around. Knight reels Styles in, suplexes, but Styles slips free! Styles goes to a corner, ELBOWS Knight away, then goes up to QUEBRADA DDT! Cover, TWO!

The fans fire up as Knight stays in this and Styles starts losing his cool. The fans rally for Knight but Styles looms over him. Styles brings Knight up and in, but Knight RAMS him into a corner! Knight then scoops Styles, but Styles slips free to roll up, TWO!! Knight escapes, swings, but Styles dodges to PELE! Knight ends up in a corner, Styles runs in, but Knight puts Styles on the apron! Styles ROCKS Knight, springboards, but Knight gets under! Styles comes back, into a scoop and POWERSLAM! Then JUMP ELBOW DROP! The fans fire up with with Knight as he storms around. Styles rises, Knight winds up, B F- NO, Styles bails out!

The fans boo but Knight storms over. Knight drags Styles up but Styles HOTSHOTS him! And pokes him in the eyes! Then ROCKS him! And springboards, to PHENOMENAL FOREARM!! Cover, Styles wins!

Winner: AJ Styles, by pinfall (NEW #1 Contender to the Undisputed WWE Championship)

Styles bent the rules, but a win is a win! He will get his shot at the American Nightmare in Lyon, France, will this year’s Backlash be phenomenal?


The Bloodline arrives backstage.

The car pulls up, Solo Sikoa steps out in a suit, and Paul Heyman is there to greet him. Nice threads, Solo. Tama Tonga walks over and Solo says meet the newest member of The Bloodline, Solo’s MFT. The Wise Man is stunned. But Solo cuts him off to ask if Kevin Owens is here. Heyman hesitates and Solo asks again, is Kevin here? If he is, he’s probably already in the locker room. Then take them to him. Heyman obeys and leads on. There have already been changes to the chain of command, is there about to be a change to the landscape of SmackDown, too?


Nick Aldis is in the ring.

In a familiar scene to Monday Night Raw, there is a podium with something under a satin sheet. The SmackDown General Manager welcomes to Pittsburgh the Chief Content Officer, Paul “Triple H” Levesque! The fans fire up as The Game makes his way to the ring! HHH joins Aldis in the ring, gets a mic, looks around at the crowd as he revels in the cheers, then says, “On the heels of the biggest, most epic, history making, record breaking, epic, unbelievable WrestleMania of all time, we are here tonight, sold out, 15 thousand strong, Pittsburgh, PA! So let me say, welcome to SmackDown!” The fans cheer that!

HHH wants to take a moment to say that he thinks Adam Pearce and Nick Aldis are both doing great jobs at leading their respective brands into the future. Thank you to both of them. And when we talk about the future, we have to talk about the history made coming into the future. So when history is made, HHH wants it to be represented here befitting of those that make it. So Aldis, if we could, let us bring the… champions out here. Aldis says without further ado, the NEW SmackDown Tag Team Champions, Austin Theory & Grayson Waller. The fans boo as A-Town Down Under make their way, blue belts in hand.

Theory & Waller join Aldis and HHH in the ring, mics already in hand, and they soak up the heat from Steel City. Waller says this is huge. Monday, we saw the second place champions get new belts. And now A-Town Down Under will be presented new titles! Theory says speaking of truth, didn’t Truth think HHH was a magician? Well, who knows what magic trick HHH has to make these guys look better than they already do, but hey, give it a try. HHH says congratulations on becoming tag team champions, so he will show them what they will wear going forward. From now on, they will be the WWE Tag Team Champions.

Reveal! In the style of the Attitude Era and Ruthless Aggression Era belts, the solid gold shines. HHH offers a handshake, but Waller leaves him hanging to shake Theory’s hand! Aldis makes it clear to them. They ever pop off and disrespect HHH like that, here’s a real magic trick: A-Clown Down Under will disappear, permanently! The fans like the sound of that! Aldis snatches the blue belts away since they won’t need them, and speaking of disappearing, there’s a chance one of the following four teams will make their title reign disappear. That #1 contenders match starts right now! The fans fire up, but which team defies the odds to get some golden tickets to France?


Backstage interview with Naomi.

Kayla Braxton is with The Glow and says last week, she beat Tiffany Stratton to get this title opportunity tonight. Will the friendship with Bayley get in the way of this match? Naomi says no, of course not. Bayley’s her sister, and she needed help against Damage CTRL, so Naomi was more than happy to help. But in no way will friendship get in the way of this opportunity. It has been over two YEARS since Naomi’s last WWE singles championship match, and there is nothing that will get in the way of making the most of this moment. Now last week, Tiffy Time felt the glow, so that same energy keeps going tonight.

Naomi is also looking forward to next week’s WWE Draft, where she will walk in the NEW WWE Women’s Champion. Naomi is ready, but will she be able to best Bayley in Bayley’s first title defense?


WWE Tag Team Championships #1 Contenders Fatal 4 Way: The Street Profits VS New Catch Republic VS The Authors of Pain VS Legado Del Fantasma!

SmackDown returns as Legado makes their entrance, followed by Akam & Rezar with the Final Testament. Waller & Theory are on commentary, Waller admitting he wants any team but AOP, and Theory saying these teams are fortunate to have real superstars leading their division. In this form of Fatal 4 Way, only two teams are active, so the Big Strong Boi, Tyler Bate, starts against Montez Ford. They circle, tie up, and Ford headlocks. Bate powers up to pry at the hold but Ford clamps on tighter. Bate powers up and out, drops, but Ford leaps over! The fans cheer, things keep moving, Bate feints high to drop low!

Bate shows knuckle lock, Ford obliges, but Bate wrenches, baits and double pump handles to FLIP Ford! Cover, TWO! Ford gets up to sweep and cover, TWO! Bate steps over, La Magistrol, TWO! Ford gets up, dropkicks cancel out, and both men kip up! The fans fire up and the two reset. But then Humberto Carrillo sneaks a tag, before he DECKS Bate with a sucker punch! Ford dodges Humberto but Angel Garza holds the ropes open! Ford tumbles out,  Garza tags in, and Humberto sits Ford up. Garza runs in to KNEE Ford down! The fans boo, Garza drags Ford to a cover, TWO! Garza back suplexes, Ford lands out!

Ford tags Dawkins and he dodges Garza to FLYING ELBOW! Garza tags out to Akam, but then the Bruiserweight, Pete Dunne, tags in off Dawkins! Rezar tags, Dunne runs up but Akam LARIATS him down! Rezar DECKS Dawkins, then the AOP start clearing the corners! But Ford goes up to leap, but into an URENAGE! The fans boo but the AOP roar and soak up the heat. Waller’s worst case scenario might end up reality, but SmackDown goes to break.

SmackDown returns and the fans rally as Ford endures a facelock. Ford fights up, pries at the hold, but Rezar shoves him to ELBOW him down! Rezar talks trash, Waller taunts the Steelers players sitting in the front row that they don’t really know what championships are, and then Rezar sucker punches Dawkins down! Rezar stands Ford up, Canadian Racks and bends him! Ford endures, the fans rally, but Rezar thrashes Ford around! Ford kicks and flails, he gets free, hot tag to Dunne! Bate sneaks a tag, Dunne GAMANGIRIS Akam and then NCR fire off on Rezar! The fans fire up, Humberto runs in, but Dunne dodges to SNAP GERMAN!

Bate & Dunne STOMP Humberto’s hands! Then BASEMENT DROPKICK! Garza runs up, but into the REBOUNDER GERMAN COMBO!! The fans fire up with NCR, but Rezar runs up! He grabs Dunne, but Bate says Bop up, BANG! Bate fireman’s carries Rezar?! But Rezar ELBOWS right free! Dunne GAMANGIRIS, Ford SUPERKICKS, and Dawkins ENZIGIRIS! Rezar wobbles, and everyone helps Bate gets Rezar up! BIG STRONG AIRPLANE SPINE! But then Legado CLOBBER Bate and Rezar! They BOOT Dunne, whip the Profits but the Profits reverse to TOSS Legado out! Ellering coaches Rezar while the Profits regroup.

Bate gets up, Dawkins ROCKS him! Dawkins brings Bate to the very top, but Dunne CLUBS Dawkins! NCR mug Dawkins but Ford joins in! They brawl, but AOP add on! Humberto finds Rezar to tag in, before the DOUBLE TOWER OF DOOM!! Bate’s the only one left up top, so Legado mug him! They double trophy lift Bate, to DOUBLE ROCKET LAUNCH him onto everyone!! Humberto then finds Bate, sunset flips and rewinds, Garza jumps, MISSILE DROPKICK DOOMSDAY! Cover, DUNNE BREAKS IT! “This is Awesome!” as all eight men are down around ringside, and Waller says this is gonna be easy pickings for A-Town Down Under now.

Dunne grabs Garza, Bate has Humberto, STEREO ANKLE LOCKS!! Grapevine for Garza! But Humberto BOOTS Bate onto Dunne! Legado is free, Ellering has AOP regroup, and SmackDown goes to break.

SmackDown returns again and Rezar CLUBS Dawkins down. Rezar soaks up heat, taunts the other teams, then CLUBS Dawkins again. Rezar brings Dawkins up again, but Dawkins fires off body shots! Rezar KNEES low, reels Dawkins in, talks more trash, and lifts Dawkins up, to POWERBOMB! But then Dunne runs up to ROCK Rezar! Akam gets in to scoop Dunne and SLAM him on Dawkins! Cover, TWO! Rezar looks to Ellering and he coaches AOP. Rezar HAMMERS Dawkins, Akam tags, and AOP get NCR up! The fans boo but NCR RANA free to send AOP into each other! Ford jumps in, as does Garza.

All the teams realize, they gotta do something about AOP. So they all mug AOP! The fans fire up as AOP tumble out, but now who strikes first? Dunne runs up but Garza SUPERKICKS him first! Bate waistlocks Garza and Ford winds up, but Garza ducks so the BACKHAND hits Bate! Garza SUPERKICKS Ford, but Dawkins DECKS Garza! Humberto springboards to FLYING CHUCK! Cover, TWO!! Theory says if A-Town Down Under were in this match, he’d knock everyone out and Waller could just sneak in to cover. Humberto and Dawkins rise and go to corners. Humberto runs up, but Dawkins POUNCES him away!

Dawkins gets Humberto up, Ford returns and tags in! Dawkins Electric Chair Lifts Humberto and Ford climbs! The stars are out for the BLOCKBUSTER DOOMSDAY! Cover, DUNNE BREAKS IT! Another save from the Bruiserweight and Ford is frustrated. Dunne drags Dawkins up to CHOP, but Dawkins ROCKS him! Dawkins whips Dunne out of the ring, but Dunne grabs the arm! And he pulls off the glove so he can SNAP fingers! The fans fire up, but Ford ENZIGIRIS Dunne down! Ford brings Humberto up, Humberto JAWBREAKERS! Bate tags in off Ford, BOOTS Garza, then runs up, but into a POP-UP! But Bate RANAS Humberto!!

Bate then DUMPS Garza out, goes to the apron, and Dunne lines up targets. Bate and Dunne climb, Ford runs in, NCR DOUBLE ARIHARA MOONSAULT while Ford FLIES over the corner post!! Down goes Legado and AOP!! The fans are losing their minds as Bate hurries to get Humberto up. Bate puts Humberto in, reels him in, underhooks, but Humberto fights it! Humberto back drops but Bate lands on his feet! Humberto cradles, TWO! Humberto LARIATS Bate, tag to Garza! Legado gets Bate up, feed to the POP-UP KICK!! #FTY! Humberto then DIVES to take out Dunne! Garza goes up the ropes to LIONSAULT!!

But Ford flies in FROM THE HEAVENS!! The fans are thunderous as everyone is down again! Bate flounders, Dawkins tags in! Dawkins whips Legado, Ford joins in, THE REVELATION!! Cover, PROFITS WIN!

Winners: The Street Profits, by pinfall (NEW #1 Contenders to the WWE Tag Team Championships)

Waller & Theory are relieved it isn’t AOP, but they still look a bit annoyed that it is Ford & Dawkins. The Profits are Triple Crown Tag Team Champions from Raw to SmackDown to NXT, but will they soon add the WWE Tag Team Championships to make it a grand slam?


Backstage interview with Bayley.

Byron Saxton is with The Role Model, and brings up the emotional moment from Monday Night Raw where Rhea Ripley had to relinquish her title. But let us focus on Bayley’s title, as she defends it for the first time against Naomi. Where is her head at ahead of the main event? Bayley says after seeing Rhea vacate the Women’s World Championship on Raw, Bayley appreciates her reign more. She is focused, and she has realized she’s THE Women’s Champion in WWE right now, something she does not take for granted. Because we all know that with the WWE Draft, things are bound to change.

And as excited as Bayley is to face her friend, Naomi, one thing that won’t change is her as THE WWE Women’s Champion. Bayley is just as confident at Naomi, so something’s gotta give! Will The Role Model #FeelTheGlow? Or will she still be shining with gold after tonight?


Paul Heyman talks with Solo Sikoa.

The Wise Man apologizes that they haven’t found Kevin Owens, but he has to be here somewhere. Just look at the time. They will find him, somewhere. Solo stops listening and heads to gorilla. Heyman follows after, but Solo gives him a look. Heyman says he isn’t trying to upset Solo. Please believe him. The last person on this planet Heyman wants to piss off is Solo. But respectfully, Solo is making decisions that are not his to make, yet. One day, these will all be Solo’s decisions. But not now, not here! These are decisions that can only be made by one man. Solo asks Heyman if he’s done talking. Heyman asks if MFT is coming with Solo.

Solo just gives a thumbs up, with that taped thumb. The music hits and Solo makes his entrance, Heyman still following all the way into the ring. What does the Enforcer have planned? We’ll find out, after the break.

SmackDown returns and Heyman has the mic to give his usual introduction. And he doesn’t know if there is a list of the most brilliant backstage maneuvering politicians int he history of the WWE, but if there were, Heyman would have to think that he personally is in the top… Well, permit Heyman, with Solo’s permission, to explain what’s going on right now within The Bloodline, “the premier act in the history of WWE.” The fans chant, “We Want Roman!” but Solo shrugs that off. Heyman assures us that as The Wise Man for… Heyman gets emotional, so Solo just snatches the mic! The fans boo but Solo paces.

Solo tries to talk but the fans boo. Solo says last week, he had to lose a brother! He had to! It was in order for him to find a new one! His MFT, Tama Tonga! And with that, a bloodied Kevin Owens is tossed out, by the Good Bad Guy! Tama shoves Kevin down the ramp, stalks behind him, and referees rush out to stop him from doing anything further! Kevin can’t even sit up, but Tama steps over him to go to the ring. The fans boo as Tama joins Solo in the ring while the refs help Kevin to his feet and to the back. Tama raises his finger to the sky, because he acknowledges Solo! Heyman has no choice but to go along, but wait! Kevin is heading back down the ramp!?

The fans fire up as Kevin shows his grit and defiance! He drags Tama out to fire off hands!! The fans cheer but then Solo whips Kevin into steel steps! Solo drags Kevin back up, puts him in the ring, but now security rushes in! Tama storms in after Kevin but Kevin TACKLES Tama! The security gets Kevin away from Tama, but Solo SAMOAN SPIKES Kevin down!! The fans boo but then Tama SPLASHES Kevin! Tama rains down fists on that bloody wound, then he DECKS guard after guard! Producers try but Tama is a madman! Tama shoves everyone away so he can slip out of the ring, to grab a chair!!

The fans boo as Tama storms back in, but now Aldis steps up! Aldis warns The Bloodline here, and Solo has Tama stand down. Solo takes the chair from Tama to show they’re done here. The fans chant “YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK!” but the damage is done. Solo & Tama are a dangerous duo, will nothing and no one stop them from taking over SmackDown?


Heyman goes to the parking lot.

He’s in shock, but Aldis finds him and pulls him along. Was Heyman aware of this? Aldis shows Heyman the aftermath of one car T-boning another! And in case Heyman can’t guess, the struck car was Kevin’s. The attacking car was Tama’s! Heyman says this wasn’t authorized! No, Heyman, Aldis is speaking now. He gets this is a conflict within The Bloodline, but on his show, things are settle din the ring. Next week is the Draft, a lot of eyeballs on it, and a lot top brass are gonna be here. So Aldis will not tolerate this behavior. So make sure The Bloodline understands. Because, Heyman, if you don’t, the repercussions will be equally savage.

Aldis brings Heyman in close to tell him losing isn’t the only thing that has consequences. Will the Wise Man be able to rein in such an unruly force as Solo and Tama?


Carlito w/ Zelina Vega VS Santos Escobar w/ Elektra Lopez!

The LWO still doesn’t believe Legado’s claims that they had nothing to do with Dragon Lee going down before WrestleMania, so they’re going to get to the bottom of this one themselves! Will Caribbean Cool make the Emperor of Lucha confess his crimes? Or will Santos prove he was right all along?

The bell rings and the two talk trash. Then they start throwing hands! Carlito backs Santos down but Santos gets around to whisper something in Carlito’s ear. Carlito ELBOWS Santos away, runs up and hits a THESZ PRESS! Carlito then bumps Santos off buckles, fires hands, then has him in another corner. Carlito whips corner to corner, runs up, but Santos BOOTS him! Santos runs up, but into a SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Vega coaches Carlito to stay on Santos and he brings Santos up. Carlito ROCKS Santos, whips, but Santos KICKS him! Santos runs, but into a DROPKICK! Carlito kips up and the fans fire up!

Santos is on the outside, the ref won’t let Carlito go after him, but then Carlito WRECKS Santos with a dropkick! Carlito loads up to PLANCHA! Direct hit on Santos and Carlito hoists Vega up to celebrate! The fans cheer the LWO on as SmackDown goes to break.

SmackDown returns and Santos whips Carlito hard into buckles. Carlito falls over, Santos soaks up the heat, then Santos HEADBUTTS Carlito to a corner. Santos then CHOPS, gets space and runs in, to DOUBLE KNEE! Carlito slumps in the corner but Santos puts him up top! Santos GAMANGIRIS then climbs up! SUPER STEINER! Carlito flounders, Santos pushes him to a cover, TWO! Vega is relieved but Santos huffs and puffs. Santos rains down fists on Carlito, then clamps on a top wristlock. Carlito endures and Vega coaches him while the fans rally. Carlito rises, throws body shots, then LARIATS!

The fans rally as Carlito starts to rally with more clotheslines, and an ELBOW! Carlito kicks, runs, and KNEE LIFTS! Santos wobbles, Carlito LARIATS again! Cover, TWO! Santos is tougher than that but Carlito says he’s going up! Carlito climbs, but then Lopez gets on the apron! Vega storms right over to YANK her down! The fans fire up as Vega goes up, and RANAS, only for Lopez to block! Lopez SWINGS Vega into barriers! Carlito ROCKS Santos, steps in, but the ref is reprimanding Lopez so he misses Santos KICK ropes to jam Carlito low! Santos reels Carlito in to POST him, then brings him back for the fireman’s carry! PHANTOM DRIVER!! Cover, Santos wins!

Winner: Santos Escobar, by pinfall

La Madrina helps The Emperor steal this victory, them taking down the Caribbean Cool and La Muneca! Whether or not Legado beat down Dragon Lee, will nothing stop them from conquering SmackDown?


VIP Skybox interview with Damage CTRL!

Kayla is with Iyo Sky, Dakota Kai, Kairi Sane & Asuka as they sit way up in the back. What made the former WWE Women’s Champion and crew want a special view of this main event? Dakota takes offense for Iyo with the use of “former” there. Is Kayla trying to disrespect them? Iyo will take that title back when they’re good and ready. But for now, they’re here to watch two people they can’t stand tear each other apart! Does Dakota need to remind everyone here that DMG CTRL is still the most dominant force in the WWE!? The fans boo but Dakota says the Kabuki Warriors are STILL the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, and that will not change-

WAID! Jade Cargill is here! She makes her entrance from the other skybox, with Bianca Belair alongside her! The strongEST duo argues with DMG CTRL, their own title intentions clear. But for now, it’s time for the main event! Who shines with gold here in the Steel City? We find out, after the break!


Cody Rhodes speaks.

The American Nightmare is in the UK as part of Raw’s tour, but he still took time to say, “What is the task? Run up the score, leave no doubt, right? Formerly, the task was ‘win the big belt, in the big place.’ We’ve done that. Now, it’s a whole new frontier for us, undiscovered country.” There’s an old expression: the title can make the man, or the man makes the title. Which will it be for Cody? He’s in London tonight, the O2, 16 THOUSAND, then it’s on to Belfast, Ireland. Cody is keeping his promise to bring this title all around the world. Back home, AJ Styles has emerged the #1 contender to this championship.

So then, it will be two Georgia boys duking it out in Lyon, France. The first time ever, at that. Styles has an unprecedented reputation in pro-wrestling. The modern day Excellence of Execution, if you will. Styles rarely misses. But the same goes for Cody. So Backlash in France, Cody looks forward to it. The contract signing is next week, even as the WWE Draft is going on! Will things be explosive when American Nightmare and Phenomenal One meet face to face?


WWE Women’s Championship: Bayley VS Naomi!

SmackDown returns and Bayley makes her entrance. The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and either we shine or we glow!

The bell rings, the fans rally, and the two circle. The two tie up, go around, and Bayley headlocks. Naomi powers up but Bayley wrenches to wristlock. Naomi slips through, rolls Bayley up, ONE!! The fans rally as the two go again. Naomi waistlocks, Bayley headlocks to hit a takeover, and she makes it a cover, TWO! Naomi fights up to her feet, powers up but Bayley wrenches gain. Naomi waistlocks, O’Conner Rolls, ONE! Both women get up, Naomi ducks the boot but Bayley arm-drags her around! Bayley has the cording hold, the fans rally up, and Naomi fights to her feet. Naomi whips Bayley away, but Bayley runs her over!

The fans cheer and Bayley tells DMG CTRL she’s watching them, too. Things speed up, Naomi does the splits to duck under, then she comes back to kick from below! She drags Bayley into a cradle, ONE!! Bayley hurries to step over, LA MAGISTROL! ONE!! Naomi and Bayley get up, Naomi trips Bayley to jackknife, ONE!! Ghost pin, TWO! Both women hurry up, DOUBLE CROSSBODIES collide! The fans rally while both women are down, evenly matched in this chess game so far. Both women rise, and Naomi SHOTGUNS first! Then she runs up, uses the ropes to slingshot and BULLDOG! Cover, TWO! Naomi is frustrated but keeps her focus.

Naomi drags Bayley up, Bayley shoves her away. Naomi dodges the lariat to hit REAR VIEW! Cover, TWO!! Bayley survives but Naomi lets her know it was that close, and SmackDown goes to break.

SmackDown returns again and Bayley whips Naomi to a corner, runs in, but into a BOOT! Bayley gets up, Naomi runs up, JAWBREAKER! Bayley ends up in a corner now, Naomi runs in, and she forearm SMASHES! Naomi then runs Bayley corner to corner for a BUCKLE BULLDOG! Naomi slips out to the apron while Bayley flounders, and Naomi climbs. The fans duel as Naomi CROSSBODIES! Cover, TWO! Bayley is tougher than that but Naomi knows that. Naomi keeps her focus while DMG CTRL, Bianca & Jade all focus on them. Naomi ROCKS Bayley, tries the ropes again, but Bayley stops the bulldog to SMACK Naomi off buckles!

Bayley then reels Naomi in, SAIDO! High stack, TWO! Naomi is still in this and Bayley remembers Naomi’s tougher than that, too. Bayley drags Naomi into a drop zone, then goes up the corner! Bayley aims, to MACHO ELBOW onto knees! Bayley writhes, Naomi goes to the apron. Bayley stands, runs up, but into a ROUNDHOUSE! Naomi slingshots, for a FACEBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Bayley survives and Naomi is stunned! Naomi refocuses, goes to the corner, and goes up to SPLIT LEG MOONSAULT onto knees! Bayley returns the favor and both women are down. Bayley shakes out the leg, stands and runs, to KNEE Naomi down!

Bayley hurries to put Naomi back in a drop zone, and then hobbles her way to a corner. Bayley climbs, to MACHO ELBOW!! Direct hit this time and Bayley covers, TWO!! Naomi survives and Bayley is frustrated. Bayley hobbles on the bad leg, leans on ropes while she catches her breath, and the fans duel even more. Bayley stalks Naomi, hooks her up, but Naomi PELES free! Naomi hurries to a corner, Bayley runs up, but Naomi goes up to sunset flip! TWO!! But into the BUTTERFLY LOCK!! Bayley endures, reaches out with her legs, but then she tucks to a cover, TWO!! Naomi gets up, both women throw forearms!

They both wobble, storm up, and Bayley eggs Naomi on. Naomi wants this, right? So hit her! Naomi fires a forearm, Bayley hits back! Naomi winds up to forearm, Bayley comes back with another! The fans fire up as the forearms go harder and faster! Bayley gets the edge, but Naomi SWATS one, to SCORPION KICK, and then JUMP KNEE! Bayley tumbles out of the ring, Naomi PLANCHAS! Direct hit and a hard one, both women are down on the floor! The ring count starts, Naomi stirs at 3 of 10. Naomi brings Bayley up, but BAYLEY2BELLY onto the desk!! The count is 7! Naomi flounders on the desk, but then TIFFANY ATTACKS BAYLEY!!!

Winner: Bayley, by disqualification (still WWE Women’s Champion)

Tiffany makes herself the center of attention as always as she ruins this main event! She dribbles Naomi off the desk, then RAMS Bayley into steel steps! Then she drags Naomi off the desk to POST her! Tiff storms back over to Bayley, puts her in the ring, then adds Naomi in, too. Tiff says sorry not sorry, but it’s Tiffy Time! Tiffy goes to the corner, for the PRETTIEST MOONSAULT EVER! Tiff flexes over both champion and challenger, having upset Bianca & Jade but having entertained DMG CTRL. But will Wrestling Barbie pay for pissing off the Role Model?

My Thoughts:

A great SmackDown that also acted as a WWE Draft go-home. Great match from Styles and Knight to open the night but also follow-up their WrestleMania match. Naturally, Styles wins because then he and Knight are 1-1 in 1v1 matches, and also natural Face VS Heel right there. Good promo from Cody Rhodes, that title match is going to be awesome. Awesome new looks for the WWE Tag Team Championships, though maybe too much gold. Nothing really pops when it’s all the same color, so they should’ve had silver on the WWE logo and the words, “Tag Team Champions,” but it’s still a great redesign.

We also got an awesome Fatal 4 Way tag match, with Theory & Waller decent on commentary. And pieces are falling into place for what I was thinking: Profits win the right to face Theory & Waller, we’ll surely get Lashley wanting the US Championship, we’ll get a good faction feud there as we approach those title matches. Also good continuation of the LWO VS Legado feud with Carlito VS Santos, and distractions of course helped Santos win. There’s gotta come a point where Carlito reveals it was him, Dragon Lee, it was him all along! Now, that would make like the third turn since the start of this rivalry (Santos to Heel, Andrade to Face and Carlito to Heel) but hey, the drama is heightened each time, and maybe Dragon Lee will actually get a win in this feud.

Great stuff in Bayley VS Naomi, as well as all the promos. DMG CTRL watching from the skybox, same as Bianca & Jade, was good stuff. The tag title match is definitely coming for Backlash, that will be great stuff. But I should’ve figured Tiffany would “ruin” the main event so that there won’t really be a choice between Bayley and Naomi. The Draft is coming, hopefully they think to keep all three on the same brand, and probably here on SmackDown, so that those three can have it out. I don’t know the chances of a Triple Threat for Backlash but it still feels possible. Though  at the same time, I don’t think they’d take the title off Bayley after only a month, so she’d probably use Tiffany against Naomi to retain.

And what wild stuff with this new, more vicious Bloodline. Solo is in a suit because he certainly thinks he is Tribal Chief already, given Roman Reigns did give him the nod as “Tribal Heir” a few months ago. And while Tama is the MFT, which everyone is already wondering what that even means, it’s clear he’s also the right hand man and a loose cannon at that. Without the Draft, it’d be pretty wild for Jimmy to come back and help Kevin against this new Bloodline. With the Draft, we could get Jey back on the same brand as his family and then he and Jimmy stand against Solo and Tama. But either way, it’ll be a wild ride in this new chapter and I’m all for it.

My Score: 8.9/10

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