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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (10/6/21)

Happy Anniversary, Dynamite!



AEW Dynamite Coverage 2

AEW is heading into year three!

AEW caps off their second year in a historic manner! Hikaru Shida goes for her 50th win while Sammy Guevara defends the TNT Championship!


  • 8 Man Tag: The Elite VS Bryan Danielson, Christian Cage & Jurassic Express; The Elite wins.
  • AEW TNT Championship: Sammy Guevara VS Bobby Fish; Guevara wins and retains the title.
  • Darby Allin w/ Sting VS Nick Comoroto w/ The Factory; Darby wins.
  • Hikaru Shida VS Serena Deeb; Deeb wins.
  • Casino Ladder Match: Lance Archer VS Jon Moxley VS PAC VS Andrade El Idolo VS Orange Cassidy VS Matt Hardy VS ???; Hangman Page wins and earns a future AEW World Championship match.


8 Man Tag: The Elite VS Bryan Danielson, Christian Cage & Jurassic Express!

No time wasted getting to this HUGE grudge match! Adam Cole, the Young Bucks & Kenny Omega open tonight against the many enemies of the #SuperElite, but will year three be elite? Be, be elite?

Jungle Boy starts with Nick Jackson. They circle, tie up and Nick headlocks. JB powers out but Nick runs him over. Things speed up, JB hurdles, Nick leaps and JB ducks the kick to O’Conner Roll. Nick bucks it, JB runs in to rebound and arm-drag, then dropkick! Fans fire up but Nick throat chops! Tag to Cole and he bumps JB off buckles to then stomp a mudhole into. Fans fire up as Cole paces, but JB turns things around to CHOP and CHOP and CHOP! JB whips corner to corner, Cole reverses but runs into a boot! JB gets Cole up to tag Christian in. Christian CHOPS Cole, then CHOPS him again! Tag back to JB and JB goes up to drop a CHOP!

JB wrenches, tags Christian back in, and he climbs up to drop an ax handle. Christian stands on Cole at the ropes and chokes him! The ref counts, Christina lets off to slingshot and uppercut! Christian then hooks Cole’s arms but Cole fights that off. Christian puts Cole in a corner to rain down rights! Christian goes way past 10, then hops down to drag Cole in. INVERTED DDT as Matt Runs in! Matt comes back into a FLAPJACK! Tag to JB, basement boot! Omega gets in but gets a DOUBLE HIP TOSS! Nick goes to check on his brother while JB goes after Cole. JB CHOPS Cole against ropes, whips him but Cole reverses and Nick gets a cheap shot!

JB elbows Nick down but Cole BOOTS JB! Cole drags JB up, tags in Omega, and Omega springboards for the ax handle! Fans fire up as Omega taunts Bryan. Omega wrenches JB, tags in Nick, and Nick climbs to drop ax handles. Fans chant, “Kenny No Balls!” but Nick wrenches JB to an ELBOW BREAKER! Nick YANKS the arm, tags Matt, and Matt climbs to drop into a kick! JB wrenches Nick, KICKS Matt, but the Bucks kick back. Nick goes up but JB trips him up! JB CHOPS Matt, knuckle locks and goes up to bounce the rope! Nick suffers but JB mule kicks him down to then FLYING ARM-DRAG Matt! Another arm-drag and fans are all fired up!

JB wrenches, tags in Bryan, and the American Dragon throws EuroUppers and CHOPS! Then KICKS against the ropes and CHOPS! KICK, CHOP, KICK KICK KICK! Fans are fired up as Bryan kicks Matt to the apron! Omega jumps in but then jumps out as Bryan glares at him. Bryan wrenches Matt’s arm, bumps him off buckles, and he tags in Luchasaurus! Fans fire up more as Luchasaurus whips Bryan in to dropkick Matt! Matt staggers into a CHOP! Matt is stinging but Luchasaurus puts him in the corner t fire off hands. Tag to JB, JB runs to DECK Cole! Christina hits Nick, Bryan and Luchasaurus knock Omega down.

Christian RAMS into Matt! Bryan forearms! JB uppercuts! Luchasaurus SPLASHES! Matt is fed to a full nelson, TAIL WHIP FACEBUSTER! Cover, the rest of the Elite break it! Things break down into a brawl! JB clotheslines Nick out but Cutler saves Nick from the plancha! Matt whips but Christian reverses, Matt hits apron! But Michael Nakazawa SMACKS Christian with his laptop! Christian DECKS Nakazawa, but he gets cold spray from Cutler! The Bucks coordinate, SUPER INDIETAKER to the ramp!! Cutler sprays the Bucks down like the good lackey he is while Marko Stunt checks on Christian. The medics also check, is Christian’s neck okay after that one?

But then Matt SUPERKICKS JB down! The Elite want to keep this going, but Stunt won’t let them touch Christian. So Matt SUPERKICKS Stunt down! The Elite put JB in and Matt rains down fists! And even BITES his forehead! The ref reprimands but Matt drags JB up to bump off buckles. Tag to Nick, he runs in to SHINING WIZARD! Tag to Cole, tag to Matt, then tag back to Nick. Cole has the camel clutch on JB while the Bucks clear out the others. The Bucks run and run and run… to SUPER KISS~! Cole lets JB go and Nick drags JB up. Tag to Omega and he kicks JB down. Omega drags JB up and makes the cameras look at his face.

Omega talks trash as he reels JB in, but JB suplexes to a BRAINBSUTER! Both men are down and the fans are thunderous! Omega drags JB away but JB enziguris, only for Omega to duck! Omega says he’s too smart for JB, and he gets JB up for a full nelson. JB breaks free, Omega shoves him, COMEBACKER! JB and Omega are down but the lackeys trip up Bryan and Luchasaurus! But Luchasaurus and Bryan beat the crap out of them for it! But the Bucks get JB away from the corner and back suplex. JB lands on his feet, then does the same! He slides under Matt but Nick kicks low. The Bucks double suplex but JB hits a DOUBLE DDT! Fans fire up as all three men are down!

Hot tags to Omega and Bryan! Bryan ducks the Polish Hammer to BOOT Cole! Now it’s all down to Omega and Bryan! Fans are thunderous with “YES! YES! YES!” Omega throws a forearm, but Bryan gives it back. Omega, Bryan, Omega, Bryan, “BOO! YEAH!” over and over and over! But Omega kicks low! Omega whips, Bryan goes up and over and keeps moving to duck and dodge and LEAPING LARIAT! Omega gets to a corner and Bryan has the fans fire up more. Bryan runs corner to corner to dropkick! And YES Kick! Again and again and again! Bryan then hoists Omega up top, climbs up to join him and SUPER STEINER him across the ring!

Bryan goes back up top, aims and leaps, DIVING HEADBUTT! Cover, the Bucks break it! Luchasaurus returns, the Bucks intercept! They double whip but Luchasaurus breaks the line to DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE! But Cole comes back with a SHINING WIZARD! But JB SUPERKICKS! Omega ducks JB to SNAP DRAGON! Bryan waits, rolling- NO! Omega ducks, but Bryan switches to a TIGER SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO! But Bryan gets the arms again, CATTLE MUTILATION! But Nick SWANTONS onto Bryan! “This is Awesome!” “A E DUB! A E DUB!” as Omega and Bryan crawl. Hot tags to Luchasaurus and Adam Cole!

Luchasaurus rallies on Cole and the Bucks, putting Nick in a corner hard, then putting Cole in another. Matt runs in but into a FLAPJACK! Omega gets a knee and a BOOT! Luchasaurus starts giving out corner clotheslines and BOOTS to the Super Elite! Cole SUPERKICKS, goes up top, PANAMA- Choke grip! Luchasaurus grabs Omega, too, CHOKE SLAM SANDWICH! But he turns around, and handsprings under the double superkicks! TAIL WHIP for Nick! ROUNDHOUSE for Matt! Then he goes out to ASAI MOONSAULT Omega and Cole! Fans are electric but Nick PENALTY KICKS Luchasaurus! JB hits a FLYING RANA to the ramp!!

Matt WRECKS JB with a dropkick but Bryan DIVES to take out Matt! Bryan goes up but Omega knocks him back down. Terminator Drums start up, and Omega builds speed to FLY! Direct hit on Bryan and Luchasaurus! Cole builds speed, but then just says, “ADAM COLE, BAYBAY!” Luchasaurus gets in as Cole soaks up the cheers and jeers, JURASSIC CHOKE SLAM to MESOZOIC MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO!! “This is Awesome!” but far from over as Luchasaurus tags JB! Luchasaurus stands Cole up, but Omega V-TRIGGERS JB! Omega runs into a choke grip, the Bucks distract the ref, Cole LOW BLOWS Luchasaurus!

The Bucks set Luchasaurus up for Omega, but even with help from Cole, they can’t keep Luchasaurus up in the air! Fans boo the baby bomb but the Elite decide to try that on a smaller guy. But JB fires off forearms and elbows and CHOPS! Omega rakes JB’s eyes, DOUBLE SUPERKICKS from the Bucks! SNAP DRAGON to a PANAMA SUNRISE!! Cover, but Bryan barrels in to break it! Bryan fires off forearms now, fans chanting “YES! YES! YES!” with every shot! Bryan’s floored the entire Elite and Omega wants mercy. Instead, he gets YES Kicks! Kick after kick after kick, then the BUZZ- NO! Omega blocks, TRIPLE SUPERKICKS!!

The Bucks set JB up, SUPER B T E TRIGGER!! All four knees!! Cole covers, the #SuperElite wins!!

Winners: The Elite, by pinfall

Somehow, someway, Cole, the Bucks and Omega find a way to win! Will All Elite Wrestling always be The Elite’s company?


Jon Moxley speaks.

“Lately, I’m a little pissed off, I’m a little outta sorts. I’ve lost patience for anything that takes patience so let’s just get down to it. The fact is, no matter what anybody wants to say, there is no man in AEW that can pin me. There is no man in AEW that can submit me. But tonight, they want to play games with ladders? What, y’all think I’ve never been in a ladder match before?” This is Philly! Let’s get stupid with ladders! Moxley doesn’t know what’s what anymore cuz he has a three-month-old at home and she’s insane! But AEW is his company and that is HIS belt! Will the Maniac get crazy and climb back up to the top?


CM Punk is here!

Philly sings Cult of Personality for him as he high-fives commentary then heads to the ring. But he does take a crowd dive detour first! Punk then gets the mic to ask, “Who’s tired of this yet?” Not the fans here! Punk shows up thinking they will, but he’s not so he’ll keep the love fest going. Do you see his new Jordans? He comes from humble beginnings, moved to Philadelphia and lived here about three years. Punk wrestled on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, then ran a wrestling school the other days. He ate, slept and breathed pro-wrestling. He loves Philly so much cuz it gave him so much, so thank you.

And because of that money, Punk bought an iPod and a laptop, holy s*it did he feel rich! But not because of the money, but spiritually. He had everything he wanted. He did all of those things and immersed himself in a community, he really hopes no one is sick of it because he loves being immersed back in this again. And because Philly is and always will be special, Punk wants to give back. Outside of buying these animals cheesecake, or cheesesteak, whichever it is, well, they can have their pick. Does Punk wrestle or do they get cheesesteaks? Fans seem pretty torn, actually. Okay then, go buy yourselves cheesesteaks, he’ll wrestle!

Punk say someone tried to stop all this before it began, he’s talking to Daniel Garcia! If Garcia has the balls, he’ll meet Punk on Rampage! LET’S GO!! The Best in the World just called out Red Death, will fans be celebrating that match with some cheesesteaks? And what’s even bigger, Punk gives the young man cosplaying Orange Cassidy those very Jordans! Thumbs up!


Arn Anderson has lit a literal fire.

He’s burning a suit jacket! “This is symbolic of the same thing Malakai Black did, coming in an unlocked door to AEW…” Cody Rhodes walks out and sees Arn burning this in his backyard. Arn sarcastically says Cody’s finally aware. C’mon down, Cody. Everyone thought Arn walked out on Cody but here he is. Cody says that was an expensive suit. Arn says Cody can have hit TV shows and buy multi-million dollar mansions, and when he’s winning, everyone will go, “Damn right, man, I’m happy for you.” Cody’s looking good right now, huh? Arn asks for the tie and Cody hands it over. Why doesn’t Cody just paint a star on his face again and it’ll be alright?

Arn says this is just more excess. Cody doesn’t want Arn to throw the tie away but then Arn slaps him! Cody threw Arn away, so it’s only fair. Cody throws the tie in the fire. Will all of this get Cody to reignite his fire for pro-wrestling?


AEW hears from Bobby Fish.

“I’ve been an athlete and a martial artist my entire life. I’ve wrestled in front of 40,000 people in the Tokyo Dome, I’ve won title all around this world, and that brings me to AEW.” Spanish God, Sammy Guevara, is destined to go down as the shortest reigning champion in AEW history. And why? You’re looking at him. Will Fish make this an infamous title match?

AEW TNT Championship: Sammy Guevara VS Bobby Fish!

Fuego Del Sol was avenged when his best friend, Sammy, defeated Miro 1v1 just last week on Dynamite! But the Infamous One made his presence known during Rhodes to the Top! Will this debut be Fish’s road right to the top?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and one way or another, history’s being made on the Dynamite Anniversary!

Sammy and Fish circle, they tie up, and Fish knees low then ROCKS Sammy with a forearm! Fish throws heavy shots, Sammy gives them back and even CHOPS! Fish throws more heavy hands, kicks Sammy to the ropes, then lets off to whip. Sammy holds ropes to avoid the roundhouse but Fish says it was that close. They circle again, tie up, Sammy waistlocks but Fish wrenches out to a wristlock, Sammy spins, flips and arm-drags Fish away! Things speed up, Sammy hurdles and back flips then dropkicks Fish down! And smoothly kips up, too! Sammy runs in to RAM Fish in the corner, ENZIGURI then fires up the fans as he goes up and around, but Fish KICKS the legs out!

Fish drags Sammy up, clinches and throws knees, then ROCKS him with a forearm. Snapmare and slingshot senton! Cover, ONE!! Sammy hangs tough but Fish drags him up to KICK him in the back. Sammy gets up to kick and snapmare, then KICK in return. Fish stands up, throws forearms and knees but Sammy gives that back. Fish knees low again, whips to ropes and CLOBBERS Sammy with an elbow! Fans rally as Fish drags Sammy up. Sammy throws body shots but Fish suplexes. Sammy suplexes and hangs Fish out to dry as AEW goes picture in picture.

Fish slumps to the apron, Sammy throws forearms on him. Sammy ROUNDHOUSES but Fish stays up! Fish throws body shots but Sammy throws forearms, Fish DECKS Sammy in return! Fish gets back in, stalks Sammy and brings him around to KICK in the chest! Sammy falls back and gasps for air, but Fish drags him up to throw more knees! Fish then KICKS Sammy off his feet again! Cover, TWO! Fish sits Sammy up, Sammy throws body shots, but Fish throws knees. Fish runs but into a BIG back elbow! Fish goes out to the apron again but Sammy is after him. Sammy drags Fish up, but Fish suplexes Sammy! Sammy lands on the apron and they throw forearms back and forth!

Fish kicks low, but Sammy KNEES back! Fish drops but Sammy jumps the leg sweep! Only for Fish to SWEEP on the return! Sammy hits apron then floor, and he flounders to the railing. Fish gets Sammy up to RAM him into railing. Fish throws body shots, drags Sammy up and into the ring, then covers. TWO, but Fish keeps his cool and drags Sammy up as AEW returns to single picture.

Fans rally, Fish scoops and SLAMS Sammy, then goes out to slingshot senton again, but onto knees! Sammy fires up and fans fire up with him! Sammy waits for Fish to rise, and he runs in to ELBOW him down! Then LARIATS! Sammy whips Fish to a corner but Fish reverses. Fish runs in but into another elbow. Sammy goes up and leaps, into a BOOT! But he comes back to KNEE! Fish blocks the clothesline to fire off kicks, and SAIDO SUPLEX! Cover, TWO!! Sammy survives and fans rally up as Fish stands Sammy up. Fish throws even more knees, then BOOTS Sammy to a corner. Sammy BOOTS back, runs and wrenches to STANDING SPANISH FLY!!

Fish sits up in a daze, Sammy gets to the apron and drags himself up the corner. Fans rally, Sammy reaches the top rope, but Fish kicks his legs out! Fish sits Sammy up to ROCK him with a forearm. Fish climbs, brings Sammy up and throws body shots. They go to the very top and Fish SUPER FALCON ARROWS!! Fish has to crawl to the cover, though, TWO!! Sammy survives again and Fish can’t believe it! Fish drags Sammy back up, aims for the corner, EXPLODER into buckles! Cover, TWO!! Sammy still has life but Fish goes to the corner. Sammy slowly rises, Fish kicks but Sammy ducks! Torture rack and GTH!! High stack cover, Sammy wins!!

Winner: Sammy Guevara, by pinfall (still AEW TNT Champion)

But wait a minute. Here come Dan Lambert, American Top Team and the Men of the Year! They’re targeting the Inner Circle now that Chris Jericho is on the sidelines. Paige VanZant is egging Sammy on, but that’s to distract him from the BLINDSIDE by Scorpio Sky! Then it’s just a mugging by Junior Dos Santos! Lambert taunts the fans and mockingly wonders where Jericho is. But here comes Fuego Del Sol! He goes after Scorpio but gets caught and beat down by the rest of American Top Team! Fans boo but Lambert revels in it, until CHRIS JERICHO is here!! Jericho and Jake Hager run in to run off Lambert, but they take the fight to the MMA meat heads!

Jericho DECKS Dos Santos, Hager takes out two at once! The Inner Circle will not stand for this would be invasion, but then Lambert tells Judas to stop. The fans still sing it, even more so because it annoys Lambert! Lambert wants to clear up some confusion on who’s calling the shots! Jericho’s been a big deal for a long time, and Tony Conman has all the stroke in the world when he goes on tour to sh*tstain towns like Philadelphia! But you see, next week, Rampage is in Miami! South Florida is American Top Team Country! The King of 305 is Jorge Masvidal, and if anyone has a say, it’s him! The Balls of Jericho aren’t as big as they think!

So Lambert makes a Six Man Tag match! The Inner City Jerkoffs VS The Men of the Year and former UFC Heavyweight Champion, Junior Dos Santos! Homefield advantage goes to them, because Lambert and his baddest bodyguard on the planet are going to be ringside! And if you knee-d a reminder, well Jericho met him last week. Duh, it’s Jorge Masvidal! Jericho tells Lambert that he didn’t hear a damn thing he said! But he does know this! Wait, the mic cuts off? Oh, here’s one that works! Jericho says here’s what he does know! “We are going to beat the living SH*T out of you!!” AND that crap team! Then see you in Miami! Will things get downright ugly in South Beach?


The Acclaimed speak.

Or rather, Max Caster raps. “Yo, it’s the Acclaimed and we want the tag titles. Lucha Brothers ’bout to be dead on arrival. Fenix gonna burn up whenever we go off. If you ask Alex, Penta said no mas. You can’t handle the Acclaimed. Trust me, you wear those masks cuz you look so ugly. Friday, Rampage, see us in the ring, The Acclaimed winning the titles and doin’ our thang!” Anthony Bowens agrees, the Lucha Brothers are going to get their “Scooby-Doo villain lookin’ asses” stomped out and the tag titles are being taken away. And everyone will celebrate! Why? Because everyone loves The Acclaimed! And that’s a mic drop! But will Fenix & Penta really drop those titles like Caster does bars?


AEW returns with Tony Schiavone in the ring.

It’s Dynamite’s second anniversary and he heard from Tony Khan that the only way to celebrate that is in the great city of Philadelphia. Furthermore, two years ago that under the leadership of Tony Khan, AEW changed the wrestling business! The fans are to thank for that! And one year ago, AEW introduced the TNT Championship. We’ve had great TNT Champions since then. And on January 5th, 2022, AEW moves to TBS. Now that’s some old school stuff right there. As such, there will be a new championship! This title will be the TBS Championship, it will be in the AEW WOMEN’S DIVISION!

Aubrey Edwards gets to unveil the brand new AEW TBS Championship! It’s black with a blue ribbon and the TBS logo. There will be a tournament that culminates on January 5th with Dynamite’s move! Who will be in it and who will win it to start a new legacy in AEW?


AEW shares Jim Ross’ interview with Darby Allin.

Good ol’ JR appreciates that Darby wanted to have this time to talk. JR was uncomfortable listening to MJF speak last week, that guy was being a total arse. But JR is looking forward to tonight, Darby VS Nick Comoroto, a much, much larger man. But the meat of the matter here is Darby’s face paint. JR is sure Darby knows where this is going. Yes, Max made everything very public. But Darby will elaborate on why he paints his face. Max talked about Darby’s experience with his uncle when Darby was just five years old.

Yes, his uncle was drinking and driving, then passed away. That is what shaped Darby into who he is. He paints only half his face, because he feels half dead inside. Darby’s respect for people, his trust for people. It’s also why he has the words, “Nothing’s over until you’re in the ground,” tattooed on his chest. Darby did face death that day, but he’s still here. Max can say whatever he wants, and everyone can expect Darby to pop him in the face for it, but no. Mentally, physically, Max will not win this war. Max is a book Darby’s read a thousand times. No one has met someone like Darby, he guarantees it. Will Darby be relentless in toppling those who think they’re above him?

Darby Allin w/ Sting VS Nick Comoroto w/ The Factory!

The Icon is in Darby’s corner, but the Freak Beast has QT Marshall and Aaron Solo, so he has to be careful. Wait, nevermind, he LEAPS from the corner onto Comoroto and Solo! Down they go and Darby fires off on Comoroto! Comoroto scoops but Darby slips off to POST him! Darby puts Comoroto in the ring, the bell rings and Darby fires off! Comoroto blocks the whip, then whips Darby, only for Darby to leap frog and keep moving. Darby springboards to COFFIN ATTACK! And then a corner COFFIN ATTACK, to a SHOTGUN dropkick! Darby brings Comoroto around, fires off forearms but Comoroto shoves him.

Darby gets around to Throwback but no Stunner! COmoroto powers Darby to a POWERSLAM! Comoroto fires up and fans boo as AEW goes picture in picture.

Comoroto paces, QT applauds, and Darby drags himself to ropes. Comoroto drags Darby up, bumps him off buckles then throws body shots. Comoroto stomps Darby, digs his knee in, and the ref counts. Comoroto lets off, mocks the fans like he can’t hear them, then goes back to Darby. Comoroto TOSSES Darby across the ring! Comoroto taunts fans that Darby ain’t nothing, then he chokes Darby on the ropes. The ref counts, COmoroto lets off Darby and Darby gets to a corner. Comoroto whips him out then back in hard! Darby rolls and hits buckles, then writhes while Comoroto roars. Comoroto drags Darby up, scoops him, but Darby slips off to fire off forearms!

Comoroto knees low, whips Darby to a corner, then runs in corner to corner, only to RAM himself into buckles! Darby comes back to fire off forearms, but Comoroto shoves him away. Darby returns again but Comoroto lifts him up! Darby uses that to HOTSHOT Comoroto! But Comoroto comes back to drag Darby into the ring and back suplex! Darby lands on his feet, boots from the corner, then goes up to THROWBACK STUNNER! Comoroto is down, Darby fires up and climbs! COFFIN DROP!! Cover, Darby wins!

Winner: Darby Allin, by pinfall

Sting gets in the ring with Darby to make sure The Factory doesn’t try anything. But then QT slips in and turns Sting around, DIAMOND CUTTER! But Sting gets right back up!? QT ain’t no DDP, and he turns around into a LOW BLOW! Sting gives QT a SCORPION DEATH DROP! Will The Factory learn to leave the relentless ones alone? Is Darby’s message to MJF loud and clear?


The Dark Order talks backstage.

Evil Uno knows he hasn’t made the best decisions lately. He knows that sometimes they’ve disagreed. But from here on out, it is now up to the group who makes decisions. Alex Reynolds says that the decisions should be made by all of them. The others agree, and they agree on a Dark Order democracy! John Silver likes that they all did the claw as part of raising their hands. So then, the first thing they should vote on is… Alan Angels putting the mask back on! Bro is way too ugly. Hey, man, don’t you read Twitter? He and Silver look exactly alike so if Angels is ugly… What? Angels has a bald head and a beard, he looks more like Stu Grayson. Wait, what? Stu doesn’t see it.

They start bickering about who is the balder and more bearded, but Anna Jay shouts over them. Are they all on the same page or not? Right, sorry. Claws up. Will the next thing they vote on is who goes after what titles? Or perhaps, who they look to have #JoinDarkOrder?


Schiavone is in the ring with Dante Martin.

Philly is chanting for this great young athlete and Schiavone says it’s great to have him here. Dante thanks Schiavone and then takes the mic. “The past couple months, I’ve been proving I’m a problem to everybody in that locker room.” Fans cheer because they agree, and he says he’s been in the likes of Kenny Omega. Not only has Dante held his own, he’s given them a run for their money. This goes out to the locker room: Dante is here to fight ANYBODY they bring. In that case, the lights go out! And when they come back up, MALAKAI BLACK is in the ring!! Schiavone bails but Dante turns around to see the Dark Father. BLACK MIST, to BLACK MASS!!

The lights go back out, just like for Dante! And when they come back up, Dante is long gone but Malakai has the mic. “The House of Black accepts.” Malakai has his eyes on Angel Dorado, will he make Dante fall back to Earth?


AEW returns and Ricky Starks is in the ring!

“This right here is the original FTW Championship! The same championship that was built down the road in South Philadelphia. This is the same championship that Taz had, because it represented an FTW mindset, and the reason why I am the FTW Champion is because I have the same damn mindset.” But Starks can’t say the same for the former champ, Brian Cage. There’s a reason Starks is out here. Starks wanted to make history and do good by the people, but good ol’ Cage didn’t show up to work! Yeah, really sucks. Starks wanted to wrestle and challenge Cage’s carny ass to a Philly Street Fight. But wait, here IS Cage! Cage DID show, and now he’s going to the ring!

Starks swings on Cage but Cage dodges to CLOBBER Starks! Cage chases Starks to a corner and fires off clothesline after clothesline! Team Taz bails Starks out and fans boo that this isn’t continuing! Will The Machine finally get his hands on Absolute and absolutely destroy him?


The AEW Women’s Division responds to the TBS Championship.

Thunder Rosa does whatever she wants, whenever she wants, and she wants that title! Skye Blue knows she’s the youngest and newest kid on the block, but she is in it to win it! Ruby Soho says when they knocked on her door and invited her to the tournament, she did not expect it to be for a title. “So ladies, expect the unexpected.” That TBS is the kind of flavor Ruby likes. Mark Sterling asks if Jade Cargill heard about this new tournament. You mean the one she’s gonna win? She is gonna take that title and make it into #ThatBitchShow. TBS knows comedy, but are they about to see a whole lotta action?


Hikaru Shida VS Serena Deeb!

Justin Roberts says it straight up: if the Full Metal Warrior wins here tonight, that is her historic 50th win! Shida will be immortalized as the first woman in AEW to reach that mark! But will the Woman of 1000 Holds hold Shida back from that benchmark in Philly?

The bell rings and the two circle as fans rally up. They tie up, Deeb arm-drags but Shida comes back. They tie up again, Shida arm-drags and Deeb gets a bit more serious. They approach, Deeb waistlocks, Shida switches but Deeb wrenches to a wristlock. Shida handsprings and wrenches back to a wristlock. Deeb spins, breaks and trips to then drag Shida back up and wrench the knuckle lock to a takedown. Shida headscissors but Deeb kips free, and fans cheer the standoff. Shida offers a handshake, Deeb SLAPS Shida’s face! Shida and Deeb tie up, Shida headlocks and grinds, but Deeb powers out. Shida redirects and BOOTS Deeb down!

Shida bumps Deeb off buckles, climbs up top and holds up 5-0! She rains down fast hands, but only gets about 7. Shida comes back to use a headbutt and a dropkick to pay Deeb back! Shida then drags Deeb out to the apron, CLUBS her, then gets space for the RUNNING KNEE LIFT! Fans fire up as Deeb falls to the floor. Shida gets the chair out! She sets it up, fans rally but Deeb takes the chair away and puts it back under the ring! Deeb gets in the ring, Shida chases after, ducks the haymaker but Deeb gets her with a DRAPING GUILLOTINE! And then, a DRAPING NECKBREAKER as AEW goes picture in picture!

Shida hits the floor, Deeb paces around to soak up cheer and jeers, then she taunts Shida as she’s on the floor. The ring count climbs, Shida gets up but Deeb goes out after her to put her in the ring. Shida hits back but Deeb stands her up for another NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Deeb paces as Shida sits up. Deeb drags Shida up, Shida hits back again, but Deeb CLUBS her down. Deeb EuroUppers, then EuroUppers again. Deeb brings Shida around to DECK her with a EuroUpper! Deeb paces around, drags Shida back up, and whips her to then reel her in for a cobra twist! Shida endures as Deeb digs a claw into the ribs! Deeb then shifts to digging in an elbow as AEW goes to break.

AEW returns and fans rally up as both women slowly rise. Shida ROCKS Deeb with a forearm, then another! Deeb puts up her guard but Shida waits her out, to then ROCK her again! Shida reels Deeb in, guillotine SWING and TOSS! Fans fire up as Shida goes up top and Deeb slowly stands. Deeb turns around into a missile dropkick! Cover, TWO! Shida keeps her focus and drags Deeb up. Deeb blocks the suplex by grabbing a leg, so Shida CLUBS her on the back. Deeb wrenches and hooks Shida up for an IRON OCTOPUS! Shida endures so Deeb changes to reel her in, arm tuck! No DeebTox as Shida powers out and ROCKS her again!

Deeb EuroUppers, then ducks the enziguri! GEDO CLUTCH! TWO!! Shida gets up to KNEE Deeb down! Deeb flounders to her feet but flops out of the ring! Shida doesn’t want this victory the easy way, she climbs the ropes to CROSSBODY! Shida puts Deeb back in the ring, but Deeb CHOP BLOCKS Shida in the ropes! Then DRAPING DRAGON SCREW! Shida flops, Deeb drags her around to a TWIST ‘N’ SHOUT! Cover, TWO!! Deeb gets a leg, drags Shida around and then drops an elbow on the knee! Deeb does it again, but fans rally up for Shida. Deeb steps through, Shida boots her away then KNEES her in the corner!

Shida reels Deeb in, gut wrench but the leg gives up! Deeb escapes the Canadian rack but Shida dodges the chop block! ROUNDHOUSE! Then gut wrench to the DOMINATOR!! Cover, TWO!! Deeb survives and shocks Shida! Shida runs to SLIDING FOREARM! Then a suplex to the FALCON ARROW! Cover, TWO!! Deeb survives and fans fire up! Shida takes aim, draws, KATA- NO! Deeb blocks the spinning knee, but Shida comes back with thrusting knees! “This is Awesome!” as Shida tries again! Deeb blocks again, CLUBS away on the leg, but Shida clubs Deeb’s back! Deeb rakes Shida’s eyes! Then DRAGON SCREWS with some extra torque!

Deeb drags Shida up, reels her in and tucks the arms, DEEBTOX! Cover, TWO?!? Shida survives but Deeb gets her arm and omoplatas, to then SMASH the knee over an dover and over! SERENITY LOCK!! Shida taps, Deeb wins!!

Winner: Serena Deeb, by submission

NO 50th here! The Woman of 1000 Holds takes the already-made award and CRACKS it on Shida’s head! Fans boo but Deeb soaks it all up. Will Deeb be far more than someone else’s stepping stone in AEW?


Backstage interview with Darby Allin.

Alex Marvez congratulates him but he informs Darby that MJF just asked for a match with Darby next week. Does Darby accept the challenge? Of course. He thought MJF would never ask. But then a limousine rolls up and Darby already knows it’s MJF. Only for someone to SMACK Darby from behind with a chair! Oh of course, that’s Shawn Spears! And Shawn grabs the camera to film as Darby is mugged by the masked versions of FTR and Wardlow! They LAWNDART Darby into a stop sign! Then they bring the railing around and stack them on top of each other. Wardlow drags Darby up to a fireman’s carry and F10 Darby onto the steel!!

Then a maxed MJF rolls up using Darby’s own skateboard, to then CHOKE Darby with it!! The Pinnacle truly become thugs as they mug Darby, but will this only make Darby more determined to break MJF’s never-pinned, never-submitted streak?


Rampage makes it all official!

After calling him out earlier, CM Punk gets his wish! Daniel Garcia will face the Best in the World! Plus, before the TBS Tournament Brackets are even made, we’re getting Skye Blue VS Jade Cargill! Will the new girl shock the world and end Jade’s undefeated streak? And Brian Cage gets his chance, he will be facing Ricky Starks in that Philly Street Fight, FOR the FTW Championship! Can the Machine take back the title Team Taz cheated him out of? And in a rare FOURTH match on Rampage, the Lucha Brothers look to shut up The Acclaimed! The AEW World Tag Team Championships are on the line, has Platinum Max’s mouth written a check he and Bowens can’t cash?


AEW hears from Lio Rush.

“Yo, Dante. I know you probably can’t see right now, and your head is spinning a million miles per second, but I got to say that I am a huge fan.” Dante may not know him, but this is the Man of the Hour, Lio Rush. You can also him #LBOLio because he’s a businessman. Let’s talk business. Dante is hurtin’, and not just physically. Lio sees Dante and sees an undervalued commodity, a sleeping giant. Lio wants to take Dante to new heights. So here’s the proposal: If Dante takes the challenge from Malakai Black, maybe Dante needs a little guidance. Maybe Dante needs to #RiskRushRepeat and get dat money. So how about this? Lio can have his people call Dante, and they’ll talk soon.


Schiavone interviews Team Britt backstage.

Jamie Hayter & Rebel stand by AEW Women’s World Champion, Britt Baker, to discuss the NEW AEW TBS Championship. Britt is for one hoping for a Cartoon Network Title, but nonetheless, TBS is fantastic! Because now, all the jealous bitches can finally just fight amongst themselves instead of obsessing over her. Jealousy is in fact a disease, Britt has no cure for them, so have fun fighting in your little tournament. Britt will be watching from the top. Yours Truly, Dr. Britt Baker, DMD. Will Britt be watching one title race while overlooking those coming for her?


Medical update on Darby Allin.

Because of the blatant backstage assault by the poorly disguised Pinnacle, Darby is NOT medically cleared to compete next week on Dynamite. More will be said on Rampage this Friday, what consequences will there be for MJF and his minions?


Casino Ladder Match: Lance Archer VS Jon Moxley VS PAC VS Andrade El Idolo VS Orange Cassidy VS Matt Hardy VS ???

The innovative match type returns for another year of chaos and opportunity! All but entry number 7, the “Joker,” is known, and will be sent out at random. This match goes until someone brings down the giant poker chip and the opportunity for the AEW World Championship, but will it finish up fast or take all lucky seven to get it done?

First out, Freshly Squeezed Orange Cassidy, followed by The Bastard, PAC! These two know each other well, but what’re the odds it only takes these two?

The bell rings and Pac stares Cassidy down. Cassidy puts on his elbow pad, puts his hands up, but Pac keeps them from going in the pockets. Pac dares Cassidy to get serious, so the sunglasses are tossed aside. Cassidy and Pac tie up, Pac waistlocks and SLAMS Cassidy, then floats all over him to get a rear bearhug. Fans rally up and Cassidy stands up to switch and shove. Pac runs Cassidy over then mocks the fans. Things speed up, or at least they do for Pac as Cassidy just kinda lounges. Pac is annoyed, but Cassidy avoids his stomp and bails out. Pac pursues, Cassidy goes back in the ring but runs into a tilt-o-whirl BACKBREAKER!

Pac seethes, drags Cassidy up and throws him out of the ring. Pac then goes out to get a ladder and brings it into the ring. Cassidy gets in to slide the ladder back out? That’s not how a ladder match works! But Cassidy wants to put his hands in his pockets, until Pac rushes in! Cassidy dodges, comes back and tilt-o-whirls, only to be blocked! The clock hits zero just as Pac hits a BRAINBUSTER! The third entry is Andrade El Idolo! The Black Mask is ready to settle things and so is Pac! Andrade gets a tall ladder right from the get go, only for Pac to dropkick it into him! Pac then goes out to get his own ladder and put it in the ring.

Pac sets up his ladder, Andrade hurries into the ring, and he springboards to get to the top! Pac and Andrade throw forearms up top, Andrade SMACKS Pac off the top! Andrade skips the chip to SUPER SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMB Pac down!! Pac is all folded up and fans lose their minds! Andrade hobbles up, puts Pac in a corner and then takes the ladder to wedge in Pac’s face. Andrade rallies the fans and he runs corner to corner, but Cassidy stands in his way! Hands in the pockets! “Vicious” shin kicks! Andrade puts his hands up, and he does have pockets on his pants, but he CHOPS Cassidy instead! Andrade grins but Cassidy dodges to no-hands RANA!

Another countdown as Cassidy SHOTGUNS Pac into the ladder! The fourth entry is Big Money Matt! More deep history as Hardy goes right at Cassidy, and he catches the Orange Punch to a SIDE EFFECT! Hardy gets the ladder to RAM down Pac, RAM down Cassidy and RAM down Andrade! Hardy sets the ladder up and climbs! Cassidy hurries to anchor Matt, then drag him down. Hardy elbows Cassidy away to then SMACK Cassidy off the side! The ladder is put down on its side as AEW goes picture in picture.

Hardy waistlocks Cassidy but Cassidy ducks as Pac’s SUPERKICK comes in! Hardy takes the hit, Andrade gets in to put Pac on the apron then DECK him! Cassidy runs, dodges, tilt-o-whirl becomes a SHOTGUN dropkick for Hardy, and a DDT for Andrade!! Cassidy is right back up to throw Hardy out to join Andrade. Pac sees those targets and climbs up top! ARIHARA MOONSAULT onto both Hardy and Andrade! All three men are down on the ramp and we have 15 seconds until the next entry! Pac hurries in the ring, he and Cassidy stare down but the clock strikes zero! The fifth entry is the Murderhawk Monster!!

Lance Archer and Jake the Snake already have some scrub from the back, and Archer is carrying him to the ring! Archer throws the guy at Andrade but Andrade ducks, only to get a BOOT! Cassidy DIVES but Archer catches him in a choke grip! APRON CHOKE SLAM! Pac runs into a shove, Archer scoops him for the inverted crucifix! Pac escapes the Blackout to KICK away on the leg! Pac runs but Archer goes sideways to DERAIL him! Hardy returns and CLUBS Archer, but Archer JABS Hardy, and ripcords for a ride on the HELLACOASTER! Archer just solo’d the field and he sets up a ladder! Archer then goes out to fetch another ladder to make a bridge.

Archer drags Cassidy up, puts him on the bridge he made, then he climbs up the corner for a SPLASH onto Cassidy! Everything topples over, then Archer BOOTS Hardy out! Archer sets up one of the ladders, taking a moment to consider his options. The countdown is already hitting zero so he watches the ramp. Of course, the sixth entry is Jon Moxley! The Maniac comes in from the crowd as always, so Archer goes out to meet him! The beef starts here as they brawl among the Philly fans! Moxley kicks and headlocks then uses a fan’s chair to SMACK Archer! Archer heads back to ringside so Moxley KNEES him in the back!

Moxley RUSSIAN LEG SWEEPS Archer into railing! Moxley gets another chair and he runs in to THRWO it at Archer! Archer throws it back! Archer kicks Moxley around, then goes back to the ring to take the ladder and pick it up. But Cassidy gets in for an ORANGE PUNCH! Archer stays up but the ladder is now around his neck! Cassidy ORANGE PUNCHES through the ladder!! Archer is now doubled over, the ladder the only thing keeping him up and vice-versa. So Cassidy climbs Archer to climb the ladder! But Moxley yanks Cassidy down and whips him into the ladder! Archer staggers to a corner, Cassidy staggers into an X PLEX!

Moxley then runs to SHOTGUN the ladder into Archer! Moxley puts the ladder in a corner as a ramp but the countdown is up! The Joker this year is… HANGMAN PAGE!! The Anxious Millennial Cowboy makes his return in a big way, and is wearing brand spankin’ new gear! Fans are thunderous as Hangman goes to the ring and throws hands with Moxley! Moxley runs but into a BIG right! Hangman then clotheslines Moxley up and out! Hangman dumps Archer out to join him, then catches Cassidy’s crossbody for a FALL AWAY SLAM onto the ladder! Hangman uses the ladder to triangle jump and LARIAT Andrade!

Hangman sees Hardy getting another ladder, so he PLANCHAS the ladder onto Hardy! Hangman fires up and gets in the ring, but Pac SMACKS him with a chair! Pac stomps Hangman over and over, then seethes as he gets a ladder. Pac stands that up in a corner, throws the other ladder out of the ring, and fetches a TABLE! Fans fire up as Pac stomps Hangman then sets the table back up in the ring. Pac puts Hangman on the table, goes up the ladder, but Andrade hurries to CLUB Pac down. Pac kicks Andrade, Andrade hits back. They brawl up top, Pac HEADBUTTS Andrade and El Idolo falls onto a ladder on the outside!!

Hangman gets up and he grabs at Pac! Hangman climbs, fires off forearms on Pac, then Alabama lifts! Fans already go nuts as Hangman hits DEADEYE through the table!! Hangman roars and stands despite clutching his knee. But Moxley gets in the ring to kick low and PARADIGM SHIFT!! The Maniac doesn’t care about #CowboyShit as he stands the ladder up. But Cassidy surges into the ring! He climbs right up, fires off hands on Moxley, but Moxley BITES ORANGE! Hardy shoves the ladder over and both Moxley and Cassidy fall into HOTSHOTS off the ropes! Hardy rolls Cassidy out and then puts him on a table.

Hardy throws down hands, then climbs a ladder, he goes V1 with the SUPER LEG DROP through the table!! But Hardy may have just DELETED himself and Cassidy from winning! Moxley is climbing the ladder in the ring but Archer hurries after him! Archer CHOKE SLAMS Moxley off the ladder, then moves table wreckage out of the way. But Hangman BUCKSHOTS outta nowhere!! Hangman climbs, Moxley returns and uses a chair to SMACK Hangman on the back! Moxley climbs now but Hangman is still on the other side. Moxley throws haymakers to send Hangman down, but Hangman climbs back up!

Hangman fires forearms, Moxley gives them back, fans are thunderous! The two slowly down, and Moxley suddenly falls off! Hangman is all alone, he climbs to the top! Hangman takes the chip off the hook thing, and wins!!

Winner: Hangman Page (NEW #1 Contender to the AEW World Championship)

A wild return and a wilder win, the Cowboy is riding high already! He toasts to Philly, but when and where will Hangman get his revenge and his title shot on Kenny Omega?

My Thoughts:

A great episode for AEW and a lot of great stuff set up for the near future. For one, the TBS Championship as the women’s midcard is great, and even with a lot of great choices to face Britt Baker, there are just that many great choices to have the TBS title. Shida VS Deeb was a great match tonight, but I feel like they telegraphed Shida not winning with all the hype and already having the crystal trophy prepared. Both women should definitely be in the tournament, though, and it’d be great for Shida if she had the pressure of winning number 50 and a tournament match put on her so that she gives a big opening round win like Ruby Soho.

The 8 Man Tag was an epic opener, but of course The Elite needed some help from Cutler and Nakazawa to essentially eliminate Christian Cage. The Elite winning is fine, as Adam Cole is still new to AEW and needs to build his win-loss record. CM Punk has a good moment putting Philly and its love of pro-wrestling over, and he’ll have a very good match with Daniel Garcia. He obviously puts his feud with Team Taz on hold now that we finally get Starks VS Cage. The Street Fight is totally so Team Taz can get involved but I bet Cage gets to wreck everyone as he goes for the title. I have no idea if Cage wins the belt or not but it’s just good to see the FTW Championship defended period.

Darby Allin has a pretty good interview promo with JR, he has a very good match with Comoroto, and the attack from The Pinnacle definitely extends the feud with MJF. I am betting the match of Darby VS MJF doesn’t happen until Full Gear, so expect weeks of MJF defending his team’s innocence and still running Darby down. Dante Martin being Malakai Black’s next target is quite the great move, especially for Dante. Can the House of Black recruit the people Malakai beats up? Whenever it is Darius finally gets back, Top Flight being led and guided by Malakai would be really cool, to me. Malakai is a striker and very technical, they’re fast and high-flying, it makes a great dynamic.

I also like that Lio Rush is reaching out trying to do his own recruiting. AEW likes having stables and factions, so it makes sense Lio would want to have someone to team up with. Dark Order skips having a supreme leader to make this into a family democracy type deal, but I have a feeling this just leads to a new way they start disagreeing and end up electing a new leader after all. Arn basically sneaking onto Cody’s property and burning his clothes was an interesting way for Arn to get Cody to wake up and be a wrestler first, face of AEW second. I am a bit surprised they did something like this so soon, there should’ve been more Cody doing his own soul searching and Arn focusing on Lee Johnson.

The TNT Championship was great stuff, especially for Fish’s AEW in-ring debut. Sammy of course retains, he only just got that belt. American Top Team further going after Inner Circle through Sammy was a logical move, and I have a feeling this Six Man Tag is mostly a holdover so they can save something like Masvidal VS Jericho or the return of the MMA Cage Match in AEW for Full Gear. Still not really feeling this MMA VS AEW thing, but whatever, seems like plenty of other fans are still into it. Then the Casino Ladder Match was a great match, a lot of great destruction and mayhem, but as I said before, all the feuds and history cancelled out, the Joker won.

Now Hangman being the Joker was a great way for him to return, but it is so clear that this win was to make up for the All Out audible. We all know CM Punk and Bryan Danielson coming to AEW was big, but I still say it shouldn’t have changed the plan of Hangman winning the world title at the PPV he failed to get it before. Full Gear will be where Omega VS Hangman happens, and yet I have no idea if Hangman gets the title now. It would help make Full Gear big and give year three a big start if Hangman goes into the holidays as top champion. Anxious Millennial Cowboy Thanksgiving and Christmas specials, anyone?

My Score: 9.1/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Collision Results & Report! (12/2/23)

The American Dragon is back in action!



Bryan Danielson and Andrade El Idolo finally start in the Blue League!

As the AEW Continental Classic’s second round continues, Bryan Danielson and Andrade El Idolo finally have their first taste of action! Will the American Dragon and Face of Latino Wrestling both get points tonight?


  • AEW Continental Classic, Blue League: Claudio Castagnoli VS Brody King; Brody wins.
  • Abadon VS Kiera Hogan; Abadon wins.
  • AEW Continental Classic, Blue League: Andrade El Idolo VS Daniel Garcia; Andrade wins.
  • The Kingdom w/ Roderick Strong VS The Iron Savages w/ Jacked Jameson; The Kingdom wins.
  • Malakai Black & Buddy Matthews VS Christopher Daniels & Matt Sydal; The House of Black win.
  • El Hijo Del Vikingo VS Kip Sabian; Vikingo wins.
  • AEW Continental Classic, Blue League: Bryan Danielson VS Eddie Kingston; Bryan wins.


Brody King speaks.

“Tonight on Collision, in Erie, PA, Blue League round two against Claudio. I’m here to prove why I’m not just an upset win, and I’m the most dominant wrestler in this tournament. HARU!”

Claudio Castagnoli speaks.

“Time for talking is over. Swiss to C2, tonight I’m going to take a King’s head.”


CJ Perry & Andrade El Idolo speak.

The Coldest Manager in the Game says tonight, her client will take down Daniel Garcia again tonight, and take home that fat check. And his name is Andrade The Idol. No, no, es El Idolo. And everyone knows who he is, but Garcia, see you tonight.

Daniel Garcia speaks.

“Andrade, you wanna know what really, really makes me mad? It’s when someone likes you comes in here and thinks they can step all over people like me. Well I’m not having it anymore. Tonight, I fight back. And if I needed any more motivation to win other than getting those three points, it’s putting somebody like you in his place.”


Bryan Danielson speaks.

“Eddie Kingston, tonight, it’s you and me in the Continental Classic. And do y’know what? I don’t want depressed Eddie Kingston. I don’t want Eddie Kingston who feels bad about himself because he lost his first round match. I want the Eddie Kingston that won the ROH World title. I want the Eddie Kingston who’s confident enough to put in BOTH his titles in this tournament! Eddie Kingston, I want the best version of you because if you don’t bring it, you’re gonna get hurt.”

Eddie Kingston speaks.

“Look, guys, I know we gotta do this cold open thing. It’s the cool thing to do on Collision. I don’t have time. I gotta go get ready, I’m 0-1 in this tournament already, I do NOT wanna go 0-2. Bryan, I do respect you, sort of, so I don’t care about your eye, I don’t care about your arm, I don’t care about anything about you. All I care about is winning. So guess what? I’m gonna bust you up.”


AEW Continental Classic, Blue League: Claudio Castagnoli VS Brody King!

The Swiss Superman is ready for his Collision with the King of Death! But with both men at 1-0, who, if either of them, moves on to be Blue League’s only 2-0 leader?

The bell rings, 20 minutes is ticking down, but Claudio and Brody run in to RAM shoulders! Claudio BOOTS, Brody BOOTS, and Claudio fires a forearm! Brody forearms back, fans fire up as the shots keep going! They pick up speed with those forearms, Brody CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS! Then he LARIATS! Claudio stays up!? Claudio seethes and fans fire up as he comes back to CHOP! CHOP! And CHOP! Claudio LARIATS, but Brody stays up! Brody LARIATS, Claudio LARIATS, repeat! Claudio rebounds, DOUBLE LARIATS collide! Neither falls, they DOUBLE LARIAT again, and again, then Claudio dodges! DOUBLE LARIATS finally take both men down!

Fans fire up as Brody and Claudio roll out opposite ends of the ring. Claudio and Brody stand back up, the ring count climbs, but both men storm up around the way to DOUBLE LARAIT! And DOUBLE LARIAT! The count is 9, both men slide in at 9.9!! Fans fire up as Brody and Claudio start throwing forearms again! Brody gets the edge, runs, and he BOOTS Claudio down! Brody then scoops Claudio but Claudio slips free to BOOT! Claudio scoops, to SLAM Brody! Fans fire up, Brody staggers back up and Claudio runs, to clothesline Brody up and out! Fans fire up, Claudio goes out and he runs in around the way, UPPERCUT!

Fans fire up more and Claudio drags Brody up. Claudio whips Brody hard into railing, but Brody comes back to CLOBBER Claudio! Fans fire up as Brody peels the bumpers off the railing, then he throws forearms with Claudio. Brody knees low, whips, and Claudio hits railing hard! Claudio tumbles up and over and Collision goes picture in picture.

Brody catches his breath, storms over to where Claudio is, and drags him up. Fans fire up as Brody suplexes Claudio to the floor! Both men writhe, but Brody storms up on Claudio to stand him up. Brody CHOPS and Claudio sputters! Brody CHOPS again! Claudio staggers back, Brody whips him hard into the apron! Brody CLUBS Claudio, stalks him as he hobbles, then POSTS Claudio! Claudio staggers and falls over, and Brody refreshes the ring count. Brody storms back up on Claudio, ROCKS him, then puts him in the ring. Brody CHOPS Claudio again, ROCKS him to a corner, then ROCKS him again.

Claudio goes to another corner but Brody CLUBS him! And CHOPS him! Claudio UPPERCUTS! Brody CHOPS! Repeat! Brody gets the edge as he ROCKS Claudio again, then CHOPS him down! Claudio leans against ropes as he coughs and gasps for air. Brody clamps on with a chinlock, digs his forearm cast into Claudio’s face, and Collision returns to single picture. Claudio endures, pries the hold open, and he stands to wrench the arm, for an ELBOW BREAKER! The forearms fly again, Claudio runs but Brody scoops to SLAM! And then SENTON! Fans rally up while Claudio crawls to a corner.

Brody runs in to SPLASH at the corner! The fans bark and hoot with Brody, but Claudio UPPERCUTS him in the corner! Claudio fires UPPERCUT after UPPERCUT from all sides! Then he jukes the ref to UPPERCUT again! Claudio fires more shots, roars, and takes a moment to steady himself. Claudio whips but Brody blocks, so Claudio UPPERCUTS again! Claudio whips, Brody reverses and runs in to SPLASH! Then fireman’s carry, but Claudio fights free to UPPERCUT the back! Claudio trips Brody, but Brody kicks him away! Claudio comes back to DOUBLE STOMP! Cover, TWO! Brody survives but Claudio keeps his cool.

Claudio drags Brody up, but Brody fights the fireman’s carry. Brody ROCKS Claudio, CHOPS him, then runs, into a POP-UP UPPERCUT!! Cover, TWO!! Brody survives but the fans fire up behind Claudio as he stands. Claudio gets the legs, to SWING Brody!! Claudio goes around and around, and fans count all the way to TEN! Then the SHARPSHOOTER!! Fans fire up while Claudio sits deep! Brody endures, claws at the mat, fights around, and he reaches out! But Claudio grabs that bad arm to hold it back! Brody still fights forward, ROPEBREAK! Claudio lets go in frustration while Brody crawls to a corner.

Claudio waits on Brody to stand, then runs in, but Brody dodges! Claudio POSTS himself, then Brody GERMAN SUPLEXES him away! Brody runs in to CANNONBALL! Brody drags Claudio to a cover, ONE?!? Fans are stunned and so is Brody! Brody ROCKS Claudio, reels him in, but Claudio slips free of the bomb to fireman’s carry! DEATH VALLEY DRIVER!! Cover, ONE?!? Brody survives and Claudio is shocked! “This is Awesome!” and Claudio drags Brody up and reels him in. Claudio Gotch Lifts but Brody back drops free! Claudio lands on his feet! Springboard- HAYMAKER!! STUFF PILEDRIVER!! Cover, TWO?!?

Fans are thunderous as Brody hurries to get Claudio up. LARIAT!! Cover, Brody wins!!

Winner: Brody King, by pinfall (gains 3 points; Claudio earns 0)

That deadly right arm brings down the Swiss Superman, and Brody has six points! Is the Blue League soon going to belong to the House of Black?


Jon Moxley speaks.

“If it turns out that entering this Continental Classic tournament was a bad idea, I won’t find out ’til it’s too late. I’m banged up. Maybe the last four years is finally catching with me, because nobody’s done it anywhere in the world like I do it the last four years. My head hurts, my neck hurts, my back hurts, now my knee hurts. Getting that tingly-ness in my fingers now all the time. I live in pain on a day to day basis like most people couldn’t even imagine. Now on top of that, my head’s not screwed on straight all the time lately. The doctors are prescribing me this medication, that medication.

“And I’m just sick of it all. I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired. I’m sick and tired of being pissed off at my body failing me, I’m sick and tired of being depressed, I’m being sick and tired about being pissed about the entire last year. I’m sick and tired of being pissed off. So I’m gonna do the only thing I know how to do, the only thing I’m good at: I’m gonna wrestle my way out of it. I’m gonna fight my way out of it. I’m gonna put every ounce, every drop of sweat and effort and will I have into winning this Continental Classic tournament.

“This kind of thing, this is what AEW was built on, man. Two guys in the ring, the best wrestlers in the world, giving it their all, feeling that feeling when you’ve given every ounce of yourself in the ring, and pushing the limits, and pushing the boundaries, and making people stand up and go ‘Oh my God!’ What’d I just see?’ Feeling that connection with an audience that loves wrestling as much as we do. That is what AEW is about. Somebody’s gotta step up and win this tournament, and show the world exactly what AEW is, exactly what All Elite Wrestling can be! And that’s just gonna have to be me.

“Because anybody can say what they want but I’m the Ace of the World, b*tch, and that’s just the way it is. And there is nobody in this tournament that can do anything to me worse than what I deal with on a daily basis. Nothing they can do to me that’s worse than fighting the demons that I fight on a daily basis. If you think I’m shot, if you think my trigger’s been pulled, if you think I’m ripe for the picking, please, please, take your shot.” The Maniac is going to go until he can’t go any more, will El Toro Blanco look to take that shot this Wednesday?


Abadon VS Kiera Hogan!

With title chases never stopping, the Undead Girl and the Hottest Flame are fighting to get ahead. Who wins here to move up in the rankings towards the champions of AEW?

The bell rings, Kiera is wary of Abadon, and the two circle. Abadon corners Kiera, run sin, but Kiera dodges. Kiera SHOTGUNS Abadon down and fans fire up! Kiera runs in but Abadon sends her into buckles! Abadon fires off clothesline after clothesline, but lets off as the ref counts. Abadon runs in but Kiera avoids the boot to then KICK the legs out! Kiera runs, and she HIP ATTACKS Abadon against ropes! Kiera then snapmares, Abadon ducks the buzzsaw but not the SUPERKICK! Kiera runs Around the World to BOOT WASH! Cover, TWO! Kiera keeps cool as she runs again, but Abadon catches her for a SCRAPBUSTER!

Abadon roars and the fans fire up! Abadon runs in to SPLASH Kiera in a corner, then whips. Kiera reverse, Abadon slips out and then ROCKS Kiera! HEADSHOT CUTTER! Cover, TWO! Kiera is still in this but Abadon mocks the peace fingers. Abadon stalks Kiera, has her in the ropes, and mocks that pretty face. Abadon licks Kiera, YANKS her off the ropes, and then storms around. Abadon kicks, Kiera ducks and rolls her up, TWO! Kiera SOBATS, ROUNDHOUSES, then reels her in! NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Abadon survives and Kiera is frustrated. Kiera pounds the mat, the fans rally up behind her, and she stalks Abadon.

Kiera fires forearms, says to stay down and she SLAPS! Abadon SCORPION KICKS, then runs to KNEE Kiera down! Abadon drags Kiera up, hammerlocks, BLACK DAHLIA!! Cover, Abadon wins!

Winner: Abadon, by pinfall

Like the Nightmare Before Christmas, Abadon is bringing the scary to the merry season! But will Abadon earn a championship match as a Christmas gift to herself?

Wait! The lights go out! And when the lights come back, JULIA HART is here! Abadon turns around to see her, and the TBS Champion smiles. The lights go out again, and when they come back again, Julia’s gone. Abadon shrieks into the night, will this be like Jason VS Freddy for the title?


Backsatge interview with Samoa Joe.

Alex Marvez says the last time we saw Joe, he was furious that MJF accepted a tag team challenge from “The Devil of AEW.” Joe says why wouldn’t he be? But then someone shouts “SAMOA JOOOE~!” In rolls Roderick Strong & The Kingdom. Roddy tells Joe that Roddy is willing to forgive Joe for trying to end his career with a broken neck not just once but twice. And he knows Joe has his world title match with Max, but c’mon, this is clearly a trap! MJF is the Devil! But hey, Roddy’s best friend “ADAAAM~!” likes Joe and thinks of him as a friend. So as Adam Cole’s best friend, that makes Roddy a friend to Joe.

So hey, Wednesday, it’s a set-up. Those goons will beat the crap out of Joe! And MJF isn’t even here right now! He’s probably plotting how they’re gonna do it! The Kingdom says yeah, Roddy’s right. So just listen to him, okay? Joe chuckles and leaves. Does Joe think they’re joking? Between Joe and “The Devil,” who will have the last laugh on Dynamite?


AEW Continental Classic, Blue League: Andrade El Idolo VS Daniel Garcia!

We saw this showdown before when CJ Perry was recruiting clients, and we saw which way that went. But then will history repeat itself? Or will Red Death ruin Andrade’s start in the Blue League?

While no “seconds” are allowed, meaning even manager CJ must return to the back, Daddy Magic found a loophole by joining commentary. He still disapproves of the Garcia dance. Anyway, the bell rings, we’re on the clock, and the two circle. Fans rally up as the two tie up, Garcia rolls Andrade up, ONE! Garcia says he almost had Andrade, but Andrade just smirks. The two reset, tie up again, and Andrade headlocks. Andrade holds on tight, but Garcia powers up to power out. But Andrade runs Garcia over! Fans rally and duel, cheer and jeer, and Andrade CHOPS Garcia! Andrade whips but Garcia stops himself to whip Andrade!

Andrade goes Spider-Man in the ropes to tranquilo! Fans fire up for that, but then Garcia puts his dukes up. Andrade says no dance, but then Garcia clamps on a SLEEPER! Andrade RAMS Garcia into buckles, goes up the ropes, and he CROSSBODIES! Garcia staggers up, Andrade CHOPS him! Andrade whips, but Garcia reverses. Andrade goes up and over, then dropkicks the dropdown! Garcia goes to the apron, and Andrade PLANCHAS! Fans fire up, Andrade puts Garcia in, and he covers, ONE!! Garcia hangs tough but Andrade brings him up. Andrade gives some Latino Heat but Garcia wrenches out. Andrade ROCKS Garcia, but Garcia hits a SHIN BREAKER!

Garcia DRAGON SCREWS the leg, GROUDN DRAGON SCREWS it, then basement dropkicks! Fans fire up, Garcia covers, ONE!! ANKLE LOCK! Andrade scrambles to the ROPEBREAK! Garcia lets go, Andrade bails out, and Andrade shakes out the bad leg. Garcia goes out, Menard likes what he sees, but Andrade kicks low! Andrade RAMS Garcia into the apron, but Garcia kicks low and CLUBS him! Then RAMS him into railing! Garcia grabs at Andrade but Andrade gets in the ring. Garcia hurries to KNEE Andrade down, covers, ONE! Andrade CHOPS! Andrade whips to a corner, but Garcia BOOTS him back!

Garcia goes up, Andrade CLOBBERS Garcia to the floor! Fans fire up and Andrade paces while Garcia is dazed, and Collision goes picture in picture.

Andrade paces, walking off the pain in his leg, while Garcia clutches his neck and shoulder. The ring count climbs, Andrade goes out to commentary to have one of their WOOOOO energy drinks! “WOO~!” Andrade then makes his way around to fetch Garcia, and he SMACKS Garcia off the steel steps! Andrade drags Garcia back up to put in the ring, and he has a cocky cover. ONE, but Andrade stalks Garcia to ropes. Andrade kicks Garcia around, pie faces him, and eggs him on. Garcia huffs and puffs, then CHOPS back! And CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS! Garcia whips, Andrade reverses to then CLOBBER Garcia!

Andrade clamps onto Garcia with a headlock and grinds him down, and Collision goes to break.

Collision returns and Garcia fights up out of a headlock to SAIDO! Fans fire up while both men are down! Garcia pushes up, Menard says this has been Garcia’s best match so far! And zero dancing! Garcia stands, he counter punches Andrade, and counters again! Then he dodges, fires off haymakers and fast hands, the ref counts but Garcia lets off. The fans are thunderous as Garcia runs to BOOT Andrade, then put him up top! Garcia drags Andrade into the Tree of Woe, CLUBS him, then stands on the corner to punch away on the legs! Garcia goes all the way to TEN, then lets off. Dukes up, and he does some dancing before the BASEMENT DROPKICK!

Andrade falls out of the Tree, Garcia hoists him up, BRAINBUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Andrade survives and fans rally up again! Garcia drags Andrade into a waistlock, drags him back up, but Andrade ELBOWS Garcia! Garcia holds on, so Andrade throws more heavy elbows! Garcia ducks to CHOP! Garcia whips, Andrade ducks ‘n’ dodges to FLYING FOREARM! And he kips up! The fans fire up, Andrade takes aim as Garcia is in a corner, and Andrade builds speed corner to corner, but has to dodge a lariat! Andrade kicks and snap suplexes, Uno Amigo! Fans fire up as Andrade hits Dos Amigos! Andrade gives us some Latino Heat, but Garcia wrenches out! SLEEPER!!

Garcia squeezes tight but Andrade throws elbows. Andrade is fere, but Garcia hops back on! SLEEPER! Andrade carries Garcia as a backpack as he climbs the corner! Garcia CLUBS Andrade, shifts around, and the two brawl. Andrade has Garcia now, for a SUPERPLEX! And then he still rolls through to restart! Uno Amigo! Dos Amigos! THREE AMIGOS! Cover, TWO!! Garcia survives many amigos and Menard loves it! But Andrade steps through, only for Garcia to roll through, step through, DRAGONTAMER!! Andrade endures as Garcia bridges back! But Andrade grabs Garcia’s head! But Garcia rolls through!

Andrade wrenches out, hammerlocks and LA SOMBRA DDT!! Cover, Andrade wins!!

Winner: Andrade El Idolo, by pinfall (gains 3 points; Garcia earns 0)

Andrade’s first tournament match is his first win! Garcia is 0-2, Menard says this is a hole they’ll have to dig out of. Andrade still shows Garcia respect, but is Garcia going to be mathematically eliminated before long?


Willie Mack speaks.

“See, Wardlow, I know you’ve been going through a lot of things these past few weeks, putting your hands on people. But one thing you know about me is you don’t put your hands on my friends. Y’see, this is a person who I’ve tagged with and won multiple tag team championships in other promotions with. So what I’ma have to do, is I’ma have to reach out and touch you. So next week, we’re gonna have to do the damn thing in the ring, so guess what? You better pack a lunch, because I’m a big boy, and I’m a big meal to try to eat.” Mack is standing up for AR Fox, but will the Return of the Mack end up Wardlow’s newest victim?


The Kingdom w/ Roderick Strong VS The Iron Savages w/ Jacked Jameson!

Roddy shouts at “DASHAAAA!” to stop, and he has the music cut. First thing’s first, Roddy wants to say to his NEW best friend by proxy, “SAMOAAA Joe.” Listen, Roddy told him the truth back there. They roll down the ring as Roddy says MJF is the Devil and Joe will find out soon. And then those three dweebs in the ring, they ain’t gonna #NeckTheHalls, no. The Kingdom’s gonna beat their… AAAAASS! And Roddy wants to dedicate this to his best friend, whether he wants Roddy to or not, ADAAAM! “Get ’em, fellas!” The Kingdom fire off on The Savages as the bell rings! Bennett DECKS Dirty Bulk Bronson to then help Taven mug Beefcake Boulder!

The Kingdom mock the “DOUBLE CLOHTESLINE!” as they whip, but Boulder breaks through to DOUBLE CROSSBODY! Fans fire up as Boulder shows off the “BEEF! BEEF!” Boulder goes out to get Bennett up, but he SUPERKICKS first! BOSTON BAYONET! Then another BOSTON- NO, Boulder catches Bennett to APRON CHOKE SLAM! Taven WRECKS Boulder with a dropkick, but Bronson DIVES!? Direct hit and Bronson fires up! Bronson puts Taven in, storms up to whip corner to corner. Taven stops himself, ducks under and ENZIGURIS! Roll up, TWO! Taven swings, misses, and Bronson hits a SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO!

Fans fire up as Bronson tags Boulder. Boulder swivels and wiggles, then goes up and hup to SAVAGE FLOP as Taven moves! Bronson tags back in, Bennett tags, too. SUPERKICK and fireman’s carry, DEATH VALLEY DRIVER into JUST THE TIP of the knee! The Kingdom shouts #NeckStrong, and then Taven FLIES out onto Boulder! Bennett hauls Bronson up, Taven is on the corner, NECK CHECK PILEDRIVER!! Cover, The Kingdom wins!

Winners: The Kingdom, by pinfall

And then Roddy STRONG KNEES Jacked Jameson! He flounders back out of the ring and The Kingdom helps him get in the wheelchair. The Kingdom rolls out, will they be proven right on all fronts?


Backstage interview with Ethan Page.

Lexi Nair is with All Ego, who has requested this time. Ethan says that ever since losing out on the AEW World Championship to MJF, in his home country of Canada, Ethan has had to regroup and refocus. He’s gotten into the best physical shape of his life, he has been in ROH building up win after win. And so, here Ethan is to make a challenge and check off a bucket list thing. AEW is going back to Canada, and Ethan wants to be THE biggest name in Canadian wrestling. So therefore, to be the King of Canada, he needs his crown. That crown is currently on someone else’s head.

So in Montreal, 1v1, we find out who the best Canadian wrestler truly is, as Ethan calls out KENNY OMEGA! Will The Cleaner give All Ego that opportunity?


AEW hears from Willow Nightingale and Mercedes Martinez.

The Babe with the Power tells Mercedes, “our history goes further back than you probably even realize. I’ve been such a fan, and I’ve admired you so much.” The OG Badass says the first time they met, Willow “was this night little pretty Willow.” Willow says she is constantly disappointed in Mercedes’ behavior as of late, and in herself because she hasn’t been able to beat Mercedes. Mercedes asks how many times must Willow dance her way into Mercedes’ business? Isn’t Willow tired of being everyone’s hero? Next time they meet, Willow will need to be saved. Because Mercedes will dance and stomp all over her.


Malakai Black & Buddy Matthews VS Christopher Daniels & Matt Sydal!

Brody took the lead in the Blue League, and Julia has called out her next target. Will the Dark Father and Aussie Juggernaut make sure that the House Always Wins? Or will the Fallen Angel & Zen Assassin finally stake a claim in the AEW Tag Division?

The teams sort out, Buddy starts against Sydal, and the two circle. They knuckle lock, Buddy trips and covers, ONE as Sydal gets an arm up! Buddy pushes it down, ONE as the other arm comes up. Buddy pushes that down, TWO as Sydal bridges up. Buddy jumps but Sydal stops that to then go up and over for a sunset flip, only for Buddy to stand back up! Buddy TOSSES Sydal to a corner, but Sydal slips out to the apron to bump Buddy off buckles. Sydal climbs, CROSSBODIES, but Buddy rolls through! Buddy pops Sydal up to a fireman’s carry, but Sydal slips free. Sydal KICKS, KICKS, but Buddy ELBOWS him down!

Buddy drags Sydal up, whips, but Sydal wrenches, ducks ‘n’ dodges, tilt-o-whirls, but Buddy stops the DDT! Buddy suplexes but Sydal throws knees! Sydal waistlocks. Buddy switches and back suplexes, but Sydal lands on his feet! Sydal shoves Buddy to the corner, but Buddy pie faces Daniels! Sydal ROUNDHOUSES Buddy, tags Daniels, but Buddy fights them both off! Sydal RAMS Buddy, Daniels GAMANGIRIS! Feed to a ROUNDHOUSE then the STO! STANDING MARIPOSA! Cover, TWO! Daniels drags Buddy up, CHOPS, and whips. Buddy blocks, boots, then tags Malakai. Fans fire up as Malakai and Daniels stare down.

The two rush in, Daniels gets around to shove, then CALF KICK! Malakai goes to a corner, Daniels runs in and blocks a boot, but not the other BOOT! Malakai wrenches, tag to Buddy, but Daniels avoids the double stomp to CHOP and CHOP! Daniels whips, Buddy reverses and sends him into Malakai’s BOOT! Buddy TOSSES Daniels out, Malakai goes up and out to ASAI MOONSAULT! Buddy BLASTS Sydal for good measure, and then sits with Malakai as Collision goes picture in picture.

Daniels crawls his way back to the ring, drags himself in, and Buddy looms over him. Buddy drags Daniels up to ROCK him! Tag to Malakai, the House mugs Daniels, and then Malakai whips Daniels to ropes. BIG elbow! Malakai drags Daniels into an armlock but Daniels endures. Sydal coaches Daniels, rallies the fans, and Daniels fights up. Malakai wrenches to step over and have a COBRA TWIST! Daniels endures the stretch, so Malakai CLUBS him on the neck. Malakai UPPERCUTS Daniels, tags Buddy, and the House mugs Daniels again. Buddy pushes Daniels around, CLUBS him, then snapmares for a KICK! Cover, TWO!

Buddy keeps on Daniels with a chinlock and he grinds Daniels down. Daniels endures, Sydal coaches him and the fans rally up. Daniels fights up, reaches out, and throws body shots. Daniels RAMS buddy into a corner, but Buddy holds on! Daniels RAMS Buddy in again, but Buddy still holds on! Daniels tries again but Buddy sends Daniels into buckles! But Daniels BOOTS back! Daniels leaps, FLYING COMPLETE SHOT! Collision returns to single picture and both men crawl. Buddy grabs a leg, but Daniels boots him away! Malakai tags in, hot tag to Sydal! Sydal DROPKICKS Malakai, dodges to UPPERCUT Buddy, then tilt-o-whirl RANAS Malakai!

Fans fire up as Sydal KICKS and KICKS, but Malakai blocks one! Sydal ducks the jump knee to dragon sleeper, SLICE LEG DROP! Cover, TWO!! Malakai survives but Sydal calls to Daniels. Sydal goes to the corner, climbs up, but Malakai CLUBS him first! Malakai climbs up after Sydal but Daniels sneaks a tag! Daniels CLUBS Malakai, gets under, but Malakai backflips out of the bomb! Malakai ROCKS Daniels, but Daniels ducks Black Mass! Only for Buddy to METEORA! But so does Sydal to Malakai!! Fans fire up and Buddy fires off on Sydal! Kick, stomp to the foot, but Sydal avoids the knee to JUMPS OBAT!

Sydal runs, into a V-TRIGGER! Buddy runs, into a JUMP KNEE! Buddy flops out of the ring, Sydal builds speed, but Malakai trips him up and drags him out! Malakai CLUBS Sydal down, btu Daniels DIVES! Malakai is sent into the desk! Fans fire up with Daniels as he puts Malakai back in the ring. Sydal climbs,  Daniels hoists Malakai up, but Buddy SHOVES Sydal down! Daniels still rolls Malakai up, TWO! Malakai sweeps the leg, Buddy runs to CURB STOMP Daniels down! Buddy sees Sydal coming and dodges, JUMP KNEE from Malakai! And BLACK MASS!! Cover, House of Black wins!

Winner: The House of Black, by pinfall

Another Collision, another sweep for the Dark Father and his family. The lights go down, but why? The House is already here. But here comes FTR! Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood storm down to the ring bathed in the magenta light! Malakai tells them that before they do anything, Malakai assumes that they’re both here because they are joining the House. Dax chuckles but Malakai says he is a family man. And we know it’s been weeks. The only people in AEW that have been here for the both of them has been The House of Black. Malakai’s done a lot of things, but not once has he told a lie.

The fans chant “HOUSE OF BLACK!” and Malakai drops the mic for FTR to take. Dax picks it up, but Buddy KNEES him down! Cash goes after Buddy but he gets mugged! Cash still throws hands, but Buddy CURB STOMPS him down! Buddy then drags Dax up, and he makes Dax watch as Malakai sets Cash up! BLACK MASS!! Dax is seething but he can’t get free of Buddy’s chinbar, and Malakai says see! Not one single person has come to help them! And was Malakai right or what? No one is coming to help. Dax flips Malakai off, so he gets BLACK MASS!! Is this going to be the end for FTR in AEW once and for all?


Backstage interview with Toni Storm.

Renee Paquette is with “Timeless Toni,” bringing up last week as Storm accepting the AEW Women’s World Championship, and Storm says yes, she knows, she has no time for these prepared questions. And where is “that man who usually does my interviews? He has so much more poise.” And she isn’t even finished doing her hair because they were too busy with some blonde floosy! And yes, Storm did accept her championship last week, Renee was a dear for presenting that. But Storm was unceremoniously interrupted by Skye Blue!

Storm tells Skye that if she had any advice at all, it’d be to walk backwards! The only time anyone has anything nice to say about Skye, it’s in reference to her bottom! Is Storm supposed to be worried because Skye’s all spooky now? With that little thing on her head? Storm used to wear hats and be spooky. BOO. See? Not that hard. Interrupt her, fine. She can be first to challenge for “this little huckleberry right here.” But until then, chin up, chest out, and oh… she’s bare foot. Sorry. She takes RENEE’S shoe to throw around! Toni is timeless, but will the Storm strike down Chicago Skye?


Skye Blue speaks.

Well first, she sighs. “Toni, I have met you through every single one of your phases, but this little midlife crisis your going through is the most pathetic I have seen thus far. But you haven’t met this Skye Blue. So bring your little butler, bring your little blond bimbo, and whatever 1940s black ‘n’ white crap you got up that robe, because none of it is going to stop me from taking that championship from you. So I’m gonna have my chin up, my chest out, and I’m gonna shove your shoe right up your ass.” Strong words from a fired up challenger, will she be the new leading lady of AEW?


Christian Cage speaks.

Captain Charisma says, “I don’t think it’s any secret to anybody how far back my relationship with Adam Copeland goes. I think I more or less tolerated Adam. He was a hanger-on, he wanted to be like me, which is why he’s always tried to steal my spotlight wherever we’ve gone.” And that held Christian back. Edge got what he never got. He was pushed all the way to the bottom when they broke up as a tag team. But Christian willed himself to the top. he is here to be the best, anyone else is expendable. And Edge wants to take away everything Christian’s built up the last three years? Christian has nothing to prove to himself, but Edge has everything to prove to Christian.

This time, Christian is what everyone talks about. Whether it’s Dynamite, Rampage or Collision, Christian nis on the tip of everyone’s tongue. He is the Face of TNT, the Face of AEW, then, now and forever! Christian has always been better than Edge, and in Montreal, everyone will finally know. But will “The Patriarch” be the one in for a shock when things get Rated R on Wednesday?


El Hijo Del Vikingo VS Kip Sabian!

The AAA Mega Champion is coming off a big trios win last night on Rampage, but Mr. Superbad just thinks of him as the most overrated wrestler on the AEW roster. Will Kip put his money where his mouth is? Or will he be on the losing end of this Collision?

The bell rings, the two circle, and they feel things out. They tie up, Kip cording holds but Vikingo whips. Kip arm-drags and holds on, but Vikingo goes up and over! Kip just changes up cording holds, arm-drags, but then Vikingo pushes him. Kip arm-drags again and keeps the hold, wagging his finger. Then Kip CHOPS, Vikingo CHOPS back! Vikingo throws knees, goes up and out to HOTSHOT Kip! Then Vikingo springboards, but Kip slides out., Vikingo keeps moving, but he fakes Kip out! Fans fire up, Kip runs in but Vikingo dodges to HEEL KCIK! Kip goes to a corner, Vikingo whips but Kip reverses.

Viking slips out to the apron, Kip hits buckles, then Vikingo GAMANGIRIS! Vikingo goes up and around and FLYING ARM-DRAGS! Things keep moving, Vikingo CORKSCREW RANAS Kip out! Then Vikingo DIVES into a GAMANGIRI! Kip intercepts Vikingo and talks some trash. Then Kip ARABIAN PRESSES to take Vikingo down! Fans fire up and Collision goes picture in picture.

Kip drags Vikingo up, puts him in the ring, then drags him up to ROCK him with a forearm. Kip bumps Vikingo off buckles, then whips corner to corner hard! Vikingo falls back, Kip flexes, and Kip drags Vikingo to a cover, TWO! Kip drags Vikingo into a mounted armlock, but Vikingo endures. Kip BITES Vikingo’s hand! The ref misses that, but Vikingo fights to the ROPEBREAK! Kip lets go, then stands Vikingo up to ELBOW him to the corner. Kip stomps Vikingo again and again, then sits him down. Kip backs up to then run in again, CANNONBALL! Kip drags Vikingo to a cover, TWO! Vikingo is hanging in there but Kip keeps cool as Collision goes to break.

Collision returns and Kip ROCKS Vikingo with forearm after forearm. Fans boo, Kip whips, but Vikingo rebounds, gets under, and DREAMCAST KICKS! Kip flops against ropes and fans rally with Vikingo. Vikingo runs in at the corner, but stops as Kip moves. Kip returns, into a scoop and torture rack! Argentine Flip KNEE STRIKE! Like an inverted GTS! Kip falls, Vikingo drags him to a drop zone and goes up the ropes from the outside. INSIDE-OUT PHOENIX SPLASH!! Cover, TWO!! Kip survives and he manages to smile about it. Vikingo drags Kip back to another drop zone, but Kip goes after Vikingo as he climbs!

Kip climbs up after Vikingo, fans fire up and Vikingo throws body shots. Vikingo HEADBUTTS, Kip flops to the apron. But then Kip springboards u to SUPER STEINER! Kip hurries to scoop, FISHERMAN BUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Kip is stunned as Vikingo survives! Kip drags Vikingo up again, waistlocks, then torture racks. DEATHLY- NO, Vikngo flips free, dodges and SUPERMAN PUNCHES! Vikingo goes up as Kip bails out, to tightrope walk TORNILLO!!! Direct hit and the fans lose their minds! Vikingo puts Kip back in, runs corner to corner, METEORA! And then Vikingo goes right up, for the 630 SENTON!!! Cover, Vikingo wins!!

Winner: El Hijo Del Vikingo, by pinfall

The AAA Mega Champion cools off Kip’s hot take, because no one who can do what Vikingo did in this match is “overrated!” But Vikingo does show Kip a sign of respect by offering a handshake. The fans cheer to shake hands, but Kip says no! Will Kip ever get over himself? Will Vikingo earn even more gold in the New Year?


Backstage interview with Keith Lee.

Lexi is with the Limitless One, and says last time, he mentioned “him.” Just who is “him?” But then in walks Shane Taylor, because he knows who “him” is! Because Keith ain’t dumb enough to look past Shane. But last year’s match didn’t solve anything, so this year, they give the people the fight they really wanna see. Keith VS Shane, 1v1, Final Battle, so Shane can beat Keith’s ass in front of the entire world! Keith thinks on that a moment. Challenge accepted. And see #TAIGASTYLE later, too. Then in two weeks, in Garland, Texas, will that truly be the Pretty Boy Killers’ Final Battle?


Backstage interview with CJ Perry.

Lexi and CJ are outside Andrade’s office, and notes that Andrade’s first win was impressive. UH OH, here comes Miro! Miro says move, CJ says no! Miro can’t go in there! She knows he thinks things will go poorly, but when Miro chose his god over her, she has to prove herself. By Andrade winning, it will help CJ. So if Miro wants to go in there, fine, he’s a grown man. But if there is any love left for CJ, do not do this. Do not lay a hand on her client. Please? Miro says if His God was still with him, he would be in this tournament and have ripped Andrade’s spine out already! Miro then caresses CJ’s face, and says he won’t touch her client. She has his word.

Miro storms off, but what will The Redeemer do to prove himself worthy of gold in the background of the Continental Classic?


AEW Continental Classic, Blue League: Bryan Danielson VS Eddie Kingston!

The American Dragon was the first entrant named to this tournament, but could not compete in it until now. And he doesn’t think The Mad King is ready if one loss takes away all the confidence he had going into this. Will Bryan just pour fuel on that fire? Or will Eddie be the one to earn his first points tonight?

The bell rings and we’re on the clock. The fans fire up as Bryan and Eddie stare down. They slowly circle and approach. They feel things out, knuckle lock, but then Eddie tests things with a kick. Bryan stays back, they reset, and Eddie guards a kick. Bryan keeps trying but Eddie pushes back. Bryan uses ropes as a defense and the fans boo. Bryan smirks as he and Eddie reset, and they test the waters again. Bryan gives kicks, Eddie walks it off, and they feel things out again. Eddie fires off hands, clinches Bryan on the ropes, and the ref counts. Eddie puts Bryan in a corner, the ref counts but Bryan turns things around.

Bryan lets off slowly, but then CHOPS! Eddie just snarls while fans “WOO~!” Eddie storms up on Bryan, they feel things out, and Eddie tries some kicks now. Bryan also kicks, neither man lands a strong shot yet. They end up in a corner, Bryan turns things around on Eddie, then he CHOPS! Eddie CHOPS Bryan down! Fans fire up as Eddie stares Bryan down again. Bryan stands, he and Eddie feel things out again, and fans are behind Eddie more than they are Bryan. The two grapple, Eddie rolls but Bryan facelocks. They go to ropes, the ref counts, and Eddie fights up. The ref gets in between but Bryan KICKS Eddie!

Bryan fires off fast hands but then so does Eddie! Bryan kicks, but then Eddie kicks the bad arm! Bryan falls back, Eddie storms up but Bryan trips Eddie! Eddie goes for knuckle locks but Eddie’s leg guard keeps him back. Bryan KICKS a leg, KICKS again, then KICKS again! Bryan KICKS Eddie in the back! Bryan sits Eddie up to CHOP! Eddie eggs him on! Bryan CHOPS again, but Eddie brings the straps down! Bryan CHOPS again! Eddie is stinging but he grits his teeth. Bryan KICKS! And KICKS! And then snapmares to cover, ONE!! Bryan keeps on Eddie with a motorcycle stretch but Eddie endures.

Fans rally, Eddie fights up, but Bryan digs his forehead into Eddie’s shoulder blades. Eddie still turns things around to have Bryan in the stretch! Bryan endures, powers up, and waistlocks to GERMAN SUPLEX! Eddie stands up but then falls back over! Eddie goes to the apron, shakes out the stars, but Bryan runs in to BOOT him! Eddie holds onto ropes! Bryan runs up again to BOOT! Eddie still holds on, and he CHOPS! And CHOPS! Eddie swings, Bryan ducks to dropkick the legs out! Bryan then builds speed to slide, but Eddie avoids him! SAIDO to the floor! Fans fire up while both men are down, and Collision goes picture in picture!

The ref checks both men, and both men are somehow still in this. Eddie shakes out his arms as he sits up, and he drags Bryan up. Eddie CHOPS Bryan, then follows him around the way. Eddie CHOPS Bryan against railing! Eddie puts Bryan in the ring, stalks him, but Bryan bails out the other side. Eddie pursues, and CHOPS! And HEADBUTTS! Bryan staggers away, Eddie follows, and Eddie CHOPS Bryan against commentary! And again! And again! Bryan flounders, Eddie puts him in the ring, and Eddie storms up in the corner. Eddie stands Bryan up to MACHINE GUN CHOP! Bryan sits down, Eddie CHOPS him again!

Eddie digs his boots in, the ref counts, but Eddie lets off. Eddie drags Bryan up, and puts him up top for another CHOP! Eddie then climbs up after Bryan, brings him up, but Bryan resists the suplex! Bryan throws body shots, then he HEADBUTTS Eddie down! Eddie comes back to CHOP! Eddie CHOPS again, and Collision returns to single picture. Eddie CHOPS one more time, climbs up after Bryan, but Bryan again resists the suplex! Fans fire up as Bryan throws down elbows again and again! “YES! YES! YES!” Bryan HEADBUTTS again and Eddie staggers away. Bryan adjusts, MISSILE DROPKICKS, and down goes Eddie!

Eddie flounders to a corner and the fans rally up. Bryan huffs and puffs and rises up. Eddie also stands, he CHOPS Bryan! Bryan throws body shots! Eddie CHOPS! Bryan fires body shots! CHOP! Bryan KICKS and KICKS, but Eddie CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS! EXPLO- TAKEDOWN! Bryan has an arm, then grabs at the crossface! Eddie resists, fights around, but Bryan still gets the LEBELL LOCK!! Fans rally for Eddie as he endures, fights around, and reaches out! Bryan rolls Eddie back, and has the LEBELL LOCK again! Eddie fights around, pushes Bryan down and he fires down forearms as fans fire up!

Bryan CHOPS and SLAPS from below! Eddie SLAPOS and CHOPS in return! And then some more! They go shot for shot, and then Eddie rains down more forearms! Eddie hauls Bryan up, half nelsons, but Bryan arm-drags free! Bryan runs in, but Eddie dodges the knee to SAIDO!!  Bryan stands, into the URAKEN!! Eddie falls on the cover, TWO!! Bryan survives and fans fire up! Eddie stands, drags Bryan up, and suplexes, NORTHERN LIGHTS BOMB! Cover, TWO!! Bryan survives and fans fire up again! Both men are down, a standing count climbs, and Eddie sits up first. The count is 5 of 10, Eddie stands up!

Eddie storms up on Bryan, drags him up and reels him in, but Bryan resists the lift! So Eddie fires KNEES to that bad eye! Eddie reels Bryan back in, but Bryan back drops free! Bryan aims, BUZZSAW! Bryan huffs and puffs and the fans fire up! Eddie sits up in a daze, Bryan aims again, to KICK! And KICK! And KICK! “YES! YES! YES!” Eddie stays up, so Bryan runs to- NO, Eddie blocks the kick to CHOP! And CHOP! Fans fire up as Eddie CHOPS again! Bryan grits his teeth, fires up, and Eddie CHOPS! Bryan KICKS! And KICKS! And KICKS! But Eddie glares at Bryan, ducks the roundhouse and ENZIGURIS!

Eddie HALF ‘N’ HALF SUPLEXES, then runs up to URA- NO, Bryan blocks! Clinch, FISHERMAN BACK SUPLEX! “This is Awesome!” as both men are down again! Eddie and Bryan slowly stir, and then slowly rise. Bryan aims again, to KICK! Eddie shoves Bryan, so Bryan KICKS again! Eddie CLUBS Bryan, Bryan KICKS, KICKS and KICKS! We get the five minute warning as Eddie throws hands! Bryan has the leg again, BRIDGING BACK SUPLEX! Cover, TWO!! Eddie escapes but Bryan says time to kick his head in!! DRAGON STOMPS!! “YES! YES! YES!” Bryan runs out of gas but somehow Eddie is still in this!

Bryan and Eddie crawl to each other, Eddie FLIPS BRYAN OFF! “This is Awesome!” as Eddie rises. Bryan aims from a corner, BUSAIKU KNEE!!! Cover, BRYAN WINS!!

Winner: Bryan Danielson, by pinfall (gains 3 points; Eddie earns 0)

THIS is the fight Bryan wanted from Eddie! But in the end, Bryan is the one to win the fight! Will Bryan keep on going through his next four fights? Eddie is technically still ROH World & NJPW Strong Openweight Champion, but with an 0-2 start, has he all but lost them both?

My Thoughts:

A great Collision, with awesome Continental Classic matches, but also matches they kayfabe’d as “standby” to try and kayfabe the tournament matches not going closer to their 20 minute time limits. A weird move to me but it’s not like we haven’t seen such a move by American televised pro-wrestling before. And surprisingly great stuff out of Vikingo VS Kip, but that was partly the point. Kip calls Vikingo overrated, then gets beat by Vikingo to show how legit Vikingo is, and there could even be a rivalry in the making or something. Kip still has Butcher & Blade to call on, that trio could take on Vikingo, Komander & Penta at some point.

Good match from Abadon and Kiera, with a really good win for Abadon. Julia showing up to basically call Abadon out was an interesting move but I also like it. Different kinds of spooky wrestlers are going to collide, this will be a good program for them both. And very good promos from both Storm and Skye to hype up their title match this Wednesday. Renee definitely looked like she was struggling to not break during Storm’s part, that’s how good Storm is. And I would think Storm retains because she’ll have Luther and Mariah May ringside. And good promo from Willow and Mercedes to set up their match, that’ll be really good stuff.

Good promo from Willie Mack to call out Wardlow but I would think Wardlow beats him to continue his dominance. Good promo from Christian to add some final hype onto the TNT Championship match. And good promo from Ethan Page to not just plug his time in ROH, but also to call out Kenny Omega. Ethan VS Omega is going to be really good, but that probably ends up being Omega’s win to build momentum going into the next round against Don Callis Family. But it also just makes me think Tony Khan still doesn’t get how ROH is supposed to matter. Ethan is in the middle of stuff with Tony Nese and he’s dividing his attention by wanting to be King of Canadian Wrestlers? What?

But thankfully, we did get a promo from Keith Lee and Shane Taylor to finally set up that match. And I do appreciate that it will be part of Final Battle since that’s where this feud started. Anything to make up for poor ticket sales and no ROH World Championship. Or even tag team championship at this point, right? The Kingdom called out MJF but MJF hasn’t taken the time to respond, he has The Devil of AEW to worry about. Good promo from Joe with Roddy & The Kingdom before The Kingdom beat The Iron Savages. Roddy was extra dramatic in his floundering out of the ring this time, can’t wait to see whether he and The Kingdom are still in on the whole Devil goon squad stuff.

Very good tag match from House of Black VS Daniels & Sydal but of course the House won. And good promo with FTR that then turned into a beatdown. That tag match is definitely going to be big for like Winter is Coming. And then, the Continental Classic. Great opening match from Claudio VS Brody, with a great win for Brody to lead the way in this block. And just as I expected, while we got awesome showings in the other matches, Garcia and Eddie each lost to Andrade and Bryan. Good promo for Miro wanting after Andrade but showing mercy for CJ’s sake. That feud probably waits until after the tournament, assuming Andrade isn’t a finalist. Worlds End would be a good PPV for Miro VS Andrade to happen as part of this ongoing story.

I also appreciated Eddie saying he doesn’t want to do cold open promos when he has a big match to get ready for. Doing coverage like I do, I don’t want to fall behind on the broadcast already trying to keep up with what people are saying at the very start like that. Even Claudio did a short promo because he also just wants to have his match, so they really should just have the matches and save promos for later in the night.

My Score: 8.8/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Rampage Results & Report! (12/1/23)

Best Friends are on a Rampage!



Will tonight be Very Nice, Very Evil or whatever?

Greetings humans! Danhausen is back in AEW, and to celebrate, he teams with Orange Cassidy, Trent Beretta & Hook in a Very Nice, Very BIG 8 Man Tag!


  • 8 Man Tag: Orange Cassidy, Hook, Danhausen & Trent Beretta VS Matthew Menard, Angelo Parker & The Dark Order; OrangeHookHausen & Trent win.
  • Six Man Tag: The Don Callis Family VS ???; The Don Callis Family wins.
  • Six Woman Tag: Anna Jay & The Outcasts VS Hikaru Shida, Skye Blue & Kris Statlander; Shida, Skye & Statlander win.
  • Six Man Tag: Penta El Zero Miedo, El Hijo Del Vikingo & Komander w/ Alex Abrahantes VS Brian Cage & The Workhorsemen w/ Prince Nana; Penta, Vikingo & Komander win.


8 Man Tag: Orange Cassidy, Hook, Danhausen & Trent Beretta VS Matthew Menard, Angelo Parker & The Dark Order w/ Jake Hager!

OrangeHausen, HookHausen, OrangeHook, all of the above, and #JustTrent take on Daddy Magic, Cool Hang Ange, Alex Reynolds & Evil Uno in a big, super team-up type deal! But will the Very Nice, Very Evil Best Friends be victorious together? Or will the rogues gallery standing against them earn themselves quite a lot of golden opportunities all at once?

But wait, as Big Hurt Hager gets the VNVEBFs to turn their backs, the rogues attack! Fans boo, the bell rings, and all but Danhausen is tossed out of the ring as he tosses Reynolds instead. Uno CLUBS Danhausen, Cassidy is sent into railing, and Uno puts Danhausen in a corner. Uno CHOPS him, soaks up the heat, and then storms up. Danhausen kicks low, throws hands, but Uno kicks back. Uno whips corner to corner, runs in but into a BOOT! Danhausen runs up to RANA! Uno tumbles, fans fire up and Danhausen catches Reynolds as he runs in, wrench and NORTHERN LIGHTS! Fans fire up as Danhausen kicks low and tags Hook.

HookHausen double whip Uno, Uno holds ropes and Menard tags in. Menard, Parker and Reynolds all get in, but then so do Trent and Cassidy! The eight men are stare down, and the brawl is back on! The ref reprimands but the Dark Order & X-JAS get the edge. They all have someone in a corner, then they all coordinate to quadruple whip! But the Best Friends all reverse that, X-JAS and Dark Order crash into each other! And then Best Friends set up in the corners… and Hook needs to be coaxed a little bit, for the GROUP- NO, they all get kicked low! Fans boo as X-JAS & Dark Order reel them in, but the Best Friends QUADRUPLE SUPLEX!

Fans fire up because now we get the GROUP HUG! You GOT to give the people what they want! Hook then goes after Parker with body shots, but Menard storms up. Menard hits low, scoops Hook, BACKBREAKER and Parker KNEES Hook down! But Trent JUMP KNEES Parker down! Menard kicks low and POWERBOMBS Trent! Cassidy dodges Menard to tilt-o-whirl and DDT! Uno CHOPS Cassidy down! Danhausen baits Uno in for a GERMAN SUPLEX! Reynolds runs in, spins Danhausen and ROLLING ELBOWS!

Hook is back up, T-BONE for Reynolds! T-BONE for Parker! Uno is up, he kicks low and whips. Hook reverses that to clinch and T-BONE! Extra large serving for Uno there! But wait, here comes Wheeler Yuta! The ROH Pure Champion wants to taunt Hook like he has been for weeks now, and then Menard CLOBBERS Hook in the distraction! Yuta joins commentary while Menard bumps Hook off buckles, and reels him in for a big suplex! Tag to Parker and he stomps Hook down. Parker stomps more, then pushes Hook around. Parker tags Uno, they mug Hook. Uno then bumps Hook off the boots of Menard and Reynolds.

Reynolds tags in, he runs side to side to ELBOW Hook! Uno SPLASHES, short arm LARIATS, and Reynolds covers, TWO! Reynolds stands on Hook’s head, fans boo but the Dark Order and X-JAS soak up the heat. But Hook clinches! Reynolds fights with forearms, then he bumps Hook off buckles. Tag to Menard, he stomps Hook then lets off to distract the ref, Uno and Parker CHOKE Hook while Rampage goes picture in picture!

Menard stomps Hook, drags him up, and ROCKS him with a right. Menard pushes Hook around, soaks up the heat, but turns around into a CHOP! Menard trips Hook, drags him back, and tags Parker in. Parker CLUBS Hook down, then stomps him. Parker taunts the Best Friends, flicks his hair gel at them, then goes back to Hook. Parker CLUBS Hook, tags Uno, and they mug Hook some more. Uno scrapes his laces on Hook’s face then tags Parker back in. Parker stomps Hook, but Hook powers Parker back! They end up on ropes, Parker KNEES Hook back! Parker then BLASTS Cassidy off the corner!

Rampage returns to singe picture as Parker goes after Hook, and Hook gets around to NORTHERN LIGHTS! Parker tags Menard but Hook LARIATS Menard down! The fans fire up as Hook and Menard crawl, hot tags to Trent and Uno! Trent rallies on Uno, then on Reynolds! GERMAN SUPLEX! And then another GERMAN SUPLEX! Trent still has Reynolds but Reynolds fights the nelson. Uno runs in but Trent ducks, the BOOT hits Reynolds! Trent HALF ‘N’ HALF SUPLEXES Uno away! Trent runs in at Reynolds but into a BOOT! Reynolds goes up but Trent YANKS him down for a SAIDO! Fans fire up with Trent!

Trent tags Cassidy, and Cassidy storms up to “unleash.” But then he really does fire off BOOT after BOOT on Dark Order! Yuta sighs as this is typical Cassidy. Cassidy dodges the Dark Order’s double lariat to DOUBLE SHOTGUN! Cassidy kips up and the fans fire up! Cassidy ducks ‘n’ dodges and tilt-o-whirls, but Uno stops the DDT to suplex! Only to get STUN DOG MILLIONAIRE! Cassidy keeps moving but Uno BOOTS him! Uno hooks Cassidy up, for SOMETHING EVIL! Cover, Trent KNEES it apart! Fans fire up, Reynolds BOOTS Trent! Reynolds runs in to BOOT Cassidy in a corner! Reynolds puts Cassidy up top!

Reynolds ROCKS Cassidy, climbs up, but Trent runs up to get Reynolds! SUPER GERMAN SUPLEX! Fans fire up as Cassidy adjusts, and Danhausen tags in! But so does Menard! Menard says do NOT do what he thinks he’s gonna do! But then Danhausen CURSES him! And yes, the PURPLE HAT! Hager is pissed, Parker tries to calm him down, but then Hager runs in! Danhausen dodges, Trent & Cassidy dump Hager out! Menard grabs Danhausen, Parker runs in to get the hat back! But Hook gets Parker in the REDRUM!! Menard lets Danhausen go, but Danhausen rolls him up! BEST FRIENDS WIN!

Winners: Orange Cassidy, Hook, Danhausen & Trent Beretta, by pinfall

Not only is X-JAS furious, but Yuta says this is unbelievable. But will the Decoder have to worry about the much more Cold-Hearted Handsome Devil?


Backstage interview with The Outcasts & Anna Jay.

Renee Paquette is with Saraya, Ruby Soho & The Star of the Show to say they are teaming up for the first time in Six Woman Tag action. Saraya says yes they are, and sorry for cutting Renee off, Renee knows Saraya loves her, but… Isn’t Anna just the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen? Ruby sighs and Saraya says “Liza Minnelli” is in a time out so shush. Anyway, Saraya thanks Anna for teaming with them, Lord knows they’ve needed some extra help around here. And also, they do have something in common that is giant, greasy, irritating, and needs to be handled. Oh, speaking of, here it comes.

Parker walks in, apologizes for not being here sooner, and then says hi to Ruby. But uh, yeah, the guys are ready to go, they’ll be out there for her, team effort! Um, no, Anna doesn’t want the boys out there. Especially Parker. What? But Saraya says this is why she loves Anna! She’s great. Yeah, she is. Hey, no, stop looking at Ruby. Saraya drags Ruby along, leaving Parker alone. Will the X-JAS still even be the X-JAS anymore with all this drama?


Tony Schiavone is in the ring.

Schiavone says that 28 years ago, in this town, at the Mall of America, two men were in the main event for the very first wrestling match ever on TNT. It was Sting VS Ric Flair. And Schiavone wants to also say that the final match on TNT back then was Sting VS Ric Flair. So it gives Schiavone a sense of pride to welcome one of Minnesota’s favorite sons, as well as STIIIING~! The Icon makes his way out to the ring and fans howl for him. Schiavone then introduces the Nature Boy, the Minnesota native, Ric Flair! Fans “WOO~!” as Flair makes his way out now, and hugs Sting in the ring.

Schiavone has them bring it in. Wednesday night, they announced the location of Sting’s final match at AEW Revolution, March 3rd, 2024. It will be Greensboro, North Carolina, where these two set the standard for a great televised wrestling event. Sting stands at 24-0, the longest undefeated streak standing, and we’re just two weeks away from tickets going on sale. Sting asks to take the mic, and he howls for the fans! The fans howl back and Sting says Minneapolis, lots of great memories here! Not only did he and Ric do the first and last WCW shows on TNT here, but they did the very big, gigantic- Oh, can’t really say that on TV, sorry. Copyright and stuff.

But the massive match at Mall of America, everyone knows about it. Sting’s had great matches here against and with Lex Luger, Bam Bam Bigelow, and lots of other great memories. So good to be back. Thank you for those memories. Thank you, Tony Khan, Tony Schiavone and the Nature Boy! WOO~! Ric takes the mic now, and he says, “Wow. From 1972 ’til today. And believe it or not, I’m still alive. And that’s saying a lot, heh. Because I’ve covered a lot of ground and had a lot of fun. But there are three or four people that are always gonna be special in my life, and you’ll love these names.

“Dusty Rhodes, Ricky The Dragon, and a guy that I think I’ve wrestled at least 15 hundred times over our career, the great–and the word ‘Icon’ does not even enough to begin to say what a man he is. I’m so serious, to be back in my hometown in this moment, and this ride. This is an incredible ride. Think about the history of our business. I’ve been there with him since ’88, and I’m gonna be there with him in the end. And man, that doesn’t happen in real-life, guys. And y’know what? We’ve stayed as respectful and honest with each other as the day we met, and that’s really unusual. You’re the man, brother.”

Fans cheer, and Ric says, “We’re gonna dance all night and dance a little longer. We’re gonna stay up all night and stay a little longer. I cannot tell you where we’ll be at like the old days, but you know we’ll be going AEW strong! WOO~!” Fans echo “WOO~!” with Ric and Schiavone says Ric will be there for Sting at AEW Revolution, tickets on sale soon! The Icon and Nature Boy are riding off into the night, and we have the when and where. Now all we need is, who faces Sting in his final match?


Backstage interview with Hikaru Shida, Kris Statlander & Skye Blue.

Renee is now with the Shining Samurai, the Galaxy’s Greatest and Chicago Skye as she says a lot has changed in the AEW Women’s Division after Full Gear. Shida lost the AEW Women’s World Championship to Toni Storm, and Statlander lost the AEW TBS Championship to Julia Hart, the same match Skye Blue was in. Does tonight feel like a way to get momentum back? Kris says it has been a hard pill to swallow. “You work so hard for something, and you come back from multiple injuries, you come back and change yourself so many times, and you obtain something so precious, and it’s just taken away in a matter of seconds.”

And worse yet, Kris wasn’t the one who got pinned. Oh, okay, blame Skye when Kris had plenty of chances to win the Triple Threat, and didn’t. Shida tells them to stop. She also lost a title, she also feels angry, but not towards them. Not towards her partners. They can take their anger out on their opponents tonight! Kris agrees with that, and so does Skye. Will this trio of stars be able to bring down The Outcasts and Star of the Show?


The Don Callis Family VS JAH-C

So what if they lost the Like A Dragon Street Fight? “Powerhouse” Will Hobbs did damage to Paul “The Giant” Wight like no man has ever done before, and there’s still a lot left in the tank for Kyle Fletcher & Konosuke Takeshita. Will they only be made stronger from that loss?

The teams sort out, Hobbs starts and Jah throws hands! Hobbs doesn’t even flinch! Jah runs, but Hobbs CLOBBERS him! In runs ??? but Hobbs picks him up to SPINEBUSTER! D runs in but Hobbs SPINEBUSTERS him, too! Fletcher & Konosuke step in, they all get a man up, and in synchronized formation, we get the WORLD’S STRONGEST SLAM, GRIMSTONE and BASTARD DRIVER!! Cover, The Don Callis Family wins!

Winners: The Don Callis Family, by pinfall

Fans boo but Callis celebrates with his “family.” Then Callis gets a mic to talk. “Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega! The Golden Jets! You put two of the greatest of all time into a tag team and what do you got? You got a team that could be the most dominant of all time. And I know that wins and losses matter here in All Elite Wrestling. But in the Don Callis Family, the only thing that matters is winning! And whether it’s singles, tag, or trios, the Don Callis Family will continue dominating until there’s nowhere for the Golden Jets to hide in AEW!” The ultimatum has been issued, will it only be a matter of time before AEW belongs to the DCF?


Prince Nana & Brian Cage talk with The Workhorsemen.

Nana says it is an unbelievable time for the Mogul Embassy. Cage says it’s always a great time. Nana says the Gates of Agony are in NJPW World Tag League, killing it and bringing home that money. But tonight, Nana needs to hire some help, and that brings in JD Drake & Anthony Henry. Nana has been watching them, he likes their style. That is why tonight, he needs their services. And this could be a huge opportunity for you both to step up to the plate and to prove a point. To impress Swerve Strickland, too. So tonight, Nana’s paid them, get the job done, and we’ll see if they can join the team. But he believes in them!

Nana & Cage head out, will Scrap metal & The Saint of Augusta help The Machine bring down the luchador trio in tonight’s main event?


Six Woman Tag: Anna Jay & The Outcasts VS Hikaru Shida, Skye Blue & Kris Statlander!

Both sides have said what’s on their mind, but it’s the emotions in their hearts that could make or break these team-ups. Will Saraya be able to keep things together between Anna and Ruby? Or will it be Shida who struggles to keep Skye and Kris on the same page?

The teams sort out and Kris starts against Anna. The fans rally as the two circle, then tie up. Kris waistlocks, SLAMS Anna, then drags her up to tag Shida. The former champs double whip, sweep and ELBOW Anna down. Then they shake hands to DOUBLE ELBOW DROP! Shida covers, TWO! Tag to Skye and she wrenches Anna to a JAWBREAKER! Anna blocks the superkick but not the BASEMENT ROUNDHOUSE! Skye pushes Anna around, but Kris tags herself in. Skye lets that go, to then tag herself back in! But Kris tags back in again! They argue, but then Shida tags herself in to get them both to stop.

But then Anna hot tags Saraya! Saraya gets around Shida, Shida gets around Saraya, but Saraya mule kicks Shida! Saraya runs, but Shida ENZIGURIS first! Shida fires up, the fans are with her, and Shida torture racks! Saraya endures, but Ruby says put her down! So Shida DROPS Saraya! Ruby storms in but Shdia kicks her low, and snap suplexes her onto Saraya! Fans fire up as Shida covers Saraya, TWO! Shida tags Skye in and Skye keeps Saraya from her corner. Skye whips, runs up and SHINING WIZARD on the ropes! But Anna distracts the ref so Saraya can keep Skye stuck, and Ruby ROUNDHOUSES Skye down!

Fans boo but Saraya howls to the moon. Saraya stomps Skye, insults her, and whips her to the corner as Rampage goes picture in picture.

Saraya bumps Skye off buckles, lets off to distract the ref, and Ruby digs her boot in! Anna pulls Skye’s hair to help out, then Saraya storms up to bump Skye off buckles. Tag to Ruby, she stomps away on Skye, but lets off as the ref counts. Saraya tells fans to shut up while Ruby drags Skye around. Skye throws body shots, then JAWBREAKERS! Ruby staggers back, Saraya tags in, and the Outcasts mug Skye! Saraya has Skye in the ropes to throw knee after knee! The ref counts, Saraya lets off, and she pushes Skye back in. Saraya keeps Skye from her corner, taunting Shida and Kris, then she stomps Skye.

Saraya bumps Skye off buckles, tags Anna and Anna CHOKES Skye! The ref counts, Anna lets off, and then Anna CHOKES Skye on ropes! The ref counts again, Anna lets off and distracts the ref so Saraya can SLAP Skye. Anna bumps Skye off buckles, Ruby tags in, and Anna ROCKS Skye. Ruby CHOPS Skye, stalks her to a corner, and stands her up, but Skye avoids the chop to CHOP! And CHOP! And CHOP! Skye and Ruby sputter and drop to their knees while Rampage goes to break.

Rampage returns and hot tag to Kris! She BLASTS Ruby, drags Saraya up and FISHERMAN BUSTERS! Cover, but Anna kicks it apart! Anna drags Saraya back and tags herself in. Anna stands Kris up, wrenches and HOOK KICKS! Then Saraya KNEES Kris down! Cover, TWO! Anna drags Kris up, QUEENSLAYER SLEEPER! But Kris powers up to back suplex free! Ruby runs in, STO! Skye SUPERKICKS Ruby! Saraya YAKUZA KICKS Skye! Shida ROCKS Saraya, whips her but Saraya reverses, only for Shida to JUMP KNEE! Anna BOOTS Shida! Kris runs up, but into a COMPLETE SHOT! Anna tags Ruby and they get Kris up.

Anna HOOK KICKS, then Ruby SUPERKICKS but Kris pulls Anna into it! Ruby panics, Kris tags Skye and Electric Chair Lifts Ruby! SLAM and CODE BLUE!! Cover, Skye’s team wins!

Winners: Hikaru Shida, Skye Blue & Kris Statlander, by pinfall

The dysfunction wasn’t enough to bring down Skye and Kris, they made it work and now celebrate together! As for Anna, she is furious with Ruby, and Saraya pulls Ruby along like an angry mother with her daughter. Are the Outcasts going to be on the outs sooner rather than later?


BREAKING NEWS for Dynamite!

Firstly, the Continental Classic continues, and the Gold League’s third round has been set: Jon Moxley VS Rush; Jay White VS Jay Lethal; and Swerve Strickland VS Mark Briscoe! Will El Toro Blanco be the one to serve The Maniac that first L in the tournament? Will Lethal and Briscoe finally get on the board?

And after being the one to score the pinfall in tonight’s Six Woman Tag, Skye Blue gets her shot at “Timeless” Toni Storm and the AEW Women’s World Championship! Will Skye finally make it through the Storm to grab the gold on the other side?


Six Man Tag: Penta El Zero Miedo, El Hijo Del Vikingo & Komander w/ Alex Abrahantes VS Brian Cage & The Workhorsemen w/ Prince Nana!

While the AEW World Trios Champions, Billy Gunn & The Acclaimed, are down and out, trios are forming and fighting their way up. Alex Abrahantes’ league of luchadores want their shot, but will they make it through a Rampage? Or will The Mogul Embassy learn that having #CeroMiedo is priceless?

The trios sort out, and Cage starts against Komander. Cage kicks Komander low right at the bell, then whips him to ropes. Komander handsprings, Cage dodges but Komander dodges back, then RAN- NO, Cage blocks that to pop Komander up! But Komander sunset flips! Cage drags Kmoander up to OVERHEAD SUPLEX! Penta tags in, then GAMANGIRIS Cage! Penta goes up to CROSSBODY! And then he dodges to SUPERKICK! Henry tags in, bobs ‘n’ weaves and fires off hands. Henry gets around to make Penta kneel, and he DROPKICKS Penta away! Henry soaks up the jeers, but Penta tags Vikingo!

Viking springboards to MISSILE DROPKICK Henry! Fans fire up as Vikingo then whips Henry corner to corner. Henry reverses, but Vikingo reverses back to HEEL KICK! Vikingo forearm smashes int he corner, goes up and fans rally, for the IMPLODER DRAGON-RANA! And then the DREAMCAST KICK! JD tags in and fans rally up. JD says “SUCK IT!” and then dares Vikingo to chop him. Vikingo winds up as fans chant “SI! SI! SI!” CHOP! JD nods, but he wants another. Vikingo CHOPS again, and JD huffs and puffs. JD swings, Vikingo ducks ‘n’ dodges but JD CHOPS Vikingo down after all!

JD then powers Vikingo to ropes to BIEL him across the way! JD taunts Penta, whips Vikingo, but Vikingo ducks ‘n’ dodges again to CORKCCREW RANA! JD flounders out, Cage and Henry run in, but Penta & Komander SUPERKICK them first! Henry bails out, Penta gives Komander a boost, saluting MISSILE DROPKICK! Cage tumbles out, fans rally as the luchadores coordinate, and “CERO! MIEDO!” TRIPLE DIVES!! Some cleaner than others, and JD pops Vikingo back up to CLOBBER him off the ropes! Komander stomps Cage, and puts him in the ring as Rampage goes picture in picture.

Komander hurries in, Penta BOOTS JD to join Komander. But Henry trips Komander! Penta runs up, SUPERKICKS Henry, then makes sure he knows, “CERO! MIEDO!” Penta runs but into a SPIN POWERSLAM! Cage drags Komander up for a deadlift SUPERPLEX!! Cage flexes, Henry & JD join in, and then JD stalks Komander. JD drags Komander up, DECKS him, then stalks him to ropes. JD puts Komander in the corner, CHOPS, and then tags Henry. The Workhorsemen mug Komander, Henry throws body shots, then he runs in to forearm smash! JD tags, LARIAT, NECK TWIST and SLINGSHOT SENTON!

Nana likes what he sees as Komander writhes. JD drags Komander up, keeps him from the lucha corner, and he CLUBS Komander back down. JD drags Komander up to scoop and SLAM! JD goes up a corner, to then VADER FLOP as Komander moves! Henry tags in, he drags Komander from the corner, then ducks the enziguri! But Komander rolls free and hot tags Vikingo! Vikingo springboards to CROSSBODY! Vikingo SOBATS Henry, runs but into a cheap shot from Cage! The ref reprimands but Henry throws Vikingo down by his hair! NECK TWIST! And a headscissor squeeze, even!

Henry lets off to then stand Vikingo up, for another NECK TWIST! Tag to Cage and he RAMS Vikingo into a corner! And again! And then he CHOPS! Cage wrenches Vikingo, scoops him, and does bicep curls before he FALL AWAY SLAMS Vikingo! Cage flexes, taunts Cero Miedo, and he drags Vikingo up to GERMAN SUPLEX! Vikingo lands on his feet! Vikingo waistlocks, Cage elbows free then whips Vikingo to ropes. But Vikingo slides under, only to get caught! But Vikingo then PELES! Hot tag to Penta as Rampage returns to single picture! Penta dodges Cage to then SLINGBLADE Cage down! SLINGEBLADE again!

The Workhorsemen attack, double whip, but Penta KICKS JD and SUPERKICKS Henry! Penta runs in to wheelbarrow Cage, victory roll and DOUBLE DDT on the Workhorsemen! Fans fire up and Penta SUPERKICKS Cage! Tag to Komander and he goes up top to MISSILE DROPKICK JD! Penta hauls Henry up, ALLEY-OOP into a MISSILE DROPKICK from Vikingo!! Fans lose their minds over that one, and then Penta sets up so Komander can use him as a step, HANGTIME DROPKICK on JD in a corner! Cage staggers up, Penta has his target, SUPERKICK! Komander springboards, FLYIGN CODE BREAKER! And he holds on for Vikingo to DOUBLE STOMP Cage!

Penta goes up, “CERO! MIEDO!” DIVING DOUBLE STOMPS of his own! Cover, TWO!! Cage survives because he’s a Machine! But Abrahantes rallies the fans for his team. Penta hauls Cage up, reels him in, “CERO! MIEDO!” But Cage wrenches out to JUMP KNEE! Penta falls into the tag with Komander, and Komander springboards, but Cage SWATS him! Cage whips Komander to the corner, tags Henry, and Cage runs up to MONKEY FLIP Komander into JD’s POWERBOMB!! Then JD CATAPULTS Kmoander into Henry’s SUPERKICK! Henry goes up, DIVING DOUBLE STOMP BACKBREAKER of their own! Cover, Vikingo breaks it!!

JD TOSSES Vikingo, Penta SUPERKICKS JD! Cage fireman’s carries Penta for F10! Vikingo returns with a springboard, FLYING TORNADO DDT!! Henry is back, he steps over and reels Vikingo in, PILEDRIVER! But Penta catches Henry now, half nelson, pump handle, MADE IN JAPAN!! JD is up, Penta kicks but JD blocks it! JD has Penta for the underhooks, the SILENCER! Komander returns, JD ducks his roundhouse but not the HEEL KICK! But Cage waistlocks Komander! Komander fights with elbows, but Henry runs up! Komander ducks, the ENZIGURI hits Cage! Nana is furious, and Cage CLOBBERS Henry!!

Nana says no more, they’re done. JD asks what the hell, but Cage shoves JD. Vikingo DREAMCAST KICKS JD! The Embassy is leaving, they don’t want to hire Workhorsemen anymore? Well Penta says “CERO! MIEDO!” and FEAR FACTOR!! Komander is up top, he tags Vikingo before giving Henry CIELITO LINDO! Komander DIVES onto JD! Vikingo adds on the 630 SENTON!! Cover, the luchadores win!

Winners: Penta El Zero Miedo, Komander & El Hijo Del Vikingo, by pinfall

The implosion of Nana’s team all over a misunderstanding gives Penta’s team their first victory together! Will Penta, Komander y Vikingo take this momentum to next beat Action Andretti & Top Flight?

My Thoughts:

A really good Rampage here with a lot of tag team action. There must be something in Cassidy’s contract about opening shows, though, because that 8 Man Tag certainly felt main event worthy. But then it made sense in story that it had to go first so that the X-JAS could be in action before Anna, and Anna would tell Parker to stay in the back during her match because of how Ruby would be involved. Great win for Cassidy’s team, and great win for the Faces in the Women’s Trios match. Rather surprised Skye is getting her shot at Storm so soon. Yes, she interrupted Storm’s acceptance speech moment, and won here, but why not give us a promo segment between them first, then the match on Winter is Coming. But at the same time, debut in Montreal, they want it to be important.

Of course Don Callis Family squashes jobbers, but I like that we got to see Hobbs, Konosuke and Fletcher all in red ring gear. And seeing Don Callis’ Last Supper parody, it makes me think he wants a total of 11 faction members. I say 11 because “Judas” is already accounted for in Jericho. So far, he has five, Callis really is gonna have to recruit tag teams and/or trios if he wants an easier time of filling out the group. Really good main event from Penta’s team going against Cage & Workhorsemen. Of course the Faces win, but also it was clear the Workhorsemen were going to take the loss for the Heels. Kinda wished Cage would beat down the Workhorsemen after the loss, not because of the “misunderstanding” trope, but that’d probably take away from the Faces celebrating.

And given Rampage is prerecorded, turns out that was for the best this week. I’d only just heard today about how… controversial Ric Flair got in his part of the promo segment. Flair also tweeted about it, both apologizing and not apologizing for what he said. This is gonna be a long three months if everyone has to worry about Flair spouting off the stuff he got away with in the 1980s when he was much, MUCH younger. That aside, the entire segment was redundant anyway, we heard them talk on Dynamite, this is the same crowd that heard it all, it’s just a waste of time.

My Score: 8.5/10

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