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Andrew’s NOAH the New Year 2022 Results & Match Ratings: 1.1.2022

Pro Wrestling NOAH kicks off the new year with a show at the Nippon Budokan! Ultimo Dragon, Keiji Muto and KENTA are kicking off the new year NOAH style!



Pro Wrestling NOAH kicks off the new year with a show at the Nippon Budokan! Ultimo Dragon, Keiji Muto and KENTA are kicking off the new year NOAH style!

Now I haven’t been shy in my general disinterest of wrestling, which honestly NOAH is the only brand that kept my interest, I just was generally disenchanted by wrestling in 2021. Might as well try to kick things off with NOAH’s big Budokan New Year show!

A few of the early attention grabbing highlights, Ultimo Dragon, KENTA and 4 championship matches! Do Marufuji and Keiji Muto hold on to the tag team titles? Does Go Shiozaki return to the mountain top after his injury hiatus and dethrone Katsuhiko Nakajima?

Only one way to find out!


  • Junta Miyawaki & Kinya Okada vs Kai Fujimura & Yatsuke Yano: Miyawaki wins via Falcon Arrow @8:39 – ** ½
  • Funky Express (King Tany, Akitoshi Saito & Mohammad Yone) vs KONGOH (Tadasuke, NIOH & Manabu Soya): Yone wins via Muscle Buster @8:45 – ** ¾
  • STINGER (Seiki Yoshioka & Yuya Susumu) vs KONGOH (HAOH & Aleja): HAOH wins via 450 Splash @11:44 – ***
  • Atsushi Kotoge, Daisuke Harada, Hajime Ohara & Ultimo Dragon vs Los Perros del Mal de Japon (Kotaro Suzuki, YO-HEY, EITA & Nosawa Rongai): Ultimo wins via La Magistral @13:51 – *** ¼
  • Masakatsu Funaki & Hidaka Ikuto vs Kendo Kashin & Kazuyuki Fujita: Fujita wins via Beast Bomb @12:17 – **
  • GHC Junior Heavyweight Championship: HAYATA (c) vs Yoshinari Ogawa: HAYATA retains via Cradle @20:54 – **** ¼
  • GHC Heavyweight Tag Team Titles: Keiji Muto & Naomichi Marufuji vs Masato Tanaka & Masaki Mochizuki: Geniuses retain via Figure Four @20:50 – **** ¼
  • KENTA, Takashi Suguira & Kazushi Sakuraba vs Daiki Inaba, Yoshiki Inamura & Masa Kitamiya: KENTA wins via Go 2 Sleep @25:46 – ****
  • GHC National Championship: Kenoh (c) vs Kaito Kiyomiya: Kenoh retains via Roundhouse Kick @24:42 – **** ¼
  • GHC Heavyweight Championship: Katsuhiko Nakajima (c) vs Go Shiozaki: Nakajima retains via Emerald Flowsion @30:10 – *****



Starting off with a musical number, we go into a quick vignette that is shot like a classic Edo Period drama. With Shiozaki entering the evil emperor’s (Nakajima) throne room and they have a stare off before going to a few cuts of the rest of the card’s major combatants. It was a really nice touch, and gets the idea of the returning hero trying to take down the villain over beautifully.

Junta Miyawaki & Kinya Okada vs Kai Fujimura & Yatsuke Yano

Miyawaki gets the Young Boy treatment because he’s been injured for nearly a year. He was starting to get some headway before his injury, but now this is effectively a “get right” match and allows him to set the tone at the historic Budokan.

The less experienced duo of Yano and Fujimura do their best to really try to work over Miyawaki. Lots of great tandem attacks, the Midnight Express Double Drop Kick and just generally throwing the book at the returning elder young boy. Miyawaki starts his comeback with a Tornado DDT, Snap DDT, Fisherman’s Buster and a delayed Falcon Arrow that was just beautiful. Good way to show Miyawaki is back in form.

Funky Express (King Tany, Akitoshi Saito & Mohammad Yone) vs KONGOH (Tadasuke, NIOH & Manabu Soya)

Still not used to seeing Taniguchi as King Tany. It allows for him to actually show a measure of personality which he usually doesn’t, and it’s not super hard to wrap my head around…I just will always see him as the Maybach monster…and now he’s doing disco.

This goes the way most multiman Puro matches do. Each side gets their moves in, all the men get a shot to shine and then we finally start getting to the meat of the match when Yone comes back in and Tadasuke takes a hot tag and peppers Yone with some offense. Tadasuke also does his best Chris Jericho impression before hitting a Swanton and then going for his version of the Jumbo Lariat. Yone buys time with his Disco pose, then catches Tadasuke and that allows the rest of the Funky Express to get in some offense. Reverse Sitout Powerbomb from Tany, Death Sickle from Saito and Muscle Buster from Yone gives the Funky Express the win!

Is this a bad sign for KONGOH? With 3 more matches involving KONGO members, two of them being the biggest titles in the company, is this a harbinger?

STINGER (Seiki Yoshioka & Yuya Susumu) vs KONGOH (HAOH & Aleja)

Stinger starts things off quickly, as to be expected. Junior Heavyweight style doesn’t change too much over all the Puro companies, and when all four of these men are known as more classic Juniors and not mat technicians, this should be quick and striking.

When it comes to my knowledge of these teams, Susumu and Yoshioka are very accomplished as singles and together. They wrestle circles around most Juniors in the business at the moment. Aleja has potential but HAOH is usually more of a glue guy. Only time he really impressed me was his singles match with Kotaro Suzuki, but he at least has the potential to bring it.

With all that said, we get levels of cockiness from the Stinger crew, and the Kongo guys utilize their cleverness and gaps in the defense to stay in the match. HAOH does a move I’ve seen him do a few times, but it’s still cool. He feeds into the corner, jumps on the middle turnbuckle, baits the guy in, walks the ropes away, rewinds and attacks. Kongo takes that advantage and they start quickening the pace, trying to steal one. Tandem Neckbreaker/Leg Drop, HAOH goes for a Leg Twist German, but Yoshioka kicks out, HAOH hits the 450 Splash, and picks up the win!

Kongoh got a win back and it definitely came in a match where they were not favored.

Atsushi Kotoge, Daisuke Harada, Hajime Ohara & Ultimo Dragon vs Los Perros del Mal de Japon (Kotaro Suzuki, YO-HEY, EITA & Nosawa Rongai)

So the beauty in the heel group here is that EITA is known for his Dragon Gate career, but Nosawa got the okay to utilize a the Perros del Mal stable in NOAH. So the Perros have their Dragon Gate guy, and the babyfaces have, well…THE DRAGON that started Dragon Gate.

Kotaro calls out Ultimo first, and they have a decent exchange, where Ultimo gets the standing Headscissors twist off twice. Mark Pickering does a great job at showing the ties between most of the men. Ohara is Dragon’s protégé, and Dragon has faced everyone on the Perros team many times. So I do appreciate that he’s doing great keeping the story threading together. Kotoge and Harada are a tag team known as Momo no Seishun. So whatever ties aren’t present because of Ultimo Dragon, it’s because the Perros are a thorn in many sides.

The Perros really utilize the sliding and tandem dropkicks a lot. Poor Kotoge is on the receiving end of numerous kicks to the head, gets tripped in the corner, posted between his legs and then Suzuki pushes him back into the post using the ropes for added leverage. Kotoge needs to find a way to tag out and possible check to make sure he doesn’t have a concussion or an impromptu vasectomy. After some attempted stopping, Harada finally gets tagged in, evens things out and Ultimo gets his hands on Eita for a few moments.

Nosawa takes the tag from Eita, they clear house a bit and Nosawa tries to embarrass Dragon with a La Magistral, but Ohara breaks it up. Dragon tries his own, but a low blow and distracted referee gives Nosawa the chance to try and take Dragon’s mask. Kotoge makes the save, Eita tries to take out Kotoge but Kotoge keeps the advantage. Dumps Eita out, big Tope con Hilo, so the Babyfaces are rolling. Nosawa tries a few moves into a La Magistral, but Dragon counters that, and finally locks in his La Magistral for the win.

Ultimo is now 4-0 in his career in NOAH. Will he stick around? This was the best I’ve seen Ultimo look in a while.

Masakatsu Funaki & Hidaka Ikuto vs Kendo Kashin & Kazuyuki Fujita

This match went how most of us expected. Kashin got beat up quite a bit, Ikuto threw the decorations at him, Funaki stretched him but Fujita was the enforcer. Once Kashin got Fujita back in, Ikuto died. Ikuto sells the Beast Bomb as a Knockout, so much so that Funaki goes to get water and pours it on his face to wake him up.

Decent enough match, but Fujita is still very legit and when he’s motivated, his matches are impressive to watch.

GHC Junior Heavyweight Championship: HAYATA (c) vs Yoshinari Ogawa

Ogawa really has had a tendency to attack his tag team partners when they hold the singles title. If this goes the way of his Kotaro Suzuki challenge, it was more just to get the challenge out of his system and then back to business as tag champions. The NOAH Junior division is always…interesting if nothing else.

Things start very quickly, Ogawa may have a longer wrestling career than HAYATA does years alive, but that doesn’t slow him down. HAYATA and Ogawa spend some time utilizing the guardrails and outside, before bringing things back in as to not risk a DQ. After some back and forth, Ogawa finally gets a hold of his strategy and keeps a Key Lock in for quite some time. Even rolling through with it, countering HAYATA’s attempted rope run comeback with a Hip Toss into more Key Lock. HAYATA manages to get out and then goes for some high risk spots landing a big Tornado DDT out of the corner, and HAYATA tries to keep things going. As he whips Ogawa into the corner, Ogawa stops himself and counters HAYATA to take back the momentum. HAYATA goes back to the arm he was working on with an Armbar, HAYATA tries to get out of it, but Ogawa transitions it into a Hammerlock and drops the knee into the wrist.

Ogawa is doing a great job keeping up with the speed and still applying his great technical prowess. MY FAVORITE OGAWA MOVE! HAYATA gets the advantage, goes for a Thesz Press from the middle rope, but Ogawa falls backwards so his knee meets HAYATA’s nether region in the most seamless counter to a move. Can’t DQ a guy when the other person drove himself into the knee. This of course gives Ogawa some solid time in control, which he uses the apron, the post, works over some joints and holds a top wristlock as the re-enter the ring and HAYATA barely escapes to the ropes.

HAYATA does manage a small glimmer of hope before posting himself and Ogawa goes back into a Top Wristlock/Camel Clutch variation. HAYATA gets Ogawa off balance, but Ogawa hits a Snap DDT, posts him again, Back Suplex and then Back Drop Driver twice; but HAYATA kicks out. So Ogawa is showing frustration as he’s going to power moves instead of his technical prowess. He goes to the well too many times, HAYATA flips through the Backdrop, hits a Lariat and then a combination of kicks ending with an Enzuigiri. DDT from HAYATA, which makes sense to soften him up for Headache, but then HAYATA goes to the Moonsault and Ogawa gets the knees up.

Both men are making dumb choices because they’re frustrated. HAYATA goes for Headache, Ogawa blocks in, tries to lock in a leg lace or Figure Four on HAYATA, but a quick Up Kick and HAYATA cradles Ogawa tightly for a 3 count! Surprise pin out of both men’s desperation, doesn’t make anyone look bad. Really clever finish.

After the match HAYATA extends the hand, but Ogawa is still hot that he lost because he got out witted and not directly beaten. So Ogawa throws down the Junior Tag title, rejects the handshake and stomps off.

GHC Heavyweight Tag Team Titles: Keiji Muto & Naomichi Marufuji vs Masato Tanaka & Masaki Mochizuki

Mochi starts things off with Muto, which makes sense due to Tanaka having a match earlier in the day for the Zero1 promotion. So this allows Mochi to get some more work against Muto and give Tanaka as long of a breather as possible.

Tanaka and Marufuji go back and forth for a little bit and Tanaka doesn’t look gassed at all. He’s crisp, going move for move and forces Marufuji to avoid the Sliding D or it could’ve been an early issue. Muto gets back in and both Mochi and Tanaka work over the Legend. Indian Deathlocks and a heavy focus on his legs is smart. Not only is Muto’s age a key factor in where to attack, the surgically replaced knees are always a target and after he pulled it back out last year, there has to be a tiny fear of the Moonsault returning.

Mochi and Marufuji square off, as we get for tag team partners teeing off. Mochi’s kicks and Marufuji’s whip like chops trade back and forth. Mochi gets the best of things, gets Tanaka in and Tanaka tries to keep the pressure up. Sliding D off the apron, a few big Brain Busters, but Marufuji keeps fighting back with KO-OHs and clever shots to keep his team in. Multiple Sliding D variations from Tanaka, Marufuji with a flurry of his own offense before Tanaka hits a Kobashi style Spinning Backfist for both to have to tag out.

Mochi and Muto go back and forth. A few great kicks and a block of the Shining Wizard almost spell disaster but Marufuji makes a save. Slingshot Backstabber from Marufuji gives Muto the opening for the Shining Wizard, but a Shotei stops Muto, Tandem Sliding D and Sliding Knee force Marufuji  in to make the save. Marufuji pulls off the 2v1, dodges a few attacks, and manages a Jumping KO-OH, Shining Wizard from Muto. Marufuji and Muto pull off some tandem offense of their own, but Mochi refuses to stay down. Mochi refuses to lose to multiple Shining Wizards, so Muto pulls out the Figure Four and Mochi is forced to tap.

The Geniuses mark their first successful defense together.

KENTA, Takashi Suguira & Kazushi Sakuraba vs Daiki Inaba, Yoshiki Inamura & Masa Kitamiya

KENTA and Kitamiya start off, KENTA continues his shenanigans of powdering early. Kitamiya then pushes his power game on KENTA and you can see small glimmers of old KENTA getting dragged back out. As they do the usual take turns approach to tag teams, Inamura comes in and gets tied in the ropes early and KENTA decides to step on the Young Bulldozer’s face. This pisses off Inamura, so even though Sugiura is the legal man, Inamura goes after KENTA and KENTA takes the old NOAH veteran approach. He no sells the offense, grabs him by the hair and this has a lot of shades of when the current vertarns were young facing Kobashi, Misawa, Sasaki and KENTA took great notes. Inamura makes it his life goal to go after KENTA. Inamura catches him by surprise, but as things break down a little later you can see KENTA isn’t playing. He’s no selling Inamura and even no sells Kitamiya’s attack, just walks off. This s really interesting. This is either NOAH KENTA doing his veteran approach, or someone really pissed him off.

WOW, Inamura charges in to break a pinfall and KENTA casually steps back and makes the younger look stupid while stepping on Inaba. This is really classic veteran match play and then Inamura blind sides KENTA. KENTA drops to a knee and stares the kid down. Kitamiya gets Suigura in the Prison Lock, KENTA walks in to break it up, but Inamura comes in and stares down KENTA. After some staring and a few words, KENTA slaps him back into 2021, and Inamura powders looks rattled. KENTA does get the hold broken, but then eats some offense by Kitamiya for his troubles.

Kitamiya and Sakuraba exchanging as things break down a little more, Inaba gets tagged in and tries to speed things up. Sakuraba blocks a Brainbuster attempt by sitting out, but Inaba continues his relentless assault. Smartly, Inamura and KENTA come in together and this was a war. KENTA does more selling for the youngster and Inamura gets some great moment in. Kitamiya might still be a little salty that about KENTA walking away from him earlier, but it paid off in a beautiful old school NOAH way. KENTA landed his offense, and punctuated the match with a Go 2 Sleep.

KENTA puts over Inamura in the post-match, Sugiura asks KENTA to fight for NOAH against the NJPW team on the 8th.  KENTA agrees to team with Suigura and Sakuraba again and legitimately looks happy. With KENTA putting Inamura over, it’s either a clever cover that he took the Pillar approach to dealing with younger wrestlers or that was the idea that KENTA was intended to go through the pacings with the tiny tank.  

We’ve had such great matches, it’s hard to think that these final 2 still have potential to raise the bar even higher. Kaito and Kenoh have had a brotherly rivalry as have Katsuhiko and Go. So familiarity breeds contempt, and these could set the bar insanely high for the first day of a New Year.

GHC National Championship: Kenoh (c) vs Kaito Kiyomiya

Early on Kaito tries his damndest to apply his athleticism and just generally more flashy moves. Its fun to see how far Kaito has come, since I remember when he first came back from abroad and was really in a bit over his head. He was thrown into the fire and even given a yearlong Heavyweight Title reign as he was learning. Seeing a much more polished Kaito is actually really fun personally.

Kenoh starts beating the hell out of the Supernova, throws him around outside and lands pinpoint Sole Butts, Round Kicks and just general big brothering. Chiding slaps, kicks for the hell of it and Kenoh is trying to prove a point. Kaito manages a Lariat off the ropes, dumps Kenoh to the outside and then charges and does a no touch Tope con Hilo right on to Kenoh.

Kiyomiya locks Kenoh into the Stretch Plum, and it’s nice to see how he started off as channeling Misawa, and now he’s learning to reinvent and adapt other things to slowly become his own person. Kenoh fires as Kiyomiya taps into a bit of the Rainmaker cockiness, since he so desperately wants a match with Kazuchika Okada. We see a Snap Dragon Suplex from Kenoh, Okada-esque Dropkick from Kiyomiya and then Kenoh hits a PK for them to both have a breather spot.

The aggression turns up, Kenoh starts hitting some stiff strikes and looks to go to the ropes. Kenoh’s finisher is a Rolling Double Foot Stomp when he’s not knocking people out. Kaito blocks, Kenoh jumps to the ramp, Kaito tries to follow but Kenoh catches him with a fierce German Suplex. As Kaito is rocked, Kenoh hits a normal Double Foot Stomp, but between how long it takes to roll him in the ring, Kaito kicks out.

Kenoh tries to hit a PK and go back for another Professional Foot Stomp, but Kaito blocks him and starts putting some offense together. Big strikes, Falcon Arrow variations, but Kenoh kicks out. They trade counters on big moves until Kenoh pulls a little Minoru Suzuki, changes levels and tries to slow the Supernova with a Sleeper. Kaito is mostly out, Professional Foot Stomp, but only two. Tiger Suplex, Dragon Suplex, strike exchange. The aggression and frustration is palpable. Kenoh hits a thunderous Roundhouse as Kaito folds over and the referee stops Kenoh from covering Kaito and calls for the bell. Kaito got knocked out, Kenoh retains!

Happy birthday Kenoh, you bastard!

GHC Heavyweight Championship: Katsuhiko Nakajima (c) vs Go Shiozaki

Sufficed to say, these two have a lot of history. As opponents, as one of the best tag teams of the last few years AXIZ. Nakajima betrayed Shiozaki in 2020 during Go’s big title run. Go was able to stifle Nakajima’s rise in 2022, but after injuries caught up with him, Nakajima has had a chance to ascend to the top. Do we get a returning hero celebration, or will Go need more time to get back to his peak performance and fall to the Dark Side of Nakajima?

The first exchange is a kick from Nakajima, and returned with a thudding Shiozaki chop. Nakajima powders and Shiozaki goes after him. Nakajima trips up Shiozaki and sends him face first into the middle turnbuckle, kick to the pad and some nice offense from Nakajima. We then get Nakajima going from corner to corner for his 5 Second Pose on your throat. Nakajima’s personality always shines in his matches but his ability is second to none.

The smartass tendencies of Nakajima continue, and Shiozaki lands a Gowan Lariat because Nakajima is leaving himself open. Machine Gun chops in the corner, and Shiozaki is really playing the hits to prove his shoulder is in good shape. Those chops hurt my chest watching on Wrestle Universe. Nakajima catches Go with a classic Enzuigiri, and that gives him the momentum. Nakajima throws Go out, Apron PK and then just a lot of use of the outside to assist his attacks. They go to the ramp, fight back and forth and then Nakajima gets an idea.

2003 Kobashi and Misawa went through his mind, but Shiozaki blocked numerous times. Shiozaki counters, and then executes a release German Suplex sending Nakajima to the floor from the elevated ramp. Shiozaki manages to get Nakajima back into the ring before 20, goes for a larger move but Nakajima buys himself time by rolling away from it and landing a swift kick to help recollect himself. Fighting Spirit Kicks/Chops trade begins when they get up. This fighting spirit spot is a little reminiscent of the Kensuke Sasaki v Kenta Kobashi chop fest. Granted it’s both of their mentors, but it’s their version of it since Nakajima is known for his kicks.

Go Flasher stops Nakajima’s run long enough for Shiozaki to collect himself and try to mount a comeback. Shiozaki charges with the Lariat, but it gets countered with a kick, then Nakajima kicks Go in the face and he’s rocked. Vertical Spike from Nakajima and…oh wait Go kicked out! Shiozaki dodges the punt, Nakajima tries to go after him and Shiozaki’s struggling to get up. The referee checks to make sure he’s actually okay, and apparently is. R15 returns a boot from Shiozaki, then as he’s perched, Nakajima goes for an Avalanche Frankensteiner, but Go holds on. Lifts Nakajima all the way up, Avalanche Brainbuster, stumbling and a Gowan Lariat takes Nakajima’s head off but only for 2!

Shiozaki removes the elbow pad, close range Gowan Lariat, also for just 2. Shiozaki goes for his big match move homage to Kenta Kobashi, as he goes for the Moonsault, but Nakajima moves. Punt from Nakajima gets a very weak kick out from Go. Vertical Spike number 2, with a long delay, is – AGAIN Shiozaki kicks out! Nakajima calls Shiozaki to his feet and hits him with a fusion of the Vertical Spike and Emerald Flowsion. Nakajima retains!

Overall Score: 9.5/10

Either my expectations were just insanely low, or whatever, but this show was possibly the best event I’ve seen. It flowed, the four hours breezed by and everything fed well into each other. The last 5 matches were amazing, they all had their own personality; but it was just wonderful to watch.

NOAH continues to impress me the more I watch the product, and hopefully NOAH can drag this level of quality and intrigue out of New Japan. Here’s to hoping that all 3 Wrestle Kingdom days are just as captivating, not just the January 8th event.

KONGOH ended up going 3-1 in all their matches, and the way they ended the show by declaring their intentions again New Japan and saying “WE are NOAH”, is great stuff.

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Mitchell’s AEW Revolution Results & Report! (3/3/24)

Revolution is a mystery!



This is the biggest Revolution yet!

While the AEW World Championship is defended in a Triple Threat, Revolution is also Sting’s last match ever! Will The Icon retire undefeated? Or will the EVPs serve him a bitter “severance package?”


  • Zero Hour – 12 Man Tag: The Bang Bang Scissor Gang VS Willie Mack, Private Party & Team Triple J w/ Sonjay Dutt & Karen Jarrett; win.
  • Zero Hour – Kris Statlander & Willow Nightingale w/ Stokely Hathaway VS Julia Hart & Skye Blue; win.
  • All-Star Scramble: Chris Jericho VS Lance Archer VS “Powerhouse” Will Hobbs VS Wardlow VS Hook VS Brian Cage VS Magnus VS Dante Martin; wins and earns a future AEW World Championship opportunity.
  • AEW Continental Triple Crown Championship: Eddie Kingston VS Bryan Danielson; wins and
  • FTR VS Jon Moxley & Claudio Castagnoli; win(s).
  • Don Callis Family Feud: Will Ospreay VS Konosuke Takeshita; wins.
  • AEW International Championship: Orange Cassidy VS Roderick Strong w/ The Undisputed Kingdom; wins and
  • AEW TNT Championship: Christian Cage w/ The Patriarchy VS Daniel Garcia; wins and
  • AEW Women’s World Championship: “Timeless” Toni Storm w/ Luther VS Deonna Purrazzo; wins and
  • AEW World Championship Triple Threat: Samoa Joe VS Swerve Strickland w/ Prince Nana VS Hangman Page; wins and
  • AEW World Tag Team Championships Tornado Tag Match: Sting & Darby Allin VS The Young Bucks; win and


It’s the Revolution Zero Hour!

Join Renee Paquette and RJ City in discussing, analyzing and predicting the night that features Sting’s last match ever!


Tony Schiavone and David Crockett are here!

These two reunite in the Greensboro Arena, where so much of Sting’s iconic career took place. David says as we know, tonight is about family. The Young Bucks made this extremely personal when they attacked Sting’s sons, so what was to be a celebration of a great career has become a grudge match. There is purpose and revenge, Sting isn’t leaving until he finishes the job. Great years were spent here, the centerpiece of Jim Crockett Promotions and the NWA. Here on hallowed ground, from 1988 to 2024, Sting finishes his career here, live on PPV! Dial in, because there’ll be nothing else like it!


Zero Hour – 12 Man Tag: The Bang Bang Scissor Gang VS Willie Mack, Private Party & Team Triple J w/ Sonjay Dutt & Karen Jarrett!

Jay White & Colten Gunn made it work with Daddy Ass, The Acclaimed made it work with Austin, and we have seen the entire six pack in action and win once before. Will this be another hit for the super group? Or will the mash-up of The Mack, Marq Quen, Isiah Kassidy, Jay Lethal, Jeff Jarrett & Satnam Singh destroy the dysfunctional half dozen?

“Platinum on the mic, I’ma ’bout to cook this! All these jobbers in the ring, who the hecc booked this? A Black guy, an Indian and Jeff in the mix, I just wanna know: whose fetish is this? You make my job easy when I’m rappin’, you’re like an offensive joke waitin’ to happen! The Bang Scissor- Sh*t!” Caster lost his flow three times in a row! Is #TriplePartyJay winning gonna open the show? Bowens still shouts, “GRRREENSBOROOO~! The Bang Bang Scissor Gang has arrived! Scissor me, Daddy Ass!” And he does~!


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Mitchell’s AEW Collision Results & Report! (3/2/24)

It’s an All-Star Collision!



Who heads into Revolution with a win?

Just 24 hours before Revolution, AEW Collision has a Triple Threat Qualifier for the All Star Scramble! Penta VS Dante Martin VS Bryan Keith for the final spot!


  • Buddy Matthews VS ???; No Contest.
  • All-Star Scramble Qualifier Triple Threat: Penta El Zero Miedo VS Dante Martin VS Bryan Keith; Dante wins and advances to Revolution.
  • Mariah May VS Angelica Risk; Mariah wins.
  • Six Man Tag: The Acclaimed & Austin Gunn VS The Dark Order; The Acclaimed & Austin win.
  • Private Party VS Christopher Daniels & Matt Sydal; Private Party wins.
  • Thunder Rosa VS Cassandra Golden; Rosa wins.
  • 8 Man Tag: Orange Cassidy, Trent Beretta, Hook & Daniel Garcia VS Christian Cage, Killswitch/Luchasaurus, Brian Cage & Roderick Strong; Christian, Luchasaurus, Cage & Strong win.


Buddy Matthews VS ???

The House of Black’s Aussie Juggernaut opens Collision on Revolution Eve, but wait! Mark Briscoe drags Buddy out of the ring! The fans fire up but no, Mark is NOT Buddy’s opponent! This is revenge for the beatdown just last week! Mark SMACKS Buddy off the steel steps while the ref reprimands, but then Mark brings out a table! The fans fire up as Mark props that up against railing. But Buddy BOOTS Mark! And he SMACKS Mark off the steps! Buddy grabs a chair, but Mark kicks him low! Mark takes that chair and JAMS Buddy up with it! And SMACKS Buddy on the back! Mark tosses the chair into the ring, but Buddy knees low!

Buddy and Mark scrap, Mark ROCKS Buddy and slides into the ring. Mark then WRECKS Buddy with a dropkick! Buddy hits railing but Mark sets up the chair! Mark builds speed again and uses the chair to FLY! Direct hit, and through the table! The fans are thunderous as Mark rises up and high-fives the front row! Mark shoves Buddy into the ring, and he finds that spike! Mark storms into the ring with it, but Buddy asks for mercy! The fans say spoke him, but here comes Brody King! Brody drags Mark out, Malakai is also headed down here, but Mark dodges Brody to BOOT Malakai! Brody blocks the spike attack!

Brody choke grips Mark, but Mark LOW BLOWS him! Mark gets that chair again and he SMACKS away on Brody! Malakai runs up, but Mark uses the chair as a shield against the kicks! Malakai hobbles, Mark CHUCKS the chair into him! And Mark has the spike!! Mark storms up on Malakai while he’s down, and says this is payback! But then Buddy KNEES Mark down! Buddy saves Malakai, ROCKS Mark with forearms, then ROCKS him again. Buddy brings Mark up the ramp while throwing hands. Buddy underhooks, but Mark fights free! Mark back drops Buddy on the ramp! Then Mark CROSSBODIES Buddy down!

Mark still throws hands on Buddy, grabs something from the stage crew area, but Buddy storms up. Mark elbows Buddy away and- Wait, is that the switch for the pyro?! Mark presses a button, and the flames from Buddy’s entrance literally fire up! Buddy almost gets burned! Security rushes in but Mark keeps throwing Buddy around! Mark shoves Buddy to where the flamethrower is!! But then security swarms him before he can get the switch! The House regroups and retreats before facing disaster! Is Mark going to burn the House down with his own two hands?


Swerve Strickland speaks.

AEW shares footage from after Dynamite, The Realest having recovered from Hangman Page getting the jump on him. “I really don’t know what I should be pissed off at more: The fact that Hangman went out there and just ripped my $2,000 Jeff Hamilton exclusive jacket; or the fact that maybe I was just being a little too nice. I don’t really let my guard down too often, and in this business, you pay for it eventually. And it feels like I just paid for it. Swerve hung the Hangman and it was only right for the Hangman to swerve Swerve. You got me. I’ll never take my eyes off you ever again. This Sunday, you can’t get behind me. You gotta look me dead in my eye. I’m not gonna forget this.

“And as far as Joe, hm… I’m taking that championship. Whether I humiliate you on social media or in a promo, it doesn’t matter. I’m doing whatever it takes to walk out the historical figure of AEW, the first African American AEW World Champion. Whose house? Swerve’s House.” Angry yet focused, is Swerve truly the most dangerous man in that Triple Threat?


All-Star Scramble Qualifier Triple Threat: Penta El Zero Miedo VS Dante Martin VS Bryan Keith!

So far, it is Chris Jericho, Lance Archer, Will Hobbs, Wardlow, Hook, Brian Cage, and after last night’s Rampage, CMLL’s Magnus. One spot remains, will the eighth man have #CeroMiedo, represent Top Flight, or be looking for his next bounty?

The bell rings and the fans rally as the three stare down. The fans cheer for “CERO! MIEDO!” and Penta reminds Dante that they still owe each other. So listen! “CERO! MIEDO!” Penta pie faces Dante but then Keith shoves Penta. Penta takes the glove off! The fans fire up as Penta calls to Abrahantes, but then Keith HEADBUTTS Penta down! Then Dante SUPERKICKS Keith down! Penta gets up to SUPERKICK Dante! Penta KICKS Dante in a leg, KICKS Keith in a leg, “CERO! MIEDO!” Penta runs but into DOUBLE SUPERKICKS! Penta falls out, Keith DECKS Dante! Things get moving, Dante drops, hurdles then rolls back to headscissor! Then he dodges Keith to JUMP KNEE!

Keith falls out but Penta’s up top! Penta CROSSBODIES Dante, rolls off and keeps moving, SLINGBLADE! SLINGBLADE! Penta aims and KICKS Dante in the leg! Dante hobbles, Penta whips him to a corner but Dante reverses. Dante runs up, into a SUPERKICK! Penta then pops Dante up in the corner, SUPERKICK and BACKSTABBER! The fans fire up as Dante bails out and Penta takes aim. Penta builds speed but Keith is back to BOOT him! Fans are torn but Keith just reels Penta in. Keith underhooks but Penta wrenches out. Keith BOOTS the lariat away to then EXPLODER! Keith covers, TWO! Penta stays in this but also goes out of the ring.

Keith drags Penta back in, but Penta KICKS Keith in the leg! Keith CHOPS, so Penta CHOPS! Keith fires up and fires forearms! Penta wobbles but he ROCKS Keith again! They go forearm for forearm, Keith CHOPS and then DOUBLE LARIATS collide! Both men stay up so Dante DOUBLE CROSSBODIES them down! The fans fire up and Dante DIVES! Direct hit into Keith, then Dante runs to DIVE on Penta! The fans fire up again and Dante is feeling it as Collision goes picture in picture.

Dante drags Penta up, DECKS him with a forearm, then goes around the way. The fans fire up with Dante, but Keith BOOTS him down! Keith drags Dante up, CHOPS him, and Dante falls over. Keith turns around into Penta’s SUPERKICK! Penta drags Keith up, SMACKS him off the steps, then drags Dante up. Penta puts Dante against railing, hooks a leg around it, and KICKS! Penta assures the ref, he hit thigh and knee, not groin. Penta stands Keith up but Keith CLAWS Penta’s eyes! The ref reprimands but can’t do much more than that, and Keith KICKS Dante! Keith brings Dante up and into the ring.

Penta chicken wings Keith! Dante WRECKS Keith with a dropkick! But then Penta grabs Dante to spin him around on the apron, and KICK him back into the ring! The fans fire up with “CERO! MIEDO!” while Penta brings Keith into the ring. Penta keeps the chant going but Keith sits up with grit teeth. Keith seethes but Penta brings Dante up first. Collision returns to single picture as Penta CHOPS Dante! Dante CHOPS Penta! Then Dante CHOPS Keith! Keith CHOPS Dante and Penta! Penta SUPERKICKS Dante, Dante SUPERKICKS Keith, so Keith SUPERKICKS Penta! Then Keith and Penta DOUBLE SUPERKICK Dante!

Penta then kicks Keith low, reels him in, “CERO! MIEDO!” But Keith RAMS Penta into buckles! Keith fires off CHOPS and forearms! Penta shoves Keith away, but Keith comes back, only to be put up top. Keith HEADBUTTS Penta, reels him in, DIAMOND- NO, Penta stops that and Dante SUPERKICKS Keith! Penta uses Keith for a step, DESTROYER on Dante! Cover, Keith breaks it!! Keith saves Dante but also himself in this match, but “CERO! MIEDO!” continues to echo out in Huntsville. Keith storms up, but Penta KICKS and KICKS and “CERO! MIEDO!” Springboard, but into a BOOT!

Keith reels Penta in to underhook, but Penta fights free! Penta SUPERKICKS Keith, goes up a corner, but Keith RISING HEADBUTTS! Penta falls to the floor and Keith fires up! Keith snarls, storms up on Dante, but Dante catches him to a cradle! TWO, and Dante dodges Keith for the LEAPING sunset flip! Keith rolls through to KNEE! Underhook, TIGER DRIVER! Cover, TWO!! Dante survives and the fans fire up again! Dante flounders around, Penta rises up, “This is Awesome!” Keith runs up but Penta GAMANGIRIS! Penta then brings Keith to the apron, but Keith CHOPS! Penta CHOPS back!

Keith snarls, Penta eggs him on, so Keith CHOPS! Penta CHOPS! Neither man is backing down, Keith throat chops! Then Keith fireman’s carries, but Penta fights free! Penta CLUBS away on Keith, reels him in, APRON FEAR FACTOR!! Keith falls to the floor and Penta puts him in. But Dante leaps from the corner! Penta SUPERKICKS Dante outta the air! Dante wobbles on the apron, but he still hurdles over Penta’s tackle! Penta turns around, into an APRON DESTROYER!! Dante hurries to go up a corner, aiming for Keith! MAMBA SPLASH!! Cover, Dante wins!!

Winner: Dante Martin, by pinfall (advances to Revolution)

A huge win for Angelo Dorado, he is the final man in the All-Star Scramble! Will Dante use his speed and agility to snatch that golden ticket to the top?


AEW shares more footage from after Dynamite.

AEW Media caught up with Hangman Page backstage, and asked him about the attack on Swerve. Is he really not hurt? Hangman asks back, “Do I look hurt, you dumbass?! I’m fine, I’m in the match, and I’m sorry I took advantage of the trust of the people tonight, but I had to do it! I had to do it! I would rather DIE than have Swerve win the world championship! I would rather DIE than not win it myself! I did what I had to do! He’s hurt! He’s hurt, he’s weakened, he can’t have it, he won’t have it! I won’t let him! I had to do it! I had to do it!” The Cowboy seems to think he had to do what he did, but what will he do in order to finish things at Revolution?


BREAKING NEWS for Revolution!

After going back and forth with Julia Hart & Skye Blue, Kris Statlander & Willow Nightingale team together against The House of Black for a big Zero Hour tag match! Will the TBS Champion and her sidekick bring down the dynamic duo? Or will the Galaxy’s Greatest Babes with the Power prove The House does NOT always win? Plus, while The Bang Bang Scissor Gang tests out the combination of The Acclaimed & Austin Gunn tonight, they’re ALL going to team together against a rather eclectic six pack. Willie Mack, Private Party, Jay Lethal, Jeff Jarrett & Satnam Singh are teaming together, but will they be brought down by the AEW Trios & ROH World Six Man Tag Champions?


Mariah May VS Angelica Risk!

“Timeless” Toni Storm’s superfan and self-proclaimed protege is back in action, looking to keep her win streak going. Will this be the night she impresses the AEW Women’s World Champion? Or is she simply taking a risk?

The bell rings and Risk circles with Mariah. They tie up but Mariah kicks low! Mariah CLUBS Risk, puts her in a corner, and then puts some major stank on the DOUBLE CHOP! The fans cheer, Mariah stalks Risk to ropes and puts her through to pull her against the ropes! The ref reprimands and counts, Mariah lets go at 4. Risk sputters and coughs, but Mariah pulls her against ropes again! Mariah runs side to side to DROPKICK Risk in the back! Mariah winks to the camera and then brings Risk up. Mariah whips Risk to ropes, scoops her, and spins and spins and spins for the SIDEWALK SLAM!

Risk writhes while Mariah soaks up the cheers. Mariah blows a kiss to Nigel McGuiness and he is rather dramatic about it. Mariah smiles and goes back to Risk. Risk throws hands but Mariah CLUBS her down. Mariah puts Risk in a corner, then digs her boot in! The ref counts again, Mariah lets off at 4 and says she just deserves a slap on the wrist. Mariah then drags Risk up, snapmares her and runs, to basement dropkick! Risk flounders and Mariah shrugs. Mariah kicks Risk around, drags her up, but Risk ROCKS her with haymaker after haymaker! Mariah shoves Risk then DECKS her! Mariah runs up to KNEE Risk down!!

Mariah storms around, drags Risk back up and fireman’s carries, to hit MAYDAY! Cover, Mariah wins!

Winner: Mariah May, by pinfall

Nigel finishes marking out, and here comes Toni Storm! Storm goes right down to the ring and Mariah fangirls over her role model! Storm gets in the ring, but bypasses Mariah to get a mic. “Deonna Purrazzo, I must speak with you right now. Please come to the ring right this instance.” The Virtuosa does make her way out here, and storms right into the ring. Storm stays back and says, “Deonna, please. Hasn’t this gone far enough? Look at us! Look at what we’ve become. Is this really what we trained for? Is this really what we starved for, Deonna? Our friendship, destroyed. A new ta-too, a broken leg, a broken arm. All just to win a match. Is it worth it?” The fans sure think so! Storm isn’t so sure.

So Deonna, Storm says from the bottom of her heart, she loves Deonna. Her ability, her determination, and… that there is only room for one. And as long as Storm shall live and breath, it will never be Deonna! Deonna tells Toni, “I love you, too. I love… that you have your head so far up your own ass, you’re going to lose the one thing that started this entire charade to begin with! And I love, Toni, I love that you have forgotten the most important detail about me. I am the best friend and the worst enemy. I hope you have a bidet. It’s going to be really hard to wipe your ass when I break both of your arms!”

The fans fire up and Storm is unsure how to respond to that. But very well. Goodbye, old friend. Toni brings out lipstick to freshen up her make-up, and she kisses Deonna on the cheek to leave a mark. But Deonna fires forearms! They brawl, Deonna TACKLES Storm, and Mariah runs in to stop it! Mariah TOSSES Deonna away and helps Storm get away. But then Deonna runs up to BOOT Mariah! Deonna reels Mariah in and slashes her throat. This is for Storm! STORM ZERO on Mariah!! Deonna shows Storm that anything Storm can do, Deonna can do better. Will that also apply to being the AEW Women’s World Champion?


Six Man Tag: The Acclaimed & Austin Gunn VS The Dark Order!

While it was a bit rocky, Jay White & Colten Gunn made it work with Daddy Ass, so now the other half of the Bang Bang Scissor Gang gives it a go! And that means Platinum Max has a rap! “Bang Bang Scissor Gang, doing our thang!” But then Jay White gets too buddy buddy and it throws Caster off! Fans boo but White apologizes. Caster’s lost his window now, can he get back on the beat in the match? Bowens still says, “Huntsville, Alabamaaa~! The Bang Bang Scissor Gang has arrived! Scissor Me, Daddy Ass!” And he does~!

The trios sort out and Austin starts against Alex Reynolds. The two circle, feel things out, and tie up. They go around, Reynolds headlocks, but Austin wrenches out to headlock back. Reynolds powers up and out, drops down then swings, but Austin ducks ‘n’ dodges and trips Reynolds up! The fans cheer, Austin JABS, JABS, JABS and then two steps for the HAYMAKER! Tag to Caster, he and Austin double whip Reynolds to ropes. They DOUBLE HIP TOSS and we get a shot of “Juiceboard.” Caster brings Reynolds up but Reynolds RAMS him into Dark Order territory! Uno tags in, the Dark Order mugs Caster, but Caster fires off haymakers on them all!

Caster ROCKS Uno again and again, then dodges to DROPKICK! Reynolds runs up, but into a back drop! Silver runs in but into an atomic drop and RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP! Caster swaggers, but Uno stands up. Caster scoops to SLAM Uno, then tags in Bowens. Bowens tags Austin and Bowens goes up. Time to SCISSOR ME TIMBERS! The remix works just like the classic! Fans fire up as it’s guns and scissors up! But the flow is off again, and Silver BOOTS Bowens! Silver ELBOWS Austin, dodges Caster, and feed to Reynolds, POP-UP UPPERCUT! Uno runs to BOOT Austin then DDT him! Cover, TWO!

Austin stays in there for the BBSG but Uno stays on him with buckle bumps. The Dark Order isolates Austin as Collision goes picture in picture.

Uno DECKS Austin, mocks him as he crawls for the BBSG corner, then STOMPS the hand! Austin writhes, Uno tags Reynolds, and they get Austin up in an open corner. Uno CHOPS, Reynolds clotheslines, and then Reynolds snapmares to IMPLODER SPLASH! Cover, TWO! Austin hurries to ropes and the fans rally up. Reynolds storms up on Austin, taunts Billy & Colten, then tags in Silver. They double whip Austin to ropes to double drop toehold and DOUBLE BASEMENT DROPKICK! Cover, TWO! Silver scowls as he stays between Austin and The Acclaimed. Silver sits Austin up to KICK!

Austin sputters, Silver KICKS him again! Then Silver sucker punches Bowens down! The ref reprimands while Collision goes to break.

Collision returns and Uno is again taunting Austin to tag his team. Uno then drags Austin up, whips him away, but Austin uses that to BLAST Silver & Reynolds! Uno blocks Austin’s kick but the ref refuses to play along! Uno is upset, but Austin gets a leg and he gives it to the ref! Now the ref is okay with it, and Austin hits the NECKBREAKER! The fans fire up while Austin and Uno are both down! Uno and Austin crawl, their teams reach for them, and Hot tags to Bowens and Reynolds! The Five Tool Player rallies on the Dark Order! ROLLING ELBOW for Uno! ROLLING ELBOW for Reynolds! Then Rock Paper Scissors SUPERKICK for Silver!

The fans fire up as Reynolds gets the same, plus the FAMOUSER BULLDOG! Bowens shouts, “EVERYONE! LOVES! THE ACCLAIMED! BANG BANG!” But then Uno drags Bowens out and POSTS him! Caster CLOBBERS Uno, fires off on him, but Silver DIVES! Down goes Caster, but Billy tells the Meat Man to watch himself. Silver just flexes and says, “I’m freakin’ jacked, baby!” Silver shoves Billy and the ref has to stop the rest of BBSG from going after Silver! But this lets Uno & Reynolds both get Caster up, and Silver runs in! PENDULUM BOMB!! Reynolds covers, AUSTIN BREAKS IT! What a save!

Uno CLUBS Austin, runs up, but Austin gets around the boot! Dragon sleeper, SWINGING NECKBREAKER! Austin says “SUCK IT!” but Silver tags in and CLOBBERS him! BOOT WASH to GERMAN SUPLEX! Silver & Reynolds have Bowens isolated! Silver clotheslines, GAMANGIRIS, and whips, but Bowens reverses! The ROLLING ELBOW from Reynolds hits Silver! Bowens tags Caster, then clinch for THE ARRIVAL! Caster is up top, MIC DROP!! Cover, BBSG wins!

Winners: The Acclaimed & Austin Gunn, by pinfall

Jay White slides in to give the boys their belts, and he scissor fingers with Caster. The gang makes it work again, and look ready for Revolution’s 12 Man Tag! Will the super group be unstoppable despite the dysfunction?


Backstage interview with Kris Statlander, Willow Nightingale & Stokely Hathaway.

Speaking of dysfunction, Lexi Nair is with the trio of Galaxy’s Greatest Babes with the Power and their manager, nothing the loss to Skye Blue just on Dynamite. However, they do have the tag team match against Skye & Julia tomorrow night, are they having a different tactic going into it? Stokely wants to “address the elephant in the room” and go with the word of the day, “accountability.” He was watching a lot of The View, he is a Whoopi stan, so hey, he just wants to say sorry. Willow says put apologies aside. No more talking, they need to get on the same page. Tomorrow is not about friendship, it is about Revolution!

Willow warns Julia & Skye, “Stat and I are gonna kick your ass!” The Babe with the Power has flipped the switch from happy to angry, is tomorrow night’s Zero Hour going to be the last time the House of Black gets the better of her and Statlander?


Tony Schiavone is in the ring.

He brings in one of the men who gets a chance at an AEW World Championship opportunity in the All-Star Scramble. It is the one and only… WARDLOW! The Undisputed Kingdom’s War Dog makes his way to the ring and he just takes the mic away. “You know the deal.” Schiavone bows out and Wardlow says, “Looks like I finally got somebody’s attention around here, huh?” Fans sound a bit torn but Wardlow says, “Two years ago, I won the Face o the Revolution Ladder match. One year ago, I choked out your King. This year, FINALLY, I get my shot at the world heavyweight championship, after I beat all the other ‘all-stars’ in the match.”

Fans boo but Wardlow says the real question is: Who’s it gonna be? Wardlow VS Hangman? He’ll slap the Cowboy’s mustache into the third row and send him back into depression! Wardlow VS Swerve? The fans like him, right? It’s Swerve’s House, right? Wardlow will kick the door of that house down and whoop Swerve’s ass from the basement to the attic, because nobody else gets to eat before him! So swerve back into your lane and dance your ass to the back of the line! Swerve’s House only exists in Wardlow’s World! Maybe it’ll be Wardlow VS Joe. The fans chant for “JOE! JOE! JOE!” but Wardlow says he is so sick hearing these “dumb hillbillies” chant for Joe!

Wardlow says that he hopes it IS Joe! Because everybody knows that Joe is in Wardlow’s spot! And this time, Wardlow will finish the job. Not only is Wardlow going to take his spot, take his title, but beat Joe so badly that Joe will be forced to put on a headset and sit at the announce desk where he belongs! YEAH, Wardlow is him! He’s been him, will always be him! And tomorrow night, Wardlow reminds everyone that he is STILL the Face of the Revolution! Wardlow is the Uncrowned King of AEW, because this is no longer wrestling! This is WAR! But wait! Here comes Chris Jericho!

Wardlow huffs and puffs as The Ocho makes his way out here, mic in his own hand. Jericho asks a question: What exactly is Wardlow going on about? Swerve, Hangman and Joe? They are all great competitors, but Wardlow’s not fighting those three! He’s in the Scramble, and maybe you don’t know Jericho, but he’s not an all-star, he is one of the greatest to ever do this! And if Wardlow thinks he’ll just pass over him and six other men, six of the greatest performers worldwide, here’s some information for you. Jericho is the Ocho because he is an eight-time world champion, and the very-first AEW World Champion!

The fans cheer and Wardlow mockingly claps. Jericho says that makes the score 8-0 in Jericho’s favor cuz Wardlow ain’t won sh*t. The fans cheer that! So before Wardlow disrespects Jericho and says he’ll go right to the top, Jericho will remind Wardlow that it’s been four YEARS since Jericho lost that title to Jon Moxley in one of the greatest matches in AEW history, and Jericho hasn’t had even a chance to get it back, or even sniff it. So tomorrow at Revolution, this isn’t just another match for Jericho, this is a chance for him to get back to where he thinks he can be, to where he knows he can be, and that is the AEW World Championship!

Jericho knows he’s good enough. The question is: Is Wardlow? Wardlow chuckles but Jericho says Wardlow’s complaining about being overlooked and pushed aside. Thousands of people used to chant Wardlow’s name, he had a rocket that was put on upside-down, blah blah blah. Does Wardlow think that maybe it wasn’t any of those things? Maybe the people stopped chanting because Wardlow just wasn’t good enough. Maybe it’s that aren’t as good as you think, “Mike.” Wardlow scowls at Jericho using his first name. But y’know what, Chris? You’re right. Because Wardlow was this close to the top of the mountain that he could smell it.

But after Double or Nothing, Wardlow shows up for work, just to take a step backwards. And then the next week, another step, and another, and another. So yeah, that pisses Wardlow off to the point that he let it eat him away, to where he was taking work home and he let it ruin his personal life. Wardlow lost his best friend to this, and he lost himself! But after sitting at home for three MONTHS with no phone call, Wardlow slowly started to remember who he was. And he did what he have done so many times in his life: pick himself up off the floor, put himself back together, and then came back here to remind ALL OF YOU just who the hell he is!

BECAUSE HE IS WARDLOW! The biggest and baddest SOB to ever step into the ring! And he doesn’t give a DAMN what your name is, how many titles you’ve won, and just like he said last week, Wardlow is done eating the scraps! The fans fire up as Wardlow says if Jericho doesn’t think Wardlow’s good enough, well, Wardlow’s right here. Feel free to come down and show Wardlow so Wardlow can remind Jericho! Oh, if Wardlow wants Jericho to prove something, fine. Jericho will take that rocket off his back and shove it up his ass! Right, Huntsville? But wait! HOBBS CLOBBERS JERICHO! Wardlow chuckles, but Hobbs says watch this!

Hobbs rains down fists on Jericho, then tells Wardlow that HOBBS is the biggest and baddest! Fans boo but Hobbs says they’ve got one more day before this happens! The fans chant for “MEAT! MEAT! MEAT!” The Scramble is beefy, will it be one of the behemoths that comes out on top?


Backstage interview with Serena Deeb.

Lexi is now with the Professor of Pro-Wrestling, and says she is arguably the most experienced woman in the AEW locker room today. And currently, she is undefeated. But we’ve also seen a new side of her. Tell us just what’s going on. Deeb says not only is she undefeated in her return, she is undeniable and unstoppable. She’s putting on clinic after clinic every single week. And to be honest, no one’s really even challenged her in the ring yet. And that makes sense, because she is the Professor, the Woman of 1000 Holds. To be honest, she doesn’t think the competition she’s faced so far knows the difference between a wristlock and wristwatch.

So if you’re listening, if you’re watching, and if you consider yourself one of the best, step into Deeb’s Dojo and test yourself against the most elite wrestler. She’ll be here each and every week showing the world that nobody does what she does in that ring, and why Deeb is The Final Boss. A huge challenge has been issued, will anyone step up?


Private Party VS Christopher Daniels & Matt Sydal!

Marq Quen & Isiah Kassidy want to finally be at the top of the AEW Tag Division, but they’ve got to keep up the pace if they wanna reach it. Will they do just that against the Fallen Angel & Zen Assassin? Or will the former ROH World Tag Team Champions show them what it takes to really get there?

The teams sort out and Sydal starts against Zay. They circle and talk trash, Zay blaming Sydal for the loss in the Trios Triple Threat while Sydal says he was carrying Private Party. The two shove, then Sydal arm-drags! Sydal taunts Zay, dodges him, then tilt-o-whirls to RANA! Sydal then ducks ‘n’ dodges to RANA again! The fans fire up and Sydal runs up again. Tilt-o-whirl ARM-DRAG! Quen runs in, but into an arm-drag! Then Daniels gets in to arm-drag Quen! Zay arm-drags Daniels, but Sydla arm-drags Zay! The teams regroup and the fans cheer but the ref wants everyone to calm down. Quen and Daniels back off, but then Sydal and Zay tag them in.

The fans cheer as Daniels and Quen circle now. Quen is annoyed by how many are cheering for Daniels and not him. Quen and Daniels then tie up, Quen headlocks, but Daniels throws body shots. Daniels powers out, Quen rolls over the dropdown and starts up the “SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS!” chant. Daniels smirks, runs up, but Quen trips him up! Quen speeds up, steps over Daniels, “SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS!” Daniels is annoyed but he runs up. Quen bypasses but Daniels steps on him now! Daniels says “SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS!” but then wags his fingers. He does the Curry Man Dance! The fans cheer but Quen runs up, into a hip toss!

Tag to Sydal, he and Daniels mug Quen, then Sydal whips Quen into a corner for the GAMANGIRI! Daniels feeds Quen to the ROUNDHOUSE then adds an STO! Sydal gets the fans fired up for the STANDING MARIPOSA! Cover, TWO! Sydal taunts Quen, brings him up, and KCIKS a leg! Tag to Daniels, he and Sydal double wrench Quen to bring him to his knees. Sydal KICKS and Daniels BLINDSIDE LARIATS! Cover, TWO! Quen stays in this and Collision goes picture in picture.

Daniels is annoyed but he brings Quen up to headlock. Quen powers out, drops down, and Zay gets a cheap shot in! Zay gets away from Daniels, and Quen DROPKICKS Daniels down! Daniels ends up on the apron, Zay tags in so he can jump in, springboard and STUNNER Daniels off the apron! Daniels staggers around, Zay distracts the ref so Quen can CLOBBER Daniels! Zay goes out to shine Daniels’ head, then put him in the ring. Zay stomps Daniels, then puts him in a corner. Zay stomps a mudhole now, then tags Quen. Private Party says “STOMPS! STOMPS! STOMPS!” but they stop as the ref counts.

Quen kick steps and rolls back to taunt Sydal, then goes back for Daniels. Quen UPPERCUTS Daniels, puts him in the corner, and digs his boot in. The ref counts, Quen lets off at 4, but Zay CHOKES Daniels behind the ref’s back! Sydal protests but that only lets Zay do more! Zay lets off in time, then tags in. Private Party whip Daniels to atomic drop and ENZIGIRI! Quen then sweeps Daniels’ legs and Zay adds the HIP DROP, into a CAMEL CLUTCH! Quen runs to LEAP FROG STOMP, and then Zay BLASTS Sydal off the apron! Sydal is furious and the ref reprimands Private Party, but they just soak up the heat.

Zay brings Daniels up but Daniels throws body shots and forearms! Daniels runs but Zay LARIATS him down! Zay stays between Daniels and his corner, then he brings Daniels up to snapmare and chinlock. Zay grinds Daniels down, Daniels endures, and Collision returns to single picture. Sydal coaches Daniels as he fights up, and Daniels throws body shots. Zay CLUBS away on Daniels, shines the bald head, then kicks low. But Daniels stops the Twist of Fate! Zay comes back, into a FLATLINER! Both men are down and the fans rally up! Zay and Daniels crawl, hot tags to Quen and Sydal! Sydal DROPKICKS Quen!

Sydal JUMP KICKS Quen, ROUNDHOUSES him, then JUMP KICKS Zay! Sydal KICKS Quen, KICKS Zay, repeat! The fans fire up, Sydal dodges Private Party and DOUBLE RANAS! Then QUESTION MARK KICK for Zay! Quen swings but Sydal gets under to wrench and lift, AIR RAID CRASH! Cover, TWO! Quen is still in this and Sydal grows frustrated. Sydal basement dropkicks Zay into buckles, then he runs corner to corner at Quen. Quen dodges and the splash hits buckles! Zay runs in, but Sydal BOOTS! Sydal runs up but Kassidy ducks, Quen BOOTS Sydal! Quen reels Sydal in, Kassidy goes up, but SWANTON NECKBREAKER COMBO! Cover, TWO!!

The fans fire up and Quen can’t believe it! Quen calls to Zay, they get Sydal up to mug him. Private Party double whip, Sydal KICKS Quen then HEEL KICKS Zay, and a ROUNDHOUSE to Quen! Tag to Daniels and he JABS away on Private Party. Quen kicks low, Private Party double whip, but Daniels ducks the lariats! Sydal & Daniels LARIAT Private Party! The fans fire up as Sydal goes up and Daniels brings Quen around. Daniels underhooks but Kassidy saves Quen! Quen back drops free! Sydal leaps over Quen to METEORA Zay! Daniels is back up, but Quen dodges to Michael Jackson “HEE HEE~,” only for Daniels to dodge the Pele!

Daniels reels Quen in for ANGEL’S WINGS!! Cover, but wait, who’s storming down the ramp? It’s TRIPLE J! Jeff Jarrett and Sonjay Dutt distract the ref, while Jay Lethal gets in to give Daniels a LETHAL COMBINATION! Lethal drags Quen onto Daneils and now the ref sees the cover, Private Party wins!

Winners: Private Party, by pinfall

Quen & Zay get an assist from their future tag partners in Revolution’s 12 Man Tag! Sonjay does his best to dance to the music, but will this dirty half dozen find a way to beat all the Six Man Champions tomorrow night?


Thunder Rosa VS Cassandra Golden!

Serena Deeb may be undefeated in her return, but so has La Mera Mera! The former AEW Women’s World Champion wants to get some gold again, will she make it 5-0 in 2024? Or will this Collision be Golden?

The bell rings and the two circle. The fans rally as the two tie up and ago around. Golden shoves Rosa away, but Rosa shrugs that off. Golden runs in but Rosa gets her in a facelock! Rosa throws knees into Golden, but Golden powers up to throw Rosa away! Golden runs up, Rosa dodges the boot to BOOT Golden! Rosa eggs Golden on, then CHOPS her! And LARIATS her! Rosa fires up and the fans are with her! Rosa kicks Golden around, asks who is questioning her return, then bumps Golden off buckles. Rosa CHOPS, then CHOPS again! The fans fire up as Rosa stands Golden up and CHOPS again! Rosa then brings Golden around, fireman’s carries, but Golden fights free!

Golden ROCKS Rosa and Rosa staggers to a corner. Golden runs in, but Rosa dodges to SHOTGUN Golden down! The fans fire up and Rosa runs corner to corner to HYDRAULIC DROPKICK! Rosa pushes Golden out of the corner, climbs up the corner, and she DOUBLE DIVING STOMPS! Golden writhes but Rosa still keeps on her! COBRA CLUTCH STRETCH! Golden taps, Rosa wins!

Winner: Thunder Rosa, by submission

That’s a new twist to La Mera Mera’s arsenal! And she says it’s story time! “I’m still here, right? La Mera Mera hasn’t left. I know you wanna push me aside, but I won’t back down. Because it’s my time. And remember, get a little closer, because you’re gonna get burned!” Is nothing and no one going to stop Rosa from taking a title in 2024?


8 Man Tag: Orange Cassidy, Trent Beretta, Hook & Daniel Garcia VS Christian Cage, Killswitch/Luchasaurus, Brian Cage & Roderick Strong!

There are many titles on the line this Sunday, and the AEW International Championship and AEW TNT Championships are no exception! Freshly Squeezed will be facing the Savior of the Backbreaker while Captain Charisma will be facing the Dragonslayer, and let’s not forget the Cold-Hearted Handsome Devil and Machine are both in the All-Star Scramble! Which quirky quartet captures some critical momentum just 24 hours away from Revolution?

The teams sort out and while Garcia is glaring at Christian, Christian of course backs down. Instead, we get Brian Cage and #JustTrent. They tie up, Cage shoves Trent to a corner but Trent dodges the clothesline. Trent CHOPS, Cage runs up but Trent dodges again to headlock. Cage powers up and powers out, then he runs Trent over! “Who betta than Cage, huh!?” Trent scrambles to his feet, talks it over with his corner, and tags in Garcia! Garcia dares Christian to step up but it’s Roddy who tags in instead. Roddy and Garcia circle but Roddy SPITS at Cassidy! Cassidy leaves that alone so Roddy and Garcia tie up.

Roddy and Garcia go around, Roddy wrenches through to wristlock. Garcia rolls, rolls and rolls to get free! The fans cheer as Garcia wags his finger. Garcia and Roddy feel things out, tie up, and Roddy wrenches to wrangle Garcia with another wristlock. Garcia fights up, but Roddy wrenches again. Garcia grabs at Roddy for a clinch, pushes him around and turns him, then slips to a headlock! The fans cheer this technical exchange as Roddy pries at the hold. Roddy pops out the back to headlock and hit the takeover. Garcia headscissors, Roddy moves around, and Roddy turns Garcia over. Roddy then ties the legs up, and he smacks Garcia on the head.

The fans boo but Roddy stares Garcia down. Garcia stands, they tie up, and go around. Garcia puts Roddy in a corner, the ref counts, and Garcia lets off slowly, to CHOP! And CHOP! And CHOP again! Garcia whips corner to corner, runs up and clotheslines, then brings Roddy in! Garcia lifts but Cage makes the save! So Garcia fires shots on Cage! Cage takes a swing but Garcia ducks, and Hook is there to ROCK Cage! They pinball Cage around, then Roddy runs in. Garcia sends Roddy into Cage, then UPPERCUTS Roddy! Garcia feeds Roddy to Hook’s SAYANAGI! The young studs fist bump and the fans cheer.

The ref wants someone to get in, so Killswitchasaurus and Captain Charisma step up! Cage also joins in, but then Cassidy & Trent back Hook and Garcia up! The fans fire up for the stare down, Collision goes picture in picture.

The ref has everyone cool off, but Christian still swipes at Garcia. Garcia kicks at Christian but this boils back down to just Garcia and Roddy. Roddy tags Cage back in, he circles with Garcia. They tie up, Cage RAMS Garcia into a corner! And again, and again! Cage then CHOPS Garcia while Prince Nana talks trash. Cage soaks up the heat, runs corner to corner, but Garcia BOOTS him! Cage tries again but Garcia dropkicks the legs out! Cage hits buckles, Garcia does his dance! Then Garcia BOOT WASHES Cage halfway out the ring! Garcia drags Cage up, UPPERCUTS him, then whips Cage to ropes. Cage reverses and Christian gets a cheap shot in!

Garcia swings on Christian but Christian scurries away, and then Cage CLOBBERS Garcia! Cage tags Roddy and Roddy drags Garcia up to CHOP him in a corner. And CHOP again! Roddy brings Garcia around, tags in Luchasaurus, and they mug Garcia. Luchasaurus scoops to SNAKE EYES Garcia, then runs to CLOBBER him! Luchasaurus stays between Garcia and his team, then drags Garcia up. Luchasaurus TOSSES Garcia to the corner, fires off body shots and an UPPERCUT, then tags in Christian. Now the Patriarch of AEW wants after Garcia, and he CHOKES Garcia against ropes as Collision goes to break!

Collision returns and Cage has Garcia in an open corner. Cage whips corner to corner, gets the Terminator drums started, then runs in. Cage blocks a boot to ROCK Garcia! Cage then scoops Garcia, but Garcia slips fere to shove him into the corner! Garcia climbs up on Cage and he rains down fists! The fans count along, but Cage shoves Garcia down at 6! Cage then drags Garcia up for the deadlift SUPERPLEX! Cage shouts, “Who betta than Cage?!” Fans boo but Cage tags Roddy. Roddy deadlifts Garcia for a BACKBREAKER! Roddy stomps Garcia, tags Christian, and they stomp Garcia together while fans boo.

Christian keeps Garcia from his team, puts him back int he corner and CHOPS! Tag back to Roddy, he CHOPS Garcia! Roddy CHOPS again, then tags Cage. The stomping resumes, and then Cage drags Garcia up. Cage RAMS Garcia into the corner, RAMS him again, then soaks up the heat. But Garcia fires off hands on the rest! Luchasaurus grabs Garcia by the neck, but Garcia HOTSHOTS the arm! Fans fire up, Cage runs in, but Garcia leaps at him! Cage picks Garcia up to suplex, but Garcia DDT COUNTERS! Both men are down and the fans fire up again! Hot tag to Roddy and he hurries, but hot tag to Trent!

Trent rallies on Roddy as revenge for what The Undisputed Kingdom has been up to! Roddy swings, Trent dodges to METEORA! Christian gets in, but he gets a GERMAN SUPLEX! Trent holds on, GERMAN SUPLEX again! Then the HALF ‘N’ HALF! Fans fire up as Trent dodges Roddy and gives him a TORNADO DDT! Trent builds speed and he DIVES, into Luchasaurus’ hands! APRON CHOKE SLAM! Trent flops back down and Luchasaurus snarls. Roddy and Christian regroup with the team as Luchasaurus puts Trent in. Roddy stomps Trent, then digs his boot in. Trent goes to the apron but Roddy uses that to ROPE GUILLOTINE!

The fans boo and Trent flounders, but Collision again goes picture in picture.

Trent sputters, but Cage stomps him on the apron! The ref is too busy with Trent’s team as they protest so Cage gets away with that. Luchasaurus then CHOPS Trent in a corner! And ROCKS him! And stomps him! Luchasaurus drags Trent up, whips him corner to corner hard, and Trent tumbles up and out to the floor! Luchasaurus roars, Trent sputters, and the ref is busy with Cassidy so Christian gets a cheap shot in! Roddy wants one but the ref is paying attention to them by then. Luchasaurus fetches Trent into the ring, then keeps him from his corner with a chinlock. Luchasaurus CLUBS away on Trent’s chest!

Luchasaurus drags Trent up, tags in Christian, and The Patriarchy mugs Trent. Christian snapmares Trent and then claws at Trents’ face! The ref reprimands, Christian lets off to stare Garcia down, but Garcia almost gets a shot in! Christian taunts Garcia, brings Trent up, but Trent throws a forearm! Christian ROCKS Trent in return, then clamps on a SLEEPER! Trent sputters and Collision returns to single picture as the fans rally up. Trent fights as Christian squeezes tight, and Trent throws body shots! The fans fire up as Trent runs, but into a kick! Then a REVERSE DDT! Fans boo but Christian goes up a corner. Christian DIVING HEADBTT FLOPS as Trent moves!

The fans fire up while both men are down! Trent and Christian crawl, their teams reach out, hot tag to Roddy, and he CLOBBERS Trent to deny Cassidy! The fans boo as Roddy mocks the hands up and hands into pockets. Trent crawls while Roddy gives him the “devastating” kicks a la Cassidy. The fans boo as Roddy stomps Trent, then hauls him up and around, for a BOSTON CRAB! But Trent rolls right through to BOOT Roddy away! Hot tags to Cage and Cassidy! Cassidy ducks Cage to bump him off buckles! He does the same to Christian! Then another for Cage! Cassidy climbs to CROSSBODY Christian!

Cassidy SHOTGUNS Luchasaurus, dodges Cage and tilt-o-whirls, only for Cage to stop the DDT! But then STUN DOG MILLIONAIRE hits! Cassidy DIVES onto Roddy, goes back in and tilt-o-whirl DDTS Cage! Cover, TWO!! Cage survives and Roddy shouts at Cassidy, “You want some?!” But it’s Luchasaurus who grabs Cassidy! And Garcia! But they break free, dodge Luchasaurus, and ORANGE PUNCH! SHINING WIZARD! Roddy gives Cassidy a SICK KICK! But Garcia CHOPS and SLAPS Roddy over and over! Then SAIDO! Christian SPEARS Garcia! But Hook clinches, EL CAMINO! The fans fire up but Cage aims at Hook!

Hook swings on Cage, but into a FULL NELSON SLAM!! Cassidy runs in, but into an F5!! Cover, Garcia AND Hook break it! The fans fire up, Luchasaurus reaches out to tag in off Cage. Hook is still after Cage, Garcia joins in, but Luchasaurus grabs Cassidy. Trent goes after Luchasaurus and now Best Friends mug him! Roddy gets up, Cassidy BLASTS him off the apron! Cassidy DIVES, but into END OF HEARTACHE!! Cage powers out, but Hook & Garcia dodge to DOUBLE LARIAT him and themselves out of the ring! Trent is on Luchasaurus with a SLEEPER BACKPACK, and he’s bringing the dinosaur to his knees!

The fans fire up but Luchasaurus pries at the hold. Luchasaurus has a second wind and he THROWS Trent away! Roddy’s got Cassidy down in the Strong Hold!! Trent stagger sup, into the JURASSIC HEADBUTT! Luchasaurus snarls, dares Trent to get up, and then choke grips, for the JURASSIC CHOKE- VICTORY ROLL!! TWO!!! Luchasaurus escapes, Trent SUPERKICKS him! Luchasaurus stays up, so Trent SUPERKICKS again! Luchasaurus flounders, Trent aims from the corner, but Christian runs up! Trent DECKS Christian, but Nick Wayne CLUBS Trent! EXTINCTION LARIAT!! Cover, Patriarchy and friends win!

Winners: Christian Cage, Luchasaurus, Brian Cage & Roderick Strong, by pinfall

All the extra help on the outside steered things in their direction, and now the TNT Champion has momentum going into Revolution! Taven & Bennett then show up so they can help Roddy mug Cassidy! The Undisputed Kingdom vows Cassidy won’t even make it to tomorrow night! Cage and Hook brawl, Luchasaurus & Christian mug Trent! Cage whips Hook hard into railing! Luchasaurus & Nick get chairs for Papa Christian and Matthew Menard shouts from commentary! Daddy Magic storms in, but Luchasaurus HEADBUTTS him down! Then Luchasaurus gives Menard the FULL METAL CHOKE SLAM!!

Menard writhes as the chair is bent from his body hitting it! Hook baits Cage in and sends him into steps! Christian is still after Garcia, but Hook leaps to LARIAT Cage down! The Undisputed Kingdom has let off of Cassidy, but Garcia turns things around on Christian! Garcia CLUBS away on Christian and chases him up the ramp! Then he sends Christian into the LED screen! It is still chaos up and down and all around ringside, but will Christian survive Red Death to still be TNT Champion? Does Cassidy stand a chance of retaining the International Championship when he can barely stand on his own two feet? All this and more will be answered tomorrow night at Revolution!

My Thoughts:

A great Collision here, especially as the go-home to Revolution. I like the move of Mark attacking Buddy to “cancel a match,” and then Mark became a one man wrecking crew to really escalate things between him and The House of Black. I’m thinking if Mark doesn’t get allies to help him, then he should have some sort of three match series with The House. Mark will face each member 1v1, from Buddy to Brody to Malakai, and who knows how that goes, but Mark beating Malakai would be a good blowoff that also gets Mark towards a title story for the Summer. And really good promos from Swerve and Hangman to top off things for Revolution, with Hangman having a rather manic and desperate take on being a Face turning Heel. That’s a much more realistic turn in his character rather than the usual “I’m just a bad guy now” kind of stuff.

Really good segment from Wardlow, Jericho and Hobbs. While it’s not really good that Tony Khan books his people into these positions where their characters are always going, “It’s about time I get to do something in this company!” at least Wardlow is making the most of it with how passionate that promo was. And then while Jericho maybe goes one line too long for his part, at least Hobbs just beats Jericho down to make his point. Go-home math probably doesn’t work here, Jericho isn’t suddenly going to win out just because of this. I am still going with Wardlow as first pick, Hobbs as second.

Speaking of the Scramble, great Triple Threat, and a great win for Dante. I did not expect that, I really thought it was gonna be Penta, but Dante is another great high-flyer to get in on a rather bulky field. Great win for Mariah May, though I don’t think her matches have really gone long enough to showcase everything she can do. But it was also a great segue for Storm and Deonna to have their final face to face. Deonna stands tall because she puts the hurt on Mariah, that makes me think Storm retains and we slowly turn the corner to where Mariah gets fed up with Storm not caring about her at all, despite taking all these hits for her.

Great win for Thunder Rosa, and her little mini-promo after was really good, too. Again, feels like a case parallel to Wardlow about being a little annoyed at having to wait for stuff. Rosa did show up during the hype towards Collision’s debut, but then was not on a single Collision for months. Good promo from Deeb, too, and I want to say her saying “Final Boss” is some plug for Mercedes Mone to show up and be “THE Boss,” what with Big Business in Boston happening in a couple weeks. And apparently we’re not getting a TBS Championship or even a contender’s match. However, perhaps Willow & Kris VS Julia & Skye establishes someone as a #1 contender through the rankings to build towards the next PPV.

Really good stuff out of Bang Bang Scissor Gang, including their use of dysfunction within the group. They still win out because sadly, The Dark Order’s resurgence was only on ROH and then they got brought back to AEW just to eat losses. But with this being the second week in a row Caster can’t get a rap out, something is about to fall apart between the BBSG, whether we want it to or not. Meanwhile, Triple J helps Private Party win, maybe Jeff Jarrett wants to try and make a super group of his own. And apparently Lethal is onboard, because last we saw they were still arguing, so maybe Revolution swaps a super group we want for one that doesn’t make sense.

And great 8 Man Tag main event with a lot of stories plugged at once. The Heels winning made sense, and Trent taking the loss while Luchasaurus gets the win also makes sense. The math isn’t really affected by that necessarily, because then the chaotic brawl happens and we get varied results. Cassidy was beat down, so I’d think he beats Roddy. Meanwhile, Garcia threw Christian down before cameras cut away, so I guess that means Christian finds a way to win. Which makes sense, we just saw how Christian has three minions and Garcia only has Daddy Magic watching his back. That is, if Edge doesn’t show up to help Garcia.

Adam Copeland costing Christian the title rather than taking it himself would be good stuff for their feud, which doesn’t even really need the title. Edge VS Christian, The Final Chapter, just needs Luchasaurus to man up and turn on Christian and weaken the Patriarchy.

My Score: 8.8/10

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