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Mitchell’s NJPW WrestleKingdom 16 Results & Report! (1/8/22)




WK16 Yokohama

WrestleKingdom Night 3 is in Yokohama!

For an extra special way to close WrestleKingdom 16, NJPW and NOAH go head-to-head in a huge crossover match card!


  • Preshow – Kosei Fujita VS Yasutaka Yano; Time Limit Draw.
  • Preshow – Six Man Tag: Third Gen VS Funky Express; Third Gen wins.
  • 10 Man Tag: Master Wato, Ryusuke Taguchi & Goto-Hashi-Ishii VS Kinya Okada, Yoshiki Inamura, Daiki Inaba, Hajime Ohara & Daisuke Harada; Wato, Taguchi, Goto, Hashi & Ishii win.
  • SHO VS Atsushi Kotoge; SHO wins.
  • Taiji Ishimori & Gedo VS Seiki Yoshioka & HAYATA; Yoshioka & Hayata win.
  • El Desperado & DOUKI VS NOSAWA RONGAI & YO-HEY; Desperado & Douki win.
  • Six Man Tag: Minoru Suzuki, Taichi & TAKA Michinoku VS Kazushi Sakuraba, Takashi Sugiura & Toru Yano; Sakuraba, Sugiura & Yano win.
  • EVIL & Dick Togo VS Masa Kitamiya & Go Shiozaki; Kitamiya & Shiozaki win.
  • Zack Sabre Jr. & Yoshinobu Kanemaru VS Yoshinari Ogawa & Naomichi Marufuji; Ogawa & Marufuji win.
  • 10 Man Tag: Los Ingobernables de Japon VS KONGO; LIJ wins.
  • Kazuchika Okada & Hiroshi Tanahashi VS Keiji Mutoh & Kiyomiya Kaito; Okada & Tanahashi win.
  • Overall winner: NJPW, 6-4-1


Preshow – Six Man Tag: Third Gen VS Funky Express!

Yuji Nagata, Satoshi Kojima & Hiroyoshi Tenzan unite to take on Akitoshi Saito, King Tany & Muhammad Yone in a match-up of long standing veterans! But will Blue Justice & TenCozy score the first point for NJPW? Or will Death Brand, Boogie Wonderland and the Last Wyvern raise the banner for NOAH?

The trios sort out and fans rally up already for these living classics. Nagata steps up and starts against Akitoshi. They circle, tie up, and are in a deadlock at center! They each pull hair, the ref counts, but Akitoshi breaks free to KICK a leg! Nagata KICKS back and eggs Akitoshi on! Akitoshi KICK, Nagata KICKS, repeat! Fans rally as the two egg each other on and go to forearms! Nagata gets the edge, runs, but Akitoshi runs him over! Akitoshi stomps Nagata but Nagata’s right up to forearm, CLUB and KICK! Snapmare and KICK, but Akitoshi gets up! Nagata fires off more, runs, but Akitoshi body shots. Akitoshi runs, Nagata avoids his boot to BOOT back!

Akitoshi WHEEL KICKS! Nagata gets up, he WHEEL KICKS back! Fans fire up as both men get back up and Kojima tags in. Yone tags in for NOAH, and fans fire up as Bread Style meets Mr. Afro. They tie up, Kojima powers Yone back, but Yone turns it around. Yone steps side to side then backs off to strike a disco pose. Kojima kicks him low! Kojima headlocks, Yone powers out, but Kojima runs him over! Fans fire up for the dancing pecs, and Kojima runs, but Yone runs him over! Yone strikes the pose again, but Kojima gets to the corner. Tenzan tags in, so Tany tags in, too. Fans rally up as the big boys meet now!

Tenzan and Tany tie up, Tenzan pushes Tany away, but they tie up again. Tenzan puts Tany on the ropes, lets off, but Tany avoids the Mongolian Chop! Tany kicks, runs, but Tenzan runs him over! Tenzan hits the Mongolian Chops! And again! And again! Tany falls, Tenzan stomps and he drags Tany up. Kojima gets in to knock Akitoshi and Yone off the apron! TenCozy coordinate on Tany for forearms and Mongolian Chops! Kojima Mongolian Chops, then Tenzan headbutts! TenCozy keeps on Tany, they double whip him to the corner, Tenzan runs in but Tany runs him over! Kojima kicks Tany and runs, but into a scoop! Tany SLAMS Kojima on Tenzan!

Nagata gets in to attack Tany! But Tany scoops Nagata to SLAM him on Tenzan, too! Tany does a Jump Man pose, then he drags Tenzan over to bump off buckles. Tag to Akitoshi, but Tenzan headbutts and Mongolian Chops! Or rather, Yokohama Hammers? Tenzan still does have to consider that time he lost to Great-O-Khan. But anyway, Tenzan whips Akitoshi to a corner, runs in and clotheslines! Fans fire up as Tenzan calls his shot, TENZAN BRAINBUSTER! Tenzan crawls to the cover, TWO! Fans rally up, Tenzan runs but Akitoshi kicks a leg out! Tenzan hits buckles, Akitoshi runs corner to corner, and he hits a big clothesline!

Akitoshi reels Tenzan in, and he gets Tenzan up for a stalling suplex, and holds until 10, then 20 before the SLAM! Cover, TWO!! Tenzan survives but Akitoshi tags in Yone. Tany also gets in as Yone blasts Nagata and Kojima off the apron! Tany and Yone get Tenzan up, they double whip him to ropes, and they double shoulder Tenzan down! Yone and Tany pose together, then Yone gets Tenzan up. Akitoshi jumps back in, Yone and Tany put Tenzan through the ropes, and they dig their boots into Tenzan. The ref has to keep Kojima back, and Funky Express let off. Yone covers, TWO! Fans rally up but Yone drags Tenzan up.

Yone whips Tenzan to a corner, runs in to clothesline, but Tenzan Mongolian Chops! And again, and again, and again! But Yone kicks low, runs to ropes, but Tenzan hits the MOUNTAIN BOMB! Fans fire up, Tenzan tags in Nagata! Nagata BOOTS Akitoshi and DECKS Tany to then KICK away on Yone! Yone ends up in a corner, Nagata whips him corner to corner and runs in to BOOT! Yone blocks the Exploder, but Nagata ROCKS him to then BUTTERFLY SUPLEX! Cover, TWO! Fans rally up, Nagata drags Yone up. Yone blocks the suplex, Nagata throws body shots and forearms! Yone forearms back!

Nagata forearms again, Yone gives it back, and they go faster and faster! Fans rally up, Yone gets the edge and he eggs Nagata on. Nagata fires forearms back, then runs, but Yone SHOTGUN BOOTS! Hot tag to Tany! Tany whips Nagata to the corner, runs in and clotheslines! Tany whips the other way and clotheslines again! Tan then brings Nagata in, but Nagata fights the choke slam! Nagata gets the EXPLODER! Fans fire up and Nagata hurries, hot tag to Kojima! Kojima kicks Tany, fires off forearms, whips him to ropes but Tany reverses. Kojima comes back and DECKS Tany with a forearm! Kojima fires MACHINE GUN CHOPS on Tany in the corner!

Yone rushes in but he gets added to the MACHINE GUN CHOPS! Kojima finishes Yone off to then fire off more MACHINE GUN CHOPS on Tany! Kojima whips Tan corner to corner and runs in to forearm smash! Kojima shoves Tany down, fires up, but Akitoshi gets in! Akitoshi ROCKET LAUNCHES Kojima down! Akitoshi and Tany hit Nagata and Tenzan, and Funky Express go after Kojima together. Forearm, forearm, BOOT, URENAGE! Akitoshi positions Kojima as Tany climbs, for a FLYING SPLASH! Cover, Tenzan and Nagata break it! Akitoshi and Yone throw them out, and fans are fired up with Tany!

Tany drags Kojima up, waistlocks, but Kojima fights free! COZY CUTTER!! Both men are down and fans are thunderous! Kojima crawls, Nagata gets in but Tany hits first! Tany whips, Nagata reverses and runs in, SHINING WIZARD! Feed to TENCOZY CUTTER! Cover, Yone breaks it in time! Tenzan elbows Yone out,  Nagata keeps Akitoshi at bay! Kojima throws off the armband as fans rally up! Kojima runs, into a POWERSLAM! Tany fires up, choke grips and gets Kojima up, CHOKE SLAM!! Cover, TWO!?! Tany can’t believe it! He roars and runs, but into a COZY LARIAT! Cover, Third Gen wins!

Winners: Third Gen, by pinfall

Score one for NJPW! Will this be the spark that helps NJPW take the series?


10 Man Tag: Master Wato, Ryusuke Taguchi & Goto-Hashi-Ishii VS Kinya Okada, Yoshiki Inamura, Daiki Inaba, Hajime Ohara & Daisuke Harada!

The Way of the Grandmaster, the Funky Weapon, the Fierce Warrior, the Head Hunter and Stone Pitbull take on members of NOAH’s main unit! Will Team Six or Nine and Chaos’ top trio take another win for NJPW? Or will NOAH’s Infinite Beast Warrior, Great Rush, NEVER BACK DOWN, Devil Ray and Young Master do them proud?

Oh no, technical difficulties… You can hear the match but you can’t see it. It sounds like Ishii and… Okay, the video is finally back and it’s Inamura in there with him. Inamura throws a BIG clubbing shot, but Ishii ROCKS him back. Inamura CLUBS, Ishii ROCKS, repeat! Ishii eggs Inamura on and the shots keep coming! Ishii ROCKS Inamura and he falls back! Ishii kicks Inamura, slaps him around, but Inamura gets up. Ishii forearms, Inamura CLUBS him again! Ishii felt that one, and Inamura whips Ishii corner to corner. Ishii reverses, Inamura comes back and RAMS shoulders! Ishii ROCKS Inamura, runs, but Inamura runs him over!

Fans fire up and Inamura snarls. Inamura drags Ishii up, suplexes, but Ishii blocks! Fans rally, the two fight for suplex control, and Ishii suplexes Inamura! Inamura gets right up, he rushes Ishii, Ishii catches him, but Inamura suplexes Ishii! And does a squat before the SLAM! But Ishii gets up! They RAM shoulders, Inamura throws a forearm, but Ishii runs Inamura over! Tag to Hashi, he drags Inamura up to throw forearms and CHOPS in the corner. Hashi whips corner to corner, Inamura reverses and then catches Hashi for a scoop and SLAM! Inmura DECKS Ishii off the apron, tag to Kinya!

Kinya BOOTS Hashi, whips him to a corner, runs corner to corner and back elbows! Kinya keeps running to run Hashi over! The rest of Team NOAH blasts NJPW off the corner, then they all get Hashi. They double whip Hashi to a corner, back elbow, back elbow, back elbow, forearm and clothesline! Kinya gut wrench SUPLEXES, covers, Goto breaks it! Kinya fires off on Goto, runs, but Goto fireman’s carries to USHIGOROSHI! But Daiki runs in and runs Goto over! Goto bails out, Daiki PLANCHA! Wato gets in and builds speed but he runs into a mule kick! Hajime whips Wato but he uses that to TORNILLO out onto Daiki!

Taguchi runs in and he clobbers everyone on NOAH! Then TRIANGLE JUMP onto Hajime! SUPER CROSSBODY from Harada! Ishii and Inamura are back in and they RAM shoulders again! Ishii gets around, waistlocks, BIG back suplex! Fans fire up as Ishii and Hashi double whip Inamura. Inamura DOUBLE CLOTHESLINES first! Inamura and Kinya fire up and Inamura whips Kinya for Kinya to whip Inamura, SPLASH on Hashi! Kinya runs in and BOOTS! Kinya reels Hashi into a SAMOAN DROP! Cover, TWO! Fans fire up and Kinya roars! Kinya KICKS away on Hashi, then KICKS him down! Cover, TWO!

Kinya is roaring, he gets Hashi back up, but Hashi blocks the scoop! NOAH fights to keep NJPW out of the ring, and Hashi fires off body shots. Hashi elbows Kinya, then CHOPS! And SUPERKICK! Cover, TWO!! Kinya survives and fans are thunderous! Hashi gets the leg, HALF CRAB! Kinya endures, NJPW has to keep NOAH Out now! Hashi makes it a FULL BOSTON CRAB! Kinya endures, fights, but Hashi sits deep! Kinya taps, NJPW wins again!

Winners: Wato, Taguchi, Goto, Hashi & Ishii, by pinfall

NJPW is leading 2-0-1 now! But there are still a lot of matches left, will NOAH make their comeback with the very next match?


SHO VS Atsushi Kotoge!

The Murder Machine not only wants to show NJPW’s power, but the House of Torture’s power! But will Sho be in for a shock against the Pink Hot Blooded Young Man?

Sho is fired up, but then the bell rings and he bails out before Atsushi rushes him. Sho doesn’t seem to care now, but Atsushi rushes out after him! Atsushi CLUBS Sho down, drags him up and whips him back into the ring. Fans fire up as Atsushi stomps Sho then whips corner to corner. Atsushi runs and BOOTS, then whips, runs and BOOTS Sho again! Atsushi whips again but Sho reverses to rake eyes! Sho runs, but Atsushi BOOTS him down! Sho bails out again but Atsushi builds speed. Sho uses a NOAH Young Lion as a shield! Atsushi has to slam on the brakes, and the ref reprimands, but Sho whips the Young Lion into railing!

Sho laughs at the Young Lion’s pain, then he slides in as Atsushi slides out after him. Sho continues to laugh, Atsushi goes to check on the Young Lion. Atsushi gets back in as fans rally up, but Sho rushes over. Atsushi shoulders into Sho, but Sho stops him from suplexing Sho out! Sho bends the fingers, CLUBS the arm, sweeps the legs, and runs to basement dropkick Atsushi to the floor. Sho then goes to the apron to PENALTY KICK! Sho drags Atsushi up, and whips him into railing! Atsushi flops down, the Young Lion is up and wants after Sho! The ref keeps him back but Sho uses this distraction to grab a corner crossbar cover. Sho uses that to smother Atsushi!

The ref sees this and Sho lets go. Fans rally up, Sho drags Atsushi up and into the ring. Sho stomps Atsushi, and then claws his eyes! The ref reprimands and counts, Sho lets off at 4. Sho looms over Atsushi as he sits up. Fans rally, Sho CLUBS Atsushi, then kicks him. Atsushi CHOPS back! Sho eggs Atsushi on, Atsushi CHOPS and CHOPS and ROCKS Sho with a forearm! Atsushi fires off on Sho at the ropes and fans fire up, but Sho rakes the eyes! The ref counts, Sho stops at 4, then whips. Atsushi reverses to dropkick Sho down! Sho bails out, Atsushi builds speed and FLIES! Direct hit with the tope con hilo!

Sho begs for mercy but Atsushi stomps Sho, then puts him in the ring. Sho crawls, Atsushi stalks him and drags him up. Atsushi wrenches the arm, whips Sho to the corner, and then runs in for a clothesline! Atsushi keeps moving, another clothesline! And another! And another! Then a BULLDOG! Cover, TWO! Fans rally up, Atsushi stalks Sho to ropes, and he drags Sho up. Atsushi reels Sho in but Sho blocks the urenage and pulls on the hair! Sho lets go, but Atsushi kicks back. The ref is used as a shield! SPEAR! Sho drags Atsushi back up, wrenches the arm and he kicks, kicks and SUPER- NO! Atsushi blocks that to CHOP! And CHOP! And CHOP!

Sho rakes eyes again! The ref counts, Sho lets off at 4, then he whips Atsushi in the corner. Sho runs but into a SHOTGUN BOOT! Atsushi drags Sho back up, reels him in, SIDE EFFECT! Cover, TWO! Atsushi drags Sho to a drop zone, goes up top, but Sho shoves the ref in to trip Atsushi up! The Young Lion gets up on the apron and Sho drags him in! Sho stomps the Young Lion then tells the ref the Young Lion got in on his own. This is all a distraction and Sho goes to get his wrench! Sho aims, WRENCH SHOT to Atsushi!! Cover, Sho wins!

Winner: Sho, by pinfall

Well, it wasn’t very fair, but NJPW has its third win! Sho mocks the NOAH Young Lion, and he stands on Atsushi, but will he face the consequences of this soon enough?


Taiji Ishimori & Gedo VS Seiki Yoshioka & HAYATA!

Fang Revived was supposed to be part of this, but after what he went through against The Ace, he was in no shape to compete! Can the Bone Soldier and “The Blacksmith” win one for Bullet Club and NJPW? Or will Stinger finally get NOAH on the board?

The teams sort out and fans rally up. Bullet Club Lowe Sweets, and Taiji starts against Seiki. They circle and fans rally up more. They tie up, Taiji pushes Seiki to ropes. The ref calls the ropebreak, Taiji pats Seiki on the shoulders, but then Gedo pulls Seiki’s hair! Taiji kicks Seiki, blasts Hayata off the apron, then comes back to mug Seiki with Gedo. Bullet Club double whip, Seiki gets around to shove Taiji into Gedo! Seiki knees low, things speed up, Taiji swings but Seiki dodges to KNEE Taiji down! Seiki storms up to Taiji in the corner and Taiji wants mercy. He gets a KICK instead! Seiki drags Taiji up to ROCK him, then whips him corner to corner.

Taiji slips through the ropes, slides under Seiki, then slips out to shoulder in. Taiji springboards to SEATED SENTON! Taiji DECKS Hayata, then he goes back to Seiki. Fans rally, Taiji throws Seiki out but then Taiji gets in the ref’s face. Gedo takes off his belt to LASH Seiki! Hayata protests but Gedo LASHES Seiki again! And again! Seiki scrambles around the way, Gedo LASHES Seiki again! Hayata tries to point this all out but Gedo puts Seiki in the ring. Taiji drags Seiki up and he CLAWS Seiki’s back! Taiji drags Seiki up, reels him in, and CLAWS Seiki again. The ref reprimands but Taiji tags Gedo.

Gedo drags Seiki up and Gedo CLAWS Seiki! The ref argues with Gedo but Taiji grabs Seiki from the corner to CLAW him more! Seiki flounders against ropes, Gedo stalks up to a corner, and he CLAWS Seiki in the corner! The ref reprimands, Gedo brings Seiki over to bump Seiki off Taiji’s boot! Tag to Taiji, he drags Seiki up to ROCK him with haymakers! Seiki KICKS back! Taiji eggs Seiki on, then he blocks a kick to DECK Seiki! Gedo likes what he sees, then tags in. Gedo drags Seiki up, snapmares and he eggs Hayata on. Hayata jumps in but the ref keeps him back, and Gedo CHOKES Seiki while the ref argues with Hayata! Then Gedo covers, TWO!

Gedo argues the count, but then he stands on Seiki to spin and scrape Seiki’s face! Gedo runs to fist drop, covers, but the ref says no because of the closed fist! Gedo gest pissed, but he takes it out on Seiki with a chinlock. Seiki endures as Gedo grinds him down, and the ref makes sure the chinlock isn’t a choke. Seiki fights, fans rally, and Seiki throws elbows. Seiki is free, he runs, and whips Gedo to CALF KICK him down! Seiki and Gedo crawl, hot tag to Taiji and he blasts Hayata to deny him the tag! Taiji drags Seiki up, whips him to a corner, he blocks boots to ENZIGURI, then go side to side for the SLIDING GERMAN! Taiji gets in to cover, TWO!

Fans rally, Taiji brings Seiki up to gut wrench but Seiki slips out to waistlock. Seiki ducks Taiji’s elbow and ENZIGURIS Taiji down! Hot tag to Hayata! Hayata whips, atomic drops and then runs to to BOOT Taiji down! Hayata kips up, fans fire up, and Hayata scoops. Taiji slips out to waistlock, Hayata switches but Taiji elbows him away. Taiji whips, Hayata reverses and kicks low! Hayata whips, Taiji handsprings, NEURALIZER! Both men are down but fans fire up. Gedo tags in, he hits a JAWBREAKER to a SUPERKICK! Cover, TWO! Gedo argues the count again but he aims from a corner. Hayata gets up, Gedo mule kicks a leg out!

Gedo goes to hook the arms but Hayata slips out the back and trips Gedo up! Gedo staggers and checks his nose. Hayata runs in but blocks the boot! Gedo wants mercy but Hayata throws the foot down. Gedo rakes the eyes! Gedo whips, Hayata reverses to PELE! Hayata brings Gedo in, Gedo blocks the suplex, and Taiji BOOTS Hayata down! Seiki gets in, Taiji kicks him first. Taiji whips, Seiki reverses and KICKS Taiji to then RUNNING AX KICK! Gedo gets up, Seiki gives him a CODE BREAKER! Seiki then goes to the apron, ASAI MOONSAULT takes out Taiji at the ramp! Fans fire up as Hayata gets Gedo up, crosses the arms, DDT!

Hayata dares Gedo to get up. Fans rally, Hayata SPIKE-RANAS! Cover off the “Headache,” Stinger wins!

Winners: Seiki Yoshioka & Hayata, by pinfall

NOAH finally scores! The score is now 3-1-1 in NJPW’s favor, can NOAH make a series out of this?



The Rogue Luchador & Japones Del Mal are first up for Suzuki-Gun, and taking on Perros Del Mal de Japon’s Japanese Juggalo Sensation and Bamboo Dragonfly! Will NJPW continue their dominance? Or is this the start of the comeback?

Desperado shows off his IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship, and PDMDJ attacks! Rongai stomps Desperado and Yo-Hey is after Douki! The ref reprimands, the bell rings to get this on record, and Rongai throws Desperado’s title out of the ring! Rongai and Yo-Hey whip Desperado and Douki at each other, but Suzuki-Gun dosidos to come back with back elbows! Then Suzuki-Gun whips PDMDJ, they dosido but Suzuki-Gun dodges! Yo-Hey and Rongai hit buckles, then Desperado and Douki go corner to corner to hit back elbows! Suzuki-Gun coordinates, Douki runs and Desperado gives him an alley-oop for the forearm smash!

Fans cheer and Douki scrapes Yo-Hey out of the ring. Rongai wants mercy but Desperado is upset about what happened to the belt. Desperado digs his boots in, the ref counts and Desperado lets off. Desperado drags Rongai up, brings him around but Rongai throws forearms. Desperado hits back so Rongai throws a haymaker. Desperado CHOPS, Rongai throws another haymaker. Desperado forearms, Rongai throat chops! Desperado ELBOWS Rongai down! Fans fire up, Desperado and Yo-Hey talk trash on each other, and Desperado drags Rongai up. The ref is busy with Yo-Hey, and Rongai LOW BLOWS!

Douki protests but Rongai tags Yo-Hey in. Desperado crawls over, tag to Douki, and Douki goes right at Yo-Hey! Douki whips, Yo-Hey reverses and things speed up. Yo-Hey hurdles, Douki leaps over, they keep moving, Yo-Hey RANAS but Douki handsprings through! Douki runs, arm-drags Yo-Hey, then dropkicks him down! Fans fire up with Douki, and he brings Yo-Hey up to scoop, SLAM and run, but Rongai gets a cheap shot in! Yo-Hey tags Rongai, they double whip Douki to a corner, then they both run, slide and trip Douki to POST him by his pipe! And we’re not talking the metal one he brings to the ring!

Douki flops out of the ring but Rongai drags Douki up and puts him back in. Rongai stands on Douki’s face, the fans rally up and Rongai talks more trash. Rongai stomps Douki, the ref has to keep Desperado back, and Rongai brings Douki over for Yo-Hey to get a cheap shot in. Yo-Hey tags in, he pats Douki on the back, but Douki throws hands. Yo-Hey laughs those off, but then that third one upsets him. Yo-Hey ducks the clothesline to mule kick and CALF KICK! Then Yo-Hey kips up and fires up! Yo-Hey encourages the fans to rally up, and then he brings Douki up to reel him in. Douki denies the Twist of Fate to waistlock, Yo-Hey switches, but Douki elbows free.

Douki runs, but Yo-Hey reels him in. Yo-Hey ducks all the kicks, calls Douki a “BAKAAA~! (Idiot)” and runs, but into Douki’s somersault HEADBUTT! Both men are down, fans fire up, and both men crawl. Hot tag to Desperado! Desperado rallies, knocks Rongai down but Yo-Hey double CHOPS! Yo-Hey whips, Desperado reverses, SPINEBUSTER! High stack, TWO! STRETCH MUFFLER! Yo-Hey scrambles, gets the ROPEBREAK, and Desperado lets go to stomp away on Yo-Hey! The ref reprimands, Desperado stops, and he drags Yo-Hey up. Yo-Hey fires a forearm but Desperado hits back!

Yo-Hey fires another forearm, but Desperado hits back. They go back and forth, fans rally up as they pick up speed, and Desperado CHOPS! Desperado suplexes, Yo-Hey slips out but Desperado elbows back. Desperado runs, into a DROPKICK! Fans fire up while both men are down! Yo-Hey crawls, tag to Rongai! Rongai and Yo-Hey stomp Desperado and stand on him to taunt the NJPW fans. Fans rally up, the ref reprimands and Rongai brings Desperado up. Desperado fights back against them both, but he runs into a DOUBLE FLAPJACK! Cover, TWO!! Rongai and Yo-Hey double whip, Rongai runs in but misses in the corner!

Desperado dodges Yo-Hey, Yo-Hey elbows but Desperado pulls him back, but runs into a DROPSAULT! Rongai holds Desperado, Yo-Hey builds speed, and he FLIES to take out Desperado! PDMDJ gets Desperado up but Douki is there! He mule kicks and ASAI MOONSAULTS, but only gets Yo-Hey! Rongai realizes what happened, and fans fire up! The ring count starts, Rongai puts Desperado in. Rongai drags Desperado up, and he goes after the m ask! Desperado protests but the ref is busy with the others. Douki gets in to ENZUGIRI Rongai! Douki runs in but is sent sliding out! Desperado rolls Rongai up, TWO!!

Desperado hurries to spin Rongai around, underhooks, but Rongai blocks Pinche! Rongai spins out, cradles, TWO!! Rongai steals LOCO MONO! Desperado is seething, but he swings into Rongai’s leg trip and La- NO, Desperado fights out of Magistrol to spin, backslide, but Rongai flips over. Underhooks, PINCHE LOCO!! Cover, Suzuki-Gun wins!

Winners: El Desperado & Douki, by pinfall

FOUR wins for NJPW! What a lead! But with the superstition behind the number four, is NJPW’s luck about to run out?


Six Man Tag: Minoru Suzuki, Taichi & TAKA Michinoku VS Kazushi Sakuraba, Takashi Sugiura & ???

We saw the rest of Suzuki-Gun take a big win for NJPW, but now Suzuki-Gun is in action against NOAH’s Suguira-Gun! These armies are ready for war, but who comes out the big winner for their promotion?

There’s also the case of the mystery partner for Sugiura-Gun. Who joins the Top Ring IQ and the Killing Machine? It’s TORU YANO!? What a shock! Sakuraba takes the credit for this genius call, will he get his drinking buddy a KOPW 2022 opportunity with this match?

The moment Suzuki-Gun is in the ring, Suzuki wants after Yano! Yano bails out and Suzuki pursues, so Takataichi goes after Sugiura and Sakuraba! The bell rings to put this on record, Taichi chokes Sakuraba in a corner while Taka POSTS Sugiura! Suzuki gets Yano down and stomps away on him! The ref reprimands Taichi and counts, Taichi lets off of Sakuraba. Meanwhile, Suzuki and Sugiura meet after all this time, and they start throwing SLAPS! Then forearms! Suzuki body shots then knees low, Taichi is being counted again but he lets off to snapmare Sakuraba. Tatichi KICKS Sakuraba on the back, then waits for him to sit up.

Sakuraba blocks the kick to trip Taichi up! HEEL HOOK! DOUBLE HEEL HOOK with a grapevine! Taichi endures, crawls to ropes, ROPEBREAK! Sakuraba lets go slowly, then he stomps away on Taichi. Sakuraba drags Taichi up, fans rally and he whips, but Taichi reverses to wrench and DANGEROUS HOOK KICK! Taichi checks his foot after hitting the “Gracie Hunter” pretty hard there. Fans rally, Taichi drags Sakuraba up by his hair, but Sakuraba resists. Sakuraba then gets loose to Mongolian Chop! And Mongolian Chop! Taichi chokes and throws Sakuraba down! Taichi runs, but into a KNEE! But Taka gets in to CLUB Sakuraba!

Taka runs, but into a KNEE from Sakuraba! Fans fire up, Yano tags in! Yano goes to the corner and unties a buckle pad! Yano kicks the pad out, Taichi kicks Yano! But Yano throws Taichi by his hair! Yano drags Taichi up, whips him in, but Taichi stops himself before hitting bare buckles. Yano runs in, he is sent into bare buckles! GAMANGIRI! Fans fire up while Suzuki and Sugiura continue brawling! Taka POSTS Sakuraba, Taichi drags Yano out, the ref reprimands Suzuki-Gun for all this chaos! Taichi whips Yano into railing while Suzuki and Sugiura continue to throw slaps! Suzuki ROCKS Sugiura then ROCKS him again!

Taka stomps Sakuraba, Taichi puts Yano back in, and Taichi drags Yano up. Taichi CHOKES Yano, the ref is too busy with the team leaders brawling, and Taka tags in to choke Yano, too! The ref finally sees what’s going on and reprimands, then counts. Taka lets off at 2, snapmares Yano, then digs his knuckles into Yano’s forehead. The ref reprimands that, Taka stops at 4 to scrape his soles off Yano’s face! Taka ROCKS Yano with an uppercut, then tags in Suzuki. Suzuki stands Yano up, wraps an arm around ropes and PULLS! Yano endures, Suzuki bends fingers, Taichi chokes! Suzuki ROCKS Yano, then KICKS him!

Suzuki hears the fans rallying, he kicks Yano’s leg out. Suzuki drags Yano up, Yano gets up to rake eyes! Yano whips, Suzuki reverses, and Yano hits bare buckles! Suzuki kicks Yano, fires off forearms then SLAPS Yano down! Suzuki runs, into an atomic drop! Yano crawls and tags in Sugiura! Fans fire up and Sugiura BOOTS Suzuki! Sugiura runs corner to corner to BOOT! Sugiura keeps going but Suzuki follows to BOOT back! Suzuki runs, Sugiura follows now, and BOOTS Suzuki down! Sugiura runs to KNEE Suzuki into the bare buckles! But Suzuki just looks incensed! Sugiura rains down forearms on Suzuki, but Suzuki grits his teeth!

The forearms keep flying but Suzuki eggs Sugiura! Suzuki ROCKS Sugiura and then rains down forearms in return! Suzuki stands Sugiura and forearms again! The heavy shots keep flying, fans rally up, and Suzuki grins. Sugiura ROCKS Suzuki, but Suzuki nods. Fans are liking that Suzuki is getting into this! Suzuki ROCKS Sugiura, snapmares him, then runs to PENALTY KICK! But Sugiura is right back up to throw more forearms! The fans rally as the shots keep going back and forth! Suzuki eggs Sugiura on and Sugiura throws shot after shot! Sugiura ROCKS Suzuki, adds on, then reels him in, but Suzuki slips out!

Suzuki gets the SLEEPER! He doesn’t hold long before spinning Sugiura around, but Sugiura back drops out of the Gotch hold! Suzuki is back up, he SLAPS, Sugiura SLAPS! Sugiura runs but into a dropkick! Both men are down and fans are thunderous as they rally up! Suzuki and Sugiura crawl, hot tag to Taka! Takai DECKS Yano, KICKS Sakuraba, then SHINING WIZARDS Sugiura! Feed to Taichi’s SOBAT, then Taichi sets up Taka’s SUPERKICK! Cover, but Sakuraba breaks it! Taichi throws Sakuraba out, Taka scoops Sugiura but Sugiura slips out to GUILLOTINE! Suzuki gets in and he BOOTS Sugiura. Sugiura still holds on to Taka!

Suzuki throws forearms now and Sugiura lets Taka go. Taka holds Sugiura and Suzuki runs, but Yano trips him and drags him out! Sugiura breaks free, Taka pokes him in the eye! Taka kicks a leg out, La Magistrol, TWO! SHINING WIZARD! Cover, TWO! Backslide, TWO!! Taka runs, but Sugiura ROCKS him! CALF KICK from Taka, LARIAT from Sugiura! Sugiura drags Taka up, OLYMPIC SLAM! Cover, NOAH, and Yano, wins!

Winners: Kazushi Sakuraba, Takashi Sugiura & Toru Yano, by pinfall

Thanks to the Master Producer, NOAH is getting back up! We’re at 4-2-1 in NJPW’s favor, but is the gap going to close more? And has Yano at least gotten that shot at Suzuki’s KOPW 2022 trophy?


EVIL & Dick Togo VS Masa Kitamiya & Go Shiozaki!

The House of Torture is back as the King of Darkness and his Spoiler sidekick are in action. But will they cheat NOAH’s main unit just like Sho did? Or will Atsushi be avenged as the scales start to balance out?

The teams sort out, Bullet Club Low Sweets, and then they jump NOAH! Dick throws Masa out, Evil CLUBS away on Go! Dick helps out, Go fights back but Evil CHOPS! Dick rakes eyes, House of Torture double whip but GO DOUBLE SHOULDER TACKLES! Fans fire up and Go CHOPS Dick! Then he CHOPS Evil! Fans fire up more as House of Torture bails out. Masa CHOPS Evil, puts him in, and Go stalks Evil to a corner. Go runs in to CHOP! And MACHINE GUN CHOPS! Kojima would be proud! Go brings Evil around but Evil rakes the eyes! Evil whips Go to a corner, and surprise! Dick removes the buckle pad! The red remix on the Bullet Club special!

Masa runs in but Evil kicks him first. Evil whips Masa, Masa blocks, but Evil gets it again on the second try! Masa hits buckles, Dick goes after him on the outside. Fans rally as Dick POSTS Masa. Evil drags Go up to throw him out, the ref reprimands but Evil RAMS Go into the railing! Down goes the timekeeper area! Abe-san suffers again while Evil stands on Go’s face. Evil drags Go up and into the ring, then he drags Go up to whip back into the bare buckles! Go writhes, Evil tags Dick. Fans rally for Go but Dick drags him up to throw haymakers. Dick headlocks, punches more, then snapmares to drop a fist! Cover, TWO!

The House of Torture argues the count but Dick tags Evil. Evil looms over Go, eggs Masa on, then has the ref watch Masa while he drags Go up. Evil puts Go in the cobra twist, and Dick links up with him for leverage! The ref is too busy with Masa, Evil shoves Go down and covers, TWO! Another, TWO! Another, TWO! Evil grows frustrated while fans rally up. Evil kicks Go around, Go gets mad. Evil eggs Go on, then he pokes Go in the eye! Evil runs, but Go CLOBBERS him! Go crawls, but Evil CLUBS him down! Evil reels Go in, but Go suplexes Evil instead! Both men are down and fans fire up! Hot tag to Masa!

Masa rallies on the House of Torture, he whips Evil into the corner and clotheslines! Then corner to corner to corner clothesline again! Masa reels Evil in for a SAMOAN DROP! Dick kicks Masa, runs, but into a SAMOAN DROP! Masa drops a SENTON on Evil, then a SENTON on Dick! Fans fire up with Masa, tis is why he is Mr. Go For Broke! Masa gest the legs, steps through, but Evil rakes eyes! the ref reprimands, Evil stops but Masa just gets mad! Masa kicks but Evil blocks it and hands it to the ref to mule kick Masa down! Evil tags in Dick while fans rally up. Dick stomps Masa, throws haymakers, but Masa just fires up!

Dick ROCKS Masa but Masa rebounds to LARIAT! Both men are down, but Masa gets to his corner. Tag to Go, and fans fire up as Go runs to CHOP Dick! Dick screams in pain, but Go keeps on him with another round of MACHINE GUN CHOPS! Go CHOPS Dick on his way down! Go drags Dick up, brings him around, but Dick blocks the suplex! Evil distracts the ref by bringing in the belt, and Go is also distracted. Dick LOW BLOWS Go! Dick kicks Masa, whips him, and Masa hits the ref into the bare buckles! Evil rakes Masa’s eyes then throws him out! Dick stands on Go, and then the rest of the House of Torture shows up!

Sho and Yujiro Takahashi join in stomping on Go! If only fans could boo! Sho drags Go up, Yujiro has his pimp cane, CANE SHOT! Dick sits Go up to use the SPOILER CHOKER! Fans rally for NOAH as Go endures, and Masa SPEARS Evil down! Masa gest mugged, Sho and Yujiro double whip, but Masa DOUBLE SPEARS! Now THAT is going for broke! Dick prayers for mercy, then he pokes Masa in the eye! Dick whips Masa to a corner, but Masa comes back to SPEAR Dick down! Masa gets the ref, Dick staggers up into Go’s CHOP! Go fisherman BUSTERS! Cover, Evil gets in to break it! Masa hits the SAITO! And then, the PRISON LOCK!

Evil endures the kneeling Figure Four while Go drags Dick up. Go powers up to LARIAT Dick point blank! Cover, NOAH wins!

Winners: Masa Kitamiya & Go Shiozaki, by pinfall

The House of Torture just got demolished! And now we’re standing at 4-3-1! Is NOAH about to tie things up? Or can NJPW’s more upstanding wrestlers redeem their record?


Zack Sabre Jr. & Yoshinobu Kanemaru VS Yoshinari Ogawa & Naomichi Marufuji!

The rest of Suzuki-Gun has already competed, and the faction is 1-1 with NOAH. Will the Submission Master & Heel Master make Rat Boy and Dr. Marufuji Jr. #JustTapOut? Or will the alliance of Sugiura-Gun and M’s Alliance tie this series right up?

The teams sort out, fans rally up already, and Ogawa starts against ZSJ. ZSJ and Ogawa circle, tie up, and Ogawa clinches to drag ZSJ down. ZSJ slips out the back and they go again. They tie up, ZSJ gets Ogawa in a straitjacket, but Ogawa spins it right onto ZSJ. ZSJ tries that but Ogawa just puts the straitjacket back on ZSJ. ZSJ rolls back to put Ogawa in the straitjacket, Ogawa tries to wriggle out but ZSJ brings it right back up. Ogawa spins it around onto ZSJ, but ZSJ moves around. ZSJ wriggles free, puts Ogawa in the jacket, but Ogawa turns it right back around! ZSJ slips under and boots Ogawa away, and fans cheer the exchange.

Fans rally up as the two reset. They tie up, ZSJ cravats, Ogawa rolls but ZSJ holds on! ZSJ brings Ogawa up, Ogawa breaks free but ZSJ gets him again. Ogawa kicks and runs, and he counters ZSJ’s hip toss with a hip toss, but ZSJ cravats again! ZSJ avoids the break, but Ogawa arm-drags him away, and fans cheer the standoff! Fans rally, Marufuji tags in, and he wants Kanemaru! Kanemaru tags in, fans are all fired up, and these two circle. They tie up, Marufuji headlocks but Kanemaru powers out. Marufuji boots Kanemaru, but Kanemaru rebounds. Things keep moving, Marufuji hurdles, Kanemaru waistlocks but Marufuji switches.

Kanemaru elbows free, runs, but Marufuji follows. Kanemaru dodges, fakes Marufuji out, and then bails out as Marufuji rushes back over. Fans cheer the savvy, Marufuji and Kanemaru argue as Kanemaru wants to get back in. Fans rally up, Kanemaru dares Marufuji to come out after him, and then Kanemaru slides in as Marufuji slides out. Kanemaru baseball slides Marufuji, ZSJ gets in to run Ogawa off. Kanemaru whips Marufuji into railing! Kanemaru puts the leg around the railing and BOOTS it! Marufuji drops, Kanemaru drags him around and SMASHES the knee into the floor! ZSJ adds on with a toehold!

ZSJ turns Marufuji around to ANKLE LOCK, and then he STOMPS the leg! Kanemaru goes into the ring and Marufuji hobbles up as the ring count starts. Marufuji gets in, Kanemaru drags him up and whips him to ropes. Kanemaru dropkicks the leg out! Kanemaru stomps away on the leg, drops an elbow on the knee then has a toehold. Marufuji endures, Kanemaru drops a knee on the knee, then tags ZSJ. ZSJ gets the leg and has a toehold of his own. ZSJ uses his own head for leverage as he pushes Marufuji’s legs as far apart as he can! ZSJ then steps through to tie up the legs for an INDIAN DEATHLOCK!

Marufuji endures, Ogawa gets in and he fires off on ZSJ! ZSJ gets Ogawa for a cobra twist! It’s a double submission stack! Kanemaru gets in to stand on Marufuji’s knee, but then he goes back as the ref reprimands. Kanemaru tags in, he and ZSJ stand on Marufuji while ZSJ exits. Kanemaru stomps Marufuji’s leg, Marufuji hobbles up to CHOP! Kanemaru kicks the leg out! Then he YANKS it! Fans rally up, Kanemaru brings Marufuji up and has the leg, for a SHIN BREAKER! Tag to ZSJ, and ZSJ gets the bad leg to stomp away on it! ZSJ YANKS the leg, then he drags Marufuji up to whip. Marufuji whips but ZSJ avoids the dropkick!

ZSJ has the standing toehold, but Marufuji turns over, reels ZSJ in and hits a headlock takeover, but ZSJ headscissors. Marufuji kips free, but ZSJ ducks the back hand to headbutt low! ZSJ EuroUppers, whips, but Marufuji manages to cartwheel and dropkick! Hot tag to Ogawa, and he rallies on Suzuki-Gun! Ogawa whips ZSJ, elbows him down, elbows Kanemaru, hip tosses everybody, and then again! Fans fire up, Ogawa CLUBS ZSJ then whips him at Kanemaru, but ZSJ reverses. Ogawa uses that to elbow Kanemaru, then he comes back to elbow ZSJ. Kanemaru runs in but Ogawa sends him into ZSJ, then throws him out!

Fans fire up as Ogawa whips ZSJ to ropes, but ZSJ spins it around to hook the arms. Ogawa holds off the backslide, ZSJ spins things around, and he wrangles Ogawa down to STOMP the arm, and GROUND DRAGON SCREW! Tag to Kanemaru, Kanemaru whips but Ogawa reverses. Kanemaru dropkicks a leg out! Ogawa fights off the shin breaker but Kanemaru kicks the leg again. Kanemaru runs, Ogawa avoids the basement dropkick and DOUBLE STOMPS Kanemaru down! Ogawa drags Kanemaru up, whips him into buckles but runs into a BOOT! Kanemaru goes up, but leaps into a FALLING ATOMIC DROP! Ogawa uses one of Kanemaru’s tricks against him!

Ogawa waistlocks Kanemaru, but Kanemaru grabs at the ref! The ref gets away but he misses the LOW BLOW! Both men are down and fans rally up! Hot tag to Marufuji and he drags Kanemaru up. Marufuji puts Kanemaru in a corner, then CHOPS! Marufuji then goes corner to corner to back elbow! Marufuji keeps moving, but runs into a mule kick! Kanemaru runs, Marufuji follows and LARIATS him down! Fans rally, Marufuji gets Kanemaru up to suplex. Kanemaru fights free, ducks the superkick and kicks the leg. Marufuji CHOPS, runs, but into a basement dropkick! Both men down and fans rally up!

Kanemaru and Marufuji crawl, Kanemaru is in the neutral corner to dropkick the leg out again! Kanemaru steps through, FIGURE FOUR! ZSJ DECKS Ogawa! ZSJ keeps Ogawa down on the outside while Marufuji endures! Marufuji crawls over, drags Kanemaru along, but Kanemaru adds more pressure! Marufuji drags himself over, but Kanemaru drags him back! Marufuji keeps his shoulders up, Ogawa gets in to stomp Kanemaru! ZSJ kicks Ogawa back out while Kanemaru lets Marufuji free. Fans rally up even harder, and Kanemaru brings Marufuji around. Scoop and BRITISH FALL! Kanemaru goes up for the MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO!!

Fans are thunderous while Kanemaru argues the count. Ogawa hits ZSJ back with body shots, but Kanemaru gets Marufuji up. Kanemaru goes to suplex but Marufuji resists! Kanemaru keeps trying but Marufuji slips free. Marufuji suplexes, throws Kanemaru and SUPERKICKS! Marufuji cravats but Kanemaru shoves him into the ref! The ref goes down, Kanemaru gets up to ENZIGURI! Fans fire up as Kanemaru crawls to the corner. Kanemaru gets his whiskey! He takes a big swig, and then he drags Marufuji, but Marufuji blocks to HOOK KICK! The whiskey sprays into the air, Marufuji fires off a KNEE, HEEL KICK, HOOK KICK, and ANOTHER KNEE! Cover, ZSJ breaks it!

Ogawa kicks ZSJ out, Marufuji vows to end this! Marufuji turns around but Kanemaru gets a victory roll! TWO, KNEE from Marufuji! Marufuji straitjackets for the TIGER KING ZERO!! Cover off the blindside knee, TWO!?! Kanemaru survives, but Marufuji hooks Kanemaru with a hammerlock, SHIN TORA-OH!! And then SLICED BREAD!! Cover, NOAH wins!

Winners: Yoshinari Ogawa & Naomichi Marufuji, by pinfall

ZSJ and Ogawa keep their eyes on each other, but now things are all tied up! 4-4-1, two matches left, is there going to be a sweep to finish this?


10 Man Tag: Los Ingobernables de Japon VS KONGO!

Bushi, Sanada, Hiromu, Takagi y Naito are battling all together, after splitting the difference during WrestleKingdom’s first two nights. But the New Century Champion had to go and rub salt in the wound pointing out that the Rampaging Dragon no longer has the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship. Will Black Mask, Cold Skull, Ticking Timebomb and the Uncontrollable Charisma help Takagi silence Kenoh, Aleja, Tadasuke, Manabu Soya and Katsuhiko Nakajima?

Fans rally up as the factions stare down. But Nakajima steps up and he takes a seat while he waits. LIJ fist bump, and Naito starts, much to the surprise of the crowd. Fans are thunderous at the bell and Nakajima is smiling. Nakajima and Naito slowly circle, approach, but back away. They circle and approach again, but Naito grins as he backs away again. Naito and Nakajima go again but Naito side steps Nakajima. But Kongo clears the corner to go after LIJ! Naito is shocked and Nakajima throws him out! Nakajima keeps on Naito, Tadasuke is after Hiromu, Kenoh whips Takagi but Takagi reverses and Kenoh crashes into railing! Kenoh comes back to fire forearms!

Nakajima rakes Naito’s eyes and has him against railing, smiling all the time. The ref reprimands, Nakajima lets off, Kenoh POSTS Takagi! Nakajima puts Naito back in, and he whips Naito to ropes. Naito holds ropes, boots Nakajima back and waistlocks. Nakajima switches, full nelsons, but Naito arm-drags free. Things speed up, Naito arm-drags then headlocks for a takeover. Nakajima headscissors but Naito kips free to tranquilo! Nakajima mirrors Naito, but then Kongo stomps away on Naito! LIJ regroups as they get in and back Kongo off. The battle lines are drawn, Naito mocks Kenoh and Kenoh stomps him! The brawling breaks out again!

Takagi rams his shoulders into Soya in the corner while Aleja, Nakajima and Tadasuke throw the rest out. Kenoh scrapes Naito out. Takagi brings Soya out, but fans are fired up as the teams regroup again. Naito takes his time returning and Nakajima waits. Naito tags Hiromu, so Nakajima tags in Aleja. Aleja gets around Hiromu and CHOPS him, Hiromu CHOPS back! They CHOP back and forth, fans rally up as they go faster! Hiromu CHOPS, talks trash, but Aleja SLAPS Hiromu! Aleja runs, HIromu drops and hurdles but Aleja leaps over. Things keep moving, Aleja dodges Hiromu but Hriomu SUPERKICKS to front kick!

Hiromu fireman’s carries but Aleja slips free as Hiromu heads for the corner. Aleja runs in, Hiromu dodges and runs, but Aleja avoids the basement dropkick! Aleja dropkicks Hiromu’s legs out, but Hiromu ducks the basement dropkick to waistlock. Aleja fights with elbows, dodges the lariat and RANAS Hiromu out! Fans fire up, Aleja runs but fakes Hiromu out, so Hiromu takes it out on Haoh at ringside by whipping him into railing! Soya gets after Hiromu but Hiromu gets in the ring. Aleja gets in, Hiromu kicks and whips but Aleja reverses. Aleja then runs in but Hiromu puts him on the apron. Aleja GAMANGIRIS, then springboards, missile dropkick!

Fans fire up, Aleja drags Hiromu up. Aleja ducks the clothesline, kicks low, runs but into a basement dropkick! Bushi is in to dropkick Aleja’s legs out the Hiromu basement dropkicks Aleja down! Bushi slips away, Hiromu drags Aleja up and brings him to the corner. Takagi tags in, they mug Aleja, and Takagi brings Aleja up to whip and run over with a shoulder! Takagi drags Aleja back up, scoops and SLAMS him, then drops elbow after elbow! Then a SENTON! Cover, ONE as Tadasuke jumps in to get Takagi’s attention. Takagi drags Aleja up, snapmares him then runs, but hits Kenoh! Kenoh is pissed and he gets in to brawl with Takagi!

Kenoh KICKS and KICKS, but Takagi blocks for a DRAGON SCREW! Fans fire up, Kenoh bails out, and Takagi goes back to Aleja. Takagi bumps Aleja off buckles, Bushi tags in! Bushi stomps then bumps Aleja off buckles, then DOUBLE CHOPS in the corner! Bushi whips corner to corner, runs in but Aleja dodges! Aleja runs in but into a SWING KICK! Bushi goes up, missile dropkick! BUSHIROONI! Fans fire up as Bushi stomps Aleja, then drags him up. Bushi has the leg, but no fisherman screw as Aleja slips through! Bshi kicks, whips, but Aleja dropkicks the legs out! Aleja ENZIGURIS, and Kongo attacks LIJ again!

Tadasuke gets Bushi up while Nakajima keeps the ref distracted so that even the extra members can get in! Tadasuke drops an elbow, then Aleja drops an elbow, followed by Nioh, Haoh, and then Soya and Kenoh! Kongo all flex with double guns as a team celebration! Then the legal members stomp away on Bushi. The ref finishes with Nakajima to reprimand the members he sees. Tadasuke rips Bushi’s shirt off, throws it to the crowd, and Soya tags in. Soya drags Bushi up, he whips Bushi to ropes, and he wraps on a SLEEPER! Bushi endures the SLEEPER SWING! Soya throws Bushi down, covers, TWO!

Soya drags Bushi up, CLUBS him on the back, then tags Kenoh in. Kenoh stands on Bushi’s neck and eggs on LIJ. Kenoh gets in Naito’s face, Tadasuke gets his boot in! Kenoh swipes at Naito but he gets away, Cheshire cat grin on his face. LIJ points out what Tadasuke’s up to but Kongo gets away with. Kenoh KICKS Bushi down, tags Nakajima back in, and Nakajima drags Bushi up. Nakajima snapmares and KICKS Bushi in the back. Nakajima stands for a cocky cover, TWO! Fans rally up, Nakajima drags Bushi but Bushi is dead weight. Aleja tags in but Tadasuke hops in with him, and they drag Bushi up to double whip.

Bushi runs into double kicks, double wrench, RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP and basement dropkick! Tadasuke shouts out Jericho with the cocky “C’MON, BABY!” cover. TWO, and Hiromu rushes in! Tadasuke blocks his kick and turns Hiromu around to CLAW his back! Hiromu writhes out of the ring, Aleja stalks Bushi and fans rally up. Bushi fires back on Aleja with forearms but Aleja kicks low. Aleja runs, into a BIG dropkick! Both men are down, hot tag to Soya, and Tadasuke gets in to stop Bushi! Soya knocks Sanada off the apron, he CLUBS Bushi, then he and Tadasuke double whip Bushi to ropes.

Bushi holds those ropes, BOOTS Soya, then shoves Tadasuke into him! Bushi gets them both for a DOUBLE RANA! Fans fire up, hot tag to Sanada! It’s been since their days in AJPW but Sanada fires off on Soya! Sanada whips, Soya reverses, Sanada dropkicks the legs out! Kenoh and Nakajima get in and attack Sanada to then double whip him to the corner. Nakajima sends Kenoh in but Sanada dodges to dropkick Nakajima’s leg! Then Sanada dropkicks Kenoh down! PLANCHA for Soya! Fans are fired up for Cold Skull and he encourages them to get louder. They get louder and Sanada brings Soya up to put in the ring. Sanada covers, TWO!

Sanada drags Soya up, fireman’s carries, but Soya fights out to waistlock. Sanada fights that, switches, but Soya elbows free. Soya runs, Sanada hurdles, but then leaps into a waistlock! GERMAN SUPLEX, but Sanada lands on his feet to forearm and ROLLING ELBOW! Sanada whips, Soya LEAPING LARIATS! Fans fire up while both men are down! Soya drags Sanada up, Sanada fires forearms! Soya CHOPS Sanada off his feet! Soya drags Sanada up, Sanada throws forearms back again! Soya CHOPS and Sanada is down again! Soya drags Sanada up to CHOP him to a corner. Soya then whips corner to corner, Sanada goes up and out and springboards to missile dropkick in!

Soya is right back up! He scoops Sanada but Sanada slips out, dragon sleeper! Soya fights through and suplexes, but Sanada fights that, only for Soya to block the cradle! Soya deadlifts Sanada back up for a SLAM! Fans fire up as both men are down again! They crawl, hot tags to Naito and Kenoh! Naito SHOTGUN BOOTS, but Kenoh is up to BOOT! Naito forearms, Kenoh forearms! They go back and forth, faster and faster, then Kenoh hits a headlock takeover, and just punches away! Hiromu gets in and stomps but Kenoh ignores that to keep punching Naito! Hiromu drags Kenoh away, Kenoh throws him out, and Haoh goes after Hiromu for earlier!

The ref reprimands Kenoh over using closed fists, but he misses Haoh whipping Hiromu into railing! He gets payback! But Takagi kicks at Haoh! Kenoh KICKS Naito down then soaks up the cheers and jeers. Kenoh seems to ask if this is really the guy going for the top title in NJPW, but Naito gets up. Kenoh sweeps the legs, DOUBLE STOMPS, then runs to SHINING WIZARD! Cover, TWO!! Kenoh drags Naito up as fans are thunderous! Naito knees free, then dodges a punch to dragon sleeper, BACKBREAKER into PLUMA BLANCA! Hiromu intercepts Aleja with D! Takagi and Bushi BLAST Nakajima and Tadasuke off the apron!

Kenoh kicks around as he endures, LIJ play defense and fans rally up! Kenoh still moves around, reaches out with a foot, ROPEBREAK! The ref counts, Naito claims he needs help. The ref undoes the hold, fans rally, and Naito drags Kenoh up. Naito throws back elbow after back elbow, then slaps Kenoh around. Then he throws more back elbows! Fans fire up and Naito throws even more elbows! Naito gets Kenoh with a hammerlock and half nelson, but Kenoh fights free to fire off SLAPPING palm strikes! Naito ROCKS Kenoh, whips him, but Kenoh reverses and avoids the flying forearms for a GERMAN SUPLEX!

Naito is right up, he elbows again, ducks one kick but not the HEEL KICK! Naito still ENZIGURIS! Kenoh PELES!! Both men are down and fans are thunderous again! Naito crawls, Kenoh tags in Nakajima! Nakajima whips Naito to the open corner, runs in and BOOTS! Nakajima ROUNDHOUSES Naito down! Bushi gets in, ROUNDHOUSE! Hiromu gets in, ROUNDHOUSE! Naito whips Nakajima but Nakajima kicks a leg out! ENZIGURI! BOOT in the corner! Nakajima sweeps the legs and digs his boots into Naito! Nakajima digs both boots in! The ref counts, Nakajima lets off and brings Naito up.

Naito swings a punch, Nakajima dodges and KICKS back! Naito tries again, Nakajima dodges again for another KICK! Nakajima rakes eyes, the ref reprimands, then Nakajima runs, into a kick! Bushi sunset flips and rewinds for Naito’s basement dropkick! Fans rally up and the two crawl, hot tag to Takagi! Fans fire up as Takagi runs in, blocks Nakajima’s boot and he clotheslines! Suplex high and hard, then the cover, TWO! Takagi says there’s still more, and he gets Nakajima up. Nakajima fights the back suplex but Takagi CLUBS him on the back. Nakajima KICKS back, but Takagi brushes it off. Takagi CHOPS, then eggs Nakajima.

Nakajima KICKS, Takagi CHOPS! KICK, CHOP, but then Nakajima throws even more KICKS! Nakajima whips Takagi to the corner, runs in but misses! Bushi back elbows, Hiromu clotheslines, Sanada back elbows, Takagi clotheslines! Takagi snapmares Nakajima for a TRIPLE BASEMENT DROPKICK from the others! Fans are thunderous as Takagi hits a BIG back suplex! Cover, Kongo breaks it! LIJ drag them all out, fans fire up and Takagi waits on Nakajima to stand. Takagi runs, into a SUPERKICK! Nakajima kicks Pumping Bomber away to SAIDO! Fans rally up again, Nakajima crawls over, hot tag to Tadasuke!

Tadasuke fires himself up, SHINING WIZARD! Kenoh gets in, Soyha fireman’s carries Takagi. Tadasuke goes up top as Soya hits the SAMOAN DROP! Kenoh PENALTY KCIKS and Tadasuke SWANTON BOMBS! Cover, LIJ breaks it! Soya and Kenoh throw Naito and Sanada out, Tadasuke gets rid of Bushi. Tadasuke fires up, runs, but DOUBLE LARIATS collide! Neither falls, DOUBLE LARIATS collide again! Tadasuke runs, but into ELBOW, JAB, YUKON feint to the DDT! Fans fire up as Takagi runs, SLIDING LARIAT! Tadasuke flounders, Takagi fires up with “OI! OI! OI!” and fans clap along!

Takagi drags Tadasuke back up, pump handle and torture rack, but Kenoh gets in! Kenoh BOOTS Takagi, BOOTS Naito, runs, but into a back elbow! Basement dropkick! Nakajima THRUST KICKS Naito down, then Sanada dropkicks Nakajima! Aleja runs into a kick, Sanada and Hiromu double whip, but Aleja springboards to missile dropkicks them both! Aleja then builds speed to FLY! Direct hit onto Hiromu! Bushi knocks Soya down and DIVES! Direct hit sends Soya into railing! Takagi runs at Tadasuke in the corner, clothesline! Takagi copies, “C’MON, BABY!” Tadasuke fires forearms and CHOPS, but Takagi fires off boxing elbows!

Tadasuke roars, but Takagi JABS! Tadasuke STRAIGHT RIGHTS! Both men wobble, Tadasuke fires up and runs, into a clothesline! Takagi runs, Tadasuke dodges to LARIAT! Cover, TWO! PUMPING BOMBER! Cover, TWO!! Takagi roars, Tadasuke fires up, fans are electric! DRAGON SUPLEX and a SLIDING FOREARM from Takagi! He gets Tadasuke back up as LIJ plays defense, PUMPING BOMBER!! Cover, TWO!?! Tadasuke survives! Takagi isn’t done with him, though, as he pump handles and torture racks! LAST OF THE DRAGON!! Cover, LIJ wins!!

Winners: Los Ingobernables de Japon, by pinfall

NJPW leads again with 5-4-1! Kenoh still gets in Naito’s face but Naito just raises the fist. Kenoh goes after Naito but he gets mugged by LIJ! Soya goes in to save Kenoh but he gets mugged too! The brawling continues, but Nakajima just taunts Takagi with his GHC Heavyweight Championship. Takagi sarcastically applauds and then tells him to get outta here. Will both these factions be hungry for another of these crossovers? Or will Kongo just have to swallow that bitter pill?


Kazuchika Okada & Hiroshi Tanahashi VS Keiji Mutoh & Kiyomiya Kaito!

This is it! Either NJPW wins or this ends in a tie! Will the dream team of the NEW IWGP World Heavyweight and NEW IWGP United States Heavyweight Champions put the final touches on this crossover? Or can the Natural Born Master and the Supernova truly be the hope of NOAH?

The teams sort out, fans cheer as Tanahashi shows off the muscles, and Kaito starts for NOAH. He calls out Okada, so Okada obliges. The bell rings and the two circle. Fans rally, “O-KA-DA!” as he and Kaito tie up. Kaito wrenches to a wristlock, Okada wrenches back. Kaito rolls, wrenches and has the wristlock again, but Okada rolls to trip him for a toehold. Kaito endures, uses his legs to pry Okada off, but Okada rolls to a cover. Kaito keeps his shoulders off the mat, Okada goes for legs, but Kaito kicks to keep them away. They get up, feel out the grapple, Kaito shoots in but Okada blocks the leg takedown.

Okada facelocks, Kaito switches to get the facelock, and then he gets around for a waistlock. Okada switches, Kaito switches to hammerlock. Kaito wrangles Okada down, drops knees on the shoulder, then he cranks on the arm. Okada endures, Kaito falls back to tweak it, and then does it again. Kaito rolls to tweak the arm, and he gets the wristlock. Kaito grinds the arm, Okada fights up and arm-drags free, to then SLAM Kaito’s arm. Okada knees low, CLUBS him, ROCKS him with a forearm, then runs. Things speed up, Kaito hurdles to dropkick Okada down! Fans fire up as Okada gets up.

Okada grabs Kaito by the jaw to ROCK him with a forearm! Okada whips, Kaito hurdles to then CLOBBER Okada! Cover, TWO! Kaito drops an elbow but misses! Okada jumps for the SENTON! Fans fire up, Tanahashi tags in, and the NJPW champions double whip Kaito to double elbow him down. Then they both stare down Mutoh. He dares them to do something, but Tanahashi brings Kaito up. Tanahashi wrenches, hammerlocks and grinds with a headlock. Kaito endures, fights up and powers up, but he can’t power out as Tanahashi keeps a tight hold. Kaito pries the headlock open and powers up, but Tanahashi holds him off!

Fans rally as the top wristlock battle continues. Kaito powers Tanahashi down, but Tanahashi fights up to throw forearms! Tanahashi scoops to SLAM Kaito, then he drops an elbow! Fans fire up, Tanahashi air guitars and throws the guitar to Mutoh. Mutoh lets it go by, and Tanahashi turns around into Kaito’s arm-drag! Kaito has the cording hold, Tanahashi endures, and Tanahashi fights up as fans rally. Kaito drags Tanahashi over, tags in Mutoh, and fans are all fired up to see this one! Mutoh and Tanahashi circle, they tie up, and Mutoh waistlocks. Tanahashi pries free to switch but Mutoh drops to roll Tanahashi to a cover! TWO, but Mutoh has the double wristlock.

Tanahashi fights up, Mutoh holds the wrist, but Tanahashi forearms and wrenches back. Mutoh rolls, gets a leg and he trips Tanahashi. Mutoh has the toehold, Tanahashi endures, and Tanahashi pushes his way up to a rear mount. Tanahashi gets the arm but Mutoh rolls to ropes, then gets the HEEL HOOK! Tanahashi fights to the ropes, and Red Shoes calls the ropebreak. Fans rally, Mutoh and Tanahashi let off. Tanahashi tags Okada in, and Okada circles with Mutoh now. Fans rally up even harder, Okada and Mutoh tie up, and are in a deadlock. Okada manages to power Mutoh to ropes, Red Shoes calls the break, and Okada lets off, to fake the chop and throw up the Too Sweet!

Okada then gets Mutoh’s leg, Red Shoes wants the ropebreak, and Okada lets go. Okada then kicks low, CLUBS and throws forearms, then runs, but into a hip toss! Mutoh snapmares Okada, runs and drops an elbow! Mutoh has the leg, turns Okada over, then drops from Crab to STF! Okada endures, moves around, ROPEBREAK! Red Shoes counts, Mutoh lets go, and he drags Okada up. Mutoh wrenches, tags in Kaito and Kaito drops ax handles on the arm! Kaito whips and back elbows Okada, then covers, TWO! Kaito keeps moving and drops the leg, brother! Cover, TWO, so Kaito drops a BIG elbow! Cover, TWO!

Kaito keeps his cool while fans rally up. Kaito waits on Okada to stand, and Kaito CHOPS! Kaito then runs, but into the FLAPJACK! Okada drags Kaito up, snapmares him, and runs to basement dropkick! Kaito falls out, Tanahashi gets the leg to stomp it and YANK it! Tanahashi brings Kaito up and Kaito CHOPS, but Tanahashi fires off strikes! Tanahashi puts Kaito in for Okada and fans rally up. Okada tags Tanahashi, he drags Kaito by the leg and stomps away! Tanahashi YANKS the leg, then whips Kaito to ropes. Tanahashi dropkicks the leg out, then he ties up the legs for a TEXAS CLOVERLEAF!

Kaito endures as Tanahashi sits deep on the hold! Fans rally, Kaito reaches out, crawls and gets the ROPEBREAK! Tanahashi lets go quickly, but he stomps Kaito’s legs. Tag back to Okada, fans rally up, Okada drags Kaito up to throw him out. Okada follows Kaito, to kick and DDT to the floor! Okada goes back in, Red Shoes checks Kaito, and Okada talks trash on the young gun. A ring count starts, fans rally up, Kaito slowly gets up. Kaito sits up at 10 of 20, slowly stands up and gets in at 16. Okada drags Kaito up but Kaito fires forearms over and over! Kaito EuroUppers, but Okada just gets in Kaito’s face. Okada throws a forearm, but Kaito EuroUppers!

Okada forearms again, Kaito throws another EuroUpper! Fans rally up as Okada throws a forearm and a EuroUpper! Okada bumps Kaito off buckles, tags Tanahashi in, and Tanahashi fires EuroUppers! Tanahashi bumps Kaito off buckles, scoops and SLAMS him, then he goes to the second rope. SUNSET SENTON! Cover, TWO! Tanahashi stares Mutoh down, then he drags Kaito up. Kaito fires off CHOPS! Tanahashi fires off the fast hands! Tanahashi whips Kaito to ropes, Kaito comes back with a LEAPING LARIAT! Both men are down and fans fire up! Kaito and Tanahashi crawl, hot tag to Mutoh!

Mutoh dropkicks Tanahashi’s leg, then gives it a DRAGON SCREW! Tanahashi gets up, Mutoh KNEES him in the corner, then gives him another DRAGON SCREW! Okada gets in, but Mutoh gives him a DRAGON SCREW! Mutoh ties Tanahashi’s legs up in the FIGURE FOUR! Tanahashi endures as fans rally up. Tanahashi tries to turn it, but Mutoh blocks it. Tanahashi grits his teeth, pries at the hold, but Mutoh powers it on tighter! Tanahashi drags himself over, ROPEBREAK! Mutoh lets off at 4, fans rally up harder, and Mutoh dropkicks the leg! Tanahashi staggers, Mutoh gets the bad leg for another DRAGON SCREW!

Mutoh kicks, but Tanahashi blocks! DRAGON SCREW! Both men are down and fans are thunderous! Tanahashi crawls, hot tag to Okada! Okada brings Mutoh up, scoops and SLAMS, then goes to the corner. MACHO ELBOW! Fans fire up for the Rainmaker Pose! Okada threw in some Great Muta eyes for good measure. He ripcords but Mutoh dodges to dropkick the leg out! SHINING WIZARD! Fans are thunderous as both men are down, and Kaito is there! Mutoh crawls, and he tags Kaito in! Kaito fires up, he throws forearms on Okada over and over in the corner! Fans rally up as he keeps going, forearm after forearm! Then EuroUpper!

Kaito forearms, EuroUppers, and DECKS Okada! Kaito drags Okada up, whips him, but Okada reverses. Okada runs into a back elbow! Kaito goes up, FLYING FOREARM! Kaito roars and he aims from a corner. Okada slowly gets up as Kaito climbs, BIG missile dropkick! Cover, Tanahashi breaks it! Kaito ROCKS Tanahashi with a forearm, then goes back to Okada. Fans rally up, “O-KA-DA!” “KA-I-TO!” Kaito whips, Okada dodges the boot to gut wrench! Kaito slips out, Okada elbows him, but he runs into a FLYING KNEE! Kaito gets Okada up, chicken wings, but Okada blocks the suplex! Tanahashi runs in to SLINGBLADE Kaito!

Mutoh SHINING WIZARDS Tanahashi! Okada DROPKICKS Mutoh! Kaito dodges to FLYING KNEE Okada again! All four men are down and the fans are thunderous again! Tanahashi rolls out one side, Mutoh out the other. Okada and Kaito stir as fans keep rallying. Kaito snarls, he throws a forearm! Okada throws a forearm back, but Kaito hits him again. They stand up, Okada forearms but Kaito EuroUppers. Kaito fires up while Okada drops to a knee. Okada comes back to ROCK Kaito with a forearm! And another! And another! And then a EuroUpper! Kaito drops to his knees and Okada brings him back up. Backslide, but Kaito rolls through, short arm LARIAT from Okada!

Okada drags Kaito back up, but Kaito ducks to chicken wing! But still no Tiger Suplex! Okada gut wrenches for the SPINNING TOMBSTONE! Okada reels Kaito in, ripcord, but Kaito dodges to dropkick Okada from behind! Mutoh is in to SHINING WIZARD! Kaito GERMAN SUPLEXES! Bridging cover, TWO!! Kaito fires up even as Okada survives! Mutoh wants Kaito to show him what he’s got, and Kaito drags Okada back up. Chicken wings, TIGER SUPLEX!! Bridging cover, Tanahashi breaks it! Mutoh throws Tanahashi out, goes out after him, and Kaito drags Okada back up. Fans are thunderous again as Kaito stands Okada up and runs, to KNEE him in the back!

Okada stays up, Kaito runs, but into the waistlock! Ripcord, Kaito dodges, but Okada’s dropkick intercepts the knee! But Kaito is right back up!? Into a gut wrench, LANDSLIDE!! Okada ripcords to RAINMAKER!! Cover, NJPW WINS!

Winners: Kazuchika Okada & Hiroshi Tanahashi, by pinfall (NJPW wins overall)

The Rainmaker closes it out! 6-4-1, NJPW wins! Kaito is emotional over how close he came for NOAH and himself, but he was up against the best NJPW had to offer. Okada tells Kaito not to cry here, this is HIS ring. Mutoh brings the young man out of the ring, encouraging him in his journey. Will the Supernova still shine as the bright future of NOAH?

As for Okada and Tanahashi, they celebrate with photo ops, and then Okada gets the mic. “Evening, everyone. Thank you for supporting WrestleKingdom 16 from January 4th, 5th and 8th. Thank you to all the NJPW fans, and to the wrestlers and fans of Pro-Wrestling NOAH. Pro-wrestling is great, isn’t it?” Okada knows there’s a lot of history between all the teams within the promotions tonight, and across the promotions, so it means a lot that the fans were here for it all. However, this 50th anniversary celebration has still only just begun, there is more to come, for this is the power of pro-wrestling.

There are still a lot of obstacles, but with the power of pro-wrestling, the power shared between the wrestlers and the fans, they can all keep going. Okada promises he and the others will keep fighting, so please support them in return. With gratitude to the fans and the world of pro-wrestling, maybe Okada and Tanahashi can have something special here together. Tanahashi takes the mic and says let’s rock! “I LOVE YOU~!” Okada says pro-wrestling will continue to make it rain! The champions stand on the corners to soak up all the love and energy from the fans, and give some in return. We all know the real winners tonight were us, the fans! Will NJPW, NOAH and all of pro-wrestling continue to make the world a better, more exciting place?

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Collision Results & Report! (6/22/24)

Will Will Ospreay stay golden?



An episode with truly international flavor!

While Will Ospreay defends his AEW International Championship against Brian Cage, Kazuchika Okada takes on former mentor, Ultimo Guerrero! Will the champions stay strong on the Road to The Forbidden Door?


  • Six Man Tag: Samoa Joe, Hook & Katsuyori Shibata VS The Premier Athletes w/ Mark Sterling; Joe, Hook & Shibata win.
  • Private Party VS Chris Jericho & “Big Bill” Morrissey w/ Bryan Keith; Jericho & Bill win.
  • AEW Continental Championship Title Eliminator: Kazuchika Okada VS Ultimo Guerrero; Okada wins and denies Ultimo Guerrero a title match.
  • Six Man Tag: The Patriarchy VS The Iron Savages; The Patriarchy wins.
  • Toni Storm & Mariah May w/ Luther VS Lady Frost & Leyla Hirsch; Storm & Mariah win.
  • Malakai Black & Brody King VS Leon & Max St. Giovanni; Malakai & Brody win.
  • Hechicero VS Matthew Menard; wins.
  • AEW International Championship: Will Ospreay VS Brian Cage; wins and


Six Man Tag: Samoa Joe, Hook & Katsuyori Shibata VS The Premier Athletes w/ Mark Sterling!

Three dangerous men joined forces out of respect for what each of them can do, but they aren’t getting much respect from others. But will the Samoan Submission Specialist, The Cold-Hearted Handsome Devil & The Wrestler beat some respect into Tony Nese, Ariya Daivari & Josh Woods? Or can the Premier Athletes actually put their money where their muscles are?

The trios sort out, Joe starts against Nese and the fans sing, “Joe is gonna kill~ you!” Nese says not tonight. Nese and Joe tie up, Nese waistlocks, but he can’t lift Joe! Joe smirks, wrenches free, and wristlocks. Nese rolls, wrenches and headlocks. Nese’s team cheers but they’re the only ones. Joe powers up and out, then he runs Nese over! Joe smirks, stalks Nese to ropes, then brings him around. The fans fire up for Joe as he scoops, but Nese slips fere! Nese SOBATS, runs, but into an ELBOW! Tag to Hook and the fans fire up more! Hook puts Nese in a corner to fire off body shots! Hook throws hands, Nese shoves past him but Hook fires more shots!

Nese throws forearms on Hook, but Hook counter punches! Nese staggers, comes back, but Hook gets around to GERMAN SUPLEX! Nese manages to land out and he STOMPS Hook down! Nese tags Daivari and they mug Hook with haymakers! The fans boo but Nese lets off. Daivari brings Hook up, bumps him off buckles, then CHOPS! Daivari snapmares Hook, clamps on a full nelson and leans on the hold. The fans rally and Hook fights up, and he pries the hold open! But Daivari waistlocks! Hook elbows free, and hot tags to Shibata! Shibata storms in but he has to slow down as Daivari gets away to his corner.

Woods reaches out, so Daivari says here’s something for The Wrestler. Daivari tags Woods in, he steps to Shibata, and they fire forearms! The fans rally up as the shots keep going, then Shibata gets the edge! Woods trips Shibata, goes for an arm, but Shibata slips right around to go for the arm! Woods goes for Shibata’s arm, but Shibata goes after Woods again! Woods powers through to get the arm, but then Shibata slips around, changes sides, and has the ARMBAR! Woods scrambles to the ROPEBREAK! The fans cheer as Shibata lets off and CLUBS away on Woods. Shibata cranks the arm for a double wristlock but Woods throws body shots!

Shibata leg scissors to trip Woods! KNEEBAR! Nese storms in to stomp Shibata! The fans boo, Woods tags Nese in. Nese stomps Shibata around, then taunts the fans. The fans boo but Nese CHOPS Shibata. Shibata doesn’t flinch! Nese CHOPS again, but Shibata eggs him on! Nese throat chops! Nese whips, Shibata reverses, but Nese ELBOWS back! Nese goes up and up and QUEBRADAS, but Shibata steps aside! Everyone’s learning from Joe now! The fans fire up and Joe smiles. Shibata then tags Joe in, and he stalks Nese. Nese rises up, into the JABS! JABS! JABS! Joe fires off fast hands, CHOPS Nese down, but Sterling gets on the apron!

Joe scares Sterling off, but this is all a delay tactic so Nese can crawl, and Woods can HOTSHOT Joe! The fans boo but Nese brings Joe around, BULLDOG HOTSHOT! Joe staggers, Daivari tags in! Nese & Daivari mug Joe, run, and DOUBLE SHOULDER TACKLE! Daivari covers, ONE!! Joe is still tougher than that! Woods tags in, he and Daivari mug Joe, and then Woods CLUBS away on Joe’s chest! Cover, ONE!! Joe is still tougher than that so now Daivari tags back in. Daivari and Woods mug Joe, then Daivari stands Joe up. Daivari throws hands, but Joe hits back! They go back and forth, Joe gets the edge, but Daivari CLAWS the eyes!

Daivari sucker punches Shibata down! Daivari whips, Joe reverses and sweeps the legs! SENTON! The fans fire up, hot tags to Hook and Nese! Hook rallies on Nese, wrenches and NORTHERN LIGHTS! Woods runs in but Hook KNEES him down! Nese gets up, but into the clinch! TAZ PLEX! The fans fire up and Hook stalks Nese, to give crossface forearms! Daivari runs up, Hook DECKS him! Woods gets in to GERMAN SUPLEX! Hook tumbles, but Shibata tags in! Shibata ROCKS Woods, BOOTS Nese, BOOTS Daivari, then STO for Woods! Shibata runs up at Nese for a BOOT! Shibata fires off forearms and the ref counts.

Shibata goes corner to corner to HYDRAULIC DROPKICK! Shibata drags Nese up, SNAP HALF HATCH! Cover, TWO! Nese survives, but ends up in an ARMBAR!! Nese endures, but he taps! Shibata’s team wins!

Winners: Samoa Joe, Hook & Katsuyori Shibata, by submission

The Premier Athletes did prove they’ve got guts, but not enough to overcome this trio of warriors! Will Joe, Hook & Shibata find themselves on the road to trios gold?


The Bang Bang Gang speaks.

Juice Robinson says, “Apparently… AEW isn’t gonna recognize the fact that I was anointed one-quarter of the AEW Unified Trios Champions!” Austin says he’s pissed, Colten confirms that is true, and adds that apparently, The House of Black still gets their shot. At least, once Buddy’s leg gets better. And apparently, PAC cares!? He interrupted their match, he pushed Juice off the top, and then he flipped Austin off! But that’s good. Because their fearless leader, Jay White, is off training his butt off. You thought EIGHT abs was something? Jay will be coming back with TEN! SO Pac, you better hope you don’t see The Switchblade in the Owen Hart Cup!

Because then, The Bastard will do more than just “care” now. He’ll cry to sleep! And if you’re not down with that, they’ve got two words for ya! GUNS UP! Bullet Club Gold is taking aim at a lot of different targets, but will they be able to hit the mark?


Private Party VS Chris Jericho & “Big Bill” Morrissey w/ Bryan Keith!

Marq Quen & Isiah Kassidy have been busy this week. They got called out by The Learning Tree on Dynamite, they put in a fast and furious match last night on Rampage, and now they’ll be entering the “Jericho Vortex” when they take on Big Bill and the man himself. But will Quen & Zay teach Jericho something about not looking down on the younger guys? Or will Jericho ruin the fun #ForTheWorld?

The teams sort out and Jericho starts against Quen. The fans rally up and Jericho says here’s a free lesson from The Learning Tree. Then he tags out to The Redwood. Bill steps in, sporting new gear that quotes Tony Schiavone, on the butt… Bill and Quen tie up, Quen gets around and headlocks. Bill powers out and runs Quen right over! Because as the shorts say, “Too much man!” Bill mocks the “Shots! Shots! Shots!” then he stands Quen up. Bill CHOPS Quen, drags him up, then CHOPS him again! Bill keeps Quen in the corner, and he ROCKS him with a right. Then Bill TOSSES Quen across the way!

Bill mocks the dancing, runs corner to corner, and he SPLASHES Quen! Quen was practically smothered by that move! Quen falls over, but Bill stands him back up, and gives a thumbs up before he TOSSES Quen again! Quen writhes, goes to ropes, then the corner. Bill runs in again, but Quen dodges the splash! Bill staggers, Quen goes up, and Quen leaps to MISSILE DROPKICK! Bill staggers, Quen is on him in a corner! Quen rains down fists, Bill stops him at 6, then DECKS him! Jericho applauds, and Bill tags him in. The fans are torn as The Learning Tree waves, and Bill hoists Quen way up! Jericho “helps” SLAM Quen down!

Jericho & Bill wave, then Jericho stands Quen up to CHOP! Jericho CHOPS again, then whips corner to corner. Jericho runs up but Quen BOOTS him! Quen goes up and leaps to FLYING SHOULDER TACKLE! Then hot tag to Zay! The fans rally as Zay TACKLES Jericho and rains down fists! Jericho pushes him away but Zay comes back, another TACKLE and more fast hands! Jericho tries to get away but Zay fires off high and low and all around! Jericho CLAWS eyes! The fans boo but Jericho brings Zay up. Zay CHOPS, fires more forearms, then just more and more and more! Zay runs, but Jericho sends him out!

Quen is there, for SILLY STRING! Jericho tumbles, Zay covers, TWO!! Jericho survives, Quen tags in, and he TACKLES Jericho! Quen fires off hands just like Zay! Quen stomps Jericho around, runs, but Bad Apple Bryan Keith trips him! The fans boo, but then Jericho CLOBBERS Quen! Jericho waves to the fans, and Collision goes picture in picture.

Jericho takes his time waving to all sides of the arena, then he drags Quen up. Jericho hits a BIG back suplex, then has the cocky cover, ONE! Jericho perhaps returning the favor from last night there, but Jericho bumps Quen off buckles. Tag to Bill and Bill stomps away on Quen! Jericho adds on, the ref counts, and Bill digs his boots in. The ref counts more, Bill lets off with applause, and then Bryan CHOKES Quen! Bill SUCKER PUNCHES Kassidy! The ref reprimands but Bill goes back to Quen. Bill mocks the “Shots! Shots! Shots!” then CLUBS Quen on the back. Then SLAPS Quen down! Bill mocks the shots more, then mockingly cheers.

Bill drags Quen up, puts him on ropes, and RIPS his shirt open to CHOP him down! Quen sputters, Bill drags him up and tags in Jericho. They mug Quen in the corner, then Jericho brings Quen around. Quen fires hands first! Quen runs, but Jericho DROPKICKS him down! Jericho waves to the fans again, then he drags Quen up. Collision returns to single picture, Jericho bumps Quen off buckles, then Jericho puts Quen up top. Jericho CHOPS Quen, climbs, and wants his “branches” to fire up. The fans are torn, but Jericho has Quen on the very top, but Quen throws hands! Quen shoves Jericho down, and the fans rally up!

Quen adjusts, leaps, CROSSBODY! Cover, TWO! Jericho survives and Quen is frustrated. Quen and Jericho crawl, hot tag to Zay! Zay springboards to CROSSBODY! Zay keeps moving, he ducks ‘n’ dodges, then DROPKICKS! Bill storms in, but Zay DUMPS him out! Zay then triangle jumps to DROPKICK! That’s Jericho’s move! Zay then kicks and hits a STUNNER! Then a STUNNER for Bill! The fans fire up and Zay runs up to SUNSET BOMB! Cover, TWO!! Jericho survives and shocks Zay! Bryan coaches Jericho, Zay tags Quen. Private Party mugs Jericho, then Quen whips Jericho to a corner. Quen runs up to SPLASH!

Quen brings Jericho around again, SOBAT and SOBAT! Quen runs, but Jericho THROAT CHOPS! Then LIONSAULTS! But onto knees! Quen holds Jericho, Zay uses him as a step to FLY onto Bill! Then Zay hurries back and goes up again! Quen sets Jericho up again, SWANTON BOMB! Quen climbs now, for the 450 SPLASH! Cover, TWO!! Jericho survives and Quen can’t believe it! Tag back to Zay, but Bill returns! The ref is busy with Bryan, too! Zay springboards, into a BOOT! The Redwood slips away, Bryan hops down, and Jericho covers Zay, TWO?!? Zay survives and the fans fire up!

Jericho huffs ‘n’ puffs, drags Zay up, but Zay is dead weight. Jericho KNEES Zay, then KNEES him again. Jericho says if Zay wants to be a threat, he has to fight. So Zay fires off fast hands and CHOSP! Zay whips, Jericho reverses, but Zay KICKS, then RAN- NO! Jericho turns Rana into WALLS OF JERICHO! Zay endures, even as Jericho sits deep! The fans fire up as Zay fights around! Zay reaches out, and has the ROPEBREAK! Zay lets go in frustration but also exhaustion, so he tags to Bill. Bill storms up but into a mule kick! Zay runs, ducks ‘n’ dodges, but into the BOSS MAN SLAM!! Cover, TWO?!? Zay survives and Bill is frustrated.

Bill mocks the shots again, gives a thumbs up, then he drags Zay up. But Quen runs in! Bill choke grips Quen, to CHOKE SLAM him onto Zay! Cover, TWO?!?! Zay survives and Bill is surprised! Bill tags Jericho back in, and Jericho climbs. Bill gets Zay up and brings him over, CHOKE- NO, Zay slips free and shoves Bill into Jericho! Jericho lands on his sapling, then Quen DROPKICKS Billy into him! Private Party DOUBLE LARIAT Bill out! Then they get Jericho set up! GIN & JUICE!! CODE BREAKER STYLE!! Quen CLOBBERS Bill, Zay covers, TWO?!?!? Jericho survives and no one can believe it!

The ref defends his count was fair but Zay can’t believe that math. Jericho is up, Zay fires off forearms! “SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS!” Zay fires body “SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS!” then runs to LARIAT! Zay is all fired up and the fans are with him! But Bill returns! Zay LION- NO, Bryan Keith CLOBBERS Zay!! The ref was busy with Bill, he missed that! Jericho drags Zay to a cover, Jericho’s team wins!

Winners: Chris Jericho & “Big Bill” Morrissey, by pinfall

Consider this one a 3v2 Handicap Match, because the Bad Apple got involved. And he even goes after Zay now! Quen goes after Bryan, but Bill & Jericho go after Quen, but Samoa Joe’s team runs out there! Joe LOW BLOWS Bill! Shibata and Hook go after Jericho and Bryan, but Jericho gets outta there! The Learning Tree wants nothing to do with this! So Shibata isolates Bryan’s arm, and STOMPS it!! Jericho feels Bryan’s pain, emotionally speaking. Joe gets a mic to say, “HI~, CHRIS~!” But week after week, Jericho has “graced” us with his presence, but Joe and his associates here have been talking. And every idea that falls from Jericho’s tree “absolutely SUCKS!”

The fans cheer but Joe isn’t done. Joe tells Jericho that they come from very different schools of thought. And the best ideas survive the crucible of combat! So that is what Joe suggests! Joe, Hook & Shibata VS Jericho and what’s left of his tree, come Forbidden Door! Will Jericho, Bill & Bryan be able to regroup in the eight days they have? Or will they be turned into the lumber that builds the school of Samoa Joe?


BREAKING NEWS for Dynamite!

Though Will Ospreay and Swerve Strickland are Forbidden Door opponents, and hardly friends after how personal they’re making things, they must team together against The Gates of Agony! Will Bishop Kaun & Toa Liona crush the champions before they ever reach Long Island?


AEW Continental Championship Title Eliminator: Kazuchika Okada VS Ultimo Guerrero!

Christopher Daniels promised The Elite that they would face top tier competition for their titles, and he finally realized who would be best for The Rainmaker: the man who mentored him while on excursion in Mexico! Will Okada be able to stay undefeated in AEW when facing one of CMLL’s best? Or will Ultimo Guerrero show him that he still has a lot to learn?

The bell rings and Okada stares Ultimo down. The fans rally up, the two circle, and Ultimo offers a handshake. Okada slaps the hand away, he no longer cares about his former sensei. The two tie up, Ultimo waistlocks, then he SLAMS Okada down. Ultimo facelocks, Okada wrenches out but Ultimo rolls and trips Okada. Ultimo rolls Okada but Okada arm-drags free, and the two stand! The fans fire up as they reset and go again. Ultimo gets his side of the crowd going, but Okada has plenty of fans, too. The two speed things up, Okada drops but Ultimo runs him over! Ultimo whips, Okada ducks ‘n’ dodges, but Ultimo CHOPS!

Ultimo scoops, Okada slips free, but Ultimo LARIATS! Cover, TWO! The fans rally, Ultimo stands first and he brings Okada around. Ultimo puts Okada in a corner to CHOP! Okada sputters, but Ultimo CHOPS again! And CHOPS again! Okada drops to a knee, Ultimo brings him up to scoop, and SLAM! The fans fire up, Okada slowly rises, but Ultimo is on him again. Ultimo CHOPS, and CHOPS, then brings Okada around. Ultimo whips Okada to ropes, then LARIATS him down! Ultimo stalks Okada to a corner, KNEES low, then KNEES low again! The ref counts, Ultimo snapmares Okada down then clamps on a chinlock.

The fans rally, Okada endures and fights around, but Ultimo pushes him down to get a leg. STRETCH MUFFLER! Okada endures, reaches out, ROPEBREAK! The ref counts in Español, and Ultimo lets go at 4. Ultimo stomps Okada to the corner, lets off again, but Okada powers up to Alabama Lift! REVERSE NECK- NO, Ultimo fights it to an IRON OCTOPUS! Okada hurries to the ROPEBREAK, and Ultimo lets off again. Ultimo whips Okada to a corner, runs in, but Okada pops him up to the Alabama! REVERSE NECKBREAKER! Okada scowls and the fans fire up while Collision goes picture in picture.

Okada goes back to Ultimo, drags him up, and CLUBS him. Okada TOSSES Ultimo out, goes out after him, and UPPERCUTS! Ultimo staggers, Okada UPPERCUTS him again, and Ultimo sits in a corner. Okada stands Ultimo up, to SMACK hm off the chair! Okada drags Ultimo up and puts him back in the ring, then takes his time stepping in. Okada brings Ultimo up, turns him, and hits a NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Ultimo stays in this and Okada is annoyed. Okada paces, drags Ultimo up and DECKS him! Okada looms over Ultimo as Collision goes to break.

Collision returns and Okada has Ultimo in a corner. Okada brings him up but Ultimo body shots! And CHOPS! Okada knees low, whips, and runs in to BACK ELBO! Okada goes corner to corner, but Ultimo follows to clothesline! Ultimo keeps moving, but then Okada follows! Ultimo dodges, and DOUBLE LARIATS take both men down! The fans fire up, the ref checks, and both men are still in this. Okada sits up first but Ultimo stands first. Ultimo whips, Okada reverses, but Ultimo pops Okada up to the apron! Ultimo sweeps the legs, fires up, and runs side to side to WRECK Okada with a dropkick!

The fans fire up and Ultimo goes out to the apron. Ultimo storms over to Okada, drags him up, and whips him into railing! Then he CHOPS! The fans fire up as Okada reaches out in pain. Ultimo storms up behind Okada, the ring count climbs, but Ultimo POSTS Okada at 7! Ultimo slides into the ring at 8, Okada flounders in after, and Ultimo eggs Okada on. Ultimo fireman’s carries, Okada slips free! Ultimo ELBOWS Okada, runs, but into the DROPKICK! Okada snarls and he drags Ultimo back up. Okada ripcords, but Ultimo ducks the lariat! Ultimo kicks low, runs in, but Okada avoids the splash! Okada fires forearms then goes up!

Okada pulls at Ultimo’s mask! The fans boo the disrespect, but Ultimo hits a RUNNING POWERBOMB! Cover, TWO!! Okada stays in this but Ultimo rises up. Ultimo drags Okada up, puts him up top backwards, then climbs up behind him. Ultimo goes to the very top!? But Okada CLAWS at Ultimo’s face through the mask! Ultimo drops down, Okada climbs off the corner, and Okada ripcords! Ultimo ducks again, rolls Okada up, TWO!! Okada escapes and the fans fire up! Ultimo swings, but Okada gets around, and UNMASKS HIM! Ultimo does his best to cover up, but Okada ripcords! RAINMAKER!! Cover, Okada wins!

Winner: Kazuchika Okada, by pinfall (denies Ultimo Guerrero a title opportunity)

Despite how he got the win, Okada grins because for him, a win is a win! Will The Rainmaker be unstoppable now that he does what he wants?


Backstage interview with Top Flight.

Lexy Nair is with Dante, Darius & Action, and she congratulates Dante for making it into the AEW TNT Championship Ladder Match. Now, they wanted this time so what’s on their mind? Dante says the last time he was in a ladder match, he broke his leg. A broken fibula, a dislocated ankle. It took a lot of hard work for Dante to make it back here. He had to relearn how to walk, how to run, how to jump, and how to be himself again. But now, he’s going back in to that environment. A lot of people are saying that’s crazy. But it’ll take a little bit of crazy to become the NEW TNT Champion, so boys, at Forbidden Door, he’ll get some gold to celebrate with.

Lio Rush walks in and he wants to talk about last week. Action says before that, he does want to congratulate Lio Rush on the win last night. Lio appreciates that. And he asks if Darius is cool. Darius nods so Lio takes that. Lio tells Dante that when it came to last week, Lio is a man of his word. He has Dante’s back. Always has, always will. But come Forbidden Door, Lio is in the match, too, and he wants the TNT Championship for himself. Dante says same for him. So then see you there. Darius says they’ll see who the better man is. Top Flight heads out, but will the Bad Child make sure he’s the Man of the Hour in New York?


Six Man Tag: The Patriarchy VS The Iron Savages!

While Christian Cage still wants to be AEW World Champion, he also wants his “sons,” Nick Wayne and Killswitch/Luchasaurus, to succeed, too. So they are going to go after the AEW World Trios Championships as a family, no matter who they have to go through. Killswitchasaurus took out Jacked Jameson, Dirty Bulk Bronson & Beefcake Boulder all by himself, so will it be even easier when Captain Charisma & The Prodigy Son are with him? Or will everyone be sippin’ sauce and livin’ hoss on Saturday night?

Before the match, Jameson has a mic. He tells Christian that he has been a focal point on the biggest shows in wrestling since most of us were little kids. Christian is one of the greatest of all time, and is now better than he’s ever been. However, ever since coming to AEW, Christian’s been acting more like “Low T Loser!” A couple weeks ago, Christian had Killswitch take them out for no reason! Then he’s got that little peeper, Nick Wayne, who looks like Timothée Chalamet but even wimpier! But they ain’t going to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory! They’re going to the milk farm in #TIDDYCITY!!

The fans are a little torn about that idea, but then The Patriarchy makes their entrance. But then Christian leaves?! No, he joins commentary! He’s leaving this all up to his “sons!” The teams sort out in this unofficial handicap match, and Luchasaurus starts against Bronson. The fans are on the dinosaur’s side, but Jameson says time to sip some sauce! Bronson grabs the cup and he CHUGS it! Bronson is all fired up, runs up on Luchasaurus, but Luchasaurus HEADBUTTS him down! Nick wants in, so Luchasaurus tags. Nick swaggers around, toys with Bronson, then taunts Jameson. Nick eggs Bronson on, kicks him around, then KICKS Bronson ont he back!

Nick flexes but Bronson gets up! Bronson is literally twice as big as Nick! Bronson back suplexes, Nick lands out! Nick kicks and runs, but into a back drop! Christian coaches Nick from 30 feet away at the desk but Bronson says it is time for TIDDY! CITY~! Bronson sends Nick right into Boulder’s beefy chest! Nick sputters, Luchasaurus tags in! He CLOBBERS Bronson, BLASTS Boulder & Jameson, then TOSESS Bronson toa  corner! Luchasaurus fires off fast hands, whips corner to corner, then runs up to BOOT Bronson down! Christian says this is the most elite big man in the business. Boulder storms up, he grabs Luchasaurus!

Luchasaurus ELBOWS Boulder, SHOVES him up and out, but Jameson grabs Luchasaurus by the hair! Christian says that’s cheating! Well, he would know… Jameson CLUBS Luchasaurus, goes up, but Luchasaurus garbs him first! To THROW him down onto Boulder! Nick gets in, he gets a boost from Luchasaurus, SUPER PLANCHA onto the Savages! Christian says they are the next Trios Champions and it is not up for debate. Luchasaurus waits on Bronson, Bronson slowly staggers to his feet, and into the choke grip! But Bronson CLUBS at the arm! Bronson breaks free, fires hands over and over, theN LARIATS!

Christian is upset but Luchasaurus stays up! Bronson LARIAT, then DISCUS LARIATS! Luchasaurus drops to a knee, Bronson fires back up, “I’M GONNA BUST~!” Bronson runs, but into the choke grip! JURASSIC CHOKE SLAM! And then Nick wants back in! Christian says to do it, so Luchasaurus tags. Luchasaurus gets Bronson up, Christian says now his boys need his help. WAYNE’S WORLD! Christian goes to ringside, and Nick gladly tags his “father” in. Christian then has his “sons” get Bronson up, and he says THEY are the next Trios Champions! KILLSWITCH for Bronson! Cover, Patriarchy wins!

Winners: The Patriarchy, by pinfall

Christian tops it off after his “sons” do the heavy lifting, but a win is a win. Will nothing stop The Patriarchy as they look to reign over AEW together?


Mercedes Mone visited Arena Mexico.

And she told Stephanie Vaquer this is why she’s the CEO. She flew all the way to Mexico just ot make a point. Mone said hola, and then stared Vaquer down. Mone knows Vaquer is NJPW Strong Women’s Champion for now, but that title is hers come Forbidden Door. But then Vaquer told Mone, “You’re in my house now, b*tch! And we speak Spanish here!” So Mone used the internationally understood SLAP ACROSS THE FACE! The fight was on, and Mone snatched both belts! Will Mone prove she is The CEO of the entire world? Or will she find out why Vaquer is La Primera?


Toni Storm & Mariah May w/ Luther VS Lady Frost & Leyla Hirsch!

While Mina Shirakawa is coming for The Leading Lady’s AEW Women’s World Championship and the spotlight, she also wants her Mariah back! Will Storm and Mariah show Mina that their bond is more than just skin deep? Or will they both freeze up facing a LEGIT cool duo?

The teams sort out and Storm starts against Leyla. The fans rally for Storm as she and Leyla circle. They tie up, and Storm powers Leyla back, but Leyla puts Storm in the corner. They go around again, on the mat, then back to their feet. Storm wrenches but Leyla gets around to trip Storm. Leyla pushes Storm to a cover, ONE as Storm bridges. Leyla pushes her down, ONE! Leyla tries again, ONE! Leyla hops on but Storm stays bridged up! They stand, Storm wrenches to a facelock, then tags Mariah. The fans cheer as Storm whips Leyla to ropes, then BOOTS her down! Mariah SHOTGUNS Leyla down, but Leyla scrambles away.

Frost tags in, Mariah and Storm are too busy celebrating together. Frost gets around Mariah, goes to ropes, but Mariah bucks the O’Conner. Frost rolls through, comes back, tilt-o-whirl and sunset flip! TWO, but Mariah SLAPS Frost! Mariah puts some stank on the CHOP! Mariah then scoops for a SPIN OUT SIDEWALK SLAM! The fans fire up and Mariah even BLASTS Leyla for good measure! Storm runs in to HIP ATTACK Frost! Storm and Mariah pose together, and Storm cues us to picture in picture.

Storm and Mariah talk but Leyla drags Mariah back in! Frost drags Storm out, the two are separated and Frost fires off on Storm! Leyla throws Mariah down, covers, TWO! Frost CHOPS Storm against barriers! Leyla drags Mariah up to snap suplex! Leyla soaks up the heat, drags Mariah up, then tags in Frost. Leyla snap suplexes again, and Frost STANDING MOONSAULTS! Cover, TWO! Frost stays on Mariah and brings her back over, tag to Leyla. They mug Mariah, stomp her down, then Leyla digs her boots in. The ref counts, Leyla lets off, and then she drags Mariah up. Luther rallies the fans while Mariah endures the REAR BEARHUG!

Mariah reaches out while Leyla leans on her. Mariah fights up, reaches for Storm, but Leyla brings her away. Mariah fights with elbows, then runs, but Leyla reels her in! Mariah switches, Leyla switches, but Mariah wrenches to a SAIDO! Mariah and Leyla crawl, hot tag to Storm! Storm rallies on Leyla, BLASTS Frost, and Collision returns to single picture! Storm dodges Leyla, blocks the boots, and DRAPING BACKSTABBERS! The fans fire up and Storm stands Leyla up, for a FISHERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO! Not quite perfect but Storm stands Leyla up again. Storm reels Leyla in, but Leyla back drops!

Storm sunset flips, but Leyla drops into the ARMBAR!! Storm flails, reaches out, and the fans rally up again! Mariah jumps in to RUNNING KNEE Leyla down! Storm is free, Frost runs up, but into a HEADBUTT! Mariah hurries back and reaches out! Hot tag to Mariah! She drags Leyla to a corner, Frost is in the other. Mariah and Storm say kiss THESE! But then Frost & Leyla dodge! GAMANGIRI for Mariah! Now Mariah and Storm are in corners! Frost hits the CANNONBALL! Leyla adds a SWINGING DROPKICK! Leyla drags Mariah to the drop zone and Frost goes up! Leyla goes after Storm but Storm HEADBUTTS!

Storm shields Mariah from the FROSTBITE!! Frost drags Leyla to cover Mariah, STORM BREAKS IT! The fans fire up, Frost fires off on Storm! Frost bumps Storm off buckles, Leyla gets Mariah up. Leyla ROCKS Mariah, coordinates with Frost, and they whip Storm and Mariah into each other! The two HUG! Then they dodge Leyla & Frost, to DOUBLE GERMAN SUPLEX! The fans fire up as now they DOUBLE HIP ATTACK! Storm gets Leyla for STORM ZERO! Mariah covers, she and Storm win!

Winners: Toni Storm & Mariah May, by pinfall

The mentor and protege embrace as they come out victorious! But with Mina Shirakawa trying to wedge herself between them, will this story have a tragic ending?


Serena Deeb speaks.

“Leading up to Double or Nothing, I was 6-0. Physically, I was unbeatable. Mentally, I was untouchable, unbreakable. And subsequently, I’ve had three of the toughest losses of my career, to some of the best women in this company. And I know how this goes. Sometimes you’re on the up, sometimes you’re on the down. But when you’re on the down, you gotta stop it in its tracks and you gotta lift yourself back up. If there’s anything that my wrestling career has shown, it’s perseverance, it’s redemption, it’s grit. So next week, I will be in Buffalo at Collision, and I am begging anybody to step into my ring, to step into Deeb’s Dojo!

“Because, baby, I’m on the up. And from here, I’m gonna remind everybody, and I’m gonna remind myself, just who the hell I am: The Professor of Professional Wrestling.” Who will accept Deeb’s “pop quiz” next week on Collision?


Malakai Black & Brody King VS Leon & Max St. Giovanni!

The Bang Bang Gang mocked the misfortune of this malevolent faction, and they are looking to take their anger out on whatever poor souls AEW have found for them. Will LSG & MSG soon RIP at the feet of The Kings of the Black Throne?

The teams sort out, MSG starts against Malakai. They circle, MSG is wary of Brody, but he ties up with Malakai. MSG wrenches, wristlocks, but Malakai rolls, wrenches and cording holds. MSG slips around to wrench back, but Malakai spins to wrench then headlock. MSG powers out but Malakai runs him over! Malakai stands MSG up but MSG ROCKS him with a forearm! MSG winds up, but Malakai blocks the kick to ELBOW him away! Malakai runs up, but into an ELBOW! LSG tags in, but runs into an arm-drag! Malakai clamps onto LSG’s arm, wrenches it, and tags in Brody. The fans bark as Brody CLOBBERS MSG!

LSG arm-drags free of Malakai, then runs up, but Malakai drops down so Brody can CHOP LSG off his feet! LSG sputters, the fans bark for Brody, but MSG is back! Malakai blocks MSG’s superkick to KICK the other leg. Brody and Malakai FOREARM KNEE SMASH COMBO! LSG runs up, but into a POP-UP KNEE COMBO! Then DANTE’S INFERNO!! Cover, The House wins!

Winners: Malakai Black & Brody King, by pinfall

The brothers St. Giovanni could not withstand the wrath of the Dark Father and the King of Death, who still have fury burning in their eyes. But as they head up the ramp, Ian Riccaboni is there to interview them. He congratulates them on the win tonight, but he must ask: How does it feel after what happened to Buddy last week? Malakai chuckles, and says what a “human” question. Brody tells Ian that revenge is never a straight line. They feel nothing. Does that mean Buddy doesn’t matter? Or are Malakai & Brody just waiting until the right time to strike?



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Mitchell’s NJPW New Japan Soul Results & Report! (6/22/24)

Qualify for the Climax!



The Road to the G1 has begun!

NJPW is heating up the G1 Climax already by bringing us a Qualifier Series! Whose New Japan Soul will burn bright through the Summer?


  • Masatora Yasuda VS Daiki Nagai; Time Limit Draw.
  • Great-O-Khan & Francesco Akira VS Katsuya Murashima & Shoma Kato; Khan & Akira win.
  • Six Man Tag: The United Empire VS Tomohiro Ishii, Satoshi Kojima & Tomoaki Honma; The United Empire wins.
  • 10 Man Tag: Just5Guys VS Hirooki Goto, El Desperado, Hiroshi Tanahashi, Toru Yano & Boltin Oleg; Goto, Desperado, Tanahashi, Yano & Oleg win.
  • G1 Climax 34 A Block Qualifier First Round: Callum Newman VS Yujiro Takahashi; Callum wins and advances to New Japan Soul in Korakuen Hall.
  • G1 Climax 34 A Block Qualifier First Round: YOSHI-HASHI VS Chase Owens; Hashi wins and advances to New Japan Soul in Korakuen Hall.
  • 8 Man Tag: Los Ingobernables de Japon VS The House of Torture; LIJ wins.


G1 Climax 34 A Block Qualifier First Round: Callum Newman VS Yujiro Takahashi!

The United Empire has been on a roll tonight, but while those were tag matches, The Prince of Pace has to do this on his own! Can Callum conquer the Tokyo Pimp? Or will he have to watch out for the usual tricks?

The bell rings and the two run in! Yujiro BOOTS Callum down, stomps him around, and Callum goes to ropes. Yujiro ROCKS Callum with a forearm, then stalks him to a corner. Yujiro stomps Callum again, CLUBS him, then brings him out to knee low. Yujiro CLUBS Callum again, whips corner to corner, but Callum ducks ‘n’ dodges and keeps moving, to then BOOT Yujiro! The fans fire up while Yujiro bails out. Callum eggs Yujiro on, but the ref wants him to stay in. Yujiro slides in, Callum dodges and DROPKICKS! Yujiro bails out again and the fans fire up. Yujiro hurries back up to the apron, but Callum DROPKICKS him down!

Callum takes aim as Yujiro stands up, for the PLANCHA, but Yujiro moves aside! Callum lands on his feet but that strains the legs. Yujiro reels Callum in, REVERSE DDT to the floor! The ref wants this back inside, and fans rally up for Callum, but Yujiro stalks him. Yujiro drags Callum up to RAM him into railing! Yujiro brings Callum back up, to RAM him into the apron! The ref reprimands but Yujiro brings Callum around, to whip into railing! Callum goes down in a heap and Yujiro leaves him behind. The ring count starts but Callum sits up at 4 of 20. The fans cheer Callum on as he rises at 10 of 20 and hobbles over.

Callum rolls in at 13, the fans cheer, but Yujiro stomps Callum right down. Yujiro digs his boots in, the ref counts, so Yujiro lets off at 4. Yujiro whips Callum into a corner, stomps him, ROCKS him with a forearm, then ELBOWS him. Yujiro throws more elbows, then runs up to BOOT! Callum slumps down but Yujiro pushes him to a cover, TWO! The fans cheer but Yujiro argues the count. The ref says it was fair, so Yujiro drags Callum to center. Yujiro drops a leg, drops it again, then drops it again! Cover, TWO! Callum stays in this and the fans rally up. Yujiro is annoyed, but he eggs Callum on. Yujiro brings Callum up, and Callum fires a forearm!

Yujiro eggs Callum on more as Callum throws more shots. Yujiro then knees low! Yujiro snapmares Callum and then basement BOOTS! Cover, TWO! The fans cheer as Callum toughs it out. Yujiro brings Callum up, puts him against ropes, then fires forearms. The ref reprimands, but Yujiro gets space. Callum BOOTS first! Callum runs up but into a kick! Yujiro runs but Callum follows, trips him, and DOUBLE STOMPS him! The fans fire up while both men are down! Yujiro goes to one corner, Callum goes to the other. Callum fires up, the fans are with him, and he runs Around the World to DROPKICK!

Callum snapmares Yujiro, runs up and PENALTY KICKS! Cover, TWO! The fans still applaud as Callum has control. Callum clutches his beat up back, uses the ropes to stretch it out, and then he clamps onto Yujiro with chicken wings. Yujiro hurries to the ropes, so Callum ROCKS him with a right! Callum sits Yujiro in the ropes, then runs to DROPKICK Yujiro in the back! Yujiro falls, Callum brings him up and chicken wings. Yujiro fights the lift, stomps Callum’s foot, then ROCKS him with an elbow! Callum comes back to ROCK Yujiro with a forearm! Callum runs, but into a FLAPJACK HOTSHOT! Callum sputters, Yujiro runs up and BOOTS him!

Yujiro brings Callum around, reels him in, FISHERMAN BUSTER! Cover, TWO! Callum survives and the fans cheer! Yujiro is frustrated but he stalks Callum. Yujiro drags Callum up, reels him in, INCOLLE SLAM! Cover, TWO! Callum is tougher then the Intercollegiate Slam and Yujiro grows further frustrated! Yujiro stumbles after Callum, brings him up, and fireman’s carries. Callum fights free, but Yujiro blocks the lariat! Yujiro ducks the backhand but not the ROUNDHOUSE! Both men are down again as Callum catches his breath. The fans rally up and Callum fires himself back up. The fans join in and Callum takes aim.

Callum goes to run but Yujiro reels him in! Yujiro waistlocks, Callum switches, but Yujiro BITES Callum’s hand! The fans boo and the ref reprimands but Yujiro stops at 4. Yujiro runs, but Callum blocks the boot, ROCKS Yujiro, then runs. Yujiro uses the ref as a shield! He gets the cane! But Callum blocks the cane attack, kicks Yujiro low, but now the ref sees Callum with the cane! Callum defends his innocence, the ref takes the cane, and Yujiro LOW BLOWS!! The fans boo but Yujiro reels Callum in, for PIMP JUICE! Cover, TWO!! Yujiro is stunned that Callum survives! Yujiro pleads with the ref, but no, it was not a three.

Yujiro drags Callum up, reels him in, for BIG- NO, Callum wrenches out! Yujiro ROCKS Callum, runs, but Callum shoots around to chicken wing and TIGER SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO!! Yujiro escapes but the fans fire up! Callum aims from a corner, runs Around the World, and DROPKICKS! Yujiro staggers, Callum goes up, and he roars as he springboard DOUBLE STOMPS! Then OSCUTTER!! Cover, Callum wins!

Winner: Callum Newman, by pinfall (advances to the next round)

It was a grueling first fight, but Callum was able to outpace Yujiro, and he now moves ahead! Callum faces Kenta in Korakuen Hall, will Callum continue to build momentum? Or will he #GoToSleep before the Climax?


G1 Climax 34 A Block Qualifier First Round: YOSHI-HASHI VS Chase Owens!

The Head Hunter and the Crown Jewel have battled many times, both in the G1 and more recently, over the IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champions. Sadly, neither man has that gold, but they’re looking at something bigger. Will Yoshi-Hashi #GetBackUp and head for the next round? Or will he be the victim of a Jewel Heist?

The bell rings and the two circle as the fans rally up. The two tie up, are in a deadlock, but Chase swings Hashi around to put him on ropes. The ref counts, Chase lets off, but then he blows snot on Hashi! Chase eggs Hashi on so Hashi fires forearms! Hashi CLUBS Chase, Chase knees low and Chase TOSSES Hashi out. Hashi runs up to the apron but Chase DECKS him! Chase builds speed but Hashi dodges the dropkick! Hashi kicks low, whips, and Chase hits railing! Chase staggers away while fans applaud. Hashi goes after Chase, brings him around, and whips him into more railing! Chase staggers again while fans applaud.

The ref wants this back in the ring but Hashi lines up a shot. Chase stands, Hashi runs up, but Chase BOOTS him! Chase RUSSIAN LEG SWEEPS Hashi into railing! The ref goes out to check Hashi while Chase leaves him behind. Chase opens the gate so he can snatch a fan’s Yoshi-Hashi towel! Chase sneaks that over so he can CHOKE Hashi with it! The ref sees that, reprimands, but Chase whips Hashi hard into railing! Down goes Abe-san, too! Since when was Chase copying the House of Torture? Chase storms over, brings Hashi up, and puts him in the ring. Hashi sits up, Chase runs, SHINING WIZARD! Cover, TWO!

The fans cheer as Hashi stays in this. Chase is annoyed and he mocks the fans as they rally up. Chase CLUBS Hashi on the neck, stomps Hashi’s hand, then brings him up to wrench and wristlock. Chase bends the fingers, then SNAPS them! The ref reprimands Chase being a Villain, but Chase stomps away in the corner. Chase then bends the fingers, and he makes Hashi flip Goto off on commentary. Chase CHOPS Hashi, CLUBS him, then RAMS into him! Chase digs in his shoulder, then lifts Hashi to RAM him in again! Hashi hobbles, Chase whips him corner to corner hard, and Hashi bounces off buckles! Chase soaks up the heat while Hashi writhes.

Chase drags Hashi up but Hashi fires body shots. Hashi CHOPS and the fans cheer! But Chase BOOTS Hashi down! Chase clutches his stinging chest, drags Hashi up, but Hashi suplexes first! The fans fire up while both men are down, and Chase goes to a corner. Hashi goes to the other, runs in corner to corner, and CHOPS! Hashi ROCKS and CHOPS and repeat on Chase! The fans fire up, the ref reprimands, but Hashi lets off with one more CHOP! Chase sits down, but he SPITS at Hashi! So Hashi CHOPS him again! Hashi whips corner to corner, Chase reverses, but Hashi comes back to run Chase over!

The fans cheer and Hashi cleans himself off. Hashi then runs up to CHOP, run again, and BLOCKBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Chase stays in this but the fans rally up for Hashi. Hashi storms over to Chase, brings him up, but Chase throws body shots. Hashi eggs him on, Chase throws more shots, then a CHOP of his own! Hashi DECKS Chase and the fans fire up! Hashi goes back to a corner to catch his breath. Chase slowly goes to the other corner, Hashi runs in again, but Chase blocks the lariat to BUCKLE SHOT, STO, and SENTON! The fans fire up while both men are down! Chase runs corner to corner now to forearm smash!

Chase reels Hashi in, short arm LARIAT! Then a half nelson to GUTBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Hashi stays in this and the fans fire up again! Chase is annoyed but he drags Hashi back up. Chase reels him in, but Hashi back drops free! But Chase is right back up! BLINDSIDE C-TRIGGER! Chase then wrenches, hammerlocks and JEWEL HEISTS! Cover, TWO!! Chase is furious with the ref but the ref defends his count! Chase scowls, drags Hashi up, and reels him in. Chase tucks the arms, PACKAGE- NO, Hashi flips free to CODE BREAKER! Roll up and bridge, TWO! Chase escapes but Hashi dropkicks the legs out!

The fans fire up again while both men are down! Hashi and Chase go back to corners, and both men run in! DOUBLE LARIATS collide, but neither falls! DOUBLE LARIATS collide again, and Chase staggers back! Hashi runs corner to corner, but Chase sends him into buckles! Chase rolls Hashi up, and puts his feet on ropes! TWO!! Hashi escapes but Chase gets moving, to C- NO!! Hashi blocks the trigger! Chase fires hands but Hashi CLUBS the leg! Hashi puts the leg in ropes, to SUPERKICK! Full nelson, DRAGON SUPLEX! Chase roars and rise sup, he swats a lariat and BACK ELBOWS! Hashi roars and swings, but into a HALF ‘N’ HALF!

But Hashi is right back up! C-TRIGGER!! Hashi falls back but Chase has to sit down! The fans fire up and rally for Hashi as he stirs. Chase aims as Hashi goes to ropes, and he runs in to C-TRIGGER! Cover, TWO!! Hashi survives and the fans fire up again! Chase drags Hashi back up, POINT-BLANK C-TRIGGER!! Hashi flops over but Chase wants to go for the execution! Chase reels Hashi in, tucks the arms, and PACKAGE- NO! Hashi kicks and flails to fight! But Chase powers through! PACKAGE- NO, Hashi fights free with a back drop! Chase sunset flips it! But Hashi sits on it! Cover, TWO!! Even Chase has to check if he got free in time!

Chase runs, but Hashi dodges the trigger! ELBOW! CHOP! SUPERKICK! Chase roars, but into a SUPERKICK! Hashi reels Chase in for a DESTROYER!! Cover, TWO!! Chase survives and the fans fire up! Hashi rallies the fans, runs, and LARIATS! Cover, TWO!! Chase is still in this but the fans fire up more! Hashi gets Chase up, full nelsons, then pump handles, KARMA!! Cover, Hashi wins!

Winner: Yoshi-Hashi, by pinfall (advances to the next round)

The Crown Jewel cracked under the pressure and now Hashi heads for Korakuen Hall! But Hashi’s friend and teammate in Chaos, Tomohiro Ishii, will be waiting! If Hashi made it through this, can he make it through the Stone Pitbull?


8 Man Tag: Los Ingobernables de Japon VS The House of Torture!

Tetsuya Naito is preparing for the Forbidden Door and his battle with Jon Moxley, but it seems some old enemies are knocking at his door. Will Titan, Bushi & Yota Tsuji help Naito stay tranquilo? Or will Evil, Ren Narita, Yoshinobu Kanemaru & Sho make sure Darkness Falls in Fukushima?

Before the match, Sho gets on the mic to sarcastically with Naito a happy birthday. As such, he says it’s cute Naito thinks he’s going to have a happy birthday at all. Sho talks trash on LIJ, too, but the fans boo. And then The House just attacks! The bell rings, the brawl is on, and while Evil, Narita & Kanemaru drag Naito, Bushi & Yota out, Sho digs his boot into Titan’s neck! Red Shoes reprimands, Sho lets off, and he drags Titan up to CLUB him down. Sho talks trash as he digs his boot into Titan’s head. Titan gets up to fire off a strike fest! SOBAT and Titan runs, but Kanemaru gets a cheap shot in!

Red Shoes reprimands, Titan swings on Kanemaru but Kanemaru avoids it. Kanemaru throws Titan down by his mask, only for Titan to kip up! PELE! Kanemaru falls, Titan gets around Sho to knuckle lock, CHOP, and he goes up and up! Titan tightrope walks but Kanemaru gets in, so Titan MISSILE DROPKICKS the Heel Master! Then DROPKICK for the Murder Machine! The fans fire up as Titan snapmares, gets a leg, and drops a leg on the knee! And then Titan drags Sho over to tag in Naito! The fans cheer as the birthday boy drags Sho up and wrenches his arm to a wristlock. Sho begs for mercy as Naito cranks the hold!

Sho reaches out, Naito keeps him from ropes, and they go around and around. Naito even teases Evil by just barely keeping Sho back from a tag! Naito grins as he brings Sho away and Bushi tags in. Bushi climbs up, Evil protests, but Bushi still gets away with the AX HANDLE! The fans cheer, and Bushi BLASTS Evil off the apron! Bushi CHOPS Sho, whips corner to corner, then runs in, but Sho dodges. Sho runs in but into the PENDULUM KICK! Bushi aims but Dick Togo anchors Bushi’s feet while Sho gets in Red Shoes’ face! Narita BOOTS Bushi down, and then the rest of the House attacks the rest of LIJ!

Narita whips Bushi into railing, Evil CHOKES Naito, Sho whips Yota! Sho and Bushi get back in the ring, even as Evil CHOKES Naito, Kanemaru CHOKES Titan, and Narita brings Yota into the crowd! The fans have to be careful, and Red Shoes reprimands, but this lets Sho CHOKE Bushi in the ring! Sho tags Kanemaru and he scrapes his foot off Bushi’s face. Kanemaru snapmares Bushi, ELBOWS him in the head, then stomps him around. The fans rally for Bushi but Kanemaru sends him into Evil’s boot! Kanemaru tags Evil, Red Shoes sees Evil has a shirt ready to use, so Evil gives that up so he can kick Bushi out of the ring.

Red Shoes is busy putting the shirt aside, so he misses Sho and Narita mugging Bushi! Narita grabs a chair, Sho stands Bushi up, and Narita JAMS Bushi! Yota protests, Narita puts Bushi in for Evil, and Evil drags Bushi up for a FISHERMAN BUSTER! Cover, TWO! But then someone rings the bell? Dick Togo makes the announcement and Evil even grabs Bushi’s mask cover to celebrate. Red Shoes says no, this doesn’t count in any way, shape or form. Evil says fine, and he tags Narita. Narita drags Bushi up, Bushi CHOPS, and CHOPS, and CHOPS! Narita CLAWS Bushi’s eyes! Red Shoes reprimands while Narita scrapes Bushi’s face off ropes!

Red Shoes counts, Narita lets off and runs, but Bushi blocks the boot to ENZIGIRI! Both men are down and the fans fire up! Bushi crawls, but Narita stomps him down! Narita BLASTS Yota, stands Bushi up, but Bushi blocks a kick to CLUB the leg! Bushi then dropkicks the legs out, crawls for his corner, and the fans rally up! Hot tag to Yota! The fans fire up as Yota runs Narita over! Kanemaru & Sho get in to kick low then double whip, but Yota kicks Sho while he arm-drags Kanemaru! The fans fire up as Yota scoops Sho for a BACKBREAKER! Kanemaru storms up but into a scoop and BACKBREAKER!

Narita returns, kicks low and whips, but Yota reverses to scoop and BACKBREAKER! The fans fire up for the hattrick while Narita writhes! Yota gets the fans even more fired up and he smiles. Yota drags Narita up, fireman’s carries, but Narita fights free. Narita CHOKES Yota, Red Shoes reprimands, but Yota breaks free! Yota swings, Narita ducks then gets the SLEEPER! Yota endures, and he RAMS Narita into the corner! Yota sputters, but Evil sneakily unties the buckle pad! Yota runs back in and surprise! Yota runs into bare buckles! The fans boo but Narita tags Evil in. Evil & Narita split the wishbone on Narita, then Evil DECKS Naito!

Narita & Evil whip Yota to an open corner. Evil runs in but Yota BOOTS him! Narita runs in, he blocks Yota’s boot, but Yota reels Narita in to STOMP down! Evil mule kicks, runs, but into a COMPLETE SHOT! The fans fire up while both men are down! Yota crawls over, hot tag to Naito! Naito fires hands on Evil, kicks and CLUBS him, then whips. Evil reverses but Naito holds ropes. Naito BOOTS Evil, runs up and gets around, then whips to arm-drag! Evil stands, Naito RAMS into him, but Evil fights the atomic drop. Naito RAMS Evil into the corner, whips him corner to corner, then ELBOWS him! Naito snapmares and basement dropkicks!

The fans fire up as Naito poses, then he covers, TWO! Evil is still in this but Naito stays on him. Evil kicks, Naito blocks and he CLUBS the leg! Naito kicks and kicks, but Evil blocks! Kanemaru gets in to dropkick the legs out! Kanemaru & Sho hold off LIJ while Evil steps through, for the SCORPION DEATHLOCK! Naito endures, pushes up, crawls forward, but Evil sits deep on the hold! Dick pokes Naito in the eyes! But even so, Naito fights forward to the ROPEBREAK! Evil holds until Red Shoes counts 4, then Kanemaru tags in. The House sends Naito to an open corner. Sho runs in to forearm smash, then Narita adds his own!

Kanemaru runs in to elbow! Evil runs in to clothesline! Snapmare, and then Narita gets in Red Shoes’ face! Dick goes up the corner while Evil & Kanemaru hold Naito open! DICK CHOP! Kanemaru covers, TWO!! Naito survives and the fans fire up! But Kanemaru & Evil SMASH the knees! Kanemaru steps through to FIGURE FOUR! Naito endures, the fans rally, but Kanemaru thrashes around! Bushi gets in to stomp Kanemaru, but Sho kicks Bushi! Sho throws Bushi out, but Naito is still free of the leglock. Dick distracts Red Shoes, letting Kanemaru get his whiskey! The fans boo as Kanemaru aims, but Naito ducks the bottle!

Titan SHOTGUNS Kanemaru, then he BOOTS Dick! Sho kicks Titan, whips, but Titan reverses. Titan goes Matrix to then CALF KICK Sho! Evil & Narita attack, double whip, but Titan uses that to FLY out onto Sho! The fans fire up, Bushi & Yota get in! CODE BREAKER for Evil, STUNNER for Narita! Then Naito baits Kanemaru into an atomic drop! Bushi ENZIGIRIS! Yota SUPERKICKS! Bushi gives Naito a boost, TORNADO DDT! The fans fire up as Naito gets Kanemaru up, wrenches, and tilt-o-whirls, DESTINO!! Cover, LIJ wins!

Winners: Los Ingobernables de Japon, by pinfall

The House of Torture tried but failed, and the night is tranquilo after all! Yota grabs the blue buckle pad and threatens Narita with it! Souled Out runs away to help the rest of The House get outta here, will they ever learn their lesson?

As for LIJ, they regroup in the ring, and naturally, Naito gets the mic. “Buenas noches, Fukushimaaa~!” The fans cheer, and Naito continues. NJPW visits the Fukushima Prefecture often, but it has been three YEARS and eight MONTHS since they were last in THE Fukushima City. Therefore, Naito thanks everyone for coming out tonight. Gracias, amigos. Naito then notes that yes, today happens to be his birthday. The fans cheer that! And Naito says he isn’t sure where she is, but his mom made the trip all the way from Tokyo just to be here tonight. The fans are surprised, but then cheer for Mama Naito.

Naito says again, he isn’t sure where she is in the crowd, but he says gracias to her. The fans applaud that, and then Naito says that in these last three years and eight months, surely there are a lot of new fans here. So, did those new people enjoy NJPW and LIJ? The fans cheer! Then, after these three years and eight months, the next time will be… Hmm. Two years? Three? Four? Just next month? Well, Naito isn’t sure. But until then, remember: Tranquilo! Assen na yo! The fans cheer, and Naito asks, “So, shall we?” The fans cheer, and Naito says if he remembers right, it has been since October of 2016, so SEVEN years and eight months, since the last time! Is everyone ready?

The only way to close out tonight’s New Japan Soul in Fukushima is of course… “Bushi, Hiromu,Takagi, Titan, Yota, y Naito! Nosotros! LOS! INGOBERRRRRNABLEEEEEES~! DE! JA! PON!” Big mic drop and LIJ is rolling forward, but they will have to do this all over again tomorrow night. Will Naito keep up the pace as he heads for Jon Moxley and the Forbidden Door?

My Thoughts:

A very good return for the New Japan Soul series here, with plenty of tune-up matches for tomorrow’s New Japan Soul and those G1 Climax qualifiers. Really good G1 Climax qualifiers tonight, though the fans were just cold for Yujiro against Callum. Good win for Callum, and he’ll have a good showing against Kenta but I don’t expect Callum to make it to the A Block prelim finals in a couple weeks. Hashi VS Chase was very good, great win for Hashi, and while they avoided Bullet Club VS Bullet Club, they’re totally giving us Chaos VS Chaos as Hashi takes on Ishii. I’m leaning towards Ishii making it through and facing Kenta in the prelim finals.

And then a really good, really fun 8 Man Tag for the main event. Naito is definitely building momentum towards his match with Moxley in just over a week, which I would hope he wins, but it doesn’t seem like there’s a clear challenger for Naito afterwards. At the same time, the G1 is next, he’s gonna be in that as champion, the round robin nature makes for at least one person getting that golden ticket win off him in like a middle round. Also happy birthday to Naito, and it was so nice to know his mom made the trip out there to spend time with him.

My Score: 8.8/10

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