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Mitchell’s AEW Rampage Results & Report! (2/4/22)

Sammy Guevara is on a Rampage!



AEW Rampage coverage

It’s another Championship Friday!

The Andrade Hardy Family Office is sending Isiah Kassidy after Sammy Guevara’s AEW TNT Championship! But with the way he’s been talking about Tay Conti, will Kassidy face the Spanish God’s wrath?


  • Adam Cole VS Evil Uno w/ The Dark Order; Cole wins.
  • AEW TNT Championship: Sammy Guevara VS Isiah Kassidy w/ AHFO; Guevara wins and retains the title.
  • Thunder Rosa VS Mercedes Martinez; Rosa wins, by disqualification.
  • FTW Championship: Ricky Starks w/ Will Hobbs VS Jay Lethal; Starks wins and retains the title.


Adam Cole VS Evil Uno w/ The Dark Order!

The Panama City Playboy wants to remind us that his official record is what matters. Orange Cassidy may have won in the unsanctioned match, but Cole is still undefeated and he wants us to respect that. But will he start making his way to the top at the expense of Player One?

The bell rings, Uno dares Cole to bring it, and Cole BOOTS him down! Cole rains down furious rights, then drags Uno up to RAM him into buckles. Cole stomps away on Uno, the ref counts and Cole lets off. Cole drags Uno onto the ropes to CHOKE him! The ref counts, Cole lets off at 4. Cole pulls on the mask to bring Uno into a BACKSTABBER! Uno crawls to a corner, Cole is on him, but Uno shoves him away. Cole tries 52 Fake Out but Uno blocks the real kick and gives it to the ref! Uno hits a NECKBREAKER! Fans rally up, Uno drags himself up at the ropes. Cole storms over into an elbow! Uno rallies with a lariat and CHOP!

Uno fires off haymakers in the corner, fans fire up and Uno stomps Cole. Uno lets off, Cole kicks back. Cole whips, Uno BOOTS Cole in return! Cole is down, Uno goes to the corner! Uno is up top, SWANTON onto knees! Cole saves himself, but Uno comes back with a ROLLING ELBOW! Uno runs, into a SHINING WIZARD! Cole hits a SUPERKICK! But he’s not satisfied with that! Cole drags Uno up to SUPERKICK again! Cole brings his kneepad down, sits Uno back up, it’s all about THE BOOM! Cover, Cole wins!

Winner: Adam Cole, by pinfall

Another win for Adam Cole, BAYBAY! Cole still isn’t happy, though, and he gets a mic. “Frankie Kazarian. Jungle Boy. Anthony Greene. John Silver. Wheeler Yuta. Orange Cassidy. Jake Atlas. Kaun. Trent Beretta. And now, Evil Uno.” Cole wants to play a little game. What do all those men have in common? The answer: They’re involved in Adam Cole’s undefeated singles run here in AEW. Adam Cole IS undefeated, his record says so, and he doesn’t give a DAMN about last week! That match doesn’t exist. But what does exist is a NEW Adam Cole. A different Adam Cole, a ruthless Adam Cole. An Adam Cole that takes what he wants. And for the love of GOD, he wants some respect!

Adam Cole says people forget who the hell he is! He is one of the BEST damn pro-wrestlers not just in AEW but on the planet, and he has been for YEARS! Cole’s traveled the globe for years, won world title after world title, and at the end of the day, he always ends up becoming “the guy.” No matter the promotion, the company or the brand, Adam Cole always ends up running the show. “There is something else that I want, and I swear to God, I could care less who has it.” Cole wants to leave everyone with this: at the end of the day, everyone craves certainty. And there is one thing that is certain: Adam Cole WILL become AEW World Champion.

This “new” Adam Cole still wants the same things as always, but will he get any of that? Or will he have to take it all by force?


Jade Cargill and Mark Sterling speak.

The TBS Champion says, “That’s right, I got all you slobs to stop flipping through your channels, just to see my fine ass.” Sterling says we got to see Jade go 25-0 in her first title defense, then 26-0 in her second. And very soon, we will see her go 27-0! Because Jade is green like money. So the next question is, who is next to star on #ThatBitchShow?


AEW TNT Championship: Sammy Guevara VS Isiah Kassidy w/ AHFO!

The Spanish God is the UNDISPUTED TNT Champion, wearing both belts to the ring. Will Sammy still have both of those belts after taking on the Andrade Hardy Family Office’s representative? Or will the AHFO finally have some gold?

The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and we see if Sammy stays undisputed!

Sammy and Kassidy circle, they tie up, and Sammy puts Kassidy on the ropes. The ref counts, Sammy lets off fast and eggs Kassidy on. They tie up again, Kassidy puts Sammy against ropes now, and the ref counts. Kassidy lets off at 4 to CHOP! Sammy shrugs it off, circles with Kassidy again, and they tie up. Kassidy trips Sammy, things speed up and Sammy hurdles but Kassidy leaps over. They keep going, Kassidy wheelbarrows and arm-drags, to then dropkick Sammy down! Fans cheer the athleticism but Sammy is right back up. Sammy SLAPS Kassidy! Kassidy SLAPS back, it becomes a scrum! Kassidy throws body shots and Sammy clutches the bad ribs.

Kassidy gets Sammy up, whips but Sammy reverses. Sammy hurdles, flips, and dropkicks! Then he kips up smooth! Sammy builds speed to FLY! Tornillo takes out Kassidy! Sammy blows a kiss, kips up again, and then he drags Kassidy up and into the ring. Kassidy scurries to a corner, Sammy is after him with a CHOP! Sammy whips Kassidy corner to corner but Kassidy reverses. Sammy goes up, Kassidy throws him out. Sammy GAMANGIRIS Kassidy, but has to leap over Quen’s cheap shot! The ref is busy with Kassidy, Hardy gets Sammy for an APRON SIDE EFFECT! Fans chant “DELETE! DELETE!” as Hardy gets away with it, and Rampage goes picture in picture.

Kassidy fetches Sammy, whips him hard into railing, and Sammy crashes down. Kassidy takes a seat to mock Sammy, then he drags Sammy up to whip into more railing! And again, he takes a seat to laugh at Sammy’s pain. Kassidy drags Sammy up again, whips him, but Sammy reverses and now Kassidy hits railing! Sammy drags himself into the ring, Kassidy gets up on the apron. Kassidy slingshot sentons onto Sammy! Kassidy double guns but clutches his neck. Cover, TWO! Kassidy stomps Sammy’s taped up ribs, Rampage returns to single picture, and Kassidy bends Sammy back against his knee in the chinlock.

Sammy endures and fans rally up. Sammy fights up, Kassidy CLUBS him down, and back suplexes, only for Sammy to land on his feet! Sammy is in the corner, he dodges Kassidy and CLOBBERS him on the return! Sammy rallies, wrenches and KNEES Kassidy down! Sammy slashes the throat, torture racks, but the ribs hold him back! Kassidy gets up to ROCK Sammy in the ribs. Sammy SUPERKICKS back from the corner! Both men are down, but fans fire up! Sammy drags himself to the corner and up top! Hardy shouts at Kassidy, but Andrade makes his way out here! El Idolo wants to see his investment pay off, Sammy dares him to do something himself.

Kassidy leaps up but Sammy knocks him back down! Sammy aims, but has to bail out of the 450! He runs into a SLINGBLADE BACKBREAKER! Then a BACKSTABBER! Cover, TWO!! Sammy survives and Kassidy can’t believe it! Andrade and Hardy argue but Quen assures Andrade that Kassidy can do this. Kassidy drags Sammy up from the apron, but Sammy ROCKS Kassidy! Sammy flounders against ropes, springboards, but Kassidy triangle jump STUNNERS to intercept! Kassidy DIVES and hits Sammy at the ramp! Kassidy puts Sammy back in, goes up top, SWANTON BOMB! Cover, TWO!! Sammy survives again!

Hardy tells Kassidy to finish this and Andrade looks frustrated. Kassidy wants Sammy to get up, Sammy does rise, and Kassidy kicks low. No Twist, backslide! TWO!! Kassidy boots then SCREW HIGH KICKS! Sammy PELES in return! Both men are down and floundering! Fans rally up, Andrade is upset. Kassidy gets to a corner and Sammy runs in. Sammy RAMS into Kassidy, ENZIGURIS him down, then MOONSAULTS to take out Quen! Sammy triangle jumps for a SUPER CUTTER!! Cover, TWO!!? Kassidy survives, but Sammy won’t let off! Torture rack, GO TO HOSPITAL! Cover, Sammy wins!!

Winner: Sammy Guevara, by pinfall (still AEW TNT Champion)

Andrade is disappointed in Hardy’s guy, and now he gets in the ring himself. Hardy is also there, Sammy sees he’s surrounded. Chris Jericho is ready on commentary, but here comes Darby Allin! The Relentless One gets right in, and right in Andrade’s face! Jose offers Darby the contract, but Darby stands with Sammy! The young pillars stand against AHFO, will Sammy and Darby be the ones to topple El Idolo? At the same time, Darby gives a look to the TNT titles on Sammy’s shoulders. Darby pats the belts. Is that a seal of approval? Or a promise that they’ll be fighting for these belts soon enough?


QT Marshall speaks.

“I’m really sick and tired of hearing about the Cold-Hearted Handsome Devil, this new sensation known as Hook in AEW. But Hook’s always been a little unhinged, throwing people on their heads, not relinquishing the hold when the match is over, walking over people, walking over me.” If the people want to #SendHook, then QT will send someone after Hook. QT puts up his prized pupil. As fast as Hook’s star has risen, Hook’s star is going to fall. Will the son of Taz show The Factory that he doesn’t sweat them?


Backstage interview with Kris Statlander.

Tony Schiavone asks the Galaxy’s Greatest Alien about Leyla Hirsch’s attitude. Well Statlander has been watching Leyla. Leyla has the amateur background, but this is professional wrestling, so maybe Leyla needs to start being professional. But then Leyla SMACKS Statlander down with a chair to the back! And then she puts it against Statlander’s head for a LEGIT KNEE! Red Velvet rushes over to check on Statlander, but the damage has been done. Will Statlander look to get revenge on Leyla soon enough?


Thunder Rosa VS Mercedes Martinez!

La Mera Mera was so close to ending Jade Cargill’s undefeated streak and her run in the AEW TBS Championship Tournament. But Mark Sterling had the OG Badass as a badass insurance policy, and the rest is history. Now, Rosa and Mercedes finally face off on their own! Will Rosa get revenge for #ThatBigScrewjob? Or will Mercedes get a big win on her Rampage in-ring debut?

The bell rings, Rosa SHOTGUNS Mercedes to a corner and fires off hands! Rosa has Mercedes on ropes with forearms and uppercuts, then whips her to ropes. Mercedes wrenches, Rosa gets around to trip and stomp Mercedes down! Rosa drops elbow after elbow, then runs to drop a SENTON! Mercedes gets to ropes, Rosa chokes her on the ropes! The ref counts, Rosa lets off and runs, to STRADDLE ATTACK! Mercedes flops down, Rosa fires up, and Rosa drags Mercedes out to whip her into railing! Rosa drags Mercedes up to snap suplex to the floor! Mercedes crawls away but Rosa refreshes the count before pursuing.

Rosa puts Mercedes in the ring, stomps Mercedes down, then CLUBS her down. Mercedes hits back with body shots, but Rosa dribbles her off the mat. Rosa pulls Mercedes back into a camel clutch, and then gives her crossface forearms. Fans rally for Rosa and she runs, but Mercedes bypasses her to SPINEBUSTER! High stack cover, TWO! Mercedes is frustrated but Rampage goes picture in picture.

Mercedes stomps Rosa, drags her up and pulls her back into clubbing forearms to the chest. Mercedes sits Rosa down and traps an arm before clamping on a dragon sleeper! Mercedes clubs Rosa, but Rosa throws knees! Rosa gets her arm free, flips up an dover to INVERTED DDT! Cover, TWO! Rosa facelocks, Mercedes fights up and wrenches free to reel Rosa in. BIG vertical suplex, and Mercedes holds Rosa up for a count of 10 before the SLAM! Mercedes drags Rosa right back up to put Rosa on ropes, MAGIC SCREW! Cover, TWO!! Mercedes argues the count but she drags Rosa back up to a fireman’s carry.

Rosa fights free, kicks low and STUNNERS! Rosa fires up, she runs in at the corner, METEORA! Rosa rolls and comes right back, HESITATION DROPKICK! Rosa drags Mercedes up, reels her in, NORTHERN LIGHTS! Bridging cover, TWO!! Mercedes survives, Rosa keeps her cool and drags Mercedes back up as AEW goes to break.

Rampage returns and Mercedes is up top with Rosa. Mercedes throws forearms, CLUBS Rosa, then fireman’s carries her. SUPER DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! Cover, TWO!! Mercedes is frustrated but Chicago is loving this! Mercedes storms up on Rosa, drags her back up, and bumps her off buckles. Mercedes hoists Rosa up, drags her out with a crucifix, but Rosa makes it a sunset flip! Mercedes rolls through, but Rosa KNEES her down! Rosa drags Mercedes back up, fisherman to the POWERSLAM! But Mercedes rolls all the way out of the ring! Rosa pursues, drags Mercedes up and SMACKS her off steel steps!

Rosa stalks Mercedes around the way, throws down fists, then brings Mercedes up. Mercedes rakes the eyes! She has a PIPE!? She CLOBBERS Rosa right in front of the ref!!

Winner: Thunder Rosa, by disqualification

Mercedes doesn’t care that she lost, she just wanted to hurt Rosa! Mercedes warns Rosa that this is what she gets, but will La Mera Mera make sure the OG Badass pays for this?


Serena Deeb has a message.

The name Deeb comes from the Arabic, dhi’b, meaning “wolf.” “It’s in my blood. The wolf inside will always chase, thrive, rise, feed. Keep running. I’m faster.” Will the wolf of pro-wrestling soon sink her teeth into more prey?


Backstage interview with Mercedes Martinez.

Schiavone brings up what she just did with the lead pipe. What about the lead pipe? Mercedes told everyone from the beginning that she was here to take out Rosa “by any means necessary.” But disqualification? Britt Baker and her crew walk in to say that a DQ is not what they discussed. Jamie Hayter asks what Britt means by that. Britt says someone (Hayter) hasn’t been able to get the job done, so she brought in a specialist. Oh, you thought Jade Cargill was smart enough to bring in Martinez? Mark Sterling may have handed Mercedes a check, but remember who signed it. Dr. Britt Baker, DMD.

And Mercedes wants Britt to remember she did her job: she took Rosa out, and that is what she did. Okay, then. Mercedes softened Rosa up, but she needs to finish it. Rosa does not beat Mercedes again, got it? Or else Britt makes sure Mercedes’ time in AEW is shorter than her time at her last job. Mercedes storms up on Britt but Britt backs off and Hayter stands in the way. Will mercenary Martinez end La Mera Mera? Or does Rosa have even more of a reason to rip into Mercedes?


Mark Henry speaks with tonight’s main eventers!

Jay Lethal is facing Absolute Ricky Starks for the FTW title. Is Lethal worried about interference from Team Taz? Oh, Lethal is definitely worried. If you look at it right now, there’s two of them in Starks and Will Hobbs and only one of Jay Lethal. But Starks should be worried about Lethal knocking that ego down a peg when he bursts the bubble Starks has been living in. Tonight, Lethal is leaving the NEW FTW Champion! Starks says there is no ego here. He acknowledges what Lethal has done in his career, he is very tenured.

But what Lethal needs to acknowledge about Starks is that Lethal has NEVER been in the ring with someone like Ricky. Starks is cut from a different cloth, the last of a dying breed, and there is a reason Starks is Absolute. Lethal says it sounds like Starks has it all figured out. But here’s something Starks hasn’t thought about: What if Starks leaves without the title? What will Taz think of Starks then? What will become of Ricky Starks? Let’s find out! Mark says there’s been enough talk. It’s time for the main event! Will Starks find just how lethal Jay Lethal can be?

FTW Championship: Ricky Starks w/ Will Hobbs VS Jay Lethal!

The introductions are made, the title is raised, and we see who has the stronger FTW mindset!

Lethal and Starks circle as fans rally up and duel. Starks and Lethal tie up, go around, and Lethal headlocks. Starks powers out, Lethal runs him over! Lethal waits on Starks and Starks scowls as he gets up. Starks and Lethal circle again, tie up, and go around. They end up on ropes, then into a corner. The ref counts, but they keep moving around. Starks headlocks, Lethal powers out and gets around to headlock back. Starks powers out, but Lethal runs him over again! Starks sits in frustration a moment, Lethal waits on him. Fans duel, Starks stands, and he SLAPS Lethal! Lethal scowls now and he trips Starks for fast hands!

Starks turns it around, hammers away on Lethal, but Lethal gets up. They brawl with haymakers, Lethal knees low and CHOPS! Lethal CLUBS Starks, CHOPS again, but Starks CHOPS back! Starks CHOPS again, Lethal turns it back around to CHOP Starks! Lethal kicks, haymakers and CHOPS! Starks sits down from that one, but Lethal brings him up. Lethal reels Starks in, suplexes, but Starks fights that off. Starks wrenches out, kicks low and CLUBS Lethal down. Lethal gets to ropes, Starks knees low. Starks whips, Lethal reverses but Starks ducks and dodges, Lethal hurdles then trips Starks!

Starks tumbles out, Lethal DIVES! Direct hit into railing! Lethal gets back in the ring, says that’s one, and he goes again to DIVE! Direct hit again! But Hobbs gets in Lethal’s way to slow him down. The ref has Hobbs stay back, Lethal gets Starks up and whips him at the corner! Starks slips through the gap! Starks swings around the corner and he CLOBBERS Lethal! Team Taz fist bumps as Rampage goes picture in picture.

Starks drags Lethal up, whips him hard into railing, and Lethal goes down in a heap. Starks gets on someone’s phone to take a selfie, but Lethal makes him sit in the chair! Lethal CHOPS Starks, and the fan gets another picture as a bonus. Starks knees Lethal back, headlocks Lethal and brings him around to tease throwing him into railing to put him in the ring. Starks poses for a cocky cover, TWO! Starks drags Lethal up by his beard, but Lethal CHOPS back! They brawl with haymakers, Lethal CHOPS and whips. Starks reverses, Lethal leaps but Starks ducks it! Lethal crashes down, Starks gets him in the corner and stomps an absolute mudhole!

Starks stomps Lethal one more time, then stands up on the corner to rile up the fans. Lethal gets up and to the far side, Starks hurries over to choke Lethal on the ropes. The ref counts, Hobbs applauds but Starks lets off at 4. Starks ROCKS Lethal in the corner with forearms, but Lethal ROCKS him back. They brawl with forearms now, Lethal CHOPS and forearms and keeps going, but Starks knees low. Starks whips, Lethal reverses and back drops, but Starks lands on his feet! Lethal runs into an OVERHEAD Belly2Belly! Cover, TWO! Starks keeps on Lethal with a facelock and he grinds Lethal down.

Lethal endures as Starks leans his weight on the hold, and fans rally as Lethal fights up. But Starks KNEES Lethal right back down. Starks pushes up to crank on the facelock but Lethal still endures. Rampage returns to single picture as fans continue to rally. Lethal throws body shots, fights up, but Starks holds onto the grovit! Lethal throws more body shots and he gets free to wrench, but Starks reels him back in! Tornado but no DDT! Lethal blocks the boot, slips under and LARIATS Starks down! Both men are down, the ref starts a standing count but the fans rally and duel. Lethal gets to a corner while Starks goes to ropes.

Both men are up at 6 of 10, Starks runs in at the corner, but Lethal dodges the splash! Roll up, ONE!! Lethal backslides Starks, ONE, but Lethal gets the arm. La Magistrol, TWO! Starks swings, but into the LETHAL COMBINATION! Cover, TWO! Lethal is a bit frustrated but the fans rally up. Starks flounders up, Lethal brings him in to whip to the corner. Lethal runs in but blocks a boot. Starks BOOTS with the other foot, reels Lethal in, but Lethal Alabama lifts! Starks grabs ropes to deny the move, and then he turns things around! Lethal tries to rana out of the bomb, but Starks POWERSBOMBS him! Cover, TWO!!

Starks is furious but Hobbs says he’s got this. Starks scowls as he watches Lethal flounder. Starks throws a forearm, Lethal JABS! Starks fires off hands but Lethal body shots and CHOPS! Starks CHOPS, Lethal CHOPS, they brawl with forearms gain but Starks fires off fast hands from all sides! Lethal kicks, forearms, BOOTS and ENZIGURIS! But Hobbs gets on the apron! Lethal dropkicks Hobbs down! Fans fire up, Starks gets Lethal and whips. lethal ducks and DIVES, but Hobbs deflects him! But Dante Martin is in the ring and he SPRINGBOARDS onto Hobbs! Angel Dorado coaches Lethal back in!

Starks runs, Lethal spins him around, CUTTER!! Lethal wants to finish this, he takes aim and handsprings, but Starks dodges and runs. Lethal hurdles the spear, SUPERKICK! Starks kicks low and underhooks, but Lethal trips to jackknife! TWO!! Starks swings, Lethal dodges, handsprings. LETHAL- ROSHAMBEAUX OUTTA NOWHERE!!! Cover, Starks wins!

Winner: Ricky Starks, by pinfall (still FTW Champion)

What a way to counter Lethal Injection! Powerhouse Hobbs had a part to play, but will Team Taz’s luck run out soon enough? Or will this title always be absolute?

My Thoughts:

A great episode for Rampage right here, with some surprises in terms of match order. I didn’t think the FTW Championship would main event, but it was a really good match. Naturally it ties into the story of Dante Martin VS Team Taz, and so Starks wins despite Dante helping Lethal out. I’m thinking we’re going to get Starks & Hobbs VS Dante & Lethal before Dante gets his own shot at the FTW title. Adam Cole and Evil Uno was a good but pretty quick opener, and Cole has a great promo to expand upon what he said on Dynamite. He’s of course going for the top title, he could even be set up as Hangman Page’s opponent for AEW Revolution.

As I’ve said before, they put off Rosa VS Mercedes one too many weeks, but what we got tonight was still really good. I like that it’s actually Britt who hired Mercedes to go after Rosa, because as I was figuring, this is all about the long game back to Britt VS Rosa. I also continue to sense that Hayter could turn on Britt and go Face since she’s being underappreciated, much in the same way they’re playing Wardlow and MJF. In the end, Rosa is going to rise up and challenge Britt, probably at Revolution. And when that happens, I’m pretty sure Rosa dethrones Britt. Then we got a good vignette for Serena Deeb, but I had to actually go connect the dots myself with Google about Deeb being d’hib being wolf. I think they missed a line in there about the translation, but otherwise a good vignette.

And the TNT Championship match was great stuff. It was a great match for Kassidy as a singles competitor, and it tied stories together with Andrade, Darby and the TNT Championship. With MJF and Wardlow having a story where the TNT Championship is a pivotal element, maybe Andrade takes on Darby, winner challenges Sammy at Revolution for the title. Then the winner there has to worry about who the 2022 Face of the Revolution is and how they’ll handle that challenge. If Andrade ends up champion through that route, it would actually be rather interesting to see how they revisit Andrade’s dealings with The Pinnacle as part of Wardlow’s turn.

My Score: 8.5/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (5/22/24)

Roll the dice!



It’s a risky gamble before Double or Nothing!

Double or Nothing is on Sunday, so Dynamite sets the table! Will AEW World Champion Swerve Strickland use Nick Wayne to send a message to Christian Cage?


  • Bryan Danielson VS Satnam Singh w/ Sonjay Dutt; wins.
  • FTW Championship #1 Contender’s Triple Threat: Hook VS Katsuyori Shibata VS Bryan Keith; wins and will challenge Chris Jericho for the title at Double or Nothing.
  • Konosuke Takeshita VS Matt Sydal; wins.
  • Will Ospreay & Orange Cassidy VS Trent Beretta & Roderick Strong w/ The Undisputed Kingdom; win.
  • Malakai Black VS Kyle O’Reilly; wins.
  • Toin Storm & Mariah May w/ Luther VS The Outcasts; win.
  • Swerve Strickland VS Nick Wayne; wins.


[Due to scheduling conflicts, coverage will be on delay]

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Rampage Results & Report! (5/18/24)

Deonna Purrazzo’s on a Rampage!



The Virtuosa is sharpening her edge!

Deonna Purrazzo wants to tear into Thunder Rosa, but she’ll have to settle for Robyn Renegade first! Will The Virtuosa fine tune her style for La Mera Mera?


  • Kyle O’Reilly VS Lee Moriarty w/ Anthony Ogogo; Kyle wins.
  • Rush VS Cody Chhun; Rush wins.
  • Deonna Purrazzo VS Robyn Renegade; Deonna wins.
  • Brian Cage VS Anthony Bowens w/ Billy Gunn; Cage wins.


Kyle O’Reilly VS Lee Moriarty w/ Anthony Ogogo!

#CombatKyle may have lost out on the TNT Championship, but he isn’t going to stop the comeback over it. Will he build back up towards another title opportunity? Or will #TAIGASTYLE prove he’s the one deserving of those chances?

The bell rings and the two circle. The fans rally, Kyle and Lee tie up, Kyle waistlocks, but Lee wrenches out. Kyle wrenches to waistlock, but Lee sits to switch. Kyle switches, facelocks, wrenches, but Lee rolls and rolls until he rolls free. The fans rally as the two circle again. They knuckle lock, go shoulder to shoulder, but Kyle gets under. Kyle lifts but Lee fights that. Lee lifts but Kyle fights that. Kyle tries again, but Lee trips him! Kyle uses his leg guard, trips Lee, knuckle lock cover! ONE as Lee gets an arm up! Kyle pushes it down, ONE as Lee gets the other arm up. Kyle puts that arm down, TWO as Lee bridges!

The fans cheer this technical exchange, Kyle jumps but Lee catches him! DOUBLE WRISTLOCK! Kyle scrambles around, slips free, ARMBAR! Lee clasps hands, stacks Kyle, TWO! Lee rolls Kyle to get the SLEEPER! Lee also has body scissors! But Kyle pulls on Lee’s leg, and that makes Lee let go of the sleeper! Kyle gets the leg, twists for a toehold, but Lee rolls over. Lee reels Kyle in, headlocks, then cravats. The fans rally, Kyle wrenches free to cravat back. Lee ELBOWS Kyle in the chin! Lee BODY SHOTS, then BODY SHOTS again! Lee runs but Kyle KNEES Lee low! Kyle snapmares, runs, then SLAPS Lee!

The fans fire up but Lee gets up. They get face to face, then go forearm to forearm! Kyle fires off fast strikes and he KICKS the legs out! Kyle wrenches to YANK the arm, then CLUBS it! Kyle wrenches, YANKS the arm again, then wrenches to an ELBOW- NO, Lee shoves Kyle away! Kyle runs up but Lee BUCKLE SHOTS him! Kyle staggers away, the fans are torn, and Lee runs up to KICK the bad leg! Ogogo applauds, Lee fires himself up, and Rampage goes picture in picture.

Lee stomps Kyle down, drags him back up, and top wristlocks. Lee isolates that arm, flexes, and STOMPS the arm! Lee paces around, drags Kyle up, and SNAP HALF HATCHES! Cover, TWO! But Lee still has the arm and he hammerlocks it, to then SNAP LOCK it! Kyle endures, grabs at Lee, but Lee bridges and moves around. Lee traps the one arm, pulls on the other, and then makes it a RECLINER! Kyle endures as Lee leans back! Lee lets off as he loses the hold, but then he stomps the bad arm! Lee soaks up the heat as Rampage returns to single picture. Lee grinds Kyle’s bad arm, but Kyle fights up to throw body shots.

Kyle wrenches, ELBOW- NO, Lee has a SLEEPER now! Kyle rolls but Lee holds on tight! Kyle fights up to back suplex! Lee lands out, but Kyle KICKS! SLAPS! KNEES! KICKS! LEG SWEEP! The fans fire up and Kyle snarls as Lee goes to a corner. Kyle runs up to forearm smash! Kyle wrenches, ELBOW BREAKERS, and hits a BIG back suplex! HEEL HOOK! Lee endures and fights towards ropes! ROPEBREAK! Kyle lets go, Lee stands, and Kyle KICKS the leg out! Kyle runs up but Lee dodges the kick to SOBAT! Kyle goes to a corner, Lee runs in, but Kyle blocks the boot! Kyle shoves Lee down, KNEES him, then reels Lee in.

Lee wrenches out of the suplex, to SNAP the fingers! Lee runs up to BOOT Kyle in the corner! Kyle falls, Lee covers, TWO! Kyle survives but Lee reels him in, BORDER CITY STRETCH!! Kyle endures, powers through to clasp hands, and he deadlifts Lee into a CAPTURE SUPLEX! Lee is dazed and Kyle slowly rises. The fans fire up, Kyle storms up, and KICKS Lee’s arm! Lee KICKS Kyle’s arm in return! Kyle KICKS again, but Lee KICKS again! They KICK and KICK and KICK! The fans are behind Kyle, both men block kicks, so they start throwing palm strikes! The fans are thunderous! Both men let the other go, but then they DOUBLE ROUNDHOUSE!

The fans are thunderous as Kyle and Lee are both down! A standing count starts, both men slowly rise, and they stagger into each other. Lee gets Kyle first, suplex and- NO, Kyle knees free! GUILLOTINE! Lee wrenches free to RAM shoulders! Lee wrenches, to ELBOW- NO, Kyle wrenches to ELBOW BREAKER! Hammerlock, GUILLOTINE HOVERBOARD COMBO!!! Lee endures, and he uses his free arm to pry free! For HEADBUTT after HEADBUTT! Kyle drops into a TRIANGLE HOLD!! Lee is fading fast, but he deadlifts Kyle with the one arm! Only to go out! Kyle is free to PENALTY KICK!! Kyle gets Lee up, to ORANGE CRUSH into the ARMBAR! Lee taps, Kyle wins!!

Winner: Kyle O’Reilly, by submission

Shane Taylor Promotion takes another loss on the night, but it was a hell of a fight against Kyle O’Reilly! But Kyle is going to face Malakai Black this Wednesday, will Dynamite be The End of Kyle’s comeback?


Backstage interview with The Acclaimed.

Lexy Nair is with Max Caster, Anthony Bowens & Billy Gunn. First off, congrats on the recent success of the newest video. Thank you, Lexy. And Bowens is facing Brian Cage in tonight’s main event, how- Daddy Ass has us stop there. Let’s talk about everyone going crazy, running wild. The Embassy turning on Swerve, The Elite abusing their authority. Billy isn’t sure if Lexy has watched older wrestling, but Billy has a thing about authority. So if they wanna get wild, if they wanna go nuts, that is right up their aisle!

Caster says that’s right! He also thanks Lexi for saying those nice things about his song. But that song was about him and Bowens going back to the Tag Division. If you read the lyrics, which are great lyrics, but none of those team decided to wrestle The Acclaimed. Perhaps they’re a little too afraid to wrestle the best team alive. So they took the first match they could find, and that turned out to be Bowens VS Brian Cage 1v1. Sure, Brian is The Machine, but there are a lot of machines that are now antiquated, and we know Brian doesn’t have AI in his brain. In fact, he can’t update his software! It’s about time Bowens takes Brian to the junkyard!

Bowens says that’s right! Platinum Max & Daddy Ass said it themselves, there is a lot of chaos and madness going on in AEW! Bowens tells Brian and his cronies that they decided to side with The Elite, well you’re looking at the foundation of AEW! The best tag team alive, the best homegrown stars, The Acclaimed! That train is gonna roll right through Brian tonight, courtesy of the Scissor King! Because EVERYONE loves The Acclaimed! Say it again, EVERYONE loves The Acclaimed!! The Five Tool Player is fired up, but will he need all those tools to dismantle The Machine?


Rush VS Cody Chhun!

El Toro Blanco is back again, and this time he is looking to reach the top of AEW. Will he stampede through everyone put in his path until he is adored with AEW gold?

The bell rings, the fans rally up with “FOUR C! FOUR C!” Chhun runs up but Rush dodges! Chhun hits buckles, then Rush CLOBBERS him! Chhun sits in the corner checking his jaw, but Rush goes to the far side. “If you mess with the bull…” You get BULL’S HORNS!! Rush drags Chhun to a cover, Rush wins!

Winner: Rush, by pinfall

Rush stands tall, but he doesn’t even care to celebrate, because this was more an inevitability than a victory to him. But then he sees Chhun stirring, and Rush drags him out of the ring! Rush CHOPS Chhun right down! Then he whips Chhun hard into barriers! The ref reprimands but Rush THROWS Chhun around again! Rush fires down fists, the fans boo as Rush DECKS Chhun! Rush won’t stop, he finds his favorite bright green cord! Rush LASHES Chhun, even as more refs rush out here! Rush CHOKES Chhun with the cord!! The refs all shout for him to stop, and Rush does. But he wants everyone to remember: Nothing happens unless HE says so!!

Rush storms off, spits on Chhun, and then grabs a chair! The refs warn him, so Rush simply stands on the chair to soak up the heat. Will nothing and no one stop Rush from rampaging his way to the top?


Lexy Nair is outside the trainer’s room.

She notes that to close Collision, Lance Archer & The Righteous viciously attacked FTR after the match. Bryan Danielson walks out, Lexy asks for a medical update. Well, The Elite put a bounty on Team AEW’s heads, and it seems to have worked. FTR won’t make it to Dynamite next Wednesday. But the Elite also failed, because here’s the thing. The Elite wants to change the world? They don’t even show up on Saturdays! And the failure is that Bryan is still here! So this Wednesday, Bryan will be on Dynamite. The Elite can take whatever shot they want, but they better get it done the first time. Otherwise, they won’t like the consequences.

Bryan heads out, but are The EVPs going to make sure no one makes it to Double or Nothing to oppose them?


Deonna Purrazzo VS Robyn Renegade!

The Virtuosa is still seething over her many run-ins with Thunder Rosa, but it seems their rematch isn’t destined to happen just yet. Will Deonna one-up La Mera Mera by beating Robyn worse than Rosa did?

The bell rings, the two circle, and they knuckle lock. Deonna spins to wrangle Robyn, but Robyn rolls back. Robyn wrenches, wristlocks, but Deonna rolls, rolls and gets free. The fans cheer, Deonna smirks, but Robyn runs up. Robyn waistlocks, Deonna switches, but Robyn switches back. Deonna pries free to switch again, then she trips Robyn up. Deonna runs, Robyn stays low, then Robyn hits a rolling fireman’s carry takeover! Robyn runs up but Deonna ducks the kick to roll her up! TWO, and Robyn staggers up into an arm-drag! Deonna has the armlock, the fans cheer, but Robyn endures.

Robyn fights up, Deonna hits another takeover, and she traps the arm. Deonna makes it a cover, ONE as Robyn gets the shoulder up. Deonna knuckle locks, wrenches, then clamps onto the arm. Robyn fights up to whip free, then runs to sunset flip! Deonna stays up, then slaps the arms away to clamp on an ARMBAR! Robyn fights around, flails, and has the ROPEBREAK! The ref counts, Deonna lets go at 4, and Rampage goes picture in picture.

Deonna stalks Robyn, brings her around and whips, but Robyn holds ropes. Deonna ROCKS Robyn, Robyn still holds ropes! Deonna ROCKS Robyn again, whips, but Robyn reverses. Robyn ducks the forearm, and the backhand, then clinches for a HALF NELNSON FACEBUSTER! Robyn fires up, she sits Deonna up, and runs to SHOTGUN her down! Cover, TWO! Robyn is frustrated, but she drags Deonna back up and bumps her off buckles. Robyn CHOPS Deonna, smirks, and winds up to CHOP again! Robyn says one more time, then puts some stank on it. But Deonna dodges to CHOP back! Deonna whips corner to corner, but Robyn reverses.

Robyn runs in, but Deonna puts her on the apron! Robyn ROCKS Deonna first, steps in, but Deonna ARM CODE BREAKERS! Robyn writhes, Deonna storms over, and Deonna drags Robyn up. Deonna knuckle locks, wrenches, then top wristlocks to wrangle Robyn. Deonna traps the arm for a SNAP LOCK! Cover, TWO! Robyn clutches the arm but Deonna is on her again. Deonna pulls on the bad arm, then top wristlocks. Robyn endures as Deonna thrashes the arm, and Rampage goes to break.

Rampage returns and Deonna wrenches Robyn’s arm. Robyn ROCKS Deonna, but Deonna wrenches again. Robyn fires off a flurry of forearms and the fans fire up! Deonna shoves Robyn but Robyn LARIATS on return! The fans fire up with Robyn, then she wrenches Deonna to reel her in, put her in ropes, and KNEE her! Robyn runs to then STOMP Deonna down! Cover, TWO!! Deonna survives and Robyn is frustrated. The fans rally, Robyn drags Deonna up, then fireman’s carries. Deonna slips free, shoves, and BOOTS Robyn down! Deonna slashes her throat and vows to end this! The fans fire up as Deonna drags Robyn up.

Deonna Gotch hooks, but Robyn slips free! Robyn pump handles, but Deonna arm-drags free! Deonna BOOTS the lariat, ARMBAR DDT! FUJIWARA!! Robyn taps, Deonna wins!

Winner: Deonna Purrazzo, by submission

Deonna didn’t even need Venus De Milo, but then she puts that on Robyn anyway!! The ref reprimands, the fans boo, but Deonna makes Robyn suffer in Rosa’s place! But wait, here comes Thunder Rosa!! La Mera Mera rushes the ring, but Deonna runs away! So when does the part about regretting to mess with a Jersey girl come in? Rosa checks Robyn, and Deonna slithers back in! Deonna CLOBBERS Rosa from behind! Oh so that’s the part about Jersey? Rosa gets up, though, and Deonna retreats again. Rosa runs Deonna down and grabs her by the hair! Rosa drags Deonna back to the ring to RAM her into the apron!

The fans fire up as Rosa tells Deonna to fight her now! Rosa puts Deonna in, Deonna rolls out of the ring and runs into the crowd! The fans boo as Deonna flees into the night. When and where will Deonna have to give Rosa this fight?


Scorpio Sky speaks.

“I have done things people dream about. I’ve made money, faced legends, won championship after championship after championship. And you might not wanna hear this, but that was easy. And that doesn’t mean I don’t relate. I understand a normal person put in my position would fail. Because since time began, when people wanted to see a star, they’d look up at the Sky. And all that does is put me in the perfect place to reach down and lift you all up here with me. So to all the fans around the world, I’m coming back. And I’m here for you.” But will this comeback finally be the time Scorpio Sky reaches the top of the mountain?


Backstage interview with Sonjay Dutt.

Lexy Nair says Sonjay asked for this time, what is on his mind? Sonjay says first off, he sure doesn’t need Lexy here so hit the bricks. Skedaddle, peace, see ya. Lexy sighs and leaves, and Sonjay says this is for Bryan Danielson. The Elite have put a price out on Bryan’s head, and Sonjay just got off the phone with them, they have worked out quite the deal. Bryan says he’ll be on Dynamite, and so is Sonjay. But no, Sonjay isn’t the one that’ll take him out once and for all. This Wednesday, it will be The American Dragon VS… The Indian Giant! Yeah, that’s right! The one in a billion, Satnam Singh!

And y’know what? Dragon meat is expensive, so hopefully he goes well with a little chicken masala. This Wednesday, it will be one hell of a cookout! Sonjay laughs to himself, but will Bryan be the one with the last laugh after taking on this giant roadblock?


PROGRAMMING NOTE for Rampage next week!

Yes, Rampage returns to Friday nights next week, BUT at a special time of 6:30 Eastern, 3:30 Pacific! Make sure your DVRs know so you don’t miss this special Double or Nothing weekend edition!


Brian Cage VS Anthony Bowens w/ The Acclaimed!

The Machine turned on Swerve and then got beat by Swerve, crossing him off the list of top contenders. But will he reboot and head for other title opportunities? Or will The Acclaimed prove they can get it done in any division?

As always, Platinum Max has a diss track! “I heard Brian Cage got captain plans. We leave you bleeding so hard, you got menstrual cramps! Damn you are ugly, lookin’ pathetic. You are so small, get off the Ozempic! When did Brian Cage stop lifting weights? Beat him so bad, whip his ass into shape! Run you outta town just like Daim, because in Portland, Everybody Loves The Acclaimed!” Bowens then says, “PORTLAAAAND~! The Acclaimed have arrived! Scissor me, Daddy Ass~!” And he does~! The fans are fired up, but will Cage get his stuff in in response?

The bell rings and the fans sing “OH~ Scissor Me, Daddy~!” Cage and Bowens circle, tie up, and Cage shoves Bowens away! Cage flexes, fans are torn, and Cage says to scissor that. Bowens has Cage hold on, and then Bowens flexes. The fans cheer for Bowens, and he does scissor that! Cage runs up, Bowens gets around, then CHOPS! And CHOPS! Cage TOSSES Bowens to a corner, takes a swing, but Bowens dodges! Bowens CHOPS and CHOPS, but Cage shoves Bowens away. Cage runs up, Bowens gets under and kicks low. Bowens whips, Cage reverses, but Bowens goes up and over. Bowens hurdles, headlocks, but Cage powers out.

Bowens hurdles, slips around the lariat and DDTS! Cover, ONE!! Cage is tougher than that but the fans fire up behind Bowens. Bowens gets Cage up but Cage SPINEBUSTERS him! Cage says no more scissors! Cage storms up to RAM into Bowens! And RAM in again! And then CHOP! The fans “WOO~!” while Cage stalks Bowens. Cage bumps Bowens off buckles, then says one more time! NOT! Cage trolls the fans, whips Bowens, then runs up to UPPERCUT! LARIAT! SAIDO! Cage asks who betta but the fans are torn. Cage storms over to Bowens, drags him up, and ROCKS him with a forearm. Cage CHOPS, ROCKS Bowens again, then CHOPS again.

The ref counts, Cage whips corner to corner, then runs up. Bowens dodges the splash, blocks the kick, CLUBS the knee then KNEE JAMMERS into a DRAGON SCREW! Cage writhes and flounders to the apron while Bowens catches his breath. Bowens storms up, brings Cage up, but Cage swings! Bowens ducks, feints, then kicks the legs out! Cage hits apron on the way down, and Bowens aims. Bowens slingshots but Cage moves, so Bowens just goes to the apron. But Cage blocks the Penalty Kick to bring Bowens down, POST BOMB!! Cage gloats, then leaves Bowens behind, while Rampage goes picture in picture.

Bowens writhes, Cage goes back out to drag him up, and RAMS him into barriers! Cage brings Bowens around, SMACKS him off the apron, then drags him up again. Cage whips Bowens hard into steel steps! Bowens falls over in a heap, Cage flexes, then Cage refreshes the ring count. Cage drags Bowens up but Bowens pushes him away. Cage BOOTS Bowens down, then brings him up for an APRON BACK SUPLEX! Cage gloats some more, steps into the ring, and storms up on Bowens. Bowens kicks low, throws hands, but Cage JUMP KNEES! Cage digs his boots into Bowens at the ropes, lets off, and Bowens sputters.

Cage CHOKES Bowens again, the ref counts, and Cage lets off again. Cage drags Bowens up, scoops and uses him for bicep curls! Cage then TOSSES Bowens away! Cage swaggers around, flexes, and covers, TWO! Bowens KICKS Cage from below! And kicks him again! Cage KICKS Bowens, whips him to ropes, then CLOBBERS Bowens! Cage clamps onto Bowens with a chinlock and grinds him down! Bowens endures, Cage grinds him into the mat, but the fans rally up. Bowens fights up to his feet, throws body shots, but Cage KNEES him away. Cage wags his finger, gloats a bit more, then runs corner to corner to forearm smash!

Cage soaks up more cheers and jeers as Rampage returns to single picture. Cage run sin, but Bowens BOOTS him! And BOOTS again! Bowens goes up, leaps, but Cage catches him! Cage suplexes, but Bowens cradle counters! TWO!! Cage escapes but Bowens ducks the discus! Bowens hobbles but he still ROCKS Cage, throws more hands, but Cage SOBATS! KICKS! Cage runs, Bowens follows. Cage dodges, Bowens redirects and spins Cage for Rock, Paper, Scissors, SUPERKICK! The fans fire up with Bowens! Bowens mule kicks, front kicks, runs and FAMOUSERS! Cover, TWO!! Cage survives and Bowens can’t believe it!

The fans rally up and Bowens rises. Bowens waits on Cage, runs up to clinch, but Cage fires elbows! Cage waistlocks, full nelsons and SLAMS Bowens down! Cover, TWO! Cage is frustrated, but he wants Bowens to get up. Cage runs up, Bowens moves aside to KICK Cage in the ropes! Then DRAPING APRON DDT!! Both men are down but the fans fire up! Bowens rises, drags Cage up, and fireman’s carries! Cage fights that to POST Bowens! And ENZIGIRI! Bowens flops around the corner, Cage brings him up from inside! DEADLIFT SUPERPLEX!! Cover, TWO!!! Bowens is still in this and Cage is beside himself!

Cage starts up Terminator drums, the fans join in, and he drags Bowens up. Cage pump handles and lifts, but Bowens slips free of the driver! Bowens runs but Cage ducks the kick to roll Bowens up! Bowens rolls through, and he ducks the discus! The SOUTHPAW hits! Cage reels Bowens in, suplexes, DRILL- NO, Bowens slips free to ROLLING ELBOW! And SUPERKICK! Cage falls, Bowens runs to SHINING WIZARD! Cover, TWO!! Cage survives but the fans fire up! Bowens huffs and puffs and fires back up! Bowens waits on Cage, fireman’s carries, but the bad leg stops him! Cage shoves Bowens at the ref!

Cage runs up, Bowens sends him at the ref! Bowens waistlocks but Cage LOW BLOWS!! The fans boo but Cage reels Bowens in! DRILL CLAW!!! Cover, Cage wins!!

Winner: Brian Cage, by pinfall

Bowens may be an excellent former Tag & Trios Champion, but sadly he isn’t at the level needed as a singles guy. Will The Acclaimed have to regroup and focus on going after The Elite? Will The Machine be granted golden opportunities by said Elite?

My Thoughts:

A very good Rampage to once again follow up Collision, but I’m relieved that next week is going to be a partial return to normal schedule. Because as great as the matches here were, they just felt thrown together to tangentially tell stories. For example, Kyle VS Lee was a great match but Kyle has beef with The House of Black but they didn’t want Kyle getting one over on Buddy or Brody before facing Malakai next Wednesday. Shane Taylor Promotions deserves a touch better than being fed to the bigger stories, but maybe they come around as a trio after Double or Nothing to face like Bang Bang Gang or something.

And even our main event was an example of this. Great promo from Acclaimed, great rap from Caster as usual, but also a good choice for Cage to still win out. Cage has done singles champ stuff, is going to be the singles champ guy in whatever the former Mogul Embassy becomes after this, or even just a singles guy all on his own. Rush of course squashes his opponent tonight but him going after Chhun after was a good touch. At the same time, I kinda wanted the ref to reverse the decision and disqualify Rush after the match, throwing him into a worse rage and beating up on Chhun more. And again, why no La Faccion Ingobernable? Donde esta Dralistico, Preston Vance y Jose?

Good match from Deonna VS Robyn but of course Deonna won. Rosa going after Deonna and Deonna running away was not what I was expecting, it’s rather disappointing, and why not just give us their rematch with escalated stipulations already? Deonna VS Rosa in a Last Woman Standing maybe? Iron Woman Match so that it goes right to half an hour? Something cool like that would really show Tony Khan finally wants to do more with the Women’s Division after promising it like two or three times already.

And very good promos from Bryan and Sonjay Dutt to set up Bryan VS Satnam. I would think Bryan wins, but there’s a good chance Team Triple J goes after him post match anyway. As I just said in the Collision article, Anarchy in the Arena being No Disqualifications of the highest level, we could actually get way more than just the eight men advertised as the roster starts choosing sides, a very Avengers Civil War/Endgame type situation.

My Score: 8.6/10

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