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Andrew’s IMPACT Rebellion Results & Match Ratings: 4.23.2022



So Rebellion is tonight, and we did all have an idea there was going to be a tweak to the card. Jonathan Gresham is still going through possible concussion protocols, so his match with Eddie Edwards needs to be postponed. That puts a little more pressure on Jonah and Ishii, as well as, the main event.

Certain matches we expected to show up, and honestly I’m curious which match is starting things off. Like I’ve said the last couple weeks, I feel like this is exactly when Josh Alexander gets his vengeance, hopefully Trey Miguel looses and while I feel like Taya didn’t show up to lose, I wouldn’t be upset with Deonna retaining.

Let’s find out what’s good and what’s awful!


  • Jay White vs Steve Maclin vs Chris Sabin: Maclin wins via Crucifix Pinfall – *** ¼
  • AAA Reina de Reinas Championship: Deonna Purrazzo (c) vs Taya Valkyrie: Taya wins via Road to Valhalla – *** ¼ – TITLE CHANGE!!!
  • X Division Championship: Trey Miguel (c) vs Ace Austin vs Speedball Mike Bailey: Ace wins via The Fold – **** ¼ – TITLE CHANGE!!!!!
  • Jonah vs Tomohiro Ishii: Ishii wins via Vertical Drop Brainbuster – *** ½
  • IMPACT World Tag Team Championships: 8 Team Gauntlet Challenge: VBD retain via Piledriver – *** ¼
  • Knockouts World Title: Tasha Steelz (c) w/Savannah Evans vs Rosemary w/Havok: Tasha retains via Worst Michinoku Driver Ever – * ½
  • IMPACT World Championship: Moose (c) vs Josh Alexander: Alexander wins via C4 Spike – ***** – TITLE CHANGE!!!



Jay White vs Steve Maclin vs Chris Sabin

Maclin comes out in some Punisher inspired face paint. A little on the Prince Devitt vibes as well.

Early on Jay powders to try and get the other two to fight, so it’s classic Jay. Maclin gets impatient and attacks Sabin, Jay tries to pick a spot, but it takes until a near fall from Sabin for Jay to interact. This leads to Maclin getting dumped to the outside, Sabin has a few Apron Sentons for both men and starts working things with a distinct advantage.

General pace picks up with Sabin and Maclin focusing on each other, but Jay decides to take offense to being attacked on the outside, yet Sabin goes from corner punches on Maclin, to eyes in the back of his head and hits Jay with the Cross Body. Jay eats some offense, Sabin fires back, Jay lights up Sabin with chops and then Maclin reenters angry. A few big lay out spots, Blade Buster on Sabin for a 2; Uranage on Maclin for a 2, so White is trying to figure out who to get back on top of.

He picks Sabin, posts him up, Maclin looks for the Powerbomb on Jay, both Jay and Sabin fight Maclin to avoid the big bump. Maclin tries again but White stays aggressive, gouges Sabin’s eyes, tries to get in a Superplex, but Sabin fights him off. Jay drops into the Tree of Woe. Sabin hits the Flying Crossbody on Maclin, but Maclin manages to get the best of Sabin and Tree of Woe him as well. Caught in the Crosshairs on Jay, Maclin tries on Sabin, but Sabin sits up and Maclin crashes into the post and to the outside. “Holy Shit” chants start up.

Both Jay and Sabin trade attempts at Finishers. Blade Runner, no, Cradle Shock, nope, Blade Runner, counter, Cradle Shock…HIT! But Maclin slides in and hits the Crucifix Pin on Sabin to steal the pinfall!

Not gonna lie, it’s a good surprise that we didn’t start with the X Division and that Maclin actually grabbed the win. It also wasn’t done in a way that injures any of them, it was a solid Three Way Dance.

AAA Reina de Reinas Championship: Deonna Purrazzo (c) vs Taya Valkyrie

They lock up a little quickly, but Taya quickly starts taking control. A bit more power than Deonna, better athleticism, and Taya pulls off the Sliding Rope Hang German Suplex.  It’s not really until Taya gets cocky on the outside trying to grab Deonna around the post and drive her head into it, that Deonna turns it around on Taya and finally gets in the power position.

Deonna slows things down when she rolls her back in, Bow and Arrow, quick Lariat, a small rope run into a Flatliner floating into the Koji Clutch. Taya rolls it into a pinning predicament, but things stay fairly equal. Dueling Russian Leg Sweeps into the apron, they both crawl into the ring and literally yell at each other before trading bombs.

Taya tries Road to Valhalla, Deonna fights it off, Pump Kick into a Standing Moonsault for 2. Deonna tries the Fujiwara Arm Bar but Taya gets to the ropes. Corner strikes, Deonna might be looking for a Superplex, Taya gets out, Deonna fights off the Avalanche Powerbomb. Deonna turns, goes for the Missile Dropkick, but Taya counters into a Sitout Powerbomb. Taya goes for an bowing STF, Deonna gets to the ropes. They fight back and forth, Deonna goes for the Queen’s Gambit, Taya blocks, clocks Deonna and hits Road to Valhalla.

Taya wins her fourth Reina de Reinas title!

X Division Championship: Trey Miguel (c) vs Ace Austin vs Speedball Mike Bailey

Ace decided to let his ego do the talking and told both guys to fight him, since you know, Ace is the place with the helpful hardware folks…or something. It’s a bit funny to watch Ace get completely lit up since he let his mouth run early. A lot of fast fluid motion where all of the guys hit portions of their moves before counters happen on the final step. So many blocked moves. Swings, misses, advantageous set ups. Just fun spots.

Trey has Ace on the apron looking for what seems like an Alabama Slam, and Speedball just does the Triangle Moonsault through both of them. Miguel went for a float over Northern Lights, into a big stomp, but Ace catches Trey and throws him into Speedball. Just frantic action, which you don’t often see this style of Triple Threat. No one is getting a full thought in. Speedball looks to go for an early homerun, misses Ultima Weapon, goes for a Tornado Kick but Trey ducks it and turns it into a Flying Cutter on Ace.

Action, Ace sets up The Fold, Trey goes for the Bodyscissors counter that won the tag match Thursday, but Ace kicks out. Speedball hits a huge Asai Moonsault on Ace, Trey hits a big dive on Speedball and they slowly work back into the ring. Trey hits the Jackie Bryant Switchblade Kick, looks for the Sunset Flip Powerbomb, Ace blocks and Speedball stands on Trey’s body and hits the Avalanche German Suplex.

Running Tornado Kick in the corner, Ultima Weapon from Speedball, but Miguel breaks it up! Speedball wipes him out, Delays the Buzzsaw kick on Ace, Trey looks for a Schoolboy, Ace looks for the advantageous Schoolboy, Trey rocks Speedball with the Brainbuster, Meteora and Ace pulls out the referee! Ace hits the Springboard Triangle Kick, and hits a nasty Fold on Trey to win his 3rd X Division Title!

Jonah vs Tomohiro Ishii

So we see this go the normal way that a lot of Ishii matches go. Ishii always has problems with bigger guys, they press their power on him and he starts slowly chopping them down. Well placed elbows to the head, Tanaka style Sliding Lariats to the knees and just generally trying to take out the power base.

Great back and forth from the two. Lariats, headbutts, Ishii tries the Brainbuster four or five times and the size difference is just too much. Jonah hits the Jonah Bomb and then goes for the Tsunami, but Ishii moves! Sliding Lariat, but Jonah kicks out, more Headbutts and aggression, Ishii goes for the Brainbuster again, and finally connects! Ishii wins!

A little slow, and a little…every foreign Ishii match ever. Still entertaining, but nothing mind blowing.

IMPACT World Tag Team Championships: 8 Team Gauntlet Challenge

Major Players are the first team and they’re met by Jordynne Grace and Massive Cassidy! We saw the hints at this on IMPACT! and this is how simple story telling works. Myers and Grace start off, and Grace is pissed. Myers eats elbows and a Suplex for an early nearfall. Grace goes to tag in Cass and Myers bails to tag in Cardona.

Myers causes Cass to chase him, Chelsea gets involved a little, Grace is distracted and sneaking in the roll up for the pinfall. Cass and Grace are irate and decide to beat the hell out of the nerds. Chelsea goes for another low blow, but Cass wore a cup Chelsea tries to run, Grace feeds her to him and BQE through the table on Chelsea. So Massive Grace may be eliminated, but they popped the crowd and left their mark.  The Good Brothers are next up against the Action Figure dorks.

Dorks don’t want to wrestle, they want to check on Chelsea. Good Brothers slide out after them, brawl, Superkick Myers’ head off. Magic Killer Cardona, and 1-2-3.  Zicky Dice and Johnny Swinger are the next team? Okay well The Good Brothers win and move on to the fifth team obviously. Big LG with the Double Coconut to start things off. Anderson Spinebuster on Zicky, Magic Killer, and like I said, Good Brothers win.

Rich Swann and Willie Mack are actually a legit team. So it’s nice to see we’re over the gimmick hump at the moment. Mack and Swann start fast to rock the OG BC. Karl and Rich do a bit of quick rope running fast spots before LG gets tagged in and slows it all down. LG gets Karl back in, they get a bit cocky and Machine Gun goes for a goofy flying kick and Karl crotches himself because Rich moved. Karl manages to get LG back in before Rich can tag Willie, and LG starts beating on the former World Champ. Staying on Rich LG brings Karl back in but that’s when Rich slips away.

Willie gets tagged in, Running Forearm, Twisting Headbutt, and then Willie knocks LG off the apron. Little Bread and Butter, near fall, Willie sets up the Stunner, it gets countered and Anderson Spinebuster. Magic Killer attempt, but Rich breaks it up. Willie dumps out LG, hits the Andrew Bynum on Karl and looks for the 6 Star Frog Splash. Karl meets him up top to stall to offense but Willie fights him off. Gallows grabs Mack off the top rope, the leg comes down over the rope. Rich tries to get some revenge but Rich eats the Uranage on the apron. Magic Killer, 1-2-3. Honor No More is next.

Maria comes out with Vincent and Kenny King even though OGK is announced. OGK attacks from behind, Karl gets Slingshot on from Taven and Maria holds down Karl’s feet and the referee doesn’t see it. OGK wins thanks to confusion and Maria. Heath and Rhino are the last team out before the defending champions. Good Brothers did land a Magic Killer on Taven before they left out of frustration, so Bennett is 1 on 2 for now.

Heath and Rhino hit some solid tandem offense, but Bennet keeps OGK in it. Taven comes in, gets things flowing, Rhino and Heath hit each other, things look bad and OGK sets up the Proton Pack but GORE! Heath and Rhino win! EY and Doering are the two to defend here and they take advantage of the  fact they’re fresher. Rhino is getting worked over. VBD works him in their corner, but Rhino finally fights out. Rhino takes the momentum into tagging in Heath after the old Double Lariat spot. Heath with the hot tag, Wake up Call on EY but EY gets his foot on the bottom rope. Numbers shenanigans come into play, Rhino and Doering have a brawl, Rhino lines up EY for the Gore, but Doering takes him out. Heath puts up a solid fight but EY hits the Piledriver and VBD retain!

Knockouts World Title: Tasha Steelz (c) w/Savannah Evans vs Rosemary w/Havok

Tasha comes out with Scar from the Lion King inspired gear and a little face paint. It’s…I suppose different but kinda corny as hell.

Rosemary charges as soon as the bell rings while Tasha is just messing around. Rosemary smacks her around and throws her around as well. Rosemary is bringing the intensity. Tasha is getting woman-handled and she does what she has to by powdering and provoking Havok to attack her. So Havok gets thrown out, giving Tasha the numbers advantage technically.

You know, I just kinda lost interest during this match. Tasha is not credible and her stuff tends to look bad at times. I suppose her utilizing a Stratusfaction is a shot at Mickie for reasons, and it looked like Rosemary was gonna pull this off but a Springboard Cutter and a really terrible looking Michinoku Driver helped her retain. Rosemary looked better than she has in a quite some time, but this match just exposed Tasha on the fact that her size isn’t believable, her lack of ability is apparent and she really needs to lose the title in her next angle. That was pretty damn painful.

IMPACT World Championship: Moose (c) vs Josh Alexander

Josh looks like he was gonna start fast, but just gets in Moose’s face. Moose tries to bait out an emotional response, but Josh stays collected, takes Moose down and keeps him grounded with some amateur Greco Roman wrestling. A quick Ankle Lock, and Moose gets to the ropes and powders, then Josh lets Moose back in the ring. So just a lot of patience shown by Josh and Moose is getting more and more visibly frustrated.

Moose goes over to Josh’s wife and son to start stuff, which finally gets Josh to react emotionally and Moose lands a big Pump Kick to finally start taking control. This early pacing is great where you can see Moose trying to be methodical while he’s in control, but Josh pops into the driver’s seat and the emotion comes pouring out. Josh hits the Low Crossbody through the ropes, and Moose is having trouble trying to stifle the onslaught. 10 German Suplexes in a row from Josh to Moose was a pretty cool spot that really gets across the frustration he has to just drop Moose on his head 10 times.

C4 Spike attempt, but Moose can barely block to drop him back, Josh goes to the corner, Moose charges, Josh blocks and pops to the top. Okada style Dropkick and then the Go To Hell from Moose! You don’t see him do that often anymore. Light Out attempt misses through into the corner, Josh tries something, Pump Kick, then Moose goes for the Escalera Crossbody, but Josh dodges most of it and locks in the Ankle Lock. Moose crawls to the ropes and Josh is exhausted but tries to stay on the champ. Moose hits some defensive upkicks, but Josh is pissed. Josh slaps Moose and they are both mad now.

Japanese Strike Exchange spot! Moose gets the best of the strikes, rocks Josh into the ropes, he’s reeling, Uranage from Moose and a 1 count! Josh fires and throws Haymakers. Moose runs the ropes, Josh hits a Lariat, C4 Spike and MOOSE GETS HIS FOOT ON THE ROPE! C4 Spike attempt, Moose drives him to the corner, pummels him with punches and then bites his face!

Superplex from Moose! 1-2-kick out! Moose goes for the Lights Out, Josh catches Moose and his legs flip up, STYLES CLASH from Josh! Classic Ankle Lock and Moose is looking for the ropes to get out of this. Moose climbs up the corner, Josh pulls and Moose rips off the turnbuckle pad. Hebner has to get rid of that, Moose with a low kick to counter, Moose drives his face into the exposed turnbuckle and Josh’s mouth guard flies out. Lights OUT! NEAR FALL! Moose takes the top buckle pad off, Buckle Bomb, Lights Out attempt 2, but Josh knees Moose in the head and blocks the move! C4 Spike…and Josh wins!

Overall Score: 8/10

Now damn, this might’ve been Moose and Trey Miguel’s best matches tonight! If it weren’t for that awful Knockout Trash thing, then this could’ve been a one of the better PPVs of the year.

Josh’s story comes around wonderfully in a great match that had great pacing, callbacks, storytelling and a 2nd or 3rd gear. Trey no longer being the X Division champion is wonderful since if it wasn’t for Tasha, he’d be the worst champion that IMPACT had. Ace won it beautifully, Maclin won a match in which no one really gave him a chance for on paper and Deonna’s armor is now cracked.

Congrats to Josh for getting a chance at a legit title reign, but damn did Moose bring it. That was such a beautiful match.

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Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (5/22/24)

Roll the dice!



It’s a risky gamble before Double or Nothing!

Double or Nothing is on Sunday, so Dynamite sets the table! Will AEW World Champion Swerve Strickland use Nick Wayne to send a message to Christian Cage?


  • Bryan Danielson VS Satnam Singh w/ Sonjay Dutt; wins.
  • FTW Championship #1 Contender’s Triple Threat: Hook VS Katsuyori Shibata VS Bryan Keith; wins and will challenge Chris Jericho for the title at Double or Nothing.
  • Konosuke Takeshita VS Matt Sydal; wins.
  • Will Ospreay & Orange Cassidy VS Trent Beretta & Roderick Strong w/ The Undisputed Kingdom; win.
  • Malakai Black VS Kyle O’Reilly; wins.
  • Toin Storm & Mariah May w/ Luther VS The Outcasts; win.
  • Swerve Strickland VS Nick Wayne; wins.


[Due to scheduling conflicts, coverage will be on delay]

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Mitchell’s NJPW Best of the Super Juniors Results & Report! (5/21/24)

A Block, Round 6!



Former friends turned bitter enemies meet once again.

Best of the Super Juniors continues into Round 6, and A Block has a grudge match on its hands as El Desperado and Yoshinobu Kanemaru face off! Will the Rogue Luchador humble the Heel Master?


  • Hiromu Takahashi & Yota Tsuji VS Shoma Kato & Katsuya Murashima; Hiromu & Yota win.
  • DOUKI & Taka Michinoku VS SHO & Yujiro Takahashi; Sho & Yujiro win.
  • Six Man Tag: KUSHIDA, Ninja Mack & Dragon Dia VS Drilla Moloney, Taiji Ishimori & Gedo; Kushida, Mack & Dia win.
  • Best of the Super Juniors A Block: TJP VS Kosei Fujita; TJP wins.
  • Best of the Super Juniors A Block: BUSHI VS Clark Connors; Connors wins.
  • Best of the Super Juniors A Block: Blake Christian VS HAYATA; Hayata wins.
  • Best of the Super Juniors A Block: Kevin Knight VS Titan; Titan wins.
  • Best of the Super Juniors A Block: El Desperado VS Yoshinobu Kanemaru; Desperado wins.


Here are the current A Block standings!

Blake Christian: 4-1, 8 points
El Desperado: 3-2, 6 points
Clark Connors: 3-2, 6 points
Titan: 3-2, 6 points
Kevin Knight: 3-2, 6 points
HAYATA: 2-3, 4 points
Yoshinobu Kanemaru: 2-3, 4 points
BUSHI: 2-3, 4 points
Kosei Fujita: 2-3, 4 points
TJP: 1-4, 2 points


Best of the Super Juniors A Block: TJP VS Kosei Fujita w/ Robbie Eagles!

It’s make or break for the Public Enemy! He must win to stay alive in the block, but he’s up against an equally determined Young Punk! Will TJP cling to hope in the tournament? Or will Fujita kick him out of the hot seat and out of the running?

The bell rings and the fans rally up. TJP and Fujita circle, tie up, and TJP waistlocks. TJP brings Fujita down and facelocks but Fujita slips out to facelock TJP. TJP trips Fujita to cover, ONE! TJP facelocks again, Fujita puts him on ropes, and the ref calls for the break. Fujita lets off with a hard pat on the shoulder. TJP gets in Fujita’s face, but the two reset and circle again. They tie up, Fujita headlocks and hits the takeover. TJP powers up to bridge, and he spins Fujita for a headlock and takeover. Fujita headscissors but TJP headstands. The fans cheer, TJP pops free, and he pats Fujita on the knee. The fans applaud as the two reset.

Fujita and TJP circle, tie up, and TJP wrenches to hammerlock. Fujita reaches back and jumps to flying mare free! Fujita bumps TJP, runs, but TJP drops and handsprings. TJP sets up but Fujita hurdles then shoves TJP to ropes. TJP stops himself to wrench and hammerlock Fujita, then spins and trips Fujita for a toehold. Fujita turns over, reels TJP in but TJP uses that to get the BOW ‘N’ ARROW! Fujita pops free to a cover, ONE! TJP sweeps to a cover, ONE! Fujita headscissors to get the ARMBAR! TJP fights up, works to stack Fujita, and then he gets the leg for a FIGURE FOUR CRAB! Not quite Sharpshooter or Cloverleaf but Fujita suffers all the same!

The fans rally and Fujita fights his way over. Fujita reaches out to the ROPEBREAK! TJP lets go and the fans applaud. TJP drags Fujita up, UPPERCUTS him against ropes, then whips. Fujita reverses but TJP anticipates the drop down to trap the one arm and get the other, DARK SACRIFICE! Fujita writhes, TJP drags him up to hammerlock the bad arm. TJP RAMS Fujita into the corner, sits him down, and he scrubs Fujita’s face! The fans rally up, TJP runs side to side, BOOT WASH! The fans cheer and TJP covers, TWO! Fujita is still in this but TJP drags him from the corner. TJP ties the legs up again, but now it’s a figure four and butterfly stretch combo!

Fujita endures while his head and legs are trapped, but then TJP shifts to twist an arm! Fujita endures, TJP knuckle locks for a cover, TWO! TJP pushes the arms back down, cover, TWO as Fujita bridges! TJP hops on but Fujita uses that to MONKEY FLIP! Fujita rolls back but TJP MONKEY FLIPS in return! TJP rolls back, but into body scissors and a KIMURA! TJP powers his way forward through the leg guard, to get a BOSTON CRAB! Then TJP reaches back to get Fujita’s arms! REVERSE MEXICAN SURFBOARD! Then TJP drops into the toehold, but Fujita scrambles to the ROPEBREAK! TJP lets go and the fans applaud.

TJP stalks Fujita, drags him up, but Fujita fires a forearm. There’s not much to it and TJP pie faces Fujita. Fujita fires another forearm, so TJP UPPERCUTS! TJP whips, Fujita reverses and GAMANGIRIS! Both men are down and the fans fire up! The fans rally and Fujita fires up. Fujita storms up on TJP, but TJP blocks the whip! Fujita still tries, TJP still blocks, so Fujita CHOPS! Fujita whips corner to corner, runs in, but TJP puts him on the apron. TJP swings, Fujita counter punches! Fujita springboards to MISSILE DROPKICK! Cover, TWO! But Fujita sits TJP up and runs to PENALTY KICK! Cover, TWO!

The fans fire up and Fujita shakes out the bad arm. Fujita waistlocks TJP and deadlifts, but TJP fights the rest! TJP pries the hold open but Fujita kicks the clothesline! TJP still catches Fujita to a FINAL CUT! TJP hurries up top now and MAMBA SPLASH! Cover, TWO!! Fujita survives and the fans fire up! TJP catches his breath, drags Fujita up, reels him in, for the HALF HATCH! One Kaibigan! TJP drags Fujita up again, Duwa Kaibigan! TJP drags Fujita up again, but Fujita blocks the third! TJP KNEES Fujita for it, CLUBS him for it, then brings him up again, but Fujita gets around to GERMAN SUPLEX!

Fujita holds on as he brings TJP up, another GERMAN SUPLEX! The fans rally as Fujita GERMAN- NO, TJP fights that with elbows! No hattrick for either man, and TJP runs, but into a waistlock! TJP headlocks free, then gets around to IRON OCTOPUS! Fujita endures, stomps his way forward, and he has the ROPEBREAK! TJP lets go in frustration, and he brings Fujita back around. The fans rally as TJP wrenches, to an ELBOW BREAKER! TJP wrenches again, but Fujita clamps on a SLEEPER! TJP reaches out, slips around, and powers out of the hold, to then SUPERKICK! Fujita staggers but he SUPERKICKS back!

Fujita kicks, but TJP blocks and slips around, LEG CAPTURE SUPLEX! The fans fire up and clap along as TJP pounds the mat. “T! J P! T! J P!” aims from the corner, throws up the crowns, and runs, into a pop-up waistlock! HIGH ANGLE GERMAN! Bridging cover, TWO!! Fujita roars and the fans are thunderous! Fujita storms around, drags TJP up and brings him in, but TJP knees free of the suplex! Inside cradle, TWO! Fujita runs up, trips TJP, rolls and hooks the legs! TJP fights off the Cross Stretch as Fujita wants arms. TJP fights up, arm-drags free, but Fujita drags him into a somersault clutch! TWO, and TJP steps over, PINOY STRETCH!!

The fans fire up as Fujita endures, but TJP thrashes him around! Fujita taps, TJP wins!

Winner: TJP, by submission (gains 2 points; Fujita earns 0)

The Public Enemy stays alive another round! And now with this win, he’s dragged Fujita into the hot seat! The Mighty Don’t Kneel, but will they still miss out on the semifinals? Will TJP make for the biggest comeback story in BOSJ history?


Best of the Super Juniors A Block: BUSHI VS Clark Connors!

Black Mask is dangling on the edge while 100 Proof is gearing up for a run at the top! Can Bushi drag Connors down with him? Or will defeat be a hard pill to swallow with No Chaser?

The bell rings and the two rush in! Bushi fires off forearms then runs, but Connors knees low! Connors barks, runs, but Bushi dumps him out! Bushi builds speed, Connors returns, but Bushi fakes out the powerslam! Bushi kicks, whips but Connors reverses, to JEEP FLIPPER! The fans fire up and Connors stalks Bushi to a corner. Connors RIPS Bushi’s shirt away, then CHOKES him with what’s left! The ref counts, Connors lets off, and Connors stands Bushi up to THROW him out. Connors storms out after Bushi, stomps him, then drags him up. Connors brings Bushi around to GRIND his face on the railing!

Connors offers the torn shirt to fans, but then throws it down the ramp! Connors drags Bushi back up, UPPERCUTS him, then brings him around to POST! Bushi falls, the fans rally, but Connors talks trash. Connors goes to the back of the crowd to snatch a fan’s LIJ baseball cap and put it on. Connors wants the ring count, then sits Bushi up to go after the mask! The fans boo but the count is still going! Connors is doing what he did to Titan! Connors stomps Bushi, attacks a Young Lion, then SLAMS the Young Lion onto Bushi! The count is 15 as Connors leaves Bushi behind! Bushi flounders, rises up, and slides in at 19!

The fans cheer as Bushi is safe, but Connors paces. Connors struts up to JUMP ELBOW DROP! Cover, TWO! The fans applaud while Connors gets annoyed. Connors tells fans to shut up, but that only makes them rally harder. Bushi stands to chop, but he can’t put much behind it. Connors throws Bushi down by the mask! Connors clamps on with a chinlock and he grinds Bushi down. Bushi endures, fights around, reaches out, ROPEBREAK! The ref counts, Connors lets off and fans applaud. Connors drags Bushi up, whips him to a corner, then he mocks the fans cheering on Bushi. Connors says they shouldn’t even laugh at him.

Connors runs up but Bushi BOOTS him! Bushi RANAS Connors out of the ring! The fans fire up while Connors flounders back to the apron. Bushi runs up to BLAST Connors, then Bushi builds speed to DIVE! Direct hit and down goes Connors! The fans fire up again while both men stir. Bushi fires up, puts Connors in, then runs in to ELBOW Connors! Bushi puts the bad leg in ropes to DROPKICK it! Then he DRAPING BACKSTABBERS! Bushi stands Connors up, blocks his haymaker, and spins him around. But Connors fights the DDT! Connors wrenches out, Bushi dodges and dropkicks Connors’ leg!

Bushi goes for the legs, but Connors SLAPS him first! Bushi staggers, comes back, but into the SNAP POWERSLAM! The fans fire up while both men are down again. Connors aims from a corner, barks and runs in, but Bushi dropkicks the legs out! Bushi turns Connors over to SMASH the knee! Then the FABLE! Connors endures the leglock but Bushi pulls on the knee! Connors grits his teeth, crawls over, reaches out, but Bushi pulls on the knee more! The fans rally, Connors fights his way over, ROPEBREAK! Bushi lets go in frustration while the fans applaud. Bushi gets Connors up but Connors fights the lift with elbows!

Bushi runs up but Connors ELBOWS him again. Connors snarls, runs, but Bushi DROPKICKS! Connors staggers around while Bushi goes to a corner. Bushi runs up, but into a SPEAR!! Cover, TWO!! Bushi survives and the fans fire up again! Connors snarls, he stalks Bushi and drags him up. Connors serves it up, but Bushi fights No Chaser! Bushi wrenches to backslide, but Connors rolls through to JUNKYARD DOG HEADBUTT! Connors then drags Bushi up and in, for NO CHASER!! Cover, Connors wins!

Winner: Clark Connors, by pinfall (gains 2 points; Bushi earns 0)

100 Proof sweeps LIJ in his block, but then he wants after the mask again! The Young Lions rush in and stop him, so Connors backs off. Connors then takes a fan’s Bushi mask to show it off like a trophy. But will Connors take THE trophy and be the Best of the Super Juniors?


Best of the Super Juniors A Block: Blake Christian VS HAYATA!

All Heat finally hit a speedbump in this tournament with last round’s loss while the Silence of Darkness let TJP slip past him. Will the GCW Champion or GHC National Champion establish brand superiority on the way to the top of NJPW?

The bell rings, the two circle and the fans rally. They feel things out, tie up, and Hayata wrenches to a wristlock. Blake rolls, cartwheels, slips through and wrenches to a wristlock. Blake bends Hayata’s fingers to make him flip everyone off. The ref reprimands, Blake sticks to the wristlock, but Hayata rolls and trips him. Hayata drops an elbow on the knee, then pulls on the toehold. Blake pulls on Hayata’s hair but the ref reprimands. Blake uses his legs to turn Hayata to a cover, TWO! The two stand off the fans applaud. Blake and Hayata circle, feel things out, and knuckle lock. Blake rolls, wrangles Hayata but Hayata headscissors!

Blake moves around, pops free, and floats onto a headlock. Hayata powers up and pries free to top wristlock. Blake bridges, kips up, and he wrangles Hayata. Hayata headscissors again but Blake has the ROPEBREAK! The fans cheer and Hayata lets off. The two reset again, knuckle lock, then Hayata trips Blak. Things speed up, Hayata handsprings then sidesteps to atomic drop. Hayata runs to SHOTGUN BOOT! Hayata kips up, the fans cheer, and Hayata runs in at the corner. Hayata blocks Blake’s boot, but Blake pokes him in the eye! Blake then somersaults to PELE the bad arm! Blake reels Hayata in for a BACKBREAKER!

Hayata bails out, fans rally up, and Blake builds speed to FOSBURY FLOP! Direct hit and the fans fire up! Blake walks it off and then mocks their applause. Blake flips everyone off, then goes back to Hayata. Blake drags Hayata around to then stand on the arm, and he drops a knee on it! Blake then stands Hayata up against a post, to slide in and pull him back against it! The ref counts, Blake lets go, and he brings Hayata onto the apron. Blake stands Hayata up but Hayata CLAWS Blake’s eyes! Hayata reels Blake in but Blake fights the facelock to WRING the arm into the apron! Hayata writhes and Blake pushes him into the ring.

Blake stands on Hayata’s hair while pulling the arms! The ref reprimands, but Blake drops a knee on the bad elbow! Hayata sits up, Blake clamps onto him with a keylock! Blake then falls back to JAM up the arm! Hayata clutches the elbow but Blake brings him up. Blake wrenches and UPPERCUTS the bad arm, then hits an ELBOW BREAKER! And then an ARMBAR DDT! Blake mocks the applause, flips the fans off, then covers, TWO! Blake is annoyed but he drags Hayata up to suplex. Hayata slips free and DROPKICKS Blake to ropes! The fans fire up, Hayata runs in, but Blake dumps him out! Blake then somersaults to triangle jump DROPKICK!

Hayata falls to the floor, Blake aims and PLANCHAS, but Hayata moves! Blake lands on his feet but that jams up his knee! Hayata puts Blake in, reels him in to lift, for a SITOUT KNEE BUSTER!! Blake writhes, Hayata ties up the legs and has a Deathlock! Blake endures, reaches out, and backstrokes to the ROPEBREAK! The fans cheer, Hayata lets go, and Blake crawls to the near side. Hayata whips but Blake holds ropes to stop that! Blake ROUNDHOUSES, then BOOTS! Then somersaults, to ARMBAR DDT! And then wrench to DOUBLE KNEE DROP the arm! BASEMENT ENZIGIRI! Cover, TWO! Hayata is still in this and the fans rally.

Blake grabs Hayata’s bad arm, drags him up to UPPERCUT the arm, then he grinds the shoulder. Hayata pulls hair, throws forearms, but Blake knees low. Blake hobbles, but he still whips. Hayata reverses to ENZIGIRI Blake down! The fans rally up while both men go to corners. Hayata runs in to DROPKICK Blake down! The fans fire up again as Hayata climbs. SECOND ROPE SAULT! Cover, TWO! Blake is still in this but Hayata keeps cool. The fans rally, Hayata runs in, but Blake dodges. Blake comes back to BOOT! Blake goes out and springboards, to DOUBLE STOMP the bad arm! Blake hurries to ripcord and SPANISH FLY! Cover, TWO!!

The fans fire up as Hayata hangs in there and Blake grows frustrated! Blake goes to the apron, the fans rally up, and Blake slashes his throat. 450 SPLASH but Hayata moves! Blake lands out but that jams his leg! CRADLE, TWO!! Hayata and Blake stand, Blake gets around to sunset flip, then Oklahoma Roll! TWO, ghost pin! HAYATA WINS!!

Winner: Hayata, by pinfall (gains 2 points; Blake earns 0)

The GHC National Champion inches out the GCW Champion in quite the thriller! However, Blake is still leading this block, will he heat things back up soon enough? Will Hayata be able to make a run at the top here in the latter half?


Best of the Super Juniors A Block: Kevin Knight VS Titan!

The Jet was grounded by the Heel Master while El Inmortal was mocked by 100 Proof. Both men are just on the outside of those top spots, will Knight take flight again? Or will Titan keep his semifinal hopes alive?

The bell rings and the fans rally up. The two approach, circle, then tie up. They break, tie up again, then break. Titan trips Knight, things speed up, and Titan cartwheels. Knight hurdles, Titan leaps, and then Knight sidesteps. Titan avoids the dropkick but Knight lands on his feet! Knight runs up, Titan puts him on the apron, but Knight ducks the lariat to throw Titan down! Titan kips up to PELE! The fans fire up as Knight staggers back and Titan builds speed. But Knight gets up to springboard and FLYING LARIAT! Now Titan bails out and Knight builds speed, only for Titan to get away. Knight slides out then goes up the corner to PLANCHA! Direct hit!

The fans fire up and Knight flexes! Knight high-fives Abe-san, then he drags Titan up and into the ring. The fans rally, Knight storms up on Titan and brings him around. Knight scoops to SLAM Titan to a drop zone, then he JET SPLASHES! Cover, TWO! Knight checks the count, it was fair, so he lets it slide. Knight wrenches, whips, and catches Titan to a COBRA TWIST! Knight says he’s very, very, very strong! The fans cheer but Titan fights the hold. Titan hip tosses, Knight flips through! Titan dodges Knight to SUPERKICK! Knight SUPERKICKS back! Knight runs, but Titan goes Matrix to dodge, and then CALF KICK!

Titan whips, Knight reverses and DROPKICKS! The fans fire up while both men are down! Titan flops out of the ring, Knight aims and PLANCHAS, but lands out as Titan moves! Titan builds speed and DIVES! Direct hit and the fans fire up with both men down at their feet! Titan rises, he brings Knight up and in, and then goes to a corner. The fans rally as Titan climbs. Knight gets under the leap, Titan comes back, into a SKY 2 HIGH! Both men are down again and the fans rally up. Titan and Knight rise, and Knight eggs Titan on. Titan sits up, Knight fires a forearm! Titan grits his teeth and forearms back!

Knight CHPOS and the fans cheer! Titan CHPOS and the fans cheer! Knight CHOPS, Titan CHOPS, they stand and throw forearms and CHOPS on repeat! The fans fire up as they pick up speed! Knight ROCKS Titan, but Titan SOBATS! Titan powers up and runs, but Knight LARIATS at the ropes! Knight fires up, whips, but Titan reverses to TORNADO- NO! Knight stops the DDT and suplexes, but Titan rolls it around! Titan suplexes, Knight slips free to waistlock. Titan switches, shoves, runs up and TORNADO- NO! Knight blocks again, and now he carries Titan to pop him up and HEAVY RAIN! Cover, TWO!!

The fans fire up as Titan survives and we only now hit five minutes! Knight waits on Titan as he takes aim. Titan rises as the fans rally, and Knight runs up! SATELLITE- NO, Titan back drops Knight away! The fans rally again as both men go to corners. Knight runs bac up but into a BOOT! SOBAT! KICK! PALM STRIKES! WHEEL KICK! Now Titan wants Knight to rise! The fans rally as Titan throws off the armband and goes corner to corner! But Knight leaps over! And then PELES back! Knight roars, the fans fire up again, and Knight gets Titan up! Knight puts Titan up top, for the UPPER ROOM! Cover, TWO! Titan is still in this and the fans fire up!

Knight storms up on Titan, roars again, and hauls Titan up. Knight fireman’s carries, but Titan fights free! Titan shoves, follows, TORNADO DDT! Titan holds on and brings Knight up, for a GOURD BUSTER! Then SUPERKICK! Knight flops over and Titan goes to the corner. Titan skins the cat to the top, then DIVING DOUBLE STOMPS!! Cover, TWO!! Knight survives, but Titan has the legs! Titan turns Knight over in the deathlock, then JAVE INMORTAL!! Straitjacket on top for good measure! Knight is caught, he QUITS! Titan wins!!

Winner: Titan, by submission (gains 2 points; Knight earns 0)

El Inmortal’s hopes of being a semifinalist still live as he grounds The Jet’s flight! Will Titan reach the same heights as he did last year? Can Knight still course correct with just three rounds left?


Best of the Super Juniors A Block: El Desperado VS Yoshinobu Kanemaru!

While The Rogue Luchador vowed to finally win the big one just the other night, this one is personal! Desperado knows all The Heel Master’s tricks, but will that help him here in the sixth? Or will the House of Torture’s stacked deck be too much even for the Best of the Super Juniors?

The bell rings and the fans rally as the two circle. They tie up, Despe powers Kanemaru back, and Red Shoes counts. Despe lets off cleanly and the fans applaud. Kanemaru and Despe reset, tie up, and now Kanemaru puts Despe on ropes. But then Kanemaru kicks the leg! Kanemaru whips, but Despe jumps over the low dropkick! Despe kicks and whips, Kanemaru reverses, but again Despe jumps the low dropkick! The fans cheer as the two stand off and reset. They tie up, Despe blocks the kick! Despe rolls Kanemaru, but then DDTS a leg! The fans cheer, Despe grabs that leg and drops an elbow on the knee.

Despe has the leg in a toehold, Kanemaru pulls at the mask but Despe pulls on the leg! Kanemaru endures as Despe keeps the leg trapped, then Despe lets go to SPLASH the leg! Cover, ONE! The fans cheer and Kanemaru clutches the knee. Despe shakes out his arms and goes back for Kanemaru. Despe drags Kanemaru up but Kanemaru throws body shots. Despe kicks and whips but Kanemaru reveres to hammerlock and scoop SLAM! Despe clutches his elbow but Kanemaru drags him up. Kanemaru wrenches and YANKS the arm, hammerlocks it and scoop SLAMS again! Despe writhes and bails out. Red Shoes checks on Despe, allowing Kanemaru to untie the buckle pad!

The Bullet Club Special is in play and Kanemaru storms out after Despe. Kanemaru drags Despe up, wrenches, and then hammerlocks the arm to POST it! Despe falls and crawls away but Kanemaru catches up to him. Kanemaru SLAMS the bad arm on the floor, then SLAMS it again! Despe writhes, the ring count starts, and Kanemaru leaves Despe behind. The count reaches 8 of 20, Despe stands at 11. Despe leans on the corner, slides in at 15, but Kanemaru stomps him down! Kanemaru YANKS on the arm again and again, then snapmares Despe so he can WRING the arm! Despe writhes but the fans rally up.

Kanemaru grabs the bad arm and he pulls off Despe’s elbow pad! Kanemaru stomps the bad arm, digs his heel into it, then clamps on for a top wristlock. Despe endures, the fans rally, and Despe throws punches into Kanemaru’s back. Kanemaru sits up to put on the pressure, but Despe throws body shots. Kanemaru knees low, whips, then hip tosses! Kanemaru drops a leg on the arm, then clamps on a scissor! Kanemaru pushes up to put on the pressure! Despe kicks and flails while he endures, and the fans rally. Despe fights his way over to the ROPEBREAK! Kanemaru lets go slowly, and kneels on the arm!

Kanemaru plays dumb but Red Shoes points out what he’s doing. Despe throws more body shots until Kanemaru finally steps away. Kanemaru then brings Despe up, hooks the arm, but Despe fights the hip toss. Kanemaru throws a body shot, then hip tosses, into a short arm scissors! Despe endures, reaches out, and the fans rally. Despe clubs at Kanemaru’s leg but Kanemaru pulls on the hold! Despe still fights around, reaches out, and finds the ROPEBREAK! Kanemaru lets go in frustration and Despe scrambles away. Kanemaru stalks Despe, stomps him, then drops a knee on the elbow! Despe writhes but Kanemaru drops another knee, and another knee, and another knee!

Kanemaru pulls on the arm, CLAWS at Despe’s eyes, then brings Despe around to hammerlock the arm. Kanemaru RAMS Despe into the bare buckles! Red Shoes reprimands then checks on Despe. Kanemaru paces but Despe goes to the apron. Kanemaru stands on Despe’s bad arm but Red Shoes counts. Kanemaru stomps Despe as he lets off, and fans still rally. Kanemaru drags Despe up to YANK the bad arm! And YANK it again! Kanemaru whips but Despe fights the hip toss again. Kanemaru CLAWS the eyes and then kicks low. Kanemaru runs, but Despe dropkicks Kanemaru’s legs out! Now things are even as the fans fire up!

The fans rally as Despe and Kanemaru go to corners. Despe stands, shakes out the bad arm, then runs corner to corner. He blocks a boot to dropkick the bad leg! Then Despe grabs the bad leg to DRAGON SCREW! Kanemaru falls over and the fans rally up again. Despe drags Kanemaru by a leg, then drops a leg on the knee! Despe ties Kanemaru’s legs up in the INDIAN DEATHLOCK! Kanemaru CLUBS at Despe’s arm but Despe eggs him on! Kanemaru throws more and more heavy hands and Despe “falls” to put pressure on the leglock! Kanemaru shouts in pain, reaches out, crawls, but Despe shifts to make it a CALF KILLER!

Kanemaru still endures, still fights forward, and still gets the ROPEBREAK! The fans applaud, Red Shoes calls the break and Despe lets go. “Oops!” and he drops knees on the knee. The fans rally up while Kanemaru writhes. Despe drags Kanemaru around, stomps the bad leg, but Kanemaru avoids the elbow drop! Despe shakes out the arms, Kanemaru goes to a corner. Despe runs up, but into a BOOT! Kanemaru runs up, tilt-o-whirls, but Despe fights the DDT! So Kanemaru makes it a KIMURA! Kanemaru drags Despe down and cranks the bad arm! Despe fights his way over, ROPEBREAK! Kanemaru holds until Red Shoes counts!

Kanemaru drags Despe by his bad arm, then reels him in to scoop and BRITISH- NO, Despe slips around to RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP! Both men are down and the fans fire up again! Despe rolls away to ropes, Kanemaru rolls to pursue. The fans rally, Despe rolls back to center to get away from Kanemaru. Despe stands, fires himself up, and then runs in at Kanemaru. But Kanemaru dodges! Despe stops from hitting buckles, but Kanemaru RAMS him into them! And then whips him back into them! Despe falls, Kanemaru runs up and kitchen sink knees! Kanemaru drags Despe up, whips, and kitchen sink knees again!

Kanemaru goes up a corner and MOONSAULTS! Cover, TWO! But then the KIMURA returns!! Despe endures and the fans rally up! Kanemaru cranks on the double wristlock but Despe still fights around! Despe stands, but Kanemaru drags him back down! KIMURA!! Despe endures, kicks and flails, reaches and finds the ROPEBREAK! Kanemaru lets go in frustration but he then goes up a corner. Despe rises, turns around, into DEEP IMPACT!! Cover, TWO!! Despe survives and the fans fire up again! Kanemaru drags Despe up, but Despe fights the suplex! Despe throws body shots, but Kanemaru still tries! Despe turns that around to suplex Kanemaru!

The fans fire up again while both men are down at the 15 minute mark. The fans rally, Despe huffs and puffs and storms over to Kanemaru. Despe drags Kanemaru up, reels him in, but Kanemaru grabs Red Shoes! Despe BOOTS Kanemaru’s arm! Then Despe reels Kanemaru in, but Kanemaru SHOVES Despe into Red Shoes! The fans boo but Kanemaru whips Despe into the bare buckles! Despe writhes, Red Shoes is also down, and Kanemaru of course grabs his bottle of whiskey. Kanemaru takes a swig, goes back for Despe, but Despe smothers him! Kanemaru pushes Despe back, but Despe ROCKS him and sends the whiskey mist flying!

Despe drags Kanemaru up, reels him in, PINCHE- NO, Kanemaru fights that, and jackknife bridges! TWO!!! The fans fire up, Kanemaru BOOTS, then he ducks to BOOT again! And again! And- SPINEBUSTER! Despe flips Kanemaru up to PINCHE LOCO!! Cover, Despe wins!

Winner: El Desperado, by pinfall (gains 2 points; Kanemaru earns 0)

Another main event and another big win for The Rogue Luchador! The Heel Master almost did this clean and almost won because of it, will he realize where he’s going wrong?

As for Desperado, he gets an icepack and a mic to say, “I knew it! As tough as ever! Damn. I’m glad I won.” The fans cheer that. Despe continues by saying, “For each outing, more is needed. Every time I face him, I level up. This was a league match, but that was the level of a final. I’ll keep going, and I promise to make you guys glad you bought a ticket.” The fans also cheer that. Despe says that this is the Osaka-Jo Hall main event we’re talking about! He keeps saying he doesn’t care, but now it’s right in front of him! It’d be a big disappointment if he doesn’t make it, right? There’ll be a lot of guys in both blocks “gutted” they won’t make it. “But for me, I’ll be taking it.”

The fans cheer as The Rogue Luchador is ready to be the Best of the Super Juniors! Just three more rounds to go, will he make it?


Here are the NEW A Block standings!

El Desperado: 4-2, 8 points
Blake Christian: 4-2, 8 points
Clark Connors: 4-2, 8 points
Titan: 4-2, 8 points
Kevin Knight: 3-3, 6 points
HAYATA: 3-3, 6 points
Yoshinobu Kanemaru: 2-4, 4 points
BUSHI: 2-4, 4 points
TJP: 2-4, 4 points
Kosei Fujita: 2-4, 4 points

My Thoughts:

A great round for A Block here, and they played up the drama right away with TJP getting that win over Fujita. I can’t really say TJP makes that big comeback to get a spot in the semifinals, because as soon as someone who already beat him gets 5+ wins, they cross him off mathematically. I really like that we’ve got four 4-2 records, those guys are all going strong. Connors has that win over Titan, though, so Titan only gets ahead if Connors falls off in the final three rounds. Blake meanwhile is starting to cool off, and with his loss to Desperado, Blake will need Connors to take Desperado out tomorrow to help him get back up.

And word came in from NJPW today that sadly, Francesco Akira’s knee injury will NOT be okay in time for the next round, or for any of the rounds so he must now forfeit points. As I pointed out last time, the ones who benefit are Hiromu, Douki, Eagles & Sho. Sho gets to six points, the others are at 8 with Kushida, essentially getting B Block to the same situation as A Block. Kushida already beat Hiromu and Sho, so he’d have to fall off pretty bad for either of them to get his spot in the semifinals. Douki is going to face Sho tomorrow, and is still to face Kushida, so Douki could take that spot for himself while taking out Hiromu in the process.

My Score: 9/10

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