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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (5/3/22)

It’s Spring Breakin’!



This is how NXT does Spring Break!

NXT is ready to party hard with Spring Breakin’! But will Bron Breakker still be THE NXT Champion after his grudge match with Joe Gacy?


  • NXT North American Championship Triple Threat: Cameron Grimes VS Solo Sikoa VS Carmelo Hayes w/ Trick Williams; Grimes wins and retains the title.
  • Nathan Frazer VS Grayson Waller; Frazer wins.
  • Cora Jade & Nikkita Lyons VS Natalya & Lash Legend; Cora & Lyons win.
  • The Creed Brothers VS The Viking Raiders; The Creed Brothers win.
  • NXT Championship: Bron Breakker VS Joe Gacy; Bron wins and retains the title.


Pretty Deadly say #YESBOY to Spring Break.

This is the hottest show of the year, and they’re the fastest rising team in NXT. Side plate check! They use their NXT Tag Team Championships to sunbathe. A sizzling opening from the hottest champions ever. But the roughest champs ever, the Viking Raiders, are taking on the so close but not close enough Creed Brothers. Then there’s the hot stuff. The North American Triple Threat? Maybe. THE NXT Championship, Breakker VS Gacy? Closer. Oooh, naughty Kit. He must mean Cora & Nikkita VS Natty & Lash. Still not it. Oh, you mean Pretty Deadly! YES BOY~! But things are hitting up, so let’s hit the pool! Get ready for Spring Breakin’!


NXT North American Championship Triple Threat: Cameron Grimes VS Solo Sikoa VS Carmelo Hayes w/ Trick Williams!

But speaking of hot, the gold is going to shine like the sun as we open with this one! The Carolina Caveman is a gambling man, but has he gotten in over his head? Will the Street Champion become a champion in NXT? Or will Melo again THE A Champion?

The introductions are made, the title is raised, and we see who gets the party poppin’ for Spring Breakin’!

Melo pie faces Solo and talks trash to everyone, but Solo DECKS Melo with a right! And another! And another! Grimes ROCKS Melo, Solo whips and back drops Melo, into a PERNALTY KICK! Melo avoids double superkicks and bails out. Trick coaches Melo, Grimes waistlocks and headlocks Solo. Solo powers out and runs Grimes over. Fans rally and duel, Solo knocks Melo off the apron, but Grimes rolls Solo up! TWO, Grimes rebounds and knocks Melo away to Oklahoma Roll! TWO, Grimes waistlocks Solo and they both knock Melo off the apron now, into the O’Conner Roll! TWO, and Grimes DECKS Melo again!

Fans fire up, Solo waistlocks but Grimes elbows free. Grimes KICKS away on Solo’s leg but Melo finally gets in. Grimes KICKS Melo down, but Solo fireman’s carries Grimes! Grimes slips off, shoves, but no Cave-In! Solo and Grimes stare down, Melo shoves them into each other! Grimes hip tosses but Melo RANAS Solo! Melo slides off Grimes’ back to CLOBBER him! Melo forearms Solo in a corner, but fakes Solo out and Solo SPLASHES Grimes! SPRINGBOARD SLINGBLADE! Melo goes for Grimes, blocks boots and ENZIGURIS Grimes in the rope! Then springboard, FADE AWAY LEG DROP!

Melo shoots, he scores, but he still isn’t champion yet. Melo stomps Solo, fans rally and duel, but Melo goes for Grimes. Grimes sends Melo out again, Solo waistlocks Grimes but Grimes elbows free. Grimes PENALTY KICKS Melo from the apron! Grimes shoulders into Solo, goes up and CROSSBODIES! Cover, Melo breaks it! Melo stands tall, brings Grimes up, and throws haymakers. Grimes hits back with body shots, they brawl, Grimes throws more shots. Solo runs to LARIAT Melo but Grimes dodges to RANA! Grimes hurries to run in at the corner, but Solo hip tosses him into buckles!

Fans fire up with ‘UCE! SO!” And Solo runs, but into a tilt-o-whirl TAKEDOWN! Melo dodges Grimes, but runs into COLLISION COURSE! Cover, Solo breaks it with a SENTON! Fans fire up as all three men are down and NXT goes picture in picture!

Solo gets up and is fired up with the fans! Trick coaches Melo but Solo says he’s got this! Solo circles around Melo and Grimes, and he brings Melo up. Solo whips Melo to a corner, runs in and SPLASHES! Melo sits down, Solo kicks at Trick, then brings Melo up. Solo whips corner to corner, runs in but Melo dodges. Melo comes back to CLOBBER Solo and stomp away at the ropes. Melo lets off but Grimes BOOTS him! And CHOPS him! And CHOPS him to a corner. Grimes runs but Melo throws him by his hair! The ref reprimands but that’s all he can do. Melo drags Grimes up to throw him out, and then goes for Solo.

Melo brings Solo up but Solo DECKS him! Solo drops a leg on Melo’s arm! Cover, TWO! Solo sees Grimes slide back in but he stomps him down. Solo drags Melo around to then drop and miss the leg drop! Melo basement dropkicks Solo! Grimes elbows Melo, goes up, but Melo YANKS him down! Grimes hits buckles on the way, and Melo gloats as he stands over his opponents. Melo brings Solo and Grimes up but they throw body shots! And CHOPS! And KICKS! Melo rebounds, into more CHOPS and KICKS! Solo whips, but Melo KICKS back! Melo ROCKS Solo but Grimes ROCKS Melo! Melo flounders to a corner, Grimes ROCKS and KICKS Solo!

Grimes whips Solo but Solo reverses, Grimes hits buckles hard! Solo gets Melo by his legs, YANKS him up, but Melo lands on his feet to ROUNDHOUSE Solo down! Melo gloats again as NXT returns to single picture. Fans rally and duel, Melo stomps Grimes then drags Solo up. Melo pie faces Solo, talks trash, but Solo CHOPS and HEADBUTTS! solo runs to SENTON onto knees! Grimes gets up, runs, and CLOBBERS Melo! Grimes rallies, fans fire up and Grimes runs, into a BOOT! Melo brings Grimes in, shoots the three, but Grimes Alabama lifts to tuck! Solo SUPERKICKS Grimes into a CODE RED!

Solo suplexes Melo but he slips out. Solo SPLASHES in the corner, then ROCKS him with a right! Solo runs in but into a BOOT! Melo goes up but Solo ROCKS him first! Melo CLUBS Solo, but Grimes runs in! Solo pops Grimes up, Grimes gets Melo, TOWER OF DOOM!! All three men are down and fans are thunderous while they lose their minds! Even Trick is freaking out! “This is Awesome!” and just the first match of the night! Melo goes to a corner, Grimes and Solo also drag themselves up by ropes. Trick coaches Melo but Grimes runs in to ROCK him with a right! Solo ROCKS Grimes! Melo CHOPS Solo!

Grimes ROCKS Melo, Solo ROCKS Grimes, Melo CHOPS Solo! They repeat, Solo and Melo scrap, Grimes hits them both, and again, and again! Grimes winds up but Melo ducks, ROUNDHOUSE for Solo! KNEE for Grimes! Solo ducks the chop to ELBOW Melo! Grimes BOOTS Solo, then runs in, but Solo puts him up top! Tree of Woe slams Grimes into Melo, and fans are thunderous for Solo! Solo runs in, HIP ATTACK TWOFER!! Solo is all fired up and fans are loving it! GERMAN SUPLEX for Grimes! Melo goes up but his rana become a POWERBOMB onto Grimes! Solo snarls, drags Melo up, SPINNING URENAGE!! Cover, Grimes breaks it!!

Fans are fired up again as Solo tosses Grimes out. Grimes is on the apron but Solo goes up the corner. Grimes GAMANGIRIS Solo down! Grimes goes up, aims at Melo, but Melo gets under the missile dropkick! Grimes comes back, DOUBLE RANA! ROUNDHOUSE to POISON-RANA on Melo!! Cover, TWO!?! Melo survives and Grimes is shocked! Fans are thunderous again, “TO! THE! MOON!” CAVE- CODE BREAKER?!?! Cover, TWO?!?! Melo can’t believe it! But he hurries to the corner and he takes aim from up top! But he leaps into a SUPERKICK! Solo hurries up top, FLYING SPLASH!! Cover, Melo breaks it in time!!

No one can believe it but Melo got that buzzer beater of a break! He brings Solo up but Solo ROCKS him! Solo whips, pops Melo up but Melo slips away! CODE- NO! Fireman’s carry, SUPER CAVE-IN!!! Cover on Solo, Grimes wins!!

Winner: Cameron Grimes, by pinfall (still NXT North American Champion)

The Carolina Caveman almost went to the moon with that flying double stomp! And in the end, he keeps that title around his waist! Has Grimes proven he is true championship material?


Mandy Rose checks in with the spa.

Her usual is all set. She wants to get some base tan before the beach., Like, 15 minutes. The girls can meet her here if they want. Okay, see you soon. Mandy then puts on the sticker and gets in the tanning bed. But Wendy Choo is creepin’, soda and pillow at the ready. She decides to dial it up on Mandy! Those 15 minutes are up, and Mandy comes out looking like a red lobster! Toxic Attraction see her and holy crap! What happened?! She can’t go out like that! She looks like a strawberry! Then they can just stay indoors. For a few days. Gigi & Jacy still want to go out, they’ll check on Mandy later. Will they ever put it together who pranked the Toxic Goddess?


Backstage interview with Nathan Frazer.

The British Prodigy is ready for his true in-ring debut against a man he’s been social media beefing with in Grayson Waller. But Grayson’s Twitter game doesn’t matter now. Frazer is about to debut! Ten-year-old Frazer is freaking out! This is like all his birthdays and Christmases in one! And he is just excited. He’s been waiting for this his whole life. Here goes! Will Frazer make the most of this most important moment in his career?


Diamond Mine trains hard backstage.

Ivy Nile kicks the dummy while the Creeds spar with each other. Roderick Strong storms in to tell the Creeds may say they’re ready, he needs to see that they’re ready. He doesn’t feel they get the magnitude of tonight. The Viking Raiders are forearm NXT Tag Team Champions, they’re the Creeds’ toughest opponents yet! Julius says they’re locked in and ready. Good, because Strong won’t have a repeat of the Gauntlet. Brutus says they’re in the zone, but Strong brushes that off. Strong wants them to listen while he talks to them and Ivy. HE is the leader now, and what he says around here goes. So get it tonight, got it? The Creeds say okay, but is Strong getting a little headstrong?


Indi Hartwell frowns.

Her ring finger is now empty, and she’s also without a best friend. Duke Hudson walks in, knowing that feeling. But then he leans in and she tells him to back off. Oh, she wishes! They both storm out, but will they have no one else to lean on during these trying times?


Nathan Frazer VS Grayson Waller!

NXT returns as Frazer makes his entrance. The bell rings and the two circle. Waller goes no hands to mock Frazer and then they tie up. Waller throws Frazer away to then show off with drop steps. But Frazer shoves him back! Waller and Frazer tie up again, go around, and Frazer arm-drags, but Waller throws him back. They stay locked up, go around, and Waller pushes Frazer to a corner. Frazer goes up the corner, leaps and arm-drags Waller away! Waller rushes in, but into a headlock! Waller powers out, but Frazer reverses the whip to hurdle, drop and bypass, for a BIG dropkick!

Waller staggers up, into a headlock takeover! Waller keeps his shoulders up and fights to his feet. Frazer fights the back suplex to hit another takeover! Waller tries but can’t get the headscissor, so he fights up. Waller throws body shots, powers out again, and things speed up. Waller hip tosses hard, then mean mugs, only for Frazer to kangaroo kick and headlock takeover! Waller fights up again, pulls Frazer’s hair and powers out, but Frazer goes up, under and knuckle locks to wrench and waistlock. Frazer baits Waller, leap frogs him, then gets around again to elbow from the corner. Frazer goes up to missile dropkick Waller right out!

Fans fire up and Frazer builds speed, but Waller runs away! Waller goes to the beach chair on stage and dares Frazer to come get him. Frazer does! And he fires off forearms! Frazer sends Waller back to ringside and puts him back in. Frazer then gets in, only for Waller to CLOBBER him! Waller gives some ground ‘n’ pound, but the Chase U Student Section taunt Waller. Waller drops knees on Frazer while he stares Andre Chase down. Waller CLUBS Frazer, CLUBS him again, then drags him up by his hair. Waller whips, Frazer revers, Waller goes up an dover and kicks Frazer low. Waller EuroUppers and backs Frazer down.

Waller whips, Frazer goes up and over and handsprings all the way to the other corner! Frazer elbows, CHOPS and follows Waller to ropes. Frazer CHOPS again, then bumps Waller off buckles. Frazer runs in, but is put on the apron. Frazer ROCKS Waller, springboards, but Waller trips him up! Frazer HOTSHOTS hard and falls to the floor! Waller rallies the few fans he has, to then baseball slide and CLOBBER Frazer! Waller gets the beach ball and he RIPS it! He mocks the Chase U students while NXT goes picture in picture.

Waller gets back in the ring to refresh the ring count before he fetches Frazer. Waller RAMS Frazer into steel steps, then he drags Frazer back up and into the ring. Waller gets in, he KNEES Frazer in the back, then drops more knees on Frazer’s face. Waller stands Frazer up to JAB against ropes, then whips him to ropes. Frazer ducks and dodges and sunset flips at high speed! TWO, but Frazer rolls Waller up, TWO! Waller BOOTS Frazer down! Waller circles around, drags Frazer and drops an elbow! Waller clamps on a chinlock, but Frazer throws body shots. Waller CLUBS Frazer down, then brings him up again.

Waller back suplexes, but Frazer lands on his feet! Frazer ROCKS and ROCKS and ROCKS Waller! But Waller dropkicks a leg out! Waller checks his chin, storms up on Frazer, and puts him in center. Waller goes to ropes, for the BALLER ELBOW! Cover, TWO! Waller is annoyed, especially with Chase U fired up for Frazer. Waller clamps on a chinlock and he grinds Frazer down. Frazer endures, fights his way up, but Waller wrangles him back down. Chase U gets the wave going! Waller is upset with that but he leans on Frazer to keep him down. The wave keeps moving as NXT returns to single picture.

Frazer fights up, throws body shots, an dropkick, and an ENZIGURI! Waller falls out of the ring, fans rally up and Frazer builds speed, but Waller BOOTS him down! Fireman’s carry, WIDOWMAKER! Cover, TWO!! Chase U rubs it in and Waller tells them to shut up. The wave keeps going but Waller tunes up the band a la Rollins. But Frazer dodges the stomp and CLOBBERS Waller! And again! And then he clotheslines Waller out! Frazer builds speed and DECKS Waller! Then he keeps moving, and DIVES! Direct hit at the ramp and Frazer gets Waller in fast. Fans are fired up as Frazer aims, springboards, and Waller bails out.

Waller somersaults, into a SUPERKICK! And then another SUPERKICK! Cover, ROPEBREAK! By mere inches! Frazer can’t believe it, but fans rally up again. Frazer drags Waller to center then goes to the corner. Frazer goes right up, PHOENIX- NO! He has to bail out as Waller moves. Waller BOOTS, THROWBACK KILLSWITCH!? Cover, TWO!?!? Whatever Waller calls that, it can’t be a finisher because Frazer’s still in this! Waller stands Frazer up to DECK him with a right! Fans boo while Frazer crawls to a corner. Waller runs in, but is put right up! Frazer dropkicks Waller and Waller wobbles up top!

Frazer hurries to go after Waller, and he brings Waller to the very top! But Waller shoves Frazer, and Frazer hits ropes again! Waller grins as he aims, but then Chase uses an AIRHORN to scare Waller! Waller hotshots and sputters, Frazer goes up, PHOENIX SPLASH! Cover, Frazer wins!

Winner: Nathan Frazer, by pinfall

Frazer does his mentor, Seth Freakin’ Rollins, proud! Will he use this to fly higher than ever before? Will Waller have to chalk this up as a #TeachableMoment?


Fallon Henley speaks.

“Between those ropes, I’m hell on wheels. But outside the ring, I’m just a small town girl.” Fallon loves getting rowdy with Briggs & Brooks, but there is nothing like riding horses. She’s had her horse for most of her life. When her family bought the bar, they sold the ranch but kept Luna. Fallon will show Luna a women’s championship match contract. This tournament will be Fallon’s chance to show what she can do! Will Fallon be roping herself a big win in the inaugural NXT Women’s Breakout Tournament?


The sit-down meeting is happening at Fresco’s.

Legado del Fantasma waits, and finally Tony D’Angelo and company arrive. Wilde gets mad that they’re late, but Tony tells “Jacklyn,” when you’re The Don, everyone waits on you. They all sit down, and Escobar wonders why AJ Galante is here. This is supposed to be about their factions. AJ is Tony’s confidant, part of the family. In Tony’s business, you need someone to give guidance. But he doesn’t belong here. Tony says this is to keep things from escalating to a place Escobar doesn’t want to be, and Tony doesn’t want to go. They’re both powerful men, in their respective circles. And they got off on the wrong foot.

Tony is gracious. He will look past the disrespect, both knowing and unknowingly. Tonight, they settle this as business men. Escobar respects how Tony carries himself, but not as businessmen. Everyone knows they can trust Escobar. But he can’t trust Tony. He offered Tony a courtesy he offers very few, but Tony played games. The fish on the windshield and these two goofs he has going after him. Those games brought us to this point. No, no, craps and poker are games. Even Yahtzee. Stacks and Two Dimes are some mean dice players. There’s enough business to go around. Enough pie for everyone. They want similar things, but they’re at two very different points in the journey.

Tony wants to build from scratch but Escobar is adding to an existing empire. Maybe they can come together and share business. Since Escobar has a proven track record, Tony can just sit back and follow his lead. Tony’s the Don, he don’t follow nobody! Is Escobar crazy? Galante calms Tony down, and Escobar says this tension is not good for anyone. Now that they know each other better, let’s call a truce. Tony apologizes for getting hot. Escobar apologizes for not fully understanding Tony. Galante reminded Tony that this is what’s best for family. Peace is what’s best for Escobar. And that’s what’s best for Tony.

Then they’ll make a deal. Escobar pushes a glass of wine to Tony. They’ll toast to peace. They sip, and Tony says he’ll see Escobar around. Tony’s group leaves, and Escobar has Cruz start the car. Is this a peace that will last? Or will there be blood, sweat and tears spilt soon enough?


Backstage interview with The Viking Raiders.

Erik & Ivar are back and going against the Creed Brothers. There is no doubt Julius & Brutus are world-class, but they’ve never been in a battle. All the gym training won’t mean a thing when they’re in a fight with two grown ass men! Prepare the battlefield, because the raid is here!” But then Pretty Deadly mock the Raiders. They can’t wait to see them smash the Creeds. The Vikings mean business, but they’re just facing damaged goods after what Kit & Prince did to them. Ivar says if these two interrupt them again, they’ll see who is damaged goods. They came here with one goal in mind, but they’ll happily change focus to the champs. Uh, no thanks. Good luck!


Joe Gacy speaks.

“I understand change can be intimidating. But don’t be frightened by change. Change is necessary for the world to evolve and become a better place.” Gacy promises to be the world changer, the barrier breaker, and bring us to a new beginning! They should only fear what happens if Gacy doesn’t win the title. But don’t be afraid, because Gacy will change the world!


Cora Jade & Nikkita Lyons VS Natalya & Lash Legend!

#GenerationJade and the Lioness want their time to be now, but the Queen of Harts says that future won’t happen. Will the new wave prove Natty wrong when they capsize the BOAT? Or will Lash help this living legend keep riding high?

The teams sort out, and Cora starts against Lash. They tie up, Cora waistlocks but Lash elbows and whips Cora to run Cora over! Lash drags Cora up, TOSSES her to a corner, then runs in, only to get buckles! Cora dodges, ROCKS her with forearms, but Lash knuckle locks. Cora ROCKS Lash, goes up and up and FLYING RANAS! Fans fire up with Cora, she runs in and SHINING WIZARDS, but Lash makes it a BUCKLE BOMB! Tag to Natty, then they bring Cora out to mug her. Natty talks trash to Cora’s face, but Cora slaps free! So Natty lifts Cora up, only for Cora to sunset flip! TWO, and Cora gets an arm, La Magistrol TWO!

Cora ghost pins, TWO! Natty hurries to ropes and Cora has to back up. Natty tells fans to shut up about Cora, and then she slowly comes back. Natty offers a handshake, but Cora sees through that and catches the kick! Cora SLAPS Natty, then tags in Lyons! They double snapmare and Cora even rolls with it. Lyons KICKS Natty down, TWO! Lyons clamps on a cravat and grinds Natty but Natty elbows free. Natty headlocks for the takeover and she grinds Lyons down. Lyons endures, headscisosrs, but Natty kips free! Natty mocks Lyons’ hips, but Lyons headlocks again for a headlock takeover. Lyons grinds Natty but Natty headscissors.

Lyons kips free and she shows Natty how it’s done. Natty kicks low, SLAPS Lyons, then wrenches to wristlock. Lyons rolls, kips up and wrenches back to wristlock. Natty rolls, handsprings, and rolls Lyons up, TWO! Lyons headlocks, Natty elbows free and stomps a foot. Natty headlocks, tags Lash, and they mug Lyons. Lash knees Lyons low, ROCKS her with a right, but Lyons hits back! They brawl, Lash knees low again then reels her in. Lash suplexes Lyons then kips up! Lash soaks up the cheers and jeers, then runs in, into a BOOT! Lash comes back and clotheslines Lyons and herself out of the ring! They have a rough landing and their partners check on them as NXT goes picture in picture.

Lash and Lyons manage to get up, the ring count is climbing, and Lash brings Lyons up to put her in the ring. Lash scoops Lyons for a SLAM, then she runs to drop an elbow! Cover, TWO!! Lyons survives but Lash drags her around by her hair. Lash brings Lyons up to fireman’s carry, and then she swings her, but Lyons arm-drags free! Hot tag to Cora! Cora storms up to kick Lash and whip, but Lash blocks. Lash reverses, runs in at the corner but Cora elbows her away! Cora goes up, Natty distracts her, so Cora swipes at her! Lash throws Cora down by her hair! Natty and Lash soak up the heat then tag.

Natty and Lash mug Cora, stomping away on her! The ref counts, they let off, then Natty digs her boots in. The ref counts again and Natty lets off. Natty drags Cora up to bump her off buckles, then CHOP her! Natty stomps Cora more, rapid fire even! The ref counts, Natty argues with him, but Cora rolls Natty up! TWO, and Cora hurries for her corner, only for Natty to CLOBBER her! Cover, TWO! Natty drags Cora up but Cora throws hands. Natty throws Cora down, covers again, TWO! Natty keeps Cora from the corner, sits her up, and KICKS her in the back. Natty aims for her corner, and bumps Cora off Lash’s boot!

Tag to Lash, she taunts Lyons then runs in to SPLASH Cora! Lash talks trash, styles her hair, then CLUBS Cora. Lash throws knee after knee, tag back to Natty, and NXT returns to single picture. Natty talks trash, CLUBS Cora, then dribbles her off the mat. Natty reels Cora in for a Canadian rack! Cora endures the Canadian Backbreaker Rack, fans rally for her, and Cora arm-drags free! Natty DECKS Lyons to deny the tag, then she LARIATS Cora! Cover, TWO! Natty drags Cora up and “poses” for a photo op, then drags Cora up. Cora throws elbows but Natty CLUBS her. Tag to Lash, and they mug Cora more.

Lash puts Cora in the corner, goes corner to corner, and SPLASHES again! Lash talks more trash, throws more knees, then tags Natty back in. Natty reels Cora in as fans rally, snap suplex! Natty steps on Cora and mocks Lyons’ booty shaking, but Cora rolls her up! TWO, and Natty CLOBBERS Cora again! Cover, TWO! Fans rally, Natty clamps on a chinlock but Cora endures. Cora fights up, arm-drags free, and she runs, only to get caught! Lyons reaches out but Natty RAMS Cora into the corner! Tag to Lash, she throws even more knees! Then she RAMS her shoulder in! Natty tags in, Lash lets off, but Cora elbows Natty down!

Lash runs in, Cora sends Lash out! Cora crawls as fast as she can, but Natty stops her! Natty has the legs, but Cora kicks her away! Hot tag to Lyons! Lyons rallies on Natty! KICK after KICK then a BOOT! Lyons roars and DECKS Lash! Lyons waistlocks, Natty elbows free and switches to O’Conner Roll, TWO into a roll-up! TWO, and Lyons kick slow. Lyons runs, BLOCKBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Natty survives and Lyons grows frustrated. Lyons gets up, drags Natty back up, but Natty trips her! Natty has the legs but Lyons kicks her away! Lash tags in, runs in, and dropkicks Lyons down! Lash rains down fists then throws in knees!

Lash pushes Lyons around, gives her more ground ‘n’ pound, then styles her hair. Lyons makes it a sunset flip! TWO, Natty runs in, and she BOOTS Lash by accident! Natty apologizes but Lyons throws her out! Lyons reels Lash in, GERMAN SUPLEX! Lash flounders, Lyons tags Cora! Cora goes up and Lyons hits the LYONS DEN! Cora adds her SUPER SENTON! Cover, Cora & Lyons win!

Winners: Cora Jade & Nikkita Lyons, by pinfall

What a combination from these young and hungry lionesses! Will they prove that the Queen of Harts isn’t the top of the deck any longer?


Tatum Paxley speaks.

“The power of visualization has always been my roadmap to success.” She is a powerlifter, and knows it is just as mental as it is physical. No matter the weight, she picked it up. There are a great bracket of wrestlers but she is visualizing winning that contract. She vows to be THE winner of the tournament.


Toxic Attraction (minus Mandy) hit the beach!

Gigi & Jacy got a great parking spot. They won’t let what happened to Mandy ruin the day. Was it Wendy who did that to her? She’s obsessed with them! Everyone is, though. But speaking of Wendy, she and Roxanne Perez are watching. Roxie isn’t so sure, though. She should be training for the Breakout Tournament. This is her training. What? Listen, Toxic Attraction makes everyone’s lives a living hell, so they’re gonna do it back! Let’s go. Gigi & Jacy soak up the sun, splash in the water, and have a good time. But Wendy & Roxie spring into action. They take the sandals, and the keys to the car, then run off.

Gigi & Jacy return and can’t find their shoes! They just bought those. Wait, where are the keys?! Who did this? “HEY, TOXIC!” Looking for these? Wendy & Roxie lead Jacy & Gigi on a chase, and without sandals, Jacy & Gigi step on the hot, prickly wood of the pier! The keys are left behind, but where’s the car?! Down the street! Which means walking on hot concrete. Ow ow ow. Will the pranks continue until Toxic Attraction fall to pieces?


The Creed Brothers VS The Viking Raiders!

Julius & Brutus were so close to becoming NEW NXT Tag Team Champions, but close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. Will Diamond Mine’s top prospects prove themselves to Roderick Strong? Or will Erik & Ivar remind everyone why they were NXT Tag Team Champions?

NXT returns and the Creeds make their entrance. The teams sort out, Ivar starts with Julius. Ivar runs Julius over, DECKS Brutus, then CLUBS away on Julius! Erik tags in, the Vikings mug Julius then Erik CLOBBERS Brutus before he SPLASHES Julius! Feed to Ivar’s LARIAT, and then tag back to Ivar. Ivar SPLASHES Brutus, Erik hits SHOTGUN KNEES! Then Ivar hits a BRONCO BUSTER! Brutus flops out of the ring and fans fire up as Erik tags back in. The Vikings throw knees on Julius, then feed him to THOR’S HAMMER! Cover, TWO!! Julius survives and that’s rather surprising for the Vikings.

Erik looms over Julius, waiting for him to get up. Julius flounders but Erik hauls him up. Julius gets a cradle! TWO, but Julius tags Brutus! Brutus dodges Erik then elbow shim, to CLOBBER him! And again! Brutus DECKS Ivar in return, then he tackles Erik! Brutus hammers away on Erik, then he RAMS Ivar off the apron! Brutus bear crawls and gut wrenches Erik for the suplex! Fans fire up with the Creeds now and Brutus tags Julius in. Gut wrench SPLASH, then Julius covers, TWO! Julius stomps Erik, kicks him around, but Erik hits back. Julius CLUBS Erik, tags Brutus, and fans duel.

Julius and Brutus coordinate, SAYANAGI SPLASH onto knees! Erik dumps Brutus out, then he tags in Ivar! Ivar aims at Brutus on the floor, VIKING SPLASH!! Fans fire up with the War Beard as NXT goes to picture in picture.

Ivar looms over Brutus, drags him up, and puts him in the ring. Ivar tags Erik, the Vikings get Brutus up and mug him at the ropes with windmill forearms! The ref counts, Erik drags Brutus around but Brutus throws hands. Erik DECKS Brutus! Erik pushes Brutus around, Brutus goes for a leg, but Erik counters with a chinlock. Erik throws knees, tags Ivar, then they put Brutus in a corner. Ivar back body blocks and fires off elbow after elbow! The ref counts, Ivar stops at 4 and paces. Brutus is dazed but Ivar brings him up to throw body shots and CLUB down. Brutus still wants a leg but Ivar CLUBS him even more.

Ivar drops an ax handle, covers, TWO! Ivar clamps onto an arm and he grinds the shoulder. Brutus endures, fights up to his feet, and he fights off the armlock, only for Ivar to knee low. Ivar tags Erik, the Vikings mug Brutus, then Erik ROCKS Brutus. Brutus ROCKS Erik back! The forearms keep flying hard and fast, but neither man is backing down. Erik gets the edge. Brutus turns that back around on Erik, both men stagger, but Erik facelocks! Erik knees Brutus down and shifts to a chinlock. Erik grinds Brutus down, Brutus endures, and NXT returns to single picture. Brutus fights up, fans rally, and Brutus throws elbows.

Brutus gets around to back suplex Erik down! Fans fire up while Brutus crawls, hot tags to Ivar and Julius! Julius rallies with forearms but Ivar stays up. Julius dropkicks Erik down, dodges Ivar, and CHOP BLOCKS a leg out! Fans fire up with Julius, but he runs into an elbow! Ivar tags Erik, but Julius dodges to EXPLODER! Julius drags Erik up, Erik shoves him away, but Brutus tags back in. Julius BOOTS Erik, he drags Erik up and suplexes him to Brutus’ torture rack! RACK BOMB! Julius intercepts Ivar as Brutus covers, TWO!! Erik survives on his own, and Ivar throws Julius out. But Brutus dumps Ivar!

Brutus swings, into Erik’s full nelson and KNEE! Cover, Ivar keeps Julius away, TWO!! Brutus survives, but Ivar SLAMS Julius down! Erik tags Ivar back in, and they focus on Brutus. The Vikings double back suplex, but Brutus lands on his feet! Brutus tosses Erik but Ivar kicks low! Ivar underhooks, TIGER BOMB!! Cover, TWO!?! Brutus survives again and Ivar can’t believe it! Ivar drags Brutus up, tags Erik in, and Erik feeds Brutus to Ivar’s scoop and SLAM! Erik then hops up for Ivar to BOMB him onto Brutus! Ivar goes up again and VIKING SPLASH! Cover, TWO!?! Brutus is still in this and no one can believe it!

Fans are fired up for the Creeds but Erik drags Brutus up. Tag to Ivar, but Brutus HEADBUTTS Erik! Ivar CLUBS Brutus down, but Julius still tags in! Julius fires haymakers, but Ivar blocks the whip! Ivar whips Julius, but Julius dodges in the corner, only to run into the SEATED SENTON! Fans fire up again and Ivar goes back up! But Julius springs up after him! SUPERPLEX!! Julius brings down the straps while fans lose their minds! Julius aims, but Ivar ducks the sliding lariat! HEEL KICK! Tag to Erik, he hauls Julius up! Ivar is up top, ARMAGEDDON!! Cover, BRUTUS BREAKS IT! Fans are loving this as all four men are down!

Erik hurries to get Julius but Julius SPINEBUSTERS Erik! Erik staggers, Julius gets his leg. Brutus TACKLES Ivar out of the ring! Erik hits Julius with a KNEE! But Roddy Strong KNEES Erik! The ref didn’t see it, it was that fast! SLIDING LARIAT! Cover, Diamond Mine wins!

Winners: The Creed Brothers, by pinfall

Strong celebrates with his team, but he quietly gets the assist. Then the replay gives it away! Strong says he saved their asses, they should be thankful! Julius & Brutus aren’t happy with their leader, but


AJ Galante wishes the boys luck.

But then Santos Escobar is there. Escobar wants a word. He respects Galante’s position, Tony is very lucky. But if he were to lose Galante’s wisdom, it’d be tough on him. They shake hands, Escobar says something in Spanish, and then KNEES Galante down! Wilde & Del Toro put Galante in the van, and Legado drives away! They just kidnapped Galante!! What will Tony D do to get his confidant back?


Alba Fyre speaks.

“The tiniest flicker can spark a flame. And in seconds, it can spread into a raging fire. Run from your heritage, or face who you are. I scorched the present to light my future’s past.” Next week, KLR ignites her rebirth! Will she blaze a trail to the top of NXT?


Josh Briggs checks on Brooks Jensen.

Brooks insists he’s fine but the medics say otherwise. Briggs says he’ll get Von Wagner back for this. But what’s Brooks’ recovery time? Normally, 10 to 12 weeks. But because the hand is very strong, it’ll be much shorter. Though, is there a particular reason the right hand is so much stronger than his left? Uh… He’s right handed, right? YES! That’s it. Because 85% of the world is right handed. They can get a cast, and it’ll just be 6 to 8 weeks of recovery. Nice! High-five! Oh, no, no, bad idea. But will Brooks be able to keep on that recovery schedule so he can help Briggs against vicious Von?


NXT Championship: Bron Breakker VS Joe Gacy!

The Big Booty Nephew already a TWO-TIME NXT Champion, thanks to the support of his father and uncle, the Steiner Brothers. But as such, the “barrier breaker” tried to break Bron by kidnapping his father and stealing Rick Steiner’s WWE Hall of Fame ring. Bron got both back, but now he wants revenge. Will Bron get that and then some? Or will Gacy change the world of wrestling entertainment by taking away Bron’s prized possession?

Bron sees a power switch. He flips it on, and color returns to the world as the sirens wail. The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see the fate of NXT decided to close Spring Breakin’!

The two tie up right away and then fall right out of the ring! Bron gets Gacy in quickly, they tie up again, and end up going along the ropes. Gacy headbutts Bron! But Bron TCKLES Gacy! Gacy scrambles away to the outside and Bron waits on him. Champin’s Advantage, after all. Gacy creeps to the ropes but backs away as Bron rushes over. Gacy goes around the outside, gets up again, but Bron catches him! Bron hip tosses Gacy in, and says Gacy’s gonna pay for what he did. Gacy say she did it for Bron. Then he throws Bron into buckles! Bron shrugs that off easy, and Gacy wants Bron to hold on.

Bron RAMS Gacy into the corner, digs his shoulder in, but lets off at 4. Gacy ROCKS Bron, then clamps on a facelock. Gacy cranks the hold, then CLUBS away on Bron. Gacy gets around and has a neck wrench. Fans rally but Gacy digs his forearm into Bron’s face. Bron fights up, fans rally, and Bron JAWBREAKERS! Gacy staggers, Bron tosses him out! Fans fire up as Bron BOOTS Gacy from the apron, then BOOTS him again! Gacy throws a body shot and a headbutt! Gacy gets in to run and CLOBBER Bron off the apron! Bron hits the ramp and then Gacy pursues. Gacy drags Bron up and whips him at the apron, only for Bron to reverse. But Gacy tiger feints to LARIAT Bron down!

NXT goes picture in picture as Gacy puts Bron in. Gacy stomps away on Bron, then DECKS him with a right. Bron gets to a corner, but Gacy RAMS into him. Gacy whips Bron hard into a corner, and Bron hits the mat. Gacy clamps on a chinlock to drag Bron into body scissors. Bron endures the squeeze, pries at the scissors, but Gacy claws at Bron’s face! Gacy CLUBS Bron, squeezes tighter, but fans rally. Bron fights to move around, turns around in the scissors, and he rains down forearms! Gacy headbutts back and keeps on the body scissor squeeze! Gacy gets up to KNEE Bron in the back!

Gacy drags Bron up, reels him in and suplexes! Gacy looms over Bron, clamps onto him and KNEES him in the back. And again! Gacy drags Bron up to CLUB him down, then brings him up for a scoop and SLAM. Cover, TWO! Gacy clamps onto Bron again, trapping an arm while putting on a chinlock. Bron endures and NXT returns to single picture. Bron fights back, goes up a corner, but Gacy YANKS him down! Gacy tumbles up the corner and hangs there like a bat. Gacy then rolls and URENAGES Bron down! Cover, TWO! Gacy snarls, he stands on Bron, ONE, so Gacy drops the leg, brother! Cover, TWO!

Fans rally, Gacy drags Bron into an armlock. Gacy digs his forearm into Bron’s face but Bron endures. Bron fights up but Gacy chinbars and bends Bron back. Bron still fights up, but one of Gacy’s druids is in the crowd. Bron ROCKS Gacy, Gacy HEADBUTTS, then headbutts again and again on the ropes! Gacy runs, but Bron FLAJACKS Him! Bron rallies with clotheslines, ducks and dodges, then CLOBBERS Gacy! Bron sees the followers appearing, but Gacy ELBOWS Bron, into a REVERSE DDT! Cover, TWO! Fans rally and duel, perhaps the influence of the druids playing a part. Bron is at the ropes, Gacy runs in and BOOTS him out of the ring!

Gacy builds speed and DIVES, but Bron CLOBBERS him! Gacy gets stuck in ropes, Bron gets in to go up the corner. Bron FLYING BULLDOGS Gacy down! Cover, TWO! Gacy survives Rick Steiner’s move but Bron keeps his cool. Bron goes to a corner, aims at Gacy, and runs in, but Gacy dodges. Bron stops from hitting buckles and he BOOTS Gacy down. The straps come down, Bron trophy lifts but Gacy slips out. Gacy CLUBS Bron, runs, but into a RANA! Bron then clinches, for a BELLY2BELLY! Cover, TWO! Bron is growing frustrated but fans rally behind him. Bron gets Gacy back up, puts him in a corner, and RAMS his shoulder in.

Bron goes corner to corner, but Gacy dodges! Bron hits buckles, Gacy drops a BIG elbow! Gacy hauls Bron up, Alabama lift for an ALABAMA SLAM! Gacy keeps going, SIT-OUT POWERBOMB! Cover, TWO!! Bron survives and Gacy is shocked! Gacy grits his teeth and gets back up. Gacy drags Bron up and shouts, “I’M NOT DONE! I’m gonna take that title away from you!” Gacy headbutts, handsprings, but Bron ducks and SPEARS! Cover, Bron wins!

Winner: Bron Breakker, by pinfall (still NXT Champion)

Gacy says he wasn’t done, but Bron told him otherwise! Bron is still THE champion, but the druids have crept up to the ring! What are they planning for the second generation superstar?

My Thoughts:

This was a great night for NXT, though I’m not sure it needed to be themed. The only reason it was “Spring Breakin'” seems to be so we could get those bikini scenes with Toxic Attraction. The NXThirst was strong tonight, that’s for sure. But I did like that Wendy & Roxie pranked them all, and that’ll set up even more between these teams as we go. Then maybe it compels Mandy to give Wendy a title match at some other themed episode during the Summer. Great opener out of the North American Championship Triple Threat, but being a Triple Threat, I figured Grimes would retain by pinning Solo. Now we can get Melo VS Grimes 1v1 down the line, and who knows how that goes.

Good promo out of Frazer before his match with Waller, and that was a great match. I love that Chase U had a part to play, I bet Waller goes after Chase and Bodhi soon enough, but this was a great start for Frazer in NXT. I hope we see Frazer get in on the North American Championship scene once Grimes and Melo wrap things up. Good promos out of Fallon and Tatum, but boy the way they did Tatum’s video, it makes her seem like the number one seed in the Women’s Breakout Tournament. I feel like that won’t be the case, but this could go a long way to Tatum’s story with Ivy Nile of finally getting into Diamond Mine.

Speaking of Diamond Mine, a damn shame WWE couldn’t convince Malcolm Bivens to stay, that really dings the story between him and Strong, but it is what it is sometimes when someone wants out. Sadly, Strong wanted out of WWE, too, but WWE said no because they at least still want to use him. Creeds VS Viking Raiders was pretty good stuff, though they had Julius bury the Viking Raiders’ finisher there. Strong giving the Creeds a win with that blindside attack was good stuff, though, and it brings about more of a divide within the faction. If WWE is keeping Strong, I hope that means he kicks the Creeds out of Diamond Mine to replace them with Heels. Fans are behind the Creeds, Julius & Brutus will be Faces and they can take the fight to Strong and whoever else.

Pretty Deadly had good bits tonight. The opening vignette swerve was pretty funny, and their interaction with the Viking Raiders was good, too. I definitely hope we see Pretty Deadly VS Viking Raiders over the titles, and then the Creeds get the winners. The sit-down meeting for Legado and Team Tony D was fairly good, and I almost thought the wine was going to be poisoned. Instead, Legado just straight up kidnaps Galante! Tony will certainly hear about this, and he’ll definitely have a match with Escobar for the fate of Galante, and I would think Tony wins that as he’s somehow the Face in this story.

There is so much to what we got out of Indi and Duke backstage. This was a very clever way for NXT to reference the truly moronic decisions of upper WWE management. They released Persia and Dexter when there was still the story of InDex & Dusia! Some of the dumbest releases in a long time for WWE, and now it seems Indi and Duke will end up gravitating towards each other because that’s the only thing left for them after what WWE did. Maybe WWE smartens up and brings Persia and Dexter back, or they’ll continue to be morons and have the story drag on.

Gacy had a good promo to hype up tonight, and we got a great main event for the title. It was all pretty clear Bron was going to win, because he wasn’t about to go on another title comeback story so soon. But I did like that Gacy’s druids showed up little by little at ringside, I just wish they were played up even more to make it seem like Bron was in danger. But those druids showing up at the very end, with those very different red hoods, only for NXT to end there, that was very confusing. Couldn’t they spare one more minute for something to happen? Maybe we’ll get an exclusive on social media, but I wish we got to see it play out to end the night.

My Score: 8.8/10

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Andrew’s TNA iMPACT! Results & Match Ratings: 4.18.2024

Motor City Machine Guns either go out on their backs, or head to Rebellion as champs! Lets see how they finish their current run in TNA!



No burying the lead here! The Main Event is The System versus Motor City Machine Guns, and it’s the Go Home episode before Rebellion! So we’re guaranteed a damn good tag match, and we should get either new wrinkles, or ways to keep the storylines cooking going into the Pay-per-View.

With all the rumors and innuendo about the Guns being on their way out, I think we all assume that MCMG is losing, but my inner fanboy is still excited.


  • Little Guido w/New FBI vs Hammerstone: Hammerstone wins via Torture Rack – SQUASH
  • LSG vs Joe Hendry: Hendry wins via Standing Ovation – SQUASH
  • Mustafa Ali & GYV vs Cody Deaner, Jake Something & Rhyno: Ali wins via 450 Splash – ** 3/4
  • Rosemary w/Havok vs Jody Threat w/Dani Luna: Rosemary wins via Spear – ***
  • Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley) vs The System (Eddie Edwards & Brian Myers) w/Alisha Edwards: System wins via Roster Cut + Knee Party – *** 1/4



So we kick off the match with Josh coming out to commentary again to watch Hammerstone’s match. They really need a new way to try and keep heat without reusing the same tired gimmick of “ring side seat” to a Squash match.

Little Guido w/New FBI vs Hammerstone

Guido tries to shoot the half, but Hammerstone shrugs him off, lifts him like a child and runs him into a corner, few short shots and then just tosses him across the ring. Hammer gets a little distracted talking smack to Josh and eats a foot, but then tosses Guido with the ole Sack of Shit move and keeps working over Guido.

Hammer shoves Clayton, and provokes him to push him back right in front of the referee. She ejects them, Guido tries to take advantage but when he goes for the pinfall Hammer kicks out immediately and presses Guido out of thing through the ropes. Continues to dog walk Guido, puts the head gear on the ECW Original and then Torture Racks him while staring directly at Josh, and of course picks up the submission victory.

LSG vs Joe Hendry

Hendry cuts a little promo, mentioning the Fat Uncle Phil joke…something about shopping at the TOP Dollar Store. Solid mic work.

LSG is a damn good local talent, he’s been seen in ROH and AEW in the past (perhaps others, but that’s what comes to mind immediately for me), but we all know this is an enhancement match. A few nice chain wrestling spots early, but Hendry uses his power to stop the smaller wrestler, Sack of Shit into Standing Ovation and the match is over quickly.

Mustafa Ali & GYV vs Cody Deaner, Jake Something & Rhyno

Well okay, having Deaner ask the crowd if they wanted a 3v2 or their third member…RHYNO…is pretty much a no brainer in Philly. But at least the gimmick isn’t quite as cringe as I expected.

Jake starts with Zack Gibson and throws him around. Jake goes for the tag and Deaner asks the crowd who Jake should tag, and the crowd picks Rhyno. Rhyno Whips Gibson into a corner, Drake actually softens the impact, allowing Gibson to fire back, tag out, but Rhyno levels both GYV members and then even knocks Ali off the apron. Rhyno tries to call to the crowd to tag in Deaner and that goes over like a fart in church. He tags him in anyway, and the crowd is kinda dead and doing whatever it wants after the obvious ECW chants when Rhyno tagged in.

GYV take a couple lumps but they of course start to work over Deaner and capture some momentum. Solid tandem work from GYV, they cut off Deaner from making a tag and goad Jake a little to cause the ref to block off the babyfaces so the heels can take a few shortcuts. Cody eventually makes the tag to Rhyno, hot tag, he tries to set up the Gore but the GYV manage to stop him in his tracks and hit an Enzuigiri to daze the Man Beast, he falls to his corner and Jake tags himself in. Jake literally runs them all over, tags in Cody and Launches him from the Top Rope into Zack Gibson. Ali makes the save and Jake tries to get his hands on Ali, but the GYV keep throwing themselves at him, literally. The triple team finally gets the best of Jake, they hit 3 Dives and then post Jake, so they gather around Cody like hyenas.

They forgot about Rhyno, he’s set up for a Gore, he Gores Drake, Gibson and Ali take out Rhyno, but then Cody starts to fight back. Ali stops Deaner’s offense with an Avalanche Sunset Bomb, then hits his 450 Splash. Jake barely misses being able to break up the pin.

Rosemary w/Havok vs Jody Threat w/Dani Luna

Jody tries to start quickly with Shoulder Tackles, Lariats and Scoop Slams, and it does seem somewhat effective. Rosemary is having trouble finding offense against the intensity, but she keeps kicking out. Shotgun Dropkick finally gives Rosemary an opening, she goes into full mount and rains down strikes. Rosemary shoves Jody into a corner and Bites her in the corner. Jody tries to fight out, they go across and Rosemary catches her with the legs and puts her in the Upside Down. Splash in the corner from Rosemary, Exploder Suplex and Jody is eating a lot of offense.

Rosemary looks like she’s caught after she gets tripped up into the ropes and Jody goes for her Rope Knee into the German, but Rosemary dodges. Rosemary hits her own suplex and pulls out a beautiful Last Chancery! I haven’t seen her do that in a long time. Jody manages to fight to the ropes, Rosemary is a little slow to capitalize and eats a Pump Kick. Rosemary goes flying into the ropes, Jody hits the Double Knees into the German this time for 2, and they trade a few haymakers after that. Jody folds Rosemary with a low Lariat, Zombie rise spot a few times, Jody goes for a pinfall and Rosemary kicks out.

Havok jumps up on the apron, Dani meets her and they decide to step down, but the distraction was enough. Jody turns around and eats a Spear. Rosemary wins!

Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley) vs The System (Eddie Edwards & Brian Myers) w/Alisha Edwards

Eddie and Shelley start off, and its a very simple slow start. Mostly an early stalemate, the typical Japanese style the TNA seem to love to employ. Starters tag out, but then Shelley with the blind tag, Sabin Baseball Slides out, picks Eddie’s ankle and sends his face bouncing off the apron, while Shelley sneaks up being Myers and they hit a tandem move before we cut to commercial. Off of the commercial it looks like Eddie and Myers regained control. But a nice Jawbreaker from Shelley sends Eddie falling back into the MCMG corner. Dragon Screws to both legs from Sabin and Shelley, and we get the Dragon Screw dissection spot for the Guns.

Myers gets sick of things, tries to get involved, but Simultaneous Figure Fours from the MCMG makes The System look silly. Alisha does the classic “push the rope forward” gimmick to assist Eddie in breaking the hold. She keeps chirping at Shelley until she finally grabs his foot. Shelley doesn’t take kindly, tries to grab her by the hair but she gets away, Shelley eats a strike and falls back to the ropes so Lish can just throttle him with the rope, Sabin walks over and acts like he’s going to PK her and the look of disgust on her face is hilarious, like “how dare he threaten to kick her”. Would I be mad is Masha decides to team with Lish and they win the Knockouts Tag titles? No, because the Knockouts Tags are trash. But I still prefer Lish as valet/manager.

Shelley starts fighting back after another commercial break, Eddie tries to cut him off, but Sabin clocks Eddie and Shelley manages to make the tag and Sabin comes in. Lights up both System members, Kick off Tornado DDT, into a Running Gamengiri. Eddie tries to counter but Shelley assists, tandem strikes, Double Baseball Slide into the classic MCMG spot 5 Hole Dive! Keeping up with the classics Shelley stacks the System members on each other and hit the Missile Dropkick/Flatliner spot. As the Guns are rolling, Sabin accidentally catches Sabin with his foot and The System take control! They hit their pieces of the System Overload spot, but Sabin kicks out. Roster Cut attempt from Myers, but Shelley is back. High Speed Dirt, Machine Gun Sandwich, but Lish grabs Shelley’s foot when they’re setting up Skull and Bones. Shelley gets dropped on the turnbuckle and thrown out, Sabin eats the Roster Cut followed up with Boston Knee Party and System retains!

Its a little weird to have had the two commercial cuts and the fact there’s still Nic Nemeth to follow. So it feels a little flat, I hope this wasn’t their swan song match, because it was nice to see some classic spots, but it was entirely too abbreviated. 

Nemeth comes out, goes into the crowd and finds a kid with a kendo stick and borrows a beer from someone, so he does a bit of a Sandman tribute. Moose cuts off his promo basically immediately. He throws out the “can’t beat the system” line again, and Nic rolls with the punches well. Moose uses a few cute analogies about Nic having a failure laden past, but Nemeth bites back and its really damn good. He says he can see it in Moose’s eyes that he thinks he’s getting in the ring with Dolph Ziggler, but no, there is no more old Dolph Ziggler, just the new Nic Nemeth. And Moose’s cool seems to be slightly shaken after those words. Good promo.

Overall Score: 6.5/10

So this was okay, if it didn’t end as strongly as it did, I would’ve rated this much lower. Two squash matches in the beginning, reusing the Josh comes out to the announce table to watch trope is boring, hell even Clayton’s shove to Hammerstone was super lame looking. The Deaner match was luke warm at best, but things picked up around the Rosemary match.

Lets also not overlook the segments with ASH & Xia, Jonathan Gresham’s whole deal and EY having to return to the violence/sickness/world class maniac, whatever you want to call it, were all great building blocks. This definitely wasn’t what I would call a strong Go Home, but it didn’t hurt things for Rebellion. The whole injury of Cardona was addressed, which honestly sounded weird since Jordynne basically said she was expecting them to have a backup plan so she has a backup plan. I don’t really like how that video package came across.

But who knows, all I know is, this wasn’t an awful episode, it just wasn’t really strong either.  Here’s to hoping Rebellion Saturday is still strong.

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Mitchell’s ROH Results & Report! (4/18/24)

Time to Man Up!



Will the Ivy League MVP earn a title shot?

The NEW ROH World Champion, Mark Briscoe, is here to step onto the Proving Ground with one of Maria Kanellis’ baby boys, Griff Garrison! Will Griff make Maria proud? Or will he reach for the sky?


  • Bryan Keith VS Aaron Solo; wins.
  • The Infantry VS The Iron Savages w/Jacked Jameson; win(s).
  • The Dark Order VS ???
  • Six Woman Tag: Diamante, Leila Grey & Taya Valkyrie VS Kiera Hogan, Leyla Hirsch & Trish Adora; win.
  • Lady Frost VS Marti Belle; wins.
  • Beast Mortos VS Nick Comoroto; wins.
  • Abadon VS Allysin Kay; wins.
  • ROH World Championship Proving Ground Match: Mark Briscoe VS Griff Garrison w/ Cole Karter & Maria Kanellis; wins and
  • Lee Johnson VS JD Drake; wins.


Mark Briscoe speaks.

“Now House of Black, I’ve been doing this dance with y’all a little while now, and I’m starting to understand how y’all operate. Starting to understand y’all’s M-O. You try to intimidate me. You try to strike fear into the hearts of men. Well I done told you, I fear no man, I fear no evil. And ancient wisdom says the violent take it by force. Now lemme tell you, Eddie Kingston, Adam Copeland, and Mark Briscoe, we some violent men! And at Dynasty, we bringing the violence, babeh! So heed my advice, House of Black! Be afraid, be very afraid!” The Sussex County Chicken is ready for a fight, will he, the Rated R Superstar and Mad King tear down The House of Black once and for all?


Bryan Keith VS Aaron Solo!

The Bounty Hunter is still looking for a prize, but he’ll gladly fight to earn his shot. Will Keith be heading for a golden opportunity on the other side of Dynasty? Or will Solo shoot first?


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