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Andrew’s IMPACT Results & Match Ratings: 6.2.2022



Slammiversary is two weeks away and we still have a few things to flesh out for the show! We’re missing a few Ultimate X participants, Honor No More is looking for a match and Sami Callihan is haunting Moose. So something’s gotta start to give in how we’re getting resolutions there.

Plus the scuttle butt around Twitter was that tonight’s episode is W. Morrissey’s last match under the initial contract he signed. I’m not expecting him to sign an extension, so my guess would be he eats the pin and maybe they have a segment or two where he can get written off the show in the coming weeks. So with Jonah done, Morrissey done (most likely) and The Good Brothers done after Slammiversary (another most likely), this is looking to be an interesting turning point for the company.

More throwback intros thanks to the 20 years of IMPACT! TNA! TNA! TNA!


  • Savannah Evans w/Tasha Steelz vs Mia Yim: Mia wins via Protect Ya Neck – **
  • Kenny King vs Blake Christian: King wins via Royal Flush – ***
  • Matthew Rehwoldt vs Rich Swann: Swann wins via Phoenix Splash – ** 3/4
  • OGK w/Eddie Edwards vs Heath & Rhino: Taven wins via Climax – ** 1/4
  • PCO & Massive Cassidy vs Moose & Scott Maclin: Maclin wins via DDT – ***



The show opens with Deonna walking out and joining commentary for the upcoming match. 

Savannah Evans w/Tasha Steelz vs Mia Yim

Mia tries to get some movement and string together a few moves since Savannah has the power advantage, but that twists when Yim gets bounced off the ropes and dropped on her head with a Snap DDT.  Savannah controls the pace, stifles a few fire up attempts for Mia. Rising up with the crowd, a Sole Butt into a Running move but Savannah just drops Mia with a Pop Up Powerbomb. Mia rolls away from a leg drop and we get successive Roll-Up attempts.

Savannah stops the locomotion stuff with a Scoop Slam, but Mia is trying to fight back. Savannah misses the Spear in the corner and Mia finally starts stringing things together. John Woo into Cannonball and a near fall. Mia goes for a Tornado DDT, but Savannah shrugs her off a few slams and then a nice Fisherman’s Suplex Hold for 2. Tasha tries to interfere on Savannah’s behalf, but Jordynne charges down to even the score and that distracts Savannah. Protect Ya Neck and Mia wins.

Kenny King vs Blake Christian

So sadly Trey is on commentary since he was instrumental in this match creation, but this means we’re gonna have to hear Trey talk. Ugh. At least Blake tends to be mostly entertaining, his look is the only thing that’s hard to buy into. 

I do appreciate Kenny King’s Cobra Kai trunks. After an early shortcut gives King some momentum, we get a lot of quick flips and dodges which end with Blake making contact on Kenny’s face. He tries to fire, they go outside, and it’s just a lot of Kenny trying to talk shit and Blake slipping in and out of positions.

After the commercial they’re back in the ring and King has Blake in a Bow and Arrow. Long and short of the next few minutes is more of Kenny being cocky and Blake having spurts of flipping out of nowhere and throwing feet. Classic Tiger Feint and the Rolling Pop-Up Splash give Blake a nearfall. Blake tries to spring off Kenny again, but Kenny gets away, Springboard Blockbuster, Eddy Gordo Handstand Kick, Spinebuster and…only 2.

They get into the ropes, Kenny gets hung across the top and Blake hits a Splash as Kenny drapes and then flops to the outside. Blake tries to get him back in as fast as possible, but only 2. Goes for the 450, misses, Kenny tries a few things but Blake goes for a whole plethora of different cradle attempts. 450 attempt 2, Knees Up, Suplex, Royal Flush and Kenny keeps his Ultimate X spot!

They announce the 5th participant for Ultimate X and its…Jack Evans. Ugh. So between him and Trey they’ve got the worthless spots with no psychology covered. 

Matthew Rehwoldt vs Rich Swann

After the Drama King decided to enter the gauntlet for the gold, he eliminated Swanny from a World title opportunity. So Rich wants a little revenge.

Drama King gets the best of things initially with the Cravat Headlock Takeover, a little solid smack talk. Both try for Knuckle Lock mind games, but Swann gets the best of things with his little disco dancing hands thing he does. Very Lucha Up and Over exchange before Rich connects with the Gamengiri. Rehwoldt powders, Rich chases, Rehwoldt asks Tom to protect him and Tom responds with the “why the hell would I do that”. So a few fun entertainment aspects as well solid wrestling.

Rehwoldt does hit a nice…walking in off the top rope Boot Stomp…I don’t know how else to call it. But it’s cocky, seems somewhat effective and he made it look good. Rich fires back a little, goes for the Crossbody and Rehwoldt catches him, throws him on the shoulders and hits an Attitude Adjustment for 2. Swann hits a Lethal Injection as Rehwoldt is figuring out how to continue, then eats the Phoenix Splash, and Rich wins!

Brother Brothers come down to talk shop and hype a little for their title match. Could very well be their last IMPACT match. Okay they even bring up success in Saudi Arabia for the cheap heat. I was amused, but it’s low hanging fruit. They do a Top 10 of their best moments, and it’s always a Magic Killer and them beating someone, then when we get to 6, they keep doing the time they beat The Briscoes, just to rub it in. Briscoes have seen enough before the number 1 is officially revealed, and you hear the “REACH FOR THE SKIES”. 

As can be expected, things break down. Briscoes say the Good Brothers are soft and pampered and they grind all day on the farm or in the ring. Then we get a few quick strikes exchanged before The Good Brothers decide it’s best to powder and wait for Slammiversary.

OGK w/Eddie Edwards vs Heath & Rhino

I’m fairly sure OGK will go over here, so I’m hoping that we can see Heath and Rhino pick up some momentum after Slammiversary. I don’t mind them “jobbing” since they’re back together for the first time in a long time. So you gotta re-establish the chemistry.

Bennett starts off with Rhino…and yeah Rhino takes control and then tags in Heath. After a few tandem spots, Heath lets Bennett stumble off and get Taven into the match. Taven is not fairing well, but through the magic of the commercial break, OGK puts a blind tag a few things together and start laying it into Heath. Bennet has Heath sitting in the middle, runs the ropes passed him 4 or 5 times like he’s building something…and then stops and pokes Heath in the eye.

OGK try to distract the referee but it backfires a little as Heath dumps out Bennett but Taven keeps cutting off Heath from the tag. Taven eats a few strikes, but Heath can’t quite find the energy to reach Rhino. Shortarm Lariat from Heath, tag is finally made and now Taven is getting his head bounced off the mat. Bennett stops Rhino from killing Taven, Heath tries to even the numbers but Bennett dumps out Heath, Climax on Rhino and Taven wins!

Post match beatdown, Honor No More go right after Rhino’s leg, wrap one chair around the knee and slam another chair into it. Motor City Machine Guns and Kazarian hit the ring for the eventually save, but Rhino is ambulanced off the episode. We’re setting up for a big Honor No More versus Team Impact again, Frankie and The Guns are told to find 2 more guys for a 5v5 against Honor No More! 

PCO & Massive Cassidy vs Moose & Scott Maclin

Maclin and PCO start and are somewhat even. PCO tries the Armwringer into the tag, but Maclin slips it and Moose & Cassidy come in. Cass and Moose trade slap chops in the corner, Moose tries to fire out of it into more offense but eats a Big Boot from Cassidy. PCO comes back in and Moose keeps looking for a way back into the match, but it’s not looking great right now for M&M. PCO and Cass have more tag experience in genera and they actually work together fairly well.

We see Maclin eat a Double Chokeslam while Moose is still the legal guy and getting worked over. Cass with the old Kevin Nash Foot Choke in the corner, looks for another big boot but Maclin gets in a cheap shot and then Moose Chop Blocks Cass when he gets distracted. Maclin and Moose stay on Cass’ banged up leg, but eventually PCO comes back in and starts clearing house. DDT for Moose, Cannonball for Maclin, Deanimator on Maclin while Cassidy holds Maclin still! Moose lands a Pump Kick on PCO, tries for another but PCO catches him and slams him down with a Belly to Belly. Stalling Middle Rope Headbutt but Maclin breaks it up. PCO dumps out Moose and Maclin, then dives through the ropes onto both opponents!

PCO slides Moose back in, PCO-Sault and Moose moves! Both miss Lariats and then connect simultaneously. PCO fires first, tags in Cass and Moose is getting rocked until the tandem stuff plays in a little. They put Cass on the top rope, Moose hits the Okada Dropkick which has Morrissey fall back into the Tree of Woe, Maclin hits the Crosshairs on Cass, Dives on PCO on the outside, Double Arm DDT on Cass, and Maclin wins!

Overall Score: 7/10

A solid main event, that ended with a nice Sami Callihan spot to pop the crowd. This does however lend weight to Massive Cassidy not coming back to IMPACT. Which all in all, I’d say it was a really good run for W. Morrissey. He’s in the best shape he’s been in, put together solid matches, works better, talks better, and kept his nose clean for a little over a year. WWE could very well be looking to bring him back.

The sprinkles of old TNA faces like Shark Boy and Chris Harris make me hopeful they might do a little bit of what they wanted to do in 2020 with the TNA themed event during WrestleMania week. If Kazarian and The Guns get maybe…America’s Most Wanted to help them out; I would love one last wrinkle being Lethal Lockdown. There hasn’t been a Lethal Lockdown match since 2016, and for some reason they were gonna bring it back in 2020 with Team Elgin vs Team Edwards, but the pandemic ruined all that.

So aside from that, the rest is just solid TV entertainment. The prospects of old TNA names possibly showing up is a little exciting as long as it’s not obvious people. Like I don’t need Christian and Christopher Daniels to be the last two. James Storm, Chris Harris, Jerry Lynn (if he’d unretire that is), Kazuchika Okada (pipe dream but could be cool), Samoa Joe, Jeff Jarrett; there’s a ton of people they could pull from, I just don’t want it to be lazy adds. Either way, pretty good show for 2 weeks away from Slammiversary!

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Rampage Results & Report! (3/1/24)

Rampage towards Revolution!



Riho’s on a Rampage!

Just 48 hours ahead of AEW Revolution, there’s an All Star Scramble qualifier, CMLL stars debuting, and Riho returning to action!


  • Claudio Castagnoli VS Rugido; wins.
  • Riho VS Trish Adora; wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Lance Archer & The Righteous VS ???
  • All-Star Scramble Qualifier: Magnus VS Matt Sydal; wins and advances to AEW Revolution.


[Due to scheduling conflicts, coverage will begin later tonight]

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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Results & Report! (3/1/24)

The Rock says…! The Rock says…!



The American Nightmare wants an answer!

Finally…! The Rock has come back to Arizona! And tonight on SmackDown, the world wants to know: Will he accept Cody Rhodes’ challenge of a 1v1 match?


  • Naomi VS Tiffany Stratton; Tiffany wins.
  • Bayley & Dakota Kai VS The Kabuki Warriors w/ Iyo Sky; No Contest.
  • Bron Breakker VS Xyon Quinn; Bron wins.
  • Street Fight: Carlito VS Santos Escobar; Carlito wins.
  • Randy Orton VS Austin Theory w/ Grayson Waller; wins.


The Bloodline heads to the ring!

Glendale, AZ fires up as Roman Reigns leads the way for Paul Heyman, Jimmy Uso & Solo Sikoa. The Tribal Chief is handed the Universal Championship to hold it up for the pyro while everyone else holds up the ones. Roman is on day 1,279 as he continues down the ramp and enters the ring. And as it stands, in 36 days, he will defend the title against The American Nightmare, Cody Rhodes! Roman raises the belt again for the second round of pyro, and then the fans can be heard torn between cheering and jeering. Heyman still hands the mic over to Roman, the fans boo harder, and Roman says, “Glendale, Arizona…! ACKNOWLEDGE ME!”

The fans are torn again, still plenty putting up the ones. Roman says it used to be louder. It has to be the fans and not Roman, so let’s try this again. “Phoenix, Arizona…! ACKNOWLEDGE ME!” The fans still boo but then a “CODY! CODY!” chant starts. Roman has a headache and says, “I’m gonna try this one last time. And if you don’t get on my page, I’ve fulfilled my obligation and I’m leaving. Last shot. Glendale, Arizona…! ACKNOWLEDGE ME!!” The fans are louder but just with more boos and chants for Cody. Roman says they’re done here. Call the FBO, fire up the jet, the appearance is done, you’re welcome.

But Heyman tells the Tribal Chief that they still have some other business to attend to, they cannot leave yet. He is coming out, remember? Just give Heyman a moment. The fans mock Roman with “Hey Hey Hey, Goodbye~!” Heyman says in just a moment, The People’s Champion, The BBE up in WWE, the Greatest Movie Star of All Time, will be out here live. THE ROCK! After these commercial messages. Roman is annoyed with the fans as they continue to boo, will the mood pick up after the break?

SmackDown returns, and yes, The Rock is here! Fans fire up as he makes his entrance, this time wearing a Versace shirt to parallel the classic vest from last week. The Great One swaggers his way to the ring as he gets his introduction, then grabs himself a mic. The Rock takes a moment to soak up all the heat, and then says, “Are you sure you wanna boo The Rock?” The fans boo harder! The Rock says it’s time to drop some gospel on them. He has news they’ll probably like, might even be proud of. Apparently, Glendale is ten miles away from Phoenix. So then, are there people from Phoenix here tonight?

The fans cheer and The Rock knew it. It makes sense. He did some research, and found this out. This is truth, this is fact, the number one city in America for cocaine and meth use is Phoenix, Arizona! The fans are weirdly torn about that. “And here’s what that means. Finally…! Your life has meaning! Because finally, you cactus loving crackheads worth shooting in your veins! As you sit and you look at The Rock (censoring of the crowd happens apparently), FINALLY! The Rock has come back to Arizooona~!” The fans do cheer that, at least. The Rock then says he is covered in chills, he’s in a good mood!

The Universal Champion, Roman, is in a good mood! Jimmy Uso is in a good mood! Even Solo Sikoa, though you wouldn’t know it by looking at him, but that is his happy face. He’s in a good mood. And here’s why they’re in a good mood, Arizona. Because once again, though it’s been decades, professional wrestling is cool! The fans cheer that! The Rock says pro-wrestling is exciting, it is in a word, electrifying once again. It’s why Birmingham, Alabama, they sold out. It’s why in Salt Lake City, they sold out. It’s why tonight in “this crack den with popcorn,” they are sold out! And it’s why next week, in Dallas, Texas, is sold out!

It’s why in two weeks, in Memphis, Tennessee, when The Rock comes home, that will sell out, too. And the reason why is because there is greatness among you. Wrestling is cool because of The Rock, Roman Reigns & The Bloodline! The fans chant for “ROCKY! ROCKY!” but also “CODY! CODY!” The Rock asks, “Y’know who’s not cool? Your hear, Cody Rhodes.” The Rock tells Cody he thinks he’s tough, wants to challenge Rock to go 1v1 with the Great One! The Rock sees Cody, hears Cody, and tonight in Arizona, here is The Rock’s answer. It’s NO! The fans boo but The Rock says “You think you’re just gonna one on one with The Great One just because you want to?”

That’s not how it happens! That ain’t the real world, Glendale! You know it and The Rock knows it. But guess what, Cody? The world wants to go 1v1 with The Rock. And y’know who else wants it? Every woman in this arena. The fans really go wild there. The Rock smiles and tells the “crackhead Karens” and “meth head Marys” to calm down. Ain’t no way they’re ready for The Rock’s 22 inches of Heaven! And no, keep your mind out of the gutter. Not The Rock’s “Holy Moses.” He means the guns hanging from his shoulders that he’ll wrap around Cody. But it ain’t gonna be 1v1. Cody, you think you’re tough, that you can go 1v1 with The Rock. Are you an idiot?

Cody’s got the biggest WrestleMania match of his career with the most dominant WWE Champion in HISTORY, and Cody’s challenging The Rock?! The Rock, Roman & Bloodline saw the challenge, heard it, laughed at it, but now, The Rock is being a businessman. Here is a counter offer. The Rock tells the fans to shut up and listen. Cody thinks he’s tough, him and his new bestie, “that walking clown emoji,” Seth Rollins, they think they’re tough, huh? So here’s the challenge. Night one of WrestleMania, the biggest tag team match in the history of the WWE! The biggest tag team in the history of pro-wrestling!

It will be Cody & Seth VS Universal Champion & People’s Champion! But not just a regular tag match, either. The Rock & Roman could just beat the piss out of ’em and be done with it, but no, here’s what they’ll do. IF those two jabronies beat Rock & Roman on night one, then on night two, Cody VS Roman will be free of The Bloodline. No Jimmy, no Solo, no Heyman, no Rock, they’re all barred from ringside. They’ll get the lawyers, the contracts, The Rock’s word and Roman’s word. IF Cody & Seth win, Cody can #FinishTheStory 1v1 with Roman Reigns. The fans rally up for “CODY! CODY!” but The Rock smirks.

The Rock says but, because there’s always a but. If, or rather when, Rock & Roman beat those two candy asses on night one, then on night two, the championship match, it is Bloodline Rules. Anything goes! The Rock might just pull up a chair next to Pat McAfee, call that match, Jimmy as referee, Heyman gets the foreign objects, Solo sings the national anthem. Yes, that is very funny, Solo has a great voice, but just sit there and shut up. The fans chant for “SOLO! SOLO!” and Solo is rather surprised, maybe a little nervous. It’s Bloodline Rules, The Rock takes that chair, and he’ll find his way to Cody to bash his brains in. And it’ll be legal!

So there’s a lot to think about, Cody. You think you’re tough, that you can even go 2v2 against the greatest duo in sports entertainment. Cody, meet them next week in Dallas to give us the answer. Because listen here, Cody, and “you walking emoji clown show,” Seth Rollins. If you do NOT accept the challenge, then you know, the fans know, and the world knows, The Rock will do everything in his power to make sure Cody does not win at WrestleMania. And there ain’t a man back there that can stop The Rock from doing it. You all know where The Rock sits. You all know The Rock is on the board, and owns it all! That means The Rock is your boss!

The fans boo but The Rock says there’s no one can stop him. No GM, no VP of who gives an F! But the fans chant “TRIPLE H! TRIPLE H!” The Rock ignores that to say here’s the thing, Cody. If you don’t accept the challenge… then The Rock & Roman will end your story tragically. So how tough do you think you are, Cody? Meet them in Dallas for SmackDown and give them the answer. “IF YA SMELLL~” WAIT. Roman cuts The Rock off?! Even Heyman is stunned! The fans are losing their minds as The Rock just stares at Roman. Roman gets the mic from Heyman, and he says he needs something.

Roman will do anything for the family, but he needs this one thing. Roman looks The Rock in the eye, and he tells The Rock, “Acknowledge me.” Fans are stunned to hear The Tribal Chief ask this of The People’s Champion! The Rock takes off his sunglasses to look Roman dead in the eye. The Rock says, “Roman Reigns… my family… I acknowledge you… as my Tribal Chief.” Fans are even more stunned! The Rock then holds out his hand, and Roman takes it. The fans tell The Rock, “You Sold Out! You Sold Out!” The Rock and Roman brush that off and The Rock says, “Let The Rock explain something to you idiots.

“This is family. And we will do anything for family. Now go home and smoke some more crack. IF YA SMELLLL~…” The Rock then hands it over to Roman?! Roman finishes it with, “What The BLOODLINE is cooking!” The Samoan Dynasty’s foundation is stronger than ever, will nothing stop them from completely dominating the WWE?


Grayson Waller and Austin Theory look at footage.

Waller says Randy Orton’s about to win the Chamber, and then BAM! Logan Paul gets him clean with the brass knuckles! But then LA Knight storms in and asks if they’ve seen AJ Styles. Nope. They don’t care where he is, either. LA Knight holds up the chair from Chamber and says let AJ know there’s a receipt waiting for him. Knight leaves, and A-Town Down Under goes back to the replay. And then Orton walks in to overhear them mocking him. Orton walks up and laughs at the video. Yeah, play it again. Uh, okay… Yes, RKO on Drew, Orton is excited but feeling sore, and then BAM! Logan knocks him out! Hilarious!

Orton says he’s never seen anything as funny as that. Actually, he has a great idea. Orton will do something hilarious just like that! It doesn’t matter who it is, but one of them goes to the ring to face Orton, and he’ll try to literally rip their head off! The fun part is, they get to choose who gets the holy hell beat out of them! Waller says Theory has talked about wanting to face Orton! Orton says good on Theory! See you later! Orton leaves and Theory says first Australia and now this. Waller keeps selling him out! Waller says no, this is a great chance for a main event with Orton! A-Town Down Under argues, but will Theory end up getting bit by The Viper?


Naomi VS Tiffany Stratton!

Speaking of Elimination Chamber, neither woman here won their match, with The Glow being eliminated by the Wrestling Barbie fairly early. Will Naomi get some payback here tonight? Or will SmackDown be put on #TiffyTime?

The bell rings and the two circle. The fans rally up for “Tiffy Time!” and Tiff says see, Glendale gets it. The two tie up, Tiffy headlocks, but Naomi powers out. Tiffy runs Naomi over, keeps moving, but Naomi drops. Tiffy handsprings up and over and fans cheer. Tiff talks trash on Naomi, but Naomi gets around to waistlock, pull her back, and run to ELBOW Tiff down! The fans cheer as Naomi shows off with the no-hands cartwheel! The two reset, knuckle lock, but then Tiff kicks low. Tiff throws Naomi down by her hair, the ref reprimands but fans are torn. Tiff whips Naomi but Naomi reverses then runs up to SPLASH!

Naomi stomps Tiff, then lets off to get some space. Naomi runs up and basement dropkicks! Naomi then drags Tiff to a corner, TWO! Tiff crawls to the ropes but Naomi keeps cool. Naomi runs in again but is put on the apron. Naomi ROUNDHOUSES, then slingshots for a FACEBUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Tiff survives then bails out, and SmackDown goes to break.

SmackDown returns and Tiff handsprings to back elbow in the corner! Then she snapmares Naomi and again says it’s Tiffy Time! Tiff runs to DOUBLE STOMP Naomi down! Cover, TWO!! Naomi survives and she flops to the apron. Tiff grows frustrated but she storms up to drag Naomi into the ropes. Naomi RAMS into Tiff, then reels her in, for the HEATSEEKER! Tiff falls back, Naomi covers, TWO! Tiff survives again but Naomi keeps on her. Naomi stands Tuff up but Tiff SLAPS! Naomi SLAPS! It’s a SLAP fight! Then it turns into forearms! Tiff ducks the roundhouse but not the KNEE! Tiff wobbles, Naomi runs but into a SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO!

Tiff grits her teeth as she kicks Naomi away. The fans rally up as both women are on the mat. They sit up, Tiff is after Naomi first but Naomi JAWBREAKERS! Naomi CORNER BULLDOGS Tiff, then goes up and up and- NO, Tiff bails out to the apron! Naomi stops herself, grabs at Tiff, but the ref gets between them. Tiff CLAWS eyes, then POSTS Naomi! Tiff gets in, goes up and up, PRETTIEST MOONSAULT EVER! Cover, Tiff wins!

Winner: Tiffany Stratton, by pinfall

Naomi got pinned by Tiffany in the Chamber, she got pinned in a normal match, is SmackDown going to have no choice but to make Tiffany Stratton the Center of the Universe?


Bayley & Dakota Kai VS The Kabuki Warriors w/ Iyo Sky!

The Role Model & #CobraKai want their revenge on Asuka, Kairi Sane & The Evil Genius after their betrayal, but that might be easier said than done. The joshi hold all the gold, will they make sure Bayley & Dakota understand why?

SmackDown returns as Bayley makes her entrance, Dakota by her side and finally 100%. The moment they’re in the ring, DMG CTRL bails out and taunts them. The ref gets Bayley & Dakota to calm down and go to their corner, but then the Kabuki Warriors attack! Fans boo as Asuka & Kairi mug Bayley then get her up. They double whip then bypass to KICK, AX KICK, BULLDOG and BASEMENT DROPKICK! The fans boo but Iyo applauds. Asuka keeps after Bayley but Bayley trips her up! Bayley rains down hands but Asuka kicks her away. Asuka goes to a corner, Bayley runs in but is put on the apron.

Bayley ROCKS Asuka, climbs up, but Asuka distracts the ref so Kairi can CLUB Bayley down! Fans boo more but Asuka & Kairi just smile. Asuka then sits Bayley up to KICK! And KICK! And KICK! Bayley blocks one! Bayley ROCKS Asuka, shoves her then trips her while sliding out of the ring! Kairi runs up but Bayley DECKS her! Bayley glares at Iyo, hurries back in, but Asuka keeps her from Dakota! Bayley whips Asuka, Asuka reverses and sends Bayley into Dakota! Asuka pie faces Bayley and taunts her but the fans rally up. Bayley ROCKS Asuka in return, and then again! Asuka ROCKS Bayley, runs and tags, CODE BREAKER and BLOCKBUSTER!

The fans boo as the Kabuki Warriors aim at Bayley. SLIDING FOREARM KICK COMBO! Cover, TWO! Kairi is annoyed but she dribbles Bayley off the mat! The ref reprimands but Kairi tags in Asuka. Kairi feeds Bayley to BOOTS! Asuka & Kairi continue to soak up the heat, they double whip but Bayley crisscrosses them into each other! Bayley drop toeholds Kairi into ropes, but Asuka whips Bayley, Bayley goes up and out to ROCK Asuka, KNEE Kairi, and then she baits Asuka in for the HOTSHOT! The fans fire up and Bayley crawls her way over. Dakota rises up and the fans rally! But Asuka grabs a foot!

Bayley kicks Asuka away, turns around, hot- NO! Dakota ditches Bayley!? Fans boo but Bayley realizes she should’ve known all along that Dakota was a snake. Bayley still fights the Kabuki Warriors all her own, then she goes out to RAM Dakota into barriers! The fans are thunderous as Bayley gets even with the newest traitor! But then the Kabuki Warriors mug Bayley, put her back in, and they also have Dakota and Iyo join in. Dakota SLAPS Bayley, then Iyo BLINDSIDE KNEES Bayley down!

No Contest

Iyo taunts Bayley with the WWE Women’s Championship, saying it will always be Iyo’s! She shoves the belt into Bayley’s face then shoves Bayley down. It seems Bayley is truly alone in this fight, does she have any chance of winning the title at WrestleMania?


DMG CTRL regroups backstage.

They’re all happy that it’s the four of them against Bayley, and they pass by LA Knight hunting for AJ Styles. And then JADE CARGILL steps forward. Nick Aldis steps in to say he’ll deal with DMG CTRL later. For now, he and Jade have a meeting. The storm smiles and leaves with the GM, is she going to join SmackDown after all?


Bron Breakker VS Xyon Quinn!

The Big Bad Booty Nephew is back in action on The Blue Brand, still hot off last week’s debut win. Will he keep things going as we get closer and closer to WrestleMania Weekend? Or will Xyon prove he is still The It Factor?

The bell rings and Bron runs to SPEAR Xyon down!! Cover, Bron wins!!

Winner: Bron Breakker, by pinfall

Thanks for coming, Xyon! That was an incredibly fast win for Bron, perhaps even historically so! Is nothing going to stop Bron from breaking through to the main event scene?


WWE mourns the loss of Michael Jones, aka Virgil.


Street Fight: Carlito VS Santos Escobar!

This grudge match was meant to happen months ago, but Caribbean Cool could not be cleared to compete because the Emperor of Lucha made sure he couldn’t! But now things have escalated and there is nothing holding either man back! Will Carlito finally have vengeance for the LWO? Or will Escobar establish his Legado Del Fantasma above all others?

SmackDown returns and Santos makes his entrance. The bell rings and the two rush in to throw hands! The fans fire up as the fists fly, and Carlito ROCKS Santos! Santos shoves Carlito back but Carlito CLOBBERS Santos! Carlito rains down fists, stalks Santos to ropes then bumps him off buckles. Carlito shoves Santos out of the ring, goes out after him, then shoves him around. Carlito sends Santos into steel steps but Glendale wants tables. So Carlito goes looking, and he finds a table! The fans cheer but Santos gets in the ring. Carlito hurries in after Santos but Santos intercepts with a kick!

Santos ROCKS and CHOPS Carlito, fires more forearms, then whips Carlito. Carlito reverses and Santos goes back into steel steps! Carlito puts Santos back in the ring, the fans now want apples! Carlito can dig that, and goes looking. He finds a kendo stick! Not an apple but still really good. Wait, THERE is the apple! Carlito smiles as the fans fi reup, but Santos DIVES! Down goes Carlito and the apple and Santos laughs while SmackDown goes to break.

SmackDown returns and Santos is putting a trash can around Carlito! Santos runs corner to corner, to DOUBLE KNEE Carlito down! The can is removed as Santos covers, TWO!! Santos is frustrated, and he drags Carlito up to fire forearms! Santos throws Carlito out to the floor, then he builds speed. Santos DIVES into a CHAIR! The fans are thunderous as Carlito gets in and he stalks Santos. Santos stands, Carlito runs up to LARIAT! And ELBOW! Carlito gets that trash can to THROW it into Santos! Then Carlito picks the can up, but Santos puts up his guard! So Carlito puts it around him in return for earlier!

The fans cheer as Carlito now gets that chair, and he SMACKS the can! And SMACKS a leg! And then SMACKS away on the top of the can! Carlito frees Santos from the can, but drags him up to position the chair. FULL METAL TWIST ‘N’ SHOUT! Cover, TWO!! Santos survives and shocks Carlito! Carlito snarls, goes outside, and he brings out a TABLE! The fans fire up as Carlito gets that in the ring, then hurries after Santos. The fans cheer for Carlito as he sets up the table, but Santos KNEES Carlito down! Santos says no tables, then he drags Carlito up. Santos puts Carlito in a corner for a GAMANGIRI!

Santos puts Carlito up top, throws hands, then climbs up top to SUPER- NO, Carlito trips Santos up! The emperor lands bad on his throne, and Carlito YANKS the ropes! Santos falls, but ANGEL & HUMBERTO attack! The fans boo as Legado saves its leader, and then they get Carlito up. They whip Carlito and combine with Santos for a TRIPLE POWERBOMB! Cover, TWO?!? Carlito survives and no one can believe it! Santos says get the table and both Angel & Humberto stand it up. Santos says you ask and you shall receive. But then here comes Cruz & Wilde! They CLOBBER Angel & Garza, getting even for last week!

The fans fire up as those four brawl and Santos is frustrated. But then Angel POSTS Wilde and Humberto RAMS Cruz into steel steps! But wait! REY MYSTERIO is back?!? No one can believe this! But wait, Rey’s still on crutches after what Santos did to the leg. Angel & Humberto head up the ramp but wait! Rey’s leg is just fine! The crutches are now weapons! Rey SMACKS away on each man and Santos freaks out! He gets a two-for-one, even!! And then he stares down Santos. Santos snarls, dares Rey to do something about it then, and Rey goes up to the apron. The fans are losing their minds as Rey gets in Santos’ face!

Santos swings, Rey dodges! Carlito SPITS APPLE!! Then the BACKSTABBER! Santos ends up on ropes, Rey & Carlito DECK Angel & Humberto, then Cruz & Wilde FLY in! Direct hit on both Angel & Humberto, Rey dials up the 619!! And then SPINEBUSTER through the table!! Cover, Carlito wins!!

Winner: Carlito, by pinfall

The LWO celebrates together as they finally get revenge on Santos Escobar! And with Rey back, the team is at 100%! Will this be just what the group needed going into WrestleMania?


Randy Orton VS Austin Theory w/ Grayson Waller!

There’s no denying The Viper got screwed over by The Maverick, but A-Town Down Under should’ve known better than to laugh about it in the locker room. Will either of them be laughing when Randy RKOs Austin Theory live?


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