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Mitchell’s NJPW Best of the Super Juniors Results & Report! (6/3/22)

The BOSJ Finals have arrived!




Will Hiromu have his historic threepeat against his greatest rival?

History could be made in NJPW as the Ticking Timebomb goes for his third consecutive Best of the Super Juniors trophy and fourth overall! Unless the Rogue Luchador has something to say about it!


  • Tomoaki Honma VS Juice Robinson Ryohei Oiwa; Honma wins.
  • 8 Man Tag: Clark Connors, YOH, Titan & Robbie Eagles VS Alex Zayne, Ace Austin, Wheeler Yuta & EL LINDAMAN; Zayne, Austin, Yuta & Lindaman win.
  • Ryusuke Taguchi & Master Wato VS Francesco Akira & TJP; Akira & TJP win.
  • Yoshinobu Kanemaru & Zack Sabre Jr. VS SHO & EVIL; Kanemaru & ZSJ win.
  • Six Man Tag: The United Empire VS Bullet Club; Bullet Club wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Los Ingobernables de Japon VS Suzuki-Gun; LIJ wins.
  • 8 Man Tag: Kazuchika Okada, Toru Yano, Tama Tonga & Jado VS Bullet Club; Okada, Yano, Tama & Jado win.
  • Best of the Super Juniors 29 Finals: Hiromu Takahashi VS El Desperado; Hiromu wins and will challenge for the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship.


Ryusuke Taguchi & Master Wato VS Francesco Akira & TJP!

Six or Nine didn’t do all that well in the round robin with their combined 7-11 record. Though, the United Empire’s Super Juniors didn’t do much better with their 8-10. But in the end, Bruciare & Public Enemy got wins over the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champions, can they get another one 2v2? Or will the Funky Weapon & Way of the Grandmaster deny them golden tickets in the end?

The teams sort out but the Empire attacks! TJP tosses Taguchi, he and Akira mug Wato, then double whip. The bell rigs, Wato slides and double dropkicks the Empire! They bail out, Wato builds speed and FLIES! Direct hit on them both! Fans fire up with Wato and he gets TJP up and in. Cover, ONE, but Wato stomps TJP down. Tag to Taguchi, fans rally up, and they double whip TJP to ropes. Double elbow, double uppercut and double SOBAT! Taguchi covers, TWO! Fans rally for “TA-GU-CHI!” and he gives a point blank hip attack. Taguchi whips TJP to ropes, TJP goes Spider-Man then he dumps Taguchi out!

Akira sets up, and while TJP DECKS Wato, Akira ASAI MOONSAULTS Taguchi! Fans fire up again and Akira brings Taguchi up. Akira puts Taguchi in for TJP, TJP scrapes Taguchi’s face with his boot, then covers. TWO, but TJP drags Taguchi up. Tag to Akira, the Empire double whips Taguchi to ropes to kick, KICK, SOBAT and basement dropkick! Cover, TWO! Akira taunts Wato while using his knee to choke Taguchi! Fans rally for “A! KI-RA!” as he brings Taguchi up. Akira CLUBS Taguchi, bumps him off buckles, then tags TJP. TJP runs to sucker punch Wato again! The Empire double whip Taguchi to a corner, TJP sends Akira in to SHOTGUN!

Taguchi is down, TJP scrapes his boot off Taguchi as fans rally up. TJP then runs side to side to BOOT WASH! Akira and the fans applaud and TJP encourages them to get louder. TJP goes again, but Taguchi HIP ATTACKS! Both men are down, fans fire up more, and Taguchi hot tags Wato! Wato hurries in to rally on TJP! Elbow, BOOT, then a whip for a dropkick! TJP bails out, Akira runs in to kick and CLUB Wato! Wato reverses the whip to CALF KICK Akira! The Empire regroups outside and Wato builds speed to TORNILLO! Direct hit and Wato bowls the Empire over again! Wato puts TJP in and fans fire up as he takes aim.

Wato springboards, FLYING UPPERCUT! Cover, TWO! Wato keeps focus and fans rally more. Wato brings TJP up, reels him in, but TJP fights the waistlock. TJP throws elbows, gets free, then whips. Taguchi tags, Wato reverses, double drop toeholds! Double basement dropkicks! Taguchi covers, Akira breaks it! Akira fires forearms and CHOPS on Wato, then runs, but into a tilt-o-whirl BACKBREAKER! Fans fire up as Taguchi has TJP up against ropes with the stink face! Wato whips Taguchi in for a hip attack, then Taguchi hip attacks Akira! Taguchi goes side to side, more hip attacks, then a slide and APRON HIP for TJP!

Wato kicks Akira out and Taguchi aims at TJP. Springboard, MISSILE HIP! Cover, TWO! OH MY GARFUNKLE!! TJP is caught in the ankle lock! Wato keeps Akira down on the outside while fans rally! TJP crawls, reaches, but Taguchi reels TJP into chicken wings! Akira gets in to ROUNDHOUSE Taguchi! Feed to the chicken wings, SUPERKICK and FINAL CUT! Cover, Wato breaks it! Akira throws Wato out, then the Empire gets Taguchi up. Fireman’s carry from TJP, but Wato trips Akira! Taguchi slips off but TJP elbows him away. TJP whips Taguchi to a corner, sets up in the other, but Wato back elbows TJP!

Akira SHOTGUNS Wato out! Akira runs at Taguchi but is put on the apron. TJP runs in, SUPERKICK ENZIGURI COMBO! TJP brings Taguchi around, Electric Chair Lift, and Akira goes up top! Fans fire up for the FLYING CUTTER DOOMSDAY!! And then, PINOY STRETCH!! Taguchi taps, the Empire wins!!

Winners: Francesco Akira & TJP, by pinfall

The United Empire just defeated the tag champions! Wato gets in, but Akira gets him with SPEEDFIRE! TJP holds up the tag titles, will the Empire conquer the Junior Heavyweight Tag Division next? Or can Six or Nine rebel and retain the titles?


Sanada is here!

The Cold Skull is back with a surprise appearance and a sharp suit. He takes the mic to tell everyone here that at Dominion, he is challenging for the IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship! And that’s all he has to say! Juice Robinson is out with appendicitis and will surely be out of commission after, so who will Sanada meet in Osaka-Jo Hall?!


8 Man Tag: Kazuchika Okada, Toru Yano, Tama Tonga & Jado VS Bullet Club!

The Rainmaker teams up with the Producer, the Good Bad Guy and Master Heater to take on common enemies! Jay White, Gedo, Doc Gallows and Taiji Ishimori look to continue Bullet Club’s resurgence in NJPW, will they do that against even the IWGP World Heavyweight Champion and his allies? Or will Chaos and friends keep things from being Too Sweet?

The teams sort out, fans fire up with Yano as he starts against Gallows. Gallows gets annoyed by the “HAI! HAI! HAI!” and kicks Yano low! Gallows whips Yano corner to corner, runs in and back elbows him! Gallows fires off big body shots, and ROCKS Yano with an uppercut! Gallows whips but Yano holds ropes to stop himself. Yano taunts Gallows, dodges him, then SLAPS him on the head! The fans fire up but Gallows is mad. Yano dodges again, and pulls Gallows’ beard! Gallows swings but Yano dodges, tag to Jado! Gallows is pissed but fans fire up as Jado steps in. Fans rally behind Jado as he dares Gedo to get in. Gedo obliges and tags in!

Fans fire up as Gedo and Jado stare down. Gedo Too Sweets his boys, then Kenta distracts him! Jado swipes at Taiji but Gedo CLOBBERS him! Gedo stomps away, Kenta taunts Jado, but Jado SPITS at Kenta! Kenta protests, Gedo drags Jado up to rake the eyes! The ref reprimands, Gedo lets off and he tags Jay in. White stomps away on Jado in the corner, Okada protests but the ref keeps him back. White mocks the fans with the clapping, Gedo gets a cheap shot in but the ref reprimands. White does his own frantic rhythm, then he stomps Jado. Tag to Gallows and he stomps Jado. Gallows stands on Jado’s body!

The ref reprimands, Gallows lets off and runs to drop an elbow! Then another elbow! And another! Tag to Gedo and Gedo covers, TWO!! Jado survives and Gedo is furious! Gedo reprimands the ref for his bad count! Tag to Taiji and he takes off his shirt. Taiji claims Okada’s team is up to something, then he CHOKES Jado with the shirt! The ref misses this but fans rally up. Taiji fires off on Jado, runs, and BOOTS him down! Cover, TWO! Taiji is upset with the count but the fans fire up! Taiji throws haymakers but Jado’s iron head withstands it! Jado fires up, fans fire up with him, and he keeps taking Taiji’s punches!

Jado is powering up, Taiji kicks him low and runs, but Jado runs him over! Fans fire up while both men are down and their teams reach out. Yano and Tama rally the fans as Jado crawls, hot tags to Okada and White! White dodges, Okada dodges, and Okada fires off shots. White reverses the whip but Okada CLOBBERS him with an elbow! Okada DECKS Gallows for good measure! Okada whips corner to corner to back elbow White, then kicks to DDT! Cover, TWO! Fans rally, Gedo sucker punches Okada! Okada barely budges, and now he stares Gedo down. Gedo begs for mercy, but Okada EuroUppers him instead!

White goes after Okada but Okada fires forearms. Okada whips, White reverses to kick and DDT! Fans fire up, White has the ref watch Tama but Tama tells White to shut up. Fans rally up, White brings Okada around to Too Sweet CHOP! And again! And again! Okada goes to a corner, White whips him corner to corner, and uppercuts! White reels Okada in to suplex, BLADE BUSTER! Cover, TWO! Fans rally up, “O-KA-DA!” but White mocks them. White reels Okada in but Okada blocks the lift. Okada clubs free, gets the arm, MONEY CLIP! White powers Okada to a corner and gets free, but Okada dodges the chip.

White dodges the lariat to CHOP! White whips, Okada reverses but White dodges the dropkick! White hauls Okada up into the clinch, but Okada slips out of Bladerunner to short arm- NO, White dodges the lariat, but runs into the DROPKICK! Both men are down and fans fire up again! Okada and White crawl, White anchors a foot but Okada kicks free. Hot tags to Gedo and Tama! Tama dodges Gedo’s punch, blocks the eye poke and waistlocks. Gedo switches but Tama elbows free. Tama runs, but Kenta swipes at him! Gedo rolls Tama up, TWO!! Gedo JABS, JABS, and JABS! Gedo puts some stank on it, but Tama CLOBBERS him first!

Fans fire up with Tama, he dodges Gallows and Yano trips Gallows up! Taiji sucker punches Tama, springboards in but Tama dodges! Jado CLOBBERS Taiji! Tama brings Gedo up but Gedo pokes him in the eye! Gedo pokes Jado in the eye, too! Tama dodges Gedo’s haymaker, feeds to Jado’s LARIAT! Fans fire up and both Jado and Tama pound the mat. Fans rally up with that, Tama aims at Gedo, GUN STUN!! Cover, Tama and team win!

Winners: Kazuchika Okada, Toru Yano, Tama Tonga & Jado, by pinfall

White still taunts Okada and mockingly asks where the world title belt went. Okada gets the belt from the timekeeper, as does Tama and his NEVER Openweight Championship. The Switchblade is aiming for Okada, and Tama isn’t without a target on his back. Is it only a matter of time before NJPW becomes Bullet Club’s dominion?


NJPW welcomes Tatsumi Fujinami!

The living legend, a great Junior Heavyweight in his time, has come here to say, “Thanks to everyone coming out here today. We have a great crowd on hand. I’ve been watching all these great young wrestlers on monitors in the back. It ate at me that I wasn’t able to get in there and fight with them. But everyone is moving great, and let’s drink in this Super Junior Heavyweight Final. Over 40 years ago, I went to the WWF and won their Junior Heavyweight Championship in Madison Square Garden, and things have come full circle. It is a great honor to be here and see today’s peak of Junior Heavyweight wrestling. So, let’s drink it all in and enjoy this incredible main event!”

Fujinami is even joining commentary to watch! Will tonight’s main eventers do him proud?


Best of the Super Juniors 29 Finals: Hiromu Takahashi VS El Desperado!

The moment of truth! The Ticking Timebomb and the Rogue Luchador fought hard through their blocks, and both came out on top with matching 6-3 records! Will it be the threepeat for Hiromu? Will it be a powerful comeback from Desperado? Or will it be a draw like the last time these two met in the BOSJ?

The bell rings and fans rally already, “HI-RO-MU!” “DES-PY-CHAN!” Hiromu and Desperado stare down, then they slowly circle as the rallying calms down. They approach, feel the grapple out, back away a moment, then tie up collar ‘n’ elbow. Desperado wrenches an arm to a wristlock, Hiromu spins through and slips around to hammerlock then headlock. Hiromu grinds but Desperado pulls hair. Desperado chinbars to spin Hiromu to a facelock, then spins him to a headlock. Hiromu sits down to block the takeover and rolls Desperado to a cover, ONE and Desperado bails out. Fans applaud this opening exchange and rally up again.

Desperado takes his time returning, and he resets with Hiromu. They tie up again, Desperado trips Hiromu and runs. Hiromu drops, Desperado stops to scuff Hiromu in the head. Fans applaud and Desperado eggs Hiromu on. They tie up, Desperado headlocks but Hiromu powers out and runs, RANA blocked, and Desperado is after the leg! Hiromu scrambles, ROPEBREAK! Fans applaud again as Hiromu bails out, and Desperado waits. Fans rally again, “HI-RO-MU!” “DES-PY-CHAN!” Desperado does jumping jacks while he waits but Hiromu slides in. Desperado slides out to drag Hiromu out and ROCKS him with an uppercut!

Desperado smacks Hiromu off the apron, then hauls Hiromu up to rake the eyes. Desperado whips, but Hiromu reverses, and Desperado hits POST! Fans fire up and Hiromu brings Desperado up to snap suplex to the floor! Desperado writhes and crawls away and fans rally up again. Hiromu takes his time walking over to fetch Desperado, and drags him up by his tassels. Hiromu puts Desperado in, then runs corner to corner to clothesline! Snapmare, but Desperado is right up! Hiromu gets around to waistlock but Desperado switches. Hiromu fights off the lift, Desperado stops Hiromu from running! SHINBREAKER!

Fans fire up and Hiromu crawls to a corner. Desperado catches his breath, runs in corner to corner, but he blocks a boot. He puts that leg in the ropes to dropkick the other leg! Then KNEE JAMMER! Hiromu falls out of the ring as he clutches the knee! Desperado clearly paid attention to what Kanemaru did to Hiromu’s leg. Desperado goes out to fetch Hiromu and brings him up. Desperado scoops and SLAMS Hiromu on the floor! Hiromu writhes, fans rally, and Desperado gets back in the ring. The ring count begins but then Desperado goes back out. Desperado fetches Hiromu again, puts him in at 10 of 20, and brings Hiromu up again.

Desperado hits a BIG back suplex! He only covers by holding the shoulders down, TWO, but Desperado drops knees on Hiromu’s bad knee! Desperado pulls on the leg in a deep toehold! Hiromu endures, Desperado keeps cranking the leg, but fans rally up for Hiromu. Desperado SPLASHES the bad leg, covers, TWO! Hiromu crawls away to a corner and fans rally up again. Desperado storms over, stomps the bad leg, then stands on the knee at the ropes. Red Shoes reprimands but Desperado steps off at 4. Fans rally more, Hiromu CHOPS, but Desperado mockingly groans in pain. Hiromu CHOPS and CHOPS, but Desperado still just mocks him.

Desperado CHOPS Hiromu off his feet! Fans fire up and sits Hiromu up into a chinlock. Hiromu endures, fans rally, and Hiromu kicks around, but Desperado pushes him down to scrape soles off his face! Desperado drops down on the bad leg, and ties Hiromu up in the BUTTERFLY DEATHLOCK! Fans rally, Desperado bounces to put on the pressure! Hiromu CHOPS, and CHOPS, but Desperado still toys with him. Hiromu CHOPS again, and Desperado “falls” back to put on the pressure! Hiromu endures even as Desperado lounges, then Desperado thrashes around! Fans rally, Desperado sits back up to put more and more pressure, but Hiromu gets the ROPEBREAK!

Desperado mockingly applauds as he lets off the hold, and “Oops!” he drops knees on the knee. Fans still rally up, and Desperado drags Hiromu up by his hair. Hiromu CHOPS, but Desperado stomps the bad leg! Desperado suplexes but Hiromu blocks. Desperado kicks the bad leg, fans rally up, and Desperado whips Hiromu. Hiromu hobbles and falls at the ropes, Desperado run sin but Hiromu dodges! Hiromu manages to run and RANA Desperado down! Fans fire up and Hiromu drags himself to a corner. Desperado runs in but Hiromu dodges! Hiromu clotheslines, snapmares, and basement dropkicks!

Desperado bails out of the ring, Hiromu goes to the apron! FLYING JOHN WOO! Direct hit and down goes Despy! Fans rally again, “HI-RO-MU!” while he and Desperado slowly rise. The ring count starts, Hiromu fires up and drags Desperado over to put in at 8 of 20. Hiromu then mule kicks, front kicks and facelocks, FALCON ARROW! Cover, TWO! Fans rally and Hiromu works on the bad leg. Hiromu hobbles but he gets to Desperado. Fireman’s carry, but Desperado slips off and shoves Hiromu to a corner. Desperado runs in but into a BOOT! Hiromu runs out, but has to fight off the spinebuster! Desperado dodges the lariat, SPEAR into D!!

Fans fire up as Hiromu has his triangle hold! Desperado flails around, reaches out, ROPEBREAK! Hiromu lets off in frustration but the fans fire up again. Hiromu gets up, drags Desperado up by his mask, and fireman’s carries. Desperado fights free, and CHOP BLOCKS the bad leg! Fans fire up again while both men are down. Desperado drags himself up the ropes, gets the bad leg, but Hiromu kicks with his good leg. Desperado staggers away and Hiromu gets up the ropes. Desperado runs in but Hiromu dumps him out! Hiromu ROCKS Desperado, builds speed, and SUNSET FLIPS, but the bad leg gives up!

Desperado builds speed to DIVE! Direct hit with the somersault tope and fans are thunderous! Fans rally, “HI-RO-MU!” “DES-PY-CHAN!” as both men stir. Desperado fires himself up and gets to his feet to then fetch Hiromu. Desperado puts Hiromu in, then goes to the red corner. Desperado pushes Hiromu’s jacket aside to climb up top. FROG SPLASH! Cover, TWO! Hiromu survives but Desperado hauls him up, only for Hiromu to fight the Guitarra! But Desperado wrenches to an OLYMPIC SLAM! High stack, TWO, to a GROUND DRAGON SCREW! And STRETCH MUFFLER!! Fans are thunderous as Hiromu endures!

Hiromu reaches out, crawls, flails, but Desperado drags him back! NUMERO DOS! Hiromu still has one free arm and the fans fire up again! Hiromu reaches, claws his way over, digs in with his elbow, but Desperado thrashes around! Hiromu still fights to the ROPEBREAK! Fans are thunderous again as Desperado lets go in frustration. Both “HI-RO-MU!” and “DES-PY-CHAN!” are tired, but Desperado forces himself up first. Desperado gets Hiromu, underhooks, but Hiromu fights the lift! Hiromu fireman’s carries but Desperado slips off! Hiromu spins him around, RANA and D!! Now Desperado desperately endures!

Fans fire up, Hiromu squeezes tight but Desperado reaches out. Hiromu rolls Desperado from ropes! Fans are thunderous as Desperado starts fading! Red Shoes checks, Desperado refuses to quit but he could be passing out! Desperado gets a second wind and claws at Hiromu! Hiromu pulls the arm in deeper! Fans are thunderous as Desperado starts fading again, but with one last gasp, he gets the ROPEBREAK! Hiromu lets go and both men are down as the fans continue to rally. Hiromu stands up, hobbles over, and he brings Desperado up. Desperado CHOPS! Hiromu still stands Desperado up but he CHOPS again!

Hiromu tries again, but Desperado throws a forearm! Hiromu grins and forearms back! Desperado staggers but he comes back to throw another forearm! Hiromu throws another forearm! Desperado CHOPS, but Hiromu smirks. Hiromu CHOPS, Desperado staggers more, but he CHOPS again! Fans rally up as the CHOPS keep flying! Both men wobble a moment, Hiromu grits his teeth and CHOPS! Desperado forearms, Hiromu forearms, repeat and the fans fire up! Desperado ROCKS Hiromu with an elbow, and then another elbow! And then another! Desperado runs, but into an elbow! Hiromu spins, but into a spin and backslide!

Hiromu rolls through, but Desperado underhooks! PINCHE- NO, Hiromu arm-drags Desperado into a fireman’s carry and rolls that into a lift! But Desperado fights free of that, bobs ‘n’ weaves, but Hiromu wheelbarrows! But Hiromu just fakes the Complete Shot to suplex! Desperado fights off Victory Royale, reels back, but Hiromu HEADBUTTS first! Fans fire up as Desperado wobbles! Hiromu grits his teeth and SUPERKICKS! Desperado still staggers, Hiromu runs, but Desperado dodges! HIROMU-CHAN BOMBER!! Cover, TWO!! Desperado survives and fans are thunderous again!

Hiromu gets back up, he drags Desperado up and suplexes, VICTORY ROYALE! Hiromu fires up and the fans are right there with him! Hiromu dragon sleepers to inverted suplex, but Desperado slips free to hook Hiromu up! EL ES CULERO! TWO!!! Hiromu escapes, and he jumps up to catch Desperado! But Desperado powers out of D to SPINEBUSTER! And then he turns Hiromu over, GUITARRA DEL ANGEL! Cover, TWO!! Hiromu survives and fans are electric! Desperado grits his teeth and gets back up. Desperado hauls Hiromu up, underhooks, PINCHE- NO, Hiromu fights that, but Desperado DECKS him!

Desperado gets Hiromu up again, underhooks and TIGER DRIVER! Then the roll through, to PINCHE LOCO!! Cover a la the Deadman, TWO!?!?!? Hiromu survives by nanoseconds!! Desperado is almost confused as to how this happened! But then he gets the leg, DRAGON SCREW! DRAGON SCREW! DRAGON SCREW! Then the STRETCH MUFFLER!! And right to NUMERO DOS PLUS!! Hiromu endures as he’s bent back! The fans are electric as Hiromu fights to get an arm free! Hiromu reaches, sits up out of the Muffler, but Desperado blocks to tuck in! Hiromu fights the driver to get a DESTROYER!!

Desperado wobbles on his feet?! He stays up through sheer determination and anger! Desperado hobbles his way over to drag Hiromu up! Fans are electric as he hauls Hiromu up! Hiromu trips to jackknife, TWO!! Hiromu catches Desperado’s punch to pump handle, HIROMU-CHAN CRADLE!! TWO!!!! Desperado escapes but even he has to check with Red Shoes. Hiromu SUPERKICKS Desperado! Desperado roars as he stays up, but Hiromu SUPERKICKS again! Hiromu roars, runs, HIROMU-CHAN BOMBER!!! Cover, TWO!!!! Desperado survives again but Hiromu isn’t deterred! Hiromu powers up again, dragon sleeper and inverted suplex, TIMEBOMB II!!!! Cover, TWO!?!?!?!?

Now Desperado shocks everyone! Hiromu pleads with Red Shoes, but that was still not three! Fans are electric again while both men are down on the mat. Hiromu focuses and fires himself up! Fans fire up with him, and he brings Desperado up. Desperado is almost dead weight, and the fans rally hard as ever. Hiromu steals LOCO MONO!! Desperado LOCO MONOS right back!! Hiromu fires up, but Desperado LOCO MONOS again!! Both men fall over and the fans are volcanic at this point! Desperado pushes himself up off the mat and he roars again! Desperado drags Hiromu up while putting in the underhooks!

Desperado stands with Hiromu in position, PINCHE- NO! Hiromu RANA- NO, Desperado deadlifts! But Hiromu spins around to HIROMU-CHAN STUNNER!! Hiromu holds on to Desperado to get up and STUNNER again!! Fans fire up again as Hiromu drags Desperado up to spin and TIMEBOMB!!! But Hiromu isn’t done there! He straitjackets with the dragon sleeper, TIMEBOMB II!!! Cover, Hiromu wins!!!!

Winner: Hiromu Takahashi, by pinfall (Best of the Super Junior 29 winner)

The Threepeat is complete!! Hiromu has pulled off the historic hattrick!! And it would seem even the legend, Fujinami, acknowledges that Hiromu is THE Best of the Super Juniors! Desperado’s return to the top have to wait a little longer, when and where will the Rogue Luchador find redemption?

As for Hiromu, he manages to stand so that Red Shoes can raise his hand in victory. Then Fujinami joins him in the ring to present him the BOSJ 29 trophy! Hiromu thanks Fujinami while Fujinami congratulates Hiromu on this victory. They pose for the photo ops, and Fujinami lets Hiromu have the ring. Hiromu hugs the trophy and then gets the mic to speak. “Desperado, I’m not sure who enjoyed that more. I know I had a hell of a lot of fun! Thank you very much! Fujinami-san, thank you for being a pioneer of this Junior Heavyweight Division! Because of him, the world was able to enjoy an amazing league of Juniors! Once again, thank you!”

Fans applaud that sentiment, but Hiromu continues. “‘The old days of pro-wrestling were grea.t I used to watch a long time ago.’ I hear that a lot. It’s true, over the last 30 to 50 years, matches, costumes, body size, everything has changed. But y’know what? We wrestlers have the same fighting spirit! That hasn’t changed! 50 years is just the beginning! The future shines brighter than ever! More! More! More! More! More! MORE! MORE! MORE! MORE! MORE! Everyone… Let’s have more fun~!!” Hiromu raises the trophy again and the streamers fly! Will the Ticking Timebomb, the 27th, 28th and 29th BOSJ winner, soon become the next IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion?

My Thoughts:

A great event for NJPW to end the BOSJ series, but yes, I did skip quite a bit to get this done quickly. A shame about Juice Robinson, let’s all hope he has a speedy recovery. Sanada was surely meant to call Juice out after his match with Honma, but that had to change so Sanada is just calling his shot period. Sanada VS just about anyone will be a great match, but here’s hoping it’s Ospreay, one of the matches we were supposed to see for the US title in the first place.

And maybe I should’ve covered United Empire VS Bullet Club, given what happened. On one hand, it plugs the IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championship story. And on the other, we got a surprising new Bullet Club member! Ace Austin joins Bullet Club so now the faction has a stronger presence in Impact, and they’ve already got another belt in the collection with the X-Division Championship. That will be a great development in the Bullet Club Impact branch story, and we could see even more Forbidden Door type crossover events with NJPW and all their partners.

Great 8 Man Tag, but naturally Okada and White are not involved in the finish to keep the math between them even. Tama gets the win so he’s ready for whoever’s coming for the NEVER Openweight Championship, but I would think both Tama and Okada retain so that Bullet Club doesn’t get too powerful too soon. Fujinami being here for the main event was a great touch, and that was an amazing main event. They had great story referencing what happened during each man’s run in the blocks, as well as their history against each other. In the end, giving us the history making moment was the right call. Hiromu is even more immortalized in history after getting this, and he is going to have one hell of a IWGP Junior Heavyweight title match.

My Score: 8.9/10

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Andrew’s TNA Against All Odds Results & Match Ratings: 6.14.2024

Broken Matt attempts to procure the Championship of the World! Joe Hendry faces Frankie Kazarian! Jordynne issues an open challege, all at Against All Odds!



I’ll be honest, since the lead up hasn’t exactly sparked much excitement from me, I can’t really tell what might get relegated to Countdown and what will be on the main show aside from major title stories. So with that being said, I’ll cover the Countdown this time around, because well…who knows what will be on it.

Let’s hope that the bit of momentum with the WWE working relationship and the stories coming out about the locker room being seemingly happy with the direction of things; have to hope that will start to equate to a product that makes some damn sense.


  • Countdown to Against All Odds: Jonathan Gresham vs Sami Callihan: Sami wins via Cactus Driver ’97 – ** 1/4
  • Countdown to Against All Odds: TNA Knockouts Tag Team Titles: DeMALISH (Masha Slamovich & Alisha Edwards) (c) vs The Hex (Marti Belle & Allysin Kay): DeMALISH retain via Steinerizer – ** 3/4
  • Mike Santana & Steve Maclin vs The Rascalz (Trey Miguel & Zachary Wentz): Tri State Exchange wins via Assisted Spin the Block – ****
  • PCO vs Rich Swann w/AJ Francis: PCO wins via PCO-SAULT – **
  • TNA Tag Team Championships: The Nemeth Bros (Ryan & Nic Nemeth) vs The System (Eddie Edwards & Brian Myers) (c): The System retains via Boston Knee Party – ** 3/4
  • Joe Hendry w/Ace Steel vs Frankie Kazarian: Kaz wins via Loaded Fist – ** 1/2
  • X Division Championship: Trent Seven vs Mustafa Ali (c): Ali retains via Scorpion Deathlock – *** 3/4
  • Josh Alexander & Eric Young vs The ABC (Ace Austin & Chris Bey): ABC wins via The Fold – *** 1/2
  • TNA Knockouts Championship: Jordynne Grace (c) vs Tatum Paxley: Jordynne retains via Juggernaut Driver – *** 1/4
  • BROKEN RULES – TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Moose (c) vs Broken Matt Hardy: Moose retains via Lights Out – *** 1/2




Countdown to Against All Odds: Jonathan Gresham vs Sami Callihan

Callihan attacks The Octopus on the outside before the bell rings. A few chops around the ring and bounces Gresham’s face off the post twice. Sami goes for the Cactus Driver on the outside, but Gresham rotates all the way through to grab the ropes and counter Sami. Gouges Sami’s face, breaks fingers Pentagon style, and Sami retreats to a different side of the outside of the ring. Octopus chases and keeps working on the hand, but Sami counters and starts going for a few more Knife Edge Chops. Sami tries to Lawn Dart Gresham into the post, but Gresham slips and shoves Sami into the post. Now Octopus back to working on the left hand and arm. Arm Wringers and Uppercuts right into the elbow.

Sami gets some control back, rolls Gresham into the ring and now the match can officially start…OR NOT! Gresham rolls back out and heads under the ring so Sami goes hunting for Octopus. Gresham grabs the left arm from under the ring, uses a chair since the ring obscures the referee’s vision, and then slowly they head back in the ring. Soccer Ball kick to the injured arm, and Gresham continues to try and work on the arm, but Sami is fighting back. Sami tries to Irish Whip, but the sells the left arm! Callihan adjusts his offense and tries to use his legs and only the good right arm. But as soon as he goes for a Cactus Driver, the arm sell happens again.

Gresham rips the mask off the referee, Kushida shows up in a Doc Brown gimmick and with a mask. He attacks Gresham while the ref is distracted to swab out the ink and place it into a vial. Sami connects with the Cactus Driver ’97 and wins.

Insanely gimmicky, extremely stupid. Feels like a dumbass thing that would happen on DDT, not an American program. So they made Gresham talk last night, which ruins the essence of a evil character, and now they have him lose with Kushida trying to do science on what the ink is. I can’t properly express how many brain cells I feel like I lost. 

Countdown to Against All Odds: TNA Knockouts Tag Team Titles: DeMALISH (Masha Slamovich & Alisha Edwards) vs The Hex (Marti Belle & Allysin Kay)

Marti and Alisha start, Marti uses Alisha’s face like a speed bag, tags in Allysin, quick tandem work gives The Hex a nearfall. Alisha manages to run to make the tag, and Masha comes in, but immediately starts dominating Masha. Tandem Snapmare, Fun Splash, Senton, PK, for another near fall from The Hex. Allysin tries to shoot Masha across, Masha gets the Arm Wringer, drives Allysin into her corner, but a Boot stops Masha. Allysin tries to get out and Alisha grabs Allysin by the hair to pull her back.

Alisha gets in a few quick shots, Allysin tries to fight back, but the Eye Rake evens the score. Alisha tags out, Hip Attack from Masha into repeated Snapmares with the hair into a near fall. Short Arm Lariats, Masha connects on two, Allysin counters the third, they both hit the ropes, stereo Clothesline spot into the simultaneous tags. Marti beats on Alisha in the corner, Double Knees into a two count. SAVAT KICK from Masha to level Marti, Allysin takes out Masha, Delish from Alisha, Marti hits The Stroke, and all four are down for a few moments. Rolling Forearm into Saito Suplex for another near fall on Alisha. Hex Marks the…nope Alisha slips the move, Masha gets in things breakdown into a sloppy fight, Alisha tries to shove Allysin into Marti but hits Masha. HEX MARKS THE SPOT, Masha makes the save, barely! Dual spots in corners, Alisha fights off Allysin with the Avalanche Powerbomb, Masha Electric Chairs Marti, STEINERIZER! DeMALISH retain.

Mike Santana & Steve Maclin vs The Rascalz (Trey Miguel & Zachary Wentz)

Rascalz try to utilize their speed and teamwork advantage with a tag out the gates as Trey distracts Santana, Wentz runs in, and they match each other. Counters, dodges, really fun equal footing but different styles opening. Simultaneous tags Trey and Maclin are in, Maclin quickly takes advantage of Trey, tags in Santana and they go for a Dual Suplex, but Wentz catches Trey and then takes out Maclin. Santana gets surprised by Trey, Body Scissors into a Double Stomp, then Trey tags in Wentz and a quick Tandem kick. Santana tries to fight back against Wentz, but Wentz eats a few chops and then turns it around. Tag out to Trey, Trey connects with a low single leg Dropkick for a near fall. Kick Rush from Rascalz, Wentz tries to punctuate with a Stomp on the back of the head but Santana dodges and Double Lariats The Rascalz. Maclin tags in and starts stacking up the Rascalz and beating them like they owe him money. Maclin tries a SCUD but Wentz catches him with a Cutter in the ropes, shortcut double team offense.

The ref was distracted with Santana trying to get in to stop the double team, so Maclin kicks out easily because of a slow start to the count. Trey with a cheap choke, then he tags in, goes for a disrespectful Half Crab and Santana just kicks Trey in the back. Rascalz find interesting ways to keep working over Maclin, Trey goes for a Popping Meteora, but Maclin stop it, turns it into an Electric Chair style counter and tags in Santana. Santana with the hot tag, takes out both Rascalz, stacks them interestingly to pull off a tandem DDT. Maclin and Santana work together, Maclin kicks Santana to send him into his Rolling Buck Fifty, Maclin then connects with a Busaiku Knee, and only 2 since Trey breaks it up! Rascalz finally get the best of things, a tandem Rope Assisted Pedigree with a Swanton from Wentz, but Maclin kicks out.  MACLIN EATS THE CHELSEA GREEN FUCK YOUR FACE IN THE CORNER DROPKICK SPOT!  Rolling Double Stomp! Santana rolls in to make the save, Hot Fire Flame attempt but Maclin gets the knees up. Cradle attempt, but they push off Maclin into Santana. Superkick Party on Maclin, Buckshot Lariat from Santana wipes out Trey, Enzuigiri from Santana. They set each other up, Caught in the Crosshairs , Spin the Block! Santana and Maclin win.

This is the first objectively smart thing TNA has done in the post-Scott era. Maclin and Santana were amazing together. This is a pairing that people will want to see again, and if they double down on it being a “one off”, it will make people want to see it again. Damn good stuff here.

PCO vs Rich Swann w/AJ Francis

Swann runs around tries to get frisky, but PCO grab him, Boots him, chucks him into the corner, Hesitation Dropkick to the back of Rich’s head for a near fall. AJ tries to pick the ankle, PCO kinda cares, but then eats a Superkick that does nothing. PCO charges, Rich hits the Low Bridge and PCO crashes to the floor. 450 from the apron, and Rich throws him back in and starts kicking PCO and hits a Bronco Buster.PCO fires back up, levels Rich, drapes him over the bottom rope and hits the Guillotine Leg Drop, driving Swann’s face into the mat. AJ grabs Rich’s foot and puts it on the bottom rope, then faceplants PCO on the apron. Rich takes too long to capitalize, PCO trips Swann, Lungblower from the corner spot, PCO Dives on AJ to try and equal the playing field. PCO-SAULT, 1-2-3, PCO wins.

SDL’s music hits, she walks out smiling and looking like a snack. Asks for the mic, and SDL plays with the crowd about different ways to say yes or no. Her answer is: OUI! 

TNA Tag Team Championships: The Nemeth Bros (Ryan & Nic Nemeth) vs The System (Eddie Edwards & Brian Myers) (c)

Brian Myers starts with Ryan, Ryan gets a quick advantage, they go for a tandem Arm Wringer/Neckbreaker combo. Myers tags out, Nic tries to throw a Superkick but Lish grabs the foot. WAIT DIRTY DANGO shows up out of nowhere and rats out Alisha?! We haven’t seen him in months since they punked out Oleg Prudius and him against Josh Alexander. So Lish gets ejected but The System jumps on Nic and tries to get in a few quick shots to try and end this quickly now they don’t have insurance.

Belly to Back Suplex from Myers after Eddie uses the ropes for a cheap choke, Eddie officially tags back in, and just quick tags and snappy offense from The System. Myers goes for the Manhattan Drop but Nic gets away from him, tags out to Ryan and a few quick attacks into a Rude Awakening for a near fall. Myers checks Ryan with a Boot to the gut, Eddie tags in, Eddie bounces off the ropes and Body Checks Ryan, while Myers connects with the Spear, but Nic makes the save! Myers shoves Ryan into their corner, Ryan tries to fight out to get to Nic, but a Drop Toe Hold puts a stop on the surge. Ryan counters with a Sunset Flip, but Myers manages to make the tag before falling over, so the pinfall doesn’t count and Eddie starts laying into Ryan. We get an “Ooo fuck Eddie Edwards” chat that pops up. Eddie goads the crowd a bit and tags in Myers. Headlock on Ryan, Ryan tries to Elbow out, but Myers stays in control and the crowd keeps talking shit to Eddie even though he’s not the legal man “fuck your fo-hawk”. Myers poses, Ryan hits a Reverse X Factor, simultaneous tags. Nic is on fire, laying everyone out, Jumping Leg Drop on Eddie for 2. Fame-ASSER! But only another 2 count.

Moose is down at ringside now, Eddie and Myers with their System Overload combo of Backpack Stunner and Elbow Drop for 2! Ryan grabs Eddie to stop Boston Knee Party, Superkick, into their Highway to the Danger Zone finish! 1-2-SOMEONE PULLS THE REF! Moose points at Dango, the ref is confused, Nic dives on Moose, Dango shows his true colors and clocks Ryan Nemeth. Boston Knee Party, The System retains the gold!

Joe Hendry w/Ace Steel vs Frankie Kazarian

Frankie Kazarian getting compared to Antonio Banderas and then calling him the dad from Spy Kids is fantastic. 

Hendry and Kaz Shoulder Tackle each other, trade a couple shots and then Hendry lifts him for the stalling suplex. Kaz tries to break it with punches to the body, but Hendry holds strong and connects with the Vertical Suplex. Kaz powders to the apron, Hendry tries to collect him but gets caught with the Guillotine Leg Drop. Kaz throws a few moves together, including his Side Russian Leg Sweep for a near fall. Scoop Slam from Kaz, Springboard Guillotine Leg Drop for 2! Kaz tries to cinque in the Body Scissors and Headlock, but Hendry powers through and turns it into a Suplex to break Kaz’s momentum.

Kaz gets whipped into the corner, gets the boot up, tries a Crossbody but Hendry catches him and his the Sack of Shit into the kip up! Kaz tries the Chicken Wing to slow down Hendry trying to keep momentum, a flurry of strikes with a big PK to give Kaz some space. Fade to Black attempt, but nope, Hendry tries a Powerbomb but Kaz slips it and connects with a Back Stabber! Runs the ropes and Kaz gets caught in a Pop-Up Powerbomb for 2! Kaz tries to bait in Hendry to the apron, Hendry grabs a roll of quarters from his tights, Hendry connects with an outside in Belly to Back Suplex, but Kaz pops him with the loaded fist and gets the win!

Post match, Kaz goes for a Chicken Wing to add insult to injury, Ace Steel finally comes all the way out and clocks Kaz. 

X Division Championship: Trent Seven vs Mustafa Ali (c)

Trent said the tape machines kept rolling, they show post-interview footage where Mustafa says the X Division title is a prop, he doesn’t even live in Chicago, and just freaking out. Mustafa charges Trent, Trent dodges and Mustafa bounces his face off the buckles, SEVEN STAR LARIAT! 1-2-Kick out! That was nearly a quick loss. Ali slows down Trent a few times, and the crowd is dumb and gives the “we still love you” to Ali. Ali with a Jumping DDT, then a Dive on Trent, but Trent shoves Ali into the apron and then a Dragon Suplex onto the floor. Back in the ring, Trent goes for the Corkscrew Senton but misses everything and grabs his leg.

Shotgun Dropkick into the corner from Ali, Trent absorbs and follows with a Lariat, Ali reverses Trent for another Dropkick, goes for a third but Trent catches him and Powerbombs him into the middle of the ring for a near fall. Birminghammer attempt, but Eye Gouge from Ali, Trent with an open hand Chop but Ali baits him into the corner, Gamegiri into the Rolling DDT for 2. Ali with some hammering Forearms, but Trent with a Flowsion out of nowhere to get some separation. Fighting Spirit spot, Ali does my favorite thing! He doesn’t fall for the Bop and Bang and just Roundhouse Kicks Trent in the face. Too bad Ali falls for it like 2 moves later. Ali DDTs the leg, then tries another Rolling DDT, but Trent connects with a Dragon Suplex into the Sitout Powerbomb for two. X Plex attempt, but Ali shoves Trent and the ref cowers in the corner almost bumped, Low Blow into in a Lariat for a near fall!

Ali heads to the top, Trent cuts him off, Ali flips forward out of it, Superkick rocks Trent, Ali runs up the ropes for a Superplex but AVALANCHE FLOWSION! Only 2. Birminghammer attempt, Eye Gouge again, Birminghammer attempt again, but Ali grabs the ropes, throws off Trent, slips out and then Dragon Screws the leg into the apron. Ali goes to the top, Trent meets him, they fight in the corner, Headbutt from Trent and they both crash down into the apron and bounce off to the outside. 10 Count starts, Ali decides to climb the corner, Trent slides in at 9 and eats a 450 to the back for a 2 count. Ali goes to get his belt, the referee stops him, Trent hits a Low Blow as the ref is putting the belt back, BIRMINGHAMMER! 1-2-NO!

Mustafa tries to bail, grabs the ring apron as Trent pulls him back, Chops him in the back a few times, crotches him in the corner, Avalanche BIRMINGHAMMER? Eye Gouge fights back, kicks out the leg, and then 450 to the injured legs into a Scorpion Deathlock! Trent taps out.

Josh Alexander & Eric Young vs The ABC (Ace Austin & Chris Bey)

Early on we get the typical watered down Japanese tag style of a few fancy counters like La Magistral Cradles and Suplex counters and stuff, but nothing really worth typing about. Which is smart since the last match was pretty hot, so you want to start simple and build. ABC start going for a few higher risk moves with Tandem Shoot Ins for Jumping High Kicks and Back Head Kicks. EY Up and Overs Bey, whips him into the opposite corner and tags in Josh. Josh goes for his locomotion Shoulder Tackles, Bey tries to counter it and go for an Art of Finesse, but Josh catches him and Release German Suplexes him. Teamwork from Josh, Gutbuster and Elbow Drop combination for a 2. Ace tries to get involved and Josh and Bey go for THE OLE DICK TWIST! I’m not really sure what I’m looking at beyond a meme and it’s Chicago…so I’m not surprised. But just…why.

Things break down a little everyone’s doing stuff, Josh perches Ace for the Low Crossbody but Ace dodges it! Then Ace does his Handstand dodge, Josh just grabs his Ankle though. Ace tries to hold onto the ropes to he doesn’t completely fall, Bey dives over Ace and lays out Josh but then EY flies and takes out Bey. Ace posts EY, Josh walks back in the ring and calls Ace in. Josh goes for an Avalanche Death Valley Driver, Ace fights it off, Ace hits the Flipping Outside In Headscissors. Goes for an Overhead Spin Kick, but Josh catches the foot. Ace fights out, ABC try to team up on Josh but a Suplexes both and tags out to EY. Discus Lariat into a Spicolli Driver on Ace! Bey kicks him, Ace tries something, but EY stacks them on his shoulders, they both slip him, Dual Roundhouse Kicks! But only a 2 count.

Everyone doing things in the ring, a cameraman gets taken out literally, the camera looks like scrambled porn in the 90s. Powerbreaker from Josh for 2! Rolling Senton into the Macho Elbow, but Ace makes the save. EY accidentally lays out Josh, EY tries to Piledriver Bey but Ace jumps over the world and hits The Fold on EY! Bey with the Jacknife cover and ABC win!

TNA Knockouts Championship: Jordynne Grace (c) vs Tatum Paxley

Personal concierge shows up after Tatum makes her entrance, ASH by Elegance will show up…to watch the match, as per usual. 

Things start a little slow, Tatum brings that quirky unhinged Hot Topic girl energy, and Jordynne is Thicc Mama Pump. Okay Tatum counters Jordynne’s rope run by very suggestively enticing her to come into full mount. Jordynne manages to grab her foot and get her to stand up to just Reverse Side Slam her and go for the Camel Clutch. Tatum gets out of it with biting her hand, and then heads under the ring. ASH is actually telling her where she is, Jordynne tries to grab her, but Tatum pulls her into the steel ring frame. She tries to Suplex her, but Jordynne blocks a few times, so Tatum just drives her into the post.

Tatum pulls off the old Lance Storm counter into the Half Crab, but Jordynne gets out of it. Back Kick from Jordynne, Jordynne tries the Vader Bomb, but Paxley cuts her off first, tries a Rope Hung Neckbreaker, but Jordynne holds on. Hits two Vader Bombs only for near falls. Juggernaut Driver attempt, but Tatum stops it, Jordynne hits the Rolling Fent Back Elbow. They fight in the corner, Uppercut from Jordynne, KINNIKU BUSTER! We know that won’t finish the match, Tatum tries a slide and we go into a Locomotion Cradles. Paxley connects with a Spear that she rolls through beautifully, but both women have counters for counters for counters. Tatum is perched in the corner, they’re fighting on the middle rope, AVALANCHE LOBOTOMY, 1-2-NOPE! Tatum starts clawing at the ears since she had the stitches after the Roxxane Perez match. Tatum with a Seated Head and Neck Choke, but Jordynne fights through and they start slapping each other. Jordynne goes for a lazy cover, and Tatum tries to surprise her with a Guillotine Choke! Grace stands up, Jackhammer for 2!

Jordynne clubs with a few Vader Hammers, Tatum tries to counter, Grace goes for the Sp inning Backfist but Tatum ducks it the first time, but not the second. Death Valley Driver into Juggernaut Driver, and Jordynne retains!

ASH attacks Jordynne after the match but Jordynne fights her off. Covers ASH in her bottle of champagne, then takes a swig herself and walks off victorious while ASH and concierge are slipping and looking like dorks.

BROKEN RULES – TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Moose (c) vs Broken Matt Hardy

The Nemeth Fuschnikens show up and take out The System! Only Lish is now left. 

Matt takes advantage of the early distraction, Twist of Fate attempt but Moose spins out but Matt turns it into the DDT. Side Effect from Hardy on the apron, then he hits the Twist of Fate on the outside. Moose sells dead weight well, Matt finally rolls him in, then Moose keeps rolling. Moose and Lish find weapons, and Moose hits Matt with a trash can lid and Baking Sheet. Moose takes one of many chairs, and just lays into Matt a handful of times. Moose barks at the camera that he’s “Gonna end his damn career”, so he fishing out a ladder from under the ring.

Moose smacks Matt with a few more chair shots and then makes a Ladder + Chair ramp contraption. Jacknife attempt from Moose, Hardy drops to his knees and Upper Cuts Moose’s balls! Then Matt starts using a chair of his own. Moose powders, Matt follows and they take this throw the crowd and goes somewhere…the camera work is a little useless. It’s like N.E.W. Indy level of “we can’t see”. I’m just assuming moves were attempt, looks like maybe a Jacknife that Matt counters and goes up high, just to do a Delete chant. I want a Balcony Level Extreme Leg Drop! But they head back to the ring, so at least now we can see, and Matt bounces Moose’s face off the post and rolls Moose in. Vertical Suplex from Matt, then he goes to the second rope, Elbow Drop for 2! Matt sets up for Twist of Fate, Moose pushes off and URANAGE counter! 1-2-kick out! Moose wanders out to find more weapons and drags out a table, as the peasants rejoice.

Propping the table in the corner, we see Moose trying to set up Matt for the Spear. they both dodge attempting to be put through the table, so Moose Sabu’s Matt with a chair. Moose sets up a pile of chairs, grabs Senor Hardy and they go up the turnbuckle Superplex into the chairs, only for 2! Alisha is also yelling at this very audible annoying Chicago fan. Moose goes for a second Chair spot, but Matt slips the Suplex and Avalanche Powerbomb into the chairs! Matt goes for the cover, but Moose kicks out! Hardy goes under the ring for a…. CARDBOARD BOX! A PARCEL OF CHIPBOARD! Moose decks Matt, opens the box and it’s Moose’s throwback Patriots Helmet. Moose puts his old helmet on, charges Matt Hardy and Matt Back Drops him into the Chekov’s Ladder+Chair. Matt goes for a table and another ladder. Is Matt gonna go for another crazy bump? OH Hardy gets a Bears helmet. Now it makes sense why it was a throwback Patriots helmet, because of the 1985 Bears Super Bowl. Matt clocks Moose with the Bears Helmet, the crowd chants “CTE”, Matt puts Moose on the table, EXTREME LEG DROP from the ladder!

Hardy puts the chair around Moose’s head, TWIST OF FATE into the chair! Goes for the cover and Alisha brings out Kendra and lights up Matt. REBY COMES OUT! She takes her earrings off and someone else is holding her baby! Spanish girl serious fighting 101! Reby hits the Twist of Fate on Lish and tries to help out Matt. Moose sees Matt coming and pulls Reby in the way! Matt spears his wife through the table and then Moose hits LIGHTS OUT!


Overall Score: 7.75/10

Well admittedly the first half of the show had a good bit of gimmicky extra bodies overbooking. Kushida, Dango and Jeff Hardy being back is definitely a positive thing with Slammiversary next up. Nic Nemeth hopefully picks up a little more steam, because early splitting time with New Japan stifled his initial impact, now with two title losses in like 4 months of activity is a little silly. Hendry getting a hold over rivalry to slow roll his rise in popularity could be ok. I think they’re not on a large enough scale to benefit more from a slow burn as opposed to cashing in now. But it’s wrestling, you never know. Plus if he gets some shine in NXT, it could be better to ride that exposure wave as well.

The card had overall solid action, even if booking was suspect at moments through the night and the audio for the Ali tape was awful…ruined the intended effect. Jordynne with the opening challenge and an at home annoyance is a good angle. System will probably get into a feud with The Hardys, ya know, while neither is injured. Moose has Hendry looming, but again, not sure how they’re gonna play that card. Also for personal reasons I wanna see if Xia continues to be SDL’s love council bestie type character now that she agreed to date PCO.

So yeah, pretty good show all things considered. The end of the show sends people home happy with Jeff Hardy returning to stand tall with Reby, Matt, Joe Hendry and the Nemeths. There’s a lot to play out. Even if somethings sound super stupid right now (looking at you Octopus and Doc Kushi). But, at least there different levels of storylines to figure out. So when it comes down to the bare bones, the show did its job and was a pretty enjoyable watch.

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Rampage Results & Report! (6/14/24)

Toni Storm is on a Rampage!



The Leading Lady “rehearses” for The Forbidden Door.

The AEW Women’s World Champion knows Mina Shirakawa wants her spotlight, but Toni Storm must first test her mettle against “Titanium” Alex Windsor!


  • Toni Storm w/ Mariah May & Luther VS Alex Windsor; Storm wins.
  • Six Man Tag: The Cage of Agony VS Solomon Tupu, Jay Marston & Kevin Gutierrez; The Cage of Agony wins.
  • Rocky Romero VS Shota Umino; Shota wins.
  • Satnam Singh w/ Sonjay Dutt & Jay Lethal VS Rosario Grillo; Satnam wins.
  • PAC VS Jay Lethal w/ Sonjay Dutt & Satnam Singh; Pac wins.


Toni Storm w/ Mariah May & Luther VS Alex Windsor!

The Leading Lady knows her beloved, budding protege’s past partner is coming for her prized possession, but she is looking to send a message tonight. Will Mina Shirakawa hear that message loud and clear? Or will Titanium Alex be nobody’s tune-up?

Speaking of, Alex doesn’t even wait for the bell, she goes after Toni the moment she’s in a corner! The fans boo but the bell rings and the ref reprimands. Alex fires off haymakers on Storm, then bumps her off buckles. Windsor soaks up the heat, whips Storm back in, then runs up to CHOP! Windsor soaks up more heat, then runs back in, but into a THESZ PRESS! Storm rains down fast hands, then fires up! The fans are with her and Storm gives Windsor a point-blank HIP ATTACK! And then another! And then another! Storm winds up, the fans fire up, and BOOM, another hip attack! Windsor tumbles out while the fans cheer.

Storm runs side to side to HIP ATTACK Windsor off the apron! Storm calls Mariah over, nuzzles her, then goes after Windsor. Storm CLUBS Windsor, drags her up, then reels her in. Windsor fights the suplex, throws body shots, and then swings, but Storm DECKS her first! Storm goes to the ring but Windsor gets her for a wheelbarrow! Windsor SMASHES Storm off the apron! Windsor KICKS Storm, gets her back up, and hits an APRON BACK SUPLEX! Storm flounders, Mariah is concerned but Windsor gets in her way. Windsor CLUBS Storm, HAMMERS away, then soaks up the heat. Windsor slides into the ring and Mariah checks on Storm.

Windsor taunts Storm, then goes back out to fetch her. But now Luther stands in Windsor’s way to keep her from getting at Mariah. Windsor drags Storm up, whips her, and POSTS her! Storm staggers around, Windsor runs up to CLUB her again, then throws body shots! Windsor CLUBS Storm, soaks up more heat, but Storm RAMS Windsor into barriers! The fans fire up as Storm rolls into the ring. The fans rally as Windsor drags Storm to a corner, to SLAM the legs into the post! And again! And again! And again! The ref reprimands, but Windsor YANKS Storm out to CLUB her down. Windsor rolls into the ring while fans rally behind Storm.

Luther & Mariah check on Storm, but Windsor goes out again. Luther says to stay back, but Windsor SHOVES Luther into Mariah, which sends Mariah into Storm! The fans boo but Windsor stomps away on Storm, and Rampage goes picture in picture.

Windsor drags Storm up and ROCKS her with a forearm! Storm sputters and staggers around the way, but Windsor stalks after her. Windsor has Storm against barriers to CLAW the eyes! Windsor puts Storm in the ring, drags her to a cover, TWO! Storm is tougher than that, and Mariah scowls at Windsor. Windsor fires forearms on Storm, ROCKS her, then whips Storm to ropes to run her over! Cover, TWO! Windsor grows frustrated but she drags Storm up for a cravat. Storm endures the neck wrench, but Windsor throws in knee after knee!  Storm throws body shots but Windsor whips her to a corner.

Windsor runs in but Storm dodges! Rampage returns to single picture as Storm blocks boots, puts Windsor in ropes and hits a DRAPING BACKSTABBER! Windsor writhes, Storm goes to the far end, and the fans fire up for the close up! Storm runs in to SWEET HIP MUSIC! And then the fisherman SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO! Not quite perfect but Storm storms around. She drags Windsor up and reels her in, but Windsor wrenches out to HEADBUTT! Storm HEADBUTTS back! Storm runs, but Windsor clothesline at ropes! And again! And then a RIGHT ANGLE SLAM! Cover, TWO! Storm survives and the fans rally up!

Windsor drags Storm up but Storm drags her into a cradle! TWO, SHINING WINDSOR! Cover, TWO!! The fans rally for Storm again but Windsor snarls. Windsor storms up on Storm, drags her up, short arm- NO, Storm dodges the lariat, runs, and smothers the pop-up to STORM ZERO!! Cover, Storm wins!

Winner: Toni Storm, by pinfall

Storm breaks through Iron Will Windsor, and revels in the praise of her adoring public. She also holds Mariah close, but will she still have both once she passes through The Forbidden Door? Or will the Fighting Gravure Idol steal more than just the spotlight?


Backstage interview with Harley Cameron.

Arkady Aura is with The Outcasts’ crazier component, and says she’s a bit surprised to see Harley without Saraya, considering the big win last week. Yeah, yeah, who cares? Saraya is not here as a form of protest! All these women are all declaring for the Women’s Owen Hart Tournament. Oh~, declaring~! What are we? Royal subjects? Oh, a royal decree from the king! Or maybe we’re more old Southern women, “Oh, I do declare!” The only one who should be declaring anything is Saraya. Because the winner gets a world title shot at All In. And who was it that won last year at Wembley Stadium? Saraya! What a declaration!

And with that said, Saraya’s done it before, and she will do it again. And now Harley declares this interview over, goodbye. Then from Harley’s mouth to the world’s ears, will Saraya make sure she is the one crowned the 2024 Queen of Harts before crowning herself champion once again?


AEW hears from Thunder Rosa and Deonna Purrazzo.

La Mera Mera tells “Deonna, you might’ve been a little bit busy, but there were some flashing news. Saturday is the one-year anniversary of Collision. And as a tradition, Thunder Rosa always likes to pick a fight. And who else than you?” But The Virtuosa asks back, what does Rosa not understand here? Rosa’s selfishness has forced Deonna to embrace her own. But La Mera Mera isn’t owed anything. From where Deonna comes from, those who want respect must show respect. And those who refuse get respect beaten into them. Saturday Night Collision, Rosa VS Deonna, NO DISQUALIFICATIONS! And Deonna asks what Rosa thinks happens when her head collides with a chair.

Rosa says nothing will stop her from showing Deonna the real respect of a warrior. No disqualifications, no problems. Happy Anniversary, Collision! But who will celebrate by standing over the other’s battered body?


Six Man Tag: The Cage of Agony VS Solomon Tupu, Jay Marston & Kevin Gutierrez!

Brian Cage, Bishop Kaun & Toa Liona have broken away from Swerve’s House to do things their way. So far, so good, for them. But will their opponents wish it’d been another three sent into The Cage of Agony?

The trios sort out, Tupu starts against Kaun, and the two circle. Liona distracts Tupu and Kaun DROPKICKS Tupu into the corner! Kaun CHOPS, then fires off forearms! The ref counts, Kaun bumps Tupu off buckles to then fire off more forearms. Kaun CHOPS, the ref has him back off, and Kaun runs in. Tupu goes up and over, keeps moving, and Gutierrez tags in. Kaun CLOBBERS Tupu but Gutierrez kicks low! Gutierrez whips but Kaun reverses. Gutierrez ducks ‘n’ dodges, but Liona sneaks a tag. Gutierrez hurdles but turns around into a BOOT! Liona CLOBBERS Gutierrez! Liona looms over Gutierrez, drags him up, then BODY SHOTS!

Liona BODY SHOTS again, and again! Gutierrez falls, but Liona drags him up again, to LARIAT! The fans rally as Liona drags Gutierrez over and tags in The Machine. Gutierrez fires haymakers on Liona, but they do nothing! Liona SPINEBUSTERS Gutierrez! Cage smirks, Marston tags in, and Marston ducks ‘n’ dodges, but runs into a BIG back drop! Cage drags Marston up, reels him in, puts one out, an d gives Marston a POWERBOMB! Cage then tags to Kaun, Liona steps in with him. Tupu runs in, dodges The Gates, but Cage SUPERKICKS him! Then the Gates get Tupu up to CLOSE THE GATES!

Cage drags Marston over, and the trio TRIPLE SLAMS him! Kaun covers, The Cage of Agony wins!

Winners: The Cage of Agony, by pinfall

This dangerous trio is only more dangerous now that they’re the ones in charge! Will they be right on the heels of the Unified AEW & ROH World Trios Champions?


Rocky Romero VS Shota Umino!

It’s another Forbidden Door appetizer as Azucar “welcomes” The Roughneck back to AEW! #SHOOTER has learned a lot from Jon Moxley over the past four years, will he show all those lessons have paid off? Or will Rocky make it clear Shota’s still got a lot to learn?

The bell rings and the two shake hands to show there’s sportsmanship here. The fans cheer, the two tie up, and Shota wrenches to a wristlock. Rocky rolls, slips around, facelocks and cravats. Shota swim moves to wrench and wrangle Rocky to the mat. Rocky stands, Shota wrenches and wristlocks, but Rocky pulls hair. The ref reprimands, but Rocky wrenches through to an IRON OCTOPUS! Shota endures, powers out and throws Rocky down. Shota has the toehold, then digs a knee into the knee. Rocky turns over, stands up, clinches, and they end up on ropes. The ref counts, Rocky slowly lets off, and then CHOPS!

Shota just stares Rocky down! The fans fire up, and Shota winds up to CHOPS! Rocky staggers and sputters, Shota fires forearms! Shota spins, Rocky ducks the elbow, but runs into a scoop and DROP! Then a basement dropkick! The fans cheer and Shota does a dance similar to Mercedes Mone’s! Shota stomps Rocky around, CLUBS him, then stalks him to ropes. Shota CLUBS Rocky again, but Rocky grits his teeth. Shota ROCKS Rocky against ropes, then has him in a corner. Shota stomps and UPPERCUTS, then he stalks Rocky. Shota stomps Rocky, UPPERCUTS again, then whips to ropes. Rocky holds ropes to BOOT back!

Shota runs up but Rocky DUMPS Shota out! Rocky builds speed and DIVES! Shota’s head hits the desk and the ref checks him out while Rampage goes picture in picture.

It seems Shota is okay so the ref goes back to the ring. Rocky stands, fires up, and gives us some Latino Heat. Rocky puts Shota in the ring, drops a knee into the back, then stomps Shota before dropping a knee on the chest! Cover, TWO! Shota toughs it out but Rocky drags him up. Rocky KICKS the bad arm, wrenches it, then hits an ELBOW BREAKER! Shota goes to ropes, Rocky puts him through ropes, to KICK again! Rocky goes up a corner, gives some more Latino Heat, then MISSILE DROPKICKS! Shota flounders, Rocky covers, TWO! Rocky argues the count but the count was fair, so Rocky clamps onto Shota with a cobra clutch!

Rocky thrashes Shota around but Shota endures. Shota fights up, throws elbows, but Rocky CLUBS him on the back. Rocky TOSSES Shota out, then aims from the apron! CROSSBODY, but Shota catches him! Shota pops Rocky up but Rocky slips free, so Shota SHOTGUNS him down! Both men are on the floor on the outside and the fans rally up. Shota rises up, fetches Rocky, and puts him in the ring. But Rocky DROPKICKS Shota back! Shota is down in the corner and Rampage goes to break.

Rampage returns and Rocky clotheslines Shota in a corner! Rocky keeps going, and clotheslines again! Then he keeps going, but Shota DROPKICKS him down! The fans fire up and Shota pounds the mat. The fans rally behind Shota and he aims at Rocky at the ropes. Slingshot, APRON DDT! The fans fire up again as Rocky flops to the floor! Shota puts Rocky in, then goes up a corner. Shota aims as Rocky flounders, MISSILE DROPKICK! Shota hurries to clinch, EXPLODER! Cover, TWO! Rocky survives but Shota stays focused. Shota waits on Rocky to rise up, then runs in, IGNIT- NO, Rocky makes it a backslide!

Shota rolls through the cover, blocks a kick, ducks the enzigiri, but not the REWIND HEEL! Shota staggers to a corner, Rocky runs in. Shota dodges, runs in, but Rocky UPPERCUTS! Rocky goes up and up and TORNADO DDTS! Rocky pounds the mat, the fans rally behind him now, and he aims from a corner. Shota rises, Rocky runs in, SLICED BREAD!! Cover, TWO!! Shota survives and Rocky roars! The fans are torn as Rocky drags Shota up. Rocky fires forearms, but Shota just eggs him on! The fans like that, so Rocky fires more forearms! Shota roars, but Rocky UPPERCUTS! And cravat, for the SLICED- NO, Shota poops free!

Shota POP-KNEES, then IGNITION!! Cover, TWO!! Rocky survives but Shota takes aim from the corner now! A shoutout to Ospreay here with his BLAZE BLADE!! And then PARADIGM SHIFT!! Cover, Shota wins!

Winner: Shota Umino, by pinfall

The Roughneck does indeed prove that what he learned from his senpai, his upperclassmen, have indeed made him into a great wrestler! But will he become one of the greatest wrestlers as he continues to battle all around the world?


Satnam Singh w/ Sonjay Dutt & Jay Lethal VS Rosario Grillo!

The One in a Billion is a big, big man, but he still has a lot to prove if he wants to be the best of the best. Will he finally start building on a win streak? Or will Rosario overcome this mountain of a man?

The bell rings, and Satnam offers a handshake? Rosario takes it, but Satnam won’t let go! Rosario kicks and kicks and CHPOS and CHOPS, but Satnam’s grip is too strong! And speaking of, he grabs Rosario by the neck, to PO-UP BEARHUG!! Satnam ragdolls Rosario! Rosario is OUT, Satnam wins!

Winner: Satnam Singh, by pinfall

Satnam TOSSES Rosario aside, having made quick work of the mere mortal. Sonjay Dutt gets in the ring with a mic to say, “Hey hey hey hey hey! Bubba (Jay Lethal), tell ’em, what’re you gonna do?” Lethal takes the mic to say ladies and gentlemen, Satnam Singh is on a freakin’ roll! Satnam just squashed Grillo in record time, and Lethal is so impressed that not only will he beat his opponent tonight, but he and Sonjay have a little side bet that Lethal can do it even faster than what Satnam just did. Satnam chuckles and Lethal says he’s done waiting! Bring that poor shmuck out here! Did Lethal not read the match card? Lethal’s up against THE BASTARD!!

Fans fire up as Pac makes his entrance out here. Pac already said he was in a bad mood on Dynamite, and surely Lethal taking him lightly isn’t helping things. Will Pac make sure Sonjay wins that side bet with Lethal?

PAC VS Jay Lethal w/ Sonjay Dutt & Satnam Singh!

The bell rings, Pac dodges Lethal to flying-mare! Pac has the headlock, Lethal puts him in a corner, and the ref counts. Pac lets go but Lethal stomps a mudhole! The ref counts, Lethal stops and walks it off. Sonjay knows he’s already won the side bet but he still wants Lethal to win the match. Lethal tosses Pac out, but Pac lands on the apron. Pac RAMS into Lethal, slingshots up and over, then comes back, only for Lethal to hip toss! Lethal cartwheels but Pac kips up! Pac SUPERKICKS Lethal, Lethal bails out, so Pac runs to FLY! Direct hit and Pac stares through the camera into the souls of the AEW roster!

Pac drags Lethal up, but he’s wary of Satnam. Pac puts Lethal in, goes up, and fans chant “HE’S OUR BASTARD!” Lethal rises, but Sonjay distracts the ref! Pac hops down, BOOTS Lethal, but Satnam trips Pac! And YANKS him out! The ref saw that one! The fans cheer as the ref EJECTS Satnam! Team Triple J is freaking out, but Lethal rains down fists on Pac. The ref counts, Lethal lets off but the fans sing ‘Hey hey hey! Goodbye~!” to Satnam. Lethal whips Pac hard into railing, then RAMS him into the POST! Lethal then runs to DROPKICK Pac down! Sonjay mockingly asks if Pac’s hurt, but the ref tells him to back off!

Lethal tells Sonjay to cool it so he doesn’t get kicked out. Lethal drags Pac up and into the ring while Sonjay mouths off to fans. Lethal drags Pac up, but Pac fires body shots. Lethal TOSSES Pac out, builds speed, and Lethal fakes the dive to Fargo Strut instead. The fans “WOO~” with Lethal and he smiles. Sonjay says Lethal’s the man! Lethal then goes out to fetch Pac, but Pac whips! Lethal reverses, Pac hits steel steps! Sonjay mocks Pac again with a fake apology, and Rampage goes picture in picture.

Lethal leaves Pac behind, and he counts along with the ring count. Pac is still down at 5 of 10, but he drags himself up with the apron. Pac flounders in at 8, but Lethal stomps him down! Lethal drags Pac up, bumps him off buckles, then stomps a mudhole. Lethal RAMS Pac into the corner, snapmares him into a chinlock, and he grinds Pac down. Pac endures, pries at the hold, and fights up. The fans rally as Pac breaks free! Pac ROCKS Lethal, CHOPS him, then CHOPS, CHOPS and CHOPS again! Pac whips Lethal, Lethal reverses then TOSSES Pac out! Lethal wants the ring count again, but that’s just all distraction so Sonjay can stomp away!

The fans boo and try to point Sonjay out, but he scurries away. Lethal gets the ref to finally count, and then joins in. Pac is still down at 5, drags himself over, and Lethal grows anxious. Pac rises up and drags himself in at 9! Lethal runs to ELBOW DROP! Cover, ROPEBREAK! Pac survives by a literal foot but Lethal drops elbow after elbow on that leg! Lethal just keeps going with elbow after elbow, then soaks up some heat before dropping a knee on the knee! Cover, TWO! Pac toughs it out but Lethal covers again, TWO! Lethal argues the count, the ref says it is a fair count, so Lethal drags Pac around by the leg.

Lethal stomps away on Pac’s leg, and Rampage returns to single picture as Lethal steps through. Pac kicks but Lethal blocks that, and now Lethal steps through on that leg. Pac kicks again, Lethal blocks again, but then Pac kicks Lethal away! Lethal comes back, trips Pac, and steps through, but into a cradle counter! TWO!! Lethal escapes, gets around, back suplex! Pac lands out, so Lethal handsprings, but Pac SHOTGUNS Lethal while he’s upside-down! The fans fire up while both men are down! Sonjay coaches Lethal but the fans rally for Pac. A standing count starts, Pac drags himself up with ropes to stand at 5.

Pac storms up, blocks a shot to ROCK Lethal! Pac ROCKS Lethal again and again, then SOBATS! KICKS! SOBATS! Pac runs, to SHOTGUN BOOT! Lethal is dazed and Sonjay is worried as Pac goes up a corner. Pac watches like a hawk, to MISSILE DROPKICK! Cover, TWO! Lethal stays in this and Sonjay coaches him again. The fans rally for Pac as he watches Lethal rise again. Pac waistlocks but Lethal fights the lift. Lethal trips Pac, powers through, but Pac kicks and kicks and kicks! Lethal lets go, but he KICKS Pac’s leg out! Lethal drags Pac up, for a SHIN BREAKER! Then DRAGON SCREW! Then Lethal steps through, for the FIGURE FOUR!!

Pac endures, Sonjay tells him to quit, but the shoulders are down! ONE as Pac tilts to the side! Pac reaches out for ropes but Lethal thrashes and pulls on that leg! Pac fights over to the ROPEBREAK! Lethal lets go, the ref checks with Pac, but Pac says he’s still in this. Lethal rains down fists, then goes to a corner. The fans boo as Lethal climbs, and Lethal calls his shot. But Pac goes up to get a leg! Lethal CLUBS away on Pac, then drags him up top. Lethal reels Pac in, but Pac fights the lift! Pac back drops Lethal away! The fans fire up and Pac adjusts. Sonjay stresses out as Pac aims, but Sonjay gets on the apron!

Pac hops down, runs up and BOOTS Sonjay down! The fans cheer, but Lethal is lurking! Lethal runs in, Pac dodges, but Lethal switches to SNAP GERMAN! Lethal handsprings, but Pac sidesteps to run! But Lethal still hits a CUTTER! But that wasn’t lethal enough, so Lethal handsprings again! LETHAL- NO, Pac dodges to LARIAT!! And then, BRUTALIZER!! Lethal is caught, he QUITS, Pac wins!!

Winner: Pac, by submission

Pac makes Lethal suffer a few seconds longer before letting go. That’s what Lethal gets for calling The Bastard a shmuck! Pac is going to be in the Men’s Owen Hart Tournament, will he win it all to go All In for the AEW World Championship?

My Thoughts:

A great Rampage here, even with an extra squash match for the fun of it. Cage of Agony are definitely rolling, not sure they’ll be going for the trios titles while a Heel faction like Bang Bang Gang has them, but Cage, Kaun & Liona would definitely be a tough challenge for them. And I really liked that they segued from Satnam’s squash win to Lethal’s great main event with Pac. Great win for Pac to build momentum towards the Owen Hart Cup, I do like the possibility of Pac being in the main event of All In. Whether Pac is facing Ospreay or Swerve for the world title, he’ll give us great promos in the build and an awesome match in Wembley.

Great match from Rocky and Shota, and a great win for Shota. There might be something in the works for Forbidden Door, but I don’t see Shota getting in on title stories in AEW. Really good promo from Deonna and Rosa, and their No DQ match is going to be awesome stuff. That match can really go either way, but something tells me that Deonna wins. As it stands, we’ve got two Face champions in the Women’s Division, and that won’t change after Forbidden Door, so Deonna is a very strong Heel to go after Storm or Mone. And speaking of, great opener out of Storm VS Windsor, which I clearly thought was gonna be the main event but oh well. Still a good showing for Windsor and a good win for Storm, and Storm has momentum going to Forbidden Door, though she surely isn’t losing.

My Score: 8.7/10

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