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Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (12/21/22)

Happy Holiday Bash!



It’s a Holly Jolly Dynamite!

As AEW prepares for the holidays, The Elite and Death Triangle prepare to go NO DISQUALIFICATIONS in their Trios Championships Best of 7 Series! Who will have a black ‘n’ blue Christmas this year?


  • AEW World Trios Championships Best of 7, Match 5, No Disqualifications: Death Triangle VS The Elite; The Elite wins and the series is 3-2.
  • Hook VS Exodus Prime; Hook wins.
  • Jon Moxley VS Darius Martin; Moxley wins.
  • FTR VS Austin & Colten Gunn; The Gunns win.
  • AEW Women’s World Championship: Jamie Hayter w/ Britt Baker & Rebel VS Hikaru Shida; Hayter wins and retains the title.


Ricky Starks is here!

Fans fire up for The Absolute, who is not the AEW World Champion after getting absolutely screwed! Starks gets the mic and fans rally for “RICKY! RICKY!” Starks says, “It would be really nice to be standing here as the new AEW Champion, but that’s not how things turned out cuz I lost.” Fans boo what happened, but Starks says that’s all on him. He should’ve known better. It sucks, but at least he lost like a man while MJF won like a coward. At least Starks can stand here “with respect and dignity, whereas Max, even though he’s still champion, doesn’t even have any of that. Including a pair of these.”

But Starks does want to point out that if he was that close to beating MJF the first time, just imagine how it’ll go the next time, because guess what? There will be a next time! Fans like the sound of that! Starks says that’s how this starts. This isn’t the end, just look at him! This is the start! If Starks has to work his way back up, then guess what? Line ’em up so Stroke Daddy can knock ’em down! At the end of the day, Starks will be the man around here! Why? Because he’s Absolute Ricky Starks! But wait! Here comes Chris Jericho! Fans sing Judas for The Wizard, but he also has the Jericho Appreciation Society’s Daniel Garcia & Sammy Guevara.

The JAS stands on stage as the song finishes up, and then Jericho has the mic. “Ricky, Ricky, Ricky. I’ve been watching you for a long time, Ricky Starks. A long time. And I saw you last week, and you’re right, you did come this close to winning the world championship.” But Starks isn’t the dollar store version of anyone, Starks is a million dollar talent! Fans cheer that, and Jericho guarantees that Starks will be a world champion some day. But… he’s just not quite ready yet. He doesn’t want Starks to be a flash in the pan. Jericho says after talking things over with Danny and Sammy, his close, personal confidants, they feel Starks has what it takes to be a big star in AEW.

All Starks needs is a little influence, a little advice, and a little Chris Jericho. Fans say “NO! NO!” and then “SAMMY SUCKS! SAMMY SUCKS!” Jericho says if the fans say Sammy sucks, then they say Jericho sucks! And the JAS doesn’t suck! They have talked it over, and they want Starks to join the JAS! Starks says, “Oh~ wow~! The almighty Chris Jericho gave me a compliment! I love it! Hey, it’s my turn. Y’know what I love about you, Chris? I like that fact that you know how to stay relevant. I like the fact that you constantly evolve. Hell, just a few months ago, you were coming here built like an air fryer!

“Now look at you! You’re lean, you’re mean, you’re shredded! You’re dressed like a single father on his fifth divorce! I love it, personally.” Fans cheer that but Garcia & Sammy don’t like it. Starks says that while the offer is very tempting to join the little boy band, he will say HELL NO he doesn’t wanna join the JAS! You think that Starks wants to be part of Club Vampire and have a leash around his neck? NO! Hell, just last week, Jericho lost to Action Andretti so his stock has dropped. And the J in JAS might as well stand for “Jobbers.” Jericho is stunned silent! Fans chant “JOBBERS! JOBBERS!” and that upsets the JAS.

Starks says those two little jazz holes, they haven’t done anything! Fans chant “JAZZ HOLES! JAZZ HOLES!” and Starks has a question. What has Chris done for Garcia since joining? He lost the ROH Pure Championship, aww~… And Sammy, honestly, Starks couldn’t care less about you. But hey! They’re not gonna suck the life outta Starks cuz he won’t let it happen! But if Jericho wants something to suck, guess what? Okay, hold on. Starks can understand Jericho’s appetite not being big enough for that tonight. But how about this? January 4th, new city, new AEW! Starks proposes this: Jericho VS Starks 1v1!

But wait, Jake Hager is sneaking in! Jericho says that was the wrong answer, Ricky. Rock Hard Hager CLOBBERS Starks from behind! Then the JAS mugs Starks 3v1! Jericho takes his time while his minions stomp away on Starks! They drag Starks up, but here comes ACTION ANDRETTI! Andretti slides in, ducks the bat and springboard CROSSBODIES! Hager rushes him but Action dumps him out! Action LARIATS Sammy, then Starks tosses Garcia! Fans fire up as Andretti hits a MOONSAULT on Jericho! The JAS retreat, is Action Andretti absolutely going to watch Starks’ back against the sports entertainers?


AEW World Trios Championships Best of 7, Match 5, No Disqualifications: Death Triangle VS The Elite!

The series stands at 3-1 in favor of The Bastard & The Lucha Brothers, but that’s because they used hammers every time! So this week, Kenny Omega says ANY weapon is allowed! What won’t we see these two teams use to win when this could all end tonight?

The introductions are made, Don Callis joins commentary, and The Elite attack! The bell rings, the brawl is on, and fans are thunderous! The Elite get the edge, they CLUB Death Triangle and reel them all in, but the Death Tringle fight free of the powerbombs to TRIPLE SUPERKICK! The Elite all fall out of the ring, fans fire up as Penta & Fenix shout, “CERO! MIEDO!” and then Death Triangle all builds speed! They TRIPLE TOPE CONJILO! Direct hit on Omega & The Bucks, and then Fenix puts Nick in the ring! Fans fire up as Fenix fires forearms on Nick. Fenix whips Nick corner to corner then runs in to clothesline!

Pac runs in to back elbow! Penta runs in but Nick dodges! Omega and Matt drag out Pac and Fenix, Nick clotheslines Penta in the corner! Matt runs in to clothesline, too! Omega runs in to back elbow! Nakazawa joins in to back elbow! No Disqualifications, remember? Brandon Cutler the cold spray elf joins in, too! Only for Alex Abrahantes to get in his way! Alex shouts, “CERO! MIEDO!” and he pie faces Cutler! Cutler SPRAYS Alex in the face! Cutler dabs, but then turns around into a SUPERKICK from Penta! That’s what he gets for dabbing! Er, spraying Alex! Matt SUPERKICKS Penta! Pac BOOTS Matt!

Nick SCREW HIGH KICKS Pac! Fenix MISSILE DROPKICKS Nick! Omega BULLDOGS Fenix! Fans fire up with Omega but Penta has a trash can! SMACK for Omega! Penta wags his finger, “CERO! MIEDO!” Fenix and Pac set Omega up with the can against the rear! Penta goes up the corner, FULL METAL QUE PASO! Mat returns but Fenix snapmares him to rain down elbows! Fans rally for “A E DUB!” but they also say they want tables! Death Triangle TRIPLE BASEMENT DROPKICK Matt! Pac BOOTS Nick on the apron but Nick pushes him back. Penta runs in but Nick dumps him out! Fenix runs out but Nick jumps over!

Pac runs in but Nick shoulders into him! Nick mule kicks Fenix, then SLINGSHOT FACEBUSTERS Pac, to CARTWHEEL MOONSAULT Fenix! But Penta SLINGBLADES Nick to the floor! Penta fire sup and so do the fans as the Holiday Bash goes picture in picture!

Death Triangle coordinates, Pac BOOTS Cutler then scares Nakazawa off. The Lucha Brothers bring out a TABLE! Pac stomps Omega around, then he brings out another table! Penta then brings a Christmas tree from the stage!? oh, it falls apart. AEW went for the cheap ones apparently. But the tables are set up at ringside and Penta puts the parts of a Christmas tree into the ring. Nick throws forearms but Pac hits back! Pac ROCKS Nick, Penta puts the tree back together in a corner. Matt crawls into the ring but Pac also throws Nick in. Alex fetches a chair for Penta and Penta wedges that in a corner.

Fenix fires off shots on Matt in the corner! Penta CHOPS Omega, Pac DECKS Nick! Pac kicks Nick, CLUBS Omega, then drags Matt up. Pac bumps Matt off buckles while Fenix KICKS Omega in a corner. Fenix coordinates with the others, but Omega fights back! Penta ROCKS Nick and then Pac joins Fenix. They double whip Omega into the Christmas tree! Omega writhes from pine needles in the back! The Lucha Brothers then double whip Nick into the Christmas tree! Nick tumbles up and out, then Fenix fixes the tree. Fenix goes back to help Penta with Matt, but the tree falls over! Aww… Penta sets the tree back up and fans cheer!

Fenix & Penta double whip Matt into the Christmas tree! They then whip Matt back the other way, but he slides under the chair! Nick is up top to CROSSBODY all the Death Triangle! Fans fire up as Nick waits on Pac to stand up. SHINING WIZARD in the corner! GAMANGIRI! Forearm! Nick runs at Penta, ducks the lariat to SUPERKICK! Fenix goes Matrix to duck the lariat but Nick SUPERKICKS him down! Nick aims at Pac but Pac moves, the SUPERKICK hits the chair! Nick’s bad leg just got worse! Pac twists the ankle, stomps the knee, and then he fetches the chair. Pac puts the chair around Nick’s foot!

Fans fire up as Pac aims while climbing the corner. Omega SMACKS Pac with the trash can! Matt fetches a fresh can, then he climbs up to ARIAHARA MOONSAULT onto the Lucha Brothers! Omega sets the can up on the corner, fireman’s carries Pac, “YOU! CAN’T! ESCAPE!” ROLLING SENTON! Omega goes up top, brings the can along with him, and MOONSAULTS with it onto Pac!! Fans fire up as Omega covers, TWO!! Fans boo, they thought that was it. Omega goes out to look under the ring, and he brings out a BARBED WIRE BROOM! Omega is going back to his Unsanctioned match with Jon Moxley!

Fans rally for the “CLEANER! CLEANER!” Fenix runs in, Omega SMACKS Fenix in the side with the broom! The barbed wires get stuck in the tights! Fenix yanks those free, but Omega SMACKS him on the back! Omega sets the broom down, runs, KOTORU KRUSHER on the broom! Fenix writhes, the Bucks come back, Penta runs in but is sent right out! Matt ROCKS Penta, then Nick throws out Pac! The Bucks fire hands and put Penta and Pac on tables! Fans rally up as the Bucks go to the corners! The Bucks climb, Omega reels Fenix in, Matt MACHO ELBOWS through the table on Penta! Nick SWANTON BOMBS through the table on Pac!

Omega double underhooks and lifts Fenix, JAY DRILLER on the barbed wire broom!! Omega clutches his own butt cuz the barbed wire got him, too! Omega gets that free, covers Fenix, TWO!?!? Fenix survives and no one can believe it! Omega moves the Christmas tree out of the way, he calls to the Bucks, and fans say, “This is Awesome!” The Bucks return, they drag Fenix up by his wrists, but Alex hooks Omega’s foot! The Bucks still B T E TRIGGER but Fenix ducks! The Bucks’ knees collide! Pac drags Matt out, Penta drags Nick out, and the Bucks are sent into railing! Pac GAMANGIRIS Omega, Fenix somersault- NO, Omega shoves Fenix away!

Omega V-TRIGGERS on the return! Omega drags Fenix up, Electric Chair Lifts, ONE WINGED- RANA from Fenix!! Cover, TWO!?!? Omega escapes at the last possible moment! But Alex tosses Fenix the hammer! Fenix is conflicted, but he shrugs. No Disqualifications, no real problem! HAMMER SHOT to Omega!! Cover, TWO!??!?! Omega survives and no one can believe it! But Pack wraps Omega up in the BRUTALIZER! Fenix adds on pipe cleaner tinsel like a garrote!! Omega endures, Fenix wheelbarrows Nick down into a KNEEBAR!! The Elite endure double submissions, but then Penta catches Matt!

Matt fights Penta off with fists! Fans fire up as Matt gets free and stomps away on Fenix! Then he stomps away on Pac! Pac holds on but Matt is right after that bade nose! Pac finally lets off, but the Lucha Brothers have DOS HAMMERS! Pac gets one, too! TRES HAMMERS!! Omega stands but the Bucks drag out Pac and Penta to RAM them into railing! SNAP DRAGON for Fenix! Matt drags Fenix up and around, Nick throws in a chair! Matt gut wrenches Fenix, Nick climbs the corner! FULL METAL MELTZER DRIVER!!! C0ver, THE ELITE WINS!!

Winners: The Elite, by pinfall (the series is now 3-2)

The Elite is still alive in the series! But wait! Pac and Penta CLOBBER everyone with those hammers! Fans boo and Cutler tries to save who he can but Penta hits him, too! Penta and Pac dig those hammers into the Bucks’ foreheads! Nick’s busted open! Penta goes after Omega, too! Pac keeps on Nick, even as the refs reprimand! Penta whiplashes Omega with the tinsel! Pac wears Nick’s blood like war paint! Matt defends Nick but Penta stomps him, too! Fenix has Penta stop, the damage is done. The Death Triangle still leads the series, will they finish this off with New Year’s Smash? Or will The Elite’s comeback not be stopped, even by this?


AEW shares footage from after last week’s episode went off the air.

MJF had made it backstage, running away from Bryan Danielson. MJF is furious! He called Bryan the “gutless coward!” That was MJF’s moment! That was MJF’s first title defense, and what does Bryan do? He tries to attack MJF from behind! “You gutless prick. You’re a nobody in my world, you understand me? I beat Ricky Starks CLEAN, smackdab in the middle of the ring! That should’ve been my moment, and you had to stick your sh*tty little hipster nose in it, didn’t you? You worthless, worthless, WORTHLESS scumbag! Everybody wants to ride my wave in this company. Everybody wants to eat off of MY plate!

“Well guess what, Bryan Danielson? when it comes to the reign of terror, you will eat less than you desire, and more than you deserve!” Maxwell Jacob Friedman, hypocrisy aside, is still AEW World Champion. What will he do to put the American Dragon in his place?


Backstage interview with Action Andretti.

Tony Schiavone is with the newest AEW signee, and he notes “What an upset last week on Dynamite over Chris Jericho, never seen anything like that!” And earlier tonight, Action helped Starks against the JAS. Action says yes, last week, HE did the unthinkable, the impossible, something that some people said is the biggest upset of the decade! Action defeated #THEOCHO in the middle of that ring! And ever since, his life hasn’t been the same! Action has been getting an overwhelming amount of support and love from the fans, and it feels amazing.

And while all that is good, Action knew that the JAS wouldn’t just watch their leader get beat by some rookie and not have some frustration and anger. They were going to take it out on whoever, wherever, and tonight, they went after Ricky Starks. Action was out there, he had Starks’ back! But then Angelo Parker & Matthew Menard walk in! Action is on guard but they tell him hold on! Take it easy! Cool it! They’re here to compliment him. He’s on a hot streak! Some would even say, he’s on FIRE! What? Action turns around, AND GETS A FIREBALL TO THE FACE!! The Wizard is back to his old tricks!

Jericho digs Action’s face into the ground! “You’re on fire, Andretti! You’re on fire!!” “Merry Christmas, kid!” The JAS is downright evil! Are they getting nothing but coal for Christmas this year?


Renee Paquette is in the ring.

And she tells San Antonio to please welcome the American Dragon, Bryan Danielson! Fans cheer as Bryan makes his way out to the ring. Renee says this is the first time that we’ve heard from Bryan since his mentor, William Regal, was brutally attacked by MJF. Her question is, where does this leave the Blackpool Combat Club? Bryan says that he doesn’t expect the BCC to forgive Regal, he’s done some pretty bad things. But the thing is, Bryan first trained to wrestle right here in San Antonio. Fans cheer that! Bryan says his very first match was 15 minutes up the road at a place called Far West Rodeo! Fans cheer that, too!

Bryan is sure the fans saw him do some really bad country line dancing, but his first trainers were Rudy Boy Gonzalez and Shawn Michaels. Fans cheer those names! “H B K! H B K!” But the man who turned Bryan into the wrestler he is today is William Regal. Not only did Regal make Bryan into the wrestler he is today, but he made Bryan into the person he is today. And Bryan understands Moxley, Claudio and Yuta don’t have this same relationship, but when Regal was in the hospital and Bryan thought he was never going to see him again, he cried. That man has made Bryan’s life better, his wrestling better, and everything better!

Renee and the fans all know how much Regal has meant to the wrestling industry. Fans cheer and do the “YES! YES! YES!” hands to agree. Bryan says then Regal comes to AEW, and Bryan loved having Regal here in AEW! One thing Regal taught Bryan is that “there are consequences to your actions. One thing MJF needs to learn is that there are consequences to your actions. Max, don’t think for a second that I haven’t been listening to every single word that you’ve said! There are consequences to your actions when you hospitalize somebody that I love more than anybody on this earth except for my family! There are consequences to those actions!

“You call me a coward?! MJF, get your ass out here, RIGHT NOW!!” But instead of MJF, it’s The Firm’s Ethan Page and Stokely Hathaway. Ethan wants everyone to hold on. Stokely, Ethan wants to get this right: Ethan Page makes it all the way to the finals of the AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament, right? Right. And Bryan didn’t. Right. Ethan Page makes it to the final two of the Dynamite Diamond Ring Battle Royal, but Bryan didn’t. Right. And everyone in this building knows that if Ethan faced MJF, Ethan would be here with the WORLD TITLE! Fans are shouting “S T F U!” but Ethan continues. For some odd reason, Vegetable Man here thinks he can just jump the line!

Stokely says that’s crazy! He thinks Bryan should go home, be a family man, shop at Trader Joe’s, get those pro-biotics, the gluten free goodies, and the cauliflower Cheetos, or whatever Bryan wants. Bryan wants them to hold on, he’s confused. He can’t concentrate because one, the glare coming off of Stokely’s head is distracting. Can Stokely grow some hair? There’s also the fans “very politely” telling them both to shut up. Bryan could not hear any of that. Did they insult him by calling him “Vegetable Man?” Stokely says, “You raggedy b*tch.”

Ethan has Stokely calm down, and he wants to make this very clear: He didn’t call Bryan “Vegetable Man” to insult his way of life and what he eats. Fans boo but Ethan and Stokely to shut up! Ethan says they can see who’s talking, right? SO SHUT UP! Listen, Bryan! Ethan didn’t say all that because of Bryan’s way of life. It’s because if he thinks he’s jumping ahead of Ethan Page, Ethan promises he will literally turn Bryan into a vegetable! Bryan tells San Antonio that Ethan Page just threatened him. If Ethan wants to turn Bryan into a vegetable, why doesn’t he try it right here, right now? Fans like the sound of that!

Stokely and Ethan talk, Ethan starts unbuttoning his shirt, but then he says he thought about it and to be honest… Fans boo but Ethan tells them to shut up so he can explain! Ethan can pop off the top, but the pants are staying on. So if Bryan wants to be turned into a vegetable, let’s do it next week. Fans boo more but Ethan says they can suck, he’s not working in San Antonio. See you next Wednesday, Bryan! A match is set for New Year’s Smash, and MJF is watching backstage with a smug grin on his face. Will All Ego send the American Dragon on a detour from going after MJF? Or will Ethan’s ego be deflated to end 2022?


Rampage has a HUGE Trios Match!

It will be the first ever “Three Kings of Christmas” Casino Trios Royale, for 300 THOUSAND DOLLARS!! The Dark Order, Kip Sabian’s Superbad Squad, Orange Cassidy & Best Friends, AR Fox & Top Flight, Ari Daivari & The Varsity Athletes, La Faccion Ingobernables, the newly formed Spanish Announce Project (Angelico, Serpentico & Luther), and the Blackpool Combat Club’s Moxley, Claudio & Yuta, are all competing for that prize, who will be raking it in for the holidays?


Jon Moxley speaks.

“The 300 thousand dollar Trios Casino Christmas Battle Royal this Friday night on Rampage. Well, that sounds like one heck of a good time, I wouldn’t wanna miss that. So I guess you know where I’ll be, again, Cowboy Hangman Page. We can keep this fight up for as long as you want. We can trade fists, brawl all over Texas if you want. We can keep going as long as you want, but I’m starting to wonder when exactly we’re gonna settle this in the ring. Or are we? But then again, what is there to settle? You got knocked out. What’d you think was gonna happen when you signed on for that match in Cincinnati? How’d you see that playing out in your head differently?

“I’m getting a little sick and tired of the somber tones. About the accident and the thing that wasn’t supposed to happen. Poor Hangman Page woke up in the hospital. What’d you think I was trying to do with that clothesline? Comb his hair? It ain’t my problem that you got a glass jaw, that just makes me good at my job. I ain’t the bad guy here. Don’t become one of those play wrestlers, Hangman, you’re better than that. This kid tonight, Darius, from Top Flight. Sure, very talented. Sure, high-flyer, jumping around and all that. Blew out his knee, got in a car wreck, blah blah blah. All I hear is ‘injury prone, injury prone.’

“So is that my fault? Is that my fault now, too? We are teachers. So I’m gonna have to teach this Darius a hard, hard lesson tonight on Dynamite.” Will the Maniac and one half of the Coldest Team in the Game burn it down here for the Holiday Bash?


Samoa Joe speaks.

“Hello, friends, Samoa Joe here. Your ROH Television Champion and Undisputed TNT Champion. Also universally known as The One True King of Television, taking a little bit of time out of my busy schedule to wish you all a happy holiday. And in particular, because of the spirit of comradery and friendship that comes with this season, Wardlow, I have a special greeting for you. I wish that you have the happiest, merriest of holidays. May it be filled with friends, family and people you love and enjoy. Because I think we both know you’re definitely not going to be having a Happy New Year.

“As a matter of fact, Santa may not bring you what you want on December 25th, but come December 28th, Wardlow, I’m gonna give you more than you ever asked for. And after I’m done giving you exactly what you asked for, Wardlow, I’m gonna take from you. Wardlow, have a happy, happy holiday season. But come December 28th, all the holiday cheer ends.” #TwoBeltJoe has given the Maestro of Mayhem a seven day warning, but will New Year’s Smash be the end of the King of TV’s reign?


Hook VS Exodus Prime!

The Cold Hearted Handsome Devil is still undefeated at 16-0 and still the FTW Champion, but he also came to the rescue of “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry against The Firm’s Moriarty & Morrissey. Will The Immaculate Exodus recover from his beating at the hands of Wardlow? Or will he wish they didn’t #SendHook?

The bell rings, the two circle, and they tie up. Hook waistlocks, SLAMS Exodus down, then floats to a facelock. Hook puts Prime in a corner, fires off body shots, then ROCKS him with a haymaker! Fans fire up but Prime swings on Hook! Into a SAYANAGI! Hook storms up, blocks a boot, and then clinches Prime in a high cradle, for a T-BONE! Prime staggers up, into a LARIAT! Fans fire up and Hook paces around. Hook gives Prime crossface forearms, then hooks on the REDRUM! Prime taps, Hook wins!

Winner: Hook, by submission

But just as fans cheer for Hook’s win, The Firm is on the tron! Stokely says, “Well, well, well. Look what we have here.” Moriarty & Morrissey are mugging Jungle Boy! “This Neanderthal thought he was walking around in Beverly Hills. But Hook, just like you, he can’t walk these streets alone. And Hook, trust me when I saw we sympathize, because of two reasons: Lee Moriarty, and diabetes. Stokely pours out a bag of chips just to add insult to injury, as Morrisey drags JB up to CHOKE SLAM him into a dumpster! Moriarty dumps trash onto JB, but Hook storms his way to the back! Will Hook find where The Firm is in time to help JB out of a jam?


Jon Moxley w/ Claudio Castagnoli VS Darius Martin w/ Dante Martin!

The Maniac keeps this show moving as he makes his entrance, with Claudio by his side! Class is in session with the Blackpool Combat Club, will the #AirWolf pass with flying colors?

The bell rings and the fans rally up. Moxley and Darius stare down, then they circle. They tie up, Moxley pushes Darius to a corner, Darius turns it around, but Moxley turns it back around. They both shove and fans like that. The two tie up again, Moxley waistlocks and full nelsons to then spin, snapmare and KICK Darius in the back. Fans rally as Darius gest up. Dante coaches his brother, Moxley asks Claudio what’s up, and Moxley ties up with Darius again. Moxley headlocks, Darius endures the grind, and Darius pries at the hold. Fans rally, Darius wrenches to a wristlock to then get a headlock. Moxley powers out and they RAM shoulders!

Neither man falls, and Moxley dares Darius to try again. Darius runs, they RAM shoulders again, and Moxley SLAPS Darius! Darius scowls, Moxley runs but into a sweep! Darius waistlocks, Moxley switches but Darius resists the lift to switch back. Moxley elbows free, runs, but Darius drops to DROPKICK! Fans fire up as Moxley bails out to regroup with Claudio. They talk and Moxley goes back to the ring. Moxley and Darius knuckle lock, then Moxley kicks low! Moxley throws Darius out hard, then goes out after him. Moxley drags Darius up to TOSS him into the railing! Moxley pushes the railing apart to bring Darius to the crowd!

Fans fire up as Moxley snap suplexes Darius to the bare concrete! Moxley leaves Darius behind and fans fire up more. Moxley high fives with Claudio, Dante checks on his brother, but Moxley pushes Dante aside to fetch Darius. Darius throws forearms on Moxley! Moxley ROCKS Darius back! Moxley smacks Darius off the apron, then RAMS him into railing! Moxley puts Darius in the ring, tells Dante to watch himself, but Darius DIVES out onto Moxley! Fans fire up as Darius rains down fists! Dante and Claudio stare down, keeping the other in check, as Darius refreshes the ring count. Moxley gets up and Darius puts him in the ring.

Darius climbs the corner, Dante cheers him on, but Moxley DECKS Darius to the floor! Claudio stays back and Dante coaches his brother back up. Moxley holds the ropes open for Darius while the ring count reaches 5 of 10. Darius goes under at 7 of 10, so Moxley drags him up. Moxley hits an X-PLEX! Darius writhes but Moxley gets the legs to turn him over. Moxley ties up the legs, twists an ankle, but Darius endures. Moxley grabs an arm to keep Darius back, but fans rally up. Moxley isolates an arm to STOMP it! Darius crawls to a corner, but Moxley stands him up to CHOP him! And CHOP him again! And CHOP again!

Moxley eggs Darius on, so Darius CHOPS back! Moxley HEADBUTTS Darius, puts him up top, then climbs up after him. Moxley claws Darius’ back! Moxley brings Darius up for a SUPERPLEX! Moxley crawls over, but he sits Darius up for HAMMER ‘N’ ANVIL ELBOWS! Moxley stops at 5, to then drag Darius up and suplex! Darius slips out to CHOP! Moxley ROCKS Darius! Darius ROCKS Moxley, but Moxley ROCKS Darius! Fans rally up as Darius UPPERCUTS, but Moxley fires off forearm after forearm! Moxley HEADBUTTS, Darius CHOPS, ROLLING ELBOWS, and UPPERCUTS again!

Darius fires up but Moxley kicks a leg out! Moxley trips Darius, toys with Darius’ bad leg, and he pulls at the brace! Darius kicks Moxley’s leg out and Moxley’s face hits off the knee! Darius goes to the corner, fans fire up and Darius ELBOWS Moxley from the corner! Darius goes up to PELE! Moxley is down, Darius covers, TWO! Darius is a bit surprised, but he’s busted Moxley open! Moxley swings but Darius uppercuts and forearms in return! Darius whips, Moxley reverses but Darius CLOBBERS Moxley! And again! Darius runs corner to corner to UPPERCUT! Darius whips, Moxley reverses but Darius slides to go outside!

Moxley storms over but Darius shoulders into him! Darius steps in and springboards, but Moxley still whips him out to the other side. Darius steps in again, COMPLETE SHOT! Cover, TWO! Moxley survives but Darius keeps his focus. Moxley crawls while Darius climbs up the corner. Fans fire up, Darius leaps back in, CROSSBODY! But Moxley rolls it through to DRAGON STOMP! Darius is a ragdoll but Moxley keeps going! Moxley then wraps Darius up for HAMMER ‘N’ ANVIL ELBOWS! Moxley stops at “OCHO!” and then he wraps on a SLEEPER! Darius endures, fights, and fans rally up!

Darius fights to his feet, but Moxley reels him in! DEATH RIDER!! Cover, Moxley wins!

Winner: Jon Moxley, by pinfall

Darius showed some toughness, but not enough to overcome Moxley! Will the $300,000 Casino Trios Royal be a different story?


AEW hears from Hikaru Shida and Jamie Hayter.

The Full Metal Samurai promises to take back the AEW Women’s World Championship and show us why she has the strongest heart in AEW. But Hayter says, “Oh, isn’t that lovely? Strong heart~! Every single person in that arena is gonna be buzzing when inevitably, Jamie Hayter retains the AEW Women’s World Championship.” That match is our main event, who will bring the title home for the holidays?


AEW has another chapter from The Book of Hobbs.

The Powerhouse is working out as he says, “My first memory, at three years old, was watching my uncle overdose on the floor. Have you ever seen someone gargle and choke on their own blood? Have you ever smelt your own burning flesh? As a child, I was beaten, I was robbed, I’ve been stabbed, I’ve been shot. But what type of people would do this to a child? Monsters. But what they didn’t know is that they created a monster themselves. And now it’s time that I spill everyone else’s blood and turn to the next chapter of The Book of Hobbs.” With all that he has seen, and with all that he has endured, will AEW be able to endure what they’re about to see?


FTR VS Austin & Colten Gunn!

Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood have been stalked by and trolled by “The Ass Boys” for the better part of this year, and have finally had enough! Will the still AAA & IWGP Tag Team Champions be able to put Austin & Colten in their place once and for all? Or will the Gunns add insult to injury to the already beat up FTR?

The teams sort out and Dax starts against Colten. They tie up, go around, and Colten gets around to CLUB Dax! Dax drops to his knee, but he stands back up to CHOP Colten! Colten staggers, Austin jumps in, but so does Cash! The teams stand off then back down. Dax tags Cash, fans taunt the “ASS~ BOYS~!” but Colten tells them to shut up. Colten and Cash tie up, Cash gets around and he CLUBS Colten! And CLUBS him again! And hits a BIG atomic drop! And then another atomic drop! Cash whips Colten to CLOBBER him! Colten bails, Austin runs in, but Austin gets an atomic drop! And then a Manhattan drop!

Cash CHOPS then UPPERCUTS and Austin goes down! Colten returns to kick Cash low! Colten whips, Cash holds ropes to avoid the dropkick! Cash literally kicks Colten’s ass! Cash whips Colten into Austin, giving Austin a hip attack! Then Cash whips Colten back in for another hip attack! And then another! Austin can’t get away but Cash back drops Colten! Dax runs in, FTR clothesline the Gunns out of the ring! Dax goes out to fire off on Austin while Cash kicks Colten’s ass around, and again literally! Cash drags Colten up to CHOP him! And UPPERCUT him! Fans fire up while AEW goes picture in picture.

Cash whips Colten hard into railing! Dax smacks Austin off railing on the other side, and gets a hug from his daughter in the first row. Cash RAMS Colten into more railing while Dax CHOPS Austin down! The Gunns flounder about, but then Dax smacks Austin off the timekeeper’s table! Colten turns things around on Cash to smack him off the apron! Colten puts Cash in, storms up on him, but Cash JABS away on Colten! Cash then DECKS Colten with a haymaker! Cash stomps a mudhole into Colten at the corner, but Austin rushes in from the apron! Cash ducks the sucker punch to DECK Austin! But Cash turns around into a DROPKICK from Colten!

Colten drags Cash around to rain down forearms, then he drags Cash over. Tag to Austin and the Gunns hand off Cash. Austin bumps Cash off buckles, follows him as he flounders, but the ref reprimands. Austin argues with the ref, shouts at Dax, then goes back to Cash. Austin reels Cash in, Cash flops down, so Austin CLUBS him. Austin drags Cash up again, turns him around and drags him down into a chinlock! Cash flails while he endures the grind and fans rally up. Cash fights up but Austin wrangles him back down! Cash fights his way back up, throws body shots, but Austin ROCKS him with a forearm!

Austin wraps the chinlock back on and he leans on Cash with all his weight. Cash still fights his way up as the Holiday Bash returns to single picture. Cash reaches out but Austin throws body shots! Austin hops on as a backpack, but Cash runs to RAM Austin face-first into buckles! Austin flounders away, he and Cash crawl, hot tag to Colten! Colten keeps Cash from Dax, whips him to a corner, but Cash dodges! Colten hits buckles and falls down! Fans fire up as Cash and Colten crawl for their corners, hot tags to Austin and Dax! Fans fire up more as Dax JABS away then DECKS Austin! Then DECKS him again!

Dax DECKS Colten, whips Austin to a corner and clotheslines! Dax CHOPS, UPPERCUTS, repeat! Colten rushes over and CLUBS Dax! Colten whips, Dax reverses to wrench and short arm LARIAT! Austin runs into a Manhattan Drop! Dax trips Austin, has the legs, and fans fire up as he steps through! But Colten trips Dax up! The ref reprimands and fans boo but Colten smacks Dax off the apron! Austin sets up on the steps and Colten reels Dax in! Fans taunt the “ASS~ BOYS!” and Dax resists the lift! Cash DIVES into Colten!! Austin rushes over to RAM Cash into railing! Austin swings on Dax but Dax ducks! Only for Austin to SHOVE Dax into steel steps, butt first!

Dax clutches his “broken ass bone” while fans boo. Austin puts Dax in the ring, and then aims from the corner. Austin tunes up the band and fans boo. He’s no Heartbreak Kid! Austin rushes up, but stops short of Sweet Chin Music to say, “SUCK IT!” He then trips Dax to step through and steal the SHARPSHOOTER!! Dax endures but Cash CLOBBERS Austin! Colten swings but misses, Cash fires off haymakers! Cash TOSSES Colten out hard! Fans fire up as Cash tells the Ass Boyd to get up! Cash leaps, but Colten moves! Cash crashes into railing! Austin drags Dax up to kick low and run, but no Famouser!

Dax kicks low and reels Austin in, but the bad hip won’t let him lift! Fans rally for Dax as he drags himself back up. Austin swings but Dax ducks to ROCK him right back! Dax waistlocks to O’Conner Roll, TWO!! Austin has it, with Colten holding him in place!! THE GUNNS WIN!!

Winners: Austin & Colten Gunn, by pinfall

The Ass Boys just stole one from FTR! That’s a three-match losing streak! The Gunns claim they’ll kill the legacy of the greatest tag team of our time, will they do it by any means necessary?


AEW hears from Jay Lethal, Jeff Jarrett, Sonjay Dutt & Satnam Singh.

Wait, are they doing a rap video to mock The Acclaimed? Yes, they are. MC Sonjay raps “Acclaimed is just a bunch of slap nuts. Last week, Slap Max got smacked up. Caster couldn’t do his rap, that’s bad luck. And by the way, you’re raps SUCK! Bowens tried to fight but he wasn’t able, cuz Jay Lethal threw his ass right over a table. We’ll make Acclaimed run from the building, cuz we got Satnam Singh and he’s one in a billion! ‘Grand Daddy Ass,’ get him Depends, we’ll get the tag titles and they’ll never scissor again! HAHAHAHA! This Friday night on Rampage, Bowens and Billy Daddy Ass step up to the plate against my best friend in the whole world, Jay Lethal, and Jeff Jarrett!”

So then, will the #LethalOutlaws deliver a smash hit that gets them a shot at the AEW World Tag Team Championships? Or will their new track fail to go gold?


Tony Schiavone and Rick Ross are in the ring.

Fans cheer as Schiavone introduces The Biggest Boss as he plans to mediate this coming face-to-face. First out, the Limitless One, Keith Lee! Fans cheer to see Texas’ own, and Rick Ross wants them to make some noise for the big homey! Rick Ross wants to make this clear, he IS the Biggest Boss, and when the Biggest Boss comes out, he comes to make history. Today, we make history! This is big business they gotta discuss so they’re gonna make this clear. “Time to bring out the young legend. Y’all make some noise for SWERVE!” The music doesn’t hit, Rick Ross says they’ll make this special. Also, Keith’s one big mother effer.

Rick Ross says we’re here to make history! Fans chant for “Whose House?” “Swerve’s House!” Rick Ross says to give the legend some time. We’re ready, but then Swerve says, “Yo, yo, I’m sorry. I wasn’t aware we was doing this on Keith Lee’s time again.” Swerve comes out without music and fans boo. Swerve says we’re here again, doing things based off Keith. Swerve doesn’t wait for nobody. Swerve does things Swerve’s way. Keith, Swerve really tried. He wanted to give Keith the world! They should own everything! Rick Ross agrees. Swerve tells Rick Ross that he can’t deal with all these accusations. Rick Ross says they do not deal with accusations! And definitely not false ones.

Swerve tells Keith that he needs to keep his eye on the ball. But he can’t keep his eyes on the tag titles, or on his health, and honestly, he needs to keep eyes on the back of his head. What? Rick Ross is behind Keith, and he says the young legend has spoken. PARKER BOUDREAUX is here!? Parker CLUBS Keith, then turns him around to ROCK him with haymakers! Swerve grins as Parker goes wild on Swerve! Parker roars, fans boo, but Parker whips Keith. Keith reverses to lariat Parker out of the ring! Rick Ross is shocked, but Swerve eggs Keith on. Rick Ross says Swerve is an icon. Keith tells Rick Ross to shut up!

Keith goes out after Swerve, but Parker is back up! And then someone else RAMS Keith into railing! Who is that?! He’s stomping away on Keith! This man, covered in tattoos, roars and then stomps Keith! Rick Ross says this is the history that’s being made. Mogul Affiliates is a new faction, and Parker SMACKS Keith on the back with a chair! Keith drops to his knees! Parker and the tattoo man drag Keith up, RAM him against the apron, and then bring the steel steps over! Rick Ross keeps saying this is them making history, and the Affiliates put Keith on the steel steps! Swerve climbs the corner!? They even add a cinderblock!?

Swerve jumps, SUPER KILL STOMPS with the cinderblock and steel steps!! Keith goes down in a heap and Rick Ross is amazed! “He made need attention.” Fans lose their minds but “Whose House?” “SWERVE’S HOUSE!” Will Mogul Affiliates make 2023 the Year of Swerve?


AEW hears from the trios entering the Three Kings Christmas Casino Trios Royale.

Best Friends says $300,000, that could get Mama Beretta a new house. Chuck Taylor wants to get his mom a chainsaw! Cassidy will also buy Trent’s mom a new house. The Dark Order want to split the $300,000 evenly between Uno, Silver, Reynolds, Negative One and… Oh, that’s all. Sorry, Hangman. But can he promise not to get involved? Yeah, he won’t. Why would he? Well because of Mo- MONEY! He loves the money, and battle royals. Well, and Moxley. This is Friday. Oh, alright, he’ll see them later. O-Okay. Is Hangman going on vacation already? Or will he just wait until it’s all said and done to get what he wants for Christmas?


AEW Women’s World Championship: Jamie Hayter w/ Britt Baker & Rebel VS Hikaru Shida!

The first defense for Hayter’s title reign is a big one! She is facing a former AEW Women’s World Champion, the current Regina di Wave Champion, and a very determined warrior! Will Shida take this title back after being without it for over a year? Or will she find that #HayterHitsHard?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see if Hayter’s gonna hate the holidays!

The bell rings and fans rally for “JAMIE HAYTER!” already. Hayter swings, Shida dodges to kick and fire off forearms! Shida whips, Hayter blocks to ROCK Shida back with forearms! Hayter whips, runs Shida over, but Shida kips up to ROCK Hayter! Hayter staggers, elbows back, then puts Shida on ropes to CHOP and CHOP and CHOP! The ref counts, Hayter lets off, but Shida turns it around to fire forearm after forearm in return! Hayter turns it back around to CHOP and CHOP and CHOP! Shida turns it around to forearm and forearm and forearm! The ref counts, Shida lets off but runs to KNEE Hayter down!

Fans rally, Shida stomps Hayter to a corner, then Shida storms up to stomp Hayter more. The ref reprimands and counts but Shida digs her knee in. Shida lets off, Britt and Rebel protest, but Shida storms up again. Hayter hits low, CLUBS Shida on the back over and over, but Shida ROCKS Hayter! Shida reels Hayter in to scoop and SLAM! Fans fire up as Shida rains down fists! Hayter guards, Shida keeps hammering away, but the ref reprimands the hair pulling. Shida lets off but she drags Hayter up again. Fans rally and duel, Shida brings Hayter around to snap suplex into buckles! Hayter slumps down and fans fire up!

Shida scowls while Britt and Rebel are worried. Shida drags Hayter to the apron, turns her around, and CLUBS away! Shida gets space, runs in, and KNEE LIFTS Hayter right down! Fans fire up and Shida fires up, too, as AEW goes picture in picture.

Shida drags Hayter up and puts her back in the ring. Hayter staggers away but Shida storms up to her in the corner. Shida whips corner to corner, runs in, and she KNEES Hayter again! Shida whips corner to corner the other way, runs in, but Hayter FLAPJACKS her off the buckles! Shida is dazed, Hayter fires up and fixes her ponytail! Hayter stomps a mudhole into Shida but lets off as the ref counts. Hayter drags Shida up, Shida throws body shots but Hayter CLUBS her down. Hayter drags Shida up, and she snap suplexes Shida into buckles! Hayter fixes her hair again while Shida slumps down.

Hayter drags Shida out of the ring and drops her on the floor. Britt argues with the ref but Hayter drags Shida up to whip hard into the steel steps! Britt and Rebel mock Shida’s pain while Hayter kisses the AEW Women’s title. Hayter brings Shida up to run her around the way and send her hard into the railing! Shida slumps down but fans rally up as Hayter does lunges. Hayter refreshes the ring count while Shida drags herself from the railing. Hayter drags Shida up to whip her hard into more railing! Hayter takes a seat to catch her breath, but then she kicks and stomps Shida! The Holiday Bash returns to single picture as Rebel cheers Hayter on.

Hayter drags Shida up, puts her in the ring, and the fans count “OCHO!” Hayter drags Shida up, Shida throws a forearm! Hayter throws a forearm back! Fans rally and duel as the forearms go back and forth! Shida gets the edge, but Hayter ROCKS Shida then RAMS her into buckles! Hayter brings Shida up, and hits a SNAP JACKHAMMER! Cover, TWO!! Shida survives but Hayter drags her back up. Hayter ROCKS Shida, fires off more forearms, then whips her to ropes. Shida comes back, DOUBLE LARIATS wipe them both out! Fans fire up while Britt freaks out! A standing count starts, and we’re at 5 of 10 while both women are down.

Shida and Hayter sit up at “OCHO!” and stand at nine! The forearms start flying again! Shida ROCKS Hayter but Hayter ROCKS Shida! Shida ROCKS Hayter, fires off a flurry, but Hayter swings again! Shida blocks it! Shida ROCKS Hayter again and again, and again! Shida whips to DROPKICK Hayter down! Fans fire up with Shida and Hayter flounders to a corner! Shida climbs up to rain down fists! Shida goes all the way to “OCHO!” then TEN! Fans roar with Shida as she kicks Hayter away. Shida adjusts, to MISSILE DROPKICK! Hayter flounders away to the apron but Shida drags her up against the ropes.

Shida bumps Hayter off buckles, climbs up, then drags Hayter up the corner! Hayter fights back with body shots, then snapmares Shida to the apron! Shida hits hard but she manages to stay on the apron, so Hayter kicks her around. Hayter drags Shida up but Shida holds ropes to resist the German Suplex! Hayter CLUBS away on Shida, pushes her to the corner, but Shida stops herself! Shida elbows Hayter, POSTS her, then KNEES her! Shida reels Hayter in, to suplex her to the floor!! Fans are thunderous while AEW goes back to picture in picture!

Shida and Hayter writhe, Britt coaches Hayter up while the ref checks them both. Hayter and Shida are okay to continue, but Shida does clutch a shoulder. Shida and Hayter sit up slowly, the ring count is 5 of 10! Shida flounders her way over, Rebel helps Hayter up, Shida is in at 7! But Hayter is in at 9.9!! Shida roars and she drags Hayter around. Shida throws a forearm, but Hayter gives it back! Shida throws another forearm, Hayter falls over, but Hayter sits back up. Hayter throws a forearm but Shida hits back! Hayter CLUBS away on Shida, ROCKS her again and again, but Shida ENZIGURIS Hayter! Shida runs, into a BOOT!

Hayter staggers, runs, but Shida KNEES her down! Shida hurries to cover, TWO!! Hayter survives but Shida just goes up top! DIVING METEORA!! And then a FALCON ARROW!! Cover, TWO!!! Hayter survives and Shida can’t believe it! Shida hurries to put Hayter up top, then climbs up after her. Hayter resists the superplex, throws body shots and CLUBS Shida on the back! Hayter HEADBUTTS Shida, but Shida holds onto the ropes! Hayter turns things around as the Holiday Bash returns to single picture again, SUPER GOURD BUSTER! Shida is dazed, Britt shouts at Hayter to finish this, and Hayter adjusts. MOONSAULT FLOPS as Shida moves!

Shida runs, to TAMASHI!! Cover, TWO!?!? Hayter survives and the fans can’t believe it! But Shida just fires up more! Fans are thunderous, but Hayter flops over! Shida drags Hayter up, but Hayter is fighting it! Fireman’s carry, USHIGOROSHI outta nowhere!! Hayter runs, SLIDING LARIAT!! Cover, TWO!?!? Shida survives and fans can’t believe it! But they do know “This is Awesome!” Hayter drags Shida up but Shida fights the clinch! Shida runs, but Hayter gets her for the HATE BREAKER!! Cover, TWO!!!! Shida survives that urenage backbreaker, but Hayter just scowls as she fixes her hair again.

Hayter kisses her bicep, she drags Shida back up, ripcord and HAY- NO, Shida KNEES Hayter first! Then QUESTION MARK KICKS! Hayter wobbles, into an AX KICK!! KATA- NO, Hayter drops to avoid it! Hayter waistlocks and ripcords, but Shida ducks the lariat to waistlock and GERMAN SUPLEX! Britt grabs Shida’s kendo stick! Rebel distracts the ref while Britt calls out Shida! Shida storms over, she drags Britt into the ring! Shida ROCKS Britt, then goes up the corner, VENUS SHOOT! Britt flounders away, Shida has her kendo stick! Shida SMACKS Britt!! Shida then aims at Hayter, runs in at the corner, VENUS-

NO! Hayter catches Shida in position! Shida RANAS free, but Hayter rolls it through! High stack, TWO, into a deadlift!! POWERBOMB!! Cover, TWO?!?!? Shida survives and the fans are electric! Hayter is furious, she drags Shida up and runs, to CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL!! Cover, TWO!??!? Shida still survives but Hayter ain’t done! Ripcord, HAYTERADE!! Cover, Hayter wins!!

Winner: Jamie Hayter, by pinfall (still AEW Women’s World Champion)

As Taz says on commentary, “What a frickin’ battle” for just Hayter’s first defense! But of course, Britt goes after Shida for herself! She and Rebel stomp away on Shida, but here comes TONI STORM!! The Lightning From Down Under rushes out, and she DECKS Rebel! And she hits a THESZ PRESS on Britt!! Storm rains down fists on Britt, but Hayter BELT SHOTS Storm in the back!! Fans boo but Rebel and Britt drag Storm around. Hayter has the belt again, gives it a kiss, but here comes SARAYA!

The Revolution rushes to the ring, she CLOBBERS Rebel! She dodges Britt to SUPERKICK! Britt and her pals bail out, but we know a battle is coming in January! Will Saraya have plenty of choices for a tag partner to take on The Pillar & The Killer?

My Thoughts:

A great episode for AEW, though they didn’t go quite as hard on the holiday party theme as I thought they would. They had the trees on stage, there was a menorah on commentary desk, and MJF was wearing a Hanukkah suit, but no one was having a party or doing gift exchanges. I did appreciate the No Disqualification Trios match bringing a tree to the ring to use, though. The trios match made an awesome opener, and of course the hammers were involved, but I figured The Elite were gonna win this one. To be fair, I already said The Elite will push this to the seventh match, so the Falls Count Anywhere match is going to be wild and go The Elite’s way.

Great opening promo from Starks with the Jericho Appreciation Society. That is a great new feud, and I should’ve known Jericho would get his revenge on Action Andretti. That fireball will take Action out of action for a bit (no pun intended), so I guess no tag match of Starks and Andretti against like Menard & Parker or even Sammy & Garcia. But either way, Starks against any number of those guys is going to be great stuff, and Jericho VS Starks is going to be awesome whenever and wherever it happens.

Good promo from MJF, rife with hypocrisy fitting of a Heel like him, and great response from Bryan. But of course Ethan & Stokely respond instead of MJF, and Ethan VS Bryan is going to be great stuff. Hook of course won, but of course Moriarty & Morrissey mugged Jungle Boy when he was alone. #JungleHook VS Moriarty & Morrissey will surely happen but it still seems like they’re giving Hook too much credit if “Big Bill” Morrissey is avoiding him. Good promo from Samoa Joe to call out Wardlow, and their match at New Year’s Smash will be great stuff. Also, really powerful promo from Will Hobbs, he better take that TNT title off whoever has it after next week.

The money prize aside, as it’ll be kayfabe, a Casino Trios Royale is a great idea and I wish I’d come up with something like that myself. I have no idea who will win it, but maybe it shouldn’t be The Blackpool Combat Club. Claudio has a title, Yuta has a title, Moxley has a feud with Hangman, so maybe The Dark Order should get that just so they can use it to make up for the losses they’ve been suffering. Moxley had a great promo to hype up things with Hangman, and he had a great match with Darius. Moxley is oddly helping get the younger guys over with the fans by beating the hell out of them. Moxley wins, he will surely brawl with Hangman again, and then we get the announcement for like, Unsanctioned Match, Moxley VS Hangman, for a big 2023 Dynamite.

Great match out of FTR VS Gunns, but I should’ve figured Gunns were gonna cheat. This extends the feud, of course, but with the IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champions already booked for WrestleKingdom 17 on January 4th, maybe they figure out something for the AAA World Tag Team Championships. And then FTR can get their win back and throw the Ass Boys away. The “rap” from Sonjay Dutt was at least delivered smoothly, and it was goofy on purpose. But point is, we’re getting a tag match where Billy Gunn steps up, and I would think Team Double Jay cheats to even get that win and claim they’re going to face The Acclaimed for the titles at some point.

The “face to face” of Swerve and Keith that turned into an ambush from a new faction was… mostly just slow and clunky. I suppose Swerve doing things on his time was their way of allowing Parker and the completely unnamed, completely tattooed monster of a guy to get into position, but that was all just the most awkward ambush I’ve ever seen. So I guess Rick Ross was right, they did make history. At least they punctuated it with a great cinderblock stomp. Mogul Affiliates is here, I guess Parker is ditching The Trustbusters, and I hope Swerve can help Parker finally figure out how to do things as more than a caveman with a crewcut.

And while we still only got one women’s match, that was the best women’s match AEW has given us on TV. Hayter and Shida could have even had this match on PPV, but of course Hayter wins. Storm and Saraya coming out to make the save made sense, and it further leads me to think Storm and Saraya are facing Britt & Hayter on January 4th. At the same time, they could easily upgrade things to a Six Woman Tag and have Rebel in it so Saraya doesn’t have to choose and she can bring Storm AND Shida. But then Rebel would be the obvious loser for the Heels, so that won’t happen. Storm & Saraya will surely win, and we get rematches from Full Gear for Revolution.

My Score: 8.9/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Rampage Results & Report! (6/14/24)

Toni Storm is on a Rampage!



The Leading Lady “rehearses” for The Forbidden Door.

The AEW Women’s World Champion knows Mina Shirakawa wants her spotlight, but Toni Storm must first test her mettle against “Titanium” Alex Windsor!


  • Toni Storm w/ Mariah May & Luther VS Alex Windsor; Storm wins.
  • Six Man Tag: The Cage of Agony VS Solomon Tupu, Jay Marston & Kevin Gutierrez; The Cage of Agony wins.
  • Rocky Romero VS Shota Umino; Shota wins.
  • Satnam Singh w/ Sonjay Dutt & Jay Lethal VS Rosario Grillo; Satnam wins.
  • PAC VS Jay Lethal w/ Sonjay Dutt & Satnam Singh; Pac wins.


Toni Storm w/ Mariah May & Luther VS Alex Windsor!

The Leading Lady knows her beloved, budding protege’s past partner is coming for her prized possession, but she is looking to send a message tonight. Will Mina Shirakawa hear that message loud and clear? Or will Titanium Alex be nobody’s tune-up?

Speaking of, Alex doesn’t even wait for the bell, she goes after Toni the moment she’s in a corner! The fans boo but the bell rings and the ref reprimands. Alex fires off haymakers on Storm, then bumps her off buckles. Windsor soaks up the heat, whips Storm back in, then runs up to CHOP! Windsor soaks up more heat, then runs back in, but into a THESZ PRESS! Storm rains down fast hands, then fires up! The fans are with her and Storm gives Windsor a point-blank HIP ATTACK! And then another! And then another! Storm winds up, the fans fire up, and BOOM, another hip attack! Windsor tumbles out while the fans cheer.

Storm runs side to side to HIP ATTACK Windsor off the apron! Storm calls Mariah over, nuzzles her, then goes after Windsor. Storm CLUBS Windsor, drags her up, then reels her in. Windsor fights the suplex, throws body shots, and then swings, but Storm DECKS her first! Storm goes to the ring but Windsor gets her for a wheelbarrow! Windsor SMASHES Storm off the apron! Windsor KICKS Storm, gets her back up, and hits an APRON BACK SUPLEX! Storm flounders, Mariah is concerned but Windsor gets in her way. Windsor CLUBS Storm, HAMMERS away, then soaks up the heat. Windsor slides into the ring and Mariah checks on Storm.

Windsor taunts Storm, then goes back out to fetch her. But now Luther stands in Windsor’s way to keep her from getting at Mariah. Windsor drags Storm up, whips her, and POSTS her! Storm staggers around, Windsor runs up to CLUB her again, then throws body shots! Windsor CLUBS Storm, soaks up more heat, but Storm RAMS Windsor into barriers! The fans fire up as Storm rolls into the ring. The fans rally as Windsor drags Storm to a corner, to SLAM the legs into the post! And again! And again! And again! The ref reprimands, but Windsor YANKS Storm out to CLUB her down. Windsor rolls into the ring while fans rally behind Storm.

Luther & Mariah check on Storm, but Windsor goes out again. Luther says to stay back, but Windsor SHOVES Luther into Mariah, which sends Mariah into Storm! The fans boo but Windsor stomps away on Storm, and Rampage goes picture in picture.

Windsor drags Storm up and ROCKS her with a forearm! Storm sputters and staggers around the way, but Windsor stalks after her. Windsor has Storm against barriers to CLAW the eyes! Windsor puts Storm in the ring, drags her to a cover, TWO! Storm is tougher than that, and Mariah scowls at Windsor. Windsor fires forearms on Storm, ROCKS her, then whips Storm to ropes to run her over! Cover, TWO! Windsor grows frustrated but she drags Storm up for a cravat. Storm endures the neck wrench, but Windsor throws in knee after knee!  Storm throws body shots but Windsor whips her to a corner.

Windsor runs in but Storm dodges! Rampage returns to single picture as Storm blocks boots, puts Windsor in ropes and hits a DRAPING BACKSTABBER! Windsor writhes, Storm goes to the far end, and the fans fire up for the close up! Storm runs in to SWEET HIP MUSIC! And then the fisherman SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO! Not quite perfect but Storm storms around. She drags Windsor up and reels her in, but Windsor wrenches out to HEADBUTT! Storm HEADBUTTS back! Storm runs, but Windsor clothesline at ropes! And again! And then a RIGHT ANGLE SLAM! Cover, TWO! Storm survives and the fans rally up!

Windsor drags Storm up but Storm drags her into a cradle! TWO, SHINING WINDSOR! Cover, TWO!! The fans rally for Storm again but Windsor snarls. Windsor storms up on Storm, drags her up, short arm- NO, Storm dodges the lariat, runs, and smothers the pop-up to STORM ZERO!! Cover, Storm wins!

Winner: Toni Storm, by pinfall

Storm breaks through Iron Will Windsor, and revels in the praise of her adoring public. She also holds Mariah close, but will she still have both once she passes through The Forbidden Door? Or will the Fighting Gravure Idol steal more than just the spotlight?


Backstage interview with Harley Cameron.

Arkady Aura is with The Outcasts’ crazier component, and says she’s a bit surprised to see Harley without Saraya, considering the big win last week. Yeah, yeah, who cares? Saraya is not here as a form of protest! All these women are all declaring for the Women’s Owen Hart Tournament. Oh~, declaring~! What are we? Royal subjects? Oh, a royal decree from the king! Or maybe we’re more old Southern women, “Oh, I do declare!” The only one who should be declaring anything is Saraya. Because the winner gets a world title shot at All In. And who was it that won last year at Wembley Stadium? Saraya! What a declaration!

And with that said, Saraya’s done it before, and she will do it again. And now Harley declares this interview over, goodbye. Then from Harley’s mouth to the world’s ears, will Saraya make sure she is the one crowned the 2024 Queen of Harts before crowning herself champion once again?


AEW hears from Thunder Rosa and Deonna Purrazzo.

La Mera Mera tells “Deonna, you might’ve been a little bit busy, but there were some flashing news. Saturday is the one-year anniversary of Collision. And as a tradition, Thunder Rosa always likes to pick a fight. And who else than you?” But The Virtuosa asks back, what does Rosa not understand here? Rosa’s selfishness has forced Deonna to embrace her own. But La Mera Mera isn’t owed anything. From where Deonna comes from, those who want respect must show respect. And those who refuse get respect beaten into them. Saturday Night Collision, Rosa VS Deonna, NO DISQUALIFICATIONS! And Deonna asks what Rosa thinks happens when her head collides with a chair.

Rosa says nothing will stop her from showing Deonna the real respect of a warrior. No disqualifications, no problems. Happy Anniversary, Collision! But who will celebrate by standing over the other’s battered body?


Six Man Tag: The Cage of Agony VS Solomon Tupu, Jay Marston & Kevin Gutierrez!

Brian Cage, Bishop Kaun & Toa Liona have broken away from Swerve’s House to do things their way. So far, so good, for them. But will their opponents wish it’d been another three sent into The Cage of Agony?

The trios sort out, Tupu starts against Kaun, and the two circle. Liona distracts Tupu and Kaun DROPKICKS Tupu into the corner! Kaun CHOPS, then fires off forearms! The ref counts, Kaun bumps Tupu off buckles to then fire off more forearms. Kaun CHOPS, the ref has him back off, and Kaun runs in. Tupu goes up and over, keeps moving, and Gutierrez tags in. Kaun CLOBBERS Tupu but Gutierrez kicks low! Gutierrez whips but Kaun reverses. Gutierrez ducks ‘n’ dodges, but Liona sneaks a tag. Gutierrez hurdles but turns around into a BOOT! Liona CLOBBERS Gutierrez! Liona looms over Gutierrez, drags him up, then BODY SHOTS!

Liona BODY SHOTS again, and again! Gutierrez falls, but Liona drags him up again, to LARIAT! The fans rally as Liona drags Gutierrez over and tags in The Machine. Gutierrez fires haymakers on Liona, but they do nothing! Liona SPINEBUSTERS Gutierrez! Cage smirks, Marston tags in, and Marston ducks ‘n’ dodges, but runs into a BIG back drop! Cage drags Marston up, reels him in, puts one out, an d gives Marston a POWERBOMB! Cage then tags to Kaun, Liona steps in with him. Tupu runs in, dodges The Gates, but Cage SUPERKICKS him! Then the Gates get Tupu up to CLOSE THE GATES!

Cage drags Marston over, and the trio TRIPLE SLAMS him! Kaun covers, The Cage of Agony wins!

Winners: The Cage of Agony, by pinfall

This dangerous trio is only more dangerous now that they’re the ones in charge! Will they be right on the heels of the Unified AEW & ROH World Trios Champions?


Rocky Romero VS Shota Umino!

It’s another Forbidden Door appetizer as Azucar “welcomes” The Roughneck back to AEW! #SHOOTER has learned a lot from Jon Moxley over the past four years, will he show all those lessons have paid off? Or will Rocky make it clear Shota’s still got a lot to learn?

The bell rings and the two shake hands to show there’s sportsmanship here. The fans cheer, the two tie up, and Shota wrenches to a wristlock. Rocky rolls, slips around, facelocks and cravats. Shota swim moves to wrench and wrangle Rocky to the mat. Rocky stands, Shota wrenches and wristlocks, but Rocky pulls hair. The ref reprimands, but Rocky wrenches through to an IRON OCTOPUS! Shota endures, powers out and throws Rocky down. Shota has the toehold, then digs a knee into the knee. Rocky turns over, stands up, clinches, and they end up on ropes. The ref counts, Rocky slowly lets off, and then CHOPS!

Shota just stares Rocky down! The fans fire up, and Shota winds up to CHOPS! Rocky staggers and sputters, Shota fires forearms! Shota spins, Rocky ducks the elbow, but runs into a scoop and DROP! Then a basement dropkick! The fans cheer and Shota does a dance similar to Mercedes Mone’s! Shota stomps Rocky around, CLUBS him, then stalks him to ropes. Shota CLUBS Rocky again, but Rocky grits his teeth. Shota ROCKS Rocky against ropes, then has him in a corner. Shota stomps and UPPERCUTS, then he stalks Rocky. Shota stomps Rocky, UPPERCUTS again, then whips to ropes. Rocky holds ropes to BOOT back!

Shota runs up but Rocky DUMPS Shota out! Rocky builds speed and DIVES! Shota’s head hits the desk and the ref checks him out while Rampage goes picture in picture.

It seems Shota is okay so the ref goes back to the ring. Rocky stands, fires up, and gives us some Latino Heat. Rocky puts Shota in the ring, drops a knee into the back, then stomps Shota before dropping a knee on the chest! Cover, TWO! Shota toughs it out but Rocky drags him up. Rocky KICKS the bad arm, wrenches it, then hits an ELBOW BREAKER! Shota goes to ropes, Rocky puts him through ropes, to KICK again! Rocky goes up a corner, gives some more Latino Heat, then MISSILE DROPKICKS! Shota flounders, Rocky covers, TWO! Rocky argues the count but the count was fair, so Rocky clamps onto Shota with a cobra clutch!

Rocky thrashes Shota around but Shota endures. Shota fights up, throws elbows, but Rocky CLUBS him on the back. Rocky TOSSES Shota out, then aims from the apron! CROSSBODY, but Shota catches him! Shota pops Rocky up but Rocky slips free, so Shota SHOTGUNS him down! Both men are on the floor on the outside and the fans rally up. Shota rises up, fetches Rocky, and puts him in the ring. But Rocky DROPKICKS Shota back! Shota is down in the corner and Rampage goes to break.

Rampage returns and Rocky clotheslines Shota in a corner! Rocky keeps going, and clotheslines again! Then he keeps going, but Shota DROPKICKS him down! The fans fire up and Shota pounds the mat. The fans rally behind Shota and he aims at Rocky at the ropes. Slingshot, APRON DDT! The fans fire up again as Rocky flops to the floor! Shota puts Rocky in, then goes up a corner. Shota aims as Rocky flounders, MISSILE DROPKICK! Shota hurries to clinch, EXPLODER! Cover, TWO! Rocky survives but Shota stays focused. Shota waits on Rocky to rise up, then runs in, IGNIT- NO, Rocky makes it a backslide!

Shota rolls through the cover, blocks a kick, ducks the enzigiri, but not the REWIND HEEL! Shota staggers to a corner, Rocky runs in. Shota dodges, runs in, but Rocky UPPERCUTS! Rocky goes up and up and TORNADO DDTS! Rocky pounds the mat, the fans rally behind him now, and he aims from a corner. Shota rises, Rocky runs in, SLICED BREAD!! Cover, TWO!! Shota survives and Rocky roars! The fans are torn as Rocky drags Shota up. Rocky fires forearms, but Shota just eggs him on! The fans like that, so Rocky fires more forearms! Shota roars, but Rocky UPPERCUTS! And cravat, for the SLICED- NO, Shota poops free!

Shota POP-KNEES, then IGNITION!! Cover, TWO!! Rocky survives but Shota takes aim from the corner now! A shoutout to Ospreay here with his BLAZE BLADE!! And then PARADIGM SHIFT!! Cover, Shota wins!

Winner: Shota Umino, by pinfall

The Roughneck does indeed prove that what he learned from his senpai, his upperclassmen, have indeed made him into a great wrestler! But will he become one of the greatest wrestlers as he continues to battle all around the world?


Satnam Singh w/ Sonjay Dutt & Jay Lethal VS Rosario Grillo!

The One in a Billion is a big, big man, but he still has a lot to prove if he wants to be the best of the best. Will he finally start building on a win streak? Or will Rosario overcome this mountain of a man?

The bell rings, and Satnam offers a handshake? Rosario takes it, but Satnam won’t let go! Rosario kicks and kicks and CHPOS and CHOPS, but Satnam’s grip is too strong! And speaking of, he grabs Rosario by the neck, to PO-UP BEARHUG!! Satnam ragdolls Rosario! Rosario is OUT, Satnam wins!

Winner: Satnam Singh, by pinfall

Satnam TOSSES Rosario aside, having made quick work of the mere mortal. Sonjay Dutt gets in the ring with a mic to say, “Hey hey hey hey hey! Bubba (Jay Lethal), tell ’em, what’re you gonna do?” Lethal takes the mic to say ladies and gentlemen, Satnam Singh is on a freakin’ roll! Satnam just squashed Grillo in record time, and Lethal is so impressed that not only will he beat his opponent tonight, but he and Sonjay have a little side bet that Lethal can do it even faster than what Satnam just did. Satnam chuckles and Lethal says he’s done waiting! Bring that poor shmuck out here! Did Lethal not read the match card? Lethal’s up against THE BASTARD!!

Fans fire up as Pac makes his entrance out here. Pac already said he was in a bad mood on Dynamite, and surely Lethal taking him lightly isn’t helping things. Will Pac make sure Sonjay wins that side bet with Lethal?

PAC VS Jay Lethal w/ Sonjay Dutt & Satnam Singh!

The bell rings, Pac dodges Lethal to flying-mare! Pac has the headlock, Lethal puts him in a corner, and the ref counts. Pac lets go but Lethal stomps a mudhole! The ref counts, Lethal stops and walks it off. Sonjay knows he’s already won the side bet but he still wants Lethal to win the match. Lethal tosses Pac out, but Pac lands on the apron. Pac RAMS into Lethal, slingshots up and over, then comes back, only for Lethal to hip toss! Lethal cartwheels but Pac kips up! Pac SUPERKICKS Lethal, Lethal bails out, so Pac runs to FLY! Direct hit and Pac stares through the camera into the souls of the AEW roster!

Pac drags Lethal up, but he’s wary of Satnam. Pac puts Lethal in, goes up, and fans chant “HE’S OUR BASTARD!” Lethal rises, but Sonjay distracts the ref! Pac hops down, BOOTS Lethal, but Satnam trips Pac! And YANKS him out! The ref saw that one! The fans cheer as the ref EJECTS Satnam! Team Triple J is freaking out, but Lethal rains down fists on Pac. The ref counts, Lethal lets off but the fans sing ‘Hey hey hey! Goodbye~!” to Satnam. Lethal whips Pac hard into railing, then RAMS him into the POST! Lethal then runs to DROPKICK Pac down! Sonjay mockingly asks if Pac’s hurt, but the ref tells him to back off!

Lethal tells Sonjay to cool it so he doesn’t get kicked out. Lethal drags Pac up and into the ring while Sonjay mouths off to fans. Lethal drags Pac up, but Pac fires body shots. Lethal TOSSES Pac out, builds speed, and Lethal fakes the dive to Fargo Strut instead. The fans “WOO~” with Lethal and he smiles. Sonjay says Lethal’s the man! Lethal then goes out to fetch Pac, but Pac whips! Lethal reverses, Pac hits steel steps! Sonjay mocks Pac again with a fake apology, and Rampage goes picture in picture.

Lethal leaves Pac behind, and he counts along with the ring count. Pac is still down at 5 of 10, but he drags himself up with the apron. Pac flounders in at 8, but Lethal stomps him down! Lethal drags Pac up, bumps him off buckles, then stomps a mudhole. Lethal RAMS Pac into the corner, snapmares him into a chinlock, and he grinds Pac down. Pac endures, pries at the hold, and fights up. The fans rally as Pac breaks free! Pac ROCKS Lethal, CHOPS him, then CHOPS, CHOPS and CHOPS again! Pac whips Lethal, Lethal reverses then TOSSES Pac out! Lethal wants the ring count again, but that’s just all distraction so Sonjay can stomp away!

The fans boo and try to point Sonjay out, but he scurries away. Lethal gets the ref to finally count, and then joins in. Pac is still down at 5, drags himself over, and Lethal grows anxious. Pac rises up and drags himself in at 9! Lethal runs to ELBOW DROP! Cover, ROPEBREAK! Pac survives by a literal foot but Lethal drops elbow after elbow on that leg! Lethal just keeps going with elbow after elbow, then soaks up some heat before dropping a knee on the knee! Cover, TWO! Pac toughs it out but Lethal covers again, TWO! Lethal argues the count, the ref says it is a fair count, so Lethal drags Pac around by the leg.

Lethal stomps away on Pac’s leg, and Rampage returns to single picture as Lethal steps through. Pac kicks but Lethal blocks that, and now Lethal steps through on that leg. Pac kicks again, Lethal blocks again, but then Pac kicks Lethal away! Lethal comes back, trips Pac, and steps through, but into a cradle counter! TWO!! Lethal escapes, gets around, back suplex! Pac lands out, so Lethal handsprings, but Pac SHOTGUNS Lethal while he’s upside-down! The fans fire up while both men are down! Sonjay coaches Lethal but the fans rally for Pac. A standing count starts, Pac drags himself up with ropes to stand at 5.

Pac storms up, blocks a shot to ROCK Lethal! Pac ROCKS Lethal again and again, then SOBATS! KICKS! SOBATS! Pac runs, to SHOTGUN BOOT! Lethal is dazed and Sonjay is worried as Pac goes up a corner. Pac watches like a hawk, to MISSILE DROPKICK! Cover, TWO! Lethal stays in this and Sonjay coaches him again. The fans rally for Pac as he watches Lethal rise again. Pac waistlocks but Lethal fights the lift. Lethal trips Pac, powers through, but Pac kicks and kicks and kicks! Lethal lets go, but he KICKS Pac’s leg out! Lethal drags Pac up, for a SHIN BREAKER! Then DRAGON SCREW! Then Lethal steps through, for the FIGURE FOUR!!

Pac endures, Sonjay tells him to quit, but the shoulders are down! ONE as Pac tilts to the side! Pac reaches out for ropes but Lethal thrashes and pulls on that leg! Pac fights over to the ROPEBREAK! Lethal lets go, the ref checks with Pac, but Pac says he’s still in this. Lethal rains down fists, then goes to a corner. The fans boo as Lethal climbs, and Lethal calls his shot. But Pac goes up to get a leg! Lethal CLUBS away on Pac, then drags him up top. Lethal reels Pac in, but Pac fights the lift! Pac back drops Lethal away! The fans fire up and Pac adjusts. Sonjay stresses out as Pac aims, but Sonjay gets on the apron!

Pac hops down, runs up and BOOTS Sonjay down! The fans cheer, but Lethal is lurking! Lethal runs in, Pac dodges, but Lethal switches to SNAP GERMAN! Lethal handsprings, but Pac sidesteps to run! But Lethal still hits a CUTTER! But that wasn’t lethal enough, so Lethal handsprings again! LETHAL- NO, Pac dodges to LARIAT!! And then, BRUTALIZER!! Lethal is caught, he QUITS, Pac wins!!

Winner: Pac, by submission

Pac makes Lethal suffer a few seconds longer before letting go. That’s what Lethal gets for calling The Bastard a shmuck! Pac is going to be in the Men’s Owen Hart Tournament, will he win it all to go All In for the AEW World Championship?

My Thoughts:

A great Rampage here, even with an extra squash match for the fun of it. Cage of Agony are definitely rolling, not sure they’ll be going for the trios titles while a Heel faction like Bang Bang Gang has them, but Cage, Kaun & Liona would definitely be a tough challenge for them. And I really liked that they segued from Satnam’s squash win to Lethal’s great main event with Pac. Great win for Pac to build momentum towards the Owen Hart Cup, I do like the possibility of Pac being in the main event of All In. Whether Pac is facing Ospreay or Swerve for the world title, he’ll give us great promos in the build and an awesome match in Wembley.

Great match from Rocky and Shota, and a great win for Shota. There might be something in the works for Forbidden Door, but I don’t see Shota getting in on title stories in AEW. Really good promo from Deonna and Rosa, and their No DQ match is going to be awesome stuff. That match can really go either way, but something tells me that Deonna wins. As it stands, we’ve got two Face champions in the Women’s Division, and that won’t change after Forbidden Door, so Deonna is a very strong Heel to go after Storm or Mone. And speaking of, great opener out of Storm VS Windsor, which I clearly thought was gonna be the main event but oh well. Still a good showing for Windsor and a good win for Storm, and Storm has momentum going to Forbidden Door, though she surely isn’t losing.

My Score: 8.7/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (6/12/24)

AEW loves gold~!



Who’s going to Long Island?

The Forbidden Door card isn’t set in stone, but it is covered in gold! Will Ospreay and Mercedes Mone each defend their AEW titles, but will they keep them?


  • AEW TNT Championship Ladder Match Qualifier: Dustin Rhodes VS Jack Perry; Jack wins and advances to Forbidden Door.
  • Rush VS Deonn Rusman; Rush wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Orange Cassidy, Kyle O’Reilly & Mark Briscoe VS Roderick Strong, Kyle Fletcher & Konosuke Takeshita; Roddy, Fletcher & Konosuke win.
  • Samoa Joe & Hook w/ Katsuyori Shibata VS The Premier Athletes w/ Mark Sterling; Joe & Hook win.
  • AEW TBS Championship: Mercedes Mone VS Zeuxis; Mone wins and retains the title.
  • Daniel Garcia VS Nick Comoroto w/ Jacoby Watts; Garcia wins.
  • AEW International Championship: Will Ospreay VS Rey Fenix; Ospreay wins and retains the title.


Swerve Strickland is here!

The fans fire up as the AEW World Champion and Prince Nana make their way down to the ring. Nana gets a mic for Swerve, and Swerve asks Des Moines, Iowa if they’re ready for Dynamite tonight. Better yet, are they ready for Forbidden Door in a couple weeks? The fans cheer and Swerve says they should be. Because in one corner, it is The Billy Goat, the International Champion, Will Ospreay! And in the other, THE AEW World Champion, The Mogul, the history maker, Whose House? “SWERVE’S HOUSE!” And it is for Swerve’s AEW World Championship. Two absolute bona fide stars, the best of this generation, collide for the gold. Two absolute killers-

Well. More like  one killer, because Swerve told Ospreay about 10 years ago that once Ospreay develops that killer instinct, there’s nobody in this industry that can stop him. That has been true. Let’s go back to Forbidden Door last year. Ospreay VS Omega, and Swerve saw a killer, an assassin, get the job done. Fast forward to Revolution 2024, Ospreay VS Takeshita, and again, the Assassin got the job done. Then Dynasty in April, Ospreay VS Danielson, The Assassin got the job done. Double or Nothing? Hmm, not quite. Didn’t really see The Assassin. Because when it comes to Swerve, he is not a target you want to hesitate on.

Swerve got the nickname “Killshot” for a reason. If you don’t pull the trigger, she sure as hell will. But that doesn’t mean Swerve doesn’t respect Ospreay. No, no, Ospreay is International Champion, defending night in, night out. Hell, he’s defending it tonight, against Rey Fenix! That’s a fighting champion, unlike some EVPs that have yet to defend those belts ever since winning them. But then someone comes out here to stop Swerve. It’s Kazuchika Okada! The Rainmaker tells Swerve to stop as he, said EVPs, and The Scapegoat all walk out on stage. And Okada mockingly asks, “Whose house?” “SWERVE’S HOUSE!”

Okada says no, it’s his house, B*TCH! Nicholas tells Okada to relax, and he apologizes to Swerve. Okada gets very defensive of his friends. But The Elite is here to address some business that Swerve is part of, but that’s in a minute. Nick wants to talk about how DOMINANT The Elite has been! They took out Kenny Omega! They broke Eddie Kingston’s leg! And at Anarchy in the Arena, they DESTROYED “Team AEW!” Half this roster is gone because of THEM! And it feels pretty damn good. All the trolls and the bots online doubt them. Even the wrestlers in the back don’t think they’re violent enough!

WELL GUESS WHAT! The EVPs challenge AEW’s best in the most violent match in AEW: BLOOD & GUTS!! And Matthew says this is where Swerve comes into the picture. The Elite step to the ring, and they tell him that they don’t exactly love what he’s said about them, and admittedly, they didn’t get off on the right foot. But The Elite digs Swerve, they dig his style, he is cool. Swerve is young and a champion, just like all of them. So The Elite is here to ask him a question: Does he wanna stand side-by-side with winners? Side-by-side with champions? Matt wants to ask if Swerve wants to #ChangeTheWorld.

Swerve, traditionally, Blood & Guts is 5v5, and there’s only four of The Elite. So will he be their fifth man? The fans say no but Matt says to make it official, he’s always wanted to see Swerve in their sneakers. Matt offers his own pair of Young Bucks Reeboks to Swerve. Swerve says first off, he doesn’t wear size nines. Second, pear necklaces? Matt, no one wears those anymore. Third of all, he’s a businessman, he does his own stuff. Fourth of all, he’s also a philanthropist, so Nana, if you would. Nana TOSSES the Reeboks to the crowd! Free size nines for someone! The fans cheer the charity but Matt has The Elite calm down.

But see? What’s that buzzing around? Oh, it’s an injury bug. And it just landed on the champ! The Elite and Swerve all get ready to fight, but here comes THE ACCLAIMED! Max Caster, Anthony Bowens & Billy Gunn look just as ready to fight! The Elite bails out, and then Christopher Daniels hurries out here, too! The Fallen Angel turned Interim EVP says normally, he’d let a brawl like this go on all night long, but tonight is a full show of wrestling! Tonight, there’s TWO big title matches, and our opening contest is a qualifier for the TNT Championship Ladder Match! That means everyone out of that ring and to the back right this minute!

Well, except for Jack Perry. Because he’s having his match right now, against this man! DUSTIN RHODES! The fans cheer as The Scapegoat no longer has all the time in the world to prepare! Will it only be natural that Dustin Rhodes makes Jack Perry choke on that silver spoon of his?

AEW TNT Championship Ladder Match Qualifier: Dustin Rhodes VS Jack Perry!

The bell rings and Dustin fires hands on Jack! Dustin CHOPS Jack in a corner, stalks him to another, but Jack CLAWS Dustin’s eyes! The ref reprimands but Jack CLUBS Dustin. Jack CHOPS, fires forearms, then whips. Dustin CLOBBERS Jack on the return! Jack flounders, Dustin is right on him, and CHOKES Jack with his T-shirt! Dustin drags Jack up by his hair, but Jack grabs a buckle pad! The ref counts, Dustin CLUBS Jack, but the buckle pad comes free! Jack ELBOWS Dustin, TOSSES him out of the ring, then AX HANDLES from the apron! Dustin hits back with body shots, then scoops, but Jack slips free to POST Dustin!

Jack brings Dustin around, RAMS him into steel steps, then starts pulling up the floor mat! The fans boo and the ref reprimands but Jack scowls as he goes back for Dustin. Jack drags Dustin up, CLUBS him, reels him in, but Dustin fights the lift! Dustin back drops Jack onto the concrete! We see Dustin is still busted open from hitting that post, and the ref checks him while Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Dustin seems alright to continue, and he storms over to Jack. Dustin puts Jack in the ring, storms in, but Jack CLUBS him down! Jack rains down forearms, lets off so the ref can check Dustin, and Dustin crawls to ropes. Jack storms up on Dustin to CHOKE him on the ropes! The ref counts, Jack lets off at 4, but then he CHOKES Dustin again! The ref counts again, Jack steps away, and Dustin sputters, that crimson mask starting to match his face paint. Jack goes out of the ring, and is he putting something in his boot or taking something out? Either way, Jack then brings a chair over to the ring!

Dynamite returns to single picture, the ref sees that chair and takes it right away from Jack, but Jack CLUBS Dustin! Jack CHOKES Dustin, and he is fiddling inside his boot again! The ref counts, Jack lets off, and then mocks Kenny Omega with the finger gun! BANG and Jack runs, into a SNAP POWERSLAM! The fans fire up as Dustin finally gets back at Jack! The fans rally up, Dustin slowly sits up, and Jack follows. Jack stands but into an UPPERCUT! Jack ROCKS Dustin, but Dustin eggs him on! The fans fire up and Jack fires forearm after forearm! Dustin kick slow, RHODES UPPERCUTS, then runs to BOOT!

Dustin keeps going, and he hits a BULLDOG! Jack flounders around, Dustin storms after him in a corner. Dustin climbs up and he rains down fists! The fans count along and Dustin goes all the way to TEN! Dustin lets off, flips Jack off, then puts the legs in the ropes! Jack’s wide open and the ref reprimands. Dustin says fine, he’ll get the chair! The ref says no, no chair! The ref takes the chair away, and Dustin hits SHATTERED DREAMS! The fans cheer, and Dustin gets Jack in the dragon sleeper. Jack snapmares free, but Dustin blocks the superkick! Dustin spins Jack to JAB! JAB! JAB! And then flip, flop, fly and dirty bird! BIONIC ELBOW!

The fans fire up as Dustin gets Jack up and in, for the CROSS RHODES! Cover, TWO!!! Jack survives and Dustin is beside himself! Dustin pounds the mat, the fans rally up, and Dustin rises up! Dustin gets fired up, and he brings Jack up and in. Dustin suplexes, but Jack wrenches out to KNEE low! Jack RAMS Dustin into the bare buckle! Dustin goes down, Jack pushes him out and heads for the bare concrete! DDT on the cement!! Jack leaves Dustin behind, letting the count handle this. The fans boo but the count climbs while Dustin is down. Dustin reaches out at 4 of 10, sits up slowly at 5, and then flounders at 7.

The fans rally as hard as they can, and Dustin stands at 9! Dustin slides in at 9.9 and Jack is stunned! But then Jack laughs at Dustin still trying to get up. The fans rally for Dustin as he drags himself up with the ropes. Dustin pushes the ref aside to run up on Jack, but Jack LOW BLOWS Dustin!! Payback behind the ref’s back, and Jack paints himself with Dustin’s blood. Jack then lines up the shot, “We all have to sacrifice, Dustin.” Dustin flips Jack off! Jack KNEES Dustin down!! Cover, Jack wins!

Winner: Jack Perry, by pinfall (advances to Forbidden Door)

The Scapegoat just made Dustin the sacrifice needed for him to qualify. Jack gives a smile as he looks at the TNT Championship, will he be the final piece to a new Golden Elite?


Backstage interview with Orange Cassidy, Mark Briscoe & Kyle O’Reilly.

Renee Paquette is with this eclectic trio as they are teaming together tonight to face some common enemies. However, it was only just last Saturday on Collision that Cassidy and Kyle were opponents. How are they gonna make this work tonight? Kyle says hold on, they’re all pros. They can be against each other on Saturday and tag on Wednesday just fine, and now they’ve got Mark Briscoe with them! Renee says okay, then let’s address the elephant in the room. Kris Statlander put her hands on Orange, Trent’s go this own issues with him, the entire Don Callis Family is now coming for him, what is he going to do about this situation?

Cassidy says it looks like there are a few people who have his back. But there is one person he definitely knows does, and in walks Willow Nightingale. Mark asks if he could say something real quick. Now, Renee, you’re bringing up last week, but that’s things in the past. You don’t get where you’re going by looking in the rearview mirror. Today is today, and the word of the day is: conglomeration! This is a conglomeration of dangerous individuals right here in these three men, who are in dire straits! Roddy Strong, Kyle Fletcher, Konosuke Takeshita, they’re coming for you boys!

Mark has Kyle O’Reilly right here! What he gonna do? He’ll snatch your leg off and kick you in the face! YES! That’s the answer! He’ll do it all! And then we have the mighty man with a plan, with his hands in his pockets! But watch your jaw cuz he gonna rock it! OC, Orange Cassidy! They comin’ for you! You got three bad boys, but these are the three most dangerous, most unpredictable men in pro-wrestling right here! Tonight, you boys are in trouble! There’s only one thing you can do, and that’s get your asses whooped! It’s going down in Des Moines, Iowa! Let’s get it! RARARARAR! Mark is fired up, it has Kyle motivated, and Willow sure loves it!

Renee says wow. Cassidy asks how Renee’s doing. Great now. How’s Cassidy? He’s okay. One wild and wooly trios match is on its way, will The Chicken, Violent Artist & Freshly Squeezed make sure Roderick Strong & The Don Callis Family feel every bit of that fire?


Rush VS Deonn Rusman!

El Toro Blanco told off Maxwell Jacob Friedman last week in regards to the hypocrisy and bias from the fans. Will Rush show everyone, but especially MJF, that Rush runs things now?

The bell rings, Rush and Rusman circle, and then Rush CLOBBERS Rusman! Rusman flops out of the ring, Rush goes out and CHIPOS him! Rush whips Rusman hard into railing, then hard into more railing! Rush THROWS Rusman into railing, CLUBS away on him with haymakers, and the ref reprimands. Rush lets off, soaks up the heat and tells MJF that this is coming for him! Rush CHOPS Rusman, puts him in the ring, and then stalks Rusman to a corner. Rush CHOPS, CHOPS, then sits him down to stomp away! The ref counts, but Rush goes corner to corner! BULL’S HORNS!! Cover, Rush wins!

Winner: Rush, by pinfall

Rush just destroyed Des Moines’ own, but it seems he’s not done. He goes up to Justin Roberts, snatches the mic, and tells Iowa to shut up! Rush drags Deonn around, steps on his head, and then laughs! “Typical American, like all of you. WEAK!” Rush drags Deonn back into the corner, stomps away on him, and then goes corner to corner, but here comes MJF! The fans fire up as The People’s Scumbag still stands up to bullies! MJF takes the jacket right off, and he runs right down to the ring! MJF and Rush brawl! They go haymaker for haymaker, security hurries out here, but Rush and MJF DECK them one at a time! Rush HEADBUTTS the last guy!

Rush and MJF snarl, and they see they’re alone with each other. The fans are thunderous for MJF, and the brawl is on again! Christopher Daniels is back out here, shouting at them to stop, but MJF BITES Rush’s forehead! Rush gets away, but he drags MJF out of the ring! Rush sends MJF into railing, then runs him down, but MJF turns it around! MJF TOSSES Rush up and over barriers! The fans fire up as the brawl continues out in the crowd! Rush SMACKS MJF off railing! Rush and MJF continue fighting in the bleachers! Security does what it can, MJF CLAWS Rush’s face then throws him down! Des Moines is all fired up for MJF!

MJF CHOPS Rush, brings him to the stage and then around the back! MJF throws headlock punches as he keeps going, but Rush sends MJF into a road case! And then throws a crate at MJF! Daniels keeps shouting at them to stop but MJF SPINEBUSTER Rush through a table!! MJF rains down fists, CHOKES Rush, but Rush CHOKES MJF! They both separate, but then Rush throws a trash can! The locker room hurries over to separate these two, but Rush and MJF are far from through with each other! How much wilder can this get?

Well BREAKING NEWS from Tony Khan! MJF and Rush will have it out next week to OPEN Dynamite, in a COMMERCIAL FREE match! What won’t these two do to take the other out?


Six Man Tag: Orange Cassidy, Kyle O’Reilly & Mark Briscoe VS Roderick Strong, Kyle Fletcher & Konosuke Takeshita!

We heard from Freshly Squeezed, Violent Artist & Sussex County Chicken earlier, now it’s time to see them in action! Will they tear down The Savior of the Backbreaker, the Aussie Arrow & The Alpha? Or will the combined forces of The Undisputed Kingdom & Don Callis Family be too much for even this all-star conglomeration?

The teams sort out and Callis joins commentary while Cassidy starts against Roddy. This is a rivalry revisited, but then Cassidy looks over to Kyle O’Reilly. Kyle is staring daggers at Roddy, so Cassidy tags him in! But then Roddy tags out to Kyle Fletcher! Fletcher’s a bit annoyed but now we get Kyle and Kyle circling. O’Reilly gives a kick, Fletcher gives a forearm, and they go back and forth! Fletcher kicks low, headlocks, but O’Reilly powers out. Fletcher runs O’Reilly over then keeps moving, but O’Reilly kitchen sink knees! O’Reilly gets Fletcher’s arm, wrenches, and tags in Mark! Mark CLUBS Fletcher’s arm, wrenches, and puts him in a corner.

The fans cheer as Mark CHOPS, whips, but Fletcher reverses. Mark goes up and around to DECK Fletcher! Fletcher falls back, and Konosuke tags in. Mark eggs Konosuke on, so Konosuke fires a forearm! Mark give sit back, they go back and forth, until Konosuke CLAWS Mark’s eyes! Konosuke whips, Mark gets under the boot to BODY SHOT! Mark bumps Konosuke off buckles, CHOPS him, then tags Cassidy! Cassidy goes up to CROSSBODY, but Konosuke catche shim! Konosuke SMACKS Mark with Cassidy, BOOTS O’Reilly, then hits a LANDSLIDE! Konosuke runs to SLIDING KNEE! Konosuke stomps away on Cassidy, then rains down fists!

Callis admits on commentary that he told Konosuke to just hurt Cassidy for being a turncoat. Fletcher tags in, the Family double whips Cassidy, but Cassidy ducks the lariats to DOUBLE RANA! The fans fire up as Konosuke tumbles out of the ring! O’Reilly FLYING KNEES Konosuke down! But then Roddy WRECKS O’Reilly with a dropkick! Mark runs up to dodge Fletcher, then DIVE onto Roddy! Cassidy is stunned seeing that, but then Fletcher DIVES onto Mark! Cassidy sees Kyle and Kyle brawl, then Konosuke and Mark join in! Roddy does, too, then Cassidy SPRINGBOARD CANNONBALLS! Direct hit and the fans are thunderous!

Cassidy then stares down Trent. Trent and Cassidy argue, but Konosuke DECKS Cassidy! Trent says that’s what happens! The Don Callis Family high-fives and stands tall with The Kingdom while Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Konosuke stands on Cassidy, Fletcher stomps him, and then they put Cassidy in the ring. Fletcher hurries in to whip Cassidy to ropes. Fletcher ELBOWS Cassidy down, covers, TWO! Fletcher drags Cassidy over, bumps him off buckles, and Roddy tags in. Roddy CHOPS Cassidy, brings Cassidy around to scoop and BACKBREAKER, then he tags Takeshita. Konosuke stays between Cassidy and his team while taunting him. Cassidy slowly rises, and he fires a chop. There isn’t much to it, but Cassidy throws more and more and starts getting some force behind the shots! So Konosuke DECKS him! Konosuke stalks Cassidy as he flounders, then tags in Fletcher.

Fletcher & Konosuke double whip Cassidy to run him over! Then they BLAST O’Reilly & Briscoe! Fletcher soaks up the heat, then drags Cassidy up by his arm. Fletcher scoops to SLAM Cassidy, then soaks up the heat. Tag to Takeshita and he stomps Cassidy. Konosuke snapmares Cassidy, goes up a corner, and soaks up heat before the SUPER SENTON! Konosuke then deadlifts Cassidy in a waistlock! Konosuke goes for the full nelson, but Cassidy reaches for his pockets! Konosuke shoves Cassidy to ropes, Cassidy ducks ‘n’ dodges to tilt-o-whirl, but Konosuke blocks the DDT! Konosuke then HOTSHOTS Cassidy off ropes!

Konosuke runs to LARIAT Cassidy down! Cover, TWO! Konosuke CLUBS away on Cassidy, tags Roddy in, and Roddy goes for legs! Cassidy fights the turn, reaches for his corner, but Roddy YANKS Cassidy back! Dynamite returns to single picture as Roddy BLASTS Briscoe! O’Reilly avoids the cheap shot and he glares at Roddy. Cassidy rolls Roddy up! TWO, and hot tag to O’Reilly! O’Reilly rallies on Roddy with kicks and forearms and knees! O’Reilly whips, Roddy stops himself and tags in Fletcher! But O’Reilly BOOTS Fletcher, and he DRAGON SCREWS Konosuke in the ropes! Fletcher returns to kick but O’Reilly kicks back!

O’Reilly fires off strikes, SWEEPS the leg, but Konosuke returns! Konosuke BOOTS O’Reilly, whips corner to corner, but O’Reilly goes up and over! Fletcher runs in but is sent into Konosuke! O’Reilly blocks Fletcher’s kick, hands it to Konosuke, then he gets Konosuke’s leg! CHAIN DRAGON SCREW! Roddy is back and he KNEES O’Reilly low! OLYMPIC- NO, O’Reilly slips free, ELBOWS Roddy, and hot tags Mark! The ROH World Champion dodges Roddy to BOOT the ROH Television Champion! O’Reilly ROCKS Roddy, fires off, and Mark fires off on Fletcher! The fans fire up as Mark sets Fletcher up for O’Reilly’s BOOT!

Mark now brawls with Roddy while O’Reilly waistlocks Fletcher. Fletcher elbows free, Roddy CHOPS Mark, CHOPS, and CHOPS again! Roddy runs, but Mark ROCKS him! Mark CHOPS Fletcher, CHOPS, then ROLLING ELBOWS! Roddy storms up but Mark blocks to REDNECK KUNG-FU UPPERCUT! The fans fire up as Mark hits the crane stance! Roddy blocks the kick, half nelsons, but Mark breaks free to PELE! The fans fire up with Mark, he runs in, but into a BOOT! Roddy goes up but Mark UPPERCUTS him down! The fans fire up, Mark builds speed and Cassidy tags in. Mark WRECKS Roddy with a dropkick!

Mark avoids Konosuke’s leg sweep, and O’Reilly JUMP KICKS Konosuke down! Mark CANNONBALLS Fletcher down! Mark calls to Cassidy and puts Fletcher in for him. Cassidy is up top and Fletcher stagger sup, into the DEEP IMPACT!! Cover, TWO!?! Fletcher survives and shocks everyone! Cassidy throws off his elbow pad and the fans fire up! Cassidy aims, but Konosuke anchors his feet! Fletcher runs up, GAMANGIRI! SNAP HALF ‘N’ HALF! O’Reilly is back but Fletcher ducks the roundhouse! SUPERKICK! Fletcher runs, into a KNEE! Roddy gets O’Reilly, BACKBREAKER! But Mark gets Roddy, spin and FISHERMAN BUSTER!

Konosuke runs up, Mark kick shim and reels him in. Mark underhooks but Konosuke wrenches out for a BLUE THUNDER BOMB! Cassidy runs up, but turns Blue Thunder into a tilt-o-whirl DDT! Fletcher runs up, Cassidy gets around! Fletcher switches and shoves, but Cassidy tilt-o-whirls! Fletcher says no to the DDT, suplexes, but gets STUN DOG MILLIONAIRE! Cassidy holds Fletcher down so O’Reilly can AX & SMASH! Then with Cassidy, SHOTGUN HIGH LOW!! Cassidy hurries up the corner, but Roddy is there to anchor him! Kyle SWEEPS Roddy’s legs! But Kyle GAMANGIRIS Cassidy!

Fletcher goes up, but Mark sneaks a tag! TURNBUCKLE BRAINBUSTER for Cassidy!!! Fletcher covers but the ref tells him it’s not Cassidy! FROGGY-BOW!! Cover, RODDY BREAKS IT!! But O’Reilly clamps on with a GUILLOTINE FACELOCK! Roddy puts O’Reilly in a corner, the ref is busy with them as Mark underhooks Fletcher. Des Moines declares “This is Awesome!” as Fletcher fights the lift! Konosuke returns, Mark dodges him once, but the ALPHA ELBOW hits the mark! And then the POWER DRIVE KNEE!! Fletcher gets Mark up, PILEDRIVER!! Cover, The Family & Kingdom win!!

Winners: Roderick Strong, Kyle Fletcher & Konosuke Takeshita, by pinfall

The conglomerate could not keep up with the chaos, and now the ROH Television Champion has pinned the ROH World Champion! Will the Protostar look to take Briscoe’s belt for his own? And wait, Trent is going after Cassidy on the outside! Konosuke stomps away on Briscoe, and Fletcher joins in! Meanwhile, The Kingdom keeps Kyle O’Reilly isolated, saying this isn’t his fight! The fans boo as Trent sends Cassidy into steel steps! But here comes The Babe with The Power! BUT WAIT! Kris is attacking her in the tunnel!! Kris throws Willow down, stomps her, and Stokely has the mic to say wake up, Willow.

Well, he tried. But hey, when she watches this back, there’s a message for her. The next time Willow gets in the business of Kris & Stoke, they won’t be dragging her on stage. They’ll be dragging her to the ER! The fans boo but Big Stoke takes a pic of this for posterity. Is there any hope for Cassidy and Willow with enemies all around them?


Backstage interview with Rey Fenix.

Renee Paquette is now with The Immortal Firebird ahead of his main event match, where he has the opportunity to become a two-time International Champion. His first run was cut short due to injury, but he has been an AEW World Tag Team and AEW World Trios Champion, as well as champion all around the world. Earlier, he told Renee that of course he knows just how good Ospreay is, but Fenix is one of one. Then will that one of one become the two-time two-time International Champion? Or will the Firebird be taken down by an Ospreay?


AEW hears from Shingo Takagi!

“My time is coming! TOKI GA KITA! I’m Shingo Takagi, The Rampaging Dragon, The NEVER Openweight Champion. The AEW Owen Hart Tournament? I’m ready. Now, The Japanese Dragon is in America. That’s all I wanted to say.” Is the Owen Hart Cup about to go through a Forbidden Door of its own?


Christopher Daniels speaks.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I’m back. And I’ve got some news regarding The Elite. Now Matthew & Nicholas Jackson, Kazuchika Okada, next week, Tony Khan has decided that you will wrestle in Eliminator matches. Matches where if your opponents win, they will earn title shots for the World Tag Team Championships and Continental Championship respectively. Now Okada, you’re used to having all seconds barred from ringside, but Matthew, Nicholas… Tony Khan has decided that your match next week will have all seconds barred from ringside! NO outside interference! And we’ll get a chance to see how elite you really are.”

The Fallen Angel lays down the law on behalf of TK, but then who will get themselves some golden opportunities at The Elite’s treasure?


Samoa Joe & Hook w/ Katsuyori Shibata VS The Premier Athletes w/ Mark Sterling!

The Samoa Submission Specialist told the Cold-Hearted Handsome Devil that they would handle Tony Nese & Ariya Daivari on their terms, and they did just that last Saturday night! Now they take that fight from locker room to ring, will Joe & Hook humble the pompous Premier Athletes? Or will Nese & Daivari prove they’re not just big muscles and big bank accounts?

While Nese & Daivari are making their entrance, we cut to the “Shibata Cam” as Joe & Hook prepare on their side of gorilla. Joe has a theory why Taz loves orange so much. They’re from New York, Syracuse is known for orange, boom. Hook says nah, Taz hates Syracuse. Figures. Okay, quick stretch, and let’s go. Joe & Hook storm out the tunnel and CLOBBER The Premier Athletes from behind! The fans fire up and Sterling panics as Joe & Hook beat Nese & Daivari down! Hook keeps Daivari on the ramp while Joe sends Nese into the LED! Shibata’s cam catches Joe storming up on Sterling. Joe says WORLDSTAR~!

Joe drags Nese down the ramp, Sterling is furious, but Joe puts Nese in the ring. The fans are singing “Joe is gonna kill~ you!” and the bell rings. Nese stomps and kicks at Joe, then runs, but Joe ELBOWS him down! The fans fire up, Joe waits on Nese, and then JABS! JABS! BODY BLOW! JAB! Repeat! Joe fires off in the corner, RIDGE HANDS Nese down, then tags in Hook. Joe drags Nese up, he and Hook double whip, then Joe clotheslines Nese in the corner. Feed to Hook’s LARIAT, and the fans fire up! Hook drags Nese up, but Nese TACKLES Hook! Tag to Daivari, the Premier Athletes mug Hook!

The fans boo, the ref counts, and the Premier Athletes let off. Daivari tags Nese, and they stomp away on Hook! The ref counts, Sterling says they have ’til five! Nese lets off, tags Daivari back in, and they stomp away on Hook again. The fans boo, the ref reprimands, and Nese steps out. Daivari bumps Hook off buckles, pushes him out, then goes up the corner. Daivari CROSSBODY FLOPS as Hook learns from Joe’s style! Nese runs up, Hook gets around, T-BONE! The fans fire up and Hook runs, but Sterling trips him up! The fans boo but Daivari CLOBBERS Hook! Daivari & Nese stomp Hook, but Shibata runs up to DECK Sterling!

The fans fire up as The Wrestler doesn’t let the ambulance chaser turned manager get away with one! Nese swings on Joe but gets caught into a SLEEPER! Daivari drags Hook up, wrenches an arm, but Hook ducks the Lion’s Lariat to get the REDRUM!! Body scissors, and then Daivari TAPS! Joe & Hook win!

Winners: Samoa Joe & Hook, by submission

OH, Shibata’s had Sterling in a sleeper this whole time! No wonder Sterling wasn’t protesting! But while Nese & Daivari are Premier Athletes, we know Joe, Hook & Shibata are some dangerous men! Will this trio take over AEW by putting all their opponents to sleep?


AEW hears from Stephanie Vaquer.

La Primera says, “Mercedes, I will give you props. You are one of the best. And now, you are coming for the title that was ‘supposed to be yours?’ Hmm. Your arrogance is just plain offensive. I work hard every day, all over the world, instead of just sitting around and walking on red carpets. This belt is mine, and it’s not going anywhere. At Forbidden Door, Stephanie Vaquer is going to become the first-ever NJPW Strong AND TBS Double Champion. Because I am La Primera.” To be the best, you gotta beat the best, so will Vaquer prove she’s truly THE best when she dethrones The CEO?


AEW TBS Championship: Mercedes Mone VS Zeuxis!

Well speaking of The CEO, she’s now in action against Vaquer’s CMLL Women’s Tag Team Championship partner, the very title Vaquer wants being on the line! Will Mone prove she’s not just a fighting champion, but that she’s got what it takes to stay champion? Or will La Diosa Guerrera use her Puerto Rican Power to make her and Vaquer into a Two Woman Power Trip?

The introductions are made, the TBS title is raised, and we see who will walk through The Forbidden Door!

The bell rings and the two circle. They tie up, Zeuxis puts Mone on ropes, then pulls hair! The ref counts, Zeuxis lets off, and Mone is annoyed already. Zeuxis eggs Mone on but the fans rally behind The CEO. Mone and Zeuxis tie up, Zeuxis waistlocks, spins Mone, then gets around again, to flying-mare! Zeuxis chinlocks and grinds Mone down, but Mone fights up fast. Zeuxis shifts to a headlock, Mone powers out, but Zeuxis runs her over! Things keep moving, Mone drops but Zeuxis rolls. Zeuxis sidesteps Mone, hurdles, then drops down but Mone rolls! Mone does her dance, the fans cheer, but Zeuxis kicks low!

Zeuxis mocks the dance, CLUBS Mone, then whips. Mone tilt-o-whirls, just manages the second time, and DEJA VU RANAS! Mone then waits on Zeuxis, then basement dropkicks! Cover, TWO! Zeuxis is tougher than that but Mone keeps cool. Mone CHOPS Zeuxis, knuckle locks, then goes up and up and FLYING ARM-DRAGS! The fans fire up with Mone, she runs up at Zeuxis, but Zeuxis rolls her up, with a bridge! TWO!! Mone escapes that, but Zeuxis ROCKS her, then ROUNDHOUSES her! Mone drops to her knees, Zeuxis BOOTS her, then runs. Mone runs and trips Zeuxis, then drags her out! Mone uses the desk to FLYING ARM-DRAG again!

The fans fire up with Mone, then storms up on Zeuxis. Mone puts Zeuxis in, drags her up, but Zeuxis fights the suplex! Zeuxis ROCKS Mone, SWEEPS the leg, then SHOTGUNS her off the apron! Mone tumbles, Zeuxis builds speed, and Zeuxis DIVES! Direct hit with the tope suicida, and then Zeuxis RIPS a fan’s sign for Mone! The fans boo but Zeuxis soaks it up as Dynamite goes picture in picture.

The ref checks Mone and she’s okay to continue, so Zeuxis drags her up. Zeuxis puts Mone in the ring, then CHOKES her on ropes! The ref counts, Zeuxis lets off, and she argues with the ref. Zeuxis then drags Mone up, whips her corner to corner, and runs in to UPPERCUT! Mone sits down, Zeuxis swaggers back to the far side, and then runs in to METEORA! Cover, TWO! Mone’s tougher than that and Zeuxis grows frustrated. Zeuxis drags Mone back, hooks up the legs, and then pulls on the arms! Right up into the ROMERO SPECIAL! Mone endures, so Zeuxis drops her, but keeps the legs hooked. Mone turns things over and goes for Zeuxis’s arms!

Mone pulls, pulls and pulls into the ROMERO SPECIAL! Zeuxis endures, Mone drops her hard, and is finally free of the leg hook. Mone storms up, drags Zeuxis up, but Zeuxis ROCKS her! Zeuxis TOSSES Mone by her hair, then soaks up more heat. Zeuxis goes over to Mone, drags her around, and clamps on a CAMEL CLUTCH! Zeuxis makes Mone smile with fishhooks, but lets off as the ref reprimands. Zeuxis then ties up Mone’s legs and pulls her into the BOW ‘N’ ARROW! Dynamite returns to single picture as Mone endures being bent back! Mone manages to pop free and cover, TWO! Zeuxis and Mone both rise, and Mone blocks a kick!

Mone KNEES Zeuxis, runs, but into a fireman’s carry! POP-UP POWERBOMB! Cover, TWO!! Mone survives and Zeuxis is seething! Zeuxis vows to end this, and she drags Mone up. Zeuxis fireman’s carries, but Mone turns pop-up into RANA! Cover, TWO!! Zeuxis escapes, and she RAMS Mone into a corner! Zeuxis RAMS in again and again, then SLAPS Mone! The fans boo but Mone BOOTS Zeuxis back! Mone goes up, leaps, sunset flip, but Zeuxis rolls through! POINT-BLANK METEORA! Cover, TWO! Mone survives again and Zeuxis scowls. Zeuxis wheelbarrows, but Mone makes it a BULLDOG! The fans fire up as both women are down!

Mone rises, Zeuxis is in a corner. Mone runs in to DOUBLE KENE! Zeuxis sits down, so Mone METEORAS! Snapmare and Mone goes up top! METEORA! Cover, TWO!! Zeuxis survives and Mone is shocked! Mone brings Zeuxis up to snap suplex, and that’s Una Amiga! Then another for Dos Amigas! Zeuxis blocks the third, wrenches and reels Mone in, underhooks for a TIGER LUNG BLOWER!! Cover, TWO?!?! Mone survives and Zeuxis is beside herself! “This is Awesome!” as Zeuxis climbs up, MOONSAULT FLOPS as Mone moves! Mone runs, rolls, slips around, and Gory Especials for the MONE MAKER!! Cover, Mone wins!

Winner: Mercedes Mone, by pinfall (still AEW TBS Champion)

The CEO got more than she bargained for out of Zeuxis, but nothing she couldn’t handle! Will Mone make sure that she not only holds onto this gold, but adds the NJPW Strong Women’s Championship to the collection?


AEW hears from Mina Shirakawa.

The Fighting Gravure Idol says, “AEW, you love me~!” Mariah May helps read the résumé: a FIVE-TIME Stardom Champion; singles, tags, trios, she’s done them all! Mariah always knew Mina was special, and that America would fall in love with her. Mina says she used to be a model, but wanted to put on a big show. Her entrance is colorful, exciting, energetic, and of course, sexy! Mina & Mariah founded Stardom’s Club Venus, won the tag titles together, and Mina has always been like a big sister. They love wrestling and being together.

Mariah assures us, when that switch flips, she goes from “kawaii Mina-chan” to one of the most dangerous women Mariah’s ever seen. And that’s why Mariah’s glad they’re friends. Mina says she’s come to America and AEW to take over! She wants all the matches, all the gold! You want Mina? She wants everything~!

Cut to Mariah by Toni Storm’s side.

The protege snuggles up with her mentor, The AEW Women’s World Champion, and we also have Luther and Renee Paquette. Renee says we just saw the video package from Mina, and while Mina is a very credible opponent, she is also very… close with Mariah. Toni says that was hardly a video worth watching. Mariah thanks “Miss Storm” for getting her into the Women’s Owen Hart Cup, she will not let Storm down. Storm knows. And secondly, Mariah is happy that Mina is coming back next week! Sigh. And? She wants to do a contract signing with Storm, face to face. Storm scowls but Mariah says she will host it to keep everyone on the same page.

Renee says before that, Storm does have a match on Rampage against Alex Windsor. Oh what a tangled web we weave when everyone wants a shot at the “wide load that holds the gold!” Nevertheless, Storm’s chin is lifted, her tits have persevered, and you ALWAYS watch for the shoe! Come, Mariah, time for a waxing. They head out, Luther shrugs and follows. Will the Leading Lady use “Iron Will Windsor” as a mere warm-up for the real attraction? Will Mina behave herself when she and Storm are face to face next Wednesday night?


“Big Bill” Morrissey is in the ring.

“The Redwood” welcomes us all to TV Time with The Learning Tree, Chris Jericho. “If there is one thing that Chris has taught me, it’s that it’s never too late to start learning, and it’s never too early to start winning. Am I right? This guy knows what I’m talking about!” With that in mind, here he is! The Socrates of Pro-Wrestling, The Guru of Giving Back, The Michael Jordan of Michael Jordans! The Learning Tree, Chris Jericho! Jericho makes his entrance, “Bad Apple” Bryan Keith following behind as the tron now says Jericho’s been “For The World” Champion for 53 days. Jericho waves hi to everyone as he steps into the ring.

Jericho gets his own mic and says, “Hi, guys~! Hi, everybody~! Who wants more TV Time? You know I do! I also wanna says thanks to all the Branches, this new Learning Tree T-shirt just came out 15 minutes ago on Shop AEW, already one of the fastest selling shirts in AEW history. Thanks, everybody~! Who wants one? Who wants one?” The fans cheer, but Jericho doesn’t throw the shirt. Jericho also wants to add that he was eating some corn backstage at catering, and he knows it was grown right here in Des Moines, Iowa. He’s gotta say, it was a little bit ripe and here’s why, because he knows a little bit about farming.

You need to grow corn in fertile, well-trained soil with a pH level of 6 to 6.8. This corn was about a 7, and that doesn’t work for Jericho, brother. So next time, please fortify the soil with more compost if you wanna make better corn. Jericho smiles and Keith says unless you wanna grow some lame ass corn, RESPECT Chris Jericho! And speaking of respect, Jericho knows they all respect each other here. The Learning Tree respects all of his Branches in the Jericho Vortex, both out here in the arena, at home watching on TV, and the wrestlers in the back. And there are a couple youngsters who need a little advice to reach the next level.

Let’s bring ’em out right now. Everyone give it up for Marq Quen & Isiah Kasisdy, Private Party! The fans do cheer as Quen & Zay make their way out, Big Bill vibing to the theme song. Private Party steps into the ring, and Jericho says if they’re gonna do shots, make sure they have a designated driver. But also, Jericho wants to say they have been doing great work. Right, everybody? Private Party’s high-flying is off the charts, next level, and they’ve done great things. The one thing they haven’t been doing lately, though, is winning matches. The reason for that is that their basics just aren’t up to snuff. Jericho doesn’t know who trained them, but he wasn’t very good.

And since Jericho was trained by the late, great Stu Hart over 33 years ago in the Hart Dungeon in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Jericho knows a thing or two about doing the basics properly. Headlocks, running the ropes, proper takedowns. He saw them fly off the top rope, but they don’t even do that properly! It’s technically unsound, guys. Zay says well, how about he teaches them? Zay wants to see it. Quen wants to see it! And pretty sure everyone in Iowa wants to see it! In fact, Jericho is a legend, an OG. Some might even call him… The Caitlin Clark of AEW. Iowa likes that shoutout! Kevin says respect.

Jericho says yeah, he might even throw a three-pointer! He’ll show them how to climb a corner, just as the late, great Owen Hart, one of the greatest high-flyers of all time, showed him. Jericho shows you put a foot here on the bottom rope, then the second, then the very top. See? That easy. And then you stand and do a move. Makes sense? yes, thanks for this lesson. Did they learn from The Learning Tree? Yes, they did. But here’s a lesson from them! Zay TRIPS Jericho up! Jericho gets stuck on the top, Keith runs up but Quen TOSSES him! Bill’s too busy making sure people are admiring Jericho to know what’s happened!

Bill turns around, sees what happened, and then he runs up! Private Party DUMPS Bill out, then they build speed to DOUBLE DIVE! Down go Bill & Bryan! The fans fire up as Zay uses that lesson to climb, and SWANTON BOMB! Quen does the same, so he can hit a SHOOTING STAR! Bill & Bryan run back in but Private Party gets outta there! Quen & Zay just taught us that Jericho’s arrogance makes him gullible. But will the Redwood & Bad Apple make sure Quen & Zay pay for their disrespect?


The Forbidden Door has an IWGP World Heavyweight Championship match set!

After Jon Moxley retained the title in a wild Lumberjack match, he dared anyone to step up to the plate. And who stepped up? Tetsuya Naito did! Moxley took the title from Naito in Chicago, so now Naito looks to return the favor in Long Island! Naito’s a big baseball fan, will he knock this one out of the park? Or will Moxley strike him out, for good?


Bullet Club Gold speaks.

Bang Bang Gang has so many title belts, they’re using them as weights for a good pump. Austin Gunn says it is the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of Collision, and all they keep hearing about is how badass The House of Black is. But what? Are they returning? In action? Sitting all crisscross applesauce? What do they even do?! Colten knows! Lights off. Lights on. OOOH~!! How scary~! The House of Black call themselves “the reapers of the trios division,” but three-quarters of the trios champs say otherwise. All they reap is GOLD~! Juice Robinson says ooh~, House of Black~! They want some action on Saturday night?

Then how about some action with the Bang Bang Gang? They ARE the Collision Cowboys! Collision is the House The Bang Bang Gang Built! And in Youngstown, Ohio, this town ain’t big enough for the both of ’em! The House’s asses are getting kicked! DO YOU GET IT!? Juice smacks #Cardblade, and Austin says if they’re not down with that, they’ve got two words for ya! GUNS UP! Will the Bang Bang Gang really shoot down Malakai, Brody & Buddy? Or will they all regret it in The End?


Daniel Garcia VS Nick Comoroto w/ Jacoby Watts!

The Red Death has gotten back on track as he chases down the International Championship, but he still needs more. Will he get more than enough out of the Wrecking Ball that stands before him? Or will the teachings of HE, Jacoby, finally lead Comoroto to a bright future?

The bell rings and Comoroto runs up, but Garcia dodges! Garcia fires off fists int he corner, lets off, then stomps away! The ref counts, Garcia digs his boots in, but lets off to runs side to side. BOOT WASH! The fans fire up, Jacoby is upset, and we see Will Ospreay watching this. The Aerial Assassin may have Fenix to worry about in the main event, but seems he’s keeping an eye on Garcia. Garcia goes corner to corner at Comoroto, but Comoroto scoops and trophy lifts! Garcia slips free, reels Comoroto in, and hits a SAIDO! We also see MJF watching this now, hand wrapped in an icepack. Could the Wolf of Wrestling be interested in Garcia’s future, too?

Garcia drags Comoroto up, into a GUILLOTINE FACELOCK! Comoroto flails but that grip is tight! Comoroto fades, but Garcia gives him the RED CROSS! Cover, Garcia wins!

Winner: Daniel Garcia, by pinfall

The fans are all fired up with Garcia, and he raises his fists, to do his dance! Garcia made quick work of a big opponent, but will he be going after bigger and better soon enough?

In fact, Renee walks over to Ospreay and notes Garcia’s made it very clear he wants a shot at the International Championship. In moments, Ospreay puts that title on the line against Fenix, but how is his body holding up after all these defenses against all these different wrestlers? Well, the body is fine. He’d love to stay and talk about how sick a wrestler Garcia is, but he does have to focus on Fenix. His mind is elsewhere because of Forbidden Door. So uh, he’s got a match to deliver, and a contract as well. See you soon. Ospreay heads out, will he still have his gold when he arrives in Long Island?


PAC speaks.

“What a triumphant return to the company. Loss after loss, failure after failure. I have been extorted and trodden on by every Tom, Dick & Harry going, and I’ll be honest with you… It’s humiliating. I’m supposed to be a bastard, but I feel like a bitch. But good news? The good news is, that ends now. I am done with apathy. I’m angry, I’m angry again! And I am at my very best when I’m angry. So here’s what’s gonna happen. I will be entering the Owen Hart Cup. I will be winning the Owen Hart Cup. And I will go on to claim my AEW World Championship opportunity at Wembley Stadium.

“Because I will be DAMNED if a talent of my caliber never gets his Wembley moment. And I will be DAMNED if a talent of my caliber never wins the biggest prize in this industry! This will be my redemption story. Oh, and one more thing. Bang Bang Billy Gang? Don’t you dare for one second think that Death Triangle has forgotten what you did to us. We don’t forget.” The Bastard’s sinister smile surely means bad things for all who stand in his way. Will Pac take the Cup to then go All In on the world title?


BREAKING NEWS for Collision!

On top of it being the one-year anniversary, we will see another Forbidden Door appetizer as The Blackpool Combat Club is in another 8 Man Tag! They’re taking on Rocky Romero, Lio Rush and the NEW Undisputed NJPW Tag Team Champions, TMDK’s Shane Haste & Mikey Nicholls! Will Jon Moxley, Claudio Castagnoli, Bryan Danielson & Wheeler Yuta keep up the momentum from last week? Or will Azucar, The Bad Child & The Mighty score an early victory for NJPW?


AEW Blood & Guts 2024 is official!

While The Elite want to fight the best of the best, we still don’t know who is stepping inside the double-ring, double-cage! However, we know that it will all go down on Wednesday, July 24th, in Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena! Who will be brave enough to face Jack Perry, Kazuchika Okada & The Bucks on that brutal battlefield?


BREAKING NEWS for next week’s Dynamite!

Speaking of facing The Elite, Christopher Daniels has found contenders to take on the champions in the Title Eliminators! First, The Young Bucks have had beef with The Acclaimed, so now they’ll settle this in a match! Can Max Caster & Anthony Bowens earn some golden tickets to the tag titles? And then


AEW International Championship: Will Ospreay VS Rey Fenix!

We know The Aerial Assassin is ready, we know The Immortal Firebird is ready, so all that’s left is to do the damn thing! Ospreay drops off his signed title match contract to Nana & Swerve as they sit ringside, will he still be golden stepping into The Forbidden Door? Or will Fenix lighten his luggage on the way to Long Island?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see who flies high, and who crashes and burns!

The bell rings and the fans fire up as these two stare down. The fans already cheer “A E DUB! A E DUB!” for making this one possible. Fenix and Ospreay step up, and the forearms start flying! The fans cheer as they go forearm for forearm, neither man backing down! They do hit harder, and Ospreay ROCKS Fenix! Then CHOPS! Then whips, but Fenix ducks ‘n’ dodges to tiger feint rewind! Ospreay ducks the heel kick, Fenix ducks the hook kick! Fenix kicks low, whips, but Ospreay handsprings! Fenix dodges to handspring, and Fenix hits a LETHAL INJECT- NO, Ospreay handstands out of the cutter!

Fenix avoids Ospreay’s Buzzsaw kick, then kips up! Both men stand off and the fans are thunderous already! Iowa cheers “Both These Guys! Both These Guys!” and Ospreay blocks Fenix’s superkick. Ospreay ROCKS Fenix again, CHOSP again, then whips again. Fenix ducks ‘n’ dodges again, then RANAS! Ospreay tumbles out of the ring and the fans fire up! Fenix goes up and up and tightrope walks, but Ospreay avoids the kick to BOOT! Fenix CHOPS! Fenix blocks a boot, puts that leg in ropes, but Ospreay just slips inside. Ospreay ROCKS Fenix, builds speed, and BOOTS Fenix down! The fans fire up and Ospreay gets that energy to build!

Ospreay aims, PLANCHAS, but Fenix slides in! Fenix BOOTS Ospreay, steps out, and FLYING RANAS! Fenix then gets Ospreay back in, to springboard FROG SPLASH! Cover, TWO!! Ospreay survives and Fenix frowns, but the fans rally as Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Fenix clamps onto Ospreay, traps an arm, and then pulls on the other. Fenix learned this one from Penta, but Ospreay fights it off! Fenix CLUBS Ospreay, drags him up, and bumps him off buckles. Fenix CHOPS, then stalks Ospreay to another corner. Ospreay ROCKS Fenix, ROCKS him again, then ROCKS him again! Fenix CHOPS back! And ROCKS Ospreay in return! Fenix fires off in the corner, then digs his boots in. The ref counts, Fenix wrenches to WRING Ospreay out, into an omoplata, and RINGS OF SATURN! Ospreay endures, even as Fenix digs an elbow into the ribs! Ospreay fights around, but Fenix CLUBS him again and again!

Fenix drags Ospreay up to run and basement DROPKICK! Cover, ONE!! Fenix BUZZSAWS Ospreay! Ospreay writhes and Fenix fires up. Fenix goes to the far side, comes back as Ospreay stands, and CLUBS him to a corner. Fenix CHOPS, and CHOPS, and Swerve seems mildly impressed. Fenix snapmares Ospreay, traps an arm, then pulls on the other. Ospreay fights but Fenix has the double wristlock. Fenix CLUBS the arm, pulls on it, but Ospreay fights free. Ospreay ROCKS Fenix, but Fenix CHOPS Ospreay! Fenix eggs Ospreay on, so Ospreay fires another forearm. Fenix CHOPS again, and that fires Ospreay up!

Ospreay CHOPS, and CHPOS, but Fenix knees low! Fenix CLUBS and HAMMERS Ospreay, Dynamite returns to single picture, and then Fenix says “CERO! MIEDO!” Fenix whips, Ospreay reverses but Fenix tilt-o-whirls, into the IRON OCTOPUS! Ospreay endures, fights up and THROWS Fenix away! The fans fire up again as Ospreay goes to a corner. Fenix runs in, Ospreay BOOTS him away, then Ospreay goes up and out to springboard, PIP PIP CHEERIO! Both men are down and the fans fire up! Swerve is still only mildly impressed as Ospreay kips up. Ospreay drags Fenix up but Fenix fires a forearm. So Ospreay fires a flurry!

Ospreay whips, Fenix reverses, but Ospreay handsprings to NEURALIZER KICK! Ospreay hurries to cover, TWO! Fenix stays in this but Ospreay stays cool as the fans rally up. Ospreay brings Fenix around, reels him in and underhooks, but Fenix back drops free! Ospreay staggers up, Fenix runs in, but into an elbow! Ospreay goes up, Fenix somersaults to SHORYUKEN! Fenix climbs up after Ospreay, but Ospreay fires forearms in return! Fenix drops back, comes back, and JUMP SOBATS! Ospreay wobbles, Fenix goes to the apron, and then Fenix climbs up. Ospreay fires forearms in return, then ROCKS Fenix!

Ospreay HEADBUTTS Fenix, Fenix sits on the rope, but then Fenix jumps up to SUPER DUPER STEINER!! Only for Ospreay to land on his feet!! He’s done stuff like that before, but it’s still amazing every time he does! As such, Des Moines is thunderous as Ospreay dusts himself off. Ospreay runs up, dodges Fenix, and then tilt-o-whirl DDTS! But Fenix handsprings through!? Now that’s wild! Ospreay is just as stunned as the fans, but then things speed up again. Tiger feint rewind, HEEL KICK! HOOK KICK! Ospreay loads up, HIDDEN- NO, Fenix dodges! Osprey ducks a roundhouse, Fenix blocks a roundhouse, but then DOUBLE ROUNDHOUSES hit!!

Both men wobble, Fenix SOBATS! Fenix whips, Ospreay reverses, and SPANISH- NO, Fenix smothers that, only for Ospreay to lift Fenix up! AIR RAID BUSTER!! Cover, TWO!! Fenix survives that modification and the fans are thunderous again! Fenix and Ospreay slowly stir, “This is Awesome!” as Dynamite goes picture in picture again!

Ospreay waits on Fenix, then calls his shot! But Fenix falls over! Ospreay stops his jump, Fenix rolls out of the ring and to the floor. Ospreay keeps cool, letting the ring count handle this. Fenix is still down at 5 of 10, but he rises up at 7. The count is 9, but Fenix slides in at 9.5! Fenix staggers but he hasn’t given up! Ospreay eggs him on, so Fenix fires forearm after forearm! Ospreay DECKS Fenix with just one! The ref checks Fenix while Ospreay paces. Fenix is still in this so Ospreay sits him up. Ospreay gives Fenix Kawada Kicks! Ospreay tops it off with a KICK, and Fenix flops back over! Ospreay waits on Fenix, and Fenix rises again.

Ospreay eggs Fenix on, then CHOPS him back down! Fenix reaches out, sits back up, and Ospreay brings him around. Fenix CHOSP, but Ospreay CHOPS! Fenix falls back over, Ospreay gets Des Moines fired up again, and Fenix flounders. Dynamite returns to single picture again, and Fenix CHOPS! And CHOPS! And CHOSP! Ospreay DECKS Fenix again! Ospreay stands Fenix up, DECKS him again, then stands him back up. Ospreay ROCKS Fenix, but Fenix suddenly tilt-o-whirls into an IRON OCTOPUS!! The fans fire up as Ospreay endures, powers up again, but into a CRUCIFIX DRIVER!! Cover, TWO!!

The fans fire up as Ospreay escapes, and Fenix hurries to a corner. Ospreay runs up, Fenix ELBOWS back, then goes up and QUEBRADAS! Ospreay gets under, only for Fenix to waistlock and GERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO!!! Ospreay escapes again and the fans fire back up! Fenix stands Ospreay up to fireman’s carry, but Ospreay slips free to underhook! STORM- NO, Fenix somersaults through to a cover, TWO!! Fenix BOOTS, whips, but Ospreay reverse to TIGER WALL KICK, ENZIGIRI, and then springboard! OSCUT- NO! Fenix turns that into a back suplex! Ospreay lands out, dodges the elbow, and springboards again! OSCUTTER!!

Both men are down and the fans are fired up again! Ospreay crawls to a cover, TWO!! “This is Awesome!” as neither man is done yet! Ospreay rises, he pulls off the elbow pad, and he takes aim from the corner. Fenix sits up, into the HIDDEN- SOMERSAULT RANA! Cover, TWO!! Ospreay stands up, into Fenix’s SUPERKICK! Ospreay goes to a corner, Fenix says “ANIMO!!” Somersault and- HIDDEN BLADE!!! Ospreay isn’t done there, he goes to the corner. Swerve actually looks intrigued as he sees Ospreay climb up. Ospreay looks over at Swerve and now Swerve stands up. Does Ospreay dare do what it looks like he’s gonna do?

Ospreay says this is HIS house! Swerve takes off the sunglasses in indignation, as Ospreay steals the KILL STOMPS!! Fenix flounders, Ospreay reloads, HIDDEN BLADE!!! Cover, Ospreay wins!!

Winner: Will Ospreay, by pinfall (still AEW International Champion)

The Aerial Assassin continues to show his arsenal is endless, and that he can even use someone else’s weapon just as masterfully! Swerve storms up to the ring, and now the champions both stare down. Ospreay smiles and offers a handshake, but Swerve says Ospreay thinks this is a game. Does Ospreay think Swerve’s playing with him? This is LIFE they’re playing with! This title changes your LIFE! Swerve’s the one standing in between Ospreay and that! Ospreay is still that immature little child Swerve met 10 years ago! Ospreay wants to keep having these matches? Then keep doing that week after week, because he can’t hold the world on his shoulders! He’s not strong enough!

But then Ospreay SNATCHES the belt right out of Swerve’s hands! The fans are going nuts as Ospreay looks at both belts, and then puts them both on his shoulders! Swerve scowls as Ospreay says it looks like he is strong enough. The fans chant “OSPREAY TWO BELTS!” Swerve steps closer, and says Ospreay’s lucky they’re still friends. Anybody else does this, he puts them in a grave. Swerve takes his title back, and Ospreay points to the Forbidden Door sign in the rafters. Will we see Ospreay Two Belts become a reality? Or will AEW still be Swerve’s House?

My Thoughts:

A great Dynamite here, a lot of great wrestling, but I wouldn’t say this was a full show of wrestling as Daniels said. That first hour was definitely much more wrestling than talking, but then like hitting a speedbump, there was TV Time with Chris Jericho. Now, that was probably on purpose, because that’s the gag. Jericho continues to be this obnoxious and disingenuous locker room leader that does things like a kids show host talking down to grown adults, and it’s hilarious to me. Especially put alongside Bill constantly bringing up these sayings that I doubt Jericho actually taught him, and Bryan demanding respect on Jericho’s behalf. But at the same time, of course Private Party showed Jericho up, and now we’ll get Private Party VS Bill & Bryan for like Rampage or Collision.

Great opening promo segment here, we got a LOT out of it. For one, Blood & Guts is coming back, The Elite VS some other form of Team AEW, which has at least Swerve and what looks like Acclaimed & Daddy Ass. I kinda wouldn’t mind if they just kept this at 4v4 but there’s a lot of potential for finding a fifth man for each side. And y’know what? Hangman Page needs to be in this match. Hangman has his beef with Swerve, but he might also dislike how The Bucks have handled things, so he could pull a swerve and turn on The Elite to help Team AEW. I also like that instead of the tradition of shirts, The Elite is using Reeboks as the recruiting item.

Another thing was it gave a great segue into Dustin Rhodes VS Jack Perry. Should’ve figured Dustin would bleed, and that he would lose. Jack Perry gets his shot at the title he was gonna be gifted, and depending on who else gets in on this match, there’s still a very good chance Jack wins just to rub this in everyone’s faces. Now, Daniels making Title Eliminators, Acclaimed VS Bucks, there’s a good chance The Acclaimed finds a way to win so that they’ll force a tag title match at Forbidden Door or some point along the way, but certainly before Blood & Guts in late July. And they’re probably still working on who is facing Okada, to try and make it someone who stands a chance.

Great squash win for Rush, and great brawl with MJF. I don’t know why AEW needs to make Rush “foreigner who talks trash on America” when he could just talk trash on MJF directly, but whatever, great brawl with MJF and great move giving us a commercial free grudge match next week. Great promo segment from Cassidy, O’Reilly & Briscoe, Mark Briscoe is a highly underrated promo guy because everything he said felt so natural, off the top of his head, and it had such great energy. Kyle’s face during that was basically my face, I was loving it all. Great Six Man Tag, and I suppose the Heels winning makes sense, especially with all the extra guys on the outside. And of course Kris gets her shot on Willow. Definitely gonna need a Mixed Tag/Mixed Six/something big for this story’s blowoff(s).

Great stuff from Joe & Hook just punking out The Premier Athletes, hilarious even with how Shibata had another camera and then got after Sterling. Not sure why Josh Woods hasn’t gotten involved yet but maybe they wanted to keep this from being a trios thing just yet. Good promo from Bang Bang Gang to call out The House of Black, and if not for Edge’s leg injury, I feel like he’d be leading The House in fighting Bang Bang Gang for the Unified Trios AND TNT Championships, so that one faction would have (for whatever goofy reason) TEN belts to carry around. In fact, they could’ve been the Blood & Guts match instead. But instead, I fear The House of Black is being fed to Bang Bang Gang to help build them up now that Juice is back.

Pac had a very good promo to put his comeback in perspective. Maybe Pac gets in on the TNT Championship story to be the one guy other than Jack Perry who could win. And then maybe we get Death Triangle having a feud for all those belts instead of House of Black? Hard to say, but something has to go right for Pac at some point. Very good promos from Mina, Mariah and Storm, especially with Mariah trying to be peacekeeper. Shingo Takagi having a quick message to say he’s getting in on the Men’s Owen Hart Cup is great stuff. The Rampaging Dragon is a great wrestler, has a great attitude, he’ll make the tournament a lot of fun.

Great match from Mone VS Zeuxis, both women looking great. But naturally, Mone was gonna win that so that we stay on track towards Mone VS Vaquer. Very good promo from Vaquer, and while it’s all kayfabe, I like her telling Mone is horribly arrogant to think any belt was made for her. I said before that it’d be awesome if Vaquer actually won and that angered Mone into becoming a Heel that then goes after the women’s world title. At the same time, Vaquer being a CMLL talent, she probably loses to let Mone be the one going between AEW and NJPW. As wild as it would be for Vaquer to hold four belts at one time, that’s a lot of work, so it’s more reasonable for Mone to be doing double duty and let Vaquer focus on her CMLL belts.

Garcia got quite the quick win over Comoroto, which certainly serves his story of being title worthy. Ospreay watching made all the sense in the world but MJF’s is an intriguing one. MJF is from Long Island, Garcia is from Buffalo, could there be a New York connection going? And of course Ospreay VS Fenix was an awesome main event, it wasn’t gonna be anything less, even if the title wasn’t on the line. Swerve being ringside was good for that final moment where Ospreay uses Swerve’s move just to add on to his own stuff. Great closing confrontation, and it seems Ospreay’s story is mostly that wrestlers who’ve been here just a few years more than him still look down on him on some level.

Now, I’m still thinking Ospreay will pull double duty on Forbidden Door, which could be him trying to earn that respect from Swerve by retaining one title while going for another, but it might just upset Swerve that Ospreay thinks he can win twice on one night. All the more reason Swerve will retain at Forbidden Door, but they probably won’t do that. Ospreay might end up losing the belt before Forbidden Door, proving Swerve is right that Ospreay can’t do it all. There’s a lot of variables here, and that does make it pretty fun to see how it goes.

My Score: 9/10

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