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Mitchell’s NXT Great American Bash Results & Report! (7/30/23)

NXT is bigger in Texas!



Will the Unbreakable Dragunov break… HIM?

As NXT is in Houston, Texas for the Great American Bash, Ilja Dragunov challenges Carmelo Hayes for THE NXT Championship!


  • Kickoff Show – Mixed 8 Tag: The Meta-Four VS Nathan Frazer, Dragon Lee, Yulisa Leon & Valentina Feroz;  Frazer, Dragon, Leon & Feroz win.
  • NXT Tag Team Championships: Gallus VS Tony D’Angelo & Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo; Tony & Stacks win and become the new NXT Tag Team Champions.
  • Weapons Wild: Blair Davenport VS Roxanne Perez; Roxie wins.
  • Gable Steveson VS Baron Corbin; Double Count-Out Draw.
  • NXT North American Championship Triple Threat: Dominik Mysterio w/ Rhea Ripley VS Wes Lee VS Mustafa Ali; Dom wins and retains the title.
  • NXT Women’s Championship Submission Match: Tiffany Stratton VS Thea Hail w/ Chase U; Tiffany wins and retains the title.
  • NXT Championship: Carmelo Hayes w/ Trick Williams VS Ilja Dragunov; Melo wins and retains the title.


It’s the Great American Bash Kickoff Show!

Join Megan Morant, Matt Camp & Sam Roberts as they discuss, analyze and predict all the Texas sized action here tonight!


Backstage interview with Rhea Ripley.

McKenzie Mitchell is with the WWE Women’s World Champion and brings up the Triple Threat for the North American Championship. What can she tell us about Dominik Mysterio’s mindset going into this? Rhea says Dom is actually cool, calm and collected. He’s sitting there, brushing his mullet to make sure he looks nice for his title match. But yeah, Triple Threats have a lot going into them. “One idiot could pin the other idiot, and we could have an idiot as champion.” But she assures us that the Judgment Day always has a plan. But for now, McKenzie can go, because Rhea is going to help Dom stretch. Will Dirty Dom be able to do Wes Lee AND Mustafa Ali dirty at the same time?


Roxanne Perez was at DreamCon when Blair Davenport found her!

And it of course turned into a scrap! Other superstars who were there had to pull these two apart, but it is clear tensions are higher than ever! Just how brutal will their Weapons Wild match get?


Backstage interview with Baron Corbin.

McKenzie is with the No More BS Corbin and says we’ve seen this change in him. Why return and pick a fight with an Olympic Gold Medalist like Gable Steveson? Corbin says it is because Gable represents everything he is against. Gable walks in and thinks he understands this world, but he doesn’t. Yes, Gable’s an NCAA Champion, and yes, he’s an Olympic Gold Medalist. Corbin can’t take those from Gable. But what he can’ take is Gable’s will to succeed, his ambition to become a WWE superstar. So many fans think this is going to be an easy debut for Gable, a successful first match. Then he’ll go on to be the next Chosen One.

But tonight, Corbin says that won’t happen. This part of Corbin’s career is about Corbin. He’ll be selfish, take what he’s owed, and not apologize. All eyes will be on Gable, and when it is done, all those eyes will be on Corbin. Because Corbin will have dominated and BURIED a second Olympic Gold Medalist. Then Gable can go on and do whatever he wants, whether that’s the Olympics or the NCAA. Corbin doesn’t care. Just as long as it isn’t here. McKenzie wishes Corbin luck but he says he has something better. Will the REAL Corbin shine through here tonight?


Kickoff Show – Mixed 8 Tag: The Meta-Four VS Nathan Frazer, Dragon Lee, Yulisa Leon & Valentina Feroz!

Lash Legend, Jakara Jackson & Oro Mensah got Noam Dar out of his funk by presenting him with “evidence” that he is the “real” Heritage Cup Champion! But the British Rocket and his friends say that’s just plain false. But before getting to Dar and Frazer settling things directly, we have this huge battle of friend groups! Will the Scottish Supernova and his squad get one up on Frazer’s faction? Or will another loss at Frazer’s hand be a Hard Hitting Home Truth?

The teams sort out and Dar starts against Frazer. They tie up, Dar wrenches, Frazer rolls, handsprings and wrenches. Dar spins, wrenches, fireman’s carries for a takeover, but Frazer kips up. Frazer wrenches, Dar slips through and arm-drags! Frazer avoids a stomp, shoves Dar to ropes, then hurdles over. Dar waistlocks to pop-up into an ARMBAR! Frazer stacks Dar, TWO! Frazer headlocks, Dar powers out but Frazer goes up and out and slides under to then dodge and QUEBRADA! Dar gets under but Frazer DROPKICKS! Fans fire up and Dar flounders around! Tag out to Lash and she says bye as one of the ladies has to come in.

So Leon goes up to CROSSBODY! Cover, TWO! Leon runs to SLIDING KENE! Tag to Feroz and she runs to then get a boost from Leon into the LIONSAULT! Cover, TWO! Feroz keeps moving but Lash scoops! Lash pops Feroz up but Feroz sunset flips! But Lash goes Matrix, drags Feroz up and SLAMS her down! Fans fire up as Lash handsprings and MOONSAULTS! Cover, TWO! Lash is annoyed but she keeps on Feroz by dribbling her off the mat. Tag to Jakara, Lash wheelbarrows Feroz up to feed her to Jakara’s NECKBREAKER DROP! Cover, TWO! Jakara is annoyed now but she keeps Feroz from her corner.

Feroz fireman’s carries for a takeover! Jakara grabs a leg, but Feroz rolls her into buckles! Tag to Leon and Feroz gets another boost, SENTON! Leon covers, TWO! Leon runs in at the corner, but Jakara sends her into buckles! Jakara fires off body shots, then swaggers and CHOPS! Jakara talks more trash, but Leon CHOPS back! Leon blocks a punch to counter punch! And CHOP again! Jakara falls and Leon fires off forearms! Tag to Oro and now one of the boys has to come in! So Wonder Boy Dragon Lee steps up! He and Oro brawl, forearm for forearm, but Dragon gets the edge! Dragon whips, Oro reverses but Dragon ducks ‘n’ dodges to RANA!

Oro goes to a corner, Dragon runs in, JUMP KICK! Leg sweep, and COMBINACION CABRON! Fans fire up and Dragon covers, TWO! Dragon keeps on Oro and he pushes him to the center. Fans rally behind Dragon but Lash distracts him! Oro runs in, Dragon dodges once but not the BLINDSIDER! Oro whips Dragon to the corner, runs in to SMASH, then tag to Dar. Dar brings Dragon around to rain down elbows from above! The ref counts but Dar flexes. Fans boo but Dar mocks the Latinas. They shout at him, he runs away, and now all of Meta Four mugs Dragon while the ref is busy with Leon y Feroz! Dar lets off, covers, TWO!

Dar tags Oro, Oro CHOPS Dragon then snapmares to KICK Dragon down! Oro wraps on a chinlock, fans rally up, and Dragon fights to his feet. Dragon throws body shots, but Oro pulls the mask! The ref reprimands, but Dragon ROCKS Oro! And again, and again! Oro throws hands, but Dragon blocks the kick, flips Oro and SUPERKICKS him down! Fans rally up for “NXT! NXT!” as both men crawl for their corners. Jakara just drags Oro the rest of the way, hot tags to Dar and Frazer! And Frazer rallies on Dar! Fans fire up with Frazer as he fires off fists! Frazer whips, Dar reverses but Frazer goes up, delays, leaps, then ducks ‘n’ dodges to DROPKICK!

Dar tumbles out, Frazer builds speed, but Lash stands in the way! Fans boo Lash as she says nope! But then Feroz is up top, she FLYING RANAS Lash away! Fans fire up with Feroz, she and Leon dump Jakara out! Feroz runs, Leon gives her another boost, TOPE to take out Lash! Frazer helps Leon go Escalara CROSSBODY onto Dar! Oro dodges Frazer, ROCKS him, but Dragon FLYING RANAS Oro off the apron!! Fans are thunderous, and Frazer DIVES to take out Dar himself! But Lash BOOTS Frazer! And she CLOBBERS Leon y Feroz! Lash puts Frazer and Dar in so Dar can SPIN ELBOW! Cover, TWO!! Dar can’t believe it!

Dar goes to a corner, he takes aim, runs in, into a SUPERKICK! Frazer runs, springboards, QUEBRADA to REVERSE DDT! Frazer hurries up top but Jakara shields Dar! Frazer sees it and has to bail out of his Phoenix Splash! And then Oro drags Frazer out! Dar tags Lash, Leon rushes in to rally on her and Jakara! But Lash catches Leon, back suplex! Leon lands out, runs in to A-LIST LARIAT Lash down! Leon climbs, fans fire up, and Leon MISSILE DROPKICKS! Feroz tags in, she runs up, SATELLITE DDT! Cover, Dar breaks it!! The ref reprimands and fans boo but Feroz is furious!

Dar roars, but Feroz fires off fists! Fans are loving it, but then Lash goes after Feroz! She tags Dragon before she SHOTGUNS Lash! Dragon gets Dar for a DRAGON SCREW! Dar staggers, Dragon SUPERKICKS! Dragon facelocks, Dar wrenches out but Dragon BOOTS! Dragon runs, into a SUPERMAN FOREARM! Dar knees low, tags Oro, and Oro springboards to RIDER KICK! WHEEL KICK for Frazer! Hook and lift, ALLEY-OOP BOMB for Dragon! Cover, TWO!!! Dragon survives and Oro is shocked! Oro clinches, Dragon fights him off! Oro shoves Dragon to a corner, Dragon pops him up to SUPERKICK him down!

Dar returns, Dragon catches him and uses Oro to TORNADO DDT! Dragon tags Frazer and Frazer springboards in! Oro gets under, Dar ELBOWS! Oro rolls Frazer up! TWO!!! Frazer kicks, Oro blocks but the DRAGON WHIP comes around! SUPERKICK for Dar! Oro mule kicks, runs, but Frazer catches him! INVERTED SPANISH FLY! Maybe call that a Jersey Fly for Frazer’s home of Jersey Islands! Then Frazer tags Dragon so he can DIVE onto Dar! Dragon sees Oro stagger up, runs in, DESTINO!!! Cover, Dragon’s team wins!

Winners: Nathan Frazer, Dragon Lee, Yulisa Leon & Valentina Feroz, by pinfall

Meta Four just met four that are betta! Will this be how things work out when Frazer and Dar fight to clear up this Heritage Cup controversy?


A tradition continues.

Dusty Rhodes invented the Great American Bash, “and it’s hot, hot, hot in public, if you will.” Cody Rhodes says, “The Great American Bash is the realization of a dream. From the creation of this very event, to the foundation of NXT, the influence of Dusty Rhodes is palpable. In a city where the American Dream was born, NXT has returned to the Lone Star State. And it’s time for this generation of NXT Superstars to show the world that their desire, their will, and their ambition is Texas sized. Championships are on the line. History is within reach. Careers will be defined. And destiny is on the doorstep. My advice: hold onto it and shoot for the stars.

“Welcome to NXT’s midsummer classic. Welcome to the Great American Bash!”


NXT Tag Team Championships: Gallus VS Tony D’Angelo & Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo!

Wolfgang & The Coffey Brothers thought they had the rats cornered, but they were the ones who fell for a trap! Now Wolfie & Markus must defend these titles against the D’Angelo Family’s Don and Underboss! Will Tony & Stacks be living it up like the ol’ Rat Pack? Or will Gallus Boys still be on top?

Joe Coffey says the Gallus boys are expects in revenge. They will leave their mark, it is ALWAYS #GBOT. The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and we see who has the last laugh.

The teams sort out and Wolfgang RAMS Stacks into Tony! Wolfgang fires off fast hands, then TOSSES Stacks across the way! Wolfgang fires off, tags Mark, and they mug Stacks! Mark ROCKS Stacks, whips him to ropes, and CLOBBERS him with an elbow! Mark stomps Stacks, SLAPS him, and then whips him again. Stacks ducks ‘n ‘dodges to ELBOW! And DROPKICK! Stacks bumps Mark off buckles, tags Tony, and the fans fire up as the Family mugs Mark! Tony wrenches to short arm LARIAT! Tony talks trash on Wolfie, throws hands on Mark, but Wolfie runs in! Tony DECKS Wolfie to then stomp away on Mark!

Fans rally for Tony and he kicks Mark around. Tag to Stacks, they mug Mark some more! The ref counts, Stacks lets off to run in, Tony HIP TOSS SENTONS Stacks into Mark! Cover, TWO! Stacks throws knees into Mark, but Mark whips Stacks away. Joe trips Stacks up! The ref has Stacks stay back, but Mark throws Stacks down! But Stacks has a headlock out of it! Tony and Joe get at each other, but Wolfie CLOBBERS Tony! That distracts Stacks but Stacks still stands out of the back suplex! Stacks headlocks, Mark tags Wolfie as he powers out, and Wolfie HOTSHOT FLAPJACKS Stacks down!

Joe says that is what “the rat” gets! Wolfgang UPPERCUTS Stacks, stomps away in the corner, but fans rally up for Stacks. Wolfgang CHOKES Stacks, tags Markus, and they mug Stacks. Mark and Stacks throw hands, and Mark CLUBS Stacks down! Mark kicks Stacks, ROCKS him again, then storms up. Stacks fires off hands, but Mark drop toeholds Stacks into ropes! Mark argues with the ref, Joe gets a sucker punch! Wolfgang tags in to cover, TWO! Fans boo but Wolfgang throws down hands on Stacks! Wolfgang then clamps on a cobra clutch and he cranks Stacks around! Fans rally up as Stacks endures, but Mark tags in.

Wolfgang ripcords to RMA Stacks, then Mark FLYING SHOULDERS! Cover, TWO! Stacks hangs tough but Mark stays on him with a facelock. Mark grinds Stacks down, fans rally again, and Stacks fights up! Stacks powers his way forward, Tony reaches out, but Mark KNEES Low! Mark DECKS Stacks into the Gallus corner, and Mark talks some trash. Mark SLAPS Stacks, tags Wolfgang, and Wolfgang cobra clutches Stacks. Tag back to Mark, ripcord, but Stacks DECKS Wolfgang and dodges Mark! Fans fire up as Stacks dodges Mark again, hops over Wolfie, hot tag to Tony! Fans fire up as The Don rallies on the Gallus boys!

Tony clotheslines Wolfgang outta the ring! Then he dodges Mark, to OVERHEAD Belly2Belly! And then another! Fans fire up with Tony more, and he drags Mark up to whip. Tony SPINEBUSTERS and covers, TWO, and then Tony moves! Wolfgang’s SENTON hits Mark! Stacks & Tony get a man each, for some hockey scrum shots! Fans fire up and count, all the way to TEN! Tony then hoists Mark up, Stacks dumps Wolfgang, and Stacks tags in! Stacks goes to the other corner as Tony climbs! SUPERPLEX for the BADA BING! Stacks DIVING HEADBUTTS for the BADA BOOM! Cover, WOLFGANG BREAKS IT!

Fans boo but Tony runs back in! Tony dodges Wolfgang, but DOUBLE LARIATS take them both out! Fans fire up and Wolfgang crawls for his corner. Joe coaches Wolfgang on, Mark and Stacks stir. Wolfgang tags in as Stacks runs in, and then Wolfgang takes the hit for Mark! Stacks drags Mark up, still thinking he’s the legal one! Mark BOOTS Tony and elbows Stacks! Wolfgang RAMPAGE SPEARS Stacks! Then Wolfgang gives Mark a boost to FLY and take out Tony! MOONSAULT from Wolfgang to Stacks, TWO!! That shocks Gallus! But Gallus then calls in Joe, and he has a Billy club! He gest that to Wolfie but the ref stops him!

Mark runs in to SUCKER PUNCH Stacks! Wolfgang gets Stacks up, RUNNING KNEE TKO COMBO!! Cover, TONY BREAKS IT!! Fans fire up as The Family stays in this! Joe is furious as Tony dumps Wolfie out! And then Mark runs in, but into a BOOT from Tony! Tony gets Mark up, to POWERBOMB at Wolfgang, into the steel steps! Fans fire up again and Tony goes to his favorite corner. The ref is watching Mark & Wolfgang as Joe gets in, but Tony CRACKS him with the crowbar!! Turnabout is fair play, Iron King! Tony & Stacks fire up and so does Houston! Stacks gets a boost and he FLIES to take out the Gallus Boys!

Stacks puts Wolfgang in, tags Tony, and they get Wolfgang up, FOGEDABOUTIT!! Cover, THE FAMILY WINS!!

Winners: Tony D’Angelo & Channing Lorenzo, by pinfall (NEW NXT Tag Team Champions)

Finally, the crowning achievement for The Don & Underboss! Crime doesn’t pay, but justice was served! Will this be the beginning of big things in NXT’s Tag Division?


Weapons Wild: Blair Davenport VS Roxanne Perez!

The enemies of Blair beware, is what the Top Gaijin has been saying. But uh, maybe Blair should’ve been more careful about who she bullied, because now The Prodigy wants to unleash everything she’s kept inside! Will Roxie pop off and prove she’s a prodigy of pain and punishment? Or will Blair declare herself the true heir to the top spot in the NXT Women’s Division?

But wait, Blair attacks from the crowd! Just like she’s been doing to superstars all summer! The bell rings and this is on record as the two brawl outside! Roxie ROCKS Blair, Blair ROCKS Roxie, repeat! They keep going, Roxie knees low but Blair SMACKS Roxie off the apron! Blair runs in but Roxie dodges the boot! Roxie ROCKS and UPPERCUTS Blair, UPPERCUTS again, then whips, but Blair reverses! Roxie stops herself, ELBOWS Blair away, and then goes up the barriers to CROSSBODY! Roxie rains down fists and fans fire up! Blair hits Roxie low, puts her in the ring, and she grabs a chair!

Blair gets on the apron while fans boo, but Roxie DECKS Blair! And Roxie DIVES to take Blair down again! Roxie puts Blair in the ring, then clotheslines her up and out the other end! Fans fire up more for the hometown hero, and she builds speed to DIVE into a trash can! Blair counters hard, and then tosses the can into the ring. Blair gets another chair to SMACK Roxie on the back! That chair goes into the ring, and Blair SMACKS Roxie with another! Blair shouts at Booker about what she’s doing to his little student! Then Blair SMACKS Roxie off the steel steps! Blair spits at the “Rok-C” signs, then gets the CATTLE BRANDER?!

Blair JAMS Roxie with the brander, puts that and a bunch of other stuff in the ring, then she SLAM DUNKS a chair on Roxie! Blair puts more chairs in, and she tells fans to shut up about tables. Blair mocks Roxie’s mom, then SMACKS Roxie again! All the chairs are in the ring and Blair puts Roxie in. Blair organizes a chair pile, then puts the can over Roxie! Blair then grabs the brander, to SMACK the can! Roxie flounders around, Blair SMACKS the can again! And again! And again! And again! Roxie’s mom and younger sister are worried as Blair wedges a chair into a corner. Fans boo as Blair JAMS Roxie with another chair!

Blair goes out and she grabs the other trash can. She dumps everything out of it, then tosses that can in! The ref has to watch out, he was almost a casualty of this match! Blair wedges another chair in another corner but the fans rally for Roxie. Blair CHOKES Roxie on ropes, then takes a third chair to put in a third corner. Blair drags Roxie up, and she RAMS Roxie into the first chair! Blair then whips but Roxie reverses! Blair avoids the second chair, pops it free, but then Roxie JAMS Blair with a chair! And SHOTGUNS the chair into Blair’s face!! Fans fire up as Blair bails out and Roxie kips up! Roxie roars and the fans are with her!

Roxie goes out, but Blair LASHES Roxie with her studded belt! And again! And then Blair CHOKES Roxie in front of the Perez family! Mom and sister shout for Blair to stop, and Blair throws Roxie down. But then Blair uses the belt to cuff Roxie and drag her up! To SWING her into barriers! Fans boo but Blair undoes the strap so she can taunt mom and sister with it. Fans chant “YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK!” Blair looks around and sees Roxie’s under the ring. Blair drags her out by a leg, and Roxie SMACKS her with a COW BELL! Roxie has a bull rope with a bell on it, and she CLOBBERS Blair with it! Dusty would be proud, baby!

Roxie fires off on Blair with Blair’s own studded belt!! Fans fire up as Roxie just lashes Blair all over! Roxie then cuffs Blair with her belt, drags her up, and swings her into barriers! And again! Then Roxie goes looking, and she brings out a TABLE! Houston loves Roxie even more now! Roxie says she’s gonna go loca! Roxie sets the table up as fans cheer her on, and Roxie makes sure it is close to ringside. Roxie goes back for Blair but Blair LASHES Roxie! Blair then hoists Roxie up but Roxie RAMS her into the apron! And again! And again! Roxie puts Blair in the ring, goes up a corner, but Blair trips her up! Roxie falls into the ring!

Blair gathers chairs again, then drags Roxie over. Roxie fights the waistlock and sends Blair into one of those corner chairs! Blair staggers, Roxie brings her around and hops on! POP- NO, Blair SWINGS Roxie off for an almost Alabama Slam! Blair positions a trash can, drags Roxie up, FALCON ARROW on the can! Cover, TWO!! Roxie survives and Blair is shocked! Roxie writhes but she isn’t giving up yet! Blair drags Roxie up, brings her back to the chair pile, but Roxie slips free of the suplex! Roxie drop toeholds Blair into ropes, hops on, but Blair pops her off! Blair then goes up and up, but Roxie avoids the knee!

Roxie fires off, wrenches, RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP! Blair flops to the apron, but Roxie goes out after her! Fans rally as the two stand and fire forearms! Roxie brings Blair around, hooks her, but Blair fights the sweep! Blair ELBOWS Roxie, BOOTS her down, and Roxie hits steps on the way to the floor! But then Roxie trips Blair! And runs in, KNEE AGAINST STEEL STEPS! Blair is dazed, Roxie drags her up and onto the table! Fans fire up again as Roxie climbs! Roxie is ready to go muy loca! SUPER SPLASH through the table!!! Fans fire up and Roxie grins as she gets up! Roxie puts Blair in, aims, runs in, SOBAT!

Roxie hops on, POP ROX ONTO CHAIRS!! Cover, ROXIE WINS!

Winner: Roxanne Perez, by pinfall

Mom and sister are proud and relieved, Roxie proves she can go extreme like the best of ’em! But will Roxie get herself another shot at the NXT Women’s Championship?


Gable Steveson VS Baron Corbin!

NCAA Champion, Olympic Gold Medalist, future NXT icon? Not if this new Corbin has anything to say about it. Corbin says #BurnTheShips, but will he burn down Gable’s pro-wrestling career before it begins? Or will Corbin’s ship be sunk?

The bell rings and the two circle. Gable shoots in and he trips Corbin! Corbin gets away and Gable smiles at how easy that takedown was. Fans are actually dueling over “Let’s Go, Corbin!” “CORBIN SUCKS!” Maybe there are fans that agree with Corbin’s opinion? Gable still gets a waistlock, but Corbin elbows him away. Corbin storms up, but Gable ROCKS Corbin with a forearm! Corbin complains, but then he sucker punches Gable! Corbin fires off hands, stomps Gable, then he whips corner to corner. Gable goes up and over! And then fires off more shots! Corbin shoves Gable away and bails out! Gable eggs Corbin on and fans duel.

Corbin paces to cool off, then runs in. Gable dodges, hurdles, and trips Corbin to have the leg! ANKLE LOCK! Corbin referenced his win on Kurt Angle, so here’s some Angle for him! Corbin scrambles to the ROPEBREAK, and Gable lets off quickly. Gable goes out to waistlock, and GERMAN SUPLEX! Fans are torn as Gable stalks Corbin. Gable CLUBS Corbin, waistlocks again, but Corbin fights the suplex! Corbin POSTS Gable, the ring count is 5 of 10, but Corbin POSTS him again! Fans chant “You’re Not Angle!” Corbin puts Gable in, drags him up, and POSTS him again! Fans are torn but Corbin rains down forearms from above!

The ref counts, Corbin lets off, and he goes out to then SWING Gable into the post again! Fans are torn but Corbin doesn’t bother acknowledging either the boos or the cheers. Corbin steps in, ROCKS Gable, and then CLUBS him! Corbin CHOKES Gable on the ropes, the ref counts, and Corbin lets off at 4. Corbin drags Gable up, throws hands but Gable throws counter punches! Gable backs Corbin down, Corbin shoves and fireman’s carries! Fans fire up as Corbin hits a DEATH VALLEY BOMB! Cover, TWO! Corbin is annoyed that his Attitude Adjustment didn’t do it, but he storms after Gable to stand him up.

Corbin throws Gable into ropes! Then LARIATS! Cover, TWO! Corbin argues with the ref, that is something he still doe sin this new form. Fans fire up for Corbin though as he looms over Gable. Corbin drags Gable up, but Gable clinches and throws Corbin into ropes as payback! Corbin staggers around, but he still stomps Gable down! Corbin stomps a mudhole in but the ref counts. Corbin lets off to pie face Gable! And again! Gable is getting mad now and fans continue to duel. Gable throws body shots and he backs Corbin down again! Gable fires forearms and haymakers, then OVERHEAD Belly2Belly suplexes! And again! And again!

Corbin staggers up, fans are torn as Gable clotheslines Corbin up and out of the ring! Gable pursues, puts Corbin back in, and then waits on Corbin. Corbin stands, Gable clotheslines him out that side now! Fans are still torn, but Corbin knees Gable low! And RAMS him into buckles! The ref has the ring count climbing as Corbin fires off forearms on Gable! But Gable TOSSES Corbin over the announce desk! Fans boo, the ring count is 7! Corbin FLYING CLOHTESLINES to wipe Gable out! And he fires off more shots, but the count hits TEN!

Double Count-Out Draw

Gable TACKLES Corbin over the desk!! Fans boo, mostly for the draw now, but refs rush in to stop the brawling! Fans call BS, and Gable gets int he ring. Gable brings the straps down, and Corbin rushes in! Gable TACKLES Corbin, throws hands, and refs call in reinforcements! Gable and Corbin brawl, security rushes in, but fans want to “LET THEM FIGHT!” Gable DECKS guards and THROWS one! It’s like NXT Underground again! And then he SPLASHES Corbin! But Corbin throws Gable down! They keep brawling, more security rushes out but Corbin still POSTS Gable! And then he fires off on the guards!

Corbin runs in at Gable, but Gable THROWS Corbin through barriers! Fans lose their minds, and Gable stands up in the ring. Fans are still torn on Gable, but will this be just the start of his (in)famous NXT run?


Backstage interview with Lyra Valkyria.

McKenzie is with The Morrigan after her great showing against Rhea Ripley. How is she feeling after it? Honestly, she’s thirsty for more. That match lit a fire in her, and now Lyra knows she can go toe to toe with the very best. So Lyra is very curious about tonight’s NXT Women’s Championship match. But then JACY JAYNE attacks!! Jacy doesn’t want Lyra running her mouth, but now she gets Lyra’s fists and knees! Jacy RAMS Lyra into a garage door! Lyra dodges the boot, refs rush in, and it’s another pull-apart brawl! Rhea & Dom walk by, and Rhea says this is what she was waiting to see. But will Rhea see something upsetting in the upcoming Triple Threat?

NXT North American Championship Triple Threat: Dominik Mysterio w/ Rhea Ripley VS Wes Lee VS Mustafa Ali!

Dirty Dom had literally all of Judgment Day help him win this belt, and he had Mami help him keep the belt this whole week through SmackDown and Raw. But with the odds not in his favor, will numbers spell disaster for the Prodigal Son at the Great American Bash? Or will Judgment Day continue to rule over all of the WWE?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see which star tonight shines big and bright *clap clap clap* here in the heart of Texas!

The bell rings and fans cheer for “MAMI! MAMI!” more than they do Dom. Wes and Ali argue, and Dom says they can handle this. But then they both look at him. Dom runs out of the ring and fans boo. Rhea wants to get the belt already? But then Ali goes out to back Dom down. Rhea steps in between him and Dom, but even she forgets Wes is here! Wes storms up from the other side, and Rhea can’t protect Dom from everything! Dom runs into the ring, but Wes & Ali get him! They drag Dom in to stomp him down! Fans fire up as Dom gets what he should’ve gotten all along! Ali fires hands, but Wes pushes him aside. Wes says this is his corner!

Wes fires off but Ali pushes Wes away. Ali fires off, but then Wes gets in Ali’s face. Wes and Ali shove each other, then Wes runs in, only for Ali to dodge, and the CHOP hits Dom! Ali runs back in, Wes dodges, so the CHOP hits Dom again! Wes and Ali shove each other more, Dom leans on them, so they DOUBLE CHOP! Dom sputters and falls out of the ring! Rhea is worried, Wes RANAS Ali! Ali goes to a corner, he goes up and over, then rolls to arm-drag Wes! Wes arm-drags back! Ali ducks ‘n’ dodges and counters the arm-drag, but Wes blocks the hip toss! Wes swings on Ali, Ali ducks and sunset flips around! TWO!

Wes runs to sunset flip, TWO! Ali kicks but Wes ducks and stands up! Ali avoids the screw high kick to CHOP! Wes is stinging, but Wes CHOPS back! Ali ROCKS Wes, Wes ROCKS Ali! They go back and forth and fans rally up! Ali knees low, whips Wes to a corner and bumps him off buckles! Ali whips corner to corner, Wes reverses and runs in, but Ali puts on him on the apron! Ali ELBOWS Wes, goes out the other side, and he brings Wes up. But Wes UPPERCUTS! Wes climbs up, he and Ali braw, and then Dom BLASTS them both off the corner! Fans boo as Wes & Ali are down, and Dom soaks up the heat with a double gun show!

Mami cheers Dommy, and Dom puts Ali in. Dom hits a SLINGSHOT SENTON! Cover, TWO! Dom drags Ali up, suplexes, and that’s Uno Amigo! Fans boo as Dom gets up to hit Dos Amigos! And then again, but Wes joins in! Dom shoves Ali at Wes, Wes throws Ali aside, and Dom kicks Wes low! Dom hits Wes with Uno Amigo! And then Dos Amigos! And then Dom kicks Ali! But that’s one too many amigos, and they DOUBLE SUPLEX Dom! For UNO AMIGO!? DOUBLE DOS AMIGOS! And then… DOUBLE THREE AMIGOS! Fans fire up and Rhea freaks out! Ali covers, Wes breaks it! Wes covers, Ali breaks it!

Fans rally for “EDDIE! EDDIE!” Ali stomps Dom, runs up on Wes but Wes dodges to SUPERKICK Dom! ELBOW for Ali! BOOT for Dom! Rolling RANA sends Ali into Dom! SUPERKICK DDT COMBO! Dom staggers up into fast hands from Wes! Wes cravats but Dom shoves him away. Wes gets around, kicks legs and then chest, to then RUNNING METEORA! Cover, Ali BOOTS Wes from the apron! Ali whips Dom over and out, then he goes back for Wes. Ali runs in, and he CLOBBERS Wes! And again! Ali bumps Wes off buckles, then CHOPS! Ali whips, Wes reverses but Ali SHOTGUNS Dom from the apron!

Ali BOOTS Wes, goes up, TORNADO DDT!! Cover, Dom runs in but Ali moves, elbow drop lands on Wes! Ali fires off on Dom now, whips him to a corner, but Dom reverses. Dom runs in but Ali slips out to ROUNDHOUSE! Ali slingshots in, to somersault and NECKBREAKER! Wes runs up but Ali trips him! Ali shows off his creativity as he turns Wes over onto Dom! BOSTON CRAB CAMEL CLUTCH CHIMERA!! Fans fire up as Wes and Dom both endure! Rhea freaks out, but then Dom BITES Ali’s hands!! The ref reprimands but that’s all he can do, and Dom DROPKICKS Ali!

Dom drop toeholds Wes onto ropes! Dom mocks Rey, dials it up, but Ali SUPERKICKS him! Dom ends upon ropes, Ali SUPERKICKS Wes back onto ropes! Dom and Wes dangle over the apron, and Ali goes to the corner! Fans are thunderous as Ali climbs! Ali peels off the crossbar cover so he can have better footing. APRON 450 SPLASH gets no one as Dom and Wes both get back in! Ali crashes and burns and fans rally up! Wes and Dom drag themselves up the ropes, they see Ali is down and out, this might just be 1v1 now. Dom rolls Wes up! TWO!! Wes is still down but he KANGAROO KICKS Dom outta the ring!

Fans fire up as Wes takes aim! And he DIVES out onto Dom! Wes glares at Rhea, she rushes in, and Wes dodges! Rhea warns Wes not to try that again. Wes thinks about it, though… Fans fire up, Wes builds speed, but Rhea gets on the apron! Rhea tells him to stop right there! Wes says okay, okay, he’ll wait for Dom to get up. But then Wes FLIES over Rhea and takes out Dom!! And even lands on his feet!! Fans are thunderous and Wes waves hi to Mami. Rhea runs in, Wes dodges her again, and he puts Dom in! But Rhea drags Wes down, and pump handles! RIPTIDE through the desk!! Fans lose their minds!

Rhea feeds Wes to Dom! Dom crawls to a cover, TWO!??! Wes survives and Rhea is losing HER mind! Rhea wants the NAC belt again, she snatches it, but the ref snatches it back! “This is Awesome!” as the ref lays down the law! The ref has the timekeeper keep the belt, but Rhea lets Dom use HER belt to CLOBBER Wes!!! Cover, TWO!??!?! Wes survives again and everyone is shocked!! Rhea tells Dom to go up, and Dom does as he’s told. Dom climbs, but Ali SHOTGUNS Dom down! Dom is stuck in a Tree of Woe! Ali has his choice of targets as he climbs back up! Ali decides to 450 SPLASH Wes!! Cover, RHEA DRAGS ALI AWAY!

Dom sits up, he’s back in position, FROG SPLASH!!! Cover, DOM WINS!!

Winner: Dominik Mysterio, by pinfall (still NXT North American Champion)

This should really say Dom AND Rhea won, because she did all the heavy lifting! Ali rushes back in but Dom & Rhea run away. Will anyone ever get through Mami to finally give Dom what he deserves?


Backstage interview with Trick Williams.

McKenzie brings up how Dragunov said he respects the friendship of Trick Melo Gang, but is still going to take the NXT Championship. Trick calls cap on that. “Dragunov, you may respect our friendship, but you will never understand it. I mean, Trick & Melo go way back. Like Vince Young putting a whoopin’ on USC and winning the National Championship. Trick & Melo go way back, like Kevin Durant coming in and flippin’ that Longhorn program and turning it upside-down. Trick & Melo came into NXT and flipped the program upside-down! But as for tonight, Melo’s gonna show the world, Melo’s gonna show the Mad Dragon why… He is Him. We good on that, Kenzie?” Yep.

Trick tips his cowboy hat to her, and takes his leave. But will he and Melo be leaving Texas still golden?


NXT Women’s Championship Submission Match: Tiffany Stratton VS Thea Hail w/ Chase U!

The self-proclaimed Center of the Universe claims she doesn’t just have the It Factor, she IS “It.” But it is also clear to the rest of us that SHE TAPPED OUT at Gold Rush! Will Daddy’s Little Rich Girl find a way to survive a match where pins aren’t an option? Or will we all be shouting #HAILYEAH when history is made?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see if this underdog sports story finally has its happy ending!

The bell rings and the fans already remind Tiffany “YOU TAPPED OUT!” The two circle, tie up, and Thea goes for an arm! Tiff rolls away, rolls Thea up but uh, remember, no pins! So Tiff goes for a leglock! Thea kicks Tiff away and the two reset. The two tie up, Thea cravats for a neck wrench! Fans fire up, Tiff rolls but Thea holds on! Thea cranks the neck more but Tiff RAMS Thea into buckles! And again! And then snapmares free to run Thea over! Tiff runs, Thea drops, hurdles, but Tiff catches her! Tiff hooks legs and pulls hair! The ref reprimands but Tiff gets the arms! Up, up and away into the ROMERO SPECIAL! Who knew Tiff knew that?

But Thea powers out, rolls and turns Tiff over, and goes for an arm! Tiff fights the Fujiwara and reaches out! Thea pushes against the arm but Tiff rolls her away. Tiff kicks low, snapmares, and she runs, but Thea avoids the double stomp! Thea sunset flips but Tiff rolls through to get legs! Thea fights the turn, throws Tiff but Tiff cartwheels! Things speed up, Thea OVERHEAD ARM-DRAGS! And regular arm-drags! And dropkick! Fans fire up as Tiff bails out, and Thea DIVES, but Tiff FLAPJACKS it! Tiff picks Thea up to POST her! Fans boo but Wrestling Barbie soaks it up. Tiff RAMS Thea into the apron!

Tiff puts Thea in at the corner, and bends her back against the post! Fans boo, the ref reprimands but Tiff shoves Thea in. Tiff stalks Thea as fans mockingly chant “Let’s Go, Barbie!” Tiff CLUBS Thea, and snap suplexes her! Tiff drags Thea around, digs her knees in, and ties up the legs to bring Thea into a BOW ‘N’ ARROW! Again, who knew she knew this? Thea endures, pries at the hold, and fans rally up! Thea pops free to fall on Tiff, then she gets up to ROCK Tiff with forearms! Fans rally, they both run, and Tiff scoops to BACKBREAKER! Then she puts Thea in the ropes! Fans boo as Tiff swaggers to the far side.

Tiff runs in, handsprings, and back elbows Thea down! Duke coaches Thea but Tiff kicks her around. Tiff drags Thea up and reels her in, gut wrench and Canadian Rack, for a Canadian Torture Rack! Thea endures, fans rally, and The kicks around! ROPEBREAK! But then Thea kicks up and over to back drop Tiff! Rough landing for the champ, and Thea clinches! But the back gives up! Tiff whips, Thea tilt-o-whirls to arm-drag! Thea CLOBBERS Tiff! And again! Thea runs in to back body block at the corner, and she clinches for an EXPLODER! Fans fire up, Thea ROLLING THUNDERS! Thea springboards, but into body scissors!

Tiff squeezes Thea tight! Fans rally, Thea is fading, but Tiff thrashes her around! Fans rally for “CHASE U! WOOP WOOP!” and Thea hangs in there! Tiff squeezes tighter, but Thea reaches out! Thea moves around, she has Tiff as a backpack now, but she stands up! So Tiff CLUBS her on the back! Tiff lifts Thea, but Thea kicks buckles to hit a BULLDOG! And then she ENZIGURIS! Tiff bails out but Thea DIVES! Direct hit at the ramp! Fans fire up and Thea is feeling it! She CLOBBERS Tiff again! Tiff ducks the next forearm to fireman’s carry! But Thea slips off to POST Tiff! Thea pushes Tiff in and hurries around the way!

Thea climbs up a corner, Tiff stands, and Thea CROSSBODIES! But Tiff rolls through it! Tiff lifts Thea, but Thea has the arm! KIMURA!! Tiff endures, and turns around, to CORNER EXPLODER Thea! Fans fire up for “NXT! NXT!” as both women are down. Tiff rises, she drags Thea back up, and fireman’s carries! ROLLING SENTON! PRETTIEST MOONSAULT- NO, Thea anchors her! Tiff CLUBS Thea, Thea staggers away, but she comes right back! Thea goes up after Tiff, they fight for control way up top, and Thea throws hands! Thea gets Tiff up, SUPER EXPLODER!!! And then a roll into a TRIANGLE KIMURA COMBO!!!

Tiff endures, fights around, fans fire up as Tiff catches! Tiff claws at the mat and grabs the ROPEBREAK!! Thea lets go, Tiff goes out, and Thea LEAPS onto Tiff! HOVERBOARD KIMURA!! But Tiff RAMS Thea into barriers! And then into steel steps! Tiff drags Thea up, puts her in, and stalks Thea. Fans rally and duel about if Tiff tapped! “NO, SHE DIDN’T!” “YES SHE DID!” Tiff goes up, and up, PRETTIEST MOONSAULT EVER onto Thea’s back! Tiff then gets the legs, flips Thea over, BOSTON CRAB!! Tiff uses the classic hold but Thea endures! Chase coaches her, she moves around, but Tiff sits deep!

Fans rally, Thea fights forward, reaches out, but Tiff drags her away! Tiff sits deeper! Thea still endures, still fights her way forward, but Chase & Duke tell her she can keep going! Tiff drags Thea way, loses the Crab, and has to reset! Thea fights, but the BOSTON CRAB is back!! Thea endures, Tiff drags her so far away, and sits so deep on the hold! Chase & Duke keep cheering her on, Tiff has to adjust her grip again! Thea gives it one last effort, but Tiff digs a knee into Thea’s back!! HALF CRAB!! But Chase throws in the towel?!?

Winner: Tiffany Stratton, by forfeit (still NXT Women’s Champion)

Duke is stunned, but Chase did it to spare Thea from suffering career ending damage. Tiffany gets to still be the Center of the Universe, but what will Thea’s future be now that she’s gone 0-2?


Frazer and friends celebrate backstage.

They had a great time in that Mixed 8 and a great win, too. They all say gracias to each other before parting ways, and Dragon comes across Dom & Rhea. Rhea says, “Dom, look! It’s a wannabe Rey Mysterio.” Dragon says it’d be his honor to be anything like the living legend, Rey Mysterio. Pero (but)… He has his OWN story to tell. And they know who he is. Well like Dom said last week, HE makes the Mysterio name relevant. And his dad is just some deadbeat hypocrite who only likes to help others that are like him, not an original like Dom. Dom & Mami head out, but Dragon says Dom’s nothing like his papa. Will Dragon prove to everyone what a real legacy luchador looks like?


NXT’s next Premium Live Event is already decided!

Saturday, September 30th, live from Bakersfield, California, it will be… NO MERCY! Tickets available this Friday, August 4th, so get ready to see NXT strike gold in the Golden State!


The Schism argues with each other.

Rip Fowler wants to know who those two were that interfered in the Six Man Tag! Jagger Reed said no one else was to get involved! Ava Raine says those two went rogue! Then who is in control here? There must be a wolf in sheep’s clothing! Ava says no, it’s just two followers who made a mistake. Oh, c’mon, Ava, you know it was them. It can’t be themthey were banished! Gacy says they can’t let one loss ruin their harmony. But if Gacy wasn’t shoved into Melo by someone, this whole thing wouldn’t have happened. Is Gacy suggesting it was one of The Dyad? Well someone is starting something!

Jagger insists it is “them!” Ava has had it, she is not letting this divide them. They will put an end to this because there will be an interrogation. Gacy likes that. They line up each masked member, and they make them take off the masks until they find out who these two sheep are. Will these four like what they find when they pull back the masks?


NXT Championship: Carmelo Hayes w/ Trick Williams VS Ilja Dragunov!

There’s quite a collection of names “in the rafters” in the HIM Era already, and the champ doesn’t look to stop now. But while there is respect here between the two, that only means they’re going to hit each other harder and give it everything they have! Will Dragunov prove he is UNBESIEGBAR? Or will Melo prove that when he shoots, he don’t miss?

As part of Melo’s intro, he has Dusty’s catchphrase as individual banners. “Get a dream, hold onto it, and shoot for the sky!” The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see who makes the American Dream proud as they close out his Great American Bash!

The bell rings and fans rally up as the two stare down. They circle, approach and tie up. They go around but Dragunov waistlocks. Melo wrenches out, wristlocks, and he flips Dragunov over! Melo digs his knee in, Dragunov fights up, and Dragunov works on the wristlock but Melo wrangles him back down! Dragunov kips up, tires to wrench, but Melo chinbars. Dragunov wrenches to an ELBOW BREAKER! And another! And another! Dragunov swings, Melo ducks and arm-drags to a cording hold! Fans cheer this technical opening, and Dragunov fights up. Dragunov wrenches, wristlocks, and clamps onto Melo.

Melo rolls, Dragunov drags him up and wrenches again, but Melo clinches back. Melo fights his way to a headlock, but Dragunov hits a judo hip lock! Cover, ONE, but Dragunov chinlocks! Melo endures, fights up, but Dragunov headlocks. Dragunov thrashes but Melo brings Dragunov to a knee. Melo chinbars and pops free of the headlock to headlock back. Dragunov powers out, they RAM shoulders, and Dragunov comes back to BOOT! Melo dodges the jump kick to arm-drag! Melo has the cording hold and he digs his knee into Dragunov again! Fans cheer on “MEL~O! MEL~O!” but Dragunov fights up.

Dragunov and Melo go around in the clinch, Dragunov arm-drags but Melo holds on to drag Dragunov back down! Melo chinbars with the cording hold, and he even grinds his forearm in. Dragunov endures, fights up, and he whips Melo away. Melo runs Dragunov over, things speed up, and Dragunov shoots around to waistlock! Melo fights the lift, arm-drags free, and mule kicks! Melo CHOPS, but Dragunov just scowls at Melo. Dragunov RAMS Melo into a corner, and CHOPS! Dragunov bumps Melo off buckles, to CHOP again! Fans fire up and Melo fires forearms! Melo ROCKS Dragunov, whips, but Dragunov reverse! Melo springboards to FLYING LARIAT!

Fans fire up as Dragunov bails out, and Melo BOOTS him off the apron! Fans cheer and Melo waits on Dragunov. Melo motions he is the champ, and Champion’s Advantage puts pressure on Dragunov. Fans rally up, Dragunov shakes his head and he rushes in! Melo rushes Dragunov, whips him, but Dragunov holds ropes! Dragunov kicks low, whips Melo, but Melo reverses. Melo LARIATS but Dragunov stays up. Melo snapmares but Dragunov blocks the boot! Melo fires forearms but Dragunov leans into them! Melo ROCKS Dragunov but Dragunov PELES Melo! Fans fire up while both men are down!

Melo shakes out the cobwebs and Dragunov waistlocks! Fans chant for “NXT! NXT!” as Melo fights the lift. Melo throws elbows but Dragunov CLUBS him on the back! Melo still springboards, but into a waistlock! GERMAN SUPLEX! Melo gets up, but Dragunov LARIATS him back down! Fans fire up while Dragunov checks his chin. Dragunov storms over to Melo, BOOTS him down, and Trick coaches Melo up. Dragunov drags Melo up to CLUB him, but Melo ROCKS Dragunov! They trade forearms, Melo gets the edge, but Dragunov DECK him with a palm strike! Fans fire up again as both men are down!

Trick coaches Melo up, but Dragunov is up first! “This is Awesome!” as Dragunov stalks Melo. Dragunov KICKS Melo, drags him up, GERMAN SUPLEX! Dragunov holds on, to GERMAN SUPLEX again! Dragunov drags Melo up a third time, fans rally, “SUPLEX CITY!” but Melo arm-drags free! Dragunov JUMP KICKS, and GERMAN SUPLEXES! Bridging cover, TWO! Melo survives that hattrick but Dragunov is on him again. Dragunov CLUBS Melo on the back and Melo collapses! Dragunov roars and fans fire up with him! Dragunov drags Melo up to CLUB him again! And CHOPS him! Even Trick felt that!

Dragunov SENTONS, covers, TWO! Dragunov clamps onto Melo but Melo fights the hold. Dragunov still gets a form of the Cobra Clutch, and fans rally as Melo endures! Melo fights around, fights to his feet, stands up but Dragunov ripcords to ROCK him with a forearm! Melo leans on the ropes, Dragunov BLINDSIDE LARIATS him against them! Melo is down, Trick is worried, but Dragunov keeps going! Dragunov stands Melo up to CHOP! And CHOP! And CHOP! Melo sputters, Dragunov stands him up to CHOP again! Dragunov stands Melo up but Melo SLAPS Dragunov!! Fans fire up and Dragunov glares at Melo again!

Dragunov MACHINE GUN CHOPS in the corner! Fans fire up as Dragunov sits Melo down! Dragunov stands Melo up, SPINNING CHOP!! Cover, TWO!! Melo is writhing but Trick says he can tough it out! Fans rally, Melo fights to his feet, and Dragunov stalks him. Dragunov ROCKS Melo with a forearm, eggs him on, and Melo throws body shots! Dragunov UPPERCUTS, Melo ROCKS Dragunov back! Fans duel, and Dragunov CLUBS Melo on the back! Dragunov eggs Melo on, Melo fires more forearms! But Dragunov SPINNING CHOPS! And then CHOPS a leg out! And then SPINNING CHOPS again!

Melo sputters, but even Dragunov’s own hand is hurting! Melo then kips up to SUPERKICK! Dragunov uses the ropes, CONSTANTINE SPECIAL! Cover, TWO!! Fans fire up again as both men are down. Melo crawls to a corner, Dragunov storms over to him. Dragunov stands Melo up, turns him around, goes for arms but Melo resists. Dragunov CLUBS and CLUBS and CLUBS Melo down! Then just full body tackles! Dragunov slips on the COBRA CLUTCH, and rolls Melo into body scissors! Melo endures, reaches out, but the ropes feel so far away! Dragunov drags Melo away and squeezes tight!

Melo fights up, reaches, but Dragunov drops back! But Melo rolls it back, TWO!! Melo PENALTY KICKS! Dragunov ROUNDHOUSES! Dragunov covers, TWO!! Two close calls back to back and fans rally up again! “This is Awesome!” as Dragunov looms over Melo. Dragunov has the arms, he drags Melo up, and he short arm LARIATS! Dragunov nods right at Trick as Trick shakes his head. Melo grabs at Dragunov but Dragunov drags him up, short arm LARIAT! Dragunov isn’t done, he drags Melo up, but Melo BOOTS! And BOOTS! And BOOTS! And then KICKS, KICKS and snarls, to stomp and stomp and stomp!

Fans fire up as Melo walks that mudhole dry! Then he runs in, but Dragunov blocks the superkick! Melo ROCKS Dragunov, Dragunov PELES again! But Melo rebounds to LA MYSTICA! And with some extra torque, too! Fans are thunderous for “NXT! NXT!” as both men are down! Trick coaches Melo up and he ROCKS Dragunov! Melo fires off hands in the corner but Dragunov knees low! Dragunov CHOPS, Melo BOOTS! Melo fires off fast hands, bumps Dragunov off buckles then fires off hands! Melo CHOPS, but Dragunov turns things around to CLUB Melo! And CHOP Melo! But Melo knees low again!

Melo CLUBS Dragunov, follows him to a corner, and CHOPS! Dragunov CHOPS! CHOPS! And CHOPS! Melo ducks the chop to cravat, KNEE SMASH, and LARIAT! Fans fire up again as both men are down! Melo and Dragunov stir, fans rally up, and Melo wants Dragunov to get up. Both men stand, and Melo leaps! Dragunov blocks the Code Breaker, FLAPJACK and then HAMMER ‘N’ ANVIL ELBOWS!! Dragunov waistlocks, drags Melo up, but Melo fights the lift! Melo throws down elbows of his own! Fans fire up, Melo whips but Dragunov CONSTANTINE- NO, Melo springboards to FADE AWAY DDT!! Cover, TWO!!

Dragunov survives and no one can believe it, let alone Trick Melo Gang! “This is Awesome!” as Melo thinks about what he has to do to end this. Melo goes to the corner, he wants his three pointer! But Dragunov anchors Melo’s foot! So Melo throws down fists! The ref reprimands, Melo lets off, and then he goes to the corner! Melo is aiming, but Dragunov PELES! Dragunov dumps Melo down to the mat, and now Dragunov goes up!? To SUPER SENTON!! Cover, TWO!!! Melo survives and again no one can believe it! Dragunov crawls his way to the far side while Melo is in the corner. Dragunov climbs the corner, blows a kiss, COAST2COASET- CODE BREAKER!!!

Fans are electric as even Melo can’t believe he made that “First 48!” Melo hurries up top and aims again! NOTHING BUT- POWERBOMB!?!? Fans can’t believe that Dragunov blocked the shot! And now Dragunov powers up as he DROPS THE HAMMER!! Cover, TWO!?!??! No one can believe Melo survives, but he did! Fans hope they “FIGHT FOREVER!” but this has to end somehow! Dragunov drags Melo up, puts him in a corner, and puts him up top. Dragunov CHOPS, Melo SLAPS, they brawl as Dragunov climbs! CHOP and SLAP and then Dragunov CLUBS away on Melo’s back! Dragunov brings Melo up to the very top! SUPER DUPER CUTTER?!?

Melo turned things around into his own move, and he covers! TWO!!!! Dragunov is proving to be as close to unbreakable as we’ve ever seen! Trick is beside himself but he tells Melo that he can do this! But then Trick grabs the belt?! Trick says this is what he’s doing this for, so is Melo a fraud or is he the champion!? Melo nods, he is champion! Melo and Dragunov kick each other from the mat, and Dragunov gets the better of that. But then Melo sits up to throw a forearm! Dragunov CHOPS! Melo flops against ropes, and Dragunov CLUBS him! Melo has ropes, he kicks back, but Dragunov rises again to CLUB Melo!

Melo CHOPS! Both men are on wobbly legs but Dragunov fires a forearm! Melo ROCKS Dragunov! Dragunov BOOTS Melo! Melo KICKS Dragunov! They both throw forearms, they go back and froth, and fans fire up as this gets another wind! SUPERKICK AND ROUNDHOUSE COLLIDE!! Fans are electric as both men fall outta the ring! “This is Awesome!” as Trick coaches Melo up again. But Dragunov runs in! TORPEDO MOSCOW hits Trick!! Trick takes the shot for Melo! Melo puts Dragunov in the ring, climbs up the corner, NOTHING BUT NET!!! Cover, MELO WINS!!

Winner: Carmelo Hayes, by pinfall (still NXT Champion)

The friendship that Dragunov respects is the thing that kept him from victory! Another name is in the rafters, but then who will be next to step up to HIM?

My Thoughts:

An awesome event for NXT, though some rather surprising results. The status quo wasn’t completely kept, and I was happily surprised on the title that did change hands. Tony & Stacks have been great as their characters since day one, even if their characters are kinda goofy, so them winning the tag titles is a great moment for them. Also I loved them wearing prison orange in their gear. Not sure if Gallus moves on to RawDown from this, because what else would they do? Get a rematch with Tony & Stacks and then lose again? Also great Mixed 8 Tag, that was awesome for just a kickoff match. The Faces winning was great, and Dragon Lee interacting with Dom & Rhea, I would love if that is how Dragon wins the North American title and finally gets going in NXT.

Speaking of which, great Triple Threat from Dom, Wes & Ali, but duh, Rhea gets involved so Dom can win. I don’t know how but there has to be a way where Dragon has back-up to counter Rhea. Leon & Feroz may not be as powerful as her, but they just need to distract Rhea or help get her ejected from ringside so that Dom and Dragon would be 1v1. And then Frazer can even do his best to watch out for Finn & Damian. Good promos during the kickoff to help hype up stuff, but in some cases, not really needed. Such as in the Weapons Wild, because they’ve already given us plenty with the bodega fight. Roxie winning over Blair was great stuff, especially with Roxie’s family ringside. And now, Roxie probably can go after the Women’s title again.

And I say that because Tiffany retained. It was an awesome match with Thea, both looked great and I like that without any promos showing us Tiffany learning these moves, she just busts out these different moves. Chase throwing in the towel rather than Thea having a Stone Cole passing out moment was the real surprise in that match. This could divide Duke and Chase all over again, with Thea caught in the middle. As for Thea herself, she is young and can always come back around to this title even by WrestleMania season, just as long as fans still love her.

But surprisingly (not really when you think about it, though) fans don’t love Gable Steveson. Corbin was getting cheered for once, that’s perhaps the biggest surprise of the whole night. A double count-out draw is disappointing, but it also makes sense. Corbin’s got a new gimmick even though he says it’s not a gimmick, which is kinda the gimmick in itself. And then Gable is having his first match, WWE wants him to be a thing. So the only way both guys are protected is a draw of some kind. But hey, the post match brawl was a lot of fun, and we can always get a rematch. But I still feel Damon Kemp should’ve been Gable’s first match.

And what an AMAZING main event! Certainly the best NXT main event this year, and among the best in WWE overall. Both guys are top tier wrestlers, great characters, but a part of me still wishes Dragunov won here. But at the same time, Trick getting involved is a great little asterisk that can cause a rematch between Melo and Dragunov, but the problem is, the next NXT PLE isn’t until the end of September. This rematch would have to happen on a special themed episode of NXT, like Heatwave 2023 in August or something. But then, Dragunov winning the title on TV doesn’t feel as cool as if it were here tonight. But at the same time, such a big moment being on NXT TV would make more people watch NXT TV, maybe.

My Score: 9/10

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Mitchell’s ROH Results & Report! (9/21/23)

So much gold~!



ROH Wrestling 2023

The champions of ROH are in action!

ROH has a NEW World Champion in Eddie Kingston! But will Katsuyori Shibata, the Mogul Embassy and Athena be able to hold onto their titles?


  • ROH Pure Championship: Katsuyori Shibata VS Nick Wayne; Shibata wins and retains the title.
  • Diamante VS Catie Brite; Diamante wins.
  • Lee Johnson VS Lee Moriarty w/ Shane Taylor; Moriarty wins.
  • Mercedes Martinez w/ Diamante VS Trish Adora; Mercedes wins.
  • ROH Women’s World Championship: Athena VS Angelina Love; Athena wins and retains the title.
  • Six Woman Tag: Leyla Hirsch & The Renegades VS Skye Blue, Willow Nightingale & Kiera Hogan; Skye, Willow & Kiera win.
  • Ethan Page VS VSK; Ethan wins.
  • Spanish Announce Project & Tony Nese w/ Mark Sterling VS El Hijo Del Vikingo, Metalik & Gravity w/ Alex Abrahantes; Vikingo, Metalik & Gravity win.
  • Cole Karter & Griff Garrison w/ Maria Kanellis-Bennett VS Action Andretti & Darius Martin; Action & Darius win.
  • ROH World Six Man Tag Team Championships: The Mogul Embassy w/ Prince Nana VS Willie Mack & The Infantry; The Mogul Embassy wins.


Eddie Kingston speaks.

“I’m in pain. Uh, that stage hurts. Claudio hurts every time he hits you. Uh, I don’t like him as a human being, but I shook his hand because let’s be honest, he’s was a great ROH champion, and I’ve always said he’s a great wrestler. I just don’t like him as a person, and that’s not gonna change. But I can definitely show him that I’ve grown. I’ve grown up. Back in the day, I wouldn’t’ve shook his hand, I would’ve spat in his face and then I would’ve gloated. But bro, I grew up, man. I gave him his due and his respect. I’m just, uh, I’m proud. I’m happy.

“Uh, when I get back to the hotel, I’m not gonna be proud ‘n’ happy because now I gotta defend this championship and this championship, and that’s gonna be hard, but I like it. Without struggle, there is no progress, y’know what I mean? I’d feel weird if there was no struggle. But uh, this is dedicated to Xavier, the second-ever ROH World Champion. Rest in peace, bud. Thank you for everything you’ve done for this business. Thank you for being good to me in the locker room. But this one’s for you, dog. Because people should remember who you are, man. X marks the spot, baby. Love you, X. Rest in peace.

“I’m good now. I just wanna go see my parents. We good, Jean Carlo? We good, baby. New York in this mother, ya heard?” The Mad King has two crowns, how long shall he reign?


ROH Pure Championship: Katsuyori Shibata VS Nick Wayne!

The Wrestler is back, ready to put another man to the test. The Prodigy of Rain City is here, but will he reign so soon into his young career? Or will Shibata show him he still has a long way to go?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and our judges for this match are Jerry Lynn, Jimmy Jacobs and Dalton Castle. The Code of Honor is upheld, the bell rings, and we see if Wayne’s World can survive Shibata!

The two circle, feel things out, and Shibata waistlocks to drag Nick down. Nick shifts around but Shibata half nelsons. Nick fights up, wristlocks, then goes for a leg. Shibata sprawls to push Nick down, then he waistlocks. Nick goes for a leg but so does Shibata, and Shibata uses that to get a roll-up! Nick keeps his shoulder sup so Shibata lets off. Fans cheer and Shibata keeps after Nick but with a leg guard. Nick and Shibata grapple, Nick grabs a leg in a toehold but Shibata uses that to body scissor and chinlock. Nick pries at the hold, but Shibata shifts to go for an arm! Nick clasps hands and fans rally up as he moves around.

Nick stacks Shibata, but Shibata also keeps a shoulder up. Shibata powers Nick down to a short arm scissor! Nick endures, shifts, but Shibata has the mount pretty easily. Shibata slaps Nick around, then stomps him down! Nick goes to ropes but that is a neutral break. Fans rally as the two reset and feel things out. They knuckle lock, Shibata knees low and snapmares, but Nick ducks the kick! Fans fire up as the two reset. Shibata kicks Nick but Nick kicks back. Shibata blocks to have an ANKLE LOCK! Nick flails, reaches out, but endures as Shibata drags him back. Nick almost has ropes, then tries again, ROPEBREAK!

Shibata lets go as Nick uses his first. Nick holds on, Shibata tries to drag Nick away, but Nick kicks and kicks. Shibata lets go and Nick gets out of the ring to walk off the pain. Shibata heads out after Nick, but Nick kicks first! Nick whips and Shibata hits railing! Fans rally up as Nick runs in but Shibata BOOTS him down! Shibata then whips Nick into railing! Shibata whips Nick into even more railing! Nick gasps for air, but Shibata BOOTS him down! Shibata rolls into the ring, letting the count take care of Nick. Nick checks his face and clutches his neck at 5 of 10 but Shibata goes out to stand Nick up. Shibata puts Nick in and fans applaud.

Shibata stalks Nick, stomps him, then kicks him! Shibata kicks Nick more and more and fans rally. Shibata CHOPS Nick then brings him up again. Shibata CHOPS, Nick drops to his knees, and Shibata gives him more sharp yet toying kicks. Nick sits up, but Shibata just kicks him down! We hit five minutes and Nick CHOPS! Shibata just shrugs it off! Nick CHOPS, but Shibata eggs him on! Nick CHOPS, so Shibata CHOPS! Nick is stinging, Shibata runs and BOOTS Nick down! Nick roars and rises up but Shibata BOOTS him again! Shibata runs, but Nick UPPERCUTS! Nick runs to UPPERCUT Shibata down!

Fans fire up and Nick brings Shibata up to cravat. But Shibata denies Shiranui! Only for Nick to SHOTGUN on the return! Fans rally as Nick storms up to the corner. Nick fires forearms, then runs corner to corner, and a very Shibata like HYDRAULIC DROPKICK! Fans fire up as Nick drags Shibata up. But Shibata breaks free! Nick BOOTS Shibata, throws a forearm, but Shibata just scowls! Nick throws another forearm but Shibata eggs him on. Nick throws more forearms, then a CHOP! And another CHOP and another CHOP, but Shibata leans into them! Shibata is backing Nick down like that! Nick fires forearms now, but Shibata DECKS him with just one!

Shibata whips Nick to a corner, then BOOTS him! Then Shibata rains down forearms to sit Nick down! Shibata stomps a mudhole, but Nick gets up! So Shibata UPPERCUTS him down! Shibata runs to HYDRAULIC DROPKICK! Nick feels how it’s done, and Shibata hauls him up. HALF HATCH! Cover, TWO! Nick hangs in there but Shibata wraps on a chinlock! Nick fights up but into a COBRA TWIST! Fans rally as Nick endures, fights his way over, and has a ROPEBREAK! That’s his second of three as we pass eight minutes, and Shibata lets off with a knee to the side! Shibata reels Nick in to waistlock, but Nick fights!

Nick grabs the ropes again, that’s his third and final! But then Nick uses ropes to push up and over, then he mule kicks! Nick cravats, NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Shibata is tougher than that but Nick hurries up. Nick full nelsons but Shibata breaks to switch. Nick fights the lift so Shibata ripcords. Nick ducks to ripcord and ROUNBDHOUSE! And SUPERKICK! Nick goes up and up and WAYNE’S- SLEEPER!! Shibata has Nick and Nick is fading fast! Shibata sits him down to PENALTY KICK!! Cover, Shibata wins!

Winner: Katsuyori Shibata, by pinfall (still ROH Pure Champion)

At nine minutes and 16 seconds, Shibata puts this one away! Nick shows skill beyond his years, and Shibata respects that by offering a handshake. Nick takes it to keep the Code of Honor, but when and where will Nick get another shot at gold?


Backstage interview with Lee Johnson.

Lexi Nair is with Big Shotty and brings up his match with Shane Taylor from last week, and how he has a match tonight with the newest member of Shane Taylor Promotions, #TAIGASTYLE, Lee Moriarty. How is Shotty feeling going into this match? Johnson tells Lexi, “Here we are again!” But wait, Shane Taylor Promotions walks in, and Moriarty tells Big Shotty that he hopes there were no hard feelings in what happened last week. Who knew Johnson would get distracted by Moriarty walking out there? Sure, Moriarty looks good, but just leave the past in the past. Code of Honor! Shake his hand. He promises it’s clean.

Shane says Johnson could always get knocked out again. Johnson stares Shane down and Lexi says they can all settle this in the ring. STP heads out, will Big Shotty be able to handle Moriarty with Big Bad Shaney T at ringside?


Diamante VS Catie Brite!

The Cuban Diamond is back in action on ROH, ready to shine in the spotlight once and for all. Will she show she can shine brighter than Brite? Or will Brite have a bright future here in ROH?

The Code of Honor is upheld, the bell rings, and Diamante DECKS Brite! Brite staggers up, Diamante fires off on her, then CHOKES her on the ropes! The ref counts, Diamante snapmares to then mess with Brite’s hair. Diamante then CLUBS away on Brite, but the ref reprimands about the hair pulling. Diamante CLUBS Brite down, puts her back on ropes, and CHOKES her again! The ref reprimands, Diamante lets off at 4, then she drags Brite up. Diamante says Brite ain’t on her level, then she SMACKS Brite off buckles! Diamante JABS, CHOPS and repeat! The ref counts, Diamante lets off, but then CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS!

The ref reprimands and counts more, so Diamante whips Brite corner to corner. Diamante runs in but only gets buckles! Roll up, TWO! Diamante staggers up, and she SHOTGUNS Brite down! Fans fire up as Diamante dusts herself off. Diamante drags Brite up, for the TWIST! Cover, Diamante wins!

Winner: Diamante, by pinfall

The Brite Light was simply used to make the Diamond shine! But when and where will Diamante get the gold that she wants?


Backstage interview with Willie Mack & The Infantry.

Lexi is with Trish Adora and the trio that will be challenging for the ROH World Six Man Tag Team Championships tonight. Which are currently held by the Mogul Embassy. Captain Dean says not for long. Bravo, hit ’em with the deal. Let ’em know why it’s not for much longer. Bravo tells Lex that he ain’t gon’ flex, and he’ll answer the question so first thing is this. Did Infantry become one of the hottest teams in ROH? Yep. Has adding the Mack Attack one of the hottest trios? Yep. So not only are they ready to win, they’re ready for war! He ain’t gonna talk no more, let Mack take over.

Mack says they are about to make history. With Adora by their side, they’ve got Shawn Dean, Carlie Bravo. Is this their first ROH title match ever? Uh, yeah… Wow, who knew? They really out here. Well, then the Embassy better watch out, they’re gonna do the damn thing. Mack may not have won that $25,000, but they’re gonna get these titles and have major capital! Let’s go, baby! Turn up! Bravo says have no fear, the future ROH World Six Man Champs are here! #CopyThat. The team heads out, will they be able to bring down those behemoths under Prince Nana’s command?


Lee Johnson VS Lee Moriarty w/ Shane Taylor!

We just heard from Big Shotty and #TAIGASTYLE, but now it is time to put some action behind those words! Will Johnson or Moriarty prove they are the alpha Lee in ROH?

The Code of Honor is upheld, the bell rings, and the two tie up. They go around, Johnson wrenches, but Moriarty rolls. Johnson wrangles Moriarty but Moriarty kips up and clinches. Johnson wrenches to another wristlock but Moriarty spins, slips through and twists Johnson’s arm to an ELBOW BREAKER! Johnson gets away and fans rally as the two reset. They circle, feel things out, then Johnson trips Moriarty to waistlock. Moriarty fights up, pries free to switch and hammerlock. Johnson slips around to hammerlock back. Moriarty slips around but Johnson turns it right back around to have the armlock.

Moriarty tries again but again Johnson puts the hammerlock back on him. Moriarty does squats, then spins, but Johnson holds on! Moriarty pulls hair to put Johnson in a corner! The ref counts, Johnson lets off, but Moriarty ELBOWS Johnson! Fans boo but Moriarty soaks up the heat. Moriarty CHOPS, then he says one more! Only to feint and kick low! Moriarty soaks up the heat, whips Johnson but Johnson goes up and over! Moriarty hits buckles, Johnson ducks ‘n’ dodges, leap frogs and DROPKICKS! Moriarty bails out, fans fire up, and Johnson pursues. Johnson ROCKS Moriarty, then ROCKS him again!

Johnson CHOPS Moriarty and fans fire up! Moriarty staggers away but Johnson follows him, to CHPO him again! Johnson then puts Moriarty in the ring, slide sin but Moriarty stomps away on him! The ref counts, Moriarty lets off and he stands Johnson up. Moriarty CHOPS and fans fire up! Moriarty swings but Johnson dodges to CHOP back! Johnson headlocks, Moriarty powers out, and things speed up again, Moriarty’s kitchen sink knee knocks Johnson down! Johnson writhes while fans rally, and Moriarty stands Johnson up to snap suplex! Bridging cover, TWO! Moriarty still bridges while he mockingly applauds Johnson.

Moriarty wraps Johnson up in a seated abdominal stretch! Fans rally as Johnson endures, and Johnson fights up, only for Moriarty to knee low, but Johnson blocks! Trip and jackknife bridge! TWO, and Johnson goes for a leg. Moriarty steps over, whips Johnson away and things speed up, but Johnson rolls Moriarty again! TWO, and Moriarty CLOBBERS Johnson! But Johnson is up to CLOBBER Moriarty! Fans rally and a standing count starts! Johnson stands, goes to a corner, but Moriarty runs in. Johnson ELBOWS Moriarty, goes up and over and things speed up again. Johnson rallies with LARIAT after LARIAT, then a NECKBREAKER!

Johnson kips up and fans fire up with him! Moriarty clutches his neck as Johnson hauls him up, to a BLUE THUNDER BOMB! Cover, TWO! Moriarty survives and Shane is relieved, but Johnson pounds the mat. Fans rally as Moriarty crawls to a corner. Johnson storms up but Moriarty YANKS him into buckles! The ref reprimands but Moriarty stomps away! The ref backs Moriarty off, but then he storms up to YANK Johnson up! Johnson lands on his feet, ELBOWS Moriarty again, then SUPERKICKS him down! Fans fire up as Johnson aims from a corner. Johnson goes to the apron, goes up the corner, and takes aim, to FROG SPLASH!!

Johnson bounces off the impact, crawls back to the cover, ROPEBREAK!! Moriarty survives by a literal foot but Johnson fires himself back up. Johnson whips, Moriarty holds ropes then HOTSHOTS Johnson! LEG LARIAT! Cover, Moriarty wins!

Winner: Lee Moriarty, by pinfall

Shane is proud of his new recruit for finishing that one in the blink of an eye! Will TAIGASTYLE help Shane Taylor Promotions take over ROH once and for all?


Athena puts Billie Starkz (and Lexi Nair) through Minion Training.

The Fallen Goddess says they are here for one thing and one thing only: They have consistently failed her time and again! So today, they are doing training! “Yes, Minion Overlord!” These are all things essential to them becoming the best minions they can be! Is that understood? “Yes, Minion Overlord!” Athena blows the whistle and it begins! First, running up and down the bleachers! You wanna be a minion? Let’s go! They also do standing ovation training, they shine the stage, and Lexi keeps Billie from pressing the “big red button.” Athena wants Billie to stop smiling and being happy. Only angry face from now on!

Athena also puts them through booing drills, where they are to boo Willow Nightingale. Athena makes sure Billie gets that through her head! Boo Willow! No smiles! Keep running! Then they ride the elevator together as Athena does the grades. Billie tries to sneak a peek but almost gets caught. Billie also has to throw away her pompoms. She tries to be intimidating to the others in the locker room. Though it’s more like a kid playing dinosaur or something… The Renegades leave and Billie thinks she “did it,” but Lexi explains that she in fact did not. And then they cross paths with Willow! Athena snaps her fingers and Billie boos! Willow asks why!

Athena says she likes what she’s seen today. Lexi has graduated MIT, so she will now Lexi Nair, “Minion Bestie.” Billie, you sucked. Athena leaves and Billie isn’t sure what to do with that. Will Billie ever not be on Athena’s bad side?


Mercedes Martinez w/ Diamante VS Trish Adora!

The OG Badass has been rolling back up the ranks, but the Afropunk is also primed for that number one spot. Who comes out in pole position in the chase for the title?

The Code of Honor is upheld, the bell rings, and the two circle. They tie up, are in a deadlock, and they break. Adora grins but Diamante coaches Mercedes up. They tie up again, Mercedes waistlocks and she SLAMS Adora down. Mercedes headlocks, Adora powers up and powers out, but Mercedes pulls hair to bring Adora back in! The ref reprimands, but Adora lifts! Mercedes uses that to flying takeover! Mercedes says that was so pretty and thanks the fans for the cheers. But Adora rolls to a cover, ONE and Adora runs Mercedes over! Fans fire up as Adora taunts Mercedes. Mercedes swings, misses and Adora fires off forearms!

Adora winds up to ROCK Mercedes! Adora runs in to SPLASH in the corner! Adora fireman’s carries, but Diamante distracts so Mercedes can pull hair, get free and shove, then SPINEBUSTER! Fans rally up as Mercedes mocks the salute. Mercedes taunts Adora, kicks her around, then UPPERCUTS! Mercedes scuffs Adora, CHOKES her on the ropes, then lets off as the ref counts. Diamante CHOKES Adora now! Fans are torn but Diamante gets away with it. Mercedes UPPERCUTS Adora, then fireman’s carries. Adora fights free, shoves Mercedes, but Mercedes sidesteps to ROLLING ELBOW! Adora sits down but Mercedes stands her up.

Mercedes puts Adora on the ropes, DRAPING ANARCHY! Cover, TWO! Adora hangs in there and both Mercedes and Diamante are frustrated! Mercedes slaps Adora around, eggs her on, and fans rally up. Adora scowls, Mercedes fires palm strikes an an UPPERCUT! But Adora hits the BASEMENT GERMAN SUPLEX! Fans fire up with Adora, and she BOOTS Mercedes down! Then SENTONS! Cover, TWO! Mercedes hangs tough, she’s a former champion for a reason. But Adora drags Mercedes back up, fireman’s carries again, but Mercedes flails to sunset flip! Adora stays up to drag Mercedes up by her hair!

Adora short arm but Mercedes ducks to HALF NELSON SUPLEX! Then RUNNING KNEE!! Adora falls back, rises up slowly, into the BAYONET FOREARM! Mercedes then clamps onto the legs, SLAPS Adora into giving up the arms, and then pulls her back and back and up! BRASS CITY SLEEPER!! Adora taps, Mercedes wins!

Winner: Mercedes Martinez, by submission

Mercedes doesn’t let go until she’s good and ready. The OG Badass and the Cuban Diamond mock the Infantry, but will these two be the ones waiting on the other side of the Women’s World Championship match? Speaking of…


ROH Women’s World Championship: Athena w/ Billie Starkz VS Angelina Love!

The Fallen Goddess has yet to be dethroned in ROH, but tonight she faces the Pretty Psycho! Angelina has held titles before, even the Women of Honor World Championship that preceded this title! Will Angelina return to the top in this new era of honor? Or will nothing stop Athena’s already historic reign?

Athena is still in coach mode, telling Billie to get the fans fired up, but from behind Athena. The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see who’s ready to get crazy!

The Code of Honor is upheld, the bell rings, and fans rally for Athena. Athena thanks them and she circles with Angelina. They tie up, go around, and then have a deadlock at the center. They break, Angelina and Athena each complain the other pulled hair. The ref didn’t see any of it, so the two go at it again. Angelina waistlocks, Athena switches but Angelina switches back. Athena switches again but Angelina runs to RAM Athena into buckles! But then Athena arm-drags her down! Athena keeps on the cording hold but Angelina endures. Angelina fights up, arm-drags and has the armlock on Athena.

Athena fights up, Angelina wrenches to a wristlock, but Athena flips and wrenches and arm-drags again! Athena kips up, fans fire up, but Angelina CLOBBERS Athena! Angelina cheers herself on but Athena kips up again. Angelina runs in, into a SOBAT! Then a trip, and METEORA! Cover, TWO! Angelina bails out, fans rally up, and Athena goes out after her. But Angelina uses Billie as a hostage! Then she throws Billie into Athena, and she throws Athena down! Billie says that’s not fair! Angelina puts Athena in, dribbles her off the mat, then stands over her. Angelina soaks up the heat but Athena sunset flips! TWO!

Angelina stacks, TWO! Athena stands but into a knee! Angelina scoops Athena to a SIDEWALK SLAM! Cover, TWO! Angelina is frustrated but the fans rally behind Athena. Billie cheers Athena on but Angelina wrangles Athena with a chinlock. Angelina grinds Athena down, but the fans rally up. Athena fights to her feet, but Angelina throws her down! Angelina smiles as she keeps on the chinlock. Fans rally, Athena fights up again, and Billie has pompoms! Athena BITES Angelina and arm-drags free! Fans fire up as Athena fires forearms! Athena BACKHANDS Angelina! Athena whips, Angelina reverse=s but Athena CLOBBERS her!

Fans fire up as Athena rallies! Then Athena wrenches, SOBATS, and ENZIGURIS! Athena howls and fans fire up! Athena handsprings to FOREARM in the corner! Athena snapmares Angelina, goes up top, but Angelina trips her up! Fans boo Angelina while Billie coaches Athena up. Angelina drags Athena off with a fireman’s carry but Athena slips off to shove. Athena runs in but only gets buckles! Angelina BOOTS Athena down! Cover, TWO!! Angelina is shocked, and Billie is halfway in the ring? The ref has her slip back out and Angelina says to watch her. Billie says she didn’t do anything!

Athena waistlocks, Angelina switches and rolls her up, but Athena rolls through to reel Angelina in! Canadian Rack, CLIFFHANGER GUTBUSTER! Cover, Athena wins!

Winner: Athena, by pinfall (still ROH Women’s World Champion)

Angelina Love gave Athena a fight worthy of this title, but only Athena proved worthy of this title! She is now 39-0, and Billie presents her with the whistle. Coach Athena takes it, smiles and nods, and says Billie is finally learning. Athena pats Billie on the head, the two head out, but how much further does Billie have to go before she is championship material herself?


Backstage interview with Maria Kanellis-Bennett, Cole Karter & Griff Garrison.

Lexi is with The First Lady of Wrestling and her new prospects, they are going to team up for the very first time together. Are they ready for this? The bigger question is if Griff is with The Kingdom. Griff wants to put this out there right now: this is a trial and error kind of thing. Like he said last week, he feels he’s lost a step after returning from injury, and this seems like a relatively good opportunity. So yeah, he is ready. Okay, good. See you out there. Karter repeats, “See you out there.” Will the Ivy League MVP be able to make it work with the Diamond in the Rough?


Six Woman Tag: Leyla Hirsch & The Renegades VS Skye Blue, Willow Nightingale & Kiera Hogan!

The Fallen Goddess is still atop the mountain, and all six of these young and hungry wrestlers want their shot! But will Charlette & Robyn be able to keep up with their #LEGIT partner? Or will Chicago Skye, the Babe with the Power and the Hottest Flame keep their own momentum going?

The Code of Honor is upheld, though maybe with some sarcasm and sass. The teams sort out and Robyn starts against Kiera. Fans cheer “Happy Birthday!” for Kiera and she ties up with Robyn. Robyn knees low and says this is her birthday gift! Robyn whips but Kiera ELBOWS her! Then RANAS! Robyn ends up in a corner, Kiera runs in to SHOTGUN her down! Kiera runs corner to corner to HIP ATTACK! Then she goes side to side to BOOT WASH! Kiera drags Robyn around, covers, TWO! Kiera drags Robyn over, tags in Skye, and fans rally as they double whip. Robyn holds ropes but gets a SHINING WIZARD for it!

Kiera adds another HIP ATTACK! Fans rally as Skye YANKS Robyn down to then mule kick! Cover, TWO! But then Leyla and Charlette YANK Willow and Kiera down from the outside! The ref reprimands them while Skye drags Robyn up. Robyn dodges the forearm to ROCK Skye! Snapmare and then a cover, TWO! Robyn drags Skye up, tags Charlette, and the Renegades double suplex. They hold Skye up for five before the SLAM! Cover, TWO! Maria is on stage, she’s still hoping Leyla joins up. Charlette wraps on a chinlock but Skye fights up., Skye throws body shots but Charlette CLUBS her down!

Charlette puts Skye in the corner, RAMS into her, then RAMS her again! Maria likes it as Charlette bumps Skye off buckles. Tag to Robyn, and she cravat SLAMS! Charlette runs to ROLLING NECKBREAKER! Charlette holds on to bridge for a modified cravat neck wrench! Skye endures, CLUBS free, and then drags Charlette up. But Charlette SPINEBUSTERS! Cover, TWO! Skye hangs tough but Charlette drags her up. Charlette bumps Skye off buckles, tags Robyn, and Robyn whisps her in to back body block! Robyn runs in to KNEE Skye, but then Leyla tags in! Leyla finally has a turn, and she GERMAN SUPLEXES!

Leyla drags Skye up to GERMAN SUPLEX again! Maria likes what she sees as Leyla hits a third GERMAN SUPLEX! Leyla then sucker punches Kiera! Fans boo and Willow dares her to do that to Willow. Leyla runs in at Skye instead, but Skye ELBOWS her back! Skye knocks the Renegades down, but Leyla gets her for a snap takedown and LEGIT ARMBAR!! Skye hurries to stack, TWO! Leyla blocks a kick, but not the BASEMENT ROUNDHOUSE! Hot tags to Willow and Robyn! Fans fire up as Willow rallies on the Renegades! Willow DECKS Leyla for good measure! Willow fires off on Charlette but Charlette kicks low!

Charlette reels Willow in but Willow suplexes! Robyn makes the save, the Renegades mug Willow, but Willow fights the double suplex to DOUBLE SUPLEX the Renegades! Cover, Leyla breaks it! Leyla HAMMERS away on Willow but Kiera CLOBBERS her! Robyn goes after Kiera, Skye is after her, Charlette returns! The brawl breaks down, spills out of the ring, and Robyn runs up. Skye dodges but Robyn dodges! Robyn catches Skye to a BACK2BACKBREAKER! Kiera runs in, boots the lariat and then ROUNDHOUSES! Kiera reels Robyn in, HANGING NECKBREAKER! Charlette spins Kiera for a BACKBREAKER!

Willow is back, she hits an URENAGE! Leyla storms back in to SHOTGUN Willow! Leyla whips, Willow reverses and then POUNCES! PERIOD! Tag to Skye and Willow hauls Charlette up. Fireman’s carry, SUPERKICK to DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! Willow BLASTS Robyn, Skye SUPERKICKS Leyla! Kiera runs in to DIVE and she takes out Robyn! Skye hurries to get Charlette up, for CODE BLUE! Cover, Skye’s team wins!

Winners: Skye Blue, Willow Nightingale & Kiera Hogan, by pinfall

Maria is no longer as impressed by Leyla as she was. Will the First Lady have to change tactics about her Kingdom’s Army?


Backstage interview with Angelico, Serpentico, Tony Nese & Mark Sterling.

Lexi is with this rather odd collection and says tonight, they will be teaming up in Six Man Tag action for the first time ever. What led to all this? Smart Mark says the Premier Athlete is always on the lookout for possible young up ‘n’ coming wrestlers to join the Premier Brand. This is a one time offer: if they win, FREE GROUP TRAINING! Maybe Nese can whip them into shape to have more muscles. Nese says they don’t look the part but he can work on that as a personal trainer. But they are to do exactly what he says, exactly what he does, and follow him to victory. Understand? You got it? Comprende, hombre?

And don’t come out there until he tells them. Sterling agrees, but does compliment Serpentico’s mask and the hand streamers. Sterling & Nese head out, and Angelico says those guys’ vibes are way off. Serpentico says they’re burros. Sterling heard that! Will this team work out so that they can work out?


Ethan Page VS VSK!

All Ego got a great win in his ROH return, showing his ego has mellowed out a bit. Will he continue to build back up? Or will the former Trustbuster bust him down even more?

The Code of Honor is upheld, though Page doesn’t let go right away. The bell rings, Page and VSK circle, and fans rally up for Page. Page has them get louder, so there’s still some ego. The two tie up, Ethan headlocks, but VSK pulls hair! VSK headlocks, Page powers out and then CLOBBERS VSK! Fans rally and Page complains about the hair pulling. Page then scoops VSK but VSK CLAWS the eyes! The ref reprimands but VSK ROCKS Page with a haymaker! VSK mocks the fans for cheering Page, then he storms up on Page. VSK whips but Page blocks! And again! Page reels VSK in to scoop and POWERSLAM!

Page fires up and the fans are with him! Page drags VSK up, reels him in, Canadian Rack! But VSK slips free, ducks ‘n’ dodges ‘n’ slides to DROPKICK! But Page rebounds to run VSK over! VSK goes to a corner, Page runs in but only gets buckles! VSK mule kicks, front kicks, but the enziguri whiffs! Page wraps on a half straitjacket, then he scoops VSK and carries him around, for the CRADLE SUPLEX! Then a step-in CUTTER! Cover, Page wins!

Winner: Ethan Page, by pinfall

Page shakes VSK’s hand to keep the Code of Honor, and he is rolling already! Will he truly be refreshed with a title opportunity?


Spanish Announce Project & Tony Nese w/ Mark Sterling VS El Hijo Del Vikingo, Metalik & Gravity w/ Alex Abrahantes!

The Premier Brand is looking to expand, but Angelico y Serpentico haven’t been sold just yet. Will they make a better trio than even they can imagine? Or will this alliance of luchadores bring them all crashing down?

Sterling of course has a mic to say that everyone knows this is Tony Nese. His client has something very important to say. “Penn State College. I tried telling this company, if we wanted to perform in front of real athletes, we should’ve done this show in Ohio State.” Fans boo but Nese says that he’s just being honest. Maybe if Penn didn’t spend so much time at The Creamery, they’d be in shape! Ladies, ladies, ladies, it’s called the Freshman 15, not Freshman 50. But Nese has great news for everyone. They all know he is a personal trainer, so before they have any more wrestling tonight, he is gonna treat each and every one of them to GROUP TRAINING!

Stand up! Let’s get going! Get off your lazy asses! Stretch! Reach up! But then Angelico y Serpentico make their way out! They stopped listening to Nese’s orders from earlier, is this partnership falling apart already? Then after Serpentico throws his streamers, Abrahantes’ trio makes their entrance, Gravity leading the way. The teams sort out, Nese tells SAP to watch and learn. Nese then makes Serpentico start against Metalik, and the Code of Honor is upheld. The bell rings, fans rally up and the two tie up. Serpentico wrenches, hammerlocks, facelocks, wrenches and whips, but Metalik goes up and over and keeps moving.

Metalik ducks ‘n’ dodges, Serpentico drops down and avoids the handspring elbow! Metalik avoids the boot to CHOP! Metalik whips, Serpentico reverses but Metalik elbows him down! Metalik runs in, Serpentico monkey flips him but Metalik lands on his feet! Things keep moving, Metalik scoops and BACKBREAKERS Serpentico! Cover, ONE!! Metalik keeps on Serpentico and brings him up to wrench. Tag to Gravity but Serpentico gets away. Gravity has to stay back as Serpentico goes to his corner. Angelico tags in, and he circles with Gravity. They feel things out, knuckle lock, but Angelico crisscrosses Gravity’s arms into a one-arm double armlock!

Gravity stomps at Angelico’s feet but Angelico easily avoids those. Then he wraps Gravity up in a straitjacket stretch! Angelico ripcords, whips, but Gravity holds ropes. Angelico rushes in, Gravity gets around, schoolboys but Angelico rolls through. Gravity kips up, flips through the wrench and arm-drags Angelico away! Fans fire up as Gravity runs in, ARABIAN PRESS ARM-DRAG! Another kip up while Angelico bails out, and Gravity builds speed. Angelico ducks but Gravity handsprings! Gravity space walks, tag to Vikingo! Fans rally up but Nese tags in to say he has to handle this. But Vikingo CROSSBODIES!

Nese rushes in, Vikingo dodges to whip, but Nese reverses. Vikingo reverses back to HEEL KICK! BOOT! ENZIGURI! Nese is in the corner and fans rally behind Vikingo. Vikingo runs up to GAMANGIRI! Nese wobbles, Vikingo goes up but Nese hurries away. Vikingo still springboards to MISSILE DROPKICK! Nese bails out, Vikingo builds speed and he goes up and up, pauses so physics can catch up with him, and Viking SKY TWISTERS! Direct hit and both men are down, so SAP rushes in! Gravity y Metalik dodge them to DOUBLE DROPKICK them out! SAP bails out and the luchadores DOUBLE TOPE!!

Fans are thunderous as Metalik y Gravity stand tall! “This is Awesome!” as Metalik puts Nese back in. Metalik CHOPS, CHOPS and runs, to KNEE Nese lose! Metalik fires the fans up, then runs, but Nese distracts the ref while Sterling trips Metalik up! Fans boo Smart Mark but Nese runs in to basement dropkick! Nese soaks up the heat, drags Metalik up and bumps him off buckles. Nese tells Angelico, “See how it’s done? Let’s see what you got!” Nese tags Angelico, Angelico snapmares Metalik and ties up one arm. Angelico uses the other arm for a RECLINER! Metalik endures, kicks around, and gets a ROPEBREAK!

Angelico lets off as Metalik saves himself by a literal foot. Angelico tells Nese that he does things with submissions. The people know it! Well, the fans chant “LUCHA! LUCHA!” Metalik crawls but Angelico brings him up. Nese tags himself in, he and Angelico mug Metalik, and Nese scoops Metalik to SLAM him! Then he drops a leg, brother! Nese says power style is how it’s done, then tags Angelico back in. Angelico argues with Nese, then brings Metalik up. Angelico puts Metalik on the top rope, CHOPS and CHOPS, but Metalik throws hands! Angelico goes up but Metalik CLUBS him! Metalik adjusts, to SUPER SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMB!

Nese is frustrated as Metalik and Angelico crawl. Hot tag to Gravity! Gravity LARIATS Angelico, LARIATS Serpentico, DECKS Nese, and repeat! Angelico gets around, full nelsons, but Gravity arm-drags free! Gravity runs in to POWERSLAM! Then he somersaults to STANDING MOONSAULT! Cover, Nese breaks it! Nese brings Gravity up to whip, but Gravity holds ropes. Nese runs in but Gravity TOSSES him out! The ref checks Nese after that rough landing, but Angelico EDDY GORDO KICKS Gravity down! Metalik runs in to suplex Angelico high and hard! Serpentico runs in, Metalik blocks a kick to give a kick.

Metalik gets Serpentico up, SIT-OUT BOMB! Cover, but Nese SOBATS Metalik in the back! Fans rally up as everyone is down around the ring. Nese goes to his corner, Angelico drags Gravity over but Nese tags in! Angelico complains but Nese drags Gravity up. Nese wants to see how “ugly this SOB is!” He pulls at Gravity’s mask! Fans boo, and Serpentico storms in to stop Nese! As a luchador himself, #SNAKEMAN will not stand for this! The ref has Serpentico back off, Nese tells them to listen to him for once. Nese wants to tag out but SAP ditch him! Fans cheer, Sterling is freaking out, and Gravity stands to SUPERKICK! Nese falls, tag to Metalik!

Metalik goes up, for the tightrope SWANTON! Cover, the luchadores win!

Winners: El Hijo del Vikingo, Metalik & Gravity, by pinfall

Vikingo can’t get in the ring to celebrate, he took more damage to that hip than expected, but he and the team still celebrate. Will the AAA Mega Champion, the King of the Ropes and the Astronaut of Lucha still reach new heights in ROH?


Backstage interview with Ethan Page.

Lexi is now with All Ego and congratulates him on the win tonight. She says Ethan’s been on a roll, and he figures yeah, two is good enough for a roll. He wants to make it three, but the feeling he had after winning these couple weeks is something he hasn’t felt in the longest time. Everyone who has been watching Ethan these last three years has seen the ups and downs, and lately, it has been a lot of downs. But there was a really big bright spot in that spiral and it was the greatest night of his professional career. He wrestled for the most prestigious prize in wrestling today, the AEW World Championship, in his hometown with his family in the front row, it does not get better than that.

But then it didn’t go his way, and nothing else really has, but Ethan says to touch the gold, to feel the pressure, to be in the marquee match, and to be inches away from changing his life… He realized that ROH is the place for competition, and he needs to be competitive so that he can continue momentum, climb back up, and touch gold again. But this time, he won’t let go. That’s the plan. Then he has his groove back? Sure, go and say that. All Ego got his groove back! Will Ethan return to former glory and finally have gold to show for it?


Cole Karter & Griff Garrison w/ Maria Kanellis-Bennett VS Action Andretti & Darius Martin!

A brand new team, put together by The First Lady, takes on another young team that has been fingertips away from taking titles for their own. Will Maria’s investment pay off with a win tonight? Or will the Sight to See & Air Wolf take flight?

The Code of Honor is upheld, the teams sort out, and Karter starts against Darius. Fans rally, the two tie up and Darius wrenches to a wristlock. Karter whips, Darius reverses and arm-drags! Darius has the armlock, drags Karter up to wrench, and he tags Action. Action goes up but Karter gets away to tag in Griff. Maria cheers Griff on and he circles with Action. They tie up, Griff waistlocks and SLAMS Action down! Action fights around, pries free, switches, but Griff switches back to back suplex. Action lands on his feet to waistlock but Griff RAMS him back into the corner. Griff is free but Darius sneaks the tag!

Darius slingshots in to get ahead of Griff and keeps him from Karter! Darius RAMS Griff into Action’s knees, then Darius mule kicks. Action goes up to DOUBLE STOMP Griff on the back! Darius & Action BLAST Karter, then double kick Griff to DOUBLE SUPLEX! Karter returns, but into DOUBLE DROPKICKS! Fans fire up and Darius runs in, but Griff puts him on the apron. Darius RAMS Griff, Karter runs up but into an elbow! Griff storms up but Darius ROCKS him! Darius aims but Karter anchors him. Darius kicks Karter away, Action protests but that distracts the ref, allowing Maria to anchor Darius!

Darius kicks free, but turns around into a BOOT from Griff! Karter cheers but Griff asks what was that all about. Griff drags Darius up, bumps him off buckles, and tags in Karter. They mug Darius, Karter stomps a mudhole in, and Maria applauds. The ref counts, Karter lets off and even Griff says to keep things clean. Karter snap suplexes Darius, and then he soaks up the heat. Karter covers but it’s really a choke! The ref counts, Karter stops at 4, then Karter stalks Darius. Darius goes to ropes so the ref has Karter back off. Karter argues with the ref but that’s to distract, so that Maria can CHOKE Darius!

Maria gets away with it again but Action warns her. Darius staggers up into a DROPKICK from Karter! Cover, TWO! Maria defends her innocence but Griff is upset. Karter whips Darius to a corner, tags Griff in, and then Griff whips Karter in. Darius TOSSES Karter up and out! Then he goes up and over Griff! Griff hurries to get a leg, but Darius BOOTS him away! Hot tags to Action and Karter! Action dodges Karter to DECK Griff, then he DECKS Karter! Action rallies on them both, and fans fire up! Action whips but Karter reverses, only for Action to handspring and DOUBLE BACK ELBOW! Fans fire up as both Maria’s boys are down!

Action kips up while Griff and Karter go to opposite corners. Action runs in to RAM Griff! And then he SPLASHES Karter! Action runs corner to corner again but Griff dodges the splash! But then Action SHOTGUNS Griff into Darius’s GERMAN SUPLEX! Griff tumbles out but Karter shoves Darius into Action! Karter DECKS Darius, rolls Action, and puts his legs on the ropes! But Griff shoves them off the ropes! Karter and Maria argue with Griff, because Griff doesn’t wanna cheat! Karter says you don’t disrespect Maria! But then Action FLIES over Karter to take out Griff! And Darius SUPERKICKS Karter!

Darius reels Karter in to BRAINBUSTER! Tag to Action, he springboards to 450 SPLASH!! Cover, Action & Darius win!

Winners: Action Andretti & Darius Martin

Maria is not happy, but perhaps it was her own fault for thinking Griff was going to change his morals for the sake of success. Griff upholds the Code of Honor with Action & Darius, but then Karter says up theirs! Karter & Maria have Griff leave with them, is Griff going to ditch this team before long?


ROH World Six Man Tag Team Championships: The Mogul Embassy w/ Prince Nana VS Willie Mack & The Infantry!

Brian Cage, Bishop Kaun & Toa Liona have been unstoppable as a trio with a 16-0 record in trios action. However, teams have been getting closer and closer. Will Shawn Dean & Carlie Bravo bringing the Mack Attack along be exactly what brings these titans down? Or will nothing stop the Embassy’s reign of terror?

The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and we see who gets to go on to Rampage tomorrow night!

The Code of Honor is upheld, the fans chant “Whose House?” “SWERVE’S HOUSE!” and some do the Nana dance. Kaun starts against Dean, the bell rings, and Kaun rushes in! Dean avoids the boot, says it was close, and they circle. They tie up, Dean headlocks but Kaun powers out to run Dean over! Things speed up, Dena hurdles but Kaun shoves. Dean jumps over but Kaun CLOBBERS him! But then Dean avoids the senton! Dean DROPKICKS, Kaun staggers, but Dean wrenches and tags Bravo. The Infantry double whips, double hip tosses, and then they crisscross the legs to SPLIT that wishbone! Bravo says that’ll leave a mark.

Bravo drags Kaun up but Kaun CHOSP! Kaun wristlocks but Bravo gets free before Kaun tags Liona. Bravo says okay, that’s how it is, huh? Bravo and Liona circle, Liona rushes in but Bravo dodges to JAB! Bravo bobs ‘n’ weaves, JABS, then rope-a-dopes. But Liona TOSSES him to a corner! Liona runs in, Bravo dodges then comes back. Bravo jukes and ROCKS Liona! Fans fire up and Bravo talks some smack, but Liona stays up! Bravo turns around into a LARIAT! Liona glares at Mack, then goes back to Bravo. Liona scoops to put Bravo on the ropes, to fire KNEE after KNEE into him! The ref reprimands and Liona just fires off more!

The ref counts, Liona drops Bravo and roars at Mack & Dean. Liona then tags Kaun, and Kaun slingshot SENTONS! Bravo sputters but Kaun drags him up to snap suplex. Uno Amigo! Then a waistlock, GERMAN SUPLEX! Bravo fights but Kaun still hits the back suplex! Cover, TWO! Kaun kneels on Bravo’s head while he argues with the ref, and Bravo flails! Dean pushes Kaun over but Kaun just grins as he drags Bravo up. Kaun tags Cage and fans fire up for The Machine. Cage CHOPS Bravo, puts him in the corner and RAMS him! And RAMS him again! And CHOPS! Cage fires up the fans as he throws point-blank clotheslines!

Fans count as Cage picks up speed, and Cage gets to TEN! Cage whips corner to corner hard, and Bravo staggers into a BACKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Bravo hangs tough but Cage drags him up. Cage ROCKS Bravo with a forearm, whips him corner to corner then scoops again, but Bravo slips free to BACKSTABBER! Fans rally up as Bravo crawls, but Cage grabs a leg! Cage drags Bravo back, ducks the enziguri, then drops an elbow! “Who betta than Cage?” Cage then sucker punches Dean! Cage stands Bravo up, suplexes, but Bravo slips free to hot tag Mack! Fans fire up as these rivals meet again, and Mack hits a SLINGBLADE!

Mack BLASTS Liona, lines up a shot on Cage, and body shots! Mack whips, to LARIAT! Then WHEEL KICK! Fans fire up and Mack scoops Cage, for a SLAM! Kaun storms in but Mack ducks the haymaker to DECK him! Mack BOOTS Liona off the apron, Nana protests, but Mack runs in at Cage to BOOT! Cage falls over, Mack covers, TWO! The Machine is tougher than that but Mack goes up the corner! Fans fire up, but Cage stands to GAMANGIRI! Cage drags Mack off the top, to then go up. Fans rally as Cage deadlift SUPERPLEXES Mack!! Mack writhes and “This is Awesome!” as Cage drags Mack back up.

Cage stands Mack up but Mack kicks low! Cage denies the stunner, but Mack ends up in his corner. Tag to Bravo before Cage SUPERKICKS Mack! Bravo ROCKS Cage, ROCKS him again, then spins him around to ROLLING ELBOW! Cage falls, Kaun runs in! Bravo spins him around, SIDEWINDER! Liona slides in while Bravo takes aim at Cage & Kaun. But then Bravo turns around, and he screams as he drops down under the Pounce! Liona wipes himself out and Dean PENALTY KICKS Cage! Dean runs in to JUMPING CLOTHESLINE in the corner! Dean goes out to PENALTY KICK Kaun, and Bravo runs up on Liona!

Bravo hits a KNEE SMASH! And SUPERKICK! Dean SUPERKICKS! Liona roars but Infantry shouts, “KICK HIM!” They DOUBLE SUPERKICK Liona, and Liona staggers into a DOUBLE SUP- NO, Liona fights it off! Liona DOUBLE SUP- NO, Mack saves the Infantry! STUNNER!! Then the Infantry reload, DOUBLE SUPLEX!! Fans fire up while Nana freaks out! Bravo tags Mack but Kaun runs in! Dean blocks a boot, gives it to Bravo, ENZIGURI and then NECKBREAKER! Cage is back and he LARIATS Bravo! Mack is up top, but Cage intercepts! Mack shoves Cage down, though! To then FROG SPLASH!! Cover, TWO?!?

Cage survives and shocks Mack! But he and the Infantry regroup, and fans fire up with them! Mack, Bravo & Dean aim from corners, Mack STUN- NO, Cage denies Mack again! Kaun fireman’s carries Mack and tucks him, AIR RAID CRASH! Dean runs at Kaun, but Liona POUNCES him! Bravo is alone, Cage reels him in to a GERMAN SUPLEX! The Infantry is down and out, the Gates of Agony drag Mack up! They OPEN THE GATES!! Cage covers, The Embassy wins!

Winners: The Mogul Embassy, by pinfall (still ROH World Six Man Tag Team Champions)

The reign of terror continues! At least, for another 24 hours. Rampage: Grand Slam pits these monsters against The Hung Bucks! Will this dominance continue even as ROH and AEW blur the lines? Or will Hangman Adam Page once again hold these belts with Matt & Nick Jackson?

My Thoughts:

A very good ROH, and it seems ROH is sticking to an hour and 45 minutes. At least, I sure hope so, it still takes me far too long to do these. I will say there wasn’t any actual filler. Even Diamante beating a jobber than being ringside for when Mercedes Martinez beats Trish Adora can be seen as story for the duo of Diamante & Mercedes growing stronger. If only ROH had some more titles for the women’s division, because they’ve got a lot more talent than can fit into the world title scene. Good Six Woman Tag to feed into Leyla’s story with Maria, while also showcasing just what I said with how there are midcard title worthy talents.

Good stuff with Maria’s story of building The Kingdom’s Army, and there is a clear story to Griff not wanting to get on board with the Heel tactics, and he could break away to then have some real good matches with Karter. We got a very fun “Minion Training” vignette from Athena, Billie & Lexi, but that is not the two week window To Do List thing they set up literally last week. Feels like ROH wasn’t keeping track of what they were doing, but oh well. Athena VS Angelina Love was a good title match, but a quick one because yeah, Athena is that much better than Angelina. Still waiting for when Athena either pushes Billie too far and she rebels, or Athena creates a monster not even she can control, all leading to a title match between them.

Really good, really fun Six Man Tag with Nese sticking his foot in his mouth and making Spanish Announce Project turn on him. Good win for the luchadores, though Vikingo taking himself out of the match was not good. Vikingo needs to be more careful, he is running really hard and fast, much like Darby Allin. The Pure Championship was a really good opener, but I figured Shibata was winning over Nick Wayne. Nick still looked great, as he has since debuting in AEW, but he’s probably gotta wait until he’s 19 to get a championship. Also, it feels like ROH wants to build towards a rematch of Shibata VS Josh Woods at the next ROH exclusive PPV so Shibata isn’t losing before then.

Great promo from Eddie to get his reaction after winning the ROH World Championship. He pointed out he’s in for a busy schedule defending two titles in two companies, as I’ve been saying, but Eddie will be able to do it. And even then it is great story material for him to struggle with the schedule after a month or so. Really good promo from Johnson, Moriarty & Shane, then really good match from Moriarty VS Johnson. Shane called out Keith Lee last time, too, I wonder if Keith Lee joins Lee Johnson to take on Shane and Moriarty so we get even more Lees in the mix. Honestly, Keith Lee needs to get on something, and then move on to a title because duh, it’s KEITH LEE.

Ethan Page with a good win and good promo after, and while it’s a shame he won’t finish his story with The Hardy Boyz, that story went a few chapters too long anyway. Ethan getting going in ROH will be good stuff, maybe he can be a contender for Samoa Joe’s TV Championship. And then some really good stuff in the ROH Six Man Division, with a good promo from Mack & Infantry, and another great Six Man title match. But of course, with Hung Bucks VS Embassy set for Rampage (which has also been recorded by now), and how that feeds into Hangman VS Swerve at WrestleDream, no way was this match (which was recorded even before Rampage) was going to change anything. As I’ve been saying in the AEW articles, there is a chance the Hung Bucks win the titles, unless Swerve screws Hangman over.

My Score: 8.6/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (9/20/23)

Dynamite returns to Arthur Ashe!



AEW Coverage Lasers

Who hits the Grand Slam? And who strikes out?

Dynamite returns to Arthur Ashe, and Maxwell Jacob Friedman returns to New York to defend his AEW World Championship against Samoa Joe!


  • ROH World & NJPW Strong Openweight Championships, Winner Takes All: Claudio Castagnoli w/ Wheeler Yuta VS Eddie Kingston; Eddie wins and becomes both ROH World & NJPW Strong Openweight Champion.
  • Chris Jericho VS Sammy Guevara; Jericho wins.
  • AEW International Championship: Jon Moxley VS Rey Fenix w/ Alex Abrahantes; Fenix wins and becomes the new AEW International Champion.
  • AEW Women’s World Championship: Saraya w/ Ruby Soho VS Toni Storm; Saraya wins and retains the title.
  • AEW World Championship: MJF w/ Adam Cole VS Samoa Joe; MJF wins and retains the title.


ROH World & NJPW Strong Openweight Championships, Winner Takes All: Claudio Castagnoli w/ Wheeler Yuta VS Eddie Kingston!

This isn’t a rivalry, this is a grudge that has gone on for just over a decade, and this will be the end of it all! Will the Swiss Superman take away the title the Mad King fought so hard to get? Or will Eddie prove he IS the better man?

The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and we see who leaves Arthur Ashe a double champion!

The bell rings and fans are thunderous already as Eddie and Claudio stare down. They slowly approach, then Claudio just BOOTS Eddie down! But Eddie’s right up to CHOP! And CHOP! Claudio forearms, Eddie CHOPS, repeat! New York is behind their own as he continues to go back and forth with Claudio! Claudio fires off forearm after forearm, then he  talks trash. “Is that all you got?” Eddie CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS! Claudio fires more forearms, then TOSSES Eddie out of the ring! But then Eddie drags Claudio out to whip hard into railing! Claudio hobbles, holding a knee, but Eddie choke grips him!

Fans fire up as Eddie MACHINE GUN CHOPS Claudio against the railing! Eddie ROCKS Claudio, brings him around, and whips him, only for Claudio to reverse and short arm LARIAT! Fans boo but Claudio soaks it up. Claudio drags Eddie up, ROCKS him, and stalks him. Claudio puts Eddie in the ring, fans rally up and Eddie catches Claudio in the ropes! DRAPING DRAGON SCREW! Eddie dropkicks that bad leg! Claudio avoids the next one and he deadlift gut wrenches, for the POWERBOMB! Claudio hobbles and fans boo, but Claudio drags Eddie up. Claudio reels Eddie in, but Eddie fights the lift!

Eddie CLUBS the bad leg, fans rally up, but Claudio SLAPS Eddie! Eddie SLAPS back! And GERMAN SUPLEXES! Fans fire up again as Claudio bails out to the apron. Fans chant “F HIM UP, EDDIE, F HIM UP!” Eddie storms over, and fires off backhand after backhand! Then URAKEN! But that hurts Eddie’s hand just as much! Claudio clamps on a SLEEPER in the ropes! But Eddie elbows free, only for Claudio to back suplex Eddie to the ramp! The LED Plexiglas ramp is a stiff worker, and Claudio looms over Eddie. Eddie is dazed and the fans rally up behind him. Claudio drags Eddie up, then stomps a hand!

Claudio then clotheslines Eddie back into the ring! Fans boo as Claudio climbs the corner. But Eddie rolls to the corner, only for Claudio to DIVING DOUBLE STOMP anyway! Claudio stomps Eddie, drags him up, and scoop SLAMS him! Claudio goes back up, to then DIVING HEADBUTT but FLOPS as Eddie moves! Eddie staggers up, but into an UPPERCUT! Cover, TWO!! Eddie is still in this and Claudio is fuming as Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Claudio and Eddie go to ropes, and then Claudio storms over. Claudio CLUBS away on Eddie at the ropes, then he drags Eddie up. Eddie pushes Claudio away but Claudio reels Eddie in. Claudio suplexes but Eddie blocks! Claudio throws body shots, tries again, but Eddie still blocks! Eddie then suplexes Claudio up and over! Fans fire up while both men flounder. Claudio stands first, runs and he BOOTS Eddie in the head! And then Claudio scuffs Eddie, kicks him around, taunts and toys with him, but Eddie CHOPS! Claudio kicks, Eddie CHOPS! Claudio SLIDING LARIATS! Cover, ROPEBREAK!! Eddie reaches out in time!

Claudio sits Eddie up and clamps on with a top wristlock chinlock combo! Fans rally up as Eddie endures being squeezed and twisted around. But then Claudio KICKS Eddie in the back, and STOMPS the hand! Then he STOMPS the other hand! Eddie clutches fingers, but Claudio drags Eddie up by an ear. Eddie CHOPS! And CHOPS! Dynamite returns to single picture as Claudio eggs Eddie on. Eddie CHPOS, Claudio fires UPPERCUT after UPPERCUT in the corner! Claudio sits Eddie down, the ref back shim off, but then Claudio fireman’s carries! T K O! Cover, TWO!! Fans are thunderous as Eddie hangs in there!

Claudio scuffs Eddie again, and that riles Eddie up. Claudio gives more toying kicks, then some harder shots. Eddie pounds the mat and fans fire up with him! Claudio kick sand kicks and kicks, and Eddie wobbles, only to sit up again. Claudio drags Eddie up to UPPER- NO, BACKSLIDE! TWO! Eddie ENZIGURIS! And then an EXPLODER!! Eddie has Claudio again, for a SAIDO! Cover, TWO! Claudio goes to a corner, Yuta coaches him, and Claudio sees Eddie go to the far side. Eddie runs in to clothesline! Eddie fires up and fires off MACHINE GUN CHOPS!! Claudio just brushes those off? Eddie CHOPS and CHOPS, then JABS! Claudio drops to a knee and fans are thunderous!

Eddie hauls Claudio up, Claudio fights the Northern Lights Bomb, so Eddie fires Kawada knees! Claudio JABS back! Eddie staggers, Claudio shakes out the cobwebs, and then both men stare down again. Fans fire up as the two step up, Claudio eggs Eddie on, then fires a forearm! Eddie CHOPS! Forearm! CHOP! Repeat! Claudio eggs Eddie on so Eddie CHOPS! Claudio UPPERCUTS! Eddie staggers back, steadies himself, and he CHOPS again! Claudio dusts that off, so Eddie CHOPS only for Claudio to catch it! HEADBUTT, short arm LARIAT!! Cover, TWO, but Claudio rains down HAMMER ‘N’ ANVIL ELBOWS!

Claudio reels Eddie in, straitjacket for the RICOLA- RANA!! Cover, TWO!! Claudio has the cover, TWO!! Flashbacks to Supercard of Honor there, but Eddie is up! Into an UPPERCUT!! Cover, TWO?!? Eddie survives and Claudio is furious! Claudio drags Eddie up, straitjacket, RICOLA BOMB!! Cover, TWO?!?! New York is electric as Eddie still lives! Claudio is beside himself, but he pulls off the elbow pad now. Claudio drags Eddie up, talks some trash, and UPPERCUTS! URAKEN!! URAKEN!! Then a half nelson, HALF ‘N’ HALF PLEX!! Claudio stands, into the URAKEN!! NORTHERN LIGHTS BOMB!!! Cover, TWO!?!?

Fans are electric again as Eddie powers up! Eddie drags Claudio up, reels him in, but Claudio fights the lift! Claudio then UPPERCUTS! Eddie URAKENS!! And POWERBOMBS!! High stack, EDDIE WINS!!

Winner: Eddie Kingston, by pinfall (still NJPW Strong Openweight & NEW ROH World Champion)

He has done it! The Mad King has conquered Claudio and now reigns over two kingdoms! Yuta tells Claudio that yes, it really did happen. Yuta helps Claudio to his feet, and Eddie keeps his eyes on them. Claudio offers a handshake, and Eddie… accepts it! Claudio hands the ROH title over then takes his leave. Fans chant “You Deserve It!” and that is an understatement. How much more history will be made by Eddie Kingston now?


The Kingdom visits Roderick Strong in the hospital.

This was recorded sometime last week after Dynamite. Matt Taven & Mike Bennett sit by Roddy’s bedside as the nurse fluffs Roddy’s pillow. Mike says they wanted to invite everyone here so they could personally thank everyone for all the gifts and cards. Taven likes this card here. “I hope it makes your day brighter knowing how much everyone cares. Your attention to neck health awareness has been inspirational, and one day, I hope to be as neck strong as you. XOXO Olga.” Mike excuses the nurse and then Adam Cole visits. Roddy calls out to Adam and asks where he is, he can’t see. Then open your eyes.

Roddy does open his eyes and is happy to see Cole is here. Of course he is, he wouldn’t miss this for the world. Cole then says hi to The Kingdom and they ask him where he’s been. He got here as quick as he could. Oh, convenient, Cole shows up just as The Kingdom has to leave. Mike tells Roddy sorry, they gotta go. They’re going to be the new #1 Contenders to the ROH World Tag Titles. Roddy understands. He knows they don’t need it, but good luck. New champs coming soon. Taven then insults Cole’s shirt and pants. Is that how he dresses when he’s mourning? Cole says that’s real appropriate to say.

Cole then tells Roddy that he is glad Roddy is doing okay, and Cole hates to do this but he has to leave soon, too. Max has the world title match with Samoa Joe, and after what happened all last week, Cole has to make sure Max will be okay. Roddy says who cares! What about him? Cole wants Roddy to know he loves him, but Max is the one in danger. Roddy makes the bed sit up so he can look at Cole properly, just so he can tell Cole to go. Then Roddy lowers himself back down. Will Cole be able to help MJF through whatever is coming?


Backstage interview with Christian Cage & Luchasaurus.

Renee Paquette is with Captain Charisma and the AEW TNT Champion to bring up that this Friday, Rampage: Grand Slam, it will be Darby Allin & Sting taking on these two in a tag team match. Obviously, Christian & Luchasaurus have a ton of experience- Christian cuts Renee off to say they have a ton of experience in defending the TNT Championship. And at Rampage: Grand Slam, Christian & Luchasaurus walk through Darby & Sting, and then move on from them. But obviously, Darby isn’t going to move on until he gets another chance at Christian’s- er, their TNT Championship!

So here’s a proposition: Saturday on Collision, Darby VS Christian VS Luchasaurus in a Triple Threat for the TNT Championship! Sound good to Darby? Oh, and one more little wrinkle: if Darby wants his shot, then Sting is not allowed at ringside! And when Darby steps into the ring for their Handicap- er, Triple Threat… Then Darby has as much a chance of winning this championship as both the Yankees and the Mets! ZERO! As for Friday, bring your boy. Christian & Luchasaurus head out, will they dominate this entire week?


Chris Jericho VS Sammy Guevara!

For the first time ever, The Ocho and the Spanish God go 1v1 with each other! They’re both ready to fight harder than they ever have before, but who will come out on top?

Sammy’s entrance has him wearing an LED vest as a reference to all of Jericho’s light up jackets, and Sammy even has Monteasy live to rap the theme song! Is this Sammy’s time to take flight? Or will he be unable to get off the ground with Judas in his mind?

The bell rings and fans fire up as the two circle. Sammy offers a handshake, Jericho accepts it, and the two tie up. Jericho headlocks, then switches and hammerlocks to headlock again. Sammy powers out, but Jericho runs him over, only for Sammy to kip up! So Jericho slaps Sammy! Sammy slaps back, and the hands start flying! Fans fire up and Sammy CHOPS! Jericho CHOPS! Repeat! Sammy gets the edge, whips, hurdles, flips over, and Jericho stumbles into the DROPKICK! Fans fire up as Sammy spins to hit his pose! And Jericho still joins in? Sammy is surprised by that and Jericho SLAPS him again!

Sammy goes to ropes, Jericho storms up but Sammy rolls him up! ONE, and Sammy cradles! ONE, and Jericho CHOPS! And CHOPS! Sammy CHOPS! Jericho CHOPS! Jericho CHOPS again, then CHOPS Sammy in the corner! Fans fire up as Jericho whips corner to corner. Jericho runs in but into an elbow! Sammy swings, Jericho spins him around, TIGER BACKBREAKER! Sammy goes to the apron but Jericho storms over. Triangle jump, but Sammy ducks and Jericho hits the floor! Sammy builds speed and FLIES! Direct hit and down goes Jericho! Fans fire up as Sammy puts Jericho in the ring.

Sammy goes up the corner, leaps, CROSSBODY! Cover, TWO! Jericho hangs tough but Sammy keeps his cool. Sammy slashes his throat and he torture racks! But Jericho fights that, to hit a CODE BREAKER! Sammy goes to the apron again, but Jericho goes out after him. Fans rally as Jericho drags Sammy up, CLUBS him, but Sammy throws body shots. Jericho CLUBS and CLUSB and CLUBS Sammy, to then suplex. Sammy blocks, throws more body shots, but Jericho hits back! Then Jericho suplexes to the floor! Fans fire up while both men writhe and Dynamite goes picture in picture!

The ref checks both men but they’re okay to continue. Jericho drags himself up with the apron skirt, then soaks up the cheers and jeers from New York. Jericho drags Sammy up and SMACKS him off the desk! The ring count is climbing, but Jericho clears off the desk! Jericho SMACKS Sammy with the desk hood! Jericho slides into the ring to stop the count and soak up more cheers and jeers. Sammy stands up, and slides in at 9! Jericho stomps Sammy, drags him up and reels him in, for a BIG back suplex! Jericho smacks Sammy around, eggs him on, and brings him up again, but Sammy cradles! TWO! Jericho rushes in to BOOT Sammy down!

Jericho drags Sammy up again, puts him in a corner and on the top rope. Jericho CHOPS! And CHOPS! And then he climbs up, to rain down fists! Jericho goes all the way to TEN, then SUPER STEINERS! Sammy writhes, Jericho pushes him to a cover, TWO! Jericho huffs ‘n’ puffs and paces around as Dynamite returns to single picture. Fans rally, Jericho stands Sammy up and CHOPS! And CHOPS! Jericho eggs Sammy on, so Sammy CHOPS! And forearms! And CHOPS! Sammy fires off more, whips Jericho to ropes, but Jericho KICKS him away! Jericho runs, into a SPANISH FLY! Cover, TWO!

Both men stand and Jericho LARIATS Sammy down! And then LARIATS him again! Cover, TWO! Sammy is still in this and fans rally up. Jericho brings Sammy up, CHOPS him again, then has him in a corner. Jericho CHOPS, whips corner to corner, but Sammy goes up and over, ducks and steals the CODE BREAKER! Cover, TWO!! Jericho survives his own move and Sammy is beside himself. Jericho goes to the apron, Sammy runs in to BLAST him off! Jericho hits the desk! Sammy then goes to the apron, to then go up the corner?! Sammy aims, says a quick prayer, and ARIHARA MOONSAULTS!

Sammy clutches a leg, puts Jericho in, and he fires up! Fans are with Sammy as he goes to the apron. Sammy springboards, into a DROPKICK! Sammy goes back to the apron, Jericho triangle jumps, into a CALF KICK! Not the cleanest but something got Jericho. Sammy SUPERKICKS to knock Jericho down, and then he goes back up top! FLYING CUTTER!! Cover, TWO!! Jericho just gets that arm up and Sammy grows frustrated. Sammy drags Jericho up, torture racks, GO TO- NO, Jericho blocks! Jericho trips Sammy and has the legs! WALLS OF JERICHO!! Fans are thunderous while Sammy endures!

Jericho sits deep on the hold, but Sammy reaches out! Sammy crawls his way forward, but Jericho drags him back! Sammy clubs at Jericho’s legs, tuck sunder and throws hands from below! Sammy then throws Jericho away! Sammy JUMP KNEES Jericho to a corner! Sammy runs in, is put on the apron, and Jericho ROCKS him! Jericho goes up the other side of the corner! Jericho drags Sammy up to join him, CLUBS him, but Sammy throws hands in return. They both stand on the top rope, to SUPER CUTTER!! Both men are down and fans are losing their minds! Sammy crawls to the cover, TWO!!!

Jericho is still in this but Sammy is too sore to be upset. Sammy and Jericho sit up, Jericho goes to ropes but Sammy is right on him. Sammy CHOPS, then whips. Jericho reverses, but Sammy avoids the dropkick! Sammy goes to the ropes, LIONSAULT onto knees!! Jericho counters his own move, and then runs to BULLDOG! Fans fire up as Jericho lines up the shot, Jericho LIONSAULTS! Cover, TWO!! Jericho grits his teeth, but he also has a sinister grin on his face now. Jericho throws down fists, then he brings Sammy up for a knee to the head! And another! And another! Jericho runs, into a JUMP KNEE!

Sammy torture racks! GO TO HOSPITAL!! But Sammy doesn’t cover!? Sammy goes up the corner instead, takes aim, and SHOOTING STAR- CODE BREAKER!!! Cover, Jericho wins!!

Winner: Chris Jericho, by pinfall

Sammy gambled and just got busted! Jericho wins, proving why he is the master and Sammy is the apprentice. But the real question is, can these two still be friends? Jericho offers a hand, Sammy accepts, and they hug it out! Fans cheer as Le Sex Gods stick together! But then Sammy LOW BLOWS Jericho?! Jericho falls against Sammy but Sammy shoves him down! And here comes Don Callis?! No, Sammy, no! But Don pats Sammy on the shoulder. Don threw his friendship with Jericho away, and now takes away Jericho’s last friend! Will the Spanish God soon be a wrestling god thanks to the Don Callis Family?


MJF & Adam Cole pull into the parking lot.

The brochachos pull up in an emerald green Porsche, and as he steps out of the car, Maxwell Jacob Friedman calls out Samoa Joe! “I’ve been holding a grudge against you for eight long years. And when you decided to shove me, I took that and I turned it into a little ball, and I put that chip on my shoulder. And tonight, I take that chip and I bash your skull in! See, it was bad enough when you shoved me. But you took, and you took, and you took, and you tried to take away the two things now that are most precious to me: you are trying to take away my AEW World Championship, and you are trying to hurt my brother, Adam Cole.”

That is where Joe messed up. Tonight, MJF will choke Joe out in front of thousands of New Yorkers, MJF’s people! And the last thing Joe is gonna hear as he fades out is… “M! J! F! M! J! F!” Because they’re better than you, and Cole gets a call? It’s Roddy? Seriously? He’s upset but Cole wants him to talk it out. Cole says he still has MJF’s back but this is an emergency. Roddy, relax, you are not gonna die! Cole heads out to talk with Roddy about his neck, and MJF tells Joe, “Your ass is mine.” Will the ROH World Television Champion look to change that with his own two hands?


Backstage interview with Don Callis & Sammy Guevara.

Renee walks up to ask them if this all but confirms that Sammy has joined the Don Callis Family, but Don says not to cut her off, “but all will be revealed this Friday on Rampage. C’mon, kid, we got a lot to celebrate.” The two traitors head out, but then cross paths with Daniel Garcia! Sammy and Danny stare down, and then Sammy asks if he has something to say. Don has Sammy stand down and says Danny is money. For now, the two of them will go. Don gets Sammy outta there, but what are Danny’s feelings? He left the JAS, but is he upset Sammy joined the DCF?


AEW International Championship: Jon Moxley VS Rey Fenix w/ Alex Abrahantes!

The Maniac made it past the human skyscraper that is “Big Bill” Morrissey, but now he has to face what he did to the Immortal Firebird almost a month ago! Will Fenix burn Moxley down? Or will Moxley ace this, game, set and match?

Moxley goes up the ramp so he can drop his belt on top of Fenix’s cape. Moxley taunts Fenix, Fenix storms up after Moxley and CHOPS! Fans fire up as the brawl is on! Moxley ROCKS Fenix, whips him at the ring but Fenix goes up the ropes to JUMP SOBAT! Fans fire up while Moxley flops to the floor. Fenix uses the ramp as a runway to FLY and take Moxley down! Fans lose their minds and Fenix crawls his way over to Moxley. Moxley is dazed but Fenix’s back is sore from that landing. Fenix still stands up and he drags Moxley up. Fenix ROCKS Moxley, CHOPS him against railing, and then puts Moxley in the ring.

The bell finally sounds so this is a match! Fenix baits Moxley, avoids the stomp and then shoulders into Moxley! Fenix slingshots to sunset flip, ONE! Moxley stacks, TWO! Moxley staggers, Fenix kips up and things speed up. Fenix handsprings over the leg sweep! Moxley swings, Fenix catches him to CHOP, knuckle lock, and go up and up and FLYING ARM-DRAG! Moxley stands back up and Fenix somersaults, into a FOREARM! Moxley is done playing around, and he runs to CURB STOMP! Cover, TWO! Fenix survives the shoutout to the Visionary, but Moxley rains down fists! Moxley then shifts to a cover, TWO!

Moxley has the double wristlock but Fenix fights up with body shots. Moxley facelocks but Fenix powers out to BITE the hand! Fenix BOOTS the punch, CHOPS and CHOPS but Moxley pokes the eyes! Moxley whips, Fenix tiger feints but into a BOOT! Fenix flounders to the ramp and then the floor but Moxley pursues. The ring count climbs and Moxley CHOPS Fenix against railing! Moxley dumps Fenix over into the front row! Fans fire up as Fenix drags himself up. Moxley drags Fenix up but Fenix throws body shots! Fenix ROCKS Mox, then pushes him away. Fenix jumps up onto the railing, but Moxley shoves him back down!

Moxley has Fenix on the railing, to DRAPING PARADIGM SHIFT!! Fenix is dazed now and Moxley gets a chair! The ref reprimands so Moxley puts Fenix in the ring. Cover, TWO! Fenix is hanging tough but Moxley eggs him on. Fenix chops but that was nothing, and Moxley BOOTS him! Moxley rains down fists, lets off, and Fenix crawls to a corner. Moxley storms over, brings him up, and clotheslines! Moxley flips fans off, runs in, but Fenix dodges to GAMANGIRI! And GAMANGIRI! And then JUMP SOBAT! Moxley staggers, into the SOMERSAULT CUTTER! Cover, TWO!! But Fenix hurries to a corner and goes right up! FROG SPLASH! Cover, TWO!!

Moxley is still in this but Fenix fires up again. Fans are with him as he runs, but into a KING KONG LARIAT! Moxley roars, fans fire up even more, and then Moxley flips off Fenix. Abrahantes coaches Fenix up, and he kips up to his feet! Fenix dodges Mox to SUPERKICK him out of the ring! Fenix goes out after him, brings him around, and puts him on the railing now! Fenix goes to the apron, then up the corner! Fans are losing their minds already, SUPER FLYING LEG DROP!!! Both men crash down and Dynamite goes picture in picture!

The ref checks both men and they’re somehow okay to continue. Abrahantes coaches Fenix as he and Moxley stir. Moxley crawls to the ring, Fenix follows and pushes him in. Fenix then aims from the apron, springboards, but into a kick! PARADIGM SHIFT!! Cover, TWO!! Fenix survives but Moxley just snarls and storms around. Moxley gets Fenix’s legs, ties them up, and has a TEXAS CLOVERLEAF!! Fenix endures, reaches out, and fans rally as he fights forward. But Moxley shifts to a CLOVERLEAF STF!! Moxley grinds the hold, then shifts to just a facelock. Moxley drags Fenix up, Gotch hold for the PILEDRIVER!! Cover, TWO!!!

Fenix survives again and Moxley is fuming! Moxley storms around the ring, Abrahantes coaches Fenix and the fans rally up. Moxley clamps on with a SLEEPER, then drags Fenix up again. Moxley CHOPS Fenix to the corner and Fenix drops to his knees! Moxley stands Fenix up to CHOP again! Dynamite returns to single picture and Moxley storms around. Fenix sputters, stands, and CHOPS! Moxley forearms, then he puts Fenix back in a corner. Moxley puts Fenix up top, climbs up to join him, but Fenix resists with body shots. Fans rally as Fenix HEADBUTTS and HEADBUTTS! Moxley falls, Fenix jumps to DIVING DOUBLE STOMP!!

Both men are down and New York is thunderous again! Fenix crawls to a cover, TWO! Fenix drags Moxley up and reels him in but Moxley resists the lift. Fenix CLUBS Moxley, but Moxley Alabama Lifts him! Fenix still CLUBS Moxley, they end up on ropes, and Moxley throws body shots! Moxley DECKS Fenix to the outside! Moxley goes out to run downhill, CURB STOMP ON THE RAMP!! Fans sing “OH~ OHH~ OHHH~!” for the Visionary as Moxley drags Fenix in. Moxley lifts, to stall, and PILEDRIVER!! Cover, TWO?!?! Fenix survives and fans are thunderous again! Moxley is seething and he drags Fenix back up.

Moxley puts Fenix in a corner, CHOPS him, and CHOPS him, and then hoists Fenix up top. Moxley goes up, underhooks, but Fenix fights! Moxley falls, Fenix adjusts, SWANTON BOMB!! Then Fenix drags Moxley up and fireman’s carries, to BLACK FIRE DRIVER!! Cover, TWO?!?! HOW?!? Fans call BS, that twitch could NOT have been enough! But Fenix figures F it, BLACK FIRE DRIVER again!!! Cover, FENIX WINS!!

Winner: Rey Fenix, by pinfall (NEW AEW International Champion)

New York cannot believe it but they are loving it! Moxley’s reign ends after just three defenses, and Fenix has his vengeance! Death Triangle regains the gold once held by The Bastard, will Fenix blaze his own trail with this title? As for Moxley, he is getting checked by medics, what condition will he be in after such an epic fight?


Samoa Joe speaks.

“Oh Maaaax~! You feel it, Max? The night is upon us, a great celebration! Tonight is a night of consequences. And Max, you have run your mouth, you have made your angst known, you have told the world you’ve harbored your grudge against me for eight years.” But MJF better be prepared to hold onto that grudge a little longer, because Joe will smash him from pillar to post, in front of MJF’s people! And tonight, Joe finishes taking what he was trying to take from MJF all those years ago. But it won’t be MJF’s future, it’ll be his championship. We’ve already seen the landscape shift, will the One True King of Wrestling Television add to that?


AEW takes a closer look at the ROH World Tag Team Championship #1 Contenders match.

Matt Hardy says that Friday on Rampage: Grand Slam, he and Jeff will compete in a match, with the winners going on to face MJF & Adam Cole for the ROH World Tag Team Championships at WrestleDream! But Matt Taven says they are the OGK, and the Melvins will put respect on the name of The Kingdom. Mike says that they do three things this Friday: Punch ’em in the wiener; hit ’em with piledrivers; and become the #1 Contenders! Best Friends join in, and Trent says this is one more shot for the boys to go on and get another shot to win the big one. Chuck knows MJF & Cole say they’re best friends, but we all know there is only one set of Best Friends that matter, and it’s these two!

Vincent says that a long time ago, being crazy meant something. But now, everybody’s crazy! The Righteous is here to purify AEW, and it starts this Friday on Rampage. Dig what they’re saying? It’s a Fatal 4 of four powerful teams, but who will come away with those golden tickets to Seattle?


AEW Women’s World Championship: Saraya w/ Ruby Soho VS Toni Storm!

The Outcasts used to be a strong trio within the AEW Women’s Division, but this very title is what tore apart the friendship of The Knight and the Lightning. Saraya won an All In London Fatal 4 to become champion, but Storm won the Fatal 4 to earn this match! Will Storm complete the #PortraitofaStar with some gold? Or will this Knight still reign?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see who is the real star of the AEW Women’s Division!

The bell rings and Storm wants a hug? Saraya says no, she’s crazy as a loon and totally betrayed The Outcasts! Storm still offers, so Saraya SLAPS her! Fans boo and Storm looks hurt emotionally. Saraya SLAPS Storm again and says Storm is nothing without Saraya! “You need me! YOU NEED ME!” Then she SLAPS Storm again! So now Storm smiles? Saraya is confused, but Storm CHPOS her! And CHOPS! And CHOPS! And CHOPS again! Ruby shouts from the apron but Storm rushes over! Storm avoids Ruby’s cheap shot to CHOP her down! But Saraya BOOTS Storm down! Fans boo but Saraya tells Storm she’s a stupid cow!

Saraya has Storm on ropes, goes to the apron, and fires off knee after knee after knee! Storm flops to the floor and Saraya soaks up the heat. But then Storm trips Saraya up! Saraya hits the apron, Storm pushes her back in the ring. Storm sees Ruby standing there, and she goes under the ring? What in the world? The ref goes to check with Saraya, Storm sticks her feet out and Ruby drags her out from under there. Storm has SHOES! She kicks Ruby, then SLAPS her with those slippers! Fans fire up and Storm goes back to the ring. The ref says drop the shoe, then snatches the slipper away. But he misses the HIGH HEEL SHOT!! Cover, TWO!!

Storm is furious that Saraya survives! Storm argues with the ref then throws a fit as Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Storm drags Saraya into ropes, drapes her out, to DRAPING DDT to the ramp!! Ruby rushes up to check Saraya, her neck is a major issue for her. Storm is torn between remorse and rage, but Saraya seems okay to continue. So Storm drags her in through the ropes, to DRAPING DDT again!! Cover, TWO!! Saraya survives and Storm seethes. Storm storms around, pursues Saraya out of the ring, but tells Ruby to back off. But that distraction allows Saraya to BOOT Storm! Saraya then SMACKS Storm off the desk! Storm staggers and flounders away, then Saraya CLUBS her! Saraya scowls as she stands Storm up to CHOP!

Saraya pushes Storm into the ring, tells fans off, then hops back in. But Storm ROCKS her! And CLUBS her! And CHPOS her! Saraya goes to a corner, Storm hoists her up top, and then ROCKS her! Storm climbs, Saraya hits back, they brawl up top! Storm CLUBS and CLUBS and CLUBS, then stands Saraya up. Saraya fights back with body shots, and she CLUBS away on Storm now! Saraya adjusts, to SUPER SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMB!! Cover, TWO!! Storm survives and Dynamite returns to single picture! Ruby is furious while Saraya argues with the ref. Fans boo as Ruby tries to start a Saraya chant.

Saraya sits Storm up but Storm hits first! Saraya hits back, Storm hits again! They go back and forth, forearm for forearm, and fans fire up as Storm just HAMMERS away! Fans are thunderous for Storm and she grabs a turnbuckle. Storm rips the pad right off! The ref takes that but the buckle is still exposed. And then Storm gets the spray paint! Ruby snatches that away, payback for that TBS Championship screw job! The ref argues with Ruby, then with Storm, and Ruby rolls the can to Saraya! Saraya SPRAYS Storm in the face!! KNIGHT CAP!! Cover, TWO?!?! Storm survives the flashback to All In!

New York is thunderous but Saraya is furious! Saraya slaps Storm around, drags her up, and bumps her off buckles! And again! And then she considers the bare buckle. Saraya sits Storm in the corner but Ruby wants her to finish this! Saraya stomps but Storm blocks! Storm sets the foot down, to KISS Saraya!? And then reel her in! STORM ZERO!!! Cover, TWO!?! Storm’s kiss goodbye didn’t finish this! But Storm puts Saraya in the corner, against that bare buckle! Storm goes to the far corner, says “I’m sorry, I love you.” SWEET HIP- NO, Saraya moves and the buckle gets Storm in the booty! Saraya reels Storm in and onto the ropes, DRAPING KNIGHT CAP!!! Cover, Saraya wins!!

Winner: Saraya, by pinfall (still AEW Women’s World Champion)

Saraya shouts that Storm forced her to do that! Storm reaches out, but The Outcasts leave her behind. Will Saraya & Soho move on from Storm to conquer the entire AEW Women’s Division?


BREAKING NEWS for Rampage: Grand Slam!

Considering it is a TWO HOUR special edition for Arthur Ashe, there’s more action to be had! And in a Mixed Trios match, Kris Statlander joins #OrangeHook to take on Anna Jay, Matthew Menard & Angelo Parker! Will the TBS Champion, the FTW Champion and Freshly Squeezed prove why they’re The Galaxy’s Greatest? Or will they owe some title shots to the sports… enner-tay-ners?

Then Skye Blue takes on Julia Hart in a battle of two young and hungry stars wanting their shot at some gold! Plus, after making a comeback at All In London, after sharing his side of the story, Mike Santana gets back in the ring! Will he blaze a trail to the top, all by himself?


BREAKING NEWS for Collision!

On top of the TNT Championship “Triple Threat” of Luchasaurus VS Christian Cage VS Darby Allin, Andrade El Idolo accepts Jay White’s challenge from last Saturday! Will the Latin Idol learn what it means to Breathe With The Switchblade? Then Rob Van Dam competes in his home state of Michigan, FTR defends the AEW World Tag Team Championships against The Workhorsemen, and Bryan Danielson gives Ricky Starks his rematch, in a TEXAS DEATH MATCH! With as much blood as was shed at All Out, how much more violent will the American Dragon and Absolute go?


AEW World Championship: MJF w/ Adam Cole VS Samoa Joe!

It’s the moment of truth! After watching the Grand Slam World Title Eliminator Tournament, Maxwell Jacob Friedman was very… happy(?) to see that the King of Wrestling TV won the right to have this match. MJF threw some Steiner math at Joe but now it’s time to put it to the test! Will the hometown antihero finally have his revenge? Or will we soon be calling him #TwoBeltJoe?

MJF’s entrance is an homage to Bret Hart and Mean Joe Greene. A kid shouts out to MJF, tells him to go get ’em, champ, and then MJF nods and gives the kid his scarf. And also whispers something before heading out. What’d he say? That the kid’s adopted?! Anyway… The introductions are made, the Triple B is raised, and we see who finishes Dynamite with a Grand Slam!

The bell rings and the fans are thunderous already for MJF. MJF and Joe circle, feel things out, and then Joe kicks a leg! MJF backs away to a corner, resets with Joe, and they feel things out again. Fans chant “He’s Our Scumbag!” but Joe just smirks. They circle, Joe corners MJF but the ref has him back off. So MJF pokes Joe in the eye! MJF hops on for a SLEEPER, but Joe THROWS MJF down! MJF clutches his neck, and conspicuous by his absence is Adam Cole. Was Roddy’s “emergency” more engrossing than Cole thought? Joe looms over MJF as MJF sits up, and MJF stands to say he’s okay. Joe CLUBS him down for it!

Joe stomps MJF, fans boo, but Joe stomps MJF on the neck! MJF goes to a corner, Joe JABS and JABS and JABS! Joe sits MJF down, then RIDGEHANDS him down! Fans boo but Joe just says “SUCK IT!” Joe eggs MJF on, drags him from the corner, and clamps on a neck wrench! MJF endures the torture but the fans rally up behind him. MJF fights up, throws body shots, but Joe throws him down by his hair! The ref reprimands but Joe drags MJF up to atomic drop! Joe runs but MJF dodges the boot! MJF kicks, Joe blocks and MJF apologizes, only to poke Joe in the eyes again! MJF jumps on for a SLEEPER!

Joe RAMS MJF into buckles! Joe is free, and he runs to BOOT! And SENTON! Cover, TWO! Joe paces, not at all bothered. Joe then drags MJF up, but MJF JABS, throat chops, and runs at the corner, into the “SIT YO ASS DOWN!” URENAGE! Joe paces while Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Now Joe covers, ROPEBREAK! MJF saves himself by fingertips but Joe just drags him to the outside. Joe CLUBS MJF against the apron! MJF sputters, Joe drags him out and whips him hard into railing! MJF falls in a heap and Joe mockingly applauds. Joe then storms back over, drags MJF back up and puts him back in the ring. Joe CLUBS MJF again and MJF flounders away. Joe hurries in after MJF, CHOKES him on the ropes, but lets off as the ref counts 4. MJF sputters, only for Joe to KICK him in the side! Joe paces, drags MJF up, and snapmares to then neck wrench again! MJF endures all over again but the fans still rally.

MJF fights up, using Joe’s twisting for leverage, and he throws body shots! MJF runs, but Joe CLOBBERS him! Cover, TWO! MJF is hanging in there but Joe keeps his cool. Joe drags MJF up and puts him in a corner to JAB! JAB! JAB! And CHOP! MJF leans against ropes and the ref reprimands Joe, but Joe JABS MJF again as Dynamite returns to single picture. Fans rally as hard as they can for MJF and he fires forearms back! Joe HEADBUTTS, then he hoists MJF up top! Joe tucks MJF in but MJF sunset flips! Stack cover, TWO! SUPERKICK! MJF learned that one from his brochacho! But Joe stays up, so MJF short arm LARIATS!

Joe is still up so MJF LARIATS again! Joe is still up, so MJF runs to LARIAT! That takes as much out of MJF as it does Joe, but fans are thunderous as MJF goes again. Joe LARIATS MJF down!! Cover, TWO!! Joe is getting annoyed now but he rips MJF’s new shirt up! Then he wipes his butt with it and throws it down on MJF! Fans boo and MJF is furious, that was his loving tribute to the New York MLB legacy! Joe gives scuffing kicks and toying pie faces. MJF is getting mad now! Joe HEADBUTTS, and MJF just glares at him! Joe SLAPS MJF, then CLUBS him! MJF fires off forearms!

Joe puts MJF in the corner, but MJF dodges to CLAW the back, and bump Joe off buckles again and again and again! Fans count all the way to TEN! MJF goes up to then rain down fists! Fans count all the way to nine, because then MJF BITES Joe’s head!! The ref reprimands, Joe shoves MJF away, but MJF backflips and lands perfectly!! MJF has New York all fired up as he takes the kangaroo stance! KANGAROO KICK!! Joe flops out of the ring, MJF kips up and shakes the ropes! Fans are thunderous but MJF stops because his neck bothers him again. The chants of “M J F! M J F!” gets MJF back to his feet!

MJF pounds the mat, fans rally, and MJF builds speed! No doubts this time, MJF DIVE into a GAMANGIRI! Joe goes up to get MJF on the apron, fireman’s carry, APRON DEATH VALLEY DRIVER!!! Joe then laughs as he watches MJF down on the floor! Joe drags MJF up while fans boo, and Joe puts MJF in the ring. Cover, TWO!! MJF is still in this and the fans are thunderous again! Joe is amused, but also rather frustrated. Joe goes out, and he brings out a TABLE! Fans are torn but they do love tables! Joe puts that table against railing, then drags MJF out of the ring! The ref reprimands but Joe brings MJF over.

Joe clinches, and URENAGES MJF through the table!! The ref reprimands, fans boo, but Joe just laughs again. Joe drags MJF up out of the wreckage, puts him back in the ring, and covers, TWO?!?!? MJF survives and the fans are thunderous again! Joe nods, he might even respect the fighting spirit. But now he pulls padding off the concrete floor!! Joe drags MJF out of the ring again, the ref reprimands, and they go to the bare floor! But MJF fights free, to BITE Joe’s leg!! Fans fire up as MJF lets off that, to reel Joe in! But MJF’s neck won’t let him lift Joe! Joe kicks MJF, reels him back in, and gets him up to PILEDRIVER to the concrete!!!

Fans are losing their minds and the ref freaks out! The medics check MJF but Joe just has an evil smile on his face! Joe looms over MJF but the ref has him back off. Joe doesn’t care, he SWATS and BOOTS medics and security! Joe drags MJF up and into the ring! Joe figures he can pay the finds once he has two champ checks! Cover, TWO!??!?! Joe is stunned!! Devil or not, MJF is not human!! Joe drags MJF up, and he says MJF better give up or else. MJF SPITS in Joe’s face! So Joe DECKS MJF!! Joe then drags MJF back to his feet, runs, and LARI- NO, MJF slips through, reels Joe in, and manages a POWERBOMB?!?! Cover, TWO!!!!

The fans are electric as both men are down! “This is Awesome!” as Joe and MJF stir! Joe sits up, as does MJF. They stand, and Joe CHOPS! Joe runs, but MJF ROCKS him with a forearm! Joe CHOPS, but MJF seethes to forearm! They go shot for shot, MJF SUPERKICKS! Joe ROCKS MJF! And again, and again, and again! Joe runs one more time, but MJF gets around to a SLEEPER! But Joe gets around, to a COQUINA! MJF grabs at the ref, and then LOW BLOW MULE KICKS in the distraction!! Fans fire up as MJF gets away from Joe. MJF then gets his Dynamite Diamond Ring out! MJF gives it a kiss and puts it on the pinkie!

MJF runs in, but Joe puts the ref in the way! The ref sees the diamond ring and confiscates it! Then Joe LOW BLOWS MJF!! Joe puts MJF up top, tuck shim in, MUSCLE BUSTER!!!! Cover, TWO?!?!?! HOW?!?!? Joe can’t even explain it!! The fans are volcanic as Joe drags MJF back up, into a SLEEPER!! MJF flails, reaches out, but Joe is leaning on him! The hand falls once! But wait! Here comes Adam Cole!! Cole coaches MJF on but the hand falls twice! Cole pounds the mat, fans rally up even harder, and MJF comes back to life!! MJF fights up and again Joe can’t explain it! MJF stands to BITE the arm!!

Joe lets go, MJF victory rolls! TWO!! MJF hurries to have a SLEEPER of his own!! Joe fights up, and he RAMS MJF into a corner! The ref had to bail out to avoid the impact! Cole distracts Joe on the apron, MJF undoes some wrist tape, and MJF CHOKES Joe with the wrist tape garrote!!! MJF hides it inside the sleeper!! The ref revives, MJF has Joe in body scissors!! The ref checks, Joe is OUT! MJF wins!!

Winner: MJF, by submission (still AEW World Champion)

MJF hides the evidence in his armpit, but then it falls out as the ref raises his hand in victory! MJF keeps the ref distracted and Cole takes care of truly hiding the evidence. MJF and Cole hug to celebrate, Cole had MJF’s back in the end. But Joe knows it, and he shoves Cole! MJF gets in the way to keep this from getting worse. Joe snarls, but he offers a handshake? MJF is wary, he knows all the tricks in the book, but fans want to see it. MJF takes the handshake, and there is now respect instead of a grudge. Will the One True King of Wrestling Television have to settle for defending his one crown?

As for the brochachos, they stand together with all their belts! The medics still check with MJF, that neck has to be killing him. With both the AEW World Championship and the ROH World Tag Team Championship around his waist, how long can MJF keep this up?

My Thoughts:

An awesome Dynamite for Grand Slam 2023, with the right balance of action and talking. A little surprised they didn’t open with the International Championship, but the Winner Takes All match was a great choice all the same. The right choice was made here with Eddie winning the ROH World Championship. Claudio doesn’t have to worry about going to ROH tapings when he only did so rarely, and Eddie can go back and forth between ROH and NJPW Strong, just as I’ve been saying since this match was teased. Then speaking of the International Championship, it was awesome stuff, but clearly, there was something along the lines of a concussion there with Moxley. Fenix wasn’t supposed to win, but winning the title given the injury makes sense. And hopefully Moxley is alright.

Jericho VS Sammy was great, and it was very surprising that Jericho won clean. But in the end, that’s because Sammy was gonna turn on him and join Don Callis! I like that Daniel Garcia’s part in this story is to now be the one member of the former JAS that left Jericho behind, who might now return to his side. Garcia VS Guevara is going to be great stuff, and at least there’s now more than two people in the Don Callis Family. Still waiting on Kota Ibushi responding to Don & Konosuke claiming they’re gonna end his career.

Really good promo from Christian Cage & Luchasaurus, but uh, isn’t having a TNT Championship match on Collision after the Rampage tag match a little too soon? Though, given Christian is only making such a match so he and Luchasaurus can beat down Darby and one of them still has the title is definitely more TV programming than PPV programming. Then maybe Darby gets a proper title rematch at WrestleDream to add another hometown wrestler to the card. The ROH World Six Man Tag Championships being the Rampage main event is great for the building story of Swerve VS Hangman, and might actually give Mogul Embassy a chance to retain.

Great title match from Saraya VS Storm, with great character work and references back to the previous matches. But as such, of course Ruby helps Saraya retain, and who knows where Storm goes from here. Good promo to set up the Tag Team Fatal 4 Way, but I still feel The Kingdom wins that to then challenge MJF & Cole. Great promo from The Kingdom with Roddy and Cole, and how that tied into Cole not being around for most of MJF VS Joe. Good promos from MJF and Joe, too, and we got a PPV worthy title match. MJF has now reached that Eddie Guerrero level where he can cheat and do Heel things but is still Face because the fans love him. As such, MJF wins, and it is great to see Joe show him respect.

Joe will still have plenty to do with his ROH TV title, and now I think AEW really commits to how Roddy & The Kingdom will get in between MJF & Cole, take those tag titles, and then MJF VS Cole Round 3 happens at like Full Gear to settle things once and for all.

My Score: 9/10

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