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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Collision Results & Report! (8/26/23)

It’s a massive All In Eve!



Who’s joining the All In All-Star match?

With the biggest event in AEW history just around the corner, Collision goes all in with a massive 8 Man Tag! But who is joining CM Punk, Darby & Sting as the fourth man?


  • Six Man Tag: Orange Cassidy, Penta El Zero Miedo & Eddie Kingston VS The Superbad Squad; Cassidy, Penta & Eddie wins..
  • The Dark Order VS Action Andretti & Darius Martin; The Dark Order wins.
  • “Big Bill” Morrissey w/ Ricky Starks VS Vary Morales; Bill wins.
  • Willow Nightingale VS Robyn Renegade w/ Charlette Renegade; Willow wins.
  • Keith Lee VS Zicky Dice; Keith wins.
  • All In All-Star 8 Man Tag: Jay White, Swerve Strickland, Brian Cage & Luchasaurus w/ Christian Cage VS CM Punk, Darby Allin, Sting & Hook; Punk, Darby, Sting & Hook win.


Jack Perry is here!

Fans boo as “Hollywood” Jack Perry leads the way as four men carry the FTW Championship on a palanquin adorned with flowers. Jack did promise he was going to retire this title, so he’s already making this like a funeral. He takes the belt from the palanquin and dismisses the pallbearers to set the belt on the table. Fans boo as Jack gets the mic now, and Jack pretends to be saddened by this occasion of his own making. Fans chant “YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK!” but Jack says, “These things are never easy. As the greatest FTW Champion to ever live, I felt a personal responsibility to come out here and say a few nice words about this title.”

Fans boo more as Jack says the FTW Championship was a good title. It had its ups and downs, it was misunderstood at times. And tell you what, this thing grew near and dear to Jack’s heart. Because in 100 years, when people look up FTW in the history books, they’re gonna see Jack’s face right next to it. But instead of being sad that it’s over, let’s remember the good times. Play the tape. A video plays, and it opens with Jack and the title in a hot tub. And the tanning bed. And sunbathing. And in the pool. And the shower?! In the limousines, having a cookout, going for bike rides down the street, and even breakfast in bed.

Jack “gets teared up” seeing all those, and he wipes his eyes and his nose with an orange handkerchief. Fans boo but he says that was beautiful. “What a beautiful legacy that will be left behind by this title, thanks to me.” Fans boo more but Jack says that it is finally time that we send this title to a better place. Jack then brings out a SLEDGEHAMMER! Fans boo as Jack sets the belt down, and raises the hammer! But the lights go down! And a new video plays! HOOK is doing chin-ups with traffic lights! “Jack, you can’t destroy that championship. Because I am the FTW Championship. And the FTW Championship is my bloodline.”

Jack stole something very important from Hook, so he’s coming for what’s his. The lights come back up, and HOOK IS BEHIND JACK!! Jack turns around and fans go nuts as Hook catches him for an EL CAMINO SUPLEX! And then he RAMS Jack into the picture of the FTW title Jack had on display! And then Hook TOSSES Jack over the table, taking the table down with him!! Hook moves the table aside, putting it in a corner! Jack crawls but Hook drags him back up, to TAZZ PLEX through the table!! Fans are thunderous as Hook picks the belt up and drapes it over Jack. Hook gets the mic now, and he says, “Wembley. Sunday.”

Fans fire up, the match has been made! Jack Perry VS Hook for the FTW Championship, once and for all! Will Jack be ready to go All In against the Cold-Hearted Handsome Devil?


Six Man Tag: Orange Cassidy, Penta El Zero Miedo & Eddie Kingston VS The Superbad Squad!

Freshly Squeezed held onto the AEW International Championship through Rampage, but now he prepares to rampage in Wembley Stadium! Will he, Penta and the Mad King show they have #CEROMIEDO over what’s coming at All In? Or will The Butcher, the Blade & Kip Sabian do some damage before the Blackpool Combat Club does?

The tensions are running high, as everybody in this match has history with each other. The trios sort out and Eddie says his best amigo’s got this. Penta gets in Kip’s face and shoves him. Kip shoves back, they go forehead to forehead, and Kip mocks Cero Miedo. Fans chant “CERO! MIEDO!” and Penta gets them even more fired up. Penta makes sure Kip is listening. “CERO! MIEDO!” Then he pie faces Kip! Kip shoves Penta, so Penta takes off the glove! The bell finally rings, and Penta throws the glove to Alex Abrahantes. He catches it, but then Penelope Ford shoves him down! Fans boo but then a brawl breaks out in the ring!

Blade stomps Penta, Cassidy fires off on Kip, and Eddie throws hands with Butcher! Things spill out, Kip RAMS Cassidy into railing and Blade knocks Penta down! Eddie and Butcher RAM into each other again and again! Kip ROCKS Cassidy, goes to smack him off the desk, but Cassidy blocks that to hit back! Eddie runs Butcher over! Fans fire up but Blade and Butcher mug Eddie! They double whip, then run Eddie over! Fans boo and the ref reprimands, but Penta runs in! Blade CLOBBERS Penta, then whips him to a corner. Blade runs in, into a SUPERKICK! Butcher run sin, but into an ENZIGURI!

Penta brings Blade up in a fireman’s carry, and he spins around before CORNER DEATH VALLEY into Butcher! Fans fire up with Penta and join in on “CERO! MIEDO!” Penta BOOTS Blade down, but Kip trips Penta up! Penelope distracts the ref so Kip can POST Penta, groin first! But then Cassidy DIVES into Kip! Cassidy puts Kip back in, Kip hurdles but Cassidy leaps! They keep moving, Cassidy wheelbarrows and victory rolls! TWO! Kip has it, TWO! Cassidy stands, Kip HEADBUTTS him! Cassidy SUPERKICKS! Kip wobbles. Cassidy runs in but Kip DUMPS Cassidy out! Then fakes him out with an Arabian Press!

Kip mocks Cassidy with holding his hands up, then putting them in “pockets.” Cassidy runs in, Kip dodges and distracts the ref while Blade KNEES Cassidy! Butcher gets in, he and Blade LEG DROP SIDEWALK SLAM! How does the ref not notice!? Kip covers, TWO!! Kip drags Cassidy up, suplexes, but Cassidy blocks! Cassidy suplexes but Kip blocks! They go back and forth, Kip slips free and shoves, but Cassidy tilt-o-whirls, only for Kip to block the DDT! Kip suplexes, Cassidy slips free! Cassidy waistlocks, Kip switches and shoves, but Cassidy ducks ‘n’ dodges, only for Butcher to KNEE him in the back!

Kip distracts the ref as Butcher throws Cassidy down! Kip runs in to CANNONBALL! Tag to Blade, Kip feeds Cassidy to the FISHERMAN SCREW! Blade grins and dusts his hands off, then he soaks up the heat as Collision goes picture in picture.

Blade drags Cassidy up, tags in Butcher, and they DOUBLE HEADBUTT Cassidy down! Butcher drops a leg, brother! Then he drags Cassidy up and whips him to a corner hard! Cassidy falls and Butcher stares Eddie down. Butcher drags Cassidy up, tags in Blade, and they mug Cassidy. Snapmare and KICK to the back! Cover, TWO! Blade clamps onto Cassidy with a chinlock! Cassidy endures, fights up, reaches out, but Blade throws him down! Blade soaks up the heat, tags in Butcher, and they mug Cassidy. Butcher sits Cassidy up to UPPERCUT in the back, CLUB him in the back, and then CLUB him again!

Butcher drags Cassidy up, tags Blade back in, and the mugging continues. Blade then brings Cassidy out to snap suplex! Cover, TWO! Blade whips Cassidy into the corner, taunts Penta & Eddie, then ROCKS Cassidy! Blade wraps on a bearhug and squeezes tight! Cassidy endures, Collision returns to single picture, and fans rally up. Cassidy throws elbows, reaches out, repeat! Cassidy fires off a flurry, but Kip YANKS Penta down! Butcher BLASTS Eddie! Fans boo but Penta and Eddie are sent into railing! Blade keeps the squeeze on, then he trips Cassidy to drag him over. Kip SPRINGBOARD DOUBLE STOMPS, Blade jackknife covers, TWO!!

Fans fire up and Penelope is furious that Cassidy survives! Blade puts Cassidy in the corner, tags Kip back in, and the mercs send Kip in, but Cassidy TOSSES him out! Cassidy dodges Blade, hurdles over Butcher, but Kip hurries back in! Kip has a foot and drags Cassidy back! Cassidy boots Kip away! Hot tags to Blade and Penta! Fans fire up as Penta hits a SLINGBLADE on Blade! Then SLINGBLADE for Butcher! SUPERKICK for Kip! Penta uses Blade as a step to RUNNING DESTROYER on Kip!! “CERO! MIEDO!” But Butcher BOOTS Penta! Eddie tags in and fans are thunderous as Eddie steps up to Butcher!

Eddie and Butcher DOUBLE LARIAT, but neither falls! They DOUBLE LARIAT, but still neither falls! Another DOUBLE LARIAT, and still neither falls! But then Butcher kicks low! He reels Eddie in, calls his shot, but Eddie wrenches out to ENZIGURI! Tag to Kip, but Eddie rallies with big elbows! Eddie runs in to clothesline at the corner! MACHINE GUN CHOPS! Blade runs in but he’s sent into Kip, and he gets MACHINE GUN CHOPS! Butcher CLOBBERS Eddie! But Cassidy gets in, ORANGE PUNCH! BACKFIST TO THE FUTURE! Blade gets up, to get an ORANGE PUNCH! Kip leaps in, but  Eddie catches him! EXPLODER!

Fans are thunderous as Penta has Kip, pump handle, ORANGE PUNCH MADE IN JAPAN!! SLIDING FOREARM! Eddie covers, Eddie’s team wins!

Winners: Orange Cassidy, Penta El Zero Miedo & Eddie Kingston, by pinfall

The NJPW Strong Openweight Champion finishes it off for this unlikeliest of trio! But now, they must regroup with Chuck Taylor & Trent Beretta in London. Will they survive going All In on the Wembley Stadium Stampede?

Collision returns, and Best Friends have joined their friends!

Chuckie T has the mic to say, “Jon Moxley. Claudio Castagnoli. Santana. Ortiz. Wheeler Yuta.” Trent snatches the mic to say, “You SOBs broke my mom’s van! You disrespected the sweetest little lady who’s ever lived, and you messed up.” Fans chant for “SUE! SUE! SUE!” Trent says he’ll wrap this up: Wembley Stadium for Stadium Stampede, they’re not coming to hug and have fun. NO. Best Friends, Penta & Kingston are coming to hurt you! And they’re gonna do it for Sue. Fans cheer that! Eddie takes the mic, but Cassidy wants his turn first. Eddie says fine, and Cassidy even takes off his sunglasses so this IS serious.

But then The BCC interrupt via the tron! Moxley tells Eddie, “my compadre,” calm down for a second and remember that Eddie made this challenge. Eddie wanted Stadium Stampede, and Eddie said the BCC could pick anyone. So why oh why are you surprised? Santana says “A year of pain, a year of struggle, a year of torture. But most of all, a year of realizing who’s real and who’s not. It all culminates! 80 THOUSAND PEOPLE PLUS! Wembley Stadium, baby. Are y’all ready to walk through the fire? Because we live in it.” Eddie’s ready to go, he gets outta the ring! Eddie’s storming to the back!

Claudio warns Kingston that he used to be on it, but in their second match in AEW, Claudio saw Eddie turn his back on each and every one in the BCC’s team. And if Claudio was a betting man, that in one year’s time, all the people Eddie’s in the ring with now will not be his friends anymore. But hey, that’s not Eddie’s fault, right? It’s never Eddie’s fault! Just blame everybody else for your mistakes! Eddie is a hypocrite, and he knows it! Ortiz says, “A wise man once said, ‘You reap what you sow.'” But uh, Eddie isn’t in the ring! He’s barging into the back! Where are they? The cameramen know, right? Where’d they go?!

The BCC is gone, Eddie starts throwing chairs. He demands to know where the BCC went, but then he talks to the camera. The BCC wants a message? He’s not surprised Santana & Ortiz pulled this. He gets it, he even respects it. But that doesn’t mean he won’t gut them and watch them die in the middle of that ring! And Jon, get outta the way. Eddie knows his beautiful wife and beautiful baby girl, so he doesn’t wanna hurt Jon. Just stay out of the way. Yuta, you’re getting buried. And Claudio, you’re left for last, so he can burn you and scar you forever. And yeah, that’s messed up. Eddie kisses the camera then heads out, will all the Mad King says become reality on Sunday?


AEW hears from the Young Bucks and FTR.

They had their group interview with Renee Paquette, but now each team speaks a bit more candidly about the other. What do Matt & Nick Jackson think of Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood? Matt doesn’t like ’em. Cash says it was 2016 when FTR started making some noise in tag team wrestling, making waves for themselves. Until then, the Bucks were the uncrowned kings of tag team wrestling. Cody Rhodes is the one who came up with “F T R” on the hit YouTube show, Being The Elite. At the time it just meant “Eff” The Revival. Matt chuckles.

Dax says this FTR thing started and that was something that has stuck with Dax because he holds grudges. And now, in 2023, he still hasn’t gotten past it. Nick says of course it made Dax & Cash furious. The Bucks were laughing about it, and they were laughing cuz they knew they were better than The Revival. Cash said The Revival never had to acknowledge The Bucks because the Bucks were taking shots at The Revival, all because The Bucks were finally questioned as the best tag team in the world. That carried over when Dax & Cash came to AEW, and it was the main reason they even did come to AEW.

Wembley Stadium will be the bow on the legacy for Cash & Dax. It is FTR VS Bucks, round 3, for the titles, to finally get to the bottom of who is the best. The biggest show of all time, it is almost intimidating. But at the end, Dax promises he and Cash will be THE absolute best team, bar none. What happens when these two top tier teams finally settle the score?


The Dark Order VS Action Andretti & Darius Martin!

Alongside Evil Uno, Alex Reynolds & John Silver have found their edge again, ready to cut through the rest of the roster to get back to former glory. But will they do that tonight, on the eve of the biggest PPV in AEW history? Or will the Sight to See and the Air Wolf make good on this huge opportunity?

The teams sort out, Action starts against Silver and fans rally up for “JOHNNY HUNGY!” Silver and Action tie up, go around, Action headlocks but Silver powers up and out. Action RAMS Silver, but he stays up! “I’m freakin’ jacked, baby! WOO!” Action shrugs that off to get around and waistlock. Silver wrenches free to wristlock, but Action goes for ropes. Silver keeps him away, Action rolls, handsprings and cartwheels to wrench and snapmare, then ghost pin! TWO, but Action facelocks. Silver RAMS Action into the corner, tag to Reynolds and they mug Action. Reynolds then whips to ELBOW Action down! Cover, ONE!

Reynolds taunts Action, back suplexes, but action lands out to waistlock! Reynolds RAMS him into the corner but Darius tags in! Darius jumps up and over, then RAMS Reynolds into Action’s knees! Darius mule kicks, Action goes up to DOUBLE STOMP! Darius & Action then BLAST Silver, then they bring Reynolds in for a double suplex! Silver runs in, into DOUBLE DROPKICKS! Fans fire up for Action & Darius and they get Reynolds up. Darius wrenches and YANKS the arm, tags Action, and they double whip. Reynolds KICKS Action, TOSSES Darius out hard, but Action rolls Reynolds up! TWO!

Reynolds swings, misses, but tags Silver before the O’Conner Roll! Silver drags Action off Reynolds, POWERBOMB onto knees! Cover, TWO! Action is hanging tough but Silver looms over him. Fans rally, Action throws body shots but Silver KICKS Action! Then KICKS him down! Silver grins and flexes and fans cheer. Tag to Reynolds and the Dark Order double whip. Double trop toehold! DOUBLE BASEMENT DROPKICK! Fans fire up with the #JoinDarkOrder hand, and Reynolds covers, TWO!

Collision goes picture in picture Reynolds keeps on Action. Reynolds scrapes his sole off Action’s face, then sucker punches Darius! The ref keeps Darius back, allowing Reynolds to CHOKE Action! Reynolds drags Action up, bumps him off buckles, and tags in Silver. Silver and Reynolds mug Action, and Silver throws more heavy hands! Silver UPPERCUTS Action, whips him corner to corner, and then CLOBBERS him! Then he sucker punches Darius! Silver taunts Action, pushes him down, then runs to drop a knee! Cover, TWO! Silver is annoyed but he taunts Action reaching out. Silver then KICKS Action down!

Tag to Reynolds, he has Action on ropes to CHOKE him! The ref counts, Reynolds lets off to run, but Action avoids the straddle attack! Reynolds gets caught up on the ropes! Both men are down but heading for their corners, and Collision goes to break!

Collision returns as Action ENZIGURIS Silver down! They both crawl again, hot tag to Reynolds and he drags Action up! Action slips out and under and leap frogs, but Reynolds reels him in to GERMAN SUPLEX! But Action lands on his feet! And he dodges Reynolds to hot tag Darius! Darius rallies on the Dark Order, big haymakers for Reynolds! CHOPS for Silver! ENZIGURI for Reynolds! Silver dodges Darius but Darius ELBOWS him back! Darius goes up, reels Silver in, TORNADO DOUBLE DDT!! Darius gets them both, and then covers Reynolds, TWO! Fans fire up with Darius as he drags Reynolds back up.

Darius suplexes but Reynolds wrenches out and ROCKS Darius! Action sneaks a tag, Darius BOOTS Reynolds, and Action HANDSPRING KICKS Silver down! SHOTGUN GERMAN SUPLEX COMBO!! Darius gets Reynolds up, BRAINBUSTER! Action SPRINGBOARD 450 SPLASHES! Cover, Silver breaks it! Fans fire up, Darius TOSSES Silver out! Action tags Darius back in, they get Reynolds back up, and they double underhook. But Silver SUPERKICKS Darius! Action backslides Silver but Silver rolls through to fire off KICK after KICK after SUPERKICK! But Action PELES in return!

Action fires up, fans are with him, and Action runs, but into a FLAPJACK UPPERCUT COMBO! Darius fires off CHOPS and SLAPS on the Dark Order! Forearm smash for Silver, forearm smash for Reynolds! Silver dodges and starts up the WOMBO COMBO!! STUNNGER to GERMAN to jackknife bridge! Dark Order wins!!

Winners: The Dark Order, by pinfall

Fast and furious for sure, but Silver & Reynolds come out on top! Will racking up the wins between AEW and ROH convince more and more people to #JoinDarkOrder?


AEW shares a post show interview from Dynamite.

Lexi Nair was with Darby Allin & Nick Wayne after their big win on Wednesday, and congratulates Nick on his first win in AEW. However, we did see Christian Cage have some choice words for him in regards to All In. But then AR Fox walked in. Fox apologizes to Nick for everything. But 16 years, it took Fox to get somewhere like AEW. He never thought he would. But when he lost to Orange Cassidy, he just thought everyone lost faith in him, like Darby and the fans. He panicked and snapped. He lost his dad, too. So he can’t give him Bobby Wayne back, but he can give him his word. Fox offers a handshake, but Nick shakes his head.

Nick storms off, Darby says he knows Fox is sorry. Darby takes Fox’s hand to then hurry after Nick. Will Darby get Nick to see things the same way? Or will Fox be the reason Nick stays away from All In?


The Acclaimed meet Billy Gunn in the gym.

Max Caster & Anthony Bowens are happy to see him, and they all scissor finger! Music video time! “Everybody wanna be the badass ’til they have a bad day, ’til they get the backlash, ’til they get the uh-uh, ’til they get the backhand. But we gettin’ back up after every single crash land, after every, single, time. You know that we fightin’ through the pain, movin’ to the top o’ the line. Ain’t nobody messin’ with Acclaimed. It’s the return of the Gunnslinger, the One and Only. Make the House say their prayers, they gettin’ holy. Of course, back on course, it’s from the source. I’m proud to report we’re back at full force.

“Back on the horse, put your back on the bench and we raisin’ the bar. We back at a 10, tension, okay? We only got tired. Blowin’ up the House of Black like Oppenheimer. Billy took his lumps, bumps were just minor. We got your back, B, on the one-liners. Stayin’ on the grind like I stay on beat. Got our hands in the middle like Acclaimed on three. Hey, everybody wanna be the badass ’til they have a bad day, ’til they get the backlash, ’til they get the uh-uh, ’til they get the backhand. But we gettin’ back up after every single crash land, every single time. You know that we fightin’ through the pain, movin’ to the top o’ the line. Ain’t nobody messin’ with Acclaimed.

“House of Black likes to do it in the dark. So we turn your lights, your Hart we pick apart. It’s clap on, clap off, for your entrances. You make the fans go to sleep with your sentences. Platinum took Buddy to his darkest hour. Black out on yo’ ass, now you lost the power. The pretender, pick up on a chain gang. Buddy, you are just a ginger in face paint. Kept the same name, actin’ like it ain’t lame, we clash with your jackass so you train in vain. Bowens, I’ma let you knock Brody King out. Hit him so hard, you gonna knock his NuvaRing out! I can’t understand a thing that he sings ’bout. Straightedge hardcore show? Ugh, kill me now!

“Why you walkin’ to the ring like a séance? You couldn’t draw money with a box of green crayons! And Billy is back to beat Malakai! Break ya bones repeatedly, never let ’em calcify! Think this pussycat needs to start countin’ lives. You ain’t gonna walk away with an ounce of pride! You speak in hushed tones unironically. When you talk on the mic, it sounds like dark comedy. Bet you smell your farts in large quantities! We don’t give a s*it, nah, we don’t give apologies!

“Everybody wanna be the badass ’til they have a bad day, ’til they get the backlash, ’til they get the uh-uh, ’til they get the backhand. But we gettin’ back up after every single crash land, after every, single, time. You know that we fightin’ through the pain, movin’ to the top o’ the line. Ain’t nobody messin’ with Acclaimed.” Another instant classic from Platinum Max, but will he, Bowens & Billy Gunn be golden once and for all?


AEW looks closer at the AEW Women’s World Championship Fatal 4 Way.

Excalibur feels that so far, Hikaru Shida still had the best reign of anyone. Taz points out she was champion during Pandemic Era, so she was competing essentially in front of no one. But now she’s a two-time champion, and Renee Paquette points out the crowd reaction when Shida beat Toni Storm on Dynamite 200. Shida says there is no “crap” in who she is. Meanwhile, Saraya has been on a press tour, Good Morning Britain, to prepare for this match. She hasn’t wrestled in the UK in over 9 years, so there’s a lot of pressure as the hometown girl. Britt Baker says she knows her three opponents better than they know themselves.

Excalibur says Shida, Britt and Storm know what it takes to be on top in AEW. But all four are still four of the best in all of pro-wrestling. Shida says she has more she wants to do with the title. Storm feels that with her two friends out there with her, all will go according to plan. Britt can’t think of anything more than to hold the title again, but Shida says nothing will stop her from still being AEW Women’s World Champion. It’s still anyone’s to win, who comes out on top after going All In?


“Big Bill” Morrissey w/ Ricky Starks VS Vary Morales!

The human tower has The Absolute as his manager, and so far, it’s worked out. Will Starks continue this “war” with AEW he promised? How far will he and Bill go as a destructive duo?

The bell rings and Vary runs in to SHOTGUN! Bill stays up but Vary SHOTGUNS again! Vary kicks and fires hands! Bill shoves Vary, vary ducks ‘n’ dodges and CROSSBODIES, but Bill catches him! And pops him up to a trophy lift! Then DROPS him! That’s a good ten foot drop right there! Bill sits Vary up and shouts, “You wanna hit me?! HUH!?” Bill drags Vary up by hs head to then SWING him around, and THROW him down! Bill then runs in to SPLASH at the corner! Vary wobbles and falls over, but Bill isn’t done with him! Bill drags Vary up, to whip and BOOT!! Starks says this is just too easy.

Bill drags Vary up, brings him around, and then choke grips! Bill lifts Vary up, walks around with him, then hits the SKYSCRAPER CHOKE SLAM!! Cover, Bill wins!

Winner: “Big Bill” Morrissey, by pinfall

Starks says he told us so, and then he joins Bill in the ring. Starks gets a mic to say, “Cut the music!” Fans boo but Starks says, “I see you, Sticky Ricky. Hey, that was a great effort. You remind me of a young Steamboat. But lemme remind you what I did to Steamboat.” HE LASHES VARY! Aw, sorry, sorry, he’s not feeling it. So how ’bout this? Next week, Starks will have an even bigger strap. But for now, this will do. Bill stands on Vary’s hand so he can’t get away, as Starks LASHES him again and again and again! More refs rush in, he tells them, “I’m sorry, Milk Dud, and I’m sorry Whatever Your Name Is woman.” He tells Bill, “Let’s get outta here.”

Fans boo as Starks & Bill head out, but will there be consequences for the continued out-of-line behavior?


Backstage interview with Ruby Soho.

Lexi Nair is with the Runaway and says as of late, she’s been after the TBS Champion, Kris Statlander. Just last night on Rampage, Ruby and Kris kinda… crossed paths, if you will. Ruby says that apparently she wasn’t clear with Kris, so she’ll spell it out. Ruby tells Kris that she is challenging for the TBS Championship in Chicago at All Out, and she will beat her, again. Because Kris may be #MoreThanAWoman, but she will always be less than an Outcast! Ruby has issued her warning and her challenge, will she and the Galaxy’s Greatest tear it up in the Windy City?


Willow Nightingale VS Robyn Renegade w/ Charlette Renegade!

The Babe with the Power, the 2023 Queen of Harts, has been fighting for her own title opportunities, but the same can be said for both Renegade Twins. Robyn has been stirring up trouble in ROH, will she start some trouble here on Collision? Or will Willow put her own stamp on the AEW Women’s Division?

The bell rings, the two circle, and they tie up. Willow and Robyn go around, Robyn waistlocks but Willow pries the hold open. Willow switches, SLAMS Robyn down, and fans fire up! Robyn huffs and puffs and Charlette coaches her up. Robyn and Willow reset, tie up, but Robyn kicks low! Robyn headlocks, smears Willow’s face, and grinds the hold. But Willow powers up to THROW Robyn away! Charlette checks Robyn, Willow runs in, but Robyn sends her into buckles! Robyn fires off, then lets off as the ref counts. Robyn brings Willow around, ROCKS her with a right, then runs. But Willow runs her over!

Fans fire up as Willow runs, rolls, and bypasses Robyn to ELBOW her down! Willow then runs to SPLASH! Cover, TWO! Willow frowns but she drags Robyn up again. Willow suplexes, Una Amiga! Willow suplexes again, Dos Amigas! Fans fire up and Willow suplexes again, but Robyn slips free! Robyn waistlocks but Willow elbows free! Willow has the leg, FISHERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO! Not quite perfect so Robyn gets away. But Willow storms up on her at the ropes, CHOPS her against ropes, and fans fire up. Willow whips, Robyn holds ropes and bails out! The Renegades regroup and fans boo.

But Willow goes to the apron! She shouts, and PENALTY KICKS Charlette! Robyn grabs at Willow’s leg, and she trips Willow up! Rough landing on the apron, and Willow gets in the ring. Robyn helps Charlette up, then goes into the ring as Collision goes picture in picture.

Robyn runs in at the corner to SPLASH, then she fires off forearms! Robyn stomps a mudhole in but the ref counts. Robyn digs her boots in, lets off at 4, and she distracts the ref so Charlette can CHOKE Willow! Robyn then runs side to side to BOOT WASH! Robyn drags Willow up, snapmares, and covers, ONE!! Willow is tough, fans rally up, and Robyn scowls. Robyn drags Willow up, CLUBS away on her, but Willow hits back! Robyn CLUBS Willow again and has her on ropes. Robyn whips, Willow ducks ‘n’ dodges but Robyn still ELBOWS her down! Cover, TWO! Robyn grows frustrated but she clamps on a chinlock.

Willow endures as Robyn squeezes tight. Fans rally, Willow fights up, but Robyn CLUBS her and stomps her! Robyn drags Willow around by her hair, talks trash, and then reels her into the CAMEL CLUTCH! She fishhooks Willow into smiling, and then throws her down! Robyn paces around, but Willow throws body shots! Robyn CLUBS Willow, then clamps onto her for a STRAITJACKET STERTCH! Robyn digs her knee in but Willow endures. Fans rally up, Willow fights around, but Robyn wrangles her back down! Charlette cheers and Collision returns to single picture. Fans continue to rally and Willow fights up again!

Willow arm-drags free! Robyn runs back in, Willow dodges to LARIAT! And LARIAT again! Willow fires up and the fans are with her! Willow runs in to back body block! And clothesline! And snapmare! And BOOT!! Willow is all fired up, she drags Robyn up and whips her, to then SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Robyn survives but Willow keeps cool. Charlette coaches Robyn but Willow looms over Robyn. Diamante & Mercedes Martinez are watching backstage, they’re not impressed. Willow fireman’s carries but Robyn fights free to a sunset flip! Willow stays up, drags Robyn up, and RAMS her into buckles!

Fans fire up again as Willow goes corner to corner, but Robyn avoids the CANNONBALL! Willow hits buckles, hobbles around, and Robyn goes up top! MISSILE DROPKICK! Cover, TWO! Charlette shouts that was three but the ref says it wasn’t. Willow goes to ropes, Robyn storms up, but Willow shoves her away. Robyn BOOTS Willow off the apron! Charlette says to come get her, and Robyn goes out to drag Willow up. But Willow RAMS her into the apron! Willow reels Robyn in, brings her around, but Robyn fights the suplex! Charlette tries to help? But then Willow DOUBLE SUPLEXES the Renegades!

Fans fire up and Willow brings Robyn up. Willow puts Robyn in, drags her back up and gut wrenches, BABE WITH THE POWERBOMB BOMB!! Cover, Willow wins!

Winner: Willow Nightingale, by pinfall

A big win for Willow, and she is more than ready for a title opportunity! Will she be aiming for that AEW Women’s World Championship the moment All In is over?


AEW takes a closer look at Miro VS “Powerhouse” Will Hobbs.

A battle of philosophies and fury is coming for All Out in Chicago. Taz says there is no fear in Hobbs, and no fear in Miro, “so to see these two massive gladiators collide, it’s gonna be epic.” Hobbs says Miro can pray to whatever deity he believes in now, go to the Great Redeemer to get that strength he needs to believe he can win. Excalibur says Hobbs is among that 1% of people who could not only hold his own against Miro, but he could take the fight and beat Miro. Will anyone be able to believe what they’re gong to see between these two behemoths?


Backstage interview with Kris Statlander.

Lexi is with the TBS Champion and asks her about what Ruby Soho said earlier tonight, calling her out for the title at All Out. Kris will address the reason behind her actions last night on Rampage first. Kris is so sick of the Outcasts! Of them taking advantage of others, of them constantly playing games and acting like children. If Ruby wants to act like a child, then Mama Kris will treat her like one. Mama Kris is gonna take little Ruby, snatch her up, bring her upstairs and put her in timeout. Kris is so sick and tired of everyone thinking they can walk all over each other! Kris is sick and tired of being stepped on and disrespected! She is the TBS Champion!

“So if you wanna call me out, I’m gonna take you out, and I will see you at All Out.” The Galaxy’s Greatest is all fired up, will she burn The Runaway down?


Keith Lee VS Zicky Dice!

The Limitless One is back in action, ready to finally break through to that next level in AEW. Will nothing hold him back as we approach All In and All Out? Or will he roll the Dice and lose?

The bell rings and fans rally up. Dice shows off those hips, but Keith has him stop. Keith conducts the choir as they sing “OH~ Bask in His Glory~!” Dice shakes his head, and he says he is outlandish! What’s Keith gonna do? Dice shoves Keith, says Collision is his show now, and dares Keith to bask in HIS glory. Keith CLOBBERS Dice! Keith drags Dice up, knuckle locks, but Dice fires off forearms! Dice hits a ROLLING ELBOW, and runs, but Keith POUNCES him!! Fans fire up as Dice flops around! Keith then waits for Dice to get up. Dice is punch drunk, swinging wild, but Keith pops him up! SPIRIT BOMB!! Cover, Keith wins!

Winner: Keith Lee, by pinfall

Dice got rolled, and Keith came out with the win! Will Keith finally hit the jackpot and have gold around his waist?


La Faccion Ingobernable has another video.

Last we saw, Rush had Jose help kidnap his own brother, Dralistico, and Perro Peligroso, Preston Vance! Now Rush’s faceless minions beat them down while they can’t defend themselves! Dralistico is furious but Vance is bloodied, so they keep pounding on him! They talk some smack on him, but Vance grins. And breaks free of the ropes! Vance fights but the biggest minion of all CHOKES him against a pillar! But Dralistico makes his move, and he busts the others up with a crowbar! Then BRICK for the big man! Big man stays standing, so Vance BUSTS him down with some plaster!

LFI mugs the big man and chokes him out with a chain! They fist bump, but what was the purpose of all this? And that’s when Jose walks in, applauding. The video says “To be continued…” Is this only the beginning of a new chapter for LFI?


Samoa Joe is here!

Fans fire up for the ROH World Television Champion as he makes his way out. Before Joe and CM Punk battle for the “Real” World Championship, Joe’s gonna be on commentary for this star studded main event! However, Joe gets a mic to address the crowd first. “My name is Samoa Joe, your ever-present King of Television. And sometimes, I’m amazed at how little the powers at be here in AEW think of me. Because this morning, I was informed that if tonight, I interfere in anyway in our star-studded multi-man main event, I would jeopardize my newly won opportunity this week at All In.” Fans boo but Joe says he took that to heart.

Joe is proactive. Instead of being in the back, he volunteered his expert services to commentary so he can be ringside where we can all keep our eyes on him. Fans cheer that! And despite the fact that CM Punk, that coward, dressed up “in a golden diaper” and struck Joe last week…! Joe “will remain a professional.” Understand that he is a man who is satisfied, who has gotten what he needs, who got the match that he wanted from CM Punk. So Sunday at All In, Joe will hand Punk the ass whipping he so desperately needs. Fans cheer as Joe takes his seat at commentary, will he keep his word with his prey so close at hand?


All In All-Star 8 Man Tag: Jay White, Swerve Strickland, Brian Cage & Luchasaurus w/ Christian Cage VS CM Punk, Darby Allin, Sting & ???

One way or another, all these men will be part of All In London card. The Switchblade will join Juice Robinson & Konosuke Takeshita against Kenny Omega, Kota Ibushi & Hangman Adam Page. The Mogul Embassy is joining forces with Captain Charisma and his Right Hand of Destruction against The Relentless Icons, Darby & Sting. And as we just heard from Samoa Joe, he and Punk battle to see who is truly the Best in the World. But wait, who is the wild card on Punk’s team? IT’S HOOK! Now that he’s going to London to fight Jack Perry, will the Cold-Hearted Handsome Devil be more than ready to go All In?

Collision returns as Jay White makes his entrance, bringing the full Bang Bang Gang with him, #Cardblade included. Next is Luchasaurus, Christian holding onto the TNT Championship for him, leaving the Mogul Embassy’s leader and Machine for last. Prince Nana still breaks it down to Swerve’s song, so this is a bit more than just 4v4 now. The teams sort out and Punk starts against Swerve. Fans rally up, Swerve and Punk circle, and they tie up. They’re in a deadlock so Swerve arm-drags. Swerve talks some trash but Punk shrugs that off to reset with him. They circle and tie up again, and Punk headlocks.

Punk grinds the hold, then shifts to an armlock and hammerlock. Swerve backs Punk down, the ref counts, and Swerve lets off, to then elbow Punk! The ref reprimands , Swerve “apologizes,” but then he ROCKS Punk, and grinds him into the corner! Swerve whips, Punk reverses, but Swerve goes up and over to bring Punk back, then handspring and headscissor Punk away! Swerve mocks Punk’s wrist rolling, and then taunts him. Punk keeps cool, points a finger to the sky, and Swerve says oopsie. The two tie up, Punk headlocks, and Swerve powers out. Punk runs Swerve over, keeps things moving, and he catches the hurdle!

Swerve fights free of the fireman’s carry, and hurries to his corner! White tags in and fans fire up as King Switch steps to the “champ.” Fans chant “Too Sweet! WOOP WOOP!” “C M PUNK! C M PUNK!” White and Punk get the fans going a bit more, Punk mocks the finger guns, but White calls out the Icon! He wants S T I N G! STING! Fans fire up for that so Punk obliges, but then White CLOBBERS him from behind! White tricked Punk, mocks Sting’s howl, then stomps Punk. White CHOPS Punk to a corner, CHOPS him again, but Punk CHOPS back! And CHOPS! White dropkicks the legs out!

White drags Punk up, suplexes, but Punk slips free to back suplex! Fans fire up and Punk brings White around. Punk wrenches, tags in Hook, and fans fire up as Hook CLUBS White’s arm! Joe claims he was not offered a spot in this match so as to protect Punk. Hook fires off on White in the corner, the ref counts, and White knees low. White scoops but Hook slips free to hook White! White fights free but Hook is after arms! Hook wrangles White down, White fights up, but hook wrenches to wristlock. Tag to Darby and fans fire up as Darby takes the handoff. Darby wrenches, wrenches, and wrangles to then roll and step over, HIP DROP!

Darby keeps on White’s arm with a wristlock, then he brings White up. Darby wrenches, wristlocks, and he tags Punk back in. Fans are torn as Punk takes the handoff to CLUB away on White’s arm! Punk wrenches, and he points to Sting! Fans fire up but White gets away! Hot tag to Luchasaurus! Darby nods, it’s a sampler of All Out and the TNT Championship match! They circle, Darby dodges to SLAP! Luchasaurus grabs Darby to TOSS him to a corner! Luchasaurus storms in, Darby goes up and over and keeps moving, tags in Sting before the springboard COFFIN- NO, Luchasaurus catches Darby!

But Sting is in and he ROCKS Luchasaurus! The Relentless Icons show off their teamwork by firing off shots on Luchasaurus! Sting ROCKS, BACKHANDS, and repeat! Luchasaurus ends up in a corner, Darby hits a COFFIN SPLASH! Sting hits a STINGER SPLASH! COFFIN SPLASH! STINGER SPLASH! Tag to Punk and he runs in to SHINING WIZ- NO, Luchasaurus catches him and Joe laughs! “He’s so stupid!” But Punk stomps a foot and gets free! Punk runs, but Nana distracts! And that allows Christian to trip Punk up! Punk snarls, but Luchasaurus BOOTS him down! Joe says no one saw anything, shut up!

Luchasaurus drags Punk up, tosses him to a corner, and CHOKES Punk as Collision goes picture in picture.

The ref counts, Luchasaurus lets off at 4, and he glares at the ref. Luchasaurus then ROCKS Punk with a right, whips him corner to corner hard, and Punk bounces off buckles! Punk crawls, but Luchasaurus drags him up to put in the corner. Tag to Brian Cage and he RAMS into Punk! And RAMS him again! And then CHOPS! Cage asks “WHO BETTA?!” then he whips Punk to ropes, and CLOBBERS him! Cage soaks up the heat, drags Punk to a cover, TWO! Cage clamps on with a chinlock and he grinds Punk down. Punk endures, Christian taunts Punk, but fans rally. Punk fights up, throws body shots, and then throws forearms!

Punk runs, but Cage DROPKICKS! The Machine soaks up the heat, Joe applauds, and Cage brings Punk over. White tags in and he mugs Punk. White pulls Punk’s ears, then CLUBS him on the back! Then again! And then again as Punk is down! Switchblade has control as Collision goes to break.

Collision returns again and White has a rear bearhug. Punk endures, fights up, but White CLUBS him again! White whips Punk to a corner, then brings him out again, to CHOP! Punk wobbles, White fireman’s carries, but Punk fights free! Punk staggers into the enemy corner, but he BOOTS White, and then throws forearms on everyone else! But White runs in, he blocks a boot, and gives Punk a KNEEBREAKER! Punk falls over and White drags him up. White scoops to hit a BACKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Punk is toughing it out but White tags Swerve. They stomp Punk and then Swerve CLUBS Punk down.

Swerve throws elbows into Punk’s ribs, then wraps on a half straitjacket. Swerve throws down elbows, fans duel with “C M PUNK!” “SUCKS!” Punk fights up, Swerve keeps on the half straitjacket, but fans rally up. Punk gets to his feet, throws elbows, and Joe says only a tag will save Punk now. Punk gets free of the straitjacket, though, and runs, only for Swerve to DECK him! Swerve has an arm, and he rolls Punk into a deadlift suplex! Fans rally as Swerve goes up the corner! Punk sits up to avoid the Swerve Stomps! Swerve rolls, clutches an ankle, but he hurries for his corner! Punk also crawls, Swerve drags Punk back first!

Punk BOOTS Swerve away! Hot tag to Hook! Fans fire up as Hook rallies on Swerve! SAYANAGI! Hook runs in at the corner for a BIG clothesline! Hook fires off fast hands, and a HEADBUTT! Hook reels Swerve in, NORTHERN LIGHTS! Fans fire up with Hook but White gets a cheap shot in! Hook swings, White runs away, and Swerve CLOBBERS on him from behind! White sends Hook into railing! Cage RAMS Hook into railing! Nana says Hook wants to be a tough guy, this is what he gets! Hook crawls, Darby and Sting protest but there’s nothing they can do with Hook stuck in enemy territory.

Swerve waits as the ring count climbs, and Hook stands at 5 of 10. Hook gets around and in at 7, but Swerve stomps him down! Tag to Cage, the Embassy has Hook in a corner. Cage stomps a mudhole in, the ref counts, but Cage digs his boots in. Cage lets off at 4, then ROCKS Hook! Cage taunts the Relentless Icons, then BOOT WASHES Hook! Nana talks more trash as Collision goes picture in picture again.

Cage drags Hook up, scoops and SLAMS him, then runs to drop a leg, brother! Cover, TWO! Cage keeps cool and he brings Hook up. Cage wrenches, whips Hook corner to corner hard, and Hook falls! Cage tags in White and White storms up to bring Hook into a corner. White CHOPS, CHOPS, then grins. White brings Hook around, CHOPS him again, then offers a tag. Luchasaurus accepts and he storms up on Hook. Luchasaurus CHOPS Hook down! Hook fires body shots in return! Hook ROCKS Luchasaurus with forearms, but Luchasaurus DECKS him! Luchasaurus scoops to SLAM Hook again!

Luchasaurus looms over Hook, drags him up again and bumps him off buckles. Tag to Cage, he RAMS into Hook, and then Cage ROCKS Hook with a right! The ref counts, Cage brings Hook out but Hook clinches! Hook lifts Cage! But Cage fights that off to short arm LARIAT! Cage swaggers around, then stands on Hook’s hand! Collision returns to single picture and Cage drags Hook back up. Fans rally up as Hook throws hands! Cage knees low, whips Hook to ropes, and scoops! Cage uses Hook for bicep curls! Fans boo but then Cage TOSSES Hook away! Cage flexes, then he looms over Cage again.

Cage stands Hook up, brings him around, but Hook clinches! EXPLODER!! Both men are down and fans fire up! Joe is furious but Hook crawls. Cage drags Hook back, then sucker punches Sting and Darby! Cage drags Hook up, but Hook suplexes first! Fans fire up again as both men are back down! Punk returns, and he reaches out! Hook crawls, cage stirs, hot tags to White and Punk! The Best in the World rallies on King Switch! Then on Swerve! White runs in, Punk dodges to CALF KICK! Swerve runs in, Punk spins him to a SWINGING NECKBREAKER! Punk runs in to SHINING WIZARD Swerve! SHINING WIZARD for White! BULLDOG LARIAT COMBO!

Fans fire up and Punk does the Hogan “I can’t hear you!” Punk BOOTS Luchasaurus, drags White up and scoop SLAMS him! Punk then goes to the corner! Joe shouts for someone to get up, but Punk smirks at him. Punk shrugs and MACHO ELBOWS! Fans fire up and Punk says night-night! But Swerve runs in! White distracts the ref as Punk fireman’s carries Swerve, and Swerve claws the eyes! Joe likes that! Swerve hits the SOMERSAULT COMPLETE SHOT! Hook runs in, dodges Swerve, and clinches for the EL CAMINO! Luchasaurus choke grips! JURASSIC CHOKE SLAM!! Sting storms in to SCORPION DEATH DROP!

White CHOP BLOCKS Sting! But Darby grabs White for his own- NO, White powers out! Darby fires off fast hands, rolls, and hops on, CODE RED!! Cage tags in, Darby runs in, into a POP-UP POWERBOMB! And deadlift to an F5!! Fans are thunderous, Cage aims at Punk, but spins into a ROUNDHOUSE! Punk fireman’s carries! Joe gets out of his seat but Punk stares him down! GO TO SLEEP!! But then COQUINA CLUTCH!!! Punk is sending a message to Joe! Cage TAPS, Punk’s team wins!

Winners: CM Punk, Darby Allin, Sting & Hook, by pinfall

Joe asks Kevin Kelley and the rest, “I believe the match is over, correct, gentlemen?” Uh, yes. So Joe storms off commentary to get it the ring!! Joe and Punk brawl!! Everyone else brawls on the outside!! Fans are thunderous for the chaos! Joe ROCKS Punk, he fires off more shots in a corner, but Punk hits back! Jack Perry returns to go after Hook! Darby and Luchasaurus brawl, Sting holds his own against Christian Cage, and then Swerve goes after Darby! Jack Perry has a kendo stick! He wants to bring FTW Rules early! But Hook kicks him first! Hook SMACKS Jack with that stick! Sting claws Swerve, Darby has a chair!

Sting sets Swerve up, Darby SMACKS Swerve! Hook sends Jack into railing! Fans are thunderous as Sting hits a chair shot on Swerve now! Nana just tries not to be part of the collateral as Punk sends Joe into railing! Sting and Darby fight Swerve up the ramp, but Cage helps Swerve out! Punk just kicks away on Joe! Hook and Jack have moved into the crowd! Sting & Darby mug Cage with chair shots and kendo stick strikes! Joe gets up to turn things around on Punk, and sends him right into steel steps! The Mogul Embassy regroups and retreats, Jack and Hook brawl up in the bleachers! Jack takes someone’s drink to splash Hook with it!

Jack throws hands, he has Hook down, but then drags him up! No, he’s not gonna- HE IS! He’s trying to suplex Hook down the stairs! But Hook fights the suplex and throws body shots! Joe CLOBBERS Punk with the “real” world championship belt! Joe holds that belt up, will he take that from Punk one way or another in London? Will any of these men survive what’s coming?

My Thoughts:

A pretty good Collision, but mostly a lot of “just because” in-ring stuff. Though in this episode’s defense, being prerecorded on Wednesday after AEW already did Dynamite AND Rampage, because All In on Sunday is in another country, makes for a messy go-home show. And while a very good segment, Jack Perry’s “funeral” for the FTW Championship being moved to Saturday makes sense after the loss of Terry Funk and subsequent loss of Bray Wyatt. Jack Perry and the FTW belt in all those pictures was so stupid and yet so hilarious at the same time. And naturally, Hook made his return here. I guess the FTW Championship match under FTW Rules for the Zero Hour is fine, but I would’ve liked if this was on the All Out card so we could get one more week of build.

Great tag match from Dark Order VS Action & Darius, great win for Silver & Reynolds. But with all this time since Death Before Dishonor and them getting that new edge, Dark Order hasn’t gotten people to join them. That needs to happen like next week. Then these guys can start taking over AEW and ROH. Acclaimed had a great rap video, as always. Though the line about farts kinda took all the seriousness out of it, but hey, Acclaimed is probably still taking those trios titles. Caster, Bowens & Billy will make great trios champs, and if it’s the Dark Order that comes around after them, that should be a really good feud of AEW Homegrown talent.

Keith Lee of course crushes Zicky Dice, I really hope Keith gets in on something title related after All In and/or All Out. NXT and HHH showed faith in Keith’s abilities, Vince McMahon screwed things up on RawDown, so c’mon, AEW. Third time is the charm, give Keith a title in AEW. Great Six Man Tag of Cassidy, Penta & Kingston VS Kip and the Superbad Squad, and really good promos from everyone involved in the Stadium Stampede match. Eddie storming off to go after BCC & PNP was a good detail, and of course those five weren’t there. That video could’ve been recorded earlier and it was just a way to anger Eddie. No idea who wins the Stadium Stampede, but it’s gonna be wild either way.

Soho and Kris have really good promos, but as I said before, just a shame that they’re moving the TBS Championship story away from what was building between Kris, Willow, Mercedes & Diamante. Mercedes & Diamante still watching Willow VS Robyn was a good detail, and Willow got a good match and win against Robyn. Maybe it boils down to a Triple Threat #1 Contender’s match of Willow VS Mercedes VS Diamante, winner faces champ after we see Kris VS Soho at All Out. And good vignette for the Women’s World Championship, and I’m still torn on who wins. If it isn’t Saraya as new champ, I feel like Shida might as well retain. But now, with Soho possibly taking the TBS title from Kris, it’d be an interesting story to see Saraya & Soho holding onto gold and Storm with nothing to win.

Good squash win for Big Bill, and Starks whipping away on Vary is a good follow-up on what he did to Steamboat, even with his suspension done in just over a week. As I said last time, there’s a chance Starks & Bill stick together as a tag team, but I wouldn’t mind Starks bringing in more “clients” as a player-coach type of manager. That said, get Lee Moriarty in on this. Lee and Bill had a good combo going in ROH, why not give that some real screen time? Speaking of screen time, why have another promo vignette for Bucks and FTR? AEW has their “Countdown” special for that. Though, do they just assume no one’s gonna watch that? Seems like bad form to me.

Great 8 Man Tag main event, especially with Joe on commentary. And I wonder if the Heel team in this 8 Man has set the record for corner men. Nana, Christian, and the whole Bang Bang Gang for five people on the outside not even part of the match. A bit torn on Hook being the fourth member of the Face team. Obviously he’s part of All In now cuz he’s facing Jack Perry. And it’s not like anyone from The Elite was gonna join in since Punk’s on the team. I guess the fun of the surprise was taken away by how the segment with Jack and Hook was moved from Dynamite to Collision given real-life circumstances of Terry Funk’s passing. But hey, great spot for Hook, great win for the Faces, and then great chaotic brawl that really capped things off nicely.

Joe stands tall on Punk so Punk is retaining his “world title,” and I would think Hook wins back the FTW title just so Jack can’t try to destroy it again. Harder to get a read on the other matches, but that promo from Darby, Nick Wayne and AR Fox really leads me to imagine a worst case scenario where Nick Wayne betrays Darby because he can’t forgive Fox. And I get that, because Fox did some messed up stuff while with Swerve. If only All In and All Out weren’t just a week apart, we could’ve had so much more build on this story.

My Score: 8.7/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Continental Classic Update! (11/27/23)

What a start to the tournament!



Did your picks win points?

The AEW Continental Classic is underway, with almost everyone competing. Check in here if you haven’t seen the winners and losers of week 1!

Here are your Gold League standings!

  • Jon Moxley: 1-0, 3 points
  • Swerve Strickland: 1-0, 3 points
  • Jay White: 1-0, 3 points
  • Rush: 0-1, 0 points
  • Mark Briscoe: 0-1, 0 points.
  • Jay Lethal: 0-1, 0 points


Here are your Blue League standings!

  • Brody King: 1-0, 3 points
  • Claudio Castagnoli: 1-0, 3 points
  • Daniel Garcia: 0-1, 0 points
  • Eddie Kingston: 0-1, 0 points
  • Bryan Danielson: Yet to Compete
  • Andrade El Idolo: Yet to Compete


My Thoughts:

Nothing too crazy, nothing too wild, this tournament only just got started. The only disappointing point is that they could not get Bryan “cleared to compete” Saturday night. Not sure how much of that is shoot given the bad eye, but this was kinda the problem of wanting him in the tournament over tons of other choices. Bryan wants to face Okada for WrestleKingdom 18, how is Bryan supposed to do that at his best if he’s also gonna be in a round robin, doing five top level matches in about as many weeks? And it takes away from Andrade being able to do something. Also a little surprised we didn’t even hear from Andrade on Saturday.

Now as we heard on Saturday, round two’s matches are set. Gold League will see Mark Briscoe VS Rush, White VS Swerve, and of course, Moxley VS Lethal. Nice variety there, a couple 0-1 guys facing off, as well as two 1-0 guys, and then 1-0 VS 0-1. No offense to Lethal, but he feels like an 0-2 going up against Moxley. Hard to call the other ones but that’s the fun of it. Meanwhile, Blue League sees Brody VS Claudio in a showdown to be 2-0, then Bryan and Andrade finally jump in, Bryan against Eddie and Andrade against Garcia. Sadly, feels like Eddie and Garcia are going 0-2, no way Tony Khan is booking Bryan and Andrade to lose their first shots.

In fact, that could be half the reason they did wait on those two, that’s almost too good for just a first round opener. But I still would’ve done it, same as NJPW does stuff like that for round robins, which this is all modeled after anyway.

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Collision Results & Reports! (11/25/23)

It’s a Continental Classic Collision!



The Blue League begins its round robin!

AEW’s Continental Classic began on Dynamite with the Gold League, and now Collision continues with the Blue League! But will Eddie Kingston make good on putting up his ROH World and NJPW Strong titles?


  • AEW Continental Classic, Blue League: Claudio Castagnoli VS Daniel Garcia; Claudio wins.
  • 2v1 Handicap: “Killswitch” Luchasaurus VS “The Boys,” Brandon & Brent Tate; Luchasaurus wins.
  • The House of Black VS Gravity & Komander w/ Alex Abrahantes; The House of Black wins.
  • AEW TBS Championship House Rules Match: Julia Hart VS Lady Frost; Julia wins and retains the title.
  • FTR VS The Righteous; FTR wins.
  • Keith Lee VS Lee Moriarty; Keith wins.
  • AEW Continental Classic, Blue League: Eddie Kingston VS Brody King; Brody wins.


Eddie Kingston speaks.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, so we’re doing this thing, right? Hey, everybody, we’re here at Collision, we’re ready for a fight! Let’s hurry this up, man. Brody, I’ll see you out there, partner.”

Brody King speaks.

“Pittsburgh, tonight is the start of the Continental Classic Blue League. Brody King VS Eddie Kingston. Violence is the answer. HOO!”


Daniel Garcia speaks.

“Claudio, you big doofus, what’s up? You remember me? I know you do. You’re familiar with my game, I’m familiar with your game. Let’s not talk too much. I’m sick of these people putting the camera to my face before my matches and after my matches. I’m ready to get into the ring and to win wrestling’s greatest tournament.” Red Death has his dukes up, is he going to dance all over the Swiss Superman? We’ll see right here to open the night!

AEW Continental Classic, Blue League: Claudio Castagnoli VS Daniel Garcia!

The bell rings, we’re on the clock towards the 20 minute time limit, and the two rush in. Claudio headlocks, Garcia powers out but Claudio runs him over. Things keep moving, Garcia jumps but into a scoop and BACKBREAKER! Cover, ONE!! Claudio is a bit surprised but he kicks Garcia around. Claudio scoops then SLAMS Garcia, then watches him go to a corner. Claudio runs in, but into a BOOT! And another BOOT! Garcia leaps on for a GUILLOTINE! But Claudio powers up to suplex Garcia up and over! Fans fire up while Garcia writhes and Claudio catches his breath. Claudio kicks Garcia around again but Garcia stands to CHOP!

Garcia CHOPS again! And CHOPS again! But Claudio UPPERCUTS him down! Claudio drags Garcia up, UPPERCUTS him in the corner, then CHOPS! Claudio UPPERCUTS again, but Garcia shakes his head. Claudio pushes Garcia around but Garcia throws elbows! And body shots! And forearms! Fans fire up with Garcia but Claudio UPPERCUTS him back down! Garcia goes to a corner, Claudio runs in but is put on the apron. Garcia swings but Claudio counter punches! But then Garcia ducks the next to have a SLEEPER! The ref counts, Garcia lets off and then he runs to KNEE Claudio off the apron!

Fans fire up and Garcia mocks the gun arms to then do his dance! Fans fire up more as Garcia goes out to fire off shots! And he sends Claudio into railing! Garcia fires fists, lets off and goes to the far side to give the kids a kiss. Then he SHOTGUNS Claudio down! Fans fire up as Garcia gets space again. Garcia runs back in, but Claudio catches him! Garcia throws hands but Claudio SWINGS Garcia into railing! And again! And again!! Fans are all fired up and Claudio lets off as Collision goes picture in picture.

Claudio gets a drink of water to refresh himself, then he drags Garcia up to put in the ring. Claudio stands on Garcia at the ropes, the ref counts but Claudio steps away. Claudio then stalks Garcia, HIP DROPS, and he clamps on a modified neck wrench. Garcia endures, fights up, and he throws body shots. But Claudio scoops to SLAM him! Claudio stalks Garcia, clamps onto an armlock, and he grinds the arm down. Garcia still endures, claws at Claudio’s face but Claudio grabs that arm to put Garcia into a straitjacket stretch! Garcia endures as it’s almost a crossface variation! Claudio squeezes tight, smothering Garcia with his own arms!

Garcia fights, gets to his feet, and he JAWBREAKERS free! Garcia fires boxing elbows, but Claudio UPPERCUTS him back down! Claudio soaks up the cheers and jeers, then clamps on the neck wrench again. Garcia endures, kicks and moves around, and Collision returns to single picture. Fans rally as Garcia stands, throws body shots and fires off to put Claudio on ropes! The ref counts, Garcia choke grips but Claudio breaks free. Garcia SLAPS Claudio, then whips. Claudio reverses, Garcia ducks ‘n ‘dodges, pop-up GUILLOTINE! Garcia pulls on Claudio’s head while he has the body scissors, but again Claudio powers up!

Claudio suplexes, but Garcia slips out to a REAR NAKED CHOKE! Claudio drops to a knee, his face is turning red, but then he stands up to RAM Garcia into buckles! But Garcia pushes Claudio to ropes, O’Conner Roll, TWO! ANKLE LOCK! Garcia has Claudio down but Claudio boots him away! Garcia rebounds, ROLING JACKKNIFE! TWO!! Claudio LARIATS Garcia down! Garcia shakes his head as he goes to a corner. Claudio runs in to UPPERCUT! Claudio UPPERCUTS again and again and again! The ref counts, Claudio reels Garcia in for a short arm LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Garcia survives and the fans rally up.

Claudio drags Garcia into position, HAMMER ‘N’ ANVIL ELBOWS! Claudio then drags Garcia up, reels him in and tucks the arms, RICOLA- NO, sunset flip! TWO, but Garcia steps through! Claudio fights that to stand, and now he has the legs! SHARPSHOOTER!! Garcia endures as Claudio sits deep on the hold! Garcia fights his way forward, reaches out, but Claudio drags him away! Claudio sits down again, but Garcia fights and fights! Claudio drags him back again, but Garcia uses that to roll Claudio into a cradle! TWO, and POP-UP UPPERCUT!! Cover, TWO?!? Garcia survives and stands up! But Claudio UPPERCUTS again!

Claudio reels Garcia in, RICOLA~ BOMB! Cover, Claudio wins!

Winner: Claudio Castagnoli, by pinfall (gains 3 points; Garcia earns 0)

Yuta returns from running away earlier, so that the Blackpool Combat Club can celebrate together. Bryan Danielson isn’t here tonight but he’ll also be competing in the Blue League later on, will the Blue League belong to the BCC?


Eddie Kingston speaks, again.

“Well, I guess the cold open wasn’t good enough. I’m just here so I don’t get fined. Jean Carlo, what do, how much, how long do I have? No, we’re good? Alright. You people want me to explain to you how much and how important this tournament is? I put two championships on the line in this tournament. The ROH World Championship, that my friends and my mentors have held. Low-Ki, Homicide, Xavier. I have now put up the NJPW Strong Openweight Championship. All I ever wanted to do in this business was to wrestle in Japan. And now I did that, and then I win a championship there and I put it on the line because I wanna make this tournament the most prestigious tournament in America.

“So, is that good enough for you guys? Cuz I gotta go get ready to beat up Brody King. This dude ain’t small, he ain’t no herb, so I gotta go get ready. I don’t wanna do this right now. Jean Carlo, how much longer do I have to talk? You’re not gonna tell me to wrap it up? There you go, ladies and gentlemen, it’s wrapped up. I’m out.” The Mad King has said all he needs to say, will he let his actions speak for him tonight?


2v1 Handicap: “Killswitch” Luchasaurus VS “The Boys,” Brandon & Brent Tate!

“Rechristened” by Christian Cage in honor of his finishing move, the Right Hand of Destruction looks to redeem himself in the eyes of Captain Charisma. But given his foul mood, will The Boys get the better of him?

The bell rings and Luchasaurus- er, Killswitch, BOOTS Brandon! And then grabs Brent to TOSS him into a corner! Killswitch fires off haymakers and uppercuts, then looms over Brent. He wheelbarrows to GERMAN SUPLEX Brent! Brandon returns, springboards, but into a choke grip! JURASSIC CHOKE SLAM! And then another choke grip, for an APRON CHOKE SLAM!! Brandon writhes on the floor and “Killswitch” goes after Brent! Choke grip, and BLINDSIDE LARIAT! Cover, “Killswitch” wins!

Winner: “Killswitch” Luchasaurus, by pinfall

But he’s not done! He grabs chairs from under the ring! Fans boo because we know what this means! Wait, he sits one chair up? And he drags Brent up to CHOKE SLAM him on the chair! The seat is bent! Brandon returns, but Lucha-Killswitch drags him up. He has both Boys, but HERE COMES EDGE! We were going to hear from Adam Copeland at some point tonight, but he comes in from the crowd side to SMACK Luchasaurus with a chair! And again! And again! And again! Fans fire up with every shot from the Rated R Superstar! And then he rips off a crossbar! Fans fire up because he puts Luchasaurus in THE DEAL!!

Luchasaurus sputters, Captain Charisma is not here to save him! Though, would he? Edge puts one chair under Luchasaurus’s head, and then grabs the other! The fans are thunderous as Edge hits the CON-CHAIR-TO!! Wherever Christian Cage is, he must be devastated! W-wait, is Luchasaurus still getting up!? Since when has anyone ever done that!? Even Edge is shocked! So he CURB STOMPS him onto the chair!! Fans are thunderous again and they want that “One More Time!” Edge obliges, and he gives Luchasaurus a SECOND CON-CHAIR-TO!! Now Christian must be devastated! No Nick Wayne, no “Killswitch,” will Christian have to suffer the consequences of his actions?


Backstage interview with Adam Copeland.

Lexi Nari waits for Edge to come through the hallway. He turns the corner, and sees Lexi. He tells her to go so he can talk. Edge looks into the camera and says he’s looking “straight down the barrel at you, Jay.” Or is he Christian Cage? Or the Patriarch? All of this, what happened to Nick on Wednesday and to “Killswitch” just now, is Christian’s fault! All because of his insecurities! When Edge go there, Christian was afraid the people would just compare Christian to Edge again. That he’d be second fiddle, riding Edge’s coattails. Edge couldn’t care less about any of that!

Edge told Christian at the beginning that their friendship was more important than anything anyone could say! That it was more important than the business! But Christian couldn’t get past his own ego, could he? The night Edge arrived in AEW, Edge was going to Con-Chair-To Sting. Dynamite, he was gonna have Luchasaurus do that to Shayna Wayne! And Christian not so subtly told Edge the chances of them teaming up again. Christian put Beth’s name, his children’s names, in his stupid little mouth. And he knew Edge has a short fuse, he kept trying to light it and Edge kept resisting.

Until Christian said the one thing… That he was gonna break Edge’s neck, put him in a wheelchair, Edge drooling all over himself while his children looked at him and said their dad used to be something. So now this isn’t just about Edge, this is about his family! So now Edge is hunting Christian. He already has two heads on his wall. Christian can go to the hospital, ask his little Prodigy what happens when Edge snaps. Ask Killswitch, if he can still speak! Edge vows to change Christian’s soul, to hurt him, kick his face in. When Christian goes to bed at night and closes his eyes, Edge’s eyes will be what he sees, and the pain that Edge is going to bring to his world!

Edge doesn’t want to take the TNT Championship because it is the most important thing to Christian, and it is secondary to Edge. But he is still challenging Christian for Dynamite, December 6th in Montreal! Edge VS Christian for the TNT Championship! Edge will go places Christian can’t and never has because he doesn’t have it in him! Edge vows to take that title, but will he also take Christian’s soul?


The House of Black VS Gravity & Komander w/ Alex Abrahantes!

The AEW World Tag Team Championships may not have come home with the Kings of the Black Throne, but the Dark Father and the Aussie Juggernaut look to rebuild momentum for another shot. Will they make their opponents #FadeToBlack? Or will The Astronaut & The Commander be able to fly high towards their own opportunity?

The teams sort out and Gravity starts against Buddy. The fans rally up as the two circle. They knuckle lock, then Buddy wrenches and wrangles Gravity. Gravity kips up, Buddy throws him down, but Gravity kips back up. Gravity wrenches, but Buddy breaks free to headlock. Gravity throws body shots, powers out, but Buddy runs Gravity over. Things speed up. Gravity hurdles then ducks ‘n’ dodges, only for Buddy to kitchen sink knee! Buddy drags Gravity up but Gravity blocks the whip to wrench. Buddy knees low, back suplexes, but Gravity lands on his feet! Gravity ducks ‘n’ dodges and tilt-o-whirls to GERMAN SUPLEX!

Fans fire up and Gravity runs up on Buddy, but Buddy BOOTS him! Buddy tags in Malakai, drags Gravity up but blocks a kick, only for Gravity to ENZIGURI! Buddy falls out of the ring, and then Gravity builds speed. But Malakai gets in to catch him, pops him around, but Gravity arm-drags free! Malakai comes back to fire off knees, then shoves, only for Gravity to BOOT! Komander tags, Gravity runs in but Malakai scoops. Gravity slips free, Malakai elbows him, but Gravity handsprings in slow-motion! Only for Malakai to BOOT him down! But Komander springboards in to FLYING RANA! Fans fire up and Komander whips!

Malakai reverses, Komander ducks ‘n ‘dodges and FLYING ENZIGURIS! Komander hurries to torture rack, but Buddy distracts! Komander lets Malakai go, Buddy backs off, and Komander turns around. Malakai BOOTS the clothesline to HEEL KICK Komander! Then he BOOTS Gravity for good measure! Buddy HOTSHOTS Komander into a GERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO! Komander survives but Malakai drags him up and bumps him off buckles. Fans rally and Malakai stomps a mudhole in as Collision goes picture in picture.

The ref counts, Malakai lets off and tags Buddy in. Buddy drags Komander up, snapmares him and KICKS him in the back! Buddy then runs to PENALTY KCIK and drop the KNEE! Cover, TWO! Komander hangs tough but Buddy drags him up. Buddy hoists Komander up to hang him out to dry! Tag to Malakai, they CLUB away on Komander, then Malakai KICKS Komander. Malakai then hip tosses Komander in! Cover, TWO! Malakai drags Komander up, whips him to ropes, and CLOBBERS him! Malakai drags Komander to a corner, TWO! Malakai clamps on for a chinlock and he grinds Komander down.

Komander endures, fights up, but Malakai knees low! Malakai whips Komander to ropes, but Komander sunset flips! Malakai stays up and Collision goes to break!

Collision returns, Buddy has Komander down with a chinlock, but the fans rally up. Komander fights up to throw body shots, then JAWBREAKERS! Buddy wobbles, Komander runs in but Buddy catches him! And RAMS him into the House of Black’s corner! Tag to Malakai, and the House double suplex. But Komander slips free! The House reels him in, double back suplex, but he lands out again! Komander ducks ‘n ‘dodges to hot tag Gravity! GAMANGIRI for Malakai, GAMANGIRI for Buddy! DOUBLE CROSSBODY! Fans fire up as Gravity SLAPS and CHOPS on repeat! Gravity LARIATS Buddy to a corner, then SPLASHES Malakai int he other!

Another clothesline for Buddy, then Gravity blocks a boot! But Malakai kicks Gravity away, Buddy brings him back in, KNEE right to the head! The ref checks Gravity but somehow he is still in this. Komander sneaks a tag while the House regroups, and Komander goes up. DOUBLE MISSILE DROPKICK! Fans fire up as Komander tilt-o-whirl DDTS Buddy! And then he ducks The Black Mass to shove Malakai into buckles! Torture rack and GUT BUSTER DROP!! Cover, TWO! Malakai is still in this but Abrahantes coaches Komander. Komander puts Malakai in the drop zone and calls his shot! But Buddy distracts again!

The ref reprimands, but Malakai is up to ROUNDHOUSE Komander! Tag to Buddy, and the House gets Komander, but Gravity YANKS Malakai down! Malakai ELBOWS Gravity, to then GOURD- STUNNER from Gravity! Not the cleanest, but then Buddy rushes in and is sent out! Gravity DROPKICKS Buddy, then FLIES! He’s caught!! And then DOUBLE- NO, Gravity escapes the bomb to fire kicks! Komander tightrope walks the whole 20 feet, to TORNILLO onto the House! The fans are thunderous for the luchadores as they get Buddy in the ring! Gravity also puts Malakai in, and they have two targets in the drop zones!

Komander and Gravity both go up, and they coordinate for a SPLASH and SHOOTING STAR! But they both get knees!! The House turns it back around, and then DOUBLE BOOT, into DOUBLE V-TRIGGERS! Fans fire up as The House isolates Gravity and lifts him up. DOUBLE POP-UP KNEES!! Komander runs in, into an ELBOW! Buddy digs his boots in but Malakai has him stand down. Malakai sits down and waits on Komander. Komander crawls after Malakai, only for Buddy to CURB STOMP! Cover, The House wins!

Winners: The House of Black, by pinfall

Gravity & Komander put up a hell of a fight, but they could not stop the darkness! Will all of Collision soon belong to the House of Black?


Darius Martin & Action Andretti speak.

The Sight to See says, “Eight months. That’s how long it’s been since Darius and I have been teaming up together. And Darius, these past few weeks, I feel like-” Welp, never mind, commercial break. Oh, wait, they’re back. Darius knows what Action is talking about. And in steps DANTE MARTIN! Top Flight is back at full power, but then the commercials are back. Point is, will Angel Dorado help his brother and his new teammate become the Coldest Trio in the Game?


AEW TBS Championship House Rules Match: Julia Hart VS Lady Frost!

The first defense for the Princess of the Black Throne is also the first singles match to be contested under the House of Black’s personal rules! As such, “Dealer’s Choice” tonight gives us NO count outs! With Malakai & Buddy already winning and Brody King still to compete, will Julia keep the momentum going?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see if the House Always Wins!

The bell rings and fans rally up behind Frost. Julia ignores that as she and Frost tie up. Julia pulls hair to put Frost in a corner, but lets off as the ref counts. Julia bumps Frost off buckles but Frost turns things around to CHOP! Frost says that’s ice cold! But then Julia blocks the next chop, to pull on the arm, throw Frost down, and KICK her in the back! Fans are torn but then Frost kips up! Frost eggs Julia on, dodges her, and ROCKS her! And KICKS, UPPERCUTS and CHOPS! Fans fire up as Julia goes to a corner. Frost whips corner to corner, but Julia reverses. Julia runs in, Frost goes up and over and runs back in, but Julia slips to the outside!

Julia bumps frost off buckles, then ducks the haymaker. No count outs means Julia can take her time out there. But Frost rushes out, only for Julia to block the Penalty Kick. Frost kicks Julia away, then cartwheels over her leg sweep! Julia still trips Frost up on the apron! Julia CLUBS away on Frost, then has her dangling off the apron. Frost flops to the floor, and Julia drags her up. Julia RAMS Frost into the railing, RAMS her into the apron, and then CLUBS away! Julia RAMS Frost into railing again, smiling as she gets all the time in the world. Julia POSTS Frost and fans fire up! Julia then stalks Frost but the fans rally up behind her.

Julia grabs a chair! The ref reprimands, there are still disqualifications. Julia says that’s fine, and she just stands the chair up. Julia stalks Frost, but Frost FLAPJACKS her onto the steel steps and post! Frost drags Julia back, goes up the steps, and fans fire up for the MOONSAULT! Julia moves, Frost barely lands on her feet in time! Julia ROUNDHOUSES Frost, and Frost ends up taking a seat. Julia SUPERKICKS Frost off the chair! They go up the ramp, Julia sits the chair up again and makes Frost take another seat. Julia goes up the ramp, runs down and LARIATS Frost out of the chair! Fans fire up and Julia puts Frost in the ring. Cover, TWO!

Julia is annoyed but she stalks Frost. Fans rally and duel, but Frost ROCKS and kicks, but Julia ducks the buzzsaw, only for the HEEL KICK to connect! Frost runs in, and she LARIATS Julia down! Julia is up, she dodges the lariat to then SLAM Frost down! And BLINDSIDE LARIAT! But Julia isn’t done, “The House Always Wins!” HARTLESS LOCK!! Frost endures, flails, but taps! Julia wins!

Winner: Julia Hart, by submission (still AEW TBS Champion)

The Lady of the House has her first defense in the books, and the House is 2-0 on the night. Will Brody King make it a clean sweep?


Backstage interview with Don Callis & “Powerhouse” Will Hobbs.

Lexi is with the Don Callis Family, and says the last time we saw Hobbs in action, he put Paul Wight through a car windshield. Callis laughs and says Hobbs hit a Tombstone Piledriver specifically. Hobbs has had a lot of tombstones in his life, but Callis loves that they’re embracing it. In fact, they’re adding to it! Callis has a 173 IQ, is a member of Mensa, and has many advanced degrees. And yet for the life of him, he can’t figure out what got Chris Jericho & Kenny Omega, the Golden Jets, a shot at the AEW World Tag Team Championships. They were together for one match!

How do you make that math work when the last time Hobbs had his hands on Jericho & Omega, he broke them! Sent them to the hospital! And as Will would say, anyone can get it. So Kenny, Chris, they’re making a point of it! They don’t need two guys to beat the Golden Jets, Hobbs is a one man team! A one man wrecking crew! Tell ’em, Hobbs. “It’s simple: I’m big, I’m Black, and I’m jacked. And anybody can get it.” In that case, will both The Ocho & The Cleaner get it the next time they meet Powerhouse Hobbs?


FTR VS The Righteous!

Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood couldn’t win out at Full Gear, so they are still not the AEW World Tag Team Champions, yet. Will these #TopGuys figure out a way to return to the top? Or will ol’ Dutch & Vincent not #FearTheRevelation, but run headlong into it?

The teams sort out and Cash starts against Vincent. Fans rally behind FTR, but Vinnie gets around Cash to throw hands into the taped up ribs! Vinnie has Cash in a corner, fires off more shots, then lets off as the ref counts. Vinnie ROCKS Cash, throws more body shots, then whips. Cash reverses then drops, and then CLOBBERS Vinnie! Cash bumps Vinnie off buckles, tags Dax, and they whip, drop toehold and elbow drop! Cover, TWO! Dax drags Vinnie up, whips him to ropes, but Vinnie KICKS back! Vinnie runs, to ELBOW Dax down! Then a bump off buckles and tag to Dutch. Dutch ROCKS Dax, then whips him to ropes.

Dax blocks the hip toss but Dutch blocks in return, and CLOBBERS Dax with a lariat! Dutch stalks Dax to a corner, grins at Cash, but Dax CHOPS! And CHOPS! And CHOPS! Dutch RAMS Dax in, runs in but Dax ELBOWS! Dax leaps but he falls short! The damage from the ladder match must be more than we know! Dutch hauls Dax up while laughing for a BEARHUG! But Dax BITES Dutch’s forehead! Vinnie runs in, Dax CLOBBERS him! Dax clotheslines Dutch up and out, then TOSSES Vinnie onto Dutch! Dax catches his breath while The Righteous are down on the outside, and Collision goes picture in picture.

FTR storms out after The Righteous, and they fire haymakers! The ref reprimands, Dax sends Dutch into railing while Cash SMACKS Vinnie off the apron! Cash UPPERCUTS Vinnie, Dax fires CHOPS and forearms on Dutch on repeat! FTR then lets off to regroup in the ring. Vinnie gets up, Cash CLOBBERS him! Dutch gets up, FTR both CLOBBER him! Vinnie slides in, Dax DECKS him first! Vinnie bails out, Dax pursues, but that lures Dax into a CROSSBODY from Dutch! The Righteous got the better of Dax there and Dutch drags Dax up and into the ring. Dutch tags Vinnie and The Righteous mug Dax in the corner!

The ref reprimands and counts, the Righteous lets off, and Dutch SPLASHES Dax! Vinnie brings Dax down for a cover, TWO! Vinnie stalks Dax, throws body shots in a corner, then stomps a mudhole into Dax. Tag back to Dutch, he stomps away on Dax, then UPPERCUTS him! Dax sputters, Dutch snapmares him into a chinlock, then CLUBS him in the chest! Dutch drags Dax back, tags in Vinnie, and they mug Dax. Vinnie throws hands, Dax CHOPS in return! And again! Vinnie fires off more haymakers, then snapmares Dax to a chinlock. Vinnie grinds Dax, Dax fights up, and Collision returns to single picture.

Dax fires body shots, runs, but Vinnie slips around to a SLEEPER! Vinnie smothers Dax while fans boo, but Dax reaches out. Dax starts to fade but Cash coaches him on. Dax fights up to his feet, and he throws body shots! Dax CHOPS, CHOPS, but Vinnie scoops to SLAM! But Dax avoids the elbow drop! And another one! Dax goes to the apron, RAMS into Vinnie, then ELBOWS Dutch away! Slingshot sunset flip, but Vinnie holds onto ropes! Tag to Dutch, and Vinnie drags Dax away for Dutch to SPLASH! Cover, TWO! Dutch grins and drags Dax up to reel him in, Canadian Rack for a POWERBOMB!

Dutch goes up the Righteous corner, and he SUPER SENTONS but misses! Fans fire up as Dax crawls! Dutch also crawls, hot tag to Vinnie! Vinnie runs up, waistlocks, but Dax elbows him away! Dax whips, Vinnie reverses but Dax ducks ‘n’ dodges and slides under Vinnie, hot tag to Cash! Cash runs in to rally on Vinnie! CHOPS and UPPERCUTS for The Righteous back and forth! Cash runs to LARIAT Dutch, but Dutch stays up! Cash whips, Dutch reverses but Cash goes up and over! Cash then dodges a boot, ducks ‘n’ dodges again, and he RAMS Dutch right outta the ring! Fans fire up but Vinnie kicks Cash.

Vinnie waistlocks, Cash switches, repeat! They go to ropes, Dutch sneaks a tag! O’Conner, but Dutch is in to BIG BOSS MAN SLAM!! Cover, TWO!! Cash survives and fans fire up! Dutch tags Vinnie, they drag Cash up, and set up for AUTUMN- NO, Cash shoves Vinnie into Dutch, then DROPKICKS Dutch out! Cash whips Vinnie into the corner, Vinnie reverses. Dax tags in as Cash goes up and over, Cash sunset flips and that sets Vinnie up for SHATTER MACHINE!! Cover, FTR wins!

Winners: FTR, by pinfall

The Righteous had some good tricks up their sleeves, but the Top Guys didn’t fall for them! But then wait, Malakai Black is speaking? He says that if the House rushed the ring right now, there would be no one to save FTR. No Cesaro (he meant Claudio), no Yuta, and no CM Punk. Oof… The misconception is that AEW is the brotherhood that FTR thinks it is. Wait, the lights go out. And then the lights come back up, and Malakai laughs at how he made FTR panic. The House disappears into the night, but will they show the Top Guys that this is every team for themselves?


AEW replays Action talking with Darius.

The Sight to See says, “Eight months. That’s how long it’s been since Darius and I have been teaming up together. And Darius, these past few weeks, I feel like we’ve grown such a bond together. We’ve had so many great opportunities and it’s been so great teaming up with you. And you know I heard that this Wednesday, Dynamite is returning to your hometown of Minneapolis.” Darius agrees, they have had great chemistry. But it seems like there’s something just a little off. Darius knows what they’re missing. And in steps DANTE MARTIN! Darius asks his brother if he’s ready to step up. Dante nods and says, “I’m back.” Top Flight is back at full power, will Angel Dorado help his brother and his new teammate become the Coldest Trio in the Game?


Tony Schiavone is in the ring.

He welcomes out the AEW World Tag Team Champions, Ricky Starks & “Big Bill” Morrissey! The Absolute and Hyman Skyscraper head to the ring, and Schiavone says they came out of Full Gear and the incredible ladder match still AEW World Tag Team Champions. But then afterwards, after the Media Scrum, they attack Chris Jericho backstage and injuring that elbow. The fans boo, so please, explain yourselves. Starks thought there’d be more of a fight from Jericho, but Starks didn’t even lose his sunglasses. That’s the crazy part! But what isn’t crazy is that the “clout vampire” has leeched back onto Starks like a moth to a flame!

Starks is one half of the AEW Tag Team Champions, so of course Jericho will come back around to try and bite Starks’ lovely neck. It ain’t gonna happen. And then, Jericho brought a friend! Bill says Kenny & Jericho are the Golden Jets, but they look more like the Golden Girls. Starks likes that. Kenny & Jericho have traveled up and down the road and back again, but the thing is, Starks & Bill don’t even know each other that well! Bill, when is Starks’ birthday? No idea. Exactly! But what Starks does know is that Jericho & Kenny ain’t built like Bill.

Bill says four years ago, when he was in and out of the emergency room, having seizures from alcohol withdrawal, Bill always knew he’d make it back to the top! Fans cheer that. When Bill couldn’t get out of bed, at the lowest point of his life, he always knew he’d make it back to the top. Fans cheer that, too! Even Starks fires up! And when nobody believed in him, they all counted him out and said, “He’s washed, he’s done, he’ll never make it back to professional wrestling,” Bill always knew he’d make it back to the top! Starks adds “That’s right!” Fans chant for Bill, and Bill continues to say that standing in this ring with this guy and these titles, Bill will say he’s right. He made it back to the top!

Fans cheer again, and Bill wants Jericho & Kenny to understand, they all know about you two. They know all the accolades, and they are two of the best to ever, ever do this. But Bill doesn’t think Kenny & Jericho realize what they’re dealing with! They are angry, motivated, and not only gonna beat the living hell outta you, but EMBARRASS you! Kareem & Magic, Shaq & Kobe, Jordan & Pippin- Or perhaps, Pippin & Jordan? But when you look at Kenny & Jericho, you don’t see Jordan, Pippin, Kerr, Longley, Rodman, Harper, and sure as hell no Bill FREAKIN’ Wennington! When Bill looks at them, all he sees are the dudes that handed Jordan his bubblegum before introductions!

Starks doesn’t even watch basketball, and he knows all those guys are really good. And he also knows two things: one guy tells everyone he is the best and the other actually is. After Kenny & Jericho are done with Starks & Bill, Starks will let you know one thing. Starks likes his gum minty and Bill likes Big Red! The champs are ready for whenever and wherever the Golden Jets want their shot, but after what they did to Jericho’s wing, how far off in the future will that be?


AEW hears from the Gold League’s round one competitors.

Swerve asks, “You hear that? That was loud as ever.” Jay White says he is the number one seed, he has his first three points in the Continental Classic! Rush says “You’ve liberated the fury of the bull!” Mark Briscoe says there ain’t no shame in losing the game. Recognize that this is one loss in a round robin. White says he’s been in a round robin or two or three, and he is the ONLY ONE who actually won a G1 Climax! But Swerve says you’re gonna need earmuffs to drown out the people who are finally understanding. We’ve seen Swerve the Mogul. Time for Swerve the Champion. Rush vows to destroy everyone else! Mark says he’ll take this block and get that Continental Championship!

But White vows he’s gonna make sure everyone he faces gets ZERO points! And if you’re not down with that, he’s got two words for ya! But Swerve says those two words are, “Whose house? Swerve’s house.”


Keith Lee VS Lee Moriarty!

The Limitless One is still waiting on when and where he collides with former friend, Shane Taylor. However, representing Shane Taylor Promotions is #TAIGASTYLE! Will Moriarty prove he’s the top Lee in AEW? Or will he have no choice but to #BaskInHisGlory?

The bell rings and fans chant for “LEE! LEE! LEE!” Keith asks which one, him or Moriarty? Yes. Moriarty KICKS Keith, but Keith shakes it off. Keith and Moriarty feel things out, strike fight poses, and they start throwing hands! Moriarty bobs ‘n’ weaves, but Keith blocks a kick with a kick. Moriarty avoids a boot to give a boot, but Keith blocks the kick to SPIN KICK! Moriarty narrowly avoids that and fans fire up! Keith lets Moriarty have space, and Moriarty EDDY GORDO KICKS! Moriarty runs, but into a POUNCE from Keith! Fans fire up with Keith while Collision goes picture in picture.

Keith drags Moriarty up, bumps him off buckles, and then stands him up to GRIZZLY MAGNUM! Moriarty sputters and sits down, then flops out of the ring. Keith paces and the ring count climbs. Keith smirks while Moriarty hobbles his way back. Keith conducts the Steel City choir as Moriarty slides in. Keith whips corner to corner, but Moriarty goes up and under, then dropkicks a leg! Moriarty runs up to DROPKICK Keith into buckles! Moriarty goes to buckle bump but Keith blocks, so Moriarty KICKS an arm! Moriarty runs up to BOOT Keith, and then he BULLDOGS Keith down! Fans fire up, Moriarty hurries to cover, ONE!!

Moriarty is stunned, but he hurries to rain down shots on Keith! Keith shoves Moriarty away but Moriarty boots him back down. Moriarty snarls, then he storms up to wrap Keith’s arm around ropes. The ref counts, Moriarty lets off and he stomps Keith. Moriarty swaggers, drags Keith up, and wrenches the bad arm. But Keith clamps onto Moriarty’s face with his other hand as Collision goes to break.

Collision returns and fans want the Grizzly Magnum “One More Time!” So Keith sets Moriarty up, but Moriarty gets away! Moriarty KICKS and KICKS and CLUBS the bad arm. Keith shoves Moriarty with the good arm, but Moriarty bobs ‘n’ swings again. Moriarty jumps on for an ARMBAR, but Keith stays standing! Keith lifts Moriarty and fans fire up as he glares at Moriarty. Moriarty tires to pull that arm, but Keith lifts him up! Moriarty lets go, blocks a kick but not the LARIAT! Fans fire up and Keith shakes out the bad arm. Moriarty flounders to the corner, Keith runs in, but Moriarty dodges! Keith hits buckles, and Moriarty goes to buckle bump!

Keith again blocks, even with just one arm! Fans fire up as Keith then SHOVES Moriarty away! Moriarty comes back to JUMP KICK! Keith staggers, Moriarty goes up, and Moriarty hits a FLYING BULLDOG! Cover, TWO! Moriarty is frustrated, and he tells Keith to stay down! Moriarty stalks Keith as fans sing, “OH~ Lee Moriarty~!” Moriarty powers up, to BUZZ- NO, Keith blocks the kick! Keith swings but Moriarty KICKS the bad arm! But Keith shoves Moriarty right to the apron! Moriarty springboards back in, into a HEADBUTT!! Keith then fireman’s carries, for BIG BANG CATASTROPHE!! Cover, Keith wins!

Winner: Keith Lee, by pinfall

Limitless Keith Lee topples Taiga Style, and now he waits on when and where Shane Taylor wants to finally settle the score. Will nothing stop Keith from fighting his way to the top of AEW?


BREAKING NEWS for Dynamite!

Gold League continues Continental Classic action, with Mark Briscoe VS Rush, White VS Swerve, and of course, Moxley VS Lethal! Will tides turn for the winners in the first round? Or will losers continue to lose in this high stakes and star studded tournament?


Backstage interview with Keith Lee.

Lexi congratulates him on an impressive win, but what is next for him? Keith says initially, he planned to come here and tell us all how good Moriarty is, how talented he is, how great #TAIGASTYLE is. He is that damn good, Keith will give Moriarty that, but he ain’t no Keith Lee. In fact, Keith is tired of the misrepresentation, the mistreatment, and lack of opportunities given to Keith. So now, Keith is gonna take it. That means…him. You are who Keith is after and you know who you are. And Keith will see you soon. Is that a message to Shane? Or to a champion in AEW?


AEW Continental Classic, Blue League: Eddie Kingston VS Brody King!

Two gritty, no nonsense warriors collide to start their Continental Classic! But will Eddie regret putting up the ROH World & NJPW Strong Championships for this tournament? Or will the Mad King be able to trump the King of Death?

The bell rings, fans fire up and Eddie stares Brody down. They storm up, feel things out, and then tie up. Brody powers Eddie to the corner, the ref counts, and Brody lets off. The fans rally up and duel, the two go again, and Eddie headlocks. Brody powers up and out, Eddie RAMS him but he’s the one that staggers back! Brody runs to RAM Eddie and Eddie again staggers back! Eddie rebounds to RAM Brody, Brody runs to RAM Eddie, repeat! The fans fire up as the two RAM each other again, and then Brody CHOPS! Eddie CHOPS in return! Brody frowns to CHPO, so Eddie CHOSP again! Brody CHOPS, Eddie sputters but he CHOPS!

The CHOPS keep going, fans ‘WOO~!” and then Eddie wrenches to CHOP, CHOP and CHOP! Brody throws body shots in return, then CLUBS Eddie down! Brody snarls, fans hoot and bark, and Brody eggs Eddie on. Eddie stands, Brody SPLASHES, and Eddie sits down. Fans bark and hoot again, Brody runs corner to corner to CANNONBALL! Brody storms around, Eddie falls out of the ring, and a ring count starts. The count out would still give Brody his points, but Eddie hurries back up. Brody runs up to BOOT Eddie back down! The ref reprimands, Eddie writhes, and the count restarts. But then Brody goes out after Eddie!

Brody drags Eddie up, throws forearms and a CHOP! Eddie CHOPS back! Brody CHOPS Eddie down! Brody stands on Eddie, stomps him, then drags him up to whip Eddie into steel steps! Fans hoot and bark and rally as Eddie stands. Brody runs in, but is sent into steel steps! Fans fire up again as Eddie shakes out the stars. Eddie hears the count, hurries back in at 7 of 10, and then heads back out after Brody. Fans rally up, Eddie runs in, but Brody ROCKS him! Brody sits Eddie down to CHOP! And CHOP! Eddie falls over, Brody gets space, and Brody returns, BASEMENT SPLASH against the railing!

Fans fire up but the ref tells Brody to get this in the ring. The count starts again, Brody drag Eddie up, and Brody CHOPS! Eddie staggers away, has his dukes up all the same, but Brody CHOPS again! Brody puts Eddie in at 7 of 10, then storms in after him. Brody CHOKES Eddie on the ropes, the ref counts, but Brody lets off at 4. Eddie sputters, fans rally and duel, and Brody drags Eddie up. Brody scoops to SLAM, then runs to SENTON! Eddie sputters and coughs but he isn’t giving up just yet. Brody covers, TWO, and Collision goes picture in picture.

Brody looms over Eddie but Eddie chops from below! Brody SLAPS Eddie! Eddie CHOSP, Brody CHOPS, they fight even on their knees! Brody HEADBUTTS Eddie down! Brody then storms up on Eddie, has him in a corner and fires forearms! Brody CHOPS, and CHOPS, but Eddie hits back! So Brody CHOPS again! Brody whips corner to corner hard and Eddie bounces off buckles! The ref checks on Eddie, but Eddie says he’s still in this. So Brody stands on Eddie’s head at the ropes! The ref counts, Brody lets off, and he storms around. Brody BOOT WASHES Eddie! Eddie sputters but Brody comes back to stand him up.

Eddie clinches! But Brody throws elbows and Eddie falls down. Brody drags Eddie up, CHOPS him again, and follows him to the corner. Brody hoists Eddie up top, climbs up after him, and throws body shots. Eddie fires shots in return, they brawl up top, and Brody CLUBS away on Eddie’s back! Collision returns to single picture as Eddie HEADBUTTS Brody away! Brody storms up to ROCK Eddie back! Brody goes back up, and he SUPERPLEXES! Both men are down and the fans fire up! Fans rally for Eddie as he and Brody stir. Brody stands, he stalks Eddie, and he drag Eddie up, to CHOP again!

Eddie falls back into a corner, but Brody whips corner to corner. Eddie barely makes it! The ref checks on Eddie but Eddie refuses to give up. Brody runs in, but into a BOOT! Brody returns, into another BOOT! Eddie runs and LARIATS! Brody stays up! Eddie snarls and runs again, but blocks a boot to LARIAT Brody down! Fans fire up again as both men are down! Eddie and Brody stir, slowly rise, and Brody goes to a corner. Eddie runs in to clothesline! And MACHINE GUN CHOP! The fans fire up and Eddie roars as he reloads! MACHINE GUN CHOPS! Then a clinch! Brody fights with elbows again, and he gets around, GERMAN SUPLEX!

Eddie rises!? But he staggers about, mostly running on adrenaline and anger! Brody reels Eddie in but Eddie URAKENS!! Eddie falls on the cover, TWO!! Brody survives the Backfist to the Future, but fans fire back up. A standing count starts, both men stir at about 2 of 10, and Brody rolls away from Eddie. Eddie and Brody are still down at 6, and at 8! They both push up off the mat and go forehead to forehead. Then Eddie CHOPS! Brody CHOPS! Eddie brings down the straps and the fans love it! Eddie eggs Brody on, so Brody CHOPS! Eddie CHOPS! Brody CHOPS! Eddie wobbles, but then he CHOPS!

Brody seethes, CHOPS, and Eddie grits his teeth! Eddie glares at Brody, puts some stank on it, and he CHOPS! Brody grits his teeth now as the fans “WOO~!” Brody CHOPS, CHOPS and CHOPS, then fires off forearms! Brody runs, but Eddie kicks a leg! Then ENZIGURIS! Brody wobbles, into a DDT!! Cover, TWO!! Brody is still in this and Eddie is beside himself! Fans rally up for Eddie as he drags himself to ropes, and Eddie drags himself up to his feet. Eddie wobbles, steadies himself, and he glares at Brody. Brody rises, Eddie heads over, and Eddie reels Brody in. But Brody’s too big to scoop, so Eddie fires body shots and CLUBS Brody!

Eddie reels Brody back in but Brody is still too big! Brody back drops Eddie away! Both men stumble around, Eddie is up, but into an URENAGE! Brody wants Eddie to get up, and the fans hoot and bark. Brody roars, runs, but Eddie catches the discus! Brody swings an elbow, but ends up in an EXPLODER!! Brody’s right up!? But he swings into a HALF ‘N’ HALF SUPLEX!! Eddie stands, reloads, SAIDO!! Cover, TWO!! Brody survives and the fans are thunderous! Eddie seems unsure what to do, but Eddie drags Brody back up. There’s five minutes left in the 20 minute time limit, Eddie has to hurry!

Eddie stands Brody up, reels him in, but Brody wrenches out! Brody ROCKS Eddie, reels him in, and lifts, for a PILEDRIVER!! Cover, ROPEBREAK!! Eddie survives by a literal foot and Brody can’t believe it! Brody storms around, the fans rally back up, and Brody fires off more forearms! Eddie wobbles, Brody throws more shots, but Eddie doesn’t fall! Eddie leans on Brody, Brody says goodnight, but Eddie ducks! URAKEN!! Brody rebounds to BOOT Eddie again! And then the GONZO BOMB!!! Cover, Brody wins!!

Winner: Brody King, by pinfall (gains 3 points; Eddie earns 0)

What a brutal battle, perhaps worthy of the G1! This fight alone puts the Continental Classic on the map, and it puts Brody on the board! The House Always Wins as they sweep the night, but will Brody be able to sweep block?

BREAKING NEWS for next week’s Blue League match-ups!

Bryan Danielson finally starts his run against Eddie Kingston! Those two hate each other, will that match somehow outdo the one we just saw? As for Brody, he goes up against Claudio Castagnoli while Daniel Garcia takes on Andrade El Idolo, who continues their momentum and who turns things around?

My Thoughts:

An awesome Collision here tonight, great continuation of the Continental Classic, but I’m already wondering how they’re gonna make up for Bryan Danielson and Andrade El Idolo not starting here with everyone else. Maybe Bryan VS Andrade is added to Dynamite at some point so that there’s time for them to recover before going into a Collision? But either way, awesome stuff from Claudio VS Garcia and of course awesome main event from Brody VS Eddie. Garcia had a good promo on Rampage to plug his part in the tournament, but sadly he loses this first match. Eddie losing the first round also made some sense in terms of storytelling. He put up the other belts, he has to fight his way up from an underdog position to get them back.

Great stuff for the House of Black overall tonight, with everyone in the group winning. Though, that was a given for Julia since this was her first title defense and she wasn’t gonna lose so soon. And it seems House of Black is building their feud with FTR, that’ll be good stuff to build them both back up towards another shot at the tag titles. I did laugh at Malakai saying “Cesaro” and “CM Punk” tonight, though. And great promos from Starks & Bill tonight, pulling upon his real life fight to get back could basically make Big Bill a Face, but he and Starks are also just so good at being Heels.

But Don Callis calling out Jericho & Omega for a 2v1 with Hobbs makes no sense given we all saw Starks & Bill beat him up and hurt that bad arm more. Hobbs VS Omega 1v1 could still be some great stuff, even though Like a Dragon felt like it was the blowoff. I suppose Hobbs VS Omega could also be a vehicle to give us the return of Paul Wight and setting up Hobbs VS Wight for Worlds End. Though, knowing Jericho, he’ll still try and fight with the bad arm and that could end up a liability that helps Hobbs win, helps Starks & Bill win, something so that Jericho & Omega don’t actually end up tag team champions, really making taking the title shot off the Bucks all the weirder.

Great match from Keith VS Moriarty but I figured Keith was gonna win. Keith didn’t say Shane Taylor’s name, so I really hope this isn’t Tony Khan having them shift gears away from that story the same way he never gave Keith and Swerve a true blowoff. Granted, Keith does deserve to go after a championship, as he also should have a long time ago, but I guess we’ll see. Honestly, a title is the only thing that could make up for Keith not getting in on the Continental Classic, which itself leads to a title. And the only title I can think of is the AEW International Championship because the world title already has way too many people going after MJF, and the TNT title is spoken for.

Speaking of, awesome stuff from Edge going after “Killswitch.” Luchasaurus getting up from a Con-Chair-To was great, too, but this of course gives us Edge VS Christian for the TNT Championship. Too bad it couldn’t be Winter is Coming, or rather that Winter is Coming wasn’t set for Montreal. Either way, it’ll be great stuff, and maybe, just maybe, Luchasaurus finally breaks away from Christian.

My Score: 8.9/10

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