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Mitchell’s ROH Results & Report! (9/28/23)

Will Billie Starkz make Athena proud?



ROH Wrestling 2023

Will the “Minion in Training” freeze during this test?

Billie Starkz has been under the guidance of ROH Women’s World Champion, Athena, but it is time to see if she’s learned anything from the Fallen Goddess!


  • Josh Woods w/ Mark Sterling VS Brayden Erving; Woods wins.
  • Tony Nese w/ Mark Sterling VS Scorpio Sky; Scorpio wins.
  • Lee Johnson VS Gravity; Gravity wins.
  • Billie Starkz w/ Athena VS Lady Frost; Billie wins.
  • Action Andretti & Darius Martin VS The Outrunners; Action & Darius win.
  • Leyla Hirsch VS Laynie Luck; Leyla wins.
  • Shane Taylor w/ Lee Moriarty VS Jimmy Jacobs; Shane wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Dalton Castle & The Boys VS Ren Jones, Trenton Tormenta & Xavier Walker; Castle & The Boys win.
  • Griff Garrison & Cole Karter w/ Maria Kanellis-Bennett VS The Infantry w/ Trish Adora; Garrison & Karter win.
  • Allysin Kay VS Mercedes Martinez w/ Diamante; Mercedes wins.
  • The Gates of Agony w/ Prince Nana VS The Iron Savages w/ Jacked Jameson; The Gates win.
  • Ethan Page VS Rohit Raju; Ethan wins.
  • Brian Cage w/ Prince Nana VS Metalik; Cage wins.


Josh Woods w/ Mark Sterling VS Brayden Erving!

The Technical Beast continues his comeback with Smart Mark lining ’em up so they can be knocked down. Will it be another easy night for Woods? Or will Brayden make a name for himself at the expense of the Sterling Stable?

The Code of Honor is upheld, the bell rings, and the two circle. The two tie up, go around, and Woods clinches to put Brayden in a corner. Woods fires off knee after knee after knee, but lets off as the ref counts. Fans fire up as Woods hits a swinging KNEE! And then another swinging knee! Woods hauls Brayden up, whips him to the corner, but Brayden stops to elbow back! And boot, and DROPKICK! Woods stays up, ducks the enziguri, and deadlift GERMAN SUPLEXES! Fans fire up as Woods BOOTS Brayden, then KNEES him in the face! Woods hauls Brayden up to suplex, for the TILT-O-WOODS! Cover, Woods wins!

Winner: Josh Woods, by pinfall

Not one ropebreak, not one haymaker, but ALL brutal! Is Woods going to be primed and ready for The Wrestler, Katsuyori Shibata, after WrestleDream?


Backstage interview with The Mogul Embassy.

Lexi Nair is with Prince Nana, and the former ROH World Six Man Tag Team Champions, and brings up that tonight, the Gates of Agony in a tag match while Brian Cage is in a singles match. But um, is there a reason Nana is so agitated? Oh, Lexi, you are asking these “spicy” questions! Trying to be funny, huh? No, she’s just doing her job… Nana says she’s talking to the Mogul Embassy. Of course they’re ready for tonight! “You’re looking at two of the most unbelievable tag teams in the history of this stinking company, ROH, and they also happen to be the former Six Man Champions, alright?

“And then you’re talking about a Machine. A Machine that cannot be broken, Mr. Brian Cage. So when you come to me and you ask me these questions, these lollygagging type questions about why I feel a certain way… It’s because the Mogul Embassy is back on track. And it’s gonna start tonight.” Cage adds that Six Man titles or not, they’ve still got the wildest Samoan, two of the most legit African princes, and the largest arms in wrestling! And what they’re sick and tired of is seeing all these smelly, stinkin’ Sloppy Joes go out there week after week while they take a backseat! Not no more, not tonight! That all changes, just like Nana said.

And Nana adds that in the end, everyone knows that the Mogul Embassy IS in the money. Liona roars and the team heads out, will they go from dominating the Trios Division into dominating the Tag AND Singles Divisions?


Tony Nese w/ Mark Sterling VS Scorpio Sky!

We just saw Smart Mark’s other client go all Technical Beast Mode, and now he and the Premier Athlete make their way out. But of course, Mark has Bobby Cruz stop so he can introduce Nese himself, and he hands the mic over. Nese knows Grand Rapids, Michigan knows that he is sure they know he is a world-travelling athlete. But if you were to ask Nese to point out Grand Rapids on a map, he for the life of him would not find it. So here’s a map right here, as he holds up his hand. Point to where it is on the hand map. Some people flip Nese off! Nese ignores that to point to the bottom of the hand, where the thumb connects to the rest.

Nese now understands. He understands that Grand Rapids is the fattest part of Michigan! Yes, boo, we don’t want that. But good news for all of them! We found the root of the problem! Now we’ll do something about it. Instead of a wrestling match, Nese treats us to GROUP TRAINING~! Stand up, you lazy SOBs! Start with stretching! He’s just trying to help! You all talk to- Wait! Here comes Scorpio Sky! After all, Nese said reach for the sky. But will Scorpio have Nese reaching for some oxygen after this in-ring workout?

NO Code of Honor as Nese CLBOBERS Scorpio and fires off in the corner! The fans boo, the ref reprimands but Nese bumps Scorpio off buckles. Nese talks trash, but Scorpio CLOBBERS him in return! Fans fire up, Scorpio whips and back drops Nese high and hard! Fans fire up more as Scorpio finally gets his vest off. Nese bails out and storms around while Sterling calms him. Nese rushes up but then stays back. Fans rally for Scorpio and he chases Nese around the outside. They slide in and Nese stomps away! Nese mocks the fans, brings Scorpio up and ROCKS him with a right. Nese whips but Scorpio reverses to hurdle, drop and trip Nese!

Scorpio Oklahoma Rolls, TWO! Scorpio CHOPS! Nese staggers away but fans want that “ONE MORE TIME!” Scorpio obliges and CHOPS again! Nese is stinging and Sterling is upset, but Scorpio whips. Nese holds ropes, bails out again and fans boo. Nese & Sterling wanna bail on this match? No such luck as Scorpio gets Nese back in! Sterling gets in Scorpio’s face but then backs off. Nese uses the apron skirt to blind Scorpio and then DROPKICK him down! Fans boo but Sterling talks trash. Nese mockingly applauds, then he drags Scorpio up. Nese SMACKS Scorpio off the apron, then whips him at steel steps!

Scorpio writhes and Nese slides back into the ring. Nese distracts the ref so that Sterling can stomp Scorpio! Fans boo but Sterling slithers away. Nese drags Scorpio up as fans chant “YOU SUCK!” Nese knees Scorpio, knees him again, then pretends he doesn’t understand. Nese drags Scorpio up to hoist him up top backwards. Then Nese puts Scorpio in the Tree of Woe, and runs corner to corner, for the ab crunch kicks! Fans boo but Nese soaks up the heat. Scorpio gets out of the Tree, drags himself up with ropes, but Nese stands him up. Fans still say “YOU SUCK!” but Scorpio CHOPS! And CHOPS! And CHOPS again!

Nese THROAT CHOPS! Fans boo but Sterling applauds. Nese headlocks to BULLDOG HOTSHOT! Fans boo more but Nese covers, TWO! Nese drops a leg, brother! And then another, brother! Cover, TWO! Scorpio stays in this but Nese stays on Scorpio with the body scissor squeeze! Fans rally up as Scorpio endures, and he pries at the hold. Scorpio powers the legs open but Nese shifts to a waistlock. BIG back suplex! Cover, TWO! And back to the body scissors! Scorpio endures again and the fans rally back up. Scorpio fights up, Nese tries to chinbar but Scorpio pushes him back, and throws down forearms!

Fans fire up as Scorpio gets free! Nese grabs at Scorpio, waistlocks, but Scorpio switches to hit a BIG back suplex of his own! Both men are down and fans fire up again. A standing count begins but both men stir. Nese goes to ropes, Scorpio stands at 4 and Nese follows. Scorpio ROCKS Nese, ROCKS him again, then whips. Nese reverses but Scorpio kicks and runs, to knee lift and LARIAT! Fans fire up even more and Scorpio is feeling it! Nese flounders to a corner, Scorpio runs in but Nese dodges. Nese returns but Scorpio dodges, SKY HIGH! Cover, TWO!! Nese survives but Scorpio keeps his cool.

Scorpio fireman’s carries but Nese fights it! Fans rally as Scorpio keeps trying to lift, but Nese powers to a waistlock. They go to a corner, Scorpio bucks the O’Conner to BOOT! Scorpio goes up, Nese SHORYUKENS! Nese fireman’s carries, but Scorpio holds ropes! Scorpio CLUBS away on Nese, then leaps up and over to sunset flip! Nese rolls through to SOBAT! Cover, TWO!! Fans fire up while Sterling is furious about the count! Nese throws a forearm, Scorpio hits back! Nese, Scorpio, repeat! Fans rally up, Scorpio gets the edge, but Nese blocks the boot! Nese slips around to waistlock, Scorpio switches to GERMAN SUPLEX, but Nese lands on his feet to DOUBLE STOMP!

Nese hauls Scorpio up, reels him in, but Scorpio FISHERMAN BUSTERS first! Scorpio dusts off, fireman’s carries, and T K O!! Cover, Scorpio wins!

Winner: Scorpio Sky, by pinfall

Sterling’s Stable goes 1-1 as Nese’s eight pack abs could not survive that drop outta the sky! Will Scorpio’s return to ROH bring him a return to prominence?


Lee Johnson VS Gravity!

Big Shotty’s had some misfires lately, but it’s not his fault #TAIGASTYLE joined Shane Taylor Promotions to get the upper hand. Will Lee Johnson get back on target? Or will he not be able to shoot down the Astronaut of Lucha?

The Code of Honor is upheld, the bell rings and the two circle. The fans rally up for “GRA-VI-TY!” The two circle some more, feel things out, and then tie up. Gravity waistlocks, Lee switches, but Gravity trips him and rolls back, ONE! The two reset and fans applaud. Gravity and Lee tie up again, are in a deadlock, and Gravity goes for an arm. Gravity wrenches, Lee chinbars and spins Gravity to a facelock. Lee grinds Gravity down but Gravity fights up to wrench and wristlock. Gravity kicks and kicks and keeps on the wristlock, but Lee rolls, kips up and wrenches back. Fans rally and Gravity trips Lee to then tie up the legs!

Gravity has a modified Indian Deathlock, then he knuckle locks. Lee gets his legs free, fights up to his feet and they go shoulder to shoulder. They turn around, turn again, and keep up the Test of Strength. Fans rally, Gravity headlocks but Lee powers up and out. Gravity runs Lee over, and fans fire up! Gravity runs, things speed up and Lee hurdles to arm-drag! And arm-drag again! Then he avoids Gravity’s arm-drag to Oklahoma Roll! TWO and fans are torn as Lee mocks the space walk. The two circle, feel things out again, and they tie up. Lee powers Gravity to a corner, the ref counts, and Lee lets off slowly.

Lee whips corner to corner, runs in but Gravity dodges! Gravity runs in and Arabian Press ARM-DRAGS! Then a wheelbarrow, for the victory roll! TWO! Lee rushes back in, Gravity dodges, Lee hurdles. They keep going, Lee DROPKICKS Gravity down! Fans fire up as Lee flexes. Lee stalks Gravity to ropes as fans rally. Lee brings Gravity up to bump him off buckles, then turns him around to CHOP! Fans “WOO~!” and Lee whips corner to corner. Gravity hits buckles hard then sits down in the corner, and Lee does push-ups to show off. Fans count along and Lee goes all the way to TEN! Lee gets his pumps in, then storms up on Gravity.

Lee drags Gravity up to stomp a mudhole in, the ref counts, and Lee snapmares to chinlock. Lee grinds Gravity down, fans rally up, and Gravity fights his way up. Gravity JAWBREAKERS free! Lee wobbles, Gravity goes to a corner, and then Lee runs in. Gravity BOOTS Lee back! Lee returns but Gravity puts him on the apron and DECKS him! Gravity then goes up and up and up, to SUPER CROSSBODY! Fans fire up after that hangtime, and Gravity drags Lee up. Gravity puts Lee in, goes up another corner, and then FLYING ARM-DRAGS into a cover, TWO!! Lee escapes that one but the fans fire up behind Gravity!

Gravity pounds the mat to feed off that energy, and then runs in. Lee gets around, waistlocks, O’Conner but Gravity stands up! Gravity elbows free, switches, but Lee bucks the O’Conner! Lee runs into a POWERSLAM! Then STANDING MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO!! Lee survives the double impact but the fans fire up more! Lee flounders and Gravity watches him closely. Gravity hurries to a corner but Lee sneaks up to anchor a foot. Gravity kicks Lee away, runs up, but Lee ROCKS him with a forearm! Lee whips, shoots around, then BLUE- NO, Gravity fights the bomb! But Lee keeps Gravity from running!

Gravity elbows, but Lee ducks the roundhouse to BLUE THUNDER BOMB! Cover, TWO!! Gravity survives but Lee won’t let up! Lee suplexes, but Gravity slips free and ripcords, but Lee SUPERKICKS! Lee runs, slides under then SUPERKICKS again! Lee reels Gravity back in, to suplex, but Gravity cradle counters! TWO!! Lee escapes but Gravity SUPERKICKS! Gravity suplexes high and hard! Then he goes right up the corner and fans fire up for the PLANKING SPLASH! Cover, Gravity wins!

Winner: Gravity, by pinfall

Big Shotty can’t blame anyone else for this one, he just could not defy Gravity! What will it take for Lee Johnson to be firing on all cylinders? As for Gravity, he is already a star in ROH, but can he make himself into a champion?


Backstage interview with The Outrunners.

Lexi is with Turbo Floyd & Truth Magnum and says we have been seeing a lot of them lately. Tonight, they face the dynamic duo of Darius Martin & Action Andretti, how’re they feeling? Truth says that there’s a lot of talking going around in AEW and ROH about “Who is the best tag team in the world?” Well, they couldn’t care less, cuz what you’re looking at is the best tag team in the UNIVERSE! Tell ’em, Turb! Turbo says Darius & Action think they’re the newest, hottest, biggest and baddest team on the block, but guess what, buds? You’re not! It’s the Outrunners! They’ve got the looks and the guns! And if you ain’t seen the Outrunners, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

They flex as hard as they can, but can they get the win? Or will Top Flight MK II stay on course for another shot at gold?


Billie Starkz w/ Athena VS Lady Frost!

The “Minion in Training” completed the To Do List, survived the physical training, and has even had her mentor’s back against her opponents. But will she clear the final hurdle that is winning a match of her own? Or will she be left out in the cold upon failing her Fallen Goddess?

The Code of Honor is upheld, but then Frost knees Billie low! Fans boo but Frost dusts herself off. Frost runs but Billie CHOPS! And KNEES! And- NO, Frost ducks the lariat, but Billie tosses her out! Fans rally up and Athena takes notes. She blows her whistle to startle Frost, and Billie builds speed! Billie DIVES to take Frost down at the ramp! Fans cheer and Athena suggests using the steps. The people want it! Fans do cheer, and Billie says okay. Billie brings Frost up, lines up the shot, spins Frost around and around, but then puts Frost in the ring. Fans boo and Billie says she got dizzy. Athena says fine, just stay on the opponent.

Billie hurries in after Frost but Athena shouting keeps distracting her. Frost bails out, Billie goes out the side, but Frost avoids the sweep! And cartwheels over another! PENALTY KICK knocks Billie down! Frost soaks up the heat while Athena coaches Billie up. Frost taunts Athena to help her minion. Frost SMACKS Billie off the apron, CHOPS her, then says that was ice cold. Frost puts Billie in the ring, swaggers around, and she bumps Billie off buckles. Frost CHOPS and Billie sputters. Frost says, “One more?” Fans say sure, but Frost says nope! She pie faces Billie! Athena coaches Billie but Frost mocks her.

Frost laughs at Athena and bumps Billie off buckles. Frost stomps a mudhole in, then stands on Billie to stomp away! The ref reprimands, Frost lets off, and Billie drags herself up. Billie pushes Frost, but Frost GAMANGIRIS! Fans rally and Athena tells Billie to fight back. Billie throws hands and a BOOT and Athena likes that! But Frost ROCKS Billie back! Frost runs in to RAM into Billie, then rolls back to RAM into her again! Frost brings Billie out to fisherman, but Billie cradle counters! TWO! Frost DECKS Billie! Billie flounders to a corner, Frost runs up and blocks boots, but Billie KICKS back! Fans rally for Billie as she fireman’s carries.

Frost fights free, shoves, and then goes to a corner. Billie runs in but into BOOTS! Frost then handsprings over Billie to BLINDSIDE SHOTGUN! Cover, TWO! Athena coaches Billie but Frost is on her again. Fans rally, Frost pie faces Billie some more, then Frost whips and ROCKS Billie! Frost whips Billie but Billie blocks! And blocks again! Athena coaches Billie, Frost whips but Billie reverses and ROCKS Frost! Athena likes that! Billie runs, but Frost reels her in to CLUB her down! Billie staggers, but she spins Frost to KNEE SMASH, and HOOK KICK! Then a fireman’s carry, for a DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! Cover, TWO!

Fans rally up and Billie puts Frost in a drop zone. Billie climbs, Athena coaches her on, but Billie has to leap over Frost. Frost comes back, handspring to an Alabama, AIR RAID CRASH! Frost then goes up the corner, TEMPERATURE DROP!! Cover, Athena sneaks in to help!? Fans are torn as Athena blows her whistle. The player-coach with a sneaky assist and Frost is furious, but Billie waistlocks! Frost elbows Billie, standing switches, but Billie slips free and tucks the arms, C R 2!!! Cover, BILLIE WINS!

Winner: Billie Starkz, by pinfall

The Fallen Goddess helps her Minion, and then Billie finishes it herself with Caprice Coleman wants to call “The Starkz Clash.” Wait, Athena goes after Frost for herself now! We all know the Fallen Goddess has a mean streak, and she wants Billie to get on hers! Athena TOSSES Frost out, then invites Billie to hit her, too. Billie says no, the win is enough! Athena says no, the people want violence. So she scoops and SWINGS Frost into railing! The ref says no more, Billie says no more, but fans say “ONE MORE TIME!” So Athena whips Frost hard into more railing! Billie tells Athena stop but Athena puts Frost back in the ring!

Athena sets Frost up with the ROH Women’s World Championship belt, but Billie tells her no! Athena sits Frost up, but Billie moves the belt! Athena sighs and fans boo, but Billie says enough is enough. Athena stares Billie down but Billie doesn’t back off. Athena tells Billie that if this is gonna work, Athena leads and the minion follows! You want the title? Athena is trying to show you what it takes!! Athena lets off and Billie is clearly conflicted. What other lessons will Athena try to teach Billie? Or does Billie simply need to learn how to stand up for herself?


Backstage interview with Allysin Kay.

Lexi is with AK and says tonight she will face Mercedes Martinez, an old rival. How is she feeling going into this match? Allysin says, “How am I feeling, Lexi? How am I feeling!?” Allysin apologizes for yelling, she knows Lexi is a nice person. But Allysin admits that she loves talking trash, it might be what she does best. If you need someone cussed out, she is your girl. But she is also not delusional, and she knows she’s on a losing streak. She hates to admit it but the facts don’t lie. And Allysin also knows Mercedes is a much more experienced veteran than her. But the thing is, win, lose or draw, AK ain’t going down without a fight.

In the end, AK Still Don’t Play! She has put her old rival on notice, will Allysin prove she’s more badass than the OG Badass?


Action Andretti & Darius Martin VS The Outrunners!

We heard from Turbo & Truth, but while their retro style and attitude is a lot of fun, will they be all business here tonight? Or will the Sight to See and Air Wolf prove throwbacks aren’t enough against a team that knows how to #StayReady?

The Code of Honor is not upheld as Truth & Turbo would rather Mega Powers handshake with each other. The teams sort out and Truth starts against Action. They circle at the bell, Truth avoids Action shooting in for a leg, and then the two feel out a knuckle lock. Turbo snags Action, but he gets away and dodges Truth. Truth swings again but Action blocks to wrench and wristlock. Action then ripcords, wrenches, and wrangles Truth to a top wristlock! Fans rally, Truth fights up but Darius tags in. Darius wrenches to arm-drag Truth, then rolls to clinch and ghost pin, ONE! Truth rushes in but into an arm-drag!

Darius wrenches then tags in Action. Action goes up to DOUBLE STOMP the arm! Truth scrambles away and throws a fit, but Turbo wants in to knock Action’s block off! Truth tags Turbo in and Grand Rapids fires up. Turbo flexes and he circles with Action. Action blocks a kick and Turbo apologizes. Action spins Turbo to headlock. Turbo powers up, and pulls hair! The ref reprimands but Turbo headlocks now. Action powers up and out but Turbo runs him over! Turbo hits a homer, then he goes back for Action. Turbo headlocks, but Action powers up and out to step over, La Magistrol, TWO! But Action keeps the arm!

Action wrenches, headlocks, but Turbo powers up to back suplex! But Action lands on his feet to headlock Turbo. Truth runs in but Action back drops him up and over them both! Turbo powers up, Action goes up the corner and he gets Truth, too, HEADSCISSOR HEADLOCK TAKEOVER COMBO! The Outrunners tumble and regroup while Darius hops in, and Team Stay Ready DOUBLE DROPKICK them out! Fans fire up while Darius & Action secret handshake, then DOUBLE PLAN- NO, Truth drags Darius out! Darius is sent into steps! Action kicks Turbo away but Truth trips Action up mid-springboard!

Fans are torn as Outrunners put Action in. Turbo spins to soak up the cheers and jeers, then he rains down fists! Turbo flexes, poses while sitting on the cover, ONE! Fans taunt the Outrunners but Truth tells ’em to shut up! Turbo tags Truth in, and they DOUBLE SCOOP SLAM! The Outrunners flex more, then Turbo sucker punches Darius! The ref keeps Darius back while Truth drags Action up, but Action cradle counters! The ref is too busy with Darius, he’s missing all of this! Turbo pushes the cradle over into Outrunner favor, ONE!! Action stands but Truth DECKS him! Truth drags Action around, runs, and drops a knee! Cover, TWO!

Truth is annoyed, he slaps Action around, then sucker punches- NO, Darius counter punches! But the ref is still distracted with Darius! Turbo fakes a tag and stomps Action. Turbo slashes his throat, drags Action up to CLUB him, then suplexes, for the NECKBREAKER! Fans boo but Turbo points to Truth. Truth calls for Total Recall, probably the original Arnold Schwarzenegger and not the Colin Farrell one. Tag to Truth and Turbo scoops Action. Truth runs but Action slips free to shove Turbo at him! The Outrunners stop themselves and then hurry to get Action’s legs! Action stands to ENZIGURI Truth away, hot tag to Darius!

Darius rallies on the Outrunners! He DECKS Turbo, fires off haymakers on Truth then whips. Truth reverses but Darius hits an atomic drop! Then a BULLDOG HOTSHOT, to a GAMANGIRI! Truth tumbles and fans fire up as Darius goes up, to CROSSBODY! Cover, Turbo breaks it! Fans rally, Turbo whips but Darius TOSSES Turbo out! Action anchors Turbo, Darius DECK Shim! Action goes up to QUEBRADA! Down goes Turbo and Action tags in! Darius has Truth up, atomic drop into a shove, GAMANGIRI, and then SHOTGUN GERMAN SUPLEX!! Truth staggers, Action tags in!

They kick, KICK and BUZZSAW, to then half nelson and a spin. Both men pick Truth up, for the DOUBLE STO!! Cover, Stay Ready wins!

Winners: Action Andretti & Darius Martin, by pinfall

The Outrunners probably won’t want to recall this match. But Action & Darius are on track, will they look to go after whoever are ROH World Tag Team Champions after WrestleDream?


Backstage interview with Griff Garrison.

Lexi is with the Ivy League MVP and says we saw him team with Cole Karter for the very first time. Didn’t go the way they wanted to, but will tonight be any different? But speaking of, Maria Kanellis-Bennett and Cole Karter walk in. Maria asks, “Will it be any different? What was that?” Karter adds, “Yeah, Griff, what was that? You cost me my victory!” Griff tells Karter to shut up. Just do it. And he knows he’s said that the last couple weeks, he felt like he had lost a step. But turns out that’s not true. Griff’s 100%. He just didn’t know how well this was going to go.

But this can work, they all understand that. When Griff first got here, he was just given a partner. And it was going so well, until it wasn’t. And now that guy’s not even here! (He’s talking about Brian Pillman Jr. leaving AEW/ROH) But that could be Griff next, or it could be Karter. They have to make this work, but do it the right way. Maria says okay, they will do it the right way. Karter agrees since Maria agrees, and Lexi says this is a good start. Will Griff be able to go all in on The Kingdom’s Army now that it’s all out in the air?


Leyla Hirsch VS Laynie Luck!

Speaking of The Kingdom’s Army, this is one person who is not giving in to Maria’s recruitment speech. Will Leyla continue to be LEGIT all by herself? Or will Laynie show her that sometimes, all you need is luck?

The Code of Honor is offered by Laynie, and she waits, but then Leyla sees Maria on stage. Maria says go ahead, do it. Leyla KICKS the hand away, and fans boo but Maria likes that. The bell rings, Leyla says go ahead, free shot. Laynie grabs that leg, but Leyla stays up! Leyla then pushes Laynie away, but Laynie fireman’s carries! Leyla slips free, waistlocks, but Laynie elbows and switches. Leyla switches back, Laynie bucks the O’Conner, but Leyla avoids the boot! Laynie mule kicks then runs to BOOT! Laynie suplexes, then kips up! Fans fire up with Laynie and she does a dance, but Leyla is up! Leyla hits a SAIDO!

Laynie staggers up into a GERMAN SUPLEX! Leyla drags Laynie around by her arm, blows a kiss to Maria, and puts on the LEGIT ARMBREAKER! Laynie taps, Leyla wins!

Winner: Leyla Hirsch, by submission

Now that was legit! Maria is still impressed, and it would seem the offer still stands. But Leyla says she’s 11-0, she wants Athena! Will Leyla get the title opportunity she wants without The First Lady of Wrestling helping her?


Backstage interview with Mercedes Martinez & Diamante.

Lexi is with the former ROH Women’s World Champion as well as the Cuban Diamond, and brings up the match with Allysin Kay, someone the OG Badass is very familiar with. How is she feeling ahead of that match? Uh, first off, Lil’ Miss Lex, what’s with bringing up her being a former Women’s World Champion? That’s disrespectful! Do you not know who she is? Let’s get back to business. Yes, Mercedes is facing AK. Yes, they’ve faced off before. Blah blah blah blah. But AK, in ROH, you have been losing! Match after match after match after match. Isn’t she tired of losing yet? But tonight won’t be any different. Pinkies up? Nah, pinkies down!


Shane Taylor w/ Lee Moriarty VS Jimmy Jacobs!

Big Bad Shaney T. wants to be back on top of the company he carried through its darkest days, but he’s also calling out names of ROH’s past! Will the in-ring return of the Big Bully Zombie Princess just be a stepping stone to the top of the mountain for Shane Taylor Promotions?

The Code of Honor is NOT upheld as Shane says Grand Rapids can cheer Jimmy all they want, it ain’t gonna help. Then Shane SHOVES Jimmy down! Fans boo, the bell rings, but Shane says he’s put everyone on notice. But Jimmy SLAPS Shane, throws his coat over Shane’s head, and then fires off haymakers! Shane shoves Jimmy away, runs in but Jimmy sends him into buckles! Jimmy CHOPS, but Shane just snarls. Shane puts Jimmy in a corner to CHOP! And CHOP! Fans rally for Jimmy but Shane whips corner to corner. Jimmy stops himself, comes back to LARIAT! Shane stays up but Jimmy BITES Shane’s forehead!

Moriarty protests but gets away as Jimmy swipes. Shane runs in, Jimmy tosses him out and then DIVES! But Shane catches Jimmy! Only for Jimmy to GUILLOTINE! Fans fire up but Shane stays up, and he RAMS Jimmy into the post! Then Shane SUPLEXES Jimmy away! Jimmy writhes, the ring count is climbing, but Moriarty smiles as Shane puts Jimmy in the ring. Shane stalks Jimmy to a corner, says the fans are just lying to themselves, and then he throws hands on Jimmy. Shane TOSSES Jimmy across the way! Shane talks trash to the fans, runs corner to corner, and he SPLASHES Jimmy! Jimmy leans against Shane but Shane pushes him down.

Shane taunts Jimmy, but Jimmy CHOPS! And CHOPS! And LARIATS! Shane stays up, blocks a kick and HEADBUTTS! Then the URENAGE! Shane runs to SPLASH! Cover, TWO! Jimmy survives and Moriarty is confused. Shane snarls and he tells Jimmy not to listen to his people. But Jimmy stands to fire haymakers! Shane DECKS Jimmy! Jimmy rises, and he fires more haymakers! Shane DECKS Jimmy again and tells him to stay down! Jimmy sits back up and fans fire up behind him! Jimmy fires haymakers but Shane knees low. Shane runs, KICKS Jimmy’s back drop away, but then Jimmy LARIATS Shane down!!

Fans fire up and Jimmy is feeling it! But Shane shoves Jimmy to a corner. Jimmy BOOTS back, goes up, and reels Shane in to TORNADO SNAP SUPLEX! Fans fire up as Jimmy covers, TWO! Shane is in this but fans rally behind Jimmy. Jimmy storms up but Shane JABS him! Shane swings, Jimmy ducks but the SOUTHPAW comes back! Cover, TWO!! Jimmy is still in this but Shane shakes his head. Shane drags Jimmy up and Moriarty says this is what Grand Rapids gets. Shane says this is about O H I O! Shane shoves Jimmy but Jimmy dodges, rolls and SWINGING HEADSCISSORS! Fans fire up as Shane goes tumbling away!

Jimmy runs corner to corner, ducks the lariat, and goes up to FLYING- NO, Shane stops the cutter! But then Jimmy goes up and up, only for Shane to counter the Sliced Bread! WELCOME TO THE LAND! Cover, Shane wins!

Winner: Shane Taylor, by pinfall

Ohio wins as the visiting team as Shane drops Jimmy in his hometown. Will Shane Taylor Promotions be unstoppable until they run ROH?


Backstage interview with Maria Kanellis-Bennett.

Lexi is with the First Lady and brings up Maria bringing Cole Karter and Griff Garrison together as a team, is she excited for this new duo? But then Leyla interrupts, and asks Maria that at this point, doesn’t she feel she needs to be managing “her boys,” since they need her the most? Does Leyla think that? Yeah, she does! She doesn’t get why Maria keeps coming out week after week after week, scouting her. For Leyla, things get messy when others get involved. Like last week, she was just put in a random Six Woman Tag with the Renegades, and look what happens! She does great on her own, and she proved that again.

She is 11-0! Do the people hear her? 11-0! And all without Maria’s help. And throughout the weeks, Maria’s been saying she’s gonna get Leyla more competitive matches, and that Leyla would need Maria to get her title match with Athena. And for some reason in Maria’s deranged mind, she thinks Leyla doesn’t deserve it otherwise. Well good thing the Board of Directors think the opposite. Next week, Leyla has her match with Athena for THE ROH Women’s World Championship. And that is legit. Leyla heads out and Maria sarcastically wishes her luck. Will Leyla become the LEGIT ROH Women’s World Champion even without Maria’s guidance?


Six Man Tag: Dalton Castle & The Boys VS Ren Jones, Trenton Tormenta & Xavier Walker!

Surely, just as we all are, The Peacock & The Tate Twins are aware that we have NEW ROH World Six Man Tag Team Champions in Hangman Adam Page & The Young Bucks. Hangman & The Bucks were the trio that dethroned Castle & The Boys way back in 2017, will Castle & The Boys fight their way to a rematch six years in the making? Or will they be caught off guard by three young bucks right here?

The Code of Honor is upheld, though Walker doesn’t let go of Brandon without some force. Castle gets fired up already and the ref has to keep everything sorted out. Castle starts against Michigan’s own #SwagChamp and the fans rally up. The two tie up, break, feel things out, then go again. Castle waistlocks and he SLAMS Ren down! Fans fire up and Castle tags in Brandon. Brandon runs up, ducks under and ENZIGURIS! Brandon tags to Brent, they whip Ren, then leap frog to DROPKICK! Fans fire up as Brent covers, TWO! Brent drags Ren up but Ren RAMS him into the corner! Brent fights back but Walker and Tormenta mug him!

Ren tags Walker and they beat Brent down while the ref is busy with Castle and Tormenta! Walker then CLOBBERS Castle and goes back to Brent, Brandon checks on Castle. Fans boo but Walker drags Brent up. Walker throws a hard body shot and Brent falls! Walker stands Brent up to ROCK him with a right! Castle rallies the fans up behind Brent while Walker puts him on the ropes. Walker CLUBS Brent, stalks him to a corner, then brings him around. Walker taunts Castle to back suplex but Brent lands out! Brent dodges, hot tag to Castle! Castle CLOBBERS Walker, CLOBBERS Tormenta and DECKS Ren!

Castle CLOBBERS Tormenta again to then waistlock and SLAM Walker! Fans fire up with Castle, and he SPLASHES down! Cover, Ren & Tormenta break it! They TOSS Castle out, then help Walker up. But the Boys go after them! Ren & Tormenta hit back, double whip, but the Boys both hold ropes. Tormenta runs in but the Boys DUMP him out! Then Brandon gets around Ren to waistlock, Brent runs up, but Ren DECKS Brent! Ren switches with Brandon but Brent makes the save to then CUTTER! Fans fire up, Walker gets up and The Boys egg him on. Walker runs in, misses, the Boys egg him on again!

Walker runs back in, but then Castle gets him with an Alabama Lift! BANGARANG!! Castle then drops a KNEE on Walker’s back! Cover, Castle & The Boys win!

Winners: Dalton Castle & The Boys, by pinfall

Castle says he means this with all his heart! Keep putting people in front of him and he will keep on surprising you! He’s on a roll here, and he’s gonna make ROH the greatest company wrestling has ever seen! Will The Peacock get his shot at the ROH World Television Championship? Will he and his Boys get their shot at the ROH World Six Man Tag Championships? Will they soon rule ROH?


Griff Garrison & Cole Karter w/ Maria Kanellis-Bennett VS The Infantry w/ Trish Adora!

The First Lady of Wrestling is building The Kingdom’s Army, and the Ivy League MVP is just trying to make sure they do things the right way. Will the Diamond in the Rough be willing to follow Griff’s lead? Or will Captain Shawn Dean & Carlie Bravo be the only army marching up the ranks in ROH?

The Code of Honor is upheld, and Griff starts against Carlie. They circle, fans rally up, and the two tie up. Griff wrenches, wristlocks, but Carlie rolls, handsprings and pop ‘n’ lock to headlock! Carlie then wrenches to a hammerlock but Griff switches that onto Carlie. Griff ducks an elbow, back suplexes, but Carlie lands on his feet to waistlock. Griff bucks the O’Conner, then he runs Carlie over! Fans cheer as Griff flexes, and things speed up. Carlie hurdles, but Griff turns hip toss into hip toss! Then a BOOT knocks Carlie down! Fans rally while Dean coaches Carlie. Griff drags Carlie up to bump him off buckles.

Karter tags in, he stomps a mudhole in, and then the ref counts. Karter lets off at 4, whips Carlie to ropes, but Carlie ducks and rolls, redirects and UPPERCUTS! Fans fire up and Carlie drags Karter up. Wrench and tag to Dean, scoop and SLAM leads to Dean with the PENALTY KICK, Carlie with the juke and SENTON, then Dean with the JUMPING ELBOW DROP! Cover, TWO! Karter hangs tough but Dean drags Karter up to wrench. Tag to Carlie and he climbs, to AX HANDLE! Carlie wrenches, tags back to Dean, and Dean goes up to AX HANDLE! Dean keeps Karter from Griff, wrenches again, and then Carlie tags in.

Karter claws Dean’s eyes to get free! Carlie still goes for the leap but Karter body shots him! Karter keeps moving and he LARIATS Carlie down! Karter soaks up the heat but Maria applauds. Karter bumps Carlie off buckles, tags in Griff, and they work together to double suplex! Cover, TWO! Griff clamps a chinlock on and he grinds Carlie down. Fans rally as Carlie fights up, and Carlie throws body shots. Griff shoves Carlie to then ELBOW him down! Tag to Karter, they double whip to drop and CALF KICK! Cover, TWO! Karter is annoyed but Maria cheers them on. Karter bumps Carlie off buckles, then throws body shots.

Karter lets off as the ref counts, but Carlie CHOPS! Carlie DECKS Griff but Karter KNEES and CLUBS Carlie! Carlie is down on the ropes and Maria says Griff has to do something here! Griff says no, that’s underhanded stuff! Maria tells him to do it but Griff reminds her, they’re doing this the right way. Karter is annoyed with Griff but Griff reminds him this is playing fair and square. Karter drags Carlie up but Carlie JAWBREAKERS, then DISCUS HAYMAKERS! Both men are down! Fans fire up as they crawl, hot tag to Dean! The Captain dodges Karter, BLASTS Griff, then rallies on Karter!

Dean back drops Karter high and hard! Griff runs in, but Dean ducks the elbow to DISCUS LARIAT! Dean then float-over and salute, DDT! Dean kips up and fans fire up! Maria coaches Karter but Dean takes aim. Dean runs in to LARIAT up and over to the apron! Karter staggers and Dean climbs, CROSSBODY! Cover, Griff breaks it! Maria is thankful that he did that much! Griff runs up on Dean to whip, but Dean holds ropes. Dean dumps Griff to the apron. Carlie runs in to juke and HAYMAKER! Griff goes down after the #CarlieCrossover, and The Infantry focuses on Karter! Fans fire up with them, they double wrench and DOUBLE FOREARM!

Karter falls over but Carlie says to get him up! Dean fireman’s carries, Carlie runs, they send Karter to BOOT CAMP!! Then Carlie PLANCHAS Griff for good measure! Dean covers but Maria distracts! Fans boo but Dean tells the ref to pay attention! Dean calls in Trish! Hit her with the deal! Maria says no, no deals! No deals, please! Adora storms up on Maria, but Karter rolls Dean! Griff keeps Carlie out, and Karter puts his feet on the ropes!! The ref misses it, The Kingdom’s Army wins!!

Winners: Cole Karter & Griff Garrison, by pinfall

The Infantry can’t believe it, but they just got caught! Griff only knows that they won, he doesn’t realize Karter cheated! Is Maria going to get her boys on the same page no matter what? Or will the truth be revealed and ruin the fun?


Backstage with Ethan Page.

Lexi is with All Ego (or is it All Honor now?) and notes he will be in action tonight against Rohit Raju. Lexi says Ethan’s been on a hot streak in ROH, and he likes that. Just last week, she said he got his groove back, and she was right. He feels rejuvenated, a little more All Ego than just Ethan Page. And if he gets this win here tonight, that would be 3-0! Is Lexi okay to say that is a streak? Yes, it is! Then Ethan on a streak will be fantastic, because he has big plans in ROH. Oh did someone say ROH? In walks Rohit Raju, who reminds us you can’t spell his name without R O H. And Lex Express, long time no see!

Rohit hasn’t gotten a call from this place in quite some time, but he saw the door open so he just kinda moseyed on in and made himself at home. Oh hey, Ethan, how you been? Well, thanks for asking the person who was scheduled for an interview how they’re doing. And he’s fantastic. Much better before the interruption. But hey, good for Rohit getting as much screentime as possible. Because Rohit kinda just pissed Ethan off. Tonight, Rohit won’t get any more screentime, because Ethan is gonna kick Rohit’s ass as quickly as possible. Enjoy this moment, close this interview while Ethan goes warm-up for the ass kicking.

Ethan storms off and Rohit asks if Lexi thinks Ethan’s mad. Yeah, a little. Good. Rohit wants to make this his show, but will he go from star to supporting character in the All Ego redemption story?


Allysin Kay VS Mercedes Martinez w/ Diamante!

We’ve heard both these rivals put the other on notice, but the time for talk is over. Actions speak louder than words anyhow, so who is the loudest badass in ROH?

The Code of Honor is barely upheld and the bell rings. Mercedes mocks the pinkies up and such, and the two circle. They tie up, go around, and Mercedes backs Allysin to ropes. The ref counts, Mercedes lets off slowly, and then Diamante swipes at Allysin! The ref tells Diamante to back off but Allysin rushes out after her! Allysin dodges Mercedes’ cheap shot, to then FLAPJACK her off the apron! “Not today, Satan!” Allysin then DECKS Mercedes, and she puts her in the ring. Allysin tells Diamante to back off, then runs in. She avoids the boot to hit a BIG back suplex! Cover, TWO! Mercedes is tougher than that but Allysin keeps on her.

Allysin whips Mercedes to a corner hard, then runs in to SPLASH! Allysin sits Mercedes down, pinkies up and Around the World for- NO, Diamante helps Mercedes bail out. Allysin protests, the ref has her hold on, and he tells Diamante to knock it off, final warning. Diamante helps Mercedes get in the ring, then she taunts Allysin. Allysin gets on the apron, but Diamante anchors her foot! Allysin can’t kick free before Mercedes BLASTS her down! Fans boo as Diamante gets away with another one. Mercedes takes a bow, soaks up the heat, and then waits on the ring count. Allysin crawls and Diamante taunts her.

Mercedes goes out to kick Allysin, UPPERCUT her, and follow her to the barriers. Mercedes UPPERCUTS again, shakes out her hand from hitting that hard, and then taunts the fans. Another UPPERCUT, “just for you!” Mercedes puts Allysin back in the ring, stalks her to a corner, and stomps a mudhole in! The ref counts, Mercedes lets off at 4, and she argues with the ref so Diamante can sucker punch Allysin! Mercedes drags Allysin up but Allysin throws body shots! Mercedes UPPERCUTS again! Diamante taunts Allysin, Mercedes puts Allysin in the corner and UPPERCUTS again! Mercedes then runs to forearm smash!

Mercedes goes side to side to BOOT! Mercedes swaggers, runs side to side again, and DROPKICKS! Fans boo but Mercedes just soaks up the heat. Diamante says that’s it right there! Mercedes drags Allysin as fans rally for “PINKIE’S UP!” Mercedes fireman’s carries but Allysin slips free to GERMAN SUPLEX! Fans fire up as Allysin pounds the mat. Allysin sees Mercedes stand, then runs in to LARIAT! And ELBOW! Allysin then spins Mercedes to a wristlock and NECKBREAKER! Diamante gets on the apron to talk trash but Allysin BOOTS her down! Allysin puts Mercedes in the corner, runs in but only gets buckles!

Mercedes CLUBS Allysin, Electric Chair Lifts to tuck her in, CHEEKY NANDOS! Allysin tumbles to the apron and then the floor while fans boo. Mercedes distracts the ref talking about sore this and that, and Diamante hits a WHEELBARROW STUNNER! Diamante puts Allysin in for Mercedes, and she KNEES Allysin down! But Mercedes isn’t done, she fisherman’s for the BUSTER! Cover, Mercedes wins!

Winner: Mercedes Martinez, by pinfall

An unofficial handicap match brings Allysin down for another loss, and Mercedes continues to mock the pinkies up. Is the former ROH Women’s World Champion going to go right for that gold after we see Athena VS Leyla?


Backstage interview with Billie Starkz.

Lexi the Minion Bestie congratulates her minion buddy about her epic return to action. Thanks so much, Lexi! Billie is so happy to do this all on her own! Um, actually, Athena kinda pulled her out of that pin near the end there. W-What? Athena being ringside, she reached in and- Athena walks up and Lexi stops talking. Athena asks if Minion Number 2 has something to say. No… Oh, okay, because it looked like she didn’t like how Athena handled business after that match. Nope. So then what does Billie have to say for herself? Billie won! Oh no no no, that is not what they do. They win at all costs, then deter any porcelain hussy who thinks they can step to them in the future!

If Billie doesn’t understand that, then maybe she needs more training! Billie is young and stupid, and everyone will step all over her. Athena and Bestie are just trying to bring Billie outta the gutter. But y’know what, maybe Billie needs a firsthand example. She’ll get a front row seat. Next week, Athena VS Leyla, Athena will set an example for the family. Athena storms off, Lexi apologizes but Billie is almost in tears as she leaves in the other direction. Will the Fallen Goddess prove who is truly LEGIT? Or is this all going to fall apart around her?


The Gates of Agony w/ Prince Nana VS The Iron Savages w/ Jacked Jameson!

Toa Liona & Bishop Kaun are enraged, wanting to take out their anger from that loss to the Hung Bucks on anyone that steps to them! And they already know they can beat Dirty Bulk Bronson & Beefcake Boulder from their Six Man Tag showdown. Will the Mogul Embassy slam the gates shut on the Savage Sanctuary? Or will this be when the beefy and bulky, jacked and juicy giants get that signature win?

The Code of Honor is offered, but Kaun just SHOTGUNS Bronson! The bell rings, Bronson stays up but Kaun hits a POWERSLAM! And a SPLASH! Kaun fires off hands, the ref reprimands, but Kaun stomps Bronson! Fans fire up as Kaun CLUBS Bronson! Kaun whips, drops, then swings but Bronson dodges to run Kaun over! Bronson clinches to EXPLODER! Kaun tumbles, Bronson fires up and he brings Kaun up. Kaun gets away, Liona storms in but Boulder backs Bronson up. The ref has things calm down, and everyone falls back. Bronson and Kaun tag out, fans fire up for “BEEF! BEEF! BEEF!” as he meets Liona.

Liona runs in to RAM shoulders with Boulder but neither falls! They RAM again, and again, and again! This is big men slappin’ meat and fans fire up! Liona LARIATS but Boulder LARIATS! They go shot for shot, Liona gets the edge and then fires up, but Boulder dodges to BLAST Kaun! Liona roars, so does Boulder, and they RAM shoulders again! Liona grabs the beard, but Boulder CLUBS the arms! Liona CLUBS the fireman’s carry, whips, but Boulder reverses to TOSS Liona out! Fans fire up and Boulder throws off the headband! Tag to Bronson as he builds speed!? Boulder DIVES but has to bail out as Kaun saves Liona!

Kaun whips Liona in and Liona CLOBBERS Boulder! But wait, Bronson builds speed!? Bronson DIVES, but the Gates catch him! DOUBLE SCOOP SLAM to the ramp! And then they run Boulder over! How are there no craters at ringside!? Liona goes back into the ring and fans rally up. The ring count climbs but Liona tags Kaun. Kaun fetches Bronson, throws down fists, and then runs to SENTON! Bronson sputters but Kaun pushes him to a cover, TWO! Kaun looms over Bronson, drags him up, and he tags in Liona. They RAM Bronson in the corner, then Kaun goes up so they can mug Bronson!

The ref counts, the Gates let off at 4, but Kaun still CHOKES Bronson against ropes! The ref reprimands, Kaun lets off, and Jameson rallies the fans for Bronson. Liona drags Bronson up, but Bronson throws hands! Liona HEADBUTTS Bronson down! Tag to Kaun, fans continue to rally, but the Gates double whip. Kaun runs in but into BOOTS! Bronson goes up to CROSSBODY! Both men are down and fans fire up! Bronson and Kaun crawl, Kaun anchors Bronson’s foot! Bronson kicks Kaun away, hot tag to Boulder! Boulder runs Kaun over, BLASTS Liona, then runs Kaun over again!

Boulder scoops Kaun, Kaun slips free, tag to Liona. Boulder still hits a SIDEWALK SLAM on Kaun! Liona gets in to throat chop! Fans boo, the ref reprimands, but Boulder whips. Liona ducks ‘n’ dodges, but leaps into a scoop! Nana freaks out and Liona fights, but Boulder still POWERSLAMS! The straps come down and fans fire up for all that raw beef! Tag to Boulder and Boulder goes up! Time to motorboat! Wait what? SPLASH!! Cover, TWO!! Bronson BOOTS Liona down, and the Savages say it’s time to go up! Boulder climbs, Kaun runs in to SHOVE him down!! Bronson SPLASHES Kaun, and he’s gonna sip that Savage Sauce!

But Nana steals the sauce from Jameson! Nana says that’s HIS sauce now! Nana opens the cap and takes a sip, but then Jameson chases him! Liona POUNCES Jameson! Kaun storms on Bronson to fireman’s carry and GUT BUSTER DROP! Liona storms in, he and Kaun drag Bronson up, and Nana says do it! OPEN THE GATES!! Cover, the Gates win!

Winners: The Gates of Agony, by pinfall

Nana’s promise is halfway fulfilled as Kaun & Liona keep their ROH 2v2 streak going! These behemoths will be waiting to see if MJF survives The Righteous on Sunday, will the Gates get winners?


Ethan Page VS Rohit Raju!

All Ego is slowly getting back to himself, and he’s looking to take one more step towards title opportunities! Will the Mad Dragon of Michigan wish he hadn’t fired Ethan up? Or will he use Ethan’s own aspirations against him?

The Code of Honor is upheld, but then Rohit kicks low! Fans boo but Rohit ROCKS Ethan, then kicks him again. Rohit whips, Ethan blocks, so Rohit tries again. Ethan still blocks, reels Rohit in to scoop, but Rohit slips out. Ethan bucks the O’Conner and he runs Rohit right over! Fans fire up and Ethan drags Rohit up. Ethan ROCKS Rohit and then whips, to then run Rohit over again! Ethan suplexes as fans fire up, and he holds Rohit up and even marches around! After a count of TEN, it’s the SLAM! Ethan grins and fans cheer. Ethan brings Rohit up but Rohit fires off fast hands! Ethan ducks the buzzsaw to clinch! COBRA CLUTCH SLAM!

Ethan says now he’s done with Rohit! Canadian Rack, but Rohit fights free! Rohit BOOTS Ethan, runs in, but into a scoop! Rohit tilt-o-whirls free to TWIST ‘N’ SHOUT! Rohit then runs to forearm smash! And then BOOT! Rohit fires up and he runs back in, but into a BOOT!! Ethan doesn’t stop there, he goes out to step back in, “GOOD NIGHT, ROHIT!” HEADSHOT CUTTER! Cover, Ethan wins!

Winner: Ethan Page, by pinfall

It was maybe a longer match than Ethan promised, but it was still pretty quick. Ethan shakes Rohit’s hand to keep the Code of Honor, will Ethan keep up this momentum until he is a champion in ROH?


Brian Cage w/ Prince Nana VS Metalik!

Time for part two of the Nana’s promise! Will The Machine prove he cannot be stopped? Or will the King of Ropes finally answer, “Who betta?”

The Code of Honor is upheld, the bell rings, and the two circle. Fans rally as Cage and Metalik tie up. They go around, Cage throws Metalik to a corner, and he asks, “Who betta than Cage?” Nana says nobody, and then Cage runs in, only for Metalik to dodge. Metalik comes back, Cage puts him on the apron, but Metalik GAMANGIRIS! Cage staggers, Metalik goes up and tightrope walks to CROSSBODY! But Cage catches him, pop shim up, but Metalik slips free. Cage elbows Metalik, whips, but Metalik handsprings! Cage dodges, Metalik dodges, and Metalik tilt-o-whirls Cage outta the ring!

Fans rally up and Metalik aims to PLANCHA, but has to land out as Cage moves. Metalik kicks, Cage blocks and YANKS Metalik into a POST BOMB! “Who betta than Cage?!” Fans are torn while Cage flexes, and Nana wants Cage to use this anger. Cage drags Metalik up to put him against railing, and CHOPS! Cage puts Metalik in the ring, stomps him down, then stomps him more. Cage drags Metalik by his legs to stomp a stomach! Cage storms up on Metalik, ROCKS him and RAMS him in the corner, then RAMS him again! The ref counts, Cage lets off to whip corner to corner, then he starts up a Terminator clap.

Cage runs corner to corner to UPPERCUT! GAMANGIRI! And GERMAN SUPLEX! Cover, TWO! Metalik is hanging tough and Nana is upset, but Cage kicks Metalik around. Cage stands Metalik up but Metalik CHOPS! And CHOPS! And forearms! But Cage knees low! Cage ROCKS Metalik, UPPERCUTS him down, then paces around. Metalik rises, Cage runs in, but Metalik dropkicks the legs out! Cage is on ropes and fans fire up as Metalik dials it up! But Cage LARIATS first! Nana wants Cage to finish this, and Cage puts Metalik on the ropes. Cage dials it up to 619!! Metalik falls and fans fire up as Cage again asks, “Who betta than Cage?”

Metalik flounders to a corner, Cage storms up on him, and Cage whips corner to corner. Cage runs in, but a drop toehold sends him into buckles! Cage staggers back, Metalik RAMS into him, then goes up. Cage GAMANGIRIS Metalik first! Then Cage climbs, to deadlift- NO, Metalik trips Cage up! Metalik springboards FLYING RANAS! Metalik clotheslines in the corner, fires CHOPS and forearms, then fires up! Fans fire up with Metalik and he whips. Cage reverses, runs in but into a BOOT! Metalik runs up to SLING-DOG! Fans fire up more as Metalik keeps moving, goes up and around the ropes to MISSILE DROPKICK!

Cage bails out and Nana freaks out. Metalik goes corner to corner, goes up and up and up, to ESCALARA CROSSBODY! Direct hit and both men are down at the ramp! Fans fire up while Nana shouts to Cage to get up. Metalik hurries after Cage, puts him in the ring, and then Metalik goes up another corner. Metalik springboards again to FLYING SPLASH! Cover, TWO!! Metalik is frustrated but the fans continue to rally. Metalik roars, brings Cage up and fireman’s carries, but that’s too much muscle to lift! Cage CLUBS away on Metalik, whips him to a corner, but Metalik reverses to SUPERKICK!

Cage goes to a corner, Metalik runs in, but Cage puts Metalik up top to ROCK him first! But Metalik BOOTS Cage, adjusts, and then goes around Cage as Cage runs in! Cage hits buckles, Metalik stands on Cage’s big back, and drops into a CODE RED!! Cover, TWO!! Fans fire up while both men are down, and Metalik pounds the mat. Nana coaches Cage, Metalik drags Cage to a drop zone and goes back up top. Metalik tightrope walks, to SWANTON FLOP as Cage moves! Cage gets Metalik up, SIT OUT POWERBOMB!! Cover, TWO!?! Nana is pissed but Cage starts the Terminator clap again. Cage then drags Metalik up, reels him in, and puts one out!

Cage lifts Metalik, but Metalik slips free to CHOP! Metalik ducks lariat after lariat, rolls back but Cage scoops to a DRILL CLAW!! Cover, Cage wins!

Winner: Brian Cage, by pinfall

Nana is very, very relieved that he doesn’t look foolish in the end. The Machine continues to be unstoppable in 1v1 action here in ROH, will that earn him a shot at any title he chooses after WrestleDream?

My Thoughts:

A solid episode for ROH, but it was two hours this time because of how AEW has a PPV this weekend. Which makes sense this week since WrestleDream is featuring quite a few ROH titles. Eddie Kingston VS Katsuyori Shibata is for both the NJPW Strong Openweight and ROH World Championship, and is a match of ROH World Champ VS ROH Pure Champ. As I’ve said before, I don’t see Eddie losing, he just got the ROH World title, and after another win from Josh Woods, it would seem we’ve got Shibata VS Woods one more time on the schedule. And at the same time, Eddie still has to even show up on ROH TV as world champ, he has any number of possible feuds going towards like Final Battle in December.

MJF VS The Righteous may be 2v1 because of Adam Cole’s injury, but with the larger story of MJF, Cole, Roddy and The Kingdom, I could see MJF still retaining. He could even use Champions Advantage if he has to. But we got great tag matches tonight to build up more contenders from within ROH. Speaking of which, great matches out of The Mogul Embassy, all members being obvious choices to challenge the top champions of ROH. Now, Cage VS Eddie would be great stuff, but I don’t know where Kaun & Liona fit into the tag title scene with MJF still attached to them.

Great stuff from Ethan Page in a match that came outta nowhere, but that’s how a lot of these longer ROH episodes end up, and it is starting to wear thin for me. Also interesting to see Scorpio here in ROH after AEW was seemingly getting him going again. Really good stuff out of the technically filler match of Gravity VS Johnson, and I like Ian Riccaboni’s questioning if Gravity and Bandido are rly brothers. one is from space, the other is a cowboy. and then Caprice brings in the genius idea to make them the tag team known as Space Cowboys. Great return match for Jimmy Jacobs, but of course he loses to Shane Taylor, who is busy building himself up for the eventual match with Keith Lee.

Very good promo from The Outrunners, but I figured they’d lose to Action & Darius. Another fun Six Man match and win from Castle & The Boys, but I’m a little confused as to why Castle dropped a knee on Walker after hitting Bangarang. And I feel like Castle needs the blowoff with Samoa Joe here as Joe approaches the ROH World TV Championship single-reign record. Y’know, make it the parallel to WWE’s Gunther VS Chad Gable, where Castle gets one last chance to stop Joe from making history, puts on a top level match, but just falls short. And while outta nowhere, Mercedes VS Allysin had really good promos and a really good match to keep their rivalry going while Mercedes builds herself back up towards the title.

Speaking of which, really good stuff from Athena and Billie tonight. Billie has a really good match with Frost, Athena helps her get a win, and Billie is impressive with her character work though she’s just 18. And on the side, Leyla of course wins her match, and she of course puts Maria in her place while getting her shot at Athena. These stories intersecting is going to make for a very good title match, because I feel like Maria and Billie could both get involved in their own ways. I’m still going to lean towards Athena retaining so that she and Billie can have a title match as master VS apprentice or something like that.

And speaking of Maria’s little Kingdom Junior project, really good stuff out of them, too. I like Griff standing up for himself in the backstage promo, but it was also clever for the team to still cheat and win in a way that Griff completely misses. In the same way Lexi told Billie what really happened, I bet Griff sees what really happened by watching this episode back, and he confronts them. Just as Billie could/should stand up to Athena and has a match with her, Griff should stand up to Maria and Karter and they have a match. And this is probably just me, but I still like the idea of Griff outshining Karter and Maria dumps Karter to keep the winner.

My Score: 8.4/10

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Mitchell’s NJPW New Japan Soul Results & Report! (6/16/24)

Sapporo’s covered in gold!



Will the Rogue Luchador have his revenge on the Murder Machine?

After winning Best of the Super Juniors, El Desperado got Sho to accept an IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship STEEL CAGE MATCH, so will Sho have no choice but to do this without the House of Torture?


  • Kickoff – Masatora Yasuda VS Daiki Nagai; Time Limit Draw.
  • 10 Man Tag: Tomoaki Honma, Tomohiro Ishii, Satoshi Kojima, Katsuya Murashima & Shoma Kato VS The United Empire; The United Empire wins.
  • DOUKI & Taichi VS Ren Narita & Yoshinobu Kanemaru; Douki & Taichi win.
  • Bishamon VS EVIL & Dick Togo; Bishamon wins.
  • Tetsuya Naito & Titan VS Taka Michinoku & Yuya Uemura; Naito & Titan win.
  • NEVER Openweight Six Man Tag Team Championships: Los Ingobernables de Japon VS Hiroshi Tanahashi, Toru Yano & Boltin Oleg; Tanahashi, Yano & Oleg win and become the new NEVER Openweight Six Man Tag Team Champions.
  • IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championships: Clark Connors & “Drilla” Dan Moloney VS Robbie Eagles & Kosei Fujita; Connors & Drilla win and retain the titles.
  • NEVER Openweight Championship: Shingo Takagi VS HENARE; Henare wins and becomes the new NEVER Openweight Champion.
  • IWGP Global Heavyweight Championship: David Finlay VS SANADA; Finlay wins and retains the title.
  • IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship Steel Cage Match: SHO VS El Desperado; Desperado wins and becomes the new IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion.


NEVER Openweight Six Man Tag Team Championships: Los Ingobernables de Japon VS Hiroshi Tanahashi, Toru Yano & Boltin Oleg!

It’s a Dominion rematch as Yota Tsuji, Bushi & Hiromu Takahashi once again face The Ace, The Joker & The Rook! It was already rather incredible that LIJ won in the first place, will they prove it wasn’t just luck at Osaka-Jo Hall? Or will Tanahashi, Yano & Oleg prove you can’t keep bad boys down?

The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and let’s see who really runs the schoolyard!

The teams sort out and while Yota and Oleg stare down, Yano insists he start. Hiromu obliges, and they both squat at the middle of the ring. They talk some smack, then the bell rings. And Hiromu copies Yano by going right to a corner to untie a buckle pad! Yano SMACKS Hiromu on the back of the head, then finishes the job himself! Hiromu SMACKS Yano on the head! Hiromu whips, Yano reveres, but Hiromu holds the ropes and copies Yano’s taunt! Yano runs up but Hiromu drop toeholds him onto ropes! Then he KICKS the rope, runs, but into an atomic drop! Yano tags Oleg and Tanahashi jump in, too.

Oleg & Tanahashi double whip to DOUBLE SHOULDER TACKLE Hiromu! Oleg then scoops Hiromu to SLAM him! Tanahashi drops an elbow, Oleg SPLASHES down! Cover, TWO! The fans rally and Yano tags back in. Yano whips but Hiromu reverses, only for Yano to avoid the bare buckles. Hiromu runs in, but only gets bare buckles! Yano runs, but into a kick! Bushi gets in to dropkick legs out, then Yota runs in to basement dropkick! Bushi & Yota then knock Tanahashi & Oleg off the apron! Bushi & Yota then go out after them, stomp them down, and Hiromu stomps Yano. Hiromu drags Yano up, bumps him off the red corner, and tags Bushi in.

Bushi stomps Yano, digs his knee in, and the ref counts. Bushi lets go of the ropes, but that’s not the problem! The ref reprimands and Bushi steps away. Bushi drags Yano up, wrenches and wristlocks to then YANK the arm and CLUB it. Tag to Yota, he BOOTS the arm! Yano clutches the elbow, but Yota wrenches the arm to YANK it. Tag to Hiromu and he climbs up, and the fans rally for the AX HANDLE! Yota drops to his knees and Hiromu mocks his pain while bringing him back up. Hiromu whips Yano tot he corner, clotheslines, snapmares and runs to basement dropkick! Hiromu calls to Yota, and he has Yota scoop him, for the assisted SPLASH! Cover, TWO!

Hiromu has the ref watch Tanahashi & Oleg, then calls Bushi in! LIJ double whip Yano but Yano holds ropes! Yano sends Hiromu into Bushi, then throws them both down by their heads! The fans fire up, Yano and Hiromu crawl, and hot tag to Tanahashi! Yota tags in but Tanahashi dropkicks the legs out! Tanahashi fires hands, whips, but Yota reverses, only for Tanahashi to FLYING FOREARM! The fans fire up as Tanahashi fires fast hands, then Tanahashi scoops to SLAM Yota into the drop zone! Tanahashi goes up, SUNSET SENTON! Cover, TWO! Tanahashi stays cool and the fans rally up. Yota rises, Tanahashi runs, but Yota TOSSES Tanahashi out!

The fans fire up as Tanahashi skins the cat! But then Yota ROCKS him with a right! Tanahashi falls back into a corner, Yota runs in, and he STINGER SPLASHES! Yota keeps going, he runs Tanahashi over, then SPLASHES down! Cover, TWO! The fans rally up and Yota drags Tanahashi up. Yota reels Tanahashi in, suplexes, but Tanahashi fights it, to TWIST ‘N’ SHOUT The fans rally up while both men are down. Tanahashi and Yota crawl, hot tag to Oleg! Oleg runs Yota over, gets him back up and fires forearms and CHOPS on repeat! Oleg whips, but Yota RAN- NO! Oleg stops the rana to get Yota up, for Shake, Rattle and THROW!

Oleg even kips up! The fans fire up, Oleg BLASTS Bushi & Hiromu off the corner, then he stalks Yota. Oleg waistlocks to deadlift Yota, for a GERMAN- NO, Yota fights free! Yota clinches, BACKBREAKER to FLATLINER to DOUBLE STOMP! Both men are down and the fans rally back up. Yota crawls over, hot tag to Bushi! Bushi goes up the corner, Oleg rises, and Bushi MISSILE DROPKICKS! And Bushirooni! Bushi runs corner to corner to ELBOW Oleg, then he brings Oleg in to FISHERMAN SCREW! Hiromu BLASTS Tanahashi & Yano! LIJ gets Oleg up, whips him to the corner, then Hiromu runs in to clothesline!

Bushi adds a back elbow, feeds to the SUPERKICK, then BACKSTABBERS! Cover, Tanahashi breaks it! Hiromu tosses Tanahashi out, Bushi and Oleg rise. Bushi runs up, CODE- NO, Oleg tosses Bushi away! Yano throws Bushi down! Hiromu SUPERKICKS Yano! Tanahashi blocks a superkick, but Yota gets in! Tanahashi blocks that superkick, too!? Tanahashi DOUBLE DRAGON SCREWS! The fans fire up but Bushi kicks low. Bushi runs, but into a SLINGBLADE! The fans fire up and Tanahashi drags Bushi up. Feed to Oleg for the KAMIKA- NO, Bushi slips free, and ENZIGIRIS! Oleg wobbles, Bushi goes to the corner!

Bushi runs up again, CODE- NO!! Oleg still blocks, and he fireman’s carries! Oleg coordinates with Tanahashi as he climbs, but Yota gets in Tanahashi’s way! Bushi rolls Oleg up! Tanahashi shoves Yota down onto the cover!! Tanahashi then aims to TRIPLE HIGH FLY ATTACK LIJ!! The fans are all fired up and Oleg drags Bushi back up! Fireman’s carry, and KAMIKAZE!! Cover, Oleg and team win!!

Winners: Hiroshi Tanahashi, Toru Yano & Boltin Oleg, by pinfall

The Rook comes through for the team, and they get the belts back! Has Oleg proved he’s far from just a Young Lion now? Or will we need quite the tiebreaker between these trios to put this to rest?


IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championships: Clark Connors & “Drilla” Dan Moloney VS Robbie Eagles & Kosei Fujita w/ Zack Sabre Jr!

The Bullet Club War Dogs claimed their losses to the TMDK Junior Heavyweights were flukes, but they still have to put up the gold. Will 100 Proof & 44 Caliber shoot down the Sniper of the Sky & Ichiban Young Punk? Or will we see that The Mighty Don’t Kneel?

The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and we see who’s really number one with a bullet!

The teams sort out and Fujita starts against Connors. The bell rings, the two stare down and the fans rally up. The two circle, feel things out, then Connors swings on Eagles! Eagles ROCKS Connors first! Fujita ROCKS Connors, then he DECKS Drilla! Eagles jumps in, TMDK double whip to hip toss, then PENALTY KICK! Drilla storms in but into DOUBLE BLOWS! Then TMDK rolls Drilla back to DOUBLE KNEE SMASH! Eagles rallies the fans, Fujita builds speed, but Connors gets in, JEEP FLIPPER! Drilla drags Eagles out, too, and sends him into railing! Connors stomps Fujita while Drilla tosses Eagles over railing!

Drilla steps over and has fans move aside. Connors keeps on Fujita on the other end of the arena while Drilla BOWLS Eagles into chairs! STRIKE! Connors fires hands on Fujita, and he tells a segment of fans to move! Then he BOWLS Fujita into the chairs! Another STRIKE! The fans cheer while Connors throws up the Too Sweet. Drilla drags Eagles around, scoops him, and then SLAMS him onto some seats! The ring count starts, but Connors is bringing Fujita back. Connors POSTS Fujita at 5 of 20, then takes his time to scuff Fujita before he steps in at 12. Connors taunts ZSJ at ringside, but Fujita rolls in at 17! The fans cheer but Connors mockingly applauds.

Connors kneels on Fujita’s neck, the ref reprimands and counts, and Connors steps away. Connors drags Fujita up, Drilla dusts off his boot, and Connors bumps Fujita off the boot! Tag to Drilla, and he CHOPS! And then he digs his boots in! The ref counts, Drilla steps off at 4. Connors CHOKES Fujita against ropes while the ref is busy with Drilla. The fans boo but Connors lets off before the ref catches him. Drilla looms over Fujita as he sputters, and the fans rally up. Fujita rises to throw body shots and forearms! Drilla CHOPS Fujita down! Drilla drags Fujita around, steps through, and ties up the legs into a DEATHLOCK!

Drilla tags Connors in, and Connors stomps away on Fujita! Then he JUMP ELBOW DROPS! Drilla lets Fujita go so Connors can cover, TWO! Connors smirks as he grabs the leg, and he mockingly calls “ROBBIE ROBBIE ROBBIE!” Drilla bark, bark, barks! Connors steps through to steal the RON MILLER SPECIAL! Eagles storms in but Drilla intercepts to TOSS him back out! Connors thrashes Fujita around but Fujita endures! Fujita crawls forward, reaches out, and has the ROPEBREAK! The fans cheer and the ref reprimands. Connors lets off with a smug grin, then drags Fujita up. But Fujita fires a forearm, and a CHOP!

Connors eggs Fujita on so Fujita CHOPS! Connors UPPERCUTS! Connors whips, but Fujita GAMANGIRIS! Both men are down and the fans fire up! Connors crawls and tags in Drilla. Drilla grabs Fujita’s leg but Fujita BOOTS him away! Fujita scrambles, hot tag to Eagles! Eagles goes up and over Drilla, BOOTS Connors, then RANAS Drilla! The fans fire up with Eagles and he KICKS Drilla! And KICKS! And KICKS! Eagles runs, Connors sneaks in to CLOBBER him! Connors & Drilla double whip, Eagles reverses to send Connors away! Then he sends Drilla into Connors! Eagles kicks a leg out, then runs to BLINDSIDE LARIAT BASEMENT DROPKICK COMBO!

The fans fire up with Eagles and he goes corner to corner at Drilla! DOUBLE KNEES! Drilla sits down, Eagles runs in to METEORA! Eagles drags Drilla to a cover, TWO! Eagles keeps cool and goes to the apron. Eaglee climbs, the fans rally up, and Eagles 450- NO, Drilla moves! Eagles rolls through, btu Drilla blocks his kick! Drilla pops Eagles up into the Canadian Rack! But Eagles sunset flips through! ONE, but Eagles has the RON MILLER SPECIAL!! Drilla flails, Fujita keeps Connors out! Connors powers out, gets in, and he CLUBS Eagles! Eagles holds on, but Connors stomps away until he lets Drilla go!

The ref reprimands but Connors shoves him away! Connors stomps Eagles, and Drilla hobbles up. Connors stands Eagles up, but Eagles fires CHOPS and ELBOWS! SOBAT for Drilla, then a cravat! Eagles uses Connors to kick off, but Drilla denies him Sliced Bread! Drilla ELBOWS Eagles away, but Fujita tags in! Fujita slingshots but Connors catches him! Connors hands Fujita off to Drilla! But Fujita flails to go to the apron and HOTSHOT! Fujita and Eagles both springboard, DOUBLE MISSILE DROPKICKS! The War Dogs are down and they bail out while the fans fire up! Fujita aims to springboard, DOUBLE CANNONBALL!

Direct hit and the Dogs go down! The fans fire up, Fujita puts Drilla in, and Eagles stands Drilla up. TMDK double wrench the arms, for MAXXY BOMB!! High stack, TWO!! Drilla survives but the fans fire up with TMDK! Fujita hoists Drilla up, Eagles ROUNDHOUSES and Fujita GERMAN SUPLEXES! Then SUPERKICK PENALTY KICK COMBO!! Cover, Connors breaks it! The fans rally, Eagles whips but Connors reverses to TOSS Eagles out! Connors runs at Fujita but Fujita TOSSES him out! Fujita goes after Drilla with a CHOP! But Drilla wrenches to ripcord, but Fujita dodges! Sunset flip, but Drilla DOUBLE STOMPS and SENTONS!

The fans rally up and both men crawl. Drilla reaches out, hot tag to Connors! Connors takes aim, runs in, but Fujtia pops him up! Connors fights the German Suplex but Fujita holds the waistlock! Connors throws elbow after elbow but Fujita’s grip is tight! Connors throws even more elbows, and Fujita finally lets go. Fujita runs up, but into a SNAP POWERSLAM! Drilla roars as he storms in, and the Dogs take aim from the corners! But Eagles anchors Drilla! Fujita O’Conner Rolls Connors, then trips him into the QUEEN ANGELITO STRETCH! Drilla gets loose but Eagles MISSILE DROPKICKS him down! And puts him in the RON MILLER SPECIAL!!

Fujita sees Eagles has Drilla, and Fujita pulls Connors into the NELL VOSS SPECIAL!! Connors endures, flails, and Drilla reaches out, but Eagles drags him away! Connors grabs at the ref, Drilla grabs at Fujita! Drilla CLAWS Fujita’s face, and he lets Connors go! Eagles lets Drilla go, and the four are all down. The fans rally as Eagles regroups with Fujita. The Dogs regroup on the outside, and Eagles DIVES onto them! But is caught! DRILLA KILLA to the floor!! Drilla & Connors are laughing that they just shot down the Sniper! Connors & Drilla then slide into the ring, flanking Fujita. They bring Fujita up, but he still fires forearms and elbows!

The fans rally as Fujita fights and fights, switches with Drilla, but Drilla elbows free! Connors runs in, Drilla hurdles, SPEAR! Fujita staggers back up, into the SPEAR GORE COMBO!! Cover, TWO?!? Fujita survives and shocks The Dogs! The fans fire up as Connors goes up a corner and Drilla drags Fujita up. Drilla suplexes, but Fujita slips free! GERMAN SUPLEX! Connors still leaps but Fujita gets under! Fujita O’Conner Rolls, but Connors fights Chaos Theory! Fujita HEEL KICKS! Fujita whips Connors, pops Connors up, and GERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO!! Connors survives, but Fujita still holds on!

Fujita drags Connors up and the fans are thunderous! Fujita suplexes, ABANDON- SUPERKICK from Drilla! Connors suplexes Fujita into the DRILLA KILLA!!! Drilla then feeds Fujita to the NO CHASER!! But they’re still not done!?! Connors climbs, Drilla suplexes, FULL CLIP!!! Cover, War Dogs win!

Winners: Clark Connors & “Drilla” Moloney, by pinfall (still IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champions)

The Mighty Don’t Kneel, but they can’t withstand artillery of this magnitude! Bullet Club keeps these titles right where they are, and Connors himself asks, “Who’s next?”


NJPW announces the G1 Climax 34 Block line-ups!

In A Block, it will be: Tetsuya Naito; Shota Umino; Shingo Takagi; SANADA; Great-O-Khan; Zack Sabre Jr; Gabe Kidd; EVIL; and Pro-Wrestling Noah’s Jake Lee!
In B Block, it will be: Hirooki Goto; El Phantasmo; Yota Tsuji; Jeff Cobb; HENARE; David Finlay; Ren Narita; Yuya Uemura; and AEW & DDT Pro’s Konosuke Takeshita!

And this year, there will be a special G1 Climax preliminary round! 12 men, six for each block, must battle to earn the coveted tenth seed spots! In A Block’s prelim: Tomohiro Ishii; Yoshi-Hashi; Callum Newman; KENTA; Chase Owens; and Yujiro Takahashi! In B Block’s prelim: Hiroshi Tanahashi; Toru Yano; Boltin Oleg; Satoshi Kojima; Taichi; and TJP! Whoever comes out of those matches will join this already star-studded field! Who will help burn up this already red hot summer?


NEVER Openweight Championship: Shingo Takagi VS HENARE!

It’s another Dominion rematch, as we ended up with a Double TKO Draw in Osaka-Jo Hall! Will Takagi stay standing this time? Or will the Face of Fury finally slay The Rampaging Dragon?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see who pushes past their limits to be victorious!

The two are forehead to forehead, then they go forearm for forearm! The bell rings, and Takagi ROCKS Henare! Henare fires back, but Takagi shoves him. They both run, they RAM shoulders, then Henare kicks to snapmare. Henare KICKS Takagi in the back, but Takagi gets up to DOUBLE CHOP! Takagi eggs Henare on, so Henare HEADBUTTS! Henare eggs Takagi on so Takagi HEADBUTTS! Henare nods, and HEADBUTTS again! Takagi staggers, but he comes back to HEADBUTT! Henare HEADBUTTS, Takagi HEADBUTTS, they HEADBUTT again and again and again! Henare gets the edge, then JUMP HEADBUTTS!

Henare runs, RAMS Takagi but Takagi comes back to RAM Henare! ELBOW! JAB! But Henare KICKS! Takagi runs Henare over! Then Takagi KICKS Henare in the back! Henare goes to a corner, the fans rally for Takagi, and he runs up, and blocks a boot! Takagi clotheslines through, then fires the fans up more. Takagi JABS and CHOPS on repeat! Then he JABS, JABS, JABS, but Henare leans into the punches! Takagi fires more shots, then ROCKS Henare! Takagi whips corner to corner, runs up and clotheslines! Then SAIDOS! Henare flounders and the fans rally up. Takagi stands Henare up to suplex high and hard! Cover, TWO!

Henare bails out but Takagi keeps cool. Takagi goes out after Henare, brings him around, and whips him hard into railing! Henare staggers away, Takagi follows, and he JABS Henare again. Takagi brings Henare up to SMACK him off the apron, but that just angers Henare! Henare SMACKS Takagi off the apron! Takagi RIDGE HAND CHOPS, then fireman’s carries! SNAKE EYES off the apron! Henare falls back and the ref wants this back in the ring. Takagi takes a moment to shake out his hand, then he walks over to Henare. Takagi drops a knee right on Henare’s face! Takagi then puts Henare in the ring, and the fans cheer.

Takagi kicks Henare around, taunts him, scuffs him, and Henare snarls. Henare fires body shots and a forearm! Takagi ELBOWS! And YUKON LARIATS! The fans cheer and Takagi says he’s still gonna be champ. Takagi brings Henare up, puts him on ropes, and then KNEES him low! And KNEES him again! And again! The ref reprimands, Takagi lets off, and he whips Henare to ropes. Takagi KNEES low, runs, but into a POP-UP SAMOAN DROP! Both men are down and the fans fire up! Takagi goes to a corner, Henare runs in to clothesline! Takagi shouts at Henare, so Henare shouts back! Henare fires off fast hands from all sides!

The ref reprimands, Henare HEADBUTTS Takagi before he fireman’s carries. WASTELAND SLAM, then a SENTON! The fans rally up as Takagi sputters and goes back to the corner. Henare storms over, stomps Takagi, then HEADBUTTS him! Henare whips but Takagi blocks by holding ropes! The ref calls the ropebreak as Henare still tries to whip. Takagi still holds on, so Henare ELBOWS him in the head! The ref reprimands, but Henare whips corner to corner. Takagi reverses, runs up, but into an ELBOW! Henare goes up, FLYING CHUCK! But Takagi just runs! Into a BERSERKER BOMB! Cover, TWO!! Takagi survives and Henare fires back up!

The fans rally, Henare stands and he aims from a corner. Takagi rises as Henare stomps the mat. Henare runs in, RAMP- NO! Takagi stuffs the spear to fire off knees! Henare shoves back but Takagi ELBOWS! JABS! And YUKON feints to DDT! Both men are down and the fans fire up again! Henare flounders to a corner and the fans rally up. Takagi runs, but into a RAMP- DDT!! Takagi turns things around again and Henare is in a daze! Takagi kicks Henare, drags him up, and puts him on the top rope! The fans rally as Takagi climbs up, and he fires RIDGE HAND CHOPS! Takagi then goes to the very top, brings Henare up with him, SUPER DUPER PLEX!!

The fans are thunderous while Henare writhes from that hard landing! Takagi sits up and shouts, “OI! OI! OI!” The fans join in and Takagi nods. Takagi stands, the fans fire up more, and Takagi says “My time is coming! TOKI GA KITA!” The fans fire up, Takagi runs, PUMPING BOMBER! But Henare withstands the impact and stays standing! Takagi runs again, PUMPING BOMBER! Henare drops to his knees! Takagi gives scuffing kicks, slaps Henare around, then fires a few forearms. Henare growls, headbutts the mat, but Takagi ROCKS him! Takagi fires forearm after forearm, but Henare eggs him on!

Takagi fires more forearms, but Henare leans into those shots! Henare swings, Takagi bobs ‘n’ weaves and UPPERCUTS! Takagi runs, but into a RAMPAGE!! Both men are down again and the fans rally up! Henare slowly rises, sits Takagi up, and PENALTY KICKS! But Takagi’s right up to RUN Henare over! The fans rally while both men are down, and Takagi sits up first. Takagi crawls over to Henare and they give each other junkyard dog headbutts. They start throwing palm strikes, then forearms! Takagi CHOPS and Henare staggers! Henare snarls, comes back, and KICKS! Takagi staggers, Henare eggs him on, and the fans rally up!

Takagi winds up to CHOP! Henare drops to a knee and Takagi shakes out his hand. Henare rises, and Takagi braces for the KICK! Takagi CHOPS! Henare KICKS! CHOP! KICK! Repeat! The fans fire up and so does Henare! Henare KICKS, and KICKS, and ROLLING KICKS! Takagi wobbles, Henare runs, but Takagi blocks the kick! Henare fires off strikes, but Takagi still pump handles! MADE IN JAPAN!! But Takagi can’t make the cover! The ref checks both men, this could end up like Dominion! Takagi slowly rises, the fans rally up again, and Takagi sits Henare up. Takagi clamps on to rain down HAMMER ‘N’ ANVIL ELBOWS!

Takagi runs to SLIDING LARIAT! Henare rolls through to SLIDING KNEE!! Both men are down again and the fans fire up! Henare sits up first, and he snarls as he slashes his throat. Henare vows to end this but he’s a bit wobbly as he walks over. Henare drags Takagi up but Takagi HEADBUTTS! Henare HEADBUTTS! They DOUBLE HEADBUTT! And DOUBLE HEADBUTT! Both men wobble, but Takagi JABS! Henare HEADBUTTS! Takagi PUMPING BOMBERS! Henare JUMP HEADBUTTS! Takagi SLIDING FOREARMS!! Both men are down again and the fans are all fired up!

The ref checks, and both men are somehow still in this, but the standing count is here! Takagi hears it and he stirs. Takagi goes to ropes, and he drags himself up at 5 of 10! Takagi is up but what of Henare? He’s still down at 8, pushes up at 9, and stands at 9.9!! The fans fire up and Takagi runs in! DOUBLE LARIATS collide! Both men lean on the other, and Takagi fires boxing elbows! Takagi throws in about nine, but then Henare bobs ‘n’ weaves the tenth to BODY BLOW! And HEEL KICK! PUMPING BOMBER!! Cover, ONE?!?! The fans are thunderous as Henare snarls, but Takagi gets moving! PUMPING BOMBER!!! Cover, TWO!!!

The fans are thunderous again as Henare survives being flipped upside-down! Takagi roars, he drags Henare up, and he pump handles to the torture rack! Henare slips out, spins Takagi around, STREETS OF RAGE!! But he has to crawl to the cover! TWO!!! Takagi survives and Henare is stunned! Henare growls, fires himself up, and he drags Takagi back up. But Takagi fights the cross-arm hold! Takagi HEADBUTTS, HEADBUTTS, and HEADBUTTS! Henare HEADBUTTS!! Cover, ONE!?!?! But Henare runs to RUGBY KICK!! Cover, TWO!!!! Takagi still survives but Henare is furious! Henare reels Takagi in for STREETS OF- NO, Takagi fights the lift!

Takagi and Henare fight for suplex control! Takagi throws body shots, avoids the headbutt and UPPERCUTS! Then HEADBUTTS back! Then YUKON- NO, Henare blocks that, then blocks the other lariat! KAMI-HEADBUTT!!! Cover, HENARE WINS!!!

Winner: Henare, by pinfall (NEW NEVER Openweight Champion)

Henare unleashes the headbutt to surpass God, and he slays the Rampaging Dragon! Finally, the Face of Fury wears gold in NJPW! Will this be a sign of even bigger things to come? Or will Takagi have his revenge in the G1 Climax?


IWGP Global Heavyweight Championship: David Finlay w/ Gedo VS SANADA w/ Just5Guys!

When The Rebel heard the Cold Skull was back on the mend, he demanded this be the return match. Finlay still owes Sanada payback for the 2023 New Japan Cup finals loss, and that moment has finally come. Will Finlay ruin Sanada’s return right from the start? Or will he regret it when Sanada takes this title from him?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see if the War Dogs stay golden!

The bell rings and the fans rally behind “SA-NA-DA! SA-NA-DA!” Finlay gets on the corner to shout “WAR~ DOGS~!” and some fans do cheer, but the fans are still more on Sanada’s side. The two circle, feel things out, and tie up. They’re in a deadlock, but Finlay pulls hair to put Sanada on ropes. Red Shoes calls the break, Finlay pie faces Sanada as he lets off, then SPITS on Sanada! Sanada just brushes that off and the two reset. They tie up, are in another deadlock, but Sanada uses height for leverage. Sanada puts Finlay on the ropes, Red Shoes calls the break, and Sanada lets off with pats on the shoulder.

The fans applaud but Finlay is annoyed. Finlay runs up, Sanada kicks low then headlocks. Finlay powers up and out but Sanada runs him over. Things speed up, Finlay hurdles but then Sanada hurdles, hurdles and DROPKICKS! The fans fire up but Gedo is upset as Finlay bails out. Sanada aims, PLANCHA, but he lands on the apron as Finlay slides in. Finlay DECKS Sanada off the apron, goes out to CLUB Sanada, then SMACKS him off the apron! Finlay rains down fists, soaks up the heat, and says it’s too easy. Finlay fist bumps with Gedo then goes back to stand on Sanada’s face. Red Shoes reprimands but Finlay drags Sanada up and into the ring.

Finlay slides in to cover but Red Shoes says no, because of the shenanigans on the outside. Finlay is upset with Red Shoes, but then he drags Sanada up. Finlay hammerlocks an arm and leans on the hold. Sanada endures, even as Finlay grabs the other arm in a cording hold. Finlay digs knuckles into Sanada’s ribs, then a forearm in Sanada’s face! Red Shoes counts, Finlay lets off and gets mad at Red Shoes, but rules are rules. Finlay drags Sanada up, snap suplexes, then covers, TWO! The fans applaud but Finlay argues with Red Shoes more. Finlay drags Sanada up, but Sanada throws body shots! Finlay sputters, but then Sanada ROCKS him with a forearm!

Finlay knees low, whips, but Sanada reverses to ELBOW Finlay down! STANDING MOONSAULT FLOPS as Finlay moves! Finlay covers, TWO! Finlay keeps cool as he drags Sanada up. Finlay whips corner to corner hard and Sanada falls! Sanada writhes but Finlay barks it up. Finlay aims from a corner, runs in, and UPPERCUTS! Then he suplexes for a TOSS! Cover, TWO! Sanada is still in this and Gedo protests while Finlay argues the count. Sanada goes to the apron, Finlay storms over and drags him up. Finlay brings Sanada through the ropes to UPPERCUT! And UPPERCUT again! And UPPERCUT again!

Finlay UPPERCUTS and UPPERCUTS and UPPERCUTS, then UPPERCUTS some more! Finlay dares the fans to cheer Sanada now. The fans do cheer, and Sanada back drops Finlay outta the ring! Sanada catches his breath while Finlay is on the floor. Finlay drags himself up with the apron skirt, but Sanada PLANCHAS him right back down! The fans cheer and Sanada rises. Sanada stalks Finlay, brings him around, and puts him in the ring. The fans applaud, but then Finlay bails out the side. Sanada just PLANCHAS again! Down goes Finlay and the fans fire up! Sanada then brings Finlay up, ROCKS him, then slides into the ring.

Sanada builds speed and he fakes Finlay out! Sanada flips back in, then PLANCHAS again! A hattrick for Sanada and the fans fire up! Sanada encourages them to get louder, then he goes back for Finlay. Sanada puts Finlay in the ring, stalks him, then brings him up to RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP! Cover, TWO! The fans rally while Sanada brings Finlay back up. Sanada fireman’s carries, Finlay slips free to waistlock, but Sanada switches. Finlay denies the O’Conner to roll Sanada up, TWO! Sanada runs in, but into a SPIN-OUT BOMB! Finlay grins as he leans against ropes, then he watches Sanada rise. Finlay runs in, and he clotheslines Sanada up and out!

Finlay goes out after Sanada, talks some trash, “This your boy?” Finlay flexes, drags Sanada up, and RAMS him into the railing! And RAMS him in again! Finlay’s trying to squish English commentary as he RAMS Sanada in again! Finlay lets Sanada falls over, then asks Gedo, “You wanna see a dead body?” Finlay fireman’s carries Sanada, to run up, but Sanada slips free! Finlay kicks low, reels Sanada in, but Sanada fights the piledriver! Sanada back drops Finlay onto the floor! The fans cheer while Sanada hobbles away. But then Finlay runs up! Sanada moves and Finlay crashes into railing! Sanada then brings Finlay out through the gate!

The Young Lions hurry to brace railing, but Sanada reels Finlay in for a PILEDRIVER on the floor!! And there’s far less padding out by the crowd then by ringside! Red Shoes wants this back in the ring, but Sanada has to catch his breath first. Sanada drags Finlay up, cravats for a neck wrench, and he brings Finlay back to ringside like that. Sanada puts Finlay in the ring and the fans applaud. Sanada then stalks Finlay, stands him up, and CLUBS him on the neck! Finlay staggers up, and he fires a forearm back! Sanada eggs Finlay on, so Finlay fires another forearm! And then SPITS at Sanada! And flips him off!

Sanada fires off furious fists on Finlay! The fans fire up but they’re on the ropes now! Red Shoes reprimands, but Sanada shoves him down! Sanada’s losing his cool, and Finlay YANKS Sanada into ropes! Both men are down and the fans rally up for Sanada. Finlay drags Sanada up, reels him in, Canadian Rack, but Sanada slips free, to get the dragon sleeper! Finlay arm-drags free, runs up, but into a BOOT! Sanada goes up to QUEBRADA, and he has the dragon sleeper! Sanada drops back but Finlay rolls through to inverted suplex! And LAWN DART off the corner! Then a Canadian Rack, DOMINATOR! Cover, TWO!

The fans fire up as Sanada survives! Gedo is upset and we pass 15 minutes. The fans rally for “SA-NA-DA!” as he and Finlay slowly rise. Finlay uses ropes to help stretch out one of his arms, then he goes back for Sanada. Finlay clamps on to sit Sanada up, for a crossface forearm! And then another! And another! Finlay drags Sanada up again, runs, and BLINDSIDE LARIATS! Cover, TWO! Sanada is still in this and Finlay is frustrated. The fans rally up for Sanada again, but Finlay drags Sanada up and reels him in. Sanada is dead weight so Finlay has Red Shoes check. Sanada refuses to give in and the fans rally up more.

Finlay talks more trash on the fans, then drags Sanada back up and in. POWER- RANA! Cover, TWO!! Finlay escapes, runs up, but Sanada spins him around, MAGIC- NO, Finlay slips free to suplex! But Sanada slips free to O’Conner Roll, but Finlay turns that around! O’Conner- NO, Sanada keeps Finlay up, then brings him into SKULL END!! Finlay flails and endures but he’s stuck in the body scissors! Sanada puts on the squeeze and Finlay is starting to fade! Red Shoes checks, Finlay flips everyone off! But he’s fading all the same! Sanada almost loses grip, and Finlay grabs at Red Shoes! Finlay endures as Sanada thrashes him around!

Red Shoes checks again, but Sanada lets Finlay go to go up top! ROUNDING BODY PRESS onto knees! Finlay saves himself at the last moment and both men are down! The fans rally for Sanada as he and Finlay stir. We hit 20 minutes and Sanada grabs at Finlay. They both rise up and Finlay fires a haymaker. Sanada fires it back! Finlay fires another haymaker, so Sanada gives it back! Red Shoes reprimands about closed fists, so Finlay fires a forearm! Sanada fires one right back! Finlay staggers away to ropes, but then Sanada eggs him on. Finlay fires a flurry, but Sanada UPPERCUTS! Finlay wobbles, staggers, but comes back.

Finlay UPPERCUTS, but Sanada shakes his head. The fans rally up as Sanada goes back to UPPERCUT Finlay! Finlay wobbles, Sanada eggs him on, and Finlay UPPERCUTS! Sanada grits his teeth, Finlay eggs him on, and Sanada UPPERCUTS! Finlay leans on Sanada, but he still fires a flurry of forearms, then an UPPERCUT! Finlay runs, but Sanada dodges! Sanada tilt-o-whirls, and has the dragon sleeper! But Finlay slips through to suplex! But Sanada turns that around, MAGIC SCREW! Both men are down and the fans fire up! Sanada hurries up a corner, to ROUNDING BODY PRESS! Direct hit and Sanada covers, TWO!!

The fans fire up more as Sanada drags Finlay back up. Sanada clinches, but Gedo storms up to the apron! Sanada drops Finlay so he can KICK the ropes! The fans cheer as Gedo gets jammed up down low! But then Finlay cradles Sanada! TWO!! Sanada escapes, runs up, BLINDSIDE WIZARD! Both men are down again and the fans fire back up! Sanada kips up and the fans cheer! Sanada shouts at Finlay to get up, then runs in, but Finlay ducks the Shining Wizard! Finlay wrenches, suplexes, INTO OBLIVION!! Cover, TWO!! Finlay almost had this one but he won’t stop there! Finlay suplexes again, OVER- BLOCKED!!

Sanada waistlocks, O’Conner Rolls and BRIDGES! TWO!!! Finlay escapes, but SHINING WIZARD hits!! The fans are thunderous and Sanada drags Finlay back up! Clinch and- NO, Finlay slips out to bring Sanada up! But Sanada slips free to ENZIGIRI! The fans fire up as we hit 25 minutes! Time is running out, but Sanada aims from the corner! SHINING- NO, Finlay smothers the wizard to high stack and deadlift into a POWERBOMB! Then the flip over and suplex! OVERKILL!!! Cover, Finlay wins!

Winner: David Finlay, by pinfall (still IWGP Global Heavyweight Champion)

The Cold Skull got hot, but maybe too little too late. Finlay holds onto the belt he created, for now. Will he prove that NJPW and the world needs The Rebel?


IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship Steel Cage Match: SHO VS El Desperado!

The Murder Machine missed out on the Best of the Super Juniors finals, and it was the Rogue Luchador who finally added that trophy to his list of accomplishments. And as Sho tried to rain on the parade, Desperado goaded Sho into not just putting up the title, but putting up the steel fence around the ring! Truly a historic first for this title, will Desperado continue to make history by winning again? Or will Sho somehow, someway win without The House of Torture’s help?

But of course, the NJPW ref corps knows Sho has tricks of his own, so they make sure to pat him down before he enters the cage. AHA! Scissors! Sho says those aren’t his! But the check continues, and wait! Evil is storming his way onto commentary! The King of Darkness is going to find a way to be here for Sho one way or another. But wait, the search finds handcuffs, as well as a metal plate in the kick pad! Sho is upset that all his tricks have been found out, but Desperado’s having a great time watching his humiliation. Sho is already trying to find things under the ring but the refs were thorough even before the cage was set up.

Sho, Desperado and Red Shoes are locked inside, and all of Sho’s things have been secured, because a Young Lion is taking them to the back! It’s sinking in for Sho that there’s nothing he can do to cheat this one. Sho finally steps into the ring, the introductions are made and the belt is raised. And now, with the odds finally even, we see who is truly the Best of the Super Juniors!

The bell rings and the fans rally for “DE-SU-PE! DE-SU-PE!” The two feel things out, clinch, go around, and Sho waistlocks. Despe spins through to facelock, but Sho wrenches out. Despe rolls, wrenches back, and wristlocks. Sho pushes Despe to then wrench, wrench and wristlock. Despe drop toeholds, floats to a facelock, then he ties up the legs. Despe pulls Sho with a chinbar, but then shifts to have a cording hold. Sho endures, reaches out to the ropes, and Despe lets go. The fans cheer, and Despe talks some smack as Sho goes to a corner. The two reset, feel things out, knuckle lock, and Despe rolls to top wristlock.

Despe shifts to a cording hold, but Sho rolls back to stand up. Despe wrenches to wristlock, then he arm-drags Sho down into the cording hold. Sho endures, even as Despe adds a chinbar. Sho fights up, Despe hammerlocks the arm and goes for the crossface. Sho fights that, so Despe headlocks. Despe hits the takeover, Sho headscissors and squeezes tight. Despe bridges back, headstands, then pushes down on Sho’s legs. Despe floats onto the headlock but Sho slips out the back. Sho has the arm, and he drags Despe in, SNAKEBITE! Despe fights up to get the KNEEBAR! Sho flails, reaches out, ROPEBREAK! The fans applaud as Despe lets off.

Sho crawls to the corner and Despe waits on him. The fans rally, the two circle, and they feel things out again. Sho bends Despe’s fingers, then hammerlocks. Despe elbows Sho, switches the hammerlock onto him then spins him around to whip. Despe arm-drags Sho then runs him over! The fans fire up but Sho bails out of the ring. But he can’t go far with the cage all around! Despe storms up but Sho kicks him! Sho whips Despe into the cage! Despe staggers, Sho grins and whips the other way, only for Despe to reverse! Sho hits cage, staggers forward, and Despe back drops him on the floor! Sho writhes and the fans cheer!

Despe stalks Sho as he scurries, but then Sho slips around. Sho reaches out and Evil slips him the “Torture Tool” wrench through the bars! But Red Shoes is right on Sho to take that away! Despe whips Sho at the cage! Sho stops himself, then HIP TOSSES Despe into steel! Evil acts like he did nothing wrong but Yano is also on commentary and telling him off. Sho drags Despe up to whip him into the cage! Despe slumps down, but Sho stands him up, to whip him in again! Despe staggers and falls, and part of the cage swings open! Seems there was a second door! Sho keeps Despe from getting out, and sends him back into steel!

Sho grins as he stalks Despe, and he RIPS at Despe’s mask! Red Shoes reprimands, Sho lets off and stalks Despe around the way. Sho drags Despe up to GRIND his face against the cage! Evil applauds as Sho goes along the whole side! Sho throws Despe down, and a good part of Despe’s mask has been ripped away! Sho talks trash on Despe, then brings him up to ROCK him with a right! Sho DIGS Despe’s face into the cage again, then SCRAPES him along! Evil applauds but he’s the only one. Sho makes Despe suffer, then shoves him back down. Sho soaks up the heat before bringing Despe back into the ring.

Sho CHOKES Despe against ropes! Red Shoes reprimands, then counts, but Sho steps away at 4. Sho drags Despe back up, CLAWS at Despe’s exposed face, then lets off as Red Shoes counts. Sho not so subtly unties the blue buckle pad, and uses the strap to CHOKE Despe! Red Shoes counts, Sho lets go, and Evil says that’s genius! The fans rally for “DE-SU-PE!” but Sho talks more trash. Despe sits up, and Sho scuffs him. Sho taunts Despe, scuffs him again, but Despe grabs Sho’s foot. Despe CHOPS, and CHOPS, but Sho DECKS him with a right hand! Sho storms up to digs his boot into Despe’s face! Red Shoes reprimands and Sho steps off.

Sho eggs Despe on, so Despe stands to CHOP and CHOP! Sho fires another haymaker, but Despe HEADBUTTS! Despe runs, but into a kitchen sink knee! Despe falls, but Sho brings him up to whip to ropes, for another kitchen sink knee! Cover, TWO! Despe stays in this, and goes to a corner, but Sho runs in to RAM him! Sho then hoists Despe up to stick him across the top rope. Sho runs in, TOP SHELF KNEE! Cover, TWO! Sho pulls on an arm and a leg! Despe endures, the fans rally, but Sho pulls harder! Despe still reaches out with his free arm, fights over with his free leg, and has the ROPEBREAK! The fans cheer but Sho holds until Red Shoes counts 4.

Despe crawls to the apron but Sho grins as he runs up, to LARIAT Despe down! Despe falls on the apron then flops down to the floor. Sho wants a ring count, but this is a cage match, there’s no such thing. Sho says fine, and he goes out to fetch Despe. Sho whips Despe into the cage! Despe leans against the steel, and Sho grins as he brings Despe around to throw into more cage! Sho then SMACKS Despe off the steel, and runs him along the way, only for Despe to turn it around and send Sho into steel! The fans fire up and Despe RAMS Sho into steel! Then Despe throws Sho into the cage wall! Despe goes into the ring, builds speed, and DIVES! Both men hit the steel!!

The fans are thunderous and Despe roars as he rises up! Sho sputters while he’s slumped against the cage, but Despe drags him up. Despe whips Sho into the cage again! Sho falls, clutching an arm, but Despe gets him up and runs him hard into more steel! The fans fire up as Despe snarls and drags Sho up again. Despe still throws Sho into the cage! Despe then puts Sho in the ring, drags him up, and hits a BIG back suplex! Despe drags Sho right back up, for a BIG regular suplex! Despe then climbs up the corner, for a FROG SPLASH! But Despe’s own ribs make it hard to keep the cover. Despe drags Sho up, reels him in, GUITARRA DEL ANGEL! Cover, TWO!

Sho survives but Despe just shakes his head. Despe staggers around, he drags Sho up, and he reels Sho in to tuck the arms. But Sho wrenches out to KNEE low and throw Despe down by his hair! Sho sputters, he goes back to the blue corner, and he finishes untying the pad. The Bullet Club Special is still possible in this cage, and as Despe runs in, TADA! Bare buckles! Sho whips Despe back into those bare buckles! Sho runs to SPEAR!! Cover, TWO!! Despe survives and Sho is stunned! The fans rally for Despe but Sho calls his shot. Sho drags Despe up, but Despe fights the gut wrench! Despe CLUBS Sho’s legs, but Sho still tries to lift!

Sho KNEES Despe low, then whips him back to the bare buckles! Sho grins, but Despe comes back! Despe swings, but Sho gets around to POP UP and ARMBAR! Despe fights around, but ends up in SNAKEBITE!! Despe flails, reaches out, but he’s fading! Sho pulls harder on the hold, and Despe falls over! But then Despe gets a second wind! The fans rally as hard as they can, and Despe drags Sho over, but Sho just pulls harder on the hold! Despe tips over, but into the ROPEBREAK! Red Shoes tells Sho to let go but he refuses! So Red Shoes pulls Sho’s hair to make him stop! Respect his authority, Sho!

Sho lets go and Red Shoes checks on Despe. Red Shoes keeps Sho back, and Despe raises a hand. Despe wags a finger, he isn’t done yet. Sho kicks Despe mockingly, toying with him. Sho stands on Despe’s head, then gives him another mocking kick. Despe slowly sits up and the fans rally up again. Despe looks up at Sho defiantly, and Sho gives him a kick. Despe stays up so Sho fires a forearm! Despe snarls as he stands, so Sho fires another forearm! Despe forearms back but Sho LARIATS! Sho is mad now! Sho gets Despe up to gut wrench, Canadian Rack, FACEBUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Despe survives and the fans fire up!

Sho is freaking out, slapping himself around. Sho pulls at his own hair in frustration, but he drags Despe back up. Sho reels Despe in, tucks the arms, but Despe slips out to wrench and OLYMPIC SLAM! The fans fire up while both men are down! Despe and Sho stir, and Sho crawls his way to ropes. Despe snarls as he rises at center, but Sho storms back over. Despe fires body shots, then a forearm! Sho fires off boxing elbows fast and furious! Sho ROCKS Despe, runs, but Despe DECKS him! Despe roars and the fans fire up with him! Despe underhooks, FACEBUSTER! And then the roll through, for PINCHE- NO, Sho fights it!

Sho shoves Despe into Red Shoes! Sho runs up, to SHOTGUN Red Shoes into the bare buckles! Despe slumps out of the ring, Sho storms over and “accidentally” drops an elbow on Red Shoes! Evil claims Sho is innocent, but here comes The House of Torture! The fans boo, so much for Sho doing this on his own! Sho drags Despe up as the fans tell all the others to go home, or at least go away. But Sho puts Despe against the cage, and Narita SMACKS Despe with a chair! But here comes Oleg! But Kanemaru CLOBBERS Oleg! Evil even hits Yano on commentary! Tanahashi and even Satoshi Kojima run out here, but The House goes after them, too!

The fans boo but The House starts throwing chairs into the ring for Sho to use! Evil pretends he sees nothing wrong with this. Sho grins stands Despe back up, talks trash on everyone, then brings Despe into the ring. Sho soaks up the heat, then talks more trash. But Despe has a chair! Despe HEADSHOTS Sho!! Sho flops into the ring and the fans are thunderous! Despe turns things around on The House as he puts Sho’s head on one chair, and grabs another! Evil can only freak out as Despe hits a HOMERUN!! Evil tries to climb into the cage?! Despe CHUCKS a chair at him and he falls right off! The others try, but Despe chucks more chairs!

The fans fire up as now Yano, Oleg and Tanahashi fight back, too! They all stomp the House, Kojima CLUBS Kanemaru, and Despe CHUCKS chairs as Narita tries to climb! Despe goes back to Sho while Tanahashi and team drag The House outta here! The fans cheer as justice is again served! Despe calls to Red Shoes and he slowly returns. Despe gets Sho up but Sho LOW BLOWS! The ref missed that by sheer luck! Sho pretends he got hit, too, and so now everyone’s down again! Sho can’t help but laugh, though, and he tells Red shoes to get up. Sho hobbles over to Despe, drags him up, and reels him in to pump handle!

But Despe Alabama Lifts! And then he tucks Sho in, BASTARD DRIVER!! The fans are thunderous as Despe gets Sho up, underhooks, and JAY DRILLER!! And then the PINCHE LOCO!! Cover, DESPE WINS!!

Winner: El Desperado, by pinfall (NEW IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion)

The Murder Machine couldn’t win it on his own, and that is why he lost it all tonight! Will it ever sink in that crime doesn’t pay?

As for Desperado, he now has trophy and championship belt to hold! Despe makes sure “the trash” is taken out of the ring first, then he gets the mic. The fans cheer “DESPE! DESPE!” as he gets the spotlight on him. Despe takes a moment, and then says, “Ah… that hurt. Thank you.” The fans cheer, and Despe continues by saying that there are all different types of wrestlers, and that’s what makes pro-wrestling so interesting. But even knowing that, it’s exhausting having to go this far. Why the heck are they opening the cage up? It took a lot to put it together in the first place, not that Despe really knows about that.

Despe won’t say this was fun, it’s not really his style, and his whole body hurts. He probably won’t do this kinda thing ever again. But he does want to get to his next challenger. The fans are shocked he’s doing this so soon! And then Despe calls out DOUKI! Despe tells Douki to come on out here, they don’t need to make a mess with the cage coming down just yet. The fans cheer for “DOUKI! DOUKI!” Despe waits, but he starts to wonder if Douki left already. Despe figured he’d give the guy he fought in the BOSJ semifinals, a guy who’s like a brother to him, a shot. But then, while he was home, he was kind alike, “Nah, maybe I’ll go with another guy.”

But wait! Here comes Douki! The fans cheer as Japones Del Mal heads into the ring. And Despe already knows what Douki must be thinking. Why’s he giving the shot to a guy he already beat? Is it because it’ll be an easy defense? Despe says the BOSJ was the BOSJ, and this cage match was this cage match. Whether the energy is flowing or not, a true IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship match is different. Despe is sure Douki has what it takes. Despe knows Douki got cheated by Sho, so this will be different, too. So what does Douki say? Is he up for the challenge? The fans like the sound of that!

Despe keeps explaining that people might be thinking this is because of their past friendship, and maybe it is. After all, even though Despe is older, Douki helped him out a lot while they were in Mexico. This is Despe returning the favor. A chance like this doesn’t come along all the time, but don’t think of this as a handout. Despe just wants Douki to see for himself that he can do this. But if he doesn’t think he can, then Douki can walk away. The fans tell Douki to go for it! Douki steps inside! The fans fire up as Douki is face to face with Despe! Despe says he doesn’t know when or where this’ll happen, but when it does, it’ll be Despe VS Douki.

The fans cheer, Douki nods, and the fans even cheer Douki on. Despe lets Douki have the mic, and he says there was no way he was saying no with Despe asking him like that! Douki then says Despe better do everything he can to keep that belt. Despe tells Douki not to be so cocky. The Rogue Luchador grins as his old amigo heads back out. And then he grumbles that Douki shouldn’t have given him the mic back, now he has to wrap this up! And then he says, “That’s just how it is!” Despe drops the mic and the streamers fly! We have our next title match on the books, when and where will these former Suzuki-Gun soldiers do battle as rivals?

My Thoughts:

A great New Japan Soul, full of so much meaningful stuff for being the start to a short tour. A little surprised Tanahashi, Yano & Oleg won the NEVER titles back already, but I do appreciate NJPW isn’t afraid to hot potato their titles around. And I really do think there should be a tiebreaker coming, maybe with a heightened stipulation like Elimination or Best 2 Outta 3 Falls. Great Junior Heavyweight Tag title match, and TMDK came so close, but I should’ve figured The War Dogs would win out. And very good field for the G1 this year. I’m a little surprised so many people are in the qualifiers, but that should make it really wild stuff. I’d love if TJP got in for B Block.

Takagi VS Henare was an awesome rematch, and Henare winning was quite the surprise. Takagi’s not just in the G1, but he’s gonna be in AEW’s Owen Hart Cup, so I thought he’d bring that along. But maybe since Takagi isn’t likely to win the Owen Hart Cup, NJPW doesn’t want anyone getting a win over one of their midcard champions. Great return match for Sanada, but I suppose Finlay was going to retain either way. Finlay already felt the shame of losing this title once this year, he wasn’t gonna do it again.

And great stuff in the main event. I just knew The House of Torture would show up despite the cage, but then great of Tanahashi and friends to stop them. Desperado winning was the right choice and certainly great for him. Desperado naming Douki as his next challenger is really cool stuff, and Douki is definitely going to have a great showing. I still think Despe retains, but Douki is slowly rising up the ranks. If all things go well, Douki can definitely find himself as champion within the next year.

My Score: 9/10

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