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Mitchell’s WWE Crown Jewel Results & Report! (11/4/23)

Whose crown is it? With everybody saying…!



Who will the WWE Universe ACKNOWLEDGE?

Roman Reigns is the reigning, defending, Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, but will the Mega Star soon change all of that?


  • Kickoff Show – Sami Zayn VS JD McDonagh; Sami wins.
  • WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Seth Rollins VS Drew McIntyre; Rollins wins and retains the title.
  • WWE Women’s World Championship Fatal 5 Way: Rhea Ripley VS Raquel Rodriguez VS Nia Jax VS Shayna Baszler VS Zoey Stark; Rhea wins and retains the title.
  • John Cena VS Solo Sikoa; Solo wins.
  • WWE United States Championship: Rey Mysterio VS Logan Paul; Logan wins and becomes the new WWE United States Champion.
  • WWE Women’s Championship: Iyo Sky VS Bianca Belair; Iyo wins and retains.
  • Cody Rhodes VS Damian Priest; Cody wins.
  • WWE Universal Championship: Roman Reigns w/ Paul Heyman VS LA Knight; Roman wins and retains the title.


It’s the Crown Jewel Kickoff Show!

Join Megan Morant, Matt Camp and Peter Rosenberg in discussing, analyzing and predicting all the action set for Saudi Arabia!


Kickoff Show – Sami Zayn VS JD McDonagh!

The Great Liberator vows to be the resistance against the Judgment Day’s dictatorship on Raw, and now he’s set up against their pawn! Will Sami trump the Irish Ace with his heart and determination? Or will McDonagh finally earn a spot on the team with this one?

The bell rings and fans fire up for Sami. Sami and McDonagh circle, McDonagh tells the fans to hush, but the fans sing “OLE~ OLE OLE OLE~!” for Sami. McDonagh and Sami feel things out, but McDonagh uses ropes to back Sami off. The fans boo but McDonagh and Sami reset. They feel things out, tie up, and McDonagh wrenches to YANK the arm. Sami spins, wrenches, and wristlocks and fans cheer as he hammerlocks. McDonagh slips around to switch the hammerlock onto Sami, then he wrenches to a wristlock. Fans rally, Sami rolls and kips to arm-drag free! And then another arm-drag! Fans fire up while McDonagh flails.

Sami cranks the armlock but McDonagh fights up. McDonagh puts Sami in a corner, the ref counts, but McDonagh kicks low. McDonagh CLUBS Sami, headlocks and grinds Sami down, but the fans rally up. Sami fights to his feet, powers out, and things speed up. Sami hurdles, then he MONKEY FLIPS McDonagh into the ropes! A rough landing for McDonagh but Sami has him in a corner. Sami climbs up to rain down fists! Fans count along, all the way to TEN! Sami stalks McDonagh to another corner but McDonagh kicks low. Sami blocks the buckle bump to give a buckle bump! And another! And another!

Fans cheer as Sami brings McDonagh up, but McDonagh throws body shots! McDonagh headlocks, whips, but Sami reverses, to BUMP McDonagh off the buckles! McDonagh goes tumbling away and the fans rally up. “OLE~ OLE OLE OLE~!” Sami reels McDonagh in, but McDonagh flails and gets away to the apron. Sami is after McDonagh again but McDonagh HOTSHOTS Sami! Fans boo but McDonagh rushes in to CLOBBER Sami! McDonagh drops an elbow, rains down fists, and fans chant “YOU SUCK!” McDonagh lets off to bring Sami up and wrench. McDonagh whips, then he CLOBBERS Sami again!

McDonagh CLUBS Sami, even as fans rally behind Sami, but McDonagh CHOPS and CHOPS! Sami CHOPS in return! McDonagh swings again, Sami dodges and CHOPS McDonagh down! Fans fire up as Sami hauls McDonagh up, but McDonagh JAWBREAKERS! Sami staggers, McDonagh powers Sami to a corner and to the top rope. McDonagh CHOPS Sami, ROCKS him, then climbs up. Sami fights the superplex and fans rally up! Sami throws body shots, then HEADBUTTS McDonagh away. Sami leaps, but into a DROPKICK! Cover, TWO! Sami survives the anti-air and fans fire up again!

McDonagh fumes but he drags Sami up to fire forearms. McDonagh digs his boots in, the ref counts, but McDonagh lets off. The ref reprimands McDonagh but Sami ELBOWS McDonagh! And BOOTS him! Sami hops up, leaps, AX HANDLE! Fans fire up as McDonagh goes down! Sami comes around to fire off haymakers! Fans cheer each shot and Sami whips, but McDonagh reverses. Sami goes up and over to LARIAT McDonagh inside-out! McDonagh flounders to a corner, Sami runs up and blocks a boot to CHOP! Sami whips corner to corner, McDonagh bounces off buckles, into a BIG back drop!

Sami drags McDonagh up and “This is Awesome!” Sami CLUBS McDonagh, hauls him up, but McDonagh holds ropes to fight the lift! The ref counts, Sami lets off, and McDonagh elbows back! McDonagh runs, Sami follows, into a SPANISH FLY! Cover, TWO! Sami is still in this but McDonagh hurries to a corner. McDonagh drags himself up top, and MOONSAULTS but into BOOTS! Sami then clinches McDonagh, CORNER EXPLODER! Fans fire up because they know what’s next! Sami aims from the far corner, McDonagh flounders to his feet, HELLUVA KICK! To a BLUE THUNDER BOMB! Cover, Sami wins!

Winner: Sami Zayn, by pinfall

The tiebreaker in this personal series goes to Sami! He cleared the pawn off the board, but will he be able to check all the names off the list? Will Cody Rhodes help with that as he faces Damian Priest later tonight?


“To be the best. First, you gotta believe.”

Believe in your undeniable ability to defy gravity. To shine. To never quit. To shake off the hate. To dominate, destroy and be their worst nightmare. To remain a champion. And now, with the whole world watching, it is time to believe in the big time. And with a remix of Imagine Dragons’ Believer, do they believe it? “What do you think?” Riyadh is big time. This is WWE Crown Jewel! Will you be a believer?


WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Seth Rollins VS Drew McIntyre!

The Visionary, the Revolutionary, Seth FREAKIN’ Rollins hasn’t just been fighting tough opponents, he’s been fighting the excruciating pain in his back. But will he be able to make it through that and the Scottish Warrior to still be World Heavyweight Champion? Or will there be no more Broken Dreams, only broken reigns?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see which breaks first: body or spirit!

The bell rings and fans fire up already as these two stare down. Rollins and McIntyre circle, they tie up, and McIntyre powers Rollins back. They end up in a corner, McIntyre lets off and allows Rollins to come out. The two circle again, tie up, and Rollins waistlocks. Rollins then headlocks, but McIntyre powers up and out. McIntyre then runs Rollins over! Fans fire up, things speed up, Rollins hurdles and redirects to RAM McIntyre, but McIntyre stays up to rebound and run Rollins over! McIntyre does the Rinaldo goal celebration before he CHOPS Rollins! And CHOPS! And CHOPS! Rollins CHOPS, but McIntyre CHOPS Rollins off his feet!

McIntyre stomps Rollins, snap suplexes him, and covers, ONE!! Rollins is showing his toughness and the fans rally up. McIntyre drags Rollins up, swings, but Rollins dodges to CHOP! And CHOP! And CHOP! Rollins whips, McIntyre reverses but Rollins holds ropes. McIntyre runs in but Rollins dumps him out! Rollins WRECKS McIntyre with a dropkick, then FLYING KNEES from the apron! Fans rally as Rollins builds speed, to then DIVE! Direct- NO, McIntyre catches Rollins to THROW him with an overhead Belly2Belly! Rollins writhes but McIntyre goes after Rollins to put him in the ring.

Fans fire up as McIntyre stalks Rollins. McIntyre drags Rollins up, whips him hard to a corner, and Rollins bounces off buckles. Rollins writhes, but McIntyre looms over him. McIntyre taunts Rollins, slaps him around, but Rollins scowls. Rollins JABS, ROCKS and fires off more hands on McIntyre! Rollins whips, McIntyre reverses but Rollins KICKS back! Rollins runs, but into a SPINEBUSTER! Jackknife bridge, TWO! McIntyre sighs but he stays focused. Rollins sits up, McIntyre drags Rollins up, and then CHOPS him down! McIntyre looms over Rollins and then brings him up, to CHOP again! Rollins CHOPS back!

McIntyre CHOPS, Rollins CHOPS, repeat! Fans cheer with every CHOP, and Rollins gets the edge! Rollins whips, McIntyre reverses but Rollins goes up, only to get a BOOT! Cover, TWO! Fans rally and McIntyre watches Rollins sit up. McIntyre stands Rollins up, reels him in, but Rollins fights the suplex with elbows! McIntyre still back suplexes! Rollins lands on his feet, but McIntyre powers through the boot to ELBOW him! McIntyre goes for the Inverted Alabama Lift, but Rollins kicks free! So McIntyre YANKS Rollins up! Rollins lands on his feet to PELE! Fans rally, McIntyre runs in but Rollins POSTS him!

Rollins catches his breath and the fans sing, “OH~ OHH~ OHHH~!” Rollins nods and runs, to LARIAT! McIntyre stays up, so Rollins LARAITS again! Still not good enough, Rollins runs, dodges and mule kicks! Front kicks! LARIAT! Mule kick again, then SUPERKICK! Rollins runs to BOOT McIntyre down! Fans rally as Rollins goes to the apron, springboard and SWANTON! To a LIONSAULT! Cover, TWO! McIntyre is still in this, even after that onslaught, but Rollins keeps his cool. “This is Awesome!” as Rollins brings McIntyre up and in. But McIntyre fights the suplex to suplex Rollins!

Rollins knees free, runs, tilt-o-whirls, and manages the FALCON ARROW! Cover, TWO! Both men are down and the fans rally up again. Both men sit up, but Rollins stands first. He kicks low but McIntyre fights the underhooks to underhook back. Rollins wrenches out to ROLLING ELBOW! Rollins runs in at the corner, but into an elbow! McIntyre goes up, out, and up again, but Rollins springs up there! SUPERPLEX! Roll through, but McIntyre suplexes! Cover, TWO!! Rollins survives that turnaround and fans are surprised! Both men rise and now McIntyre stands first. McIntyre stalks Rollins to ropes.

McIntyre brings Rollins up to fireman’s carry, and he goes up a corner! But Rollins fights around, sunset flips, but McIntyre holds ropes! Rollins brings him off the corner, but the back gives up! FUTURE SHOCK! Cover, TWO!!! Rollins survives, McIntyre is frustrated, but the fans fire up! McIntyre aims from the corner, he wants Rollins to stand, but can he? Rollins clutches his back, McIntyre storms up and drags him up, but Rollins cradles! TWO!! Rollins almost had him! Rollins dodges to then clothesline McIntyre up and out! Rollins builds speed again, and he DIVES! Direct hit and down goes McIntyre!

Fans rally up as Rollins stands, and the ring count starts as he storms up on McIntyre. SPINEBUSTER into the steel steps! McIntyre storms up those steps, he drags Rollins up to join him, and he scoops, to hit a APRON SIDEWALK SLAM!! Rollins writhes and sputters, and McIntyre storms back in. McIntyre shakes his head as he looms over Rollins. Rollins looks up at McIntyre and scowls. Rollins SLAPS McIntyre, so McIntyre hits a GLASGOW KISS headbutt! McIntyre swings, but Rollins slips through to underhook and PEDIGREE!! Cover, TWO!!! McIntyre gets the arm up just in time! Fans fire up again!

Rollins and McIntyre rise, and Rollins brings McIntyre in for forearms! Rollins fires shots from all sides, then spins, ROLLING ELBOW! McIntyre wobbles, into the DREAM SMASHER ELBOW! Rollins aims from the corner, runs in, but McIntyre catches him again! And RAMS him into a corner! OVERHEAD Belly2Belly! Then another! Then the NECKBREAKER! Both men are down, and fans fire up as McIntyre kips up! McIntyre says it’s time! Here’s the countdown! “THREE! TWO! ONE!” SUPERKICK from Rollins!! And then the CURB STOMP!! Cover, TWO?!?! McIntyre survives and no one can believe it!

Fans chant “YES! YES! YES!” as this one just keeps going! Rollins rises up, he drags McIntyre to a drop zone and then goes to a corner. Rollins talks himself through it, goes up top, PHOENIX- NO, McIntyre dodges! CLAYMORE!!! Cover, TWO?!?!? Now Rollins survives and shocks everyone! “This is Awesome!” as McIntyre sits up with a snarl. McIntyre reloads in the corner, fans are thunderous for “ONE MORE TIME!” But Rollins SUPERKICKS again! And then ducks the Claymore, to PEDIGREE!! And then the CURB STOMP!! But he can’t make the cover! Rollins has to crawl over, now he covers, and Rollins wins!!

Winner: Seth Rollins, by pinfall (still WWE World Heavyweight Champion)

Rollins takes McIntyre down, but he also survived McIntyre! Is McIntyre regretting not taking Judgment Day up on their offer? WAIT! Speaking of, here comes Damian Priest! He has a ref and the Money in the Bank Briefcase! Is it time!? YES! But wait, SAMI attacks Damian! No cash-in tonight as Sami STEALS the briefcase! Fans cheer and Priest says Sami is dead! But Sami has done his part for the night, things will not go the Judgment Day’s way! So if not Priest, then who is next to step to Seth Freakin’ Rollins?


McIntyre encounters Rhea Ripley backstage.

Mami just shrugs. Perhaps an “I told you so” from the Women’s World Champion, but will she have better luck than McIntyre, even if she’s in a Fatal 5? We find out, next!


WWE Women’s World Championship Fatal 5 Way: Rhea Ripley VS Raquel Rodriguez VS Nia Jax VS Shayna Baszler VS Zoey Stark!

A 20% chance is all any one of these alpha females has in winning this match. They’re all powerful and dangerous in their own ways, but who defies the odds to leave as champion?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see who is truly THE most dominant woman on Monday Night Raw!

The bell rings and fans fire up as the five all look around. Nia bails out, she knows she’s the main target. So Rhea CLUBS Raquel, CLUBS Shayna, but Zoey gets around to roll Rhea up! ONE, but Shayna rolls Rhea up! TWO, and Zoey tries again with a backslide! TWO, and Shayna gets Zoey’s legs! It’s a double cover, TWO!! Zoey BOOTS Rhea, swings on Shayna but Shayna hits a back suplex. Zoey lands out of it, sunset flips, but Shayna sits on it! Raquel adds herself with a jackknife, TWO as Nia drags Raquel out! Nia RAMS Raquel, POSTS her, and then smiles. But Rhea DOUBLE DROPKICKS Zoey and Shayna, to then WRECK Nia!

Rhea goes out, but Nia trips Rhea up on the apron! Nia hurries in, DECKS Shayna, then scoops Zoey to SLAM her! Nia soaks up the heat but Shayna waistlocks! Nia fights the suplex, Rhea HEADBUTTS her! Raquel BOOTS Nia into the GERMAN SUPLEX! Fans fire up as Nia falls out of the ring, and the other four stare down. Shayna brals with Raquel while Zoey has Rhea! Raquel corners Shayna, Rhea backs Zoey down! The hands keep flying, then Raquel TOSSES Shayna! Raquel whips Rhea to LARIAT! Then she LARIATS ZOey! Shayna dodges one but not the SOUTHPAW! Zoey staggers up, into a POWRSLAM!

Shayna stands, Raquel scoops for a SPINNING POWER SLAM! Rhea runs in, but into the TEXANA- NO, Rhea slips free to kick the legs out! Rhea basement dropkicks! Zoey fires off on Rhea but Rhea RAMS her into the corner! Shayna brings Rhea around, but Rhea gets around to atomic SLAM! Fans fire up as Rhea says “This is MY division!” But Nia’s back! Nia and Rhea finally get each other 1v1 and fans fire up! Nia pie faces Rhea, but Rhea SLAPS Nia! The forearms fly, Rhea has the edge and fans fire up! Rhea fireman’s carries!? But Nia fights free! Rhea ROUNDHOUSES back! Rhea roars, runs, but into a BODY CHECK!

Nia dribbles Rhea off the mat, then looms over her. Nia runs, to drop the leg, brother! Cover, Zoey BOOTS Nia over! Zoey drags Nia up but Nia HEADBUTTS her! Nia runs in, but Zoey dodges and Nia POSTS herself! Zoey BOOTS Nia down, then INSIDE OUT SENTONS! But Raquel CLOBBERS Zoey! Shayna blocks Raquel’s boot for an ANKLE LOCK! Then a deathlock! Rhea runs, but Shayna trips her! DOUBLE DEATHLOCKS! Nia is up, into a SLEEPER!! TRIPLE SUBMISSIONS!! Fans are thunderous, Nia is fading while the others grit their teeth. Zoey runs up to BOOT Shayna down, freeing everyone else! Cover on Shayna, TWO!

Zoey drags Raquel up, HALF NELSON SLAM! Zoey roars and fans fire up with her! Zoey goes up the corner, but Rhea ROCKS her first! And again, and again! Rhea climbs up but Zoey fires off forearms! They brawl up top, Rhea gets the edge, but then Raquel joins in! These two work together for now, to DOUBLE- NO, Zoey fights the superplexes, and Shayna adds on! TOWER OF DOOM!! Fans fire up for the Double Powerbomb Superplex combo, but Nia hurries to cover Zoey! Shayna KNEES her down! Shayna fires up but Nia SPLASHES her in a corner! Nia grins as she goes up, but Raquel drags Shayna away!

Rhea DORPKICKS Nia’s legs out! Raquel goes up, TWISTING VADER! Cover, Rhea drags her away! They argue, shove, shove some more, and then Rhea SLAPS! Raquel SLAPS! Fans fire up and Raquel dodges Rhea, but DOUBLE BOOTS take them both down! Fans fire up again as they both go to ropes. They both go to the apron and glare at each other, but then Zoey DOUBLE SHOTGUNS them down! Fans fire up as Zoey builds speed, goes up and up and ESCALARA CROSSBODIES!! Direct hit on Rhea, Raquel and even Shayna! Zoey puts Rhea in and springboards again, to MISSILE DROPKICK! Then the scoop, Z 360!! Cover, but Nia KICKS it apart!

Fans boo but Nia says SHE is the dominant force in the WEW! She YANKS Zoey off the mat, HEADBUTTS then BODY CHECKS! Then she drags Zoey to a drop zone and goes up the corner! But Raquel CLUBS Nia! And uses the corner to help in a TEXNA BOMB!! Cover, Rhea breaks it!! Rhea saves this match for herself and then brings Raquel up, But Shayna gets Rhea, KIRAFUDA KLUTCH!! Rhea flails, sputters, reaches out, but Raquel runs in to BOOT Shayna down! Rhea HEADBUTTS Raquel! Rhea has Shayna now, pump handle and RIPTIDE!! Cover, Zoey BOOTS it apart! Fans fire up as Zoey puts Rhea up top!

Zoey fires forearms, climbs up after her, and CHOPS! And CHOPS! But Rhea HEADBUTTS! Rhea pump handles Zoey up there, but Raquel covers Shayna! SUPER RIPTIDE to break it!! Cover on Shayna, Rhea wins!

Winner: Rhea Ripley, by pinfall (still WWE Women’s World Champion)

Mami isn’t just dominant, she’s strategic! She crushed three birds with one Riptide and took the win! If not even four opponents could stop her, will anyone ever take the title from Rhea? Or will Mami always be on top?


John Cena VS Solo Sikoa!

He may be the Greatest Of All Time, but even he knows he hasn’t won in five YEARS. Will Cena look to end that 2000+ day streak? Or will the Enforcer of the Island not just keep that streak going, but end Cena’s career?

The bell rings and the fans are fired up already. Solo already holds his thumb up to remind Cena the dangers of the Samoan Spike. Solo swings, Cena dodges, and fans rally up. “Let’s Go, Cena!” “Cena Sucks!” Cena watches Solo, dodges again to headlock then hit the takeover! Cena then goes for the arm to stomp the hand! Cena wants to neutralize that weapon, and he hits a straight arm lever! Then a wrench, and he RAMS the arm! Another wrench, and he RAMS the shoulder again! Fans rally as Cena runs Solo over! Cover, ONE! Cena is back on the arm with a cording hold! Solo fights but fans rally, “You Still Got It!”

Cena bends the fingers and thumb, then HIP DROPS the arm! Cena puts Solo in a corner, wraps the arm around ropes and pulls! The ref counts, Cena lets off at 4, and he whips Solo out of the ring! Fans cheer as Cena goes out after Solo, and SMACKS the hand off steel steps! Cena puts Solo back in, storms up on him and throws him back out! Cena pursues, and the fans duel as Cena isolates the arm. Cena SMACKS the hand off the other steel steps! Solo shakes out the hand, Cena puts him back in the ring, and then Cena runs up to go after the arm. Cena wraps the arm around ropes, but Solo pulls Cena’s hair with the other hand!

Solo HEADBUTTS Cena down, then stomps away! Fans boo but Solo snarls as he shakes out the bad hand. Fans chant “YOU SUCK!” at Solo but he HEADBUTTS Cena back down. Solo soaks up the heat from the fans, and he storms up on Cena to HEADBUTT again! Solo drags Cena around but the bad hand bothers him. Fans rally as Cena blocks the whip. Cena kicks low, kicks again, and he runs, but into a WHEEL KICK! Solo scowls and he drags Cena to a corner. Fans rally for Cena but Solo goes up the corner. BANZAI DROP! Fans boo but Solo stalks Cena. Solo pushes Cena down and taunts him.

Cena sits up, gets to his feet, and Solo prepares the thumb! But Cena ducks to fireman’s carry! But Solo fights free to SUPERKICK! Cena falls, Solo covers, TWO! Cena goes to a corner, Solo goes to the opposite end. Solo runs in, to HIP ATTACK! Solo fires up but the fans boo again. Solo eggs Cena on, and Cena rises up. Fans rally as Cena stands but Solo takes aim again! But Cena catches the arm into a CROSSFACE!! Solo endures, reaches out, but Cena thrashes him around! Solo powers Cena back to a cover, TWO! Cena lets go, and Solo LARIATS! Fans boo but Solo soaks it up. Solo drags Cena up to then put him on the top rope.

Solo drags Cena into the Tree of Woe, and he runs side to side, FALLING HEADBUTT! Cover, TWO! Cena is still in this, but Solo knows he still has his best card to play. Solo stands Cena up, and hits a BELLY2BELLY! Cover, TWO! Fans chant “SOLO SUCKS! SOLO SUCKS!” but Solo just soaks it all up. Solo watches Cena sit up in the corner, and runs in to HIP ATTACK again! Cena flops over and Solo smirks. Solo looms over Cena as Cena rises up, and Solo clamps on! SAMOAN- NO, Cena dodges again, and starts on the shoulder tackles! Fans fire up as Cena rallies, gets around, SPINOUT BOMB! And he puts up the hand!

Fans fire up as Cena says “YOU CAN’T SEE ME!” Cena runs for the FIVE KNUCKLE SHUFFLE! And then, Solo staggers up into the fireman’s carry! But Solo slips free, shoves and SAMOAN DROPS! Cover, TWO! Cena survives and Solo grows frustrated. Solo watches Cena go to a corner, and he takes aim again. Solo runs in, to HIP ATTACK again! Fans boo as Solo hits a hattrick of those. Fans chant “UMAGA! UMAGA!” for the late Samoan icon Solo is paying tribute. But then Cena HOTSHOTS the bad arm! And CROSSBODIES! Cover, TWO! Fans fire up while both men are down, and Cena goes to ropes.

Cena drags himself up, Solo stands, and Cena hurries to fireman’s carry! But solo fights free again, to SUPERKICK! And then SAMOAN- NO, Cena choke grips?! To CHOKE SLAM?! Cover, TWO!!! Cena shouts out the Deadman, and fans fire up as both men are down. Cena and Solo stand, and Solo HEADBUTTS! Cena throws a haymaker! Solo HEADBUTTS again! Cena throws a haymaker! And another, and another! Fireman’s carry, but Solo again gets loose! SPINNING SOLO! Cover, TWO! Cena survives yet again and Solo is seething! Solo storms up on Cena, clamps on and SAMOAN- NO!! Cena blocks the arm!

Cena and Solo fight, Cena drags Solo down! STF!! Fans fire up as Solo endures! Solo drags himself and Cena towards ropes, reaches out, ROPEBREAK! Cena lets go, wants the legs again, but Solo BOOTS him away! Cena runs up, into the SAMOAN SPIKE!! But it hurts Solo’s hand just as much to do it! Fans fire up as both men stand, Cena clutching that throat. Solo SAMOAN SPIKES again!! Solo growls, fans boo, but Solo reloads. Cena stands, into a THIRD SAMOAN SPIKE!!! Cena flounders and sputters but Solo isn’t going for any pins. Solo wants Cena to stand again! Cena rises, fans rally behind him, and he manages to stand.

Solo has Cena again, a FOURTH SAMOAN SPIKE!!! Still no cover!? Solo wants to truly end Cena! A FITH, SIXTH, SEVENTH!! Solo just jams the thumb in again and again and again!! Cover, SOLO WINS!

Winner: Solo Sikoa, by pinfall

Fans boo because they cannot believe it! Cena’s must win match ends up a devastating defeat! But has The Enforcer truly disposed of Cena once and for all? Was this the last loss Cena ever suffers? If so, fans give a standing ovation and chant “Thank You, Cena!” as the GOAT gets to his feet.


The Miz is here!

Fans boo as the Hollywood A-Lister heads to the ring to host a Premium edition of MizTV. Miz gets the mic to welcome us to the Most Must-See WWE Talk Show in history, and he hopes they’re ready for this bad boy! Tonight’s guest is one of Saudi Arabia’s own, the star of Sattar, IBRAHAM AL HAJJAJ! Fans cheer as the Joy Award Winner joins Miz in the ring. Miz gives Ibraham another introduction, and he gives The Miz an introduction! Miz gives it back to Ibraham and they take their seats. Ibraham says it is a pleasure to be here in Riyadh.

So Ibraham’s character in Sattar has a dream of becoming a WWE Superstar. Is that based off of real life aspirations? Wait, what is Grayson Waller coming out here for? Waller says it is nice to have an actual movie star on MizTV. But Ibraham is a big star, so he needs to be treated with respect. Let’s get an actual talk show going! The Grayson Waller Effect?! Waller is taking over and Miz can’t believe they’re doing this. The crew is listening to Waller? Miz has been here 20 years, Waller’s been here for 20 minutes! Yeah, but it ain’t 2005 no more, it’s 2023! The hottest talk show int he WWE now is the Grayson Waller Effect!

Hottest? More like Aussie Public Access. Cheap shirt, cheap set. It’s like they’re getting Rinaldo, but they have to settle for the ball boy. Oh, soccer references, huh? Miz ain’t got no plants on his show, he’s just jealous! Ibraham says hey, there’s plenty of him to go around. He came here to be on the hottest talk show. Yeah, Waller’s show! Nope, MizTV! Um, Ibraham, you’re new here, right? You wanna try that again? You had the wrong answer. Right, okay. It’s… MIZTV! Um, if you look around, Waller’s name is all over the place, so this is his show, his ring, and so Ibraham is disrespecting Waller in his ring and he doesn’t like that.

So how about Ibraham get outta here right now? Fans boo and Miz steps up, but Ibraham has him stand down. Ibraham unoes his sleeves? Waller says he’s gotta be kidding. Wait, the robe comes off and fans fire up! Waller kicks Ibraham low and dumps him out! So Miz BOOTS Waller! Ibraham is back up, Miz throws Waller’s set outta there, “MASSIVE! BALLS!” Miz full nelsons, and then sends Waller into Ibraham’s GAMANGIRI! SKULL CRUSHING FINALE! Fans fire up as Miz and Ibraham stand tall! Fans chant for MizTV, which is a first. Ibraham isn’t done with Waller, either. Ibraham pulls up his sleeves, runs, and hits the PEOPLE’S ELBOW!

Fans are thunderous as Ibraham has his WWE Superstar moment! Will Waller ever live this viral moment down?


WWE United States Championship: Rey Mysterio VS Logan Paul!

The King of Lucha Libre has faced the Maverick before, and lost. But Logan himself said that was already awhile ago. Will Rey make sure to make up for that defeat? Or will that #OneLuckyPunch land and win Logan the gold he’s always wanted?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see who returns stateside as America’s champion!

The bell rings and the two circle. Fans rally up for Rey and the two tie up. Logan powers Rey to a corner, then lets off to pat Rey on the head. Fans boo but Rey shakes that off. The two circle, Rey gets around to waistlock, but Logan moves around. Logan wrenches free and knuckle locks, to then RAM shoulders with Rey. And again, and then another wrench for a straight arm lever! Logan drops Rey but holds onto the knuckle lock. Rey fights up to kick, and kick, but Logan knees low. Logan turns, throws Rey, but Rey lands out! Rey has Logan on a monkey flip, Logan gets up but Rey sunset flips over! Logan rolls through, Rey rolls him up!

Logan gets free, kicks low again, and he TOSSES Rey to a corner. But Rey ELBOWS back! And BOOTS! Rey goes up, leaps and RANAS Logan to the other corner! Rey then goes after an arm, but Logan scrambles free of the crossface. Fans boo as Logan bails out, but the ring count climbs. Logan hurries back into the ring, and he resets with Rey. They tie up, Logan waistlocks but Rey wrenches to a waistlock of his own. Logan elbows free, whips Rey to ropes, then hurdles, drops and- NO, Rey avoids the dropkick, then applauds. Fans cheer along, but Logan rolls his eyes. Logan swings, Rey dodges and returns to tilt-o-whirl RANA!

Logan’s on ropes and Rey dials it up! But Logan dumps Rey out! Rey ROCKS Logan in the back, ROCKS him in the face, then goes up top. Rey leaps to CROSSBODY, but Logan rolls and lifts! Fireman’s carry, CORNER DEATH VALLEY! Logan hauls Rey back up, ROLLING SENTON! Then the LIONSAULT! Cover, TWO! Rey is still in this but Logan keeps cool. Logan storms up on Rey, throws body shots again and again, but lets off as the ref counts. Logan fires off more shots, then knees low! Logan whips corner to corner, Rey bounces off buckles and falls at Logan’s feet! Logan smirks while fans boo, and Logan talks trash on the champ.

Logan drags Rey up, reels him in to whip again, then waistlocks to SLAM Rey down! Logan holds on but Rey fights around. Logan leans on a rear bearhug, but the fans rally up. Rey fights around, gets to his feet, and fans continue to rally. Rey throws elbows, stomps a foot, and Rey runs to then KICK Logan! Rey ROCKS Logan with forearm after forearm, then whips. Logan reverses and scoops, BACKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Rey is still in this and Logan is annoyed. Logan drags Rey up, and trophy lifts him! Fans boo as Logan does presses, before the DROP! Logan mocks the Ultimate Warrior, runs and runs and WARRIOR SPLASH! Cover, TWO!

Another cover, TWO! Another, TWO! Logan is frustrated now, but the fans rally up for Rey. Rey rises, Logan aims and clamps on the bearhug! Logan thrashes Rey but Rey endures. Logan thrashes Rey more but the fans continue to rally. Rey refuses to quit, and he throws elbows on Logan! Rey is free but Logan knees low! Logan then gut wrenches to a Canadian Rack! But Rey fights and arm-drags Logan away! Rey runs up, but Logan RAMS him into the corner! Logan RAMS Rey again and again, then lets off as the ref counts. Logan talks trash as he goes to the far side, then he storms back up on Rey to fire off hands!

Logan stands Rey up, runs corner to corner, but Rey dodges! Logan POSTS himself and falls to the floor! Rey then builds speed and he DIVES to take Logan down! Fans fire up as both men are on the floor! A ring count starts, Rey puts Logan in, and then Rey climbs a corner. Rey leaps to SEATED SENTON! And he keeps moving, to CROSSBODY! Cover, TWO! Logan’s tougher than that, but Rey Oklahoma Rolls! TWO! Rey has the arm, steps through, LA MAGISTROL! TWO! Rey pushes Logan around, steps over again, and ghost pins, TWO! Logan escapes another pinfall but Rey doesn’t lose his cool.

Fans rally for Rey and he waistlocks. Logan fights, goes to ropes, and he HOTSHOTS Rey away! Logan slingshots, BUCKSHOT! Cover, TWO! Logan didn’t hit it as clean as he wanted and that might’ve saved Rey. Logan waits on Rey to stand up, says he has to end it, and he prepares that metal enforced fist! Rey ducks, dodges, tilt-o-whirls, and wrangles Logan into a CROSSFACE! Logan endures as Rey pulls on the bad arm! Logan claws his way around, reaches out, ROPEBREAK! Rey lets go in frustration but he KICKS Logan in the side. Rey eggs Logan on, and KICKS him again! And CLUBS him! Rey runs, springboards, but Logan manages to catch Rey!

Logan spins to POWERSLAM! Cover, TWO! Rey goes to the apron, Logan drags him up, and they go up the corner. Fans rally for Rey and he throws elbows! Rey HEADBUTTS Logan off the corner, then adjusts. Fans fire up, but Logan springs right up to CLUB away on Rey! Logan then scoops Rey, for a SUPER FALL AWAY MOONSAULT!! Cover, TWO!! Rey survives and fans fire up again! Logan gets up and he eggs the fans on even! Logan goes to a corner, climbs up, and gives some Latino Heat. But Rey avoids the Frog Splash! Logan kicks low, gets Rey up, but Rey RANAS Logan onto the ropes!

Fans fire up as Rey dials it up, but Logan blocks the call! Logan throws hands on Rey, but then Rey gets loose to GAMANGIRI! Rey goes up and fans fire up, but Logan anchors Rey’s feet! Logan CLUBS Rey, goes up to get under, but Rey throws hands! Rey spins around to SUPER SUNSET BOMB!! Logan hobbles up, into a CODE RED!! Cover, TWO!! Logan survives being thrown around and flounders to the apron. Wait, Logan’s friend slips him brass knuckles!? Flashback to SummerSlam and how Logan cheated Ricochet! Fans boo, Rey stands, but Rey POSTS Logan first! The knuckles fall to the floor!

Logan panics, his friend scurries over, but WAIT! Santos Escobar is there to stop him!! Fans fire up as the Emperor has Rey’s back! Santos scares Logan’s pal off, but he leaves the knuckles behind! Rey DROPKICKS Logan to ropes, and Logan finds the knuckles! Rey dials it up, 619!! Rey springboards, into a BRASS KNUCKLE PUNCH!!! Cover, Logan wins!!

Winner: Logan Paul, by pinfall (NEW WWE United States Champion)

Fans boo as the Maverick cheats to win his first WWE title! The ends may justify the means for the ImPAULsive Influencer, but will the LWO come back for revenge?


Backstage interview with Bianca Belair!

Jackie Redmond says that in moments The EST takes on the Evil Genius for the first time since Iyo cashed in her MITB contract on Bianca. Bianca says yes, and she can’t be more excited. Damage CTRL thinks they could end Bianca’s career. And while they were gloating, Bianca was training and preparing for vengeance. We saw what she did to Bayley, right? That was phase one. Phase two is her 1v1 with Iyo. Iyo will have to fight this one on her own. Bianca gets her lick back, her payback, and best of all, the title back! Will this be the sweetEST revenge for Bianca here tonight? Or will the Evil Genius still have a plan?

WWE Women’s Championship: Iyo Sky VS Bianca Belair!

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see who is truly the B E S T on SmackDown!

The bell rings and the two rush in! Bianca gets around to waistlock and SLAM! Then she drags Iyo up to SLAM again! Iyo fights free, runs hup and RAMS Bianca, but Bianca rebounds to run Iyo over! Iyo bails out and fans rally up. Bianca pursues, but Iyo kicks low. Iyo goes to bump but Bianca bumps her off the apron first! Bianca pursues and she SMACKS Iyo off the apron again! Bianca puts Iyo in, storms up on her and grabs her hair for once! The ref reprimands but Bianca suplexes, and she holds Iyo up! Fans cheer as Bianca goes all the way to TEN before the SLAM! And then the handspring MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO!

Bianca is annoyed but she drags Iyo back up. Bianca whips Iyo into the corner, then climbs up. Bianca rains down fists and fans count along, all the way to TEN, but then Iyo slips free! Iyo grabs the braid, Bianca boots her away, and then Bianca says kiss this. Bianca backflips and DROPKICKS! Bianca kips up and fans fire up again. Bianca runs in, but Iyo dodges and Bianca POSTS herself! Iyo drags Bianca out to DRAGON SCREW the leg! Iyo goes after the leg, stomps it, then KICKS it! Iyo wants the leg again, and she drops knees on the knee! Bianca clutches the leg as she goes to a corner, but Iyo keeps on her with forearms.

Bianca shoves Iyo away, boots but Iyo blocks! Iyo puts that leg in the ropes, to then JAM up the other leg! Bianca flounders away, Iyo covers, TWO! Iyo goes for the leg, she kicks away on it, then stands on it. Iyo stomps the leg, drags Bianca up, but Bianca JAWBREAKERS free! Roll up, TWO! Bianca runs up, spins Iyo and reels her in, to snap suplex! Roll through and deadlift, but Iyo slips out of this suplex to CHOP BLOCK! And BULLDOG! Fans fire up as Iyo pulls on the bad leg, and then the other leg. They’re both feeling bad at this point, really. Fans rally as Bianca endures, and she kicks Iyo away.

Iyo returns, wheelbarrows and victory rolls, STOMP 182! Cover, TWO! Fans rally as Iyo keeps Bianca in the ring, and Iyo keeps on the legs. Iyo ties the legs up in an INDIAN DEATHLOCK! Bianca endures, fights around, but she drags Iyo around with her. Iyo pulls on the leglock more, but Bianca throws forearms! Bianca ROCKS Iyo and gets free, but Iyo is right back! Bianca boots Iyo away, hurries to run in, but only gets buckles! Iyo ROCKS Bianca, goes up a corner, and she MISSILE- NO, Bianca dodges! Iyo crash lands and both women are down! Fans rally, Bianca stands, and she ELBOWS Iyo away.

Bianca goes to a corner, Iyo runs in but only gets buckles! Bianca scoops to FALL AWAY SLAM! Iyo flounders away while Bianca kicks the legs, to then kip up! Bianca hobbles, she scoops Iyo and SLAMS her! Iyo is up again, but into another scoop and SLAM! And then another scoop and SLAM! Iyo still stands, Bianca still scoops, but Iyo slips free! Iyo ducks ‘n’ dodges and tilt-o-whirls, but into a GUTBUSTER! Bianca covers, TWO! Fans rally up while both women are down. Bianca hobbles up and brings Iyo around, then RAMS her into a corner! Bianca puts Iyo up, ROCKS her, then climbs as the fans rally again.

Bianca brings Iyo up to the very top, but Iyo slips under! Iyo trips Bianca up, and has her in a Tree of Woe! Iyo CLUBS the bad legs, then she runs side to side, to SHOTGUN the knees! Bianca falls out of the tree, Iyo covers, TWO! But Iyo has a leg! STRETCH MUFFLER!! Bianca flails, reaches out, but Iyo thrashes the leg! Bianca fights, reaches, but Iyo reels her back! Waistlock, but Bianca switches! GERMAN SUPLEX! Bianca hurries to cover, TWO! Iyo is still in this but Bianca calms herself down. Bianca CLUBS Iyo, drags her up, and she throws hands! Iyo throws them back! They brawl, fans rally up, and Bianca gets the edge!

Iyo kicks a leg out! But Bianca ducks the shotei to chicken wing! But Iyo victory rolls, STMOP- NO, Bianca dodges and rolls Iyo up, TWO! Both women stand, Iyo sidesteps and then follows, but Bianca blocks the rana! Bianca powers Iyo up to ALLEY-OOP! Cover, TWO! Iyo is still in this and Bianca grows frustrated. Bianca storms up on Iyo, but Iyo knees low! And then puts Bianca outside! Iyo has the braid, but Bianca YANKS Iyo into the post! Iyo flops back, Bianca goes up the corner, and fans rally again. But wait, BAYLEY is here!? Where’d she come from?! Bianca still leaps, but Iyo avoids the splash! Cover, TWO!

Bayley is upset, but her distraction might’ve delayed the ref! Iyo says Bayley needs to go backstage but Bayley says no, just trust her! Iyo underhooks Bianca, and hoists her up, but Bianca slips free! Torture rack, but Iyo grabs ropes! Iyo goes to the apron, HOTSHOTS Bianca, then steps in, to TOSS Bianca out! Iyo throws knees while holding the braid! Bianca can’t get away! Iyo KNEES Bianca down, then calls her shot. The fans fire up as Iyo climbs, and Iyo aims to ARIHARA MOONSAULT! Down goes Bianca! Bayley fires up and Iyo puts Bianca back in. Iyo then aims, springboards, MISSILE DROPKICK! Cover, TWO!

Bayley is frustrated and Iyo is surprised, but Bayley coaches Iyo. Bianca crawls, Iyo CLUBS her and fires hands! Iyo SHOTEIS, then runs! But Bianca SPINEBUSTERS! High stack, TWO! Bayley paces while worrying about Iyo, but Bianca handsprings! MOON- NO, Iyo moves, then comes back to get around! Bianca switches, but Iyo HOTSHOTS Bianca in the ropes! Fans rally up and Iyo springboards, but Bianca catches her! Chicken wings, for the GlamEST Slam! Cover, but Bayley distracts! The fans boo and the ref reprimands, but Bianca runs up to DECK Bayley! Bianca goes back to Iyo to clotheslines her up and out!

Bianca storms over to PLANCHA Bayley down! Fans fire up and Bayley CLUBS away on Bayley! Iyo runs up, but Bianca dodges and Iyo CLOBBERS Bayley! Iyo is surprised but not upset, only for Bianca to RAM her into barriers! Bianca puts Iyo in, but Bayley anchors Bianca’s leg! Bianca DECKS Bayley, then torture racks! Bianca carries Bayley over to commentary! Bayley freaks out, but KAIRI SANE is back?!? And she saves Bayley to URAKEN Bianca!!! The Pirate Princess, Iyo’s old friend and tag partner, now aims to FLYING KABUKI ELBOW Bianca into the post!! Kairi hides from the ref while Bianca is down!

The ring count climbs, Iyo is willing to let the count climb. We pass 5, then 7! Bianca springs up an din at 9 of 10, but into OVER THE MOONSAULT!! Cover, Iyo wins!

Winner: Iyo Sky, by pinfall (still WWE Women’s Champion)

Kairi joins DMG CTRL to help Iyo succeed! And now they beat Bianca down as friends! Fans boo this, but Iyo sets Bianca up for Kairi as she climbs! Anchors aweigh with the InSANE ELBOW!! Bayley is oddly surprised, did she not even know of The Evil Genius’ plan?


Cody Rhodes VS Damian Priest!

The American Nightmare wanted revenge for Judgment Day taking the tag titles away, but then the Punisher tried to completely shatter one of Cody’s ankles! Now Cody has even more of a reason to tear down Priest will he succeed? Or will Priest take the anger from his cash-in interruptus out on Cody?

Naturally, the fans sing along, “WHOA~ OH!” as Cody makes his entrance. But Priest attacks while Cody’s on the corner! The ref reprimands, the fans boo, and Priest backs off. Cody gets the coat off, and he rushes Priest! The bell rings and Cody rallies on Priest! Cody whips, Priest reveres but Cody ducks ‘n ‘dodges and slides, to then kick and RHODES UPPERCUT! And again! Priest goes to a corner, Cody fires hands then climbs! But Priest throws Cody away, only to run into a SIDE EFFECT! Fans fire up as Priest bails out and Cody pounds the mat. Cody builds speed, but he has to stop as Priest moves away.

Cody goes out after Priest but Priest mule kicks! Priest RAMS Cody into barriers! Priest puts Cody back in, then goes up the ropes to AX HANDLE! Fans rally for Cody but Priest storms around. Priest KICKS, KICKS and KICKS! Then ROLLING- SLAP from Cody! Cody SLAPS Priest again, whips him to a corner, but Priest reverses, Priest runs in, Cody goes up and over, but the foot jams! Priest DISCUS HAYMAKERS! Then clinches to FLATLINER! Cover, TWO! Cody is still in this but that foot almost cost him. Priest looms over Cody, stalks him to the corner, and smirks as the fans continue to rally. Priest grabs the leg and wraps it around ropes!

Cody CLUBS Priest, Priest lets off and runs in, STADE DIVE ELBOW! Priest keeps going, to STAGE DIVE again! Fans boo but Priest keeps going, only for Cody to DROPKICK him down! Both men are down and fans rally up again. Cody JABS, JABS and JABS! Fans cheer as Cody flips, flops and- NO, Priest kicks low! Priest runs, Cody follows and CLOBBERS Priest! Cody goes up and over, and POWERSLAMS! Fans fire up as Cody fights through the pain, to springboards and BEAUTIFUL DISASTER KICK! Cover, TWO! Priest is still in this and he goes to the apron. Cody has the fans rallying again as he goes out in pursuit.

Cody SMACKS Priest off steel steps! And again! The ring count climbs but Cody clears off commentary! Fans cheer for tables and Cody turns around, into a DISCUS LARIAT from Priest! Priest leaves Cody behind to refresh the count, and fans chant “We Want Tables!” Priest looks to oblige as he hauls Cody up! Canadian Rack, but Cody slips free! Cody dodges and POSTS Priest, then gets in the ring. Cody builds speed to DIVE! Priest ends up on the desk! Cody CLUBS him, goes up to join him, and fans fire up! But Priest BELL CLAPS! And RECKONING on the desk! Priest turns the tables around on Cody, no pun intended.

Fans want that “One More Time!” but Priest wags his finger, no no no. Priest puts Cody in, fans chant “YOU SUCK!” but Priest just soaks it up. Cody rises, Priest grins and reels him in, RECKON- NO, Cody spins it into the CROSS RHODES! Fans fire up while both men are down! But wait, here comes Finn Balor! The Prince has nothing else to do, but the ref sees him. The ref tells Finn to stay back, but wait! JD McDonagh sneaks in! But Cody DECKS him first! Priest choke grips! SOUTH OF HEAVEN!! Cover, TWO!! Cody survives and fans fire up! The Judgment Day is freaking out, so Finn calls reinforcements!

Here comes Dirty Dom! Fans boo as he has a chair, too! But wait! JEY USO SUPERKICKS DOM! And he SUPERKICKS Finn! And he SUPERKICKS JD! Fans fire up and Priest is furious, but Jey has the chair to run the boys off! And then Priest turns around, into a roll up! TWO!! Cody dodges, springboards, CODY CUTTER!! Priest wobbles up, Cody JABS, JABS and JABS! Flip, flop and fly, BIONIC ELBOW! Cover, TWO!! Priest survives but the fans fire up! Cody stalks Priest, brings him in, CROSS- NO, Priest KNEES and snapmares, to then JUMP KICK! Cody goes to a corner, and Priest runs in, but Cody puts him on the apron!

Cody runs up but Priest dodges and ROUNDHOUSES! Priest goes up the ropes, springboards, but into a SUPERKICK! Cody goes up and up and SUPER CODY CUTTER!! Cover, TWO?!? Priest survives again and “This is Awesome!” Cody nods, feeds off that energy, and he goes back to Priest. Cody roars and fans fire up with him! But then Priest scoops! Cody fights, flails, and he brings Priest down to scoop him! But Priest fights free, shoves, but Cody avoids the haymaker to hit CROSS RHODES! But Cody holds on, another CROSS RHODES! And then a THIRD CROSS RHODES!! Cover, Cody wins!

Winner: Cody Rhodes, by pinfall

Priest had his friends to help him, but so did Cody! Cody has his revenge, but will he and Jey Uso look to get their revenge by going after the Undisputed Tag Team Championships once again? Or will Cody focus on finishing the story?


WWE Universal Championship: Roman Reigns w/ Paul Heyman VS LA Knight!

The Tribal Chief may have smashed ’em, stacked ’em, pinned ’em. He may have survived the best and beaten the rest. He may have made the WWE Universe ACKNOWLEDGE HIM for almost 1200 days, but tell ’em whose game this is! The Mega Star doesn’t care about bloodlines or number of days, the only numbers he needs are those three seconds! Will this be LA’s night? Or will he be left in the wasteland while the title remains on the Island of Relevancy?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and one way or another, this is the biggest moment of the year, YEAH!

The bell rings and Roman rushes up! But Knight fires off punches first! And a kick! And a SWINGING NECKBREAKER! Knight gets Roman up to fire hands, then whips. Roman reverses and CLOBBERS Knight! Roman mocks spelling it out, then he paces around Knight. Roman stomps Knight, taunts Knight, but the fans rally up. Roman shakes his head, bumps Knight off buckles, then turns him around to ROCK him with a right! Roman whips, but Knight dropkicks the legs out! And basement dropkicks Roman down! Fans fire up with Knight and he brings Roman up. But Roman TOSSES Knight out!

Knight gets on the apron but Roman ROCKS him! Fans continue to cheer on Knight but Roman tells them to shush. Roman drags Knight up, but Knight HOTSHOTS Roman back! And slingshots to shoulder tackle! Cover, ONE!! Roman stands, but Knight whips him to ropes. Roman holds ropes, KICKS back, then runs, but Knight scoops! POWERSLAM! Fans fire up and Knight has us spell it out! “L! A! KNIGHT! YEAH!” But Roman bails out as Heyman distracts Knight! Fans boo but the Wise Man saves his Tribal Chief. But then Knight WRECKS Roman with a dropkick! Knight puts Roman on the apron, CLUBS him, then drags him down.

Knight goes up the apron and FLYING LARIATS! Fans fire up, then Knight clears a desk! The ring count climbs, but Roman CLUBS Knight first! Roman brings Knight around but Knight fights the bump to SMACK Roman off the desk! Knight stalks Roman, but Roman YANKS Knight into steel steps! Fans rally for Knight, the ring count is 5 of 10, but Roman stands and drags Knight up. Roman whips Knight, into the steel steps! Knight flounders and writhes, but Roman refreshes the ring count. Knight is down at 5 of 10, but Knight crawls to the ring at 7. Knight slides in at 8, and Roman chuckles.

Fans are torn and that annoys Roman. Roman stalks Knight, raises the finger because #HeTheOne, and he drags Knight up. Roman whips Knight corner to corner hard! Knight bounces off buckles and falls to the mat, but Roman tells the booing fans to hush. Roman drags Knight back up, and snap suplexes! Cover, ONE!! Knight shows his toughness but Roman keeps on him with a cravat neck wrench. Knight endures, fans rally, and Knight fights up to his feet. Roman wrangles Knight back down and grins as he says he calls the shots. Knight kicks around as he endures and the fans rally up again.

Roman is confused and upset that Knight rises up! Knight throws body shots! Knight is free, he whips, but Roman LEAPING LARIATS! Cover, TWO! Roman wags his finger at the fans again as they rally up, but that makes them chant for Knight more. Roman runs to clothesline Knight in the corner! Roman again wags his finger, but fans tell him off! Roman is upset being called an A-Hole, and he runs in at Knight to clothesline again! Roman then pushes Knight down, soaks up more heat, and he taunts the fans. Roman runs in, but Knight ELBOWS him way! Knight goes to another corner, Roman runs in again, but into a BOOT!

Knight goes up to FLYING DDT! Fans fire up while both men are down! Knight and Roman rise, and the fans are thunderous for Knight! Roman ROCKS Knight, but Knight ROCKS Roman! Roman ROCKS Knight, Knight ROCKS Roman! “BOO~! YEAH!” Knight gets the edge, fans chant “YEAH! YEAH! YEAH!” with each punch! Knight whips, Roman reverses, but Knight ducks ‘n’ dodges and LEAPING LARIATS! Then a RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP! Knight waits, kicks and DDTS! Cover, TWO! Roman is tougher than that but Knight doesn’t lose focus. The fans chant “YEAH! YEAH! YEAH!” with the mudhole stomps!

The ref counts, Knight lets off, but then goes back for more! Knight runs corner to corner to KNEE WASH! Roman sputters and staggers, into a scoop! Roman slips free, clinches, URENAGE! Cover, TWO!! Roman isn’t the People’s Champion, so that Rock Bottom style Urenage didn’t finish this. But Roman shakes his head as he storms around. Roman goes to a corner, locks ‘n’ loads, and he aims at Knight. SUPERMAN- NO, Knight gets around to torture rack! And NECKBREAKER! Knight doesn’t cover, he spells it out! “L! A! KNIGHT! YEAH!” But Roman SUPERMAN PUNCHES!! Cover, TWO?!? Knight survives, and “This is Awesome!”

Roman and Knight stir, Knight flounders to a corner and Roman goes to the other. Roman tells fans to hush, but the fans boo. Roman fires himself up, “OOOAH~!” Roman runs in, but Knight jumps! Roman hits buckles! Knight hauls Roman up to RAM into him again and again, “YEAH! YEAH! YEAH!” Knight then hoists Roman up top, climbs up to join him, and picks Roman up, but Roman throws body shots! Roman HEADBUTTS Knight down, adjusts, but then Knight’s right back up! To the very top, for a SUPER DUPER PLEX!! Knight is right up to his feet, too! “L! A! KNIGHT! YEAH!!” ELBOW!! Cover, TWO!!

Roman survives the Mega Star Elbow, but wait! Here comes Solo! Refs and security stop The Enforcer, but Jimmy Uso drags Roman out of the ring! Fans boo as the Bloodline has to save their chief again. But then Knight drags Jimmy up by his hair! Roman SUPERMAN PUNCHES Knight! Roman gets back to a corner, “OOOAH~!” SPEAR!! Cover, TWO?!?! Knight survives and shocks everyone!! Roman is furious and talking to himself again. Roman paces around, but fans again tell him off. Roman glares as Knight goes to ropes and drags himself up. Roman DECKS Knight, then stomps him, and then rains down fists!

Fans boo as Roman shouts, “WHAT NOW?!” Roman paces around, he goes back for Knight, and he tells Knight he’s just a flash in the pan. Roman waits on Knight to get up, fans chant “ROMAN SUCKS!” but Roman clamps on the GUILLOTINE!! Roman squeezes Knight’s head, Knight flails and reaches out but Knight still drops to his knees! The fans rally up but Roman pulls on the hold harder! Knight starts to fade! The ref checks Knight, but Knight revives! Roman is confused and upset again as Knight powers back up! Knight throws body shots, is free, but Roman clamps on again! Knight RAMS him into a corner!

Roman lets go, but only for a moment! Roman squeezes tight with the guillotine hold, but Knight HOTSHOTS Roman! And spins him, B F T!!!! Cover, JIMMY GIVES ROMAN THE ROPEBREAK!! Fans boo as Jimmy scurries away! Knight is pissed and he rushes out after Jimmy! Jimmy wants Knight to hold on, he actually likes Knight, Knight fires off haymakers, and SMACKS Jimmy off the desk again and again and again! But Roman runs out! Knight KNEES him low, and dribbles Roman off the desk! Knight whips and POSTS Roman! Fans fire up, but Jimmy kicks! Knight blocks, to BACK SUPLEX JIMMY THROUGH A DESK!!

But Roman SPEARS Knight through the barriers!! Fans lose their minds, Roman hauls Knight into the ring, and he aims from the corner. Fans boo as Roman runs in, to SPEAR!!! Cover, Roman wins!

Winner: Roman Reigns, by pinfall (still Undisputed WWE Universal Champion)

Almost 1200 days as champion, and yet it’s the same thing every time! Roman’s family saves him from certain defeat, and he continues on his historic reign. Knight was cheated, but will this only prove that he is the next big thing? Will find a way to get another shot at the top spot?

My Thoughts:

A great Crown Jewel here, even though most of the status quo was kept. Roman Reigns VS LA Knight still met the main event level of expectations, and as I said leading up to this, Knight will be built up by how Roman needed all the tricks to beat him. I suppose it does test whether fans are optimistic or pessimistic about this, and I’m going with optimistic for Knight’s sake. Knight can bring up Roman needing the flunkies, he can go after Jimmy and Solo on SmackDown, maybe even have a big part to play in the Royal Rumble or Elimination Chamber as he tries to get back to another shot.

But when it comes to Roman, it’s a bit harder when it’s just lather, rinse repeat. Yes, Roman’s getting 1200 days, and probably the lesser of Bruno Sammartino’s great reigns at 1237. Roman is definitely making it to WrestleMania 40 in Philadelphia, which will take Roman to 1315 or so. Hulk Hogan’s 1474 might be the actual goal, but 160 days from Mania, puts it on Friday the 13th, in September of 2024. Now, I don’t necessarily want this cheating-to-survive reign to continue, but imagine how epic that episode of SmackDown could be if something were to actually happen with this story on that day. A celebration that then turns into a fight and a match and maybe, to shock us all, Roman loses! Wishful thinking, but a great plan if I do say so myself.

The one match that didn’t keep status quo I kinda wish they did, but as Heel wins go, Logan got one perfectly. He and Rey had a great match, but then whoever that was helping recreate the cheat from SummerSlam was good continuity. And Santos only kinda sorta stopping the brass knuckles from being involved, you could easily use that to create a divide in the LWO with Santos and Rey having it out to determine the true leader, the other being kicked out. And I would think it’s Rey being kicked out, Cruz Del Toro & Joaquin Wilde have been alongside Santos since they were Legado Del Fantasma in NXT and Cruz was Raul Mendoza.

Another shocker was Cena losing to Solo, but that perhaps works out for the better with Solo getting a win over “The Greatest Of All Time.” There’s the whole Hollywood Writer’s Strike and if that ends and other shows/movies can continue on, Cena’s probably gonna disappear again anyway so this was practically his sendoff match. And the tradition with those? Put the person who is staying over. An interesting move was having a MizTV VS Grayson Waller Effect segment with Saudi Arabia celebrity Ibraham Al Hajjaj getting to have his moment for his fans. All pretty good fun, and if only Miz was on SmackDown, he and Kevin could actually be a hilarious team to face Theory & Waller. Unless part of that happens at Survivor Series, the PPV for crossovers.

Great stuff connected to the Judgment Day, with Sami getting a great win off JD McDonagh and then preventing Priest from cashing in tonight. That was an awesome world title match from Rollins VS McIntyre, and it made sense that Rollins found a way to win. This is pushing McIntyre further to his Heel turn, with Rhea even giving him that shrug backstage. Sami stealing the briefcase from Priest is going to add something to this story on Monday, they might even fight for the briefcase. If Priest were to lose and no longer be Senor MITB, that could really put some heat on him within Judgment Day, all the more reason Rhea will want McIntyre to join and be their new muscle.

Rhea herself had a great showing tonight, from the Saudi Princes or some other important figures making that entrance with her to her still winning out of the Fatal 5. Good creativity in the finish, too, with a Riptide breaking up a cover. Rhea retains, and clearing these four out, I can only assume Becky Lynch comes after her next. Though at the same time, I wouldn’t mind 1v1 rivalries along the road to WrestleMania, but I guess we’ll have to see what happens on Monday.

And great stuff out of the WWE Women’s Championship, but the crowd seemed way too quiet for Bianca VS Iyo than the should’ve been. I suppose the prospect of either Iyo retaining VS Bianca getting back on top again wasn’t that appealing, but the action was still great stuff. Bayley showing up outta nowhere was also probably part of the problem, it was just more “DMG CTRL Wins LOL” but then in a great surprise, Kairi Sane is back in WWE! She had her return to Stardom in Japan but apparently that was only going so-so if she’s already back over here.

And as a bonus, the scared look on Bayley’s face since it was Bayley (and Sasha) who beat Kairi up before she went away. Now we could see Iyo siding with Kairi and they get rid of Bayley in Damage CTRL, Dakota having to decide if she’s Team Evil Genius or Team Role Model. This could be a very fun faction break-up story, and I’m just hoping Kairi gets treated like more of a star than she did while Vince was still in charge and misunderstanding Women’s Wrestling.

My Score: 8.8/10

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Mitchell’s WWE Raw Results & Report! (7/15/24)

Tensions are running high!



Can Scrap Daddy make it official?

Adam Pearce is welcoming Drew McIntyre back to Raw, in hopes of resolving the Scottish Terminator’s issues with CM Punk. Will all go well? Or will it all go to hell?


  • Sheamus VS Bronson Reed; Sheamus wins.
  • Zelina Vega VS Sonya Deville w/ Shayna Baszler & Zoey Stark; Sonya wins.
  • Damian Priest VS Braun Strowman; Priest wins.
  • Kayden Carter & Katana Chance w/ Lyra Valkyria VS Shayna Baszler & Zoey Stark w/ Sonya Deville; Shayna & Zoey win.
  • Jey Uso VS Dominik Mysterio; Jey wins.
  • WWE Intercontinental Championship: Sami Zayn VS Ilja Dragunov; Dragunov wins by disqualification, Sami retains the title.


Rhea Ripley is here!

That is to say, Mami’s home~! Dayton, Ohio fires up as we follow her into gorilla and onto the stage. Rhea goes to the ring, gets a mic, and smiles as the fans chant for “MAMI! MAMI!” Rhea tells Monday Night Raw, “Mami’s home.” The fans cheer that, and Rhea says it has been exactly three months since she’s last been here. And that is all because of one person. The fans boo, knowing just who that is: Liv Morgan. Rhea says she has seen Liv running around with something of hers, and no, it’s not Dominik Mysterio. Rhea will handle that later. But Liv’s been walking around with something Rhea never lost: The WWE Women’s World Championship.

Liv thinks she took Rhea out? But no, she just pissed Rhea off. What Rhea wants Liv to do is walk out here to be in front of Rhea, so Rhea can rip you apart! But instead of Liv, it’s Dirty Dom that walks out! And he even has a black rose in hand! Dom wants to talk to Mami but the fans boo. Dom still goes to the ring, and now he asks “Mamacita” to listen. The fans boo more so he tells them to shut up! Dom steps into the ring, but Rhea won’t even look at him. But then Liv is on the tron! She says hi, and wants to apologize for her voice. She had a very long weekend in Mexico, and well, she’s quite the screamer.

But Rhea, is your shoulder okay? Liv wasn’t sure when they’d ever see her again. Liv’s shoulder is fine, even with carrying the title. Liv tells Rhea that by now, Rhea knows Liv meant it when she said she wanted to take everything from Rhea. That includes Dom, but Liv does have to admit that at first, she didn’t see what Rhea saw in him. Liv was doing this just to hurt Rhea. But then… Liv got to spend time with Dom, got to look into his eyes, to kiss him, and… It all became very, very real to her. More real than what Dom & Rhea have ever had. And since Rhea’s been gone, Liv’s had Dom all to herself. So while Mami might be home, Liv is finally on top.

The fans are torn and Dom still tries to apologize. The fans boo, he tells them to stop, but Rhea tells Liv that the thing is… She knew Liv would be too scared to come face her. Because Liv knows that when she gets in Rhea’s ring, the revenge tour ends. And Rhea has waited three months for this, she thinks she can wait a little longer. That is why Rhea puts out this challenge. SUMMERSLAM: Rhea VS Liv for RHEA’S Women’s World Championship! The fans love that! Liv says she always knew the endgame was that match. So she won’t run. But she does think Rhea should know, this is not the same Liv that Rhea knew.

And just like Liv helped Dom finally beat his deadbeat dad, something Rhea couldn’t do, Liv will finally beat Rhea, too. Challenge accepted. Oh, and Daddy Dom~… Liv hopes to see you there, too. Bye~! Dom says it’s not like that. The fans cheer for Rhea as she paces. Rhea tells Liv that she knows Liv is still listening, so she’ll say this loud and clear: “SummerSlam, I not only end your revenge tour. I not only end your title reign. I’m gonna end your career. Watch me.” Rhea blows a kiss back to Liv, will her brutality be on a whole new level?


Dom and Rhea return backstage.

He keeps trying to explain but she keeps tuning him out. Dom follows her back to the clubhouse, and when she steps inside, there are a LOT of black roses. The hell is this? He’s just trying to make it up to her. She slams the door in his face! Dom sighs, turns around, and there’s Damian Priest. Priest asks if everything’s good. Dom thinks so, but probably not. Rhea opens the door to THROW the flowers at him, and even hands him a silver donkey to him. AKA he just got his ass handed to him. This is going to be a bit more complicated than Dom thought, and Priest tries not to laugh. Did Dom ruin the one good thing he had going?


Sheamus VS Bronson Reed!

The Celtic Warrior warned the Colossal Aussie not to push his luck, but then Bronson tried to bully the Bruiserweight last week. Sheamus made the save for Pete Dunne, but will he be able to even the score? Or will he be washed away by the Tsunami?

Raw returns and Bronson makes his entrance. The bell rings and the forearms start flying! The fans rally up as Sheamus gets the edge. Sheamus whips, Bronson reverses then runs in, but into a BOOT! Sheamus keeps moving and he RAMS Bronson! Bronson stays up, Sheamus runs but Bronson CLOBBERS him! Bronson paces while Sheamus rises, and then Bronson snapmares Sheamus down. Bronson runs to SENTON! Sheamus rises, Bronson is on him but Sheamus fires body shots and UPPERCUTS! Sheamus mule kicks, front kicks, then fireman’s carries! But Bronson is too big! Bronson CLUBS Sheamus, then HEADBUTTS him!

Sheamus goes to a corner, Bronson CHOPS him! Bronson fires more forearms but Sheamus hits back! Bronson ROCKS Sheamus, Sheamus ROCKS Bronson! Sheamus fires more shots, then runs to CLOBBER Bronson outta the ring! Bronson staggers back up, Sheamus KNEES him in the ropes! Sheamus has Bronson on ropes, the fans fire up, but Bronson HEADBUTTS and fires hands! The fans boo but Bronson snapmares Sheamus out to the floor! Sheamus stands, into a FLYING SHOULDER TACKLE! Then Bronson TOSSES Sheamus over the desk! Sheamus is down and Bronson leaves him behind to refresh the ring count.

Bronson goes back to Sheamus but Sheamus SMACKS him off the desk! Sheamus climbs up to give Bronson BEATS OF THE BODHRAIN! Sheamus goes all the way to TEN, lets off to hug Pat McAfee, and the fans fire up as Raw goes to break.

Raw returns again and Bronson rains down fists in a corner! But Sheamus just eggs Bronson on! Sheamus then fires haymakers in return, and short arm LARIATS! Bronson stays up, so Sheamus LARIATS again! And again! Bronson drops to a knee, but he just growls. Bronson shakes his head, Sheamus LARIATS him down! The fans fire up and Sheamus rises again. Sheamus fireman’s carries, and he manages to lift that 330 pounder! WHITE NOISE! Cover, TWO!! Bronson survives but Sheamus goes to a corner. Sheamus climbs up, but Bronson rises. Sheamus leaps, Bronson dodges. Sheamus comes back but into a pop-up, SITOUT BOMB!! Cover, TWO!!

The fans fire up as Sheamus survives but Bronson drags him over. Bronson puts Sheamus in the drop zone, then goes up top! COLOSSAL MOONSAULT FLOPS! Bronson stands, into the KNEE CAP! Cover, Sheamus wins!

Winner: Sheamus, by pinfall

The Fella got a fight here to be sure! Will this help him make his way up towards a championship match? Wait, Bronson rises and he is aiming at Sheamus! But then in runs Pete Dunne with a GAMANGIRI! Down goes Bronson, and Sheamus is thankful. Sheamus wants to shake hands, but Dunne leaves him hanging. Dunne goes to leave, but then he CLOBBERS Sheamus from behind! Dunne evened things with Sheamus in more ways than one, and he just shrugs. But then Bronson goes up top! TSUNAMI!! Auszilla still takes his frustrations out, but will there be more scores to settle now?


Judgment Day hangs out in the clubhouse.

Well, everyone but Dom. Rhea is happy to be back and she appreciates Priest keeping things together. He has a lot on his plate tonight. There’s the face to face with Gunther, but also a 1v1 match with Braun Strowman! Does he need help out there? No, no, Gunther will just tell Priest what’s what with SummerSlam, and Braun should’ve been handled a long time ago. Rhea respects that. But question: Why is Carlito here? Oh, right, long story there. Dom walks in and asks if he can just talk with Rhea. Priest says say less. Like, literally. Priest moves aside and Dom says he knows he screwed up but he’s been trying to reach her all week. Please hear him out.

Rhea is picking petals off the rose while she smirks. All week, huh? What about the last three MONTHS? Or was he too busy playing around with his little girlfriend? Rhea throws what’s left of the flower at him then storms off. Carlito steps in and says, “She’s mad, huh?” Dom just stares at Carlito, but he’s not wrong. So what can Dom do, if anything, to make this right?


Ilja Dragunov talks with Sami Zayn backstage.

The Mad Dragon just wants to say he appreciates this title opportunity. This is not why he helped out last week against Bron Breakker. Sami knows, Ilja doesn’t need to say anything about it. This isn’t because Ilja helped, Sami asked for this match. Sami has been watching Ilja for awhile now, and Ilja is good. Better than good. Ilja is special. When Sami watches Ilja, it reminds him a little of himself. He sees Ilja in that fight, deep in it, he gets all messed up and red, it is ugly. Because that’s how it looks to fight for his life, and that is what you’re supposed to do! You’re supposed to fight like your life depends on it.

That is the kind of person Sami wants to face in that ring. That is the kind of person who deserves a chance at this title. Ilja has his chance, but one thing. Tonight, Ilja better bring his absolute best. Ilja says Sami better do the same. The two have an understanding, but who will walk away from this one as THE Intercontinental Champion?


Gunther speaks.

“It was never my dream to be here. Dreams are a waste of time. But when I arrived in WWE, that’s all I saw: Everybody chasing some dream, wanting to be like the heroes they grew up watching. No originality. Titles were insignificant. WWE needed to witness true dominance. I put the burden on my shoulders, as champion. It was easy to wipe the mat with challengers and shatter the dreams of so many as I swept through NXT UK and NXT. Not because of their lack of skill, but because of their reliance on emotions. When I realized I outgrew NXT, I came to SmackDown with the vision of saving one of the most illustrious prizes in this sport’s history, the Intercontinental Championship.

“And with ease, I took my prize. And within two years, I became the greatest and longest reigning Intercontinental Champion of all time. For two years, the very best in WWE lined up and said they would beat me, they would humble me, and they would take everything from me. And for two years, every single one of them fell at the hands of Der Ring General. And when my record breaking came to an end, I returned for a new prize: The King of the Ring. Taken by Gunther with ease. Wherever I look in WWE, I still saw mediocrity. I still saw a sickening lack of prestige. A pinnacle that should be so much more.

“At SummerSlam, the prestige of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship will change forever.” Gunther issues this promise, but what more will he have to say when he and Priest are face to face later tonight?


Backstage interview with Zelina Vega.

Jackie Redmond is with La Muneca and says the WEW Universe is going crazy over the return of Rhea Ripley. But what is Zelina’s perspective on her chase for the title? Zelina has no love for Liv or Rhea. When that love triangle gets sorted out, best believe she’ll be at the front of the line. Because we know that if not for Dom, Zelina would be Women’s World Champion right now. But then in steps Sonya Deville and her new pals, Shayna Baszler & Zoey Stark. And Sonya finds it funny that Zelina thinks she’s the front of the line with these three here. The line doesn’t go through Liv or Rhea anymore, it goes through them.

Zelina couldn’t hear anything past Sonya’s big forehead. But the scare tactics the three stooges are doing doesn’t do anything for Zelina. Nothing will stand in her way of that title. Not Liv, not Dom and his mustache, not Shayna and her mustache, or Sonya’s big forehead. If they wanna do this tonight, let’s do this tonight. Sonya says see you out there. Will Zelina prove she IS the front of the line? Or will Sonya put Zelina on the sidelines to get that much closer to the championship?

Zelina Vega VS Sonya Deville w/ Shayna Baszler & Zoey Stark!

Raw returns and Sonya makes her entrance, The Queen of Spades & Hunter by her side. The bell rings and the fans rally, The two tie up, Sonya fires knee after knee then puts Zelina in a corner. Sonya brushes herself off, takes a swing, but Zelina dodges to fire hands! Sonya blocks a whip to whip Zelina, but Zelina goes up and over, only to get caught! Sonya smirks but Zelina swings through to DDT! The fans fire up and Zelina SHOTGUNS Sonya to ropes! Zelina dials it up, 619! Zoey distracts the ref, Shayna YANKS Zelina down! Shayna bends Zelina’s arm, then BOOTS it! The fans boo but Sonya drags Zelina up! DEVILLE’S ADVOCATE! Cover, Sonya wins!

Winner: Sonya Deville, by pinfall

And now the trio mugs Zelina for having attitude! But here come Lyra Valkyria & KC Squared! The Morrigan and the party girls were on the other end of a beating last week, they won’t let another person suffer! Sonya, Shayna & Zoey stand down, but will these hunters soon become the hunted?


Dom finds Priest backstage.

Dom asks why Priest didn’t warn him about Mami last week. Warn him? Priest was telling Dom but Dom was fooling around with Liv. Priest gave Dom advice, so it’s not Priest’s fault that Dom has been lying about stuff. Jey Uso walks in. Is it true? Is it true? What’s true? That Mami is single ‘n’ ready to mingle! Jey is tryin’ ta hoooooller~! Well… Maybe! Go for it! YEET! Dom says hey man, no yeet! And keep the “guepas” to yourself, Priest! Jey tells Dom that if he does see Mami, tell her Jey said hi~! YEET. Jey leaves, Priest says Dom’s been to prison. Dom can’t let people talk to him like that! Go show Jey who Mami belongs to.

Y-yeah! Dom’s gonna go take care of business right now. Dom hurries off and Priest chuckles. Is Priest just setting Dom up to fail now? As for Priest himself, he heads to gorilla for that face to face with Gunther. Will El Campeon have a response to Der King of the Ring?


Adam Pearce talks with referees.

He wants the officials to be on their guard. There is the meeting with Drew McIntyre tonight, the refs will be there, so- Chad Gable interrupts. Gable says he has figured it out! He has cracked the code! Uncle Howdy is none other than… Bo Dallas! Pearce says yeah, obviously. But Gable knows Pearce had a meeting with Bo last week, so Gable wants the details, and to know what disciplinary actions are being taken! Pearce says that was a private conversation, that is privileged information. Oh, that’s nice. But BO and his crew have been after Gable for weeks! What is Pearce going to do about it?

Pearce tells Gable that Bo will be here tonight. If Gable wants to have a conversation, go talk with him. Gable says that’s just great. Gable has to handle everything all on his own like always. Pearce just victim blames Gable! Gable is gonna call Bo out and handle things Gable’s way. Gable storms off, Pearce sighs and shakes his head. Is Gable literally asking for trouble?


Damian Priest heads to the ring.

The fans fire up as El Campeon makes his way out, world championship in hand. Priest steps inside, gets a mic, and says, “Dayton, Ohio! ALL RISE for El Campeon!” The fans cheer, and Priest says he is out here for a match with Braun Strowman, but he also wants this face-to-face right now! So Gunther, get on out here! The music plays, and Der Ring General makes his way out to the ring now. Gunther gets himself a mic as he stands in the ring with Priest. Gunther smiles and says, “Ladies and gentlemen, the World Heavyweight Champion.” The fans cheer, and Gunther says, “Look at you. Still so confident. Still carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders.”

Week to week, Priest carries Monday Night Raw and still lives out the childhood dream of being World Heavyweight Champion. Honestly, good for him. While Gunther was away, he paid close attention to Priest. His honest assessment, he will share with Priest now. Priest is not living up to expectations. Priest’s reign has been… Nothing! No prestige, no contributions. But Gunther understands. They are not cut from the same cloth. Gunther is here in good spirits, he wants to do Priest a favor. Gunther will lift that weight off Priest’s shoulders and spare him the embarrassment of losing at SummerSlam.

Priest can just hand Gunther the title now, and they can both move on. Priest says he wishes it was SummerSlam right now, so he could knock that stupid smirk off Gunther’s face. We heard that video, Gunther saying this was never his dream. Well, while Gunther was handed everything in Europe, Priest was literally fighting for his life on the streets. He fought for 20 YEARS just to get here, let alone be world champion. So hey, if this isn’t Gunther’s dream and he’s just here for paychecks, then they don’t need Gunther here. Priest knows Gunther is good, but who gives a damn? Priest EARNED this, and Gunther is the last person taking the title from him.

Gunther nods and says he recognizes Priest’s hardships. Gunther won’t question the street credibility. But let’s be honest: Being on the street is a choice. C’mon! Don’t blame Gunther that Priest’s parents taught him that he is not worth it to provide a good life. Gunther’s parents gave him everything. His greatness was recognized his whole life. So while Priest was fighting for his life, Gunther got calls from the WWE begging him to show up here! And the reason they were was to avoid the people like Priest to get in a position where they could be world champion. And once again, it will be on Gunther! Who if not Gunther that takes on the challenge, the responsibility, to restore the honor and prestige of this great sport and that World Heavyweight Championship?

There is one thing Gunther doesn’t understand, though. Why aren’t there more people who love Priest to death? He’s just like them! Whatever he achieves in life, he was and always will be street trash. The fans boo and Priest scowls. Trash, huh? For somebody who seems to have so much clarity, it is crazy that Gunther can’t see what’s coming right at him. Gunther doesn’t even see why he lost at WrestleMania. It is the same reason he’ll lose at SummerSlam: he has no heart! He doesn’t know what it is to fight for everything he has! Gunther, at SummerSlam, Priest will remain El Campeon. And for the first time in Gunther’s life, he’ll fight from the bottom because he has nothing.

And then, maybe, the world finds out if Gunther is something more than just a boring, conceited, privileged. scumbag. The champion and challenger get in each other’s faces, they start shoving, but here comes BRAUN! Gunther grins as now Priest has to worry about #OneBigSOB! Will the Monster of All Monsters prove he’s more than just a problem for El Campeon? Or will Priest show that heart and fighting spirit he’ll use to shut down Gunther?


Jey Uso talks with Adam Pearce.

Jey and Pearce are chuckling over Dom getting a big head, but hey, if Jey’s up to it, the match can be made. Jey shakes Pearce’s hand, YEET. Jey heads out but in steps Bron Breakker. Bron asks Pearce what he’s doing. He’s giving Ilja a title match? What business is that of Bron’s? Well, Sami Zayn and that title are his business. But he lost at Money in the Bank! Sami then comes with Pearce with respect, something Bron can learn from, and Sami asked for a match. What does Bron have to say about that? Bron says he doesn’t care about respect. But congrats, Pearce made a match that Bron will now go destroy.

Oh really? Well Pearce knew he’d say that, so he won’t get to. There’s one hot head on the shelf as it is, Bron doesn’t need to go joining McIntyre on suspension. Pearce has security come in and Bron says fine, he knows the way out. Bron leaves, but Pearce still has his guys watch Bron. Will the Big Bad Booty Nephew just have to wait his turn when it comes to the Intercontinental Championship?


Damian Priest VS Braun Strowman!

Raw returns and the bell rings. The two circle and the fans rally up. The two tie up, and Braun SHOVES Priest to a corner. Braun flexes, the fans cheer, but Priest frowns. Priest and Braun reset, approach, and Priest KICKS a leg. Braun walks that off, grabs at Priest, but Priest dodges to KICK again. Braun is getting annoyed, and he manages to corner Priest. Priest slips away to KICK and KICK and fires off forearms. Priest whips but Braun blocks! Braun reels Pries tin, Priest dodges to ROUNDHOUSE! Braun staggers, Priest runs corner to corner, and he leaps, into Braun’s arms! Priest fights free and fires forearms!

Braun snarls, but Priest KICKS, KICKS and KICKS! ROLLING- NO, Braun grabs Priest with both hands! Braun TOSSES Priest across the way! Priest stagger sup, Braun PUPERCUTS him! The fans rally up as Braun HEADBUTTS, then whips corner to corner. Priest bounces off buckles and Braun runs him over! Braun LARIATS Priest up and out! The fans fire up and Braun gets on the tracks! The Strowman Express gets moving, but Priest sends him into the barriers! Braun goes up and over barriers into the timekeeper’s area and he’s clutching his leg! Priest snarls, but this fight isn’t over, even though Raw goes to break.

Raw returns again and Braun is in the ring, but Priest KICKS him in the leg! Braun hobbles up to both feet, but Priest ROCKS him with a forearm! Braun wobbles, Priest ROCKS him again. Priest winds up and runs in, but Braun LARITS! And LARIATS again! Braun manages to run up to SPLASH in a corner, and he CLUBS Priest in the chest! Cover, TWO! Priest is still in this but Braun slaps his bad leg into moving. The fans rally up, both men rise, and Braun waits on Priest. Priest stands, Braun clamps onto his neck! Priest grabs Braun’s neck! The two fight for control, and Braun powers Priest’s hand away!

Braun lifts but Priest slips free to KICK the bad leg! Braun crawls, sits up, but into a BUZZSAW! Priest winds up to SPIN KICK! Braun still rises, so Priest SPIN KICKS again! Priest runs, but Braun scoops him! But the bad leg gives out! Braun goes to a corner, Priest runs in to ELBOW Braun in the back! Braun hobbles, Priest clamps on, SOUTH OF HEAVEN!! Cover, Priest wins!

Winner: Damian Priest, by pinfall

The Punisher brings down the Monster of All Monsters, and yet Gunther saunters his way back out here. The two stare down, Priest dares Gunther to do something. Gunther steps back inside, to SLAP Priest! Priest DECKS Gunther! Priest stomps away, fires off hands in a corner, but Gunther shoves back to CHOP! Priest runs up to LARIAT! Gunther bails out but Priest wants more! Gunther is upset, but is he seeing just what Priest is talking about? Or will all that heart only get Priest hurt?


The (former) Alpha Academy talks backstage.

Maxxine Dupri tells Akira Tozawa & Otis that she talked with “him,” and said that since he’s their friend, they can do something for him. But then in steps Gable. He says it sounds like they came around! Great to hear! Now then, with all that behind them, they can get to business. What? Tozawa isn’t sure what Gable’s talking about. Gable says it is simple: he’s figured out that Uncle Howdy is Bo Dallas. Well, yeah, everyone knew that. Y-yeah, cuz Gable’s been telling everyone. But the plan for tonight is, Gable is calling Bo out, and he’ll have his crew by his side! Right? Just like Maxxine was saying!

Oh, uh, sorry, no, Maxxine wasn’t talking about Gable. In steps Xavier Woods. He is the friend they were talking about. With no Kofi Kingston around, the Academy wants to help Woods against The Final Testament. Aw hecc yeah! They all high-five and Gable gets mad! They’ll help Gable and not Woods? Are they serious? Yes. Very serious. Gable storms off, Woods says something is wrong with that guy. But hey, Final Testament took Kofi out, so next week, Woods & The Academy will make them pay! Everyone is on the same page here, but will they be able to cancel the apocalypse? Or will Kross & The Authors of Pain just make the Academy collateral damage?


Kayden Carter & Katana Chance w/ Lyra Valkyria VS Shayna Baszler & Zoey Stark w/ Sonya Deville!

We saw KC Squared thwart The Queen of Spades & Hunter from hurting Zelina Vega, and now they’ll have it out in a match of their own! Will Dayton be partying with Kayden & Katana tonight? Or will Shayna & Zoey be a couple of buzzkills?

Raw returns and Shayna & Zoey make their entrance, with Sonya backing them up. The teams sort out and Sonya starts against Kayden. They circle, tie up, and Shayna puts Kayden in a corner. The ref counts, Shayna lets off, but then she sucker punches Kayden! The fans boo but Shayna says this is too easy. But then Kayden spins and SLAPS Shayna! Shayna swings, misses, and Kayden wheelbarrows. Shayna stops that, stops the arm-drag, and then isolates the arm! But Kayden rolls free to trip Shayna up! Kayden KICKS Shayna, tags Katana, then they kick, kick and mule kick! Shayna blocks one, but then Kayden SUPERKICKS!

Zoey protests but then DOUBLE SUPERKICKS take Shayna down! Cover, TWO! Katana brings Shayna up, Shayna shoves her back. Katana returns to RAN- NO, Shayna stops that! Shayna pops Katana up, Zoey tags in, but Katana victory rolls. Zoey SUPERKICKS Katana down! Cover, TWO! Zoey clamps onto Katana with a cravat and grinds her down. Raw goes picture in picture to plug Twisters, in theaters this Friday, and Katana fights up. Raw returns to single picture as Katana fires body shots, but Zoey scoops. Katana slips free, ducks ‘n’ dodges to tilt-o-whirl, but Zoey stops that! Zoey brings Katana up, fireman’s carries, but Katana arm-drags free!

Katana runs corner to corner, Zoey shoves her away! Katana comes back again, Zoey pops her up but Kayden is there to send Katana back in. Katana goes up and up and CROSSBODIES! Zoey rolls through! Zoey swings, but Katana arm-drags again! And she DROPKICKS Zoey to the corner! Tag to Kayden and she sets up, MONKEY FLIP CANNONBALL COMBO! The fans cheer, Kayden covers, TWO! Kayden drags Zoey up, TOSSES her out, and Zoey staggers up. Shayna runs in, Kayden TOSSES her, too! Tag to Katana and she goes up, to SUPER KEG STAND onto both Zoey & Shayna! Dayton fires up while Raw goes to break!

Raw returns and Shayna keeps Kayden from Katana to fireman’s carry. Kayden shifts around, sunset flips, but avoids a stomp! She trips Shayna to then BASEMENT KICK her! Sonya is upset but Lyra and the fans rally up. Shayna and Kayden crawl, hot tag to Zoey! Zoey drags Kayden back, but Kayden hops up! Kayden reaches, but Zoey YANKS her back. Zoey goes for the legs again but Kayden BOOTS her! Hot tag to Katana! Katana trips Zoey, BULLDOGS her, then runs to tilt-o-whirl and RANA! The fans fire up and Katana fires off in the corner! Katana fires up, runs corner to corner, A-LIST LARIAT!

Katana pushes Zoey down to ROLLING AX KICK! Cover, TWO! Sonya is stressed as Katana drags Zoey up. Zoey snapmares free to KNEE her down! Tag to Shayna and Shayna goes corner to corner, to KNEE Katana, too! Cover, TWO! Sonya is upset with the ref but Shayna drags Katana up. Shayna underhooks to BUTTERFLY SUPLEX into an ARMBAR! Katana clasps hands, stacks Shayna, stomps away on her, and is free! Katana fires up to STANDING MOONSAULT KNEE DROP! Shayna sputters while Katana tags Kayden. Kayden sets up, Katana runs up, WHEELBARROW SUPLEX SPLASH! Cover, TWO!

Shayna survives but Kayden drags her over. Tag back to Katana and Katana goes up another corner. But Sonya gets on the apron! So Lyra YANKS Sonya down! Zoey BOOTS Lyra! Kayden KNEES Zoey and drags her out, for Katana to DOUBLE STOMP! Shayna DECKS Kayden! Katana trips Shayna to jackknife bridge, TWO! Zoey tags in, Shayna grabs Katana by her hair! Zoey with the MISSILE DROPKCIK! Then the ALLEY-OOF!! Cover, Shayna & Zoey win!

Winners: Shayna Baszler & Zoey Stark, by pinfall

Sonya nods and celebrates with her team. Will this trio be the ones taking control of Monday Night Raw?


The Judgment Day talk in the clubhouse.

JD McDonagh says there’s flower petals everywhere. But Finn Balor says forget about that. They wanna address the elephant in the room. They admit, Liv did help them get the WWE World Tag Team Championships, so- Rhea says yeah, yeah. No worries there. Liv played her games, it didn’t work. In the end, the tag titles are back where they belong. And now Rhea will get her title back where it belongs. Finn & JD agree, and Dom walks in. He says Jey was talking out of line, so Dom got a match made. Dom will teach Jey a lesson that nobody talks about Mami like that. What? What is he doing?

Is Dom stupid? Why is he picking a fight with Jey? Uh, well, Dom could cancel it then. No, that’d make Dom a coward. Okay, well, Dom just wants to show everyone that she is still Dom’s Mami and that she belongs to him. Uh oh, that wasn’t how to say it. Rhea storms out, and the guys can’t help but chuckle. Carlito says not cool. Dom just can’t win, can he? But can he at least not be embarrassed taking on Main Event Jey?


Drew McIntyre walks in backstage.

And he’s… smiling? Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Guess we’ll find out during his meeting with Adam Pearce, after the break it.


Raw returns, and Adam Pearce is in the ring.

“Ladies and gentlemen, please join me at this time in welcoming The Scottish Warrior, Drew McIntyre!” The fans are torn as McIntyre makes his way out to the ring. The fans chant “CM PUNK!” at McIntyre but Pearce says he allowed McIntyre to be here but they won’t waste any time. Pearce thinks we are on the verge of something special with McIntyre, and that CM Punk VS Drew McIntyre can be special. Pearce wants the match, and he’s pretty sure the fans want it. And Pearce knows that Punk is at home like Pearce requested so Punk can get medically cleared for this match. So the only question is: How bad does McIntyre want this match?

McIntyre says he wants this more than anything in the world. Pearce says that’s good. So let’s leave emotion and pettiness and irrational, unprofessional behavior behind… Look at him when he’s talking to you. But if McIntyre can do all that, Pearce is ready to do business. McIntyre says he is ready to do business, too. Pearce was doing what he had to, and that was suspend McIntyre for what he did. McIntyre had to sit at home and watch Punk talking, knowing McIntyre should’ve been there. That is on McIntyre. McIntyre wants this match more than anything, and Punk surely wants this more than anything.

But it is not their opinions that matter. The only opinions that matter are those of the WWE Universe. The fans cheer that! So let’s double check. Is everyone ready for McIntyre VS Punk at SummerSlam? The fans cheer even louder! Well, they also chant “CM PUNK! CM PUNK!” McIntyre says they’re ready. Pearce has the power, so make it official. Pearce would love nothing more. But there is one more thing Pearce needs McIntyre to do. Anything! Oh, anything? Then the refs from that MITB incident step into the ring. Pearce knows what happened that night as uncalled for. The refs did not deserve what happened.

So all McIntyre has to do is apologize to these two men for what he did. McIntyre takes a breath. Why would he apologize? Pearce says the refs put their bodies on the line every time they step into the ring, so they deserve respect. All McIntyre has to do is- McIntyre says this is embarrassing. Yeah, Pearce did what he had to do, so let’s let bygones be bygones, water under the bridge. Pearce says he isn’t being unreasonable. These refs got hurt. McIntyre just has to look them in the eye, acknowledge what happened, and apologize. Nothing more. McIntyre mulls it over a moment, and he steps forward while fans chant, “Say You’re Sorry!”

McIntyre looks at the refs, then the crowd. McIntyre swallows and says, “No.” Why should he apologize when all any ref has ever done is screw him over?! And PEARCE! This has all happened under Pearce’s watch! McIntyre lost at WrestleMania, at Clash at the Castle, and MITB! All under Pearce’s watch! Is Pearce grabbing Punk from behind? Sending referees after him? NO! That’s just McIntyre! Pearce deserved that elbow. PEARCE should be the one apologizing! So many fans chant Punk’s name after what he’s done to McIntyre, and they should be apologizing! SETH ROLLINS thinks he can skip the line to get at Punk first!?

McIntyre would never accept an apology from Punk, he wants Punk’s head on a SPIKE. Pearce tells McIntyre to stop. If he won’t accept and own what he did, then Pearce will! McIntyre is STILL suspended! McIntyre slowly turns around and glares at Pearce. McIntyre steps forward, a ref moves in, but that ref goes flying! And then the other! McIntyre shouts at Pearce, but here comes Rollins! The fans fire up as The Visionary runs into the ring, and he fires hands on McIntyre! Rollins dodges to SUPERKICK! Then CURB- NO, McIntyre bails out before then! Rollins throws off the leather jacket and dares McIntyre to get back in here!

Security shows up to escort McIntyre out of here while fans sing “WHOA~ OHH~ OHHH~!” McIntyre fumes but he warns everyone that he’s not done. McIntyre storms off, but will he ever get over things? Will he ever get over himself?


The Wyatt Sick6 hijacked the Pat McAfee Show… again!

Pat was just talking with MLB experts when the lights flickered, and Sister Abigail dropped off a package. Another week, another VHS! That VHS has been brought here to Raw, so time to see this week’s message.

It’s Erick Rowan! Uncle Howdy/Bo Dallas asks, “How have you been?” Rowan won’t lie, the last few years have been… very hard. Rowan used to have a family. They were unstoppable. Inseparable. They always had each other’s backs. And then one day, it just went poof, and the whole world changed. Rowan is emotional already as he says, “I lost a brother. The person in this world who believed in me more than anybody else, just gone.” It knocked him on his ass. “But in those situations, you get up, and you wipe the dust off you, and you just keep moving. Because that’s what you gotta do. Life goes on.”

But just when Rowan thought he had everything going… Another brother… Rowan starts to cry here as he says that brother was gone, too. No more family, no more will to go on, nothing. Rowan fell down a well and couldn’t get out. He didn’t want to get out. Why would he? He was catatonic, numb to the world. Who was gonna miss him, huh? He’s “Just Rowan.” But then how did that make him feel? A sheep mask is handed to him. Rowan remembers those times. It gives him hope. When he was at his lowest, and “he” reached out to him, Rowan accepted that hand. Rowan knew he needed help. So he got up, had a purpose in life, and a purpose to help those like him.

This sheep mask reminds him of that beacon of hope. Rowan is Ramblin’ Rabbit! “We’re gonna take our broken hearts, and make some beautiful art.” The piano plays and the tape stops there. Will Rowan “help” others in the darkness?


Jey Uso VS Dominik Mysterio!

Main Event Jey just wanted to “holler” at Rhea, and Dommy got upset. But did Dom not just stick his foot in his mouth but really step in it tonight? Or can he somehow, someway, make it up to Mami?

Raw returns and Jey makes his entrance. The fans bounce with Jey, as do Pat and Cole with their new foam YEET hands! But then Dom SUCKER PUNCHES Jey! The fans boo as Dom stomps away on Jey! The ref reprimands, backs Dom off, and Jey stands up. The bell rings, Dom runs up but Jey ROCKS him in return! “YEET! YEET! YEET!” Jey whips, but Dom reveres and DROPKICKS! Dom says, “That’s MY Mami!” Dom rains down fists on Jey while saying to never talk about HIS Mami like that! The fans boo but Dom soaks up that heat. Dom drags Jey up, ROCKS him, and has Jey on ropes. Dom CHOKES Jey, the ref counts, and Dom lets off.

Jey sputters, Dom stalks him, and then Dom stomps Jey. Dom keeps going on about “She’s MY Mami!” Dom RAMS Jey into the corner, RAMS him again, then lets off. Dom says NO YEET, then snapmares Jey into a chinlock. Dom fires clubbing crossface forearms, and says Mami belongs to him! The fans rally for Jey as he endures and fights up. Jey fires body shots, but Dom kicks low! Dom snap suplexes, Uno Amigo! Dom drags Jey up, Dos Amigos! Dom rises up again, gives some Latino Heat, THREE AMIGOS! Cover, TWO! The fans rally but Dom snarls as he waits on Jey. Jey rises, but Dom DROPKICKS him onto ropes!

Dom dials it up, 619 misses as Jey ducks! Jey then DUMPS Dom out, and the fans fire up as Jey builds speed! Jey DIVES into a haymaker! Dom takes Jey down and then brings him around, to POST him! Jey falls and Dom flexes while Dayton boos, and Raw goes to break.

Raw returns and Dom has Jey down, for a slingshot SENTON! Cover, TWO! Dom is annoyed and he drags Jey up. The fans rally for Jey but Dom gives more Latino Heat. But Jey slips out of the suplex to ROCK Dom! And again, and again! “YEET! YEET! YEET!” Jey pops, locks ‘n’ puts some stank on the “YEET!” Then he mule kicks, throws the shirt off and UPPERCUTS! Dom staggers up, blocks a kick, but not the DRAGON WHIP! The fans fire up again and Jey says “YEET! YEET! YEET!” Jey runs in to HIP ATTACK! Jey drags Dom into a drop zone, goes up the corner, but wait, LIV is here! Liv drags Dom to safety!

The fans boo and Dom says leave him alone, Liv! Stop making this worse! But then Jey WRECKS Dom with a dropkick, and Dom falls right onto Liv! Just like a few weeks ago! Liv is happy, and she flips things around to be on top! Even Jey can’t take his eyes off this! But here comes RHEA! Liv freaks out and runs away! Rhea is again mad with Dom but she’s more focused on Liv. Liv gets into the crowd and goes up the bleachers! Dom tries to apologize but Rhea tells Dom to just finish this fight. Dom hurries into the ring, but Jey SPEARS him down! Then Jey puts Dom in the drop zone, goes up top, and USO SPLASHES! Cover, Jey wins!

Winner: Jey Uso, by pinfall

Rhea rolls her eyes in disappointment. Jey waves to Mami and says call him. Rhea just leaves, not even waiting for Dom. Will Dom keep on losing what he had with Rhea? Will Jey win his way towards a championship opportunity?


Dom returns backstage.

He is obviously sore from losing, but the Priest walks over. Priest tells Dom that that was rough. Speaking of which… Rhea steps back in. Rhea tells “Dom Dom” that she doesn’t belong to anyone. She is not Dom’s. Dom is hers. Rhea gives Dom a rose, so maybe Dom still has something good. But will he be able to keep it with Liv still coming around?


Chad Gable heads to the ring!

“Master” Gable mistakenly thinks he figured out the Wyatt Sick6 puzzle, but Bo Dallas showed himself to be Uncle Howdy. And even after feeling first hand how dangerous the Wyatts have become, he wants to call Bo/Uncle Howdy out? Will Gable only get himself hurt all over again? We find out, after the break.

Raw returns and the fans chant “You Suck! You Suck!” Gable says, “Ladies and gentlemen, in yet another display of my seemingly endless intellect, I have solved what will go down as the greatest mystery, well, ever in the WWE. I’m here to announce the true identity of Uncle Howdy is none other than Bo Dallas!” The fans boo but Gable knows, they were surely thinking of anyone but Bo. But Bo, after everything you and those FREAKS have put Gable through over the past month, Gable is calling you out! Get in this ring so they can settle this problem. And don’t make him wait. Gable does wait a little longer and he shouts for Bo to show up.

And so Bo shows up! The fans cheer as Bo walks out, no music, no pomp and circumstance, but then he’s BLINDSIDED by Julius & Brutus Creed! The Creed Brothers throw Bo around, this was all a set up by Gable! Brutus POUNCES Bo into barriers! The fans boo but Julius drags Bo up, to POST him! Bo writhes, the fans boo more, but the Creeds feed Bo to Gable. Gable looms over Bo, the Creeds join him, and Gable raises their hands in victory. But Bo… is laughing? Gable is confused as to why, but he KICKS Bo in the side! The Creeds drag Bo up and Gable throws off his jacket. Gable rolls up his sleeves so he can fire forearms!

The fans boo but Bo still laughs it off! Gable ROCKS Bo with a haymaker! But Bo laughs through the pain! Gable tells the Creeds to stand Bo up. They mug Bo, then fireman’s carry for the KNEE DEATH VALLEY COMBO! The fans boo while Gable stands over Bo. Bo still manages a smile, even as Gable waistlocks and GERMAN SUPLEXES Bo away! Bo flounders into a corner, Gable says problem handled. The fans boo more as Gable’s new team stands tall. Wait, is Bo still laughing? Bo says “Yeah yeah yeah yeah~” like another Wyatt Family member we’ve lost. Gable asks what’s so funny! Bo says, “There you are.” Gable is freaked out, but Bo sees the truth.

And then the lights start turning off! The fans tell Gable he messed up now! The fireflies come out, and the piano starts playing…! Gable & The Creeds are on guard as the fog starts rolling in. From the stage is that familiar eerie light. And from that light, out steps Sister Abigail, Ramblin’ Rabbit, Mercy the Buzzard & Huskus the Pig boy. Abigail has the lantern, and she leads the way. The fans are losing their minds as the Wyatt Sick6 approach the ring. They get up on the apron, Gable cowers behind the Creeds, then Gable gets out of the ring! Julius & Brutus are surprised, but then they follow Gable.

Bo rises up from the corner, to kneel at the center of the ring. The fans cheer as his family stands with him. Bo laughs and then looks to the skies. They’re here, but what will they do next?


WWE Intercontinental Championship: Sami Zayn VS Ilja Dragunov!

The Great Liberator told The Mad Dragon that he earned this championship match with his passion and fury. But will Sami be able to survive that passion and fury when facing it head-on? Or will we soon have an #UNBESIEGBAR Intercontinental Champion?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see who can truly fight like their lives depends on it!

The bell rings and the two circle. They tie up, go around, and Dragunov waistlocks. Sami wrenches free, Dragunov wrenches in return. Sami rolls, wrenches again, and then cording holds. Dragunov goes to a corner, the ref calls the break, and Sami lets off, to CHOP! Dragunov scowls but Sami eggs him on. Dragunov runs up, they tie up, and Sami waistlocks. Dragunov headlocks, Sami fights around and ends up in a corner. The ref calls the break, so Dragunov lets off, to CHOP! Dragunov returns the favor and eggs Sami on now. Sami nods and resets with Dragunov. They start firing forearms back and forth and the fans fire up!

Dragunov ROCKS Sami, ROCKS him again, then DECKS him! Sami gest up, Dragunov runs in but Sami TOSSES Dragunov out. Sami goes to the apron, mule kicks, then ARABIAN PRESS SAULTS! Down goes Dragunov and the fans fire up with Sami! The champion stands tall and Raw goes to break.

Raw returns and Sami UPPERCUTS Dragunov. Dragunov stumbles to a corner, the fans rally, and Sami stands Dragunov up. Sami CHOPS, but Dragunov fires boxing elbows. Sami kicks low, whips, but Dragunov tiger feints, CONSTANTINE SPECIAL! Both men are down and the fans fire up! Sami rises, but Dragunov follows. Dragunov CHOPS in the corner! And CHOPS again! Sami sits down, Dragunov goes side to side, BOOT WASH! Dragunov drags Sami up, reels him in, but Sami slips out of the bomb to fire off forearms! Sami whips, Dragunov reverses but Sami goes up and over! Dragunov turns around into a LARIAT from Sami!

The fans fire up and Sami brings Dragunov up. Dragunov headlocks to fight the Blue Thunder, so Sami CLUBS him! Sami tries again, but Dragunov fights with elbows! The fans rally, Dragunov KNEES Sami low. Sami still swings, but Dragunov dodges to CONSTANTINE- NO, Sami gets under to BLUE THUNDER BOMB! Cover, TWO!! Dragunov just raises that shoulder up in time and Sami can’t believe it! The fans rally, Sami drags Dragunov up, but Dragunov BOOTS him! And BOOTS again! And BOOTS again! Sami staggers, Dragunov waistlocks to GERMAN SUPLEX! Sami tumbles, Dragunov rises!

Dragunov runs up but Sami BOOTS him! Dragunov roars and returns, into a clinch! CORNER EXPLODER! The fans fire up as Sami goes corner to corner. Sami runs in, but into a BOOT from Dragunov! Dragunov covers, TWO!! Sami survives that counter but Dragunov drags him back up. Dragunov reels Sami in, to POWERBOMB! Dragunov powers up and the fans fire up, for the H-BOMB FOREARM into a BOOT! Sami crawls to cover, TWO!! Dragunov survives and the fans fire up again. Sami rises, Dayton rallies, and Sami fires a forearm. Dragunov springs up to ENZIGIRI! Dragunov runs to KNEE Sami, and Sami tumbles out of the ring!

Dragunov goes to the apron, powers up, and H-BOMB FOREARMS to the floor!! Sami sputters and the fans fire up while the ref starts the ring count. Dragunov drags Sami up and in, hurries up a corner, and fans duel as he takes aim! COAST2COAST! Dragunov roars as he rises again! SUPER SENTON onto knees! Ghost pin, TWO!! Dragunov escapes that trap and Sami is in disbelief. Sami storms over to drag Dragunov up at the ropes. Sami fires hands, but Dragunov HEADBUTTS back! Sami staggers, only to return with a HELLUVA KICK! Dragunov falls to the floor and fans fire up again! The ring count starts, but Sami goes out after Dragunov.

“This is Awesome!” as Sami drags Dragunov up. But here comes Bron! He storms down the ramp, picks up speed, and he runs in to SPEAR Dragunov!!

Winner: Ilja Dragunov, by disqualification (Sami retains the title)

The fans are torn between booing and barking, but Sami fires hands on Bron! Sami SMACKS Bron off the desk again and again, puts Bron in the ring, only for Bron to catch him! OVERHEAD BELLY2BELLY! Bron rips up his shirt, throws it to the fans, and then builds speed to SPEAR Sami down!! Bron smirks, having done what he told Pearce. Bron destroyed this main event, what must be done to put an end to this rebellion?

My Thoughts:

A great episode of Raw here with so much good story. For one, Drew McIntyre being just as petty as CM Punk was an interesting detail. But him losing his mind with rage again was a good way to bring Rollins out here, and I feel like my idea for a Triple Threat is coming true. Then after a great match between Sheamus VS Bronson, Dunne making the save only to turn on Sheamus was pretty wild. Tyler Bate is out with injury for the rest of the year so I suppose Dunne going Heel on his own wouldn’t be so out of the question. Though at the same time, Dunne would have to voice his reasons for doing this, so maybe he’ll be more of a Tweener?

Good stuff in the Women’s Division, but I feel kinda bad for Zelina being fed to Sonya so easily. It did technically set up the tag match for tonight, which was more solid as a match. Sonya’s trio sweeping gets them going, and while we can get a Six Woman Tag of Lyra & KC Squared VS Sonya, Shayna & Zoey, I’m sure Damage CTRL returns to make for an even bigger Six Woman Tag at some point. Plus there’s #TheBig3, Jade, Bianca & Naomi on SmackDown, and the potential of Blair Davenport joining Alba Fyre & Isla Dawn. Getting faction warfare in the RawDown Women’s Division could be a lot of fun.

Great stuff with the Judgment Day being the throughline on the night. Rhea VS Liv being made for SummerSlam was a given, but we got great stuff with Dom struggling to make this right. Dom being possessive of Rhea against Jey, Liv getting involved, and Dom still losing to Jey was all great stuff. Though, I’m a touch disappointed that Rhea essentially forgave Dom with the reminder that “she owns him.” I thought this would’ve gone at least one more week, but hey, there’s only two weeks until SummerSlam so why waste time? I still feel like Finn & JD are the members that side with Liv in a plot twist where Liv retains the title.

Thinking about it, though, Priest didn’t really help Dom by giving him that phrasing of “Rhea belongs to Dom.” Really good promo video from Gunther, and really good promo between Priest and Gunther in the ring, but I’m a little surprised we’re doing this as a clash of economic classes. Gunther acting superior because this is business and competition, not a dream, works for me, but then him talking down to Priest as “street trash” just doesn’t fit anything Gunther’s been about. Yes, he talks about prestige and honor, and I suppose that is to stem from how someone behaves and how someone behaves has to do with upbringing, but it just seemed odd.

Really good stuff in the Intercontinental Championship story. Sami and Dragunov had a good promo before having an awesome main event, but yeah of course Bron was going to get in there and “ruin” that. That itself could be a Triple Threat, Sami VS Dragunov VS Bron for the Intercontinental Championship, for SummerSlam. Now, I fully expect Pearce to want to punish Bron but I think Sami and Dragunov will each say give them this match so they can all settle this at once. Though, that’d make for what? Six championship matches? Priest VS Gunther, Cody VS Solo, Bayley VS Nia, Rhea VS Liv, and you know we’ll be getting LA Knight VS Logan Paul for the US title.

The HHH Era has been all about PLEs with less matches, more quality, but at the same time, they’ve gotten through PLEs in under three hours, so they have room for more. Plus, this is SummerSlam, “The Biggest Party of the Summer.” I heard they’ll have Jellyroll performing live now, but even then, six matches and all of them being major title stories, that’s just fine for SummerSlam, they can give us that and we’ll all be fine. I just don’t want there to be this talk of “Well now we need Raw and SmackDown exclusive PLEs so we can have time for more.” That’s too much to me. But that subject can be an opinion article on its own somewhere.

Great stuff in the Wyatt Sick6 story. For one, incorporating Pat McAfee’s show again was a nice touch. And hearing from Erick Rowan, that was a powerful promo. And with it, this now becomes not just a tribute to Bray, but also to Luke Harper/Brodie Lee. Gable had good interactions with Pearce and his former “Academy.” Also nice plug that Woods, Otis & Tozawa will face Kross & AOP, that’ll be a fun match. I actually really liked that Gable arrogantly thought he figured something out when it was revealed to us already. Julius & Brutus joining Gable in beating down Bo was a good detail, as was Bo laughing the whole time. And that detail writes itself: the physical pain was nothing compared to the loss of his brother. And also, there’s our Six Man Tag, it’s just a question of which three from the Wyatt Sick6.

My Score: 8.8/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Collision Results & Report! (7/13/24)

Collision of Honor!



Who will head to Arlington, Texas?

Mark Briscoe will defend his ROH World Championship at Death Before Dishonor, but will it be Roderick Strong or Dalton Castle that gets their shot?


  • Konosuke Takeshita VS Tommy Billington; Takeshita wins.
  • Six Man Tag: The Bang Bang Gang VS London Lightning, Shawn Moore & Michael Allen Richard Clark; The Bang Bang Gang wins.
  • ROH World Championship #1 Contender’s Match: Roderick Strong VS Dalton Castle; Roddy wins and will challenge for the title at Death Before Dishonor.
  • Nyla Rose VS Ava Lawless; Nyla wins.
  • Top Flight VS Anthony Ogogo & Lee Moriarty; Top Flight wins.
  • Skye Blue VS Harley Cameron; Skye wins.
  • Orange Cassidy & Kyle O’Reilly VS The Kingdom; The Kingdom wins.


Konosuke Takeshita VS Tommy Billington!

The Alpha of the Don Callis Family is still hunting down championship opportunities, but titles are more elusive than you’d think. Will tonight be Takeshita’s night to earn a shot? Or will he underestimate the new Dynamite Kid?

The bell rings, the fans rally up, and the two circle. The two tie up, and Takeshita shoves Tommy away! Takeshita eggs Tommy on, they tie up again, and Tommy arm-drags Takeshita! The two circle again, Tommy headlocks, but Takeshita powers out. They RAM shoulders, RAM shoulders again, and again! Takeshita BOOTS Tommy, whips, but Tommy runs Takeshita over! The fans fire up while Takeshita bails out and dusts himself off. The fans rally, Tommy waits on Takeshita, and Takeshita goes back to the ring. Takeshita and Tommy circle again, tie up, and Takeshita puts Tommy in a corner. Tommy powers back, they go along the ropes and into another corner.

The ref counts, Takeshita pie faces Tommy, but Tommy SHOTGUSN him! Takeshita comes back, Tommy dodges to headlocks but Takeshita powers out. Tommy ducks ‘n’ dodges and runs Takeshita over! Tommy keeps going but Takeshita dodges the dropkick! Takeshita smirks and ROCKS Tommy with right hands. The ref reprimands but Takeshita stomps Tommy and CHOKES him on ropes. The ref counts, Takeshita lets off to whip, but Tommy reverses. Takeshita stops himself, but Tommy runs up to CROSSBODY! Both men fall out of the ring and the fans rally up. Tommy CLUBS Takeshita, then scoops to SLAM!

The fans rally and Tommy drags Takeshita back up. Tommy smacks Takeshita off the apron, SMACKS him off it again, and again! Tommy RAMS Takeshita into the railing, then sends him back into the ring. Tommy climbs a corner while Takeshita is down, but then Takeshita springs up! Takeshita trips Tommy up top and fires some elbows. Takeshita smirks, goes up and he fires shots., Tommy gives those back, and then Tommy HEADBUTTS! And HEADBUTTS! And HEADBUTTS! Takeshita roars, and then BITES Tommy on the head! Takeshita drags Tommy to the very top, SUPER DUPER PLEX! Cover, TWO!

The fans rally as Tommy stays in this. Takeshita clamps on a chinlock, Tommy endures, and fights up as the fans rally. Takeshita KNEES Tommy in the back, and KNEES him again! Takeshita has the motorcycle stretch but Tommy still endures. The fans rally up, Takeshita keeps the stretch on Tommy, but Tommy powers up! Tommy fights to turn this, but Takeshita turns things back onto Tommy. Tommy still endures, so Takeshita ROCKS him! Tommy ROCKS Takeshita! They go forearm to forearm and fans fire up. Takeshita ROCKS Tommy! Takeshita scoops, Tommy slips free, but Takeshita switches. They go around and around, Takeshita POSTS Tommy!

The fans boo but Takeshita soaks it all up. Tommy is writhing on the floor as Collision goes picture in picture.

Takeshita goes out to fetch Tommy, but he’s in no hurry. Takeshita whips Tommy hard into railing! Tommy falls in a heap but Takeshita storms up. Takeshita drags Tommy up and into the ring, then wrenches him for a whip. Tommy hits the buckles hard! Takeshita snarls as he storms up and stands Tommy up. Takeshita whips, Tommy KICKS! Takeshita ROLLING ELBOWS in return! Tommy falls but Takeshita sits him up into a chinlock. Takeshita grinds Tommy down, but Tommy pries at the grip! The fans rally, Tommy rises up, and Tommy fires body shots. Takeshita CLAWS Tommy’s eyes! The ref reprimands while Tommy staggers away.

Takeshita runs corner to corner but Tommy dodges! Takeshita goes up and out to the floor! The cameraman got out of the way this time, he learned from Mortis landing on him last week. Takeshita shakes out the bad leg, but Tommy goes to a corner. Tommy climbs up, takes aim, and Collision returns to single picture as he SUPER CROSSBODIES! Down goes Takeshita and the fans fire up! Tommy puts Takeshita in and goes up again. Calgary fires up as Tommy MISSILE DROPKICKS! Tommy kips up, the fans fire up, and he whips. Tommy LARIATS Takeshita and then snap suplexes! Even Callis admits Tommy is impressive!

Tommy climbs up a corner, but Takeshita rises to ROCK him again! Takeshita then ROCKET LAUNCHES Tommy! The fans boo but Takeshita lines up a shot. Tommy slowly rises, fans rally up, but Takeshita runs corner to corner, only for Tommy to dodge! Tommy runs, ducks ‘n’ dodges, then tilt-o-whirls! And he manages a gut wrench!? Takeshita flips that around on Tommy and tuck shim in! But Tommy kicks and flails, to gut wrench back! TOMBSTONE!! But Tommy can’t make the cover! The fans rally even harder as Tommy crawls to a corner. Tommy drags himself up to the top, and the fans fire up again!

Tommy aims to DYNAMITE DIVING HEADBUTT FLOP! Takeshita shakes his head and wags his finger, he wasn’t gonna get hit with that one. Takeshita snarls and watches Tommy go to the apron. Takeshita storms up, drags him up, suplexes, but Tommy slips free! The standing switch returns again and again, and Takeshita snatches Tommy into a BLUE THUNDER BOMB! Cover, TWO!! Tommy survives that whirlpool but Takeshita hauls him up! Takeshita vows to end this, but Tommy slips out of the bomb! Takeshita blocks the cradle to suplex! Tommy slips free again, O’Conner Roll! TWO!!

Takeshita is up, and he BOOTS Tommy! Tommy wobbles, but he ELBOWS back! Tommy whips, Takeshita breaks through the lariat, to LARIAT!! The fans boo but Takeshita takes aim again. Tommy sits up, into the POWER DRIVE KNEE!! Cover, Takeshita wins!

Winner: Konosuke Takeshita, by pinfall

Callis is calling it “The T Trigger,” as if to poke fun at Kenny Omega. But whatever the move’s name, it was a big win for Takeshita. Callis joins Takeshita in the ring to celebrate, but Callis also has a mic. “I have something important to say.” The fans boo even more now. Callis says “This young man right here, he wrestled the match of a lifetime against Takeshita. C’mon, kid.” Tommy sits up and Callis introduces himself. And he says that was a tremendous effort. When Callis looks at Tommy, just 23 years old, the blood of the original Dynamite Kid in his veins, Callis says Tommy has everything he is looking for.

In fact, Callis was thinking on this back. He remembered his mentor, Bad News Allen, was also a mentor to Dynamite Kid. Now, Callis can be Tommy’s mentor. The fans boo but Callis says Bad News and Dynamite Kid would want this! So let’s seal the deal with a handshake! Welcome to the Don Callis Family! The fans boo and say “NO! NO! NO!” Tommy is conflicted. But he takes the handshake?! Callis smiles and asks for an official answer. Tommy looks him in the eyes, and says, “Kiss my ass!” Callis is furious! He SLAPS Tommy! Takeshita says hold on, they can still make this work. But then Tommy grabs Callis!

Takeshita CLUBS Tommy down, stomps him, and even Callis gets his shots in. He calls for back-up, and here comes Kyle Fletcher! The Aussie Arrow steps in to get his shots in! They stand Tommy up so Callis can swing on Tommy! WAIT! FTR is here!? Calgary fires up as Cash & Dax storm out here! The Top Guys throw hands with Fletcher & Takeshita! The fans fire up for FTR as Dax CHOPS Takeshita down! Cash CLUBS away on Kyle, Kyle flops out of the ring, and Callis has his family regroup and retreat! Dax offers a hand, and Tommy takes it. The fans cheer as FTR and Tommy stand tall together. Will they make the Callis Family learn a thing about respect?


Six Man Tag: The Bang Bang Gang VS London Lightning, Shaun Moore & Michael Allen Richard Clark!

Juice Robinson & The Gunns are here, and these #CollisionCowboys are looking to keep up their momentum as AEW heads for Wembley. Will the Unified World Trios Champions be more than ready to go All In?

The trios sort out and the fans rally for “JUICE! JUICE! JUICE!” as he starts against Moore. Juice gives Moore a free shot, so Moore headlocks him. Juice powers up and out, tags Colten, and then Colten tags Austin. Bang Bang Gang hit a body shot, KNEE LIFT, and LARIAT! Juice adds a SENTON, then Colten SPINNING SPLASHES! Austin runs to “GUNS UP!” AX HANDLE! The ref reprimands, but Austin brings Moore around. Austin makes Moore do gun fingers, then he back suplexes. Moor lands out, hot tag to MARC! But Austin dodges, dodges, then trips MARC! Austin says bang bang, tag to Colten.

The Gunns get MARC up, and Colten DROPKICKS him down! Guns Up fist bump! London runs in but Juice JABS, JABS, and JABS! LEFT HAND O’ GOD! London falls out, Juice says beat MARC’s ass! Feed to the 3:10 TO YUMA! Cover, Bang Bang Gang wins!

Winners: The Bang Bang Gang, by pinfall

Bullet Club Gold made quick work of this match, and then Austin gets a mic. He hands that to Colten and Colten says, “Guns up for my Calgary Gold Members~! Alright, the good news is, you got to see the Bang Bang Gang, the best trios champions in the world! The bad news, last week, that turtleneck douchebag, Christian, hurt Jay White. But it’s okay, because as a quarter of the Trios Champions,” Juice can now officially BE a champion! Juice says well, he hates to say they were right but they were right. Tony Khan should’ve anointed Juice when he was told to. Now he has no choice! So with Jay White on the bench, you are lookin’ at THE A E W Unified Trios Champions!

But then someone says hold on, hold on. Christopher Daniels is here, and he doesn’t wanna make the bad news worse, but the thing is… When a team member gets hurt, they cannot allow a substitute. The fans are upset but Daniels says he must STRIP the Bang Bang Gang of those titles! Bullet Club Gold is mad, they thought Daniels was cool! But wait, here comes The Patriarchy… Christian Cage leads Mother Shayna, his “Prodigy Son” Nick Wayne, and Killswitch-Luchasaurus out. Christian tells Calgary to sit down and shut their mouths while he conducts business. Now, Daniels, that is the right call by stripping the Bang Bang Gang.

Now make another right call and anoint The Patriarchy the NEW champions right here and right now! The fans boo that even more! Daniels tells Christian to hold on. Tony Khan is not gonna like that idea any better. But here’s an idea Daniels has that TK is sure to love. Let’s have a Trios Championship match of The Bang Bang Gang VS The Patriarchy, the winners become THE Unified Trios Champions! Austin says let’s make it even easier! Let’s just do it here and now in Calgary! And if Christian ain’t down with that, they’ve got two words for him! GUNS UP!

Christian asks if Bang Bang Gang really wants to do this here and now. YES! Well, then that depends on if the fans want it. The fans cheer “YES! YES! YES!” Well of course they do, they are so desperate to see a championship since The Flames will never get one. That said, the Patriarchy ARE the next champions, BUT they aren’t tarnishing their victory by having it in Calgary. See you down the road, Bang Bang Gang. Captain Charisma is crafty, when and where will he and his “sons” step up to the challenge?


The House of Black speaks.

Malakai says, “Writing history is a delicate thing, Arlington, Texas. Because next week, you will be witness when The House of Black starts building what will be the foundation of Wembley.” Brody King barks, but what could they mean by that?


AEW shares Jeff Jarrett’s reunion with Martha & Oje Hart.

Never in Double J’s wildest dreams could he have imagined being in Calgary for his friend. After Wednesday Night Dynamite, the world now knows how special Owen Hart was as not just a wrestler but as a man. Martha is so happy that AEW has been able to honor Owen. Owen would be so happy to see this tribute. Oje says it was here in the Stampede Park that he and Jarrett met over 25 years ago. He’s never felt closer to his dad than doing these events.

Jarrett may not have won this year’s Owen Hart Cup, but can he make sure next year’s is even bigger and better?


ROH World Championship #1 Contender’s Match: Roderick Strong w/ The Kingdom VS Dalton Castle w/ The Outrunners!

Death Before Dishonor is less than two weeks away, and Mark Briscoe needs himself a challenger! Two former ROH World Champions, who are no strangers to each other, do battle once again to become such a challenger. Will it be the Savior of the Backbreaker or The Peacock that faces The Sussex County Chicken in Arlington?

The bell rings, the two circle, and The Kingdom is already barking at Truth Magnum & Turbo Floyd. Roddy and Castle tie up, Castle waistlocks but Roddy wrenches. Roddy slaps Castle around and taunts him. Castle rolls away to ropes and cools of. The fans rally up, the two circle again, and Castle picks a leg to trip Roddy and gator roll him. Castle waistlocks but Roddy goes under the ropes. The ref counts and Calgary is behind Castle as he lets Roddy go. Roddy bails out and regroups with The Kingdom. Taven blocks out the Castle chants, then Roddy rushes in. Castle gets around to waistlock and wrangle Roddy!

Roddy fights up, Castle shifts, but Roddy fights off the chinlock. Castle pushes him to a cover, ONE, but Castle holds onto a leg to keep Roddy down. Roddy BOOTS Castle with the other leg! Castle bails out and he regroups with his new boys, The Outrunners. They pump up for him, and the flexing inspires him! Castle feels that energy, he starts doing laps around the ring, though staying away from The Kingdom. Castle gets in to fire off forearms and CHOPS on Roddy! Castle lifts Roddy but Roddy scrambles onto the ropes. Roddy ROCKS Castle, bumps him off buckles again and again, then goes up the corner.

Castle trips Roddy up! Castle goes to the apron, runs in from the adjacent corner, and he KNEES Roddy to the floor! The fans fire up and Castle flexes! Roddy regroups with The Kingdom again but Castle storms his way over. The Kingdom stands in his way, and Roddy sucker punches Castle! Roddy pushes Castle to the ring but Castle tiger feint RANAS! The fans fire up and Castle puts Roddy in the ring. Castle argues with Taven, old rivalry there too. The Outrunners get in The Kingdom’s faces, and they flex on ’em! But then Roddy WRECKS Castle with a dropkick! Roddy hauls Castle up to BARRIER BACK SUPLEX!

The Kingdom gloats while the fans boo, and Roddy shouts “Who’s the man now?!” while Collision goes picture in picture.

Roddy SLAPS Castle with the foam guard, then puts him in the ring. The ref has The Kingdom and Outrunners stand down. Roddy stomps Castle, drags him up, and puts him in a corner. Roddy CHOPS Castle, CHOPS again, but Castle ROCKS Roddy with a forearm! Castle CHOPS, but Roddy kicks low and fires off hands! Roddy clamps onto Castle with a chinlock and grinds him down. Castle endures, fights up as the fans rally, and he fires body shots. Castle is free, but Roddy DROPKICKS him down! Cover, TWO! Roddy clamps onto Castle with another chinlock, but Castle endures. Roddy shifts it into a CAMEL CLUTCH!

Castle endures being bent back, pries at the grip, but then Roddy fishhooks his face! The ref reprimands, The Outrunners rally as hard as they can as Castle continues to fight, but Collision goes to break.

Collision returns and Roddy pushes Castle to a cover, TWO! Castle is still in this but Roddy tells him to stay down. Roddy tells fans to shut up, and he kicks Castle around. Castle goes to ropes, Roddy drags him up, and then CHOPS! Castle staggers, Roddy scuffs him, and then Roddy storms up. Castle blocks a kick to reel Roddy in for a BIG back suplex! The fans fire up as Castle roars! Castle rises, Roddy runs up, but Castle blocks a punch to DECK him! And DECK him again! And again! Roddy goes to a corner, Castle runs in to JUMP KNEE! And LARIAT! And JULIE NEWMAR BULLDOG! Cover, TWO!

Castle is annoyed but he CLUBS away on Roddy with elbows, then KNEES Roddy in the side. Castle waistlocks, but Roddy pries the hold open. Roddy ELBOWS Castle, swings, but into an EXPLODER SUPLEX! The fans fire up and Roddy rises. But Castle just hits him with another EXPLODER! And then Castle waistlocks, but Roddy grabs the corner! The ref counts, Castle lets go at 4, but then he JUMP KNEES again! The fans fire up and The Outrunners say one more! Castle goes corner to corner but Roddy dodges! Castle tumbles up and out and Taven talks trash on him. The ref tells Taven to back up.

The ring count starts, The Outrunners storm up on The Kingdom. Roddy goes to the apron to join Castle, and he waistlocks. Castle fires elbows but Roddy fires body shots. Castle clings to ropes but Roddy CLUBS him. Roddy hits an APRON BACK SUPLEX! Roddy shoves Castle in, covers, TWO! Castle shows that toughness that made him a champion, but Roddy is aiming for his head. Roddy runs up, Castle dodges, and Alabama Lift! BANGAAAA- NO, Roddy victory rolls! Castle sits on the cover, TWO!! Roddy escapes, stands up, and he runs in, but back into the Alabama Lift! BANGAAA- NO, Roddy slips free and STRONG KNEES! Cover, RODDY WINS!!

Winner: Roderick Strong, by pinfall (NEW #1 Contender tot he ROH World Championship)

That was almost a knockout victory there! That’s how strong Roddy is, but will he prove he’s the strongest when he takes on Mark Briscoe? Speaking of…

Mark Briscoe speaks.

“Now the fine gentlemen in the AEW front office blessed me with a week off. Thank you very much, folks. But ain’t no weeks off around here, baby! Ain’t no days off around here! This is Sandy Bah God Fork, Delaware. We dem boys, baby! Ain’t no days off! I’ve been in this ring for hours now, bustin’ my ass, gettin’ my lungs right. Cuz in just a matter of a couple weeks, I got Blood & Guts comin’ up, Team AEW VS The Elite. Blood & Guts! The Elite! I think y’all’re a little over dressed for Blood & Guts. You might get some blood or your guts on your suits. I’m a chicken farmer, baby! Blood & Guts is what I do! That’s my currency, baby! Blood, guts, ‘n’ chicken *hit!”

Mark says The Elite can’t get dirty, they can’t get down with him! And not only that, but just earlier on this very evening, he just found out, two nights later, after Nashville, Tennessee, Blood & Guts, it’ll be Mark Briscoe VS Roderick Strong in Dallas, Texas, for the ROH World title. Roddy, you a former world champion yourself, and they’ve done this dance many times. But hey, Mark is a bit wiser. He only had two kids back then. Look at the salt in his pepper. See that wisdom? But he also knows “OC,” Orange Cassidy, and Kyle O’Reilly are gonna do their thing taking out Bennett & Taven. “Roddy, in Texas, yo ass is MINE!”


Program loading.

“Holo.grm” is coming to AEW, but just who is he? We find out, next week!


Stokely Hathaway & Kris Statlander talk backstage.

Big Stoke appreciates what Stat did last Wednesday night. Kris says that was divine. Stoke played the gifs over and over again. Lexy Nair walks over to ask them about that moment they got involved with Willow Nightingale’s match. What were their intentions? Their intentions? C’mon, Lexy, you know Stokely’s a hater and Kris is petty, so there was no way they were gonna let Willow get away with what she did to them. Stokely tells Willow that he hoped Kris had knocked some sense into her, but it seems he’s talking to someone whose favorite color is the number three.

Stoke will out and say it! Willow is the biggest con artist in AEW history! Every week, Willow walks out here to preach positivity and that smiling will make everything work out. Well, Willow, how has everything worked out for you? Stoke doesn’t think it’s gone well at all. Truth be told, everything Willow has gotten this year has been because of Stoke & Kris. There is an old saying: “I’ve brought you into this world and I can take you out.” Kris says this will never end for Willow. Kris & Stoke storm off, but what more can they possibly do to the Babe with the Power now?


Nyla Rose VS Ava Lawless!

The Native Beast is back in AEW, looking to return to the top of the food chain. Will Ava just be an appetizer? Or will “The Hellion” make Nyla lose her appetite?

The bell rings and the fans rally for Ava. The two tie up, Nyla waistlocks but Ava fires elbows. Ava is free, she fires more shots, then winds up to ROCK Nyla! Ava runs, ducks Nyla’s lariat and wrenches, but Nyla stuffs the STO! Nyla choke grips and CHOKE SLAMS Ava! The fans fire up as Nyla storms around. Ava stands up, Nyla SPLASHES her in the corner! Then Nyla whips Ava back in, reels her in, and suplexes Ava high and hard! Nyla rolls through to deadlift and GOURD BUSTER! Ava sits up, into a SUPERKICK! Nyla fires up, reels Ava back in, for the BEAST BOMB! Cover, Nyla wins!

Winner: Nyla Rose, by pinfall

Ring rust is not a thing with Nyla Rose, and she barely broke a sweat here. Will The Native Beast make ever women’s champion in AEW and ROH her prey?


Top Flight w/ Action Andretti VS Anthony Ogogo & Lee Moriarty w/ Shane Taylor!

ROH just saw Darius & Dante Martin team up with Action Andretti to take on Shane Taylor Promotions in full, and that match was won by Shane Taylor Promotions. But now it will be 2v2, will it still be “Rumble, Bad Man, Rumble?” Or can Top Flight take flight to climb up the tag team rankings?

The teams sort out and Angel Dorado starts against #TAIGASTYLE. They circle, tie up, and Lee wrenches to a wristlock. Lee HEADBUTTS the hand, but Dante flips and wrenches back. Lee spins to then slip through and step over, to arm-drag! Dante shakes that off while Lee mockingly applauds. Lee poses, then he and Dante circle. They feel things out, knuckle lock, and then Dante wrenches to snapmare and step over to sunset flip, TWO! Dante ghost pins, TWO! Dante rolls Lee into another ghost pin, TWO! Lee is frustrated but Dante arm-drags him down for an armlock. Lee fights up and pulls hair!

The ref reprimands, Lee arm-drags but Dante holds on to arm-drag again! Lee fights up, Dante wrenches him to YANK the arm. Tag to Darius and they whip Lee to then DROPKICK him down! Cover, TWO! Darius KNEES Lee in the back, clamps on, but Lee RAMS him into the corner. Tag to Ogogo and he ROCKS Darius! Oogog snapmares Darius to run and UPPERCUT him down! Cover, TWO! Ogogo is annoyed but he drags Darius up. Ogogo kicks Darius to a corner, stomps him, then UPPERCUTS. Ogogo whips Darius back in, runs up, but Darius goes up and over! Ogogo blocks the arm-drag but Darius turns it to a backslide! TWO!

Ogogo BODY SHOTS Darius, fireman’s carries, but Darius slips free. Darius shoves Ogogo to the corner and RAMS! Tag to Dante, CHOP and LARIAT! Tag back to Darius and he goes to suplex, but Ogogo blocks! Dante saves Darius from Ogogo’s suplex, and Darius snap suplexes after all! Dante then SLINGSHOT SENTONS! Dante scuffs Ogogo, tags Darius, and Darius drops a leg. Cover, ONE! Darius keeps on Ogogo, bumps him off buckles, and the ref has Darius back up. Darius run sin but Ogogo puts him on the apron. Darius ROCKS Ogogo, fights off Lee, but Ogogo reels Darius in through the ropes!

The ref counts, Ogogo lets Darius go, and Lee KICKS Darius down! The fans boo but Ogogo drags Darius up. Ogogo wrenches, CLUBS Darius, and Shane likes what he sees as Ogogo wrenches again. Ogogo puts Darius in a corner while Collision goes picture in picture.

Ogogo HEADBUTTS Darius, HEADBUTTS again, then brings Darius out to scoop and SLAM! Cover, TWO! Ogogo is annoyed but he drags Darius up. Ogogo bumps him off buckles, tags in Lee, and now Lee fires hands on Darius. The ref counts, Lee stomps a mudhole, but he lets off at 4. Lee fires up, then stands Darius up to wrench. Lee snapmares Darius, traps the arm, and SNAP LOCKS it! Lee stands Darius up, bumps him off buckles, and tags Ogogo. STP mugs Darius, then Ogogo RAMS him. Ogogo runs side to side to BOOT Darius, then comes back to run him over! Cocky cover, TWO! Ogogo drags Darius up to whip him back to the corner.

Ogogo runs in but Darius BOOTS Ogogo! Darius DECKS Lee, runs up, but Ogogo catches him! Ogogo throws Darius back, Darius rebounds and slides under! Ogogo grabs a leg, but Darius hops up! Darius ENZIGIRI, but Ogogo ducks it! Ogogo drops an elbow, then bumps Darius off buckles. Tag to Lee and he hits a SNAP HALF HATCH! Cover, TWO! Lee stays on Darius with an armlock, and he bends the fingers! Darius endures while Collision goes to break.

Collision returns and Lee is still torturing Darius’ arm. Darius endures, the fans rally for Top Flight, and Darius fights up. But Lee pulls hair to wrangle Darius back down! The fans still rally, Darius still fights up, and Darius fires body shots! Lee wrenches but Darius fires hands! Lee wrenches again, but Darius fires more hands! Darius reaches for Dante but Lee WRINGS the arm out! Lee soaks up the heat, then lines up a shot. Lee runs in, into a SNAP GERMAN! Both men are down and the fans fire up! Lee and Darius crawl, hot tags to Ogogo and Dante! Dante fires off on Ogogo with forearm after forearm!

Lee gets back in but Dante JUMP KNEES him away! Dante lines up a shot, Ogogo ducks the Buzzsaw! Ogogo shoves Dante, runs in, but Dante avoids him int he corner! Dante goes up, around and GAMANGIRIS! Springboard CROSSBODY! Cover, TWO! Ogogo survives but Dante keeps his focus. The fans rally, Dante drags Ogogo up but Ogogo fireman’s carries! Dante slips free, shoves, but Ogogo blocks the sobat! So Dante rolls that to a cradle! TWO, and Dante JUMP KNEES Ogogo! Tag to Darius, Dante whips but Ogogo reverses. Darius helps Dante go up and over, but Ogogo RAMS Darius to the corner!

Dante runs in, Ogogo dodges to pop-up HAYMAKER! Dante falls out of the ring, Ogogo tags Lee. Darius ENZIGIRIS Ogogo down, but Lee spins Darius around! Darius fireman’s carries, Lee slips free. Lee waistlocks but Darius fights the O’Conner. So Lee pop-up LARIATS Darius down! Cover, TWO! Lee snarls, he ROCKS Darius with haymaker after haymaker! Darius body shots but Lee fires up! Lee fires more shots, but Darius fires in return! Darius ROCKS Lee, winds up, but Lee blocks a kick to ROCK Darius! Darius CHOPS, Lee BOOTS, and Lee half nelsons. Darius slips free, BULLDOG HOTSHOT and GAMANGIRI!

Darius fires up, steps in, but the ref is checking Lee. Lee sits up, Shane YANKS Darius down! Darius flounders, but Action goes up! SUPER CROSSBODY onto Big Bad Shaney T! Lee O’Conner Rolls Darius with bridge! TWO!! Lee fires up, Darius ducks the leg lariat! Fireman’s carry, F5 DDT!! Cover, TOP FLIGHT WINS!

Winners: Top Flight, by pinfall

STP won 3v3 but Top Flight won 2v2, only for Shane to CLOBBER Darius and Action! The fans boo as Shane Taylor Promotions are sore losers! Shane gets Dante as he gets in the ring! Shane has Ogogo stand Action up, and Shane DECKS Action with that killer right hand! Shane says this is what you get every single time! They are the baddest men you’ve ever seen! But will this dangerous trio soon become the baddest champions you’ve ever seen?


Backstage interview with Deonna Purrazzo.

Lexy Nair is with The Virtuosa and brings up her attack on Thunder Rosa and Rachael Ellering last night on Rampage. Deonna promised that wherever Rosa went, she would follow. Well, that’s not all that she promised. She also promised to burn AEW down to recreate it in her own image, and bring about The Age of The Virtuosa. If that means rearranging Rosa’s anatomy, that is par for the course. Speaking of, donde es La Mera Mera? Rosa steps right in! Rosa says she spoke to her therapist, because it has really bothered her. She is just sick and tired of all this! The running away, the hide ‘n’ seek, everything!

But the one thing that was clear to Rosa, is that she has to wait until the bell rings so that she can beat Deonna straight. Oh, is that what Rosa thinks will happen? She wants a bell to ring so Deonna can beat her in another  standard match? Or maybe in another No Disqualifications match? No, no, no. Why not just save us all the trouble and lie down for Deonna to pin you now. Rosa says Deonna is just so funny. But hey, it’s okay. Deonna has made a lot of enemies here, more than she can believe. Next week on Collision, in Rosa’s home state of Texas, Rosa’s new friends, and some of Deonna’s “acquaintances,” will all watch Rosa break Deonna’s face.

Because next week, it will be a LUMBERJACK MATCH! Deonna says all Rosa does is yap yap yap. Rosa tells Deonna off in Espanol, but will they both be speaking the universal language of an ass kicking next week in Texas?


Backstage interview with Nyla Rose.

The Native Beast is in a very good mood as she joins Lexy, and Lexy congratulates her on the win tonight. But Nyla has something to say so the floor is hers. Nyla wants to say she’s doing great! She goes to leave, but then steps back and and says there is one little thing more. You all like wrestling? Then let’s talk about it. A few days, Nyla noticed a little tweet on her Twitter feed, put out by The CEO. Nyla loves the dance, but hey, guess what? Mercedes Mone issued an Open Challenge for Dynamite 250! Little Rock, Arkansas, to anyone except Dr. Britt Baker, DMD. Well, last time Nyla checked, she ain’t a dentist, but she does knock teeth out.

Listen: Nyla has what it takes! She was on the first ever Dynamite, she is a former AEW Women’s World Champion,, she won the first ever Women’s Casino Battle Royal, and is the first woman on the AEW roster to make it to 100 wins total. So next week, Dynamite 250, Nyla may not have ever driven a Mercedes, but she’s damn sure gonna wreck one! SKRRRR~! The Native Beast wants to finally have some gold back around her waist, will she waste Mone to get it?


Skye Blue VS Harley Cameron w/ Saraya!

A new look for the Chicago Skye, but her attitude is just as bitter as ever. Meanwhile, The Outcasts’ Aussie of anarchy is as bonkers as ever! With all this talk of championships, who puts themselves in the conversation with a big win here in Calgary?

The bell rings and the two circle. They tie up, Harley and Skye both pull hair, and then they let off. They both dodge the other, Saraya distracts Skye, and Harley rolls Skye up! TWO, Skye kicks Harley low! Skye whips, Harley reverses then runs in to SPLASH! Harley digs her boot into Skye, shrieks as she does, but lets off as the ref counts. Skye snarls and she puts Harley in the corner to return the favor! The ref counts, Skye lets off at 4, then Skye whips corner to corner. Skye runs in, but Harley slips free! Harley ROUNDHOUSES Skye away, goes up and slingshots in to LARIAT! Harley then ELBOWS away on Skye!

Harley rallies the fans, and ELBOWS again! Naughty cover, TWO! Skey flounders but Harley stalks her. Harley pushes Skye, climbs up, and she rains down fists! But Skye slips free, tucks Harley in, and CHEEKY NANDOS! That had some sauce on it! Saraya says Harley is making a mess! Skye BOOTS Harley out of the ring! Saraya gets in Skye’s face again but Harley reels Skye in, RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP! Harley dribbles Skye off the floor, the ref reprimands, and Harley lets off. Harley steps away and Saraya talks trash while Collision goes picture in picture.

Saraya talks trash even though we can’t hear her. Harley CLUBS Skye, pushes her against the apron, and CHOPS! Skye sputters, but she SLAPS Harley back! Harley SMACKS Skye off the apron, pushes her into the ring, then storms in after her. Harley drags Skye up to whip and ELBOW her down! Cover, TWO! Harley stalks Skye to ropes to CHOKE her! The ref counts, Harley lets off, but Harley also argues with the ref so Saraya can fire off knees on Skye! Saraya gets away with all that, then Harley scuffs Skey. Harley stomps Skye, drags her up, but Skye fires body shots! Harley ROCKS Skye, ROCKS Her again, but Skye ROCKS her back!

Skye fires off shots, whips, but Harley reverses. Harley runs Skye over, covers, TWO! Saraya coaches Harley and she looms over Skye. Harley drags Skye up, but Skey fires more body shots. Skye ROCKS Harley again, but Harley ducks ‘n’ dodge! DOUBLE LARIATS take both ladies down, and Collision goes to break.

Collision returns and Skye runs in at the ropes to SHINING WIZARD! She snapmares Harley hard, then runs up. Skye blocks a kick, KNEES Harley, and hits a TWIST ‘N’ SHOUT! Cover, TWO! Saraya is relieved but Skye is frustrated as she stalks Harley. Skye fireman’s carries but Harley fights with elbows. Harley ROCKS Skye, whips her to a corner, but Skye reverses. Skye runs in, but Harley goes up and over to sunset flip! TWO!! Skye escapes, stands up, but Harley wrenches for some SOLE FOOD! Cover, TWO!! Skye survives and Harley is shocked! Saraya says she’s still proud of Harley, though.

Harley drags Skye up but Skye drags her into a cradle! TWO and Harley mule kicks. Harley runs to SHINING WIZARD! Cover, TWO!! Skye survives again and Harley is furious! Saraya asks how Aubrey is a ref when she can’t count right! Harley stalks Skye to ropes, brings her up to CLUB her, then BACK- NO! Skye holds ropes to stop the backstabber, and now jackknife bridge! TWO, and Harley spins Skye to ROCK her again! Skye SUPERKICKS back! Skye fireman’s carries for the T K O! Roll back, into a DRAGON SLEEPER HEAD ‘N’ ARM TRIANGLE! Harley TAPS, Skye wins!

Winner: Skye Blue, by submission

Saraya can’t believe what just happened! But Skye is rising, will she finally be golden for the Summer?


Skye Blue speaks.

“You see that? You see that? These b*tches need to start putting some respect on my name! Because I am one of the best here. So maybe just to get it through their heads, I have to beat one of the best on the entire roster. So… Hikaru Shida… the so-called Greatest AEW Women’s World Champ of all time… Next week, I want you one-on-one.” Skye calls out the Shining Samurai, will Shida make Skye put some respect on her name?


Orange Cassidy & Kyle O’Reilly VS The Kingdom!

The Conglomeration has been itching for a fight with Roderick Strong, Matt Taven & Mike Bennett, and we’ll be seeing part of that when Mark Briscoe takes on Roddy at Death Before Dishonor. The other two-thirds are in action now, will this be a Violently Squeezed victory for Cassidy & Kyle? Or will Taven & Bennett show us why they’re ROH World Tag Team Champions?

The teams sort out and Kyle starts against Taven. Taven tells Kyle that they’re still friends, he doesn’t wanna do this. Taven tags Bennett, and Bennett circles with Kyle. But then Bennett also gets second thoughts, and he bails out. The Kingdom doesn’t wanna fight their “friend” but the fans chant “WUSSIES! WUSSIES!” So Cassidy tags in to DIVE onto them both! The fans fire up and Cassidy puts Bennett in. Cassidy goes up top, Bennett gets under the jump. Bennett headlocks, Cassidy powers up and out, but Bennett runs him over. Cassidy UP KICKS, Bennett comes back to headlock. Cassidy powers out, ducks down then hurdles.

Cassidy arm-drags Bennett but Bennett arm-drags back! Cassidy arm-drags again, then avoids Bennett’s arm-drag! The fans cheer but Taven gets in. Taven waistlocks, Cassidy switches and shoves Taven into Bennett. Cassidy then back drops Taven, and has hands up! Bennett runs up but Cassidy blocks the kick. Cassidy spins Bennett, headlocks, but Bennett powers up and out. Cassidy tags Kyle, dodges Bennett, then puts hands in pockets before bailing. Bennett runs around and Kyle KICKS! And KICKS! And whips, to then kitchen sink knee! Bennett sputters, Taven runs in, but Kyle blocks the kick!

Taven apologizes and says he still doesn’t wanna fight. But then he pokes Kyle in the eyes! Taven says that is why he doesn’t wanna do this. But Cassidy runs in to tilt-o-whirl. Taven stops that, suplexes, but gets STUN DOG MILLIONAIRE! Cassidy holds Taven in place so Kyle can AX and SMASH! Bennett stands, blocks a kick, but Kyle rolls to pick the ANKLE LOCK! Bennett endures, reaches out, and he rolls! Taven GAMANGIRIS Kyle, but Cassidy DECKS Taven! Cassidy dodges Bennett, SHOVES him out, then Cassidy DIVES! Direct hit and Bennett hits railing! Cassidy sends Bennet to the apron but Bennett rebounds, BOSTON BAYONET!

Bennett talks smack on Cassidy, goes to the ring, but Kyle catches him for a SLEEPER! Bennett JAWBREAKERS free, then waistlocks. Kyle switches, hops on, SLEEPER BACKPACK! Bennett endures, calls Taven, and they PROTON PACK Kyle down! Cover, Cassidy breaks it! The fans cheer, Taven storms up, and Roddy cheers his team from commentary. Cassidy TOSSES Taven first, though! Then he dodges Bennett to SHOTGUN! But JUST THE TIP hits Cassidy! Kyle storms up, Taven ROCKS him! Taven again apologizes but what’s done is done. Taven runs, into a KNEE! Kyle snapmares Taven, Bennett ROCKS him!

Kyle yoyos in ropes to DOUBLE LARIAT The Kingdom! The fans fire up as all three men are down! Roddy is conflicted as Collision goes picture in picture.

Cassidy crawls on the outside, Taven bails out, leaving Kyle and Bennett in the ring. Kyle and Bennett crawl, hot tags to Taven and Cassidy! Cassidy and Taven fire off fast hands! Taven knees low, whips Cassidy, but Cassidy tumbles up and out to then bump Taven off buckles. Cassidy dribbles Taven off the buckles again and again, pauses, then again! Cassidy goes up the corner but Taven distracts the ref so that Bennett can trip Cassidy up! Roddy smiles as Cassidy falls to the mat. Bennett tag sin, he drags Cassidy up, and Bennett CHOPS! Cassidy sputters, Bennett ROCKS him! And CHOPS him! Cassidy falls, Bennett soaks up the heat.

Bennett stays between Cassidy and Kyle, mocks the hands in pockets, then stomps Cassidy. Roddy is having fun now as Bennett whips Cassidy to ropes. Bennett ELBOWS Cassidy down, covers, TWO! Bennett clamps on with a chinlock and he grinds Cassidy down. Cassidy fights up, pries at the hold, then fires body shots. Bennett ROCKS Cassidy, tags Taven, and The Kingdom mugs Cassidy as Collision returns to single picture. But then Cassidy starts fighting back! The fans fire up as but Taven knees low. The Kingdom mugs Cassidy more, then whips him to ropes. POP-UP BAYONET! Cover, TWO!!

The fans fire up but Taven drags Cassidy over. Tag to Bennett, they stomp Cassidy, then Bennett CHOPS Cassidy. Cover, TWO! Tag to Taven, The Kingdom mugs Cassidy more, then Taven bumps Cassidy off buckles. Taven digs his boot in, tags to Bennett, then he sends Taven in. Cassidy BOOTS Taven, hurdles over Bennett, but Taven throws Cassidy back. Casisdy dodges Taven’s splash, hurries over, but Bennett anchors a leg! Cassidy fights, BOOTS Bennett away, but now Taven anchors Cassidy! Cassidy BOOTS Taven now! Taven holds on! Cassidy fights up and up and reaches out, hot tag to Kyle!

The fans fire up as Taven has no choice but to face Kyle. Bennett storms in but Kyle DECKS him! BOOT for Taven! ROUNDHOUSE for Bennett! Kyle fires off a strike fest on Taven, then a LEG SWEEP! Kyle whips Bennett, Bennett reverses but Kyle goes up and over. Taven swings, misses, and The Kingdom almost run into each other! Kyle storms up, blocks Taven’s kick, and he hands it to Bennett. Kyle then gets a leg, to DRAGON SCREW CHAIN The Kingdom! The fans fire up with Kyle, and he runs in to SMASH Bennett! Kyle wrenches to an ELBOW BREAKER! Bennett ROCKS Kyle, reel shim in, but Kyle back drops and drops down, ARMBAR!

Bennett endures, Taven stomps, but Kyle grabs that leg! Grapevine and KNEEBAR!! Taven flails, Bennett stomps Kyle. Bennett drags Kyle up, reels him in, but Kyle slips free of the bomb to GUILLOTINE FACELOCK! Bennett endures, Taven hits the KICK OF THE KING! Roddy applauds, mockingly asks where Ishii is, and then The Kingdom hits the ROCKSTAR SUPERNOVA! Cover, but Cassidy breaks it! The #NeckCheck does not pass, so Taven TOSSES Cassidy! The Kingdom then goes back for Kyle. Bennett reels Kyle in while Taven goes up, but Kyle trips Bennett! Kyle CATAPULTS Bennett into Taven!

Kyle crawls, hot tag to Cassidy! Cassidy runs in to tilt-o-whirl DDT Bennett! Kip up and the fans fire up! Cassidy takes off the elbow pad, takes aim, and ORANGE- BAYONET from Bennett! But Cassidy fights the piledriver to Alabama Lift! Taven makes the save! Kyle BOOTS Taven! And he GUILLOTINE FACELOCKS Bennett! The ref counts, Kyle lets go, to then FLYING KNEE Taven! BEACH BREAK for Bennett! Cover, TWO!! Bennett survives and Roddy can’t take it! Roddy hurries to ringside but Cassidy tags Kyle. Cassidy and Kyle watch Bennett get up, but Roddy shouts at “KYYYLE~!”

Roddy tells Kyle he can’t do this to their friends! Kyle says Roddy needs to just back off. The ref tells Roddy to stop, but here’s Ishii!! Ishii YANKS Roddy down, he fires off hands! The fans fire up for the Stone Pitbull, but wait! TRENT BERETTA sneaks in from the crowd side! Trent YANKS Cassidy out, and THROWS him into railing! Trent still hates Cassidy that much! Bennett rolls Kyle up in all the chaos, TWO!! Kyle ROCKS Bennett, Bennett ROLLING ELBOWS back! Bennett reels Kyle in, but Kyle snap suplexes! ARMBAR!! Taven goes up top to FROG SPLASH Kyle! Taven goes back up, tags in, and Bennett has Kyle up! HAIL MARY PILEDRIVER!! Cover, The Kingdom wins!

Winners: The Kingdom, by pinfall

Trent shouts that HE was supposed to win, and he CHOKES Cassidy! Trent vows that they are far from over! As for The Kingdom, they still insist they are Kyle’s friends, despite what they just did to him. And Trent won’t let Cassidy have friends, he PUNTS Kyle in the side! The Kingdom shove Trent back, they apparently are still his friend. Cassidy gets up, and he has a wrench?!? Cassidy CLUBS Trent on the back!! The fans lose their minds over Cassidy showing his dark side! Kyle stops Cassidy from going after The Kingdom, as they’re apparently still his friends, too. Cassidy hears Kyle out, and he puts the wrench down.

But that’s okay, Ishii DOUBLE LARIATS The Kingdom! Ishii stands with his friend in Orange Cassidy, and the fans cheer as The Conglomeration still stands tall. But just how much deeper will the grudge between Cassidy and Trent go after this? Will they have to go All In to finally put it to a rest?

My Thoughts:

A very good episode of Collision, but you could tell this was prerecorded in Calgary, not live. But that’s fine, we got some good post show content from Dynamite here, such as Jarrett meeting with Martha & Oje, and some hype packages for the coming title matches, like Ospreay VS MJF and Swerve VS Danielson. We got a good promo from  Deonna and Rosa to add to what we got on Rampage, but I can’t be sure it was that crucial to have. They could’ve had this for Dynamite 250 to set up the Lumberjack match for Collision and it would’ve been the same. And we got more of “Holo.grm,” aka Hologram, but I cannot tell who this really is behind the mask.

The House of Black but they were still rather vague about what’s gonna happen next. Maybe they wait to see what happens with the Unified Trios Championships. Good squash win for Bang Bang Gang, and really good promo from them, The Fallen Angel and Christian Cage to set up a Trios Championship match. The semantics of it are silly, though. “No Freebird Rule here in AEW! The Bang Bang Gang is stripped! But they’re also right in the title match with The Patriarchy!” A = B = C, Juice IS a Trios Champion and he is helping defend the titles after all. But that said, maybe Patriarchy finds a way to win, House of Black surprisingly gets Buddy Matthews back in time, Patriarchy VS House of Black for the titles at All In.

Great opener from Takeshita VS Billington, and I do like Callis trying to recruit the new Dynamite Kid to his group. FTR coming to the rescue is great, I could see FTR & Billington VS Takeshita, Fletcher & Rush to be Rush’s first match as a member of the Don Callis Family. As such, it feels like Rush will pin Billington, and then maybe we get more FTR VS Don Callis Family feuding through the Summer. Stokely & Kris had a good promo to explain their actions, and we should definitely get an All In blowoff between Kris and Willow. And at the same time, Willow becoming CMLL Women’s World Champion totally refutes their statement that all she has was cuz of them, cuz now she did this on her own!

Nyla Rose of course won her match tonight, but very good promo for her to accept Mone’s Open Challenge. Now, pretty sure Mone finds a way to win, it’ll add to how she’s a tough champion and all. But also, Mone VS Britt will still happen at All In, even if Mone doesn’t want it. I feel like Britt needs to get back in the ring to “earn” the shot, though, because that’s how AEW is supposed to work. Very good tag match from Top Flight VS Ogogo & Moriarty, but it feels rather redundant after we just got Top Flight VS Shane Taylor Promotions just last night on ROH. Maybe we get Shane VS Action 1v1 to complete the set.

Good match from Skye VS Harley, and good win for Skye. Skye calling out Shida was a bold move, not sure if that backfires on her. And very good stuff in the story of The Conglomeration and The Undisputed Kingdom. Roddy VS Castle not being the main event surprised me, but I suppose Roddy was of course going to win. And Briscoe having a promo so at the ready was another indicator this was all prerecorded. Briscoe VS Roddy is going to be awesome stuff for Death Before Dishonor, though. Then Cassidy & Kyle VS Taven & Bennett in the main event was really good, and I was pleasantly surprised by the overbooking.

Roddy keeps talking trash on Ishii so of course Ishii showed up, but then Trent was the biggest surprise. Well, that and Cassidy cracking him with a wrench! I feel like they’re going to have a really hardcore blowoff match at some point, and that monkey wrench is gonna come into play for the finish.

My Score: 8.7/10

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