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Mitchell’s Hyrule Puro-Resu Results & Report! (1/29/24)

The Bracket of Power!



The Legend of Zelda: The Ring of Destiny, Chapter 51

The premier HPW event is back! Who moves forward in the Fifth Annual Triforce Tournament’s Bracket of Power?


  • Bracket of Power: Buliara VS Tali; Tali wins and advances.
  • Bracket of Power: Bad Croc Scaly VS Hinox; Scaly wins and advances.
  • Bracket of Power: Kevin Gibdo VS Scaldera; Scaldera wins and advances.
  • Bracket of Power: Yunobo VS Dinolfos; Yunobo wins and advances.


HPW and HXS TV set the scene!

For the first time right in Goron City, HPW begins the Triforce Tournament! And the Power Bracket is full of some wild match-ups! Buliara and Tali are both in the Gerudo Sisterhood, but only one can move on! Yunobo and Dinolfos rekindle their rivalry! The victory will be sweet for those who embody power and strength, but who tastes bitter different? The Fifth Annual Triforce Tournament begins now!


Bracket of Power: Buliara VS Tali!

They’ve been HPW Trios Champions together in the Gerudo Sisterhood, but now they are opponents in the opening match of this year’s tournament! Will they still feel like sisters in arms after going blow for blow?

The Gerudo Sisterhood, even Shabonne, stays in the back to leave it to these two. Buliara offers a handshake, and Tali accepts it. The fans cheer the sportsmanship, and the bell rings. Tali and Buliara circle while the fans rally for “Women’s Wrestling!” Buliara and Tali tie up, are in a deadlock, and then they break. Then they tie up again, are in another deadlock, and they break again. They go again but Tali shoots around to waistlock. Buliara fights the lift, pries at the hold, then switches. Tali fights the lift now, throws an elbow and is free. Tali runs, and RAMS shoulders with Buliara! Buliara stays up, and the fans cheer.

Buliara and Tali stare down, and Tali smirks. The two talk, and Tali dares Buliara to run. Buliara runs, RAMS Tali, but Tali stays up. Tali and Buliara stare down again while fans cheer. They talk, and then they both run! They RAM shoulders, and RAM shoulders, and RAM again! Neither falls or backs down, and the fans fire up. They tie up, go around, end up on ropes, then end up in a corner, Tali pushing Buliara against buckles. The ref counts, Tali slowly lets off, and fans applaud. Tali backs off, Buliara gets out of the corner and the two circle again. They feel things out, and then Tali kicks low!

Tali CLUBS Buliara, then reels her in. Buliara fights the back suplex, throws down elbows, then winds up, but Tali ducks the lariat! Tali shoves Buliara away, then SPE- NO! Buliara bodies the Spear! Buliara then swings Tali around in the facelock, to then HALF HATCH! Cover, TWO! Fans rally up while Buliara clamps on a chinlock. Tali endures, fights up, and throws body shots. Tali whips, Buliara holds ropes to stop herself, and then she BOOTS Tali away. Tali rebounds but Buliara dodges her lariat. Buliara returns, but Tali sidesteps her to then scoop and SIDEWALK SLAM! Cover, TWO! Fans fire up while Tali frowns.

Tali sits Buliara up to clamp on a chinlock and leans on the hold. Buliara endures, the fans rally up, but Tali cranks on the hold. Buliara fights around, reaches out with a foot, but Tali shifts to a rear mount and then body scissors. Tali rolls Buliara to a cover, TWO! Both hurry to their feet and Tali headlocks. They go to ropes, Buliara powers out to then reel Tali in, atomic drop! Tali hobbles, clutching her butt, and Buliara runs to LARIAT! Fans fire up as Buliara hurries to cover, TWO! Buliara waits on Tali to get up, then runs up to clinch! Tali fights the lift, throws elbows to get free, then throws a low knee!

Tali grabs Buliara in a gut wrench, but Buliara fights the lift with elbows to Tali’s hip. Buliara tries a gut wrench but Tali holds on to her. They fight for gut wrench control, go around and around, and then Tali hooks Buliara’s leg to somersault with her! Tali stacks Buliara to a cover, TWO, but Tali holds on to reel Buliara back in and lift her up! POWERBOMB! Fans fire up and Tali stacks Buliara again, TWO! Tali turns Buliara over with a HALF SAND CRAB! Buliara endures and fans fire up again! Buliara reaches out, claws her way forward, but Tali drags her back! Tali sits deep on the hold and fans fire up more!

Buliara still endures, still fights around, still reaches out, but Tali shifts to have a toehold! Tali wants the crossface but Buliara fights her off! ROPEBREAK! The fans cheer while Tali lets go in frustration. Tali then stomps Buliara at the ropes! The ref reprimands and fans start to boo! Where’s the sportsmanship now? Tali lets off and storms around. Buliara drags herself up with the ropes, and Tali runs up to clothesline her against ropes! Tali whips Buliara to ropes, then picks her, but Buliara sunset flips through! TWO, and Buliara hurries to fireman’s carry Tali! WASTELAND SLAM! SENTON! Cover, TWO!

Fans fire up and Buliara stalks Tali. Tali crawls, Buliara reels her in with a wheelbarrow, for a WHEELBARROW GERMAN! Cover, TWO!! Tali survives and fans are thunderous! “This is Awesome!” and it’s just the opening match! Buliara grows frustrated, but she waits on Tali to get up. Tali crawls to a corner, drags herself up again, and Buliara storms up. Buliara waistlocks, but Tali holds onto the ropes! The ref reprimands and counts as Buliara tries to pull Tali from the corner. Tali holds on, and she pulls herself back in, sending Buliara face first into a buckle! Buliara staggers back, Tali takes aim, and Tali runs in! SPEAR!!

Fans are torn, Tali roars, and she gut wrenches Buliara up onto her shoulder, for the DOMINATOR!! Cover, Tali wins!!

Winner: Tali, by pinfall (advances to the next round)

A truly powerful opening to this tournament! Tali is all fired up for her win, but she sees Buliara sitting on the apron in frustration and disappointment. Tali goes out to the apron to sit with Buliara and brings her in for a side hug. Tali encourages Buliara that she still gave it her all. Buliara nods, and then Buliara encourages Tali. Buliara wants Tali to take the Bracket of Power by storm! The two shake hands and hug it out and the fans cheer. Will Tali be a force to be reckoned with in this tournament?


Bracket of Power: Bad Croc Scaly VS Hinox!

The physically biggest match is happening in the opening round! The Arrow Club has gold again after the big Trios Championship win, but will the Swamp Boss climb to the top of the mountain? Or will the Colossal Cyclops clobber him and continue on ahead?

The bell rings and the two behemoths stare down. They storm up to each other, and Hinox is half a head taller. But Scaly throws the first forearm! Hinox doesn’t budge! In fact, he chuckles! Hinox throws a forearm and ROCKS Scaly! Scaly wobbles, but he steadies himself and comes back for another forearm! Hinox throws another forearm, they go back and forth, and the fans rally up. Hinox gets the edge, backs Scaly down to ropes then whips him. Hinox RAMS Scaly, and Scaly tumbles out of the ring! Fans fire up while Hinox roars and Scaly staggers up to his feet! Scaly is frustrated while fans chant for Hinox.

The ring count starts and Scaly seethes. Scaly storms up to the apron at 5 of 10, Hinox storms up on Scaly, and Scaly HOTSHOTS Hinox! Hinox staggers, fans boo, and Scaly runs in to BLINDSIDE LARIAT! Hinox stumbles into the ropes, rebounds and staggers back, and Scaly fireman’s carries Hinox?! Fans are losing their minds, but then Scaly falls forward, Hinox falling on top of him! Hinox flips Scaly over to cover, TWO!! Scaly survives being squashed, and Hinox waits on him to get up. Scaly staggers to his feet and the fans rally. Hinox choke grips Scaly! But then Scaly pries Hinox’s hand away! Scaly wrenches, then short arm LARIATS!

Fans are torn as Scaly drags Hinox back up to short arm LARIAT again! Scaly roars, fans cheer and jeer even harder, and Scaly drags Hinox up again, for a third short arm LARIAT!! Cover, TWO!! Hinox is still in this, and Scaly is seething. Scaly drags Hinox back up, but that’s a lot of dead weight to drag up. Scaly gets Hinox to his feet, and then Hinox choke grips Scaly! CHOKE SLAM!! Both men are down and the fans are all fired up! Hinox and Scaly slowly stir as the fans rally up. Hinox stands up while Scaly drags himself up with ropes. Scaly runs up to ROCK Hinox with a forearm! Hinox staggers, but he comes back to ROCK Scaly!

Scaly wobbles, but he comes back and ROCKS Hinox! Hinox leans against ropes, huffs and puffs, and ROCKS Scaly! Scaly staggers, fans rally up, and Scaly grits his teeth as he comes back to ROCK Hinox again! Hinox steadies himself, grabs Scaly and HEADBUTTS him! Scaly wobbles, leans back, but he stays up on sheer anger alone! Scaly kicks Hinox low, and then GRENADE!! Cover, TWO?!?! Fans were first shocked at how sudden the Grenade was, and now they’re shocked that Hinox survived! Scaly is furious, and he demands Hinox get back up! Hinox sputters and staggers to his feet, and Scaly winds up for another GRENADE!!

Scaly doesn’t cover?! He sits Hinox up for a BASEMENT GRENADE!! Cover, Scaly wins!!!

Winner: Bad Croc Scaly, by pinfall (advances to the next round)

Fans are losing their minds! Not so much Scaly won, but that he won with such destructive force! The Swamp Boss continues on, will he drag the Power Bracket into the undertow?


Bracket of Power: Kevin Gibdo VS Scaldera!

A rematch from HyruleMania 3, the Gibdo of All Gibdos battles the transformed “Burning Abomination!” Will Scaldera avenge the loss that changed his entire afterlife? Or will Kevin finally come through on his promise to reign supreme?

The bell rings and the fans rally up. Kevin and Scaldera slowly circle, then they approach. They tie up, Scaldera headlocks, and he thrashes Kevin around. Kevin endures, stays on his feet, and he throws body shots. Kevin powers out, but Scaldera holds onto Kevin’s bandages to reel him back in! Referee Tiger Sahasrahla reprimands, but Scaldera still thrashes Kevin around again. Kevin throws more body shots, powers up to lift Scaldera, but Scaldera thrashes the hold to get back down. Scaldera grinds the headlock, but Kevin powers up again to throw Scaldera away! Scaldera rebounds off ropes, but into Kevin’s ROLLING ELBOW!

Scaldera staggers, roars at Kevin, but Kevin UPPERCUTS! Scaldera staggers, Kevin whips him to ropes, and then scoops for a SIDEWALK SLAM! Cover, TWO! Scaldera bails out and fans boo, but Kevin pursues. Kevin throws hands, he has Scaldera against barriers and he fires off even more haymakers! Sahasrahla reprimands but the fans fire up! Kevin brings Scaldera around, SMACKS him off the apron, then puts him in the ring. Kevin storms in, Scaldera staggers up, and Kevin whips. Scaldera reverses but Kevin ducks ‘n’ dodges and LEAPING LARIATS! The fans fire up and Kevin storms back up on Scaldera.

Kevin throws down fists, brings Scaldera up again, and puts him in a corner. Kevin throws body shots, the fans fire up, but Sahasrahla counts. Kevin lets off to then ELBOW Scaldera. Scaldera staggers to another corner, Kevin follows and throws more body shots. Kevin scoops Scaldera to SNAKE EYES off the buckles! Kevin runs side to side, to BOOT Scaldera down! Fans fire up, Scaldera staggers up, and Kevin takes aim. Kevin choke grips Scaldera! CHOKE- NO, Scaldera fights free to DDT! Cover, TWO! Scaldera is frustrated already but the fans fire back up. Scaldera drags Kevin to ropes and CHOKES him!

The fans boo, Sahasrahla reprimands and counts, but Scaldera lets off to then run the ropes and STRADDLE ATTACK! Kevin sputters, Scaldera pushes him to a cover, TWO! Fans cheer but Scaldera drags Kevin into a chinlock. Kevin endures the knee in his back and the fans rally up. Kevin pries at the hold, but Scaldera gets the arms, and pulls them back for a motorcycle stretch! The fans rally more as Kevin continues to endure. Kevin reaches out with a foot, but Scaldera pulls back on the arms! Kevin kicks and flails with his legs, and manages the ROPEBREAK! Fans cheer, Scaldera lets off and JUMPING ELBOW DROPS! Cover, TWO!

Scaldera seethes while fans rally up with “Let’s Go, Kevin!” Scaldera sits Kevin up, and BITES Kevin’s head! The fans boo, Sahasrahla reprimands, but Scaldera keeps biting! Sahasrahla counts, Scaldera lets off at 4, and he spits at Kevin! Scaldera looms over Kevin while he demands Kevin get up. Kevin crawls, and the spot Scaldera bit him looks to be bleeding now. Scaldera sits Kevin up to punch away on that spot on Kevin’s forehead! Fans boo as Scaldera digs his elbow into that spot, then JAMS Kevin in the forehead! Kevin falls over, checks that spot on his forehead, but Scaldera stomps Kevin to the ropes.

Scaldera CHOKES Kevin again, and Sahasrahla again reprimands and counts. Scaldera lets off to then run, slide outside, and UPPERCUT Kevin back into the ring! Scaldera storms back in and hits a three point stance as Kevin staggers to his feet. BLAZING ELBOW! Cover, TWO!! Fans fire up as Kevin survives and Scaldera throws a fit! Scaldera argues the count but Sahasrahla defends it was fair. Scaldera seethes and aims at Kevin from a corner. Scaldera again demands Kevin stand. Kevin, the blood now making a big red spot on his forehead, stands up, for the CYCLONE- NO, Kevin choke grips Scaldera first! CHOKE SLAM!!

Fans are thunderous as Kevin roars! Kevin looms over Scaldera now, drags him up, and he choke grips again so he can glare right into Scaldera’s eyes. Kevin then CHOKE SLAMS again!! But wait! HOLLYWOOD REDEAD is making his way out here?! The Million Rupee Champion is storming right down the ramp, but Sahasrahla tells him to stay away! Kevin storms out of the ring to go to the ramp but that gets ReDead to back off. Fans laugh at ReDead as he retreats right back up the ramp, and Kevin watches him closely while making his way back to the ring. Kevin steps into the ring, into the CYCLONE BOOT!! Cover, Scaldera wins!!

Winner: Scaldera, by pinfall (advances to the next round)

Scaldera roars, the fans boo, and ReDead laughs at the top of the ramp! Will the Burning Abomination put the uWo at the top of HPW?


Bracket of Power: Yunobo VS Dinolfos!

It’s a rematch from the Dark Horse Stampede, as well as their encounters during Hyrule Warriors and HyruleMania! The third-generation Goron star be the star tonight? Or will Dinolfos make him extinct?

Dinolfos wants after Yunobo but Sahasrahla keeps him back. The bell rings, and then Dinolfos runs up on Yunobo. They throw forearms and haymakers and the fans fire up! Dinolfos gets the edge and fans boo as he backs Yunobo down to a corner. Dinolfos stomps a mudhole in, Sahasrahla counts and Dinolfos lets off at 4 to roar and storm around. The fans continue to boo as Dinolfos storms back up on Yunobo. Yunobo shoves Dinolfos away, but Dinolfos BOOTS him! Yunobo leans against ropes, Dinolfos fires off body shots and forearms and the fans boo while Sahasrahla counts. Dinolfos lets off at 4, runs up, but Yunobo dumps him out!

Dinolfos tumbles off the apron and to the floor, Yunobo storms out after him. Yunobo CLUBS Dinolfos, stalks him around the way, but then Dinolfos sends Yunobo into the commentary desk! Rusl is upset because his drink is in danger. Dinolfos punches Yunobo over and over right on the desk! The fans boo, Sahasrahla reprimands and starts a ring count while Telma tells Dinolfos to knock it off. Dinolfos shoves Yunobo down while the count reaches 4 of 10. Yunobo staggers up, Dinolfos ROCKS him with a forearm! Yunobo wobbles, the count is 7 of 10, and Dinolfos SMACKS Yunobo off the apron before pushing him in.

The fans boo more, Dinolfos tells them up theirs, then storms into the ring. Dinolfos kicks Yunobo low, reels him in, but Yunobo wrenches out to ROCK Dinolfos with a forearm! Dinolfos stays up while Yunobo keeps wrist control, and Yunobo ROCKS Dinolfos again! Dinolfos laughs that off, and he ROCKS Yunobo in return! And ROCKS him again! Dinolfos eggs Yunobo on as a “tubby b*tch,” and Yunobo shouts, “Nobody calls me tubby!!” Yunobo fires off forearm after forearm after forearm and the fans fire up! Yunobo then whips Dinolfos to fireman’s carry and GORON DROP! Cover, TWO! Yunobo huffs and puffs while fans fire up.

Yunobo drags Dinolfos up to CLUB him, then reels him in. Yunobo suplexes Dinolfos up and over! And then he rolls through, to suplex again! Fans fire up, will Yunobo pull of his grandfather’s Triple Goro? Yunobo rolls through again, but now Dinolfos suplexes Yunobo! Fans chant “You Still Suck! You Still Suck!” but that is technically a great feat. Dinolfos rolls through, and he suplexes Yunobo again! Dinolfos rolls through again, he wants to steal Triple Goro! But then Yunobo suplexes Dinolfos! Yunobo rolls through, but Dinolfos suplexes again! They get up again, Yunobo suplexes again! They get up again, and Dinolfos suplexes again!

Fans boo, but then Yunobo gets up and suplexes and fans cheer! But then Dinolfos suplexes again and fans boo! Yunobo suplexes again, and fans cheer as he holds Dinolfos up! Yunobo waits until the count of TEN before the SLAM! Fans are thunderous with “That was Awesome!” while Yunobo floats to the cover, TWO!! Dinolfos is still in this but both men are down and exhausted after that suplex marathon. The two stir and the fans rally up. Yunobo and Dinolfos crawl and they go to opposite corners. They drag themselves up, and Dinolfos roars as he runs corner to corner to SPLASH! Dinolfos keeps moving, and he SPLASHES again!

Fans boo, and Dinolfos fireman’s carries Yunobo!? And hits a DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! Cover, TWO! Dinolfos is fuming but the fans fire back up. Dinolfos stomps Yunobo on the back, then hooks him up into the CAMEL CLUTCH! The fans rally as Yunobo endures being bent back! Yunobo fights, gets an arm free, claws at the mat, but Dinolfos grabs that arm and hooks it up again! Yunobo keeps fighting and gets the other arm free! Dinolfos grabs for that arm but Yunobo still gets the ROPEBREAK! The fans cheer, Dinolfos lets off in frustration, and then he drops an elbow on Yunobo’s back!

The fans boo, Sahasrahla reprimands, but Dinolfos tells them all to shut up. Dinolfos drags Yunobo up again, and fireman’s carries again! GORON DROP! Dinolfos laughs as he scoots back to cover, ONE and Yunobo has a ghost pin! TWO!! Dinolfos escapes and staggers to his feet, and Yunobo scoops him to SLAM him! Yunobo roars and fans fire up as he scoops Dinolfos again. Yunobo SLAMS Dinolfos again, then beats his chest and shakes the ropes! The fans fire up as Yunobo runs side to side to then ROLLING THUNDER! Cover, TWO! Dinolfos coughs and sputters as he bails out of the ring.

Yunobo wants after Dinolfos but Sahasrahla keeps him back. Sahasrahla starts the ring count, Dinolfos drags himself back up to the apron, and then Yunobo runs in! SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMB to the floor!! Fans lose their minds and Yunobo hobbles up to his feet. Yunobo drags Dinolfos up, puts him in the ring, and then drags him into a drop zone. Yunobo climbs up the corner, which we haven’t seen him do before! Though, we didn’t see him do such a wild powerbomb until just now, so… Yunobo reaches the top, and he DIVING SPLASHES!! Fans lose their minds, Yunobo covers, and Yunobo wins!!

Winner: Yunobo, by pinfall (advances to the next round)

Truly an impactful way for the Bracket of Power to wrap things up! Yunobo is rolling on to the next round, will he build momentum all the way to the finals?

My Thoughts:

And so, year five is truly underway! I hope I can make this tournament the best it possibly can be, the best of them all, and certainly compelling given the possibilities going forward.

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Hockey Talk- The Great Outdoors [022024]

Hockey Talk discusses the Stadium Series plus looks at the stats and standings as the Trade Deadline draws ever closer.



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Hockey Talk returns this week as Patrick and Dave offer up their thoughts on the Stadium Series and whether the outdoor games are a boon or bust for the NHL. That plus the guys look at stats and standings and mull over some important questions such as: Is the Pacific Division already decided? Is there a changing of the guard afoot in the Atlantic Division? Can Patrick’s Blues hang on and make the playoffs? Can Auston Matthews score 70 goals this year? All that plus much more here on this week’s Hockey Talk!

Today’s hosts: Dave Ungar (@AttitudeAgg) and Patrick O’Dowd (@WrestlngRealist)

  • The guys offer their thoughts on the Stadium Series
  • Vancouver continues to roll
  • Is Florida the best team in the East?
  • Auston Matthews continues to be white hot

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