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Mitchell’s Hyrule Puro-Resu Results & Report! (4/1/24)

We got five on it!



The Legend of Zelda: The Ring of Destiny, Chapter 57

HPW’s celebration of year five hits a new level! The Triforce Tournament Triple Threat Finals have returned, but who hoists the trophy high?


  • HPW Goddess Championship: Ruto VS Nabooru; Ruto wins and retains the title.
  • Byrne Lokoma w/ Chancellor Cole VS Auru w/ Rusl; Byrne wins.
  • Million Rupee Championship: Hollywood ReDead w/ Ted Beedle Ossi VS Kevin Gibdo w/ Wizzro; ReDead wins and retains the title.
  • HPW Triforce Tournament Finals Triple Threat: Yunobo VS Aveil VS Riju; Yunobo wins and will challenge for the Undisputed HPW Triforce World Championship.


HPW and HXS TV set the scene!

For the fifth time, the Triforce Tournament has its conclusion! But for the first time, we have a Goron and two Gerudo battling it out for the great honor and glory of lifting the trophy! History is being made no matter what, but will young Yunobo make his family proud? Or will the Gerudo Sisterhood keep their momentum going all the way to the top of HPW? Likewise, the living legend, Nabooru, is going to reignite her old rivalry with Zora Princess, Ruto! Two icons of women’s wrestling will collide, but only one can be a Goddess! The Fifth HPW Triforce Anniversary in Central Hyrule starts now!


HPW Goddess Championship: Ruto VS Nabooru!

So much of HPW’s landscape changed at HyruleMania 4, and The Zora Princess played a major part in that. Ruto is Arrow Club, will she keep them golden? Or will her old rival get one more on her after all this time?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see who is truly iconic!

HyruleProWrestling GoddessChampionship2 Ruto

The bell rings and the fans are already chanting “This is Awesome!” because it’s been that long since these two were 1v1. Ruto smirks as she and Nabooru finally start circling. They approach, but then Ruto avoids the grapple to strut around. The fans are torn but Nabooru keeps cool, she remembers Ruto’s antics. Ruto eggs Nabooru on, they reset, but then Ruto avoids another grapple. Ruto smiles and waves to the crowd, getting both cheers and jeers. But then she turns around into Nabooru’s DROPKICK! The fans fire up while Ruto tumbles out of the ring! Nabooru then mocks Ruto’s smile and wave while Ruto gets up in a huff.

Ruto storms up to the apron but then sees Nabooru right there, so she backs away. Ruto tells referee Maron Ron Ron to back Nabooru up. Maron has Nabooru step back, and Ruto then tentatively goes up to the apron. Ruto steps inside, resets with Nabooru, and they finally tie up collar ‘n’ elbow. Nabooru powers Ruto to ropes, Maron calls for the break, but Ruto turns things around. Maron reprimands and counts, and Ruto lets off very slowly. Ruto then pie faces Nabooru and smirks. Nabooru SLAPS Ruto back! The fans fire up while Ruto staggers. Ruto gets mad, takes a swing, but Nabooru bobs ‘n’ weaves to then ROCK Ruto with a forearm!

The fans fire up as Nabooru fireman’s carries, but Ruto flails around. Ruto grabs ropes, Nabooru tries to pull her away, and Maron counts. Nabooru throws Ruto out to the apron! Ruto lands safe, but Nabooru ROCKS her again! Ruto holds on with one hand while flailing on the edge! Nabooru sweeps the legs and Ruto hits the apron hard! Ruto lets out a long “Ow…!” while she slumps off the apron and clutches her lower back. Nabooru goes out, brings Ruto around and puts her in the ring. Nabooru storms up and brings Ruto up in the dragon sleeper! Ruto throws hands from below, but Nabooru grabs that arm!

Nabooru drops from dragon sleeper into an ARMBAR! The fans rally and duel, Ruto endures and fights around! Ruto reaches out, ROPEBREAK! Ruto survives by a literal foot, and Nabooru lets off quickly. Ruto bails out but Nabooru goes up to the ropes. PLANCHA! Direct hit and down goes Ruto! Nabooru fires up as she stands up, and plenty of fans are with her as she gets Ruto back up again. Nabooru puts Ruto back in the ring, but Ruto hurries to CLAW Nabooru’s eyes! Maron reprimands, Ruto stops and Nabooru staggers away. Ruto reels Nabooru in for a BIG back suplex! Cover, TWO! Ruto is frustrated but fans rally up.

Ruto stalks Nabooru as she slowly gets up, then headlocks. Ruto heads for ropes, goes up and up, but Nabooru holds off the bulldog! And turns it into an atomic drop! Ruto hobbles, Nabooru reels her in for the dragon sleeper! Ruto drops and snapmares free! Ruto runs up, Nabooru dodges the clothesline to roll Ruto up! TWO, Nabooru rebounds to sunset flip! TWO, Ruto sits on the cover, TWO and Nabooru sunset flips again! TWO and Ruto gets away! Both women stand up and DOUBLE LARIAT! The fans fire up while both women are down! Nabooru sits up first and crawls her way over to Ruto while fans rally.

Nabooru and Ruto sit up, and Nabooru fires a forearm! Ruto fires a forearm back, so Nabooru fires another. Ruto fires another forearm, Nabooru fires another forearm, and the fans rally up. The forearms go back and forth as they stand up, and the fans fire up as the shots go faster and faster! Ruto gets the edge and fans fire up as she just unloads forearm after forearm! Ruto roars, runs, but Nabooru dodges! Nabooru returns but now Ruto dodges! But she runs into Nabooru’s fireman’s carry! USHI- NO, Ruto handsprings through! Nabooru ducks Ruto’s backhand and knees her low, to then facelock and URA NBR! Cover, TWO!

Ruto survives, the fans fire up, and Nabooru roars now! Nabooru takes aim as she gathers her power, and Ruto sits up into a BUZZSAW! Nabooru then drags Ruto up into the dragon sleeper, but Ruto KICKS from below! Nabooru lets Ruto go and Ruto victory rolls her! TWO but Ruto keeps hold of Nabooru’s legs! Ruto steps forward, turns Nabooru over, and drops down. Ruto grabs for Nabooru’s arms but she resists, so Ruto SLAPS her in the sides! Ruto gets Nabooru’s arms for a SEATED SURFBOARD! The fans rally and duel as Nabooru endures being bent back! Nabooru manages to get a hand free, and she claws forward! ROPEBREAK!

The fans fire up, Maron counts, and Ruto lets off at 4. Ruto stomps Nabooru at the ropes, Maron counts again but Ruto backs off. Nabooru goes to a corner, Ruto ROCKS her with a forearm! Ruto whips corner to corner, runs in and handsprings to BACK ELBOW! Ruto reels Nabooru in for a facelock, TWIST OF- NO, Nabooru shoves Ruto to ropes! She reels Ruto in on the rebound, O’Conner Roll! TWO and Ruto rolls it back! She grabs the ropes! RUTO WINS!

Winner: Ruto, by pinfall (still HPW Goddess Champion)

The fans are shocked but The Zora Princess snatches away the victory! What is Nabooru to do about this controversy? Will Ruto’s reign continue on through the Spring?


Byrne Lokoma w/ Chancellor Cole VS ???

Turns out, “the man who will take his control of this year’s tournament and finally steer HPW in the right direction,” to quote the Special Counsel, is not The Man with the Iron Claw. Maybe Rusl getting off commentary to shout at him wasn’t right, but Byrne did throw Taro Blanco at him first. But then, is Rusl really going to be the one that puts Byrne in his place? Or will there be no more derailments for this former Dark Horse?

Chancellor Cole looks to commentary and sees Rusl isn’t there. Cole has the mic to ask, “So, either the old timer is a coward or a fool. If he’s hiding in the back, then he’s a coward. But if he’s actually thinking of coming out here to fight my client, then he’s a fool. So which is he really, hmm?” Everyone waits, and Cole gets impatient. “We don’t have all day!” Rusl’s music hits! The fans cheer and Cole laughs. “Guess he’s a fool then! Alright, come on in then so we can get this over with.” Rusl has a mic to say, “Well, you know me. I’d rather be a fool than a coward. But I’m also not a fool. See, for the first time in a long time, I got in the gym, started working out.

“And I didn’t want to admit it at first, but uh… Well, that little toilet with the top hat had a point. I’m past my prime.” Fans chant “Toilet Top Hat! Toilet Top Hat!” and Cole grumbles. Rusl continues to say that yes, he’s past his prime. He let himself so it would be foolish for him to fight Byrne. But the thing is, Rusl knows somebody who is still in their prime, who hasn’t let themself go, and is just itching to humble a brat like Byrne. It’s AURU! The fans cheer as another member of The Resistance stands up to the upstart! Will Auru prove he’s still got it? Or will Lokoma stay on track despite this detour?

Byrne Lokoma w/ Chancellor Cole VS Auru w/ Rusl!

The bell rings and the fans rally up behind “A~RU! A~RU!” Auru and Byrne circle, feel things out, knuckle lock then clinch. They move around, Auru tries to wrangle Byrne but Byrne stays up, and the two reset. They knuckle lock again, go shoulder to shoulder, then use their heads to push the other around. Auru waistlocks but Byrne wrenches to a double wristlock. Byrne hits a takedown to a cover, ONE! Byrne wrenches and hammerlocks but Auru slips around, spins Byrne to snapmare, but Byrne slips out to hammerlock. Byrne keeps on the arm, then bridges over! Auru endures, so Byrne moves around.

Byrne keeps on the hammerlock but Auru fights up. Auru wrenches to wristlock and fans cheer the technical exchange. Byrne rolls, bridges, and then slips through to wrangle Auru. Auru rolls, kips up, and WRINGS Byrne out! Byrne goes to a corner and the fans cheer. Cole coaches Byrne as he and Auru reset again. They feel things out, and Auru gives testing kicks. Byrne gives those back, then they knuckle lock again. Byrne kicks and kicks, but Auru kicks back! They kick and kick and kick, and then Byrne drops back to drop toehold and ANKLE LOCK! Auru endures, Byrne shifts to hook the legs up, and then goes for the arms!

Auru resists, but Byrne still pulls! Up, up and a DOUBLE STOMP on the knees! Cole likes it while fans boo, but Byrne grabs a leg for a GROUND DRAGON SCREW! Auru clutches the leg, kicks at Byrne with the other, but Byrne grabs that leg and drops an elbow on the knee! Auru endures as Byrne shifts into a toehold, and he reaches back to ROPEBREAK! The ref counts, Byrne lets go, but “Oops!” and drops knees on the knee! The fans boo and the ref reprimands but Cole applauds. Byrne stomps Auru around then brings him up in a corner. Byrne CHOKES Auru with his iron hand but the ref reprimands.

The fans boo, Rusl protests and the ref counts. Byrne lets off at 4, then stalks Auru as he sputters. Byrne stomps Auru into a corner, then puts Auru’s right leg in the ropes. The fans boo and the ref reprimands as Byrne pulls on the leg! Rusl protests, shouts at Cole, but the ref gets Byrne to let go. Byrne runs side to side and dropkicks the leg! Auru hobbles and falls out of the corner, Byrne pushes him to a cover, TWO! Auru toughs it out and the fans rally up. Byrne scuffs Auru, kicks him around, but Auru scowls. Auru eggs Byrne on, Byrne kicks him more, but Auru shakes his head. Byrne KICKS and KICKS, but Auru blocks one!

Auru stands up, trips Byrne, and he SWINGS Byrne around! The fans fire up seeing the classic return! They also count along, and Auru goes around and around TEN times! Then Auru steps through and turns Byrne over for a SHARPSHOOTER! The fans fire up while Byrne endures and Cole freaks out! Byrne reaches out, claws his way towards ropes, and Cole coaches him on. ROPEBREAK! The fans boo but Auru lets go quickly. Cole gets Byrne out of the ring but Rusl storms up. The ref has Cole and Rusl both back off, and then Auru WRECKS Byrne with a dropkick! The fans fire up as Auru goes out after Byrne.

Auru brings Byrne around, puts him in the ring, but Cole shouts at Auru. Rusl shouts at Cole, the ref reprimands them both again, but Byrne KICKS the ropes to jam Auru up! The fans boo but Byrne gets the leg and DRAPING DRAGON SCREWS! Auru falls over, Byrne gets his leg for the STRETCH MUFFLER! The fans are torn between booing Byrne and rallying for Auru as he endures! Auru reaches out but Byrne’s between him and the ropes! Auru kicks with his free leg, backstrokes on the mat, moves around, but Byrne drags him back! But Auru uses that to turn and reach another side! ROPEBREAK!

The fans cheer, Byrne lets go in frustration and Cole is fuming. Rusl coaches Auru as Auru drags himself up to his feet with the ropes. Auru hobbles on the bad leg and Byrne storms up on him. Auru keeps his distance, wary of the bad leg. Byrne shoots in to go for said leg and Auru moves back, but just hurts the bad leg and he’s limping more now. Byrne gets Auru cornered and he fires forearms! The ref counts, Auru manages to turn it around to UPPERCUT! And UPPERCUT! And UPPERCUT and UPPERCUT and UPPERCUT! The fans fire up but the ref counts, and Auru lets off to snapmare Byrne.

Auru hops up the corner, shakes out the bad leg, and then FALLING UPPERCUTS! Cover, TWO! Auru is frustrated but he brings Byrne around, only for Byrne to CLUB the bad leg! Auru drops to his knees, and Byrne clamps on the IRON CLAW SLEEPER! Rusl panics and the fans boo but Byrne thrashes Auru around! Auru reaches out but he’s fading! Rusl shouts at Auru to fight, the fans rally as hard as they can, and Auru gets a second wind! Auru fights up to his feet, reaches for ropes again, but Byrne shifts to IRON CLAW BACKBREAKER! Then he drags Auru back up, IRON CLAW SLAM!! Cover, Byrne wins!!

Winner: Byrne Lokoma, by pinfall

The fans can’t believe it, nor can Rusl, but Auru’s return to HPW ends in defeat! Cole laughs at Rusl as he gets in the ring to celebrate with his client. Byrne is back on track, is there no stopping him until he’s reached the top?


Million Rupee Championship: Hollywood ReDead w/ Ted Beedle Ossi VS Kevin Gibdo w/ Wizzro!

We’ve seen these two battle before, from a past Triforce Tournament to the many clashes between The UnderWorld Order and The Dark Forces. But this time, the Immortal Renegade will be putting up a prize alongside his pride! Will ReDead hold onto the championship made just for him? Or will his luck finally run out?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see who hits the jackpot and who ends up broke!

HyruleProWrestling MillionRupeeChampionship5

The bell rings and the two circle. They approach, tie up, and ReDead pulls bandages! The fans boo, the ref reprimands, and ReDead lets off. ReDead knees low and puts Kevin on the ropes. ReDead throws forearms, the ref reprimands and counts, but ReDead tells the ref to shut up. The fans boo more, he tells them to shut up, then goes back for Kevin. Kevin turns things around to ROCK ReDead with a forearm. Kevin wrenches an arm, reels ReDead in and RAMS shoulders with him! Kevin wrenches again, RAMS shoulders again, then whips him to ropes. ReDead holds ropes to stop himself, then bails out of the ring.

The fans boo and Wizzro complains but ReDead regroups with Beedle. Kevin storms out after ReDead, Beedle gets in the way, and then ReDead sucker punches Kevin! Fans boo more and Wizzro shouts at Beedle, but ReDead shoves Kevin into the ring. ReDead stalks Kevin, then clamps on a chinlock. Kevin endures as ReDead digs a knee into his back. The fans rally, Wizzro coaches Kevin, and Kevin pries at the hold. Kevin fights up, throws body shots, then forearms. Kevin whips, ReDead reverses, but Kevin BOOTS him! ReDead staggers, rebounds, but Kevin blocks his boot! Kevin spins ReDead around to CLUB him on the back!

ReDead staggers to ropes again, Kevin runs up and clotheslines him against the ropes! ReDead doesn’t go up and over, so Kevin runs and BOOTS ReDead down! Cover, TWO! ReDead scrambles away but Kevin stalks him. Kevin stomps ReDead, has him against ropes, and CHOKES him! The ref reprimands, Beedle protests, but Wizzro tells him to shut up. Kevin still lets off at 4, then brings ReDead around to ROCK him with a right! The fans fire up while ReDead staggers. Kevin fires more hands, backing ReDead into a corner! The fans fire up as Kevin keeps firing off shots but the ref counts again.

Kevin stops at 4 to then ELBOW ReDead! Kevin wrenches and whips ReDead corner to corner, then runs in to corner clothesline! Kevin whips corner to corner again, runs in again, but ReDead dodges! Kevin hits buckles, ReDead comes back to CLOBBER him! The fans boo but ReDead says “I’M THE MAAAN~!” Beedle applauds but he’s the only one. Wizzro starts up a “REDEAD SUCKS! REDEAD SUCKS!” chant and that annoys Beedle. ReDead goes back for Kevin, stomps him some, then scrapes him out of the ring. ReDead taunts Wizzro, which distracts the ref, and Beedle sucker punches Kevin! Fans boo, but Kevin doesn’t even flinch!

Kevin glares at Beedle, fans chant “YOU MESSED UP! YOU MESSED UP!” The look on Beedle’s face shows he knows it as Kevin storms up on him. Beedle runs away, bumps into Wizzro, and Beedle shoves Wizzro into Kevin! The fans boo, the ref reprimands, but ReDead runs up to CLOBBER both Kevin and Wizzro! The fans boo more as ReDead laughs and high-fives Beedle. ReDead shoves Kevin into the ring, and he looms over Kevin as he again says “I’M THE MAAAN~!” Cocky cover, ONE! ReDead chuckles as he stalks Kevin. Kevin slowly gets up, ReDead CLUBS him on the back! Kevin seethes, but ReDead CLUBS him again!

ReDead whips Kevin to ropes, but Kevin ducks ‘n’ dodges to LEAPING LARIAT! The fans fire up while both men are down! Then they fire up more as Kevin sits up! Kevin drags ReDead up and scoops him into the gut wrench, but ReDead slips free! ReDead scoops but now Kevin slips free! Kevin UPPERCUTS ReDead, gut wrenches again, for the TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER!! Cover, but Beedle CLOBBERS the ref! Kevin’s eyes are wide with shock and anger as he glares at Beedle! “YOU MESSED UP! YOU MESSED UP!” and Beedle begs for mercy as Kevin stands up. Kevin grabs Beedle by the neck, so no mercy here!

Wait! Here comes the rest of the UnderWorld Order! The fans boo as Scaldera, Gomess and Death Sword rush down to the ring! Kevin shoves Beedle at Scaldera to knock him off the apron! But Gomess and Death Sword still get in the ring to mug Kevin! Wizzro gets up and into the ring, jumps on Gomess’ back, but Gomess throws Wizzro off! Kevin and Death Sword trade haymakers, and here comes The Dark Forces! Volga leads the way as he and new member Zant rush down to ringside! Volga CLOBBERS Scaldera before getting in the ring, and Zant stomps Beedle! Volga throws hands on Gomess while fans fire up!

Volga backs Gomess down to one corner, Kevin has Death Sword in the other! They coordinate, run corner to corner, Volga JUMP KNEES Death Sword while Kevin clotheslines Gomess! Then they go again, JUMP KNEE for Gomess and clothesline for Death Sword! Zant slides in, fires up with Volga and Kevin, and they see Scaldera and Beedle getting up. Volga tells Kevin to throw Zant! Zant is surprised and confused, but then Kevin trophy lifts Zant! Kevin THROWS Zant onto Scaldera and Beedle! The fans are thunderous, and even Zant’s excited after flying through the air! But then Gomess and Death Sword CLOBBER Volga and Kevin!

The fans boo again as ReDead is up. Gomess drags Volga out while Death Sword goes after Zant! The wrestling reapers beat up on The Dark Forces and ReDead watches Kevin stand back up. ReDead spins Kevin around, DEADEND! Cover, ReDead wins!

Winner: Hollywood ReDead, by pinfall (still Million Rupee Champion)

The fans boo but ReDead laughs and soaks it all up! It took the whole team but he still beat down his former friend, again! Wait, the King of Hyrule steps out on stage! Nicholas Foolyere has a mic, and he tells everyone, “Hold it, hold it, hold it! Why is it, that every time I turn around, the UnderWorld Order is up to no good?” ReDead still has a smug smile on his face while the belt rests on his shoulder. But Nick Fooly says he can wipe that smile off his face, because now the uWo faces the consequences. Did ReDead forget that next month is May? And that for HPW, May doesn’t just mean rain, it means… BLOOD & THUNDER!?

The fans go nuts as the graphic is on screen! ReDead does stop smiling as Nick continues. “Let’s see, we’ve got four uWo, and we’ve got four Dark Forces. So for the first time ever, Blood & Thunder will be four against four, no less and no more! And if you wanna ask why you’re gonna go through with this, I’ll give you a reason why! The winning side of that match gets to have whatever title matches they want after that!” The fans like the sound of that, and so do both factions. Nick says one way or another, someone’s paying the price for gold. Who survives the storm to shine in the sun?


HPW Triforce Tournament Finals Triple Threat: Yunobo VS Aveil VS Riju!

History is being made right before our very eyes! Three first-time finalists are now going to battle for the very first time, and the landscape of wrestling will forever be impacted! Goron or Gerudo, who will raise the trophy as a banner for their people?

The introductions are made, the trophy is on display, and we see who takes it home!

The three shake hands and the fans applaud the sportsmanship. The bell rings, the three circle, and of course Aveil and Riju look to each other. They nod and they rush Yunobo together! The fans fire up as they back Yunobo into a corner. Yunobo shoves Aveil away, Riju kicks him low, but Yunobo blocks the whip. Yunobo reels Riju in, and he runs her corner to corner to RAM her into buckles! Yunobo digs his shoulder in, but Aveil runs up to KICK Yunobo in a leg! Yunobo hobbles, Riju and Aveil mug him a bit more, then double whip him to the corner. Riju whips Aveil in and she back body blocks Yunobo!

Aveil then sets up and Riju runs in, using Aveil as a step for POETRY IN MOTION! Yunobo stumbles and falls, Riju and Aveil each get an arm and step over, but they get in each other’s way! Can’t double up on La Magistrol, apparently! They both step back and bring Yunobo up. They double snapmare, then Riju KICKS Yunobo in the back. Aveil runs, PENALTY KICKS, then Riju adds a SLIDING FOREARM! Aveil springboards to IMPLODER SPLASH! Cover, TWO! Yunobo is tougher than that, but Riju’s more upset Aveil even went for the pin! Aveil apologizes, they storm up on Yunobo together, but he DOUBLE BACK DROPS them!

The fans are torn while Yunobo huffs and puffs. Aveil and Riju go to ropes, Yunobo runs up, but Riju dodges so Yunobo only clotheslines Aveil up and out! Riju fires off body shots and fast hands, then a SOBAT! Riju whips Yunobo reverses to TOSS Riju up and out onto Aveil! The fans are torn again while the Gerudo get to their feet, and Yunobo builds speed!? But then he slows down to a stop, not confident enough to tope. He instead steps out onto the apron, takes aim, and CANNONBALL FLOPS as Aveil pulls Riju outta the way! They then get Yunobo up and DUMP him over barriers, into the timekeeper’s area!

The fans fire up, and then Riju and Aveil realize it’s just the two of them. They both slowly go to the ring and slide in, and fans rally as the two circle. They tie up, Riju wrenches, wristlocks, but Aveil switches around to waistlock and SLAM! Aveil holds on as Riju sits up. Riju pries the hold and switches, but Aveil switches right back. They stand, Riju wrenches free to hammerlock then headlock. Aveil powers up and out, then she runs Riju over! But then Riju kips right up! Aveil swings but Riju blocks to wrench and whip. Riju then hurdles, drops down, and DROPKICKS! Riju kips up again as the fans fire up!

Aveil gets up in a huff, storms up on Riju, but blocks her arm-drag! Aveil whips Riju away, but Riju handsprings to wheelbarrow, victory roll, and STOMP 182! Cover, TWO! Riju hurries to get Aveil up, wrenches and whips, but Aveil blocks by holding ropes! Riju CLUBS the arm, but Aveil avoids the chop to clothesline Riju up and out! Aveil builds speed but Riju slides in! Aveil stops the tope and goes back to the apron, only for Riju to DROPKICK her down! The fans fire up as Riju builds speed, and FOSBURY FLOPS! Direct hit and the fans fire up even more! Riju hurries to get Aveil back into the ring, covers, TWO!

Aveil crawls to a corner, Riju storms up, but she hesitates. Aveil tells Riju to do it, it’s every person for themselves! Riju scowls and she stomps Aveil! And stomps again, and again, and again! Riju digs her boot in, referee Tiger Sahasrahla reprimands but can’t do more than that. Riju still lets off, then marches her way corner to corner. Riju takes a deep breath, then runs corner to corner again, but Aveil slips outside! Riju’s sliding forearm attack hits buckles! Aveil then grabs Riju’s legs, and spins her around so she hits POST! Riju clutches her arm while she slumps out of the ring, and Aveil is there to THROW her into barriers!

The fans are torn, “Let’s Go, Riju!” “Aveil~, Aveil Aveil Aveil~! Aveil~, Aveil~!” Aveil brings Riju back around to put her in the ring. Aveil stalks Riju, grabs the bad arm, and YANKS Riju up, only for Riju to use that to DESTROYER!! The fans go nuts as Riju hurries to a corner! Riju climbs up, but Yunobo is back! Yunobo SHOVES Riju off the corner, and she hits off the apron on the way down!! Fans are either losing their minds or booing as hard as they can! Yunobo climbs the corner now, but Aveil GAMANGIRIS! Yunobo wobbles up top, Aveil climbs up after him, and fans rally! Aveil throws down fists, and fans count all the way to TEN!

Aveil wants the fans to get louder and they oblige, and then Aveil SUPER- NO, Yunobo blocks the rana! Yunobo swings Aveil back up, for a SUPER FALLING POWERBOMB!! The fans lose their minds all over again as Yunobo covers, TWO?!?! Aveil survives and shocks everyone, especially Yunobo! Yunobo stands up to loom over Aveil, but then Riju springboards in to CROSSBODY! Direct hit, but Yunobo rolls through with it! Yunobo pops Riju up to a fireman’s carry, Aveil stands up, and Yunobo scoops her! FALL AWAY GORON DROP COMBO!! Aveil tumbles away, Yunobo carries Riju, TWO!! Yunobo is getting frustrated now!

Yunobo drags Riju up, whips her to ropes, but Riju tilt-o-whirls! Only for Yunobo to block the DDT! Yunobo throws Riju away, runs up, but Riju drop toeholds! Yunobo stays up, though! Aveil springboards in, FLYING CODE BREAKER! Riju rolls Yunobo up, but then Aveil rolls Riju up! TWO!! Riju SHOTEIS Aveil! Riju roars, runs, but into a SHEIKAH FLY!! Cover, Yunobo SENTONS it apart!! The fans are thunderously declaring “This is Awesome!” while all three are down! Wait, why’s Tali coming out here? She hurries down the ramp and to ringside. She’s coaching on the Gerudo Sisterhood as they and Yunobo stir.

Riju sits up and sees Tali. Riju asks what Tali’s doing out here, Tali says she’s cheering them on. Yunobo stands first, but Aveil follows. Aveil CHOPS Yunobo, Riju fires a forearm, they both mug Yunobo then double whip. And Tali trips Yunobo, but that messes up what the others were planning! They complain to Tali and Tali apologizes! Sahasrahla reprimands, Tali backs off, and the others bring Yunobo back up. They double wrench then double whip the other direction, to then KICK, AX KICK, BULLDOG and BASEMENT DROPKICK! But when it comes time to cover, the two hesitate. So they rock-paper-scissors! Aveil uses scissors to beat paper!

Aveil runs to the ropes to LYNEL-SAULT! Cover, TWO! Riju and Aveil coordinate, they wait on Yunobo to sit up. SLIDING D GAMANGIRI COMBO! Cover, TWO! Yunobo is still in this but Riju & Aveil work to drag him into a drop zone. Aveil goes up the corner while Riju goes out to the apron. Aveil MOONSAULTS onto Yunobo! Cover, TWO! Riju’s up top now, Aveil keeps Yunobo down, and then moves so Riju can ULTIMATE ELBOW DROP!! Cover, TWO?!? No one can believe Yunobo survives, and Tali is furious! Tali gets on the apron and says she wants to help. Riju says okay but Aveil says no! And they’re both surprised by the other!

Tali steps in, Aveil again says no, and now the three of them are arguing about this! Riju and Tali argue that it’s a Triple Threat, this isn’t cheating! But Aveil says that’s semantics! Triple Threats are No Disqualifications, but how would they feel if someone was helping Yunobo? But then speaking of Yunobo, he’s back up! And he runs in to CLOBBER all three Gerudo! The fans boo but Yunobo just drags Riju back up! Yunobo reels her in and lifts her up, to SITOUT POWERBOMB!! Cover, but Aveil basement dropkicks it apart! The fans are thunderous again while Aveil throws down hands on Yunobo!

Tali gets up in the corner, and she tells Aveil to set Yunobo up! Aveil hesitates, Tali tells her to just do it, and the fans seem to agree! Aveil gives in and she drags Yunobo up. Tali takes aim, Aveil whips, but Yunobo reverses! Tali SPEARS Aveil!!! The fans lose their minds and Tali’s own face shows her shock! Tali goes after Yunobo, but he fireman’s carries her to GORON DROP onto Aveil!! Yunobo covers Aveil, YUNOBO WINS!!

Winner: Yunobo, by pinfall (2024 Triforce Tournament winner)

Fans can’t believe it, but in the end, the third-generation Goron survives taking on three Gerudo! The Sisterhood regroups on the outside, and clearly with a lot to figure out. As for Yunobo, Nicholas Foolyere is back to personally hand him the trophy. The fans are torn as Yunobo raises the trophy up over his head, with about 66% or maybe even 75% booing. Yunobo’s a little confused and disheartened by it, but Nick Fooly encourages him while handing him a mic. Yunobo nods and takes the mic. “I just wanna say-” The booing gets louder? Yunobo is again taken aback, but he starts again.

“I just wanna say, uh, that I wanna thank my grandfather, Daruk! H-He and my father trained me to be the… the best! Not just the best in our family, o-or the best Goron wrestler, but the best of all wrestlers! I, uh, I hope this trophy is proof I’m on the right track. Though, I guess I still have to win the world title first. S-So, uh, Link! If you’re watching, um, I guess I’ll see you soon. Good luck, and may the best wrestler win!” Yunobo’s confidence is up and he smiles as he lifts the trophy again. The streamers fly, the fans still cheer the moment, but will Yunobo have an even bigger moment in May?

My Thoughts:

Another under-the-wire just-in-time article here. I really should’ve planned for the March article to be earlier so that I’d have more time between them. I also had to iron out some details in other stories, I keep letting the Trios Division slip through my fingers. But I think HPW’s first 4v4 WarGames will be a good adjustment after missing out on setting up a good 3v3v3. Also, certainly for the “live audience” there, this was probably a real bummer for most with not so much all Heels but all “unwanted” results happening. Hopefully you, the real audience of readers, at least find these twists and turns intriguing.

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Bandwagon Nerds

Bandwagon Nerds #231: Disney News & Superhero Madness

Round two of Superhero Madness begins this week. Cinema Con gives us plenty of Disney news and a trip to the trailer park. TUNE IN!



Bandwagon Nerds Mario

With Dave and Patrick out visiting both Disney bases respectively, Rey, DP and Tunney take the reins. Speaking of Disney, we have some news from Cinema Con on a plethora of Disney projects. Could Robert Downey Jr. make a return to the MCU? The trailer park gives us four new looks at… The Beach Boys Official Doc on Disney+, Joker: Folie a Deux, Young Woman and the Sea and Civil War. To round out the show we are back at the Superhero Madness! This week we begin the second round in the Mutants/Genetics and Non-Powered Humans brackets. TUNE IN!!!

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About Bandwagon Nerds

Join Patrick O’Dowd, David Ungar, PC Tunney, Rey Cash and DPP as they keep everyone up on all things nerd, and maybe add some new nerds along the way. It’s the Bandwagon Nerds Podcast!

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Hockey Talk- Metro Mayhem [040924]

Hockey Talk looks at an absolutely wild playoff situation taking shape in the Eastern Conference while, out West, the battle for seeding rages on.



Chairshot Radio Large

Hockey Talk returns this week to look at the insanity that is the playoff situation in the Eastern Conference. While the Western Conference focuses on seeding, the eight teams involved are pretty well set. That is definitely not the case in the East where seven teams all still have a legitimate shot at taking the last two playoff spots. This is especially true in the Metropolitan Division where five teams could end up with results ranging from a third-place finish, to a wild card finish, to missing the playoffs entirely. The guys bring you up to speed as to what to expect with just a few games left in the regular season.

Today’s hosts: Dave Ungar (@AttitudeAgg) and Patrick O’Dowd (@WrestlngRealist)

  • Mayhem in the Eastern Conference and Metro Division
  • Seeding on the line out West
  • Milestones for Austin Matthews, Sydney Crosby, and Alex Ovechkin.

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