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  • Daily Dozen  •  Weekday Mornings  •  Watch Live   •  Listen On Demand
    PC Tunney gives you 12 minutes of the sports (and wrestling) info, news, and scores you need daily (Monday through Friday).


  • The Arc Of Wrestling  •  Every Other Sunday  •  Listen On Demand
    Jeremy Lambert and Steve Cook team up to follow one pro historic wrestling storyline arc from start to finish.
  • Upcoming WWE PPV Reaction Show  • 11:30 PM eastern  •  Coming Soon
    Coming soon, The Chairshot’s own WWE pay-per-view reaction show!


  • Raw Reaction  • 11:30 PM eastern  •  Listen Live  •  Listen On Demand
    Harry Broadhurst, Tony Acero, and Andrew Balaz react to WWE Monday Night Raw and discuss the world of pro wrestling.


  • Greg DeMarco Show  •  10:00 PM eastern  •  Listen Live  •  Listen On Demand
    Patrick O’Dowd and Greg DeMarco banter back and forth in an effort to help you enjoy professional wrestling more.
  • 2MB Sports & Fantasy  •  Evening Release  •  Listen On Demand
    Rick’s Brand is joined by Brandon weekly to present all things sports and fantasy related.


  • Pin The Shoulders Podcast  •  10:00 PM eastern  •  Listen Live  •  Listen On Demand
    Serious Brad and the Roundtable discuss wrestling, interview guests and much more.
  • Basement Sports Report  •  Evening Release  •  Listen On Demand
    Brad and Clayton are talking sh*t about sports from the basement each week!


  • POD is WAR  •  Evening Release  •  Listen On Demand
    Andrew Balaz and Chris Platt go to war over 5 topics–in and out of WWE–each week.
  • WrestleRage  •  7:00 PM eastern  •  Listen Live and On Demand starting in February
    The Chandman brings together wrestling’s best guest list each week.


  • Chairshot Radio  •  Evening Release  •  Listen On Demand
    PC Tunney, DPP, and Chris Platt talk Raw, Smackdown, interview the best guests, and more on the flagship program of the Chairshot Radio Network.
  • SmarkSpot Podcast  •  Friday Release  •  Listen On Demand
    It’s the Podcast of Positivity as Josh & Leo review WWE Raw, Smackdown Live, and PPVs for your wrestling needs.
  • Friday Night’s Main Event  •  Select Friday Nights  •  Listen On Demand
    A rotating cast of personalities from The Chairshot come together to talk wrestling and more, airing on pre-PPV Fridays and select other dates.

On Demand

  • Attitude of Aggression  •  Early-to-Midweek Release  •  Listen On Demand
    Big Dave and ol’ Gator re aggressively covering pro wrestling…with attitude! Weekly reviews of WWE Raw, Smackdown and NXT plus PPV previews/reviews, guest interviews, humor and much more!
  • 2MB Wrestling  •  Early-to-Midweek Release  •  Listen On Demand
    Rick’s Brand is joined by a rotating cast of cohosts weekly to discuss everything important in pro wrestling.
  • Main Event Madness  •  Released On Demand  •  Listen On Demand
    Jon Curry and Alfonso Marimon cover the world of professional wrestling each week, on demand.

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