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  • Chairshot Radio  • 8:00 PM eastern  •  Listen Live  •  Listen On Demand
    Chris Platt and Rey Ca$h come to you each week covering the major happenings of WWE and beyond. (Show airs after WWE PPVs on those Sundays.)
  • Uncomfortable Truth  •  On-Demand Release •  Listen On Demand
    Big Rick is joined by a host of characters on Uncomfortable Truth to discuss the most important topics in your world today!


  • Raw Reaction  • 11:30 PM eastern  •  Listen Live  •  Listen On Demand
    Harry Broadhurst, Tony Acero, and Andrew Balaz react to WWE Monday Night Raw and discuss the world of pro wrestling.


  • Greg DeMarco Show (Wrestling)  •  11:00 PM eastern  •  Listen Live  •  Listen On Demand
    If you listen closely, GDMS is really a show about a show about pro wrestling. The Trios Champions of Pro Wrestling Podcasts, Patrick O’Dowd, Miranda Morales and Greg DeMarco, fight about the world of professional wrestling. And soundbites. And stuff.
  • The #Miranda Show  •  Late Night  •  Listen Live  •  Listen On Demand
    The Queen Of Soft Style herself Miranda Morales is in full control, and calls the shots while Greg DeMarco has to follow her lead. As you can imagine, Miranda takes full advantage of this, creates The #Miranda Rights, and usually talks about wrestling at some point.


  • Around Da Bloxxx with Mike Knoxxx v•  Evening Release  •  Listen On Demand
    Mike Knoxxx brings you his unique perspective on WWE Raw and Smackdown each Wednesday. Tune in for the most straight forward perspective–not only on what…but why!
  • Serious Lowdown with Serious Brad  •  Select Wednesday Nights  •  Listen Live  •  Listen On Demand
    Serious Brad interviews sits down and interviews the best guests professional wrestling has to offer.


  • POD is WAR  •  Evening Release  •  Listen On Demand
    Andrew Balaz and Chris Platt go to war over 5 topics–in and out of WWE–each week on POD is WAR! PC Tunney moderates and the fellas do nothing but entertain!


  • The Outsider’s Edge  •  Evening Release  •  Listen On Demand
    Rance Morris, Karl Ervin, and Kyle Moores dig into the worlds of WWE, NXT, New Japan and so much more each week on The Outsidir’s Edge!


  • Driving With DeMarco  •  Twice Daily  •  Show Feed  •  Listen On Demand
    It’s the Podcast of Positivity as Josh & Leo review WWE Raw, Smackdown Live, and PPVs for your wrestling needs.


  • SmarkSpot Podcast  •  Weekend Release  •  Listen On Demand
    It’s the Podcast of Positivity as Josh & Leo review WWE Raw, Smackdown Live, and PPVs for your wrestling needs.

On Demand

  • Attitude of Aggression  •  On-Demand Release  •  Listen On Demand
    Big Dave aggressively covers pro wrestling…with attitude! Reviews of WWE Raw, Smackdown and NXT plus PPV previews/reviews, guest interviews, humor and much more!
  • Friday Night’s Main Event  •  Select Friday Nights  •  Listen On Demand
    A rotating cast of personalities from The Chairshot come together to talk wrestling and more, airing on pre-PPV Fridays and select other dates.

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