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Looking Back: Mitchell’s ALL IN Results & Report from 9/1/18

Just under one year ago, Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks fronted an event titled ALL IN, and it served as a catalyst for change. Take a look at Steven Mitchell’s original ALL IN Results & Report from 9/1/18!




Just under one year ago, Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks fronted an event titled ALL IN, and it served as a catalyst for change. Take a look at Steven Mitchell’s original ALL IN Results & Report from 9/1/18!

Stars collide as ROH, NJPW and NWA combine for this amazing event, as funded solely by The American Nightmare & Young Bucks! Are you all in for All In?


  • Zero Hour: The Briscoes VS Frankie Kazarian & Scorpio Sky; SoCal Uncensored wins.
  • Zero Hour: Over Budget Battle Royal; Flip Gordon wins and will face Jay Lethal later tonight.
  • MJF VS Matt Cross; Cross wins.
  • Stephen Amell VS Christopher Daniels; Daniels wins.
  • Fatal 4 Way: Tessa Blanchard VS Britt Baker VS Madison Rayne VS Chelsea Green; Tessa wins.
  • NWA World Heavyweight Champion: Nick Aldis VS Cody w/ Brandi Rhodes; Cody wins and becomes the new NWA World Heavyweight Champion.
  • Chicago Street Fight: Joey Janela w/Penelope Ford vs. Hangman Adam Page; Page wins.
  • ROH World Championship: Jay Lethal VS Flip Gordon; Lethal wins and retains the ROH World Championship.
  • Kenny Omega VS Pentagon Jr; Omega wins.
  • Kazuchika Okada VS Marty Scurll; Okada wins.
  • Six Man Tag: The Young Bucks & Kota Ibushi VS Rey Mysterio, Bandido & Fenix; Kota Ibushi & The Young Bucks win.


WGN America presents All In: Zero Hour!

The fans are all in, the commentary is all in, and this show is set to begin with “The! Elite! The the Elite!” Yes, the NEW ROH World Six Man Tag Team Champions and the (self-proclaimed) All In Trios Champions, are here! Cody welcomes the fans but technical difficulties make it difficult. Let’s blow the budget now while we’re at it! Does Chicago love pyro? Yes! Well here’s PYRO! … Oh. Maybe not. There’s still some glitches to work out. Maybe Matt forgot to pay the guy. Let’s try again. PYRO! There it is. Okay, pull back, pull back. This everything wrestling show needs a random cameo from a legend. Here’s a hint. “What a rrrrush!” And yes, there is The Road Warrior, Animal!

Not just that, but does Chicago like free merchandise? Hot Topic, Pro-Wrestling Tees, give them their merch! Staff comes out with t-shirt guns and shoots them off for the crowd. Cut to a Pro-Wrestling Tees commercial featuring Joey Ryan. His shirt rips? Oh no! This was Joey’s only shirt. But wait, here’s a brand new one! “Thanks, Pro-Wrestling Tees!” Get yours, today!

Back to the show, it’s time for in-ring action!

The Briscoes VS Frankie Kazarian & Scorpio Sky

The SCU are Rocky and Apollo tonight as the Heavy Metal Rebel and The Closer take on #DemBoyz ahead of their eventual ROH World Tag Team Championship match.

Scorpio gives a shout out to Chicago, “This is the worst town I’ve ever been to!” Fans still cheer, because tonight, this is history! Tonight, everyone here is a part of a revolution. Because tonight, “We Are All-In!” Now Kaz has three letters so please say along to make his day. “S C U!” But #DemBoyz aren’t in a fun-loving mood, as per usual. Can SoCal Uncensored score some non-title momentum for when The Addiction go against the brothers from Sandy Fork?

Kaz and Jay start with the bell and fans fire up. The two circle but Mark is lurking. He stays back as Kaz enjoys the fans chanting “All In! All In!” Jay sucker punches Scorpio and Mark goes after Kaz! The Briscoes stomp out Kaz then double whip to then double forearm Kaz down. Fans boo and jeer but Jay stays on Kaz with European Uppercuts. He tags to Mark, and the Briscoes put Kaz in an open corner. They corner whip then run in but Kaz fights them off. Scorpio returns to slingshot headscissor Mark! He double stomps Jay and gives Mark a kick and a sweep. Kaz hits the swinging wrecking ball, and fans fire up with SCU. Kaz keeps on Mark with forearms while Scorpio returns to his corner. COrner to corner whip leads to a leg sweep, cover, TWO.

Kaz wrenches then tags to Scorpio. Scorpio climbs for double ax handles. He rocks Mark with a big right, then rope a dopes. Scorpio whips but Mark reverses and Jay gets a cheap shot. Scorpio gives him a punch then fires off on mark. He throws Mark out only for Jay to clobber him! Mark slingshots for stomps, then drags Scorpio to his corner. Mark chops Scorpio and tags Jay, and they mug Scorpio. Jay keeps between Scorpio and Kaz, then gives more EuroUppers. He stomps a mudhole while Mark holds Scropio down. The ref has to keep Kaz back so Mark chokes Scorpio then lets Jay get more stomps in. Tag to Mark but fans rally for Scorpio. Mark suplexes for a brainbuster, then covers. TWO, but the Briscoes keep their cool.

Mark kicks Scorpio around then chops him again. He hushes the crowd so we can hear that next one. Scorpio fights back with big rights! Mark gets around him and drags him back. Jay tags in and he mudhole stomps Scorpio right down. Fans boo and jeer but Jay stands Scorpio up. Jay whips and dropkicks Scorpio, then tags Mark back in. They continue to mug Scorpio, Mark rocking Scorpio with an uppercut. Tag back to Jay, and Jay snapmares Scorpio to a chinlock. Fans rally up and Scorpio feeds off the energy. Scorpio fights out but Jay headbutts him down. Jay whips but Scorpio dodges to headscissor! Mark stops Scorpio but gets shoved, hot tag to Kaz! Kaz rallies on both Briscoes, throwing kicks around, then a DDT for Jay! Mark runs in but gets a waistlock. They roll back, but Jay comes in. Northern Lights! TWO!!

Kaz almost had both Briscoes but the fans are all fired up for him. He whips Jay but Jay reverses. Kaz holds ropes and Jay runs in but is put on the apron. Jay gets the guillotine leg drop! Mark runs in, but Scorpio belly2belly throws him out! Then Kaz slingshots to huricanrana Mark! Fans are thunderous and this is just the start of the night! Kaz regroups the Briscoes, Scorpio FLIES onto them! SCU has control and fans on their side as they put Jay in. Scorpio slingshots for a cutter! Kaz gives Mark a cutter, and they BOTH roll back to Dragon Sleepers! The Briscoes endure the holds, crawl towards each other, and Jay rakes Kaz’s eye! Kaz lets Mark free, and then Jay goes after Scorpio! He throws Scorpio out but Kaz throws hands. They brawl back and forth and Kaz fires off jabs.

Kaz runs, but into  an elbow. Mark gets a cheap shot, then Jay boots Kaz out. Jay boots Scorpio while Mark gives Kaz a blockbuster! Mark feeds Kaz to Jay, Jay gives Kaz the stiff neckbreaker. Cover, TWO! Jay drags Kaz up again for EuroUppers. Tag to Mark, and the Briscoes have Kaz in another open corner. They double whip him corner to corner, and hit the clothesline train. Mark holds Kaz up, Jay jumps, Redneck Boogie neckbreaker! Cover, TWO!! Kaz isn’t done, but Scorpio is kicked back down. Fans rally up while The Briscoes put Kaz up top. Mark climbs and Jay prepares himself, but Scoprio trips Jay and puts him into railing! Then SUPER Steiner for Mark! Kaz climbs down while Scorpio gives Jay a kick. Alley-oop to tornado DDT! But then Mark gets the Urenage Backbreaker! Cover, TWO!! Somehow Mark survives!

But SCU is far from down, they bring Mark back up. Mark fights and Jay boots Scorpio in the back of the head! He feeds Kaz to Jay Driller! Mark goes up, Froggy-Bow! Cover, Scorpio breaks it! Jay rains rights on Scorpio for keeping this match going. The Briscoes throw Scorpio out then focus on Kaz. Jay electric chair lifts while Mark climbs, but Kaz sees Doomseday coming! Powerslam counter while Scorpio hits Jay with a flying knee, cover, SCU WINS!!

Winners: SoCal Uncensored, Frankie Kazarian pinning

That was so fast and furious, call Kaz and Scorpio Brian and Roman! With this big win over the champs, does that mean The Addiction has a chance of winning the titles down the line?

Backstage interview with Kenny Omega

Why is the interviewer standing like that? to make him look taller. No, be casual. The day has finally come. How does he feel about tonight? Pentagon, a former Impact World Champion, and Omega is THE IWGP Heavyweight Champion. They’re wrestlers of the people so they’re giving the people this dream match. Pentagon may not be ready, but Omega is. Omega wants to make this match an instant classic. Omega knows how great and how popular and how hardcore Pentagon is. But Omega is ready to perform in front of the world, and put his best foot forward. That, and he wants to make this day one we remember forever. How will the Best Bout Machine do against the Bone Collector in their dream match tonight?

All In takes a quick look at tonight’s main event

The NWA World Champion, Nick Aldis, has something The American Nightmare, Cody, wants. The NWA World Championship itself was a belt many greats in pro-wrestling have held, including Cody’s own father, The American Dream, Dusty Rhodes. But Aldis wants something in return. So since Cody doesn’t have the ROH World Championship to match, he put up his literal Ring of Honor. Aldis accepted this collateral, but will Cody get the ring back and the belt with it?

Over Budget Battle Royal

It’s unclear if this is a 15-man or a full 30-man, but the one thing everyone knows is that the winner will get a shot at Jay Lethal’s ROH World Championship later tonight on the main show! Stars from ROH, NJPW, NWA, Impact Wrestlnig and even Lucha Underground are here. Who will be the last man, or woman, left standing in the ring?

The bell rings and it explodes! Everyone brawls in such chaos, but Bully Ray Dudley already bends the rules. He goes through the second rope with El Chico to powerbomb him THROUGH A TABLE! He drags Chuck Taylor out to whip him into barriers, but then Trent Baretta DIVES! Trent takes Bully out for his best friend, but then Jordynne Grace DIVES on Trent! Only for Ethan Page to boot her in the face! He brawls with Rocky Romerao but Colt Cabana springboard Asai Moonsaults on them! Somehow it’s just Tommy Dreamer and Billy Gun left in the ring while everyone else brawls on the outside. The old veterans build speed and… Carefully climb out to fight with everyone!

This is less a battle royal and more a fight as Billy Gunn says “SUCK IT!” But Moose gives him a boot! Moose gives wrestler after wrestler a jab, then winds up for… everyone to hit him back! He gets cornered but then explodes out! He pumps up and climbs up, for a big crossbody! But Brian Cage catches him! Everyone helps Brian put Moose on the apron. Moose fights back again, but he’s taking too long showing off. Marco Stunt ELIMINATES Moose?! But he celebrates too long, Punishment Martinez boots him right out. The Best Friends go after Martinez, then decide to hug! Only to get a boot! Trent is mad now, but he runs into a tilt-o-whirl slam. Chuckie gets a step-stool cutter! Chuckie ends up on the outside but Ethan fights back. Trent helps his best friend out, to double suplex.

Ethan survives and Son of Gunn helps out to suplex the Best Friends in. Cage suplexes Tommy Dreamer back in! But then The Machine gets a kick and a forearm. Marco Stunt returns! Only to get tilt-o-whirl slammed. Cage comes back to back Cutler down. Cutler springboards onto Cage! Bully bullies Stunt, but he keeps Stunt from being eliminated right away. Cutler is also out, but the Best Friends keep each other in. Ethan keeps fighting them, but he runs into Rocky’s kick! The former Roppongi Vice work together, but Ethan rocks Rocky, too! But the Best Friends give him a tornado DDT! Then they give Jimmy Jacobs a crucifix cutter! Then they hug! Only for Martinez to throw them BOTH out! He ELIMINATES Best Friends.

Rocky fires off on Martinez, only to be thrown out. Rocky returns and springboard huricanranas! Then Rocky gives a clothesline train to all four corners. And Bully just because. He keeps going forever, until Cage clobbers him! Cage ELIMINATES Rocky Romero! Cage targets Cheeseburger but gets booted back. Burger flies, but is CAUGHT! He escapes, SHOTEI!! SHOTEI for Etha, SHOTEI for Martinez! Burger ain’t done, but Cage pops him up to F5 him out! Cage ELIMIANTES Burger! But now the Machine and the Monster stare down. They brawl immediately! Martinez whips but Cage reverses to huricanrana?! They keep going, tilt-o-whirl from Martinez! Cage blocks the boot to SUPERKICK! Martinez ducks the discus to give the heel kick!

Cage denies the choke slam, Marinez denies back, but Hurricane gives Martinez HIS Choke Slam! And he does the same to Cage! The Monster and Machine are no match for a Superhero! But Ethan goes after him, only for Tommy Dreamer to stop him. Maritnez has Hurricane, and things move to the apron. Hurricane and Ethan fight off the other two to then fight each other. Ethan boots and ELIMINATES Hurricane, but Cabana’s flying bionic elbow ELIMINATES Ethan! But Dreamer introduces a trash can?! “E C DUB!” echoes out as Dreamer fires off with a cookie pan! He uses the lid on Austin Gunn, then the can itself on Martinez. Martinez wobbles and comes back with the choke grip. Dreamer bites out and fires off jabs. He wears polka-dots for Dusty, bionic elbow! Death Valley Driver on top! But then Bully hits Dreamer to ELIMINATE him!

But Marco Stunt is back? His chops don’t matter, though. Bully gives Marco a bomb lift, but Papa Gunn helps out while Son Gunn knocks Bully down. Jimmy Jacobs fires off but gets a hip toss to neckbreaker! Austin calls him names, but Jimmy rips the jewels! Martinez kicks Gunn down, then lets Jimmy say “You Can’t See Me!” Five Knuckle Shuffle! And “Suck it!” Double underhook, but Papa Gunn saves his son. Only for Jimmy to give him a kiss? “Suck this, bitch!” Billy throws Jimmy out, then has to fight off Martinez. Martinez still gets Billy with a roundhouse! Martinez roars, but Austin Gunn ELIMINATES HIM!! The Son and the Father hug it out. Only for Bully to ruin it and ELIMNATE Austin! Billy gives Bully a Famouser! But then Billy and Cage come face to face.

They brawl with heavy hands, and Billy runs, but into a trophy lift! Cage ELIMINATES Billy Gunn! But Marco Stunt returns, for a pop-up code breaker!! Bully grabs Marco to ELIMINATE him once and for all. The final four are Bully, Cage, Cabana and Grace. Grace swings on Cage but then fireman’s carry and squats Cage! But Cage slips out, lifts her and tosses her! Then powerbomb lift for a buckle bomb! Cage misses in the corner, she electric chairs to powerbomb HIM! Then she ELIMINATES Cage with a clothesline! Fans are thunderous, but Bully has to go after her, now. Jordynne gets in Bully’s face, and she wants him to chop her. He just rakes her face and puts her on the top rope.

Bully climbs up, but Cabana lurks behind. Jordynne sends Bully down, Cabana helps her ask “WAZZUP!?” Headbutt to Bully’s balls! But Bully still whips and ELIMINATES Jordynne. Now it’s just Bully and Cabana. These two have been fighting over how Bully’s been treating Cheeseburger and Flip Gordon. Bully runs Cabana over and climbs up, but misses his back senton! Cabana uses the chair! SMACK! He jabs Bully again then throws him, but Bully reverses! Bully ELIMINATES Cabana and WINS!! Wait, he forgot about Chico! Chico is FLIP GORDON!! AND FLIP ELIMINATES BULLY!!!

Winner: Flip Gordon

Yes, this was Over Budget, but Flip is ALL IN! Flip gets revenge on Bully while getting his first shot at the ROH World Championship! Is Flip going to reach the top of the mountain later tonight?!


MJF VS Matt Cross

Maxwell Jacob Friedman swears he “is better than all of you and you know it”, but will he prove to be better than M-Dogg tonight?

The bell rings and we begin. MJF and Cross tie up. MJF gets a headlock but Cross powers out, only to get run over by MJF. Max shows off with that handspring, but things speed up and Cross shows off with the superhero landing! MJF does give credit, that was good. He offers a handshake, but that’s the oldest trick in the book. Cross still accepts it, to get a low kick. MJF throws Cross out to then build speed, but he fakes Cross out. “I don’t have to flip to get over.” But Cross swing kicks him back. Cross climbs and dodges MJF to then tilt-o-whirl headscissor MJF away. MJF rolls out while Cross handsprings. Cross aims and runs, to handspring senton, the Sasuke Special!

Cross soaks it in on the stage, then comes back to fetch MJF. He puts MJF in the ring then climbs up top, but MJF rolls all the way away. Cross hops down and runs in, but MJF uses a referee shield. MJF gives a sucker punch and then he puts Cross into a post! MJF keeps bragging as he snapmares and arm wringers. Cover, TWO, but MJF keeps on the arm. He stomps the hand, then embraces the boos and jeers. MJF drags Cross around for a seated armlock. He tells fans to shut up as they rally up. Cross feeds off that energy and throws body shots. He chops MJF but MJF ducks to wring the arm out again. MJF keeps on that arm, hammerlock and gutwrench powerbomb! Cover, TWO! Cross survives but MJF grows frustrated.

MJF mocks the “old man”, then clubs away on the bad arm. He hoists Cross up to then climb up with him. MJF prepares that arm but Cross fights back with the other arm. Cross has MJF turn around, to then SUPER STEINER! MJF writhes while Cross rests that bad arm. Fans rally up again and Cross stands. He dodges MJF to rally with that good arm. Cross runs, manages a handspring, then a springboard crossbody! Cover, TWO! Cross keeps his cool while MJF rolls to a corner. MJF drags himself up, Cross runs in but into an elbow. MJF double stomps the bad arm! Then double underhook, Package Shoulderbreaker! Cover, TWO! The referee checks on Cross but he’s okay. Fans rally once more while MJF gets up.

MJF toys with Cross, but Cross slaps him back! Now it’s a brawl of forearms back and forth. Cross gets an edge, but MJF SPITS in Cross’ eyes. Cross swings, MJF dodges but is flipped back to poke the eyes. MJF unwinds the dirty bird, but runs into a bicycle kick! He comes back with an elbow but Cross comes back with a wheelbarrow takedown to double stomps! Both men are down and a 10 count begins. Fans rally as Cross stirs. Cross rolls to a cover, TWO, and MJF gets the modified armbar!

Cross endures as MJF pulls back. He makes it a cover, TWO, but Cross ends up on the apron. MJF hotshots the arm, then tucks Cross in for a jumping piledriver! Cover, TWO!! And MJF is shocked! He shouts, “It’s MY time, old man! Not yours!” MJF climbs, moonsautls but lands on his feet as Cross dodges. Cross rebounds and cutters! Then he climbs up quick, for the Shooting Star! Cover, Cross wins!

Winner: Mike Cross, by pinfall

M-Dogg does it big for this main-show opener! He shows the younger generation how it’s done, will this lead to bigger and better things for the veteran?

Backstage interview with…?

Sean Mooney speaks NOT to the Fallen Angel, but the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion! There’s a reason we’re all here, and we’er all looking at it. The most-coveted 10 pounds of gold is why Cody wants to step into the spotlight and etch his name in history. It isn’t about walking in someone’s footsteps, but taking a step towards immortality. Aldis can’t sit around and chat, he has to prepare.

Stephen Amell VS Christopher Daniels

The Green Arrow and Prometheus are here to represent Bullet Club against SoCal Uncensored! Will the archer of Queen City knock down the Almighty ROH Grand Slam Champion and declare, “You Have FAILED This City”!?

Daniels doesn’t respect Amell, but Amell doesn’t really like Daniels. Daniels SPITS on Amell, so Amell swings! He ends up in a full nelson and put on the mat. Daniels shows off some spicy dance moves, but Amell gives him a chop. AMell dares him to chop back, so Daniels does. It’s a chop fight! Daniels swings but ends up in a waistlock. Amell slams him down then walks all over him in return. Amell bows but Daniels goes after him in a corner! Daniels stomps a mudhole into Amell, then backs off at the ref’s count. Amell boots Daniels back then jumps and over to dropkick Daniels down! Amell enziguris, too! Daniels staggers, Amell clotheslines him out. Amell goes out to fetch Daniels and puts him into railings.

Amell gets a table!? This is payback for an ROH Eight Man Tag where Amell went through a table. He bounces Daniels off it, then climbs up onto the apron with Daniels. Daniels denies the throw and escapes into the ring. Amell follows and ax handles Daniels down. Amell grinds his boot into Daniels’ chin, but backs off at the ref’s count, to then do more boot grinding. Daniels gets up and gives Amell a back suplex! Amell lands on his face, and Daniels kicks him while he’s down. Daniels kicks him again, and fans chant “Fallen Angel!” Daniels lifts Amell for a hammerlock and body shots. He puts Amell in a corner for more shots, then puts him into the buckles. Daniels goes to suplex, and makes it a gutbuster. Cover, TWO! Daniels is annoyed but he keeps on Amell with clubbing forearms.

Fans rally as Amell endures a bearhug. Amell feeds off it to get to his feet and fight back with elbows. Amell runs but into a shoulder to the stomach. Daniels dumps Amell down to go after the legs. Daniels positions Amell for the Arabian Press. But NO cover, because Daniels wants to rub it in first. Cover, ONE, but Daniels has Amell at the ropes. The table is waiting, so Daniels drags Amell up. Amell resists the suplex and fights back. Amell hip tosses Daniels in and gives a lariat. He drags Daniels up in dragon sleeper, but Daniels reverses. Amell mule kicks Daniels down, then suplexes, GREEN Falcon Arrow! Cover, TWO!

Amell puts Daniels in a corner and fires off a clothesline. He backs off to an adjacent corner and climbs up, and fans fire up with what’s coming. Amell steadies himself, COAST2COAST! Cover, TWO!! Daniels survives Amell’s wild idea, then ducks the enziguri. Daniels steps on Amell, Best Moonsault Ever! Cover, TWO!? Amell survives because Daniels didn’t get all of it. Daniels decides the table should finish this, and he brings Amell up top. Daniels joins Amell up and on the opposite end. Amell resists for the sake of his career. Daniels falls on the apron then tumbles to the table! Amell fires himself up, flies! But he crash lands as Daniels dodges!! Fans lose their minds as Amell truly crashes and burns!

Both men are down, and a ring count begins. The count passes 5 but the two barely stir. The fans chant “Broken Arrow!” The referee, Jerry Lynn, puts Daniels AND Amell in the ring?! He doesn’t want a count out, he wants a real finish! Daniels is upset, but the ref decides he’s NOT a ref! Jerry throws the shirt at Daniels and Daniels start shoving. Amell rolls Daniels up!! TWO, but now Daniels is furious. He throws hands on Amell, but the ref backs him off. Amell wants more! Daniels gives more, but the ref backs Daniels down again. Amell stands and flips Daniels off. Daniels grins and gives Amell Angel’s– No, Amell Northern Lights it! TWO!! Daniels hits an urenage backbreaker, then Best Moonsault Ever! It’s clean, Daniels wins!

Winner: Christopher Daniels, by pinfall

Despite the referee overstepping some bounds, the former ROH World Champion wins. Amell pushed Daniels to the limits of his temper, but Amell is also respectful. They shake hands, and Amell raises Daniels’ hand in victory. The two celebrate together, is this the last we’ve seen of Amell in the ring?

Fatal 4 Way: Tessa Blanchard VS Britt Baker VS Madison Rayne VS Chelsea Green

Four of the best women from around the world and various promotions compete to prove who is the best woman here tonight. This could also lead to some big things in both the Knockouts and Women of Honor Divisions, who will gain major points towards a title opportunity?

The bell rings and all four women check each other out. Madison offers the Code of Honor , and while Britt takes it, Chelsea has to force herself to. Tessa… refuses with a forearm! Chelsea scares Tessa with that scream, and Madison goes after her on the outside. Tessa reverses the whip to send Madison into railing. Britt and Chelsea go cover for cover, but it’s all TWO. They back off while Chelsea takes out Tessa. Britt arm-drags Chelsea around, then puts on a headlock. Chelsea tries to power out but is reversed. She blocks the hip-toss but Britt keeps trying. Britt back flips and arm-drags Chelsea the other way. She runs but Chelsea stops her to then sassy acrobatic arm-drag Britt away. Fans love crazy Chelsea but Tessa clobbers her with a clothesline!

Tessa dodges Britt to clothesline Chelsea. She then kicks Britt down and runs in corner to corner for a big forearm smash. Tessa goes again but gets a boot. Britt hops up but gets kicked down. Madison returns but gets an elbow. Tessa gives Britt a draping code breaker! Tessa and Madison speed up, Madison gets a cover, TWO! She rolls Tessa again, TWO. Madison tilt-o-whirls and throws Tessa! Fans rally but Tessa rocks Madison with a forearm back. Tessa drags Madison up, scoops to a trophy lift, and she throws her onto Chelsea and Britt! Fans love this show of strength, but Britt and Chelsea drag her out of the ring. They leave her behind and speed up, Chelsea boots Britt down! Chelsea builds speed to DIVE! She wipes Tessa AND Britt out.

Chelsea puts Tessa in, but Tessa rocks her with a right. Tessa builds speed, and FLIES onto Britt and Chelsea! Madison returns and climbs up, to LEAP onto all there! Fans fire up with Madison as she drags Britt into the ring. Cover, TWO, but Madison keeps her cool. Madison forearms Britt at the ropes then whips, but Britt slingblades in return. Tessa returns but gets a slingblade. Chelsea returns, and gets a slingblade! Cover, TWO! Britt keeps on Chelsea with forearms and a whip. Madison waistlocks and ripcords to the Rayne Check! Cover, but Chelsea breaks it. Tessa bumps Chelsea on buckles, then clubs Madison. Tessa lifts, holds and slams Madison. She runs at Chelsea but gets only post! Chelsea runs in, boot wash!

Britt gets an elbow, Chelsea reverses but gets reversed back to a saido suplex. Tessa has Britt but Britt escapes and denies several times, until she gets the full nelson flat liner! Madison tilt-o-whirl DDT’s, but Chelsea LEAPS for missile dropkick! It hits Tessa, leaving Madison to go after Britt on the top rope. Madison climbs up from the outside, and hits a SUPER Rayne Check! But the fall takes a lot out of her, she only crawls to a cover, TWO! Tessa is relieved while Madison is furious Britt survives. Chelsea CURB STOMPS Madison! Then she turns Madison, Unprettier! SUPERKICK to FLYING Magnum! SUPERKICK!! Cover, on Chelsea, TWO!? Britt can’t believe it but fans are loving it.

Britt drags Chelsea up, TKO! Cover, but Tessa rolls Britt off! TWO, so Tessa waistlocks. Britt standing switch but Tessa rocks her with an elbow. Madison runs in, crucifix to bomb! Cover, but Britt breaks it! Fans are fired up as Britt goes after Madison. Britt rocks her with a forearm, then Fisherman swinging neckbreaker. Cover, but Chelsea breaks it! Fans know “This is Awesome!” Chelsea wants the Unprettier, and gets it! Cover, ROPEBREAK! Britt survives again but Chelsea is furious. Chelsea goes after Tessa, kicks low to hit the DESTROYER! Cover, TWO!? And Chelsea can’t believe it! Fans are thunderous with a standing ovation! Chelsea brings Tessa up but Tessa gets a hammerlock DDT! Cover, Tessa wins?!

Winner: Tessa Blanchard, by pinfall

The second-generation super woman gets that one by seconds, as both Madison and Britt almost broke the cover. The Impact Knockouts Champion shows the world what it takes to be champion, but will one of these other three women get a shot at her title down the line? The good thing is, they all celebrate together to celebrate world-class women’s wrestling.

NWA World Heavyweight Champion: Nick Aldis (c) VS Cody w/ Brandi Rhodes

The National Treasure and the American Nightmare are going to prove one way or another that pro-wrestling is big enough for the entire world! With such high stakes on the line, who will make history on this already history-making night?

The introductions are made and the belt is raised by THE Earl Hebner, who explains this is only to be won by pin or submission. He is honored, wishes them both the best of luck, and we begin!

Fans are already thunderous for this match that is somehow not the main event but feels like it’s already that. The two men shake hands and start circling. The two tie up, then break. Fans chant “All In! All In!” as Cody and Aldis tie up again. Aldis gets an arm wrench to wristlock, but then Cody gets a leg. They end up at the ropes and Cody backs off. Cody cartwheels and strikes a pose. Aldis lounges, then circles with Cody again. The two tie up again, Cody gets a hammerlock. Aldis rolls and handsprings to reverse. Cody uses ropes to flip through and reverses. Cody gets a headlock but Aldis lifts. Aldis powers out but Cody slips under, only to get run over. Aldis and Cody start trading hands! Cody powers out of the headlock but Aldis runs him over.

They speed up, Cody drops Aldis with a dropkick! Cody builds speed and DIVES! He almost takes a header, but that’s why it’s a tope suicida! Fans fire up with Cody as he rocks Aldis with a right hand. They keep throwing hands, Cody suplexes but Aldis counters with his suplex. Hebner checks on both men and they’re both okay. Aldis drags Cody up and rams him into a post. Aldis puts Cody in the ring for a chop, then another chop. He whips corner to corner and Cody hits buckles hard. Aldis drags Cody up and fisherman, Perfect Plex! TWO, but Aldis is on Cody with a chinlock. Fans rally up and Cody feeds off it. Cody fights back and whips, but Aldis reverses. Cody hits buckles hard again, but Aldis is on him. Aldis gives Cody a forearm, then a haymaker, then another corner to corner whip.

Cody stops himself and collides shoulders with Aldis. Aldis fires back with strikes but Cody gets the drop-down uppercut! Cody runs but double clotheslines bring them both down. Fans rally as Hebner counts. Cody and Aldis stand to brawl, SUPERKICK from Cody! Dragon sleeper, but Aldis snapmares out. Aldis gives Cody a back suplex but Cody slips out. Double crossbodies take them down now! Aldis rolls out to walk it off, but Cody catches his breath in the ring. Cody aims from the corner, but he flies into a forearm! Both men are down on the outside, and Hebner asks Brandi to keep her distance. Cody and Aldis slowly stir, but it’s Aldis who gets to the ring. Hebner puts up the X, Cody doesn’t look good.

Hebner lets Aldis know the situation, and here comes Diamond Dallas Page. It is a shame this match looks to be ending this way, and fans hope Cody can recover. DDP checks on Cody, and it looks like Cody wants to keep going. Hebner and DDP aren’t sure, but here comes Sean Daivari. He and DDP get into an argument, and Daivari shoves DDP!? Daivari shoves Hebner, too! So DDP gives him the Diamond Cutter! Daivari just felt the bang, and fans cheer DDP on. DDP goes back to Cody. Aldis himself comes out while Hebner dismisses DDP. Apparently this match is still going! Aldis drags the bleeding Cody into the ring and goes after the wound! Fans boo Aldis, they don’t appreciate him wanting to win like this. But Cody hits back! Cody goes up and over, and hits the powerslam! Cover, TWO!

The American Nightmare has a crimson mask but the heart of a lion as he gets back up. Aldis shoves Cody to a corner, but runs into Cody’s boot. Cody climbs, Moonsault MISSES! Aldis scoops and sets Cody onto the top rope for a Top Shelf Knee. Aldis then climbs, for the SUPER Fall Away Slam! Fans rally while Aldis climbs. Aldis aims and leaps, for the Frog Splash! Cover, TWO! Cody survives, but Aldis won’t let up. He grabs the legs but Cody shoves him away. Cody gets the Figure Four! Cody gives a shout-out to his father’s famous victory. Aldis is in a figure four cover, TWO! Cody wrenches more and Aldis falls back again, TWO! Aldis works to roll, and he reverses the pressure! Cody rolls it through more to get a ropebreak! The two free each other from the hold, and are now on the apron.

Aldis kicks but misses, Cody trips him onto the apron! Aldis still scoops Cody, to a running slam! Both men are down again as Hebner checks on them. Aldis gets back in and wants a ring count. Hebner counts while fans rally up. Brandi coaches her husband up, and he stirs at about 5. Aldis sees Cody gets up so he goes back out. Aldis puts Cody in the ring, then chops him in a corner. He whips but Cody reverses. Aldis goes up but Cody gets him in Alabama Slam position. Cody can’t slam him, though, that lower back hurts too much, so he just dumps Aldis off. But Cody tries again anyway, for a SPINNING Alabama Slam! Cover, TWO! Cody can’t believe it, but he’s too exhausted to really show frustration.

Fans fire up as Cody tunes up the band. It’s another shout out, but his Beautiful Disaster misses! Aldis hits a powerbomb! TWO, but into King’s Lift cloverleaf! Cody endures but Aldis is slowly losing grip. Fans rally and Brandi coaches Cody. Cody drags himself to ropes but Aldis drags him away! Cody gets a second wind, but Aldis sits on the hold. Aldis works to keep his grip on, but Cody works to get up a third time! Cody powers his way to Brandi, and gets a ropebreak! Aldis is frustrated but Cody looks like he’s out again. Brandi is worried for him, but Aldis shows no mercy as he drags Cody away. Aldis lifts, for a piledriver! Aldis doesn’t cover, he positions Cody, then climbs up top.

Brandi gets in the ring to beg he not do this, but Aldis doesn’t care. Aldis leaps, Brandi becomes a shield for the ELBOW DROP!! Aldis didn’t mean to do that, but fans all boo and jeer anyway. Hebner checks on Brandi as she rolls out. What do we do now? Aldis just covers, TWO!! Brandi’s sacrifice is not in vain! Aldis drags Cody up, runs, but Cody follows for Beautiful Disaster! CROSS RHODES!! Cover, TWO!? Somehow Aldis survives Cody’s best move! Aldis gets up but Cody throws hands. They brawl with big hands, then Cody jabs. Aldis stops that, but runs into a kick. Cody grabs those arms, turns Aldis around, and with all his might in that bad back, lifts Aldis. Aldis slips out, but Cody keeps him from stealing moves. Cody whips, Aldis sunset flips, Cody sits on it! CODY WINS!!

Winner: Cody, by pinfall; NEW NWA World Heavyweight Champion

Is this real?! Cody is now the NWA WHC?! Yes, he is! The Rhodes Family is victorious, the Rhodes Family is eternal! Cody follows his father’s footsteps while putting his own mark on history. Brandi proudly helps Cody put the belt on around his waist. What new heights will Cody reach now that he carries the torch for this truly legendary ten pounds of gold?

Chicago Street Fight: Joey Janela w/Penelope Ford vs. Hangman Adam Page

The Problem Solver might be slowly breaking, being driven crazy by the Sleazy One and the mystery of who murdered the Master of the Dickplex. But he’ll have to clear his mind if he wants to be better than the Bad Boy of Wrestling in a match where anything goes. Can Hangman keep his wits about him to get it done in the Windy City?

Joey taunts Hangman even as Hangman makes his entrance. The bell rings and Hangman ducks the clothesline. Joey ducks one but gets a boot and forearms from Hangman. Hangman throws Joey out hard already, then builds speed to DIVE! Direct hit on Joey against the railings. Hangman puts Joey in, but Joey builds speed to DIVE back! Joey wipes Hangman out then puts him in the ring. Joey embraces the cheers and jeers but Hangman boots him down. Hangman climbs up top, for the SUPER ASAI! And he wipes Joey out again! Hangman blows out the pistol before putting Joey back in the ring. Fans duel but Hangman brings out the first chair. Hangman brings that into the ring and sits it up. He kicks Joey but Joey fires off forearms. Joey roars and runs, but into the roaring elbow.

Hangman lifts Joey for the pumphandle fall away, ONTO the chair! Hangman drags Joey over for a corner, TWO. Joey rolls out again but Hangman follows him out. Hangman reveals there’s a literal Cracker Barrel barrel! He whips Joey at the barrel, but Joey reverses and sends Hangman into the crowd! Joey sets up a chair by the barrel, step stools to wipe Hangman out! Fans celebrate that insane attack with Joey as Joey fetches Hangman. They go back to ringside, and Joey wants to keep using the barrel. He rolls it down the way, but Hangman jumps over it! Joey still rocks him with elbows, and Hangman ends up in the crowd again. But he slingshots to BUCK SHOT! Down goes Joey, but Hangman is down from exhaustion.

Hangman is up first and he starts fetching things again. He brings out a table! Hangman puts Joey in the ring for now, then sets up the table on the outside. Fans cheer him on as he goes back to the ring. Joey crawls over but Hangman drags him up in the corner. They’re on the top rope, but Joey holds on. Joey fires back with forearms, then fireman’s carry into a Death Valley Bomb into the other corner! Cover, TWO! Joey grows frustrated, as does the Bad Girl, but Joey keeps going. Penelope helps him bring out a ladder! Joey also fetches the barrel, which he uses as part of a ladder bridge. Joey throws hands on Hangman, then hoists him onto the ladder. Fans anticipate what’s coming, but so does Hangman! Hangman stops Joey on the top rope, to then torture rack and BURNING HAMMER onto the ladder!!

They both crash onto the steel and then to the floor! Fans lose their minds over that one. Hangman gets up and puts Joey back in the ring. Hangman wants something more, so he brings out a trash back. He shows the bag off but here comes Penelope! She hops on Hangman’s back but he tosses her off. Penelope keeps going with a SLAP! Hangman grimaces, but she handsprings to evade! Then she goes Matrix, into a Bad Girl Stunner! Hangman flounders and she climbs up top, to LEAP onto him! Penelope crossbodies Hangman down! Hangman flounders away but she keeps chase. She clubs away and Hangman is on the table. Joey jumps in for the ELBOW! They crash through the wood, and the referee checks on them both.

Joey sits up, but Hangman barely stirs. Joey drags Hangman up and over to the stage. He bounces Hangman off the steps, then gets in the spotlight as he gets some running room. Joey takes aim, “shoots” and runs Hangman over with a clothesline! But Joey has something more, as he looks around wherever he can. He moves things around and has yet another table! He and Penelope set that up in the walkway, but then there’s a second table! The tables are carefully placed side-by-side as Joey goes back to Hangman. Hangman SUPERKICKS Joey! Then, powerbomb lift, and powerbomb THROUGH THE TABLES!! The referee finds Joey in the wreckage while fans lose their minds all over again.

Fans call Hangman a “Joey Killer!” but Hangman shows no remorse. He drags Joey up and to the ring, then takes off the elbow pad. Joey stands and Hangman slingshots, for another Buck Shot! But he’s not done yet, he lifts Joey for Rite of Passage! Cover, but Penelope breaks it! That’s technically legal! Hangman is furious, but Penelope has that bag. She grins as he snatches it away. Wait, no, this is a second bag. Hangman pours this bag out, to reveal those cowboy boots! The cursed boots from Being The Elite! Hangman might as well have seen the ghost of Joey Ryan. Penelope picks up a boot, but gets a SUPERKICK for it!

Hangman tells that boot what’s what, but Joey SUPERKICKS Hangman! Cover, TWO!! No supernatural boots will screw Hangman over. Fans know “This is Awesome!” as Joey goes in search of something more. He finds a fresh ladder and puts it in. Then he puts a new table in! Joey stands the ladder up, then sets the table up. Joey drags Hangman up and onto the table. He clubs away to keep Hangman there, then climbs up top. But Hangman climbs up to join him! They brawl, hangman falls, but he has HIS bag, the MURDER PHONE!! Joey fights but Hangman clubs him and wraps the cord, for a SUPER RITE OF PASSAGE, THROUGH THE TABLE!! Cover, Hangman wins!!

Winner: Hangman Page, by pinfall

Hangman’s past came back to haunt him, but he used it to his advantage. The “Joey Killer” he may be, but a win is a win. Will he continue to rise up the ranks of all professional wrestling?

But wait, the lights go out! Joey Ryan died, but his DICK LIVES!! Yes, the Druids of Dongs line the ramp as the Sleazy One rises! The Res-Erection is real, and Hangman is the most shocked of anyone in the building! Joey RYAN joins Hangman in the ring, greases himself up, and tucks the lollipop away. Hangman says Joey died, he did it himself! But Joey just makes him touch his crotch! Joey flexes and flexes and FLIPS! Hangman flounders, Joey makes him eat the lollipop! SUPERKICK! The Sleazy Phenom hands Hangman over to his phallic followers, and they take Hangman away. Has Joey Ryan just made Hangman “Rest… In… Penis”?!

Jay Lethal prepares backstage

Someone stomps him, to give him Macho Man glasses? Oooooh~ YEEAH~!

ROH World Championship: Jay Lethal VS Flip Gordon w/ “Lt.” Brandi Rhodes!

The Captain of Flip Army surprised us all when he pretended to be El Hijo de Chico, and now he’s truly All In! Will Flip make an even bigger splash when he takes the title from the Franchise Player? Or rather, BLACK MACHISMO!!

The introductions are made, the belt is raised and the Mega Powers handshake is used for the Code of Honor. The bell rings and we begin!

Lethal and Flip circle, Flip throws Lethal off the waistlock. They circle but Lethal takes away Ms. Elizabeth. Wait, no, that’s Brandi. Lethal wants her to stay in HIS corner! No, she’s not with you, Lethal. But he still insists she stay. Lethal returns to Flip and gives him a knee. He jabs then whips but Flip ducks to arm-drag. Flip runs and slides under to arm-drag Lethal again. Flip chops then whips, but Lethal whips Flip, Flip crossbodies. Cover, ONE and Flip arm-drags Lethal. Lethal whips but Flip runs him over. Flip does it again and covers, ONE. Flip keeps moving but Lethal throws him out. The Captain skins the cat, only to get clothesline’d out.

Lethal goes to the top rope, and Brandi’s seen this enough already tonight. She moves aside as Lethal hops down. He gives chase and they go into the ring. Brandi reminds him she’s not Elizabeth, but he lifts her like she is! Fans love this shout out to history, but Brandi slaps Lethal’s shoulder. It snaps Lethal out of it, and he’s suddenly no longer Machismo. He still fights Flip but Flip boots him in a corner. Lethal chops Flip then whips him again. Flip boots him again but Lethal hip tosses. Lethal misses the dropkick but Flip hits his shooting star. Cover, TWO! Flip chops then whips Lethal, but Lethal holds ropes. Flip flips through his dropkick then handsprings around to avoid Lethal. Fans love Flip’s flips but Lethal doesn’t.

Flip sends Lethal out and DIVES! That’s one, but Flip hits another DIVE! Flip is copying Lethal, right up to the FLYING hat trick! Flip drags Lethal up and in, then climbs high. He jumps for the turning splash, TWO! Flip keeps his cool as he keeps his eyes on Lethal. Lethal stands and slips out of the back suplex. Flip slips out, but Lethal slips out. Flip counters to a wheelbarrow cover, TWO. Lethal rolls Flip, TWO. Lethal turns for a backslide, TWO! Flip sunset flips, TWO! Lethal bicycle boots to enziguris, but Flip back flips for the moonsault! Both men are down and the ref starts a count. Fans rally while both men stir. Lethal rolls to the apron but Flip drags him up. Lethal gives a forearm, but Flip fires back. They brawl with the ropes between them, and Lethal bumps Flip off a buckle.

Lethal climbs up but gets Kinder Surprise! He falls inside the ring and Flip climbs up again. Flip 450 but he bails out, into a Lethal Combination! Cover, TWO! Lethal can’t believe it, but this match continues. Lethal drags Flip up and chops him off his feet. He aims at Flip, calls for it, but Flip counters to a roll up! TWO, Flip hits a jumping knee! Flip keeps going, Falcon Arrow! Cover, TWO!! Flip is so close but still so far from the biggest win of his life. Fans duel as Flip and Lethal stand. Flip chops then runs, to springboard, but into a torture rack! Lethal wrenches that rack, then hits the inverted rolling senton. Lanny says Lethal should go up. He gives him that shoulder slap, and Machismo is back! Lethal scoop slams and climbs up top! Lethal aims, Hail to the King!

But not just once, he’s going up top again for… a second! But twice isn’t enough, the fans want a third, so Machismo gives us a THIRD Hail to the King! Cover, TWO!? Flip Hulks up!! He has the spirit of a warrior! Lethal keeps hitting Flip, but Flip gives him the Finger Poke of Doom! Flip fires off forearms and haymakers. He whips Lethal to a boot! Fans let Flip hear it, brother, but he has to handspring out of the clothesline. Flip PELE to Spring-blade! He isn’t done here, as he heads up top again. Flip aims and leaps, but Lethal gets under. Flip fireman carry, Samoan Pop to running shooting star! But not just that, corkscrew moonsault, the Cancun Tornado! Cover, TWO!!

Fans are electric for this! Flip hoists Lethal up top again, gives him a chop, then a SUPER– No! Lethal blocks the Steiner, but Flip gives him heel hammers. Flip jumps up, SUPER Cutter! Then LETHAL INJECTION!! Cover, Lethal wins!!

Winner: Jay Lethal, by pinfall; still ROH World Champion

The Franchise, Black Machismo, it doesn’t matter which side of Lethal it is, he is all champion. Flip was so close to a win, but he did win Lethal’s respect. They shake hands to keep the Code of Honor, and then Flip brings Lethal in for a hug. What will it take for Flip to finally get himself some gold?

But here comes Bully Ray! He bulldozes them both! The ECW Legend turned evil scourge of wrestling lashes Flip with the chain. But Lanny comes in to defend the young star’s honor. Bully just kicks him in the balls. Bully isn’t done there, either, as he looks for something under the ring. Even after that street fight, there’s still a table. Bully puts that in the ring, and then sets it up with an evil grin. Wait, here comes Colt Cabana! Chicago’s own SPEARS Bully and throws right hands! Cabana, Flip and Lethal regroup to take care of Bully. Lethal and Flip lift Cabana, “OOAH!” for a powerbomb through the table! Bully gets what he deserves, will he finally stop being a bully?

Kenny Omega VS Pentagon Jr

The Best Bout Machine finally meets the man with Zero Fear in a singles match! Whatever name the Lucha Underground and Impact Wrestling star goes by, he is one of the best in the world already. Can he prove to the world he belongs when he takes on another of the best in the world today?

Fans are already thunderous for this meeting of wrestling titans. The bell rings and this dream match becomes reality. Omega and Pentagon slowly circle as the Terminator Drums start already. Pentagon hushes the crowd, to declare “CERO! MIEDO!” Omega dismisses that, but Pentagon carefully takes off that glove. He tosses it to the ref, but Omega slaps Pentagon! Pentagon kicks then headlocks. Omega powers up and things speed up, Pentagon kicks Omega out of the roll! Pentagon pursues Omega on the outside with a kick to the leg. Pentagon throws forearms in a corner, then whips Omega. Omega reverses but Pentagon goes up and over for a backstabber! Omega rolls out and Pentagon builds speed, but fakes Omega out for “CERO! MIEDO!”

Omega returns but gets kicked out. Pentagon runs again, but into Omega’s huricanrana! Omega gets those Terminator Drums going again while Pentagon rolls out. Omega builds speed, but Pentagon returns, to slingblade! Pentagon builds speed to FLY onto Omega! Fans fire up with Pentagon as he kicks Omega in the leg. Pentagon drags Omega up and chops him against railings. He kicks Omega again, but Omega hits back. They brawl, then have a chop fight. Pentagon whips Omega right into railing! Omega stands and boots Pentagon away. Omega runs but into Pentagon’s powerslam! The referee checks on Omega but he’s okay. Pentagon gets up and gets the fans chanting “Cero Miedo!” between Terminator Drums. He puts Omega back in the ring, then against the ropes, for a sharp chop.

Omega sits on the rope, stinging from that, but comes back to chop away on Pentagon. Pentagon kicks back and Omega falls to his knees! Omega hobbles to a corner but Pentagon is on him with a corner to corner whip. Pentagon gives a clothesline, then whips Omega again. Omega reverses to a fireman’s carry, “You Can’t Escape!” Rolling senton, but the moonsault gets knees! Pentagon whips but Omega dodges, running DDT! Pentagon rolls out but Omega has him in his sights. Omega hears the drums and slingshots for a springboard crossbody! Direct hit! Omega drags Pentagon back up and in, then climbs up, for the missile dropkick! He keeps going, fisherman for Aoi Shoudou! Cover, TWO! Pentagon even says “No!”, because he won’t die.

Omega keeps on Pentagon as he loads up and “BANG!” Omega runs, but Pentagon SUPERKICKS! Pentagon runs, but Omega waistlocks. Standing switch to German Suplex but Omega lands on his feet for the roaring elbow! Omega full nelsons for a Snap Dragon Suplex! He lifts with the electric chair, but Pentagon fights out to a Backstabber! Cover, TWO! Pentagon sits up and fans rally up for him. He stomps Omega and climbs up to the top, but Omega dodges the stomps. Omega clobbers Pentagon with a lariat, then fireman’s carry to a Death Valley! Cover, TWO! Omega grows a bit frustrated now, but he still has plenty in his arsenal. Pentagon gets to a corner, Omega loads up and… V-Trigger!

Then Omega puts Pentagon up top, moves fast, but Pentagon holds on. Omega clubs away to loosen Pentagon up, but Pentagon slips under to tuck Omega in, SUPERKICK! Pentagon is up quick, for the Tree of Woe stomps! Cover, TWO! Pentagon drags Omega up for the package, but Omega slips out to a back slide. Pentagon is up, V-Trigger!! But “CERO! MIEDO!” So Omega gives him another V-Trigger! Pentagon somehow stays conscious as he again declares, “CERO! MIEDO!” Omega gives him a Wily Bomb! V-Trigger! Cover, TWO!! And a ropebreak just in case! Omega drags Pentagon away, electric chair lifts, but Pentagon spins out to kick low. Package lift but Omega slips out. Pentagon pump handles TO the package driver! Cover, TWO!!

Fans are again electric as these two are still not through! Pentagon follows Omega to the apron. Omega revives to chop Pentagon. He gives a forearm, then a boot, but Pentagon dares him to hit more! Omega boots him again but Pentagon keeps egging Omega on. Omega obliges, but Pentagon blocks to counter. That kick was dangerously low, and then Fear Factor ON THE APRON!! Fans lose their minds all over again as the referee has to check on Omega. Omega is somehow still okay, and Pentagon puts Omega back in. Pentagon climbs but Omega holds the ref, he still gets double stomps! Cover, TWO?! The cover may have been lazy, but Omega still had to endure.

Pentagon drags Omega up but Omega slips out to STEAL Fear Factor!! Cover, TWO?!? Omega doesn’t stop, V-TRIGGER! And then, electric chair, but Pentagon fights it off again! No, not the Dark Armbar! YES, THE DARK ARMBAR!! Omega writhes in pain, but Pentagon gives him another Fear Factor! Cover, TWO!??! Fans reach a fever pitch and give a standing ovation as they chant “ALL IN! ALL IN!” Omega and Pentagon crawl towards each other. Pentagon insists, “CERO! MIEDO!” But Omega blocks the kick! Pentagon kicks from the other side, then runs, but into a V-Trigger! Omega hits the Poison-Rana, covers, TWO! Omega keeps going, V-Trigger again, into the electric chair… ONE-WINGED ANGEL HITS!! Cover, Omega wins!!

Winner: Kenny Omega, by pinfall

The Wrestling Angel and the Wrestling Demon battled their hearts out, but the Best Bout Machine of NJPW takes the victory. Pentagon still took that arm, but wait, now the lights go out again. Is this a real life botch? But when they come back on… Pentagon doesn’t look like Pentagon as he attacks Omega in a corner! This supposed Pentagon runs Omega over, then hits a CODE BREAKER! Fans know who this is now, it’s CHRIS JERICHO!!! All In is Jericho! He gives Omega another code breaker! Y2J, the current IWGP Intercontinental Champion, has history with the current IWGP Heavyweight Champion. Jericho takes the mic and says, “Kenny Omega. I’ll see you on the Jericho Cruise.” The Rock ‘n’ Rager at Sea looks to be where these two will settle their grudge, who will come back to dry land the victor?

Kazuchika Okada VS Marty Scurll

The Rainmaker has been teasing the Villain with the Cruiserweight Division being his only place to go after this match. However, The Villain shows some opioniated finger-pokers backstage what he thinks of their critique. Can Scurll cause a spot of bother in Chicago to show Okada what a Junior Heavyweight can do?

The bell rings and once again, fans are immediately electric. Scurll and Okada slowly circle while the fans duel. Okada and Scurll stand face to face, then circle. They tie up and Okada puts Scurll against the ropes. Okada fakes his chop, but pats Scurll’s shoulders. Scurll grimaces as he and Okada circle. Okada puts Scurll on the ropes but Scurll turns it around. Scurll copies the fake chop, to flex those “heavyweight” muscles! Okada swings but Scurll gets a waistlock. Okada standing switch but Scurll switches back to a hammerlock. Scurll has Okada on the mat, then covers, TWO.

Okada gets up to a wristlock, but Scurll spins and rolls to another wristlock then hammerlock then headlock. Okada powers out and they collide with shoulders. Neither man moves, and fans fire up as Okada shows off the pecs. Scurll runs and collides, but he takes some damage for it. Scurll dares Okada to run now, so Okada does, and he runs Scurll over. Okada shows off his muscles, then scoops. Scurll slips out and kicks low, to then try and suplex. Okada blocks, and Scurll’s back bothers him. Okada kicks low then whips. Scurll reverses to send Okada into buckles, then he fires off chops and EuroUppers. The referee reprimands Scurll for scratching Okada, so Scurll just flexes. Okada gives Scurll forearms, then back elbows. He whips Scurll hard, then runs in, but Scurll dodges.

Scurll kicks low, suplexes, but he can’t get Okada up. Okada suplexes and gets Scurll up for the slam! Okada drags Scurll up for a snapmare, then runs but into an elbow. Scurll EuroUppers, then SUPERKICKS from the apron! Scurll runs to DIVE! Okada hits the railings from that “Low-pe” and fans “Woop Woop!” for Scurll. Scurll embraces it as he drags Okada up for chops. He chops Okada more as they go around the corner. Scurll chops Okada against the timekeeper’s table, then puts Okada in the ring. Scurll takes his time as he drags Okada up and around. He wrenches the arm to bring Okada back down, then hammerlock stomps! Scurll runs, but into the flapjack! Okada catches his breath while checking his arm. Okada drags Scurll up and around for the neckbreaker. Cover, TWO, but Okada keeps his cool.

Okada throws Scurll out and rocks him with EuroUppers. Then he tops it off with a DDT! Okada leaves Scurll behind and the referee starts a count. Scurll sits up at 5, but Okada goes out to fetch him. Okada slingshots for the senton, then watches Scurll stand. Scurll chops, but it doesn’t make Okada flinch. Scurll chops again, but Okada dares him to chop more. So Scurll does, only to get rocked by a right! Okada sits Scurll up for a straitjacket stretch. Scurll endures as fans rally up for him. Scurll feeds off the energy as he stands up. He pries his way out of the hold, and he turns it around, but Okada powers it back. They struggle against each other, and Scurll gets the turn going his way! Fans fire up for him more, and he gets the hold onto Okada! Then backstabber!

Both men are down, but fans build up to another rally. Scurll drags himself up while Okada stands. Okada runs in but into a back elbow. Fans duel again as Scurll runs, but into Okada’s boot. Okada runs, but into the 52 Fake Out! Scurll has Okada down as he pumps the fans up again. Scurll whips but Okada reverses. Okada runs but Scurll dodges to swing kick and tornado DDT! Cover, TWO! Scurll keeps his cool as he thinks of what to do. The chant is now “Let’s go, Marty, Let’s go!” Marty double underhooks but Okada reverses. They reverse whips and Okada hits the back elbow. Okada runs for another back elbow, then DDTs Scurll again. Cover, TWO! Okada wants Scurll to stand, and then hoists Scurll up. Scurll sunset flips, TWO, but Okada kicks him.

Scurll gets the back elbow, fakes Okada but only a little. Okada boots but Scurll clotheslines! Scurll runs but into Okada’s uppercut, but Scurll gets the brainbuster outta nowhere! Scurll gets up and works on an idea. He drags Okada up, but Okada blocks the driver. Scurll’s back also bothers him, so he walks it off. Fans fire up and it gives Scurll the will. But Okada gets him in the reverse neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Okada rolls out while Scurll is down and fans build up again. Okada climbs, but slowly. Scurll gets up to rock him with an uppercut! Scurll climbs up but they brawl it out. Okada forearms Scurll and Scurll teeters. Scurll forearms and Okada teeters. Scurll tries again but Okada continues to fight back. Okada hits Scurll but Scurll refuses to fall! Scurll ear claps, then SUPERPLEX!

Okada is down but Scurll can’t make the cover before Okada rolls over. Scurll slaps then forearms, but Okada uppercuts. Scurll shoves, Okada rolls him but Scurll sits on it! TWO and Okada has it, TWO. Scurll has a cover, TWO and Okada, TWO. Scurll again, TWO! Super close, but Scurll POWERBOMBS OKADA! High stack, TWO!! Fans fire up again as Scurll wonders what he has to do to finish this. He drags Okada up with the double underhook but Okada powers him to a corner. Okada hoists Scurll up but Scurll kicks him away. Okada denies the tornado to John Woo dropkick Scurll back! Now Okada climbs, for the missile dropkick! Cover, TWO! Scurll survives and Okada is shocked.

Okada drags Scurll up, but Scurll blocks the gut wrench. Okada clubs Scurll and gut wrenches, but Scurll spins to DDT! Scurll scoops, but Okada reverses, TOMBSTONE! And he calls for it! Okada drags Scurll up with the waistlock. He taunts, “2, 0, 5!” But Scurll takes the fingers, and SNAPS them! Fans say Okada messed up, but then Okada dropkicks Scurll! Okada swings Scurll, but Scurll dodges Rainmaker, for CHICKEN WING!! Scurll doesn’t have it fully locked, and Okada rolls over to his stomach. Okada stands while Scurll holds on, for a backpack drop! Okada is free, but Scurll rises to Chicken Wing again! Scurll is still close, but Okada is already turning purple as it is! Okada sits up again, rolls back to a cover, TWO!

Scurll walks into the scoop but slips out. He shoves Okada into the ref! Scurll gets his umbrella, but Okada ducks it. Scurll opens the umbrella to deny Rainmaker, then STEALS Rainmaker!! Cover, TWO!? Okada survives the cheat AND his move! But fans are loving this either way with another standing ovation. Scurll spins and “CHICKEN WING!” But Okada reverses to HIS Rainmaker!! Fans know “This is Awesome” as Okada stands again. Scurll dares him to hit, and Okada hits him with a forearm. Scurll stands back up, wanting more. Okada obliges, but Scurll won’t back down. Scurll wants more, so Okada gives more. Scurll once again stands. Okada grins, but Scurll spits AND slaps him! Okada grabs Scurll around the throat, but Scurll gets those fingers. But Okada breaks free to discus lariat, then RAINMAKER!! Cover, Okada wins!

Winner: Kazuchika Okada, by pinfall

The former IWGP Heavyweight Champion outlasts the former IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion. The Villain did all he could, but not even he could stop the Rainmaker. Will Scurll find a way to improve and prove he can hang with the big boys?

Six Man Tag: Kota Ibushi & The Young Bucks VS Rey Mysterio, Fenix & Bandido

The Golden Elite take on the King of 619, the NEW AAA Mega Champion, and one if not the fastest rising star in lucha libre to close out this amazing and historic event. Which side of this international instant classic will take the first ever All In main event victory?

Bandido and Matt Jackson start. Bandido shoves, so Matt shoves. It becomes a brawl real quick, then things speed up. Matt dodges Bandido to headlock, but Bandido headlocks. Matt powers out but Bandido back elbows. He flies then handsprings under the clothesline to headstand. Things speed up againas Bandido FLIES onto Matt! He puts Matt in, then whips Matt. Matt slides while Nick tags, and the Bucks work together to hip toss and dropkick Bandido down. Bandido tags out to Fenix who FLIES in on both Bucks! The Bucks try to work together but Fenix rallies! Fenix acrobatically arm-drags Nick, then roundhouses. Nick ducks to roundhouse Fenix, but he runs into Fenix’s rolling cutter! Cover, TWO! Fans love this fast and furious action as Fenix shouts “ANIMO!”

Nick kicks Fenix away and tags in Kota. But Fenix tags in Mysterio! Fans are ready for the Golden Star VS Lucha Wolverine right now. Mysterio runs, things speed up, and Mysterio headscissors Kota. Things keeping going, Ibushi catches Mysterio and he bucks out of the waistlock. Mysterio dodges the buzzsaw and moonsault, and fans fire up again. Ibushi and Mysterio tie up, Mysterio snapmares out of the hammerlock. Mysterio kicks Ibushi but Ibushi KICKS Mysterio. Ibushi drags Mysterio over and Matt tags in. Matt clubs and whips Mysterio, but Mysterio boots back. Mysterio rolls and hits the DDT! Tag to Fenix who SUPERKICKS Matt! Fenix whips but Matt ducks to waistlock. Matt kicks, runs, wheelbarrow to facebuster!

Fans rally as hot tags go to Ibsuhi and Bandido. Ibushi gives the strike fest but Bandido gives his. Bandido’s shining star misses, but Ibushi’s kick hits. Ibushi moonsault knees, cover, TWO! Bandido resists the German and Fenix just misses. Ibushi PELES them both! Tag to Nick Jackson and he fires off kick after kick. Shining wizard for Fenix, then clothesline bulldog combo for both! Fans fire up again as Nick MOONSAULTS, then Ibushi MOONSAULTS! But Mysterio joins in, he springboard huricanranas, to slingshot springboard ASAI! He bowls everyone down, but Fenix wants his. Fenix corkscrews onto the Golden Elite! Bandido takes a turn with a TOP ROPE corkscrew! Everyone is down from this wrestling demolition derby, but they pair off in different areas.

Mysterio stalks Ibushi while Nick leads Bandido to the stage. Matt appears on stage, to FLY!! Matt cannonballs and bowls Bandido and Fenix over! Fans chant “The! Elite! The the Elite!” Matt & Nick have Bandido, buckle bomb kick! Ibushi tags, and Bandido is set up for the powerbomb German Suplex! Cover, TWO! Bandido survives but Ibushi tags Matt in. The GOlden Elite whip but he holds ropes, to come back with a TRIPLE Huricanrana! Tag to Mysterio! Seated senton for Matt. Nick sunset flips but Mysterio rolls through to kick. Matt has the wheelbarrow hold but Mysterio sends him into Nick. Matt’s on the ropes, 619 BLOCKED! Tombstone scoop, and Ibushi wants to join in. But Fenix stops that with a tightrope penalty kick!

Bandido SUPERKICKS Matt, then alley-oop huricanrana takes out Nick! Mysterio and Fenix work together, headsicssor to SUPERKICK to THE 619, to the rolling Destroyer!! Bandido finishes it off with a Poison-Rana! Then the double DIVE onto Ibushi & Nick! Mysterio frog splashes! TWO!? Matt survives thanks to Dad Strength, but the tribute to Eddy is appreciated. Mysterio coordinates his team as they hoist Matt up top. Fenix has Matt with Mysterio but they’re both sent down. Bandido swing kicks Matt, then climbs up. SUPER BLOCKBUSTER SLAM! Cover, but Nick breaks it up!

Nick kicks but Bandido counters and rolls off his back, to handspring headstand, but Nick SUPERKICK! Mysterio gets SUPERKICKS! Fenix gets SUPERKICKS! Ibushi returns and Matt hits rolling senton, Ibushi splash, Ibushi moonsault, Nick 450! The Golden Bang for Your buck! Cover, Mysterio breaks! But Bandido still gets the Meltzer Driver! Cover, The Golden Elite win!!

Winners: The Golden Elite, Matt Jackson pinning

What a wild way to end this world-changing event! Alongside Ibushi, The Bucks take the win at the event they put together. Is this only just the beginning of something truly amazing?

My Thoughts:

What is there to say? The only faults were the technical difficulties and those were in the preshow, which Cody & The Bucks play off perfectly.  This was practically perfect. SCU VS Briscoes was just the opener for the Zero Hour preshow, and that thing tore it up! Great to see SCU get the win here, but I’m wondering if this means anything towards The Addiction VS The Briscoes for the ROH World Tag Team Championships. At the same time, Daniels VS Amell was solid, and Amell earns lots of respect for that table spot. Arrow is a great show, but if CW ever brings it to an end, I think we have a place for Amell to belong.

Then that was the most chaotic battle royal ever, with so many stars from all over, and that amazing twist was so great. I had the weirdest feeling Flip Gordon would be in disguise, and he was! Flip wins and then he has an AMAZING match with a partially Black Machismo Jay Lethal. But given how ROH is planning a big episode with the Ironman ROH WHC match, Lethal VS Gresham, Lethal had to go over. Flip is still not there yet, but if he isn’t at least ROH World TV Champion within the next six months, that’s a damn shame. Also give me more Jordynne Grace. She’s the current Women Superstars Uncensored Spirit Champion, but she deserves to be a star in many more promotions.

MJF VS Cross was a surprise, I don’t remember that being announced. Cross is also Son of Havoc on Lucha Underground, so between that and this, Cross is practically the best wrestler most people don’t know. The Women’s Fatal 4 was great, and really raises the bar for many American promotions that have women’s wrestling. I have not seen ROH give us Sumie Sakai VS Madison Rayne for the WOH Championship, but Tenille Dashwood was on commentary saying she gets her own shot soon. I had a feeling Sumie was going to retain but this definitely leads to that conclusion. Tessa wins, which works because she was really strong in this match, quite literally. This Fatal 4 could’ve been a title match in itself, so that means it will take something truly incredible to defeat her when the title is on the line.

I was surprised to see the NWA WHC match where it was, I really thought this was going to be in a triple header with Omega-Pentagon and the Golden Elite, but being earlier didn’t hurt. There was a lot of story going into this match, and it all works towards the surprise of Cody winning. Brandi and that elbow drop spot was also surprising, and clearly the reason Cody was under the announce desk for so long was because he had to blade a bit. Cody winning this belt, on top of him wanting the IWGP US Championship, I would just love if he was suddenly a cross-promotion dual champion. Hangman VS Janela was great for its action and for integrating BTE. Joey Ryan “returning from the dead” with dick-ciples was so stupid yet perfect for his Undertaker parody. I’d love an extended Hangman VS Ryan program in ROH.

Omega VS Pentagon was so great, and I really thought this could’ve worked as a main event. Omega and Pentagon go the distance and were so great at escaping and stealing finishers, it could’ve been for any title and it was perfect. Jericho showing up was another great surprise, and I love that it’s revisiting their Alpha Club story. There’s the cruise as Jericho mentioned, but I would love if this somehow leads into title for title, IWGP Heavyweight VS Intercontinental Champion. Okada VS Scurll was also great, and I love that Okada used his 205 taunt. I suppose Okada had to win because of his own story of coming back up, but it would’ve been so great if Scurll won to throw the taunts back at Okada.

Then that Six Man Tag was so fast I wouldn’t be surprised if I missed a move or two. Mysterio, Fenix and Bandido worked so well together, but so did Ibushi & The Bucks. It makes sense that The Golden Elite wins because this was pretty much Bullet Club Presents: Amazing Wrestling, but it also works that it had to happen quick. The only flaw here was running out of air-time to show the great celebration for everyone and the entire crowd. But that makes those moments something special just for the Chicago crowd that they’ll surely remember forever.

My Score: 9.8/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Rampage Results & Report! (5/18/24)

Deonna Purrazzo’s on a Rampage!



The Virtuosa is sharpening her edge!

Deonna Purrazzo wants to tear into Thunder Rosa, but she’ll have to settle for Robyn Renegade first! Will The Virtuosa fine tune her style for La Mera Mera?


  • Kyle O’Reilly VS Lee Moriarty w/ Anthony Ogogo; Kyle wins.
  • Rush VS Cody Chhun; Rush wins.
  • Deonna Purrazzo VS Robyn Renegade; Deonna wins.
  • Brian Cage VS Anthony Bowens w/ Billy Gunn; Cage wins.


Kyle O’Reilly VS Lee Moriarty w/ Anthony Ogogo!

#CombatKyle may have lost out on the TNT Championship, but he isn’t going to stop the comeback over it. Will he build back up towards another title opportunity? Or will #TAIGASTYLE prove he’s the one deserving of those chances?

The bell rings and the two circle. The fans rally, Kyle and Lee tie up, Kyle waistlocks, but Lee wrenches out. Kyle wrenches to waistlock, but Lee sits to switch. Kyle switches, facelocks, wrenches, but Lee rolls and rolls until he rolls free. The fans rally as the two circle again. They knuckle lock, go shoulder to shoulder, but Kyle gets under. Kyle lifts but Lee fights that. Lee lifts but Kyle fights that. Kyle tries again, but Lee trips him! Kyle uses his leg guard, trips Lee, knuckle lock cover! ONE as Lee gets an arm up! Kyle pushes it down, ONE as Lee gets the other arm up. Kyle puts that arm down, TWO as Lee bridges!

The fans cheer this technical exchange, Kyle jumps but Lee catches him! DOUBLE WRISTLOCK! Kyle scrambles around, slips free, ARMBAR! Lee clasps hands, stacks Kyle, TWO! Lee rolls Kyle to get the SLEEPER! Lee also has body scissors! But Kyle pulls on Lee’s leg, and that makes Lee let go of the sleeper! Kyle gets the leg, twists for a toehold, but Lee rolls over. Lee reels Kyle in, headlocks, then cravats. The fans rally, Kyle wrenches free to cravat back. Lee ELBOWS Kyle in the chin! Lee BODY SHOTS, then BODY SHOTS again! Lee runs but Kyle KNEES Lee low! Kyle snapmares, runs, then SLAPS Lee!

The fans fire up but Lee gets up. They get face to face, then go forearm to forearm! Kyle fires off fast strikes and he KICKS the legs out! Kyle wrenches to YANK the arm, then CLUBS it! Kyle wrenches, YANKS the arm again, then wrenches to an ELBOW- NO, Lee shoves Kyle away! Kyle runs up but Lee BUCKLE SHOTS him! Kyle staggers away, the fans are torn, and Lee runs up to KICK the bad leg! Ogogo applauds, Lee fires himself up, and Rampage goes picture in picture.

Lee stomps Kyle down, drags him back up, and top wristlocks. Lee isolates that arm, flexes, and STOMPS the arm! Lee paces around, drags Kyle up, and SNAP HALF HATCHES! Cover, TWO! But Lee still has the arm and he hammerlocks it, to then SNAP LOCK it! Kyle endures, grabs at Lee, but Lee bridges and moves around. Lee traps the one arm, pulls on the other, and then makes it a RECLINER! Kyle endures as Lee leans back! Lee lets off as he loses the hold, but then he stomps the bad arm! Lee soaks up the heat as Rampage returns to single picture. Lee grinds Kyle’s bad arm, but Kyle fights up to throw body shots.

Kyle wrenches, ELBOW- NO, Lee has a SLEEPER now! Kyle rolls but Lee holds on tight! Kyle fights up to back suplex! Lee lands out, but Kyle KICKS! SLAPS! KNEES! KICKS! LEG SWEEP! The fans fire up and Kyle snarls as Lee goes to a corner. Kyle runs up to forearm smash! Kyle wrenches, ELBOW BREAKERS, and hits a BIG back suplex! HEEL HOOK! Lee endures and fights towards ropes! ROPEBREAK! Kyle lets go, Lee stands, and Kyle KICKS the leg out! Kyle runs up but Lee dodges the kick to SOBAT! Kyle goes to a corner, Lee runs in, but Kyle blocks the boot! Kyle shoves Lee down, KNEES him, then reels Lee in.

Lee wrenches out of the suplex, to SNAP the fingers! Lee runs up to BOOT Kyle in the corner! Kyle falls, Lee covers, TWO! Kyle survives but Lee reels him in, BORDER CITY STRETCH!! Kyle endures, powers through to clasp hands, and he deadlifts Lee into a CAPTURE SUPLEX! Lee is dazed and Kyle slowly rises. The fans fire up, Kyle storms up, and KICKS Lee’s arm! Lee KICKS Kyle’s arm in return! Kyle KICKS again, but Lee KICKS again! They KICK and KICK and KICK! The fans are behind Kyle, both men block kicks, so they start throwing palm strikes! The fans are thunderous! Both men let the other go, but then they DOUBLE ROUNDHOUSE!

The fans are thunderous as Kyle and Lee are both down! A standing count starts, both men slowly rise, and they stagger into each other. Lee gets Kyle first, suplex and- NO, Kyle knees free! GUILLOTINE! Lee wrenches free to RAM shoulders! Lee wrenches, to ELBOW- NO, Kyle wrenches to ELBOW BREAKER! Hammerlock, GUILLOTINE HOVERBOARD COMBO!!! Lee endures, and he uses his free arm to pry free! For HEADBUTT after HEADBUTT! Kyle drops into a TRIANGLE HOLD!! Lee is fading fast, but he deadlifts Kyle with the one arm! Only to go out! Kyle is free to PENALTY KICK!! Kyle gets Lee up, to ORANGE CRUSH into the ARMBAR! Lee taps, Kyle wins!!

Winner: Kyle O’Reilly, by submission

Shane Taylor Promotion takes another loss on the night, but it was a hell of a fight against Kyle O’Reilly! But Kyle is going to face Malakai Black this Wednesday, will Dynamite be The End of Kyle’s comeback?


Backstage interview with The Acclaimed.

Lexy Nair is with Max Caster, Anthony Bowens & Billy Gunn. First off, congrats on the recent success of the newest video. Thank you, Lexy. And Bowens is facing Brian Cage in tonight’s main event, how- Daddy Ass has us stop there. Let’s talk about everyone going crazy, running wild. The Embassy turning on Swerve, The Elite abusing their authority. Billy isn’t sure if Lexy has watched older wrestling, but Billy has a thing about authority. So if they wanna get wild, if they wanna go nuts, that is right up their aisle!

Caster says that’s right! He also thanks Lexi for saying those nice things about his song. But that song was about him and Bowens going back to the Tag Division. If you read the lyrics, which are great lyrics, but none of those team decided to wrestle The Acclaimed. Perhaps they’re a little too afraid to wrestle the best team alive. So they took the first match they could find, and that turned out to be Bowens VS Brian Cage 1v1. Sure, Brian is The Machine, but there are a lot of machines that are now antiquated, and we know Brian doesn’t have AI in his brain. In fact, he can’t update his software! It’s about time Bowens takes Brian to the junkyard!

Bowens says that’s right! Platinum Max & Daddy Ass said it themselves, there is a lot of chaos and madness going on in AEW! Bowens tells Brian and his cronies that they decided to side with The Elite, well you’re looking at the foundation of AEW! The best tag team alive, the best homegrown stars, The Acclaimed! That train is gonna roll right through Brian tonight, courtesy of the Scissor King! Because EVERYONE loves The Acclaimed! Say it again, EVERYONE loves The Acclaimed!! The Five Tool Player is fired up, but will he need all those tools to dismantle The Machine?


Rush VS Cody Chhun!

El Toro Blanco is back again, and this time he is looking to reach the top of AEW. Will he stampede through everyone put in his path until he is adored with AEW gold?

The bell rings, the fans rally up with “FOUR C! FOUR C!” Chhun runs up but Rush dodges! Chhun hits buckles, then Rush CLOBBERS him! Chhun sits in the corner checking his jaw, but Rush goes to the far side. “If you mess with the bull…” You get BULL’S HORNS!! Rush drags Chhun to a cover, Rush wins!

Winner: Rush, by pinfall

Rush stands tall, but he doesn’t even care to celebrate, because this was more an inevitability than a victory to him. But then he sees Chhun stirring, and Rush drags him out of the ring! Rush CHOPS Chhun right down! Then he whips Chhun hard into barriers! The ref reprimands but Rush THROWS Chhun around again! Rush fires down fists, the fans boo as Rush DECKS Chhun! Rush won’t stop, he finds his favorite bright green cord! Rush LASHES Chhun, even as more refs rush out here! Rush CHOKES Chhun with the cord!! The refs all shout for him to stop, and Rush does. But he wants everyone to remember: Nothing happens unless HE says so!!

Rush storms off, spits on Chhun, and then grabs a chair! The refs warn him, so Rush simply stands on the chair to soak up the heat. Will nothing and no one stop Rush from rampaging his way to the top?


Lexy Nair is outside the trainer’s room.

She notes that to close Collision, Lance Archer & The Righteous viciously attacked FTR after the match. Bryan Danielson walks out, Lexy asks for a medical update. Well, The Elite put a bounty on Team AEW’s heads, and it seems to have worked. FTR won’t make it to Dynamite next Wednesday. But the Elite also failed, because here’s the thing. The Elite wants to change the world? They don’t even show up on Saturdays! And the failure is that Bryan is still here! So this Wednesday, Bryan will be on Dynamite. The Elite can take whatever shot they want, but they better get it done the first time. Otherwise, they won’t like the consequences.

Bryan heads out, but are The EVPs going to make sure no one makes it to Double or Nothing to oppose them?


Deonna Purrazzo VS Robyn Renegade!

The Virtuosa is still seething over her many run-ins with Thunder Rosa, but it seems their rematch isn’t destined to happen just yet. Will Deonna one-up La Mera Mera by beating Robyn worse than Rosa did?

The bell rings, the two circle, and they knuckle lock. Deonna spins to wrangle Robyn, but Robyn rolls back. Robyn wrenches, wristlocks, but Deonna rolls, rolls and gets free. The fans cheer, Deonna smirks, but Robyn runs up. Robyn waistlocks, Deonna switches, but Robyn switches back. Deonna pries free to switch again, then she trips Robyn up. Deonna runs, Robyn stays low, then Robyn hits a rolling fireman’s carry takeover! Robyn runs up but Deonna ducks the kick to roll her up! TWO, and Robyn staggers up into an arm-drag! Deonna has the armlock, the fans cheer, but Robyn endures.

Robyn fights up, Deonna hits another takeover, and she traps the arm. Deonna makes it a cover, ONE as Robyn gets the shoulder up. Deonna knuckle locks, wrenches, then clamps onto the arm. Robyn fights up to whip free, then runs to sunset flip! Deonna stays up, then slaps the arms away to clamp on an ARMBAR! Robyn fights around, flails, and has the ROPEBREAK! The ref counts, Deonna lets go at 4, and Rampage goes picture in picture.

Deonna stalks Robyn, brings her around and whips, but Robyn holds ropes. Deonna ROCKS Robyn, Robyn still holds ropes! Deonna ROCKS Robyn again, whips, but Robyn reverses. Robyn ducks the forearm, and the backhand, then clinches for a HALF NELNSON FACEBUSTER! Robyn fires up, she sits Deonna up, and runs to SHOTGUN her down! Cover, TWO! Robyn is frustrated, but she drags Deonna back up and bumps her off buckles. Robyn CHOPS Deonna, smirks, and winds up to CHOP again! Robyn says one more time, then puts some stank on it. But Deonna dodges to CHOP back! Deonna whips corner to corner, but Robyn reverses.

Robyn runs in, but Deonna puts her on the apron! Robyn ROCKS Deonna first, steps in, but Deonna ARM CODE BREAKERS! Robyn writhes, Deonna storms over, and Deonna drags Robyn up. Deonna knuckle locks, wrenches, then top wristlocks to wrangle Robyn. Deonna traps the arm for a SNAP LOCK! Cover, TWO! Robyn clutches the arm but Deonna is on her again. Deonna pulls on the bad arm, then top wristlocks. Robyn endures as Deonna thrashes the arm, and Rampage goes to break.

Rampage returns and Deonna wrenches Robyn’s arm. Robyn ROCKS Deonna, but Deonna wrenches again. Robyn fires off a flurry of forearms and the fans fire up! Deonna shoves Robyn but Robyn LARIATS on return! The fans fire up with Robyn, then she wrenches Deonna to reel her in, put her in ropes, and KNEE her! Robyn runs to then STOMP Deonna down! Cover, TWO!! Deonna survives and Robyn is frustrated. The fans rally, Robyn drags Deonna up, then fireman’s carries. Deonna slips free, shoves, and BOOTS Robyn down! Deonna slashes her throat and vows to end this! The fans fire up as Deonna drags Robyn up.

Deonna Gotch hooks, but Robyn slips free! Robyn pump handles, but Deonna arm-drags free! Deonna BOOTS the lariat, ARMBAR DDT! FUJIWARA!! Robyn taps, Deonna wins!

Winner: Deonna Purrazzo, by submission

Deonna didn’t even need Venus De Milo, but then she puts that on Robyn anyway!! The ref reprimands, the fans boo, but Deonna makes Robyn suffer in Rosa’s place! But wait, here comes Thunder Rosa!! La Mera Mera rushes the ring, but Deonna runs away! So when does the part about regretting to mess with a Jersey girl come in? Rosa checks Robyn, and Deonna slithers back in! Deonna CLOBBERS Rosa from behind! Oh so that’s the part about Jersey? Rosa gets up, though, and Deonna retreats again. Rosa runs Deonna down and grabs her by the hair! Rosa drags Deonna back to the ring to RAM her into the apron!

The fans fire up as Rosa tells Deonna to fight her now! Rosa puts Deonna in, Deonna rolls out of the ring and runs into the crowd! The fans boo as Deonna flees into the night. When and where will Deonna have to give Rosa this fight?


Scorpio Sky speaks.

“I have done things people dream about. I’ve made money, faced legends, won championship after championship after championship. And you might not wanna hear this, but that was easy. And that doesn’t mean I don’t relate. I understand a normal person put in my position would fail. Because since time began, when people wanted to see a star, they’d look up at the Sky. And all that does is put me in the perfect place to reach down and lift you all up here with me. So to all the fans around the world, I’m coming back. And I’m here for you.” But will this comeback finally be the time Scorpio Sky reaches the top of the mountain?


Backstage interview with Sonjay Dutt.

Lexy Nair says Sonjay asked for this time, what is on his mind? Sonjay says first off, he sure doesn’t need Lexy here so hit the bricks. Skedaddle, peace, see ya. Lexy sighs and leaves, and Sonjay says this is for Bryan Danielson. The Elite have put a price out on Bryan’s head, and Sonjay just got off the phone with them, they have worked out quite the deal. Bryan says he’ll be on Dynamite, and so is Sonjay. But no, Sonjay isn’t the one that’ll take him out once and for all. This Wednesday, it will be The American Dragon VS… The Indian Giant! Yeah, that’s right! The one in a billion, Satnam Singh!

And y’know what? Dragon meat is expensive, so hopefully he goes well with a little chicken masala. This Wednesday, it will be one hell of a cookout! Sonjay laughs to himself, but will Bryan be the one with the last laugh after taking on this giant roadblock?


PROGRAMMING NOTE for Rampage next week!

Yes, Rampage returns to Friday nights next week, BUT at a special time of 6:30 Eastern, 3:30 Pacific! Make sure your DVRs know so you don’t miss this special Double or Nothing weekend edition!


Brian Cage VS Anthony Bowens w/ The Acclaimed!

The Machine turned on Swerve and then got beat by Swerve, crossing him off the list of top contenders. But will he reboot and head for other title opportunities? Or will The Acclaimed prove they can get it done in any division?

As always, Platinum Max has a diss track! “I heard Brian Cage got captain plans. We leave you bleeding so hard, you got menstrual cramps! Damn you are ugly, lookin’ pathetic. You are so small, get off the Ozempic! When did Brian Cage stop lifting weights? Beat him so bad, whip his ass into shape! Run you outta town just like Daim, because in Portland, Everybody Loves The Acclaimed!” Bowens then says, “PORTLAAAAND~! The Acclaimed have arrived! Scissor me, Daddy Ass~!” And he does~! The fans are fired up, but will Cage get his stuff in in response?

The bell rings and the fans sing “OH~ Scissor Me, Daddy~!” Cage and Bowens circle, tie up, and Cage shoves Bowens away! Cage flexes, fans are torn, and Cage says to scissor that. Bowens has Cage hold on, and then Bowens flexes. The fans cheer for Bowens, and he does scissor that! Cage runs up, Bowens gets around, then CHOPS! And CHOPS! Cage TOSSES Bowens to a corner, takes a swing, but Bowens dodges! Bowens CHOPS and CHOPS, but Cage shoves Bowens away. Cage runs up, Bowens gets under and kicks low. Bowens whips, Cage reverses, but Bowens goes up and over. Bowens hurdles, headlocks, but Cage powers out.

Bowens hurdles, slips around the lariat and DDTS! Cover, ONE!! Cage is tougher than that but the fans fire up behind Bowens. Bowens gets Cage up but Cage SPINEBUSTERS him! Cage says no more scissors! Cage storms up to RAM into Bowens! And RAM in again! And then CHOP! The fans “WOO~!” while Cage stalks Bowens. Cage bumps Bowens off buckles, then says one more time! NOT! Cage trolls the fans, whips Bowens, then runs up to UPPERCUT! LARIAT! SAIDO! Cage asks who betta but the fans are torn. Cage storms over to Bowens, drags him up, and ROCKS him with a forearm. Cage CHOPS, ROCKS Bowens again, then CHOPS again.

The ref counts, Cage whips corner to corner, then runs up. Bowens dodges the splash, blocks the kick, CLUBS the knee then KNEE JAMMERS into a DRAGON SCREW! Cage writhes and flounders to the apron while Bowens catches his breath. Bowens storms up, brings Cage up, but Cage swings! Bowens ducks, feints, then kicks the legs out! Cage hits apron on the way down, and Bowens aims. Bowens slingshots but Cage moves, so Bowens just goes to the apron. But Cage blocks the Penalty Kick to bring Bowens down, POST BOMB!! Cage gloats, then leaves Bowens behind, while Rampage goes picture in picture.

Bowens writhes, Cage goes back out to drag him up, and RAMS him into barriers! Cage brings Bowens around, SMACKS him off the apron, then drags him up again. Cage whips Bowens hard into steel steps! Bowens falls over in a heap, Cage flexes, then Cage refreshes the ring count. Cage drags Bowens up but Bowens pushes him away. Cage BOOTS Bowens down, then brings him up for an APRON BACK SUPLEX! Cage gloats some more, steps into the ring, and storms up on Bowens. Bowens kicks low, throws hands, but Cage JUMP KNEES! Cage digs his boots into Bowens at the ropes, lets off, and Bowens sputters.

Cage CHOKES Bowens again, the ref counts, and Cage lets off again. Cage drags Bowens up, scoops and uses him for bicep curls! Cage then TOSSES Bowens away! Cage swaggers around, flexes, and covers, TWO! Bowens KICKS Cage from below! And kicks him again! Cage KICKS Bowens, whips him to ropes, then CLOBBERS Bowens! Cage clamps onto Bowens with a chinlock and grinds him down! Bowens endures, Cage grinds him into the mat, but the fans rally up. Bowens fights up to his feet, throws body shots, but Cage KNEES him away. Cage wags his finger, gloats a bit more, then runs corner to corner to forearm smash!

Cage soaks up more cheers and jeers as Rampage returns to single picture. Cage run sin, but Bowens BOOTS him! And BOOTS again! Bowens goes up, leaps, but Cage catches him! Cage suplexes, but Bowens cradle counters! TWO!! Cage escapes but Bowens ducks the discus! Bowens hobbles but he still ROCKS Cage, throws more hands, but Cage SOBATS! KICKS! Cage runs, Bowens follows. Cage dodges, Bowens redirects and spins Cage for Rock, Paper, Scissors, SUPERKICK! The fans fire up with Bowens! Bowens mule kicks, front kicks, runs and FAMOUSERS! Cover, TWO!! Cage survives and Bowens can’t believe it!

The fans rally up and Bowens rises. Bowens waits on Cage, runs up to clinch, but Cage fires elbows! Cage waistlocks, full nelsons and SLAMS Bowens down! Cover, TWO! Cage is frustrated, but he wants Bowens to get up. Cage runs up, Bowens moves aside to KICK Cage in the ropes! Then DRAPING APRON DDT!! Both men are down but the fans fire up! Bowens rises, drags Cage up, and fireman’s carries! Cage fights that to POST Bowens! And ENZIGIRI! Bowens flops around the corner, Cage brings him up from inside! DEADLIFT SUPERPLEX!! Cover, TWO!!! Bowens is still in this and Cage is beside himself!

Cage starts up Terminator drums, the fans join in, and he drags Bowens up. Cage pump handles and lifts, but Bowens slips free of the driver! Bowens runs but Cage ducks the kick to roll Bowens up! Bowens rolls through, and he ducks the discus! The SOUTHPAW hits! Cage reels Bowens in, suplexes, DRILL- NO, Bowens slips free to ROLLING ELBOW! And SUPERKICK! Cage falls, Bowens runs to SHINING WIZARD! Cover, TWO!! Cage survives but the fans fire up! Bowens huffs and puffs and fires back up! Bowens waits on Cage, fireman’s carries, but the bad leg stops him! Cage shoves Bowens at the ref!

Cage runs up, Bowens sends him at the ref! Bowens waistlocks but Cage LOW BLOWS!! The fans boo but Cage reels Bowens in! DRILL CLAW!!! Cover, Cage wins!!

Winner: Brian Cage, by pinfall

Bowens may be an excellent former Tag & Trios Champion, but sadly he isn’t at the level needed as a singles guy. Will The Acclaimed have to regroup and focus on going after The Elite? Will The Machine be granted golden opportunities by said Elite?

My Thoughts:

A very good Rampage to once again follow up Collision, but I’m relieved that next week is going to be a partial return to normal schedule. Because as great as the matches here were, they just felt thrown together to tangentially tell stories. For example, Kyle VS Lee was a great match but Kyle has beef with The House of Black but they didn’t want Kyle getting one over on Buddy or Brody before facing Malakai next Wednesday. Shane Taylor Promotions deserves a touch better than being fed to the bigger stories, but maybe they come around as a trio after Double or Nothing to face like Bang Bang Gang or something.

And even our main event was an example of this. Great promo from Acclaimed, great rap from Caster as usual, but also a good choice for Cage to still win out. Cage has done singles champ stuff, is going to be the singles champ guy in whatever the former Mogul Embassy becomes after this, or even just a singles guy all on his own. Rush of course squashes his opponent tonight but him going after Chhun after was a good touch. At the same time, I kinda wanted the ref to reverse the decision and disqualify Rush after the match, throwing him into a worse rage and beating up on Chhun more. And again, why no La Faccion Ingobernable? Donde esta Dralistico, Preston Vance y Jose?

Good match from Deonna VS Robyn but of course Deonna won. Rosa going after Deonna and Deonna running away was not what I was expecting, it’s rather disappointing, and why not just give us their rematch with escalated stipulations already? Deonna VS Rosa in a Last Woman Standing maybe? Iron Woman Match so that it goes right to half an hour? Something cool like that would really show Tony Khan finally wants to do more with the Women’s Division after promising it like two or three times already.

And very good promos from Bryan and Sonjay Dutt to set up Bryan VS Satnam. I would think Bryan wins, but there’s a good chance Team Triple J goes after him post match anyway. As I just said in the Collision article, Anarchy in the Arena being No Disqualifications of the highest level, we could actually get way more than just the eight men advertised as the roster starts choosing sides, a very Avengers Civil War/Endgame type situation.

My Score: 8.6/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Collision Results & Report! (5/18/24)

Do it For The World!



Chris Jericho puts the roster to the test!

In order to reach The Learning Tree, contenders will have to battle through an FTW Contender Series until only one remains! Who fights their way to a shot at The Ocho?


  • Will Ospreay VS Shane Taylor w/ Anthony Ogogo; Ospreay wins.
  • FTW Contender Series: Hook VS Johnny TV w/ Taya Valkyrie; Hook wins and advances.
  • FTW Contender Series: Kastuyori Shibata VS Rocky Romero; Shibata wins and advances.
  • FTW Contender Series: Bryan Keith VS Beefcake Boulder w/ The Iron Savages; Keith wins and advances.
  • Orange Cassidy VS Isiah Kassidy; Cassidy wins.
  • Serena Deeb VS Anna Jay; Deeb wins.
  • Nick Wayne VS Jack Cartwheel; Wayne wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Bryan Danielson & FTR VS Lance Archer & The Righteous; Bryan & FTR win.


Will Ospreay VS Shane Taylor w/ Anthony Ogogo!

The Aerial Assassin gave Roderick Strong one last warning on Dynamite, but this is about paying back that knockout shot last week! Will “OSPREAY! OSPREAY!” be cashing receipts tonight? Or will it be Rumble, Bad Man, Rumble?

But before things get going, here comes The Undisputed Kingdom. Roddy, Taven & Bennett walk on out, clearly not leaving things at the face to face on Wednesday. Roddy joins commentary, the bell rings and Ospreay runs up to SHOTGUN Shane! The fans fire up while Shane bails out! Ospreay aims and PLANCHAS! Down goes Shane and the fans fire up with Ospreay! Ospreay gets Shane up and puts him in, Roddy says “Good for him.” PIP PIP CHEERIO! Cover, ONE!! Shane gets up, Ospreay kicks and CLUBS him, then fires forearms! Ospreay whips but Shane blocks. Ospreay CLUBS and SOBATS, then reels Shane in.

Shane suplexes first! Ospreay slips free, waistlocks, but Shane switches. Shane shoves, HURDLES, then CLOBBERS Ospreay! The Kingdom applauds while Shane paces around. Shane talks some trash, drags Ospreay up, and HEADBUTTS him! The fans rally for Ospreay, Ospreay fires forearms, but Shane ROCKS him right back! Ospreay flops out to the apron, the fans boo Shane, but then Taven talks smack. The ref tells Taven to back off, Shane tells The Kingdom this is how you finish the job! Shane CHOPS Ospreay and Ospreay sputters with the air going out of his lungs! Shane mocks the fans, Roddy says keep up those chops.

Shane stands Ospreay up against the post, tells Roddy to watch this, but then Ospreay POSTS Shane! Ospreay runs up to TORNADO- NO, Shane stops that and pops Ospreay around! Ospreay slips free, and shoves Shane into The Kingdom! The fans fire up and Roddy is furious! Ospreay SPLASHES Roddy with The WOOOO Energy! But while the ref is busy with The Kingdom, Ogogo sucker punches Ospreay! The fans boo but Ogogo soaks up the heat, and Collision goes picture in picture.

Shane looms over Ospreay, drags him up, and brings him around to put on the apron. Shane CLUBS away on Ospreay, the ref counts, and Shane goes up the apron. Shane runs  and APRON LEG DROPS! Ospreay sputters and flounders away, but Shane storms in after him. Shane paces, the fans rally up, and Ospreay fires forearms in return! Shane KNEES low, then scoops to BACKBREAKER! Ospreay writhes, Shane shoves him to a cover, TWO! Ogogo says it’s that close. Shane talks trash on the fans, then drags Ospreay up. Shane ROCKS Ospreay, Ospreay goes to a corner, and Shane storms up to HEADBUTT him!

Shane BODY BLOWS Ospreay and Ospreay staggers away. Shane talks Ospreay, ROCKS him again, and Ospreay drops to his knees. Shane drags Ospreay back up, to JAB! JAB! And JABS! Ospreay drops to his knees again, but Shane brings him right back up for a BEARHUG! Ospreay endures the squeeze as Collision returns to single picture. The fans rally, Ospreay fires forearm sand gets free! Ospreay fires more shots, but Shane CHOPS! Ospreay staggers, grits his teeth, and the fans fire up! But Shane CHOPS again! Ospreay headbutts the buckles to fire up! Shane CHPOS, Ospreay CHOPS, and Ospreay CHIOPS, CHOPS, CHOPS!

Shane CHOPS again, Ospreay staggers away, and Shane whips. Ospreay handsprings to NEURALIZER KICK! Roddy says so much talent, but Ospreay is still an idiot child fraud! The fans rally up for Ospreay, Ospreay kips up, and he runs up to BOOT in the corner! Ospreay shoves Shane away, goes up top, and BLINDSIDE CHEERIO! Cover, TWO! Shane is tough but Ospreay loads up the arm! The fans fire up as Ospreay aims, Ospreay runs in, but into a KNEE! Ospreay swings, Shane bobs ‘n’ weaves, and then HEADBUTTS! Ospreay wobbles, Shane reels him in, URENAGE! Shane SPLASHES down! Cover, TWO!! Ospreay survives and Shane is shocked!

The fans fire up as Shane huffs and puffs. Shane brings Ospreay back up, scoops, but Ospreay fights around to Electric Chair and spin! But Shane blocks the rana to POWERBOMB! Shane stands Ospreay back up, but Ospreay ducks a lariat! The SOUTHPAW finds Ospreay! Cover, TWO!! Ospreay survives and even he’s surprised! The fans are thunderous, Shane grits his teeth and drags Ospreay up. Shane runs, but into a SPANISH FLY?! Cover, TWO!! Shane survives and Roddy is mad that Ospreay even did that! But then The Kingdom stand in Ospreay’s way! Ospreay redirects, OS- NO, Shane blocks, scoops, MARCUS GARVEY DRIVER!! Cover, TWO?!?

Shane is losing his cool while The Kingdom is losing their minds! Shane tucks Ospreay, lifts, but Ospreay slips free! Ospreay BOOTS, “This is Awesome!” as Ospreay goes up. Shane ROCKS Ospreay first, then climbs up. But Ospreay slips out to tuck Shane in! CHEEKY NANDOS! And AGAIN! Ospreay fires up, THIRD CHEEKY NANDOS! Then Ospreay uses the corner to help with the Canadian Rack! STORM BREAKER!! Cover, Ospreay wins!!

Winner: Will Ospreay, by pinfall

The Kingdom is in shock seeing the BIGGEST Stormbreaker ever! Ospreay glares at Roddy as Roddy steps to the apron. But The Kingdom flanks the ring, get in and mug Ospreay! The fans boo as Bennett & Taven beat Ospreay down! They double whip, but Ospreay holds ropes! Ospreay then DUMPS both Taven & Bennett out, BOOTS Roddy off the apron, then FLIES to take out Taven & Bennett! The #BillyGOAT gets away clean, will he be able to take The Kingdom down and bring the International Championship home to The Don Callis Family?


Blackpool Combat Club speaks.

Jon Moxley says, “At Double or Nothing in Las Vegas, Konosuke Takeshita-san will try to score himself a shot at the IWGP (World Heavyweight) Championship. He’s been a hell of a blue chipper for quite some time. Now, he’s got a new attitude, some new representation. And he came after me. Me. Trying to put a big ol’ notch in that gun belt. Hey, I get it. I’ve done far worse. What’s my secret? What’s the secret of the BCC? When you stand where I stand in this sport, you get used to being a target. How do we survive? Guys like you, The Callis Family, you’re in it for the gold, you’re in it for the green and chasing fame and fortune, adulation, Instagram, all that.

“BCC, we don’t give a rat’s ass about any of that. We do this because this is who we are. This is our nature. We don’t hunt because we are hungry, we hunt because we are lions. We like it. We never, ever play for money. We play for blood.” Claudio Castagnoli adds that a lot of times, he’s the voice of reason here. Even when no one listens, it’s fine. Things just keep repeating and repeating and he doesn’t like standing here to talk to the camera, because it is the most awful thing to do. What matters is going out there and showing it week after week! And y’know how many people stand back here and tell you how good they are? How great they are?

They have passion! They practice their lines in the mirror! Then they come here, tell you how really, really good they are, and how it’s just been their dream all their lives. And it’s all fake! So fake because they don’t live it one day of their lives. It’s like The Emperor’s New Clothes. Only the BCC can see it. They see through the fake, through the facade. They see through it because while others try to make a name off BCC, that’s a big mistake. You are dealing with the real deal right here! Moxley likes it. Takeshita, you started this game. At Double or Nothing, the BCC finishes it. Will The Maniac tear down The Alpha and send a message to the rest?


BREAKING NEWS for AEW’s “Path to All In!”

The first-ever AEW “Summer Series” is heading to the Arlington ESports Stadium, and will be based there for six whole weeks! Collision on Saturday, July 20th, ROH Death Before Dishonor on Friday, July 26th, Collision on July 27th, Collision on Thursday, August 1st, then Saturday, August 10th AND Saturday, August 17th! Make sure you get your tickets starting in June so you can be part of this inaugural event!


AEW hears from Chris Jericho & “Big Bill” Morrissey.

It was backstage after Dynamite that The Learning Tree, after getting patched up, told Hook, “Wow, I can tell that I touched a nerve there when you hit me with that microphone and made me bleed my own blood.” But Hook, Jericho isn’t mad. It tells him that Hook is learning what it takes to be a champion again. Hook was the “For The World” Champion, and will be again some day, but it’ll take some time. Hook is still learning. Jericho is glad Hook is in the #JerichoVortex and hit him hard enough to make him bleed. It really hurts, but y’know what? It also makes Jericho proud. Makes him proud to see Hook get a little more serious! This is serious business!

This is what The Learning Tree is here for! To make Hook a better person and a better wrestler, both inside the ring and out. Jericho will need stitches, and will gladly get them. Because it is proof that Hook is learning what The Learning Tree is teaching. So in a roundabout way, thank you, Hook. And good luck in the qualifiers. Wow, that really hurts. Really got him with that mic. Hook is “learning,” but will he be the one teaching Jericho a thing or two?


FTW Contender Series: Hook VS Johnny TV w/ Taya Valkyrie!

The Learning Tree is giving opportunities to those who are worthy, but it will still come down to who is the most deserving. Will the Cold-Hearted Handsome Devil prove he’s the only one deserving? Or will Johnny #SendHook to the back of the line?

The bell rings and the fans rally for Hook. The two circle, Johnny tests the waters with kicks. The two tie up, Hook headlocks, and Hook wrenches to a hammerlock then headlock. Hook hits a SAYANAGI, and Johnny staggers to his feet. The fans rally as the two circle again. They tie up, Johnny ROCKS Hook! Hook wrenches back to SAYANAGI again! Hook clamps on for a wristlock, but Johnny fights up. The fans duel, Johnny fights up and trips Hook up. Johnny runs to SHINING WIZARD! Cover, TWO! Hook is tougher than that but Johnny rains down forearms and elbows! The fans duel more as Johnny keeps throwing down shots!

Hook wants an arm but Johnny slips around to cravat. Johnny cranks the neck, Hook endures and fights up. The fans rally and duel, Hook pries at the hold to then power Johnny into a SAIDO! Hook runs up to LARIAT! Johnny staggers back up, Hook clinches and throws knees! Hook TOSSES Johnny across the ring! Johnny gets up in a huff, kicks, but Hook catches him! LEG CAPTURE SUPLEX! The fans fire up with Hook and he storms around. Hook brings Johnny up but Johnny JAWBREAKERS! Johnny ROCKS Hook, Hook ROCKS Johnny! Hook fires more shots, but Johnny kicks low! Hook dodges the lariat, but almost runs into Taya!

The ref reprimands Taya for being on the apron, but Hook turns around into a FLYING CHUCK! Johnny goes to the corner, climbs up, STARSHIP PAIN FLOPS as Hook moves! Hook is mad now, and he clamps on for REDRUM!! Johnny fights but Hook has the hooks in! Johnny TAPS, Hook wins!

Winner: Hook, by submission (advances to the Triple Threat)

The Cold-Hearted Handsome Devil is now moving on to Dynamite’s Triple Threat #1 Contender’s match! Will he make Jericho regret not just giving him the match?

As Hook heads out, Shibata makes his entrance! The Wrestler is also in this series, and he gives Hook a fist bump as they cross paths. Will Shibata join Hook in that Triple Threat? Or will Azucar make things sweet?

FTW Contender Series: Kastuyori Shibata VS Rocky Romero!

The bell rings, the two shake hands, and the fans cheer. Shibata and Rocky circle, the fans rally up, and the two feel things out. They knuckle lock, Shibata gets around to waistlock, but Rocky switches. Shibata switches, Rocky goes for a leg, but Shibata waistlocks again. Rocky wrenches out to a wristlock but Shibata spins and wrenches back. Rocky rolls but Shibata wrangles him! Shibata double wristlocks, but Rocky powers Shibata to ropes. Shibata still holds onto the wristlock as Rocky tries to whip. The fans rally, Rocky throws knees and powers out this time. Shibata stops himself to stomp Rocky on the back!

Shibata gets a leg, steps through, and has the FIGURE FOUR! The fans “WOO~!” as Rocky endures. Shibata puts on pressure, but Rocky crawls for ropes! ROPEBREAK, and Shibata lets go quickly. Shibata stomps Rocky, CLUBS him, then CLUBS him again. Shibata runs, but Rocky catches him into an IRON OCTOPUS! The fans cheer while Shibata endures! Shibata fights up, pops free and throws Rocky down! And it’s back to the FIGURE FOUR! Rocky endures again while fans “WOO~!” Shibata puts on the pressure, Rocky pries at the main leg, but Shibata pulls on Rocky’s legs. They roll, roll, and end up in the ROPEBREAK!

The ref counts, the leglock is undone, and Shibata brings Rocky up to bump him off buckles. Shibata fires forearms, UPPERCUTS, then UPPERCUTS again. Shibata goes corner to corner, but into a BOOT! Rocky kicks again, Shibata bocks, so Rocky reel shim in for an UPPERCUT! Rocky goes up and jumps, TORNADO DDT! Both men are down and the fans fire up while Collision goes picture in picture.

Rocky stands and he stomps Shibata. Shibata sits up, Rocky KICKS him in the back. Rocky wrenches an arm, YANKS it, then wrenches for an ELBOW BREAKER! Rocky KICKS Shibata in the bad arm, then brings Shibata around. Rocky turns Shibata over, traps the right arm and he pulls on the bad one, SACRIFICE! Shibata writhes and clutches the elbow. Rocky storms up to hook that bad arm and KNEE DROP! Rocky drags Shibata up, wraps the bad arm around the ropes, and then digs his boots in. Rocky CHOPS, Shibata drops to his knees, but Rocky wrenches again. ELBOW BREAKER! Rocky KICKS the bad arm again! And again!

Rocky cravats to snapmare Shibata, then runs to basement dropkick! Rocky fires up and Collision goes to break.

Collision returns, Rocky KICKS Shibata in the arm! Shibata eggs Rocky on and the fans rally up. Rocky KICKS again, but Shibata stands! Rocky KICKS, and KICKS, but Shibata just steps into them! Shibata DECKS Rocky and the fans fire up! Rocky is dazed but Shibata brings him up. Shibata CHOPS and the fans “WOO~!” Shibata CHOPS again, and CHOPS again! And CHOPS and UPPERCUTS and runs, but Rocky dumps him out! Shibata stays on the apron, and gets a SLEEPER! The ref counts, Rocky wrenches free to HOTSHOT the arm! Rocky reels Shibata in through ropes, to KICK, KICK and he goes up! MISSILE DROPKICK!

The fans fire up, Rocky drags Shibata to a cover, TWO! Rocky frowns but stays focused as he brings Shibata up. Rocky cravats, Shibata pushes out of Sliced Bread! Rocky’s leg jams, Shibata CLOBBERS him! Shibata comes back, leg scissor takedown into the HEEL HOOK!! Rocky flails, reaches out, but Shibata keeps him back! Rocky crawls his way over, reaches out, ROPEBREAK! The fans are torn as Shibata lets Rocky go. Shibata stomps Rocky, drags him up, and fires off forearms. Shibata UPPERCUTS, then stomps Rocky down. Shibata goes corner to corner, HYDRAULIC DROPKICK! The fans fire up but Shibata’s not done!

Shibata hits a HALF HATCH, then covers, TWO! Shibata clamps on a SLEEPER! Rocky fights up, pries at the hold, pops free to somersault clutch, TWO! Shibata swings, Rocky gets under and backslides, TWO! Shibata escapes, gets a leg, ducks the enzigiri but not the REWIND! Rocky rolls up deep, TWO!! Shibata escapes again and the fans fire up! Rocky and Shibata reset, Rocky UPPERCUTS, then HAYMAKERS! Rocky runs in, but into a fireman’s carry! USHIGOROSHI! Shibata runs to PENALTY KICK! Then he gets Rocky’s legs, for the FIGURE FOUR!! Rocky endures, flails, but he’s at center! Rocky TAPS, Shibata wins!

Winner: Katsuyori Shibata, by submission (advances to the Triple Threat)

And with that, we’re two thirds of the way to that contender’s match! Shibata shows Rocky respect, Rocky shows it back, and Rocky tells Shibata to go win that title. Will The Wrestler get past the Triple Threat to get another shot at Jericho?

Well, just like Shibata did with Hook, Bryan Keith makes his way out while Shibata’s leaving. The Bounty Hunter gives The Wrestler a tip of the hat, will this be the final piece to the puzzle? Or will things get literally much bigger for Dynamite?

As the Iron Savages make their entrance, Jacked Jameson tells “all you fat morons, skinny idiots, and Low T Losers to shut up.” The fans boo instead, but Jameson says he rode the Max Rail Line from the airport to the hotel downtown, and all along the tracks, it is filled with trash! Now that they’re here in the Moto Center, it’s funny, because it’s also filled with trash! The fans boo being insulted, but Jameson says he can’t wait to leave this dump. But this is the Sauce Hoss, Beefcake Boulder! He’s sippin’ sauce, livin’ hoss, and taking everybody to #TIDDYCITY! And then he just attacks Keith!!

FTW Contender Series: Bryan Keith VS Beefcake Boulder w/ The Iron Savages!

The bell rings and Boulder fires big elbows and clotheslines into Keith in a corner! Bulky Bronson and Jacked Jameson cheer him on, but Keith slips free of the scoop! Keith KICKS and KICKS and KICKS, then runs, but into a BOOT! Boulder drags Keith up, scoops him again, and flexes as he carries Keith around. POWERSLAM! Cover, TWO! Keith is tougher than that but Boulder tells Jameson to pass him that Savage Sauce! Jameson gets on the apron but the ref tells him to hop down. This is all a distraction so Bronson can get involved! Boulder brings down the straps but Keith sends Bronson into Tiddy City!

Bronson falls, Keith BITES them tibbies! The fans fire up, Keith runs, but Boulder ELBOWS him down! Boulder goes up, but Keith RISING HEADBUTTS! Boulder wobbles, Keith goes up and reels him in, for DIAMOND DUST!! Cover, Keith wins!!

Winner: Bryan Keith, by pinfall (advances to the Triple Threat)

Now that was a BIG win for Bryan Keith! The Triple Threat is set, will The Bounty Hunter be just one step away from having his prize?


Backstage interview with Pac.

Lexy Nair has found The Bastard somewhere in the bowels of the arena, and says that last week, The Bang Bang Gang had a message for him. Does Pac care to respond? Pac says he couldn’t care less! But obviously, he saw their little message. Credit where credit is due, those guys are very funny chaps. Hilarious, even. And typically, they’re naughty behavior would really ruffle his bastard feathers. But not today. He couldn’t care less. Pac hasn’t felt a thing in weeks! And you expect him to care about those idiots?! In fact, let this be an open invitation! Make him feel something! Make him feel anything, boys! He’s begging you, daring you! Make him care. Try harder.

And as for Lexy, just leave him alone. She nods and leaves. The Bastard is in no mood, but will that all change the next time Bullet Club Gold takes aim at him?


Bullet Club Gold is here!

AEW returns from break, and wait! They’ve attacked Pac! They drag him out here on stage! Jay White kneels beside Pac, gets a mic, and makes Pac sit up. “I bet you care now, don’t you? Bastard.” The Switchblade & The Gunns leave Pac down and out, and White says he told Pac to stay out of their business. Is Pac going to heed the Bang Bang Gang’s warning? Or is he only going to escalate things from here?


The Patriarchy speaks.

Christian Cage tells Nick Wayne, “You have a match right here tonight on Collision. And it’s jut a precursor to this coming Wednesday on Dynamite, because you are gonna be facing… Swerve Strickland. I know you’re ready for it. Yo have our support.” Nick thanks Christian, and says he’s been meaning to talk with him. A year ago, when Swerve jumped him in the garage, Nick was just a boy. A kid. But ever since teaming with Christian, he has changed. Nick is now a man! And tonight, this is just a warm-up. Nick knows he can beat Swerve on his own. Nick heads out, Christian & Mother Shayna beam with pride. Will Swerve’s House soon end up in Wayne’s World?


Orange Cassidy VS Isiah Kassidy!

Freshly Squeezed is certainly feeling out of sorts after Trent Beretta made things all about #JustTrent. But likewise, Private Party might have to get serious as sadly, Marq Quen is again on the shelf. Cassidy or Kassidy, who wins to get themselves back on the right track?

The bell rings and the fans rally for Cassidy as he and Kassidy circle. Zay runs up, Cassidy trips him but Zay kicks him away. Things speed up, Zay hurdles, Cassidy leaps over, then they keep moving. Cassidy arm-drags, Zay needs a moment, and the fans fire up. Zay runs up, Cassidy dodges, but now Zay arm-drags! Cassidy hobbles up, blocks a hip toss, then he wrenches to a backslide! TWO, and Cassidy reels Zay in! Zay rolls Cassidy, TWO! Cassidy sweeps to cover, ONE! Zay sweeps to cover, ONE! They keep going back and forth, then Zay goes Matrix! But Cassidy powers him down, ties the legs up, BOW ‘N’ ARROW!

The fans fire up while Zay endures, and Zay pops free to cover! TWO, Cassidy avoids a boot, then shows punch! Zay stumbles back, the fans fire up! Zay bails out and wants a timeout. Cassidy does give him time on the outside, and Zay paces around. The ring count climbs, Zay hurries up but Cassidy BLASTS him off the apron! Cassidy builds speed and DIVES! Direct hit and Zay avoids the desk! Don Callis is watching backstage and approves. Cassidy goes out after Zay to ROCK him with a right, then Cassidy refreshes the count. Cassidy ROCKS Zay again, refreshes the count again, taking a pause to lounge on the apron.

Cassidy DECKS Zay this time, then he puts his hands up. The fans cheer as Cassidy puts his hands in his pockets! Cassidy runs up at Zay, to SHOTGUN him into the barriers! The fans fire up as Cassidy kips up. Cassidy stalks Zay, drags him up, and whips him into more barriers! But wait, Trent is walking down the bleachers! Th efans boo but Cassidy is distracted, and Zay attacks! Zay CLUBS away, then shoves Cassidy down. Zay whips Cassidy, Cassidy reverses, Zay goes up the barriers! Zay flips up and over, then RAMS Cassidy into barriers! BARRIER BACK SUPLEX! Trent pretends to be concerned as Zay puts Cassidy in.

Zay climbs up, leaps, but Cassidy gets away! Zay rolls, Cassidy ducks ‘n’ dodges, but runs into a tilt-o-whirl BACKBREAKER! Zay drags Cassidy up, whips Cassidy into a corner hard, and Cassidy tumbles up and out! Trent applauds, the ring count starts, and Collision goes picture in picture.

Zay leaves Cassidy behind, Cassidy rolls his way towards the apron but the count is 5 of 10. Cassidy stands and rolls in at 7, only for Zay to DROPKICK him back out! Zay then goes out to get Cassidy, and whips him hard into barriers! Zay mocks the hands in pockets, then he stomps away on Cassidy. Zay drags Cassidy up and puts him in the ring, then slingshot SENTONS! Zay mocks the hands in pockets some more, then soaks up the heat with a mocking thumbs up. Zay then mocks the “devastating” kicks! Zay kicks and kicks, but Cassidy fires body shots in return! Zay gets around to hit a BIG back suplex!

Zay talks trash, stalks Cassidy, then drags him up. Zay CHOKES Cassidy on the ropes, but the ref counts. Zay lets off at 4, argues with the ref, then drags Cassidy up. Zay whips Cassidy hard into buckles! Cassidy falls in a heap and flops right out of the ring. Zay drags steel steps over, talks a little trash on Trent, then grabs Cassidy. Zay SMACKS Cassidy off the steps, talks a bit more smack on Trent, but Trent tells him to focus on Cassidy. Zay drags Cassidy up to the very top of the steps, and Trent says go ahead. Zay lifts, Collision returns to single picture, but Cassidy fights back! Cassidy back drops Zay to the floor!

The fans rally for Cassidy as he gets in the ring. Cassidy grits his teeth, Trent frowns, and Zay rolls back in. Cassidy drags himself up with the ropes, the fans rally, and Zay storms up, but into counter punches! They go back and forth, Zay eggs Cassidy on, so Cassidy ROCKS him again and again! Zay RAMS Cassidy into a corner, then reels him in, to suplex! STUN DOG MILLIONAIRE! The fans fire up, Cassidy runs, tilt-o-whirl DDT! The fans fire up again while Trent scowls. Cassidy grits his teeth, kips up, and the fans cheer! The elbow pad comes off and Cassidy throws it at Trent! Cassidy aims at Zay, for the ORANGE- NO Zay ducks!

Cassidy tries to Alabama Lift but the back gives up! Zay CLUBS away, reels Cassidy in, but Cassidy powers up! Zay sunset flips, TWO!! Cassidy escapes, kicks, but Zay blocks and flips him off! Step over WHEEL KICK! The fans rally, Cassidy goes to a corner, and Zay runs up! Cassidy sends him into buckles! Cassidy runs in, Zay dodges, Cassidy tumbles up and out! Cassidy bumps Zay off buckles, runs him side to side for another! And then another! but Zay triangle jump STUNNERS! Cassidy wobbles, Zay reels him in, but Cassidy back drops him to the apron! Zay gets up, Cassidy BOOTS him! Zay BOOTS back!

Cassidy roars, DOUBLE BOOTS send both men down! The fans fire up as Cassidy and Zay flounder around. Cassidy sees Trent, the ref has them both calm it down! Trent says he’s just watching, he’s a good boy. Zay CALF KICKS Cassidy against barriers! Zay puts Cassidy in, but Cassidy comes back! Zay dodges the Orange Punch and it almost hits the ref! Cassidy turns around, dodges Zay, but the ref ends up helping Zay with SILLY STRING!! Cassidy staggers up, Zay runs, tilt-o-whirl and DDT! Zay keeps going, he climbs a corner! SWANTON BOMB to Cassidy’s back! Cover, TWO!!! Zay can’t believe Cassidy survives!

The fans rally, Trent is upset, but Zay drags Cassidy up and reels him in. Cassidy lifts to BEACH BREAK!! Cover, Cassidy wins!!

Winner: Orange Cassidy, by pinfall

Trent is disappointed but Callis is pleased. Is Cassidy really going to end up turning to the dark side- er, Don Callis Family? Lexy interviews Trent at ringside, saying we saw him attack his former best friends. And now he’s here in the front row to watch the match. Clearly, this is far from over. Trent says being here ringside, it is plainly obvious that he is a better wrestler than Cassidy! The fans boo but Trent says the only reason Cassidy won was because he cheated! Trent claims Cassidy is a sociopath who thinks rules don’t apply to him! But they do! Rules matter!

But while we’re all out here, Trent wants to issue a challenge for Double or Nothing! A straight up wrestling match! Trent VS “that narcissist,” Orange Cassidy! Cassidy DECKS Trent!! Cassidy drags Trent over the railing, security separates them fast! The fans want to “LET THEM FIGHT!” but we’ll see that soon enough. Will Trent suffer for what he did? Or will his delusional ego fuel him until he’s gotten rid of all his former Best Friends?


Serena Deeb VS Anna Jay!

The Professor of Professional Wrestling is preparing to take on the AEW Women’s World Champion, “Timeless” Toni Storm. Double or Nothing is just over a week away, will Deeb use the Star of the Show to tune-up for the leading lady?

The bell rings and the fans rally up. Deeb throws her shirt at Anna, then kicks her low! Deeb CLUBS away, reels Anna in, TWIST ‘N’ SHOUT! Cover, TWO! Deeb keeps on Anna by tying her up in Paradise! Deeb sits on Anna while Anna is stuck! Deeb then rallies the fans, runs up and DROPKICKS Anna out of Paradise! The fans cheer, Deeb brings Anna up, but Anna fires off forearms! Anna whips, ROCKS Deeb, then snapmares. Anna runs to BLOCKBUSTER! Deeb staggers up, Anna reels her in, NORTHERN LIGHTS! Deeb stumbles away, Anna ROCKS her in a corner! Anna whips Deeb corner to corner, runs up, but blocks boot!

Deeb reels Anna in to KICK Anna, then slips out to the apron. Deeb avoids Anna’s shoulder thrust, to get her for a NECKBREAKER HOTSHOT! The fans cheer Deeb as Collision goes picture in picture.

Deeb storms in, drags Anna up, ripcords and ELBOWS her, then wrenches to hook Anna up, IRON OCTOPUS! Anna endures, even as Deeb bends her fingers! Anna fights her way forward, ROPEBREAK! Deeb holds until the ref counts 4, then she whips. Anna reverses but Deeb turns hip toss into takedown! Deeb sits down, has the legs, and turns Anna over for the SEATED SURFBOARD! Anna endures as Deeb rocks the boat, then Deeb lets off to hook the arms, GEDO CLUTCH! TWO!! Anna escapes, but Deeb TOSSES her out! Deeb runs up, but Anna ROCKS her back! Anna storms in, but Deeb gets a leg! DRAPING DRAGON SCREW!

Deeb runs, and she BLASTS Anna off the apron! Deeb then storms out after Anna, drags her up, and reels her in. TWIST ‘N’ SHOUT to the floor! Anna flounders, Deeb fires up, and Deeb gets Anna into the ring. Cover, TWO, and Collision goes to break.

Collision returns and Deeb has Anna in a COBRA TWIST! Anna endures, pries at the hold, and HIP TOSSES free! The fans fire up as Deeb stands up, and Anna cradles! TWO, and Anna dodges Deeb to CLOBBER her! And ELBOW her down! Anna fires up, runs corner to corner, ELBOW! ROLLING ELBOW! Anna whips corner to corner, runs in, LEG LARIAT! The fans fire up and Anna whips again, but Deeb reverses. Anna still catches Deeb for a COMPLETE SHOT! Cover, TWO! Anna hurries to get Deeb up, whips her to ropes, but Deeb dodges now! Deeb dodges again, then LARIATS Anna down! Deeb fires up and the fans are torn.

Deeb stalks Anna to a corner, runs up, but into a BOOT! Deeb roars, blocks the boot, ELBOWS Anna and hooks her up in the ropes! DRAPING DRAGON SCREW! Anna hobbles, Deeb reels her in, but Anna switches! Deeb switches, Anna fights the nelson and elbows Deeb. Deeb shoves Anna to SNAP GERMAN! Then Deeb wrenches, hammerlocks, and PEPSI TWISTS! Cover, TWO!! Anna survives but Deeb keeps her focus. The fans rally for Deeb and she brings Anna up. Deeb reels Anna in, but Anna wrenches out to HOOK KICK! Anna runs, Deeb follows, CHOP BLOCK! Then Deeb stomps the bad leg, drops an elbow on the knee, then drops another elbow!

But Anna gets the QUEENSLAYER!! Deeb pushes back to a cover, TWO!! Anna lets Deeb go, gets her back up, Gory Especial! But the bad leg stops her! Deeb backslides Anna, rolls her through and reels her in! Deeb tucks the arms, for the DEEB-TOX!! But that’s not all, Deeb kicks Anna over to get that leg! HALF CRAB! Wait, Luther is out here? He is taking Deeb’s banner?! Anna TAPS, Deeb wins!

Winner: Serena Deeb, by submission

Deeb sees what that butler is up to, and she’s furious! Deeb can’t believe Storm would be so petty as to have her manservant take her banner! Mariah May walks out here now, she and Luther hold the banner open for all to see, but what’s this about? Oh well here comes Toni Storm herself! The Leading Lady looks at the banner, and strips behind it!? The banner is now a dress that wraps around Storm as she kicks off her shoes! Deeb is even angrier now, and she chases after Storm! Storm and entourage run away, will Deeb strip Storm naked of that Women’s World Championship?


Nick Wayne VS Jack Cartwheel!

The Prodigy of The Patriarchy, the honorary son of Christian Cage, is looking to get payback on Swerve himself next Wednesday. But will he be ready to make AEW into Wayne’s World? Or will he struggle to even get past the acrobatic wonder that is Jack Cartwheel?

The bell rings, Wayne runs up to BOOT Jack down! Wayne stomps away on Jack, lets off to soak up heat, and then takes aim again. Wayne runs corner to corner, but Jack cartwheels away! And cartwheels again! Jack runs, tilt-o-whirls and RANAS! Wayne bails out, Jack CARTWHEEL KICKS him down! The fans fire up for Jack, and he builds speed to FOSBURY FLOP, emphasis on flop! Wayne avoided disaster, then gets Jack up and into the ring. Wayne says he’s too smart for that, and he rains down fists! The fans boo as Wayne lets off, and he slams Jack down. Wayne stands on Jack’s face, scrapes him, then PENALTY KICKS him!

Wayne flexes and soaks up heat, then goes back to Jack. Wayne pats Jack on the face, goes up and up, into WAYNE’S WORLD!! Wayne goes to cover, but then says no, that’s not good enough. Wayne sits Jack up, tells Swerve that he’ll be waiting. “Whose House?”! HOUSE CALL!! Cover, Wayne wins!

Winner: Nick Wayne, by pinfall

Message sent, but surely The Realest doesn’t sweat Nick Wayne. Will Swerve make Wayne’s World come crashing down? Or is this a trap game so close to Double or Nothing?


Six Man Tag: Bryan Danielson & FTR VS Lance Archer & The Righteous!

It would seem there’s a bounty out for The Elite’s opponents in Anarchy in the Arena. The American Dragon, Cash & Dax don’t mind, though, because they’re always down for a fight! Will AEW’s Top Guys prove to the EVPs that if you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself? Or will The Murderhawk Monster alongside good o’ Dutch & Vincent show that #EverybodyDies?

The teams sort out and Dax starts against Vinnie. The fans rally up, the two circle, and they tie up. Dax puts Vinnie in a corner, Vinnie turns things around, and Vinnie smothers Dax. Vinnie throws body shots, lets off as then ref counts, then throws more body shots. Vinnie brings Dax around to scrape off the ropes! The ref reprimands, Vinnie lets off, and he whips corner to corner. Dax hits buckles hard, and Vinnie gets in Dax’s face! “This is for the EVPs, man!” Vinnie whips corner to corner, Dax reverses and CHOPS Vinnie down! Dax snap suplexes, drops a leg, then covers, TWO! Dax keeps Vinnie from his corner, tag to Cash.

Dax feeds Vinnie to Cash’s knees, then Cash fireman’s carries. He and Dax work together, assisted GOURD BUSTER! Cover, TWO! Cash headlocks, Vinnie powers up but can’t power out. Cash hits a takeover, grinds Vinnie down, and Vinnie fights up. Vinnie powers up, drops down then ELBOWS Cash! Vinnie says, “Dig what I’m saying?!” Vinnie stalks Cash to the corner, tags Dutch, and The Righteous mug Cash! The fans boo, the ref reprimands, and Dutch DECKS Cash. Dutch scoops Cash to SLAM him down! Dutch smirks at Dax, then drags Cash up. Dutch whips, Cash goes up and over and keeps moving! He even ducks the boot!

Dutch scoops, Cash slips out to JAB! JAB! JAB! Cash bobs ‘n’ weaves then DROPKICKS! Tag to Dax, FTR double whip Dutch to double body shot, and DOUBLE RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP! Cover, TWO! Dutch is tougher than that but Dax keeps on Dutch. The fans want Bryan, Dax whips but Dutch reverses. Dax BOOTS back, goes up, FLYING BULLDOG! Archer gets in to choke grip! Bryan and Cash make the save, Vinnie joins in, and it is a brawl! The fans fire up as Bryan TOSSES Vinnie! Cash ROCKS Archer, Dax throws Dutch out! Bryan runs Vinnie into barriers, and Collision goes picture in picture!

Bryan has people move aside so he can sit Vinnie in the corner. Bryan KICKS and KICKS and KICKS and KICKS! Bryan then runs side to side, and he DROPKICKS Vinnie into barriers! Bryan revels in the cheering, FTR keeps after Archer and Dutch. Cash CHOPS Archer, Bryan SMACKS Vinnie off the apron, and Cash high-fives fans before he CHOPS Archer again! Cash leaves Archer behind so he can help Dax with Dutch. Vinnie turns things around on Bryan, Cash HEADBUTTS Dutch! Cash puts Dutch in the ring, then scares Vinnie off. Bryan & FTR regroup, but Archer still gets a shot in on Bryan!

The teams regroup, Dax DECKS Vinnie before getting in the ring. Dax runs, ducks ‘n’ dodges, but Dutch BODY CHECKS him! Cover, TWO! Dutch looms over Dax, drags him up, and bumps him off buckles. Tag to Vinnie, the Righteous mug Dax, and the ref counts. Vinnie slaps Dax around, brings him around and snapmares, then clamps on a chinlock. Vinnie squeezes tight but Dax endures and Collision returns to single picture. The fans boo but Dax endures. Dax fights up and the fans rally up. Dax throws body shots, but Vinnie ROCKS Dax! Vinnie puts Dax up top, climbs up after him, but Dax throws hands in return!

Vinnie falls back, but Dutch storms up! Dax throws hands on him, too! Dax then leaps, but into a BOOT from Vinnie! Vinnie then BASEMENT FLATLINERS! Cover, TWO! Vinnie drags Dax up, puts him in the corner and tags Archer. Archer BODY BLOWS, then he ROCKS Dax! Dax flops through ropes, but Archer brings him back in. Archer runs corner to corner to ELBOW! Archer keeps moving, and he ELBOWS Dax again! Archer keeps going, but Dax dodges! The fans fire up and Dax storms up. Archer puts Dax up top! Archer ROCKS Dax, then inverted crucifix lifts! But Dax CLAWS Archer’s face and BITES his forehead!

Dax steadies himself up top, but Archer STEP UP KNEES! Archer runs again, but only gets buckles! Archer staggers, Vinnie tags in! Vinnie gets Dax’s legs, but Dax kicks Vinnie away! Dutch tags in, runs up, but Dax avoids the elbow drop! Hot tag to Bryan! The fans fire up as Bryan fires off forearms! Dutch stays up so Bryan CHOPS, CHOPS and KICKS! The fans chant “YES! YES! YES!” with every KICK! Bryan whips, Dutch reverses but Bryan goes up and over! Bryan keeps moving, ducks ‘n’ dodges, to LEAPING LARIAT! Portland is thunderous as Bryan KICKS, KICKS and KICKS! Bryan winds up, BUZZ- NO, Dutch ducks it!

Dutch shoves Bryan to ropes, Bryan stops himself, and Dutch runs up. Bryan dumps Dutch out, builds speed and DIVES! Direct hit and Dutch hits railing! The fans fire up as Bryan puts Dutch back in! Bryan goes up, Dutch stands, Bryan MISSILE DROPKICKS! Down goes Dutch, Bryan kips up! Vinnie runs up, Bryan dodges! Cash DROPKICKS Vinnie! Bryan & Cash coordinate, cash DROPKICKS Dutch! Bryan DROPKCISK Dutch while Cash DROPKICKS Vinnie! Cash PLANCHAS Vinnie, Bryan runs, but manages to escape the Scrapbuster! Bryan wrangles Dutch into the omoplata! Dutch fights around, but ends u in the LEBELL LOCK!

Archer STOMPS Bryan! Cash runs up, into a SPINEBUSTER! Archer gets Dax, for the CHOKE SLAM!! Archer roars, he and Vinnie stomp away on Bryan! The fans boo but Dutch joins in. Dutch then tags Vinnie, The Righteous gets Bryan up, AUTUMN SUNSHINE!! Cover, Cash breaks it!! But Archer SHOVES Cash out! Vinnie goes up, Archer runs in but Cash sends him into steps! Bryan trips Vinnie! Cash tags in, Bryan goes up! Cash goes to the adjacent corner! Bryan has Vinnie for the SUPERPLEX!! That’s the Power, Cash SPLASHES for the Glory! Cover, Dutch runs up! Cash moves, Dutch SPLASEHS Vinnie!

Cash fires off on Dutch, then runs to LARIAT! Archer BOOTS Cash! Archer hoists Cash up top, but Bryan’s back! BUSAIKU KNEE! But Dutch hits a SCRAPBUSTER! But Cash hits a TORNADO DDT! Vinnie has Cash for a roll-up! TWO!! Vinnie back suplexes but Cash lands out! Dax gives Cash a lift up and over, then Vinnie turns around into the SHATTER MACHINE!! Cover, Bryan & FTR win!

Winners: Bryan Danielson & FTR, by pinfall

Three-fourths of Team AEW made it work, and surely The Elite is not happy about this! But then The Righteous attack! Archer hits Bryan with an APRON CHOKE SLAM! This was never about the match but about the damage done! AUTUMN SUNSHINE for Dax!! Archer goes looking under the ring while The Righteous get Cash up. Vinnie finds a chair! Archer CHOKES Dax, Dutch JAMS Cash with the chair! That chair is set down, Archer uses another to JAM Dax again and again! The fans boo, but no back-up is coming with Eddie injured and Darby absent. Archer lifts Cash, for a FULL METAL BLACKOUT!!

Cash writhes on top of the steel, but the torture isn’t over! The chair is put on top of Dax and Vinnie goes up! FULL METAL SWANTON BOMB!! But here comes Daniel Garcia! He has a chair, too! Garcia JAMS Archer, DECKS Vinnie, then hits a SAIDO on Dutch!! Garcia runs up to clothesline Dutch up and out! The fans fire up as Garcia runs off Vinnie and Archer, too! But was the save a little too late with FTR suffering the worst of it? Are The Elite going to make sure there’s no one to even be on Team AEW?

My Thoughts:

A very good episode of Collision here, and of course more is set up for Double or Nothing. Very good promo from Moxley and Claudio, and Moxley VS Takeshita is made, but it will just be an IWGP World Heavyweight Championship  Eliminator, not a straight up title match. Maybe that means Takeshita wins so that he earns a title match for Forbidden Door, and then he loses there. Though, if that’s the case, Moxley must be getting past Evil at NJPW Dominion just a few weeks before Forbidden Door. Moxley’s great in the ring and all but I’m starting to agree with Shota Umino in his interview, where he said NJPW should not be some feeder to AEW.

Interesting for AEW to have Collision stationed in one spot for a six week stretch like that. Is this to make up for bad ratings/attendance for Collision? I mean, if they keep Collision interesting during that time, sure. Having something like tonight’s FTW Contender Series could help. I figured Hook would make it in, and same for Shibata. It seems the new attitude for The Iron Savages won’t count towards anything on AEW programming, Keith took Boulder out pretty easy. Hook VS Shibata VS Keith is going to be great stuff, and seeing as Jericho’s promo naturally called out Hook, there’s a good chance Hook wins. Though it’d be a great twist in the story if it wasn’t Hook or even Shibata but Keith getting his shot so that he can have another PPV title match under his belt.

Great stuff out of Ospreay VS Taylor, and I figured Ospreay would win. Great little brawl of him fighting off The Kingdom, though I was kinda hoping at least Kyle Fletcher would show up to connect the dots on Don Callis Family backing each other up. Great match of Cassidy VS Kassidy, even with Trent showing up ringside as a partial distraction. Great win for Cassidy, and Cassidy VS Trent is now made for Double or Nothing. That could go either way depending on how this courting of Cassidy goes for Don Callis, which also probably relates to how things go for Ospreay in that International Championship match. I still don’t want Cassidy to go Heel and I still don’t see Callis making a Face run work.

Very good promo from Pac to call out Bang Bang Gang, and wow I didn’t think Bang Bang Gang would get him so soon. Still unclear if this becomes a trios thing even though the Unified AEW & ROH World Trios Champions do need to defend those titles at some point. But even just Pac VS White 1v1 would be awesome stuff, would love to see it. Good promo from The Patriarchy, and of course Nick Wayne wins, even though this has also been his first singles match in months. He sure isn’t beating Swerve but that probably ends up just a set-up so the Patriarchy can beat Swerve down, keeping the go-home math in Swerve’s favor.

Very good match from Deeb VS Anna, and what an out of the box move for Storm to take Deeb’s banner and make it a dress. Still hard to say what happens at Double or Nothing, but the fans are still just so in love with Storm, it doesn’t feel like she’s losing the title. And great Six Man Tag main event, great win for Bryan & FTR but I should’ve figured there’d be a beatdown. Garcia making the save is great, and honestly it’s a little surprising he wasn’t “the fourth man” over Darby. Garcia has teamed with FTR before, there’s history with Bryan when Garcia was torn between Bryan and Jericho, something about that makes even more sense than Darby just not liking The Bucks & Jack Perry.

But at the same time, Anarchy in the Arena being No Disqualifications, Garcia can still get involved to help. In fact, many AEW wrestlers could get involved to turn this into AEW’s Avengers Civil War/Endgame whatever. Which would be a great way to top off the PPV that makes five years of AEW, honestly.

My Score: 8.7/10

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