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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Results & Report! (1/10/20)




NEW SmackDown Coverage

Welcome back to the Uso Penitentiary!

Jimmy & Jey made their return in rescuing Roman Reigns from Baron Corbin! But now, the King and his court (jester) take the Usos on in tag team action!



  • Kofi Kingston w/ Big E VS The Miz w/ John Morrison; Miz wins.
  • Mandy Rose w/ Sonya Deville VS Alexa Bliss w/ Nikki Cross; Rose wins.
  • Lacey Evans VS Sasha Banks w/ Bayley; No Contest.
  • Braun Strowman VS Shinsuke Nakamura w/ Sami Zayn; Strowman wins.
  • The Usos VS Baron Corbin & Dolph Ziggler; Corbin & Ziggler win, by disqualification.


SmackDown is AWESOME!

Because it opens with the Most Must-See WWE Talk Show, Miz TV! The Miz makes his way out to the ring, in a much better mood than he was last week after losing to Kofi Kingston. Fans are divided given those actions, but Miz welcomes us all to the show all the same. “Since last Friday on SmackDown and the incident with Kofi Kingston, poeple have said I’ve changed.” Miz says he was just having a bad day. Everyone has a bad day. Kofi’s positive energy was just annoying to him, because sometimes you just don’t want to smile. Do not cheer, because Miz knows he let his temper get the better of him. So Miz says to Kofi, “I am sorry.”

But he wants us to understand, he has been going through a lot. The Fiend threatened his daughter, Monroe Sky. And when Miz went to take the title away from Bray Wyatt, he failed to get that shot. But the one bright spot is the return of a friend, a brother and the Guru of Greatness, the biggest guest in MizTV history… JOHN MORRISON! And he even has his old theme and pyro back! Morrison joins Miz in the ring and the two bro hug. They take their seats and fans cheer, “Welcome Back! Welcome Back!” Miz is fired up, too, to have Morrison back. Miz says this a lot, but this truly is AWESOME. Miz, Morrison and the WWE. The greatest tag team of the 21st century is reunited! And for those who forgot about those days, Miz has the “sizzle reel.”

“I am John Morrison!” The Shaman of Sexy, the Guru of Greatness and the crown prince of parkour pro-wrestling fusion, Morrison did insane things as a three-time Intercontinental Champion and five-time Tag Team Champion. The Friday Night Delight is back on Fridays!

From the bottom of Miz’s heart, he welcomes Morrison back. Morrison loves being back under the lights with Miz and isn’t sure what else to say. WWE Chronicle was leading up to this, a new Rumble entrance and everything. It was going to be epic. But then, when Morrison saw what his friend was going through, and them talking on The Bump, it was more important to be there for Miz than for the Rumble. Morrison is back already, and after what happened with Kofi, Morrison realized… “That I’m disappointed.” In the fans. Miz has one bad day and they turn on him? Miz doesn’t want to talk about this so Morrison will. Miz has worked harder for 15 years than anyone else on this roster. No one thought he’d make it, but Miz worked his way into being a champion! And still, he’s only Papa Miz’s 4th favorite wrestler? No, 5th, Kofi is above Miz.

But one bad day and a short temper, all of that hard work is ignored. But fans don’t get it. Miz doesn’t do this for his dad, or even himself, but for the fans! The fans don’t appreciate it because they’ve never been in the ring. What would fans chant if these “turd cutters” like themselves were in the ring? Miz tries to calm Morrison down but AWWWWW Indy~! The New Day is here! Big E and Kofi have pancakes and mics and want everyone to be patient. Who are Miz and Morrison trying to fool? Who who who? They’re trying to say it’s the fans’ fault? And they don’t buy that apology. Miz isn’t that good as an actor. He isn’t even good enough to be the back end of a Human Centipede. Nasty. Kofi would’ve respected Miz more if he would’ve stopped at “I had a bad day.”

But all this crying and whining, that’s too much. Stopping at “I had a bad day,” that would’ve been respectable. Miz respects that Kofi was THE WWE Champion for six months. The most prestigious title in the entire company for half a year. But then it took six seconds to lose it. And that Kofi chooses to smile and ignore that he didn’t go after Brock Lesnar right after. That’s something to “respect.” Well it was 8 seconds, not 6. And Miz is changing. Based on what Miz has said with these comments, Miz is changing from Cool Miz to Obnoxious Miz. That means that the people are right: You suck. But enough talk, time for a rematch! Will Kofi get Miz again? Or will Miz turn things around to actually be in a good mood?


Kofi Kingston w/ Big E VS The Miz w/ John Morrison!

SmackDown returns and Big E and Morrison are on commentary while the match begins. Kofi and Miz tie up and go around and end up in a corner. Kofi powers out but Miz puts him in another corner. Kofi slips out to kick then back off. Morrison defends that this is still the same Miz as always, it’s the fans that have changed. Kofi dodges Miz’s kicks to give kicks then wrenches Miz to bring him down. Miz rolls and endures as Kofi has the wristlock. Kofi hammerlocks but Miz swings. Kofi ducks and dropkicks Miz down!

Kofi has fans rallying as Big E says that the New Day’s 7-time outdoes the 5-time Morrison has. Miz knees Kofi low and clubs him down. Miz brings Kofi up to whip but Kofi ducks and dodges to leap. But Miz blocks the flip only to get rolled up! TWO, and Kofi whips. Miz reverses and knees low! The kitchen sink takes Kofi down but fans are still divided. Miz runs and basement BOOTS Kofi down! Cover, TWO, but Miz clamps on with a chinlock. Kofi endures and fans rally up. Miz holds on tight but Kofi powers out. Miz runs Kofi over and glares at the fans. Things speed up, Kofi leaps up and over to back elbow! Big E is fired up as Kofi throws Miz out. Kofi builds speed to fake Miz out! Miz scowls as Kofi waits. Miz gets back in to be clothesline’d back out! Kofi DIVES to take Miz down!

Big E and the fans are fired up with Kofi but Morrison shrugs it off. Kofi brings Miz up but Miz shoves Kofi into Big E! Big E is mad but Morrison hurries to back Miz up. Things are tense as SmackDown goes to break.

SmackDown returns again as Kofi fights out of a chinlock. Kofi back suplexes and drops Miz down! Morrison and Big E are now directly ringside and coaching their friends on. Fans rally for Kofi and Kofi stands first. Miz stands for Kofi to CHOP him down! And then dropkick! Kofi runs to leap and lariat! Fans fire up as Kofi hits the NEW~ DAY~ Boom Drop! Kofi aims from a corner and fans clap along, “NEW! DAY ROCKS!” Miz rises, Kofi spins but no Trouble, code breaker to the knee! Miz has the leg but Kofi kicks him away. Kofi runs at Miz but Miz dodges. Kofi goes up and up and crossbodies! Cover, TWO! Miz kicks low for a basement DDT! Cover, TWO! Kofi survives but Morrison has confidence in Miz. Miz looms over Kofi and gives him It Kicks!

Fans rally for Kofi as he takes kick after kick. Miz powers up but the buzzsaw misses! Miz avoids SOS but Kofi avoids the Finale, roll up! TWO, and Miz runs into SOS! Cover, TWO!! Miz lives but Kofi keeps his cool. Big E coaches Kofi on as he stands back up. Kofi drags Miz up but Miz shoves him away. Kofi goes to boot but Miz puts the leg on the rope to kick it! Miz runs corner to corner to hit a big knee! And then again for another knee! Kofi kicks the A-List Lariat away! Kofi climbs up but Miz chop blocks him out of the sky! FIGURE FOUR! Kofi endures, flails, and reaches for ropes! Fans rally as Miz cranks on the foot, but Kofi gets the ROPEBREAK! Kofi is free and flops out of the ring but Miz scuffs Big E on the way out. Big E is mad but Miz puts Kofi in. Big E gets in Miz’s face, Morrison PARKOUR LEAPS onto Big E! Kofi is mad, he gets caught in the FINALE! Cover, Miz wins!!

Winner: The Miz, by pinfall

The Guru of Greatness gives Miz a great assist! Will the combination of Miz and Morrison once again be AWESOME?


It’s a new episode of the Firefly Fun House!

“Psst. Hey. Fireflies. C’mere. Don’t be scared.” Closer. Closer. Bray Wyatt wants to tell them something. “I love you.” YOWIE WOWIE that felt good to say. Because love is so special! But not everyone deserves love. That means you, Daniel Bryan. The opposite of love is how “he” feels about Bryan. And Bray can’t blame him. Bryan’s been real naughty. Bryan is in a heap of trouble at the Royal Rumble. First, he just wanted Bryan to remember. The days when Bryan ruined the Wyatt Family. And then, The Fiend wanted to change Bryan. By pulling out his hair. But Bryan wanting to take the title away from them, now The Fiend just wants to hurt Bryan. Okay bye~! See you in Houston! Love you~! Not Bryan, though. Will Bryan come to feel the opposite of love for Bray Wyatt, too?


Fire & Desire are focused.

At least, Sonya Deville is. She will support Mandy Rose tonight. is Mandy ready? Um, Mandy? Right, sorry. Yes, she is ready. But hold on, she has something to take care of first. Okay, see you ringside. Mandy pulls out a gift box, and takes a peek. It seems to be what she wanted, but what is it? And who is it for?


Ladies and Gentlemen: Elias.

Who Wants to Walk With Elias?! Evansville does! Well then, Elias has a song titled “The Road to the Rumble, so clap along.” They do and he plays. “Roman Reigns winning the Rumble. Not if Elias has anything to say. See, I got nothing against the Big Dog. He’s gonna lose like Randy, AJ and Ricochet. Let’s not forget, about Erick Rowan. Whatever’s in that cage, it can escape. It’s gotta be pretty horrifying to look at. Could it be worse than a Lana-Lashley sex tape? Probably not. Brock Lesnar thinks the roster is unworthy~. He made that much clear. Well, Brock, it’s easy to hide behind that opinion. Especially given the fact that, you’re never here! How does Elias compare to a guy like Brock? Well for one, I’ve got a personality. And unlike him, I’m not afraid to talk. So when I beat him for the title, oh I’ll gladly show Brock the door. But first when it comes to the Royal Rumble, I’m going to show ’em what WWE stands for.” Thank you for Walking With Elias!


Tucker Knight knows how Otis Dozovic feels.

But he has to let Mandy Rose go. The Rumble is coming! Oh wait here is Mandy now. Tucker doesn’t want to deal with her but Mandy is here to apologize for what Dolph Ziggler did to the fruitcake. this is an apology to Otis and Mama Dozovic. It’s a blue “I’m sorry” cake! Mandy hurries off for her match, but Otis seems to accept the apology. Is there still a spark there between the Golden Goddess and Dozer?


Mandy Rose w/ Sonya Deville VS Alexa Bliss w/ Nikki Cross!

Someone check Corey Graves’ pulse, he might’ve died and gone to heaven. The Golden Goddess and the Sassy Goddess square off to see who is more divine! Plus, it will help prove which duo is more worthy of going after the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships. Who takes one step closer to facing the Kabuki Warriors on this Road to the Rumble?

The bell rings and the goddesses circle. They tie up, Mandy puts Alexa in the corner. She lets up but then gives a pie face! Alexa glares as Mandy eggs her on. They tie up again, Alexa headlocks but Mandy powers out. They bump shoulders but Mandy doesn’t budge. Mandy pushes Alexa around but Alexa grins before she SLAPS back! Alexa bumps Mandy off buckles and stomps a mudhole in! Alexa backs off to egg Mandy on. Then she baits her into a drop toehold and another SLAP! Alexa brings Mandy up but Mandy tackles her into a corner! And rams her shoulder in over and over! Mandy backs off at the ref’s count, but Alexa puts her on the apron. Alexa dodges the shoulder to SLAP Mandy again! Sonya checks on Mandy while fans fire up for Alexa. Alexa wrecks Mandy with a dropkick!

Alexa puts Mandy back in as Sonya protests, but then Sonya gets on the apron. Nikki runs over, Sonya kicks Nikki. Alexa boots Sonya but Mandy gives Alexa a Knee from a Rose! Cover, TWO, so Mandy rains down rights in frustration. Mandy soaks up the cheers and jeers before she chokes Alexa on the ropes! Mandy lets up to snapmare and chinlock Alexa. Alexa endures as Mandy thrashes her around and fights her way up. Alexa fights out and arm-drags Mandy away. Mandy and Alexa both boot! Then both SLAP! Mandy kicks again, underhooks but Alexa powers out, double clotheslines take them both down! Sonya and Nikki rally for each of their friends, but Alexa is the one who rallies on Mandy! Counter SLAP and a DIVINE RIGHT! Then a basement dropkick! Fans are thunderous for Insult2Injury!

But wait, Heavy Machinery is heading to the ring?! Otis has the cake! Mandy catches Alexa off guard with the roll-up, Mandy wins!!

Winner: Mandy Rose, by pinfall

It wasn’t Sonya this time but Otis that helps Mandy find a way to win! Otis eats the cake while gazing upon his Golden Goddess. But is this turning out to be tainted love?


Lacey Evans VS Sasha Banks w/ Bayley!

The Sassy Southern Belle finally gets to go 1v1 with the Boss to see who really is boss around here! Will Lacey use her Woman’s Right to shut down the “locker room leaders?” Or will Sasha make an example out of her instead?

When Sasha doesn’t make her entrance right away, Lacey has her head on a swivel. But Bayley talks on the titantron. Bayley will put this in a way Lacey can understand: Sasha is AWOL! She went to a real city, Los Angeles, so she can finish her rap album. Bayley is stuck here out of contractual obligations. Lacey gets a mic and says she isn’t shocked Sasha is avoiding her. This is just the difference between women like Sasha and women like Lacey. Lacey is ready to fight any time, any where, and especially in the heartland of America!

The chant of “USA! USA!” gets Lacey thinking. If Sasha is nothing but a nasty no-show, and Bayley is talking smack as a “fighting” champion, then maybe Bayley puts up the title! Lacey can pander all she wants, and bark orders like the overbearing mom that she is, but Bayley ain’t your snot-nosed brat! Well then, Lacey will just go to Bayley! The Model Soldier marches to the back and Bayley waits for her. Will things go down backstage here tonight?

Lacey finds Bayley’s dressing room but gets jumped from behind! Bayley hammers and clubs Lacey to the floor! “Why don’t you put on your mom jeans and go home?!” Bayley goes to leave Lacey behind but Lacey comes back for more! Lacey rains down rights and stomps! Lacey shows the right hand but Bayley runs away! Referees keep Lacey back, wanting her to save this for the ring. Will Lacey ever get even with the Boss ‘n’ Hug Connection?


Backstage interview with Daniel Bryan!

Bryan heard Bray Wyatt’s message about remembering, changing and hurting. His response: “The Fiend sure does want a lot of things, huh?” Bryan remembers the Wyatt Family. What The Fiend doesn’t like is that Bryan outsmarted him. The Fiend did change Bryan, at least in his looks. And he’s changed Bryan for the better. So now The Fiend wants to hurt Bryan? That will definitely happen. What The Fiend doesn’t like is that he can’t break Bryan! And The Fiend acts like he can’t be hurt or beat, but he knows that Bryan knows that he can be beat and hurt. And it’ll happen for the title.

But Ramblin’ Rabbit communicates from the TV screen! Ramblin’ is a huge fan but he has to make this quick. Bryan is right: The Fiend can lose! Ramblin’ has the secret weakness! But Bray silences Ramblin’! “Remember kids: Snitches get stitches.” Bray still wants Bryan to #LetHimIn. But will Bryan take him out instead?


Braun Strowman VS Shinsuke Nakamura w/ Sami Zayn & Cesaro!

The Monster Among Men still hasn’t gotten that gift Sami Zayn promised. Will Strowman force the issue when he #GetsTheseHands all over the Intercontinental Champion tonight?

SmackDown returns as Shinsuke makes his entrance, with Team Sami behind him. The bell rings and Strowman puts Nakamura in a corner! Strowman throws hands then throws Shinsuke! Sami protests but Strowman runs corner to corner! Nakamura gets clear and fires off kicks and fast hands! Nakamura runs, dodges and ducks, but runs into a BOOT! Sami coaches Shinsuke up but Strowman drags him up to CLUB him down! Strowman kicks Shinsuke while he’s down and Sami protests again. Strowman puts Nakamura in a corner and fans fire up as he clubs Nakamura more. Nakamura sits down but Strowman brings him up to whip corner to corner hard!

Fans fire up as Strowman runs in corner to corner and hits the corner splash! Nakamura sits down again as Strowman glares at Sami. Strowman runs corner to corner again but Sami still gets Nakamura to safety. Fans boo but Strowman heads out after them! Sami and Cesaro hurry away and Strowman stomps Nakamura. Strowman chases Sami into the ring, but Cesaro shoves Strowman into the post! Nakamura dropkicks Strowman into the timekeeper’s area! Team Sami takes control as SmackDown goes to break.

SmackDown returns again and Nakamura gives Strowman some Bad Vibrations! Nakamura goes corner to corner but is put on the apron! Nakamura kicks back then climbs up, and flying knees! Strowman is down, Nakamura covers, TWO! Nakamura keeps on Strowman with a sleeper hold and grinds him down. Strowman endures and pries at the hold, but Nakamura drags him down further. Fans rally up and Strowman fights back up. Strowman lifts Nakamura as a backpack to throw him off! Nakamura swings, misses but gets Strowman with the heel! Sami talks trash as Nakamura climbs up again. Strowman catches Nakamura! And LARIATS him down!

Strowman runs Nakamura over, and over, and then corner splashes! Strowman roars as he CLUBS Nakamura down! Cover, TWO!! Shinsuke survives and Sami is relieved. Strowman scoops but Nakamura slips out to Dynamic Dropkick! Running knee! Cover, TWO!! It wasn’t quite the Kinshasa, but Nakamura goes after Strowman with other knees! And palm strikes! Nakamura runs but into a SPINE BUSTER! Fans rally but Sami distracts the ref! Cesaro has a chair but gets caught! The ref tells him to get out and Cesaro pleads with him. But then Strowman knocks Cesaro out of the ring! Sami gives Nakamura the title! Nakamura swings but misses! Scoop, MONSTER SLAM! Cover, Strowman wins!!

Winner: Braun Strowman, by pinfall

And Sami is furious! The Monster pins the King of Strong Style and gets a shortcut to the title! Speaking of the title, Strowman picks up the title belt and gazes upon the gold. Fans cheer as Strowman raises the belt over his head! But then Sami snatches it away and runs up the ramp! Strowman shouts that it is only a matter of time. When will Strowman #GetTheseHands on the title?


Sheamus speaks.

“Rise over size. Embrace who you are.” Shorty G sure says a lot of things. But he didn’t say anything when Sheamus met “that little rat” in the ring to show everyone how things are going to change. Sheamus booted Gable down and Gable didn’t get up. Gable represents all the “ills” that have “infested” SmackDown. Small isn’t something to be proud of. It is something to be exterminated! Sheamus proved that size DOES matter. If we’re to embrace who we are, then Sheamus agrees. Because Sheamus is ready to embrace the chaos. What new order will the Celtic Warrior establish with that chaos?


Daniel Bryan finds a present backstage.

A red box with white ribbon… Bryan opens it up, and goes through the tissue paper to find… A mutilated Ramblin’ Rabbit. Disturbing to say the least. But will such mind games get to Bryan?


Roman Reigns is here!

The Big Dog is in Indy after being saved by his cousins. Roman has a mic now to speak. “2019, it was a blessed year. But it ended a bit ruff.” If you’ve been watching, you know the deal: he was outnumbered and jumped to being embarrassed by Corbin’s crew. Roman used to have back-up. This time, it wasn’t about friends helping him, but family. And last week, his family came back in a major way. That makes 2020 Roman’s year! Roman is going to win the Royal Rumble, main event WrestleMania again, and do that with his family by his side. The boys who have been by his side since Day One, the Usos! And the Usos make their entrance! Fans are fired up to see Jimmy & Jey again as they join Roman in the ring. Jimmy & Jey also get mics to speak.

“Yo, yo! Real talk! Uce, it feel good to be back on the Blue Brand!” Friday Night SmackDown is gonna be #FridayNightLockdown. But for the past 5 months on the sidelines, that was rough. But what was rough was watching Big Dog defend himself against Queen Corbin and his Kingdom. “And Queen, nice touch with the dog food.” But doing that disrespected Roman. And when you disrespect him, you disrespect Jey. when you disrespect Jey, you disrespect Jimmy. Now time to get real disrespectful. Kingdoms come and go but blood is forever!

But speaking of kingdoms, Baron Corbin rides out on his sedan and tells them “You’re really gonna do this, huh, Roman?” Roman’s pawning his beating off on his cousins. This is the beating Roman deserves after screwing Corbin out of his title shot! And that’s because Roman is hiding from Corbin! But if anyone is winning the Royal Rumble, it’s the King of the Ring! Corbin thinks Roman is scared? Roman would love to whoop Corbin’s ass twice in one night. So before the Rumble, how about going 1v1? And then Roman can throw Corbin out of the Rumble and point at the WrestleMania sign. Then Corbin will know who the man on SmackDown is. Corbin accepts that challenge! But after tonight, Roman won’t have his family! Because the King’s Court is about to handle the Big Dog’s “two little b*tches.” The Usos FLY out onto the court! Will Corbin be the one turning tail after tonight?



After what went down with Kofi and Miz, Big E and John Morrison will face off 1v1! Will the Guru of Greatness make an AWESOME WWE in-ring return?


The Usos VS Baron Corbin & Dolph Ziggler!

SmackDown returns once more, and Ziggler starts with Jimmy. The two circle, Ziggler gets a leg but Jimmy blocks with a facelock. Ziggler slips out to headlock but Jimmy headlocks back. Ziggler powers out but Jimmy runs him over! Jimmy drags Ziggler up, wrenches and tags to Jey. The Usos whip and elbow Ziggler down, double elbow drop! Cover, TWO! Ziggler scrambles away to tag Corbin. Fans boo Corbin as he swings on Jey but Jey uppercuts back! Corbin knees low then whips Jey corner to corner, but Jey slides to a stop. Corbin slides out, then in then LARIATS! Cover, TWO! Corbin taunts Jimmy then goes after Jey.

Tag to Ziggler, Ziggler stomps a mudhole and scrapes Jey’s face. Then he dropkicks Jey down! Cover, TWO! Ziggler keeps on Jey with a sleeper hold and body scissors! Fans rally for Jey as he fights his way up. Ziggler pulls Jey back and to the corner, tag to Corbin. Corbin mugs Jey and clubs Jey down. Corbin taunts the fans but fans boo. Corbin drags Jey up, Jey slips out o the suplex and Jimmy tags in! Mule kick and uppercut! Jimmy is on Corbin in the corner with a rain of rights! Corbin stops that at 7, slides out then in, but Jimmy kicks. Corbin blocks and spins Jimmy, to get the Dragon Whip!

Jimmy hurries up top but “SAY YEAH!” The Revival are also part of the King’s Court! They distracts, Corbin shoves Jimmy down and Ziggler throws Jey to the crowd! Corbin’s court (jesters) help out again, but here comes Roman! The Big Dog returns to SUPERMAN PUNCH both #TopGuys down at the same time! Corbin is worried as SmackDown goes to one last break.

SmackDown returns one last time, and hot tag to Jimmy! Jimmy rallies all over Corbin and Ziggler! Uppercut and Samoan Drop! Zigger gets to a corner, Jimmy runs in for the hip attack! SUPERKICK for Corbin! Jey gets in and FLIES onto Corbin, but Corbin catches him! And throws him into Roman! Ziggler rolls Jimmy up, TWO!! SUPERKICK for Ziggler! Jimmy hurries up top and leaps, USO SPLASH! But Corbin throws Jimmy into a post! Corbin throws Roman into barriers! Corbin puts Jey in but Roman SPEARS Corbin!!

Winner: Corbin & Ziggler, by disqualification

The Bloodline’s blood is boiling! Roman clears the announce desk and drags Corbin over! Roman reels Corbin in, powerbomb lift but ROBERT ROODE attacks! The GLORIOUS One is back and he RAMS Roman into a post! Then hits a GLORIOUS DDT! Jey gets a DEEP SIX! Ziggler hobbles over and Roode feeds Jimmy to Ziggler’s SUPERKICK! Corbin drags Roman up and his Glorious “knights” are fired up. “Look at your family!!” They bring Corbin over, whip to Roode, GLORIOUS SPINE BUSTER on the desk! The desk doesn’t break, so Ziggler climbs up to elbow drop through the table!!

But the King’s Court is not through with Roman yet as they bury Roman in the rubble! Direct payback for what Roman did to Roode! The Wolf King stands tall over the Bloodline, stronger than ever. Will they continue to reign with iron fists? Or will this only strengthen the rebellion?



My Thoughts:

This was a fairly good episode, but it was definitely a fast-moving episode with basically no filler and a good amount of story progress in each of the stories SmackDown has been building. We got a really solid Miz TV segment with Morrison helping explain the motivation of the turn, and we got a good rematch from Kofi VS Miz. The one thing this match didn’t need was as many cuts to Big E and Morrison on commentary. If we can hear them, we don’t need to see them, especially when things moved to have them ringside anyway. And Big E VS Morrison next week, that will be a real good match for Morrison’s WWE in-ring return. I’m pretty sure things are moving so that this is the SmackDown Tag Team Championship match at the Royal Rumble, and I feel like Miz & Morrison could find a way to win that match.

The Mandy-Otis story is going interesting places. It was very sweet for Mandy to give Otis that cake to apologize, and Heavy Machinery is doing very well with their part of the segments. It was interesting for them to play into Rose VS Bliss, but it does add a new wrinkle that maybe this is just a deeply cerebral plan to use Otis as a trump card since it’d be too easy for Sonya to interfere. In the end, I’m still hoping this all culminates on Valentine’s Friday, and I can see Otis coming out incredibly strong and on a roll regardless of the outcome. I am a little disappointed that we didn’t get Lacey VS Sasha, but the brawl of Lacey and Bayley was pretty good. Maybe we still get Lacey VS Sasha next week and that still leads to Lacey VS Bayley for the title at Royal Rumble.

Elias has a good Rumble themed song that doesn’t really pick on one side over the other (Faces or Heels, that is). I think as long as Elias is in the Rumble a long time and maybe eliminates a couple Heels, that’s a good Rumble performance for him. The story of Bryan and Bray took another step in the right direction with the Firefly Fun House segments and Ramblin’ Rabbit once again “dead.” Though it was a bit obvious the puppet was in the box for Bryan to find, it was still a good move. Sheamus’s promo of course makes Gable the face of his “anti-weakness” angle, and he delivered it well enough. I would hope Gable gets at least get one win in the feud just to rub it in Sheamus’s face.

Strowman VS Nakamura, even with Sami and Cesaro lurking around, was a good match, and naturally Strowman gets his win on the champ. I almost feel like they should have this title match before the Royal Rumble, so that both men can be in the Rumble. If Strowman wins, Team Sami will want revenge on Nakamura’s behalf. If Nakamura wins, then at least Strowman can take it out on everyone in the Rumble, and maybe even Lesnar. Everything with The Bloodline and Corbin’s Court was good, and Roode’s return was used very effectively. They leave Roman & The Usos down, and I sense we are getting a Six Man Tag after all.

Roman VS Corbin at the Royal Rumble before the Rumble match has been set, and I dread it will be the rumored Dog Food Match, so that’s going to be awful one way or another. But putting it before the Rumble, I wonder if Roman wins to humiliate Corbin so bad that Corbin won’t want to be in the Rumble match. Though, Corbin will probably want to attack Roman back to make sure Roman doesn’t win the Rumble, which could take a highly favored SmackDown superstar out of the running. That could open up something big for a Raw superstar, or an NXT superstar if WWE wants to really shake things up. That might be the irony of this Roman VS Corbin feud: it keeps these two busy so that we aren’t going back to the days of “LOL Roman Wins” and fans being upset no one else is getting the top title opportunities.

My Score: 8.1/10

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Mitchell’s WWE Raw Results & Report! (4/22/24)

It’s a golden Raw!



When it comes to becoming champion, you gotta do it yourself!

While DIY challenge Awesome Truth for the World Tag Team Championships, the Raw Women’s Division battle (royal) to be THE Women’s World Champion!


  • WWE World Tag Team Championships: The Awesome Truth VS DIY; Awesome Truth wins and retain the titles.
  • The New Day VS Imperium; New Day wins.
  • Sheamus VS Shinsuke Nakamura; Sheamus wins.
  • Ricochet & Andrade El Idolo VS Dominik Mysterio Santos Escobar & JD McDonagh; Ricochet & Andrade win.
  • Vacated WWE Women’s World Championship Battle Royal: Becky Lynch wins and is the new WWE Women’s World Champion.


Michael Cole & Pat McAfee are in the ring!

They welcome us to the show, and note that Rhea Ripley had to vacate her Women’s World Championship last week due to injury. And so in the majestic state of O H I O, this is one of the biggest matches in WWE history! For the fourth time ever, a battle royal will determine a new champion! Nearly every woman on Raw is in this match, and the last one standing will be the BRAND NEW Women’s World Champion! Columbus loves the sound of that, and we get a recap package of Rhea’s emotional departure.


Jey Uso is here!

Columbus is bouncing with the YEET Master, as is Pat, as we’re just weeks away from Backlash and the World Heavyweight Championship match. Jey gets a mic to tell Columbus, “Main Event Jey Uso is now in your city~!” Jey continues by saying Backlash is in two weeks. “YEET!” Backlash is in two weeks! “YEET!” So he’s got a lot to prove! “YEET!” To the world! “YEET!” That he is Main Event Jey Uso! “YEET!” Jey has to beat Damian Priest. He has to make sure everything he’s been through was worth it. But wait, here comes Priest! The World Heavyweight Champion makes his way out, without the rest of the Judgment Day, to go right to the ring.

Priest gets a mic as he steps in and tells Jey to take it easy. Whatever Jey thins Priest is here for, he’s wrong. Priest just wants to tell Jey that his whole presentation, the YEET, “Main Event Jey,” that vibe… It suits Jey. Congratulations. The fans applaud the respect shown. Priest then tells Jey that they went to war last year. But Priest wants to talk about one specific night. Priest’s never said this publicly, and Jey will know if he’s lying. But there was one night where Jey whooped Priest’s ass so bad, that Priest then went up to Jey backstage and told him to his face that Jey earned Priest’s respect. That’s why Priest wanted Jey in the Judgment Day.

And then Priest said they were going out and drinks were on him. Now, Priest doesn’t remember much else, but he does remember one: he paid the bill, Jey had that Bloodline good stuff. Jey admits, they needed Uber. And two: Jey said something to Priest that Priest is very proud of. Jey told Priest that they were next. Jey said that “We next, Uce.” Priest stands here now, proud to stand with Jey, because Jey was right. The fans applaud, and Priest says if he’s being honest, Jey was half right. Priest was next. Jey says hey man, you almost had him liking you. But Priest says the world title proves why he’s next. And why he’s the now.

It’s okay, though, Jey. Jey is just the first on a list of many that the machine is going ot feed Priest to make sure this looks good on him. Nothing to be ashamed of! Nothing at all! First to fall, but then first to lead the people. The first to lead the fans all across the world in making sure… they all rise for El Campeon. The fans boo Priest’s arrogance, but then Jey says hold on, hold on. Take it easy, Priest. Come on back, let him holla at you. Priest isn’t sure what Jey can say, but go ahead. Jey asks if that’s all Priest sees him as. As just one of the Usos, huh? Tough talk coming from the leader of the Judgment Day.

But the only reason why Priest is in charge is cuz Rhea’s hurt. By the way, how Mami doing? Tell her he said hi! Hey, champ, y’know what that makes you? Dom Mysterio’s B*TCH!! Priest is mad but Jey says GOTTEE! Yeah, Priest did what he did. He cashed in at Mania, made himself World Heavyweight Champion. But you think they’re just feeding Jeyu to Priest? No, Priest’s getting fed to Jey! Jey’s next! The NEXT World Heavyweight Champion! Ohio, if you rocking with Jey Uso, lemme hear ya say “YEET!” “YEET!!” The fans are fired up with Jey and Priest, but then JD McDonagh runs in! Jey dodges JD, who almost runs into Priest!

Jey takes aim, JD ducks, SUPERKICK hits Priest! Whoops! The Irish Ace messed up and Jey says his bad. Jey leaves, JD apologizes, but will Priest have to handle things himself at Backlash?


“The time draws near…”

“The throne… is calling. The King and Queen… will be crowned.” The champions of tomorrow are forged in combat, and victory will set you on a path to greatness. Future Hall of Famers take their first steps towards immortality, and in May, we begin again! Who will make it through the tournament to seize destiny and don the crowns?


WWE World Tag Team Championships: The Awesome Truth VS DIY!

The Miz & R-Truth won the Raw Tag Team Championships at Mania, and were gifted the newly minted World Tag Team Championships just last week. However, all the fun could be done for #RegenerationX as they now face off as opponents. Will these titles still be Awesome? Or will Tommaso Ciampa & Johnny Gargano finally have gold again?

Raw returns as the champs make their entrance, “What’s Up?” The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and we see who are truly championship material!

The teams sort out and Truth circles with Gargano. The fans rally behind Truth, he high-fives Gargano then they tie up. Truth wrenches, wristlocks, but Gargano rolls, wrenches and wristlocks back. Truth rolls, rolls, rolls, then gets free. Gargano runs up but into an arm-drag! Truth has the armlock, Gargano fights around, and Gargano powers up to arm-drag free! Truth sweeps, covers, ONE! Gargano goes to sweep but Truth jumps it to do the splits! The fans cheer and even Gargano is impressed. They shake hands, reset, and tie up again. Gargano headlocks but Truth powers out. Miz tags in and Awesome Truth DOUBLE HIP TOSS!

Awesome Truth do their secret handshake then DOUBLE ELBOW DROP! Cover, ONE!! Miz whips Gargano, Gargano goes up and over to roll Miz, but Miz blocks the kick! Gargano kicks free of the Figure Four, tag to Ciampa! Ciampa runs up, fights the full nelson, and elbows free! Miz sees Ciampa means business, so he runs up! Ciampa dodges to CHOP, forearm, and CHOP! Miz swings, but into a dragon sleeper! Miz turns that around, BACKBREAKER, but Ciampa turns neckbreaker into backslide! TWO, Miz trips Ciampa and steps through! FIGURE FOUR! Ciampa endures as the fans fire up, Gargano DROPKICKS Miz!

Truth runs up to whip but Gargano reverses! Truth tumbles out, Miz TOSSES Gargano! Ciampa rolls Miz! TWO, tag to Gargano! Miz swings, Ciampa dodges and Gargano SLINGSHOT SPEARS! Miz tumbles out, Ciampa shakes out his leg to go after Truth. Gargano PLANCHAS onto Miz, DIY meet around the way to pat themselves on the back and applaud! The fans are torn, but DIY is in control as Raw goes to break.

Raw returns again and Truth suplexes Ciampa for a GOURD BUSTER! Both men are down and the fans fire up! Ciampa and Truth crawl, hot tag to Miz! Miz rallies with LARIAT after LARIAT, then KICK after KICK! Miz fires off in the corner, then goes corner to corner to A-LIST LARIAT! Miz goes to the apron, Gargano runs up but Miz kicks low! APRON DDT! Miz then resets, RAMS into Ciampa, and springboards, into a JUMP KNEE! Cover, TWO! Miz survives but Ciampa keeps his focus. Ciampa drags Miz up, reels him in, but Miz drops under! Miz reaches out, but Ciampa drags him away from the corner! Miz BOOTS Ciampa away, hot tag to Truth!

Truth rallies on DIY! HE dodges Ciampa to shoulder tackle! And shoulder tackle again! Then the SPIN-OUT BOMB! The fans fire up for the Cena shoutout as Truth says “YOU CAN’T SEE ME!” But Gargano SUPERKICKS him! Ciampa says “SUCK IT!” Kick and underhooks, PEDIGREE!! Cover, TWO!! Truth survives and DIY can’t believe it! Ciampa BLASTS Miz, then Gargano DIVES to take Miz down! Ciampa gets Truth up, but Truth cradle counters! TWO!! Ciampa escapes, Truth kicks and runs, to SCISSOR- NO, Ciampa dodges! And ROLLING ELBOWS! Down goes the kneepad, Ciampa KNEES Truth down!

Tag to Gargano, and DIY have the corners! Truth sits up, for DIY to MEET IN THE MIDDLE!! Cover, MIZ DRAGS GARGANO OUT!! Ciampa is furious, then hurries out after Miz! But Miz DUMPS Ciampa into the front row! Miz puts Gargano in, Truth crawls over and tags Miz in! Miz swings, Gargano dodges and tilt-o-whirls! Miz stops that but Gargano victory rolls! TWO!! Miz catches Gargano this time, Truth joins in, THE TRUTH-CRUSHING FINALE!! Cover, Awesome Truth wins!!

Winners: The Awesome Truth, by pinfall (still WWE World Tag Team Champions)

Miz & Truth manage to hold off DIY in the first defense of these belts, but they also show respect. They shake hands and hug it out, except for Ciampa. Ciampa is understandably frustrated, but will DIY find a way to another shot? Will the Awesome Truth be there to meet them when they do?


The Judgment Day regroups backstage.

JD is upset about what Jey said. He knows that didn’t go as planned, but- Priest stops him there to say there was NO plan. Priest didn’t ask for JD’s help here. Not this week, and not last week. Which JD failed both times, by the way. But Priest got kicked in the face this time! JD apologizes, but then Dom walks in, arm in a sling! And he’s also brought Santos Escobar! Priest asks what is going on here. Dom says he was supposed to have the match alongside JD against Ricochet and Andrade tonight, but he’s a bit banged up. So instead, he asked Santos to return the favor from WrestleMania. Santos will team up with JD, the GMs approved it.

Is there a problem? Yes! But we don’t have a choice, huh? So Santos, do them all a favor and handle this. Santos says Priest has nothing to worry about. Dom apologizes but Priest stops him. Just go out there and handle business! And while they’re at it, just stay out of his. JD says yeah, they’ll handle Judgment Day business. JD wants a fist bump, but Priest refuses. JD and Dom fist bump then heads out with Santos. Is Judgment Day falling apart without Mami on top of things?


Shawn Michaels speaks.

HBK is proud to announce that NXT Battleground is coming to Las Vegas and the UFC Apex! Sunday, June 9th, NXT hits Sin City and this state of the art facility! The partnership under TKO is already making history, but who will reign in NXT for the Summer?


Imperium is here!

Der Ring General returns after his defeat at WrestleMania, flanked by Ludwig Kaiser & Giovanni Vinci, and they go right to the ring. Kaiser hands Gunther the mic, and Gunther takes a moment before speaking. “I know what you expect me to say up here. Talk about WrestleMania, take some shots at Sami Zayn, but I’m sorry to disappoint you. That’s not what I’m gonna do. See, I took some time away to digest everything that happened, and I wanna say this. For 666 days, I elevated the Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship to heights never seen before.” The fans do applaud that.

Gunther says in that process, he became the greatest champion in that title’s history. His name, Der Ring General Gunther, will forever be embedded in the Intercontinental Championship. However, that also means for almost two years, he was walking around here with a big target on his back, the pressure of living up to everyone’s expectations, and his own. That weight has now been lifted. So to Sami Zayn, Gunther wants to thank you. The fans applaud that, too. Gunther says now, he isn’t a target anymore. he is going from being the hunted to being the hunter. He can do whatever he wants.

This is a brand new era, and no matter which brand Gunther is drafted to, he will make sure his name will be embedded in this new era. So therefore, Gunther officially declares his participation in the King of the Ring Tournament! The fans love the sound of that! Gunther says after that, it is up to Gunther to decide which championship he takes next. Whether it is Sami Zayn and Gunther’s IC title, or any other title in the WWE. “But fair warning. As a champion in WWE, you will be targeted, you will be hunted by a challenger that is not only able of winning titles, but is also able to hold on longer to them than anybody else!”

“Already, The General of the Ring, SOON to be the King of the Ring, Der Ring General, GUNTHER!” The fans are fired up with Gunther, will he assume the throne- Wait! The New Day is here! Xavier Woods tells everyone to hold on and sound the alarm. Sound the alarm! Kofi Kingston says Gunther is correct, this is a new era. But what better way to usher in this new era than with ya bois the NEW~ DAY~! See, what you’re looking at is the reigning, defending, King, of the RING~! Woods & Kofi step into the ring, and Woods says Gunther is an USURPER to the throne. A PRETENDER! And he’s not the only one thinking about legacy.

Woods is going to cement his legacy when he becomes a TWO-TIME King of the Ring! Say it again! TWO~ time King of the Ring! Three times for emphasis! TWO~! Gunther says okay, we got it, Clown King. But let’s make it clear. After Gunther wins, he will reestablish the image of that tournament. Then Woods will be remembered as someone who won by accident and pretend to be champion. Oh, champion, huh? The thing Gunther used to be? He lost his gold to Sam Zayn! Where your gold at, Gunther? Kofi & Woods make it a song and the fans join in! Gunther says enough! This is beneath him. Vinci & Kaiser will take care of this.

NO NO NO! Woods & Kofi have faced them enough already. Woods and Gunther will handle their business during King of the Ring. But if his “bump boys” want a match here and now tonight in Columbus, Ohio~! That’s right, COLUMBUS, OHIO~! Then they will gladly beat those cheeks! BECAAAAAUSE~! NEW! DAY ROCKS! The fans fire up, but will Der Ring General’s soldiers finally finish this feud once and for all? Or will Woods & Kofi be building momentum back to the throne?

The New Day VS Imperium!

Raw returns as Kofi circles with Kaiser. They tie up, Kaiser headlocks and grinds the hold. Kofi powers up and headlocks back, but Kaiser powers up and out. Kofi ducks ‘n’ turns hip toss into MONKEY FLIP! Then he DROPKICKS Kaiser down! The fans rally, Kaiser staggers up and Kofi clinches. Kaiser pulls hair, puts Kofi in the corner, but lets off as the ref counts. Kaiser blocks Kofi’s kick and says “NEIN!” UPPERCUT, snapmare, cover, ONE! Kaiser stays between Kofi and Woods. Kaiser bumps Kofi off buckles, tags Vinci, and Imperium mugs Kofi. Vinci brings Kofi around to UPPERCUT!

Kofi goes to a corner, dodges Vinci, then CHOPS back! And CHOPS and CHOPS and then brings Vinci around. Tag to Woods, Kofi wrenches and Woods goes up, to AX HANDLE the arm! Woods wrenches, CLUBS the arm again and again, then tags Kofi. Whip into Kofi’s shoulder, then roll up to CROSSBODY! Cover, TWO! Kofi whips, Vinci BOOTS back and Kaiser tags in. Imperium POSTS Kofi, then they run to DOUBLE DROPKICK at the corner! Imperium soaks up the heat, Kaiser digs his boot in, but lets off as the ref counts. The fans rally for “NEW! DAY ROCKS!” Kofi throws body shots then JAWBREAKERS!

Kofi reaches but Kaiser keeps him from Woods! Kaiser reaches out to tag Vinci, but Kofi TOSSES Kaiser! Kofi ROCKS Vinci, but Kaiser returns, HIGH LOW!! Then they CLOBBER Woods! Cover, TWO! The fans boo but Gunther is still impressed as Raw goes to break.

Raw returns again and Kaiser drags Kofi up by his hair. Kaiser clinches but Kofi fights free. Kofi fires body shots, haymakers, then forearms! Kofi reaches out but Kaiser keeps him from Woods! Kaiser whips, Kofi goes up and up and FLYING SHOULDER TACKLES! The fans fire up while both men are down! Kaiser and Kofi crawl, hot tags to Woods and Vinci! Woods rallies on Vinci with big LARIATS! Woods whips, LEG LARIATS, then whips again. Vinci reverses, but Woods tilt-o-whirls and brings Vinci in to suplex! Gunther is annoyed as Woods BLASTS Kaiser! Woods drop toeholds Vinci onto ropes, then runs to SLIDING ATTACK! Woods even hits Kaiser as part of it!

Woods hurries back up, step-in DDT! Cover, TWO! Vinci stays in this but Woods stays cool. Woods brings Vinci up to CHOP! Tag to Kofi, New Day double whips but Vinci KICKS Woods down! Kofi kicks, Vinci blocks for a short arm LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Kofi stays in this and Gunther grows further annoyed. Kaiser gets in, goes up, and Vinci hauls Kofi up. But Woods SHOVES Kaiser down, and bomb becomes RANA! Kofi then clotheslines Kaiser up and out! Woods aims, and he FLYING SHOULDER TACKLES Kaiser! Kofi BOOTS Vinci, tags Woods, and they get Vinci up! UP UP, DOWN DOWN! Cover, New Day wins!

Winners: The New Day, by pinfall

Der Ring General is rather beside himself. In fact, he CHUCKS his armchair away! Gunther is very disappointed in Kaiser & Vinci, but will he just have to take his frustrations out on whoever is in his way during the King of the Ring Tournament?

As for Kaiser & Vinci, Kaiser does his best to encourage Vinci and help him up to his feet. They leave together, having been left behind by Gunther. The Draft is coming, will these two be able to stick together like always? OH NO! Kaiser RAMS Vinci into the LED boards! The Impeccable German PENALTY KICKS the Pride of Italy! Kaiser SPITS on Vinci, drags him back up, and then POSTS him! Gunther’s disappointment in Kaiser leads to Kaiser’s anger towards Vinci as he CLUBS away on Vinci! Vinci hobbles up, Kaiser SMACKS him off the desk! Kaiser says, “How many years?!” Kaiser CHOPS Vinci down!

Kaiser gets Vinci up again, to RAM him into steel steps! Vinci tumbles up and over, clutches his knee, but Kaiser drags him onto the steps now! Kaiser snarls, but referees and producers hurry out here to stop him from doing anything worse! Kaiser leaves Vinci behind now, fans booing his mistreatment of a former friend. But then Kaiser jukes the producers, runs around the ring, and he DROPKICKS Vinci against the steps!! The fans lose their minds at Kaiser’s savagery! Cameras follow Kaiser to the back and he asks if Gunther saw that. Kaiser told Gunther he would get things done. Gunther smiles, has Imperium cut Vinci off like he’s dead weight?


Andrade El Idolo speaks.

“Be careful when you hear about a problem. You might be hearing it from the problem. I am many things, but the one thing I am not is someone’s fool.” As he sees it, he didn’t betray The Judgment Day and Legado Del Fantasma. “How can you pressure someone when from the beginning, they were never loyal? They didn’t want to do business with me. They didn’t want a business partner. They wanted a servant. Nobody tells me what to do. So now, they’re right. I am now their biggest problem.” El Idolo es Ingobernable, will he and the King of Flight be unstoppable against The Irish Ace and the Emperor of Lucha?


Drew McIntyre is here!

The Scottish Terminator makes his way to the ring, gets a mic, and hears the fans chant “C M PUNK! C M PUNK!” McIntyre sits down on the mat cross-legged, his own shot at the Second City Saint. “As usual, don’t shoot up my kilt, ya perv.” Then he asks the fans, “Why do you insist on chanting his name every single time I come out?” The fans chant for Punk again, but the amount of evidence we’ve had over the years, don’t they realize Punk actually hates the fans? The only person he hates more than the fans is himself! Did you ever love something so much that it doesn’t quite love you back as much? That is McIntyre’s relationship with pro-wrestling.

Say “What” if you French kiss your cousins. “WHAT?” “You’re sick.” The fans don’t get complex relationships, because most guys in here, the most complex relationship they’ve had is with their own right hands. McIntyre could sit here and complain all night, but he’s not gonna do that, even though at WrestleMania, he was attacked from behind but that coward, CM Punk! Priest who could’ve never beat McIntyre 1v1, used his briefcase like a coward! Then that next Monday, McIntyre didn’t get an automatic rematch like everyone else would. No, McIntyre was in a Fatal 4 Way, beat everyone’s asses, but Punk had to screw him over again, and Jey takes advantage, like a coward!

But McIntyre won’t complain. As usual, his back is against the wall but he’ll come out swinging and target his next prize, the King of the Ring! But next week, it doesn’t matter about the Draft, he- SHEAMUS IS HERE! The Celtic Warrior has Columbus all fired up, and he has a mic to tell Drew, “What’s going on, man? I don’t get it. You’re sitting in the ring here sulking. Complaining about how everybody’s a coward, yeah? How are you, by the way? But let’s be honest, man. All I see is the only person here who’s not gonna take responsibility for his own mistakes.” Sheamus steps in the ring and says that makes McIntyre the coward.

Sheamus wants to continue but he asks if McIntyre’s still gonna sit there or what. McIntyre stands, and Sheamus says good, because after all this time, he’s earned that respect. They’ve known each other 20 YEARS. And yet for the last four, all McIntyre’s gone on about is how he was robbed of his career-defining moment. Then at WrestleMania 40, he did it! McIntyre got his moment! He became World Heavyweight Champion, in front of a live crowd! His brother, John Galloway, was there! His wife, Caitlyn, was there! They kissed and hugged! And then McIntyre blew it! Over some stupid social media spat!

McIntyre should be here the World Heavyweight Champion. But over memes and T-shirts, McIntyre threw it all away. Is Sheamus to keep wearing black after that bleeding burial at Mania? Sheamus wants McIntyre to hear him out. They’re friends, traveled the world together, had epic booze ups together, and banger after banger after banger matches. So to tell McIntyre the hard truth, a one-armed CM Punk kicked McIntyre’s ass. McIntyre is incensed, especially with fans chanting for Punk again. McIntyre says he doesn’t care what the fans think they know, Sheamus knows what Punk did to McIntyre. How that affected McIntyre’s career. Sheamus knows better than anybody!

Yes, but this obsession is tearing McIntyre’s career down! He has to get it out of his head! McIntyre says fine, Sheamus wants to do this in front of the world, this is a conversation they’ve had backstage before. But go ahead, tell the world the truth now! Before Sheamus was hurt, it was banger after banger. But since Sheamus’ return, looks more like it’s been burger after burger. The fans boo and Sheamus laughs off the fat jokes. Sheamus will say, since he’s been gone, McIntyre is getting good at one-liners. And Sheamus deserves that. But the thing is, he could still lose the weight. McIntyre can’t lose his stupid.

So then stop blaming everyone else! But it IS everyone else! Burger after burger, the Ginger Pillsbury Dough Boy! Flubber Man! That’s not McIntyre’s words, that is what everyone was saying during Sheamus’ match! McIntyre was standing up for him! Sheamus says it doesn’t matter what anyone says! It doesn’t bother Sheamus! But it bothers McIntyre! They’re still friends! Whether Sheamus gets it or not, or if the fans get it or not, McIntyre tells the truth. And he’s Sheamus’ only real friend here! In the past, they’d throw hands, then throw back pints. McIntyre is past that, he only fights if it is worthwhile. So this here… isn’t.

But McIntyre will still be there for Sheamus. McIntyre will be ringside, at commentary, and he will watch Sheamus’ back. Shinsuke Nakamura makes his entrance, will the Celtic Warrior get a workout from the King of Strong Style?

Sheamus VS Shinsuke Nakamura!

Raw returns and the two circle. They tie up, Nakamura waistlocks then CLUBS away on Sheamus. Nakamura KICKS Sheamus, whips, but Sheamus reverses. Nakamura holds ropes, DUMPS Sheamus to the apron, but Sheamus body shots back! Sheamus then brings Nakamura around, but Nakamura slips free to throw elbows! Nakamura winds up but Sheamus SWATS the kick! Sheamus DECKS Nakamura, goes up, but Nakamura kicks Sheamus’ legs out! Nakamura CLUBS Sheamus on the top rope, then runs to TOP SHELF KNEE! McIntyre reminds Michael Cole & Pat McAfee that he can hear them both talking about him.

Nakamura digs his boots into Sheamus to give BAD VIBRATIONS! McIntyre does his best to put Sheamus over while Nakamura eggs Sheamus on with “C’MON!” Sheamus eggs Nakamura on in return! Nakamura stomps but Sheamus blocks! Sheamus ROCKS Nakamura, ROCKS him again and again, then swings. Nakamura dodges to fire a strike fest! Nakamura KICKS, KICKS and KICKS! Then AX KICK! Sheamus drops to his knees, Nakamura runs, but Sheamus CLOBBERS him! The fans fire up while Sheamus stares McIntyre down. McIntyre gives a thumbs up, and Sheamus stalks Nakamura to ropes.

Sheamus stands Nakamura up against ropes, and the fans fire up for BEATS OF THE BODHRAIN! Sheamus goes all the way to nine, then winds up for TEN! Nakamura sputters and Sheamus goes out after him. Sheamus brings the kneepad down, takes aim, KNEE CAP! Sheamus drags Nakamura back up, puts him in, but Nakamura bails out the side. Sheamus pursues, McIntyre says go ahead. Sheamus scoops Nakamura, but Nakamura slips free! ROUNDHOUSE! Sheamus wobbles, Nakamura SMACKS him off the desk! And again, and again! Nakamura goes up the barriers and aims, for a FLYING KNEE DROP!!

The Celtic Warrior is down, the King of Strong Style stands tall, and the Scottish Terminator shakes his head, all while Raw goes to break.

Raw returns again and Sheamus fires body shots. Nakamura KICKS back, runs, but into an IRISH CURSE BACKBREAKER! And another IRISH CURSE BACKBREAKER! Sheamus climbs a corner, Nakamura stands, and Sheamus FLYING LARIATS! Cover, TWO! Sheamus drags Nakamura up, fireman’s carries, but Nakamura fights free! Sheamus blocks one kick but not the ENZIGIRI! Nakamura runs in at the corner, blocks boots and puts Sheamus in ropes! Nakamura KICKS, runs, and SLIDING GERMANS! Sheamus flounders, Nakamura goes up a corner, and FLYING KNEE ATTACKS! Cover, TWO!

The fans rally as Sheamus stays in this. Nakamura clamps on with a SLEEPER, then he drags Sheamus up. The fans rally, Sheamus fights, but Nakamura becomes a backpack! So Sheamus RAMS Nakamura into buckles! Sheamus fires elbow after elbow, lets off as the ref counts, and he fireman’s carries Nakamura up the corner! The fans fire up for the SUPER WHITE NOISE!! Cover, TWO!! Nakamura survives and Sheamus is beside himself! Sheamus goes back to the corner, the fans rally up, and McIntyre coaches Sheamus, only for Nakamura to KNEE him down! cover, TWO! Nakamura snarls but he takes aim from the corner.

Nakamura waits as Sheamus rises, “YAO~!” Nakamura runs in, but into a scoop and POWERSLAM! Sheamus fires up with the fans and he aims from the corner. The fans shout along as Sheamus beats his chest. Nakamura rises, but dodges the Brogue! Roll up, TWO! Sheamus ducks one kick, another kick, KNEE CAP! cover, TWO!! Nakamura survives but Sheamus hauls him back up. Sheamus reels Nakamura in, Canadian Rack, but Nakamura fights free! V-TRIGGER! Then BOOT! Sheamus wobbles, Nakamura aims, runs in, into a BROGUE!! Cover, Sheamus wins!

Winner: Sheamus, by pinfall

A banger to be sure, and the Celtic Warrior shows off the beef! McIntyre also applauds, but will he really be Sheamus’ friend through all of this?


Backstage interview with Sami Zayn.

Cathy Kelley is with the Intercontinental Champion and notes the recap of what happened in Montreal. Has Sami been able to process everything? Sami isn’t sure. He’s been angry, hurt, and there’s a lot he’d really like to say. But he is biting his tongue. He heard Chad Gable is going to address what he did last week, so Sami will be listening like everyone else. Sami just doesn’t see how Gable could defend his actions. But then in steps Bronson Reed. He says never mind Gable, Sami has bigger problems to deal with. Sami says if this title is what Bronson wants, then any time, any place. Bronson says okay.

The Colossal Aussie leaves, Cathy still wants Sami to expound on his feelings, but then Bronson returns to CLOBBER Sami!! And he throws Sami around against the road cases! Bronson says he already warned everyone that if he wants to take that title, he will! You’re looking at the NEW Intercontinental Champion! Refs and producers rush in, Bronson backs off, and Sami gets to his feet. Bronson CLOBBERS Sami again!! Another blindside attack for Sami, will there be anything left of him to even defend the title?


Chad Gable heads to the ring.

The Alpha Academy still follows their mentor out here, but they are perhaps as confused and concerned as anyone else. What will Gable say about him snapping on Sami? We’ll find out, after the break.

Raw returns as the Academy is in the ring. A new QR code flashes… Raw shares footage from the Pat McAfee Show as Charles Barkley says Gable can’t go whooping a man’s ass after a match, and certainly not in front of that man’s wife, kids and family. In the present, Gable has the mic but the fans boo. Gable says after what happened to Sami backstage, it is safe to say he’s had a rough couple of weeks. Now look, at least what Gable did to Sami was justified. It was…? Gable paints us a picture: capacity crowd in Montreal! Intercontinental Championship match, Gable VS hometown hero, Sami Zayn.

They tear the house down, and Sami walks out as champion. A great story, right? One Gable could accept, even if he didn’t want to. But not Sami, no. That wasn’t good enough. Sami saw Gable weeping in the corner, he placed the title right in front of him. Gable took that on the chin, got up and raised Sami’s hand in the ring to give Sami his moment. But even that wasn’t enough. What’d Sami do? Went up to his wife in the front row, brought that title to celebrate with her, when he knew Gable was standing there! That should’ve been Gable at Mania! That should’ve been Gable with his wife and daughter in the front row!

But Gable was wasting his time training Sami Zayn! And training a bunch of freakin’ losers! The fans boo as Gable insults the Academy! Gable asks if Tozawa has a problem with that. Go ahead, say something. Because Gable has a problem with Mr. Funny Man! All Tozawa does is come out here, do his little dance, and he gets loss after loss! It’s PATHETIC! The fans boo more but then Gable goes to Maxxine. “Sweet Miss Maxxine. Pretty as a princess, right? But dumb as a box of rocks.” What else does Gable have to do? He’s given everything and gotten nothing in return! It’s PATHETIC!! And that leaves Otis. “Don’t even get me started on you.”

Gable looks at Otis, the fans rallying behind him. Gable says his “prized pupil,” his “number one guy,” has proven himself beyond a shadow of a doubt… to be the biggest disappointment of them all. Guys, hold on, let’s back up a second. This is why they signed up, right? For feedback on how to get better. They can’t be upset with him. Just get on the same page and know that from now on, they focus… on Gable. They will all win Gable’s Intercontinental Championship together. They are going to help him no matter what. Right? The fans say “NO! NO! NO!” Gable wants them to say it, though. “No matter what.”

Otis, Maxxine and Tozawa look to each other. Gable doesn’t hear Otis. Say it. Gable holds the mic to Otis’ face, the fans chant “NO! NO! NO!” Otis says, “No matter what…” Gable says, “Good.” Master Gable has become a tyrant, but will he have the title no matter what he has to do?


Dominik finds Ricochet backstage.

Dirty Dom tells Ricochet that he’s lucky Dom isn’t cleared tonight, or else Dom would- Yeah, yeah, yeah, Ricochet gets it. Dom would should what happens when you mess with The Judgment Day. But Ricochet is with Dom. There is no one more upset that Dom isn’t cleared than Ricochet. Because Ricochet was looking forward to beating Dom specifically. But hey, he and Andrade will now settle for Dom’s boys, JD and Santos. By the way, if Dom sees Bobblehead JD before Ricochet, tell him that Ricochet will also see JD this Wednesday for WWE Speed, where Ricochet will further embarrass him. Because Ricochet IS like that.

Ricochet leaves, Dom says keep walking. Dom turns around to see Liv Morgan. Liv looks at Dom’s arm in a sling, and they both know the issues here are far from settled. Will Liv win the Women’s World Championship tonight to make sure Mami comes back for her?


Nia Jax speaks.

“Tonight, we’re having an all-star battle royal for the Women’s World Championship. Fourteen women. That means there’s 13 females and one monster. And I’m that monster. I’m gonna terrorize each and everyone of them, and I’m gonna eliminate them one by one by one. Until I’m the last woman standing, and I become your Women’s World Champion.” Will the Irresistible Force be unstoppable on her way to the top?


Ricochet & Andrade El Idolo VS Santos Escobar & JD McDonagh w/ Dominik Mysterio!

Raw returns as Andrade makes his entrance to join Ricochet in the ring. The Judgment Day make their entrance, followed by the Emperor of Lucha. The teams sort out and Andrade starts against JD. The bell rings, JD takes a swing but Andrade dodges to fire back! Andrade clamps onto an arm, wrangles JD, but JD fights up to chinbar Andrade to ropes. The ref counts, JD takes a swing but Andrade dodges to CHOP! JD staggers, tags Santos, and the fans rally up as we get multi-generational luchadores meeting. They tie up, Andrade waistlocks but Santos elbows free. Santos whips, things speed up, and Andrade rolls off Santos’ back!

Andrade runs Santos over, the fans fire up, and he brings Santos up. Tag to Ricochet, Andrade whips Santos, they both hurdle to then DOUBLE ELBOW Santos down! Double BASEMENT DROPKICK! Cover, TWO! Santos goes to a corner, Ricochet brings him up and UPPERCUTS! And DROPKICKS! And then snapmare for the running ELBOW DROP! Cover, TWO! Ricochet clamps onto Santos with a chinlock, then wrenches to an armlock. Ricochet hooks Santos up to trap the arm and chinbar, then ghost pin, TWO! Ricochet drags Santos up, but Santos swings! Ricochet dodges, handsprings and RANAS!

Ricochet kips up, DROPKICKS Santos down, then covers again, TWO! The fans chant “DOM, YOU SUCK!” and Ricochet taunts JD. But Santos YANKS Ricochet onto ropes! Santos brings Ricochet up, JD tags himself in, and they mug Ricochet. JD stomps away, then brings Ricochet up. JD wrenches, whips, and ELBOWS Ricochet down! Cover, TWO! JD keeps cool and he brings Ricochet around. JD wrenches to hit a BIG back suplex! JD paces, the fans tell Dom, “SHAVE YOUR MUSTACHE!” Ricochet headlocks but JD powers up and out. Ricochet reverses but JD avoids the kick! Ricochet blocks a boot to UPPERCUT!

Santos distracts the ref, Dom trips Ricochet up! JD KNEES Ricochet outta the ring! JD then BLASTS Andrade, Santos FLYING RANAS Ricochet down! Santos and the boys soak up the heat while Raw goes to break.

Raw returns again and Ricochet fires hands on Santos! Santos ENZIGIRIS Ricochet down! Santos brings Ricochet up, puts him in the corner, then runs up to DOUBLE KNEE! JD tags in, he reels Ricochet in to snap suplex! JD runs and tags Santos in, to drop a leg, brother! JD BLASTS Andrade, Santos SPLASHES down, TWO! The fans rally for Ricochet but Santos stays on him. Santos whips, runs in, but Ricochet ROCKS him! Ricochet fires elbows and hands, ENZIGIRIS JD down, then dodges Santos! Hot tag to Andrade! Andrade dodges Santos to CLOBBER JD, then DRAGON SCREW on Santos! Another DRAGON SCREW!

Andrade ducks ‘n’ dodges to CLOBBER Santos, and then he kips up! The fans fire up with El Idolo as he has Santos in a corner! “SI! SI! SI!” Andrade runs corner to corner, Santos is CIEN SHADOWS! Cover, TWO! Santos survives but Andrade keeps cool. Andrade drags Santos up, underhooks, but Santos RAMS him into buckles! Ricochet tags in, Andrade BOOTS Santos away! Ricochet springboards, FLYING LARIAT! The fans fire up with Ricochet, and he STANDING SHOOTING STARS! Cover, JD breaks it! But Andrade runs up! JD HEADBUTTS Andrade down, dodges Ricochet, but Ricochet blocks a kick to KNEE JD!

Santos runs in, Ricochet dodges, DOUBLE FLYING FOREARMS take both men down! The fans fire up and the ref checks. Ricochet and Santos stir, rise up, and the fans rally. Santos and Ricochet crawl, reach out, hot tags to JD and Andrade! Andrade fires off with JD, they go back and forth! The fans fire up as the forearms fly, then Andrade gets the edge! JD knees low, but Andrade snap suplexes first! Uno Amigo! The fans cheer as Andrade hits Dos Amigos! Santos gets in to save JD, they DOUBLE SUPLEX Andrade! They high-five but Ricochet springboards in, only for Santos to KNEE him outta the sky!

JD & Santos get a man each, and they go to corners. They put Andrade and Ricochet up top, then climb up. But Andrade & Ricochet fight back! Andrade HOTSHOTS JD, Santos SUPER STEINERS Ricochet, but Ricochet uses that to 450 LEG DROP onto JD!! Fans lose their minds, and Andrade boot feints to ELBOW Santos down! Andrade gets JD up, for THE MESSAGE! Cover, Andrade & Ricochet win!

Winners: Ricochet & Andrade El Idolo, by pinfall

Dom is disappointed, but then Priest gets in to POST Andrade! And SUPERKICKS Ricochet! The Punisher is pissed, and he gives Ricochet the RAZOR’S EDGE! Priest then gets Andrade up and around, to go SOUTH OF HEAVEN! El Campeon handled business for The Judgment Day, and tells Dom that in Spanish. JD asks what that means, and Priest tells JD that he doesn’t need them, they need him. Priest storms off, but is that true? Is Priest the only reason Judgment Day even has anything right now?


Zoey Stark speaks.

“Well, ladies and gentlemen, it has been one year since I have been drafted to Monday Night Raw. And what a year it has been! When I first got here, I was told to go in the corner and watch, learn, stay humble and be patient. No. See, instead, Trish Stratus? Hit her with a Z360, sent her packing. Becky Lynch, The Man? I beat her 1-2-3. Money in the Bank, I was inches from that briefcase. And at Survivor Series, one on one against Rhea Ripley, and I was this close to becoming Women’s World Champion. See, this last year has been a hell of a year. The scariest part of it all is that I’m just getting started.”


Backstage interview with Candice LeRae & Indi Hartwell.

Jackie Redmond is with the Poison Pixie & #IndiWrestling just moments from our main event. In recent weeks, some would argue that they’ve used underhanded tactics to win. But tonight, it is every woman for herself. Then what is she implying? Indi doesn’t say it was underhanded, it’s just that the way Candice does things- Candice stops Indi, too, and says that they don’t need to defend their wins. And that is what they are: wins. But then something goes down nearby?! Nia and Liv want after each other! Tensions are running high just moments before the battle royal, and Becky walks by to say hey.

Becky knows Jackie does a bang-up job as an interviewer. The Man wears many hats, can she try Jackie’s on? Jackie says sure, and lets her have the mic. Becky is walkin’ and talkin’ as she says it is CHAOS~ back here! Pure chaos! And it’ll get even more chaotic out in the ring, because we are about to have the most important battle royal in the history of Raw. She passes by Ivy and Maxxine and stops to check in with them. Maxxine’s first time for a world title, right? Becky wants Maxxine to go out there and show everyone why it won’t be her last. Becky keeps going and says how we got here wasn’t ideal. But to Rhea Ripley, when you’re ready, Becky will be here waiting.

With that all said and done, The Man has come around to Columbus, Ohio, and she’s looking for a fight! Becky gets to gorilla, makes her entrance, and this main event is about to hit the Big Time! But will Becky win the belt here despite her losing out at WrestleMania?

Vacated WWE Women’s World Championship Battle Royal!

Mami’s misfortune is now a golden opportunity for the rest of Raw! Liv Morgan, Nia Jax, Natalya, Shayna Baszler, Zoey Stark, Chelsea Green, Piper Niven, Kayden Carter, Katana Chance, Indi Hartwell, Candice LeRae, Ivy Nile, Maxxine Dupri, and even The Man, Becky Lynch, all have an equal opportunity, but there can only be one! Who will replace Rhea Ripley as the NEW WWE Women’s World Champion?

Raw returns as Liv makes her entrance, with Natty, Candice, Indi, Zoey, Shayna, Maxxine, Ivy, Piper and Chelsea already waiting with Becky. Kayden & Katana make their entrance together as always, followed by Nia’s entrance. The belt is raised, the bell rings, and the fight is on! The field divides up to go after Nia and Piper, the biggest and the baddest in here! But they both explode free! The fans fire up as Piper and Nia storm up and start throwing hands! Nia gets the edge then HEADBUTTS! But then the others all get up. Becky fires off on Nia but Natty GERMAN SUPLEXES her! Natty puts Becky on the apron, but theN Nia scopos Natty!

Nia puts Natty on the apron, Becky gets up and around on Nia for a SLEEPER! Nia RAMS Becky into buckles, gets free, then runs in, only for Becky to POST her! Indi and Candice fight with Ivy and Maxxine given their beef over the past few weeks, and Natty puts Liv on the apron. Liv RAMS into Natty, Shayna has Becky but Becky turns that around into a BECKSPLODER! Chelsea and Piper work together, of course, going after KC Squared with Zoey Stark. Becky HOTSHOTS Shayna, Natty scoops Stark. Nia is after Shayna, Liv helps Candice with Ivy, but then goes after Candice! Ivy ROCKS Candice, but Candice kicks back!

Maxxine DUMPS Candice and ELIMINATES her! The fans fire up, “A THANK YEW~!” But then Indi DECKS Maxxine! Indi drags Maxxine up, whips, but Maxxine reverses to TOSS and ELIMINATE Indi!! The fans fire up again, “A THANK YEW~!” as Maxxine makes sure there’s no way Candice & Indi get their way! But that still leaves a dozen stars left as Raw goes to break.

Raw returns again and while Katana has Maxxine in a corner, Chelsea is helping Piper out of another, Kayden has Shayna in the third, and Nia CLOBBERS Liv and Ivy in the fourth! Natty and Becky are on ropes, Zoey runs in at Kayden but is sent into Shayna instead! Kayden then sits them both down, gets space, then waits on Katana. Katana SHOTGUNS Ivy down, then runs to Kayden, MONKEY FLIP CANNONBALL on Shayna & Zoey! Then MONKEY FLIP CANNONBALL onto Ivy & Maxxine! The fans fire up for the party girls, but Shayna dumps Kayden out! Then she dumps Katana, but Kayden helps Katana get back in and RANA!

The fans fire up, but Stark whips Katana! Katana reverses to put Stark on the apron! Stark fights off KC Squared but still gets a SUPERKICK! Shayna fireman’s carries Katana, tosses her out, but Kayden catches her! But Stark SUPERKICKS Kayden, she and Katana fall, DOUBLE ELIMINATION! Natty fires hands on Chelsea, Piper shoves Maxxine aside, and Nia hauls Ivy up! But Ivy clamps on a GUILLOTINE FACELOCK! Nia puts Ivy up top, throws body shots, then swings, but into a HANGING ARMBAR! Stark EXPLODERS Liv, Nia SWINGS Ivy into the post! Ivy lets go and falls to the floor, Nia ELIMINATES her!

Nia soaks up the heat, but then Maxxine glares at her. Maxxine won’t let Nia’s size intimidate her! So Nia SHOVES Maxxine down! Maxxine gets back up, dodges Nia to ROUNDHOUSE! And ROUNDHOUSE! And ENZIGIRI! Maxxine runs up, but Nia blocks the boot! Nia DUMPS and ELIMINATES Maxxine! The fans boo but Nia mocks the “A Thank Yew.” Nia then runs to SPLASH Natty in a corner! Shayna is there to KICK Nia! Piper SPLASHES Becky in a corner, SPLASHES her again, then runs up at the ropes! Becky BOOTS back! Liv CLUBS away on Stark while Becky ROCKS Piper! PIper runs up again but Becky DUMPS her to the apron!

Becky runs up as Piper holds on, FOREARM SMASH! Piper wobbles, Becky SHOTGUNS  her down and ELIMINATES her! Chelsea is upset her insurance policy is gone, but then Piper drags Becky out from under the bottom rope! Piper RAMS Becky into steel steps, gets space, and CANNONBALLS into her! Chelsea fights off Nia, but those fists don’t do much… Piper clears off the desk! Piper gets Becky up, Nia still dares Chelsea to fight her. Piper HEADBUTTS Becky, puts her on the desk, and CHOPS her! Chelsea LARIATS Nia, but Nia doesn’t budge! Nia fireman’s carries Chelsea, Piper hurries to go after Nia!

Nia TOSSES Chelsea away, goes under teh bottom rope and she ROCKS Piper! Nia clinches Piper, the refs and fans freak out, URENAGE onto Becky!! Piper and Becky are both on the desk, but then Nia drags Piper up! Fireman’s carry, SAMOAN DROP onto Becky and the desk!! Chelsea is furious, but Natty DUMPS her out and ELIMINATES her!! But the refs don’t see it while checking on Becky, so it doesn’t count!? Natty is mad, she fires off on Chelsea in a corner! Natty whips, Chelsea reverses and POSTS Natty while Raw goes to break!

Raw returns once again, Becky is still down in the wreckage of the desk. In fact, it got wrecked over the break from Nia’s POWERBOMB! Stark & Shayna stomp away on Liv, Natty CLUBS away on Chelsea. Chelsea fights free, shoves Natty, but Natty RANAS! They both end up on the apron, then they start throwing hands! Natty ROCKS Chelsea, Chelsea ROCKS Natty, repeat! Chelsea BOOTS Natty into the post! Chelsea gets in safe, but Stark clotheslines Chelsea up and out to officially ELIMINATE her! Then Shayna BOOTS Natty down to ELIMINATE her, too! The teammates high-five, and they see Nia and Liv in the corners.

Shayna runs up to KNEE Nia, Stark HEEL KICKS Liv! They get Liv up, ALLEY-OOP KNEE!! But Nia CLOBBERS Stark! Shayna jumps on Nia for a SLEEPER! Stark SUPERKICKS Nia but that sends her and Shayna into buckles! Stark runs, but Nia scoops her! Nia puts Stark on the apron, DECKS her and ELIMINATES her! Then Nia runs in at Shayna! Shayna dodges, runs up, but Nia dumps her out! Stark saves Shayna, but Nia CLOBBERS Shayna onto Stark, to ELIMINATE her! The fans fire up as the final three are Nia, Liv and Becky, because yes, Becky rises like the phoenix to get back in the ring!

Nia is furious and she runs up, but Becky BOOTS her! Liv runs up, Becky ROCKS her! Becky fires off on Nia but Nia CLOBBERS her! Liv ducks ‘n’ dodges to tilt-o-whirl Nia onto ropes! Liv then runs up to SHOTGUN Nia in the back! The fans fire up as Liv runs in, but Nia dodges the back body block! Liv runs up again, but no Code Breaker! Becky adds on, CODE BREAKER NECKBREAKER COMBO!! The fans are thunderous while all three women are down! The fans rally for Becky as she rises, and she TOSSES Liv! Liv lands safe on the apron, and Nia gets Becky in a fireman’s carry! SAMOAN DROP!

Nia runs up on Liv but Liv gets in the ring first. Nia hits a SAMOAN DROP anyway! Nia soaks up the heat from the fans, then she drags Liv up. Becky ROCKS Nia first, though! Becky fires off forearms, UPPERCUTS, and a SOBAT! Becky TOSSES Liv, but Nia DUMPS Becky! Then she runs up, but they DOUBLE HOTSHOT her! Liv and Becky get in to fire off on Nia, then reel her in! The fans fire up but Nia is too big to double suplex! Nia DOUBLE SUPLEXES Becky and Liv!! Nia drags them both into a drop zone, and then goes up a corner! But Becky & Liv DUMP Nia to the apron! Becky fires hands, Nia ROCKS her!

Nia steps through but into Liv’s CODE BREAKER! Becky goes up, GUILLOTINE LEG DROP!! Nia flops to the floor, Becky & Liv ELIMINATE her!! The fans are thunderous as it comes down to two! Liv and Becky square off, and they fire off furious fists! The fans fire up, Liv TOSSES Becky! Becky holds on, KICKS and ROUNDHOUSES Liv in return! Becky goes up and leaps in, but Liv gets under! Then Liv runs up to whip! Becky reverses, TOSSESS Liv, but Livv ROCKS Becky back! Liv drags Becky out to the apron for a risky move! They brawl, Becky kicks low and reels Liv in! But Liv throws body shots! Becky still tries but Liv fights the suplex!

Liv drops to a knee, but Becky gets around to waistlock! Liv holds ropes to resist the suplex again! Liv throws elbow after elbow, then kicks and KICKS and CODE BREAKERS! Becky staggers, Liv runs up, but Becky blocks ObLivion! Becky shifts to clinches, APRON MANDHANDLE SLAM! Liv falls, BECKY WINS!

Winner: Becky Lynch, by pinfall (NEW WWE Women’s World Champion)

Columbus fires up as Becky wins lucky number seven! She couldn’t knock Rhea Ripley off the throne, but she did survive thirteen other stars to shine bright once more! She goes out into the crowd to celebrate with the fans, and she grabs a fan sign that says “Women Run the WWE!” Becky even finds a fan wearing a Monday Night Mami shirt to celebrate with her, because as Becky said, she’s waiting for Rhea’s return as eagerly as anyone. Will The Man be the champion when that day comes?

My Thoughts:

A great Raw as both the go-home to the WWE Draft, I just hope some of the stories they’ve set up aren’t going to get shafted because of the Draft. For one, great video package to hype up the King & Queen of the Ring tournaments, and really good promo from Gunther to stake his claim to the crown. Woods also wants to get back to that, feels like he and Gunther could have a great semifinal match. Really good tag match from New Day VS Imperium, good win for New Day, and it seems Vinci has once again been separated from Imperium. Maybe the Draft will move Vinci to whatever brand Gunther & Kaiser aren’t on, and Vinci will return to that Veni Vidi Vinci persona he had in NXT 2.0.

Really good stuff in the Judgment Day story, though the pacing of the promo between Jey and Priest was odd. It felt like they were actually trying to make room for the fans to “YEET!” during it. But I do appreciate that Priest showed some respect, and then immediately didn’t by talking down to Jey. I also appreciate that Priest wants to do things cleaner than Judgment Day usually does, with how JD’s attack was all his idea, not Priest’s. Now, Priest did beat the crap outta Ricochet & Andrade after they won the match, but that was him showing his dominance. Priest VS Jey is going to be great stuff, and there is a lot of intrigue on how it’ll affect Priest’s standing within Judgment Day.

Great tag title match from Awesome Truth and DIY, and of course Awesome Truth won. The fans love Truth and mostly like Miz, they only just got the new belts after only just winning the titles at Mania. And interesting detail that Ciampa didn’t want to shake hands, but it works that it was Ciampa. He was the one that turned Heel first back when DIY was in NXT, maybe Gargano will end up following suit if things don’t turn around for DIY. That with how Candice is basically Heel and Indi is one step away from turning Heel herself, maybe we get a Heel main roster version of The Way after The Draft.

Great promo from McIntyre and Sheamus to not only bring back their rivalry but to work-shoot the whole chubby Sheamus thing from over the last week. Great match from Sheamus VS Nakamura, but clearly we’re going to get Sheamus VS McIntyre again between now and Clash at the Castle: Glasgow in June. That is going to be awesome stuff, so hopefully the Draft keeps them both on the same brand. Great Heel move from Bronson to attack Sami, there’s your Backlash Intercontinental title match. And great Heel promo from Gable, and it seems the Alpha Academy are going to follow him for now. Surely Gable pushes things too far and it’ll be Otis who stands up to him, thus ending the Alpha Academy as a stable.

Great news from HBK here to learn where NXT is going for June. Now, the UFC Apex doesn’t look any different than the WWE Performance Center but hey, still cool that they have a guaranteed Las Vegas venue whenever they want it. And great promos from a handful of the ladies before tonight’s main event, and that was an awesome battle royal. For one, very clever to have a missed elimination because the refs were busy with Nia, Piper and Becky. Now, I will say I was a little surprised Becky won, or that she was even in the match given she lost at Mania, but at the same time, why wouldn’t they go with Becky? She’s incredibly popular, her book is a New York Times Best Seller, and she will definitely carry this title well for however long until Rhea’s 100%.

My Score: 8.7/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynasty Results & Report! (4/21/24)

AEW passes through the Gateway City!



Who will establish their Dynasty?

Swerve Strickland has one more shot at the AEW World Championship as he takes Samoa Joe on 1v1! Will Swerve’s House become Swerve’s Dynasty?


  • Zero Hour – Trent Beretta VS Matt Sydal w/ Mike Sydal; Trent wins.
  • Zero Hour – Orange Cassidy & Katsuyori Shibata VS Shane Taylor Promotions; Cassidy & Shibata win.
  • Zero Hour – AEW World & ROH World Trios Championships Winners Take All: The Acclaimed & Billy Gunn VS Bullet Club Gold; Bullet Club Gold wins and are the undisputed AEW & ROH World Trios Champions.
  • AEW Continental Championship: Kazuchika Okada VS PAC; Okada wins and retains the title.
  • Six Man Tag: Adam “Edge” Copeland, Mark Briscoe & Eddie Kingston VS The House of Black; The House of Black wins.
  • AEW TBS Championship Open House Rules: Julia Hart VS Willow Nightingale; Willow wins and becomes the new AEW TBS Champion.
  • AEW International Championship: Roderick Strong VS Kyle O’Reilly; Roddy wins and retains the title.
  • FTW Championship: Hook VS Chris Jericho; Jericho wins and becomes the new FTW Champion.
  • AEW Women’s World Championship: Toni Storm w/ Luther & Mariah May VS Thunder Rosa; Storm wins and retains the title.
  • Bryan Danielson VS Will Ospreay; Ospreay wins.
  • Vacated AEW World Tag Team Championships Ladder Match: The Young Bucks VS FTR; The Bucks win and are the new AEW World Tag Team Champions.
  • AEW World Championship: Samoa Joe VS Swerve Strickland; Swerve wins and becomes the new AEW World Champion.


It’s the Dynasty Zero Hour!

Join Renee Paquette and RJ City in discussing, analyzing and predicting all of the action happening in St. Louis!


The Young Bucks arrive backstage.

And they’re in a Tesla Cybertruck…? As RJ says, “That’s a choice.” The EVPs fist bump and Nicholas says can you believe it, a quarter of a million for this truck. Matthew says it’s a bit more than that. Did you hear about the recall? Anyway, The Bucks are ready to become THREE-TIME AEW World Tag Team Champions! But will they be the ones to make history? Or will the Bucks stop here as FTR stay the Top Guys?


Zero Hour – AEW World & ROH World Trios Championships Winners Take All: The Acclaimed & Billy Gunn VS Bullet Club Gold!

Max Caster, Anthony Bowens & Daddy Ass have had it with the Bang Bang Gang! Betrayal over greed was one thing, but Jay White helped Austin & Colten break into Billy’s house, after they broke Darby Allin’s ankle! But of course, Platinum Max has a diss track! “It’s the scissor guys from the Six Man Division. We’ll hit you little p*icks with that circumcision! In America, Jay White’s just an opening act. All the fans like, ‘Yo, nobody told me he’s whack!’ I sent you right back to Korakuen Hall. You like to choke on the mic? You can choke on these balls! It’s the three man Dynasty running the game. In St. Louis, everybody loves The Acclaimed!”

Bowens wants his turn but Caster shouts out the other Max with “Cut my music, cut my music! Yo.” “Yo.” “Yo!” “Yo!” “YO!” “YO!” “Listen… Switchblade, you had to grow a beard, you got a kid’s face. Lookin’ like you hang outside of the six grade. Talkin’ to these kids like ‘I made you a mixtape!’ Your hype is all fake like the Donald Trump piss tape.” Bowens says okay, careful now, but he also says Caster can keep going. “Yo, I’ll treat you like a light, Switchblade’s what I switch. I’ll fulfill your fantasy and I’m a make you mah b*tch. Yo, this dude’s just making me sick, I’ll violate you so bad, you’ll have to tell the legal team about the taste of my-”

Okay, Bowens stops Caster there! The fans cheer Caster on, and Bowens says this was a cappella edition. But “ST. LOUIS, MISSOURRIIII~! The Acclaimed have arrived! Scissor me, Daddy Ass~!” And he does~! The fans all cheer, but who passes through the Gateway with all the golden gear?

The trios sort out while fans sing “OH~ Scissor Me, Daddy~!” White steps up, as does Bowens, and they’re all fired up at the bell. But then White tags out to Colten! The fans boo but Colten and Bowens circle. They tie up, go around, end up on ropes, and the fans taunt the “ASS~ BOYS!” as Bowens has Colten on ropes. Colten headlocks back, but Bowens powers up and out. Colten runs Bowens over, taunts him, then things speed up. Bowens drops, but Colten whips him out of the back drop. Colten then sets up but Bowens hurdles him and runs him over! The fans fire up for Bowens and he is on Colten in a corner.

Bowens whips, Colten reverses but Bowens goes up and over. Colten comes back, into a back drop! Bowens then hits a headlock takeover and the fans cheer. Colten fights up, Austin tags in as Colten powers out, then Austin blows past Bowens to trip him up! Austin says it’s too easy, but then Billy tags in! The fans cheer as Daddy Ass storms up on his son, and offers a hand? Austin takes it, and Billy helps Austin up, into a headlock and takeover! Austin headscissors, Billy kips free and runs Austin over! The fans cheer and things speed up again. Billy hurdles, blocks the arm-drag then whips, but Austin ducks ‘n’ dodges!

Austin handsprings through the hip toss, ducks ‘n’ dodges again, and avoids a back drop to shove, only for Billy to LARIAT him! Colten runs up, into a LARIAT! White steps in, but then steps right out when Billy heads his way! The Gunns regroup to CLOBBER their dad! They CLUB away, White tags in, and now White stomps a mudhole in! The fans boo but White RAMS Billy, fires hands, then taunts The Acclaimed. The ref has to keep Caster and Bowens back, then White CHOPS Billy. Billy just blows snot out of his nose! White CHOPS again, but Billy storms up to him. Billy TOSSES White to the corner, but White dodges, and bails out!

White wants a timeout but there’s no timeouts in wrestling! White slips in, sneaks a tag to Colten before distracting Billy. Colten CLUBS Billy, but Billy just frowns and turns around. The fans tell Colten he messed up and Colten apologizes to his dad. Colten hugs his dad, but dad wags his finger. Then DECKS him! Billy drags Colten over, tags Caster, and Caster ROCKS Colten. Caster whips and ELBOWS Colten, then snapmares to clamp on a chinlock. Colten fights around, wrenches out, but Caster rolls, kips up and arm-drags free! Caster runs up to arm-drag again, then has a cording hold! The fans fire up but Colten fights up.

Colten whips, Bowens tags in and Caster sunset flips! Bowens runs up, NECKBREAKER BACKBREAKER COMBO! White runs up but Bowens DECKS him! Austin runs up but Caster kicks him! Caster scoops and SLAMS Austin, then Bowens goes up! The fans fire up for SCISSOR ME TIMBERS! White protests but Bowens brings Austin around to tag Caster back in. The Acclaimed mug Austin, whip him corner to corner, then Caster runs in, only for Austin to dodge! Caster tumbles out and hard, White tags in and tells people to get clear! White whips Caster hard into railing! White drags Caster up, sends him back into railing, then refreshes the count.

Caster crawls, White brings him up and CHOPS him down! The fans taunt the Ass Boys more, but White chases Caster back into the ring. White stomps Caster, digs his boots in, but the ref counts. White says guns up! Tag to Austin, he asks, “Who’s the Ass Boy now, b*tch?!” St. Louis says “YOU~!!” Austin tags back to White and White stomps a mudhole. White drags Caster up to CHOP! Tag to Colten, he brings Caster around and snapmares. The fans rally, Caster fights up, and Caster JAWBREAKERS free! Austin tags in, he and Colten get between Caster and his corner, but Caster dodges them to hot tag Bowens!

The Five Tool Player rallies on the Gunns and the fans fire up! Austin whips, Bowens reverses then follows, but Austin dodges. Bowens redirects, spins, Rock Paper Scissors SUPERKICK! The fans fire up with Bowens, he runs White off, but then White sneaks up on him. Bowens still DECKS White! But Colten DROPKICKS Bowens out of the ring! The fans boo but Austin crawls his way over to the BCG corner. White hurries up, he tags in, and he gets Bowens up for an APRON GOURD BUSTER! Bowens flops down again, White sees Caster storming up so the ref stops Caster. White gets Bowens up again, for another APRON GOURD BUSTER!

White hauls Bowens up and into the ring, covers, TWO! Bowens survives but White keeps on him. White mocks the scissor fingers, brings Bowens up and CHOPS him back down! White stands Bowens up again while fans rally, and White CHOPS Bowens back down again! Tag to Colten, he drags Bowens up so he can CHOP! Colten puts Bowens back in, tags Austin, but Bowens starts swinging! Austin kicks Bowens low, snapmares, then clamps on a chinlock. Austin grinds Bowens down but the fans rally up. Bowens fights to his feet, RAMS Austin into a corner, then reaches out! But Austin runs up to clinch!

Bowens RAMS Austin into another corner, and he hurries over. But Austin catches him in a headlock, only for Bowens to back suplex! The fans rally while both men are down! Bowens and Austin crawl, kick at each other, hot tags to Colten and Billy! The fans fire up as Daddy Ass DECKS Colten, DECKS Austin, DECKS White, and repeat! Billy TOSSES White out, then TOSSES Austin! Billy runs up to SPLASH Colten in a corner, then brings him around. “SUCK IT!” and FAMOUS- NO, Colten dodges! Colten runs up, Billy dodges but Austin slides in! Austin runs in, but into the ONE AND ONLY! But Colten returns to FAMOUSER!! Cover, TWO!!

The fans fire up as Billy survives his own move, and Colten says he knew that move sucked! Colten calls to Austin and they wanna get this train on the tracks! Billy stands, but he shoves Colten into Austin! Bowens returns to FAMOUSER Colten! Caster returns, to BACKHAND Austin! The ref reprimands The Acclaimed, and then Austin BLASTS them both off the apron! Austin argues with the ref, and that lets White CRACK Billy with the golden baseball bat!! Billy hobbles, White stands him up for 3:10 TO YUMA!!! Cover, TWO?!?! Billy survives and shocks everyone!! Is Billy just that much of a badass?!

White tags in, he coordinates the Bang Bang Gang and they all take aim at Billy. But Bowens & Caster return, to TOSS the Ass Boys! The fans fire up, White wants them to hold on now. But Bowens BOOTS, Caster BACKHANDS and Bowens SUPERKICKS! White falls, The Acclaimed scissor finger~! They get White up, but they also have to fight off the Gunns! White TOSSES Caster, then he clinches Bowens for the URENAGE! White brings Billy around, drags him up in a SLEEPER, but Billy pries free! FAMOUSER!! MIC DROP!! Caster then PLANCHAS Colten while Billy covers, TWO?!?! White survives and shocks St. Louis again!

Billy storms around, dares White to get up, and then he says BANG and F U!! FAMOUS- NO, White slips free, clinches, but Billy rolls him up! TWO!!! White escapes, clinches, BLADERUNNER!!! Cover, BULLET CLUB GOLD WINS!!

Winners: Bullet Club Gold, by pinfall (UNDISPUTED World Trios Champions)

The AEW & ROH titles are now unified under the name of the Bang Bang Gang! Three men, six belts, two trios divisions now under their command! Will nothing stop AEW and ROH from breathing with The Switchblade?


“Life is all about the chase.”

“But it is what you chase that shapes a legacy. For some, it is the ascent to power. Or the revealing of true strength. For others, it’s achieving history. Or simply, to be known as The Greatest. On this night, for every chase pursued, an opportunity. For every path taken, a moment to create… a Dynasty.”


AEW Continental Championship: Kazuchika Okada VS PAC!

The Rainmaker not only shocked the world when he became All Elite, but he shocked us again when he joined THE Elite! He took this title from the Mad King, but now he has to face a Bastard! Will Pac dry up the reign here in St. Louis? Or will Okada keep The Elite on the path to a new golden age?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see what it takes to be a truly Elite champion!

The bell rings and the fans fire up already as the two stare down. St. Louis is already losing their minds getting what is itself a dream match. Pac and Okada circle, feel things out, and they tie up. Pac waistlocks, SLAMS Okada then floats all over him. Pac slaps Okada around, taunts Okada, but Okada stands up, completely stoic. Okada paces around Pac while the fans rally up again. They tie up again, Okada waistlocks, but Pac switches. Okada pries the hold open to drop toehold and waistlock. Pac fights up, wrenches and wristlocks, but Okada moves around. Okada rolls, wrenches, wristlocks, but Pac uses ropes to flip through!

Pac breaks free, headlocks for the takeover, and he grinds Okada down. Okada endures and the fans rally. Okada rolls Pac to a cover, ONE! Pac holds on, Okada stands, but Pac hits another takeover. The fans applaud this exchange as Okada still endures. Okada fights around, fights to his feet, and he throws body shots. Okada powers up and out, Pac slides out, and Pac eggs on the champion. Okada runs and slides out but Pac slides in! Okada hurries back in but Pac RANAS! The fans fire up while Okada tumbles out. Pac builds speed to FOSBURY FLOP! Direct hit and the fans fire up behind Pac! Pac then drags Okada up, and whips him hard into railing.

The ring count climbs but Pac taunts Okada. Pac whips Okada into more railing, and Okada falls in a heap! The count is 5 of 10, but Pac takes his time as he drags Okada up. Pac puts Okada in at 7, then stalks Okada in. The fans rally up, Okada is in a corner, and Pac runs up to UPPERCUT! Pac hoists Okada up top, climbs up after him, and then goes to the very top. The fans rally up for the SUPER DUPER BRAINBUSTER!! The fans fire up and Pac crawls to the cover, TWO!! Okada survives that one, but Pac isn’t sweating it. The fans rally, Pac taunts the champ, and even kicks him around. Pac eggs Okada on as he slaps him around.

The fans are torn as Pac brings Okada up and pushes him to a corner. Pac storms up but Okada puts him on the apron! Pac GAMANGIRIS back and Okada falls! The fans fire up as Pac climbs! But Okada gets up to DROPKICK Pac to the floor! The fans fire up again and Okada goes out after Pac. Okada storms up on Pac, drags him up and whips him into railing! Okada’s returning the favor as he brings Pac around to whip into more railing! Pac leans on the railing but Okada paces. The count passes 5 of 10 so Okada is doing this step for step like Pac did. Okada puts Pac in at 7, the fans cheer as Okada storms in.

Okada drags Pac up, brings him around, snapmare and then Okada runs to BASEMENT DROPKICK! The fans are torn but Okada soaks up both cheers and jeers. Okada eggs on Pac as the challenger now, and scuffs him. Okada kicks at Pac more, just toying with him. Pac gets up, Okada dares him to take a shot, so Pac fires a forearm! And another! And another! Okada UPPERCUTS Pac! Okada whips, Pac reverses but Okada reverses again! Pac ends up on the apron but he RAMS into Okada, goes up and over then runs, but into a DROPKICK! The fans fire up while Pac tumbles out of the ring.

Okada goes out after Pac, brings him around, and hangs him out to dry on the railing! DRAPING DDT to the floor!! The fans go nuts and Okada laughs at what he just did to Pac! Maybe Okada’s the real bastard! Okada takes his time returning into the ring while the ring count climbs. Pac writhes at 5 of 10, the fans rally up, and Okada just waits. Pac sits up at 7, hobbles up at 9, and slides in at 9.9! The fans cheer and Okada is amused. Okada looms over Pac while the fans rally up. Okada brings Pac up, the fans dueling now. Okada reels Pac in, to DDT again! Cover, TWO!! Pac is still in this and Okada pretends to be shocked.

Okada drags Pac up, clamps on a chinlock and the fans rally up. Pac endures, fights to his feet, but Okada wrangles him back down. The ref checks but Pac is still fighting. The fans rally again, Pac fights up to his feet, and Pac throws body shots! Pac fires forearms but Okada ROCKS him back! Okada back suplexes but Pac lands out of it! Pac DUMPS Okada out, then hurries to the apron! SUPERKICK staggers Okada, and Pac springboards to ARIHARA MOONSAULT!! Direct hit and the fans are thunderous! Both men are down but still able to go, so the ref starts a ring count. Both men stir, Pac sits up at 3 of 10.

Pac stands at 5, slides in, but there’s still Champion’s Advantage in play. Okada stands at 7, slides in at 8, he wants to keep fighting! The fans fire up, and Okada swings, only for Pac to counter punch! And counter punch again! And again! Pac fires forearms again and again, then whips. Okada reverses but Pac CLOBBERS him! Pac has Okada down and goes to a corner. Pac climbs, watches Okada like a hawk, and when Okada stands, Pac MISSILE DROPKICKS! Cover, TWO! Okada stays in this but Pac stays focused. The fans rally up again as Pac looms over Okada. Okada rises, and Pac SOBATS! And KICKS! And SOBATS again!

Pac runs, but Okada avoids the boot, only for Pac to avoid the elbow! Pac throws a forearm, Okada throws an UPPERCUT! Pac snarls, runs up, but Okada dodges to SNAP GERMAN, only for Pac to land on his feet! Pac dodges Okada no, to SNAP GERMAN! Okada stands to SHOTGUN Pac into a corner! The fans are thunderous again while both men are down! “This is Awesome!” as Okada crawls his way to the opposite corner. Pac drags himself with the ropes, as does Okada. The fans rally, Pac runs in, but Okada pops him up to an Alabama Lift! REVERSE NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Pac survives and Okada is frustrated now.

Okada drags Pac up, scoops him, and SLAMS him! The standard formula says to go up so Okada goes up. MACHO ELBOW! The fans fire up, and Okada encourages them to get louder! Rainmaker Middle Finger! No pose for you, St. Louis! Okada goes for Pac, but Pac cradles! TWO!! Okada narrowly escapes, runs back up, and he ELBOWS Pac in the corner! Okada smirks while the fans tell him off. Okada runs but Pac follows, only for Okada to BOOT him first! Okada runs again but blocks a superkick! Okada spins Pac but Pac SUPERKICKS again! Pac runs, to LARIAT! The fans fire up as Pac waistlocks and deadlift GERMAN SUPLEXES! Bridging cover, TWO!!

The fans can’t believe Okada escapes again, and Pac is also frustrated! But again St. Louis declares, “This is Awesome!” Okada goes to a corner, Pac runs in, and he BOOTS Okada! Pac pushes Okada down, goes up the corner, and the fans fire up! Pac takes aim for the BLACK ARROW FLOP!! Okada avoids disaster and both men are down again! A standing count climbs, and we’re at 5 of 10 before either man sits up. Okada stands at 6, brings Pac up to gut wrench, TOMBSTONE! But that’s not enough for Okada! The fans boo as Okada drags Pac up, ripcords, RAIN- NO, Pac catches and powers through to a cradle, TWO!!

Okada hurries to ripcord and DISCUS- VICTORY ROLL!! TWO!! Okada and Pac stand, Okada fireman’s carries, but Pac uses that for the FLOATING BRUTALIZER!! Okada felt this just last night on Collision, and he’s falling to his knees! The Bucks can’t save Okada this time, so Okada CLAWS Pac’s face! The fans boo but Okada is free all the same. Okada grins, drags Pac back up and gut wrenches. But Pac flips that around on Okada to TOMBSTONE!! Okada is in the drop zone and Pac climbs again! But Okada grabs the ref’s leg! Pac is furious and he hops down to pus the ref aside. Pac stomps away on Okada’s face!

The fans fire up as Pac then reloads up top, for the BLACK ARROW, onto knees!! Ripcord, RAINMAKER!! Cover, Okada wins!

Winner: Kazuchika Okada, by pinfall (still AEW Continental Champion)

The Rainmaker bent the rules to hold onto this gold, and he’s also set the tone for tonight! Will The Elite complete the golden sweep later tonight?

As for Pac, the fans cheer him on as he stands back up. He may be a Bastard, but he’s our bastard! Will Pac find his way back to a championship in AEW?


Six Man Tag: Adam “Edge” Copeland, Mark Briscoe & Eddie Kingston VS The House of Black!

The Rated R Superstar, The Sussex County Chicken and The Mad King all have issue with Malakai Black, Brody King & Buddy Matthews, so they’re ready to tear down the House! Will the combined forces of the AEW TNT, the ROH World and the NJPW Strong Openweight Champions be enough? Or will The House Always Win?

The teams sort out and Mark starts against The Dark Father himself. The fans hoot it up for Brody while Malakai and Mark circle. Then a chant of “DEM BOYS! DEM BOYS!” starts up for Mark as he and Malakai tie up. Mark headlocks, Malakai powers out to wrench and wristlock. Mark rolls, breaks free, then snapmares Malakai. Malakai gets up, Mark runs him over and covers, ONE! Malakai arm-drags, then brings Mark up to wrench the arm. Tag to Buddy, he goes up and DOUBLE STOMPS the arm! Buddy stares Edge down, then wrenches Mark to YANK the arm. Buddy grinds the arm but Mark endures.

Mark fights up, rolls, headlocks, but Buddy powers out. Edge tags in, Mark BOOTS Buddy and Edge LARIATS! Edge & Mark double whip, then DOUBLE SHOULDER TACKLE! The fans fire up and Edge stalks Buddy to a corner. Edge climbs up and rains down fists! The fans cheer as Edge goes past TEN! Buddy shoves Edge, runs in, but into a FLAPJACK! The fans fire up, Edge wrenches, then whips. Buddy holds ropes to block, then he kicks Edge away. Malakai tags in and the fans like this stare down. Malakai and Edge step forward, but then Malakai tags out to Brody. The fans boo but then they hoot it up.

Edge and Brody approach, Edge dodges Brody but Brody uses that to DECK Eddie! Edge dodges Brody again, and tags to Eddie! Eddie CHOPS, Brody CHOPS, repeat! The fans fire up as these kings CHOP back and forth! Eddie brings down the straps and CHOPS again! Brody CHOPS, Eddie CHOPS, repeat! Brody DECKS Eddie with a forearm, but Eddie avoids the elbow drop! Eddie paces, then KICKS! And CHOPS! KICK! CHOP! Brody snarls with every KICK and every CHOP! Brody stands, but Eddie ENZIGIRIS! Brody ends up in a corner and the fans fire up for “KOBO!” MACHINE GUN CHOPS!

The fans fire up as Eddie CHOPS again, then whips corner to corner. Brody reverses to BIG BOSS MAN SLAM! Eddie flounders to a corner, Brody hoots and the fans join in. Brody goes corner to corner to CANNONBALL! Eddie sputters from getting crushed, but Brody covers, ONE!! Brody tags Buddy, and Buddy slingshot SENTONS! Cover, TWO! Buddy KNEES Eddie in the back, KNEES him again, then KICKS! Eddie snarls as he stands up, but then he sits down, daring Buddy to give him more! Buddy runs to BASEMENT DROPKICK! Cover, TWO! Buddy drags Eddie up, UPPERCUTS him to the corner, then tags Malakai.

The fans rally for Eddie as the House mugs him. Malakai snapmares Eddie to run and BASEMENT DROPKICK! Cover, TWO! Malakai clamps on with a chinlock and he grinds Eddie down. The fans rally as Eddie endures and fights up. Malakai KNEES low, but Eddie CHOPS! Malakai fires a forearm, but Eddie CHOPS again! Malakai fires another forearm, blocks a kick then gives a KICK, but Eddie RIDGEHANDS! Malakai BACK ELBOWS! Eddie staggers to a corner, but he BOOTS back! Eddie ducks the roundhouse to GERMAN SUPLEX! Both men are down again and the fans fire up! Eddie and Malakai crawl, hot tags to Marks and Buddy!

Mark dodges Buddy to CHOP, CHOP and CHOP! Mark whips, Buddy reverses but Mark ducks ‘n’ dodges to CLOBBER Buddy! The fans fire up and Mark swings, but Buddy fires a strike fest in return! Stomp to the foot, but Mark avoids the knee to HELL STAB! The fans fire up and Mark runs in, but into a BOOT! Buddy runs in but Mark puts him on the apron to PELE! Buddy falls to the floor and fans fire up as Mark WRECKS him with a dropkick! Mark then goes to the apron, but Malakai and Brody storm over. Edge and Eddie hurry over, Edge ROCKS Malakai but Brody CLUBS away on Edge!

Eddie fires hands on Malakai, Brody sends Edge into railing! Eddie whips but Malakai reverses to send Eddie into railing! Eddie takes a seat, Malakai BOOTS him down! Speaking of chairs, Buddy throws one at Mark! Mark catches it, kicks Buddy, then BACKHANDS him! Mark BOOTS Buddy off the railing, sets the chair up, and then gets some space. Mark runs to use the chair to LAUNCH onto Brody! The fans are thunderous as the Chicken flies! Mark goes to the apron, Buddy runs up from inside, but Mark ROCKS him first! Mark drags Buddy to the apron, but Buddy throws hands. They brawl on the edge as the fans rally up!

Mark ROCKS Buddy, fireman’s carries, but Buddy fights free! Buddy ROCKS Mark, but Mark blocks the boot to HELL STAB again! Brody storms up but Mark MULE KICKS! Buddy V-TRIGGERS! Brody catches Mark to DEATH VALLEY DRIVER into barriers!! The fans lose their minds and that barrier is dented! Security helps push that back into place while Brody rises up. Brody drags Mark back into the ring, Malakai tags in to cover, TWO!! Mark survives, but Malakai drops knees on the shoulder! Malakai stomps Mark, then stands him up to KICK him back down! Malakai then wrenches Mark, tags in Brody, and the House mugs the Chicken.

Brody CHOPS Mark, digs his knee in, but lets off as the ref counts 4. Brody storms back up on Mark, drags him up, and CHOPS again! Tag to Malakai, they mug Mark some more, then Malakai whips Mark to ropes. Malakai ELBOWS Mark down, covers, TWO! Malakai clamps onto Mark with a hammerlock and chinlock. The fans rally as Mark endures and fights up. Malakai shifts around for a COBRA TWIST! The fans rally again as Mark continues to endure, and then Eddie storms in to CLUB Malakai down! Mark is free, though still in enemy territory, and Brody CHOKES Mark in the corner! Malakai snarls at Eddie, then tags Brody.

Brody stomps a mudhole into Mark, lets off as the ref counts, then drags Mark up again. Brody whips Mark back in hard, but Mark CHOPS Buddy! And ROCKS Malakai! Mark BOOTS Brody, fires off on the others, then dodges to hot tag Edge! Edge dodges Brody to BLAST Buddy! Malakai backs away, and Brody runs back in! Edge dodges again, Brody hits buckles, and Edge runs side to side to BOOT Brody and Buddy! Edge then brings Brody around, for the IMP- NO, Brody fights the DDT and powers out! Edge LARIATS but Brody stays up! Edge runs, ducks ‘n’ dodges and RAMS into Brody! Brody goes to a corner, Edge RAMS in again!

Edge puts Brody up top, climbs up after him, and the fans fire up as Edge fires forearms! The fans count along as Edge goes all the way to nine, then BITES Brody! But Brody throws body shots and forearms, and then CHOPS Edge off the corner! Eddie & Mark hurry to BLAST Malakai & Buddy! Eddie fires off on Brody, then CHOPS! Eddie hits Brody so hard, Eddie falls over! Mark helps Eddie up and they both climb after Brody. But Buddy and Malakai return to get them! DOUBLE POWERBOMBS! But they miss Edge as he goes back up! SUPER DUPER PLEX!! All six men are down and the fans are thunderous!

The fans cheer on “A E DUB! A E DUB!” as a standing count starts. Edge finds his way to Brody, brings him around, but Brody again fights the DDT. Buddy METEORAS! Eddie runs up to LARIAT Buddy! ROUNDHOUSE for Eddie! MISSILE DROPKICK for Malakai! DISCUS LARIAT for Mark! The fans hoot as Brody rises! Brody drags Eddie up, but Eddie URAKENS! Edge kicks low, IMPALER DDT!! Mark goes up for the FROGGY BOW!! Edge hurries to cover, Buddy breaks it! The fans rally up again as another standing count starts. Brody crawls his way over, tag to Malakai. Malakai steps up to Edge, even with wobbly legs.

Malakai grins at Edge as Edge stands. The fans fire up but then Mark fires off on Malakai! Edge brawls with Brody, Eddie brawls with Buddy! V-TRIGGER takes Eddie down! JUMP KNEE takes Mark down! Brody ROCKS Edge, Buddy GAMANGIRIS! Brody SPLASHES Edge and he sits down! The hooting returns, the House sets up, but Mark and Eddie rise! TRIPLE SPEARS take down the House!! Cerberus’ three heads all take a hit and the fans are thunderous again! Edge looks around, he needs to get Malakai back in here. Malakai rises and finds his own way back in, and the fans rally up!

Edge fires himself up as he aims at Malakai! But BLACK MIST hits first!! The ref missed the mist, he was checking on Brody! And then THE END!! Cover, The House wins!

Winners: The House of Black, by pinfall

The Rated R Superstar didn’t see the mist coming, and then he couldn’t see The End! Will Malakai look to end Edge once and for all?


AEW TBS Championship Open House Rules: Julia Hart VS Willow Nightingale!

From one part of the House to the other, the Princess of the Black Throne vows to never let go of this gold. However, the Babe with the Power has her friends and family in attendance, she vows to not let them down! As for Dealer’s Choice, it’s simple: complete ringside ban! No Skye, no House, no Kris! Something’s gotta give, who will be THE Face of TBS?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see if truly, The House Always Wins!

The bell rings and the two rush in! Willow BOOTS Julia down and the fans fire up! Stokely’s on commentary, he loves what he sees as Willow fires forearms! Willow then bumps Julia off buckles, brings her around to another corner to bump off another buckle, then pushes her out. Willow goes up, but Julia SUPERKICKS her to the floor! Willow tumbles, Julia storms out and stomps her down! Julia grins as she TOSSES Willow into the timekeeper’s area! The fans boo but Julia gets Willow back in the ring. Julia CLUBS Willow, dribbles her off the mat, then lets off as fans boo. Julia stomps Willow, stalks her to ropes, and CHOKES her!

The ref counts, but Julia reminds her there are no ropebreaks! The ref still reprimands, and Julia lets off. We see Mercedes Mone watching backstage, as she wants next. Julia has Willow in the ropes again, for a HANGING HEADSCISSOR! Willow can only endure, but Julia eventually lets off. Julia CLUBS Willow while fans duel. Willow throws body shots, Julia CLUBS her again. Julia RAMS Willow into a corner, then runs up to back elbow! Julia brings Willow around to SMACK her off the mat, then covers, TWO! Willow is tougher than that but Julia clamps onto her again with a CAMEL CLUTCH!

Julia bends Willow, but Willow endures and the fans rally up. Willow gets an arm free, powers her way forward, but Julia SMACKS her off the mat again! And again! Willow flounders, but she throws body shots! Willow runs but Julia catches her to a sleeper! Willow powers out, and then gets Julia in a SLEEPER! Julia sits down to KICK from below again and again and again! Willow lets go in order to guard but Julia gets up to stomp her! Julia runs, but into a SPINEBUSTER! The fans fire up and Willow high stacks, TWO! Julia goes to a corner but Willow fires up! Willow runs corner to corner to BACK BODY BLOCK!

Willow then clotheslines, snapmares, and goes up! Julia turns around, but avoids the missile dropkick! Julia clamps on, HARTLESS LOCK!! Willow endures, fights around, and she powers up! Willow lifts Julia and the fans fire up! But Julia shifts to a sunset flip! Willow sits on it! TWO!! SUPERKICK! Willow just snarls! Julia SUPERKICKS again, but Willow shakes her head! Willow CHOPS, CHOPS and whips Julia to a corner. Willow runs up, but into BOOTS! Julia goes up to the very top, to MOONSAULT into BOOTS! Willow fires up as she LARIATS! The fans fire up as the straps come down! Willow hauls Julia up, gut wrenches, BABE WITH THE POWER BOMB!! Cover, WILLOW WINS!!

Winner: Willow Nightingale, by pinfall (NEW AEW TBS Champion)

Stokely says, “Chuck E. Cheese, here we come!!” Willow goes from former NJPW Strong Women’s Champion to the Queen of Harts to now the NEW Face of TBS! Kris and Stokely join Willow in the ring to HUG it out! But then here comes The CEO! Mone wants next, and she wants the rematch with Willow from that NJPW Strong Women’s Tournament. Mone gets in the ring, and Willow lifts the title high. Double or Nothing is coming, but is this the match-up we’ll see?


AEW International Championship: Roderick Strong VS Kyle O’Reilly!

The Kingdom may be undisputed, but friendships are fragile things, as are egos. The Savior of the Backbreaker couldn’t stand the fact #CombatKyle thought for even a moment that someone else would hold this title, so he struck first. But will Kyle not only strike back, but make Roddy’s fear come true? Or will Roddy break Kyle’s back along with his heart?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see who is truly undisputed!

The bell rings and the fans rally as the two circle. They tie up, go around, clinch, fight for control, and Roddy powers Kyle back. Kyle turns that around to have Roddy on the ropes, grabs a leg, but Roddy grabs for a facelock. Kyle slips away and backs off, and the fans applaud the exchange. The two go again, Roddy headlocks then wrenches to a wristlock. Kyle squats, spins, drop toeholds, then floats around on Roddy to get a facelock. Roddy wrenches free again, hits a headlock and takeover, but Kyle rolls it to a cover! ONE, Roddy headlocks, and he tells the fans to shut up. Kyle rolls free, the two stand off, and the fans cheer again.

Kyle and Roddy reset again, knuckle lock, and Roddy knees low! Roddy wrenches, hammerlocks, but Kyle reaches back. Kyle gets up and under, back drops, then drops to an ARMBAR! Roddy clasps hands to fight that, tries a headscissor, but Kyle gets the leg for an ANKLE LOCK! Roddy flails around, reaches out, ROPEBREAK! Kyle lets go, to drop a knee on the arm! Kyle then kicks Roddy to a corner, wrenches his arm, but Roddy ROCKS Kyle! Kyle wrenches again, but Roddy ROCKS him again! Another wrench, but Roddy pulls hair to put Kyle in a corner. The ref reprimands, Roddy CHOPS, then scoops to BACKBREAKER!

The ref reprimands, but Roddy drags Kyle up. Roddy CHOPS, but Kyle just scowls! Kyle KNEES, FOREARMS, KICKS and KICKS! Roddy hobbles, but he drops back to avoid another kick! Kyle smirks, he KICKS Roddy’s leg guard. Roddy still keeps up that guard, so Kyle jumps! Roddy gets under, but Kyle sits on the roll-up, TWO! Roddy sunset flips, TWO! Roddy dodges a kick to CALF KICK! The fans cheer the exchange, Roddy covers, TWO! Roddy drags Kyle up, whips him to a corner, then runs in. Kyle puts Roddy on the apron, but Roddy ROCKS Kyle first! Roddy brings Kyle around but Kyle HOTSHOTS the arm!

Kyle storms up but Roddy RAMS into him! Roddy steps in, but into an ARM WRINGER! Roddy writhes and flounders away while fans cheer. Kyle storms over to Roddy, brings him up and KICKS the leg out! Roddy drops to his knees but Kyle just KICKS and KICKS and KICKS him in the chest and arms! Kyle runs, but into a CHOP! Roddy runs, but into a JUMP KNEE, but he catches Kyle! BACKBREAKER! Roddy drags Kyle up by his hair, brings him around, and puts him in a corner. The ref reprimands and counts, but Roddy CHOPS! Roddy puts Kyle up top, climbs, but Kyle has a KIMURA! Roddy CLUBS away to fight back!

Roddy turns Kyle sideways, scoops him, TOP ROPE BACKBREAKER! Kyle flops to the mat and the ref checks. Roddy turns Kyle over and rains down fists! The fans boo but Roddy lets off to sit Kyle up. Roddy clamps on for a modified Cobra Twist! The fans rally while Kyle endures. Kyle slips around, TRIANGLE HOLD! Roddy CLUBS and HAMMERS away on Kyle to get free! Roddy drags Kyle up, puts Kyle on ropes to CHOP, but Kyle just snarls! Kyle forearms, Roddy CHOPS, then they fire forearms back! Roddy knees low, CLUBS away at the ropes then stomps Kyle down! The ref counts, the fans boo, but Roddy lets off at 4.

Roddy soaks up the heat to then bring Kyle up again. Roddy KNEES Kyle low, but Kyle ROCKS Roddy! Roddy ROCKS Kyle, Kyle ROCKS Roddy, and the forearms keep going! Roddy shoves to then clinch Kyle, BACKBREAKER! Kyle writhes while Roddy catches his breath. Roddy says this is what Kyle wanted! The fans rally, Roddy brings Kyle up, and half nelson for a BACKBREAKER! Roddy says he could end this right now! Kyle wanted this! Roddy mockingly claps along with the fans while Kyle crawls. Roddy eggs Kyle on, Kyle drags himself up, and the fans fire up! Roddy CLUBS Kyle, torture racks him, and hits a BACKBREAKER DROP! Cover, TWO!!

The fans fire up as Kyle survives! Roddy seethes, he drags Kyle up, and he reels Kyle in to suplex. Kyle knees free, but Roddy tries again! Kyle knees Roddy again, then has the GUILLOTINE! The fans fire up but Roddy wrenches out! Kyle blocks chop but Roddy rolls through the armlock! Kyle fires knees and kicks and fast hands! KICK, LEG SWEEP! The fans fire up as Roddy flounders away! Kyle runs up to forearm SMASH! Then a wrench to an ELBOW BREAKER, then a back suplex SLAM, into the HEEL HOOK! Roddy scrambles to the ROPEBREAK! The ref counts, Kyle lets go, and Kyle walks off the pain as he waits on Roddu.

Roddy stands, Kyle KICKS the leg! Kyle wrenches but Roddy OLYMPIC SLAMS! Kyle flounders to ropes, drags himself up, but Roddy runs side to side to forearm SMASH, and SMASH, and SMASH again! Four forearm strikes, then Roddy runs up, only for Kyle to block the knee! Kyle puts Roddy’s leg in the ropes, KICKS him, then goes up! Roddy dangles, Kyle hits the GUILLOTINE KNEE DROP! The fans fire up as Kyle climbs again! KING KONG KNEE on the leg! KNEEBAR HEEL HOOK COMBO!! Kyle has the leg trapped, but Roddy stomps away with his free leg! Roddy finally gets Kyle to let go, and he clutches his ankle.

Kyle and Roddy grab a wristlock, stand up, and they start firing forearms! The fans are on Kyle’s side as he ROCKS Roddy again and again! But Roddy ducks the kick for a BACKBREAKER! Cover, TWO!! Kyle is still in this and the fans rally again! Roddy huffs and puffs and brings Kyle back up. Roddy puts Kyle up top again, climbs up after him, and goes to the very top! SUPER DUPER PLEX, but Kyle cradles it!! TWO!! Roddy has it, TWO!! Both men stand, Roddy fires boxing elbows! Roddy runs, Kyle yoyos and DOUBLE LARIATS collide! The fans fire up with both men down again! A standing count starts, but Roddy drags himself up.

Both men stand at 3 of 10, and Kyle KICKS! Roddy CHOPS! Kyle KICKS! Roddy CHOPS! KICK! Roddy body shots, Kyle KICKS! Roddy CHOPS, Kyle KICKS, and they pick up speed! KICK, CHOP, “YAY! BOO!” Roddy goes for a leg, Kyle steps over and KNEES him! Then GERMAN SUPLEX! Then AX ‘N’- NO, Roddy scoops! But Kyle KNEES free! AX ‘N’- JUMP KNEE!! Both men are down again and the fans are thunderous! “This is Awesome!” as a standing count begins. The count passes 5, then climbs to 8! Both men stand at 9, and the forearms fly! Roddy fires off a flurry, then underhooks to TIGER- NO, Kyle slips into a GUILLOTINE!!

Roddy goes to ropes, to CATAPULT GUILLOTINE Kyle! Kyle flops to the apron, Roddy goes after him, but Kyle elbows back! APRON ARM WRINGER!! Roddy flounders away, distracts the ref, and here’s Wardlow!! But then the ref spots Wardlow on the apron! Wardlow steps away, Kyle cradles Roddy! TWO!! Roddy fireman’s carries, but Kyle ghost pins! TWO, and Roddy fireman’s carries again! GUT BUSTER DROP! But Kyle yoyos and LARIATS! The fans fire up for Kyle as he suplexes, BRAINBUSTER! Cover, TWO!! ARMBAR! Roddy moves around, clasps hands, but Kyle goes after the grip! They move around, Kyle uses Roddy’s own leg for leverage!

Roddy scrambles, ROPEBREAK, and Kyle lets go. Wardlow says Roddy needs to end this, but the fans rally as Kyle stomps away on Roddy! The ref counts, Kyle lets off, and he paces. Off come the wrist tape, but Roddy fights the lift! Kyle dodges but runs into a DROPKICK! Roddy hurries to get Kyle up, END OF HEARTACHE!! Cover, Roddy wins!

Winner: Roderick Strong, by pinfall (still AEW International Champion)

Kyle put up quite the fight, but Roddy still finds a way to win! Wardlow celebrates with his guy, as does the rest of the Undisputed Kingdom! Adam Cole applauds, and… he stands! Cole, Taven & Bennett join everyone in the ring, and they hoist Roddy up victorious! Cole frowns at Wardlow when he isn’t looking, though… Cole hugs it out with Roddy, but will The Undisputed Kingdom only look to add more gold to the treasury?


FTW Championship: Hook VS Chris Jericho!

The Cold-Hearted Handsome Devil knew to be wary of The Lionheart, even with all the talk about respect and wanting to help him. And as always, The Ocho puts himself at the center of attention. Will the #JerichoVortex #SendHook on a downward spiral? Or will another win over the former world champion prove Hook is more than ready for the next level?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see who rules when it’s FTW Rules!

The bell rings and the fans boo Jericho, though he doesn’t seem to register that. Jericho steps to Hook and wants a fist bump. Hook gives a fist bump, and the two tie up. Hook wrenches, hammerlocks, then wrangles Jericho. Jericho wrenches out to have the arm. Hook fights up, he slips around and wrenches to wristlock. Fans chant “FOZZY SUCKS! FOZZY SUCKS!” Hook headlocks, hits a takeover, but Jericho fights up. Jericho wrenches out, CHOPS Hook, and Hook snarls. Hook ROCKS Jericho, Jericho CHOPS Hook, repeat! Jericho CHOPS and CHOPS, whips, but Hook reverses. Jericho KICKS back, runs up, but into a clinch!

Hook powers up to NORTHERN LIGHTS! Hook gets Jericho again, for a T-BONE! Jericho stands again, Hook clotheslines him up and out! Hook goes to the apron, takes aim, and he runs up to FLYING FOREARM! A glancing blow but Jericho still staggers. Hook gets Jericho to SMACK him off barriers. Jericho elbows back, then SMACKS Hook off steps! Jericho brings Hook around, points at Taz, then SMACKS Hook off the desk! The fans boo but Jericho soaks it up. Jericho looks under the ring, and he brings out a table! Fans cheer the table, even as Jericho’s the one setting it up at ringside.

Jericho goes back to Hook, brings Hook in, but Hook fights the bomb! Hook gets around, to GERMAN SUPLEX to the floor! Hook covers, TWO! Jericho survives that rough landing but Hook gets up and storms around. Hook looks under the ring, and he brings out a trash can lid! Hook SMACKS Jericho right in the head! Jericho leans against the railing, Hook runs and uses the steps as a boost for a FLYING LID ATTACK! Hook shows off the FTW right on the lid, and goes again, but Jericho BOOTS Hook out of the air! DDT onto the lid! Cover, TWO! Jericho shows off the trash can lid but fans boo.

Jericho stalks Hook, drags him up, and SMACKS him with the lid! Jericho puts Hook in the ring, storms up on him, but Hook throws body shots! Hook runs, but Jericho BOOTS him down! The fans boo but Jericho puts Hook on the apron. Jericho brings Hook up, reels him in, but Hook fights the suplex! Hook throws more body shots, then clinches! T-BONE SUPLEX down through the table!! The fans lose their minds over that crash landing! Hook rises up, finds Jericho, and covers, TWO!! Jericho survives again but Hook hauls him up. Hook puts Jericho in the ring, drags him up, and waistlocks to GERMAN SUPLEX!

The fans chant “Go Home, Jericho, Go Home!” Hook hauls Jericho up to whip him corner to corner hard! Hook runs up but into another BOOT! Jericho soaks up more heat, he drags Hook up again, and CHOPS! Jericho whips Hook to clothesline in the corner! Jericho hauls Hook up top, goes up after him, and he rains down fists! The fans still count along, to OCHO, then TEN, for the SUPER STEINER!! Jericho fires up, covers, TWO!! Hook survives but Jericho goes up the corner. Jericho goes looking under the ring, and he brings out a trash can! Jericho puts that in the ring, blows kisses to the fans, then storms in after Hook.

Jericho gets the trash can, runs up, but Hook gets around! GERMAN SUPLEX! Both Jericho and trash can go flying! Both men are down, the fans rally, and Hook goes to get the can. Hook SMACKS Jericho with the can! Hook puts the can around Jericho, and he gets a kendo stick! The fans fire up as Hook SMACKS the can! Jericho staggers around, Hook SMACKS it again! Hook then clinches, TRASH CAN EXPLODER! Hook drags Jericho out of the can, covers, TWO!!! Jericho survives again! Hook storms around, goes back out to look under the ring, and Hook brings out another table! The fans cheer as Hook gets the table in the ring.

Hook props this table up in a corner, makes sure it’s just right, and then fetches Jericho. Hook clinches, but Jericho fights with forearms! Hook hits back, they brawl, and Hook runs, but into another BOOT! Jericho runs, but into a clinch! NORTHERN LIGHTS! Hook then gets Jericho up, but Jericho CODE BREAKERS! Both men are down and the fans rally up! Fans chant “PLEASE RETIRE!” at Jericho, but he rises up. Hook sits up, Jericho CHOPS! Hook fires a forearm, Jericho fires back, and then they stand. Hook fires more shots, but Jericho CLAWS the eyes! Jericho LARIATS Hook down! Jericho goes to a corner, climbs up, and soaks up more heat.

Jericho leaps, but Hook avoids the fist drop! Jericho hobbles, Hook hops on! REDRUM!! Jericho flails, reaches out, but the ref reminds him that ropebreaks won’t do anything. So Jericho RAMS Hook through the table! Hook lets Jericho go, Jericho covers, with feet on ropes! TWO!!! Hook survives and the fans boo Jericho as he lines up a shot. Jericho runs up, but Hook ducks Judas Effect to get a takedown! KNEEBAR!! Jericho flails, fights up, has Hook’s legs, and stomps Hook into the WALLS OF JERICHO!! Hook endures, the fans are dueling, and Jericho pulls Hook away from ropes! Hook flails, fights, rolls, drags Jericho into a cradle, TWO!!

Both men hurry up and Hook gets around Jericho! REDRUM!! Jericho fights, flails, and LOW BLOWS! The fans boo but FTW Rules means anything goes! Jericho snarls, runs up, JUDAS EFFECT!! Cover, TWO?!?! Hook survives and shocks Jericho! The fans fire up, Jericho waits on Hook to get up, and he winds up again. Hook stands, Jericho says he’s sorry about this, and he hits JUDAS EFFECT again! Cover, TWO?!?!? Hook survives again and no one can believe it!! Jericho is getting frustrated with Hook, and tells him to just stay down. Jericho goes out to fetch Floyd the Baseball Bat! Jericho gets in and he tells Hook, “Don’t make me do this!”

Hook stands, refusing to give up. Hook FLIPS Jericho off!! So Jericho CRACKS Hook with the bat!!! Taz stands up from commentary, but he can’t bring himself to go to the ring. Cover, Jericho wins!

Winner: Chris Jericho, by pinfall (NEW FTW Champion)

Jericho says he’s sorry, but Taz gets up to the apron. Taz tells Jericho to back away, and Jericho takes the belt with him as he goes. “The Learning Tree” has gold back around his waist, having taught Hook a lesson. But is the lesson what Jericho claims it is? Or is it that Jericho will do anything to have the spotlight?


AEW Women’s World Championship: Toni Storm w/ Luther & Mariah May VS Thunder Rosa!

The leading lady of AEW may have lost her mind, but she still does whatever she has to in order to keep this title. However, La Mera Mera never lost this title in the first place, and is ready to do what she has to in order to get it back! The Storm and the Thunder are about to collide, who will be left standing when the smoke clears?

In a new look, Rosa is wearing a mask rather than face paint. Storm’s also changed her look a little with the all white gear and silverish hair. The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see who shines in the spotlight!

The bell rings and Storm gets in Rosa’s face. Rosa pulls her mask away to show there’s no face paint at all, and she fires off fists! The fans fire up as they both swing wild! They end up in a corner, the ref counts, but Storm KNEES and CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS! Then CHOPS again! Storm stomps then CHOPS Rosa again! The fans cheer while Rosa flounders along ropes. Rosa shoves Storm away but Storm CHOPS! And CHOPS! But Rosa DOUBLE CHOPS in return! And DOUBLE CHOPS again! Rosa CHOPS Storm into a corner, then stalks her to another. Rosa CHOPS again, that was a blunt one!

Rosa snapmares Storm, pushes her to a cover, ONE! Rosa keeps on Storm with forearms, then fans rally up, and Rosa whips. Storm BOOTS in return! Storm storms around while the fans rally, and then Storm steps on Rosa’s face! Storm kicks her around, stomps her to ropes, then stomps her at ropes! Storm CHOPS Rosa, then TOSSES her across the way! The fans rally as Storm CLUBS Rosa, whips her corner to corner, but Rosa tilt-o-whirls to RANA! The fans fire up as Storm bails out, and Rosa goes up a corner! Luther is there to help Storm up, and Rosa TORNILLOS down onto them both!

The fans fire up with Rosa but Mariah is lurking! The ref tells Mariah to back up, which she does, and Rosa gets Storm into the ring. Rosa digs her boot into Storm at the corner, then stomps a mudhole in! The fans fire up as Rosa stands on Storm! Rosa drags Storm up, reels her in, and snap suplexes! Float over to the cover, TWO! Rosa clamps onto Storm, and she brings up Storm saying Hell is in her bedroom. Well, then consider Rosa’s one of Storm’s demons! Rosa CLUBS away on Storm’s chest! Rosa digs her knee into Storm’s back, but the fans rally up. Rosa shoves Storm down to a cover, TWO!

The fans rally up for Rosa as she brings Storm up. Rosa scoops, Storm slips free and shoves, but Rosa leaps! Storm catches her to a BACKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Storm is seething as she paces around. Storm drags Rosa up as the fans duel, and she scoops for another BACKBREAKER! Storm stands on Rosa’s back, digs her elbow into the spine, then drops an elbow! The fans rally harder as Storm covers, TWO! Rosa is tougher than that but Storm keeps on her. Storm puts Rosa under the ropes so she can stand on her! Storm stomps around, the ref counts, but Storm drops knees as she lets off! Rosa writhes but Storm drags her back up.

The fans rally harder as Storm puts Rosa in a corner. Storm hoists Rosa up top, SLAPS her, then goes up. Storm CLUBS away on Rosa, but Rosa hits back with body shots! Rosa HEADBUTTS Storm, keeps her up, so that she can SUPER SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMB! High stack, TWO! Storm survives and Rosa is fuming! The fans rally as Rosa goes to the corner. Rosa climbs, watches Storm rise, and then MISSILE DROPKICKS! Storm flounders, Rosa roars, and she hauls Storm back up! Fireman’s carry, SAMOAN DROP! Storm staggers to her feet, Rosa runs up to get around, CRUCIFIX DRIVER! Cover, TWO!

Storm survives again but her butler and protege are both very worried! The fans rally up as Rosa watches Storm crawl to ropes. Rosa runs side to side to DROPKICK Storm! Rosa and Storm both go to the apron, and Rosa fireman’s carries. APRON DEATH VALLEY DRIVER!! The fans fire up, Rosa drags Storm back into the ring for a cover, TWO!! Rosa is a bit frustrated that Storm is still in this, and the fans continue to duel between them. Rosa reels Storm in, tucks, but her back won’t let her lift! Storm goes to a corner, Rosa runs in, but Storm ELBOWS her away! Rosa comes back, but Storm goes up and over!

Storm comes back, blocks boots and puts Rosa in the ropes, DRAPING BACKSTABBER! Storm gets up the corner, to TORNADO DDT! But she’s not done there, she has the leg, FISHERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO!! Storm is not quite perfect and Rosa survives because of it! Storm hurries to get Rosa up. FACE- NO, Rosa turns X-Factor into victory roll and STOMP 182! Cover, TWO!! Storm survives again and shocks Rosa! Mariah is still worried but Rosa tells Storm to just die already! Rosa goes up and up and DIVING- NO, Storm avoids the stomps! Storm runs up, but Rosa tries to body scissor! Storm drags her back up, SKY HIGH! Cover, TWO!!

Now Storm is frustrated as Rosa survives! The fans continue to rally, Storm drags Rosa up, and Storm whips to CLUB Rosa in the back! Rosa drops to her knees, but Storm gets her up to whip and CLUB her again! Storm drags Rosa up again, whips, but Rosa ROCKS Storm first! Storm ROCKS Rosa! Rosa ROCKS Storm! The fans rally as Storm CHOPS! Rosa CHOPS back! Storm fires a forearm, Rosa gives it back, and they start throwing haymakers! Rosa gets the edge with shots from all side! The fans fire up as Storm wobbles around! Rosa runs, but into a HEADBUTT!! Storm stays up, but Rosa rises! ENZIGIRI!

Rosa waistlocks, Storm switches, GERMAN SUPLEX! Storm powers up, but Rosa rises again! GERMAN SUPLEX! Both women are down now, and Mariah gets on the apron! The ref reprimands, but then here comes Deonna Purrazzo! She CHOP BLOCKS Mariah, to then Electric Chair SLAM off the apron! Deonna then RAMS Mariah into steel steps! Luther comes rushing over, but Deonna RAMS him into steps, too! The fans fire up as Deonna and Mariah brawl! They go up the ramp, Storm sneaks up on Rosa! Waistlock and GERMAN SUPLEX! Rosa flounders to a corner, and Storm says it’s time for her close up!

Storm runs in, SWEET HIP MUSIC!! And then STORM ZERO!! Cover, TWO?!?!? Rosa survives and shocks everyone! Storm hurries to get Rosa’s legs and ties those up! “This is Awesome!” as Storm has the TEXAS CLOVERLEAF! Storm’s bringing back a classic but Rosa endures it! Rosa fights, even as Storm sits deep! Rosa shouts, “She’s going to Hell!” Rosa claws around, and gets the ROPEBREAK!! The ref counts, Storm lets off in frustration, and Storm paces around as she thinks what she has to do. Storm says she is ending this, and she drags Rosa up. But Rosa gets around, BACKSTABBER!

Rosa clamps onto Storm, COBRA CLUTCH STRETCH!! Rosa shifts around, Storm fights around, and Storm gets the ROPEBREAK! Rosa lets go in frustration, and she drags Storm back! Storm holds onto the apron skirt! Storm BOOTS Rosa away, the ref fixes the skirt, but Storm LOW BLOWS then STORM ZEROS!!! Cover, Storm wins!!

Winner: Toni Storm, by pinfall (still AEW Women’s World Champion)

Just when it looked like Storm wrote herself into a corner, she found a way to make this a happy ending for herself! With all these tricks in her back pocket, will Toni truly be timeless?


Bryan Danielson VS Will Ospreay!

The American Dragon has said it himself, this is his last year as an active pro-wrestler. As such, this first-time-ever  showdown could also be the only-time-ever! Will Bryan prove he is still the best wrestler in the world today? Or will that honorary title soon belong to the #BillyGOAT?

Don Callis of course joins commentary to watch “the golden goose” of the Don Callis Family. Callis also takes credit for all the fans chanting “OSPREAY! OSPREA!” with Ospreay’s theme song. And the fans are already losing their minds watching Bryan and Ospreay stare down. The two go to their corners, the bell rings and the fans are thunderous already! Ospreay and Bryan circle, Callis says to keep emotions under control, they’re in for a long night. Bryan and Ospreay circle as fans cheer “A E DUB! A E DUB!” They tie up, go around, Bryan facelocks, floats, but Ospreay moves around. Bryan stays on Ospreay but Ospreay rolls.

The fans cheer for “BOTH THESE GUYS! BOTH THESE GUYS!” as Bryan powers Ospreay to ropes. The ref counts, Bryan lets off slowly, and fans sing for Ospreay. Bryan pats Ospreay on the shoulder then backs away. The fans cheer the sportsmanship and Ospreay nods. The singing continues as the two reset. They tie up, Bryan headlocks for the takeover, and he holds off the headscissors. Ospreay moves around, headscissors after all, but Bryan headstands, turns Ospreay over, and bridges up to get around and tie up the legs. Bryan brings Ospreay into the BOW ‘N’ ARROW, but Ospreay pops right free to cover, ONE!

The two reset again and the fans fire up. Ospreay and Bryan circle, the fans chant “BRUV! BRUV! BRUV!” Ospreay and Bryan feel things out, knuckle lock, and they go shoulder to shoulder in a Test of Strength. The fans duel as the two fight for control! Ospreay rolls back to wrench the wrists, but Bryan spins to reverse the pressure. Bryan wrangles Ospreay and twists the wrist. Ospreay moves around, handsprings up and steps over to headlock. Bryan powers up but Ospreay hits the takeover. Bryan headscissors, Ospreay kips free, and the fans cheer “This is Awesome!” as the two reset again.

Ospreay and Bryan tie up, Bryan headlocks and hits another takeover. Bryan palm strikes Ospreay, traps a leg, then palm strikes again! And again! Ospreay endures as Bryan keeps hitting him in the head! Ospreay fights to his feet, powers up and out, then drops to hurdle and drop again. Bryan tips him over, but Ospreay avoids the kick! Ospreay sweeps to cover, ONE! Ospreay blocks Bryan’s kick but Bryan blocks Ospreay’s kick! Ospreay gets around, Bryan elbows free then CHOPS! Bryan whips, but he gets under the handspring to wrangle Ospreay! Ospreay rolls through, but Bryan avoids both buzzsaw and heel kick! The two stand off and the fans are thunderous again!

Ospreay and Bryan reset as the fans chant for “A E DUB! A E DUB!” The fans hope Bryan and Ospreay “FIGHT FOREVER!” but this isn’t even the main event yet. Ospreay shoots in for a leg, trips Bryan, and then has a standing toehold. Bryan turns over, stands up, but he knows he can’t reach Ospreay so he just flips him off! Ospreay CHOPS Bryan for it! And CHOPS him again! Bryan paces around the ring, then CHOPS back! Ospreay CHOPS! Bryan trips Ospreay and has his own standing toehold. Ospreay pries at the grip, the fans rally and duel, but Bryan traps a leg to then cravat into a neck wrench.

Fans tell off Callis, but Ospreay fights up to throw body shots. Ospreay CLUBS free, ROCKS Bryan, but Bryan CHOPS back! Bryan cravats again, but Ospreay powers free. Bryan cravats again, but Ospreay rolls. Bryan holds on tight, Ospreay stands back up, but Bryan throws knees! Bryan snapmares but Ospreay handsprings through and SHOTGUNS Bryan down! The fans fire up again as Ospreay whips. Bryan reverses but Ospreay RANAS! Ospreay nods as the fans fire up more. Ospreay brings Bryan up, ROCKS him and BOOTS him, then UPPERCUTS! Bryan goes to a corner, Ospreay UPPERCUTS again!

Ospreay CHOPS, and CHOPS, and then follows Bryan. Ospreay CLUBS Bryan, CHOPS him, but Bryan pushes Ospreay with his head. Ospreay eggs Bryan on, so Bryan CHOPS! Ospreay drops back, but Bryan gets him with an UPPERCUT! And UPPERCUTS again! And UPPERCUTS again! Then Bryan KICKS, CHOPS, and UPPERCUTS! Bryan whips, Ospreay holds ropes, then FLAPJACKS Bryan onto ropes! Ospreay runs to BOOT Bryan out of the ring! The fans are thunderous, Callis says to stop pandering, but Ospreay gets them started in an “OI! OI! OI!” Ospreay aims to PLANCHA, and down goes Bryan!

The fans fire up, Ospreay high-fives the front row, then Ospreay checks his teeth before going back to Bryan. Ospreay drags Bryan up, puts him in, and then aims from the apron. The fans rally, Ospreay springboards, but into a KICK! Bryan’s antiair might’ve gotten Ospreay in the liver, but Bryan drags him up for knees! Bryan whips, then kitchen sink knees! Then KICK to the back! Cover, ONE!! Ospreay shows his grit but Bryan grabs an arm. Bryan knees the shoulder, KNEES Ospreay in the side, then steps over into a toehold. Ospreay fights but Bryan still has the INDIAN DEATHLOCK! The fans rally while Ospreay endures!

Ospreay keeps his shoulders up but Bryan top mounts to throw down body shots and forearms! The body shots fly in from all sides, then Bryan headscissors Ospreay into a move similar to Zack Sabre Jr’s Yes I’m a Long Way From Home. Ospreay knows ZSJ well and endures this move and fight around, and Ospreay gets the ROPEBREAK! Bryan lets Ospreay go cleanly, then looms over him at the ropes. Bryan drags Ospreay up to CHOP! Ospreay CHOPS back! Bryan CHOPS, Ospreay CHOPS, repeat! Ospreay is grimacing from the pain in his side, but he still CHOPS! And CHOPS! But then Bryan puts Ospreay in a corner to body shot again and again!

The fans are torn as Bryan KICKS, whips, but Ospreay reverses. Bryan goes up and over, ducks ‘n’ dodges, but Ospreay still handsprings to NEURALIZER! The fans fire up while both men are down! Ospreay grits his teeth while going to ropes. Bryan goes to the other end, and then a corner. Ospreay runs corner to corner to BOOT Bryan and then push him down! Ospreay goes back to the apron, springboard, PIP PIP CHEERIO! Cover, TWO! Bryan is still in this but Ospreay brings him back up. Bryan fights the lift, so Ospreay fires Kawada Kicks! Bryan blocks one, to CHOP! And UPPERCUT! And UPPERCUT, and BODY SHOT!

Bryan runs, but into the TIGER WALL KICK and ENZIGIRI! Bryan bails out, the fans fire up, and Ospreay climbs! SKY TWISTER!! Direct hit and Ospreay rolls back to his feet! The fans lose their minds, but Ospreay still needs to catch his breath first. Ospreay puts Bryan in, goes back up, and he BLINDSIDE CHEERIOS! The fans fire up as the elbow pad is prepared! Ospreay runs up, but Bryan KICKS the Hidden Blade! Then he PENALTY KICKS the arm! Bryan hurries to chicken wing Ospreay, TIGER SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO! But Bryan holds onto Ospreay for the HAMMER ‘N’ ANVIL ELBOWS!

Fans duel, “YES!” “NO!” “YES!” “NO!” “YES!” “NO!” with every shot! Bryan then shifts things over, into CATTLE MUTILATION! Ospreay endures as he’s stuck facedown! Ospreay fights around, reaches out with a leg, and finds the ROPEBREAK! The fans cheer while Bryan lets go. Bryan snarls as he rises up, and he storms up on Ospreay. Bryan wrenches an arm to ELBOW BREAKER! Then he KICKS Ospreay in the corner, CHOPS him, then goes corner to corner, DROPKICK! Bryan puts Ospreay up top then climbs up to join him. SUPER STEINER, but Ospreay lands through!! The fans are thunderous as Ospreay dusts himself off.

Ospreay eggs Bryan on, then BOOTS his lariat! HOOK KICK, underhooks, TIGER DRIVER! Cover, TWO!! Ospreay shakes out the arms and puts Bryan in a drop zone. Ospreay climbs, but Bryan trips him up! Ospreay gets stuck on the corner, Bryan climbs up behind him! But Ospreay throws down elbows! Bryan just throws down elbows in return! Bryan chicken wings one arm but Ospreay flails to resist! Bryan gets the other arm, brings Ospreay way up, for a SUPER TIGER SUPLEX!!! Ospreay flounders, clutching his neck, and the fans lose their minds again! Even Callis stands up out of his seat after that one.

The ref checks Ospreay but he’s somehow okay to continue. Bryan covers, ROPEBREAK!! Ospreay survives by a literal foot, but Bryan stays focused. Bryan KICKS Ospreay in the side, then KICKS the arm! And KICKS! And KICKS! Ospreay falls over but he slaps feeling into his arm. Ospreay sits up as he shakes his head, so Bryan PENALTY KICKS him down! Ospreay snarls, sits back up, and the fans fire up! Bryan PENALTY KICKS again! Ospreay sits right up! Ospreay eggs Bryan on again, so Bryan SLAPS him! Ospreay DECKS Bryan with a forearm! The fans are thunderous and Ospreay shakes his bad arm out.

Ospreay KICKS and stomps away at Bryan, rains down palm strikes, but the ref backs him off. Ospreay goes out after Bryan on the apron now, and reels him in. The fans freak out as Ospreay underhooks, but Bryan holds onto ropes! Bryan pries his way free, to KICK Ospreay in the chest! And KICK! And KICK, but Ospreay blocks! Ospreay CLUBS the leg, HOOK KICKS, then goes up the corner! APRON OSCUTTER!!! The fans are thunderous again while the ref checks Bryan. Somehow Bryan is still in this, so Ospreay takes aim. The fans chant “WE’RE NOT WORTHY!” like they’re Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar.

Bryan stands, Ospreay runs up, FLYING HIDDEN BLADE!!! Ospreay wipes out Bryan and almost takes out the ref with him!! The fans lose their minds, the ref reprimands, but Ospreay goes for Bryan. Callis says it himself that Bryan is dead weight, so Ospreay leaves Bryan behind. Ospreay lets the ring count climb, Bryan stands at 5 of 10, only to fall over! The count is 7, 8, and Bryan flounders! Bryan gets in before 9, but Ospreay goes COAST2COAST! And then POWERBOMB! High stack, TWO!?!? Callis is frustrated for Ospreay but the fans are thunderous again! “This is Wrestling!” as Ospreay powers up and aims.

Bryan sits up, into the BUZZSAW! And HEEL KICK! Ospreay goes to the ropes to springboard, but Bryan catches him!! Bryan turns Ospreay over, but Ospreay rolls and high stacks! TWO, deadlift, but Bryan shifts to a GUILLOTINE!! Ospreay is in the body scissors, but he powers out! Bryan slips free of the suplex to LA MYSTICA! And then LEBELL LOCK!!! Ospreay flails, endures, but Bryan pulls back on the hold! Ospreay fights, claws at the mat, and the fans rally as hard as they can! Ospreay reaches out but Bryan gets that arm to make this a RINGS OF SATURN! Ospreay still endures, and again uses his legs for the ROPEBREAK!!

The fans are thunderous as Bryan has to let go again. The fans again hope they “FIGHT FOREVER!” and maybe they will after all! Bryan and Ospreay rise, and Bryan KICKS! And KICKS! And KICKS! “YES!” “NO!” “YES!” “NO!” Bryan aims, to BUZZSAW! The fans are torn but they’re all standing as Bryan runs in, only for Ospreay to catch him! Bryan throws down elbows, but Ospreay fights the rana off! Ospreay POWER- RANA!!! Cover, TWO!!!! Ospreay escapes, swings, but into a full nelson! Ospreay breaks it, victory rolls, TWO! Bryan has it, TWO! Bryan brings Ospreay up to GERMAN SUPLEX, but Ospreay lands out!?

But Bryan ducks the Hidden Blade! BUSAIKU KNEE!!! Cover, TWO!?!?!?!? Ospreay survives again and the fans are electric! Bryan is too tired, he can’t even be shocked about it! The fans are again cheering “A E DUB! A E DUB!” for making this match a reality. Bryan stands and the fans know: It’s time to kick Ospreay’s head in! Bryan gets the hands, and he gives Ospreay the DRAGON STOMPS! “YES!” “NO!” “YES!” “NO!” “YES!” “NO!” “YES!” “NO!” Bryan then drops into the omoplata, but Ospreay fights the LeBelle Lock! Ospreay moves around, pushes into Bryan, but Bryan powers him down, and fishhooks his way to the crossface!

Ospreay powers up, powers through, and he rains down forearms! But Bryan powers Ospreay back to the omoplata! Ospreay still fights through and he rains down forearms! Bryan’s own arms drop, but then he drags Ospreay into a TRIANGLE HOLD! Ospreay deadlifts to POWERBOMB, but Bryan holds on! And he rains down elbows on Ospreay! The fans continue to duel, “YES!” “NO!” “YES!” “NO!” But Ospreay deadlifts, steps over, STYLES CLASH!!! But he can’t turn Bryan over, he’s that tired! The fans are electric again as Ospreay slowly stirs to life. Bryan sits up in a daze, and the two men find each other.

Ospreay and Bryan go forehead to forehead, give junkyard dog headbutts, or perhaps goat headbutts. Then they start firing haymakers! “YES!” “BRUV!” echoes out, but then Bryan HEADBUTTS and HEADBUTTS! But Ospreay fires Kawada Kicks! Bryan SLAPS back! And SLAPS again! And fires palm strikes from all sides! Ospreay is on noodle legs, Bryan gets him in, SHOULDER CAPTURE PLEX! Ospreay rises!! HIDDEN BLADE!!! But Ospreay isn’t done there, he calls his shot! Springboard, OS- BUSAIKU KNEE!!! Both men are down again and while the fans cannot believe it, they are loving it!

A standing count starts as both men stir. We pass 5 as Bryan goes to a corner. Bryan sits up at 7, and the “YES! YES! YES!” begins again. St. Louis is torn, but Ospreay goes to the other corner. Ospreay stares Bryan down as he takes off the elbow pad. This has turned to a showdown at high noon, and the fans are dueling as hard as they can! Both men run in, HIDDEN BLADE HITS FIRST!!! And then Ospreay underhooks Bryan, for the TIGER DRIVER 91!!!! Ospreay is roaring, the fans are going nuts and Bryan is writhing from being dropped right on his head! The ref calls for Doc Sampson!? But Ospreay doesn’t care, HIDDEN BLADE!!!!! Cover, Ospreay wins!!!

Winner: Will Ospreay, by pinfall

The Aerial Assassin respects The American Dragon, but he shows no mercy for him! The medics get in there to check on Bryan after that brutal finish, and even Callis is concerned. Ospreay realizes after that Bryan is in excruciating pain. Ospreay slayed the dragon, but did he just cut Bryan’s last year short?


Vacated AEW World Tag Team Championships Ladder Match: The Young Bucks VS FTR!

Matthew & Nicholas Jackson have been trying to deflect on why they lost at All In London 2023, but it’s hard to say anyone is buying it. Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood don’t even care about that day anymore, they’re more upset about how the EVPs have let power and authority go to their heads. Will FTR humble the Bucks once and for all when they bring down these belts? Or will Matt & Nick prove that they’re the real #TopGuys?

The introductions are made, the belts are already high above, and we see who are THE Three-Time AEW World Tag Team Champions!

The bell rings and the fans rally up behind FTR while booing The Bucks. The Bucks SUPERKICK but FTR block! FTR fires off hands, Dax putting Matt in a corner and Cash putting Nick on ropes. Cash UPPERCUTS Nick, Dax hurries over and they double whip, but Matt CLOBBERS Cash to stop Shatter Machine! Nick sunset flips, he and Matt set up, E V P- KNEES MEET as Dax ducks! Cash goes up, DOUBLE FLYING LARIATS! FTR hurry to fetch ladders, but the Bucks ROCK them first! Matt rains down fists on Cash, Nick sends Dax into barriers! The fans boo but Matt throws Cash into the LED apron while Nick soaks up the heat.

The Bucks regroup, get a ladder up, but Dax is in the ring! Dax runs in, but the Bucks lift the ladder out of the way. They WRECK Dax with the ladder, but then Cash DROPKICKS the ladder into the Bucks! The Bucks stagger, Cash grabs the ladder, but so does Matt! They tug-o-war, so Matt RAMS Cash into the railing! Nick ENZIGURIS Cash! The Bucks get the ladder up and into the ring, stand it up, then climb. But Dax returns to drag Nick down, then drag Matt down. Dax fires hands on Matt, whips, but Matt ducks ‘n’ dodges, to go up the ladder! Dax hurries after him, but Nick is there to CLUB Dax! Cash returns to drag Matt down!

The teams brawl again, haymakers for haymakers, until the Bucks CLAW FTR’s eyes! The Bucks send FTR into the ladders! Then they SUPERKICK FTR down! The fans boo as the Bucks fold the ladder up, to RAM Cash down! Matt puts the ladder in the ropes, Nick fetches Dax, and Nick ROCKS Dax with a right hand. Matt ROCKS Dax, too, and they put Dax on the ladder. Nick goes to the corner, Matt lifts the ladder, but Dax ROCKS Matt! Dax gets Nick to ROCKET LAUNCH him onto the ladder! Matt kicks Dax, runs, but Dax BACK DROPS Matt onto the ladder! The Bucks are both writhing, and Cash brings out TABLES!

The fans fire up as Cash props one table against railing, then stands the other up. Dax CHOPS Matt, fetches another ladder, but Matt drop toeholds Dax into steel steps! Dax crashes, taking a hit from the ladder, too! Nick PENALTY KICKS Cash from the apron! Cash flops onto the ladder, and now Matt lifts that one! Nick goes from the apron to CANNONBALL onto Cash and the ladder! Nick clutches his back, Matt shakes out his hands, but the Bucks still get the ladder in the ring. They stand it up, but Dax manages to get in the ring, too! Dax drags Nick down, CLUBS Matt’s legs and ROCKS him! But Nick CLUBS Dax!

The Bucks mug Dax, DECK him, and then Nick goes out to grab a chair. We’re now in TLC territory, and Dax is busted open! Matt shows it off to the fans before he ELBOWS Dax in the head. Nick SMACKS Dax with the chair! Matt has a chair now, he SMACKS Dax! The Bucks kick Dax around, then they bring him over to the shorter ladder. They put Dax inside the ladder, pressing it down on him, and Nick SMACKS away with the chair! Cash returns so Nick CHUCKS the ladder into his face! The fans boo but the Bucks soak up the heat. Dax sputters through the crimson mask as he crawls out of the ladder.

The fans boo as Nick leans the ladders in the corners. The Bucks double whip Dax hard into the ladder, and the ladder even falls onto Dax! The Bucks mug Cash now, and whip him hard into ladder! Cash bounces off and writhes around while a ref checks Dax’s wound. The Bucks soak up more heat, and Matt rains down fists on Dax’s bloody forehead! Nick goes out to bring out another table. He has an idea, so Matt joins in. They set a ladder bridge up between apron and timekeeper’s area. They mug Dax, bloody as he already is, and they double whip Dax into the bridge! Dax flounders and sputters, and the Bucks go to get Cash.

The Bucks double whip Cash, but he slides under! Cash RAMS the ladder into the Bucks, goes up onto the ladder, and he ASAI MOONSAULTS off it! Cash takes out The Bucks, and it seems FTR’s done away with the days of “No Flips, Just Fists.” Cash puts Matt on the ladder bridge, stands him up, but Nick trips Cash up! Cash falls into the rungs, right on his Revival! The Bucks then get on the ladder, sit Cash up, E V P TRIGGER!!! Cash flops out of the ladder, The Bucks soak up the heat, and they go back to the ring. Dax is there with a ladder but Matt kicks him low! Matt bumps Dax off buckles, then throws hands.

Dax flops into the ropes, Matt and Nick coordinate again. Matt moves the short ladder aside so he and Nick can bring Dax to the ropes. They double suplex, but Cash makes the save! FTR DOUBLE SUPLEX The Bucks! Cash rallies with haymakers, then whips! Cash gives Matt a back drop! Cash whips Nick but Nick reverses, but Cash ducks ‘n’ dodges! Nick leaps but into a POWERSLAM! Cash roars and the fans fire up! Cash gets the tall ladder and he stands that back up under the belts. Cash climbs, but Matt hurries after him! Matt YANKS Cash down, climbs up, but Cash Electric Chair Lifts! Dax is up top, STEINER BULLDOG!!

The fans cheer as Dax drags himself back up. Dax sputters, but he sees he’s the only one standing. Dax paces around, gets Matt’s legs, and he steps through! SHARPSHOOTER! Cash positions the ladder so that it pins Matt down! Cash climbs, but Nick SUPERKICKS Dax! Nick then hurries after Cash and throws hands! Cash falls off the ladder, but Dax is back to YANK Nick down, into a SLINGSHOT SITOUT POWERBOMB! But Matt SUPERKICKS Dax! Matt runs at Cash, Cash puts him on the apron! Cash runs to DIVE and send Matt down through table and railing!! Nick hurries after Dax, but Dax kicks low!

Dax reels Nick in, but Nick RANAS Dax down through a table!! Everyone is down around ringside, this is becoming a human demolition derby. Nick and Cash return in the ring, but Nick gets the short ladder to stand it up next to the other. Nick climbs both ladders and he throws hands on Cash! Cash hits back, but so does Nick! Matt and Dax are back somehow, and they go after each other, as well as after Cash and Nick! The four men brawl, grab for belts, and Cash falls! Dax DECKS Nick, but Matt SMACKS Dax off rungs! Matt reaches up but the belts are moving around! Dax shakes the ladder, pulls a shoe off, and then SHATTER MACHINE!!!

Nick crawls, he has a chair, and he JAMS Cash with it! And he JAMS Dax with it! Nick SMACKS Cash, SMACKS Cash again, then leaves him behind. Nick drags the short ladder to a corner, so he can SMACK Cash off the tall one! Nick then puts the tall ladder in another corner. Nick stomps Cash, climbs a corner to then climb the ladder, but Dax hurries up after him! Dax throws hands on Nick, Cash climbs the taller ladder! The fans fire up as we get a SUPER DUPER POWER, and a SUPER DUPER GLORY!! The fans are thunderous while all four men are down again! FTR regroup and they get the short ladder under the belts.

Dax intercepts Matt but Matt still fights around. Matt powers Dax into the ladder and tips it over! Cash HOTSHOTS off ropes, then Matt SUPERKICKS him! Matt TOSSES Dax out, but Dax trips Matt up! Dax SMACKS Matt off the ladder bridge! And again! Nick has Cash on a table! Nick goes up a corner, but Dax has Matt on the bridge! Nick 450 SPLASHES through the table!! But then Dax LADDER PILE DRIVERS!!! The bridge gives way, that’s bad for both men! The fans are losing their minds at this pure carnage! “This is Awesome!” as Nick and Dax each get out of the respective piles of wreckage. Dax gets in the ring first, and he brings a ladder around.

Dax climbs, but Nick springboards up to join him! Nick then SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMBS Dax down!! Dax is dazed while Nick goes to the ladder and climbs! But Cash is back! Cash drags Nick down, dodges a lariat, then clotheslines Nick up and out of the ring! Nick grazes a ladder that was sitting there on the apron, but he still stands back up. Cash builds speed, DIVES but through a table!! Nick avoids disaster but Cash crashes ‘n’ burns! The fans lose their minds again after seeing another human car crash! Nick drags himself back to the ring where Dax is getting a ladder up again. Dax drags himself up but Nick follows!

The fans chant “Please Be Careful!” and maybe they should’ve started with that. Nick and Dax throw hands, Nick grabs for a belt! Dax ROCKS Nick, Nick ROCKS Dax! Each man grabs for a belt, but then they throw hands again! Dax SMACKS Nick with a belt!! The fans are thunderous, but that’s because a man in a Sting mask jumps into the ring! The man SHOVES the ladder over! Security grabs him, unmasks him, and it’s JACK PERRY!!! The Scapegoat smiles and fans are losing their minds! Nick smiles, too, as he climbs the ladder, and brings down a belt! The Bucks win!!

Winners: The Young Bucks (NEW AEW World Tag Team Champions)

Jack Perry returns from NJPW, and even breaks the law, all to help Matthew & Nicholas!! The Bucks are the first THREE-TIME AEW World Tag Team Champions thanks to Jack, will the EVPs return the favor by bailing him out?


AEW World Championship: Samoa Joe VS Swerve Strickland w/ Prince Nana!

The One True King of Wrestling Television? Well, hard to argue with Samoa Joe considering he willingly gave up the ROH World Television Championship so that he could reach the highest heights. The Realest is taking aim at those same heights, and when you come for the king, you best not miss. Will Swerve hit the killshot on Joe? Or will there be no stopping Joe’s reign of terror?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see who makes this their Dynasty!

The bell rings and the fans are fired up again as the two circle. “Whose House?” “SWERVE’S HOUSE!” echo out, and the two tie up. Joe powers Swerve to a corner, grinds his forearms in, then lets off to say this is HIS house. The fans boo but Joe just smirks as he and Swerve reset. The two go again, Joe powers Swerve to another corner but Swerve turns it around. Swerve lets off slowly, but Joe and Swerve each take a testing kick. The two reset, feel things out, then Joe KNEES low! Swerve sputters as he drops to his knees, but Joe brings him up to CHOP! Swerve staggers to a corner, Joe storms up and whips him corner to corner.

Joe runs up but into a BOOT! Swerve goes up, leaps, but Joe steps aside. Except Swerve counted on that! Swerve lands on his feet, and DROPKICKS Joe down! The fans fire up as Swerve outsmarts Joe, then builds speed, to DIVE! But Joe catches Swerve to URENAGE onto the desk! Joe is furious, and he CHOPS Swerve right off the desk! Commentary moves aside so Joe can fetch Swerve, and Joe TOSSES Swerve back over the desk! Joe then storms around, and he starts pulling up floor mats! Swerve gets into the ring and the ref reprimands, but then Swerve FOSBURY FLOPS! Down goes Joe and the fans fire up!

Joe sits up, Swerve KICKS him around! Swerve then goes to the apron, runs up, but Joe blocks the boot to YANK Swerve into position! But Swerve pops free of the Muscle Buster! Swerve BOOTS, runs up, but into a POWERSLAM onto the concrete!! The fans lose their minds while Joe roars! Joe drags Swerve up, puts him in the ring, and the fans rally again with “Whose House?” “SWERVE’S HOUSE!” Joe paces around Swerve as he sits up. Joe JABS and Swerve falls right over! Joe taunts Swerve, JABS and JABS and JABS again! Joe JABS, JABS, JABS and he sits Swerve down in the corner! The fans boo but Joe soaks it up.

Joe goes back to Swerve, drags him up, and then HEADBUTTS! Swerve wobbles, but he comes back to CHOP! And CHOP again! Nana coaches Swerve on as he CHOPS and fires hands! Joe SWATS and then LEG SWEEPS! Swerve falls on his face and clutches his nose! Joe looms over Swerve, drags him back up, and then CHOPS him on the back! And KICKS him in the front! Then runs to FLASH ELBOW! Cover, TWO! Swerve hangs in there and the fans rally up. Joe clamps onto Swerve with a neck wrench. Swerve endures as Joe tries to twist his head off. The fans continue to rally, Swerve fights around, but Joe throws him down!

Joe mockingly applauds so the fans boo. Joe chuckles, then he kicks Swerve. Swerve kicks from below, Joe kicks again, repeat! Joe then throws down a punch! Swerve goes to ropes, Joe CHOPS him! And CHOPS him! And CHOPS him again! ROLLING ELBOW! Joe snapmares Swerve, then drops a knee! Cover, TWO! Swerve shakes his head and the fans rally up but Joe keeps cool. Nana coaches Swerve, but Swerve can’t even stand. Joe makes Swerve stand so he can CHOP! Swerve CHOPS back! Joe CHOPS again! Swerve BOOTS! And CHOPS! And fires boxing elbows! Swerve runs, but into an ELBOW from Joe!

Swerve tumbles out of the ring, Joe goes out after him, and Joe throws body shots. Joe throws more hands, then clotheslines! Swerve ducks, Joe’s arm hits POST! Swerve gets in the ring, Joe hurries to the apron, but Swerve HOTSHOTS that bad arm! Swerve peels away the padding on the crossbar, and then gets Joe’s arm for a HANGING ARMBAR! Joe endures, the ref counts, and Swerve BOOTS Joe away. Swerve hurries in to KICK the arm! And then wrench it for an ARMBAR CODE BREAKER! Cover, ONE!! Joe toughs it out but Swerve keeps his cool. Nana continues to coach Swerve and he brings Joe up.

Swerve half nelsons but Joe elbows free! So Swerve ROCKS Joe in the back, then KICKS the legs! Swerve CLUBS the bad arm, waistlocks, and uses ropes to help in the GERMAN SUPLEX! Cover, TWO! Joe survives again but Swerve shakes his head. Joe rises, Swerve runs up to fire off fast hands! Swerve CHOPS, runs, but Joe catches him to a SLEEPER! Swerve drops to BOOT from below! Swerve then dodges Joe, goes up and around, SOMERSAULT COMPLETE SHOT! Cover, TWO!! Swerve grows frustrated as Joe goes to a corner. The fans rally, Swerve storms up, but Joe CHOPS! Joe goes up, but Swerve throws body shots!

Swerve CHOPS, and CHOPS, and CHOPS again! Joe wobbles, Swerve climbs, and the fans fire up as Swerve CLUBS away on the bad arm! Swerve then hits a FLYING ARMBAR BULLDOG! Then he wraps on a SHORT ARM SCISSOR! Joe endures, but Swerve shifts! Joe holds off the armbar and powers through, but Swerve has the TRIANGLE HOLD! Joe deadlifts Swerve, to BUCKLE BOMB him! And then Joe brings Swerve up, tucks him in, MUSCLE BUSTER!! Cover, TWO!??! Joe is beside himself that Swerve survived his best shot! Joe storms out of the ring, Nana asks where he’s going, and Joe grabs his belt! Nana says Joe can’t just leave, but Joe scares him off!

Joe isn’t leaving, he gets in the ring with his belt! Only to get a HOUSE CALL!! Joe’s stuck in ropes and Swerve goes up! 450 SPLASH GUILLOTINE!! Then Swerve goes back up, Joe flounders around, into the KILL STOMPS!!! Cover, TWO!!! Now Joe survives Swerve’s best shot!! Swerve storms up, but Joe CLAWS at Swerve’s face! Nana protests, but Joe grabs the belt again! Nana tells the ref to watch out, but Swerve BOOTS Joe first! Swerve has the belt, but Joe ducks the shot! COQUINA CLUTCH!!! Joe has Swerve caught and Swerve flails! Joe’s bad hand is having a hard time holding on, and the fans rally for Swerve to keep fighting!

Swerve reaches out, pries at the bad hand, and sits up! Joe is losing his grip, and Swerve bends fingers! Swerve stands, wrangles and gets Joe down, then traps the other arm! Swerve stands on the bad arm, to SNAP it!! Joe writhes in agony and Swerve looks to the belt. It inspires him, motivates him, and Swerve says this is it! Swerve reloads and aims from a corner! HOUSE CALL!!! Cover, TWO?!?!? Joe survives and Swerve can’t believe it! The fans are rallying, Nana tells Swerve he’s got this in the bag! Swerve climbs up a corner again, but his own body is hurting. Joe trips Swerve up! Joe CLUBS away on Swerve, brings him up to the top rope, and fireman’s carries!

Swerve CLUBS away on Joe! And he twists Joe’s nose! Swerve stares Joe right in the eyes, jumps, but Joe gets under! Swerve comes back to carry Joe out for a POWERBOMB!! And then Swerve goes back up, for the KILL STOMPS!!! Cover, SWERVE WINS!!!

Winner: Swerve Strickland, by pinfall (NEW AEW World Champion)

St. Louis explodes with excitement! The Gateway City has become the gateway to history as The Realest finally has this championship! And the first African American AEW World Champion at that! The purple confetti and all sorts of pyro goes off as Swerve celebrates with the fans! Whose Dynasty? SWERVE’S DYNASTY! Long Live the NEW King of Wrestling Television, long may he reign!

My Thoughts:

An awesome event for the first-ever AEW Dynasty, especially with that main event. Awesome stuff from Swerve and Joe as always, and of course a great win and crowning moment for Swerve. He’s been MLW World Champion but no offense to MLW, Swerve has been waiting a long time for a world title of this level. He did great in NXT though never getting THE NXT Championship, it was unfortunate that Vince could not figure out a damn thing to do with Hit Row, and even Swerve’s early days in AEW were hit and miss. But Swerve never gave up, he won the fans over, and now he has his moment, I’m sure Dynamite this Wednesday will greet him with “You Deserve It!”

I did skip most of the Zero Hour stuff because it’s on YouTube for free, and because that’s just an extra hour AEW needs to really trim down. If AEW is going to be doing their own 12 PPVs a year, they gotta start streamlining things, realizing some things are better for TV like Collision or Rampage and only the most important stuff needs to be here. Though I will say, great to see Mike Sydal with Matt, and then Trent goes and destroys them both for the fun of it. Chuck Taylor made the save, Trent acts like Chuck’s the one in the wrong, can’t wait to see those guys have it out. And great stuff for Cassidy & Shibata as they won, I wonder if those two stick together as a tag team.

I did still cover the Trios title match because that’s some big stuff. That’s like the one match that was still PPV preshow worthy cuz it’s certainly important. I guessed right that Bullet Club Gold was winning, but I’m surprised they didn’t cheat. But hopefully they do what I was also thinking, Bang Bang Gang needs to be part of AEW programming like Collision but also part of ROH weekly programming because they are the trios champions of both promotions now and Tony Khan needs to remember that. ROH is prerecorded, sure, but just edit in a backstage segment from tonight into ROH this week so that at least they’re on the episode.

I didn’t expect the Continental Championship to open but it was an awesome match to start us off. I figured Okada would win, but I like the sneaky way he used the ref against Pac to do it. Then combined with The Bucks winning the tag titles, we have a new Golden Elite. That Ladder Match was a little scary, though, especially when it ended up following a scary moment to end Bryan VS Ospreay. Cash also didn’t really sell getting crotched on the ladder and taking an EVP as much as he should’ve. But then, with all the foreshadowing, of course Jack Perry returns to screw FTR over and help his new friends in The Bucks. Forbidden Door may not be until June but I’d love if Jack brings House of Torture around, we get a weird alliance of HOT and Elite going towards that PPV.

Speaking of that Bryan VS Ospreay match, that was an absolute epic, but I’m unsure what to make of the finish. Bryan’s faked bad neck and such before, so maybe he was acting here for story. Ospreay is happy he won but worried he overdid it with Bryan, that could be another thing that tears him away from the Don Callis Family. Meanwhile, great Six Man Tag of House of Black VS Edge, Briscoe & Eddie. They did a great job with the black mist spot leading to the finish, great win for House of Black and I would think this gives us Double or Nothing’s TNT Championship match, Edge VS Malakai.

Following House of Black with more House of Black was a natural move, and Willow VS Julia felt rather quick. There was rumors that Julia has been nursing an injury so they probably made this a quick win to spare her from getting any more beat up. But at the same time, of course it was going to be Willow VS Mone for Double or Nothing. They were teasing that things could still change in the next month, but I feel like if Julia had defenses along the way and didn’t lose, Willow can have defenses along the way and not lose. If Mone wins, Willow’s reign will be short, but if she gets two or three defenses in beforehand, the reign won’t look weak. At least, that’s how it’s supposed to look, we all have different opinions on what builds a reign.

On the flipside, AEW kinda fast-tracked us to title matches for Roddy VS Kyle and Hook VS Jericho. They didn’t have to shoehorn turns to then shoehorn more matches onto this card, but Tony Khan seems to have pacing problems. Roddy of course won in part thanks to Wardlow, and then unfortunately, Jericho won to prolong this feud. But y’know what? Kudos to Hook taking a baseball bat as the finish. A good detail in the International Championship was Cole frowning at Wardlow. Feels like with how Wardlow almost messed up his distraction, he’s on thin ice with Cole and any misstep will get him a superkick and then kicked out of the Kingdom.

Great Women’s World Championship match out of Toni Storm and Rosa, great looks from both their gear tonight. Storm of course had Mariah May there to help, but logical move for Deonna to go after Mariah. Storm retaining made some sense, she’s just too good as this character and the fans love her so much. I’m still sticking by my idea that Mina Shirakawa is gonna come around to this title because of her connection to Mariah and how Mariah will have to choose between her two mentors. Storm can retain the title but lose Mariah so that then Mariah and Storm battle for the belt, maybe at All In London 2024.

My Score: 9.2/10

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