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Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (6/9/20)

The AEW World Champion gets Dark!



AEW Dark Coverage

Jon Moxley returns to AEW Dark!

It’s been awhile, but The Maniac isn’t one to take it easy. Will the AEW World Champion show everyone how it’s done? Or will his not-so-lucky opponent pull off the biggest upset ever?


  • SoCal Uncensored VS Low Rida & Fuego del Sol; SCU wins.
  • Number 5 w/ The Dark Order VS Lee Johnson; Number 5 wins.
  • Proud ‘n’ Powerful VS Brady Pierce & Musa; PNP wins.
  • The Butcher & The Blade VS Suge D & Anthony Catena; The Butcher & The Blade win.
  • QT Marshall w/ Allie, Brandi & Dustin Rhodes VS Zack Clayton; Marshall wins.
  • Christopher Daniels VS Sonny Kiss; Daniels wins.
  • Jurassic Express VS Brandon Cutler & Peter Avalon w/ Leva Bates; Jurassic Express win(s).
  • Jon Moxley VS Robert Anthony; Moxley wins.


SoCal Uncensored VS Low Rida & Fuego del Sol!

SCU welcomes KBW KAGE to AEW! But Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky aren’t going to play nice when there’s still a path back to the AEW World Tag Team Championships! Will they show the new kids how tough it is in All Elite?

The teams sort out and Fuego starts against Kaz. They circle and tie up, Kaz headlocks to the takeover. Kaz grinds Fuego but Fuego fights up and gets Kaz to a corner. Fuego lets up at 4 but kicks low! Fuego whips, Kaz reverses, Kaz comes back with a Russian Leg Sweep! Kaz drags Fuego up to tag in Scorpio. SCU double whip, kick and backstabber! Rida runs in but gets a kick and whip to double shoulders! Scorpio snapmares Fuego to drop an elbow, cover, TWO! Scorpio drags Fuego up with an armlock, but Fuego whips. Scorpio kicks back but runs into a knee! Fuego hip tosses, cartwheels and standing shooting stars! Cover, ONE! Fuego drags Scorpio up, tags in Rida, and hands off the wristlock. Rida brings Scorpio down to a ghost pin, TWO and Scorpio ROCKS Rida!

Scorpio whips corner to corner. Rida goes up and out and hotshots back! Rida springboards to missile dropkick! Cover, TWO! Rida argues the count and tags in Fuego. KBW double whip but Scorpio reverses and fights back. Rida waistlocks but Scorpio ducks the forearm and it hits Rida! Hot tag to Kaz! Kaz dodges Fuego to deck Rida! Kaz rallies with big clotheslines and a whip. Rida reverses but gets flying forearms! Kaz hip tosses Fuego to a neckbreaker! Kaz baits Rida into putting him on the apron, and hitting a guillotine leg drop! Scorpio tags in and SCU has Fuego for the Gory Especial. S C U LATER! Cover, SCU wins!

Winner: SoCal Uncensored, by pinfall

The inaugural champions are getting back on the winning track, but will have to wait until after Fyter Fest for their turn. Will they be aiming for Best Friends or Kenny Omega and Hangman Page on the other side of the summer?


The Dark Order speaks.

“We’ve always said there’s strength in numbers.” And tonight, they honor that code by welcoming a new brother in. Number 5 is revealed to be… ALAN ANGELS! And Brodie Lee says he is one of them. He has joined The Dark Order!

Number 5 VS Lee Johnson!

Alan Angels is no longer #YaBoi, for he has decided to #JoinDarkOrder! Will Big Shotty stand a chance against this dark angel?

The bell rings and Five goes right at Johnson with fast hands! Five hammers Johnson down in the corner but lets up at 4. He whips Johnson and CHOPS him off his feet! Johnson gets to ropes but Five brings him up to whip to a corner. Johnson goes up and over and arm-drags Five around! Johnson dropkicks him down and Five bails out to the ramp. Ten and the Beaver Boys do not look pleased and Johnson fetches Five. Five kicks low and tells the cameras to move. Five throws Johnson off the ramp and to the POST! Johnson crashes down but Five fetches him. Five slams Johnson’s bad arm on the apron then puts him in the ring. Johnson stands up to get a step-in dropkick! Cover, TWO! Five is frustrated but he drags Johnson around to splash down on the arm!

Johnson rolls and writhes towards ropes but Five drags him up. Johnson fights back with hands and forearms. The bad arm keeps Johnson from whipping, and Five wrings the arm out into the mat! Five fireman’s carries for a WIDOWMAKER! Cover, TWO! Five drags Johnson’s arm around and stands on it. Five goes for another splash but he misses as Johnson evades! Johnson boots from the corner, and elbows from the ropes. Johnson spins Five to LARIAT! Five flounders and Johnson throws more clotheslines. Johnson blocks the arms to shoulder breaker and neckbreaker! Kip up! Johnson waits for Five to stand, and he hits a CALF KICK! Five flounders about and Johnson brings him up. Johnson POSTS Five in return for earlier, and then builds speed to FLY! Direct hit and down goes Five!

Johnson fires himself up and puts Five back in the ring. Five flounders around again and swings into a BLUE THUNDER BOMB! Cover, TWO!! Johnson almost had Five but the bad arm might’ve hindered him. Five is on the apron and he hotshots the bad arm! Five drags Johnson through the ropes for a draping DDT to the apron!! Johnson is stuck but here comes Mr. Brodie. Brodie tells Five to finish this, and Five brings Johnson in for a motorcycle stretch BACKSTABBER! Cover, Five wins!

Winner: Number 5, by pinfall

Brodie likes what he sees as Five brings Johnson up. Five feeds Johnson to Number Ten’s BOOT! But Brodie wants a message to be sent, so he has the Beaver Boys, aka Numbers Three and Four, to top it off. They bring Johnson up for a DOUBLE BLOCKBUSTER DDT!! The Dark Order’s Numbers are growing, will they help The Exalted One take over AEW?


Proud ‘n’ Powerful VS Brady Pierce & Musa!

The Inner Circle has been building back from their Stadium Stampede defeat, and Santana & Ortiz have been integral in that. Will they make sure The Inspiration and The Fearless understand that the Inner Circle is only getting stronger?

The teams sort out and Ortiz starts against Musa. Ortiz circles with Musa and they tie up. Ortiz waistlocks and turns Musa around to go after the wrists. He arm-drags Musa but Musa sweeps the legs. Ortiz comes up to headbutt low then whips. Musa reverses but Ortiz reverses back, Ortiz snapmares and wristlocks. Ortiz BITES the hand then twists. Musa moves back rolls up and gets around the back to waistlock. Ortiz standing switches but Musa switches back. Ortiz breaks free and claws Musa on the back! He whips Musa to clothesline him down! Ortiz talks trash to Pierce while putting his gloves on. Ortiz DECKS Musa but brings him back up to whip. Musa reverses and runs into the corner but Ortiz puts him on the apron. Musa ducks the punches and shoulders back in.

Musa slingshots up and over and comes back, but Ortiz dodges to pop him up! SIT OUT POWERBOMB! Ortiz sits Musa up into Santana’s Penalty Kick! The ref reprimands him but Santana just checks where the kick went. Pierce runs in but he gets tossed out! Santana ASAI MOONSAULTS Musa and Pierce down! Ortiz shouts, “WE’RE THE BEST!” Santana CHOPS Musa then puts him back in the ring. Ortiz drags Musa up and tags Santana in. Santana goes up top as Ortiz drapes Musa. Santana leaps, DOUBLE STOMP STUNNER! Santana dares Pierce to show his toughness, and he slaps Musa around. Musa throws hands but Santana DECKS him! Pierce dares Santana to let him tag in and Ortiz says Pierce wants their food! Santana tosses Musa over and Pierce tags in. Pierce throws hands but runs into a strike fest! Basement dropkick!

Santana throws hands then tags in Ortiz. PNP double whip but Pierce blocks! PNP double break, kick, slap and CHOP! They try to whip but Pierce reverses and kicks back! Pierce misses in a corner but elbows back! Pierce QUEBRADAS but FLOPS! Ortiz taunts Pierce and tags in Santana. PNP hoist Pierce up top together but Musa runs in. PNP dodges Musa and send him into Pierce! Pierce is in a Tree of Woe on top of Musa, for the STEP-UP CANNONBALL! Then Ortiz hoists Musa up and Santana is up top, STREET SWEEPER ONTO PIERCE! Cover, Proud ‘n’ Powerful win!

Winners: Proud ‘n’ Powerful, by pinfall

The aggression just keeps increasing for the Inner Circle! They’re hungry for more, but will they get to sink their teeth into the tag titles any time soon?


QT Marshall is very excited.

He can’t wait to show everyone. They’re going to love it just like he loves it. He finds Dustin and Brandi and asks if they heard about what’s up. About the match? Oh, right, the match tonight. Yeah, it isn’t a tag team match, it’s a singles match for QT. Why? Allie explained that Dustin is a legend, he doesn’t need to wrestle every night. But Dustin got all painted up. Well, yeah, but it’s even better! Allie made some NEW Natural Nightmare shirts, so here they are! It has QT looking like a giant and the others looking like hobbits. Not to mention, the sizes are way off. Who da f this for?! But Allie worked really hard on those. Just be supportive of QT and Allie, okay? QT heads out to prepare for his match, but Dustin just doesn’t understand. Is Allie becoming a nightmare for the Natural Nightmares?


The Butcher & The Blade VS Suge D & Anthony Catena!

Andy Williams & Braxton Sutter want to tear into FTR, but will have to settle for Pineapple Pete and the Six Tool Product. Will the Butcher and Blade send a message to Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood ahead of Dynamite?

The teams sort out, and Suge calls out The Butcher. The Butcher is who he gets and the two circle. Suge fires up with shadowboxing, then runs into the tie up only for Butcher to power him to the corner. Butcher grinds his forearm into Suge then backs off to RAM his shoulder in! He grinds Suge’s face on the ropes then tags in Blade. Butcher CHOPS and Blade stomps Suge down in the corner! The ref counts and Blade lets up at 4, but Butcher gets a choke in! Catena protests but the ref keeps him back. Blade CHOPS Suge then tags Butcher back in. Butcher CHOPS and CHOPS then tags Blade back in. They double headbutt Suge again and again, and then Blade barks at Catena. Blade drags Suge up and bumps him off buckles to CHOP again!

Blade whips corner to corner then runs in. Suge goes up and over and hits a FAST BALL! Blade stays on his feet, and Suge tries wax on, wax off. Crane kick gets blocked! Blade kicks low, fisherman neckbreaker! Blade drags Suge up to hit another fisherman neckbreaker! Suge flounders, Catena tags in! Catena runs into Blade’s kick and clubbing forearms! Blade kicks Catena around then throws big forearms. Catena flounders but powers out of a headlock. Butcher tags in, Blade hits a STUNNER and Butcher LARIATS Catena inside out! Suge is in shock but Butcher drags Catena up for a scoop. RUNNING POWERSLAM! Cover but Suge breaks it!

Blade ROCKS Suge then BOOTS him! Butcher adds a corner splash and Suge flops out of the ring. Catena is all alone for FULL DEATH! Cover, Butcher and Blade win!

Winners: The Butcher & The Blade, by pinfall

Williams and Sutter are ready to show Cash and Dax “we are reality!” Will FTR #FailToRespond on Dynamite?


QT Marshall w/ Allie, Brandi & Dustin Rhodes VS Zack Clayton!

The Bunny has the heart and the ear of God’s Gift to Wrestling, and it’s getting on his team’s nerves. Will QT’s star quality continue to rise? Or will “Zack Clayton™️” make his mark on AEW?

As QT and crew make their entrances, Brandi and Dustin wear their over-sized shirts and Brandi complains right to QT and Allie. QT escorts Allie to the commentary desk while Brandi and Dustin stay ringside. QT finally joins Clayton in the ring and this match begins.

Clayton and QT circle and tie up. They go around, QT puts Clayton in a corner but lets up clean. Clayton knees low and clubs QT on the back to then choke him on the ropes. “Is this your guy?!” Clayton lets up and QT ROCKS him with an uppercut! QT throws more uppercuts in the corner but Clayton knees him low. Clayton throws QT out but QT shoulders back in. QT slingshots up and over and clotheslines himself and Clayton out! But QT skins the cat and Allie’s heart flutters. Allie says QT shows off for her and that makes her hot. QT puts Clayton back in and whips him to ropes. Clayton holds ropes and puts QT out, but QT lands on his feet on the ramp! QT throws hands and springboards, into a dropkick! Allie hurries to help her man, and checks on him at the ramp.

Clayton drags QT up and taunts Allie as he rains down rights! Allie glares as Clayton tells her to get the hell out of his way. Allie joins Brandi ringside but Clayton throws more hands on QT. Clayton stomps QT then hammers away again. The ref counts and Clayton backs off. Allie comforts and coaches QT and QT fights back! QT rocks Clayton but Clayton knees low. Clayton whips, corner clotheslines then suplexes QT up. Clayton holds QT for 10 before slamming him down! BIG knee drop, cover, TWO! Allie is relieved but Clayton is frustrated. Clayton drags QT up and jams him with his knee. QT ROCKS Clayton again with uppercuts. QT whips, Clayton reverses, but QT handsprings to ENZIGURI!

QT waits for Clayton to stand, but Clayton denies the cutter. Clayton sends QT into a corner then runs in, but QT boots Clayton away! QT runs but into Clayton’s spinning powerslam! Cover, TWO!! A very Rhodes like move but QT knows those well. Clayton grows frustrated, and strips a buckle! Brandi tells Clayton to stop but Clayton gets in her face. QT runs in but misses, and sends Brandi down onto Dustin! Clayton swings on QT but gets the lethal combination! Brandi clutches her wrist and QT asks if he’s okay. Allie claims she got hurt, too, but it’s just a broken nail. Brandi might have a broken HAND! Allie says she’s better thanks to QT, and QT returns to the ring. Clayton KNEES QT down, then hops up! Allie anchors Clayton’s feet, and QT ROCKS Clayton with a right! SUPER CUTTER! Cover, QT wins!

Winner: QT Marshall, by pinfall

Dustin gets in to celebrate with his tag partner, but QT hugs Allie first. Brandi says she’s fine, by the way, thanks for asking. But the question still remains: Is Allie up to something here?


Christopher Daniels VS Sonny Kiss!

Kaz and Scorpio won in their match, but can SCU complete the sweep? Or will the Concrete Rose prove to be too tough for even the Fallen Angel?

The bell rings and Daniels circles with Kiss. They tie up, Daniels headlocks, wrenches and backs Kiss down. Daniels wrenches and whips but Kiss reverses. Daniels ducks, waistlocks, shoves and scoops to SLAM Kiss down! Cover, ONE but Daniels stays on Kiss with an armlock. Kiss fights up but Daniels wrenches to a wristlock. Kiss rolls, handsprings and flips to wave hi and break free. Kiss SLAPS Daniels and wristlocks now, to go up and up and rebound to an arm-drag! Daniels flounders up to the wheelbarrow and another arm-drag! Kiss splits to keep the arm and wrenches to an armlock! Daniels endures, fights up and powers out. Kiss runs Daniels over and things keep moving. Kiss handsprings and arm-drags Daniels again!

Daniels endures, fights his way up, and powers Kiss to a whip. Kiss goes up and over and arm-drags Daniels again! Kiss keeps on Daniels and that frustrates the veteran. Daniels fights up and throws forearms but Kiss hits back! Kiss DECKS Daniels, covers, ONE! Daniels runs into another arm-drag and is losing his cool. Kiss cranks on the arm and even digs his knee into Daniels’ head. Daniels fights up but Kiss backs him to a corner. The ref counts, Kiss wrenches and whips corner to corner. Kiss handsprings and SLAPS Daniels! Then Kiss goes Matrix to dodge, only to turn around into an EXPLODER! Both men are down but Daniels gets up first. Daniels drags Kiss up and whips him back to the corner hard! Kiss hits buckles then mat, but Daniels is still seething. Daniels whips Kiss even harder to the other corner! Kiss clutches his back but Daniels drags Kiss up.

Daniels whips to back drop Kiss high and hard! Cover, TWO! Daniels knees Kiss in the back then circles him like a shark. Daniels drives his knee in again then brings Kiss up for a snap suplex! Cover, TWO! Kiss toughs it out and that continues to frustrate Daniels. Daniels drags Kiss up but Kiss throws hands! Kiss ROCKS Daniels with forearm after forearm, then whips him to ropes. Daniels kicks back and hits the STO! But instead of a cover, Daniels floats around to a CROSSFACE! Kiss endures and reaches out to get a ropebreak with his legs! Daniels lets go in a huff and looms over Kiss. Daniels drags Kiss into the corner to CLUB him down. Kiss throws forearms back, but Daniels DECKS Kiss again! Daniels stomps away on Kiss in the corner but the ref counts. Daniels stops at 4 and tells the ref to get out of his face! The ref cools him off and Daniels heads back for Kiss.

Kiss throws forearm after forearm again and DECKS Daniels! Daniels gets up but Kiss is rallying! Dropsault and huricanrana! Daniels flounders up, Kiss runs in, table top and slingshot split leg drop! Cover, TWO!! Daniels survives that assault but Kiss scoops and slams! Kiss twerks to the moonsault! Cover, TWO!! Now Kiss grows frustrated, and he spins, but into Daniels URENAGE! Daniels calls for his shot but Kiss anchors his feet to a victory roll! TWO and Kiss baits Daniels into a corner. Kiss ax kicks and boots Daniels down! Daniels is in the drop zone, Kiss goes up top, but Daniels gets away before the split leg drop. Kiss leaps to huricanrana, Daniels rolls him up, TWO! Kiss has the cover, TWO! Daniels blocks kicks, throws forearms but Kiss hits back! Kiss HEEL KICKS Daniels down! Daniels slowly rises, but Kiss runs out to boot. Daniels blocks, flips Kiss into the ANGEL’S WINGS!! Cover, Daniels wins!

Winner: Christopher Daniels, by pinfall

SCU wins again but Kiss gave Daniels quite the fight! Is this a sign of the next generation rising up? Or does the old Ring General still have some fight left in him?


Jurassic Express VS Brandon Cutler & Peter Avalon w/ Leva Bates!

Jungle Boy fell short of becoming the second-ever TNT Champion against Cody Rhodes, but it was an inspiring fight. Will it help Luchasaurus and Marko Stunt get a win for the trio? Or is this finally the night the Dungeon Master and Librarian remove the goose eggs from their win columns?

The teams sort out and Fun Size equips Luchasaurus’ shin covers and he looks like a tiny, shiny Shawn Michaels. Stunt starts against Avalon and fires himself up but Avalon says “Look at this dork.” Luchasaurus tags in and Avalon freaks out. Avalon wants Luchasaurus to calm down, but things speed up as Avalon dodges everything he can. Avalon springboards but into Luchasaurus’ arms! Ripcord and CHOP! Avalon scrambles away to Cutler and tags out. Cutler circles with Luchasaurus and they tie up. Cutler waistlocks but Luchasaurus pries free and puts him in a corner. Cutler slips out, roundhouses, then slingshots in but misses. Cutler keeps dodging and dropkicks Luchasaurus to a corner. Luchasaurus puts Cutler out, but Cutler slides in, under and out!

Luchasaurus grabs at Cutler but there’s no hair! Cutler enziguris Luchasaurus away then springboards, into a CHOP! Luchasaurus puts Cutler in a corner for fast hands! Cutler flounders around but Luchasaurus whips him to ropes, SUPERKICK! Cover, TWO! Cutler still lives but Luchasaurus drags him up. Cutler breaks free, Luchasaurus ducks the first kick but not the second! Cutler whips but Luchasaurus is too big and strong! Luchasaurus HEADBUTTS then Atomic SLAMS Cutler down! Luchasaurus DEAD LIFT wheelbarrow suplexes Cutler up and down! Stunt tags in, is the human weapon WHEELBARROW SENTON! Cover, TWO! Cutler pushes Stunt away but Stunt anchors his foot. Cutler still makes his way to the tag. Avalon drags Stunt off Cutler’s leg but Stunt arm-drags Avalon at Cutler! Avalon turns around into an enziguri, then Stunt runs to springboard arm-drag and dropkick!

Stunt goes up top but Leva waves hi. He remembers their kiss, right? Avalon does and he throws Stunt down! Avalon rains down right hands over and over! He drags Stunt up and brings him over to buckle bump. Cutler tags in and he brings Stunt up, but Stunt SLAPS him! Cutler DECKS Stunt then brings him up to the torture rack! Stunt endures being thrashed about and Cutler throws Stunt down. Cover, TWO! Cutler and Avalon argue, but Cutler stomps Stunt down! Cutler trophy lifts Stunt but Stunt turns it into a huricanrana! Cutler hurries after Stunt and drags him back. Tag to Avalon and Avalon shoves Cutler aside so he can stomp away on Stunt! Avalon hits Luchasaurus just because, and then fires off on Stunt again. Avalon whips, Stunt dodges and tilt-o-whirls to a DDT! Both men are down but Jungle Boy and Leva rally for their teams.

Hot tags to Luchasaurus but not Cutler! Avalon tries to go it alone but Luchasaurus clobbers him! Luchasaurus throws Cutler around then roundhouses Avalon! Luchasaurus CHOPS Cutler off his feet, then blocks Avalon’s punch for a knee and ROUNDHOUSE! Cutler flounders into the pop-up flapjack! Avalon flounders into a CHOP! Spinning BUZZSAW for Cutler! Fireman’s carry for Avalon, EXTINCTION LEVEL EVENT! But Luchasaurus isn’t done and Avalon flounders into a choke grip. Cutler saves Avalon but now they argue with each other? They each get a choke grip! They’re even fighting as Luchasaurus brings them around. Luchasaurus lifts them both but they both break free, and double mule kick him away!

Stunt climbs up and leaps at them both! They catch him, and toss him, but Luchasaurus catches Stunt to throw him back! Double crossbody! Tag to Stunt and he climbs up Luchasaurus for a SUPER SPLASH! Cover, TWO!? Avalon survives but Stunt tags Luchasaurus back in. Stunt again becomes a weapon, but he gets a SUPERKICK! Avalon enziguris Luchasaurus, then dodges, to go up, up and away for a TORNADO DDT! Cover, TWO!! Luchasaurus lives but Avalon heads up top! Luchasaurus grabs Avalon and climbs up. Avalon rakes the eyes and SUNSET POWERBOMBS! Tag to Cutler, springboard MACHO ELBOW! Cover, TWO!! Their teamwork didn’t do it, but Avalon tags in.

Avalon and Cutler both run at Luchasaurus, but he handsprings under, over, and TAIL WHIPS Avalon! ROUNDHOUSE for Cutler! Luchasaurus drags Cutler up from the apron but Cutler throws haymakers! Cutler fights Luchasaurus off then bumps him off buckles for knees! Cutler wristlocks and springboards, but Luchasuaurs catches him! Stunt goes up, SUPER BULLDOG! Avalon runs in, Electric Chair to victory roll, TWO! QUESTION MARK KICK! Stunt comes back and Luchasaurus puts Avalon up for the BABY TAIL WHIP! And then Stunt choke grips, but needs help in the CHOKE SLAM! Standing moonsault from Luchasaurus, double cover, Jurassic Express wins!

Winners: Jurassic Express, by pinfall

Stunt feels very proud of himself, as he should. The Fun Size Kid and his friends are victorious tonight, will they turn things all around as we enter the Summer? As for Cutler and Avalon, they were so close yet still so far. Are they close to that breakthrough into the win column? Or must they start from square one?


Jon Moxley VS Robert Anthony!

Fyter Fest is coming, and The Maniac will cross paths with The Machine, Brian Cage. But for tonight, Mox will see if he can humble Egotistico Fantastico tonight?

But before either competitor comes out, Brian Cage comes out to join Excalibur and his mentor, Taz, on commentary! He wants to see Moxley fight with his own eyes, but will he keep it at watching?

The bell rings and Moxley circles with Anthony. They tie up, go around, and Anthony goes for a cravat. Moxley resists, wrenches but Anthony wrenches back. Anthony hammerlocks but Moxley turns that around to his own, and then a headlock. Moxley hits a headlock takeover, Anthony headscissors back but Moxley pops out. The two stand off as the crowd cheers. Moxley and Anthony circle and tie up again. Anthony wrenches the knuckle lock but Moxley drops down to get a takedown. Moxley waistlocks but Anthony gets up to get the ropes. The ref counts, Moxley lets go but he pushes Anthony against the ropes. Anthony keeps his cool and circles with Moxley again. They tie up, Anthony gets the arm and wrenches through. Moxley rolls, wrenches back, sweeps the legs and covers, ONE!

Anthony backs off and circles with Moxley again. They tie up again, Moxley puts Anthony on the ropes then gets a leg. Moxley trips Anthony but backs off to let Anthony seethe. Anthony cools off and circles with Moxley again. The crowd rallies for Moxley as he ties up, headlocks and hits the takeover. Anthony keeps his shoulders up, pries against the hold, and fights his way up. Anthony breaks the grip, waistlocks to headlock, but Moxley powers out. The two collide, Mxoley bounces off but runs Anthony over on the second. Things speed up, Anthony arm-drags and dropkicks Moxley! Anthony fireman’s carries but Moxley escapes and scrambles away. Moxley wags his finger but Anthony says he just got points on the board. The two reset and circle again.

They tie up with knuckle locks, Moxley shoots in for another leg takedown, then gets around to a waistlock. Moxley shifts to a headlock then back to a wristlock, then brings Anthony down to a short arm scissor. Anthony resists, fights to get up but Moxley shifts to another wristlock. Anthony rolls, handsprings and wrenches to wring Moxley out! Moxley bails out but Anthony hurries over. Moxley gets clear of the Pescado to get in, build speed and DIVE! The tope hits and the crowd fires up for Mox! Marko wants a high five but Moxley leaves him hanging. Moxley puts Anthony in, blocks a kick to dragon screw the leg! Anthony hobbles up into another dragon screw! Moxley watches Anthony crawl to ropes but brings him back up. Moxley puts the leg on the ropes to dig his foot in.

The ref counts, Moxley lets up at 4, but Anthony elbows back. Anthony boots, but into a capture and SUPLEX! Cover, ONE! Moxley keeps on the leg with a toehold but Anthony endures. Anthony tries to fight with hammering hands but Moxley cranks on the toehold. Moxley knees the leg then cranks Anthony into a modified Half Crab! Anthony endures, reaches out and gets the ropebreak! Moxley lets up at 4 but grabs the legs again. Moxley brings Anthony around and hooks the leg for a snap deathlock! Anthony endures while Moxley shifts around to a knee squeeze. Anthony elbows Moxley away but Moxley eggs Anthony on. Moxley stomps Anthony down then brings him up for the X-PLEX! Anthony rolls away to a corner but Moxley goes outside.

Moxley pulls Anthony backwards against the post in a Bow ‘n’ Arrow! The ref counts, Moxley lets up at 4, and refreshes the count. Moxley brings Anthony back to the post to SLAM the leg into it! And then ties the legs up for a HANGING FIGURE FOUR!! Anthony screams in pain but Moxley lets go at 4! Moxley refreshes the count again before he stomps the legs! Anthony crawls but Moxley puts him in the ring. Moxley grabs the legs again and brings Anthony to the ropes. Moxley springboard sits down on the leg! Moxley climbs up top and Anthony manages to stand. Moxley leaps up and over Anthony, but comes back to a tilt-o-whirl SLAM! Anthony grabs Moxley’s legs to hook them up, and he grabs the arms, for the ROMERO SPECIAL! But Anthony can’t get Moxley all the way up because of his own damaged legs, so he STOMPS Moxley down! Cover, TWO!

Moxley gets up but Anthony is on him with CHOPS! Anthony throws forearms and whips Moxley corner to corner. Moxley goes up and over and keeps moving to LARIAT Anthony inside out! Moxley drags Anthony up, Gotch holds, but Anthony back drops out! Anthony fireman’s carries, for a DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! Cover, TWO!! Moxley survives and the crowd rallies up. Moxley gets to a corner and Anthony gets to his feet. Anthony runs corner to corner but misses! Moxley rolls him, underhooks but Anthony rams him into buckles! Anthony runs in but is put on the apron. Anthony forearms Moxley away, climbs up top and leaps, into a POWERBOMB! Moxley drags Anthony up in underhooks, for a chicken wing facebuster! Cover, TWO!?! Anthony survives and Taz is laughing! Moxley puts on the Texas Cloverleaf but Anthony reaches for ropes. Moxley drags him away, sits down deep, and Anthony taps! Moxley wins!

Winner: Jon Moxley, by submission

The Maniac wins, but the Machine and his mastermind are not impressed. If Egotistico Fantastico gave Moxley that much of a fight, will it be a cake walk for the Path of Cage to become the NEW AEW World Champion?

My Thoughts:

AEW continues to put a lot into Dark these days, and that’s actually a good thing. Granted, the matches still went as expected, there was a lot of good story being told tonight, too. It almost felt like this truly was the third hour for (last week’s) Dynamite. SCU wins out, but with Christopher Daniels and Sonny Kiss giving us the stronger match. Daniels’ story since his last days in ROH were about if he’s “still got it,” and it really helps give the newer, younger talent a chance to shine. I really hope at some point, Daniels challenges Cody for that TNT Championship for those stories to collide. Both men fighting to prove they’re still worthy of something will really get a crowd going, both live and watching at home.

I am shocked that Alan Angels joined The Dark Order, but it is a great twist for a guy that AEW clearly sees something in. Angels/Number Five and Lee Johnson had a really good match, and I almost thought Johnson was going to win so that Brodie Lee would wallop both him and Angels to teach the others a lesson. But instead, Five finds a way to win, and then Johnson just becomes the punching bag for the entire faction. We have the majority of the Dark Order henchmen sorted out, but I’m not sure if we’ve seen a Number Six or Seven. Colt Cabana’s story with The Dark Order has yet to sort out, so maybe he becomes one of the missing numbers? Though I feel like AEW should’ve kept an important number like Ten or Seven in mind just in case that happened.

Proud ‘n’ Powerful and Butcher & Blade get very good wins that help keep them strong in the Tag Division, and especially towards stories. I’m pretty sure FTR beats Butcher & Blade but it should be quite the match. Allie continues to ignore her relationship with Butcher & Blade, but her plan is clearly to break The Natural Nightmares up. I would hope it’s to then break QT’s heart as she returns to being The Bunny, because I would hope AEW isn’t the kind to drop stories like WWE has done.

The last two matches of the night were incredible! Jurassic Express, Cutler and Avalon had a great showing, and for just a moment it seemed like Cutler and Avalon could’ve pulled it off. This can still go the way of Cutler and Avalon facing each other at Fyter Fest so that one of them finally wins. But at the same time, it came very close to suggesting these two could try to be a genuine tag team. I’m still personally hoping for the former. And then Moxley VS Anthony was a really good main event, but I loved Taz on commentary and how he was rightfully unimpressed. As AEW World Champion, Moxley toying with Anthony almost cost him, but it sure raised Anthony’s stock. I hope Taz brings this up on Dynamite to really dig at Moxley, accompanied by Cage dominating Anthony in a match of their own, to have a direct comparison.

My Score: 8.4/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Rampage Results & Report! (3/1/24)

Rampage towards Revolution!



Riho’s on a Rampage!

Just 48 hours ahead of AEW Revolution, there’s an All Star Scramble qualifier, CMLL stars debuting, and Riho returning to action!


  • Claudio Castagnoli VS Rugido; wins.
  • Riho VS Trish Adora; wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Lance Archer & The Righteous VS ???
  • All-Star Scramble Qualifier: Magnus VS Matt Sydal; wins and advances to AEW Revolution.


[Due to scheduling conflicts, coverage will begin later tonight]

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (2/28/24)

Sting’s last Dynamite…



AEW Coverage Lasers

Revolution is around the corner!

Just days before Sting & Darby Allin defend the AEW World Tag Team Championships, The Icon says goodbye to Dynamite.


  • Six Man Tag: Eddie Kingston & FTR VS Blackpool Combat Club; BCC wins.
  • AEW International Championship: Orange Cassidy VS Nick Wayne w/ The Patriarchy; Cassidy wins and retains the title.
  • Kris Statlander w/ Stokely Hathaway w/ Willow Nightingale VS Skye Blue w/ Julia Hart; Skye wins.
  • Chris Jericho VS Atlantis Jr. w/ Atlantis Sr; Jericho wins.


Hangman Page is here!

The Cowboy is in Huntsville, Alabama, and using a crutch? It was concerning at the end of last week’s Dynamite that Hangman was clutching his ankle near the end of the Six Man Tag match. Hangman hops up the steel steps to step into the ring, and he gets the mic. “This probably doesn’t look like a promising start to the speech, huh, guys? I feel like I might say it too much but it’s important to me, so I will say it. When AEW started, it was a new endeavor for my friends, but for me, it was something different. It was a goal. It was an opportunity to rise to people’s expectations, to make the most of the world laid in front of me.

“And I’d like to think that I did that, and I’d like to think that winning the world championship in 2021…” The fans start to cheer, and Hangman says he likes to think that doing that was the biggest accomplishment of his career. That’s why it hurts so much to have that opportunity in front of him again, and have this happen. Fans don’t want it to be true but Hangman says, “When AEW decided that at Revolution, the world championship would be decided in a Three Way match, I said it was BS. And I meant it. And I suggested that maybe the championship should be decided in a singles match, but it looks like I had the wrong two competitors.”

Fans boo, hoping this isn’t true, but Hangman says he won’t apologize to Swerve or Joe. But he will tell us the truth, because he’s always honest with us, that this Sunday at Revolution, Hangman will not be able to compete. The fans are upset, but then “Whose house?” “SWERVE’S HOUSE!” Prince Nana leads the way and does his dance as Swerve Strickland makes his entrance. The Realest goes down the ramp, to the ring, and already has a mic of his own. Fans cheer and chant, then Swerve says, “These last six months, man, we’ve been to war. I tried to kill you, you tried to kill me, I might’ve crossed the line a couple times…

“But I didn’t really expect this to happen. I targeted you because of everything you accomplished here in AEW. And to say that I didn’t have the utmost respect of that would just be a flat out lie. But you suffered this unfortunate fate, and the funny thing about fate, you can’t escape it. And you can’t stop destiny. And my destiny awaits me this Sunday at Revolution as I go on to become the AEW World Champion.” But then here comes said champion, Samoa Joe! The fans chant for “JOE! JOE! JOE!” as he stands on stage in a suit, mic in hand and belt on his shoulder. “Destiny? You boys are out here talking about destiny?

“Now what do we have here? It seems two of the most bitter enemies ever out here are trying to hug it out, huh?” Joe says a lot of lies are being told so he will correct them with a few truths. First, week after week, these two have stared daggers at each other, thinking that the destiny of this championship was tearing the other man’s throat out. That was only because they both avoided making eye contact with Joe and realized who the real man around here is. Second, though Joe doesn’t quite understand this dynamic, whether or not Hangman is in the match. Or should we call him “Hop Along?”

Joe keeps hearing about how Hangman and Swerve are young, hungry contenders. But that’s ridiculous! They’re both battle tested, battle hardened warriors in that ring, and there’s nothing new about them. They’re hungry but accomplished. The fans cheer that. But what they both need to realize is that the only reason they’re hungry is because Joe is starving their asses! As long as Joe has the title, there won’t be no more meals come dinner time! So he will explain to them who Joe is, and who they should really be worried about! He is Samoa Joe, the AEW World Champion, and whether it is one or both of them, Joe will whoop both their asses.

Swerve tells Joe to hold on so he can explain just who the hell Swerve is! “I’m someone that went from unemployed to headlining PPVs! I’m someone that went from being a Cruiserweight to going after the world championship! But make no mistake about it, I am that same man that broke into a wrestling school and left an 18 year old laying in a bloody heap! I am that same man that trespassed in another man’s home and threatened his infant son! I’ll do whatever it takes to become world champion! I’m not only a career maker, I am a career changer! And after I take that championship from you, Joe, you’re not gonna what to do with yourself.

“Hell, you might wanna go back to commentary wearing a poncho again. Who knows.” Joe seethes as Swerve says he is on the verge of making history! And this Sunday at Revolution, Swerve WILL become AEW World Champion! Whose House? “SWERVE’S HOUSE!” Whose House?! “SWERVE’S HOUSE!” WHOSE HOUSE?! HANGMAN ATTACKS WITH THE CRUTCH!! He was faking all along!? Hangman shouts for Swerve to get up and Joe grins! Hangman CLOBBERS Swerve with the crutch now! Hangman says Swerve will NEVER have that championship! Hangman tells Joe the same, that Swerve won’t take the title, HANGMAN will!

Fans are torn but Joe understands now that it is still a Triple Threat. But did Hangman just switch it up and use that crutch to take Swerve out of the running? Or will Hangman regret swerving a man as dangerous as Swerve?


The Young Bucks arrive backstage.

Matthew Jackson is in a black suit, Nicholas is in pink. They’re ready to “clock in” for Dynamite, and they step inside the building. Renee Paquette is right there and she welcomes them to Huntsville. Tonight is Sting’s final Dynamite ahead of their match for the AEW World Tag Team Championships at Revolution. Last time she saw them, it seemed they were having an interesting business meeting with Ric Flair. Can they give any details about that? Well, it went great, and that is all Nick will say. Matt brings up Sting and asks if Renee has seen him yet. Not yet, just them.

Oh, okay, then since this is Sting’s final Dynamite appearance, The Bucks are just dying to see him and thank him for all his contributions to this company. And mostly, they want to… “conduct his exit interview.” Matt & Nick bring out the white baseball bats, the same ones they used to beat down Sting, Darby and Sting’s two sons just a few weeks ago. Matt says have a great night, let’s have a killer show. Cameraman, keep with them, so everyone can see what the Bucks are gonna do for Sting. The Bucks continue deeper backstage, will they make it so Sting doesn’t even make it to his retirement match?


Six Man Tag: Eddie Kingston & FTR VS Blackpool Combat Club!

Before all of their separate showdowns on Sunday, The Mad King teams with the Top Guys to take on Bryan Danielson, Jon Moxley & Claudio Castagnoli. Things have always been personal between Eddie and the American Dragon, and things have been getting more intense between Dax & Cash against the Maniac and the Swiss Superman. Just how wild will it get here, only days away from Revolution?

The trios sort out and Bryan starts against Eddie as a preview of their Continental Crown Championship match. The two feel things out as the fans rally up, and the two test the waters. The fans rally behind Eddie but Bryan is simply amused. Then Bryan tags out to Claudio! Well Eddie doesn’t like him much, either! Claudio RAMS Eddie, Eddie stays up and dares him to try again. Claudio runs, they RAM shoulders again, so now Eddie runs. Eddie RAMS Claudio, Claudio rebounds to RAM Eddie! Eddie rebounds but into an UPPERCUT! Eddie goes to a corner, Claudio runs in, but Eddie BOOTS him away!

Eddie goes up the corner and he FLYING SHOULDER TACKLES Claudio down! The fans fire up while Claudio scrambles up, and Eddie just stares him down. Eddie tags Dax, Claudio tags Bryan. They circle, feel things out, and tie up. Dax headlocks, hits the takeover, but Bryan headscissors. Dax kips free, the two stand off and the fans rally up. The two circle, tie up, and Dax headlocks. Bryan powers up and out but Dax runs him over! Things speed up, Dax counters hip toss with a hip toss! But Bryan boots him away! Bryan scoops to SLAM Dax, but Dax boots Bryan away! Dax headlocks for the takeover, Bryan headscissors, but Dax kips free.

The fans cheer the newest standoff and the two back down. Bryan tags Moxley and fans fire up! Dax tags Cash, these two circle. Moxley SLAPS, Cash SLAPS, and now they fire forearms! Moxley puts Cash in a corner to throw hands but Cash turns it around to body shot, CHOP and UPPERCUT! And repeat! CHOP, UPPERCUT, but Moxley turns things around to CHOP and forearm! The fans fire up, Moxley whips but Cash BOOTS back! Cash CHOPS again! Cash and Moxley fire more forearms, then Cash clinches. Moxley fights that, they scrap, and they give HEADBUTT for HEADBUTT! Cash UPPERCUTS and CHOPS, but Moxley eggs him on!

Cash gets in Moxley’s face but Moxley fires forearms. The teams come in to break this up, but then they start shoving. So it’s an even bigger brawl! The fans are thunderous as it all spills out of the ring! Claudio and Eddie are on one end, Cash and Moxley on another, and Dax stomps away on Bryan in a corner! The ref tries to restore order but Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Eddie CHOPS Claudio, but Claudio hits low! Claudio throws forearms, Bryan digs his boot into Dax, Cash is sent into the desk! Eddie claws at Claudio’s face, Dax sends Bryan into railing! Eddie TOSSES Claudio over railing! Moxley and Dax glare at each other but the ref has them stay back. Eddie goes after Claudio in the crowd! Fans are all fired up, and Cash clamps onto Moxley with a chinlock! Dax CHOPS and ROCKS Bryan over and over! Moxley hits Cash with an APRON BACK SUPLEX! Claudio sends Eddie into railing! Cash sends Moxley into railing! Cash turns around, Bryan FLYING KNEES off the apron!

Bryan soaks up the cheers and jeers, then KICKS Cash against railing! And KICKS and KICKS and KICKS! Cash flounders but Bryan puts him in the ring, just long enough to refresh the count! Bryan THROWS Cash into railing, Claudio runs up to UPPERCUT him! Dax runs them off, the ref again tries to restore order, but Dax and Eddie guard Cash from the BCC, even Moxley. The BCC leaves them behind and Bryan starts a “HE’S A BUM!” chant. Cash gets in the ring but Moxley’s right on him with HAMMER ‘N’ ANVIL ELBOWS! Cover, TWO! Moxley drags Cash up, tags Claudio, and they mug Cash.

Claudio stomps away on Cash in the corner, soaks up the heat, and Dynamite returns to single picture. Tag to Bryan, he drags Cash to turn him over and hook up the legs. Cash reaches out but Bryan grabs the arms. Bryan tags Moxley before he hoists Cash up, up and away, but not into the Romero Special! He has Cash up in a partial surfboard, for Moxley to JAB! Cash flops over, Moxley covers, TWO! The fans rally but Moxley drags Cash around. Moxley steps through, Cash fights but Moxley still has the INDIAN DEATHLOCK! Cash endures but his shoulders are down for a cover! ONE, but Moxley puts more pressure on the legs!

Cash endures, throws hands, but Moxley digs his boot into the knee. Cash falls back, it’s a cover again, ONE! Dax storms in to STOMP Moxley! The fans fire up and Moxley is up in a huff. Moxley brings Cash up to whip him but Cash KICKS back! Cash leaps, but Moxley catches him! Moxley throws Cash to ropes but Cash BOOTS back! Claudio runs up but Cash HOTSHOTS him, then RANAS Moxley! Hot tag to Dax! Dax JABS, JABS and ROCKS Moxley! Dax DECKS Moxley, Bryan runs in but Dax DECKS him, too! Claudio runs up, Dax dodges to then kick low! Dax runs to hit a SWINGING NECKBREAKER!

Dax whips Moxley, Moxley reverses but Dax cradle counters! TWO, and Dax hurries! O’Conner Roll, TWO! Dax goes up the corner to CROSSBODY! Cover, TWO! Moxley rakes the eyes! But Dax fights the underhooks! Dax underhooks Moxley, TIGER DRIVER! Cover, Bryan BOOTS Dax down! Bryan taunts Eddie but the ref keeps Eddie back. Eddie fumes but he steps back out. But the ref still misses Claudio LARIAT Dax! Moxley drags Dax up to POST him! Dax flops to the floor, Moxley and Bryan both go over there. Moxley keeps Eddie back, Bryan wrenches Dax to an ELBOW BREAKER! Eddie guards Dax and asks what’s up!

But then Bryan drags Eddie down! Claudio & Moxley mug Dax, they sit Dax on the railing! Cash protests but the ref can’t stop the BCC from mugging Eddie. Bryan whips Eddie hard into railing! Moxley drags Dax up while Bryan lines up a shot, and Bryan runs in to basement dropkick! Moxley tags Claudio, they stomp Dax, and then Claudio UPPERCUTS! Dax CHOPS! Claudio UPPERCUTS, Dax CHOPS, repeat! Dax CHOPS and CHOPS again, headlocks, but Claudio powers out to LARIAT! Cover, TWO!! Dax survives and Claudio seethes as Dynamite goes picture in picture again.

Claudio BOOTS Dax to the corner, he tags Moxley, and the BCC mugs Dax. Moxley clotheslines Dax, then underhooks for a BUTTERFLY SUPLEX! Cover, TWO! Moxley keeps on Dax with a top wristlock and grinds the arm. Dax endures, but Moxley bends the fingers and cranks the elbow. Dax fights up, but Moxley brings him over, tag to Claudio. They mug Dax, Claudio UPPERCUTS, then clamps on a COBRA TWIST! Dax endures, but Moxley gets a cheap shot in! Claudio then UPPERCUTS Dax down and tags Moxley back in. Moxley stomps Dax around, then puts him in a FIGURE FOUR! Dax does his best to fight that off but Moxley powers through!

Dax endures the leglock, his shoulders are down, TWO! Dax sits up in time, but just like with Cash, Moxley puts on the pressure. Dax falls back for another cover, TWO! Dax grabs at Moxley’s nose but the ref reprimands. Dax lets go and works to turn the hold over! Moxley resists one direction, but Dax goes the other way! Dax turns it over! The fans fire up as Moxley endures, and Moxley turns it back over. Dax reaches out to the ROPEBREAK! Moxley lets go quickly, then tries again, but Dax BOOTS Moxley into a POST! Moxley staggers, hot tag to Bryan! Bryan runs up to get Dax by an arm, and even grinds in an elbow!

Bryan drags Dax back over, tags in Claudio and the BCC mugs Dax again. Claudio clamps on a chinlock while Dynamite returns to single picture again. Dax endures, the fans rally up, and Dax fights up. Dax throws body shots, then ROCKS Claudio, but Claudio keeps Dax from Cash! Tag to Moxley and the BCC mug Dax more. Claudio picks Dax up for Moxley to run, HART ATTACK! Moxley BLASTS Cash off the apron, Claudio turns Dax over, and while Claudio ties up the legs, Moxley traps Dax’s arms! Bryan goes up top to DIVING HEADBUTT! Cover, TWO!! Dax survives but Moxley keeps him down with a FUJIWARA ARMBAR!

Dax endures, the fans rally, and Dax fights up again. Moxley knees low, reels Dax in, but Dax resists the lift! Dax back drops free but Bryan tags in! Bryan keeps Dax from the corner, Claudio even YANKS Cash down from the other side! Claudio whips Cash into railing! But Dax still gets free of Bryan, hot tag to Eddie! The fans are thunderous as Eddie CHOPS! Bryan CHOPS, but Eddie CHOPS! Bryan CHOPS, Eddie CHOPS! The CHOPS go back and forth, Eddie gets the edge and he backs Bryan to a corner. But Bryan pokes Eddie in the eyes! Bryan runs, but into an EXPLODER! Claudio gets in to CLUB Eddie!

Claudio ROCKS and whips Eddie but Eddie reverses. Eddie clinches to EXPLODER! Moxley is in to KING KONG LARIAT! The fans fire up as Eddie stands right up! Eddie says fine, and the former friends brawl it out! The fans love the haymakers, but Moxley KICKS and BOOTS Eddie to a corner! Moxley runs, but Eddie LARIATS! Bryan hits the DROPKICK in the corner, then feeds to Claudio’s trio! Time for the SWING! The fans fire up as Eddie goes around and around, into Bryan’s DROPKICK! Then Claudio CATAPULTS Eddie into Moxley’s KNEE! Moxley hoists Eddie up, PILEDRIVER!! Bryan covers, Dax breaks it!!

The fans fire up but the BCC get Dax! Cash saves Dax from the Double Suplex, “This is Awesome!” as Cash DROPKICKS Claudio and Dax clotheslines Moxley up and out! FTR then DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE Claudio up and out! Cash dodges Bryan, and feeds him to the URAKEN! Dax goes up, Cash Electric Chair Lifts Bryan, STEINER BULLDOG!! Eddie covers, Claudio AND Moxley break it! The fans are thunderous as all six men are down! Moxley finds Dax to CHOP, but Dax CHOPS back! Cash brawls with Claudio, Bryan and Eddie go back to CHOPS! The fans rally, the ref wants this to sort out, but the CHOPS keep flying!

Moxley has Dax down for HAMMER ‘N’ ANVIL ELBOWS! Claudio and Bryan also get Cash and Eddie in SLEEPERS, then drag them down for some HAMMER ‘N’ ANVIL ELBOWS of their own! Moxley shifts to SLEEPER Dax, and then Claudio puts Cash in a REAR NAKED CHOKE! Bryan follows suit, it’s TRIPLE SLEEPERS!! The fans boo while the ref checks Eddie. Eddie reaches out, sits up, and the fans rally behind him! Eddie and FTR all fight to their feet, and they all RAM BCC into buckles! The sleeper holds are broken, and then Eddie & FTR rotate. Cash UPPERCUTS Moxley, Dax has Bryan and Eddie has Claudio for MACHINE GUN CHOPS!

The fans fire up as the chops all ring out! Cash even gives Moxley some! Dax reloads to keep on Bryan and the fans are thunderous! But then Moxley and Bryan turn things around, followed by Claudio! CHOP and forearms on repeat! Bryan climbs up to rain down fists! Fans count along, Moxley and Claudio join in, they get about TEN on all three! Then Moxley & Bryan whip FTR at each other, only for FTR to dosido! Cash DECKS Moxley and Dax DECKS Bryan! Claudio runs up, into SHATTER MACHINE!! Claudio flops out of the ring, Moxley gets Cash with PARADIGM SHIFT! Dax hits Moxley with a BRAINBUSTER!

Bryan BUSAIKU KNEES Dax! Eddie URA- No, Bryan ducks it to SHOULDER CAPTURE PLEX! The fans chant “YES! YES! YES!” with Bryan and he runs up, BUSAIKU KNEE!! But Bryan says he’s gonna kick Eddie’s head in! Bryan grabs the arms, for the DRAGON STOMPS! Then Bryan shifts into the TRIANGLE HOLD! No hands a la Zack Sabre Jr, but Eddie is OUT all the same! BCC wins!

Winners: Blackpool Combat Club, by submission

Bryan doesn’t let go until he’s done talking trash on Eddie. Bryan lets off to pose, but will he be posing with three championships after Revolution? Will Moxley & Claudio prove they are the top guys in the AEW Tag Division?


Backstage interview with Chris Jericho.

Renee Paquette is with The Ocho, or rather the Lionheart, as tonight, Jericho will face Atlantis Jr. of CMLL. There is a ton of history here between Jericho and the Atlantis lucha family, what is he expecting tonight? Jericho says 30 years ago, when he first started wrestling in Mexico, he got thrown into the deep end very quickly. Legendary booker, Paco Alonso wanted Jericho to become a big time player fast. So he put Jericho with legends like Negro Casas, Silver King, Texano, El Dandy, and Atlantis Sr. Atlantis was both a great opponent and a great partner, a mentor and a friend.

So when AEW started working with CMLL, Jericho requested this match with Atlantis Jr. so he could repay the favor. Jericho wants to teach Atlantis Jr. something about the wrestling business from this end. So tonight, Jericho will show Atlantis Jr. some things he’s never seen before, and have a lesson in violence! Tonight, Jericho shows what “Corazon de Leon” can do. And in Spanish, Jericho tells Atlantis Jr. that tonight, there won’t be any holding back. Will El Ocho prove he is numero uno?


Tony Schiavone is in the ring.

AEW returns from break and Schiavone says tonight, it is official. There are great wrestlers all around the world, and many are coming here to AEW. But none is bigger, better or more exciting. Here on Dynamite, welcome to AEW full time, Will Ospreay! The fans fire up as the Aerial Assassin, having moved on from NJPW, is truly All Elite! Ospreay goes to the ring, high-fiving fans, and he even hugs Schiavone. Schiavone says the dynamic Ospreay is All Elite, and it’s great to have him here! Ospreay says, “Oi oi, Huntsville, how’re you doing, you cheeky shanks?” The fans cheer and Ospreay says he just wanted to come out here to say thanks for the reception.

Ospreay reminds us that back in November, he asked them to give him some time to finish his obligations with NJPW. His obligations are done! So he took himself to Barbados for a little holiday, got pissed with the Misses, it was great! And then he flew over here, lost his bags, but it’s alright! They found ’em so it’s all good. He came here in his track suit, like Kermit the Frog on leg day, and most importantly, he is here in front of all the fans to say he is here for full-time work! He’s All Elite, bruv! The fans fire up for that one! Ospreay says hold on, some are forgetting that this isn’t his first rodeo. His first PPV, he beat Orange Cassidy.

And if that wasn’t good enough, he went to Canada to beat Kenny Omega in front of 13 THOUSAND of his own people. And if that still wasn’t good enough, he pinned the first-ever AEW World Champion, Chris Jericho, at Wembley Stadium, bruv! So make no mistake about it. The territory might be different, but he’s used to this. He’s been rolling with the Callis Family, everything’s going smoothly, he is ready to pick up where he left off. Speaking of, here comes Don Callis and his family, the Last Supper mural still including Will Ospreay & Kyle Fletcher while Konosuke Takeshita & Will Hobbs are here in person.

Callis shakes hands and hugs it out with Ospreay, as does Hobbs. Konosuke doesn’t, though, given the match that’s coming. Callis takes the mic from Schiavone to say, “Y’know, ladies and gentlemen, there’s nothing I like more than a Don Callis Family reunion!” Fans boo but Callis says when he thinks about the talent in this group, he thinks about Fletcher, Hobbs, Konosuke & Ospreay, an embarrassment of riches! And Callis loves Ospreay talking about all those things the two of them accomplished together. When Ospreay beat Kenny, Callis was right beside him. Ospreay asked how they were gonna top that, and then we got Ospreay VS Jericho!

And on the biggest night of Ospreay’s life, he beat Jericho! So how to top that? Well, by having a match of the year! The fans chant “You Suck!” at Callis but Callis says you top Ospreay VS Jericho by having a match of the DECADE! And in order to do that, you need the two best rope-to-rope wrestlers in the world! The Alpha, Konosuke Takeshita, and Will BAH GAWD Ospreay! And people ask Callis, how can you pit the family against each other? Well, it’d be like when Michal Jordan and Scotty Pippen would go hard against each other in practice, then come together to win championships!

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter which one wins at Revolution! The real winner after will be the Don Callis Family! Now, shake hands, guys, this will be historic! Konosuke and Ospreay stare down, and Ospreay offers first. Konosuke looks at Ospreay’s hand, then takes it. They shake, the fans boo, but Konosuke doesn’t let Ospreay go. Konosuke wants Ospreay to look him in the eye, then he pats Ospreay on the shoulder. But then Ospreay doesn’t let go! Ospreay won’t let Konosuke big brother him just because Ospreay just got back. The fans rally behind Ospreay, Callis joins in by trying, and failing, to make it a dueling chant.

Ospreay and Konosuke step back, and Ospreay smiles as he bows respect to Konosuke. Will the Don Callis Family really be okay after The Alpha and the Assassin fight it out?


Backstage interview with Eddie Kingston.

Renee is now with the Mad King, and notes the disrespect shown not only to him but this entire time leading up to the match with Bryan at Revolution, how concerned is Eddie to be facing this version of Bryan? Eddie starts but then The Bucks walk in asking if Eddie’s seen Sting. What? No, he hasn’t. The Bucks then realize they’re interrupting an interview. Sorry, take it from the top. No, this is life. Oh, oops, never mind. But then Nick says he has a bone to pick with Eddie anyway. All that crap Eddie was saying on Collision, next time it’ll be a fine! Matt has Nick cool down and apologizes for him.

But while Matt has Eddie, mind if he talks with him for a second? Eddie asks what these two are even doing, but Matt says hold on. Eddie is a champion, y’know. He should work on his presentation a little. He shows up to work with Timbs and sweats? Where’s his sports coat or something? Matt asks Nick if they need to implement a dress code backstage. But no, sorry, they’re still looking for Sting, so carry on. The Bucks go shouting for “Stinger” again, and Renee says she had a point about the Louis Vuitton Timbs. Seriously? Eddie doesn’t get what is going on with the EVPs, but will he be more than ready for Sunday?


AEW International Championship: Orange Cassidy VS Nick Wayne w/ The Patriarchy!

Freshly Squeezed is still a fighting champion, so even with his match against Roderick Strong on Revolution this Sunday, he put out an Open Challenge for tonight! And who answered it? The Patriarchy’s Prodigy! Will Nick follow in his father figure’s footsteps and hold onto a title all his own? Or will Cassidy serve up an L with that Orange Punch?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see if Cassidy makes it to Revolution!

The bell rings, Cassidy and Nick storm up but Nick kicks low! Nick headlocks, Cassidy powers up and out, but Nick pulls hair to reel Cassidy in! Nick hits a headlock takeover, grinds his forearm in then flexes. Mama Shayna applauds but Cassidy fights up. Cassidy powers out but again Nick pulls hair! The ref reprimands but Cassidy breaks free to headlock back. Nick powers up and out, reels Cassidy in but Cassidy ducks the lariat to slip around and headlock for a takeover! The fans cheer while Cassidy thrashes Nick around. Nick headscissors but the fans rally for Cassidy. Cassidy kicks and kicks and pops free!

The fans cheer as Cassidy kips up, and he puts his hands up! Nick runs in, Cassidy hurdles. Nick shoves Cassidy but Cassidy avoids the hurdle to then Alabama Lift! Nick sunset flips through, TWO! Nick runs up, ducks ‘n’ dodges then RANAS! Fans boo but Nick soaks it up as Cassidy goes to a corner. Nick runs up, Cassidy dodges then blocks a boot, but Nick ENZIGIRIS! Nick goes up and up but Cassidy gets under the flying cutter! Cassidy comes back, into an UPPERCUT! Cassidy bails out, the ref tells Christian Cage to back off. Nick runs up, Cassidy avoids the dive then blocks the Penalty Kick! Cassidy swings Nick but Nick cartwheels through!

Nick baits Cassidy in and then sends him into steel steps! Cassidy hobbles back up, Nick goes up and up and ASAI MOONSAULTS! Direct hit and Christian hugs his “son.” Nick puts Cassidy in, goes up the corner again, but Cassidy rolls away to the other corner. The fans cheer but Nick runs and FLIES out onto Cassidy! Direct hit again and Nick smirks as he drags Cassidy up. Nick puts Cassidy in, soaks up more heat, and Christian & Shayna applaud. Nick climbs again, but Cassidy moves! Nick rolls through, comes back, but into a BOOT! Cassidy goes up but Nick UPPERCUTS! Nick then climbs up after Cassidy!

Nick stands Cassidy up, but Cassidy fights the superplex with body shots! Cassidy ROCKS Nick and Nick falls off the corner! Cassidy adjusts, Nick distracts the ref, and Christian trips Cassidy up! Fans boo as Christian taunts Cassidy, and then Nick KNEES Cassidy down! The ref realizes what really happened, though, and he EJECTS The Patriarchy! The fans are thunderous as Christian, Shayna & Killswitch/Luchasaurus are furious! The fans say “Hey, hey, hey! Goodbye~!” while Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Nick is worried now that this is just 1v1, but he hurries to find Cassidy. Nick fires hands, then runs Cassidy right into railing! Nick soaks up the heat and flexes, then he drags Cassidy up. Nick runs Cassidy into more railing! Cassidy falls in a heap, Nick flexes and soaks up the heat again. Nick drags Cassidy up and into the ring, covers, TWO! Cassidy is still in this and Nick is frustrated. Nick KNEES Cassidy in the back, then fishhooks Cassidy’s nose! The ref reprimands, Nick lets off, but then he fishhooks again! The ref counts, Nick lets off and Cassidy goes to a corner. Nick ROCKS Cassidy in a corner, then turns him around to ROCK the back.

Nick whips corner to corner hard and Cassidy falls in a heap! Nick drags Cassidy from the corner to cover, TWO! Nick KICKS Cassidy in the back! Cassidy writhes, Nick soaks up the heat again, and Nick brings Cassidy up. Nick waistlocks, but Cassidy pries the hold. Nick ROCKS Cassidy in the back again, then full nelsons! But Cassidy fights to reach for his pockets! Nick shoves him to ropes to ROCK him in the back again! Dynamite returns to single picture as Nick tries again. But Cassidy again fights his way, and gets his hands in his pockets! Cassidy arm-drags Nick away then SHOTGUNS him down! Cassidy kips up and the fans fire up!

Cassidy runs corner to corner but Nick dodges! Cassidy tumbles up and out, bumps Nick off buckles, then runs him side to side to do it again! And again! Nick staggers away, Cassidy climbs up, and Cassidy CROSSBODIES! Cassidy keeps going, ducks ‘n’ dodges to tilt-o-whirl DDT! Cover, TWO! Nick is still in this but Cassidy keeps cool. The fans rally as Cassidy goes to a corner. Cassidy powers up, runs in, but Nick gets under! Cassidy again fights the nelson to wrench and facelock, but Nick FISHERMAN SUPLEXES! Bridging cover, TWO! Not quite perfect from Nick and the fans rally up. Nick kicks at Cassidy, mocking Cassidy’s style.

The fans boo, but Nick winds up, only for Cassidy to SUPERKICK! Fans fire up as Nick falls back! Cassidy returns the “devastating” kicks! Then stomps and stomps and stomps for real! The fans fire up and Cassidy runs, to PENALTY KICK! Shoutout to Shibata, and off comes the elbow pad! ORANGE- NO, Nick gets under again! Full nelson, Cassidy breaks it, but Nick GERMAN SUPLEXES! Only for Cassidy to stand up! Nick runs, DESTROY- BEACH BREAK!! Cover, TWO!! Nick survives and wait, The Kingdom creeps in from the crowd! The ref tells them to stay back, but Nick RAMS Cassidy into buckles! SNAP DRAGON! Bridging cover, TWO!!

Cassidy escapes, and then ROPPONGI VICE is here! Rocky Romero & Trent Beretta are back and they’re going after Taven & Bennett for what they’ve done the past few weeks! Fans fire up as Cassidy’s Best Friends are getting even, but the ref doesn’t see Nick rip a buckle pad away! But then Daniel Garcia shows up! He tells Nick shame shame, then Nick turns around, ORANGE PUNCH!! Cover, Cassidy wins!

Winners: Orange Cassidy, by pinfall (still AEW International Champion)

Cassidy’s Best Friends and Christian’s enemies help Cassidy hold onto the gold, but then Roderick Strong STRONG KNEES Cassidy down! Roddy rains down fists while the fans boo! Trent storms in to shove Roddy down! The Undisputed Kingdom regroup, but the damage has been done! Will the Savior of the Backbreaker have an easy night at Revolution? Or can Cassidy’s fighting spirit see him through another tough challenge?


Backstage interview with The Bang Bang Scissor Gang.

Renee is with Jay White, The Gunns, Max Caster & Anthony Bowens, and she notes the impressive win on Collision against Iron Savages. It seems they’re gelling as a group now. Oh, she saw that? White agrees, they are gelling. And to be honest, he was a little apprehensive at first, had their wires crossed a couple weeks ago on Dynamite. But after Collision, they’ve shown just how well they can work together, and White is all in on BBSG! They are damn near perfect! Aren’t they, Billy? Yeah, almost. But Max, what happened to your rap? You think anyone noticed? Uh, yeah, man, everyone noticed.

But Austin says he has an idea. Speaking of combos within the group, how about this? Austin Gunn & The Acclaimed for Collision! Bowens says that’s silly. But what about The Acclaimed & Austin? YES! Everyone loves it! Austin is confused, though, isn’t that just the same but said different? White moves on by saying EVERYONE loves The Acclaimed, BANG BANG! Bowens says he got it! They scissor finger, but will Austin, Max & Anthony make it a win just like the other half of the super group?


Kris Statlander w/ Stokely Hathaway w/ Willow Nightingale VS Skye Blue w/ Julia Hart!

The Galaxy’s Greatest and the Babe with the Power used to be friends with the Chicago Skye, but we all know how the Princess of the Black Throne influenced her to the dark side. Skye wants to tear down her former friends to protect the House, but will nothing stop Kris from getting back to the TBS Championship?

The bell rings and Skye runs up to fire off on Kris! Kris hits back, puts Skye in a corner, and then TOSSES her across the way! The fans fire up while Skye flounders. Kris stands Skye up to fire clotheslines in the corner, then she CHOPS! The fans “WOO~!” while Kris brings Skye around to bump off buckles. Kris ROCKS, CHOPS and snapmares Skye to then run her over! The fans fire up as Kris flexes, and then Kris scoops. Skye slips free, throws Kris down by her hair, but Kris kips up! Skye throws Kris down again, but Kris kips up again! The fans cheer as Kris blocks a shot and throws Skye down by her hair! And then SENTONS! Cover, TWO!

Kris keeps cool and she has Stokely & Willow watching Julia. Kris ROCKS and CHOPS Skye again, then whips her to ropes. Skye ducks ‘n’ dodges, tilt-o-whirls and goes around and around, but Kris stops that to THROW Skye away! Skye flounders to a corner and the fans fire up as Kris runs in. Skye dodges, runs back in but Kris ELBOWS her! Kris headstands but Skye stops the boots! Skye puts Kris on the apron to SHINING WIZARD her down! Skye then goes out to the apron, drags Kris back up by her hair, but Kris ROCKS Skye first! Kris then trophy lifts Skye to TOSS her into the crowd! Fans fire up while Kris roars and Dynamite goes picture in picture!

Kris storms back over to find Skye but Skye HOTSHOTS her off railing! Skye SMACKS Kris off the railing, too, then climbs up! CROSSBODY to the floor! Skye drags Kris up, puts her in, and covers, TWO! Skye puts Kris on ropes to CHOKE her! Skye lets off at 4, then runs side to side, but Kris moves! The boot gets caught in the ropes, but Skye still hurries after Kris. Skye kicks and fires shots in the corner, then stomps Kris down! Skye digs her boot in, the ref counts, and Skye lets off at 4 again. Skye storms around, taunts Kris, but Kris hits back! Skye SLAPS Kris down, then CLUBS her! Skye facelocks and she grinds Kris into the mat.

Kris endures, fights around, but Skye stays clamped on. Stokely & Willow rally the fans, Kris fights up and throws body shots, but Skye throws her by her hair! Kris goes to a corner, Willow is there to cheer her on, but Skye KICKS Kris in the butt! Skye brings Kris around to bump her off buckles, then stomp her down again. The ref counts, Skye digs her boot in but lets off at 4. Skye swaggers while Kris flounders, and then Skye CLUBS Kris down. Kris hits back but Skye CHOPS! Skye bumps Kris off buckles, then CHOPS her again! Skye digs her boot in again, but the ref counts. Skye blows a kiss before letting off at 4.

Skye swaggers around again while Dynamite returns to single picture. Skye runs up, but into an ELOBW! Kris whips, Skye reverses but Kris blocks. Kris kicks, Skye blocks and KNEES Kris back. Skye whips Kris to a corner but Kris goes up to FLYING BACK ELBOW! Both women are down and the fans fire up! Kris and Skye rise while a count begins. They both stand at 3 of 10 and throw forearms back and forth! Kris gets the edge, then whips Skye to LARIAT her down! Kris hauls Skye back up, sends her to a corner and runs in to UPPERCUT! Then she goes side to side to KNEE Skye, and reels her in for a SNAP POWERSLAM! Cover, TWO!

Skye survives and Kris grows frustrated, but Stokely & Willow coach her up. Kris aims, spins, but Skye ducks the discus to kick low! TWIST ‘N’ SHOUT! SUPERKICK! Cover, TWO! Kris toughs it out but Skye snarls. Skye runs up at the ropes, SHINING- NO, Kris DUMPS Skye out! Skye avoids the shoulder to BOOT Kris down! Skye drags kris up on the apron, but Kris fights the nelson with an elbow! Skye SUPERKICKS, Kris ROUNDHOUSES! APRON GERMAN SUPLEX!! Skye flops to the floor and Julia checks her. Kris flops down, too, Willow checking on her. Kris and Skye both rise, Kris glares at Julia, but Julia glares back.

Willow steps up, daring Julia to do something. The ref tells them to hold off, and Kris runs at Skye! Skye drop toeholds her into steps! Skye puts Kris in, then runs up, wrench and reel, DESTROYER!! Then SUPERKICK, then cradle! TWO!! Kris survives and Skye is shocked! Julia is frustrated, too, but Skye hurries to go up a corner. Kris rises, and she UPPERCUTS first! ICONOCLASM! Kris drags Skye back up and fisherman’s, FISHERMAN DRIVER!! Cover, TWO!! Skye survives and now Kris is stunned! Stoke says use a chain! Kris says no, as does Willow. Skye runs up but into a BOOT! The ref reprimands Stoke, but then Skye runs up!

Kris dodges to ROUNDHOUSE Skye, but then Julia gets in! BELT SHOT!! The ref misses it because he’s arguing with Stokely! CODE BLUE!! SKYE WINS!!

Winner: Skye Blue, by pinfall

Willow is disappointed, but in Stokely, not Kris. Stokely wanted to go hardcore but this wasn’t the time, and now Kris suffers the loss. If The House Always Wins, will anyone ever get that title off Julia?


The Young Bucks are continuing their hunt of Sting.

Nicholas has the cameraman follow them to the door with Sting’s name on it. But Matthew wants Nicholas to hold on. Did Nick see the interview last week? Sting seemed a little… out of his mind with anger. So if there’s one thing for sure about Sting, it’s that nothing’s for sure. So just be mindful. Nick’s prepared! Let’s go! They step in, and the room is just a bunch of black baseball bats dangling from the ceiling. Oh, they’re playing mind games, huh? Nick smacks his bat off the chair, but where, oh where, could the Stinger Man be?


Chris Jericho VS Atlantis Jr. w/ Atlantis Sr!

The Ocho promised it’d be the Lionheart tonight, and he is ready to give us a blast from the past as he faces the future of CMLL. Will Jericho return the favor from Atlantis Sr. and teach Atlantis Jr. a thing or two about a thing or two? Or will the World Historic Light Heavyweight Champion show he already knows what it takes to succeed?

The bell rings and the two circle. The fans rally up, Atlantis offers a handshake, but Jericho SLAPS him! Jericho already said earlier there would be no going easy just because they’re friendly. So Atlantis SLAPS back! They throw hands faster and faster and then Jericho knees low! Jericho CHOPS and CHOPS then whips, but Atlantis reverses. Atlantis hurdles, drops down, then DROPKICKS Jericho down! Fans fire up as Jericho ends up in a corner, and Atlantis runs in. Jericho puts Atlantis on the apron, but Atlantis blocks the punch to GAMANGIRI! Jericho staggers away, Atlantis CROSSBODIES!

Atlantis kicks Jericho, fires forearms, then whips Jericho to a corner. Atlantis runs in, jumps up, gets cheers from the fans, and MONKEY FLIPS Jericho away! Jericho goes to another corner, Atlantis runs in and MONKEY FLIPS again! The fans cheer, Atlantis runs up again, but Jericho stops the third! And he has the legs, WALLS OF JERICHO! Atlantis endures, and he has the ROPEBREAK! Jericho lets go quickly, then he CLUBS away on Atlantis. Jericho pulls at the mask!? There’s no holding back and then there’s just being disrespectful! The ref reprimands, Jericho stops and Atlantis throws hands!

Atlantis kicks Jericho away, the ref helps with the strings, and then Atlantis Senior CHOKES Jericho with the towel! The fans cheer as Atlantis teaches Jericho another lesson even now! Jericho bails out to argue with Atlantis Sr, but then Junior DIVES onto him! The fans fire up as Atlantis Jr. gets Jericho up and around to SMACK him off the apron! Atlantis gets the legs, to CATAPULT Jericho into the POST! The fans fire up as Atlantis rises, and he brings steel steps around! The ref reprimands but Atlantis brings Jericho around. Atlantis reels Jericho in, gets him up, but Jericho fights it! So Senior helps out, and Atlantis has Jericho up!

But Jericho RANAS and sends Atlantis into the steps! The fans are torn while Senior checks on Junior, and Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Jericho storms over, he drags Atlantis around to SMACK him off the steps! Jericho puts Atlantis in the ring, kicks him around, then soaks up the cheers and jeers. Jericho drags Atlantis up again, CHOPS him, and has him in the corner. Jericho CHOPS again, and CHOPS again! Jericho whips corner to corner, runs in and clotheslines! Jericho puts Atlantis up top, throws hands, then climbs up after him. Jericho brings Atlantis up to the very top, but Atlantis resists! Atlantis SUPER GOURD BUSTERS Jericho down! Atlantis adjusts to FROG SPLASH! Cover, TWO!! Jericho survives and Atlantis can’t believe it!

Atlantis and Jericho rise, and Jericho CHOPS first! Atlantis CHOPS back! Atlantis eggs Jericho on so Jericho CHOPS again! Atlantis CHOPS again! The CHOPS go back and forth, then Jericho gets the edge! But Atlantis CHOPS and CHOPS in return! Atlantis puts Jericho on the ropes, and puts some stank on the CHOP! Dynamite returns to single picture as the fans want “One More Time!” Atlantis gets the fans fired up, and winds up to CHOP again! Atlantis whips but Jericho runs him over! Jericho keeps moving, but Atlantis puts him on the apron! Jericho hurries up a corner, but Atlantis meets him there! SUPER ARM-DRAG!

Jericho tumbles away, Atlantis hurries to cover, TWO! Jericho is still in this, but Atlantis runs up. Jericho gets around to GERMAN- NO, Atlantis victory rolls, then uses the legs to reel Jericho into a wheelbarrow! WHEELBARROW GERMAN! Cover, TWO!! Jericho survives again and Atlantis is frustrated. Atlantis drags Jericho to a drop zone, goes up a corner, but Jericho rises! Jericho CHOPS Atlantis, then goes up after him. Jericho comes in from the side, SUPER BULLDOG!! That’s definitely old school for Jericho! He covers, TWO!! Atlantis survives and now Jericho grows frustrated.

Jericho drags Atlantis up to CHOP more. Jericho whips corner to corner, runs up but Atlantis goes up and over! Then he SNAP POWERSLAMS! Cover, TWO! Jericho stays in this but Senior coaches Junior up. Atlantis SUPERKICKS Jericho, runs, but Jericho BOOTS him! Atlantis falls to the apron, Jericho runs to the corner, triangle jump, but Atlantis ducks! Jericho goes right to the floor! Atlantis builds speed and he FLIES! Direct hit on Jericho at the ramp and the fans fire up again! Atlantis rises, he gets Jericho into the ring. “This is Awesome!” as Atlantis goes up the corner. Jericho is in the drop zone, but he rises up to trip Atlantis!

Atlantis is stuck on the corner, Jericho brings him up for haymakers! Jericho then makes sure Atlantis is positioned just right, CHOPS him, but Atlantis fires forearms! Jericho CHOPS again, climbs up to the very top, and he rains down fists! Fans count along, all the way to TEN! SUPER STEINER! Jericho fires up, takes aim, and Atlantis rises. JUDAS- NO, Atlantis ducks it! Then he scoops Jericho, into LA ATLANTITA! Jericho endures the backbreaker rack, and then the spin and swing, but Jericho lands out! Jericho trips Atlantis, WALLS OF JERICHO!! Atlantis endures, reaches out, crawls forward, and his dad coaches him on!

Atlantis reaches, he’s fingertips away! But Jericho drags him away!! Jericho sits deep! Senior throws in the towel!! Jericho wins!

Winner: Chris Jericho, by forfeit

The Lionheart wins, and perhaps the lesson here was knowing when to give up for the sake of your career. Jericho checks on Junior and helps him up. There is still respect between Jericho and the Atlantis familia, will Junior still be the future of CMLL?


BREAKING NEWS for Revolution!

After the big win here tonight, Jericho is now part of the All-Star 8 Man Scramble! He joins “Powerhouse” Hobbs, Lance Archer, Brian Cage, Hook, Wardlow, and two more opponents! Those last two spots will be filled in qualifying matches to be held this weekend! CMLL’s Magnus takes on Matt Sydal for Rampage while a Triple Threat on Collision sees Penta El Zero Miedo VS Dante Martin VS Bryan Keith! Who will join the huge match that grants the winner a future AEW World Championship opportunity?


BREAKING NEWS for Collision!

Just 24 hours before Revolution, we hear from Toni Storm and Deonna Purrazzo ahead of their AEW Women’s World Championship, and we get a star-studded 8 Man Tag! Orange Cassidy, Trent Beretta, Hook & Daniel Garcia take on Roderick Strong, Brian Cage, Christian Cage & Killswitch/Luchasaurus! Who will have major momentum going into the title matches going into Revolution?


The Young Bucks make their way to the ring.

Since they didn’t find Sting backstage anywhere, it seems only logical they come out here to finish the search. There are fans wearing Sting masks, so Nick gets in their face. Is one of them Sting playing the hold “Sting wearing a Sting mask” gag? No but DARBY is! Darby DECKS Nick and fires off on the Bucks! Darby puts Nick in the ring but Matt anchors him! Nick PENALTY KICKS from above! The fans rally for Darby but the Bucks mug him back! They put Darby in the ring, get their bats, and it’s just like the night Darby & Sting won the tag titles! Matt CHOKES Darby, Nick throws off his jacket, and The Bucks sit Darby up.

Fans boo but the Bucks want, and hit the E V P TRIGGER!! Darby goes down, Matt JAMS Darby with the bat! Nick stomps Darby, too! The fans boo but the Bucks just soak it up. Then Matt calls for someone? Ric Flair is here?! The Nature Boy smiles as he struts his way down the ramp, but has he really betrayed Sting? Matt & Nick mug Darby more while Ric takes his time getting to the ring. Ric takes one of the bats, but then he pokes Nick in the eye and JABS Matt! The Nature Boy tricked the Bucks and has them right where he wants ’em! Except Nick LOW BLOWS Ric! Fans boo as Ric falls in a heap!

The Bucks are upset that the Dirtiest Player in the Game actually pulled one over on them, and they dig their boots in! The fans boo, then they call for “STING! STING! STING!” The Bucks soak up the heat, just hoping Sting shows up. But then the music hits and the Bucks get on the defensive! They hurry up the ramp with their bats, but where is he? Sting is lowered in from the rafters!! The fans are thunderous as we flashback to the early days of Crow Sting, and the Bucks can’t believe what they’ve just seen! The Bucks run back up, but bats collide and the Bucks are disarmed! Sting JAMS Matt, JAMS Nick, then CRACKS them with bats!

The fans fire up as Darby goes up and SUPER COFFIN DROPS onto both Bucks!! Darby gets Nick in the ring, Sting storms right in after him! Sting gets Nick for the SCORPION DEATH DROP! Darby slides in and Ric stands back up. The fans howl into the night with these icons, but Matt says they’re gonna come up with a “real nice severance package” for Sting. Will Sting’s last match be his most agonizing defeat? Or will it be his most triumphant victory?

My Thoughts:

A great Dynamite, and I really like how this flowed with just four matches. Granted, this format might just be because this is the go-home with plenty of more to do on Rampage and Collision, but AEW/Tony Khan should still try to book it like this more often. Hangman tricking us with the ankle was clever stuff to sucker Swerve in, but Swerve also owned up to doing messed up stuff so… I guess there isn’t really a Face in the match at all? Just Joe, Hangman and Swerve all being mean and badass, though Hangman is much more Heel right now because he tricked us. Either way, this still keeps everyone strong regardless of who wins, but at this point, the fans are strongly behind Swerve so it’s either Swerve or Joe winning.

Good group promo from Bang Bang Scissor Gang, and I like that they poked a little fun at Caster’s flub. And it’s a fitting move to do the flipside of last week’s mash-up, and it just seems to be the story that Austin gets dunked on by everybody else. As I said for last Saturday, it’d be a shame if BBSG came together just to break up and feud when we’ve basically seen that, but at this point, they haven’t even bothered feuding with other champions yet. We got a really good International Championship match from Cassidy VS Nick with all the overbooking to plug the different title stories, and we might even get Roppongi Vice VS Taven & Bennett for the ROH Tag titles at some point.

Really good stuff from Ospreay and the Don Callis Family, and naturally, there is tension between Ospreay and Konosuke already. Callis is too sure of himself, this match is of course tearing Ospreay away from the faction, and I personally still hope Kyle Fletcher joins him because they’re United Empire brothers. Awesome opening Six Man Tag for Eddie & FTR VS BCC, but BCC winning makes sense. There’s still a very good chance Eddie beats Bryan 1v1 to retain the Triple Crown, which is why Bryan got the win on Eddie right here. FTR VS Mox & Claudio could still go either way, but I’m leaning towards FTR so they can challenge for the tag championships past Revolution.

Really good match from Kris VS Skye, but what in the world is Stokely thinking? He’s teamed with two Faces and he’s trying to Heel it up, and that cost Kris. This is gonna lead to Stokely getting slapped around instead of him breaking Kris and Willow up. But there isn’t much time anymore, so I guess we’re not getting a TBS Championship build for Revolution. Maybe for Big Business in Boston in a couple weeks? It would be fitting if someone faces Julia for the title, and regardless of who wins, out comes Mercedes Mone for the huge homecoming moment, and she immediately sets herself up for a TBS Championship match for Double or Nothing.

Really good promo from Jericho, though I wish I knew more Spanish so I could understand the rest of that last line. But great match from Jericho with Atlantis Jr, though I am a touch surprised Jericho won. But hey, Atlantis Jr. looked great, he’s still a champion in CMLL and is going on quite the run over there, we can only hope AEW and CMLL are able to keep this working relationship going. News came out that there’s some travel visa issues for many different big names, let’s hope it doesn’t force AEW and CMLL to delay whatever Forbidden Door type thing they were working on.

And it seems one thing that did have to be delayed is that Meat Madness match. It was said by Tony Khan himself that document issues, along with some injuries, limited their choices for the big match of big meaty men, so now the All-Star Scramble happens instead. That’ll still be awesome stuff, and if it’s about a future world title shot, you can bet Hobbs or Wardlow comes out on top with this. Wardlow especially given that heated promo he gave last week and how it’ll feed into the Undisputed Kingdom story. If Adam Cole is gonna force Wardlow to hand over the world title, then Wardlow needs to have the world title in the first place.

And really good stuff to feed into Sting’s last Dynamite segment. The Bucks being on the hunt all night was an interesting way to keep us intrigued throughout the show, and you gotta appreciate Matt being the levelheaded one to foil against Nick being the hothead, to where Matt didn’t just barge into Sting’s room just in case. Sting dropping in from the rafters surprised me, also kinda scared me, but it was an awesome move to do that for his final TV appearance as it hearkens back to some of his best stuff in WCW.

Ric Flair tricking the Bucks was a good detail, though I’m surprised they didn’t save this for Revolution, but I suppose that would’ve only been the case if Sting & Darby were winning. I’ve been saying The Bucks are winning to get all that heat on themselves, the math would indicate that, but hey, maybe Sting gets to defy such math and tradition because of how he is so iconic and beloved in pro-wrestling.

My Score: 8.9/10

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