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Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (12/23/20)

It’s the AEW Holiday Bash!



AEW Dynamite Coverage 2

Will Dynamite’s Holiday Bash be a SUPERKICK PARTAAAAAY~?

The Acclaimed, Max Caster and Anthony Bowens, have arrived! But will they be AEW World Tag Team Champions after facing the Young Bucks?


  • The Inner Circle’s Chris Jericho & MJF VS Top Flight; The Inner Circle wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Jurassic Express VS The Dark Order’s 5, 10 & Colt Cabana; Jurassic Express wins.
  • The Butcher w/ The Fam VS PAC w/ The Lucha Brothers; PAC wins.
  • Dustin Rhodes w/ Lee Johnson VS Evil Uno w/ Stu Grayson; Dustin wins.
  • Hikaru Shida VS Alex Gracia; Shida wins.
  • AEW World Tag Team Championships: The Young Bucks VS The Acclaimed; The Young Bucks win and retain the titles.


The Inner Circle’s Chris Jericho & MJF VS Top Flight!

Jake Hager accompanies Le Champion and the New York Times’ Best Performance of 2020 winner as they enjoy the fans singing Judas for the holidays. But will the Demo God and the Ratings Ruler show Darrius and Dante Martin that they’re not ready to hang with the big boys yet?

The teams sort out and Darrius starts with Jericho, and fans rally as Darrius gets in Jericho’s face. Jericho pie faces Darrius but Darrius throws hands! Jericho rakes eyes, hits back and CHOPS Darrius to the corner! Jericho CHOPS, and haymakers, then gloats as fans boo. Jericho whips Darrius corner to corner but Darrius goes up and over, only to run into a BOOT! Jericho runs but Darrius hurdles to enziguri! Dante gets a shot in, then Darrius, then back to Dante. Tag to Dante, and Top Flight double whip to double trip, then a roll and handspring, DOUBLE KICKS! Cover, ONE! MJF is furious but Dante fires off haymakers on Jericho. Dante whips, Jericho kicks and then whips Dante to the corner!

Tag to MJF, fans boo as the Inner Circle’s alphas dig boots into Dante. MJF dares Dante to take his shot and fans rally for Top Flight. Dante and MJF tie up, MJF puts Dante in a corner, then SLAPS him! Dante kicks back but MJF kick slow, then whips. Dante reverses, hurdles and hurdles to dropkick MJF down! MJF bails out and fans are fired up as the Inner Circle regroups. MJF gets in but Darrius backs up his brother. The brawl is on! MJF and Dante, Darrius and Jericho, but Top Flight gets the edge with CHOPS! Top Flight climb up to rain down punches in stereo! They go all the way to 10, flip back, and then dodge and go up and over to double dropkick! The Inner Circle is reeling s Top Flight holds the ring!

Darrius eggs Jericho on while he regroups with Hager. Darrius goes out, Dante fetches MJF but MJF SLAPS him! Dante chases MJF but Jericho CLOBBERS him! Darrius goes after MJF but MJF DECKS him! MJF stands on Dante’s neck and dares him to fight! The Inner Circle high-ten before they put Dante in. MJF drops an elbow, covers, TWO! MJF drags Dante over, Jericho tags in and the Inner Circle mugs Dante. Jericho snapmares Dante, KICKS him, and fans boo as he has the cocky pin, ONE! Jericho soaks up the heat and MJF joins in while Jericho taunts Darrius. Jericho slaps Dante, Dante hits back with haymakers! Dante runs but into a kitchen sink knee!

Jericho stomps Dante, hoists him up and hits a high back suplex! Dante flounders but Jericho drags Dante away. Tag to MJF, they double whip and double FLAPJACK Dante down! MJF steps on Dante while taunting Darrius, as does Jericho. MJF SLAPS Darrius, then CHOKES Dante! The ref is too busy with Darrius, then MJF covers, ONE! MJF is annoyed with Dante, drags him up, and feeds him to Jericho’s boot! Tag to Jericho, they stand on Dante again, but let off as the ref counts. Jericho drags Dante around to ROPE GUILLOTINE CATAPULT! Dante sputters and Jericho distracts the ref, Hager and MJF get their cheap shots in! Jericho covers with feet on ropes, TWO!

Jericho SLAPS Dante again, drags him up to bump off buckles, then hoists him up top. Fans boo and jeer as Jericho CHOPS Dante! Jericho climbs up, throws haymakers, then brings Dante all the way up. Dante throws body shots and throws Jericho down! Jericho gets up for Dante’s HIGH crossbody! Cover, TWO! Both men are down and fans fire up! Hot tags to MJF and Darrius! Darrius dodges MJF to BLAST Jericho! Then he BOOTS MJF, hops up and leaps over to handspring and redirect MJF, STANDING SPANISH FLY! And a DIVE onto Jericho! Darrius goes right up top, MJF staggers over into the missile dropkick! Cover, TWO!!

Darrius keeps his eyes on MJF as MJF sits up, BUZZSAW! Darrius sees Jericho get in and uses him for the TORNADO DDT! Cover, TWO!! Tag to Dante, they combine for a lift and rope for the LEAP FROG ATTACK! O’Conner roll with bridge, TWO!! Fans are fired up as Dante drags MJF up for forearm after forearm! Dante whips, goes the other way, MJF redirects to POWERBOMB Dante! Tag to Jericho, for a LIONSAULT! Cover as MJF DECKS Darrius, TWO!! Dante survives and the Inner Circle is furious! Darrius throws MJF into railing, Dante counters the Walls into a cradle, TWO!! Jericho escapes, Dante runs in and Jericho lifts, but Darrius tags!

Jericho throws Dante, Darrius runs in, the sunset flip CATAPULTS Dante onto MJF! Darrius has Jericho, TWO!?! Jericho narrowly escapes but Darrius gets right up. Fans are fired up for “A E DUB!” but Jericho CLOBBERS Darrius! Jericho throws down hands, grinds Darrius’ face into the mat, then tags in MJF. MJF throws off his own frustrated fists and taunts Darrius as he digs his boots in. The Inner Circle double whip, but Darrius DOUBLE DDT’s out of the back drop! Darrius CLOBBERS Jericho out of the ring, Dante finishes it off by throwing him over the timekeeper’s table!

Darrius clobbers MJF, goes to the apron, but Hager YANKS him out of the air! MJF has Darrius for the HEATSEEKER!! Cover, The Inner Circle wins!

Winners: The Inner Circle, by pinfall

The numbers game won this for the Inner Circle! Hager fetches a microphone to congratulate them. “I’ve got to get this off my chest. It’s been two weeks since the Inner Circle came together, two weeks since we said we are a team, and in those two weeks, we have won because every single member of the Inner Circle has done their job.” Except for one! Where is WARDLOW?! Oh right, he’s away for “Family business.” THIS is family business! It pisses Hager off that Wardlow can choose when to come. Hager is the guy who does his job. MJF and Wardlow wanted to be in the Inner Circle because we all know this faction is the shining star of AEW.

Yes, Wardlow is an asset, but he’s also an asshole. Hager talked with Tony Khan, and live next week, HAGER VS WARDLOW! And Wardlow better show up. The Big Hurt has put out an ultimatum of his own, and Jericho had no idea he’d done it, either! Will the Inner Circle truly be united after the behemoths battle it out?


The Acclaimed have a diss track music video!

Titled “Buck Hunt,” “Every time I shoot, better duck, son! And I know that you don’t really want none. When Acclaimed in the house, better bounce, say bye to your loved ones.” They’re on the hunt this evening, here for a couple reasons. They got the titles, say they’re the best but we need a reminder. “Who quit Twitter cuz the fans all hate ’em? Who kissed Dave’s ass for a star ratin’? You guys! Now you gettin’ destroyed, Acclaimed turning Young Bucks into young boys!” Well, Max Caster can talk the talk and Bowens can hype him up, but will they both be able to walk the walk against THE AEW World Tag Team Champions?


AEW returns and Tony Schiavone is in the ring!

The Icon is back! “THIS! IS! STIIIING~!” The crow, the snow, and then the man, the myth, the legend! Sting joins Schiavone in the ring, and Schiavone says, another great reception. How does it feel to be back on TNT and then in AEW? Sting says he already touched on it before, he feels and he knows that he has come full circle. He is back in the jungle, on TNT, and says he was a part of building the original jungle. He’s glad to see the jungle is still alive and is excited to be part of it!

So then why is Sting here? He said he wasn’t here for Cody Rhodes, but he did mention the TNT Champion, Darby Allin. Tell us more in-depth why he is here! Sting can’t answer that easily, that’s a deep question. When he thinks on that question, he goes back in time looking for his break. And he saw one of the greatest ever, one adored by fans all over the world, he is talking about The American Dream, DUSTY RHODES! “God rest his soul, Dusty!” Because of Dusty, he told “Stinger baby, we gonna put some color on your face. We gonna put some color on your tights, color on your boots, I want you to glow in the dark, babay!” Then he’ll be with the Nature Boy, Ric Flair, and it’ll be funky like a monkey, if you will. And then yes, Sting was wrestling one of the best ever in main event matches.

Fast forward to now, Cody in the ring, son of Dusty, Sting couldn’t stay away. Sting just had to be part of AEW and what Cody was doing! Fans chant, “Welcome Home!” and Sting thanks them because it’s good to be home! As for Darby- Team Taz cuts in. Taz says this is all very emotional and, if he could steal a line, it brings a tear to a glass eye. Taz has known Sting a long time, and anyone who really knows Sting is that Sting is only for Sting. Ricky Starks says Team Taz doesn’t care about his business with Darby or Cody, just that he keeps interfering with their business. Starks says Stinger’s gonna get hurt in their jungle.

Taz says he is standing here with four hungry tigers ready to bite Sting’s head off! It’s go time! Team Taz heads to the ring but the lights go out! Well Sting is already here so… DARBY is in the ring! Well that’s no problem for Team Taz. Sting and baseball bat, Darby and skateboard, Team Taz will fight another day. And that day will be 1/6/21, TNT Championship, Darby VS Cage, and Cage rips Darby’s head off! Team Taz will see you in the new year. BUt Cage speaks up and says what if he doesn’t want to wait? He’s dressed and ready to go, just give him the greenlight! Fans want to “Let them fight!” but Taz says the new year is the time. Will the Reckless Face of TNT still be champion come that time?

And speaking of Darby, he looks to Sting as the two hold onto their signature weapons. Fans are loving that scene as it is! Will there come a time when these two are in a match together?


MJF has a cameraman with him backstage.

MJF tells the cameraman he doesn’t have him here to show how good he is, but because this is the right thing to do. MJF walks in and wants to talk with Santana and Ortiz. He just wants a minute of their time. MJF heard what happened, how they lost somebody really close to them recently, and MJF says the most important person in his life was his grandfather. He just lost his grandfather from cancer, so from the bottom of his heart, MJF tells Santana how hard that is, and he is here for him. Santana stands up, tells MJF to keep his head up, and then they shake hands and hug it out. Ortiz also shakes hands, but no hug. Has MJF at least gotten one of the Proud ‘n’ Powerful to accept him?


Six Man Tag: Jurassic Express VS The Dark Order’s 5, 10 & Colt Cabana!

Jungle Boy, Luchasaurus and Marko Stunt are going to show the full power of their trio as they go up against Alan Angels, Preston Vance and BOOM BOOM! Will the boys and their dinosaur stay on track in the tag team division rankings?

The trios sort out and Fun-Sized starts with Cabana, and Cabana doesn’t take Stunt all that seriously. Stunt shimmies and tie sup with Cabana, and Cabana jokes that Stunt is so strong. Cabana puts Stunt in a corner, and up top and pats him on his head. Stunt jumps and RANAS Cabana away! Then dropkicks him! Angels tags in and runs into an arm-drag! Stunt has the arm, tags JB and they whip Angels for the atomic drop and step-up BOOT! Jackknife cover, TWO! JB CHOPS Angels, whips him then hurdles, drops and dropkicks! Cover, TWO! JB stays on Angels, Stunt tags in and they whip. Angels reverses JB but JB slides and Stunt dropkicks! Then they combine, RIPCORD SPLASH AND LEG DROP! Cover, but Cabana tosses Stunt off!

Stunt gets mad and shoves Cabana, then goes back to Angels. Angels picks Stunt up to ram him into the corner! Tag to Cabana, Cabana gets in Stunt’s face and throws big elbows! Stunt ducks a few, and then the double chop, to hot tag Luchasaurus! Luchasaurus CHOPS Cabana and Cabana flops out of the ring. Vance gets in but Luchasaurus boots and CHOPS him down! Luchasaurus tags Stunt in, scoops Vance to slam him, and Stunt leaps in, wheelbarrow SPLASH combo! And then a tag to JB for the wheelbarrow senton! JB goes up, KNEEBOARD SENTON! Cover, TWO! Vance survives but fans are fire dup for Jurassic Express!

JB CHOPS Vance, whips but Vance reverses. Vance runs in, only gets buckles as JB goes out! JB slides around, shoulders in then slingshots over. JB wheelbarrows, Vance shoves him and Cabana is there to catch him! JB fights Cabana off but Angels KICKS JB down! Vance wheelbarrow hotshot GERMANS! Fans boo as the Dark Order gets away with all this! Cover, TWO! Vance looms over JB as AEW goes picture in picture.

Vance drags JB up, CHOPS him, then bumps him off buckles. Tag to Angels and Angels rolls to run in for a forearm! Angels snapmares and splashes down! Cover, TWO! Angels keeps on JB with a facelock, brings him back and tags in Cabana. They mug JB, then Cabana grins as he looms over JB. JB kicks back, kicks again, but Cabana blocks and trips him for an elbow drop! JB writhes, Cabana covers, TWO! Cabana is annoyed but he keeps JB from the Jurassic Express by throwing him out of the ring! Cabana goes out, JB fights off the Dark Order with boots and elbows! JB gets back in the ring, but Cabana intercepts with a shoulder tackle!

Cabana swaggers about, bumps JB off buckles then tags in Angels. Angels stomps JB around, brings him up and whips him to kitchen sink knee! Cover, TWO! Angels grows annoyed, he covers again, TWO! Angels stomps JB, drags JB up but JB throws hands. Angels DECKS JB, whips him to the corner, and tags Vance as AEW returns to single picture. Fans rally for JB as Vance whips Angels in. JB fights back again with more boots and elbows! JB leaps into Vance’s arms! Angels dropkicks into the FALL AWAY SLAM! Cover, TWO! Vance is frustrated, Cabana mockingly tells JB he can do it, and Vance whips JB, but JB slips off. Vance shoves again, JB rebound LARIATS!

Fans fire up as both men are down! JB and Vance crawl, hot tag to Angels! Angels drags JB away, back suplexes, but JB lands on his feet and dodges, hot tag to Luchasaurus! Luchasaurus rallies on the Dark Order, tosses Angels in to fire off BIG hands! Angels flops into a wheelbarrow GERMAN! Luchasaurus kips up and fans are fired up! Vance is in, Luchasaurus shoves him but Vance BOOTS! Luchasaurus just TAIL WHIPS back! Angels is up, leaps, but into a choke grip! Angels is thrown into Cabana, then gets the CHOKE SLAM! STANDING MOONSAULT! Cover, Vance breaks it in time! Fans are fired up as Luchasaurus tags Stunt!

Stunt goes up, stands on Luchasaurus’ shoulders, Cabana gets a BOOT and a CROSSBODY! SPINNING BUZZSAW! Stunt builds speed and DIVES into a forearm! Vance puts Stunt back in, then gets Angels in. Luchasaurus grabs Vance but Cabana POSTS the dinosaur! Vance feeds Stunt to a BIONIC ELBOW! Tag to Angels, SPINEBUSTER to FROG SPLASH! Cover, but JB just manages to break it! Angels is furious, he whips but Stunt reverses to dropkick Angels into Vance and Cabana! JB tags in, dodges Angels and dropkicks Vance and Cabana! SUPERKICK for Angels, Stunt is a weapon as Luchasaurus THROWS him onto Cabana and Vance! Angels is up, he gets the BACK SUPLEX TO BOMB! Cover, Jurassic Express wins!

Winners: Jurassic Express, by pinfall

A huge win for the #3 ranked tag team, and Schiavone gets to the ring to interview them. “Here they are, Jurassic Express! They are the #3 ranked contenders to the World Tag Team Championships, continuing to rise through the ranks.” Stunt says it feels so good to be bac on Dynamite! But FTR cuts him off to say it’s time for trained professionals to speak. FTR is the 2020 Tag Team of the Year! Every time they hold up the symbol, three fingers but not the middle one, it is the best there is!

Jurassic “Park” wants to take FTR down to make a name for themselves, but you’ve got until 1/6/21. Cash, Dax and Tully are chomping at the bit. It used to be business, now it’s personal. They’re on a quest to get the tag titles back, and no dinosaur is gonna stop them. If Stunt sticks his nose in, Tully might just give him a flashback to the 80’s.


Alex Marvez finds Don Callis and Kenny Omega at the hotel.

He tries to ask what they think about next week’s AEW World Championship match against Rey Fenix, but Callis keeps telling Marvez that if he wants a statement, this is their private time. What is he doing lurking and looking for the champion? Very creepy. But Callis wants to get something off his chest. It’s something about being in this business for 30 years that he can’t understand why Khan let wrestlers run amuck! Wrestlers like PAC thinks he’s an executive, making title matches for the champion! What a joke! It has to stop! This is the WORLD champion, who does what he does. They aren’t to be dictated to by the “talent.” What a joke!

Marvez keeps trying to ask Omega his part, so Omega says if he wants a scoop from the champ, here’s a message to Fenix and even PAC! Translate this at your leisure. Here’s a year in review for the two of them: AEW World Tag Team Championship match, Fenix choked; AAA Mega Championship match, Fenix choked; AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament, against his own brother, someone who loves him and he loves back, Fenix choked. And Fenix had a nasty little bump on his head that kept him from continuing. What does he think happens against someone who is a little pissed off? Someone who doesn’t love, and actually despises Fenix? The person who beat his brother’s ass in the tournament!

Omega is worried that he won’t just hurt Fenix, but put him out for good! But even if he does, Omega has friends at Impact Wrestling who would happily take him back! Right, Mr. Callis? Who knows. He’s a bit injury prone, a bit fragile. Maybe they can call Konnan about something. Oh yeah, AAA will take him back. But seriously, when the phone rings, Omega answers the call. Fenix trips over his own two feet and gets hurt along the way. Fenix gets hurt, Omega gets titles, that’s just how it is! See you at New Year’s Smash!


The Butcher w/ The Fam VS PAC w/ The Lucha Brothers!

Everyone was surprised last week to see The Bastard was back so soon! The Mad King is using Andy Williams as a pawn, but that won’t keep him safe forever! Will Pac cut down The Butcher to get one step closer to a fight with Kingston?

Kingston joins commentary to talk trash on Pac, and it seems Penta El Zero M is the only brother here because Fenix is focused purely on Omega. The bell rings and Pac gets right in Butcher’s face. The two are forehead to forehead, Pac eggs Butcher on and Butcher puts him in a corner. Pac dodges to KICK a leg, then he eggs Butcher on. Pac dodges again, kicks and kicks, but Butcher throws Pac out hard! Butcher goes out, Pac gets in and dropkicks Butcher down! Butcher gets in, Pac slips out and Butcher gives chase. Pac gets back in then dropkicks Butcher as he slides in! Pac fires off KICK after KICK but Butcher stays up! Pac keeps throwing KICKS, then he runs to DROPKICK!

Fans cheer Pac as he runs, but Butcher runs, dodges and BODY CHECKS Pac! Butcher stomps Pac, drags him up and bumps him off buckles hard! Pac clutches his neck but Butcher digs his knee in! The ref counts, Butcher lets off at 4, then stalks Pac around. Fans boo and jeer as Butcher stomps Pac and clubs him! Butcher CHOPS Pac against ropes, but Pac kicks back. Butcher throws hands, and TOSSES Pac hard! Butcher stomps Pac, looms over him, and has Blade and Bunny cheering for him. Butcher brings Pac up to DECK him! Cover, ONE! Fans rally and Bunny tells them to shut up! Butcher whips Pac hard into a corner, then runs in to stomp Pac down!

Pentagon gets in Bunny’s and Blade’s face as Butcher whips Pac harder into the other corner! Fans jeer with “Butcher Sucks!” as Butcher looms over Pac. Pac throws body shots but Butcher CLUBS him down! Butcher drags Pac up, CHOPS him again, then looms over him. Butcher drags Pac up, puts him back in a corner, then paces. Pentagon talks smack but Butcher goes back to Pac. Pac kicks low, then kicks again! And again! Butcher STOMPS Pac back down, then throws big haymakers! Butcher grabs at Pac but Pac slips out. Butcher goes out, Pac kicks back! And again! And again!

Butcher knees low then whips him, but Pac reverses! Butcher hits railing, but he comes back to BOOT Pac! Butcher gets in the face of the wrestlers ringside as AEW goes picture in picture.

Butcher drags Pac up while the ref keeps Pentagon, Bunny and Blade back. Butcher whips Pac into more railing, then stares into the camera. Butcher stomps Pac, drags him back up, puts him in, then slithers up behind him. Butcher stomps Pac more, drops a knee, then another, then stands on Pac’s head at the ropes! The ref counts, Butcher lets off and paces while soaking up some heat. Butcher drags Pac up, gut wrench dead lifts and suplexes! Cover, TWO! Butcher seethes but he stomps Pac more. Butcher stomps Pac again, drags him up by his head, but Pac is practically dead weight. Butcher DECKS Pac with a right!

Butcher takes his time bringing Pac back up, but Pac jawbreakers back! AEW returns to single picture and Pac KICKS away on Butcher’s leg! Butcher drops to a knee but Pac keeps giving KICKS! And a mule kick, another KICK, then a SUPERKICK! Butcher is dazed, Pac fires up with the fans and he goes up top! Pac watches like a hawk as Butcher slowly rises, then Pac leaps for the missile dropkick! Butcher goes to the other corner and Pac hurries up! But Blade POSTS Pentagon to distract Pac! Pac points them out to the ref but Butcher CLOBBERS him! Butcher drags Pac up, back suplexes for the SLAM! Butcher reels Pac in, brings him back up, and RUNNING BOMBS! Cover, TWO!?!

Kingston, Blade and Bunny are upset but Kingston tells Butcher to keep his focus! Butcher and Blade argue the count but the ref says two is two! Butcher drags Pac back up, Kingston tells him to go faster! Butcher isn’t, and Kingston gets off commentary to tell him. Lance Archer appears and Kingston hurries back to commentary for safety. Butcher runs at Pac, Pac ROUNDHOUSES him down! Archer dares Kingston to do something but Kingston stays put. Pac goes up top again, for the BLACK ARROW! Cover, Pac wins!

Winner: PAC, by pinfall

The Murderhawk Monster doesn’t care about the match, he wants Kingston to man up and fight. But Pentagon and Pac celebrate this win, until Archer gets in the ring. Archer nods to Pac while Kingston vents on commentary. Neither of these guys are gonna get the King! But will he be proven dead wrong when #EverybodyDies?


Jade Cargill speaks.

“Congratulations, Brandi. As a great mother, I’m here to tell you motherhood is a beautiful thing.” But how convenient when a talent like her shows up in AEW, Brandi is pregnant. But all those CBO duties and responsibilities in the AEW Women’s Division will be taken care of now that she’s gone. Shaq called out Cody, Jade is calling Brandi out. They better find Jade a worthy opponent, because she is tired of this s*it. The clock is ticking. Will Jade be given her in-ring debut before the new year?


Schiavone is with the Superbad Couple and Miro!

Just as The Best Man gave away last week, Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford have chosen a wedding date! Miro wants everyone to smile and act like they’re happy for his friends! Kip says Schiavone should be honored, because this is the first-ever wrestling wedding on TNT! This will be a huge deal! Not just for Kip or for Penelope, or just for Miro or for AEW! This is a massive deal for all the fans at home! Kip knows how much the fans can’t wait to see the wedding. Kip sees all the posts and tweets about how much the fans adore them, and how this is the best moment in the many fans’ “small, insignificant lives.”

So what they are going to do now, is they’re going to give us all a gift. They are going to show us exactly the date Kip and Penelope will be married on. Here we go! Wait, it’s Orange Cassidy and Best Friends instead! Wait, the video is playing, but where are they? Kip and Miro were just trolling us! This is the reality: Trent is being put in an ambulance! Someone got to him already, and it isn’t hard to figure out who. Chuck and Orange go with Trent, there won’t be any party crashing now. What a shame! They said they were going to be here but oh well.

And finally, the wedding date will be FEBRUARY 3RD! A beach wedding for AEW Beach Break! You heard it here first! Not just a wedding, but a beach extravaganza! That will be THE moment that defines AEW! Kip, Penelope and THE BEST MAN, 2/3/21!


Dustin Rhodes w/ Lee Johnson VS Evil Uno w/ Stu Grayson!

The Natural was never going to #JoinDarkOrder, but the recruiters suggesting he’d be Seven was only salt in the wound. Will Dustin destroy every last one of them to finally run them out of AEW?

But the second Dustin gets in, Uno DECKS him! The ref reprimands but the damage is done, and Uno chases Dustin outside to CHOP him! Dustin gets in, Uno fires off in a corner, but the ref tries to pull him away. The bell finally rings and Dustin CLOBBERS Uno! Dustin rallies on Uno, throws haymakers then climbs up to rain down fists! The fans count it out and Dustin gets to 9, tells Uno to suck it, then hits the tenth! Dustin runs and BOOTS Uno down! Fans fire up as Dustin whips Uno to ropes, but Uno denies the powerslam to stomp a hand! Uno dropkicks Dustin down and out, then goes out to whip Dustin into railing! Dustin comes back and ROCKS Uno!

The ring count climbs, Uno throat chops Dustin then CHOPS him in the chest! Uno throws more hands, then swings a chop but Dustin ducks and the hand hits railing! Then Dustin throws the hand into railing! And again! Uno runs away, clutching that hand, and Dustin goes in after him. Dustin CHOPS Uno, then tortures the hand! Uno tries to get at Dustin’s eye but the ref counts. Dustin lets off, grabs Uno by his mask and throws an elbow! Dustin throws more hands, talks trash and holds up seven in Uno’s face. Dustin throws haymakers, the ref counts, Dustin lets off at 4 but with a lot of fire!

Fans are fired up with Dustin and he whips Uno corner to corner. Dustin runs in, Uno dodges and BOOTS Dustin down!  Uno hurries up top, and hits a SWANTON! Cover, TWO!! Stu cheers Uno as he stands on Dustin’s hand, and then he stomps it! AEW goes picture in picture as Uno soaks up the heat.

Uno tries to get his bad hand working and he drags Dustin up for elbows. Dustin goes to a corner, Uno throws forearms to his back and stalks him to ropes. Uno chokes Dustin, the ref counts, Uno lets off at 4. Stu taunts Dustin, Johnson rallies the fans and Dustin gets up. Uno is on Dustin but Dustin throws hands! Dustin runs, Uno kicks him low and hits a neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Uno is frustrated, and his hand still hurts, so he stomps Dustin at the ropes. Uno digs his boots in, the ref counts and Uno lets off. Dustin flops out of the ring, Uno goes out after him, and he RAMS Dustin into railing! And whips Dustin into the apron! Uno refreshes the count, probably at seven, and AEW goes to break.

AEW returns and Uno gives Dustin a PILEDRIVER! Fans boo as Uno covers with a deep lateral press, TWO??!? Uno can’t believe Dustin survives! Fans are fired up and Uno works on his bad hand as Dustin rises. Dustin throws body shots, Uno throws haymakers, and Dustin uppercuts! The brawling continues as Uno JABS, Dustin throws haymakers and JABS of his own! Dustin fires off, flip, flop, flies and shows Uno a dirty two, before the BIONIC ELBOW! Uno flounders, Dustin runs but into a boot! Dustin BOOTS back and Uno goes down! Dustin drags Uno up, reels him in, but Uno HOOK KICKS!

Both men go to opposite corners as fans fire up! Stu coaches Uno, Uno runs in but Dustin dodges to run and BULLDOG! Cover, Dustin wins!!

Winner: Dustin Rhodes, by pinfall

That’s a way to reject an offer! Dustin isn’t Seven, he isn’t just a Number, he is a Rhodes! Uno offers a handshake because he still wants Dustin to #JoinDarkOrder. This is how good he is without them, he can only get better with them! Dustin flips Uno off again, then BOOTS him down! Stu CLOBBERS Dustin, Johnson gets in to get a KNEE! Stu hoists Dustin up, for NIGHTFALL!! Uno shoves Stu but here comes QT Marshall! QT fires off on the Dark Order OG, but gets mugged and DECKED! Uno wants Stu to remember what they’re here for, but then Johnson missile dropkicks them BOTH down! The Dark Order retreats, will they have to go elsewhere to find new members?


Schiavone interviews Shawn Spears.

But Spears asks Schiavone why he left the industry for 15 years. Well, Schiavone was burnt out. Exactly why Spears wants Schiavone to hear this. Spears bet on himself, left New York, but the grass isn’t always greener. “You can change the letters, but you can’t always change the glass ceiling.” The black glove? Never needed it. Spears is more talented than 95% of the AEW roster, and any other roster on the planet today! Spears looks better, works better, and obviously talks better, and yet why is everyone making him think he’s not? It’s management. Spears’ walks into AEW hot as hell, only to find himself digging his way out of a hole Khan and Cody pushed him into.

Spears sees himself going down the same path he went down before. He recognizes it “clear as day,” and he will be damned if he has it happen again. Schiavone doesn’t mean to interrupt, but maybe Spears’ problem… is Spears. Spears thought of that a lot, actually. Bringing it up now, not for a damn second did Spears think that! Who does Schiavone think he is? Spears could be working anywhere in the world and he has to go waste his time with Schiavone. Spears wants management to know that Spears will come back, if he feels like it. Is #PERFECT10N on his way out of AEW already?


Dasha interviews Hikaru Shida.

The AEW Women’s World Champion is about to face Alex Gracia, but Abadon has been haunting her. Has that affected Shida’s ability to prepare for any match? Shida would answer, but Abadon attacks again!! They brawl, security hurries to pull them apart, but while Abadon leaves, Shida has to go to the ring! Will the Full Metal Warrior be able to focus enough to take the Pink Dream on seriously?

Hikaru Shida VS Alex Gracia!

Gracia earned this non-title opportunity by defeating KiLynn King on AEW Dark, but now she could have a golden opportunity! Will Gracia pounce on the face Shida’s focus is split?

The bell rings and Shida fires off on Gracia, but Gracia blocks the suplex. Shida bumps Gracia off buckles over and over, then throws big forearms and haymakers! clearly Shida is furious, and she whips Gracia corner to corner. Gracia dodges, runs and dropkicks Shida, but Shida comes back with a dropkick of her own! Gracia bails out, Shida hurries out to go around the way and DECK Gracia! Shida puts Gracia in, covers, TWO! Shida keeps on Gracia by dragging her up, but Gracia is dead weight. Shida does get Gracia up but Gracia inside cradles, she was playing possum! TWO, and Shida kicks her low!

Shida whips, Gracia reverses and elbows Shida down! Then BOOT WASHES! Cover, TWO! Fans fire up as Gracia goes after the champ with forearms, but Shida just tanks them! Shida kicks low, reels Gracia in, and suplexes, for a SLAM! Fans fire up with Shida now as she follows Gracia out. Shida clubs Gracia on the apron, gets some space, then KNEES her back in! Shida glares into the darkness, perhaps seeing Abadon in the space. Wait, Abadon IS in the shadows!! Abadon shouts at Shida, Shida shouts back, Shida BOOTS Abadon and throws her down! Shida rains down fists on the freakish stalker but the ring count is climbing!

Shida SLAMS Abadon into railing, then hurries in at 8! To TAMA- No! Gracia rolls Shida up, TWO!! Gracia runs, tilt-o-whirls, but into a BACKBREAKER! Shida keeps going, FALCON ARROW! Cover, Shida wins!

Winner: Hikaru Shida, by pinfall

Even with Abadon trying to get in her head, Shida powered through and defeats her actual opponent! But Shida has her kendo stick and she storms over to where she left Abadon for dead. She pokes Abadon, and Abadon revives! Abadon throws her into railing, but Shida comes back to scrap with her! Abadon DECKS Shida, then drags her up to put her against railing. Abadon climbs up to BITE Shida on the neck!! Abadon is trying to drain the life out of Shida!! Shida manages to get Abadon off of her, but Abadon has tasted blood! Will Abadon taste championship gold soon enough?


BREAKING NEWS for New Year’s Smash, Night 1!

Not only will Rey Fenix have his match for THE AEW World Championship against Kenny Omega, but Abadon is getting HER shot at the AEW Women’s World Championship! Will Abadon take more than just a bite out of Shida when these two finally face off again?


AEW World Tag Team Championships: The Young Bucks VS The Acclaimed!

Max Caster & Anthony Bowens go out first, and they still have a diss track for Matt & Nick! “Yo, uh, yo! Acclaimed got 8 straight wins, people still don’t know how Acclaimed we’ve been! Every single week, going higher in the rankings. Hope you a freak, we about to do a spanking! Tonight the Bucks are in danger, Acclaimed stay hotter than Topanga, I wager. Bucks ain’t got balls, they can play with ours. If they really wanna know, we comin’ in hard~! Damn baby~!” Bowens shouts, “AEW!! The Acclaimed have arrived!” But will they thrive or even survive the SUPERKICK PARTAAAY~?!

The official introductions are made, the belts are raised, and we start with big brother Matt and Platinum Caster. They circle, fans fire up, and the two tie up. Caster headlocks, wrenches, wristlocks, but Matt rolls and handsprings to break free and wrench back! Matt clubs away on Caster’s arm, wrenches it again but Caster ROCKS Matt! Caster brings Matt up to throw more hands as the Young Buck bucks are blown in by the wind. Caster whips, Matt slides under and dropkicks Caster! Caster runs back but into an arm-drag! Matt clamps onto the arm, fans rally as Matt wrenches and tags in Nick. Nick goes up to drop ax handles!

Nick wrenches, Caster ROCKS him, tags in Bowens, but Nick arm-drags Bowens! Tag to Matt, they double wrench the 5 Tool Player to CHOP and whip and elbow down! Caster runs in, gets double kicks to a double suplex onto Bowens! Alley-oop dropkick two-for-one special! The Acclaimed bail out but the Bucks double baseball slide dropkick! Fans are fired up as Matt and Nick whip Bowens to one railing, and Caster the other way. Caster reverses, Nick jumps up and over to throw hands! Matt SPEARS Caster! Then Matt positions Caster for another Bucks classic! Nick uses railing to help, they hit RISKY BUSINESS to the floor!

Fans are fired up as Matt puts Bowens back in. Bowens has a leg guard, Matt just drags him over to tag in Nick. Catapult to KICK! And then Bowens is stuck on Matt’s knees, springboard DOUBLE STOMPS! Cover, TWO! Bowens survives but Nick tags in Matt. The Bucks mug Bowens, Matt throws hands, then he runs, but Caster trips him! Bowens DECKS Nick, drags Matt up to throw forearms, then tags Caster. The Acclaimed, pass the wrench between them, kick then double wrench for a mule kick stomp combo! Cover, TWO! Bowens keeps on Matt and tags Caster back in.

The Acclaimed double whip, Matt ducks and Nick tags in! Matt dodges, sucker Caster into being thrown out, then he ROUNDHOUSES Bowens into Nick’s crossbody! Fans fire up as Nick rallies on Bowens, hits Caster and then hits Bowens back down! Nick shoulders into Bowens from the apron, and slingshot FACEBUSTERS! Cartwheel MOONSAULT onto Caster! Nick goes up and aims at Bowens, for a SWANTON onto knees! Bowens saves himself, Caster adds on with an apron back suplex! Bowens gets Nick with stomps, rains down fists, and AEW goes picture in picture as Bowens covers, TWO!

Bowens drags Nick over, tags in Caster, and The Acclaimed double suplex! Cover, TWO! Caster keeps Nick down with an armlock but fans rally up. Caster drags Nick over, Bowens tags in, and they mug Nick. Bowens bumps Nick off buckles, CHOPS him, then wrenches him to an OLYMPIC SLAM! Cover, TWO! Bowens grows annoyed and he drags Nick up, but Nick fires off hands! Bowens stomps low, throws forearms, then whips Nick corner to corner hard! Nick bounces off buckles and hits the mat, but Bowens drags him to tag in Caster. Caster stomps Nick, drags him up and warps him up in a cobra clutch.

Nick fights up, fights out but Caster back suplexes high and hard! Caster drops an elbow but misses as Nick goes out! Nick trips up Bowens, runs for his corner but Caster back suplexes! Nick lands on his feet, sunset flips Caster, TWO! Caster grabs Nick’s foot, drags him away, but Nick kicks him! AEW returns with single picture just as Bowens trips Matt off the corner! Caster CLOBBERS Nick, whips him corner to corner, then RAMS into him! Bowens tags in, Caster digs his shoulder in and Bowens throws forearms! Caster forearms, Bowens forearms, then Caster dropkicks! Cover, TWO! The Acclaimed is growing frustrated but the fans are fired up!

Caster tags back in, Bowens torture racks but Nick slips out! Bowens switches, Nick back shim down and dodges, Caster hits Bowens! Nick slides under both Bowens and Caster to thot tag Matt! Matt fires off fast hands on The Acclaimed! Matt throat chops Caster, fakes Bowens out and DOUBLE DDT’s the Acclaimed down! Matt drags Caster up, ROCKS him, then whips. Caster reverses, Matt slides out then baits him in. Caster falls for it and gets a PENALTY KICK from Nick! Matt runs at Bowens, Bowens elbows him, but Bowens runs into the NORTHERN LIGHTS! The Polar Express is taking off! Matt steps through, to the SHARPSHOOTER!

Nick whips but Cater reverses to send him into railing! Caster gets in to throw hands on Matt but Matt holds onto Bowens! Caster finally gets Matt down but Matt eggs him on as he gets back up! Cater runs but Nick drags him out to put him in a SHARPSHOOTER, too! The Acclaimed endure dual Sharpshooters, but Bowens powers up! ROPEBREAK! Matt lets go and so does Nick, but the Bucks have the fans rallying behind them. Matt runs in but Bowens BOOTS him! Bowens goes up, gets caught and Nick tags in! Electric Chair, up, up and DOOMSDAY DEVICE! Jackknife cover, TWO!!

The Bucks drag Bowens to a drop zone and call for a combo! Nick goes up, Caster trips him up! Matt rushes over but Caster kicks low! Caster whips Matt over the railing! Caster tags in, climbs up to join Nick, and SUPERPLEXES! Roll through, Bowens is up top, CROSSBODY SUPLEX COMBO! Cover, but Matt breaks it in time! Fans are thunderous as Matt returns to his corner and everyone else is down. A standing count starts, hot tag to Matt! Matt fires hands on Caster but Caster hits back! These two brawl, Matt gets the edge but Caster rakes eyes! The ref reprimands but Caster doesn’t care.

Caster suplexes, Matt slips out and SUPERKICKS! ROLLING ELBOW from Bowens! SUPERKICK from Nick! SUPERKICK to the ref!! Caster sees that and creeps up behind Nick to pop-up LOW BLOW! Bowens has the ACCLAIMED BOOMBOX!! Cover, but the ref can’t count! A spare ref rushes out, he counts, TWO!?!? Nick survives and The Acclaimed is shocked! Bowens hurries out and tells Caster to get Nick up. Caster scoops, but Nick shoves Cater into Bowens! Matt runs to slingshot sunset! Bowens holds on, Nick SUPERKICKS him off the ropes, Matt finishes the POWERBOMB through the timekeeper’s table!! Bowens just got wrecked!

SUPERKICK for Caster! Tag to Matt, the Bucks drag Caster up, B T E TRIGGER!! Cover, The Bucks win!

Winners: The Young Bucks, by pinfall (still AEW World Tag Team Champions)

Matt and Nick don’t need to make up diss tracks because actions speak louder than words! Was this a loud and clear message to the entire tag division on what it’ll take to stop them?

My Thoughts:

A very strong episode for AEW to start their holiday triple header. Top Flight looked really good against MJF and Jericho, but naturally as Heels, Hager helps MJF and Jericho win. I like that Hager called out Wardlow, it might make him come off more dedicated but he also might end up the Heel in this if he says that family issues aren’t as important. MJF himself is also doing something more Face if he’s opening up about what happened to his own family, and it does make for an interesting wrinkle that only Santana is sympathetic.

We still only got so much out of Sting tonight, but it does seem obvious he and Darby Allin are going to be working together closely. Team Taz keeps calling Sting, Cody and Darby out, I’m still waiting on the Six Man where Cody joins in. Jade Cargill calling Brandi out was a natural move, I’m interested in seeing who Brandi sets up as her first opponent. Maybe Brandi should pit Jade against the Vicious Vixens and make her face Nyla Rose. A Face authority figure doing that to the Heels is a great way of comeuppance that I don’t think has been done much at all. Spears has a strong promo to put himself over, I guess this means he’s ditching Tully, since Tully is going all in on FTR.

Callis and Omega had a good promo, mostly Omega’s part. I do like that Omega is also including AAA in this with referencing the Mega Championship, and AEW is really setting up a great network with the other promotions for even more crossover potential in the future. Fenix being gone during Pac VS Butcher was a really nice touch, and the match itself was a good one. Archer showing up made sense, but it might only be a matter of time before he and Pac fight it out to get at Kingston, playing into Kingston’s hand. Dustin VS Uno was a really good match, and I’m expecting a Six Man now, of Johnson and Natural Nightmares VS Uno, Stu and perhaps a returning Brodie Lee to really amp up the story.

Jurassic Express VS Dark Order was a really good Six Man, and FTR calling Stunt, JB and Luchasaurus out was a good move. That’s going to be a very telling match on who is first to challenge for the titles in 2021. The Acclaimed had an honestly great music video, and another good diss rap promo on The Bucks during the entrance. Caster is at least consistent, and both he and Bowens as a team are doing great for being a young, new team. But of course the Bucks win, they’ve got a long way to go still before losing. And there’s a good chance, they only lose to a team like FTR, on a big AEW PPV, namely Double Or Nothing or All Out.

I knew Abadon would get involved with the Shida VS Gracia segment. Her attack beforehand and during didn’t stop Shida from winning, but how fitting for Abadon to bite Shida and “bite off” some of her skin. Their title match for New Year’s Smash Night 1 is going to be intense, but I wonder if a disqualification ending pushes things further down the line, such as to Revolution. Miro giving away the wedding date announcement last week to Best Friends was apparently bait as the Best Friends apparently got jumped at some point. Depending on how they kayfabe this, Trent might not be seen until February 3rd so that he can crash AEW’s first-ever wrestler wedding.

My Score: 9.2/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Double or Nothing Results & Report! (5/26/24)




Sin City is All Elite!

AEW’s fifth anniversary goes Double or Nothing, and The Elite are risking it all in Anarchy in the Arena! Will “Team AEW” tear down our corrupt EVPs?


  • Buy-In – Deonna Purrazzo VS Thunder Rosa; Deonna wins.
  • Buy-In – Six Man Tag: The Acclaimed & Billy Gunn VS The Cage of Agony; win(s).
  • Unified AEW & ROH World Trios Championships: Bullet Club Gold VS Death Triangle; wins and
  • FTW Championship Triple Threat: Chris Jericho w/ “Big Bill” Morrissey VS Hook VS Katsuyori Shibata; wins and
  • Orange Cassidy VS Trent Beretta; wins.
  • IWGP World Heavyweight Championship Title Eliminator: Jon Moxley VS Konosuke Takeshita w/ Don Callis; wins and
  • AEW TNT Championship Barbed Wire Steel Cage Match: Adam “Edge” Copeland VS Malakai Black; wins and
  • AEW International Championship: Roderick Strong w/ The Undisputed Kingdom VS Will Ospreay; wins and
  • AEW Women’s World Championship: Toni Storm w/ Mariah May & Luther VS Serena Deeb; wins and
  • AEW TBS Championship: Willow Nightingale VS Mercedes Mone; wins and
  • Anarchy in the Arena: Kazuchika Okada, Jack Perry & The Young Bucks VS Bryan Danielson, Darby Allin & FTR; win.
  • AEW World Championship: Swerve Strickland VS Christian Cage w/ The Patriarchy; wins and


It’s the Double or Nothing Buy-In!

Join Renee Paquette, RJ City and “Double J” Jeff Jarrett in discussing, analyzing and predicting the high stakes, high reward, high octane action set for Sin City tonight!


Backstage interview with Charlie Ramon.

Lexy Nair is with AEW’s Special Match Coordinator, and she asks him what goes into tonight’s Barbed Wire Steel Cage? “In this instance, you have a cage that stands over 15 feet tall from the ground up and it weighs over 3,000 pounds. However, woven throughout it will be over 500 feet of barbed wire.” Unbelievable! Now, Adam Copeland was part of the planning process, how did that go? Charlie would normally say it went well, but in this case, Tony Khan’s absence, a lot of emotion, he’ll just say it’s been tough. Then that said, how dangerous is this match? What can we as viewers prepare for?

Normally, a cage match is about ending a feud. In this case, this cage is built for destruction. Then this just got a lot more real. Lexy thanks Charlie for his time, are we about to see the end of one man’s in-ring career?


Buy-In – Deonna Purrazzo VS Thunder Rosa!

The Virtuosa took offense to La Mera Mera trying to jump the line right from the moment she returned to action, and ever since, it has been a back and forth both with fists and with words. But Deonna’s been doing a lot more running and hiding than Rosa expected, so it is time to put up or shut up! With the women’s titles on the line later tonight, who wins their spot as next in line?

The bell rings and the fans rally up already. Rosa and Deonna stare down, circle, and tie up. They go around, break, and the fans are dueling. Rosa has the majority share, the two go again and tie up. Rosa arm-drags but holds onto the grapple. Deonna arm-drags but also holds onto the grapple. They get up, go to a corner, and the ref counts. Deonna lets off, but RAMS into Rosa! The ref reprimands, Deonna stomps Rosa, then digs her boot in! The ref counts, Deonna lets off and soaks up the heat. Rosa rises up but Deonna whips her. Rosa reverses to CHOP! And CHOP! And CHOP! Rosa whips Deonna but Deonna KICKS back!

Deonna swings, Rosa ducks ‘n ‘dodges to tilt-o-whirl RANA! The fans fire up, Rosa throws off the sleeves and runs in to ELBOW! The fans fire up more as Rosa goes corner to corner, but Deonna ELBOWS back! Deonna brings Rosa around to whip but Rosa goes up and over. Rosa DROPKICKS Deonna, the fans fire up, and Rosa grins as she storms back up on Deonna. Rosa stands Deonna up, but Deonna breaks free. Deonna swings, Rosa gets around and arm-drags her away! Deonna bails out, Rosa builds speed and WRECKS Deonna with a dropkick! The fans fire up and Rosa says, “Thank you very much.”

Rosa puts Deonna in, but Deonna bails out. Rosa storms up but Deonna BOOTS her down! The fans boo but Deonna soaks up the heat. Deonna scuffs Rosa, refreshes the count, and she RAMS Rosa into the apron! The ref reprimands, but Deonna CLUBS Rosa in the chest! Rosa gets in the ring, Deonna follows, and she paces around Rosa. Deonna stands on Rosa’s hand, talks trash on her, “This is what you wanted!” But Rosa fires body shots in return! Deonna DECKS Rosa, brushes herself off, then drops a leg on the arm! Deonna scissors the arm but Rosa endures. The fans rally, Deonna shifts around to wrench the arm, but Rosa fires a forearm shot!

Rosa fires more shots but Deonna WRINGS that arm out! Cover, TWO! Deonna is annoyed but she keeps close as Rosa writhes. Deonna grabs the bad arm, kicks it, then knuckle locks to step over. SNAP LOCK! Deonna drags Rosa to a cover, TWO! The fans rally with “SI SE PUEDES!” Deonna YANKS the bad arm, YANKS it again, and then wrenches for an ELBOW BREAKER! Rosa pulls hair, but Deonna wrenches and CLUBS away on the arm! Deonna grinds the bad arm, pulls at Rosa’s hair, but Rosa fights up! Rosa pushes back to a cover, TWO! Rosa has Deonna’s legs, for a SEATED SURFBOARD!

The fans fire up as Rosa pulls Deonna back, then hooks her up. Deonna fights the pendulum and ROCKS Rosa down! Cover, TWO! Deonna clamps onto the bad arm for a top wristlock! Rosa bridges to alleviate pressure and the fans rally up. Rosa fights to sit up, then arm-drag free! Rosa runs, ducks ‘n’ dodges, but DOUBLE LARIATS take both ladies down! The fans fire up again as the two stir. The dueling gets louder, but it still seems like Rosa has the majority if by only a few. The two go forehead to forehead, shout at each other, and Deonna SLAPS! Rosa SLAPS back! Rosa LARIATS! And NECKBREAKER!

Rosa pounds the mat and fans rally as Deonna goes to ropes. Rosa fires up, runs in, DROPKICK! Deonna flounders, Rosa shrieks and covers, TWO! Deonna survives but Rosa keeps her focus. Deonna bails out to the apron but Rosa runs up. The fans cheer on “Women’s Wrestling!” as Rosa ducks the haymaker and ROUNDHOUSES! Rosa goes up and up, but Deonna SLAPS her first! Deonna puts Rosa in the Tree of Woe, then takes aim! Deonna runs up, and RAMS into Rosa! Then she YANKS Rosa out of the Tree, covers, TWO! Deonna is beside herself but Rosa is tough! Deonna slashes her throat as she reels Rosa in, but Rosa wrenches out!

Rosa wrangles Deonna but Deonna fights, so Rosa shifts to a COBRA CLUTCH! The fans fire up and Rosa becomes a backpack. Deonna RAMS Rosa into buckles, arm-drags free, then runs up, but Rosa ROLLING ELBOWS! Cover, TWO!! Deonna survives that shot but Rosa snarls. Rosa drags Deonna up, reels her in, and says it’s time! But Deonna wrenches out to wrangle Rosa! FUJIWARA ARMBAR!! Rosa endures, Deonna pushes on the arm, but Rosa rolls her to a cover, TWO! Deonna swings, Rosa gets around, BACKSTABBER! Rosa glares, clamps on, but Deonna fights the Cobra Clutch! Rosa grinds Deonna down, COBRA CROSSFACE!!

Deonna fights forward, reaches out, but Rosa kicks ropes, only for Deonna to roll her to a cover! Deonna holds ropes! DEONNA WINS!!

Winner: Deonna Purrazzo, by pinfall

Rosa is shocked! The Virtuosa proved she’s an expert in stealing the win, because she just did that here! Rosa is about to lose her mind, but is Deonna going to use this move on to bigger things?


[Coverage will continue later tonight]

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Collision Results & Report! (5/25/24)

Collision in Sin City!



Death Triangle sees the Gunn Sons, and raises them CERO! MIEDO!

Before going Double or Nothing, Penta & Fenix want to raise the stakes on The Bang Bang Gang! Can they earn a Unified AEW Trios Championship match?


  • Six Man Tag: Claudio Castagnoli, Daniel Garcia & ??? VS Lance Archer & The Righteous; Claudio, Garcia & Hiroshi Tanahashi win.
  • The Gunn Brothers VS The Lucha Brothers; The Lucha Brothers win and Death Triangle will challenge for the Unified AEW & ROH World Trios Championships.
  • Kyle O’Reilly VS KM; Kyle wins.
  • Fatal 4 Way Tag: The Acclaimed VS The Gates of Agony VS The House of Black VS The Infantry; The House of Black wins.
  • Mariah May VS Leyla Hirsch; Mariah wins.
  • Six Man Tag; Bryan Danielson & FTR VS Team Triple J; Bryan & FTR win.


Jon Moxley is here!

While The Maniac is going to face Konosuke Takeshita in a Title Eliminator regarding his IWGP World Heavyweight Championship, he’s here tonight at the sight of his AEW debut five years ago! That night was Double or Nothing 2019 and he gave Kenny Omega a Paradigm Shift onto the stack of giant poker chips, but it would seem he’s gonna be face to face with Don Callis now. Callis makes his way out to the ring now and fans boo him and his weird low bass rumble theme song. Callis says he has something important to say, and he tells Jon that he isn’t here to cause any trouble. Callis just wants to talk about their history.

Did everyone know that on Callis’ second night in AEW, he cost Moxley the AEW World Championship? Hey, he’s trying to talk to Moxley, stay out of this! The fans keep booing, but Callis says Moxley literally got his pound of flesh. Roll the footage of the night Moxley decked Callis and caused him to be cut open! Then Callis turned on Kenny Omega just a few nights later! Look at Moxley take advantage of that! Without knowing it, they both changed the course of this company! Every morning, Moxley is the first person Callis thinks about, because Callis sees this scar. TWENTY-FOUR stitches! For most, that’d be a deal breaker.

But Callis says he and Moxley aren’t like most people. Not like all of these normies in the crowd! Ironic of Callis to say that when these “normal people” want to see Moxley scar Callis again… But Callis says when he was in the hospital, Moxley opened the door. Callis thought Moxley was gonna finish the job! Moxley put his hand on Callis’ shoulder and said, “You’re one of us now.” Callis looked Moxley in the eyes, and what he saw was nothing! The same as when Callis looks in his eyes. The worst kept secret as that these two are a lot alike. They see everything, but feel nothing! They are “high-functioning sociopaths,” and pro-wrestling gave them a platform to change the world!

Thirty years ago, guys like them would be an institution somewhere! But they worked together and Moxley beat Omega. The fans tell Callis to STFU, but Callis tells Moxley that when Moxley said “You’re one of us now,” Moxley was right! Callis helped Moxley beat Omega, but who didn’t Callis didn’t have to help? Takeshita. And Jon, this isn’t a threat, but Moxley has Takeshita tomorrow and it kills Callis. Callis doesn’t want to see this match. Imagine instead, them on parallel yet separate paths, and just once, if they were going it he same direction! They could run AEW! Tony Khan couldn’t stop them! The UN couldn’t stop them!!

So Callis isn’t here to pitch anything, Moxley’s too smart for that. But just imagine what this could be like. They’re alike! They’re not alone! So instead of the eliminator, use that time to make an announcement about Moxley’s future with The Callis Family! What does Callis have to do to get this done? Moxley is taken aback, paces a bit, and fans want him to deck Callis already. Callis offers the mic and Moxley takes it. The fans sing, “F HIM UP, F HIM UP!” Moxley tells Callis, “Okay, just one question.” Anything! What is it? “Well, if you and I are gonna trust each other, if we’re gonna be on the same page, I’m gonna need more of a commitment than that little baby scar on your forehead right there.”

So how about 24 MORE scars in that big bald head of Callis’? But then Takeshita CLOBBERS Moxley from behind! This was the plan all along, wasn’t it? ALPHA ELBOW!! Takeshita then gets a chair, brings it in, and he puts it around Moxley’s arm! Takeshita stands on the arm, then goes up the corner! The fans boo and Takeshita flips Moxley off, before the DIVING STOMP!! Moxley’s arm could very well be broken inside the chair! And then Takeshita STOMPS the chair more! Bryan Danielson & Claudio Castagnoli rush out here and that sends The Callis Family running! The damage has been done, will Moxley be able to stop Takeshita tomorrow night?


AEW shares Will Ospreay’s message from after Dynamite last Wednesday.

“You think I look pretty bad about now, right? Nah, this is nothing. Mate, I’ve been on full night benders, woke up in the morning, had a bowl of Coco Pops, got on a plane to Japan, called out the toughest guy and whooped on him in front of his wife and kids while I was smiling, bruv! You think this is the end, Messiah? What, am I to believe in you, am I? You think this scares me? I EFFIN’ LIVE FOR THIS, BRUV! I flew all the way from England on a 10 hour flight, got transferred over the Bakersfield, and this is the best that you got? My Messiah, am I meant to believe in you? Am I meant to believe?

“Nah, mate. The only thing that i believe is bell to bell, internationally known, no one is better than me inside that ring. And now what you’ve done, mate, now what you’ve done is just bonded me with that championship. My blood is on that championship, so now it is my duty, it is my spirit, that is bonded with that championship! So Sunday, in the perfect city to do it in, bet it all, gamble your life on it, son. Cuz now, it is my last mission to take that International Championship from you! And Hell or high water, nothing, nobody, is better than Will Ospreay. Cuz I am on another level!” Will Roddy learn he’s not a Savior but a False Prophet of the Backbreaker?


Six Man Tag: Claudio Castagnoli, Daniel Garcia & ??? VS Lance Archer & The Righteous!

The Swiss Superman and the Dragonslayer are teaming together to take on The Murderhawk Monster, as well as good ol’ Dutch & Vincent, all to avenge what they tried to do to Bryan Danielson & FTR. But who is their third man, brother? It’s HIROSHI TANAHASHI! The Ace of the Universe, the President of NJPW, and one-third of the NEVER Openweight Six Man Champions is here on Collision! Will Ace-sachou be just the trump card Claudio & Garcai need to win big in Sin City?

The trios sort out, the fans lose their minds seeing Tanahashi, but we get Claudio and Dutch starting off. Claudio and Dutch tie up, are in a deadlock, and Claudio powers Dutch back to ropes. The ref counts, Claudio lets off cleanly, but Dutch uppercuts! Dutch headlocks, Claudio powers up and out, but Dutch RAMS him! Claudio RAMS back! Dutch RAMS again! They continue to RAM back and forth, then Dutch kicks low! Dutch scoops and SLAMS then mocks the air guitar! Dutch headlocks, Claudio powers up and out, then drops and hurdles to UPPERCUT! Dutch rebounds, into a scoop! And SLAM! The fans fire up, Claudio runs to DOUBLE STOMP!

The fans fire up, Claudio tags Garcia in. Vinnie gets in but Garcia headlocks. Vinnie powers up and out but Garcia runs him over! Things keep moving, Vinnie CLOBBERS Garcia! Garcia goes to a corner but Vinnie fires off hands! The ref counts, Vinnie lets off, but then Garcia fires back! Garcia stomps a mudhole in, lets off and is all fired up! The fans are with Garcia, he goes back to Vinnie to rain down fists! The fans count all the way to seven, then Garcia- NO, Vinnie slips out, YANKS Garcia down, but Garcia gets around to spin Vinnie! Archer storms in but Tanahashi catches him! We get DOUBLE TWIST ‘N’ SHOUTS!

The fans are thunderous as Tanahashi air guitars and Garcia does his dance! Dutch runs in, Claudio catches him and trips him! The fans fire up, Garcia plays air guitar and Tanahashi does the dance! But then Vinnie CLOBBERS Tanahashi and Archer CLOBBERS Claudio and Garcia! The fans boo but Collision goes picture in picture.

Archer stomps away on Garcia in a corner, lets off as the ref counts, and Vinnie drags Garcia up. Vinnie CHOPS, Archer talks trash on fans, and Vinnie bumps Garcia off buckles. Vinnie drags Garcia up to SIDE EFFECT! Cover, TWO! Archer sends Tanahashi into railing! Garcia grabs at Vinnie’s beard but Vinnie pushes him. Vinnie puts Garcia in a corner, CHOKES him, but lets off as the ref counts. Dutch tags in, The Righteous mug Garcia, and then Dutch reels Garcia in for a short arm LARIAT! Dutch mockingly air guitars, then he stomps Garcia. Dutch drops an ELBOW, then covers, TWO!

Dutch keeps on Garcia, brings him over and bump shim off buckles. Tag to Archer, but Garcia fires forearms on Archer! Archer DECKS Garcia! Archer stomps away on Garcia, roars and storms around, then taunts Tanahashi with his own air guitar. Archer even mocks Garcia’s dance! Archer storms up on Garcia, CHOKES him on ropes, then whips him into the corner hard! Garcia falls, Archer tags Dutch, and Dutch looms over Garcia. Dutch mocks Garcia’s dance, then drags him up for body shots! Garcia goes back to the corner, COllision returns to single picture, and Dutch runs in. Garcia BOOTS back!

Garcia fights off Vinnie and Archer, but leaps into Dutch’s arms! Dutch RAMS Garcia into the corner! Dutch runs back in, but Garcia dodges the splash! Vinnie tags in, he gets a leg, but Garcia BOOTS him away! Archer runs in to BLAST Tanahashi and Claudio! Archer and Vinnie get Garcia up, but Garcia gets around, SAIDO for Vinnie! The fans fire up as Garcia crawls, hot tags to Archer and Tanahashi! The Monster grabs The Ace, but Tanahashi breaks free! Tanahashi fires off forearms, whips, but Archer reverses! Tanahsahi ROCKS Archer! Archer runs back up, Tanahashi dodges the boot and he CLOBBERS Archer!

The fans fire up and Tanahashi waits on Archer. Tanahashi runs, but Archer follows, CROSSBODY! Garcia runs pup, but Archer grabs him! CHOKE- NO, Garcia lsilps free of the slam, and he CHOKES Archer on the top rope! Garcia DUMPS Archer out of teh ring hard, but Vinnie SHOTGUNS Garcia! Claudio LARIATS Vinnie! Dutch runs up, but Claudio trips him up! GIANT SWING! The fans are thunderous, Archer gets in to ROCK Claudio! Archer reels Claudio in, the fans boo, but Claudio suplexes first!! The fans are thunderous and Claudio says to go up! Tanahashi understands, but then Archer STEP-UP KNEES first!

Tag to Vinnie and he snaps his fingers, dig what he’s saying? Dutch gets in, AUTUMN SUNSHINE!! Cover, CLAUDIO BREAKS IT! Garcia also returns, it’s a brawl! Archer TOSSES Garcia, Claudio LARIATS Dutch! Vinnie has Tanahashi to himself as things continue on the outside! The fans cheer “GO ACE! GO ACE!” Tanahashi fights back, Vinnie ROCKS him and runs! But into a SLINGBLADE! Tanahashi hurries out and up, for the HIGH FLY FLOW!! Cover, The Ace and team wins!

Winners: Claudio Castagnoli, Daniel Garcia & Hiroshi Tanahashi, by pinfall

A huge moment for these three, and they celebrate with Garcia’s dance! Will, Claudio isn’t really into it, not his style. But will this mean big things are in store for Forbidden Door next month?


The following message is on behalf of The Elite.

“When it comes to the tireless work of your EVPs, the job is never done. While being the greatest tag team ever is glamorous, it is in the countless hours of thankless service to every single employee where Matthew & Nicholas find their true glory. From the global stars of AEW to the ring crew and everyone in between, The Elite always give back to the business that has given them so much. However, four men, four violent, ungrateful, ignorant, deranged men, want only to destroy what their humble, selfless work has built.” Anarchy in the Arena is coming, but for the fans, your EVPs will never shy away from adversity in their pursuit to #ChangeTheWorld.

So, clearly biased and edited to favor The Young Bucks, Kazuchika Okada & Jack Perry, but will The Elite stop at nothing to stay in control?


The Gunn Brothers VS The Lucha Brothers!

The Bang Bang Gang punked out Pac, and that sparked the flame that revived Death Triangle! But in order to make their coming Six Man Tag match for all the gold, Austin & Colten are taking on Penta El Zero Miedo & Rey Fenix in a battle of brothers! Will there be zero titles on the line at Double or Nothing? Or will there be CERO MIEDO!?

The teams sort out but things are tense. The ref has them all back off, and we get Penta starting against Austin. The fans rally with “CERO! MIEDO!” Austin is annoyed, he and Penta circle, and Austin mocks Penta’s swagger. Penta shoves Austin and tells him, “Listen! CERO! MIEDO!” And pie face! Austin says Penta should listen! “GUNNS! UP!” And pie face in return! The fans boo, the two argue, and Penta tells Austin listen. But Austin DECKS him! Fenix SUPERKICKS Austin! Colten runs in and DROPKICKS Fenix! Penta SUPERKICKS Colten! Austin CLOBBERS Penta! Fenix and Austin DOUBLE LARIAT!

All four men are down and the fans fire up! The brothers regroup, The Gunns run up, the Lucha Bros dodge! The Gunns dodge, but the Lucha Bros DOUBLE SUPERKICK! The Gunns bail out, the fans fire up, and The Lucha Bros say “CERO! MIEDO!” They both run, both slide, but the Gunns duck under to get under the ring! The Lucha Bros drag the Gunns back out, “UNO! DOS! TRES!” But the Gunns duck and superkicks collide! Austin sends Fenix into barriers, then Colten puts Penta in the ring! Austin tags Colten, then he drags Penta up. They whip Penta, set up to body shot, knee lift, and LARIAT! The Gunns soak up the heat and Colten looms over Penta.

Colten drags Penta, suplexes, then covers, TWO! Colten goes after Penta’s mask, tags Austin in, and the Gunns double suplex! Cover, TWO! Penta is still in this, and Collision goes picture in picture.

Colten CHOKES Penta on the ropes, then ties his mask to them! The ref reprimands, Austin stomps Colten, then he lets off. Colten CHOKES Penta! Austin taunts Fenix, the ref tries to free Penta, but Austin’s knot is pretty tricky. Austin tags Colten, Penta gets free, and the Gunns stomp him. Colten stomps Penta some more, then drags him up. Colten kicks low, then soaks up the heat. Colten kicks Penta out, goes out after him, and brings him around to POST! Penta tumbles and Colten slides in. Tag to Austin, Austin taunts Penta before he BOOTS Penta down! Austin drags Penta up, SMACKS him off the apron, then taunts him with #GunnsUp.

Austin drags Penta up, puts him in, and Austin stays between Penta and Fenix. Austin swaggers but Penta goes for a leg! Austin holds him off, CLUBS him down, then bumps him off buckles. Tag to Colten, the Gunns double whip but Penta KICKS Colten! Austin blocks a superkick, Colten DECKS Penta! Austin drags Penta around, tags Colten, and Colten covers, TWO! Penta stays in this but Colten stays between him and Fenix. Colten drags Penta up, fireman’s carries, and Collision returns to single picture. Penta fights free with elbows, then ducks a lariat to SUPERKICK! Colten and Penta are both down and the fans fire up!

Penta crawls, Austin runs up on Fenix! Fenix fires off on Austin but that keep shim from Penta! Colten drags Penta back and tells him it was that close! But Penta dodges Colten, sends Austin into him, hot tag to Fenix! Fenix DOUBLE CROSSBODIES! Penta runs up at Colten, is put on the apron, but Fenix SPLASHES! Austin whips but Fenix tilt-o-whirl RANAS! Colten goes up, Penta SLINGSHOT SUPER STEINERS! Fenix FROG SPLASHES Colten! cover, TWO!! Colten survives but Fenix goes back up! Penta brings Colten up, “CERO! MIEDO!” But Austin TRIPS Fenix! Colten back drops free, tag to Austin!

The Gunns get Fenix up, double whip him, then they get moving, JUMP PUNCH! FAMOUSER! Cover, PENTA BREAKS IT! The fans fire up as this continues! Colten & Austin mug Penta, drag him up, and they whip him out of the ring. They call their shot, wait on Fenix, but Penta SUPERKICKS Austin! Fenix rolls Colten into the DOUBLE SUPERKICK! Fenix goes up, Penta SOBATS and reels Austin in! “CERO! MIEDO!” LUCHA FEAR FACTOR!! Fenix DIVES to take out Colten! Cover, Lucha Brothers win!!

Winners: The Lucha Brothers, by pinfall (Death Triangle earns a Unified Trios Championship match)

Pac is here to celebrate with his hermanos! But Jay White hurries out to support the Gunns. The Switchblade vows that the Bang Bang Gang will keep their titles! But will they regret ever bullying The Bastard?


Backstage interview with Chris Jericho & “Big Bill” Morrissey.

Arkady Aura is with The Learning Tree & “Redwood,” and notes Jericho’s FTW Championship will be a Triple Threat after Hook and Katsuyori Shibata got a double submission victory. Does this bother Jericho at all? Bill says if he may be so bold, if there is one thing Jericho has always said, it is that when you face adversity, and you are facing the darkest hour, you have to dig deep to pull out the light. Bill is sure that applies here. Jericho agrees. And he loves Arkady’s name, it sounds like a place where you play video games. Anyway, to be serious, he was not expecting to have two opponents.

But now that he does, after 33 YEARS of being on top of the wrestling world, doing the greatest things that’ve ever been done, the fan support that he has, he knows he’ll have to work extra hard to retain the title. But as the longest reigning “For The World Champion” at 44 days, Jericho thinks he will come away with a win. When you’re The Learning Tree, you have to be ready to face all adversaries, and all different types of opponents. But then in walks Bryan Keith. The Bounty Hunter says he missed his shot, but he promises that this ain’t the last we’ve seen of him. Keith heads out, Jericho smiles and thanks him for that.

Will The Ocho defy the one-third odds he has to still be the one with the gold?


Kyle O’Reilly VS KM!

#CombatKyle is still a bit sore from losing to Malakai Black, but he isn’t gonna let The End be the end of his comeback! Will he just keep fighting until he’s going for gold?

The bell rings and Kyle runs up to fire off on KM! KM shoves Kyle, swings, but Kyle body shots, KICKS and KICKS! Kyle runs, but KM DROPKICKS him! KM fires up, wrenches and whips Kyle corner to corner hard, and he asks, “Who suck snow?!” The fans say “YOU!” KM runs in, but into a BOOT! KM comes back, into another boot! KM tries again, Kyle dodges the splash! GUILLOTINE FACELOCK! KM RAMS Kyle into buckles, but Kyle holds on tight, body scissors included! KM fades, so Kyle lets go to KICK! AX and- NO, KM blocks the smash! Then he blocks a kick! But Kyle blocks a haymaker to get the ARMBAR!! KM taps, Kyle wins!

Winner: Kyle O’Reilly, by submission

KOR > KM, and now Kyle is all fired up! Will Kyle be primed to fight for a title after AEW goes Double or Nothing?


Willow Nightingale is here!

The fans cheer as the TBS Champion, and her good pal Kris Statlander, heads to the ring. Kris leaves it to Willow from here, and Willow steps in the ring to get a mic. The Babe with the Power says, “Las Vegaaaaas~! Y’know, it feels really great to be here. And on the fifth anniversary of All Elite Wrestling, none the less. And we got Collision on TBS tonight, and you can’t have Collision on TBS without The Face of TBS!” The fans cheer that! Willow revels in their chants a moment before saying thanks. But she also thinks about last night’s Rampage, and how someone else put their hands on her TBS Championships: Mercedes Mone.

The fans are torn but mostly boo The CEO. Willow says Mone has been here about two months, and Willow keeps talking about respect. But we’re way past that now. Tomorrow night, Double or Nothing, Willow will WRECK Mone! She will make Mone long for the days when she was out of harm’s way, sitting at home on the shelf! And Willow knows that championships come and go. But she’ll be DAMNED if tomorrow is the night this reign ends! Because for years, Willow has been working towards HER dream. She’s had knee surgery! Not many known this, but she was almost PARALYZED by a neck injury five years ago, before ever getting to AEW!

So now, Willow gets to live her dream as TBS Champion. And Willow will go through Manitoba Massacres, she will hop on planes to go to Japan, 14 hours each way, and fight in a Stardom ring. So Mercedes, Willow is just getting started! The fans fire up for Willow and she nods. Willow tells Mone that Mone says Willow can’t beat her at 100%. But Willow knows Mone can’t beat Willow at any percent! Because last year, Willow did just that! And tomorrow, at Double or Nothing, she proves that the better woman IS Willow Nightingale! The fans are fired up as Willow holds that title high, but will she be holding it at the end of Sunday night?


Backstage interview with Trent Beretta.

Lexy Nair is with #JustTrent and says that he has all the moment going into his match with Orange Cassidy. Aside from that, this is also deeply personal. We saw Trent end Chuck Taylor’s in-ring career, is he going to try that with Cassidy? Trent says that he’s already said everything that he’s had to say about “that con-man narcissist.” Trent vows that tomorrow night, he shows the whole world something Trent’s known for a long time. But in steps Rocky Romero. Azucar knows they haven’t talked, he just wanted to see him before tomorrow night. It’s a big night, Trent’s been here since day one, lots of memories between what was The Best Friends.

No matter what, Rocky just hopes there is a way they can all put this all behind them. They’re more than Best Friends, they’re family! Trent says that’s not happening at all. And don’t ever interrupt him again. Trent leaves, Rocky isn’t sure what to make of that, is Trent already past the point of no return?


Fatal 4 Way Tag: The Acclaimed VS The Gates of Agony VS The House of Black VS The Infantry!

While The Young Bucks are busy with Anarchy in the Arena tomorrow night, they will need challengers for their AEW World Tag Team Championships at some point. This match will go a long way in clearing out the pack, who stands tall after this massive match as strong contenders?

But wait, Platinum Max has a diss track on deck! “The House of Black ain’t about s*it, a new ball gag would fit right in with those outfits! I treat Infantry like infants, getting overpowered. Fake American heroes, y’all’re stolen valor! I heard you rap but you’re not as cold as ours. You pissed me off, now you got the golden shower. From the tip of my pee niz to the top of your tongue, don’t talk about me, b*tch! I heard Brian Cage can’t stay hard, your other two guys, I don’t know what their names are! They still talk a big game, but in Vegas, Everybody Loves The Acclaimed!”

Bowens then takes the mic to say, “LAAAS VEGAAAAS~! The Acclaimed have arrived! Scissor me, Daddy Ass~!” And he does! Caster’s words really sting and those punchlines were smart, but will The Acclaimed return to the top of the tag charts?

The teams all sort out, and in this form of Fatal 4, only two teams are legal at a time. Caster and Carlie Bravo start, circle, and they tie up. Bravo rolls Caster up, ONE! Caster rolls Bravo up, TWO! Bravo sweeps to cover, ONE! Caster sweeps to cover, ONE! They stand off, Caster pushes Bravo but Bravo pushes back. They circle, Caster avoids the House of Black and tags Bowens. Bravo isn’t as aware, Buddy Matthews tags in off him. Buddy and Bowens circle, but then Bishop Kaun tags himself in! The Cameroonian Prince tells Bowens to split, then he ties up with the Aussie Juggernaut. Buddy headlocks but Kaun powers out. They RAM shoulders, then Kaun goes again.

They RAM shoulders again, Buddy hits a headlock takeover. Kaun headscissors, Buddy kips free, and the two stand off. Brody calls to Buddy, Buddy tags him in. But Kaun tags Toa Liona and the fans fire up for the big meaty men! Brody and Liona circle, they BLAST Infantry and Acclaimed! Then they run up to LARIAT! “MEAT!” The forearms fly, “MEAT! MEAT! MEAT!” Bowens gets in but Brody DECKS him! The “MEAT! MEAT! MEAT!” continues but Caster gets in. Liona DECKS Caster! The “MEAT! MEAT! MEAT!” gets going, both Infantry get in. Liona and Brody DECK them both! Then Brody ROCKS Liona!

Kaun runs up, Brody BOOTS him! Brody brings Liona up but Liona fireman’s carries! Brody slips free to HEADBUTT, but it hurts Brody! You never headbutt a Samoan! Liona fireman’s carries, Buddy runs up, so Liona dumps Brody to knee Buddy! Liona TOSSES Buddy out, UPPERCUTS him, then ROCKS Brody! Brody leans on ropes, Liona roars, but he runs, and Buddy dumps him out! The teams all fight o the outside, and BRODY DIVES!! Direct hit into the cluster, STRIKE! The fans are thunderous as we go picture in picture!

The House drags people up, Buddy SMACKS Bravo off steps, then THRWOS him into barriers! Brody CHOKES Caster then CLUBS him down! Bowens goes after Liona but Liona RAMS him into steel steps! Brody chokes Caster, Kaun is sent into barriers, and the House mugs Bravo. Brody CLUBS Bowens, Liona throws Shawn Dean around, it is just chaos on the outside! Buddy CHOPS Bravo, Brody CLUBS Bowens, The Gates mug Dean! The ref wants someone to get in the ring, so Liona and Brody storm in. They circle, snarl, but then Caster tags in off Brody! Caster stays back, Buddy tags in off Liona. Buddy runs up, Caster dodges to BACKHAND!

Caster has Buddy in a corner, goes up, but Buddy DUMPS Caster to the apron! But Caster ROCKS Buddy in return! The fans fire up as Caster climbs, but Buddy trips Caster up! Buddy climbs, he brings Caster up, and SUPERPLEXES! Cover, TWO! Buddy tags Brody, then he scoop SLAMS Caster! Brody runs to SENTON! Brody drags Caster up, Collision returns to single picture, and Brody CHPOS Caster down! Tag to Buddy, he ROCKS Caster. The fans rally, Buddy clamps on a SLEEPER! Caster endures, reaches out, and the fans rally more. Caster fights up, JAWBREAKERS, and then flounders.

Buddy anchors Caster’s foot, yanks him back and he BLASTS Bowens! Caster reaches for The Infantry but Buddy keeps Caster from them, too. The Infantry avoid the sucker punches, then Caster dodges Buddy! Infantry get in Caster SUPERKICKS Buddy! The Infantry DOUBLE SUPERKICK! Brody tags in, he misses wide, DOUBLE SUPERKICKS, then DOUBLE SUPERKICKS, then TRIPLE SUPERKICKS!! Brody finally falls, Kaun runs up! SUPERKICK from Caster! TRIPLE SUPERKICKS again! Liona runs up, he CLOBBERS Caster, then breaks through the Infantry’s line to DOUBLE CROSSBODY!

The fans are torn as Liona drags Caster over, tags himself in off Caster, then fires up. Liona runs in at Brody to SPLASH! “MEAT!” Buddy is up top! METEORA! Buddy turns around, Kaun uses Liona as a step for a FLYING SHOTGUN! Caster returns to fireman’s carry, DEATH VALLEY DRIVER on Kaun! Linoa throat chops Caster! Infantry mugs Liona, they hook him up, but Brody CLUBs them all! Brody fires off on Liona, reels him in, but Liona is so big! Linoa fireman’s carries to SAMOAN DROP! Cover, Caster breaks it! Liona glares and grabs Caster by his neck! Liona SHOVES Caster out, but Bravo tags in!

Bravo ROCKS Liona, DUMPS him out, then hurries in. There’s more brawling outside between Gates and Acclaimed, but The Infantry take the corners! They take aim, STEREO SUPER CROSSBODIES!! The fans fire up again and The Infantry are in. They dodge Brody, BOOT Buddy, SUPERKICK and FOREARM for Brody, repeat! They reel Brody in, but he powers out of the double suplexes! The Infantry bob ‘n’ weave, the brawling on the outside gets wilder as Billy Gunn and Brian Cage join in! The Infantry hook Brody up, but Buddy disrupts Boot Camp! Brody CLOBBERS Dean! The other teams are just gone, fighting all the way to the back!

Buddy has Bravo in a corner, the fans hoot with Brody, and he runs in at Bravo, CANNONBALL DROPKICK COMBO!! Cover, The House wins!

Winners: The House of Black, by pinfall

Brody King & Buddy Matthews are truly a dangerous duo, will they be aimed right at the AEW World Tag Team Champions after Double or Nothing? Will Malakai Black step into the barbed wire steel cage and prove the House Always Wins?


Adam “Edge” Copeland speaks.

“Malakai… House of Black… You took the one item that kept me tethered to my comfortable world. The second I stepped foot in AEW, I knew it was only a matter of time before you’d set your sights on me. You were born out of the shadows that I cast. But I’ve been walking this path since before your balls dropped. But you’ve shown me. You’ve shown me where I need to navigate from. I need to go back to the pits. To the margins, to the outside looking in. You wanted this version of me, the version that has a devil on this shoulder, but no angel to be found.

“It’s fitting that this barbed wire steel cage match happens in the land of neon lights, and the violence that will take place within this steel cage is a fitting juxtaposition. Malakai, you said if I lose, I bend the knee, I join the House of Black. Oh, can you imagine? Can you imagine the force that we would be? And in a storybook ending, you defeat your influence, only we… We don’t deal in dreams. Our currency is nightmares, this is a horror story. Has it ever dawned on you, Malakai, that I used this to get closer to The House? What if I defeat you, and the House joins me?

“Buddy and Brody know the Devil that lives in my heart. I’ve been known to be a master manipulator. The House of Blood… That’s something I can sink my teeth into. Questions. So many questions. But Malakai, know this fact: When you see evil in a man’s eyes, it’s already too late.” Edge snaps his fingers and the lights go out. Will this darkness consume all of AEW as things get Rated R?


AEW shares Toni Storm’s message from after Dynamite.

“Serena Deeb… This isn’t for you. This is for everyone like you. This is for everyone that thinks that because they’ve had a sad life, it entitles them to some kind of reward. Nothing happens for a reason, darling. Things just happen. If everything happened for a reason, then there would be ONE main event at Double or Nothing, and it would be me talking for 40 minutes while you sit around and analyze my words like a Zapruder Film! But no, instead I have to fight for my life against a woman who thinks that twitching on the floor was a sign from the universe that she should keep wrestling!

“You want to be a victim? I will make you a victim. I will make your three seizures feel like a Sunday stroll in the bloody park! The saddest part about your life is that you thought it had any meaning at all. But don’t worry. In your obituary, they will mention that you lost to the champ.” The leading lady is even more vicious than ever, will she make sure Deeb never works in this town again?


Mariah May VS Leyla Hirsch!

Toni Storm’s protege is herself riding high after the big tag win on Wednesday, but now she’s got a LEGIT opponent standing across from her. Will Mariah still be able to shine on her own? Or will she be lost without her mentor by her side?

The bell rings, the fans rally, and the two circle. They tie up, Mariah powers Leyla to ropes, and the ref counts. Mariah lets off, Leyla runs up and gets around. Leyla shoves Mariah to a corner, runs up, but Mariah goes up and over. Leyla storms up on Mariah again, but Mariah CHOPS! Mariah shrugs, CHOPS again, then CHOPS again. Mariah CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS, but Leyla ROCKS her! Leyla gets in Mariah’s face, or uh, chest rather. So Mariah makes sure Leyla gets a face full of it! The fans fire up, Leyla is flustered, and Mariah does a little dance. Leyla is furious, Mariah shrugs, and then Leyla clinches! BELLY2BELLY!

Leyla drags Mariah up but Mariah fireman’s carries! SAMOAN DROP! Mariah sits Leyla up, runs, and SHOTGUNS Leyla down! Mariah rocks out and Collision goes picture in picture.

Mariah swaggers around as the fans cheer, and she brings Leyla up. Mariah bumps Leyla off buckles, and puts some stank on the DOUBLE CHOPS! Leyla shoves Mariah, Mariah scuffs her, then snapmares her. Mariah does a little prance then runs to PENALTY KICK! Cover, TWO! Mariah clamps onto Leyla with a body scissors and full nelson, then shifts to a short arm scissor! Leyla fights around, powers Mariah to a pump handle and cording hold! Mariah throws Leyla off her, then DECKS her! Mariah continues to swagger, drags Leyla up and scoops, for the SPIN OUT SIDEWALK SLAM! Mariah is having a little too much fun as Leyla flops out of the ring.

Mariah goes out after Leyla, drags her up and fireman’s carries, but Leyla fights free. Leyla RAMS Mariah into steel steps! Leyla puts Mariah in, stomps her, then clamps on a rear bearhug! Mariah endures the squeeze, fights up to her feet, but Leyla whips her into a corner. Leyla runs up to ROCK Mariah, and she rolls to come back, SWINGING DROPKICK! Collision returns to single picture as the fans rally up for Mariah. Leyla drags Mariah into a drop zone, steps on her and climbs up. The fans cheer for Leyla, “SHE’S LEGIT! SHE’S LEGIT!” MOONSAULT FLOPS as Mariah moves! Mariah CLOBBERS Leyla!

Mariah LARIATS Leyla, BOOTS her, then hits a SAIDO! Fans fire up with Mariah and she goes to a corner. Mariah climbs, leaps and MISSILE DROPKICKS! Cover, TWO! Leyla is still in this but Mariah grits her teeth. The fans rally, Mariah drags Leyla up and bumps her off buckles. Mariah puts Leyla up top, CHOPS her, then storms around. Mariah runs corner to corner, to go into the STRATUSPHERE! Leyla flounders, Mariah says kiss this! SWEET HIP- NO, Leyla gets around to O’Conner Roll! Then she blocks a kick to get around and GERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO! Mariah survives and Leyla is stunned!

Leyla hurries to drag Mariah up, the fans rally and duel, but Mariah ROCKS Leyla! Leyla gets Mariah in a clinch, but Mariah slips out! Mariah HEADBUTTS Leyla, then KNEES her down!! Cover, Mariah wins!

Winner: Mariah May, by pinfall

And with that, Storm’s understudy puts away another one! Will Mariah be primed for a title opportunity of her own after Double or Nothing?


BREAKING NEWS for Double or Nothing!

After Brian Cage called The Acclaimed out last night on Rampage, and after the brawling that took them all out of the Fatal 4 Way tonight, Tony Khan has made a big Six Man Tag grudge match for The Buy-In! Will The Acclaimed & Billy Gunn get a big win on Sunday? Or will they fail to escape the #CageOfAgony?


Backstage interview with Serena Deeb.

Lexy is now with The Professor, and brings up those “vicious” comments by Toni Storm. We are less than 24 hours from their match, is Deeb ready? Deeb says tomorrow night is the biggest match of her career. Double or Nothing, or perhaps Deeb or Nothing. Toni Storm, in this lead up to the match, they’ve had some fun and games. Storm stole the banner, paraded around in it, but let Deeb ask you this: It wasn’t so fun when you had to throw in the towel and save that stooge, Mariah, from losing a leg, now was it? And Deeb is sure Mariah is grateful to Storm for making sure she could walk out of there that night. But Deeb can’t say the same for Storm.

Deeb will stretch Storm limb from limb, and it’s been a long time coming. Tomorrow night, Deeb finally becomes AEW Women’s World Champion! And “Timeless” Toni Storm will become Time’s Up Toni Storm. See you tomorrow night. The Professor is ready to teach the Leading Lady a life lesson, will it have to be learned the hard way?


AEW takes a closer look at Swerve VS Christian.

The Patriarch says, “Swerve, I felt it was apropos to return to the scene of the crime. The crime you committed against my son. My son, Nick, learned to walk in this ring before he could even run these ropes. Because you didn’t just jump my son, Nick, in a random wrestling gym. You jumped him on holy ground. An eye for an eye.” Swerve admits his methods were a “little misunderstood,” a little skewed, but he always got things done in the ring. No one can ever say Swerve didn’t deserve the world title. Christian hears a lot about Swerve’s House. And he told Swerve that he never forgets.

All In Wembley, Swerve embarrassed Christian. Christian said he’d make Swerve a footnote, but that’s no longer enough. Swerve must be held accountable for his crimes. Two years in AEW and people are still calling Swerve a footnote. He’s on TV, he promises AEW, he promotes AEW on radio and podcasts. He is the face of AEW, the world is forgetting Christian Cage. Christian reminds us that he is taking something from Swerve every week. For every ounce of Nick’s blood that was spilt, Christian is taking the title. Swerve asks if Nick’s yet to learn his lessons. Swerve doesn’t think they have it in them to do this to a world champion!

Swerve has built his house, and at Double or Nothing, he proves it’s whose house? The reason Swerve is not sleeping at home is because he’s too busy building this house! Christian vows to wipe Swerve from the annals of AEW, and to become the NEW AEW World Champion. Two fathers fighting for their families and their legacies, but whose house must suffer for the other’s to thrive?


Six Man Tag; Bryan Danielson & FTR VS Team Triple J!

The American Dragon & #TopGuys made it through Archer & The Righteous last week, but another faction just had to take The Elite up on that Double or Nothing bounty. Will Jay Lethal, Jeff Jarrett & Satnam Singh get another big bag of money for this hit job? Or will Bryan, Dax & Cash prove nothing’s gonna stop them before Anarchy in the Arena?

The trios sort out but Triple J keeps ’em guessing. Things finally settle down, and it is Bryan starting against Jarrett. They circle, tie up, and Jarrett arm-drags! And arm-drags again! And even a JAPANESE ARM-DRAG! Jarrett does the Fargo Strut, and he tags in Lethal! Bryan keeps cool as he and Lethal circle. They feel things out, tie up, and Lethal knees low. Lethal swaggers, pie faces, runs, but into a kitchen sink knee! Bryan KICKS Lethal, drags him up, and tags in Dax. Dax kicks Lethal, puts him in a corner, and CHOPS! And UPPERCUTS! And CHOPS again! Dax brings Lethal over, bumps him off buckles, then whips.

Cash tags in, then slingshots to SHOULDER TACKLE! The fans fire up and Cash bumps Lethal off buckles hard! Lethal sputters, Cash CHOPS him! Cash goes up, and he rains down fists! But Jarrett storms in, so Cash CROSSBODIES him! Lethal gets Cash but Cash atomic drops back! Cash finishes up on those fists, but Jarrett distracts the ref, and Satnam grabs Cash by the neck! HOTSHOT for Cash! Satnam drags Cash out to CHOP! Sonjay laughs at Cash, the ref tells Triple J to back off, and Collision goes picture in picture.

Satnam shoves Cash in for Lethal to drag around. Lethal has the leg, stomps it, steps through, FIGURE FOUR! Cash endures and his team coaches him but Lethal thrashes the leg! Cash reaches out, has to be careful about his shoulders, and he ROCKS Lethal! Lethal lets Cash go, but then CLUBS Cash! Lethal stomps and CLUBS Cash, then tags Jarrett in. They double whip but Cash reverses. Only to get caught in a RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP! Jarrett taunts Dax, stomps Cash, then kicks him around. Jarrett stomps Cash more and more, then drags him up. Jarrett whips, ELBOWS Cash down, and he stays between Cash and his team.

Jarrett drags Cash around to drop elbows on the knee! Jarrett then clamps on a toehold and pulls on the leg. Cash endures, tries to fight back but Jarrett elbows him. Cash CLUBS away on Jarrett, Jarrett elbows him again, and Cash’s shoulders are down! TWO, and Cash CLAWS at Jarrett’s face! Jarrett lets go of the leg to stomp it! Jarrett KICKS the leg out, and Cash falls over again. Cash rises, but Jarrett KICKS the leg again! And then clamps on for a SHIN BREAKER! Jarrett drags Cash around, steps through, but Cash BOOTS him away! Jarrett hits buckles, falls back, and Collision returns to single picture!

Both men crawl for their corners, the fans rally, and Lethal jumps in to get Cash’s leg! Cash still jumps around, and hot tags Dax! Dax JABS, JABS and DECKS Lethal! And DECKS Jarrett! Dax whips Lethal, Lethal reverses but Dax snatches him for a package, TWO! Dax whips, Lethal reverses, and Satnam gets the cheap shot! LETHAL COMBINATION! The fans boo but Lethal storms up on Dax. Lethal drags Dax over, points to the big man, and the fans boo. But Lethal tags in the One in a Billion! Satnam dribbles Dax like a basketball! The fans do cheer the show of strength, and Jarrett says he and Lethal can just relax now!

Jarrett & Lethal take a seat in some chairs, Karen sitting on her hubby’s lap, and Satnam palms Dax’s head like a basketball! Cash AX HANDLES, but Satnam is just upset! Satnam SHOVES Cash up and out! Dax is in a corner, Satnam run sin, but Dax dodges! No more relaxing, Jarrett tags in! But so does Bryan! The fans fire up as Bryan fires hands on Jarrett! “YES! YES! YES!” The fans fire up as Bryan KICKS away on Jarrett, “YES! YES! YES!” Bryan climbs up to rain down fists! The fans count all the way to TEN, then Bryan whips corner to corner. Jarrett reverses, Bryan goes up and over and keeps moving! Bryan ducks ‘n’ dodges to LEAPING LARIAT!

Vegas is all fired up with Bryan and he runs to DROPKICK in the corner! Bryan keeps moving, another DROPKICK! Bryan keeps moving, but gets under Jarrett’s lariat to wrangle him! Omoplata, LEBELL LOCK! Lethal CLOBBERS Bryan! Cash storms in, DUMPS Lethal out, and then he calls to Bryan. Bryan builds speed, and DIVES while Cash PLANCHAS! Down go Lethal and Jarrett! Dax says OLE to Satnam and sends him into steel steps! Satnam hobbles his way into the ring, Bryan & FTR get in! They surround the giant, and they KICK! KICK! KICK! “YES! YES! YES!” TRIPLE KICKS rattle Satnam from all sides!

Bryan winds up, to BUZZSAW! FTR mock The Bucks, F T R TRIGGER!! And then BUSAIKU KNEE!!! Satnam staggers about! Lethal gets in, DOUBLE LETHAL INJECTION on FTR!! But Bryan DISCUS LARIATS Lethal! Jarrett reels Bryan in, but Bryan slips around! Jarrett still RAMS Bryan into buckles! The fans boo as now Karen gets Jarrett the guitar! But the ref snatches it! Aubrey’s been through this crap before and she tells Karen, “Not tonight, b*tch!” But then Sonjay gets Jarrett a chair! Jarrett aims at Bryan, takes a swing, but Bryan dodges and the chair SMACKS Satnam!! The giant tumbles up and out!!

Bryan aims, Jarrett panics, BUSAIKU KNEE!! Lethal runs in, into a SHATTER MACHINE!! Cover on Jarrett, Team AEW wins!

Winners: Bryan Danielson & FTR, by pinfall

Karen is furious but there’s nothing she can do about it! Cash gets a mic and says, “2020, FTR made the debut in AEW for the first time in our careers. Four years ago, that very moment, AEW became our home. AEW is where I will live, I will breathe, I will fight, I will DIE for this company! Everybody, wrestling fans, are better off because of AEW. Wrestlers are better off because of AEW! The entire wrestling world is better off because of All Elite Wrestling!” The fans agree with all of that! Cash says FTR & Bryan might be beat up, might be hurt, they and Darby Allin might limp into Double or Nothing. But Cash swears that they’re the only ones that’ll walk out!

Dax takes the mic to say that five years ago, almost to the day, in this building, the same people here tonight, this company started. Why is FTR fighting for AEW? It is not just this company that FTR is fighting for. They are fighting for every single man and woman that wakes up in the morning, goes to work, has a terrible day, but comes home, turns their TVs on, and watches AEW. And for that one moment in time, whether it’s one or two hours, all those problems are gone. One time a week, two times a week, FTR gets to be their hero. If they were to die tomorrow, Anarchy in the Arena, they will be your heroes. #TopGuysOut!

The fans are fired up, just like The American Dragon & FTR! Will they and the Relentless Darby Allin tear down the corrupt Elite to save All Elite Wrestling?

My Thoughts:

A very good Collision, but it always feels like things get so talkie. And that kinda happened here because this was the go home show. All the promos were well done, as they almost always are, but were also in many ways redundant. Well, mostly the Chris Jericho one, but I guess him taking up screentime is part of the gimmick now. Willow’s was really good, too, but I wouldn’t say that changed the go home math or anything. Edge’s promo after that awesome Fatal 4 was also good, and I suppose that’s the promo that matters since he is now turning the tables on Malakai. Edge naturally would want to lead the faction rather than join it, but again something feels very Edge & Judgment Day about this, not sure what happens here.

Storm’s promo certainly helps her ride that Tweener line. On one point, yeah, she’s right, tragedy in life doesn’t entitle anyone to anything outside of sympathy. But at the same time, she sure didn’t show any sympathy to Deeb’s tragedy. Deeb’s response was also good, the title match will be great stuff, but surely Storm retains. And I will say that we got a very good video package for Christian and Swerve, I just wish it wasn’t also on the night bogged down by other promos. The irony is, this video could’ve been on the Countdown to Double or Nothing special from last night, but I wouldn’t know because I didn’t watch it. There must be fans who do watch it if AEW keeps doing them. But it just feels like after five years, AEW would’ve figured out how to not make things feel redundant.

Great opening promo from Moxley with Callis, and good ambush from Takeshita. I thought that with Double or Nothing only giving us a Title Eliminator, Takeshita would still win and force something for Forbidden Door. Now I don’t know. Maybe Takeshita defies the math and wins with cheating, or they go outside the box and have Moxley get disqualified because he’s just that pissed. Great opening Six Man Tag right after, with Hiroshi Tanahashi being a great surprise. A great win for the Faces there, and there’s any number of possibilities for Forbidden Door, but surely Tanahashi will want a part of that card.

Great tag match of Gunns VS Lucha Bros, but I figured Lucha Bros would win to force the trios title match. Granted, still don’t see Death Triangle winning out, but it’ll be a great match. And also of course another match is added to the Buy-In, it’s what happens with all AEW PPVs. Great filler squash of Kyle beating KM, Kyle should definitely be waiting on the other side of Double or Nothing for a title match, and it’d be fitting continuity if he went for the TNT Championship after having his matches with Edge and the House of Black. A good filler match from Mariah and Leyla, with a good win for Mariah. It’d be a bit copy-paste from ROH making Athena & Billie Starkz a mentor-mentee champion duo, but what if Mariah tried for the TBS Championship before going for the world title?

And great main event Six Man Tag, but of course the Faces won. Very good closing promos from FTR, though Dax has used his spiel about doing this for us, the hardworking folks, before and it’s a bit redundant again. I still want this to turn into AEW Avengers: Endgame or whatever, but the way things are going, I would think Team AEW, aka the Faces, find a way to win to motivate Bucks VS FTR “One last time” and at All In 2024.

My Score: 8.7/10

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