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Mitchell’s NJPW WTL x BOSJ Results & Report! (12/11/20)

Who will hold up the trophies tonight?




NJPW’s double tournament event comes to an end!

After nine rounds, we finally have our final match-ups! Who will win World Tag League 2020 and Best of the Super Juniors 27?


  • Six Man Tag: Chaos VS Bullet Club; Bullet Club wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Kazuchika Okada & HenarACE VS The Empire; The Empire wins.
  • SANADA & Shingo Takagi VS EVIL & Yujiro Takahashi; Sanada & Takagi win.
  • Kota Ibushi & Master Wato VS Tetsuya Naito & Bushi; Ibushi & Wato win.
  • World Tag League 2020 Finals: FinJuice VS Guerrillas of Destiny; GOD wins and will challenge for the IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championships at WrestleKingdom 15.
  • Best of the Super Juniors 27 Finals: Hiromu Takahashi VS El Desperado; Hiromu wins and will challenge for the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championships at WrestleKingdom 15.


Six Man Tag: Chaos VS Bullet Club!

Robbie Eagles, Sho and Toru Yano join forces against Chase Owens, Bad Luck Fale and the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion, Taiji Ishimori! But will the Sniper of the Sky and High Voltage help Mr. KOPW 2020 stay strong towards WrestleKingdom? Or will Yano owe a match to the Crown Jewel, Rogue General or Bone Soldier Reborn?

But as Chaos gets in the ring, Bullet Club attacks! Fale keeps Yano in as the bell rings and the others mug Eagles and Sho! The ref reprimands but Fale chases him off. Fans rally but Fale whips Yano to ropes. Yano holds ropes, dodges Fale and goes to slap, but Fale turns around! Yano dodges, rakes eyes and then goes to scoop! Fale too big! Fale clubs Yano, scoops and slams him instead! Yano gets up but Fale is on him with a whip to the corner. Fale runs corner to corner, but Yano dodges, and then goes to the other corner to untie the buckle pad! SMACK! Fale doesn’t flinch. Yano SMACKS again, but still nothing. “CHIKUSHO!” Yano tries to scoop but Fale CLUBS, scoops and SLAMS Yano!

Fans cheer the strength as Fale looms over Yano. Tag to Ishimori and he stomps away on Yano. Ishimori whips Yano at the bare corner but Yano stops himself! Yano baits Ishimori in and Ishimori hits buckles! Yano scoops and slams Ishimori then tags in Sho! Sho rallies on Ishimori, DECKS Owens and dropkicks Fale! Sho runs in and corner clotheslines Ishimori! Ishimori reverses the whip but Sho reverses back to kick, kick and KICK him down! Fans fire up with Sho and he aims, but Ishimori blocks the buzzsaw to CHOP! Things speed up, Sho redirects and SPEARS! Cover, TWO! Fans rally as Sho waistlocks and dead lifts, but Ishimori flails and elbows free!

Sho fires off forearms from all sides! Sho runs, Ishimori BOOTS him! Ishimori runs but Sho side steps to SNAP GERMAN! Ishimori flounders up but Sho whips him, Ishimori handsprings to NEURALIZER! Both men are down, fans fire up and the two go to their corners. Hot tags to Owens and Eagles! Eagles rallies with forearms, Owens shoves and baits Eagles in. Eagles ends up on the apron but he enziguris back! Eagles springboards to missile dropkick the legs out! Fans fire up with Eagles as he gets the leg, spins, but Owens rolls him! Eagles rolls out to mule kick! And kick, and kick, and KICK! Eagles runs to leg lariat Owens to a corner!

Fans fire up even more as Eagles runs corner to corner, to double knee! Then he returns, but Owens boots! SWEEP-1-9! METEORA! Cover, TWO! Eagles keeps focus and fans rally up. Fale and Ishimori go after Sho and Yano while Eagles WARP 4.5- NO, Owens moves and the splash flops! Owens drags Eagles up, reels him in, tucks the arms, but Eagles RANAS! Cover, TWO!! Owens is free and he SUPERKICKS! Rolling fireman’s carry to a pop-up, but Eagles rolls and high stacks! TWO, and Owens JEWEL-

NO! Eagles blocks, but Owens BELL CLAPS out of the backpack! HAMMERLOCK LARIAT! The HEIST! Cover, TWO!! Fans fire up but Owens straitjackets for Fale’s GRENADE!! Bridging cover, Bullet Club wins!!

Winners: Bullet Club, by pinfall

It may not have been the heist of the century, but Owens comes away with a big win for Bullet Club! Will the faction rebound as a whole with WrestleKingdom?

Wait, Yano goes after Fale! He keeps trying to scoop, but Fale scoops him to SLAM him again! Fale stomps Yano and Owens grabs the KOPW 2020 trophy! He hands it to Fale and Fale has Yano look at it as he STOMPS IT! Fale loves breaking other people’s property, doesn’t he? Will the Producer repair the trophy again, even stronger than before?


Six Man Tag: Kazuchika Okada & HenarACE VS The Empire!

The Rainmaker returns, and he is teaming up with Hiroshi Tanahashi and Toa Henare to take on the traitor, Will Ospreay! But of course, Ospreay has Great-O-Khan and Jeff Cobb with him. We already saw the Dominator and Hawaiian Hulk conquer the Ace and Hammerhead, will that happen all over again here?

Again, the Empire doesn’t budge as their opponents make their entrances. The trios sort out and fans clap, “O-KA-DA!” HenarACE show off the muscles as the entrance jackets are put aside. Okada dares Ospreay to step up and give us a WrestleKingdom sampler! Opsreay accepts and they fire off forearms back and forth, faster and faster! Ospreay knees, puts Okada in a corner and CHOPS, CHOPS, CHOPS then stomps, stomps, stomps! Ospreay climbs up to rain down fists but the ref pulls him off. Okada hits back with forearm after forearm! Ospreay knees low but runs into a BOOT! Fans fire up for Okada as he wrenches Ospreay and brings him over.

Tag to Tanahashi, and they double whip. Ospreay holds ropes, throws Okada out then kicks Tanahashi to wrench the arm! Khan tags in, knees low then knees harder! Khan has the arm-triangle already! Tanahashi stays standing, elbows free, and then headlocks. Khan powers out but Tanahashi dropkicks a leg! And again! And again! Khan is down, Tanahashi drags him over and tags in Henare. HenarACE double whip, double elbow, then Tomahawk and elbow drop! And FLEX! HenarACE put Khan in the Double Half Crab! Fans fire up but the ref reprimands. The ref also has to keep The Empire under control, but HenarACE lets Khan go.

Henare drags Khan up to facelock and tag Tanahashi back in. HenarACE mug Khan, Tanahashi fires off strikes but Khan Mongolian CHOPS! And again! But Tanahashi blocks to SHOTEI! Tanahashi runs but into CHOPS! Khan gets a body sicssor takedown to a KNEEBAR! Cobb and Ospreay hit Okada and Henare! They fight outside while Tanahashi endures the leg lock! Tanahashi crawls and gets the ropebreak! Ospreay looms over Okada while Khan stomps and YANKS Tanahashi’s leg! Khan drags Tanahashi over, tags in Cobb, and they stomp Tanahashi more! Cobb looms over Tanahashi, drags him up and scoops him for knees to the ribs!

Cobb carries Tanahashi around for a backbreaker! Khan tags in, Cobb SLAMS Tanahashi down and Khan clamps on with the arm triangle! Fans rally as Tanahashi endures and kicks around to the ropebreak! The ref counts, Ospreay tags in but Khan only lets go at the count of 4. Ospreay drags Tanahashi up to bump off buckles! Ospreay fires off forearms and digs his boot into Tanahashi while talking trash! Fans rally for Tanahashi but Ospreay drags him over. Cobb tag sin but the whole Empire mugs him. Khan DECKS Okada and Henare, then he and Cobb double whip Tanahashi. Cobb whips Khan in for a clothesline! Khan gut wrench suplexes Tanahashi to Cobb, who gut wrench suplexes Tanahashi back the other way!

Tag to Ospreay, the Empire gets Tanahashi up to while Ospreay goes to the top rope. Ospreay missile dropkicks the double back suplex down! Cover, TWO!! Tanahashi survives and fans fire up! Ospreay grins at Okada while he toys with Tanahashi. Tanahashi hits back with forearms but Ospreay ROCKS him with an uppercut! Ospreay run sin but Tanahashi elbows him away! Tanahashi goes up but misses the crossbody! Ospreay aims but Tanahashi catches the leg to a DRAGON SCREW! Fans fire up as both men are down! Hot tag to Okada! Okada fires off forearms on Ospreay then whips but Ospreay reverses, only for Okada to duck and dodge to back elbow Ospreay down! Okada hits Khan and Cobb then dodges Ospreay to back elbow, kick and DDT! Cover, TWO!!

Okada keeps his focus as fans rally up! Okada stalks Ospreay, Alabama lifts, but Ospreay fights that off to throw a BIG forearm! Ospreay runs in but is popped up to the Alabama! Ospreay holds ropes to escape, then he dodges Okada to pull hair, KICK and CLUB Okada down! Tag to Cobb and Cobb waistlocks Okada for a dead lift! Okada elbows out but Cobb ROCKS him! Okada EuroUppers then ducks the forearm to FLAPJACK Cobb down! Fans fire up and Okada tags in Henare! Henare rallies on Cobb, whips but Cobb reverses, only to RAM Cobb! Neither falls so they just RAM and RAM and RAM again! Cobb runs but Henare CHOPS him! Henare runs but Cobb scoops him! Pop-up to the suplex, but Henare slips out!

Henare catches an arm to Tomahawk elbow over and over! Fans fire up as Henare runs but Cobb reels him in! Henare elbows but into an OVERHEAD SUPLEX! Fans fire up for this power on display! Henare is in the corner and Cobb runs in, only for Henare to dodge! Henare fireman’s carries Cobb but Cobb slips off. Henare blocks the kick to ELBOW and HEEL KICK back! Okada DECKS Ospreay and then hits Khan! HenarACE coordinate, Henare fireman’s carries Cobb for a SAMOAN DROP! Cover, TWO!! Tanahashi and Henare watch Cobb rise, and Tanahashi runs, SLING SWEEP! Cover, Ospreay breaks it!

Okada hits Ospreay, throws him out and fans rally up with “HE-NA-RE!” Henare fires up, runs, but into Khan’s BOOT! Khan goes after Tanahashi, Tanahshi waistlocks but Khan rolls to get a KNEEBAR! Cobb throws Henare for the TOUR OF THE ISLANDS!! Cover, The Empire wins!!

Winners: The Empire, by pinfall

Cobb and Khan get the better of HenarACE again! Ospreay rejoins his men and tells them to finish Tanahashi off! Khan has the kneebar again but Okada clubs him away! Ospreay has Khan and Cobb move aside so that he can stand face to face with Okada. Ospreay tells Okada that Okada doesn’t really know who he is. Okada grabs Ospreay but Cobb CLUBS Okada! And they set Okada up for an OSCUTTER! Bea Priestly gets a chair and gives it to Ospreay, who gives it to Khan! They have Tanahashi’s legs isolate and Khan SMACKS them over and over and over with the chair!! Ospreay says Tanahashi is no longer the Ace! Okada is no longer the top of the mountain! Khan says this is THE EMPIRE! Will it only be a matter of time before they conquer all of NJPW?


SANADA & Shingo Takagi VS EVIL & Yujiro Takahashi w/ Dick Togo!

Speaking of facing traitors, we get a rematch from the round robin! Cold Skull and The Dragon want to get back at the King of Darkness and Tokyo Pimp for that loss, but will they have to keep their eyes open for the Spoiler?

The entrance jackets are put aside as fans clap for “L I J!” Bullet Club gives a Low Sweet and then attack LIJ! Yujiro clubs Takagi, Evil is after Sanada and the bell put sthis on record. Sanada dropkicks Evili out then PLANCHAS him down! Takagi runs Yujiro over and fans fire up! Takagi drags Yujiro up, suplexes up and over, and then brings Yujiro back up. Yujiro rakes eyes! And then he distracts the ref so that Dick can choke Sanada! Evil MULE KICKS Sanada to get him to fall! Evil slaps his former friend and tag partner around as Dick pulls the Spoiler choker tighter. But Takagi goes out after them! Yujiro and the ref pursue as Takagi checks on Sanada. Evil CLUBS Takagi, Yujiro mugs him, and the two put Takagi in.

Yujiro stomps Takagi while the ref is checking on Sanada. Fans rally up but Yujiro drops a leg, an elbow and a headbutt. Cover, TWO! Yujiro tags Evil and Evil stands on Takagi’s head. The ref reprimands and Evil steps away, but Takagi fires off forearms! Evil eggs him on but Takagi hits harder! Evil rakes Takagi’s eyes! Evil whips Takagi to the corner, and surprise! The blue buckle pad is loose! Takagi hits bare buckles as the Bullet Club classic happens all over again. Sanada is still out on the ramp as Bullet Club whips Takagi to a corner. Yujiro runs in to BOOT, Evil runs in to corner clothesline! Then FISHERMAN BUSTER! And bsaement BOOT! Cover, TWO!

Takagi survives but Bullet Club keeps focus since they’ve all but made this a handicap match. But Takagi fires off forearms and CHOPS! Takagi runs but Dick trips him while Evil was in the ref’ sway! Dick drags Takagi up and Yujiro has his pimp cane, but Sanada is back! Sanada clobbers Bullet Club, including Dick! And he fires off on Evil!! Fans are fired up as Sanada shows no mercy to the traitor! The ref pulls him away but Sanada shoves the ref down! Sanada goes out to whip Evil into railing! And more railing! This hot rage is rare for Cold Skull and fans are loving it!

As for Takagi, Yujiro BOOTS him, then runs, into an elbow! JAB! LARIAT! Takagi runs to SLIDING LARIAT! Then a pump handle and torture rack, for LAST OF THE DRAGONS!! Cover, LIJ wins!!

Winners: Sanada & Shingo Takagi, by pinfall

The calm and the fury get even with Evil and Yujiro! But Sanada’s rage is not satisfied, he’s after Evil again! He just rains more fists down! Young Lions try to stop him but get shoved aside! Then Sanada throws them around and kicks them out! Then he goes back for more on Evil! Sanada finally stops and cools off, but then he explodes again! Not even Takagi can stop Sanada! Evil hits back and these two just keep going on the ramp! Dick gets in but Sanada DECKS him! Evil CHOPS Sanada and eggs Sanada on as Sanada keeps hitting back! Sanada kicks Evil, and drags him backstage! Takagi doesn’t even get what happened and he’s Sanada’s teammate. But that aside, LIJ won, will they keep on winning here tonight?

Wait, Cobb returns! He told Takagi before he wants that NEVER Openweight Championship, and now he’s here to tell him again. Cobb picks up the belt, Takagi wants it back, and Cobb hands it over. Cobb won’t let go, though! And he uses it to reel Takagi into TOUR OF THE ISLANDS!! Cobb picks the belt up again and puts it in Takagi’s face, before raising it up high over his head. Will Cobb take this belt for the glory of The Empire?


Kota Ibushi & Master Wato w/ Hiroyoshi Tenzan VS Tetsuya Naito & Bushi!

The Golden Star and the IWGP Double Champion met again just last week as part of the big three-day weekend NJPW had to wrap up the round robins! Los Ingobernables de Japon was strong that night, will the IWGP Double Champion and Death Mask stay strong? Or will the Way of the Grandmaster help Ibushi bounce back before the WrestleKingdom 15 Night 1 title match?

Naito isn’t dressed as fancy as usual, but he just makes up for that by taking even longer walking to the ring. The teams sort out, fans rally with “NA-I-TO!” “I-BU-SHI!” and after the LIJ fist bump, we start with the WK15 preview! Ibushi and Naito approach, circle slowly, and then move back as Naito plays his games. Ibushi keeps his cool, but Naito kicks first! The forearms fly back and forth, faster and faster, and fans rally with them! Naito rakes eyes! The ref reprimands and Naito mocks Tenzan’s chops! Naito whips, Ibushi reverses but Naito sunset flips. Ibushi slips out, Naito ducks the kick to arm-drag, but Ibushi headscissors! Naito pops out but Ibushi dropkicks him down!

Ibushi stomps Naito, tags in Wato, and Wato drags Naito up to kick and kick and KICK! Bushi gets in but Wato KICKS him down! Wato goes after Naito, whips him and hurdles to back elbow, back hand and sobat! Fans fire up with Wato as he aims and kicks, but Naito dodges! Naito shoves, kicks and Bushi gets in to sunset flip flop for Naito’s basement dropkick! Bushi hits Ibushi and the ref reprimands while fans rally. Naito goes out to get in Tenzan’s face while Bushi stomps Wato. Naito then gets Ibushi up to whip him into railing! Bushi digs his boots into Wato but lets off as Naito returns. Naito drags Wato up, and throws those Tenzan Mongolian Chops! Fans like that as Naito tags in Bushi.

LIJ mugs Wato then Bushi brings Wato around for the Mongolian Chops, too! Tenzan is mad as Bushi throws more chops then stomps Wato. Bushi snapmares Wato into a chinlock, then a cover, TWO! Fans cheer and Bushi tags Naito in. Naito drags Wato up, dragon sleepers and backbreakers to the leg hook full nelson! Bushi keeps guard but Wato moves around. Fans rally as Wato endures, and Wato gets the ropebreak with a foot! The ref counts, Naito claims he’s stuck, so the ref undoes the hold for him. Naito stomps Wato then brings Wato up. Wato throws forearms, Bushi CLUBS Wato and Naito DECKS Ibushi!

LIJ put Wato in a corner to whip him corner to corner, and Bushi runs in but misses! Wato tilt-o-whirl backbreakers Naito! Bushi runs, into the DREAMCAST KICK! Fans rally up, Wato and Naito are down, but Wato rolls to tag in Ibushi! Ibushi fires up to fire off forearms on Naito! Naito reverses the whip but Ibushi JUMPING KICKS Naito down! Fans fire up as Ibushi runs in but Naito dodges. Ibushi goes up and over, and KICKS Naito down! Standing moonsault! Cover, TWO! Fans fire up more and Ibushi powers up. Ibushi drags Naito up but Naito throws forearm after forearm! Ibushi fires them back, Naito spins Ibushi around, arm-drags him then elbows him down! Basement dropkick!

Fans rally “I-BU-SHI!” “NA-I-TO!” as Naito whips Ibushi corner to corner. Naito runs in, rocket kick and sweep, swinging dropkick! COMBINACION CABRON! Naito drags Ibushi up but Ibushi fights the neckbreaker off. Ibushi blocks a kick, fires a strike fest and then whips. Naito reverses to tornado DDT! Fans fire up as both men are down! Bushi tags in and goes to a corner. Bushi climbs, aims at Ibushi, and missile dropkicks! And BUSHIROONI! Bushi stomps Ibushi, drags him up, but Ibushi swings on him! Bushi spins Ibushi around to DDT! Cover, TWO! Fans fire up as Bushi drags Ibushi up, FISHERMAN SCREW! Cover, but Wato breaks it!

Naito throws Wato out and Bushi drags Ibushi up. Bushi puts Ibushi in the ropes, and hits a DRAPING BACKSTABBER! Fans fire up as Bushi aims corner to corner, runs and CODE- NO! Ibushi denies that and ROUNDHOUSES Bushi down! Naito whips Ibushi, Ibushi reverses and then catches Naito’s leaping forearms! Ibushi spins Naito around for Wato’s springboard uppercut! Naito bails out, Wato builds speed and TORNILLOS Naito at the ramp! Ibushi KICKS and KICKS Bushi, but Bushi blocks to elbow the leg. Bushi runs, into a V-TRIGGER! KENNY~! Ibushi sits Bushi up, KAMI-GOYE!! Cover, Ibushi and Wato win!

Winners: Kota Ibushi & Master Wato, by pinfall

Naito’s team won the Six Man but Ibushi just won the 2v2! But it is only a matter of time before these two face off again. Who wins when it’s just 1v1 for the IWGP Heavyweight AND Intercontinental Championships?


World Tag League 2020 Finals: FinJuice VS Guerrillas of Destiny!

Juice Robinson and David Finlay have appeared in back-to-back finals, but the truly historic achievement is on the other side of facing Tama Tonga and Tonga Loa! Will FinJuice be the third team in a row to go back-to-back as World Tag League winners?

After the Low Sweet, and as Juice warns Jado, the teams sort out. Loa starts with Finlay and fans rally up. They circle, tie up, and Loa pushes Finlay away. Finlay shrugs that off, circles with Loa again and then gets around to a headlock. Loa powers up to carry Finlay to a corner! The ref calls for the break, Loa backs off, but Finlay dodges the sucker punch! Finlay headlocks, holds tight and fans rally up. Loa powers up again to pull hair and rolls Finlay off. Finlay runs into a headlock takeover! Loa grins as he grinds Finlay down but Finlay moves around. Finlay works to get up but Loa holds tight. Finlay throws body shots, powers out and tags Juice.

Loa holds ropes, Tama tags in, and the ref hurries to keep this from turning into a brawl! FinJuice and GOD stare down with dukes up, but they cool off and let it stay as Juice and Tama. Fans rally as they circle, tie up, and are in a deadlock. Tama manages to power Juice back, but then Juice powers Tama back. Tama headlocks, Juice powers out but Tama kicks back! Tama dodges, Jado swipes at Juice and the ref reprimands. Juice and Tama stand off and fans cheer as the ref is telling Jado he is EJECTED! Young Lions grab Jado and drag him away! GOD is furious but this is only fair! Tama goes after Juice for that with big haymakers!

Tama whips, Juice reverses and arm-drags! Juice has the arm and wrenches him to the corner. Finlay tags in to drop ax handles on the arm! FinJuice double kick, run and double BULLDOG! Cover, ONE, but Finlay is right on Tama’s arm. Finlay wrenches, Juice tags in and Juice goes up to drop ax handles! Juice DECKS Loa, FinJuice double whip Tama, and they double hip toss Tama down. Loa runs in but he gets a double hip toss! Finlay basement uppercuts, Juice back sentons! Fans rally and Juice wrenches Tama’s arm, tags Finlay, and Finlay again drops ax handles on the arm. FinJuice whips Tama again, and double- No, Tama fights out!

Tama ducks the leg lariat, shoves Finaly into Juice and tags in Loa! Loa DOUBLE LARIATS FinJuice down! Loa whips Finlay, back drops him high and hard, then kicks Juice to whip and back drop him, too! Fans cheer the feat of strength as Loa brings Finlay back up for a snap suplex! Uno amigo, then the back suplex to BOMB! Cover, TWO! Loa grows frustrated but fans rally up. Loa drags Finlay to a cover, ONE! Loa wraps a chinlock on, Finlay endures and works his way up. Loa puts Finlay in the corner, Tama tags in and GOD mugs Finlay. They double whip, body shot, body shot and neckbreaker! Cover, TWO!

Tama is frustrated and he drags Finlay around for clobbering forearms to the chest, and an elbow right to the head! Fans rally for Finlay as Tama paces. Tama headbutts Finlay to the corner, tags Loa, and GOD double suplexes Finlay hard! Cover, TWO! Finlay reaches for Juice but Loa stays close. Loa dares Finlay to tag Juice but Finlay pie faces Loa. They slap each other and then Finlay throws forearm after forearm! Loa just fires up and DECKS Finlay with one! Loa runs corner to corner, Finlay elbows him first! Finlay hurries, but he dodges and tosses Loa first! Tama drags Finlay back but Finlay kicks him away! Loa trips Juice off the apron! The tag is denied!

Loa gets in, he drags Finlay up and fireman’s carries for a SAMOAN DROP! Tag to Tama, Loa puts Finlay in the corner, and Tama taunts Juice. Juice rallies the fans up and Tama goes back to Finlay. Finlay fights out of the corner with forearms and elbows! Finlay EuroUppers Tama but Tama gets around to back suplex. Finlay lands on his feet, dodges Tama and tags in Juice! Juice rallies on GOD, then gives Loa a SPINEBUSTER! Tama runs in to get a full nelson SLAM! PLANCHA for Loa! Juice shakes the hands of the trophies then goes back to the ring. Juice runs in and corner clotheslines Tama! Then he runs to LEAPING LARIAT!

Juice climbs up as fans rally, and he leaps at Tama for a BIG crossbody! Cover, TWO!! Tama survives and fans fire up more! Juice tags Finlay, FinJuice has Tama in a corner, and Juice runs in to corner clothesline! Finlay EuroUppers, Juice scoops Tama, for an ELBOW DROP BACKBREAKER! Cover, TWO!! Tama survives again and fans rally up more! Finlay tags Juice, FinJuice drags Tama up again, and Juice builds speed, only for Loa to SPEAR! Finlay drops Tama but Loa shoves him into Tama’s TONGAN TWIST! GOD regroups and brings Juice up. They double atomic FACEBUSTER, then cover, TWO!

GOD keeps cool and coordinate again in opposite corners. FLYING HEADBUTT, and FROG SPLASH! Cover, TWO!! Juice survives now and GOD is furious! Fans rally up as Loa brings Juice up. Tama steadies himself while Loa runs Juice into the corner! Tama runs in but Juice dodges the splash! Finlay EuroUppers Tama in the corner! Loa CLOBBERS Finlay but Juice LEG LARIATS Loa! Tama dropkicks Juice but Finlay IRISH CURSE BACKBREAKERS Tama! Loa scoops Finlay for an OKLAHOMA STAMPEDE! Fans are thunderous as Loa drags Juice up. Juice breaks free and shouts, “EAT S*IT!” as the LEFT HAND O’ GOD hits Loa!!

All four men are down and fans fire up again! The ref checks on them all and Loa stirs. Loa and Finlay get out while Juice and Tama go to opposite corners. Juice runs and CANNONBALLS Tama! Fans fire up as the straps come down! Juice pumps up as Tama flounders around, JAB! JAB! JAB! Juice pumps up again, but Tama ducks the left, only to get the RIGHT HAND O’ GOD! Juice reels Tama in but wait, Jado is returning! The ref tells Jado to stay back, but he doesn’t see Loa have a kendo stick of his own! Loa SMACKS Juice, and SMACKS him again! Tama rolls Juice up, but Finlay breaks the cover!!

Tama swings on Finlay, Finlay runs into Loa’s lethal combination, and CROSSFACE! Tama has Juice in the SHARPSHOOTER! They used these holds to send a message just earlier this week! Fans rally as FinJuice endures double submissions, and Juice crawls for ropes! But Tama drags him away! Tama sits DEEP, Juice grits his teeth and powers up! Juice crawls again to the ROPEBREAK! Tama and Loa let FinJuice go, and fans are thunderous again! Loa throws Finlay out and Tama is furious, but Jado is back to coach them up. Jado calls for the finish and GOD drags Juice up. They get him up, MAGIC KILLER!! Cover, TWO!?!? Juice survives and shocks everyone!

Jado calls out the other move, and GOD drags Juice up again. Loa grins as he pcks Juice up and RAMS him into a corner. Tama hits a corner splash, Loa climbs up and Tama suplexes Juice up to him. SUPER- STEINER!!! Juice counters and Finlay goes after Tama! No stunner, but no Gun Stun as Finlay shoves Loa into Jado! PRIMA NOCTA STUNNER! Finlay aims at Loa in a corner, runs in and EuroUppers! Then ACID- No, Loa powers out, BOOTS and suplexes, but Finlay suplexes first! LAST CALL BRAIN BUSTER! Fans are thunderous again as Finlay helps Juice get up! Finlay hoists Tama up, Juice runs, and HART ATTACK! Cover, TWO?!?!

Tama survives and fans are fired up as FinJuice tries again! Finlay drags Tama to the top rope, climbs up to join him, and Juice is on the other corner. SUPERPLEX! To FROG SPLASH! Cover, TWO!??!? Power and Glory wasn’t enough!?! But Finlay keeps Juice focused! Thumbs up, thumbs down! Juice drags Tama up, brings him to a corner and Electric Chair lifts. Finlay goes up but Loa shoves him down! Tama falls off and the ref keeps Loa out. Jado is in but Juice takes the kendo stick from him! Wait, is that KENTA?! BRIEFCASE SHOT!! Wasn’t Kenta supposed to go to America!? Tama drags Juice up and Loa is up top again! SUPER POWERBOMB!!! Cover, GOD WINS!!

Winners: Guerrillas of Destiny, by pinfall (World Tag League 2020 winners)

This is certainly Bullet Club’s win as the Fang Revived had a part to play in this! Kenta still has his shot at the IWGP US Championship, and as Loa and Tama hold up the WTL trophies, they have their shot at the IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championships! They all celebrate with a picture and a Low Sweet, but will they celebrate even bigger when all those belts come back to Bullet Club?


Best of the Super Juniors 27 Finals: Hiromu Takahashi VS El Desperado!

The Timebomb and Rogue Luchador both have a win over the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion, Taiji Ishimori, in BOSJ 27, but Desperado beat Hiromu in their own head-to-head match. But what sweet irony that these two must face each other again in the finals! Who gets the more important win and then hold the trophy over their head?

The bell rings and fans are fired up already as the two stare down. They slowly circle, approach and tie up. They’re in a deadlock, Desperado gets around to waistlock but Hiromu pries the hold apart. Hiromu wrenches to a wristlock but Desperado rolls and wrenches back. Desperado twists the wrist, hammerlocks the arm, but Hiromu reaches back to headlock. Hiromu hits a takeover, Desperado the headscissors, but Hiromu pops out and fans cheer! Hiromu and Desperado reset and circle again. They approach, tie up, Desperado shoots after a leg, Hiromu facelocks to block, but Desperado rolls and facelocks back. Desperado floats, Hiromu slips out, Hiromu waistlocks, but Desperado gets the arm to crank into a hammerlock.

Hiromu reaches back again to headlock, Desperado bridges over but Hiromu holds on to grind him down. Desperado rolls it to a cover, ONE and Hiromu keeps on the headlock. Desperado pulls hair but Hiromu wrenches on the headlock. They stand up, Hiromu hammerlocks and wrangles Desperado down, but Desperado gets to ropes. Red Shoes calls for the break, and Hiromu lets go, only to stand on Desperado’s head. Hiromu gives a toying kick but Desperado gets up to shove Hiromu. Desperado CHOPS, Hiromu CHOPS, repeat! Faster and faster, and the fans rally up! Back and forth, CHOP for CHOP, “ORYA! ORYA!” CHOP! CHOP!

Hiromu taunts Desperado but Desperado pokes him in the eye! Desperado runs, Hiromu follows and ranas, but Desperado blocks and STRETCH MUFFLERS! Hiromu scrambles to ropebreak, but Desperado won’t let go right away. Desperado stands on Hiromu then taunts him. Hiromu gets up, fans rally and the two go forehead to forearm. Hiromu fires forearms, then ROCKS Desperado. Hiromu runs but Desperado uses Red Shoes as a shield! Hiromu shoves Red Shoes away but Desperado dropkicks the legs out! Desperado drags Hiromu up to throw him out, then follows to whip him into railing! Desperado taunts Hiromu, has media move aside, and he whips Hiromu into more railing!

Hiromu slumps down, Red Shoes tells Desperado to get this in the ring, and Desperado goes in while Red Shoes checks Hiromu. Hiromu is okay to continue, but Desperado undoes a buckle pad like Yano would. Fans rally as the ring count climbs to 10 of 20. Hiromu is up, takes a few extra counts, and is in at 15. Desperado stomps Hiromu, and whips him to the bare corner! Red Shoes reprimands but the damage is done! Desperado drags Hiromu up to whip him back in! Desperado laughs and mocks Hiromu’s pain, then back suplexes high and hard! Desperado “apologizes” to Red Shoes as fans rally up.

Desperado stands on Hiromu’s head, scrapes his heel off him, then drags him back up. Desperado snap suplexes then covers, TWO! Fans rally for Hiromu again but Desperado drags him back up. Hiromu CHOPS back, and CHOPS, but Desperado scoop slams him! And drops a splash on the bad leg! Then drops knees on the leg, too! Desperado hooks the leg up for a knee breaker, then paces. Desperado mocks the “HI-RO-MU!” clapping, stands on the bad leg and mocks Hiromu’s pain. Hiromu pushes Desperado away but Desperado throws Hiromu out. Desperado scoops and slams Hiromu to the floor! Hiromu clutches his ribs and Desperado gets a chair.

Red Shoes checks on Hiromu so Desperado leaves the chair behind. Desperado grabs the bad leg and SMASHES the knee into the floor! Fans rally up for Hiromu and Red Shoes reprimands Desperado. Desperado goes in, a ring count starts again, and Hiromu slowly rises. Hiromu manages to stand at 11, hobbles around and gets in at 14. Desperado drags Hiromu around and drops another splash on the leg! Cover, ONE, but Desperado drops down on the leg! Desperado ties up the legs in the Butterfly Deathlock! Desperado taunts Hiromu as he puts pressure on the legs, but Hiromu CHOPS him! But Desperado just leans back and adds more pressure that way!

Desperado taunts Hiromu as he crawls for ropes, and Hiromu gets the ropebreak. Red Shoes calls for the break, Desperado lets up but “GOMEN!” he drops a knee on the knee! Fans rally for “HI-RO-MU!” and Hiromu CHOPS Desperado! Desperado eggs him on, kicks the leg, then suplexes. Hiromu slips out but the leg jams! Desperado runs, Hiromu manages to follow and RANAS Desperado down! Fans fire up as both men slowly rise. Hiromu gets to a corner, Desperado runs in and CHOPS! Desperado whips, Hiromu reverses and corner clotheslines! Hiromu runs to basement dropkick Desperado down!

Fans rally up, Desperado and Hiromu slowly rise, and Hiromu hobbles to ropes. Desperado runs in, Hiromu BOOTS him, and then DRAPING HEADSCISSORS Desperado! Hiromu lets go at 4, to drag Desperado out in a wheelbarrow, to SLAM him down on the floor! Fans are thunderous as both men are down on the outside! Hiromu gets up first and goes to the apron. Desperado stands, Hiromu runs and SHOTGUN dropkicks Desperado into railing! Fans fire up with Hiromu as he gets his bad leg moving. Hiromu drags Desperado up and into the ring, then drags him up to a suplex, FALCON ARROW! Cover, TWO!

Hiromu keeps his cool as he tries to get his bad leg moving. Hiromu stands, drags Desperado up and fireman’s carries, but Desperado slips out! Desperado runs in but Hiromu boots him! Hiromu runs, but into a lift! Hiromu fights the spinebuster off, but runs into a back suplex! Hiromu fights that off, too, but Desperado reels him into a SHIN BREAKER! STRETCH MUFFLER! But Hiromu rolls and throws Desperado off! Fans fire up as Desperado goes to a corner. Desperado runs at Hiromu, but into an OVERHEAD SUPLEX! Desperado hits the corner and falls down! Fans fire up again as both men slowly stir. Hiromu stands first and hobbles around.

Hiromu drags Desperado up, fireman’s carries, but Desperado blocks. Hiromu still gets Desperado up but Desperado fights against it. Hiromu tries again, gets Desperado up but the leg gives out as he tries to pop him up further. Desperado aims, runs, but blocks the superkick to LOCO MONO! Hiromu SUPERKICKS after all! Hiromu runs, Desperado dodges but Hiromu SUPERKICKS again! Both men are down, but Hiromu is getting up as fans fire up! Hiromu hobbles back to Desperado, drags him back up, fireman’s carries again, and CORNER DEATH VALLEYS! Hiromu brings Desperado back up, RUNNING DEATH VALLEY!

Fans fire up and Hiromu drags Desperado up one more time! Fireman’s carry, spin, but Desperado sunset flips, and STRETCH MUFFLERS! Desperado gets the arm, NUMERO DOS!! Hiromu endures, reaches, crawls, and gets the ropebreak! Desperado cranks harder until Red Shoes counts 4! Fans fire up as both men are down. Desperado roars in frustration as he drags Hiromu back up. Desperado reels Hiromu in, Guitarra- No, Hiromu escapes! But the leg jams again! Hiromu tumbles out of the ring and Desperado waits for him to rise. Desperado builds speed to- No, Hiromu gets in so Desperado stops! Hiromu comes back to sunset flip, but he can’t hold on and just hits the floor!

Hiromu hurries back up, grabs Desperado in a waistlock, but Desperado scrapes him off! Hiromu hits railing and Desperado hurries back after him. Desperado whips Hiromu into the railing! Hiromu is down in a slump, and Desperado grabs one of the Junior Heavyweight Tag belts? Red Shoes tells him to drop it, Desperado tells him to shut up and then tosses the belt away. But Desperado grabs that chair from before! Desperado SMACKS the bad leg with the chair! And again, and again, and again! Red Shoes comes back out and Desperado throws the chair away. Fans rally up as hard as they can for Hiromu while Desperado tries to drag him up.

Desperado mockingly asks how Hiromu’s supposed to continue. Desperado stomps the bad leg! Desperado drags Hiromu up and puts him in. Desperado gets the leg for Stretch Muffler, but Hiromu kicks him away! Desperado stomps the leg again! Fans still rally but the Stretch Muffler returns! Hiromu kicks and rolls, but Desperado is on him with GUITARRA DE ANGEL! Cover, TWO!! STRETCH MUFFLER!! Desperado tortures the leg, Hiromu crawls and reaches, but Desperado drags him away, into NUMERO DOS! Hiromu endures more, reaches with his one free hand, and fans are thunderous as they rally!

Hiromu claws, Desperado cranks and rolls, then gets BOTH arms! NUMER DOS MAX!! But Hiromu powers up with his abs?! Hiromu hits a DESTROYER!! Both men are down again and fans are thunderous! Hiromu and Desperado slowly stir as Red Shoes checks on them. Hiromu is up first and he hobbles around before steadying himself. Hiromu heads for Desperado, drags him up by his mask tassels, and then fireman’s carries. Desperado slips out and shoves Hiromu into Red Shoes! And LOW BLOWS!! Desperado grins as Hiromu and Red Shoes are down! Desperado hobbles over and drags Hiromu up. Hiromu breaks free to LOCO MONO Desperado?!? Hiromu used Desperado’s right straight against him!

Hiromu hobbles back over, drags him up and pulls at the mask! Not the fancy new inverted mask! Hiromu’s ripped the top half of it off!! Desperado’s hair is exposed as Hiromu kicks and slaps him around. Desperado glares right at Hiromu as he gets up. And he just throws the rest of it away?! Desperado shows the face of Kyosuke Mikami!! And he starts throwing hands on Hiromu! Hiromu throws them back and it’s just a brawl! Desperado fires off but Hiromu tackles him to fire back! The brawling continues, Desperado rakes eyes, and then Hiromu SLAPS him down!! Hiromu drags Desperado back up, Desperado LOCO MONOS!

Desperado roars, drags Hiromu back up and reels him in to underhook! Hiromu fights off Pinche to wrench and HEADBUTT! Both men are down again and fans are electric! Hiromu rises first, has a wild smile on his face, and he drags Desperado back up! Fireman’s carry, but Desperado fights out, only for Hiromu to spin, VICTORIA!! Hiromu fires up, drags Desperado into a dragon sleeper suplex, but Desperado slips out to EL ES CULERO! Cover, TWO!?!? Hiromu escapes and Desperado is FURIOUS! Desperado glares at Hiromu from the corner, runs out at him, and LARIATS collide! Hiromu roars but Desperado kicks the bad leg out!

Desperado powers up but Hiromu SUPERKICKS! Desperado flops over, Hiromu gets up and fans are electric all over again! Hiromu runs as Desperado rises, but Desperado spins Hiromu, only for Hiromu to fireman’s carry! CORNER DEATH VALLEY to the BARE buckles!! Fans are erupting as Hiromu drags Desperado back up! Fireman’s carry, spin and TIMEBOMB!!! Cover, TWO!?!?!?! HOW?!?!? How is Desperado in this?!? Hiromu can’t even figure that out! Hiromu gets up, grins another wild grin and drags Desperado back up. INVERTED FALCON ARROW! But that isn’t enough, as Hiromu drags Desperado back up, to TIME BOMB 2!!!! Cover, Hiromu WINS!!

Winner: Hiromu Takahashi, by pinfall (Best of the Super Juniors 27 winner)

An utter, undeniable EPIC! Hiromu gets revenge on Desperado, and has his second-ever BOSJ trophy! Hiromu gets a mic already and he shouts, “OI, DESPERADO! Me and you, we’ve got plenty more still to come. Until we both have to retire, we’re going to be fighting forever. I won this time, but I’ll see you again.” With that, Hiromu lets Desperado leave, and he holds the trophy close to his heart! Hiromu holds it up, even as he rests on the mat and cries tears of joy. Fans clap for “HI-RO-MU!” as he catches his breath and sits up.

Hiromu again has the mic to say, “I got something I want to do here. There’s somebody I want to fight. Ishimori! I want you for that IWGP Junior… No, that’s not what I want to say…” Hiromu says that before he takes Ishimori on for the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship, there’s a match he wants. It’s been eating away at him. He tells NJPW America’s Super J Cup to get ready! He wants that tournament’s winner! “I’m waiting!” Hiromu wants after the OTHER Junior Heavyweight tournament winner! Because that way, NJPW can go back to where it was, for those who were born to wrestle and do nothing else!

We fans give them strength, power and energy! When fans clap and applaud, that gives THEM strength, power and energy to do that! That connection with fan and wrestler that puts NJPW where it is today. Hiromu says whatever happens next, he LOVES the Junior Heavyweight Division and he LOVES NJPW! So everyone, both here and around the world, living this very moment, they’ll make this even more, more, more, MORE, MORE, MORE FUN!!! Will Hiromu get that match with the Super J-Cup winner at WrestleKingdom before facing the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion?

My Thoughts:

What an event! The matches before the tournament finals were all really fun, and I think the biggest development was Sanada so angrily going after Evil. I sense a singles grudge match for one of the WrestleKingdom nights so that those two can finally have things out. New Japan Cup, G1 Climax, World Tag League, and here for the final night, all have built upon the previous for a great match for them at WK15. The Empire wins because surely Okada is winning at WK15 against Ospreay, but I like that Cobb returned to make sure Takagi understood the challenge he’s issued. I bet that is the trade-off: Ospreay loses to Okada, but Cobb gets a belt for the faction. Or it could go the other way, who knows.

The finals matches were both great, but WTL’s was just a touch weaker. That is not to take away from it, there was great stuff between FinJuice and GOD. But one thing that did hurt it was that GOD had Kenta show up and help them win. I suppose this does make for good story, though, as Bullet Club is going to be seeking more belts to build themselves back up. Fale crushed the KOPW 2020 trophy so he and Yano are probably having a match. Kenta is surely getting after Moxley at some point to get the IWGP US Championship. GOD are after the tag titles and Ishimori still has the Junior Heavyweight Championship. All those prizes are pretty solid for them to be holding onto as we possibly get another Bullet Club Civil War.

And of course, the main event, the best match of the night and the entire WTL X BOSJ event, Hiromu VS Desperado again, on a level worthy of both the trophy and the title! That was just so amazing, lots of story because of how often these two have faced each other even just this year, both before and after the lockdown. Desperado had great inverted color scheme gear, and how bold to have it be made just so Hiromu could rip half the mask away. And then what an amazing move from a luchador to say “Screw it!” and just go without his mask! I wonder if this is a sign of some kind of change in Desperado’s overall look, but maybe it was just to give a great moment here tonight.

Hiromu winning is great, and I am pleasantly surprised to hear him call out the eventual Super J-Cup winner. I wonder if Hiromu is going to make that match his night one so that he isn’t resting while Ishimori gives Desperado his owed title match. The idea would be, BOSJ 27 VS Super J-Cup 2020, only the winner gets their title shot at WK15 night 2, bringing both trophies to that title match. And therefore, it is possible that we have Hiromu holding up both trophies and wearing the title to end his night as THE BEST Junior Heavyweight wrestler in NJPW today.

My Score: 9.4/10

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Mitchell’s NJPW Best of the Super Juniors Results & Report! (5/22/24)

It’s a mix and match night!



A Block Round 7, but B Block Round 6!

It’s a little complicated, but A Block’s going again while B Block’s getting back up. Point is, Best of the Super Juniors 31 is in the home stretch!


  • Best of the Super Juniors 31 A Block: Titan VS Kosei Fujita; Titan wins.
  • Best of the Super Juniors 31 B Block: Robbie Eagles VS Dragon Dia; Eagles wins.
  • Best of the Super Juniors 31 A Block: BUSHI VS Yoshinobu Kanemaru; Bushi wins.
  • Best of the Super Juniors 31 B Block: KUSHIDA VS “Drilla” Dan Moloney; Drilla wins.
  • Best of the Super Juniors 31 A Block: Kevin Knight VS HAYATA; Hayata wins.
  • Best of the Super Juniors 31 B Block: Taiji Ishimori VS Ninja Mack; wins.
  • Best of the Super Juniors 31 A Block: El Desperado VS Clark Connors; wins.
  • Best of the Super Juniors 31 A Block: TJP VS Blake Christian; wins.
  • Best of the Super Juniors 31 B Block: DOUKI VS SHO; wins.


Here are the current A Block standings!

El Desperado: 4-2, 8 points
Blake Christian: 4-2, 8 points
Clark Connors: 4-2, 8 points
Titan: 4-2, 8 points
Kevin Knight: 3-3, 6 points
HAYATA: 3-3, 6 points
Yoshinobu Kanemaru: 2-4, 4 points
BUSHI: 2-4, 4 points
TJP: 2-4, 4 points
Kosei Fujita: 2-4, 4 points


BREAKING NEWS for Francesco Akira!

As reported by NJPW just yesterday, The Nova Fireball’s knee injury has taken him out of the tournament. The remaining matches he was scheduled to have will now be scored as “loss by forfeit,” and the points have already been awarded. Therefore…

Here are the NEW B Block standings!

KUSHIDA: 4-1, 8 points
DOUKI: 4-2, 8 points
Hiromu Takahashi: 4-2, 8 points
Robbie Eagles: 4-2, 8 points
Taiji Ishimori: 3-2, 6 points
SHO: 3-3, 6 points
“Drilla” Moloney: 3-2, 6 points
Francesco Akira: 2-3, 4 points
Ninja Mack: 2-3, 4 points
Dragon Dia: 0-5, 0 points [ELIMINATED]


Best of the Super Juniors 31 A Block: Titan VS Kosei Fujita!

El Inmortal is still alive in the block, but the Ichiban Young Punk needs this win! The Mighty Don’t Kneel, but do they still fall short? Or will Fujita ruin Titan’s chances of returning to the finals?

The bell rings, they tie up, then break. They tie up again, Fujita wrenches and wrenches and wristlocks. Titan rolls, kips up, bridges back to handspring again, then he arm-drags free. Fujita runs up into a sweep, cover, ONE! Fujita sweeps to cover, ONE! Titan kips up again and the fans cheer. Titan and Fujita reset, tie up, and Titan trips Fujita. Titan runs, cartwheels over Fujita, then dodges him, Fujita stops himself, Titan runs in but Fujita puts him on the apron. Titan blocks a punch to GAMANGIRI! Titan springboards to CROSSBODY! The fans fire up and Titan DROPKICKS Fujita down!

Fujita bails out, Titan builds speed and DIVES! Direct hit and Young Lions keep Fujita from hitting the front row! Titan clutches his arm, it still beat up from last night. Titan roars and rises up, and the fans rally behind him. Titan drags Fujita up, puts him in the ring, and then covers, TWO! Fujita’s still in this and the fans applaud. Titan stomps Fujita, drags him up, and then fireman’s carries. Fujita fights free, fires a forearm, but Titan gives it back. They go back and forth, the fans rally up, and Fujita kicks low. Fujita throws forearms, but Titan SUPERKICKS! Fujita HEEL KICKS! Fujita runs, but Titan goes Matrix to dodge!

Titan then CALF KICKS and whips. Fujita reverses to LEG LARIAT! The fans fire up while both men are down! Fujita goes to ropes on one side, Titan goes to the other. Fujita runs in to STRADDLE ATTACK! Fujita keeps moving and he PENALTY KICKS! Cover, TWO! The fans fire up and Fujita drags Titan up. Fujita ROCKS Titan, whips, but Titan blocks. Fujita ROCKS Titan, whips him but Titan reverses to TORNADO DDT! The fans fire up again and rally as Titan pounds the mat. Titan roars and rises, then drags Fujita around to step through and deathlock! But Fujita rolls it back, slips free, and he hooks Titan up now! CROSS CAMEL!

Titan reaches out, but Fujita gets the arms! QUEEN ANGELITO, but Titan fights to the ROPEBREAK! The fans fire up and Fujita roars! Fujita goes to a corner, aims at Titan and runs in, but Titan BOOTS! Fujita blocks that to ROCK Titan with a forearm! Fujita runs but Titan follows! LOCO LARIAT! The fans fire up and Titan goes to the apron! Titan climbs the corner, DIVING- NO, Fujita avoids the stomps! Titan comes back, but Fujita GERMAN SUPLEXES! Fujita can’t keep the bridge because of the bad arm, but he just deadlifts Titan for another GERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging this time, TWO! Titan survives but Fujita isn’t done!

Fujita waistlocks again, deadlifts again, but Titan fights the suplex with elbows! Titan runs, wheelbarrows, then rolls through to get the legs! Deathlock, JAVE INMORTAL!! Fujita endures, but now it’s the STRAITJACKET! Fujita quits, Titan wins!!

Winner: Titan, by submission (gains 2 points; Fujita earns 0)

Titan’s been on a roll with that devastating hold! Will El Inmortal return to the finals and take the trophy home? Will Fujita just have to settle to being a spoiler in these remaining rounds?


Best of the Super Juniors 31 B Block: Robbie Eagles VS Dragon Dia!

The Sniper of the Skies gets free points from Francesco Akira’s misfortune, but the Infinity Carat Diamond is out of luck. Will Dia shift into spoiler mode and ruin things for Robbie? Or will Eagles still fly high towards the top of the block?

The fans rally and duel already, and Eagles tries to figure out who is getting more. The bell rings, the two rush in, but then back off. Eagles has Dia take it easy, and they circle. Eagles gest a leg, trips Dia and rolls to get the RON MILLER SPECIAL! Dia gets the ROPEBREAK, the fans cheer and Eagles slowly lets off. Eagles slaps Dia around, whips but Dia blocks to CHOP! The fans cheer and Dia whips. Eagles blocks now, so Dia CHOPS again! Eagles drops to a knee, but Dia brings him up to whip. Eagles reverses to go up and around an darm-drag! Things speed up. Eagles hurdles but Dia hurdles back.

Dia runs, ducks the boot and tilt-o-whirl arm-drags! Then he DROPKICKS Eagles out! Eagles rewinds and RANAS! Dia runs up but into a WHEEL KICK! Eagles kips up, Dia bails out, and the fans rally up! Eagles builds speed but has to stop as Dia slides in! Dia fakes the plancha, mule kicks, then ASAI MOONSAULTS! Direct hit but Dia holds onto a knee. Dia shakes it out and fires up as he walks over. The fans applaud and Dia gets Eagles in the ring. Dia hops in, goes up, and aims for D D D- NO, Eagles moves, the leg jams, and then Eagles CHOP BLOCKS! Dia writhes and the fans duel a bit more as Eagles storms over to Dia.

Eagles and the fans get a “ROBBIE ROBBIE ROBBIE!” “OI OI OI!” going! “ROBBIE ROBBIE ROBBIE!” “OI OI OI!” “ROBBIE!” “OI!” “ROBBIE!” “OI!” “ROBBIE ROBBIE ROBBIE!” “OI OI OI!” The fans cheer and Eagles brings Dia around to step through and tie up the legs in a deathlock. Eagles then uses Dia as a skateboard! Eagles then SNAP LOCKS, and he lets Dia go. Dia clutches that leg, Eagles scuffs him and eggs him on. Dia CHOPS back, but Eagles eggs him on. Dia CHOPS again, so Eagles DRAGON SLEEPERS! Dia fights up, throws shots from below and gets free. But Eagles dropkicks the bad leg!

The fans rally as Dia crawls but Eagles is on him. Eagles sits Dia up to KICK! And KICK! And KICKS! Dia gets mad, Eagles pie faces and LEG LARIATS! Dia is folded up and the fans fire up. Eagles pounds the mat, the fans clap along, and he goes corner to corner, but Dia dodges the double knees! Dia goes to the apron, GAMANGIRIS, then avoids the low 619! Dia trips Eagles to slingshot TORNILLO SPLASH! The fans fire up and Eagles goes to ropes. Dia runs in to 619! Eagles staggers, Dia runs up to tilt-o-whirl and DEJA VU SPIKE! Eagles falls over, Dia STANDING MOONSAULTS! Cover, TWO!

The fans fire up and Dia stands Eagles up. Dia runs, rolls, but no Reptilians here! Eagles rolls Dia to a schoolboy bridge, TWO! RON MILLER- BOOT! Dia is free to SOBAT, but Eagles blocks! Eagles reels Dia in, TURBO- NO, Dia goes up and around, MYSTERIO RANA! Cover, TWO!! Eagles survives but Dia goes to the corner! Dia runs back in, rolls and REPTILIAN- NO, Eagles fireman’s carries! But Dia fights it to the REPTILIAN KAI! Cover, TWO!! Eagles survives and the fans are thunderous! Dia roars, and he goes to the corner! Dia climbs, aims, and D D D D- NO! Eagles stops the 4DT, ties up the legs, and DOUBLE KNEE CRUSHERS!

Eagles SUPERKICKS Dia down, goes out then up, for the 450 onto legs! Dia writhes, Eagles steps through to RON MILLER SPECIAL!! Dia flails, reaches out, but Eagles drags him from ropes! Dia TAPS, Eagles wins!

Winner: Robbie Eagles, by submission (gains 2 points; Dia earns 0)

Dia still has the goose egg in his win column after being shot down by The Sniper! Will Dia ever get points on the board? Will Eagles be unstoppable on his rise to the top?


Best of the Super Juniors 31 A Block: BUSHI VS Yoshinobu Kanemaru!

This is truly a make or break moment for Black Mask and Heel Master. Only one man can stay alive in the block, who will do whatever it takes to win?

But as Bushi is introduced, Kanemaru attacks! The fans boo as Kanemaru stomps Bushi on the floor! Kanemaru drags Bushi up, POSTS Him, and Bushi falls in a heap. Kanemaru stomps Bushi, drags him up, puts him in the ring, and the bell rings. Kanemaru whips Bushi then dropkicks Bushi’s legs out. Kanemaru grabs the bad leg to SMASH the knee on the mat! Kanemaru then drags Bushi to the corner, and he SLAMS the leg into the post! The ref reprimands, Bushi flops out of the ring, and the fans rally up. Kanemaru stomps Bushi, leaves him behind, and the fans rally as Bushi sits up.

Bushi wants to get in the ring but Kanemaru is near the ropes. The ref has Kanemaru give Bushi space and Bushi slides in. Kanemaru goes right after Bushi with stomps! Kanemaru takes Bushi’s shirt away then stomps away some more. Kanemaru drags Bushi and drops an elbow on the knee! Kanemaru has the toehold, Bushi endures, and Bushi drags Kanemaru along to the ROPEBREAK! The ref counts, Kanemaru lets go at 4. Kanemaru stomps Bushi to a corner, then drags him up. Kanemaru whips corner to cornre but Bushi barely makes it. Kanemaru runs in but Bushi BOOTS him! And then PENDULUM- NO, Kanemaru stops the kicks!

Kanemaru drags Bushi in, whips him again, but Bushi holds ropes. Kanemaru runs in, Bushi puts him on the apron! Bushi dropkicks the legs out! The fans rally and Bushi WRECKS Kanemaru with another dropkick! The fans rally again, Bushi builds speed, but Kanemaru’s back to dropkick the legs out! Bushi bails out, Kanemaru pursues and he grabs the bad leg. Kanemaru SMASHES the knee on the floor! Kanemaru leaves Bushi behind and the ring count begins. Bushi is still down at 5 of 20, sits up at 8, and rises up at 11. Bushi shakes out the bad leg, hobbles around at 16, and slides in at 18! Kanemaru dropkicks the leg agian!

Kanemaru drags Bushi around, steps through, but Bushi kicks him away! Kanemaru kicks again but Bushi blocks, CLUBS the leg, then dropkicks it out! Bushi gets his own leg moving, runs, but Kanemaru uses the ref as a shield! Bushi moves him aside, Kanemaru blocks the kick! Kanemaru ducks the enzigiri, but not the REWIND HEEL! The fans fire up as Bushi runs up again. CODE- NO, Kanemaru stops the Code Breaker, and then THROWS Bushi at the ref! Kanemaru gets the leg and he SMASHES the knee! The fans boo but Kanemaru goes for his whiskey! Kanemaru doesn’t bother with a sip, he just takes aim! BOTTLE SMASH to the leg!

Kanemaru steps through, but gets BLACK MIST!! Kanemaru staggers around blind, and Bushi goes up! M X!! Cover, BUSHI WINS!

Winner: Bushi, by pinfall (gains 2 points; Kanemaru earns 0)

The Black Mask gets the better of the Heel Master, and now Kanemaru is DONE! With no chance at a top spot, will Kanemaru just have to settle for being a spoiler? Can Bushi make that dark horse run at the top a reality?


Best of the Super Juniors 31 B Block: KUSHIDA VS “Drilla” Dan Moloney!

The Timesplitter leads the block, but time could be running out. Plus, 44 Caliber is aiming for the kill, will he hit the mark? Or can Kushida avoid disaster and head Back to the Future?

Kushida’s on the corner for his introduction, but Drilla rushes him! Kushida jumps up an dover, rolls through and then dodges Drilla’s boot! Drilla fires haymakers, but so does Kushida! Kushida whips, Drilla reverses, and the bell rings right before Kushida FLYING FOREARMS Drilla! The fans are all fired up as Kushida dumps Drilla out, then runs. Drilla avoids the baseball slide, but Kushida keeps him from sliding away. Drilla keeps Kushida from sliding in, and spins him around, for a DRAPING DDT to the floor! The ref reprimands then checks Kushida. The fans rally up, Drilla finally takes his own vest off, and he looms over Kushida.

The ref wants this in the ring, Drilla mocks Kushida checking his watch, and Drilla leaves Kushida behind. Kushida grits his teeth as he clutches a shoulder, and the ring count climbs. Drilla paces, a wild dog behind the fence as it were. Kushida is still down at 10 of 20, even Drilla dares Kushida to get up. Kushida rises at 15 and slides in at 16. Drilla drags Kushida up for a NECKBREAKER! Cover, ONE!! Kushida is still in this and the fans applaud. Drilla digs a boot into Kushida’s neck and shoulder, and he pulls on Kushida’s head! The ref counts as Drilla claws at Kushida’s eyes! Drilla lets go at 4, and Kushida crawls.

Drilla stalks Kushida, drags him up and CLUBS him on the neck! Drilla stalks Kushida around, then CHOKES him on the ropes! The ref counts, Drilla lets off at 4, and Drilla backs the ref down to a corner. Drilla then goes back for Kushida, drags him up and hooks him up for a chinbar style abdominal stretch! Kushida endures, pries free and throws elbows. Kushida kicks but Drilla dodges! Drilla drops down for a headlock but Kushida headscissors for the cradle! TWO!! Drilla CLOBBERS Kushida! Kushida bails out, finally takes his own vest off, but Drilla is there to RAM him into the apron! Drilla UPPERCUTS Kushida, then follows him around the corner.

Drilla storms up on Kushida, UPPERCUTS again, but Kushida gets in Drilla’s face now. Drilla CHOPS, then KICKS, then he clamps on that chinbar! Kushida endures, the ref reprimands, and Drilla ELBOWS Kushida down. Drilla leaves Kushida behind again and demands a ring count. The count begins, Kushida stands at 3 and slides in at 4. The fans rally up but Drilla ROCKS Kushida with a right. Drilla mocks Kushida, Kushida snarls but Drilla fires more forearms! The fans rally, Kushida storms back up and fires forearms of his own! They go back and forth, Drilla pie faces Kushida, so Kushida fires a flurry!

But Drilla gets under, spins Kushida, but Kushida ducks to then get the arm! Drilla steps over and ENZIGIRIS! But the FASTBALL hits back! The fans fire up for the Masahiro Tanaka and we’re at the five minute mark. Kushida STOMPS Drilla’s hands! Kushida eggs Drilla on, baits him into an ELBOW, then goes up to QUEBRADA! Kushida then hurries back up, for a MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO! Drilla’s tough and the fans rally up, but Kushida clamps onto the fingers! Drilla breaks free but Kushida KICKS and KICKS and KICKS! Drilla falls and goes to a corner while the fans fire up again. Kushida powers up, runs in, and SHOTEIS!

Kushida puts Drilla up top, climbs, but Drilla slips under! CHOP to the leg! Drilla then drags Kushida off the corner into DRILLA- NO, Kushida slips free! But Drilla ducks the buzzsaw! Roll up, TWO! Kushida leaps on, but Drilla pushes the Hoverboard away. Kushida comes back to RAM that bad arm! Then he jumps on, HOVER- NO, SPINEBUSTER! And DOUBLE STOMP ELBOW DROP COMBO! Kushida flounders out of the ring and Drilla pursues. Kushida still wants the arm, but Drilla RAMS him into the apron! Drilla follows Kushida to the corner and grabs for him, but Kushida YANKS Drilla into the post first!

Kushida YANKS Drilla into the post again, and then goes up the corner! Kushida pulls Drilla’s arm into the crossbar! The ref counts, Kushida lets go, and Drilla drops back. The ring count starts, the fans rally, but both men are still outside at 10. Drilla drags himself up but the bad arm lets go of the ropes! Kushida is in at 15, Drilla rises at 17! Drilla shakes out the bad arm, and rolls in at 19! Kushida PENALTY KICKS the bad arm! Kushida whips then hip tosses! Cartwheel and DROPKICK! Drilla staggers, Kushida gest the arm, KIMURA! Drilla endures, fights up, but now it’s the HOVERBOARD!! Drilla flails, reaches out, tries to stack, TWO!!

Kushida lets Drilla go and Drilla CHOPS! Kushida PELES! Drilla wobbles, Kushida whips, but Drilla reverses. Kushida handsprings but into DRILLA KILLA!! Cover, DRILLA WINS!!

Winner: “Drilla” Moloney, by pinfall (gains 2 points; Kushida earns 0)

Kushida tried to make Drilla into a one-armed man, but it wasn’t enough to stop him! Is Kushida’s comeback running out of time? Will the Best of the Super Juniors end up being an Abunai Gaijin?


Best of the Super Juniors 31 A Block: Kevin Knight VS HAYATA!

The Jet is squarely in the middle of the block right alongside the GHC National Champion. But will Knight be able to take flight? Or will he be left in the Silence of Darkness?

The bell rings and the fans rally up as the two stare down. They slowly circle, Hayata avoids Knight’s leg pick, and the two tie up. They’re in a deadlock, but Knight wrenches then wristlocks. Hayata wrenches back, but Knight rolls handsprings, and wrenches gain. Knight snapmares then drops a knee on the arm! The fans cheer and Knight keeps on the armlock. Knight brings Hayata up, wrenches again, then cording holds. Hayata slips through, wrenches, but Knight slips through to headlock for the takeover. Hayata headscissors, Knight kips free and the fans cheer. The two reset, circle, and they tie up.

Hayata trips Knight, things speed up, and Knight hurdles, hurdles, then follows. Hayata sidesteps but Knight goes up and over. Knight then arm-drags Hayata, arm-drags again, then runs up and springboards to FLYING arm-drag! The fans fire up and Hayata bails out. Knight aims, but has to stop the plancha as Hayata moves aside. Knight lands on the apron, jumps again, but Hayata YANKS him down! The fans cheer and rally up while Hayata shakes out the arms. Hayata brings Knight up, POSTS him, then brings him back up. Hayata headlocks Knight, brings him around and POSTS him again! The fans are torn but Hayata stalks Knight.

The ring count starts, Hayata drags Knight up at 5 of 20, then into the ring at 7. The fans applaud, and Hayata stalks Knight more. Hayata stomps Knight, CLUBS him, then snapamres. Hayata runs to basement dropkick! Cover, TWO! Knight is still in this, the fans rally, but Hayata clamps on with a headlock. Hayata grinds Knight down but Knight endures. The fans rally as Knight fights up, only for Hayata to wrangle him back down! Knight pries at the hold, fights up, and throws body shots. Hayata CLAWS the eyes! The ref reprimands but Hayata whips Knight to ropes. Knight hurdles over the lariat to then PELE! The fans fire up while both men are down!

Knight crawls to a corner as the fans rally. Knight runs back in at Hayata, to STINGER SPLASH! Then a whip and DROPKICK! Hayata bails out again, and the fans fire up as Knight kips up! Knight builds speed, slides as Hayata moves, then goes to the corner for the PLANCHA! Direct hit and Knight shouts “TSUYOI~!” The fans cheer and even high-five Knight, and he gets Hayata up and in the ring. Knight aims, springboards, but Hayata dodges! Knight comes back, to SKY 2 HIGH! Cover, TWO! Hayata survives and the fans fire up again! Knight watches Hayata stir and the fans rally. Knight runs up, SATELLITE- NO, Hayata stops the DDT!

Knight kicks, whips, but Hayata reverses to arm-drag! And atomic drop! Hayata runs and BULLDOGS Knight down! The fans still rally, Hayata BASEMENT ENZIGIRIS! Cover, TWO! Knight survives and the fans cheer! Hayata gets annoyed but he and Knight slowly rise. Hayata goes to a corner, runs back in and SHOTGUNS Knight into the other corner! Knight slumps down and the fans rally up! Hayata brings Knight in, TORNADO- NO, Knight stops the DDT to put Hayata on the corner! CHOP and UPPER ROOM! Hayata writhes and the fans fire up! Knight gets Hayata up, fireman’s carries, but Hayata slips free to cradle! TWO!!

Hayata dodges Knight to slip around, sunset, then Oklahoma! TWO and Knight cradles, TWO!! Hayata escapes, Knight feints the superkick to ROUNDHOUSE! Knight resets, Hayata rises, and Knight runs up to SATELLITE- NO, still no DDT! Hayata gets Knight around for the 403 IMPACT!! Cover, Hayata wins!

Winner: Hayata, by pinfall (gains 2 points; Knight earns 0)

Both Jet Setters get grounded in the same round! Will all flights to the semifinals be grounded? Will the GHC National Champion prove he is the Best of the Super Juniors?


[Due to scheduling conflicts, coverage will continue tomorrow]


Best of the Super Juniors 31 B Block: Taiji Ishimori VS Ninja Mack!

Francesco Akira’s withdrawal ended up giving points to Hiromu, Douki, Eagles & Sho, and that ended up bumping The Bone Soldier down a couple spots! Will he take his frustrations out on the American Shinobi? Or will the Mack Attack only add to his misery?



Best of the Super Juniors 31 A Block: El Desperado VS Clark Connors!

The Rogue Luchador has won two main events in a row, but he’s still only on par with 100 Proof. Desperado wants to be the Best of the Super Juniors so badly, he can almost taste it, but will there be No Chaser to go with it? Or can he make it three in a row overall to head for the top?



Best of the Super Juniors 31 A Block: TJP VS Blake Christian!

This is a tale of two tides turning. Being on the hotseat lit a fire under The Public Enemy while All Heat has cooled off. Can TJP keep this historic comeback going? Or will the GCW Champion end the Cinderella story right here?



Best of the Super Juniors 31 B Block: DOUKI VS SHO!

This one’s gonna be good! It was Wrestling Satsuma no Kuni when Japones Del Mal got his shot at the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship, only for the Murder Machine to cheat him out of it. But now, Douki is ahead in the block and could do some serious damage with a win here! Will Douki earn both points and a golden ticket tonight? Or will Sho stack the deck so high it’ll reach the sky?



Here are the NEW A Block standings!

El Desperado: 4-2, 8 points
Blake Christian: 4-2, 8 points
Clark Connors: 4-2, 8 points
Titan: 5-2, 10 points
HAYATA: 4-3, 8 points
Kevin Knight: 3-4, 6 points
BUSHI: 3-4, 6 points
TJP: 2-4, 4 points
Yoshinobu Kanemaru: 2-5, 4 points [ELIMINATED]
Kosei Fujita: 2-5, 4 points [ELIMINATED]


Here are the EVEN NEWER B Block standings!

DOUKI: 4-2, 8 points
Hiromu Takahashi: 4-2, 8 points
Robbie Eagles: 5-2, 10 points
“Drilla” Moloney: 4-2, 8 points
KUSHIDA: 4-2, 8 points
Taiji Ishimori: 3-2, 6 points
SHO: 3-3, 6 points
Francesco Akira: 2-3, 4 points
Ninja Mack: 2-3, 4 points
Dragon Dia: 0-6, 0 points [ELIMINATED]

My Thoughts:


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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (5/22/24)

Roll the dice!



It’s a risky gamble before Double or Nothing!

Double or Nothing is on Sunday, so Dynamite sets the table! Will AEW World Champion Swerve Strickland use Nick Wayne to send a message to Christian Cage?


  • Will Ospreay & Orange Cassidy VS Trent Beretta & Roderick Strong w/ The Undisputed Kingdom; Trent & Roddy win.
  • FTW Championship #1 Contender’s Triple Threat: Hook VS Katsuyori Shibata VS Bryan Keith; Hook AND Shibata win and will both challenge Chris Jericho for the title at Double or Nothing.
  • Konosuke Takeshita w/ Don Callis VS Matt Sydal; Takeshita wins.
  • Swerve Strickland VS Nick Wayne; Swerve wins.
  • Malakai Black VS Kyle O’Reilly; Malakai wins.
  • Toni Storm & Mariah May w/ Luther VS The Outcasts w/ Zak Knight; Storm & Mariah win.
  • Bryan Danielson VS Satnam Singh w/ Team Triple J; Bryan wins, by disqualification.


Will Ospreay & Orange Cassidy VS Trent Beretta & Roderick Strong w/ The Undisputed Kingdom!

Don Callis is on commentary as “both his guys” are teaming up as an unlikely duo against another unlikely duo! Will the Aerial Assassin get help from the former International Champion in gaining momentum for his match with the current International Champion? Or will it be #JustTrent and the Savior of the Backbreaker standing tall tonight?

The teams sort out and Ospreay starts against Roddy, but then Cassidy and Trent rush each other on the outside! Ospreay sees that and is distracted, so Roddy CLUBS Ospreay! The fans fire up as there is brawling in and out of the ring! Roddy ROCKS Ospreay, CLUBS him, then whips. Ospreay ducks ‘n’ dodges to tilt-o-whirl RANA! Then Ospreay PLANCHAS Trent! Cassidy goes up to CROSSBODY Roddy! Cassidy then DIVES onto Trent and they hit the desk! PIP PIP CHEERIO for Roddy! Cover, TWO! Ospreay keeps on Roddy but Roddy fights the underhooks! Bennett gets on the apron, Taven throws in a belt, but Ospreay kicks that belt back out.

The ref reprimands The Kingdom but Roddy clinches to an IRISH CURSE BACKBREAKER! Roddy tags in Trent and Trent storms up on Ospreay. Trent drags Ospreay up, CHOPS him, then stalks him to a corner. Trent stomps Ospreay, brings him up to ROCK him, but Ospreay ROCKS Trent back! Ospreay fires more forearms, then runs, but Trent CLOBBERS him! Trent tags Roddy, Roddy pushes Ospreay down and rains down fists! Roddy stomps Ospreay, drags him up, but the fans rally up. Roddy stomps Ospreay, fires body shots and a CHOP, then keeps on him with a clinch, Ospreay ROCKS Roddy in return!

Ospreay fires more shots but Roddy DROPKICKS! Cover, ONE!! Roddy clamps onto Ospreay with a chinlock and he grinds Ospreay down. Ospreay endures, the fans rally, and Ospreay fights up. Ospreay throws body shots then ROCKS Roddy! Roddy knees low, fireman’s carries, but Ospreay slips free to shove and back drop! The fans fire up while Roddy flounders around! Both men crawl, hot tag to Cassidy! Cassidy goes up, Roddy gets under the jump, but Cassidy just BLASTS Trent! Cassidy runs, tilt-o-whirl, but Roddy stops the DD! Roddy sends Cassidy to the corner, but Cassidy goes up and out!

Roddy runs in but Cassidy bumps him off buckles! Then he goes side to side to bump Roddy off more buckles! And then back the other way! The fans fire up, Cassidy climbs, but Trent YANKS Cassidy down! Cassidy is stuck up top, Roddy goes up after him! GUTBUSTER on the top buckle! Then Trent drags Cassidy from the corner! The fans boo as Trent hauls Cassidy up, but Ospreay makes the save! Ospreay sends Trent into barriers! Roddy WRECKS Ospreay with a dropkick! Then he gives Cassidy an APRON BACK SUPLEX, and Trent SPEARS Cassidy down! The fans boo as Trent & Roddy stand tall, but Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Trent flexes, Roddy drags Cassidy up, and Roddy ROCKS Cassidy. Roddy puts Cassidy in, stomps up and stomps on him in a corner, then brings him over to bump off buckles. Tag to Trent, but Cassidy fires off forearms! Trent knees low, Cassidy sits down, and Trent stomps him at the ropes. The ref counts, Trent lets off at 4, and The Kingdom taunts Cassidy. Trent gets Cassidy’s legs to ROPE GUILLOTINE! Cassidy sputters and falls out of the ring, The Kingdom taunting him. Trent distracts the ref and The Kingdom stomps away on Cassidy! Roddy then drags Cassidy up to put him in the ring. Trent covers, TWO!

Trent is annoyed but he drags Cassidy up to tag in Roddy. They mug Cassidy, Roddy CHOPS Cassidy, then Roddy clamps on with a chinlock. Cassidy fights up but Roddy CHOPS him again! Cassidy grits his teeth, stands up, but Roddy CHOPS him down! Roddy soaks up the heat, then drags Cassidy up to pull on his arms. Cassidy endures the motorcycle stretch, fights up, and he works to put his hands in pockets! Roddy turns him around to CHOP! Dynamite returns to single picture, Cassidy puts his hands up, and then in his pockets! Roddy swings, misses, but he reels Cassidy in. Cassidy rebounds to SHOTGUN!

Cassidy works his way over, kips up, and hot tags to Trent and Ospreay! Ospreay rallies on Trent with haymakers! Ospreay whips, Trent reveres but Ospreay ducks ‘n’ dodges to FLYING FOREARM! Roddy runs back in to knee low! Roddy & Trent double whip, but Ospreay handsprings to DOUBLE PELE! The fans fire up, Ospreay covers Trent, TWO! The fans fire up and Ospreay has Trent in a corner. Ospreay runs in but Trent dodges! TORNADO- NO, Ospreay stops the DDT to suplex. Trent slips free, to HALF ‘N’ HALF! Trent tags Roddy, Roddy runs in to KNEE Ospreay! Then back suplex, but Ospreay sunset flips it! TWO!!

Roddy runs up but into a CHOP! Ospreay runs, into a kitchen sink knee! Roddy goes side to side to forearm again and again and again! Then the atomic SLAM! Cover, TWO! Ospreay is still in this and Roddy is frustrated. The fans rally, Roddy drags Ospreay up, and Roddy reels Ospreay in to suplex. Ospreay slips free, ducks Roddy’s knee, and tucks him in! CHEEKY NANDOS! Tag to Cassidy, and Ospreay Electric Chairs Roddy for the POWERBOMB! Then Ospreay goes up, gives Cassidy a thumbs up, and then hits the LEAP OF FAITH! Cassidy’s turn, he LAZY ELBOWS! Cover, TWO!! Roddy is still in this but Cassidy throws off his elbow pad!

Cassidy aims in a corner, but Trent grabs his foot! Cassidy kicks Trent away, Roddy runs up, but Cassidy BOOTS him! Cassidy goes up, but Roddy GAMANGIRIS! Roddy then goes up after Cassidy, but Cassidy fights the suplex! The fans rally, Ospreay joins in and he knocks Roddy down! Trent gets up to get Ospreay, SUPER GERMAN SUPLEX! But Ospreay lands on his feet! The fans are thunderous, and Ospreay BOOTS Trent into the DEEP IMPACT! Roddy CHOPS Ospreay, ROCKS Cassidy, then KNEES Ospreay. Roddy runs, into the TIGER WALL KICK and ENZIGIRI! Tilt-o-whirl DDT from Cassidy!

Cassidy covers, and Ospreay keeps Trent back, but Trent powers through to break it up! All four men are down and the fans fire up again! Trent rises first, “This is Awesome!” as he rips at a buckle pad. The ref says stop it, and then Cassidy mule kicks Trent! SICK KICK from Roddy! The Kingdom distracts the ref, Callis hops off commentary to anchor Cassidy! Roddy can’t suplex him like that! Roddy gets mad at Callis, Callis hurries away, END OF- STUN DOG MILLIONAIRE! OSCUTTER!! But as the ref checks Roddy, The Kingdom run in! Ospreay dumps them both out! And then builds speed to FLY! Down go Taven & Bennett!

The fans are thunderous but WARDLOW CLOBBERS OSPREAY! The fans boo as the War Machine comes outta nowhere! ORANGE P- NO, Roddy ducks and Trent’s BUSAIKU KNEE hits! END OF HEARTACHE!! Cover, Roddy & Trent win!

Winners: Trent Beretta & Roderick Strong, by pinfall

The Kingdom’s numbers are just too much, and now they’re beating down Cassidy & Ospreay! Callis is furious, but then where’s his family!? Trent DECKS Cassidy, Roddy grabs the International title belt! BELT SHOT to Ospreay! Trent won’t let Callis get close, either! SNAKE BITE on Cassidy! Ospreay is busted open! Roddy tells Ospreay he will never have this title! Then Roddy drags Ospreay up, reels him in, and hits END OF HEARTACHE!! Ospreay flounders and writhes, and Roddy paints himself with Ospreay’s blood. Is nothing going to stop The Undisputed Kingdom from conquering AEW?


The Young Bucks speak.

Matthew & Nicholas Jackson want their own Elite security to get a good look at who they’re looking for. Nick then says, “Hey, Darby Allin, ya p*ick! You attacked The Elite unprovoked last week, so guess what? You’re barred this week.” Matt adds that in the interest of having the safest locker room in the business, sorry, no Darby allowed tonight. Matt tells the security to be very careful, Darby is resilient. He broke his foot, practically got Final Destination’d by a bus, and he’s still standing, and out for blood! Do NOT let this man in the building! What’re they doing still standing here? Get to your positions! And tuck your shirts in!

In walks Sonjay Dutt and he wants to commend these two for the great job they’ve been doing, and for knowing how to take care of problems. Darby won’t be an issue tonight. Last Saturday, they took care of two more problems in FTR thanks to The Righteous & Lance Archer. And tonight, it all comes to a head. Sonjay’s Indian Giant destroys the American Dragon. Matt says if Satnam beats Bryan, cool. But if he hurts Bryan, great. Alright, so long as the money’s in the envelope with a few rupees, because tonight, Satnam breaks Bryan like a pencil! HAHAHAHAHA! Sonjay heads out, Matt tells everyone to keep the energy up, next segment! Can he get some water? Thanks.


Bullet Club Gold is here!

Bakersfield, California fires up as The Bang Bang Gang brings their gold to the ring in a little black wagon. Granted, they don’t need all nine belts, just the one set that represents the Unified AEW & ROH World Trios Championships. Though, they do like to mix and match as they hold one each. Jay White gets the mic and hushes the crowd before saying, “Well, well, well, look at you! The greatest three man team in the game is here!” Fully Cocked Colten Gunn! Switchblade Jay White! And… Austin! THE Unified Trios Champions, the Bang Bang Gang! And White knows what they want. Guns up for the Bakersfield Gold Members~!

But y’know, on that note, White thinks there might be one very special little gold member out there walking around feeling confused, asking himself how he ended up in the situation he’s in. How he ended up burning int he spotlight at the feet of the Bang Bang Gang! That one little gold member is… Pac? Puck? Pock? Pack, but without K. Oh. Okay, okay, Pack. Let White tell him how you ended up here! You made three big mistakes! One: when the Bang Bang Gang is walking down the halls, you run, scatter, turn the other way. What’d Pac do? Looked at them with… that face.

Mistake two: When Bang Bang Gang handled Bang Bang Gang business in this ring with “Azucar” Rocky Romero, one little Bastard decided to stick his ugly bastard nose where it doesn’t belong. Mistake three and biggest of all, Pack, is questioning them. He asked, begged, pleaded for them to make him care, so they gave him what he asked for. But see as the- WAIT! Pac is on the tron! And he tells the Bang Bang Toy Guns that this is what he’s talking about! They warmed him up a bit. And he can’t even be made at them. Like they said, he provoked them first. But gentlemen, three on one? That’s not exactly fair now, is it?

So allow Pac to introduce them to his amigos. His hermanos! His LUCHA BROTHERS! The fans fire up as Penta El Zero Miedo, Rey Fenix y The Bastard, Pac, all stand as one! Death Triangle is reunited! White & The Gunns get ready, but Pac TACKLES White while the Lucha Bros DOUBLE SUPERKICK the Ass Boys! Pac throws adown fists, the others brawl, and the fans fire up! Pac ROCKS Colten, ROCKS Austin, but White knees low! White puts Pac in a corner but Pac dodges to stomp away! Death Triangle stomps away on the whole Bang Bang Gang! They then SUPERKICK everyone out! The fans are fired up but the Bang Bang Gang is in retreat!

Pac gets a mic to tell the boys, “You think you’re hard? Well this Sunday, Double or Nothing, AEW Unified Trios Championships! You think you’re hard? I guess we’ll find out.” Death Triangle wants gold again, will they take it from the Switchblade and his boys?


Chris Jericho is here!

The Learning Tree makes his way out, “Big Bill” Morrissey right behind him, because Jericho is joining commentary for what’s up next.

FTW Championship #1 Contender’s Triple Threat: Hook VS Katsuyori Shibata VS Bryan Keith!

While the Cold-Hearted Handsome Devil wants payback on The Learning Tree, so does The Wrestler! They and The Bounty Hunter fought and won last Saturday on Collision, and now they all fight for a chance to go Double or Nothing with Jericho! Will wins big to then go after Jericho “For The World?”

The bell rings and Keith BOOTS Hook right down! Keith runs up on Shibata, Shibata dodges to CHOP! And CHOP! And CHOP int he corner! Hook storms up to fire hands on Keith! Shibata pushes Hook aside to CHOP, CHOP and CHOP! Hook pushes Shibata, the rivals stare down, but Keith RAMS Hook into Shibata! Keith then fires forearms on Hook. Keith runs, but into a SAYANAGI! Hook shoots around, REDRUM, but Shibata gets Hook in a SLEEPER! Keith DOUBLE JAWBREAKERS free! All three men stagger to their feet, and Hook clinches Shibata for an EXPLODER! Shibata comes back to BELLY2BELLY Hook!

Keith gives Shibata an EXPLODER! Hook gives Keith an EXPLODER! Shibata hits an STO on Hook! All three men are down again and the fans fire up! Keith, Hook and Shibata slowly sit up as Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Shibata runs up on Keith, throws him down, and has a HEEL HOOK! Shibata endures, crawls back, and has the ROPEBREAK! Shibata doesn’t have to but he does let off given the hold won’t count for anything now. Shibata drags Keith back, steps through, and FIGURE FOUR LEGLOCKS! Keith fights it, but Shibata clamps it on tight! But then Hook throws down forearms on Shibata! Shibata lets Keith go, crawls to a corner, and Hook drags Shibata up. Hook throws knees into Shibata, then brings him out of the corner to TOSS him out of the ring! Hook then goes for Keith, but Keith wrenches to a HOOK KICK!

Hook falls, Keith goes to a corner, and Keith huffs and puffs. Keith drops a knee on Hook’s head, covers, TWO! Keith huffs ‘n’ puffs more, and he CLUBS Hook to ropes. Keith CHOPS, then follows Hook around the way. Keith CHOPS again, then clinches, but Hook fights the exploder! Hook slips around but now Keith fights the exploder! Keith fires down elbows, but Hook still lifts! Keith fires down more elbows, but Hook tries again! EXPLODER! Both men are down, the fans fire up, and Hook rises. Hook stalks Keith, but Keith avoids the crossface forearms! Hook turns around, Keith KNEES him down!

Keith drags Hook up, underhooks, and Dynamite returns to single picture as Keith hits the TIGER DRIVER! Cover, Shibata breaks it! The fans rally, Shibata kicks and bumps Keith off buckles. Shibata BOOTS Hook in a corner, then runs to BOOT Keith! Shibata rains down forearms on Keith, then runs to BOOT Hook! Shibata HYDRAULIC DROPKICKS Keith! Shibata drags Keith up for a HALF HATCH! Cover, Hook breaks it! Hook knees low, clinches, T BONE SUPLEX! Shibata goes to a corner, Hook grabs Keith. Hook clamps on the REDRUM! But Keith RAMS Hook into a corner! Hook goes up and he goes for a HANGING REDRUM!

Keith RIDING HEADBUTTS! The fans fire up with Keith and he goes up, reels Hook in, DIAMOND DUST! PENALTY KICK from Shibata! Shibata gets Keith up, fireman’s carries, and USHIGOROSHI! Shibata stares Jericho down before putting on the FIGURE FOUR, with HEEL HOOK!! Keith endures, Hook gets in! REDRUM on Keith!!! Keith endures double submissions, he TAPS!! Then who wins?!? The ref has the two men let off of Keith, and declares they BOTH win?!

Winners: Hook & Katsuyori Shibata, by submission (both challenge Chris Jericho for the title)

The fans don’t want a draw, they want Hook and Shibata to fight it out! But Jericho gets on the mic and says yeah, he agrees! Hi, Bakersfield! He just wants to get camera time, right? But Rick Knox, what an interesting call. Two winners, two contenders, makes his job a little harder at Double or Nothing. But such is life, huh? Just gotta say, Hook and Shibata, he’s proud of you both for everything they’ve picked up from The Learning Tree and the Jericho Vortex. But he’s gotta warn you, as the longest reigning For The World Champion in history at over 33 days, he’s just getting started.

So even though it’ll be the first-ever Triple Threat “For The World” Rules match, he’ll walk out of Vegas the winner. Thanks, everybody! But he’s not losing to anyone ever, okay? Thanks, guys! Tony Khan texts Tony Schiavone, and it is official! The first ever FTW Triple Threat, will going Double or Nothing only guarantee Jericho loses?


Konosuke Takeshita w/ Don Callis VS Matt Sydal!

The Alpha wants to be IWGP World Heavyweight Champion, but he’s only getting a Title Eliminator match at Double or Nothing. Will the Zen Assassin simply be used as a warm-up and a warning for Jon Moxley?

The bell rings, Takeshita knees Sydal low then CLUBS him down! Takeshita brings Sydal up to CLAW Sydal’s face, then lets off as the ref reprimands. Takeshita drags Sydal up, and throat chops him! The ref reprimands, the fans boo, but Takeshita deadlift suplexes Sydal for a BRAINBUSTER! Takeshita stands up, snarls, and he  stomps Sydal around. Takeshita gives taunting kicks as Sydal sits up, and then Takeshita stands him up. BLUE- RANA! Sydal dropkicks the legs out, then BASEMENT DDTS! Sydal hurries to the apron, then the corner! Sydal goes up, leaps over Takeshita, then keeps going, but into the BLUE THUNDER BOMB!

Takeshita and Callis agree, time to break Sydal! Takeshita stands Sydal up, winds up, ALPHA FOREARM! Cover, Takeshita wins!

Winner: Konosuke Takeshita, by pinfall

Takeshita made quick work out of Matt Sydal, but then offers a handshake, The Code of Honor if you will. Sydal accepts it, but then Takeshita ripcord deadlifts Sydal into a HIGH ANGLE GERMAN!! No honor, no respect, and the fans boo! But Callis loves it! Takeshita stomps away on Sydal, but then here comes Moxley! The Maniac was gonna be here either way, and Takeshita wants to know where he’s coming from! Moxley slips in from the crowd, has a mic, and he steps up to Takeshita. Then he DECKS Takeshita with the mic! The fans cheer Moxley on as he paces around. Moxley kneels and tells Takeshita he’ll see him at Double or Nothing.

Takeshita sent a message with his win over Sydal, Moxley just sent his response! Will this Title Eliminator turn into a slobberknocker?


The Young Bucks speak, again.

Nick tells Darby Allin, “you stupid idiot,” that they know he’s watching from somewhere in Bakersfield. They saw him on the travel list, but again, he is banned from the arena! The tech staff is given wanted posters of Darby just so they know, and Matt says it’s time to actually run this show. But sitting at gorilla, right in their spot, is Swerve Strickland! The Realest asks, “What up, turds?” Oh, sorry, is this one of their seats? Matt says it’s fine, he’s the champ, he can make himself at home. Good to see him, by the way. Also, has he seen Darby? He’s banned from the building. Swerve takes a copy of the poster, crumples it up, throws it away, and says no, he has not.

Anyway, hit his music, his match is up next. Matt says yes, of course. Someone do it! Is it this idiot’s job over here? Press the buttons! The music gets going, and Bakersfield is now “Whose House?” “SWERVE’S HOUSE!” But will Nick Wayne simply be Christian Cage’s sacrificial pawn in this game he’s playing?

Swerve Strickland VS Nick Wayne!

The bell rings and Nick throws his shirt at Swerve. Swerve takes that shirt, rubs his junk on it, then throws it back. The two step up, the fans rally for Swerve, and then Nick bails out. Swerve is annoyed, storms out after Nick, but Nick slides back in. Swerve sighs, slides back in, but Nick slides back out. Nick plays cat ‘n’ mouse with Swerve as he again slides in just as Swerve slides out. Swerve feints the slide, and now he has Nick! The fans fire up as Swerve fires off body shots! Swerve whips Nick right into barriers! Nick sputters, Swerve says if Nick wants a father, Swerve will be that father. Swerve takes off his regular belt to SPANK Nick with it!

Swerve gives Nick a good lashing, Nick hobbles away, and the ref reprimands. But the fans want that “ONE MORE TIME!” So Swerve winds up and LASHES Nick’s butt! Nick falls over, Swerve puts his belt back on, and the fans chant, “Thank You, Swerve!” Swerve leaves Nick behind to uncover a crossbar! Swerve brings Nick over but Nick fights back! Nick body shots, but then Swerve back drops Nick into the ring! Swerve then steps in to dropkick Nick down! The fans cheer and Swerve pushes Nick around. Nick goes to a corner, Swerve runs up but Nick puts Swerve on the apron! Nick blocks a shot, and bumps Swerve off the exposed crossbar!

Swerve staggers, Nick triangle jump DROPKICKS him down! Swerve staggers away again, and Nick goes to the apron. PENALTY KICK! Then ASAI MOONSAULT, but Swerve catches Nick! But Nick swings to DDT Swerve on the floor! Both men writhe, and Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Nick drags Swerve up and RAMS him into barriers! Swerve falls in a heap, Nick soaks up the heat, and then Nick stalks Swerve into the ring. Nick clamps onto Swerve, then KNEES him in the back! Swerve staggers up, Nick kick shim down! Nick puts Swerve on ropes to CHOKE him! The ref counts, Nick lets off at 4 and soaks up more heat. Nick then stalks Swerve, snapmares him, and scrapes his soles off Swerve’s face! Nick swaggers as he soaks up heat, but Swerve gets up to fireman’s carry! Nick flails to get free, and he CLAWS Swerve’s face! Swerve goes to a corner, Nick is on him with a snapmare and KICK!

Swerve grits his teeth, Nick eggs him on, and Swerve stands. Swerve snapmares and KICKS Nick! Swerve frowns as Nick stands back up, and the two get forehead to forehead. Nick CLAWS Swerve’s face again! The ref reprimands, Nick lets off, and he kicks Swerve. Swerve hits back, but Nick mule kicks! Swerve goes to a corner, Nick CLAWS at his face again! The ref counts, Nick lets off at 4, and Nick soaks up more heat. Nick taunts Swerve, avoids the kick, then taunts Swerve more. Swerve swings blind as Nick taunts him, JABS him, and repeat. Swerve runs up, misses again and Nick JABS! Nick still taunts Swerve, but Swerve ROCKS him!

Dynamite returns to single picture as Swerve CHOPS Nick, then UPPERCUTS in the corner! Swerve snapmare, gator rolls, and deadlift suplexes, but Nick knees free! Nick then TOSSES Swerve out, goes up and out to the apron, then ASAI- NO, Swerve anchors him on the corner! APRON BACK SUPLEX! Nick falls to the floor and the fans fire up! The ring count starts, Swerve slides in at 4 of 10, and then goes back out to the apron. Swerve aims as Nick sits up, and the fans fire up for the KILL STOMPS to the floor!! The fans are thunderous as Swerve drags Nick up and puts him in the ring. Swerve says this is what Nick wanted!

Swerve goes up the corner, Nick eggs Swerve on! KILL- BOOTS from below! Nick somersault clutches, TWO! Swerve gets out, runs in, but into buckles! Roll up, feet on ropes! TWO!! Nick SUPERKICKS! Then somersault and CODE RED!! Cover, TWO!! Nick is beside himself and Swerve scowls as he sits up. The fans fire up for Swerve but Nick says he’s gonna take Swerve’s House! HOUSE- NO, Swerve blocks the call! Swerve slips around to get a BACKBREAKER, then a power lift into a POWERSLAM! The fans are thunderous again and Swerve drags Nick up. Swerve says, “I am sorry.” But then HOUSE CALL!! Cover, Swerve wins!

Winner: Swerve Strickland, by pinfall

The Realest apologized for his past with Nick Wayne, but that didn’t mean he was gonna show mercy. But then LUCHASAURUS ATTACKS! The monster now called Killswitch takes Swerve out and of course The Patriarch & Mother Shayna are here. Luchasaurus CHOKES Swerve while Christian checks on his favorite son. But Swerve LOW BLOWS the dinosaur and DUMPS him out! Christian doesn’t know until he turns around! Christian wants Swerve to hold on, but then he runs away! Swerve pursues, HOUSE CALL drive-by for Luchasaurus! Swerve chase Christian right up the ramp and backstage!

Cameras follow as we go through gorilla, then to the hallways! Christian tries to block the path as he hurries for the parking lot! Christian finds the rental, throws the valet out, and then drives off, leaving his “family” behind! But then someone pulls up in front of him! It’s PRINCE NANA! Nana was waiting in the parking lot for this! Swerve grabs at Christian, they brawl through the car window, and Swerve drags Christian out! Then he throws Christian into the production truck trailer! And then back into the rental! Swerve beats down on Christian but Christian gets loose. Christian is going up the rental? Swerve pursues, Christian kicks at him!

Both men get on the roof of the car and the brawl continues! Swerve kicks low, DDT onto the roof! Christian sputters, flounders to the hood, and Nana has a chair! Nana hands it to Swerve and Swerve takes aim! But Christian moves before the Car-Chair-To! Christian runs away, but he better be heading to Las Vegas. Will Double or Nothing be the end of The Patriarchy?



This Friday before Double or Nothing, Rampage will be at a special start time of 6:30 PM Eastern! Make sure your DVR is ready for this special edition!


Malakai Black VS Kyle O’Reilly!

Speaking of Double or Nothing, before the Dark Father brings out the darkness inside Adam “Edge” Copeland, he must settle things with #CombatKyle. Will Malakai simply use Kyle to sharpen his edge before he becomes the Face of TNT? Or will this not be The End of Kyle O’Reilly?

The bell rings and the two stare down. The fans rally up, the two slowly approach, then feel things out. They test the waters with kicks and jabs. They go around, Kyle keeps looking for an opening but Malakai clinches him. They go to ropes, Malakai turns things around on Kyle, but he lets off cleanly. The fans cheer, the two reset, and they feel things out again. Each man still tests the waters, and Kyle shoots in for a leg. Malakai fights it, Kyle goes for an arm but Malakai arm-drags free. They start throwing kicks but also guarding! Kyle BOOTS, Malakai BOOTS, and both men ELBOW JAB! Both men KNEE low! Both men back down and the fans fire up!

Malakai snarls, he headlocks Kyle, but Kyle powers out. Malakai runs him over, covers, ONE! Kyle goes for legs, Malakai blocks and throws more knees. Malakai shoves Kyle then sweeps the legs. Malakai runs and springboards, but Kyle kicks Malakai’s legs out! The fans fire up as Kyle storms up on Malakai. Kyle KICKS, SLAPS, and KNEES, but Malakai sweeps the legs again! The fans fire up, Malakai drags Kyle up, and KICKS him now! Kyle hobbles, goes to kick but Malakai blocks and KICKS back! Kyle fires a forearm, Malakai grabs the leg to then JUMP KNEE! Kyle tumbles out of the ring and the fans fire up! Malakai paces while Kyle is dazed, but Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Kyle sits up, shakes out the stars, but Malakai goes out to KICK! Kyle staggers away, Malakai KICKS him against barriers. Kyle KICKS back, KICKS again, but Malakai puts the leg on barriers! Malakai KICKS the leg and Kyle falls back! Malakai drags Kyle up, KICKS him against the apron, then KICKS him again. Malakai puts Kyle against barriers and KICKS! Kyle slumps down and Malakai paces. Malakai drags Kyle up but Kyle fires forearms and KICKS in return! Malakai BOOTS Kyle away! Kyle checks his chin, Malakai puts him in the ring. Malakai storms up but Kyle KICKS! Malakai KNEES low! Then Malakai grabs a leg to DRAGON SCREW! Cover, TWO!

Kyle grits his teeth as he toughs it out, but Malakai stomps him down. Malakai looms over Kyle, Kyle kicks at him from below. Malakai grabs the leg, and has a KNEE LOCK! Kyle endures as Malakai pulls on the leg! Kyle reaches out, fights with his free leg, and Malakai lets go. Kyle stands, hobbles, but Malakai blocks his kick! DRAGON- NO, Kyle sits down on the leg whip to have an ARMBAR! Malakai clasps hands, fights around, but Kyle pulls on the grip! Dynamite returns to single picture, Malakai hooks Kyle for a waistlock, but Kyle fights up. Kyle pries at the hold, wrenches out with a double wristlock, but Malakai KICKS the bad leg!

Kyle staggers back, yoyos int he ropes, but Malakai blocks the lariat and ELBOWS Kyle! Malakai reels Kyle in to suplex, Kyle knees free then fires more knees! Kyle fires off a strike fest, then WRINGS Malakai’s arm out! Malakai staggers away but the fans fire up! Kyle runs in to FOREARM SMASH! Kyle wrenches for an ELBOW BREAKER! But Malakai ROCKS Kyle! Kyle blocks a kick to KNEE and SNAP GERMAN! AX and SMASH! Cover, TWO! The fans fire up while Kyle grits his teeth in frustration. “This is Awesome!” as Kyle rises up. Kyle storms over to Malakai to KICK the bad arm! And KICK! And KICK! And KICK!

Kyle snarls as Malakai stands, so the KICKS keep coming! Malakai ROCKS Kyle, Kyle ROCKS Malakai! The forearms go back and forth, then Kyle KNEES low! Malakai fires a body shot, Kyle fires a one-two! Malakai gives that one-two back, so Kyle kick-kicks! Malakai fires off a flurry of his own, but Kyle fires forearms !Malakai blocks a kick, Kyle slips free, double leg takedown! GROUND ‘N’ POUND, then ARMBAR! Malakai fights it with a strong S grip, but Kyle gets the leg! ANKLE LOCK! Malakai endures and scrambles around while the fans fire up! Malakai reaches out, fights up, and Kyle shifts his grip.

Malakai ELBOWS Kyle, KNEES him, then suplexes, BRAINBUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Kyle survives and Malakai is beside himself! Malakai storms over to Kyle, gets a leg, but Kyle steps over to KNEE! AX and- ELBOW from Malakai! Kyle stays up, DOUBLE ROUNDHOUSES hit! Both men wobble, Kyle ROLLING ELBOWS! Malakai feints then THE END!! Cover, Malakai wins!

Winner: Malakai Black, by pinfall

Kyle got caught by that change in flow, and he just faded to Black! But wait! The lights all turn red! Malakai looks around in confusion, but this can only mean one thing. BLOOD FROM ABOVE?! It’s like something outta Carrie! Malakai is not just drenched, he’s fumbling around from how slick the canvas is! And then, on the tron, walking down the steps… is EDGE! “Malakai. Malakai~! Up here. Be careful what you wish for.” Edge grins and he has fangs! “See you soon.” Is Malakai going to regret bringing out that side of The Rated R Superstar?


Toni Storm & Mariah May w/ Luther VS The Outcasts w/ Zak Knight!

The Leading Lady and her understudy have had just about enough of Saraya & Harley trying to troll there way to the spotlight, and now look to finally end this farce! But given she’s still parading around in Serena Deeb’s banner, will the AEW Women’s World Champion be ready for The Professor’s test this Sunday? Or will the madness truly go off the rails this close to Double or Nothing?

The teams sort out and Harley starts against Mariah, a partial rematch from last Saturday. The irony that Mariah’s Toni cosplay is also a Harley Quinn cosplay but Harley Cameron is in all black. The two tie up, Mariah waistlocks, but Harley reaches back, headlocks, and grinds. Mariah powers up and out, drops down, Harley rolls and kicks low! Harley clinches but Mariah ROCKS her! Mariah whips, Harley goes up and out, then ducks Mariah to RAM into her! Harley ROUNDHOUSES Mariah away, goes up and in, then talks trash on Storm. Harley runs but Mariah follows, trips Harley, then keeps moving to SHOTGUN!

Mariah smiles and the fans fire up as she paces around. Mariah gets Harley up, scoops, and SPIN-OUT SIDEWALK SLAMS! Then Mariah fireman’s carries, but Harley slips free to tag Saraya. Mariah waits on Saraya and the two circle. But then Saraya backs away to ropes for defense, she wants the REAL Toni Storm! The fans fire up, and Mariah tags Toni! The two former friends circle now, and Saraya ROCKS Storm! Storm ROCKS Saraya, repeat! The fans fire up as they go back and forth, and are definitely on Storm’s side. Saraya kicks low, whips, but Storm reverses and hits a THESZ PRESS! Storm rains down fists, then tags Mariah.

Storm scoop SLAMS Saraya, then Mariah offers herself up. Storm scoops Mariah to SLAM her onto Saraya! Cover, ONE! Saraya is tougher than that, but Mariah tags Storm back in. Mariah now scoops, but Storm is a bit sturdier. So Storm scoops Mariah to SLAM her on Saraya again! ELBOW DROP, cover, TWO! Tag back to Mariah, she brings Saraya up and fires forearms. Mariah snapmares Saraya, runs and KNEES Saraya down! Saraya flounders, has the ref check her, and Harley runs in to CLOBBER Mariah! Toni storms in but the ref stops her, completely missing the crazy one going after Mariah! Saraya has Harley slip away and she stomps Mariah now.

Saraya does jumping jacks to show off her cardio, and then she HEADBUTTS Mariah as Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Saraya stalks Mariah to ropes, puts her through them, and then steps onto the apron to fire off knee after knee! The ref reprimands and counts, Saraya lets off, and then she steps back inside. Harley storms right up to AX KICK Mariah down! The ref reprimands and Saraya just shrugs. Saraya drags Mariah around, whips her to the corner, then tags in Harley. They mug Mariah, Harley stomps away, then stands her up. Harley digs her boot in, lets off at 4, and then Saraya CHOKES Mariah while Harley argues with the ref! Luther protests, Storm is furious, but the Outcasts get away with that. Harley covers, TWO!

Harley stays between Mariah and Storm and drags her up. Harley bumps Mariah off buckles, tags Saraya, and they mug Mariah some more. Saraya TOSSES Mariah out, storms out after her, then drags Mariah up to RAMS her into barriers! Saraya taunts the fans, soaks up the heat, and blows a mocking kiss to Storm. Saraya digs her boots into Mariah, the ref reprimands, but Saraya drags Mariah up and into the ring. Saraya keeps Mariah from Storm, tags in Harley, and Harley RAMS Mariah into the corner! Harley then brings Mariah around for a NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Harley argues the count as Dynamite returns to single picture,

The fans rally, Harley drags Mariah up, but Mariah ROCKS Harley! And ROCKS her again! And again, and again and again! The fans fire up as Mariah just hammers away! Harley shoves Mariah away, brings her around, then JAWBREAKER! Harley runs up, Mariah dodges, and DOUBLE FACEBUSTERS collide! Mariah crawls hot tag to Storm! Storm CLOBBERS Harley, BLASTS Saraya, then goes up and over Harley! Storm runs back at the corner, blocks Harley’s boots, and puts her in ropes for a DRAPING BACKSTABBER! Saraya returns but into JAB after JAB! Saraya falls, Harley returns, but Storm HEADBUTTS!

The fans fire up as Storm poses! Storm then runs to SPLASH Harley in a corner! Harley sits down, Saraya runs in, but Storm drop toeholds Saraya into Harley’s hips! Storm laughs at them, then she drags Harley up for a SKY HIGH! Cover, but Saraya BOOTS it apart! Mariah returns, dodges the haymaker to HEADBUTT a la Storm! Mentor and protege help each other up, pose for a close up, then they each get an Outcast. “This is Awesome!” as they put Harley & Saraya up top! They each climb up, CLUB away, then coordinate. But Harley & Saraya each SMACK Storm & Mariah off buckles! STEREO SUPER SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMBS!! The Outcasts double cover, TWO!!!

Saraya & Harley coordinate now, they get Storm & Mariah in corners to stomp mudholes in! The ref counts, Saraya & Harley let off to coordinate again. They both storm back up for more, but Storm & Harley put a stop to that! They set those boots down, to plant some wet ones on their enemies! Consider their fates sealed with a kiss, because now we get STORM ZERO and MAYDAY!! Harley is then fed to a STORM ZERO!! Cover, Storm & Mariah win!

Winners: Toni Storm & Mariah May, by pinfall

This dynamic duo dominates, and now they again adorn Storm with Deeb’s banner. But wait, Serena Deeb is here! She SMACKS Luther down with a chair!! Then she JAMS Mariah, and HEADBUTTS Storm! The fans are torn as Deeb grins. Deeb brings out a SHOE! HIGH HEEL TO THE FACE!! Deeb grins as she watches Storm crawl, then she picks the chair back up. Deeb uses the chair to take a seat on Storm’s back, and then pulls on a leg! FULL METAL HALF CRAB! Storm taps out, not that this is a legitimate hold in any way! The ref reprimands, other refs rush out to tell Deeb to stop, but Deeb only lets go when she says!

Deeb has just made Storm suffer, and she takes her banner back. Will she also take that AEW Women’s World Championship when she and Storm go Double or Nothing?


BREAKING NEWS for next week’s Dynamite!

No matter what happens at Double or Nothing, there will be an AEW World Championship #1 Contender’s Casino Gauntlet match! The winner will receive their shot at the title at Forbidden Door in New York!


The Bang Bang Gang regroups backstage.

They have their wagon of gold and are laughing off that surprise from earlier. Jay White’s pretty sure he knows what Death Triangle wants! They want Bang Bang Gang’s loot! They want Bang Bang Gang’s gold~! You want the gold? This is who you bring? The Lucha Bros? When White already has THE GREATEST brother tag team behind him? Colten says it’s just as White says, The Gunns ARE the best brother tag team in the world. And if you wanna shot at the titles, you gotta earn it! So how about a Gunn fight in the Collision Corral. Penta & Fenix are brothers, but so are The Gunns! Penta & Fenix are former AEW World Tag Team Champions, but so are The Gunns!

And Austin says don’t worry, they won’t be hard to find. Just walk into town, look above the saloon doors, and you won’t see “Cero Miedo,” it’ll say GUNNS UP! The Bang Bang Gang is locked and loaded, will Death Triangle win the right to fight for the gold?


Bryan Danielson VS Satnam Singh w/ Sonjay Dutt!

The American Dragon always fights against corporate corruption, that’s why he’s standing up against The Elite alongside Team AEW this Sunday! But The EVPs have been doing everything they can to make Anarchy in the Arena a foregone conclusion. Will the One in a Billion be just the thing to ruin Double or Nothing? Or will Bryan prove everyone’s the same size when down on the ground?

As the two get in the ring, Satnam gets right in Bryan’s face. Well, Satnam’s chest does, as he’s quite literally head and shoulders above Bryan. Satnam goes to pie face Bryan but Bryan pushes that big hand away. The bell rings, the fans fire up with “YES! YES! YES!” and the two circle. Satnam puts Bryan in a corner, but Bryan dodges the chop to KCIK, KICK and KICK! “YES! YES! YES!” Bryan climbs up to fire hands but Satnam shoves him away! Satnam BOOTS Bryan down and the fans boo. Satnam stands Bryan up to bump off buckles, then stalks him to another corner. Satnam winds up to CHOP!

Bryan sputters and falls over, and Satnam soaks up the heat. Satnam drags Bryan up, suplexes, and holds Bryan up! Then the SLAM! The fans boo more while Bryan flops out of the ring. Satnam goes out after him, then RAMS him into steel steps! Sonjay clears the desk of the drinks, the action figures, the hood, everything, but then the whole thing falls apart! Satnam kicks the steel steps aside, drags Bryan over. The fans tell Sonjay how he messed that one up, but Satnam still lifts Bryan. Bryan goes to the apron! Bryan KICKS Satnam, and KICKS and KICKS! Bryan gets space, runs up, and FLYING KNEES!

Satnam staggers but stays up, so Bryan resets! FLYING KNEE again! Satnam staggers and takes a seat in the corner of the barriers! Bryan runs in to DROPKICK Satnam down! The fans fire up and Bryan rises. The fans want that again, so Bryan runs back in, only for Satnam to get up and catch him! APRON CHOKE SLAM! Bryan writhes, Sonjay is all fired up, but the fans boo. Satnam shoves Bryan into the ring, Sonjay and the rest of Team Triple J applaud, then mockingly say “YES! YES! YES!” Satnam steps in for a cocky cover, TWO! Bryan is still in this, but Sonjay pulls at a buckle pad. Satnam YANKS it right off!

Satnam storms up on Bryan, drags him up but the ref won’t let him use the bare buckle! Sonjay argues with the ref, so Bryan LOW BLOWS Satnam! Now that Satnam’s cut down to size, Bryan runs and BUSAIKU KNEES!! Satnam even hits the bare buckle! Bryan keeps moving, but Satnam still grabs him! So Bryan KICKS at the legs! And CLAWS at the eyes! And KICKS at the chest! “YES! YES! YES!” Then BUZZSAW! Satnam stays up!? This is a sturdy tree! He CHOPS Bryan, and then he looms over Bryan. Satnam hauls Bryan up, suplexes, but Bryan slips free! HAMMER ‘N’ ANVIL ELBOWS! Satnam drops to his knees as Bryan keeps going!

Bryan then shifts to the omoplata, and puts on the biggest LEBELL LOCK ever!!! Satnam endures, TRIPLE J ATTACKS!

Winner: Bryan Danielson, by disqualification

The fans boo but The Bucks said themselves that this wasn’t about getting the win but about inflicting damage! Jeff Jarrett runs the ref off while Lehtal drags Bryan up. Jarrett gets his guitar, but Bryan slips free! Jarrett avoids hitting Lethal, but then Bryan dodge shim again! BUSAIKU KNEE for Lethal! BUSAIKU KNEE for Jarrett! Sonjay tries to sneak in, but Bryan has the guitar! Sonjay clubs Bryan, but it was weak! Bryan swings, Sonjay dodges, and Satnam PUNCHES through the guitar!! The mugging continues, then Satnam hits a SPLASH in the corner! The fans boo, but now The Bucks make their way out here!

Matthew & Nicholas step out of the Codyvator and they have that envelope! That’s the payment for this hit job on Bryan! Jarrett CHOKES Bryan, then rains down fists! Sonjay receives the payment, and it looks good to him. The Bucks have Jarrett stand down, he did great. They shake hands, then The Bucks get to stomp Bryan! The fans boo as the EVPs drag Bryan to center, sit him up, and give him an E V P- NO! Bryan avoids the knees and they hit each other! Bryan KICKS and KICKS and KICKS! “YES! YES! YES!” Bryan fires hands on Matt, “YES! YES! YES!” But here comes The Rainmaker! Bryan is ready for Okada, but then JACK PERRY ATTACKS FROM BEHIND!

The fans boo as Scapegoat takes down Bryan, and now The Elite all mug him! Ripcord, RAINMAKER LARIAT!! This isn’t over, either, as they drag Bryan out of the ring and up the ramp! And surprise! There’s a table waiting! But wait, who is this pulling up to the arena? It’s DRABY ALLIN! He fist bumps Tony Khan, who drove him here!! TK can travel now!? Darby storms into the ring, armed with some kind of airsoft gun! The Elite is freaking out, but here he comes! That’s not an airsoft gun, that’s a FLAMETHROWER!! The Elite freaks out even more, and then Bryan finally gets to fight back! He fires off KICKS on Nick, then TOSSES Nick down through the table!!

The fans are going nuts, and Anarchy in the Arena is only going to be crazier! Will nothing stop the revolution against The Elite’s “revolution?”

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